12 Ekim 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Ekim 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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i \ ' ? v" ? TH NO. 5606. Tke Annexation Question In Canada. [From tbe i? out real Herald. Oot. 9 J H has long bees s well-kones opinion of the moat tinent statesmen. that s time muat arrive in tbe pro wasof every colony, when it will naturally bsoome inpendant of the h?lpore-?ntml of tbe mother country. US people of ( sonde, Intimately allied with Ureal da. oy birth or deanent bare constantly tried to d . bt the neoesalty or have wished that the Inevitable tr m ahowM be delay* d ns long sa praaihla. But tbe pi<went condition of tbecouutry fr.rcih'y impela nil to consider whether tbe note haa not now come, when It w"' be proper nod advantageous for both parties to Sc r the tie which baa hitherto united ua. On tbe e< baud we see n thorough change in tbe policy of <iiaet Britain in nil 'hat regards her colonial relations She has established the principle tbat government, in bet lepnadeneles. shall t-r the future, be carried on according to tbe well understood wishes of the people cannot, therefore pretend henceforward to thwart j wishes, without a manifest violation of her > is. She baa, then, no longer any interest in our tv ml determination* Having, for her own objeeta. * red the colonies of the powera formerly accorded 3X1 in her markets, she ha.-t most justly given up ,e soloaiste tbe right for the future, of making i own tariffs, according to what they judge most .ng for their own wants She has, then, no longer by fight to interfere in the regulation even of comtree. But, having thus voluntarily resigned all in3St in oar affairs, she it still subjected te euortnous anal expense, for tbe maiulenauoe of civil, religious n itary, and naval establi-bineuts. Anxious f ir re ohment in the cost of ber government, with a penie groaning under the weight of taxation, her most U'nential public men turn to tbe eolonial expenses, as we which can be m-.*t readily out off A large parwho manifested their overwhelming poser in -rcing tbe repeal of tbe corn laws, hold the oolonixs to * ? a burden and a curse, and tbe Prime Ml ulster al> tdy, has yielded so far to their ideas, at to declare - i intention of charging each dependency with the ?. .iltary expenses incuried for its pretectiou. Here, then, is tbe effect of the existing colonial relaVm in respect to the mother country They have end to be useful; they coutinue to be expensive; :.e nominal connection ie liable to be broke at any i iment, when a ministry shall think Itself iuterusted n Its dissolution Let as now tain to the effect of the connection npon Canada. We see property invested in consequence of tat imperial legislation, utteily aanthiU'ed by pret imps rial policy ? thou-auds of pounds laid out in or errouvun wuw "suei uuuuiuss iu ?. ?i, wbirh, and cau-ila. upon which out one farthing v? money can be rai?ed ? ?? < weekly, a broker otr?lln, which announces that the iiria^ of lifetime* it Industry and privation are reduced tweotv. thirty, -fty per cent?are uusm ah *, worthless it any otun wai nut little hoard beyond what be requires tor a Itewtllitl of the day, he lmmediately tramp >rti it ' an '.her oountry, where it will not be exposed to the pvrcistion of eoustaut change. If auy ntau be oouoioa* of skill and industry he refuser to stay iu a rudely where there quail tie- d > not raise bim above the 'eioua and slothful t hose who thought tbey hud -id ay provision for old age, are reduced to b -ggary ? *e who bare ho| ed hy earuu.it exertion* to become perous, are obliged to Ue'|iair K very where we see Si va dlsoontent, joined to that settled preseotuuent proacblng change, which is so poteut iu bringing taagw about; and which, a ike unfits the pre em iutants of the country for steady application to im ement. and forbids the hope of uew acoetsiou* of er? or capital? Who wi.l bring his family or will e himself ia a country on the eve of revolution ! o will invest capital in a oommunity supposed to e on the point ot eivil wsr? i his is the condition in wbiob Canada Is retained, id It will be retained so long as the nominal tie. so as to Kngland continues to fetter her. While asts, she csn adopt I >r herself no system of com a. likely to be of lasting advantage f or the sauia rial fickleness, which has deceived those who have ?dy mbarked their iortuues in her eaterpri-es, again prove the cans of any who shall commit like tolly Great Britain to day tells us to do as tease To morrow the whim of a colonial minisi spite of pretent pledges, may enforce his plea In oppo.'-ition to ours r.veu this is not the mo t . .ct nor most obvious manner in which the uomiual nnrction between the two couutrios degrad- < a id / ir-ars Canadi. To the South of us we see a people wooding In every form of material wealth?couspiotil every mode of Intellectual excellencs? rapidly i-trancing in every way ot progre-s We sigh when i sec their prosperity and our iuf-riority, and the trast forces us to reflect, that, different, as we are, ui nountr* li truly imrt of th. ir rnuntrv mul L'itt w.t ?- / ? j r? -----? - ~ ?- ? -? separated from their liappiuets uuiy by a diplo..ttlit'i lino drawn on a map we need then seek do hidden remedy for the evil* ' lcb we sailer In the I nited State" we , e , ,,(y yy repe, endltg fn a *1 ate of depression, which appear* i ) re become peimanent We know?who can '.out t II?? that the mere removal of the line which tow .eeparate* ue.wuuld make a* complete participator* ,r ' ir advantage* Our wueat would then b' a< ?ue to our farmer* a* their wheat ! to their* Our ir would not then tall tire and tweuty or Unity nthelowthe fair mai ket price whenever epecui* in Kuglish railway* happened to fail, tjueh- c right* would not then be Idle or expairta ed. their fellow* at iouiand and llnagcr, 11 o* too New York. were earniQg d mhle the ware* ehlch they would gladly lab >r. (Jur wat-r r* would no linger run to wa-te fir want market, or because capitulate fear d to lay money upon tlirtn , nor w >uld our can il l aud ?? be destitute of shipping. VVe are > i re Ilka all ffTeat cbaagw*. thl* one I* not tree * eircnniktaLCee which l?y It open to objection. . ?wo aoidl*gui*e the tact that with auaega na lb ra my-rote some augmentation of ta?aM in. but we know vbtle we starve With our low taxe*. our nelghb rj with their higher oar* ?Ve know too that li " itlon to the auionnt of their payoonl*. thry ft Inn the auiouni nt beoettt In return lu n?rt. *k no more than to have their cure-* of revenue, we will be wt II coniruted tn bear our share of tli Ir lag*. N are we to ting. I, in r viewing tki* pert tuhjeet that the grent dillerence h twe. u tti r Inl poeitlou nod our* c nMst* hi our ex <nipi|nii be exiwuie* of inaluialniiig warlike , a*)li*li and tnut thl* exemption I* shortly to b tanei half if a eon te with fur an inrnrpnra'ini with the pf the -Jtnrruari t/ei 101 It he redooi pro ppte v j that thte incm/iui almn elvi'ilj likr <le ?/*< til i iihlr A Mate of pnllilcal traneltlon l? a lata of nal and social mleery Here I* an tranquillity ? l itoreaieLt it I* of tk* utroo?t Important) fir the It iblt*n'i of < anada a* the world biieve* they are about to pan through % revolution, t >i 'h y should do It at one- lint it t? har.l e b u * . 'l Ihtia rbould h? bo tin irea*?nry delay If ?? I ^ i tkr lol?r??t if lint', Urttaio. and to ih? f u. hunor of tbat nfT.e'b n f"r her which * majority of IT> i. >nl?t? (till entertain and still derlra tn pr- ?rol. f iouli bring about tha lnerltalde reparation a, and with goodwill. Nothing ooald bo moo tmua than top prolongation of a data of ull-n Sirtent. till, baring b-ronto utterly unbearable, pr<t< xt (heuld be eeited on a* an rtcio to inj n en's moid* to balrrd an I armed opoadrl m lit g Is more to br an I Ird than the eoolmna iu? of *?Iob ami nr try. till an army of Inradrrlabould mired ai di lirarm. ft'romtbr Montreal Cornier. Oat S. / memorandum baa bran hanrt?d to u? f r publlc*. l< tn1 *f publlrh it acrnrd'orly, In wh.-h i- r n. ."I the rtew* of a number <<f our f I >r ?ii nrh aad K.nglUh of b??h the former pond . "MPIirtatii'l i|*i?tinii No man wli i .* I wg bin follow naro. In thl* city at l- i c tn bar* I to nbaerre that the deaire for anw-ialloa lo tn? -?d Ktatea ban taken ra-t hoi J of a I elaof ( the i .ounlty and that -eery minor difference |g about to off rhcd In this ail Important question. Ih-diifl / nn? la to find a man who Is opp.nsd to an or t a Xlg mnntha ago. thaman who oonld bara been d oprnly to stand up In faror of suah a -oH- no. 