27 Ekim 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Ekim 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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*????????????? TH NO. 5(121. Arrival of the Europa's Mails. HIGHLY INTERESIING DETAILS. OUR EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENCE. THE TURKISH QUESTION. THE AMERICAN FLEET IN THE MEDITERRANEAN The Diplomatic Trouble with France. INSTRUCTIONS TO M. SAIN 1)E BOIS LE COBTE. interview between the American Minister and the President of the French Republic. Tbe English View of the Nicaragua Question. THE VERY LATEST NEWS, &c., die., &?. The steamship Kuropa arrived at Coston on Thuri. day night, and bvr mails. lu part, reached this city las evening by tbe j4<w Haven route. I'he derails of the news are particularly Interesting. The Diplomatic Trouble ulth the t'rinch hi InUitr. The Taris Munitmr of the 6th lost . says : ? An art cing journal lm? connected the nomination of M. da Cola la Comte to V\ asbiugt >n, with the diplomatic incident that lately occurred in the United States, the first news of which reached Tails yesterday. Thia connection is quite erroneous At the time when M. Bois le Comte was nominated by tbe French government, they were tntire'y unaware of what bad happened in America. The Journal du Havre fays :? It is aunounoed that the instructions given to M. BuU le t'omte are of a nature to smooth over the difficulties which have arisen between the United States government and M. Toussiu In fact, the French cabinet di.approTes of the latter individual's course; they jrojiose. it is slid, to submit the question to the arbitration of a third povtr. The minister plenipotentiary from the United Slates visited L'Eiy.ea on the 9th instant, aad had along coulerenou with the President of the republic Independently of the que.-tlou regarding M. Touvsin, Minister from France to Washington, another difference exists between the French and American republics. it is relative to the concefilon of territory which tbe < hinere government, at the demand of M. de Modtigny. cur t onsul at Fbaog-hui. has made to Fiance, of vtbi r power*. Thn \mrrican Consul, not being able . to come to an arrangement with ?l. de Montlgny, and | M. Forth Rouen. Fiancii < harge d'Affairus at Canton, | as to the portion to be nwardwd to hi* nation, ha* re- ; ferr> d the matter to Washlngt' D. The difficulty la ntil 1 pending; but, t.wlpg to the conciliatory spirit shown by France in this metier, the affair will soon bearranged. Some changes hare bton mude among the consnlatel; the arianeemeute ate not a* >et complete, but It is taid to be etitain that M. Sim ainet has been nominated for the < f'.ce of Cen ul <ii neral in llarana M. SimouBrt has been station* 1 at New \ ilk where bis place is to be filled by M I) Mauterive, who was Consul General in Caracas. On the strength of assertion* made by the United Statts Minister, the police hare lately embargoed the shipping of a certain quantity of warlike arms, ordrred at a French manufactory by a New Orlean* house. There la prorf poeltHe in < abler ee, it Is said, that these arms were defctlir ' for the Cuban expedition. OPINION*! OK I'll ? KNOI.IMI I'nttsS. (I 'tn the I. don 'I lme?, Dot in ] Wr Iiimi pin-sod etiii atleutln the Who!# corroa- ; pondei.ee publish* d b* tb- c ff*. ?l Journal ;.f the United B'ates with ri fen i ee to the transaction* which 1?J I to the c< saation of Inteironr-e b*-1 sen the tmeric tn govei D trn cl and ,V I'oiilaiifne P- 11 I'lii-sin the an- : cri cited Minister < f Fr?i.ce, and a ? puhli -h In ano'b*-r c -1 u in si three eery extra*.rdh ary letters which appear t<> bare teimiiiaini thi* oi oole. That of Mr. * lajtnu. the ,i meri* an S-cr-'ary of H'ate. ad lr??>ed directly to the btmeh \ intstrr tor or el an AIMrs (contrary to all di| loir.etic u age) i certalnlv a v?r* s'ar'lirig pro du 'ttrn, aim whatever in* v have b *n the indi* c ret Ion <d >1 rou?*in. it n ud b* c'U'e** d that the tone of tho N ) ti I a i * r of the United M ate* is eunh as ha* ei ld> m l.e* u *111,1 >)>* iii thn relations of one friendly fiate tn si other. If language highly offensive end dlsmufe*' ?. hitr* tn manner and in siil ataii* e." b nil ?i III!) - -tlou for P'lbllc dnlt. >. Air ' UjiMihh rnii" 4 biiue-lf i bnoalnna to | tbr rbntga of li>g i .mi i.i c >u m.iu!jetton-, b .lb to M Poor* In at. d to M it* i i vlile imiath* nt)li ii-uiiII) adnp -u |i) Hi. h??'l i'l it department in ri'pri- ! vatid'tig hi" own ?i' ? i -iiii.f. bir are utterly uiiBt to b.- Umiiittil t? tin* r.'ii(i'itl mitil?te-g of a fnrr'(n purer JM. dr TtMnjvaiiilo'* dri-patch. "n tba oth-r b?oj > marked by at erf.|. nt an i |> rh?p? an ran ailif di tlir in *n. fi'H n f an innl 1m*. for whinh tin c u'ti in t I e |i-r?i i ally tr p n." >la Wl'ta r ztrd to thi n.trflr < I lIn' tan r1 e run. p. nratton in wlilob the d .ptil. e oitgli g eil ui-li i| iiriMoi am, of anuria, fr?? ti diirti .ion ami t d fl-iaoem of l<i|il onioioa; (i n to ij<.arret eb .at tue.ii I rutor,to# a oorn pl-te ahienoe i.1 fba' a .-titty which tb- Wii-Hran mint "tare earn ao at>g|<o* li, rii tl j u'uil Boraorrr. hare b an prlentlta ire p'ih . m t i.y bi ?? i.if tlt. ir (uttrcfu. *1 Ii ." ! r . I . i:.%t tba'l n-n I g r> re.ii. nt rtna t*B tlie |ii lot of ti i pi Itt ! * nn l tint then aolntini'ntil M iff r i ? #. N- n eti.i-r \ conildi i at in "r l.la)' k'i lit'f of tl.t l-'t'i io?t. una therefore a gtat uit'.n >u.Kai a .ani-nt t > the KrwiMth aotiit.r.rt, aim d le t ao B'teh a M P <u inaint the I utrli l.'i'ign u liit?>r Li n If it would tiara l.ern will I r tin atrdll of tb* An. rlcan etatennen If tbry Itad tint* fu'ly r . ?. 'a ii a .1 f llo rod the moat 'nilKttaiit pri n li' t at: dr.I bjr th. ir naru history in a raw h ibl> ia'u nhift p a-ei in a eery #trlhing I'gM llir f. Il.au re aid we.lam of tbr im UHdta! lotitilrr* of thrtr o n e nun >oaaaltb. < ititnt iirdrl alio rti itr :a<rh*d ai Krnh Mloia , trr to V a?l logon h li. ". war in hie war a aort of ,VI pi a.. II \t ar bad jit t br k>n out brlworn Kiattrr a ! i ^l? a ran I a elude roUjitnil . of the Amtiiiin g.'.iMu.nt tl . j titjol nrat by Wa hlegion I.t in f. it it<'io> 1 i i|ke oiB'n'..na:>'e of tlia nrwtra.it) of t'o I mini *i . < w. npoly rat thlr |n|try?t 'he \Bir>i<*rri got .e i nt a jj.'lianea tin I lii?. y le-i nl ' lot | 11 . t .. % ? an I rri-n i,uipjio I ill k \ :ei I. in n? i -a! h twri iia hi). IMtMnlrtii Ilka | ar.i . Im hdtktM with U/i la. f*rt> ,u 'I ; ') Repreeen* eitawe, the aatlr- 'Irn.i.'.d I . n " (>r ehtoh ind rd. thnr we i*i| ie reo b<.. i > t ' ' t t.-.a g r?rn u?ut pro)'wi 4 tbai toe |>ae>|i ' u d be wtl h i m but I fell Bar'li |r .a.ore ?aa ei. *. - d bvtb bt tha l'rr?|. drot at.d A'r lit mb (r Viny it aa In all cxm . Ir n.libg to ii, r .it ii . h rl, imd thr oiiaf >r n.ia tc lr i.t- ii ii I., i . Ii i , en. aaii th? fonud that It l ad iiidn tu n n ;'?d to wit t Irrding t? war Thtlr p. ilrt > e ea? traardi J i i o. at wax lb wtly aftatwatde inparte ill . endr ma'.cru l.i Aix.atl a In tna Mil!' ittf I prirato r'litta I hr tor rru.t inigot baa* bran attained Vltftdtt thi? fm n- in th- piaaent 'r. n. r. in 1.1 out H * I.a- - nl' .< r-ed a la re ri? n t> ti l >a of t ? pr r -iJlag. ?Ni w?? no(taowii to lii i..or f u. >1 habitant tb? la?i aeatn.-j, except iii IB"? eei lor-r t ritt't;- e lint tr > ? it til the r utjerttlilt ISj to <] pr< ?* #n?h ! b-<J ? f ?e.| > ir?tr ?f hi- "i.rifr.io ?,nn? aod nirturnH I-Tbey ter>4to le"rn the* I d ftijerre with wti eh It 4k# ?eniMHi> 1 be ' he dot ri("ol;" >ltnyhi|ip vt and act la the dl #h*r . tH . pnb'le In y. Chey ter lit" I >?ee? I i tiler p* p i 1 Ihe aip-ree rflln J tlln. ii end e c . to.ton hi - to n tnril. n country; end of eff ea *' lr> elieji kHi'li nn cT-tu lia* 1*1.hi plat e without l'? i ng to room aerl-ma rntw. iftretc eo.vcta a pin ?n tor tl repetitln i .t th? | raatU r t< t?e liliti< il: . it ?t I .a?'ty. they Intro ?lu< e a novel m.ii i? iiti tin ot illttlaitl-loa tpiwui the x perron of au i titer and lit (ibii<t romiM ?l.n *h oh iower.? Mn " i -?l eh > ,4 t< r anl r(Tao< t th? r iblle an l r-tiro nl rttitip wt.rii ought |o belong lolelitrij t<> all lilt aeUca.". Our nttmtoi t'orrt apondorioe. Khini.: nar-tii ma-Maita, t>at. I, H49. 7A .ft* ri i .V ii /' if " I 'if MnlHrrranfin? tit Cnif-rrli r %nil!, (Win i S ?n4 FrmeS FUrlt in tAe TrrMil f pert- if a iVarel S?tlinn. The American P. 11tn 'be N edite-ratf an l? fa'd to W H-?|rtiti?| ?