1 Mayıs 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Mayıs 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

MEDICAL. THE OJIKHNAL AND GENUINE MAGICAL PAIN liXTHACTOR IS NOW, ?nd always has been, made hy COMSTOCK St CO., Ill Courtlandt street, ami has performed the remarkable cures in this city and throughout nearly all of this continent, the certificates of which have been published, and belong to, nud arc now in the possession of Comstoclt tt Co., 21 Court landt street, and will he exhibited to all who request it. The original and only genuine, will certainly euro burus and scalds, sore and lutlamcd eyes, piles, cut", wounds, brnisos, feser sores, salt rheum, rheumatism, chilblains, eryispclas, and all external inllainmution : hut DE CAUTIOUS! Don't run the risk and danger resulting from tho use of counterfeits. If you want the genuine^article,^buy only at 21 " UK YE FRUITFUL AN1) MULTIPLY." Is a command that should he cheerfully obeyed by the ehildleu of nun.?For Female ami Mule.?UK. LAKZETTE'S JUNO CORDIAL, or 1'rocreative Elixir, prescribed as an effectual restorative in cases of Debility, Iinpoteiioy, of Barrenness, and all Irregularities of nature. It is all that it professes to he, vii: Nature's Groat Restorative, and remedy for those in the married state without offspring. It is a eertain ure for Seminal Emissions, General Debility, (fleet, Weakness of the Genital Organs, Nervous Affections. I.eucorrhiea r Whites. As a vigorating medicine it is unequalled. Also, * certain remedy for Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, loss of Muscular Energy, Physical Lassitude, Female Weakness, Debility, Ac. Jt is 'warranted to please the user in any of the above complaints, and is of priceless value to those without offspring. CAUTION. This celebrated medicine eaunot be genuine unless the facsimile signature of J L'DSDN A CO. (N. II.?the ouly American agents) is on the wrapper of each bottle. Sold at 57 John street. A BOON TO ALL FAMILIES AND SUKFK.RF.RS CONNELL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. The marvellous cures which have been wrought by this ailhealing ointment, mid the almost incredible nrnomit of suffering which lias bees rolieved by it, are too well known by the public to admit of any doubt of its wonderful properties , in subduing all pniu or suffering from hums or scalds, ami always healing, in uu incredibly short time, and never leaving , any sear, if applied to broken limbs, they lieal without pain or soreness. It is sure to cure eyes that have been sore and inflamed for years. By it old scars are removed, and eon- , truoted cords nxc relaxed. It reduces swellings, and stops , mortiflention. ft heals every species of wound., both old aud new, and humors of every description are cured by it. You will pluuse observe, it is no " sovereign rumedy for ail j compluiuts, ' hut ouly intended for external applications in the following:?Burns, Scalds, Frosted parts, Chilblains, ] Chafe or Gulls, ('haps, Tetter, Pimple Blotch, Felon, Ulcer, Sprains, Erysipelas, Cuts, Bruises, Ear and Toothache, Mumps, Sore Throat, W hitlows, Piles, Ringworm, Salt Kheum, Barber's Itch, Carbuncle, Eruption, Sore Eves and Lids, Weak Sight, Sore Lips, Punctures, lliles aud Warts, Fever l'ains, Tender Feet, Inflammatory Rheumatism, Tie Doloreux. Ague in Face and Breast, I'ever Sores, Old Burn Scars, Prickly ! Meat, Inflamed Skin, Broken Breast, Sore Nipples, Bough Hands, Blistered surfaces, Dressing for Blisters, White | Swellings, Cold iu Wounds, Sore Corns, General Sores, Small Fox marks, Ac. Though we have named numerous affections, experience has taught us that tliev arc not too many. < W e refer to the following well known gentlemen of high Handing, who have used or witnessed only that made by us:? Hon. J. Talmadgc. 44 Wall street. Johu iuinun, Ed. Com. Advertiser. 1 Rev. Dr. Matthews. Rev. Miltou Bndger, 150 Nassau Btreet. Hon. Alphcus Sherman, 77 Grand struet. Dr. K. Nelson, 60 White street. Dr. S. Harris, Health Commissioner, 5 City Hall. Iir. Brewster, corner lltli street and Broadway. I)r. Lee, 7H Jolin street. lire, George Endicott, Ninth street. Capt. Brooks, steamer Nimrud, Rev. W. 11. liidwcll, Evangelist Office, 120 Nassau street, * And we might add several hundred more. No family should be for a day without this Salve. Buy it only at 21 Cuurtlund ! Street, and alter 1st of May, at 57 John struct, and you will be sure of the ftcuaine. 1 STOVE AND GRATE VARNISH, ! Fronounsed by thousands who have used it to he the best article ever known for polishing stovos, grates, and every kind 1 of iron. It prevents rust, gives a Jot black polish liku that of i a coach body, which stands on pipes, Stc., for years. Sold only I at 21 Courtland street, after let of May at S7 John street. RHEUMATISM. Comstook's Hewes' Nerve and Bone I.lnlment, and Indian Vegetable Elixir, is warranted to cure any case of Rheumatism, Gout, contracted Cords end Muscles, or Stiff Joints, strengthen Weak l.imbs, and enables those who are crippled to walk ag ain. Use this article and be cured, or go w ithout it and suffer, as you please. Certificates of cures by the hundred can be seen at 21 Courtlumlt street, after 1st May at 57 John street, N. Y., where this article is sold only genuine. DEAFNESS. Use Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil, for the eure of Deafness. Also, all those disagreeable noises, like the bussing of inseots, falling of water, wliissing of stoam, which are symptoms of approaching deafness. Many persons who have been duaf for ten, fifteen, or twenty ^ears, and wore subject to use unrtrunipets, have, after using one or two bottles, thrown aside these trumpets, being made perfectly well. Sold at 21 Courtlandtstreet, after May 1st, at 57 John street. HAY S LINIMENT FOR THE PILES. The worst attack of the Piles aro effectually aud permanently cured in a short time by the use of the genuine Hay's Linimuut. Hundreds of our tirst citiscns throughout the eountry, have used this Liniment with complete success. It is warranted to cure tho most aggravated case. Buy only at 21 Coartlandt street, after May 1st, at 57 John street. LONOLEYS GREAT WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA. 1. For Colds and feverish feelings, and preventing fevers. 2. For Asthma, Liver Complaint, and Bilious Affections. 3. For Diarrhoea, indigestion, and loss of Amietite. 4. For Costivcucss in iewulcs and males, and Nervous Complaints. 0. For Stomach affections, Dyspepsia, Piles, Rheumatism, lie. The great points are, it is nut bad to take, never gives pain, and never leaves one costive. Sold only at 21 Courllandt street, after Hay 1st, at 57 John street. HAVE YOU A COUGH? Do not neglect it. Thousands have met a premature death for the want of attention to a common Cold. Rev. Dr. Bartholomew's Expectorant l'ink Syrup will most positively give relief, and save you from that most awful disease, Pulmonary Consumption, which usually sweeps into the grave thousands of the young, the old, tho lovely, and the gay. Only ottce, 21 Courtluudt street, after 1st May, 67 John street. aplO 13t? law TROF. BARRY'S TRICOPHEROUS, OR MEDICJILED COMPOUND, for restoring, preserving, and reautifting 'llaib. eradicating scuhff amd dandruff, and curing diseases of the skin, glands and muscles, stings, cuts, bruisf.s, sprains, lie. lie. lie. lie. IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC OF THE EFfieary of any curative preparation, in this thinking and reflective age, it is necessary to explain the philosophy of its operation. The process by which Professor Barry's Tncopherons produces such extraordinary results, cannot be underatcud, w ithout a brief notice of the structure and usee of the delicate substances to which it is applied, and in the condition of which, it accomplishes the most salutary changes.? The connexion between the hair and the skin is so close, that the one may be almost deemed a continuation of the other, and hence whatever renovates, restores, and nourishes the hair, must of necessity have a healthful influeuce upon the sensitive membrane in which its routs are fixed. The skin, that wonderful envelope, iu which the sense of touch resides, consists of three layers: the epidermis, or cuticle, a semi-opaque, or almost insensible film ; the kcti ssucost'si, which is a spongy membrane reticulated with nerves and blood-vessels, ni d forms a sort of shield to the cxiiuiiitcly sensitive true skin; andlthe true skin itself, Which constitutes the third layer of the triple envelope. In this tough, flexible and elastic iiilegutnout, are located the nerves, blood-vessels, Jkc? which supply sustenance to the hair, and in the derangement of which diseases of the skin originate. The vessels of tho true skin supply the sacs containing theroots of the liair with the moisture which sustains the fibres, and the same causes which affect tho health of the hair, also affect tlie health of the skin. This is self-evident to the casual observer, as irell as susceptible of demonstration by the anatomist and physiologist: for in all cutaneous diseases, the hair becomes dry and harsn. and fails out in such quantities as sometimes to render the patient partially or entirely bald. Wounds, burns, Ike., on the skin of the head, also produce baldness on the portious of the scalp where the injury has buen inflicted, thus proving the close affinity and sympathy between the organism of the skin and the hair. The wonderful restorative and remedial properties of Professor Barry's Tricophernus, aro based upon this hypothesis, or rather this fact. It acts through the skin upon the hair, stimulating the inert vessels, opening the pores imparting activity to the circulation, awakening from their lethargy, all the vegetative functions which give life, vigor, and beamy to the fibres, extirpating every particle of scurf and dandruff, and soon clothing cveu the bald or half denuded head, with a thick, glossy, silky, and elastic covering. But this is only one of the uses of Professor Barry's Trlcopherous. The'same properties which restore