30 Eylül 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

30 Eylül 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Tea*, Coffee, Sugars, Foreign Frult?,|&r., Mat* 1m In large or ?iot li nuntliioj at a binail ?dvmoa on * ho!* ale pricer, at J. U. Fo? ler'a, Noa 2411 a> d 4iH (ireejiwieh, aid 7C V i ?y ?tr> et?. Mr Fowler buy* hla goods in larx" muantitie? m tf.e )uriie ta e?. and frooi tl.e importer*, for caah. Our iMdcrsfrom tht cona'fj ure inrtted to ?ivo himacitU. tient'a Elegant Winter Sacka.wlth oholrc V?la*M. SA u, Hi; Drffii and Frrek t'uata, Ficneh cloth, atyl? irin lainRv, $2 0 $10; Fantaand Vi stn of rich winter ntufl, faMomlly D ad?, H to $tl; a variety of lnll and half a'role <HoaW, tpiei did lining, t~t"$l2; Bu?ine? Coat* and Boy a' J-uits viry (heap, at the $5 Sun Store, corner of L?kui:in and > a.*au ita To Hotel Proprietor*.-Aa an act of duty to tie vart i.nn.l tr of etianftCM who iro now adjourning in our H''dart \' u Ri.uuld udvia*! ull thorn* who u**ed a hat to oa*l on Kiioi. 12* Fulton at., who will tell hia very feat article of held pt-ai for $4, which time ?ill prove ia better, ehi ivp.'r, ar.d of more elegant tiiiiah and appei-ranre than at.y that oau bo obtained in llrcadway or any other b>? a'reei^ M Wlax. Onilrlan. 4.1T Broadway, fiihrma hit)frlcriii- and cutitoinerA, and the public generally, that ho h*? returned from Saratoga, and ie now reuJy to attend to ptnoui tuflering from dcfestive vtiuon. Ilia auperior giafaes a if comet, application of the same, are rill !ticien t toce '.on ttund tbi'mwlvcu. II in as?nrtment of Gold, Sloe I, art! Silvor fipooUtolca hnd KyeClaMoe, ia tlia largest in the city. Remember 437 Broad ? jy. lie al?o haa received a larxu aaaortment of a perl or Opera clamea COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. l<VSflii%- 'i?l?II P. HI. There was no change of consequenoe in quotations for stocks, and the galea were more limited than usualTreasury notes advanced & per cent, and Harlem >4. Long Island and Krie Itailroal, new, fell off.!* each. 2?The treasury loan of eight hundred thousand dol. lain has been consummated. The collector of oustoms of this port received this morning dispatches from Washington, authorising him to transfer the funds. The arrangement made is as follows:?The holders of treasury cotes, to the amount of eight hundred thousand dollars, deposite them with the Assistant Treasurer in this city, and receive epecie at their par value, with the understanding that at a given time, the 1st of November, the money is to be returned to the treai ury, and tl'e parties who borrow it are to receive the ame amount in treasury notes again. This is not the ast of this matter. It is the first loan of the government to private individuals ever made public, and we have no doubt it will be followed up by others, whenever a certain clique of speculators in Wall street may wish to get up the price of treasury notes, or govern ment stocks. By the arrival of the steamship America at this port from I.ivcrnonl. w? htvn snvon davit' later intelligence from all parts |of Europe. The nawa, politically, is rather important, but otherwise it does not amount to much. Advices from the continent, relative to the question* at Issue between Austria and Italy, are not as satisfactory as those received by the previou* steamer, and hostilities may re-commence at any moment. The Austrian government was not on the best of t?rms with that of France, in consequence of the position taken by Oen. Cavaignac; and the mediation offered by the latter, and accepted, is by no means likely to terminate favorably. The Sohleswig-Holstein and Denmark armistice will probably terminate beforo the difficulties between these countries are amicably arranged, and hostilities again oommence. T he peace of Europe is, therefore, as precarious as ever. No changes of any importance have taken plaee in financial affairs. There had been an inorease Of ?75,370 tin the bullion of the Bank of England, and a docreaje of ?254,045 in the circulation. Tlio Bank Of France was steadily strengthening itself in the specie department; there has been an increase of eight and a half millions of francs in the mother bank and branches, since the previous report. Since May last, the amount of bullion on hand has nearly doubledwhile the increase in the circulation has been only noderate. The value of gold on the continent hap increased, which may cause shipments, to some extent, from London. The premium on gold at Paris was 10)* per mille, which, at the English mint price Of JE3 17s. 10>?d. per ounce for standard gold, gives an exchange of 25.41; and the exohange at Paris on London, at short, being 25. 373a, it follows that gold is 0.14 per cent dearer in Paris than in London. At Hamburg the price of gold was 434} j per mark, which at the English mint prioe of ?3 17s. 10,'id. per ounce for standard gold, gives an exohange of 13.9X; and the exchange at Hamburg on Lomlon, at short being 13.0^4, it follows that gold is 0.23 per cent dearer in Hamburg than in London. The commercial accounts arc about the same aj previously reported Cotton continued in moderat demand, and prices were rather in favor of purchasers In consequence of the complexion of political affair* on the Continent, several large orders bad been coun termanded, and the manufacturing distrlots were therefore, in a less active state than a few weelrs before A few days of fine weather bad created sanguine expectations of an average yield in the fffaln orops, and the corn markets were not so active. Prices for all dercriptions of grain were drooping, except Indian corn. The injury to the potato crop is admitted to be full as large as reported earlier in the season, and an opinion is expressed that large quantities of Indian corn will be required to supply the deficiency in that important article of food for the lower classes. The advance in prices for this grain, In the face of a decline in almost all others, is the best indication in the world of the probable demand for this species of breadstuffs. Stock Exchange. J.lW'00 Treat Note, (i'? b 103J< SO Nur tt W'or RR bl.1 ."WU JliOOO do 103 W do blO S3 SGCO do bnw 103>tf 25 do .'13 JOCNt'U 8 fi's, '08 104)2 150 do :?;w> do '67 104 450 Reading RR .'(IS 80U Indiana State 5'a 51% 750 do sOO 31K M ili< State Bank 81 ISO Uarlern RR 62*4 50 Nor Amcr Tnist 5 10 do 62 't 50 Canton Scrip CJ? 60 do l>10 52*4 100 Cantea 1.30 S3J? 500 do b30 52 25 do fiifB'j 50 do 6 2* 250 do 53** 150 do bl5 62 & ltW do eSO 5,?C 300 do 62 V 100 do WW CA% 950 Long Island 75 do Iil5 33?, 22 Erie RR nw. full, pSto 62>i Second Board. *H00 Olio fi's, 1?C0 !<?H ISO shs Harlem RR bnw 53\ .K)0 ihra Long Inland 2-">4 fOO Canton Co 33ji 200 do UH 2.'iJ? 111 Erie RR. fall, j.fco ?;i>? J.V) Harlem RR S2>4 50 Reading RR boO 32 50 do anw S2)jj <?*) \ REWARD.?MY DOO "BOB" WAS LOST YESTERypMftt day morning; he is whi'o, with long curly hair. Ton dollars will be paid to whoever will return him to 53 Variok at, and if he haa i een itolen, fifteen dollars in addition, on oonviotion of the thief. a. t. J. Lost ok stolen?from tue ferry boat, on tu* arrival of the Philadelphia train, yesterday, a square Mac ladies' bat box marked m. J. H containing ladies clothing. Any person returning the tamo or giving information where it tn?v hn fnnnd. nt the office of the company, or at Ml Vewev Rtreet. Will (* suitably rewarded. Daily morninc newspaper-an advantaueoi s air-.ngoir.ent will 1? offered a party having five thousand dollars to invent, and desirous of farming a connection with a dai'y morrl' g newspaper in tLis city, ns capitalist or co-laborer. Address, Editor, Post ofllcc, New Yolk. Tho true signature of applicants must lxi given. CA 11URCH NOTICE?MR. ELLIOIT'S NEW CI1I RCI1, AT J Elliottaville, Statcn Island, will be opened lor divine service on Sunday, October 1st, on whioh occasion Rov. Mr. Winalow, Rector of 8t l'anrs,will ofltolate. French benevolknt society.?the annual Dinner of the French Benevolent Society, will take place on Monday, October Dth, at Delmonico'a. Persons desirous of attending. are requested to inscribe their names with the following member*:?E. Lentilhon. 44 Broad street; A. Seignettc,3(i Beaver treot ; N. Noel, 42 Broadway. The subscription will remain open an til Thureday, Id Oo toner. The old fashion tree and easif.s revived at the lltruiitage. No. 47 Bayard street, tnrec doors west of the Bowery. The subscriber* bog leave most respecting to inform their friend* and tho public, that they Intend to re-open tlctr Free aflllaiies on Saturday evening. fept 90. 184H, under the manageiMat of that well-known favorite, R. Macdonald, Piesideut, where he will be happy to Me his old friends and acquaintance*. P. 9.?The heat o? Liimors snd 8egar< alwaya to be had at the bar. Rfomsfor Drill tana Meetings to he let on reasonhie terms. R. DONALD M. REORD AN Proprietor*. "tior sai.k.-t1ie ai.t1am11ra, with ti1e good will A and ftatures of a Dining 9a'?on, well established, and doing avood bailnese, Mtusted in tho lower part of the city, and in one of the most principal streets or thoroughfare* of tho city. For particulars, inquire of f. k P., No. 1.16 iTater stroet, New York. HARP-A DECIDED BlROAl.N, FOR *2*1?TO RE SOLD, a very mi parlor and brilliant toned, doublc-aotion lltrp, in perfsct condition, nearly new, and none the worse for nee. Coat $MMV-prloa MW. Apply at ifn, 849 Broadway. UP STAIRS, NO. ? JOHN STREET.?EXPENSES SMALL ' (,ovUi Cheap'?Ribbons, Satins. Hlks. Velvets, flowery Feathers, and nil kimlf of Mil'.ineiy Gooda, from auction, Mi<l per ilnanners. An entire new Concern: Gooda shown freely, by your obedient servant, O. 8. IIOLDEN', 22 John stroct. Beware of tbb sudden changes of tub weather.?Mr*. Carroll's Medicated Vapor, Sulphur, and Iodine Baths, S51 Brondnay two doori above Leonard street, arc a certain enre for colds. rheumatism, chilli and fever, inflamatlon ol the respirator* organs, diseases of the akin, be. No danger ?f catching cold aft?r taking these I*the. 1.1 OR CALIFORNIA, MONTEREY, AND SAN FRANCISCO. ?Tlio very auperior and fastrsaillng packet bark, John W. Cater, Rogers, master, will aail aa above in, all, the month ofc Ootoher. Tor ireight, or pa**3!^. havinr good accommodation* for llfty passengers, apply to FERNANDO WOOD, 163 South Htnet, con?r Dover. A com patent Supercargo will go out in this vessel, who will take charge of consignment*. IjlOR NEW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA.?THE NEW O JEAN Steam Ship FALCON, W.T. Thompson. commander, will aail lor tho above porta on Monday, October IStli, from pier 4, N. R. Passage to New Orleans ia saloons, *75 ; passage to do. In lower cabin, ftflO; passage to Havana in aaloona, $7*1; passage to do in lower cabin, ((HI. No bortii engaged until paid for. Fri Ight taken for New Orleana only. Por freight or passage apply to WETMORE h CAYDEN.WSonthstreet. FOR NEW ORLEANS, VIA HAVANA.?THE SPLMNDflO ateatnaliip CRESCENT CITY, Chaa. Stoddard, commander, ill leave pier 4, N. R-, on Monday, 2d October, at 4 o'clock, P. M. No berth secured until paid for. Letter baa at Kenyon'a, 91 Wall street; Ilale'a, 70 Wall surest; Exchange News Boom, and at the olflee, 73 South street Portage to Havana. 