19 Temmuz 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Temmuz 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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; ' TII NO. 6521. Our Montreal A'orresponttence. M<>n ras:.u., July 13, Hlft. Canadian Matters?National Convention?Cholera? Dinner Riots, tfc. As Jay succeeds day, and the time appointed for the meeting of the National Convention draw* nearer and nearer, (he public pulse quickens in proportion, and the public mind becomes more and mere excited, evincing how great an interest is feh in coming events. Never, perhaps, since the revolutionizing of the old thirteen States, was sueh an important step takes, on the part of any colony, towards the mother countrv. Turn ami twist it ! as you will, it is the same tu ail its bearings, viz. a virtual throwing off allegiance to Great Britain. It is important, however, us showing til it the time so long locked forward to by every class ?d British statesmen?when these provinces would no longer continue the connection with Bngl.tiul, has actually arrived, that your readers should know the causes from which the present movement has pprung. By most jiersons, troth in (' in id i and the mother country, it is presumed ihat the obnoxious measure known us the Rebel bill, passed duriio' tbe last session of the Canadian Legislature, ana lutely sanctioned in Kngland, has been the means of inaugurating the present movement. Such is not the case. I will not deny hut ibat this m uisure has proved un all powerful instrument in the hands of those desirous of u change, iu moving the people to carry out the organization now existing in tlie province. But 1 also hold tliat, independent of this measure, the same organization would have been carried out, and the same convention usseiuI bled. Tliut time has arrived which Lord Danh nil so much feared, when the Cauadtaiis, by some change of policy in the mother country, tlv moving of some hidden spring in the Colouint < > lice in England, would be the means of driving the colonists to compare their b ickw irdness with th?< progressing prosperity of a neighboring ^tute Ttie i hidden spring has been uet in inoiion; protection bus bet 11 withdrawn from the Colonies; and, wuliout protection, iliey cannot compete with Hie rest of the world. This belief concerning protection may be a fallacy, and 1 am not prepared to di-pute it; but be it so or not, you cannot persuade the * farmer to believe so, and never will be able. 1 have resided many years in Cuund i, and I have never beheld to great a depiessiou in my i branch cf industry. Our quays, as compared with I* former years, are almost barren of goods ; and the p same ciMressing signi 's vision.- ui a i me pirn ? throughout tlie province. Add to this the fact, * that our mechanics and laboicrs urn leaving h mi y tectionr of the provinces daily in large numbers: r and many far mere are disposing of tlp-ir lands and ? emigrating to ihe Western ratal 's. With s-ic!t a r feartul state nt tilings existing, is it tol>e wosdercd a that independent of the Krbel bill, every puraon de- ? aires a change?in fact, see the necessity ol bring- c ing it about. Their ills may be imaginary,and the depressed state ol trade no greater than in oiht-r j quarters of the continent and the old world,but you cannot make the colonists believe it. Tne unau- t swerable question is put, why Cannot we prosper t like our neighbors 1 It is these things wbich have produced the first movement in this province, and * given birth to a movement which will shake the k present existing constitution to its foundation, if it 1 docs not utterly sweep itawiy. j (hi the 2f>ih instant, the convention assembles at u Kingston, end after several calculations, I find j tht re caunot be less than 2X) or :>?> deleg ites pre- fl sent. Ill such an assembly it cannot be doubled, but that violent, even rancorous debates will take n place; and we shall, perhaps h tve to recount ' scenes beating everything yet heard of. All the ^ various linpoitaiit and numerous que?ti<>ns at pre- * sent agitatiug the community will be brought up, n and many new ones sugge?ii d. Hut ull di-ens-inns ? of petty question# will give wiy to the two great f jairties comjaising it, and ot which the others rtn t only be ofl-shoots. Ttuae pirties are those in fi- t vor of annexation, and a confederation of the J North American provinces That the probability of 1 the ederal union proving sn aliment, I look upon * it aa being in a short time proved fuul-t. And I ? also consider that if annexation be uot determined > on,the party will ultimately cwuie out of the coateat t with the gain of additional strength and honor, t Jf the federalists are defeated, both parties will be desirous of n fresh contest, and a new appeal to * the people?the federalists, if possible, to rrgain their lost strength; and annexalioiuata. to be sure * of cattail. austainants. Tne leader of tbe fede- m rals will be Mr. Moffitt, a gentleminof an im- t incnse influence and high standing, possessed of li indomitable energy, and ol incorruptible virtue, t and Ironi which qualities he probably holds bis ? present position, lie is no great speaker, but pos- 11 sesses much shrewdness, ills opinion will hive i;reat weight, and his vote influence many. J The annexationists are sensible ofitu-, and with ? tnuch tact will votr fur hm being elected tu the r office of chairman of the convention, nnd ?<> shelve f him. lly tins means, excepting m ci?e of a tie, h hut vote is lobt to one par y ; and it the aunexa- t tionikts win the d.?y, will tie a gain to tliem. For i am told Mr. Moffatt Ima said, iti.it it ihe ni ijority ' cf the convention are lor annex,ii ion, he will, for the pur|x\se el unanimity of action, join with th< tn. Great diacustion is going on in regard to the ? expected leaders of the anuexalion early Mr. c T. wtl?*n, of (Quebec, rather a talented man, ta t spoken ol: but he ia far too violent in his sjierehea, anil would, I fenr, ere long, bring huntelf into ' difficulties, lie w.iuta the deeiMhinking memory ; neceaeary to conatitute a good leader, and there- t fore I think will come in second best. A Mr. . Hark us, formerly a member of the Upper Canada c l'arliarnent, nnd a merchant in this city, ia,l think, t likely to highly distinguish himself on rhe side of t annexation, if elected as one rrom the Montreal 1 l.engtie. for which he is a candidate; and from the ' ' favorable manner in which lie was received upon , the occasion of his nomination, I believe he will be | successful He distinctly told them, however, that ( lie would, if elected, vote for annexation, lie has r long t?een an advocate of it, and by deep research- 1 < es.hss made himself acquainted with what 'oe I < Hume would call numerous stubborn farts. < ol. ' < -vgy is al>o likely to be a supporter of the new c movement, and it is ex|>ected w ill he elected as ! one of the Montreal delegates. He is a nun, however, who cannot be relied on, and will go wiih | the sti"iigr?t party. Mr. II. Wilson, of Hamilton, i I expect will lend the I'pjier Canada Annex* tionikts He is the author of the letters on the 1 aiihiect which appeared over the signature of ' Alpna TheGovernor still continues at Monklands. J in a fearful alair of alarm ; ami hia ministry would ] a||'ar to he equally so, :i. the arrests no long , talked <1 have not ccine oil Private letters from t F>ir Allan Mr Nab. would nppear to still hold eat < hopes ol the Canadian question U|>*etting the British ministry It is to be ?gnn bioughi into both > hotiscsol the lm|>erial F.?girl iture, and it is ho|K-d j with sun era A large ni' i'iingol the inhabitant# of I-ondoil was to have been held at I 'rury Lvna , Theatre, and Sir Allan MrV ib to addrr-s the n , filter i:iy lust letter, I have tile ill"*! tearful in- I lelligrnceto convev CMICiTaing the progress of , t the cholera. The board of health, ttiro igli mis- I taken policy, wonlil not publish rc,?