16 Mart 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

16 Mart 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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\ NEW YORK HERALD. | MtkWMt curner of Kuitu" and Ruua iU. jajiki (M'KOON dknnktt, HtONtlKTOR. AHVB<<I<N1B TlilB ITIMMa. OWlKt THIATIB Bewwy?Bebtohss ? INDIA?ma u I". IIOaDVIT TBRATHB BmUwii?Buk re QnonLvsK ?anar > dt- Bi? L?rr Leo*? Tvbnimo thi Tabi.bi NATIONAL TUATU, (Thathaa Bqnar*?? ?. and Med. Wmt?? Mi,be in Caufvenia?CdAmond Baia?Militaht Sebcvtiun. BUR+oirR THRATRB. ChamNtl llhh 81. Pateioes Irs ?tmbtoodi el. MKBABUIV H A I.I. Broadway, mm Iwem Onarr'. Khitiha -SOCIETY LIBRARY, Broadway?New Obleani Bebena BROADWAY cirrfus, 867 ftrMdwav? Homuumv, Pawt R*c??, amd Damoimo Bobiba?Bv Oamija, UNIT * Oo.? TMftt BOOIXKUCAii BALL. Brwcrj?Ta* imuiM fc Oaw'a KaAfll IB. rmrwryg MUBRUN. n Broadway?Omrnm OuaiOAmBs. HTUTVBBaNT JNHTITUTB, BnUn|-mu Butlbb'a RjLAUIktitl ? I Sh AkSPrAK K? mjw EH VA BOORB?Mom. idiid, maoio amd fauiiomt. AHTOR PLACB 01'ERA HOUSB-Babiu'a CoocaaT Lb Dbabbt. Raw torn, PrldAjr, Blmrcb 10, 1MB, tic>i. 1 ay lor and the Office Beggar*. Onett the brighten tra u in the bright character of General Taylor, is the entire absence, in all hia private and public conduct, ol anything that resembles selfishness or rapacity. Hia whole career baa been one si modesty, sell-dennl, reluctance to preaa himself befoie the public, and a desire even to escape fr< m the applause due to hia own probity and patriotic conduct. These traits were exhibited, in a peculiar degree, during the late war with Mexico, and were observed likewise ia a peculiar degree, because then the public mind wan trained to watch the progress of men and events, n that great crisis. Where other military men, whose names it is not necessary to enumerate, took every occasion to exhibit their self-love, and indulge their morbid restlessness for places and positions, General Taylor's great merit was, to periorm his duty with a bravery exceeded by no other man, accompanied and set oil' with a modeuty that was not reached by hardly any of his associates. Such ls'he peculiar character of Gen. Taylor. With such a character?a soul animated by such feelings? a mind ennobled by such ideas, how heart-rending and distasteful it must be to that .great man, now in the White House at Washington, to see the shocking scramble, day after day, about him, exhibited by men from all parts of the country, who call themselves his partisans, who are seeking, in every variety of way, a reward for their labors, by office or emolument! Crowds and crowds of office beggars, of all descriptions, have left their daily avocations, abandoned their proper business, and rushed to Washington, crymg "Give us the reward of our labors ; put us in some places of profit and honor, tor supporting you during the election!" No clasB of politicians have exhibited a greater variety of those rapacious traita of character than ihose emanating Irom this self-same city ot New York. For several weeks past have editors, both original and eleventh hour men, from this metropolis, in conjunction with speakers, lawyers, politicians, and committee men, been crowding the coindors of the White House, trotting alter Col. Bliss and his amiable lady, exhibiting themselves in every bar-room in the capital, and all in search of office and emolument, by way of reward tor their labors in the late Presidential cam| hiun, as they facetiously call their noise a * ew day a before the election. Can General Taylor, Animated by the feelings which belong to his chameter, look complacently on the forwardness, the greedinesp, the want of modesty and propriety, oxhibited by those men from this or any other -city 1 There is one of our cotemporaries, who came to the support ol General Taylor at the eleventh hour, and when there was no visible chance lor his favorne, General Scott, nowlingerng day aft? r day in Washington, expecting Gen. Taylor to repay him lor his services by a foreign mission to Beilin, Madrid, Constantinople, or Coventry. There is an impropriety and indelicacy in such conduct,which must be revolting to the modest nature of General Taylor, and will, perhaps, constitute the principal barrier to the accomplishment of such purpoees at any time. There, again, is another editor wanting to be Marshall, who no doubt vt as earlier in the field in supporting Gen Taylor than his cotemporary, named, and i( eeri vices are to be repaid in that way, denerves as much as any one; but how disagreeable even the presence of such men, indicating the objects of their visit, must be to the President, with all the fresh feelings of propriety and , raodeBiy about hint, which have distinguished his private and public caieer throughout his whole life. We are told, also, that Prescott Hull has I been at Washington, expecting to be placed in the I valuable peat ot unuea states uiairict Attorney lor this district, in consequence of, and by way of pay for, half a dozen dull speeches, which he deliveied in certain waidi of this city, and which bad as much to do with making General Taylor President, or making up the minds of the people his favor, as the whistling of the wind through the trees of Haboken had. We might go on and enumerate, without end, other distinguished candidates, now, or recently, at Washington, in search of office; all of whom are animated by the same pure and patriotic purguise?ihs clutch ng of the spoils, as a reward for what they consider their labors; but it is a disagreeable subject, and we have no doubt that office begging and office beggars have already become more disgusting and disagreeable to the generous and manly nature of General Taylor, than anything he ever encountered in the Weat, in Florida, in ihe chspparal, among the Indiana or the Mexi cana. Those office beggars, of all descriptions, aeuii to have studied the general character of our new President to but litile purpose, when they iiuo?>ri ihe railroHd cars and post off to Washington, to feeg, beseech, inquire,.and pray tor office, because tliey happened to come out, eithei late or earlj. with the gri at mass of the Amertc iu people, n f?*oT of th" houeit and upright in an who is now our chief magistrate. According io all ucc uinta from Washington, and to every indication elae* whete, and coming from there, it see ma highly I I .1. a ?L.. . rr. ? - k. ,,,.., .1. _ 'f?n i/Hi ir m> i < uitv "T fcR 10 ucouy ?i me end of thur tether, and that they hare caught a Tartar in try rg t<> catcli a President. We hope it is to, for the honor */ t ie country, for the honor ?f tke politicians themselves, and for the honor ol the ft/ e> tit en'igMf ned and intelligent age. ?r\011_AR CurtM IIMCY TO KxTW ?T $50 000 FROM Wm. p.. Amor.?Th police story published IQ to-di j's pape,, of a bungling conspiracy to extort fitly tl nuttHiid dol'ars from Wm. B. Astor, pus*> in a groat- r d? utt? the efenu nta of a hoax, than ot h true hi it be/. a fide attempt, by skilful and au;oni|ilithr<t rogues, to be detected by our most tkiliul ami icr.r nip i?i - d police officers, and to b ? lanr.r urn.ed as a tin t wonderful discovery te be publiaiod iu tb? woudtrlu! ne wepajiera of New Vork. The who c vl ur, iron beginning to en I, seems to be n pirn of humbug; but whether Mr. Aator. or the Chief ot Police, or the pohc<- officers, or the (?lice reporter, or the new papers, or the public, are the most hoaxed, it ia difficult to determine without an aC'-arata lunar observation. Ton, fifteen, or twenty years a:,'o, it cnix< ma*y for the good people of cur larg- e. tics t.? fie r.sMinoVd and set a giping every fortnight or /couth, by some wondertm robber)- ou unexOft % sive scale, which had been prevented, revealed, or detected by the Argun-eyed police ot Mew York or Philadelphia. We remember that heroic period of our police history very well; but aince th-o. Mime curioua revelations, some unpublished correspondence, had come down to us, of secret management in those wonderful revelations. In lact, it is generally supposed that in those heroic nmes, the ancient system of police, like some ol the systems formerly existing in Europe, ownec and controlled a great majority of the agents wh( set the thieves, robbers, and burglars at work against the banks and the community in general simply to enable them to get the large rewards and pass before the world as the very conservator of society and civilization. Of course, there n nothing ol this in the present system of police; bu there is, nt the name time, some greenness tha almost looks liks hoaxing. We should like to see the conspiracy to extoi $60,000 trom Wm. B. Astor, probed to the bottom and a bit lower, if possible. The Relations of Spain, Cuba, and the Unitei Staies ?The relations between the United State and Spain, in connection with the dependen Island of Cuba, are only second in important with those which this country maintains with an] independent foreign power. Our trade with < uba as a dependency ot Spain, is immense. But thi relationship which exists in a social point of view with the Southern States, is one of the mostcurioui and remaiknble which could exist betwetn thii country and any foreign dependency. Upon this important subject, we have received i communication from Havana, the capital of Cuba which will be found in another part of our columns giving a view of the relations existing between thi two countries, and of the state of society in Cuba 'n connecuon with the sentiments of the Spams! government, which appears somewhat novel, ant different to former intelligence from that quarter TKa aoiipon Irnm wKmK nnr inlnrmntinn onmp ia undoubtedly reliable and intelligent. One thinj strikes us as evidently desirable, which is that the new administration will, in making an] changes in our diplomacy with Madrid, not forge to place in that important post a man of the high est character and most experienced talents, ant withal acquainted somewhat with ths Spanisl character and its diplomacy in general. According to all accounts, the present Mimste to Madrid is altogether unfitted, both by education talents and former experience, for the position hi occupies. But some names have been mentionei in connexion with the Spanish mission, whicl would seem to be but little removed, in point o qualifications, from that of the present incumbent Very important questions will some of these dayi spring up between the United States and Spain, in connection with the island of Cuba, and out government ought to send to Madrid a man ol the highest qualifications and merit, and not one merely as a reward tor political services ol any kind. Inpanitt a Cause op Divokck.?An effort is being made, we perceive, to resuscitate the bill which was introduced into the Assembly of thu State, making insanity a cause ofdivorce between man and wile, but which tell through in that body There has been a large quantity oi ink used in dia cussing this question pro and con ; but the oppo nents of the measure, backed as they were by the moral Bcnse of the community, succeeded in pre' venting its passage. Not satisfied with the result its friends are exerting themselves to tak- it uf again, and have it passed, if possible, during the present session of the Legislature. We have refrained from saying anything on thu subject, because we were satisfied in our mind thai the community would not tolerate the project; but now, that there is an effort made to revive the scheme, and carry it into effect if possible, we cannot but throw our influence in the scale of whal we believe is propriety, and denounce the attempt to nullify one ot the holiest contracts for such a cause. To modify the law in this way, would be to take a step towards destroying the marriage tie entirely. If this project were effected, others would spring up which would still further impair it. The end would be, a dissolution of marriage entirely, and a state of society which is dreadlu! to coutemplale. Now we ask the friends of the proposed mea sure if they can consistently urge this measure ' We have no doubt that many suppose it would ba o benefit in certain cases ; but tor one case ia whict it w ould have this effect, there would be ahuadrec in which it would work wrong. Will thev then push it 1 One thing, however, is certain?the moral leelmg of the community is opposed to it, and a heavy responsibility will attach to all who lavor it, in the event of its becoming a law, which, however, we do not anticipate. We trust that we thall sot have occasion to refer to the subject again, and hope that it will be consigned to oblivion, a fate which it well merits. Bailing op thk Steamship Crescent Cirv.? The steamship Crescent City, Captain Stoddard, sailed for Chagres yesterday, at half-past one o'clock. She was lull of passengers. City Intelligence. Km it ? A firs broke out about two o'clock yesterday morning, in the bonne rear of 192 Broadway, oooupted by Aaron Turner, as a gilding shop, which wax pn out with trifling damaga. The alarm Immediately preceding the above prooeeded from the emeke from a fur nace Id the old City Hall. In the Park. Tin Acadkmv or Dkiium.?The fourth annual exhibition of the Academy of Deelga will ba open for the reception of rieiteri on the IMih inet It 1* enld the aeademy will be eepeeially worth Tlelting this year. Citt Politics.?It Isgtrenout by politicians, that Messrs. Horace Greeley. Wm Adams, and Mr Kingsland. will be candidates for the mayoralty In the approaching olty election. In the 17th ward, we percales tbat the city reform patty hare nominated the following candidates: KerAldermanof the ward. Jacob Ames; for Assistant Alderman. George VV (Illicit; fer Asses sors. Henry W Beirley, and Isaac Lab seh; for Constables, Varnam 8. Mills, and George Bnsh. Mosi'mi.kt FtTsaosDiNaaT.?There la, la front of Washington market, a large monument of mad. raised to tbe memory of the Street Inspector of the ward, rr to tbat of the Commen Connoll of the olty. "They are all honorable men " iMrosn ion ?Quite a number of individuals bars been going about of late, selling to all] whom they eonld fleo to purchase, tickets fer a ball, which it was reptesmUd would come off at the Chinese Rooms, en me lain m .muob ?