20 cents par half ounce, and no letters forwarded unless pre paid. No freight except sped* taken on the day of sailing. Bills lading sigasd hy the clerk on board, and to lie presented for signature before IS o'cleok, m., ob the day of sailing Freight taken to New Orieaaa ?n(y. Tor freight or passage, apply to _ ? JTHOW ARD fc WN. 71 Booth stmt The CKKCftt City will again fear* New York on Monday, Suth vcwptik fvAA WANTED, ON GOOD < QLLATEHEL SS-'URITY, yr WvU for iwnin Mill?, Aditnla A. C, Box No.p, QarUd offce. _ WANTED-A KKWS1F DE OHAMBRII. FRENCH OR liermftn. AJUnnl* D..Q,, Herald \\J ANTFD?A LIGHT DIAU4BT VM8BU M ITAliLC ] TV firt th? North Carolina trnde. Apply imm<"l';?taly to IJtCNJ. tL FIELD, ?1 Hurling Slip. llflMlU-A MTL'ATION BY A MOST kKSl'SCT.ll!LE Tf younir woman, to <lo plan ??win^ aid take oare of one child. Addreis L. C. at the utticc of tliiii |uper. U AN7> D?AN ACTIVE Y0UN6 MAN TO OBTAIN OB ? den for and make f?l?? of an artielo of every day eonnn ption. Apply at No. *.'! Ww street. No. ll.npnUMru. WANTID?BY A RkSPKCTA BI,E VOU VQ WOMAN A situation as No'se an'* Siiopst'ri* or Compan'oa to u lady K"'?K Sotltb, hai objeotion to travel to any other pirt. Bust of i i.y refiretce. Hl.xafc inquire at No. 20 Catharine Klip. WAV ED- A 1 (ir.\<; AMKKIUAN (Oil AMERICVN1/.EO I ady of a cd form, feature*, and addrefle, to till a ironteol, fiuy gituntion, In a travelling rapacity. Adiieis ini mediately, Dr. 8. 8. S. (pa d, if by pott), Lower l ut Ofli< e. Communications ap| ointinir an interview strictiy tMlntUi WANTED?A SI'ICaTION, BV A KKiPKCTABI/b YOUNG Oirl, an Chambermaid or Waiter. Has no objeotion to do the general house work of a small family. (Inn lie uoen by e&ll'ngat 1(5 Broome street, f?r three days. The best of oity referet ce can bti riven frim her Inst employer. WANTED?A HITI'ATION, BV A KESPfiCTA BLR YOUNG W omkn, in a private family to <lo General House Work; is a food waiter and irontr, has lived f.iur years in h?r last place, and con *ivo good reft n nee. Please apply at 17 Rector street. WANTED, I MMEDl ATL LY, A RESPECTABLE, WELL educated Young Woman, as seamstress and companion (or a lady in the country. None m?l apply but English or American; best of reference reijuirf d. Iiojnire at fn.!) Lispenard street. WAKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOI'NG MillKIED woman, a ui tuatlon as wet nurse, ur to tuVe oaro of ohildren, and do sewing if required; testimonials from a respectable p'.iysicjsti as to ohsnictc r, die., ciu lie proancea. l'leme address to A. 1'.., box l lower 1'ost Oilier, Now York. WANTED?A SIlt'ATlON BY A RESPECTABLE Y'U'NG woman as Cook. Washer and Ironer, or to do the genoral housework of a imall family. AUo. a girl of Hi yea's of 141?, to take cape of children, and make herself generally utuful. The best ol city reference con lie given. Apply in tlio grocery store, cor. of Columbia and Bsltic streets Brooklyn. G1 RAiN DISTILLER WANTED?ONE WHO CAN-AFFORD I" good testimonials of thorough practical capacity, could hear of a good titnation at a fair salary, togo a short d utuno South, by applying immediately ?t Mrs. Pearce's, No. AO [ieekmau ft., at tho hours oft) A.M.; 2 I'. M., and liP.M. A Rectifier, Sic., might be employed MEDICAL.- A MEMBER OP THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF Surgeons and Licentiate of the Apothecaries Company of JCnaland, just arrived from thaOld Country, is an.\iou:i fur a situation ss Assistant to a G> ni ral Medical Prnctioncr, who may depeud on his niostenergelic services. Tho most satisfactory lntterj and references can b* given. Address M. R. C. 3., ollleo of this fP?r. A BESI'ECTABLE SINGLE GENTLEMAN WOULD BE happy to tinda furnished room, with or without b arJ, in a genteel private family,'or with a widow lady of educa'iori and good appeaiance, where there arc none or but very few lodgers, and where he oould eniov the comforts of a homo A notr ?.!. dressed " Permanency,1' will meet with prompt and strict cootiden ce. TO MANUFACTURERS.?A GENTLEMAN WITH THIRTY year* experience, of active business habiis.and SlU.UOUat his eumiuand, is desirous of obtaining an agency from some miuufncturing establish!! cut. to OM1JMP his time. Unexceptionable reference given and required. Address A., at this office. BOaRDING-A SPLENDID SUITE Of APARTMENTS TO let, w ith or without full Board, whieb, for cleanliness and attention, cannot be excelled, Bath Room for the use cf the occupants. Apply at Ml Houston street. French millinery goods?w. r Montgomery, recently with the late tirm of Is&aoki & Ransom, oilers for sale, en acceptable terms, every description of cut and uncut Velvet a, Feathers, Flowers, Ribbons, Latins, Silks, Ruches, Tabs, Tarletone, &o. 'ibaukful for p st favors, and will endeavor to n.' rit new. W. R. MONTGOM ERV, 22 John street. A GREAT CHANCE FOR MAKING MONEY, BY INVE3Tinft in an Oyster and Eating-house. which does a first rate night butinci s, may he had by applying to J. Carlisle, corner of Leonard and Centre streets. Terms liberal, and hall' the purchase money to remain on bond and mortgage. To let-part of a good sized three story Honse, situated in Broadway, near 21st street,not far above Union Park, containing two large parlort, with folding door?, rocm adjoining, bath room, attio rooms, and basement, with Croton water, suitable for a small family, or for gentlemen who furnish their own rooms. Rent low till first May next. Inquire at No. 319 Broadway. ri <0 LET, FOR A TERM OF YEARS?SEVENTEEN LOTS X of Ground on the Third A venne and 01st street. Omnibuses run to and from the place. Apply to W. C. S A. A. HUNTER. 20 Sonth ulTnet The copartnership op demott & devoy is this day dissolved, by mutual content The affairs of tho lato firm will le settled by Wm. J. De Mott, who is only authorised to collcct all debts duo tke late lirm, and who will continue tho business on bit own account, at Ao. 7* Houston street. WILLIAM J. DE MOTT, New York, Sept. 28,18<8. MICHAEL DEVOY. Fine guns for sale.?a double duck gun by Mil s, 8 bore, $60; an English Doub'e Fowling Piece, 13 bore, with extra riflo banels titting into same stock, case and apparatus complete, $110; and a first-rate Westley Richards, IS bore, case, he., 8120. May be seen, and trial* bad, by applying on crafter Monday next, at T. WALLER'S Gun Store and Shooting Gallery, Broadway. Paris style shirts, of finest workmanship. 1 made to measure, by the half doicn or more, unsurpassed 1 in this country. UU per o?nt. less than prices usually churned. J. C. PAKSELLS, of 18 year* Itroadway fashionable oolebrity, j superintendent, H. C. GUION, IIS Williamst..upstairs. i Robes, modes, nouvkautes.-f. godbfroy, m 1 Broadway, up stairs, will open on Thursday next, the 28th instant, a rich assortment of Paris Goods, such as silks, winter | hats, cloaks, embroideries, and fancy articles?just received by the Havre packets. WM. BROWN'S CHEAP CASH STORE.-12H CHATHAM tt. opposito Roosevelt. Hate, Csrs and'Fnr- of the most approved styles, at reduced prices. The greatest variety of Caps tliat can be found in any store in this city. Alao, Swan's down, at a lower price than ever before sold. | I^NGUSH GAB F1XTUKJCS.?AN EXTENSIVE ASSORTJi-J II.cut of English Gas Fixtures, comprising Chandeliers, Brackets, and Mantel Ornaments, be., of new styles and recent importation, manufactured by Thomas Messenfer fc Sons, of London and Birmingham. For salo at 71t John struct. Nails, twine, siioe thread, &0.-.kxm casks cut and wrought nail*, brads, and spikes; seine, sail, baling, gillnet, and manufacturer's twine of every description; shoe thread in every variety; cotton, seine, sail, and carpet twines; Manilla nnd hemp corsage; 2 and 3 cord India twine lor fishing, fee., Jfco. For -ale by CEBRA & CUMING, IPOPearlstreet. Carpeting carpeting, carpeting.? william McORORTT, 1SS William street, opposite Washington Stores, between Fulton and John streets, oilers to the public a large assortment of carpeting and oil cluthr, comprising all the varieties. Cheap for citli. rpo 1 A1LORS.-TI1E I.ATE IMPROVEMENT ON THE I Tailors' Philosophical Transfer, published by T.OLIVER, 167 Broadw ay. N. Y., is now completed and ready for sale.? Price *>10. 'he above instrument for measuring and drafting Coati ham his day been placed at fhe Fair held b> the American listitute at Castle Garden for competition. 1st. That the instrument fi r measuring is tVc most comct method for obtaining tl e true shape and dimensions of the human ftinut) ever offered to the trade. 2d. That after the measure is taken the instrument will tramfer the same to the cloth with greater exactness than can be done by any other method ever before published. 3d. By cutting sixtoat* strictly to system, without judgment or any variation fr< m the system, for the flowing figures, viz: a short and thick person, also a corpulent, orookid, very ereot, high shmldercil, nu<! a person with low sloping shoulders, and pb many more diffitult forms as the comiuit:ee may select. The same to bo tested before a committee of tailors appointed by the American Institute. All others who teach works on cutting, who are in ):ocmI standing with the trade, as such who reside in New York, Philadelphia. >t any other rart of the country, who mav have a desire of tenting the luperiority of their respective theories, will please imm'diately lay the same befere the American Institute, snd bc.T.t themselves in teadinesa for the test on whateverday tl.c c> mmltU'e may apioint. Great efforts have been made in New York, a* w nil an Philadelphia and other places, by teacher* and fricndi tlit-y have employed, to cry down and injure the reputation of my sj stun. Could not those worthies prevail on their t liampions to come forw ard to the test ? In the above remarks, I do not allude to Otls^ladison. I consider him above Mich low cuacing trickery. Where is Francis Mohan, of Fhiladolph a ? Now is the time, Francis; as there can lie no i|iinrreling about aipointirg a committee. Ccme forward, or hereafter keep .uict. T. OLIVER, 167 Broadway. Ftiblie l.edger and Tlie Chronicle will please insert three tltr.es and :>-nd bill to T. Oiirer. (1ARKIAGK LININGS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, AND J Plushea?Constat.tly receiving, by the latest arrivals, a complete astortment of these goods. Also, oolored silk and cotton Velvets, and Flomoea for Daguerreotyps Caws, for sale by F. 6. * S. A MART1NE, Importers and Jobbers, 112 William itreet, near John. Travelling tkcnks^ioun cattnacii, trune Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, hat now on hand, and constantly making a good assortment ofTrunki, Valises, Carpet Ban and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Alto, a superior article of Sole Leather Trunks, suitable for American or European tiavel, and Portmanteaus for tha French Malle Poste. Orders for the West Indies, South America, tec., filled with despatch. Notice.?thf. late dr. . u. siierwood having