9 Kasım 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Kasım 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH NO. 6634. THE ELECTION. TOA* Tl TITT US11TLT ? Both Parties Triumphant, Arc. See. icc. The return? from the interior we not so favorable to tile whig*, ftnd the probability i? that the democrat* will have a wall majority of the popular rote. The eonteet baj been a oloee one. and the tieketa hare been ?t up moet wofully. One inHtanee 1? in Lewi* county. It give* a democratic majority of 250 on all bnt the Canal Commissioner ticket; on that ticket, Beaeh, the whig candidate, ha* a majority of 300. The full cAcial return*, when published, will show *ome coriou* remit*. According to the advice* received yeaterday over the wire*, there i*? A tie in the Senate. I A small whii majority, prob&Mf. in the Auembly. The State ticket equally divided between the whig* aad democrat*. Thia I* net much of a whig victory, alter all. It i* a triumph for both parties. The honor* are divided. They ean both throw up their bat*, and hurrah. We gtve a email whig majority In the Auembly, but the ?ruiu?iBifl WUI UUb BUIBll lb. 1 lie J ClfelUl tUO auui?, but give a tie in the 8*Date. Owing to thi* olose vote, the democratic ctndldttm for the United State* Senate Are already quarrelling for Dickinson'* Mat. Tfcie ia good new* for both parties. They certainly ought to be (atiiQed. Neither are beaten, and both are uoceeeiul. They thould get up bonfire* and oelebrations all over the (State. IV* bare thrown the return* together in the foliowiag order. They are, of course, imperfect, and oanaot toe otherwise:? Majorities of ttaa popular Vote. ? ^ Nov. 1849. Sov. XS48. VounHtt. Whig. Dem. Whig. Vem. Alleghany ? 300 ? 534 Chemeag ? mm ? 9M Oatarie 7"U ? ? SI TiiringSHn l.iou ? 741 ? Broome 2<H) ? ? 246 Waekiagtoa 1,660 ? 1,237 ? Warrea ? ?I0 ? *r7 Tate* ? 260 ? :v*t Tompkin* ? 10) ? OM -Hew Terk 1,610 ? 4,742 ? Albany iiso ? ion ? ekeaeetadjr 260 ? 203 ? Oraaee ? 250 ? 432 BoekTaad ? 300 ? 401 Saratoga 900 ? 51* Richmond ? 8 114 Oaeida 200 ? ? J.3H9 Puinaaa ? MM ? 635 Onoadaga 100 ? ? 1,729 Waeeai ? 100 334 ? Cayana 100 ? ? r,v, Wayne ? 400 ? 920 Herkimer ? 1,500 ? 1,161 Monroe 1,250 ? 1,425 ? 0*we?# , - #00 - 1,733 Geaeaee 1,009 ? 699 ? 'Orleans ? 100 ? 238 Brie 1.T00 - 1,930 ? Cbaatauqae... 1,6U0 ? ti<W ? Una* *uU ? l,8l? ? Weetobeeter ? 70S 164 ? Database. ? sou 794 ? CelnmLla 60 ? ? 274 Ulster 100 ? 419 Aobobari* .. . ? <U0 ? 601 MIMt ? SOU ? 1,U( Otaago ? 1.6U0 ? !.? Tsltoaand Hamilton ? 30 331 ? CorUaad 530 ? * - 870 1?iaalawr - aw 62t JjImm uo m Wyoming ? JUO ? & *> OrMM 60 ? ? 369 Hadlaoa ? S3 ? l,Ot CbMki>ft? ? sao ? 310 St. L?wr?c< ? 2,700 ? 2,?7D Cltatoa ? Ml ? S3] l*wi? ? 380 ? 824 mm., ? 610 ? ft?Ull 200 ? -- 63J rifty-thraa Conntiw... W.aJO l?tt8 1H.9M 'M an 11.448 18 DM Whit majority 1.071 Da*. m?J ..7,9111 1,073 Wbi| gala 9,033 Wt add the autu of tha randldatai iltoUd to tha Lagialatura, no far a* known. Owing to tbo eloaanaaa of tha oontaat, wa only glra tbo nama? of thoaa wa ara or* ara rlectad: ? (ao na ai mow*.) Mew York LtgUUtare. Whig* La lUlloa; Damocrati la Roma. SEN ATE. 0*4. DU. 1.-William H. Brown. 17. -Sldnay TutUa. 1 ? John ?1. Lroit. 18 ? John Noyaa. I ? R S. WiUxmmt. ID. -L harlax V.Mann 4-ClwiiM CraiiHi. 30 ? A. C. Stona. $?Janici W. Btrkmon. 21 ?A Sklnnar. Edwin V. Morgan. tt -0~rgi (i'idt, 7 ? Brandrath 23 ? Joaaoh Ratnolda S.?Dtvid Yu Scbaiak. 24 ? tr,tUom J H?cK. 9.?Jmm C. Cartli 26. H B Stanton 10.?M. Hchaonmakrr 'M ? (tMTf? B. Ouinnlp. 11.?5 H Jai.ntmn 27Samuel B Miller. 12.?J. C. Hemrtl. S*?HUnto B. Ufhon. 15.?Janet M Cook. 29. ? Ctarlri Colt. 14.? Thomaa Crook So. - J. K. DooUttla. 16.?William A. Dart. iX.?Goorg, R Hoicock M.-Uaorga H. Fox. 32-Rohort Ovm. ASSEMBLY. Dia. Dii. N*w Yori, Mnnrooticar. 1.?John H. Whin. 1-,V<mwI O Orton, t.?Jomri hou/rn 2?Ckarlat llubb*. M.?Hoary J, Allan. ImiToot, 4.? Jllrram Mokmun. 1 ? R. K. Kennedy. S - Thorn at Truslow. 2-Jobn OIITord. ?.?J IV Jlllen Sullivan. 7.? Henry J Raymond. 1?J. f. Huth. 5.?Benj W. Bradford. Catuoa. J. V. B Kowlar. I?J. Towntend. 10. ? Jamet Monro* 2?J. Rt'hardeon, 11.? Otlbart C Di an. S?-Irery, 12.?Abraham B Dart*. WiiTiNinii. 15.?Jnteyh Vanimnv. jr. 1?Wm. H N4>r|im, 14.? George (i H alert. 2- I.yon. 15.?John J Towntend. Dotcnkm. IS. -Jllhert Qilkert. 1?John B Lorkwood, Kino*. PirnM. X ? T. H Redding, 1? ? Bom S-JC W f\tke. nn4-.ua. 2?John II Bokrr, 1? Wm G'oham. Richmond. 2 O. Own. 1-1. F. frail. S?M. C Story. Alum, -C. 1 -M D Hi*In. i-Jufl H N-ll. a-/.. IT. Smith. 8 Hit PrvytI. i?K.Harmon. %?W. W HkrpmrA Otinu. IcNtnHTiBr. 1 ?Jnkn C UarAntr, I Jamn Jlllm %-M. C. fTard. Oiwxio. Km*. X?M FUMhrngk. l-Orlanda ^Um. S-WUlltB L?*ll. S?jf. Om ta**i. 8 ? Ira F. Iriih. 1-8 M B uir?ugh?. CatuL*. LmftniTO*. Ohio*. 1-4. Mrlsan 1?William J, Haran. I-H.Joih. %- Ralph Melnunh Ho?m*wt>. I- D?bi.f?l 1? B. J AIIIcon 4?J?m?* LltUa. St L?wa*"<?. Fwltow ?i*n H*MfLron. 1? I lnuner; liodf*. 1 ?< yru? Hrnwa?ll ] Mlllltin Brl?n? RkMui.tn. 1?l.ulbtr Whltoi/. 1?E. P riekett (Immr 1-ltiilDit Slulltl. J- TVWm L. Prarott, 8 Orargr t.rttam. M - Doubtful Th? r??ult m far m h?ard frmn. |Itm IS whig ud It 4?aiMtktli Senator* In tb? H*i?U of laat yamr. tba ?bl(i had 24 to 8 I* tba A???Bibly from the t??nty flr? Bounito* abora. Unrtir* 48 hl|? and 23 d?mnerata la tho ?<iiiUn la?t )nt, tbtra ??r? 48 wblgf and 18 mti. The Dttalli of (be Klrrtlon. rirrn wajrd firhnol Cirm'r- 5mith, wr.if . .1 mi ? ??r arm Tnttrtr-Katmfta. whig. I 119 d?m 771 fctfUlW? !<>, ?U|...l.l>t Wartat. d?m . . . . 7?7 NINTH WARD ?(< >rtiri*| J AUrrmnn--Ball. whit .1 ' ".1 1 ??n>?r. ilfm 4*ri*f. Jlit.'-Vnur. whig. .. I.94II fUrtU?. ,| .n |,4f?t iiiriitrt-ltjkr, ?M< ylattr, dtm ....UM ?-rttart?>?, whl* ... 1.011 R"*?ft, ' > ? .... .1,M* ( Milnl'H-IIck, ?nl? I V*i Shay, dam .. ... I. If! ? WiM?r. whl?... 1.925 Nriiiti, dm l.AIrt TNIIITRINTIt WARI?. N?r. Ifttff?whin ... 1 WW Randall, dtm ... .I.lno 4 omftrtlUr?whig .. I.'XW Lott, dtm , 1,1*7 Allnrnry Urn-Sttttat, whlj. .1 nd2 Cbatfltld, dam .. L(W) 7Vfiii*rrf-B??l, whit f.'Ml WMrli. Jr , dam .1,101 ' an il < tm r? ll??nh, wlii* . . . I.'*>2 d'ni ..,. l.Mt Stnlr Knainrrr?Saymour, w,. .t.tfV Ca? ph 11.1-<u . . 1.111 i'riton lntp?S-\n>Tf wM?. .. I.IHil Clark. d>m I H<7 whig 1.070 ItMtU, Im,,, . I.IHI 4'Urh R.hl.t ?M* 1 Arrnlarl.11. dam .1.M0 ( 1 roner?Graf, whig I 1 fr'7 V?i Ktndl, 4am. .1,112 >4?rwiMv-Monad. whiK . . ... 1 |v-?n. d?m 1117 AHermnn? t?*?ra?11. ?H|,. . I <M.1 Pa,*. daa i.lM jdaiiiMal-raaraall. whig. ...llW7 Sainmla, daa 1,111 KI0IITRRNTII WAR" .iMtrMoft-CaiidkllR, ? ?? >"7 Vtn Wyok. daa 737 ? ? ?!, whif 171 Smith, if d?a . .W Alrr.rd, whig 9M Hut?a?d, dam .619 ? Fnt'ar. whir .W Cwllh. NR...IM Atteitori-- Jnhattn*. wMg 1"H Rail?y. dam ... RW Vai??t.iaa, whig ijfti ?>h?pard. ?hli *W llr?i??a, d?m ...,|? Orat, d?m IW rMlldUll-DMnll. whig. lull Zlahart, .!?? .(6) Ragart. whig l'H Smith, dam TM --(;r?an. whig #41 dam It.1 Jacitoa, daa .,11 UttMMtl r?m--Raw, whig 1117 Haary, daa .. 