August 25, 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

August 25, 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I ? teleipkaphm nrrellmkms. Ureal Fire In Anlmrit, Auauittt, Aug. 24, 184$. A Are broke ent In thia place, thie morning at about two o'cloelr, which destroyed several *t"res and other buildings? Derby's book establishment and the .Veu' Are printing office among the number. The poet office waa neeessiirily remoTed. Loss some $30,000?mostly covered by insurance Mob In Cincinnati ? Three of the llloterc Killed, die. CiNcmvin, Aug 23?10 o'Clock, P. M. The city has been thrown into an intense excite, ment this evening in consequence or twot^rmaus being arrested for the rape of a girl only nine years of age. The prisoners were committed to jail for a further bearing. but the mob attacked the jail for the purpose of lynching them. The officer* fired from the window* of the jail upon the mob, which killed three and wounded several. The mob hi ve not yet been dispersed. and they may succeed in tukinjr possession of the prisoners; if so, they will undoubtedly kill them. The monster Irish meeting is being held this evening A numberof spirited speeches hare been delivered, and a large amount was subscribed. Ttic l'nttoiy Troubles. PlTTSHL'RO. Aug. 23, 1848. The Star Factory will commence operations again to-morrow, under the ten hour system: but the wages of the operatives hare been correspondingly rejuced The .Allegheuy f'on>pany commenced operations today; the operatives have agreed to work twelve hours at former wages Whig Nomination. Lancaster, Aug. 23, 1848. The whig county convention met here to-day. and nominated for ''ongruss Thaddeus Stevens. Tlie Kletllona. IOWA. It is now understood that David Miller (whig) is elected to Congress from the 1st district of Iowa, instead of William Thompson (democrat) as first reported. In 1847 Thompson was elected by 644 majority in the district, when 10 510 votes wero pjlled. This is a whig gain of one member for the Thirtyfirst Congress, in the e'ections thus far. KENTUCKY. Louisville, Aug. 23, The official returns of the governor's election hav been received from all the counties but f mr. aud Crit tenden's majority appears to be *500. The official vot from the other coun its wilt not vary the result mor than 100. Markets, Baltimore, August 24 ?Klour?The market for flour continues firm, with sales of 1.000 bbls Howard-street, at $5 18?*; and 1.000 do City mills, nt $ > 12',. Corn meal?Moderate s-.los, and making at $3, which is the market price. Wheat is In fair request, with sales of 2,000 bushels, including prime white, at $1 8 u f>l 18; and Maryland red, at $1 5. Coru?We notice sales of 10.000 bushels, at 51c for white, and 5tic for prime yellow. Oats?300 bushels changed hands at 36c. Whiskey?The market continuee steady, with sales of 300 barre's at 24,',,0. In coffee there is a fair business doing attic for l.nguayra, and O'jc for Hio. Beef cattle on the hoof are selling at $3 per 100 lbs. The stock market is active, with an upward tendency in prices. Bi'W'ai.o, August 24 ?Receipts within the past 24 hours: Hour, 2000 bbls; wheat, 0000 bushels; corn, 12,000 do. The market for flour was firm, with an upward tendency iu prices. Sales of 3000 bbls were made at $4 08.\,' a $4 75, which showed an advance of fl>4 a 12e per bbl; wnent was firm, and sales of 8 700 bushels of Ohio and prime Wisconsin, were made at SCc. Sales of 14/100 bushels of corn were made at 45c. Provisions were steady. There was no change in freights by canal to Albany. City Intelligence. Tint Weather.?Yesterday presented quite a change from tho several days previous, lining considerably warmer, and. of course, more pleasant The day was clear, and the change was most cordially welcomed. The night was somewhat cool, but gave promise of pleasant weather. Miming.?The attention of the city authorities, as wall as the public in general, is particularly directed to the advertisement In this day's Herald. headed " Missing." Home i or tii* Fribxdlrsi ?Under this caption an article appeared in tho Herald, on Wednesday morning, which stated that the object of the institution was jor the benefit of audi females as had "waudcred from the paths of lectitude " Such, it seems, is not the case: the design Is for the protection of virtuous females and friendless children. The 0i o Gar taiu CliI noat.?For many years has this ancient and lovely ten pie of worship encircled within its walls, on each succeeding Sabbath, the little group of Christians who worshipped at its altar: , but as religion bccume more fashionable the sacred old sanctuuiy has been deserted, and a magnificent superstructure of brown free stone has risen upon its ruius. While New York was hut, as it were, a village, this church wtie the resort of tint country people, then living far out of town, where tho village of \ orkville has since sprung up. At that place it was dedicated to the worship of God. and remained for several years. As the city extended, and the outskirts became uioro densely populated, a church(?as required, and Calvary Church was removed to the neighborhood of Thirtysecond sftwet. which now is, hut which was not thought of at that time. Having remained for several years in that place, it was thought advisuble to remove it to ?e.. "kl.w.1. 1... i,........ - a 1 t> .ll-j street*, on Fourth avenue, a road then running out from old Bowery Lane. The building was then about twenty feet wide, by forty feet long The congregation increased in sizg. as the neighborhood improved, and it soon became necessary to add to tho size of the buildiDg The carpenters ^rere called iu. and soon an addition of about thirty feet to the width was made. Things progressed most favorably for some years, but then the house was again found too small to contain all those who wished to spend the Sabbath morn within its holy and consecrated walls; and an addition of the size of the whole building was proposed. and in due course of time completed. Thus as ' necessity required tho house was enlarged, until it was suffloient to contain from two to three thousand persons. About this time Union square was laid out, and stately palaces reared their lofty domes above the moss covered roof of old Cavalry, which was still the place where the aged minister dispensed the word of fife. The ulterior of the building was neat and plain, the pews Targe, and cushioned after the old style.? The small organ, whoso keys had so often been touched by the fingers of the country maiden, and discoursed the sweet mn?lc of thc.morning service, stood in a place constructed for that particular purpose, in the centre of the front of the building: and the desk and altar were of the plainest description. As tiino advanced, and with it the desire for show, the floor, so long bare, and worn until the heads of the nails by which it was fastened protruded above the general level, wero covered with carpeting, and the old-fashionod lamps, by which it had been lighted, gave place to those of a more stylish pattern. Kvon with these improvements, there prevailed a feeling of discontent, and, after a few years, it was hinted that the church was not good enough?one must be erected which would more suitably omport with the general improvement of tlio ago. Tho matter was pressed, and. at la-t. the conclusion to " tear down tho old, and build up a greater," was arrived at. Subscription books w?re opened, and, in 1346, the comer stone of the New Calvary u-as laid. In the BUUUur of 1847, tho lofty snires e(^;. flee reach. 4 hefty;"The building was t'nlshod 'Salt thebcauiy and co?tlin?ss of modern stylo, and a ' large and fashionable audience" meet on every Sabbath to listen to the strains of eloquence which flow from the lips of the talented young minister. Old Calvary occupies the same ]>osition, though a mighty change hns been wrought. The last addition has been entirely removed, and a coat of brown paint has been spread upon its rocgh sides. No longer does tJiHf aged veteran of tboeau-u of truth raise his warning voice, inspired of Heaven, which so oit was heard in bygone days, lie has passed away, and the old reiopic 14 uesoiaie nna ior?aReu. Svnnr.w Dfath ?The Cororipr held an inquest yes terdny. at No. 1P8 llivlngtnn street, on tha body o Christian A. Williams, n iintivpof New York.59 yeara of iigp. who came to liia death by disease of the heart, 'i be d< ceased went as usnal to liis work, feeling in good health. vben be was suddenly taken with an affection of the heart, fell against the bench at whieli he was at ?.ork, and almost instantly oxpised. Verdict accordingly. Aitiornt ?A man named John Koley accidentally fell upon some timber, at the toot of llroomo street, on tVedneiday afternoon, by which his spine was so seriously iiijuied that it was uecessary to tnke him to the hospital. H v Ova a,?A little girl, aged about eight year*, was run over at the corner of Broadway and Vesey streets. Inst night, by stage No 1x5, and eery seriously Injured. Kierf.?A fire broke o,it about 8 o'clock yesterday morning. In the bouse No UVs (lowery,occupied as a dying establishment, which was l^'1' ou^ with trilling damage. A tire broke out about 8 o'cIock ?n Wednesday night, iu the carpet store. No. P4 Dowery, J'used by tot 11 lily throwing n lighted match nmong'some C?ts* It was extlngulihid without an alarm having been given. A flru broke out also about 0 o'olook the same night, In the house ot the north east corner of tlrand and I.aurens street, which was put out with trilling dwnsge. Kin* ?A fire broke out. nbout hi ,f pa.t ten o'clock, vcstcrday morning, in the Iron f jW'ndry In the rear of Norfolk Street < hureh, which was almost totally doatroyd The flames commu-jleatrJ to two dwellings aborning, me room o: wmcr(WI, partially destroyed. Anotiikr Fin?: i* Bnoo ? _Another Are broke ?r?iaiT1?. 