>rts on it-rfiist 1 appearsnce, sad it has now attained such a height 1 that thry darr not. Fortjr-tive deatna a bay the | two Last days, anil twenty-hve on the average the | pert week. All classes sutler alike ; the upper, of course, not to the same extent. The doc'ura are in a slate of the utmost trepidation, auil in fact know not how to act. Amongst tli? military the i mortality is also fearful, and Hie mil.'try moh il men have drawn up a report to the effect tk it ii is not safe to keep the soldiery in barracKs, and Jpeornnicnding their removal to the Island of St. tfVfehn's. The Governor will not heir of their removal, so that they will have to remain, and take their chanoe. In tguebec, the mortality has also been vcty crest, ami principally amongst tin- upper cl coca. Merchants will not go to their counting In uses, so that business is at a eoinpl 'te stand till. Saturday evening Uet, diabolical murder waa by an < >rnngrmnii of the mmr of Kit- 1 nnng, who, in conneipiencr of a rel'tatou* diaruaeieo Willi ii Kornnn Catholic, went into hialiunae, and bringing out a musket, ahot the latter through the head The I pper Protincca have been the theatre of a regular tragedy. In eotia>'i|in'nre ol the great political excitement, the Orangemen, wiiu ire *1nwat all tnrien, made a jannt of marching through the atreeta of all the pnnri|> il town- and cit > * In St. C'atharinea, it npiwitra, they eat down to ? bin<juet in Mniit tayern, when they were attached by the Catholtca. The Orangemen being armed, killed aix on the apot. and moruli? wnunifed eight more. In all casea the Orang> men w>-re arm <d to the teeth. At the Uat account*, the Cath ihoa ware arming to attack the house ag no P. HoTrmrnu for California. MAaaacHiaa rr?. Tba following la a Hat of pa"*iigera In the brig Gyrua. Contain Ktndley ahlrh nailed from Noa Bedford, calha 14th laatant f-r tin Kranet-e? (tokart C. < wa. I hirtn B lillford K'l ??H 9 Glfford Albert <I H'aait.in William H Whiting and Janfk 0. I adarwoog, of .lav Bedford - Total, E NE1 JV The I'aiiatiliiu IUou-4 Clergyman Iiujtll- an cated. tri fKrom tho 11 Mail ton (Ca.) Spectator. July 14 ] oo] It U with no ordinary feelings of regret that we are ri>i i-allej upou to announce the fact, th it the anniversary ut [>! tin- liattla of Boyue vk< celebrated iu thin city oa spl Thursday by e procession through the streets, of be- <J<-< Iwicn 100*iitl 150 persons?many of whom were armed t?i with muskets. pistols *ad swords The sight wis nick- till snir;g in the extreme, anil w? can use no language too Hoi it rung to express our disapproval and detestation of flu proceedings which are disgraceful to a civiliied eouutry coi I he procession passed through some of the principal ter streets, between twelve and two o'clock, and although lat their appearance gave great offence to the Itoiuan Ca- is tholic portion of the population, we are glad to learn rat that uo collision took place This calamity however, was no; prevented, simply by the noble conduct of the Messrs. air Kvans hardware merchants. These gentlemen hnd ou hoi diow as usual in front of their establishment, a large ain juantity of pitchforks,seythes &c : perhsps the most for- tlm midahle weapons with which men. acting from impulse, via louhl arm themselves. Just as the procession turned ed .he corner of John street, one or two men were sent Hot iver from a large party oongregated on the street und nia idewalk. for powuer. which was refused. Scarcely a la i nluule had elapsed ere this party ma te a rush over for '1 be pitchforks; but providentially, the owners were the landing in the door, and suspecting the object, the ty vvapons were dragged inside ere tile leaders had reach- qui id the store. One man a-keii for pitchforks, which he the vished either to borrow or buy; and being refused, an tec litempt whs made to seize them, but the vlessrs. Kvans. nut ;ra?ping the coveted implements, kept their lufuriat 'd the isiailantH at hay. uutil some friends came to their as- a f< (stance; when, finding all efforts and threats in vain the pro iarty retreated To this providential circJinstauoe wa cal i-rrtbe the peace of the city llad the pitchforks beonob- spii ained an attack would unquestionably have b'cu mad* ugs m the proccssii n, and w hen it is revolleoted that at least rec we thirds of the men in the ranks were fully armed, trife. bloodshed and death must have ensued, to aceraiuty. The procession proceeded to its destination innioleatwd; and we learu that a large number illued ogeibcr subsequently without molestaiiou. During the vening a few individuals were severely beaten by oth- A rs on the look out for them, and we greatly fear that i he bitter feeling aroused will uut be allayed tor months. This is the first Orange procession which lias ttkeu the dare in Hamilton. What special reason oould have in- . lucod it' K very I'rotestaut Irishman in Hamilton felt shamed ot the procession of Thursday, anil it is with tlx eel I ugs of deep niorl ideation that we recurd the fact. J,,] 1 here was time when Orangemeu boasted of their ntelligenee. and respi ct for the lav; surely w-* are n >t hul 0 be informed that they are now actuated by differeut jj,. icling* Most sincerely do we trust that we shall . lever again have occasion to complain of the couduct ' f the Oracgeiuen of Hamilton. |t.fj On the Grand River the day was celebrated by an , aimcnse concourse of people, who ha 1 assembled at ork. fri in various parts of the surrounding country. A io less than seven lodges were in attendance, and the ii \ n a i In d Imui 1 ork to Caledonia a distance of " 4 miles and hack without the slightest molestatloa. pol ub-i qui oily, a dinner was given at Vork, which was j)t. t ry largely atteuded. la St t aihariu**, we deeply regret to learn that a J". olUsion took place, in which three men were killd a nd a number wounded The accounts have not yet HI* ached us, but we understand that the Orangemen filil rere attacked at their rendezvous, and that they tired kill u the assailants, with the deplorable result anuoun- j.-li ed above r|r A riot Is reported at Cobourg. of which we have as rt no particulars It is said that one man has been . . tiled uud many wounded. In Toronto, the party met with no opposition, the ex- 'on ent of the provision doubtless ensuring the safoty of roa be members. Old At Aioutreal a serious riot took place. Of course we rcn re without particulars. The following is the tele- jke -apliic report of the C?Utnitf.?A rencontre t >uk place yrf his evening, between the Orange party and their op. I onents. iu Notre Dame street We learn some heavy lows were exchanged by the lc llig-reuu A meeting n"' 1 Orangemen was subsequently held at the Kechabite J!') IhII The excitement continue* unabated and some lur n r t )i?r Histf iifhu ?/uni.fht urn *? nrMhomlutl ?iw Aftirwe wire prepared for press we m?t> gentle Ion [inn from 81. Catharines. who kindly favored ui witk fro! he particulars of the dreadful occurrence of t'hursday. lie mi nt Implicit reliance rau be placed up m hi* tatenivnt ' It appear* that a large number of Roman Catholics "'M act in the morning In their chapel?a rather unusual ccurrvtice for the 12th of July ?and that after lieten- nio ii X to a lecture from the celebrated "moral agent." pin lie lie*. Mr. Mcllonough. the party wi re form jJ In atic he street, opposite the rhapel. and then marched 'J'fj, M two miles to Slablowu." wiiere an Orange ast .odge was supposed to be located. Upon arising opposite the bouse, where, we believe, a "''J' lUDiber of Orangemen were at dinner, three cheere . ' rere glren for the I'ope, and as many for Father '',e tcDonougb Two or three madmen in the rauks lit*" ben deliberately fired at the bouse, wounding one of till he party inside ; upon which they come to the window ?ol nd fired a volley at their assailants The result was, ] hat two men were killed on the spot, two died yester- an( lay morning, sii are mortally wounded, and a number lightly The crowd dispersed, threatening vengeance. ' I coroner's Inquest wai sitting at Iho time our inforis- '. nt left We learn that the attacking parly were ac- tic ively engaged, during the whole of yesterday, iu arm- t ng and beating up recrulta, and the Orangemen bad see mrricaded tlie building and were determined to stand (Ju l ut to the last. A fearful massacre wai expected last tn? igbt. l|a