vital and vegetative pnwrcr to the skin of the head are equally beneficial in nil cutaneous diseases or superficial injuries. For cuts, I burns, bites of insects, sprains, erysipilas, blotches, pimplts, scabies, ring worm, rashes, scrofula, priokly heat, chilblains, chapped hnnds, rheumatism, burns, scalds, bruises, redness of the sain, and in short all thu troublesome and painful external diseases and injuries which nre so common in families, and which nothing but external remedies can remove, the Triflonherons Willi be fonnit a sne-.l v mifn mS MMf-it; Jly virtue of ita double claim aa a renovator and hcaiitifier of nature's choicest ornament, and a potent and invaluable remedial agent, it ia entitled to n place on every toilet, and in every medicine cheat. The following testimonial*, aelected from hnndrcda of similar import, will serve to show the value of the preparation, and the eatimntiun in which it i? held by thoae w ho have given it a trial. COPY OK A LETTER FROM WILLIAM DAVIES, Corner of Hick' and Atlantic atreeta, Brooklyn. Bhooki.vv, April 111, 1S4H. Pnorr.seoR Ban rv?Sir : I ihonld be dcttcicnt in gratitude to you, and in feeling for othcra who may he similarly afflicted. If 1 neglected to inform you that your Trioopherous ha a entirely removed fnmi my face a painful and disgusting eruption, conaiating of largo red pimples, with which I had been annoyed for many years. A regular application of the fluid according to the directions, for a little butter than three weeks, completely relieved me of the nuisance, and the akin of my face is now as free from discoloration aa in my bovhood. Vorfrs truly, WILLIAM DAVlES. COrY OF A LETTER FROM JAMES FITZGERALD. Xiw York, April 12, IS49. Fnorr.saon B*n?v?Verily, my dear Sir: Your Tricopherona is tkc Admirable f'ricliton of ita class. It not only relieves the head from scurf and dandruff, and imparts vigor and beanty to the hair, but it is 1 can testify from personal experience, a most valuable application for cuts, abrasions, bruises, and thoro vile eruptions which are so annoying to children in the wurtn seasons. I have found nothing to equal ft in cutaneous disenses. and if what 1 say, is worth anything to you. publish it and welcome. Your obedient servant, JAMES FITZGERALD. COPY OF A LETTER FROM MISS NELSON. Citv Hotel, Sept.4, IN48. Mr. Bannv?Sir: Yon have the permission to use my name an having experienced she great utility of your Triconherous for dressing the hair. 1 have found the use of oils ana pomatums to occasion a harshness to my hair, and for three or four years it was fast falling off, and much changed in color, but since using your Tricoplierons, I feel my head always comfortable. and my hair is grown strong and thick, to the amazement of all iny friends and acquaintance*. I have invariably found it to give the most general satisfaction. Please send three bottles by bearer, who will pay you. CATHARINE NELSON. COrY OF A LETTER FROM DR. LEE Nr.w Yoak, Fah. 5, 1S49. Mr. IlAnnr?I have no hesitation in recommending an ar siciu wiucn i rmn, 01 my ow n personal Knowledge, endorse a* good; and I therefore state with confidence, that yonr Trleopherous is what yon claim it to be?an article for cleaning, preserving, beautifying, and promoting the growth of the hair. I find it to be the heat remedy I have ever had in my practice for tcald head, ringworm, and diaeaaea which the akin ia subject to. T. A. l.EE, M. D. The following testimonial is from Mr. Minn, editor of the Scientific American. Comment on aueh evidence ia unneaeaaary Ntw York, Feb. 24. 1*49. Bannv'a Tincoriiriiots is an article that we take pteaoure in awarding the highest commendations. We do not do it npon the recommendations of others, but from our own personal knowledge of Ite effects upon the hair; while it tende to keep it healthy, soft and glossy, it also removes dandruff, prevents grey hair, and invigorates its growth in a manner nnequalled by any other composition known to ue. A person enly needs to use one hottle to l>e eonvinoed ef this truth. Cold in large bottles, price 25 cents, nt the principal office, 129 Broadway. * AnRNT*?Anderson, fi07 Broadway: Dr. Smith, 254 Tenth avenue: Dr. tvon, 440 (trend street: Dr. Mercer, 234 Broad Street, Newark; Mri. Hays, P2 Fulton street., Brooklyn; K. O. Wright, 2.1 South etreet, I'hiladolphin; C. I\ Pointer, Baltimore: W. Brown, Washington street, Boston; Havllwnd, Harrell fc Ce., Charleston, S. C.; J. Wright, New Orleane; David Chambers, St. Lents, Mo.; F. Brombery, Mobile, Ala.; Merger, Kaeine, Wisconsin For sals by drngglsts and perfnnws^ersrally, throughout Ue United B fetes nod Caandft. MEDICAL. ^ I N AbA nId 'S 's a li S AT A R I L lXT ~ IN QUART BOTTLES, POR PRRIFYINO T1IK ULOOD, AND FOR T1IK CURE OF ICKOrVI.A, M CKCI' RIAL Dirt K A A KM, U It AIM AT1MM, Cl'TAMOUl E Hi'PTIOBS, TUBbORM U.CIBI, MVrti COMPLAINT, 1)V Ml'Ei'MI A, HKOWC1I1T1JI, ALT IIMU'M, COMSt'BPTIOI*, FRYER luuts, FEMALE COMILAINTf, ERYSIPELAS, LOU <>r APPETITE, PIMPLEN, MILAM, fiKN ANAL DEBILITY, &.M. riMi!-. ruurMtiuiia nave spent mm n time in Prini-ing X this preparation ut SurnapariUa to lid present suite of perfection; and the ni<mitt uf fourteen jms hue furnished them llit* must ample opportunity to study, in their various forma, lii* diseases fur which it in recommended, mid to adapt it sxuctly to their relief end eure. Patients who wiih n really good Medietas are luvited to give it a trial, and aatiafy theuiavlvea wf ita superiority, and the inialulde property it posse s??s of arreatini; and curing diaraae. The buttle'liaa hceil enlarged tu hold unu tjuarl, and in ita preaeut improved furui mi) safely elaim to he tl,? beat and cheapest medicine of the age. 11* progress to the fuiue it has attained, may be traced Iy a long line of facte and cures that stuud as landmarks and beacons tor the invalid, pointing the way to the haven of health, and what it has already done for the thousands who hav e mcd it, it is capable of doing for the millions still sttfferug and struggling with disease. It purities, uleauses and strengthens the fou at sin springs of life, aud infuses new vigor throughout the whole animal frame. DYSPEPSIA CURED. The following testimonial, from a gentleman so well known as Mr. t'ux, require! no comment, as it reeommcuds itself to all similiarly atllietcd :? Ni.w York, Tlecember 18, 18(8. Messrs. A. II. it D. Sands:?Gentlemen?Having experienced tlie most beneficial effects from the use of your Sarsaparillu, it gives me pleasure to add my testimony to the nu- j mi rone spontaneous illusions of grateful hearts which you continually are receiving. My eaae was dyspeptic, or rather I may term it, a weakness of the digestive oi>aus. For more than a year, 1 w as troubled t w ,lli wind upon luy stomach and us frequent eructation, tofvthir w ith producing a spudmodiu eoiitraetion of the heart, 1 i tun gave me much annoyance. After try ing various rumo- I liies without avail, and thess, too, prescribed by one of our ! most iminvnt physicians, 1 commenced with yonrSnrsnparilla. Lieti.ro i hud used halt a bottle, almost every symptom of this disagreeable complaint liad vanished, and in a few weeks its continued use effected a uompleteeiire. 1 therefore coiitideut- 1 ly recommend it to all persons allcctcd ill the same manner, I and have reason to believe that many who are suffering under ii supposed disease of i he heart, if they w ould I ake your Sarsaiiariliu. in a few weeks would find themselves restored to j health in Loth mind and body. i remain yours, vsry truly, JOHN V. COX, y.'t Lexington avenue. SAND'S SARSAPAluLLA IN PRUSSIA. Tlio proprietors of this valuable medicine, have just roIcived an order from our esteemed friend and correspondent, ' i hoodi iv S. 1 ay, . ecietary ol Legation to the Court of i'rus- 1 list, for the use of a member of the Koyal Family?u copy of ! which we herewith lay before our readers.?Home Journal. (j, 8. Li.o ATio.N, III Hi.i.n, Nov. 3<l, 18(3. " Gkntlcmek?I w ish you to scud tw o dozen bottles of t'our Sarsaparillw, for the "use of his royal highness I'riuue tt aldimir, ol i'russta. to this legation, us soon an possible. It is necessary that he should receive it immediately ; therefore, pluusc send it by first steamer. The lull can he mads out in | the name of the prince aud scut w ith it. Your obedient scrv ant, TIIEO. S. FAY." The following certificate from Col. Samuel G. Taylor, a gen- , tlcu an of high standing and extensive acuiiaintance through- ! jut thu Southern States, aud lately appointed Consul to New Granada, commends itself to the at tent inn nf all:? Ntw Yuua, Jan. 7, 1S18. I Messrs. A. B. St D. Sands:? l Gi.nti.k.vifx Having ml and witnessed the effects of four excellent preparation of Snrsapnrilla on different persona : in various parts ot the southern country, via:?Virginia, Looi iuna, Texas and Mexico, 1 feel much pleasure in stating the high opinion entertained of its great medicinal value. In my jw n ease it acted almost like a charm, rumoring speedily the mervatod state of thu system, and exulting in the most agreeable manner, a tonic and invigorating influence. Vour ?arsapnrilla Is highly approved and extensively used hy the United States Army in Mexico, aud my eousiu,"General Zachury Taylor, has for the past live years teen in the hahlt of using it, and recommends the same ; he and myself adopted the article at the same tiuio, and it is now considered an almost indispensable requisite in the army. In conclusion 1 would say, that the better it is known the more highly it w ill be (trued, and 1 trust that its health resturiug virtues will make It gcnorully known throughout tho length aud 1 breadth of our widely extended eouutry. Yours very respectfully 9. U. TAYLOR. United States Consul to New Granada. The following interesting case is presented, and the reader invited to its careful perusal. Comment on such evidence is unnecessary:? New York, April 2G, 1M7. Mrssns Sand*:?Gentlemen?Having long been afflicted with general debility, weakness, loss of appetite, Sic., receiving no beucht from the vurious remedies prescribed, I coneluded about three mouths sineo to make use of your Sarsuparillu. 