29 Kasım 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Kasım 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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U=. )/ T II NO. 5664. TELEGRAPHIC, FROM HALIFAX TO NEW YORK. Aft KZ V AL or THZ STEAMSHIP CANADA. Highly Important Commercial Advices. Great News for the Southern Planters. Another Advance in Cotton. IMPROVEMENT IN ENGLISH CONSOLS, Apathy ii Politick in all Parts of Europ#, 4to., to., 4M. The steamship Canada, Capt. Harrison, arrived at Halifax at eight o'clock yesterday morning Sha sailed from Liverpool on Saturday, tha 17th inst., and thua mada a very short passage across tha Atlantic. She left Halifax at fifteen minutes past 10 o'clock yesterday morning, for New York, and will arrive here on Friday noon. The political news is uninteresting, but the commercial news is of the highest importance. Cttton hat again advanced, and Contois art higher that% they have been far a long time. Since the 5th ulU, cotton, in Liverpool hat advanced thi et centt per pound. We annex a short table, showing the weekly sales aad cnanges in tne market since the 5th :? iLII, ETC.. IN LITa*r*OL. Salei. AtfcioJU.irhrt. Ja week ending Oet 12?ll?.77ti balm, ? a \d adr. ?' n 10-181 6IH> " h a Sd. " ? ' 26- H2 710 ? ? aXd. u " " Nov. 3?41 920 " No mat 1 ohang*. " ? ?- 59 K30 44 K a *d- adv. " " It? 60 970 " ? a V?- " Salee in Mx weoks 408,780 " Advene* Sota. The improvement of oonsels in the London money market, indicating the political aspect of affairs in Europe, is aa fallows:? raicu or somiol* ta lond*!?, October It 9\h a 91 % October M i?-l\ a 92* KoTember 3 92X a 92\ November 92% a 98 Noftnlwr 1? 93% a 9i\ Sir H. Bulwer, minister to the United States, went on board the Hecate steamer on the 15th Inst., but had not aailed on the eeeningof that day. Tarkcy, THKCABIOr TUB UVN0AUAM REFT'OIES. Advices from Conatantinople to the 1st instant, state that a British fleet waa at anchor in Aboukir Bay, and would remain there till the arriTal of the courier with tha anawer of the Czar to the communication af Fuad EfTendi. Should that anawer prove unfavorable, tha fleet will proceed at one* to Constantinople. The intelligence by the laat steamer, that Sir Stratford Canning had communicated to the Turkish government that the English cabinet had unanimously sgrsed to form an offensive alliance with the Porte in the event of hostile proceedings on the part of Russia, is confirmed. Also, that a similar communication had been made by General Aupick, in behalf of the French government. Raiata. The presence of the English naval forces at tha Dardanelles, aad tfie hourly expected arrival of tho French fleet, occaaions aome excitement at Constantinople, and the Emperor of Russia continuss to show not a little irritation at the decisive attitude take* by France aad Englaad. Til MrtrTtON or THE HO*. HI. EIVES, TH1 S1W AMEBIC Atl MI HI STBS?Till NEW FBENCtl CABINET. The noil gratifying feature in the week's newi, is the interview, mentioned in the JVfie York tieraid, on the arrival of the Caledonia, between the Prealdeat of France and Mr. Hives, the new Am*ricaa minister, at Elytft National. The American minister, it now appeare, made aa addreas adapted to the occaaion, but obserrad a total silence respecting the misunderstanding between the republic of France and that of the United States, anamg out of the conduct of M. Pouaain. The resident, however, alluded to the affair ia terma ((altering to the American minister and his country?adding, that in consequence of that mia* understanding, if Mr. Rivee had been a monarchical ambassador instead of a republican minister, he, the President, would have been deprived of the tonor of receiving him. There are again rumors afloat with reepect to the vacant post of foreiga minister in the French cabinet. M de Rayneval'a refusal, it appears, ia not quite certain, but should he eventually decline taking office, either M. I'laigua, or M. Thuriot de la Roxiere, are apoken of aa being likely to receive the appointment. Uaagary, MOKE atboc1tibs or the austrian*?ADDIBH ?V gnssf/TH?mis oriHioR or aBoaair. We learn that fteeb condemnationa are taking place, aad no fewer than fifteen additional eiecutiona had taken place at Arad, and more daily threatened. The valedictory addreee of Koseuth to hie countrymen, and written at Oraoon, has baea publiabed. It ia written in hie moet enthuametic and poetical style. He alludea to the traitor, Arthur (taorgey, aa folio we Tha ln?r?U wkoa tbna hut fattaaad with thy ibuiteui. hM roaa ifilMt th?a traitor to hta ?athar aod daatroyad thaa utterly. Thou haat kMi In trayad' Thou baat baaa told m; aountry' Thydaath eaataara bitt bM? wrltUn balorad of my haart by him whoaa rlrtnai. whoaa la?a I narar a*r?d to doabt Ym. la tha farror of my boldaat th..ajht? I eho?Jd itmoat m MOB ht?t doabUd tb? MliUfM of tha imiI< potanaa. m to hm that ba thoald arar ba a traitor to hie aountry t ?< . hatt h.?n betrayed by bin la wfcoaa baada had bat a little apare before ba?a dapoaltod tha power of aur graat aouatry, whlnh haewora to defbad, evea to the la?t drop af hla heart e blood Ha haMi doa? traaaen to bU heart'a blood, ba bath dona troaaaa U bia sot bar aad tha fllttar of |Ol<l bath baaa far bia atom eadaetlre tbaa that of tba blood ik?4 to Ma ooaotry B?w gaia bath Mora nlM In bla aya* than hla aoaatry, and Oud baa abandoard blm aa ha baa abandnoad hla <iod tor hU alllaa la Hall Magyar* balorad aompaatoa* blaao ma not for baring tail mla? ayaa 01 thin naa and for bavtag given to htm my plaa* It *ai naoa*aary for tbo poop La had boatowod oa him tfealr ooafldoaoa Tb? araj lovad Mm. aad ba obtataad a power of whloh I myealf would btfa booa proud; aad aarertholeeo tali aa ballad the ooafldonee of tbo aatloa, aad baa rapald tba lev* of tbo anay with hatred t area blia. people of Magyar*' narao tba broaat that 414 aot dry tap bafhr* It fare bin Milk ! Oaaoral Nagar It earring oa hi* aaralaatlag araal tlaa naakookad by hlgh?r authority Tba Jove at raath ara o*?o aiora thraaUaed with rloloaao, aala** (hay pay ay tba aoatrlbatioaa d?mand?d. whlah mai ba baynad thotr power Tbara *?p?are aa praaaat probability of tba etata of *lage at Vlaaaa bolag raiaod Oaaoral Hayaau la carrying <>a hi* unralaanag rnifltif*, uacheckrd by higher auiharuy. Tb? I. * * m? r , m* \ E NE MOI Jews at Peath are once more threatened with ?i?. lence, unless they pay up the contribution# demanded, which seens to be beyond their power. There appeara no present probability oi the state f siege at Vienna being raised. TVX REPORTED RETURN or THE POPE?TUB SPANISH TROOPS TO I.EAVI POR HOME. We have but little certain and interesting news from Rome. It seems, however, that the Pop# really meditates an carljr return to Rome, and indeed his arrival, at one moment, was actually aa naanced. The Spanish troops at present at Rome have received orders to return to Spain. The tact was announced in the French Assembly, by the Minister ot Foreign Affairs, on the 9th iaktaat. lysln. OPKNIN* OP THK CORTES?TROUBLES AMONO THI POLITICIANS. We learn from Spain that the session of the Cortes has been apened without the customary speech, which has given rise to animated attacks, by M. Olazaga and his friends, against their implacable enemies, Narvaez and his colleagues. Morocco. THI PROBABI.R WAR BETWEEN FRANCE AMD MORSOCO?THREATENED BOMBARDMENT OV TANGIERThe dispute