||h th'N tf I n^'aad and Kr?ne?, In ' mpportlnj the honorable eonJje?. of tho Turhlah go. virrtuent toward* the linn aiian and Pnliah refugee* The dlroredltaUe ni l nnvir.nr. nb> evaetint* of Hun ia ?-'J AuMila e*n hare no meaning, anient tnoae two ? ?. - r ?' p*?t?at for a 'tuarral. with tl>' * k1 "" * ' f" Tnrblrb ewptre at ; :i? - rmitu tfca tgilutlf# a at* a. E NE MC Russia. However tbU may be. end whatever tbe final result of euch an attempt on tbe part of Kuasia may b?i one thing ta certain?tbe commercial aa well aa tbepo lltical interests of tbe U. Statealn tbe Kaataroat stake. It would, therefore, be of tbe highest importance?indeed we may nay, it ia almost a necessity?in order te be prepared for all eventualities and keep unimpaired eur natural Influence on the affairs of Europe and Asia, to seise the present occasion of acquiring by treaty or by purchase a permanent station for our naval forces in tbe Mediterranean. No spot would be more appropriate for this purpose then tbe little island of Tatmos, (now called Patlno or Palmo?e.) which lies south of tbe island of Samoa, abeut the middle of the eastern side of tbe Archipelago, commanding tbe passage from Constantinople to Syria and Egypt Tbe coststs of this little Island, which is in every respect a second Malta, abound in good harbors, aud tbe port of Seala is one of the finest in the whole Archipelago. The population of i'atmos consists of a small number of Ureeks. who lire In great poverty, the islar d being for the most part a barren rock, and the i rest badly cultivated. On the top of one of the inoun- I thIns, in the highest region of the island, close to the little town of 1'atmo, the only place upon it, lies the strongly fortified (Jreek monastery of St. John the Evangelist, who. during bis exile here, (Rev. i, 0.) wrote in the celebrated grotto that is still shown to the pll- j grim, the Apoealypse. or Book of Revelation This Island belongs to Turkey, which seems to set bo value upon it. and would perhaps even gladly cede it to the United States, hoping thus to gain a point of support against the influence of Russia. B. Interesting from Turkey. OLE CONSTANTINOPLE CORRESPONDENCE. Constantinople. September 21,1849. Highly Interesting Letter? The Hungarian Rrfugeet a Widdin?TVij) with the Rusiian Envoy ? Tht Sympathy of Hew York?The Refugee! from London?The Syinjmthy of Greece. Since my last letters, from Buda and Temeswar, my companion and self have been so fortunate as to escape down to this place, along the Danube. Ueorgey's detection quite put an ead to all hopes of repelling the ; immense lorces of the Russians La- kiiwiich brought ell his corps dr rt strvr into action at the moment when our biare commander, Bern, was weakest, both in point of forces and person, and we could not stand it. After 16 hours continued fighting, in which some desperate acts?such acts as are committed only by those men who fight for their homes and their lives ? were effected, such as I shall never forget, Bern fled to join his own corps d'armie in Transylvania, but, since then, Luders caured him to disbaud it. and he is now in U'iddin. on the l>anuba, with Kossuth and Dearbiuski. Several of us reached, with no little difficulty, the town of Belgrade, below Tuterwardein, aud there, with the assistance of the S' *? Consul, succeeded in proouring permits to come on down here. At Widden we were near coming to a stand, but the name of IlaJjar acted miraculously upon the Turks, and we got ou immediately. We came down here in an Au trian steamer which had on board Tilnc* Rudzlaill, one of Nicholas's aid-de-camps, sent to demand us of the Sultan. We could not see M. Kossuth or any of his brave comjanions They are the guests of Suliin Pacln, the commander of tbe fortress of WidJin They are detained there, but are not prisoners. Kuai Kfft-ndi, the Ottoman commissioner at Bucharest, in Moldavia, ordered him to detain them until he could communicate with the Grand Vizier. This step has doae no little evil, for Russia has and will now continue to claim tliem. lied they been allowed to pa-s on, they would hare come on down here, and goua away to r-ngland or to the I tiiti d titai es We have heard, with grateful hearts, of the sympathy of the people of jour city for us Long may the people of the I oiled States enjoy the blessings ot a free aod just government Nonecould bare struggled harder than the Hungarians to follow your exam.tie, aud ca-1 off the galling yoke of Austrian despot! >ut. We have only sure urn Iwll to nurr b< r? Au-Vria, completely beaten by ns. had to call to her sucoor too ?IJ of tlia Itui-riaio a step deeply unpopular among all Irueheaited (irruiaos Ueiiuaiis cannot, crrraioly, allow the tbrleo mir ed policy ot .Vlelteinluii to continue tbe huue of tbeir fatherland, and tliey may yet open a way for <-ur independence Neatly all the Hungarians who camr here from England w here tbvy had lound a place ot refuge after d -eertibg from the Auetrian army >n Italy, still remain In re. Borne, hy the kindness ut tho aud ? legations, succeeded in getting back to their couutry hy land, through K< She it. and over the Itauube But ilia' par-age Is now cl< red apainst th? ui Tbey are subsisting here, ou the lunds g-eneroui ly gin n to tin ui in i.uglnud by the i)i ble-ht arti d briiamer-i who stepped for ward t < itu ir relief A Genoese brig came In the day of my arrival trim Genoa, with sixty more, (some of them Poles); tt?> we; * n< t luckily. allowed to und, and a' t? r b tog p t ( n h< aid another visael (lb* Here I'utch ) left for Greece, where the l>r?ek government offers theni aud the I'altam a welcome aud subsistence. Leoriwhl wss not long making the den ard of the t u ptrcr rsil; t in" known lo in m |-.(vn it? orougut with hitu an autograph ltttrf, ?l|iMrli( ot thai uioUe*t requert 'I in- mi it an Lad a.iratljr g't?n a flu: refii-ai lo tic Aurtrian Internuncio. and It la nil onulil in t . e treal hi dimatMai tton a' tint language it tha hntperor I a referred the mailer t>> ilia n lolaier* a* tin ?a:ne tliur npinMiii LI* regret that the I mpemr rhottld a;l; Itlnt to do wlint n i h morabla tnait mold lliit k of f r a m wont l'lia alfalr ended. n < It mi imagined. bv a Hut refutal. Thn ri>*ldi Lt Huralan mluleter but nam twenty |..nr hour* lor a < l.ai.|;? M d<-ti iinitiation, uinjar thii tiire.it of a ce*. eation if 1.1* nfielal int>rcour*e with the Tort*. and l>atl?| dnt Mi In tain. La* placed hi* a.ubject* under tha protection ot the ltu--o-.ii Legation The *niuu inri ai> *>a* niaiiH ny tlii-Auatrian aneoy, lo a milder form, at il it la believed lo- wul loilow autta. I.udzlmill he* gone back to Lt I'eler-burg without ua or any ol tin- tioilm* ? Loin hi- egpeuled to carry with hiui m iin.My.Ai i>. 1 luck to htm. " a finiud .\1e wouiU ray, mi (I ?Ll ray. I aiu mi re. whm ha learnt thl* Tha Sultan, though young and a* yet. a:ippo?*d tn ba *fli loii at-. I a*, in tin- pragrnt niiua'-nt ot danger to ht* bcinr ltd iLronc. -h'?n much if tha cLatact* r if Lia lata lath-r I'o amne of Lia mint*lira, who air* dicpoeed to lauiporUe with th-i i'eii.un-1 of tl a Kuiriau auioetat ha ahwrply replied tt-at L? would arttr deliver up auoh t-rura tn-n ar tl in a: \\ uoii. al o had Ihioaii them ?el tea ii| on I la l.o?| itallly ai d protection; and hi* ditariclnation l.ua bun aa I.Itu a* a rook. Ail tha Inhabitant* of thn etty, m.all and great. an loud In ?w mnietidat on ol tho Sultau'* it-lu-al ; lad ttia f-.atid Moltl who *>a* c arolled by tba Sultan, at ot cc ti pliad that tha irlam ri liglna *tron*ly toibada any iefmtlrn tl tl.a raci?J rigut* of h--.-plUltly I ? I-uula lr a hereditary and powrrluJ neuiy of Turkey, and the rt bl? i taint takeu by tha young Sultan, it lika "k *n lip the Inn in hi* dfti " hog and and franc* It I* tnlleved here, euppnr*. tha St Itan; ttcy cat.not allow tturria tu make war upon tha Sultati. t o a i a*i UL--' I.I#, and the Lttfpercr will curtelnly, bef r* l.e attempt* It. renumber that 'Turkey, Ilorpary, the t nm-?. < Ircairia, ToUud. liallaola. Cracow, ni.it 1, hi y ol tb# lit a heart-d tjermaa* of rn.any will be Li* warueat opponent*, f.pglaud ohr.rit baemeof power" of r.uropa d-atr-iyad fo mi by *urri?