it I* hut proper to state that the Orangemca had no roci srion whatever, and that not the slightest provo- . alien was given for the attack The conduct oi the * ' Hacking party, who marched two miles to a?eatl a ,'u umber nt unoffending individuals, cannot be too the trongly reprobated; and we greatly fear that Kather flu leDt nough will not escape scatheless, when an lores- (,],) igation iuto this deplorable occurrence takee place. Ad s there any CannecUea Between the Kiev? tin al "slate of the Atmosphere ma a the . I laolern J ' 1 (From the New llavan Palladium ] The papers have recently given wide eir-ulatlen to ( evcral articlea. partly of foreign and partly of domestie irlgin. tracing new and singular conditions of atmna- Tie beric electricity, and implying an unusual anJ toys- ^jerlous connection between those conditions and the holers One tlnda that sealing wax. when subjected ' '' ,o friction on woollen eioth. no longer affordi the usual ,,,, ndications of electrical eioltrm?nt by attracting light jcilles; another observing tliat his electrical ni chins [Ivr* shorter sparks tban common. Infers that the or- r(t| lli.ary supply of the electrical fluid Is withdrawn from , .he atmosphere; atone place where cholera prevails, .bunder storms appear to have nearly ceased wh le at val mother, where it rages more violently, they are fre- , luent ami severe. Having from the nature of my pursuits, been some- rvi hat conversant with the phenomena of electricity, I lave beea very frequently Interrogated as to my opinion in these points, and I have th< ughl I might possibly fat endsr aoms llttls service to those whose curiosity Is netted oa this subject, by offering a fee suggestions; >r at least, that I might lie the means of a still greater ( jenrfit. should I be so fortunate, hy opening the dlv- J,, us-li ne, as to elicit the opinions of men of science, eh are more capable than myself of enlightening the rublto ... .... wi On a close examination of the fa?ta, I think it will be k. uo?1 that tba atinnapharlo nhtn(M In <|U??tt?n art j til ?ueh a* am knntn to maull from >?rialinQ< of haal . iml nmiatura. and that tlia apparent coonantl >n ha wirn rUctrirlty and cholara r?n?l<lt in th,a-that Wt vrtaln rantra which rtian^? tha cicatrical atata of l||t itnioaphrra. t?nd alao t* Inrmaaa or d.minith tha ra- tin lapa* of tha cholera Lat ua tban in'i'itra, drat, what of 'a>?aa ehanpa tba cicatrical atata of tha atmoaphcra. fHl tad aarondly. wbathar th- rill tea ha*a any tendency (n to appravata or to allay tba violence of the mal uly In juration * 1 ha relatione of tha atmnaphara to a'artrialty art ontrollad chiefly ty tha c mhioa.l ap arte* of heat and 'I" ai<.lc turn It la when air It t> th hot and daiup that a'I Ihunder atorme uaually occur. I.vary una had nheervad J. lhat juat before a thundar ttorm a oup or lumhUr of t|,i sold <aatar haromaa covamd with d*w whlnh It oonaalimaa >o coplnua aa to run down In atreamlett i bia i ihowa that tho " daw point" la vary hli(h , tha' la, lhat tha air la ao n-arly eaturated with watery va- . por, aa to re.julra cool lap only a faw d<p'aaa ia orlar to P" rondcnaa that vapor Into w ?ter If the air wh-n In f"1 itirh a atata. beetmev auddenly cooled by the Iniliii of nil polder air, or by any other me?ni thacaadanaad vap*r h<dr-niida In ratn. attrndrd. whan tha prnett It an.Mm, p|t and lh>' .|Uiwtlty of rain l? c .titij.-rchp. 1>y a copmi evolution of electrletty, with thnnder and lu'iinin< . I avorahla aa anrh a atata of thr air la to tha pro In at I in of thundtritorma It la navartbalatt parnltarly unfa*or- " able to tha action of tha?leetrm machine an I othrr kin ti of apparatut iitrd for produrlnp electriniy arltflrally In Thete work well only whan the asternal air la dry for r?'l It I* thm only Ilia' tha ciec'ririly ran h- acci.nutated |.o ao a? to diefharpe Itaalf la lonp aparkt, or to exhibit rf, with em rpy alwclrtral attraction* and repoteloo* Kj, Rut tha hot and humid air which panarataa thundar . , atorma. and which at tha ewme tint* impair* tha ao- . tlon of alaetrteal racwpllon. It al?o ramarkahia f..r pronintlnp chemical ehamret la btaiiaa raprcially In anlmal anhatanaap. In anrh a atala of tha air inaat ha- Cn enmaa rapidly putrescent, braad aoura. huttar prowa fol rancid, milk ronfnlaiaa, and awratmaata frrm-at and pf bveonir arid Hurh air atao la aultry and oppraaalva to nnr eancatlone. Halnp aimady naarly or <jutta aaturatnd ,|, with niolatura It I* p'-anltarly unfavorable to tha p o- . eeae of Inaanaihla paraptration and w? |n?a tha ao d- , Irp avaporatloa from tha aurfhra of tha body whloh. whan tha air la dry a? wall aa hot, tanda etceedlngly to " rafratb and eihllarata n< hut whan tha air la hot and *1 humid, tha mnlaturw. InMead of pomp off la vap >r, th ridlrcta on tho anrfhoe of th? ayttam and prodon.* w languor h?d otbar oppraaalva awn tat Ion t h dlf air of WO dap la l*-aa oppraaalva than a humid air tf ho dap ; and hanoa wa often And tba tamparatnra of tha *?miid? <! ntpht nv>ra lotoiarmrila man trm 01 m? > day. although tha thamom >tar li tan or (irtnao do- <rti paatp low?r, tha loaiaa?a,| humidity of tha air m >ra " than halaneiog tha dlnlnUM mtaoiity irf tha h?it ft If wa duly w?mh lh?<a fanvliar faota w? ahall ran- p" dily parenlfa thai lha aiata of th? alio xphiTt in< ohiah prnndM and atu-nd* i hnndar ?torina and vtiioti I la-palra ti-a notion of ad^otrlnnl np|.nintii? hn? I too foi da My to aggiOTtta malignant dl?-na??, inl If. at any *1 pla< a ?har- lha p.?at|lanaa l? yraVO'ling thara la on yp Miaool ohaanao of Uiundar ornl lightning. *" ?y da- ? aio.tiy ixfiril It M ordtrod lo in -ray to rayraaa toa m ? otrh ill tha daotroycr rhundar itomii do l?d??l on-ilmaa app< or lo ' purify lha olr," hot tht? la n it ? ?mg to any dlraot ofany of lha alaotrlolty but to ?' lha float that, In aunh oa?< ? tha oolj-r oind ahiah hy pi Ita Bit up: Inn with the hollar o r thot nraaadaj Ilia ni ft.irm panaroti d thn at irtn lt?alf. proralta oftar Ilia p? rami* urar But, alula Uiunlar ?h >oar*. prayiJad ? iv ro IORNING EDITION?TIH d attended aa they am by a anltry humid air, h i*.' a jdeucy ta aggravate pestilential (Manatee a full and pious supply of rain. especially aVn attended by a luctloo ot temperature. baa a tendency to arrest. or least to leaaeu. th?lr ravages ; f >r aiwh an at>uo. lu re doe* not promote but repress those chemical Romtmaitluna nliich iri>.imn.n> dlin?u? ..t. I >(It'd by thunder and lightning Huniu regard to ' ia principle may usefully be bad in sprinkling the or or the streets with water in a hot day VVhea a ! or is perfectly clean. we may Hud it promote* our nfort to sprinkle it. siuoe the conversion of the w?- I into vapor changes a portion of the too ihle iuto ant heat, and cool* the apartment; but if the iloir . soiled or dusty, then, in a hot day. the rapid evann. ion of the water carries up with it an offensive and xious ellluviuni. A singular coutaiiiinalion of the results from a slight sprinkling of the streets in I weather, especially if they are in a filthy con lt'l in, oe water is no soouar applied to such substantia*, in they begin to ferment and generate noxious ellla. while, when perfectly dry. they would havo remaininert end harmless. When, however, either the >r or the street is drenched with water, thn offensive Iter is held in solution, and only pure watery vapor exhaled. 