25 Aralık 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Aralık 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH NO. 5680. inroKTdnrr s r ate rArtita. THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE, AND T1IK Secretary of the Treasury's Report, REI'IIVKO BY PPFCIiL 1'OST OIFICE EXPRESS. The F|M>olal exprecx of 1 he 'o't OBoi Department /rem Washington, arrived in this city at twenty minutes past nit* o'ciick laft evening with the Kreaideut's anil the Ktpoit of the Secretary of tli* Treasur y. The rxf rtit engine came through from the capital in charge of Mr. Malcolm \V. Meaii*. Special Agent of the Poet Office in Washington ?n the shortest time on record?>n leu thun tit hm.is <.nd thirty minutes running tin e?a distance of turn himdr>d "> d furty miles. The express ltft Washington at two o'clock yesterday afternocn and reached thin city at twenty minutes past nine o'clock?seven hours aod twenty minutes *nly frcm city to city, including all slops The *xpi*>s for Boston Marled immediately with th* ircummts. in charge of k:r Calhoun, over th* New n*u, im win reaeu uiai cily Deior# aayugni -thli mornlrg. MESSAGE OF THE PRESIDENT *>p XMK UNITED STATES. Pillow cilii'M of the Senate atti House oj Htjitttr 'ttnfioeg Sixty years have b lap- i J time i he establishment of this govertiuent, and the Congress of the I ni'.ed Slates again ami mlin? to legislate fui ail empire of fteemtn. The prediction* ot ml prophets, who forwsrly pretended to ( retell the <1 >wuiall of our iu-ititutirns, are now remembered ?u ly tu tie derided, and the i'tited Ststesof America h. ibis luomeut present to the world the most stable ai.il permanent government on earth Such is the result of the labors of those wbo have gene before uh Upon i'd?gin.i will eminently depend tbe luture maintenance ot our system of free government, and tLe trituMnistlou of it unimpaired, to posterity. We are at peace with all ti e world, and reek to maintain our cherished relation* of amity with the rest of mankind. Liuriag the pa-t >e*r ?e have been blessed, by a kind Providence ?uh hu abuimance of the fruits Of the earth ; and alth u^b tne destroying angel, tor a time, Tinted exteiisiv poriioDKnf our territory with tLe ravages ot a dreadful pestilnn-e. yet. the Almighty l>a* at length deigned to May bis hand, and to restore the inestimable blessin j of gin erai health to a people wbo bave acknowledged II- power, depreoated his snath, and implored his merciful pr?t*otion While i nj? jn g tbe benetus of amicable intercourse with foreign nations, we have uot be<-n insensible to tha <!' tra -lions and wars which have prevailed in &lh?< <|uarteia of the world it is a proper theme of thanksgiving to Hiui ?h > rui * tbe destinies of natloas, that we have been able to loainiaiu amidst all thase oonl*?te. au ladependent and neuual position towards *11 beliigtient powers. Our relation* with Great Britain are of the meat friendly character in coueenu-L-oe of tbe recent alteration of the liriti.b natlgaii .u ants. British vessels, /rom British aud other foieigu poit.e. will, (uud-r our existing lid.) after the flrjt da* of Unuiry next, be admitted to entry In our ports, with c?rg >e< of the growth, manufacture, or production of any part of the woild. on lb same terms as to du'les. imposts. aa<l charges as vessels of tbe lotted States with their o irgo?s; and our vessel! will be admitted to the same advantages in Biltlsh ports, entiling therein on tbe same terms as British ves?eis Snould no order in oounoil disturb this I'gWlative arrauK?<ueot, the late -act of the ilrltl?b l arlla uetit hv whio->?? .rent britaiuis brought within the tn m? prnpo.. d by'tlm at of Congre-s of the lit of March, 1M7. It la tioped, will b? productive ot bi*ot fit to b th couutiiea A Might ioWrupti n of illplomttla intrronurie, which occurred b*i ?een tin* <>overriinent tnd Krtod, .1 am happy to aajr, lix bera terminated and our inlnlatar there baa be?n itctived. It In thrnlurn UDUfsoa* I ary to reftr, now, to the olreotuMauoo* which led to J that Interruption. I nerd n<-t exprena to you the rlnoara aatiafactlou with which we >hall welcome the ariival of another fcnvoy Kitraordluary aud MlnUter Plenipotentiary from a sinter republic, to whlah we have to l?ng been, and ati.t remain bound by the Jtrongeat tier of amity Shortly after I had entered upon Ihe discharge of I ha t'.iaruttTe dutlea. I was ?( p.l->d that a war ateamer, be .< aging to the German empire. ?a< being fitted out Id the harbor of New York, with the ai J of mma of our j natal < Ulcers. rendered under the p^rml?*lon of tba ' lata Secretary of the Navy. Thl* permlHalcn wa? grant ud during an armletiae between that empire and the kingdom of Denmark, whiah had bean engaged in the Scbleawlg-HoleUin war. Appreheuelre tnat thl* net of intaivrntlon on aur part wight be viewed ai a Violatlou c-f ear neutral obligation loourre 1 by the treaty with Denmark, and of the provision* of the aot ot ( ongresi of Ik* Ml Of April Itll I directed tt at no further aid sliou.d bo r? ndrred ? y any a<ent or officer of tha nary; and I in-trucled the Meeretary of Htata ta apprUe the Minister >>f tb? ll-r jia-i ejipirn anaredited to thla government. of m dxtersiaatlnn to *ieoute th* law of th* I uiU J Stai-i and to maintain the faith of treaties with all nation* The correspondence. which en?ued batweea tha Department of titate and tba Minister of tha ( ermaa empire t< herewith laid before you. The exeoatlon of the la*, and the observance of the treaty, weia deemed by me to be tin* to the honor of the eoun'ry. ai well a* to the ?aer?d obligation* ef tha oon.-tltui 1011 I shall not fall to pur ua the ?ame eouiee *h uld a ?ttuiler ran arl*a with any other nation. Having moved tha opinion, on taklu* th? oatn of omm, inai iii <n?puia* Daiw*?n ano< /llellcg for?l;(D got*runi'ut* It In our not l?M tbaa our duty to r*malo f'rlctly n utral. I (hall not kbtadmi It Vou will pareat?a from tha corrmipondcace mtoiitud to you to NMMAM with thl? tub jaet, tl at ttio ooora* m 1< |-' ?J In thin >-a*a hu ???a pro* p?rly regarded by^tba briilgrrt i>t power* lot-r-.Ui In tbr matter AJ though * MlnliUr of th* l'nlt*d Htata* to tki (Jrtmin h mplra wan appointed by u.jr pr?-4?a?*tor, la .Anjoat, l??s, and bin. I -r a long tliux hwn in attan* I danoa. at tranlfort-on-tbw- mid*, and although a MlnUti-r. appointed to r*pi? ?ut that K.mplr*. *u received and accredited here. j?t noaueh government a* that at the U?rma<i V tnpir* ba? l??n definitively eonitltuud Mr. PiihIhx our representative at Vranklott runali.r"! there revcrai u.omba la the expectation tlat a ULlon of tba ?Jer?au Mat**, under ana ron?tUntl< n or f?. m i f tf i f unn ot unglit, at l*ogth, barrganiiad It I* bvllaacd. I<y thoaa w.n aequalatad with lb* exi-tlng rrla'lon* b. t*?en I'ruatla and the Statea t.1 Hrtntn;, that no ??eli anion can be. permanently, e*i?b:l*h> <1 viltinat tier oc- paration loth* fr?nt if tha f rniatli n of fucb a union nod tha organism n nt * central power in i.aruiatij, of which ?ha ?:?oul.l form |?it. It null h*?om? to withdraw our kiln etar at brrliu. but while I ruaia rilati m an ladaptiivlent kiagd< ni and diplomatic relation* art nalntali d with tarr. Ili'tf ran V no aaceaalty for t^a ooaUauanra of tha mi**! >n to Kranifort I h?va, tharafora, r?i ailad Mr Liontlao.i and dlractxl tba areblraa ct the l-cat oa at kr?ntfoit to b<i baniftrrrt to (ha Vmirlran ! g?tl n at tlarltn (lail?| k*tn a^rlM that a roaaldarafela nam bar nt adrraturara ware engaged In tttlag on I a military pvdltinn, witl.ln tha I nited ?iat.? a<alaat a foreign tanntry, and bellatlng. from the b< ?t information I could obtain, that it ?aa Je.titv 4 to Invade tha laiaad of I aha. I liat-d It dna to tba friendly ralatlona eilatlag between (ha I oiled Statea and itpala. to tba treaty between tha two ration*: to tha lava of tha Halted ftate* and. abotaail. to tba American honor, to exert tha lawful authority of thi> government la auppiaaalng tha expedition and pr*raatli.K tha inaaeloa To thta and, I leaned a proclamation, enjoining It tapoa tha ofltaer* of tha I nited 8tau?, civil and military, ta naa U lawful maana within tb?lr power. A copy of that prerlamatlon I* herewith *ubuiitted. Tha expedltloa la* ha an anppreaeeil So long aa tha aat of Congreaa of tha 20th of A prll, 1M1S, which o??