27 Ağustos 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

27 Ağustos 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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OtriHsr ml Km! I mm urf Hmm Mfc <111 UORlMffl BBNMCTV, nOPUCTOR. rWUL MTU'I TO TUB WOKA fHI BAIL V HKKAIM? Three oddwoe ?rr, dam, iMMfi W -T? r ? p*r a?M? TA. WORMMJ KDITIUN u j at 3 eeleck. and dutrtbuted '*< >.1 KVK?tr>0 UIITHjH m> t< ? ?< / <* newebam at 1 . detork. and H? eemnd K?'K.V|NV BDITIOH M 3 a clock. THE ?4 EKKLY HSR ALU-Beery a.auretay.jo, vtreuloWbee. mm the iamr<? Contuwmt??* i?t? prr ^ (3 13* jar l Boer, team packet 4m* for Karnpr.m fimil.Jim, M jar annum. to mclude ttr peetaee. The European oiv Han mil he or tot eel la 'V Trench and hnvluh lonpuaeee. . all SDfTH >Nt) to eeeetnm neeee recooooA to U> mmiI oj Of mail, for evbecreptiam, or unth adoer +00..0U. lo befool patd. or the pootape will be deducted frcen fSSStfTARY CORRESPONDS!*: E, cantminmp import mod nemo, eetwdedfrom any quarter of the world, if meed will he hheralep peeiA Af. AD VRR llBkMBNTti ( renewed every mwrmtnp, and to he pu* mehod to the ruiiu and evening oddbwa.) at reaeenable f toot, to he written iota Warn, legible manner; the proprietor mm rninftlt for error I ra auMurrat. PIUNTIMi of ail land, erected beautifully end with domatch. Order reemteed at Ur O0tce, corner ef EUlUm and > MNWrirali, . I HO NOTE R token of ananyaeoue eaaaamatoattme. WA.itanor to ml ended fen mscrtwn must be authenticated be the name amd addrme of the writer, net neceeearily for publwatum, but m a puarnnty of hie peed faith. We eannet return resetted rnimM. r m * i o to or ??.?. ? ? iimniMtNTil TO MORROW EVENING. TOWUt THI*TKE Bowery.?Gil Bi.a??Suai-hm BBII ? e-tm Alp"" Maid. BROADWAY THEATRE, UrckdwAy?OTUBLLS?CAPTAIN V THI WATCH. AIIONAl THEATRE, ChethAm SquAia.?ZARAH?WOOL Butu- SOME AIH'IJIT. BIB LOS, ASTOR PLACE ?LA PILLS DV RBGIMRNT. BURTON'S THEATRE, Chambsn ftxoet.?DOMBST AND BOB?REVOLT OP THE SUTOEA CASTLI GARDEN, Battery,?MDSICAL ENTERTAINMENT* ?COMOIAEAI, Ac. Ml LOB EON, Bowery?TIH bin IA MBMTB ELA?ITHNNAE I Bmuks, Ae. panorama iiall, btodnf, near nowtoa.?Bantaai>'? : Fwokui or tub mi?mrn awe IbaovtL MWISTa ROOMS, Broadway.?Paroaama or Gbihai itttol'l MniOAI CAMrAJSH. PANORAMA HALL, corner Broadway and Walker street.? ; Iaiisctos'i Bach an Dioramas or m Cbaatton awe i Buna 80CIBTT J.IBRARY?-amfbbij.'s Miwrrakla?lTHioriA* Imm?hoaiatmi'i Dawcino, Ma. TO-NIGHT. AHTLR GARDEN?SACRBI) COSCBHT. New tork, Sunday, Aufpiat M7, IMHi Actual Circulation of tile Herald. Ragout *fi, Saturday, Deily Tl.VA copiee Weekly 10,3*0 " t The put-Uaation of the Moraine Edition of the Herald eomMeacea yeaterday at b minutes I eh.re 3 o'clock, and finished at 2* miLUles putt t> o'c ook; the tint Lveui. R Edition comUaneed at IB minutes i <*? r? 1 o'clock, and finished at ininutei Just 1 e'elcek; the teoond *? 10 miuutes befored o'olock, and nuked at id minutes past 4 "'clock. EXTRA HERALD. THE DETAILS OF THE FOREIGN NEWS. We publish, this morning, a telegraphic sum- | nary of the foreign news, which was received in this city by telegraph from Boston yesterd uy, the publication of which created much excitement. We shall receive our files of foreign exchanges this morning, and will publish the details of tne ews in an Extra Herald, in the course of the fore>oon. We have concluded to do this in order to gratify the desire of our citizens to learn full particulars of the transactions in Ireland, for the week previous to the sailing of the Britannia. TB&BGHAPBZC. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP BRITAWWIA, AT BOSTON. ONE WEEK LATER NEWS FROM ILL PARTS OF ECROPE. The steamship Britannia was announced at Bos tM yesterday. We received the following despatch at five mi utes past nine o'clock in the morning :? Boston. Saturday. 0 A. M. The steamer Britannia is thirty miles below. She will be ap about twelve o'clock. ine iiriiannia sailed ironi Liverpool on Saturthe 12th inst. ; and her news is, therefore, | even days later than that received here by the #unbria. THE NEWS. IMPORTANT FROM IRELAND. ARREST OF SMITH O'BRIEN. ESCAPE OF O'GORMAN TO AMERICA. Arrest of Several American Citizens, i THE MARKETS Ac., Ac., Ac. The Britannia arrived at Halifax on Thursday might, at 12 o'clock, and left for Boston at 3 A.M. j last Friday. She arrived at her wharf, at the latter eity, at 1 P. M., having made the passage in ' toarteen days. The Britannia passed the Acadia at 7 A. M. on Friday, about lorty miles we6t of Halifax. The Niagara made the passage home in 10 days amd 17 hours. The steamship Sarah Sands, Captain Thompson, nailed from Liverpool on the 7th instant, her regular day. The Buena Vista arrived at Halifax on Thurs**7, P- M., and will leave lor Boston on the ar- | vival of the next English steamer. We begin our telegraphic details with? Very Interesting from Ireland. Affaire in Ireland have Hot materially changed, though every day seems to lessen the probability af any serious outbreak. That this unfortunate [ 1 oantry is not now plunged into all the horrors of ' 1 a civil war, is not to be attributed to the disinclination of the ]>eople to rise up in arms?but, rather it would seem to be the want ol bold, able, and trust- i 1 od leaders. Mr. W. S. O'Brien was arrested on Saturday veaing, August 5, at the railroad station at Thnrles, whilst in the act of procuring a ticket for Limerick, where, it is said, he intended to have taken retuge among bis Iriends. Immediately after his arrest he was marched to Bridewell, and i nbaequenlly conveyed to Dublin, and lodned in ; Xibnaiaham jail. ] iter O'Brien's arrest, he is said to have ! expressed himseli satisfied of the hopelessness j 1 f accomplishing his object, and that he was ' indaced to leave his retreat in the mountains. ! because the farther he went, the more the ( people seemed to fear to harbor him, or hold any j communication with him. O'Brien is said to be , cheerful, and his wife is allowed free access to hia. Other friends are permitted to converse with bun, in the presence of the jail authorities. There does not appear to have been any serious disturbance in any part of the country, since the Cambria sailed, and, according to the Knglieh accounts, it seems quite impossible that there should be any, so long as the government sustains its pre" sent attitude ol repression. Numerous arrests couiinue to be made, and, ' among others ol recent date, we notice the names ' ?f 1 ?t. M. Carton ; Mr. James Bergen, ship broker, 1 Di Ki u York, slid Mr Nolan #?< ?i.? i r_;?_ j - 9 ? ?IIC U Ulll U fctati?. Kict.Mrd O'Gorman, for whose srnsl jfctoo w.im 1 Acted, on attempting l? escape from the couo- ' Irjr, w?a arrested by the Co.iBt Guard, alter ke h.d erihs?d the feltaiuion iu n.i o|?*n boat, polite *.