7M T ft" Klly. whig 1132 *>gar?. dam t?? lmtptct ?r-. Dorr. whig Ill* Wattoa, daa.,. . .ftl n? iflttrt ?lact art til whifft. E NE I TKI.KUR AI'liK . Addition*! Election Returns. Ai bart, NOT. 8,1840. Wyoming i* act down at 200 to 300 whig. Wayne 200 whig This come* to us from the Rochester Dtwucral. Madison dtm ticket M ; whig clerk and 1 whig assembly. Chenango 320 to 460 dem. Jefferson reported on. small democratic. Three last three from L'tlce. SULLIVAN COWNTY. Whig. Sheriff, Clerk and Assemblymen eleoted-the Utter net certain. Senator, 50 against us; possibly 100 d?m. ob the State ticket; Mr. B. Wright, Supreme Court, has a majority. Another message jost receive 1 says Wright, Justice, 280 majority; whig Sheriff, 306; Clerk, 242; Assembly. 136. TIOGA COUNTY. All whig. A letter just received says:? Owaoo, Wednesday, 7 A. M. We have eleoted our whig member, Sheriff and Clerk certain, and we think our whole ticket, without any doubt. CORTLAND COUNTY. tione whig. State ticket, 100 msOority; Senator, 150; Clerk, 260; Sheriff, small majority. BROOMK COUNTY. IHmmick, whig Senator, 362 majority. He rum ahead, but the whig State ticket has a good majority, and the Assembly also. Clerk in doubt. The ttsiult in the State* A despatch from Albany says, the Senate Is whig, but the Assembly dem. (which we don't yet believe), and that the coalition have carried half the State offloers, which is possible. It would take the ofllolal canvass to make us believe Washington Hunt is not ehoaen Controller. THE LATEST. Ai.stnv, November 8?7 P. M. Nothing has been received here to change the opinion expressed last evening, that Messrs. Jewett, Chatfleld, Kollett, and probably Clark, all democrats, are elected. The vote will be a very clone one. The House Is democratic, almost beyond a doubt. The New Jersey Election. [Krom the Newark Advertiser (whig), Nov. I.] Owinir more to aood luck than fldellt*?we will nnt say just desert, though that seems Implied - the whig* till hare th? politic*! ascendancy in the Legislature. It cannot be so properly Mid th*t we have carried the State, m that we have Dot quite loat it; though ven that aoasolatlon might hava been wanting. If the opposition could have safely anticipated the benumbing indifference and personal differences that have prevailed in some of eur counties, reducing our m^orlties In some and losing others altogether. But the truth is, that New Jersey is so thoroughly whig in feeling and principle, that it can soarcely be suborned, even when balf a>leep The returns are net all in, but enough Is known to show the general result?which is shown In the subjoined tahle The 8enat? comprises 10 members, of which we have ten?just a majority In the House, of 68 members the whlgs have 33, including the I'assaia Asftemblymen who were sleeted on I nioi tickets, one being an old whig member, and the other aald to be a whig, which gives a majority of nine on joint ballot. The whig msjorlty on joint ballot, laat year, was 25, la : 6 in the SenaU, House 30. rARTIES IN THE LEOISI.ATUaB. (So far as heard from ) IMS 1849 SaniTI. ASSEMBLY. SENATE. ASSEMBLY. W. D. W D. W. D. W. D. *f Bergen, . .? 1 ? i ? 1 ? i (Hudson... 1 ? 1 ? ? 1 ? 1 * f'a??alo ...1? 2 ? ? 1 2 ? En? 1? 7 ? 1? 7 ? Morrla .... 1 ? 4 ? 1 ? 4 ? 'Boimi,, , 1 _ s ? 1 ? 3 Middlesex .1? 4? 1? 4 ? Warren . , ,? 1 ? 1 ? 1 ? S Hunterdon? 1 ? 4 ? 1 ? 4 Mercer.... 1 ?si 1 ? 31 Somartet ...1 ? 3 ? 1 ? 3 ? Monmouth 1 ? 6 ?1 ? 6 *Burll?(ton. 1 ? 6 ? 1 ? 5 ? Olouetrtw . 1 ? 11 1 ? 2 ? CuodcB ...1? a? 1? ? 2 Salem ....? 1 8 ? ?1 ? 3 '(vmbnludl ? 3 ? 1 ? 3 ? Atlantic. ..? 1 ? 1 ?1 ? 1 'Up* May. .1? 1? 1? 1 ? 12 T 39 1* 10 0 33 26 12 T Senators,.. .10 0 61 24 Whigi 43 34 26 Loom 34 ? Maj In joint ballot. . .26 9 * New Sana tor* *f do vaoanciM. Our I'cnnijrlranla Vorrcapondencc. Montkook, November 4, 1849. The Stuyuthanna County Hank Knowing your desire to give your readeri the earliest information of the events of the day, I end you an account of the proceedings in thia village, during the paat few daya, respecting " The Susquehanna County Hank." It would appear that on Saturday, Oct. 27, Mr. Anael .St. John, aa agent, refused to redeem the paper of the Susquehanna County Hank, al(>7 Wall afreet. The newa reached here next morning, and cauard great consternation Mr. T. P. St. John, the nephew of ihe former, and cashier of the bank, arrived from N?w York on Saturday morning, and during that day discauntrd pa|wr, received payments on notea, made exchanges, and transacted business aa usual, without informing the community, although there had b'en, that forenoon. rec? ived a teleirrauliic ileaoatch from Nrw York, advising him of the state of affairs. A committee, compound of Messrs C. L. Ward, of Tow Hnda, Daniel JSearle, Charles Avery and Wm J. Tuirell, ol Montrose, after investigating th? business through the week, concluded, last evemng, to have a rajnat issued, under winch Mr. T. 1'. St. John waa arretted, and now lira in our county jail (in drfault of $40,000 hail), to which he waa conducted amid the groans and execrations of the community. The ban* has about ?200,000 afloat, of which ! $1.YM)00 baa been circulated ' oat West,"' through a certain agent, of t;incinnati, who waa here for a , few hnurs last week 1 believe he ia well known 1 to a certnin clique in Wall street. The jail remained, all thia day, decorated with the effigies ot Ansel Si J?hn and T I' fl '"tin The numeroua signs, nailed about the window where the latter ia CtllMfJ, give the buiIdinif .juile the air of a broker'*ortice; indeed, it might be iniataken for a pocket edition of Wall atreet. Such is the indignant leeling of the people, that neither the public authorities nor the sheriff attempted to t&ko i them down. MonYrose, November 4, 1848. Last nibht. the committee appointed to investigate the affairs of the Itank of Susquehanna < Jouni ty, and the alleged frauds committed by Thomas P M. John, the ca?hier, reported progress, that there were now in ciiculation notes of atid hank, amounting to upwards of two hundred thousand dollars; whereas, the said cashier, had given the most |M?sitiv? assurances that the whole amount in circulation, was only forty-nine thousand dollars, , and that every dollar should be redeemed within I two weeks. The committee say. that there never wss more siti|>?ndous fraud committed in the whole history of hank swindling. All the j available funds (mind in the hank, was under ! twenty-five dollar*. Scarcely an individual can he found, who ha* not more or leas of the note* of this rotten hank in hi* possession Since Monday Lat, the day the hank rlo*ed, the community have l>e?ii in a Mate ot furiou* excitement, and every niyht the hark wn* surrounded hy a mob, hooting, ) t Tlrntr, blowing tin horn*, drumming on tin pan*, firing <>fl pistols, and other noisy, though harmless proceeding! Last night the directors instituted civil proceeding* against the cashier, St. John, and the sheriff atrested him, and he was escorted to the county jail by a mob, headed by S 8. Millford, one of our oldest, wealthiest and moat reMifctahle merchants No violence was used, tnonph a wooden horse had been provided ; but as he marched along between the sheriff and Ins assistant, the crowd blowed their tin horns, beat their tin pans, yelled, shouted, hurraed, iVc., and when the prison door closed up??n the wretch wnh a crash, the crowed about*d, " Hank closed," and gsve numerous tremendous cheers. To-day, the jail house is