1 now have the pleasure ofiiiforiuingyou that its effects have been attended with the happiest results in reetoring my health, aud 1 uui induced to add inv testimony to the many others vou already possess ; audio those desiring further infoimatiou. 1 will personally give the particulars of my ease, and the effects of this invaluable medicine, by sailing at &JS Bowery, New York. Y'ours respectfully, JANET McINTGSn. This certifies that Miss Janet Mcintosh is known to me as a member of tho Church, in good standing.and worthy of confidence. J, 9. Bl'ENCER, Fastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn. Prepared and sold, w holesule and retail by A. U. St D. Sands, Druggists and Chemists, 1UU Pulton street, corner of William, New York. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the United States and Canadus. Prise $1 per bottle; six hettles for $6. jsuld r1?o by Aupny & Piekson, Philadelphia; Canby & Burtlctt, linltiiuure; K. fc>. PatUirnon, Washington; ll&vilaud, Uorral 6l ( ?., C harltH?>n ; Sickltd Sl Co., N?w Orb-aim; G. Uext?r, Albany; and S. W. Fowle Boston. mhl.'J Kit* ALL WJIO DESIRE HEALTH, READ! MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF SARSAI'AKILLA. "Medicine, at times, is as nooexsnry to health, particularly a l>cr>- the blond is disordered, as fond is required to support the nniuinl functions."?Adernitht, MORRISON S SARSAPAK1LLA.?This is no new article, nor is it presented to the public with a noisy announcement or flourish ot trumpets. In his course of business in the Drug and Mcdicinu line, now extending over a period of forty years in New York, ho has prepared this EXTRACT OF SARSAR1LLA, from a formula much used and admired hy our OLD STANDARD PHYSICIANS. By them it is highly reeommended to the public, in all oomplaints and corruptive diseases of the Blood, Dyspepsia, Want of Appetite, Affection of the l.iver. Menial Depression, Scrofula, Over Use of Mcvcury, Ulcers and Caneers, General Disarrangement of the System, Consumption, Weakness of the Body, l'ains in the Kidneys, Palpitation of tlie Heart, Sourness Of the Stomach, and Chronic Diseases, and all Complaint*. TO FEMALES It onnnot be held In tco high estimation. A trial of an artiele is better than any argument, and this ie nil that is required in the use of MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA, to prOTe to tho public that this is a genuine speciflo, for what lie enumerates, made from pure Brazil Sarsaparilla, at a price w here economy is eetnbinca equally with health. The bottles are of the largest siie, sold at only SEVENTY FIVE CENTS EACH, OK FOUR DOLLARS PER HALF DOZEN. Remember the well known old establishment, where it it prepared and sold. JOHN C. MORRISON. Apothecary and Druggist, No. 88 Greeawieh st, mhl3-13t* North River Side, New York. 800,000 BOTTLES, IS EARLY or DR. DEWITT C. KELLINOER'S LINIMENT. Have been sold without A MURMUR. IT IS WARRANTED IN ALL CASES TO ERADICATE pains of every nature, and heal all manner of sores and braises. It is put up in large bottles, is mild, fragrant and agreeable. The very small quantity required to he taken, renders it ten times cheaper than any other article in the market. As a plain and convincing proof of the above, it has eaused THOUSANDS of the best and moit skilful men in the country to lay down all other remedies used by them from 30 to 40 years, and use this great remedy on all required oeeasious, as the best and cheapest to be found?among w hom we are proud of the honor of referring to lion. it. 11. t.rinnell, Hon. R. F. Carman, lion. Kntiert ii. Moms, Mr. w uiiHin L. Morris, uov. Morris, Mr. James Bathgate. In continuation, wc liare our Irvings, Costars, Livingstons, ilamiltons, Jaucways, Dcpces, Kays, Ludlows, Bradhursts, l.orillards, Scherincrhorns, Ste. lie. In short, nine-tenths of th? elite of New York and many other oities, pronounce it the existing wonder of the age. Among the world's brightest, most experienced horsemen, we hare Hiram Woodruff, William Whoelan, Qoorgo Spicer It Brothers, A. Conklin, D. Bryant, James Bevens, Jacob Somcrendyke.W. L. Rcid.Saml. Sague, Win. D. Sparks, Win. Cowan. N. if.?If any further proof were necessary, we will add that it la usod ty every principal stage line, tne Harlem read, and many other large companies, the Bull's Head, and by all tne principal livery and exchange stables throughout the city and country generally. To he had always genuine of s. INGEK80LI. ti BROTHER, Wholesale Drumists, 231) Pearl street, or of the proprietor, who can be seen at the central depot, Tatmenlls, 446 Broadway, at all hours in the day. It can also be MR at /. M. Quiraby's fancy store, HUSH Broadway; at the Ilarlem Railroad offices; of Messrs. Ilarmer, liays si Co., 273 Pearl street, and inest of the wholesale saddlers and druggists, together with many wholsale and retail grocers, throughout the city and country generally?at 50 cents; (4 rer dozen; $42 ner gross; 6 gross at $3<> per gross. Cash agencies can be land in all parts of the world, by advancing one-third cash. Letters must be paid. mh27 13t Dr. l. p. tenecr informs iiis patients, and the public in general, that he has resigned his practice, and has deposited his medicine for the cure of gonorrhica, gleet and analogous diseases of the organs of generation, in the hands of Charles II. King, l'J2 Broadway, and in all the principal drug stores in the city and Union. This medicine is not unpalatablu, is speedy and certain in its effects. Is purely vegetable, and is not injurious to the most delicate constitution. Ask for Teneur's Specific, and nona is genuine without the name of L. P. Tcneur 11 Co. stamped on the bottle, and the signature in writing on the label, myl It* DR. JOHNSON, 16DUANE STREET, SO WELL KNOWN in the treatment of delieate diseases.?The Doctor's reputation for stall in those half cured oases that have axisted for years is pre-eminent. Constitutional weakness, brought on ny a secret habit, effeetnally oured. Keccmt cases cured in four days. myl It* NO CURE NO PAY.?DR. CORBITT, 19 DUANE 8T., maybe oonsulted on the treatment of eer'*'n delicate diseases. A practice of sixteen years devoted ts the treatment of delicate diseases enables Dr. C. to cure the worst form of this disease. Recent oases oured in three days. No mercury used. myl It* DR. COOPER, 14 BUANE 8RECTT, HAS, FOR TBS last fourteen years, confined his practice to the treatment of Mercurial and other Diseases of a delicate nature. He can euro the most aggravated cases of this disease ; and mild cases removed in two to 8ve days. A perfect enre. or no charge. myl It* MEDICAL CARD! DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO BE CONSULTED confidentially on private diseases, gleets, strioturee, venereal ulcers, and eruptions; be cures where others fail. Recent eases aured in a few (lavs. Nervine and organic debility he warrants to curt. Those contemplating marriage, and w ho suffer from the effects of a secret habit, ean be reStored to perfcet health by Dr. M. Letters, prepaid, attended to,and medicine forwarded with advice. A perfect core guaranteed. Seu|his London diploma in bis office, MX 1 niton street. inyl it* E AAA-f OCNTRY MERCHANTS AND ALL 9u.v/U" others are informed that the subscriber has removed to the spacious store. No. 273 Greenwich street, where ho will at all times bo prepared to serve the public with everything in hiB line, nt prices as low, if not lower, than any other establishment in this city, llis stock embraces every variety of Parlor, Stand, Reading and Hand Lamps, Chandeliers, Ac., for oil, camphinc, spirit and phosgene gas. Also, assortment of Table and other Cutlery, Glassw are do.. Oil, Camphine, Spirit Gas, 1'hosgene Gas, Lamp Wicks, Ac. Purchasers are invited to call before making their selections. mh20 13t? ]?w CIIA8. FULLER. No. 273 Greenwich, between Warren and Chambers sts. FOR TIIE PILES. ID n. UPHjIM'S electuary, A N Internal Remedy, is a certain euro for the Piles, either XI. internal or CEternal?bleeding or blind. Sold wholesale and retail only in this city at the office of the original propriitor, A. LI DAM, M. D., a regular educated physioian of twenty years eiperianee, eontlned to an office where Piles and Chronle diseases were successfully treated. Medical Office, 1S6 Bowery, four doors above Spring street. Oflloe hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Advice gratis. mh2) Ut* <ti/wOO CHALLENGE.?VALIERS FRENCH PILLS.? ~fp * J\J\r This is an unrivalled remedy for diseases of a private nature. A positive and speedy care,without the reetrieUoa of diet or hindrance from business. Trice SI per ben. Sold Iffd Greenwich street, three doors from Courtlnndt. mh27 ^ MKDieAL. M A U N E T 1 C T OWDEH, DESTRUCTION OK* AI.L KINDS OK INSECT8. K MANUEL LYON, INVENTOR AM) POSSESSOR OK TIIK IN V A I.I'A HIE Powder for the destruction of Cockroaches, Moths, Ants, Hies, Mosquitoes, liups, and various other insects. Also, Pills for the destruction of Hats uinl Mice, within ttvc minutes after leiojr thrown in their vicinitv. Warranted without J ?i?nn. I rice, l'la.-k or Ilox, 50 cents. This preparation is a i'owdcr, compounded of plants, herbs nnd flowers, free fmui auy substance which could possihly injure men or domestic animals, stiff is demid of auy disagreeable odor. 11 has I.ecu examined by the Medical Vacuity of Trance, Kussia, Sweden uud Denmark; front ull of whom he has ample testimony of its efficacy. They ate sold by the inventor and proprietor, EMANl'fcl. I,VON, EJl Broadway. The fellow ing gcntlewou huveuscd them in their establishments, and have certith d to their i Hi act:? 1>. I) HOW A RI >. n?.t, Irtilic' House. I II. I'M AM 4. s'l T.ISON. A ttor House. S. T1IAV Kit ( OZ/.KNS. late of the Anterieiiu Hotel. 1'KIMHN II. liOliUKs, Ks<|., Carlton llou J. I.. KOOMK, V-p. Superintendent ol N. V. 11.-spit.il. And malty of tic most oiniuent 1'liysieians in the city. likewise the first | ri inium of the A menean Institute. myl It* ON STRICTURE AND ITS CURE. Tuk toi.i.owing tew hkmahks uvon srmcTure, it is bullet td, will ho deeply interesting to uiaity people:? 