4 Mart 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Mart 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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r L NEW YORK HERALD. IWttM Hl ntri.rr nt KhIUin *n?l Num? at*. JAMHK Ui'NINM BBNNBrT, fN'iPHiK rod THF. I)All. V Ht.HAi.l* I'h c rdtimme, I tfnft per ratiy?07 par <mhm?h / he tiUKStii'll KUIT1 iNie |>iUuM at 3 o clock A M aod dulrthtUed lmlurrt,ft?Hl.imti Hmjirn AFTHKStHlN HO ITIO S c hlrh * of i/ir .?!?>. b?v> lit 1 o'e.ork; and the uurut'd oi Hp it I o'clock. P M. THE HKEhLY HKR.iLD. for ?ir million <m Chic Conti mm*. to pmUtchm cmi u S nurd y. ..I tit* rr.if-,*r ? Ty or $3 por annum ; lur nremfotm, io Kurnpr, anil printed in French mud Koph A. Ml ?.v? rrt.il |?-r ntpv, or *4 poi immiit; l/u latter priori* b.rlude the mmutayo. ALL LHTTKHk I.p iKiil. /or euUerriptiune, or wi h a.locr tic.mn.te to Ir |m> t o .i/f. or the clave will be deducted from (Ac motiift rerrittej VVLVM AR V FtlRRESFONDHNVK. rontammf important fj" euluucd 11 cmm i.nv ,/nailer ?/ me world ; if meed, will be ImeruUy paia lor. AVUtkacAi* ro-aortfcow EVKNLMQ. KUntry THBaTRB. (?ntr-A? ArrULNTU Pvblio ?TOM OMII Jakoo?Ui>knurr. MntPVtr tbiai'kr RmoJway?Ths Bomool roa soommi.?& a'mbb iidc'i* hkk. RATIONAL rtiBATK*. Chottaaa dqasra-MMTOkak 8roar ?Tm am. J.kkr-kia ? Oiuriiiii. CWON8 TH' Al KB, . hmmhw ofaoo-BkBACM Or Pm misb-Ibish ?- iMiaiiTi-V?ra Lirnom Daikjbb. men an kb i) all. uroatwor. boot Brooma?Oaairrr'a MtkaraaiA UTOIR'J IMST1' VT*. IttMl -New OaiBA** mm ai.wambka. a?M PHm-Imm, Licit k Oo.'* tOOIOOlCAL HALL, Sowacy?Ti? Akbursh k Co.1* Mmimih 0BINT9B HUBBUB. MM Brnadway?Ohj-eksb OcitOOTMa nCTV]B\KT IN81IIU1K, Broadway?Yankci Hiu.'* I*TlkT?IN K?T "Third" edition" flaw tark, auiKlay, illurili 4. IM40. THE LATEST NEWS. To-Morrow wa aball bagio tha publication of a on# o'alock afurnoon adltlon of tba Herald. Wa aball ooatlaue to poblicb an edition at balf-paat two o'olook Tbaaa edition* will contain new* to tba moment of leant, and can ba obtained at tba ofHoa, of tba newaboye in tba atraata, at tba ataaaboat landing* and railroad depots. New* for Kuropo. Tba ateamabip F.uropa, Captain Lott, laare* thla port an Wedneaday next, for Halifax and Liverpool. Tba Wttkiy Herald printed In frenoh and English, will ba published at nine o'aloak that morning. It mill ba ready in wrapper* Icr tba malls. Tike latelt fur California. Tba steamship Falcon, Captain Thompson, will leara tbia poet on Tbnraday eex', for Chafe* Sba will take ont tba mail* for California, Tba W.eAr/y Herald will ba ready on that day, in time for bar malla. Thote bavlng frienda in California will And tba Herald an axaailant remittance to that El Dorado. Adjonrnmtrt or the Thirtieth Congress,? The N. w kdinlnlaliatlon, die. The Thirtieth Congress expired lust night, have mg died a natural and constitutional death. Our readers will find under the telegraphic head, a sketch of yesteiday's proceedings, and of the closing scenes, which they will, no dou >t, read with inte rest Our paper is so much occupied with that ai.d other matters, that we have no room for c mment. The leimination of the Thirtieth Congress will be followed immediately by that of the administration of Mr. Polk and the inauguration of Gen. Zachary Taylor, and the accession of a whig government. Notwithstanding all that has been said and written in op|M>siti<in to the administration now going ont ol power, it has, on the whole, been a brilliant one for the country. Mr Polk, however, caunot ay much claim to merit lor its success, and for the advantngcB which it h?s conferred on the country. He had the good fortune to have associated with him an able and ta'ent. d cabinet, with the exception of the rwstmaatcr General. But there is no use dwtlling on ihis euhj-ct now. The fiat has gone forth, bnd Mr. Polk must make way for the choice of the peoplt?General Zachary Taylor, of Lou tana. The lollowing is the programme of the new adminisiration, Including the cabinet, as tar as known, and the new Senate, which will meet in extraordinary session to-morrow, for ratityiug the nominations made by General Taylor, of the members ol nislcahiuet, &c , dec., dec.:? pea.li dkmt ZACHARY TAYLUK.of Loultlana. VICB PBKMDtNT. MILLARD VILLaORB, of N?w York. TI1K CABINET Jonn M Clayton. >f t oi???ro Secretary of Bute. Sc. N. s ki. ci itm of P. mi Secretary ol the Treasury. Amhott 1 AW> B'C , of Sen.. . ... feurrury of (tie .Nary. <, 0. W. Co a w roe u tf Georgia.. . ."a <>atar> ot <* er. ? ? ... Secy t the Boaie Oep'l. TNOwea F.wtao. of Ob's 11 et aaater wen rat. WaA i tarroK, tf Vu-g-ni > A I tuty ueuanU. Thirty-first tongrrn. Term commmeine Mm ch 5, IStK. SBNATE. Preeid-Dt?villahu Filimobh. Soiwary ? ? Stresaol et Artne? ? ? IVSyt in I'alien Nutiaet in Sm>Ui Ca filalt; Demeerati in Humani Tha. a ma rknit F. & are Fret StoUrri. 'term Term Alabama. Riyiitt Hickman, fixatm Bar Jem In ft tpatrick leM Leele Ceee IN6I tfeMtkli Ihhfi Alphnuj Pilok IhM ARKANSAS. MlSAOVRL Wa.t. Febeetuti. 1W4 Themes H. Benuin 1M61 Soto* Boilaed ISA David it. A'cluaoa 1S5J Connsotiovt. N?w Mampbhirs. JUf?r H.HtUiein 1SB1 J"t n *?. . ale. ( K. S ) ISA] Xreewn &m*Ji IBM Hoeee Nome dr ISM Dolawarb. nRW Tin, Joltm Waltt.. ISS1 Daniel B. nietinemi 1181 D,a.fa? Vara1.-/S IVii/Um /! SflM.r.l iMtt FnoaiBA. Nit Jinn. jDctM L. Tula* 1H#1 Ifm.LDnytm 1861 .ftul??n Morton ihS4 Jacob W. AlU/rr lttfl grobsia. North <'about a. Joim M. HorrUo 1KB Willi* P. Mrnyum IMS ivm c. IMvaoa 1841 Utorf ft Hndfer 1863 ik mar a. ohio. JcMt D. Brwfct Wl TTumni Corvtn IWll JlM WhitoOBh, (F.S ). .ISM t-Alu-uo 1' CImm. (F.1)... 1863 lLUBOIL Pf*?lflU*IA Stephen a. l><xa(lam 1RM DaaUI SMrteoa IBSI / mm BkielSa 1W /.mi L'ooptr 1866 Iowa. Rmods Islakd. o*0t?aw. Joi.m 1861 Albort C. (Irmm. 1661 A?fMtM O. D<4f? 18M John H Ll.i-k* 186S South Cabouka. Jooofb K Vmdtrmood IMS Jeha C. Ctlhtma |H UomryOoy 18M A. F. Batter.....J".". 1863 uiinaiak a. TriMim MMM 0. Dewni 1868 BaoklM u TarM* . in BmM? im* j?*? . T77..:iiaSs baiba Tuaa lilt1**' HmbIm 1861 Tiiau J Ruak im jamm W BreAWary 18u Sam Uowte, |I/. ; *, Sj mamaomviwi 1a vkkmobt DwW Wtbtfr 1811 Somuot 8. fholot. 1841 jm. DmmioFr. 186s WUliam T.!!!..xibm maituard. VmoiBIA. Momrdy htuuoa 1861 Jmh m. Hu.i ln Jam** J.Poaret LcM Rekert M. T. Hiiiki i?a| mimimifpl wiaookbir. MMMDwii..... 