15 Ekim 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

15 Ekim 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

Very Interesting from Martinique. Maktiniqkb, St P.erre, rie|t 9,1H4S. Since my last letter, ditted July 1st. 1S43, I have to remaik but little change in thu political state of affairs in this island. The commis-'ary-g-neral continues to explore the country, as I previously informed you, with the best lutentiona and desire to re-establish order and work on the estate*; but very unhappily for him and the whole community, lus good counsels are immediately overthrown by some rascally ir.a'efactors (presumed to be of the colored class), who make it their business to follow at hiB heels; and, as soon as he has left the premises, they appear, and, in a lew words of evil advice, destroy, eventually, in the mind of the laboreis the good impiession they mitht have derived otherwise. The strictest search is, however, made, to discover these evil propagandi, to whom the severest punishment will be awarded. Of course, it will easily be perceived from this, that feelings oi the biiwebt animosity against the whites is still engendered by the other classes, and instilled into the negroes, chiefly by me jmilattoPB. This state of tilings cannot possibly last much longer without causing s nie ocular dejnonsiiaiion on the pait of the authorities. The elections for the purpose of 110m nating representatives of this colony to the National Assembly took place here on he lljth, 17th, and ltJth ult.; and, much to the general satistftction, passed cff in a quiet and orderly manner. Ot the three chosen and elected candidates, viz : Bissett", Scha'lcher, and Pory-Papv, for this island, the latter is the only one a resident h?re; the two former being in Prance This Mr. Pory-Papy is a native of this island, and 11 mulatto lawyer hy profession, and mayor of this city at the tim- of hia nomination to the National Assembly. H>s personal demonstrations dining the eventful d iva of the 22d and 2!ld of May last, in fuvorin" the blacks in their object, and his conduct since tlie emancipation (otherwise unfavorable to the interest *nd security of the whites), has, beyond a doubt, secured to him the majority of the public suffrage; fcut whether the validity and the form used in these elections will be considered as regular and lawful by the Aesemblce Nationale, in France, is yet a question. On Sunday, i20th August last?and as we were, as it was, rejoicing ourselves of tne peaceful una orderlike manner in which the elections had been conducted, as a com-id?nhle excitement and tumult was apprehended as accruirg therefrom? ve were all at once thrown ii.to the utmost confusion and alarm, caused by the menacing attitude of some of the blacks and colored people, vho appeared as it determined to renew again the terrible scenes that preceded their liberty; all was confusion in the streets, and the hour 8 o'clock in the evening. The doors of private dwellings were lieard bolting, and the cry " to arms" resounded everywhere. Finally, the military were on the ?lert ; night posts were doubled, and soldiers patrolled thecity in every direction. Then t^e mayor, <Pory-Papy,) and the militaiy commandant, eacq on horseback, visited the principal parts of the city most addicted to revolutionary meetings, note, drc , fee.; and, soon afterwards, Mr. PorvPapy returned to the city hall, aud there solemnly pledged hims< If tor the pacific intentions of the mob, hs alto for the undisturbed quietness of the town during the remainder of that night. Meanwhile, the civil and military authorities lost no time in securing such as appeared the ringleaders, ana hii otiiers that were armed in the streets. From the many arrests made that night, and disclosures resulting therefrom, it seems that the only caufre tender* d tor this u-tended or preintended attack and revolt, was that the rioters Jhad been given to understand that there had been a meeting ot the whites that same Sunday morning. at the Botanical Garden, (near the city,) which h?d in view the purpose of assassinating their popular and most beloved candidate, PoryPapy. Of coin Be, such a statement is most absurd ana m< st fallacious; and tiie generality of the whites here are apt to think, and that most naturally. too, that it was an ill-devised scheme ot this Mr. Pory-Papy, to impress on the minds ot all in tins colony, and in France, the excess of his popularity with the blacks and mulattos, and the danger jteihapsthere might be, incase the proceedings in his election were not confirmed. He it as it may, we shall always bear in mind Mr. PoryPapy's adieus to St. Pierre. 1 shall aiid, that the police, by direction, entered and seaiched several suspicious houses, and found an many of them a certain quantity of rnpes, neatly tallowed and prejared, one end of wnicn is fastened to a stick, and at the other end to a clipping noose. These articles of art, so well adapted, indeed, to aiotise curiosity, have different appellations?thty are known in Mexico as " laFeros," and are called here " cahouvats." It fjtems that they can be applif d to different familiar usages, among others that of strangling people, and illustrating the lamp-posts with their bodies. I cm happy to inform you that the magistrates eeem, at length, willing and capable to throw off the lethargv in which they appeared to lull themselves with tuch an apparent complacency; and, lo that f fleet, will lecord the judgment that was Tendered the other day, at the court of assizes of Port-de-France. (Fort Royal,) against the two blacks, named Destin and Lfeandre, convicted as the ringleaders of the coalition, arid the instigators ot the riots that occurred in the latter part of June last, on the estate of La Pointe, in the district of the Francois, under the management of jMr. Walley Clerc. Destin was condemned to five years reciusion, nna Licanure to one year s imprisonment, aDd for five years deprived of all civil Tights nt>d privileges. Mr. Tanc, lately arrived here in the capacity of attorney of the republic, is a man of very great energy, and esttemed capable of fully carrying out the duties of his important office. Himself and hie second substitute, (Mr. Pierre.) accompanied by six gendarmes, visited, on Weduesday last, 6th mst., in the distiict of the Precheur, all the negro huts suspected of concealing stolen articles deriving from the pillage that took place during the riots that overtook this district on the 22d May last. Many articles were found in this razzia, consisting of furniture of all descriptions, mattrasI.u,l<,f..tl,uc> nnr?J ,m Ar? A-? k.,t ingjewelry and other articles of gold and 9tiver, have not yet been found. By decision of theCommissaire-General, of 30th August last. Mr. A. Agnis, (mulatto,) has b^en nominated May<r of St. Pierre, superseding IVir. Pory-l'apy, elected representative of the people to the 'National Assembly," and who left in the last eteamer of that month for Europe. Also, by an a**! of 21et of same month, the government has decreed the issue of 32.100 notes, or ix.ntde raiste, for the amount of 1,(500 OOOf. These items will be circulated in five emissions of 300.000f. cach, and which will be issued according to the decisions of the Commissaire-Creneral. This tinatcial measure has been adopted to remedy, in a measure,and if possible, the dist<ess of the colony in money matters, and the want of numexary in the treasury. From 1st inst , this paper is to huve ?n unristricted circulation throughout the whole island?great fear is cniertained, however, iliat this system will prove a failure, and may, after all, cieate many difficulties with the laboring classes. The Board of Commerce, of this rity, having been duly informed that the supply of fl >nr on the 2d day ot September, amounted only to906 barrels hastened to petition the Commissiiiie-freneral to ftllow the immrHixte imimnntion of 1.000 barrels Amencan flour, let-sening also the duties on the f?ame to bf. 50c. per 200 barrels. This, of course, lias bien granttd, but with the following restrictions !? " That thepp 1 000 barrel* are to be imported exclusively in Kr<-t>ob bottoms, and within two month*of *l>at pt-rlod only " In eup|>ort of what f have mentioned in a previous letter to the Herald, in regard to the critical situation of our market, and what it would be about this time, it la well to say, that the inhabitants teel eurpriK d that the local government should, at such a cris's, and at a time when the actual necessaries ?f existence are musing, enforce such restrictions over foreign importations, and when, alao, at the least, the potts of the island ought to have been laid oi>en. On the 21st of August last, some parts of the Island of Guadeloupe suffered considerably from the ?fleets of a hard blow, nearly approaching a " hurricane," which la?ted from six I'. M., to