24 Mart 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Mart 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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MA*???????? TH NO. 5405. PoKBivr and Macuady Aoain ?The letter written by Mr. Forrest, in reply to the last card of Mr. Macready, and which first appeared in a yi tsburgh paper, has been before our readers, and pnroaoiy perinea wnn mucn curiosity ana surprise by many of them. Ul the character of the last card or letter, emanating from the great American tragedian, every independent thinker will form his own opinion. To our mind, while this statement seems to prove satisfactorily that Mr. Macready must have resorted to special pleading to a degree almost amounting to prevarication, in his reply to Mr. Forreet, we cannot perceive that the tone and temper infused by Mr. Forrest into this letter, varies much in its censurable character from those of his first. All ol the allegations made against Mr. Forrest seem to be made out by the quotations furnished by Mr. Forrest; yet Mr. Forrest might have written that letter without exhibiting the bad temper, or using those hard and uugeutlemanly words, which every now and then break out, when he speaks of his rival and competitor m the theatrical line. There seems to be little doubt but that Mr. Macready exercised, in some degree, his influence in Loaden against Mr. Forrest; but there appears to be as itlle difficulty in thinking that Mr. Forrest is too sensitive, and allows himself to be worked up into a tempest of a passion at those rivalries which prevail among all men trying to reach the same eminent height. We doubt whether Mr. Forrest's dial# op hi* nniifinn hf*i'nn> th*? nuhlid*. g?*n he benefitted by his lust production. The wisest peliey for him to have pursued in all his relations with Mr. Macrtady, would have been not to pay any attention to those theatrical criucs in London, never alluded to the matter at all, and not allowed himself to be worked into a passion, but to pursue his own career in the developemeut of his own talent, caring nothing for what critics, or rivals, r foreigners, or natives, or auy other class of men, or even women, said, thought, wrote, or talked abont him. By pursuing such a high-minded course irom the beginning, Mr. Forrest would have had the public, on both sides of the Atlantic, in his favor, and would occupy at this time a much higher position as aa artist of great talent, and a man oi noble mind. His passionate card and special pleading letter, can only place htm on the same level with Mr. Macready before the public, and that is?a literary prizefighter in the columns of suffering newspapers. Some persons line Mr. Macready as an actor better than they do Mr. Forrest, and some preler Forrest to Macready; but who cares for the personal q oarrels or squabbles i either 1 By bringing such controversies before the public, they reduce themselves to the same level as that of the lamp lighters aud scene shifters et the drama, instead of occupying the dignified position of heroes and lofty minded artists. Or an a Manaqkmxnt in Havana and New Yobk.?It is stated in the newspapers that the manager of the Opera in Havana, during the last season, cleared an immense sum of money, amounting, according to some accounts, to sixty thousand dollars. Opera management in Havana is different to what it has been in New York for two or three years past. Mr. Fry, during the resent season, according to his own account, lost fourteen thousand dollars, and his predecessors, the year before, likewise lost a large sum. Now *a it not singular that the Opera is better managed in Havana?a city nothing like New York in magnificence?than it is in this g.eat metropolis, to which all the strangers that visit the New World resort, and where there is every facility of conducting such an establishment with vigor and success! We should like to know the secret history f Opera management iu Havana, in ordet to compare it with that of New Yoik A contrast and comparison might disclose some ot the defects in Opera management in Near York. It is very evident that some strange blunders and mistakes have been made in Opera management in this city, to produce such disastrous results as those which have taken place. We hope, however, that a day of refoim is approaching. Since Mr. Fry's season so abruptly terminated in a break down, we see that Mr. Max Maretzek is in the field, endeavoring (o reconstruct the Opera out of the old elements, but on a more popular and independent principle Thus far he has been tolerably successful. His trovpt is very good; and if the public can only forget the weak|and insolent attempts made during the Inst two years to form an exclusive clique of society which denies to the rest of the world, even respectability,we suppose that Mr. Maretzek's new movement may be more successful than some oi *he recent attempts have been. It is fair, however, that he and his troupt should have a chance oi unfolding their capacities, and we believe the public is sufficiently gifted with charity to let them have a chance. Opr Fobxion Missions.?We have some curious Accounts from our correspondents in Washington, disclosing the condition ol some ot our foreign missions in Europe. Some statements are published that one of our foreign Ministers has been engaged in the practice ot smuggling ; and others represent that several have got in debt in the capitals wheie they reside, to an extent far beyond their means. We have the particulars of all these unfortunate cases ; but, out ot regard to the parties* ana the character of our diplomatists, we hesitate about publishing such discreditable details. We hope, however, that those statements which have ?omr out, are not exaggerated for the purpose of Justifying a general sweep of foreign Ministers ana charge*, which hub urtrn urgra oy a numoe f applicants on the head ot the .State Department. Candidates to be selected tor foreign mission, should possess a character unimpeachable and honorable in every point ol via* ; and it persons oi an opposite description have been appointed by Mr. Polk, and still retain office abroad, the sooner hey are removed and come home, the better it wilt be tor the reputation of the United States in foreign countries. Who ik to nit Nicxr Matoa 1 - The barnbn rner have uomiaattd W. F fiaverineyer tor Mayor; the hunkers nobody ; but who are the whigs to put opt If they want a man that has claims upon the in,' and fearlessness to do his duly, and give .ua dean streets, why don't they take James Monroe 1 is in the prime ot lite, lull ??f energy and public pint, and would make a working Mayor. Try bun?it imnnnsieri w>- are c>-rt.tin he will serve. .Prom Kinck'jo*, Jamaica?>V.e received, yesteiWiay, our files of the Aiming J .urnui, published mt KinukUiD. IhMldlPn. t?J til** 'ihlh lit i'Vhrnnn. Tbtr J< gifiiutm A.-?**mNy viyJauiaiea Hi^ara to be > hh hot ?**u r aa our m-ipMioi* in Cau&du; bat h their d.ttwultion ar?- tooul, tin jr are of bo into ,re*t ?o our r?nrirri?. Ku|ii?iur Court. Pr?i?nt, Ja?tie*? ;*' ?*rrt? ?n4 Hnrlb it. cbv ino No. <i0 t* ih- j?i. otnlmt oa tb? ?