1?1 Hearjr DoA** in B*M7 8. Foot* -KM 1b we P. VFalkir m.4 thk rmcapitui.atio*. WWrb M MDOcritA 81 Freo K?il?r? 3 lilCWIM 1 Total tuabr of Mtrnkart. W The President ebct come* into power under very favorable auspices; but in conducting the affairs of the government, more responsibility will reel on hun than on lue cabinet advieere. The inauguration will iHke place tomorrow, and we expect be able, in the couree of that day, to place hie inaugural address before our readars immediately after it itball have been delivered. It 1a said tm be quite concise. California Goi.i)?We had the pleasure yesterdsy of convening with Mr Mnllus, a merchant of ^an Francisco, who arrived here a few days since, via Panama a .d Cndrleatou. He oxhibited to ua some specimens of virgin gold, fouud M (hst wonderful region It was in the form of flat lumps, weighing respectively f om half an ounce to sixounci. The six nunc" lum.i had a very attractive pppearnrice, and wm worth |IW. ft tit of dieP color, and evident y y,.ry j,?rH Wt tic d imbedded in it a Pinall emerald. k Fanny |K?iaai>i*> lintUi'a Heading or lliak* efseaarc. Atocrding to notice, this eminent lady gaee h*e readings Of Kbakspesre last emulng. e? tbe Stnyessant la titute, before e distinguished, fxshieneb e, and moat crowded audience. 8ooh ?ai the satiety oa the part ?f tba public ta be pre.oat, tbat a large number of 'edict and gentlemen bad oe'l?c'ed before the street dcora wereopeaed; atd after tbey had been thrown open, the hall waa, in a abort time, tilled to overflowing Seventy-flee dollar* In money were returned to tb ma wbo eould not flail eocooiiDodatlon. In truth, the hall ! by no meana euffloiently large for the purpoaa. Tha entertainment waa a rloh treat, and auoh it waa regarded by all. The most breatbleae ellenoo was ob s.rred, aeoept when > deep tragic buret oalted forth a rcundof applause. The lady' name?tbe faot of bar being tbe daughter of the alliaui Rumeneruaa -tba laat of tbe Kemblea? her aonaangnlueoua relationship to ths elegant and elussle John Kembla, nnd to tba dignified Mrs Slddons, tbe queen of tragedy, whose tarns will live as lo> g as Sbakspeara himself rball have an admirer, aid bar own exalted and comoaiidicg genius? could not have failed to attraot n large assembly to witness the great display of one whose mind was born with n determination to things of intellectual grandeur and d flloulty. It is said by scholars, that ths oorrsot reading of Homer will oonvey bis meaning without tha interpretation; and, Indetd. suoh reading is Indispensable to the dee appreciation of his gorgeous ooo ceplion. If this be true with regard to htm, who was the glory and the shame of the age In whloh he Used, It is equally true with referenoe to Shak*p?are. Many have attempted to give readings of him but thej have tailed It was retaresd for this lady to achieve oomplete and triumphant success. It would be both absurd and presumptuous. at tbla time of day, to attempt to throw any ne? light upon the genius of Shaktpeara, the poet of all ages,the master of human nature,"? " Bis Joy, or jrlef. h's weal, or wo I'eiol.ai.oe iu?y '?c?pe >be page uf fame, Yet uatioaa now uuturo will fcuow The record f nit dcuituo-s name.' Future ages will endorse what their predecessors have said respecting him He atande a ' mental pyramid in the solitude of time, beneath whose shade things might moulder and round whose summit eternity mutt play. But we are tempted to see what analogy there la between him and the Greek aod Roman poets. Tha oonrse of bis versea reaamblea the progreaa of Homer'* army?" They pour along like a Are that sweeps the whole eerth before it " This Are is dltoarnad In Virgil, In Luoan and Statius It bursts out In rndden, short, and interrupted flashes; in Milton it glowa like a furnace k?pt up to one uncommon ardor by the foroe of art; but in Sbaitspeare, it strikes before we nre aware of it, like the lightning Irom the heavens. To give n truthful explanation of hie meaning-to be able to keep paoe with him-to rise to his height, requires profound lsnrning. philosophy nnd genius, of no oommon oid?r. " Macbeth" was the play selected for the evening. It Is not our Intention, ns it would not be in unison with our Idea* of good tsste, te praise this lady. Her qualifications, both mental and physical, hav# been the theme of many a felicitously gifted pen. Th* moat able and aooompllahed erlties, at both sides of the Atlantic, have, with on* accord, pronounced ber entitled to th* vary foremost rank in her profession She stands on the tlgbest pinnacle of bistrionlo celebrity, where she requires no praise, and where the shafts of orltiolsm cannotreaoh her. At th* earn* time, withont descending to 111 timed adulation, we do say, that Shakepaare, whose " remembrance yet lives In man's eyas, and will, to ear and tongua be the theme and hearing ever," was last evening sustained in all th* majesty of his ebaracter, and in all the glory ot his poetic renown. He never appeared to greater advaatage; and. in consequent# if the magnificent style lu whtoh he was presented to the audience, the admiration of his admirers was lncrea-ed tenfold. His beauties?the moral grandeur cf his ventlments-the brllllansy of his coloring?the splendor of his language-tha touohlag patbes of bis appeals- his commendation of goodness his withering rebuk* of the villain-bis soetbing denunolations 01 the coward - his apostrophes to virtue? his sarcasm, bis anathemas, and all the treasures of his mind, were gives with astounding elTeot, and wnlob received prompt and generous applause from ma ast< nieh (1 and a delighted audience We must confers (bat we abould tike to see tbis lady Id ber natural position-one wbiob she would, as she bas c (ten done before, graos. We m-ao, of course, the stage, where all (and let it not be forgotten that the humbler c'asses of society can appreciate Shtkspeare, and the genius tf hie able delineator, ai well as the great ana the wealthy) might have an opportunity of reetng ber In those grand scene* nt which It baa bean our good fortune to be present We unoeretanu vbat morning readings will he given, to tutt the convenience of those ladles who cannot attend in the evening. Three wilt ootnmeaoe to morrow. Marine Affairs. The Steamamiv Oattuon, Captain Fierson, arrived out at Rio Jancro, after a passage of twenty Ave days. Passenger* all well, and seeoied to hare enjoyed their to)age very much. idly Intelligence. American lend ?ui i* ir.