4 Temmuz 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Temmuz 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- I .rr ii i NO. 5507 MOVEMENTS OF FATHER MATHEW. THE CALLS AT THE CITY HALL. Taking the riedge. f XX? ALKKTINC.' AT THfeE TABKRX.VCLK. The Apostle of Temperance held a levee yesterday, ia the (iovernor's room, of the City Hall, from ten to one o'clock, and wa? visited by thousands; and none were mora welcome to him than the poor ( and humble who have lately coma out from ireland. About noon, a committee, (consisting of , Meears. Smith, Cowdin, and Oakes,) from the various temperance attociationa of Boston, waited upon him. l)r. J. V. C. Smith, chairman of the committee, ' thus addressed the venerable man :? Ki'tnimi Sia ? The fame of an extraordinary iu- I finance you exercise over un u of depraved habits, in turning them from the debasing vice of intemperance, to a recognition of the re-pouMbilities we are under to 1 society, was. long ago. wafted troiu the old world to the new. Although etraugern. we are the representatives J of the advocates of a doctrine you have taught with gratifying success in your own country. This detuga- . ti?n is from the North the metropolis of New Kugiand?a region iu which the uioet abundant natural j nrodufitiniih. Ar>rordil>r to Lh? lift* nratimiit i.f n frti *mI - fer. are. granite and lee. Hut. sir the heart* of tho J Inhabitants are neither an hard an the former, nor ai ] wold at the latter. It is our exprv-m business to u-aier- , tain when it will suit your convenience to visit tbe , city of Boston ' Wlien may the irieuds of temperance, ] , an army of will wishers to Uuuiauity. expect your ar- { rival there, to strengthen and encourage them 7 While ( greeting you as a beuefactor ol the age. we pray that a , blessing may follow your uiisslou t America, which ( contemplates the noble purpose ot raising the drunkard j fTom degradation to a position of respectability, from t misery to couii>urative happiness, and from moral death | to intellectual llle. Father Mai hew responded a# follows:? Or.aTi.i mi:?- 1 heartily thank you for tho kind at- , tcntions yt u have thouglit prope r to bestow upon an , individual so bumble and so fertile as myself I feel , that I have much to do in America iu behalf of the j cause of temperance i have but just arrived iu this , great city ? I intend to visit Akbau f. and shall be buppy to visit Boston, and shall probably be able to do so ; tally in Augu-t 1 trust gciitlcuieo. tbat although wo | ' are now strangers, we sball soon become better ac- , ( quainti d, and iu the miauume. you will please to con- | vey to tbote whom you represent my sinoere thanks , ' for rending this delegation so gr>at a distance to ex- 1 tend to me tliis invitation Ample notio j will be given > in regard to the precise time ot my visit to your city. ? At half-past one o'clock lie went to lirady's da- ' f[tierreotyj>e rooms, in iirwadwuy, and had his ikenees luken to gratify tiia fnends. It hangs | thete among the Ukentsseaof the eminent men ?i j the di,y. i He tin n went out to drive, to ace sorau things < about New Voik which strangers consider wottliy Of regard. j Previous to the reverend gentleman leaving the , Irving House for the City II ill, in the morning, ( he was waited on by a deputation of his own i countrymen, w ho expressed themselves delighted. ] at the recti,loa given him l?y the brave people oi' < America. Mr. McGruth, on the part of the sicnu- j ' tation, rtiid as address, which he waa deputed to ' deliver, tut behalf of the temperance socieiy of ] which he is president. Father Mithew replied in J his usual i.ilectiona'e manner to tins address. , Their ?r'l.uru.sni k. ew no bounds, and they shed ? tcura of icy on beholding hint Tliey pressed for- I ward wifh (he utmost eagerness to shake him by I < the hand. Many ot them kueit before him uud kinicd his hand, in despite ot every elldrt of his to 1 prevent it. Une poor fellow, named Francis O'Connor, t ame forward and asked for the pledge. ( Father Mathew replied, that though it was not Ins , intention to have administered it there, he could j not rehire, ,.ud accordingly tie directed O'Connor i to kneel down, and repeated the words of the i I i pledge " to abstain from all intoxicating drinks. ' L a mi to difOtMriM ilMpeniM in others," anu I the poMular.t repeated it alter him ; when Father I Mathew gave him his blessing, and the po?r man ? went awaj, delighted beyond measure that he was the first to take the pledge from Father Mathew in America. In a few minutes ufter. an Iiishwoman named Mary Fugun, knelt at hts feet, and likewise took the pledge. Three or four more received it, ineluding a man who had been on a drunken spree, i and bore the rn irks of it on his face. 1 The number who shook hands with Father Mathew v*as immense; among th in, many who thanked (?od tiny had taken thpledge from him in Ireland - Men, women, andchildren, of all grades ' in society, throng# J to touch him, as if he possessed fonic be duigpower. Many of tne most distinntabed citixens thought it a nigh honor to shake bands with htm, and a host of ladies were introduced to h hi, ariiang them Mrs. I. inian, who prerented him with several copies ot a temperanca talc, written by herself. Father matiiew at the taiikicxacle. Lust evening, pursuant to advertisement, a recejv tion whs given to the Apoetle of Temperance in the Tabernane, Kro dway, by the American Teni|>erance Cnmn. Th.- building was pretty well filled, but not crowded. The tine brum band of Mr. 1 Jingle performed severul airs, wuh great fc'at, before the proceedings commenced. At ten minutes before eight o'clock, Father Mathew entered the Talicrnai l<- amidst loud cheers. He wasacciwnpanied by the Mayor and the committee of arrangements, who mired, tor a few minutes, to a waiting room, wne? tnf ApoMic of lrmi>eriuice again uiaue nis appearance, which was the signal lor a renewed burst o! nppluus \ lie looked remarkably well, and hna c. nlently improved m health and spirits since Ins advent to our shores. The hand then struck up "Savoiirncen Deelish," in exquisite style. Rev. 1T. I'r Witt, of the Reformed Dutch Church, then oj>en? (I the proceedings with prayer. The Svcretary of the Temperance Lnlon, Ilev. Mr. M*a?n enia lie was sorry that the eve of the anulver1 aary ?l tin declaration of ituierlean independence had lessened tho number of the audience lie had no report to rtaU of *latlstits ?be had only one report to make, and that was, that l ather Mathew waa come. (Loud cheers ) '1 hat report Dr Cos would read for them, aud circulate It, tao, over tho land (Hoar and I laughter ) Jt??. br Cot. cf Brooklyn, then came forwar I. and. taking a gin ? (>f water, he raited It. and said l? before 1 begin n.vt teka my test (Laughter) Having taken a copious draught of Cmton. he said he hoped they would not plara murh dependence on him. for he had ry mpathlaed eo much with th" atmosphere Of late, that hia physician forbad* him to attend, and yesterday be responded to the order. 