'd barn bran truly a tart ?ri? We think that nil a tirainn on thla subject la perfectly u?eie . the > t f Montreal are a? parfaetljr wi ll atari- of the a that bare lad to tbla altaratlon in ptihlla oplnon hat a raoapitulaHi n of thain would ba almp y an ~* tlnmea ; tha whola may ba anmui-d up In on# and that word la tbortly?mlsgnre. nm-nt Tha -ause* that hara produced thu pre.eat dimrgault of aotdaty In tha Wa?t India*, nt tha i ap? In a. and tha Ionian laland*. hara prodnoad It In a a faot of our aril state balng recognised It remain* tha paopla to And a raniadr and thl* ramady man Ith, adnoatioo. and inlluanaa haliara |a to ba iii<d in anuria In to tha I nit. d Stataa In ord?r to the opinion of tha paopla at larga on th.-n n'l r . i.imlltraof gantlami n formed for that purpose hara ! ftinpand rolruatad ton* finr pnhltrntl >n tha ma. .ndura which wa suhioln If thay find that public -:?i> n generally b?nr? them out tliay will h" pr-pair I enter Into and lead a mora general orgaoUatb n hara no daalra toiianma to themsalre. th ' I' ft i jk of tha peopla ; on tha contrary, thay ara pre e- ?o follow ? hi n I-hut i hey h*?e m l > be drawn or to draw ( thorn Into premature or eed meaturee. A grand movement I* n >t the i day. f many day* l( mar bo epread over air* or yvara and It I* clear that th" flrat an 1 ?:i'rr-'ant Mop l? to proparo the mlnda of th- p. ,d? .moaloatiog tothoin anthontlo Inf ormatl in 1 no who ha?o drawn up thl* paper deeire that th* ' rhonld bo folly Inf rmod on tbo i|iie?tion and .atand It In all Ita boaiing* a* It atfoato tin in tb* llnltod Stale*, and the mother country oneolro that thl* la abaolutely ne.-e?'ary b*r. e man I* committed to deflnlro action rti?re. y Wlih It to be abmlutoly nndofatood that tlodr atloO* art Dimply preliminary; tha?. they take g on them?*l*ee , that they aoaome n .lea lorSat boforo anything I* promulgated which I* to ri otha world a* th* noloma oxproaolnn of the d .tlnn of lb* people aion of thlo city ample time glfon to aci|nira Information. an l on th* pro<na obtained to ha*o ultimate anil decided aeOf what I* to follow the d-terminati' n and he object eooght I* to be attained, there la now action : at areaent, the thing t? t<> prepa a the ar mind. Tnerefore do we now In fulleinc'irwith th* pertlea by whom the m?m r?o torn i? up. anhnilt It to our fellow countrymen of nil artlea. and oreeda, liil.nl eon'ldenoe that they : da ae beenmea a grare and reflecting people In an af ench mighty Import. It t* for o? and our a*.. Ifaato, or addreaa. on thla mahji-at la *h ut to ,ej, awd n nnmber of our Influent ial fllMlen* hara thatr name* to It . their motir. a a?? g I wi'h oht. aad wa abowld he aorry to aow the eaada of aaloa gmtag tbaaa who are laboring to the taut* and, E NE but ? cannot avoid etatlng our hell?f that the Issuing of such a document 1* beginning just where we ought to end ; that rucb a document is, at beat, but ihe ?xpreset.in of the optnloa of a few, and that before snub a publication, an opportunity should be given to obtain the opinion of the maeaee. An organization should take plaoe first and then the declaration of opinion. We have to consider what L'pper Canada and the other prrvinces will do ; at prevent, the wish for annexation is not positively kuown to have made much way in tbove provinces and the people of Lower Canada, even if they were known to be unanimous, cannot presume to lead or dictate to the great majority ; and an association. once formed aud organized, will always havo it in its power to make a declaration of Its oplnioas. THE ANNEXATION ASSOCIATION. An organization being necessary to achieve the separation ano independence of I auada. by legitimate and oonstiiutional means, with a vies to ber ulterior annotation to tbe Called Mates of America, aa the ante and surest fouudaliun for ll.e maieiial interests of her inhabitants, it is, therefore, propen 0 a. d intended ? 1st. 'I hat a premium of fr.>m .100 to 5:K) dollars be offered for the beet manuscript pamphlet, ot a limited else, in tavor of the .abject of auuexation? to be paid out of the funds of the association retaining the right to the uest best pamphlet, on pay in. at to it* au'h. r of one half the prire premium, in order i to compile, if advii-ahle, one pamphlet out of the two?and fur that purpose to engage a competent writer. ?d. That the pamphlet, when approved ofbythe committee, | be t riuted at the eapcoae of the ataooiation, and that oopiui . l.e a. Ma'. Id. each, aud dispensed over tin- and the neighboring provinces, for the instruction and information of the people. I'd. That after publication of the paw phlet, the committee, or s.crctary, un their behalf, do uhallenge, through Svertisoineuis, a wiitr. a refuia'ion of the same. th 'thai, if needful, in the opinion of the oommittee, lector, rs he eioploy ed and paid by tlie aasooiation. in advocating peaceable a. uexution, In the different towns and villages throughout this aud the neighboring provinces, and at the i?uic lime in organising aud extending branches of the associate u iherein. 6th. T but it be discretionary with tho committee to aid, ?i h the fund^uf ilie association, provincial newspapers promulgating annexation, litii. 'I list tl.e said branches be formed by ourrospondence, or otherwiie, wherever practicable, for the promotion of aancxaii n, as well a* for the financial support aud attainment thereof. ; ili. That an alphabetical record of the name* of the membeitvf ice parent and branch auiociationt be kept by the eeretary, and that comes of all correspondence, and proper accouni*. be al-o kept by him, of the receipte no 1 diabureemenu of ibe aaeoeiatiou; and ihat an account be forthwith opened in one or more of the city bauka, for that purptee. Mb. That monthly meeting* of the aeaooiation be held, to riceite the report < f the proarea* of the ocminittee. 1'th That the influence aid naanaca of thin ana xiation will be chiefly directed to insuring the return to the Provincial Parliament, either fur town or couutry, of uieiubere who arc pr< I aied end w illing to move for. and vote in favor of the aeiaiauuu and luuependcace ol Canada, ae the preliminary m, aeure to au admiaait.u to the I'uiun of the American State*. 10.h. That when the member* of the aaaooiation throughout il e I rovinoea, are rufliciently numeruua, or have a majority ot the population, a Cungre"* of Deputies, from the br*nebea tht reol, mav then he held, and convoked by the committee, thuuld the aatue be deemed eipedient for either of the aueea of thli uebOCia'loD. Ilth. Tlint thir awnlaiion. baeod upon a de.-ire te advance the wellare, prosperity and happiness of Canada aad iu iuklki aula oiterly repudia' - nod contemns resort to parly virulence, phyeical force, riota at elections or elaewhere, believing eunbcienticuaiy, that unnd and rcaeon will triumph over matter and prejudice, aad irresistibly onnsuiumate the objects o. the association. liih. That all neecaeary ?: pjntia incurred by the committer, lieluoiot a (alary to ti.u eecretary aud hit othcer, be do- I jrajtd by the association. Additional Intelllxrner from the New State of Ueieret, The St. Louts (Mo ) Rrpublican, of the 3d ln*t, has \ letter from the Or eat Salt Lake, under date of July 10th, I which *a) a 'I here ha- been very little aleknee- In the valley, and very tew math- It la beyond a doubt that this la a very healthy country. There ha* been a vait amount of labor performed here extensive firm- made, bundied-of houses built, roads made, in addition to pliu thing and planting this spring; and it is very enoouragihg to bay 1 l.nt crop* look well, aud there li no doubt th> re will be a c Dbideranie surplus rai*ed this year; 1 y et I have ho doubt bi eadelutl- will be high, on ae tount 11 many of the allforma emigrant* designing to win- ! tet I ere Wloalwill not Ire li s- than if Drr hmhrl | and corn >1 fu i.r ji'd >tauy hare already ootnm 'need 1 haireeting wheat aud it ylrldtc well. Kive buahel* of wheal Kill male rebarrel i.f ashandsome -uperflrie 11 urea ; wax ever made into bread. Vet the wheat, la many pi*ere will not d<> a' well a* waa expected, owing to ita ! I. tug m>*d too late All the crop* look exceedingly i well eo far: and if we had plenty of rain here It would be < ne of the greatest grain oountriea in the world lrligation make* eonetdcable labor, but when we bare | all thing* prepared for It it will be much lejn trouble. I be rocket* hare not troubled ua any ttiie year Hundred* and thou an da of gull* made their appearance curly in t he eprti>g and a* aonn a* the orlcket* appeared j the guile inede ear on them, and they hare awept Ihein C)b*Vc AV/.'"Vi Va?" tiuly cheering to a?e thu of | th< re aamotira. extending several iniiet in hcugtii come lr> m the lake early in the nio.alag, and eating oiickeia all day, then, at rundoeu. f.im iu a maun, and wing their ?