^dim t nu nicer nr meat triok* have tree pared off upon the public of let#. Let the police look to it. Pollen Intelligence. But rendu id Jhmttlf fur Titel. ? William Doaaldaon, the ;ouii| u.an whoatande charged with the morder of Andrew Meenan, a year ago laat November, while paaeing up Leonard atreet, oppoaite Beneon. by etabblng biro in tbe peck with a dirk knife, oauelng alaoet indent death ye?t?rday eurrendered himaelf. Donaldaan at that time eaoaped from the city, an' went Sooth. Laat anamer.be wee arreated at Nrw Orleana>'iitbe indictment, but, before offer A . M.C. Smith badtliui to proeecd te that city with a reguleltlon Jndga Miliary haddlachargedhim from cuatody. But Uoaaldat u Ittaioany othera who gat Into a acrape, cannot k?ep a- ey from New York, although they know It will almort l e neitaln death to return; yet atlll they would .nth.t undergo the ordenl of a trial, than ta he lore, d away ft tin the city, fearful to retnrn. Donaldtoo yeaterda] -ntrendered himaelf to hi/ connael, Daeld iiraham, Km]., who at once brougnt him Into the Cturt of Nea*ioea, where be wee oomiultted to prlaon to nwalt hla trU for murder. The prlr .oer acknowledged that be had bm a In the city fear deye, and thnt he felt wretched ?c t completely worn out withanslety of mind, know - k lhat t he r.ffloera if the law were after him on the g ? f e?atf? of murder. ?nd that now h? had urrin ii r d hunatlf, he felt u,neh feeler In hit wind Many bet bought that I.-. tbe ecpoaltion of Ihla caae of murder, loan (JeeaU ?aa the caute of rrch dierloenree; auch, however, l? not the uaae. aa the matter eame to tbe knowledge 01 the police, end by tbe order of the megtatrate, Octaln war a?it for. and put under oa*-h, when be waa oomp?ll*d to twear that the etetemeaUmade were trae. ufnetAer Muidtr Care.- On the 30th of February, iwee oetnakere. by tne neraee of Patrick. Murphy and I'atrl k Vurpby, both of the tame name, were fighting together in tbe werkabep of MoGalre, la Leonard at, under tbe Carlton Honae, and In the miter Murphy re rMffu <?? "<Ui ii" w WJV miuv. n? wrwa |ica? jiefely tent to the City HorpiUl, wh?re be Lu tinnerrd un 1) j??t?rd?v. when he died from the effect* ft tlewetind The Coronet wet oelletl to hold tn lm<ia??b on the vody wbloh will 'eke place thlt dnj. XrlHuf Ixii'ty TickrttA ciau kj the ntae of | < d?U wet arreted yerlerdn; by o'Moer A. M C. Smith, < a e cberir* of *?-llti>? ? lottery ticket to on# J jhn I | Pierre The eoturrd It clerk to Mr. Meoor, corner of nt ai end H">e?J<rey The meeiitrete held htm [ totvtytitbe cbe/Kt. Theatrical* and SI male ml. B*w**r Thcatbb. ?Year* ago, w? remember wh an excitement ?a* produced at tk* lotwj by tl equestrian drama of " Masepp* " which waa bring oat with great splendor; th* principal attraction* it, hoaarer, wore the feat* of horsemanship, which tho*c day* war* considered the nt plug ultra of at* 1 horsemanship Than cam* " Rook wood." which tbi* day I* a moat popular plaoe After thh cat p ' Putnam," which had a meat remarkable run- -i belter*It was performed nightly for almoct an call winter aea-ou, aud probab.y brought fn nuoa a m , tmo the Buwary treasury a* any other plan* crar act there, Sinoe the tlma af ' Putnam " many otb I aquertrWn dramas bar* been produced at this hou and though all of them hare contained some go ' point* and e*traordioary feats, none of thorn seem bare taken rery well with the public, until this la g ot e-the " Esgle Ete,"--which has fairly taken t Bowery audience'* taste, and I* already looked on i 8 them a* equal to any of the suoocsefnl drama* we ha ,t eirnmrrared above The rtory of the place I* most i uMihi a. the arenerr nod eolendid. and the feats horsemanship by J H. Hall, on bis ooil bwtk iW Arbect-s, are the theme of wonder end admlratii .. tniouf nil who *ee th*m. We believe that ihie if t Orel appearance of Arbneee on tbe stage, nnd we ma i, say be shows hie training admirably. Tbe bouse h been fully attended every evening daring tbe wm end (be pieasaot fareee and pretty opera of tbe " N tlocal Guard," wbiob bave been performed In oo 0 Junotion witb " Eagle Eye," bave been well reoelva ? We would particularly notlee tbe exoellent acting htwre Clarke, Stevens, nnd Duff, in ' Eagle Eyi t as also that of Ml?s Wemyee and Mr*. Gilbert?in fai , all tbe company do tbeir utmost to make this exo lent pieoe go off with eclat. To-night it will be i T prated. ' Bioadwat Thbatbk.?"The ory It, still they ooma 5 Tbe star of ' llery 0> Moore" shone brilliantly li evening. Th? play was performed before nn equa ' orewded audience. Tbe acting and singing of ft 9 Collins were most enthusiastically applauded 1 songs were tbe ' Cruiskeen Lawn " and the " Li 1 Backed Car." Mr. H. Plaolde as De Wellskin. w great In his part; in faot, be is always " at borne." ai ' happy in everything be dors We are pleased te i ' t-o aooomplisbed an actor fully estimated oy tbe publi He if, inoerd, an honor to bis profession. He a Collins kept tbe bouse in one continual roar ' laugnter. Tbe fox story *as rich and racy, 1 tbe Irish toil; while tbe ejaculations and interjectio . of Mr. Divilskln. filled up to the brim the meatu 1 of tbe drollery. Tbe Irish jig wa? fret rate; It was flue specimen of the rustlo oalisthanlos of Erin, ai Into it Kory went witb alt imeglnable spirit and ai nation. Mrs. Abbott'* Kathleen was most exoellei I This lady's conception of tbe part is very oorreot, ai this advantage, coupled with ber talents, renders t ' successful. Mr. Fredsrlcks as Col. Thunder, wss ve y amusing. All did tbelr doty well The musio. In , self, was good, and vbe execution of It unexoeptionab TLe orerture *?< composed of lome of the llveilr Irish airs In tba j'g boooa the elbaws of the viol I players went at steam paoe. The other ptaeaa ? remarkably wall received, and we oan saj that t l audience was highly gratified at the display of tale which tb y had witnessed To deserve suooess and meet with It. In no stinted shape, Is both oompdme r lary and oonsoling. National Theatre.?Some say theatricals are i * the deoline In this oountry, and that ere long th 1 will die out entirely ; we should like these prophets 1 ge occasionally to the National; they weald find e' f denee enengh that as far at least as that honss concerned, there is no symptom of any fall or deoli i In tbeatrloal stock, and moreover the olass of pleo produced at this house are of that light and pleasii > nature, that will always eaptlvate and amuse those w! r see them. During the present week. Cbantrau h Hainan sink nrl thee nnrilnftflng Hava nnnann nnnflv Km deprived of his lively personations, but we ere glad knew thet he baa reoovered, end to nig at will be < bend, as reoy ea ever To-night's performances will I tor the fan-well benefit of Mr. MacKarland, who, f several mootba pest, bee been attached to tbia comp ny, and by his able personations hat obtained mm i popu'arity. We perceive he puts forth quite an a , tractive bill. Mesara. Cunningham and Varray, a< ' Miaa Gertrude Dawes, have volunteered their servioi i and the various pieoea to be played will be enacted all the moat prominent members or the conpaoy. T 1 entertainments will consist of the faroe of "Mr. ai Mrs. White," uMose in California," the Soottlah di ma of''Cramond Brig." with Meaars. Varrey and Cu nlngbam aa King James and Jaek Howiaon; daaol by Miss Dawes, and the domretie drama of ' Vlilita , execution." We hope to see the house crowded. Burton's Theatre, Chamiiri Street.? Agal last night, was witnessed another triumph of "Domb aid Son " Nntwithntinrlinir th? rr?At i ndlsmanss tbe weather, the hoot* ?u quit# orowded, and t piece ?u performed with unexampled auperlorll Burton, Brougham and Raymond were the three oh 1 raotere whiah abone fcrth meat prominently In tt ' great pleoe. Barton, aa Captain Cnttle, and Broagha a* Jaok Bnasby. are