1'o.day, however, he changed his mind aud he was now b. fore them. '1 he great theme id temperance was In tome reepcrts I ke the glorious goipel of the biesved llod ; it did not d< pen J upon a ninny varh'ty. Truth was unchange able, and even the mime I ?od was not tired of his r'inwl and he would not he tin d of teinncram-a till ha Cftmil to reek tli* btgb**t good of man (rheer* ) Thnjr war* all noranged to the 4th of July. aino* 73 yaar* ago : and that no doubt kept innjr aaay thin evening ; but temperance *u a duty juet a* much a* patrt<>U.?m. Tkr Mioirrti am In lh? habit of praying for a aound Kind In a at rod body. The t hrl*llno?"t th* present day would do art! to apply tbl* eentlment to IbttnMlree I'h" Vtorlltiotii that belonged to th* place and tba occasion naturally throw hack hi* thought* to tbo g*ui of the ocean, giwen lata of the aea. (t.rith>i>ia-tu: cheering ) 1 hofa ?a? a pretty larga priukllng of lri*h in the auman nature of America-'*. (Hear and laughter ) lie wa* din i tided from the Irl-h hlineelf, but ha m twlatrd on tlio way with Wah'* hi.gland and Acotland * (float* of laughter) He had vl-itrd Ireland aorao time ago. t.nd ha hnd the opportunity of aeeing what a n>l??eprr?etit*d anil it wa-. that it wa* prodtlfllvn and f.rllle and beautiful? the anil ot gentn*. If lla growth wi re not rherked in the hud (Loud cheer*.) ' 111 tar ea tl at Had. to tity vie* a pr. y, W i . n ? .nth aecmnala'ra an I m?n decay." Rut oh. how ill whrn poverty accumulate* and m*n decay T< m pern are waa a aorcrotgn antidote to poverty li t recollected the ti?n* when the word al#ofc< I waa hut a* an Inkling of Arable, like the Alcoran and itlur Al* It wa a eurltm* tact. I hot a'r.ih I like the Alcoran did come from \r?bla. and he d?a'>ied wl ch < f tii i" had don* I to - III' i h:ii ng kind. Timet' ah ill' U in the Arabin aay. tbat It mean* a pun- . titi.o nt. fr*:rant at.d f 'fill to the?u-". whit It. wht >. tired on the head of a grandee, would ' rati" a rolighllul and r*fr-?lilng halo around it Many called it 1 ai | tie-a hut it **? an io?idooi* mnr l*r >? pot* n a lei tor among nail-un lie lit I b-en thiucing ot <o* or two acrlptur* text*, -ne wa* wh<o* the Doat.rgta winbed Chrlat to call down fir# froin hravi n to d**trny the Satnaritm*; n hen lhrl.-<t r. buked thin', and tall I aoi ri"-. CUM t" I r v Itneli ? ll>er nut in ???> ?? on- n {(irin'qn irnnmriii The cll.i r t? at wi?*. For the detll * *? n murderer from Ihi I 't'iMilin " I'ater adrlaed tl.a tlw to " a M t<> tin Ir I. no* ledge. temperance ' lie a?ked thrtn to | pauir a in. mi nt, and reconnoitre the antidote of in- ! tern per*though they knew it already It wa* a nniterml antidote. a run that net nnth ng. Infallth.e and pl?r. .n't. Itwa? lilt* anm- of tha rare eirellen ciea of I r. Tidrnre and i h riot in talf jr lie orten thought thifoa ii. t atiffleli ntiy thankful for th" air th-y bnatlixl 'I In j bad now fit tin. cholera in It 'Ihij tm ni.l Ibanktul for th* glormn* light <>f ht ai.r, li'.r ff rold *alir. that herrragc nt Para .Ire aitli which Adam and ):? ml I.ram.I th-lr mania." in tin- gnrd. n of Kdeit Ian-ht.-r ) TVbi n t. d nitr.j?-d the cn-a'loa no i -aw tha: ail *n ford. tl? r* wo no ale-In I not a drop of it It war not Ml the eatib wa* iMitht fir man'* ala, that lhl? rntai d draught wa? found Vilnn man atnnod, thna then- ?i< a retrograde to diray. tinner to foraamta. tlon. hw n< t Tet to aleekol for thai Paqnlr?? tha art of tbe di*t'll> r (> ar. bi-ar, and etieera ) Air oh.I had no more D' urialnjo nt a* a drink, than a flarh of llfhi G NE Ding. (Applause ) The temperance cause belonged to no island. to no country. It wax the cause of the whole world, and of all rare* from the < aucaslan to the Malay. It waa a republican principle, for It wax a great leveller; but. unllka the devil temperance levelled upward*. (Laughter ) He had sometimes seen a fustian aristocracy. embroidered and atrutttng. lie had once travelled with a gentleman?It waa raining, and there waa then no railway, much less a telegraph. When they came to &n Inn the gentleman cot his symposium, and wished him (Dr Cox) t9 .iola nun: but hv woijld not. upon which the gentleman said '* <v# understan d each other?we know chemistry. It is all rliht to be wilder the vulgar with these theories; but uLsurJ for wise men to puy attention to them " He (Dr. Cox) told the gentleman that, wise a* ho was, alcohol would make a fool of him, and the brutes would be hla superiors. when they trampled upon him. He was a barrister; and he (I?r. Cox) told him that he (Dr. Cox) waa no gentleman; that he was merely a man; actually flesh and blood, and that If ho put alcohol In his mouth it would steal uway hie brains. That gentleman became paralysed from intemperance, and joined the teetotalism when It was too late, lie died?a proof this how little alcohol cares for embroidery. It had been said that religion bad nothing to da with temperance. ThiB ? en true, if by religion was meant sectarianism. But be must first take the soul out of his body before he could separate temperance from religion for utau was made in the Image of Dol, and alcohol degraded him b'-low toe brutes. He was too glad to agree with men in what they held In common, to waste hie time in trying to find out In what they differed It was seventy-three rears since the Declaration of Independence came forth from the State House In fblladelphia. when erst be was a boy. and in bis plays drew in the first inspirations of liberty under this arched empire, with shining stars, aud the eagle flying in the middle. (Cheers) Europe would not hesitate to admit that, though the older couutry, America is the mother country of temperanoe. (Repeated cheering ) It was to cause Americans prized it. that they honored lather Mathew. who had struggled and labored till he enrolled nearly six millions ot bis euunlrymen. lie was sorry to have to inform hlui that in this ' cxcel<lor" city, there were numerous groggerios. Ho loved Ireland. He visited it once on purpose, and ut the time when he did not intend to go there (Laughter ) lie will not ray how much intemperance had to do with :bis. He then adverted to intemperance in Ireland, formerly Luring infected the clergy ; and he said the whole ot Europe sere looking to see how f attier viathew would bo received hero Their iuMueuce. therefore, npoD the destinies of Kuropu was beyond calculation. Let them imitate the virtues of Wa-bingtnn. and uut -ay, wan l Miii. Am I xuj urotn<T a keeper. 1 The Secieiury, l?r-v. Air. Muih. thea md tht "ollowiiij^ address from Chancellor Walworth, Prc ident ol the American I iiion, who w.ts staying at Saratoga, and could not he present on account of he illijess of Ins datiyliter:? Sik?rerrnit me. not only an an individual. but ilso as fresid-int of the American Temperance I'niou, ind lu behalf of all the friends of temperance tliruugb>ut the I uiicil States, to welcome you to Aiuenea. \in! may that kind and merciful Providence, which has protected you in your pea-age across the ocean; aud wrought you !u tafety to our shores, preserve your lif-, tour health, and your strength, during your sojourn iiuoug us Your labors iu the cause of Christ'an iharity and benevolcuce, but more particularly in the pruuolion of tempi ranee in your Dative laud, have made your name familiar to us, not only from the commencement of the gloiious temperance revival upon ihe banks of the Shannon, in August. 183U, but from Lbut curlier period, when you were tud?ftriuating your fallow townsmen of < ork in llie true principles of temperance?total abstinence from all thai can io'.oxl ate?at your semi-weekly meeting- at the IforseUazaar in that city. And allow um here to say. what mainly is not undeserved praise, that it is the common opinion of the friends ot tcmperauce, and of most :>f the frit uds i f Ireland on this side of the Atlantic, that your continui d and disinterested labors iu litis re u.-? alone, have d<>nu mure to relieve and elevate the oppressed and ih.wiitroddn people of your own beautirul isle of the ocean, than the noble political exertions of kall the self-devoted patriots, of wno-e services aud nciilices in her cause Ireland has so ntucb reason to be proud. It was an high honor to one of your ancestors to have 1 the greut standard b-nrer of lingland's fourth I d ward In his contests with the liousu ot l.anca.-tcr, for the thrum- of a kingdom. Hut in the estimation ot all who love their feiiow-uii-n, who glory iu the triumphs of the cross and who seek the eternal as well as the temporal happiness ol the human race, it is infinitely more honorable for hit descendant to be the grtat standard benrtr of the king ol ki l ;s in this ear against the demon of intempeiam-e lit, latum has marked that monster tyrant, not only In your own native land, for which (iod lias done so much, and man so little, but in every other iuud which ha< heeu subjected to his besotting and iron rule. it is he wbo. In every land. I'mui-hcs tenants for prisons, and victim* it- nu i ? eh? s?i>4-a i.e.