9 Kasım 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Kasım 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. X?rtkw(it earner of Fulton and Nuun it*. JAHHSOOKDOIIERRITT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. TVLVHTARY CURRESHUNDENCB, containing Im. mortam* new, .oHetled from any quarter oj the world ; {f uted, trill ft* liberally paid for. SV SUTH'ti taken of communication. We cannot return rejected communication!. J lit DAU. y HERALD, i cent* per copy?%1 per a?"Vlii' WEEKLY HERALD,/or circulation on tAii Continent every Saturday, t>>4 centt per ropy, or t3 per onfi?m : Jor circulation ?n Europe, printed in French and Knalun, 6^1 cent per copy or 14 per iinaim. THE DOLLAR WEEKLY HERALD, every Monday, I rente per copy; $i per ammni tfx copie to clube,%rc~ $5 per annum. ALL LETTERS by mail, for eubocriptione, or toil* advertieemevti, to be pott paid, or the pottage will be deducted from the mi>?ry remitted. ADVERTISEMENTS h4 reaeonable pricee ; the proprietor not retpontible for error* ?? munueertpt. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. ITAUAN OPERA HOOSI, A?tor ri?c? ? Lrc*KiU BOWERY THEATRE, Bewerj?Ui-wchiace?WabVioi. BROADWAY THEATRE, Bro*Iw?y?OCrady-Tamw ] and Bonk Tob. NIBLO'S GARDEN. Broadway.?For u Lomi-G?*iii) J)|V k. BTIS fc-M K.N T?hKD ^ NOMK AlU WKiTt WiftklOR. BURTON'8 THEATRE. ChamWe (treat?The Dutch <?oi Lola Nrsin-Umiira Att Tru*h. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatliam iquare? Mv Nkiohbor'i. Wir*- -Hbk? A5101)10 ? In riNsiiiLE??In 1'i.acb and Out or 1'j.ack. OLYMPIC THEATRE, Broadway? Naval EnuAobmbsti ?AMJLIK-UAhUIkO UACHKI.I1K. MECHANICS' HALL?Cub .1 *'? Minbth ri.s?Toyass Mihiiai.?Ethiopi an Si.h.ih .. AMERICAN MUSEUM, open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M ? AmUKINU l'SkFCkMANCKt EVCItt A I T Ml NOON ANU ??(?me. CHINESE ASSEMBLY ROOMS-MacalmbtkB'* SOIHEBB lAtlOVt. CIRCUS, Alter I'laco?E?i lstrian ftiroixAicm. New York, Friday, Navemltcr V, 1M4U. The itU'uiiut'i Xe\v? Atmospheric electricity interrupted the operation on the telegraphic line to the liast, last night, and we are, therefore, without any intelligence of the bteainer. No news of her arriv.il had reached Boston at ten minutes before five o'clock yesterday afternoon. Our State Klrctloii?The Kcbiilt and the OunieqaeacM* The exact result of the election in this State is not yet known; but from the returns on | hand it would appear tint the contest had been remarkably close. ' The whigs, however, kave the great advantage of securing the spoils of this great city, with Us immense iatluence in our State and national politics, and the chances nr>' in their favor over the State at large. Whit will be the consequences of this curious result'? William II. Seward and Thurlow Weed, will doubtless make the most of it, to secure the control of the whig party of New York for the future. Seward is ambitious and cunning. At the last session of Congress, he volunteered his services to the administration unconditionally ; but his zeal was atlected. He could not use the cabinet, and it will be to his interest to cliauge it. With liwing alone, he is supposed to be on the best terms of a good understanding ; and with a few more of the i same kind, the cabinet would be all right, for the arrangement of his plans for the succession, after the second term ol General Taylor. Van liuren I worked bard, but waited patiently through the second term of General Jackson, and then came in very liandscmely. Seward seems to be bent upon a similar experiment, however strong the odds j againtt him. One effect of this movement, how- j ver, will be to abolitioni/.e the whig party of tins j State more decidedly than heretofore, utid to wid< n I the breach between the i?oliticmns of the North acd South. The d< mocrm* are placed in a position mill more perplexing. If the coalition of the hunkera and barnburner* is continued upon the tree soil |>Utform, the democratic party is denatiomlized, and 1 cannot unit'- with the South in support of a Presidential cand idatr; if they attempt to fall back upon ! the platform of General Cas*, they are again divi- 1 ded and lose the State. In any view, it ? doubtful whether the terrible split ot 1SIN can ever be healed.* John Van Huren once *aiJ, "the democratic 1 party is dissolved," and we suspect there m iy be something in it. So much for free soil. It his torn up by the root*, and scattered to the winds, the old party organizations, and haa the supreme contr?l of the politic* of tlie Slat?. The prospect ta, as a conse- ( qnerce, that ro democratic candidate at the South in '52. w ill be available in the North, and, least of all, in New Yolk; uud, that, accordingly, there will i be a scrub race between various sectional candidates end the regular nominations, which may thr?w the election into the House of Kepreaenta lives, unlets Ceneral Taylor should again run. Whether ward will take the track or uot amaog the scrub* for the sweeiwtakes, the proceeding* of the coming Congres* will ko far to determine. The late election will, at all event*, i?jve some influence to him and hia clique in thawing these proceedings. Thus we go. The Faik of Militarv Men.?The world is full of singular incidents and co-Uieidences. Tun years ii^o, a number of brave men?both Americans and Mexicaua?nut together on the battle* fe? Id, aa it anxious to die. Tiiey rushed against eh other, sword in hand, up to the cannon'* touth, and furiously stormed the lugh turreted eitadtl, in thenndnt of rocket*, bullet* and death ; and, strange to say, they escaped the death they ao bravely faced; and the war being ended, they returned home, covered with military glory. Hut mi aoon as they were comfortably settled at hom?, and sought no long"r to die, d"ith began to single them out, ami they dropped of] one by one. First anu ny the Americana, General Worth died. Then the Mexicans, as if determined not to be be hind with us, followed the example, an i General Pared?s, the mnihut ol the war, died. Then, on our aide, the brave Colonel fiuneau died; and then,on ti e Mexican aide, Cent ral Irrea. Then , ( anu s tiled aim ng us, and then General llejon Ni' ng the M> xicans. Then, again, Mqor Gates died here; and ihtn, (General I <?n M.inuel limcon died there' Tin* is, n* tar as we are informed, the lust of them, (ieneral liincon w?i at the battle of t hurubusto, where he fought bravely. He bad been Governor of several Mexican Slates, and whs much regretted. This gen-ral death among I Generals and military men, since jx-ace w*? con eluded, i< singular, and the reciprocity of these d< ath? is somewhat singular, too;?not that death is singular?it delights in the plural number. M *!(<?, I?\AS A>l' Till WII MOT I'HOviao ? A lute arrival frotn Sinta F<* brinsfa iia intelligence of a cull for a convention in New Mexico for the organization of a territorial government, and for the appointment of a delegate to Oonjireaa. In i>ppo*ition to thi* movement we find General llouaton preaching a crtiaade in Texaa in aup,?ort ?f her c Uim? t<> the territory of New Mexico. W> may expect aom>? ?p??rt out of this buamea* i at Waah.naton, shortly aftrr tlic- nirrtimg of Congress. If the lIou>e no *|im the d^lrfnte from , fc?w Menco, and* <>ngren n|<pr?vr< the form of a ?eiritc.rinl government which he will preaent, tha claim of Trllf is thrown out, and N'-w Mexico ia confirmed aa a separate territory of the f'nf'ed flat** The moment, th-*r? fore th\t th?