- i'ne first course of tlx lectures on Irelend will be oumnicuoed to morrow evening, at Clinton Halt. These lect urea will uod ibbt edly be- v< ry entertalsl ng. a Oil we hope that all woo tale an Interest in the cause of Ireland wlil attend tfcem. Their ety-ct I* to ditfuse correct information concerning that unfortunate couotiy. Fire.? A Ore broke out about half past n1os o'clock, la't u'ght in the second stcry of bou?e No lr2 Fulton street,occupied by Ralph ttnlkley, which was put out without damage. it originated from the bursting of a camphine lamp. fvicitiK ar Lsi'oam'.m ?The Coroner, yeeterday. be d an inquest in Ureenwich street, on the body of a veiy iD'ereeting married lady, who, the eveulug pre vi< u., about ten o'clock, took ha f a tumbler fuil of lavdanom Soon after she had taken It, the Iumates I the bouee became alarm, d, and sent for medical aid Several physicians ot tbe vicinity were cal ed In. the stomach pump vii applied, aod all tbe fluid taken from tte stomacb; hut trom the great iju entity taken, tbe system bad absorbed so large a portion of tbe pot son. tbtt notwilb'tending tbe great tffsrtv ef the physicians tbe unfortunate woumu du d at I'd o'clock, being just two hours after taking the poison Tbe dece*rt d is about 36 years ?.f age; but her naaeand b rthplace we wvre unable to leara, or the cause of tbe r* h ect. in consequenoe ot tbe paper* taken at tbe inquest being kept from tbe reporters by tb* Corener. or hie deputy. We understand that some m/rtery exists aa to the eausc of tbe suicide. Death from a Fail?On Friday evening a girl pained Julia Ann Lung about ten tears of awe. fall from lb* rcof of the bourn No 114 Cbriatnphar rtreat, to the pavement b?lo?r Tbe poor little creature h?1 both tblgba broken by the osnouaalon. and wae eeot to tbe City Hoepltnl for treatment, where. natwlthetandlag tkat ev.ry att? oil* n wae paid to her, rhe died from the effect* of tbe Injurle* reoetvel by bar fall Duowttto ?Tba body of an unknown man waa found tlia'ing in tbe North Hirer, at tba foot of Day itreat, on Friday night Unknown Men Daownao.-Tb* Coronar yeaWday waa called to bold an Intinaaton tba body of an unknown man. found floating In iba dook at tba foot of Mae atreat Tbe deoeaaed appeared to be about thirty year* of ago. and dreeerd Ilka a aailor good olothiog, and a very decent looking man; enppuaed to hare boon m tbe water about four or Ore day a. An laqueat will b* bald to-day. Court or Uyor and Terminer. Before Jnatioe Kdmon.a. and Aldermen 3 tar an* and Dodge. TKIiL OF J'dlN 8 AUSTIN. Jodg* Edmokdi charged tbe Jnry yeaterday morning: the delivery of tb# charge occupied about two bonra ana a bait. Tba charge oonrletad ?f a definition of tba etim* a of juttflable and axeueabla bcmtcida, murder, and maneiaugnter In Ita varloua degree*, and a race pitniatir a of the testimony, together with oomment* tbeiaon, to enable tba Jary to deeld* on the guilt or innocence pf the prlanner. Tbe Jary retired nbout one o'clock, and returned about all. whan one of 11 am Inacited of tba Judge If tbe priaoner. after ha tad Tetiird from the baaemeot to the atoop. nod flrad tte plrtol and tbe Jury believed ha brad It while labeling coder pa-etoa and excitement, woald It be exrurahle homicide* He told them that if they belle.ed that arier be retired be flrrd It With Intent to kill trme one. then he would be guilty of murder: but if tbey believed be tired It In tbe beat of ptrainn. but without the Intent to kill then be would be only gullly ol uiancnugbier In the third degree Tha intent of the pllconer nt the tloie wae to he the guide of their decirioti. At 10 o'c ock bede were brought lo for the Jury , and tbe < ourt rea m *a? cleared L'pto 3o oloek. tbe hour I f going to preer, they bad on nor war there any likelihood of thtlr agreeing. Wa undaritand they tteiiMtol. Supreme Court. IN CMAMBKBS. ffofare Juftice Kdaionda DieeAorged.-ben l.evl, arreeied on a charge of f*l?e pretence. w?e brooght up, and cla'med ble ducherge. It i| peered Ibat In iegurt laat. the pMcouer, ana a wan tamed t>old?nitlb fold to Mr Darner. tha keeper rf tba Apollo Saloon. 2U 100 regar*. at ?1S p >r thoarand, tl e regar* were repreaeu'ed aa Havana aegarv. and rold by rempla Bp'nee gave hla note for #1*8 pajable In 'our uioti'ha and th? regnra were delivered wbirh he alieyer w?r# put up In a dry olece until tbe following November, when I'ney were, tne theflrrt time |en? d atd tu-ned our t" b? of a very inferior q inllty nut wi rth wore than ?lx or eigh' 'lo'iarr n th-ura d, ana w?ta * Bai lie* all-gee man of .otured In thlr olty I he Judge, u( on k<nr ug 'he fa )t? di'eba'ged the prl "i<r tajlt g that It ,klr Boner had any r-rn-dv.H *a" by a civil action thv whole n a cur bvmg u??ire iLao au tluibkty bra .eh of warreaty. mmiKlfUM UTKUMItMl. h|GH|2Y1MPORTANT. CLOSING SCENES DC THK THIRTIETH CON&RESS. ESTABLISHMENT OK A Branch Mint in New York, PASSAGE OF 1HE BILL FOB COINING GOLD COLLARS AMD DOUBLE EAGLES. Ac. Ac. Ac. Our despatches this morning give the winding up of the business ( f the Thirtieth Congress, to tar na our despatches had reached ua at 5 o'clock.? Our leaders will peicetve that we have a.iared neither time, lubor, nor expense, in order to fur nith th<-m, exclusively for the Hnalti. The numerous public measures which have been acted upon and brought to completion, during the U<it day of the session, will be found fully detailed below. Among the moat prominent ot tne acta peeped, are, the bill for the eatiiblishment ol a Braneh Mint in the City of New-York ; the bill for the coinage of gold dollara and double raglea; the postal bill; the nnval appropriation bill, dec ? Up to the close of our despatches, nothing d?finite had transpired in relation to the establishment of a government for California. We will issue another edition during the course of this morning, when we hope to be uble to give mme full details. General Taylor's Inaugural Address. W?ini?(iTOK, March 4 1849. General Taylor ha< been closeted to-day with hli cabinet for three hours, and has Utd his inaugural before them Compared with other laaugorals the dooument i* brief. The General eny?, In effect, that having been sailed to the I'leeidentfal ohalr by the voloe of the nation, he is determined to administer the government on broad uatlonal principles, and as far as be la able, for the beat Interests of the whole country. He thinks that it is the duty of all good ettizane to allay, instead of exciting the antagonism existing between the North and the South on the slavery question. Ho will sanction any reasonable adjustment of the question, whlob shall not jeopardise the oenstitntlonal tights of either factions of the country. Ae to the question of slavery in California he thinks It more properly a matter for the deoison of the legal tribura). He makes no pledges on the tsrit question, but ssys that whatever modification of the present eyftem Congress, as ths exponent of the wishes of the people, may dei m necessary, shall