6 Temmuz 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

6 Temmuz 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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f the in the CuiUiu Home. We kire eotleeted aoine additions to our lint of re noeala and appointments. wade by the newly appoint 4 HeUeetcr if this port, Hugh Maxwell, k.sq , erhicl are aa follows Uaaw 6. Hone, nephew of Philip floae, appelated A* t (litant Collector Cardon Bnek, ) Deputy W. O. Kiug, eon ofC'hailes King, J Collectors. Jawee T. l oilman. ] UepuParkeUodwin. sen-in-lawef W.C. Bryant. I ties, reC. 1' Clinch, I appolutSidury Wetmore, / ed. o. Ogden, Jr., Auditor?retained. w en.n?u?. Joel Couklin appointed vicu I)r Tat# formerly oi brother 01 the lute Secretary M'ulker, md ftrmeily ren t inspector. Jiuiik li Hipp, vteo George S Mann, formerly to auctioneer. . 1'ariuH I'eany, vice John Orier, uf the ?th w.irj r.ruierly kt eper of tlie iiobnkeu llouse. aid president < 1 the " butt 1 iitlerii *' John W lliehardson was 1 portid removed, but it ii uei the care. Ilinryil. Cock, Irlip, L. I., vice J. 1 M urn ford re algntd. cvar; mi. W alter Brady, brother cf the postmaster, vice Jolepli Hose Jr George M' tilackstonc. vion Thomas Donovan Seiuaell). French, vice t'rter ( hi, he Htiiiiiai "William M llaydnck. druggist of the 7th ward vi?< Jehu h Hopes, ot the Sunduy . Itlc* George W Ktubree diuggtst.of the 7th ward, vici Isaac li Smith. formerly Assistant Alderman of tht 111h ward Jedidiali H. I.ester <d the 16th ward, groeer formerly ? measurer under k.dward Curtis, vivo tieorge hi Bald wio. of the 7th word, lawyer. Millicm K. 1.china* u correspondent of the Tribum editor ot the fin; b and lornn rly of New lla.en.i t. vice Beverley K llusbrouek. grocer, of Williamsburg and f< riaeily of I bter county. hamuel U Koinuiqe. lawyer, viee Conrad Swa.'kburner, groeer of U ilhumsburp. ex-m?iuber of tin l.rgisiature. and one of tho members from hiug's coon . t\ for revising the late constitution It. 11. < argill. chairmen Ninth ward Whig Com a. it toe viuu Thorns j K. Kcllinger, butcher, of ib? i rni ii wuru. Libert* Dinan.victf Pet? rCTdwferd; formerly keepel 1 a porter house in the eighth ward. Lemuel Brewster, vice Joseph I uuniugham, of Jersey C ity, foimerly Post Master at Trenton, N. J., uudei Jaekson and Van Buren ; removed by Krauk Granger and appointed in the t usloin House uadcr Van Ness. W illiam li. Whitlock. rice ( apt. Isaiah Ityndera. I prominent politician of this city. iNsptCTona. C'apt. Robert Silrey. rice Aleiander Anderson. I apt. Lowlier, brother of the Captain of tbi packet (kip Montezuma. rice William il. Laker. W illiam Turner, vice John llillyer. vleorge A O'Brien, vice Lean. William "Wbeaton. vice Joseph k\ Casscrly, of thi Sitlh ward. ( harles II Hammond, vice William 8. Bennett ftandford l obb. vice Beach. t.dward Soley. vice Beamis. I iiarleg i'urriance, rice Augustus Childs, brotbe* a Carper C. Childs. of the G'/nAe. Another brother ef C C. t retained. Isaac U St. Jobn, rice Samuel Phillips. Tboniae M. I.yon. vice Charles Atwood, son of II. At wood, formerly Surveyor of the Port. Albert A I y dicker. vice Joseph Bailey. Charles L Benson, rice BlsseU. George W etsell, vice Jacob I bete, formerly a me* swrer. Joseph Shanott. rice Or Sickles. Jaaus B. lirinsninde, vice A. (?. Palmer. Joliu F. Raymond, vice William Brown. Andrew i.ockwood. vice Daniel Ward forsMrl; Assistant Aldtruian ef tbe Tenth Ward. George Betts, vice Dennis .WcWalton James I,. ileaitt. vice ( bamberlaiu. J onius S Lew is, vice llermanu At*ill William Ilopan. vice I 'imiias Barr. formerly olerk ii the Register'* oliiee. uuii r Samuel Osgood. Dudley B. Andrews, vice Aichibnld .Noble Jobn Ldmoiids. vice In-yon. of Brooklyn Ira Dubois vice S. tl. Drew. are oiwtmkwtv, ro soli.ow as not at e sot avows. Jobn Stewa. t. William kiJd.r \V. () Jones, Samuel Allen, ? Bovi ne, C. il. t bete. l>r. Dickinson. Col. ilubbell, Daniel Davis, Jobn Vau Bussam, ? Nichols. /?i.. u, ? iiavi. nipUfw or /.eos-aae lung ap painted. ou the loth ul April, an inspector by Mr I .an rau*. afterwards Marker, by trie uncle /.ebsdea.the Sar tejor. La* resigned. for causes not made public Joha ?iuklh. Jr. of Aiknusaa, one of ibe editor* a MiC Sunday .iff#?. rv.ignid mi the Uoth of J Me. The ( oUaetor has appointed Thus. Driug and fcUa I amis. Inspaclors of the I'art. Tkk Kncuaii Mam.?.?Wc arc authorized t< laic ilmt the whole of llic b.igi containing th< mils and despatched brought by th* Bteam.ihip Hi hernia, were delivered by the ollicer in whoa charge they were, al the l'ont office on Frida; evening, ujxin the arrival of the steamship. The bsga delivered ut the I'oat Office on 5atui day, were aent front Meter?. Wilmer ft Kogcrs they contained newspapers, which were delayed ii eqaey <>t ifMangtr taking tticm in nuaiuk wnh Ins luggage. They had nothing to do will lite 1 Wt Office mails. OWy Intelligence. Tsvura UiMW. ?On tba f ourth, the A postl* i h1< mperuiiae loMhaJ niany distinguished vislt-re t tbl* olty and swMnl depuUlion* from diataut pl?e*i hmllrg liitu to visit tb.ii re-par tire localities. A d? potato n fri ui bo ton waited on hliu. m uslstlng of Di J V C Miit'.h giptldratt Major Kobt.a awdler, Wu A. W hile, and I'r Charles Marsh. for tba purpose o Inviting bim. and accompanying him to that city i>\ potations were also received Imai Newport. Hateu MaW. Ilughamtcm I'uyton, Ohio, Albany. N. T *l i. .In k'<y< i ? ui i r re nion Council of Brooklyn. an the May< r uud < < MM < ouoeil of Jersey ( ity wait* n biia l nriDg tba day ha visited the Crotoo wata waike, upon an iBTltatirn from* ol W Jay llaakatl and aprr?**d hinisalf highly gratified with them Ii tbaairniog ha was Invlteil by aoma members af th Corporation to witncr.|th* fireworks in the Park, froi the balcony of thai ity Hall 11a not only avmpathlse with the rejoicing! i f tba day, but pasted nigh enea mitinis en the peace and ordar that prevailed amidst touch tbat was azelting. laeterdaythe liav gantleman was waited upon bj aaveral vl?ltera and deputations; and aft rwanls pro aeedrd in roinpaDy with Alderman Hawes, and lh< aommit'eeof reception. l)r O'l.aary and Mr O'llara. t visit othir (ortlrns ef tba ( roton Aquedact Tbre eairiage* convey - d the party, and Father Matbaw wa atlll more pleased with what he saw. than he was tbi day before. Thry viuted the Draf and Dumb Inati'.u tlon and also the A*yTum for the Blind, whore a snmp tuous collation was prcpartd for him aud th? frtand ho com Mai id him The worthy Ap tin wai greatly gratified with those Institutions, so much *< bat he prnnonoced tbem 1 Ood-like." It* goes on i visit to-day for ona or two days, and after his rstari ha will sdinlnistar the pledge publicly. Tar foLoain Terriavios's CiLrsatntv ar tmsii Ui ii asrsM a Dav.- Son e philosophical Indivldaal ha Warm dly at riled that the aWlr man am warry on wartln. and da eolored pepperlayMiiii mora aa." but w lluuk this ! I mistake j for ear rolortd friends, dis gust- <1 at the tame eslebratl >n of tha Common Connol n the white man's t t ail h determined to task" th *"< Uaatana i lAk 'of J my a Jem ^o-trati 'n ral-ulated t< brow a d.rk shs b<w otei that irpeiatina pile faces And th"y accordingly planned a grand sotil <n n ursii n to Itceklaod l ake he th* steamer Koseinsko < si 'aln J I. I oui'tte who lv ao ? hie ken ? yevterd*' wit rnlup. having a good band of niasieian* "to refresl the patriotism of the party, be and a' th* gr*ei urti* i mp chowder. Lr . % s was served on b *at d b] that highly dlrtlnguteksd caterer, l.ouia Bruno, th Irving House c? rtaiuiy suffered under an acllpse on tbi rraeion. although tha bills of fara war* not printed oi damask aatln We are not advised aa to tha Hat o uasU-bnt understand that they could not eonaistentl; invito Father Valhew sad Bsudder Or?*l*y wa* to bwsy. We doubt net tbat th* participant*In this **l* bratli n had lota of patriotism. fan, phllanthopy. am BlMMtU. IAaairai or f iiiiiiiiti Wa art iudabtad to Majo l"rajiar. 8 Boanllar efllaar at Quarantine Oropad far tho Ml wing liat of pxnongorr, arrirad<nt thia pari bra foirlgn porta lmta tba 3d A prll Iwt In I I' M o tha ?th Inataat : - OT.341. bain* |M daya, araraglny pa 4a;. 