28 Aralık 1849 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Aralık 1849 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH -I NO. 5G83. Important from Hondurai and Yucatan. 9SM0NS OF TUX BRITISH GOVERNMENT?BLOCKADE OF TRT'XILLO AND OMOA, KTC. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Deo 18 ] By the arrival, on Saturday last. of the schooner Brafcoa, trom Belize, we have received the following letter from our attentiva correspondent in that place. As it contain* Intelligence of the utmost importance, we baftan to lay it before our reader*: ? Bklizk, Hondurai, No*. 27, IS 19. For a long time 1 have not been able to get light ot your valuable paper; but I am pleased to learn from a lriend residing in your city, that the fault is not with you; that you had regularlv sent me fllaa by every vutsel, as well as by the British mail packet. I perceive, by those copies which hare reached ma, that some of my communications, which have been transmitted by every departure for your port, have not been received by you Tour weekly, of October -2. oontainn an article from the New Vork Sun, the import ot which, with other information, I sent you in August last. There la something wrong somewhere, evidently. The tftic Ymk lltrald asserts that there are many causes of complaint ezixtint' in the disappearance of correspondence with that quarter. I think the evil could be remedied. If the papers of the 1'nlted States were to vigorouely uudertake its carreo* tlon. Last Aupuet, I informed you of the proceedings at the island ot ituatan. I also ntated lhat it seemed to lii) the policy of England to ley claim to that island. There in now no doubt that my surmises were correct, lor the authorities of Belize have informed the inhabitants of iluatan that it id the ueterminatlon of Great Britain to take possession of tbo island, claiming that it tn by ItH authority that the former Governor of this settlement, Colonel McDonald, took possesion of it t>tt eral years since. It is true that Col. McDonald went down there, and "while h? remained kept the English Hag flying. It Is alio true that ever since that period many Englishmen have visit)d. and some have settled, there; but does that mako it theirs, or give England a title to it? I think not. But England has further desire!) and devlgns upon the owners of that island, (the State of Honduras, C. A.) New* has arrived here that the -whole coast, from thie to the river San Juan, has already been declared under blockade .by an English sloop of war, now cruising in the bay this side ot the Cape Grades it Deos. and bv a steamer from that cape to Kail Juan. Now, gentlemen, presuming the report of the blockade is comet, can you guess what it is for f - if not, I fancy I can enlighten you. 1 give it as my opinion that the rich mahogany lands, and the equally rich dye woods, are desired by the British cutters of this settlement. For several years these woods have teen growing scarce here, and with the utmost eeouemy, and the use of free negro labor, the business has not paid the cutters They have for some time been cutting wood in the Spanish country, paying to the State of Honduras ten dollars a tree for what they cut. 'Th's courte has satisfied the Honduras government, as all vessels have com* to an eutry in the ports of Omoa or Truxillo before going on tne coast to load, thereby paying a considerable amount of money int > the treasury cf that State Recently, however, some of these vessels have attempted tc evade the payment of the usual dues exacttd by the laws of IlouUuras, by proceeding directly to the coast to load anil clear without entering in either ot tbe pirts designated. This bus, of course, aaused the reizure and d?tentUn of such vessels and their cargoes by the authorities. Kor this seizure and detention one house claims damages to the amount of $100,COO, the payment of which sum. it is rumored, has been demanded ns tbe only condition on which the blockade ean or will be raised. So much for the present difficulty between England ai d Honduras. In Guatemalajand the other ( ntral vaiericaa States, iranqulllity reigns. In V uca'an the Indians daily sus- j tain defeats Some time oijce I explained to you the j * cause of Tat s murder; and also gave you an account of the destitution OX the Indians. I have to inform you 1 now that they are anxieut to give up the contest, if they can do so with safety. I hear that the authorities 1 of this place hare ottered their mediation. Col. Krancourt. her .Vnjetty's superintendent, has gone up to Ascension Bay to confer with the Indians. Tbe Governor arrived from his Indian mission last sight, not having been able to elleot anything satisfactory. His object was to divide the State with the ! Spaniards and Indians, and then take the Indians under the protection of Kngland. and establish laws, appoint o.; cers. aud. in ?M word, to go through a se?ond edition of the Mosquito atlair. This policy, which enlightened Knglaud is pursuing to gain territory on thucontlneat. iuay be fair, may be right, may be wor- ! thy of a great and magnanimous nation, and it may uceted nay turn out to the advantage of kngland and