deceased on the ISth inn-, the preparation and sale of his magnetic rtmedlraand machines will (in accordance with his last withes aid instructions) l>e continued as heretofore, at hit late residence, 1112 Cliamlier street, by his nephew and lato assistant Dr. O. II. 8eyu>our, and his daughter Mary Sherwood jiodlp, unocr mo r.rm <>i 11. H. Hherwood's Nephew A Co. Dr. Peyirour will also continue toottend for the firm to the usual medinal practice and fcuriowi of Dr. Sliorwood, ho having bean f r tlie lift five j cart Dr. Sherwood'? conatant aasiatant, and e?f?' i?.lly pn pared by him to succeed hiin in the same oonrse (if practice. All ordera for the late Dr. Shci wood's magnetic rem*die* utid machines ahouM be addressed horoafter to th? subhcrlfcrrK, and will meet with prompt attention on the same terms ? hcrvtofoia. II. II. SHERWOOD'S NEPHEW ft CO., 102 Chambers street. New York. PHRENOLOGY AND ASTROLOGY? To know by eigne, to Judge the torn a of fkta, 11 greater Uian to fill the seati of State; The ruling stars above, by aecret laws. Determine fortune In her accond caurc. Tlw re are a book, wherein we all may read, And all ahould know, who woald la life succeed, What corresponding signs in man display Ilia futui e aetiona, point* hia devioua way. Thua in the heavens, Ma future fate to learn. The present, paat, and future to diaeeru. Cornet hia ate pa, Improve thr hours of life. And. shun ninu error, live devoid ot strife. MADAME Dt'BOYCE ia at present in the city, and ran be couMilted on the above science, in regard to Health, Wealth, Friends, Enemlea, Lawsuits, Love, Courtship, and Mai-rage, at her residence, No, 1W9 Division street, at any time duriag the day at,d evening. Tvrma, from 60 to 24 cents for ladies, and 60 cent* fat gentlemen. D .ELLIOTT, Off I.IBT, M.r> BROADWAY, INFORMS HIS patients, that hie office hours are now from 10 to S o'clock, Monday, Wedaoaday, and Friday. CORNS. BUNIONS, AND BAD NAILS RADICALLY XX tracted by Dr. Shiriakoff, from Bt Petersburg!]. Dr. 3. begs i leave most respectfully to Inform tboee who are in any way afflicted with Corns, Callosities, fee.,that he 'an giro immediate relief. Ho cngagea himself to any one, who would honor him with a visit, to cure the above, hy his delicate aud particular treatment, which will prrfrcUy cure. Bis office is at 63 Chambers street. opr>o?ita the Park. DR ORECORV-MKDICAL ANDSVROK AL ESTABLISH, nient. So. 314 Choreh etreet. Dr. 0. hat oonflneJ hit pruoties to tlio treatment of private diteatee for the latt 20 year*, and I* able to warrant a perfect euro la every raw. Recent cane "red in a few dajri, x ithout i noonvenienoe to the patient. Most extraordinary work-to tub married ?r thoee eentam plating marriage.?1The Married Womtn'l rrivaf Medical Companion, Try Dr. A. M. Maurlceau. Sixth edi tlon. l'rloe SI. THia work I* meeting with Meat aetonndingaatot i (IH.iUU copiee have already been diajvneed of.) Every female to ottinc a copy, whether carried or unmarried, although it I* Intended eepeoUlly for the married, at 11 diacloee* ltn portan t eecrota, whirh K'lonid be known to them particularly. Here every female , oan ditoover the cantet, iymptoma, and the moet efficient remedied and m<?t oertiln mode ol en re in every oaee. For tale, ill Brtadway; at the publiahing offie*, IV Liberty ftreet. New Toit| alto, F. B. l'etertun, numonr M Cheitnat atreet, Q. B. Zeiber Philadelphia; Little fc Co., Albnny; W. B. Davit, Boatea. On ttw reoeipt of $1, a nojrv will be tnaanftoetf by mall, free of poatag* te al I parte of the United Statea. All! ettera mutt be addmeil, , jjoat paM^toDr^^PBIClAP.HE ISH.N9W T?t> ?Wf. | PABK TH K 4THH-SATURDAY KVXMMo. BIPT *' ill tw performed ihaennidy of 'lie Kl VAL J?Sir An h my Abtu lut?, Mr. Uilttit; air lucna O'TtigiU, Vr w^ltol; Jjoij Mr. O apm?a; Mr. Malaprop. Mra QUbrr : lady Lanralfh, Misi Te'lir. T.jr. n. |?de with! UHN ING TUB 1 AHI.KS_\Jr. Kmhb* Mr. Ktaffurvl; Jack Humphrey*, Mr Chapman: M>> Kqi^p. M ai r'jiriMm lluni( lurya, Mra Dyrtt Dreas Circle, 7ftoenta; P? mily Circle. 80 oentt; tipper Uoxea, 36certe Pit, 37W neiiti- Vl*i? Ooor# orwx t' 1 onrtain rtae* at. fjf o'eloek. BOW LHV YUBATRK-KATCllDAV IVtNINO. SEPT. ?ill bo relented tl.u Trii ;e<l> ol 11 AC tte 'M I? Ounuiin, tlr C.T. Sinitl; Macbeth, Mr llauihlin; Mited'iff Mr V. H. Clarke: 1 >Eijejr, Mr. Vt ardeu; Malcolm, Mr. Tilton: Kh?m. Mr. Jurlan; rimer. Viae Hiblrrd: lad Mnelnth, Mr*. Wimtunley; Klr<? Birpiac Hitrh. Mir* Mar> 'laylor; Hecate, Mr. Amir'** After ' t/i<- irr.jeity. will la in Curved. iho bullet afiecladn etyW'i Till; I A It DICTION OP NINA -Edward, Siguer Oaofanu Ntri; Vina; 1 Sim " ra Uiurai Ina Ciocca: A dele, Mm Dubu: Bibor.e Mr. K. I Wurd?(>; Ko and, Mr. (i W. .Smith. Doora open at 111?? p.,t- j [crn ui c? to cimiueni-e at 7 unlock. iloxcn, cnuu. ; Pit I l?)i CCIilK^ f Tjl A NFK A IPS NKW NATIONAL TllLATKK, FORMERLY i vy Clu.Uiaia? Saturday E?eiim?.September Willi ho i.wnenrtd the drama ut IIIEKK.-K , or, iHK OitPUA.N OF Uh.NEV,\ ? I Ckrvin. ?!r. CI antrau; Fontaine, Mr.' Stark ; Count do Morvilie, Mr. P-lm r; ^icard, Mr. Taylor: Therein). Mma K. Me.ttaver: Counter de Mi ivil>, Mint lliMreth. After which, HYM'ICKILH AN L> MtSfcltlKS OK r> KW YORK-Moie Mr. Chanfrau; Cjptaii Tobin. lit. C. Burke; Mr. l're?i?c, Mr. fir4ey; Bi* Lire, lira. McLean: Little Liu. MiH R. MtiUijer. To conclude withtiie Urie l Tllfc Sf fct.TRE UWIOEGKOOM-Uiokory. Mr.C. Burke; Paul. Mr ilerh-rt; Min Ltvina, Hin Ili dreth. Oonra open at7, ' ptr1orni?pfi? *?nnnin><<n<w a?7i< "Vln< k Bcini. SSoeutf; Pit, 12%. I TMKfeT GKANb MIMICAL FESTIVAL OK TUI SKviON. J? ? Thr directors of tiio Italian Opera of the Un.ltd Stutea ui Aiutrica lusprctlully anLOunre, that bavin* made an arrtu^o incut vt illi tlaurlue Struk'?oh, (piaLiat of the Kmperor of ttuaaio,) thu first ktoi d imiaical festival of the geabun will be pi vt-11 at the lirotdvay Talernacle, on Monday, October 2, IMi; on which occa?i?iu the prii.eipal artists, ami the largely inoreaicil chorunca ard orchestras cf th i I tulu.ii Opera Company, together with i btherimii eut artiits, ami alto the rrenter portion of the performing members of the Philharmonic Society, and tl e entire Liederkinnti Vocal Aavociatlim, under tl e direction of Uetr Hotiht, will i a|P ar; the whole will form an orchestra oftighiy iierforiiier*. and a croius cf 100 vuicea:- which will give, with on effect, altogether . sntqunllt d in this country, the following programme of popular ' and clattical muaic. The festival will lie under th? direction of M. Mareuu.lt, mutioalolrectorandoonductor of the Italian Opera ' Company ai d late musical direct r of the ItahanOpura, London. 1 It i> respectfully annoukced tliut thin will be the nnl? nrm??t? city of' taurine M. S'rakosch, and tho artists, orchestra aad chorus of the <);cr? Company, before tlieir d*pmure for Philaj dt-lpMa. w hich will positively take place on tl e 3d Octolier. On ' this occasion I he TaUrnaule ?ill be illun-iua'td with 1 000 extra lights. The festival w.ll positively take |4ace on the evening uliove stated. No postponement on aoeouot of the weather. I'roi grsmmc?Part 1: I. Overture Eginont. Benthoven; 2. Duo, Pcmiramide, by Si?,norma TrulA ai.d 9ignor Pioo, Rossini; .1 > Fantaeie dramati'jue, Lucia, composed and executed by HLia1 k< scb ; 4. Esglish Dallaif, by MissNorthall; S Grand Finale, lirst act Linda di > luunourix, by S'gnorina TrulB, Signora i'ieo, 8ig rnri Valtellina and Ro?i, and full chorus and orchestra of the Italian Op>ra CoiDimi.v, Loniretti; 6. Celebrated Concert B'ueck, by StrakoLch, Von # ?l<r. Part 2: 1. Overture, Ki/iin, Maretzuk; 2. Trio, l.ucrvzia Borgia, by Si^norina Trulfl and Si*nori Denedeiti ana Hosi. Donizetti; .1. Uuo on themes ofGiura niento, for two pian> s. composed by Strakooch, and perlormed by ' Messrs. Timm and Strakonh; 4. Das Deutsche Lied, chorus with solo, by the Liedcrkrants, J. Andie ; & Sextuor finale, Erunoi, , followed by the Monterey Galop, performed and composed by titrakofoh ; 6. Grand Finale, lirst act Giurainento, by Signorina Trufli, Slgnora Pico, Bigcori llenedottl, Valtollinn, and full ehcrusand orchestra of tlio Italian Opera Company, Mercadnnto. The following new pieeca, by Strakosch, have been published by \Vm. Ball and Son, 23'.) Broadway: 1. Adieu d'ltalie?Etu.lo earaoteristl<pie four le |iinno ; 2. Lucre/.la llorgia, fjutasia; 3. The Storming of Monterey?Grand Galop, dedicated to Major General Taylor; 4. Souvenir de Lac do Como molodie pom le piuno ; />. VlCmlfll a Naples, polka; ti. Prajcr, from tho opera of Otello, for lelt hand alone. And tho following have also bean published by Andre b Co., 147 Broadway; I. The Magie Dulls, a revel le; 2. Mercedes Polka ; 3. Chanson d'Amour, a nocture. M. Btrnkoscb, on this occasion, w ill perform on a grand piano, from On- manufactory of Chickcring, and also on one made hy Erard. All the pieces in the above programme will be accompanied by the orchestra. Tickets. Si. For sale, at the music stores, and at the New York Hotel, Deimonlco's, and at the Tabernacle ou the night of the concert. Doors will open st sevon o'elock; perform Knees wui commonce at eignt o'clock, precitely. TWO EXHIBITIONS?GRAND COMBINATION OF UANington's Sacred Dim anion 'of tlio Creat'on of Hie World, ami the Gnuid Spectaole of the Dolugc. All , twenty two magnificent Scriptural fainting* by Mr. Baker, ot l ondon ; each one containing about '.t o iMiiare Icetol'canvass?tho whole comprising one of the most bcauiifal anil ititfrcitiijg exhibitions ever exhibited in America, lhc Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol the Almighty, Expulsion from Paradisn, Death of Abel, Evening before the Deluge, The Deluge, God's Covenant with Noah, Destruction of 8o. dun and Comirrah, Daughter cf Pharaoh Finding Moses, Tlic Seventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's Host, Moses Breaking the Tables, Fall of the Walls of Jericho, Joshna Commanding the Sun to Stand Still, &o? fcc.?now exhibiting every night this week, and Wednesday ami Saturday afternoons, commercing at three o'tlcck, at the splendid new Hall, 890 Broadway, over Stoppani's Baths. HANINGTON'S entirely new Grand Scriptural Diorsmasof the most magnificent Spectacle ever wltnhsscdin New York?Creation of the World and the Deluge, assisted by powerful instrumental accompaniments. Six Days of the Creation.? Scenery and Incident*?Chans, the First Day. The Firmament, | the Second ll ay. Dryland, Herbage and Flowers, Third Day.? Sun. Moon ar d Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Dav. Garden of Bden? Adam and Eve. With the completion of tfie labors of the Creation, the first part of the exhibition dopes Part'2?Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets i'.r> cents; children ball price. Doors often at 7?curtai? rises at H o'clock. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR's CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, shows, natural as life, the Marches, Encampment*, and Battles fought by (Jen. Taylor. It also gives correct views of the country, towns, cities, bo. It is the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every_ night at quarter before 8 o'oloek. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admisaion. 25 cent*. Schools admitted on reasonable term*. No charge for desoriptiTt pamphlet*. Auction notice.-large, elegant, and valuableealc of superior second hand Furniture, this day, at lli}4 o'clock, in the nldchurch, corner William and Frankfort sts.; auo, liagaiciio Table, liar Fixinf?", Piano Forte, Urpan, Paintings, together with a tine lot of Housekeeping Article?, of the best descriptions. Alio, the balance stock or a oalilnet maker; also, three C< unting Bouse Desks, THO. BELL, Auctioneer. HOMER MORGAN, AUCTIONEER?SPLENDID SPKClmen Camclia Japonioas, be. On Friday, October C. at 11 o'clock, will be sold at auction at Buchanan's garden, 17th st. near *>th avenue, 100 very choice Cameliss, being the entire eol lection ofW. W. Livenr ore, Es<|., selected without regard to cost, and comprising the best and most valuable collection ever offered at auction. Tlio plAntsare from 3 to 10 feet high. Also a few other choice plants. Catalogues are now ready at the offlee, Wo. 1 Pime street. ADMINISTRATOR'S 8ALE.?THE CELEBRATED FASTpacing mare, Cayuga Maid, will bo offered at private sale until the ?8th September inst If not sold at that date, she will then be sold at Tattersall's on Monday, the 2d day of October, at 12 o'clock, to the highest bidder, without reserve. She may be aeen at tho stables of Messrs. Reynolds It Weart For further information, enquire of Administrator, at 226 Fulton street. Calico engraving, and otber machinery, at auction at Jersey City, corner Washington and Wayne street*, on Tuesday, Oct. 3d, at 10 o'clovk?6 engraving machines, side and top: 3 pairs clamps, power and hand; elide and foot lathes; vices, grindstones, pin and other ground mills and dies, shafting, drums, bolts, benches, forgo, fee. bc.f can bo seen any timo previous to sale. Sale positive. Tho buildings and 3 lot* will be sold on the 10th of Ootobcr, at 11 o'clock, on premises. 1 n nnn roses at public sals.?james a weir 1U.UUU otters nor sale, hit large and extensive collection of standard and dwart roses in the ground. My standards we all worked upon American swoot brieni. Cat alagues can bo had at G. B. Rollin's, No. 27 Wall atreet, and at Ihinlnp's eoed atorr, 636 Broadway, and on tho ground, corncrof 2bLh itreet and Second avenue. Bale, Oct. 10th, at 10 o'clock. RKAT 8 ALE OF LANDS, TOWN LOTS, WATER POWER fee., on the Illinois and Michigan Canal?Notice ii hereby St en that, under the Authority granted In the 13th section of the w of tbe State of Illinoia, of February 21,1843, the Board ?? Trustees of tho Illinoia and Michigan Canal will offer for sale at public auction, on the lat day of September next, all the Canal Lunds, Town Lota, VV ater power, ana Buildinga which are included in the deed of trust exccutod by the Governor of the State of lllintia on the 2lith of June, 184A in pursuance of laws of the said Stale of February 21,1843, and March 1,1845, cnacted for " the completion of the Illinois and Michigan canal, and for the payment of the canal debt:" That is to say, about 230,000 acres of land, all lying upon or within a distance of five miles oa eitlioc sice of said canal and extending the entire length of tame, 100 miles, via., from Cliicago, on Late Michigan, to the town of La balte, on tbe Illinoia river; alto, town lata in the oity of Chicago, I.ockport, Juliet, DuPage, Kamkakee, Morris, Ottawa and La Salle, including water powerat several polnta on the canal?Lookport. Joliet, Kamkakee, fee. The sale will eommenoe at Chicago on the 1st day of September next, and will be oontinned at that Slaoe, and, successively, at other towns on the eanal, from day to ay, until all the said lai.ds fco. shall have been offered for sale, aa directed by law. The terms of sale are: One fourth cash, the residue of the tiurchatc money in three annual instalments, bearing interest at 6 percent, per annum, payable annually in advanoe. These lands constitute upwards of four nftht of the grant made in lt?27 by the United States to the State of Illinois, to aid said State in the construction of a eanal to unite the waters of Lake Michigan with those of the Illinois river, and are the same which were ot-nveyed by the State to tho Board of Trustees of the Illinoia and icoiian canai, lor uie purpoeo itutcd in the deed or tnirt, ex?cv.Ud In due fonn by the Uorcrnor of the State, and recorded ia the elctli'e office of the countici of Will and of Cook. A lilt of the land*, low, fce. to be (old, will be publiahed for diatributlon before the day of ade. Meantime, any Information whioh may ba rxjuiiod by penons within* to purahaae, oan be had by applying at the Canal Offiae 1a Chicago, D AVTD LIA vm*7, IUlnoU and CHARMS OAKLEY, > Mlohi?*n C,a*L Office of the Board of Troatee* of tha Ulinoia and Michigan Canal. June 1. 1848. MRS. JERVIS'SCOU) CANDY. When eooghln* or wheezing, Or snuffling or meeting, Or panting withaathma, and that'i juat M bad. Nothing of aerriee ia, Save Mra. Je Tia'a Can^\ without which no ease can be had. No longer heeded, Deepiaed. anperaeded, An Boitrnmt for cold* that were onoe all the rage; Nothing of aerrioe la, Save Mr*. Jerri*'* Candy, for childhood, and manhood, and age. If bronchitt* er ague, Or Inng fever plague yon, Or a dry backlog coach *how* consumption it Bear. Nothing of aerriee ia Save Mr*. Jerri*'* Candy, the threat and the windpipe to cleat. Iresaatiek of 1L Some *ay a lick of it, Bonithe* hcaroanea* and aoiw throat afhr; Oh I of what ferric* ia Kind Mr*. Jerri*'* Candy, for cungli. Inttnenia, catarrh. Doia, wnoieeaie and retail, by MRS. W. JCRVIR, ^Broadway, cortur at Whit* ttreet Aoe*tii?10 Aitor Hotue; 110 ltK.ad* ay; Mr*. 1K3 Fulton *treet, Brooklyn ; and by Dniggiet* generally. Medical officx-dr. jornson, ib duane strict dmt Chatham (treat, ao wall knows a* the moat anooearti! practitioner la New Tork, la the treatment of venereal dlaeaaea The Doctor"! reputation for kill la thoaeold half-mired caaee that have exlated for yean, it preeminent. Gleet, trie tore, olaen npon the body, or ia the throat or noee, paint la the head and bonea of the lege, effectually cored. Constitutional weakneaa, brought on by a aacret habit indulged la tor young man, uauflnf laaoivioua dream* and nightly emiudon*. positively prevented Recent oaica on red la fonr day*, without mercury. No alteration In diet, or prevention from homneaa DOCTOR MORRISON CONTINUES to HE CONSULTED on delicate diaeaaea, which ha cure* without mercury or hindrance from bnaiaeaa The dlaaaae 1a ita early atagea he cure* in a few dayt. Debility of the nerrea from early indiacretion, acaompanied with a gradual proatrationof mental power, la auocenafuUy treated by Dr. M. The moat obatinate atrioturea yield to hia method of curing hy abaorction. See hia London Diploma in Manilla* '/114U Tniton nireet Le>t*~?.DOat paid, attended to. Wt? CUKJL.MO PAY.- DK. COKBITT, 19 DUANE STREET, member ef thu Royal Collage of Snrgeoaa, London, mar ta ooniulted In treatment of dellcat? diaeaaea. No matter how long you may hare gleet, nicer* upon the bady, or in the throat or noea, pain* in the head and bone* of the leg*. a practffee of fourteen yaara, devoted to venereal diaeaara, enablee Dr. C. to oure the worat form of thia diaeaae. Reoent ea*e* oured la four diya? No mercury need. Stricture* cured In on* or two week* with carcely any pain. Thoac individuate who have ladulged la a oartain Ioathaome habit, can poaitively be reatored to health and aoctety. N. B. Stranger* are cautionod not to b* deceived. Dr Coblwtt haa not removed Remember 1# Dnane atreet, oppoait* T>r NO CURB CHAKUK.-DR. MUltl'lIV OF MOULD traat, la confidentially oonaultad on all forma of prfvatedi*aaaea Recent eaaaa of gonarhhaan ha anna in 1 to 4 day a t'onatitntlonal debility and impotency wnoeaafnily treated by Dr. M. N o meroury uaad In any oaaa, or hindrance from huatnaM. OMat M U*ld ? open from 7 A . M. to M P M. 1 oni.y '-who would go without teeth when fp 1 they can have them laaerted, and warranted for five year*, atnae dollar each, at the ottee aatabliahad for the redaction of fticcel* IfCM. Filling with pure |i})d 00 w 7fl aonU. XW Broadwaf. I BRUADWATTilKATiUL-IXMri r Of M <. OOLUMftSauroay tvrMii.g S*pt. :?k will lo prownUd iIm favurita evmrd>, in two Kta, culled ?b? IrtlSiJ \MI? t"48 \ lX)it?-<lr 1 a lick <)'Fl?ni|><>. Mr. lullini; Grand Puke, Frederick* 1'rii.i'c Fodoljh, 15. thaw: Count Ubrni' . Vncl.n; l/idy l?iu U'llk, M im funny Gallic* Tn In Mlnwcil with lint I bgKUa l?M cutltkd tlew>0va PAS EN E t- Uciinij M'1 w.l'jr, Mr. Collin; Kr Jei>V.in?, An nw?; Ohirlfi U rt->n, Baker. Ib<n?a, Th?n cu? i Jolia. Mra llania; Sally, Mrs. W u;t?. Tn toaclnrfe w itr? tb? fwx of TF.DOV THK PII.Kt ? Teddy Kil< Ur. ri- llna; lord Donderfonl, Collina; Lai? D?i 0>H' ii*. Mr?- Ikli'rW'' <1. I'n? Cire'a anil Parqnetts, 7S nrts; IuniUj tircle. afl cmts ;Gallery,\2)i ta.Dmiioik n a?7. Bl hJl b T11 f. aTK JL. UAllbJv.RB31i<EitT-S ?TURUaY Funii.j.-, ? jit. Ill will bo played that popular drama of MMBIV aMIXIN-Mr. Doml^y, Mr. I.yune; Mr. Carker. Mr Ji n'ap, Vmir Jie Bog-H'ck, Mr. Brougham; ( artaiu Cuto'o Mr. Hi rtiT: Jxk J until y. Mr. Brougham; Edith, Mm A. Kiig'it; I'lmtne Dorothy, lira. (3. loder; M.-a. Skewton, Mm. V.rtoa; Sman Nii?r. Mrs. Hn<i.):hain. After which, the now and lauthuHel'ane, cal'ed TOOK tMIJ.ICODUY-Mr. John Peter Plfii ci'd<ly, Mr burton; Captain O'Scn'tle. Mr Johnfton; Mra. Pl li Ceddy, Mra. Hrrutlam; Mra O'Soultlf. Mr?. A.Kn'lht. Sar?h It'l l t. Mimi fincUir. I>rcm Circ'e nnd l'amu*t.,M<aant*i Family Circle-' Li. Crnin 0[<n at C^ililMliUlWtT. TVII lil ASTOB PLACE, BliOADWAY.?QRE AT AT1* trm ticn.?Mr. II Plaai.lc and Mr.T. Plaride in the'r two Ian . u- elaraolera. Mr. John *ofton, Mr. C. W. Clarku. Mr. Charley lira. Cramer, Mra. < harl-a Mil Kato Burn. Mim Isabel Di. tii s?ii. t)n Saturday Evening September with, Shaksr*m'? COMEDY OF ERROR!?llromio ef Syracuse. Mr H. Pin<;!i]<; brumio of Kphr ens, Mr. T. Placide ; Dr. i'raeh, Mr. John N lli'i; A<lr ana. Mm Cran.er. Abbcaa, Mr*. Charter: I/uhia, Mi? Kate Horn. To oono i:de with the drama ot USED III'?Sir ( hi rltif i oldrtreatn. Mi<a Ii>al?l bickimen; John Ironbrace, Mr. Mucdonald; Mary, Mias Kate II"ru Mr Maorcady has arrived. Dip ii' '.li e ui I be givi n ol Ins fir>t upponra ce. M1TCHEILB OLYMPIC TUEATHJC.-HATtJRDAY EVENiii|r, September .'Mi, the fnlrr'uii nii nt? will ooiumenu Aiih 1 the comic druira entitltd OLl) UONESlY?Miehael ItruUluw, Mr. Nickiuron; Toby I'erch.Mr. Holland; Sir Herli ins ItcHboriHigh, KeynoWs; |l>mc ltrad?haw, Mra. Henry. After whiofc will be pretcntid a ?raLd PANOHAMA OF BItOAOWAY. After which. j for the fifth tiu.e.an oxtra\agan?.a. entitled U>LA MONTES, or 1 Catchiiig a Governor?Count MuflcuufT, Mr. Niukinaon; Kyboshki, Mr. Coucver; Michael Borwiki, Mr llollaud; Kathcrin'i Klotr.r, Miff Mury (liiiir.oii. To coi elude with the new farce, calledGOING TO TBt RACB8?Mr Jeremiah Twiddle. Mr Holland. Door? | o|er at 7?Certain lisea at 1% o'clock Dre.?? Circle 80 conta . Barn u m ' s american mu.seum.