-lul Ru*-ia. Au?tria ha* degraded L'ir*lf lately to ILr giad- of a third rate hurop-an ] wit. tibe til l* but by Ru--laa aid, and inuat tall, ami ti re?i r. ? kt n lt 1* removed Ml at varied tceue* my diaf friend, Lara I not pawed through rii.ru I paiMdfiOtn you and our other K i il irt-ndr lu Mta Voik ! I camo too late to ba i much f> ttlra to my poor country, which I* what I tno*t rigrwt. I a til however. hope fora brighti rien for b a-* - Mine* brat* Hungary Aly unfortunate country tr-1, will a.Mm rt-e to a niaa. at tb-< call if tbelr leader at.dallthi j a-It from wt< bout 1* mu- ki t* and fund*. Many ip*r llutigatian will haie to wan-l*r about oyer the wi ild lu >*a-ch <-f a home and a tubrlrtenco; tl ey a - an I aid wi tling men. and dill-r. In tbi? r--pect, from the II I* ., i In) will make eicallvnt agrlcultntfrle. coacl D.ru. |t->NH- any thing, in fact, hut A.wai* r!r y/m?r. which thay are not A benevolent a. on ly Ln* been formed here, and at A than* lu Urei-ee, I kite 11 oie who an In want of riv not inert, a ti-m fiut) a* Maru-p All"* id* to rt.<njirinl anr of tlx lu t<> J?111 |ootl will ami (rating*, *l)o did; go to th* I Llltll tUtl'l. Thttn > i?o aoatth oal lDt"llig<DA? an to the rwptiir* I.i t?n n HtiolK nil I h* I oit*. It I* lotlmatpd In wp||. IpIiiimhI quail, r* llit llin Ciu *111 bit* thr dn*r, otlrg tb* hi'lil frotit wh.rh I ngland and hiatio? hot* tbonii In the wflair In t ? da)* tuorp th* d. ) rmtnaiii ii i|i tha I n |.?-ri t * III UotibMpp* b* mad* known for tl * i.i.ptloti admit* nt in. drlar A<m* tin Mint* d?t*tla an- | uhl'rlipd 11 th* aloplt g tniirtlpw of I'rlnrp UNit*111 attb tl * I'ultan I h* hrlurr It ft tl th* 17th nit. I) tl. ^nht I. r 6 data a II* ** to h*?* hrm r?nlnt lllln rt ufa* of tha day by th* Sultan lint. In ( > tujni i.ci <f 1.1* ahtU|.t Ci( arluti, lil" audi, up# to takp |. at ? a* "in i d lr> m thr pti graa.t.ia. If what I* f?td tl iti* fit * t an.iti i.ca b* irt.p tha Sulwn would not t mo eh eif.t'. n.rd at ixt baring bad to grant a ??c> i d It would S| 11 ar that l'r?iipp Had nielli. root* ?"> it/-t a<d to *ariy military onipi* than diplomatia n "? l|[i? eritu id h.tsrrlf t it pn pring Ihf | n aanrr of I rhi fiin*n tc tiring a military rata'*, by rarrytng hta 'Ifld. lai n tli ?ij to ib* lop of hi-, hat i ho Sultan i > it at dpii. lot. i.*li tha Mr>|?t*r nf Fdrrlgn Aflfelra. an 1 "Pi lat a i?r> of n,. h an in. n?o*l iinapritktig rticti tin ! I iliipp It pit. d that It ? a- i hr at hilar) paint*, to whlrh II.* a t.ltati In In* tot n ippitpd t hat 11.* I't lno? *? n it i a?lr? d a* a Htm ral, but a* a?t hurt y l.x.ra. rulaary, tl ?i|itl *|.|i a ?I, 'mu.*'to mi>pti<n. if thl? aierdo1* { It. titi? It tar.-In dat* ill i | i.i d hla raio)*gn bat'ly, , up ho ?n |ti?)t'g a Iiimii of pi.llfdrt*** to th* ltd dt ' * ,. to I. rr it* tf lion atlfy to th* I tno?r r f aa4 i -lit * h . I *" brplt dht. p d to carry th* re^ly of tha in .i It.r i i-iypr r if.a.i* hfwnefc fltiantly. Hut* , a?iy mtoil.g. ot <** ? ?i h grtaitaog y.-aai, i>l- *si*ig ! W YO )RNING EDITION?SATUK uiaumii, uiiiiuguiiuBU wuurcas. loll great aptitude IUr D business; (be ban successively represented the l'orte at )> London. Madrid and I isbon.) in a word. ha U oonai- fi dered to be a man equal to any difficult position. It ii p further stated that tbe attitude of tba Porte is calm. e: and the spirit of the people esoellent; therein not the s1 slightest ej nip torn of uneasiness in the public mind. B Kerry one. on the contrary, congrstulates the Sultan and bis ministers on having shown firmness aud resotinn on a question of humanity, aud which no highly interrets the dignity and honor of the country The ( onetantinople papere to the '24th ult have come ? to hand, hut they throw little light ou the question of r, tbe rupture between the Porte and the Northern ? powers. On the subject of the Hungarian refugees, p the Cunslantino]le 'out nal merely eaya:? t Since uur laat. settling new lma taken plaeo relative tn . the question of the extradition of the polltieal refugees who : are at VI iildiu. Thiuaa retuaiu in *tntu i/irn until the return of Fuad Effcndi, who haa proceeded to St. Petertburg, with * the reply ef tbe Porte. It is hoped that the wisdom of the Si aovrriiiiivnta intercated in the question, will mo jeed in set- p Ming it without injury to ti e righta or di.'uity of either of ? them. > [From the Manchester Times. Oot. 13.] Nothing further has occurred to alter the relations of Turkey and Russia, a* the reply of thn Ctar to the jj Sultan's decision would only reach Constantinople * about the present lime. Public opinion there, continued. acceidiug to lest advices. very favorable to the 1 decided conduct of Sir Stratford (aiming aud General Aupick. Jin Jtmericm corrette and a French uar eteamer hart conveyed a number of I'olieh or Hungarian refugeet y from Conitantinople. , l.Ml'OHTANT INTEI.UOENCK. The following article from the I'aria Journal ilr Debute a ia important, in consequenceot the vlcwa it opens up c of tke present designs of Kussia on the future peace of ; : Europe: Jc From letters received ft im Constantinople, and from ' j information derived Irom a good source, we lire led to < c belieee that the affair ol the Hungarian refugees in I ? Turkey will be ( rmiualed much more promptly than was imagined. For our part, we have never believed t that a setious quarrel could arise from such a oause; 1 t but we thought that, having broken forth in suah a 1 , a violent manner. Ilu**inn diplomacy would at leuat ( take it* time to luaKrun honorable retreat, aud eodea- , vor to withdraw itn amour prvpre from the game in the most skilful manner possible. We htva reason to be- ( lieve that ulter the depai tureofi'i ioc* Uadxivil. M.Titolf r Diade overtures to the Divan which were equivalent t to a complete withdrawal of the pretention* of Itus- t sia If this be the effect of an honorable repentance f we cat.uot but congratulate hiur on it. It is, however, ( possible that this sudden veering about may bo io- . It tided to reii some deep ooinbinalien which escapes ' y our knowledge, liu-slau diplomacy is aw skilful, and | the government ef the Kmperor Nicholas follow* *uoh ( strange paths ' It Is,in fuet. said, that when the Idea of j . making the exorbitant demand tor extradition was J btarted. the minister* and advisers td tbu Cxar eudea- , vored to turn him from the project, by representing to j him the disastrous effect which it could not fait to hare ( among the tree people of the west, and that the reply j which they obtained from their master was nearly a* i y follow* - Let me alone; I ha?e my designs, 1 kuow i , the advantage I may one day derive from patting for- i . v>: d these pretension*, although I know very well that ; t it i were the (>rand l urk, I ceriaiuly would not submit , to th< m " If this anecdote bu correct, aud we have t ri ason to belleveit to be so. tbe Kinpe'or Nicholas has j the merit of having justly foreseen r od lias the advan- j tag* of rii '.,*, or* preuicin u air ady partly realised , It is tor iibtr al hurope to be on it* guard, if it would y pievent the other part r.f the prophecy frour being ao- ? conipiished at its expenre In the lueaotliu* it ap| oars . to bate lesolutely adopted it* plana. If we may judge 1 from the r ote which tiro Kuglish goverumeut lias ad- . dressed to St rettrcbuiy.h, and which is no longer a > secrtt to any one. Thts doeutneot, which has been i already c< mm uniratcil to the krencta government, and t almost, even, to the public, with an eagerness which i* a ,. proof et an Inflexible de terminal i n begins by admitting t tbe grvut service* which Kus-ia bas just rendered to y tbe cause of Kuropena peace, by iendiug the aid of its y arcty to suppre s ihe Hungarian insurrection and ibc r incontestible right which elie has to demand that the j n b*i* should not remain bear her frontier* on the c Turkish teiritory. hut does she not run the tisk of , c? uipiouilsmg the fruit of her effort* and of her ri.U.iry ,, by putting torthrlalcr* again t the vanqut*he J which i y wound the principle* nf liberal Kurope ? The no'* add* p that, without wishing to 41?eu?* the question of righ', y although it Is open to di?ciis*i"n. the K.ngll-h govuru- , nient cannot admit that, in the uiuetei nth century. 