1.0,r v? yesterday morning in a wood shrd, In the rear cf No _ cranberry street, occupied and owned by Mr. \ e ?j-he flre j? said to htve originated In the ce x >h of Mr 1)aTla ln wbicli of"iwTia.'7r Woodwork for two buildings, all ? wr,, i croyed. lilt loss is estimated at about *IM?, anon w? <lcj, there was an insurance of ftiOO. Mr. howev.r wV' , estimated at from *2.000 to $*,000, which, ?ii - i -? fully Insured, the Insurance having been fct? 111 'Wednesday. He house No 7* occupied ...-1 Partridge, took Are. but was put out without .a.. aterlal damage, as also the Rev. Mr. Beechere :^r J, which waS near by. the roof of which wai atly damaged. Sword to (vbmkrat. Worth.?A Bplendtd word .it" to be presented to General Worth at llodeon or the 80th met. Police Intelligence. Ont /emigrant Uahhing Anal Ac>. ? Officer Orosett, of the lower police, arrested yesterday, an (Englishman by the name of Samuel Spcucer. oa a charge of mealing thirty sovereigns from another KnglOhiran by the name of Henry Bell It seems that the accused, with another man, called Waddingtoa Robinson, took the complainant out In a carriage to Brooklyn, and brought him home again ttupifled with liquor, put him to bed in bin hoarding house, and in the luorniug. be found nimself uiiou?ol the money. The next norning. Kobinton started for Albany, and Spencer was caught here, and on bl* person was found six sovereigns, supposed to be a portion of the stolen money The accused was taken beforo Justice Timpson. and committed for a furtherexamination. Attrri/it la Pick Pockrts. Officer Kearnin, of the 7th ward, arrested on Thursday night, two men of suspicious character, called Bernard Mulligan and John Smith, whom the offiners detected in attempting to pick the pockets of various persons in the National Theatre. On searching Mulligan, a gold watch was found on his person. No. 13,501 Mtherland Davis t, I .. I I nn lk? > w.l l;liri|W| > un ? u v ..u gold dial are blue surrounded with filagree gold of various colors. This watch is valued at over $100. and is supposed to be stolen, for which ail owner is wanted. .Apply to Mr Stewart. th? clerk of pollen at the "Tombs. Justice Tiuipson detained them both in the Tombato await a further examination. Brutal an a Boy ?A complaint was made yesterday, before Justice Osborne, by a boy called Jeremiah Calahsn, of thirteen years of age. against a Gorman segar maker, by the name of Ooorge F. I'tlster. residing at No. 171 Avenue A. The poor boy it seems was bonnd an apprentice to Pfister by the trustees of the Orphan Asylum, in Prince street, to learn the segar making; and the other day. because the boy waH unable to. or made a mistake in counting a lot of segars, l'fister took a heavy rope and beat, the poor boy over the body and arms in a most horrible manner, leaving large brniFes, black and blue?shocking to be hold. Tbe brutal master was arrested and held to bail to answer the charge at court. Bobbing a Voluntary ? One of the returned volunteers. by the name of Brat.1 y Breath, a German by birth, strolled on the Five Points yesterday in search of sights, when he met with one of the damsels of that region, who decoyed him into No. 81 Cross stroet. kept by Micbnel Devine, and after tasing a few nips'' ! became dizzy, layiug himself down on a bench to sleep, when the money was extracted from his pocket, supposed to have been done by the woman Smith and I)evIdc. Captain Magnes. of the tith ward, arrested the accused parties, and Justice Timpson locked them up | lor Trial. Nliccllanroni' The lady of Hon. Millard Fillmore, accompanied by her son, is now at Kingston, 11. I., on a visit to her friends. The Hon. Milton Carpenter, of Illinois, Is dead. Hon. Charles F. Adauis arrived in Boston, on Tuesday last. baviDg. since tho Euffalo Convention, journeyed West and in Canada. Hon. Horace Mann has also returned from Washington. Gerrit Smith has written a letter, it is said, stating that he cannot withdraw as a candidate for the Presidency He considers himself the candidate of the abolitionists, while Messrs. Van Buren and Adams re? , present the anti-slavery party. The dysentery is very prevalent in Portland, espe- j cially among ohildren. The Jlri>Hi says, "in some oases we hear of three, and sometimes four, children in a family, sick with It." Correspondents of tho 1 Transcript and Traveller state that tea made from the : green leaves of tho peach tree is a remedy for the disorder. I'lu- Weekly Herald. The Weekly lltrald will be ready at nine o'clock to- ! morrow morning. It will contain all the important j news of the woek. Single copies sixpence. One liny for Ireland :_Tli<- Olrertory In ; \c> York re'iueit tlio Friends of Ireland, in each Ward of tho j v-ivoo. auu mcaui ? "?? miu.o uuira -scaurs, to assemble on llio Birthday of Lafayette. September 6, in order to give A ds\ for succor to Ireland To produce this united action, some "friend in each section, should fit the place of meeting. attend to the organization, and annonnn > t'to result without i delay to the Directory ROBERT EMMET, Chairman, ! Now York, August 2.1, ISIS. The Plumbe National Uagues-renn Gallery, en the upper corner of Broadway ai d Murray St., contains tlio largest collection of Portraits of distingutrhod individuals on exhibition, iu the United Statos. Every individual who visits this Gallery, may he sure of meeting vviili several familiar faces, ! and also the fetal specimens of tha art. <-'cii . Tom Thumb In now In hi* last day but one, at the American Museum, as lie closes his engagement there to-morrow, and makes his last appearance in New York. The j crowd is inert asing as tho time of his departure draws nigh; and to gecopimodat? sl| who are still desirous of paving the lutle j General a visit, he will give tour Iterrorawl-vC. CS'.'h dsv?one [ each in the morning and afternoon, and two in the half-past 7 and a 11 to 'J o'clock. Other splendid attractions urc also engaged. New Mnslf, Piano Unrtrs, Guitars, and Musical Irstrumcnts of oto-y description, for sale at A TWILL'S, j 2U1 Broadway. Just published, those beautifel songs of "Moonlight on the Lake," and "Nora .Me nee," both beautifully illuminated. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens sold by U.K. Watson It Co.. 15 Wall street, wnolesale and retsil, at reduccJ prices. Gold Pens and Gold and S Iver c mrs in every variety.-? The celebrated "Richelieu" Pen sold oxol uslvcly as above. The points vvarrautcd five years. Gold Pens roi aired. The Best Place In the City u get good Boots, ! Shcos, and Gaiterscheap, is at Jones. 1* Ann street, near the M taeum. Ilis best French call dress Boots, H 50; second quality i from $3 60 to lil; Congress Boots, from ^3 60 to M. Wigs nnd Tou]M'?'m ?Alt persona wishing a superior W Ig or Scalp should not iail t > call at BACHELOR'S manufactory. No. 2 Wall street, bef rc purchasing elsew here, and see his ni ""invented Wigs, uni-pinH-l P-r Itg'itu- M, natural upPSSUHMS, and durability. X. 11.?Private rooms for fitting Wigs Governor Young, the Governor or the Hoot and Shoo Trade, is selling his best French c-alf boots for $1 50, sold in other stoics f--r $6 and 87 ; tine cvIf -owed boots 8.1 asuftg (I Ml and S6: |-atcnt leather gaiter- and shoes,e-iually low. All our friends should get their boots and shocss, Ac., of Y mog, corner ncrof Fulton and Nassau streets TUE DOCTOR. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY 9IAUKKT TTiursilny. August ill?(i I'. M. The sales were smalLat tin; stork board to-day, but prices iu some cases improved n fraction. Canton advanced M per cent; Norwich and Worcester, Long Island, ,'4; Harlem. }?. Heading Mortgago Bonds fell off ,l?; Erio 7's, The market closed at the first board heavy. At the second board, Norwich and Worcester Improved Ai' per cent, and Harlem with moderato sales of each. The steamer Crescent City brought $329,000 in speoie ! from New Orleans, on account of the government, j This is nearly double the amount of shipments from this port for the past three weeks, as will bo seen by the ; following statement. SHIPMENT* OK Sl'KCIF. KROM THR Tonv OK Ne\V Y'ORK. Ship E Denison, Antwerp. Am. silver $2 500 ' Oneida. Havre, five francs 3 17ti 1 " " " Am. silver 3,187 | ' " " Mexican dollars 11.000 Steamer Hibernia, Liverpool, sovereigns 11.240 j " " " Mexican dollars. . 10.000 " Unite] States, Havre, Am silver coin. 28.009 " ' M " five francs 48,470 | " ' " " Mextoau coin... 39.413 " ' " " Napoleons 2,090 1 ' " " " Sovereigns 531 i Bark Hover, lllo de Janeiro, Patriot doubloons. 