*IN" ,h ' boo uuiler ?iknuj-/H HoV(N??iit?iH I n<MvMtinl?. Tk* <MU>wiiir in * yoi l.ion of tlm r??r?t arrival* ti > Oll.VAt thi: ?f.Uut (tu b r. k KiigiB??rii; Tb??. f oibtp, WVrh. r ti , it >o Mr. Hahbart (Mo a , I. Bii'tiar'. N?>'* Or*B??; H 8 Vvory. W f Cerr. Bbodo ifteioJ. At tmk Ihvinu Hon \??*i Woodb? y. N?e H**>p*birr; II N M?? >n BomoN; I C. l)u?aa?y, tJ B. K.j w. 8 frrh, t.l H Top ?i Doorbvi ft, T?*nor>?; H. A W l Upp tau*. VnjorS 8 K >b?rl*. U H A , h?* arn'Ttii le th? Blty. BO 0 to b>? f?W^J E NE' MORI Tbeattlcd and Boa leal. The Late Mb Simmon.?It U with particular p>a*uregtb*t wo hart to itato that, to eonplote tho oorioo of benefits contemplated to bo given at tho rarlous theatre la thlo city for tho roltot of tho fatally of Mr. Simpson. Including tho daaghtor of Mr. aad Mr*. Hilacn, a performance la aboot to bo (iron at tho Broadway in aid of that oxoolloat object. Thio will consummate OB appropriate aad honorable testimonial of tho OBBlaont merit* of tho deooaaod, aad of tho rightful ooboo of tho public of hi* exemplary conduct and character Tho *um already roallaod ia deposited, at internet, with the Life and Truat Company, and on the termination of tho benefits, a report will bo made by tho commit tee. which will demonstrate a liberality and praotleal benevolence on tho part of tho community highly to ita honor. The managers and numbers of the different theatres?Indeed, the theatrical ocrformers sonorallr- have dlsnlaved a frea. hearted ?ad efficient energy end klndueaa beyond all pralee. We trnet and believe, from what we hear, that the approaching benefit at the Broadway will be a brilliant affair a mnnifloent eloee to a eaceeieion of ezertlone really attended with great pleaenre, really reenltlng in Ineatlinabla aid to the deterring reoipienta. The time for the approaching benefit will be designated in a few daya. Bowanv Thcatre.?The pretty little opera of the ' National Goard" waa played laet evening before a numerous audience. It 1a one of those little operaa *hat are always anre to be popular with the many, as It haa a moat interesting and amusing atory. and a great deal of elegant musio interspersed through It The singing of Mlsa Taylor, who played the part of the pretty Pauline, was very mueh applauded. Miss T. possesses great merit as a vocalist, and aetrees also. Mrs Gilbert as Madame Marabout, the self-important milliner, played the part with her usual good taste. In a certain range of parts Mrs G. Is unequalled by any actress. Mr . Gilbert, as^the shy old one sailer, was also well suited to his part J Dunn sung the musio of hie character well,whl.'st Wlaans, as the raey Ac hi He Bonbon, gave rise to a vast deal of amusement. "Eagle Eye" came next: this piece has proved uncommonly sueeessfol. The cataiaot scene, occupying the whole or the stege of the Bowery (the largest stage in the Union), is always ippiaudeu meet vehemently. We have on several occasions el uded to the most remarkable features of this splendid equestrian drama ; we have now but to add that it ought to be seen by all. To-night tho seme bill will bo repeated. Bboadwav Thcatkc ?Laet evening, a moet hearty response was mada to the announcement that It was Mr. Collins' benefit. The house was ao crowded that there was not standing room; In faet. several pereons wtre obliged to go away, much dieappolnted The bill presented all that geod taete and sound judgment coold dictate 1 he play was the elegaat comedy of "Born to Good Luok, or an Irishman's Fortune," Collins doing the part of Pandean O'R-ff. rty. He seemed In high eptrlte, and. indeed it Is our opinion that be never played tble character better, with more snooesa, and with mora raiielaotion to hie audience. The courting scene was inimitable and bewttchiugly facetious His drees was superb, and his appaaranoe most commanding Ha now looked a different person from what ha was when he landed in Naples, with a torn ocat, whleh required a knowledge of uietbematios to get Into it; a pair of knees, and grey stockings. When asked by tha lady whom be Is courting, rbe Countess of Mullinger. if any of his relatives hau travelled, he replied that they bad and that great utteniien waa paid them, for they had travelled at tha expease of tha government, but that, latterly, more had been done tor them than they "dcaarved " The wit and point of this were duly eppreotated. as they called forth a burst ot applaur* from all tarts of the house He was most beertily encored in ble songs?the Widow Mahoney and the Lluucr of Lite Hi S>n?rS tha iv? w ., iu . - - - ? ?? in fine style, with Mica Calecta ; and ?ia deterred!; encored in it also. Mr Fredericks, aa the Marquis Manfredl. una dignified and -ffloient; and Mr Vache, aa Count Matfl. waa quite equal to hie position Ho invested It with a degree of in tare at wbioh did not fail of produo'ng ita cflret Mra labarwood aoatainad tbe character of tbe Cenntoaa Molinga with ease and trace. Tba domestic drama of * Grandfather Whitebead" followed; and we need not aa; that it waa moat enihusiaetloaU; reoeived. The acting of Mr H Plaelde waa a matter-piece To aa; an; thing further in In praiaa, would be both superfluous and abanrd. The remaining portion of the enttrtammonia of the even* ing went off in tbe moat creditable et;le Natiokal Theatxx.?There waa a ear; crowded home bore, laat craning, and the farce of'Whloh ia the Kingt" which waa pla;ed flrtt, wa* received with aa much favor aa on it* ilret production the other eve* ning. Booth oveiaete hta part, a Utile, ia tbla faroe; but, save In tbla, he ia ear;excellent In It. "California More," and "Tom and Jena;." oontlnue to be received with un abate a eticceaa; and tbe ennouneement In tbe bill thattheae extraordinar; productions are a perfect antidote to tbe "blue dents " Is strioti; true; for none can witness tbem without feeling his spirits rise, no matter hew low tbe; ma; have been before teeing them. We would etpeolaii; notlee tbe performances of the bear and monke;?tae latter particuleri;, in ' Mice." That monke; oertalnl; does hop about as ?pr; and active as an; veritable ourang enrang. To-night, the ever popular "Child ot the Regiment" will be pleved: as alto the farce of "Who's M; Husband?" ana, of ocurse, the two loeel pieces. There can be no more amnslag wa; of paaeiag tbe evening than to visit the National to-night. Bi'btor's Theatbc.?" Dombe; and Son" was again | prcdnced at this elegant plaee of aatnaement laat evt ning, to a ver; full and fashionable house, and surely we never saw it plajed to more effect The part of Dombe; was taken b; Mr L;nne, with great abtUt;. Caxker, b; Mr Jordan, waa eqnall; good. Major Jce Bogatock and Jack Bnnab;, aa represented b; Mr. Brougham, brevgbt down from the audience ' rounds of applaute Toots as ui-aal, was performed I b; Mr Raymond In a st;ie that eannet be snrpaa-ed. In this part, Mr Ra;mond appears to be unequalled. Mrs. Vernon and Miss Hill are excellent m tbelr res- 1 pwtlw parts. But tbe Inimitable Captain Cattle, represented b; Mr Button, brought from tbe delights^ eudienoe renewed applause Never was there a pleoe got up with to mueh effect, and tbe parte so well adapted to lbs respective actors aa the ebeve pieee at this theatre. It oau be seen over and over attain, and always with pleasure. Tbe new version