14 Haziran 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

14 Haziran 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Csrltexl M*1?? District Court. Before I ihU'm Bett*. r Gtta Kropjtmburfih ?? 7'Ar A. i? Hubert. Aer Tackle. fc. ?Tlrla was a libel H'ed against the v? el and owaers. for supplies furnished. a- The libellant alleges, on the credit of the Teasel. annotating of biscuit The claimant. who wan one of an association of person9 knmn a< the New Vork Milling As-ociatinn chartered the brig to go to San Krunciec" by ape Horn, and contracted with the libellant for 'do (Mif lbs of the beet pilot biscuit wLiih were delivered, for wliieb they were to pay $lt27? $327 were puid I exauiina'iou the biscuit were found, as claimant allege* not to he of the ijuiliij contracted for, and they were returned; ho tharo fore contends that the libellant i* not entitled to recover; ho also denies that the biscuit was furnished on the credit of the brig, but on the credit of the association. Adjourned. lints I lints ! ! Oh ! beautiful arrears en toady tacks Tl o graceful beauty of the hat of Ksox. A bat, and a beautiful list, is indeed the p rfeolircn of u'eJnlness as well as fashion. One visit to the store of Knox, lii Fulton street, where you alums find him behind the ooimter, lens the man, the economy and H o " real history" of hats Olid hatting. ilia splendid "Rocky Mountain Silver Uoayeri"' Ah ! we need say no inure, the public appreciate them. I Wnnt an Kl<i;?iit Null of Clolhea, but my cash ia limited"?Will, never mind; U. B. Cl,\RRB, JIB William s'reet, has got hcntitiful Garments which he c in pell much lower than any house in Broadway, and equal ia rlepancc to the heat luuis, r in l.ondonor Paris. A word to the wise ia sufficient. Fine Fiench Cloth Frocks, SIB. 'With More than Ordinary Interest, Honi drcils rush to the celebrated Cheapest Carpet Establishment In the I I ited States. N. idi Bowerv, HIRAM ANDERSON'S, to recti re n bargain in elegant patterns of F.nglish Three- ply, hotillo Ingrain, and Common Carpeting; Hugs, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, Sic. The Richelieu Diamond-jiolntsd Oold Pen* till maintain their reputation an tlio finest finished and most durable l'ena in the market. Try one. Also, a large stock of f,ne Gold and Silver Watchtl, made in the most substantial tnunncr. For sale by J, V. SAVAGE, U2 Fulton at. Diogenes, who went with a Lantern In oarch of an honest man, found one at last; but ws doubt that any man, even with the bright sunshine to help him, can find in this titj, Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, at the same prices, equal to those made by JON E3, 11 Ann street. !J,O0O Linen, <?lngltam, A Ipnca and Tweed Coats, 71 cents to $d; 11,WO pair Punts, SO conts to $2; 2,000 Vests, 50 cents to $2; a variety of Summer Clotliing, vory cheap, at thr $5 Suit Store, corner of Nassau and Ueukman Streets. A Salesman wanted. Combs.? Ladles arc Respectfully Invited to examine the choice selection of Dress Combs at the subscribers' store?the variety is beyond all doubt the groutest in the eity, among which will be found the open chain pattern, so much admired. Also, can he obtained, every artielo appertaining to the toilet. A. Si J. SAUNDERS, SbT Broadway, between Walker and Whito street*. Niagara Falls ?To Visiters. Tile Subscriber offers-his so>vices as guide, speaking soyoral languagos. Europeans should seek, and tli 'te engaged in scientific remarchea, nvail themielves of his services. Poets, Painters, Naturalists, Mineralogists, Groleg sts, eto., will, with his nsvir-tnnce, be enabled to witness the beauties and wonders of nature's master-piece, from manv now points, discovcrod hy 1'IOril KOVVALEWSKl, Guide. F.agio House, Niagara Falls. The Plnntbc Gallery Is so well known, ( J}"5' should not deem it necessary to notice it, were it not .-.j .1..., |,crouai9 nr? iani>rmg unacr xno lmproaston Ihi.tail daguoreotypes are alike, when a few minutes spent in this celebrated gallery, will satisfy any one to the contra ly. Dr. H. Bostwlrk't Practical YVorlt*, treating a certain class of diseases. Sec advertisement in another or'iumn. They aro the best books, on the subjocts oi which they treat, extant. 8 0 81 81 IS R C I A L A P P A I E I. MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, June 13?0 P. H. The stock market was not so buoyant to-day, and ecme of tbe fancies fell olT a fraction At the first board Harlem declined }i per cent; Long Island I*; Canton Company 1,'; Farmers' Loan, >*. Treasury Notes advanced }i] Mohawk 1; Morris Canal >?. At the second board tlio transactions were limited, but at a little botter]priccB Treasury Notes advanced Ji per cent; Reading Railroad }i; Morris Canal upon prices curront in tire morning. Money is gutting easier daily. We linvc beard of loans being made at four per cent on call, and the amount olToriug Isjlargo, even at that reduced rate. Tbe demand for sterling exchange for remittance by Ihc ftenmer to-day, was quite active, and the rates were firmly maintained, in consequence of there not being a very full supply of bills. We quote 0 a 0 per cent premium for tbo best names in the market. Most of the California gold re.coived by tbe Lexington has been sent to the mint. $210,000 went on ves <crd?y, and $50,040 to-day. l>y Adams & Co.'s express. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port to-day, amounted to $45,102; payments 9.17,038 87; advices $70 000; balanco $1,241,477 27. ' earnings of the Macon and Western, railroad company, for the month of May. amountod to $8,290 45, of which $0,076 14 were from freight; $4,440 51 from posccng' rs; and $861 SO from the mail. It is proposed to resuscitate the Schuylkill Bank, by 'each stockholder agreeing to pay $40 50, in instalments. as may bo required, on as many shares of stock held by him as he chooses; the balance to be purchased by the bank at the price of tlfty cents per share, re xserving to each stockholder the right to redeem it by paymintof the $40 50 within one year. A resolution has boon introduced into the Legislature of Connecticut, proposing to sell bank stock belonging to the State, of sufficient amount to pay off the State indebtedness?about $40,060. The bank stock nets a handsome rato of interest, and saves just so much in the taxos of the people. The Greenville and Roanoke railroad company have by g*od and careful management relieved the concern fiom its embarrassments, and placed its finances in a prosperous condition. The total cost of the work was HSmewbat less than $284,000. The receipts for the last year, ending April 30tb, were $30,938; the expenses, including improvements and interest, $20,081; leaving a profit balance of $10,949; out of wbicb a dividend was declared of 2}{ per cent, and tho residue principally applied to the reduction of debt, now diminished to the petty sum of $4 000. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of certain articles exported from this port for the week ending the 12th Instant inclusive, distinguishing the destination and extent of shipments to each place Commerce os Tin: Tort or New York?Wekklt Exports. . To Lirrrjiool. ?Flour. 17.40? barrels; potash, 10 do.; pork. 100 do ; rosin. 078 do ; turpentine. 2 000 do.; tar, 3 380 do ; eorn. 138,686 bushels; wheat, 14,210; rice. 20 tierre -; wool, 34 bales; lard 117.937 lbs ; cheese. 3.066 do ; beeswax, 7 37$ do.; bams, 327.779 do ; tallow, 98.227 do.; tobacco, manufactured, 7,'200 dr.; cedar, 150 legs; I. 11. shoes, 244 oases; sperm oil. 2.600 gallons To lomdnn ? Hour. 1.356 barrels; turpentine. 3 018 do.; resin, 345 do.; tar. 260; pork, 310; pota-h, 200 do.; balsam enpivi, 00; tobacco, 300 bales; wool, 100 dr.; jalap. 5 do ; bark. 125 enrnona; indigo. 30 lbs ; skins, &c.. 50 casts; oil peppermint. 20 do.; myrrh 3 do.; oil aris. 10 do.; liains. 112 330 lbs ; lard. 32.50-1 do.; oil cake, 125 l)C2 do; beef. 68 tierces; stales, No. 08.000; nutmegs. 10 packages; spirits turpentine, 2,8110 gallons; asphalt urn. 10 casks J'n Courts. <f-c.?Flour. 200 btrrols; pork,25 <lo ; rosin, 3.1 VI do.; rieo, 131 tierces; whale oil, 31.681 gallons; logwood, IS tons; cedar. 2! logs; malfgany 21 do Tii IicLud.?Flour. 70o barrels; pork. 60 do ; tnolasros. 11 do; corn. 166.'141 bushels; molasses, 304 hogsheads; do . 40 tierces; hams, 47,000 lbs ; staves, No 34.8< 0. 'J'n Hove.?Potash. 287 barrels; pearlash. 04 do; Hon, 224 ti< rees; sperm caudles, 10 boxes; veg ivory. 210 bags lard. 22 232 lbs ; whalebone, 21,717 do ; tallow, 43 242 do; beeswax, 13,92G; s avej, No. 15,000. To Bt r.'r || .r. Staves. No. 47,609. To Marseilles ? Slaves. No 45,000To Trieste.?Sugar 3.1.06 boxes; do. 60 bhls. ; do 30 lihds ; tupan wood, 80 piculs; colfee, 1,030 bags; opium, 3 rase. To Germany.?Potash, 178 bbls.; sugar. 1.018 boxes. To Holland. ? rota-di. 203 bbls ; pearlash. 26 do. ; roislu, 2i>0 do. ; bark. 60 ceroons ; sarsaparilla, 10 do ; honey. 8 tietees ; whnle oil, 67,547 gallons ; staves, No. 4.000; logwood, 44 tons. 1 To JVoriroy, Sweden and Denmark.?Sperm oil, 1,020 Y gallons; logwood, 40 tons 2'<? F.ast Indies.?Tit. 100 bbls.; pork. 75 do.; beef, 75 do; duck. 20 packages; domestics. 095 do ; gin-cng, 64 easks; hams, l.lsl lbs ; sugar, refined. 4 8 50 do,; tobacco, manufactured. 9.859 do ; ton p. 190 boxes; nails, 32 en: Us; spirits of turpentine. 