1st.?That Stricture is a very common malady, and frequently exists in those who arc not the least aware of it. 2d.?That a very erroneous notion prevails w ith regard to Stricture. iid.?'1 hat although a Stricture may long remain so dormant as not to he suspected, it is always lending to oilier forms of sexual disorder. 4th.?That there are three circumstances in particular, by w hich a Stricture may alway - he ktmw ti. 6th.?That the cure of Stricture, especially in its early stage, is certain, free frotu pain or iuconteutnco, uud generally accomplished in avert little time. 1?With regard to the frequency of Stricture, this will not surprise, if it is considered that this complaint proceeds from a badly treated Gonorrhoea. If, lor instance, a Gonorrhoea lias fcecti suffered to continue on from month to month, it slides into a Gleet. Now, there is no pnin or inconvenience in Gleet, and on this account it is often suffered to remain for any length of time. Hut it should be known that Gleet is generally connected with Chronic Iuffummation, which naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening in one part or other of the urinary passage is Stricture; and. further, w ith regard to its obscurity, this tliickening may exist without a Gleet, nnd in that ense there is nothing whatever to cull tho attention to it, so that the sufferer must remain in perfect darkness as to the real nature of his malady. 2?Another thing that loads the attention off from this disorder, is the erroneous notion that stricture cannot exist so long as no Impediment to ths flow of urina ls observed. But this is quite wrong. A stricture may oxist for years without producing any striking change in this respect. Indeed, this effect upon tho urine is observed only in advanced and older cases, while the visible effect of early stricture is uot on the part itself, hut on the mind, causing low uess of spirits and want of resolution. b?llut, although a mild or early stricture is seemingly inactive, and of no accuuut, it is far from being really so. It is scarcely possible lor those not acquainted with minute anatomy, to iiuagiue the delicate and peculiar structure of the part which is the scat of this disease, and how little is sufficient te derange it. Mow, this morbid eouiUtiou of tho nassairo. w he ther connected with stricture, ?r induced by uthur and pernicious causes, is ever tending to destroy those delicate orpu, laying the loundatiun uf auuie of the moat distressing inalaill OX hnut nature. It is in this way that flSTtMl Mttitral actions, local debility, an irritable bladder, and other like diseases proceed from a uiild and unsuspected stricture. 4?Nothing, therefore, can be more desirable than to have tome plain and ready uicaua of detecting stricture in its mild and curly stage; and, fortunately, tliero are three particular circumstances, which, for many years, the author has found to serve this pnrposo. They are the following. The first relates to? Tilt: musts or Ubinatinc.--It has been said already that the strcuiu need not bo much diminished ?t impeded, ana that is true : but observe w hat happens after this is finished, and the clothes arc readjusted, and if it should be found that a drop or two will uftcrwards steal away, no as to wet a little, this, trilling as it may seem, will afford a ground uf strong suspicion. The next regards Tilt: TlSIt: A to KM Kit (J O NO II R H (f A MAY HAVE II KM At SID I'nci ki:!).?It is not so much how long ago it may have occurred, as how long the glocty stage may nave continued.? Neither is it possible in every case to stnte the length of time a gleet may run without producing stricture, for 0110 is uaturully more disposed to stricture than another. As a general rule, however, if a gonorrhoea lias been sullered to continue for a period of from six to eight weeks, this would strengthen any other suspicious circumstance. The third is the ErracT a Stricture has vroN the Miwn.?This, in the early stage, is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy. It is ulso one of Its most invariable effects. Not that this is seen in the sumo degree in every individual, but it is so common tbat the writer scarcely sees a ouse of stricture in which the nuticnt dues not complain that he is less aetivs, and less capable of business than formerly. Much might be advanced to show the natural connection of the mind and generative organs, hut for this the reader is referred to "The Private Treatise," while the fact itself is proved by tho return of mental energy as the cure proceeds. 0?With respect to tho euro of stricture?this niay now be accomplished in very littlu time, mid without pain or inconvenience. Nothing enn exceed the improvement cfibotod by the author in tho trentmeut of this complaint. The euro of Stricluro is uuw nco<<ui|di*hcd ill as many days as formerly it demuuded months; it" 'many persons consult the writer who, coming to this city on miriness, for a short time only, return perfectly cured, though it hud been a source of trouble and anxiety fur years. To tlmao who oannot leuvo their lioinui, Ilia own peculiar means of cure can be furnished, ami is safely sent to any distance. It now only remains to add, that Dr. Ralph is consulted upon every disease of tlie gcnito-unlnary organs. Office hours 9 to 12 a. M., 6 to 9 1*. II. (Siudays excepted.) 88 Greenwich street. Consultation by post may ho directed "Box 809 Lower Post Office. The author's 'Tractieal Private Treatise" may also bo had, mailed free, ly enclosing $1, post paid, to the abovo address myl It Madame siiail's venuspill?prepared prom u simple vexctuhle suhstsnee, by Louis Miail, graduate of the Female Obstetrical Institute/Paris. These pills are the only actual remedy stu di.-eovered for Mm SlNof u diseases of thegcr"nl organs, Seminal or Physical Debility, Barrenness, lmpoteuoy. tie. For full particulars of their lingular and magical edicts, see circulars. To be hud of tho regular appointed agents, where alone the pills are to he had genuine und direct from Paris. Price SI per box. C. H. Ring, 192 Broadway, corner of John street; 278 Broadway, corner of Chambers street; 13'f Broadway, corner of Howard street; (>.'( Bowery, corner of Walker street; 284 Grand street, corner of Allen street; 111 Canal street, opposite West Broadway; 96 Hudson street, corner of Leonard street. These pills are put up in small flat boxes, and can he lent by mail to uny part of the United States or Canada. ml It* tttK/h?DR. HUNTER WILL FORFEIT ANY SUM. IN failing to cure any case of secret disease that may come under his care, no matter how long standing or afflicting. Patients are iuvited to his Dispensary, No. 3 Division street, as thousands are cured yearly, by his practical experience and great remedies. Strangers and others who have been unfortunate in the selection of a physician, are solicited to cull on the Doctor, llis Red Drop acts like magic in diseases of this class. Head and reflect. The afflicted would do well to reflect before minting their health, happiness, and, in many cases, their lives, in the hands of physicians ignorant of this class of maladies. 11 is certainly impossible for one man to understand all the ills the human family arc subject to.? Every respectable physician has his particular brunch, ill which he is more successful than his brother professors, and therefore, to that he devotes more of his time and study. Dr. Hunter is known to he the most successful practitioner in tho United Stntes, in mercurial and venereal diseases. SI per vial, w itli directions and a medical hook gratis. Remember, this is the only plaoe where his great remedy, Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, can he had. It is low known all over this country as the only thing that will really cure. Philadelphia, No. 33 North Seventh street. myl It* LEECHES!LEECHES!LEECHES! CONSTANTLY on hand, a large supply of German and Swedish Leeches, for sale at moderate prices, by m.vl lt? (1. A. fa II. WITTK.36 John st. HOTELS, &c. HOTEL TELEGRAPH. T. D. JACKSON, At No. 132)^ William Street, Nrw Yon*. Manufactures his patent annunciator, or Hotel Telegraph, for the use of Hotels, Steamships, and private dwellings. He also respectfully begs to inform the fmblie, that lie will execute all orders, and prosecute all iuringeuieuts of his Patent, with despatch. Orders for machines, or for fitting them up, may he addressed to the andersigned, or to Thomas Chalmers, 700 Broadway. apl7 2Ct? T. P. JACKSON. nrui ni?i l raircu tnii v.'1'ii riiijU'w.-i rinijij, corner of gran ik and centre streets. Brothers perkins, grateful for the very liberal R)tnii|l already ntnM to them, and w liiah has exceeded their meet sanguine anticipations, beg leave te lay that their TRIVATF. SUPPER ROOMS for the reception of i.adiee aecotupanied by Gentlemen, are now, for the first time, complete. They arc confident of their ability to please Hie most fastidious, gentlemen of competent experience and taste in aueh matters having assured them that their saloon is not excelled in London or Paris for coxvrsirNcr, for extent, for coROKors.vrss or decoratio*, for the perfection of ita cvicire, and for its prompt and polite attendance. Ite LARDER, hae always every edible of the New Tork markets; And In addition, almost daily contributions of luxuries, by nil the Iteamers, from the tropical regions and from Europe. Their VAULTS AND STORE ROOMS are eupplied with the choicest brands of WINES, LIQUORS AND SEOARS, selected here or procured directly by importation ; and their charges will be feund as reasonable ae any restaurant of ite character in thie city or elsewhere. m!i27 * JTAirCY GOODS, AC. Decorative art.?stained glass for ruBLic and Private Buildings, in all its Tarictiaa, at GIIIRON's Glass Staining Establishment; ap2d 77 White street. J. GROSS GARELLY & CO., DO William Street, Ur Stairs. Manufacturera and Importeri of Frinyrs, Gimps, Cnrdi and Tuuth, Emproidering Braidi, Uutton$mfor Ladiei' Prenei, HAVE just received a beautiful assortment of Parasol, Dress, and Mantilla Fringes; the.newest and most fashionable styles of Buttons for Ladies' Dresses; China Fram and Orgamine Silk ; London Dye; Patent Wound ; all of which will be sold by the package, at the lowest market prlcee. mhlW-lAt* NOT GONE TO CALIFORNIA. A NAM! SIMILAR TO OURS HAVING AITEARED in a lilt of California passengers some few weeks slnoe, has led many of our friends to suppose that we had gone to the Paeiflt coast. Thie Is not tho ease. We removed from No. 122 Fulton street on the first af February, and are now prepared with an assortment of Flshin* Tanhla at vholauli and retail, it No. 103 Falton (treat. tnb27 13t JOHN J. BROWN k CO. LEVI CHAPMAN, No. 102 William strret, New York, Manufacturer or the cei.ebratkd magic Kai?r Strop, of four (idee; alee Pocket Bonks, Wallets, Spectacle and Hankers' Cases, in every variety, en the mod extensive scale. ( Medium sites, from SIR to $01) per rross. Daguerreotype Cases < Quarter, " " 30" 84 *' (Half. " " (2 ? 144 ? lists and Preservers of all kinds. GEO. I) A BBS. > . mhl3 13t JAS. CREMKK, J BABY JUMPER. THE PATENT INKANT GYMNASIUM, USE HAS PRODUCED A CONVICTION OF TIIE MErits of this novel Invention. More than Thirty Thousand of them hare been need without the occurrence of a single accident. The most eminent Physicians daily recommend them for the healthful exercise or little children. Rvery baby