of " Macbeth" Is a most laughable affair, aa the reader oan readtl; Imagine, as Lady Macbeth Is taken b; Mr. Barton. To- night, the same bill ia offend. Go earl; and secure your seats Ameuigan Ciucvt ?Those who havo seen tbe eirens of Europe, ss well of London us of Paris sod other iergsr ottles. ere of tbe opinion that tbe establishment of Messrs. Sends. Lent It do Is " mounted" upon tbe seme bests, una deserve patronage. Not onl; are the equestrian exercises and exhibitions hisbl; pleasing and satisfactory. but iko are faeetious entertainments commixed; for Mr Lathrop Is the funniest clown ever seen or heard an; where. The extraordinary feats of the iairj >Ktii ^ina?i*ut,uii tlM trio* ponton Damon and Pythias, are also feature* of a vary ammlna character. Ib abort, btivian the poeturl eg of Maem Rivers, tombling acta by Ika company, and lb* aooompUabod feur* de/etceof tho rlagant rtdar, Mas'er Manile* 8auda, an evening can be paceed at thia ampblthaatr* with iboeh enjoyment. Tb* favorite attarplao* draw* alwaya much laughter from tha numaraua flatten of the eiroua. Chsistt'* Mihtxkh -To-day theae aingen will, aa nana I ev?ry Saturday, glee thalr extra afternoon oen ert, aa we I aa their evening one In both of theae concert* they will Introduce all tbelr grand bnrleequea, fla : tb* " Voyage Muaicale," the Cowbelloglaae," he .he To eldest or to partieniariae which of their perirnnaaeea la the brat wonid be In vain, aa they are all so excellent Suooot* doe* not dull the edge of their Indnatry. they keep on adding to their atoek of beautiful music every day Ni? OsLiisi 8xe an sua aa.? We need aoareely remind cur reader* that to day tbeae favorite performer* give an afternoon concert, aa well aa an evaming one. There aftereecn eonaerr* are great accommodation* fi r family partiea who do aot like to fa?e the night air; and as tbej give aa tail a prngramai* a* In the evening one. Including tb* " Mnvlcal Panorama, ' tha '-Italian keen**," ho , one eeea a* uuoh of them a* at any olhtr concert. A roi.i.o Rooms.-Lulgl Klona, the yenng fieltnltt, agvd 16 years member r.f eoveral Philharmonic aaeietles and of the C< nservato-res Na'tocai of Paris. Turin ho .will give hie far. w-II sonnert this evening at the Apolle Rocmo Ha elU be assisted by aeearal eminent arlt'ts; and from a view of the place* announoed to be pertctmed. we have no hesitation In cayiog those who may pationise thia young bat truly talented ariirt, * U) retire well yieneed with the avenlng'n entertula meat Misaavs Rooms?M. Acsibsthc Mxaicixf* ?There U no latk IB 'b? pa'rooaga g<*aa to thn great wlaard, M. Adr ? , where rakibiiMin of aagie sad i?i?r# d'uditmr ar* aighily r???drU with munb appiaaae bp a v?ry nun rn o* aompanp Tha aktiful rtramatrur ?oapiopa avarp art to g(?a to hi* prrforniaaen* all the e>'tartioi.n of eblrh thrp are ?m?e?ptiol# Hrw eiper.BK-at* a?w trteka, aaw aaarbae'eel ptanan, are. at -y-ty ttmfitr aahibited op biai. and all chair beheldero are laurh rorpnaad and drllahtad PtriHiHi op tm lit ii?*m Rifpa.? The rnah to M< thla vanc.raira la rrrp gr> at. aad we do ant vender at I tor aueh a aplaadid work of art ojo-i noa oaod at tattion anp ah?ra mora aapaolakp bar-. la Nee Vork. ypbt In th? rtemitp of tha nblv nt*r whl ib ia ?o ablp at d grapblealiy daplotad on the ranra-a bp Mr Hill pard who baa aarfalnlp dona Mmaaifgiva' oradit bp tbl? work. To dap it will be axbibl'od at .'1 P. VI ; alao lb thd rttnlpg Court Ualannar?Phi* llap. Caact'iT on r- ?w h6k M 1??. 111 to Ilk, HI, dt, I ID. M 133 J an. la*. 136. Common Pi.k*? >e* part?t *uaa? Cakaa ap to ba ft>d hp M... < anrt Part Id?1K3. 194 190, 199. SOU iOV 204, JO", 3i H 310 WYO ?ING EDITION?SATO Blty Intolilgvaee. crrr poutios. The whig* held thai* primary ward elections yeeterdij. for the purpose of appointing oommlttaaa to serve in the Mayoralty Convention, on the ttth instant. There la bo pert I e alar candidate pat forward at present aa being the one meat Ukaly to gala the nomination. The names of Kingslaad, Greeley, Woodbnll, Adams, and Crellna are mentioned la oonneetion with the aeminatlon; hot, like the old hankers la the demo ratio put;, the whlga have not, aa pat, determined who la tba moat aval Labia candidate. or wbo will baat erve tba lntaraata af tba put;. Thara are walght; reasons wb; Mr. Ktngsland should receive tba nomination. Mr. Oraala;, it la raid, aan command a largo Irlab rata. Mr Wood hall hat man; friends, wbo will work bud for him, and ditto Maaara. Adams and Crolina. f arbapa a aompromlaa will bo naoaaaary, and all tbaaa will be txoludtd to maka wa; for aoma eandidata ;et unnamed. Tba national raformera uo in tba fiald with candldataa for tba Mayoralty and Alma Honaa Commiealonar. Their candidate for Mayor la David Marsh; for Alma House CommUaionar, Louis W. Kyokman ? These Dominations ara aaade with the expreas understanding that the; should ha eontidered null if either of the other parties should nominate a oandldate which should come up to the free soil standard in tba OTOwnl of their pelltloal principles. Book Tbidx 8 a lis.?We observe that tba book trade alas ara again beginning. Thead half yaarly auotiana give a pleasing Tarlat; to tba usual mods of buying and sailing beaks. There la something animating In wit nesting tba eantest occasionally carried aa for aoma particular and valuable work. Than is also soma thing exciting in joining in tba fray. I nail honorable competition there la yet a spice of rivalry, whan the object In view la either rue and of acta, or dIM cult to obtain. Moreover, it gives seat to the palate wban thara bu bean an; degree of effort made to satisfy the desire. Tbna, to a mora Individual, a book won in this way would undoubtedly be mora highly prised' and mora eagerly and carefully read, than if bought In tba ordinary manner at a store. But, even to a lookeron, a trace sale is a matter whloh eaanotfall to afford him much inward pleasure and interest. Ha may, at a ale where there la a good ooUeation (and this we observe in Cooiey fc Kaase'e unusually large spring trade sale catalogue), observe the various degrees of avidity with which some particular books are taught after, and this may serve to instruot him in the knowledge of his fellow men around him, or make him. If in the trade, more acquainted with soma practical truths. Fsrbape, too, soma favorite or revered author la about to be too much humbled, and this indueaa the observer to place him in a higher position, and eventually to recuie tin to bimaeir. PMiIbi; we itoull never'get belt tbe vetoed book* we poaaeaa, were It not fer taiea ot thle description. It la not tbnt we do not deaire them, but, unleaa we aotually aee them before ua, we paaa aiida of them, end wholly forget their extatanoe. when, however, tbey oome la thle aeanoer diapUyed to onr view, their good oldfeeea beem brightly eg tin, end remind ua of aome leved end eherlahed friend, long loat light of, but now auddenly reap peering True, we might find them ont by going to the atorea, or by inepeoting the numeroaa a tell*; but, In many eeata, we eennot apere the time to examine, and It may to ohaaee that we paaa theaam? route hundreda 1 of timea, end never onoe beoome acquainted with tbe eententa of tbe book