3.270 1 Ship Sir Itobert Peel, London, sovereigns 5.000 Steamer America. Liverpool, sovereigns " '" JL ,Ov\J Total, July 20 to August IS $170 6<J7 Shipments. January 1 to July 29 8,076,242 Total, Jan. 1 to Aug. 18 $8,245,939 A very small part of the shipments since the 29th of July went to Groat Britain, the bulk of thorn having boon made to Havre. The exportation to any foreign port has nearly ceased. The annexed statement exhibits the condition of the leading departments of each bank In the State of New York, according to returns made to the Comptroller, dated the 24th of June, 184m. Sovert.1 banks hove not made reports according to law, and for some reason or other, the report of the Canal Bank of Albany has not been published. In the official summary of returns published by the Comptroller, he stated that reports had been received from all the banks in the State, except the Leather Manufacturers' Honk and the Dank of the Kmpirc State; but we do not And ia the detailed statement any returns from the Canal Bank ef Albany. The inference we draw from this is, that the report was received and suppressed for reasons best known to the ComptwUer. Had there bsen no report made at the time the summary was published, it would or should have been so stated. We have been anjlo'*;. ly looking for this table, particularly oh lh!? account: Banks or thf Stati: or N'rw York, Ji-wf 21, ws. Rnonrrr*. I.iahilitit*. -e # Kaiittn of Bank*. jja jfS a i r> aassyiss::- :? #3 ,? .*? jsaasacr" *s? sf g$ ? * Ainorlr'nii f-'Xrli'iFA 111- *> ' WUK)M -3J A.ta,UrlZX W.?k: -^v'? 4?ilS! *$? l.?? ? '$? a5flS KnkofAftK," ' 1?V?M JlH^krofCnh,i;i;,.. Yrf K; *:S5 *BankofCa>nr> l7akr _ 'l" -ftlX? r<W Bank ol On Ira I N. V. lis, 19! v?" -aiul -I .??* , Baik of On inn. a..,, rv, H4 y jE Rank ' f ('"mini IT .. ,V'.>I. - (?> .va.777 1,1 * ', , ?1,V?i, I llaok.l Com,. ... Iti'M( | ;f,'. 'ft'.:" Hank of DanMlllc... . U.T1I.-, t,xZ uS'Sii JWk If IW.W 4,111 np^ ja'STj. Bank of Gianan CI-.'Wl an-um ti'vi, ' Bank #f III. act.. . , 2C...MH \741 .Vta,. Bank of Klndorl I.. IN. v.' .1.414 .'.,\47s iTl'rnJ Bank of Uko ?pi,... **>1 ?!**, ?, $ | Rank of l4ii?irFt?ir*h. iM.'..H'l f.,4iM Mri.lMil 44 ?| I I*?* *Uwr(Ua l,3M 4,-.,i|(i SS Bank of Monro* 4W?17'? 11,171 l*MJ7i r/fcCO Hank <4 Ntrrtmrgh,, . ?>l,*a J.-yVj %,>/,? *>,'?? i.k.vl So* K clirUa. .><"U0 w?i ?.J'0 M Bank of New Yurk .,. 2 430,923 341.52)1 1,511.1?/ Bank of Orma? Ca... W W Jdl933 108.1172 HV'H Hank of OrleaSa...... 2510.4 7.10.5 MB 202 42.997 Hank of ... 320.470 11.711 170. 01 60,0*1 Hank of i*' uidikMptie. 2l4,*5-< 21.407 138.433 81.898 Hank of Rime.. . ... 190.751 4,771 124,56.% 31..W7 llauk of &a)ina 281.213 3^772 161.212 14.420 Bk. of Sara. Oprinya . H3,!*W 4.03.1 60,440 Si1#! Hunk of 8il?er Creek. 114,703 5.4.'*} 64,*:* It Iff' bk. Siato of N. Y?rk... 2,406.637 376.020 211.311 1.021,531 'Bank .0 Syracuao... 20794 * 5,003 152,039 110 4kj Bank of Troy 1 846,601 10.061 127.UH 40,055 Ilank of Utica .590,57.% 16.2*5 134,010 70,10) Brch. do, Canandaigua. 216,631 6,560 116,4'*2 7.450 'Bank of Vernou 68 521 3,589 53,201 2,1,'23 Bank of Waterlown.. 36,640 483 2l,6tt Hank of Watervllle.. 88.1KJ 4,379 05,113 ?'i2 Bank of WoitMld... ? 1.000 * .'**? W Bank of V.'hitehall ... 170,501 10.501 !*44!tf J7.9M Bank i f B'hite?t<i?n. 1082160 2,308 67,Oil Blank River Bunk... 120,5.13 , ,5M7T .,1, .,, ! I Bowery Bank . 496,158 10,8,5 188...I1 3*1, ,.? B^SiSSS?u'? ^ 37.153 *22*10 Broome County ltank. 193,111 9,071 131,205 4S(,55 Butcher*' and Drovera' , ... Ilank .... 960 231 75,235 22i),.l25 4>>*,75l Camden Bank * 28,8tkl 1,945 40,076 a,127 llukiUBaVk.^7:: 168,456 6.7 U ?.7?1 18.5M Cuyuuat ounty Bank... 483,8.'3 7,<>81 210.23) 02.416 Centra! Bank 226.031 7,022 1? 16,081 1 'Cham.lain Bank .. . . 3,000 ? 106,900 CbaulauiTue County Bk 210,398 8,104 109,760 37,612' Chemical Bank 701,635 111,637 '232.821 614,912 Chemuiacanal Bank.. 384,073 6.602 169741. 40.708 ' Chofctcrllftiik.. * 7<i|982 7"i.*>* 7 II |0.M> Citv Bank . . . . 1,153.58.5 211,982 140.5(7 364,179 CommeiialBk of Alb 614,110 30.314 154,4.17 101,127 I D1DK 01 A Begany Cou ty 3,250 275 51,'K.O 3,100 Commercial Bank ot* Fock|>ort 32,720 2,035 2-,0.5," 1 l.KKJ * Commercial Bank of hoclic-tcr 464,!?9 8,727 249,021 1UH S2H Coin Ilk of Troy. .. . 316,200 2,937 S5.2S8 01 205 Cuyler'B Bank " 41,252 982 59,771 is!l75 Delaware Dank 145,963 2,b'.i3 97,301 .'15 108 Drovers'Bk of Catt*. ' raugua County 15,9.'12 500 09,811 3,000 Essex County Hank, . . 170.610 5,904 120.471 13 372 * Ex change Bk of Buf.. lti,884 2,.'* 14 26.'2">0 0,*0I5 "Ex< hange Bk of Gen.. 39,1.31 4,201 53,715 <14911 txo. Bk ofLockfort.. 102,281 4,083 57,5(5 66 9;ii; Farm's' Bk of Amst'in 160,809 1,900 61 299 61 533 Farm's' Bk of Hudson 102,411 7.140 71,302 49 'os -Farmer.' Bk of Hlnu. 1,480 2.773 90,000 ''9,0 Farmers' Bk of Troy... 555,711 13,382 121,835 150,431 Farmer'sand Drovers' Bank at S irners 72,'>00 9,224 47,717 21 325 Farmers' Ik Manuf. Bk. 542,630 18,416 213,280 101*540 - Farmers' k Mcch. Bk, 23,697 3,117 3d,?36 20,331 lurmers la Meeb. Bk ol Ogdensburgh ? ? 82,000 Farmers' St Meeb. Bk of Kochcster. 3,346 ? 41,9011 _ "Fort l'lain Bark,.. . 86,067 1,868 80,601 19 300 * Fort Stanwix Bank... 87,965 2,055 77,437 11413 * Franklin Bk of Chautauqtie County 1,784 100 "Franklin Co. Bank... 122.400 488 122,400 ? "Fulton Bank 951,164 127,901 197,112 581751 Co, Bank ... , 61,38 1 3,148 41,872 20,134 Greenwich Bank 417,144 V7.609 139,996 191,688 Ihnry Keep's Bnnk., 11,014 1,681 53,750 10,137 Herkimer Co. Bank... 360.62.1 10,301 101,526 46,215 Bighlaml Bank 807,262 9,016 146,415 53967 Budaon River Back, .. 247,518.1 8,654 133863 52 167 lluugcrford's Bank... 36,504 2,166 54,775 38 553 * James Bank 19,582 $39,667 ' JeRerson Co. Bk 334,688 7,885 159,138 47 001 Kingston Bank .182,414 6.458 153,572 61*968 "Kirk land Bank .30,931 7211 44,159 2,433 Feather Manuf Bk.. . 1,088,163 130,325 162,011 605,503 l.ewis <Ji unty llnuk. .. 118,398 3.8(H) 104,254 4,773 I.ivin. st* u Co. Bk 232,524 4,978 120,369 HAT.) LockpottBklk T'biCo. 46,835 1.962 76,911 9,641 *Lois Island Bank... 902,(103 15,492 131,762 283,820 *Luther Wright's Bk.. 391.711 8,030 188,491 95,178 Mclntyro Bank 82,574 ? 47.20!) ? Madison County Bk... 184,766 5,303 129,686 26.057 Manhattan Company... 1,712,672 228.271 ? 987,917 Mechanics' Bank 2,770,47 ! 540.910 416.085 1,616,601 Mech. BankV Assoo'n.. 466,035 82.175 248,569 314.124 M<rh. tk Farmers' Bank 828.931 39.241 240,280 263,482 Median.?t Traders' Bk. 370,454 50,526 120,882 311,512 Merchants' Bank 2,392,227 551,827 201.814 1,702,907 oikr.B.of CanandaiRua. ? ? 60,674 ? * Mer.iB.vfCt aut'iiue Co. ? 500 156,00!) 509 Mer. B. of Erie Co. .. 16,114 2,436 15,000 8.245 Poughkeep'c 176,280 5,570 107,265 5)1.508 Merchants'Exchange B. 1,313,598 77,502 161,426 552,657 Fsr.B. of Ithaca 35,830 614 44,097 43,091 Merchants' Ik Farmers' Bank of Putnam Co. . 81,107 1,4)19 83,690 1,982 Mer. Is Mechanics' Bank 418,754 10,607 104,487 .56,289 Middletown Bank. .. 77,974 5.770 74.565 35 350 Mohawk Bank 2)14 515 7.560 97,051 71.830 * Mohawk Valley Bank 56,618 5,020 79,019 20,891 MoMRomery Co. Bank. 128,67- 11,030 10(1,1!* 11.539 National Bank 1,321,480 64,062 111,173 518.715 N. Y. Dry Deck Co... 268,917 19,607 44,462 37,200 *N. V. Security Bank. ? ? 57.000 5? N. Y. State Bank 563,986 2.5,015 79,014 307.209 ?N. Y. Stock Bank... 18,302 1,378 87,829 5,9.62 Northern B of N. Y.. ? 500 145,976 ? Northern Exeh'ge Bk. ? 6(1) 64,997 ? -North River Bank... 981,535 35,641 388.196 661,621 Ogdenshnrg Bank 117,969 7,237 124 728 26,749 Oliver Leo & Co. a Bk. 470.190 13,393 71.012 178.051 Oneida Bank 550,301 10,389 191,847 158,318 Onondaga County Bk... 313.242 10,791 149,41.5 145,171 Ontario Bank 337,869 6,672 147,833 88,315 Ontario Branch Bank.. 466.477 4,097 175,807 39,995 Otcc^o County Bank... 210,367 3 941 132,755 31,033 Matclfin Bank.'.'.'... 331,787 9,045 9879s llotH4 PhenLs Bank.1,475320 281,*( 278.790 897,502 1 Pine Haftis Bank 72,72V .''..MO 83660 liii" * Powell Bank.. 105,2111 0,879 83.050 * Pratt Bank 29,500 1,575 49,995 3.507 "Prattaville Bank.... 170.037 4,040 81 742 73 425 * Rochester Bank 119,103 3,251 69.602 +2000 Richestort.'ity Bank,. . 570,137 9,227 2400?i 87 297 Jacket's I! tutor Bank.. .'126,212 7,054 150,225 15S37 SutatogaCounty Bat.k. l'J8,787 4,992 <14230 '11553 Schenectady Bank 271,847 ll,24li 119,850 85.708 Seneca County Bank.. . 312,811 5,9:*) 183,500 49 VJ Seven'h Ward Bank .. 713,701 84,191 209,677 too i)> *SL B'k at Bangeitie*. ? ? I!',!i9i ' ? Steuben Connty Bank. 327 572 5,835 119,610 59 0.7) Sufl. lk County Bank 17.803 2,002 75,351 g'o27 Tanners' Bank 191,008 7,618 114,904 40,432 Tom tiktna County B'k.. 39!),101 8.905 2ol,l?)2 58.138 Tradesmen's Bank 840,OUt! 76.235 2'2!'IS 460 195 Troy City Bank 088,8!':; 10,103 i.pvci Ulster County Bank.. . 240,2*1 s,96l 11< 14141 33.62,1 I'uailillaBank 101,510 1,384 102,000 7710 Union Bank 1,051.13!) 401,.539 310.703 979 218 U alter Joy 's Bank? 202,131 4,772 41,332 'O.Oit! Warren County B'k. 72.007 2!'l 88,00") _ Washington Co. B'k,.. 75,920 ,V>87 4S.094 :*M2-i Westchester Co. lt'k... 27.292 8 489 98 9(W on ni l -Whiles B'k Buffalo. 133,214 6,000 45 940 112 1.33 - W liitc Plains B'k. ... 