*y to the lake, for t uigln'a re*t I ?oe curiosity ah. ut theui l?. tliet they don't eat the cilokere merely tn Inn, Inn a'Aer teedlng theatre!for, they would vomit thin up and g<> to eating egnlu, aud thui cuutiuue eatIt.tabd r. miuiig throughout the entire day. It I* a mu ter id a*t inchmeal to ree how fart they will pick tlouiup avd a pen.oa could form but a po >r estimate of the amount den'royed daily by thece winged "arlour*. Suttlen it to ray that about three week* after the guild made their appearaoce. rcarce a ciioket could bt teen. Th'a >r pia.uly a miracle In behalf of thir people, at the ?> tiding of t he quails in the camp of the Israelite*; and what unite* it more inanif. rt l? the tact. that, alth ingh 11.ere *ere plenty of crickvt* in llie aurroundlng rall?j where there are no c.op'. the gull* came by them t. tbefarme andriayed there till they bad cleared them bit. although men were at work around them at the lime rtie,? hat been no damage done by crloket* thir m m .. n A great many California emigrant' hare pasted through tbir place duiing the \ a-. lb rer'we. kr.acd many *re here a. w They bi ought v?-t quantity* of cloth II t ?* ! oilier Iltefol article*, which tuey are Felling at puree in the Male., and .racing them oif very cheap f. i I.or eeaiol mo lee They ray 'here are ra*t quaatlI. of property left along the road which they could i* >l carry- eucli as bacon, Hour, bard crura groceries, U be aides wagon* Tlila will lira gnat help to the I o| e here. aLil albir l* a good niarki t for auch thing* * we bare to epare. but It will make brea I at ic If a high d l ng the coining winter for tbo.e wuo do not raiae j eiKH.li At'UiTloaat. Pawtm . i *a* or rue Lor*or the Bai . Si. j i J' I w ?The liiwton Mail i f the llth in*t. c uta'r* the f. Ho* log i.articular* of the 1o<f of the brig St Johu at i ot ? I <lge !> the M h ln?t , ? I be fo|io*lne It't c j.t I - n?( the rirew and pa*aan? i gl T* CB b. .lilt til* St Jotiu will li ?h? Wa? I > ? III' h?ri pr< |4re<1 wllh rara. ami in principally obtained from 1 t i|>t. Oliver aid other*of ttin mrvlvnre. Aa there ere , * ioe roptlletlng *tat? men'* In r%'?r l to th? niimb-T nf paxngera oft board. J B. Moafw, Kiq ( our oortiml*1 rimrr i f alien paaeengeT* hoi taken atef* to otrein ; tu rn Ireland a duplicate li?t of th -pn**engeri hipped , in ?> ot John, It any In in eaUteuen. and otlierwwe to obtain all Information po**lhle up?n tha *ubj?et Ph.i f. lb ?I tor tamo* muka the whole number on bjerd (tuclooiru the err*) oni> bun<lr*<| and twenty i rrw Saved ?I opt Oliver, el lor* Bi-nj O'drion. Thna. W alker. V!?h*<l Kmrn-lly. lame* 'lahetty, I?t ii ate My. t unimtfnrd. John l.arkin, Andrew Keri-vt, I ?( I 1. reaielf. ril I n w l.oet ? tntoain MrD innuifh. Win \nger?, Win. < Ihiorp'on; Edwnri Kennedy, Michael Conu-ra, (apprentice* ) I aeeenyer* Saved ? \o-Mn I tarn. < a'harln* Flannerill ite'rey lli|i||in*, Mary Kane .Mlrhael Kitrpvtr.r*. , M ehoel tfihhen Barbery ICeoui lly. Mary Slitter/. Victim I Moofrl.lt a lion ra oun'lti. (tbw lo** three rhlli dr?n and i* now lying verr Met: ?-.| loit- ri.i/ fro* II r lujnrte* at the bonge of Mr. I otlirp. la C?!taa**t?) > hi or Mon* rn work* (*b? el ?n ] >at three nhildren, and la at Mr. Lotbrop*. alrk ; h?r huiban.t la In It#I lar.d.t i abin raa'engrr* t r>?t.-- Mary Klann can Nenry liai ti>a*n. Margaiat flaonlgan. liridgai idu:uu, Kuia OKttm 8teer?r? rmeenger* '.o*f. Ann SUttery. Bridget Rlaiterv Bildtlet Kt nnelly nr t minlln and threa cblldr?n. Ta-rl.-k Sweeney. Mary Sweeney I'atrlok Sween y Jr . Mile* Sweeney. Jn*<pb Sweeney, dally 3weei.ee, 1 hinni Sweeney, I ath Sweeney. John ^weenay, Bridget Sweeney. Mary Sweeney, Peter (Ireally, 'aotea t.really. f'a-tlrk rrrtnorn. >i?|e* Sw-eney 2d. Michael llanniaan Patrick 1-ahlfT I hmn Itlley. Bridget Mad - p. ? I -Fvnra nn 'ilium, Hh'r1n? MeVlahon Inhn Hnlan. Vary iK lin hla wOa Ih<.u,?a I ?! */, Nappy Kahey, ' Bridget taba* Martha Kahay, Toom** DmoII;. Mary Krrtman noil rhihl Mm. Michael I t<itn Mr* Hnaon t < an MIm BtMfft Ktju .l?mnl?h Murphy, Jamas M'tao Mar*arathaanan. Vlr* llroot* Hot* VI ullen. I *' herln- l!? niff Mantff to < atb'Tln* Mary , Cahlll. latrlck .Nnornp, Muffin Saiton. I<a ilal Byrnaa. ; V.lrbaai (>riffin,( atbartnr Byrne*. Peggy M allay Mary ' Noho Mien Pa "at. Patrick M?iiratb. ama? vlo>4rath. ' \ Inoy l#al?ln Mary italrln. .Mnrirarat Kane, Mary \ e\am?ra .Mary Landaky Mary krowisy and child. Drliiait liobarty. Peggy Mnllan an I atatar'a child Inhn I Poller Tb? tuna Burk, (mother urrd ) K.ll*a Burk. do. j I I ?.rtek Hum. di. Mat'srraatt, Mltn ?'*l>erratt. ,\ ary Jnjf" and pblld. thnrinn Kit pMrlck. Brtdfwt n u Hit*ii. Bridget Burk. Peggy Porky. Martha Porky. Th<ti.?f l.ahlfl or bain lohn PahifT or Kwan, Mary I urtain. 3 >lu!k?ncao children. Knmmaiy.? \t h?l- nntnher of pa?nenier* 101; Craw, 14 total. 110 Hatad of the pan?mgern. 11?crew 0 total. '.1! r.aMfig the total nuuibet of f tola lent by tha wreck car hundred K?r w Be ??of a an inr. Km 44a ? woe -By tha afflfal hare yoFtftday. of tha ntaam*htp tllob- t apt. I'lasa, trom Braioa Santiago tha Ulth nit . w? hare raeatrad tl.a lotnt lintel Hulhttn. ol tha 17th and tha Browanellla CVw'ttoln, of tha aid ult Wt taka tba following 1 Irani tha P. tot 'Fabal J4ii//etin Or-taia hara haan receleed for tha fitting out of an a*p??lu|<n to aiplora tha *atir? of tha i ppar Rio ttrar da. and t out Harry I.ore han k-an put in com. tnaml I h? particular nhjart of thl? antarprtna la to I rnir.ota hi all poaatble maana, tha military and a< miLarrial It taiaala of our aoothnaatorn trontlar. Major title* Port or. of tha 4th Artillery, haa b?cn *?*i*itd to tha ??mfnaod of tha Dapartiuant af tha l.ovar Klo llranda. with Rr?*?tt apt ( K. Wnoiiar, aa hta art lop \F>lftanr trtjntant t leni ml. 1 ha aliltuita ol Koyt Polk, fl'aint Imbal) |a twenty 4* hit ah.ira low water nia^k. and tha aotl In a ntrong nno art ne formation .Mktamomn and Point laahal ara ibeut on a laral aa aanartataad by aotual Furray. A a ah taut Surgeon kbadia. ol tha IT S Medical Rapnrtin-t.t haa baau raliatad at Kurt Polk by Or And>r>?n. tf tha aama e?rp*. | ha ? aarr nrUn enmpiaiu* bit tarty of the literal In tar tarenaa by tba military na tba roadn la tka Intrrtor, with tiadti* -J*. O. OtUm. 0<t. I. W YO MORNING EDITION?FR Tike Fair of the American Institute. VISIT OK THE VICB PRESIDENT OK THE UNITED STATES TO CASTLE HARDEN. The Vlee President of the United States, the Hon. Millerd Fillmore, accompanied by hie amiable lady, visited, yesterday, the Fair of the American Institute, now being held at Castle Garden He was received by the directors, and conducted over the vast building, filled as it is in every niche and oorner with the richest specimens of American skill and invention. Notwithstanding the unpropitious state of the weather, and the rain which fell, the Fair was well attended, and even crowded in all its parts, with the multitude of belles and beaux, who came to view the curiosities of art. science and mechanism, which are here collected together in splendid and rich confusion. We accompanied the Vice President in his loog tour of examination, which took several hours. ?nd were much pleased with observing the close keen aud scientific attention with which be examined, in all their minuteness, the several articles on exhibition. General Harvey explained to V1r Killmore the several machines which were exhibited in fall operation in the part of the edifice devoted to thi? department. and Mr Killmore expreesed himself highly gratified at the rare, curious and wouilerful rights which ha saw. In fact, it would take half a man's ordinary life to do full justice to the v*<t oulleotion. brought all at once to his view. The mind is lo.it And bewildered in the Tastness of the field. At the same tiiae. the idea It comeysofthe wonders of American skill, and meohanical talent and ingenuity, is profound. After taking a full, long and detitled view of the whole, Mr. Killmore took his leave, with an expression of the sense he felt of their exertions, aud of bis thanks to the directors for their politenoi in fact, we cannot conclude this brief notice, without bestowing upon the directors, and all concerned lu this irreat exhibition the mesd of our humble admiration and gratitude. Mr Killmore won all hearts, by the simplicity cordiality, and noblrue s of his demeanor and deportmeat, and showed that he is net less to be honored as an American citizen, taking a deep interest in the prog.ess of art and industry, than as Vice President of the greatest nation of the world. ADDRESS! OF THE HON. I.BVI WOODBURY. The Hon. L?.?t Wooumav, ex Secretary of the Treasury. delivered the annual address before the American Institute, and a large coucour.