* forthwith arat to tke poiicc, but 1 wmmpi^puuM m pnwn mi npiore that be waa a iwre traveller from Perry to CUrv ? and he waa allowed to leave in h't boat. He subsequently boarded a vessel hound down the Shannon, and going to America, in which he had escaped. A war steamer waa despatched alter the vessel. [From the Freeman's Journal, Aug. <?.] We have received the following important communication from a correspondent in whom ws have peifect faith? Thosi.es, Tuesday, 7 o'clock, P. m. I hsve just learned, through a source In which I can implicitly rely, t) at a cou munlcation has been made to the Irish government, t' rough the mediation of an influential Catholic Clergyman, from he parties who, next lifter William Smith O'Brien, were considered the moet important, against whom warrants hare been is sued. The communication. 1 understand, is t > the effect that these gentlemen undertake to surrender themselves to the government upon receiving the assurance that none of (Ac proceeding* instituted against any of (Ac Slat* prisoner* iAall extend to the taking of lift It appears that this communication was induced on the parties hearin; of the arrest of Smith O'Brien on Saturday evening. It is stated that one of the chief witnesses for the Crown, at the trials of Mr Smith O'Brien, and the other parties implicated in the insurrection and conepiracv, will be Mr. P. J. Barry, who had been Secretary of the first Young Ireland Association, and who remained all along a prominent member of the Confederacy. The Government have issued another proclamation which may almost be understood aa Ix>rd Clarendon's reply to the attempt to induce hun to enter into communication with the outlying insurgents. This proclamation, after reciting the former one of the let of August, denouncing the penalty of ,.v . ? -,.v? ?..wvtv? U..W...U uaiuvi UI tuiil/XOi U1C conspirators, adds the follows g caution, intending to cramp their hopes of escaping to America in British vessels. "F1TRTIIER CATTTON. "All masters of emigrant ships, packets and seagoing Terrell, arc hereby warned that the penalty Of treason will attach equally to them, should they be concerned in faToring the escape of any of the persons above named, or others, whom they shall know to hare been engaged in treasonable practices. T. N. REDINOTON. " Dublin Castle, 8th August. 1848." ANNEXED IS A LIST OF THE I'OLITICAL PRISONERS. Ww Smith O Brien, M. P., for the-county of Limerick. Charles Gavan Duffy, editor of the Kmtion. John Martin, proprietor of the Ftlon. Joseph L'rennan. sub-editor of the Felon. Jobu Lawless, secretary of the Sandyinount Club. Dublin Ktancis llawley. North Earl street, Dublin. Mr. Nolan, supposed to be an American sympathiser, srrsstt d at Tburles. Mr. Fitzpatriek. Thurles. Mr. Ryan, surgeon, Carrick-on-Suir. Mr. O'ltyun. < ash*l. Thomas Witty, farmer, or landowner, Wexford county Francis Strange, solicitor, Waterford, president of tbe Felon Club there. Supple Glover. Waterford. Patrick McAuliffe clothier, Waterford. Mr. Fogarty, assistant surgeon. Waterford. Thomas Win. Condon, whitesmith, secretary to the Wolfe Tone Club. Waterford. Mr. Taafe. barrister, Dublin. Twenty-one countrymen from the neighborhood of Baliingurry. in the county of Ttpperary, charged with having assisted Smith O'Brien in the attack on the police. William Marion, editor of the Drogheia Argus. J 8 Barry, editor of the Cork Southern Reporter. Ra'ph Varien, Cork. Isaac Varien. Cork. Ten drapers' assistants, from Messrs. Pirns'establishment. Dublin. S. J. Meany. of the Irish Felon. Mr West, aurgcon. Dublin. 111. ( arron. of America. James Bergen, ship broker, of New York. Mr. Butler, editor of tee Galtcay I'indicalor. Mr. Cost'gan, of Cnstlrbar. Denny Lane, merchant, Cork. 1'AKTIES AGAINST WHOM WARRANTS ARE ISSUED. Francis Morgan, solicitor to the Corporation, Dublin. Thomas Francis Meagher, gentleman, Dublin. Michael Doheny, barrister, Tipjierary. Kichard O'Gormon, Jun., barrister. The following letter, lrom a member of the press, who has visited Tipperary, gives a rather important detail of the teeling which prevails in the south of Ireland:? ' After having traversed the greatest part of both ridings of the county of Tipperary, I halt at this little village, situated at the foot of the Galtee mountains, and on the{bordere of the county of Limerick, to give you a brief abstract of the result of my observations. Kebvllion 1 louud not. I have said that I did nrtfind rebellion?that is true. I did not see an army of insurgent*, or any thing that gave indication of the actual existence of civil war; nevertheless a rtltliion dots est it?if the whole of the south of Ireland is not at this moment plunged into all the horrors of a civil, or rather servile war, the reason is to be attributed not to the disinclination of the people to rise up in arms, but solely to the want of a proper epportunity, and of bold, able and trusted leader*.? This Is no hasty impression, or idle guess-work. It Is a deliberate conviction, founded on the most satis" factory evidence. Every mile I've travelled, every j person 1 convened with, every fact bearing on the | ^object vrhich has come under my observation?all have served te impress indelibly on uiy mind the truth i of tie statement I have made. Let no man "lay tLe flattering unction to his soul'' that i the spirit of disaffection has been crushed; true it is tLat the wise and salutary precautions of the govern- i ment. have saved the country from convulsion for the , present; but the winter is fast approaching, the season I for a bivouac will hare passed, the troops must be > drawn into winter quarters, and then the hour for mischief will have arrived. 1 have heard it stated, and the statement does not seem improbable, that the ^adcrs intend to remain passive until the winter seta in that they are quite satisfied, for the present, with harrasbing the soldiery, and frightening the govern- ' ment; but that they are steadily biding their time Much, however, will depend upon circumstances. In the course of my wanderings, I have met with a great many country gentlemen, and all of them agree in thinking, that the rebellion is not extinguished?that it still smoulders, and they look with considerable apprehension to the coming winter. Certainly, it Is unreasonable to calculate that all the wild theories which have been propounded by the anarchists and Jacobins ? the visions of wealth, happiness, and independence which haTe been held out to the misguided people, it is unreasonable to suppose that these congenial theories ' have taken no root, or that the people after such golden dreams, will rink back without a struggle of some kind into their former position. The absentees are fast returning to the country, and there are at present