26 Ekim 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Ekim 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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HEW YORK HERALD. Corner of Falton tiidSlutanaU. JAMES GORDON BKN!fKTT. PROPRIETOR. in DAIL Y HERALD?Three edition* nwry d*?. t?? rnlt mr lopy?J7 28 per annum. The MORNINfi KDIi h)N te lubitked iU 3 o'clock A. M? urui dutributed befere brettk/1't; J*tnt AFTERNOON EDITION mm be h?A of I V wwhlK, mi foclack. P. M., and the lerorut AFTERNOON kDITHJN i fciodt. THE WEKKL Y HERALD-Every Satmrda *, f* tfrenUttmonthc American Vo,Mnmt-4M ctnttjpr copy, f* !'.Xr' I annum. Every tfeam pacKct day /or r.uronntn r?rrwf 06?rr annum, to include the pottage. The European tdu #'. urn? be printed in the French and Englith hint* ii/et. ALL LETTERS bj mail, for tubtcriplinnt. or with aJvorhmurut., to be po t paid, or the pottage will be dsducted from \Th!x&ITAR Y CO R RESP US'OESt' E, contn IMn t important mm, tolicited from any quarter of the world; ifu.el, loitl be ^dlwf&MltMENTS (renewed every morning, and to he eblithtd in (V morning aitd afternoon edition!, | at ration,i bit meet; to be written in a plain, legible manner, the proprietor iretpontibU for error in mnnutcript. PRlb'TING of all kirtdt crecvted beautifully and with 4* fteh. Ordert reeeived at the O0ice corner of Pulton ani mttou ttreett. SO NOTICE taken of mum^movt communication*. Whaterr it intended for intcrtion mutt be authenticated by thename id addrett of the writer; tint ncccitarily for publication, but it a guaranty of hit good faith. We cannot return reircted tetmvnicationt. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. PARK THEATRE?Dr. Dii.wortii?Madame Av?a ?i?m?>p n Scepai from Oteli.'* and as La Viv andiere?Di . ?aTl.-EJIKNT ?r AlROR A?ThK KtON IJOV. BOWF.RY THEATRE, Bowery-SwAMP Fox-fiovomA C'ioca amiSicnur Ntiu?East Kivkr Craetsma*. BROADWAY THEATrtE, Broadway?I\jo? (liMi.ouiCmari u II?Bobn to Uoon Luck. NATIONAL T1IEATRE, Chatham Square?E"miti?aii>4? Guahob at New York?I'Rrn v Uirij or STiLi.iiiao. BORTON'd THEATRE, Chambers ?tr?et?1*0 o a Oe^ti-i?ian?Niw York in Si.icis. BROADWAY CIKCUS, near Spring It?Fyic.?TntA>nM,fce. MECHANICS' HALL, Broadway, near Broome-Chri*ty'? Xi.nhtr m-Ethiopian Singing. MINERVA ROOKS-Tayixjr's Cawpaig.h. MELODEON?Virginia Serknaders. . SOCiETY LIBRARY?Campbeij.'s Min.itrem. STOi'PAXl IIALL, Broadway?Maxioo IixcitIatbi. New York, ThuiiMlay, October Wi, 1848. Actual Circulation of th? Herald. Oc?T. Wednesday SI.iM oopicl "The publication of the Morning Edition of the Herald com meaeeJ yesterday ac 20 mimitcn before .'I o'clock, and finished it (i o'clock : tho tlrnt iflmota Edition oom n#aeod it H niimit -a oast 1 o'clock, and finished At lit) minute hof..r# 2 o'clock: tti# lecond at 3 o'clock, and finished at 15 miauto* pest 8. The Fonlgit Newi. The steamship Europa arrived at this port yesterday, in eleven days and three liours, which is ilie shortest passage that has ever been made between this city and Liverpool. The Intelligence which we have received by this vessel, is highly important and painfully interesting. Smith O'Brien, the ardent patriot, the honest and fearless rebel, the gallant and self-sacrificing, though perhaps rasli, revolutionist, has, it appears, been found guilty; and?oh, civilized England (T) sentenced to be hanged, beheaded and quartered !! The excitement which this sad piece of intelligence created in our city, and especially among our Irish citizens, is indescribable. It was intense?silentiy, dreadfully, intense. Imprecations, not loud, but deep, fearful, deadly imprecations, against the abominable government of Englard, were uttered at every corner. Never was there such a unanimous outburst of indignation expressed within our ' nowledge, as was expressed jeste , when tli news was made public. Our column ? so much occupied with the details of the r , that we must defer our remaiks on this s ct to another day. The intelligf rom other parts of Europe is such as we nngi xpect. The democratic spirit is still in lorce, sinking the whole continent by the force of its working. Austria is like a boiling cauldron. The Emperor has ngain fled?an insurrection lias taken place, and the city of Viehna was, at the last accounts, in possession of the insurgents, and, occording to our telegraphic despatch, oeing bombarded by the imperial troops, and it is very probrble th.d ere this the government of France has interfered. If it has done so, ihen we may say the ball has opened in earnest, and there will be no peace or rest in Europe as iorg as a king or a queen sits upon a throne. The great, grand, and overwhe'ming struggle between democracy and the " richt divine" has commenced, and war, bloodshed, carnage, and desolation will mark the history of Europe, till the former sh ill have achieved its work, be it sooner or later. Germany is suil in an uproar, and France, at the last accounts, was on the point of a ministerial crisis, the result of which may hasten the commencement of the scenes which have to take place in Europe, before the iniquities of centuries are atoned for. We cannot lind space to-day for extended remarks, and must content ourselves, for the time being, by referring our readers to the details of the news, published in our columns to-day. Tiie Dcatli of Ulton II. LcwU. It is with profound regret we announce the death of the Hon. Dixon 11. Lewis, h member of the United States Senate, from Alabama Mr. Lewis died .yesterday, in this city, at twenty minutes past twelve o'clock. He arrived here two weeks ago, on a vis it, and was shortly after attacked with the disease which lias terminated fatally. In the death of Mr. Lewis, the Senate of the L'nit< d States has lost one of its most able and ac" complislied members. His lc ng service in the Hoist e of Representatives, ol which body he was a member when elected to the Senate, had made luni thoroughly conversant with parliamentary busim^? ; and his intellect, which was of great gro^p, gave him a most eminent position in the national councils. On financial question.}, Iiis views nere always received with attention and respect; nnd his marked efficiency when Chairman of the l' nance Committee of the Senate, gained him warm commendation, even from his political opponents. We would not antici; ate, by any suggestion or recommendation of ours, what we are sure is the universal disposition ot ourctizens, to testily in a most signal manner to their tense of the eminent qualities of the depaited statesman. New Vork owes this to the memory of Mr. Lewis. On more than one occasion, when her citizens were assailed in the body ot which he was a member, and when the repiesentatives of the State preserved a shameful and cowardly fcilence, the voice of the warmheaited Senator from Alabama was raised in vin <licatiou of the rights of the oppressed, and in man ly opposition to the despotic will ot faction. In Alabama, Mr. Lewis attained a popularity such as no other man in the State enjoyed. Not was his popularity confined to lus own State. It is little more than a year since our citizens united in tendering him a warm testimonial of regard. His death will but strengthen those sentiments of es. teem so universally felt lor him throughout the country. Tin; SrKAMiliii' Ei roi-a, under the command of Cajtain E. G. Lott, which arrived yesterday, left this city on the 27th ult., and has thus made -u- ....... ... i i ,.i uic emirc vuyuge uuu itwiu liiicipvui) imiuuing her stay at the latter poit, in the incredibly Bhort t-puce of 28 days. The passage just completed, winch occupied about eleven days, is the shortest ihat has ever been performed between Ihe two poits, and when the distance between New York and Boston is considered, it beats the japid voyage made by the Niagara in July last lull two days. The Niagara left Boston on the 14;li of iunc and returned on the 12th of July. Tint Steamer Britannia left yesterday morning about 12 o'clock, for Halifax and Liverpool, with three passengers for the former place, and seven for the I titer. H|Mvt!i>tt iMtelllgcnee. f Pacini. Th? paring collect. pomponpd no t'jih.uy on account of lUr w>ath?r, *H1 coma off Ihlt afteraoou, At thu lUrlrm I'ark Course. TELKtRAPHIf IVTKLLIfcEXC F. It illit, 1*4' Hert/fU tKkll tto w hw k^an llMr. I.MM.tkNt MOMta-Wli 14 MC #- TWi ill mo I* "" r. i?4 th* ntrk'l ?? m> Wb tl- tola* ' OM tottol* OM* ?*r? Bil< It K rU r?l- tol*? of T 00" kHMi ?*r it tl niw t r*t?ku to Attoay atili to** pwirJ Uitoar; a i * !, oimw ik. im lit T?i|>ta tltkll tto %?t t?(|t> tor bum n*ttr. I l*,4t't torr*l* whM! II :m k?4*li, (? ' MO 4* torl?y 14. 4<*i 4* Ttor* ??? mo rtotc I* <? > i*4 mIm U|kt Wtot >tiM at t ?N to*tol? < ?* im trrr d*4' ll tr?tl B?r -j ?*>. af I' >1 bu*b*:* it .