607 gallons. To West Co a>t of So'iih .Imericu?Flour. 150 bbiS.; heel 66 do ; pork, 60 <lo.; umbrellas, 4 cases ; crupe shawls. f? do. ; silks. l do.; cinnamon. 7 do ; cloves 10 bii< * ; tobacco, 11 do.: brandy, foreign. 285 gallons ; rpiiilr of turpentine, 106 do. ; liams. 2.200 lbs ; butter, l.WI do ; tea 2 240 do ; bird. 1.170 do.; cheoso. 970 do; champagne, 00 baskets ; pepper. 10O bags ; ohalis. 57 dozen; sogsrs, No. 103,000 ; deiuestics, 105 packages ; lumber. 4 8M) feet. 7'? llueoios Jlyret.?Shawls. 2 eases ; rum. American. 9,372 gallons; cement, 125 bbls.; lumber. 143 110 feet. To Brazil.?Flour. 600 bbls. ; roiin, loo do. ; lard. 2.114 W>s. ; tea. 1.105 do. ; pepper. 60 bags ; copper. 7 oases; palm leaf hate, 10 do ; domestics,65 bales; sperm candles 10 boxes; powder 2.100 kegs. To Vrnrzutla?Hour, 120 bbls. ; domestics, 60 packages. To SI. Dominco.?Flour, 109 bbls ; mackerel, 50 do ; pork. 30 do. : bread. 10 do. ; soap, 200 boxes ; mould candles. 10 do.; tobacco. It hhils.; do manufactured 2 104) lbs. ; deb. 0,090 do. ; lard, 630 do. ; d imesilcs. 2 bolts, 7'o Modiim.o-Flour. 200 bbls ; eorn, 5,890 bush.; P. L. dials. (i rates; staves. No. 15 000. TaS/ianuh West Indies.? Flour, 50 bbls ; pork. 4 I do ; (Darken I. ('5 do ; bread. 80 do.; riee. 34 tierces; soap, 100 boxes; sperin candles, 50 do ; salt. 1 100 sacks; whale oil, 171 gallons; staves, No. 20.000; hoops, Vo 4,0(0; bird, 10.549 lbs ; butter 2 188 do.; tobacco, mfd . 1,640 do.; hamv. 0,391 do ; tish, 32 954 do.; choose, 2,026 do ; tobacco, 2 hlitis ; cocoa, 4.119 bags; chatupngue, ItO baskets; pap r, 300roams; lumber 12,000 ft. To Danish West Indies?Flour, 0 bbls ; bread. 0 do ; txlewlves, 32 do.; tea, 1,119 lbs.; sugar, refined. 4,318 lbs.; starch. 800 boxes; spemn candles, 60 ho.; mould candles. 250 do.; herrings, ill do,; silks.4Case* To Dutch West Indies, ? Flour, 662 bbls ; ryo (1 uur, 300 do ; beef, 74 do ; meal. 60 do ; bread, 25 do.; rluu, 30 do.; beltings. 10 do ; soap. 25 boxes; sperm candles, 0 do ; mould candles, 22 do ; nails, 2 casks; cord age. 7 coils; domestic*. 31 pkg*.; tobacco. 2 hhds ; do mfd. 4(iM()lb? ; ?-?? 480 do ; butter. 2 517 do.; sujar, r> lined, 835 do ; bains 400 do ; lard. 1 001 <lo ; cheese, o;-S do; pepper.20 bag?; whale *11. 447 Rutlons; ca>sia, 100 luata ; lowlier 8 UUO feet; peas. 50 bushel*. To lirilith BVii ludirt.?Klour, 1.540 bbls ; rye flour, 35 do ; pork. 1,429 do.; beef. 70 do.; bread. 10(1 do ; weal. 557 do; turn, 1,710 bushels; soap. 210 boxes; ini uld caudles. 404 do ; ruin. Am , 352 gallons; linseed oil 020 do; batter. 4 440 llis.; lard. 3.050 do ; haws. 3 34(1 do.; ell meal, 27 500 do ; clieese. 0,490 do.; tobacco. mid.. 900 do ; lumber. 50,000 ft.; stares, No. 10 000; ilieep No 120. hogs. 10 To Jh iti?/i Xorth ,im<iica ?Klour, 3.038 hbls.; meal. rr.5 do ; pork. 438 do ; bread. 358 do.; tar, 70 do.; rice, 88 do ; rye flour, 1 003 do.; corn. 2 670 bush.; wheat, 3 f26do.; ilismpiigue. 25 cases: bread. 424 hag?; ineal. 50 do; tuharro. 1 hhd.; do., wfd ,3 982 lbs.; tea. 2 5(10 do ; lard. 1 008; bains, 1,576 do ; soap, 120 boxes; mould caudles. 25 do. i iiu iuoYt'mciaiB in ureauMUiis, auriug mo \TCCS. were quite active? the shipments having been larger than for the muif period within the past tlirec or four mouths The exports of breadstuff* amouut to 21 418 barrel* flour. 17.836 bushels wheat, 30S.31G bushvl* Indian corn, 1.242 barrel* corn meal, 1.103 barrel* rye flour. Of this quantity, 10.660 barrel* flour, 14.210 bu*Urla wheat, and 304.027 bushels corn, were shipped to Great Biltain und Ireland Tliia extensive export, In the fuce of limited receipts from the interior, keep* down the stock in this port, aud is calculated to stiffen prices. We do not, however, look for a great improvement or nuy permanent udranee in prices, as the supplies in the interior are immense, und any Inflation in prices would bring out any quantity of breadstuIT*.? Returns from the principal lake ports, exhibit a falling off in shipments Hast aud the probability i* that this decrease will continue at about the same rate throughout the season, unless something transpire* to give a greater impetus to shipments than has yet been realised. In the event of auy unfavorable change in the weather, or slate of the crops, in Great liritaiu. there bscnce of such disasters, wecauuot expect any favorable change in prices hero. The uggregnte shipment* of breadstuff* from tho United States to Great Britain and Irelund, from the 1st of wilt be a more activo demand for owy produce; but in the September. 1848. to the latest dates this year, and from the corresponding period the previous season, were a* annexed:? Export os" Breadstuff# from tiie United States to Ghkat Bhitain and Irei.and. Flour, Corn Ural, Wheat, Corn bblt. libit. buth. buth. Shipment* to latest dates, 1848 135,782 91,651 215,139 2,7*7,850 Shipments to latest dates, 1849 874,964 71.653 1,020,78910,021,176 Increase, 1849. ,.719,182 ? 811,650 7,233,320 Decrease, 1849... ? 19,998 ? ? It will be seen by this statement, that the shipments this year have been enormous compared with those for the same period last, of every article but wheat. These largo shipments have been made without any extraordinary demand abroad for our breadstuffs. and in tbo face of about the usual supply iu Great Britain of their own products. The recent shipments have probably paid well, and at present prices here tliey will no doubt continue large. The political difficulties in the north of Europe have shut up supplies in the Baltic, and have prevented the us >al shipments from those ports to Great Britain. This has given shipments from this country a better chance in the English markets, and kept down the aggregate supply. The prospect ef this embargo being removed causes slight fluctuations In prices in London, and causes the variations in exports from this country. Our last accounts from England reported the crops In a very promising condition. Lator dates are near at hand; and from this time until harvest, reports relative to the wcathor in England, and in all parts of Europe, will be anxiourly looked for, as much depends upon the advices which will bo from time to time received. Stock Exchange. $17,000 U S C's, '07 115 450 ilia ilsrlem RR 57^' IIMHI do, '(>8, coup 1115 150 do s30 f>7 5000 Tress Notes sl.S 115 201) , do bSO .'?7t? 15000 do,past due 115 10) do s(50 50*4 500 Ohio O's, '55 1021,' 100 do sftmos 5(5 6000 I't'iin 6's blO S9>J 100 do s5ds 57'2 1000 Toon li per eeuts 10.1 50 do 575. 10 she City Bunk ld^Jf 39 Aub & Rochester Hd'a ?|| <10 lir.i 11HI |,0DK Island l)fiO 22-,, Ml alii Del & Ilud Cnl 162 100 do b60 22'2 B Bk of CommerceftaU l(13?d WO do 221, 10 ity Ilk N Orleans 90 450 do 22'2 100 Farmers' Trust 37). 100 Reading RR sOO 3.1 400 Morris Canal 9'4 M) do 377^ 100 do f3<) 9 100 do S3 100 do s60 912 10 Portsm Dry Dock 4 200 do rtmos if 25 N V Si Nil RR 90 2."> Stonington U K 62>i $5000 Erie7's 102 Ml Canton 4 o Strip 3 1000 do *09 8912 Ml Erio IIK, nw full, opg 02'. 22 ah* Madison h Ind 101 3 do pltc. fid' I 23 Illinois Stat.; Ilk 9V? Ml do opg 62 23 Mohawk RK 89 SECOND HOARD. $31*00 Treas Notas c's 115*2 100 ?hs llarlcm RR 57 10000 do 11.3', 130 Morris Canal !)! WIOO U 9 O'a '68, coupon 116 .30 do blO !l)J 80< 0 Indiana State .3's 09),' Ml North Am Trust 8 20(41 Reading llonds 70 100 Partner's l.oan 37J,' .30 ehs liailem HR 57 2.30 Reading KR slmta 3s 100 do 66',' 60 do 36?,' 2U0 do s 4mos 66 IDVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVER* DAY. l.ost. Lost?on monday afternoon last, in passing from 10th street over 6th atrcntio and Blomningdals Koad, a Diamond Pin, (eiugle ntone) of great vuliio, for tks recovery of winch $20 reward will be paid, on delivery to W. Lost or stolen, either in the bowerv.chathum street, or the neighborhood of l'ier 1, North Riror, a I'oeket Book, with the nantr'i name inside, containing four hundred dollars, two oho hundred dollar notes and two fifties of the Merchants' Hank, the balance in tens and tweutys, liartly Cat skill Hank. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. 10 Water street. IOST, OR LEFT BV MISTAKE AT THE WRONG -i rdore, about the 1st inst.?A Prap dlts, or Merino 1 n ek Crat ami l'ants. Any person having the same, will confer a tarer, and ho rewarded, hy giving information, hy note, or otherwise, to B. C. BOli TON, IS Maiden I<?ne. Lost?a pbhson having a number of parcels to deliver on Saturday morning last, left a Coat hy mistake In East Broadway, Henry. Madison and Monroe streets, between Catharine and Sca?mel. Whoever may have tt in pmsession will receive the thanks of the carrier by leaving word at No. ll'i Cherry street. SPECIAL. NOTICES. AMERICUS ENGINE CO., NO. G-TUE MEMBERS OF At.iericus Engine Company No. II, take this motl od of returning their sincere thinks to Southwnrk Engine Com I J 1'" '"1 mi' ''IJ lU'rriH rupjFij "i i? iiooiiiiioun i itniaked tliom at the Fiie in Duano street, on Tuesday Evening. D. M. SMITH, Foreman. J. B. Oov.nFR. Secretary. NOTD E.