abelvee on onr wey. Trade aalea are, therefore, extremely irrvieeeble. not only to tbe tiede, but to indiviaueia alro; and tbe trade, by attending tbe eelea, oonter en actual benefit upon thoee bo wiab rare and eholoe, or varied krnda of werka, to be nearer their own looailtlea, in order to their being able te poaaeaa tbem without mueh creable and ineonvenience. The eatalogue or Cooley k Keeae'a tiede aale glvea ua juat tbe excellent aeaertmoat reqnlied; and upon examining it, we fonnd the Utlea of many worka wbioh revived pieaelng |reooliaetioaa end exalted a hope that by a large attendance at the managera' rocma cn the da} a of tale, the trade wonld ipeedily ley hold of them, and aeon afterwarda, be con?i*ning them to the handaof no me roue read*-ra eltewhete, who require them. We, tberefore, cordially reoommand onr frleada of the trade toprooaed theta and join In the aale Pltiiouth tanaxnaclb, Biohlti ?The Rev. Mr. Beeeher'a congregation have erected a large building on Plerpont itreet. Brooklyn, for their uee tempmarUy 1'be building ia 180 reel long by 80 feet wide, aud la derlgni d for the nee of tbe Plymouth churoh. It ie to be opened for rehgioua worehtp lo nmoe it ie aaid that the new building will be well warmed and ventilated, end will aeaommodatefrom l,6i0 to 2,000 peraona comfortably. United Btntea Oletrict Court* Bafore Judge Batta. Much 28 ? Titml fur M*nti*ugkl*r.?Joaeph Rjder, iccond mate of tbe ebtp Roaeiua, waa piaoed at tbe bar en a charge of homielde en tbe b'gheeea. by kicking and atrihing Philip smith. a ouWiod aeaman,on tbe ISth or January laet. ?btie the veiael waa oa tba toy. age from Liverpool to tbia port, of whieb Smith died Jones Kobimoh (colored) examloed ?Waa in tbe iblp Koroma on her laat voyage from Liverpool to tbia nort; knew tba deaeaaad;he waa alao In the veeaet; knew Ryder, tbe prisoner: be wee aeoond male, and the declared waa a aeilor before the meat; wea present when Ryder b?at (he d?ceaaed, it was about 12 o'clock at night; do*s not remember tbe day; Philips oacne down about 8 o'clock; bo wea not well, hla feat were rwollen. end be could not get bla iboes off and be bad to alii tbem down; went to bed when the 12 o'olock wnen ?h oiuia; og coma Dot pat tntm on. sue ue flit tb?m down again, but coald not gat tbam on; the prisoner earn# down about 1*4 o'clock and aallad tba deceasi d to aonia up; Smith Mid ba waa not abla to go ; Rjder laid ba nun , Smith said ba knew ba waa nader bla command, and ha might maka blm do aa ha likad, but ba waa not abla to go on d*ek ; Ryder then put tba lamp out af hie band, jumped up c n a cheat and commenced kicking Smt'b while ba lay In tba hammock; ba continued to klok him for about tan mlnutea, Ryder bad rea boot' on hie laet; be kicked blm In the left alda; Smith fell out of tha hammock and afterward! aat on a barrel and Ryder again kicked him; he continued. I abould think, tbta time tc kick him for about fifteen minutea; Smith aald to Ryder, ' You arc nalng ma vary cruelly, and wben we go to Naw York, 1 will make you pay for it;" Ryder raid, " Oh,are you one of the make pay aons-a b ; If ro, yeu'll pay for that;" Ryder then took the lamp and went on deck, flrat telling Smith bo would glee him flea mlnutea to ba behind; be alio atruok him three timea with bla fiat, wbila ha waa on the barrel; after i he kicking, Smith began to aplt blood: b? also peered it downwards; Smith was confined to file hammock from tba time of tbe beating nntll he died; I saw no marks of the beating on bla person; 1 waa wltb him a 1 tbe lima from tbe night ha was beaten, until be died On his eresa-etammallon. tba witnessndmiltod that Smith waa 111 wltb d) eentery before ba was beaten, but barer passed biood to bla knowledge. Asmshsm Tinolc, loolored ) examined ?Waa la tba Rosoine bafore tbe mast, on bar laet voyage from Liverpool ta tbls port; did not tee Ryder kick Smith; saw Smith tke morning after In hia hammock, he complained of beiag beaten on bla aide and brcaat. HaisoMEB's Cccmcl objected to tbla Una of examination. It was stopped by tbe Court. Witsiis, In continuation?He bad tae dysentery very bad at this time; be waa ocnfiaad all tba time from the beating nntll ba died, wbleb was on tba 371b of January; I saw blm aplt blood alter tba heating; saw no bruieee on hia parson after ha dtadj ha was a light mulartt man. Itiiir McUcias. examined?Cams from Liverpoel aa a passenger in the ktoeelua. on tbe laet voyage; anew Smith, tbe deceased; knows tbe second mate, saw tba difficulty bstween prisoner nod tbe deceased; saw tbe prisoner strike deceased with bla band; ha also ktehed blm, I did not aastbe priaooer strike or kick blm only wben be was on the doer, witness did not see the prisoner tone down; she waa aalaep; beard a noise, nod was awoke by It; I have told you already what I caw tbe prisoner doing wben I awoke; I don't knoe bow often be kicked him; Philip said ba would make tbe econd mate pay, aa soon as tbey got to New Yark. Tba testimony of tbls witness, either from her stupidity or from an nnwtlitagneea l~ testify, waa not material Tbe Court ordered ber to stand aside. Jo?HC? Br ktow, (OOlored ) eiaminod?W*0 la the Roroiu* be for* th* mart; know* th* **oond mat*. *1*0 knew timiib. the aeeeaard; *aw bin offer the <iifli<inity j beip. d to torn blm in bn hammock; bo WM caaoa into t b* foroeaotla about threw or fonr day* offer ba ?M kti krd, bo eomplatnwd 01 bio old*, and wboa a?*t*tiag blm to Uia forweootl*, h? dwelrod witdoM m ronj bia nor, he appeared to bo In great pain. Alter th* examination of tbi* witnooo woo flntehed, tko oae* for the prosecution closed Hnoonor'a oonnaoi iban opened for th* defence. and oallod Captain Elusions of tb* Kooeiuo, wnotoottfiod that bo an* m?o'?r of tho >hip Roeoius on bor into voyago lion Liverpool to tnto port ; on tb# nlgbt In t|U*a'4<>a, our of tbfl mato* complained of tbo doeenaod bring bolt w ; wltneae rent fcr him to kn- w tho reooon j bo ruir. otd *old b* woo *o badly afflicted with dyoontory thai b* c*nld not go aloft to aoat*t in furling tno aaita ; wit ii?ff then directed blm to go bolaw until he wad batter , be mad* nootbai ooa plaint at tbat time , did not ne him aftarwardo ; a medtael perron on board attend ed fekim nod preooitbt d for ike dee*n?*d , only board of the difllenlty botwoon bimaelf and tb* mat* about a oeek bcii.r* bio death ; beard it froa tbo aodloal attetdaut. jtiin Roi.lt. surgeon, examined for th* dofoneo ? Woe eu ployed by ib? owner* of lb* Roeoia* to ton* , ut In b*r a* inrgeon to atfend 10 tno paneenger* and orew. In cat* of eleknors ; attended tno dooowed ; bo oon plamed ot bio ilba being biokao , witnea*examined bm and lorn d tbei-r wa* notMug ami** with bio ib* ; LI* bieath-ig nrt eiheot were affected from a ?< Id. a* wlltiets think*; witoeo* tbongbt tie wan *oalk it g, and that, by Ibrtalealng blm bo Would get ne?r It ail go to hi* work ; In a few 0ay*after, witu*** oau*< d inn to be bled, and gat* blm ado** of laudanum, afer ?. feii-h be reooreiod ; wi n*** toe.b tb* ujeaeio* th-n ?i dd'o not re* bin afterward* until n **ry ohori time Infer* bl* death; be rxau lord hie lib* and old no' fiidtuylh.ag a*.Ire wt h litem. ifltr lha <tr*?* *i nmion'. otk?l Ibr witn*'* tbat ourtodjouroeet lodietm?i)(* were found ag*in?t t.ari Karat* a by tb* tin no Jury,for loroeny on ih* high m*o tlo wo* ofr*ited Hit* moron g RK H RDAY, MABCH 24, 16 Folic* Intelligence. Jtrrttt ly Telegraph -Oflwr wooldridge. at the Oth ward, received, yesterday, telegraphic despatch from Bridgeport. Con us otic ut. setting forth thct c womia, having with htr child cboat iX jocro of ego. hod Just loft Bridgeport In the ears for Now York, cad oho ?m suspected of (tooling a ecrpot hag contcialng ?omo clothing end $80 in money On the arrival or the trnin of ecio in Ccncl otroot, the oflloor woo on the look ont, end dotootod the women, by description, ns the passengers got oat, took her into eastody, and conveyed htr before Jattloo Lotbrop, whore she gave the name of Cetherlne Ferrell. On seerohing her person $86 was foaad, in three $10 bills end on* $8. tejgether with 88 pewn tiokets for trifling articles net execeding 83. the highest of eny one ertlele. l'hc magistrate recognised the women es baring been before him be fore, bat not on any charge of steeling. The child is