< 7# it* * m *toaf* j is i*tor irttolM Mtilm l?trllt?> t.?? Lil'Nl N ( TNI IfttHMIt Ta? ? ?> -Th.? 1 llrMlff l?|?lkw Wl'b IW < k>wt?? |? ! Mmu?l L. MiUbatl'i IkumI Mm* ? ? auBrS?4 ' )i-ilrtJ?jr bmi.1I fr( B Mr II HtMi diif rvl n 1 |>IN?IM of a lti|? lunUr af yHHw Ik* Ml kM In t)w w?i gaiiiat miih tit ?it?ni| kfr proper alaaaaat Iwlxl 4aa lb* rwr*ll itll a* tar/ light. >b<1 dtapiajtag a ?" ? Haauiifa at?4ai Hw aa4a re ibtrp but full >1 lha ? <1 ihip* lit fear hiHua 1B<limnii Ui ? flit eaiaalr ? ti?a I bi? (oral brt <MU|kt light tli ?aaura? Int aar at a la tba ltramaa I ba I harolaa whiah la af Ua MIIP ia*4ai |i ft unJ to work llnltlkll bar 4>au*b< Hiatal taa' aitb cargoaa4 caal la ib4 riaaa Wat littia at tfca nt . of tha royiga Utwa cat a iag a t i?a' alfiatac*- k Ik I It r i|r<"l ilid ?alaty. itf pr^aarving ika whaaM at Ikair prtitH-t rlliri|ric< baloa tba larfbai I Iw kalanaa an rtmug anJ uauiuallt iaai ?a aa4 'h?b>tt.ia a< ta J-ad tha cdlna hull. la r?iHnrl>4 a* tr? n4 ?u> a< * thr baat matartal* ?ad ?fc- aixt a^-tol nclaof ron>lruction rnuld ?%?a It M< la x^i ataid I by tha rrl*m I'tfllll I utuu- I ra?rl| af Ika H inlm and fiToribljfkaowa a> >a* of tka BWt 4lat lagaiabad af tha l.trar|>04>i capiat a* ?k? krliarai that a *traag*r a* batter b?lit boil ba* Bat kawa Ba4? la aur aaaatrjr Tba TfDla?#aa ta la l*B(lk 11V (aat kaan J. faat hold 22 ff?t, dtaimtar of afcaal St fa?t -jr Bl.T T1 tri- li-n h trat Ktroka ?i. 1 ? hi i. 4 |Aag mm . ii * train Sha ?a? toa.4 lo Ilia Nnnif U urk< uf SUUuiin Alien b <o, abarr ika la t. r.. if- k< aiigir.1'. which ti vary aiwlf aa4 af tba mail ap1 r >vr l coarlmrtloa bar lag W KUIK* and WorthiBgtBB I?Mf -taaai pump wkirk tliM ona I ndirattng tba ait-r nat iu4 la iitartupti/ IB llidr|aoilrat ingiua Wkal tha tnila aagitia m fill! n-moia tlia main ciaaaa of aiptuatoa* To till pump tbara ii nra a d-iuh itlachoi nt a hick will iuMautly extinguish acct.l. uUl Aral I i>a laa ni- t M will ba placid SB (tba liua ib March ibaa aa nhall bar* a.akly diparlnra* from \aa Int md Simtjiu.h Tbia llBa la Boa palroaiaad by Saw Irlaina trari Ufr-. ind alia thm- g"ing in llorila Alabama HUil T? Diiraaaa. with wht<b plica* lha railroad cnai munication from SnanBah n bow aaarly ciaap at* Naval lata lllfca n? r. U S ftaaraar I'rincct n I runmandar Kagla tat; Malta 5th Saptiinhar with a mitt for Vaaiaa nt TriaMa. Sbw wan to raturn In Malta na tha tth or 20th of October in t Sha arrtrad at Triad- nth ult . and wn to Ii av* In faw dijri I . S i-tora ahip Supply I.taut I jn< h arrirrd at Mir,'irillaa.2Vth ult from I'ouion A I . S. ilonp of wir Btandmg north wia t>th imt " in th<> (iulf. lij ahtp Harriett K<iekw.-<i lienceat New Orleans loth lost I S. sloop of war Half, was npokrn 11th in-t 10 A M. latitude 32 05. ioagitud? "tat, wher. [rum or bound not rtated Fatai, Affray.?On llir rv-tiini; tli<* 12m lnt-tant. a <juarr*l or 'flght orourr-4 ln-twi?n Irifhmen at ( arlinndalo. during which one of th-m wo? co lifVUfly injured that li<* di.-d witbiu t ?r-nt jr four houra after. It Is ^raliryliiK to wltneaa Intluet i loua r fl'ortsat all tunes, but more so where tliue olfurta met with tl ir juat reward. We arc led to tfioto nmirki l>y the 4tw<i4?mw that hai attended Is|nnschkd aiu> e I is mtraiioe iato bustasea as a Uat ma' ufscturor, at 1' 7 Nassau (treat. The aircu?it*o< occasioned I.is commencement, are rather neeuliir. Owia< t ti unprir.ciitli d attempt of adespicable dealer, i t lUtl uih the Chemical Bank, to curtail the fiiir assres it tli? j >?r?> - men hatteis, E><pot>s< hied dc vrmin <1 to go on hie o?n hook m<i ? || it has l? li lor him lhat he did so, I Jt he ha* btu> \ l> .t?, In in sell and the public, who, in consc<)Usnie, have their IIata ch apir. and better in iinality; and hia Hit* are the uliverial th u.. ot admiration. not only iu thin city hut throughout thal'mon. 1 I ha Bills wholesale as weU'ae xutail, and country hatwrs will do woll to call. Jenny Mml Brnvrr llntn nittl Bonnel*.? A beautiful assortment of Mis.'c->' Jenny I ind h?arer lla trimmid in the most tasteful matimr. .Mao, l.idiLnand Mi e-? | i?rl, drab uliI t lack beaver Bonnets Uillinn a d deal r? can '* sup | plied with Bat* and Bonnets by the do/en, at lew prices, a*. Wll. BAXTA'S, 9t Canal, coiner t.f wo~*Mr MMt. Hat* ! Kxtrnordliiai')- llnta! In tftlkii K ot Hau. let ns ape >V, aud remember, I Tfat a Hat for July is not ?i rn in Deneinlwrt Both the style mid the llat in their Tachion may ahvi. And the less we'll be suited the moro that w i rause Go to Knox, 121" Fulton str.e\ and J nu will !> p:c?r< 1 t to, it I ycu can be pleased at any place. I Chlhlrcira Beaver lints, I'nil Stylr?Wni. : BANTA, !'l ('anil, corner of Wooster atree-, has th* large*', I otieapost and lieat assortment of Children's Fur lists to lie found la this city, consisting if Fcarl, Pure White, Dr-b. Bla- k and Rroan Beaver Hats, trimmed in the most tasteful manner, with rich aad beautiful materials. II a prions are nearly 2.1 per cent lesa t'.as Broad* ay prices. _ A very line I'rench Cloth Urea* or Krotk Coat, mado to order, from French cloths, $16; eome for SU. none , for pD. Also, Sacks, Overcoat*, i'atits, and Ve-ls, very finely maJo, at prices which mnst astonish natives, f orngnors, ana others Perhaps, mine is the only store where goods are all bought for cash down; therefore, can bo sold low 0. B. CLAKK.K. 110 William Street. 1,000 Over Conta, filch Lining. !4 to 10 .t/,11.... OIMl | i?,,l,? ?'| |?? !|| BU I .1...... ...I I, * Cul. CI J?l(?; Will pairs Pants, $1 to $4 .VW Vests W ccnts to St -alT nn redeemed pledges. bought for eaeh, and will le sold cheap, at ! ?< Nassau street, Five Dollar buit Store. The Cheapest and Best Plaee In tlic City to get gotil Boots, Shoes anil Uait?rs, is at JOSEi'S, 11 Ann itreet, ie*r the American Museum. First quality of French Caif Dress Hoots, (t SO; second do., fi50 to $1; Urogram Boots, from $'l 50 to 51; French Patent Leather Boots. $7. The PI u mbe National Daguerrlau (Gallery on the upper coner ot Broadway and Murray street, we can with proprict- recommend to all who wish to obtain the lies: ipe:imous of tbc Dagueireotype art made In the world. Fine Tens, Foreign Fruits, Ac.?.1, O. FOWLEK has on hand the finest quality (lulmig Tea. at 5(1 cents; Yonng IIj son. 75 cents; black and green at 2s. ( d.and.'ta ; sup'ri >r Sperm Cand'es, Vs. (id ; winte-Lamp Oil, 7A cents. Ourcountry frl nds would do well to <all at Fowler's to make their winter purchases, Noa 250 and 42S (Ireenwich, and 7# Vetey streets Housekeepers will not fnll to rail at tlie celebrated cheapest Carpet KstaMishnv nt in the l.'nited Stat s, No.! ;> bowi ry, II lit AM AND SiKS >S, where y< u can select front the largest arsnrimcnt of English and Aiuencin Carpeting. Ilearih Hugs. 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It AVKER, Broadway, opposito tho Carlton house. Wlgl nnd Tonpers,-We would advise alt persons wishing a superior wig or soalp to call at Batr.helor'l manufactory, No. 2 Hall street, and examine tho best assortment In the city. We would inform strangers that Mr. B s. nowlv invented wigs obtained a silver medal at the last fair of the American Institute. Enough said.copy the address. ftiotlee.-F. W. Martens Is no longerln my employ, as talesman or oti.irwis?. New Vork.Oct. 25. ( K.<IRHF. STEWART. 17 John St. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONK* MARKET. Wtdnrndny, (Htolwr '4"??II P. M. This has been a heavy day in Wall street. Quotation!) have fluctuated slightly, but the tendency, at th? olose, was downward At the first board, l ong island fell off l, per cent, and Reading Railroad advanced l? The Faies of the former were large There was no change at the second Voard. The eighth instalment ot ten per cent on the capital stock of the Hudson River Railroad Company, will be due and payable in the ensuing month of November, On the 16th of November, the semi annual interest payment will be tr.ade to such stockholders as shall have paid all instalments called for. The Reading Railroad, and the Schuylkill Navigation Companies have at last compromised their difficulties and for the future will ajt more In concert, and more for earh others interests An arrangement has been made, to remain in operation five joars. the effect of which will be to give each company a larger revenue from the same amount (f business The steamship Kuropa, from Liverpool, with /even da;s" later inte'ligence. was uneipectediy announced :it sbcut one o'clcok this afternoon. We received our flies a little after two, uud immediately issued an extra. The news, in a political point of view, u highly important. ?nd created considerable excitement :?