a , great number of resident gentry in the county of Tip ymmij. i umt tut it presence may serve to cneck the existing spirit of insubordination in all quarters. I bare heard that there has been no surrender of arms worth speaking of, under the proclamation?the constabulary are busily engage^ in searching for them, and to-day 1 met a large force in the neighborhood of (be town of Tipperary, engaged in that business, but with little success The conduct of the Iloman Catholic clergy, in the present crisis, has been most praiseworthy, and I have heurd it commended by their hitter political opponents. On last Sunday. Dr. Howry. the parish priest of the town I hare just mentiond. delivered a most impreaaiTe discourse to his floek, in the criminality of the Club system, and I hare auhonty for stating, that it produced the reey best re vlts. The police in this county, are extremely vigiant. Patrols scotir the country every night, and all [terpens found cut at unreafonab.e hours, are searched. The Crops 111 Knglnnd. 1 luring the fortnight ending on the 11th instant, the weather had been very unsettled, in the southern counties especially. Not a day had passed without heavy rains, und ua the wheat hod been out in various parts, this unseasonable weather not only retarded hurrest operations, but would, if it continncil a few Itn longer, very materially affect the yield all over the ' rountry. At present, however, no tendency to 1 speculation hod been exhibited. If the potato crop should prove seriously injured, joth in Kuglttnd and Ireland, (and statements to .his efiect Hre rapidly multiplying,) the con'ir- 1 juencrs will be very serious. , A iralrs In Kroner. i The chief consideration in Paris, at 'he pres-at < n?iin nt, ts the crilical of Northern Italy. ' I TH!WfTnfWTpToBIaTirTiie7TIng? b ivo t dcen place " in Pans, imd Lord Palmerston, in the House oj Commons, hue stated that Her Majesty's govrrnrneut are deeply sensible of the great im|M>rtaace of feeing a termination put to ihat unfortunate warfare; ard, he added, " I am able, although I have no rurht to speak for another government?yet I believe I may assure the House that that desire is equally shared by 'he French government. Her Majesty's ministers are, therelore, 1 may say, if not already engiged, about to take steps in conjunction, I trust, with the government o! France, for the purpose of endeavoring, by amicuble negotiations, to bring that warfare to an end " The last journals from Paris are entirely ocett* pied with the Italian question, and the funda have exi>erienced a decline, in consequence ot its threatening aspect. Two thousand ol the insur- 1 gents of June, sentenced to transportation, have been sent to Brest, L'Orient, &c., where they were to oe confim d until the government should have fixed their destination. It is probable that their families will be allowed to join them. An unsuccessful attempt was made on the 5th inst., to assassinate M. Thiers; the shot intended lor him was received by a little girl, who was seated at the gate opposite the dwelling of M. J Thiers. A decree has been published, removing the suspension pronounced on the 27th June, against twelve of the more radical journals. Important from Lomhanlyi lfecent events in Lombardy huve been rapid, decisive, end most unexpected. A fortnight ago, Charles Albert was a successful conqueror?almost all Lombardy was within his grasp. Now, the whole breadth of Lomburdy has been retraced by the Piedmonlese army, and Charles Albert, utterly defeated at every point, is either shut np in Milan, or, perhaps, has crossed the Mincto into his own dominions. Prussia. The Prussian capital still continues to be the scene oi political cabal and excitement, ine people are, for the moment, occupied with the renewal of the war with the Danes. The exact position which Prussia is to take in the newly concocted Gemiun scheme of government, is not yet ascertained. The latest news from Vienna reports, that the Emperor of Austria had resigned, but no credit was attached to it. The whole range of Eastern Europe seems more or less aflected with the cholera, and four cases have appeared at Berlin, all of which terminated fatally. The Circular of Bar lug; Brothers St Co. London, Friday, Aug. II, 1848. The weather, though certainly finer during the week has been sufficiently unsettled at this critical period of harvest, to cause some excitement in the corn market; but most articles of colonial and foreign produce remain without improvement in value export demand having been again checked by the approaching Danish blockade. Although the state of political affairs of the continent is very threatening, strong hopes are entertained thut tlirnnnh tim modiafioairtf L*???? J /"-? * ....vub.. M?v invuiai.iuii|ui x iauuc tiiiu urrm i Britain, the existing differences between Austria ! and Italy, as well as those of Denmark and the Duchies, may be settled amicably; and thus the horrors of a general European war maybe averted. Ashes are firmly maintained in the absence of f?e?h supplies. Buandt?The market is firmer, and a good business has been done in first brands, lt>47. Cognac at 3s Ud a 3s lOd per gallon, bordeaux as last quoted. Cocoa remains dull without transactions. Cochineal?The sales hare merely offered 60 bags Honduras black, of which about half sold at last week's rates. Coffee?Abcut ?000 bags plantation Ceylon, and 210 bales Mocha have been sold; tho latter from 40s fid to 60s for fair clean, up to 57s to fi^s for fine. Also 600 bags bio at 26s fid. and 500 bags Costa Rica 32s 6d up to 200 casks; COO bags Cuba for expert only offered at auction this afternoon, were all sold, but at very j low prices; say from 36s 6d up to 62s for fine ordinary to fine middle, with common ragged from 23s to 27a { per col. Tbe continental ad rices are a devoid of in- ! terest; for, low as prices are. buyers continue to con- J fine their purchases to actual wants. Cotton.?The demand at Liverpool has been mode- ' rate through the week, and, as the quantity offering has been large, prices hare been certainly rather in faTor of the buyer. Corn Market.?The corn market, on Monday, waa rather dnll, and most articles rather cheaper. On Wednesday there was a good deal of excitement, and large speculative purchases of foreign wheat and beans, in bond, floating, though not much was done on the spot. Indian corn neglected, and the best heavy Oa- I latz not worth over 32a. To-day holders were firmer, but, though accounts from Ireland, of the increased potato disease, were industriously circulated, there was little inclination evinced to operate, and prices showed no tendency to improvement. All duties remain the same, this week. We subjoin duty-paid quotations, which differ little from those in our last, say?U. S. red wheat. 