1 041 Aftarir.M and bafora aanaat, orar T to Mora arrlrad at that place, Caaaaaa'a laat arr* ?Tha aomaar bald m la;?r< Ttatrrday on tba ho,It of a boy. yaara of ay a by th aama of l< ba l.orkhart. vba waa fnand floattag la th rirar. foot of 12th atraat, North Hirar Cardial acal daatal drooping Tbr roronor bold aa tninaat yaotorday at tha fit Horpltal. on thr body of Jaha Mardllaa. a*?d tt yaari a natlra of Iraland Tbo dar?a<ad aama to hit doatl by tpjurioa arrldanta'.ly racotrad by briny jammad ba twaaa tha railroad rara of th* llarlaaa and Naw llaroi na at tba tarn off corntr of ( antra and ' aaal atraal Vardtat aaaordlayly. Morrairata ol UlillayaUllad ladlildaali Anongrt the artlralr at tha Irrlag Hou<x* ya?t?rJaj waaatteatha following paraopa Major SohM*. Aaalt aat Toataiaatar (iaaarat, F B t ntaaca. ( aba, faptaii .1 I) M"od. rtaamrhip Saw Oilaana; Major t otnrtort hi aw Orlranr. < aptula I aaalog. tailed dtataa Army Frafaaaor A. n. Baaha. Waahlagton; I .taut Th-rnto A. lanklaa. tnltrd Malta Nary: f atonal A C. Kan tty, Philadelphia; < aptaln Ja* Mtnart. t alted Atata barf; i o|on?l J. K Mlatt Arkanaaa. fotoaal Sam < rnwford VA lepnnfn; W Marahall Hendareon. f HiIII aotha. Ohio; I'r V W. .iabna, I nltad fttataa Army fiarorahla ( O. Atharton. Naw Hamp'hlra; Oaaara IJobn Garland, I ntt?d 8tat?? Arm? V ranol* B ftoob -ton. I nlWd fltataa Nnj; J. Rlldall I inUlana. FlUro ^nmaraat Brilirh Arm), < aptaln W < l>iapl*loi .VawOrloanr; Alaiandar Rail: London. and Ur 8 >?Ci g V" l'ait'4 KUtto Army. t'onrt of Cnamon Pica* Rafora Judy* Ini-ralmm JT, w ? - Tha ( onrt rr^nol*ad thli nrnlny K *a baiog raadr !>' Ilanor adicnrnrd llafor* dclni at, ha alatad lint lb* anlandar wonld not ba Mil* again, tiirf* *ny mu'c would b* talian np wb*r? lb* par bi?? ara r 'T and aonaanl. On Mnndar nnt abnnl bb ra I do bafora tb* ^onrl. tba jnry wiU b dt*?b*r**d *i?|?r< ma Court. ?! IKttll TF.PM. Pr <idI m i'.l'' Jnn??, Murlbut and Ldaard* d?ir A. N? 40 M*" wad Wift ad? J<i\n 7Voo?(? 71.* argumaat in I V *?? * aonaludad tbi* ?uar r-r.y alter whlah b 717 *.*.f a.*,,.' 'I ,;?*a ? J (.jwmt i' at ? . ?at an i m nU > to u> *' I argue . ul whan lb l*wt a*>nin?d Futlnj[ and Prayer Thr*n?h*nl like Union ?Hctummriidailuti ut Prealftrnt l'?|lar. At a season when ilie !'ro?id.uee oftln.l has n?..utfe>ted itself in the tUlltllun of a L-uiful pestilence, l which In spreading it* ravages throughout tho land, it la titling that a people, whose reliance has ever lw?n an Ilia protection, shout.1 humble themselves before Ilia throne. aud ahita acknowledging past transgressions, at It a continuant? of Divine merry. It i*. therefore. earnestly rtroiiimrn'lu l that the flrrt Friday iu August ha observed throughout the United State*. Hr a dav of fasting biiuiiliatiuu aud prayer til business will Lo mspended in tha various branches ef (ha public service on that day. aud it is recommended to persons of *11 religious danooiiuationa to abstain. as far a-" practicable, from secular occupation* t?d to assemble lu their n speclivc pla. os of p iblic worship to arltnoalt dge the lininl'e go ,(iu?ss w'i'o!? ' i has wstrhed ove r our < vi-ter re a* a nation aodsolnnf crow n< >1 us with manifolii hie,slug.; and to implore the 1 Almighty. in His own good time, to wtay the destroying Lai d which is now lilltd up against uTV. LOU. WuiLlngton. Juiy 3. 1L49. Progrts* of the t'lioicra. IN Tills CITY. Mayor's llrru r. Ni:w York. July 4 IR49 1 be Sanitury t ouiniittee of this city report 84 new cases, and 17 deaths, of cholera, as Laving occurred during the last 14 hours t'MMARV. Catc*. Dtctiht. Ditch'S. In Ccntre street Hospital T ft 0 i WMlliani street Hospital 8 8 0 Blaekwell's Island Asylum 13 3 0 Colored Home 8 2 0 In private practice 43 14 Total 84 27 9 Match's Office, Ni w Yohk, July 8. 1819. The Sanitary Committee of this city report 01 new eases aud 20 deaths, of cholera, as having occurred during the last 24 hours. vaHAir. Cans. Dcalht. Ditch S. In Centre street Hospital It) 6 2 William street Hospital 0 4 2 Color, d Home 7 2 0 Lunatic Asylum 6 6 2 lu private practice 35 10 0 Total. ?4 20 ' IN HROOKI.VN. r Boaitn ok Hulth, July i. 1140. f During the last two days there have been twelve c?-f? if epidemic ellolera reported to this otUce; sev-n of ' which have proved fatal via : Alfred Cornell, F.llen k t.c< arliy Mary tiullaJy. Michael liro.leriek, Ilauuah Kane. Michael Hough, and John K.Cornell. C'HAS 6 J. CiOODRIL 11, Fhysiciuu of the Board. IK OTHER l'T-ACEH. The Richmond, (Va ) Enquirer, of the 3d last cays: ? AVe are pained to announce that this dreadful scourge has appeared in its most malignant typo at Shirley, the residence of Mr, UIU Carter. The first ease occurred C cn Thursday last; aud we understand that up to Sunday night there bad been fifteen deaths; and at the time the bout for Richmond passed yecterday, three uicro weic in a dying condition. All were blacks. The mortality has been so great that Mr. Carter has left hU f fine held of luxuriant wheat unharvested. Nothing could hare exceeded the pains that have been taken both to prevent tbe disease, and arrest it after its appiurunee The best medical skill has been employed, and all the appliances which could be brought to bear were uc<d. but without avail. On the otm r plantations on lower James River the laborers are remarkably healthy. 1 he Louisville (Ky.) Journal, of the 3vtli ult . says:' There was a great diminution in the numb t of cholera eases yesterday, as compared with tlm preceding day. The eutire nuuile r of iuteruienU yesterday was fifteen, eevi u adults and eight children. Six ot these are ref ported as cholera deaths. We heard of nine more persens who died yesterday, hut they will nut be interred until to day. The interments I rout the hospital and workhouse aie not included in the ah ive. We understand that at the workhouse four douthv of eho1 lcra have occurred thus far. There are several ea-'ef cf cholera on Bullitt street. We are Informed by two af of our most respectable practitioners iu the city, thai the disposition to abater* among the better ela-eei is decidedly less than it wesa few days ago. ?hil-tit (veins to have Increased in thu districts where it has already prevailed as also apon the outskirts of the city. The Concordia (l.a ) Intrltigmctf of the 23d ult. say* The cholera is raging on the (Justine lives wned by Lemuel I' Conner, at Ride Point, on tbe Mississippi line, about 7 miles above Vidada The cholera appealed thrre in the beginning of last week, and three deaths o< cursed on the uret night after its appearance. A short time of abutuiueot ensued, aud now it has appeari d with increased malignity U pwards of fifty persons had been attacked aud seven deaths had oc'l rurrvd when the attiicted place was last heard from Iu Madison parish and elsewhere ap the river, cholera * has almost entirely dl-appeared, fur a time at least A new disease - a fever of an unusual and hybrid character. without abide, but with spasms and foauilag at I the mouth- has appcarrd on many places, and caused come mortality. T he terrors of thv aew disease have * robbed cholera of its alarm* In Madlsan parish, and ap poaue to it on toe miraieeippi uoi. p The board ef health of Huffaln. on the td I netant. reported 31 ?u.-e* of cholera tor the preceding 48 hoar* ^ There were 13 death* bp eholera atCvlambiu, (OhleJ from the 22d te the 30th ult The Dayton (Ohio) J?iunmi ef the tfith alt. aeya From \VeUneede j evening at durk, whea eur hut report ? cloned up to the teuie heur yeatarday. there were aiae it death* from eholera In thla alty. ? The Louiavillt (Ky ) Jourod. of the 30th alt. eeyi a The iiitorno ute ye*lerday were twenty when we made our inquliUa. There may here been one or two more late In the evening About one-half of theee were front j eholera end moat of them cederred the day before and the night following We are confident that the Interment* t< -day will ehow a eery rouiideiable diminution We hear of a few aaraa of eholere in Jeflereen county, bnt are not adtlaad of any fatal one*. The I exlogton .Jilae.ef yenterday report* fonr deathe of eholera In the two preceding daye None had onerrred at the lunatic aeyltim Two death* are reported at Ifaytrllle en Wedneaday and tine on Thurtday The Ruaaallville I'.rrm 'i repetta that town free freee J eholera. but In the eonaty (I tu) two nagroaa he^ lorgtng to O. I'. k.wlng had died r I'p to Monday kut, three death* he I eeeurred at > Bcwjing i Iroen '1 he fttrhmond Chrrwk '< etatee that thera had net ? h*en a ea. e of cholera In that place but meny prreoa* t were attacked *Hh the piemont'.ory MMltll j Six or term ecei end three or lour death* of cholera hate occurred In llarrleon county, Indiana, during the ^ W- ek po?t The Cincinnati of the Id in--taat eeyi. 1 he eteaiL-r U i?eoneln at St l.oui*. from above on the Itth rejerUd liutirg met the at vainer Carle T^by a abort diitenee beyond Oquawka the ebolem raging 0 upon her to a ti ghtlni extent 6he we* b< uad for i)a r lena with abeut e hundred Herman emigrant*. and had ? ha<1 22 death* frem tLe time of leaving Ht l.ouie 1 he Cincinnati Oatnerrid of the Id Inatautrayi t? 1 he eholera we* nnuaually violent In the Tenth and t.leveuth ward* cn Saturday 'A tierinen family M eleteu cud another of *?r?n died on that day ' Our PhlladeIpliln t orre*)?on<l?