* It became \no*c. Commeici il'.y, the adviees po.?sest very little !at?re-.t Totton, corn and consols have experienced . further decline in prices, und til the u.ui ket > eii pi-sented as U-ing exceedingly inactive. The hsrTfft* t> iva beeu se 'ured in a better condition thin ant'olpated.anI the imouut ol itraln, of ail Muds, | apoa tW utkiti. tu rc?oi*ntly large to prer?at an/ iaatJIato imptorement la price* *jj U> <reinf(nsed that the eiceaa of duty paid bj importer* la mohair, or goat'* hair plnab, under the tariff 1 art of Wa .being the difference between 20 and 30 "** pec rent am. will be refunded to them on applioation at the rMtou hoaae. la all e?M? where the 80 per cent I . haa i era paid under protest. u'"' 9 Th* aioermcnU ia cottoa thi* year, have been more >n>r a tlrothaa for the correnponding period taut; and it I ?r t^>? tbe receipt* a* a criterion, th-* crop this year ! w.U ianr-iy eiceed that of 1847 aad'48. The annexed I iIMj*R eiMMta the roeeipt* an<1 export* from thi> ' roaiararemeat of the teaaon up to the latrtt late*. in ci ?*rh t f the u>t tmci \rmrm hmhmm cww w tm 9vma itatii. | 1. Krported to (i, the < I'ftt. #t<<ri?nrf tiitrt Ih Uain tinet obtci I %t flryf. "thrr. 1 >< September. I.od* H4-1 l.MT 7*41. ~lg47] in th %** 1 mim o??. n . 72ii, .r.i.v 1111 ?' ) <>. U . . I'Ml S..V.4 4,119 ? 544 4? ? pi t. ??. < i.ios i.iiii ? _ r <.. ? IK 1- , ?"..72H 4.61s i.:h'| of Ai M>' IU IX" ?' 4*711 19.4131 111.(06 s,M7 da*. < anhaa 4M. 21 Jwi ? ? ? "rdci \ . '1-2U0 *.? > * <>* :i ? ItlW 1S.SM YY Mm* r?a?.. Or4 31 . . ? UN 1.176 ." I W.8M0 Hl.j;o 63.746 W ES? - ?3? - ,;d* Kr for tetl tJ Total eraorlt Appl fi,tnc* unee to foreign Port$ ?? I' I'' &0pi*mher. unee ltf, I w 1MH 1-17. IH4M. 1S47. othci \ . 'I . ifc u 11,;, i-l 1. I'll :">ny, v,,ry I. <? ( ? | J>S 1.4 IN \Scft *,:SI7 I Cam f I 4?4o 'K-t. f . ? ? ? 1,0411 " I - ID (. Mga H I,,, |B UN 1,549 ? I In* ?M M 2 ?U 1.110 26,77S 11,737 I Hoik MfalvliM. IV t .'I .. ? ? ? I 11th ? , ... <?h.1 ... - - - - ? s . \ ... .> 1 U.4M :w,6i< ;i?.977 ; W what Kik. 0>C tl ... - 454 QK 1,71-s I TMftl.fcah* ...1MM M.CTS UlJOOt 91.114 >> '* Jam ? ?... ? ? JM** ? ? MMM ? ? U Mi .''i, H11U1. j0 t 1-47- WiH, oily' " . I . I' ?! mm<- fc" l>l. .Vi.|7- !iJS?M 1. t??i. *nl . 11 .|?- <1 4ji*-, '.' i- " 11/ at **m*. ??. U 1W.S04 144^13 : Vv Tk>rr k4i kMB4i lncr*a?* in the ?hlprai-ntn thin |V^'" ' " to all part* of th* world but to Kraocc. and th? fa' i Bf ofl tl .r? l* n<>t * > large as might hi*.- bean w m-rt.J uadir ni tlng cirr im-tanre* I'j (in-a1 r*,cf Lr ta a tbe li pmrDti tha* far. thin year, tho* an In, r. o : uy jwr nt Toth? North of K.ur<)j? i a* acr? a?? ?nuai to aboat ?i\t?-on p#r c?nt, and to Wt.it ctli.-r fi r. ?n port* an Iacr?a?^ *,,ual to moro than " t?a huair*4 ftr r??t 1 bn taltufaotory incr>'a<i< Id w tl uautity of thM iniportant i-tapl* nhippod thin >.<? jrar. hai ict brm offset by ft rorrvaponding d#pr?' clatloa > (,rifn Tbrra ha? b?> n t large reduction in w IJnotation* It U tra? eowpftr.-4 with the niarkot price; but they ba*? r?ach> i ?uch low point* that any furIbrr Jeprrctatu I* alfti>>>t vntiraly out of the ijuen- *)L' to 1 fc additional uaatlt\ rsportrd tin* yaar M vea at modorat* lepre< iat'on la price*, will dwell -m the mrr|tal4 *alur of ?hipa>)-*'* of eottoa to an r<' " amount Biurh b*?oad that of Iftat year, la rrgard to w tlie eoa^unipt'oa of rotton tbi* y?-ar. there i* e?ery villi probability of it* b?iti: considerably larger than that ol the y? ar jw?t clOfrd butb la tkli coantry and in urojr pcrbap* aot bo4re?er to aa eiteut eorre*. \}f {oadlac with tha prcbabl* larrrft*- la the growth Lrtl iu the rT* ut of IU not taing no, ther.- It no margin tloor. |ur ft Iirlhrr fan in pricta . anl unleta there ia an ira- 11) prweBent between tbi* and planting time, we have ^ no doubt tba crop another )ear will be much r?luc?d . U.oi Ik* annei-d tattai.ni eihibit* the quantity of certain article* eaported frnai thia port for tbe week ending the 23d in.,t . diatingu tailing the e .tent of i>hip- w mint* to neh country ? U"u _ .. can I' l.irokra mm Tint roaT o> N?? torn ? Ta I i trpavl?i urn bu-h 24,HiA ; wheat 43 01J ; 1{L' Hour, blilf 24 784 ; turpentine, 1 , roein 30O , tar, " 1.1*7 appU* 180. Indian tneil, "4. jaiap. balaa. & , V" lump, Mn) aapati wocd ton', *1 til ow lb* lTrt.Ow'? ; t' ! - U- ii?ui- 7 1 ' i 1. ? ' O0.HV1 whal* oil gal< 9,1*1 .t ; nee. tea 102, rice, ' haft* 1" ' nutgalt* 2V tlTN, No 12 00\J ; ?<*ra c;ul< 12 000 gff To Klonr 5.000 hbl* '/' (ileuretfrt ? Klour . 0 bbla corn S.>?07 bu*h \ 1 '/' lie/awrf Meal aoO hbl* ; llour luu Jo ; I'ar, 9 ?* ' do.; Itoain In d? . corn. #7 lit buvhela wheat. 4 14'i Jo Tan' w H .lba Stale.. 4 WW *5 T? llmrrt I'otaah 77 bbla : pirk. .10 do rice, Ml a 1 tc? bark. 41 bhda : lard I* H;,olb whnlaiton-* 11 J14 *? 7<> gl/??ne T?i'-? Ro?lo, ' /I bbla | otaah <10 do.; '* * Tarni?b, 25 do llour, lt/0 4o . Icgwooil 57 tona; whale f.> . oil, 13 114 gallon*, extract .joinina 110 b >*??, nc?, 78 1 tea . iiuimue. 2 ca*e*; I l< ehoee. 7 bark. & balea; and ! hop* 11 do.; Toba co Manufactured 7 140 lb? . lea cam by*cn. S3 1K7 do . Hatrr 5,?70 do , H To hrlx xm I'l ta-h 301 bbla ; le?rla?b A) .In , pork. ? 40 do ; belt, 2 i? : rice .>*."> tleree*. (kftlc ton-, A logwotd, 111) Jo aai WHII'.U 7 WIm aUiala kri?<: 1 mil roaln, 100 do. T>> /'rfinmll. Strrjen an4 A'arvay?Pearlaab 10 ' T" bltla.; beet. 20 do ; Tarnl?b 1 do , tobacco 15 Ml la ; a ii baik. 10 do ; aptrm oil, i>21 gallnna; apiriU turpentine. II 1 5*0 ao rice.^U tierce*; fuatlr. 13 tona iogw *>d. 6. ?" a i do . uiahcpany. 4a do ; *egara. 1 caw hopa. 20 batea " ? 1 inn i i" bi * , T.i Foitvfl Spirlta turpentine, ?51 gallon* ro<in, 2) bbla.; pork. 60 do ; rice. 40 ti?re??; butter 3.?7 iba ; !? j ulalelione. 1,120 do bai k. 20 bhda . mat* No 2. , ?'r fltarei, 33,000. rail To S a n Man * V. . ^ To fcaaf Iniiti?Hour 1W bblr bet f -0 Jo brand, ;;;| lL0 do : roaln, 50 do ; pitch, 60 do chair* .m d >r n crack?r*.'.OO ca . a; ab.atbmg coppt-r, 20 do n.?ila. 4 ^ ktg?; lead. 200 pig*. d<tnie?tle*. 2V7 pkg* , T Nfxiio? I'aper. 2 S71 ream*; pepper, li big-, cocoa. 192: nilk. 82 pk{* ; drug*. 101, durU 2 dry ;to > l?, \ foreign, 12; bltai-hing powilera 14 cm.;,?, cion*nr">, 24 balei; raw aiik. 0; potato** 20 bb'? ; oatoo? 130, FT"" iron. 20 bdla ; Iron. 117 barf, butter, H62 lb? ; eh* ?e 545; codfi-h. 2,600; furniture, ? caaia task* lit mi chintry. 147 To S/aniih H'nt Iniii't l>rug?. IflO pkfr* : paper \| 110 reama: potato** 6t0bbla.: oniona, 10<>. mtckcrrl. ' ( 60; npplca 2">, cheese. 1,184 lb* ; codhah, 43 440. clianiI :i ;ni'. s b?hk*l*, urine 24 e?*k" pea* lit MM) betiing. 50 boxea; atarea, No 2'iOW). hoop* 420<>> r< ioar*. 60. '< To Svrdiih Writ Irdin?Torl. *<1 bbla meal, (to, . , rye flour. 56; bread. 07, oatmeal. 100. flour. 612. Ii el | j 30; mankerel. 60; koap. 70 boxea; herring 60, cundlea t <| mould. 174; tobacco, 13 hbda ; leatht-r. 7J7 lb* ; ruzar, I >j refined. 1,019; bare*. 1 <t#3. butter. 1 19H; cbeete. 1 47tf, _ , lard. 318, (1Kb dry, 2tt'.!i, nalla 26 caaka. rice II tn , ] A ' corn, 200 bunhela; domeatlc*. 1 pkg* , ,,, T? Hi ilith Weil /ndi>??Four. 1.124 bbla . ineal.4t>3 pork, 120; bread, 43 ; potatoea. 120 ; applea .'>0 b.-*f, I <J 18 ; rice, 28 ; rlce.2<l tea. ; corn. 306bti*b. ; peaa. 32H 1 i Vatchea, 1 0<>0 gro ; onion* fi cratca . tobando. Mid , I '.32 Ilia ; butter. 0,1.'3; cheea*. 4 600, li? .aa, i 470. lard. '-."i0 ; i-oap, 220 hx* . candle . i>r>ul I 2 J I *' lumber. 60 000 ft ; l.av. 60 balea . lite atock, ihrp 2> ToHntiih S'orth jitnrrica- Kour 3 .1? '.? bbla rral. I I3i ; pork. 20 ; applea. 76 ; rya flour, 640 : bread 2iW . u?.s vinegar. 10; lice, 6 tea ; tobacco. in-tnuUriureJ - TuO i lb* ; butter 2.847 : t?*. black. 2 !'J* , pIi h??? 7 ; ]?n(. ooflee. 12 baga ; candle*, ap . 2P bxa . cotton b? *ing tt i 10 ball a The ablpmenta of br? d?tutf? for tlia we?k w*r? ^ 36 38'.' barrel* Hour. 40,177 bu-bela wheat. ,g,| 1004M \ tk buahels Indian corn. Of thl*. .0 181 barrel* flour >1 |/( the wht at, .nd !'#.V36 bushela nd u corn were *bi|.|? .1 to Great Ilrltain und Ireland l#n. 7he exports to the continent of Kurop* during n* i p:i?t week, wire larger tbun uaual, but they .rebut i v fractional part of what tlie ..rerag?- .* b?*n fn prer. i ou* yeara: ueither :ire they likely to be for i Ion* t >i* '' ', Our export trade, however with th?a* countrl - li i ?"l reached ita minimum, uud the Intreaa* her> ft : wil t4J be itcidy, but Tiry gr?iu .l. Nine month* of |> 11<- I rtYi.lslcn hare placed eTarythlag ! Kur?|H> ut> > tba , lowtat buiii; and nny improveisent In the douietiu H alTaiii of that (eatIon of Ibe world cannot but b- n | ducive to our mo.*t important Int'-rot by gi?in. u? ' Biore cxtcaaire mnrketa f r our irodur!? it la f u ?|i( DHl?