between the Emperor of Moroeca and the French seems to increase in violence. The French Consul at Mogadore has been treated harthly and ignominiously, and a French frigata has been sent to hia relief. There is now every probability of this affair ending in tha bombard ment of Tangier. Cape or Ossd Hape. Our advicea from the Cape of Good Hope are to September 4. The Neptune, with the aonvicts on board, had not arrived out. TIM Markets, cotton. Litespool, Kiibii Evamna, Not. 16,1849. Aocounts (says George Holt's ciroular.) reoslred by th? AstriciD steamer on Tuesday, were somewhat contradictory as to the state of th? weather ( rally; but th? advanced prices, the comparatively small receipt* at the ports, and the very short shipments making to England, gave increased oontdenoe to holder* There has since been a steady demand, and the market cloeed et an advmntt / X f*r 'A , on middling te fur American. Sea Island oontlnuec in fair request, and the small stock in hand is held with great firmness at the quotations. The ootton trade has kept steady, and prices of American, as compared with those of last week, art % per lb. dearer ; Sea teland alte being \ f X tun mixry. The adrioes brought by the Niagara de not appear to have exercised any particular influence on the trade, as both buyers and sellers were prepared for tha accounts which she brought from the cotton districts of the United States. The sales of the week ending to day are 60,970, ef which speaulators have taken 30.660, and exporters T30; leaving 11,380 bales of all kiadsto tha trade. Moniy market. Lowdoh, Faioiv Eranms, Nov. It. The appearance of the Consol market, this morning* ii extremely good, and prices show a farther tendency to advance. Both tone fide and speculative purchases have bean freely made, and, under cuch circumstances, the jobbers have transacted a large amount af business. Camels, money and tha account, were quoted at MH a W, a 9J',, Three per cents reduced. 92 H 92)?: Kxohequer Bills, 41 a 61; for premium, and bank etooks, l.i a 19v. belauttvt'fs. LiuirooL, Ksidat K?Nsv. 10. Corn, 28s. a 29s. Cd.; yellow, 28s. Cd. a 27s ; flour. Western Canal. 22s. a 24a.; Ohio, S4s. Od. a 20s.; Baltimore, 21*. Od. a 24a. lUKItl. Litespool, Ksidat Efasiss, Nov 10. There is little change to notloe this waak in freight ar passage monsy, bnt tha tendenoy is upward for tha former, but rather downward for the latter. The sup. ply of American tonnage and shippers seem, Ukely to be a gecd deal inconvenienced in oonsequencc. MUM BLLANKOT'S. Th? produo* markets, both in LI vet pool and London have bean wall supplied, bnt as buyers were laaa active, the transactions In moat articles were not extensive. | Prices, howsver, have been tolerably firm The wool trade is tame ; transactions going forward are but limited, but holders are firm, and prieee gene rally in wan mtiDUinrd. Tha Iron trad* during tha paat waak Ui ramainad In tha Mai (joint atata m U?t reported, with tba axaeptlon of a (light Improrament of Wt'Uh bar, whloh w? quota at M* par ton blghar. Saotnh pig Iroa la Arm, at laat ^ notation*, and Milan art aaklng 8d a la. per toa dwir. The ImporU of *p??l* thia waak renaiatu of - per Coaftltutlon, from New York, ?2A,000 ; par Niagara ?00 000: par atram from I.labon. ?10 000 , Namaa of PaH?ig<ra, MIm Crawford. MIn Maury Mr* Morgan. Meaara Murgac, Shield*. Naurta. Sherman. Clara, J Lawta. Alaiandar Bowman. John Caldwell. I). U. Krana Arthur Morawood Joaaph Maoeganlt, C. B. Wllaon, Plaat, K Maury. J Kllegeman, J L Ihonpwi. A. J. Char, Haiaaa, Hlden, Huoar, C. Mallatta. J J. I.yuna, Montgomery K. K Von ?iaroult, Kirk. Adamaaad lad*. Kabar. <? Hark, V L Kralaa, J oh a W. I'wlag. W Uutra. rack, L H. Dlakana. John Twedal, W C Sabine M. C Maeoa O. W < ayaon, Haleaoft. Raye, A. Bryant, Thomaa Grant and Ifa paaaanger* for Halifax hlpfkbig InUlllganca Bmi*. Not 9? Art Aaa aad Btapkaa, Lemoa, Baliimara. Cioamnr, Ne* 1 -irr Pt?f>bea Sealr, Ka? Tark. Ci mi. Mot IS?Art Cbratiaa. NVork. Bid IJ*fc, New Tark Parkat, NOflaaaa. Covki, No* IA?of, Ziagart, frnai Laadaa for Boataa. Cai'ir, Mar I?An Jnao, N York: ftaolaea, NOrlaana. Dkal, Not 10? Bid Gladiator. Will lama, NTork. Matilda, ' Br?*aa; lltfe, Vletnrla. (fr?m Aatworr ) NTork. ei aii at a. Nat i?Ait Tbaaioa, Craaetadt far Boataa, 3d, i Fraaeia, (from Knl|abii|) for Boataa. Oraoi, Oat SI ?Arr Barak Lotiiaa, Mhlaiai Ottnaiitii. Nor 1ft?Sid Nerthnmbertaad.Lard. NTark. 1 Oi aaanw, Nat 10-Pat bat* Mary N?rrU, DtutU. (bar. lag aid Id far NTark, 1 ha?ia? . aanaat?r*d baary galaa. Haaiaca v.Nat 7?Arr Calaalat, NTork. llama, Ner A? Btataenaa. NOrleeaa; 13th, Zarink, Maktlana. M'>rk Blaaa, Wllllajna, da. bid #th. Jalaaaar. Naw . Tark. 13th. Bum* Viata NOrlaaaa. Loavoa, Not Id?Arr Tarkiowa, Bradiak, NTark. l.irtareoi , NaT 15-Arr M*y Plea-aata, Baltlmare. Bid Ilin, IlBriBOOJ, r OOTHa nw!!-?n' #, N fork; I4ik. Wyoaioa. Mlorokaa. KhiladolpMo. Idta. Bharidaa, Loraiah. NTork. Hi Z?ra?a. do. Tha (Joaaraor Davla, ^ altar, for Hoatoa. la falag oat, (*t foal af aaoaal aa<1 apt-nog klliaul Ma aat 11 < aa-MarT-SId Miaaaarl, NTurt Pviti Apd. Mo* ll>?off, Hadioa, fa Ho?ra for MOrl'oaa. R?i mbli.k, Ma* 1? Art Haaioa. n ?'ork. i *>ni?lia. Not V?Bid Arabia. nth. Aaklay. If- rk. Toaaav, Mar IS?Off, Mow Tork. Llaaa. froa Ha*ra far N | To*. Taitara. Ma* 1?Art Hollaador.MTnrk. Trial., Nat Iff? ait Andraaaoa. Baltiaara. Naval Int?lll|anM, Tha l' 8 atnra ?hlp Bnpply. Lt Coa Kainadi. ar r1?ad y??t?rday naming, from Norfolk W? puh!l*h?l a ll.tf b.r < (Brora in Tnaaday'a pap*r Paaaad Mld-kip t aaoirtr ? Rffdgar tak?a paaaaga la har to join tha \ li aantiaa on tha Paelfla otatlon Tha Supply *111 neap lata bar eargo hara for Baa k ranelaao t Tha U I *t?am?r Lagara. Lt ? otn'g 8. B Laa, ra??ntly attack*) to tba( oaat Sarvay arrfrad baraoa Saturday Bha la ta ba laid op B I bo U S aloop-af war Rarataga. Conaiandar Nlahalani anehorod la Haaaptoa Knada yaatarday aiurning, altar a paaoaga of all daya fr?m Haaaaa Tba tallow lag la a Mat'if bar oflloaro ?< oamandar. W C Nlabola?-n. I.laotooanta Tbniaaa M Bra*har. II Paytaa Hobartaon 8 D. Trrnebard, Paroar- Kabort Pattit; Surgaoa ? W A W Bpotawood, Aatiag Maatar?Cbaa W Hay*; Aaalo't Nirgwa - Tboaiaa B Rtaala, Llaat. Marlaaa? I R K Tataall. Mldablpaaa-Joba Wattara. A.J P alia*. J A draw. D Llvlagaton. J. B Meintoab, Bnatawam-T. O. Ball, arp?atar-J (i Tboaaa, Sailaiakar?Jnbn A Blrdoall: < aptaln Clark?W? H. Myara - St*J ilk Brttn. war. #T Ool? Dioataa ?Wa laarn that la an oflalal rapnrt to tba War I>apan m?nt oa tba olrll alfalraofi allfnrnla. '.onaral Hllay aailniataa tbanaiabaf ot par*?a? aatually oaiployad la dlgglag for gold at taa thouoaad. whlio tho aunkar of paranaa angagad la othor amplraaaata at I* hi* Baiunt rkff report < qiMtlN 111 prnfcatl) aaanaipaay lk<B<M(l "i tha l'r>-?ld*at and ha AinaC U ana?*la mnnh (lluMt WatiMal Intrlkgrvr. JVa? M Tin fa' T?mn M >11 - W? laara that tha Pnataaataf (l?a?ral ha# onaiplatad arrang?a?ata by ahlnh tha arrival ?ri d?par?nr? of tha (r?at fl?nthara Ball ftf** Naw Vi*l to tha Snath will rnatiaaa darlac tha ?la tar aa at praa?nt - Rrp+lH* N? if Wa loara ana*cially that i W?tIm fltaala i of Varjland, ha> baan appal a tad i.harg* d'A Valraa ta tha tmpmhitotf Ini. 0? M I W YO INING EDITION.?THURS D?Til*p?nieiiti of the RuMjarlMniitli County Haak, tu4 *1m of Itoe IUU Bank of Stoma, N?w Jersey. Momosi, Pa , Not. 26, 1*19. James Gordon Bennett, Esq.:? Sm:?I h*ve been requested is enclose to you, for publication, an txfoti of the cause* of the recent exulotsion of the Bulk of SuMauehunnuh Oiuntv The card Of Ancel St. John, published in your paper some time since, hat rendered the enclosed article nervaaary. It was drawn up, and prepared for rublication, hy my father, Benjamin T. Case, with the concurrence af William L. Post, the president ot the bank, and Henry brisker, Ea^., of thia place; and they will be responsible for its publication. Yours, respectfully, BKH. CASK, P M. Moskistowh, N. J., November 27. 