46s a 49s per imperial quarter ; U. S. white do., 48s a 54s per imperial quarter ; U.S. flour, 28sa 28s Cd per barrel ; superfine best brands U. S. flour, ; 23s a 26s per barrel. Inferior and sour U.S.Indian corn. 30s a 32s per 480 lbs. Indian Corn meal, 14a a las do per Darrei. Drics.?The public sale*, yesterday, went off flatly, and generally without alteration in price. A parcel of 60 cheats China rhubarb brought Is 9d for good quality. Oil of peppermint woe bought in at 10s 6d for good bright American. Some Quercitron bark sold I at 7s a 7s 3d per cwt ; and a small parcel American 1 beeswax, at ?6. Ten eases oil of cassia were withdrawn. Market a, Litirtool, Aug. 12.?The last week has been one of quietness in the commercial circles. The cotton market has been steady, and sales to a moderate extent hare taken place. There has been no activity in the corn market, and prices are rather on the deeline. The iron trade continues without improvement ; in faot, prices are somewhat lower. Money is still plentiful, and the rate of interest continues moderate. The stock market has been tolerably steady, but. at the same time, subject to fluctuations. During the week, the cotton market has been quiet and inactive. The sales have amounted to 29,290 bales Buyers were enabled to obtain American descriptions at a slight decline on the rates current on the 6th inst. Among the sales of the week, speculators took 1.700 American ; 6,710 American have beea purchased fbr export. The sales in London have been limited at pre- i tous rates, viz:?New Orleans 3% a &'?d~ bowed | Georgia 8X a 6d. The stock of eotton on hfemd at LI erpool. Is now estimated at 601,700 bales, against 396,660 at tbe same time last year, showing an increase of no less than 200 030 bales. Aa a matter of eourse, the trade will continue to rule dull j nntll continental affairs hare been settled,and the Irish agitation completely subdued. Various and very conflicting rumors aro afloat as to the existence and extent of the potatoe disease. It is admitted that the disease has made its appearance this year, bot it is not believed that the plant has been injured to any serious extent. The general reluctance of speculators to ope" rate to any extent, has caused the eorn markets throughout Lngland, Ireland and Scotland to fluctuate 1 during tbe week. At Mark Lane, on Tuesday last, the finest descriptions of Knglish wheat sold at fttaftfl* pr qr. which was in seme instances, a decline of Is per quar on our quotations of last week. The demand, since Monday, has been sluggish, but without effecting any d< rllue In nrices. Indian ;orn was nn? mand at any of tlie market* held during the week- ' j but the bolder* were unwilling to submit to I ewer rates. The ralue of Hour, In the seme market, I* joot'd lit 24 a '18a for United States, and '18 a 27* [or Canadian. Indian eorn meal And* buyer* at ^ lf>* fd a 1?* per barrel. At the market* h< Id here taring the week, trade has been tolerably firm, * ind. in some respects, iif tiro ; and although no aelual , idranre ha* taken plase in wheat, price*, on the 7 *hcl?, bare been in faeor of the seller. At present the ' ralue of IJ. S. red 1* quoted at 0* lOd to H* ; white and j inmlxed, 7* and R* to R* 6d per bnehcl. Hour, both >f home and foreign produce, continue* *teady, and he top jirice fur the best Weetern Canal, ie 29s to 30* j r tu j rt!l? ; *;7i Cd a 2R* ?d ; BaUhaora, 27* CI a V? ?d. Ohio 7I? M a M? fid; and Canadian, Ms M a 30s 1 he ib?<tiiw of m* potato** in moat of o?r nt> ket*b*? limited th* demand tor Ind'an eora, *o th?f in this market that article fold ilovljr at SO to 82* fjr white nod jf'low Corn meal IS* n 16* fid. Cored provisions find * moderate tale at steady price* Beef i* rapidly falling off in anpply. Pork of good quality aella at extreme prices, whilst tb* middling sort* are disposed of at extremely low prices. Lard, both in this and the London market, is taken to a considerable extent, and firmer prioes are maintained. The sugar market has been rather active, and a good demand for home consumption has prevailed Merchants maulfsst firmness, and prioes are inclined to advance. /drier* from the manufacturing districts are rather dull; hut for most desorip ions of goods, both cotton and woollen,price* are supported. Consols for money, lowest 80H; highest, 80S'; closing 80. Kir account, lowest, Kit*; highest, 80?; dosing at 86. SHIPPING 1NTKLLJG1CNCK. Belfast, Aug 4? Arr CIiuhuu, 8hr?.te,New York rIt emek, Aug I?Arr Newum, Se -ra, London: Lion, Henry, do. Clyds, Aug 0?Arr idam t'nrr, Creir. New York Cow re. mi.' 6?Air Magdalene, Kublmar, New York; 10th, N.ry K Irn. kdmnnst, llsvuna. j Sailed 0th, IttU lUt. Pi tile, Antwerp. Coi.k, Aug ft? Arr tip ey, Hinckley, New Orleans; 8th, Albatross, St, d>!eii. New Yoik. hsi o?l ftih Barbo McEvers, Sullivan, New York. Dt nun. Aug ft?Sailed Democrat, Clements, Malaga. Deal. Augii?A'i Outcn Victoria, Utsokler, Breraerhaveufor New York; Diadem, Hkieno, from London for New York; 9th, Cloti de. Antwerp lor Ne<* York. hiAiNoRE, Aug I?Arr Ilenry Ncsisith, Ulmer, Stiekholm for New; York. Fauu i'tii, Aug 4?Arr bark Tcm Corwin, Manson, Cape Day ii< u, tmd aid 6th 'or Bremen. Flushing, (no date)?trr l.ne?nia, Hamilton, N, w York. On At ISAM'. Aug 9?Arr Wellington, C< adw-iek, New York. Gai.way. Aug fi? Arr Gem. Murray. New York. Gins altar, July 20- Arr Ceruline, Carro, New York; Alids, McFales. Kieliu or.tf. IIahwhh, Aug 5?Arr Alabama, Rariden, from Cronstad for . I ivkr pool, August5?Arr Jrnny IJrd, Mi Kay, N?w Orleans; | Elixa, Hi ell.-tfn; Scotland. Mobile; bth, Charlemagne, Falls, New Oilcan.; Si.ill t.1111, Win.or, dn; Karitan, Adams, do; A?C?on, Du ley. do; Cromwell, Darker, do; Ooeanus, Ration, do; " Nestor," ibo d' ubt Nc.U'rian, Goodhue) do; 7th Joshua Bales, Sto dart, lew York, (17 days pa sage); bth, Fidelia, Voaton, do;'Jib, Swati.ru. Glidnen, N Orleans, fait, d, August 7?Sarah Sands (s), Thompson, New Vork; 9th, R D Shrppatd, Davis, New Orleans; t ol inbo, Pray, Philadelphia. 