twelve, 3' M. In the portion called Grande-Terre, the plantations suffered much, many wind-mills were blown down, and several sugar houses have been materially damaged. At the poit ot (tif Motile, the snipping sustained a jgtent deal of iniury. The bri^; Castor, o( Marseilles, with n full cargo of sufar, was wrecked on the roths or reels at the entrance of said port. Jt is repotted, also, that many of the leeward islands received the effects of this storrn. Strange to say, the Inland of Martiii(|ue was spared, and V'e find even no indication of it. ] will now close the p esent letter. It is a very Jong one, I fear; hut in *rlnch in encompassed the principal events that have occurred since my last, and which, fur the present time, agitate our little colony. II ) ou think it worthy to give it some attention, t- me poitiont* of H may prove iritert-stinff to such of your readers as have jitely emigrated lr< in this inland to the land of "milk and honey," nnd 1 might add, s.so, of the "free and hapiiy," nnd who, notwithstanding, have left behind them the wreck of their fo-tunes linked to all the ead< fitments of n unlive place. N. II ?I'.nclost d and accompanying this, pleass p find "a copy" ot a petition of the white inhabi* Itants of Ouadaloupe to the President of the I'nited States, under elate of 2.">ih of August. This copy waa remitted to me liy one ol trie committee at OiiHdaloi'pe, Oesiring me to send It to the Aito Yvrk Ikrald for publication, la this rMh?? you had uo previous kiiowl d?e ot it. and that y< u should deem it couveniem and advisable to do bo. F. To llll ElC*lle!?Cr, tmk Pit ks ipk. nt ok tilk Ubit f!d Statu of Amkhica, in Congmim Amkmbi.kp, Washington, Your Excellency?We, the undersigned, inhabitant! of Ouadaloupe, belonging to the white popu alioo, whine families bad. even sinoe 1793, emigrated to your shores We are French citizens, landholders and merchants. most of uh li.itin ; re?ided been brought up. or educated amongst you, or traded with the Union, beg to crave your attention to the following sut>j?ot. Since the last French revolution, the provHiontl govtrnment bating emancipated our slaves, without previously paying a just aud equitable indemnity. wniMi proceedii'g baa thrown us into ruin, (iiicnur>tgement ' and the greatest desolation, we have, in this predica' ment, cast our eyes towards your friendly nation, as being the only one whose sympathy to the French emigrants in other times, has already been experienced From what is above stated, and the present situa' tion of this Island, we are all of opinion that it can i not Inncrer afford shelter and security to the whites : nor do we even think we can remain in safety for the future, from what ban already occurred in Marti, nlco, and tbe bad disposition of the blacks here ; it beirg proved by experience that, after ruin an J misery disturbance mutt follow. We. in consequence thereof, . cannot refrain any longer from applyin? to your excellency. with a request that, you #111 favor us with such facilities as would enable us to retire and settle in such part of the Uiited States which you might | deem convenient to prunt us. Weindulge in the hope, that the generous nation you : are at the head of will make no difficulty against admitting un as brothers?for such we are, by the blood split by our fathers, when siding with your auoestors in the glorious battles fought for independence, and for the defence of that soil, seme small portion of which we now beg from you. Tbe American people, and their government, are already possessed with all our sympathies, and au allegation to their population, we trust, will be no incumbrance to the public welfare. We remain, with deeprespeot, your exoellency's very humble and obedient servants | Signatures follow.] Pointe a Petre, tiuadaloupe, August 25,1848. The original of this petition was forwarded on 30ih instant, per schooner Eleanora, Capt. Gerard, bound lor Ntw York. Two other petitions are , now leady to be forwarded, both Ironi the Moule, ; and Port Louis, this Island. I The M?nterey Mkdal.?The New Orleans BuiI Ictin publishes the following correspondence, re| lative to the gold medal, voted by Congress, to ' General Taylor, for the battle of Monterey, and which was recently presented to him at PassOhrisi tian, on the part of the government, by Charles Htrrod, Esq. :? Washington, July3,1848. Sir?Pursuant to a joint reso.ution of Congress. approved the 31 of March. 1847, I have caused to be prepared, and new have the honor to present to you, the gold medal voted to you by that resolution, as a testimony of the high sense entertained by Congress of your judicious and distinguished conduct in the brilliant military operations at Monterey, Mexico, in September, 1846. I have tbe honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, James k. polk. Bitos Rouce, Li . Sept 28,1848. Sir?I have had the honor to receive your communication of July 3d. and, with it, the gold sandal voted by a joint resolution of Congress, at) a testimonial of my service* in the reduction of Monterey I beg leave to express my deep sense of the distinguished hooor which the Houses of Congress have seen fit to confer upon me by tbe presentation of this medal, an honor which is enhanced by its reception at the hands of the chief magistrate of tbe republic. 1 hare the honor to be. With high respect, taylor, Major Gen. U. S. A. hod. jamcr k. poi.k, i'resideiit of the United States, Washington. d c. i Tiik AnmruTioN Cask.?In the case of the State i vs. Bridgeford, charged with the abduction of a k rl dunied Mary Jbdp Speneer which has been in pro: grem bff'Te Justice Black during the last three days, ; 1h? examination was concluded yesterday afternoon, and resulted in the defendant being held to bail in the 1 sum of five hundred dollars for his appearance before j the Criminal Court. The examination was ably con1 ducted by Mesfrs. Laheaum* and Elliott on the part ; of thf State, and Misers Field Smi'h, Blackburn, and 1 Wright, on the part of the defence. The evidence against the prisoner appeared to be conclusive ; and if : the stanmnints of witnesses are to be relied on. a ome | of deeper depravity has not been brought before tha , 1 putlic for many a day. However, as the affair is to ] undergo still further judicial investigation, we forbear comment.? St. Louit Rcviclle, Oot. 7. . The Metallic Tablet Strop, fir Keeping I baton in perfect order, inven ted by Q. Saunders, year Ifllti. This i article t aa be- n so lone and favorably kn*wn. as to need no com. ment on its virtues. suffice it tohay, it has never been equalled ! for ti e purposes intended, the inventor having iwn awarded the ! umal premium at the Fair of the Amer>oan Institute, on each occaci'n that the article haa been exhibited for o>mpttitinn. ! Certificates, as well from tho first gentlemen in this and other | countries, and cutlers in all parts of the world, acknowledging its | wonderful power, can be seen at the Factory. m7 Broadway, corner ol Liberty street, and 387 Broadway. The Cheapest arid Beet Plnce In the City to ret, good Boots, fhoea and Gaiters, is at jonks's. 14 Ann s'reet. near the American Museum. First quality of French Calf Drum Boots, $4 60: Mcond do., $3 AO to $4: Congress Boots, from ?3 20 to H: French Patent 1 eather Boots, $7. i C 0 M H E R C I A L A P P A I R 8. MONKV MARKET. Saturday, Oct. 14?6 P. M. The stock market opened heavy this morning, and prices for most of the fancies fell off a fraction. At tke First Board Treasury notes declined % per cent.; i Canton, X ; Harlem. ; Reading R. 11., } ? ; Norwich and Worcester, ; Erie R. R.. new, full, advanced >4 per cent. At the Seoond Board Harlem advanced Erie R. Rfell off and ReadiBg R. R. >?. A counterfeit $10 bill on the Troy City Bank.has been discovered at Cincinnati. It is well executed, and calculated to deceive the unsuspecting. The centre vignette is a railroad train and tree ; the left end has a 1 steamship, and on the right end is a vessel under full sail. The paper rather light. 1 The annexed statements exhibit the quotations in this market, for foreign and domestic exchange, for | specie and uncurrent money:? Forkiom Exchanges. On London 10V a HW On Amsterdam... 40>i a 40V On Paris 6f 23% oM 2;% On Hamburg .... a 36 Uu Bremen, 7a MO. - Domestic Exchanges. Boston. par a '4 dig Mobile Sp. chcohs..l*4 a 2 dig Philadelphia par a X dis Now Orleans 1 a 1% dig Baltimore V a 'J (lis North Carolina... 2 a ? dig Richmond 2 a2>?dig Cincinnati > 2 dia Charleston 1 a 1 '4 dig Ijouisrille 2 u 2% dig Savannah IX * IJi dis Nashville ? a ?!, dig ! Augusta ? a 1dm St. Louis 2>4a2)Sdis Columbug. ? a 1dig Detroit 2l, a 3 dig Buffalo 1*4 a ? dis i'ittsburg jJ a 1 dis Mobile (bk notes). 2 a .1 dis Quotations roil Specie. Per Cent. Value. , Amer. gold, old.. .106 a 106 Carolus dolls.. 1,03 a 1,05 do do new. .100 a 100M Five francs... 