'o conclude, we may remark, that ever slnso i grand discovery hy Or Franklin of the identlbetwcen electricity and lightning, and the subse nt developeinrnt of this mysterious agent in many ?f processes of naturo and art. there has existed a dency to ascribe to its agency every phenomenon i otherwise accounted for; and I cannot but. rega.d hasty conclusions which, from a single, or at most w. experiments or observation", have ascribed the duction ef the cholera to variation* in the electristate of the atmosphere, a* savoring of the same rit and as exemplityiug one of the leading errors Inst which the philosophy of Lord Baooa wa* dited. DKNiSON UL\lSi\.l). I Notes front the dVnlrrlng Places. Oceanic: Hoi-me, Ciney Ni.anm, ) July H, 1M!). \ Vhi 1st the city is warm and hot, whilst the uir tich you breathe is heavy and impure, whilst cholera is raging among the New Yorkers, 1 i writing to you in n very comfortable room, hy aide of a bed upon which 1 have spent a ightful night und experienced happy dreams, ining the pure breezes of the ocean, which cause ' thermometer to indicute t?l degrees. must con teas that I feel well satisfied, having J the poisoned city and taken my abode iu the i ndtd mansion of Mr. Charles Rodgers. i ou mu; t know, dear sir, that a great revolution i taken plat e on the island. It is altogether a itical, a moral und physical affair, which muy called the 13th of June of Cor.ey Island. The cbrated Governor li.ivi* has been expelled trom kingdom and pursued by his subjects towirds steamboat, where he was fortuo ite eunuch to J a refuge, and he his tied to countries noawn. A great meeting of all the cl tins of the ind was held the night after. Th-re was au clion, and in loco of the ex-goveruor, Mr. atlea Kodgers Itus been chos-n by these rrntin, who declared publicly that iliey could no ger endure the manner in which they had been j u-ted and slewed under the old government. In I ler to satisfy his new subjects, Mr. Kodgers h is ! lewed his palace, changed his waiters, tillered ! plan under which his iii'iison w is kept lust i ir, and gave order* to have the soft, tender and j iltliy elams treated in a new style, winch had y11 been marked among any of the " approved lea" on any bill of lure. Tins new so | different front tk* "ancient," has been verv | cessful, and gave renown to the worthy latuf- j ( i of the Oceanic House. The l?e?t coinpiny ' nt New York has reached the hotel, and unity j , tty ladle* and respectable gentlemen are now wiling the halls of the Oceanic House, fillin ; j dining rooms and ptrUrs, and promenading on 1 , piazzas The best that the mtrkrt affords, the | | st exeellcnt dishes cooked in a very good style, my of clams for amateurs, and dcltc.otta wi.ies < I brandy, and such is la carte dm reitauruteur. i e waiters are very attentive, the linen is white mow,and everything excites the most fastidious I i etite. | i may say, with great truth, that the bathine on surf is also one of the mast healthy amuse- 1 nts of Coney Island, and, from four o'clock un- i unmet, ladies and gentlemen ate plunging themvea in the refreshing watera of the oc-an. was up this morning at half inst four o'clock, I enjoyed the most superb sight 1 ever hid in life. The sun, bright arid red, was rising from the bosom of the " deep blue," and its uiyesrays struck my eyes with light and admiration. Ulow me, dear sir, to request you to come and ' 1 us, if you wish to enjoy one of the happiest /* of your life. Jump into your carriage and ? either the way of "Platbuall" or tint of "Fort milton." IJy one road or the other you will be i ch pleased?whilst admiring the rich harvest i it h covers the tields, the splendid vegetation of h farm, the elegant country places erected on shadowy hills, the numerous wood* and orirds, etc , etc. liy taking this advice from an friend, you will not regret your loas of tun-.? icu. Cairn Mat, July IB, 1SI9 riral of PukionmhUt?Thunder Shower?Steam Routing?Hop*, fr, 4-fIver three hundred persons were added to the iters, on the island, on Saturday, by the arrival the steamboats. Traveller and Robert Morris, j ir foimrr boat landed about Ail), and took UU >rc on the excursion to Cape Henlopen. This ad Jin to the society on the island was very welme, both by the former ssjourners and the hotel i e|>ers. Our host of the Atlantic has fifty amis, rendering it necessary to put up an additional ile in his dining saloon. Such troubles, how- 1 it, being what he has long been accustomed to, bore it with the greatest equanimity, and his e beamed with the usual smiles, rhc new comers h id scarcely got housed before rust sprung up, aad banged the doors and win*i about with gnat fury. A thunder-storm receded, but was not accompanied with much nd; the rain fell copiously, and had the effect of ting down the ittrl, which would, otherwise, ve been lashed into more titan usual futy. Nuinrs went in to bathe, to enjoy the luxury of a fresh iter shower, with a salt-water hath. A hopesme off at the Columbia House, got up on p spur of the moment, ostensibly for the purpose snuii-ing the Indira confined to the house by ths n; hut, it is said by some, that the motive was spoil ihr chancea of the Virginia serenade rs for a oil house. The view seaward was hindered by the fury o! storm, which had, by dark, set in as if for [tied rain. About H o'rlock, the steamboat W. lVase, bound to New York, p issed in front of ? houses at a fine rate o< "peed, and. shout tbs me time, some of her passengers, who had been ided on the hay side, arrived, and took up qnar a ai ine varmu* noien. r,iri? T'^rrmy m ir ijr, ?i.c parsed the Cape again, under sail, steering ih? Cn|>e, h iving encountered ?<? h*:.i?jr a mi liarnrgat th?t ahe wan unable lit link'- any adwny, and flurried in cunwpence She rennrd at anchor oil' tb? Cup" VI iy landing until is morning, wh> n ahe p-o~e<?ded <?n her voyage your city, where she will probably arrive in fety this evening Sunday was a real day of re?t, both to the viairs and lalandem, and particularly ?<> in your cor>l? ndent, who, in his vocation, h i* usually bit w idle momenta, efi n on the Snlrhath The urch hell* welcomed all who chore to throng t?th? rin?s built for the worahiii of ihe living (rod. and t war quite conaola'nry to the ehnaii in to view the ge nuintrrr*. from among ih>- gay Ire.iuenter* of ia fashionable resort, that ihr-nge.l ihe various arches. The He*. Air. May, fmm Alexandria, I rmerly pastor oi the St. Paul Km sr opal Church, cached twice in ihe Methodist (ihureh. The hnthing hour, on Sunday m >rniiig, did not aw out the crowds that u-n?llv l!y to the anrf, | tthoae who did, were delighted, in ennar,pence J ihe wiltrbeing heavier th in usual in consequence the storm The wind hlew fresh from the north ?rd nil day, and the lad if* were glnd to nlirond nr forma with ahawlnand aacha, amackuigaontetiat of winter. Morrmrnta of I nail vl?1 onto. A lotler from theOeean ICoitae Nawport. R I , to tha wton Timet aaya I'll* prevent vMtera ar* on tha I itWto know little about th? I n ly Itioellno Alnart nrtlaj, who la eapertvd h?r? with h?r tmhtar in w day*. Hk* la ?o4 to tw an Knfliah lady of rank, araaed of o?n?id?rahl? heaoty an I rare an-n-n pll'h i-nta on a tour of pl*a-uro through on' ? ulntr? | >h forward to her arrival with eon?Mnmhi? a-iil?'y, r It will, of eooraa, rr?al" a een-nilon hrra I'hura II ha rap axttinfa for th* 4a i<h'?r hy now* of our nog muatorhload hi wxfa provided ?h < la htal< ina h?-n Ihry arrlvn, you -hall rvenvo Immediate infer, lion 1 ha Roatou Peet adda : ->lawp>rtl" h?hlnd tha t oi -a her ladrahlp waa at tha ' I'arilinn " iMwuooatar, a r vk ago hat among ao many b o'lt'tul ?n I ogaml?he?t ladlra ax are th>-r# aha prolu ied n ettriirilltry aenaation although an o>*<mot w in in 4t In *t. wr dara ray ah* will aatont'k th* pblulo u-4 mat* of tb ?a? who lit* at tha Uo*au itou?a I ERA 9. ? _______? f?Theatrical ai??f IfmlMt. ]' Bvav?h'? Tmkatrb.?"Londflw Assurance" will In'* ?trr? a tin* Mat)* of the treuxury (t this house, m on '4 tark evening that it Is played, tlir pooplo seem to lilt* |, it better and better. The distingwlxhed amateur," at he in *yled in fba kill), though we whcUld like to have t ike geDdlonianx same announoej, fuft'ta hh part most it judlclou.dy. whilst Mtxs Wallack. Mise Taylor. Burton, j y Brougham. Moorhov?e. ko . all played tnpltally The H piece is one-UAlt re.]tr)rrx ttiu adjuncts <4" elegant seefi uery. hands *fnc dresses. .Vc , ami these r.re given iu ,) the bext ftyle; in fact, it has keen got u>-in'the moat