htr own; jtmit of a Fugitirt ?A men by the name of Charles Bn-dy was arrested, yesterday, on a warrant issued by Justice King, of Dutchess county, on a charge of grand larceny. The prisoner was conveyed back to that county for trial Jt Cowardly jlct.?A man calling himself WlUlam Pease was surested yesterday by oflloor Robb. of the Eleventh ward, on a charge of forcibly taking from the neck of a small girl by the name of Laelnda Hayler a gold chain, which be oarrled off He was subsequently arrested, and committed by Jastiee Timpsonfor examination Detaining .Emigrants' Baggage.?Captain Cook, of the First ward polios, arrested yesterday, a man by the nsme of Carl Cans, on a charge of detaining the baggage of emigrants in violation of law. Tas aocased wm detained fur a fnrlter hearing. Char ft of Conspiracy ?Officer CrOMtt arrested, yes terday. Mary Aon Jones, Elian Maddan, and John Howard alia* Fisher, on a ohargaof conspiring together to oheatand defraud George Shanoh, residing at Brooklyn. oat ot $800 warth of praparty Jnatloe Osborne committed tba aoourad parties for a further hearing. Jitoou.lt with Intent to Kill ? Officer Elder, of the 0th ward police, arreated, yeiterday, a black nan by the nana of 8am. Murray, and after a deaperate strugs la. tba offlcar ?wane a lad In taking the raaoal Into ouatody. Ho waa ahnrgad with atriking a aolorad woman by the name ot Dha Jowae. a violent blow with a brlok, knooklng her down Insensible, with Intent to take her life. The negro had on hla book a new Ught-oolored orerooat, whiohla rnppoeedto be atolen. for whioh an owner la wanted. Apply to the above offloar Jnatlaa Lothrop coir mitt ed th? aaenaad to prison for trial. %S Grow Offltnce.- On the return handed in by the oaplain of the 181 h ward police to the Chief, we notloed a vary grave offence charged againat a man, who waa eondootud to the station-honae and detained. It read as fellow#-:?Samuel Pownall, arreated.being In ootnpany with others, want Into the oyster house of Augustas Deppsy, No. 101 Rivington street." This arrest, as It appears en the poltoe return, shows It to be an of fsnea to wlelt oyster-hookas, and If that law exists in the 18th ward, how will the pollea manage if the same law should extend Into the wards bordering on Broadway f We muoh doubt if the statton-housee would be large enough to hold all tba prisoners. The captain of the 13th will possibly be kind enough to giro as the law on that pointy Board of Mnitervlsora. Masi-h 28.? His HonortUe Recorder in the ehatr The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. ft It'll en* of various persons for the oorreotlon of taxes, referred. Kenviit? Of the Finance Committee, in favor of paying E Shanley amount of his bill, $21, for elaaning and sweeping the Marina Court, of the same committee. in favor of paying tba proprietors of Earl's Hotel $610 for meals and lodgiog for tba jurors In the two trials of Austin and Haddon for murder Of ?ame committee, In favor of remitting the tax-s of the follow. Ing named persona: Alexander Van Bourden, J k E Clan, D Finn. Charlas Noble and George Frederick Hall, and adverse to the elalma of Albert J our mean* and others. CorrssponJevet between the Mayor and Judges of the Supreme Court.?A corresponds ncs between the Mayor and the Judges of the Supreme Court, was read, n ralation to the order made by the Supreme Court last July, directing the Sheriff to provide officer*, ho . for th# Court The Mayor iuformed tho Judge* that the Board of Supervisors bad eomplled with the law of 1847, by appointing a suitable number of officers to at t?Bd the Supreme Court. and requested their Honors to, inform him aa to tha nature of tho order, whether it was temporary or permanent. The Judges replied that the order was temporary, and that ae the la* of 1847 wne complied with, the order wae dWobarged. The eorreepondenee wae ordered on file. The Board then adjourned. HoremenU for California* fKO.il HEW YORK. We published, yesterday, a hbt of a few of the paaeengers by the splendid ship Samoset, Captain Holiis, which sailed on Thursday, tor San Francuco. We now give a lull and complete list:? William Coddlngton, A. M. Seheli, H. E. Murray, E. Van Wart, Benjamin Leggatt. Heratlo Leggatt, Beojamin Snifln, David Potts Andrew Reynold*, Hereon Reynolds,all of tho 8tng Sing Company. J. D. Aitbnr, Captain James Hell nnd lady, of Boston; J. O. HUdretb, physician; Rev. Mr. Moorehouse, Staten Island; T.O. Wea)*rn Lyster. 8.T. Keeling, Mr. Beboock, Corn* line Hodgklns. W. H. Kent J.J. Orny. Anatin Arnold, E. Ely, Jr.. C.J. Rlohnrd* J.J. Horntbtow; R. J. Dnnn, D. HollUter, Robert Buckingham. J. H. Kimble. James Mowbray. Mr. Hyberg. E. Lnddlngton, P. 8. Wooden, William H. Brown, J. Williams, Ames I'ettls. Ely Klrg. H. S pence. L. King. Theodore Needbem. Era>tu- Denne, D. Burn*, J. W. Knapp, D. McCaffrey, Mr. Wilson, vir. MUllgan, of Deaware; C. P. Uo>a. V. A fierier, Mr. Beanelerk. W. 8. Stone. O. H. Stedmen, W. H Hendereen, O. W. Lewrenae, David Dewltt, D. L. Eerie. James Youle, O. W Porter, George Ties. Philip Blate Daniel Sioper, E. Crary, A. B oMen, D. D. Bonner, John Niokenon, D Brown, O. Biown L. H. Cruk J C Konnady, Robert MeKeoste, David Btorm, George 8weet, lease Cornell, L Dennis, A. L. Brown. A. Eldred. George A Philip, lady, and 1 children. R. M. Johoeen. William Gates. J. Tenayek, W. H. Chase, A. D. North, H Becker. R. B. Wight, T. Peterson, C. D. Peace J. A. Thome*, J. K. Garritcon, J Demareet, W. Kinney. B Beaton, R. Kirk, E. f. Rebinsen. G Lambert. D Lambert, Jr.. W N. Smith, A. B Alverton, W. P. Bnrditeb, soperoargo of tka Vtkaa. UI.IN. I amaenw U M l lsiana. A Hceea. 8 Bailey, J. Deltite,' A. Oalisoi W OudMr, Charlss Illoe, G. Sharp. J. W. Biitton. N. MoLooghlln, A. MoLaufthlio, C. Moo. O Wood, A. MoNomoojrargaan, E. Conorer, C. Conevar, E Ball. D. Cooper il.R. Lloyd, T. Bil aland.S. B. 8har?ood. A. P. Bursal Mr. Uualwunan. 8. H Bmckway, E Klmonaon. J. C. Bcaaat. W. S'ark, C 8 Klaaatn, 8. B Wood. 0. 8. MarrtU, John Douglass, J. P Brandt, C, M. Van Sahaiek John B. Wolf, J. 01 mat ad, A. Chambarlln. E Haldreth A. Patrie, C. Farille, A. 8. FarlHa. C H Randal, E. Brown, J S.Irlna. J.H Irlna. 