1849. ftinny Doings in Morristown?Jlrrrst of Lamb* t Norton, President of the Stale Bank mt Morris, and fndictment of the Cashier, and eome af the Directors. On Wednesday evening last. Lambert Norton, I'resld?nt of ths famous Stats Bank at MorrU -the explotioa af which recently caused no much commotion as well as misery in ths community, and the rottenness of which yoa have so thoroughly exposed - arrived in this plaaa< for ths purpose, probably, of looking after the agents of tbatconoera; knowing that, at any time, any moderate sited man eonld oonvey the whole away in his hreeohea pocket. Instead, however, of flndlag assets, Norton has found a reellug plaoe where he will beseoure againet personal attacks, ihould any b? intended against him. Tha Grand Jury of the county having had the matter bal fore them tor some days, fanad an Indictment against him on Thursday morning A warrant was accordingly issued for his arrest, aud when he was about taking ths ears? not having found ths assets as abundant as. perhaps. he expected? he was gently tapped on the shoulder by tha Sheriff, who invitsd him to frea lodgings In the county jail, whers be now remains, looking through the grates, asking, occasionally, ona who passes. te become his ball binca the explosion sf ths Tlainield swindls. oar citizens are much Incensed against fraudulent bankers, and as ws lost the parties who set that institution aHoat, in confluence of the mistaken clemency of a New York Governor, ws will try hard to aecurs Norton and some of his associates. Norton is indisted for perjury, In having sworn, acoordlng ta tha laws of this Stats which are very strist In suoh matters, that the actual cash capital of the bank bad bsen paid In Indictments bars been found against tha oashier, and soms of the direc tors likewise; and there is a strong disposition among our citixens to have all the parties In this swindling affair, proparly punished. Mora anon. THK STATEMENT OP TUB SUSQUKHAItMA BANK. The lata dlsastroas failure of the Bank at Susquehanna sonnty?the excltsaent oreated thereby and lh? nrroDMDui atAtanmntA of tlm eiuiM thftt lud tn It. : publish*-*! la the newspaper*, bare induced aia to draw ' op and l?j before the public what I believe to b? n correct narrative of the wbola affair. Altboagh I hare aot, at ; tbis time. and never have bad any personal interest la tba bank, yet. recently. circumslanaes have made nie ; acquainted ?i|b the taots relating to it. that. previously to its explosion. bad been carefully concealed. not ealy from tba public, bat frnn tba board of directors la tba latter part of tba year 1144. tba bank being la a state of suspension from losses sustained from tha financial operations of tba first cashier, one Isaaa 3. Kellum, with Storm aad Morgan, broker* in Philatel pbia, whereby nearly the whole of the original eapital paid in bad been sunk?a negotiation waa entered into, by tba then dirHctorsJwith one Ancel St John, thea of LamberUvill*, In New Jersey, to reiusoitate tba bank, and ra-commenaad banking operation* 1 hla uegotlation resulted In an agreement wbareby tba original taekholder* surrendered, without receiving any payment therefor, one-third of tba stock held by tbaia. to Aneel 8t Jobn and hii nepbaw. Thomaa P 81 John; and tbara waa placed to tbekr credit, oa thaatock book, tha further sum of six thousand dollar* on tbalr payIng In on* half of the amount or ta.000; and eubae- 1 queatly. Thomas P St. Jobn took tba farther amount of (8.800 of ttock, for which he paid la $1.6M It waa funber agreed that Ancel aad Thomas P. 8t. John bould appoint seven of tba tblrteaa director* and that tha other tleckboldera should elect tlx?tha* giving to th* 8t. Job a* tba control of the bank-and fa addition, Thomaa to be tba cashlcr. Mr Ooddard, tba partner of Ansel bad lomi concern In it but what doa* not dlstlactly appear, except that soma time afcar there waa placed to hi* aredlt $8,u0?oflbe stock l**u*d 1 to tba 8t Jobn*. I be fit Jobn* alao agraad to put tha bank la operation aad redeem the aatea at the brokar'a 1 chop of St. Joha It Ooddard at Philadelphia, for which purpoaa they were to furnish % 14 OOu. and *u*h further \ nmi a* might be found necessary for wbiah they wera to raoaiva interest from tba bank they to oattnue tba redemption, aa ageat* of the bank, and maintain tha eradlt of Ita ia*ua*. until the axpiratlon af tha charter, ia 1162 Na aalaof stock to ba made *o as ta tiaiisfer the coatroi of tha Inatltutlen by either party, without tha eoniant of tbe other In pur*a*aoa of tbls agreement. Thomaa f. St Joha ramxtad with hi* family ta Maatroea, and tba bank re-oommeaaed operations. under tha aontrnl of hlra and hi* ancle, In April, IMA, and *o continued for aught that waa knowa by any of the ether stockholder* un'll tbe eg. ' ploaloa, on the U7th of October la*t The moaey abue mentioned, paid la by Ancel aad rhoma* P St loha. together with tha small remnant of tbe original eapital not euak by Isaac S Kellum tha drat oa?hi*r, and hi* friend*. Storm It Morgan, convicting of a few nata* that i had laia over, and alalms against Individual*, not amounting. In tha whola. to more thaa >'! 000 if ta to much ?was tbe available eapital upon which operation* ' wera re-commenced and continue.1 a* I cannot ascertain, that tbera was any further accession of capital ? Notwithstanding however, the tmallness of the bail* upon which tbe hurinen* re*tad tbe credit of tba aotea issued waa tolerably wall lustained. and thing* appeared to go on (monthly until January, IMA, when It waa announced that tha redemption of tha note* bad ceased notanly In Philadelphia, but In Naw Vark (to wbicb plane Ancel St. Jobn had In the maantlme, removed. and apen*d a brokers' shoo, under tbe Arm of Ooddard fc St Jehn ) aad that they wera selling In those cities [at fifty par cent discount A meeting of tha dapoaltof*. but "few of whom wara atoakholdern, or la any way lntari?atad la th? bank *u at tha banking h<>aaa, by tba raahl?r. Thooiaa r. Ht John, who atafad to tham.that tha ?t"| mm aroi? from a auddaa and unaipartrd raob of the n<>ta* for radaaptlon tn tboaa dtlaa. which bad aibauitad tbalr aaatlabla fund*-that tba bank bad mat with no loaa. and If ba aonld ba parmlttad to u?a tba dcpnalta*. amounting to abont f 18.000. for a fa* day? In radaamlng inch aotaa aa might b? praaaatad at tba coaotar, tba bank aould ba fortalord. Tha drpoattora baaing foil oonfidanca la him and la hU rapraamtatloni. nat oaly permitted tbalr muaay to r* mam bat laeraancd their <l?po?lu what thay con?anlantly could which. txgatbar with paymanta mada by dabtor* anablad him to pay all nota? praaantad for radamptloa until It w?? fouad coaraulant to raiuai pay Kant la thnaa clilai It baa ilno* haan aaapaotad, aad aonia now bollaao that tba itnppaga wai a flnan elal " pa ration of tha St John*, to onabla tbao to purohaaa la tha nntaa of tha bank at a larga dlaaount. Kdrna tl en a la tha for* part of tba laat aammar auapl cloa? b>-gan to ba antartalaad by ?