covered with signs, among others, the regular hank sign, which had been torn off and nail> d upon the jail, with an effigy astride it. The committee s?y th? hank is down, past all ho|e Its notes will not sell here at any price. Mnitrmost, Noveml?er6, IHW. Matters remain as last stated, with regard to the Subnet anna County hank No further developements, although, * hen the committee report, no doubt it will be rich. Mr. Ht John is still in jail. I Public opinion Is very strong against him. W YC HORNING EDITION?FRII Our Baltimore Correspondence. Baltimork, Nov. 8, 1K19. Arrival of Henry Clay? Storm?Mri. h'emble't Reading?iMtham't NoUi?Markett, 4?e. The Hon. Henry Clay quietly entered the city last night, and took lodgings at li&rnum's Hotel, naving leu nome on the M inst., tor Washington. He is in excellent health and spirits, and although he was overturned in a stage, near Cumberland, he received no injury, and looks as if he could stand considerable political service yet, and, perhaps, another canvas* tor the Presidency. Glorious old Harry must be President yet. We have hud quite a rain storm this morning, whilst I nm writing, intermingled with roaring thunder and most vivid Hashes of lightning. The weuther is singularly WUB for tile bleak month ol November. Washington Hall, last night, did not contain less than 1.6(H) persons, at $1 per ticket, to listen to the rending of Shukspeare's " Merry Wives of Windsor," by Mrs. Fanny Kemble ; and a more delighted audience I have never witnessed ? This is the only reading she intends to give in this city at present. A mutch race is to come off, to-morrow, at th? Lower Canton Course, for $1,000 aside, between the buy mare Hose Washington," of Virginia, and "Tom Tuff," of Maryland. The burglaries going on in this city are unusually extensive, even for tnis season of the year. Tha general belief is that the robbers are mostly free blacks. Several of them have been arrested. The excitement with regard to Latham's " Exchange Bank" notes, issued from Washington, has spread throughout Maryland and Virginia, where tney have recently been put in circulation to an alarming extent. A letter from Tennessee says that Duff Green is buildin" a railroad with them in that section; and, indeed, they are furnished to the contractors on all the railroads and canals far and near. Mr. Hudson takes a benefit to-night, appearing as King O'Neil; and Tedesco givea another grand concert, in conjunction with the Germania Society. Mrs. Ann Chase, the distinguished heroine of Tampico, is now in this city, on her way to Wash ingion. The following were the Mies at the atook board yesterday $000 Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad bonds, '07, 61; '20 ?h? Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, div off, 46*i; 10 do. do 46J,; 49 do do 47. There were rales yesterday of 800 bbis Howard street flour at $6. and '250 obis Harper's Kerry at $6. Nothing doing in city Mills. Sales prime red wheat at 106 a 107*. White coim. 66 a 67c , and yellow SOo , with rale*. Oat* SO a 3Jc. Whiskey 2Ho. in bbls., with cales. Interesting from Cuba. TTRANNTCAI. PROCEEDING ATMATANZAS?THE QUEEN'* BIRTHDAY BAIX?PERSECUTIONS OF THE CREOLES ? OOVRRNMKNT SPIES. A correspondent of the New Orleans Picayune, of the 39th ult, writing from Havana, under date of tha 20th ult , say*: ? Some two or three weeks since, it was proposed, at Matanias. to give a ball in compliment to the oflloers of an American sloop of war, then lying at that port (I believe the Oermantown. which has sinoe been here, and sailed ay kin the 14th); and in their application to the (iovernor of the place for his sanction, the managers did not fall to remind him of the prompt and energetio conduot of " Old Xack," in suppressing the reeent attempt, at New York and other place*, to fit out an expedition for the invasion of this island They moreover intimated that the entertainment might be made to wear the aapect of a compliment to the nation, as well as to the officers, or both. The Oovernor. however, either doubted tbe sincerity of their patriotism er from ome other cause, he met their application by a auggestion of hi* own - tint, as tbe Queen's birthday (10th instant) was near at hand, when custom would demand that a grand ball should be given, tbe opportunity could be taken advantage of to do all honor to the officers of the United State* Navy, towards whom he expressed himself with great courtesy and respect. Regarding such a suggestion In the light of a command, they, perforce acquieseed, and the original design was abandoned. In the meanwhile, preparation* were made for the ball of the 10th instant, and o? a somewhat splendid scale But. en the eventful evening everything was there to be seen that could be desired, etoept?the company. One or two families, indeed inclndtng the (iovernor. had assembled, and the room with all its brilliancy, seemed " like some banquet hall deserted " No explanation was obtained of this extraordinary ab ence of the Matancero* from their favorite amusement, until the next day. when am investigation resulted in the arrest of fire yeung gentlsmeti belonging to thebext families of tbe place who. it is alleged had seoretly printed, l and sent round to those who wereexpested to " assist" at the entertainment, circular* informing them that the ball would not take place. Hi* even said that they bad posted persons within a square of the ball roost, to arrest the progress of *uch as iniKht be on their way, and who were ignorant of such a postponement Tbe names of these young men I have not aseertalned, bat one of them is nearly connected with Don Simon Ximene, a name widely and generally known as of great influence ; and respeetability Brief was the examination, and a? brief the time allowed for disposing of the culprits | They arrived here yeeterdav from Mataozaa, and this day they embarked for gDatn not. I believe as orison. er?* hut a- exile* I ?n In the counting hou?e f tn eminent merchant last evening when a relative of ona of th* young men otm? to procure lottota and credit* for bin use Id Spain Krom that merchant I obtained d; Information . and alth< ugh lu nil particulars I may not be correct. I am sure I am *? mucb *o a* eircumfUhcm will adroit Whether the conduct of the** thoughtlr** young men l? considered by the authorities an a political offence la thu? endeavoriog to bring contempt on a day u-uallj held sacred by her Majesty'* loyal subjects and especially dedicated to enjoyment by tba light hearted < reoles, or whether disaffection ' wan MMMNi lo hare been In a measure made manl feet by *uch conduct I* not far me to pronounce you can draw your conclusion* M well a* I can I promised to procure for you the facte of every occurrence of Importance and here yon bare them I say occurrence of importance, because whatever Insignificance would attach to such conduct in ?tme countries, regarded as It would be as a wantan Interference with aday'ieport. or as a contemptible hoai It assumes a grave and eerioue aspect when it terminate* la the banishment of fire ctliieas fr?m their friends and their country < mment in this place would Infringe upon the rule I hare adopted to observe and communicate, hut ' nothing ejtenuat* or ?et down aught In malice " \ ou will have beard ere this reaches you of the death of i/cn Jorge I rteteiial His eminent position here render* this notice of bi* death respectful and proper. A* a merchant he wa* prominent and wealthy ?generous and liberal In his character, he was surrounded by "troops of friend*" wbo?? affection* he . possessed ae *lr< Dgly as usually fall* lo the lot of man Ineeraly lauitntad, here, hi* frland* and bin bouaahoid ara inronaoiabla i i r*M M 1 Hp faragoing waa wrlttan for tha Ohio, but aba trrlird only tbia naming Nothing wkttrm rrbtinn to add In tha way of ganaral naw? Tha ahip whirb fallfd with tba joubk man manti 'n?d tbor* for ^ | Spain raturnad nait <l?jr with aoma trifling ilio?