8. Laayeraft. J B Counter. J. F. Lamhdon. af Baltlacro, William Marshall, David Paaaman, William Andaraan. E M Young. John Hampton, Alfred Law, William Mnir. G. W. Williama, W. H Lndiow -Total, U3 A gentleman who was accompanying hia trienda down the bay, became ao much excited that he paid hi a paaaage and remained on board. Latar from Maxlcw. We have received our (ilea of the M nttnr Hepub cano, from the city of Mexico, to the 27th ult., being three days later than previous advices. A paitizan ol .Santa Anna had pieaeuted a counter pn position, in a eecret session el Congress, to the one mentioned by us previously, which required ^ants Anna to make known the time and place of hia re-entering the republic. The document was retumed to its author for revision, being considered as couched in unparliamentary language. The Minister of War and Marine had issued a I circular to the army, in relation to the cholera, giving oidtra reepec ing the dress, beds, quarters, fcc , of the troops, and the usual advice with regaid to cleanliness, moderation in food, drink, and labor. On the 26th ult., the Governor of the Federal District, having received information that at several inns there were numbers of armed foreigners, ordered a register of them to be prepared, when it appeared ihey consist, d of one hundred and seventeen Americans, two women included, who p>e rnted their passports, a-gned by a Mexican consul in the United Mates. They declared heir obiect t<> be, to travel serosa the country to Mnxatlan. their ultimate destination ben g the gold regions of < aiilornia. The Mrmuor does not state that they were mo eated in any way, or that any impediments were opposed to their traversing the country. They must go aimed, to protect themselves and their property trnm the numerous bands of tobbers and Indians that infest various |e*rtiOus of the route, auo give interminable trouble to their own country m n, if tb< accounts lu the Mexican newspHpers are to be rah erf on. A journal In Zacaterar|faya that tba ndherentsof bsiitu Anna declare, that on We 13 h of June next, t.e will occupy the Presidential c*air l?r the sixth time His tiieuda are believed to be the clergy, the cultivators of cotton, the agriculturists, and mechanics, with a portion of the National GuirH, and all the discontented office-seekers ft ia Said thai Santa Anna, among oilier refn ma. is in favor of a ho iehing prohibitory dunes in tavor of dono Stic cotton, slid the (oh ration of all religious in ??veral parts of the republic. The journal in qaestiosi?'he Zwatf-ano-- expressesth? charitable hrpe that all trsitora anri miscreants, who seek Siiiita Anna's reiuro, n>av be hunted down and extirpated.?A. O. Ptruynmt, A/inrt 14. Naval lsUi|l||?ne?, Tha U. 8 iter a ?l?tp Kslisf, .<>m Poor, wa^ at RIs Jatriio ?n th? Slat of Jauosry. to ?*>| for Norfolk la flrtsen ?ajr. Tfc? U S. More ship kisitnota. 'lom. N? villa; lT a. brig P?r?y, Lisnt. I om Darts, sod U. ? r ? tn r ratter hr* Lxnmrs fay truer w?t, at Hko Janrita on the 3l?r of J ,auary Ths tr h sehoersv K.tr? left Lagan* foe Camoraohv on U.s 3J .astar t Paliilcal In tr IIifgr nea, C, H. Willis as is Hie shig urodotato for Cooirtus n the 111 h district of r?aco>?e?. John A M>re>iithis th? whig o?u <P 1*'.? for Ms;or Of I h tmmnU Va [ERA 149. Pr?B> Y ?(? ?Return or tlk? Ain?rleu Volunteers. The ship Genesee. Capt Watts, arrived yesterday from Sieal, with a detachment of 2250 mea of the American volunteer regiment, which has been disbanded. The tollowiug is a list of the officers who came with the detachment:? Majors MeDowall and MoHaary; Dr. Lamar. Rareoa.Dr Bouober, Aaalataat Burgeon; Captain* Kresnd, ToMa, Maoa and Maloy; Llauiaaanta collla, Loftna. ( rofta and MeCrsary. The disbanding ot this regiment, in the manner in which it was done, is disgraceful to the autneritics of Yucatan. The regimeut left this city under a solemn promise from Governor Barbuchano, that each private should be paid eight dollars a month, should receive a suit of clothes every three months, and. at the expiration of the term ot service, three hundred and twenty acres of land. The regiment was between three and four months in service. During that time, they naa several severe engagements witn tne Indians, and Irom Tekax to Tthosuco and Valladolid, drove the enemy betore them, uutil th?*y now have possession ot no position of importance, except Bacalar, near Belize, Honduras. The regiment was besieged eight days in Tihosuco, and during that time was reduced to such an extremity that officers or privates had nothing to eat but cats and dogs. lu the several engagements, the loss in killed was from sixty to seventy and Irom a hundred to a hundred and titty were wounded. Although continually suffering hardships, owing to the salubrity of the climate, but lew of the men fell by disease. After all this, the only requi al offered the men is the paltry sum of ten dollars each. Barbachano pleaded t? e poverty ol the treasury, and Colonel White finding there was no prospect ot tne stipulations entered into with the regiment being fulfilled, at once requested that it should De disbanded, which was acceded to. Cant. R. J. Kelly is the only officer, we understand, who remained. He was authorized to raiaa a company from the disbanded volunteers, and sufficient consented to remain to complete the company. We regret to learn that Lieutenant Campbell, of Capt. Kelly's company, and Lieut. Gallagher, who were wounded in the battle of the 25th December, died ol their wounds, the former on the 22d ot January. We are indebted to Captain Mace for files of the latest paiieta. The Bultttn Oficxal, of Mends, under date ot February 6, contains the preamble and resolutions adopted by a meeting of several ot the officers of Col. White's regiment, held at Valladolid on the 23d January. Dr. John J. Lamar was the president of the meeting, and Capt. Wm. 8 Read, secretary. It appears the mret.ag was called tu consequence of various repot ts alleged to have been put in circulation by some ol the officers ot the regiment, who had resigned, derogatory to the character of the American regiment of volunteers in Yucatan. The meeting resolved that all such reports were false and calumnious, and circulated by their authsrs for the purpose of concealing tneir own cowardice; that their confidence in their commander was ummpaued ; that since the arrival ot the American troops in Yucatan, no ........... -v. i i i ... .i apd no ineult or act ot discourtesy had been o lie red to the civil or military authorities of ihe country, and that all reports to the contrary Were malicious and untrue. The proceedings of this meeting are signed by Col. White, Cipt. Tobin, and other officers. The Buletin, ot the 23d of February, contains a card, signed by Dr. Lamar and Captain Read, mentioning the names of four officers, as being those alluded to in the ab >ve-mentioned resolutions. Then follows a certificate from Colonel White, stating that he is fully convinced ot the bravery and gallantry of Major Henry and Captains It. P. Mace and J. h'rerland, who were not intended to be alluded to by the aforesaid meeting. We also observe a letter from Dr. Lamar to Capt. Mace to the