9,000 9U0 21,168 _ Wooster Sherman's Bk 22,.'451 1,015 27,020 8,641 05,216,383 0,8*1,003 1:1,91:^84 27^551~js7l "Free Banks. These aggregates vary slightly from those given in the Comptroller's summary, as will be seen by the annexed comparison :? Comptroller'* .4,;,/ repate summary. ,,tanv. Loan s and discoun ts $6-1.140,855 5651'? '121 Specie. 6.751,338 oN-ll'.OOl Clteulation 19.867,917 20,029,928 Deposits 20,919,317 27,554,320 The increase is small in each item, and has been produced by including the report of the Leather .Manufacturers' Bank in one and not In Ihe other. A suntmary of Items showing the immediate assets and liabilities of the banks, presents the following statement:? Liabilities, Asitti. Pai'ital f 43,755,0!) Spc. ic *0,831,663 Circulation 2M,sSh,u77 Ca?h item* 1,1123,444 Deposits 27,50I,M) J'uli'ic securities 12007,344 Surplus 3,252,324 l'rhatv " 75 (137,859 $100,450,310 $100,150,310 This surplus will allow of a depreciation of about 10 per cent, in the value of securities composing tbe bulk of the assets, and in the aggregate that may be a safe margin; but that is no guaranty against the insolvency of individual banks. An examination of the above table will bring to light n groat many weak places. The circulation of each institution Is made public, and the amount of specie for the redemption of that circulation is also made known; but we have so little confidence in these r?ports, that it is not, in our opinion, safe to depend upoil them too much. We have before our eyes, evidence of the little faith these statements aro entitled to, and it would be well for all to bo on their guard, particularly of safety fund institutions. the circulation of which has noth>-; pend upon for security. It has been pretty cloarly shown that a banking institution in this, or any other State in the Union, ran continue in active operation , for years after it has become hopelessly insolvent; and < as we have no means, other than those furnished by these reports, of judging what the oondition of a bunk is. it is utterly out of the power of any one outsldo of j any bank, to tell whether it is entitled to credit or 1 not. The public are compelled to give these concerns ' credit, by taking, in the usnal course of business, their | promises to pay, one half of which, nt the time, are I not in reality worth the paper they ore printed on. A proper diserimination in giving currenoy to bank bills. ! would save many a dollar to many a poor man, and compel those hanks really insolvont to bring their affairs to a focus nt once. Avoid the safety fund ! banks of the interior; as a general thing they are nnI safe, and in the event of an explosion, bill holders i know not where to find their redeemers Modi Exchange. I ( Vm IlL'tV rji .i,. ri. kill ? l.VM) do 104 125 do :u Ohio 6's, '?) :-J9 fit) Not k W"or RR 32K ??* " do 08V IIW Reading Kit Si ? HMI Rending Mtg lids Uirf 1U> do SiW 330 4i??*ric7'? 04^ 176 Hsr'?m RR M$Z ' ' "' !"'uoli'lnt Interest 21 !'J0 do MO ?? I 1 slave Bnnk nf N Y 123',' 400 L RR I lli Mcich'sKx Bk . 100 100 4? 100 2,>'\ 1(0 Faraiera' Trust 2ft\ 380 do 26 0 KM do MO 2*U in Erie, now, lull bfit) 67'!, in Macon RR 43V 1ft do 1 67 ! HV t'anteu Co I "da 31 CO Morris Canal 030 OS Second Board. I 100 sin Nor k Wor RR "'( ll? alts Harlem RR h? M'? ! ft!) do ' ? 33 IV) do ii M ; f,i?i do I'llimu 38 fto Morrit CauM !>'*' liO Harlem RR 81 100 do blO 0', CITY THAlfK IlKPOUT, Thursday, August 24?6 P.M. The flour market was .main firmer to day, nnd sales i (fftbis State, common (lenesee, Oswego, Kc , were made , at (fn advance of 61., a 12'.? per bnrrcl on yesterday's priced Wheat continued steady, with n fair amount of ?'' '!?. on terms stntrd lielow Corn continued to rellTft n fair extent, without material ehangoin quotations. f.,ial continued srnrco and In fair demand. Rye retrained about the same. Sales ef oatd were tnsde at yesterday" rates. There was a better feeling in pork, nnd sales continued to be mado. including prime Innd mess, the latter chiefly on private terms. I.ard continued steady, with fair sales at yesterday's prices, (iron vies remained about the same, with moderate sales ef sugars and molasses. Trndo In breadstuff*, cotton \c was rather languid, as usual, on the eve of expected foreign-news by another steamer. | 1 A iii> Sales of abont 10O bbla were made, Including ; pots, nt f3 37>{. and pearls at *3 67,^, with some small luts at 78 84. Receipts down the Hudson River, 112 1 j bills. I j llnKADsTtrrs?F/our?The sales embraced about 0,000 bbls, in different paroels, among wbleh were 1 I 1,600 a 2,000 bbls common Ornesee this State, Oswego. rrlttu fee., at m .)i S > ? * f6 60; 260 do Brooklyn at tb .'I7X with lota of Western New York at (6 43V a f 6 60 pore continued in steady demand at $5 62}* a (6 e7,V with moderate aalai. Salea of 60 bbls Petersburg city mills (new) were made at fb 60V; Baltimore. Alexandria and (Jeorgetowu remained ijuiet at $6 37}* a $6 60 FK6?a(?Sales of 2000 bushels new Genesee were made at $1 20. and 3000 do Ohio at $1 06 C>rn The sales reanhed about 40 000 a 60 000 bushels, (n lots, among which were 10 000 bushels heavy Southern yellow at t>2o; 2 600 do Jersey white at 61c; 16.000 a 20.000 do mixed, from good common to high mixed at 66c a 00c; 4 000 a 6 000 do Jersey round yellow at 66c, and 2 000 do Vew Orleans at 64c Heal?We only heard of about 100 bbls Jersey, at $3 26. Rtft?Sales of 3 000 a 4.000 bushels were reported at 73c Ry> Flour was steady, and sales ot 200 bbls were iu?de at $4 a 4 00 \*. Oalt ?Sales of a cargo or two. including Canal, at 33c a 40c; and Jersey at 3tn a 34c Receipts down tin Hudson River. Wheat floor .bbls, S 270 Corn meal " 6.731, Corn bush. 160 tirk_.4 .1 o nnn ?T urnt ? A w Oats ? 11,870 Cottok? The market remains dull, and sales quite iconsiderable, say 400 bates. LIVERrOOL CLASSIFICATION. S. OrUant, Mobile 4Vplandt, Florida. Texti*. Inferior . ... noi.e. none. 8)4 Ord. nary S?? ? #5* ? Ki 8 a G Middling tl^afiJJ 8'j a(?sj 6?a?? Good Middling 6Na6* 6*a??i ?7^a7 Middling Fair ?,\afij! ?',a7 7',a7^ Fair 7 .7 7t?a7iK 7l2?? Fully Fsir 7V, a 1)\ nominal. 8vJ?HU Good Fair 71??H nominal. Fine nominal. none. nomlnaL Cokfkf.?At the public sale, to day, there waa a good attendance, and the bidding spirited The prioea obtained show an advance of nf a cent over the last sale It comprised 0.380 bags Kin at 5'., a 87?c, 4 mos Itv private sale, we noticed luO bags i'orto Kico at 0e, time. Fnw?The transactions consisted of-iOObbls Ne 3 mnckerel. at private bargain,a-d 3< 0 quintals codfish at <2 121, In other descriptions there was not much doing Fruit?Raisins were rather timer than they were, and the stock becoming reduced, holders generally asked $1 60; sales 1 000 boxes at $1 55 a $1 GO. and 50 bales Languedoc almonds at 12',c usual time. Freights?Cotton was engaged to Liverpool at 5-3'2d; oil cake do at 17s 6d; 2010 bushels of corn for do at 6d. For heavy articles rates ranged from 17s tld a 20s Corn in bags was takau at 4V?d; shippers for do in bulk were offering 5',d. A vessel was taken up for Cork and a market, to load with 25 000 bushels of corn at 8jid Cotton for Havre was taken at '.,'0. was without movement, and no sales of moment transpired Irom.? Prices of almost all descriptions ruled low, while a fair amount of sales were taking place, part for the southern trade. Molasses?The market continued quiet, and the only sale reported was 120 bhds Cuba Muscovado, at 18c. usual t me. . Naval Stores.?Spirits were doing better; some 100 hbls chaDged hands, at 870. Ilosin was quiet, there being scarcely any demand ; a few lots of white were disposed of at $2 50 a $3 Oils.?Linseed wasin steady 58cfor American. and 55 a 56c for F.ngiish; about 3000 gallons chunked hands at the i|Uftations Sales of 18,000 lbs palm oil, on terms not made public; and 000 baskets olive, at $0 26, legs 3 per cent. H ict remained without particular change, firm and in light, supply. Sales 10O tcs good prime, at $'3 S7)? per 100 lbs. Sumac.?We note sates of 100 bags Palermo, at $07 60 )>er ton. Sen ks ?The operations include 1.000 mats cassia, at about 16c; 60 bags Jamaica pimento, at 9)je; and some lots of No. 1 nutmegs, at $1 10. Si-oar ?There was but little done to-day in this article, and we have but to notice sales of 300 boxes brown Havana. at&a.lUc; 100 hhds Porto Rico, at 4U a tte| and 100 do New Orleans, at Ob.e, all on the usual time. Seoahs ?We notice a sale of 190,000 Frinoipe, on terms not transpired. Provisions?Sales of 400 barrels mess pork were made on private terms; 200 do supposed at about $11 37>?'; and 200 do prime on terms not understood. I.ard?Sales werp made to the extent of 600 a 000 bbls at 8c a 8'.|C. 20.000 lbs smoked hams wore sold at 0c a 8V'- There was no change in beef. Cheese and butter remained about the same Receipts down the Hudson river.?i'ork. 260 barrels; lard, 175 do. Salt?Sales of 3 U00 sacks were made at 105c. Whalebone? There was no change in prices. Whisskv?Sales of 380 barrels Ohio were made at 23)ic a 23%o. with some lots of State prison (150 bbls) at 24c a 24>?c. Sales of 14 hhds drudge were made at 24)j0. MARKETS KL8KW11KRU. STOCK SAbES. BAl.Ti.eonr, Angnst 23? $1500 Mart land fi's, H9).': SM Haiti. 1 more aid Obi" Kailroiul dividend bonds, 71V' 25 shs Firemen's ' Insurance, 15)<: 25 do. 10 do, 15',,. 1'jiii.MiKi.pi.ia. Anguit 34.?Eschaiioe Boor,I?