thorough manner, ax In everything that ix produced ky ' llurton. aud khflrxl lirntenaut Brougham- the busy J B's, ax they are f:i-nillar>y called. To-night, Condon Assurance'twill be rt-peated. end to-morrow evening. | some cap'(al farces. New burlesques are In rehearsal y for next week. Nxiio.xal Tiikxtrr. I.oet evening, the pretty little >? mtixical drama of "l'attl and Virginia'' commenced H the entertainments; these little favorites, the Misses j l)enin, taking the parte of those world wide known young loverx and never vrere I'atil and his Virginia more prettily represented; MIhs Susan, with her black II hair and uark eyes, looked '.he Creole boy to admlra RK I URSDAY, JULY 19, 184 The Wealluf and (lie Crop*. The Savannah. ((in ) Hepub'ii ?, of th? 13t instant, says:?The Western piper* any that ne ther die corn nor the cor ton crop will lie an averag one. The drought, which prevailed aorue week ngo, has been succeeded by continual rains, whiu have done great damage, especially to cotton. The Athens ('la ) Manner, of the 12th instant says:?Tuesday night last, was the eommencemer of a very abundant rain, which wis doubtless, pi nil greeted by all. for sortie time pairt our garden have suffered considerably for want of it ; mid i the country surrounding us, the drought seem < t have prevailed, with the exception of a few set lions. \V? hope now the rain is general, mikin merry the'hearts of all. The New Orleans Crescent, of the !hh instant pays:?For the past ten days we have h id a d til visit from a little shower that seems to fly hark ward and forward, like the pendulum of a clock for our especial edification. A welcome guest i this shower; it sprinkles our streets, cleanses th sewers, brightens the leaves on the trees, an drnwnsout all thoughts of sickness. The Boston Rr]>uL'i'an, of the ITth instant,nays ? At the New City, three mere Irishmen died froithe effect of Friday's heat. The Lowell (Mass.) Courier, of the Ktih inst till says :?Friday, Mr. Warren II. Austin, of tins eity thnty-one j ears of age, was situ-.-truck, while hay ing ut Westford, and died shortly after. Mr. Si nieon C. Ilardy, aged forty-four, was sun struel at Middlesex village, and died in a short fins lie bad drunk a good deal of cold water wlnl heated. An Irishman, likwise, emjdoyed at th cemetery, whose name is not given, died very and denly yesterday, from heat, and drinking cold w? ter. The ihermoun.'ter, at noon of the Kith, stoo at 72 degrees. The ("< lumbus. (().) Statesman, of the 12tli insi pays:? We should judge that the wheat crop i Kentucky is ?->.II more generally destroyed than i Ohio, it that could well be. lhiees must be greatl atiected by it. The Huston Democrat says there are hundreds c acres of wheat in I'reble county that will not h worth cutting. A correspondent of the Mobile Tribune, of th HiIi inst , writing from Sumter Comity, Ala., unde date of the 30ih nit., says:?1 think the corn cro bids fair to be rather short, but by no means ul irin ingly so, at least so far as my kuowledge exten !s which, however, is very limited. Cotton look well so far as I have seen and promises well. The Rochester (N. V.) Democrat, of the 16tl ittet., eays:?A correspondent denies the state incut inutle in a letter addressed to us, in re gar. te the injury done by the fly to the wheat crop ii Seneca County. Instead of there being a genera destruction of the crop, the former correspondeu says licit hutn few fields ore injured. The Wiiuisboro' C'u.) Gazette, of the7th inst says:?We liave hud placed hi our possession specimen of cotton bolls, fully grown, from tli plantation of Win. Boyd, Esq., of this district rhty run fie seen on application at ilii-? office We take inuch pleasure in stating, also, th it w haie been informed th it the crop*, generally, ur in quite a flourishing erudition, and promise of a abundant hurvest is anticipated by pi inters. The Heading (Pa) Gazette, of the I Itli inst. says:?< <ur farmers Ii ive entirely finished g ithenn their fiay crops. They had an unusually warm but at the same n highly favorable season, am were never, perhaps, inure abundantly rewardei lor their labors. A very heavy crop, of superio quality, WbS harvested. Tli-' country folks are not busy with the grain hurvest, and we learn fron rv? ry section of the country, tint the fe.-nle wiie.i fit Ids of Berks ale yielding an abundant crop. The risarsprittg (Vld.) Srnti'iid of (lie 11 th inst., nay, that tin* rr<i|i* nave 0>tii only *n >u' an average yield Some farmer* never hail a bailor rrop. while olhor tefir hail a worn one. Th* growing cropi <>l eo.-n i atx aaiJ potatoe* proininoan abuud tuty laid Tiio.cori in Improving rapidly. The Cincinnati Go reft* of tho l 'Uh ln*t *ay* W< underxtariil the grape crop lu lb I* vicinity ha* Ucei much Injured by the rot. Th* I'pper i an* la paper* atat* that the wnathe l>a< Keen nppr*Mivrly warm and tho total abience a r*lu I* proving injurious to th* crop*. Th* tMlledal* (Mich ) Garet/e of the nth ln?t. ray* -Some farmer* hav* eommenaed harvest thi* week In a few day*, the moet of them will h- *iiic*g*d In thi laborlou*. yet joyoa*, employment. Wc he*r of ?om Ill-Id* being alb-cted with the rad ruvt, tnougli, not a yat. much Injured. The Mtunire (O.) Timer, of the Oth I net , aay*:Rlnra our l??t. we huv* conv#r*?<l with teveral farmer In tbl* vicinity, and loam from all th*' the deiiruollo to their wheat by the weevil. I* likely t prove ver nitenalvw. Whol I1*ld?, In run* 1 icalltle*. are wel nigh d?*troyed Still It I* h ?p- I thai the ravage* r itu iDitted by thl* Inoact will not prare at ocLousIvj a< it aaiiatpated by many. A Oreo or M*a*< ova* ? The Innki of 'h* Schurlkll from th* Columbia U'idg* to I eiir wo * Kerry hiv been lnleRted. for th* I art month, with on* of the mo* villanoo* gang* of maruuder* lli.it ha* lurked about th outekirt* of I'bila lelpliia for n long while Krotn a account* thi* gang which number* i.n< twenty worth lee* and de*perate vagabond*. la comp*.?ed of Sohuyl kill Hanger*. Star*. Killer*. Stinger*, and o ber lawlei a-o, iallon* of men and b >v* All aort* of high hand* outrage* hive been eonimltied by th iui and the pi >p| ?.f the waetern part of the ctty. Blockley. Wait fhltf delphla Klngioeilng and r***yank, many of whoi have euffered from tuelr depredation*, are In coaitae dread of them. About two weak* ago. they went to the hou*e of an Ir firm old w? ir iu, who wa* alone at tlie time la Klng*ei ring a ?hnrt illilai.eefrom thetiray'* Kerry Brldg* *n after coapelllng hir to glee thein all th* ?n>all nhatni and trlnhMsabe hail.tli d Iter tna chair In a grn>* ui?i ner. wheu tliay took their departure tin* >|ay I?"t We?| a la-ly and gentleman wn-i had taken a ?troll Into th wood* a few hundred yard* fiom the Wire Bridge for th benefit *1 freeh air found theni?e|eei end body b*??tb eonje doaen of theee radian*. who offered them every in dignity, and attempted to drag the lady int > a thlrkat The lady by powerful *irugglmg brok* from thi gra?| ?f th* rn-undrel* who bad b dd if li?r I n III* in-autnn the gentleman, wh i. unfortunately, had neither lr? mm* nor weapon of any kind ? < engaged aim neiri the whol* party. The geullemaa. Oud.ng re-i-daor out of tba ijUe?t:on overpowered a* h* eai by nun l>err. retorted to remunetrane* Chi*. Ii ??ter in hardly any effect upon the villain* and he and tb lady *1 re foread to dellvrr up all the variable* the had about them before tin y were a lowed to go tin Saturday night laat at lu o'clock a<ay.>ung mi wa* riding along l*a?*ay uuk road In the Sank U* wi attacked by a party of the iraran ler* who *el**d hi Irldl* Th*hlgh?ay robb-r* dragg'd him from hi horn* and hinting him 'mo-lly. r ?!>*.1 him of ?M i I lid notr? ?nd >until rhnn ;* ill I ?ltii uf ho ji 'k'l 11* wax r*od*r*d in- n I' l- and tun h* milinf h dim **r*d Ihal hi* h"f.* vim (on* Ob Sunday hrfur* tail portion of th* ill??n P? llr* ol M'ynoi-ti-lng ch*-*! a party "f th??* d"#p*n dn*? from hot*l at Uray"* 1-rr/ wh*r# It.nf war ll*iU-d of?r to Maylandrlll*. I nt w-r* unabla I aptur* any of th*m 1 Br**. who wr- hotly piriu-oj mad* thrir - rip- by awiiani ng th* rirar It rrrlainly I* a di?gr?o? to th* authorial** and ppi* of our city and ?! un'y. that anirh a ga tg a* fil Mould tw p-ioiitt.l to *a;nt,y*t In ?.* of th* ran*n farr** of Jtiallr* In the arrant and trial of rl??l*r* an othor < lf-iid-r?. It ftannot h* wnud?r?d at that ut-ir of th* law ahould h**llato to rl?t th*tr p*r*wnaand llr* In tb* *ff*rt to rapt lira th*?