>mi that all waa aot right and thay eaaaad making dapoalta In tha bank, although no oaa cul'lglfaaey raaann far It furthar than the mod a la wblth tba bualnaat wai tranaaotad-tba 111 taapar thuwn by tha oaahlar when bllla wara pra aantad for radamptloa and tha algalag aad filling up of larga aaouata of naw nataa tn ba pat In clronlatlon. Tba lattar wa? a<*r*unt?d for br I homaa r flt loha. wban aakad why It waa dona by bla aaylng that ha had baa rana ttr? I,f aaalng tha nntaa with - ? Kallnm'a aaaia to tham . that aaay of tham had i>?a n a worn aad dafarad and It tu Intandad to withdraw thara all from circulation and Imaa naw onaa la tbalr pla?a. Mi," thaa. howaaar. tha old nataa haaa appaarad ta elrralata aa gaaarall* aa thay did batura Al I baaa atatad abora, Anoal aad Thna P At. Inha baaing tba pawar to nomlaata a majority af tba dlraotor* < na of thaa bring tba caahlar and tha otbar haa. lag tba aganay In both tha eltlaa af Naw York and Phlladalplila. 'balnatltutloa had baaaalaoat aatlraly uodar 1 tkalr control alaea tha raaamptlna of hualnaaa by tba baak la April. IMI aad tha aaatlaga of tba dlrwatora b*oaaa Mora aad mora rara. and tba lattar part af tha tlaa thay did ant aaat at all unlaaa aallaj togatb?r for anaa particular |,>irpn?a Thay. and tba public ga ?#K Knl tm mm m aaall r.aaa had araal Id tha Integrity *0(1 flaaarial ability o? Tboaa* P St. t.n wbiaheontlnnad uatll tha Mnk actually ?i|.; i dad and ww aaothar r -*??* why tha buaiaaa* (ti laft ' alamat antlraly, to tba anagamaat of hlgi ll< hll uarla ABral ml dow aona to tha cm*#* of IU final fbllura. a* Tiraught ta light by tba liffitlfttlooi ?hl?h bin baan in ado bj tha on mailt tf*? aapnlaUMl for that parpo<? and otiiara, nd although mhar thtag* ba|lara4 to ha?a oparatad In aona dagraa jet tha following war* tha pnarlpal ranaaa of tha final nataatroph* and thay wara antlrvly ankaown to all but tba laaadlata Mtorr In than, until brought to light by tha taraatlgatlng HKiimliiM ibl by tba aiaailnaili'B of Mr. Da I.* tattar. tha la?t oaohtar. undar <*(h bafara a aaglatrata. a* a wl?aaa? la tha cult brought agalnat Thuaiaa P Ht Jaha, undar a rata of aoart for that parpoaa It w?bi that oa tha I'ith day of May la?t, oaa Kg Hart A I honpaoa, a practicing lawyar of < tarlnnatl la tha Stat* of Ohio draw up a lattar of attoraay. wbloh waa ?tgn*d by w (4 Mix gaoa a drugglat. Wllllaai Bradlay. a miliar and na? Jamaa f. t'nrn?aa. whoa* buainaaa baa nat baaa aa<!*r?aiaad aathorlilag bin ICgbart A. 1 honpaoa to porehaa* for tham 'tha whot*. or aay nf tha nanital tti^k nf tha Rank of Hlllctl* (tanna rnaaty n Vontroaa Pa or tha at?ok of oibar htLk b? m?7 daaaa (ir?p?f ' u< la mm of tha porrhaaa f aald (tmt raaiad atnah or any "thar, ha to h? tha at??k IrtarfriTod to biBMlf aa attorn** or n?h?rw1?a a* ha niiabt dwa boat ; aa<t to hara tkaa ?|.r'ad dlraotora If ha thought baat fur thalr lataraata; anil tn rataa ol nrh alaatlon, ha to rata aa thalr >ra?y at all naatlaf* of lha baard of diraet<ira. and to do any aad all aota and thing* aa fall/ aad - m,la tha praaalaa* aa thay might <* aoald da if paraoaallj praaaat (ii tha 14?J? day of May. two day* after tha data af <h? latt#r rf attarary iglahart ft Ca., of Claalaaatl. wr< ta a l*ft?r ?'i.I. (a I #, I lark l)ad?* ft ' o baafcara. Na? fork." la ahloh thay raonaaaaaad W. u Modi?na w lillam Hradlay Janaaa K. Farnaaa. I at> r V aorbta, Kg hart A Thaaayaoa, Rahart MarrtU, i ???tf6*n ' R K I DAY, NOVEMBER 29. 18 jr., ard J. C. Brown all of Cluoinnati. ha good for llx or eight tboa-auil dollars naeb, and jointly fond for forty tbeaeand This Utter U in tha hand* of Tho? P St John, and wan produced tor th? first lima b?for? the rsaminlng manlntrata. on taking th? deposition tf l)a l.aniattar. aba?a atatrd. On tha twenty-aecood day of May, Annul St. John, book of the back eleven thoupaad dollars of sto*k. for which tbey bad paid as before stated $4 8M>, besides twenty-five thousand dollars of flotitious (took, for which Thomas bad (Ivan hii own Data for an equal svm. and which wu never paid, nor intended nor exparted to be. and which haa disappeared Train among the paper* of tba bank.) entered Into a contract with Kgbert A '1 hompeon notwithstanding their agreement Dot to 'all without tha consent of th* other stockholders, and gave ta him a writing drawn up in tha handwriting of Ancal. of wbich tba following li an exact copy "New Yosx. 22d May, 1849 " Tha subscribers certify that they have, at their control and disposal, flltean thousand dollar* In tha c a pit ai stock of iba Hank of Susquehanna county, at Montrose. Ta . which is full stock on the books of said bank and whlcb we do hereby stipulate and agree to convey to B. A. Thompson. Esq., of Cincinnati. on demand, or to such person or parsons as be may dlraat. in c( nelderatlon of twenty-two thousand Are hundred dollars, to us in hand paid this day A ST. JOHN, T. P ST JOHN." And on tha rams day they discounted, as If done by tha bank, a note of whleh the following I* an exaot capy, the nota being In tha handwriting of Ancal St. John, and tba signature* in Thompson's. " ?jo 000 New Yoke, 22d May, 184?. ' Mnety days after date, for value received, wa jointly and s*v*r*lly promts* to pay K. A. Thompson, or older at th* Bank of Susquehanna oouaty, fa, twenty thousand dollars with interest. WM. BlttDLKY, by K. A. THOMPSON, Attornay. W. Q HOOOSON, by K A THOMPSON, Attornay. JAMK8 K K URN ESS, by K A. THOMPSON, Attornay. K. A THOMPSON. Endorsed K. A. Tiiotirsoft. They also dUcounUd tlx notes, far (2,500 rash, of th* same date, purporting to be drawn, respectively, by tt H Hodgson, Peter Voorhls, J 0. Brown. VV. Ursdley. J C. Brown, and Robert Merrill, jr On the second day of Jnly. they dlsoountod another not*, signed W Bradley and on th* thirtieth, two others, one for P. Voorhls,and the other f*r VV. y II >dgs?a, in all nine notes, of $1 600 ea^h These notas all purported

to be ewdeeeed bj Jam?e K Kurueee ant] K A. Thompson. The whole amount thus discounted being $4'J 6*0, including th* note for Jt'iO 000 first mentioned, and it Is raid all those p*rsons resld* in Cincinnati, in the Stat* of ?blo. On tbe 20th of Msy Th P.St J*hn having returned fr*m New York to Montroae procured the directors to be called together read to them what be said was a letter from his unrle Ancel, recommending tbos* persons as m*n of cspttal safe and doing a large business, and staling tbat they had made inquiries of persons referred to In New York, and were *ati?fled of their ability ila turn. M on* of toe director* moved the following reeolutlon, which >u panned and entered on the book of minutea. Hreolved I hat the Stabler b?l authorised and dlrecied to discount the note* or draft*, or both, of Hodgaon, Voorhlr, Merrill. Bradley, Brown. Thnmpaon, and Kursea*. of < Inclnuatl, at three and four month*, a* from time ta time he may deem it expedient, to an amount not exaeedihg forty thou?aiid dollar*. After tbe pat-ring of thl* resolution, the note* nrn- I vioariy discounted In New York, on the 224 by him and hi* uncle, were placed on the dl*eount book a* having been done under tbe following date*- That of Hodgeon under tli* week commencing \1ay 28th, of Vooibl*. under that emmenoiag June 11th. oae of Br*wB>,Jnne 