94 a Hl>4 Half dollars par a 100>, Doubloons. .,. 16,20 a 16,40 Portuguese gold. .1(H) a IHO'J do patriot. .16,60 a 15,70 Spanish dollars., .102 a 103 Sovereigns.... 4,HA a 4,87 do quarters.. WW a 100 do light... 4,82 a 4,83 Mexican dollars.. .100>4 a 10(1*4 lleavvguineas. 6,00 a ? do quarters.. a 100 Napoleons.... 3,85 a 3,87 Treasury Notes... 103 a 103} J Uncurrewt Monet. Bo'tat.S'ldat Bo'tat.S'ldat I1 .i - II r.l.j ta an M?'n 9'l: .1 i a > ,i!a WUMI*' . . . , , 4 UID |H?? "r- |'?J o- ? 4 Albany, Troy, &c. >4 dia % dil Now Orleans. ... 2?4 <lia IX dit N. York country.. ? dis X dia Ohio 2>? dis 2 dia New Jersey dia '4 dis Indiana .1 dis2}{dia Philadelphia.... >4 dis |iar Kentucky 3 dia 2 dil Baltimore \ dis ^ dis Tennessee 6 dil ?dis Virginia 1^ dis I dis Missouri 3 dil ? dil North Carolina.. ,t)i dis 2 dil Michigan. 4 dis 2?? dia South Carolina.. .2 dia? dia Canada 4 dia 3 dia Georgia 2 dis ? dia . Wheeling banki are 1 X per oent discount. There has not been, for some time past, any alteration of the least consequence in quotations. Foreign exchanges have been more or less active upon tbe departure of European packets, while domestic exchanges have been throughout the season exceedingly uniform in rates, and in very limited demand. The demaud for specie for shipment has become greatly reduced; but as the shipment* bar# lately been principally in foreign coin, there has been no variation in prloea. Uncurrent money has, for some time past, been quite active, and there are still large amounts offering for redemption. The brokers, however, have not had such a rich harvest as during the whole of last season, there not having been any bank explosions of any importance) and they have, therefore, confined their operations in tbls currency almost entirely to the regular system of redemption. As the fall trade falls off, the amount of this money afloat becomes reduced. The quantity of coal transported from the Anthracite coal regions of Pennsylvania for the past week wan bk iouowfl :? AnTHBAoirt- CoAi.^Tn Ar>r, To'nl for Wtrk rnding Oct. 12. I'rnioutlv. the urnton Krt rylkill C anul ... U,ns 11281 .W,"72 Kli dm* H?ilruad M .1*1 97 \ Mil WS.rtM heliiKk Cuiial 18,108 M?7M <W?,?92 Total! WI.T72 l.^.Vi, I1. Hi ],9l).H,0t8 Tin1 receipt* now are at the rate of mora than fifty thousand t?>n? per week. Thu uiigri <at? will noon reach two million* of ton*, and before the clone of na. vigntion, It will be largely exceeded. The quantity of tobacco inspected in, and exported from Virginia, in each of the pant two years, waa an annexed:? Moikmjntr or Tobacco i* Virginia? Intrr< now AMI KxTOHTA I ION. l)isvrcli?ns 1847. 1848 Richmond, blids .19IW5 15,713 r?tfri>burg. 12 036 8.S18 Lynchburg 11 732 7,285 Kami* tile. 3 810 2 4?>3 ( lurkfville 3,519 2.M6 , TjeHlTer 438 ?8 ! Danville H'J laa I I ToUl 51,720 a0,7io Blocki. 184T lihdi IS,127 1848 15 950 Exporti. 1817. 1848. To London, bhda 1 672 2 145 Liverpool 3,328 4,612 ttridtol ? 824 Leilh and Glasgow 6.r>3 710 France 6 333 728 Antwerp 774 1,601 Bremen 844 800 Noilerdam 627 236 Genoa 1,210 f>2?i Ttifde ? 379 Venice 1261 ? C?Tfta Venice . 631 ? Gibraltar 622 C05 Rio. ' > 4 liuiifax 10 20 Total 16,660 13,175 Stems Exported. To Bremen, hbda 5,407 4,030 Rotterdam. 81 ? Total 5 488 4,030 The inspection for the year just closed, wag l,r>,091 hhds lefts than the year preTlous, and the shipments .".,386 hhds. less. The falling off has been in the export to France, and other parts of the continent of Kurope. Stock Exchange. $210(10 Treas Notes, 6'?, ll? lfttfcs Krie KR, new, full CO 32000 do blH) 825 Canton Company XI UK*) Ark?n?an G's 3ft 160 do b*) 32 W lm ?MJ I' S b!? 't>7 IIUK N) do IrtMJ SUt> do '(is 1(14,4, 70 Nor * Wor R ,W ]{i00 Heading Murt Buds (iljjj 60 do bOm 3ft Alt hi AtUntin Bk B'ljn 'J4 4.VJ Harlem Railro?>l SuV Mi Reuding Railroad ' .'(2 6O do slM ''2 2i U do s90 31X 11)0 do sUO Hog 100 do 31!, ISO co S0?2 ISNfwJereey 1(? ^ ISO Long Island Railroad 'l\>2 KHI Fanners' Trust 60 do b.'#) 24}, a 0 Morris Canal KV 6 Bk ol Commerce, fuII W 60 do WO 8)2 Second Boaitl. $.1000 U S 6's, '67, 11)4 Vfa 120 shs Erie RR, full S.W ?l? :*().< do '08 104 N fto Htrloin RR, 607? 201K) do 104^ 60 do blO 61 400 Reading RR, .11 1U0 do 61 M dim Erie RR, U'.' li 0 (ha Nor It Wot bfim X5 10 do b;JU M?,'i 1UU do Urn 33X CITY TRADE REPORT. Saturday, Oct 14?2 P. M. Jishts are quiet, at $0 12X to (6 for pot* and pearls. Cotton.?The business during this morning is ( mail, and at prices continuing in favor of the buyer. J-'tour, <fr.?'The miirket lor western flour is without change but dull. Operations of the morning do not > exceed 2 600 bbls , at $5 37>? to $5 O'JH for the general ' assortment including State, Oswego mixed, western, I and pure Uenefee Some lots of fauay brought (5 02)< to f 6. In southern, we hear of no transactions. The market remains same as yesterday. Vleal Is held firmly at (3 37 H for Jersey. There h*vu been sales of 600 bbls. for the Weit Indies, at that figure. In wheat there is a fair demand, and the market Qrm. A sale of 2,400 burheln choice Wisconsin was made last evening at $1 10 Corn opens dull for round yellow.whiiefor mixed there is a moderate dtmand at 65o to O'.ta. for commtn to high. Rye is a shade lower, and sales are making at <>8c toCb>^c. delivered Oats firm, at 35c to 3&>ic. for river and ranal Limt.?Sales have been made of 2.000 bbls. common Thomaston. at 75o. Provisions.? Pork is dull, and no sales of moment reported. IVIess is held at $12 7f> to $12 b7J?, and prime at ?19. Small fales mess beef at $12. Lard is inactive, and quotations nominal Some parcel* of prime have baen 1 disposed of as low as 8c. iiutter and oheese remain as betore, with jmall sales Whiskey.? Prison hat a downward tendency; 160 bbls changed hands at 24c. Tobacco.?The operations of the week comprise 150 cases Penn seed, at 3>jo. to 8'40. 06 do. Connecticut do, at !?o to 13o.; 100 bales St. Domingo, at 12c ; and 226 hhda. Kentucky, itc., at 3>fc. to 6>,o., showing an active mat Ret. Saturday, October 14. - 6 P. M. The Hour market was firm to-day, with considerable sales of this State. Genesee, Oswego, Michigan, ko , at the foil prices of yesterday. A large portion of the coDtiuurd steady, but sales were moderate, and confined chiefly to lots of Ohio and otber wentern descriptions, on terms slated below. The corn market exhi bited no material change, holders were inclined to , wait for later news, due per steamship Drl'minia. and demanded prces mostly above tl views of buyers; ! sales, however, were ni? le to a fair "tent, chiefly of mixed, at Heady pric Mt-al exhibited no change. Hye was rath) r heavy its were lirrn with more doing. Small sales of r pork were made at tbe asking rates of yesterday, ne was rather dull. There was no change in lard. re was not much doing in groceries, nor was tber oy material variation in prices. The cotton mark. utinued languid, and until the receipt of later fori news, no material change can be anticipated. Amiks ?The sales reached about 100 bbls , including pots at about $6 1 a $0 25, and pearls at $6 18%. Dhf.ads i urri.?Flour?The sales for the day amounted to 12 000 a 15.000 bbls, including 4.500 straight brand Genesee, at $5 60 j and 0 000 a 8.000 do., do. ware reported sold, at the same piiee. Several parcels of Michigan, Oswego, this State, Western, Stc. were also sold in the above aggregate, at $5 37a $5 60 { Many orders, brought out by the Cambria, were not executed till yesterday and to-day, which, in the faoe of slack receipts, imparted greater firmaess to the market. There was no change of moment in Southern brands Sa'es of 300 a 400 bbls Petersburg City Mills were made, afloat, at $5C2>{ ; 200 bbls common City ground were made at $5 50, aad 200 do. Ohio baker's brands were sold at $6 75. Wheat?Sales of 2 400 bushels of Ohio were made on private terms. Yesterday afUrnoon, about the same quantity of Wisconsin fold at 110c. The last considerable sales of at IIP ? llNc. Corn?The sale* leached about 20,000 bufcbels, chiefly high mixed, at 68 a 69 ; and common do at about 64c.. with some small loU of round Jersey at 74c. Orod round Northern was held at 7Sc Hral ?Sale* of 200 bbls New Jeraey were made at $3 3~%. Kyr?Salea of l.llOO bushels were made at 68){c . delivered Hyt Flour was worth about $3 SO a $3 62X llv< k IVhrat Flour? Sale* of 100 baft* were made at (2 lt>?4 ; and sales of Croton Mills manufactured. ?old at $2 7.r> per lOOlbs. Off.*?Sales of 6.000 bushels were made at 35c.. and 2 or 2 cargoes do. Canal at 34 a 35a. Cotton.?The sales continue moderate. Bayers having the advantage, daily, appear in no hurry to , execute their orders ; toOO bales were sold < Fish continue plenty, and the market scarcely so firm. We notice sales of 400 bbls. No. 1 and 2 Massachusetts mackerel, at $8 76 for the former, and (0 75 for the latter. Krcit ?Bunch raisins are a shade lower, and sales were made of 1,000 boxes, at $1 60, whioh Is the highest market price. Frbichts.?A British ship was chartered for Liverpool. by which about 4 000 or 6 000 bbls flour were taken. The terms of the charter were not made public. For flour. 