the Indians But will our I'ncle Sam allow It' Will he quietly look on while John Bull is thus gouging our eister States' If he does. I have greatly mistaken tbe metal of the old man now in the White House. We hell see what we shall see. Our provision market is perfectly glutted. Provision* ar? selling at less than paying prices. Our prospects for Chtistinas are very gloomy. The bloekade of Truxillo and Omoa is confirmed by the airival of the schooner True Blue, of Truxillo. It is reported that the Half of Dulje and Y'azaball river ate also unjer blockale. This Is the only route from here to tbe city of Guatemala and has no con- j section whatever witfi the State of Honduras The report is probably Icoorrect. for how oould even K.ngianJ undertake to blockade these ports for wrongs committed t-y another nation ! Mi AKAOI A. fKroni the I'icayun* of ?ame .late Our last intelligence from Jamaica, briags us | Jlf wi \>i ni-ujr luipuiuiucn iv n^^>r?in iuai iuc r.uI ?flWh government baa decided on making tireytown, fu the Moajulto territory, a naval *tation mad It la aatonacfd that the ?w?w <>f war Alarm ?uJ Triuci.malre were forthwith to b? despatched thither. Time it te?mi that the Ko^iUh are determined not to be caught oil their guard, but intend to anticipate any movement which Bii||bt be made againet their myretuacy In that portion of the continent. The people if Mearagua. and tn fact ?f ether conttguoua State*, hate evinced a diapoeillon to conrt our ftlendahlp and ?>ar protectiou. ana to abandou them la auob an extr?> aity would be exceedingly ungracloua. It will he re| collected that In the late negotiation* between Nicaragua and Mr. Squier. the American < harge. It came o.it that Don loao M Ue I astro, the Governor of Coata (ilea, had placed hlmielf under the protection ot the Kngllch government, nnd waa. through hla Mlniater In London, and individually In (;oita Klca, aiding the ?ngllab in their claim* oa the San J uan river. In consequence of tbl>>, aad al*o the growing unpopularity of Caatro, a portion of the inhabitant* bad maaire*ted a deaire to obtain the protection of the I'nlted State*, and an outbreak wan daily expected. Thia ahowa the | JeeHag of the people in that region and we hope that our (Ot rroiuviii wiu qui ui-??|p"iuv mcu City lutein me. Th* IVkathkii?Pi.r.*?*it iamiiiTta*. ? Ve?terday the weather wa? deligttfbUj fin* The transition (rem tie celerity of tbe day before, waa ??rj iemarkablx Tbe tber?<m?ter on Wednesday at 7 o'clock in the morning. wan down to 9 : ycfter.lay at the lam time It wai at 2", and at 12 o'cl ck It tv aa high a? 39. A Ni!?r.rritsTn W*n d .-We arc to have a nineteenth ward ThK ( rmmoD < onncll last evening. decided upon dividing tha Twelfth ward at 8ey<-nty-ntnlb atrret, making on* half the nineteenth ward. A Ft'NBBAL Bn i..?It appoari that the whole bill for tba lunerali of Uan. "Worth, ( ol. Duncan and Maj"r | iiatee, only amount# to Yi.2H. i ? rm.ii Ci in Ai'toi^tmicht ?It feemi all appolntnenta are d?ctd?d In caucu* \<y the Common < ouncil. Yenterday. at 11 o'clock, wc knew that Kobert II. John lion had bean appointed In caucui the night before, to Hll the place of Ueorge Wblet. who only resigned laat evening hi* situation aa clerk of the Keeex Market Polloe i ourt aalary flOOO; accordingly. laat evening be wa? UDan>mau?ly a| p> tut- I in tb? Council Ha I* policeman Tiir Prrt rr ci.MntHif or ini / ?r**L*. ?W? un>ler*tand that Mr. Mar?o? U li' rock. of thin elty, U a candidate t' r that oHm, up- n tb- whij ticket Politicii Si rrm.?La?t evening oh aoctina of tba Bevantienth Ward gave it game * up per to M?HH. (ilrard 8:uyv><?aut. W. 8 Duke. anil Marvin llrewar. at th? botal corner at Hmt ttrtiuii and Second utreet, bo peraoa ta parti ?pat iu the compliment hatreddani# oftha ward, axoept ?peclaily Invite*! The Hob Jlat-ry lar '? 1 tba boBor of ao Invitation a* wall ? oiqo other great m> n \f a n?ed barilly tell our reader* that " Harry af the Wi-I JM not coma The tkraa gentWmen ta whnin the Aompllment wa? paid war* In Mtroiarntal la having the whig committee ticket for iha ward aleetad; anT John llidley who want* to get I tii* Math avenue taliway, n?'t tnnoh ratl-hlng thin ticket got up aa Indignation meeting la?t evening. in ?rd*r that ha ?d<I hi* frier, l? of the other whig nectinn give ipreMioo to their feeling' 1 h- ra-eting ?u held at the ll?rry ( la; llounp. corner of \?*nue A and Mr'* ptreet ar.d tha ?ui per party r*m>- in for th-lr rbar" of J? nur.oiatin A Strwo S'iot ?About el^ht a'cloek.on Wednetlay in l.aurena atraet. polhta olhoer Wiiaoo, of the fifteenth ward. atrui k n tha ude of the bead, with a alnoK fhot. by one of two negro** whnta he had arrafted In attempting to commit a burglary The eable burglar* made tlinlr . -cape and the white man wa* aant botna la a carrlaga. Tur DtTrn lloiar ir? Ko?tt-tmi*o Srarrr B nim ? Th?> Iadicn ? Dntrti lloiife " In forty-third ?tre*t, near Second av?nu? the re#ort of oar (Wtnan population on fiunday*. bolidaya. and all gala daya. w*? burned to the ground, at fix o'clock, yaetarday mornla* Vioi!.