< ita existence to tha law of natii n* and to tha poiicy if Waablngtoa Mm aalf aVa'l remain on our aiatute bo >k I hold It to ba tkf doty <f tha Rxacatlva faithfully to obey Ita lajnratioM. While thta agpeditloa wa* In prnfreea, I waa lnfor?eJ that a foreigner. who claimed ovt pr?te?tlo*. had baaa - - - J ....1.4 Ilina?lll)MJ IDll II w?? rn|i|'i?rii. <!><? /, ..... rtt In a *e?e?l fr<> .New Orl? an> to the Inland of < ah* I imn>e<llat?ly nufi) auch tt' pi t<> be takea M I thought ifoftr;, In cm the Information I had recamd ihouid prore ootraot, to vindicate th* honor of the country, aad lb* right of every paraon aeeklng an Mylua on onr toil te tb* protection of car l*?? rhe peraon alleged to bare b??n abduet< <1. wa* promptly reatorad, and th* alrcuaataneae of th* cn?e are now about te undergo Investigation before a Judicial tribunal I would re?pa*tfolly rugg**t. that although the orlaa charged t<> haro been r nirnitted In thl* at**. I* h*id cdlnn* a* baIn* In eonfllct nllh our opinion* on tha anbjeat of national torerrig uty and peraonnl freedom, there I* no prohibition of it, *r puniahment for It. proTided in any act of rongre** I n* expediently of *up>I)lnj tbl* d*feet In onr enmloM cod* l? therefor* r? joa mended to j tatlon. I bar* aornpuloualy avoided any Interference In the war* and oontentlon* which bar* re??ntly dUtracted tmyi. Dnrtng the lata eonfllat between Austria and HnngaXJ, there **em*'l to be a pruapect ibat tba lattar might ' become an p-mlent nation |l?we?er faiat that pro*peat at time appeared, I tb< nght It my duty. In aoaoedaaca with tba ganerni eeatimeat of th* American people ?h? deeply *ympath<*ed with tba Magyar patrln** to ?tand |>r-p*t*<l. npo? the contingency of tba eetahllahmeat by bar of a permanent government, to b* the Arat to walnome Independent Hungary Into tba family of nation* f or tbl* pnrpoea, I iareatad an agent.tthen In K.nropa. with power to daclara onr wiltlagneaa r>r mply to rec*gnl*e h< r(lndepen>trnoa, In tha ateat of bar abllltv to iga'ain It. The powerful Intervention of Rnaala, In tba aontaxt, *itiogut>h?d the bnpa* of tha>*tmg|llng Mar) are tha I'm ted State* did not, nt any tla? interIrra in tha aonUH, but th* frallng* of th* nation w*t* itrongly *ml*ted in tb? E NE M( cauea, and by the (ufTerinf* of a hrave people. who had Bade a gallaut though uutuereaelul effort t > he free Our claiB* upon Portugal have been, during the pint year, pro?ecuted with rtnewed ?igor, and- it tin* been ny object to t-Bploy every effort oI hmorable diplomacy to procure their adjustment Our lata (.'large d' Affaire* at Llobou. th-- H?o (Jenrge W Hipkin*. made able ?ud uergetl" but unauonHKnful etforta to *ettle these uuplea*ant matter* of iMttrotiriy tod to obtain IndeBuit) tor thi wroo^a which were the ?uhje -t-a of coBplaint Our pre-ei>t < barge d' >tJeir* at that oourt will, al*o bring to the prosecution of thene claim* ability and teal The revolutionary and distracted condition of Portugal in pint tiuiea h?- h-?n represented a* coe of the leading ceu*e* of her dilay in indemt>if> mg our *uflWiiig citizen*. Iiu? I am4 now my It I n.atierof profound regret tint. th>-*e claim* tave not yet been ?et> led. The oml?*lon of Por ti gal to do justice to the American claim an'.). ha' n>w anuii'il a ohai aoter ki grave auil aerloun that I rball h< rtl v make it the ruhjeo' of a *i>ei:ial m -* >-h o to Cecgrcr* mth a view to aueh u'timate action a- it* wirdf oi and | atrii>tiom may nugg- *t With liuwia Au?iria Pru.?.-ia Sweden lle'gium. the Netherlands and the Italiau 8lat?n. ma dill ti Hin'alu cur acau-ti'med am<i a >1< relationa 1 urtig (be reoeut revolution* in 'he ''a >al ^t*'e?, our < Large d'Aflalre* at Home ha* been unatve to present Ms letter Of credence. allien. indeed he directed by my pred?-oe??or to withh< id uatll he ?h >uld receive fuither Older* Such wn* the unsettled c >n1ition of tbii g? in tb< a* Siaten that it was not. deemed exp?di?at to give bun any io*iruction* oo the ailbj-ut of presmtlrg hi* credential li tter, dillerent tr?>?a tho-e with w b I o h lie bad been furniKheil b> the late aimuii*tra'H E. until th? iiath of June la*t ; wtien. m oou?e. quenee of the want of accu'a'e information ot the exact *t*t* of tbii ge at that dietance from u* I) wa?.in 1 struct, d to exiici'e his own d>imtlnii lii pro ei.tmg )j>iu-11 to the tbeo exii-Hutt ({?*?'nnifot if i? bis juc'giurbt ftIMctmtlj stable : or it D t to await further ?Yniti> 8iti<i tbat period II< ni" h?< undergone another renluttti md In- tbl(l? tV a establishment of a government suffloiently prruiini ut 10 justify hi ui la v;i?uiii|t <i>|.| ilhi 10 iiieronuri-e with it W lib tin- repubiinuf Mriliin, It Is nur t'ue p"liey to cultivate tbe n ost friei dly relation*. Since ihera'ittOationol the tlealy of liuadalilpe IMl.t go. nothing hai occurred of u . erlous c.haiarisr iu ui-turb them. \ laiilitel observsrc# ol the tr> ?ty atnl a nnr?ii' r--p?ct for tier light* cannot tail to >wur? tb? U?m< ouu? CJ< UC* and lltlidfl.lp i f tliMt republlo 1'IJe lues-aga < f u>y j r? deeei-fer to tb? House of ItepremotatlTen nf the 8th of htbiuniy ia.-t couinunlcattuK. in ? >mp laiic. with a resolution of that b ilv a ci'p.v of a pi^??r called pr< t<co|, signed at yiieranrit oo the .'to h of kiay. IM* iyllie cunu li>:oi;~ih nt Ihe I tilted S'ate* ulJ tb<* tulLi ter <f ti ri lkn aff.-iri. ot tlx >texi-*u g Virutcent I avii k b'i n a ?"bj?ct it our re-p >udeno* he *e.u the di par I nient of State an<l Dm Knv y KtttStfdli try ai d Minister I'l*mp it-ntisry of than republ'O ai rr'dlte.l to thin gove-nweut a transcript of Ibst ci rre-pni deuce in herewith snbmlt'vd 1 he t i uiBiifiom r on the pari of tba lutt>d States for Dmrklrg the hi undary between toe two r?uii?i|i:i, thi ugh Uil*y?d in Trad ing <iu l>i>K<i by iiaf'irereen obstacles, arrived at that place wiibia a -luir' p rnnl atter the tin:* n quired by the tieaty .tud wax ih'-re jiinid by the I . .u. mi--l"Der on the part of Hexoi Tfcey enured upou their duties , an I. a' ib? dai? Of the latest intelligence fioui that quait-r. a .me ptogies* ha I been niaue In 'lie purvey I'ne ex. {?ti its incident to tbe organisation of the coruii*tlcn ar d to its eonv-yauce tu the p> iut ivhrrn Its 0) traliln* were to b^m. have sn uin-h reduced th? fund approiiia'.ed by Con(riwr, that a farmer sum, to coter the charge* which must he locui red during the prerent tin-al j tar will !? Ducnry l b gieit length of fron ier al'If which the boundary rxtrima the na ture of the adjaetnt t< rrltory. and the inniral y of obtaining supplies, except at or near I he extreme* of l tie lint) lender it also indiepen-abl" tha a liberal pr >virii'D should he made to m?et the iieoe??ary rur^j during the tlfcal jisr ending on the 3-ith nt June, ia.il I accoidlugly recoiumeud this euf'j oi tu your a tentli u Id tbe adjustinent of the claims of American nltlx- ns < 11 yi.'.iu.u IUI UJ mr mr in ?'y. ill" m.iK'jUH lit bt COIll.M I. Otl the paitlf llli' Ki Vtrillll' Dt Ul>) b< oon.e la |i< riant, fi.ribc ptrimw <-1 a*-.i?tlr>{ m- omum t-flcLern In proUctltg the Interest* of tn? Util'ed 6>?ti r I r? iiniiuieid thin mil jeet to the e?rl> nvj U TtraVle ri moderation < f i ongreaa ( onipTaiiitu ha*e Ikhi u.miI-iu rrgn-d to the Iii-IH cWncy of tba provided by the %o*ern.urnt >>f N*w (irtnada. for transporting the United st* ?h mail ?8ti * the IUbniun of Panama poranant lo ??r p >?UU cor ?*iitl n with that republic of the 6tn of viarcb, 1M4. Our i ba'r; * i'AlillW at B?ni ta h*? lo 'II tffl?(l to m*k? mirh representation* to tlm irnaernnant ! cf New (Irrnada a* wlll lt la hopad lead to prompt rim' Tal of tbia caua of complaint. 