have his sanction. The veto power given by ths constitution to the President as a oheek upon party and ill considered legislation, be doss not intend to weaken. His idea is. that it should not be exercised la cares vbere there Is merely a oonfliot of opinion between the President and Congress at to expediency or neetseity of a measure, but only waere the eotrf Congreses Is In palpable violation of theoonsti| tution. The new ciunci-rni t'oiicy or uenerai Taylor. Washington, Maroh 4 1849. Tha cabinet appointment*, as previously announced, are now plaoed beyond doubt The gentlemen are all here, and General Tayltr waa closeted with them tbe whole of yesterday morning We will prebably hare some light thrown upon their moremente this afternoon. Tbe President elect has already glren nnmlatekable evidence that be iatende to be more than a mere oipber In the bands of tbe party. Yesterday, the Pennsylvania delegation waited npon General Taylor, and stated they understood he was about to appoint Mr Meredith to the Troneury Department, and, If so, they begged to put In a bill ot esoep. tlons; that it wenld be the most unpopular appointmeat wbloh oould be made. fco. The General replied, that he was very glad to see them, but as for the Treasury appointment mentioned. h<a mind was made up, and be would not ehange It The delegation made the It exit, looking remarkably obeap. SECOND DESPATCH. Washington, March 4, 1849. We bear that Mr. Lawrenee has deoltned tha Navy. A re organisation is expected, Inoluding the Home Department. Affairs In Washington?The Inaugural Address, die, Washington. March 4, 1849. Major Hobble saye he has juet determined to ran nn exprese to Boston with ths inaugural address of Osa. Tay lor. Ws bad a talk with Mr. Clayton last night, daring tbe snow sterns. Thousands of people are coming on. lovtmeiila at the Capitol. Washington, Mareh4?4 A. M. It Is said that Genera) Taylor has writtsn to Osneral Scott, Inviting him to return and maks this hi* headflatters. Abbott Lawrence Is In town?was In ths Congress Halls to-dsy, looking extremely pleasant, and was shaking hand* with his friends. Arrival of the Steamship Niagara at Halifax. Boston, March 3, 1849, Ths steamship Niagara. Captain Stsns, arrived at llalifsx, N 8 , on the '13d ult, from Boston. She bad much triable In reaching that harbor. Tha drift ice la said to extend fifty miles east of Cape Sable. A brig waa repotted, on the'14th, twenty mile* east of Hail* fax, In tha ice. ?? B Boston, Mueb 2,1840. Mr Nathaniel Or***, to* Post mas tsr of thla olty, It > laid, baa resigned hi* pott Th? Clioleia In Indiana. Cincinnati, Maroh 2,1840. A report la prevalent, that several oasis of cholera bar* oeenrred at Madl?on, Indiana THIHTUBI M CUNUM88. IOOND SESSION. Senate. Waimirotor, Maroh 8, 1840. Tb? S?nata mat at tba uanal hour Tba capital la crowded with people. Aa awfully ugly a now storm.ls I now prevailing Immense esoltemant la betb houses, I on the tetrltorlal queetlen . BBTBRWa law* roa calisosnia. Mr. Die report* d the house bill, eatendlag the revenue lawa over California. Mr. King waa opposed to the bill, at thia time, and ] moved te lay it on the table. Agrtsd te. (.old ooiw. Tba bill providing for gold oolaa of oae dollar and double eegler, waa taken up and paaaed. A Senate bill waa paaaed for a settlement with disbursing officers doting tba late war. Conaiderable noise en tba floer. Mr. UsBBkwonD called the attention of the President , to tbe confneion. The Senate waa then oalled te order. i MltUBLLAWBOVe. A Committee of Confervnee waa appointed on the ( Military Appropriation bill. < Two prlrate bill* paaaed. 1 A Joint resolution passed, allowing farther time to tbe .Secretary of tbe Treasury to make out n Report on ibe Public Lands. < Mr. IIassiuas oalled up tbe bill fulfilling the fifth sitirle of the treaty with Mri'oo for running the , boundary line. Amendment off the Houav oanfinet the appointment of Comini's'ooera of the Topogra , pbical Corps. Tbia wwu'd diapleaae Meeara. Wilier , h l.o , appointed hy President Polk. Mr. liAbSK.AR moved that the Senate dl'agree to the f aim nonent. on a motion of allowing the bill to he ? laid on tbe table Thl?s>cores Polk's appointment. The bill for the relief of tbe Union Bank of florid* f was passed. The bl.l for the relief of a po- r soldier, named Lawraoee SijUlres, who lost both bis leg* in tba late war {| with Meilco, ?as parsed. Mr. Dio ns In-rod mod e rsrolat'nn for tbs aieiplla Mob aid translation of Mextoan law* existing la California 13'b May, IMS Passed. Tbe joint t evolution changing proof la oepaln pentk>n caias was passed The 17th rn'n was now suspended, n u It let bills go to tta l'rerident. Tbe House smtsdaest to the Light House BUI was passed caLiroaaia. Mr. Dcitolass wruld itais one taere effort for Callfordla, aid uorid to take up tbe House B L for atsrritorial gortroment, wbloh Bill Includes tbe proriso Mr. Busk appealed to the Senate for the report of eocfeienee on Mr. Walker's amendment to the gene ral Appropriation bill. If no conproaise on tbat amendment could be egreed te. nothing could be done. All ether effortr would ba a useless waste of time. Mr. Eiiuiuii said ell sorts of bills for California bad been refused by the Senate they had refused t> teke them up; he was determined to make a last effort for tbe people ut that country. Ha asked tor tba ayes and noes. Oo taking up the bill, Mr. Butlkb, from preeaof business, ooald not attend to this Bill 1b Committee. Mr. Hamlin drDouDod Wnlker's amendment as (living de?potio power to tba Preildtat. Ha hoped tbl? bill would ba ta'ien up and panted. Mr. But lie cou'idervd Walker'* amendment a* restricting the military power now held by tba President. Tba bill was not taken up-y*aa 25, noes 28 Meters. Dickinson and Dix voted to take it up. Mr Hannegan, tba only Northern man, voted against It. the cknsws. Tba Houta biH, requiring the Secretary of State, tba