*wt Krrrra* ?Tha room in tha City Hall, for. nerly occupied by tbe Superior Court, waa found open on W Pancflfty muni. UJ P' HU'-UISII I uuvau, iCTiwnn eleven and tw?l?e o'clock; thraa candle* which went loft burning. Iia*in# been contained to the aockcta of th? candlt-ntlcki. Irmritt ?An ln?ane man. nam* unknown wh brought to th? FHtaenth ward *tatlon bonat, taut tra?lng, by officer McDonald. t? FiMii tr? A woman en.aged two day* alnce a* Mrfiiit by th? month Tb- nut day *ha ?a? ?o drank and to ln?olent. Mtob* Intolerable On b?tnc 1<- h?'*? I *he !., >' >d? I nth 4 wage* On 1aquTrv,lt wa* found that thin woman had praotl?ed thin plan threa time* In one month. In different famlllee la . the Hghteenth ward The remedy I* a opeolal agraamant In writing by the w?ak A 8*11 on tit Mil Ki> mmt.-AJ?bi Smith. a *eaman. fell Into tha doak, on Wedneaday eTanlng, at the foot of Montgomery street and wan reacted from drownlag bj ofltoer Hurra* F**rrt;?no A?m.?Henry Murray, ten year* af age, Wring at 37 Hamilton ?tr??t, waa yaetarday dtwaading E NE A ! ladder, which led from th? attic to the roof of ?aid hout?. from which he ?u looking at the prngreae of a | fire In the neighborhood, when be fell from the third i itory into the cellar, fracturing his left arm. Hli left AVi in lldn (Uncornnalv Fatal Accibkne.?A mtn named Smith, a tailor, he- 1 longing tn a Wuct Indiaiuan. about to start from the 1 dock on her outward voyage. yesterday, about noon, i fell frcm the mast-head. ,1 height of about fifty feet, and ! wan so d. eadfuily injured an to render hi* immediate removal to the City Hospital necessary. On examination hit) head was found to he badly fractured; and the internal injuries were of iiuch a nature a? to cause him I to throw up a large quantity of blood. When seen by the reporter, he waa In a precarious condition. StTDts Death of a Fouckmax.?Win. Hunt, for tome time past a policeman of the Oth ward, died suddenly \ esterday In the station house, by disease of the lungs. The deceased It seems, has been laboring under poor health, and unfit for duty sincn the 26th of August U-t. and yesterday, about noon, while endeavoring to get on his cot In the station house, be sunk d wn and expired. The deceased was 38 years of age. and a native of Ireland. The funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 28 Pell street, at 12 o'clock this day. The coroner held an inquest on the body; but for tome unaccountable rearon. the papers werp closeted bevond the reach ot the reporters. The deceased was a single I wan. Thk Dhownkd IIorses.?The harness on the pair of I horses drowned on Christmas night, oil one ot the Ful] ton Kerry boats, was claimed and taken away from the ; Seventh ward station bouse, by Mr. Hai? Powell, of 37 I Henry street. Brooklyn-the horses having been j washed in. at the foot of Jefferson street, with the harnesj and the tongue of the carriage attached. Target Kxl-i rsion ?The Broderick Guards, Capt. 1 rbilips. numbering thirty-two muskets, preceded by : Wallace's brass band, passed our office yesterday eveni ing. <n their return from target practice. Their gen; ticmanly appearance and soldierlike bearing attracted i universal attention ; they are truly a fine body of men. Tliey were accompanied by a large number of respectable citizens. The target bore ample testimony to the : accuracy of their aim. New York, Deo. 27, 1R49. Mr Editor?Your notice in this morning's Herald, ! of the proceedings ef the Commrn Council, says that the Committee on Fire Department reported in ' favor of disbanding Engine Company No. 42. which is a mistake, and by correcting the same you will oblige the company. Very respectfully. WARREN BI.IVKM, Foreman Engine Company 42. Common Council. or Aiuhmeu?Thuhsday, Dec. 27. ? Petition Of Charles Cook and others, for the enlargement of the ; Buttery, was referred to the special committee. Petition of the trustees of St. Joseph's Church, for two gas lights in Irontof said church. Hemonstraooe of N. U. i Bradford and others, against the enlargement of tha Battery?referred to the special committee. Hemon- I stranre t the extension ot the Batter; from rest- 1 dents of the Eleventh ward ?referred to the special committee. Remonstrance of owners and occupants of property in Varick street against railroad traekv bring 1 laid in said street?referred to special committee Tie [ petition of K. C. Webster and others, in favor of the ; enlargement of the Battery?referred to the special j committee. Petition of John Patten. C. & A. Moses." ' Abel Smith, and others, for the same object referred1 to the cane committer The remonstrance of the citi-] 1 ivnt af the Tenth ward and others, against the enlarge-] ment of the Battery?referred to the special committee t Heport ot Committee on Sewers, in favor of baildiog 1 a receivicg basin and culvert at tbe southwest corner | ol i > rand and Mulberry streets, with resolution an J or. dinance therefor- adopted. Report of the Finance Committee, in favor of paying ltichard Totten lor loi-e of boat, which sunk when engaged In taking away the ashes and rubbish of tbe aity from the foot of Rosevelt ptreet. by contract with the Corporation, was lost from an insufficient number rutin^ for it. though a majority *?i in its favor