-p. t. barnum! Proprietor?Ilituheock, Manager. Splendid IVrfonnnnoea every afternoon at halt-past 8 o'clock, unc every evening at halfpoat tcveii. The Mauajcr hui the pleasure of announcing th? most extraordinary wonder in creation. Major Littlcfluger, holding the raine relation to the I'amoua Lilliputian that the littl* linger does to the tlmmb. He ia ton yearn old, only tweuty-fon( < inclivs high, and weigha only thirteen pnunda. Uo may be aeen 1 every moriiinit fr m 10 to half-past 12 o'clock; in Uio afternoon I from 2 till half-paat 6; and in tne evening, from 7 till 10. In add I- i tion, the manager has also engaged the Crcat Western, the nolo 1 brated Sable Brothers. Mr. S. K. Q. Nellie, the three Highland I Mammoth Bo? a, Giant or Mammoth Baby, Rnormons Boa Conetrirtor. Madnm* Rockwell, the Kamoua F rtune Teller, in ay be privntely conmilted at an extra chargo of 28 oenta. Admiaaion to tlie whola, including Muaeom PerfVirmanoes, Little Finger, Sc., j 28 ocnts: children under ten yeargof ago and nld euough to walk , alone.12K oenta. Reserved front seats, one shilling extra. C ACRED DIORAMA 3?NOW EXHIBITING EVERY j O night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, ! commencing at 3 o'clock, at the aplendid new Hall, XM Broad- ! way. over Stonnani's Hatha. lIanniniri/in-? n?ti~i? -??. n-.-a ' Scriptural Dioramas of the meet iffiignitioent Spectacle ever ! witnessed Id Now York. Creation of the World and the Deluge: , Asbisted by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniment*: Mr. 11. llannington has just oompletcd a magniliocnt Diorama, , intended to illustrate the sublime spectacle of tho Six Dayi of . the Creation! exhibiting, by inoani of moveable figures, scenery, and powt rhil optical elfoots, all the progressive changes, from the j Chaos and Darkness of the unformed Univurse, until the tinal i completion of the great work of CTcatlon, as described in the first and second oliapters of Genesis, terminating with tho ap- . pearauce of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eilen. The Dlo- { rsma is the result ot along ohcrished idea, nud of a lifetime of ' study and experiment in this department of' the arts. It is the , most costly, beautiful and porfect work of tho kind existing, and combines in its exhibition the highest inoohanloal ingenuity, with tho most astonishing scenic cflocts, assisted by superior poetry, painting and music. Scenery and Incident*?Chaos, the First Buy. The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry T.and, Herbage and Flowers, Third D?y. Sun, Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. GardeDof Kden?Adam and Kvo. With this completion of the labor* of the Creation, the first part of the Exhibition closos. Part 11, Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets Mots.? Children naif price Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at R o'ol'k Mfc.cn A .?Ice' 11 ALL, >o. 4VI Broadway, hotwieu Uraud and Broome streets, commencing on Monday, Oetober 2d. and continuing every niiiht until furl her notice.?The original and well known CHRISIY'S MINSTRELS, (organized in 1M2,) whose concerts in thisoity, for a period of ten months, were received with such distinguished favor and patronage, have the honor of announcing to the laCes and gentlomen of New York and vicinity, that tlcy will give a icries of their iwpular Concert*, introducing a variety of their original Songs, Oh'irusscs, Characteristic Dances, kto. Admission 25 oents. Doors open at 7. Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert evory Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M., under tho management and direction of E. P.Christy. New room- ;i:i2 "broad itay. next door to tiik Broadway Theatre. Messrs. Miarteni k Lovasseur beg to inform the public that they will give, on Friday Evenirg, Septein ?v? ? M otiiva UI l uvviiMiuilioam nuiuimiug All Willi DCIOQOO and artcan od'urasiational and intellcotu&l ajmiscmont. Optics, Hydraulics, Magnetism, Electricity, tic., will contribute to ! those cnterlalnu ecta. Vocal and instrumental entertain- ' mmtiL Signor Miarteni will have the honor to exhibit his mag- ' niticent Astronomical Diagram a, and Diaphanous Tableaux, that have obtained suoh an unprecedented success. (See bills.) Fricoa | or admission, rererved seats, SO eta. General admission 25 cents. Children halt price. Performance to begin at "1% o'clock. ' W"S?l<) HAS 'lilt I'l.EASl'KK OF ANNOl NUNfi, , that ho haa aucceeded in engaging Mr. Maorcady, who i n ill begin hia lnat professional tour in this country previous to ^ his final retirement from the atago, with a aericH of his principal Sluiktporan characters. The tint appearance of Mr. Macrcady is i fixed lor Monday next. I ? ( Great fair-the managers of the great fair at Caatle Garden, are now prepared to receive contributions I from exhibitors of all articles prepared to bo exhibited, and roquest that all such as intend to exhibit, will forward the articles in the coarse of to-d? j or to-morrow, (Friday ana Saturday,) in order ti nt they may be arranged most advantageously. Wallers gun btore and shooting gallerv, 9(1 feet long, opens on Monday next, 2H Broadway. Harp and singing, and violin ?mr. st. li'ke, late Director and Composer of Music of the liroadway Thentic acquaints tlit I nblic that he intends to devote his attention exclusively to the above branches of accomplishment, and will give finiihlnglessons on the Vielin. Cords of address lcfl at the following store* in liroadway ;^Schaufcnberg lit Luis. 4W3: J. F, llrownc, ilarp Msnufaciuror, 'M3 ; H m.llallk Son. 23!'. would like toengsgc as organist, and to instruct a choir in tho city. Residence, 8S White street. Dancing and waltzing lesions?madame Aehillo, recently returned from Paris, has tho pleasure of informing her friends and the public that she is pre paired to resume her lessons in Schools, and also to form classcs in private families. Madame A. hopes that her old pupils have not forgotten her, and that she may rely upon a continuation of their patronage. Madame A. will receive personal application at her residonce, 127 Chanters street. Any communications addressed to the same place, will meet with prompt attention, liesides the dances gonerally known, Madame A. intends to tcaeh "In Maznrka,"" la Redo* a," " la I* apolitaine," ' la Value a Cinq Temps;" and a "Deux Temps," the new "Celarius Quadrille Polka," "Mazurka and Polka." Dr. fowkl.l, attends daily to diseases of the Evp nnd Knr. from 0 f n 1 n'nln*?lr ? ??? l>i Warren stroc*. Dr Powell's "Treatieo 011 tlio Eye," price .VI g cents, can be had at bia ofttce. It drscril**, In language that all can understand, the anatomy and diseases of the eye; contains t hint* for the preservation and improvement, of viiion, and dirce. jtiona for tl.e selection of speotacles. Just received, Artificial i Eyes w hich can he inserted without any pain or operation; and as they move lite the natural eye, the closest ob*rver c\nrot de- ( tcot them. 1 hey improve tho appearance, exclude eohl air and dust, support the lias, and thus render essential service to the < healthy eve. Dr. Powell's Eye Fountains, for strengthening the ( eyo. ??n t>eh?d asabove. That gouraiid's Italian medicated soap is a mo*t valunhiecompound, is proved by the numerous attempt s at imitation. The genuine article speedily removes Pustules, Blotches, Freckles,Tan, SallowneM, Snnburn, Redness, Sic.; while its dilatinc properties prevent the formation of Wrinkles, and ? hnnishes them when premt. In short, It will positively m\kc tl.c skin transparently white, elcar, and beautiful. Gouraiid's Pcudres Subfiles are specially designed for tho immediate and peuuaiient erailioation of superfluous human Hair, without i?jn ry to the most delicate skin. Remember, Dr. Felix Gourand's celebrated preparations can only be had genuine ut 67 Walker street, first st< re from Broadway. JUbT PUBLISHED.?DR. BOSTWICK'8 GREAT WORK and Lectures on Venereal, and other affections of the Uritary Organs, .'450 rages quarto. This is the most oosplcte practical work of the kind ever issued. It contains 87 ooloroa engravings, which dclinoate this class of diseases inimi ukbly; 40 wood engravings; and everything known about tho modern trcAtmont of these diseases has been ca.-efully recorded, and all the most approved prescriptions and formulas have been given. For sale at the office of publication, 212 Broadway, and of the author. 8H4 Broadway. Also, Mr. lt'a work on serf abuse, 261 pages, 14 engravings. with hints to yonng mtn. Prieo SI; for sale aaabove. AKT1PUTRID? A NEW DISINFECTING AGENT, DISeoveieU by Dr. Lewis Fenclitwangcr.?This preparation chums bo relaticnship to any other now in us*. The following certificate* are but f?w from ?v*r 100 others, equally flattering, vizI have tried the Disinfecting Liquid, prepared by Dr. Lewis Fcuchtwanper, and finding that it removes the unpleasant odor ocrationed by sulphuretted hydrogen, and other deleterious gasses, wbicb arise from utonfils of the nek room, from privies, Ike. JAMES R. CHILTON, M. D., to. NewTork, August 31, 184H. Aster House, New York, September 13, IP IS.-?I have made us* of Dr. Ltwls rcuchtwanger's new Disinfocting Agent, in various w ays, and find it the best article I have ever used. After ordering five gallonia* an experiment, I ordered a barrel. I think every family ought to have it in their house, being convenient to dm, and sure in it* operations. In sickness it is invaluable. R. B. COLEMAN. Steamer Southerner, New York, September 13,1H48.?Dr. Feuohtwarper's new Disinfecting Agent has been used aboard this steamer, with the fullest success, and It is herewith cheerfully recommended by M. BERRY, Master of the Southerner. Dr. Fcuehtwanier's new Disinfecting Agent ha* been employed in the Bdlcvue Hospital, asd haa been found useful in removing Diii>ir?Niiii# wuuib irum UH' IKK warufl, water ClOeCia, ao., tor which purpote it ia veil adapted. d. m. REESE, Fenident Phyticlan. For faleV>y Dr. Lewi* Feuohtwaager, No. 18 Courtlandt atreet, N. Y ; by J. YV. Dale, general agent, 70 Wall street. Courier and Kcpiirer office; bv Cliarlei II. Ring, eorner of Broadway and Join itreet. In Brooklyn, by J. W. Smith, druggint, __ Dr glover is consulted at his office during the day and evtaiag in thoae difficult and protracted caaea of atrictuir, gleet, and delicate diaeatea whioh liavo proved too obstinate for physicians of lem experience. Private entraaco to hi* office, througtr the entry ia No. 2, Ann it, now No. 12. Ilia Extract oopavia, cubebe. he., ao extenaively pretoribad by phyai> ciaa?, may lehad at hiaatore, in front No. 2 Ann at, now No. 12. Frice lil per box. DR. RALPH, AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PRIVATI Treatiae," tc., 88 Greenwich atreet?office hour* 9 to 12 A. 11., 0 to 9 P.M. (Sunday exoepted.) Thoaa who apply in tha early etaifea will be eurpriaea at the rapidity and little ineonvenieaoe attending their euro. It iaohiefly, however, thwae who bare Buffered from a oertaln elaaa of people, who oaa pn>perly appreciate bia servioea. In atricture, from ita Brat or incipient, to ita mora advanced and diatx*aaingatag?a>(from uncommon advantagea and a very exteaaive practice,) he can afford a rapid, eaay and radical cure, wbieh, he haa ground for atating, can do obtained from no itberanmiiiMM. ( NO UUKB, NO CIIABOK.?DR. COBBETT, M. R. C. B..U, ' latent No. ] Dun* street, MM removed to fiA Ann etreet, , (near M tlliam,) where he li consulted on *11 diaeaaea of aprivata . character. To thoee who hire been under bia car?, telt-lauda- < tion ie unneccaeary. To thoae who have not, and who art Hinted * ith pafna of the head, limba, ulcere, on tlie txxly- , throat or no*, ileet. atrictnrea, seminal debility, ioduaed by im- . proper labite, fee., he warraata a per fret and ?pcedy cure. No mercury oaed. Recent canoe cured in four day*. Dr. Cobb ett'i aucccaa Indncea a compeer In trade to deny hit removal . and Identity. Th<iee who know Dr. C. need but (Ore him a call ] to IWteify ilila acrcrtioa. Pee hit Diploma. Letter) postpaid a11< ndrd to. (J3,-W)n REWARD?