-- ?. ???nipt ilie appetites and the uiorala of his son, by holding the intoxicating cup to the lips of lh - colliding youth, lie persuudes the infatuated mother to p >i ,nu the smiling infant at her bicasl, by creating in it an unnatural appetite for intoxicating drink, before it is able even to lisp lo r name It is this monster who makes so many wive* wijaws. and so uiuny children orphans; and who so of leu de-troys the ha; ipinces of the domestic firesids lie enters the ha Is of rcience. and deprives them of their brightest ornaments. He often has polluted the lauctuary of jusfiet, perverting the impartial trial by jury, or soiling the purity of her eriuiuu Aud, what is still wore, aud most to be deplon d, he sometimes enters llie halls of the living c?od. and corrupts aud dcbx'Ss the priest at the altar ( ontimir. therefore, reverend sir. te bear llutt Ibla broad standard of total ab- '.mem >> you bat* hitherto done. until tbi* luuiislur tyrant, who carrle* cn tbli dreadful warfare again <t the p are an I happlnee* of tin* world, shall be forever dethroned. And may all the friend* of huniunity. and part iciiUrly all tlie lilt-nil* of the great King of King*, who <>, standard b< art-r in tbi* cause you bare *o long been. aid and *u?taln you in tbi* warfare, until this w n lor of iniquity i* not ouly dnreo from Ireland and Auie Ira, but also from tho eullb to bit own appropriate rt dm, the bottomless pit S any of your eountrytn- n upon tiieir arritai in tbia land of freedom fall into tlx- hand ' of thia destroyer. atol *oon liud that th> y have e*?at< 1 flow oppression at home, ouly to become the slave* of a more grinding oppto: ion here. May your counsels, therefore, enable tbi in to escape tlie withering enr*e of intemperance. In thi* land of thi r adoption, and other million* here a* million* In lr la i l hare sirc-a ly done, trill ?li:l rise up and call yon hie <d Th i t I' of the ruCerlug poor of Irelaud I are Me i d tho-- pliilauthropi.st* if America who. from their abundance, contributed to r? liree the want* of tho** who were rierisliing with famine; but your previous rvrtion* n the eiui*e of total ab*lin?iice th< ri bad d in- m ue to rare the suflVi log poor of irelai I from actnel ??i * ration, In the days of her raliiuitty. tbon all tlie peed* nliiry contribution* for their relief, which were *o llbernlly bestowed on thiv ride of tho Atlantic. Wo welcome you. therefore, to America, not only a a standard bearer in the cause of f< my rsneg, but a n true ( hrletian philanthropist, who love* hi* fell >e men, and wh'i*o disinterested and untiring errtiiito In the cause of bcnaroleuce, may well lw followed by the most cni'^hti m J (Mh4| jI our o atloti Saviour. In ali pArU 01 the world And b ar net. ibnr -lr, that any ncrtarian feeling* will Impede yonr welcome to th* heart* of other philanthropist* hero, who tin lore their Savior and lora tbi ir fellow-men, ami who I u??an > tinner ran be acceptable to a <?"d of infinite ? and morcy. which doe* nothing to benefit eth'T.4 > r reetaceured. dear Sir. that one wh.. ie lite iaii hrlstlanil/ ha* provided a resting place, for tb* dy iiff poor of a' I denomination*, where tho Catholic n.<d the Protestant wiay mingle their ashe* together, until the truinp of the arch angel shall awake the aleeping dead will receive a cordial welcome from every one who endeavor* to praetlr* that heaven-born charity, which Ira he* u* to treat the suffs ring and the weedy of all cla??e? and denomination* a* our neighbor*, an-l tbe *!i->le family of man a* our brethren. We cardially welcome you tln n to our country anil to onr home*. The rending H this document waa received with l?od cheer*. "Patrick's I la*" was then struck up by the hand, when uie whole meeting rose in honor*I Ireland. Katiish Maimsw then came forward, and w** received with a t*iupc*t of applan*e lie llianb l the meeting with all tb* feeling* of a warm heart, for tbe find noption they had given him The reception he bad met yesterday t*r eireeded hi* expertali n*. for he expe cted nothing of the kind lr in the great American people. He would aeknowledge that he wa? an intlruinent in thi hand* of find, in reforming the In-h people, ilo *aw they were overwbcimidwiib the viee of Intemnerance. ho hn- w it wan from Ihur | edition una not llnHr brtrtf M4 that tlifj wanted bt.l rnligbteiiroeiit an<1 peraiiaalon. 11 paw there wete great difbultlcn to tonu nd with; there wn? a mighty preenure trom without, but he felt a mightier ptrMN within and the renult w>i that r?i"re 111iivi lite mtlllonn ii id taken the pMfl ( b< t< ) lie waa wrrj to bear that In thla Country <> runny Irl?hmrn bad broken the pledge. In Ireland not more II an flee In eery lot) Violated it lie hoped, after hie * I-it through t lie I nlted Hi alee, that th"*e who had here broken tin it vow*, would l?' Ventured to the fold o| temperance. 1 bough he felt hia h> art throb with plea-are peHrrday, Tie felt alao ?ad when he reflected upon the niilliooa he had left behind Ii ui In hia native land exponed to tty* horror a ot ptarvatlon; and he wiahed that the lumdreda of thou-anda upon whom the worl.houec had /hut Ita gli* tny fl a tee. and tho?e who rould not flnd an aayluin en n there, were in thin free and happy land lie did not latead to api all on the mibjrrt ol ti rape ranee to. night. lor lie labored under a eold, and he hoped upon nme other ona-hii. when he bad better health, he would do no; but he could n?t help now thankin/ tbem lor the honor liny had conferred upon him. Loud elitera IoIIowmI the cnnchiMon ??l the reverend tiih-ntiin'* Ppeerh. The band then ptrnrk up (iattyowen. Hev. Air. N iimm.i.i r, of the Cathniic Chnrrh, Prookltn, ihtn in n wumi nddrc ? welcomed Fathtr Mnlhtw in Aintrti a, and invited htin to llrooklyn. Tlte v ht'le nwftinsr then run* ? Hjvirklinf and I.rijjht" tie follow*, led by the band, and II. W. Amliewp, 1. i.; ? a. * .1- ? .1 1 .! .1,* t.. I ..?!?* r>jnrKiiiip ?i > iiiiumv 'v ... > ),"n l? the ? ?? ? In '-nr *!?? <?, "J *ill jnm hiklvh, tnlll gitr foil w. allk. Ye ledi> eml r??jr leeee*. C) tbi D tmnn )<>ur rnby Mine, t nrh * n eri.l ganghW, There'll nothing ?> k<?hI for the jreiithful bleog, Or (Writ M the ?|eihl)Bg weter W YO MORNING EDITION?WE * \ than U"M I* thi> water cold. From the cy?tiil fountain flowing; A mint delight both city nod night, To happy homey Inflowing I u?>u._lt m,n >...! > I . Sorrow li?* fled from the lu-*rt that bird, Of the wr?'|>iuK wit>* and niothor; They've given up the poison# d cup, , Son butdmud fathar brother. O thru ri .-igu your rub* wine, Facli ."julllti" rod gnd daughter There's nothing co f<w>d for th? youthful blood. Or sweet. ai thu sparkllDg water. Flev. l?r. Cox then pronounced the benediction' and (lie meeting separated. Oar Philadelphia Corrrapundrnrr. 1'ii u a nci.euia, July 3, |.S-1J>. The steamer W. L. P<* use MM up the river this afternoon, in nineteen hours trom New York. When oil Mnicus Hook, she whs run into bv a schooner, iimne unknown, carrying away thu steamer's bouts and wheelhouse, rail, bulwarks, and guards ; broke the galley, killing the cook, and injuring another of ine crew, who is not expected to survive. The Philadelphia < Irnvs left the city at 2 o'clock, on bourd the John t'tevens, to spend the Fourth at llordentown. The Washington lJlues also proceeded to Trenton, by the same boat. Tire OvRRhaHn Emigrants ?The Fort Kvnrney correspondent ot the St. Louis (\lo ) Hepuhiimn, of the 24th ult., writing under date ol the titli uh , says:?" The number of emigrant wagons which daily pass this place are diminishing rapidly. In two weeks front this time, a wagon o.i these broad prairies will be looked upon as a rare machine, unless there should be many on the back renl, wiii. h is almost certain to tie the case. Many, after reaching the mountains, will turn tli- ir gold hunt into a hunt utter bull.do, hid! with about as much sueceis in the one case as the oiher; sour- mountain men have just reached here Iroin above, hii#I say that there is not a buflalo along the whole vul,.i tm. i>i,.n., ri...,. i....? ..ii i - n- i... tin- emigrant*, but none kilied. Fortunately the l'laite is so high at the presunr time th it ill v r innot cross, and the bull.do hm:, then-fore, feeding on the noith side in quiet nnd peace; while to the south, between the Kansas and the Platte, there is r.n extensive prairie which emigrants dare not venture upon, lor fear ol being lost. N-verul applications. in fact, have been made already to the commanding othcer fteie, for assistance in looking up stray ? migrants. The game, therefore, in tins region will not ha much dim'.ni.