same purport. This is the only matter of interest we find in the papers We are also under much obligation to Cspt. Mace for the subjoined list of the wounded in the battle of the 25th December, the first complete list we have been able to lay our hands on. A number, it will be seen, died ot their wounds.? Cspraln Kelly, wounded; Lieut. Campbell, wounded, elnee died; Lieut. Gallagher, wounded, stone d ed; Sergeant Major Martin, twice wounded. Prlrat-e? Joirpb Stewart. Joe Swaneby. Samuel Pateh. James Hogan, James Tbompeon, Jamee Kiagbly. Kd*ard Perkins. Gaorge Kelso, slnoe del; Cunningham, elnee died; John Cnnery. etnee'dlrd; Anson Lee, Win. Lnng, elnee died ? New Or leant VtUa, March 14. From tlie Klo Grande. The schooner John Bell, Capt Lear, arrived yesterday from Brazos Santiago, whence she sailed on ihe ?th. We have the American Ftu% (published at Brownsville) ot the 5th inst. It confirms the reports received on Monday, by way of Galveston, of the prevalence of the cholera on the Rie Grande. We see no additional names ot victims reported, but the people are evidently much alarmed and distressed. A good number ot parties destined for Calilorl. .j ,tL ...... u........ k.... U1U llttvc |lQBOr U U \? HIC UHT 1U^ utt U IIUCU out with mules Arc , at Browaaville and the vicinity. Among others we see mentioned the partita under Capt. Fair and Capt. Dodge The rale of government Bteamers advertised for the 1st ot March, has been postponed to the 15th, in consequence oi the oholera. Col. Hardee's squadron of the 2<J Dragoons has been ordered to the San Antonio, to arrive between the 20th and 26th inst. Later.?The steamship Globe, Capt. Ellery, arrived last evening from the Brazos, bringing us the Matamoras Flag of the 10th inst. The Globe left at the Brazos the U. S. steamer Fashion, trktng in mules for Corpus Chrtstt; U.S. schooner Major Bates; schooners Neptune and Fiorinda. for Galveston Cant. Ellery reports that he visited Brownsville, and that the cholera had entirely disappeared from that place. The Globe took down the party of Col. Webb, and Mr. Audubon. They were in Brownsville on the lOih From the Flag, of the 10th inst. we coj y the follow. ng items:? The cholera has entirely disappeared from our town, and it has assumed its wonted business appearance. Large quantities of horses and mules are being dailv brought in trom the interior, to the ranches surrounding Matamoras, tosupply the demands by the California emigrants. The prices range from fifteen to tweuty-five dollars each, and the market is abundantly stocked. The Globe brought over the following passenger h and freight:? a it art Weaver, c O Hale, 8amael Kathrena, T. Robertson. 8 Hellmaa. Jerome Rollra. A Sangeneao, A L? ngatia. J a wee P Brooks; fib 000 In specie. 11 moiee. and 3 borrws ? Srxm Orlttni Picayune, Afar 14 Mkxica* Ei.kCTioN.?An election ot corporation officcis for the city of Matam<>ro-, took place on Sunday laet, (the 4th,) ai d " Young Mexico" came off a? b? lore, completely triumphant, It will be recollected ny our Traders tha' the Governor ot hMt Stair, not being pleased with tha reoub'ican rnrt/ m n whinh th?< fi\rmmr sUfdinn u/nu < nrirl nr>f annulled th? snme. lis KxcelJnicy ha* been re- I plied to by the re-elect.on of the name officers. He wi 1 hardiy dire to interfereagain?out it is a positive esse ot i/Mien to he Ceptiin Ellerv, of the steamship Globe, reports i hr United Slates steamer Fashion, t 'king in mules lor Corpus Chrieti; United States srhoouer Major Hates, srnnoners Neptune and K ormda, for Gulveston.?Ah w Orlenat Delta, March. 14. Moke or the Eqrmox.?A storm set in on Tuesday ?veiling, the 10th, Irotn trie southwest, which contnued alt day yesterday, with high winds aud a mild temperature. The storm on the Sound was very h?avy, a atioug sea setting in which obliged the vreels bound eaet to make a harbor. The tlearner New York, one ot our beat sea boats, hound to New York, on Tuesday eveaiiut, w m oblige d to come to anchor hi the cho^a of the harbor, where she was riding the foamy seas at a late hour yesterday morning The evening steamer Itoni New York did not strive. Trie tide rose ho ae i? wwi Ii over Long wharl, the vessels anchoring off ter reiurity. We have heard of no essential damage done We learn by one ot the paa.eogera that ih? Champion made a harbor at Hnntingt m n Tiietday night, having a large freight and between fifty and aixtv pan esgers. She a r.red veaindsy at half psst 12 K M The Travelleroissed I ir in the Sour d, and arrived at the usual hour Th? New Yotk remained at ancnor at a late hour in ihe dhy, the rwell tiom the ocean making a t?svj sea in the Sound.?iVor Haven V'mrtf, Much 22 A Dkt Time.?The oldest inhabitant, who is iO .11. i. (inoted, though never Seen, avers fiat the list winter has he. n the ve y dryeet ever k .owu. As an svidenr e of the truih ol this Stat. m?iit, we i.md that the city waieim. n have already tilled 220 timers, most of which were uev. r known to tnil ot being filled by ram. At the south pail ot in* city, the astoaldistress is very great. The promts* a hnving neither well nor cistern can be supplied by hose Irom the street hydrants. ? l*rorleivct Hi J ) TVewsmpt, Manh 21 LD. TWO CENTS. 1BBIBN flood *t Chicago?'400,000 Dollars worth or Property Destroyed?Um of Lift. [Froa the Detroit Advertiser ] Chicago, March 12?4 P. M. Al about 10 o'clock this morning, the mass ot ice in the South Branch gave w?jr, carrying with it the bridge at Madison, at Ra ndolph, and Well# streets?in fact, sweeping off every bridge over the Chicago river, alao, many of the wharves. There wete in port 4 steamboats, 6 propellers, 24 brigs, 68 schooners, 2 sloops, ana 57 caaal boats ; most of which have been either totally destroyed or se nouaiy damaged The moviiig mass of ice, canal boats, propeller* and vessels, were stopped at the foot ot Clark at.; but withstood the pressure but a moment, crashing vessels and falling spars giving note of the ruin that was to follow. A short distance below, tha river was again darned, below Kmzie's waruhouse. Here the scene was most indescribable. Vessels, propellers end steamboats, were thrown together in the utmost confusion, forming a dam across the river, whicti backed the water to an unprecedented height. At this point, at ill A. M., they still remained ; in all, 28 vessels?two propellers, the Ontsrio and Gen. Taylor, two steamboats, the Ward and Pacific, the C i'. Richmond, wtiirlwind. Diamond, Bento . &c , all more or less injured ; the propeller Ju'ario very badly. There are also a number o canal boats sunk at this pout The following are the vessels in port this morning, and the damage they have sustained, ao far as we can ascertain:?The steamboat Globe damaged, $600 , hauled down to the Pier. Pacific in tne jain, and much injured. 