-d#-legxte from New Mexico preaenta him -If to th<> House wnh l.ia credential*, the di?puie will begin, and whether admitted or not, there ia every prospect tliat the delegate will draw a food amo int of pty for the lime he will be detained in waiting for the decisi? n ?n hia raae. He may, however, lie mlmitted conditionally; hut io any e?ent hia aj>,>e?rar.fe will be the ttgnal for a field fignt on the claim f T'ii? and frea aoil. threat gun? and bomb ah lie, but we thai! have a lively time! Th* Aspect of Eueop*.?It is hardly time yet to hear the reault of the lluaao-Ottoman question. To know whether the Autocrat will take up the gauntlet which the Porte has indignantly thrown to hla feet, and aend hia Cossack* to make good hia imperial threat, we muat wait for another steamer?perhaps still longer. But in the meantime, although the surface rjt the great stream of Europeon affairs seems calmer than before, it Is evident that the continent is sleeping on the bosom of a volcano. Two hundred millions ol men, in whcse bosoms the hope of liberty has been so recently kindled, vvill not be driven tamely back to their kernes?fer this new flame, although smothered, has *<H been quenched The fires are smouldering through all Italy, in the j south of Europe?through ail Hungary, in the centre of the continent. France, robbed of the soul of liberty, while she remains a republic in form, in. lit heart, rpnulilimn Kfill r iind ha Frunrt* feels. b-o will E?rope. She has been, since the time of Francis I, the magnetizing power of Europe; she will be so in the future. France means Paris, and Paris means the French people?for the departments are all represented in the capital by thousands of their citizens?and it seems to be a rule of Gallic histoiy, that the splendid conceptions of Paris shall be executed by the heroic bone and smew of the provinces. France, theu, is festeriug with the remembrance of several things. 1. That, for centuries?beginning withthe white plume of Heniy of Navarre, which was the oriilamme of Gaul in her dtiys of trial down to the victoiy of Aubterlitz? she bas a history of heroic triumph, She ;s impatiert to renew those days. 2. She remembers tbe retreat from Moscow, and across her farcy, in dreams, floats the vision of Cossi-ck riders sweeping along the faltering colunirs of Napoleon, as they went staggering back to their homes through the blasts of a Poland winter. There is a great vengeance yet to be wreaked by Frenee, for the bodies of her gallant men eattn by wolves before they were dead. 3. She has not forgotten Waterloo! The wounded pride of that gallant nation is awaiting the hour when she can erase that puinful page in her history. It was no disgrace of France that all Europe could defeat her, but she frit it as a disgrace. She is determined to wipe it out?she will! 4. She has not forgotten the dismemberment of Poland?the fall of Warsaw. She has held thousands of Pules, lor nineteen years, guestB in her capital, and they have made her hate L'rusata. 5. But she has felt a later and more touching ryiii|iuiuy. cur litis nniuwru nungury in an nt*r fortunes. Hardly could Frenchmen be held back from ruthirg into tne recent combat, ami ninetynine Frenchman ?n an hundred have longed for Hungary to lift her bleeding form once more, that they migitt be with her when *h? btruck her final blow. Monsieur Thiers nny prate in his CunilituLvmntl about moderation, which means monarchy, and justify the expidition to Home, which ha* turned out so disgraceful an aflair for Louts Aiipoleon ; it is all unless. France will not be wheedled into another lloin tn expedition. If her brave solders must again pa*s hertrontier.lt will be to cross the Rhine. Th? hihtoriun of " La Revolution," " I^e Consulat," und " L'Empire," is a man of vast genius, for government, for books, and lor fortifications. Hut France understands his real policy; his present position. He is too feeble to resist the current of popular feeling in the land of Donaparte and Limartine. And England, (for Spain is severed from Europe ?Portugal nobody thinks of, except when Port wine is on the table?Sweden, Holland, Bavaria, Switzerland, Wertemburifh, and some score or two of other States in the centre of Europe, are hardly makeweights in the balance,) England, then, powerful, opulent England. What ot her ? What will she do ! What is her position 1 No nation will muck her?she spent three thousand million of dollars in putting down Napoleon. She will spend no more in such gained. Only thr>*? things can n<<w drug Engl and into a European war: First?Attack from without, and what nation'will attack her! Second?The loss of her commerc e, or rather the prospect of im^airiaf it. She is an island, aud her vessel* must go over the sea for wealth. Without her foreign commerce (which is greater than all the commerce of the rest ot the globe) her inexhaustible- mined of coal and iron?her innumerable steam engines bristling through her myriad fsct*rie?, uni ploughing up the waters of evety sea, would be to her nothing better than the ivy covered walls of the feudal castles?she lives on her commerce. Those numerous lines of packets nnd steamers which ply between her and every seaport in the world, are the ureat veins which bring back toh-r the life-blood of her empire. She has, since th-* decline of Holland, and the fall of Spain, through these agencies, sucked up the substance of the world Strike a blow at the commerce of England, and the entire available force of the empire will leap to its rescue. England could no longer 'ive without her manufactories tlutn we could without our agriculture ; it I* the wants ot foreign nations which keep her looms moving ; this, alone, makes the clank of Iter enormous machinery eternal. ^he must, and the will, light to keep for herreif the markets of the world open. She had, ai t>ne imir, reur< a ir??m in? tifid, durini; tti* Ktruir k'?- wiili Napoleon, nnd given over the conflict, and ignomiaioualy yielded to the |?ace of Tilsit. Hut her commerce wu not and could not be free while NH|x>lecn ruled France. The Berlin and Milan decrees attempted to close the contin"t?t ajrninM British manufactures. Thia was the object of thote idle florta of the French Fmperor. He reasoned well; he knew that he had conquered the world, and the U?t en*tny left to vanquish was Itritich gold. He thought he could slowly sap the castle he could not carry by storm He whs mistaken. If he cotild have excluded British gooda from the continent, he would have ruined Kjiglaad? for he would have lmi>ovcrished her. He b< arly did it a* it waa. Ilowdid he leive England 1 A* the world linds her now?cruahed under the trrfnendoua weight of i actional debt, the payment of wkot* interest alone m tkea her stagger ! Four thousand million dollars Is cwn-.ii.raSlv more than England, or the worNntaeK would sell for, if act up at auction ! While England can puy the interest on that ?um by grinding nineteen out of tw enty of her hom<" subjects, ami all her colonies, into the dust, ahe may ward off the blast of a revolution?no longer. liut another reason ahe might have for going to war even with Kus?ia. It would he to preserve her free and undisputed passage across the Ultimo* of .^uez to her possessions in the Fast. On t*ie?e golden colonies she mainly reposes. They bring her two hundred millions of Hollars a year. With i>?! inie f norintiiif revenue -lie cannot nve, nn>t know* it. f*he carea for Ciinadi, or any of her North A merican province#. She look* c ilmly on tli<* insult* offered to her aceptre by the enraged and uncurbed Canadian!. She even &?ets the rebeU of :t7?rebellion is rewarded in Montreal? loyalty in at a discount in Quebec She nwy bluster about the right of way acroM our Mthm>i?, but ahe would nc\*r fight for it. Mat if h?r K?at India p<>asessions are thre#ien?d, fi?