1 ondon, August 9? Ait Ilendriik Hudson, Pratt, New York. Old 9th, Letitis. Lewis, Kio do Janeiro. Leghorn, July 29?Arr Almira, Yelk, N York. Mai ava, July "25?Arr Mirth* Washington, Drown, Norfolk, Vs. Mii.s-onn, August f>? Arr Invineilde, Ilenry, Newport, W, for Boston. Put bark. Siberia, l.ewis, lor Portland. Portsmouth, August 9? Arr Velaaco, Currier, from London, for Boston. Sailed, July 4?Mediator, Stack, N York. Hir.a, July 2b?Arr Winnegance, Melcher, Havana. bwiNKsn NL-r July 28? Julia, Peterson, New York; Gustavo Wilhelm, Lund, do. Pnswnfters per btctuner Britannia. From LivERPoot^-For IJalifax?Messrs Chamley, Den) Carr. Fir Bosioi.?Mr F GUason and lady, Don Robertson Benedict and lady, Evuua Thoa itawlengs, Augnstns CoetHer, W P Hall, Br Martin. Rev l>r Melville, Welle, Jno Hall, Warrev, Lyon, F W Damnum!, Sir n Dairynip'o, Kiahwood. U T Wnodruft .apt Walker and lady, Juhn Guucrw. J?s A Dickson, D ltigclow, Shaw. Lieut I) berty, Geo Getty, English, Bebren c. Thoa Johnson, D Joi ns, n. Vail, R M McNeil. Fnuldea, P W Clarke. From Halilax?Wm Murdoek, Miss Murdcck, Mrs W L Holmes, Dr Veiling. Hastings, M Clark, lady and son. Miss and Master Btaine, J Cochtane, .las M O'Dnnuel, A McKenxie, K Richards and lady, Higgii,.', Teeffe, P M Whittnore, Mnyseok, Dr Beaubien, Mr Gatsner. Totnl??9. [Whilst the details of the news were coming over the wires last evening, for the liquid, the draw at Bridgeport was raised, and the communication wiih Boston stopped. This prevented us from getting a much longer report than the above, of the intelligence.] # I The Presidential Election.? We have stated, in a former article on this subject, that we should not be surprised if the result of the election should turn, eventually, on the States of Ohio and Penn syivumu. mm is seen uy me loiiowing calculation, founded on the election of 1814, and the present aspect of politics in the various States:? For Cast. For Taylor. Maine 0 Vermont 6 New Ilumpsbire 0 Massahcusettn 12 Virginia 17 Rhode Island 4 Ktuth Carolina 9 Connecticut 0 Georgia 10 New York 30 Alabama 0 New Jereey 7 Trxaa 4 Delaware 3 Mississippi 0 Maryland 8 Arkansas 3 North Carolina 11 Indiana 12 Florida 3 Illinois 9 Louisiana 6 Michigan 6 Tennessee 13 Missouri 7 Kentucky 12 Wisconsin 4 Iowa 4 Total 110 Total 131 Deubtful. Pennsylvania 26 Ohio 23 Total 40 It will be observed that the vote of either of the two doubtful States is sufficient to elect Taylor, while both of them are required to elect Cass even if we transfer Louisiana from the whig to the democratic column. The latter State, being the residence of General Taylor, we think it fair to presume that it will vote for him, although we know it is confidently claimed by the democrats for Cass, in the same manner as they claimed Ohio for Harrison, in 1840, and the result showed the fallacy of the calculation. Polk's majority ? in T.ouismnn. in 1 K4.1 wna (SIQ ukl.l. moo effected by the surprising democratic majority in the parish of Plaquemines, viz : 970 ?w hereas it was only 210 in that parish in 18-10. Harrison's majority in the State, at the same time, w as 3,680. The democratic majority on the Congress tickets, at the last election (1847), was 1,529 in lhe State; the whigs, at the same time, carrying ! a majority in the Legislature of two on joint ballot. Among the States conceded to Cass in th^bove table, are Georgia, 10 votes; Indiana, 12; ana Wisconsin, 4?total, 26 electoral votes, which may be considered doubtlul. On the other hand, the votes of Connecticut 6, New Jersey 7, Florida 3, Loui- ! sisna 6, Tennessee 13, North Carolina 11, and Iowa 4?in all, fifty elecioral votes?are claimed ] by the democrats, in some of their calculations* ! but not, in our opinion, with much plausibility' | Four of these States (in Italics) voted for Clay in I 1844; Florida was whig at the last election, for Congress and members of the Legislature, and in no State is General Taylor more popular than there, where so much of his military life was passed. Iowa has been nearly balanced at the last and previous State elections; and it is believed : lhat Taylors popularity exceeds that of the Btrength of the whig party, by some hundreds of votes. These are our reasons for classifying the States and electoral votes, as in the above table; and for believing that the present aspect of the political contest is, that it must be decided by ths votes of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Elections NORTH CAROLINA. < The Raleigh Standard (L. F.) gives the following as the unofficial result of the late vote for governor in all the counties in that State:? For Charles Manly, (whtfr) 40.240 < David S. Held, (loeofoeo) 80 808 Whig majority 84T The following appears to be the political complexion of the two branches of the new legislature :? Whifi. Lceofoeoi. Senate 20 24 Hoase of Commons 60 00 8G M [V hie majority *n joint ballot 2 ] t lie locofocos dispute the election of a whig Miintor in Orange; but, should he be allowed to retain his n ut, the whips would be able to chooae their candidate for Un ite d States senator on going into joint ballot. In the new house of commons their is a vacancy already, occasioned by the death rif the whig representative elect in Burke county. 1 here is afso one in the remit*, occnsionned by the jeath of the Duplin member (L. F.I Successors ?f the tame politics will doubtless be chosen in ach ca<e. II.I.IMOIS. Jt giilaturt, Drmt, Whig. ssniiti 18 7 Home 63 23 Totnl 70 30 I ?niocrutic innjority on joint ballot, 40. Conrrtn. let Uli trlet. Blerell, (dun ) no opposition. Id " HeClernand, " 3.000 majority. Id " Young, " 3,000 " Hli " Weotwortb, " ... .8m1 " tit " Itichsrdion, ' no opposition th " llarilr, " 140 majority. I ilh ' i'alsr, (whip) 1 600 ' The demrcratic majority in the State is ubout 12,(00, or the same as for Polk in 1K||. i Ck.n Pkhmmch I1. Smith left New Orleans on ! he IStli met. Icr WaJuB^tcn city. I ThtalHMl aai >wlcal< Bowear Thkatub.? V? m early hoar Urii how* wu? ! crowded ia every part last evening; there really la no end to the popularity of tbla establishment. and narer do ae rrneiuber to bare seeu tuth a aontinuooa run of full bouses, aa at tbla bona# particularly at tbla ?<aron of tbe year.when theatrical! are ge 1 rurally dull Last eventug. the play of "George ' hi.ru>- ell" was let d ><*u iu tbu till ai th? first pit ee ; Mr T C Smith, who watt to bare performed i he bero of tbe piece. bn#e*er, h-d been suddenly tak- n sick, and. eoni-rquently tbu piece of the '* Mine of Hipa'' was substituted, and the acting of the little lie in us and WiLune in it. gave a> much satisfaction as Usual. After this piece .Vise Turubuil and Mr O. W. Smith danced a pas de dtux. Tne extravagauxu of " Jeuny Lind' followed; after which came the beautiful ballet < f tbe ' Magic flute." with gignora Ciooca a* L.im. in mi* piece me signoru appeared to much advantage and delighted the audience with the grace and elegance of her dancing. There are few dancer* B on the stage ?ho pnRHe** the attraction* which Signora Ciocca does. and ihe manner in which she hoe been * reoeittd during the poet week, show* that the illiberal g feeling exhibited toward* her on a late occasion, was the result of the per*onal feeling* of a few, and by no mean* an expremion of public feeling generally. A? g we are on tbi* subjeot, we uiay a* well mention that we t undentand the ringleaders who oaused the riot at the Bowery Theatre, a few days since. will be prosecuted. J 1 and that the evidence to be brought again?t