$10,(100 Treasury Notee, lis, 101; 10,000 do, 6'b, wn, Hid),; lil.lNXi United Mate's fi r. 184K, 104)4; 500 Pennrylvanin li's, i5)(; A000 do 5's, cili, 74; 170 State fi"a, u.Y'.t; 170 Lehigh <M Scrip. 70'i; 20110 do C< untv 5'b. 'fiO. lo 0 County 5'b. old, .'lor. si)?; lfjit) I'ouna, 5'e, 73y,\ fslfilifl No. Bank Ky, OP: 100 N. J. Copper. 2: to I (iirard, e5 wd, 101 100 Morris Canal, bo and inf. P'J; 150 do bo, 9)4, DOMESTrc: MARKETS. CtsciNKATt, August 23 ?The flour market is rather more active to-day, with sales of 1.000 bbls at $3 76 a $3 !'3)4'. Sales of prime red wheat at 05c; yellow corn, 29c; oats, 22c; whiskey, 16),'. Holders demand 8c for lard, in casks. The market for beef is improving. Sales of Western canvassed hams at 7c. Flaxseed commands 85c per bushel. The river is rising rapidly. PiTTsncRi;. August 22.?Our flour market is loss active to-day, and the Kastern demand is reduced; sales making at $4 25 to $4 31, which are yesterday's figures, but only to exchange. There have been no transactions in grain to-day, and prices are entirely nominal. Sales of oats at 19 to 20c. Sugars have a downward tendency, but coffee and molasses are unchanged. There are no sales of provisions to any extent, ami these indicate no change in the quotations. There is nothing doing in cotton. The water in the channel is rising, anil is now in good stage. < FOREIGN MARKETS. Kisi.btow, Jamaica, Aug. 2d ?Business generally is very inactive, and the dullness has been increased by the suspension of specie payments ton days ago by the Planters' Bank. This has caused inconvenience of course ; but. from' the means taken to sustain the circulation of their notes, not so much as was anticipated or feared. There is very little business doing just now. Flour sella slowly lit 38s. and Meal at 17s. A cargo of Carolina Kice was partly sold at 22s, the balance having beon placed at 20s. the prico obtained for the Beaver's cargo also Of Fast India Rico gales have been made at 17s 3d a 17s 6d Died In Jersey city, on Wednesday morning, ofcansumption. Bf.nj. P. Gregory. aged 43 year?. His friends, and those of his brothers, Dudley S. and James G. Gregory, are invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence. No. 3 Sussex place. Jersey city. at 10 o'clook this morning. On Thursday evening, aged 21 years, 3 montns, Jaisk Isabel, wife ofWm. H. Patten MISSING, SINCE Sl'NDAY EVENING. DONALD MeLEAY. a kMI Ok lioard the ItMMUUp Cambria. lie was seen at3 o'clock, on Sunday. on board of tbo terry boat crosj. ing from Brooklyn to Catharine street, lie is 31 years o( age, 3 teet inches iu hoight; bos brown hair, light complexion, an I blue eyes: had on a Hue cloth jacket, Hack and blue ohrcked trousers, red waistcoat, blue cloth cap. with oil skin cover. As he is a very sober is tVarcd that he has met with some accident. Any person w ho will rive information of him, to the chief engine, r of the Cambria, at Jersey city, w ill be reward* d for their trouble. CONVERSATIONS FRANCAISES, OR FRENCH TAUGHT on the Oral System, enabling to speak fr m the first loatons, and eiisnring ease and fluency to pupis more advaneod, bet deficient in speaking. Tuition, at home, in ohisses, $2; privately, rer month, families and schools attended. Pleaso ?1 Ircss" MONSDE ST. PIERRE. Natifde Paris, 3H*', riro.idway. MISS DARKER. STVDENT OF THE V.ATIONALC.ALLEry, London, will give lessons to t>'., Painting, chalks and w ater colors, at her residence, 39 Willow Place, near AUintio Ferry, Brooklyn. Terms on application. SOLDIERS' CLAIMS-SPECIAL ATTENTION PA 11) TO Soldiers' Claims and all business thereto pertaining, by R. CLACGETT, Counsellor at law. 31 Wall t SOLDIERS' CLAIMS AND LAND WARRANTS WANTED by J. E. DETTS Ik CO..37 Wall St., in tho l-aaemeut. Warrnrtsobtained for claims with despatch. BOUNTY LANDS, PENSIONS, lite?SOLDIERS AND THE representatives^ of deceased Soldiers, ran have tlisir claims secured with despatch, and on reasonahle terms, hv applying to A. si. nurs, n r?n**au ein-ei. PA INTIN 88.?A RT1STS AND OTHERS WUO WISH TO dii-poio of their joint ngs, can hear el an excellent saloon to exhibit them in, free of charge, by addressing YV. I,. II., Herald office. The room* ate light, airy, ami spacious, located in the greatest thoroughfare in the city, and the paintings will receive the utmost care. Till". TARN A I, CRITTER, NO. f, CONTAINS A DESCRIP lion of Hitman's Gambling House, and it- Prominent play era? Policy Offices and Policy Dealers?An Original loiter I rom In land, Willi a Sketch of Smith O'Brien, and much important information relative to the present rev oil? Exciting Seen"? in the Massachusetts Mad Ilouse. So., He., kc. i fTM) PRINTERS.?TOR SALE, A SECOND HAND I'OOI.S 1 cat. Medium, 8upej Royal, and Imperial YVasHingt u, and Siql^Iiand v"Mti and Inking Machine*, at low prices. R. HUE fc_CO .:? and .11 ('.old st. diAE nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGVI.E ^ Wtvvv on productive reel estatoln this city, in one or more terns. Apply in the Bank Note Exohangc office, to 10UN F. ( llNKlil, N... 0D Wall st. OFFICE OF THE MEW TOEK FIRE AND MARINE INsm-ance Company. Near York. August 3d. IMA Dividend? Ttic lh'ard of Directors have this day declared a dividend of ten l?r<<-nt I or the lust six months, tayabe on ilomand at the offloe of the ootnpany, Ne. 72 Wall street. D. liMDI'.IUIILL, Secretary. nOVSB'S FRINTIXO TELEORA PH OFFICE, s WALL ST., lup stair*) New York, and 43 South 3d st, Philadelphia? Tho New Jersey Magnetic Telegraph Company announce to the pubi c that thoy are tow prepared to receive aid transmit, hy Howe's Printing Telegraph, all despatches entrusted te their barge, with prompt u*>s ar.d adelitj. Tills lin' cnasei the i'f N?W York. It alco connects with all others, except the llrrtmBae. III (III DOVMINQ, i-rcjldaot Mrs. carroixs mrdicatep vapor, iooimt asd Sulphur Baths, SM Iiron1*-ay, two door?al>o\o Lcnitl ?t, I'or acute complaint* of the Lurrs end Bowel*. They excite the Mb, produce a proline and d<l'lthtfiil pcrrplratlon, and will generally < ffcet a complete enrr la u ?lngld orplieatioa. To take eoM after them I* acaroely puHetble. A BERK AN AND TORSION .TKfVBf.BV.-TirrARY, YOUNG K ELMS, importcra of KnrWeh. Yrcnoh, (lennaa, Italian, Swlaa, and t'hlnerc fancy atl!ole\ Wjimhle for preaeaU, faacy Porcelain and Olaaswarca, line irta^onery, ( ullcry, Perfumery, Brushed, Clocka, Bronzes Btatti',ry, Mantel Omamonta. ran*, ho., 1c. '.71 Brrailw.t). eoroerhf Chamber* vrcet, having lately added the importation and maculae to re af lewelry to their f.umer hmrtneae, beg to etprwa '.Vir r nftdent heliaf that thoit preaaat atoek of Forwign ar/i American Jewelry, Diamond* and other praewma a toner, Cameor, Knaracla, kt, preaanta a larger tad richer ul?etlon than raw ha found alaewhere In the United Rutea. Tbeir prl'oa (martcd in plain figured, from which nat the allghtaat dedaetion will ha made,] they are aleo eonftdent, will ha found lewar than elarwhere. An taaprction and COB pari eon wiB I BOt Impoae I be tmaUaft ebUration to pnrvbaat. 1 J Mb BOUKHT. AUCUU- ***.?fl lUIIUki. .11' tlan Hale?By Wm. W 9ln?l..y, Fa mli. . w...t, of modi *anaat?'l wall mada parlor and bedroom lurnitura), of all mo a, Will d wall to at?and the Bain tfclw da?. Frl.luv I -n?f jflt.1,. |i| o clock, in the large ahow room. "?< r i- r. \. J At OB f>. PL ATT, AIJ? TlO.NKK*. hi ewit.iv mi urday,at 10 o clock f:m?y hardware otlerv, KMI Hold and allTtr waUhca, 100 lo'a < ity made mid jewelry, headr. |warl h if. ton?, bniat as, coametica, itol jr ? da, rune, ! atnla, dirk knWe<, inrauini,,... .......a,. I <11.11 4 I'l ITI1 _;ilu ll t. morrow. Saturday, 2*>th. at 10 o'clock, at their auction room, for at count i f m bom ?? may concern, a general assortmeat of the abort dcteript.on ut'froodn to. lose a trust among which ?r? in my desirable and valuable good* in the fancy line. AU", sovoral hundred cards fine knives, scissors, nt'orc, shear*, gilt silver goods, tec. Also, peremptorily, aid without re trre, an invoice of 24 watch* s, received from custom h>.tire to-day. Also, a general assortment of watches, to which the atttnt ou of purchasers ie directed. N. II.?Invo cesfor this salt must he sent in before a p. m. BMOONKY. AUCTIONEER.?HARDWARE, CUTLERY, tec.?E. I'ayson will sell this ?.vvat 10 o>|.M-k. at il ihatt street, hardware.cutlery tec . knives, forks, poeketcutlery,butts, spoons, rcissor*. rim at d padlocks, Ale, ra*ps, tec. Also, an invoice ed,te too ft, gouge*, chisels. piano iron., brace* au'l bit t?, irn, drawing knives, hoe* handled, ,un<. carver*. V . Al?> lit IT. 9. musket*, damaged. Also, an Invoice Sauderiou U steel round. d* 1 dh RKWARD.-l.OST-ON TIE*l>.\Y MOH.M .O IN ? J. Vf going throuph the Bowery to t'ariuiue .treat, dollar bills, of various Hanks. The above re'viri will b. juld for the recovery of tiro money. Applv to J. McFA Kol'll AR. I .VI Groenw >h st. Lost?on or aboitt the first d \ v or ji nk i.vsr? A Bond on the New York and llsrlom Kailmail, for the >um of $1(00. It ia dated tin- tirstjiine, IH40. and No. 232. It iauf no use to any jterson. unlets tl c ow ner. Hut it this should meot the eye of the tinder, by return ng tbo snnv at I7tt Ninth ?tr.-t. between 2d aid .'trd Avenue*, lie will ho handsomely rewarded. TRUNK LOOT.