11th. Bradley'a, June 26th, and the other of Brown'* and Merrill'*. July 16, The objeot la thu* entering tbem on tha diioonat hook. may readily be , eonrel?ed. aftar reading the above reaolutlon '1 be ubeek for tbe (20,000, for whleh the flrat note wa* given, bear* date Mev '28th li tilled up Id the handwriting or Th. P. St. John, and la not algned by any an*. Thoee of the nine aotaa for $2,600 eaeh. are ackaowledged by Aacel St. John. 1b a letter to Mr De Lamatter dated Auguat 21 d algoed, ''A. St. John, per T P. St John." to have been paid on that day, and credited to tbe bank How tbe other all itand. at the preaenl , time, the St. Jenn'i alone eao tell, a* they hare Ibeiu in their poeaearioa It la not too violent a preaumptlon to auppoee, that the $20 tOO wa* Intended tn pay the St John* for their atock. How the reridue, }Z.M)0 wa* .paid, ia not to alear. Thompaea might have paid it In oa*h. or It Blight have beea paid out of the proceed* of the other note* diicounted At any rate, by applying note* in their band*, redeemed by them with tbe fund* upplied by the bank and thu* requiring them bo be twlae redeemed, would mueh embarraaa tbe laatitutloa. and oeraaloB a coatinual urging for fund* to be cent en. ucb waa the fact, under the pretenee that tbe redemptiona were large. Aneel St John, and Thome*, (when In theeity ) In hia name, were frequently writing for more fuada to he aent on whereby tbe in*titutl"B wa* oonftantly drained during the whole *nnoiir aod autuma to th* 27th ot October, when it (topped payment There waa found among the paper* af the bank, by the ceamlttee of iaveetlgatloa. an Initrameat In writing. *lgned 'I A Thnmpeoa,'' dated the Soth day of Jane. IMV, purporting to be an agreement made between thebajik and Thnmpeoa. whereby the former anieed to loan to the latter, 'the notea or bill* ot circulation ol the bank to tbe amount of ninety th?uaand dollar*," and Tbempaon eovenauted and agreed ' ao to n*e the notea afore**ld a* to abtaln f*r them, rofer a* poetlble. inch elreolati"B aa ahould beat prevent their return home tor redamptioa " He to provide I t their redemption. and to pay two per ceat a year for th* uae of tbe aota*. while in circulation Tba agreement to continue ladaflaitely. and eoald only be annulled by tbe bank director* giving Thompeoa one year'* notlae of their intentloa *.< to da. Thl* egreemml wa* never laid before the beard of director*, or kaowa to Bay of them, except Thoina* St. John, nor In any war aanctlnaed by any peraua an tborliad ?o to do. oa behalf of the bank. Yetalxty Ave thoai-end dillam In note* of th* bank were i**u*d to him. aa part of the aloety thouaaud, all of wblob waa done by and uader tbe dfreetioa of Thomaa P St Joha, i and paaaed through the banda of Ancel, wbe become 'I hornptoa'* agent lor their redemption. Twenty of therixty-flve tbouaand were aent to Thompeoa, to ba pledget to the State Bank at Morri*, for aa euual mount of tha amall not** of that bank, to be mixed with the Sea.tuebanna ii' t- for circulation In the Hnttrii Biatan fte??i<te?a thousand of thla ?ae la not.* tinned by Thoau. ?fl*.r be had oraaed M i.e ae*bier. and anU daud to January l?t IMS A package Including. la all. $10,000, ?w made and Rant to Ancel, and uadrr data of -New Vork lltb of August, 1*4#," ba wrote to l)? I amatter aa foUowa : ' I hart dtllTimd to E A. Tboinpaun. K?<i . tba notaa of your hank Hal to my oar# amounting lo nineteen theuaaod dollar* ?' l hate paid him, froui my landa, ona th?a and ilollara In addition lor whleh lattar mio you will p|ee?eglie me credit " 1 ba contract baring baan made by tba >1. John* with Tbompeoa after ihey had told out tbair atock to bin and bad oaaiad to hi>i any Intereet In tha bank; nd tbalr aubtequant daailnga >lth bim In relation to tbla %6b,< 00 would almost Induea ona to tblnk that a eommuiity nt intereat eilatad among th?m. and that they war# partner* with bla In tba traaaaotloa. and ? her era In iba pr< flu It Mama quite elaer tbat tba partlaa war* latereated both in tba Bank of Sutquehanae nuaty and in tha Rtata Bank at Morrla at tba ?am? tima and tbat thay attempted to auttala tha ona bank with tba otbar. On the 23d of Auguat, "A. St John, per T. r. HI Joba," write* to tba reabler. Da 1.amattar" I ba?a tbla day aant by Hlee and r?il'i Kiprea*. e peckage to your eddre?* eontalning (MM. bank notaa ' of State Bask at Morria. wkiah will ba aiplaiaad by I Mr 1 bompeoa'i latter eneleeed You will pleaaeeredlt tba aama to my aeenuat." Oa tha 80th Aa(aat, A St Joba writaa I aaad for my eradlt, Naw Jeraey bank notaa $1 MA; Hu?quehanna county do $MM " By ' Naw Jar-ay bank otaa,1' I* meant notaa of tba Stata Bank at viorrl* On tba 2*id September. ha writaa I aand yoa today by Hlaa and Taok't Kipreaa, a paakaga to my aredlt. aoatalnlng >1.600 la your notaa, and *MQ la Naw Jaraay notaa " Oct M tha day bafora tha bank failed, Tbomaa, writing for Aeeel aaya " M. A B. I* h#ra. aad will remain till Monday. Thompaon la alao hara, ba aiaerted to aaad yoa inaa Jaraay to day but baa ao| aeen abla to gat It raady, will aand It to-morrow or Monday at fbrthaat " Aad Theme* f St Joba, wbila la Naw York, aflar ba had raalgavd aa aa-hmr oa tba fourth of Auguat. and Da I.amatter had baan appointed la bla plaaa. waa fr?ija?ntly aanding inatraatlona to tba naw ee*hier aad among otbar lattar* wrota to him aa followa : Urat, wltbont data?" Vou battar aand down tba dft wbleh I'bompaon aant oa to yoa la renewal of tboM due Wth Sept . with direettoua to A St. Joba to e?ll or bypotbaaata tba aama, he., aa ha aaa probably aaa It bare to raiae money ?n until after tha fall redemptloaa ere over, la aaaa It aboald be needed, I bompaoti will aend yoa up aome Jaraay money te morrow, aa ha bee gone for It to-day, and will aeoa a?nd you aome aoid. I ah all probably leave te mntrew night for hoaaa' s?nd tha draft by t<>. morraw'n nail M A Brail lay I* bara for a day Of two, Ml wa tr? rtry KMk pl?a??d with hln ' " coldly, alao without data " Too *111 o?tla? 1400 of the ab<>v? la la tma and th?y ar? und< aht?dly part of lha nua which Thompano plad*?d with tha / raay hank, and whiah w*? pnaitlaaly a(r??d to ha bald and not In any raaa naad. Thara la foal play toaaahrrt. and you had battar wrlta to Thompaoa at onaa ob tha aut^joot." r. P RIda? writing thla P 8 ?a hara jaat takaa M44 aior? la tana. arldaatly fiaaa tha Jarcay haak aa It la la tha original wrapper What doaa it maaa, or a*a Tboaip^n know of lit" k Aag. M ? Ha writaa to tha aaahlar?1 Mr. Thonp. " a ha? gon? o?ar to Naw lla'ai and will ha goaa na tU larly aait w*ak Ma baa paid tbraa af tha draft*, ainwtly la Jaraay aotty bat whiab nannot ba paid oat bar*, and oal> aaad by bypotbaaaUoa. If oawd at all. ttojQ af tbia kiad waa a?at yoa yiwiarda? by A lt J., which yoa raa naa ia rad?an p'laaa aad aiaklag ahuiga, ot.aaqaaatly you a*ad ant ratal a any othar ktad of foreign noaay aa haad. hat aaad dawa aa ottaa aa yaa gat a 'aw hundred dotlara t<<gathar. aa It will aa?a aatag laraay mrrmmj hara ia taklag aara of yaar draft* and rad*a>ptloaa Pbaapaoa U adrlaad by talaaraph, tbgt hii U aatara frlaad* bar* aaat hi a M *?, u4 JW [ERA 49. will fend mom *non All emootk her*. I (hall not b* h>n>? until next week Km* time " Sept. 