* iur UR IUSI uirir M m UflliaDJ TO i I TOT "Mr brcadrtulf*. an it tend* to ??iII tb<* \ ilu* i.f -blj>i'i o*? I < olberwife our export* would l>* reduced to the -tu . t amount, and fp<*cle would l>.t?gnne forward in >(e amount*, in payment forth* large im rtiti n The amount^ of toll* rtMlftd It (blcac , a pro , duce traniported on tb* IlllnoU and Michigan eanal j* ' for each week from the Oth of May. to the 14th < f < toUer, inclusive. wt re a* a nursed ll.LINOI* Mil 1111.11 ( ?^?I?Amoi>T |rT"NI ' r l*t week. $1,428 '>0 12th w?ek Mm* 41 2d do 847 2 8 lith do .... 1 .716 IV 3d do 2jll4 66 14th do 2 i40 27 II! 4th do 1,2*7 52 15th do '4,01V 21 l 6th do 1 404 02 Jflth do .... a.enj r 6th do 2.264 64 17th do 2 4i?? 7 '' i 7th do 2 026 02 16th do 2 ft . TO 8th do 1 807 23 loth da 3 ??;> . 62 If Oth do 1280 4 4 20th do i n:, 71 10th do 1 8..6 88 2Ut do 2?4V V4 11th Jo LSTI M 9it< Totnl M0 -27 117 *i| 1 be receipts at I.a Sal,*, at the oth?-r end of the " I line, haTc b?rn about the -am* amount which. ad l? I to the toll* collected at < hirago. make the tntal up t i the 14th of October, more than $81,000 There ? at that date about fix week* of sanitation left for the j\| 8*aron The toll* for the year may reach $100 001 Ntock Kxclmtmc. $2110 Trea? N*te<, 6'* IMS', ??> ?h? rtarlni RR t? \ J'* MOO do 103 It*) <lo ,;,l .* >? ly > ftOO l'8Utei 6 *. 08 lo:> 30 Loot lalaai haw It \ 4JT, liftoo >iu iar, 4tio do 21 s o i SOW) do K U9V !00 do *i 3 ?>r .too do 'B7 104', 100 do ?>\ ft r> 11 ;?iOUUSt*tr?5,?, 'S3 -,K\K 400 do i30 Sis* Il?t> Jo 04 AIM do iO>2 L " .*?) PennnylTanta 6'? 7.1M W do W? * 1(11 that raiment' TruU Jb', UN VkNIiu R? "IS , 1 200 Morris Caaal 8 2S N Hat ft llarird RK 101 ' *>" (10 do MO V\ 10 En- RR, a w, fnU <?l 81 Canton Co 31 <2 W do MO 00 '??* I do inw 3114 ?6 do V>\ UK)Canton forip 2'., 10 do kW ,V?V |\| fiO Heading RR 31 \ ,H0 do *<?, 1/ .HO do MX ft) do W0 ?l\ hr hi 10 Aulmrn ft Ro':< RK f7 100 d , win <*>s miun SO N V ft N Tlav RR MIW 11 ,l> M0 ft) rt?tae SOOtrlemRR AIM 00 l? ?)0 >'W H.4al 60 d > ?>K Second Board. rOOIiiiOV'S*) V7U 19U ?hj Loan 111 RR hS 30V ihj He vim* H? siv* 50 do 3D'* 'lH CfTT TftAUK Rt rOKT 1KD MaRRKTS KuiWHt h't fourth pag?. O. OF O. * ?HANCOCK I.OUOK. No. 4!?-TII? MEM. lera of thi? ludK-- ar* re'jueeted to be punctual in their atlai.ce thi? (Thursday) evening, at 7X o'ol'Kik, ? biuiuotJ of ortance * ill be anted upon. By order of th? lodre. R1CHAKD BRADFORD, N.G. I DO B SlLTEBWAW. gWWttg. (I t). f -Hit M C HHKlt!) or UKIMTit UHMi K? CS, arc re ,ue???<i to Ui punctutl iu their atlondauco at t'w i>, this evening. as arrangement* are to he irado for at'endfn* j ^merel of Brother Dixon II l/eirif. late a member of Oriental I se,ofl*.r. By cedent tv. WAKEUW, N. U. IAS. K.TawOH, Pec'y. I O. Ol O. F-IBM ft A It LODGE Na.XH.-NKW VORK. i Oct. US, The ineuiherii of this loci,and tli' br it'imi of ' )iUrr at lnrte. ail r sportfully invited to attend the funeral jui'Sof the lfon Di.ori If. tawi*. doceawd. la'eot Orient*! I c, M as'itiirtoii <!ity. Dn nplioit of ti e afanmmMl'f for I i uoral (which will Ule place > n tho 27ili liw'.> will appear < u 1 uoucjournals ALf t(KU H All R, N,(i. i. A. J ah via. Secretary. | IENCH BEMBt'OI.KNi SOCIKTY.-TUK UGNERVL assembly ot tin- members tor the election ut ' (.lie Committee imlnistration." for tlie year IMH-IH, w 111 take pl*5? on M m ,'fUth Oct. at 7 P. M.. precisely, at Messrs. Ikdmonico'a. liy rt K F01.ll [(IM Si"- ~et irv. | ANTftn-A SITUATION AH WET NURSE. A PPL V AT i 41 fpring street. Beat of rclerenoe given. . ANTED-A SITUATION. BV A KEiPECTABLE Young Women. to do Waiting in a small privity family, tabi' rare of o I aby and sewing. The bunt of city refero'ioc. y ar18 Hatavia street. Can be accn lor three days. ANTED?BV TWO KESl'E TABLE l'KOTE-1 l"ANT young women, situations, one to do general Uou lawork, tli? aaChaiiilwimaid, or to a.<siat in washing and Ironing. Tlia beat of city references can be giveu. Pleaa oall at 'Mi >1 atreet. ANTED-A SITI ATION, BV A BMPXOTABL>YOUNG woman, as Cook, Washer, und Inner, or to do geuoral lewmk, The boat of city refurencos can he given. Apply atfl.'j xtreet. Can be neon lor two days. ANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE VOl/NG woman, to do coneral llousowork, or to ukc euro of olul. Can give good city reference*. NoJobJecUi n to go a abort nre in the country. A|iplynt pi.'J Ilroomc sir. ct. ANTEb?A SITUATION. BV A VEHY EX PEllI ENUED girl, to Cook, Wash,and Iron, in a private family, orwould lie Bousework where only one girl u employed. Han good rift-ranee ; please call at 71 Sixth avenue, in the book store. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situa-lon as t ham' rniaid, Washer and Ir ncr, or would no objeotioiis to do Chumliorwork and H alting. IX is good reft ten e. l'lensc apply at llli Duane, in tliu rear. ANTED-A 811 U\TI()N, BV A RESPECTABLE VOl.'NG wuiinn, u Cook, Washer and Irouer. Ilus the best ot city i-nce. Can 1* ?ecn fur two Jays. PletM call at .0 Clark street, site Domtnick. AVI ED ?A SIT!'ATION, BV A VEKV <'Olll'EI'SNT Girl, with good city reference, to do Chamber work end inr, t.r th? Mouse work of a family. Pleatc cill it 74 Sixth ue, in the !>ock store. ANTED?A SITUATION BV A YOUNG WOMAN, A i Cook, Washeraud Ironcr. or to do general Home work.The r>f city references given. Addrcsa to .'W White Ilall street, lit tlrat floor. ANTIll-BV A RESPECTABLE VOING WOMAN, A situation as Cook, assi t in washing and ironing, or to do ral housework of a sn.it I private fatnily. Best of city ref r given. Apply at HI lladison at rent, in the roar, up ftairs. \NTED?A SITUATION IIV A RESPECTABLE VOUNti Vt onian. tia tirst rate Cook, and woti'd willingly assist in | iin? and Ironing, if reipiired. Apply at t>5 Franklin street, I ,c secu for two data, if not engaged, where the bjst of citv I emt'i can Im obtained. ANTED-AN IJONfcsr AND INDUSTRIOUS YOUTH, ! almiit (iitrusn j ears dd, who w rites a good hand, and is ! nn U> make himself centrally useful. A line in tli? handm <1 the applicant, to B. A. at the Herald Ollioe, will be at- j 1 11. ANTED?A SITUATION. BV A HESrECTABLE YOUNG W< niui. t do tl e pet oral Housework of a small privata ; y City inference cun given from hur last place. I'le?iw K tl.e c. rner of 'Iwelfih street aud the First avenue, third Cini > - " t -r tw . iiuju. ANTED SITUATIONS. HV TWO KItil'ECTAULE Girls, ?ue to do th. general Umisen ork in a small private 3?l waAcr and ir nor. and u good plain conk ; the t<> do (.lumber w nrW. plain sewing. nr take ear# of children, nf city rtfri nce given. Please call at No. M Fifth street, iu J akery. | Aini.D- A B1TI ATION. liT A MESt'KCfAULK I'RO. tenant woman. a< ''ook. W'aaberor Ir-tter; hai no i.bjco to ? ! a shirt distai"-*' In the conn try. The best of refcreuue ? ri??n Arrdr ?? 12.' Mutt street. ANTED- V A MOHAN W'llO THOROUGHLY UNu standi h lusne-i- a situation as Meat aud I'aitry id a i?>ieetaWa bA'M'iK houes Iteit of city references ' i Ol Mnlbsr y -trcet, near Sprm I Ntt LA?V. A PBOVBSTANT, NATIVE OF DUBLIN I ? i Id wi.li un en&a. enient in a f mil) 11 take car* of young i ri ii. ant <0oi? them ui the rudiments of the Eni?lisn Ian- , i. Ai ) c n ra inicuti >n addressed to S. B., 3 Charltons re't, punctually atUBdcd to HI \<: Hi.MAN WISHKS till OBTMV A SITUATION, rithrr la roantry *> town, at Cookiag, Washing, or Ironing, amlrrmaid, >e eaa get a good eitjr reference. For piru- i a ii'inii* ?t N?. 54 Oak e'raet. I I. CI HI, WANTS A MTI'aTION AS CHAMBER- 1 i i r O M i (it) r* it M ?. lB'|iilra at No. BS, l .ir et. is k room, first floor. AO IIM'J TAB! It VOUNC. WOMEN WANT MTU- ! i 1.1 un- to <io R n?rs! Ilou?t work, is h .',0 v>d Wa.s!.cr Ir i r ar 'il . other to 11 < usmlier Work and waiting, anil j iiotei nfaraow fimii their last placc.i. AppyatNo. < er sifw-t ? . i TABI.I t M. WOMAN Wi8HSS A SITUA.ii t> ii? ii wnrlt or s t h.im'iei nriid. in a ropootlble i).i??l*r,' i. pt and s.artleiu give the best of ?fA.i .'?l'iW,st Sixteenth t, rr?t * irtiwi Minv.- A vol'.' O M AN. W 1.1.1. At i;l MNTI'.I) AT I I ?n jr ?ie| arun nt of tht lio i'-ry iMsiaess. wanti a sitM ition I. a i r l- .1 ' i". ti 1 re'-p-ncc*. .VI lr m C. N.. 1 d i fliw WANTED.?AH IDOUM OIM I3 UvSHii oi % aii as ton ? topHNM, or to wait aa an inv -!id A Snal' in el. n.it tc | ri ft it ud, Address E P., << lleekiiian >M \ Rlt>MllilS U \N rKil.TA'O l'i,A1E WD ICC'tSi. I ?or<n .n van btain ?U?4y enipl 'yui" i Apply. No. iyriag strMt. wjl FOBwSS, l'?I> rui^* ?AM'il A ?1 nMUHVii I'un fi * Trojr l'iv?, imfaiMi a'uo, u ?nnll Maxwell Laad A|>tl} at !!t> Nk ?au ?'Alir> Tilt. r.Vl.KRMlNKO HFTUKNS IIIS SIN. ? ? t) unka t?? A^rfi'snt Ciptain Canti. of the T?n'*i Ward , Jv?' c <>?h<ma. tad fHBrrr JelTmyi, Iut tlielr mdcUti^.ii <l m . il?xi-nioBi In r*oo\erin( j, lir/e ?um of moccy, n li"tn ra >u .Setup) >,) n V t Iut JOUN IUAI)nURV,fi2 Al'cn Itreet. :!"?l V Bllfl V I AST Till RSDAV, Ot T. l'J, A YOIN'G ? >rman. ly the r.?mr I Julnia Ktroolin; ?