them will be sufficient to convict them To-morrow evening, ' Signora Ciocca take* a benefit, when we expeot the houie will be crowded in every part. Baoanwav Theatre.?This elegant establishment will be opened to-morrow evening for the season, and every preparation has been made by the proprietor* to keep up the lame excellent and approved style of arrangements which characterised the doings at the t Broadway last season. They have a long list of attrae tions on band,kaud a rapidjeuocession of most elegant 1 and variedamuiemeuts will be presented. Mr. Forrest, c the eminent tragedian, ha* been engaged, and will perform evety evening during the aoicing week; be will appear In many of his most tavorite characters. " Othello'* will be the first one. The farce of the " Captain of tbo W ateh" will also be played. We may mention that % the company is a first rate one. All of the favorite actors and actresses of last season are retained, and 1 several other New York fuvorltes have been added, I such as Mrs. Abbott and Mr. Dyott, lute of the l'ark. ) Niblo's Astoh Place.?" London Assurance" was j i epeated last night at this theatre, to an overflowing ] house. The same talented cast that have hitherto ap- , peered in this popular oomedy performed . and elicited . ihe same rapturous applause with which they have been received on every occosiou it ho* been presented. Mr. H I'lucide was exceedingly felicitous, as usual, in his personation of the antiquated fop, and was well sup- 1 ported by Mrs Maeder. a* Lady Gay Spanker. Mr. O. Vandenhoff sustained the character of Daixln with admirable truthfulness ; the cool, business-like tang ft oid with which be arranges the duel between Mir Harcourt Courtly and Dolly Spanker. (J Sefton.) was inimitable The manager of this house is determined that no exertion (hall be wanted on his part to make this establishment worthy of a continuance of that Satronagc which has hitherto bee., extended to it. On lunday night, Donizetti's military opera of ' La Kille du Regiment" will be presented for the first time ; and if we might venture to express an opinion, from the names of those who are to sustain the characters, we anticipate a rich treat The competition which will in future take place between this theatre and the other fashionable resorts of this city of the play-going world, will render it necessary for the enterprising proprietor to continue his efforts with unabated energy, and we see that he is fully alire to the requirements of the season. National. Theatre ?" Macbeth," by J. R. Scott was the attraction at this bouse, last evening, and he peiformed his part with the good taste and judgment, which marks his delineations of Shakspuarian characters. Mr Scott ia a most popular actor, and his present engagement at the National Theatre has been a most satislaotory one for all concerned. Mr Chanfr.iu will keep the excitement up at his house, for no sooner has Scott concluded, than he has other novelties in readiness, and to-morrow lie will produce a new drama ot great interest, entitled "Sarah, or the Vow of Death." It is of the romantic style of drama and will be produced with great splendor and scenio magnificence. Miss Mestayer, furdey. Palmer. Herbert, and the rest of the company will appear in it. Chan frau has made his theatre one of the most elegant and respectable in the city, aud we are glad to see he is receiving patronage commensurate with his efforts to give the public elegant entertainment. t Burton's Theatre.?The popular comedy of " Old I Honesty" was performed here last evening, by an ex- 1' cellsnt cast. The part of Michael Bradshaw, the ho- * nest bricklayer, by Mr. Nlckinson, was well sustained. r oir irmiiin ucuinuuiiu, uy mr. juruiu. wni won per- ? lormed.and Mary Bradshaw, by Mica Nickinson,was an p excellent personalion The character of Toby Perob, by Mr. Raymond, elicited bursts of applause, and alto petber the piece went off with much success. Imme- " diately after the performance, M. Frederick, danced a J'ai du Malrlot, in which he was loudly applauded. The entertainments of the evening passed off in a creditable maimer. The popular drama of Oombey and r Son" will be repeated for the twelfth time to morrow t evening The h'gh ta'ents of the compatiy at this po- r pular theatre, and the very elTective cast selected to represent the piece, have already insured for it along run, and its enthusiastic a Imirers will nut fail to avail themselves of the opportunity again presented to witness the extraordinary ability of .Mr. Burton, in the favorite character of Captain Cuttle. Tho bill for the evening, will be found highly attractive. GaeTA?to Nkbi.?This celebrated fdaneer, who is said to be the best of his profession that has ever bean seen in this country, is engaged at the Park Theatre, and will appear with Signora Ciocca at its opening, which, we nre informed, will be on Monday, September 4. M. Maretzee.?Tnis highly talented matitro, who shared for a long time past the musical superintendence at Her Majesty's theatre, in London, wiih Messrs. ( osta and Balfe. has beeu dtcidedly engaged by Mr. Fry as dirtettur muucale of tho Opera House of Astor ]{ place, fcr the next season M. M is not only an excellent professor?one of the best singing teachers of London -but he is also a great composer. We remember having heard often spoken of his opera of ' Hamlet," performed in Germany, as well as of his opera of " Rizzio." sung in Italy, for which he was univtrsally pronounced an accomplished musician We have no doubt the dilettanti of New York will he plghly pleased with this Intelligence. Camprell'a Minstrels have Just concluded another week of triumphant minstrelsy. Thsy will sing again every night during the coming week, and from the c way in which they have been patronized of late it p needs no prophet to predict full houses as long as they o ing. b Castle Garde* ?The usual sacred concert will be t given this evening at this elegant place of resort, a mere is no more deiigbtrul place to spend the evening. " g City Intelligence. Jjj The Weathes.?The weather yesterday wan un- * pleasant, there having been several showers daring the day. The sky was obscured all day. and a damp, oold wind blew from the east. At night the clouds wore ' dark and heavy, and with every appearance of a pro- ?. tracted easterly storm. !, The Recess or the Common Council.?The long ?