1 , with the puogress which universal chi.i/.s ion ha* J , u :i Jo. any S.uie mulct demand from it* neighbors the > j] iXJiaiiition of political Individual* who. after their de- I ,, feat bad son,lit an a-yluin *u a foreign land; it con- I y rltlde* by expressing the turn hope that reasons of T honor aud <1 gsnsrcsii.y will hnd an echo iu the n ag- ' ,, nanimnus heart of the Km per or Nicholas, a id that the ^ i eg. m k < i no 'nirrnoy ruxciiiu nyna iiij. inn , Sultan. will not be forced, by the perrUluuce of (he , u Ko-rlan tp nt* at. I i nstantlioude ewes r i ! Rieii.talwii ft principle* inr defence of which ! < imp ir- I ta..i to it? political intercut. to it? tutflAi ntinn iu the world 'i be f ieoch government. up to this it u?, ban i lloii Ii-mi iclot to ill iirutMln^i lli ,ii the CH'iinot of Lord J. Hurnll r?,; dme, but aeare paraunded that It | )ih, ki >1 Mliliir Iwi tiita nor I m atmiil'jte lit-idea, ll.e ( pp? rt unity we* two good for k to h? poa-dbla to allow it to escape; the conduct to be parceled wa? too clcrrly tneed out, and Miccesi to,, jcectutn. The no'.y 1 thing ? hlch ! > yet inexplicable to ue lu I he whole o their, 1 i* the luoliii' w btch could bare Induced Jl iiiaein to a I- j mure ?o boldly on a ground where the we* io ceitain to be compelled to draw bock. Tllft IITNOAKIAN rCPLOKKS AT WIDIlftS?TITK CHAK A< T1U <K I'lU.NCU K.UJZ1VWLL, Til It K1>MAN k.TVCJV, 1TC. Tbe fe lice Ii ? letter, from tVI Jdln, will be found intirelting tVinniw, September VI 1*49. 1 be Hungarian. rolbh, and Italian nfu|<Mwh??r? here, recelt* from the Turkkh autbortl.i* the m ?.t I'.teiy mailt <t trtewdehlji a,.J sympathy lliforx tbn tlinil i f i i io, e hadxivllt. at Constantinople. some .Vol,ah* olhd upon tbe r* tugest to Bihortthim to enil race the Irian, laith: (ieneral tleui and bis Aid-da( amp < ?j tt-In /aviyekl. are tbe only l'ules who li.t -ned to tie prt|ioral if adopting tbe precept* of the Kcian. ami that U'rlination *a> made aubordluata to tbe ctint of a war breaking out between llnasia and the lotto As ri garde tlia other refugoea, acme wbora nationality was dvubttul, deoided at once on as.liming the turban. < iem rat Uembiiivki was tlie object of t'la tin rt a idueue attrations on the part of tlx, Aiolluha, rod tl ? mott In I liiaut (Ifiia ?i re made to bim by tbe ioikl-b authorities. but in rain; tiio Uoueral, n.oie<?er. la married, in d ha a two sou> prcaeouting tbclr atndita ill G<unary V.'ltbin the U t few days four hundred additional Tut Utah tio< j a bave arrlr, d here by order of the lurklit fi'tiltiBi St, to f ttrriit I my ? u,nn by the Kuarlaii trocps, wlo ate io force In the Motdo- VVa.laablan jnili.ice H.e g? netala and ofrtoeta of the irfngaee. to whoti it ?i 1'iopoM-d that they rhould remote to f-ebumla white i hi y would he in gitat*r safety, ia to.id to ?n niuto fi i n U.i ir m< n who era mil ulJt tbelr c< b.b.Hi <1. r.>ut /.nmnyrkl i? at W:dd. n oh. ra befajrjt perfect liberty, being * na turallfed h reb'hBit ha t atua to '1 mki y with a h reucta pa ?p .rt, but ba wIII act I* *t>' bl* o< u | at not*. whom ha oininaodad doi.rg iLtir ritual, and with wh? m Liu erorind .ho 1 uih'-li tn nlii r. Ail IL? I'c !? * f>fl tbn gteatent indignation againut I rlt.cn (Inrirlwlll. who waft a broihar-iu nun of many of I bin. and ?t conduct baa ju?t ao'iiiii?<l ro patot .1 a I li.iitty for bin t.ativn country,at the iao<i time bat le ba* tairlrbrd tlia luttra tl a namn v. narat'd thiol about Turk?y; It *?h bc of the lllu tr1"CF family ct l.adr.wlll, I liar If* Hadrlwill who na< at th? Vad of tLn funftdt ration of lour In I77'i. when the Fori* daft and bar *t*in?t l.u- in to cn-unt tb* di-armliff Bint <f f'< land Tbn arrival of Irinen Itadalwill at i n aollncpl. madf a great tmpre'ticn upon the 8ultan and tba litvan l)>riri i',i <f knowing tba cbaractir at tl tl r inter*-lint* of thf imb%"iiJ r eitraorCilirrj ol tbp I n. pi T< r. bf rrd**> d Infr.rrua'lon to bn rb'iili.iJ tbn r??ult of wbich *?* that Ihe Sultan exfn n?d hi.- eorro* and ulftatUiactian to hl.r mlnUtnr* at tl.f t boicf uiajft l.y tba limp* ror on tbl* Wrarlfa. Aiccrdltgto tt I-it icrmato n it appear* that Priam badilntli cblalnidac u minion In tlia lmp?rlalduard* (a* rojal cadft, <r junl.rr) In or 1*:7, In tba OfCdM II Bar Hi tlen i|iiartarid nt Warm* Two Jiarftalfr, having ta< n prrmoi*d to the rank if lieuti rant i tin niog tu m* one n'rht, b* no t In th* yrinrljalnrot of Kiria* a young married ai'tnan. Madan ft fl . wbo ?a< returning hour*, leaning on bar hu?linil'r arm I'rimrr HatiiuiH ma* mcnuiii"'"' 'f a J unit /.Mi(a C. Strut k Ay //,? h* nitty of Mntam* .V.. /if, u-t/A /A* attitlanrt t.f hit rnm/inmon, tndoarortd In forty htr of ly main Jntrt. it hm Iht gurrd on tInly. Bill it t mI Ay rAf n i fit. tnmt u/i am! lank ih? In a offn rtt into ta?fody Tba itiand Link* I i nutaiitlnr. who. daaplta hla vif li tt and di rpotlc character. la nevcrtbele** anlii.atf d by a attlct *?n*n of justice, had the two young n ah bn.oght bafor* a court martial, who deprived th? m of tbrtr rank an Item and ord*re<J thera to ba draind a* pilrataa In two cavalry regiment* Tba *etilaiica * a* carried out ne r< pardatb? cuelgn; an eapraa* order from 8t Peterehuig ff'l* /Ae Hmftrror, 11,fa nth hit tht titilmtt of Print* Hut tintill in* one mo.ilA't ttofittior mini in I hi fmtttn tj Mai! l.y, in rontnlrraiion of ftff.a/tif.f a -.air Ay A in if ir A rfgffrif la hit htmhtr tljhtrr I At Iba brt aklr g tut t.f I ha ravolutb n of l4l), i'llocn A aditwili'r ragin.eot acoon.pinled the ilidb l Duke In the latitat which tin pcntroMty of tha Poll * b Provlalf r at tii.vfiLB i.t alioWfd kirn to kinkn from the lYIMh tfrritory It will be n u.i n.hfti d that the <iii.i d I ukc ii brrquantly icfuaad ! nmroh agatnfc V ?r?av with the lif.p* that wtte prevent la thnt rf,t'?t a atep wbtcb led to an optu nipt urn bntwiin bit.i and Ornrral Hehlt-eh O* tbia oc <il n rin.ro will ft II 1,' .j ip-i- orn?o fin 11> ) I. i lit m d I o l.f nilp* t il t i light to li?? l.lt iw? r*pr?'?|<6-ht? rrUllli u< cornp?'tlot*, lilt >rn.t?>1 lie **" ?|>!" inii-a nld a efr p li'Uftfitl lull piiI tt?n ib? n t'luiti d ol dlvlftrn lip I. i (I If. rrrit lb< il-lnj ?.f lh> |.i.p-??iir? r t thu I ?. lllrlp ?r ( Url l* d l.i ?)ly M tt?r .1' f tbt i".mI x111>. tli* Iti^ii* irpliifi him hl? i'iI d?etinp Mi.fi!> iftttitftf. fid to tho Mii'ifl <f iho whcl* eiurt.h* n ?d> * munitppfrr him ?hirh %?.? *t tint tth> tmfc i.f plllin mil M? ?ti? frr.i.nl In di.v r 11 > friun.i- Which lit ll4 rmll ntld Iff IT. hi* III.I'lr I Til f. >,.'1*1. CUIblBhkdri III thief of lit I". .i-b timy *? Ot.fli.* oh?> h?i'pioT'.jfi for hit idMltlft tt ii tt??n I 'in t iff miKol Mi iiktrilitf 1'it.i ffi.iih ) ubilt fpSni' ti in Kt??lo both * r .art and > tl tin.). * ? f .11 > ft-fPTil. d I|'I I'; I '.i' HI It ?>i ftj |.?! I.j tin ton H?M?i It fl'i't > > nn?of|. able dtriiaelh ti l*<ti ?< d uj i ti fWt>r> rtaiij to do It) hlMTh fllUtrr. 'J ho tot tun* if "rltce ttmifl Mil It i. io.ui rnhlf. ?i iouit.r g t'. mcie tl.tn t. n mil>i< l.r. Ifil'Pirifh l? |iifrlftii I |M fTlllliwiMil lillk bn | i *?ifi.l rttfhhor, at the mine tt mi 1b?tboftyrxt. nl I if ju t mill* nftHcn tt tleitl* elion of I'rinre I:%ilt|. mil, ti?i uiiti. uu hi.-?ld*la? mH rrrj AUferantlj, RK I :DAY, OCTOBER 27. 184 y selecting for his envoy to Russia out of the moat onortd statesmen of bit ampin*, 1- uad I- '.(Tendi la, iu ist, distinguished equally by hia great experience In ubllc affairs tiJ the elevation of hia character. He ojoya a high reputation, not only in Turkey but broad, whsra he has managed difficult and important kt set one." Thrrate of War from England, on the Nicaragua It. item Ion. [Krom the Loudon Chronicle, Oct 13.) The di>our?iou which has arisen between the governlenta of the United Stater aud thie oountry, with refernce to the territorial liiulta of the Stat" of Nicaragua nd the Mosquito country, takes its origin and its lmortacce from the project for establishing a canal beween the I aciflc and Atlantic Ocean <. which shall ! srs tbroiuh that portion of the isthmus between the | wo portions of the American continent Certain prU , ate individuals, citizens of the United States, who de- 1 Bribe themselves as members of the Ntearaguau Comany. have obtained from the Sinte of that uatnc a oaal chatter or grant, empowering them to construct his Important line of communication, on certain 1 emit. hut. as considerable doubt exists (as we shall 1 rescntly show) with reference to the limits within rhicb the State of Nicaragua has the power to make uch a c< rcession, there adventurers are anxious to ause a treaty to be concluded between the government | 1 the United States and thai of Nicaragua, whereby he United States should guaiantee-1st the right of ovrietgnty of Nicaragua over the territory through rbioh the canal may pa-,s; and, (roundly, the neutrally and freedom cf transit which is essential to the pubic utility ot the undertaking Au American agcBthaa dually In i n despatch! d to Nicaragua, by the cabinet f Wellington, for the purpose of < Heeling thus, obect*.