-A LARGE SIZED RFAAET TRUNK, with a coyer either of cotton or linen canvass, m irked on tho ca yam W. F, S, Norfolk, Va., and on tho look W. P. Stewart; supposed to he taken by miotako from Jer-cy City Furry boat, outside of tbe gate, for it* delivery at the City lintel. A reward of $20 will be pui<l. WAS TAKEN ?N THURSDAY EVENING I AST FRO* off the counter of No. ;MI Broadway. Vol VIII. Paris eil. containing ten of the Miscellaneous pieces of Sir Walter Aoott'n Work*, Hvo.. purple call, marble edge*. Ml?III the VOlWM be eoeu in the hand* of any person, or ofToretl for sale, information where it may be found, will be thankfully received, or a reward raid for it* return, there being no similar set in the country, and forms one of the article* in tho great distribution about to t i'o place in September, at the Emporium of Art Rooms, No.plil Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A nESPEi' CARLE young woman, ** a oook : and has no ohj tion to assist in washing or ironing. Best of city reference given. Coll at 106 17th strret, between <Jtli and 7th nvi nites. WANTED-A SMALL IIOl A*. FURNISHED, KENT NOT to exceed fOUO or $380. The furnituiv will t well taken care of, and purchased, by the advertiser, at fair prices, before 1st May, 1841*. The host of references \\ ill be giv- o. Address, Jackson, Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A Hotel or private family, by u lady who lias had nearly three \ cars experience in the same situation, in nno of the lirst hotels in thin city. The lieit references given. Please call at No. u0 Fourth sticet. WANTED, BY A HEAPEt TABI.F. VOl.'Ni? WOMAN, A situation; she is a good cook and au txoeltnnt was er and ironer; would have no objection to do the general housework of a small private family. The boat of olty reference give . Apply at 221 Elisabeth street; can be seen for two days. TO SOUTHERN PLANTEHS?TUE ADVERTISER WISH Ei an appointment as manager on cither a cotton, rice, or sugar plantation. He onn show certificates of tho highest respectability, and can give references to several of tho leading merchants of New York and tho.Suuth. His wish is to tiotilo intrtnonently on tho estate of his employer, and by iwraeveruneo and attention tender himself worthy of tho trust iwposed in hitn. lie isaeeustomed to a l ot climate, having tilled a situation of trust for six years in the East lndica Age 27. Salary Nqtdml such as his employer may consider him entitled to. Address II. I. F? Box I MP. Pest Offlot. f|AO LET-A TWO STORY Hot SE, NO. I'- FOURTH ST.. A near Broadway, with nice garden, Croton water, and every convenience uecetsary for a family. Terms, foit) per nsniiin.? Enquire on the premises. To LET?THE STORE AND CELLAR, No. 212 PEARL street, corner of Fletcher street, (near Maiden lane.) The store is well shelved for the dry goods, or hardware business. TIjo cellar la quite dry, unJ remarkably light, A counting room *ill I* added in the rear. if required. Apply at lift I'oerl street TO PRINTERS AND NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS.? For ule one second hand donble cylinder Press, bed II hy -ti inohef; I do do, tod 57 hy X>i indies. Doth presses will Ixi put in perhot order and soil < l eap. It. IIOE a CO. rpo BOOK-SELLERS.?BLANK BOOKS MANUFACTURED J. for the trade, from pqw furnished or other* ise. A supply kept on hand and sold extremely low for cash. Thoau wishing to imrehaee will lind it will rtiy to call. ______ _ w M. S. BROWN, No. 290 flowery. To UNDERTAKERS -for SAI.E, A hioiii.v finished Hearse, in complete order, uaed hut once; to he seen at TatteraaU*. For price, Inc., inuulro of ISAAC MIX, Jr.. MO Broadway. OFFICES TO LET?A l.ARGE FRONT ROOM ON THE thiidstory ot house, No. SI Nassau street. Immediate pos> sosion given. Also, the whole of the second st ry and some ol the third and fourth slorieA Possession given on thetirst of Oetnber. Ei inir- of E. 1EKHIS, II Nassau stroc tAPARTMENTS WANTED?TI1E EASEMENT \NI> I.OIVT.R Ploor of a neat House, near Broadway, In one of the er ot itreeta between CTinmbora and Blecckcr. Address C. K. K , II raid tttte. Board?one or two gentlemen imn iir accommodated with Board in a private family. Apply at No. lttS Uammersley street, between Hudson and Greenwtoli streets. Avery fine and fast horse m sai.e, color dark bay, or brown, sixteen hands high, s army tan Old, warranted perfectly sound, and hind, and to trot a mile in less than three minutes, and of great endurance. To be roan at 7Rcsdo aticet, enquire of Mr. Townsend. To prevent an necessary trouble, pru e ^l.tsitl. Pborpbprca?edo lbs. in 1.'-, and ii poundcan* nis'ers, landirg from the Now York, Splendid, and Onward, from Havre, and b raab in lots to accommodate large and small dealers, and manufacturers of matches, bv CARNES k HASKELL, .S9 Ma dcnlane, corner of Cold st. ' The queens hotel, opposite the general post | Office, St. Martin'sle Grand, London.?This magnificent 11 o- , teb having NMD undergono extensive alterations, Ukd a mm , portion of it newly furn shed, will bo found on trial to liavo no rival in the metropoliajbotu In point of accommodation and moderate charges. Tlie Coffee room is one of the lamest and ruoft jomfertnblo la England. Board. S2 per day. Hot and Cold Baths. THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of tho British Queen Steamship. Bofcrvuce In New York to Mr. G. A. White. 6ti Cedar street J AMES BECK k CO. ARE NOW 01 PER! NO Hlf GOODS for Fall Sales ?Just received by the lat: arrivals from I rnuce , and England, an entire New Stock of --itks of overy description. , and of Uie latest Paris styles Also, a very splendid assortment of Black Silks and Paris Watered Silks, Pari- printed Cashmeres i and He Haines, ot the most beautiful pattern-' and nil new do I signs; Merinos, Thitwte, Canjimoros, plain haircs of all colors < and ipialities, Embroideries, Unk Mian!*, GloVOS, DoMcry, i l.invns, t.'leaks. Mantillas, Plaid, and Square Shawls. Tiic ( afovc, with a full stock of Fancy andstaple Uoodt, are nffi red at < the lowest cash prices, or on raasonahle tonus, at ifo,3MBn iway. Chit of town buyers are particularly to-pleated to t all and examine prices and goods before purchasing. (A 1RCT1.AR?GEN IN S FAM, HATS, Sid BRUADWW; J Aug, IMS.?Having had the good fortutio, heretofore, to skiru the patronage of lhedisciiminatii,g part of the public, by i!w egant style and superior tinisli of Ins hats, tho subscriber takes {ilea-uire in announcing to his numerous friends and the public at Hit, that be will tc prepared to exhibit his Pall -fylo of hats, on Friday, tho 25th d y of August, and is confident of again in eting the hythest expectations ol ni* customers, by tho novelties of form ??"v. v. i,.hi. in nifr minuiacinro. several elegancies newly imported lr?m Pari-, have berni adopted, and the ?ha|c so modified as to render his Fall lut the most > legunt and becoming ornament ever worn upon the head of a goatlooian. In oonseqnoneo of his largely increased fs<d||ri,-s for lnar.ufjetvring, which aro 'ho rvsHlts of his extensile business, lie has teen enabled to combine in tlie manufacture of his lioaverand 1 moleskin hats, tho richest and purest materials possible to be procured, while he offers tlicm at nearly 2i per e.-nt less than they nave hcen sold by any establishment in this city. The sub eriher 1 will also open on tho 2f>th inst., several cases of the most distant stylesof fancy hats for children, mlMted by hi agimt m I'a rim expressly for his own trade. Ladies aro respectfully invited to c&U and examine his rich and varied stock of. hildren's lints and j caps. J. N. t.B.N'lN. 214 Broadway, i 1AOWIIM: Gl NS.-JI -ST RKCT.Ii Ef>, A LARGE ASSOBTlaent of English and German single and doahlo Guns, of all Qualities and aires, made expressly for ihootiug s lirret, woodcock, duck, deer, and other game. For sale at tho lowest prices. Also, Powder Flasks; a large assortment of the la'es' styles; for sale in lots to suit pnrehssera. F.ley'sunivcrtal Shot Cartridges; Percussion Caps of Walker's, F.lev's, Stnrkey's, end other makers, just received. Also, (.ionnau l'iatols? A largo assortment, just jtotived, and for sale'y IRANCfS TOM?S fc SO.V. Vo. 0Maiden Lane. Notice-office op the rockland cemetery. irt) Broadway, corner of Maiden Lane, (up stairs.) where all orders will bo reoeivod from 9 A. M , to i P. M., for the purchase of plots or for Interments, l'smphlets and maps of tiio ground are ready for distribution. At other thau offnio hours, orders will be reeeived at No.233 Wooater streot. WILLIAM ARCIIER, Bnpt. /WW) / WW) BOTTLES, AND OVER, OF OR. HEWITT 0"vfy\/\/V C. Kellinger's Liniment have been sold, withont a nninnur. Rheumatic pains, from tuenly to fifty years' standing, and Fever bores, from fifteen to twenty years', have been entirely onwd in a few days In Diarrbaja, Cholera M r boa, HilioutCholie, it isas certain to cure as it is takm. It is put up in Isrgo bottles, is mild, fragaut, and agrv?ablo. according to dose ; is ten times cheaper than any other embrocation. Sold at We, $4 per dot., fl'd per gross; lit gross at S'f>. Office, TV I Petri street; the Harlem Rail read Office*; Ru hton, Clark tv Co., and of the druggists generally throughout the city and country. ONLY:?who WO) i.D Go H ITIIoi TTIITD WHEW yp JL they can have tlicm inserted and warranted for years lit one dollar each, at tho office established for tho reduction in prices in 1SSt. Filling with pure gold .71 to "5 i ts, hti llroadwajh DR.COOPER, 11DUANE STREET, BETWEEN CHATHAM and Williara itntti, lias lor tlio loat fourteen y< an* enjoyed a molt cat "naive practice in private di*ca.