'I lia ranfumarj ciTll war with whlah tba republic of Vai*iuel* baa for mi time past bum ravaged baa br< u tf VKbt to s clofr. latUpr<gr?M, tha right* of noma of our cltixeti*, la-ld'nt or tradiug there. hara bran violated Tba rastoiatlon of order will afford tba Yemtuilan g< veinmtut an opportunity to riaujlne nd tedrtii tbene gilerancaa. and other* of longer standing, wblch oar repr*?entatlve* at i aracoa* have, bitb?rto, ln< fl*dually urg?d upon tba aitaniiou -t tbat (otfruint '1 I a e*t< DH' n <f the coast of the I'nitrd Stales. on tba Paeiflo. atid tba unaxamplcd raoldiiy ?ltb wbloh tba Inhabitants *f < alifornla, especially. ara Increasing in number* h??a Imi atted naw ooa-e<juenca to our relation* ailb tba otbercooatile* abnra Urriti rlas border upon tbat oc> an. It U prubabla that tba Intercourse betwxnthisa countries and our pn-sessloas In tbat quarter, particularly a Ith tba republlo ot ( hill will become aatrnsiva and mutually advantageous. in proportl< n aa Calilornta and Otegon shall locr-as- In p pul*iIon and wtaltb It la dasltabla. iberefor*. tbat tbla government ibonld do mry thing in it* powar to fi-ater and ?tr?rgthen it* relation* with than- Stat>?, and tbattbe apiill of amity between n* should be wu tnsl and er.i.ilal I nana mmd tha okwrmtt of tba ud? forw toward* a!I < th?r Amartcan SLataa I ke I altrd Stataa taud aa tba pirat Aajarlcan po?ar to wbicb.a* tb.lr Mli.i*1 uliy (M trl?-ad. tbay *111 !???? b? dl.poi.t-cl. hiat to I<h k li r nirdlatl- n and aatlatanca In tba n nt (Iidj oiIiiiimi hil??n throi ant any f or- nation. Ak nioh w? n. v .tin kindly rardlata la thalr tahall without artauKlhig ouiaalfa* In foralgn war* or ?inn?< rrary rontrovarataa. U hini??r tha faith of oar trtalla* ?lib an; of tham ?hall ra.tulia our Ititaifaraaoa, ? luuat Bacaaaartly Ibtarpoaa A r* HT?ntl< ii lm? kaen nagollatail with Brazil, pro. vldnig fi r Iba ratlafaetl'n of Amt-rlnan claim* on ibal goT*iDB>?Dt aid It will ba MikmUtad to tba Baoata. fe.nea tha la#t aaaal- n of C'oograaa wa bam raoalrad an &?<y knra<-rdinary and Mlnlatar Plaaipotaallarr hem tl at 1 mplia and oar ralationa with It ara foaadid u|>< a tha mitt aailrabla undarataadlng, \ i ar attaaltoa la iwi??tl> lavltad to aa amandmant of ' ur ailatirg la*? ralatlngto tba Afriraa (! * trada, with a ilrw to tha aBaatual auppraaalon of that barbatcua trafltr. It la not to Wa daolad. that thia trad* la till, in part, aarrlad CS by mean a of raaaala built la tba I nlt?d IWdiaa and o*u?4 or uarlgatad by aotna of oar rltlnne Tha eorraapnadrno* batwaan tba l'r|arim< nt of Mat a and tba IV laiatrr aad C?naul of tba I eltadttataa at Hloda Janalro, which ha. from tlaa ta llu a barn laid bafora < oagraaa. rrpraaanta that It la a euatosiary davlea to arada tha panaltlaa of our lawa by BMH ot a?a Mt*ra Vtwb aold la llraail whan proaldrd with aurh faparn by tha 1 oa'ul. Inataad of iaturning to tb? (Jaltrd Htat?a foraiaaw raglatar. pt'v caad. at onea. to tba ?o?at of Afrlra. for tba purpoaa of obtaining rargoaa ot alaaaa Muah additional laforaatlaa, of tha aaaia ahaiactar baa taeaatlv baaa traaamlttad lo tha I lapartmant of Mala It baa aot k^aa ronaldarad tba polio J of oar lawa to aubjart aa A artran cltltaa. who, In a foralga rowatry. yuri l i'd a ?aa?. I built ! tha I atlad Itataa, ta tba lacoaaaalaaaa of aaadlag bar boaa tar a waw raglatar bafora permitting bar to pri?wd oa aauyaga Ai.y altnatlon of tba law*, whlrh might baaa a tandatry to Iwipada tba fraa tranafar of property la taaaala talwaan our Htlraaa or tha fraa aartgaOoa of Ikoaa ,...,1. l ata. tn d'fl.iaat part* of thawurit ?h<( Mlplnjid In comiaaree aboqld ba wall aad aawlli u?It crr.?i?ian d, but I tiuat lt?l yowr wi*4<a will dr>t? a method by whlab oar general policy, la tbla niaj bo preaarrad. ltd at tk? wn> Uai tba if ' ur flag by mram of m* letter*. la tba manner Indicated may be praraatad Hating a?r?rtatti?1 that there la ao proapeet of Iba ra oolra of tba lira Slain of taatral Anarloa. whiah fciaierly mwpoawd Iba rapablir af that naaaa, wa ha?a ra^atately with lona of tbau traa'taa of aanty and c a.morce, which will ba laid before lb* 8?aata A crnlra-t )ailng beea concluded wltb tba State of Nlraiagna by a r< mpaay rompoaed of Anartoaa otiltana tor Iba pmp<ee of a-a>tructla| a ablp aaaal, through tb* i?rruot| of that State to cnwueet tba Atlaatla and raclfln ocean , I bar# directed iha nego tiatma of a treaty with Mrara|?a yird|li| both f r.r eranaat* to protect tbo.a ?b" ?hall eagage la and perfect tba work All other aailova ara Inrlted by tb* Ftataof Nicaragua to enter lato tba ease treaty ttlpulatlona with har. and lh? benefit to be d-r|f>d hy tai b from mrh it arraag> meat. *111 ha tba prota??lna rf tblaguat Infer oceaoio communication agaln?t any jower which mlKht to obetruet It. or to moa?pollialt* ad?antag?a. All Btataa cater lag lato an eh a treaty, will anjoy tba tight r.f paaaage through tba canal, on paymant rf tba lama totla 1 ba Wi<rk. If eoa*trn?ted under tbaaa gnaraataea, will hacme a b'ftd ?f peaea. Inetead of a eiihja.it of C( atantlnn and (trite bataeen the nail> a? of the arth Hlnnld lh? *r?at n.nrlMo ? S'atta <>t Kun^ e '0*?nt lo thl* (?nd?aha?a no r?a?oa to ?upp<>?a that* prop' miImi do ftlr ltd hninrtbl* will b>i>pix??i| fcr an*). th? ?n?r(t?* ?f th?lr p<opl? nod onri alll eocfiroin promotion tha mwi f tb? f?i?rprli?. I da rn t ratcmmtnd >?; appropria>l?a ir m lh? n?t?*l trffmrj for tblo | hi fCff, nor do I ballrr* ibtl ?oeh *n ppropit?tlr? l? n*r?f??ry. Prlilln ?Dl?rprt>? If properly pr"t?n??d. wl'l eon plvta th? work. ?bouldlt pmta to ha htilblf I h? parllrt who h??? fmcmnl tha rlitilw Inn Mriri|?i for Iti eiiD?buelloa. d>ilr> do a?i>t?nra fr m IM? (iittrMnmi b?)i>n<l lw proiretlonj lid Ib^j pr< ( that. hart*? ?*?n>lrad th? pr prod j lib* of e< niaiu titration. \b*y *111 ba r-ady to oomtimao*1 tb? naitrrtaklng abanar?r that prrtaatt n ?hail b? >*taadrd to tbrm Should ifci rr ai p??r M? h? ra<M on a??minir. g th? 'tola atld?n< a fa ?at??tala a parlou* d< abt of tha pr?ai|p?htllty *t wlin?tl*(| Hok a canal. that d?nb< r. nld ba tpradlly *olr?d by aa actual mi loratii ii of tba root* Should m?h a work ha nonMrnrtrd nndor tha compirn protretto* of ail n*ti?an, for (-^iial t? ail i It would h? n?ltW?r jo>? nor Mf?dl?at that any gr.at p- arltlma State ?hould mnand tt??> '<.inmut.,n.ii.>?> > 1 ha Unltory thi'nph wnlrb the eaaai n a> m aptaad I < (i^ii <i - ttfd ti> in th>- oltini- M.y I i?n |.<>??r I ,N ! rutb 11 met th.uld croup) a f ?itin? that auutd ?MbwH harraftar ta aiaraiaa ?> a^aln-iiia* min > fatfcra Oltf tba a< Bitarrea if tba wnrld <x ti< ihrnrtui W YO )RNING EDITION?TUESJ a highway which ought ta be dedicated to tba common u-< of mankind. The routeii acrraa the luthmiin. at Tehuantepec and racama. are ali?o worthy of our H+rlou? cou?tdaration ? | They did not fall to engage the attention of my pradaceaaor. The negotiator of the treaty ol Guadalupe Hidalgo wbh In*' ructed to offer a eery large gum of money for tbe right of tranrit a<-roarf the Uthiuu* ot Tehu*u1 tepeo The Mexican government tild not accede to tha pn p?titi< n for tbe purchase of tha right of wav. probably becaune it had already con traced with arivate ini dMotial* f< r the cot.atructioD of a pa??age from the 1 t i uhfarnalro rlvi r to Tehuantepen I rhall not renew ' an* pro^o itlon to purchase for money, a right which ought to be equally aecured to all ?a ion*, on payment of a rea>oiabie toll to tba r>*m ra of the iaipruvmnent, i who would dnubtleae. be well enuteuted with that nomI p*ii?ati< i) and tbe guaraut^e t of th? (runtime State* of ; the woilrt inrepaiata treaties Dcgutt^vd tfieh Mexico, ] feii.dlrg hei and tbem to protect tboJU who ehould con! Miuct tbe work Much goaran'een would do mora to *? i cure l be oDipletiru of the communication through the i territory of Mexico than anv i.thar rra<"Ubto cviMder1 ao'ii II tha' rruld b? offered end ae Mexico ber-ell w >uld I be tl e grtalt ?t gainer by tha op- Hint thin a' miiuulI cation b?t??*n thedulf and the ?anlln ocean it la ! pieeomid that abe would not beeitata to yield her aid, | In the timrii.cr proposed, to acr-oni|ill?h an improveI o-ent eo iiuportaut to lier own beat lat?