- will spring fr?>m her lair. Rtmia h*al"ng h : wet eye an Constantinople , ami Kngland and the world knowa If she get* it, thai India la gone! rI hua we arrive at tSe only cauae which, on the rt?e aide, can urge Kn^it to a war w ith Kngland, and on the other, to the only probable cause w hi' h could now drag reluctant Kntland into a I'.urop?an struggle. If, Ihiwfnte, Rami, (who can take Constantinople if the will- it) ah.tll nuke this decisive movement, Kngland become# h^r foe, and with Kngland all the reat of Rittpc, eicej.t Anuria, will go. Will Fluaaia enter on so une pial, fo tremendous a struggle 1 From the banning we have said no! We aay ao still, ami in this opinion we await the next ateaimr Faife" jtnabla lnteUfciM(? For soas tir " ? thi it* ,he circles of HmMomMi soeiety ' ,, Boston, and elsewhere, ton been in a ?Uta ? . --ant, commotion, and axcitamant. oaused by ' it rumor*, surmises, and on Jits of marriacaa, wed' opera arriva's, opara dcinfs and othar things In which that portion of the c(immunity Me deeply interested It ?u whispered, confidentially, a short time since, that Auguste Belmont, the agent of the celebrated banking-house of Rothachilda, had popped the question, and aolioited the hand of the beautiful danghter af a well-known and gallant naval officer, whose oaraer had reflected honor on hla ccuntvy. Soon the rumor spread, and created a boa In parlors and drawing-rooms up town, it was hardly credited by the wealthy dames with marriageable daughters, when they first heard it, but soon all doubts were removed by the announcement that Mr. Belmont was positively engaged to the charming Miss Carolina Slidell, daughter of Commodore M. C. Terry, and that the wedding day was fixed. But the friends of buth parties were doomed to encounter a little touoh of disappointment before they should have the pleasure of witnessing tbe tying of the nuptial knot; fcT a day or two previous to tbe t'me appointed for the interesting ceremony to take place tbe bride became indlrpo^ed, and a delay of a short time was deemed ad. vitable. New cards were irsued as soon as she was oon ale.-cent. and another day, the 7th inst /appointedfor consummating tbe engagement, and bringing the courtship to an appropriate termination. On that day the sun shone most brill*antly; tbe atmosphere was as balmy a* tbe bride was beautiful; not a oloud eould be observed in the heavens; and before twilight set in, "the twain were one lleih," the marriage oeremony having been ptrfo'med by the llev. KrancU Vinton, D. D , in the Cburcb of tbe Aicension in this city. . Previous to this highly important and very interesting inovemeat in the ia ibionable c'rcles in this metro' polls, the rame ctasi.es in Boston were agitated by a I report that Mr. Bx-Spraker Winthrop was about to lead ; to the altar of Hymen, the amiable and acoomplihbid Mrs. Wells, whoLe wealth and acoom; p'lsbments bad for a long timu previously been the top<c of convertaMon in the oity of notions and crooked sneets. Preparations of a si'ltablo chai racter, and on a proper .cale, were made in due season, and on tbe Gth inst., the am'able. beautiful, and accomplished Mrs. Wells, became tbe amiable, beautiful' 1 and accomplished Mrs. Kx Speaker Winthrop. i An <tber event to which tbe risldents in the fashion*i ble portion of New York looked forward to with muoh I anxiety aud interest, was tbe arrival of Signorina Ba, cutta the puma donna whom Max Maretx?ck had engaged, while in Kurope last summer, as/.nwia donna in I tbe A?lor Place Opera House. Tbat lady's brilliant ; performances caused the marine list of the dally jourj nals to be eagerly scanned every morning, in the hope j ol it announcing her arrival, and this search was maintained until Tuejday last, when tile steamship Washi irgton, in which it was known the talented prima donna ; bud taken passage, had arrived at New York, I and that the lady bad successfully encountered the torms of the rough Atlantic, and reached the plaoe which is to resound with her melody. In safety. Shw will make her first appearance on Monday evening next, as we are informed All these expected event* having taken place, we anticipate a little lull?tome repose in our fashionable elides. _ _ Mofk Bank Explosions?Uusqitkhankah CorNtv Hank.?We teler our many thousand honest daily readers, (the few dishonest ones m ty pass it ' over without peri'sal,) to our hpecial correspondence ! irom Moatrote, Sutxpiehannah county. Pennaylv;1' n'?? f?r a graphic description of an astounding j bank lailure, and the arreat ot a Wall street financier in that milk and butter region. We thougut | that we had, during the last fifteen years, (the itge of the Aiw Yutk Herald,) nearly rooted out of this Christian laud the race of strolling financiers and swindling banks. The Plainlield concern was the moat recent. But it seems that some recent atmosj phrnc changes have restored vitality to the tribe. The Riot at Tiumdad.?We learn from Cuptain Currier, of the brig W.J. Watson, from Arecibo, P. it., that a serious riot had occurred at Trinidad, Poii pu .^pjin, on the 30th of September, the particulars of which we published on the araval of the Credent C'ty. THK vrKAMMIIP El 'DOR A. Yeaterday tb'a line [new (icawship, built by Wot II' Brown, trade bar trVal trip. At half-paat three o'clock, the atartad <rom the foot ot Warren ?treet. and with a itrj strong h>-ad wind -in fart n gala -against her. made nine m'laa down the bay In an hour. She performed the distance back in three-quarter* oI an hour, with great ea She baa. therefore, proved heraelf a fart aallrr, especially whra It ii taken Into account that ?he had bar full cargo and co?l on board l<>r tlie Us; tew days. I'er leii'ith of k<eli* 1.U feet , breaJih of beam. .5 feat | burthen tiiU ton* register , dp.a of hold IB>? leet; ai.d draught ot water. W leet. tiOx la propelled by two incliued tbdepeudeut engine*. o| 100 htiiH power each, and two screw* Sue I* rigged at a bark, and has a full ault of rail* like a railing ee*ael : and It It np?cliil ibat. with thta combination. ib? will Wat anything of the eauie tonnage 1 he rigging u no constructed that, in halt an hour, It cfen b? cuauged front that of a bark to a schooner to that *h? mil answer lor all water*. It la uow well ascertained tliat sails are of little or no use to atrainshipa u-iug paddle wheel*, ubile th<y are most important to propeller*. Iter cabins and *tate rooms are uot linulj.'d, hut will be on the passage She i* bound tor San fraiioiDco, round ap? llorn, touching at llio de Janeiro and \ alpaialio tihe la d?*tinci| lor the trade between San tiauclsco and I aiianm she take* out nob* or lew paaaebg! ia, the galulng of tinm being a more luiporlaut object than the gain arising fr< ni passenger* VVkeu her rooms are Uulaaed. Uoarfter. ihey will be elegant and Oouipaet. Kvery two of them tegetber with the pa-sage between, la lighted with one light, by au engineer'* cnlntajce uf ( attain Barkaian I be lauip baa three aidn*. aud it ? dspos d I..I li I > ^ 1.1 . a,I ....II.Il> BUI. nl II, . I.ti^.r (if Inipui i, f tbe ohl|> She In thoroughly ventilated. and la well fi(?ia?d with water donate, tberw ba-mg ?t i.ai ?o of them Her cargo Ik ul a miaollturuui de-crlptiju coo* tlrllng 01 Ir; g-xiua ami kitchen toy**, priutiug pre*a a ai ,d Ijpe luf two daily p?p. r?. I1.4u.ua of d.ll -rciit kind* Willi a gt?at tatlety ft otker aiuclVa, and provi?ii.!? lur Ian )iik Stir -ail* to-tuortuw, uuJ. r command of * aptatu Harkman. formerly ?u popular a< a CoBimauder lb that barle'tnn lina ot packet rbtp? W? b?itr?e be baa aii titeir t In Una undertaking wblob, Irurt will bar* a proepeioua ia*u? iu the water* ot the I ai llic Ooaijox IImmii K*( liitK Ma I nder tbw abmi capH < we hare r,h"rr. *d thai "Hie *t<ain*hl|) lathinu* lm< b. en c inipletrly oreibauled mil Inrnirlied Willi u?w englnea tad ra?chiuriy. at the faundry of r K M?cor k < o " I o lbi? we ten to reply, ibai *ucb i> not tbe care Theateam blp lathuiur bad ber new l> >li*-rr, rouneetlnn eugtue Horn, fit ,;4 o? at the Kulion ? <> n.lry. bjr \le*?r*.. I'eae* It Murphy hueb being tbw ca-? we deem It no act ?4juatlc? lo Bake the traeuar; enrrndl'i*. \ wry teepectluiiy your*. HAIK ?. Ml KPHY, N*w loaa, Not ?, IMV trr W. M Lrca. Uiwvklyn * Ity Ni mi. Vtri ''?