should be provided with an article so conducive to its healta and happiness. _ MERCIUST8 VIS1TISG THE CITY should not fail to purchase a large supply of Baby Jumpers, for profit to themselves, and the benefit of those customers so fortunate as to have a baby. Also. PATENT SWINGS for Children of all ages, to be had wholesale and retail, at the established depot of mh30 lit* O. W. TITTLE, 311 Broadway, New Tork. WANTB. WANTINO SITUATIONS.?A LARGE ASSORTMENT of Select Family Servants are wanting employment at c. Mason's offices, 138 Bowery and 434 Broadway. Personssuftahle for hotels, steamboats, manufacturing companies, ke? are always on hand ; also Farm Laborers. Terms, soeente a year, otherwise 31 sen ts. N.B. - All persons seat from, these offices are warranted keaeet. tpk it* CLOTHING, AC. CLOTHING AT WHOLE8AI!E^ WE ARK NOW RKADV WITH A LARGE AS1) EI.EKUiit HUHk of fashionable Cluthina, fur the Sonny ami Si iiinn r, suitable fur ihc Southern and n ostern Trade. wliich will be uflercd at such price* a* (hall induce those who may favor lis u lib a call to tnuke their selections. Our prii u are full tifteen per ceut lower than thoie of time houses, and fur variety and styles, uur Stoi k will compare favorably with any other in the city. 1). lit J. DEVI.I.N, lubti i.lt it nnd ,V> John street, orucr ut Nassau. i I OTIIINti AND TAII.OKINii. ASIIION.M I K CI.OTIIING, EN EllV DESCRIPTION of Cloths. Casslmerea, Vrstlnp, et cry thin;: new and desirable. f irst rat, tit always guaranteed, forty per cent less than I'roaUway prices, fur , ash, at CON WAV'S, v i it* 11.1 Fulton street, mmr ifrmiitway. I TO TAIL* 'i:s. DE1LER8 IN CUVTH, toe nl.M:\ KI.EMM REUS LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE TO tl v ! that t.? has taken lofta No. f?l William street, Nr\y Yi r'v.Fcre 1 e Fat opened, and is daily receiving, a choice Miction ?.t (loth*, Hocskin Cassimcres, Vesting*, Jjic., in an tt fn . i.red ev jiclv for the Tailoring Trade. Also, Satins, Serges, Tailors '1 rinuniugs, f;e., w hieli ho otters tor sale a shade UL(l?r the Ion est market price, FOR ("AMI OK APPROVED NOTES. Country Duycrs, particularly, would do well to examine his rood*, where thev have the privilege of selceting from a frch >to. h. in first hands. Ac. HENRY RLE MM. Nj 61 William, near Cedar street, New York CAST OFF CLOTHING AN I) Pf'K N ITU K P. - - L A l>! ES and Gentlemen having superfluous effects to dis|K>so of, can obtain a fair price for thorn ny sending for the subscriber, through the Post Office, who will attend at their residences Ladies uttended to ly Mrs. Levenstvn. unlit* J. LEVENSTVN, 4tki Broadway, upstairs. S if 1 K T S BIADK TO ORDER, Cl 1' BT MEASURE, A!fD WARRANTED TO TIT HV MRS. E. C. 11EMAN, Clinton llall. 1J!? Nassau street, Ntw York. [Established in IKI3.J rpo RE REMOVh) ON THE 1st OF MAY NEXT, TO JL No. I Ah tor House, Rroadway, corner of Vesey street1 Richardson and Owden's. Saddler Kenton's, ami other Family Linens, and York Mills Muslin, alwuvs for sale. Mrs. R. is the in\ enter and ovilv manufacturer or tho celebrated R fc M A N C O L L A It Stitched Bosoms, the best and richest assortment evor offered for sale in the United States. Essoins Embroidered, Corded, Hun, Rict more than fifty different patterns. For Seamstress' Work on Shirts. Mrs. Reman is paying the highest prices ever paid by any Shirt Establishment in the w orld. Fi r Linens, Mrs. li. pays as high as three dollars a yard? prices rarel/paid by any of the royal or ex-royal families in Europe, l or Shirts she charges from Two to Sixteen Dollars a piece. Tho most expensive are generally Wedding Shirts. No Gentleman in the world, it is said, wear so rich and handsome Shirts us the gentleman of New York. At six to twelve hours' notice, Mrs. II. will at auy time got up Shirts to order, cut by measure, and warranted to tit. Several hundreds best btit? bars con tAntly i mpl . i Asfto references, Mrs. Reman ean point w ith confidence and pride to her Order Rook, in w liioh are tho original autographs of between two and three thousand regular customers, among w hom are the names of Presidents and Ex-Presidents of Republics, Ambassadors uf and from Foreign Courts, Senators, and Members of Congress, Governors, and Consuls, General Officers of the Army and Navy. Editors, Poets, Orators, M?rahants, Lawyers, Doctors, and gentlemen of distinction in very grade of Military, N'avul, Diplomatic, and Civil Idle. inhl3 13t law A CARP.?MRS. REMAN WOULD RESPECTFULLY INform all her friends and customers that she will remove her Shirt Store, on the first of May, to No. 1 AstorHouse, cor She has decided to devote Noi. 132 and 134. ou the opposite side of the struct, to a Shirt Manufactory, where also sne will receive orders at reduced prices from those who prefer Nassau street to UmaUway; at which latter place Mrs. lieman herself will always l>e found. Shirts made to order, cut by measure, and wurrnnted to tit, at her old establishment, 1 Nassau street. _____ api'J 1.'It law MRS. VAN HOUTEN WOUI.p inform Hilt fhikndh, and I'lir. H'Bt.lC nENMKAI-LT, Til AT she ia now prepared to execute orders for lino ?uatoin made shihts. bosoms, and collars, In the latest and most unproved patterns and styles, or as may he desired, at Iter Shirt Store and Manufactory, No.S3 Nassau street. N'. 11.?Particular attention is sailed to her uow stylo full bosdm Summer Shirts. apl/St STANDARD FASHION?SPUING IH10. Leaky & co? win, offer their styt.e for the ensuing season for inspection and delivery, March -\l. GENUINE HEAVER HATS. An experience of nearly twenty years, under circumstances well (aleulated to test the justness of thuir views, enables Lsarv it to. to assert that this unrivalled article is peculiarly adapted, from its rure combination of utility, beauty of linish, and artistic taste, to the huhlts and wauls of their customers. I,, it Co., whilo keeping a cartful wateh over the Improvements of the French Metropolis, have rojeotod every exaggerution of fashion or style, anil are confident that the perfection of their present issuo is in character, as well with tlio taste of their customers, us with their house, with whose name a gcatlemnnly hat has become synonymous. l.l.AItV it < O.'S FINE MOl.ESKIN SII.K HAT, Of the finest quality and latest fashion, embracing all the most recent improvements, and unexcelled by any heretofore produced, will be sold at FOUR DOM.ARS EACH. Tho additional preparations niudo for tho manufacture of this article; the increased facilities enjoyod for procuring from France and in this market tho choicest necessary materials, and the greatly extended sales anticipated by L. it Co. wur l.EARY ft co., Hi20 Nog. 3. -1 and 5 Astor House, New York. SPRING FASHION 1819 NOW HEADY.?UNSURPASSED by any manufactured iu tliia city for elegance, durability or cheapness, at the one price atore, lid Canal street. Every article warranted to give satisfaction. ml3 13t J. W. KEl.LOGO. BOOTS AND SHOES. The largest, cheapest, and most fashionable assortment for Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and Children can be found at 3157 Broadway, one door above Franklin street. Country Merclutnts tbat want a tine article cheap, by the doten or Case, w ill do well to vail before purchasing elsewhere. M. CAIIILL, 3(17 Broadway. ml3I3t* FRENCH CALF DRESS BOOTS, flfr A TO $4 5ft, r.,ui.1 to those sold at from $5 to til; second quality, (3 to (3 fin, made to order if you wish; Patent enther Boots; Congress and Buttoned Gaiters; Fancy Patent and Morocco Slips; Ladies', Missus', and Children's Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, black and white Kid and Satin Slips; Calf $2 to $2 fit); Boys' aud Youths' cheap Shoes, 7s. to Ills.; California Boots. 419 Broadway. aplQ Ht* law WINDOW SHADES. 