|n. 1 *h?n ibt* warn InmrditUlf lrtiiifiin*d to tha loro ( will until lb* ???l U ?g?in ratdji to nail Nothing ha? p< to hjj kn??iadga to indu*a m? t> ch*d< th? Utrurtt of tha affair aa glran ahm l I *NM remain* antiraly atagnant In importa and ; airbaiiga <H laid, tha curraut aalaa af good <|iiallty I ara at 12 rant* Tba N O. Da/fa. of tha 2Pth nit ?aya:- Wa hara brrn parmlttad to maha tba following aitraata from a lattiT addraaaad by a waalthy plantar of tuba to a friard in thiaelty Tba lattar la datad (let 17. IMS. . I and both tba writar and tha raclpiaat ara eraolan of tba "utr faithful Inland.'1 Wa tranalata from tba 8|aniah :? i Tha |.ai?Iota hara ara laat raanaarln* from tha dapraa !<> and dire-'urngamant nrnaalonad by tba proclamation ol tba baro <>t Huana Vint* and by tha mnuuriw of asraaaira rl*<'t adoptad by hi* cabinet tn daprtva u? of tha a-*tatanra of our frlandi on tha continent Many aha bafrra tha lata aranta. bad not (Ivan a tb ught to tha anbjaat of indapandaura or who d<>iibt?l Ita faa? ibiIty fata liaan brought, by tha actio* of tha 4m?naan tararnm* nt and by t ha alatm rauaad to our authnrii M y tlia Hound lilandara to rafiact aarloa?ly npon tba : maitar todiaeu?a It with thalr frlanda. and ta atamlna ttam mpatanry i f tbamaan* propoaad to a?blaaa tha atida da.irad 'I ha eon?a<|uanfta baa ha an a battar 1 andar*tandmg among ouraalTaa and an lnrra**ad oonfldaiaa in our ultimata auecagn Ho yon may raly upon It tha good apiritl" abroad again through I ha land tha aplrlt of tndapanilanna and llbarty! It p?r?ad#a nil elaaara and ha* rrapt i van Into tha ?ar; raiti of tba araj tha Ha>aaa M-?im<-nt. la'aty ?ant by R?n?ali to ; I'uarin I'rim it>a to ftaht tha much drnd?d Hnuhd lalar.dara revolted thalr ofRear* and tbraatanaj lh< in wit t> death l ha rarolt i?nm?irml tltli ih >*M of 'Libert; and u? n Lopai" l'b? < ipUlo <>aaeral act daring in tha preaant critical altua'lon of 10 ?l*|t tha leglment with all tl ?*?rtly of nlliUry Itt. Iia? divide ibem into four part*. and (not them off ta dlitant and *eparate *1 al Ion* I Bard not tall you that tha ?plrlt af datamation, wlilch lli? upprr**ad ntti?M of thin Inland baar lotkulr In. ported awnuirr a mora decided chatactar an tha pnapaat of getting rid of the?e mwi'ti dra?? near r The auihorttle* of Matnni*" g?ra a -plandld ball, c ma 'laj? a.o. to ralebiata tha birib of ({u?an l*ab>-lla and ibruat thair Invitation* Into tua h .u*a? ot all tha fea*t <Miilliaa ol ike city aad ot tba aelrfhooriog ooun try >ot ona ?lngl? eraola gantlaroan and only two areola ladle* responded to tba appeal of tba Mpaai*h authorities So much fur tba prograa* of opinion tan ?( ii* Tha tarfarnHan of tba Areola* ?n-peeted of di?*ITee Urn baa roiinifM'il or rather ra*umad It* aann-tomed miirw Tkrff ara two proeecutl n* for eonaplr^y now g< In* on In Trinidad and In Ylatania* Tba accused ara nom<rou* vany other? ara now In jail fur tha arae nfaM I will keep yon adrl*ed of whatever may tnrn up worthy of publication A new ?py waa *ant out from hara to ,Vew Vork by tb<- Mi amtr Ohio ami anotbar I* ready to ba ?hlpp>?| to N? w firlaan* hy tha raturn of tba ateamar Tha nitwl' U.C f thaee foul w rate be* l? to follow all tha moran ant* of tha mo?t pi eminent <f thai nban patriot* la Ike United state* and loaaotrtaln bow and wltk whoa ?RK I )AY, NOVEMBER 9, 184* they oorrwpond here. The Cubani, fortunately, have bam *wmi1 la time by their friends here Theaeipiea bifi be?-n evlected from high life, the batter to lull *n?plcion and to enable them to penetrate into every elroU. [From the New Orleani Delta. Oet. Is ] By the arrival of the xteamehlp Ohio. Capt. Mehenek, we have received our tile* of Havana paper* to the tfltb inttant. Tbe Havana journals have recelvej advloea from Tuoatan to tbe 6tb Invt They oonflrm the intelllgenoa of tbe asfacalnation of Jacinto Pat and eight other

leader* by t beir follower*, the Indiana I'at waa killed at the raucho of Hnchen near Raoalar, while in oom p?uj 'in iw uuuu wanes. wim wnom no wtH procetdiug Id order to plaoe-himfelf at the disposal of the government, and solicit his pardon It is stated, that there vara great rejoicings among the Indians upon learning the death of Jacinto fat, and that a new goveminent had been formed undti a triumvirate. The Yueatau government had endeavored to benent by the dimensions among the Indiana, by offering a free pardon and various privilege* to all who would lay down their ami Tha treasury was in a low state, there being only $1 6?'1 on hand The biig P.Soule, from this port, reached Havana on the Tii last. The French war steamer ' rocodile. Commander Deudene. al?o arrived on the 22d Inst, from Cuba. A new weekly journal entitled Thr Clergy, whieh, ia the prospectus ie described a? -'religious, political and literary,'* is about to be commenced in Cuba it lojk* a* if the power of the priesthood was to be invoked to uppreea tha riling spirit of independence among the Cuban*. The Spanish vessel Correo No. 2. whose disaster at sea we have already noticed, was expected to return to Havana, to undergo repairs. During the hurriosna which she encountered, the crew and passengers, in tha Style of the olden time, made certaiu vows to the Holy Virgin, and the Diario says, that as soon as they all reach Havaaa, (a portion haviag already com* In the baik Vopang) they would pay their vowsat the church of Saint Theresa This reminds one of a similar event in the life of Columbus, on on* of hi* voyages back to Spain Official information had been reoaived at Havana from Madrid, that the government had determined to Mtabltsh a line of steam packet* between Havana and Cadi*, on tha basis indicated by the Royal Protectien Society The Isle of Tine* ia beoomlng so famous for the salu- j brity of its climate and so lieneflolal in many diseases, partieularly consumption, that it i* reported the government contemplate* eatablishing there a military hospital The following numbers drew the principal prise* in the lottery, which took plaoe on the luth instant: No. 2?.W7. $30,000; 31.771, $|f>.IHI# ; 2M$0. $IJ,OUO; 14,014, | t6,1*10; 3?3, 1*311. 22 <IW. 32.3?<>. each $2.0U?I; 2,171. 