-u?e a Prit aeai ruia, July I, lit# 1 Hirltrli. The erriral of the rteamer hae een*ed a eu*pen*l->n ( of operation* in eur market Hour I - held at ft 44 te , ft 40 per tarrel Itye flour at f t, end corn uioal la j firm at f2 75 Gralu The demand fur wliaat cent! t'.u limited At 11 tirr bn*h?l for tnrid r?J. lud II 01 frrwblt*, No mIm ?i >} Two or thr** lot* of follow torn * Id *1 i? 47 **nt*. weight () ' - A oorgo of prim* Soalbi rn fold at 29 tent* p?r bu-ii?l Whla ? )- Sain Id barrel* at 22 rent* 1fc*r*a.* to; tow Lbd*. cflri Ann*i*d or* th* itori ??!? Fvrtt Hcri- gjOO CHjr ft* *? 10SS; 6 Oirwrd T?u*t, i S3. 19 l>nn R*)Iro?d.40, IT do , 40; 2.. Mod k Morh Dank 2' >? : flOOOi Ity r. Ion,,. 4 '000 Cincinnati bio. ; '91. 94',; 40 C.irard, *J, 12V. 40 do 11V*;40 do 1JV Sr ?\4 /<**rd? 9'J0f>0 S< b Not fl?, 40*,; 10 f*nn Book , lofti, Tt'li I 8. I.i an. 6*. 'P7, 1 IT; 90w Roadiog Railroad Bond*.00> , 4000 I Ity 0*. '01. 1031* . 4o#0 (la* Ca . ft* '09. 103, BOO Tota* Nut** 10 , 3000 Stat* 9a, 971* Court of ( < orrtl Naaalon*. Bofai* lli* H*aord*r and AlJerwo* Jaaiaoa Ml J. Kelly 1 Jol* I ? F'f?v ? A Mark boy, aam*4 rliorl** WllIiodi*. ' nly 1* I f ?g? tan plaeod M trial, obarwad T with baling married a entered gtrl f.nmrj Mary John I eon oa Ik* 22d of Morrh la*t wbilo ( lara Jarkaon, to { whom ho wa* married an th* 19th of July, 1849. wo* n otill living. Only (wo witara*** wor* lutrodnaad, r the** wrt? both ?oi< ird prnaohor* <A lb* m*tliftdi*t 4a0 noBilnolii n Tb* Brat '-a* th* ll*r Mr. Jobn?oa, war* that h* m*rrl*<l th* nrt*'>n*r to I I*ra >a?k?oa. in Jnly laat. ami tb* It**, 'aba P. Thompson an *M*r ' officiating at /Inn < burth. *w*r* tl*t h? married blta * t<> kiln* hiaiy lohnren. an It*t3d ' Marrh la>t Thi* * j acnatllutad th* r**a, and *th**Ti'1rnr* wa* tba* eon. alwtW*. th* jtiry rttnrnr d a Trrdlrt of guilty, Hot r*e?mm*nik.l tli* yilaonrr to th* nt?r*y of tlm court T i William? *ii tbku arraign*! for ntrn** H* ?tol*-l ' that h* w?* uatlrr th* lolta*o?* of llqnor wbrn h* wa* 1 married tha la*t tin* and did not knew what h* wa* * doing Tb* < onrt ?*nftr>**d him t* .H(*t* priaon far " tw* y*ar*. Court ad,!?nrMd till Friday morning j Ktou Nr. .1cw.x*?iii) *?rri?pt ? Wr ar* indebted i. to (iutinifon'a iiiprrf* for Nt. John puprm to the r, ?J ln-t W*DCtlr* n lir1*Ut??u*e ofimporthnea. Th* Nt Mm Arri asmotatr** that upward* af ttrry gantla m?n. and a runil'?r f laui**. took r* ?# an b< ard >l t, tha f airy quito i u Saturday. in ordtr to ralvbmta tha j | 4th of July in mid ??|ii?'ta? tha hop# that th-y n won t nil coin* lw k " rad r-puhliiama Tha|>r?j>ria | tot* of iLf ?t?ainar Admi.a alao aiino?aa?d arranga tnrnt> fot t attling thr'mb ti llwiti >i4 W.t parl. 1 araa wI'Mng to ayniid Ihi 4th of July In thlt alty Tim I- I t?ilr|tt?|-b porta for tha lina firm A1 lohn la Ilallfat j ?( n i? ir g | ut up tn hi John ImMIm ../ ?'y4 ltomMlIf 9llar? llaiiyr, y ' Wa ara I1 r?jin t.i } InVbtcd to tt? Untroo1 Mr I. . U.K. I a?T, of th? a?pri?? l'?? lwt*?n I'oMonnnd i- ] (t| Jatii N N tnrN w lin n** tk yayt ? In adrtnt' i of 11>a iii? i AImi t? t;r? r> ?)ay. Monday k < ?f tl.it rl'y. i?r rla.iiar fitor? Hit r-IN t t?on? tn ? t >4 th#T?|?a b. ?n in tartan rn Stmriay l?*t aiuruitig to M t'V' 5 'J hart Wirt but it ran tit I ill I > * Bsid;?wnl#r Wiv* iTiojr tha I*' I r t i j.t W; at p | fil:.M"n - ttiUO klt'J A i: I". f i IV \ w V r.. < . ? I'll!'.I. MUHit -Wf nml> fh'.wH tV?t (! -r J > ? (,h | ill , C: ),, . I.. 4' ' %! ? ' 4Wt I M ' ill t-olfit 1 h? I hi I i a ? ?' 'ini r I It *' i I tg'i-t |?t?m 1 fi) i# *i* t.,.i hr*Uil !iii!h O llr. nfld I t| . nl. i ' (vr mtny n?- htan i lai'hfnl ?W? iltxri i . : in % that t. f .! V> t t.ifhia |ii|i*iit ri.l V. ' Vi it l-vn?l ii i ra-ig Mtt' n f t' ri ?> ai d in b I *ii l<? ?' Mm t allli i kin tkr UM alit.'i if iNt bav* *" 111 ?har with llioaa at kara # a la i f liitlU.u'i *??W. d i.i*aj?n'0 lri.t?a >?i ti.ai J../otOjr.m ./* 'a f .Rapcrlor Court. Prcseat, the Chief Justice. >ui JviUet Vamlerpoal. Jr i ? 6 ? Shortly af'er the court organised thin morning klr J utiles \ anderpoel wan seised with a sudden tllnos. mill the court was adjourned uutil 10 o'clock to- | morrow tthis) morning J im tqurrr. Ileforc Justices Dusr. Mason sad Campbell. # JtLf 6 ?I'almtr. Hictirrr r? Lawrtntt ?lu thin oau*? j a Mil wan tiled to foreclose a mortgage. granted by tlie 0 eft iident to the American Life and Trust < 'orupau f I 1 ha defence set, ii|> is. that the company was frau.lu- 1 lently organise.!. and thereby disabled from lukiug or ' receiving any grant, fcc. Adjourned. A Itnnt thnt la n Buoy.?Yea, n Hue French 4 culf j air of bent* to be ?"un t at ear Mend Young's fo M i I ? . I * oi tier >t Ti1. iu It i ad*?> nil f r * i k i, I t.-ie fit * .t lit. icually M fi'i; sa it* i r s ' 1 sti" ? Irion - I - > t > b ' >' 1 :.inl e? All goo.Is Honiht of Young will run r.>l .ui - J fin t it, i iutr 1 v Iton so I euaa strcoii.? 11 ! In).Tit. n I a J y? urn '? ii-e ? iibr?vcu itu iitin u i/ituioou i ?' ?w i c , i: ui i :..iturtu ui.ti tol I tju-h?*i\?1v 1 y J. > S.\V40.'-. 1 vli*)i J. \ . *% hhit alio oa.muU a ? hoi?? ? c f < !<1 uiid f 11 %?. r M utuh*?, * ! all lit* culctralcU muktvj. i i H AUIi? and CicM l\n-? iv paired. 1( f*4 of no uae to try to keep It lerrrt!? 1 V bat** oi if<iita m ?y la iua?!o to ketp it K-crot a ill be utterly rrtltis i? l the p?ople ba\t K'?t bfdd of ti e t'a t, that 'h?s iic#t njtrb Iwti, ftWt and rait? rh, at the low??t |?ri<?* ka?ai. iu lLa Irtuo, arc dc? PcUin* ut June*', 14 Ann street. 9 Know nil Ye uliu have been the Victim* i t f*>hi*nr.ble Uil -rt, that you *?u be mip|?lio?i withgarments ^ f tin finest Franrh cloth, elegant uiakr, im! la cit style, ut J i.e-half the price \on list? been in ?).?* Imhil of fiviuef - , krcee, 1 roek :in<i ?ark LVits, $4 to $12; Punts, tl to $4: osfs tv is to SL Coriisr Naauatt and Hackwaa strotts, 5>."> ( loitfctore. Father Matticw.??Two Superior Dagucrrc- ' tyi* Portraits of lltiv. Theobald Mathew (one it full length, ' i) '* etkir a bust), taken byHKADV, on Tu ok day, 3d July, I 1 iii.'iMtii. inny l'i v itlx many other diatinynitncl lulut- J duals, at his rooms, 3M uuti AT lixeadaay, corner of Fulton * i The Fluubo National llaKacrrcalypr Gal- ! It rj ?liotil l lie eetu to lie properly appreciated. i'lie numkcrlcs. l)api?rrtot>iK'K that ur? mode, not>irolly incline I j piu|li in with to pn rurn the butt thing p, * .'i!e i t i'.ie ??y of o picture, unit l'V .itting ot thit rotoMI'hhi ut, to th i Idiot orllot iu tbil line in Ameriro, they run , ct ,ii". Or. BoetnUh, fliyelilaii aitct Httr^roii, M Ilieedwuy.?W * refer uur reolrre to another ddtinn, to |e* okut the Boston 11. duel Jeuruoi (the tiret jenrual nf be limd in tke I'niied Melw) ouyo about (.ft- stent. work, ' eeawieiar upwind* *f 70 spleudid plotca, bended "A Com- 1 kUie Pr.u tieol W'erli en the ICntore old Tr... tneutol e ' Vertoia Claee ef iseaoeo." Any paricmt woi.M consider a J doeter kemad th* times, if he did e<>t pernor* o copy of tkie front merk. Keoead edition(not PuMi.li.d 1 COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONBY UARKKT. ' Tliureituy, July .8?1*. M, There waa very little done in the struct to-dny Opeiati ro had not ri ta led in force from the country, and th* I initio.* tranoactcil oai ati u>ual on the day ufler 1 the f ourth c( J uly. Thrre wan no material change at ' the fr.t hoard, but at the lecond board itooke were a little firmer. 'J here wan com* inquiry for State teeurl ire. } The mercantile transactions of the loinnd of Porto , lllct^for the year 1S47. compared with the previous year, according to the htmlania Mtrtmnhl. published by . order of l>on Manuel Nuues, superintendent of the Is. I . land, were as nnexed: ? t tmittci *y TeiTo Diro ?Inooiri . >t> ExroaTS? ! | 1MU ui) 1847. fmpnrletienr. The value of the Imports amounted to f3."83 OtJ 68, in.l.nltni, tiro SK7 III.. .., i!.. Ann.,.11 hiatioiial product nudcr Spanish Bag. . ..$1 358,672 AO , P'orelgn " " " " . . 2.1'.H.4UO uu i ; ? ? ? forelgu " .... 2 212.782 47 Total azporla is 1847 $7,703 955 30 " ' 1040 6,550.689 80 1 lucres'* In 1147 $213,365 60 1 naraaae under national flu* $104.402 61 ! ' ' foreign * 48.952 95 j $213 355 60 | It in the former operation wm embraced the Intro- | dueed for deposit, and this establishment diminished ita Importation!* $84 7t>6 81. tlia result ha* shown that | the consumption hat increased $293 062 37. Krfi?rfti*n> The veins of the export* rearhed $5 865,813 61, including $270,606 60 of the manendi daposit bpeniih produce under national Bag.. . . $612 600 3 3 6 oreigu " " ' - .... 259.890 31 a a ? foraign " .... 6,093 321 92 ] ; Total export* in 1147 $5,865,818 61 a 1846 e,369,019 86 ! 