<o 2.'l year*; r i Tn|,|fiirnmi (._n.< it ml hair.? r alien la?t h il. hro?n triprl p*tital<><na, Mack olntll Ith bro?a pitrl.'t, anil'Jack ailk hat. Any iaformstioa ? in*.ill- uitaMy ri by FreliT:<-k Kneuuvein, Hwtfc Unit I IM, -Urilt-ID IN Til K VICINITY OK F. VST BROAD ? - kt, i Market atrrei, on *1 ii?Uav afv-rnonn. twa Artificial a ?>lw fU-.r Tlie Duilcr will lie suita'ily reward'rating 'hew at thiioffice I?r A rilU WHITE SLI T IDOT MAS LOST ON M u.ilay W i *??? ?IH talura it to 31 ttce!<man at ret t, ; imIm a Itml MM I I . T ON I K<DlT. OCTOBIR 2.\ I8l\ A MEMOiiANi i in It miIi < in{ tviirer >ti? bill* for' olfaction, and ons fi?r **? t*\ nr4?n to or-h r *?l J.T thell, I>y K* #*, llrot ><?( , ?t ??1 ?Mi*h ftiM The finder will bj .lit n r4ti 1 f h avjo? tatne at the ottir.- ot t'.r HrovUay IUO.4 < ? i i I til WIN 1 v ' f Ol ED E M I * I ! ; . ,i.4 ?? 1 *T%I literature Published i n New York on t, i'"l? end .,Nli of each month, in the Ko*l hh uid Fr^nr 1 i a fee I f h i u?t bee tl'un'rft od with wood rot*. ornaTDonUil n. tiid "i' 'ntrtvlwc >a ftte?l, element colored. Term" of n? ?' I |lii DkIIni i)r,ir )?ytUiiB ?dm(t. No rib.?than tSr** Mit -? A .v r*i at |?? ,?n . r?; i lift. Utfi- < vf ihe j 'I ml, (i Johl fttrvt, New i <-t rNI ^AfidNAli HiUll \ I I i t. t >i l III ? I v r>?ft?lt n> * further woi <1*rtl ?m-of of i. K*e. J<?' fi V fvud hi* tt?>. in th?* em'o.** |\.| hie jriMiuiT ! <1 ?-autii.n W it . with pr v%t# i t.H ,V. l on IN ?.) t. mile (!? - its <?oiid'in K < fn?!?n Hearenc? of N<?rthr< j> fer tl?e M rder of Him(ioxi- ! Tl.r I i 'i?il ! the tlwution <>f lAJiff lt f?r Ihf I r ? Kt dewi%el?' r. bn Intmr'f r*Htin* Chapter in i ' < 1 ftM I' P ? i # ?. * tn4 l..?rly, *?ut [?rof1'<%U?. a J*?? ' t i t ?f t onutyr lla ik C'e*- ll>?*r And 8n\ ft%4 te i,?nar? i lai r?it n* %rti? lee. Imth f??rii<a 1 I n.i vt'Ci M*" \?i eu ?tf? t I eel-ee**ry?h??'e. SIP HI NIUNtiUllN. I<k ? - ?* I.U.Vt MOKK .t < ??? 'f n#ftwfw>s4neee, twtwt*** i? . V OM I ?j- r ? n K * N 4 ? i il.ii fri - ..J . t| lli>i<r.<'H*krn feom IK-of * lfo??.ke i i "f T1r*?-wfcetc awe im uif) w? alenf. -~I , i t i?i i ' ? * \ ,.1 / tiY jUrrwiftimli*"!! Jn- |?M He'* etd f-.r ?!# Iiy Kklt" K. ft HVMTflNO..f?SB n1w%r i% a'<mi ?K>r MOiKAku l \r* i rmf TffiijftTli >rnf ? I *I*W Iw^ween lit?ue? % t>\ |jn?e<*. of tt e j ' wit ft ti|-> fti 4 ki?fet?.k ?4 t w i?*rt. . i i vlU'.gt th? e!4 pftrt*e? ft re mi/i-ilU ' It f Omi il t? Mftftt* tfr-iftfh U? E??er; ftnd TtiirU ?v?itk, IwWfftft'a t*V fiilHt le^iMMdtMfti, Iftfit fti4hinftftl N< | I < T' ? r ??,lu " ? * . ? - -VI . * I* ? ? (? ttmt Wot UaaAl Sa a arr<?<l (hit ?.< I f a i ftatijat all Ika liaaa naa i.t iimk WM'( | > ? ' ? ? . f ' ia> i<>All iW.f t?. IM ?. I rai ! ?, ? ? lk> ?r?? it! . H 4 l.rr>>7 turn ally pmw ia4 ir* to a 4 villi aarh nth*. h? r*t? 4ifMi?n ?l n?rf, that Mm rnciilai fata I.? a'l m ar'a ia? I f ?ilh?r a< llto .? < |.?rij ? "imU) ? .full. i >?< rfut tk>? HU. ka n Allkai I i tidi f .ll ar <aa pat ,t t ti()4inti? ?? i^l|Mn|ifMt I* (>arr.*4. anl > k hilf If K>M) ? ? Half (hat rti? >j ?*o> a i-xicr II'MI * RATA* %<ltl sriikimm) ?? !> with tx>?m> u anted, im il? I. ? r ( ? * tw . ttjr ky ?aa? ai trr ' 4 L? 1?. ( V It- l-?ati-? matt W iWa-aiit. a-<4 :.? taan'y a*f?^. I'rt (? (ai 4 tola* at,?'.t,af>? i-nr a M'hj ?<" ?f I ( knap- to tfc? *? > ?. AAAfaaa. f K *.. ti?ral l ? < . a??i>i rn? Niir,lwit. a?p tt'iituauorll( t. UtN.I'W 1% i l'a?M? < >aaaat M?a'a(a? > ? f. % affc ' ??4a< <?r*4 I * ?'," ? a fc"( aa4 a arraala4. 4 <aa da < at # ?Wa. fKoa IW to tt^ i?(?fr Iwl (Mm, U I la<? a?ar I Kan>hrf? <?!?. Kl IH HaTiBI I ? j\ <T ll 'IMIi I >??< Si a 4# lanHik*4(*'((Na 4?, **iU? Alaa. . nnmt iat?< a <f I iirlai UaitiM, flat** rut.. n?' A M\*nsr. Iait-?tofw aa4 J Man lit ?t . aaar 4<4*? UkIT I tfcT UVtlAI.LT AT itwSAtT H(H( Al> ? A? . | oart-*( at IWaaa'l iU?.i * Mill Mart ?a?- h?< ?, I ia?? aAa, Ilat*. It" <?a*4* PtWWtura <1?(k'a?. Mate. NeefleelaeJ Ha.-a' Iwiwmu by J<?h\T. N II' r('.iii?Mi?lp'(tV. ; nana* (U ??? kali, At tka kail 4?t ATAN island rarmr-TIU ?TKAM?(at imtcm ?>a*4rr will rua a* K'Umi - l ?a*? Saw Tit at V. II. I, i, ? aa4 AH o'alaaA Laaaa tjaaraattaa at V tal, II. L ? u4 Bfc K >?? wtl.*A*\ VIA HAVANA.- TUB TINA MW 'raa.alxy(1ALVision 4. < raaa ' *na;t?4* r, will toava kt akava |?rt? ? Aatai la>. tt>? Itii a at III k. A M . (ran t*<-c v . M \? wrh ~ r~- nul t? i Latter katp at tka ataal |4a*aa Fa> ftaagfct >> panap. haa- I pry layaror mia?i>4au<.aa aai) to J lloVAaif A i-1*. n Swtkatra V i 111*11.1 ATTESIM MI i?i>A\^k't'(>r ruL t\ i ad tar. at 4.1 l?r ><4?a> aa(raa< r IW, ftma. avr? aa td fcta ' Traati-a <a vt>? I > - r? *'? >( ' aatf aatiac Kjra aa4 Bar fm-xaiaa ~ m aaaf -??? a? <w a?ar a?a4 f..r ??nn| ?f (Aa Bfa a i-l Kai Artt- I IfMhUll Pm nuru-rtuviu im^irrr or mil i Aim rtiaW -T+wndtj tmini ??rv ?k. i fc- a - I f?ro* of IMK'To* PM WOKTH !? ?<* DU??e?fc. ' > Mr*. Dilvartfi. Mra l.ilbart After Mm *?-? ?'? v%i?-<w I A??? BtWiov lull i? f?B *?< ?? m 'HaMa. ?4 ??H<f a I intd>?ot'rM <rril.U> h4?Ih?'? T | Hub'*. Attar ?WMk ik? toi Mn I I ni;W< A< ? < ? I Which wll >? ?<i I. ! ? .> . >? *'? ? < AnaiHiahon To U Ml v?i b* ?fc? BOI ? " r M H t U|i?>n T<. alaaiMbWW ? fnMt i Mf ! ? ?. la I ? wfcteh ? l*irr li.ahoy fll {: ?i u l V ?kr*lwv aa* ? Pi Chai.*..n Milrtii*." " ^ I fc ROW BIT TIIBaTRB i>K I HI unit BVBMISU. <*T M.J 2ti. Will t ka A. - A ? .1-- ? ? i W SWAMP FOX-Vrat- Virt?t, Mr V H j ?T fx r, Hr O. F Br ?ic V|llrw.|br.. N < It *dh Msaa I ?, >>M? J X Sett. < . tv r. Mi iua t *?*- Jark I E aon. Miaa & I)?nin. Mr*. D?lu In J ^U.i tv ? i. -r* ? L After wbn h a Uoll.-i III*. r"?, . > . < ? n < ??? .?4 ?.? Ntli. 7i> i niln.tr ?,>i. iim. ? \ - r R| ? art < ? w * > \ Faulkland. Mr Ttllm. Wii' ii. W- fl.M r .. . . m ,r Jl.innikrr UuM, Mr. Winaiw. Fanny Mar?t> Him Mtrv Ta. r i Door* open At 6^~p<ffetwiioi to mmmm u f m^^Ij ? Boxes, 2ft onli; ritand Gallery. l.'^-at? CHBllAMrilAU'B MKVt NATIONAL lUCAlttk. F ItHIKi r ! CLatham.?H i nday Cvaumg << ( tb. w.ll s? ,~r< r. i\ Hit' o|*ratic drama ..I f>Mi iv||>\ ,, .,,, ,,, .. ? Lindeu: Claude Frollo, Burt; Onaaln.. .to, J< < >. ?u.?h>- , Bterenf; Esmeralda, Misa K M* i???r T l? I..lie* i i, \ , GLANCE AT NEW YORK -Mum Mr Chaa.-Van <; . f > ' Hells, tl. C. Burke; Iliaa. Misi K M ataj r Mr? M i, ?. . Chapman. To conclude w i th Uif farce"' I'l; KPT V i;IRl.? < >? 11 STlf.ltERO-Ernest. Mr Stark; Ad, lan W,I ? T * MeMaycr; Crittle, M>? Ml!f-. Mina. ?i< ! ?> 11 r Wi Frnnklin; Christina, Mrs. (1. Chapuiao. Dmt* [>? al t t pn ( l formance tnoi'inmeDceat7 V 41 MECHANICS' IIALL, No. 472 Broadway, laiirm r.nuU |l Mid Brooms atrweta, commenced on Munlajr. i>t .i?-r J4. |] and will continue every uixbt until Airtiwr o ti? 1 .. r-h , , week of there opening.The orig'nal and weltkii ?a Ctl Rlsf Y*B .., MINSTRELS, (orgamaed In 1H42.I tS.- fin 1 to harm . -v a melodies, and originator of the pteaent popular *tyl,> 01 K | m entertainments, wlioae non< "rta in thia city, for a pan*4 m vtm ( W< mouths. were r*ccived with auoh diatiaguianed favor and oi r? >. , nage, have the honor of announcing to tlra ladiaa and gratis n. a Jti oiNewYorU and vicinity, that they will give a aariea l tM.t in popular Concert* Introducing a variety of their original Soag\ hi ClioniBaea. CharatWriatie Dancea, ko. Admiaaioa JSorii'a. IXmra j open at 7- l.'ori-ort w ill c.immenoe at M o'oloek. An AUerwoeu tl. Cofieit every 8*tnr.ipy,oommenoiugat Jo'cloflk, P. M.. iiriat 1 XI tin' managerrent and dirao'ion of R. P. Chriatv. al " NEW BROADWAY CIRCUS. NEAR SPRING 8TREBT.? ^ John Tryoa and Corporal Thotnpaoau Maaipfl TiwiWlf n evening, Oct. 2titb.?First appearance of John (j 'tain. I it h ap- | k^n |M)araine ol Mifi-ra. Welch, bulavan &. Natlian'n i-i !. n.li.i F. tn??. i.'n trian Troupe. Magniliceut Cavalemlo, entitled (lie COC RNERB . 11 Of LOUIS XIV. Fifth apiwarnnie of Maa'iT ll"rn?nilu?, the pre- , tin micr hurwininn of the new world. LauthaMe S??ingn and Funny i > ' Tricka by Goa^ln and Rockwall. Mr H. C. I?e in bil mainiit n'ut 11.a Tnmpliml Uapic. Mr. Dariua in four eharauteri Ih" l)\nrirg |t Mure llnidi'p. Mr. Devero in hia Uo|>a Perfurmamei. Kiliiliiiion ,.i? of the world renow ned iierforming ponlea, Romeo and Juliet, ke. i.,n Doors op?-n athalfpoat li? performance to commence at 7. iui| Sands, lent & co.'s hippoferokan arena and J"{ Circus ?The largest :inil moat expensive establishment axist- , t" iii(r, eonipriaing ainon^ its imnioiise reaources, pcrl'ormln;t e'e- [|, phants, l anu'l.., Iiithih. tuul the most complete and thorotul ly . t1 trained collection of trick ponies in the world, together witli a j,, ,| coipsof perform era, embracing, in their various d.