-ra?t? W* have reapon to hope that the prnp"*> I railroad 1 acri the Iprhniu* at Panama will he ?ur. ,.... all? eo i rtrocted under the protection of the la'a tret'? with ^w Grenada ratified ai d exchn- t-d by rar p ?d>eeth?r in tbe lot h da v lune INI ahl ik|tNlM In tha per tut iieiitralltj of the l*thinu? ilul t*>e r> 'ht? of FoTerelgotj and property of New ff reuada over that ten I tor J, "With a view that the flee tranait lt?o ocean to i ci nn mav tiot be interruuted or ejuiharia'-ed" dur Imi the exmienoe of tlie treaty It ia^.ur p"ltcy to < nc oie^e f'H.v piactlcab'e r< utp an-(ohm the Utlimii", aliirli r<'hr?ctn Nt rth and Smith America either bT t ann ed or canal, khloh the i-nnyy anil enterprise of <ur citizen* may induce them to complete; and I coneider it ohligatirv up?n m<* to adopt tbat policy. epeeeialy in rctriHetjunce of the ab-niiite lien-nit; of facilttat>i |i intercourse with cur po*m-*M?a on the facitla, I he jiomik b el the Sandwich It la..d?. with reference to thp territory cf the United s-?in on the 1'acilic, the mn ere of cur persevering and hruevoient ci'ii* n? wno h?ie lepalted to that reionte quarter in CbruttaDlamg 1 the natite* and indicium theui to adopt a ^yetem of (I'T-rtuiD' and lawn. mired t> theii capacity and eniitn and the lire n.ade b> our numerous whale ehipa <>t the hh' lioi 9 ( f the IMau J*, a < i_Uc.-* of report tor <>b1 tuii.inii lel'n nlmeijU hiiI tepan* all combine to imd? r th. Ir drMin) peenllarly interesting to u*. Itia ur doty to utooVtaK* the authorities ot those islands in their ?ll- rte to Improve and elevate the uioral ?ad p litn-al cinditkn of the inhabitant* ; ai.d ?e nlii'ulj u ake r> atcnabie allowance* lor the uitHcultl-s iot-ei>arable from tine task We den re that the Man.)* may nia'a'ain tin ir independence. aod that ntb<rnafi hh Li nla courur with u? in this sentla.eut. We could. ililioeveDt be indifferent to their pasting umier i|im d"D InioD of ai y other po*er Th-* principal c inner eial States have in thir a common lut*re-t. and It lato b- hi pe4 tbat no one ot them will attempt K^loterp me ob?<a< le- to the entn e ii dei? udt-nee of the Mauls 1 he receipt* into the Trea<ury tor th' tie aljctr ending fn the thirtieth of June la~t weia. in ca*li. fottj el-ht mlllloD*eight hundred and thirty thousand ii' n< t) hi en <! llai and titty rente (Mb hsli.lmtt .10). and iu 'I reaeury note* Inndttl. teu ti>lilt >u* ei<h' hun died and thirt>lbree th >u?Hiid dollar* (*M' s -.i o?l'n. nakisg an aggre^ata of titty nine million* > ix huudr. d and Mxty.three thourand ninety leien ii .ti-*r- ai d ti"y cents iJf! ttl.l OS'7 A'J). and the expenditure* for the eaine time vert, in ra>h, forty aix milil"tif ?et?D huoditd ai d ninety.el^ht th >ii>and six hundred aod mly ivun dollar* aod ei^'hi y-t < o cent < (Mn7ih"tJ7 hv) and In Treasury note* funded, ten millioN* et K"t; but di ed and thirty thtee thousand 'lo.larm t IU.MJH (it ui o hkn g an ai (jrt nate of fifty Mveu millions six huodred aiil ihitty one fhoueand six hundred au1 al\ty-anveu dollars and eighty-two cent* (fi?7 n3l tXi" 8'i) I he am unf* and estimate* ?hi*h will be submitted to i 11 |iret s in the Report cf the Secretary ot the I'rea >ury. show tbat theie will probably h? a deiioil occa m< um oj m* ripuim ui me esn-aii ?itr aim ir> a y. <11 the tuft (i?j ot July D'U of five million* i l.tK bundied and I ml y eight tbou-and one hundred and taetity-or.e dollars and rlsty ft* cent?. I iI no ) and < ij tin- ftri-t day of July lh&l. of ten millions tint hundred and forty hvvu thousand and do|Istf end seventy-three cent* (ft 10.647 OW'i 73 ) niasiug In the wl>< 1* a probable deficit. to bo provided fur. of l*te? n million* three hundred tud sevi-nty o v? ttiou mi d two hundred nod fouit< *n collar* ami thirty-niun cents. (fl8o"6.'il4 :19 ) I ho extraordinary aipruMi df J the war with Vsiico, and the purchase of i ailforula < and New Menoo. nrnd in amount this deficit ti- , f el her with the loam heretof T? made frih?? object* therefore recommend that authority be given to bor- | row whatever hum D'?> be neceasary to cover tbat deficit I iec< mmrud the utwrrtiDon uf strict economy 1 In the appropriation and expenditure uf p-ibuo money I tec* mutnii a revirion i f tha exlatlr g lailll auJ I( adjuimn.t on i ba*ls which may augment the re**, nun I do sot d' ubt tha right or dii'y of < ougreig to rncoutsge dcmi stlc laduatry which I* ib* gr.a *t?urs* of natii Lai an well a* Individual wealth and pfO-perlty. I look to th* wisdom and patriotism of t ongre** fur tha adoption <f a ryitrui which in ay hoin? labor, at laft. on ?ur* aud peimauent fr?.i|*g and. by iu* trticoui?ntn eut of manufacture*. glva a n*e aud Inert a?ed *Mo.ulus to agriculture aad preiu-.te Ike development if cur vast re* uraea and tha eileo.lnn uf nil c< n>nn if* Believing that to tba attainment of these end* (aa wall aa the trreutry augmentation of tb? iev> nue and tha pravetitlon of tra>id>i system of specific dutl>al*b?rt adapted. I strongly rac iumand to Ittlirtis the adoption of that system nimg the dutl*s at rates high enough tu afford substantialand sufficient *lc< ur?i n>> nt to our owu li>duatry. and at tha una time >o adjust* d aa to Insure stahintj 1 La question of tha continuance of tha dub Tr*arury system l? respectfully submitted to the w|*d?m of ( ongies*. If continued. Important Modifications of It ap|>*r ii. be 11. i penrahle ?r fuitbar dvtalla aad views oa tba above aad other natters coi>n*ctrd with *oiau?*rc*. lb* fluai.evs. aad revetu*. i r?f*r to the report of tha Secretary uf th* Treasury. No dlnrt aid has bean given by th* general govern tt ? nt to th* imprntaaarut of agriculture axcapi hy tlia expenditure of ttrall sum* for tha collection and publicatli n el agricultural sfatiatica. and for soma chemical analyses, which have been. thus far paid Int oat of tha patest fund 'I bis aid la. In o>y opinion, wholly loads jiisle To glva to tbla leading branrb of tiaarloan Industry the tLCOursgement which It merits I respectfully isci ii n.?nd lb* tstahlUboieut of au agricultural bateau, to beroonrcted with th* Department ot th* Interior. It. elevate th* foetal eoadltloa of th* agriculturist, to lecreaie bis prosperity, and to *it*od bis meats of usefulness to bis country, by multiplying his aourcea of Information. should b* tb* study of every statesman and a prln ary otyect wltk every legislator No civil government bat lac been provided bj Congress for l alifi tnia lb* people of tbat territory lm | el'vd by the necessities of their political condition re- | centiy u>?t in oonveniloa, tor tb* purpose ?f fotaiag a constitution and lut* gov*r>a*ot, which tb* lat**t advlc<a give * reason to ruppoa* baa beea aae?a pli>r>rd. aid it la D?n???d Iti'jr Will ?tioriij apply lor tb* m!?if?u ii of i alitoruis tat? ib? Ualoa a ??T?r?i|i till* f-bi uld mrh b* tl>* cim. Md (botald tb*ir < brill at loa b* p< nf. to tb* rviialtliloM of tb* t('Mtltall< B ol tb* t ulinl 8l?l>i I rcroiunifiid tk*lr apBlVratloB to tb* hiunblt e>it?ld?ltU<>l tA > :ongr?*l Tb* p*opl* i.l N?? ,V*ilco *111 bImO It IB b*ll*??cf. St it ??ry dl?tBBt p?H?<d. |T"t?t lb?n??lTM for b4ibIi>?to* iBto tb* I biod Pi?paratory to tb* b.ibii??1' b of ( alil'-rtitB aid >*? M*aleo, tb* poopl* ol *aeb alii ba*? iB?liiiitrd for tb>m**l*?* b rvpuMloan lorin of g??*t?MlrBt, ]BjlD|t It* foillidsllon* In loch prtaal Bad ornBBKiBf It* In >urb torm.aa to tb*a tba.l * * ru? *t llk*ly to *ff*?t tb*lr oaMy Bad happlMM '' By BBBliiBg tb*lr actios. bII cam** of iia<'a>4n*aa bB) b*atiWad. asd *onfld*ae* and klad f*?llag pr* Hind Witb a il?t of BiBlatalulBg tb* bunxa; Bad tranquillity *o dear to all. w* abculd abaiaiu from tb* latihIhoi la of tbo** idling Injlca of a M?lt<>aal rbaiBrirr ahlob ban hltbrrto prodacod palufiil approb?a?l<'B*la tb* pabllr mind, and I r?p*at tb* aolrian wan.it (rf tb* tirat and muat lUuairloua of oiy pr*daf*iwi? BiaitM !?rtlibli>| " bb) |rr< *i <1 for ebaractrr|i<tH | ait ? hy pwgtspbK sl dl*sitmi>atiua* " A oll*ator hn b**a appelated at mbb Kraaefreo, iiBdtr tie art off i?|trM *at<-ndian tb* r*r*au* las* uttr l shfonils. sad n?a*ur** bat* W?n tak?a to ortahla* lb* i tialooi hc.u*?? st lliat *ad I h* otb*r poita >?atl(B?d la Ibat ast at tb* ?arli**t p-tii.d prsi'tssbi* Ik* roll#eti>r proc*?d?<i overland and sd?i??s ba>* a?t y?t b*?a r*e?l?*d of bti arrival at *aa ras l.?i bi>aawblls. It la iiao?r?t<xxl that tb* raatnaa ba<* r'tl au?d to b* eo||?rt?s thri* by olfl?*ra asltsg uader tb* military authority. so tb*; ar>r* duns* !? ada.laia ratlca ?.| my pr*d?r*?*or. It will, I think, in ??I. Oin.l to covBrni ilia aoltretloaa thin mt ir and <lnhi 11 InUi (aflrr ?nfh alloaaar** aa i II) IrlLll (II iMI.llilIc I. I,. . , , 1,4 llllla III* '1 r> or to ha frild into IL* Ttrtmii), fur tit* jiwr|o?*cl n ??tn>n ap|'t<i| rlatlnb* lor tk? lui prvtrinnil of It* itfmi and Lai ti ip A part). ? n lb* (M>t ?nrt?y, *u d*?