1 narrate in 1847 $498.798 70 ' i 'J he Lcmmerelal Depot exported $348,095 34 let* tbie than latt pear?which. If added to th? former eutn ($496,798 76) will chow an increase in the export* of ' the country to the amount of $744 894 10. There were 88 more veesele entered than In 1346. and 7 more (ailed,allowing an inrreaae of 19.370Vt tons ia tba former aaae and of 12 042 S, in the latter I The dutiee produced be the maritime commerce of the Island amount to $1 296 060 42. which la an inarcane of $77,029 62 compared with the previous pear's revenue The amount amplopad ia the general commercial j transaction* of tha lalaad of Porta Kiao ia the pear 1847. amouatrd to $11 629 768. which emoant exceed* that of the previous pear, 1646. bp $710 164. The value of import* amounts to $6,763,946; of this sum $1,866 672 i* produced bp hpauiah vessels proceeding from Hpuntsh porta, and $2 194 490 bp the same coming from foreign ports; and bp foreign vessels from foreign ports $2 213 783, which form the total amoant of importation, and which, when compared with the pear 1646, gives an inarease of $213 9o6. bat more than twa third* of thlt laareaer la produced bp the Hpanlsh flag The value of exports amoaate to $6,965 818. of this tarn $612 600 ia produced bp bpenieb vessels to Hpaalah ports, and bp ! the same to foreign porta $369,996. and $6,093,821 bp foreign vessels to foreign ports, which gives the total ' , amount of exportatatioa. and which, when compared with that ol the pear ef 1846, gives au increase of i I $493 788 The comparative exportation In the peari referred to, ' has been s< follows:? j i In 1646 643 hogtheadsof ram were exported, and la | 1347. oulp 637 h< gsbeade In 1846, 689 978 pouoda of hides ware exported; aad , ia 1847. oa'p 677.146 peuads. ? , In 1846 4.619 head of cattle ware exported, and la i 1147. onlp 4 476 In 1646. t 934 538 pound* of t?b<eeo war# exported, aud In 1647. only 2 27 9 652 la 1646 87.746.014 pounds af auger ware exported; and In 1847. tL* siporlat.va latraaeed to 104 178 >32 : pounds In 1946. >94 6f-> pannds af cotton were exported; aad la 1847 the exportation increased to 362 226 pound* In 1646 1U4<8 886 pounds uf coffee were exported. , aad In 1147, the exportation Increased te 14 466 849 l pounds In 1644. 3,444.142 gallon* of moleesee; and lu 1147, the exportation amounted to 4 *' ' 021 gallons The greatest siportatien of those articles lias taken place at the ports of Han Juan, Mevaguei Tones <<u?pama and .Aquadille, freiu which it results that In the ?,nA,l,< I. Ih. r... , ia<T , nrr, n?r*S -Ith I l?l 1,6 ] M'i , tb*rr baa br*n largn Inmiarn ray in au^nr 14. J , 4.1 alt r? ui)U?. la tain. 1 wl.l 60 gallon*; in a?ffa*. IM4bS ^osiidt; lt4 La cotton, tf >7,461 pi un U In lha auoitir and too nag* of ?*>*#! . thrrr !,* alto b?-n < b a auKDifr'atlcn, * ,ui| a:#d alLhtiin prarlou- y? ar In th* p<Tti af lb* I -land la 1647,1 Kit ru??*l> *nl?<r*d %bat iu> raurad UJ WJ ton* anil d*tar'*d l.lbi, maa rln| lW.hll tm*; ?f lb* fpatilab raaavla which aoti r*d and dapatli d Irom lb* port*, TWO. which ww irrd ?" ' Tb* ?(??! villi h bar* ia**t la c*ly partial pa tad in lb* aommaraa of lb* Mall, *?r? lb* Spaalah, tb*n by (aopariar ard-r' tbr Aniartaan. th# L'.agllati, lb* 1 ranab and lb* l>anl*h 1b*re**f* 63661.142 imp <rt*d in rail* Id lb* lalaad by Spaniah 6#*a#U, b*tug ?om? thing mora tban la 1*4*, ?nd lb* ratu# of f772 49-i *? !' ? ltd bring muab !* * tban lb* pr?rloa? y?ar Tb* total rain# *f import* and porta by Rpani'h ?#- ?!? anioaatidt ' 44 .'44 f..S th* pr> tlnu y*ar they amounted to >4 I'll (>47 a atriall diflrrann agalart III* yrar 1447. Tin* ?a Imported by Amariaan taaaala. tba nlniffLMM anda* port illb#train*of ?making tbtir Import* an 1 atpnrt# do amount ta 3 74-1 "aw 1 b? Imp-rta la ilritiali ?#**ala ainunUd te fkoo 234. and tbalr ?? port* ta lb* rain* of 61.603 6.<4 lolraurb T?#'?l*, th* ralaa ?f 66<> 444 waa imported I and their ?tport* auitanled 6? 6464 304 tbat rinah a oiaaarrr baring fallan off m at In Ihai'M 1641, being rrdi * d ta amah !#* > lb* i th* ball o! what It wa* In 1 *44 lb* iapaita and erport* of 1'ani'ii #**#! | aarrai.tad t* tbr rata* of 6-2*14.. 4b rnna by , Hamburg repair aim untad to lit' Til## of 644. 047. Th* aniownt of Importation* cf tba p.-ojnrta in 1147, | from bpa'n. ?,< f I ' 4,211', and liu1. of at porta for bpa.n (404716 Th# imp'Mtati'n f- in lb* r#*l cf l.b* fcrtgn Aatll lai amiuaiad v* a, d tb- a*j ortati >a fr tu ib? iira?, to 67- i,J6 *. Tb% importt'joe fram it># ' nit*?t r ?'"? ?? raland , at 61,076 (4>i and th* el,.-rtatlou V? th-I nllad but** , 1 a' 64.(11.7 6.7 l b* Import* from brctopu a-idiiaaa- i 6wrg amounted t? fti (7< ai,dlh?'?p ri-t il> rant* r |tji* ?. ? . *j| | lie p?j 4 \ IT lii i *.J l mr l" IMM* ton41 II IT|l?rtl totkll ? UUlf/ f I j??. 4 1 111* lui|MU f'?i? hfi'i iniiiaau la $3U 4V> and ?ba ri|?<Tt? t | bvi<ir* *'a,'lW that lane baa l.a|i"iM |li t-'?> laav 4 ??; tad Vt." il'i I * Hian In IMl iluliV, i'i d b? t? itrj ;i*liuu it Ihwia- I mi. 4# by It.' La,' .-ir.lutia i h? d'Hi ? 4(1 to lb? auat'iu liMimM ?f lb* trlaid 4 iin,( I In- )< a 1'IT, itiilil la |1 a 'ct< "0, at ? .toll a.uo II 41 aa- , 4a ? ,| fram Itap rta. f) h' oh* froiu upott-. ami iv: ;?i 5r? ni toniaj- Ittf nr?hi? aar* a 4 ligbl ft 'U*?? i *1 La t, .a, l?.ar? a ?f ' ? m hi)?i ? rtntin on r tb?l of iMB amaanutl ?o |'f ffj, I tit aatiana whirlt hurt I rauirilali 4 on at 'a>vijr l? tliTr?aiiti;. birabui , u.a' if fi|.atn at.4 tfea I nlint Rta'a? H,?a!n paid i H'dUI'U ir ILa hvf nl ?.i? liul at 'ha dttll?: Vltbln a i It flirg 4Ji"T' ara and tha ('tilted Htataa ; a <! f4iv?lu Thara two lali'ua a!-.a ( Hid |],'i|Ul4. kttl ill Ilia ' ta-t ah* La'a tr?4-d t" t'orti Hie lia?a only paid I'aldlW) 7'h* lurrta a (aUUotvh n aary a aaidaf*- | il?V af ti n , aaiipta at lh? 1 rn*?r; liidirataa that I nl tab a' ;o",air? ? . t a, 'i n,tj by 1m( v;? anil *p .rU, 4 frarj uatahaadiM. *h ah laft tb> maraaot a d p it far ai'i.'MinpUoa an ndIn>armpt i 4 pa ?t'"?4 o/ ilaUaa and pi o#| 'rtty in th* laland at Pwl-i kiia. StorM Rirtiniiga. i IV*if! f . t'l,? Ii( II Ilk af' laanii aarp |(W I ?4> ? tr - aauf 117*, :a-o ?1 ? *?..i.i) k K ,'K t a a !? ' ' It" hp 41 I'M lantnri) R'a V, Jilan'raO "M'a IHft kiaK t? lid* Mm fi 400 Unfit a. HI H ? , a.. an* #n la At", i|iit lif t a a at a* If*'*. *' t Baait.af * 1 II a : i ai B. i i. I IK I '.a* a "laa R R \m ? J M< 'tan h'liii. < ' ? I I Mj '?''-ai It R ?1 .V , , aa lla- annp t'T.S N 4n Si . *<M> 4? IJhI .<l^4 .h?> 4, hi *4 ? I >ta? ?la prtann a h R J? M*> <t? ?? W ion a< i'l ti?' I* ? ' 'd t i iaMVMtlhCa in, Hv 4u h?\' il!i I ABTERTIXEMKMS RENEWED EYERY IAY. LOST A NO rOl'NO I OBT-ON SO DAY I v INST, ON BOARD A ROIT K J i out. in irui: oruujt fruni brig I'nuiiln, lying m th? Nortk tivrr, to liutUr> I 'luce, or in from ih?uco to th? j .... I.. , J..J IV ll.-Vn.. R.bI, Ttb'seity. lue ii dtr will b? liberally rewarded by leavia^ 1 i with l o* |'S, (loU^KCV & Co., Seuth street. tk I /\ > t . / . ! T A Sil ILL GOLD I BN< IL P J" Ck't. in the shape of a k?y. The ftod-r will rcocive he above row ard en applying to i. B. 1IKIHPSON, 'JH Ii mad May. IObT OR 8 TO I 1. \ A l.AUY'S BLACK 8 ILK CAPK. J trimmed with laee, from the hotel at Pert L-o. oh the th of July. Whoever will return the same to til Wujl Washngtoti place, will he suitably rewarded. | ? ST.?. (iO. I) d? MN, T.> Willi 11 WAS ATTACHED ! IJ a 1* r* O ld \Ku.il?. n, *od another mo all oo?\ with a i iiiiiieiuti I'. tUi!". T.iOJu articles, w uch wsro tie I annul 1 lilt of pink ribbon, wer lent r*u Tuo-Ti) wniug, at 1 be Ifi.' u . Ha'l. Rroadwry, after the porf ..-,niin<*?? of Jbrbty's .Mir.etr Is. A perron wue se<?? piekin ' up the ah ?re Tticlcs, and 1 ? \" rcsis littd to l?rii?' th'-w to the office of the 0 iv V 11 . 11m" ?'d. A literal i wai d xvi 1 be g?v ?. ISOCM;?IN SH f PIIKkD'S STOUF, 371 DllO\K>\YAY, . a sum of n omy, which the loser can have hy describing t. PORTXlfG. 1*8 I da VI TROI x- ITU AND 10 PH Of JOU I l.iot. Cim'M', L. l.-Tno oi thela.g at ji .tm stiver*iv n