< at.- Hel< re II. n lobn ureenwmd mi //en r II a if' wffterr age<n?r Ci'iHa // ?? te. An order war gianted In tM< caae. pome time alnce requiring tbe trial of the following I-rue by jury : l>ld tbe deIraiiaat.l aratetll llaae at any time alter the tooling ot u.e ruuiiii. II> In ihia Mi Ion and lielote the Irautug of Ibe attachment therein keep htateeif oon<?*l"d within t lie Hi ate of New \ nit wt h intent to afuld ibe aeratce ot a Munition* wltliin Intent of Ncllol iUy?( ehap 4, of tbe code Of procedure of the Mta'e of New \ ork ar amend* d hj the Legislature by an art p*?a-4 April 11th. 1MV The laaue w?. accordingly irl-d yeater.iay and tbe jury tonud a verdict that tu*defe-i Unt did nt t keep htmaeif concealed It (a< then, on iu<<tl< n rf aounael lor tbe detendant ordered that tbe attachment l-aued In Ibta ac || n to the ahcrtlf of the , county of King* be and la hereby aet arlle John Ikttirtly. tiimimitrtlor ?J Umnitl Mi /,-uw. / j (|<iail hiiuatd Phfirtf. I'lur wu an action brought ' by the plaintiff for the r ? rety pera< D%l jr .pert) alleged to heK.iig to hliu and l> .rmerty held by the dereared the juty rendered* verdlollur the plaimilT. if 74 uamagea t/eerg* lintihininn ( iail A?w?i Hmming.? Anting lor the recovery of nuaey on a note for ? Wu. Verdict fur plaintiff wuh cuata Vntr rna M? >at"W ? Tbw raturo* from city and ooun Itj *(" J'nn > < f"?- in* ?uik a^iuat* [<>r s oai.>r lr< ui thin dlKtrlet a majorll j ol kid Mr < Nm ? ? a in?i)if?r ol th? l??l It* run* ahead of In* ttch?* Tb? llntrl*. tutittu *> > niriatriw, A IUib?r(h Kcutucky\ l> W l.*n. <f?n?ra, I. I I'roimoa T. K Hrckinaii, liud?>n. J l.atun, d<>, u I Iflaiij Haaliton i aiiada, W. niburn, d<>; W H<>?k*r hartlord, N < hab4l*r. BMton, O. 8t?arn*, do ; l<rv I Slum b 8 jvrmj I lOKlehart HaitiI. Iiiw, I umbrrland, I M Ko?l?r M??r lork, t. b?-lty. NutMkd; J >1B toll op (iurhii|(toll, Mm ! >*TI?7, Montlral; K ' neuter l'hiU4*l|itiia; J W Brow*, do , K T Molt du ; >ita SUtktiiu I htU I-l(ibla, A Karn*? Lm?U, >.??!? Si Lout*; J A Br)?o. do; H. , ><lam? l'lil!a<|e|phi?, S ?l < <n,K*. Hal liniMt; Mr and >lr? filhin * ; A lelMur*. I Albany; J M < hubb, Wt<kl(||i?ii ??r? among tba at ri< al? }?>t?r<laj *t lh* Irving tlMI?a H i. hall. Hainmora. II lialiagher IMavar*. It tl?ghM. *ajMt?: J hie**", t? '.alth. South lladl* J. <1 Mark* Detroit, o tie?<] rhli*M|.na ?r? at th* Howard W l?aj MaMarhn?*it?. II Tlllot?nn Med Hook; laber Marjland; I a;.tarn ?h?rni?n. |?a|K|ii paie. J, I < norll. V* ilm'DCtoB. H< h*rt and Sunniel lluntiag t >n I Rklitmor*; J. r H (H'dwurJ, Ne?r Url'*o- have am?-* I at ikv A ui-rtran. * City Intelligence. Dm. Hera-row'* Lmnr -Tbt rndtnl ud mlreellaneou* library of the lata Dr. Houston will be old st auction this evening by Cooley. Keese St Hill M?dlcai nan and lover* of literature wilt And this sale worthy of their attention, aa the woriu to be aold are elected and valuable. The WeATHia ?Veaterday the weather, which had been gloomy for a day or two, became stormy, and rain Ml In torrents. Late in the evening lightning Ha*had vividly. There U t very appearance of an early winter this year. The Hudson Rite* Railroad.?The haste with which tbe rail* of the Hudson Klver Railroad have been laid, down to the terminus In Chamber* street, la astonishlog. Yesterday the car* ran, for the tlrst time, to Peekakill from Chambers street, and notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, there waa an immense number of spectators prevent. Aa yet there is enly one track, and that ia for tbe large oars exclusively Acoording to tb* charter a second track oannot be laid unless the Town Council grants permlMaion. nor the ahort earn. aa on the Harlem Railroad, convey passengers up an 1 down town There can be little doubt, however, that this permission will be granted. If the Court, in the case now pending, decide that that body have the right to do ao Sals or Silver Plate.?Quite an interesting scene wa? witnessed yesterday, in the rotunda of the Merchant*' Exchange, during the sale of silver pUte belonging to tbe estate of the late David Clark?on The plat* consisted of one silver oruet stand, one silver tankard. one pair silver salt cellars one pair silver candle sticks. five pair silver table spoons The competition among the heirs ol the estate, to obtain these relics, wan tremendous, and the prices realized were, of oouiBe, eiiorux u . The salt cellars brought $215 eioh, and the other article* la proportion They had betu in tne family between one and two hundred yearn, and the heirs were eager to get them. The Fi NtHAi. ot- Lir.cTrxArrT S?iith, or thk U. S. Astillkjiv.?At the hour appointed yesterday, there wu a large assemblage at the landing, at < 'a^tle Uarden, to accompany the remain* of the gallant Lieutenant to their IhhI rioting plac-n The rain fell in torrents, but the beautiful church at Kort Columbus wai filled with many war-worn and rcarred officers and men.who joined in the selemn ritea of the dead Dr McVlcar read the Kplscopul service in a moat Impressive manner, t wo bunds joined in the procession. Alter the funeral, and while soma of the frienda ot deceased were returning to the Battery, one individual, with white kids aad a ferociously elegant moustache, strongly smelling of dye, addressed the officer in commaud of the Colomel'i barge, when the following dialogue took plice : ? Mol'srA< hk.?Say. Lieutenant, who was that distinguished looking i ttioer that I saw In the churoh. whose face bore so many >cars f Ot Kic KH.?Oh. that was Lieutenant N . Molstaciik ? Is he a West Point graduate ! Oimt.n.? No; he wa? appointed by the President nt the instance of tienerala Shields, Lanu, l^uHuara, and Scott, since the Mexican war Movstachk ? Oh ! Oh! that altera the case. When I ?aw those tears I had an immense respect for him; but. as he is not a graduate, of o( u?e my feeling la very different. On landing the moustache was informed that It wm possible there might be such a thing as a brave man who had never si en West Point; at wb'ch the moustache gave h's kids an extra twitch, and hi* hair another twirl, and then vamoial. If this be a fair specimen of the West Point ' graduates." it is not to be wondered at tbat American eoldiers handled the ofPeer* from tbat academy rather roughly in the Meiloau war. Kath?.h Mathkw ?Thin distinguished man, who has