(.'ROSS'S Si'E?'irn: MIXTURE FOR ypLfV/y/ Uio cure of conoirhaa. Of all rumediee yet dlacovrredfor the above complaint, thla ia the moat certain; it makes a Fpfcdy and permanent cure without theleaatrcatrictionia diet, drink, exposure, or change In application to business. The pro- j rrietor challenges a single instance of reoant gnnnrrixea to ha ' Drought which the mixture will not cure, uader forfeiture of $MI). Mnay are cured in two day a. Sold by l>r. JOHNSON, at 273 * Broadway, ooraer of Chamber* street, Granite Buildings, aad by SANDS. l?l Fulton. enrrer of William strict. I DR. J El * HIES' ANTIDOTE IS Till MOST EFFECTUAL C preparation aold for Uonorrhaa and other disorder* ef tha Sexual Orgaua. Long experience ha* proved that It will ra4l- e< eally cure any cue. Thla desirable result la obtained la from c two to ten daya, and aa It neither createa nantea nor oflsnda tha palate, and renders unneceaaary any deviation In diet or later- ' ruptlon to usaal pursuits, sound sleep or healthy digestion, tha V ntuaance la thua removed aa apeedify at I* conaiatent with tha paodnctlon of a thorough and permanent cure. Ita ingredient* r are entirely rentable, and no lniurioug efleet, either eouttito- C tionally or loeally. can be caused by ita uaa. IYioe $ 1 par bottk. Sole Agcjit let thta city, c. U R'NO, in Broadway, ooraer Joba ? ikttt. I TBIFAM. RACI8AT the union coutst, U I.-TIIK (all mtettng will eoirmeace an TmmIut the vl of (Mt.wlik H?i?|4tAke, two Mi ? heat*, Half forfeit. Cloend with tlire* t utrre, ?U: J-'a?rel La'id names fit by rinrinn. nut of 'lie <<aui of L?l?i *: Jxr Tally ante eh. ooK hy B"?'oo, dim Maria : O. P. l/?r', nemea bay e?'lf, by Cfariou, d.uu full auttrio Hcinblower. Tie above eolta aw mi the ground, and ? ill cnmo to tha peat focal d d*y I'lirw $7 Tlit*e tnlle h?*'a. Tint will bring to 'h* |*?t three or four eutrire Third diy. PuimfMP-two mild lieaU; ? d a Pur*i if JUIO. four uiihi lieata, wHm-Ii will *rinj? ? the root, Kanhien, one from Mr. liar*'* (table and or fr< in M r. GrniiY 'I lie fuir milo day i* looked tn, I y ti e lovtra <*f raring, iik one ?f the lana*. brilliant ihat hoo toned f. ryear?. sa Mr llure i-an aelcc from hla ftrii-7, Paa^n(v.lney Toland. and ll'-t-ma. for that o?;raet<n; aud Mr Ciroun a* Fife T ad?* and Roena Viata to Mleatfrom. NEW VUMK TATTKKHALIA-TIIR AT m-m. u miuu fii irniiciT i'ii having a b'u j 11 ! i.r Uor*u, Vul ulc i, l.'aici ??, fce. wlh wt'ti to coiivert thru into money, un direct to ttfid th?m to Tuttcrrallii. Saler i aehed pr mp'ly. Pureiiuier* of Hirrri, at auction, will tlud (very protection affurdad tlieui. fur t < im'.h uiurt mine ua reprvnut'd, or tho mouey returned. Vel iclcn celvcil on utottgr,or on ??!?. I'v h :< ivanced on ratiiclt* llorte* be111 at livery by the day or inoutli Knles at atiotii o trcry Mm day. at 11 o c'oik UKu W. Mil I,Kit, Oriiriiml I'ri printer of Tit'cri.?ll.\ 448 Broadway* nOHFl-.?NEW VOHK TATTKKSAl I.S. 144 IIROAD AAV At private rale, lift?.ttv? of the liuttl ana clioioe?tso'eeied Uurrc* ever offered in IhUmatke', oomintinK of u f?w pilr* of very Uigi- and flae Coach llnrrvn, tcveral fine, younn and faat Horner, Saddle Horn- h. \Vugi>n Horaei*, Uc. tic, Ju-it arrived from ti e H'futern part of tiiia State, Stc. Hortl, to I.EASE TC.lt SUA I.I* UOTEI,, .11 -r K|. bUhed, on the UoIIckc ground*, m Murr.y street?Tim houie cum air.* forty seven loom*, divided in iuitei, on the French plan, and if. in ei cry nmiect, a Boat n mplcto eat ihllhtnont. To u. fcod tenant, a long lean' would Im given, a' a moderate rent. Aip'vatf.O rise street, or to RoWri. J. Dillon, No. 1 Hanover WW. TIDE UNCI ISLAND I.iSI HAM E COMPANY,CAPITAL lixi.t iio dollars, with a aurplu*. utlice No. 41, Fulton aireet, lirooklju, continue* to take ruin on building*. merolmndue, liincl.ilierv. and tirolwrtv wiibhIIv at ftiirmiit ?i*fi.j ..F rhin company ha* |*uift?d through the great Now Vork firei of IK'tSand 1Mb, and aim the recent disastrous lirooklyn tiro; they c.wt their escape from tin ro with coin |?i nit ivelv slight low *. to the fystem which they prnotisc, of limiting and s-aiicnn < tlioir rtckk. The company inform their dealers, i""d the public generally. that lei# than one thiid of their buain m in 011 riskn in lh? Bitj'ol Brooklyn. All lo'.ses which tho company may sustun, will be adjusted aud paid promptly as herotolVrc. Signtd, B. W.DKL\HATER, IWt. R.C. T1NN. Becy. NAUTILUS LIPk IABUHAMK coarwi - HFKH K No. tiH Wail uireet; accuiuulutcd fund $1 Xi,tXAl.?Tho 0|>?rktions of tkia comjony are purely mutual, the assured being the inly proprietors. Fifty per cent. of tho premiums for tliree years in succession have I ten returned to the naniireil in icrlp, bearing 111 a nual interest of six iht cent Office hours from it till o [ 'clock. Medical examinations fr"tn 2 till <1 every day. Losses promptly paid. a. m. mkrcuant, niumi I'i.inv Fun mam, Actuary. LMKS-i DIVISION NKVV YORK. STAI 15 MIUTU UIVT1/ flion Orders. New York. September 12,IM*. Tho ununttnnnod Militia of tho oity of Now York, (which 0111 lances nil the ahlo boliod white male citizens l? tween tho ages of lft and 4"> yoirs, who nave not commuted, and who are not mcmbor.i of in unifrrm company, or exempt. I y law,) will take not"e ol tl^e follow in? reginentai orders, to tuseaible for o mpany parade and martial exersise, on Monday, Uo 2d of October next, at tho time and place .herein staled. iQ.compli.mco with a 1 act 0' tho Leg slature of tho JtatoofNew York, entitled "An act for the organization of the First Division of tho New York 8t*to Militia," passod May 6,1847, 1 ind thoy are hereby notified ot their enrolment. Commandants ot Brigades. Hegimentsand I'ompanici will direct ill officers and non oonnnifsioncd offioers of each uniformed com- 1 mny to attend tho paradeln uniform orundross. Hubalterns and 1 loucommibeioncd officers will u<d the commandants of eompanien n tho exercises of the day. No person will bo |<ermittud to leave lit company, without permitsion of his commanding otfio?r, until ,un down. Pursuant to iai'1 act,eaelicommanilant will ailix such Penalties for oHenocs and delini|iienecs as the statute rei|Ulres, op>osite the name of p rsoss so delinquent or otTeiiding. A Court of ippoals, for each regiment, to hear excuses, w ill l>e held at the time Lnil nlucA stated at tbfl *tid of thn Heiriim>nl&l ll^lnM, u >f 'CHARLES W. SAND)OKI), Miyor General Commanding. K. C. U'crMuRt, Division Inspector. SHCON 1) RKIilMKNT NKW YORK STATE MILITIA. FOURTH AND SIXTH WARDS. I'm miivnt to thu above Diviaion Order*, and tho act therein nentioncd, the ununlfcrmed privates of the several companion ot iiis regiment will assemble within their respective Company Districts, on Monday, the 2d day of Uctohemoxt, at 111 o'clock, A. M., tor c< n pany parade, inspection and martial exercise, armed ana iqniped according to law, at the places designated for eaoh diatriot respectively, as follows: Company A. Diitrict?Joseph Craig, Commandant, within lne boarding Sptucn, Cliff, lia^ue, Pearl, and Chatham streets; mown as the Iirst Election Distiict of the 1th H ard, opposite ihakspearr Hotel, corner of Dua.no and William sts. Company B. District? Alexander C. Castle, Commandant, pithin a line bounding Ferry street, Peek Slip, South, Roosovolt, 3ak, Pearl,llague,and Cliffstrects, known as the Fuurth Eloolion District of the 4 th Ward.at the corner of Dover and Pearl sts. Company C. District?Thomas W. McLoty, Commandant, irithin a lino bounding Roosevelt, Front, Catharine, and Oak itrccts, known as the Third Election District of the 4th Ward, ' t ill assemble at the corner of Oliver and Oak streets. C'mpany D. 1/istriot?Alexander Ea^leson, Commandant, ' ritMn a line bounding Chatham, Pearl. Otk, and Catlotrine treets, known as the Pccond Flection District of the 4th Ward, pposi te the Catholic Church, James' str et. Company E. District?Robert McLeod, Commandant, within i line bounding the Park, Chatham stiect. Pearl street, and Jrondway, known as the First Election Diitrict of the lith Ward, H ill assemble at the corner of Centre and Duano strcots. Comiany F. District? Win. W. Parnells, Commandant, within k line bounding Pearl, Centre, and Cnnal streets, and Broadway, mown as the second Election District of the 6th Ward, wiU assemble at the corner of Elm and Franklin streets. Company 0. Distriot?Henry Parsons, Commandant, within & line bounding I entre, Walker. Mulberry, Chatham, and Psari itreels, known as the Third Election Diitrict of tho 6th Ward, aill assemble at the comcr of White and Centre sts. Company 11. District?Alex. MeKcnrie, Commandant, within i line bounding Chatham. Bowcrjf, Walker, and Mulberry streets, 1 mown as tho Fourth Election District of tho Cth Ward, will as- 1 icmble at the corner of Bayard and Mott streets. aii* ifrvgiuicmui v t>ui v ui ?iu nuiir irnra nncB or M'iuiI iK'b mil need, will be held at, the S!inknp"iiro Hotel, corncr of iVilliam and Duano rtieets. on l riday evening, 2Uth October, *17 I'clock. By oidor of C. 11. SPICBR. Col. Commanding 3d Kcglmenk, , THIRD HK.OIMF.NT It. T. ?. MII.ITIA. riRHT ANII .SECOND WARM In oomplianeo with the above Division Order and the Law therein rvtemd to, the tmuniformed privates of the several oomSnuieB oi tins IfaUMit wiliautuniMe in th?ir respective cumjinny istricU, on Monday, the 2d day at Octobtr rext, at 10 o'eloclt, A. 11., for company |>arade, inspection and drill, armed and equipped according to law, at the places desizaed for the following districts, vix:? lit Company (A) commanded liy Captain John Jagels, district bounded by Nsusau, Wall, Broadway, Kector, West and Libert/ itiects, will meet in Liberty stroct, at the ooruer of Greenwich. 2d Company (B) commanded by-Capt. Andrew lioiser, district* ' bounded by Nassau. Maiden Lane, South and William streets, will one t in Cedar, at the oorncr of Nassau streets. 3d Company (C) commanded by Lieut, commandant D. C, ^aughan, districts boundud. beginning at tlio Battery, liy Whitolall. Markettiold, Broad, Wall, Broadway, Rector and We<t sta., to tne place of beginning, will aseomble on the Battery, opposite to Greenwich street. l 4th Company (D) commanded by ('apt. Tlcnry C. Mar*, district jouyded by Wau.iiroad, Warketticld, Whitehall and Pearl its., irill assemble on Hanover Square. 