Secretary of tba llona Department, and Postmastar Cieceral. to report to next Congress, the best plan of taking canine, wan next laid be I ore tba Senata. and tba question was debated by Messrs. Westoott, John Davit and King. Mr. Kino could not see tbe connexion of the measure witL the Home Department. The Census bill was passed. home uktahtment. The House bill was taken up, providing for a Home Department, to include tba Bereau of Pensions, Indian affairs, and Patent Office; the Seoratary of said department to be called the Secretary of the Interior. This bill wrs debated by Messrs. King, Cameron' Bright, Jefferson, Davis, Calhoan, and Foot#. Tbe bill was read by sections. Mr. Foote appealed that the bill was Important, for tba ocrrect ministration olthe Exeoutive Bureau. The committee of the Senata reported various amendments to tbe bill. One ot tbom proposes to strike out tbe commlislener of tbe enetoms. Mr, Huntes was In favor of striking all this oat. He said we wanted ne enoh commissioner. Mr. Jeffksson Davis was in favor of tbe provision, as It is recommended by tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury. Mr. Hunter said that thsre was no neoessity for the office. Mr. Allen opposed the oreation of any more Cabinet Officers, or any other officers. There are two things that never go backwards?new officers and increase of salaries. U nless we retrench, wa shall never pay tbe national debt. Mr Jkfferion Davis thought tbe Senatorfrom Ohio need not be alarmed, the bill merely proposes a reorganisation of tbe division of Labors of tba Department. Mr. Hunter was opposed to the bill. The two groat "ourees of revenue were tbe customs, and the publlo lauds, and there is no propriety in taking them from the head of tba Treasury. Mr. Wesstbb was in favor ot the Home Department. Evtr since the time of Monroe it had been reoommended to tbe attentisnof Congress. Mr Nilks made a strong appeal agatnst this proposed extension of Exeontlve patronage. This thing, patronage, never gots backward; bat ever oonstant efforts are Ineufflelent to stop its expansion. Mr Mason followed In a learn*d apeeoh, showing, first, that there was no necessity for th s Interior Department; sroond, that it was the basins** of tba fads ral government so to taka care or exterior relations; thirdly, that the bill was the entering wedge to the small owning up of the separate independence of the States by the overshadowing power of the federal government. After a powerful appeal against the bill, he moved that it be laid on the table. Lost- 23 to 81. Mr Calhoun then took the floor as if the emergenoy of the case demanded a strong appeal against the bill; and he made suoh an appeal, adopting the opinion of the Senator from Virginia, that this Department for the Interior looked to absorption of the powers of the States. |Mr. Foote contended that with the developement of the power and reeouroes of the country, and the in crease of its popnlatioa, the Pablo business end the rublic rfllces must inoreaee ; hence the neoesslty for this Home Department. It was rcc >mmended by the Secretary of tbo Treasury, and there was every reason to suppose that he fairly understands all the neoeasitlea of the case. Mr. Athestoji asked to let the Senate recede flrom tbeChtrokee amendment ?f this twelve hundred thousand to the Indian bill. While jet up, the Chair announoed a recess till six o'olook P. M, Home of Itepreacntatlrwa. WtiHisuToN, Marsh 3, 1849. The Hours commenoed business in the usual way. Mr. Ovrlev, Chaplain, returned thanks to Ood that no member bad died during the session, and that when they reach their distant homes, ths smil> ot dsar onss liks ths light of the morning, may rsst upon them. He preyed for the retiring administration, and for the new one. raiTATB sill. Mr. Ashmvr submitted a resolution, authorising tha Speaker to pay to John C. King, four hundred dollars for his expenses In the Speaktr's room, on tha bast of John kQulney Adams, to mark the spot where that statesman died a year ago. The bust has been neatly paid for by voluntary nbscriptlona by members of Corgress, and there was a email deficiency. Mr. Jon at, of Tennessee, objected to the resolution Mr. Obinnbll?I ask my ealleagae to .modify It; | wiu pij tbe money oat 01 my own poexet. " Tb?t la right," " that ia right," resounded In tnrj direction. Mr Ashmcb? I will modify In obedience to tho wishes of my ftrind, hat I think that It not right. Tho ganUaman should pay? Tboro won erloa of" order," " order " The noolntloB wu pained, 14 ogolaat It. The lobblee began .to ,be filled with itranger*. Oovernor Young waa present. ssanoh mint at new reii. On motion of Mr. Talmadoh, tho Committee of tho Whole wee discharged from the oonelderatlon of the bill establishing a Branch Mint at New York. It makes an appropriation of two handled thousand dollars for a cite, and provides for the appointment of oMeers He moved the previous question. Mr. Bbodhbao moved to lay the bill on the table, wbleh was lost. Mr. Moarnv woo anxious to cay something,bat was pnveBted. Mr. Talmadob holding on to his motion, the bill bos ordered to be engrossed, and bosaase It was not on Its passage, was at this time refused. Various motions were made to take ap partlealar kinds of basinets. bills nbfobtid, fcd Mr. Vinton reported the Tost OSes Bill; and tbe House oonsurred In the Senate's amendment to give tffest to the postal treaty. The Senate's amendments to tbe Naval Appropriation Bill were ooncurrrd in. The gall-rlee are crammed with ladies and gentlemen, and there Is ths usual market house confusion. Tbe rotunds,and aisles beyond, to both houses, are la like condition. The lighthouse bill woe passed. Theu there was a scramble lor the floor, bat noboly ibtalord It. /msndmrnte of tbe Senate te sundry bills were esxt eotrd en. Tbe Senate strnek out from the Miaesota territorial >111 tbe clause that tbe act shall go Into effeet on the ,Cth of March. Tbe Hoaee receded by 85 majority. The House concurred la tbe amendment of tbe leasts, authorising the oclnoge of gold double eagles Dd dollars. Tbe bill to establish e Branoh Mint la New York res peered Many motions were made la quick succession. Ad unsuccessful one, te take up the Mil making ap roprlntlin for tbe purchase ofCatlla's Indian Heller/ f Paintings. was the next badness. 