-e of ettlzxDs, In the Tabernacle, last evening Among the celebrated persona present, we observed Vice President Killmore. Hon Mr I'pbam of the United States Senate, Kev. Mr. i hoale*. of hhode Mend, Hugh Maxwell, Collector of the Port of New York, and others. At half p..st 7 o'clock the exercises of the occasion Were commenced, by the Aeadetoy of Mu.ic performing the "Song of Music." which they executed lu a very creditable and artistic manner. Alter the object of tbe meeting wan explained by lien. James Gbaodler, that gentleman referred to the t'atr at Cattle Garden, and tbe advantage* which tbe meobaoln rts laud agriculture confer on mankind lie said tbat It is tbe intention of tbe Institute to make application for baring an agricultural school attached to each free school in this city. Ha apokeat some length on tbe subject of improvement in tbe mechanic arts, which, be raid, tend to promote labor rather than abridge It. by producing an inoreaxed consumption and reduction in prices. As an evidence of this progress in tbe mechanic arts, a fee years ago an American could not catch a mouse, without depending on hngland for a trap Knglaud, too. furniehed us with our ralln ad iron, our cutlery, steel, Ate , but under tbe spirit of enterprise wblcb has been st imulated by tbe Aueiirau Institute, one manufactory in Jersey City now makes one-tenth part ot the i|uantity of steel MM In tbe country, and the prospect Is, that before lire years we will produce cutlery which tbe kuglish manufacturers will not be able to surpass All we waat. to be independent for all the.-e things. Is to avail ourselves of the ierource* within reach of our own country. 1 be Hen Mil.lean Killmonk, Vice President, was introduced to the assemblage when Gen. I handler concluded bis remarks, and the announcement of bis nsnie was received with rapture and applause, which be politely acknowlrdged by bowing The oral or ol the evening. Justice Woonai av, of the Supreme Court of tbe I'n'ted States, was then introduced to tbe meeting, by tbe President of tbe American Institute, and alter the applause with which be wai gre< ted had subsided lie proceeded to deliver the annual address. the subject of which would be he said, tbe encouragement of .tm-rican agriculture, manufactures, and commerce They era three handmaids, and instead of being hostile to each other, should be inter- ! locked like the Graces He thea showed the dxpen- ' deuce of eApJh_op tbe other, sou the inguu*K.i9 r.b\t,t to be. tbey will move on like the great laws Of nature ' around US. Ihe progress of agriculture for the 11 t j two centuries was beautifully truced by the speaker, as well a* its numerous fluctuations It Is develop -d.be said iu the successive Improvements on the plough ? | tbe chief instrument of agriculture ? the farmer's threshing machine, the fanning mill tbe improvements In machinery for diawiug water frion wells. In the aid which ehtmistry has brought within the reach of the cultivator in the analysis ot soil*, manures fco as well as the s c< Gaining ot the suitableness (.f particular crops to particular descriptions of soils In addition to this the fascinating science of botany has tended t > promote agriculture, bydistinguisbiog plant* and seeds,hut In nothing more i* its progr -as developed thau the addition which It has brought in the Incuts- of vegetables to our tahle such as the tomato and several ?lhrrs. In feet, lhe t'ulted States have become, by afrlcjlrtire. to the world, wbat Northirn .tinea was to Palestine. But grrat as has been the progress of Improvement lu I agriculture, It tan been outstripped 1 y tha'. Id the iua- j rbaoic art" l.m k at the spinning Jenny. our inprnr?.l water ahnli. our lathra our enginery our itr*w<kl|n, I and a variety of oiher thing* tt na* made lotMi- , Uvea to ero** State*, It print* book*by ,-teatu It cl<>thci arrnlr*. It can pin a thread to go arouod the globe, while on the old ejntrin the material would net be out ot the ranler ? baud*. Manufacturing too. la a powerful peace maker It ha* Improved In the foimitloa of lira arm* and gun powder, nod Inn mitigated In a great no a*ore the horror* of war. To arown all eomraeree ha* almort dl-tannd agrloultute and the nreohanla art* la the rare of Improvement It ha* penetrated even (he wall* of the < i leillal * mplre and oro*?e? the line twice tobarpoun the leviathan of tbe water* wltbln eight of tbe ?bore* of China Hue It mu?t not b? ?uppored that tmpreeement In agriculture ha* r -Bohcd a Bin It There ingotd gmitl tor Mlniig that It ?ili go on.and for thl* purpo-e chemistry ?b >uld b< still tuither Invoked In the discovery of uew m mure*, and every other assistance *houid be railed up m to contribute' to the g< neral remit. M an tifact are* and me. cbar.lc* too. will Improve and ?? will commerce The ri c.alndi r of the ilt*ri>ur*e waa devoted to an evpo?|. tlon of the henepf* whleli further pr'gre,* In egrl :ul ttue mar.nlactuve*. end com mere* will confer on the people of the I nited -State* and tbe world at targe. Ilrnoklpn I lip Intelligent e. O-T. 11.? Kivo*l nt'avv tJiai i it l oi at.tenCiirlTW Ot? ? ?vn T re mi* ra - Tbe Jury in tbe raw of I ngu*. tu* Wan*eh. and arnllne. hi* wife, and Ant'iln-ite I u'r?n wbo were on trial f>ir burglary In the *?r?n4 degree. ar^uUted tbe prlaonera, for want of auM ilaut ?vld? nee. 7H' fVeple r? .7 i-r-tlin B'mn I, and Oere'in* Weave A, * ltd Afeip It' rhrr ? The defendant* were all In Hated fur burglar? In tbe f,r-t degree in having entered the h< uie i f Sam ue| Pari t i *<j ,of No 1IA Olnmbia *treet. and etnien end retried ?*?j varlone aetlelee ? >n*l*t i * if*'lverw*re ladie*' drevaee, and gentlemen'* wreilng appatil. valued In ail at ab?.nt S t 9. The ra*e ? , g vi n tn the jurv at about 2 o'clock and after an ahlenoe i f ab- nt fifteen mlau'e* a verdict wa* rendered, i eijiiittlng the women who were believed to have acted by the dlreetlon of their hu*haada. AuguMu* Wanaeh v.a* four.d guilty of burglary In the flrat degree /'evgetp.? Kllfha Averill wa* arralgaed on an Indict | tnent for forgery In the aeaond degree and pleaded not guilty. He wa* then placed upon hi* trial Th* In- i diriment charge* him with having, at different time#, and tn different perron*, panned a number of >."< and f 2 note* on th* Monroe ( ounty Bank. NhnAmm The bill* purport to have twen algned by John Mnincy Adam*, a* Pr? Ident. Rome four or five p*r*on? la thle fit* were Imnoeed on bv the epeelon* appearance of the bill*. ?o mnch are they Ilka the g*uutn* The ca*e wa* adjourned, however, upon the filing of an affidavit thnt material wltne#aee. on tba part of tha defence, were I abeent. Oov. 11 ? Crvv Cocat.? Before fudge Greenwood, City lodge?J. //. Haiti r* Wo** OeAerlp ? Thl* *ae an action brought hv the plaintiff to recover deer age* to the amount of S3<k?. for injury to plaintiff1* health. ...I. m- nun III Bin B|'pr?DI1<-e? ami ?errant? and alao |o?a of work In ron*e picnae of the refn*al of the defendant to repair ami heap ta repair. a hnw let by Mm to plainttff. and which. aa allged In the complaint, he bad agreed to do Tba jury vara una).la to affrea, and vara discharged Koran u? twr With ?Tba body of a boy. apparently abont tvalro yeara of aga vaa loand floating la tho vatar at Had flook Point yesterday morning. An Inqneet will he held on the body Ho la supposed to ba tba lad advertised about tan day* ago In anion of tba alt* papara. and tor tba recovery at wbom a raward of ffiO vaa offarod. Pollrr Intalllganra. Ckarfr of Fain Pretence* -Wa nntlaadln yesterdav'a IrumM, tba arrant of fftr phen R Tall a resident of rathem. Wantobaalar county, on an alleged charge of obtalnlnf a bill of grocerlf-e. amounting to fM* from Thomas Mnrrnll, of tbln city by flalse and fraudulent representation* Tba cana van hruifht. ya?ta?il??. bafora Justice Monntfort for a hearing Vtr Hart, of Westchester. appeared avenunaal for Vir fell and re marked that ba would ware tba eroae examination of Mr Morrall and wan ready tn ooter bail for the op. pearanee of his client Mr Hart further remarked that ba wanld ba able to ahow. on the part of the defence ihopld tba care near ba brought to trial that Mt Tell had net made the false representation* alii gad to bate bean made; and further that Mr Tall had porobaaed gnnde from Mr Mnrrell for same tan year* pest and that the present difficulty wa* merai* a little difference of opinion, and that It wa? oarer tba