arrived at the Irving Hour*, it. we regret to nay, laboring under serious indisposition. Muiimt at Ulalkwh.:.'* Isi.and ?A conspiracy to mutiny at Blackwell's Island has junt been dlsoove'ed actong the colored men and others there In custody. A negro was rather premature In striking at Mr. k?au, the warden, with a knife, and thus led to the dlaonv?r<. The prisou was searched, and a l*rge number ?f Km .-s wure found concealed Mr. Kean fortunately escaped the ftab aimed at hit life; but Mr l>e Mott a deputy keeper, received It in the tide, aud la In a dangerous condition. Bixevnav or Stolkk Momv.?Mr. Joseph Miller, of 22U h itth ctreet. hating been recently robbed of ftiOO in gold and bank bill*, Dominlck Borg, who was suspected of the robbery on very strong grounds, and had abrcocded from the city, wan tracked to Newark. N. J., where be was arrested yesterday, by offloer Vantassel, who found (373 60 on his pereon, with a prospect of getting some mora of the money, with the bauk book aud paper*. A Mad Bi ll anu a CoLoarn Man.?Yesterday afternoon a mad hull had been playing his pranks at th? foot of Jay street, when a colored man. named Edward 1 Johnson, cauie lu his way, whom the animal trampl-d I down In his fury, breaking his leg, and theu jumped Into tke river. Koisbliki?Yesterday morning, between 13 and 1 o'olook. Mr Brady of *i/>l .Ninth street, brought into ; his house an Infant that was left on hi* stoop. I'e i date* tiiat ne liaa no knowledge of the parent a Diuuoi'i Ah ikim.?Thou. W. Cono?ll. employed on the Novelty V.'ork* wa- yenterday accompanylag one portion* of th* machinery. oon reyed on cart* to the etrainrMp WmMmM, for the purpose of repair*, i ' when tbe fastening nf tbe pole connecting the two ! carti together gare way and tbe pole (truck him Id the back, dangerously Injuring hi* spin* II 1? limbs are paralysed He was conveyed to tbe City Hospital. Act ii knt on thb Ikoton Kivta H?n.ao*i>.?Vasterday a nan naiurd Nathan Koran, wax conveyed to the < itj Hwyltll with a van bad fracture on tbe op of bin bead received tbe day before in a tunnel of tbe Hudson Hirer liailroad, near I'eekekiil. by tbe failing of ' a stone from the roof. The skull may feit through the wound l>anow?? Man Daowian.?The Poronerheld, yeaterday.aa ln<juei-t,at tlieScTeuth Ward sta'ion house. on tie body ol an unknown man apparently * sailor. ag.-d about -7 yearn, who died suddenly In the ntation bout*. The deceased waa drereed in striped plaid cotton I ?i'te blue llauiiel under-?hirt blue cloth rounlab ut iarKet. brogan shoes, white < alifornia hut. dark brown >air. and deeply pockmarked The jurv returned a xerdlet that the deceased ranie to hi* death by congastian of the brain arising from Intemperance AccionifAi.LT Pirowfo t> ? The?'oroner, yeater Jay held an ibijueet.at the foot of Duane street, on the body of l'i ter I'row d aged aWit AO yarn a blacksmith by trade, i (ti rmerly worked at Harrestraw) w ho cam* t > id* death by arrnleula ly railing into the river, and drowning before aid ci uld be procured Verdict accordingly I'?o? d.?A man. wbo<a name I* unkuowu f?ll into tl.f rtiM, it thf foot of Duana (traat. y*?trrd?y tfturn?on and tli< ugh he *? < ?oon taken out ol the wat->r. tLr apark of llf? *>! eitloct Fatal timil or litoucttiai?l.aat tifnloii. at ball I art Mi o'clock, a aailor tai brought to thn 7th aid Ma'ion hoiiaa, by offlcar Burma, to a atatc of b<a?tly Intoxication At a <|nart?r to right o'clock, i tliia morning, be waa found 4cad In hia erll. military parades. Ynatrrday tha llamblin < iutrda. < aptaln II E Sic t?a* alaita taanagrr of thn llowary Thaatra proonnd-d to 1 men < our** I ong Inland. upon a largat excursion. Tlila nut' body of turn number* 1(h). l b Nagar Makrr'a <>uard,i aptalu W.T. Strang,al o proceeded. jrairrday. upon a targat nscuralon, aocoiapaulad by blngta'a Bund. I'ulle* Iiit<-lll|(riir<" Huriltiry ul PlamJitM. N J -Tha burglar-) arn beginning tbur tail campaign In New Jerary, ranging within twrnly and tl.lrty inilaa o| .Nrw \ar<. r*e<utrd ct|deutly by rogue from tbl* city On Wedae?day night. th<-y opebed iha ball by burglarloualy entering the toir i.f fr. uch fc Bryant. altuatnd at riaind^ld. Near Jritry, with a lalaa kry. ataailng tbrrrfrom a lot of rrao)-madr cl< IblAg. eonrlatlpg of aatln caata, Tarloiia oolnt# a qi.anl.ty >1 laury color-.I oa?-traerw iant?, al?o braiy iark oTeicoata. a ^uautity of re-l flannel shirt* two t-l?Ma ol o>< tb oar al 14 yard' "f blue black and the olhtr a brow a. togatbrr with many othrr article*, lalutd at Bear 41.400 A rawatd la iifftrff *M) for thn tlilrT) a aiol t-M fur tha racorrry of tb* pr 'perty That r?? urn* about dark, two tuaptaiou* looking young m>a were m a In tbc Tillage, who ara auppoa?4 to bn tha robbera. I Uj taunt baTr brrn prodded with a bor<c and wagi n ar the clothinginada rooaidrraM- balk It |i irrtntird tbry drorr to Nrw \ ork. and ahould any per?aii baTCf oo4a of that de-cription off?rcd to than for fair cbeap thay will forward tha end* of jiutloa by (I* iiiiBirdlat" lalormatlon to tha police ?nthirlt(?*. k. Uirt a / ?i<a<< ? Oltx-rr Van Taarall of tha lltb it >r H. tn) I.iiIk m m.I *. II ...I. .b Btug ?t N*??rk .Naw jer*ey. on charge of stealing . to n<>ld Bud b?tik hill* fr.in Joeeph tllllar. rnM* lug >1 No ?."i Mf h nr?fi, 1'hf It aopeara. entered tin brd n-om of th? eomplalnant and?hli? litiig ??kf|> mot* the Di'iny ?id Ult the boti?? early the iirlt m orbing; be engage.! a htrkmin by th? nun" ol I utile* M'Alnr to drli? him to Newark. ami pa J him In three lite dollar cold pHere h? iofi the MVtlaga, Willi tbe intention of taking the train for Philadelphia I be abor* officer on heariog that th" r >g?e tin li that aotiree. fallowed after and ovarhanled hini at Neeark took kim Into cuetody. and found on bin porwn f.liil M) it thr atolen money II* w?. brought back to thi. eity and committed to prtaon by Justice O* borne to await hU trial. W?i| >n thr Hill I'tgrrt I Ifflour f'rlnee John Pari* aiintrd yeeterday a man by th* nam* of IVter Mitchell, ou a ?a> rant li-eued hy J oat Ira Montfort wherein ha tai d* ( liar I'll with btnn( aided by "then lu knncklaf down I1I1O W bite in tbe atreet aail while tbua down, wa? robbed by foree and tlolenoa of *20 In bank Mil*. The n agietrate committed tba accuwd to pn??a for I further xauiiratinn .irittl nj ? I'ukpmcktl.?Offlfft Bowyar, tha (rMt tai ror amot>g ptekpueketa. e?|>iad three notorious fel- 1 low* of that d* nomination )e?terjaj Burning. in Wall Mie t, n the look nut for ? ohanoe to dire into noma a iioku-cling merchant*' noeket I heir name* ara talk* IMInpn. all** "Jaw Mill*," Jack llonch anil I.oti*. hat Ify Willainn Mr Bowyar. harin( been Infoimrd by the I hi. f of I'ollea that "Jaw villi#" *?a wanted ou au iDiltntm-nl pen4tnK ?**lnnt lilm In PhiU'lrll'l la politely re<j ueai ad him to walk up tn Ihe I liUI I'lHcf Mike hading there ? < nn btnk oat. readily at?'nt><l where br *>< dft?lnH ntlll tn an nwer t< a dl-patch nent In order to certain If Mlka" i? Mill wanted on tha Hllderburgh robbery Jlitothrr Slung th?< ( e ?I (Hear SlTaanay, wf tha Sut h wild aireMed I ant nl*ht In ? irange Mraat. a ??i| knoan customer at tha I'olln- Tour', callad larry liaed or Du re commonly " >lii?r Brlek." Thin M|< a van In (trait*- ntreet acting the part of a pollra man and wan ah tit taking a man Into cti?tody. whan the r>al policeman ran * up and to?k him Into onatoily, nd on ?earchl? g hl? per?on a hoary weapon oal.ad a " Mlly." connl.ting <f a ple?-a ..f ntl.-t *t the end of which wan a heary placa < f t. 1 fastened coining a*, actly within tha meaning of tha statute law. which nixk'nlt a lalony to ba found in th? pma-tml'in nfrufh an )iitrn*i?t and ptinlrhahle with not |m? Man oaa j?ar la tha Rtate I'rlnon. nor mora than lift. Tha arcn??rt wan nnmailtlfil by tha maglntrata to prtaon, to Sha/iHf (1(1' Knur men. rail d Jainn* Waaly, Jaa. It Tl*mi't>n Hugh Y.c'Hnn. and rhotni* I ount, were arm>'ad jaaterday by i llteer Cola*. on a <"h*r<? of havifg nlofcti * ataaf, Iltu|ltrra4 II and wata In tha ai l ' carting tt away when datected by tha ofllear. 