4,047, U.:KI, 23.3fll. 25,4t?, 31,213, 3.1,Ml, 35,?7. eaoh $1,000; aud many mailer priies. The brig Uranipus bad arrived at Havana from Genoa. havlug oa board many person* connected with the Italian Opera oompaay. now performing, together with tha splendid costumes, tcenery, eto , for several of tha favorite opera*. Tablet Psactk* iw C?ha.?A correspondent of the N O. brtla of the lith Inst., writing from Havana. i under date of the 8th inst , says:?" The dull Den* ef our city m relieved tome time ago, by the premonition of quite a dramatic duel, with whioh we were threatened One of the aarties was young man froiu New York, who passed binnelf here for ever/thing, and finally claimed to be Lieutenant Smally. of the V 8 Navy. It *ai observed that thin gentleman wat never virible when an epanlette eould be seen Hit antagonist stood on that equality whioh all men af honor require their foe* in the duello to ocoupy The ferocious minded combatant* met in a dark, deep dale, washed from the rocks, whera a shelving bank afforded a sale and convenient place for the carcais that was to W left on the ground But it seems that, when the parties got on tne ground, the scenery was so solemn and imprestlvc, with the dark forest trees?the high shelving rocks?the gloomy shade, and the melancholy beating of tha murmuring sea. that the young New } orkrr was seised with strong maternal iustincts. and Inslrted on tendering an apology rather than receiving the compliment of his adversary's bullet. 80 the parties returned to Uuth'c, where their festering wounds wrre healed, at the expense of the little Oerman, over a doxen of champagne and chicken oondiments The practice of duelling is nut ocmmen here; and when one occurs. It creates quite a sensation. Indeed, it is a dangerous amusement here; for. like the game of mo ate M fa prohibited and the aggrieved spirit has to laugnirb, Ytbout honor-soothing powder or emollient. Two of otk moat respectable physicians. having a dlipotltloa to try luciiti. and sot being satisfied with tha prniaaeioual moda of operating. jot up a flare up. which, resulting Id tba oaa challenging the othwr, tba challenge* declined. on tha ground that ha was too muoh of gentleman to flgbt." Fhin<h War Vkshml Offering TO Assist Cuba. ?A pnvata Jette r from a ntir.en ot Newark, no v in Havana, to a correspondent there, haa the following intelligence :? Hataoi. October. 22, 1819. A Franeh war steamer arriTed here ye?tarda; and tendered bar sarvieaa to tba government to assist in rapelling any Inraslon that might ba anticipated, /or which oar Captain General expressed hi* obligation* in tha *armest term*, and the newspapers af tha day made a great Ium about It, as tbay do about everything la tbla country. Mexico and enoi.and.?A rorre?|iondent of E 7'Wigt?/o, a f-'|*ani(?h |taper, published at New Orlenna, writing trorn|Mcxico, at the date ( < M I t, ays:? AaaoDg tha moat important of lata evanta la tha departure of >1r. Hobartaon. tba agent of tha Koglish government, who had been sent on to Mulcu to eater Into arrangements In relation ta tha debt owing to K.agland Tha raid gentleman goca aa he cama that i* to say, without having attained a alugle object of ail that ba daairad. Tbera is every reason to believe, fram tbta elreumxtaara. and the nele* of Lord Talmeraton to the imrfimrnt in which he in*i*t* upon tar ptjmrnt of the m< ncy owing to BrltUh milyot* ihoi F'.ngUnH fill nnr nj (hot* <feyi, hrlp her it If M a tltcf/lhn un^ifi m republic nil Mr Hthi it /mid i'erhap* It may be by occupying fi r *ome yaar* the port* of l ampion ami Vera frux till lh?* d?l>t li^palil out of their HWUM, or *ha may take poacerelon of the territories of Vuuattn, bordtilng on the llallie <>"d pity the poor Mexloan* " Porr Orrirr arrontmtnt* ?iir? Arotrr 26th, 1840 ?8aminon??tlla Kulton coui.ty (leorge (I Sbolteri; Panama < hautau^av lohn Stewart. I a iid n Deput. SullHan W IIllain L Storka, South I'ultney, Steub-u ? Rufu* Tallmadge, Coxnackla. Oreene Samuel King; Weal Oene?ee. Allegany- Mia* I Maxon, Klehburgh, AHegeny \alentlnel' ? art<r, Stony ' reek. Warra* ? Theoplitluc Kenton; l*llp Suffolk \ alentlnn Sprague; Poet (reek. I helming -Henry Stewart; t II n too dale, I Inter I anlfl I. ll*at"0, Hoee Bname, Otnego?John W Nternker; Walden. Orange - Kbener.er W. Knapp; Irondwpiolt. Monroe Oeorge vie'Donegal. Welleburgb, < hemung-Richard C I.ockwood; Mopu*, I later ? I harlee Lawrence, Kort??ille. Saratoga Henry R Ron**; Bullvilla Orange Daniel h Hull, Wurtuboro', Sullivan Oeorge Doiranoe; Slatererille. Tempkin* Samuel K Oreene, < lurlonatux. I.ortland Jeremiah llean; Throop*?IIIe < ayuga Marvin B Coarerae; Big Kddy. Sullivan ? I.ouli s Lenbeim. De Peyrter St. L#wr>r>c? John B < handler; New Rochalla, Weetrhreter - ' harlee N Dean; Wether*Ae|d Spring*. Wyoming? Jam?e Blake. Norway. Herkimer Joeeph C, < lane: Bristol l.eiire, Ontario- Oeorge W Bartlatt; Tutbill. I Irter?William (irant; Covvvllle Saratoga ? Oal??hae Ser?ica, Ronendala. L'lutor - William Oraat; P( rt Byron I ay uga - lekitd A King, Went Almond, Allegany?Major Woodward, -ntrevllle, Allegany ? Royal O Billing*. Weat lerth Kulton lohn M Bene* diet. Dexter. Jeffrreon ? Jam** A. Bell. Barcelona, Lbautaauue? l*aac Shaw, Weet Oreenwo?i?l. Steuben William >1e? lay; I'millon, <<ene?e? Joha Lauderdale; New Wnoditoak Madlena -I'hiletu* Lathrope, Oien, M<nfgom>ry Adam Smith. South < anion (nam* changed to< raig'a Mill*). St l.awrenee?Truman 11 ? > llei moil St Lawrence William K Tannar; Ktna, T'lupkln* Rice Weed. Iteynoldevilla. I .nipkln* |>tn? l M Bacon; f'olcbe*t*r (name changed to Down*fille). Delaware Robert Beatea, ( ollier*ville mama charged to South .Vllford). Ot?ego? W illiam II ' aone, Oe*ian. Allegany- Oeorge Voorbree; Attica Wyoming ? Ah*-1 Wilder, Onondago llollow (nam* changed to Onond*gn Valley Oaondago Arthur I'attlaon, Sayville, Suffolk - Jonn Wood. Kendall'* Mill*, Orlaana? Jan<>* H Roger*; < ralg*ville, Orange ? Mom* H. Phillip*. Kl*mlng*?llle. I loga - A?a O I'homa*. Rhinebeck Duleheee- Tuai* Wortman, We*t Stockholm, St I awience ? Loren Anhley; Rocklaud, Sulliran ? Mar-rln Kimball, Buitl, < htutamjue - \ Matti*on; Dewittville do - Seeley Heofleld. Llrlngeto?.Columbia ? Henry Baker; ? bief Warrior Krie ??her Wright; Mtlnaiy Road, Jeffereon- John Dlllenbeck; f'ollln??lll?. I.ewi*- Jaipe* A Pratt; Malrlllx.' >non<la?a Ktoklel B Holt, Van Bnren, do - Lyman Peck; Ka?t Or^enhneh, Ren**elaer- r dward P Stlmp*o?; Orient. SuffolkDaniel Beer*, Spencer. 1'loga Anguttu* T Oarey; North Cif?n?llle Washington K.daln Koete; Whlia l reek do - Kyer P Si-eon, Orangertlle. Wyoming -T. T. 8 Barrett; Pitenhurfh lien**< laer ? 8. J Phillip*; BUck < reek. Allegany Ja* M MoMhany; Polkeilla, name charged to Llttln I tica Onondaga I. >r?n Dun nam Manama i r<-cn (iianir rmmurg i? nsniiniii -units*?< barlaa W Pawling*, I>ntrh??a - Kdvard V?rrltt. Nlooarr. Mlnton ?Jalw Htrh, Hart ? Vllla?a, Dllnkm- Hanrj C llaifht j l l??-*ut Valley. Dutehraa -Aft B. Car pan tar, N*??taa<l Mia -< h*? H Ba'dwin, I a f r*?Tillf .)> (Trr?? n DanM J I>a?ajr, Piaala Jaffar II W m A Hoalord; < mint j I.Inn N ta^ata i ornaltim < alklna (riit?ht(i?n Orantfa Ira A Bradnafi Waina?. OlIrtnt-KitMM C. Belota, tlnpklnlan St. La?rano? ? ? ltd 8 i tihfamlan; (lat??n, Tinfi?Hampton I'fdjka; Hamd'ag* \t }?n>tng Hnrim Blodftrtt, KMt IUidIIt<"l? N a?H>on - ( jru? R Ar?l?y. Sciplovilla < ayu<a -A-ab?l V\ arnar ; Vnnior I Wm U Il?-nn?lt. 1 ha port Vwtrr Oanaral ha* ?tahll?h?