|.atnhr4 to Olrgnn Id JUuW) IMt itcruNlt| to tba lDts*t ail iUm iht) hail Htlrfll allfanna. aau ?lir?rtn u* hava N m (It'll to IJ?n> a* ?!?> a* tl.rj ri,a)| kitt n>?<! an Ika rilM dl tli? It* ll|klhi WM ami the fcwnj * an bo lli?d to t>? ci ??tiun?0 aim il?i<d In Orn|oii. to ^t? j t?>d ?it In tat a?la> t(> D ak* Irtiau r ! ?* of lh? laoat | Idi|01 tant poltiif no tb* e>a?t *f I kHliifma ami >*|m> ri?iij to jiamiti* and n*t?in>lii? i? mim lor lialitfeoWMM dli II at C'a?t, th* ?|.a?ilj tfriina of allien ia u |?utl; tin ttotil h) our >a|ilill; In i^a-ini eouaninr*. i !. *? lian*l*rr*tf klM Indian %h*bri** (run I pp?r *i iMiiUti a to (iHtcU BimRk to dam* t ami *alt I ak?, Itjl U lk? vll*. tfc<* MetMCMtlO, Bkll *Bli Ji.a>jlila Mllllbttlur l?gt?l ).ri>*iataM mill b* mmti lit Ilia flu litr a lid ?| eaearlBI mlruaiiiB ol our )>(' t,l liii?ie?urw ?>??i tb* n?* I eint riM I r?e< d n <i a Ihr ?-atabiiai imi.t sf a hrm.r.b mint la i mlil*>ii*m hf it ?lil, tn in) ?)>iiii< t mlloiu iui|>oi) nt fltUtiM k' tt|h|?4 i* uiiuiijf. ?nl ? i>i tlit ((HIMiill Itiih* nt Ihi until Itiiti I Ullll l?r? ? Bl?l.lt tl'HI frlllll l??Hl|.| h?lll|lltll||tl| tlj I -tpn**. it> nan.iBi- m.t o<ri?* np-.n ti n ? i?ti) i4 i| | n >' M '?-!? if 11 .? liH Utl?? m ' mlitorkim mi.* > ? ?i ?lnv ?i o 11m |rii.?l> l'^. b B-*4? fi r th? minmkltanII lit l>l tfrtw l ? SulllJIT li'lHll li >?? xi?n k|t< Il ia in< li|ip<t, mi.it Kir il a murjiaf mi. 1 l-'ii itli * win B.silin ih? (iiiklle landa Ik I in** lartl n??. ifcin irnii hn>iiu u iioiiumi null aiihrmt n| ntiiti Hbt li' ta instil <1 i ? t?i nir lil* ml tu *11, m.? ?t|i?t-'?l)) tin Itbln If ibf imilj u.igraliia. in nn?r <l?i !>? Miimii ii and *i.aia?ur *>fl th* iii.cii *i b.ii if ?>?|" iii- Iii ai l?iaim urn) h. m-c-r .a am i?n ifcat a %**> < |<ra. am uin.iiai >?|.

a?l ?*(ili?i*ila B N- icBkietm alto tl? ||ata, lunrji >RK E DAY, DECEMBER 25, 184 and mat ire mineral land* ?> divided into small lot* ?u tabU f- r mining ?nd he di*po*ed of by sale or lease ho ii? In gi?e ?>ur citizens an opportunity of procuring jeir.?iuut right ?.f property in the *olI Tbi* would semi to be a* Important to the auccsss of raining u of agricultural pursuits Tbe great mineral wealth of California, and the nlvantages wbioh it* pott* and harbor* an 1 tho>? of Oreft' n attord to commerce especially with the t*laods of ' the I'ariflo and Indian ooekns, and the populous re\ gion* i f Kavtern Aria make it certain that there will eri*e. in a few years. large aud prosperous eommuoitie* on our western coast It therefore, becomes liapottabt tbat line of communication, tha be*t and 1 ux'i-t expedition* which the nature of tha oountry will ' admit el ould l e opened within tlto territory of tha | I'nited State* from the Lnvi^able water* of the Atlau' tie r the Uulf of Mexico, to the I'aoitlc. Opinion, aa el c>t> d ai d expressed by two large and respeotable com rations. l?t*ly assembled at St Louis and Memi [hi-, point* toa railroad a* that which. if practicable, ' will be>t meet the wishes and want* of the oountry. tut while tbl* if ia successful operation, would be a woi k of great national importance, and of a value to I he country which It would he 4iftluult to estimate, it i oi.pht also lo he regarded as an niidertaking of vast mum iti de ?'?' expense and one which must if it be ind? < d practicable encounter many difficulties in it*oon truMlon hi d use Therefore to avoid failure and disappi II tlhent; to ei.nblet oi gre*s to judge whether in the i c< i iliiiim of the country through which it mu*t pas*, the wi ik be feasible, ami if It lie fnond h i. whether It I. old be undertaken ** a u*ti"u?| iutptnTement or left to it dividual euterptise; and in the bitter alternative, wl<at alii if at<y aught to be extended to It by the goveri n.eijt I recommend a* a preliminary measure a cm* Jul n conno|*>aiii:e of the several proposed routes ; b> a tcleniitic c< rp* ami a report us to th- practicability of making luob a road with au esti Jia'e of tha ci ?t ?f it* ci DM ruction ai d support lor further views on these hn>i other matter* connected allh the du'iesof the Homo Department. I refer yon to the re pert of the Hi nre'ary of tbe Interior 1 I leromuierd early appropriation* for continuing tha ! r'rir ai d baihor improvement* which have been already begun a oil also for tbe construution of those K r vi.n-n imamtK nave IH'tli Itiu.l- ?9 will a< I ?r < ?'? iMinli.m and ntln itn preparatory to the c 10uin.< rui?ut f Ftch other* an the ntutl o( the country, anil ec( ecia'ly the idvaLce of our poptilati -n over near aiMrtct*. and the ?s t umou ot o minerce. may render t< A d eftioiata of the auionut whto>i ran be aa*anl?'.?-ou?]j expruded within tha next S r?l year, ui i! r iIn* dlrictionof the tiurrau of I'opograpiileal h i lour* arnnuat.lt* the report of the Keiirelnry of M?r, to which I reipicLfulij invite the attention of Cl I gMff '1 L? cotiou of ti-rriti ry made by tbe lata treaty with V e > n o I.a- (in at 1 % rati titled our jpiaeil frontier, and riMliri il iu d?le?ie>-uii ri* dilticult. That treaty ha* I -1 lr< ayht ne in der bli*aM< c? to Mexico to < mpty with *1 o il a military fore* in requiaite Uut our iiiiiituiT eM?blt*h?eut In not uiatena'.lv rhanged a4 to its efln ieiey tri in Ifce eondttii n in which it etood bef >r? tl.e oi umn ci uieut ot the Vesir.au war. Miuie aJditli ii to if. will ilnrefore be nereeaary; audi rec imDu i d to tbe lavoiuVe confederation of CnugreM an inrnHie it tlitmiril corp* of the army ut our distant Unt.rn poftf, a- proponed iu the accompanying report of the Secretary of War (ii|i.l eml arrao tu? ut In resulted from tbe effect up'Diank In the army hereu tore given to brevet uuil *'?t) rouiiiii>?li ua. The viewi >.f the decre'ary of War ou thir euKject are deeuu d important aud if aarrietl il.toi|T<c< will. It I* believed promote I he harmony of lie ?fT?tre The plan proposed for n'iilng dt allied ofheiTN and providing an asylum for atich ol the ran t i d tile an from ege, wi nnd*. ai.d other infirmitiesoeca a.ouei) by fervice bate become unlit to perlorin their t*-| i ctive diitlen U reeomuiend< d a< a mean* of lucre**. I |t the effirlenrj o| the army, aud a? an avt of justice, I dut In is a |tta eful uountiy to tbe faithful aoldler lie ?cci u>|i*i)yliig leport ot the Secretary of the Navy piepn, a a full and f*ti?fectpry account of tb? c icltii d ai d "p. rati'.nn of the naval service, during the j??t ji ar. Our ciiiitn* engaged to tha |igitlmate (intuitu if commerce hava ri jojed it* benefits. W lumr our rational vaMel* have gone, they have b?D ivciived with respect, our ofllcera have bean tr>ut?d with klrdnvre and courtesy, and they hava. ou II crra>toos. pursued a course of rtrict neutrality, in acri Idbtrr with tha policy of our givarnuient. The i>a>al fotne at pre-ei.t In <ton.Blinli u in a? large ax i? aumissil. e. with the Li.uiber ol tuen authorised by (DtiifM to Imi employed. I luetic jour a'lrntUiD to the recommendation of the Hi erHirj i f ill? N?ij on t tin auhjeol i r r?*-orgi?ni/.atl< n ol tbe umrj. lu It* varloua gra'le* of ofllcrr* aud tha ft tald'ehing 11 a retiie d Hit lor auch nl the olHoera aa are diaqi alifleii lor active ml elfnttite eervice. Should Cct|ii>u adept ?ou,e auch wiature a< in recommended. It mil gnatly ti ornw lb* i Melancy of tbe utj, and n due* It* expenditure* 1 alMi ?-k )i tir a'tantiun to the alewa exprenaed by Inui lu ??f. r? or* to tbe employmant of war itraiuiri, i J Id regard to tbr oontracta lor tba traorporta' Inn of tbe I tilted Mat? * malla. and tha operation of tba ajatrni ?fi< n tba |irm|?ill; of tha nary. Ily as act of < ongma* paa-ed Auniat 14tb 104", pro*lal< n >a< mad* lor extruding pu>t office and mall ar? i Binn datli na to ( aiifirnla and Oregon Kinttlum bate b?*11 uad* to execute that law. but tba limited protteloDa ot tba art. tha inadequaoy of tba tneaae It authority tba til adaptation of our p??t office laea to tba aitua Ion of that country and tba inaatura of e<>mara'lnD for itrvlct-a alloaad by tboaa laaa oomparad with tba ptlee* of lab' r and Mai* la I alltornla, rrndar tboaa exertlona, in a great degree Inellectual. Mora particular and ilBclant protulvu by law la required oa tbla aubjret. Tk* act of 1845, reducing pnetage baa bow, by Ita operation daring feur y?