severally Inimitable in their pari , they are quite new and original oharaotere to tJ stage. but we never did dleoover tbe oauee for tbe p pulartty wbloh Toots has obtained along with tire otb two. The ebaraoter, compared to either of them, I In our opinion, silly and Insipid. But tbe public see to think otherwise. In tbe ' foodies," whloh follow tbe above, the nnparalleled Burton kept the bouse an Incessant roar of laughter He plays the part well that tbe first time we saw him In this ebaraoti we thought that be really was Intexieated, until eame before the curtain, on being called as sober aa 1 juoge. and made a clever, witty impromptu. This ei niag "St. Pairiok'a Eve." a play or high fame and i puta'ton, written by Tyrone Power, will be broug out, wltb a highly talented east. This promises a grs | treat on tbe veritable eve of St. Patrick. Broadway Circus ?The bad weather seems to ba BO influence whatever, on tha audlenoe whioh nigbl ooiigrvgste at tbla place of amusement. Tha parfori I ance last evening went off in a T'r 7 oreditable atj ? and Master M. Sand, la bla beautiful display of hon ' mensblp, Mr. Oardaar, aa Mosa on horaebaok, IV i Hoggins in bla trarfnland brilliant evolutions' on t . flying rope. won muon applause, as did also tha flghti 1 ponies. Toe whole eonoludad with tbu buries i [ spotting scene of the "Pony Haoe on Union Courss whioh la inoreasing at every representation, with fi and excitement The Circus deeervea patronage, ai we are happy to ptrolevt that Meaara. Sands and La are reaping that reward whioh their enterprise so j ui ly entitles them to. Hahli's Musical Festival.?This evening, Sign Bariil will repeat the performance of the truly subui composition of Feliolen David, "La Desert," whii created such a great sensation at the Tabarnasle, the recent e< noert given there. In this apiendld pr duction there is food for both poet and muslaian; ft added to the pleasing emotions whioh beautiful poet: excite* within the mind, the music itself Is of an aa neotly descriptive and thrilling character, which completely effective in awakening the eoul to dellgl in sounds of the sweetest melody anJ harmony. I this twc-fold attractive piece, the beautiful language the poet is verified? "tf ueio the soul, song ehanaa tha aansa." Persons of every class aan attend at this we may aa; scriptural and mueloal display, without the aligbtei qualms of conscience: for reflections upon oocnrrenoi of antiquity of suob a deeply Interesting feature, mui prove a rouice of delight to every well regulated mint The declaimed passages will be rendered, witboutrh j mi by Mr Lynne, a geatieman of considerable oelebrit tor a knowledge of eloeution. reserving the poetry fc the songs nod ehornsses. which will be exeouted b 1 flO ./,..||>I> m r. J 1 S.I mn.l.l.? Tk. 1. ww Uiwjiuiaua. a UD ! ! OO OUIVJ re pieced la the hands an artist who, for year*. I this cltj,b?e been a general favorite, for her sweetnes ot Intonation and precise oientiSo knowledge an management ot veice. This, indeed, will be a rlo treat; and. under the dlreotion of Barlli, we are pet suaded It will para off, as on ita former performanoi with the unanimous cheers of a delighted andieaoe. Christy's Minstbkls ?The Ethiopian music of th day now constitutes a diatinct brancu of publlo entei talnment; Instead of a few common negro aonge, sun In no very correct manner to the aocompanlment c a banjo and violin, we have fall bands of mostaeoom pll'bed musicians, each one a perfect master of his in strument, and a first rate vocalist besides, giving al the moat beautiful music of the day la most selentifl style, and admirable bmleequee, the wittiness of whlcl la equalled by the excellence ot the mnslc and singing Ot such consist the concerts of the far-fsmed Christ; Minstrels, and moreoverthe graceful dancing of Oeorgi Christy, and other eccentricities of the m*m04rs of tbi company, make their entertainments pleasing to all At tocruwued houses, they have those every night. Ni:w Orlkars Serrnsorrs.?As spring advanoas these Inimitable pettormsrs salt their entertalamenti to the reason, aod their lively and elegant aonga. rao; burlesque musical panorama, laughable I'allan soenas and all the exoellent Instrumental performances, 01 the violin eepeelally, would draw a favorable oplnloi from any mu?lc>an. la their entartalnmanta the; combine wit and elegance, and no one can be snr prised for a moment at the extenalve patronage the' reoelva when once they have heard them go throngi one of their excellent programmes ? hlob they give evs ry evening. HiLL'sJEitTxaTsiRMxivTs.?Yankee Hill gives hia flftl an ertalnmant this evening at the Stay vesant I as'ltuts Our un-towa xeutrv eniov these entertainments macl at least on* would think to to ll*t?n to tb* heart peal* of laughter and applause that follow every Iml tation anecdote, and story, whleh tha graat oomadiai put* forth to his delighted andlenoe* Mr Hill givs bis first morning itirh to-morrow, at 13 o'olnok M for the special ben* tit of the jaranlla classes, and suel as oannet attend la the sTealng. Thi Oisst Mvsiosl Fsstital, for tha benaflt of th Hebrew Bcne?ol?at Society will take plaee at the Th beraaele an Tuesday nest. Hignorlna Borahs**, Mm* I.aborde. Signer Core 111, Slgt or Taffarettl Jflgnor N: yell, and higncr Saaqulrlao, with Mods Labords, m Jus A dele and Mr Cbaries Hohnstook, will all appser. IlsnmwHir ?'? Sacked Diosama* are now on exblbl tlon at Bustoa, and meet with gtaat eaccees. Herr Alexander, jr., is in Mobile. Mlet Julia Tu.nb.ul Is playing with great tuooess t jlnchtster. Vctjc.ont.?The Council of Cenanmof this .Stat bus closed its sessu n. Tltey panned a rsablaiio callus a convention, to meet at Montpelter, on th firv Wi <lne;day ia Jannaiy, ltfiO. The article recommended by the Council, lot tha adoptio by the convention, ronumplate some eaaentH cliBDjte? in th<- const luiion? among th?m are a imiuiili/.attnn of repu icntation in the House cj Assembly; the election by the people of the judtje ol probate, assistant judges ot county courtii mii i his hh ^utir Himi n?*yH, i.na itiai in i*nur?* ki unif-nrimeiiU to ibe c< until tion reeontm* b th?* Council of Chib'.u, b< fi bm.tteil <in?ctly t II.i Aib-mjf />: : h.*l, Manh It. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. it b? Dmnmary, ht Our telegraphic despatches thia morning will bo in found to possess considerable iatersat. ' ]n the United Statea Stnate, the question oi the g' eligibility of General Shields, aa a Senator trom 'JJ Illinois, has been warmly debated, and brought to a* a close, by the adoption of a resolution declaring r* the eeat vacant; and the Vice President instructed l to transmit a copy ot the resolution to tbe Gover'"r nor of Illinois. od In the Legislature of New York, several meato surea of importance are reported. Among others, ue the bill providing for the construction of a railroad from Syracuse to Rochester, passed the House of g" Assembly, by a vote of 66 to 32. A bill was reof iw.rtfrl to inroroornte the New York and Havre "Jj Steamboat Company. A bill waa passed, authorbe zing the city ot Brooklyn to raise money for the purpose ot introducing a sufficient supply ot water ik, into the city. *n Called Session or the Senate. Washington, Msroh IS, 1849. ,*? The Vice Prssidsat stated his intention of withit, drawing from the obatr after to