-TUEDURTON GUARDS WILL MEET AT THE house of Charles Whitaker, (Harmony Hall,) 17 Centre btitct, on Saturday evening, at 0 o'clock, lly order of R. ii. BITT8, Commandant* SUPREME COURT, RINGS COUNTY?BEN J A RIB W. Pa vis against David Anderson and others.?To Alfred Hall, Administrator, 8to. of Joel Hall, deceased.? William E. llii.iton and llcnry Mead, defendants in the above action. Von are hereby summoned to answer the com plaint of Benjamin W . Daiit, against 3*011 and others, which was filed on the nmetei 1 tli c!av of March, IMh, with the Clerk of this Court for Kings Comity, and to serve a copy of your answer on me, at my otliec, No. 129 1 ulton street, in the City of New York, within twenty di)l after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of srrvieo; and that if you fail to answer the complaint, within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Supreme Court for the re lief demanded in the complaint.?-Dated New York. June ft, l^lf). H. L. R1KBR, Plaintiff's Attornev. N EW YORK. JUNE N, 1S-IH.?THE UNDERSIGNED, in behalf of the Caledonian Fusilecrs, tako groat pleasure in tendering their thanks to Captain Underbill, for his kind at.t? ntion to their comfort and convenience, on their Third Anniversary Excursion on the 7th instant, and cordially recommend to this public and military companies especially, tho gentlemanly proprietor of Elm Park, States island. ( aptain THOS. W. McLF.AY, ) Lieut. WM. W. PARSF.LLS, > CominiLtoc. Lieut. ALEX. McKENZIE, ) MAhKN BY AUCTION. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer-horses, carringes. Kc.?Henry II. Leeds & Co. will sell at auction, on 11 iirsday. June litn, IMii, at 4 o'clock,'nt the stahlos, comer of 1Mb street and ftfh avenue, one pair of hay Horses, 17 hands high, about H y ears old, of very stylish appearance; one sorrel eaiidlo horse, also very kind In double or sinyle harness; one pilcntum carriage, mado by Lawrence; one (lay or Ijiix carriage , m.ni? hy do.; ono light wagon, made hy Ford, ono exercising ? agon; one douhlc and single sleigh; two ret* doulile harness; two do. single do.; three -addles, liridloa, 1 tidalo rubra, verv hundsoine, horse blankets, with hoods, Salo positive, an tM owner is about leaving the city. The nhovo ran be seen on tlie morning of the sale. By r. j. todd, auctioneer?furniture sale.? Thnradar, June Hth. at 10 o'olock, at 30 flutter street, ntar Court, South Brooklyn.?Will bo sold at auction all the handsome furnitnro of a gentleman going to Europe, whicdi was niaueto order, A abort time mod, and are in good condition; among ?bioli will be found two superior Secretary and Book easos, Sofas, Mats, Maple and other Chairs and Rockers, Tirana, Ottomans, ('arrets and Rugs, Looking (Bassos. Hall and St far I.amps, China, (lines and Eitrthon Warn, 1 elegant 1'riam Store in good order.ti Bedateada, Beds and Mattraascs, Bureaus. Withstand*, Crockery, Budroom Furniture, and a full assortment of Kitchen articles, with which the sale will commence. Terms cn-h, and purchaser! to make a deposit?. Dip R, J. TOUll respectfully aolleits the management of Auction Salea. Apply at his store, 88 Fulton si root. IlSBUHAWCKg. 11FE ASSURANCE?NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE J Assurance Society of London and New York ; capital, fg.;'ISi,HSI. A large guaranty fund invested in New York, in the names of three American trustees. Present annual Income from American policies. $li?,fllW. New York Local Director*?Acting Directors fur Juno?C. Edward llabicht. Chairman ; Onrham A Worth, (leorgo Barclay, S. S. Ilowland, S. M. Fox, and W. Van Honk, Esi|rs. meet every Wednesday. The Mcdlenl Board meat dailr, at 1 P. M. Chief offlod for America, 71 Wall strcot, New York, where prospectuses and all information desired by applicants can bo obtained. Duma assured on a single life to the extent of fl.VMfl. J. I.EANDER starr, (loneral Agent. The annual report of ihe proceedings of the meeting of tlia loatitution held in London,'Jth May, 1S49, tan be obtained at 71 Wall stmt. OFFICE OF NATIONAL FIR* INSURANCE CO.. AT Wall street. New York, 8th May, 1M?.?At the Aannal F lection, held thin day, tho following gentleman wero elected Dircrtorn for the ensuing rear, rii :? Thoa. W. Thome, John J. Ilorrlek, Andrew D. Meliek, Gilbert Davis Wm. Van.Wyek, James L. A damn, Henry H. Ward, George Bell John llecker, Martin UoOmaa, W. II. Jacobs, Philip Burrowa, John Van Boekerek. And at a snhseiinent meetingof the Hoard,Thomaa W. Thome waa unanimously re-elected President. W. C. KELLOGG, Secretary. UNE DEMOISELLE FRAN^AISE. l'ARLANT ANglsia ct currectamrnt fran^ais, sarliftnl Lire, E.-rir<" Coudre, Cciffur, Repftbgur lo Fju, ii<?iro so placer eutitiuc Femmc da Chnmhrn ou Iloiiue d'Enfanta, ihm un* bonu-j fanulle Elle ? de bone ri'p.mlanta. Elle n'a |m? d'oblwotleii il voyager. &'adre??er, "v. 1'," 52 Hudson aveuue, Brooklyn WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN WHO OAS STUDIED " at the Colli ge for Civil Engineers, Luiidou, ? situation iu an Fngineer'e office. Direct X. Y. Z., 11 Barolpy street. \kTANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN A SITIJA " tion as Housekeeper, or to attend alineu room, vim ran rite sututactory reference. Please address 0. C., lloral J office. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE l'roteitant girl, ua ( hanibcrniaid. or to do general housework. Tlie lost of city refercncet given. Apply .VJ.1 Bn ailvray, between 13th ami i'Jili streets. W A N I I! I)?A SlTl'ATION, liV A KE-O'KtT\HI.E H Protestant woman, as Nurse and Chambermaid, or Sei mstms, in ft private family. The best of city reference given. It tjhirc at 170 EUthbeth street, en the second iloor, any day 'his weA, \JkTANTED.?A SITUATION 13 WANTED I1Y A IlEv v speetubio EnglisV woman of character, asOt.ambermaid or as lioueelu eper in a privaie family, la willing to go iu the country. The beat of reference given. Can he St en at N'o !lJiitins street for three days. 1J fully competent to attend to all household business. ?v AMt.ll-IIV A SOBER, 1 XDPSTRIOUS I'.MJLISIIYY man, not limn in the country, a situation hi Garden.r, and to lock after a liorsc. Apply, by letter, to A. B., box, Hi raid Other. \LT ANTED?It V TWO RESPECTABLE V Oil NO WW YY men, situationa, one as Cook, Washer, and (roner, understands pastry and baking; the other as Laundress. or Chambermaid and Waiter, l'lease call at 68 Laight sire -t, nmr Greenwich. The best of city reference can begivou. No ohjeetions to go in the country. I iy AN nil A SI 11'ATI ON, nv A RESPECTABLE tr young woman, as Cook, who understands her business. A Isn, washing and ironing. I < also a good baker. Can show tht best of city inferences. Would have no objection to go a short distance in the country. Please eall No. 1 Xt Cm. by street, in the rear. Can be teen for two dais, if not suited before. I WANTED?A CARVER IN A DINING SAI.OON. APply at ;t.ri7 fth Avenue. \ir ANTED?A SITUATION AS. WET NURSE, BY A Y Y healthy young woman iwth a fresh hreast of milk. Apply at 2-11 Mulberry street, third Moor, front room- Has no objection to go into the country. Can be seen f t two days. \WTANTED?AN EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN, TO TY attend a lace, embroidery and Prenoli fancy store. Appky, in the morning and evening, at Richmond's, 3t>J Broadway. WANTED?A SINGLE, MIDDLE-AGED MAN, THAT is sober aad honest. He must understand the caro of horses, aud ha willing to make himself generally useful. A if ply, between 11 and ill o'clock, on thu set-cud Moor, room No. 27 of the renr building, No. 75 Nasaau street. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a sit nation to do general housework la a small private family. Is a good washer and ironer. lias no objection to go a short distance in the country, or take euro of children. Can be acen for two days. Call ut No. 2 Avenue B, corner of Houston street, first floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, n situation in a small family, to do general housework lias no objection to toko caro of children. Pleaso call ut S5.l> Tin utpi on st.rt et, third floor. Uy ANTED.?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE tv >iiiiiimiiiifti, in tin uiiiiniuLirwiirK, ?r general mmsowmk. Is a lirat rate washer and ironer, lias t hu bust of city reference from her Inst place. Please call at 291 Sixth n?enue, between Eighteenth uud Nineteenth stroma. Can be seen lor two days. WANTED.?A JOURNEYMAN MARHI.E CUTTER, TO (50 to Tennessee, of eorrcot moral character. Unexceptionable references required. Nono others need offer. Apply at 141! Broadway,b o'clock, A. M. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMEN, situations?the one as Chambermaid or Children's Maid, ran do plaiu sewing in the neatest manner: tho other as Plain Ccok, or first rate Washer and Ironcr. llave no objection to nny part of the country. The best of city reference can bo given, l'lease to call at IS.'! Mutt street, between Hester aud Or 11 ml streets. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNQ WOMAN, lately arrived from the old country, wishes to obtain n si nation as Seamstress. Understands drets making perfectly, cutting and fitting. Would havo no objection to tho caro of grown up children. Would prefer a private family. Please apply 104 Madison street. Addresa C. D. A REBFKCTABI.E BOY, ABOUT SEVENTEEN YEARS of age, wants to bind himself to a isaehiuist, ship oarpenter, or any other respectable trade. Satislactery references given. He can be seen at No. !