6th Company (El commanded by Lieut. Win.Sullivan, district ounded by Wall, Pearl, Whitehall and South sts., will assemble in the Battery orpotire to FrontsU 6th Company (F) commanded by Captain John Mayer, district ounded by Broadway, Park Kow, Spruce, William and Liberty treot?, will aesemble in I'latt at tho corner of Oold st, 7th Company (( ) commanded by Capt. Wm. Ilutchin^s, dlsrict bounded by Maiden Lane. Liberty, William, Fulton and 1 oi'th streets, w ill assemble in Plait at tHe comer of Uold st r (*ih Compony (II) commanded by Captain Joseph Loantl, dis- c riut bounded oy Fulton, William, Spruce, Ferry, Peck Slip and ouin streets, will ascimbie in lieckman at llio oornoi of Wll- I lam stree t. C Officers will attend this p*tade in undrtu (frock coat, sash, * Word and belt.) The Regimental Court ot Arpcals to hoar ajipoals from fine* a >r penalties imposed, will l.c held ut Stone all* 1.11 Fulton it., 1 >11 Honda.}', tie X6tli day of OcUiber, at 4 o'clock P. M. 8. 11ROO&K POSTLEY, Col. Commanding Third Regiment, N. V. 8. H. i Charm-i Stii.es, Adjutant. < roi'KTH RbniHeriT w. r. *. MILITIA. I FOl'KTKKSTH AID FirTKIKTIt WARnn. Pursuant to tho above orders, and the aot therein mentioned, 1 licunnnilormed privates ol'the several oompanic* of thit regiment > rill Mcemble w ithin their respective Company Districts on Mon- ? ay, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for company *rade. inspection and martial exercise, armed and equipped ao- * orfllng to law, at the places d**ignated for each .dUtxiot rcspeo- * ivoly, as follow*, vii1 Ut Comi?ny District (A Treop) commanded by Captain Ed3?nd Charles, Jr., and bounded by Uoniton, Vfooster and Fourth trects. Sixth avenuo, Carmine, Bitcckor and Hancock street*, at & he corner cf Thorn pson and Fourtli streets, right on Fourth ft. n 2d Company District (B Troop) commanded by Capt. Garret I ARTwn, and bounded by Houston, Wester, Amity and Great ones street*, and the Bowery, at tho corner of Merow and Amity * treets, light on Amity street. f SdComjany District (Company A) commanded by Men tenant 0 Commanding John Fowltr, Jr., and bounded by Great Jones, d imity and Wootter s'rect*, University Place, Fourteenth street, t nd the Bowery, at tho corner of Wooitor street and Waveily 1 lace, right on Wavcrljr Plaae. Bth Company Distnct (Company B) commanded by Captain 'eterrerutr, ana nounacu r.y rottrin street, university l'laoe, 'cuiUenth street and Sixth avonue, at tlio lntornection of the cctre walk, running North ud South, with the.North walk of t'asliington&iiuaro. I 6th Company District (Company C) oommandod by Captain I 'hilip tl. Zetgi r. and bounded by Houston, Mulberry and Broom* 1 treets and Broadway, at the corner of Crosby and Prince streets ' i(iht on Prinoe street. ? 6th Company District (Company D) commanded by Captain ( lames Tattison, and bounded by Ilouaton, Mulberry and itruome it rifts, and the Bowery, at the corner of Mott and Prince streets, 1 Ight on I'rincestieet, I 7th Company District (Company E) commanded by Captain < >ewcyl'aj. and bounded by Broadway, Canal, Centre, Walker, >rai ge and Broome street* at the comer of Grand and Elm sU., J ight on Elm at f Kth Company District (Company F) commanded by Captain Cdward Ihncken, and Rnndrd by Walkcr,Orange and Broom* treets and the Bowery, at the corncr of Uester and Mulberry J treets right on Mulberry street t The Regimental Court or Appeals, to hear appeals from fines 1 nd penalties imposed, will b? held at Constitution llall, No. 6A0 Iroadway, on W cdnexday, October 18th, 1M8, at 7 o'clock, P. M. 1 By order of CBAKLE3 YATE8, i Colonel 4th Kegt.N. T.B.M. ' fifth rkoimrit i?. r. a. militia. KIOHTtl WAHD. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the act therein men- 1 ioned, the un-nnitormed privates of tli* several com j-anies of thU tegiment, will ammble witliin their respective Company Diarleta, on Monday, the 2d day of October next at 10 o'olook A. M., or Company parade, inspection, and martial exercise, armed and 1 nuinped according to law. at th* nlac* designated tor mah d lit risk. I tipectWely, a? follow!' The lit Company Diatrict, Company A, under command of ?apt Kloppenburg, and bounded by Broadway, Canal, Grven, ud ' Icwiton it*., in Mercer (1, right on Prince rt The 2d Com l?ny Diatrict, Cob pany B, tinder command of Capt )berlander, and bounded by Green, Canal, Lauren a and ileal toa its.. In Wooiter it., right on I rince it. The Sd Company Ulitrict, Company C. nnder command of Capt Ion aid, and bounded by Laurana, Canal, Sullivan, aad liouatoa it*., In Thorn peon (t., richt on Prince it The 4th Company Diitriot, Com pany D, ondcrcommand of Capt lehwartiwaalder, and bounded by SulMTaa, Canal, Watt* Varica, ind Spring It*., in WalU it, right on Sulliran at The fitb Com pany District, Company E, under command of Capt Bepport. and bouLded by Sullivan. Canal, Variok, and ilouatoa it, in King it, ngl t on tcDoiig&l it Tie 6th Company Diitrict, Company F, under command of 2apt Ehrman, nud bounded by Variek, watt, Hudeon, and iioua* n :on lit., in King It, ritht on Vnrick it. t The 7th Company Dill rift, Company O, hounded by Hudaon, j ;'anal, Grceawirh, and Houiton *?< .. right on Hudu n it, and uiv- / let the command of Lieut. MayoihoU wtko il thereby detailed tot t '^eW^Promrany Witrlct, Company H.%mndod by Greenwich, e 1...1 u'aa? ami IIdiiMt.iTi iitii . in Kin* it . rifht nn Rrp?nwiflh t it, (iltd I f under the command ol' Lieut. Ruit, who if hereby defiled for that purport. The Hcairaental Court of Arpealu, to hear appeal! from floel or >n>iHi?*TmpoKd. will be held at Centre Market drill room, on I onday. lOrli October next, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. By order of ANDREWWARNT.lt, Colonel of 6th Reel. IIITH KKP.IMrWT l?. T. IT AT K MILITIA. tnibd Ann rirTH wanna; Purmant to the above DWieion Orders, and the act therein icntii ned, the nnunifprmaf^imafM of the aevetal oompaniaa of hie Regiment will aeaemUe within their rm{?ctire Company Hatricta on Monday, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'clock, i. M , for Company parade, inspection, and martial exerciae, rmcd and cimpptd according to lai[, at the placca desi?unted for ?eh diatrict reip<ctiTeIy,aa follow! Company A.?captain W. Fianeia, Commandant, bounded by HertT ft, Broadway, I'ulton at, We?t ?t, at Fulton, oppratt hutch street. Company B.?IJeut M. B. D. Ackerman, Commandant, bnnndi by Fnlten, Broadway, Mtrray, and Greenwich eta., at Fultoa, oti.tr of Church atrccc. Co. C.?Lieut. J Adam Mildrrherjrr, Commandant, bonnded by niton,Greenwich, Read, and Went ita., at Chambers, oornar of t'anhlngton atmct Co. D.?CaptTJfmet W. Farr, Commandant, bounded bjMnriy. Broadway, Rtade, and Greenwich ita., at Murray, oodkr of 'cllece Place. Co. I.ient. W. A. Hlnchmaa. Commandant, bounded by laada at., Br-iadway, Iranllii, and Hudw* it*., at ?Mt sift of hdi'jt It. .oorsu W hxUMti 4 Co. f.?CapUin John J Suiu, CommaiKlaBt, bonn4*4 by liMilt atonat, Uur/ii itml, Bnek kiw Wnt Hmmitwl aid* (A iiudatii itiw t, corner "f Dukno atraot. Co. (i.?Captain IVlliiu. I. W>'.?-r. ' om-oandimt, Vnindod bf Frurklin 8r?a<i?ay, ?'?nal nod llai^tu II id#i*jt., at 14 uil? no at St Jniiii'a fl rV < o'ti.?1'aptain Juba (irrgurj. I'eaeh atnet. i(uH?.n .mat, I a latitat., (una I at., Heat at., m lludaua at, u|>p<>aiia StJulm'i Par*. AI(?a)a wilt bu heard at Thoma* Ritejr'a hun*, at the ornti if H'.nt Hr> udw?y ai><i Franklin a rt?t, for Compuniaj A.H, utA D, on ?ii.lay, lie t.. "Stli, at 7W P. M. Fur *'"nvair.ta E, F. G, aiid it, on Monday, Oe^ ltfth, at aaoa hou?. E> ?>tdi r nf T'-IOIIAS P. Ptlrtdu CoLliUt Kom. .V. Y. 8. M. aktK^TN i>riii?i*nt mkw voa* itati militia. ? aiiva.ith ami.tc^th wanna, I uriini't to tlu ut.ova I. iviiiuu Orilnra uud tho Aet therein IT! UllOllfli thf All.- -.1 i ri??u mi me ?:venu oompanles of t'n? Ki-jiment, Mill it, !h.:irr spec liv* Company IHstrict* ou il?i illy, the ili luv 01 Octob. r n-m. III o'oluek, A. M., tat uonpant |*kru?ie, impaction <*l.d martini vxarvlMii, armed and equipped ac<or<lih|; to law at ih? pituxs dcignatwl broach district respectively, nlollons:? The Kirst Company Ointrlit in I. mnded by Catharine, Madison, and hiit(cr? itrixU ar.d EastKiv.r It will parade in Monro* street, lit:la on 1'ike sticet, and bu cuii.inundud by Capuun Tboin:-s Morton. Th? LM Company Illntrirt is bounded by R,i>/<th. llvllann and Crvnd strc?'? and Eaat River ; will bu commanded by Captain William 11 Willi*us, u>-d will parude in Monro* street, r.U* righti on JcBi tpon street. .'id Company Uin'riot?Bounded by Catharine, IHvtaon, Rntnra and Muiliton stn-uis: will t* c nu.ianded by ( apt. Jurnes Prion, , Mil' will |miad? in Henry street, tuo right ou Market a'r??t. 4th < uipony Ulutrict?Uonnded by Rutgm-ii, Dtviaion, Grind and Medium utrects; vt ill be comrnsiided by Clpta'n Cliarles W. Bn uli, sud will parade in Henry strest, Urn rurht u Clint in street. 6lli ( nn>|auy iiirlrtut?Bounded by Divisiou, Norfolk, Orand and Kldridiie hiikU; will le c.mmau<'?d by Captain James L. W ao?h, and will parade in Orchiird street, tlia ri?bt on Uostcr street. 6tk Com piny District? Hounded by t'io Bowery, Grand. Kldridg* ?ud Diviiiun vtrenta; will be c imuauded by Captulu Cyru* u. I.nutul, nnd will paiade tn Kcraj th street, the ri^lit ou Vftiker street. "<??>*, Hivlni?ton, Allen and Crnnd street* ; will l*j commanded l.y Lieutenant 3am"el ?U*et! ar J "reel, tho right on BroMM Ail") ?Bounded by the Bowery, Itivintfon. Allen and l.raud streets ; will b? commanded by i uptain Uenrv ciS:?7e;lB<1 wi" 'aruj!!1!r"omu tu^ TOTE 1 h?Commandant of th!? Regiment will attend at tlm Mercer H'.'H'11 nir'I" 1,9"<1. Brooino street*,) on llonday tho lbt b ?1 October, I^"4hi a* 6 o'clock k* VI And uili th??i? in * ?l flavor rJ'lh*1?ly t" raftl,? L? ^im'f,,r th* Wiaiaaina of illy ^sawsKsc:;'?? -? ?