day, to eaabls Senators, as enstosiary, to slcot a temporary presldant. cask of osif. shiklds. ?, After some unimportant business, the consideration of tba oase of Gen. Shields was rssemed. . Tbs Senate refused to consider Mr. Hsle's motion to inform the Governor of Illinois of bis rssignatlon. A long debate of fonr hours here ensnsd, In whloh tbe following Senators took part, vis: Messrs. Douglass, of Illinois; Foots, of Mississippi; Hals, of NswHsmpn(1 rhlis; Tarner, of Tsnnesese; Jefferson Davis, of MisiN. Issippi; Berrien, of Georgia; Rusk, of Tsxas; Under io. wood, of Kentucky; Down*, of Louisiana; Co**, of "J* Michigan ; Butler, of South Corolino; Dawson and of other*. . u Mr. Colhoun'a amendment of yesterday, deolarlug "* that Oen Shield* wo* Ineligible on the 4th of Maroh DI1 nat., wo* adopted. il- A motion by Mr. Jameson Davis to lay the whole ^ nbjeot on the table, wa* negatived ?aye* 10, nay* 82. iar Several other proposed amendment* were rejeoted, ry when the reiolution of the committee, a* modified by j*' Mr Calhoun'* amendment, was agreed to without a ,(t division. in On motion of Mr. wiiitii, the Vloa-Preaident waa requested to tranemlt a oopy of the resolution to th* nt Governor of Illinei*. to e1ecvtitk ses*iow. n- The Senate, on motion, then went into ezeoutiv* session. and referred several nominations, which were on tent In to- day. <7 At nearly Are o'clock, P. M , the Senate adjourned. to Terrible Flood at Chicago. Chicago, Tuesday Morning, Maroh 13. nf There baa been a terrible flood at Chicago; the rlvor l#s baa overflowed Its bank*, doing some $60,004 damage to eommeroe. t>o The lee is aweeplng out of Chloago river. Damage " already done to veeeela and oanal boat# moat be ove, to one hundred thouaand dollars. >n Chicago, Marelt 13--Evening, y* We have been vlaltad by a terrible flood, whioh haa %. destroyed an immense amount of property. The sb damage done te eommeroe alone la estimated at over Jj $100,000 se, The following is a list of the vessels destroyed and b7 damaged, as far as asoertained, to this hour:? Brig 8t. Louis, sunk, entire loss; sohooners Norton ra- and Diamond broken into; brig Europe, sides stove la and sunk, loaded with salt; sobooaer Whirlwind,sides itovein and sunk. The brigs Ashland and General Worth, eobooner H. Hagar and others, badly damaged. lQ The Oen. Warner has sunk. It is Impossible at this time to aseartain correotly the amount of damage to property in this vlolatty. he Propellers, Teasel* sad stesmera are all jammed Into ,y one another; *ome are lying on the top of one another, ' and all appear to be I n the utmost eonfnslon. |(| The water Is still rising, and great fears are enterm tained that the destruction will be inereased. All the oanal boats, with the exoeption of one or two, are entirely destroyed, or hare gone Into the lake. aj Scrotal reseela hare gone ontelde, and are now amis, ohorrd in the lake. One or two Urea have been loet by the falling of spars on board of vessels In the harla bor *ft Suspending Operations In th* Coal mines, he PoTTsriLLn, March 14,1849. At a merting of the coal operators, held this after a. coon, It was roiolrei to suspend mining ceal for three bt weeks, or until all the purohasers in the city agree to pay two dollars and twenty- Ave oents for red ash. and Ta two dollars for white ash, at Mount Carbon. All the ,lj operator* wire present, embracing the heavieet portion n* of the trade They all signed th* agreement. le, M* Sfecntlon of 'Two murderers. ^ Taor, Maroh 16,1849. ng Andreas Hall, snd Barney O'Donnsll, were executed in this olty at about 8 P. M. to day, for th* murder |a or Neab and Amy Sml'h. Both confessed their guilt, ad and Hall avowed that he had prevleuely committed ' two murder#, breldee participating la several areona, robberies, and other Crimea. He waa a hardeaed or wretch. O'Doaaellwaa a Catholio, a ad died kissing ce a crcaa. Southern Newa. o- Baltimore, March 15,1840. The Southern mail haa arrived, but eontaloa little i(. news of importance. The steamship Isabel has arts ived at Charleston. The market for Havana soger* " is Arm, with an upward tendency in prioea. "f NEW YORK LKOINbATlIRB, r SKNATK. it Aliawv, Maroh 18,1840. > THB ALBANY BASIIt. [' The bill re-imburslng the olty of Albany for money i, expended in excavating the Basin at Albany, waa deJ bated by Messrs Cole, Jehnaen and Wilkin against It' j and Mr. Fine In favor. is Mr. Wilkin expreeesd a desire to vote for the bUli ?> it it conld be so amended as to remove hia ohjeotlona. ? It was again set down for the speolal order for toil morrow. ' thb codk or rRACTICB. *' Memorials were are rented from members of the bar c In the city of New York, asking that the revision ef . the Code of rraetioe may be proceeded in. R rata schools. f The bill establishing fcee schools throughout the State, was debated. 1 M? n. ...... ..M !! ? it,!. VIII a?.?.n,.l.i.il t. J >466,000 by taxation. He ?u unwilling to have so oh law go iDto effeot without flrit submitting It te the f people, in order that those who desired to ezpreea their | opinions agalait It might bare aa opportunity to da *o. He eaid there ware not to ha free eohoola la the sense of ooetlng nothing, bat the bill only ohangod the meda of cappertiag them. He wanted the people to | determine the queetlen by a dlreot rota. They would, i, undoubtedly, dlreot free eohoola to baestablished, and ' their rota to this effeet would si;ones nil objections 2 It would then be the work of tha people, and not the woik of tha Legislature. f CtSSL ntim. 1 The report af the Caaal Commissioners was re aa I red, giving the etatletlos of tha probable ooet of baildlag a h basin for oaaal boats just above tha look No. 2, at > Albany. * A bill far repealing taa not af last year, providing for a the removal <f Madison University fro o Hamilton Til' lage to the oity of Itoebaster, was Introdaoed by Mr Eosd, of Oswego. He proposed farther to amend this bill, so as to provide that If the village of Hamilton, ? within one year, shall raise $106,000 In cash, ar upon such securities as shell ba approved by tha Judges of i. the hupr*me Court el that eeunty, then the rtmoval i. of the University shall not take plaoe. THE fOwil or APPEAL. '* Th* 8*nata eoniiderel th* bill for r?riali| the tod* of practice. The f?cti<>n de&nlng the power of appeal ^ from jaitlc**' oeurta to the oeun.y no trt war debated. Mr. Coo* dtairad do put a atop to theia many m/peal*. A man ou?bt to kaoar where he ahoaid atop, iLetead of going on from one tribunal to another, a* d ii now the ewi, >o that wh*n the hundred dollar* e .brut which he w?nt to law, wae gained hie triumph * eoet him new* than hi* verdict. ,1 Mr. Hiwut **ld that nor* than three quarter* of n the judgment* giten by the Jueticn*' oonrta, war* >1 revrrped by th* county eourta, and when carried up 8 to the Supreme Coutt were aflrmed the Nnpraa* |j Court roiaclding with the Jaatioe* of the Peao*. Mr. fiea beileved that whatever bad been the error* 0 <f county coert* under th* old ?y?t*u, we now had tcr Jrdge* lawyer* elected by th* people, and hob llaoed tb? future blgbeet county court would chow that alaoa we bad tbeaa man mad* judgee who kuw what tha lava vara, juetioe voald ba properly ead wiaaly admlniatired Tba poople now atoot md vbo ara eompatent; and it ia safer to traat to tha eholao of tba people tban, aa bo