-h'.-d in qu intity, but will be frightened most awfully. Those woo left home with the excitation ol living on butialu meat iicrosu the i'laius, have no doubt, ere this, been convinced of the error of their calcuiiiion. Up to last evening, 4,804 wagons had pi-s?-d this place. I >r. While, of your city, with Ins family, rentlied here three days since, lie has a good outfit, and is getting along well ; he b ft here yesterday morning. From what 1 can Irarn of persons just from the frontiers, there must be between two hihI three hundred wagons still to pass over this road, which will swell the entire number a little beyond my first estimate of 5,000. Tins does not inelude the government wagons, which number about two hundred and fitly ; several large government trains bo-.id for Dear Kiver und Fort Laramie, are still bvljind. Tiif 1m>i*v Fioiii.?The Chickasiw correspondent of the Arkansas Inltliigenrer, of the 9th ult., under date uf May 15th, says:?.Vothiugof much importance has occurred hryond the Indian fight w Inch took place a few d ?ys ago. It grew out of a depredation of the Wichetaws, who, it set nis, stole about '.Hi liead of horses from the Delaware* mid C'addoes, besides a large number they had stolen fit in the citizens of Texas. The Debtwares and Cuddnea went to the camp of the WichetHWs, Mini t dked with th? tit nearly the whole of u day, urging them to give tip their horses or others in their places, hut they refused positively to do so, ui 'l niiioe lun ol ihtm. There was a large gang < f hoist s in sight, and the Delaware* and (/addoes concluded that they would drive off us many as tin y could. They dashed in among them,and started off with about sixty lead. The Wichetaws followed and in >de an attack upon then\?the foimer returner! the tire, nnd the action continual! about itn hour. Two Caddoca and one Amirdurkt'* Were killed. The Wichetaws lost about II in all, and the Uuddoes came off with the horses. A few days before this happened, ( 'ol. L'psh iw, the Clin knsaw agent, hud given two Kecliie cho ft and several warriors of that hand some t<b cco to go nnd sec the Wichetaw s, and | er.-n.idc th-m to bring m the horses they bail stolen from the Texans; and tliev promised to ro and trv and prevail ii.inn die VTichelaws t<> comply. Since tho light Col. I pslmw phvt' tin- l)rl?wares uud Caddou it very posilive talk, und told them tinder no rircumauoceK would they be permitted to fight and ateal in the Chickasaw district. There are but few (hickacaws went of Fort Waahitaw. although the beet part of that district in west of the fort?at leant two million of acres, and moiup i* of the best and most beautiful country I ever have seen. Tiik Ltr.crt \ Packet?This vessel, as tnttal, has tnade another capital run, having arrived mi Sunday afternoon, alter a passage of thitty-six dnvs front Monrovia. The hark brings a cargo ol paint oil, j? pi er, A c., and tlm fallowing pus. encers :?L>r. J. W. Lugenbeel, of Fredcriek ; <J. A. Perkins, of Massachusetts : Hilary Teupne, <1 Virginia; J. W. Lewis, of Plaladehiliin ; baun Brush, of New York, and five in the steerage When the L. P. sailed in the spring, she was expected by the Maryland Colonization Society tc return by the 1st of July, and thus arrived on th very day mentioned. Moskotia, May 10th, 184P?Tho t'. 8 brig Bain bridge, ( omn.nnuoc A. ( Slaughter, arrived here ot tha 17th iuitant. from the Guinea 8< a anil I'rlnee Irlstid?t-ni i-unti re<J mueh bail weather Officers am (few all well 1.1st of officers : \. O Slaughter < oin rounder; I) Mcbougal. 1st Lieutenant; I'. S Maggoty ltd do.; J. Wilson, Passed Ass't Siirx- on ; VV I Duck ner, Acting Mater; John It. HurJ, Captain's Clerk A. Fweeny, Ma-tr?'e Mate ; J Ifuchlnson. d> 1 he slate trade l.e as fur from being broken up, oi even in a measure suppressed, as ever. The F.ngliO have for the last uontli or two been blockading th> Oallijja? audburnid down the cstablii-buicut ashore but it SC' in* to produra little effect. A lew days since II. M. brig Alert dsaerled a fetuer a short dblance at si a becalmed. and supposing h-r t be a slaver, they sent boats to board b< r but In st tempting It, tliey were beaten oil with the loss of th first lieutenant and master killed, and right or nin< si amen killed and wounded. So you perceive thai little ran be done. It is the genr rtl opinion that the alavers will b armed vessels in future, and It Is known that mauy o them rnrry a gri at number of men Tbsre are now lying here, within pistol shot. tw< vessels, under th>- Sardinian flag which are knowt to be siavers. Finding that they rnnld n' t Und theli cargoes at t-sllinss. they are discharging them her - in a* to urnd them overland. I our valuable paper nometimea reaches uv mifh t' the enll-hteriBient aa I prati Seat inn of all. Living Ir a In ear lire out of the world, we are nlwiy* I r Moathi behind hand with regard tu it* alTain.? Ilaltimart S a Julf 3. Ai; rrvAl.' f Titr. Istiimw.?Th' steamship lath mus left Chagres 13th, rut Havana. 2")th mat. Tht jMhmns made the run from Havana to Chagres ir five day and a half ard landed her pn.wngi rv al well, and th? y all proceeded immediately to l\?na ma. All the emigrant* for Cahforni i had sneered ed in getting passage from Panama, and that plar< wn< again left to lis former occupant.*. The rainy season had eet in at (hngrrs, hut up to the sailim of the Jvthmut, the health of the place appeared t? be very good. A person hy the name ol 1). Hatton, drowned himeclf in Chagres river, while the steamer was lying th? re, and the bodv rore next diy to the aur luce of the water, when it was towed out to sea hy order i f the authorities of the port, without tht know itdgr ol any of the Americana there ut th" lime. The steamship California wm a' Pinama, to sail for f*nn Francisco on the 20th in at. The aehoonei lona vvhs to ?ail from C'hatrre* for tin* port on th' I f'h nut. The 1 s frigate If rit in, hearing tht un?<n prnam oi t umiiioanre nr*cr, win hi mitnn. . to Irate for V i rn Cruz on the 23d inct., t?i mm llie eqmtdrnn : ollicer* arirl cr?*w nil well. I'nnril the bri? i-mlma, fr<>ni thin |*>rt, doing into llnvnrn, the ZM inat. The latliutua bmui'ht a email mail from .""Mn Frnnciaco.?N O. HuJUtin, Jtmt 2ft. Tr*nanry Notm tintMantling l?t .Inly, IHO. |'n*??? ? ? I ? H?T?H t. I H?i.'itTi r ? (irrira. July 2, 1**49. ( j .Amount onfefandlnn of the ?erorml prior to not at July. 1841 ?r par rrrnnle of tlita r fhre $146,1*0 SI Amount c ntrtardlng of th? i??ne of 22<l July lit in ?? p. r teeord* of thl* ofltre. . 11P,:;*.0 OH Annuo! out lni.Jlog ol tin Irene ot -Jeth J?ro??ylttf. - per record* of thl* rffir. * S.?6*PM? $4.0M,48V ill brdurt eer.eelled note* in the h?n t* of the ai i ounllng ( Cirin, of ehirh $9,400 I-uioi.t < t'iid July, 1844 and f JOd m di r othi r art* 4*00 <X 4 O2V7X0 .11 AI Lt.lt A MALL, Regtnter tflfcn I re.Mi. y IRK I DNESDAY, JULY 4, 1849 Common Counrtl. llitAitn oe Ai nviivii, Juuo 3,-Jhihm Kelly, E?q., President in the Chair.