> Bridge street, llrst floor, front room, A YOUNG FRENCH INSTRUCTRESS, RECENTLY from Prance, aud not speaking much English, desires a situation in some respectable family, to tench her own language. She 1b also capable of giving instructioii in Music and Embroidery. No objection to the country. Address, or apply to Mailamo BUREAU, 113 Howard street, New York. TO YOUNG MEN. ?THE ADVERTISER HAVING lately received from England a large supply of new Illustrated Publications, wishes to engage with steady and respectable young men to obtain Subscribers te them, and fur wbioh a liberal commission will he paid. Address by 1st t' r ( prepaid <nl> ) t ) S. S., Imx 2:171 1'ost Oitlcc, New V "rk. WANTED ON 1'OND AND MORTGAGE fflOUjVuv for tire years, at seven per coot interest ; to l.e tecurul < n first dlKi productive real estate, situated on Jimndw ay, that in worth at leant Also, $3),Ut)0 w auted, to l,e secured on two stores and lotsin the vicinity of the I'ostoiAec. tliat are worth fJMI,OUU. Also, JJO.IKSI wanted, on stores in Brooklyn, worth SIO.IXK). For particulars, apply to S. 8. ilKOAl), No. 11 Wallst., (basement.) in the t'roton Water otiice. I'l IJI-K ATKINS. Till' NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE OK THIS WEEK, is now ready, and tneeedf nil former numbers. It contains a reenter expose of litshop Donne's ttnaueia) operations than 111 r before published: the trial of John DrHin for murder at Ilaltimore ; a (treat seduction case at Magdeburg, and a small do. in this city ; English, German and trench criminal news) and an unusual largo amount of local matter of the most exciting kind, among which is a full aecountof twentysix intirdrrs committed inthe tinted States during the month of .May last. Truly, this is a great paper, and u.ay wall ho called a rtcord of crime. Office Wti Nassau street, gold eytry where. II(iIIT IS THROWN ON THE MORALS OF GOTHAM, -d this VI< k. hv the Scorpion, 111 a manner peculiarly caustic end rich. The Scorpion both luminously and ludicrously port rets some formal hocusrcs, winning hypocrites, base voluptuaries and double-fuced cheats, while Hf'iiu? rvmi'itiMuiy, innrar coquetry, simony geiiiceusm, km! all other mind-debasing, soul-cuslaring practices anu customs, art ingi niouilv exposed and commented on with an uiimatchallo irony and satire, such us do hattoring-ram of the nneienta could e<|iial. Americana are furnishes, in this New York-Life-Depictor, called Scorpion, with likenesses more faithfully taken than by any daguerreotype, despite the agitations and lint tet in its of the silly bipeds who render t homselves amenable to our marie mirror, Published at 112 Fulton street, and sold every where. TO BR LKTT FT^O LET. WITH STEAM POWER.'?1TilE THIRD AND X fourth stories and basement of new fire proof building Nos. 21'and 31 Gold street, ts let w ith ateam power. Tho rooms are well lighted. Possession given on or before the lit J sly. K. Ill'R ft OO.. 13 (lold st. rpo LET.?THE FIRST STOllY OF BUILDING NO. 13 X Gold street, well lighted, suitable for a store or wareloom; will ho let very Tow forth# remainder of the year. Possession given on or before 1st July. R. HOE lit OO., 13 Gold stTcet. TO LET OR LEASE?THE PREMISES No. 12 DUTCH Street; Las been occupied far the last ci^ht years, as a pencil-care manufactory, inquire on the premises. JOHN HAGUE. M1SCELLANKOUB. ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL.?REDUCTION of Tolls?Notice to Western Merchants. Forwarders and Others?in pursuance of an order adopted on the 10th of liny, 1819, by the Hoard of Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan ( anal, a draw back of f>0 per cent on the rates of tolls as established lor the year 1841', will he allowed on and after Juno 10, and for the residue of the season of 1841), on tho follow ing named articles which tuay ho transported from the Mississippi Hirer to the Hudson River, via the Illinois and Michigan Canal, to wit:?Beef, pork, bacon, lard, flour, tallow, wool, tobacco, hemp, beeswax, furs, and peltries (including buffalo robes). And on the following specified articles which may bo transported from the Hudson River to the Mississippi, via the Illinois and Michigan ('anal, there will he allowed in like manner, and for the camo period, a drawback of 25 per cent on the rates of said tolls as established for tho year 1?49? that Is to cay, moi biadiit o n Isttni of dry goods, groceries, hardware, cutlery, crockery and glass ware, cotton bagging,paper, saleratns, steel, veneering The evidence which the Board of Trustees will require unit tho aitioles upon which drawback may be claimed nave actually pas edbetween the Mississippi and tho Hudson,or vice versa, us the case niav be, will be?I. Tho invoice, or tho manifest, must contain the nemo of the consignee, tho date of ship?h nt, tho articles must he specified, and the weights stated, the vhflo le rubfcrit cd by the consignor and sworn to before a magistrate. 2. The tonnigneo, in like mar,nor, will he required to state tinder oath that the articles enumerated in the raid Invoice were received by him, stating the time at which they were received. .3. Upon presentation of this evidence nt the office of Secretary of tho Board of Tim, tees, in Illinois, the draw hack will he paid. By order of the Board of Trustees, WILLIAM GOODING, Secretary. Canal OrricE. Chicago, Mny 21,1811). Ml?. EDITOR: ?I WAS A PASSENGER OX BOARD the Empire, the night she was run into and utnl; by the schooner Noah Brown, and having property in the fewer cabin, 1 thought it Advisable to wait until tho boat was raised, that 1 might recover it. Having succeeded in recovering my property, and being about to leave, I wish, through your paper to tender my sincere thank# to tho officer# of ihe Fmpir'. for their gentlemanly treatment of me during my stay. I have Leon on heard tho boat a good portion of the time since the fatal accident, and although trouted with uniform polite n< ss and civility by cverj one attached to her, yet I cannot forbear expressing nuMiclr my mo#t favorable opinion of Mr. I.evI Snifth, the pilot. Iff#conduct ever since the .-inking of the boat, his judicious manag?ni? nt in the recovery ar.d preservation of property, ami the spirit he has constantly manifested, have satitliod me that those who have censured him for that unfortunate collision, have dene him great injustice. JOHN KOHU. nniJE BEST PLACE TO GET NEAT AND FASfliOXX able Clothing made to order, or buy it. ready made from ti c best material, is at the store of P. L. Rogers, 70 f til ton Street, corner of Gold, where he is prepared to show his friends and the pul lfc an extensive and well selected assortment of I !,.?> I t. . ,.?u ?nil V .wlit. If< I.? uill measure in tiie host and moat fMliiOBKhle wtvlo. m-<i at tin; 1<j?cat possible price. 1*. I.. i'.OGEtt.d, 78 Fnltoa itwit, wmr ol OoML Notice.?we tiif cndirsioned, known as oil Manufacturers, under tho tirm of Isnav Coleman fit Co , at Mi.. 4h Fulton at., trookljn, will here'iftrr continue the pome business, at t!.a name place, under tin* Arm of i.'oh man a. KtvMa. i U AC CuLt Hi N, Brooklyn, June 11. 1849. J OS KI'll N EIV M A V. US I.AM D WARRANTS. FOR SAT K BV a JACOB 1.ITTI.R it CO . 41 Wall atrert. riAO the I.AI>TF..C.?rf.tf.r ROBERTS, 373 BROADJ. any, line just received a lar^e lot of Esmeralda Collars at Is.; l.fs'll embroidered llnniton do. at 2-., usual price Ms.; Breakfast Caps from Is.; Vnlenrtenno Collars and CvfTs. I.neo Capes, black and white l.ac* Shawls and Soarf*. very cheap; Cambria lldkfs. l.aces. ho. T.3RENCII F.Ml*KOI DF.R11.8. MUSI.IN MANTILLAS.? .T ?Q. Stew arts, 44A Broadway, lias Ln hand a larre let of Ike above ftnfdi, much belmr regular prices; also, liostery, Linens, Cloves, Ac., to which he invites the attention of ladies previous to purchasing. RE.VOVIMO.-FRr.NCII MECII AN IVAl, I,AMI's, FOHmirly 377 Broadway, now 445 Broadway, neur Canal at. Mechanical Lamp* of every pstern, Vessels, Sus;ensiona, Globes, C'hlBinica, Bilk Wicks, Shades. Sperm Oil, lie. Suspensions, Brackets and Stands II. f>AROOM VI I.I.F.. <ttQ c (inn to loan, on bond and mortgage, yjl AtF jUUa/ initio or more sums, In this city ur it m k on, on | roduetive real estate. Apply in tho Back Note KaehatiBf Office. to JOUM 1\ CONKLV, Mo. (M Wallst. I AMI'MKNKMk pOWEIT THEATRE.?TUURSDAT EYE NINO, JUNE Ulb, Hi# perfonnaaca will commence 'with CLAWDB l'l ' AL?f'harlva ?d, Mr. James Dunn; Clan e Duval Mr. Stevens; Mcrvyn. Da. McE'arland; Pe'ar Prance, Mr. W|. wans; Aurora Miiuey, Mine C. Wemyes: Mia. Lady Howard, llri-. Jordan To conduce with lha beautiful drama entitled HOOK HOOD?Piter liradley, Mr. Uilbert; Diuk Turpin, Mr. Mevum; Toni King, Mr. J. Dunn; Kanulph Rookwood, Mr. T. Dull'; I like lliadley. Mr. Mcl'arland: Jerry Juniper, Mr. Winam: Sybil, Misa Wcuiyne; Barbara. Mrs Jordan; Elcaner M. winy, Mrs VValcot. Dress circle, UOe.j upper boxes, 2Sc.; pit U^ije. Doors open at li'4; Curiam risea at 7.'j.