for o, to tba aalaotiOB of tba Goran ar. Mr. WiLaii* theught, la rolatloa to appeals. that it waa aot ao muab tba lawyer* who ara ta blame aa tha partita litigant. Tha loaing party daalraa bla lawyer to go furtbar, and la ganorally prepared to go aa far aa there ara oonrta which be oan go to to. Ha dealred to adopt meaaures to obeok a litigating apirtt among oar people. The aim pie qnaation waa? Shall we atop appeala from jnattoea oonrta at eounty courts?? and ha waa in far or of snob a propoaitioa. Mr. t aanwiLL tbongbt it aa poaalhla to gat a oorrnpt and unworthy jadge now, aa it waa whan they were appointed by tha Ooreraor. Ha thought that to top tha po war cf appeal* would bo to reverse the course wbioh we bad marked out for ourselves. If the Staa's dteided against him, be would submit, satisfied that time and the Senate would correct the error. Mr. Corns wanted to stop the power of appeal. He knew a ease in bis district where a suit bad been begun la the justices' court for an amount less than ten dollars, which bad been otrrled up to other oourt* until it bad cost the winning party $800, and the loser bad bis farm sold from under him. Mr Flovd said that to many men the proaeeutioa ef a lawsuit was a luxury; and h* saw no reason why these who wished to enjoy it, should be prevented from so doing. The question wss net decided, and the Senate proceeded to dlsenss the important queetion whether courts should have restored te them original civil jurisdiction?a question that was settled in the affirmative by the Legislature of 1847, and decided the other way by the revisers of the oode ef praetice, and the ' Legislature of 1848. It was net deolded this afternoon. moss or the Law. A letter was read, addressed to the Judiciary Committee in the Senate, from Judges Jenes, Edmonds, Edwards and Hurlbut, of the Supreme Court of the .!? ?f M.a Vn.b < ?k. o the Injurious effeota of tbit Motion of the coda whichoompels one of tho judgea to attend to ohamber bualneaa daily from 10 to So'olook. The praotioal offoot la, that In tho montha of January, March, May, September and NOTember. aa all judgea are aaaigned to i a general term, the law muat be violated, or one of the eeurta muat fall through. They think that it la not practicable to have the oourt assemble at on earlie, henr than they bow do. or to procrastinate thalr daily session. The bBolneM bablta of tbo bar, of jarora, and of the people, were too fixed; and no good would roe alt from an attempt to obange tbem. ASSEMBLY. Albany, Maroh 15.1840. The bill providing for tbe eonatructien of a railroad from Syracuse to Rochester, oal'ed the dlreet or parallel railway, waa brought up for lta laat reading. Mr. Vaenum, of New York, made an earnest appeal against tbe bill. He doubted whether, if a oharter were granted, tbe road would be built. As the Inevitable tendency of giving this oharter, a road whloh he oharaoteriaed as a parallel road, would be to injure the business of the other road, Its effect would be to diminish the confidence of capitalists in investments In 'ailways in the State, as it would show that there was no seourity for tbe future. The vote was then taken, and the bill passed by just one vote mora than waa nsoasaarv. 65 belnar tha nam. ber requisite to put the bill, end this reoelring 06, nays 83. Of the New York delegation, the following voted against it:?Messrs. Beekman, Campbell, Cornell, Hudson, Yan Orden, Varnum. For It.?Messrs. Dodge. A* Gilbert, Perly, Taylor. The following were absent:? Messrs. Allen, Brewer, Bowen, Folger, McKlnney, Stry ker. clinton covntv prison. The House determined to reoonslder their previous vote striking out the enacting o la use of the bill making appropriations for Clinton oounty prison, and the bill was recommitted for future examination. the state library and international exchanges. Mr. Beeeman, from the Joint Library Committee, reported a bill, making appropriation for the State Library, and for international exobanges. It appropriates for the State Library In 1860 and 1861, $2 800, for the purohase of books; for the enlargement of the Library, $800 ; for binding, lettering and marking books, $600. For oontingent expenses of Library, $400; for transfer of historleal documents from the imot ui me aeonwrj wi omh w wie lidihj, ll,DW; i tor salary of Library and Assistant Librarian, $100 each year, for two years; for international ezohangea, $400; for the report and journals of the Provincial Congress, $1,300. new yobs and hatrc sttamship company. Mr. Fisae, from the Committee of Commeroe and Navigation, reported a hill to incorporate the New York and Havre 8tsamboat Company. TO SVrPLV ALBANY WITH WATER. Mr. Cross reported a bill to supply the city of Albany with good water. It is designed to take the sup. ply from the Mohawk, starting from a point near the village of Coboes. Among the bills passed was a bill authorising the city of Brorklyn to raise a loan by bond, for the purpose of determining where a sufficient supply of water for the oity can be obtained. The particulars of the bill have been already given. The afternoon session was oeoupied in disoussing an unimportant claim against the Auburn State prison. Baskets. Cincinnati. March 14,1840. Flour?The salve of flour amount to 80,000 barrels, at $8 76. Sales of whiskey at 19& a 19V with a heavy market. Sales of 400 barrels lard at b\: holders ask 6 V Sales of obrese at 6 oenra. Linseed el) at 60 cents per gallon Freights are unohanged. The weather bae been very pleasant. PiTTSBtrRuH. March 14,1840. Flour?There is a steady trade demand, but large sales eould not be mad >. except at a concession. Tbe grain market is at a stand. There is an active demand ft r wool. The fruit market is aotive. Provisions without char ge. Sales of olover reed at $8 13H to $3 86; Timothy seed at $1 87X to $1 93 V Sales of New Orleans melasses at 28 cents There is eight feet of water in the channel Baltimore, March 16, 1848. me market ror nonr la not active. Sale* or 600 bbla. of Howaid street at $4 76 and 1,600 bble elty milla at (4 67K Small tales of corn meal at O'l^e ; and rye floor at 8 87)f. Tie market for wheat U doll at $1 04 to 81 07 fo Iprlme red. oorn oontlnnee steady and tales of 6 04.0 bushels at 47o. for prime white, and 60o for prime yellow: oats are qoiet at 27o , and rye at 80a Strail tales of whiskey at 22o. New Orleans molaeses In barrels, is selling at 29c a 29Ho. The market for coffee has an npwerd tendency, while sugar is without charge. Rio ooffee Is quoted at 6)40 i7<io ; sales of 1,100 bags have been made at those figures. Sales of mess i-ork at til, and prime at $0 60 to $9 87>? Sales of lard, in barrels, at BHte , and in kegs from 7Xe to 7%e. About 700 packages sold at quotation*. Pigs.Dreeaed pigs moved off slow at IJfo Flaxseed is qnoted at gl 14 to |117 The ?er?k nsrsee. is without change. Commasii Plena. Before Judge Ualy. Much 14-Mar* /fruity vt. Nat ban Krownr. ?This waa an action for an assault and bettary. The plaintiff proved that defendant ameaulted htm In Veeey at., near Washington at, slapped him in the faee and nailed him epprobtous names ho Ths defendant, as a defence, proved that plaintiff was very noisy and making a disturbance on his premises, and that he only used sueh loroe as was necessary to remova blm. The Jury had not agreed when the conrt adjourned. Before Judge (Jlahoeffer. Jliariab P Wilbur vt. Sam F. Cbampnty at el.? This was an action to raoover tin th. ?' ? mi of good* purobaaed by datendent* from plaintiff. Tho tptilmoDj offered by tho plaintiff did not aattafy tho jury toot there wot o partn-rahlp between defendant*, end they rendered t eerdtet for defendant*. Circuit Oonrt. Before Judga Kuward*. Much 16.?Henry L Horltl* er. Sibtlla HultU.? Tbl* canre wot reauned thle m'rnlng and after the ixtmlnotlon of on* witneoe for the plaintiff, the eaee f.