2s. 9d was asked. There was no change in the rates for grain Cotton was nominal, at 7-32d. To (Jlapgow. 2 000 bbls. flour were engaged at 2a. Std Hkmp.?There have been sales of 200 bales dew rotted American, mostly at $145 and Koine parcels at $142 50; and 100 do., dressed at $170 to $186. both six mos. Naval Stokes.?Id spirits there ha* been a movement, and pome 000 bbls. have changed hands, at 41c., and occasionally 42c rush We also hear oi sales of 600 bbls. Wilmington rosin, at $1 05 delivered ; and 260 bbls tar, at $2 12)*. Oils.?The market for Unseed it without change; pmall pales, from store, at 64c a 65o. for KnglUh, and 56c. a 67c. for American. Of Florence oil there have been pairs of 1 200 half chests, at private bargain. Phohmons ?Sales of 100 bbls. mess pork were made, at $12 76; and 60 do. of prime, at $10; the latter, towards the close of change, was offered at less money, ' without finding a buyer Lard-Sales of 200 bbls. were made, st 8c a 8' ,c New mess beef continued to pell at about $12. There was no change in cheese or butter. Rick was said to be a little firmer to-day, and sales of 60 carks wtre made at $8 62X a $3 75. Parties ware generally waiting steamer. Rattan.?We notice a sale of 3,600 bundles atS.U'c., 4 mos. Tohatco.?Frr Kentucky And seed leaf, there was a good demand through the week; but the firmness of holders of tbe former checked operations. Havana was much wanted, but the market was generally bare of choice lots. Cuba and Yar* were only in moderate request, at low prices. For manufactured, and segars, there was rather more inquiry. We submit the following STATIJirST showikfl tjfk Sai rs, Rickipts, Paints, Awn Btock on Hand, for thi Vkik kndino Oi'T. 14th. Pricet. Sold. Rrc'd. Stock. Kcntncky.VlnjInis \ ,, VJ. ? *nd is. Carotin*. ) ? Maryland and Ohio,, ? ? ? 16 do Penmylvania Seed., 6 al8 Mfi < ? .'IWaX1 . ? fi2t eaaei Connecticut do,.. ... 5 *12 M6 c?'.'al.'t ? 2!>S do Florid* 12 aWI ? ? 6* do Hn?una 90 aK7 ? 131 Mi flOObll Cuba 11 *15 ? 400 do 209M do Yar* 2H a3S S0bli25 ? 4Vido St. Domingo C *12 100 bla 12 ? lllijn Wooi,.?The operation* of the week comprise 30.000 ftound* city pulled, at 21 a 28c . ca*h and 4 mo* ; rom* otx of *uper at 24 a 26c , and 15,000 pound* quarter to full blcod merino, at 24 a 27a. WHiiitT ?Sale* of about 600 barrel* were made,Including Ohio and State prison, at 24c. MARKETS BL8EWHERB. STOCK 8ALKS. BAi.TiMOWr. Friday, ()e?. 13.? $1,000 Maryland Quarterly V*. 6R 1 It'll Baltimore6% I!-70, 3 dayi, 9*X- ".000 Baltimore and Ohio KR Piv'il It'i.Jn, 71; 1,100 do., 71. 1,000 do, 71; 10 ibare* Hiiltin re and Ohio BR Co., 2H5<; 5do.,28X; 60 do., 21; 6 do., 2N; 6 do., 2X, 3I> do , 2H; 30 do., 6 mo*, b. 2f<Jf. Pitn.Ai ri riHA, Oct 11?Urit Hoard.?6 Mechanics' Bank CTt(.irard Rank, I0>.,; 6 N. O. Gas, 1211; 3,000 Trea. Notes NO'.,; 2,0A?> State fi'.?, 787 N. Bank, Kentucky, 90S,; 1AA tehieh Mortgage (i'?, H1! 125 I thigh scrip, Kljji; 5000 U r> ti's, fi7, 10!iV; 7.H*. Mi. N:?v. fi's, I.V Mil,) l:t,l??l do, t*. :?"4; 3,000 Clio. Si tM. I nrnl (!>, Go, H>; Wst Bounty icnp 97J?. Second H\irrt ? I I iin.ii l-.nnk, Trim J 'J14: l.lli'O ('In. 6'a to, 7fli; 100 State S'a, 7?Mi 24.1 do, 7.'tS: If' Readlnj Railroad, lft\. Boston, Oct. 13? lliokrr'? Hoard?2 ahares Fall River Railroad, fr8; 2 do. VoJtrotit and Man*. Kai'road, 44',: 1 do. do , 4tl4; ldo.do. 4I; 2 do. Wes'ern Hiillroid. S?7H; "*' ?" R??din(t Railrod. Ill,: Illl do do., Il>4;4 do. Veneoi t Central Kailiond, 52^; Ml do. J.??t Boston Coftiiany. KIJ^. attronlbs; SIUUU Heading Rnilr'ad 11 nd*. 1HB0, Second Hoard?10 shares Vermont atd Mat*. Railroad, 152,'4, new. DOMESTIC MARKET.. n*K.ilTon 4'aTTt y Manrrt. Oct 12 ? At market, 1 1 476 he?f rattle ; 1,000 stereo; l.r? palrn working oxen ; 4K row* and calve* ; 3 500 sheep: 3(M)0nwlne Prlneg - Beef cuttle? First quality -(.ti 25 ; 2d do , $fi: 3<f. } $fi 50. Store*?2 jear* old. >12 to $15; 3 years old, >in to >?-. working oxen-Sa<?? at **< . yiuoaml $106 t ow s and ralre*- $21 fw, $:;o. #?*. anil $40. Sheep M '"2,r>- *1 ?) $2 and $2 Ml. 8wins?At wholeinle. I ?i0. to 4?i?. ; retail, 4>f0- tofi.^c. ; fst hog*, 4}{c. to 4><c. FOUHTON MARKETS. Ilmor.rTMt, (Barbados*,) Se|>t 28, 1K4R ?Since our int-t advice* trnrte h?- improved, from the market* being now fully supplied with nrticle* which were wanted, nnd tptculntor* stem to buy with a greater uplrit of coiittdence. About 3.<X0 hbl*. of flour, and fair *?ppile* of corn, cracker*, pea*, and potato** have been t?Ven for home consumption, onci-ioning n deolinn in prlc?*. a* will be seen on reference to quotation" here, in contained. Thin change ha* benefitted the poorer clafpe*, and, n? tliejiarin di?wltgtoarlos?,tli? pla*. tere will be plaoed in possession of the net proceeds of theirshipment* of produce, which will cause money to circulate more freely, thereby brightening our pron. pects. Kxrhnoge in dull The rates on the '"nlonisl Bank through the Commercial Department, for 30 day bills. $4 77X 60 day bills $4 75. an j !?0 day bill* $4 7l>f per A'100 kterling. Wholesale price of American breadt-tufls?Flour, (7 26; corn uieal $4 75 and scarce; yellow oorn. $1 80 per bag; black-eyed peas, f I 80 per bag; crackers. $4 75 per bbl ; pilot bread, $3 36; pork. $10 50 ; him*. 10c. ; butter. 18c. ; tallow, Hi a 18c ; white pine lumber. $20 perM.; tobacco leaf. $(ia$7 per lOOIbs.; do. manufactured. $Ua$10; codfWh $3 a $3 40 per <|uiittal ; candles. 17al8c.; herring, $4 50 per bbl.; : j-itch pine lumber $30; cypress shingles, $5 5Ua$7 50; | cedar do $3 60 a $6. PAHK TUKATRE.-MONDAY EVKN1NU, ()CTOKB? Ifi, tin' ?nierU'ntnenta will oonnneuce with tlie Faroe of I H<>.\* iKD (OX?Box. llr.VV.lt. Chapman; Cox, Mr. Dawson. Mr.-. Bounoei, Mrs Dyott. To whioi- will tie siiilvd. a new pio<e, entitkd I/A HF<>1?ATO?Mr. Star Hunter, Mr Walont; Mr. Frererick Ki'tcodflah Tiptop Mr. Daw?on; Mi* Anna Bella, Wmi?. ! A Uintiop. with h variety ol song* To conclude wl'h the urand Mallet hantomune of I K DlABl.E A Ql'ATKK?I'olm?ki. M. Mi.i | i.imir. Maxourki, M. Corby; Yvan, M C?n ft; MaourUa, ! Hint. Mot>Previous to the Ballet, a new Apropoe OverI lure, intr< duciinr the niokt popular mclor i?? sunn by Mine. Anna Iiifli- p.? Dnaa Circle. 7#o i Family Circle, 80c.; Uppir lloxea Jdc.; Pit., ,17>Jc ; (iallery, 12He. flrort open at 7?couimonoe a< 7l j. BOWIBY TIIKATRE.-MONDAY EVENING. OOTOUER16, will be performed llie national Draoia of PUTNAM? Gen. M n*hiiij:t? n, Mr. J M. 8coit; Gen. Putnam, Mr. Q t. Itr>wi; Ta'hrrt. Mr Tilton; Capt Sapling. Mr. Winani; Oneactah, Mr. N. II. Clarke; Vloietah, Mrs. Jordan; Kate Putnam. Mri. Sutherlaaa. AMer which. * irinud Pas de I)cux. by Sicnora Cine -a ml Wij.ni r N< rl. To oonclude liith the Opera ol the Lit VK KPKLL? I)i ft or Dulcamara, Mr. A. Andrews; Nemoriuo. Mr. E. Ward*.,; Hriircaiit Belooie, Mr. S. Smith; Adins. Mi s M. Taylor; Qianctta, M s Mil l-aid.?Doors open at ?>4 ; performance to commenoeat 7 preciielr. I'oxfg, ilomn; Tit anu Gallery, 12X cent*. Inrelirarml, the " Swamp Kox " (^11A>FRAL'8 NATIONAL TUKATUB, FORMURLY J Chatham.?Moraay Evening, l>ot'r lfi, will be pref rmtvl the |cctacl? drama of 1V AN HOB?Tin' Black Knulit, Mr. < hanfriiu; luiac ?.f Yoik. Mr Oirilitch. To lie followed by the MF8, "ILKii* AND M1.SILKIES OF >EW YORK?Moee, Mr. Ohanfrsu; Captcia Tobiu. Mr. C. Burke; Mi. Freolu, Mr. Parley; | Big Lire, Mia. MeLean; Little Llxe, Miaa Moetayer. Tlie rwrfotuiHuce to conclude with the lanuh >ble burlesque called MR. ' MAl'QHEEDY; Or A Star at the Opera House?Mr. Uamlet, Mr. ClanlTan: Mr ?.acgn<edy, Mr C. Burke; Betty, Minx B. Mestayer; Lady Mac.be h, Mr*. McLean. Boor* open a* Oi; , perfovmanoe to commence at 7*4. _____ . ____ - - MECHANICS- HALL, No. 472 Broadway, betw-011 Grand and Broome streets, commenced on Monday, October 2d. and will continue every niaht until further notioo.?Tlnrd ??k of the reopening. The original and wellkuowa CBRISTY'8 MINSTHELS, (organised in 1H*1) whoso conccrts in thli city, for a period of ten months, were rsoeirod with such distinguished favor and patronage, have the honor of announcing to the ladies and gent lemen of New York and vioinity, that they will rive a aeries of tlioir popular Conoerta, introducing a variety of their original Songs, Ohorusses. Characteristic Dances, bo. Admission 23 oonts. Doors open at 7. Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every {Uinrday. commencing at .1 o'clock, 1*. M., under the management and dfrco'ion of R. P. Christy. New broadway circus, near spring stgrkt.? John Try on anil Corporal Thompson, Managers ?Monday evening, Got. 16tli,?he-eDgagenicnt of the world renowned Brit- | ixli Acrobats, Lavater Lee, u. C. I<ee, W. Walker. H. Stewart, for | two eveningu only, in a number of new acts. Splendid full-dres.i entree and cavalcade, the Nobles of Persia. TV British Ac o- ! bats will uproar in a double act of horsemanship, called the Olympian Games. Mr. II. C. I-ee snd his Infant pupil will an- , |iearii a new aud olassieal entertiiininent, entitled the Gambol* Of Puck with the Ellin Ivii g ; Mr. Shindls, as the Dying MoonSlack Ho|ie performance ; to conclude with The h tinted Tailor. Doors opes at half past 6?performance tooommcnceat 7. Tabernacle-grand insirumevtalconcbkt by the celebrated German in Mukieal Society, formerly of Jos. ! Gting'l Capello eonip' i d of twenty-four purlormers. The above com|<any. thankful for the kind patronage they have received at ! their Concerts, beg respeotfully to inform the cit iena of Now ] York, and atrnigors generally, that their fifth concert will take place on Tuesday evening, the 17th inst?, on which occasion programme from the best composers will be selected. Part I? 1. Grand Overture, Magi Flute, Mozart; 2. Med Artist, Ball | Walter. I anner; 3 Variations on 'he Trum|iet, executed by llcrr | llaasr, Orany ; 4. Matrimonial Blessings Galop. Gung'l.; Finale from tte Opera of Be'lsar, Donizetti ; (!. pounds from Home, j Gung'l. Part II ?7- Overture to M illiam Tell, RoMini;H. i Ferdinand Quadrille, Strauss; Souvenir Pesth Wal/or, C. Leus- I chow; 10. Hyacinth Polka. Gung'l.; ll.Gtaudl'ot I'ourride tte- . publican, by particular desiro. C. UMow. il. Reisoh. Agent for the Companj-. Admission SO cents Tickets to he had at the ! Music (.tores and at the door on t-e evenitMot the Concert Doors ! o|wn at 7, Concert to commen e at K o'closk nreo'soly. Tho 21 Cennania Musical Socii ty will give their tirat Grand Instrumental Concert at the Female Academy, Brooklyn, on Monday evening, Oct- ber 1C, on which occasion a choice programme will be perforated. Barn u m'? american museum.?p. t. barvum, Proprietor?F. Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid Performances every afternoon at 3 o'oloek, ana every evening at halfput seven. The Manager hi,a the pleasure of announoinj; tha most extraordinary wonder in creation. Major I.ittlotingcr, holding the same relation to the famous Lilliputian that the little linger docs to the thumb. He Is ten years old, only twenty-font inches high, and weighs only thirteen pounds. lie may ho aeon every morning from 10 to half-past 12 o'oloek; in the afternoon trom 2 till half-past S; and in the evening, from 7 till 10. In addiI tion, the'manager has also ongaged Great Western, tho famous Yankee Comedian, the Sable Brothers, Misa Emma Leslie, vooalst, three Highland Mrramoth Boys, Giant or Mammoth Baby Enormous Boa Constrictor. Admission to the whole, including Museum Performances, Little Finger, Ike.. 26 cents; ohildren under ten years of ago and old enough to walk alone. UK oents. Reserved front seats, one shilling extra. Magic soikees.-renkwed attraction at the New Room, 332 Broadway, next door above tho Broadway Theatre?Messrs Miartini anil Levasseur announce that they have engaged the celebrated Mr. Nellis, born without arms, who will appear every evening in his pleating performances. I l'srlor Delusions, by Signor Miartini, with the wonderful AntiMesmeric clairvoyance and Magic Livination, by Madnme Levasi-eur Also, the much admired Astronomieul Diagrams ami Diaphanous Tableaux. Admission 26 oents?commence at % past 7 o'clock. 10. O.K.?A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE R. IV. GRAND I.odgc of the State of New York, will he held on Mondiy evening, at half past seven o'clock, at the Grand Lodge Room, Canal street, for the purpoto of receiving applications for charters, snd the reinstatement of Lodges, the reception of communications, the reports of special committees, and action on the same. By order, BENJAMIN J. I'KNTZ. Grand Secretary. AO. OF G. P.?THE MEMBERS OF CONSTITUTION Looge, No. 16,A.O. of G. F. are hereby notified to meet at .'1*7 Bowery, on Sunday. 16th. at one o'clock. P. II.. o attend the luucral ot our departed brother, Edmund Burke. By order of R. H. WOOLEY, W. O. E. F CRISSEY. W. R Sec'y. Democrats, arouse:?cass and builer. walworth and O'Conor.?Has* Meeting.?The Democracy of the Fourth Ward are invited to attend a Miim Meeting on Monday evening. October 16th, at 7 o'clock, to be held in Krank'in Square. The following eloquent speakers are invited to address the mwtirg:?The Hon. John McKcon, T. B. Ceiling, James T. Brady, B. I (/Connor, J. McMurray, Gen. Walbridae, W. D. Wallaeh. and J. Ilenery, Esos. By ordor of the CommfltM, P. Merriok, Thomas Reeves, 1*. Crowe, Thomas Sheriden, ANDREW HARRISON. Jr.. Secretary; THE GREAT FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE continue* open. On Monda\ the Fruitfrom the Pumol?|rio?l Convention, receat'y hold at Clinton Hall, will be arranged tor exi mination a* Ca?:lc Garden. The display of applet, pears, aud othirfiuiti. haa i ever been equalled in America: oollec'ed from taelve States of the Union : they cover Ave hundred square feet of tables At 3 o'clock P. M.. the four Boat Racei 'or premium! o! si > or cupeand silver medala, will lake plaoe. The American BiaesBand (Bholton, L aicr) will play during the evening.^ JOHN BEIRN'F, 13 WASHINGTON STREET, BUYS ENOlish Si'ver every Monday, at 2H% oenu p^r shiling $ I 75 per I .1 iteiliTig; English Coppers I I cent* per shilling Uermau Crowns I $i "8 each. Any amount of bad, smooth, brassy Coppers wanted I at 3 for one cent. Gold and Sliver Coins of all kinds boughthere. NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS.?THE OLD MEMBERS OF the First Regiment of New Yoik Volunteers, who wish to | lorm a company for target practice, are requested to meet at ( entral Hall, No. lCUGrand street, at 8 o'clock, on Monday even i ing, October 18. 1S4K. ??)& REWARD.?THE UNDERSIGNED LOST 11IS ypA/tP pocket book on the morning of the 14th Octolier, in ti.e hall of tlie Art Union, containing, among others of less value, the following pawrs:?One draft, dated 14th Sept., 1H4M, drawn ! by Josh. E. Whi tfield, on E. Wainwright, and endorsed hy Shipman It Ayres, for $5,000 ; one draft dated 27th Sept, IH4"*, drawn j by icai* St Bcardsley, of Oswego, on Suydam, sage & Co., and i endorsed <>y S. Lotce, at 70 days, for $2,5<it); one note of G. H. j Courccn for 8170. endorsed bv Edward Msrtin. The above rj v nrd will be paid for the pocket-bonk ami pa [erf. and no i|iie?tions asked, by 0. It. LAMAR, H2 Wall strv*t. Lost-large coral bracelet. with huh gold Bard, with letter* J. D. S. engraved on iu The finder will receive a reward ol SIS by leaving the tame with CONCttLIN X SMITH, 141 Front street. Lost?on tbursday aftermm>n, betwebn park I'laee and White Mreet, on the We?t side of Broadway, or on tho North aid* of I'ark Place, a pair of light, gold nmuutod Spectacles, in a Morocco Cuse, m<rke.l Pike ii Son. The finder, on leaving them at No. 2 Colombia College, will be auitably rewarded. X REWARD.?SUPPOSED TO HAVE IHEKN STOLEN yptJ from th? Howard Hotel, a small package containing two pair of I'anU. Said package wai left in oharge of the clerk of theofficeof (aid.hotel, on the2Htb September last. Any p?*itive information respecting the above, that will lead to the detection of the thitf and recovery of the properly, will entitle the bearer to the above reward, on applying to LEE k TAI.LMAV, 171 Fulton street. anted?a situation ltv a mo*t ke8pe table ynung woman, as Chambermaid. and take caro of children. Ti e moat unexeeptioi.auie reierences as to cnar:vur, sic. Apply nt 87 Division (treat, atcond lloor, up stairs. Wanted- by a rebpectabl* oiki,. a siitation na Chambermaid or waiting. Ila* no ohjeotion to do phln tewingor assist at waahinc and ironing. The l*st of city reference. Please call at No. 192 Diiate atreet, near Uroenwioh. Wamkd-A PAKU)R, WITH bkdhootf ATTACHED, exposed to the rising sun (first floor ptterroil). fur a aingl? gentleman, in a holel or private bearding hoius, where a go '1 tabio it let. Alao, a similar apartment for a small family in the tame house. Location hetwsen Canal and Barclay atresia. Address Post Office, box 2080. WANTED-A voung MAN i'sei) TO WHITING. AND capable of preparing articles for the preaa i emuatac cept a moderate salary at flrat. hut will beadvaaotd if he provea worthy. He may addreaa, with his full nam* and ags, stating the salary ho will accept, reference, 8to.. post paid, Boa MM. No letter received if not poat paid. Situation i > runneat. AT. huhahtkco, BROADWAY. WANT a SAI.B3 man for their Curtain Material Department; alto, a comlatent |wr?on to i lit at d lay down carpet*. I)(lAhl> WANTED. IN BRDOKI.VN. MY A \oiIN(i OKNIJ tleman, in a respectable private family, where than aje no oiler hoardara. Addreaa II. A. P? otliue of the New York Herald. IjiuRswaiD rooms, no.wmiRomin.Te ucr, to single gentlesaea, with kreakfast and tea, if Mni fo'inireof John D. Chevalier, or at the above number. One of the Rooms is suitable for a Dentist's oi Physician's offUe. rivi mngi.eoenti.kmen -fink apaktmknix, wi niX out Ih ard, in a leanti ully located house in tlie x loinity ot tl e Battery. They are furnished In agenteol manner. For tern* fcc-.toddresa P. A. C., t fflce of Journal of Commerce. (lFN1l.KNf.VS WASUINO IN ADDIIION IOMaNUI f?i turn g Shirts for single gentlemen, Mrs. BEMAN is now pn pared le do th?ir washing neatly and pr miHy. at her l.aundry. 