C^llANEhAl S national theatre. CDatiiam st. J ?'I > nrtdi y evening, J line 11, will be acted the tare; of THE SPECTRE PHI DEC ROOM? Hickory, Mr. O. lJurte; Mcodeiuui, Mr. Doves: (isoraiaaa Miaa Miles; l.avinia, Mrs. lab. rwuod. After which, THREE YEARS AFTER?.Mote, Mr. I t.aiitruu; Cart. Tolin, Mr. C. Uurke; Chavlet Meadow". Mr. Ilield; l.ixvy, Mian Mestayer; Isabella Meadowa. Mra. Woodwaid; l . nslatu e Shirley, Mrs. Isherwood. To conclude with the drnv a of HI.A' K EYED SI SAN?William, Mr. Ilield; Co| t. ( roitrie Mr. Tllton; Uapt. Hatchet, Mr. Dawes; Susan, Mir* ilestayrr; Dolly. Mr*. I hapmnii. Door# open at 7St; nurtsiii rises >4 to S. Boies 23 eta; Pit 12>w eta. Mechanics hai.l, No.?72 Broadway, between Oram! tind ltro"mo street*.?OPEN EVERi EVEN1 NO Dl KINO T1IE II eek, and everv niaht until further notice, the original and well known CHRISTY* MINSTRELSorgut.iied 1M2; the oldeat established company in the world ; ti e hist to harmonize negro melodies, and originators of the present popular style of Ethiopian Entertainments, whose "ueci ss hi this eity, during the psat three years, is most con ludve evidence ef their superior merit snil attractiveness. TJie Company ceuaiata of ten porforuiera, under tlio direction of E. 1*. Christy. Doors open at seven ; Concert commences at eight d'e'oek. An afternoon Concert every Saturday, commercing at thret o'clock, P. M. Ctastle garden?french * jiei3er, i'roprie- 1 J tors.?Summer FefSI!?On Thnrsday Evening. June ] llth, and each successive evi'ning (luring the Sunimtr. Sundays exapted. will lie gireuu Grand Vocal and Instrumental Promenade Concert, to he fallowed by a Unl D'Ete, or Summer liall, in which visiters will have the privilege of joining iu the various Cotillons. Waltzes, Polkas, Maiouruaa, Ked> was. ktc., under the direetinn of competent and highly respectable " Masters of the Co emonica," engage'1 expressly to secure a rigid ohtcrvauco of tl e rules adopted in thd best I condoled and must fashionable 11 <11 Rooms in tliisC'ltV ' Tickets 25 ets. Doors open at ti; Concert to commence at 7*<t. j American museum.?p. t. haknum, manager | end Proprietor; J. Greenwood, Jun. Assistant Manager. I Splendid performances in the afternoon, at SJi o'clock, nud j every evening at 8 o'clock. Oue week mora of tho Quaker : L iant and (liantess, the largust persons iu the wot Id. They ' inftj be seen at all hours, Grout Western, tho Vaitkco ootucdinn, appears every afternoon and Avcu'hi. fn a new grand j oomle U'slango. Third w eek of V bite's talented and popular J Ethiopian IIiustrela,tho beat band in the United States.? I They appear at each entertainment. Also engagod, Miss Bar- I tor, Mi.-s Stanhope, Miss M est, Messrs. Chapman, Copland, 1 Clui k. and others. Wax Statuary, Representations of the Siamese Twins. Madame Rockwell, the Fortune Teller, can be privately consulted at all hours. Admission 25 cents; children under 10.tours, 15,cents. I CJ RAND FLUTE SOIREE?AT THE REQUEST OP A * number of Amateurs if tho Flute, Mr. Kyle, in conjunction with Messrs. Mode, at d Eton, of Gungl's Band, and Mr Bttseh, four eminent l'rofestora, will glvofa grand Concert at the A p din Saloon, on Saturday Evening, June 10, not, on which oeeaslon the admire rs of that delightful Instrument will have an opportunity of bearing tho thro# dlffriciu kinds now in use, vir. the Diatonic, tho Iluohm, and tho ordinary eight keyed Pinto They will bo assisted by Miss Enteline Dc l.uee. Messrs. Timtuand Schurfouhnrg, and oilier tAl#Si, which will be duly auuouiiccd. Tickets, 50 cents. | I^ree concerts, every evening, at the eagle Saloon, No. Zf! Bowery. J. I.VNCU, Proprietor. Performance to connncuee at eight o'clock. mIIK DI.'SSRI.IMIKF tflsDWTni FIXJH 1|)TS-TII1 I A exhibition of Paintings, by artists of the abov, school, will be open every day (Sundays excepted) from Id o'clock. ! A.m., until 10 o'clock. P.M.. at the large room ov'a tliw liali I of the Cliurcli of Divius Unity, in Broadway, between Spring 1 and Prince streets. Admittnnco lift coots. BcnHon tickets, until lfith Juno, inclusive IMI oonts OstslofflW I? hi roots. WALMIALLA, Sfi CANAIj STREET.?PROFES90R Hugo Grotius' celebrated Mavl le Statues and Tahlcnux Vivnnta, represented by twenty-live ladies of ynparalljUd beauty and grace. Open every night. Extra performance on Saturday at .1 o'clock P. M. Singing, Dancing, Ate. ISoxes ftx tea is; ParqMtMlB cents. Troy museum.?th e dramatic: season at this establishment will close on tbo 4th of July, ami for tht ensuing two ini>ntli>, it is in) ended to give a variety of enter- I tainnicnts, for which the manager will now receive proposals from accomplished artists and performers in any branch of amusements adapted to the plnce. Addicss, pre-paid, U. A. IIHI Oil, .Manager. ASTOR PEACE OPERA HOUSE.?THE ABOVE THEAtrs to be lot for a term of several months from the present time. For terms, Ike., apply to coftflyn fc martini, Musical and Dramatic Agents, No. 4 llarolay it. CCASTLE OARDKN-TI1E SUBSCRIBERS, INTENDING V to give a series of Grand Promenade Concerts on ths same magnificent scale and plan as that adopted by the celebrated Julien and Muuard in Paris and Condon, reuuest musical artists of talent and respectability, who wish to engage, to submit their propositions (in writing) to their regularly authorized agents, Messrs. Cnrbyn and Martini, i Barclay stiost, Now York. FRENCH fc REISER. FOR MAIiE. For sai.e?a bay mare, eight"yearsold this Ma,, i. a very fust trotter, lias trotted her mile in two I u.limits and lilty-c'ght seconds in linrncss, warranted sound and kind in all liarxcsa ; ;! ? reason of the owner's selling, is that he Iiuh two horses, and has no use but for one: she can bo seen at 13 Sixth street, any time after two o'clock. For further particulars inquire at No. i Catharine Market, of A LI RED VAKIAN. FOK SAl.E?A FIRST RATE (KVE-IIORSE WAGON, with Uather top, and finished in the text st>lo; cobt$18>, and will be bold for $125. Inquire at the Stable, No. 1LU Dunne street. 1,1 OR S \LE?THE MAGNIFICENT PAINTING OF TH1 Raftsmen; by Bingham. Also, Odelis pifi Punished. by Fraponard, suitable for a saloon, bar room, tee. The paintings are veil worthy the attention of connoisseurs. Apply to HENRY II. LEEDS it Co.. No. 8 Wall Mr,.-.. ANOTHER SPLENDID SALOON FOR SVLE, SITUAted in the centre of Broadway.?Good kitchen, with neat rooms for boarders or lodgers?long lease, low rent. This is the chance to make mtney. Apply to OlLLfBSPIE, 552 r art street. TO GROCERS?THE STOCK AND STAND OF A OROcer for snle, at South Ferry, Brooklyn, now doing a good business in city and country trade. A pply iturned lately to II. POILLON, <?.; Water st.. N. V. Take notice?there wn i, he a pair oflmige Bay Hones, just from tht ooaatry, 17 hand* high, offrrcd nt private ?ale, at the stable of C. Hoon, in Crosby st., m nr Houston, from *j o'clock, A.M., until 6 in the afternoon, Thursday, June 14th, lS4f>. luvncLS, <fcc. THE MANSION HOUSE, AT K?VPDIIT, NEW JERSEY. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends and the citizens of New Fork generally. that he Jia? fitted up the shore named home for the icccption of visiter* and boarders, v ho desire a home for the summer. The location and facilities for sea bathing cannot but render the "Mansion House" desirable tor families. The whole arrangements of the house are calculated for comfort and convenience, a*d groat care ban been taken in the selection of porsons to till the various departments, so that there can he no dissatisfaction arising fit in want of promptitude or courtesy. 'Ilia regularity of the boats to ana from Now York, cannot but render it agreeable to those doing business iu the city?they can breakfast v. ith tht lr familits, transact th Ir business, and taka tea with tbeai in tie nftcriu on. The boat leaves Key port at o'clock A. M., and returns at 1 P. M., from the foot of Chambers street, during this month. In July and August nho will leave the city at la A. M. and 4 P. M.. and Kevport at tit. M. and 1 P. M. JOSEPH MURPHY, Proprietor. nil c* iid i v o q PAVitrnv THT3 vmt \ ni iqtt_ ment In sow open for the reception of guests, and will rents in open till the let day of October ncit. i.AMmV & GARRNEIt._ SEA BATHING AND BOAI1 DING AT LONG BRANCH. The subscriber having rcnicd tlio farm of R. W. Bowyor, which i? beautifully situated near the son shore, will aecommodnte a fuw families and single person* with board, at medurato terms. Apply to CORNELIUS I.ANE, Long Branch. BOAUD1NM, Ac. Board ui' town?a few centi.f.jien can be neenmmodated with pleasant rooms, uad breakfast and tea, in a healthy part of the city. Reference* required. Ininiro at SO) Greenwich street. Board?two fine parlors, on first floor, and I'arlor and llcd-room, on second floor, to let, at lit franklin street, either with or without Board. IAURNISHF.D BOONS TO LET.?A GENTLEMAN CAN lie accommodated with one or two furnished rooms, or I'nrh r end Iletl hooni, with breakfast and tea, if required, in a small private family, where there are no boarders, in Franklin street, near Broadway. Reference rooutred. Apply, by letter, to C. D., box 113 Broadway l'ost Office. AFLFASANT SF.COND-FLOOR BACK ROOM. WITH Board, for a gentleman and Ids wifo, or two single gontltmon: also, two singlo rooms, at No. 512 Broadway. (COUNTRY BOARD WANTED,?FOR A FAMILY, CONJ aistiipof a gentleman, lady, child, <about a year old,) at i! nurse. Mutt bo of convenient and daily access to tho city. A ddr'us 1 ox ItifS, Now York l'ost OlHoo, statiug terms, loontion, Ac. SHMM'IWU. ffllK BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN, R. MAIL J. Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, between Boston and Liverpool, calling at Balifax to land and reooiv* mads and paniongers, are intrude I-to sail en follows :? A merlea, Card. Harrison, from N. York, Wod'day, 18th May. Htbcnda, Stone, " Boston, " 23d (Vrada, " Jttdkin*, " N. York, " 81th *' Caledonia, " Leiteh, " Boston, " Cth Juno. Niagara, " Ryric, " N. York, " 13th " Kurupn, " Lett, " Boston, " 2fl?h " Cambria, " Shannon, " N. York, " 27th " America. " Ilrrriacn, " Boston, " 4th July. An experienced Surgeon on hoard, Freight will be charged on specie beyond an amount for personal expemea. All letters and paper* must pass throngh the Post Uiiice. Passage from New York or Boston to LiverpoolFirst Cabin, $12U| second do., $70. For freight or passago apply to E. CL'NAKB, Jr.. .38 Broadway. PACKETS POR HAVRE.-SECOND LINE.?Tl!F, SHIP Baltimore, R. D. Con p. will sail on the 1st of Jnly. BOYD ft U1NCKKN, 83 Wall street. (AOR ST. PIHbRES, MARTINItlUE?THE FhKNCH Jc ship J Af'm A3, Capt. Vne. For freight or pssssso apply to TAVI.OR A M El! KILL. er to BOYD U HINCKIN, 83 Wall st. C'lP I'ROIirs, FOR CALIFORNIA. YIA V ALPARAI?t so?Pas. < tigers will be onboard on Saturday, 18th, at 10 n'< b i k. at w I ielt time the ship will sail. Shippers must sjnd iii t heir billa of ladin* immediately for algiinture. There are tl r? t tirat (U^f paaaazea to be hart, on immediate application, nt each. E. B. SUTTON, ^ W?lI alrctt. 1.1 OK ( AMTDIiMA, SAN FRANCISCO PfKF.CT, TO ( ail 80th iuft. The auporlor fast aailin< bark Pill LENA* < n|>t. ^waln, ir.iM't, hat Inr all hor cargo enaogcMl nn?l going '.n I oard, yill positively fail on the JNMh inat.; a few mom berths can be tacut-ed. t or pa-aage apply on board, pier No. 'J North river, er to F,i IJ. ruWbElt, K) Weal * tree;. Ft OH SAN FRANCISCO, VIA CII A (IRKS?ON SATCKdny. .I"nc .kith.?The v.<11 known atonimhip CRFSCENT CITY, Stoddard, niprter, will R*ave for CI.rvrro.i, dlro<t, on Saturday, J up e ,w)tfc, from pier I North Kivcr, at 3 o'clock P. M . a i riving in time to meet the Pacific ateamcr of Jnly. The Pacific mail ate* intraOregon ami California having arrived a<k at Panama, the way it now open f??r direct and rapid < i ;i vi.iOHtiun with Ron rranriaco For freight or p intake, jj.ij to . J. HOWARD U SON, 34 Broadway, ( CM! rOVKNf k VIA ( H \( HF.K \RU V M. AT r Panamaof the Piclfic Steam*ra California .end Oregon.? nformat inn ha* bean received nf t i n arrival at Panama of the vbove atoatnerv. lr<*TTi San Frnnriaon, thua owning a direct vonniutiic *1 m?ii with the Clod lUgiona in about HO day a. T? C:. S M. Sic;* hi; hip Va1?ou will sail from ?M? port with the IWalla tor the Pacific Ft cam cm, on Tlinradjiy, June v h. 1 ? i f de- rout ?f aei'oriyig a pnaanft* aho? id make tri ?dl U J-p* Itoi t ioo, a* ti.< nntr*) r to l?e takrn ia limited, M tO to 11. 0. UUIIRXS, lid Weatebtv,!* m AiwrRKHiicm. Broadway theatre. ? Thursday evening, June 14. will bo performed GREEK TRIUMPHS?T?urville, M. Cornet; Odysaec, It. Grossi; Odyssee, (hi* eon.) \f. Morplaisir; Thomas M. Corby; John. Mr. Reynolds; Char leu, MO* Bloudeau; Mourad, Mr. Grace; Helena. Miss St. Clair; Muetta, Mine. MoiiplaUir. T* conclude with WilO SPEAKS FIRST!? Captain Charles. Mr. Lester: Ernest Militant. Mr. , Dyott; Potter, Mr. L. Bernard; Mrs. Ernest Militant, Mi?i ! \\ allnck; Smart. Mrs. Watts. Books descriptive of the story ami action of the Ballet for salo in the theatre. Dress Circle and Parquet. 75 cts.; Family and Third Circles, &>ots,; Gallery, ets. _ __ _ I BFKTOV3 THEATRE?THURSDAY EVENING, .USE 14. will I e performed Till: CABINET QUESTION? Pn Beaumont Crersy. Mr. Hamilton; Lionel, Mr. Mortimer; Rosewood, Mr. Rae; Tom, Mr. Raymond; Carter, Mr. Dowling; Mis* Mortimer. Mis* J. llill. Lucy, Miss Chapxian. To conclude with the IMK^TE'S ISLE?Ackbar, M. Frederick; l'ietro, Mrs. Parsing; Alcnxo, M. Schmidt; Bertram!, Mr. Ruvmond; Mathilde, Mmu.Augusta; Countess Pignattlli, Miss Cooke; Zulima, Mile.Kennedy; Kosanna.Miss HifTert; Beatrice, Miss Barber. Boxen. Dross Circle, and Parquet, fit) cents; Family C ircle, 2ft cents; Private Boxes, ?.'i aud $5. Boors c pen at 7.le: curt a in rises ut 7%rf*HE GREAT CHINESE MUSEUM. 5ft9 BROADWAY, 1 between Spring and Prince afreets,and the only one in this country, consists of a great number of life sue Figures of Chinese of all classes: several hundred Chine jo Paintings; Apartments in Houses, iKoros and Vessels; Models of Pagodas, Temples, and Bridges; Specimen* of Chiuuse Maiutlaotures, their Agricultural and Mechanical 1 mnlcini nt?, Instruments of Music, Lanterns, itc. Lc. Open from 9 A. M. till 10 P.M. daily. Admittance 2ft vents; ohildrvn under 12. half price. BOCTOCAIi. DR. W HIXI.EE, OCC17LI8T, 2!>CRKKNWIC1I sriiF.F.T, devotes his exclusive stteution to diseases uftliu L\ unit Opthulinio Surgery. Artificial Eyes Inserted,of w hich he her jti.t imported a beautiful collection from Paris. Office hosts troni H A. M., to I u'clocll V. A p iinphlut continuing many rsmarktiblr cures, eft'uctutl by Dr ? heeler, nu bo hail gratuitously at hie office. DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST, (135 BROADWAY, INFORMS hie friciiiU and patients, that, during <ne euminer months, his office hours will bo from 10 'i to P, o'clock, Mondays, Wednesdays, end Fridays. l>r. K. w ill uttuud to the f oor, us usual, after 3 o'clock on the above days. ETE AND EAR.?A PAMPHLET PAN RE HAD, FREF, of oust, at 261 Broadway, corner of Wurron street, do rribin i Doctor Powell's new and successful mode ol' treatln, the sfteettons of those sensitive and delicate organs. Recently Imported, a lurgo supply of bosutifnl Arlillcinl Eves. Just published, a (Wttlar Treatise on the Eye, third edition, roTiseil and onlarted. price cents, be J AM EH W. POWELL, M.D. ('lltil.I Ha.- EELI.INtil.lt's MM mE.NT. - ANOTHER J laurel to our c?t*]?6U0 of wonderful euros.?Dr. K. II. ltudd, tlio distingui?ed pTofsHiiinal gentIciiiau, who has not hi* superior an a practical veti^innry surgron, t*lls n* that in his opinion hi* j.fV win *av? d by the timely application of this great r? inedy from a v*ry violent attack of cholera. Wo hear trcin the Doctor in all parts of ttie city In his oxteofive Inuctice, which nllords u? the greatest possible pleasure to mow that we have in any way been instrumental in saving the life of one ho generally useful, and so universally beloved ui<d esteemed. ln!u great remedy should ho in every family. Sold at 230 Pearl street, and at 101 Broadway, at 12} j and 50 01 nra .1 boi 1 la SPEC 1 .\ I. NOTICE.?Ol It rOMPOlINl) EX Tit APT OF Blackberry, for the cure of Diarrho a. after this date will not be letailed at our warehouse, nu wo lind it itupr&ciicaLlc te al M nd to the retail of the name. Purchasers may procure it at 132 Phatl ain street 77, 102, and 3UI Ehhi Broadway, lb7, 7W, 650, and 715 Broadway; 132 Phamhcrs street; .'103 IIiiUm n street; and of the Urocerts and Druggists generally throughout this city and Brooklyn. WELM*, MILLER U PltOVOST, 217 Front it., N. V. DR. DE LANKY, A \> A H F, OP 0IIE MANY TEMPT tiotiB w hich so easily hsiet youth and early manhood, in their romance of life, is happy to say that hi* long experience and extrusive rr&otiro uif.h Ymirrual diaea.miN. in all its stages, have nnl&Mtly qviliilfd him to tml thfttoiiM of complaints successfully, uud to warrant u perfect uud 11 tdy mit. Oflt *, No. 11 Li- pina d itreat. MADAME SIIAIL'S VKNTS l ! I I. I'KF. I'A UF.I> I'KOM n simple vegetable substance, l>y Louis Shail. graduate of the Female Obstetrical Institute, Pari*. These pills are the only actual remedy ever discovered for the euro of all dimafOH of the go-uAl organs, Seminal or Physical Debility, Barrenness, 1mpotency, Ac. If or full particulars of thoir singular and magical efl'ucts, 000 circulars. To to had of the regular appointed agents, where alone the pills aro to be had genuine and direct from 1'aris. l'rice Si per box. C. If. King, 1P2 Broadway, corner of John street; 27A Broadway, corner of Chambers street; 4.TI Broadway, corner of Howard street; 63 Bowery, corner of Walker street; 2M Brand street, corner of Allen street; 111 Canal street, opposite West Broadway. These pills are put up in small flat boxes, and r?u bo sent by mail" to any part of the United States or Canada. DOCTOR GLOVER'S TRAVELLER'S MEDICAL OUIDK is the most complete work ever published, ou diseases of the genito urinary organs. With its assistance, every one can treat hiinself; piiee $1. For sale hy the author, at his ofT.ce No. 2 (now No. 12) Ann street, where he is consulted on all diseases there referred to. DU. JEFFRIES ANTIDOTE IS THE MOST EFPRCtnnl preparation sold for GonorrWa and other disorders of tho sexual organs. Lonu experience lias proved that it will radically cure any cuss. 1 Lis desirable result is ohtaiued in from tv.o to ten days, and as it neither creates nnusoa, not offends the palate, and renders unnecessary any deviation in diet, or interruption to usual pursuits, swiud sleep, or healthy digestion, the nHiaunco is thus removed as speedily as is consistent with the piudnotion of a thorough and permanent euro. Its ingredients arc entirely vegetable, and uo injurious effect, either constitutionally or locally, can he caused by its us?. Price $1 per bottle. Solo Agent for this city, C. H. KING, 192 Broadway, corner John ft.. ACOMP1 ETE PKA.