* the deftuoe wat entered npon. by eaUIng Henry Dopbmao, the porton with whoa It i* alleged Mr*. Hoe I tie committed adultery. The wttaoe* we* examined at eenelderable lenptb. and eontradleted the plaintiff-* wltn*e*e* In every partlaulnr, In relation to hlmrelf and Mr* Hoelile Other witnoeee* war* alao examined, to onntradlot the plalntl<Ta wttnaa* examined thla nnrnlng and to ahow that be teld a diff ? rent atory tl other time*. The eaoae waa tiien adjourned. Supreme Oonrt- General Term. Preeent, Jnatieee Jonea, Hnrlhntand K I ward*. Much 1ft ?Nan 1ft and 16 were argued to day, and argument finltbrd The Weekly Herald. Thia rheet will bt> published at nido o'clock, tomoirow morning. Ha content* will, an usual, embrace all the important and interesting news ot the I week. Thria Pie# Holler Sulla eenelat off Cloth C**?, t *-ein.OB PtnUtml ferry Vret. C'lottt tnd tH.r i otu. fttt<> gie, t e rt"r I.InUiirr rrr* n rap: e'otl, an r r ibanged and k?arh',r'??ii.d ?rd reesli d. (! <- ">iat u- ca'it.jiela, call a. Ut *A mi. i u*?, i'l tt 1-^tM.a rae tl.kicanau. Philadelphia, brch 10, Oardea M ermett bf .UlMrf Mar Yak UtrtU.?Da Mt-Mtia IhljMMwtdtaeltalu UJvIm u m?, bf um pau.? I ttona of year waiMidMa end charitably preeeialrg that ?uar 1 FtriJaeeipbia MRMMUut, <t lith IQ?t. haa been m Ut-ried te tha nt|Ni oa which be wrote. I era** th? far >r of patda bin rgbtaad ilabidH lb* rradero ?-f joh viMi oire iWt3 paper of tie erroaemi, hepmalot th?y may h?T? formed frua lla peruaal of tha latter 1b f*r a IotaLa referred to. Tea *??i abir Werrey, former'y Irla, area aol built enal yoere age la New i York, but area am alahtoaa montba or two jrata ainoe, aad haa ' bars la aarrtoa lit the Oull only about ai mnn<.ha. der "ati .en, 1 wbloh ?ra rery atper or. war ooeameted at Vaat Point hert.ull : la Mow Y< rk. and aba la la all reepaota aa go. d a ?hlp aa haa U?a built la be U alted autre Tha oAoera who had b?aa oa boerd uf I Ltr during her aoirlea, proaouaood her aaa of the baotaaa beau the* bad arar beea oa board at Tha ewuare of tha 'tapcey are 1 d viduela. aotaa of th. n coone-ted with tha Philadelphia and it| Ian tie Steam Navigation Company, aad not tha "ompaar. aa aaaerted, but abe will be pat oa te < harleetoa aatil the new chip atw being mill la reedy to take bar berth. Ibla baa bare j ,w ta aoci mandate the heutbern w erchenta, who, dur a< the put two men tha, barn bars o< m polled to go to o,h-r raaraota lot the inrobaao of goede, where they oould hare tbeot transported apaedily te t air place of dratlneti-n, aueh facilities notexiatiag here, the Co umbua hiring bean put up fur Chacraa. aad bariug made but one trip to Cbarleatau thia >ear. Aa to the oppnettiou alluded to, tha t olumboa ?nd three o<-noer, ed la the nupoaitloa. and ihe Philadelphia and a tlantia Steam N eviration Coin piny U a original. Tie owaara ef the Columbus, It la true, warn auto acribeia, but Boding U ay could net put that ahlp offnu tha oo?. { ay tor eome 13U.lt*) more thin her value beok-d oat form ad a altam oompany. and put bar on to Charlasttn. probably thiaelag te force ih- o< mpmy into purohaatng of their auip The ahtp waa fairly andlmpaitinliy examined by the oompany, and, after auoh examination, and n trial trip, in whl ih the angina broke, it aaa dueidMl thlt tilA would not HO for tha hnalwe-e is- k.?W .L a. decinicn weeoi-neot or not. the rotulthaa proven. Huoh might b? naid of the manner in erhioh that line wu cot up, u alto of oirlimit iniicce attending the caueee of the buildiag of the ehip new in oourie of oocetruotion by the portion, whioh won Id aotlmpceia the rut io tnTorablv tower- a enr one ooneerned thertin, but I rebels from noylncmore nt prewat. Very renpeotfally yount MUCH ATT. Now York, Buth 7th, 184?a-J. II. Wkl^ Inker. M D ? Dear Sip?We, the ntudentn of j ear nuhool or inodioine and rurgery, hail with Joy the oom-ng of aaethnr aaaleenan, which given u* the opportunity ot enpreuning our high regard fee you pemonally. and ear unfeigned no tint action for your etrvieea? jour punctual and devoted attention an a teacher ofmodieine. With ailourhearu we rejoioe to nay that you have dine targei the aiduoue dutien of a private laatruotor to the utmoet of our eaKtaticn, and with honor to vourneif and yo tr beloved noieuoe. I character yon Juatly nutaln nredn no eulogy. To plane it ia lta proper light before the world, we have only to advert to the foot, that, year alter year, noble and talented young m.n from the everal eta en of Uun glort- un Union an well an the t'-nn of Aria. Albitn and Canada, oongrvgate ia your hall, to be induoted lute the priaotpka and preoepti ot medioina and turgery. Woe a wa look over iota vaat oltj, and behold the many faotiiue* for initiatory praetiue wblob invite the inexperle .oed youth.and nee -elate therewith the lnntruo-ion whioh your many yearn of * udy and pi action to admirably qual.fy you to impart, we mote uearuly ooogratulateyou upon your growing ohano n foi nuooaen-nuoitna even more dintinguinhed tean that with whi.b forte a hat ever feveted >ou. In tantimony of our reepeot aud adinitattou for thine intellectual faoultiee which render yon omiaeat among < he medical philoaopberv ot the age. and ae an exproiaiou of our grateful r-mem traaoe of the value of your lnatruetioa. wo doll it your aooeptenoe of the volume* which awompnny our me aortal. In bidding farewell, permit tie to aipreen the eareent win-t, thtt tin may long live to promulrate the dootrlaee of the noblenl of all noienoen ard tajoy a reputation, whioh it the nohnit reward of talent* unefollj directed Your iinc*tv> friend*. B. T Abemathy, Alabama; Nail HoriUoa, New York; Andrew Walthour. Georgia; John A. Simmon*, N. 0.: B. Kinoaid, S. CL Joteph Edwin Culver, Genu.: Henry W. Bill Mice; Cvorttt B. Kim hark. Now York; f. W. Voyt, S. u; John Honeypeuoy, wow ilk; wuiiam noaeweia, wew jeroey; J. T. Uraut, New York; J. F. Qibbe do; Obadiah hewoemb, do; Th uo Wright Cauda; F. C. Oration, Now York: J L. Jeflriea, CO ; H O. O'Hiloy, do.; L. a. o'Riley, Tom : J. P. FlarorW, liolaad; Robert t. Tluuip ob. Now Brunawick; *?.]'. Bventt, Mom; 8 J. D. Irwin. Mai do; Chariot A. Snepperd, New York; T. QdUg la, d >. K. C. Brooke, Cona: J. T. Aeliogg. N. Y.; LefcoyRaroDhlii, a. k, B-eoklyn oity. N. Y.; J. R. Dunham. N.Y ; T. Smtih, d J. W. Tweedy, Alabama: LeonidaaC. rerril, Georgia; H.Clark. N. York, J K Heuty.N.C.; Albert F. Hunt. Arkaaa.a; Jamea U. Cnabrnae, Indiana: Wm B. Colby, New Hampaaira; Charlie 1. Hunter. Now York; Henry B. Boe'wyok, Conn., A T. Clark, J onn ; T. R. Condiot, New Jaraev; F. It Hyatt, New York; A IL Holt, England; C. M. Bold, Now York; Henry V. Brown, do.; O. Gr ffln. Maine; H. T. lierderaoa, Miotaun; 8. MoAay, Nora Boutin; 0. Monil, Rhode le'nnd: 8. iharleton; do.; U P. Qui an, do; w. C. O'Brien. 