n i he I'uitcd Ma tea. Amount of puree , >1 4Mb Monday, luly 1 ih. at tg **<l?>?k, a ill eoine u a p> c -o for $-^IO, mile i< air, beet *hrt e in ftv e, to ?*u<I<1 "iheuogsto contend are 1 v fa 'cat in tie world. I), Bryant *iiNi? g. in. La" y Suffolk; l?bo Mc \tdel enters br p. Mae. Tips spring. in b "ton Lal> Sniinlk mi ?1 Mac contended t"??r a puree. The time made iK< in 11 ? u> 1 bpv rt'?i.' v n. I t el line u.ade first heat, I nemo third, 2:!.'7: fourth, Sh.hh Thepi.i*e wan won i?y ! dee. Tuesday. Jnlv It/th.? $50>h t w.> milo heats to aad lie. John a c.mJ. I cut r> li. Ma< ; D. liiytnt entaray to. j Lsdv Suffolk; O. Diievniek enter! b. g. J a k Ito.-siUr. Hie j mi -, in 1 uth trot*, w ill ! ivc South ferry. Brooklyn, at - an 1 I lu'eh k. and roi r.rn ai b.-on the ip'iM are over craud | tatd, SI, pnylllioti ui.d field, 30 wis. N?> charge for ladies. M. l> <; *\ F.K.N K, I'r pi tor. N'OTli r i Mr; 81 PTON WILL BB OFFBRBD FOR I nl 1 <* sale. ? n 11 n lay next, July Uth, on thj Union ! h ur^s, I < a^ I land. <? cloio the ronevru of her late owner, Mr. 11 rv ey While. Tie sairn* lay th? e? l-hratcd trotting ? rs-s Mac ard l ady Snffidk will trot mile hi at.", heai thr*# u five, tor a purse of Sale take place at tknc o'clock. BX( R BIOWS* UAK4TOCA >IT.1M.S AM) NBW VORK?TRAVKI^ | fr lt?.^ bv taking passa/e in the day boats that leave at 7 k. II . srr.xr iu Troy at-V* 1*. M . and proceed inimodiatcly in ti? Sarataga. Ku\iug Tr^yat 7 I* M., and arriving at the -'Ih l' M ran >n the rsilrosd one dollar. niUKD BXCTRSlONfl IW THB FI8HING BANB8, t' ?\?ry day in the ve k eacept Saturdays.?The steamer HI I KAl.O will leave foot of kobiuseu s reet, at 8 o'cloek; , Ifitli street. t'anal n *-et, b'. : tu'hurine and t.ran I i rei t . K. R.,9: 1'ier No. S N R.'"; A M. R< freahuienU, , naits, lu., provided on b< urd. l ure, 27# cents etch way. hAI-l T.\ \ I < I M>\ lyAI DEN PE1.L, A Lt'TlOVEEB?SALT?PBLLH k yr Co., will tell to-morrow (Saturday) at 12 e'clnek, ia front sf the si4.r??. bv em pie. he cutire cargo of brig llliu* rove, stout ih? buhiu ls St. Marviu'a suit, iu lota to suit puribasarf, on 4 mentlis sridit. BY J. HI QBM AN. a ?. i IONBBR FRID41, JUL1 I st 10 o'ebx k A. M., at No. Vri Duthild street, near Myrtle tvonns, Tlrooklyn, a general asHortmcut of houhehold and L'hairi, 8of?. t'nrd. and Tea TaMea, I)r> ? una Bureau, Carpclx, ttedeti'edf, htattriui, looking Stove, hie , Ike. w a nt, nriMTUM inrnTiiu rourn u?r, mod IT a tlliaary anddiaea wiwknr, and alio would go la the Yaath w iib a raapeatahh futility, good wugae it ill ac given. Bert rafcreaeragiveu and ivouired. Addreta A. M., keie/e lower Tan Oflina. ar Ma. 9 VI Imehall itrc I \Ur A N T K1 > A SITUATION HV A YOONQ UALTHT YY win an. aa Wet Nwn, who 1wh> bat Mil few d?ye line*. lienor call at (4 VI ul W a?!iiu<<ou place. Can 1 a j in f. r two data. \ITAM1ED-BY A \ KK V KKSI'Et l'Alil.E YOI/NU ! YY n>?n, a e'tv.atien a i ; ueral hoar* crvwnt, an t i? a good e< i k, and a tint-rui* milier and ironar llu UM Imt of city reference!. Any coniiuanda to me, at I,-\ Maine ! Itre?t, lire ok't n, w 111 I fi r n. illy at'enJt"! l> WANTED BY A O 1 HI 1A TBABS OLD. A SITUATION 1 to take eharee of Children, or to do \\ wiling in a Priwata 1'auiily; with g>od aity reference. Apply nl Jo- f.axl iUth a tract, letwean hee.nl and Third Avtuuen. w'AkTl'l) A IIIIMMIIIl BED-ROOM. HUH OR | YY without llraalfaat and Tea, in a private family, ly a . vni uy f; tii n an Acnii.ea s It S. IltraId (iltier. W IT NI'RSE WANTED WITH A FKK-H I1HE.VT ' YY of Milk, at Yd End Twentieth atraei. None aaad apply ! w ilhont good ree oumandatiana. U'ANTID-i SITUATION AS WET M RSE, BY A , YY rerpectaklf healthy ytung watnwn; with a fretli truant of milk; har I t hy la aivaa waeka aid, wauld hata no objoc- ! lion to ya a abort diatanea in the aoonlry. Pleaaa (all at No. IJ4 BleeeLer atraat. Can he teen for two daye. Uf ANTED? A PAIR OF AM A I.B 81 Zt, I) Ht >1141 A, MOT , aver 1A kanda high, for wliiah a moderate priaa will tejaid Alt person hwviag aneh to diipeio af may hear af aptirekaaar, t> addreeeini A B.. yeral l office. WANTED -BY A It ESPECT A It IK PROTESTANT y ,ti woman, a ailaatiun ax n.?- - ? or to Ink* ( tharge of alilldrea. or light ehamharwork, or Waiter in a private family. Na. Vd Tweaty-Mth atraat, ketwoeu tka Seecad and Third a rem nee. | WANTED A SITt ATION. A ? t H A M IIK R M A I D OR Waiter, for a young woman, perfeeily eotnp-tanl. Can i k* aeen at her preaeat employ art, 14V lludnon (treat, foa two I late, if aot enraged. WAMlh-Sn I ATIONH, BV A MAN AND IIIA W I T A in a geatleinwn'a family aha wauld take (are ofahildraa, id Biki Lertrll generally aeafal, ha uaderetaada Uia aara and management at horiaa parlaally. No ohjoottan to travel. I'll aivo the beat of aity rwfaranae, Addraae No. S3U Ft nrtk atraat, tret Soor. WANT1D?A . SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE put woman, ta do general honaawork, or aa waahar and ironar; baat of oity rafaroaea (Ivan. Apply at No. IDA llth atraat. np otaira. yi'ANTED?A SIT1 ATION BT A RESPECTA III.i YY young girl. It yaare of aga. to do thaganaral boneawork at a amall family in lb* eetv or ooonuy. lagniro at 113 t linicn atraat, aaw nnml er, iu the rear yi'ANTED A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABI.B YY girl, aa Nnraa and 4 l imbermald, and Plain Sower; tan 11 aaan for two daya at her l??t employor'a. 111 Waal llth ii-?tt. Ila? 1. oloae'na to g? in lha oonnlry. YVANTBD-A SITI ATION BY A RESPECTA Bf.S YY yaoag woman, aa pluln Coak. W aaher and Ironar, end t Wa uadara'-arda baking and Jury work. WKhM W go ia kli* I WlXiy < c d itUrimi tan b? glrta. latuira ?t 40 H um ltr??t. C'aa la h?i far two dtya. liriMTXD-A EITIATIOV BT A RESPECTABLE T? w man, at Cook ar I.aandraaa, aha uadaritand. taking and I taut caa gut lb* Un af altr rafarauca aa to tJnuaoaar ! aid taxability. i laaaa la jolrt at M fourth aaaaaa, baiwaaa lib aad Iftth ttraata I \VT*NTRl)-A M'MIBTENT AM' KIHI'i > V?l Bl.fl " nag, af uadc ublati cbaraalar, ao kot|> bo->ka and m?ha a?i:rriirn? f>r a tuarchant tailor ta tin ally. Addraaa A. B, at tkia < n>ca. EMT ANTED?A bitvattom bt A lit II-. AM k *' yaaag girl aa ahlld'a nuraa, aha ia wllliar ta mala haraalf cat i rally aaafal abnal tl.a haata. kia ?iu at tioa a? go a abort diataaaa la alia anatTT. kaquiraalSI Hatiaatraal. 117 AM* A Ml I A I I ON A SMART RtSPICTABI.I TT I rl ta do Ilia abain'.arwark aad Uk? aara af thildrtA, at ta do ll.a work for a aniall faa.tly. Would hara no "bio' lion to go a abort diataaaa ia tba aoaatry. At ply at Na. 9} fourth lirtti ___________________ WAMM) 1* AN HUVMVI Horn, IV Tlf ally af k'aw Tirk. a young aaaa to aot In tka eoj.aaity af Aaa'lWot liarkaapa- Nana aiad agplr. naiaaa harm* a J thorough Ir.aal' U' of tba I o(laaaa- taannioniala of uadauntad atari ar. a l/rtaty aad haaaatr, will ta ran til rad. for l.rtliir iiitiatitra, addraaa "ilotai," bai B'ti, City I'oat , Oftaa. __ ll'ANlflt-A ?m ATH'V. BT A TORSO WOMAN, *' to do tawing ar rlta bar work, ?r ta lako aara af aUI- ! dran. Can I a at ta far t ( aaya, at... I trat a'.ra?t. AkflOU WAR TED BV A RKSPE'TAIll.R y<?ig amis aa foot, Harbor, and lrrn?r, la a ra 0|-a'aM? amily. TLo I r?t af alty rf'Ttnro fitaa. lap.ra ait U llaanr afar'. ' art roam, W.ird f r. _____ I ARA?rftTAni?; rr^om wishes to obtain a O'll'i'i,!' tiii" ia ,ult? rapabl' of awhiag abwjga , ai a anal iti > kid a-MM a I'aakrraart, If ( ;-i. ra ' aa I a aaan at tbr ladt'a r a'danor * itb wh< i.i aba laal a. rial I la t.'iBt rapur ly, aud w II la highly ratomniandad I"?m? | aa'l a* l < ' alaa Plao*. wbrra al.a aad ka aaaa for Iwa data. I \ SIT CATION lUH t HEM't 'lTABl F I Ot'M. W > ? * ?. ? - - B d a I fVQtli ft ri.liy. T.'.p bit? ?*ll II Nu j 17 Mwari f ?t i?f. r-? . ? ' i An-io'.f i.iDV, OP *p^rfrTARir. riwn.r, ! OlUU? 4\Ff*u4 -ItUM VWtiM % f?* a- t a At' M I . * . t kv*r, If bN It a a I I I I | Ik H .' ? r . i^iB i? t? tkN4*ir iu4 a 44.-M? |??Nri v# J. tM*h?w. unif tf I! \ * %l< at m? ?b4 XkAi?m It RAM. A a ?ti r.ii At i.aDT, a tt IDOW, ni tin.iiit re ata'da fa?.lr, *t ? aa adapt bar t?a aVldran. t pi <i i. tba airl t?al?a, aad thA bay taiaa ya?p af or* taaaw,a i >! kt 'anil/, a ra* darat >a aba aoaatry tidf ta | fans aa i i ??a ta J Datkaa, a.t.,a? af a (I lk atanua aad KitAk-a k ataoa* All aoait >naia;iaaaa ra ' ? <(, aad taai kat aarltby laaWaa a rod apply. |H?? II DUO, oM i A < >A i ?;?.?. IV a AM A If TRItATE TAMTIT. IV It i . i traitr-al, f aat ar aa? ran aata'la f I m?a. i .It t?',Itttt* A M >11 1 r .. T i ita k? ?n?4 At j.'f fa t H , H>r<U < UfMlll.TAO ?A>!PIU|K WATI* MIAMI Oi* A *Mh t-raakffeM ami (>a A"*.a* ((* | ti nr. r it. ftrittfttiitirataii ? ??*? l*a( A mm** f- < ?! .i ?? (aif ia.t rt??n?. A pri-tlt ll?>? frafcrrtA.-- j < *4i< #. ? li.lt. N( ?l ? it tfTt*. 1 A ftRT 1*1 IASAXT* >')*, WITH HO t J< l? t?l T A ttl.K 4 \ Ut t rIf Kl? ( I.tl MM ifl |m>i|*i hi iM l.iAjr; alt*. a : I #f* K? t?i lit A, h*4 *' A Alt Ilr.1t 4* ?f Hut: | <1* ION I I.AKtl A FAMILY RMIDINU t liiii fruti U.? I f tan If mm .lit# A ( m [?!? ?? rt |MNAlilH jtMtlil tat tf (At m. at 1 ttlifct auA ijtaitttn i-ltaA. cir Mit riMrt |t*A t*?h a* At. An.'/ t t I I r tintt, i tttirt. ( BAM. < Am MAT - me SI R-" RUHR I if tttlN I (If fr'ttlAt AT A I i irtttJ'Irt tontl (#?.-? mA Atll UMffl at? utt ' i ?Cjat*| 11..a tf i?*r* Tf i|tr.i ?/ tf tit Imttita i'ii ti.tl" rtttA tit* tf (' a tttta 'itn ?ll t?rit if ??* litttl rut fatJilt. trtaaA* (!.*Aiitlif/ if i a li ..tf trA . a* tt imr. fi far t ktttl t A rul-it rat ?i At J V lni'h,)>tt tf x i Haiti, fit), iljl.t, till ?*. ( ill* In Hi ?m*?tmtn(. Flttimtill* ii iw (iBtt t tit. li tad frtn At* I ik AaJIt it i aiu4t.ri.ia. w. h. mii.i.eu. |,f i km n?l? tl ? b< 1 if to 11 r i 111 (f.ui r I f iHitktA, at A tut |i talt fain.]/. A fit*, n't, ami til A?