Alderman Wood opposed it atrvnuously. on tbe ground that the contractor haa mu le abundant proBt off the Corporation, and that be ought to balance thu one with tne ether Report ot tbe Committee on rolice adverse to the petition of < harlea Gardner, a policeman on the tith District, for relief; also, adverse to paying medical bill of Dr. R. S Carpenter, on the ground that the petitioner wan unable to repreaent in u naMsfactory manner the amount of hia uieoical and other bill*, uot having Ktccivru ti I'riu int'ui , tiou, iui?w nr n?u i"*co*?rfii ( from tliv a'taull, uud was now Uncharging bli duty. Adopted unanimously. He port of the Klnanca committee, concurring with ti e lJoaid of A ssistacts in granting a donation of J>-bu , to the I ye acd tar Dispentary, In Mercer etreet. *aadopted. lie port of the Committee on Street#, in favor of regulating and grading Thirty-tilth. Thirty-sixth. Thirty- | cuvecth. arid Thirth- eighth streets, between Fifth and . Sixth avenues. and also, to ret the curb aud gutter i>t? off tl .ru u wan ulopted Report of tbe Committee on Street*, is favor of regulating grading, paving, and Unguium Korty-tliird street from the Kighth avenue to Hudson river. Adopted. Alderman Wood-Have you not got* communication, Mr. rretident? Phuih *1 ? Ves ; I have a letter of resignation from (ieorge W. Iliblet. who having been elected to the office of I cunty Clark lesigns the situation of Clerk of tbe d DMltal (Emu Market) I'olice court. Alderman Woon then moved a resolution accepting tbe retignation and moving that Robert II. Johniton be appointed in hi* ftesd J he resolution was adopted. Report of tbe lommittea on tbe (ire Department. in ft tor of procuring a new alarm hell, to be placed on Centra Market. Adopted. A communication wui read from the Counsel of the j Corporation stating the decision of Judge Jouea, of tha Supreme C cuit. advene to the irjnnctlon against laying down rails in Hud?ou street Alderman Wcat said this was merely the rx pnrtf opinion of one judge It was net law. but merely an I opinion; tor there were three judges, and they all difItrrd. The crraicunlratlna a'so stated that tbe same court had decided in lavor of the Corporation, in the case of W illiam W. lljckoian against the < orporHtlon This suit had been pending lor many years, under an action of ejectment, to recover about five aores of land In Weitcbei ter county, occupied for the Croton aqueduct. | Tbe rs id court had also decided in flavor or the city the suits which had been pending since 1M2 (four in nomber), In relation to tbe tiling up of Tike slip, aud building the bulkhead thereof. This decision settles I raost Important questions In relation to tbe powers of tha Corpcrath d. and lt? ability to compel owners of pro- I perty benefitted to reimburse the city for moneys ex- ' fended Id bulkbeadn and filling up slip* Th? utrfi- > tn?ni tor OHing up UoTtrnt or illp. ?ud building tha I bulkhead thereof. ha* been raaisted by the p<nnn as sued. en the umi1 ground* M tbi>N i?um?d by Hi* pericn* asaes>ed In reference to Pike slip Tbi* decl?i< n dhpoaea of tb<?* assessment* klto. and the city treasury mill be r> iiLbursed Ihf ?mnunt? now duf ou ; both of thisa a*aek*nienta, which cannot be lea? than >25.000. Tbe communication ?n ordered to be inserted o* tbe mini.ten. nod Died Ibe following resolution, propoeed br Alderman Cum led to a King debate, in which those who opMeltt maintained that there waa t reat clang*r of the j bursting of the pipe from tapping It. and the city being deprived of a ?ui ply of water : ? Resulted. Tb?t I harle* I.<nt bare permission to tap tbe < roton water-pipe In front of hit premises on Third avenue. for stable purp<aeg ' 1 l.e resolution *?> ultimately Adopted ten toting for and At* agalnet it. The following reeolutlon ??< ne*t adopted ' R*M?lted That the i.lerk of tbe < ommon' ounoil be r*i|Ueeted to prepare the annual manual of the Com men i < unoil for the year 1*60 and tbat. when prepared, be canse the eame to be published, under h!< direction and hi pertinii n ' j Memorial i f Mra. < oi Tknmpe<'n. widow of tbe lata gallant clHcer of that name. native ot tbie city, who lout bin lite in tlia h IorIda war in 1S8A, asking thai his nan e may be placed on tbe monument prapo?-l to He er?oted in f.'reenaood cemetery Referred to th> fp><eial committee Stephen Martindale wet appointed a Commissioner of Dt ide In place of A. L. McDonald, resigned Rep< rt in lator of paring T hird avenue from Twentyeighth (Meet to forty-fourth atreet Adopted Tbe bill of John Munn. amounting to fi.MO. for e?ptusen incurred by >rd?r of the special committee of reanef uieiit rf the tunernU of (eeneral Worth Col Duncan and Major Oatee Report of ibe t ommittea on Street*. In favor of peeing the T hird avenue from Twenty.eighth street to p'orty-fonith straet. Adopted Report of tbe Committee on Road*, I* fator of open in* the l-ourlb avenue arcordlnc to law. with a reselu tl<.n to tbftt *f*ct. Inn Tbirtyaigbtb to > ifty-aigbtu | (twt. AtoMi 1 ha room lately cecupiad by tha l ow Inntitut# w?i ordered to ba approprlstad to tbf dark of the b *rd of A??iM?ut Aldfiui>B and tta<- ronimlttaa* of tbat body. . a fid lliat f HO ba ?pproprUtad for tha repair^ of tba ! room. 1 ha raport of a *paclal enmmltt?a upon tha luaatlon ! of dividing the I'Jtli ward into two making a leilt ward, waa tniHiilnl and adoptfd tha dividing Una ta run through Tlttb i treat. ImmeilUtaly ?