'J he esnimion seems te be on the increase. The Speaker's ktnn^r fall* Impotently; nod the Clerk. at the tap of hi* eoiee endeavors to make hlaulf heard. J kJo tba Hour* a*t>r tba recess, lb* Sp?ak?r an 11 Douieril that John V. Towers, John Tranholm and William M. Bell, ara eeearally the ooatraotor* f?r the printing of < ongre?r. j Tba gallariss ara tilled to overflowing?m*mhors good natnrad from juet atlngth- ir diner*?ehiating or uonsy, tbo member* having baea paid off in fail. Tb*.House concurred iu th* report of the C mrt of Conference of tbo disagreeing rocca on the amendment to the navy bill. Mr. Mt Uoarai. offered a raeolatlon of thank* to the \ Spea'er. for tba able, impartial, aud dignified manner la ?tioh ha bad discharged bi* dulia*. Mr. Johnson, of Tenneeeae, mered to amend by striking out tba word impartial. Ha denied that he Speaker wa* to; ba bad frequently straggled for the floor and whan ba did get it tba Speaker turned up bia noea. Ha bad a bettor obanee la Committee, wbera bis Impartial Majeaty was aot in the chair. Mr Cob* wae temporarily In the Speaker's aaat. Mr. Johnson spoke at length Hading fault with tba partiality of tba Speaker Hewa*oelied to order eereral times by WHgs.aod anoonraged to go on by Detnocrata. Hertfarrtd to ths Constltntlo i of t >a Cam. mittea, and said that tbay were made up to suit antiSlavery. (Oreat esci amaut.) Mr. Hs9bbi.l said that the bead and front of the nbolltion party was, probably, tbo only ona who would vote witn bia oolleague. Mr. GIodinos wanted to kao* by what authority Mr. Haskell has so expressed himself. [Laughter ] Mr Hsskkll replied, aommon sense nod Induction led to tbe conclusion, beoau Mr. Glddlngs ?u the other one, betides Mr. Johnson, who thought Committees were not prci<erly orgenleed. Mr. Giddings said that Mr Haskell was onos deputed to be bis executioner, but not to sptak (or him. [There was much laughter.] 1 The amendment to-trlke out was rejected, ayes IS 1 nays 10, and the resolution ?ai agreed to. [The telegraph was still In operation at 7 o'olook this morning. Both houses wire In session until a very late hour last night, the proceedings of whioh will la given in another edition as soen as received ] L.BGISL.ATUKH Or NBW YORK, sznatk. Albany, Maroh 3,1810. sursaioa oouut justices. Mr. Wileih reported a bill to Increase the number of Justices In the Superior Court, and to extend the jurisdiction of the tame. salt dvtikfl. Mr. Colt, agreeably to previous notice, Introduced a bill to equalise the tolls on foreign and domestic salt. countv rOUHTI. Mr. fi.otd oalled for the consideration of the resolution previously offered by him. instructing the Judiciary Committee to bring in a bill to restore eoanty 1 courts to their original Jurisdiction j After an interesting debate, the resolution was rejected. bills passed. Toe bill to construct a oanai in tna city or Brooklyn for drainage purport*, wm read a third time and pasted. The bill to extend the time for oommenmug the Corning and Canandalgua Railroad, was also tsad a tblrd time and parsed The bill to construct a railroad from Auburn to Canadalgna was also duly considered and passed. The Senate then adjourned. assembly. Alsant, March 3,1849. bills BCrOKTKD. Mr. Camcsell. of New York, reperted a bill to feoll'tate tbe re organisation and Incorporation of banks. Mr. bkkkman, of New York, reported a bill authorising the Deaf and Dumb Institute of the olty of New Yotk, to receive a bequest. thk quarantine.' An attempt was made to put forward the bill for the removal of tbe Quarantine from Staten Island. Tbe attempt proved unsuccessful. COLLI G ES AMI ACADEMIES. The Committee of the Whole took up the bill making an appropriation for tne benefit of colleges and academies. After a pretraoted debate, and the adoption of various amendments, the bill was passed in Committee, and reported to tbe House extension oe hailem railroad. The Committee then prooeaded to the consideration of the hill for the extension of the Harlem Railroad, and passed tbe same without Amendment. On motion, the Assembly adjourned. Mar kef a. Cincinnati, March 2,1840. The rain has been falling ail day Flour?<Sa>es at $P 75 to *3 Slsg Whiskey sells in bills at Ike. T..ers is nothing doing in pork. Pittjburo, Maroh 2 1849 The flour market, with moderate business. Is in f.TOr of tbe seller Tbe receipts aie large. Sales at <3 50 Oraln?Tbe merket without obango Tbe reoelpts of corn arc small. Tbe price or fish la firm Sales of laislnsat (1 62>? p?rb"x Tbe rain baa been falling all day, and the river Is thing. There Is nine feet of water in the channel. Boston, Maroh 8. 1849. For flour there is a fair demand, and we notlte sale* of 2.(SCO bairels, including Miohlgan and Genesee, at $6 87)4 a SO 60 Con contlnnes steady, with good Inquiry. We quote white Southern at 65c , and yellow do. etc., with eales of 20 OfO bu-hels. In rye there were sales of (00 bushels at 70o Oats are in fair request, with sales of 6 000 bushels Northern at 4?o In provisions thoie Is but little doing; sales of new pork at $12 50 a $13 CO. and prime at $11 50 a $1200. Lard in bairtls is held at 7o , with small sales. Court Calendar for Monday* Cibcuit Con at.? The first twslve oases on the general calendar. Common Pleai ?1st t>art-3. 5,7, 9, IV 13,15,17, 19, 2l 2d part-2,4 o s In, 12 14 10, 18. 20. SursRios Court sits on law arguments. Domestic Miscellany. The forwarding merchants of Philadelphia hava made arrangements to commcnoo transporting goods to Pittsburgh, via the oanai, on Monday uext. A riot occuired In Portland Me , on the night of the 22d nit. In consequence of the arrest of several boys for burning tar-barrels in tbe street. The doora end windows ot tbe watebbou'e were foroed, and several of the watchmen sertonsly injured. Tbe gold found In Montgomery county, Md , Is pronounced by tbe a-sayer at tbe mint in Philadelphia, superior to any he has ever seen. The Firx at Komk, N. Y.?A tire broke out at eleven o'clock, on Tuesday night, in the buildings in tbe rear ot A Conlon's tavern, on Wbiteiiborough street, in this village, which spread with great rapidity through the extensive barns ana names connected veun mat establishment. The flames soon reached the brick block owned by Mr Conlon and by Mr. Griffin, and also the two small frame houses nearly adjoining, and fronting < on the railroad. The entire block was consumed 1 in about aa hour and a half. The property lost, 1 aB near as we are able to gather at this moment, 1 is as follows. A brisk tsrsrn, owned and kept by Andrew Conlon; \ tbs furniture mslnly saved; notwithstanding whisk, i the loss la personal property must be oonsldsrabls. A < barn, owned by Mr Conlon. and ooonpled by tbs Al- 1 bany and Buffalo Towing Company. The horses wers sot ont, bat tome 1000 to 1.600 bushels of oats and a few tons of bay were oonsnmed. The tavern, barn, ( and sheds, oantalnlng about fifteen tons of bay and i some other property; all eonsnmed. A small hoaee, i owned by Mr Conlea. A brlok dwelling, ownsd by Smith Oriflln. and ooonpled by E W. Jonas. A small frame house. In the rear of tbs abjve. alto owned by j Mr Oriflla.and ooounled by Efederlok Rentier The i Insurants Is as foil oils: - A- Conlon $3,000 In North 1 Western Insurance Company: lW pstlqinted ' at J $6 000. H Onfflo. $760. In tbs North Wesierd Company.?Rome Sentinel. Feb 31. I STAETMNa Rumor.?A letter from Key West to th* Baltimore Patriot, dated Feb. 22d, contains the following startling paragraph ? "Three