> recess of the members of thiswise assemblage of legis- 0 lators has almost drawn to a close Another week, t< and the chamber in which they assemble will be ilia- n minated.and the result of their sittings will be looked y upon with eager Interest. There are many things h which have been promised since their last convoca- b tion, which will now be expected. They have effected f 1 one good measurt?the contract system; but there are m numberless others which are equally important, and hi they have been sufficiently long from duty to have g| their minds in proper order, if possible, for mature de- B< liberation and prudent action. Not a special meeting pi bas been called since the first Monday of the present n( month, and tbeir is one subjeot which should at least ac claim their attention. A great deal has been said 0i among them about the health of the city, and they hi have endeavored to adopt measures for its protection. wi ?rn a irrnat nnmlmr r\f slamvhto?i.kA?aAa '- *> ? most densely populated sections of the city, which, pr during the summer, hare, in consequence of the un- of pleasant stencblarising from them, been, and are, great nuisances. A plaee might be provided for the butchers q, in the upper part of the city, somewhere above Thirty- c| first street, either on the North or East river, where by the offal might be so disposed of as not to create un- Tl pleasantness. 8everal of the butehers have been con- tJ suited on the subject, and. though it would be very n? inconvenient for many of them, would prefer the change. The Common Council could render an essentlal servlee to those who have long been subjeot to Tl this kind of nuisance, and would do rjore for the gene- by ral health of the city than one-half of their whole ao- mi tion on the subject heretofore has been. gr Suicide br Haboiho.?The Coroner held an inquest wl yesterday at the residence of \Vm. Class, In U9th tri street, near 6th avenue, on the body of Kllsa flutter, eh a native of New York, and 61 years of ago, who came sw to her death by hanging herself. It appears the do- th ceased had boarded with Mr. Glass for ovar a year, ta ami was a widow, and within the last few months was wc laboring under ill-health, when, on Friday afternoon, foi between 6 and 7 o'clock, in the absence of the family, ne f)ho IrifflfAfl lh? ilnnrfl nnil hlinre fn *?aaW U - all elwat with a silk handkerchief. On the return of Mr. la Glass he found the doors locked, and forcing them h? otten thp deceased was found euspended, an above ne etated. The body was immediately cut down, but life we wae extinct. The jury rendered a verdict that the frl deceased came to her death by suicide by banging. '? 1 Acoidxstai Dkath ?The Coroner likewise held an **' inquest In 25th street,between lft and 2d avenue*, on the body of John O'lftfl, a natiye of Ireland, and 2ft year* of age. who oamo to hie death by Injuries rereived from the shaft of a cart he was driving. Ver- *n diet accordingly. Fiic.-A fire broke out abont one o'clock yesterday morning, in an unoccupied three story building on < 2ftth street, near 8th avenue, which waa almost en- be! t irely destrr yed. It is supposed to hare been the work me of an Ineendisry. gai Niiamik Ai.ioa.? Three days of the week we are in fiyi rrreipt of Albany nnd western papers many hours In fiyi advance of the mall, through the punctuality and the rxcellant sailing qualities of the Hudson river steamer ' A lid a On her day of arrlvnl she generally reanbes l/'tl pert abont four o'clock in the afternoon, and. as has been the esse since her first appearance upon the 1 water, filled with pa sengsrs. It matters hut little what route she taken, her superior arrangements, her g< ntlemanly nnd attentive < Ulcers, and her reputation ] for fleet speed will always command a large j <>rtlon of jl?. the pntroroge of the travelling eomuiunlty. j , Tux Kti amboat Si. Niouoi.at, which struek upon "j-,. mock at the entrance of Port Chester hartsor. and i f >nnk It was exported would be raised, and bought to ' ih?eis\ 'a-tee-olpg sbc he ! the aid of the a', turn ' ' liump ?triB| ?tlday and Mtartay. " T?Lfc3llAI'HM " Important Muvciuint to PolltUa Ai.bany, August 26, 1848. The telegraph report of Taylor's letter, acceptng the Charleston nomination, has caused a fever n the whig camp. Mr. Dawson, of the Journal1 h circulating handbills, calling a whig rally at the apitol, this evening, to lake the letter into con. lderution. This movement, it is said, has the unction of Mr. Fillmore. Marine Disasters. Norfolk, Aug. 26,1348. The brig Jnsticis, Captain Hamlin, from Rio or Baltimore, laden with coffee, went ashore it Currituck inlet, during the recent gale. The essel aud cargo is a total loss. The crew were aved. Also ashore, and wrecked at the same place, chooners George Henry, of New York; Mary C. latch, of Washington; Pauline, do.; Margaret inn, of Elizabeth City, and Purday, of the same lace. The gale has subsided. Serious damages are apprehended on the Capee. Arrest or Kwbbery. Philadelphia, Aug. 26, 1848. Police officer McGowan has been held to bail IS he sum of $6,000 by Recorder Lee, on a charge inphcuting him in the robbery of the President if the Chester County Bunk, a year since. Boston, August 20 ?The early announcement that he Britannia was below, with a week's later foreigntews, cheeked operations. As far as the effects of the lews bare been developed, no obange of moment ias resulted. Flour remained about the same ; 870 ibis, changed bands, at $6 62>? a $6 76 for eonmon s'ew York State brands, Oswego, he. The market dosed firm, with an upward tendency in priees. Corn -Sales of 6CC0 bushels were made, at 60 a 66c. Oats Sales of 2000 bushels were made, at 44 a 46o. Burr, lo, August 26 ?Receipts within the past 24 lours Flour, 3000 bbls ; wheat, 7000 bushels ; corn, '900 do. The market for flour was firm, and sales of 1200 bbls were made, at $4 67>4 a $6, which was 12){o idvanee over yesterday's prices. Wheat was firm, ind sales of 10,100 bushels were made, consisting of ;>rime Ohio, at $1. Corn was firm, at 46e. Oats? Sales >f 10,000 bushels were made, at 25o. There was no :hange in other articles. Pittsburg, August 26?There has been a quite nod crate demand for flour to-day; quotations havw leclined a shade, and at tbeclosej^the market were ia ravor of ihe buyer. Sales were made at '$4 35 to Mil The receipts are moderately large. Our grain mnrketisiinaetive; nothing doing in wheat, and some ales of corn at Sin for Pennsylvania yellow. OatB" ire heavy, with sales from first hands at 19c Sales )f rectified whiskey at 18o; there is little or no raw la mr market. Lard is scarce, there is no shipping demand; lots bring about 7J?'c for prime Tallow has been quiet throughout the week, aud quotations are llllllllj lllllllli ( lie.