The minutes of the prcrlous meolinp were read and iprrond. Petition In relation to the fair, and the time ileslpt ati d to lay d<>wu the rails of the Hudson Hirer railroad llaferred. JWftianr Htfrrrn! Of K. II. I.alnp and Oarld Sampson tor exchange of pores in the 14th ward between 6th and 6th aronues; of Thomas McSorloy, for remu[ notation for the loss of bta horse by a mob; of owners 1 o* iu the vicinity of Elisabeth and Urootue | stru t, to have ru,1 ubi ;?Ucr Hoots sat aud aide walk relaid in h luabeth street. between !lro.>iuv tipa Spring stryts; for newer iu Third street, from the I' Uowny to avenue A ; of tieorge W. Vurian and others for removal of t>itilUii>Ks from the line of Blonuiiog'tale road between *J4th and 2oth streets: of the llud-on River Kail road i ompuny. to define their route in the citv. iu order to lav the trai'k; of.) li 1 'ill and others, to have burial of the dead prevt ntrd In the ground of | the colored Kpiscopal t hureh tut hrystie street. A a,euitrial of Garret Storm, in relatiou to an enrroaoblueut upon his water grant ? referred. Of 8a- i I Miuel It. Dennett and twenty other street cartmeu, for I ! increase of waxes from 14 to It] shillings per day; of . i lames Markey tor relief from tine, obtained against | him hy the corporation; of Hiram Miller for return of money paid eorporation attorney; of owueraof properly in Amos street, for a sewer In said street; of VVm. i urrier and others to prohibit interments in Her M. McLetxl's Church in 12th street near I'niversily I'lace; of Satul T. Mtidtuore and others, fur a sower in 4th streit. lYom Bowery to bth avenue; of for an uddillonal engiueer corps of tho tire department; of Jehu IJooley and others, to have sunken lots in loth and loth streets, tilled up; ot llook and I.adder Company 0. for a change of location; of suudry perious for a lloe Company in the Third ward. Ileport of committee on l amps entering into a new contract with the New 1 ork gas light company Ordered printed, and made the special order lor the next meeting lt>furli .Idtptrrt, ?Of Committee of finance on petition of l.ucitis M. Wright, for remission of tux Of I inauce Committee in favor ol giving further publicity to tho corporation contracts. Ueiiioustisnce of the inhabitants of the 6th and 8th winds. a;ainsi allowing the Hudson River Railroad to lay down rails in Hudson street. Referred Invitation from the Rutgers Institute to attend their j ll'th annual commencement Accepted. Remonstrance of the Board of education against sole ding school houses tor cholera hospitals. Referred to the Could of Health Report of ! inauce ( ommlttee on the communication t f W iliia Hull, late cannscl of the corporation, respecting certain charges lor professional services, uuiuuutilir to *7 OWC A,looted Ili-port of Finance I oinmlttee adverse to the priyer of the petition of the liar .N Brown Adopted. Ili-port of Finance bouniiittee concurring with the other board, iu the case of renewing the lease of Pier No U, I a-t Rivi r, to J. ami S BilgM lludann Kiver llatlroad ?Ill-port of the Street ConimiiriMii favor of allowing tho 11 ml-on Hirer llailroaii 4 in pa ny to coulinue their track through lludsou street to 4 bambini street. I.aid ou the table uud ordered to In- printed. The Alderman of the llil ward, aftrr several inolToctiial attempt* to adjourn, liually aueceeded in carrying hi* (notion, and tin- hoard thereupon adjourned, to meet on Friday evening at 6 o'clock. Brooklyn City IntcIIIg-eiiee. I.*vim: ihi; I 'iii oi Sinn:.?The corner atone of the roping i I the Iiry Dock at tlio Navy 1 aid at the W'aliubout will he laid tbia day, with tin- appropriate cereniiiniea. l-y < omniedore Smith, thief of the bureau of iaid* and r>ieka. It will be a very Interesting cereluotiy. and will he appropriate to the day which will | mailt the tram action. I iMii-iikT.-Coroner Hall held an inquest yesterday, j upon the body ola child, belonging to Mr PatrickMihllfi, who u*< found llouting in the water, ut the Fulton Ferry. 'I hi* child liaa been mlsaing aince Saturday. and nothing was heard of it, until tound ut above stated. | 'J he juiy louud a Verdict of accidental drowning. < inn m*.?The cholera broke out yesterday mornit g, in the Werk House of Brooklyn, and. in one c.i e, t> iininati d fatally. '1 lie victim wa? one I- outer, a vagrant, who was sent there by Judge Trueiiian Smith, some few day* ago. Another inmate was seised with the epldeinie. aud lay* very daug--rously ill. It 1* to be legretted. tiiat N. I Waring, i.sij a distinguished member of llie legal profession, was seized, y- sturday. with the cholera, and ia said to b<i in a very critical ! lituation. Si rami Coi bt.?General Term?rresont Juatlce* Iiurriilo, Morr e, and Mel oun.?This court w a* Op -nod yesterday, with a calendar of 64 Cl-e* to try. The l nit then intiuiated to members of the bur. lliul they would r< celve peopositious to let the term bill through, on account i f the prevailing epidemic, winch proposi. lion waa accordingly made. It *u* then resolved that the term -hould fall through; and, therefore, no cab-n luy case* will he tried, though the court won) I resolve on cases submitted in writiug ami hear the special motion*. Aft< r which, the court adjourned sins dit. Citv Coi bt?Before Judge Greenwood, Aldermen Mi l ocald aud Taylor ?Two rancs ol assault and batteiy were tried yesterday, viz : Jeremiah II iihkvII and < harles Ib atdioan. Russell was found not guilty, ami Lb ardruau guilty. 1 he court tbeu adjourned until liiduy. Coi n i Cm an -Nothing of Inkrest tian pired in the police I oiirts yesterday except the usual di-po?i> lion of the frequent eases of drunkenm-* which can prove 1,1 no iUipurlhUeo to the < Moral f miff. It wiitlM ),? *i II lor I Htlo r to tli.lt Uruikljn. ?i toon a* | o'?iM?. for tin re i? i;ri at v ?i.t of m>ui? rorrocttvs fur dt i,nk) ii 10 m. uD(,ii; tin- lal.urtug |?>pulation of Brook* l.i n. Tlio rreonln ot tin* peine >.1io? iiioro <iritnk> nio-k< than l.m ticrnlufore oxiiltd fir it c u.-oKrabl* la|?u of time. F*om the ?amta 1-k Mii.imet Tnttv.?tl?? Council (imve I'ourriK.iidi lit ot tin I-'. I*nui.* (Mo ) lb jut I.I iron, if ,l\o 2liti ult., u nil or il.it>' ot itio Ihlr ult., m) > . I left 1- ort l.o vonworili on tli K tli ot May, Wi:!i tin- troop* doetinoi' lor Santa ! r, f I I I,rtr->o, in.<t Hill# rout |v:rt? ot New Mexico, v inch i on- i.-t of the follow mo corps ' ? I 'our ronip .ntrs i t the :kJ ii'luntry, two ot ilie 21 artillery, vi rli 12 l>. mount iu liowit/'-r-, and k company ot' > the 2<J dreRoonn. 'i lie l.itter company, however, is > to i oiitii.i.i on to California, n? ail eeoott to the I n.t< ii ? titt? & r i .-torn hon c ofliccr* for Se.u I'r.incirco, who me hi tin* tunc with Iherti; tliey are i 11 ! ic fifteen in to.ml' r, r Icrki'. n" li-tunl-, iVo , pml * nttely look tin t>' til.'' (.'old tli in 11 limn colleciors 1 i t eU'ii'tii", slid, Iri in i.II i ('count , I pn nine, will hud the latter burim; * tin |ei.-t profit ib!<\ This ceinjnny, tit d the party cl c:v l ollioi i'-. left our . 11 n i i i d i |"w r) >? < b T>". \? . Htrtv '! lo re, ns ' ' they wi r>* in n luirty, an I c?> l>i not travel witJi f the ox ti 'ins which compo.-e tin b ij;e and supi |'iy tr. in ot tlo* corps hJiovc n.-iitiom-d. under ' t ol. Ah xander. i have nln-adv elated the time i ti e It |l the I ort, hut did II I in Titio.l OUT delay Oil the Katun i iv? r up to th? l?t .liate, ?w iiiin;; tinrrtivul ?>l' ?n. Itrooh",w ho, * titerwurdt learned, in I'll cifiirtier it the de.ith I t ?ctt Worth, wss . ordeted I i where ; m you will s> r tint we have rtK.de tuy pi)"! msrehin?, notwithetandinif the i poor condition < } vr cn'tlc w je u rye startc I t'rero , t!ic I >."i; IT'.11y of tl. -m w re con ;d-red entirely . nt.f" f' l 11 rert !>' ', but J.nve e.rce p-eruped. to lie' ntotidiMtl >i i mid will Misd the trip , through, ll proprily mansei d. '1 Ill-re i?, lit tins , reason of the jeur, ii >rei! amp r to !?> npiirrlwndril r In,m over hentmi: cut* e tl u i?\ tkin;; I'lwt. Tit" , ptara is v? :y good and must, I'rotn lit" irmneus run that has fell' B tins i'pri??. mid nil of the J r ">' IHM Hi'- hi.'h. 1 The troop* lor t' " To iii T".lt. nod l-flitnrv < i . . ' . i . , i . .. i. i ri.'ifj n??l Mir'' I ? It 141- I "II, iiiinr^ii ' l? lieve sent* two or three ini1'. wit'i provisions f< r ih< |?? * ! < ??n ili t - t?? (?? girrison ? d, hud Ml or wc re r?' t y t<> leave. Th" di?poi?ii tii ii * t iltliMpiMtll ii twit' and territory I iite better t.' i'iaintrd with than ntvsrll. The I health ' I t! r command is vrygoot nt |irrirn', consider mj the i in. tliil hive raged inrni!; lie- troops, hi well a tin- trvi '* conmij^ up thi* liver I'rcm I li?