'ib he sIm> wrote to the emhler?" We are r?t her rlnff in con?equence of Thompson'* not remitting frr hi* redemption*, which hare keen pretty free for Mce tioiH back; but en he haa been up to I ndiana, whioh neaount* for the delay. we look for remittance* from him on Friday. a* he telegraphed to that effect Yon niuet eead down a* often aa von can? keep the not bi lling " Oct. 'J3d, he afraln wrltaa?'1 telegraphed yon ye*terdav, to know if you had eent anything Tkompton'i mil idpuon*ua?e leen large ana did tuna* imill. ana ?f are largelv in advanee to him. though he promt*** to put us in funds soon. He will kUo utoi jou ?os*e more Jeraey eome tin* tbi* week, in payment for the amount of your note* which hare been used by th* Jervey bank. You Bint (end forward all tb* fund* you can get. and aa fact a* you get them If Kmly call* before Thompaon put* y*u In fund*, you will hav* to do the bout you nan with him. a* we 0*0not help you juet now You had batter writ* to Thompkou about Kmly, and have him provide youiome ipecle " The** extract* selected from a number of letter*, are deemed sufficient to give a correct idea of th* nature of the proaecding* ot the parties mentioned, In relation to the bank although more might be added Tbi* expose having extended to a greater length than wai originally intended, much ha* to be omitted that may b* narrated hereafter Every fact herein *tatad ! can be proven, if it ibould become neoexiary A* to the amount of the note* of the Dank of 8u?(jua? hauna County that are out there I* no way of aaoertalalng it with preoi*l"u. It ha? been atated In coma of the newspaper* at t'200 000 but there I* good reaaon to believe that It exceed* that lum The aaount at the fund* to redeem tbo** note* I* also very unoertala, but mutt under all circumstances. fall far short of th* *um required Much dlatres* mu*t Inevitably follow, but I know of no remedy. The (took paid In ha* all b*en ?unk, and, a* there ha* not beeu any dividend made Mace the resumption ia April. IK-lft th* loss I* total. It may be *ald. and with some justice, that tb* director* of the bank are cemurable for not paying more attention to it* concern*, but when it 1* recollected that Anceland Tbomaa I' 8t John had th* right , to nominate seven of the thirteen director*, and that they were two of the seven and that Thomas bad tb* entire control when he *bo*e to eiaroise it, it la net surprising that their attention to tb* business slackened, and finally, almost entirely oea**d te be rendered. C. Tbiatrlral and Musical. Bawtav Thkatkc.?Th* " Three OuardHman"continue* to run an unprecedented race of popular favor, and it* at traction* UJ*ig* b; 'hat oesl or all criterion*, th* nightly crowded houses continue undiminished Who oan witnea* without delight the rich and varied tableaux which are brought forward In the *o*ne* of thi* beautiful piece7 The shoulder of Atho*, the belt of ; T'orthoe, and the handkerohief of Aranla?all these must be ?eea to be appreciated. The scenes of the guard room et the musketeers. the Palace of the l.ouvre, . with the handsome chamber, are beautiful lndaad; and ! the events and incident* which inoessantly follow apon each other keep up throughout the whole pieee an unabated Intereat and cxcltement. Of the merit* of , the excellent company by whom life, power and animation 1* given to the whole, it were needle** to apeak ; such nam** a* I.ester. Steven*, (filbert and other*, are enough to Insure *ucee*?. The Increased interest nightly exhibited by the crowd* which flock to witae*a thi* magnificent drama, are at once tha beat testimony of lta merits, and th* be?t reward to tha meritorious management and the talented campany. Baoauwtv Thutii.?" King Henry IV" was tha leading play, last night, at the Broadway, which appears, the present season, to have made the legitimate drama a leading object. The Sir John Kalstaff of Mr. Ilackett I* t .. well known and appreciated lo need a word of description Tb* Hotapur and Prince Heary were well matched The King was a good king; a dignified, s?lfp?>?se*?ed, and take your?tlme-ia everything obaraater which la pert ap* the proper representation of th* fourth Henry Douglas. Coins, and Bardolph were in clever style the latter being a little too brisk, if am thine for a rceular " rum 'y n I iiii P>r?h>J but littln to do. but ahe mad* the moat of her time, and to ray tha truth, the play, in *11 Ita detail*, went off aatlefacti rlly though It seemed. even with the oipurgatloni of tha tact to ba Interminably long. The faro# ?i< the old favorite of ' Perfection " Tba bill for thl* evening Include* Mr. Haekatt In a ohoiea and popular aomedy. NiaLO'i Ojidw,-The Ravel Family, whoae oalabrity la now imperlabably aatabllahad la New York, are alwaya eontlauing to attraat. night after night, great numbera of our play, going people, who *eain to wltnaaa each time the wonderful feat* and oomla pantomime* of the Ravel*, with new teat and pleaaura. Veaterday evening. the entertainment* eunmenoed with tbe popular comic pantomime of the " Keur Lovera, or tha Harveat Hob*,'' whleh waa perforated with admirable aucoeaa. It waa follawed by the new and aplendld divertUement, wherein Mile*. Bertla, Lehman, aad Mr. BrlUaat, particularly diatingulahed thrmaelrea Thelt dancing wan admired l>y tba whola large aaaembly, and elicited their enthnalaatie applauae The amuaenaeata aoneluded with the new eomle pantemlme aailed the " Red Oanmt aad White Warrior," which waa perfarmed by the Havel* with their uaual ability. BL'BTen'aTMiATaa.?Tbe never-tailing play of lDombey and Ron" waa presented laat evening to a well fllle4 bouaa , and Mr (Burton aa < aptaia < utile, waa aa on ail former c>ce??ion* reoeived with much applauee Tbe part of Toota waa not an wall taken a? >? have aeen It on acme former occaalona. atill the whole piece went off muoh to tbe eatlnfaotlon of the audience The entertalnmeata for the evening concluded with the new farce called Mra Bunbury'a Spoon*, thia la a funny affair and waa received with that applauae from the audience due te It* marita To night being Thank*gliing night, lour oapital piecea are offered ?the" Denion Jeater." Mra Bunbuy'a 8poona." -'The Jeraey Monopoly "and ' Lucy Old Sham Amour." Go early, If yoa wl.b a eeiectioa of aeata. < Hixian 'a Nitiokil TNitrar -Three beautiful piecea. of Infinite attraction contributed to the entertainment and amaaemeat of a crowded hnuaa at thia favorite place of reaart. laat evening Theae ware "La* mora, or The Indian Wife," one of tboaa drama* da eriptlve of the manner* and eiploit* of tha aboriginal inhabitant* of thl* country whleh aiway* poeaeaa the power of winning the attention and eicitlng the aytnpathlea t.f the adventurous and ehivairou* people wha nave made the rifle lueeeed to the tomahawk, and the plough to taka tba place of the haw aad arrow and tbe bunting apear " The Roldler'a Daughter" waa flrat played and tbe " Iriah Dragoon" conoluded tha programme Tba wit and humour of thl* laat pleea are not to ba dercribed; the drolterie* of Seymour, aad hi* fine comic acting and alrglng la the character of I'addy Muiphy O Brallaghaa afforded of them eel vee alone tuff' lent eatertalumeat far a whola evening, i Thia dav being Tbankaglvlng day and a holiday of courae thia theatre aa uauai oneuah timea will give as afternoon performance In addition to tbe aaual eve- I nin* play* Kitra attraatloaa. aa will he aeen by tha bill*, are announced far thia occaainn. Miri nei.i 'a Oi rMric THriTaa - The manager of thi* eatabllabment la really very lueky In bla eatarprtae aad i there la