11* Naisau street. Apply at her Snirt Store, 12* Naaaau itreet POKIF-MONNAIB*. WITlf lMlMSIltD 8TERX KRAVtKS of 'Jic Itlut r?ri?i*B ) ?l?nl. ItllM roadir, or inula to .rder, \.y J. STH')KI.IN. No. Ill' Uborty 1KISH ANDS OTCII MALT WIIIttUEV, I 'NSC RI'ASSKI) IN itmnty i'?( up in |?< ku?<a to rniit the trail*. for Ml* at about oie-Wl the uitial price*, hy WILLIAM M l'AKKS. DUUHer f* 7tk annM; Office, 42 Stone utrvol. The hlfhcat price paid for emjty pgnchtnna. rpo Mim cants ami SUIl' MASTER.H-tiik FOR I Wnnlert'a OAra I* at Niv lilt tt > ll ?r ! " . r l/\/\ /WWVEKSONS "AVE ME* CURED, BV f Dr Tobias' celebrated Veno'lan Llnlmeat, o? >M un ail.-n. qnii.fr, *ore tliront. eoi?nha, he.il*nh?, mutii|*. motip, patni in the limb*, lack, and cheat, mi r*, burr.4, old mim, fco. It ift warranted to give rMial tn half tl?-urrv> of mi) otl.or nini4), (r no pay. aa ovur l.ttW certificate* will, .iri.re, litrh iw> h? t*eo at the principal depot, N?, I Montr ' irwt.oi at I Uit Elwntb Mmt, BROADWAY TIIEATRE.?MONDAY EVENING. OCT. II, will lot performed the grand opera, in three tnta. called M.lKirAN'A?Charles II . Mr. I.each, l?o-i<Viarde tfailn. Mr. W 1|. Reeves: I>on Jomo de Santarem. Mr Seguin : Maritana, Mra. 8etu<n; Marchioness Mi.?< . rman. The entertainments to o?acude wihthe farce of T UK OMNini'H?Mr Led* ir. Mr. Matthews; Old Dnbija, Mr. Pope; Tom- y l)?hhe, Mr iad.iway; '"at H'.i.niy, Mr K. Miaw : Julia. MIb* Rom Cliiie; Mri Dobhs, Mri. laherwood; Mi?i? Dim per. Mias Carman ; J miina Damper, Miss Th< m|>aoa. Dtcm Circle and Fari|eiiitc,7-1 cents ; family t.trolt, li> t< nts; (iallery, I^K "onta Oooraopen at 6^. I'orftiriuauceto commerce at 7K o'clock. BURTON S TUKATKE, CUAMBBR.H STKCBT.-M >MI)\V evening, (>ol. lti, will he performed the hnrtaieiue opera of Lt* 1 1>I r* HiiaM aMOIJR?Count LiisardoTastcistitie tiAvenswood, Mr. Johnston; I.ucia, Miss Chapn.m. After whieh, the fine.- ol JOHN JONES', the most Uuf.rtuuat* Man in 'lie tTorld ?Join Jones, Mr. Jurd&n: (luy Goodluck, Mr Button: Kl za Melton. Mica Morgan To conclude with NKVV VORK IN SI ICES? Mr. (Ira ball, Mr. Hamilton; Mr. Nabotn. Mr. tira-'e; I ."hi Hlyhuts, Mr. Johnston: Mr- Tomkins Mr* Vernon; Mt* Mice Sinclair. I'riccs ol admission?l>r?sa Circle and 1'srpiet, SOcta; Faintly Circle or Second Tier, 24 ota. Doots . |?n at hallpast t). curtain to rise at 7 o'olook Nl Bl,< ?;<, A3TOK ri.At'K, IIHOADWA V ?IN CON1E ijuence of the vest outlay en tliia occasion, all pdvilagot on Mr. Mncreadj'sniglita must Ik suspended, and the proes will he. Boxes and I'anjuct $l; Amphitheatre,&tlceu>?; the other nights will continue to be SO cents to nil parts of the lioiire Seventh night of Mr Macready. who will perform Shak. peam'* lirutus. Monday Evening, Oct. 16, Shnkspeitro's historical pl?y of Jl'LlUi C.1.SAR?Hnitiia, Mr. Maoeady; Mark Anthony. Mr O, Vanden Iioff; Caliihurma, MissK. Ilom; I* rlia, Mm Wetmss To con ciui e ?ii n I lie larco 01 ouui o a i iiil amn-i rank I r ?k yMr.Crlfp; Jacob Earwig. Mr T. Plaiulo; Miaa Mooimliinn, Mra. ? liar i h |)ni rs open !? to 7 ; < "mmem ing at a p*<t 7 o'clock. N III I.OS-MISS ISABEL DICKINSON'S BENEFIT and I.aat Night, Tuesday. Oot. 17 ?l<a?t night hut S?vn ol the Season.? Douglaa Jerroid'a new and highly aiiooon-Jul Coiu*-<iy, in ft acta, which Ian had auch an extraordinary run ill l.<mdnn, entitled TIME WOKKS HON J Kits. Sir Gilbert Norman, Mr. C. W. Clarle; Clarcnea Nonnan, Mr. Ciiap; Giildthunili Mr. Chippendale; Felix Goldthumb, M*. Char es; I'rofetter >iiiIIIch, Mr. T. Flacide; Bantam, Mr J Sefton; Floreutino, Mits I. Dickinson; Deny Tulip, Mi?a Woynma; Hiss Tu.knr, dry. Cranier; Mr*. Go'dthumb, mm Charlao; Miicken, Mi.ta Carpenter. After which, ('.'d and laat time.) the now Faroe of vb NU4 IN' ARMS. Arabella (a'iaa Col. Melville) Mini. Dickinson. Adtt Iseior So cents. I'laccs may be secured. Box Book now opon, at the office. Alitor place. Mitchells Olympic theatre.? monday even. ing, Oot. Iti, the cutertaiomonta will oommeaos with a new |etlte comedy entitled the CUSTOM OF TUB COUNTKY? ochille Towneend, Mr. Niokiiiaon; Handle llolihs, Mr. Conover, AgaUia Bloomlnglon, Mra. Ilenry; I'cggv, Mia* Kobert*. After ?hi h. a lowcxtravaganaa entiled T IEsEIJS AN I) A KI ADNE? > OMsIuk, Mr. Conovor; BacchUH Mr. N'lokinann; Minos II. Mr Arnold; Tlewma Mir* Mary (launun; Ariadne. Mian Clarke Alter winch, anew farce railed GOING TO THE <ACE-<?Mr. loremiah IwlddU, Mr. Holland; Mr. .lolin Jatnea Chuck*, Mr. Niokinson; Mra. Twiddle, Miivs Mary Gannon. To conclude with a farce, entitled FAMILY JAKf?Delph, Mr. Hollaiid. Door* open at 7? Curtail tim nt iy% o'elook rf l U'n it Y111ii IT I on. A OB iiun nnuniv iflou nPlliM X ington'a Sacred Dioiamas 'of the Creation of the World, and Uiit Grand Spuctaclo ot tho I)?l?^o. All , tweuty two magniliocut Scriptural tainting! by Mr. Baker, ot i ondon ; oach one containing ahoi t 1U0 e-juaro teet of canvaae?the whole comprising one of the most beautiful and iTitfrostiiigexhihitioua ovi'r exhibited in America. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ni tho Almighty, K? pulsion from Paradise, Duath nt Abel, Bvenlng before tho tteluge. The Delugo, God'a Covenant with Noah, De*truot4on of Soli* m and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Moses, The Seventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's Host, Mens* Breaking the Tablos, Fall of the Walla of Jerioho, Joshua Commanding the Snn to Stand Still, Ike., to.?now exhibiting every ui^httliis week, and Wednesday and t-aturdav afternoons, oommeicing nt three o'clock, at the splendid new IkUl. 3SH! Urotulway, over Stopiuini's Baths. HANINGTON'S entirely new Grand Sorlptnrnl Dioramas of the most magnitioent Speetaole over witnhssediii New York?Creation of the World ana the Deluge, assisted by powerful instrumental accompaniment* Six Days ot the Creation.? Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament, Die Second l ay. Dryland, herbage and Flowers, Third Day.? Sun Moon ar.d Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish ano Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, 8ixth Day. Gordon of Ed?n ? Adam aid Eve. With the completion of tne labors of the Creation, tho first part of the exhibition closes Part 2?Grand Dionma of the Deluge. Tickets25 cents: children halt prioo. Doon open at 7?curtain rises at 7X o'elock. (1 BAND DIORAMA-BOMBARDMENT OF VERA CRUZ, ~M Sic.. 67fi Broadwny.?Scenes in the Gulf; Burning the It. 8. Creole; Shipwreck of i he Somers ; Arrival of the Fleet; Stoam- ! er* and Ships steaming and sailing along; Heal Cannon loaded and i fired by moving Figures ; Grand Bombardment by day and night; ft.lei did pyrnteohrio effects and bursting of fclie la kvery Figure, . Ship, Beat, kc , is moving. An Overture ov ry evening. Tioketd, I ftOcents. Children half price. Family and a ason tickets onap- ' plication at the Hall. Open at 7, commences at r, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoon at.1. | Panorama of tatlok'S campaign >n Mexico, at |U U.n.rn Un..m, UK .hnn itAtMMl >- llfo the Marches, Encampment*, and Battle* fought by Gen. Taylor. It aleo fives correct views of the country, towns, olUea, Im. It la the most beautiful painting ever (era. Open overi night at quarter before 8 o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on wedneedaj and Saturday, commencing at S o'clock. AdmMoa, 35 oemML Schools admitted on reasonabla term*. No nhant* for <*?