wreckers went from this plaoe to ths A la ore- : net User, coast of Yueatan, to tare, if possible, ths materials of K. M. C. steamship Forth. On taeir arrival, they found that thetshlp had been stripped of every thing valuable, and burnt They found the schooner Adventure, of Nassau, at the wreek, who In- , formed them that an American steamer, bound from [ Panama to San Yrancirec, had bean lost, and many of the passenger* had perished The Adeentare was last from Jamaica, and tbs captain < Roberts) stated that be bad a paper oontaining the seoount of ths diaa<tah ( The Information was com inuaiosted by Capt Roberta te a perron on beard the sehooner Col Ds Ruaeey." J Tbe only American steamship on ths PeolAo onset, * at the last accounts trom Panama, was the California, which was lying at tbat port Jan 25th, taking in eoal J pieparatory to sailing for 8an. Kranolsso with a Urge l; number of passengers It le quite .possible that late news from the Isthmus might be rsorived by the way r| of Kingston, Jamaica; but yet ws cannot plaoe mnoh ' reliance on this turner, from the fart that It gives ? neither the name of the steamer nor the date of ths disaster?two facts not likely to be overlooked in suoh Impottant matters.- Philadelphia Bulletin, March 3. * Law Intelligence. | The lata deslalon by tbe Supreme Court of the United t* States, In ths esses of Nsrris es ths olty of Boston, ? and of Smith vs Turner, Is said by ths Chariee'an Mercury to have ihe effect to " sweep away " the la- q *t>< otlon Laws of South Carolina, enact*.1 to prevent J the abduction <f slaves In northern Vessels; an J also ?l to 'snsep away all laws (of the same State) made to bs prevent free oolored persons?' cltlaens of Vfaaaaohn*. its - from sntarlng ths ports aad sltlss " of Ssuth ? Carolina. I Rent's Dresm sinst frock Lusts, French eloth >1 b sci*" irm mioie of the las: style from tl to put; hlin* hi no flenred rawin 'M pint* made la tl>* moit f,?hl<?iahle stylo. * $ to fl no" fas'uO' ahleveets fid orate to $4: overcoats and I o'ealis $f lo $1*j awminrr rood*. wh.ltmia or mtafl at tie Five J, m Dollar halt ittoie, o. ru?r ftarsaa ami Dookmaa slroatt. ^ Dallfsrala Mltilwg ItsMsta, from SB to |? fin. at Jours'* 14 Su. crest Pine Irei-ek OalfDro-s Route <44 I" N<. urualyf* not y lnwe-n Bclo $ I, and wsrrsnted to ?e?r a* w.-ll ae any hoots insda Frei.e.i walsr proof Boats freiu $4 S3 ts t*>. at JuRJtO'a, 14 Aioaweet, aw lUe M mania aaa?? A Cam ? W m. H. tt>rh? <W Co , llaiteri. M hixil?|. N?rw Vi.r?. ? ? l.V iin .?? ?* ??! *?li? ai./1 ?, ? brieuifuli) t*(Mavat.il? It rill timr pi1 ro .a am I IVieadi -",mr 1 faiptcd t< ankr tar tn? k'ndiei-a umpu'iv ? d f rh?mrm<t*p mni ran it t ward* in in dunimte t i?o- r?r? i .'errupu >a tu hnr tuklm w 0nani eed h. ir.o U e in th.lr t-rwuM-a. IVI loadvay. bat while mm lag 'hi? oelimitl, tie* tiara .til uuiin t<> my (nat "out .1 aril. mod ofte* c 1 a?o." rir tdroaja In- eBnot at t dwiir, ticy lia<e l?on ? .eile ' iIV* ilurwnn ? ?I d laiptoivrmv it in their e? ab'ir'iuiotil writ* inold ott?r?tm have l-eo imiiraeK'eatie a-vl whloii hare * Id >d i hui a?ed laid to the fllo tnc> o? their ?i*iiui'actiir,urf * id bitt ? mrm-itra enr Thnwt UrtKoreat. la aNiminlin -III n.? rrdir 10 ex-e?d ageaeral in*,t?rl ? o ni?)ni ^^^B .ovi.ii ft 4 ini|w 11 ur (X'? eive ?- d 1.ie?*i oui% it (ili bni.iiwxy. I's ti u 2n r< mxuitit, ir?t (r. * in *1 d<?>? 1iU I d? tui'iu* pftr'ft '"r u p up *>--f ?a ?o <u< ?nj t>-i i* n.r tut, >'D his r lata, ?hout II u ft>ti?kiadnf |0M1? ftpju-rtu't I ? to OIK Hsilo wmo'i in poiftt. r r4t,loll -ad ju? lily Mi-fttl suri-as- ftiytMim link no imported, fee/k hu Unit pernd, ha ><11 >'u ' ft" li'-uia." ?nil 'ill *r<?' picture u x* |t<i?i? g *o al-visiter* irnii-* ?od r tl-ovin, Kie in dump*. w.ri 11 tho ?r ol Q.ttunc o-i the m >?t*x eiisive so*ic vi-let ay i*or lo-prov meet la the appl o it. u--f l?bn-am in n-hn.ry. H r t)<i< k tlmt it wnl lot gotilt UK'? t-vury pcront of t ! on I |iftor>niinftt t a, to wl'nms tf a |?"tictio? of oar km mm u-ainirroai t*. nod ? will cnov Offt the n by her awn ner.o<ial ?l>trv?<ion, that ? p>K>e*a 'hw fioilltl-a at lent firmikmg |i?tr ju.l ? H-t? al oftld to mad* I ng<t <u over v pirti nil ?t Tne l? lif? will flod ,a oiesaot t.le? room. At oil op In c arnihoeut tyle ftod famished witi gieida f-r the u<? ol (he oeelT <e ftad J eir thildrrn of tl e moet Oe|ir?iile f-eii|on? and i|H?'Uy. (Villi -enuann thai ks for tlie very lileir.l pan-m ere hjetnvfeI up>a mr establisbn.ent, ?e are, resprotlally tl-e l*obiin'< ?*>r| burn bis err tola *< a. 0ISUE a 00. Important to the Pmhll?._Our Mr. Knox, ft v leg no lb toft tlon o' (Otnft to kuro|?3. t-e xr.fti increaee of hie mslit.s e-qo not linn to etat et tn-uis and w .it. up*n hWonsto-aii, wlil be ptepsrod dnrin? the it? the of R-trniand tprll, ce ixhibit t>> his oun-erooe frleedr bat Vcr, sr-at anil <ttty avilad ;to seam operandi of hatiii-a. It ooi.?i-ssnf Uttma re-it-emea w th haM e rlouy In the u -de. et * dehor lea. a heal th?a ihaigrd by lie Prn-dwat ha'tei* whoee "Hindu." Our Mr. ICnex ilea to avoid. OUK MR. KNOX, .van Buildisgi. Faltvn et. Grnln't Spring ntyie fur 1849, Is the Aclaiwedipd acuie ot futioe.lile bat. lor toe ?ua>->j, uue-|dtiled a beauty nuaurpa * d in n.eut. uauppmte e1 io MM and laid far hie orginal pt oe if foiird-tlle .. JOHN N. OKtilv, 214 Br tail way opposite It Pan 'a. eoMfeKiiUL APfTTk?. HONKV MdKKBT. H Saturday, lllnroli 3?ft P. IH. H Tb?r? wsa another reaction In the otoek market to* jay. an advar.ee harlDg b-? u reallaed to qu itatiaaa for all klsda of atocka. At the first board Harlem went up l>a percent; Long Island 1. Canton Company 1; Karmera1 Loan }i\ Norwich end Worcester Reading Railroad IX; Morris Canal X; Pennsylvania t'a X; Treaemy notes X; HUnole O'e X. The sales were large, and the bulls exhibited a disposition to purohaso largely. At the sroond board, Treasury notes advanned X par cent; Reading Railroad X; termers'Loan X Tna rales of government stocks, in the afternoon, were larger than nsnat, and the market dosed firm, with as upward tendency. The arrival of the steamer Creeoent City, front Cbagres, with several days later intelligence frost Fanama, and more definite advices from California, gave an upward Impetus to prloee for stooks, and raised the spirits of tbe balls The steamer brought very little gold, but she brlsgs aooounts of large sums beiag on tbe way. Official notice baa been g'ven that the Pennsylvania canals will be open for navigation on the 10th Instant, If tho weather permits. There were transported on the Heading Railroad, during tbe wsek