* raftinly outlaw* /*tii k>Uintn, July l . I'nlli* In I r I * ligr nrr. B'/wi Julie* tf< d ?ik?Ph" prinn*r? y**t?rda morning. w?r? of th* |ow?r ord*r. r .o-l?ting of p -ti IhltMa ai I dmi i awr aailad ww and* ?hi a*r*4 llltl* aian who gar* ?h nam. of Phi tip Sharry. fhta prmoowr wax rnargrd with *t*alln wight bottlr* of a* l*h al* ?a:ti?4 at tl par dn..i>n VI1 tirorg* I (Im of No 1Ao I niton ntr**- t**Ufi*d that h aawglit th* pt.mnvr in th* art with tlia fcittt** ntow* away all o?*r hi* p*r*oa. and gar* hint in rharg* of th pob rwiaa. Th* prlnoawr 'to ling lh? aiidrnr* aoar.ltt air* agaiatt him mad* no d'-f-ar*. ant th* loagint.nt InkH hi*> up for trial Th* ?**t prt m-r was ai t*igii*il for b*ing Iwa-tly d-nnk In th* ntr**l Ph* p llc*Bian InT rm?d th* magl??ra*? that h* f iuii'1 him 1 th* gutt*r *o Maptd from th* *(f? of II jn >r, that h wa* roirp*ll*d to got a hand raft to r tarry hiia to th Matlra hou** On bringing him to tb* ala'lou h iu-i th* o?**r found la hi? p'<rk*t a ?*ry hand* nn-lr *?i raird r*rtillrat* of trm.wrano*. with appropriat* *m 0I1 ni? abowing t*iup*rann* nn > " ?lilo. and Ifnnp1 ranoa oa th* otbrr. In th* r*ntr" nf wh'nh *u? wrlttan limaiwi njRn HKfn inp miei n?ntot>u'-p pir^ till loth III) of Jttlj, l??9 Tiii main M?tii??. rn?lil?iit " Th* fHinnit p!*adid gnity t? Ik" ''i*r|? If aaknowi nl|in|l th* ?nrn. and III h* W?< eery aorry in it h hid lit"! i dro|> Inn murli. k'lt that h? f-11 *> ha; ?y at taking th* pl*dg an'I m-ctiaga fr'Nn I aomio Ml kr aikal bin tntoli a drink. *0 do yon ?n might bind th? pledge and my h a I h lug rathe waka, It mad* me faint, an I that'* alt I kn iw ah >u It" 1li? magistrate Itlirigpil htm. 'that h* h? <himltt*d a greet eiti la breaking hit pl?lg? h it tha If h* lnt???l-d to reform he w.ml.l allow him to g otherwle* b* ahonld commit him to prlaon " Tfi I < "nii? f prnteate d bia tnnat p reirlre determination t cep 1 na piaiign In fn' ar? a* h* did n >t int*n I to drle agaia only bta fro nd *<l?te-d htmtodnlt mat tt binding ' That'a all r?ry gon<| ' eald th 1 migl* trai* an Inag aifHda l tiiaJltegilo (Inoghtor Noeh pledgee don't want binding ttl? b"i way to hln thi-m, la to l-t tb*m alon*| I b >p* yon will keep you promt.* ton tM |a" " 1'haak your hon w.'' aal oyer. and off b* darted ant of tha court np?o th principle that dalaya *r? dangereiu. f?a-fi?l that th tnagicirat- might alter hia mlwl, The oth-*r prlenner many of th>-m w*r* lio*ret-dfrom the charge ?f Irno* aaaraa on the pr*miea ottallag tha *??iperane? pi-dp ailm ni'tegnd by f ather Meihaw Noma of tha old aiiaei endeamred vo obtain th dr lth<wty no t?r tha ua' pr teni a hut tha luattea kt'Wthaaa to# wait. Tl?N I (?' real drug* oh llhnkwidl'f I d end ration. whilst ti<>r sister v.ik wcapital representative ef , ttif beautvsus Virginia. Mr. VViutiu, ai Doiniuhjue, ; acted tlnely and In tho aorit serious portion* of hi* * part, ho showed that comic acting is not thu only stylo in which lie can perform well, lli' scour with AutoI nio, where ho reproves the Insolent overbearanco of t the nuin of rank, was admirably w. II done. After a >. dnnoe from Miss Dawes, "New \ ork ?< It Is," was pert> formed, with the usual applause. We have so often ,, ex pressed our opinion of this piece, that we now need I not my more than that it is m attractive as ever. An amnsiuK farce concluded the eutcrlainmeuts. Kur to u'-,ht s bill we refer to our list or amusements Nibio's TiiriTtK.?This magnificent place of amuse" meut will open tor the season on Monday next. The ; 1. ; Itavels, with a company of twenty-two persons will | n appear. The management is in the hands of Mr. ,1 Chippendale ami Mr. John Sefton. Mr. Nihlo lias ? i pat i d neither pains nor expense to ma'te his theatre ' the most cotiiforiabte as well as the most splendid in this city. It is constructed in such manner as to enif able the spectators to have a full view of the stage from e all parts of the house and balconies. Bimiit or Mn Vacuo asi> ins ('mi oses.?Mr K " A Marshall lias kinilly given l.ho coniuilttee the use of f the llroadway theatre |ir this benefit am! it will take I place on Monday next All the theatrical profession, | vocalists and musicians, have volunteered No doubt that the Broadway Ihratre will be crowjed ou .Monday ' I fight. ; ( imisTt's Mmsthki.s.?'Those who wl?h to keep up ' their spirits in a legitimate uiauu-r cinnot adopt a II I better plan thsn to visit these minstrels any evening of the week 'liny will tint thera trai/>er p irutn*, alJ i ways ready, and able to atlord the m >st delightful en u | v?_i i?inhk'iii wnii wieir music, singing, uauuug, olc ; I i Tonight tin y give a tine programme. I Casilk (Jiicmi, ? The selections from the Krencli operas continue to attract full and twbljnibli audiI fiion bare, anil lha musical portion of our rltizuns are ? stfil constant ta their visit*. We are Indebted to Mr. a Hot for the prescut visit of Mme Herton. VI. Corradl it and M Iterton who bare ea?h established a reputation t. i for their great musical and artistic ability, and are i nightly received * ilh hearty applause I'be selections an 11 ouneed lor this evening are varied nud excellent, ' comprising gems from no less than four popular operas, ii *in< ly: I.a I- ill" du Regiment," " l.'Kolwir,""<'tiel"t" II 1 and ' Los Kolles Amoureuses " While the rn ina" rs | eoulinue to ofb r such attractions as laesn. it is not surprising thai i astlu (tardea with its spacious and w.dl ?i utitated hall. Its magnitireut promenade overliaug' lug the brilliant waters, and cooled by the fresh hresse j which eoiues Ml deliriously reviving across the broad j Losiuu of the Atlantic ocean, Is crowded with the elite i and le amy of our city. On esuh evening of the present f week we have observed every family ol fashion am tug V the gay prouienaders here, and quite a constellation of II ! beauty which, of itself is more than ample couipeusat tnui for the charge of admission Miss Vsi rcaviai's VlusicaL Soiaegs It th?'Ihlnsse f Asm n.bly Rooms are the most delightful affairs of the ! seau.n Heeides Miss V , M M filiibsdi and d*rge-<r also t | pirfoim. and the programuie Includes vocal and InI ntrun.eti'al inu-ir I. gi tlie works Ol Hot kNl wrltors ; The Asst mbly Rooms are finely decorated with ever' gr ens and pe-fectly ventilated. and the refresh in mi ts I to be had in the rooms attached to the concurt room e are < f the b< st quality. ' ! Suiaemaa Tiiome and Mr and Mine. I oat! will ' give their second concert at Cape May, this evening, f '1 hev wei v veil rcci ivi d on Tu.ieday last. .f ^ | A vlgnnne. Ted.-seo and "Ihers of the Italian Opera dei sign giving a concert at the Ktraswtl to morrow evening. I barlotte f nsliaian after a reddenrn In England of five years is about to return to thi*l' uited States only, ' for a short time She is to be aocompanied by her ( filcud. Miss llays, the noveilst Madame Sou tag returns lo the stage, in eonse<|tienoe of the loss ef her own and tier hu>baui's properly by C the convulsions of the continent a y Korrl|(ii Thrsirlrala. 1 We find the folluelng in a la'e English paper: ?At a ' late hour on Wednesday evening, a number of (isr I nikrm ruiployeu a* ell iru< |[ ururj i.i'in intt; trc. applied to the magistrate at tbe U >w >tr?rl police court for prntedl. a under lb* f-llowia* clrcusiI. ttuices ?Joseph Outrnann s'.nted through the medium * of an interpri t?r. that lie and wiit*! other* h?>l b<?'Q I brought to thta country by Kvrdliiand Kho-der, th? dl' rector of tbe opera eith whom thry had entered Into II written agreements, pn iinua to their l? ovtng the '.oiii Um iit, Ui?