<l th* folinw i Irg naw Pnat (iffica* In Maw > orfc. ?lnca vug 14.1840: I a|><-> r < oitland Hajal Johnaon Rough an?l Raady, 8i?nb? n l anlrl L Htarr, Onnodaga ' aula, oanadaga \lbun la/-k?<ti Orkani 4 ' nracra IrffHfKo* ll?nrj W loalm; f a*t Wlndhaai Oraana ItiShrrman, Ka?tw>?na*llla f oltnn Rllu* Kaatman; Waat Kali*, k.rl* I if rg* II I alirar, Ballvala Oraaga AtiguataaJ Bart; lnt"? Mill, flrhobart? lao b I Barton, Jaff?noavilla, Sullivan Iraaa Rbjdar ? a*t Randolph. Cattaraogaa v artlek Nutili., Wnrthfllla Jaffar*o?? l.oraao P. Hlllati, Saward Kch'harla lacob H DMMwfi <M? 'auMa I fMn, Oawago llntnar llajroa . Montaray, l)titrh?a* -Ctanrga Pink; Siwlthtnwn Suffolk ftlann H vv ba*l?r; \ arris, han'suijua Orlasdo Durkaa; Bantla, 8rhvs*?nadt ?Oa?rga i n?>ia; l.afayattaallla ()ataha?a Hnts*Vthlta, Paaataqalt, Suffolk Bath R i lark, I llubbaid * < ornara, >1ad>*on W?. T Manohaatar, % % IER A i F. Theatrical and M astral. Bowrir Tiiut?.-Oh of tli* most splendid tad maguifloent spectacles that c?o be imagined in theatrical history wu exhibited last evening at this theatre. The Ilamblln Guard*, a beautiful corps, but lately cone Into existence, after presenting the tribute of a splendid banner to T. S Ilamblln, Ksq., marched like teran solditrs In rank and file to the theatre at Its opening, having returned from a target excursion, hradrd by their gallant captain. Mr. Stephens So essentially military is the American character, and so naturally does the American look and act tbe soldier, that these noble looking young soldiers, brief as is their military existence as jet. might have been taken for tbe veteran grenadier guards of Napoleon. In all but their juvenile and prt'po?essing physioguomies After the ceremonies of the day, and tbe presentation of a token of high regard, esteem and afTeotion to Mr Hamblin. thi y attended the theatre, which was hung with flags and banners on the ooca'ten. The while theatre wa< crowded from the floor to the very roof The striking array of daixling beauty, joined with the manly display of military animation, wai imposing We could not. in tact, com template such a house and such a poena. without admiration beyond expression. The splendid banner presented as a dramatic tribute to \lr. Ilamblln by these gentleman, and his friends and fellow citizens, who have worthily given his name to this military corps, formed a conspicuous object In the magnlllcent and imposing cou/i d'ail Such a tribute does honor both to giver and receiver. Mr. Hamblin's merits as a performer, as a manager, as a proprietor. and as a patron of many performers, well deserved such a flattering and splendid tribute, and it was a pleasure te see the enthusiasm which accompanied its bestowal. " Warwick, the King Maker,'' was played on the occasion, a suitable place; for of all military speotaoles ever brought on tbe stage, it certainly Is the most magnificent and most attractriva. 'Wallark. I.ester, (iilbert, Dunn. Winans, Miss Wemjrns, Mrs J Wsilack, Mrs. Herbert and others, all dlstlnguii-hed tbemselvi-s In this performance The scenery is most magnificent. But time wiil|iot permit the mention it deserves. We have sr.arnalv unim to m> that, this evening. that fine actor. J Wallack Lester, take* bit first benefit at the Bowery, and two place* will be played which are full of attraction. "Warwick." that gorgeous sptetaole we have just spoken of, and the " Hunchback." that thrilling comedy of Knowles Lester i* admirable In tbla comedy. Dnoiuwtr Thcatmk.?Last evening, " O'tJrady, the Irish Guardsman." was repeated at this theatre, and aotwitbstanding the tendency of the storm to thin the houte, the attendance was fair. Collins, as usual, was the star of the eight- the observed of all observers He acquitted himself ncbly. both as an actor and a vocalist He was warmly applauded throughout, as the young. Irish cadet, for, In every scene, he uiade a hit. Hi* humor, vivacity and good temper never fail hint; and his Ingenuity is only surpassed by his oourage. He shows that be Is as great au adept In storming a woman's heart as a oiiadel. Like Yorick, he is a fellow of such " infinite mirth'' that It Is impossible te o?a*e laughing at him To see him Is a better oure, not only for ctinui, but indigestion and liver complaint, than all the pills in the apothecary's store. He wis admirably supported last evening by Dyott. as the King; Mrs. Hi'ld. as the Queen; Harris, as the Duke of Buckingham; and Mr. W biting as Cardinal Richelieu; but above all by Kate Horn, as Madeline, who is so rapidly growing into puVlIc favor. She was lively, witty and piquant, and coutilbuted. In no small degree, towards the general luipreaxlon produced by the piece. Miss Olivia f-ang " Krln Is my nome " with still Oner effect. If pot-tlbl*. than the eveuing before, she was applauded vehemently, and bad to sing an encore This evening i/viniii< u w * ?r?uj. mn inun i runrunmiD; and to-morrow evening will be hi* laat appearand) anil benefit, when he will receive a bumper. Nulo'i Ohdm,?Though on* might imagine. that whole night'a pantomimlo performance at a theatre would be dull, tedlou* and uuintereating, thej would be inclined to ehange their opinion If they had vUlted Niblo'i laat evening The graee and elegance of the dmn$n<>?, Mliee. J. Bertln and A. Lehman and Mdm Mariettl were rapturoualy aopiauded, and further rewarded with ahowera of boqueta from all part* of the houee t.lght or nine of thoee - flowery" tribute! dene ended upon the fair J Bertin, and though three of them came from one gentleman, we do not think the compliment the lex* merited The houae waa well attended, notwlthatandlna the laelemency of the weather. Thin evening Mile A T.ehman taken her benefit, upon which oocailon great attractiona are offered to the public. BuiTon'a Tiib*t?b. ? Laat night waa what Barton eella " Dombey Night," for the preaant weak, the pieae of " Dombey & So*" having become a* grant a favorite that the frrquentera of tha house expeot It at leaat onee a Week. Tha laat place on tha bill waa" Burtan'a New Tork Directory," an amualng tarea, and vary well Clayed, llurton'a li a anug little place an<l aonear the ot?l*. that a atormy evening fre<iueatly drivea people Into the bouae. Inatead of preventing them from goiug To-nigbt, we aee the entertalomenta are to ha the "Old Dutch OaWMf," and Heart* are Trump*;'' a very pretty hill, truly. Mr Burton'a benefit on Monday evening la underlined; no doubt a bill worthy of the ocraaion will be produced - among other thing*, the old nautical comedy of " I.ova In a Village.'' with original mnaic, coatumea, etc. National Thuiii.-The entertainment* laat evanlng, at thi* popular place of amuaemant, war*, a* uaual, character lard by atarling acting. Amodlo Nupert'a a*t< nl*hlrg feat#, a* an equllibriat, received the moat rapturoua applauae Mr* (9. Meatayer a* Victoria In the" Invielblta," and Mr C. Burke a* O'Slaah, acquitted tbemaelvee *? much te the gratification of the audience, that in each tcene they received well merited cheera 7 he other cbaractera were ably filled Thla avenirg a very attractive Mil la preaented; tha farce of " My Neighbor * Wife," the grand muaieal military drama of the " Invincible*," and the laughable faroe of " in Place and Ont of Dace " lleelde* theae attractive dramaa Amodlo Nupert will go through hia wonderful equilibrium, and Mlaa t iertrude Dawea will danoa La Cracovlenne Miti miti.'a Olympic Thi ?t?