ending tne 1st Instant, 10,831 tons of soal. Total for tho season 87 370 tons. The vote of the Mobile freeholders, taken on tho pro* position to lay a special tax on real estate, to raise $300,100 for the Mobile and Obio Raiiroad, was a in til one, but yet overwholm'ng in favor of it. Total sunber of votes 277, ef which 231 were in favor of the pro- ^B port ion, 4 sgainst it, and 22 conditionally In favor ^B of It has been decreed by the government of Portugal, JH that tbe practioe ob-erv. d of granting despatohes fer |jfl the re exportation of goods imported to order is oon- ^B trary to law; and that in consequence, all such goods, ^B whioh in future shall not be entered in the prsoiso ^B raiu? vi iuv Ukivio, tbtt OUUpMT OI DOB U?J0r?? 01 the 10th July, 1834 her* copied below, shall no: be sutitled to euoh despatch, but b? entered for eonsumptlon only?this alter the Urm of sixty days:? Drcaaa ?All captains or oommauders of merahant v?? el*, wbethe national or foreign, who enter tn? port of Lisbon, niust bring two manifests of tbo saaie tiaor, conteining the oame and tonnage ?f the vessel, to what nation they belong; the pert in wbtob she received her cargo; name of the shippers and of the par* ties io whom tbey are consigned; spec tying th*|ISlft| and quantity of peokag-s at full lenglb. with tb* marks and numbers in the margin. Stock Kxchange. H $7J0U U 6'a 1862 C?a 1H-J4 3(iu?. anion Co 41* lo.beodotisKsferktlt luBya lud <1? baw 42k l.fso do 1167 1I3J4 IIU oo t-X H I,1* II Treasury Notes lus tat do e 44 Is 6,(1*1 do Ink h? do bit 4.1 H 1/U0 *ew Y'rt 6's. 1P62 11m Ml d> bid l.k 6.000 111 Funrab.e Bds 4d?sa SUd Uarlom RR bsw ol% lf.tll! Pern's5's 130 Hi 260 do bid <>114 IIP do HU>4 350 do 62k H 2.1 til Bosdii g Bonds an 2>'l do <i<1t II Oil do Nop B?sda 6?2 1110 do 0 Cl>a 21**1 trie 7's bonds S?V lui do hiyM S3 (bo Michsuias' Bk lti\ 2>*l do bow ; :y* 21 UsuisttanCo 9<ya 2?n 4? bSO lOrp <Wk 10 Bk of i cm. fnll I714 660 Long Island 27 1UI Hoiaak KB 82k XW do 45 J a 27, <4 H 21*1 Fannin's Trust > % 60 do b ,0 27 26II do 37 260 do 2 K ltO do blO 37 k 26 tls'lurn prrfd. fall 9 v 21*1 do 37<? 15 *rra>-ai?a d IJtoa It 16(1 do S7Si 60 H. usa onio u-w.ts Mf DUO do 37>? 6 N York A NUavea 11 1 luu do at GO da 31 ?6tl Ka.du.g R3 ,VW 2(0 Mor s Canal 10 80 ds 11 H 6? Erie is*, lull 61S 4W do 3!k 20 do ill A Hudson River RR ?J 6 do 61)4 25 Nerand #or 3J 78 Canton Co I * Second Boat id. ?2".mr U'Cw'tP, con 3<ds lOM 75 arid RR now, full b63 6'k H 6M*lb'vTreaNotts bi.w 111 2li do (jlV H 6411> U 00 17ds I < I leu 11at Is in R ft f> j'2 II.M'O do>a HI Jiai do 0 3 H i- ,i 0> Ptm V - J 9Cda c2 60 fi Glk H L'00 Br>* Hinds 7's 3 \ M do bM *."? so si> Bower* Mai k oy 2011 do 6*3 H 6 N York Sf NBavea RR 91 N< Morris anal Id H ICO heading KB 32k 61 Canton O 42k H I'D do 3)4 I'll farmer's Loan 37lt H ftllVKK't'lMiAtfcl*'l>? RK<VI<UKI< ItVKMV *I<?(MM>, I MIS r. I L03T-A SUOhTTIMC SINCE. A HALF DllZdN .-.IlVRR I tea rpoons. and a half d ton silver forks. mar*ed E. 4.. a ad one dcMuri spoon. Pnaro Albert pattern Tea fiader will b* literally rewarded by leaving thorn at the offios of Powersfc Bsloh, No. 6 Nassau street. New York. WANT*. WANTED.? A CIVIL ENIll A ERR, THOROUaHLT vureto la ?he bighmt brat oh-e of mattematira, wleoas to And employment as Campnta r for the construction of tnatboaabesl tables, or tho correction of astronomical and oootiaaioal works. He aaraka aid ? rites Ueruiaa, English. French and Itallas,aad will bom stuseful to any oe ublislunont wniuediC* onli ooe potations are to <e psr formed wii b readiness aad asenrocy. Address P. P. at the ftl-s ot the Now York Herald WAMID-BY A RRIPRCTaBLB Y.iUNI CWtllC\N, A situation to do general I ou-ework for ima'l foully, or Dhsmbi r*oik and as can s'ress: is n good wssheraod Irnner. Can t've good refersn e from bar las- plwe. floisoealat 2*1 Mots itioet in ti e store. Csn U s in for two days. 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RodewaM; Secretary. Ma I L~U?lC Treaeor-r. ?r, f. A. Schumacher. Br order ?E I ihe PraaMent. BIRMaKN & LUDItf 10, Saoiatarjr. | HOLLERS Or ILLINOIS INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT Bnnda ud Rorlr ara hereby nolilod that the tiaa limited it Uar far " refm dine" tba Rata debt, axpiraa oa tha 10th roxiBQ.- few Tork rehrnntj IB, 1*49. JULIUS W ADSWOETti, Ageatof tha State of Illlaela. Ha. (O Exchange plaee. a Card.?thr undersigned most rsspsctpullt r\ h'M leere to tender hla aiiwara Rail to Mr. Mo( aba, o( tha Itoa. aid M Company II and Eagle rira Company 13. and tba 1 ma generally. for thalr rep efnctlra rarrtoe a greeting tba ra *Moh oecntrad oa Wadneaday er-ning. th? 'Akh alt., ta tha uxaNo.MP.aaat. E. PdjNCIS SWEETSEE. rt ARD-B. DOE A CO, INFORM TUSIR FRIENDS AND tha publio that their repeirlox ehcp ia again la fall oparaUaa 1 It and 31 Qcle ,treat, oj nruel, ana that their nlBaa far tha r?aa?t la at 45 Gatd a tire t, where all or dan will ba praafdr ttended to. _ JTATEN ISLAND PERRT.?LEA V B NED YORK AT ?, 'il. I, SH aad Bo'oloek. Laata.VaadarMlt'i Uadlaf at % L Z aod ft a'aloek I to TAILORS.-JUST PUBLISHED. 3 JOTTS REPORT Of Amarioan Faablnna for tha preeeat aataoa. Oflloa. Id# roadway, comer af Liberty atrtat, aeooi.d fl or. N R. Tba Btapaan Paalifoat wi.l ba pualieted on the 8th iaatant, bt tha 1 are office. TO LET. rOIKT-TSR BTORR AND DOUSE NO I'M OMATRAM 'reel. The atnie la an excellent. atand lor doing a large rail kn.loem If d-rlred be a go. d tenant. arrangement! might ba ade for d.a.ding the atore i-.t.. two. Apoy ta DM R JANBDaV.No. ICQ Mildon Una. HO LET.?TIIR THREE UTORT AM I BASEMENT H9USR L Nr. 3* Oi'j Ilall Plaoa baring a 'ana yard, and aiinpllad Ith C'roton aater, and ccnrnnlentl? luce ad fir p-re<n*dotet juneea down toy n Poa?e? ion ii?"? Immediately. App'y ta ? WM. R. JtfiEDAV, Na. 100 Maldan I ana. POIEANUFACTVRERS AND MECHANICS ?TO LRT. IN I tfca oa.urn o Brool lyn. poamrniea firm Ant of Mar next? rge Faotciy Imllnlng and Ion adjoint of. with largo .'Mm ?ngearing, and ahop of tcola, la good ooodltioa. AppyatJE ' adit'err. New Tor*. _ vrFI'RS TO LET ?TUB 8P.< O N It, 111 I It O ANN PiltfRrM t etrrira of I ooaa No HI Nareaa treat, nanr the Son dt-e. 1 ret..lot of h?o,a Na fBGol.l etrat'.eeoor.d ban a fr ,* B wtu > attaeA Inquire >f SMITH HLllT.lt Nanran at .Idatary, or of El't;BNIt I R THIS, In the Uo it Mora. t aMMEnTIO I Kf^Ttlk ?Tt" 11FtTim t IAR > No. Ifli t\r< adan a< tLa oa 1 alilo otsonil d'nrahnre fdimrtp roai, TS no t fmnt liy III iVt p. r.rr and wnti UgHttA Apply ta, J. T. 1?.? V'XOtk, .19 Br rJaay. "el. 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