( rarb ?u to r*"<'lri> from blm the turn of I- A? 6a |.?.r mouth; and. although they bail regularly ' attended pTfty performance It *ix ?r?k? lb?y never I could ob'atn mora thai a f? ? -hi 11 o <? occasi -nally. * Tli? IfurrD had honored them allli b-r pre*ene? ao|e?a I* than three diltiTrut time*, an t. notwithstanding that n a M-ttlru>rnt *a? i romlii-il to thani whin ber Majesty it ahould aand a retnittaoca to the director* they b -re their privation* with ureal patience until tb tt evening, I- when they wera Inform d that A' HI had been roaolvad *1 ba ap|ilieant linmediately went In the lodging* of tha 4 director In Southampton street with tha others, to put [ In hla claim, and upon explalnlng the nalurw of tbslr i- business, Mr Nhiader became extremely violent, ?. threatening to klok thein down stair* and even to >a at Irk a Knlle Into any one of ili?m who dared to pre** hlx ia rlalma It further appeared, from the statement of tha f rubers that thvy wara frr>|Uen(ly obliged to el -ep i- where the/ colli,1 being reduced to gre at distress, I owing In the bri ach of the contract ma le wltb thain P Mr lianry Imm-dtatrly gran'ed a summons to ba > aerved on Hbit-der forth enth for u In* threatening Iane *na*e; and i n Thursday tha partle* Ml( In atleay dehre the ilrfeoilent accounted for hie r induct by -aya In* Ilia entire receipt* of tha hou-e Lai lieoa divided l hei a? ti p.ntng fWe rent gaslight* printing rarpeu I tera. he , which lift nothing h.r him or tha r implalaia ant* tha speculation being a failure from tha floray uieiicement, at d In order to satisfy the claim* of to a complainant* ha agrwel that each *h >uld bare an n e>|ual alia/a when ilia m<>aey *h iul J h* renal vad from > the tgueen, and after he *ot the A H) he divided It I* tqually amon* the let rhorn* *in*er? Ac . which i* aniouuted to about l<* for each I ha principal com iWMl had arcu*ed hi n oi kavlag MlMM 111-in of ? the entire amount which exasperated bun to *ueh a a digree that he wae obliged loplva him In char** but he wna shortly after ae> at liberty Pha magistrate a I e vised an aeeoDim> dalton and that tha matter abould i- ba carried no further, which wa< an -aded to * Mr llooper I* endeaeorln* to obtain Uie Richmond l' Theatre for Ibe cn*Uln* season Ihel.yraum will clo?e In the rnxrw of a fortnight. 1 he btodaeee ha* been vary bad of lata * V e learn with much pleasaro that Mlaa Vandenhoff I ha* b*en engaged to reclt* in nonjuactioa with bar fa'I ther the lra*edy of ' Atillg>tis, at Kcetarllail, on * \t edlieiday next * Vr Rlsley haa made hia experiment of lowering the prloe* of ailmleeloa to bi* tamoua exhibition and It ha* succeeded h yond ail expectation It ha* now | bee otoe a mania to visit this levtathau paintin* of a j land which thousand* sl*h to traversa and which Is so t far beyond the reach of nino-teoth* of tbal number, a fin the la t representation of The Huguenot*." or* I- Tuesday evening M Ho|o*na a dancer rec-ivej, Sy * accident, a wound In the hand from th? sw >rd of SI*. r hur \lmrin At Ibn tMrininRf I an ??f I he uuar* ?i*i lnnnir lag olit ra naa thn ganllaiunn b? hat unm'*n -I o illy Injur, d and Mnt ih'tii iI l? had ? "i" In tlM *or( "?'? *Ka* hl? hand ut'g'it ha !-????..!. h* cam n*t? lunrnlfcf ?h> n n >? reacting Vlr B >1 igoa ho aa'l-'d of hl? tallo* daamr*. Mr - ? an I Id I? i ma til* (arnr U|if? Mr Bologna thi* ( ti"!* f >r JLI' i a id atnra?* my nlnaara ragn-t far tha amldnat , aay I will pay hl? doctor'* bill < aud da?tra him not to r in* In lit* tliratra until i>ii hand la <|Uita Will, at I will yi; bit rantr; myaatf " Tbara I* arty llttla doubt but that Mr. Btatn-nara la tha Irxatiif I'larj I ana I hi-alra 1 It la rrp tt. I that, alth nigh all th" praa.nt rngagn. j mania of t!< Koynl Italian >ly ra l?rmintta at Iba plration of th* p"n-.not a ami, u a<f >rl atil hi rati* to routlllUa Ita.iau patfurataneM m il waaoa Mr Manraady lia< tlynlM hi* latmtl >? of ait p?r forming In I.ondoo tintd (totnhar. rbara la aaary probability of hla taking hia f?r??atl at th* Haymrk-t Tha rabiaNdlng of tha Olynpin th ?%'ra hat bn-n rannairm-ornil and ? may nhirlly aip-rt to aaa i tba llttla hnti*a tn Wynb atraat' rialag llga a phn.uc from lt? a liat ra?a*ai| In y n b an I bnuty It I* atpaotad that th? tiUll'll 11 ? ?lll b* a nil ,i "tad by t.hrlit ma* na?t Mr lo-nry Bpiaar, far arhom air Darlann vaa tha rapr.- anta'ia.i III lb* p a .en tpatina of thia th>atra. I* apnkan 'if a* tba futnr* laa*i>* llanry Roaatdl baa ju*t raturnad fr i n a ah >rt tonr through th" aa?tara r>iuatlaa ha-log. daring th< pa I waak anailad Vuralnh, V arm mth. I.yon.an I vVi-t?"*nh. In aach of whioh to ana hi I (> ipnla ant rta nniaiil h ta baaa i-nthnaiaitiaally r-o -laad To tn irroa ( -Inn I ay) rranlng vir flu fall aaaamannaa glfing a *nrlaa of par form.aaaaa at Midlar a Walla I h-a'ra aiiaa T a.il 10 trialoaa a aariaty of aaoga aad a aaadntai of aagra llfa ratiraly wm to ik* London pultun lb* pn-t aaat (aaata* a lattar from farla) bat proaad talal naa t.a tba at u'Iruai art I'tia drat alotlm atrlnkan by daatta h*? b<-o b'r-larla Kalkbraaoar, a mu taian of r'.arapaan faia at th* ainmatat if bia tar initialing bla la l work, and no than* ?f hit I*aring I'T Italy Inr lhai?'v.?nry if til. h-aito I'ba * "id ha* b- ~n Mandarau tha ad-hraiad nrviaanar nf *tagtn| f tba t,ouaar rataira, nhara, far Mara 1Mb ?w*aty LD. TWO CENTS. | yeara, Iff Aropied the mo?d dl.*fn;|aiahodf place. "fh# I third Iff fepy ?/?uibc'Kifl. ? cnmyi*r of ao-nw eelebrity, particularly la the atyle of r<mrrnee The fowth U I M. Mai*'* en excellent artit/e in the orchestra of the epera These are all In addition t v Mwdauie <nUSnt'a ' iT-mlso, prefTo-.lsly announced. * nd '.*!? whole within m ! fe? day* of ea?h other To which n^'?t be add thw | deMh of a inurtv Heller. M Kugeno \lr'.*?onuli>r. highly I esti hated in the profrsalon who war only nix an<ftwei?y yearn of n^e, and had been Hi err HI but a rery abort :*ftlo I.'Iketrli-e. I regret to aAI t' this doleful lint, toe name id the arhttr, M. Saint LaurMM, treasurer of fire Soclete dea Concert* Jenny l.lnd ha* oslttM Parla, driren aw *y by the fear of tfm tiret ailing epidemic. She ?an,? on'^ r?n una occasion ibirlng her stay there and that w.t* a. -raolrew ut I It.. Uvmikik ln,I.....J/..'. Ilanderali. wboxe death is announced, did not He of ehol? ra. but f.*cm aneurism. of v?k cli he had *u *wred for a Ion^ time past ills sudden death had no <1 sM, been hastened by the regret ho felt for the serious illness of bis best pupil The fm-t is young Keynrrg, pupil of th? Conservatoire. at the peneral meeting ihW year, would, it was supposed, have .gained tho Ursa prize, but was suddenly attacked by ;wi alT -otiou of tho lungs, which is likely to prevent his sniping for a long time This circumstance preyedrnurh .u daud Tali's nund for he attacio d great importance to the success of the pupils taught by himself; their aueeess he considered as his own success. ami he numbered then nearly by bis years of aervice. Annexed is the latest 1'aris mas'fcl chit-chat . ?Duprez has left, on his departmental tour, with his lillla /roi'pe. Of which we hare given the nn:?es 'file celebrated tuunr mid his pupils proceed to N-sntes direct. They have brought out. as a revival. Itrr??< . an op.-ra oomoiue. in two acts, of which the mn<ie is ny AdMphe Adsm The opening of the Opera Bouffe Kra.i^aisa (Salle Beauinarcliais) whieh was to have >rn op ond ou Monday, was postponed to Tuesday, due of tba uiusieal journals contalus the following . " The nineteenth peofoi uiance of the PrupSrir ought to have taken place ou Wednesday last; but the Opera was closed, aa will as all Ibe other theatres of Parts. Very nearly for a year past we have omitted to notice tho compulsory rriocArt arising from ( 'H'Kfes, so frequent during some months, and which we hoped not to have occasion to reeur to again The energy and rapidity wiMi which order * us restored, and a torinldubie project reduced to nothing, ought to be sufficient to show the c'.nlemneo of the epochs, ami to give to artists that cevidence which they so much want On Thursday.git the Uioaties were re opened ; that of I.a Nation gave OnV'rilay, /.in is ilr Lsmmermoor. and tho ballet o( A "We Uatrtu Munculr. Junt 17 ?Vlvter who has been on a visit to his Majesty the King of Holland. Is said to hava received the insignia of the Order id tiie < rosn of Oak. Albert he clever piaui-t has returned In re from Isoudon. Ou Suturday. the 1Kb Inst . tbero was a meeting held at the Instilut when judgment ou the tmnroart d'rilui was dscided on the pupils in mustual e imposition Tha candidate* were eight, t-lve were admitted, in tha following-rder 1. M lliugard, pupil of M Italovy ; 2, M. < uheu. pupil of Messrs AdokpUe Adam and ZunInemiaii , II. >i Jouas. pupil of M ar.tta ; 4, >1. llasile, pupil of M. Iialevy ; it. M. I'urtehaut. pupil of Messrs Adam and Zimmerman Tho talented voouli-t. A mdlle. Hi im tetter, has just terminated her engagement at Toulon, altera she has been for some tint# lioi ndiiiired prima tlntma. A new Italian fro opr. u nder the dlneiiou of .M. rroviui. are giving a series of p*rI'l.rmsiiees at Marseilles. Teresa Milauollo is giving concerts at Nantes An extraordiusry vocalist-or, rat her. a vocalist under extiaordiuary circumstance* ? has just made ills dchut hern at one of uur mlistM ...... 