-i on I'.arrncks, mid whtla at Fori ' l-envenwotth, from di- >< contrn"trd down lh<* ! n\er. Th'- cholera carried ol h great number of ? soldo r? a ixl emigrant > ut ilm I ort, und other (mint* <>n ili?- in- r,end is i.ol i?tir< ly out of -uni o| ihr I trains on the route yet, as every campground be Horn here end I'ort I ,civn? orih and Independence is n iikej with two or ihr< < fresh graves, as ' we||s? id! alnrfj on th" toad mI?. The Indian I have all I'll llie ro.ld, lit every eetlleoi'-nt contiguous 10 the road side, on account ol tile ch<>leta. I noticed at linll creek, Kaw river and WilI low ,irin.?, among th iJrlawarea und .Hliawncea, r ihst th?v had nil run off, mid left their houses and i garden*, with vegetables growing, to llie nu tcy i ol iriiv.ll- r-\ who, )oo may know, are not very 8| I to ev mpathise wi'h anyone else than then* ? n Ives. We buried five out of the train that I am in, while at the I'ort Htid since, (hough, a* I before > stated, the health, of ronr-e, is fast improving, i We shall resume our inarch to-morrow again l?r i {-nnta he. 1 he ?iiiarter-mn?ier's train is undergoing to finy a tr.iii'fi r to Mnjof lirynolde, from l.irutrnint 1 Ward, and iluil, with -?'in?- 11?11>* r<-|>*irir?tj <d w*fione. A r , have rati?ei| tt? to lav hy to-day. U> overlook Ivdovernor l.dwarrte of your .**tatr 1 h?re, m rente fo California. There urea great I many rmicrranta going via SmtH l-'e; the road i* loll, ami we are coaatnntly overtaking and panning ; IIUIhN. Tin PaBoy Campokvia Pabit.? A letter from a 11 ruber r;,itrn Unit 'he ee|ll|'stny lind reach' d the Pluilr river (Mime :UN) inilea wr*t of Fort Indepen* (lel.n ) i n (lie 2ilh rf May, in good In altli and nptriin. They were ronvt intly in night of the cainp* ol other no men, wbii h rover the plains on the n nte to California, nnd were advanetng more rapidly than th?- ma?i ?>f the train*-, on aecount of the bi.bine>.? of their bums, of whirh they had hut laIII ?A'ewar* (TV. J.) Advrrtutt, Jnly t. I [ERA i Progress of the Cholera. IN THIS C ITT. Match'* OrriCK, New Vom, July 3, 1S49 , The Sanitary Committee ol thief city report SI new h coup.', anil 1*9 deaths, of cholera, an having occurred j during the last 24 hours. u ciiM.ur. 1 C????. DcatSi. Ditch'J. ' In'ton're street Hospital 4 5 6" illiuin sti'<>t lloepital .1 9 6 J I.iiuntie A(.ylum ."I 0 Cotort il Home U 3 0 IB private practice 116 10 * i oral. M in in It will kn mid. liy reference to an advertisement front r Boyd. of tin- express, that ha has made arrang) nieut* for tho forwarding of report* from rnedlral UK u on Sunday mornings. if posted in time, in order to prevent an accumulation of case* tor tho follow lug day. uud the consequent panic that alwaya attend* Monday'* roport. in brooklyn, tioann or iikiith, .Inly 3, lMD, ' Since ye?terday'n report, eight cases of epidemic oholeni have been reported to the Hoard; three of which, via.: Margaret Collin*, aged 18, Navy Direct, Sarah ( lair, aned 10, Fourth Place, and a colored boy, at 73 Front street, liavo terminated fatally. C. 8. J. GOODRICH, Physician of the Board. in other places. Tho Brurd of Health of cUieagn, Illinois, on the 29th ult . repurli d 10 deaths by cholera for tha preceding . firty i lght hour*. Two cares of cholera and one death occurred at I Cleveland, Ohio, on tho 'J'.ith ult. Tho Burton Cuuritr, of the :id instant. s?yi:?A gentleman el' Itoxbury, with his family. Invited guests and scrvuuts, partook of a dinner ot pigeons on Sunday, i I All worn uiinrki d by severe cholera during the night, hut by goml fortune all recovered. The t incinnutti Cuvette, of tho 30th ultimo say* : I We have liad numerous ruuiora ol persous, supposed to have died if cholera, recovering while preparation* were being made tor interment and yesterday a story was told ti-. that one of the pall hearers at u funeral declared w hile walking by tho hearse that hn heard it , noise in the ci llln 'I ho hearse was stopped the rolHn I opeued and the person wlio wits uhout to he interred : found br. atbing. lie was conveyed home, and It was j staled, will probably recover We shall trace this story | and get names and residence Persons who have kn-iw| ledge of similar occurrences, will oblige us by furnish, lug pai ticulurs oi telling us ?hero they rail tie gathered. , If such thing* do huppeu any thing like as frer(i)eu ! us rumor mal.es them, the public should know it. | Tho < olumbus (Ohio) Sl?|? JuunMi, of till) -till ult, ' says : ? Wo understand that there arc two new cn?c* of cholera since cur last notice, both of which are likely i to tiruiiuatc fatally ?Mr. John Thompson, and his | child Mr. Thompson is u sou in law of Mrs. Kinney | who dh <1 of rholria last week. 11u resided In Ibo block where the other latal cases had occurred. Tho Louisville (Ivy ) < euiirr, of the 28th ult. say* : The sickness In the city Is toe reusing from Tuesday evening up to last evening (24 hours) wo have hoard of nlueti en deaths, incluitiug three cases that Were iii.'Uttoued, uud considered hopeless on Tu?iM(ar. Tlieulileal mid Dlnslral. Dowser Tiikathk.?This popular liou*e will ho open, ed to-day, with splendid performances in tho ufterao >n i ?nd evening, ealculuti d to ainuse the numerous pleasure seekers with which tho city will abound, uud Uf.lhiliir will be left midol.o hv till) nisni.-.U' to irivn .. entire i atUfaclinn to tUu crowd* that will resort tbi.ru 'I 1 bo company engaged in large, and roinpomij of all J. ttfn I' uj; eiitabllehcd favorite < of tbv Bowery audience*, . and we t xpeot that the prcnent anniversary of Independence day will bu nitwit haudiomely celebrated by ; tb>in At 'I o'clock iu tho afternoon. the first perforinaiiru will commence. It will consist of tlio favorite dinnia of "George Barnwell," tbtj farce of tin*" King'* t lard oar," and tb? domestic drama of tlm 'l.att . I rime.'' in addition to which a moit Union* profihut , of legerdemain, M ftchmeiugki by name, will perform , a vast number of moat extraordinary tricks of sleight , of band In tho evening at ibe u?ual hour, another . performance will be giv a. consisting of tbe drama of the " Murderer at tbe Hall," tbe Brigand Boy,"" Tl- f niour tbe Tartar." with tuore performance* by the nia- ( gitlaa. Wa anliclpatu a Ttry full house on both oc- , I car lone. NiatV* Gamut* Tlii* evening, for the flr*t time r thie ntw, beautiful and *paclou* thebtre. which haa | It i n completed in t ti ry . hurt time, by Niblo, at con- < . iliierable outlay of money, will np.-n with Ilia Havel 1 j iuintly. 'J hu ci lain pont.omimn relucted are "I,a 1 Iota < hampetre." and "Monaleur Decbnlumeati.'' Bo- , l *! death* great altrnrtlon of the Hand*, there will be a mapnleci iit display of I ire Works ? mckete with gold < , ruin. I'cruvian crop, rocket* with crimson stars. ulifnrtiia t un. Oregon rore. eriKD of Malta, with turiou* I 1 other light*, and the whole concluding with a grand I 1 T? inplo of Liberty. This exhiblliou. Tndejiendeut of i the great theatrical talent engaged by Niblo. will, no I j doubt, crowd thin rpleudld building. i j ilkoaiiv *v Tin *r*k. Sr tkhtii Ari'tab am M or Mn. ' Mai ai 11*1 ra, iiir Uat a i N icaomatct it. This splendid ' theatre war again la.