<mtb of tha appar ( rototi Aqueduct Aldmnan Webb daniad tba au- I tbotlty fif th?' ronncll to limit tha jurladletlno of tha j aldttman and aaolntant aldmnan to ona half tba ward. Tha rldfwalk around Tomj kin* Squara wan ordarad { to b? tlaeg* d A mrmotial for* new piar at tha foot of 23d Ktraat, wai> appropriately tafarrad lha raport of tba Board of A'ai'taut Aldartnan non I concurring In tba raaolutlon of tha Board of Aldar I'll I') PI'MI IV ?HIIW >uc |uii|airu> In l??rn.| Jlr I.ererldge agalnft tha corporation far the eum of f8 222 and inteiaat, for n^nlee ?? eotinaul to that body, ?*? read and lad to aonatderabl* dl?rn*elm The Kaport of tha < ommittea of the Hoard of Aefl*tanta. remarked that It waa Mr.Cutting, theroan* 1 who defended tba raw, tbat adrlaad It* balag brought to a higher court Mr. All?i* aald the rkFr had already oo?t 918 000, and It would ml? rout about >600 morn to bava It derided by the lilghert tribunal, t Itlmately. the Hoard decided upon adhering ta Ita former action, arid tending the paper* back a/aln to the llrard of AMlatantr Tba 'inaatlon of the railroad In fllith avenue ru brought op bat a* It waa than half pnat 10 o'clock, It wan objected to hare It proceeded with especially a* aereral member" had gone away aad Alderman Iamea Kelly, an the leader of the nppr.altloa.rnneeatad to hare It poatponed. though ha had a majority praaant. Ha wanted nuthlng but flair play 1 Tba Hoard tbea adjoarned to Wcdaa*4ay next W YO 10RNING EDITION?FRIJ Supreme Coiut. Eefore Judge* JocfP hdmonda. Hurlbut and F d?vard?. Dkc. 27.?The I ourt delivered their deeuionn in the following caaea :? llvilsvn hurt Hailrna I.?Judge loaoc delivered a most volumiuour opinion in tlii* cane, which wax an applica in u idi an mjuucuon 10 roHirbiu uie m:a.-on Kiver JUilrcud Company from proceeding with their operatloDi, and to con pel them to remove so much of thu line as tbev hud alt ady laid low 11. The learned Judge commenced by stating the provisions of the aet, reading several of the factions in detail, and than proceeded to mention NituM, the crouuds of the complaint made by the plaintilts. and the answers thereto put in by the defendant* In the raufe. The first complaint in that the defendant* occupied ground which belonged to the plelatilU. either In fve or fer a term of yeara; the answer to the objection is that no land had been taken for the purpose. but that which was occupied by and belonged to tba municipal authority of the city; that tha plaintiffs have shown no title, in theinxelves, to any part of the land or aotl. It is averred that the two plaintillH. residing in Canal street, have no pretensions of claim; with respect to on* ot the other three plaintiffs, in Hudson street, It is stated that those under whom she derived had a lease prior to the grant to the Corporation, but tha co-astigaees are not parties to the complaint, and she. l>y the Urms of her acceptance, ha* extirguirhed ber light. The city authorities would be niiallv unanihrtvLd/f aUma tY.a uw..?*v? authority ef the law. mU any obstruction would be a r.uisance. punishable at the Instance of those who might | be specially grieved or damaged thereby. TheCorporation of tbe city bar*, by the aneieut charter, never ab. rogated. and still in force, tbe management and regulation of the public streets, and always have, and now are, exert ising then' powers; they prescribe the sidewalks, and direct the mode and uianner of sewerage, \o. for various purpose#, and for public and private are, and receive compensation for the use of tbe vaults under the sidewalks; it would seem that tbe legal title to tbe land and soil should reside in then. The Court i did not stop to examine tbe antagonistical allegations or claims; or whether the powers of an old or a new ! charter apply to the constitution of the case; or i whether it requires all the members of both branches of the Corporation, in order to make it effectual. These formalities apply to acts of Legislature, and tbey re- ! quire, wbatevtr ft rm tbebye-law may assume, who has a right to complain, and require the defendants to remote tbe rails. Tbe plaiutitfs cannot complain that tbe defendants are trespassers on the land; cor require that compensation should be made to them. Tbe rights ot the Corporation are tbe only.rights which may be suid to be usurped; but the Corporation imputes no wroug, : and takes no step against tbe railroad bring laid down They tacitly |>,ive their assent to the operation. The plaintiffs complain that their lots are injured, and claim compensation. and that tbe railroad company ought to be restrained until such compensation I1* made. The ri&bt of tbe defendants to lay dowu tbe lice will not protect them from the daioagesof the parties aggrieved. Tbe plaintiffs insist that they are not to wait until the loss or damn;* i) actually incurred, but that they are entitled to a protective remedy ; and tbey, thertfrre. apply for an injunction. The injury of which the plaintiffs c m plain, is tke impaired value of tbelr property, >>y the alleged Impediment of crossing the streets, and ; tbe deseitlnu til their by reason or the danger , and difficulty of access to tbem. una tbo <!