*ia produced raaulla fully tliovlig that tba liierme from auoh reduced poalag* la ufltaiaat to luitaln tba wbole eipenaenf tba eeralna of tka r?.?t I'Bca Department. not larludlag tba coat of trampartatli'B In mall ataann-ra on tha liaaa frmu Na* \ oik to t bagtae, and In m I'ur.ama to Aatorla, whi -h hat* mtbmi couaidered by < ongraaa a* properly ball agirg to tba aiall MMlra. It la aabaalttad to tba wUdcm of ( oagraaa, vbatbar a fan bar redaction of pottage abeuld not aaa be made, meie paitlrularly on tba Utter r?rreepond*nce Tbla *b<ala be relieved frim the uajtial buribeu of tranapoitlrg and delivering tbe franked matter of Congraaa, for aim h public MMMe pravlalrn ahould be made from tba Inanity. I confidently believe that a ebanga n if tafely l>e made, reduclrg all alagla-letter poatage to the in. if in oi tata of five ceata. r*gardle>? of dlatanoa, without tbateby imposing any greater tax on tba tr*a?uty Ibaa would conatltnta a aery moderate nora penaal icn for tbia public ?er rice; aad I therefor* reapectfuliy raei turn end auch a reduction .Abeuld Coagtaaa praitr in imnin m? iiuiic| pnru>i;< cnurtif. it m(I<* |/i{|>kM> th?t no damaud no th? Ir-wur; would inlill Inn Iba propaaad radacticn ol poiU|?. W hath* r it) iuiTl.tr Alaltiitli n tboold n?? b? mad? or tba latult ?f Iba taaartloa to flaa eaata, which I bar* r?coa ii iid* d, tbtald ba lirtt taatad U fubmlttad to jour oarlal' o Mih tba r< niBi'i,rfin?rit of tba la?t aaialoa nf ConK?a?a a p<?tal traaiy wubUrtat Britain hu baa a rwnItit and rallflad. aad aoch tagulatioaa bar* b?an t> rmtd by tba l'i?t ()le> Oaiartmrata of tba t?o rouatrlaa la puiuinft of that trtaty, at to earrr Ita l>rutlil< at lata lull opwatloa Tba aitampt to aitand tbla ?aa<* arrtn*?n^ut through KngUnd. to Kraaoa, baa act baaa aquaily tucraaaful , but tba pnrpoaaba* a>'t b**a abaadoaad. For a partiaaiar ttatamant of tba eoadltloa of tha fo?t I>.partui-ni aad n'b?r matiara ronn-rtud lib lhat biaich ?t tb? publia tartiea, I lalar jau ta tb? taport ut ih? Piata atui ittmrai By tb* art of tba 34 uf htitb. 1149 a FWard wat aoi aUtalad to Biaka arraifanxnU for tltlt| th? ???>n'b ran>ua ron.p' tadal i > a ?. erdarj of Slata. Iba Atiiruay Utnatal aad tba Fi*laa?trr Haaaial, and It a* Jiadr tba dut j (it tbla Board to prapara and eauaa to b* pnnii d tuab Mat aad tabadiil*a > sight b? aarataar) lor tba full aaumaraiion iflha Inhabitant* af tba I atiad Mataa; aad alao fn par ftrma and acladnlaa f< r c.liaaili f lu atatl>tiral labca uodar pr?p*r baada. tnrb latoraiath a aa to nilaaa. aarlcuitura coanarra, n aaatartana 'duration. and oth?r toplaa. aa wouldl tiMhl a tail 'law ol iba purtulta. induatry aduraili n. ana laa- airaa ? ! tba c< aniry '* I ha dutiaa aajntnaa upon Iba I tatut Braid. Ibut attabliahrd. hating bran f?ltira>d It ma ra?la ?Uh ongr>?a to aaaiv a law lor arryit u Into rffant th* provision f tba a ntiltatioa alurh ra |Uiraa aa antoa> aauotaratlna of tba p?-i> pir < j ...? i xi . .. ki.i.. wiiihd in? j^?r AI>l|U?ilutkr finno by tb>< ontluilo ta tha (i.HKli lilll.ltl .m |< I n* <! l<M*kl Mil IllulUd B|>pllctu n tmt not i.i ikn irrt'Hit. tk? in iiWI|ttnrj, I llikO tntki. IIWI C?|ii>lllril to I d irrM a* the ?? |.|ltl?1nr and ?<>l? yuit'dUn of tbr taUi**!* of tha biatrial <f Cr lWBibta I i<> ih?*>- lot?r*at* to your kind in??tl?u At U>* ntiluiiti Biairopo. II* it* rtt j . I H wMl^ti n i???t b? m object ol (itrttl lnf?r??t, mil fonadvd m It ?v uml*r in- aaaplaa* of him ?ho>o imn.it ial nuit II kr?r?. Ita el.la. to lk? fi ititlt| rat* of i tt|im ^oittl ik< a?l<M wtib ad * ditliaal Hr> ngth H hiKf.r ran autrtMkta t<i na |n?|nltj mitt tallatlb* 1" iii>?? ol lu roB*tit?i|<nial |uaidia?* ai d eitua.atd thnr farotabia e< u?id*ra* I* a. Oar goT*raiB*Bt I* oaa of limit* I power* and I'a nrrmltl admlbl^trail' B *mln*ntl) d>-p?nd* an tk* eolitBrafftt of *acb of Ita c?ordlnat? branrh** witbia Ita oaa *| 11 |ini? iftiw Mm flr-t a?atl< B f iba e<?*tltutl>a ntdala* that ' all l*gl>latlra tb*r*ia gtat>t?d * hall ba ?r?t.-d la infi?*a <f th* I blind Ntata*. ahlch >hall c<n-l?t of b.Bat* and II. ma tf llrpr*??biall*?* " I h? ?l?rnl?* la* auihiiity I* rrc. u.ui*ud (bat to dlatita) n .*miim to l it|ii?><< I a.it* p?tforai*d that toI). If.* .liratha ff|4it(.rkt >f Iba j"**ram.Bt al l M tip ft ft II) at Blt.'l tt.a cl?ri>l'ii of < ongt?#? on at) Btij?rt <1 Up|-|ail'B aniil ?bat dtrUI u iball kt?. h??a . fflalali) pul>aiit'*d to tha lr*?ld?ni for ap|lr>tal Iba ab?rk ptoildad by tha Coorttttitton, Ib tl? rlBB*? cc BlMtlbR tha qnallflrd ?*to. alii >***r b? ***i*?*d by an*. tlf.fl In th* raw* e<Bt*m ! >?-?? rj nit* isinrr* ??i unno i tip* i? ? ?ti ? > II ? ln?K lire. In rxoitril to only lit >lltiltlMi) rim it ?hil? It Bay b?r< tn? dm**it?) Id tl ? (Dtilltr 'null it th? *n?tc?ehr>t.t? <1 11? pnm?t or In pr?v?nt h*-ttr t?tdi?ii?ril* or tii.?oB?'ltiitl> n*i l?gt?:?-lca I) r?Qll?bfi) <-< nrir ir? tl.i* i>oi?il) ?itMn tii? rp'irr* ( T.Miit.o lc |C in Ibr rtt- Ri|>or?i.??an rjpo-ltt'Bi of 'Irltlttinl tl>? ? OKlHu'ton Itr till nl th? p~op|?, b|ti?ii?|) ?*ptt???d in til MihjicM of Initial ma, il i? i |ih ib?-lr r< firtltult) i.al orgn a. tht? S. tutor* ani I I|ltr?|i|llti|(l tb? I llt'llMllw,?lll Imn It* full ll'?rt /\? Il otrp?M*b!D to tb? (trmttllot t>f our ?jM?n i f m II |<>ti nn?nt. Il? li <Jf p^tidrt c? of th? ! 1111?I Hi!> > if th? fcul" and i b?- p?o|>lr la guaran? a I > 11.? ri t < itUiti ii, at.fl il ?j ?i?i- m'pru ibilitj l. I > I 1 B ull y< ??r bin. th*lr nw??l|ti-rpt#. Oy It 'Id. t B il I i^ilikti'ltl ri>-p< t?lhi? ot I) to tb? p?>pl?, t <t |i l?p htBi fr< ni Ml i lift lllnMrtl, * ?l?t t? * ?* ilMHtil of II f C-TAtllp -Bi ?r.a ^HickKB [ERA 19. I bin a?nre of rwpanMbillty to hix country. It la under I tlii'fe circumstances only tfcat tha elector c?n feel 11 ?t. in the choice of the law maker, he is himself, tiuly a i omponent part of the sovereign power of the nation. With equal care we should study to defend the rights of the executive aud jvdiolal depaitmrnts. Our government can only be pr?servtd In its purity by the suppression and entire elinimation of tvery claim or tendency of one coordinate branch to encroachment upon another ? With the strict observance of this rule and (he other Injuoctli n? ot tlie eorstltution - with a sedulous inuulcstlon of that rerpect and love for the Union of the Slates, ubioh our fathers cherished and enjoined Hp n tb< Ir children, and with the aid of that overruling I' ovldence which lias >? long aud so Kindly guarded our liberties aud institutions, we may reasonably expect to tianrmlt them, with their innumerable blebslugr.to the r? aniteft posterity Put attachment to the union of the States should b? habitually t< stered iu erery American heart. Kor more than half a century, during which kingdoms end empires have fallen, this Union lias stood unshaken The | atrlots who farmed it have long siuce det-cended to the urave; yet still it remain* the proudert im ailment to their memory, aud the object of affection uu? admlratim with e very one worthy to bear the American name. In my judgment Its diietoluiiHu would be the greatest of calamities and to avert that should be the ?tudy of ev? ry American Upon Its premnation nmi-t drpvad our ow n happme-s and tl.ai of eountleis K'l<irati<ns to come. \Vhale>er daugers may thr< at) n it, I shall stand by It nod inmu'aiii It in its intsgiity to the full extent <1 the obil;.atious imposed. and tLe power conferred upon rae t>y the constitution. TAYLOR. Wasiii.vito.Hi December J, 1R4P. XL S P O n T OK TUE Herniary of the Treasury. Tnic tsifsr I'kp?stm?xt, ) Oeeembsr, 1849. j The Secretary of the Treasury reports:? HKi:irri ??ii rxtimiin km. Ti e receipts and expenditure* for tliu tlscul year en 'itigi'Vth June IHtf were:? Hecelpts frciu customs $28,34(1788 #2 " public lands l.ftsx W6i? 66 i>ib'-ell?neou< s<ntrc??. . . 1 038 ti4? 13 " avails of Treasury note* end loans in specie .... 17 755,750 00 " Do. funded lusaa.uoooo Add balance in th? Treasury, July 1, ll 15lfi:si ?><) I *Ml K10,?:!2 10 ' Tl.e ?*p?nd)tui?d for tbe tme lii etil j< ?r were .id earb *lf> TU8 1.87 82 TliltlilTttUr f'H.ded. . . 10.833,100 CO *57.831,067 82 1 I fr . l.u!nnor in thu Treasury, July tUHM M i JelBil )>y *cc( tnpanjIdr etateinent A. nTIMiTU. I ri rnipts mid expenditure* for the lineal ng Jtlh June. I860, aru:? li> m (ruatoma ? to a<"lMl mu> $ii,e4a.72s 04 B< i Ipte ft < III CUMi Din? 2d, id *iid 4th ijuartera, a* totn* U u ,.. 