* ?Thla neat little theatre waa but tolerably well attended laat night, which may be accounted for by the Inclemency of the weather. The entertalomenta of tha evening commenced with the petite comedy of the Man Without a Head," which waa performed with a* much talent aa tha piece would admit Mr Walcot, a* the man without a haad. ac- j ?|iilllr<i iiini? ii exceedingly w.ll, giving rlM to many a buret of laughter The comedy ?*? nuocaeded by a ri'prtltloi of lb* trlrbntvd opera entitled ' Amille or The I.ova Te?t," which panned off Id brilliant *tyla.? Mt*a 1 ajlor aatad with much ability and accuracy of gesticulation. and *ang. particularly In thaarla, " Thoa ?rt I ne Willi niiuli temleriie?? Hil l . \|,re?*iun ? < did Mr Walcnt In tba *ong. " Mr boyho<>d? home,'1 ami Mr Blehop la the arm, " lime, thou cheat of hun>an bll*? " M?>r< I onortr, I'almcr. tiroevenor Ml?m Sinclair? who wan encored In the *ong''I'ader the free ' Mile* and Ktuart. nutaln d their to let with admirable naceeea The amuoeuienti concluded with the excellent and laughabla farce of the " Milliner*' Holiday " which wan played for the flr?t time thin *i n > n It win delivered In a Manner which elioitad applatiM and a great deal of merriment from all praaent 1'o-night th- re i* another fine eerie* of amuae. nanti presented c?a*l*ting of the comedy of Naval Krgag< m?m?." the opera of 'Amille '' and tba farce of tba ' Married Bachelor " We expect to *ee a crowded kou>? to n Igbt iTtUi* Or?e* ?At tbla magnificent ?tabli*hm*n came off, na Wednesday evening Donliett. '* c?i.k.eied opera of " I.ucratia <M Bo?w*?" wfcich cnauiai ? >me of tba mnet k?uitrul wiii'laal gem*, and which afforded an exeallaat opportunity of displaying the vocal ablliile* of Mr. Maretxek'* dl?tlagul*lied trnupa It waa auntalned with great itUl throughout and drew forth the admiration aad enthnoiaetic applan?e of the brilliatit aeeembly. which crowded every department of thin extvnelve and *uperbly decorated theatre The execution of the more prominent character* wa* given with much preciaii n exhibiting great ? ?mptw and power of volra. I he Intonation and vocallxatlon were exceedingly gocd the au?loalfi*n with which the opera ot " Lnrratia dl Borgia'' abound*, were rouadad off with much ticillty enl >ewln?l , the m ire aentimeatal part* were delivered with a teaderaea* of feeling It nil ri^irMiou wiiicii ? < vnnreij rRmjTSIinK . IDII, to Mini up all tb? aplvndtd atyla m l th? xr?a! ability with abich tha ?hnlf prrforouM wan conducted did j?i>ttcr to tb? Inimitable production of It* rtninwnt author To jndga from tha flattering manner In which tha audience hailed th?* aotor* we are autb >ri*ed to pronounce that tba wb<da afforded Infinite pleasure and delight At the r?|ti?t of tha auditory. navaral piece* wera encored and the principal aetorn appeared before that curtain attb? >nd of the Ntoid act. To. night the *ain? will be performed. Mmarari . - Thin oelarratad band of millatrila aro alway? dome an eioallent buidneaa Their p?rt<m>aii<i*? are ???f; night attended by large aad highly fa?hlon??.i? MMM I'o-niwht they pre*. nt a Una ?erle? of tmuwnimU for th? enjoynrnt of the tnhll? which will not tail to draw large number* to tba lechanlce' Hall Tatnn'i Ciarva ? Thla temple of Hypplatlqna and feat* of daring and agilitf. In kept ia tba greateat *tyl* of PfttMor iiy tba able nanngrr. Mr Tryoa, ?o veil kiK'Dii r r man; year? In that, line of hu*lnaa* I'ha bona* arc vpleaiiid animal* tha icuyrri ?*ry akllful indalrnit Ud ti bare but to naaa ?n?n( them Mr Cadwalladtr, MMtn Dirlui and Mr Kannala. ?h may b* n> mpaiod to the be?t yrnlmiirn of h<>r??ni*n*hli> In I'arl* or London: Mr. Brewer. tha f ymnaalaftt, Mr Alburn Ituhbl*, lb* Harcule* of the arena whoa* faata with reai ran bob ball* ara really wonderful; and tba gr>ate?t ?ault?ra la tha world ara bale aad Met'arland Tba I Irrna of \?tor Tiara la aorihy being fWlH and tbara rannot ha vpent a mora agreeable evaatng In tba rtty, than unJar tha rmf of Mr rrjna'i am phi theatre AwcaicaN Ml ?*!'*.?The ?anda?lllaa whleh ara parformed at thla attraatlre place of ania*emeat ara wall i tuatalaed by the eompaay We?ny*a la a flrat rata low r>.m?dian and play* tha old man In eapltal atyla Mlaa 1 Utant o|>* la alao vary elarar. and I* a graat far or It* | Tba eaiartalnmtnta (Wen on tba atage ara In than* aelraa Rofllrlaat compensation for tha admlaalon moaay; but when wa take lato araouat tha varlou* natural curloeitlaa to ba alao **an, It U bo woidar thlt tha % LD. TWO CENTS. attendance should be large. The itelaton 01* IB* li tttrietlD; great notice. ' hhiii Aiiemhi t Room*.?The temDle of nVrfttntmut of the famed mxglrian, 1* nightly Tl?it? ? by very nunerou* and lcli^ht. d audience. and % > K therefore, greeted with the greatest applauxe ? a j? itwwaid for the pleanure he given to all beholder* wHh the experiment* and tout $ H adrme, and legarden'**!* which be dlaplay*. The alight of haod of Maealli*'?*r? hit mechanical place*, hi* Irumprnrr of all ?ort* are t.W mn?i wonueriui ever mn in imi line of eiblt>lll'>irThla evening Madame MacallUter takes her benefit, and the bill for this occasion in really great We bar* no doubt tbat the fair lady will ce? a large number of admirers around her and that she will be well received. Aioi.io Room?The first Annual Festival of th? ladles of St. Mary's Church, comes off this evening, at the Apollo Itooms. It will consist of a vocal and inusioal entertainment, and when It is considered that thu object is charity, there can be little doubt that the attendance of the benevolent will be aueb as te give an Impetus to the l?u table exertions of the ladles attached to (he church. 8Torr*!fi'? Hail.?Evers' grand Moving Panoramas of the city of New Vork, Brooklyn. Wllliamsburgh. East Hirer. Hudson River, and the Atlantio Ocean, will b? exhibited this evening, at the Panorama Hall, Broadway The paintings are of Immenne magnitude covering forty thousand feet of canvas*, and oontains the flguraj of one million of men, with all the houses, ships, boats, stages. &o. Also, a description of the Astor Opera Houee riot, and the burning of the Park Theatre. No doubt, it will be seen by thousands Wii Lii r.the greatest clown in the world, andwhoaa billtles as a humorert have been so highly lauded by the English press, will make his first appearance in A merica on Monday evening next, at Tryon's ' ireus, Astor Plaoe. Movemsntl ef Individual*. Hon. Anu. Kendall arrived at Cincinnati on the 2Ttk alt.. <n rimir for Washington ("apt. Darling arrived at New Orleans on the 2*tfc nit . from Texas, with the body of Major Gates. President Taylor has designated Tuesdays and Fri" days, fri m 12 M. te 2 P. M . for vtrits of courtesy, aa4 Friday night, from 8 to 10, for the reception of oompany The Kmperor of Hayti, Fauatin I, has sent to Pari* aa amba*?ader. named M. Laplani|?e, having the rank of Prince and Senator. He is charged with a diplomatic miitsion for the oourta of i^ueen Victoria and for th? French government. The Weather and the Crops. The Houston (Texas ) TtUrrafh. of the '21d ultima says In the early part of the week the wuathar waa unusually cold for tne season, and it was feared by some tbat old ' Jack Frost'' had paid a prematura visit to eome parts of oar planting neighborhood However, we are happy to learn this has not been the casa. as wa have subsequently Keen persons from different sections of * 'anev. and thev muli, no annniinAMm??t. of ouch a calamity The weather la now fine, with a bright sky ai.d bracing northwester, whioh. m !) Iji-vi arc generally considered fav< r;*l?!