We understand however, that the New York ompany docs not propose to construct the canal, and i*s no tunds for such an undertaking, but simply to ihtain the concession, surmount the politioal obstacles, ,ud then sell its privilege If this transaction were to lead to the speedy ex?cuIon of a work of such importance and advaotag" to be commerce of the world, with a due regard to the listing rights of all parties, it t* the luinht of abturdily iml ivjuilirt to tuppose that it ceuId br thr int. rot or tht ntrnlnm of th? Hitli$h gorrruinent to thwart toch a prof t. On the contrary, we are satisfied lha' the politl al and mercantile interests of tireat. Itntian would isdily prt mote any feasible scheme f r opining a dit ct communication between the t aclllc and Atlautic ciant and that the people of this country would be of ipiuii n that such a canal ought, to be regarded as a ree and neutral high road of trade placed lor that purines, net under the exclu ire oi ntrol ot any one State, int undi r tlie protection of all the maritime powers t this pilnrlple ai d this plain object b" adhered to. Yen could be no doubt that a public company, pre ared to execute these works would ob'aiu as much upport here as in the 1 nlted States, ilut. in order to iiistersttiid the dill,cully which seems to have arisen, t is necessary to revert to the peculiar circumstances f the territory in question. The State oi Nicaragua forms a portion of what was etntcd uml, r the Spanish rule, ' The i'aptaiu-Oenerulov l.f I , nnlnti ?U " *? v? ?l if iu s.niu abu ?. V,.. tn,lo indent republics of Central America. bounded to :he south by N<w UrrtaiU to the west by GuvtejisIh. end to the iimth aod east by the .losjuitu . iritoiy. This region is e.atej by Mr Walker and \ T < hatfleld. Ktitish agent* a! bluefields ml Gua?inula to Liive belonged to au Independent race it Indian Ling* ?r?r since the fall ot v oolemma, laving a reccgnlii.d territory app. rtaioing to them riven It in mi undoubted fact th.it, for t *o hundred tare or more. Great b'ritalu ha* been in intimate Gation aid friendship nil b the Mo.quito chiefs and i?opl? Article* oi agreement were actually stgued adeem tfce Governor of Jamaica ua 1 the Mosquito Lief in 17-4); ai d. oil many ociaitn- in tbe la-t canury these tribes Were shown to be not subject to the rowu ot >'| ain, but unuer tbe protection id t hi* oounry. i lie Mate* of Ci ntial America which luiTe brown ofi the Spanish yoke cannot, of course pretend o any territorial rights not derived from their mother ountry or any provincial light* h.tyond their own ront'ere I'pon a careful ernininattrn of the hlstorlal evidence collected by the nritUh mission* ou the pot. which bee subsequently been laid before I'arlia- | 0 ut in 1 he correspondence relating to the Mo-quito nritoiy lord f'niunrston laid dowu the Itra'.l* ot that ate and the nature ?t ite relatione to this country iu 1 e ruoet precise manner, lie Instructed the British gents to inform the euthoriitee of the several State* 1 ( i ntral America b >rdsriug on the kingdom ot MosA'iio tl at Ler Majesty'a govcrniLeut cuueider tbn ing of .Vnsqnito to be entitled to the extent ot covet caching from ( ape Honduras so the southern inoulli of I t river ban Juan and to add that hi r . aje-t j s g >II nmi'Dt would nut new with hutijjeri nee any attentat to 'icri'Oth t/peri the right t or territory of the k'ing of Mothi to, who is muter the protection of the Hntieh iruun. In I itn of this announcement. the Nlraraguan goveru CDt declared, in (lalahvr 1**7. that It did not recoghe eny King <f ,Y|< rjulto. or any such territorial rrteatlrns; it formally laid claim to llie northern oast and the port ot fit. Juan es a par*, of its own i Uiinii n?, und declared that it would receive as war n the part of the IJiitish g iv. inment eny occupattun I the port of Sao JneueA ited by the Mosi|'iltos no r iu protection The ( < uaeil of Slate ol Mosquito ctn-isiitg entirely of vucli laiull sr boinerpun names a Gt org* ll< dgson Jani?s I orter. end lohn Dixon) reponded to thin dwneuoH by a rest lution lor " practl.11 v retfihlblitiig the luii rights ol sovereignty of the tog ( f Mosquito over all the mouths of tliu St John, nd cvtr tbe ratigalioH ol tlie lowi r part of that irer, on tbe ap|iearance it tbe first UriiUnshIp of war rith > rdeis to eo operate with the Mosquito governlei t 1 Shortly at lei war Jo her Majesty s ships Alarm r.d \ Ixen arrived * (1 blurt., ids, and tbe -plrtied eipe tt'.ou under the command of i.?pt*in Ixanville Loch e. Ic place 1 lie Nlra-agnan estab i hiueut was relieved from tbe mouth if the St Juaa. the bri.i-h rets stormed Serapaoul and entered the like of Maragta vth. re. on the i th of March. lMh a treaty war leant by t aptaiu I.orb and tbe Nicaragua!* ui ji-ters, y which the povernr nt i f that State s. levntly prouis.d not to disturb tbe pi weef il Inhabitant* of St. oan, l cderstaudir g tbat auy luiili act would bw nunid. red by 4in at Briiain a. na cprn declaration of bos. lilt o s, and I Let l i - .VI. .oiolto taritt estat.li . d in that llsbiuld 1m> rispioltd At the sami'to'ie. the Ntaiayuans refused all. gether to forego their rlaiuri if on tbn port Of St. Juan to wtib-h they ooiiilnuril to s i.rt a right, ehlHt the British govtmmvat treats bat port as a | ait of the Mosquito territory, recogi.sid, proteotid (inJ iJefi ndi d lor more than a conu?y; I > Great Itiltain. I* nuiy readily be conjectured, from the Importance t Inched u both sides to this ipm lorn, that this p.oi eti rate 1 ad eeai-i d to h- a mere ate trael o; honorary Vlictica. 7'hie rtrer Jii' ii te the inlet to tl-e o.tjnactt1 It tif.e rj y alrr lommum alum w rote the /?1'iaaui, end ?.// ' parte mum ef that jer I re/ emit the cewsiend *f the a ?#**. lhe Nlcaispntuf Lave tto relore ptueeed-?l to eke to the best nu rk. 1 the cialms they b?Vu aot Uieuielvrslh* force to di li nd by making a cobc*->lan of i S I SiiSull In sill: ..Tl. i.f 11... I 'tall 11 Sis... .,,.11..,.a. *ii.>n?r II poeeible, tbu ooiiolrniti re ma Knatenlen I.et ntted State-jortrninrnl toth it pr> i-u.led rli'hw v?r II A iKjuttlkD territory, Hit) mci-nU; hop* to Xtrlt In tl? liuiir ot tb? (lljillt > I W ?i hlbgt) I ?bit I'd r*la>er?U n t ?renip,nrlly rtfiiwd to tii* utluiatera I Nicaragua It it clear, huwratr, lt</ fl< i'r?i( Ib'lHt'l ttt.4 aitiimimd iJ thr Hrihkh farittutent i ftiit aj ?.? y??hj c'laet. inui a e art at M:uh ho iml la dr. >1)1 l ilt)11 elda at J ll.r fioi Jua I at s'.y fi" I1 oj thr Ih ilith mftrr. 'j he Ihterf* i?nce "I thai ui ilti.m'o gOTernim nt In ru j |' rt of hat ii it ijoet no more :h ?-r I h* it I tat* In it reft of a trai'ir comf my, It la let a ?a-y to if lain or to ju- tlfj. ar d w* can hardly anppo-c that bty Intend to abet theatale of N icara^ua In a cmr?p t open h<atlMty to final Uti'afn The k"object f tha Nliareg'ian canal 1?, we repeat, e >amop to all ?tl< t>'. ar.tl It would I n a' -uul Illiberal, and i n polite to late advantage rf r>nr ancient relmi nit wi?h the ffjotto It.clans to frnetrat tucl a ?ch'm lliitpreInly bicavto It la a gnat public rbj.rt.the little atale f Mcatagt a I e.a no tight to claim aide p"?en b n of urli a pa-oage by a direct vlalallon of I lie t> rritorlc i it atl Itivepet dent neighbor. If ibe canal la to be made tnaj fairly be the 'ubjrrt <1 a treaty oTejul alile ' at rntioti bet wet a the dlfleM tit S'atea through *h' M rrltt tie* It matt |>a*?, an<1 'T trroia < f auch a tr> 'y i ght to be of the oio?t lib?ta! kind; but ii th* eaclu* It* end ??if' utuled oretenr'uni of tb* rt '* ol Nllcaagoa ua taken np by the l otted Stater. Inataad of an liilcable c? o.l 'nation for a great pacific purpo?o.//,? Im wwfrtee mot! intirneed iv thr anctiaai tie -.nJerlaking lay It u/ieiked to a liiimi aiaairilnifWiiif. (Vrom tbe I.on Jon Newt Oct P ] tfgret to a*? that tbe Tr? b.'ent f the I oiled Itatea, ?ho haa gin n ao nraoy pro.da of n oi"i|erala ai d >?*lf!r aplrtt. ba? found oera-l'n. In ao ehm t an lateral a? that which baa elapaed fine* fcl? lO'tallatlcn. to all Into b'rkeritrf and 4i: pnte. not 01 ly with the dlilcntacy of frame, but wlih that if f.nglan.i. Our ilaltn wpen tbe Mrnjuito coaat nhd eapec ally oitr hairg forcibly dbp<racil the Mearaguana la Unwary a-t ?f 11 Ii ~n at lha mnu P of tl. rim1 l't. John, 14 hernia* Tbe Americana take part with Nicaragua; ?e uphold ib* right of the Mi juit'a to the rln r'a acuta, cr tatkir ear cwn right. In tl,*lr rniufi And ? nv Timiw m 11 ? II tIIr umn inmp iwi ?- / r1'" / 'I11 ' I. V a ihall l ot at |irNriii tnter l?lo id; dauli on l>f> < I our ihatit.it right to uphold th? Indaif Ike .Vir.ulto I bur#, or r aupi i-Biary i ft It. at it ll.x r Mm,, inn of hoth to tha aHtlainmt ililrb 99 ri.il t.rry Tuns, and ?I: Nientaanana St Ic l n. Iittlrh troiNlltn d Ikrif lmlin< rtat?? ?i far ark a*tha rii|in ol t.liarlaa I ?hiu !.