< TICAL WORK ON TBI N ATUKB and tremtment of VontroalDi otsei, And iuother tffi0tions of the gouito "urinary organs of tho male and feuaalo.? Una: to; illustrated by a great number of beautifully eolorod i'lutcs, and mar y finely exeoiitod dolineations v>n wood, fee. & c. Ji) II. bosTWiCN, M. D. I'Hoc $10; 1M edition. Extract from tlio Boston Medical and Surgical Journal:?"It is illustrated by cxtraordinaiy specimen* of colored lithogruphy, eqi'alKing copncr engravings in tho delicacy of their finish; and it is a striding evidence of tho indomitable persovorMnco of a man who rcemn to possess an unconquerable energy that will enable him to leave his foot-prints in society, so thjit be will be spoken of when tho memorials of him arc only to hefoiiud in il e libraries of those who know net that ho w us both censured and envied while living. Without attempting a minute comparison of this Venereal Guide with Europt mi publications on the *f it o family of diseases, it may bo mid, fuarleitly, that this is decidedly, and without qualification, equal to nny ?f them. Tho plates Jn Acton's Trea tine me not equal totlieo. By contractingtho two volumes, both tho mat ur. and tho inrnnor of giving instruction, in our humble estimation, should bo uncorded to tho Now York pr< au. I>r. Bostwick bus done tho profession a good service, and nothing omi prevent thin able work from being spread over the land, u < the fact can neither bo denied nor concealed, that he has produced a thorough, wcll-digostod, system*tie treatiho, which lar surpasses anything of the kind, om this branch of practice, heretofore attempted iu the country." Lenturor on Diseases of tho t. rinary hri'.nus; Author ol a?Treati?e ??n the Nature and Treatment of Spormatorrho!, or Seminal Diseases, resulting from sell-abuse; "Impotenov, nnd other kindred affections," 251 pag'-s, 11 plates, third edition, price 51; Author of a work entitled "Hints to Young Physician*;" Author of "The Family Physician;" and Attending Physician nnd Surgeon to the New York Medical and Surgical Institute. 75 Chambers street?removed to 604 Broadway. For i-tle at the publishers, Stringer nnd Townsend, 222 Broadway, und of the author, 60! Broadway. The usual iw nthly reports of this Institution, enumerating oases cured, will not lo published for the present. 110MER B03TWICK, M. D. DR. COOPER. M hi'A N E STREET, II AS, Ft Ht THE last fourteen y cars, confined his practice to tho treatment of mercurial and other diseases of a delicate nature.? lie t un enro the most aggravated cases cf this disease ; and mild cures removed iu two to tivu days. A perfect euro, or no charge. NO CUKE, NO PAY.?I?lt. COUBITT, ]'J DI'AVK HT. ! may ho consulted on tho treatment of certain delicate I ilirviiscs. A practice of sixteen yearn, devoted to the tr<"it- . m< nt of (lfllt ate dlien enables I>r. C. to onre the w>r<? ' form of thl? ilUo*"c. Recent easel cured iu three day, No mucury tired. NO CURE, NO CHARGE.?OR. V UltPIIY, OP 6SOOI.D ; street, is oonflder tiu'ly eonmltcd on all forms of private diconic!. Hei ant eisus of ronorrltea he cures lo tore to tonr : days. Constitutional debility aud iinpotcncy iuooc.eftiUy troatnd by I>r. M. No mercury used in any case, or Uindraeoi . from f eiintsi. Open from T A. M. to # P. M. DK. RALPH, AUTHOR OF TJIK PRACTICAL PRI- | vate Treatise," fcov bN Greenwich struct?Office hours, 8 ' to 12 A. M., ti to !) P. M. (Sundays excepted.)?Those who up- | ply in the early stages wHI he stu prised at the rapidity and i little inconvenience attending their cure. It is chiefly, h<#w- ' over, those who havo sufierod from a certain clans of people, j who cu? properly appreciate his services. in stricture, from I it-- ti r? r, nr m? ,j ina, to its u. r?l v :i 11 ??;d and dirt ironing stages, (from uncommon advantaged and a very extensive ! practice,) he can afford a rapid, cany rind rudical cure, which, ! no has grounds for statir.K, can he obtained from no other soutvo in America. ' STRICTURE?ITS NATURE, SY31PT'*VV CONSEquonoes, mode of detecting, the remedies,with recipes, aud ' only permanent com. No one poHacwsing this v rk noed long I he troubled with Stricture. Sixth edition: p. Ml. Price tk. j May he had of the author, bb Greenwich stmct, or by po it, ' mailed free, DR. CON V Eli'S INVIGORATING CORDIAL, FOR GE- j nital Debility, luinotenoy, Incontinence, or Nocturnal Emissions, fee., Sic.?This justly celebrated cordial is now j eon Idtroa th< only efficacious remedy for thoso sad derange- : nients of body and inind, caused by early indlicreot secret hfil'itsof youth, or inordinate indulgence of the passions in riper yenis. 'J'hc following arc some of'the cfteots of this vioiatiou ol the laws of man's physical and social boing :?Pros- | tration, nervousness, dyspepsia, p:iin in the head, and l.mocss . of vision, weakness of tho hack nnl lower extremities, itnpo- I tcney, or prematura and total deenv of virility, weakness of ! memory and power for mental appli< at ion, dejection, aversion to society, timidity, sedf distrust, and love of solitude. Young and Otfddl I i.?? n I' i.vhore u irn v hy t.-y ar d ' lining in I oalth? why th > become pale. eyosunken and lustreless? why thoy are losing their youthful appearance and vigor. Tins invigorating and ronovnt.'ng cordial lift" restored scores of persons who havo ignorantIv injured thomaclves by self pollution. N. II. Compounds of sai Kftparilln, clock, nnd other nostrums, have no effect in theso cii.o s; nor is the fiction and nonsense which rdtcn appears in wonderful little hooks on this subject of nnv use to the patient. Young man, if you would avoid the burning with caustic, blistering, pills, and powders, &c., which are usually prescribed to no purpose, procure this cordial?it is the only anchor of hope h r you. Ton can use it without cxpoMire, or hindrance from business, at home or travelling?and he restored. N. IL Thoso involuntary nocturnal ci.Mssi-ns, which bio so hurrahing and destructive, and produrlm of ?o much mischief to the nervous system, in? npacintii. th?* man for physical or mental ever* . - ? . ... . t? ... ... . ..a l.w ?Ki. I,..I M--1, ? 11 i. cordinl contain* n?? opium, mercury, *?r nny other mineral or oflent ivo n.l?taii<", to expose or injure the patient. Each bottle ?.f the genuine ban ' I)r. Convert Invigorating Cordial* MoWn on the glass. Price 82 a bottle; thr eboitl fof $10 the half d.n, or $2" a doten; important remark* to tl.o married and tingle, with amnio directions accompanying j each bottle. Sold wholocalo and retail, by J.O, FAY, No" l.'ih ; > ulton ftreet, ( b.imp atoro.) Sun Dnildiiiirs, Now York; and ; by Dr. < ON V MtS, at bin otlice, M Third avenue, between loth and IItit streets, New York. N. II. IYr<ou*in the country ' tan I a% is t be I'ordial and a letter of ad vice r irvfully forwarded to theiu, by addressing an ubovo. Notico? Married persona w);o*e tf njnrnl relations bavc not bee n productive. and those cont? mplatiji/marriage, conscious of physical inability from causes rnmcu nbote, inny confidently consult Dr. Convent jm rrorally, cr bv letter, post paid. The necessary ndvico and medicine, for the speedy removal of such disability, will be tafoly forvnrded to the v Titer's address. TUK MAKRIFD WOMAN'S FR1VATE MEDICAT.CO*punlon. by l)r. A. M. Mnuriccau, Prof- M r of l)i*cn?9*of I IVomen. Sixth edition. Irtmo., pp. 260. Price $1. &J,OiW fopiea aold in ail months. Yt ars of anflcriuf, of physical end mental anguish to man? an nlb ctioiiHte wife, and pecuniary difficulties to the husband, might have been tpurnd ; thuu*anda now pour would have enjoyed competence; thousands now broken in health, would baveenjoynd it; hundreds now In t beirgraces been still aliva, by a timely po?*es*ioii of this work. It is intended especially tor the married, or th'?se contornplatipg marriage, ai it discloses important aioreta which should be known to them particularly. To those Whoso health doe* not permit of an increase of fa- | mily, it Is of especial importance, . .. here, also, every female?the wife, the mother, the one cither budding into v opjanhood, or the one i-n the decline of years, in whom nature contemplates an important changecan discover f he causes, e.vroptonii, nud the most eui<-tent remedies. at d moat certain mode of cure, in every complaint te Which her sex is subject. Tor sale at 2J2 Roadway, and st the Publishing Office, 128 N. V.; LlltU ? Co., Alt>?ny ; W. II. UatM, Hoot")) K. II- Vf ChnMnt ilmt. l'hll?4?l|.hiM U illinin Tkt l< r Ik Co., ll.ltimor, ; M. lluulU'inct, Mobile; J. B. Uiiu.cool. New Orleans ; J. It. CnM.cdgo, Savannah. On (hi revtlpt of >1, a r.nry will t>? tran.mltlod hr mall, IVrr of r',??*e. in pny pert of tli, linitr.1 8 Into*. All l.tfnr, D.ti.t le i,d,PM?>l. ,oa? peirt. fn Or. A. M. MaurlSrau, llai i ii?