8am. Ward in the jam, aud much injured. Indiana safe. Propellers?Gsnerai Taylor in the jam. Genesee Chiel was brought to the foot of Clark street, and much damaged. Delaware safe. Lady of the Lake hauha down to the pier uninjured. Roseiter ditto Barks?Uuca in the jam. E. B. Morgan safe. Brigs?The Olive Ki'-hmoud hauled out on the ways. The JBanaer gone in the Lake. Hollister between pier, much imured. Europe in the jam, much injured and sunk. Lowell do. Champlain carried into the Lake. Mc Bride in the lam, and much injured Gen. North do , and totally wrecked. Boon gone. 8. F. Gale, Mayflower, MiiiesotH, Buffalo, Mahoning, Montezuma, C. B. Blair, Casteloa, Mechanic, in the North Branch, and Bale. Enterprise safe in South Branch. Isabella, North Branch. Morris at the pier, and much iniored Mohegan in the jam. and totally loat. J. Y. Scammon in the jam, and iojuied St. Louis in the North Branch, and safe. Schooners? E. Bowen, sate; Gen. warren ia the jum ; Holland, North Branch, and sale ; Susquehannah, unknown ; Clemuntine, unknown ; Morgan, sufe; A. Wilcox, safe; H. Norton, in the Cake ; Min', South Branch ; Armetro , nknown; Mfchalu, eunk ; Reindeer, on w.iya; Bolivia, unknown ; G. Watson, ditto ; McKay, sale; Odd Fellow, safe: 0 Debb -Mink ; Helena, safe; La Sulla, sunk P. Hilliard hauled to the piora ; ke, rale; Buckaer hauled to the piers, wi none; Allegan, sunk ; Stanton, do ; W Ashland, badiy damaged; Fairfield, sale Bianch; Christiana, sale. Sloops?Sun, si.dk ; Buffalo, sale. | The vessels which remained in the jam are somewhat injured. The list of canal boats is too long to repeat. Should the North Branch get dammed up, of which there is tear, a large share ot them muat bo destroyed. We hear of several lives being lost A boy w as crushed to death at Randolph at. bridge ? a little girl was killed by the tailing ot a topmast. A number ol men are reported to have loar their lives on canal boats which have been sunk, and upon the ice and bridges as it brohe up. At the time ot writing, the water is rising last and the goods are being removed from the warehouses along the river. It is impossible to estimate the extent ol the injury which has been done. We tear the loss of lire has oeen much more than has been reported. We learn from Bridgeport that the budge over the lock is gone, and tnat about 1U0 feet of embankment on the aide of the feeder has been swept awav also. 1 o'clock P. M ? The water is still rising. The vessels in the jam started, and now lay near the light house. Uoon their breaking away, the wharf was carried oh almost entire. The New York Richmond at this time made the lake ia safety. Fairfield safe in South Branch. W. C. Walton in the ism, and much injured. J. J. King, unknown. H. Parsons unknown. P. Mills in South Branch. Leland brought to tsot of La Salle street safe. A. Harwood in jam, much injured. North Western sate in Norh Branch Sheiidan do. J. C. Spencer safe. C. Walker. C Y. Richmond, outward bound, in the jam, considerably damaged. Whirlwind feunk. Alexander H. Hu?r, Case lie, and Manitowoc, unknown. ' Alban>, Dahlia, and Teleeraph, in jam. Bsena Vista uukaown. M. Halliard earned into the lake. Col. Benton de. Woodbridge badlv damaged in the jam Exoeloior in the jam. G. Lillie gone into the lake, inach injured. The Hayden safe. H B Bishop sate. The Floods In ids doath and West. The Frank I m (La ) Banner, ot the 8tli inst. Bays:?The Teche ia now gradually risiug, and fiom accounts which we get trom the Mississippi, we conclude that something ot an overflow will take place soon in this section of the country. Such an event must prove most disastrous to our planters. The injured conditio i of much of the seed cane ot thia parish will have a bad effect upon the coming orop of cane, but an overflow is a diauatet ot a more unpleasant character, and much more to be dreaded. The water is said to be sluicing through a breach ot eleven tores in the levee at Point Coupee, and it adnata a tide of no otdiuaiy bize. We hope our pLnters may he spared the sacrifices which would be caused by an overflow, but at present the prospects appear rather gloomy. The M. Lsuis (Mo ) Republican, ot the 8<h inst. says:?The river continues on the increase, and is now higher than it has been known st any period before during this season. Since our last, it tins risen between two and three teel ; to-day the channel was running thick with drift and heavy ice, which is reported to be out ol the Missouri, that stream trom the mouth of the Osage down being higher than it has been known tor some iHne The Illinois and Upper Mississippi rivers are also reported rising, and should the present mild and open weather continue, we may expect quite a freshet at this roint. Last evening the weather cleared off aria turned slightly c?laer, but there is little ornu.wot s.f anotlmv ira.sa Ths >n.wLl? ? piwrp t'| HIMMIIV,! II' * *r 1,11*1 IIIUUUJ ftUd MU^JT condition of the ?treets and levee would, howeve-, make such a contingency at prrsent quite desirable. The high rtsge of the river opposite has curtailed the dimensions of the levee, comparatively rpeakiny, to a very narr<*w strip, and from this caube much detention and inconvenience is now felt in the transaction of business, receiving and forwarding of goods. The St James (La.) Lt Messenger, of the 10th | isst . shvs The crevasse near ine plantation of Alexander Brand is an arpent and a half lu width. The force ol the current t? so great tuat the strongen piles are carried away like matches The water extends a great distance and is undermining tha i houses, some of which already threaten to fail It ! has reached the sugar house of Trusimon Landry, and the people are employed in r> moving We I hogsheads. The planters had nude a subs-rip' tier of (10,000 to procure assistance from New Orleans, and Mr Brtngier, it Is said, nad gone to the city for that purpose. The Court had adjourned until May, on account of the condition ol toe river. The waters had falhn within a tew "Ihe JV O. Ha amine, of the 14th mst., speaking ol the river at Carnllton, <.???;?vVe learn thatUie n\er is higher th-u} it has hern ih>s season helot* as far up as Carroilton. 1 his is no doubt in wast quence of the prevailing wind-, by which the Wblers Hre hacked Uf If""' below Ihe levee was . . 4 r li afp f. Ill 111** M.ufFl * Hi'bin DioKen W ni i,l-re w/.rie the diff.ru tr nt-urre.l h we-k or ten -?vi> 8?o The apprehension . ? an overflow co?nnWs to be v-ry ee lo.ia. T.ie h-vee along the Ui.,rr I art id the tfec-nd Mun:< utility wm U-t evening overflowed to a considerable depth, nil ) Ptroop ft are were eniertained that muoh damage would *nrue. ______________ _ Vioi-eut Tornado?The Montgomery (Aid) Jnuimil, ol the Huh instant, speniung of a r- cent tuiuudo neai that place, aav* ; W? near nun-re ti m the cuniitrv ot several diciHt 'iu trorn the heavy norm which pnaw d aot.t i of this city at 2 o'chck i* m. on Wcdnerday Its power who but rtigntly telihere, but at about aix in lea below, m th' ctiitre ol 'to track, much ilaniige occurred to buddit'CH, frncee. dec. At tlw plant itiou of Got. J. P Taylor, in the prariea, never d liinldiBg-i vera drttioyeit, aruonu them two valu ibie urn nouses. At Mount Meiv-', we alto lenru it* effeats were very cevfic?the ae dtttty th< re wis completely prostrated, and ever*' ol the puoilabadly lajtireil, our fatally The high teoces-encloting the (w?rk of Col Caller, were deattoyed, ?ud the heru ot Peer, Kevrtal hui'dred head, scattered. Great ditn.<o aim also done to the telegraph posts, t.e -s, .Vc. From the great torre and extent ot me ster n, wu tekr accounts ol Mill greater disasters. I