* *?l U artirH ii ?.M t< Koyla i <1 tl a??u of th? \'o?ijtiitn KI in a romi nul nlih h hi attirwarda,Inaarrr lapaid hj making Hi in "I fiftt' ii of It. hrilttt) tn lh? W> ?n ' f upland ' ii.m that ttnia till 17kd. Mrrat Di IikIii i ialnt?tii?d th? i tiMCMi a anil lb# |>i(.ti ot' iato of ttm Mo?ij"ltr? In I"hS ? Hlpnlatfd to nitMiv-all flrltn b aubjarta on 11 h | 9 d to Ii rii.tltoD* from th-nrr and rnmpa! ttiam !n rituin within thn l : in It* of lirllio. 1 ho ;?..> <;?jit > | 11 lii tai pUailcd. ntiii ) aid to br an **et iittun for a lin n IIlit la liSli ?i fwnmtty atlpiiiatad torvaouala 'he Vi,i,olto thi'io aj.-.i. lo atmi'doa ti ? Indiana to lf)Mtl?b mi9, aod nit to 1 itnirh th>m nlib aimi or iici oi?i'M"9Dt for tin.fine < C Ibilr trw J'>ka I mm ittfartard lhl^j?riid epilt pa thr con'r ?(? iy ab mt ll.a light tf Ihlf ?|i mirli n I lia parti: ana of liitlih ifinirary Kair.latn with tro'h that tha bpnularda, r.itwtthHandirg th? tri-aiy of lifB, narrr nbtalm4 a i i.i r (; rn tha arifa, Itat n* ro'load n ft h/ tha rid inn a In Ibilr ittirjit at ti n BlaeX f twr At.l U.ap fol- , Ii Ikf at?ni><rt by Maar'lbff that bp'.'n baring l>??n brail* to maintain bar dominion and hat In:. Inst itadtal y nil pnwap and bold In Iba naw world tha i niallfy Orar thr M'icjulto. r?r,r'r<- tUjvte to Orrat I'tl'aln a* llibo ntinidi'i fatfu, tha lodlaa* clalsa11 a mm ar.d rrctltlap htltlrh |>rotprt|, n, nr.dttiilr lint tilti In Jaailca u Itllir tn k* tftatrd A <9r?. n? iij ? f tfcln k'lid ti ok plai-9 in IM.i I "irn wo* no pownr ib i raaMd In ftnt atf)' ring ih? rnmil rlalnt M linat b.italb Hut nbi L llrir^i f Ueof ( utral un?i.ta?pl,. I E R A 19. up Into Itc component proviuces leaving each of them independent three of their State* Nicaragua. Honduras and Costa Idea-put. forward, as well a* New Grenada. their claim* to the Mosquito territory New Grenada claimed the ooa*t between the Bocca del Toro nnd the river St. John. Co:ta Idea advanced pretenslont in the same direction Whilst the Nicaraguan* actually settled at the mouth of the ilver 8t. John in 18110. The perron iu command of the settlement not only claimed for Nicaragua the po?t that ha ocoupivd. but dleowned the Mosquito flag and existence alto , gather, denouncing the Indian* and K.uropean settler* a* nomads* and haibarlans, whose existence could u>t be recognised. The British replied by taking possesrlon of the fort tarly in lauuary. lSlti. And the leaders of our foreign policy In parliauieut are hound in a Dinn er to support British pretensions The present king's father having claimed British aid fu 18-10, Lord Aberdeen nominated a Consul-General for Mo-qutlu iu 1844. Mr ( bristle has been more recently a .u'dnted by I ord Falmerston. who. in his letter of May. last year, expressly maintains the British claim to the port of St Joan de Nicaragua The Americans, however uphold the right to this fraction of the republic of Central America Aud they have sent an active agent tolnstruct and uphold, and give some consistency and vigor to the v?*kand ever disturbed government ot Nicaragua ? On the other hand. Mr Christie has returned to this country for instructions; whilst a somewhat angry oorrrsdendenre has taken place on thn subject between the American guvemini nt and our Charge d' Allaire* at Washington As usual, in quarrels of this kind it is not so much the Interesfsof justice Rod the conflicting rights nt the orlgli si i nitios which form the real subect of dispute. The Moei|Uttos and the Nlcuraguatis are hut stalking horses made use of by Kuglaud and by the I'nited Slates '1 he truth is. that botfc countries have ui>entered that the future place ot trausit across the isthmus can b* no other than that along tha river Ot St. John, and the Lake of Nicaragua. And both countries are tager not to l?ave to the other the posses sit a or monopoly of such a passage This places the dispute on much higher and more eorlnus grounds I than the right of Mosquitor and Nlcaraguau# And the future Interests are so great, that the United States wll! probably contend tor theni with as much p? rtlnacity as tiny did for the Colombia Now, with all respect and rtgard t?r the Inteie-ts of ttreat Britain, we caunut think that these require her to become the ket per of the grett passage across the Isthmus < I I'mimi a That such a channel should he opened, and ihould rt main open, beyond tha control of any power, is the Inieii st of the marl time world. The rlv al claims nt Knglend and ot i he 1 nited States give an I r ppori unity to nil maritime countries to interfere. The I iii' of inon^c at |.r? *en t mil trally bo claimed by no (tie l.icu: Uiitnln t as t he llrst and beet right. perhaps but it would be invidious tor her to insist on keeping it exclusively. Niramgua in the Suez ot the New Wrrld. II it bennies the properly of eitlier hngland or the I tilled Staler, the owner* may close up when they pit u.-e If it bo left to a weak power like Nicaragua as the Sound is o< muiitted to Denmark, and the IlaiUai.eilef to Turkey.it will It nil to com plication uud druggie* ulJ wars IL.it liue of train-It should be uisne the woild ? propel ty, open to all. maintained by til? at Ita.'t by maritime potteia I ranee. Kuglaitd. Kursia. lit Iliautl and Spain all interested in lnawiii|< ti e shortest f at;age open to the Padiic ?should unit*, sod :u concert with ttio I nited Slates uatlerfake the gieat wi ik a ltd t Mablish tual territory through which it rui * a- ntuiral and nt t t>> be e. i '.oa or monopolized by any. M e are confiuen' thai Knglau.l would leudltself v. ii I n u, t.? uiiiriy to any such project It this Mere ij>| lit d to Nicaiag ua. the **iue principle hould be acted upt 11 with r.ua.Uto Sut . except it.at the ruleri of 1 gyj.t, being me natural guardians of tl.it pa<r, ct uid iii t be ib prived nt lean nl the police ol the pasrage, Mbicb. like that across the Ann iloaii isthmus, ought to be acc< lupll-hed uud uiaiutalued at the coalmen expense of alt n?tu us. I > ]<>< t m. f Irani f'ruatiln. Our advices, by until, from he lm, are of the Dtli Instant. 'J he Prussian government have ratified the etmnmtian agrird vjotn trlu in J*rua?m aiot 'luelrta jor the ufrhHihmitil of the nt tr unit at potior. v tilth i > to restart that at /wrMt.l r.i tiling, and ? ill. after the Archduke Julia lias lesigued Ids powers into thin new power's hands. lr| rest III in a nartalu Wieasui*. the old diet. It was stuit d tl at I rusil* 1 sd r> t.rn.dlhe i|Uedioa of ratiQ ration to the I ouucil of kdiiiiniitrali u of the federal I tiiou, presided by W d? bodel-cllWtng, she (Prussia) having ) ?rslsted in d. elxriii;: that she could only ratify . in the intuie of the union and not in her own individually. 'Ibis was an error. The reference to the I council was. in tact, a matter of form; as l'rus-la -ah I though she might pi rhupi. have ben deterred front iklityli.g by the majority of plenipotentiaries refusing I to assent?has signed In her own name and the con- I < urrence nl the council has been given, not directly, or ! to he mentioned In the content tow- bat to bn entered , <>ii the minutes or protoeots. iVevsis matte a itand at j /it'll v/om thie iioinl hut -Justna peremptorily if. c tared that the i until hot rtnumte the fid-rot tint on mot the f'rutlian lesistsl #? ? oy. |i will, peibap*. be posslhle toUK rrt.w or neii Cay tj ftirnl*h details as to this important act, which it if apprehended will do', lead to a conciliation be tween tae ronirnuiwg elements for supremacy The nwa central power? t tnanatinj direct from got t rr n i rtal will, and dependant solely upon lastruations received 11 in governments, and arrogating to Itiell the strae suprt low powers on the vital questions i t (race. war. fleets. fo?titrations and so fonh will stand In dnict c. i .petition with the some potter- to bv 1 Visit din the prnjt rted federal State poser, based OU Oi.ristllutiaa.al piiueiples. and established, above all. ' up. n p. | ular lepre.entatii u It is most probable that ] the tu taian part) iu the ? hamb-r? will raisa loud outeiits. at d i ither dial ire this ad to bear evilenre of a tl.le-l. ng intention <d the gov iuniewt to abMid-en the j Irderal prejert. or that It will put tortb a d.