-t night tilled with a crowded , I In ure, and all pres-nt came there attrnctcd by tlw | lame of the celebrated magician, who had upon tin ui the sano effect a* that of llauh t upon hi* mother, for he threw tl. m Into ' amaxement and admiration j ' i Tha "t oiifrctloner ol i hlua," of which we hare already f j rp< hi n. I* nightly more au 1 more appreciated, and hi* . i rbop is atli tided by many per*-lis Tho " IVacock,'* ! , the N| atil'li harlti|itin. excited alto much nierriineut i in the Iron*? A* lor tha other trick*, Mr Macalllntcr 1 la a master in hi* line, and he may be called with justice the king of conjuror*" We cannot follow till* } giutleaian through all hi* performance*, but we ui- ! \ \i-e our r< adrr? who will rpeud In town tho " glorlou* | houith of Inly IM'.i," to go and pay a visit to Mr. | { Mccnlli ti r and hi* uio.aMo lady at the Rrriadway ( j theatre They will tin icubtedly be d-lighted with | thiirlilc." and w ill not regret the few hour* epaut in < i tlnir couipany. the mechanical change* an I ocular ilcccpli-n of N r. il.,?lu highly interesting for every ] tewli. and print Ipally h<r ladit * and young people. It *lli be remcmbiTed, t) at Mr. MacaUI-lcr and hi* banning and lovely ruwpcr* will give two petforroan- 1 *. one In the afternoon, the other In the evening. ; Both clit ilalniui nt* will undoubtedly b well attended, I5i Bin*'* Tin ?ri ?Yheiii will he performance* I bun in the afternoon and lathe i venlng. The *elec* i Hon of | Ice * are nch a* to pleure the patron* of thl* fauri'i ir-vrt. Imrt"n and Brougham lu the Siamese T* iii * arc eu i? r.tl *r attr*rtlv to drew crowj* to 1 rbit them to-day. But independent of thle. Burton | foe* rtipi'gi <1 Ihe r t lul'-rit in the i ountry 'I In- prlnv11 nI part <?l tin' company will appear in th" e oni" 1/ i>f I ' 11 Ha* nil it t I'll 111 w onilo bnrb'Ua called I " lri?h Haymaker*." Tnthoe who bare frequented liuile n theatre, It in ncarc-ly n ?-< - ary to *?y, tfiey will tin uit to n tnlfi' ? ii?t> u*at by a il it to t li?iut ? ti itrrct. Ninem Tmunt i'bl* hen** wn* finely attended I In t evening, anil the vnrlcttn pnrfvimntn of fonv tbnn Bradford," "Three WirMftt," " Trumpeter * i tt i tiding," 1p. fa-*cd oil Siuly. (.hanfrau h>i ben iffWit k gnat preparation! fur tba dun eelebration of 1 the pti -i lit cU) at hi* hunif and tt?m the bill bo p rear nt* f< r the afternoon, a* well ai rrrtlnt mturtalnBnuli there if no doubt he nill obtain hi* dun ?h.?ro of patronage Irnm lb* inulliliuK' who-* uitnde. to day, | * niu i u pUaMii* bent.'' I!# announce* an afttrnwon | . rfeimai ra. at ? I'. M In addition to th* u*ual evening i in' '1 be a!t' rni'"n i nterlainm"lit* will ron*t?t of the dinit:a of "Military A.*<iculion," "M"iw In ( allfurnia. ' ai d ike fever if Masher and (ire* her." In th* e*i nliig of loecy. tba . partun, t hree > ear* \rter,"' and "Jack Hob in'on ami hi* Monkey." Mr < anito, alio i* an faniou* a* the Ian- nkey will play In Mvv In t alllornia. and al*o In Itolnnion and hi* .Monkey ? 'i he f.ou-e i* finely vontileied. and every eccowintvde to n proiidi d for the a " a id coiulrt t>l ririter*. \t v am ?ure it will li? well filled. ( nniaii ' hiiMarram will net be behind hand in the raea to naun tl>? pei pi* to nay. a* tin y will git* two colon tie. ?ir. one at 3. and onuat T >l.t and on both oera-li>n* will ptorlde a lull bill of fare for the'r flitter*. i bey will ring tin Ir raclr*t roll"*, d.ine* their n o-t hpaM dance*, and make I In ir ' >1 u-lval \ oyage" In tbelr u*uel daablag ntyle ?' ned not al l Hint the) ate a* well able to annr* an nnJieuee a* any other company ol any kind in the cl ?. I riii tdttiite -t.reat ha* hern the *nc*"- which ha* atli iieie d the doing* tl?i< *ea*-id at till- niont aplenOiil eitabllrhiuenl, and t reneh At llni*er *r* det' r mine d thai the rati rtalhwient* they pp eat Hi I* day tee the public, el.all la- worthy "f full patronage Th-y lute Ml *11 Ibg two pe (fuvmanee*. rli: ore at Ii '.. I M , u i. (j inn ni iur iitii ti'iiir in ni'1 i'-iiiii^. i n? I hit ttUiUimittlU ?lll r<pan . mi in *. ?i'p? Jam-lug by the llcrr < liua. ko , ?ni Ilia I in mp< km anl cuiiif.i .* njimu'li'l C' ocert l>y all the tiVilMI vli bliUn lhat lm?i' t>?ea ilcll (tiling .1. r ettl? ntii ?l lh" 1 raidi-n !< ? - e ta-aa fa 1. A mail gnrmm <ii.-)'iH) 1 I lirrenrk* will ilxi br ?lTnn. ami llarf 1 llu?-aill pvrli rin < u the tight rop?, \u mora delight* liil place (ban * a-tle i.ar.i. n can ! Inoml In apemi a plu-aut time at mi Mu ll a day aa the preacat. Iikl.ia* Cam rar. I her? alii I.e a aerrt at the 1 hlncee Araemiiij Hetuia. tM? afternoon aini ???ll*f, |ij tt.r Italian Opera Company. Ml?a l'??tr t\ 11.1 it a taVr-i n benefit on thr ith Inly, attic AllUlaiy OaMcit, lir<>?kl)n. Mia |>l?;* IIhinIdI P*?ii ma, Aaiok l'i a< 1. The pl?-nrtlj diorama o|' the ruin.- it 1 < !>h'Hiit I happl. ami Ike city ant liar1. r of Treat arc rilnblliil fioiu '.'A. ,?l till ilu ? Tiny are | ai.ilhy lh? aila-nlli-n nt mum laciira. > ad'llc lilatiyy. tin- areompllrhi J .dan* u?<\ ia a; I Albany. t Mot mi nta of I milt Mtiala. 1 i li ticl VV nal t- the aewly a ; j-- mi I .Navy nt at 1 lli aton will tntif npaiM the dMiic* <>t hi* uin<- , i.? mi . - ( n<?, 'Ihnriday William llaj ila-n, the nearly appointed Tiotmit- ter ?f Beaton annmiii the rtultra nt hia lalllre on th* il l inat ^ W V l.cltrh haa beca appelated Snrrryir f-.r the ( pi it nt * katlulva, 1.1. 77^?1 IA D . TWO CENTS. Unlteil State* HUtrlrt Court. IIrlore Judge- Betu. Jui \ a.?Dxiiionh ?'J'iik IUki Liukkn* ' oi i a Sum. ? IV,? I'nit'ii Statu vt Me !Urh /.? ??/??, rr nunc if r -Jill* nil'* hiving bn?n heard upon 'leading* and proofs. and after hearing counsel for all art tea interested. ami due deliberation hud m the pro lees, it I* oomlilt red by the court that the said bark .aureus at thu llgm of her wmt mid capture a* sot orth in the pleading*. being it vex**! helongiug to citionaoftbot nit ml .States, w*h employed and uiviuusp >f in tin- transput tatiou c.r carrying of eiav >* from oat ort ign country or place to unothar. to wit trom the ast 4 oast of \frica to Hrar.il within the intent lid moaning of the aet of tlongres* pasted ilajr 10, HUO. in that rase made and provided VVh?reipon It is ordered, adjudged and decreed, by the ourt. fI at the said bark I.aureus. Imr taokle, farlilure. appurtt Mnres, arid the goods property and sfi rts fouud laden on li urd her be condemned and for riled to the I nited Statei. the libeilant* iu this rauae, urMiant to the provt-ioii* of the let of ongre-s In hat behalf And it is firrlher ordered and decreed. Ihtb be libeilant* recover their taxed eoets agnusl ma laiinaots ?h<> have intervened in this cause. t'rauk Cheney vs The Ship Pacific, hrr Pu kU. <pe.? 'bis cause having b'en h< urd up m the li bet, and deluricr tbi reto, uod upon duo deliheratloo h?d iu the remises, it is considered hy the i;?urt. that the oouraet and agreement set forth in the libel are not several nd separable, hut are one and entire, and a cm tract f Mlirniplitrncnt tor transportation for hire of the ibillant and his ctTccls on board the sunt ship, rom the elly of New t ork to Sau l-nncisoo, iu i aliornia. and is a subject loatior within the Jurisdiction nd cognlraoce of this i nurt; that the said contract ras broken and terminated on the part of said claimut? and respondents hy their refusal to perform the urn" according to thu terms thereof, uod that a right t action accrued thereby to the libeilant, to reoever he passage incaey udtunoud hy hiai under the oonract. and his damages because ot the breach thereof:? Vherefore. it is ordered and adjudged by the Court, hat the demurrer interposed by the claimants end impendent* in this cause, be overruled, and that decree hu rendered tiiat thu libeilant recorer he passage money advanced by luui together with .11 damage* suslaiiied by reason of thu promises, vith his costs to bo taxed. It is further ordered hat cluiuiauts and respondents have leave to withdraw heir demurrer on payuicut of costs and answer er dead to tho said libel wilhiu twenty days lifter notice >f this decree; hut io ease no answer or plea is interposed. it is further ordered that the libeilant have te ake out an order of referunca to a commissioner, la isceiiaiu the amount of pu-cage money advanced by aim, aud the damages sustained hy bim hy reason oif .hu non-performance of their contract by the claimants iml rt. i? ndent*. and that he report to thu Court with ill r('il.C lllfllt Spit ! A similar ducreo ?n granted la seven other cmm instituted again-t the sauie claimants and reaponduut*. f.'i Iwurd Carter v?. John Hall, Chirj Matt a/ I'urk M.iy an J Mai tA<J ? This cause belug submitted to the court on the libel anil proof*, the respondent liming made default therein, and It appearing to lha null liuit lfin iespondout on tbe high seas oa board >a!d