1 I.niirr .Miuuiwriir ?n< UUIJ I* Ml TV UUI* since h journeyman house r irpentor, oommg troin Oermany tu Krxuoe tu follow In* trade ; and m lie c mid ttud no work he sought c insolation iu sniping M. Autumn Isuillot, one of our beat professor* of tinging, discovered he possessed a fine bass voice lie had cultivated it and In addition possessed a tolerable Knowledge of uiuido. W iildn the last tew day*, the master prodiiord the object of hi* iralullwiH Instruction ; and on a recent Saturday at the Salle St Cecils, ba rang at a concert the dust from Hohrrt lr Ihnhtt. " Ah ! I houni'le h>uitur." witli M l.lnea'i aim a pupil of 31. Uullot. and" l.? Molne." that tiue descriptive elegy of clulstrial n annrii 1 h? iirtuiani >u very favorably receiv. d I he printed music morn of l.r ProfAttt 1* tu be published on the 'goth simultaneously at Tana, London. Leiprtc and .Milan Su-li bi< been thn dl-tressed at ate of the n umeroux class of music.aos In I'm capital rlnce the revolution, that It appear*. by the anuuai tumpI. read a of the tssorta'inii of trtiste* Musicians, tlie Committee sought every imaginable means to allaviate the sulleriugs of the member*, and aldreurd lb* Minister ot the interior and the May ir of fail tor the giant of a piece of ^roitud In the Champa Klyseec, and to establish a daily conceit there, ao tual a good Uiauy arbiter out of employ urghl gain mat inxani of eaieti nee The appiioail >n wax refused but a more successful result ?a- expected Irom liie Tref-ct of tba Seine, and great good was anticipated from the project. Tliia report of tbe committee of the ?o< iety la a long d< cuuient, almost eijual iu length to the Tresideut* epe<eit; It contains eouie melancholy fact*, showing the very dialrrased stale of the inmaical profession la gi neral Madame Sontag la about to re appear at bcrM^ealy'a 1 heat re the scene of her former triumph* Mr I.uaxle J . ?bo baa jutl returned from Berlin, liax rourluded an engagement with ibis gifted lady, eho, w?are sorry to And baa sufTered such reverse* of fortune through tbe rvceni poiiiieal convulsions In livrntnf, aa ta render ber r?-e?if>M upon the atage au act rather ot ueceeaily thau of choice Mra Movratt and Mr Davenport have appeared with gnat success at tbe Marylebone Theatre. Ina new Ova art diauia called tba ' Witch Wile," written by Henry Hpicer. f s^ At the conclusion they were both ralhd b? tore tbe curtain Mresrs liiadbury and Lynns are about to publish Tope's work*, edited by Mr. Macready, the celebrated tragedian. A London paper atatea. In connection with liar Majesty's theatre, tbat au engagement baa just been concluded with the celebrated vocalist Madame 8 mttg, aud she will shortly appenr at this theatre. It will ba rvDirmbervd that her bnvt but brilliant career oa the atage was terminated by her marriage with a nobiaiaam of distinction well kuowa In diplomatic circlra The musical taste prvTalent at tbe court of Berlio. where she has resided has caused her tooontlnue the cultivation of ber talent and beaee her recent period of rapose has not been one ot neglect. Madame Sontag tlegsii ber musical career at the age ol It, when aha appeared at the i let man opera at V lennaaod created an eiilbiisla> ni 1 be inyrrMiw. Harhija. speedily removed her from ibeficriuau to the llailau stags and she inada such a sensation in the Oa<tea hi /.an. that aha was at once secured for tba " Italian*" nt Pari* where she rang with ..alllunn In Kcglsnd ah? made bar dihui at Devonshire llou-e, and afterwards at Her Ma J. .., e. - " .-.' i-M ui" nr'?i"l jmrwrm bp lli? ritrinrillntrji I:' nutp of h*r t?lr? nod the maatkliip nf her lal.ni mm London the went to Hertio, where ?he became pr'al femrtle of lb* ropal f*iniljr, ml her 1?l well ill the "I**". the if "I bee mum**.- |? rp'ikeii of a- a tf'ael -"l-mnitjr lb til* IVwailtii uiflri'|ii>lii ll*r return to the mualral profetedoa I* altrlbi M to tbe lnee of her fortune la tba laaaal Mlltral>1 twriililMt. h i-' l? nir.*.ly on her wap la na'aud ml will appear < eoon * p<?*il>te after her artirai. lliilliil *Ulr? Kletrlrl Coark before Judge Melt* Jul r -Jiwi Hpragw, t wrlti '??* oU O1W1 e* Jam>r? S'Uy II'. if I he lihelleote InetltuteiJ tin* fell rnuet Uie iee|"?*eut to reooeer the mini of fj?f?r d. m or rag* It app.-ared that tbe llbeibwtte ehi are the ovi.ere of a ?ec-el called the -John K. vt'auoa," la the iim nth i f fleeemb. r 1?W (the ach ?ni?r being thea at Ibtladilphla ?f eblrh plane tbe llbrUantf reatd* lit* ) freight ed her to Kicbard lone* h ' o. to l.riag a ratgo nf e<*l* to thlf rltj. that raid Jooet h ?,o pat the 1-oal* on board the *chiM>aer pror-ede.l on her f if. age, attired at thl* port na the IVlh December ae i ?a the neit day the lihellant Sprague who *m tbe ma*t? r c au-.ed.au Ihep allege a written n??lre to he *?r?e4 on leepfibdent notify la* bin that b" *< r?? lf I* <talleer. the rial and that demurrage would be d-iaandeU for eeerp da* ahe wa< detained "**r and ah >ee 4 dope, which ?** the n*ual time all iWed f-r dellrerlng a ea/g* of real* 1 hep further alii ge that reap i.-ideut ref fed to rvrelee the anal egcept Id *mall | ivitltiei and ai It alii d hi* own cutKUii-are and deta-n- d th? *ebo >aar In thie port from the lltihof Ih-eeml. irto the 4th of January llll a period of 16 or Id d >f* The raip indent hp hi* ?B?w?r ?t up l?" defeare* |f?r?t that the real we* taken on board at fart Klchmoad, l*h ledelphl* wMeh I* fre*h water not within tbe ebb till flow <>f till tide. and that, tkritfiira. tha raiKtra aurni|i't>*<J Id ?ald libel are n t mall-re of luaritima rm litri and iliat thia court nu^ht tint In en'eritia jurl diction ihetmf hut li>??a lha lib-Want* to their ii u'(I) at c Dinii'D la* 8 ? indly tlia defendaal dmied that there ??i *n) contrast r.if demurrage hatan n thrill or that tha llbalianui had nay right ar legal tlaiin fur demurrage, m-i-ted that lha Mil of la ting contain* t hi ahola contract hataaao than aad that, ttaluf to tha hlaatlug of ruck* or anna othar ranaa. tha 9t h" liar did n ! route to tha wharf at lid 'treat, but propped at tha aharf at 2Mb atraat, that lha maatar aa- nut raadj to delteer coral until tha 22d of December; aad that re?puud-nt took tha cargo at fut at ha raaatia hi) aotild tha arathar bring mueh of tha time aa etormy and tha wire-Dag an had It *?i dlflloott to cart rial fmai aa'd trial, that raapondaat'a anal yncd aaa tn 42il atraat naarljr a mlla fruta ahara tha achooaar aar lying and liulitol that ha made evecy atarlloa la obaln carta and lra*tea tha unlading of tha *ee*e| aad dtritd all unnere*?nry and uauaual datantlaa, and concluded by prating lor judgment agntn*t the libellanla' claim Adjourned V. , Marthal'i OOtca J?tt II Mara A'aita Pirl-n-n - A fM*| man, named lama* vtcKeon aaa thia moralng arraatad aa a rharga i>| defrauding tba llaltad -Unlet guveram-at out ol ?13 Hi It appeared that tha p-l*aaer. oa taa 12th Inetant. want to tiorernor'a inland and anllatad. having Br?t repreaaatad him?-lf to ha near 21 yenre at ga On I'uaailay. aurna frlaad of hi* aauaad a trrit ad Intra* iiryrn |o Inar under which ha ??< brought before Judge Daly, and hi* di*cha-ge alaimad * tha ground of hi* helng a minor endear* glraa tha* he horn on tha llth July. 1* 19. eon?eneoUy he aaa but 10 yeara of aaa oa tha day ha anllftad Oa thia vldtnea tha J add* (aa ha wa* bouad ta do) 41 *c bar aad him, hut tha tailed a la tee aathurlilaa hartag aallat Cied the daal.lon id the judge eenawd a uarraat ta an foe obtMniag money under fblm pratenaaa aland I it in lb* hand* of a depnty mar.hal who arraatad ham, aad Immediately after Judge Daly ordered hie dreahnrfm 1 Ha aar aonveyad to the Marehal'a u4ke, aad eabea1 guetiiiy aemmlttad ta aaa yet