-olaration (.1 t pell war to the liew I elitial Poser so soon a? the ' i.am wer bond be eetaklistaed, II, lud. id that event ; should ever take | lace. Iktkt te.au < hauile-r met this ninrnlng. and re-umed , the docuesion U| u the eeeoad portion of the In.oh artiolr ot the cor. tituilou which l< regarded atone o| 1 the tut t impoi'ant ot the whole cod* at it involves ; the <|uesilou ol atroiaii.g nr refusing to government 1 the power of i -suit g dt< let s. I.ailng the h.roe of lavs ' c urn g the id.iuirnmei.t or prnrt mt tin . t the' nsm lire, tuhjtel, oft .urn. to lb. ir ultimate approbation, 'tie dt 1 ale cc.i'i til it.i whole ci lap silling and was adjouritvd i>m)i to morrow. The seci tol i dlloin ? f tl e t'ohi "e t) t telle, of ll't .Jlien- | day. published a irl?graphic despn' h from lleilln | r HT.fi the I telling of tbel.thO't Ot T It lid au DON ui ng the si) | tloM of the sec- n.J pei t of I f e |o # h (and uto-l ln.pt itsnt) sictn u ft tlrec nrtilutlou hy the iinjo.i'y ot 2ti7 to ' 9 ioil f. A 1?l?pisph c dei patch from Detlin, dated We.luesday siti ii.g lcth instant, says : ? 1 l.s second f l.ati.bt t lias Ji'st S'l .ptsd by a maj rl- j ty i f 11 i sgsiast Vl votes, the iOJi'. arliclw of Ibe ronstltutb n. a? prupt ? d by the t ..nn.ii -mn. tothe lisit tl at iht an .y i* not to t.ike Ihe oath to the euiisilkatic?." Anstiln si t! Ilui:(t?ry The 4c(afl? itsptr 'g'i . Invasi nof I'nngs-y ma'k II aiMotlj of tlx luitd-r**. ki.n form a cmutx or op Lr? who ti ll CI 10 Iljr "I I tl ha* no | a: ?lo I Out In Uic * hxd Mailed bi*ti<iy ot ill* tjiioU .uriiinil ' fit ai no iit raj i- la-t at*, k of ton aurrrndar <1 I i n Mli l< totihiDi'd ihacnniilW u? arc Ihifmi tiiiiM til th? go* i lann without atm?, thoi* . ftl<*.-! .< a tin I ad 11 fine Miti ii In tin* linn 11 ill t ioj at a. my tola e* .t|h>> | > it* fi i foi?v< i""i.tn*?. Itn y alio dn ml r i?!bi tbm ? I.') | fin.it'. d to |iu witio .it |i*t' r htuiiarct ttll ili kunn. 'I ha Hound Wear* (that la. tin .*>> al.o I ;i?i n t ?tffn) in tha Imp*, al at my? t i In i ?n*iM*<l to tl Ir In c.* a with* lit any tar rrati n bring n * i>* ax I*, toalr lui btr i bi|.|o) iu* ot, nu !* tn M tut . jutfD It Icti.ir judicial |r ni.tl. n Tom .J. f*ir tb* j?tiratit tfi *rti*g)<?if .ha tlbugartaa u*t ou 1 ir If'*** 111 'J. i c 'II * .lutriiBii -Ian r niMt.a'lon h?* |.i ?i< di "i. ? ) .1* mt |i "|* * . Lit tha anOkla uf tha B*lib }* ii '-li.i in l**.gu**r t*.o plain ti'.t to b*i underI'MO that Bilght do*a B t ultimately on rc*.|.ii' right liit? **r.i)r>K htllir f ioni Koaaatit t?* l-vnl I*ol in* i ?niu. Wn aia. (Tollin.) Hapk?njhi*r ?# tkf? f rm KtraMinrj la no d* iibt air* any laforaiadot tha fill of i.) Obuairy in h*| py hukg*ry a--ur*.liy ? rtl y ot a i attar lata. It* ia not t>i*ni|*lau hy tha xplrlt of *llfi)r(tn or tha ar hillfti' ?! w.i of taction. It waa Bot b r>?**lutl iri-y lea* log ahltb induced n*y latira enun'ry to a* -apt ti.a bi"ilai rtriiMla lu*lni#m* d an gl *i l?u?ly bii*i brought, h? trlatlnvi a.*Baa to it. upton una"* an and liua|ary haa d?w*?a<l from har king* tha historical r|.|i| . t oi " gan?r* u? iiiioii " for aba n?v.*r ail *wad horn It to hi til*)****, d in h yalty ab*l f.iitiifol a Ibararea to h?r iinrnlgM hjr any t.atlou In tha wothl. Nothing I ttlo Bit*ot nraltlag trraoh?ry, tha moat t> iaiiiiin.l **) pri iaion atd ciin itio* Uuliraid of in tha *? rd* of hh-u ry; nothing hut tit* laf*mal doom of anBthllatloa to h*r ra tonal tan-true* ptri-arrad through a tfc* uiat.d y?ai thinugb idirrili* * *> huBi'i* u* a*to kVi* to ri in a h* r to oppooo 'ha la'al atfohc al *u* d at l.**t tiry Ilia, to n able h?r to r**puir.a tha tyrauBi* ?l afai.lt ot i ha ungtataltil liapi butgb?. or to aaoapt tbo Kti ii),tla f**r Ufa. I ..nor and lit*, riy, h rr d up u liar. | /fit th* ha* liohlf taught tha In ly hattla. la which, ?1lh tha aided /Xlingbly tiod, aha praraliad ajain-t ii?ttla. * hi in >* i t a hi *1 to tha aai th. atan ll'ig firm, it i a * hi n al *ai ki d 1 jr tha It u* lan glan. In U*a ominli rtr.aaa of juatlrv In obrhnpoln i*od, and In o >r h*|a b<y lord In iha gaturuu* f. cling i f yoor giaatait gloriali* na'Ha, to* natural auppmtar of Jarttea and ! himatiliy 1 h * ought nt tha w*rld But tbi* I o*. r *h*t tyranny Wpah. ha- betti hy trairl.ary r inolud i Ob all cldea abotidwb* C. my punr bo i?tiy I ti fwllaii not ihi< Ofh thaotrr? L*lLi pg powarot t?** r ?'mJiirot, but hy the tml'll" and I luay eay tlie tti aaiB, of hat nan Hiti lothi-a vi.looard *T?bt?. I (nay f 1 oil that my tinhapfi* oobi tiy mi L* tt.a ony laeithc and thai tit* in a Ibtitcfa it |* ** ? fi*?d*.ui, and id.ni/a n*n ti ll nyIi ih* Witld li ay not La iutoifrd lu * u * od..?;* *> fita. > r Ftai c't rvh-Ly. out rii| lon.at.lo ar-ct In l.md n I t* runn d an ) a ibiutii.ath ti ad to . ta*? aauaa of tin* mcj'l. ti at d uiiliH kid- ti r al.adga la tha adait* of Hun paiy *i i l? iBMiueti d to c. n n.nntrata t*i ymif aii'-ln try . II } ob ara gi*< h*u**lyr pi* a * d I > r. or I. a i ho raaia It I* tf ai'tigalh* to tnrti a. tl* n*h to ar* II n.* tit* I i ai l> < lit| <1* Vf \ ! i J Ititr jrnriaii l>ut a ti ti? o >u?trtl' n Ml ' I ?1 ?p n;P rtj ll at lib it -til* >> In t fat n t ip 1 > I i? ti?-t ?< tlit' i.>.b li?-. ,? aid fian ?b * in id t a?a If t tn b *i 'I fl d?l' ?t tbpoq?fi hm twain at *i ? n fit t all ti In ti- ti- r \> -luo* 11 a flrat-nfp iiiitit rl.a t aa tin* forftlttii I ar a--ll c >n??-1 rrr. at ! liii mi a it. if ibf < bi on tit mat ram i,t <f r. i atai. aiubttlM' at <1 11 it!* Ian a- ti.t a. ?. Hi.-iia f?l> M- tali' l ? t i* Nknrulnary pa aa, ah? l a? t ?t? ttl?o m n -1 I'sl in l * ! 11 r ibltufiuoi* ititeit i ?i. bi%?t'|i?, fiid VtlflltWIiliM*) Ma ? UMa? L D. TWO CENTS. with outet retching anna, not only the Integrity, but th? moral Of th? I'lirkiah HmnirM May It pleaae you my lord, to allow ma to communlonto to your excellency a moot revolting condition which the Turkish government, at the suggestion of llueela In about to Impose upon ui poor homeleM exile*. I, the governor of unhappy Hungary, after having, ( believe, a* a good citizen and honest man, fulfilled te the la>-t my duties to my country, had no choice left me kbetw?en the repose of the grave and the lnexpreaiible anguish of expatriation. Many of my brethren iu misfortune had preceded am on the Tuikish territory. 1 followed thither in the hope that I should be permitted to pas* to Kngland and there, under the protection of the Kngltth people?a protection never vet denied to persecuted man?allowed to repose for awhile uiy wearied head on the hospitable shore of your happy island. Out even with tl,u>? views I would rather have s?rrendeied myself to uiy deadliest enemy than to causw any dilllculties to the i'urki li government, whose situation I well knew b>w to appreciate, and thereiore did not Intrude on the Turkish territories without previously imjiiiilug whether I and uiy companions in misfottune would be willingly received and the protection of the Sultau granted to ua Me received the assiiraucc that we were weloomm guests, and should enjoy the lull protection of hla u.sjesty the paclisl.a who would rai hrr sacrifice bo 000 men ot his own subjects than allow one hair of our heads to he injured. It was only upon this assurance that we passed Into the Turkish Uiritory ; and a cording t > the generoua assurance, we were received and tended 011 our journey. r< ci ived in Widdtn us the .Sultan's guest*, and treated hospitably during four weeks, whilst waiting from i oDstsni inopte Imi ner orders as te the continuation of our sad journey to some distant shore l.venthe ambassadors of Kngland and Kranoe, to win in I ventured in the nauia of humanity, to appeal, were to kind as to assure lue of their full sywpa' hy Ills majesty, the Sultan was also so gracious as to give a decided negative to the human pretentions of our extradition u.umndd by Uusslaaud vustria l)ut a fre ta letter from bis majesty the Cxar arrived iu Onitautinople and Its consscjueBOe was thn sugeli< n s* nt to us by an express messenger of the Turkish government that the Holes and Huugariaus, and in I ati iculsr niysslf i ouuttaiimlr Uathiai y. Minister of koriigii .tlluirs ot Hungary under my government, and the (itinials Messaios and I'ercxel (all present here), s ould be sum nderrd. unless ?? chose to abjure tho lalfh of our fori fathers in the religion of Christ, and b? oi n it Mussulmans And thus five thou-and christians a:e placed in the leirible alternative either of iscirg li e rcalleld or of purcha-ing their live* by n bsliUoiiiiig tin ir faith, ho low is already (alien the onoo mighty i urkey that she cau devise no other means to am.wi r or e vade the ch-maud* of 1! ussia Words fail me to i|iiahty these astonishing suggestions. such as never have