-partmeuta, n,, many of the moat eminent urtisi a living. E.ruestrlan Dlmntnr. v..r Mr. W. Stout; Muster if the Arena, Capt. J. A. Decainp; Jo? ,?r| l'entland, Clown. This well known company w ill exhibit, after ?f \ noon and evening, at Newark, Tuesday, October 21; at Jersey ??? City, Wednesday, i-'ith; and at llroohlyn. Thuraday. Friday, and Saturduy, 20th, -/7tii, and 2ith inat. Admittance i*> cents. No r,t half price. (1 RAND CONCERT AT TUB TABERNACLE. -THE C.KR. I X mnnia Musical Hocioty, in compliance with tho parti- ulat "'' desire of tlio crowded and fishionable audience which attended 1 last evening at the Talernacle, v ill repeat with groat, pl- asuro on J,', Thursday evening the 2*ith inst., tlm Grand Symphony D'Our, by ' Beethoven; tie overture, Midsummer's Night Dream, by Km- * , delssohn. The overture to William Tell, by Koatini; the duett 'J from Jipsond*, Spohr; and tho Gruud ty.aruh Pot Pourrl, Mas-ack. In addition to this propamine, Mr Tinim ha* kindly oftrad hia services to ploy a pranu Concerto on tho piano forte. "Every exer- ' tion will l? made to deterve the Vind patrona^i of tho musio fj loving citizens of New York. Doom open at half-past l> o'clock. _|_ Corcert to oommenee at half |a>t levon precisely. Ticket.-) SO yle cents. t'> be had at the usual places. This evening the company i^.r will (five a grand Instrumental Concert, at the Female Academy, in. In Ilrooklyn. Leader of the company?C.Lcneohow. Agent for u" the ecnipanj ?H. Reich. TV\BERNACLE.-DESIKK IKKUIFIMKU'J CKA.VI) CON- f\'\ cert, on Friday evening, October 27th, and llrst appearance V *1 of the distinguUlied Mllo Valosca Klieti. Can tat rice llonoraire JL" of tlie Royal Academy of llerlin. Mr. I). Ikelheimer will baas- , silted by Mile. Valeiu a Klietz, Miss Julia Nortliall. Signer Rosai s ' Corsf, and S'gnor Novelli. Leader of the orchestra, Mr. (J. Lo- * , der : Maestro of tho piano. Mr. H. C. Timrn. Tickets one dollar, "Jr.. to be had at the music stores, principal hotel I, and at tho door. n,. Doors open at 7 o'clock?concert to connuencc at y precisely. No postponement ?ti account of the weather. National tiieatre.-miss mestavers benefit will take place at this theatre, on Friday evening, Oct. 27. jT01 when will be produced tlte popular pieces of Jack Shepi*rd," r18 " A Glance at New York." and other entertainment, as will bo feen by referring to the bills of this establishment. vl, -? " ? AO! BI'RTON'S TUEATRE, CHAMBERS ST.?MR LYNNE'S ?<? Benefit, Friday Evening, Ootobcr 27.?For this night only, 0,4 COMBS, with the whole strength of tho company. After which, ?P? two acta of 1IENKV THE FOURTH?Falstalt, Mr. Lvnne. To conclude -with NEW YORK IN SUCKS. SOCIL1Y LIBRARY ROOM.?"T11E CAM I'UELI/S A'vE 1 M coming."?Campbell's Minstrels respectfully announoe one of wj their highly p< polar mus t al entertainment* every evening this "cr! veek, e*i ept Saturday n'ght, when the performance will be sue- y't la nded in order to make some alterations in the concert room. The Saturday aft'moon concert will be riven as usual, com- ^ to ncii g at .1 o'olock; doors open at 2. Admission 25 cents?ckil- turf drt-n l a'f price. jjn Pl'.SCII J WALl.llAt.LA. NO. .1'i CANAI. STREET (LAl'K ?( 1 Temple ol Murni). Open every night for the season. Par- I D I) r.uet, 29 omts; Orchestra Boxes, 50 cents Intellectual Improve* i turf li.ent, most taleuted Silvers. Dancers, Sic.: Female S -renaders, fail' Oi>mpia? Harmonists. Arab O-rls ami Civets, Tableaux VivanU, 5" c Pr fe"?rTiexter"s Greok Gymnastics. Sto. on I met PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMP# IUN .N MEXICO, AT ' ike Minerva Kooma, 4t?6 Broadway, shown, natural as lite, / ' trie Marches, Encampmcnto. and Battle] fought by Gen. 7 tylcr " * It also rives cDircct viewa of the ooutitrj, towns, eitioa, fco. It ii I're ho mosit bejntifnl painting ever seen. Open ovjrv night at ere quarter boforw 8 o'ci.ick. Afternoon exhibitions ou Wednesday flt?< aid Saturday, commencing at S o'olock. Admission, 23 c.otli. *"l |< BahoolsadnjittoJ on niaaonaMetorms No charge lev iwriptb# | .*hi| Hmnl.Uli It?ill-. * -- - 1 rj. . . pita NAPOLFON CROSSING THE ALPSb?THIS GRpAT UI3- and horical Picture, l?y Ueltruche, in now exhibiting at the NaUo.,.\ *n??t#fnv of lU'Mjrn, corner of Broadway and Leonard fl street. Op " ?rf,in nine, A uu.n uu, r.w 44 ui8aivu sesaon ticket*, fiOc. ?*?*i JM nii s. HVIT, Ai:rM -NH?{ UARDWAUK CM; r || Itry, fancy Roods, ILc.?This d ?y, at 10 o'c ocK, at t'ie auction room, ?3 Piattht eer. Jacob 8.1'latt \\ iii ?ell tbia d:<y,aa ah >ve, ^ ^ .'1U 'otaassorted Enfflitdi, tcruu, I'd Fieich hardware, fancy li"1 |Mdf|lfl| taOM v. I.ich, are, by or ! Yt of a Bhlfllkl Igi w.3 j the Mikipitten PitiiHMi'ihaudetws, inl 1 cask hiokaC%a, vfui out n trve, ?t Omui tic ?}ee> wit fhii the _ _ pale v?;ii oonnnoii tbi bill I Block on Mil, of |-| c okirg htcves, and I cas5 of Oeman toys, assorted. ul various kinda. Alao, t.n invoice of (icrman goods, l>ad oti j*ncils,vax ta|>era, icufors, j*reus* < n cap*. .r,()U doson ivory ' ,tr com La, I tra^s eurtain and cloak pins, IS dozcu *'ilogno, purses &c. | eut' Al* . 0i> mint ham Rooda, vir.. knob, chest, cupboard, till and pad* r?, 1 ' . sp n if i , bantu b, race an bittf, tools, vioes, brass i I padlocks, file, coach wrenches, compas*e.i, inkstand*, thimble, | , tea tray* and waiters, brans candlesticks, brushes, mathematical | instruments, &c. Alao, a Urge assortment Of table ami dessert knivcH and fork a, carvers an* >taLsr soli tip. whita bone, cocoa lie. , bundle,3|>rom:, aid Fr? noh, &,e, forks. Also, the stock on hand, i of a Sheffield house, of packet cutlery, of lineouslitv; a general ?t* assortment of I, 2, 3, I. and 8 Hides, st;vx, boff ivory, shell, s lid ? 1 pearl, and other hand'es, v ith various carded cutlery; anl other good*, suitable for country, as well as citv dealers. Benjamin moonxt. aucrionm.?aiuor bplkn- T\ did pattern cards of tutiery.?ED WARD I'AVSON will s?ll . on Friday, at 10 o'olock, at toe store, II Piatt street, aueit-r' tVr let ot Mi<l<i!eton, Newton Ki Middleton's p.i'.tcrn cards of cutlery, r* I itr. k of IVcket Kr i\. *, Razors, kc. <*araVo.;i].>a n?>w r?* tdy. p'("r A I CTION NO'l ICE.?EXTK A SALE.fi /IIS DAY. AT 1URr' o'clock, in the old churuh, corner of Willim and Franl.fore streits. Will he sold, without reserve, two pplandid Piano Fortes, II a quantity of furniture, jewelry, vatual lo wat< hce, London cum, % fancy articled, fee. &c. THOS. BELL. Auctioneer. j 2J' Ci 111 II ALL AND MYRTLE AVtNUH. kc., PROHtVIT, W' y Brooklyn,N, V.?'To be sold, more than sixty valuable lot^ sod hov..-erf."mar the City Wall. Hro ?kl}n, N. V. The attention ^ ' of capitalists is directed to a sale of lots and houses in t>? heart . i t Brooklyn, in Fulton street, opposite the Citv Halls in Myrtle | Avenue; in Adams street, near its junction with Pal ton street, ar.d in o.her atroets in that vicinity, to )>e made at ths kery hsnt's Exchnrge N. V., on Tuesday, Oct 31, at 12 o'elock, by Jan.ex,Cole, Auctioneer. At the same time and pla< c will be -old a \ aluable eorner lot 4f>2 (Ireenwich street, in the city of , ' New York, with bri? K two story house, ve?y near the point ,vvy whore ilo d? pot of the gt eat Hudson River Railroad is to oe es- 1' tatlished. Tt.e sale will commence with this house nrd lot. PV MspsarelroM ready, and <a*? be had at the ot Vice of the an< . ti? i? r. >o. 15 Fulton htreet, Brooklyn, and at Cole Ife Chilton's, 0 v. N'- , ' . K ^ | (not baui?the stock, nxTUuiakd oraxnus ), , l.imuiif that old citalilUhed Porter and CoffnllouM, No. KS ' ,j Wall Fii'imIii" en tho pnmi?e?. For sa LI .?SLOOP cyu.net, ok oystek BAT, ? tcui t.nrtliri). well funnd, will lx> ,old n har^sln. Apply t.> U- J J mund Kirky, loot of Uelancy street, Ni w Yoik, or to tho captain, M bMM. I nOIIAUt 1 UK LIAIl, STOCK and riXTVIBS Of \ 1: ll e ('"Ifte Iloni* a d Motel, .'111 fV?rl str.'?t, orm r ? . . l eek dip. To a |*tnon w isfijnx to en".iRO In nich a liunhiean, the ^j indiicettert, i (Tered t y th<i loi ati.m and r??peot?lii!ity or patrona,e are wldom i (Teroa. Kor farther infonnation in<)Ulro of Cm" i wiieren tie premine,?V. MoCARTY. N. B.?To irereutuui,n t?tary f ibtl, terms will be e&ah. noi bal*-a pair or chbstmh brown marss jf r & ?nd f> Ji ?r. old. warranted hound and kind in all ham W * . 1 y ire lull kted nnd very l^autllul at.imalii, and perUctly p i mm! received tli, fir.t prevniuDi from ifeeNtw Jm| A/iuultnral Fair, l eld Oi t. II, 1 'l;i They pose*, u.icommui J[ eiijuiLi f<. u. d an f iot tiifer*. and w* II worthy th, itUntlon of ? y a i t > n in le m nit of a mperior .lri .'Ine e>t*MI,hme Ad ?ij 4 .... t. ? id, F.DA \KI< UrGI'AI.E. Burilncton, N.J. lllt to* -aI.K A KINK 8ADDLK AND II\RNE33 U')RSK. Ful I1 . i i i.i .1 pa ?*r atid vsrv f.?*t. 1 e is owued by an otttcer oi j t . msy, who, t ?.a ?vd?r?d to a p f.t wl ere be e moot an lain, ^ * is ? t? i i ( f h m. l- r ivrtli?T information, apply to W. II ( V. No. I W i1 urn a;r"f. juj| \rilV?I( IAN .