*?. lie can cure the moat aoravated ?*** of thia d:rJM ; and mild ?*a5"K cured in two to fir? days. Stricture?Dr. Cooper can cure tho v/orH fo;:n uf vtrictnrcs in from ono to two woek.?. Constitutional debility, brought on b? a Meret habit indulged in by yount; men. Tins when toe irecly indulged in, facets iiy#i?*p?i.?, wjakn- ?ii of the limbnud small oi the buck, confusion of the intellc mid aver- I Mob to aaciety. A ture warranted in every cane, or no cnuige. No mercury iiied. Most extraordinary work-to the married or there hentrmpla'tiw marriage.?The Married H'oman'l EBwtt XedWI Comiwiilow, *y Dr. A. M. Mauric,!au. Sistb edV tion. Price SI. Ihi* work ii meeting with moat astounding aalc, (24.UOU coptee lurre already been disused otl Every fimalo in getting n copy, whether marri' l or eumarriea, although it it intended eeprrlally for the married, it djsclotet Important ?e?Teta which ahould be known to tl.em particularly. here etory Puali ean dieeorcr the causes, symptoms, and the moet rm. dies, and moot certain mode of cum in every eoee For aale, 22J Brood way: at tho pobllaldnj? oBec, 129 Libetty etrec?, New York: aleo, r 11. Peter,,n, number Ds Chestnut itreet, Philadelphia; Little ft (o., Albany, W. R. Davie, Boston. On the N" CRARGE.-DR. MURPHY or M GOLD o ^ forms of private dis. tonorbhflpn, fa cnrcs in 'J to 4 day* ConstJfaQPal debility and Ian potency imeeoaafollr treated by I*. M. br hiadmnie from busiium 0?c? 63 Gold itroot; opm fror, 7 a. M. to 10 P. M. Doctor faw^err has removed his office to X. *' ?**'? Where lie can lo consulted on all private dueaeea. TMt moit obettnat- yb' I to hi, nv-le of treatment, Whlob la on the ncm-meretirial syium. Strlotupcs cured on Die moot Approved plnn. Ihe victim, of constitutional debi.lty FaWhght on by Indr eroet Indulgences, raaai |>!y with a ocrtain'y ?f enre. OBe* SI Dey street. Dr. glover is consulted dirinq the day and evonlng at hie No. II Ann ft. (Tormcrly No. 3), ia there difficult and protracted caeeent Delicate Die aaee which hare baffle* Uieahill of phraielane of leea wtperfence. Hta Eitract of t'opatva. Oubeba, fc?, eo (Wteiuivelj |ti eoribed by pliyaioiana. may be had at Lietture ia fmnU No. II Aua (treat Jtuvnx alr No. 2). D>. POWELL attends daily to diseases op the rye and ear, at Ail Broadway, corner of Warren "trout, wierc eaa be bad his treat! - on the -y FrUe.'SI-nts; and also bin Klf-aotiaf eye feuatwne fvj itrvngtiKuin, the eye.'. ArUflciAl eyMlwertbd. BOH fckY *1 HEAT RF.-fHf ?>AY EVENING, Afai'sras, will he performed *h? op-ri of DIN l)fi Ki l#A?. I i, Mi>? Mary T?yh r; The Princ* , Mr liuon: Uar-.n Po'opoliiii., Mr. ft'crnm; Alidorc, Mr. Smith; f>?. ?i*I. Mr Warden; K?4ro, Nr. Jordan; th'rinda, Mi'". Pliillipr: fhia *\ Mi?M M. Barker. ?r*? to whi.h, the y of MP^Eh IN THE IIP IK r,ol . otaH, Mr Winann; < bevaher I Bury Mr. Stafford; Hennera.hMr. { FbHar. Mr. Warwick; Madao e GolochaH, Mra Ptiill'iH; Pu/ett*'. Ml- II. Bh]'; Marietta. Mia* hoekrer To corn-Wide with tlio hallet d'a.'i n of TUB MAOfO TLITB l.iibin, Mr. 0 W. Smith;*. .wi?rt? rn ' i thing* npan a>- 7: pcr'nrn.aacea rrrrrn^nrt at 7)i o'clock. Bote*, 29 cent*, Pit xr.d (lattery, 12X cent*. NIBLO'S-ASTOR PLACE, BROADWAY'.? MODERN < 0, uii iiy |t..w ei I *111 v ant. Thtr N *hft "I Mr. II- P* teidc, Sixth Night.r Mi. (. Vnudanboff; Th rd Night of Mr. T. P tc dMr. John Sefton, Mr. Varhe, Mr Shiw. an I Mrx. Ma-der ? Frid*) Ev ntex, August vSth. will t? p-rf miud i he comedy entitled I DNI ON AS8I RAM K- ir llarr-iir onrtlev. * " Phtfide; Heinle, Mr. (}. \ an lenhofl Murk Meddle. Mr. T.; Max Hurl-away. Mr Yaclie; D. Ily HpanVcr Mr. John 8-fton, I ady Cay Bpanl r Mr*. Maed-r; (In.-, Htrkaway, Mine Kate Horn. Poor* oi?-n nt ? 'luan^r let re7?? mmeacingat halfl-nat 7. Admia-lon SOcent* BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS .STREET FRIDAY Evening, Auguat 2.*, will be played the p <pular Drama "I D M I1EY *t SON?Mr. DtaUy, Mr Nickiooiu, Mr i, Mr. Jordan; Major Joe llaaxtock, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Toota, Mr. Raymotid; I'apt. t uttlo. Mr. Ilirton; Edith. Mr-. Kn ghtj Ploren e Ilombey, Miaa N ickinaon; Mm. Skewton. Mr< Fur ma; Sanaa Nippi r. Mr* Brougham; Homer* Miaa William*. To conclude with a new I.ot nl, Liiauhrtou*,'Apposite, AHagnrioal Sketch. culled Til K REVOLT OF TIIE SEXTONS: OK. THE UNDERTAKER* 1)REAM?Mouldy, rub. Mr Nickiaaon; Mattock. Mr. Raymond; (rnrihar, Mr. Ma rail all; llygc-a. Mm Br ugham; t'rotoca. Mix* Sinclair?: Temperance, Yfixx Nhkl aon. Dr-ax -'Tm!? and I'arHiictte, 50 cent*; Cire.'? or aeeond tier. 25-tent*. Dooia open at 7'4 o'clock?Curtain rue* at '< keforo 8 Ct 11 AN IRA I "S N E W NATIONAL THEATRE, EOttMKKLT / Uhatluim? litMr J. . Eridry Eveuiug, Aug. will he acteil the | lay of VIHGINIL'S? Virginiua, Mr. J. K. Scott; IcilioH, Mr J. S. I liarlea; A|-p ti* llhtvdiux. Mr. ward. Virginia, by a Yt no/ l.a<ty. To t-e toll, wed by tho turco ot OLE HULL?Elener.erCalf, Mr t'. Rurko; Old (loiter, Mr. Herbert; Caroline, Mlex Mile*; Mary, Miaa Ilildreth; Mr* Rrotvn. Mrx Hurrmigh*. To conclude with the furcent HIS LAST |,E<IS?Felix O'Uullaghnn, Mr. J. n. t'harlca; Charlea, Mr. Palmer; Mra. Mont*guc, Mira llihlteib: Julia. Mix* Milea; Ih tt Mrx. Burroughs. Door* otx-n iu 7 o'clock, and the curtain will rile at a 'd bch-re S. llnxra, 29centa; Pit, 12>? cent*. ' Ct ARTLROARDEN? ADMISSION U'S 1,'I.N I.s - 1'ttlH MOST > beautiful aumuier reaort, commanding the floret viewa and the moat complete and elegant u-'comtn idatloo f .r visiter*. will bu opened duiii g the day, and in the even ng brilliantly illuminated. Much aiouaem*nt n.ay l-o had viewi g the IUU Cosmora* max. tcgethor with Uie aplcnuid painting* of the famous f Ihincoo Junk Keying, executed by the - bincxe artiat on hoard. wlille laj irgntt'uatle Gaidi n during tho atimmer of I"47?also, neveral view* of great battle*, at lluenn \ lata. Ac . in Maxinn is,i? v?. ril'tv "f other scenes. BARNUM S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BARNUM. Proprietor? F. Iliticheock, Manager.?splendid Performances every morning at hull pas' II o'clock, every afternoon at 5 o'clock, anil every evening at a quarter to A Last W?k or Cenrral Tom Thumb w ho will Imfd three levees every day: in the morning from half past II to I o'clock, in the afternoon at 1 'clock and every evening, at a quarter before 8 o'clock, when he appears in hie SpletuRd Performances, and in conjunction with the other entertainments. In addition, the manner has also engaged the celebrated Sable brothers, tl:u 3 Highland Mammoth Boys, aged 8, II, and 11 years, and yet together weighing over 7B? ponnds. ?l?n the famous Giant or Mammoth Baby, who, though only lli months old, weighs 90 rounds. Enormous BoaOonstnetor. Two Living Orangoutangs. Vairy Family. Infant Vcatrii. Madamniaelle Gertrude. a fceaotilul and charming American Dsnseute. Was Scripture Statuary. Madam Kockwol), the famous Fortune Tuller. may be Srivutely ccntni'tcd at an extra charge oi 2f> cents. Admission to he whole,including Museum Performances, to , Moents; children, under ten yearsof age and old enonglt to walk alono, 12X oentt. Reserved front seats, oceshilltng each extra. AN ATOM I It AL Ml'SF.IM, COIINER DIVISION STREET and the Bowery. Tito greatest exhibition in the United States, Open every day and evening, front 8 A. M. till 10o'clock, P.M. Catalogues furnished to visitors free of charge. Admission to the whole only -A cents. Apollo rooms.?grand vocal and instri mental Concert?'1 he t' lebrated Moravian Singers, compos d ! the following eminent artistesMile. Lovarny, Ilerr Zorer, Her Kraus. Ilcrr Steenel, situ Ilerr k.tln, beg to inform the ladies and gentlemen of New York, and strangers generally, ti nt th j have arrived in tills city from London, and will have the i n to make their llrat appearance before the American put li- in a Crand Vocal and lustrumcntal Concert, at the Apollo Rooms On Monday Evening, August as, I-'IS, on which,. a .i mi schoice nr.d pleasing programme will Is' presented, when they hope to meet that site,-ess which has attended their "Ports in Paris, London, and in all the principal cities in Europe. Pr<gramme.?Part I.?1, Grand (Juintetto?The meet ng on the Austiian mountain* -by the company, Spirit. 2, Gran ) lis Aria ly Kraus, Keller. .'I, Bus Alissnhorn?Song by Mile. !, varny?Prosclt. 4, Mtin Scferl?MormvlM National -;mg by Zorer?Zorer. B, Grant! Fantasia with t fluf inns on the Xtl< cordeon, with Piano Porto accompaniment.. F. Stnqiel?Stepel. C, Quartotto, Rt saline, Company. Part II.?7. Song?My Boyhood's lloiac?Kraus, Rooke. s, Aria?Swiss Girl?MMo. L"varny, I.indley. Ilivertlp. inento, with iiuitation of the Prone i lit rn ami Cornet a Piston, Zorer. Ill, Echo Song, Mile. Lovarny. 11, Granu Walt/.?Petersburg!), on the Xtloeorueon. 