1 ha n.n? innate committed lliam to prlaon to annwar. rhnif Iij si'nltrg a It atch \ man called Mloll*"l Ilawklitn wan arr*-nt?d yesterday. and eommlUad for fuithir htaitng ty J untie* Muatfort on a cliarga of rtatlikg a gutd watch, talua and $37 la mua?y,th? i rop?rty ot Frederick Wildin, residing ?t the B?nk Haul, comer of Areaae I end Tenth Mmt. Charge of Stealing Wearing Apparel.?A women, called Ellen Wilcon. wm arrested yesterday ob a charge or stealing a quantity of ladies' wearing apparel, valued at $36. the property of Martha Bennett The magistrate committed her to prison. ^ Bcrcsr Jvstick Moinmi,?A large bomber of loaf em and vagabonds tilled the Police Court yesterday morning, brought from the various wards by the policemen; the weather being warm, caused tbe atmosphere in courtTto be almost suffocating Some of theae male vagabonds, after being usrd at tbe different eleotlon polls, surrendered themselves like lambs, alter doing tin* duty assigned them, for a winter residence on Blaokwell's Island. Among thene loafers was throe young chaps by the names of George nice, Kd*ard Klce and William Coddington. who were all three arretted by officer Jenkins, of the ttth ward on a charge of breaking Into the soda wator manufactory of John Boadman & Co., corner of Courtlaiidt Aluany and White street. The prisoners when arraigned before the magistrate, endeavored to put on a mild and indifferebt countenance, wishing, evidently, te exhibit a degree of innocenoe. They were all young looking, the two ltioos being brothers, and the oldest being about 18, and the others younger, fieorge, it seems, by the evidence given by Mr. Boardm?n, was in his employ at the time, and as Mr. B. had been robbed a few we'-ks since of some $30 in penult-*, kept a close watch on tbe premises, in order, if possible. to d -teot robbers. l "?t night about 0 o clock the f'aotory was locked up* .'usual but previously Oeorg* Rice had secreted himself on the inside of ike prerei'es and then, by taking down thu bar from the inside of the door, let in bit. two conipanirns. The young rogues, *4 s'>on as in. commenced operations in search of money; a large chert they had almost demolished, which contained some (20 iu pennies, when Mr. board man unlocked the Alltuf /!/>/.? knifiA on tku In/.lr fr.w O...V. .nkk,... ....... "uv .... ruui. 1uvutii, Tb? young scamps, sa soon as they found they were detected, ran up stairs to a Second story window jumped out on to a back shed leading tu the rear oft-one dwellings in Broadway; here they mounted two or three fences in the real Jack Shepherd style, as done up at the < hatham Theatre, and fln?llv,Nupposlog they bad ran far enough to prevent discovery. saorsted themselves, huddled together under a back stoop in the rear of a dwelling in Broadway The oflioer followed on their track, and found them. They were then taken into oubtody, and touud to be the three boy* who have been employed In the establishment Oa searching their person, a box of matches was found, together with the key of the desk, which was identified by Mr B as his property Justice Mountfort ouinnni'ted all thiee to prison to answer the charge at the court of Suasions. Jlirrsl &f a Jiluck Spome.?Yesterday morning tjuite a decent and rather good looking young woman, applied to Justice Mountfort fbr a warrant sgaiust her husband, for an assault committed on her person. The justice heard her story with a good deal of patience, evincing much regret at the family difficulty, supposing of course, that her hurband ?as a white man 1 he justice issued a warrant for the husband who was duly arrested by officer Hopkins, and lo ! when brought Into court, bv proved to be a big negro, with tremeudous lips and complexion as black a* a coal, whose naine was Louis Mitchell. The justice on beholding the prisoner, pushed up hit specs and exclaiar.d : " Dear me Is it possible, that so fair a woman, could marry a man so black '' It rially Is shameful, but still there is no accounting for taste." Mitchell,'' laid the justice. " it is very wrong for you. to b?at or abuse your wife, and more especially, as she is not your own oolor. I shall hold you to bail to answer the charge at court." And indtlault thereof, the negro was committed to prison. Court of General Scmloni, Before the Recorder and Aldermen Herring and Haweg. Mot 8?Called upon lo yhaU. ? William Norton, who was indicted by the last grand jury of this oourt, en a charge of having perpetrated by a publication in Atii Buniliue'i Own, a. grora and malloious libel on Miss Crean was this morning oalled upon to plead to the Indictment. He pleaded not guilty and demanded a trial. The District Attoksft then proposed to try him next week, and to set the cafe down for Monday. To this the Coi'mo.l koii the Accused objected, fating that be wished to make applioation for oorarnislen. to take testimony in San Kranoisco,rallfornia. This application Will probably be made, and the argument on the motion, take place next Saturday ; pend iug wbiob, th?Court of ooarite oould not designate a day for the trial. Trial J or Burglary.?(ieorge Hoyt was called to take his trial, on the charge of burglar; in the tblrd degree, in the alleged breaking into, and robbing tbe store of Isaac Alexander, jeweller, at No. 12 h'ulton street, on tbe night of tbe 24tb ot August last, where jewelry, watchm. atd other valuable* to the amount of some $300 or HOil were stolen. Jacob Ai.?:xam>> h of No. 303K Grand street, sworn? Knows Isaac Alexander; he keeps a jewelry etore at No. 12 Kulton street and aUo at Orand street ; the store No 12 Kulton street, was entered on the 21th ol August, by cutting through a partition ; how the depredators got to the partition I cannot tell ; there was considerable property stolen, consisting of silver spoons. silvei thlmbels combs a eld watch, a gold cafe, iliitl. Jcc. ; I bare surn some of tnat property since; 1 saw it at the Police Office of Km*x Market. C.osi Ezamintd.?l don t know who occupies the store next tomj brother's; my brother's store is in the ram* room with the other store, only divided by a partition of wood; I slept in tbe store myself, I went away in the evening at about 7 o'clock, and returned at a little past I* o'clock; I discovered that tbe partition had been cut through immediately after I returned; I informed several perrons of it, a policeman among others, the bole must have been cut between 7 and half past V o'clock 1 at night. Isaac Ai na*naa, sworn?Testified that three days af- ' trr bis ilwi in l- ult?a street was robbed.a lady came to bis store, at !iV2){ (irand stieet, and offered Howe gold for rale; i n looking at the atticlea she offered for sale, I louud that there was a gold watch dial bearing tbe mark corresponding to the one borue by the dial which bad been stolen fri m my store in fr'ulton street; that . woman If In couit ?(witneaa pointed her out)?her name is Mrs. Iloyt; 1 seut for en officer and had tier arrested; a piece of a gold watch case wti touad la the gutt? r near the Station IIoukh, I allerward* saw other articles, a spoon aud combe, at the 13th Ward Station Home Crott tjtmiiuii.? l saw otb-r articles of my property afterwards; I raw some at the Station llou?e and some in court; one evening at ab?ut 10 o'clo.-k a negro boy came to my (tore and asked if that was ,\lr Alexauder s sure; I said it was. he tbeu gave to me a live.