Intention or dfepnaltb n of Mr Pall tn defraud Mr. Mrrrell ont of one dollar jnatly due to him The ma gistrate then fixed the amount of ball at ft oon >h-x Mr. Ogdan of Weetehester county, came fbrwnrd. and entered lato therrqulred anraty. CAorfe af Rtewting a Ifmtraaii ff'agau. ? Two boya, called Alexander llotn and John Hole* were are?ted yesterday on a rbnrga of stealing a horee and wagon I bey vera found In poeeeastnn of the property In the IVth ward and taken Into custody be ofl|-?r I.v tblatr. who aonreyed them before Inatlea McOra'h at d they war* both committed ta priaon. >RK ? IDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1841 Tbeatrlcal and Huilcal, Bowiii Thkatbic ?We hare never eeen two pieces fo entirely Hucoesaful as " Hearts are Trumpa" anil "Warwick" are at the Bowery Upward* of twenty thout-aud perron* must hare witnessed them this week, and every evening they have been applaud* 1 niort heartily ; in facr, the enthusiasm they hav* arouaed In the audience* has been um,t remarkableThe rnmiinvil thu Uowerv i? well able fc these piece* Id the moat pertect Qiauorr and whs* witb the (fraud scenic display* of ' Warwick," the excellent acting in It. and the admirable performance of" Heart* are Trump*." one can indeed enjoy an evening at thi* home Mr Hauiblln ha* taken the right plau to ensure a handsome patronage to hi* hou*e ; he give' everything of ihe b>st ; there is nothing w.'mere about the playa he brings forward The public are supporting hmi in his elforia. and there is no doubt that the present reason will go on lu the same brilliant ?tyle in which it ha* been commenced. This evening. both the new pieces will be repealed. Broadway Thkatuk.?The tragedies and melo-dramaa of Knowies are among the innet popular produc- I Hons of tha legitimate drama. There is a unity of plot, a consistency of incidents, an elegance of language, and a natural developement of the moral of the narrative, in all hi* plays, peculiar to this author's happy vein The tragedy of 1'he Wife, or a Tele of M*ntua," la one of the best of the collection; and as performed J**t night at the Broadway, was truly impressive. The Marianne of Mis* Hushtnan was the lu.passioned Italian woman of Knowle*. rising superior to all plot* aud conspiracies, and maintaining her Constancy with confidence and resolution even iu the hour of despair. The personation received the warmest encouiuui* of the overflowing house The wily St. Fieri* of Mr ('nuldnek. was also well portrayed, and well received; and here in anticipation of further criticism*. on the ground ibatlhis gentleman assumes to be a fixed star we arc authorised to say that Mr. Cooldock has not come here as a star, to eclipse or rival any nther''half doian " whose merits may or may not be e<|u?l to his ow n; but a* an assistant to "our own particular star " barlott.e Ciisbmau. the arduous duties ot whose professional tour through the States, witl be considerably lightened by the active assistance of an auxiliary, well versed in her peculiarities upou the stage and capable of relieving her froui much labor and fatigue In the practical knowledge of bis profes- j *i?n. which he has already evinced With this explanation. we are sure that an Amerioan audience will appreciate and respeot the position of the stranger, and give their hearty encouragement Among the other characters of the play, the Leonardo of Vir l)yOtt the Antonio of Mr Fredericks. th* Florin of Mr Byrne, the Bernardo of Mr. Harris, and the llartolo of Mr. i hapniao, were very crsditably executed as indeed, were the characters throughout The amusing farce of "John Dobbs," (although by right the especial property of Burton.) was admirably done l'he Mrs < hestsrmau of Vltss Kate Horn, evinced a continuous improvement in this promising aotresa. She has the will and rapacity to become a popular favorite. A disposition to please the audience is a sure card To- ' night Miss (.'ushman and Mr. Couldock appear iu the "Hunchback." Kisio'a Oa?uw.?The audience at this place of amusement, last evenlug, was quite numerous, and they all seemed very much pleased at the daring achievement* on the tight rope, as well as with the drolleries cf Francois Havel In the new put ads. composed by M 1 i- iirmaui ann rnuiiru "iMeodemnn," (otherwise the big fuel.) which wa* received with much laughter Th# meet capital part ot thin pantomime ?m a grand/<?> dt ifuutrr. by Md'lle* I chman and < ele*te, aud Meaara. Brtllant and Well*, which wan executed with great ( iiiAic aud much ehoregraphio eorreetne?? MJ lie Lehman pdMctwa peculiar grace and nonchalance, which make her nally bewitching, and Mis* Celeste la alao very plea*lug. and will alwaya be a favorite whet ever *be goe* Am for the maitri dr h*Urt. M Brlllaut'* triumph ooa*l*t* in a mathematical precision. a peculiar certainly, which ie truly aiirprlalng: hie leap* and conatant apiuning delight -d and a*tnnl*hed the andtmre The entertainment* concluded with tiod'Oaki " The bill for thia evening will conaint of the daring eaeroUe* on the - tight rope.'' followed by ",NIcodemna." and the "Magic Trumpet." Ei tuiit'i Turner?The entertalnmenta commenced la t night with a repetition of the new and original operetta called tha " Demon Jeater, or the Dutchman'* Dream " It la a moat beau'lful and romantic piece and we* received again .wlkb-.'ha.nttvi' HlMrtlWtftTyal&pioyed for the ocee*ton wa* remarkably well adapted The popular ballad eung hy Ml** llltfert wan atimnahly eiecuted for which ?he wa* warmly applauded I he operetta waa followed by the performance of a new farce, called "A Peep from a I'a lor Window" a coinpo Itlon of \1r Rrnugliavi'? It diaplay* a great deal of originality and wit. and te?tlf) -d the abilitlei of Its author It wa* *u*'aioed by alt the principal character* with rihrt throughout and wa* accompanied with the ra wt bti'llant an-'eea*. The new polka, danced hy Mlaa Malvlna and Mr f'rwderio. *raa given with mnch grace The arnuaetneiita conclude! with the last new burletta of ' Huiton'a New \ *rk Directory. or the Cockney In Am-rica ' aeted for the aecond time It. via witneeaed with burnt* of laugnter and rhcut* of applauac. Nahumm.To? ?Tar ?There waa quite a full audience at thia honae, la t evening, and the very atnu*iDg drama of the " Midnight llonr" waa played aa the drat piere It waa received with much applauae; and the verlou* character* In It were well *u?talned by C. and M . Taylor, t Burke. < rocker. Herbert Jeflbraeu. and Mr*, t . Mceteyer The way the old Owierol i* binhoorltd by the young folk*, and hi* ward taken tro<n him, before the midnight hour, i* very laughable. The btirle?qne of the "female <0 PhleveV wa* neat played Tbla hurle*que la one of the he*t we have Men . it ah unite with wii ty >a%lo>{* and there la much chow about it. two eeaenilala for the *uce*e* of thl* kind of piece : and. withal. It ia apttally anted Mr* Maatayer, in tha principal par', ha* made quite a hit. To-night. Mr. tV Wood *111 take a benefit, and pre i et? a very excellent hill, fur which we refer to our llet of amueemeota Mm iikll'* Oivwrir Tin ?ra? ?Laat night thia n?at little theatre waa again crowded with a highly fa-bl >n able audience whom the excellent attraction* exhibited at tbla borne had led thither The am<i<cai"at* commenced wtlh the eomedli rta en'ltl d ' i Van Without a ll?ad which dl plat* a great mfIt *4 tfdhff acdvlt ar.d whlsb ou'ed eou'lnual laughter. It waa well arted. and received with general aativfautlon. I i e/. III * a: *ud opera eell, I th. i 1,11.1 of o . ? ? * mint.' ?i< rrp'#t?i| for tbr rrronil tin* pnlcrlijr evening Ml?? Mary Trjlor, who pfriooilM Marie, the child of the regiment. acted rlth th? mn.?t brilliant Mirrrif Mheogeruted the eong of " talut a In Krnnc-," with r<-?.?iil?r?t)lr energy and aplrlt and in th? ro. n atm of farewell my rompanlom,"' ?he aang "1th the nioft touching ni>r<n. and wh.-n the plaintive note* of bar ?w??t and nrNlitga mlei r?a?al loatrika theiat* of the enehantad apcctator* aha wt* greeted with the roo?f enth?Ma*ttc anpla't*- Mr Bl?h p a* I nji l| h ititK wl'h great aldlttt and ta*te In bl*du<t P rn more that ll- tir, 'and th? ??.