*nTlptta pamphlet*. Children half priee. It wilt toon leave the olty. DELA ROCHE S GKEAT HISTORICAL PICTURE OF NApoieon Crossing the Alps i? DuW exhibiting at the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard itreet? Oi*n from 9 A.M. until 10 P.M. Adnuiatwn 25oent*; season ticket*, SO cent*. NION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING! ? TUESDAY, OCT. 17,at 2% o'clock P. II?Match for $e.r>U! Mile heau, beet 3 in 6: between Grey Ea^-le and Lady Sutton. H. Woodruff names g. g. Grey Koplc, to saddle; A Conklin names br. m I ady button, to liamesH. In this nice the odds are changed, the owner of Grey Fagle bettini? to $350. The cars leave South Ferry, Brooklyn, for the Course, at 2 P. M , and return niter the spurts areove'r. M. D. OKKEN, Proprietor. P1IONOU KAPIl Y?NEW CLASSES.?SEVERAL NEW Classes in I honograr>hy will bvfoimedon Monday, Itlth, to meet at different hours of ti e morning, afternoon and evening, so as to make it convenient for all whi> wish toattend. Ttiuse anxious to join are requested to call a the Phonographic Reporting Academy, corner of Bioailway and Cnnal street. Terms. Fire Dollars per enurse of twelve lessons (whiohwill give a thorough knowledgoof the Art). ANDKEW3 A BOYLE. HYDROPATHY.?AN AMUSING iNO INSTMCTIVE ENTERTA1NMENT.?Dr. E.A. KITTREDUE, the Yankee Leo mrer, ironi u'jmon, ijih uiy''ni nvpn?ni til mftoy "ii;b have to announce to the Ladies ui dCeutleuien ot New Vurk. that lie will give one of hid edifying and amusiDg Lectures up in tho general mtyMte of Health aiid Loil|tTlU, as MMMttd wHh the Water Cure, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Monday evening, Octoler fcth, IM.s. Tickets '.25 cents each. For hale at the After, Americ an. N*w England, and C'oton Hotels. Also, nt Poxton's, 2t'ft Brondwny, and at tl ? door on the evening of e itcrtuniiient 'io cimmwoc at. o'oloek. l)r. Kittred^e his taken rornisat the Aator Douse, and may be nonsuited betweiu tin- hours of !> A. M and 2 P. M., fur the i resent week. Dancing and waltzing academv, 21 hov^ard i treet-?Signora and Pignor Ternro will re-open their soliool on tho 21st of Octoler, and the Gentlemen's t lacs on the ?ki. They w ill attend to Private Lessens and Private Classes, ami give Private Soirees as UMial. DANCING.?MILE. PAIH INK DESJARIUNS, OF TBI Academy ot Paris, has the honor ol informing the pnblio that the will open four different olasses, to suit the convenient* of her pupils?one up town in Br adway. one on the Third Ave nue, one in Green street, between Waverly and Clinton Place, and the oiher at her residence, 74 Leonard at. Mile. P D. will live instruction in all the different branches of dancing. Tot information as to the days, hours and Urine, apply to Mile. P. D. at any l our during the day. SCI100L FOR YOUNG L&DIX3.?THIS SCHOOL IS Located in a ehnrn.ing village not far distant from Now York, livery advantage is here offered to facilitate the moral cnlturo and intellectual improvement of the pupila,while heavy expenses are avoided. Parents wishing to place their daughters from iiiiuirc ?re n >vn.nuiij ibtiko 10 can mi ?? villainmtri Hired, netween the hours of I'levrn and Hires, where an interview with one of the tnnrhera can be had, and every information relative to the school obtained. BRADY'S GALLERY OF DAGUERREOTYPE PORTIArrs and Family Qroii|a, Noii. 5IJ6 and J07 Broadway, .'id d>or south of St. Paul'* church, 11, .'id and 4i.li atones. Qouri from 8 in the morning till tiin the evening. US. MAIL LINE FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND RKBUBN The steamer Hermann, Captain K. Orabtrce, will leave Fier No. I, Nerth river, for Southampton and Bremen, on Friday, the 20th inst, at IZo'clvck. Passengers will please he on board at 11 o'clock,and Fend all baggage, not wanted on the voyage, on Thursday, marked below. An experiencod surgeon on board. All letters must go through tt e Puat Office. For freight or passage, apply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, No. til* Bioadvay. B1AIK BAI L LINE.?THE PACKKT SUIr CAMBRIDGE t apt. Peabody; will sail tor Liverpool n Monday next, regu lar day. To persoiis desiring a comfortable trip across, the s?'0nrt cabin and steerage present accommodations superior to aoytliing heretofore attempted. Apply onboard, foot of Bcek man street, or to the subscriber*, ROCHE, BROTHERS It Co., 35 Fulton street, next to the Fulton Bank. N. B ?Those wishing their friend* out by this favorite picket, leaving Liverpool on the 1st December, or any of the Black BsU Line, should npjly us above. OFFICE OF THE NEW YOKK OAS MQIIT COMPANV, October 9th, IMS. The President and Director! have this day declared a dividend of four and one half per cent on the Capital 8tock Of this Company, for the six. months ending 1st August last, payable to the Stockholders ou and after Wednesday the 1st November next. The transfer book will be closed from the 25th Inst. to that data. By order C. L. EVERITT. Secretary. Notice of removal.?ihsdeii, * peimon beo to notily their numerous friend* in. I tho MblMgenerally tl.at they have removed Irom the corner of Canal and Vterovr streets, to the (tore No. fi2 tiinal street, formerly m-'-upied by Mews.Arnold Ik Co. (on* door Irom their old stand ) Their Sresent stock of Fall Silks, Shawls, Cloaks. Visettes, Merinos, ress mtiteriall, hrnsekeeping good*, Ilo , Iko.. is very extensive and choice, and will be found on inapaotion well worthy of tha attention of tnirehawr*. Notice to oe.nt&?at this season, vol ai,i. want to knew where to get vour winMr clothing either cleaned. dyed, altered and repaired, with new velvet collars, cuffs, liuiupa, buttons. No. li Murray street, near IVroadway, l? ue only place where to get your work done well and ohcap No disagreeable coloring used in cleaving. Overcoat *.. others lis., punts t?. A uall or line attended to, in any part at the city, hjr the gem ral tailor. A.CURTISSCiS|6 Murray street, UUy<f !M. Examine your overcoat before you buy a r fW ono. MF.8SHS. I LAVIL ? CO.. OF PARIS, II\VK F(? t-VA 1*1)cd to this city a new and beautiful aaaortnicr.t 'it Piaroa from their manufactory, consisting of Sjuii-Uand, l.'pright, and Pianinos. Time Pi?no? are for ale, at modcra e prices, at tho dep >t, No. 12 Park place, where amateurs and the profession an re f|ectfully invited to call and examine. CI nnil K,)H SALl A MANUFACTURING Bl/SI*fp a new in thin city, paying a large |T cenUge n-x tne capital invested?its sales ea?h. Busine?s and terms m <i? known upon application to Roman. Dos IJW>, Post Office, statiag name and addrees. All other communications will not be notioed. IjV'R NAI.F?AT A GFEAT SACRIFICE. Tll? F,N fKK maahinery and content* < I a shop oca ted at the career <>r l>r.nd and Tenth sts., H illiaunburgh, 1.. I. The machinery cmaiata ot a 16 horse power oegine and boiler, near'y neyr, ocapleta in ev^ry ref[? et, and in perfect running order. Also, a ttrst. rato planiiis machine lor wood, else nt-arly now, capable of planing; anyti ipg fmm 'n to lfi inches thick l>y 22 to 1 inch wide It is easily irannge.l, operating with gn at beauty and rspuiity. Any nun.berof pieces of different thickness^ aor lengths i?n he plaued do* n even at 01.0 operation. It perfona* a day s l?l?>r of one man in 21) minutes. Alsu. tw? first rain up and dov>n s.'.w*, one f.? planks and heavy work, and one smaller fi>r sawing curve, iic, one flr?t rate circular saw, tahle, ?te.; one machine for making window shade rollsrs and pick* to for tenoei-; ono tongue and rroovi) machine. The above niMhiiioa am all of the very host hind. ?ou>|lete in every respect, iijdrvady fornse. All the neoev tnry (hailing mirt belting is at'.acherl and put up together with extra shaft* ard belts for any other luaohirery. The shop ein be I r.red as long at desired fi r * low rent. The whole oftheakove w ill be sold lor $'J,2W>. Tit* b' ilcr And ergine alone cost, when l ew, over f 21 ? u. Tr? } have bee used only nix month*. Oinnll llfaes. rassina clo? fo the ahnn I. ,kv? ?ho <:rami at. slid Peek J>lip vtru?. ifrlltiarnVmrj, every lfi'mimite*. Fi r hr Iit ptftinilor* iaquiro i f MI NN V C'O., At the Sciautitio Aiutrlcll "Am, l?h Fulton ?t ,N. Y. CMINS, III MONS, Had N A II.S. KADI' AM, V Extracted hy I)r. Sill R! aKOFF, fr->m S(. Pe'orabunh?Dr. J>. ff i- lea<o nn.*' r<.K| ? tlnlly to Inform tho?? ?ho aro in any w*> iffllotea with cwm, oa'loaitKt. hi- : that ho otn ii'vo imnooi?ier\luf llo en^w* hiinMlf to any row who would honor Mm with a vitit to cine (ho ah< va t>y ht? delicate and particular 1rr?'ir<rt, which will prrf'rctly mrc. In a?"iirapo?\ ho will, with pr> *t plca-uro. fhrw liurdrfWn ?f 'latfor* and oor'ilicato* which h? ii rovotintly tore ivir* from hi* pati'nt*. OAc? 6.'! Ch*mhf^? ?lf?tf, opi i *ii? ll? Park VlTIRINAhV M RI.Kl^ -UK. Kfcl.l\ H. N.VHI, V S. numler Royal Veterinary Coll pe. I.ondon. mav I*. e?n?ult t4 at any hi ur upon th? ?arl< n? dnoaiaa of th* Horn* tnd tlvir our* a. Oenthwnen and partie# rurohiudn. hiraca, will And it to their intorent to havo hia proftiaional opinion a? to mumlncM, fco In which cam only can ther feal om.fldent r<f not hem* im poacd on hy th? aellar. I'ro'OHioral opinion All. ()|?r?ti >n? l*rfi rtnad equally cheap. Paid I tteia addr?aa?d to Din, pout offloa, Chatham ?|iun, Mtonawd to, iotellicewi! b? tiik wails. A I.Mlrr from Urn. 'Inylor. The Washington Union of yesterday publisher the following letter Irom Gen Taylor, addressed to Home |ierson in New Jersey whose name is not given, in answer to inquiries upon various political subjects?the tariff, national bank, Wilmot proviso, and others. 