< Willi LVIF.N il'IN Till'. ou'1 H d l arfci .fcfur low, at (iraj'n ,title, rt'urr n stree:, j> n-*r BroMlway. . \j " j | IIIWI IIORKF.1 IIAVF. HSF.N CURSIJOK IIEAVE*, J'. t 'hn?nic Cou^h, nnd other di-euact, within the -V.t I. >??r, l-jr Kirktride'a Tatter?all'a Heave rowdera. r>ne dol- t rt Cfttftarli, lie ll> *arc <>t tmi'atioTi*. n Kf.l."IIAY1 It!' Fulton s? . Proprietors. #|l(j IK TO GKNTLIMKN.-IT IS A WEI.L KNOWN J1'1 1i I that No. > Mnrray street latl.#onlv tilvo that gnutl'- rr'" ,:.,i i?i- t <1 m hsunr th'lr Clothlnn cleaned, Oyd, an I , I -.4, ' rt not" -.at lit' !< ?[>< I> ('oats I. an.11 r..i I, it. I'm its, I lullii. '. ?u|? rmr t" niiythiiin yet done, as no i? rf. - ti ir. I Now m tin- time to look up your Win* V. r t 1 '1 ini l? lore i. tin* new. Call cr aemi to No. (i Murray st., h?? !?>..! 14. A. C'ORTISSOS. j1** M\ JM MI I'A KIN, FROM PARIS, IlICJS HAVE TO IN- ??n 1. revi the laiiira .1 N w Vi.rk, that she will <>|?n, for in- , .j... c, r 1 huri-taj nt *t, *i,ih instant, a rich and lietwtiful i?** il i, r frvni h Millinery, i nsiatlnac of ladies' hat*. dress **' I -. ?i .1 Iiesd dretfs, Uye'her with a hrfe variety of French v' < ?-r .!<-.?> II ?. rtl.y tl ? attention of the public, at 1\l ' llrstwsi ntrai.'?. W hlt? street. I)K PARIS. NEW PATTERNS-LATEST rA?'l- ?oi i. ii adopted at l aris. amongst the must f\?hion?ble ladiM, ( .?( I, ? e. in'"r-.l.le and graceful tor tho form,as well ?? for the ieti IIK rtf *111 Wate U til* mi vetr.cnts i f the i?-rson who mikei u?? ten of ll?in l?N>had enlyct Mme l'rospnre, I >nal street, & I, up whi *>in??i Bradway. N. II The Lailietwill find a now stylo can ?< ry I. II.I' rtaolo fat imr?in*. and ft handsome assortment of dle< C ? tst i, r iftl.a. itwly atnved from i'aris, at ft very inoderata Bro |T?' also deli |)AKIS SI Tl.k PIIIRT*, or FINEST WORKMANSHIP. oei( varvftnted uMwrpaased in thia country, aado to measure hy | U> La I d i. a or M.c r*. at thirty |?r eeat less than prices njually p,,, r.-id. J. C. I'arMlla, of llrnaoway fashimable oelel>rity, super- om II f.Gl'IMN, II-William street, up ttutrs. | K!-II AN D 8 XTt U MAI.T W UISKKV, rNSl'RPASSEDIN P( 1 juftlit), f*t ap in pa<kacea to suit tht Uftde, far sals at about 00n m ??H Mat nsftl acifa, by y.n W III.I AH M HARKS, l>i?tllU>r, * Till av?no?; ^i. (>floe, 42 Stoaeitiwot. JJ, ft- h.lrst rrww laid let en. in? tunoheona ^ Nil < H4MII I'M. Ml KI'HV Ol til UDi.l) Mo is . 4 *i ?u. l? onaulted on all forms of private dii- W ? ea K. .u 'ivs I *.u?ril-ia l?e.un?s in two to I >ur iayt. tftii cksfi'.u-aai J-l.i. v ?nd im[..u-n.? st?.v- i,.u,ly trrat-d h> JO?l l'? M ionser mi .?J ia aay oft.*1 "r liinlrwn.-.i trim'mn Cal SSM '?1li I tlr"t tfM if'IM ' A M Wl 'P M, Of Ijri amtat TTf*r?e <<??mpi,imkvtaiit rknew If u < <M AI'aA dm- lb?ra4a? ' !?*. Mil wlil to IHMWI M t*?l1?iK HINT; I?AS -1? RAhwt i~?i. Hf R.a? War'-hmrlo* Mr W Porto* Stoobaa larr M. T. Pltrite. Koili WorUuB^iua. Mia* F. WtlUak. ' ' * ' by tJ? ?ail? omi a?Mtla4 <;BARL.BS TI t?(i--lt Mr i>T-?? I ( 11 . Pf>, Mr J R *aatfc EdwanJ. Ml* R. Km T.a?e 4? Ilk tto Un? nt BORN TO O'MJD LUCKh<in Hf. H William* Hlfitii Manfradi. Mr ?' .. I i u. ? 'nniM ?ill ba?Draaa Ciiola a?< ar< ??iu. H. r.n.,;y H i I irl Ctxal** 30 ela.jOAllar7.12M *fe . f. S i-r" to -gadinil 7 o'oloak >(/**>** TMEATM* CHAMBERS STRUT.-THURS J 4ay ???>'* <ht.0. will ha .rf rm- l C lUmna'j ';omed> at * f?MI CRWTI MIAN Sr k, r? IJr*mhle. M- Clnpp*o I* |tr <>'la>?* ' M?r?j i l.w?ut. Wortli n^- .n, Mr. L;o?. :mrt liar*' wb}. Mr Kayin ml. 8'rphaa llarrowhjr. Mr Jsha ri ? II' ?|*r?T l>obtoti?. Mr T J r i>? n. Mill Emily WOTtk , ?n Ra *ht: Mi* MrTal. h. Mr?. V>rn'?n Mary, Mim ? To r u.km*. ?ilk NEW YOKE IN -il.l'.'ES?Mr ttmll Mr II iaili'a Mr. Nabaai. Mr. (iraoo I- m.Mim Sinclair nrv *? a4?iaa<?- Or*aa Clrela and Parget, ?i jsato. nity ( ,prU or W-.a4 Ttor. Hcu. Doiriopeu at hair paat ?? ran i? na? at T rtlMk ImiW.1 OLYMPIC THEATRE?Till KSDAY EVE < !? < >-<. i*r ? t>* rifruisiiirnu will commune*wltM il 110* ill 1IIECOI NTRV- Acliilk Tu?rn?"r!d, Mr Nick i. I.a ? M' f*. lliixa Aft?-r ?bl< li, a new far-*. ?nUU?.| I MiLIiiiS rAiTS Mr. Hki'ptic. Mr. Holland To tofo.. ,j i.. ? ? -" 'i T l?n * ?? 'M. Manias*. Mr ( Ilacebua, Mr. Nkkinson. Miaoa Mr ArroM Tt . Mi? Mary (iunmi. Ariadne, Miss Clarke . r. .. hu,-t??- <?IM NATIONAL OKFKNdEI -HiII Marr. ?la' Mr HolUid. Ph.el? May lake. Mis* Niokiiunn . l> M ? Uttun ofmu at 7 o'aloik?ourtala fiaea ?; f |?M T In k. IAMMM- tvt.il \S M kim I' T HaKWI;M, PROt pti or f II i. I.. . k Mi iv ><l i !?Tforraai?<v<ry ait?rti *i ? u4 ???nm? at 1% .'dock. Major Littiena. it - amaUi ' human I- in* o -?r?!i u ?t c an .jit,h?r walk at h i m mr I .art ?..-k po.it ?i lj .,t tli.' (iitn i.r Mammoth by. ?* >. lhno?h nly Willi oU..- I. ?-wh,'Jtl [Minn)?. Oreat ra, U, Vink'* (' m.4?n. Th-SaMe Hroth*r*. * m *st ?rt a?,4 laieatwl land < ! N .T > Snnr-rn. Danr.-r\ k?. Th<> Throw ; la .1 Matnn >'i. Barik I n fm??i Il ia < oi .tnotor I.ivln* UirOtian* Fa ry Family Infant Vestrta. Wn Scrtptur* ileary Madam K< li wall, t'm feinm* Fortune Teller, may be %.?!< * H' l tai aa'*trac h?r*cof aScritn. A luiiMign ? I ahull', Including Mnanua, l'.-rt or?uuire*. l.ltt]. Fln*"r'a. So., nrnta : < liiMr?u under i y<*ara ul i?^ev and ul4 ensign to walk ae. IJH rents Hi' rvel lr ml ?..a>a, one ahlllinir eaoh AM*. LINT. \MK 4) .A llltlMI Lit I \S X KKN A AM) t'ircua, the tamest aa4 mnat <->ji?ii.l? al.li rimcat of lh> 4 eaiatia*. will o|er on Monday, O i. :ml, nWdi iinimn#illon enacted lor the purism , and apalil? . . il .rtubly * Hiii MiatiiM upmida il "??> ! in K ^hth sit out, a *> li|cilH ?*, t i a abort tinn- mly Binoe ttili .nainmot.i ililiahn-i n( ??a U?' In thle oltjr. the propr rahav vl.led ny i u??l ami ta-at attriwti*" f tinr t i t ir >xIiIIi|imti, hi. ul Mi Md I bflt?4 Performing r.l mte. K " ead Jenny Liud, from the ll.catre< Drury I?r.e il n, anil Naii iul, I'arls. whii li have been pinrliiwl and icrta ii it nn imniniiM rapano, mil ire Intr >'luo<rl in th>-u idrrful pwrf"rt??n?>i at **< h ?xhlhlti<>n; tlia truupe of tni ipiinn raiiM *, iiiir-iincj In an immtal pant iiatnin, sa l ur attractions of a iterlliut amirr Th? ?tu ( ?f fwrformin.; r i .niil Kiiiimi i? um inallrJ .ml unapiiraaihablj. omnilM, iiiguiu vthci>, ihn I a^niIn- -II dam 1114 hnrae* May Fly |Viiii'l>l.a'ii?; thi lalrv p.,?#y C'laderella; th? twin piniw run an I l'j Una* . tl' r; litin* p >nl?<, Ik iif Kurku ui l Tum in*, ami th? cflt-liisifd trutimn |"niy, IIlaok Diamond. T!i? iw il |ifil mere, n Iwtiil ?ith *r?ui 1 arx lr on 'very >|uari?r Iiii kIuIk lii i idi 1.111 tlieir varioui di'partan nM may ?f tli* ' < ,ui?nl iitia'a IIvm*. and the naniua 1 ie'ittou"'l below will a rnilii lent ;i 1 ran I y ol Un* ntp'ii t li of thla i?rtua of tin ibllr! iceiil. Mr Kn li;ir I Handa a.d ln.< children. Vanrio*! I Jena; Mom Cm! . th* (reat Fiench 'ivUibtitt! Ma?*i>' ,lti-r Aytnar. the unen.le iiimialrian; Mr W Stmt, ' ! at polyhipin n p nniatrian', Mr II. Oarlner, th - immilaoli lie inter; Mi. II. KuMiea, tl?' uniiirpm-i l perturater on '.hi Ue vi.lunte: S'inor I'enet, the t uit Ttlonlat, Hi * - *c. - ilDiiriipti nable humor of the pnpulir cl iwnn, i'antlail I I.allin p, is not the h ast attrn live feai.ure of th.' cuter*.11 lit*. Ma?tor of the arena. Cant. J. A. Deramp; ?<pnMtr.in ecti v, Mr. W. Stout; nusioal director, Mr. Bat in; tn-aHurer. J W. r at liny Admittance 1!5 cents, no half price Dniri n at l ^ : performaneea eomnieno* at 7l?. IK!) F.XI1 IB1TIONS.?(IRANI> COMBINATION OF (IAN luKton's Sacred liioramaa (of the Creation of the World, and I (ircnd S|?ctacle ol the Dclusn. All', twenty two ma^niflocnl iptnrvl t'alntinjd by Mr. Maker, ol I ondon ; oooh on- oontaia about UK) ?|iiaro loot of canvnua? the whole -ompni'.n/ one tt mnat beautiful aid luU>reatlr|r*a!iibltlont evvr exhibited la lerioa. The Creation, Fill of Man, J11 igment ol the AIminhty. pulsion Irom 1'ara.lliie, Death of Abel, Evening before the Di), The Delude. God'a Corcnant witb Noah, Doftrucuon of B-k II and Comcrreh, Dauxhter of I'haraoh Finding M *. ?, T ?a eiiUi fiaatio, Destruet nn of I'haraoh'a linet, Moeee llreakiikc Tables, Fall of the Wallf of Jerloho, Joshua Commanding th? to Stand Still, bo. tto.?now eahibitin* every ni*ht Una wook. Wednesday mid Saturday afternoons, oommoncing atthrwi nek, at. the splendid new II ill, 3!?> Broadway, over Stitinani' 1 ha. II ANIMCTON'S entirely new Grand Scriptural Ih?lasof tbo must magnifloent 9|>eotacla over witnhw-id in N-tv k?Creation of the World and the Deluge, assisted fiy power instrumental acoompaniinenta. ^lx Days of the ("nation. ? aery and Incident*?Chain, the Firs'. Dar. The Firmament. Second fay. Dryland. Herbtige and Flowers,Tmrd Day.? i. Mood and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and F >wt, ih Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden ot Rdeaun and Eve. With tho completion of the labor) ol thu l.W i, the first part el the exhibition closes PartS?Grand Dior? of the Delude. Tickets 25 cents; children hall prion. Doors n at 7?ciirtaia risosat 7,Si o'olock. T THE 115 MA I, K ACADEMY. UROOKI.Y.V-OKANIt Instrumental Couoert by the celebrated Germania Musical lot.v, on Friday Evening. October :.'7. The above Com|iauy !?