|o' 11| l< Iny." It a* Mittilnn] aa a wbola. with much talant. an I rrowned with the nut g atlfjtng aucce i Tonight ' 'I he t hlld of tha Itegtment" again I aintt'i Miitum -Wa lave an fr-qneo!ly nulled ll.ua u luetrete, that wa have hut littla to *ay ahowt t b# O'. p*t? that thajr a ntlnua to ataat with tba ama >ofr?n which an Invariably aUi>nd< fialr doing < Tbij Inlt' diiN variation* In the ' Voyage Mart tad'' every and alao io their programme* Tonight, th?) mil giv* an agoatlrnt concert Wrt rtt'a Ciacpa, Aatna fYatt?It la everywhere r?n eilid how gay and plea-ant the arrival of Welch a aupatlor ai|uaatrtan lima* ha* raadarad tLa vicinity of A'tor Plana 1 ba talaot of th- aril*?* tha iplandor af tha decoration'. the egcrllanca of the >?*d*? of tran-f> rmatl* a*, thr heanty and grace of Madam Howard. tba emetine aktll of the London aarnhata. the wondrr* ot the llatK'tite Board and the Bottle Imp directed and arranged by l a iwai.ader. the he*t ami net etrgaat of nraaa manager* all aid In maintaining the high p< polarity of t hi* ealabli-hinent Pa**<n BrvgtnLtnv Boiikvv* Bmrir *r Vie- ?' flaatxw ?The ticket* for tha parforinanca which I* to ha given to-morrow evening are ailing la grea'. n i n. b?ri and there I* every react n to beltere tha' -bi-ehailtahle totrfe will he very prolllanle for the f ranch people who are in need among our large em wunity. The Rianag*r* of thl* benevolent affair are men of great enterprise and no dmiht their eiertWn* for go<id will be rewarded with aneccaa f tilnac Aaeguet v ftm>w* ?Thl* being the l?*t week that the great necromancer. Macalliater wllievhiblt hi* cnrprlclng dciterlty and akill a* a magician, th ?# who bnva not cean hlui ahould vl-it hi* eneoanted palace M(i Broadway, W iihui.kw Canwmn - Thl* beautlfnl painting ihoiild he teen by all the admirer* of tha art It ba* bmi eeen by aome of out leading eltlteii*. who have pint ounred it a work of great uierlt. and worthy the aitcMlon if all thn?e who reuerate the character of the llluetrtoti* W afchtogtow Mi?iev* Roow* - The Karen Vile Mirror, repraaentIng all the great kmerlran lake*, the St Lawrence aa I th- IIiter Pagtu nay. ahonlil ha eeen by tho*e who have n adt- aa bill hifn ' ' ? * ,:j * - * ? ir k ^iifii-ii* |ir("iucii*ii V r StlatK*. the I ankee coini JUn i? play in* at B?fMo * d lla Borgheaa, S'fanr Vita Sifnora 1 arentl dl \ lit (Me nod Si*n >r vra'ddl li?n- l?*on *n. m*-d by the ,Vu-lc?t Kaad Society ?f Philadelphia to li * ?' * MM rt, hu h III take piaoe on the l?(h of I .< i aihcr h?*t Til* llotrl*. aaatraia i*n tirmvltl. Hntt. Millard I liinior*. Vlr? iraMdent and I* ly Of. lilt -derma I) 8 | : 1 apt. Kattcan do ; < apt. ryl-f at d lady, Nnralrh: V.ajof I fltereno. I'. 8 t : lie K. P l.at>K?ottliy. Kiwlifitir; II H lnn?* and lady no*tow; II A AlidStet n and tan daughter*. rhttt*at?a I 1 ; U liar!* Wilmington; IJr l>* amp 18. A.; < i'l Hi W at-on at.d daughter. I-re* r omty. K \1 Bayer and family, MoMla; I 1 Spang ami Wily Pittabuipb. J. Henry W aehmgfnr I) I Knl^h' at l I* ly. Opting tie Id. t Klrby and lady, Octroi t, > Belcher Ml I <1.1*, t apt. Stewart, I' 8. \ arrieed at the Irtinp Hotiaa ya>terday. \ r at d Vfa S V ttkina. B<wl n, ra.italn Canty, H A ; Or Pnola. < ti.nni atl, ? r? aiu< ng tfc- artira * ye-Wtday at the I aioa Plate Hotel [ERA h Court of Oyer and r?rmlitcr. T1IK tlliu Cask CONTIM'BD?THIRD DAT. Before judge Ldwarde end Aldermen Ingereoll and JKRKUD Oct. 11. ? At the rlttln<rof the court thi* morning, the trial of < has II Carpeuter ?u resumed The trot* rjnmmatmn of T F Vounu continued ?It wee to Jiuuiijr. 184rt be gave Andro*|tbe roll of bills; frequently sew I arpenter from that time up to ibn tint* of hi* (witness's) arrest; raw Andros only once during that time; it was at Caldwell's Lauding in Marob. 184ft, be met bim; remained there only an hrur or two; caunot say that the pardon produced in court was ever in bis posse-rion. liret nae it iu the Warden's otliee at the State prison. I 'barleston; his friends and himself asked lor the pardon; applied to the Chap lain to obtain it fer bim but never signed a paper for it himself; bae seen a man named I'earson; does not k now I oit, Sheldon, or kreeland: saw Mr Jordan (tbe Attorney tieiieral) in the Stare prison, before bis pardon; when i arpenter gave bim tbe roll, he said what it was ; the four or bve dollar notes which witness took from ' arpenter for himself at twenty or twen t> Bve cents on the dollar, hegaveto Roe next day, but does not know if he gave him anything for them; there was n particular arrangement about them; did not owe Roe any money; Roe was in his debt; Roe said he would take tbe inouey, and witness gave it; kept a small nieuioianduui book, in which he gave Carpenter credit tor the bills, but doer not know where it is; never saw it sinoe be sold out; knew Roe in Boiton before he came to board at bis house in New Vork; saw bim frequently in Koxbury.but could not say tbey were very intimate; can't say positively, but IhluHS their wives were aoquatuted before they met In New York; tbeie wasa young man named John French, on a visit -?lth bim at the tinielhe Rixscame; be UN to work for wituess; be is a farmer, ko at borne; doeu not know that Roe bad any business; Roe did not give bim beck tbe dollar notes, nor anything for them; he paid I:iin some money tor Ins board but nut all; never gave hiui any more notes but those four or flvo dollar notes; there was no connection between bis family aud Hue's; does not think that be ever exhibited a b-.uk note to Carpenter in Abdros's presence aud asked bim "how it would go;'' does not remember that be ever showed and consulted Carpenter on tbe skill with which any note was executed; saw the ends of the roll of notes, but did not open or examine tbem; Carpenter did not ray wby be got bim to give Andros the roll instead of banding it himself to Andros; Carpenter sold the roll to wlmess tor twenty cents on the dollar, and he sold it to A ndros for twenty live oeuts; Andros never paid for it, there were sixty or seventy dollars in It; never saw him after but once, at Caldwell's Landiug; was never with Andros when he passed any of that money, never passed any counterfeit money in this city; can't ray whether he ever had any ten dollar notes on the Tradesman's Bank,of this city; oan't ray whether bouney had aiiy or not; knows Mr. Mar ITUP -- "' ""J. ?*? - ? to lionney's company. exhibited to Mr. Stanley aoy tm dollar notes in an oyater cellar in Chatham street; does uot remember ever meeting Mr Stanley In the oyater cellar; doea not remember gtring Mr Stanley a niie on the Tradesman's llaok, or any other btnk; called himself Trew K. Young In harle itou; has never gone by any other name; when he came here lour weeltn ago, ha entered hla name as f. Trear, as bediduot wiah to be tormented with Carpenter and hie friends ; knows a Mr. Keeceand his wife , gare him a note, which he afterwards returned to witness and told him It was a counterfeit ; does not knew what became of it , does not know Mr. Ueaumout , has seen Mr I ear son since he arrived here ; bad no particular conversation with him : has spoken to him ; has not seen a Mr. Colt that he kuows. The AvToa*Kv Orssati. did not sen what all those persons had to do with the present caso. Th* Counsel lor the defence said that It would appear that the prosecutors In this ca e had praoured the pardon of Air. Y oung from the Governor ol Mai<acbu-etls for the purpose of getting his evidenoe against Carpenter. The Auvsni r Orsr.irL- What, If he has talked to those persons If it will he alleged that kreeland sod bbrldon who are re>p< ctable dry goods merohaoti, are members ol the Kldd company. Is it any evidence of the coriuptlou of the witneis, II he spoke to thein ? Aatotbe par<l> n of the Governor of Mavsaotku.-ietls, they would ee? how that was granted, by and by. Air. llasua protested against the interruptions, and the Judge said he would est' em It as a personal ftvor it couuiel would confine theineelva s to the argument] of the case V\ ltm ss cans here alone, and at hW own expense ; hoe not talked to Norrls about tbls ca*e, nor was ho pre eiit wht u Norrls made his statement ; has worked and sained a little mouey at the trade of a carpenter, which he Warned in the prison, has not pail all his MIWA'Air' U*< fe, J i < In the Xtiruey tieneral. H'-tfasiwed-ls not a man ot any property; has woiked for Lawrence, l oater ft Co . at (Charleston, slnre he came out ot the Slate 1'rlson ; bis wife and cbiiditn ate at hi r brother-in-law's house, since ho csme nut ; hscauie acquainted with Mr Stanley sometime in '4*1 ; does not know tbat Stanley had any buslnsss ; has u< t r< ca him since he c.ime here Isu uut'l he saw him In court ; does not kaow whether Stanley Is venuectsd with any newspaper In this city ? Were you In town at the timo of the Astor Theatre riots' (this question aasohjictid to, and tba ( curt ruled a .slnst Us ndiulssihi Ity | Mr. Keen ki pt the Shads,'' adrinklng and rating bouit , has bsen frequently in that bullae wltb P'a*|>eiiter , Ho re called on Mm at the Kaltera I'earl If treat House, since he came to town ; Hmca askad hla, was h< beie as a witness on ( ar center's ea-e ' and he told him he could net talk to him at all about It; lie. e.) said ha ca'i* I en him about a small bill he owed him ; ha? barn In the Attorney General'* oltlne frequently I sinew he tans to town, and has never seen Mr. Norrls ll.rre ; n young man also called on Mm about the bill 1 he owtd Haece ; he began to talk about the < arp nur matter, but witness tt la him he could not say aoytbiog about it (4.