30,000 WINDOW SHADES'. ^ WINDOW SHADES Manufactured and sold in every variety of style and pattern, and of the best materials, that trill not etirl or adhere iu any cliinato, by K.ELTY ft KIKES exclusive Window Shade manufacturers and dealers, at 131 Chatham strsot, New A'ork. .Merchant? and others wanting Shades, or materials for muking or hanging Shades, sun find the largest, best, and cheapest assortment in the United States as above. Cell and satisfy yourselves. mhlS lit* BARTOL'S WINDOW SHADE WAREHOUSE, 17 i and 177 William ttrcet, one door from Uoekmtni, New York. LADIES and gentlsmcD of taste, wishing to purshass Window Shades, Gilt Cornices, Pins, Loops, Ike., will find the greatest assortment in the country, and at the lowest markut price. On band, about 40,000 low priced Shades for the country trade?will be sold low. Also, Curd, Tassels, Brasses, tc. mh2? I3t* law SAMUEL F. BAKTOL. PArER HANGINGS AND WINDOW SHADES AT REDUCED PRICES. The subscribers have jcst heceivbd from the best manufacturers of Europe end the United States, a splendid assortment of Paper Hangings and Window Shades; also, Curtain Materials of every description, lace and embroidered Muslin Curtains, Window Cornices and Ornaments; manufacturers of pure hair and other mattresses, feather beds, fcc., with every article in the upholstery line, wholesale and retail, at prices 30 percent, lower than any other establishment in the city. AM. ft K. PA VIRS, Upholsterers, aplMl* 200 Bowery aad ltifi Fulton street. HARDWABJbT*C. IRON SAFE WAREHOUSE, Voa. 137 ann 139 Water Street, SILAS C. HERRING, TkEALFR IN ALL KINDS OF IKON SAFES AND MO nty (beets, and Manufacturer of the genuine "Patent Satnmander Safe." Second hand Safes of other maker*, such having bean taken in part payment for the real Salamander, for sale loss than one half Brat cost. ml.3 13t KITCHEN RANGES. KITCI1EN RAMIES at twenty dollars and np lo forty dollars each, set up fit for use, and warranted; parlor, bedroom, and office Grates, of the newest patterns; Tin ware, plain and Japanned; Ranges, Grates, Boilers, and Furnaces set. ami all description of fine work put np in the host manner. Smoky chimneys cured, and warranted. Masons always ready to do any description of mason work. J- Gl I,IIOOI.Y, 7H Nassau street. KITCHEN RANGES. Kitchen ranges at twenty dollars and up to forty dollars each, set up fit for use and warranted; parlor, bedroom, and office Grntos, of tlio newest patterns. Tin ware, plain and Japanned; Ranges, Grates, Boilers, and Furnaces set, and all description or lire works put up in the best manner; smokcy Chimneys cured and warranted; Masonf always ready to do any description of mason work. M. J. UILUOOL7, my I it* 71 Nassau street. REFRIGERATORS. JOIIN M. SMITH S IMPROVED PREMIUM RIFRFOErator, and Shower llatli Manufacturer, the oldest and most approved in the United Slates. Also Children's Self-Exorcising Sw ing, Bath Tuhs, Sponge Tubs. Hair Gloves, wholesale and retail. Refrigerators and Shower Baths made to order and repaired, 4IM Broadway. ap24 13t CORNELIUS' SOLAR LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, Chandeliers, new patterns, in Ortnule, Silver, and Damask; Plaited Tea Sets; Forks, Spoons, lie. AS1IF.K If. MORGAN, IA2 William St., ap3 131* Between Fulton and Ann. opposite the CHiareb. STATIONKKY, AC. Blank books, paper and stationery.?Francis k loutrkl, 77 Maiden laine, manufacture every etyle of Account Bonk, and sell at the lowest eash prices; also, Letter, c'ep. and Note Papers, Envelopes. Gold Pens. Portfolio*. Scrap Book*. Ink*, Wax, Wafer*. Manifold Letter Writer*. ( opying uJ Notarial Preaaea. fancy and itapla Stationery article*, newcat atyle*. FRANCIS ft I.OPTREL, mh2H I St 77 Maiden Ban*. NEWS PRINTING, BOOK. WRITING, HARDWARE AND WRAPPING PAPKR. PERSSE ANI) BROOKS, TAPKR MANUKACTl.RF.RS ANI) DKAI.KRS, Wantiiot'ir. 66 and 67 N???tr itttr, N. Y. Uillt at H'iniisor Lorfc*. Cimn. THE ruhacribera have ennatantly on hand a lnrge aasortnient of all kind* of New*, Hook, Writing, Hardware, and Wrapping Paper*, and Trunk, Straw, and lionnet Hoard*, of all kind* and qualities, auitable both for the New York and Southern market. The Paper manufactured at their Mill* i* equal to any other new* printing in the market, of itrong teatur* and fabrio, and of uniform color. 1 heir arrngemcnta with other mannfaoturera are *n*h at will enable them to All order* for any kind of paper dealred by their cuatomera at the ahorteat notie*. mbl3 ISt PRINTINO INK. JOHN O. LIGHTBODY, 19 CONSTANTLY manufacturing. and haa always on hand, every description of Printing Ink, from the flneat Hack and colored to New* Inka, which ho warranta equal to any ever manufactured, and at a* low price* aa can be aold by any regular manufacturer. Order* forwarded by ateamhoat or railroad, to any part of th? country, by addraaaing a note to me, at 36 Roae afreet. 1', S.?Thia paper ia printed with my New * Ink ; alaoagrant many other newspaper* in thia city, Philadelphia, Hoaton, Baltimore, New Orleana, and other eitiea and town* in the United State*. ap3 )St KVIICA1*. n PIANOS FOR SALE AND TO HIRE, AT 7 BARCLAY rtreet, opposite the Aator Reaae, frena I.W to 7 eat*ve*. in roatweod and mahogany eaee* JAMES THOMPSON ft CO., mk2713k late TaUman k Randan. A(iRI(<i.T(l(AI.. N0HT11 A ME IUC A N LAND AND KMIGRATION COMPANY. OFFICE, lW BROADWAY, NEW YORK. PnusinrxT. THKASI'RIR ?in COITWRKL, FERRIS PELL, E?<|. TIIOS. ADDIS EMMET, E |. M A V All K R . Mr. THOMAS HAW LINGS. BoaKU ok KKrKHCNOK, francis hall. km., M m ii lkroy. v?i., <'haui.ks iii tlek. k, |., sa.m'l M. pox, eai., IIAI HE MrKV I Its. E,,i? T. SEIXIU'ICK, I i., DAN iii C. I (>|.HEN. Lmi., A. ii. GRAN KS, Em., J. M SCUM IDT. I ,., ' DUDLEY 8ELDENT, EM., (.on.-ul Ctn'l of I'rurria, W. II TOWN SEN D, Es<|., TTMIIS COMPANY hu i,.n ir^anlieci f'r the purpose of rr, crtvmjlor tale, nnd buying *n<l iclliuit on couiiuieaion, In it .la in hut. Sim.. . r it... i .. .. The necessity of such a Company tan hardly he questioned. Many camrphave, of lute years, boon imperceptibly, hut eflrectnally, combining to bring the subject of Emigration into the p<:iti<*n it now occupies, usonect the great questi >ns ?i tday* Companies having for their object the promotion of colonization, have, lroin time to time, sprung \ip in great Britain and on the Continent of lluroj?\ eaeh udvooaUn.' emigration to that particular region in which it had embarked it? <;?pital. Australia, Australasia, New Zealand, Canada, and nearly all the British Provinces, have their I and Companies, and pay large dividends, while the I nited State# are rcpresente I only by individual agencies, which, from various causes, but for the most part fro in the sale of lands with imperfect titles. have Inflicted deep injury upon the confiding emigrant, ana brought disrepute upon the country. The design of the present Association is to remedy an evil which has been long felt, uot only in Europe, but in this country, vie.: the want of an institution or company, having an organized and methodical arrangement at home, and in correspondence with established agencies in Croat Britain an I ou the Continent; presenting to capitalists and pioneers of emigrants, every variety of lands, with an assurance of title and quality, thereby inspiring confidence iu the emigrant, and elevating She American lauds iu the estimation of European capitalists. Owners of land in large bodies are respectfully invited to confer with the oAoer I t1"- sodmbj. bj the organization and agencies already established, and the terms on which the company propose to conduct their business, present, it is believe, adequate inducements. The plan ot the company proposes to cover the entire ground of emigration, us to meet fully the views of every class of purchasers as well wners. More detailed particulars can 1 btainedon application at the office of the Company, No. l.'JU Broadway, N'ew York. myl It* FOR SALE, A SMALL FARM. of fifteen acres, with comfortable house and out house, (more land may be had, if required,) well situated in the town of \Vcstport, Conn., near tho^New York oiic mile from the sea-shore ; (tooJ roadsand othcraYvantngo iu the vicinity Price $2, KM; terms easy. Rent for Iho house, garden ami out-house, to u good tenant, $U0. Inquire of K. II. SHERWOOD, near the pwmlwi. myl 2t* TO FARMERS. market gardeners, Prepared guano.?kbntish's original and only geuuine, :it 1 out per 11>.?More undoubted proof:? To C. A.k sntisii.?Dear Sir?The pro parol guano purchased from you, I understand, from the person ?lio works m> furni, tlint it gave li i in luoru satisfaction tluin any other man ore ho has ever used. It wan applied to corn, oats, aud grass a* a top dressing, villi tho greatest success. JAS. M, SMITH, ,lr., Port Washington. N. d. For sale only hy the original manufacturers, Kentish it Co., 40 Peck Slip, New York. myl It" to farmers, market gardeners?ao., PREPARED GUANO?the Original, Pure, and Genuine? at Ouo Cent pur pound. Read the follow ing sertiflcutus:? From the gentlemanly proprietor of the Astor Rouse, to C. A. Kentish :? "Dkar Sin:?I used your prepared Guano with turnips. I noticed that the early part of the crop was entirely free from the Fly, and the entire crop w as excellent. 1 have 110 hesitation, therefore, in recommending it, as I feel great confldcuue in it. To farmers and gardeners I consider it indispensable. K. H. COLEMAN, " Astor Rouse, and Flatluuds, L. I." "To C. A. Kkntisii, Esq.:?Dkar Sik?1 used the propared Guano obtained from you, on corn, potatoes, egg plants, tomatoes, Arc., and I found" it tlio host, cheapest, aud moat easily managed fertilizer villi which 1 am acquainted. " E. WOOD, Shrewsbury, N. J." For sale only hy KENTISH Ik CO., 40 Peek Slip, New York, Agents wanted iu ull towns. A liberal commission allowed. uplU TO FARMERS AND DAIRYMEN. Anthony it emekson's patent double-acting ROTA RY CHl'RN.?In bringing this cfl'ectunl and simple Churn into use. the proprietors, feeling confidence in its capabilities, do not hesitate to pronounce it tho best Churn ever ottered to the public. This Churn is on exhibition at tku agency, NO. 2 JOHN STREET, second atory, corner of llroudway, New York city. And in order to rouvince the incredulous anu satisfy tho curious, at TWELVE O'CLOCK DAILY, A CHURNING WILL HE MADE. The public are invited to call and examine the machine and see its utility tented. It combines the following valuablu qualities : ? 1st. It produces hnttcr in less time than aiy other Churn, making it und gathering it front sweet milk in from three to eight minutes, aud from cream in much less time. 2d. It produces more butter from the same amount of milk or cream, than the ordinary method, as it does its work in a more thorough and scientific manner. 