- c> mb. some silver thimbles and other articles, this was about four day? after Mr. and Mrs Iloyt were arrest- d Ji ii* Tim.i v, awum- I* Captain of thr lath diatrln* poller I know iieoigr llojt. hut knoan bin loor year*; I feat to harr him arrratrd. b? llrrd In Hrooina MM mi I ?i . i t uii jaruiall Mm ipoog id a oloeat of a room ohorcthry raid h?- lived, there w?.< no one preient bat hie wile Julia lioyt; the upoon was IdentiOd by Mr Alexander The counsel lor drfrudant Introduced Dr. Tattle, a reepectabir phjulcian. who ?worr that on th?'i(lh of Auguat, Hoyt ?a? c<n!in><l to hi< l>e.l having ruff-red an attack of cholera. Ihmeillauce wan conclusive, ud tha jury alter llateniug to a char** from the Huotrder, retut wed a verdict of not guilty JlMtnlIt anil Huttrry. h i/A Intrnt In Cummit a Ri/ir ? ! Woi Konter linplea<ird with I'Htrlrk Burn*. ?>< railed to trial charged with having on the night of the Uflth of Septrmb'r committed an nault and battery. with intrnt to commit a rap?, *n the person of Catb^riue ( ar'grief. Tbr < omplalnant. a good looking Irifh girl, biting called to testify. raid - lam nineteen year* of ag-i; I lived at the eomrr nf Wall and Wat' i atreet; 1 wrnt in tbr riming in r< mpany with another girl to ??? a frirnd ?h i lli'd in Washington street; It V?? ijulte late ahrn I Irlt and a? I was going ?p to Ur-nnoli h ?trr? l I nirt Patrick Iturna and William hoster; I sup pore th- j mw I had a glaae nf b?*r In my h?ad aad thry raid they Would go home With mr, but I DfT' t thought thry wnald in-ult m, I hal s-en Burns b?for*; whrn ?r bad got nrar thr bath*. Patri-k Burn* kno?krd mr down [TIj? wlteeaa Imrr described tha milt avor i d the part af thr acr usril to vtaia'e lirr per od | I'attick Burn* had bin hand " my month, to keep mr tr< m crying out, I finally managed to scrrain loud, tha policemen brard m-. and caair to my aid, | tbry arteMed boater; but Rutna ran off and wu not | arrr?ttd till tha next morning. Mn nut. MiI'hihi , a p< Herman nf tha Kirat Ward, King twom. testified that, bring on du?y on tha availing <>f 26'b of August. at thr c >rnrr of Battery pla-* | and t ?rrenwieh street. ha thought ha h?ir4 a female cry. I want over, said tb? witnesa to tha Uattrry gate, and praratitiy heard two m>re screams, it *a< about I .II ? 11... i - - ? ? ??- - ?'-<? |-w? ?ur vii?" t ? n<nnv u< hi m? * a?tIf ti?r?lrn gate, or th* biidt'r., I went tb*rw. aoi found thr d"1|h> | rt Oet-'Jrd friu til* bridge l?* ling to on* of tha hatha, I went 10 toward* tl> h*th *114 diarn??r'd lli? Mi I'liM miifltij lift In the position df?rrlh?-?l by h*r, I fwlir but hi< companion mad* hla raeapa down t!> * *talra leading to th* baih I 1 i k bin to th* Station llo?-?. I got th* i?l*tin?i> of another polireniao and t? k tha girl thera aiao, oh* war entirely halplraa a* It Intoglratad The delate* railed 1'nw, K Ui who, Wing a worn. t**tifi*d a* follow* : I am an emigrant ruan?r, I aaw ( atlailne < a>grtef ohm betar*. I a? h?r at Vo I,7 XV aahngt n at ; It I* an migrant boarding bou?*. that ni*ht Mt waa a print- h*ll .tiren ther* and I waa door li aeper. aomc p*raon ramp and raid " IVtn. thara VNM limn* in >o l. I weut up and found a woman balf in bed and half out, than waa a man named Brady tbira with brr; har alothea war* disarranged. aha wa* ao drunk that ah* could al help haratll, ibia *aa the fama evening thai ah* aatd ?h* *t? akii-rl I carried her down and put her on the atwp uuttlila; latrirk Burna w?< th< ra, I ill l not a** Koat*r J >m> a Hmkm a?firn la a laborer; ko th* woman who aiid tba atand, I flapt with her, ahi- waa drunk, aa uaual, I Bat bar alter at dinra honava, I tiara tun har drunk an the Itoopot her own hoarding hoitao JaMia Ovrr* (worn ko*w? the complainant. ba? known her about four mnlha. aaw her with a young man at a danre louae. th*y drank together, want up alalra. and ram* d*wn and drank again '1 h* girl wa* again railed toth* aland, and *t?t*d that tb* repreaeiitattvna mad* by th* witneaawa fir tha defei.ra Wrrw all Nlae. ah* *aid that notnanf them had tbraat*n*d bar. and aald that If ahe aama up th*y w mlil aaearao a* to fre* llurna front tha rharg*. I h* Ito eonlif charged tha jury who returned a rard'Ot of guilty Kentene* waa d*ferrad till another day. In th* raae of lohn Kendall who wa* triad and ac quitted In tbla Cowrt on VV'*dn*>day. It ahoald h* undaretaod tbat Mr Kendall k*pt th* boarding hoaaa la llt?ri*lch Krniii. md that Mr Clin* boarded with bin I nllril Btitei Clrrnlt Conrt. Not II The following gentleman were *?orn on the Urand Jury, before Judge Nelaon Shephard Knapp. foreman Iimerun Klehard T. ("otnpton, Jet n i amphell I hia Hnuld. I'hll-tna II Holt Kalph Hall. Howland Hill Manning A King Simeon I.eland, John Mei bain. Win. Mandetilla, Win. A. Pant*, John D. rhenli, Ja?. Townaend. I. ha*. H. Redinao (Jordolt t. Kord. John Wray, Joa C. Detain, Jacob , WrrtrrtfR, and f.arratt Korbea Ka^ra lilt Honor i having oharged the jury they retired. There are abont | dnaen rae?e arl trig nnder 'be lawa of the 1'nlt-d ; 8'atea. ehlefty relating to offeneaa committed oa the high eeae. and In violation of the lawa relating in the rout Ofltc*, to b? laid before the llrand In |iien <;lrrnlt ( onti. Not i. There belnf no r*<ia? retdf, Judge Hurlbat adjouraed the ( onrt to to morrow morning. at IV I'llHk. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Election Return*. For the telegraphic returns of the election is this State, see the first page. Tit* LtnlilMi* ICIretlon. BiLTmoii, Not. 8?9 P. M. We have received nothing imd the Louisiana election The telegraph line beyond Maeou u belle red not to be working. The A mei Jean Charge to Iweden. WAtniifiicoN, NOT. C-t P. M. | Francis Shroder, late of the Coast Surrey, has reoelTed the appointment of Charge to Sweden, vice Ellsworth. The Weather and Navigation. I'iriem ri.h, Not. 8,1819. The rlrer it rirtntf rapidly, in ooorequenos of the heavy rains. There is Uve leet of water in the ohannel The Southern Mall* Baltimore, Not. 8?9 P. M. The Southern mail has oomu to hand, but we oai> discover nothing worth telejraphinj. Markets. Bai.tim irk, Not 8, 1849. In consequence of the storm, op?ratlons in produce to-day were limited. I'rieee remain unchanged. Burrtu, November 8?6 P. M. The receipt* of produlb. xiuce yt sterday, wer?8.500 barrel* of llour; 28 000 bu-hel* cf wheat; 0,000 buxhiH* of corn. There Ik a good demand for Hoar, and prioes are without marked change The galea are 3.000 bbis., including Michigan, at (4 81 a *4 41 t or wheat there I* a moderate inquiry, and price- are steady. Tranxac- j tions'.ompriie 15 000 bushel*, at. 33c lor Ohio, and W>?o. for Chicago. Cora Id not so active, but without change to notice. Hour, to Albany, in 70c ; wheat, 19>?0.; corn. Ho. Ai.uiny, November 8?8 P. M. The reeuipta of produce, since yesterday. were 13 000 | barrels of Hour; 1.000 bushel* of wheat; 2 000 bushels of corn; 16,000 buxhels of barley. The market is steady for flour, but not active The rates are as yesterday, with pales of 1,600 bbls. In corn there Is not a great deal doing, the aal?8 not exceediag 2.000 bushel* flat yellow, at 02*. There la a (inner teeilng in bailey, with sales of 23.000 buxhels including two rowed, at 67 a j 6Wo ; and tour-rowed, at 59o. Oatx have an improving tendency; tales of 6 OOo buxhels at 3y>, a 40o. Naval Intelligence. The U. S. brig Perrv, Lieut < orr-namllng A. H i Foote, is now lying at ttie Nxvy Ya'd. ready for sea. and will tail In a iew da>H 1 be follow .ng id a list of her officers Lieut <'otmnandlof, i. H Foote; First Lit utenaut. Win. B.tfenshaw; Anting Master, Passed Midshipman Maurice Simon-; IT Ted Assistant Surgeen, A . A. Ilenderaon; I ?.