* >to j tb'iiifeht-8 and their familita by the passing of tbe cars. I pin contacting alildavita. thu court are asked ti> lotm a conclusion whether the railroad in it-< occupancy Is liable to tbe objection! urged against it. or is subjected unjustly to the-e charges. The utility^ f railroads and their accommodation to tbe public at large admit of do doubt; but these considerations cannot aulln ri -e or justity any encroachments of lndi vidual rights, but tbe plaintiffs can claim no further use of tbe streets than all other citir.ens. The example of Die liarltin f ompany shows that th? use of railroads in tbe city, ifproperly guarded and regulated is com- ! patible with tbe simultaneous traffic of all other vehicles. If st me Inconveniences arise, they are not of sucb a magnitude as to induce the court to com pel the defetdants toremove the track already laid down r.r restrain them from further proceedings A nu.rb . stronger case must be presented to their View, and mora | luiuiu,*i,i ahi^rr i?- { rcvt <J l<> U'tllv ini ir ltilri! -n nr>1 be court, tbei tlore, felt con?traiued to deny tL? in junction. Judge t'dward* raid that h? and Judge Kdmnnd* agreed with the Chief Justice, and bad written their opinion*, which could he ?een with tba cleik. Jinm Conn It ?</?. William S'torf.?Motion to net tulde report o> releree denied with coeti. Hit lartl Coj anil Othm, Iipjrlltm 11. ri, 1 lart ryU'ionlun and otkirt ~-Deere* of burregate reversed, and feigned tie awarded. John H Mmrt ti. dm, /. Mracham.? Judgment of Supeiier Court ntl'rnied. with enftf. %1hraham llmt rlii ft. J. M. fllncdgood Decree at SpecIk! Se(Rlorif> referred. with roitr Siaii of CM.? i?. f'rtrit Pril.?Judgment for plaintiff, cn | )eadii>?? and proof* Joujih Iakith ii. Sawwl Slnrnt,?Judgment for defendant iu n ca?e made, with cotla. 'I hr PrufiU.rT. rrt , Shi ui <r r?. ?fnt<m It'll lit.?Judgcn nt for defendant on </?" vartontn. Jnhn J. Falmtr vt. Samurl li Smith and H'ift.? Decrea i opecm i trci amrnied. wim com. Ju'.n H. Kfilr Pi A'alAnn Utnghatt.?Judgment for defendant in bill of exception*. with roet* Tlit Mayor 4'c ?/ Ji'w 1'ork ? ?. SUphrn 1}'hitn*y.? Judgment for plalntllTi (d * cm1 made, with c?itn JqIiH I iiu/ftmhr r? llmty //iiii/nn. 4'? ?Motion to let r<i ?rt of r?fer<e* denied with coiti. / >?r id Etulflr ri. 11. k". Gatrrn, |t,? Judgment of Common !'! mn affiiined. with coeti. W'ra. A'. l>yrk~nio?i Mayor, fc., ?/ ifrw \*rk ? Jirl?;n eut for defendant on bill of xe?ptlon(; new trial refilled, with oo?t?. (wurrrl W. H^iman r?. Chat If. F. Moving.?JUtl(ueut < t Superior I omt affirmed with coati. It.iiio/ > t'.ddy.fc John Hor?i-onl, 4' ? Decr#a*f A?l*t*nt Vice I bantellor affirmed with coala. "I"""' Before I hlef I into e i >akl?y. Dtc. S7 ? i) Den/erfA v?. J.J. I . WtiUrttU.? Verdict lor defendant. Jat. N. CuM ii. f{ Havtn n*<f Olhtri.? No evid' nee Ii r tin defence beii,R offered. the jury under the direction* of the ? ourt f ui:>1 a n idiot for the plaintiff tor f.1 />/>4 fih damage* and eo*ti In the nliienoe of Judge Vanderpoel, the Chief Jultlcn ricelted the fi lloaiog verdict : ? Mt.lui?iii /'?mem/ion ? In the ca?e of f.uclu* E. FulUi-ley t*. f hk*ne keteltae, < I!. Smith nod J. B. Brii'h. the jury renderid ?t*led verdict tor the plhlntil! lor *8.760 damage*. SI Kt MI. TKKM. Before Judge Nandford. IHcli.-Smiiiirl K. Ilartutll ri John J.. Kmgtlry.? Motion to dl**f he Irjunrtlrn denied-plaintiff'* m>?ta of cppoeing to lie co*t? in the eauee. and ln*crted in the judgment therein If he recover a judgment S. 5. ?>(/? ti 't Himmon ? Derided , that proceeding* mpplnm ntary to the execution to nach defendant'* ttirp* in action, fce.. nay he commenced on the return rf the execution un*ntl*fled. without it* herlng be* n in the NheitfT* bud* ?l*ty day*, or any flxed period. Stent *ni I'ett f'nlkrnhutgS ri Merer* tnH Oihm Ordered that the d?ti i.iant* tranefer to the plaintiff* their Ii g*cy. to be ippln-u upon the judgment. Krumi/ i ?. Horrii Ordered tha'. defendant * attnr- j ney | iy Ik* IW kmMn ordered and the coat* of motion in f Te day*, or that an attachment l??u* IIioi>kI)-ii city Intelligent-*. I nit t:ie*??<.. 7 he dry-good* ar.fother merchant* In Brooklyn have mo*tliall rome Into the arrangement of cloetnt! thrlr etorie nt * o clock in the evening. ?o thet the clerk* mat have more |e1*ure for exerclte. 1mproven" nt. &.C Thl* airangimmt la a good one. and j hotild be adopted by all etorekeeper*. l ovvot Cm ^i n ?A tperlal meeting of tha Board , nlll be held to-night at file o'clock. There wan no meetlofi on ( hiietmae V.ve. for want of a quorum. Hi aaoi.4TR.? Oatng to the recent e|e?tion of A B. Hodge*. I.nj , a* Blieilff. the olBee of Harrogate which Mr. h hac' eigiied. U vacant Ao appointment I* expectid daily. fni o > Corav.?Chkm or BmtwT.