10 86C 271 49 *31 roo ooo oo Kiceipto fri m public land* 1 700.000 00 ' " vilacrllantoua wuroca. . . 1.200.000 00 $ J4 400 000 00 R?celpta frtm s*vn 11 n of loana iu >r?eir. (3W'060 00 Iteoipia frcinrto in Treasury nctt?. funded 839 4f>0 00 1,238 600 00 Total receipt* *3* ik'.h 5oo oo Add balscea In tho 1'rrusury July 1,1849. 2 184.Ut>4 29 Total mi am a* estimated $37,82:5,404 23 KIPKKDITVat.*, vi*. :? Tbe antral eipei.dituiee let tbe flit: (juaitrr. ending :>0ih t<ept< mber, 184V, *tf? ?*>04 X 29 ? A* k'/ptara in detail by aoe< lui auyii k rtali'ini nt II. Tb? eaunialedexpendilurea duriDK th? <tber tbrea quatter*. Ikdi lrt October. If49, to 30th June, I860, are:? C l?il Hat, foreign ii tere<uiM, and luitcellaii*lua 10,3"#,110 62 Expenrea of rollertltig re?cLuotnni cu>ti iiik 1 626,000 60 > ipi nee a ot collecting r???tui from landa H'lHAOOO Airny piopar. kc 8,246.03V to h oititiratioaa, ordnance, aiming militia, he 1 097 430 fS Internal >k> prevent* nta. lie. 77 072 .10 ladlau department. ..... 86#.!<#3 73 I'eutiona ?82 6.10 7T Naval HlaMirLnirDt 0 814,783 43 ItOmti i public debt and Tltaeuiy totn 8.700,87 8 40 43 .ittl 686 04 Deficit ltt July I860 Sew,121 ?W The ?etioiated reoelpta and eapendllurea lor tbe M-caJ jt?r commencing July 1,1UH and ?ndio| Juue 90, J661. ai? Ht celpta frr in cnatoma $32 000 000 00 ' ' t'Ubllr landa 2.160 <00 00 I " 14 mlfcolUiteoua (oure**.. iiouuuuuo 1 Total ratimaUd n-n>lpt? . < ?*, ?.'>n out) 00 1 ha ?*p?ri<Jttur?? diir>ok tha >?mi- portod m ??UniatMd by tba pi-trial il?| Kriiii' iil* > Mat*. Traaaurv, War, ,Na? j ItiUtlor. and I im mui ?r (irnrral, am: Tha bal?tr??of formtr appropriation*, which ?lll b? itijuircd t? b? rzpatidtd till* j?ar "> ,060.630 3-1 P..i?.L.iit and Inil.-i Dlt- appropriations 6 O-1I.4I0 24 Bptelbo appropriation* a?ka? lor it in jtar mow; IDJ Id ?*4 M7.UM 73 I Thla ivm i* e<m4 of th? following particular! Civil lint fir?l|(ii liiiarectir* aad mi?cillai.i. Uf (11,080,7124 04 K<p*k>?a tf collrrtlag Mtvuua fr< in 2,7S0,0O0 00 IIIcl eolltcllBg r*??nu? In in I.ad * 170 KM 00 Amj pi'p?r 8,2t1 1S-J 44 ft cit.pi atl?D* ofdtianca, arming UiiliII. 1c 2 01 A.4411 00 Iktmiinl IfDprnvnii'nta 1 Mi Vi) U I lid *n d> p?< tii. ot. ............. 1 VN 7 I0 VI l .t. ?. a l.tfiT.Mlv 00 Nlikl HUhll-hBrnl. 04 liit?ia?t uii Toitui; kulw sad pubiio d?h? ?, 741241 lk f taicba?a <>t Mock of tba lean of 2Mb Jaaaary, 1M7 4W k?* 97 944 ktf.UVi 73 DafaitJalj 1,1151 < 10 44" l/vi 7 3 La. July 1, lfcfcn 6,k'i?l4lti? Total tell 18M aad 61 |M17MU J? I rl? t to lb* flrat el July laA t h? ?*p?n?*< of rnlVrt- ' ltm.it in ui oukIuri* ?!? | ?iJ >iut of th? ?3 crut*K iMtim at lk? ?a??r?l pott*. ai.<l <uily th? l?lat i rakl lat<> tha tr?a?*ry. ot court** tha tn'flpin at tt? litkitit). actual arid *?tlnat*a araia of lb? a?l la??lii?. ai'?r 4?4uctian all It) tba art I So .Yarcb !a?t. tba >y?t*m wan changed, fti iii and atlot lit luiy. It4t>. aart, a<*<*ordli>gly, th? raerlpta ?a> tal ai,d tia.aii d fmaa that <iai? art uf |ht |>i HA?nM ttl nilaaUttlt ?ul>mlu*4 of tht rlp !)?? <1 eUlietli t? 1 ka alUiatl?a ikM trada la tha law n.n . prora to bo aalaiaty a* tbr atta?>l< o of CodftMi will bw annually 4ia<t tolkt ??|?rolinim under tliUh-a<l andtbry a II ka ?tabi?rt to llinlt tfcun la ?p>??t af eounnm* X ftili It lt? til|)tlclii tl the public ? I tlca "ill >4 Kilt Nnlaltb>tat<lli>? lb* ?r?at Itterrana < f lh? b'i?lo*-?of th? e< titi'rj, tk*attul 17th Jan*. Ih44. h?? pr???nl?d at) ?c?lln n to iha tiunb?-r of lBrp*ct"ra, gaugeta, ilgbara. n.ra-nr?r? i r n.arhttx (In any dlrtnot ifta.i rt> t bill I.I 0 > ?HiC? IH f*?-a?c axcept i*n luip- ct-Tn at bt* (illiut, ptr art 8d .Vamh. )M?, and Hit e?n??(juat ti i- l la i ai all ibr lar|? |>?t?a, Ilia lllititl <t In apt emit la iaat.lllri?i>t I.? Urn 4t*charg? of tba datiN (.1 tkoa i Sir**, and tba pr*tttillou cl brcacua* w avail) in ot Ur latinui la*r. H.t?* outi>* hata l>a> n art-ally inrt.a-rd by tba a? ?l ml >< 1111 tba warrhouMug ?)Mam aad th- 'lilt rinimrqviifiovi ?i?j pihivini i?i intit ailig lb* bin htt?l' Utn r?, v?i utet <h- ai?ri(ruei*t< i.l il.a i'?? ifiilrt. In *ddlti<>ii lo tL? Uoy>rir; ' kl?? t? Ik* itiitM ' by?oma??t tn? o?i|linnif ni ii<r lutluli; ot u. nt i>f liw. I htt? ?>? p'D|>li><1to >Nt, !? tail !*.? Mntrgi ney I hu? oo>? m< > <!. I) auibi ii?irg ?i tl prut* < f Ni* fotk. !)? li n. P? ? (>rU t?r I l.llad* lpb'? l oliln nit , ?ii j Ur st l, H. i . tit* }d < bt i ( ihtii jr t?o addnloiial ci-r*? I* art lltt* nil lallrra ffnai at'andaaoa upiti aanburi* Uat i n., b' r cf tnrp*?t?i*. in td?-r tlat tl>?) n i*h? a'tatid to th?lr approprlt* dat'? , aid httr dti lii>d untirg to n <|in "ta tor >lint l?i aii'Lonty (rim Ml ii |i"tU, nil) brotitfii the ?H) did lift *| paar lo l>? oi in urgn.t i < haiactrr a* to n It inj' cMblc to a?*it tha aotli > ol (JoagraM on tbt* i tibj?rt 1 I a I'abllif a rrt ofr??e?'!l??MPti dial in'a to Teiaa t4Clll(i'it)i,ii4tlt (tttilil* Mcaatliy'4 er?? iB(( n (ir *1 I of r< but Biflte nil addition t-? tha ?ip???*a ? t?i<fi>ta ltr?iit?d in ?ib to tha rat ami* *<> b? r?. MH d 1 b? praamtlta ????lea I* amalgan*'a4 by our aya t??i ?Hb tha urate* i f aoU*eti<t> Hi-ra ara t?o? 110 Pi I ftl < i dl-tilil" In lb* t mini Stafra tit thla B'liu tir It att n UtUmni at the pubila nfn-i, n. t lm?i*.p *?INi t? d an) rati dating iba put jut l hn? an . to at * b rh tt? ta?rnu?" MlnM ll m>t nfll'tan* ti d at ibi* aim at i *p??? #, ami but lilt which tha gt<#a r??ai n* nt'nd? tba ai|.a??*a li.dir 'b? ? elraumitanar*. I rubmlt tba aUimataa, L?ia?llh |>i?ttftUd (Milud (/), i t tb? ll^swai ul ?>| LD. m - - ^ TWO CENTS. letting the revenae from emton-n on the present m?I? of ?*rTire, PubmlttlDg to tbe wlidom of CooffreM tk? qur?l)< n of redaoiDR that real*, and tbe mode of eueh rufi 11 nl inn I ane.^. *? .. ??i? -? *-**?? | * " Mr* mi iur I 0|?UI fe UUpiQD VI lOklf ( (Marked T) r> ceived from collector* of the customs on th? subject lnmyjudgnieDt.no reduction isflH^fr call*. son*i?tently with the security of tb? rerre^^^Bft the ce?tri?rj, 1 hare noUonkt that tba fore? BbooIMt lB?r?iH4 1 dee/a it proper to invha the early attention of Congress to the appropriation required for the *ec,ond halt' of the current tlscal yrw. for which a separata estimate is sabinitted. (C,) as r*<|utred by the .'id Motion fifth* act ot yd March last The entire revenue from customs N*ing ?*id into tbo treasury, and remittance* made to each collector for ail the expanse* of collt otu ii. very p? nt embarrassmmt would result If the necessary appropriations were (JVlayed I nder the provisions of the 8th section of the art of I'd Mar. I) last. I present heiewltb a "*tatemeut of the amount ot money expended at each custom-house in the 1 tilled State* during the fiscal year ending the 30th Junela't and also the u ttober of person* employed, ane the occupation and sul?ry ot each pejson at each <>l lliw said custom houses during the period aforesaid," (marked I) ) It *1 I he seen, firm the statement referred to, that full oooiplauiiuU oi cttlcera tor twenty foil? revetruet ves;el* were charged upon the revenU" The number of i/ll.t:?is has Ixeii reduced to *txtee<n of *ich grade. ruuLio ok.nr. Annexed will be found table marked (K,) in compliance with ihe'^Ud section of the net ot the 29th <f fan* uarv. 1H47 containing the Information required thereby respecting the issue, redemption, purchase, aud rasala oi treasur) not< *. As r. <|uireil liy the first t-eollon of the v:t of the 10th ot Au|(Ui-t. U-lii. a statement is appended (marked K, K ) showlrg the ami unt of Treasury itotu* paid wKbin the preci dug 11 ar under the provision* of that act Mht.tn.it (H ) ihuw? the payment* into tho Treasury on aoci unt of the loan of 18?8 1 he public debt amounted on the 1st of Ootober, 1848, (gietaMy to table (O ) annelid to the last teport of my pr< decessor, to the sum of $**6,778 lot) 41. Mm e 11.ul tiuie. V1 073 76t> 7U of the debt has bueu redei u.ed ai d extinguished by tbe puruhas* of *t >ck?, , \o (if the amount thus red. eme.i aud e>rtiogui.?hi-d, .hern were?on account of the debt of the cities of the Martlet ot i i lumbla. assumed by the act ot th? With of May, 1*88 Iflu.bOO, on account of the old funded mid unluii<i> j deb'. $6 t by 6S; ot treasury no eel {-'trebiied at par aud received iu payment tor lands and custom*, $3 11>0; til militaiy bounty scrip $2)d U76; of the stock cll>4'.! (bO,7(iU; of the *tock ot 1843 I188 000; of this st. ek f I ;M8 $000(0; of the stock of 1?17. *382 500; whi.