- Indicetioaa la the** latitude* ? especially when " Boreas bo*ea th* compass nortb-aboiit."?There la every prospect of aa abundant sugar erop in Texas this seaaon, chould th* present fin* weather continue for a few weeka longer ; tba growth ot the cane ia luxuriant and on eomeof the plantatlona. where they have recently commenced grinding, the yield ia aaid to be unprecedented. Domestic Mlat-rilnny. There were xoiil at the Brighton and Cambridge, Cattle Market during the month ef September and October 34>47 cattle and 44,726 sheep The Lrglalarure ?f Minnesota adjourned on the let Inst The original manu'cript of the valedictory addreea of (ieneral Wa-hlogtoa. la to be offered for aale at auction in a few days in Philadelphia Samuel A. Smith has been aent to the Virginia Penitentiary tor four years and ail montha, for aiding t* abduct a slave from Riobmond. A ootton faatory ia about to be establlahed at Houaton, Texas The ateaiuboat De Kalb collapsed her flue at Augusta, (>a, few daya since, by which two aegroee war* killed. There were 70 deaths In Baltimore, for the week ending the 6th Inst., of wbieh 12 were of consumption. The town or Lower Sandusky. Ohio, la henoeforth te be called Kreemont. An inveatigatlon ia going on in the Toronto (Ca) Custom Mouse. It ia already ascertained that the revenue has been defrauded of large sums During the week, ending the 3d inat, 21,300.01 tona of coal were received at Philadelphia, from the Lehigh mlnea. General Doa Manuel Crercenoie Regon, who waa m leader of the I'uroa, or Had Kepublicana of Mexleo, U dead. Korty-ona Including the uteamora, with over 4,000 paaaengera. I?ft Panama for San Fraocltoo, froa January 1 to July 31, Inolualva. In th? name tin* b(M have arilrvd from then, with about 300. ? The jury, In the rmrn of John 8 Bosler,at Pittsburgh, Pa , on a charge of robbing the Inlontown, Pa , Poet Offcf. did nwt agra* upon terdlct. A new (rial will eommrnre on the lvth Inst. It 1? Mated by WUaonnln paper* that there can ba no legal election of county oftlreri ta any oounty la tha Slat* Tba difficulty arUaa from an omitsion of lbs lection law. Horribiji Traokdy in Lkxinoton, S. C.?A correejiondent of th?* Simth Carolmian, of th - Bd inst .writing trom Lexington in that State, uvk? A man by iha nam*- of Louis Slack waa murdered during the night of the :ilst of October, by Kdward A. Hodges, a respectable citizen of the diatrict.? Stark was a married man, the father of aeveral children, and has on several occasions, npon tho death and buriul of achiid, exhumed the body, retaining it arvrral days, and then interring again. A daughter of his having recently died in ('olumbia, waa buried, but Slack, in conjunction with other perrons, disinterred the body, and brought it up to Ins houae?designing to in'er it by the graves of his decried children, Hodges waa at n neighboring houae on ihe evening of the 31st, when ns whb nent for by .Stack lo come and a^t up with tho corj>t-e at Ins house. He complied with th* request. On hia arrival, he was treated rrry kindly. Stuck was sober?though he was thea is the possession of liquor, unl given *l *uch times to drink deeply, when he wm exceedingly irritable and awaiting. 11 . hhit??ikiii c<.mmcnrr({f concerning some trifling mutter, when Muck, differing from Hodge*. became violently vexed, and gave him the lie, which wax promt tly returned bv Ilodges, whereupon Stark sprang up, aei/ed a l?a?fed gun, end made direct at him to shoot him; Hofigen made for the door; but, baing closely press# d by Stack, drew his knif*. seized the gun. averting the nuzzle from hia body, made several throat*, thereby inflicting several wound*, one of which Mrik ing against the left cheek, inflicted a flesh wound, another severed the temporal artery on the tight temple, and the third divided the jugular on the right of the neck? a deadly wound ? Hodges sewed up the wound severing the jugular. Mopping tha enoioua effluxion of blood. Suck expired on the following day. When Stack tell, his body struck the corpse, overturning it on the floor; and there, awful to any, by the exhi>???^ oody of the daughter, lay th? b?>Jr -f 'I* lather, weltering in hia blood ^Vrlfy, in the midst of life we are ia JmiA. liodgea haa been taken into custody. Firm at Nkwark, N. J.? A fire broke out oa Saturday evening, at about half-|?ast 7 o'clock, 1a the large ham* of Mr. Crane, situated on tha lllooiulield turnpike, about one-ouarter of a mil* from Newark, and which, with its content*, confuting of near four ton* of hay, rye, corn, potatoes, Arc , were completely consumed. The firemea were, aa usual, promptly unon the *aot, but owing to the great distance of trie fire from the engine houses, were of but little service, the fire having obtained the mastery ere the engines arrived ; the almost total absence of anv thing like water, also, in a great measure retarded their efforts ta extinguish the flames. The loss cannot be far fr?m J7,<HlO, upon which there i* no insurance. Tha re is supposed to have originated from a drunken loafer having gone into one of the barn* to take up hi* lodging lor the night, and in whose coat pocket there happened to be a box of luciter matches, which by friction became >gmted and comna airstlng with the hay and other combustible miterials, with which the bam* were filled, caused th? fire. When he was sern to issue from the building, the hinder part of his clothes were all on fire, and he was seriously burnt d He was immediately arrested and taken before Justice Lee, who committed him for a further examination. Another fir>-broke out at about four o'clock, yesterday morning. In the black smith shop attached to the foundry ot Mr JoraUmoa, at the corner of (lav sad spring streets; it was, however, e?finguished without doing much damage, ft ?rta the work of design. F?om St. Domimio City. ? Hjr the politenes# of ( apt. Frisbie, of the bark Henry Trowbridge, wa have advicea from the city ot St Domingo to tha #th of October. The new President, Hue*, waa installed on the 24th of September His c?binet cor.aihta of l>on Manuel ivlmonte, Minister of Justice snd Kcfign Relations; M. Ramon Melfau of the Treastitjr; Joan Kstevsa Aybar, Minister of War, and Josa Medranor, Minister of tha Interior The sppoinlments have afforded general satisfaction and confidence. WhenCapt Knsbia ?ailed, it wii known at the aitr of Santo I fanning* that Soutoiiqiie had assumed the title of Kmperor. snd was preparing to invade the Dominican r-pwWlie with a large force. The newi of tha medit?t?d invasion was received with great plraaure by tlto Dominicans. wha hope to give his Kmpcrorahip % lesson which will canse him to leav them al?M for the future.?iVfw Ijomdtn Chrxm , iVatr ft