(A fAA (At ttA tf tht NtVfttfl tf (Atlttnt Ttnat I I* A nit, kiiA I ittll. a aatarMtfaaA it (I,** ?. ln-(nirt ! f adttt, ti.t At.i abttt litaktia tatttt. Ktftitatt . litti. it* rt. aitiA. prai.ir ATIONK. f|'i>uir ihltvrs i r im>: fHi'iiANs-tur.\a A t Mai I i ftOuN*! *f (kit t t*k. a**# rraAv, ttiuia at I tin (till |ai|tnal tf aa lli'i tt ' (I tit a!n tf a . it ri"' .1 |>.'t itAr't (tn ftaiittftl trfhaa ln*l tit a a i li ? 11, (hi 'ih J art Itai. * ho ?tr? i w#tt/. r* ? (*ar I if kit ti (. a ft t tr traat- i a aan|( ttltritt nMnli< t : I f? f r i I la i'i Lift tf Hiain>r t>- *? *: ?hrtt trial* 't? aitittr if i? ? t I: lih I't f ll ?Sar? tf t-ii?!i'fi,ll?i.?.*. Ir lit, tml l? n tatit i i aural Nttr. . . . ' ik .,,o i i. ti it'| tl?? rstltf. Olott I0M Aadaa tllttl. Mi fitrjkfeart. ' AWBMBHTS. CYHANFKAU'S MATIONAL THEXTRK. CHATHAM ' Ureal ? FriAtj t>. i i. Jul* (1th. will be a.-t?d ? I *! burlesque, eabtUed JO*EV THE 81'aKTA.N, er the Heir of fl.itiylaes?Joeey the Spartae, Atr. C. Burku: S|nlre To itlee Kaadel| ?. Mr. lileualvon. Ilerlwit: Mr?. H?tnr Randolphs. Mies MiiUiu. To he followed by THKRE YEARS AFTEK-Mt.ee. Mr. F. S. Chaefreu; M.>ec, Jr., Matter Murray: laid Tohin, Mr. C Burke, ChairUe Meadows. 11.aid: l.tte. Mire Menayer; Isabella Muadowe, Mrs Mi-Lean The rerli ru.um-e to.oencludn with the feree of HEULAII Sl'A. I?. ore will open at 7)o. end thocurtain rise at quarter of S. Ilexes "f> cents, I'it 12'? eente. MECllAN IC'8 HALL, No. 472 BltH A OH' AY. BETWEEN Gr^adend Rroomettreeto.-OFEN EVERY EVENING 1>1 KING THE Vb EEK, and eeery aie'.t until further eo'ioe, the eriKtnal and well ku.iu a CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS? (retailed ltd; the oldest eetaMielied company in the world; the fret to hurnionito neyro melodies, aad originators of the prieeat t'dpelar style id Ethiopian EuterU.nm, ute. whoso in. .'.te IB this e:ty, during the jest three year*. < maet e.nelu?iee ?*idet.ee of their superior tni rit end attraetieen .ee. , Ti e Company eoueine of ten pethrmera, uadurthe direction et 1'. Chiietjr. Doom open at sjvbu : Concert eoiaineuuee bt eight o'clock. RANI) CONCERT lit THE A HIis I s OE I IE 1 r.A " * haii t?,.*rn C. H'| any. at t * ' Ch'.utw A -cmbl> Kooiqh, 6 U Protulw ?y, on Fririny, July t?tI). Doori open at 7: eo ie*rg t* commence'at S. Tickets, Mi cent*; family ticket*. ndtnitt'lig four, ui.o dollar, to l.e h id ut the building. Tilt folio* inrf dUlirpcttiid . d nrti*t? will I<um the hon< r to appear and *ife e'ections in ui the optra* of the uont eminent ootnp Ker? : ? Sitrnoiina Valcniini. prima dot rw if the 1*1 inn optrAflof London, I'm is, Mt'.ftnai d \ euioe: Signorinn Fitted, of the lieIt an op ra it 1'arie and New \?.ik; Siznor Corelli, xgnor N. veh Sikiior It ui 1.1, Myti' r Hot ill, * ho will a!?i> provide at the irritml piano forte. Trie Afcsemhiy rcotin nre vmrilited In the tuoft pcriii t manner, and will he found delightfully uool A GRAND SACRLDCONCERT WILL IlKCIVSN AT fc'n'nt Nictolan' church. S-:e..ui rtn 't.ou Send*/ evening* July Hth, for the hem fit of said church, by VV. Tlcr^e, (heoniht. who will b? a*sM?d by tho following . ? eal artiate M.*s Valentiui, Mi^s Kliett, Hist Draw tier. Mr. Fhr'.oin, and other taleuted fin/or* of thi* city. N. it.?Ti k?t* Lift v cent*, to he had at II . Erbcu't, l/2t outre at rent: Duuig in m b >ok ere, l.'?l Fulton tlifct lie v. Mr. Bucliiiiuyer'*, hi) Sound turret; and at Vr. lltrye's lv.dtlerico, Id Sixth ?treet; aUo, of tic SexS i of Catholic church**, mil at tlo- door. Door* pin at 7 o'cloi k; Concert to cumieney ft1 8 o'cl ck preo^ely. DIORIMA?ASTOR FLACK PAVILION.?NORT IX* bib tin; , vk w ??f the Ruins of ilolv K??#d Chapel by Hi oi*lis;hl painted by Dapucrre. and tho City ami lUrbor of Brest, in Fiance, by the t'hevalier Hoiiton. Thin ma/ni1fent Li ran.a w ill b* < ren tor exhibit on on Saturday a il Mot.dr.y evening, in which o'caeiou tlm proprici-trs hare made ui ruugemeut with the celebrated fiunisT* Hand, to give a contort urd other uiuflu appropriate t?> ti.it exhibition. A- mirsion M c*nt*. CofU'Tttct nmi"U*e c. 8!'. M. loora open at 7 P. M. Sf small hills. N.D.?This eahlbiiiou u now epen dally. Admleelon 1ft *enti> ri^ i 1RO DIB < i9 IN BAVANA, AND ILTKArtO A e? t}na?.ahao <k, iu i Inland of Cuba. New fori. S., J one 2*. ISfih? ft hat thi* day app iutcd Messrs. W. Corbyn and 1. M. Martini, of tWlseity. my fp eial mml duly authorised artuti for He above establishments. and all en * retutnt4 nii.de l\ llieo. lu thai capa* iry. will ho duU e?*kn<>w Ud^cd ?i.?l !ulMl.m> iui. JlO.N llllil El. MS \ PON S, Prop i.tor. N?w Vobk. July "'. 1*40.?Artists of ark riuwlo.h.'d talont snd r ? -, i a I o 111 >. s.pr.iully Yti.-aliso. imtrunieucl perf.ine s dsncrrs, c<tu*>tiinns, ft ril>?t?, & ^''.wiiiUiag s il tLc ?L.'\? i I a' In-Inn - i.ik, nil I n I :, ?.? .< COKKVS .V M.MtriM. tlii'.issl snl Dramatic Aivub,! (t.iiilsy si , Ns.t Vork. V. II.?All k'tt.rs must lis niscaid. hl'K.ClAI, aOTICKS. ~ ' rpiIK ANVPAI MF.ET1NO OF STOf'KIJOI.HItHS OF JL ths M.rutiii' T.l*prftph rumnmiy will ? hold ?t sh.ir strits, N?. It ll.iioi.r sirset, i" tho sity sf Nsw Vsrk, sn 'I LiXbd.j. July IJtli, at 4 u .look. I . \l. TltOS. M. 4'I.ARK, SMr.tary. SPAM.INAV'A .-Till: I f.l KIIOTo.'. OF T.IK ANuivsTnary of (Mis Soi .? \ will t.iU? pl.t . on tho Vtii in??., at Miiun. I'rnsroi t llotol. So.ainliua ? In. w oli i fttt ?k., ?ill t'lras. apply t" A O. SinnlntriiDi, psijiv.uwirli atr.nl. s Kspfol, S. Sa?llor/, ^lii lilili sirc.t, cuinmiit.. ul arraag.Bisnt. S A VINOS HANK FOR M f. It t'fl \ NTS' Pl.tRKS AND .tli.rs. No. A Doakmao strMl. ('lii l'in Hull. -N.w Vurk, Jus. ."Ml. IM!'.?Thi. luatltatiiin baa paid lnt?rsit K> itnd?p.suiirt, at tbs rat. si an |~ r sont p< r ano.m. ?n all aoauant. sf $ 1.04X1 ivud uudsr. and at tb. rat? of lit. p.-r .snl p?r anauii, sn lornsr aosi.unts Uous. di o.m.4 ia tt.ia luatituti. u sn or l.fors Saturday tlir T'li u# July, will b? sn.itlnd t. rtssiv. lutsr.st ths soils > , if dap..?iifd ,,n th? AtP.h of Jut. tiy ardsr, T bPF.NCEK KlilUV, SsutwUry. IN1HF. INSIRANI K Tin: HHOOKI.VN TIKE I NAP JF rum * I ii in I >111, lint inx boon I went y-ti*e y* ?rn iu operation, eoiitiMit to iunuru ?tor< t. d *?llii.jfi an 1 otbar builuiag*. a.art Lei di- -. heitaeheld lnralinre, fe>?elt in port aud their aargoea. ou or rttoonablr terint ?.* any riinilar inatitiilien. <>n.v?F kic. C Merchant," Fi'hnn*" \\ ull M , New Tork, and 4.1 li.ltoa -t.. It rook I \ n. it II I I ill ELLSWORTH, Prntidtit. Al l Kkli ii. ?l E\ ENS, Hnrrtirj. FOR IALE. l?OR SALE TUB WHOM:, OR PART OF A BEAUTIFUL r CwwUf B<M? m latia ?r tt A4444 (lurrtlj al fatal in ike dourlehing tew n af I 1 uniting. The baddiage arc nna,arena and in fnt order. The plaon la perfaetl, kealtky aad eraatlr admired, and 1* worthy tha aetiee of tnoae In want. Far fnrtkar partiaularo inquire on Ilia preiaieeaof If ILLI All 11.11 l l P. Linden Cottage, Klatkiai. I,eug lalacd. ilOR SALE-THF. FAST PACINB MORS*. J. C. CaLkain, 11 yeara aid. aaa jaaa a mile laaida *4 >1* nttttas aad tr<>t. ? aingle ar daakla karaaaa. in khme mlnntee: ka ta aaaad, kind, aad gentle. lag alga of Mr. UN HEKIill.L, Ka. d KlTiagtea aaraaa. M1B4 ELLAHEOVI. SCMP1.X k EdlBINSON, WHOLESALE MMIIIMIdl and 1 erwwrdiai Merehwata. BeniMa Olty. CwUfeaadm. RF.MOTINfl > REkit II MECBANICAL LAMM. FOR a..I 377 Broadway, aan Ut llreadway, aaar Cnaal an. Maaliaaiaal Uai|<a af a vary pa'eern, T aaa Mo. RnopoaMona. Btotea, lUaaay*. Bilk W iaki, ftlaadaa. perm Oil, ka Saapeaeieaa. Braakata aad Saunda. 11. DAMIKrSi T1IJ.R. STRAW GOODS, STRAW SOCBB. MA XTI 1.1,AS, Tl ette*. la-The oakeerli.er ia now eelliwg ?!T kna Mm ataak at eieeedlagly law prieae, eeaetatiag af Mpi aaaaa af Mate af all kinda. 76 Mankillaa af all i.iada and nriaaa. Ilk) T matte, da da; 1M Jeney l.inda aad ?. ? da. Alaa, 10 aaieeeweed 1 maeiia aaaaat aaaaiflla*. fiem Ida. ta JO, at ah D. UAWRIfV M7 C. land atraai. kalaaau 1'falter d aad I.ndlaw 1CI--KI--1CE--TUE fPBSCRIBBRS HATING SBlaatad the drat a .?li?r a( laa from t'ataklll, will heap en 1 kand any qaaallty ta *nlt Miipperr, Ratal.era. Oroaere, aad Keia.lern i n kaard af tf.alr Ue rue*. at the fast af ilarrtaaa ' ttraaf. at rery radurad prlaaa The peblie will da wall ta aall, aa it wiR ka aald low. Oreeera will eaae II nor aant ky aniline 11. t a M S1 km 111 KtiH k CO. DEPOT OF CORNELIl'S" EMIlOSiBO, silvkrbdand Ollt Glrandolee, Candala l.r ta, Chandaliara. Mala/ aad llall Lampe. A l?n, d.enry af filter l'latad Tat data, from tit ta ltd; Table and l>ee*?rt Speeaa, Ferke, ('eater*. Baa tela. A a. | la t-d on German .? I t r ASHFK R. morgan, 172 William atr-at. Between 1 niton and Ann, eppoeile tka Cbureh. CAST OFF CLOTHING ANI> FCRN1T1 RR.