-b last was paid tor out of the land fund, aud ?ur- V cfca.ied by Hugh Maxwell Kstj , collector of New Vork, w Ith ' fee aid (kindly all rdsd) ot < VV Luwrence, hai| , the ; f.- collector of that port, whose resignation had. at ti n. time, just taken eBect, aud who had ?">i<iir?d periei.ee in similar operation*, from hiving hoi | loji d iu them hy the government in the preVit. ni See statement lieieto annexed marked (().) I : e public ileht now amounts ;>. the soul $o4,"04,tWJ | I ? I i?:h will be re dn ruable as follows: ? I'atts l the old funded and uutuaded debt on presentation. $122,735 10 Debts ot the Histiiet cities asMiai.nl by ( oDgreas. $(.?),OtO. payable annually. . . 000,000 00 Five per cent steck, per act of August, IMC redeemable 0th August. 1861. . .. 303,573 OT Five per c< ut lean of 34 Alarcb, IHil, redeemable 1st J uly. 1SM.3 8,408,131 36 Six per cent loan oi U'-d nily, 1848, rede. nahie 12th November 1808 4 680.141) 46 SIX per tterii loan ?i i:>>n tprit inii, r?ilttuulilr ill >t Dereiubar. 1842 OS Six pei cent l< an of i!Hh Jun uary. 1847, it?o?eu.aMe let iiLUM>, 1868 27,018 350 65 l)o. J? do 1 tv ?i.( 00 Six par cent loan o( 31-t Mureb, 184H,r?(Jouuble J>t July. 180H 15,740,000 00 Tiruui j Irtuad prior to 184H, payabla ou presentation, If converUti into iotr merit, under tliH act. of Janu-tty, 1 b47, M111 ba ratleeiaaUa let July, l*6i. . 141,130 31 $44,701,0M 71 war* Ann mcan*. It *111 be obecr?ea tb*t lli'-ri' IH eNlui?W a daOnik on tha I t July unit of *&8J8lil Od. and oa too 1*1 July. lfebl. of *10.647 Ott'4 7 J ; uiitkiug, In th? w't !?. an taliina'ed deficit ot *18 U76.'214 .111, to b? prondad for, arising Item the rxpau?ea uf tha *ar aud tiaaty witft Mexico In order to aid In forming an aeiimata of th* penae* <ocacl'>o? d by tb? war ?ih Mexico I hara <Jlrect? d a alati un-nt t? ba pr> paiad, which I< berato annelid, u arltrd (II). abowlUK tha axcaea of tha axpaneaa oltbaaruiy propar for tbree yeara from let \pitl li?il, to lot A pill lM'J, o?er tbo?a for tb? threa yaara luiiaadlately pncedlug; ?1"1 th* *""? < ! tha axpan-aa of tha ,N??j proper lor two and a ha.f year a fra-m (at April lMfl. to )at October 1848 crer tho?? tor tha Iwn and al.alf year* laiuiedia'aly pr<o*Ulot; The exraea of army axpiuclilutei tliue ascertained. wan *58 863.00} 41 And the noli of naty ttxpatwliturc*. . . 4 761047 u<4 Vakitg tigeth'-r. tha mm of *CJ0u*,04l 31 Tha Increase of d< bt by tha loam and treasury uot.i authorised by the acta of July 'i'l. 1MM -1Mb January, 1847, and March J.1, 184H, ?ar 49 000 000 00 The dlfTeretca between thasa ?uma, tlx. .* 14.ii*W t il 31 wa# ot c< urea paid c ut of tlu> revenue (Including b?aiceeiilet April 18411 and fctlMOM 3V premium I >u loaUH) toaaida tha extra rdjuary uiil.lary aud naval < Xp< tiM a ot tba war la addition to It*'* ex| eo>a? (without taking InUa tha calculation sundry smaller lteoi?.) tha nuiubar of tnilltaiy lar.d warrant* leeua'iia uuder tha ant of llttx leltiiaiy 1867. and the act til August 10, 1st*, la to t>a taken into c>u-i.i>iati?p. I'niW tlioaa aota, 06 171 utirMtitu tcr lto nr> it HNuti. nuJ 5 il'j i?r 4u an <-? oil. Ik? alrrady b??u i*?u?il. <.Uiiu> tu th<> au'iunlof V.Wb ba?a b?au >u>proilril "I r^ncl-J, >u4 It la ??tamat d tbat tba uumtwrcf rltimi jut to be pruKutwl *111 anioaat <a 1} LyO ataiauiaot inafk-vl (I), hoivtii limrirl ) 1 be ahull i>ui< tint of ?wrant* lnauabWi noJrr Um rt abi'ii-niHinii iini may. tb< mm*, b.t ?t 11(1 al tu Ml tu 0 nt ll>0 ? rra lanli talmjh a' >ii)i? i>aob, will iiBioiiiit to t IS MHUHH) Of oour-a until tbi'-a ?arrant* r> i?ii be >ihiunti4| a larni- proportion ol ilia r?aTHiuflti m > *1?? ol (iiililIo Irjii'li uiuat (> Ibareby <llr?rt 4. My pr<'<J*????or *?tln*at*4 tba rar<*nu? from public lat ur, lor tbr lat flei-ai j<ar, to b? at tua tnaatry It ft HOMO '1 Mtunl r?o>l|?t- ittlw trra?ury frutn that aoure*. In tba j?ar < iioii it ;i( tb Jun? 1Mb. war* jtt.Mi .? . ImrlriKlta ralrmiar )>?r? 1847 an 1 IM4S. an 1 IttfM quart* r> i f 114V ili? r? ??rt> loMlril for |>a -nt* on military h< unty I aitl "a< rarvi* 6 ?rz-> 4i>? a.T.-?. iui uumi^, It )il W |?l ail) tu lb* mi ill of $9 ill *&t?, Til ; Id )t 17, WW k*? mi?I la IMP 2 Mil aotra. i ?i I ,?KI ta? \ < I 1MV if 4WI M MIM 3 IJU 7tfu d?? atata n.?i<i u.urkad (J ) Tba raeaipt* at tba trraaury from ?a>a of public Unit* duilug lb* laai|ti)cal y?ar. nara ?!.??* V?.?w uA. It li till pioteatolv It at iiHlllliiuil -Mm ltd kt>* taan Diila t<> tba lull aatviit ot m? anuiWr f Mial |> r at?u in d> r i he a ilUa') Umni) land auruKkji I tbli.V It Biay l'? aatny ?. t.?l i?rt d thai IU> ><ar?a of iiiiik* n i) b? tafcau at b>aiI) HIMiMI. ulaMfet pait l? atw ibrl by Ibi- taint ?arra ita. a p.?r tll.,;r.O l ?l l>. ill am^ii.t . .ill i lulllg Iha |.l>>illtliwl )rW| I* to lt)? (>*ft.>lt if liiTur-t h l be l< *u (ml ir>?iir) U? 'it. i.r tfc* ??l ol Jimir) <ib. 1*47, auil ih? r?iuaiu ia i? tn lli> r?ili|iil?liiii>it ot tb* U* Li rraalai uu j?r tlia art I t-alkmala HHlKn# t>.? tunun >t ll" lOiuuo lr< in > ilinrlxl by tb* Uuit warItl'i and k? i Kill *iii*l.inai.t nl <! M. I 'til 11 g Urn la?t d-ati )?W IN.'t* ?fft | Aid, hi. IvT MI|>ul?tiOii* in ih? lint) I'll Vli u iu. i ji< ni iua?U It g In *11 la ft 1?'1 I uklK dt-M In lb* ?iunMMl if * 7 H> '.rttl (InMu I >114 Tnmii) b?>i*? r?filt?J tor im< > I iiki' '?| ? ? ?!??> I?ia K tr |>uirl i nl?Bl ii( lit* goo ill luiiii i( b* lr????f) and ! IH(U '|| d b*-ll?* Vl*i< "?") of ib? lUrk ?i| I Itinrj liil? l?'U?'l tiB<l?t tk ?rl I |i?7, |uic^tfiil (tit <1 til* liti<t litui -.njoi'i. -,1-1 H a tia'm Ill luilttd (K ) <>( ll?n MUM*. J I7 > ml Br* dtbt ootilra<.l?4 tin** tb* Miii*rbc?m-i.l <4 tl * war I k* Ulir? in Ik* tr?*i'irj on lh? 1ft Juij, 1H?, a- f2.1*4 Hi it I h* *? ! Ml* < f ?'.? * nm? ill Balaa** in lb* tr?a*ur) t<a l?t Jalj. la t? *: :?i?'l Hl I'tjlittla tit.*l?r th* (uttf 7 i.> I'J* lli r?j e>> lit* out tif(tb*ral fund on account til d*M. i 7 'iV-'il 'U L?l ?1 lUL4 UtttWd (M) U.J l*> j*??tiT>lll to 4> r and culo bar* mad- a b*ianr? In lb" tr?a kj t 'h*? , IDil Ulll II !h? lit Jill/, I*411. I'll l:Afl? ftf tb?i|? b ? ll'li?d to tb* *itrauidiaarj p rp; ?? ab*r* d?*l<. baud During lb* ?nrr?ot <l*t!*t jtar t'mra *111 ba r*.j?iiraj, i In H;i) fit. fir tb* |>a.fi'i??t ol aa tn?tai iu9t ? 1 Multti fjf4? III' aid ih? I*' 1 r*??n i? a-llioa'ait at n ?MM t ^ tf>?r ?t?>, ?biih ad<l*d to tfc? ( if. *,k| t tmof f u ? I ?? < *7, rt.ld ftaka $1* 144 (>*< Hi Ir-ru tilth dalueMtig tha una a'?d 4' firIt ? B tl lat ' Ij.lV of V *-'* 1 .'I t>4, r Mil?l lata 1**1 an atln nil4 b<tl?nro in I h? trfiutf. nm t> at ?> i>f Hi ?i6HT 01 Ail Jtbfi t'i iba* tn too* ii># iMttllirli' to Va>leo dn? *n Ivkl. < fK n. oil th* liNiN from lanrta d.ttrlid. ?*<">OOOO. ?mtli n?k4 m i? i f ?I7 676 417 Ql. Irun haa'i d-du^tm* tl * tlllt tlPd I frit nti tfcit l?t of Jul*, ll.il, >IP 147 I l 4 73 ?mld h?*ti mala >0 Wm.c? Id lli* Irtuiit). < ti thai day. of f7 WU iM'JI, I l ite |ioii* Into tbi? Jt>t?ll lor ?ba purp.Ma i>f ?hi?Irk l^?? ft)* mrw??> tf tba ronlitry ?r>?mni? that tba iit.nawd <i?flrlt ?lll I'm ?rl?*n from th? (IdU.atj Ml't'H of th* war a .1 trtaty ith >I?i|ik\ at.d tint th* Jnntly l)'?h puvin rr?dlt of tu# 1 ou.<i Matt 11 la 1 I nd?t ? ?<l l?j tlia fMt I ha . in thl* jv?ltli n ?f afltlia. a m In*a aill U r?i|utra<i I rrfrr lfc?f rl.-enw late a, I proi?n?? thai nt,>orUy ba jlttn It' "?! ? *ui!h ?n?n, I a?e?ait'nt * V'-V"J."t?>, , a* a ?) b? lo? slid t'ttllW;,ltrni t;n<a In ? -in, h? ttia iNtdil ttrcB WlnMOty not*#, on unrh t*ru.? <?f in. Iltttl (not auratdin* tit t?f o?nt ) at. I ; ^vn-n', an tl-a llf?lil??t In Vila rtlw-t tlnn *"}ll, yr*?lm> %.? tb' lt Mil iMttad, thin* At to iTilr^ Authority baa alriaty b'*w. %??*n by lh? aV. Match ijd 1Mb to ltia? at' 1 . ,*t u? %a ^cioh a>r?ra pi laud to carry Into t !T* t ia? loth ??t*c.? of tV 'rtt.tr >th Vsanien. 1 ti |.iti?lil* If iWMjVi'lt 1?t tba r.f tbn Intiala i til *hi iti *,i 1- ilu* t? VI** en ln'hn '1-cal )Mt tndij j iU|> l?4'j \u ?a.-.wr* ?*?? 1*1.1114 '' b / *