- llad you been cautlomd not to speak to Caryn- ! ter, or any one -Is*, upon this matter ' Air P I < in is 1 hji'oul to tba conversation] or | dlierth ns of a third paity. The Aiiosssi Gi *aa ti. aunts I to show that the [ reason why llie witness entered his name as K TfsW, was. hen*0 e lie was eautloned, by those who hest knti* how to ad viae him. to ke< p out *1 the way of Carpenter 1 and his fiiehds. '1 he ( curt said they had id evident-from the wit- I d?i mi irtioti for cbirclrg bis neue Mnce he ar- ; rlr?d in town. Jons [ hns> xaminrd by th<? Attorney Uencral - II * d?j ?t Palermo, In Maine; is * linnnr, t eonfsr, i ar.d tine an Interest in a mill; Hied the.e nineteen lien. was In New York ah >ut 15th or 'goth November, i Iv .*?; Is uncle of I' K nil g. Is his mother* brother. 1 iinsinxl brrrtill the 36th iinutt|. lilt; worked for I T. I \ ?ut k helping him to lay down *"in* bowling alls y? at 113 lirowdway; hmrded with 1 oung; knew < arI roler saw him first In the saloon, h- used to come in marly every day; knew Andros; raw him first in the ral< on, he used to mm almost every day: Andrew an l I ar|entir erre there generally ah ut the one time; I our g and Sargent took rare of that saloon, knew John New, be and < arpenter got acquainted while witn*-* was in town; Hoe I deed, floe, t arpenter. and Andro* wert acquainted with T. Y. leung, saw ftoe and Carpenter tegetbir at the Westchester noose; Daniel. Urerfsy and Vnung were there; Carpenter. Hoe, and Urn ley were standing at tha front door conversing together; did not biar lb* rouversaMon, doae n< t recollect reslag Hoe and I arpenter again that evening; < argents r wore heavy derk whiskers at the time be ?* w him at the Westebceter lloose, they were the eatoe n h r as those he w*ars now; does n> t recollect that H ere wsi d to he any difference In the whiskers he ware at that tin e, heard of the arrest of Andros for paeslng couisterfet' money; It was In January. 1M4; saw t arte a ter, And roe. and Ynnag converse together In the huwitrg saloon several times; the last time was three or four days before the arreet of Andrea; on that occasion. 1 oung sum d behind the counter, and arpenter and Andrrs in front of the counter snw Young and f'arpentsrlooking at a bill; bothof them had it Inlbeir hands, heard < arpenter eay to Young that he ermld have that (the bill) for U per cent; did not see what was Je t" with that bill; i arpenter and Androe went , out ot the saloon, can't say whether Ihey went tog?. IhsrrrroT; \ oung remained In the saloon; d ?< n-t rert I lent that How was in the saloon on that occasion fYess-rxwatsweW ? I.earned the tia fe of eo iper Ir m his fell" r In Maine, has had a shop fifteen years; owns n ferns four years and has share In a mill; has resld. 4 theie fifteen year* egcept while he was here at the bowling saloon, hi* b.otber attended to the budne-* wills he was abe? nt; came to New Ywrk to see the ctiy and not to engage In the bowling saloon. Y"uwg was here n yrar beloce him; wltnese was here a fortnight to tore he wu>k*d for Young, knew Koeeb>ott-n | y-ers before became to N'ew dork; f?-r part of that time he kept a hoarding-house at Roxbury; Hoe cam* to New S ork about a v ?ek after wltnese. had seen How at I'aUrmo the day before he left. knew Mrs Hoc; Palermo Is her native place, went thrsnqh this city with Hoe to see It, think kw saw f arpenter the day after he arrived; he used to come in ereiy day to the saloon, j s< metimes alone, sometimes with Androe, ao l a man asm- d 1 u'hill. NMllww I arp- nt. r (Sill remala tiro nr three hours rolling In the bowling room; witness was net engaged by Young for any particular business. after the laving down of the bowling saloon, was slek lor ten days in the beginning of January, I Han or It might he at the end of iseeemtx-r. HIV the first time he saw A ndree was from ah >nt the loth to the middle of JiMir) it wa* about the middle of Itnikr; that ho row tho Mil with f ?r|. nor nod toting; cannot nag if thoro were ? > wto poronno In tho oaloon at tho timo; they ro about ton yard* from wltne**, and they ?poke to lord 11.at ho could hoar them; any otto oloo iheto could I ate board them; think* Itoo ?a< on the aota at the timo about n? foot from tho baf; flrat communicated hi* knowledge of thl* clrcnm*tan?o la<t >tay, in Booton, to tho Attorney tlonoral; male i.o ela'rnietit In writing; Mr. Kollogg canto to bim ond ho wont with him to Bo?ton: thin*" thoro wao an *| plication f?r tho pardon for toting before May la at hoatd in Juno that it bad b?ea granted. *aw tho l-a-don In tfo prloon; wh.n Voting wa* liberate.! ho winttotlie ritt.borg llouao In Briton, the nett ho raw if htm wa* in ralormo. in ttept'unber laot; wa< not tahpnnaed boro but hi* a*pen*o? for attending thn tilnl aro to b* paid ha? no aeqtt*lnfaore with Oreoleyj ba* ht ard bia naiwo called a* "ttrooloy " at to*n mooting*: lo not protnlred anything more lhan hi* e*pen*e? her?; bio Intotalewa on that euhjoct worn with Air Ktlkgg Hi . i rwiieed /<y ill Thilrirt .drferWey ?The time ho ?a? III bo wa* confined to hod for 4 or 5 d?y*. and to tho b> no. for at' nt In day*, did not *ay anything to 1 *an< abrut the bill In I arpenter'o presence. Wii i mm N. Auimm b-tng railed tho Attorney den oral *aid it any objection were lai-ed ao to the ad nl ibiiity at hie i etyp >ny la cooeequerto of hi* con tie L D. TWO CENTS. tion. W?u prepared to produce hi* pardon, granted let July, 184S Cona*el for defence eald, that Mr Androe bad pleaded guilty to the charge Thar* being no fuitber objection now mada, Mr. Aodroa ?u examined. and deposed tbat he knows Carpenter; was Intra* dun d t* him In the fall of '44. on bi?ard the et-niaboal aa ex t ? I A ? ..II 1. . T I ' V? I pfii'p ?}? v> mw wen r? I *? uo" a r . uuui^, IWC A III H MO* quainted with blia in the fall of 46 or winUr of '40 at hie bowling saloon; w>* aeked to go there by Mr Carpenter; wii ness and Carpenter were frequently together every day. sometimes In the eveninga. ['onosel for defence here Insisted on the proof of the principal's couvtrtton being given In evidenoe before they should proceed further with the trial of the accessory. The Attorney Oeueral was a*are they should preduoo it. but that might be done before the Judge oharged the jury. Counsel for defence would not urge lte production till to-morrow morning but the Attorney (Jenetal here produced a copy of the minutes of the oourt where Andreee was convicted Mr. Cutler objected to this being put in as evidence; It was merely n copy of the minutes, and not a record of nonvlotion ? Counsel further remarked that It was necessary to produoe prref of the oonvictlen of th?'prinnlpal. before an acci ssory can be convioted. and if suoh evidence dapends upon the principal himself It Is not admissible; a man cannot make a confession that he has been gnilty of a crime, when perhaps he has not been, and then give evidence against another party, as being accessory to that offence of which he has confessed himself guilty j It being 3 o'clock, the court adjourned to 10 o'clock to.mon-ow (this) inoruing when the examination of Andros will be resumed City Intelligence. Tur. Whtiih.?About noon on Wednesday, the weather became again broken, and rain fell In considerable quantity It increased during the night and a strong gale blew from the westward Yesterday, It was half a hurricane in the southern portion of the harbor, and the waves were swollen into something like billows; while rain fell heavily at intervals, and the ?ty continued dark and lowering The evening became dry and cold towards sunset, but the wind continued to blow very strong during the night. It would stem that we are uot yet done with the gales. Fihk in fianovks Stskkt ?Last evening.at 4 o'clock, a tire broke out In the attic story of the building corner of llanover square and Be.iver street nooupied by Merle, Bright & Co , cotton brokers. There were thirty four balei of cotton In the rooms, packed, beside* some that was loose This cotton was the aggregate of the samples of cotton they had sold and It was, for th# most part, destroyed by the flames, together with the upper part of the building. The Are companies In thw virintty. were promptly on the spot, and worked so efficiently that in a very short time, the pr gress of tha Ing. In order to enable thn fireman to direot I drnto Of water from the top. Whan the tlra waa partially aubdued, the buruing cotton eat thrown out of tbe win* dowa. and ana of thn bale* atrikiog one of the wlraa of the telegraph, (the telegraphic ollloe la underneath), broke it. The damage by Ore. with the exoeptloo of the cotton, waa not great. The building la conaidet* ably injured by water. Kick iw FoaavvH 8t*kkt.?Yeaterday mornlnt about 4 o'clock, a lira waa discovered iu the large but.dtogla the rear of No*. 