*; lectfully to inform the chitons of Brooklyn, und stranger! g" illy, that they will give their list Concert in Brooklyn, on lay, "7til iuetant, Icing poUtively their la.it night, previous to r departure for Havana. on which occasion will I" perform" I. pnrtiru'ardesire, the following programme:?Par' I.?Over i of Will,elm Toll. Rossini; Soldiers' ?Vnl:r,Laiine;'t;r\n I 8olj the Fagota), Thieda ; Finale from Belliar, Doniiettl. I'ar*. -By particular deioreof the mmic loving people ot Now York, be" perf"rm*d on Tuesday evening only, the uran l Symp tony ur. Beethoven. I'art III.?By particular re iii :at. tho over j Mui.ummer's Night Drtam, Mendolcohn ; Duct from Jetla, tfpohr: Or.ind March. Pot Pourri. Maasack. Admission. ntf. Tickets to be had at the Music Stones, and at the door .lie evening of the Concert. Doors open at 7, Conit-t to com ice at 7S o'o'ook precitely. RAM) DIORAMA?BOMB \ RDM E NT OF VERACRUZ. Ike , ftyn Broadway.? Scenes in the (full; Burning th* M. It o!e; Shipwreck of the Somen; Arrival of the Fleet; MidSl.ips steaming and Mai line al uig, Heal Cannon loaded and I by moving tigurus ; Grand Bombird:oent by iiay and night. n>Jid |.yro technic tllects and bunting of Shells. Every Figure, i, B< a', inc., is moving. An Overture every evening. Ticketa puts. Children hall prim. Family und H-ason tickets on apition at the Mall. Open at 7, communces a' H. Wednesday. Satitrday afternoon al .X RAND DIORAMA ?BOMBARDMENT OK VERA CRUZ. Broadway, is now complete, and will cimiii'.'in" thu log at *ti'i/u*.!*, J>u?-ra "y?n m T. NION ("OI'RSE. I, l-TitOl'TING M < M>\i. fcTTH 0< t, at 'iyt o'i b> k, P. M. Purse $i*). Mile ii'at.v Mat 1 i, in liarnee.-. t* Hunt enters b. g .lack Ko.-n r A.Cookenters i r. in. I.vly S utton. "Pie oits l-av-S ei'.'i F'trry lor Couise at 'J o'clock P. M. and return alter >h .aorta ar? ir?r M. D. CHEES E I'r ,pr e' ir. j AKI.hVf l'AKK TRUTIING COUM*K.-PACIKG P' JtJ?K L of T?ent> five Dollira will ci.me i.fl This Afternoon it 2 otk. Isaac M oodrnfl enters r. h Metamoru: O. It. lo?i en I s. r. Skerry ; J. Nodinc enters a. g. Bill P i le. If, lV i?i.u ers o. g. Harry Boyd. w. F3NNER, Propria or. IBB NBW MUUC BALL AND ASSEMBLY BOOMS, .t> Licudway, (form r!y the residence of J. G. Cos tar. I wit n on Novun'?r ilS, with the coniert of tho Philharmonic So y. Hie Concert, llall, and Supper Rooms, which e<'etiJ nigh t? Mercer street, and also the I_id.es' Dressing and Re tlou H'.orrs. will be furnished in the most costly an 1 Imun mi le. 7be Mr.s'c llall. built preset* for the full daveb,tenant lOtiml, will seat 1MJU persons. 1 he "rooms can now be oil iged balls, t outer's, lectur. a, K. c, by applying to GEORGE W. ANDREWS, -0 \c marl ?tr"it. lANCING. B'LLB DBSJABDtKS, Of THE AOADEMY " glfMtat bas Uw bonor to inlorm tin piblft tint the day. m school ait' Wednesdaym and daturday 1 at o'o'.ook It, No. Mi ad way; Tuetdajsaiid Fiid ay.-, at lo'ilxk. at 73ThlrJave : and Moiidata and Tin raday <. at noon, at 2V> Gnjen i'i >" terms and oilier particalaia, apply a' her residence, 71 I I street. ANCING AM) H'AI.T/1NU ACAUEMr, 21 HOWARD i trrut.?Signora and Siguor Ferrt.ro wi.'I rt- >|>oa Uieir aolioiM lie Vint of Octoler, and the Gentlemen's thus on tbo 81 y will annul to Private Lessonsand Private Classes,an I give ate Soiree* at iifoal. BOOL FOB YOUNG La DIM THIS ICOOOL IS Ui tat'din a cbaniiing Village not far distant from Now Yo;k. ry facility ia here offered for the acquisition of a tborouzli alcd|rc of the English studies. The French language ia r.augnt i tattvc French lady, r sideut in the family. Music, thj 0, ninging, drawing, painting, and fincy needlework ar? er the chajgo of the prmupa). Parents wishing to place their (htcr* at tchool, with the care and eomUr.a of noma, nl d the heavy expeniw* of a modern boarding -. iiol, are fitfully invited to call at P*J Chambers street, fvtweon tha rsof on" and four, I* W . where an interview with one if thi hers tan be had. and every information relative to th sjh ? ?; ainfd. i'AN'1811 LANGUAGE.?SENOR VINGI U SPANISH Clatucs not having commenced on the day previ)"*ly anrced, on account of the weather. th?y have h.?n postpone*! Mondav next. Apply at No. 12Cityllall place, or !7 t ham . atr< 11 fmm II t<i I o'clock. (HT KIJ.IDT'I. i M l M.ST .'.15 BROADH A V OFFH K hours from 10 to 3 o'clock, ou Monday. Wednesday and FrKW TOBR OENTAI, OFFICE. BOTH "S )ADWAV ? Terms?Teeth extract yl. SO cents; do. tilled wi'.h pur*? noil, best mineral tec'li, inserted on tine gold pla'e, trom one to % ret, f.'t. AH operations performed with e ?ro and skill. iad ranied to give entire satisfaction. CABBY &. DUP10MAC Peatts i I ONLY!?WHO WOULD GO WITHOUTTEETH WHEN they can have them ineerted. and warranted for nve y'*ra. no d<'flar each, at the office estaldiahad for the redoctioa oi etiinltVl rilling with sure gold SOto75eents. l < Broadway t(IYATEDlSEASES-DB.MORRI?ON. SO W LI L KNi>W> to the t idtens of New York, for his .access in tJii.i lepar'.it, would invite strangers toexamine l is clai'ns m t eir eou n'". "nisdu.'ase.initsearlystageishectir' :? ?: w iajswit. men nry. tee his l.oudon diploma* ia his otiiije, JilH, ton aticet EMIN AI. W FAK.N E?3, 1MF0TEX I \ R?I.V11 J Practical Private Tre itla I) p'y .n- .ng . . nuly r ,tn,t nt and Cure, with r"-< ip>'s n"de of IIvm.*. * ; * . I i:tli g't n: .ith edition, 12 pp, price i', . miy be i.aJ >i th* 'i<.r, Greenwich atre?' i or i.\ i . mailed *r?? ,|! 1.'AI I' II. AUTHOR OF TllE "l^ALTK Al. PRIV 1? ' 1 riat.i. " . " Gretnaich str"?t??.th- h t # A. 1. to I' M. (fi n lay excepted) Ihoso w?io apply tn ieear / ;e? w.ll I- su^trised at tue repi iity and little in .invuriw* udii g th<ir cure. It is olaeily, ho wever, tlvwe nbo ' r . .1 Irui acsrtain cl(i.<ii oi people who ci;i pi' iuily appn< u?'.? . r*:i i*. lu strloture. lrmn its tlrat, lu<'p t. its . . >r? iioedar.i diatiewiDg et&f?, (from oncomnua alrantag^a n V ry extensive vraciice,) ha ui nff<-1 . r , id. emy, and n;#] mrt, which, hfl has irruutrl lor etatiuc. oa/? bo oiraio^l n no amirr* in Amcrtn. I IDICAl OmiA-DL JOBh r> Dt AN* STRUT I rv n t hat! :m strvat, to wtV V:?>wn a? fi- :j >?t <ii?wi<ii nitiooer ia New Yuri, i* the treatment of "inrul di?w??'*. Uucur'i reputation tor akiil iu thoeeold I ultvurvj eft** a?U?4 for yeari. la rT" at- 01 r, ?trict ?w, ultc j ntlio body, Uf iu tlio throat or note, pamein the li.-ad an 4 tl of the lojps u8<rcti:a:ly i-utsJ. ?' uutitntioiiAl wcaknem light on hy secret hufcit Indulged in l>v y mnf men, cvs?nj| iiviou?Ure?ro? mid nightly om.Mjua*. po?a:.?ly ptvvauttd. >ont cimscupkI n f>ur (lays, witho*'. mercury Noftltnra't'a Met, or prevmtn n from buaineap IOM fcX fKa<>KDir?ARV rti>KK-li> illl. i-.,trllKJ or ilwxe contemplating marrl*j<e.?The Married Woman# rate Medical L'ompauioD, b> Dr. A. M Jlaitrioeau. Siiti) edi II 1'rlce Jl Tti>? work i? meeting wi h inon'. antoon'tin* ?v'-m n'O i "jiie-a li?v already been dlapo*-,l ot) Ertry tenia lei a !in? ? wry. whether married or unmarried, althomch it is inilea erf?cially lor the married. ts it dieuloees Important suir-ta. cli Ibiiuld b? know n to them particularly Here eeery femile di*over the caufee, eymptotta, and the mm-, etfieunt pituei. mi I Boat certain mode of cure in arery caia t r <ala B adway; at t^e puMiahirut offlee, U'J Liberty i'r-*t. New York. , F. li l'eterann, No. l?t Cheatnut (treat, U II. Zeib?r, PhiU A in I.ittle fc Co.. Albany: W. K. ]>?via, Bk'?h (>b tha rait of ftl. * oopr will be tmnanit vil by mail, tree of pviUfi, to I art* of the United Statee. All latter* mint ba addroxeed. t paid, to Dt. A. M MAUltll'S.U . box lfi?. New Yjrkcity re ITSTibeitr atreet O UllNJfc AU *~At .-UK. i utvUl IT, l? Dl A.N fc alMJLflT member of the Koyal Colle?o of Snrgeou, Landaa. mar be tilted ia treatment of dalloata dieeaeea. NojnaJtot haw fo*g my hare *lee t, aleera apoa the body, of ia the ttaoat or aoaa, I ia the head and booee of the lag*. A praottae af foartaaa re, devoted to venereal dlaeam, enabiee Dt. C. toewetha it form of thla diseaee. Reoent oaeeaoured la foot daya.? mercorr tued. Stricturee oared la one ot two weak* wMh roely any paia. Thoee indirMnalf who bate ladaMteae? . l?ihi?? habtl oaa pMtfte* be reetorad tekeal*^ lety. M B Btraa?ere are eaotlonod not te be deoetred. Or >hett haa aal reaerad aewmVt; J >.tae iteaes, ?W??% ilMMk

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