ao lack of the nubile'* natroeace fur thia aimx I placa of wiMHlt. Tk? larga audlanna wbioh rtl pra>ant laat arming. at th? antartalnm?at irlnctwl for ' tha'ocarlin of \!laa Nleklntoa'a H#n?ftt. m?rilfa?t?d thalr appltua* with murb frrrdom Tha play* **n tatad of th* Iwm rttlUtd " N|n<lrHi," Id wblali Mix t ajlor ahoa* > u-ual Id tha flril part: n?it ; eama tha r^mrdr In thro* acta. calla<l Th? Soldlar daughter " In which tha fair ItnrjiiMri galaad many i plaudit* lo tha part of Widow Ihaarlay whlnh aha randarad witb natural pl.juaacy. and graat kaowladga j of tha art which aba prof*-.an Nieklmoa har happy fathar. obtained alao a ?ary h?arty raoapMon Tn* farca of" Tha Daad sb?t,' aad tba aacnd art af tha " < hlld <1 tba Itrglmant." which concluded tha antartalaiaant w*ra al*o ra?al*ad with gr?at eathu*t**fli I* ahort, tha hanaflt of Mia* Maklnxon wu, wa think, aatUfactnry to bar In all r?apact*. and ! * daaaraad it. for aha l?at?j Ina young ladj. and a vary pramlaiog act?a?a. Tha bill for thl* araalag will aoaalat af tha noaiia opara of'- Rrathar aad Slitar." tha borlaa^ua of tha ' Bo-llaa Maa'i Old," "Jaany Llnd " aad tha j 111 row* I'rtBca." Ariaa Ti ara Ortaa flova* ?T* thoaa who ranamba* tha tlna whaa " ntallo" wa* Drat parformad la thl* country ?Oarcla balng tha jaaloaa Moor, Mallbraa tba uafirtuaata baadaar** aad A ngrlnaal tha rough BraUntlo tba opara of ' OMIo." a nag at tha 4atar riana Th<atra bring* back tha flna raeallactiona of that apoah. Wa do act Intaad making aay eoa*part*oa with tha pra ant.ard tha great artlata who har* Intarpraiad th* adailrabla amain of Roaalal; hat wa eaaoot rafraia froaa aaylng that tba *plaadld muatnal wraath of tba faroad eoaipaaar la aow daralopad by th* ilngari who ara andar tha aoMiataad of Mai Marataak, with atrw aad taetbod worthy nf graat praira fltguorlaa App'*tl"Bia Bartuoa wa* again raoelred .a- eranlng with graat , aathuelaaia flba rang har part with parity and pathoa; AtiH h?r mt> thf.4 m mm nrnnritinrad K? All tha thara prcant. a* baliig admirabla, and of tha flrnt nrd?T Har dir notaa took afTaat upoa tha fa?hli>oaM* audlaaoa. from thalr n?ar nx-mhlano* ta thoaa of tba T"lo? of lantij l.lnl, n? tha publl? iftudrd h-r during tba thro* acta, with Dmrk appiaota and many l>?u.|aata Har Itnintaii .hntm a rf'ww Sat>r?- which ?ha taitoaptiN m otoai on lb* harp, with tha aklll nf aa aaoomplUhad plajar. produced a mafia affaat upoa bar haarara Tha ud ?# UaiOi which arc I'ha tba apart* of flrawer lid rama frr>m b*r iDiialral throat with great aa?a and tba melannholy which aba alprmt*d vm murth idmired If aw ladaad.tba crowning trial <>t iba night and pro?> d '-hat aba had. to ao rrepart ??ar-rit*d bar power* by taking bar praaaat high poaitloa of a primt <??a which wa? aa It vara. Mtdrnad to har h> tha raltaratad plaudlta and re-call* baa to wad throughout I oa har prrfnrmaaoaa Slgnor Korti. who waa oa?ar la ! battar TOtca ihaa laat alght. aaag agala tha rdU of (MrU*. aad gal aad aalraraal ala.lratl.-a Tha loraly air, .**/ n p?r rat gia am* " ha aieaotad admirably I It waa haw.?ar tba laat aoano la tba chamber whlnh | draw forth all hla power*. aad b? b?th acted aad aaag thaaa paaaagaa with aa Impaaadoaed farror that atampad 1 htm a fir at rata artiat aa wall aa alagar Tha oaara altagetbar want off with great ewanaMa Tha raotnaaa dadirarad thalr part* la good ?tyla aad tha orekMlit perform ad with a dellaaay of play lag which waa faaclaatlng Tha plataraaqaa aoatraata nf anlar whloh tha a?aoapaal?aata aa liai; admit of. war* ha atowad with a cngnlaaaca of tha motlaaa of tha paaaagaa, which a for dad a perpataal aoarca of gratlflaatloa "I w?>old daetra an battar aaJoyaMat tbaa to llataa with *a<M?traatad attaatloa ta thaaa orohaatral affaaloaa aloaa aad ta admIra tha maeterly pmprlaty af thalr traataaat m wall aa tJka talaat gupiayad la th? ohado* LD. TWO CENTS. and dintribntion of !nntrum*Dtal dcUlli Hall t? Ma* Mwtiak! Chiiitt'i Mr^?T*ri ?Thi>?a d?rkt?*? am morinn na quietly in their negro journey, hut not with *untl hardship and hard work a* tb* rane tftey rapraaant They ar? nut. kept in order by tha whip, but bj tba tweet toDaa of tha banjo, which aoilaot together not only the meuibara who perform their ruHpwotife tank* errry evening In Mechanic*1 Hall bat attract hundreds to b<>ar tbalr plaint ire melodiea and witty "lying* To whatever town they go their mu?te antl statin* ar? ?o cheerlnn that tha inhabitant* l?ra*ftt*tely grant them the fVeedora of tha city: and it woold venal our oitliHin are ao dnlighti-4 witb them that tkay arc determined to keep th*ui hare alwaya. An afternooa p? r for k ansa. ( i?< u(._Wallatt, tha great humoriat, *>tlll oontia?ia? tha champion of tha ring in Alitor Place Tba bill of rw?riv?iuiurui. ?" d'uupi bfoi j iuiu|( tubv umi be mtn is tha arena. The amusements are for the baneflt of Mr. John Tryon. a huit working, industrious men. whe hm (pared neither pains nor expensa to produce the urmtMt. novelties fnr the pleaAre of our oltlzens Wh hope the return of the day will bo a nourM of both pleasure and profit to him. for he richly deserves i bumper An afternoon aid availing perform* ance. Manhattan Ciarus.?I.aTAter Lee it ona of tha greatest favorites that ever appeared in thti olty The amphitheatre in (Hand street ia nightly crowded to sea him and the Hirers Kamily A grand performance today, in the aiternoon and evening 8iu*oa I.a Manna's Rnvtrir.? This distinguished muiioiun. tha leader of Niblo's orchestra, takes hie benefit on Saturday evening next Tha entertalam>att will consist of an opera and ballet. AMiairiM Mi aii M ?It In surprising to aee the numbers that daily vlait thii theatre of natural curiosities. But when it in considered that an exoellent and highly amusing stage performance taken place besides, the surpriea diminishes. To-day tha programme la vary attractive 8Torr*ni Hall.?Rvara' Oraad Panorama of Haw York, which li exhibited every evening, la attracting large audienoes It la a beautiful painting, and about! be even by ourcltliens generally. Bxnkiit or Siunosina Buiukmi.?Thii musical res? th ai waa to take place laat night, at tha Aitor riaoa Opera lieusa, but several band bills, poeted last even] Ing. en the walla of the lobbies, announced to tha public that, on account of an Indispoaition of the prima donna, the performance of "Don Paaqaale" would ba postponed till further notloa. It 1a but a deferred pleasure. Parokama or thi Nn ?.?Ollddon's Panorama of tha Nil*, to wbleh we have heretofore referred, waa exhibited in the Chineae .Assembly Room*, for the first time in tbla country, laat evening. It la a moving panoramlo view of that oelabrated river aad dellaeatea all the scenes on both aidaa. from Cairo to tha mini aataract in Nubia. The ancient land of Egypt, with all Ita ancient and hiatorlc remiaiaeences, la faithfully depicted In thla beautiful and Intereating work af art, and eaoh successive point of lntaraat, as It 1a plaoed before the apaatator. la explained in leoture by Mr. Gllddsa, whose knowledge and reaaarch 1a all that conaerni Egypt, are wall knewn to the Ainerloan public The distance on tha Nile repreaented by thla painting, ii aeveateen hundred and twenty mtlaa, aad tbe varied charaoteriatlce af the paopla, of the aoll and of the desert#, are exhibited In a very truthfal aad accurate manner. The Interact attached to thla apian did axhibltloa la increased by the