12, Final1 , the Moravians in New York, hy the whole eotnpany, arranged by Zorcr. Ticltts BO cents each, to be had at tluv principal Must8ti rer, and at the door on the evening of tbo Concert. Doors open at 7. T" commence at a quarter 8 o'clock. 'I he rot tu has been beautifully painted, and is well veuti'ateo. Return mom Europe?the celebrated neb I Itleans' Perenaders retpcctfully announce to the < It i/etts of the United States, tlia' they intend giving a series of Vocal and Instrumental Concerts through tit- principal cities of the Union, when they will introduce a variety of Soups, Glees, Duets, ant ilmnis-cs. composed espreatly for them i>y some of tno tlr?t Masters' f Europe and America. Tlio company in composed o Mafter Olo Hull, (2. Swiane, Mr. Burke, Mr. Kuincr, and S. Sundford ; who bavo liad th" honor of appearing before her Britannic Majesty, ljuceii Victoria, and tin; principal heads 01 Europe. The atove company sailed from New Orleans (Deem her!?, ISJ'i) to England, where they met with unboti idsd m 'ess, anil ate salil to bo the Wat singers and delineators of Ethioi an characters. that ever Tisited their ahoros. Muster Ole Hull (IJ vrars of aire) will execute of !> B?rlot's difTi' Solo Letters ol engagement, directed (post paid) to New Orleans. Serenades*. New York. "ETUIE CAMPBELL'S ARE COMING.'-THIRD WEEK. JL Society Library Rooms, .'US Broadway?Campbell's Minstrels, (under tko direction of 0. A. Kimherly.) Encouraged by the very flattering manner in which their concert* have been received dnring the rent two weeks, having been nightly crowded by highly rosiiectaolo and Imuliiooable hmiHca have the honor to announce that they will coatinuo their entertainments every >vening this week, introducing at oouh concert a full and varied programme ol their heft songs, datiecs, Ac., including the celebrated Highland Fling by Mr. West Doors ope n at 7? snmmcnce at S. Admission dS cents. N B.?On Sutunir v a!'ST. unon. by particular ropiest of several tamilics, they will glie in stUrm on performanee, cmnmeaciug at 3 o'clock. Admission. i'> cents?children, half-price. BAN YARD'S NEW DOUBLE MAMMOTH PANORAMA of tlic Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, showinga country of i wenty-tl.rce hundred miles. Icing by far t' e largest painting in the world, atul of the largest rivers mi the globe, oxteudiag more than twenty degrees of latitude. Otien every evening, a*, Panorama Ball, ill's Broadway,adjoining Nildo's Garden. Admission St) cents; children half price. Panorama will commence moving at H o'clock. Afternoon performatives on Wednesday s and Saurlays, at .'I o'clock. Sacred dioramas?now exhibiting every night this week, and Wednesday and .Saturday afternoons, tomminring at '1 o'clock, at the splendid new Hull, 3?ti Breadsay, over Stoppanl's Ilaths. flannlngton's entirely new [Irund (cripturul Diornmns ol the most Magnificent Spectacle trer wituosfcd in New York. Cr ation ot the World and the Delugo. Assisted by powerful Vocal and Instrnmontal Accompaniments. Mr. II. Ilannington has just completed a magnificent Diorama, Intended to Illustrate the snhltfuo spectacle of the Si* Days ol the Creation! exhibiting bym-ans of moveable figures, scenery, and powerful nptral cflvuta, all the progressive changes from tlie Chaos mid Pnrku"ss of tho uiiformed Universe, oatil the final completion ot tho great work i t l ration, as dei' ribod in tho first and tecoud chanters of Genesis, terminating with the appearance ot Adntn and Ere in the Garden of Eden. The Diorama is the result of a long cherished Idea, and of a lifetime of study and experiment in this department of tho arts. It Is the mort ovstly, boantirn! and perfect work ol the kind existing and ooia. bines in itaexliibition the high"ot mechanical ingenuity, with tho most astonishing scenic eflTev t*. assiste i by superior p-xttry, paint ing ard music. Sccacry ami lncjd?nta? Chaos, die rirst Day. The firmament, tho .Second Day. Dry Land, Herbage and flowers, Third Day. Sun, Moon ami Sura fourth Day. Creation of fish and lowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day Garden 01 Ed-n?Adam anu Eve. H'ith this cnmpbitiua of the labor* of the Creation, tho first part of the Exhibition cltae* Part II. Grand Diorama of tho Doing*. Tickets 23ota -Children half price. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at M o'olot a. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S C \MF*1UN IN MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, 40G Urn vl Any, shows natural sa lite, the Marches, Eucnmrnvnta, and BatU?s fi,nght by (Jen.Taylor. I* also givs correct views of tl:e c jtitry, towns, cities, be. It is the most beautiful painting ever aocn. Open every night et S o'clock. Aficrno -noxhlMu WndntatUy and Jattir. iy. cox mciicir. ut .'I o'cl i k. Admission. cents, schools admitted t a rrasor&tii terms. No chargo for destriptiv pamphlets. C1 RAM) HALL AT KEVPOUT, FRIDAY EVEN V). \'G K 25th, at the Chingarora II'Uso. Tickets, admitting .-.lady, and gentleman. and in' hiding jnppCTA $ IK); Ladiee' extra tickets .'>0 cents. 1.4tliinn a celebrated II nd has licen engaged for the occasion. Tho floor will bo under tlio mane cement o; Mcae.-r. Conery and Ruuir li s. I'rotn Now York. T lie steamboat J. ?. Coflcc leaves the foot of t bombers street, at half pa 13 o'clock, all' rdingM delightful excursion. OPEN TO ALL TIIE WOKLD-uRE.VT 8T. LEGEM Bwocpstahcs? 12,IXX)8ubsoribcrs at ?3 each. The party fog whom the Urot horse ia drawn to receive X2U.UU0; the seooad horse, AliUX.*'; the third horse, ?10,in*); to be divided among parties draw lag "Tho Starter*," ?10,'*?h the like among NonBtartcra" ?10,000. Sweepstaliea, No. 2?12,000 Subscriber* at ?1 each?first horse, ?10,1X10; second horse, ?3,000; tliird boree, ?3,tHXh, divided among Starters, ?3,1 Mh divided emeng Nor Starters,?3,IXXh Sweepstake* No. 3?12,000 Subacribers at ?1 each?First horse. ?4,'XX); tecond horse, ?2,U00; third horse, ?2,1 XX); Starter*, ?2,000; divid-d among Non-Startera ?2,iXXi. Parties diaivoiisof secimrgolianc a in either of the above Swoep takes, are rc'iueated to mal-.o early arplioatioa, ss each sweep will be drawn Immediately it ia full. The result of th? drawing will lie advertised in tho "Times," "Hall's Life."and the London daily rnprs. To givo ladies an opportunity of taking ihnrea strip ?111 bo leaned in Initials, at the option of the rabeer.beri. All cop.muni atii.ns, to Insure attention, roust contain a ivmi'tuncc. foreign ordirsmsy I e payable ia London; bat all letter* must be addressed to Hichord Meholls aad iamea Parkiusor. ! m; !" P.|iirvrn, Aylesbury, Knvland. Tha third horse to he decided by ' Hell's Lift). Prirespoid any day alter the rwi, less in per cent. The raoo will lw run at Doncaster. ea the 14th of Septctnb r. 1348. To prevent fioitd, no aerip will be genuine unless the letter containing it lieara the Aylesbary poat-mirk. PuhserilsTs n islilng to teed Bank .Notes had hotter seed halsre bydilfsreat poata gjll'll >;AIiih IU B OIU.71 runr,A\'frkA3IUA 7AI.L. UIO F in tores'in the Lirrrpool IJBr of Packeta, contU'Jn/o tha Koaoiua, Uarriflh, Sheridan anil Siddooe. The aupericniy of these ahips it too well known to n"ed description. Aptly to B. K. COLLINS, So Sooth IV PACKF.T FOR UAVRE?SECOND LINE-TBai SHIP ST. Denis,!.. W. Hone, Master, will tail on tho lat September. A rents, So. * ran at . |AOK MAKSFJUJCS.-T1I1 iHLfj-ftNOWM BAKU MARJ? IEI.I.A, Cap\ IiirfJiain. Is r.ow loading; tod will m?tt wit* ^ptu^td,. PHELPS. tt BOVDjk UlNCKBN, Brekert. not BORBKAl Z --PtSSAGE ONLV.?TUB FRENCH I? Bark IN Dt S TRIAL. Capt, Friburg, pan comfortably aceemmodate Ivc .r tit ''tHn twiwn/ors. Apply to tb? CajU a In Wrd o' to BOVD k HINCHES. UtikeraSS Wafltb RNOR LIVERPOOL?NBW LIS F,-REGULAR PACKET OF * Jp the i'tit'i AnkJtt.?The new and splendid fast tailing packet ihlrSIDDON-"1. rdviard B. Cobb, master, la bow leading and will potitir*!/ null as aboao Iwr re.Tularday. For frdsnt^at nassarc. UaviiS splendid furnished aceninoiodatioaj beth In ton Brit and t xend cnblna, apply on b'ard at Orlnana wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, W> Sovtit ft Price of oal in lafMOT, $79. The packed ship Sheridan, G?or/n B. Cornish. matter, will suocced the Siiidonk and tail not rtfuln* day. _ rOK NEW ORI.F A SB?LOUISIANA A VD VBW 1 Line of Paoketi?To tuoeeed the f?*' in/, cop pored ticket, bark Clsnesce, < . T. DilLagham, master. rrfi\ Mill as tho?*. For freight c- paph*? l*)m l^olWanVmTi^r Apnu U Nl? Orlcal.. ,l,BYlVN, ,k CREGVV ,t J wl" promptly forvntdnll jfooil' t their ad lross. Do RALPH. AI TIIOR or THK "PRACTICAL FRIVATB Treitice" io..WGwenwIch"lect?crficohonro 9to I A IL Hio#I? M (Sunday eioortod.) Thnw who apply in the early o"iore WlUW onrprtond at the rapidity and little ine??ven eneo attending their cure. It ii chiefly, hcwercr, thoee who hare Metered Irvui n rerffir elaao ol paoplt, ot othcrwlae, who ?an prer* rl? oprreoiutc hio iwreicoa. lu eirto'nre, from itt int or ibo?riuut, to ito more adm need and d:?tre?ein* staler, (from uuootk bob advantage*. in addition to a very attcnalre practice in Hue complaint.) he can aflr rd a repid, eacy, and radical cor*. wh?oh. ho hnoproaad for itatin* tin t? obtained from no otfcei govt** laAaedca,

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