3d. It Is the cheapest and most convouiont Churn ever invented, involving the true philosophical principles of butter St li 'ii'tw milt ittcr ktiux xtxxsi.il la xs-xxt isil aliltxl.ld shipped, in tn ? boxes, 12 feet loag and 2 feet wide, and d inches deep, the freight en uhicli would he about $14 to San I'raneis ?. There at ill also he no trouble in removing front one part of the country to another, as the house tan, in a few heart, he taken do* n and put up. Ily calling upon Ute (ubttribtr, a bouee of the abovt tilt tea be seen. ?2U hit PETER N A YI.OR, Yi Stone atreet. PUBLICATIONS. ANGLER'S ALMANAC FOR 1S49. ACSEIX'L little pamphlet, of interest to the Analer THiiorGHOfT tmt skasow, containing timei of tWee, where to fl?h, statistics of Aimllng, kr. Also, a full assortment of Uooks and Lino, of uM descriptions, for aale by JfillN J. DROWN k CO, ml.-7 lit At the Angler's Depot, 103 Fnltoa St. PROSPECTUS OF TIIE PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, FOR 1HM. EDITED BY O. 8. k L. N. FOWLER. TO reform and perfect ourselves and our race. Is the mast exalted of all wOTks. To do this, we must understand the human constitution. This, Phrenology, Physiology, Physiognomy, and Vital Magnetism embrace; henco fully esponnd all the laws of our being, and conditions of happiness. P1IRKNOLOUY. Etch number will contain the analysis and location or some Phrenological faculty, illustrated hy an engraving, or an article on their combinations, with instructions to learnere, PIIVSIOLOUY. , , , , . Ileslth Is life, the great instrument of talent, virtue, and happiness, all of which it augments. To its preservation and restoration, special attention w ill be given. VITAL MAONETlHM, With practical Instruction. Interesting fasts, and those thsttc truths which it unfolds, wfll .e presented in this Journal. YOVFu JlfiaVp The blessings they enjoy, th. influents they can wield, and their preparation for conducting our institutions, will form the them, of a ^^-IMPROVEMENT. Who does not long earnestly, and would not strive Mslduonsly to eultivate Ms natural powers, and render himself belter and more happy f To tueh, each number will be a prompter and n teat boo . TJJ1 J0VRyAli Will be published monthly, containing thirty-two large octavo pages, oa good type and paper, with a variety of engravings, and much practical instructions to learners, at thefollewiag very lew pgifg fk ADVANCE. fltwni.e Copt, Owe Test 91 00. Rample Bombers of this Journal will be seat en Arts, takes desired, rlease addrese, voir tnto FOWLERS AND WELLS, ?U7 curtdr 11alb, Ul Namav it., Nate Tors. for family use. fitli. Instead of feeding the calf with milk direct from the COW?churnedsweet milk will ansa or every purpose. By this process the butter is ull profit. li t offer it upon the following terms : ff the Churn doosnot proTc as recommended, it may he returned, and the money will he refunded. W e have constantly on hand, and for tale, five different tires, S.'t. $4, $A, $(>, nud S12: capable of churning At one time >?*. 3>2, f>>?. II', and 20 gallons of milk or cream. Also, churns of uny size made to order. Exclusive county rights to manufacture and sell in the States of New York anil New Jersey, for sale at about the rute of one hundred dollars for eueh 100,000 inhabitants. A hurt,in.t takul place ererv day, at 12 o'clock, at our Warehouse, No. 2 John street, corner of Broadway, where every one interested is invited to call. A discount of 2ft per cent for cash, is allowed to tbe trade. All orders, postage paid, addressed to the subscriber, will he promptly attended to. T. DOUGLASS, Agent, No. 2 John St., corner of Broadway, S. 7. CALIFORNIA. A WORD TOT'AUFI HtNIANs! Tue most useful and desirable article for emigrants to the Goid Regions arc tho India Kubber Goods, manufactured from Tycr and Helmet' patent, liy which the use ol' White Lead, tie., is obviated, and the articles made of a light color and particularly suited to warui climates, as they will stnnd over three hundred degrees of beat, and are free from obnoxious smell of other manufacturers. Tents, Peioktk ( oats, Blankets, leggial, Haversacks, Canteens, Life Preservers und every article in trade, in any quantity and reduced price. HORACE ll.DAY, Manufacturer, Zi Courtlandt street. royl 4t THE WEST INDIA ROYAL MAlh STEAM PACKET Company for the conveyance of Mails, Passengers, Merchandise, and Trcnanre.?The Steam Packets of this Company are appointed to leave St. Thomas on the 1st of cnch successive month, for Bermuda and New York, at the first of which places they are due on the titli, and at the latter on the 11th or the rame month : leaving New York on the 12th, they arc expected to reach Bermuda on the ltitli of the month, and meet a steamer hy which passengers or treasure can be conveyed to Nassau, Havana, Mobile l'oint, Vera Cruz, Tan>|dco, Honduras, Jnmuic a.kSt. Jago de Cuba, Jacmel, and ports on the Spanish Main (ineludiiig Chaires.) heaving Bermuda on the lhth, the steamer last from New York becomes due at St. Thomas on the 23d of the monthynnd will convey passengers, rpecie, and men handisufor that Island, I'orto It too, the West India Islunds generally, Lagua.vra. and Tuerto Cabello. The fares by the steamers from New York are as follows:?To Bermuda. SIU ; St. Thomas. $75 : I'orto Kico, $>.>; ha Uuayra, $l"5; l'uerto Cabello. $11"; Antigua, Slit); llarbadoes, SI20; Deroerarn, $14" ; St. Vincents, SI2"; Trinidad, $13"; Nassau, $11"; Hav ana, SI"" i Mobile l'oint, $14"; Honduras, $14"; Jamaica. $14"; St. Jago de Cuba, SIU); Jacmel, $11"; Vera Crux, $170 ; Tampico, (17(1; Santa Martha, $15" ; C'arthagenn. $159 ; C'hagres, $170; St. Juan de Nicaragua, $133. Hie freight on specie and uu goods is the same as has heretofore been charged. For further pnrtioulars, apply to MA1T1.AND, PHELPS, Hi ft).. Agents, myl 2"t 14 Stone street. INDIA RUBBER HOUSES. DAY, 23 COURTLANDT STREET, CONTINUES TO supply his India Rubber Houses and Boats. One of these Houses will accommodate from 5 to 3) persons, can be transported on the hack of a mule, and only wants to he soen to be appreciated. Every article required for t'alifornia in quantities to suit, and warranted to stand any climate, myl 4t SF.EI.Y'8 hlFF.- PRE8ERVI NO HAMMOCK-BED AND Raft.--The sole depot for the above great invention, on and after May 1st, will bo at No. II l'ark Row, where the public are invited to rail. myl ' ~ GOLD TESTS. CALIFORNIAN8 AND OTHERS CAN OBTAIN A box containing a true Test, w ith aeids: also Scales and Cup Weights. C. J. It W. MASON, 150 Fulten sleet, 3d floor. apA 13t? CALIFORNIA FIRE ARMS. AW. SPIES & CO., 91 MAIDEN hANE, 1MPORTIRS and dealers in Fire Arras, invite the attention of Californians to their stock of United States Rifles, Carbines, Mnskets, Short Rifles, double and single barrtl Guns, Revolving Pistols, Bowie Knives, Pouches, Belts, be., be., having the largest stock of articles of this description, which thev oiler wholesale and retail. m27 ISt PORTABLE, IRON HOL'SKS FOR CALIFORNIA. T1IE GALVANIZED IRON HOl'SKS CONSTRUCTED by me fur Ualifimin. having met with s* much approval, I am thus induced te call ths attention of those going to California to an examination of them. The inn Is groovtd in such a manner, that all parts of the house, roof and sides, glide together, and a house 31x15 can be put up in less than a day. They are far cheaper than wood, are Arc-proof, and much in 1?in imwwi I I man rsmmm it- tuMMawnBHHA At(T!0\1. JOHNKEI^r AnTIONEER. MV roo! KV KJiKSK. Stnrr So. l!d Hro tr w<nt, cor orr of Dry Ire#?. 0f<V~ l.thera! .hIvan '>n til ,tootfg consigned for i&I#. I^OOI.KV, KKKsKst III J,L devote particular attention to the gale of public and private Libraries; their facilities for the nrraiu-Ht, exhibit.. u and ?ii pusai of literary property. cunaot t>i> Kurpur-M i Cf'OI.K.V & KK I>|: n ill rive personal attention to sales or t nurture ut the resident. - of families, (luring this and tha lliMiin^. m< nth. XI 1>I>\V AND M FI>NF. I>AV?May 1 anj J. .A' J.'.'1 ,l t'" Au?ti..n Room, HpOKf EI.I.I-.lt * VI(UK. Tin* ?i?, k of ? fitail rooliseller dreltinna bn?in?h*, consisting of it we 11-asnorted collection of Standard and Mm. dlaneoua Hooks and Stationery, together with n *ery eW, ,t Show fit*. , a tino CouuUr. and an Oflice HcfU, m t rf, ,-t ord?*r. I TBl'MHlt % V?M... At tO?. i>'? I . V, a i ' A... t i. n R?.,m HOUSEHOLD Fl KN I I I It! ' ?A p! ,. u -or'.tiifnt i f iGuisehold and Ulli> f I urnf in-, r. i.i i I f, r C'Mivci.i-noe nf -de consisting of Solus, Desks, H<nkoii?is, Chairs. War', rubes* tic., Ike. ' ' Till ItSDAV EVENING?May 1. At 7 n'clook, nt tin' Auction Room. Very Valuable I * K1 \ A I I' LIBRARY, comprising the hcit Standard Hooks of tliu English language, together with Bt.nnj superbly illustrated work-. S.UTRPA V EVENING?May 5. At 7 o'clock, of the Sales Room, An extensive and valnahle collection of STANDARD St IIGOI. and Mist El I \ \ I'.OUS HOOKS. MONDAY, Tl FSDW. WEDNESDAY, AND TIM KSDAY EVENINGS? May 7,8. 0, and 10. The most e* tensl \ e, v alon Ide, and choice collection of ENGRAVINGS and oltIG I NA I, DRAWINGS ever offered foe talc in this country, forming the entire collection of the eeleI tnted connoisseur. M. Dc I,a Forest, late Consul General of , 1 ranee. j Catalogues of the rich a* rtmcnt u ill he roady this wcuk. TUESDAY AND WSDNESDAY EVENINGS? May 15 and HI. Sheriff s Sale of an exceedingly choice and rare collection of VALUABLE IIDDKS. I particulars hereafter. myl It THE UNDERSIGNED. AN AUCTIONEER OE THIRTY years experience, w ill give personal and prompt attention to sales of Furniture at residence of families, during the season, in Brooklyn, New York, or any part of Long Island, on moderate terms. Sales same day elfeeted, nnu solicits j consignments at his spacious ware rooms. HH Fulton street, Brooklyn. K J. TODD, Anctioneer. apffl VOB SAI.F. ARB TO LET, REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN. THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS TO EXCHANGE FOR city property, or sell at a reduced price, any part, or all of the follow nig parcels of propert y, situated in the pleasant) and thriving village of New ton Falls, Trumbull connty, Ohio, and lying between the two branches of the Mahoning river, I and on the Ohio uud Pennsylvania Canal, viz :? First Parcel?A Mill on the West branch, having a front of 1A3 feet on the street ami on the river; main part ia&'lfecfi deep, propelled hv water power and by a double boiler engine; occupied for the last eight years as a Paper Mill, but suitable for a Flouring Mill, or for any factory purpose requiring it power oi|tial to that of four run of stone. Also?A large, handsome, and beautifully situated Cottage House, sixroouts on a Hour, with haek building, stable, and ever}thing suitable for it genteel family. Ali*o?An excellent .Saw Mill, in good order. AIho?A good frame hounc and throe acres of land. All of the above are situated contiguously on the Wssfc branch, and have been erected during the last eight years, at a coat (independent of value of the water power.) of.,. .