-LADI RS and geLtlawan aan .buun a fa.r prita for rait af elethIna. ky landirR for ll.a aul.irrilac tin voah poet or atkarwiaa, wka will attend all their rt?i l?rca l aliea attended by Mr*, l.ereaityn. J. I.E\ ENPTVN. dAA liraadway, np-atalra. I T^MBROIDEKIRS, BOSIF.RV AND GLOTBS?0. STBWli art. 446 Broadway, bat on band a beaoGful artortiaant af Fraaab Fmbroidariat. nnrb em a per than nay other home ia Kaw T' rk. vkif I La a al . MfMlfllly aall Iba at'.anti a 0' ait nana ar d tirarg. ra to wall aad alanine, they art a' the ehoieaet teleetiono ; and all Paria tr.mined, av mealy to anr ana order Alaa. a large at . k af KnRliah aad Garruan Uo1 irr fr in lha I #al o.rr uitorn inRarnpa. Ala,., wl.ita 1 KidGloraa, Silk Liala Tbrtod, and Mafk and aolarad Mitka, Km, ka., kd. RilLROAM. PANAMA Vill.ROAD.?fHFlCI *F TUR PANAMA Rai read Oauiyuny. New l ark, daly t. 14*4 -Ate meet1 lag af tka diraatara af tbla aaiarany, kald tl. ? day, Ikanaaa I WT I.ndlaw wna alaa'ad f'roaldoat, aad delta I.. Btaphaaa I Fiaa- I'raridant. Fraatia Splaa waa alaatad Raararary. The aaaignalian af Uoratia Allan, at n D.roatar war eeeepted. aad tka ?n' nnay tiled ky tba al-atioa 0/ .tamool O ltn?(laa Marstia Allan wad oler'ed I aa till ling Raglwaor af kba aampaay. Ordarad. 1 hat the oeeaad inatnlnant af aaa dallara, aa aaak akero of the aapital at-.ok. ka rrialred to ka paid, al ? a. ' k. ..i ? - - ? * - - f Aaptat nail. Dlraatari?Willlna U. iapnnwnll, John L llui; ( l.annaM Jmmmm llr wn. U?<?i??r l>akl?, amkllna IV U?u W. I.ndlaa, l>n?ld Ti.aap? . J?H|S II \nruaat, Pa mil ' llaolanf r,??v?? U R aia.ara. bfwia lUnlit', limul U Raul an TIKiVkBW l.t'DlTiW. FraaMaa*. JOHN U llbl'MEf 4. f ,? f? 1 M ia Rriaa. Paarakarr Orricc or tiik *i bi km ikh ro. heater r r C? . ('?annj?lr"? Jul IMP ?A Sat til Ala IMat4m4 if fair I-IT Mt aa II.* aipital a|..ak If ?hw I'lmpMip ku bt> it j I tin laalaraf. f >?abla la lh? SullfMui an R? 111 <i; ml lipui tut. Ml if M? id p? Mi mf iW- mnrraal all uantha an4<a? ? III! far. R<'-aVhal.i?ra * II ralhair Dlal4a?4a akin lhair mhI la tmgummrmi. mm wtk? mm iba RnU mf kbi IMaia i( kit k mrm, la lb* Uy mf law T?k ; ak lb? afflaa ml Kim J. E Tharar b Rratbar. R Buln ; ilk at kbi af lb* Tranmrar la tlaln plnaa Hm Tinlir Raaha a III ha almad fir fin imlmi ? >M bMliy lliniilaiik IVAB. BXI IBIli, Tn .rrnif. HI UPON Rl \ I II RAM MiA 0 BONO BDEIfRR prifMli ?n ib? Si * - all . f. r i mIi if (.Hdi/am af 0 a Martiana nn4 ranrarukla Bon4<af kha ? <aant; Rffc? <*> bar 'air M it |>-r ft r w tr jar aanla, and a ?ri|?i i tanala prill fir n? |ar aa> ? ?nl.jMtli a brka,ara..f |rr Itnla.aHnr. ?r with O.a B I l.iWfk' ar'aa.14. k a inai af f I /7?>.'adf af ?l ?J.lk?i.ifMi anibir tad I j laar II b> Ia?aa4 11 a lloarA am I'll-ia'i <1 fram tn'ai i.i.a r prrpaaiu ?? rami ' ia In* ia tha n?bti a* arrib ! if.a pan . a-ar* if ii a brat f 44 ><a) at inai'i alia rtr Bating it in 'at tain alia* aai'Rat f -ild Ha <- a'rMtaf fr. Bfallaa la, ibanrafi, l.aral t ?t?ar, thai .* kt-lHii larkaai U > llaari a 11 I h?'B t' a - ;?a? at 1.Vai > k aa traa r and a?t apm j rr praltl'ra f?r >ha r-"tF af a ?h-la a' I .14 a I I ?| af Iha an, aa Iba krrira anB aanditina af iha adrar aa*na?ik f ti.aJIft all , a? ka It ? par.' Br fat taking ird paplnc ( r W-? ?a ra, at frr aab part Ibarra', aa inja p. I la an;a->1 la' aa kbat jar ad Irk'r baloarr af ?t!4 pra an t tlaa r- p'a and aaak V IBrr mrm Lank? aipr?" f aa'ilad.B.baf If k. ? 4a n "Airnil I u ' I * a ri>' ?i?a nri) rtllwi ? ?ha an 14 Bl.TI ??!,? . a-4 1 "tI inakan' 'fair ii*hta i.nB'r 4 ra" Ii a " la a?a?4ara?l kariaib* ad J n H'll'hl.N i, Tronanrav. baa t ark. Jala 3. I?4" h IIIKPIKO, Noimr in lahriu.xft'fmi bouna akv Tatk, Cal'aalar a IKR? a. m > l^n I .a lj ill alllt. 'm I ? it. i 'a . a kakaa tnka pari far rrpaira. aa ar kh > i tn? ' ii Ai l/ lar ar. |in nauaa i ill kr lla a ban abr ia M< lllal k aa > -na aan> a. H KUkfll Mi r HniTifii innk ?ir u?.nkv n?TTi\?.r.R fro* p*?l ? 1 II | < ? ? at ? let' aitialait ?' trnat %l ? a " ' ' >1 1? TIWl i < tl 1Mb MtttMlll wi M pa >4 I j tiif *t??lf? ar til*11?? FMR C4IIIOHM1 I'n'MH .IMV r> R < T f 4W tip ('( t.t Klf, ljl?| at ? ar ' lint. * *.! ?p>a IttS Hll?? ; ? lew liith? raat: t? R?v >!> M a S 11 I A . 11 r:ar > * ? i.r li RiMf. ?> fall** tiM Oaaaw**. Hill!) Httlbtt. ipp'jr ta I. H Hf I N>.>, tl ?tti \i' r Ttn rMirnni.Mfi m Tni 1 M f >?ni'il, Ira I itllk ( V|? tif1 a'larapv* li^Mllant; II ! ? 4a?? I * t? 'It'ftMl ? n- aha ll|t.lwiil. Iw! I"* V.K.! aai' lata* f J k'.VM)t.l :t ',) '* laar I, a'i4 *? en n??.'j Lapp, t?f tlit ?. * *f wnr frtaa4? i ark wi "'it twi'crtl w? lr?m the k *f Iral.i4 a I * map larp 'iiiii.-. t. t ?i: u a f f i liwi. il>l. H, il<> M I Ilium f tr it nl? " tl * ?'T i n, j. > ?!! Mr. U-iut* ?). t t i ipr??? ?i'i !.' ? ?p> n?i tl ii ?f a <ii a,'} aaai * M tl> *n r. h i **.- . 4*Lt l-'m-v. Tl \? III-V TIIm M ? lit, tire .1 Jt >i * I I . i?'||n, r?u. M". ft ' .1 fli?? V. f. wall". J. ft , * ? t.itii.K. K. Illll II f'Vtn i. T. i. iifi<.I-**, t. n ii*iioi?. , j. > . ? *. ?. r <* it. n. | J. M'.li i . M H'HiIwm, a 1.4 I'A it ?).* Mxrafl i F> .f Vantraal, Ji<?* It, l i:1. UCI I'DMII II-H till OS RtllP \ V. 4T 4' I ' ' *k. Jrly 7 I . T? il Pi r ft ' ?r? ?f ' I ? '?4 Pt**aa, tl* S'i ' :prr Htil'II111 tR. tit 4 ft* wtiiUil r i I a!'f?n.U r*" t i < / ?t4 n?? San' ? .iii -It, i?4 a ran 4 | t i?f I * al I f?i i ' r ?, I i R 1 I t.. ; i n,,? asl , la. ??* lj M *'. ' ??? t ?. jm ?j < J. amcsrmem. Broadway theatre? mr k. a. marshals, froprteter ; Mr. w. r. Blake, Manner Tenth svirn M?g?al ?f the great Necromancer .-?Friday evening, JnlyAth, Mr. hi AC A Ll.lsTKR, "the wonder of?he age," will repeat hie grai.d Holiday Pete, together with other* of a p I ha* i eg end novel character, f iret Dream: (h er 4m Catulloe light#* with a tingle pxat- 1 shot; the two Caoariea; I mprovMat??rial Printing; (he Chinee* Confectioner; D??rrihatinn of Bona Hinn, Gloves from a lady; the Sjuoiih darloqnln; grand Patriotic heat. second Dream: i-a her Kahhin and fVoiisia Pigeon; Spanish Dictionary, a Pre?*ui t?. ki pec tat ion: Maoalhrter'r Portfolio; California Gold Hoi; Sleeping in the Air* Ci A8TLB 0 aider r??( : i u hit-;. #f r hi tbi* ' urrjdsnt mceeseful Summer la/ evening, July t ?Kirel Pari?Grand Overtnre to Norma, Geruienia; Seng. Coming thro' the Rye. Mile L-varuey; variations, Clnlliant?s for the Violin, Mr.Shultse; Old * avalier S- n<, l>?w* among the dead lawn, l.carb; Wal't; The Hooi'iet, Jehn Gun/), G rLiania; Song, Where. where >e the Hover, Hiftcrt. An int?rnii>v n of t*n mintitee. S# r.d P urfc ? Grind <>ver?nre, Tra Dcit .'o, Geiniauia; Trio, ON?w i'-^ole (?al< -. MM*. l.??varn*v, Mies hiflfort and Mr. heach; Walt* on the Aylocordeon, a singular in?tr?.m*ut made of stieki utd straw, llerr 8to*|?el, h<\ Tic he ?s e??.n *%?h BAKM M'8 AMERICAN ftl(J*lCl d -P. T. HARVf/lf, Manager and I'n prieior ; J. Gi*enwo?d, Assistant Manager. hph ndid Pcrformenees in the afternoon a* and vaniag ut 4. The celebrated lj.i*tier Giant an 1 GianI fH may t.rsrcn at all hour4. Smi<?r lili'i, the wull kntwn acl universally popular Arrprlcan M.rsl.n ami Vsamlequist, in also a|a?,p'd, and will givi* hie and astounding eiperimenta m N tor >ni i n< y and Vennlequirm. at aacii entertainment. I a t wx?lt of Ureal H'ost rn,1 he \auk** Coiitcduu. A< > engaged. Mr. Morryf.eld, Miss Bart* n, KSma Etanhop*, II* *a w Up. Chapman, Mr. Copland, Mr. Clarke. &*,!.? Wa* Muripture Statu.try. Bapr? << utati >ti in U n ol tl.e Xiumese fwiu*. MvUmo 11 mkwell, the Fi rtune Teller. Aduiissiea 2A oent.v Children uiidcc 10 yitri, ISM Halt OTIO can AGS, BOB R I . v Ud Band-Creel A ?tre<; hm?<Jrand ln*trnm u' d h'oll ert, te coxiiienee at ?X. e ol *k, Tuesd.iy. 3 !. BV Insider, 4 th. ^ hnredrty, 6th, and bataidsy, July the 7th iustaut. Admittunec I ret. ___________ | 'VMIK CREAT CHINR^L Ml Skew Mb Cil JA r W AY, JL Wetv Spring tmi KtiuvM ? rente, xni tl.e ?*"? 1 y one la this oountry. eousislNi# a great n-uubar of life ?jr. Figure# f Cli'.nwe oi ill e\ivm#M ; Nf?tal himdred Chinese l'?W ng#J ApurttucnLeiu Uoum<*b, Aiurt* sod Vvitoli. M*4sl* oi ? ;*gedu.s, Temples, and Bridges, hiueimtni of Chines Mantua#* furss, their Agricultural and Mechanical lmphiu*n ?. Instrument* of Music, Lantern*, kc k?. Open from '? K. If. I"! |u P.M. daily. Altui t.uacs 'Jft mnu' *Uldr?n a.i br ML halt price. IIRUKVL. Dl( I C I. i: K K U t N I K ? \ : i . \ ' . '. V A yoiin,r vnur, who porta " ly underiea d? %! ?* **4 | tun give good reference. AdJrea C. U.t Horoii U'liui, Da nuoR,?ciu?T,w bkoadway, lNroaei Ma friends and paMenta, that, dnrinu tlie ?uiumeg i maatke, his office heura will ho from lfMj to 4S? ?*' tack, M*ndays, Wednesdays, aud Friday * Di K will atcsni to ikf I feci, a.? usual. after S o'sleak < r the above dat a. DR. I'OWEI.h, OCULI8T.At7RI8T.EC, ATTENDS AS usual to diseusts uf the Eve and Ear, at I *<j' Warronat*, where taa be had a pamphlet grata*. desertion:; h;a awv mode f treat tag the affections of thone delicate org.ms. Also, the <t edition af hi* popular Trent.!' * <?u the Eye." Price 50 alt* Arttferial Kyee inserted. (MMH E It A Mi J k. ? II ABKltr. ( WMI .