been made yet to the lailea chiet oi ? generous nation and could hardly have bean expected in ibe l'.uh century iv.y answer does not admit of hesitation Uetween death and ibauiu the choice can be neither dubious or difl.euit tiovernor of Hungary, and elect.d te that high place by the cuufldeuoe of hfieen millions of uiy coun ryrnen I know well what I owe to the honor of ay country, e?tu in exile Krt n a* a private individual I have an honorable paih to pursue. Olios governor of a pet i rou- couiifry I li ave no heritage to my children ? Ihiy shall at U est, In a ran unsullied name, (rod* will be done I urn prepared to die, but as I thluk mis uoa-iiie dishonoiable and injudicious to Turkey, whose iuteiests I sioeeiely have at heart, and as I felt ii a ouiy to sate uiy companion* iu exile, it I can from a di pi utiu g a.lei i alive, i have replied to the tirauil \ i/.ier in a c< nciiiatory uianuer. and took also the liheity to apply to file dtratioid aiming a id Wanen.l Auplch ft r ill. Ir generous aid a. aui-t this tyrannlo act. In lull n iiance ou the noble sentiments aud gem ions pilnciplen ot your Kxcellaucy. by which, us well a- thioogh your wisdom you have secured the esteem ol the civili/id world I trust to be excused iu inclosing conies of my two letters to the < .rand V l/.ler aud Sir tit m'. ford anning I am int.rui d that tbe whole matter it a calial against thi miui. try of Kercliid I'a-lia whose eueiuiea would wish In loici him to our extradition in order to lower it. iu public estimation, aud render impossible its c nllucubse In office It is certain that lu the grand council hi Id ou the Pth and loth of September, alter a 1 mo nil noi.s ill ha! e. tile luelorilv of till* uouncti de eland In lator of our rxtradi'ion the majority of tba iiiililttiy ag-lu?t it No deeiido? wa? e.ouie to. lu con? ||UI IiCi- ol tin- ulleri-aMon which took place; but, uotv ill mm ding, tbe u.liilei ry thought tit to maku ua lb* n rolling euggeetion I have unnu il 'i'bic no d?> of Molting th? dd'.iculty would not, I km convinced rate the tuiuiMry b. r?u-e a protecti"U only p veil in ooutl diction of iheriullao'a geueioun feeding/ ut the piice if K?r ibouriiiid ' h.i?uein abandoning t? t ir faiili. would b? revolting to the wtiole ob latiaa w oi id aud prove 1 aidly ckluluti d to win ay mptltiiea fi r 1 ui key ill tbe miULOl a war with lliixw, xU.au, I* the opinion of the uiuat experienced i urxiah titalaanien. la nppn a. bli k taat. /la to my ualtia country, Turkey dura. I tmliuve aire udy lee I ttie loaa of tbe neglected opportunity of barn g giTeli to Hungary at b a*t a una iu ual t ip to < It tile It to rbi cK ll.e ndtaiioe of lb i C .tuiilul eueuiy. but I' appi art to u.e tnat it would ba a very id a Ivmed tin do ol i Killing! Iluiigailan eyinputby b, aeudiut uaa to uu kUHrlan rratlnlcl and forcing iuy Unh.i >py uout panli in- lo allure tbor religion or adopt the mure alien a) ne No tilnida to tbe Tuikieh government would spring up it- ui u>y blood ebeu by tii i broken faith but ui-my diadly ne . M) li rd your brart will. I aoi a eg. run- u.y I ??Hi|t ea.leii )i-U 'a'li-btioo til our mf lalt. tine It III uow amimed pilttoa! lr /ibi.i Uiiiii U iii I bin ui i-.ieiid laud by the wbole wurld. Mini be lilt t dulu a ot Humanity Hire u- u-> pi uiiiaa of I.eteeluii, ui lea- toy lord you aud your grneroua uatn ei ci L i tin wum in piuU1i uVv bat atepa it u ay be expedient tbat you *houl<l take, wt-at ?e hare a tight to aipect fr oil Ilia wellkiowu p. iitto. itjf ut f eg aud it would lie hardly l.tt'lg III ue |u llilet uu I piece 111/ 0?u ailii 1u/ cu.|a..nii la en your banc's lat lord aud tu the lau.e it i'ouauily throw uiyea,t uuU.r the pr dacllou ot I I ^ Iat.il i in pt< net our d-n in tnay in a lew daya be sealed Ail'.e Uir in n ak.- ar huuib.n per o lal re.j'iaat I aiu a |. an ny I. rd. p!ej .n eu to faa I lie w.irai, and I oau die alii, n tlie look al lleavi U e I rare lined lint I am alio my lord, a hut band eon aud la'bar; uiv p <or 1.1 e hi arti d wife, toy children aud my uuble old motier to a aPdefii c ab'.U'. I urgar / I bey will pr II ..lily m i. lad lutn tbe band- id I hot a Auatrian* who Ue debt in li||iirii.g ev. n labia women and wlib I i in I be it. norm e of cb d ued 1 - no protection a,a-i> I p. r-i i uiiui.e I r i.juie y-ur i.irilieney, la II e i iitilr el tbe Vo-t IIIl.Ii. Iu p a atap tu tfceaa rbilipeby yntr pciecrtid inediatiooan I e?.amally to aeniod to ley wile aid children au a yldtu on tbw till i i I lie y tni fun a I i k'i - pi pi" A* ion / pet r toy I mil and nobla country, must el.. t. ii ti.li li.r '.hi : i I, ?i ii ne .li il thii. ?l? 1.1a h lit late, m <1 ui.tri iviJ b> d""in-d to anui liilalm I ) I.or l;rakt? ' V* HI hoglaud, ooot titr lit t?, nut U-f .n a bar ?" n?. f i I I < I It It Mi Intiraala 11 hurcp.', *o maoy i >1 ) eifcalceialti i. rt i| -mm* r.li?!ty(t?iBll, and e it tj tt u an I* nai.ia ft) the IHl-' a i ?ai|>rr are Imi i< tilt a u It I " nii <i|> ailli Hi" aairteada .if HiiuI at > fi r tur in in f a I h ?pa. M y lord. may U >1 'he vlli. >bty ??r many )iai % atiteld yon, that you iua? I ( (iii i-rt t|.r unli ritilia'p. atid if a t<> In- tbe nui 'lun nf Imi ri^hte ol Irn-'tioi and bninaory laubuiiba ii jrn If, with the mot I |.?ilii t re yi?et and ??'?na (Slgni*) L K MiUfrt Tlie ' n|tcl Ulatri, 11 # ?r*'r* cf I m- iiflnii' a? un-el'lad ai erar. Ill rn, i' ' aa I via n.anif >t > ri m lading hurubjicta tl ih-y ' o? Ji-nr. < iily I . lii-ir l-aiti net# nanp'kti * il*t 11'm i al H '' la > ba? riiuw-a i? |n?rlilt r t jtil lira n of tl (I > iiii.-nf, l> -l It ?b mid cr 'f. iiMrii'li i '? a ? I'liue it w mild aiv I at ihi t tba 11 |*'? nInrii t the thn.ne ?f Italy la Hill i!' tabtfnt i?n Mia th I -nob army uiuit rati a 1. a' Heme. it nMt it th iple" of a-R dent*, tMli t | jiii- N'-rc In In la r a a'l.e-.i Ml not deaia* hdfI' i?j nii'ila Iban ib^il Mi?i*rti?'rl?<l i w ?">i? ritzy it e j liMlC Bitl/d of Ha y to 'ajial g r.iu ueul and ator. . Naplrti (1 ht- ivh rr of <li : tubal c?* a* N'a|i|e? alten br thaTon)i n rai'i IP,baa ran ?d ni" iiupi ii.h? hart; hut lilthatli i.i iI.ii * ' a- l,a?n r.r. I?a I el: V r to ton >nn Of I #. trm.li t II \ t ry lull* e -ilTce however. h at'*'bed ta II a ii i' i t in (l ai l.ra llkily I', bn wail latntuiad. and, a'all pit nla t Ii t)i tight that tba rxtvul ot tl>? diaItrNnti a baa k" D yna ,lj axagd' rated j Miii ih i n, Tha.d//. ?> if V i>ra |>i?M"bi( > li t r fron Tangier#, of Itie V. U> U I . alin h inHanoHi lliaiwMfBaat i.f Iba difficulties between Kia..c and >!"roajo rtia Imprirot Haawaii baa i ad' ail Hi-r nm. I >n< thai ai ti ?* man .'id: tl - o en who ' .ad '>11 r *< d ibe trench i ii'til a i e lii ir n> In the j.ri? n <>1 tl-' aiar. and ana lo be he una l<a .1. if deal, id by the Meunh gi>ti . en il l nmreoTar. on a cat ?'? dit. th 0 raunh t1*i( ?# lii h? l.nlrtaii. ai d nlnl-U w th 'i I gum. and a Kri oth i iga'e w?a t" Halt ail ilie (. rt? i.l tne wait, and I. ii l> n i la'ul if It i? a. > t mat the t r.ncb aa. ii)?.?i. i 1 had .I'V I l' I nit-iai of tna I'aiba (> i.r ii I a. it I ai ( f?r ny I ali Ibe ili'torhauc.'* and a a?iii int on ii" ft an i f' r ihr, and that tuu?II.'nary >an ic n* t< I . lo deltnd bim-elf belora tba i n i?/tr. (harrr, int' i; pi kit' r "t i in- irai.iim rtki'otan. i? f m in ' ?" pjii. i-n- a 1-ti-rinna 'tl.flc if tip .'.J t t. Mining that in >ra th in ,H'I? If* 'at n l : ( * bat- ?tt1? i tharo. at 4 that It I* Hi* Ii l? Mini ? ! hrl.m-' Kn??rmuriil. t* tllvl th-oi p ifiii< t in 'uitt . *1-1 la-I laii ' vinr a Iii- r..ii..?1?(t ' ,|4 nu'i'i- illhe flan nli' h w?? -ip-nt-il t? I t ' t *1 cl ii lit- rl.-mheta on the tt'b. la tfca aatna ' t h* Ma! hi 'i;r' . 1-r * ?? t) b- firuird la e " I ft if (iii irr, i In' I'*- 1 heraaflrf id The Mali ii ifr( t?-halt i' lUiri t: 't ihn i?f M?llanle Belli a if ad. *rh ran rim! fee "lee a aiiiaiui of l#l t i| iii- ill, lit if ' i. hiidftf -ta whlob may ' Ir.o nml nrei irtlinf f'i thf m-?n? "I aah ?. I.ial-l. t Ii I I ? ri !i l-t au? ?. !>l:ir??prl?'("t i.f the land, in in timet f ' r.l i the i-1- !-? of hi* nnatrael, file a th. r'in i f Ih atil hp inrtalmaatg n > i.i' tilrrtitM r'fht* and obi i?a turn* (Vth ,i i ! u tlnll be las i-? fur lit# j"*r\ aoJ aftar flat | t it T'Hv a tat ehloli ?linil t?i i?ai? iii i til at if e ?a4 in i*"?!) je?r?. tt ha* r-f-.b-il tli i nuni ii tai o.-tii Ci h. (k* ntoititrt faalii l? h it, air. i. hj aabM'iii >a* rniin.l In '"If and la lit r.-t.t Iri' i"l bjr In. Inittt n<4oi n* ii.' in; ? y a capital tn h- ami- a rii "0 ai ?' hi i, , ? ? M?eiM? " a*.*