'J'he f/nron |i ofecsep to regard this as the most remarkable of all the "astound" jng, strange, unwarrantable, queer, and perfectly inexplicable epistles that have ?ver yet seen the j ligbt from the pen of Gen. Taylor"?and devotes ! to it nearly a column of editorial comment. Baton Rocok, La., March 29 1S4S Sir.?I hnv# to aoktiowUdKH the receipt of ynur poli'e rfimicuuioation of the 7th lout., anklOK uij v i-tw ? on certain r|ue?tion? of donieatio policy I he? to Inform jou that i b?r? uniformly <]aolln?d yielding to Mmllar request*. in the beli?f that my ? opimou*, even if 1 w*r? the President of the I oi'.ail Statin ht? i.ntlur important n?r neo??*ary ; and I r?'?rpt to ailii tl.at I ( ? ? no ma??n for departing in the pr. Hi-nt inula new. from that oourne. With nliini'lit* of much r?Hp?ot, I am. your obt dlHDt oervaut. Z TATLOR. Bai.timork, October 11, 1HI8. The Election Excitement?Specu/utionut to Uauiee ?Democratic comfort from Ohio?TtwitrieaU. The despatches received from '>hio yesterday, announcing a great democratic victory in tint State, and which is now pretty generally credited, caused quite n revival of the drooping spirits of the democrats, and *M )hio is a gone coon," w.is ih?*ir response to the jeers of the whigs as to the fall ot the old citadel of democracy, the Key Stnoe Sutf. Our politicians, ot all parties, art- fii;urin? and speculating as to tli*? probable cause of thu u'icxpected result in Pennsylvania. Some attribute it to over confidence and general apathy amon<* the democrats, and others, to the fact that Loagstreth, the democratic candidate, although a strict (.I inker all his life, has recently joined the Catholic CUurch, which gave especial onence to the old Pennsylvania I re^byterian Dutch The real cause of the change, however, I fhtnk, is free soil. It is ?vul? nt, Irotn the lull returns of such counties as ' have been received, that there has been at leairt fifty thousand voters in the State, who have neglected to vote ; that there is no increase in the whig vote, and that these voters were formerly all democrats. It, therefore, seems to be more than probable that these missing voters are those attached to the Van Ituren faction, who, having severed themselves from the democracy on na tional politics, also stood off from them in the Stnte election. Herr Ilecker, the great German patriot, arrived' here yesterday, and caused <|inte a stir among our quiet and ulodding German population. The Hiuliday street theatre will be opened next week by its new lessees, Messrs. llamtn and Siliobee, of the Hahimore Museum There is a probai bility that Fry's oj>era company will be here dur| ing the season. ] Duinbleton's Ethiopian Serennders close their three weeks' performances here to-night. Thejr have had crowded houses during their entire stajr. Philadelphia, October 14, 1848. Politics?Sudden Death?Franklin Institute, *c. The excitement among our politicians is ap" proaching to fever heat. Reports which seein to I have been manufactured for the purpose of indueI ing those interested in making bets, are now ! afloat. By some, Longstre th is elected fiovernor by 4()0 majority, and others plaee the election of Painter, the democratic Canal Commissioner, beyond possibility of a doubr. Crowds are gathered about the various publication offices, anxious to hear the contents of the latest despatciies, and as they favor one party or the other, they give vent to their feelings by cheers. A case of sudden death occurred this morning, near the House of Refuge. A carpenter, while in in his chop, fell suddenly back and died in few ; minutes. The Franklin lnslitute exhibition opens on Tuesday, and the depositors arc bringing forward 1 their inventions and manufactures very rapidly. A great vaiiety of machinery will be in operation 1 on the lower Moor of the Museum building, driven by an engine made for the Institute especially for these exhibitions. Ai.bahv, October 13,1R48. The Calculations of the Strength ami Projects of the Free Soil Party, founded on Conversations with Martin Van Iiuren and other leading Members of that Party?Curious Exposition of the Views of the Triumvirate of the Democracy?Benton, Van Buren, and Calhoun?The Van Iiuren View of the Struggle. The results of the recent elections in Pennsylvania and Ohio prove that the free soil party will wield a powerful influence in the approaching Presidential election. I am aware that any statements which will enable the public lo form some idea of the expectations and designs of the leaders of this party will he highly interesting at this |>d(ticul&r crisis. Hence, I am about to give you the substance of some bonfidential conversations which have recently taken place between Mirtin Van Buren and others, ingrelaiion to the strength , and the present and future policy, of the free soil party. Tlie m vement, they declare, is comprehensive and natural, not local. It looks to permanency, and while arriving at immediate success, pitches its view beyond '4S to the plain and viaible mark ] of '62 It embraces in the State, not only such BHgacious politicians as Martin Van Huren, rlagg, | Young, iVc , but a host of urdrnt and enthusi tsuc minds among the younger class of politicians, headed by that brilliant young man, John Van j Buren. We cannot believe that a cause can be , a forlorn one, or anything but an auspicious one, . when such a man as Judge Gardiner throws himself into it, or when Dixstakes upon it a repytaj tion fast rising to be the first in the nat.on. It is : to the vast and eventually controlling army ot | young men that these leaders look for security and advancement, for the bold and apparently self-sacrificing attitude which they have assumed. It is owing to the presence of this body of young to the luture, that this comparatively hopeless party exhibits a zeal, a confidence, and enthusiasm, that neither the military nor civil characters and services of Cass or Taylor have y< t elicited in the old organizations. 1'ne free soil party, however, professes an entire willingness to submit their enthusiastic views to the cold and chilling certainty of an arithmetical calcination. They claim to be able tocarry the pending Presidential controversy into the House of Representatives, and there they insist that their chances are as good as any of the candidates, if not better. They put down as certain for them New York, Vermont and Wisconsin, and a pl?rality in the popular vote, if not a clear majority in Massachusetts In this State they contend 'Jie Cars patty will not poll any cunsideiuble vole out of the rity of New Yoik?probably uot more than IJO.OfXi and certainly not more than 50,000. 'i'tais deficiency the free soil men will make up out of the seceding wings, the aUilnioii.srs. and the anti-rent and national reform parties. Th'; whig vote will be diminished largely by the abseucc of dissatisfied voters from tho pulls, ?ilere is an estimate made by Martin Van"Hureu ahd Lie intimate friends. , The vote of Silas Wright, in 1844, wa? 240,090 against 231,057 lor Fillmore. Tfie ba*? burner* eA|>ect to poll two-thirds, at l^ist, of the oemo Tiair iu ? au uhicii, iik v i"iv. ----- - ? 1 tht- I^nrihlftture, wht re there is u deemed autij Taylor majority. The wall n water of 0*** "Wa crntic vote oi u. ana u mey ao it, m(,?r tteuypf. will *tnnd thus:? -.w , Direct free loil rota lftO.OOC . Spcrdicg whig vote ........... iiiJOO Abolition note *.? * . ltf.000 Whig antVrent and watienal reform 6 000 Totai Van Burea vote . J07.OOO Kill morn vote ot lb W. 230,000 Deuuol meaning whig* "li" "00 " Antireni ?tn n.ud national ref xwevoU.ooO " Diminution of whig vote Uo.ooo 61000 I Total 000 i Va* Uurext vote I.raving Van Burwn'n 28 000 ' The diminution ol tlie vote and tht* lorce j of tlie ^ceding whiga ?;? probably both understated; and the barnbu ner vote, it is claimed,, will rise 10,0<X) to 20,QUO higher. The whu<a acknowledge that tieif agjjreaate may be diminished by 50 ,(*,0. Van liuren's m-tjorifli in fh?? Staff' it 13 r-iilt'ii l,i fr H will bfl not let's than flv.?MH) [This estitinte h, of course, in our judgwwnt, too high } The eighth du-trict, heretotote 12.000 strong for the whig-", will go for Vjin Rur?-n, if it (Toes not actmlly re verse its nuyority. Wiih New York for Van linren, neither Cass nor Taylor can receive the popular election?but it rniict ? > to the House. No candidate ever succeeded without New Vork, and the free pollers exult in the otnen. Hut they count upon more than one State. The Ca*.<tt men in Vermont have two alternatives presented to them?to run and bhow their strength, ftr to vote with the Van Huren ptrty In an active confidential correspondence with the present p??li ticiiins in \*ew York, it is asserted they will uko the latter couise The whigs, m the recent election in that State, exprrsclv stimulated t'Mt the victory was not to enure for the bent-fit ot Taylor, nnd it is believed a large number will vo'e for Van Huren. Ii th? |*?puj*r vote dons net give the, *" r"* n,,?? ufill Ki? thrown i>i

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