-.r iu moderate demand at 6c '.o .'vSo for Eastern markets, barreled provisions are sithout charge and I hear of no transaction to-day worthy of report. There hue been activity in baeoa luring the week, but it has been raining the most isrt of the day. which has tended to ebeek operations; I therefore renew quotations?shoulders 3^o to 4o; 'ides 4,V. with a tale occasionally of extra at 4^0 to 1,54c; hams 6>4c to 654 for country and city aured. sugars steady but rather inactive. ColTeo and nolnsses without change, with good stosk on hand, ialcs of pig lead atd.VtC. Cotton quiet. The river has eceded and there are now about four feet of water in he channel. Marine Affairs. Steamship Franklin.?The Ocean Steam Navigaion Company's third ship, for the Southampton and tremen line, has so far progressed that she will be lunched this week. We advise all persons who take -n interest in such matters, not to miss the opportailty of seeing this noble vessel on tho stosks, as her tagingis now removed, and her fine symmetrical proortlons can be seen to great advantage. She is in the ard of Messrs. Westerwlt to McKay, foot of Seventh treet, East river. Police Intelligence. J1 Knee for the Station-house.?On Thursday ! *? flicer Mincho. of the 6th ward police, arrested a Gernan tailor by the name of Henry Grim, on a charge f stealing a gold lever watch and chain, and other >rop?rty, valued In nil at f 133 On the officer bringing he prisoner before the mag strate. he acknowledged aking the property and i-talcd where a portion of it ould be found. The officer, in order to recover thoanie. obtained permission of Justice Timpaon to tako he prisoner in custody to the stores thus designated iy him. f.-r the purpo-e of Identifying the same. Tha rtsoner and officer after visiting several stores, were eturumg together up Maiden lane, when. at the corner f Broadway, a boy stole some article from a store, ,nd ran oil. " Stop thief!" was cried, which attracted he notice of Mincoo. who saw the boy running torards him, when ho made a grasp at the young rascal, nd in so doing, the boy turned across Broadway, and liucbo lost his hat, which the wind oarried between wo omnibuses Po< r Minoho then chased bis hat, rbich he fortunately regained ; but in doing so the boy reaped, and on looking for his prisoner, he was gone ikewis*. Here was a situation for the officer !?his prion) r escaped?like the dog and the shadow nrossing the >ro< k in grasping lor the lesser object he lost the larger. Cow, what to do ? He thought at tirat of going t# the layor; then aga>n to the chief; but knowing be was ut of town he finally considered it the best plan to ry a?id catch hiai agmn; so off be started on a full un. taking off his coat as he went along, the people urning around as be passed, supposing bim to be itbt r orasy or running a race, as about a block behind r?a seen a man equally out of breath running at full peed directly in tne track of Mincho, who knot his I'urse as straight for the nth ward station house as nssitlk?passing along Park Ilow and up Centre street, ne of the ears stopped, the passengers putting their ends out of tho windows anxiously looking ahead of be officer who was by this lime as red in the face as beet?supposing he was certainly chasing some thief, 'be wind of the poor tailor not being quite so ood as the officer he broke down on arriving at btmbers street, and was compelled to go at a much lower speed thus Mincho reached the station house, nd rushed in before Captain Magness. with his eyes ashing, his face like a coal of Are. and the persplral< n tunning down his cheeks, like a lamp of lard n a hot goose b-fore a roasting fire; and being quite ut of breath, be commenced in broken Kng.i-h to iform the captain that lie ha l lost his nsiin?-> ti.-. xcited manner of Minohe drew the attention of many r the other oftic- re in the station house. who ail m acred around, listening with a laugh on their eountcance, to witness the trouble and excitement ef poor linr.ho. The wife of the prisoner was in the station ( use and when she heard that hsr husband was lost, urst cut into tears, fearful that he had ran away, ana le would not be able to seo him again. But heforo lincho had time to relate the whole facts, a noise was sard at the station house door, when to their utmost trprise who should eoine runulng in but the prisoner, ad standing still in the deorway, with apparent aur ire. lifting up his haDds. exclaimed, with a German scent, " By d?n, where you go to ! why you run i fast? mo try, and no catch you." The wife, 1 seeing her husband once more safe, seised m around the neck and kissed him in Dutch, Ith as mneh apparent gratification as if he had been sue fire years. This singulsr circumstance of tho jsoner chasing the officer to the station house, being a very uncommon occurrence, created quite ncral laugh. as it was thought he would barn taken lite a different direction ; but the fact was soon ?luduted by some one present, who explained it away r remarking that he was only a journeyman tailor, his caso ought to be recorded among the police traordlnary occurrences, as the cYrcum'tance sver occurred before where a prisoner, having eaped. charged with a_ State prison offenne, waa uwii 10 pureue ine omoer to thn elation hnu*e. ttif> circumstance put* ua In mind of the etory told ' a farmer, who purchased a dog that was rr-Oman de<l to be a desperate fellow to kill wolves; eo the *t enow storm the farmer took him out to try him, len.after travelling eeveral mile*, tbey found the tck of a wolf. The dog was put on hie trail and ortly the dog and the wolf atnrted from a thick ?np. and away they went a* If the dertl had them, e farmer only just catching a gtlmpee of hi* dog'* II a* he passed from the swamp. to another patch of >od*. 1 he farmer followed the trank in the a now r a long dietanco, expecting every half mllo t witre hi* dog feating the wolf Into pleece On passing !>ng and feeling much gratified at having at lest obInedadog. (which ho eo long wanted) that would int and deetroy tbo wnlvee which eo annoyed tha ighborhood, he came aero** eome farming men. who re employed In felling eomn tree*. "Say. my end." raid the farim r to one of them, " did yon see Jog and a wolf pare alonjr thin way?" ' Why. ye*," Id the man. scratching his head. " we guess we 'lid, d they were going at n mighty big *trcak too: hut e di g bad the advantage, I mu*t say, for he wan a tie'ahead;" and eo It wae In the care of Mincho d the tailor, Minrho was a leetle' ahead." Sporting Intelligence. 'laicitFT, Sreactier. **n Utic* Ci.ua.?The play tween the Ulira and Syracuse Cricket Cluhi emreed yceterday. and will be concluded to-day. Th? no thue far etands : ? raeuee, let Inning* 90 raeuer, 'M Inning* 118 Total. . (?, i.hi inning* M >avlng tJtleo to go in against 79 tyraruif Slar. Tom Texas.?The steamship Globe, 0.i,if.iin inerirfJ. urrived yesterday troni <?*lvr?i<?nt tint; li ft nn the Kith instant. The crops of xhh are almost uniformly represented us very ge and fine. The lute heavy rnmii have, Imw r, dene ;'.cuic d*bug?.?-V. O. i'^u^vne, >{Ml 18.

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