-i. Ne? *iV?. ?iiJ. Oihcc, li L'-lerty | 1 ...Jj IJITEIXIGFIHE Bf THE MAIIJ. Onr Wasbllihtiin l orrrtjiuiKlrMCC) Washing Ton, June 4,1^19 The hhaitit, and their I'uit to Ventral Taylor. The khtiisis, from ihe land of Syria, were takes up to the White House, to-day, and the President wan much gratified to sec them. They are eighteen month* old, and ore remarkably well grows. They are two of the finest specimens of their tribe; and this is their history :? Lieutenant Lynch, of the United States shi^ Supply, on his return from his Dead Sea exjiedition, stopped at Damascus, and purchased them of the Arabs. They were calves, m.ile und female, of the Khuisi breed fcf Arabian cuttle. Lieutenant I.ynch presented them to the State of Virginia, and the Legislature gave thorn to the Governor, to dispose of ut his discretion, to that farmer within tit* Slate whom he should judge as most likely to se. cure the propagation of the breed. In the exerctso or mhsoiscn lion, uovrrnor rioyu gave mem t* Col. J tutu's Castli man, of Clatke county, who hua just returned from Richmond with the khaisis, in route tor his plantation. Tlie khaisis are,respectively, eighteen and sixteen months old, and weigh, the hull !).">;) pounds, and the heifer fo'O. The hull is I feet 10 inches high, and 10 feet 4 inches in length, fr?m the nose to the end ot the tail?the heifer of a propoitionate size. They are the most beautiful animals of the cattla kind we have ever seen. Their limbs are as delicate as those of a gazelle, yet strong and well set as those of a race horse. '1 heir heads have something of the elegance of outline of a deer ; their nostrils ure as thin ami flexible^ their leet are broad and flat, yet delicate; their tails, thick and flat at the insertion, taper down to the thinness almost of a whip lash, ending in a long tuft of silky hair. They ure ol a deep shining bay color, anil their bonis, wlnvh are just sprouting, are black as those of u buthilo. \\ Jul! grown, they are saul to stand seven feet high, and the cows arc said to yield three halt bushels ot milk a day. These Ore the khuisis. Trimmed with garlands of flowers, they xvete taken up for the Inspection ot' the President; and Old Xack, on lirst sight, promptly declared that he hail seen nothing in all the Western conn try to compare with them. Col. Ciistlemun is a ureal stock raiser, and will douht lets largely improve the line stock of the valley of Virginia hv the introduction of these distinguished Aruhs. Lieut. Lynch is to linve the first fullblooded hull calf, and the subsequent produce oi the animals is to be appropriated to the extension of the breek at the Colonel's discretion. He says he would not take $10,000 for the two, to-day?a sum which they probably would have brought had they been pnt up at auction in Richmond, with a due notice to the stock raisers of the 8tate. W. Our Baltimore Correspondence. J'uu.timokk, June 13, 1319. Unseasonable Weather?Murder Trial?Steamboat Accident?Arrival of Emigrants?Scramble for Political Nominations?Custom House Ajjairt? The Markets, 4"c. The weather for the past week, in this vicinity, has been more like March than the fruit-ripening month of June, summer apparel being still dim. curded for the mere substantial texture of early spring and winter. The trial of John Drum for killing John Brown, will rc-somtnence this morning. The first jury, it is understood, could not agree us to the grade of manslaughter. Two hundred and seventy talesmen were called yesterday,|and but nine jurymen obtained out of this number. The steamer Chesapeake, Captain Mix, from Baltimore for New York, when tu the Chesapeake Buy on Wednesday night last, eame in contact with a steamer, supposed to be the Washington, of Bultintore, and had her bowsprit and eutwatcr car nt'tl away, besides being otherwise damaged. Two Russian ships, the Custav und tlte Martha* arrived here yesterday from Bremen, bringing a lurge number of emigrants. The Guetav ha?l 170, and the Martha 1 1 1. The German emigrants that arrive at Baltimore ure, generally speaking, of a better class than those that reach the northern ports, and en lunding, move off in a body for the west. They are generally well clad, cleanly, and s uliMnntiiil looking people. There is quite a scramble going on here for the political nominations this lull. John Kettlewell, Mendez J. Cohen, and i'inkney White, want to> represent the democrats in Congress; whilst Major John Wesley Watkins has his eye on the Mayoralty. For United States Senator, in place of lleverdy Johnson, there are whig candidates from all parts of the State; but in this city George 11. Richardson, Esq., and the Hon. John I'. Kennedy are the nrcminent'candidates, one of whom will probably receive it. II Mr. llichardson will accept,, he will be the man. John J. Speed, Esq., is also a prominent candidate. Major Kenley, one of the Mexican fighters, is mentioned as the whig candidate for Congress; but as there is no chance for the election ot a wjftg, ihere are but few desirous of obtaining the nomination. The democratic candidates fur the I legislature are. however, verv numerous, ami du.ilv in creasing It is the primary school for aspiring politicians, nnd is regarded an ihe entering wedge to Congress. Two of the members of the last I legislature, Messrs. Cohen and White, are now out for' Congress; but I imagine fhat the one who wiil receive the nomination is not yet mentioned, uud ho is Cox, who was decidedly the most able of the Baltimore delegation, if not the ablest man in the House of Delegates. < >11 r Collector has not yet made his appointment of subordinates, or rather I should say the Department has not yet acted on Ins nominations. It la understood, however, that not more thin half of those nominated will be confirmed, and others substituted by the I tepurtment. Col. Kane has consequently given no promises, and allowed no one to know who he lias or has not sent in tor confirmation. At the Pnltlinore Stock Board, yesterday, the following Milt? were made:?*1.500 Maryland 6>, lob1,; *7lft do lu.; 'j; *IMai i ity u's. IKI'0, 105; 0 snares Union flunk l-i. The books for the trunfer ?f State and oi'y tonne, and of the Italliinore ami Ohio Hull way bonds generally, will be closed i.u (bo loth inst.. anil remain closed until 1st July, preparatory to the paymuiit of the quarter's interest due on that day. At 'Change. yesterday, tht-re was a fa'r inquiry for flour, and sales in all amount to about 1 iUO bids Huwra:d i treet brands at f i 0;/; tor fresh ground. Nothiojf done in City Mills or S.usqu< hatma. i he grain m irket is sli ail>; sales of icil a hi at. at. *1 ej'< a si 10. Corn is iu fair l< quest, with sales ?t wtiitu at ' Jo it 54c , and yi llow si C>(ic. a 57c per bo In I Oats 25c a SJo. llya i Co 'J In- prorision market exhibits no special c tango, bales of ba -rir sides at Oc . ami a-.-orted at .ige. fur shonldtin; bums 7c a h^o per lb , us Rr quality. Noibitig doing in barreled meats I.aril. ljul^s. pet lb . in bbls a ml kegs Groceries ?.\t auction, t > ila7, fit'O litids New Orli ans sugar sold at fill til) a *4 55 P''r lfO It s ; 132 tierces new syrup 21 tic. per gallon; 10 libils. N? ev Orleans niolussi s. IDCc. per gallon; 15 hhda. ( una sugar. Is4 bo a $4 05; 15 tierces do , fill HO. Whiskey is i)l\jvl; sales ut 20c.' n 2lc., in lilnir. arid bbls. Our I'lillndtlphla Correspnndcnre, Pun.Amu.riiiA, Jone l.'l, IS 19. fire ami fxplosion of a Pyrotechnic Establishment ? Tie Cholera?Shocking Accident?Arrival r>f a Ixtrge Amount of Gold?Markets, iVcA terrible explouion occurred yesterday afternoon ut the fireworks manufactory of Samuel Jackton, in Shippen street. Henry Fortescue and George f,awrcnce, two of hit) workmen, were badly burned, but not dangerously. The accident occurled while Fortescue was driving home the charge of a rocket, and wus caused hy hisown wilfulness. He wus cautioned hy one of the girls working near him. thatjlie was driving them too hard, when ha cxciaimea, i u give uns one ncu, ana sinning 'lie rummer harder than before, it became ignited. Lawrence was engaged in tiie workshop a short distance olF, but hearing the hissing noiso of th? < ? n.position burning, made hi* escape from where lie whs, near the magazine,and thereby saved hislife, ns all the powder in it was ignited. The explosion wns terrific, tind besides creating great alarm canned much damage to the neighboring houses. The house ?.f Mr. Jackson had not a enisle pane of glass left unshattered. The most singular part of the affair, was, that ubout tlie . line hour, a twelvemonth before, the same establishment wuj the scene of a similar disaster, wliieli caused the instant death ofaAliss Mnry Ann Jenkins, besides fatally injuring a boy, through whose carelessness the accid? nt < ecuried. The fragments of tliworkshop entirely frame, were thrown in every direction, and two persons were injured by the fall of tie/so articles Irorn a great height John (iartlund, a lad ubout thirteen years of age, was admitted into the hospital this morning, wiui both logs broken. He was coming from Baliimoro w iili Ins parents (on their way to Uostonf when a box fell upon him, causing the injury. The second of the cases of cholera repotted yest? rday, terminated fatally in the afternoon. Tho deceased was named llarvey, u wharf builder by trade, who having lor some time I seen suffering under a diarrho ii, was imprudent enough to eat strawbeiries and rbultaib pie. To-day three ease a aie it ported?two in the city undone in Southwalk. < 'nc of these cases b<ia proved fatal. Homy Thome was shockingly mutilated, yesterday afternoon, on the railroad, near Fairrnount, he having fallen on the track from a sectional boat w hilt* nab op. 1 ii- left arm and leg were severed by the wheels. He died at tic hospital last evening. f l.'t).O(H) in California gold dust, destined for coinage at our tniuf, arrived here to-diy 4t It