Egyptian, Arabian, Turkish, (>reek, and other Oriental made which la performed during ltc continuanoe. Oar aitlxena hava now in their midat an exhibition whlah they will Had worthy of their patrenage. If they do not witnaaait In crowd* every night that it ia open, wa shall ba much surprised it affords greater opportunity for iatalleotual pleasure than any similar exhibition wa hava ever witnessed Kuoh is tbe opinion of those who attended last evening, and tbe whole community will coincide with them, when tbry shall have seen It, for wa hava no doubt that it will ba aeaa by all before It laavea tha aity. Fakut Wallac*.?This dlatinguiahad artist aaneluded an engagement of two weeks in Baltimore, on Tueaday, 27tb Inst, and will appear aa Rosalind, In th? comedy, " As you Like it," at tbe National theatre, s C aclnnati. on Monday, I>ao 3d. City Intelligence MI'AJtTim OP FATHER MATI1IW?EI VIEW Off HIS I.A HOKa IN THE EAST. The Rev . gentleman took bis departure for tha loath, via Philadelphia, at 9 o'oloek yesterday morning. Wa hope the markea improvement In hla health will aaable him shortly ta resume the dutiea of hla baaevaleat mission. Tbe amount of physical labor whlab he baa sustained for the past four months. Is truly astonishing ; be has visited over fifty of the principal oitiee and towns of New hngland. on bis eastern toar. aad baa often been engaged, for several days in auaaeaaloa, from an early hour In tbe morning to a late bear at night, alteraatele addressina crowds of naaer noetulanta. and adutlnUtaring tba pladgo In tha procuration of hi* work, ha bu mat tba oordlal no operation u4 kl>4 support of man of all parties Ha baa baaa roe at rod la a?ery district with tha b'ghsst honor and raapaat by tba public authorities. and clsrgyaan of all denominations bar* tlad with ao?h other In aitaadlag to his the right baad of frllewshlp Sararal ?ery creditable speeiwna of Aaorlcaa manufacture hare hooa proamtad to him by natlva artl?t? a* sonrenlra or bl? visit; aid maay of our literary m?n ham raq ueeted hi* arcptancM of copies of their moat valuable warka. '1 ha Hs? gentleman has eipaaaaed on all occasions hts warm admiration of tba country and It* Institutions, and baa mora tbaa onca declared that tba reality which eeery day meets bis eye. lar eiceeds In all tba elemrats of natloaal graatnaaa any eoaaaptlon which he could have formed of A marl a* pr*Tteua to hla rtslt. His temperance labors. aa may ba naturally auppoaaj. ara ehlefly conlned to hla own oouutrymca Hit inind ikbi absorbed la tba oac Idaa of their social aad Moral regeneration Hit atari* aad touching appaala ta their patriot lam to thalr aalf-raaaaat. ta tbair laudabla auMttoa ara lrra*Uttbly persuasive, ha reiterates. la tba moat farelbla terms. and at trary opportunity. tha Important truth, that la thia ft a* land thara it aa Imradlmmt. lira Inlamparanoa to thair attaining tka Igbatt aoalal and oleic distinctions. Na tllaatrataa thir arguineat by pointing aut MMM Inttaneaa of hla dWclplea who hare from tint* to time landed In thia country with no capital but tbair tamparanaa pledge, and amidst every temptation. have adharad to It haaorabJy, and now they eajoy tha ratpact of thalr fellowcltlsens. with n happy IndepondeBce. Ha pointa out ta bia countryman tha bouadieec flald of eaterprtee opeaad to them ia tha Wcat. and traly remarks that a acek t dlialpatlnn in tba oity oftaa dtctroye what would thara purohaaa tha faa almpla af a good farm; ha never falls to inonloata tba duty nf aalf oaltura and aalfrallanca aor have bis teachings been In vala llaaa hit arrival In thl? country ba ha* admin latarad tha pledge to oTar 100 000 parsons aad what la moat gratify I rig, tba testimony af judgaa, magistrates, and olergymau la cheerfully borne to tna laot that ia arar; #i?trial ba baa ilnltcil, lha principle la adhered to with niiflineblDg fliiallty. If hla coaverts lacreaae for tha nut all month* In tha aama ratio tha amount of <oo4 ba will ellect among thia faluabla portion af oai population la Incalaulabla. Lost Mai itna it Cmaaa.Last evening a per?on, au|>p< aad to ba tha missing I)r Harkman of Boctoa, load* bia |HHNM in Menbattanvllle aad l?at lha police station at Hat lam Ha ia deacrlb-d aa baing a tail, active man. laama to ba wall educated, and etatoa ha t? a doctor from Bnatoa ; at otbar times ha (aya ba u fv id tha State of Valna Tha per-ooa who hava him In charge Intend to Inform hla friends by talagraph. Ci rrow llot a* Arreics.? Mr Maiwail, the Collector, haa served tha store keepers la thai uatom Houaa with doiIce that, from tha drat af aast month, tbair salary will ha reduced from II 000 to $HOO This rwduntloa baa created no small stir among tham. ooastdartng that tbay ara aorapallad ta subscribe for tba Washlagtoa Covcrnment papars out of tha balance This will ant a a nvlag aflar all, for ba is increasing tha aumber (if hands alvlna altuatlona to hia friends and additloa * ??'' hn. hi * .. ?I pal ? .4 and. allogatbar tka atorakaupara sob plain of Ik a naw rlgim* aa daapotla u< ktrih. Tiai l.i irrnc Tli uitrN rami W?t?b Tbara kM baraiofi ra kaao in-al dlfflnalty la layla* lbs t.-l-<r*ate wlraa la th^harbor to a?old tba dangar of bvlag drwgga4 up by aarkor* To okriata la; lurtbar troubla. a pl> ugh baa bMi laraatad wblob will opaa a farrow ata. rwl d?ap, and lay tba alra at tba ?aa tlaa Tala plough la to ba a?*d la (tratoblag tba wlraa froa Jttaay III; to Now \ ork. Hi naaa Riaia HiiLaa&o. Tbla road la noapUUd * Naw llaabar|b aigkt aitlaa balow Pougbkaapal* ?ad alia* of atagaa will run batw*?a tb?> l*>< k'i Pongbkaapata paaaauaara will ba carried to llaany a. J Troy by ataaai boa la I ha tralaa on tbia Ha* arrtaa aad da part with tba graataat regularity and tk? ay*?|> >p?-*d It graau-r thaa ">a a?y "Ht road In kba country It la adailrably managed throughout and l hf aaiovat of traval la auah greater tba* aatlolpaA- d If tba managenjeat eoatlnna a* It h?< enaiaea^ed* thll r< ad will b? eirewdiaglj popular with tba traeailiag paMia Mr \ ><ung tba ehtaf engineer, la ?<^uai to tae important p<wllUa h? hold* and under bl< >i partalantfanre tha rend will ha wall built, ta<l al'anacd aa rapidly aa poaalkle I'ha - ompany a nt> iut>lat? mating agtaaalaa lnpn<?aaaaU la tba alolalty af It* depot m ( basbara atraat Tb? tela. H?a John T Boah M C , Uuffala; Hon U R t ndrawa M C . laai l a ; How N g l.lttlahewl *?l??i Hon Robert C Niabolaa Itaaava, J Hf aw, Utlra. I.t. M U Brlaga U. S fcaglaeer; M Hernia. i haa'auqua In: J kaiaharlala Ogdaaahurgk, Ue?rga I 4a ?aaald. Boatna; T. J Utah Prattaalila, K. J kltUng *k>ladaiphia, H' wiar Itamadai .Newhurgb. 1 ?.>t?la it 1 4 la lander U S A ; U O Badger. 1/ 8 N i ?Hj?r K. J r. rtar .11 8 K : t laat T I' tfagar *ea? Pe4ut K or a.u.. pvii.j.i.ki. !?< \ I Si ail 4ia; v n Fail} H.iumor. K M LMI>| I kirlM H Broaa iMtn, M ??<?w I*nti4li?aa??t<-t J T *or>bn?r T I. Mlaor, Mmira am? *4. ;uiw. 4a* at iha lr?taf Hn?-a J H foot. W T I'rilM U I 1 ;C. Pm>Im I. Phiia4?lphte 4 0 Adamana 9 .ath l arMint, * (>?al4. Na? ON?aa?, 4a?a?l a*4 Imfk Dakaaa, MaaaarbaaaatU. bartaa t*iap?>a, >? , lo?pn (*??aao, Washington Hoi Nmltb, r*bila<?ai phi a vara ra*t?r4ay ia?l|>t tha arrival* at iha Maortaa* Jmmv SiMrt T Vaa Ml, Pblla<t*>pbla, D litita, * * Ha?tn \ Carroll. I.nag Wlaa4 K rrM; Mr < torn Ohla M A'nkar Naa Tar?, 1 I i'lri| Nif?l k ar? at tha Ho?ar4 Hob Nathm V Dlio*. of Kaoga Ial*a4. i? t? WtVW, ? r?tt lor Wftafciagtna