8. C.; O. T. Oieea Alabama; R. T. Fatten, Hate.; R. V. Wllhama, Miraouri; John Wbiteoomb, Now Vorb| J. W. Kentcdy. do; D. R. Grti.ara, do.: Henry V. Pan oa. do; R.C. C'rtftrn.New Jeraoy; R. Y. O'cei'.New York; R. 8panlili tg, do; Jacob Johnson, 1 liuoia; Win. Anderson. Indiana; William Irwin, Virginia; Biobard Page do.; Robert Patterton, dootland; Thome* Fiy, Inland; Wm. Lawtea, New York; Jacob Friaell, da.; Robert Royoroft, do.; Wm. Cider, do.; Johnaon M.rrogh, da. OnnTLEMBir?It U diffloult for ma to Bad worda to ezproM the eenaa wblcb I entertain of the kindaem ot tbu reoept oa and of the oordial tenor ol the aentimeota af yoar addrua,; and y-t, bow ran 1 feel turpratd at the entbuaiaam wblob yon hare dittoed. wten i loox arouta me ana ue the mmillar faeee of pup la and friends who have ao often gives na proofaof their attaohmeitf Much that ycu have laid on the suffeotoi my auvoeaa muat be smiled to the partialitr of friendship; but toe forcible language cannot be employed, if you >e?k tooonvey ajuat impreitioa ol'my wrse ot the teapmaibillty whioh auy it dividual iauura ? no eaten that depinmeot of medioal Inatrnetion In which I am engaged. It ia. indeed, gentlemen, oheertng aad enoeuragieg to ma, destined na I am at no diitant period again to oonfront tae haaarda and the teila of a teacher of medioiae, to carry with me the remembrance ef your approbation, and the aaautatioe of your bolief that my future labors e ill be no leea ooaduoive than hereto, tore to the welfare of the medical atnlent. I accept your headacme ant genercua gi't with muoh gratification. Allow me gentlemen, to awure you ot my heartfelt gratitude and enduring respect, and with ainoere wiabea tor year nappiaaaa aad prosperity. bid you farewalL J. H. WHITThUR, 6.8 Broadway. Portable Dressing Cases, Han 11 factored bp the in a centers. will be fauad, on exaalaatios, to oontaio all tnat ia deattab a for a gantlaman'a toilet in the amalleet poeaible aptse. The articles axe selected with itiiot regard to quality, aod are wairaated. 0. BA UN Da 44 a HON. No. 147 Breaulway, corner of Liberty at, and 381 Broadway. Gold Pens aad Watches ?the celebrated Diamond Pointed Riohelieu Oslo Pane, with a great variety ?f Oold and Sllrar Holders. together with a splendid etjoh of Gold and Silver batches, for sale by j. Y. SaVaUC, jun Id Wallah Watohe* and Gald Pet a repaired or lohangtd. A Marvel In Manwfwcturlng,? Genln's fivedo liar Hall lor ft ?Ixquliitv'y h. auutui in stipe, put-feet ia flnieb, recherchfi ia arpeetnnca, duraole ia oolor. light ta the head, becoming to the fees. For aale only at toe aalea room of the manufacturer, 114 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. Klectro-Magnetlam.?At the earnest solicitation of the mtmbert of the Mcobanies' laatitute. Dr. Bay wi 1 repeat hit Lecture on Kleotro-Magne ion, this evening, rinuy, 16th instant, at the Clinton Hal', osreerof Beekmanaud Nia-au at recta. Duiiagtha lecture, a modal of tie maguetio telegraph, cene tuolsd cxpieaaly for illustrating its principles, w<ll be exhi sited and exp.ainod. A locomotive, propelled by lightaiog us a clroular railway, will also be exhibited, with a larx* eo.leotiea ot magnetio engines, fee. 8to. Tickets 26 oeots; tnembira of the Mechanics' Institute free: they will please to call at the luatituts rooms tor tlieir tickets Resolved (by the members sf the Ifse'it. -i-.' i. .h...i. l. r .. _u i - . ^1 - ? ? * Mir 11?? WI WIIW 911 thank. to Dr. *7. for hia Terr Incid and int trotting lactam bef?rt onriiilitu'lon, thla cvenieg. on the m gu*tio telegraph, the poUiltr and varia'iof * of the needle, fcc. ?to . and reqneit that he rrntat it again at the Clinton Bail We prenoiuoe the Ojoter'a lecture decidedlj the a>at htcid and iratruotire ever give* in tbiainatittitiin on theaerohjeota all pereoaa wiehing f?afnalliar acquaintance with theae subjects ahoold not fail to attend hit kcturea TBOS OOP WHO. dec. COMMERCIAL AFPAIRS. MORKV MARKET. Thursday, Birth 19?0 P. H. The balls appear to be unnble to arrest the downward movement in the quotations for the fanoios. At the trit board to-day, the depreoiations ranged from one qnarter to two per cent., with traniaetions to some extent. Hadeon River Railroad deollned X per oeat; Reading Railroad. X; Loag Island,X\ Harlem, X", Canton Co., X', Erie Railroad, X; Now Haren, 3; Morris Canal, Xi Formers' Loan, Xi Pennsylvania 6's, X; Treasury Notes, XAt the seoond board, New Haren Rallrosd fell off X', Long Island, X; Canton Co. Improved X, and Morris Canal, X per eent. The sale* of Harlem were lerge at the afternoon eoealon; bnt In all otbere quite mode rate. It la difficult, in faet Impossible, to account for thla atoady decline In the atoek market Quotatlena now rule about three per eent. belew the hlgheet potnta reached under the recent apeeulationa,and government eecurltlee have net eaoaped the general depreaalon. Thla the beare have had the benefit of, and they have reaped a rich bar veat. Some of the ahrewdest operator* have made money, bcth on the advance and deolitie, and the change of the paet week hen been another admonition to speculator* to realise email proflte when in their power to do eo The coal operators in thr anthracite mining region* of Pennsylvania, have resolved te anspsnd mining for three we?ks. or until purchaser* agree to pay fl 25 for red arh, and $2 for white ash, at Mount Car ben The annexed statement exhibits the operation* e tb* Northern Railroad Company from the per.od of Its organisation np to the let ef February. 1849: ? NoaiHKnir Railboad? Lass Ontabio Attn Las* C HAMf LAIS, Capital slock $3,090 0C9. Capital paid lu en 1st Jnanary, 1849 $708,300 79 " alnee " 19Tj021 90 Total $90,1,331 70 Expenditure*:Amount paid far land $39,288 60 " for oonatruotlon. (Inclnding $992,091 OS paid for iron) 781.031 9S < for buildings 3,300 0'J < fori locomotive and 41 fraignt Da graroi ow 10,831 37 Total oxpoadrd lit January. 1840. , . f842>ll 87 Balaaeasundry aooonnts Dr, far Iron. fc<> , lit January |137,fl0T 79 Tha payniinti on aoooont of tha oapltal stock, by stockholder! la tha 8tata of Nov York and la other States, ara atated to ba about In tha proportion of tha took hold la thla Ktata and la athar States. About twilro ml I or of tba road kara boon tnlahod? * though not oponad fbrbuslnoM prior to tha Istof Jnauary laat-and tha romaindor la uodor ooutraet and lo prograaa of oonatruetion. A ooaildarabla portion af tha road la gradad, and It la expected thirty mtlaa will ba opaaod aarly tha approaoblng aaaaon. Tha BoitoalauR dapoad Tory muoh noon thla road to - portion of th? Northern and WtaUrn trade from thle to their market, and a pamphlet ban bfl-n Uenad of thirty two pa??e, for (he purpoee of rhowtng that nearly the whole of the train of Northern New York nut, by thla route, go to Beaton. Thla belief haa Induced F.aaUrn eapltnltete to laeeat In the road, and wilt latere Ite completion; bat we need be ander no appruhenelon relative to the trade of that portion ef oar State. Oar fori Hi tie* for reaching that Motion of oou ntry will aoon bo etna! to thoee tblc road. In oooneetlon with theeo running tbrongh Vermont, win glee oar Ear term ftleade, and the advantage* we enjoy aa a market,) o<<oipared with any other city la the Union, will regelate toe reat ?f the hueineaa. We give the oapitalitte cf Gorton all Uto eredit they deeerve for theteontec

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