vessel. without justifiable or reasonable causa, lost the lll.ullaiit out the head aud on the faoe with t piece of board, and Inflicting injuries upon hiin front sliicli ho sustained coiisidetablu suffering*, and wa* n part disabled froui duty, it I* considered by the sourt that the liln I Ian t I* entitled to recover damage* ustained hy him by means of the premise* and ooia[vemation lor tlio injuries aforesaid; wherefore, it U irdered. adjii'lg* d and decreed by thu court that th* ib< llant recov r against the respondent hi* damage* if< ri-Miid the sum id ?100. together with bi* coats, to m taxed. Jn.nri t'rllmrrt v*. Tkt Sttatnthip Crttrtnl City, kar Vacl.lt, 4-c.?'i his causu waa argued about a wuek siaoe, ltd Ibc tacts were then fully reported in the HtraU. I'hu 'juration Involved itim whether the owners of tha rescent C ity were liable for a case of jewelry aud evolving pistols, shipped on board, to be seut to No* Irlean*. and which were lost on the voyage. Cot 11 r?This cause baring been beard upon plead* ngs end prods, aud it being made to appear to tha ourt that a hill of lading wus duly signed uu the par# if the claimant*, thereby engaging to deliver the oa** f merchandise supplied by the libellants In N*v fork, on hoard said ship at New Orleans, accord* ig to the t* iin of said bill of lading. and, l appniriug to tbe court that at tbe lime of he dell"eiy of and release of merchandize on board aid steamship, and on alguing and dativertng aid bill of lading, no Inquiry was made on the part >3 lie claimants respecting llie contents or value of aaid asc ; and it not being made to appear to th* court bat the libelluntu bad notice that tbe claim tuts would lot bu responsible for jewelry shipped on board said In p. unices th* content* and valuu of the package wnra Hectored by the shipper ; unit It appearing to thu court .bat the said caee of merchandize was not delivered at Sew Orleans, pursuant to tbe engagement of thu .-aid bill of lading, it is considered by tbe said oourt that the sutd ship Is liable to the libellants for thn value of the merchandize so shlpptd hy them on board bar | and It la further considered by the court that tbe libellants are proper and competent and proper partie* to maintain tills action on thu said billot lading ? Whereupon. It is ordered aud decreed, that the libellants recover against the said steamship thair dauiagaa by reason of the | remises, and that said steamship ba :ond' nined therefor, together with Ho ir const* to bs lazed. And it Is further ordered that it be referred to i commissioner to a<ccrtaiu thu value of the inerchan* liic in aid bill of lading specified, and report to tha jonrt with all convenient speed. Ac. '1 he court after the return of process, adjourned ta llii* day week. -'ourt of Uvneral Mission*. Before the lite order Aldermen lainlson and Kelly. Ji iv 2.? 7'A- UraiiU Jury On thu I lurk reading ?*er the i utiles ol the person* summoned to seres a* [rand jurcra. only nine answered. This number not a leg sulllcieot to form a fiioruui. ta# organization of die I >rsnd ln.|U< t was deterred until Tuesday morning. No biislne-s other than tailing over the name* of urors was done, u' the Alderincu were obliged to leava .he bi -nch at 1 o'clock, in order to jolu iu lb* proccs- ( uou wmcu wan 10 i vim r tinn .liiucw 10 me CHf. Before the It< eordcr, rnd Aldermen lauilron and Kelly. Jti.v 3 - A' 1} rand J hi y At theopeuiogof tbecourt Ihi* morning. the clerk proceeded to Ml Up the vacuoele* which m? re found to rglat yeetcr lay. The followng are the rutin. * ot the geutlemon comprlalog tha l .rend Itiqueit Uobtit M. liojd. foreman Henry M. < arpontar. \Tn*. I'v. id. ll, Martin Walter*, John ? Kemeen, I'ranci* I*. School. Juki Wrhh, John Mc< bain. Lewi* Holy, Henry S Mitchell, John T. Itueiell Willlaui Whilo, John A Kennedy, K. < Mooney, Jixmpb Kceler, Andrew > lark, .1 oiln V. Tallnuidge John liayco, Charla* A. 1'cck. Stephen I roc Iter, Ira llutchlueou. The Recorder brleily charged the grand Jury, In refer. in e to the duttof lu rvhlch they were about to engage He railed their utleution to the * tat u tea Ha ri l> etjee to utur/, tho ?ale of lottery ticket*, the lira limit le*, he. Tie grand inquent then retired, and Ih ' court proceeded to the hueiue.auf tha term Th 'eie <j Unar .1. IIirgt.?Tha diatrict attorney tnovd 1 < r juilgno r.t a.-aluet l?a?c A. Bigg*, hut aa hi* I - itu ipal r?ui>- < 1 wa? n>>t preacnt to argue upon hie prev.'.u' motion for an atreil of judgment. the court put off th. flnel div">ltloiiofthe caee until Thureday morning, ah'nit will bi concluded, aa the court garo notice, without fail. I '-li o/ec/er (te July Trrm?The following |< a liat of ih. c.-e. now ready to b? ?;.M?ahU ahff .,? wttn int.nt to kill. 1. rape. 1; armm. 2, bur. V*ry, 3: cmbcilcincnt. I, graud larceny. IP, obtaiaing good* by falee pretence*, 1; bigamy, 1, convicted, I, indicted 23, ha>tnrdy. 2 total 57 Tr tJ Jar A <rg/aiy ?Two boy., named Joaepli Servant and John llagan. were called to anawr to a I arg" of burglary In the flr-t degree, la breaking iolo ihe cellar of Han* .Miller, of 31 v Water * treat, on the ih of June la*t, and taking therefrom a number of irtlrlo* of w.aring apparel, worth about ?J0 It wa* r.reu that the cellar wa* not connected with tha lei lling pait of the pouee, and therefore the Hietriat tttornry naked for a conviction for borglary In tha bird d'-pr. e < nty. 1 he Jury returned a verdict of not tullty ot burglary, but guilty of petit larceny only, and he i curt rent the prooner* to the Penitentiary for ?lx month* each. CJtargv nj Uramil / ?>< '.ly ?Two Herman*. named faob l apel iliM I'n i^k* r it nil ilwj Miller w??r? put upow llieir trial n an Indictment charging them with ileal ng on the I'jtli of April laat. a bale of theetinga, worth paard* of y.o. tbe property of Me?*r* William* aad .il. io dry fe.da merchant*, at .No J4) Oreenwteh Jr. . t. '1 ha bale nf g..<*!?. a* appeared from the evl|. nee. waa taken from the Idowalk In front of Meter*. Wllllaio* and t.lb.on'* .tore, and they recovered them main rliortly afterward* la a cellar near by There eve no tntlm. uv which brought tbe crime home to l.? M.t.M.ra it..1 tt.ee l.rp Ihaarfoeo ttrnnniia-iwl not P'tU* ??4 WteoW?r?*4 'rw* "U-t"ly Chart* nf m .Ittrm/' la I'ammil Harjlary Ml h?'l wmj ao l John I. Mat'hewe. w-re put upon their l< fence, on an indietm-nt charging, that on the night ?f Ilia i.lti of April. Ihrj ittrmpM to brrlk Into the itere of Prnird levy at No .''.3 t hatham street flfhri-r tVei i ia<i. |.o||< van of the Third Ward. tee. tlf.i-4 that, on the night of the (ith af April Ian ha, In mpany allh two other policemen. eaw the prisoner* ?>i Into the yard In the nar ef Mr. L?rj < premises} A.) J arrested them. an 1 on the perron of one foun t an iron lu>trnv< nt which hail been made of a hear* #le; <n ' taming the door. In the rear of Mr house, irvi ral iii'lentatlons wore discovered and the flic fitted precisely Into those litih ntatlon* When arre-t?d, the piiennera 1 'intended to he drunk, although they did Bot chow any aurh Indiratlona prevl<?it?lf. They tlnalyindiavorsd to g< t olT, by telling I he officers that If lliey eonld let them go. th*y would tall aonicthlng of importance. 'I hit did not tempt the peliftoen. and en Ihe prisoners were te*cn to the Tollce (iff!"*, and enb>eqn< ntif indicted The jury, ntter hearing the lesti?iony returned n verdict of guilty, and the < ourt sentenced ih< m to the Rtnte I'rlaon; fceney for i yean ind .1 month*, and Matih?wa for b y< era 'I he oi.t t then ado ur ed tli< llrrof^pr nod Allrrnfii Wno4 anl Wrbh. Jri.f I Ii?t? w?t? aumrthiutc likn lift/ pot!/ and '|Uaml<?li? paraoaa triad th i? nvwntn* ia lb- fprnal Tint- arm. h<<we?.-r, no ran ? ai'vlh Kp'itli'i Am- m th? r??t J. ( K?j>r?. ?li? hn baft.rv app- arr l In rarimia r>>urt? ?f lhlsrll/.aa? Miit lb- IVnltmtlnry fir < month*, r r'railtik a Hi iH aitilk lai t? th Iroin laiurw > <>?!< r, ,f IraalM/. _ _______ A rimvanlinn nf tb? I nltarlan rl?r{/maa of Maw npland |> rob!-d at Naw B 4ford, Mia , ?a Uf t? ataat