$8,WW lie offers to rent the whole for $MW, or to sell for 6,000 Second l'urcel?A Grist Mill, situated on the Rant branch, 40 feet square, with a tirst rate water power, (none better in the couufcy.) three run of stone, in operation,?with 12 foot overshot water wheels. The water wheels and running gear have been all made new during all the last year; the frame in old but sound. Thin mill wiu sold ten years ago, for $1D,(XX) It in now offered, together with a small house for the Miller, and two und u half acres of land, for the sum of 8,000 Third Parcel?A Warehouse on the Canal, size 00x40 feet; three floors, with Canal Damn and Dock, and with a store room attached, furnished with counter, drawors, shelves, feo. Also?A plat of ground adjoining it, containing .'#) smalt lots. Also?A small two story VI urehoiine or Store, on the Canal, a few rods from the other, not entirely finished. Estimated value 10,400 The Warehouse in offered for rent ut $200. The entire parcel for sale at S.IKKI Fourth Parcel?A large Mansion House, main part 48 by 40 fret, with two w ings each 2t> foot, and colonnade piana of 88 feet. The whole hou.u is thoroughly finished, papered, and pninted inside and out; contain* 20 room*, besides pantries, closets, bath rooms, and halls; 4 stacks of chimneys and 13 fireplaces. There i* connected with it hy ornamental sida buildings, a two story rear building, with stone basement 88 by 36 feet: the w hole forming a quadrangle, measuring on tha outside 408 feet, and enclosing an nroa or court, plantod with wall fruit and grace vines in full bearing. There are, also, extensive out-buildings and sheds, and a targe ice-home. Ia the grounds attached, there are, in addition to 100 grape vlaea In bearing, over 1.000 young trees, (fruit, ornamental, and shrubbery). All of the above buildings are new, having been recently completed at n cost of $8,277 The whole is now offered for salu for the sum of 6,000 Fifth Parcel? Four squares of village lots, containing 32 quarter-acre Luilditir lots, fronting on several of tha most central and eligible streets. Also?Four other squares adjoining, containing about tha lame number of lots. The above Mansion House ocouplcs several of these lots, and the whole of them, if dasired, will ba boiu in connection wiui 11. inn vaiuo 01 uieue iom, vuo present sailing price ol $150 par lot, is $0,60(1 The whole taken together, are offered at 6,009 Sixth I'arcel?A good two story house, 30 by 20 feet, with two quarter-acre lota attached; situation central and pleasant; price $1,000 Seventh Parcel?A neat and commodious two story bouse, with fonr quarter-acre lots fronting on the publio square: price $1,600 Eighth Parcel?Seventy-six quarter-acre lots, many of them in the centre of thu village plat; selling price from $100 to $1)00 each. Estimated $11,400 BMotb Parcel?Also, 100 village lots, varying in else from t to 3 acres, and held ut different priuos, from $100 to $200. Averaged ostiinate $15,000 Both these parcels are offered wholesale for the sum of. 16,000 In addition to the above, the subscriber offers to sell, at A reduced price, several small houses and shops in the village. Also?A number of large out lots skirting the village plat, and two small farms in the vicinity, adjoining one another, and containing about 160 acres. Terms of sale easy, and any of the above parcels w ill be exchanged for city property. Address Du Hois it Vandervuort, .37 Water street, Mew xork, ?C the subscriber, at Newtoa Falls. mh20 8t? IIENRT A. DP BOI8. For sai.e or to i.et?a beautiful place at Flushing. I.. I. The house is modern, and replete with every convenience, with good out-buildings, snob ae barn, eoach and ice bouses, a very tine garden and plenty of fruit* If net sold, it will bo lut to u good tenant. Apply to my I .'It* THOMAS if. LBOUETT, 23 Bookman st. TO LIST, TIIE three story brick bouse, No. 179 Rcade street, well situated for a store or boarding house, it being in front) of the Iiunne street Ferry. Apply to RICHARD JOCt.'OT, Greenwich stroet. n!9 Ut* OFFICES AND LOFT8 TO LET. TWO LARGE OFFICES, AND TWO HANDSOME Lofts, eighty-eight feet deep and tailed, to 1st in the new fire proof store, Mo. 2l> Cliff street, near John st. Apply to mil hi Ut* R. S. STEM TON. 47 John street, up stairs. ^ TOBACCO. HAVANA KT.'nA It CflMPA WV THE undersigned having been appointed Agent for the sold of the cci.anHATr.n skuars or the IIA V AS A 8 HQ A R COMPANY. is row prepared to oiler the following brands at the ezeeed-* iugly low price of flfl per M. MAGNUM BONCM, $lrt per .M. EXCELSIOR. There segnrs are hundsomtl^' .,ut np in convenient pseksgtf, and are w arranted sqnal to tfio bl.-t ever importer. The prieo* ran bo maintained at there extremely low tatsg only by a strict adherence to the CASH PRINCIPLE, precluding the neooHsity of good customers paying for lossed incurred by sales to had ones. TO THE TRADE A LIBERAL DtiCOVlTT. A large rnpply of tegors of dilfereut brands, dlreot from the manufacturers, always on hsnd.^ ? T|JRASUBR Cansrgl Agont for tho Havana tfegar Company. tnh30 ISt ^ WaH street, New York. TOBACCO, SNUFF AND sEGARS* \V c I.F.MO N, MANUFACTURER of Fine Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco and Sonde, invites the attention ofmerchants and dealers in the country, to there articles, as Heing unequalled ia quality, style and price, a trial of w hicli will satufy UMseinterested that they are the cheapest and the beet. Alio, SegorE in great variety, nlwuys on hand, at the loweet prices. Dealere will please tail hsfore purchasing elsewhere. npld-lSt* W. C. LEMON, t Wall et. MHCEUAMEOiri, $35 reward: FOR the apprehension nnd conviction of the person who stick up nightly on^the posts on the dooks, obscene quack "myl-lt* " ' " 'j.'i'.'kiv'ls"'<Vh"ward Court. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN. DFI.AVKI. WILKIN, Attorney and Coouiller it Uv( (formerly of Orange eo., N. Y.). having permanently located himself in Na*hvill?( T. 1, will attend to all matters oreolleetion and litigation in Middle Tennesiiee, for tha merchant* and hneinrer men of Northern and F.a*tarncities,attha*hortset notice and on the most liberal term*, pledging himself to five the heet satisfaction that punctuality and strictattention to business a ill warrant. IIv rofnrn for imiuiriaa to Ilia Excel len< y Noil S. Brown, Nashville. Tenn. B. J. Meigs, Nashville, Tonn. II. I,. Stevens, l'otlac, Mieh. Francia H. Fogg, Eai|. " Rob't Simson, Cincinnati, O. Kdw in II. Ex inf, " " lion. C. Borland, Montgomery,N.Y. Alex. McKemie, " " " Snin'l J. Wilkin, Goshen, N. Y. Jainoa Walker, " "John M. Eager, 8t. l/onli, Mo. I'rof. Jamca Hamilton, "J. II. Mc Williams, Merchant, Rev. J. Huntington, " [22 l.iherty at, N. York sity. Cummins fc Alexander, lawysrs, II Naaaan at., " Cummina, Collin* k Seaman, morelianta, 11 ffm. at., " Naahville. April 7, IM9. ap 10-lJt* MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOR DOMESTICS, SM Broadway, euat side, between It hite and Walker atreete. I amiliea wanting lielp selected with fidelity, are requested to aend their oracra to Mrs. Green, liroadway. Beat or Cook? wanted. Wages S'.i and >10 per month. myl It* I GYMXASTIC EXERCISES. NO. 18.?FULLER'S GYMNASIUM 18 OPEN DAILY, for exerciaing daily therein, at No. IS Courtlandt street. The room is furniihcd with all the nceeaaary apparatus for theae healthful and Invigorating exercises. Tor those who cannot attend during tha day. the Gymnasium will be mien three night* in the week-Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday*. . M( i.\ C V LENT. TO ANY AMOUNT. IN LA ROE OR SMALL SUMS. OJF tl'atehea 1'latc, Jaw airy, Dry (ioods. and personal pronerty ef every dew rlpti-'i., by C. I'OIIEN, at hi* old eitablialied oilier. ear. Columbia and Broome etreot*. ml It PAPER HANGINGS A: WINDOW SHADES. ALAKtiE VARIETY of the above good*, which are an entire new Mock, now opening at the corner of Grand and Christie streets, will he sold at a very low mark. 0. 0. JENNINGS, 287 Grand atreet, myl 2t* only one bloek from Bowery. NOTICE TO CA\VASSERS. WANTED?SOME GOOD CANVASSERS FOR A NERT and popular w ork, for which a liberal discount will b? allowed. N. II.?None but roaponjihle and first rate hand* need apply. Enutiire between the hour* of 9 A. M. and 4 i\ II. at VAN WINKLE i. HENRY'S, No. 11 Spruce street, myl 21 * nfoSEril GILLDTTS STEEL PENS, Manufacturer 's Warthoutt, 91 John it., New York. A COMPLETE assortment and large Koek of *v*ry kind of tlir.ee well known and popular pena. eonMantly en nana," together with helders, and tha cheapar daaaription of P?na. for aalu to tbo trade. mhlJ"Ik PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, NO 88 CKDAR STRKKT MR. C. f\ MARSII, Accountant, Authorol tha " Selanaa of Houhla Entry tinnk-kreping simplified," and tha "Ark ot Single Entry book-keeping linprored," oontinuaa to teweh aa abnva. Thare are no elaanea ?aaab pnpll ha? a daak to hlmoolf, ka put at onre to keeping hooka, rai-aftaa operate inatrnotinn, and thna haaomea coneeraant with all the aeronnt book* eonetituting a aat, ar.d alao with ninny important mercantile anion latinna. Paraonn of moderate anpneity, t j thla aonraa, beeomo e'lapetent bookkeeper* in abont a month, and reeeive eortlfieatal to that alTeat. Proapeetn-ca, with term*, obtained at tha rooma, from 9 A. M. to ? r. Jt. iM