07 and titt Korayth atraet. bataaen Matter and Wrand atreeta ocoupied by a number of manufacturer' andownedby Vlr I A. Iloyt. No 22 Bowery. Tbe building notwitbatandlng the exertion* ef tha firemen wae consumed, with ita rontant*. Damage aatimated at $10,( 00, the greater part of which I* covered by Inauranre. Wo regret te add. that a young man named I raoklln. a member of Ho-a Company No. 2. had hit leg bioken while going to tbe lira, and Mr. Michael Mrhelle, tnaiataot Knglnaer. waa aeverely Injured by a fall from one of tho building*, during tbo lira. K.ax- A fire wna dlacovered in the back baaement of hf'Uae 20 ' heauut atreat, about hall pact three o'clock, on Wednesday afternoon. Tha Htation Mouse hose waa at work on the fire, the damage occasioned waa trilling Tux Aawavaooo Urtlnl ?Thla fine body of military pasted our office, at i o'clock yeaterday afternooa, oa their return from a target excursion in N?w leraay. The target waa completely riddled. They ware accompanied by Dingle'* brass hand. 1'ii'Tiiir ?In paeatng the houae 119 I' ham ber* atreat, wa recommend ped>atrlan* to ha on their guard; tha iron gra'tngn la Iront of that house were unfastened yr'trrilay morning, nnd a gentleman known to u*. fell partly through one aevetely injuring tatm'elf by tha fall. It waa a miracle that he e oapad without a broken leg or arm Honaekeepera leaving their atreetgratbkfVliy lihe.l for life and liinli ara ten valuable to be left at the merey of oarelr.ia servant'. or their thou'htleaa employer*. At t iokvv ?l.ait evening a fine little biy. nameil Robert Ma-ion, In going with cloth.a from Vlr (iurney, merchant tailor in Wall atreet, to Twelfth atraet. on tha toil of one of the Broadway slave* -which got lot > one of the hole* near Knlton rtreet?waa precipitated to the ground, and tli- wheel peeved over hi. b >4y and both hi' arm*, breaking one of them and brulaing tba other, lie waa conveyed to the City Hospital. Aaevuxa Acciornv.?A 'carnaa named i.ennacd Na|rnn, fell, yeaterday. from the yar I arm of the bark Mary Anna. I)In.' in the Kaet tlvef Tha baak of hie ekull wa* fractured, and both hla leg* broken, one of them ..... V. II. II- -...>1-.... 1 A< ritiHT.? Ob Wednesday af'etti'hib, John Mward*, of No lei i harry street, nlipt Into* h l??n ritrl.iai broke tbe cap of hi* knee , he was i.eot to tha CUy Hospital. Ly officer Hubert V rean Tin Pan* InrmiD with Vwr?lTniiH.-F.r?f nl-tbt the Park U ao infested with pnwtttutei of the moat degraded decerlptlon. that no respectable pereoq ran walk through It without harlot hi* ear* exalted by the nwt obecene and filthy language. It la Strang* that *o near tbe ChleC* office thl* should be permitted. Court of Oenernl Menalon*. Before the llecordrr. Alderiuen Alien and Clark. C)| r 11.?ffrce*ei rawest FttrfntrJ. - llnietlo l>e koreat. Indicted fir grand larceny in stealing about forty feet of gold guard chain worth flM), from) liarlew K tranche, of lift t nurtlandt itreet. on the .'Id of tprll last, wan called, but falling to appear, hi* reeognUanee was deelar> d forfeit. t barles I.elar. one of the deputy Sheriff* of Philadelphia, Indicted fov an vault and battery with intent to kill Archibald Keynnld*. at the Carlton House, on the night of the !iilb of J one la*t waa called to antwer, but not coming forward, hi* ball, OUa Moultow, wa* order'd to produce him. falling to do whloh, the rrr< gnuaore was forfeited Iti Cet/Wrw' Han The District Attorney mored for judgment againat Samuel Thompson the Confidence Van Tha mntl n wa* opposed by one of thn counsel fi r fbe prisoner who ? ated that Thompson being confident that be had n >t b win gullry of any legal offence waa anil u? to lie heard through hi* counsel on lotne point' which would lie raised, lie also desired thai he might be fried on the other Indictment* against him before the court proceeded to Judgment. Tnei ourt will not pass judgment until counsel fir thn ncrust d ha* been heard fi?a fj (huliy ?Joseph Levy and ludnh l.*?y p'??did guilty to an Indictment, charging them with receiving about <10 worth of stolen g"ol<, knowing thw same to bare he-n stolen The defe idant* r. moved from the city to Harrishurg. Pn . wh-re th?y now reside Ihcl.ouit accepted the pit a. and fined tbe noCTisrd (tb <neh. nnd to stand eummlil-d till paid IhfniiH Taken -lothern <* f lItorg* rbuna* indies, t| for en attempt to comn.lt n rape lianiel ifhewhan. for receiving atolen good* and f'arolloe B?m?r f r petit larceny the defendant* were called nnd did not Ii.r.nt?- ?.?-' - ?a * rant* l-atud 7'Oaf fmr (irm>4 I army ? \ run nam*! lohn W. Read- ??' aallad to taka hm t.lal. on a eha. <a nf <r?nd laraany. In baring on lb 'd ?f Inn* U-t ac?|an two frain Th<ma< i orroran Tl>-rnmplalnmt and ueivinail or* rocm mali? In ab wdlng hnui? and praoon? ti? tba alleged th*ft. had b. amu rery lntlin?*a and Carp lan had informal! Kr?d? lb it h? had * l"0 On tr.n morning of Ilia ."d of Jnaa. load- g?t up lir<t and w-ot In traahfbat; ait-raar l< oro .ran got up. and aft-r breakfasting ratnm> d to bl? room. i-r? h? f aud >1* pflomi handllai ho t.nnk orrnrai want out. but returned alter a ahart flan and found hW tiiink op?n. On atimtnlttg ?h? oon'.ntaof tba trunk h-ml- -d >140 fourteen ten dollar gold pieeai baring bean ramoted Renda disappeared at tba ?am- tini- and < or* coiaa old not ?ra him axaln ttll attar bo arrant In A ague t Inat, a lattar waa r-eeired byt oraoran, latimatIr it that llaad- nan dead, wharaup o ' ora^ran naai on to Boaton. and found that iha Inf >rma'l?n a intala-d In the lattar wan tin'rut l"hla lattar >< In R-ada own band writing and at wltnaaa thought whaa b-nOret aaw It wa-i a rradr up a flat. Wm H. Bttoaa. pollaaman. being ewora. tertldetl that ha brought IIeada from l harle ton ft o. whitheg ba want with a roqultitlon to bring him to thU otty; hw obtained from tba ..file, r who had tba aaeuaad in ebnrgw, on# eagle and two bnlf *a?|e? Tba Jury found tba prtaonar guilty, and tba Court aantanead blm to tba gtala prla?n for tba tarm of thran yanfa. Tba Court adjourned till 11 o'oloak to-niorron (tbla) morning Oar rtiilarlrlptila Corraoponrtane* rmurnran, Ortobrr II, IMt. Tht fat* Riot M infrrim* .1i*aa/(, f-r No fiirthar ra-amptlin ?f h'<atllitia? la tha lofaotad diatrlet' la antlclpatad Tha fWa anmpantaa b?l?o*tog to tha fir-t brigade. who have oeoupted tha (nunJ aiiiaa yratetday. were rallaaed thta morning by aeraral coinpanlea detailed frnoi tha ?een?d hngid* Mr tVIIHam Wilt, ooo of tha dain.?ratlo ooonala mn>TP jo? ?i< en a in Kanmndtno ma<i* narr > at. rnpa with hi* Itfa Iwt craning II* ?n. a'tanked la tha ttraat* by a Hand of ruffian* known a* tha ?ln<k liutrb,' or ' ttraiaa " Tha wratahat b?at hun *wrwraly at* ut thd kmd and Inffletod hrrihia **h ?n ma tnr<?t hi* *1'nation I* mill cno*id*rad rntiaoi 1 ha l ark \ anartialn fWon I nfioyro ho? arrlrnd at tbia por*, I'll data* from P?r*o i ahalln to lha i.l.| nit 8ha hi In** no naw* No* a ldttar nor a pnpat fa* baau fattaltad. I h* at.** onto* ya.torloy ?iw a* follow* r f lrtl/ >?rd-?t.(?l ItaadioR KK *..*> .*<H; ?.?** tdhi?h > i,bf, fTtddiot* ??tt .irR-S; $i ?*? vlithtli bar. #V, **; f7?'?' U. !* lo>*n 'M, W III, $??*? i> . *d; ti ?h* Pann dd, ,V*J; dw. Hhiladnlr ia -tank, .*>. II to. M.rhnniat Monk, *TM I * P?nnt *1*. t'H X$ dr> Sthnylkill bar Intat, 5a. HHdo. Kaatlin* Itd, |il% .<#,rt d I oard- ?*?> P. *. In?o, *?. ?i liW $A?I da da , of. 111; |Ltl> ti*!, 41. N-. tl i??> >'**na*aaa H. n la, int.* mly Id, i ft it*' It !?,* V 4 ?h* Mannfaatarart and Math* uatk. *'..*da. Can, Htak.Vv ? da U.rtia bank li. Iitlln da,? PH