- - -is By order of ANDUEW A. BKEMNGR, Col. 7 th KugijiicDt EIGHTH RKfi IMP. NT NEW YORK H T A T K MILITIA. KI.CVL'NT'I AND THI' TKKNTH WAltl>P Purinant to tho ftbove Division Orders, and the act therein men turned, the ununltor , d privates ,1 the several u?mpanlw ofth?. Heamiunt mi ao?. i ole within tl.eir respojtive Company DUtriote on Monday. the. lday of October next, at lUo'olovk, A. M? for l.Mii|?iiv |*and?, inbjitctioM, and exercise. armed and equipped aou rdiug to law, at the i>!aoea designated lor each diatnot, rt*ppec ively an follows: Company A, Capt. GeorgeLyons. Commandant, at (ho corner of < linton and ( ruinl streets. Ilwtrict bounded by Norfolk. Kivingtcn Kidge and Oiviuioirftrectt. Cumpn y B, Lieut. K. D. Lawrence, commandant, at the corner ??!, y 11 1 and ilitrifl streets. Thin district 11 bounded by Ridue Kivin?t< n, Cannon, Craud and Division street* Coin| any_C\ Cant. M. M. Van Oyko, Commandant, at the ooroer ol Goertk and (,rand streets. This district is bounded by Brand,Cannon and ltivinxton streets, and the East Hirer. Con.panvD Capt Jamc.JLJttK Commandant, at the corner of r'i: .ftI l streets. Thio district is bounded by Kivinxton. Lunton, Houston and MieriO streets. Com puny E, Capt George B. Browne. Cornmandantiat the earner of Cannon and Houston street*. This district in bounded by Kivington Slierill and Houston struct*, and the Kist Hirer Company I, Lieut. Albert DemaresL Commandant, at the corner oi fifth street and Avenue B. This district is lioundod by Honaton street, Avenue B, Fifth strtot and the E-isUhiver Com nun v t!. I.Unt Cbnvl,.. n i>.?. n y ... i vtuiiiiiiiimuni, ai i;in corner of 7th street and Avenue II Thin district is bounded by Fifth street, Avenue It, Ninth street, an't the Kant Hivor. Company II, Capt. William A. 1'oud, Commandant, attheoornerof Aviiras B ai d Ninth strvet This district is bouuded by Ninth street. Avenue II, Fourteenth street and tho finst Kiver. Appeals will belieurd at the Military Hall, Nr. 1U3 ISowory, Tot the 11 mission of any penalty incurred by any person liable to do duty in tho district, an followsFor Companies A and li, Tueoday, 17th Octolier; forCompanies C and D, Wednesday, 18th October; Companies E and F, Thursday, IVth October; Companies G and II, Friday, L'Uth October, from ti o'ylook, P. II., to 9% o'clock, P. M , each day. By order of Cut. JOHN W. ST1LK8. DviB, Acting Adjutant. WINTH RElilMKIVT SIW VOX STATIC MILlVlA. sevk-ntecntm ward. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the Act therein montioned, the ununilornied privates ol the several coin runlet of Litis Regiment will assemble within their respective Company listxiots on Monday, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'oloolc, M., for company parade, iiupection and martial exercise, timed and enuipped according to law, at the place designated Tor each district, respectively as follows:? 1. The Distiiet ol Company A, commanded by Lieut. James W. Dikcman, who Is hereby detailed for that rurpoee, and bounded by the Bowery, Rivington, Kldridge, First avenue, and Second street, at the south east comer of llo\uton and Chriitio streets. I. The District of Coinj*ny B, commanded hy Capt. Stephen II. Cornell, und bounded ty kldridge, Itivington, Kssex, Avenue A. Second street, and First avenue, at tho south west corner of Houston and Allen street!. 8. The District of Compart* C, commanded^ by Lieut P. W. Luff, w ho in hereby detailed Lr that purpose, and bounded by Euex, Hivuigton, Clinton, Avenue B, Second street, aud Avenue A, at the south cast corner of Houston and Norfolk streets. 4. 'lhr. District of Company D, commanded by Captain Charles Bulwicklcs, and bounded by the bowery, Second street. Firrt avenue, and Sixth street, at the south cut corner of second ivcnue anil Fourth street. ft. The District of Company E, commanded by Captain Motrin Pitman, and bounded by I irst avenue, Becond street. Avenue It, and Six'h street, at the south cast corner of Avenue A and Fourth street. t>. Tiio District or Company F, ooinmaodcd by Captain John J li eland, and bounded by the Hovcry, Sixth street, Avenna B, Seventh stu-et, Avenue A, and Eighth street, at the south Mat Burner of .-eoond avenue and Seventh street. 7. The District of Company G, commanded by Capt,. Richard II. Tt oinpuun, and bounded by the Ilowery, Eighth street. Avenue A. and Tenth itreet, at tho {sonth east corner of Second avenue and Ninth street. 8. The District, of Company II, commanded by Captain Henry B. Melville, anil bounded by the Bowery, Tenth itreet, Avenna B and Fourteenth street, at the south east corner of gecon > avenue and Twelfth street. The Kerimcntal Court of Api?a!s, to hear appeals from tan or ltrnlnes imp- fed. will be held a*. Military liall, l'J.'l Howery, on IturBilfcy, tho Stith of October, IttJM, at 7 o'clock, V. M. B. CLINTON FERRIS, Col. Conuu'g 9th Rcgt. N. Y. 3. Militia. S. Van winki.r, Adjutant tenth regiment new voi1k state militia. ninth ward. Pursuant to the above Division orders and the Aet therein nentioned, tho unumfonnod private* of the nveral Companies >f tliis Regiment will asttemble within their respective Company Divisions, on Monday, the 2d day ot October next, at lG o'clock, \. M.. for Company parade, ii1 ?. 11. n and martial exercise, timed and enuipped according to law, at the plaoes designated for each district respectively, as follows:? __ ?i. i/im nci, v/uiniany a, oounana i>y the iiuaion Kivcr, Hamnerslev, Bedlord and Barrow streets, commanded by Kdward loncs, Lieutenant, at the northeaat corn*r of Uadwa and Lm) treets. 2d District, Company D, hounded by Bedford, ilammenley, Jsncock, Bleecker and Carmine streets, Sixth avenue and Barow Direct* and commanded by Henry L. Hoeinie, Captain, at the lortheast corner of Bleeoker and Cornelia strwts. .Id District, Company C, bounded by the Hudson Hirer,Barrow, ludson,and 1'erry street* und commanded by Henry Brunei, laptain, at the northeaat corner of Waahington and Amot trieta. 4th District, Con-pany D, bounded by Hudson and Barrow tteets, Sixth avenue, and Amos streets, o mmanded by Cornell)* Clark, Captain, northeast corner of Fourth and Christophw itrceta. 6th District, Company E, bounded by nudaon Rirer, Parry itreet, lludson and Troy a trot is, commanded by James MoQrath, Japtain, at the northeaat corner of Washington and Baak itieeta. Gtli District, Company F, bounded by nndson, Amot) Faetory, Bank atrteu,Greenwich avenue and Troy street, ootntnaaded >y James K. Dodge, Captain, at the aouthwest corner of Fourth in<l Perry streets. 7th District, Company 0, bounded by the Hudson River. Troy trcet, Eighth avenue, and Fourteenth street, and commanded b? .'orneliua Vanderreer, Captain, at the northeastoorner of Qreenrich and Horatio at rce ts. btli District, Company B, bounded by Eighth arena*, Troy treet, Greenwich avenue, Bank, Factory, and Amoa tree tic ixth Avenuo and Fourteenth street, commanded by Jacob Rayor. Captain, at the northeast corner of Seventh arena* and welfth street. Tic Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeal* from fix* nd penalties lmpoied, will be held at the Northern Kxohange, lo. 27b Blcccker street. For Companie* A and B, on Monday, ictoU-r 10, at 7 o'clock, P. M.; for Companie* C and D, on Tu**ay, Octcli.r 17, at 7 o'clock, P. M.; for Companies E and F, on Vedneoday, October 18, at 7 o'clook, P. M.: for Compani** 0 tad L on Thursday. Octobcr 19, at 7 o'clock, P. M. By order of WM. HALSEY, Colonel 10th RegX N. Y. 8. H. ELETEWTH RF.OIMFHT NK.W TORS STATE MILITIA. SIXTEENTH Ann Kinitf-KENTH WARPS. Pursuant to the above Division Order*, and the A*t tksreln nentiotrd, the ununiformed privates of the serrral Companie* of Jiis Regiment will assemble within their respect! re Company Dto:rict*, on Monday, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'elowk, A. M_ for Company parade, inspection and martial exerci**, armed and )<iuip;ed according to law, at the place* designated for each district respectively, a* follows: 1st. Company District of Company A,commanded by Qaptaia ft illinm M. McArdle, bounded by the Hudson River, rourteeatk itrect, the Eighth avenue and Nineteenth street, on tb? oorner >f l'ourtecoth street find Eighth avenue. 2d. Company District of Company I), commanded by Captain John C. Uelme, bounded hy the Eighth avenue, Fourteenth street, iixth avenue and Nineteenth street, on the eorncr of Fvortamtti itreetand Sixth avenue. :vi. Comi*ny District of Company C, commanded by Captain lohn Seuiort, bounded by the Hudson Rivet, Nineteenth street, he Eighth avenue and Twen y eighth street, on the corner of Siieteentli street and the Eighth avenn*. 4th. Company District of Comrany D, commanded by Cantata rredtrick Fiesenccker. bounded by the Eighth avenue, .Vmelwatb itreet, the Sixth avenue, and Thirtieth atreet, on tlx *urau *t lliirfieth atreet and E glith avenue. 6th. Company Diatnct of Company t. commanded by Cirtli riiomai 8. Murphy, bounded by the lindtcn Kiver, Twenty-eighth Itrect, the EJnlith avenue, Thsrfic th strwt, the Sixth a venae and Fortieth street, on Die ooruer of Twonty-eighth street aad the Eighth avennc. 6th. Company District of Company F. commanded by Li??> tenant William Green, bounded by Sixth avenue, Fourteenth Itrect, East River and Nineteenth street, on the uorner ef Few teentli (treat and Sixth avenue. "th. Company Dietrict of Company 0, commanded by liratenant Peter limner, bounded by the Sixth avenuo, Nineteenth itrcet, the East Hiverand Twentieth aixth street, on Um colli r of Twenty aixth afreet and Sixth avenue. Kh. Comi?ny Distriet of Company II, oommanded by Capt4in f oft ii P. Ellin, and bounded by Sixth avenue. Twenty-?xth at reel, ^aat River, and Fortieth afreet, on the corner of Twenty-dxth treet and Sixth avunne. The Regimental Court of Apfals, to heat appoaJs from flne* nd peuajtiea Imposed, will be held at the Madison Cottage, oorcr ol Fiftli avebue and Tw enfythird street, on Wednesday the sth day of October, at six o'clock in the afternoon. Uv order ol ROBERT C. MORRIS, Col. Uth Reft. N. V. 8. M. TWELFTH KBntMK.tT NKW IOHI ITtTt MILITIA. _ TWELFTH WWD. Pnrtuant to the above Division Orders, and the Act therein nenticncd, the ununifonned prwates of the several Companies of hia R(|imenL will ammhlu aithia the.rrsepective < ompwny )istriofs on Monday, the 2d day or October next, at IU o'clock, i. M, for Company parade, Inspection and martial extreise, anvil and equipi cd according to law, at the places designated f aeh district respectively, is follow i:? ComianyA, Cap!. Vincent, ( ommxndaat, bounded by th? rourth avenue, lil'th atreet. Eighth avenue and Eighty sixth treet, Company B, Cupt ITn, HcCrr*. Commandant, bounded by "onrtli avetme, Harlem Hirer and Killt Kmt Kiwr ?.i ?i?ki? lath Unit, at N. il. corner of fourth >i?im a>4 Ltghty^iith tr?tt Cotnreny 0, Capt. Ma) her. Coinmandaat, txondfd by * llM tinning due we.i from tLe High Brut*. tLe Und* llivtr, Jp?y ?n Dtuvel Creel *id Ulrltm Kivet, to tlM lllftb Hnd#e. M l)DH?lnd(ic Road. oppculte the HUh Undje. t>m|ao> I), t'tti.t. Prod too. rote, Commandant. bomded by Jgl.thavenue. Klybty-iiatl, it.Iludaon Rtwr, Manhattan eireeV nd IJAtk etceet, at M. W. corner tt Eighth avenne * < *i?hty. Uth atrnt 11 ni|ai y E, Lleot. Lenghl, Commandant, bonnded by Eighth ven?">, ll^hty *xtf Unit, tl.elUd?on River and K rlieth?tr?W >t N. W. corner Eighth avtnnc anil rortiethatroet _ Ccspany r. *apt. Kffiioh. IV wnnandtnt, I ">?nded fcy Fonrtt ,ten?e fortieth ureet, t.ubih atome a?d Eighty***"ilm^ ,tS. W. coiner of 1'ouitb avenue ai/d Thirtyei*th .. . Cimpny C, Capt. Boyle, r. oimaUat, U?nJM bj Fortieth treet, M.?lRiver, EigliM-iixtli ?tr??t and r<i?rth awmue. CoBifnny I!, ('apt- Aytr?. in.mui'dant, bounded by rtnrrta iv?n?.e, 11 hi It hirer, to Hi*t. Bridge. theme due ?Nt U Union Rhur, andaJo?*>?td ilvtr to Manhattan ?*reet, UKilh etreet. Eighth a\pLuo, and 12>th iUvet, oa Tuntfi avenue, nenr Trinity Jenelftry, win M h'*r>I At the Unmch Hotfl. No. .HB Bowery. Vtw V? rk citji. ?n JMwday, tl? lOih, Wcvln?*Uy. n.ur.-thy. fhe 12th d*y of <>ot< I cr Le.it, between ti*e hound 1 Bd?F.-HOfc^da,

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