-st d Midshipmen, Kdrnunu j bbepherd, Walter F Jones K. K. Stone; Captain's j I Clerk, W. II. Huuter. It is rumored tbat L'eut. M. C. i I Marine has, alt.o, been ordered to the P.erty, a) second lieutenant.?Norfolk Btaran, Nor. C. Dr. John 8. Whittle ha* been detached from the ' Naval Hospital, and Pr. Win. t!. f-incUir ordered in Lh ! place. Pasred Mid?hipn>an Samuel Vlag aw has been I ordered to the xtore -hip Supply n'iw titting out at { this yard for the Pacific. Purser William Spelden ha< | 1 arrived here and entered upon his duties aboard the I U. S. ship rentisjlvanla. Portsmouth DuLly Pilot. Political Intelligence. The Legislature of New Jeri-ey stands-Senate, 1C' whigs, 9 democrats ; aud the House, 29 whig* and 29 democrats. The President has officially recognized Gulllaume Alexandre Lebaron, ac Vice Consul of Sardinia to the port of Mobile. United Malta District Court. IN ADMIKALTY. Before J uj*e Betts. John Bradley ri. Caut Hulmt arretted at Tamil, mat? Irr of the shtji IVm. II Trade ?Suit for wagea In sorap- '< I Ing and rweeplng the bottom ot the ship. she being hauled up la the Dry Dock Held by the court that aer1 vices of that character were uot maritime and oould not be surd for in Admlrality Libel dismissed; but as the respond) nt had Dot |>a I the wagv, according to contract, no costs are allowed him Jonathan Carter re Willima Crughtnn -Suit for wages from Antigua to St Thomas St Domingo and New York. The respondent proved, by one of the crew, that the libellant asked the favwr to work his pastas* to New ' York, which the respondent at the Instance of the witness, consented to. aitbough the vessel had more than a complement of men, that It was found the libellant wax a green baud, and thai his nervines were not worth his keeping. The pr- c"T fir the libellant testified that the respondent admitted to him. la hla oBloe, that a balance of f'JI wa< due the libeltant for wages on the voyage, and pr.'mi.'ed to pay it Twelve witnesses were railed, on the part of the respondent, to Impeach the character of the proctor lor truth and veracity: even testified that hi* general reputatlcn for trutn was bad. tlie other flvl had never beard it Impeached, but had beard him accused of dishonorable practices in collecting seamen's wages Six witnesses, called by tha libelant's proctor testified (her had never heard hla character for truth oalled in <iu??tlcn Held that tha evidence did not amount legally to a discrediting of th? witness; but held, tliat it Is objectionable in Itself for lawjers to sup^nrt their aHent's saae. by their own teetimony. purtlculaily by ~tatiu* conversation* with the mi] inn compared wun me enaenoe ol the disinterested wliueM iu tbe eaime th? weight ef e?Idence lit not Id lupport of the demand au?d for. I.lbel dismlMed with cortu Court of Common Plena. before .1 ud|(x Daly No*. 8 ffmry llunh i t I'hr Mayor, 4 c., of iht Corjiorahon / Srtr t'ork ?Thin wan an action tor damage done the prenitee* of complainant la CourtUndt atrvet, l>y the water heing diverged duriog tb? rtpalfi of the fewer, and inundating the baa-ment of bli doom. Adjourned. uprrme Court. Before th* Hon ludga Kdward-*. Nov. 8.? Thr Sun MituoL Jn.Mrenrr Co., r*. The Hnyor. 4 c . of A'tr Curt I he judge delivered bla de. cl-lon In thl* rape, faying. u I'be einolufian to which I have arrived If, that the accumulated profltf held oy tbe company, are not per-<>n>?I -tale owned by it within tha meaning ? t t he ?tat nt(IX 8 3X7. Sec. 1); n?r are they capital atock. for wbloi) tbe company la liable to taxation. (1 U 8. 414. tec. 1 )" Before ladfe* Jones Kdwatde. and Kdmonda. Nov 8 - -Thif wa* motion da* ; there *u nothing of public Importance before the i ourt. Eiamifution of Atto*m?* ? An examination of nan* didalaa lor admlfeion to practle at the Attorney'* bar, wa? held ye.ti ritay i v. i in In til* Supreme <'oiirt. before Meeara s I' Natli J K Hurrlll. Jr. and C. N. I'otfer f.ight cutleoieti offered theiuaelvea aa afplrante for tbe prifa??t<?n. and the anewermg waa in aome i?-tmiC(? excellent though the legal a:um-n of tbe learned examiner* wa> d-ep fearching and neeere. Tbe rviult nf th#lp III K? ?k tha tucctaelul candidate* will h? declared Court Caltndar for Tula Dajr. Cmmd fuii- r?r- l N?i 41,46 il.tii, IT,N,TI, 76 T?, 81, M. 85. Cart 2 Not f I. 82. 84. 80. 80, ?0. M, 94. Hi. I.H, lilt). lU'J 104 H'ti ( ia< i it Larai No*. 34 8ft. M 87. 88, 80. 8?K, 40, 41 41)*, 4.1 43 44. 4.'. 4? 48, 4tf. M, 51. J'i, .S3 An Klr|*nt Four Dollar flat. ?Do yon wiiFit a hat,a lonrt bat. * faaMoeaMa hai. a nil; bat. a rral atyllih hat, ?l a haamifal ?. ! !.?'?. m*ly trimmed, that ait a Tactfully upon Ilia head. ailh'ut p in< Innr, or twimln*. or bolklnf nnan. *txl irM'il"*'y h?. omlnt ) ? a raat'amaa? Do yon want a hat wl tali In a |? iir eahtMta the aklU nr *<i artiat, and ta. la avtrjr particular. Jnat ai It ihonl I h? ' If yon .In. t|>ra yoa will thank na I T eendia* yo* to WARStK K9', llaiicra, No ?i.'l Broad* ar. Thoar Itllll Foml Oyatrra of Walnut's arc tti*ni"?? da iciana hitaliea we e?er taaied. aad we advi-ia our fnenda.a r? aad try lh?n-2U llro.da?j, eppoeiwSt. Fial'l Cbarab. The Ulrhrllm K.vrr Political Oolrl Pan*. haaa. for durability. tl?*|i'illtjr. and ftrmneaeof Rnla*i, rival la markit Bold eavlaaiveH i i ' \ *>\V.\i.B. i?<! raltaa a reet. who h??al? an ritMiiln i'i rim?t of fin" IJMd aad Blleer Watehea Ilia reputation for t.ia repairiad af watchar aad (old pena, Maa.la A. Na I. Th? Widow Ornn'a tuirr.-Wt hare rtcelted a letter ft'm thla ra?|x>?t?i I* ?|rtna'ar. ?ndor>ln? all that Mr* fJreen a?t? la relation to t'a tnrnr In New KatUn I for the aur vh Be ta ' 14 rldiml .aaly chaap, l?jr JUNKi, af 14 ia fliwli tlllttirjr Coma I? Yra. Hirjrromr from all parte to i?t a p?ir of tho?e French lhatar* aold for ft fc> wof?h 87 at tha corner of Pulton aad Saee?.i atrerta. Finn rail. M nanally 84 waterproof trim |.l l? |A Patent Uai tare end Mi.ua, of nil a ylea, ea head. The flrat '.Jolrt Mt-?1al Awanlrd to DaffaeTTrotyjie*, by tha Amertian Inetitnte, ?H aaaHH la favor nl Mr Bridy, turner of ltr?*.|wey aad Fallon itmt, where alrangere aad eltiieha are larlted ta eiaalae epeoimene. l.l<l?t<1 llalr Dy?. - PbalM'i Imprnvad air Dye, a a?a ia*eaimn. M color tha Hair ar VMahere the moment It la apt'lied. without Iniary to tha hair off bla. Gentlemen ana neee their Wlilehera dyad la 8t? iniitea. at tha Depot, No. If? Broadway, corner of Itaa atraat. andar tba rranklla Honaa. Par battla. avail ataa. fit lama, >1 *' COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. ONKV N?RKRT. Thiirartajr, Mar, 8-6 P. M. quotation* for the fencWe Ml off a fraction Tho transaction* were only to ft limited extent. and the appearance of thing* In tlx* M.raet *u decidedly di?eonraglng to the bull* It tv, on the whola. a gloomy day. and the bear* availed thennelre* of It to InoraaiHt their contract*. At the ftrit board. Kile Bond*. new, declined per cant; f'.rie It ill road , Karmar*' C.oan, Mi Harlem. Reading Railroad. ^; Portsmouth Dry Dock advanced V and New Haven Kail road There w?* a large *ale of liank Stock*, at auction, to day, In the Merchant'* Kxrhanga on account of tha aetata of the fata David riark*oo tha partiauiar* of which will be found ander the Mia* at the hoard Very high price* vera < btain*d higher than tho?e ruling at the b"*rd. aad tha ra*ult eraatad considerable conyereatlon In the etreat The raaeipta at the offlna of tha Aaeletant Traa?nrer of thl* port to-day, amounted to *57 00#; payment*, *17 030. Balance. %?790.480 Counterfeit &va* ob the ll*rri*burf Dank are In air