\ovFVAS J the l'ir*f king.) having sera with regret tin* return of the t holers, tales tl in opportunity tolrforui hie frisud* and tka an Mi M large, that fie i* now prepared to furn ah theur witk fiia inedicinof, the time ha so sue oisfally need in all aaaaa during the reign <>f that fearful ilieonao during the yearn IHSS and 1K)4. l)r. Chuhcrt. durinceeveral years roei?Jen? e In Asia, diicovtrrit thin raluatlc Antidote, ai d > now prepared la prove to the world that it is thu only cartain Remedy for tkla f< ux f ii 1 disease. 11 is ?<lorere during the last two >?ars af (*ko1* ra in this ally, if eutbeient pro?*t of us ?*(Soai-y. Tiic ^iseasa hitherto has rueisted the efforts of Phjsioiauti and Medietas# to check its progress, hut in no < a?* did this medieioe fail when t nii\y aduiiinetered, as livii.g thousands run now testify. llt'i.utnro of this medicine, combined with the me of hie A titibilious fills, is such that it exors a beneficial iatlusiioe. in a few nunutes after being adiiiiiustered, and elTeekiially banishes the dist-ase hy restoring strength an I < a? rgy 4# She whole system. The Doctor also guarantees that if his m?di? ines sre used screrd.ug to the Miroations ancompnayi#| them, thlsfeartnl diets** will bo deprived nf it* mflatus*. ttne do*c daily a?iainisters l will eflsotnally p.aerva an v pern n. no matter how much exp*s?*d to its attack. Cerlincutes ef tIn.vestd* could, if neosesry, he proiiu< ed to prove the truth ?f the shore assertion, and it la well kn wn thak hie success v as e? hoed from Maine to Louisiana, as ?lie euly eon'|ueror of this featful and alarming malady. It i* there* fv re the duty of averj individual to avail theia^eivei ef a tti*di? ine pr? dn< live ef much good. Owners and apuaima of smigraiit sod other vrssels, it they are desirou* of >*!euriug the health of p.-isscngrr* and or*w, and avoiding the da* layf <i'<?vdiiti by qnaraiit'ne, ought not to go to ?ea trillion* I'. The chore metlicme* have alao been tuai-ae.fiilIy uvoj is of chip Irrer. The DoOtor ie in alt?n<lanon at air oflkoo, Kt * Hi.lgi fleet, cnraerof C.rand "tract. aighl au.i.Uy.? N. H The abort medicine" are eeM gontnaa by M I'. JTI IAN. 41.1 brand creatine* number), eppoaite St M.try's Church, Maw Yarfc Jgg REVELATIONS ON cnoLKRA. <>R ITS r.trsri AND rurr, by l)r. Diekeoa, of London, edited by Dr. Tumor, at- Health Ccmmitaicn r of New York; 7-' pagoe; prieo t>>* etste; Long kt ltrotber, AS Ann etrert. " Apart from the wrrite of the aye'em which the week adroeatee. the rigor, ability, and Intrepid lad'pendeure with which it ie written, make it well worthy of general atreutiww. J net now, of eouree, like ererylhing up n the eante auhjeoi, U will hare epeeial Internet."?Courier and Enquirer, " Tkie bo 'k ikould had abundance of road ere at ear tiraa, but more * , -fially at the preeent moinent. It abonude with facte of thr moat internetltig and important nature, and te hy all odde the aioet able work of the kind that the prerthM lee ied for a long time " ?N V . Star. Cs HOMIA.-I MIL I AM but FIirOBMfira A SA ' tied nubile dely In adrielng all aereeae te teet atf Stomach Tiwetare, la Cholera From the leereaalng daily aridaneae af ita inraluahle prepereite. it not yet baring failed ef ewre in a eingla laetanee eatong the ataay, whea naaAg aee ef. Far tale it he 11 t.e ul?r? ttreot. t. ROROF, ROOERR. DIARKIKKA A CROLRRA.-DR. UK* ITT 6. tII,UH> ger'a * enderfel remedy kae not failed ia a elegle laetaaee, in etepj ia* tilarrhiea and earing t'hoiara la ita weaa* tagte. held at ll>i and 90 eante a buttle, ISt) I'earl and at kba Central Depot, 44t Itreadway. one door abort Oread Da. Redd. the great TeterRiary barge on, taye, that hie Ufa waa wired by the timely appl'eaMmi ef thle great remedy. Ma: 1*. O. (.nflls, agent for the Telegraph t en.paay. wae eared ad a terr rieleat attack ef i helera ia loee than 'aw. wiciMO. Henirwle tf etber eaeea aee be ehewa, tbat it la at eethue te girt metuat rrtief ? n la >akeu Diarruiea ? wii.ia, mi i.kk a provort, partiealerly reaueet perrena but lag tlie.r Compound Rtlrad* f Blaekbeirr, far the eert of Dlarrkwa, net to aata It with Braady. It ie goad enoagb wl'bout, and le alwaye eertala en ante la an baar if taken aeeerdmg to dlree l*ae held at IIB Chatkam rtreat, 131 Bowery, I rT, 711 and tVi Urea l wa r. TT aad Ml Fact Broadway, 1ST Ckma'are "treat aad AH H a deer etreet In Breoklya at TI end 171 Paltea etreat. fi arehraM 117 Freal "treat. New Terk. ii. B - Hit" i" eel a I be tare W*dieiar. F|Vi Till A ) FLICTID? A fcEEEDV IORRECRET DIPA eatea.?The toree it line eda-ted ere almoet beyond ball, f. By railing at the oOiea, S Dirie, .a e'reet. ecfMJeaMg annbeeh'.wn ahere percent haring glrea up all hope hare been reetored ty aaing one rial of I*. U eater'e Red Dry, ('at dollar only. DR. RALPH! PRACTICAL MlrATI TREATISE OW the netnrt. ymptome, pregroai, enaaaqni aeee, rimed lea, and tare ef the genital orgena in biding mti' orbati n. uriatura dlaaaeee reeembliag reaereal. (girea ta a? ottar work,) ke.,1* . eder'rd te errry indiridnel of both eeee? Title ia Iba ealr trely ntefnl work > n lb* eabjeet, written in plaia language, the iete< pea f .r ell at) diciae faithfully gnea. Ilia iatraded to be practically ueeful to erery onn. in erary yiaaa ?6th edition. its pttgea. Price $1. Mar he had ef the anew, be (jreenwieh etnat. <r mailed flee by pot'. Clay a la., pnhlul.ir, ft Atl rtraat. Private mf.dicai. office, no. ? oranor it, totakliabed arar thirty yearn, for the aura ef all dieeaeee ef e prirate nature bettor l.akard't Franeb Mutnra te warranted be care erery eaae in lid dr.t elegee Price *1 per battle. m B.?Thle larelaable medlelae taa Ie oh waned at no ether piece lathe world. ACOMPI RTE PRACTICAL WtIRR ONTIIR N A TITER and treatment of Venereal Dlieene. and all other ifie" Meat ef the gealbo-ariaary ergnne ef the male red (-male.? IOe.ru. Iliiiatiated by a greet camber of beautifully "elnreE ' Plate*, end maay twely eaeeatad dellaeaMeae on wood. Ad. Ac. By H Boerwicn, M l> Prioe fHh Sd editiea. %gtreet from Ike Beaton Medietl and larglaal Jearael ?"lg A lilnetrared by eatrmerdlaary epeilmeni of colored lldba KTiah. aa) I' la * afidaaa* -f M la-knmlwiiU himI irtiN ?( ? man *ht ima l aa <iHt<|imkH ?a**T 'hat ai',1 aaokla him an Itata k?a font-prlnta Hi ~?.aty, 1 aa tballia a 111 ha ay-kan of a van lha momonala ?f him ara ' anly *o ha foaad la Ua llktai laa af lh nao aha ka-? aat lha# k' ? # haih an ??rod anl n,"il ak.la II naa WUhaal adkampliai a mlaatf aompartana af ilila Vanaraal Ont-to i Iiiiwia paUlratluai n thi ? < family of 4i>aa?a>, l| may I W Bail, foarlaaaly, thai thla la drrldad!#. an l wlthoat |aa!lf> ? ' ?aaal aa aay af tkaai. T!.? yl?'?aja Aai.-a'a TromIttaa art aat a-jail I# thaaa. By awatra-itu lha laiulira* h?th ika miliar, anil lha miaaar afcitmi Suatruruna. la aim hambl- aaiimanaa, akoftld Ka ana.-r-l-d la aha \aa TatR yraaa 0* R?ala Ok ban daaa ika rr-faoaiMi h ruf aad a?lkla/ aan rraraai tkla ibli ? rh fr- in l-olaf ?ff#aaj aaar ah* laa 1. aa lha fait aaa i-althv ka daniod a?a*aa> ad ahat ka kaa pr- dacad a iloramgh. waM-4lgaat? I. >>il*aaII araaUaa, *itial> far a<in??aaa aartblag -flit kiad, am Ifcl.-hranah af yraaMta, barat-.fira a ?mptod la hi ~?a*n " l.arlaroran D-aaaiaaf tlit I laaarp Orta- a. laihaf af aTTraat.a* aa lha Natfira aad Traala.aat ad aprrtr.aorrkm* irh?i?i| LHaaatoa, rnoalflai fram till ahaia; "lmi?'oadj, aad athar atndrod offi-ti-aa. A-l paaaa. Id rla'oa. I' ird adfHaa. ynaa (1. Aalkar af a -h anlitlad Idla-a la Taaafl r <1 0 r- A a -1 r -f "Thr Faiai'y I* hylic I an:' aad Abliid-af I hymalaa aad Tnryao* la Iba Ka* York Man aal aa# lf?lril latmala. Tl ' in'-n RMl -r? m ' I > IN Mr-.doay Far aala at Ika mikliahara, Btrinrar tad Ta*?aa*-l. Bl llraada ay. and af (ka anahar, MM ftr-ad- aT Ha Banal moaUity rap-rli if iku lna.l**MoB. aauatraii?| aaaag ar.rad. aiU mot ha a* I liakad far tl<? iraaanf. MOM kit BORTWICR, M. 9. ?' DfdM Tnrr.r *n wim tv-nr* la Ika Ifta'atit.' f d?l d-Tha l>?#t r ? r*aalaima far abtll -a thkklf aaral aa>aa thai UiaaviHd far raara la yra-amiaaai. Faaatlaa-i -aH w?aka?a?. kr-nafck a ty a Hitti ha kit, ilbimllf a?ra-l. Raaaal ama?? a?HM k,(.r data NO CURE, K? I'HAHGR.- I R. MURPHY,OF IKIOI.M ??< ', It a-nlnaai't lly aaaaalH-d >>a all f -rata i f r?n rada d-ilaiji Raroat aaat af a a- rrh *a hi anrna la t*? aa daflf dnya. C?ma('HUi?mml dahllii* and lay laaay annnaaadlib traatad hy l'r. M. K a awn-y iH la any *tn. at bla limad# Irt.c hi.lwi Oa*a ftnm f A. M Inf'i P * n* i If*-f II V? H'aai a-tHMMT. F'lR 1MB Um I. t -|nan mart, no* n-d a yra* -a la at mail af a aranrinl aad at*or d afa dalioa ? *i* ia% ? *ra>i od ananr *1 aa# w Id <*<? i*i .*?ad ia i*a to If? d?ri A r rfvi ai ?. or a Ibarra. 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