-A Rim namt<l Tatrlrk Me I luney wa< brought before Ju*tlre Truman Fmith yarterday. upon a charge of bigamy. Abont two year* MkM he ?a* married by Iter. I N IllMI and In July iaet ha wai again married, to one Ann Mathewe. bv In Dt < wry tne *aid Ann being the complainant tie wae committed to an*wer 8' r??M> ( c rt.~ Before .lodge Moree. - The ca?e of FchnyUr and other* e* Joeenhi: A?hley, for recovery of a hou*e alleged to l>e held by defendant nnder a torged mortgage af f ft 000. (mentioned In yenterday'* papi-r) ?a* continued yi-*terday The <a*e for the plaintiff r>ad not olueed aad It la probable the tult will occvpy the remainder nt the term n?tlti? Affair*. A N?? Stmnii to PI.V mt?rriOiiu?i 011S11 Vnaix i < <>.-<? l>, owlar, of thia city, and St. j hen ( Kin and H. H. Hunt. of Oragnn ha>? now Id court* of FLDfttructioB ? fUawiar of 7(<4) ton* burthen, to ply t.i'tnn drf|oB and fan Kranel'ao Tb? t?m?1 I* In lh? yaid of W?ater??lt fc. McKay aa<l I* of beautiful modal. aril fc ni ?1>?- rata anlfaatrd In tba conatrurfli n. will ba ?na of tha n>o?t ?iib?t>intlal Ti-ivla at ft- built In ?hla city. Pb? la 190 f<at l->nir with 3* Im t width of baam and 1?,S faat rf.pth nf hold When fully lad' d, tha will draw but P feat of water. and l? eatable (f a< < ' mpiodatlotr with cmfntt two hnndrad ;BM?ri?ia The ira-h'nery of tha flrat character, *|th a< tibia i nRlnta, la I Itn oonatruotad by Maaara. f tillman. Alhn Ik ' o , whoa* afclll la wall known Tin I in ar 8*r?ar>iT. *i Nnaroi.a (V* ) ?WD Vlmm i ahi Hi m i t.~ Ki* a phort time daring Saturday morning, tba wind blaw a heary gala. In guata of extraordinary rlolanoe fr^m 8 K . jurtlfting an appral:enp|<.n nf di.<a>trou? c:,n i?au*n>n A? rat wa hate heard of i!' marina di*a*Ur* ; hot we are itrlered to learn that the two windmill* nf Win < Moor*, on tha ?<a*ld? of I'rltrrM Anne county , were both blown down durlrg the ?ale~ hin*e|f and Alftad Moore, (hi* *oa) hriri In cne at the tin:* and a young nan of tkaaame of rallet In the other- by whlch^a*ualty Mr M. wa? oru*hfd to death and the two y^ung men dangeroti*ly lnjur?d. Mr IV by *< n?? unacroantable m?ani had hi* thr at badly ent Mr M , **ni>r. tin about 78 year* rf **e. and a moat e*timabl>- nan W hear little worth ralatlBK of tha fleet* of tha gale la the elty It |>*ld It* re*p?nt* to the lofty *|>tre of tba eteeple of tha new Baptlut etnrch. the *rafTolding around whlah it

twirled In the ?|r like autumn leave* Fortunately, the t>c*td* fnuad their way to the grriand without d Ing any ferioa* mlachlef One of tham. we learn lit oa <ra of the front porrhea of Mr* Breahwood'a hoard lag houae brche through tha roof, and kanekad off a hall Iron the Iron railiaa balow Nnfmlk Hit. RK I 3AY, DECEMBER 28, 18 Police InUlllgtiic*. THK URI RY CASE?CONTINUATION OF TUB INi'E?TlQATION?SIXTH HAT. Before Justice Lothron. At half past 10 o'clock yesterday morning, the investigation now pending before the magistrate, against Samuel Drury and son. on the " torpedo'' charge, was further continued. Mr. Jenkins, the previous witness, wan called again to the stand. Cross.examination by Mr Clark?I think that 1 made the last erasures, in pencil and ink, in my notes; It was the day alter the interview; 1 have kept the papers sitce that time in iny pocket, and in my trunk; they were in my prcket until Monday morning last, when 1 was first examined; on looking over my papers on Monday, 1 threw them into the trunk; that was the only reason why 1 put them in the trunk; 1 oannot say at what time I exhibited my notes to Mr. Wilkes, A M. C. Smith and Crassou; I never parted with them out of my possession; ( rat sou was with me when 1 wrote the first part of my notes, and 1 think he w?.t present When 1 wrote the whole; 1 pave Mr. Wilkes, editor of the Police (lazittt, a copy of those cotes; I think It was the (Jay after the interview; 1 think I showed the notes to Mr Mttith rn the same day; 1 have read part of ray* notes over to Oue-eyed Thompson; the part I read to '1 homi son was where Drnry tells Bristol Bill" that he need not le afraid ? that he Lad Boyd an I Mills all right. Ull they conld not bold l.im two minutes, and that he could lake him by a road that he could get to his house without going through the village.and tliathu wouldibave a boy thi re to show him. and conduct him by the ltldge rtad 1 his was. I think, read to Thompson shortly after that "rat council" was published In the I'ul.cr CuztHt. It was read to Thompson In a private back loom, at the Ivy tireen public house, in Kim street, in the day time. 1 have seen Thompson sinoe that occasion more than once; I cannot tell how many times. I 1 ave sten Thompson at the Tombs, at the Ivy Green, and in the streets. Other persons have been present at such interviews. Those interviews were public. I cannot give the name* of all Mr. Andrew Nesbit. proprietor el the Ivy tireen, was one. 1 did not read the notes to One-eyed Thompson',on the request of anyone. Thompson called me in the Ivy Green, and was speaking to me about the intertlew between himself and I tuy, and the repoit in the fWr (hnlH; and I stated lo l.im I had notes of my own. and I thought. I was capable ot understanding wliat I heard myself, without beiiig Instruct! d by the Huhre (iasrttr. or anyone else. I then stated that the t'ulicr (?'azrltr report was incorrect, rr was not correct, for there were some things that I had noted were not there. Thompson asked lue what it nas ' 1 then showed him my n< tes. referring to Uiistol hill not daring to goto the village of Astoria 'I bempson replied. ' Ves. that wan right '' I told him I knew it was right That ended the private interview. W then oame out into the bar-room. Thompson then asked cie If Mr. Clark raid anything about him, or if he (Claik) intmdedto call him (Thompeou) as a witness ' lilt-re the witness stated xouie insulting allusion* made by Thompson against Mr. Clark, the counsel in this case for the defence ) These remarks were written U??n; but on the motion ol Mr. <iraham. the prosecutirg counsel, the magistrate struck the insulting portion 1 rem the recotd. After aonie further testimony, the substance ot which Las already bsen given Mr. < laik proceeded to examine the witness on the Brooklyn proceedings. The witness- continued-After Drnrv and himself "(Slated, tb. v came to tn open lot in Lolunihl* etreet; tb?-y wtntto the next about a block; Drury ?i J 'Ihcmptcn then (operated; 1 lar.t ?nw Thompson ou that day od tb? oorner of tbe etrevt ; when i arreMed l?rury. he raid. ' let ffo of me? I nui a gentleman;" I mid," I c?.uaot?ycu ere my prisoner."' Drury aid ' let ro my erm-wbat do you want!" I then raw drop Irom bi? baiid a little roll; ] bad brfld of od? band, arid Lrawu bad bold ol Uu other; I ntooped do* n aud picked up a roll of biilit; there were four bill*; I examined the bills after I gave Drury Into the cuetody of Mr. Smith; lirury replied, when I picked up the Mils.' I dou t know w but they are- I dropped tbem t< ciu? tbe ptnnlei^burt. my hatd*; Drury did not say ?b?r? be g..t tb?m. not tbat I beard; while Drury was in n>y enstody, 1 think I beard all be *uld; about three uiiLutm alter tbe arrest, Mr. Smith took hiin Into cmtody. it ?as <o the i. rm r ft WflUl ar.d 1'ineapple ntt<?ls tl.at tbe bill* lell fiom l;rury'? band; I ki'pt tb** billa in my band alter picking tliem up. until I gate Mr. Druty into tie cbnrge of Mr flmlth; Smith t)*tu told me to follow Wilkes, who across the street at tbe time; 1 crossed the street, and then unfolded the bills and lcoked at tbem; 1 went to sp?ak to H'like*. but he made a motion not to; on lookln:; at tbe roil. I found It to contain four *10 bill* on tb<- V agi* rm,k. I'.rb-tol; I arretted yout.g Drurr; One-eyed Thou piion went up with on in the couch to Onry'i) home here nij anlr J vith Mr. (Smith ?nd Mt Wilkco; j( ung Drury *** Hiifstfl on tl.e ram? day that hi* father vim; I think the 16th day of NoTeinber; when I Mrerttd young l>rury, *!h<>mp?on stood on tbtnk, I hould my about "the eighth of a mil* off ; I should jxilj,'* |t was about two o'clock in the day; tha elder iJrury wi< arrested b?twceti Band 10 o'clock; I don't know why Thmnpnon wan stationed tberu on the bank; 1 dou't know he wan stationed thorn toadviaa young l>ruiy to run away; the billi I picked up 1 gmr to Mr. Wilken in thin room; I luarked them, I don t know il the magistrate marked tli> m I did not rbow the bill* to Urniy when 1 picked tbt m up. beenuse I don't do buniL.-s that way, I was not dl*appoinl. d nor surprised when I picked up the bill*; I did not see One eyed Thompson gire the bill-, to Drury; I nmr raw liim give kini unything. The ccuit hare adjourned until half past 12 o'clock, thi* Cay. ?/? h ml emvng Ihr St oi ling (,'rnllrm-n ?Tlia F'olica rourt, for the la?t two day*, hm been crowded with a large portico of the tporting Ion of the rity. in cons*. i,ui i.ce cf a bearing going on balore luntie* Vlauntfort, respecting a charge hating beau preferred by i buries i'uaue. better known an "I'utuh ( barley," against tl>a Icll'wln- sprrtlng gentlemen charging them with keeping a gaming nousa at No. t>Ct Broadway. Among ti e CTowded ipectatcrs, waa reen lbe lowering head of Thrmai Hjer. th* champion prize fighter,accompanied ? lib frtrral cf hl1 ''pet " aaaorlfitea Tbe following If tbe teatimi uy taken b< lore tha Bi|iinrti? ? City and Cixtnty of Km- 1 ari. ?t:~< harlea l)uane b?irn July eworn and rroaa-aiaminrd, ?ay?. -That tb? ptrroua now preaent *r- the hiup I atrlak I,. Ilerne, llenry < olton, Hei.ban I ar?on?, and Ouru Hoyt refrrn'J to In tbe affidavit by nie aworn to ou tk* luib tley of December. Inatant. (ju^lli.n. Ar?lh? (talon*'nta made In (aid affidavit true? Mr Jobn <>raban>. e< unml for defendant* object to tbe <jue>tlon cu the ipoctnd that the witneea muat rive mil Ma e>tdmce verbally, in the prefence and b?arUK <.f tba paitie*. Juetlce Mount fort overruled tba objection, ai tha curre purtued by bim wna In conformity with tba atatvta. Acmr ? Yap, Hr. Cx>ti-tiamintd hy \h. J?kn (Jruham.? I am twentytbree jearn old, i wae b<'ra In the county ol Tlpperary, Ireland,I am informed. I cannot ray in what place. I baTe tarn In tbia country ainra I wa? ten year- old, I bell* va; I bare not lived all tbat time In the city of N?w \ < rk; I bar* lived in tha city o( New > ork about i.lne year*; I cane here in 1811; I !aaraed tbe train of wagon making In tbe nity of New Vnrk. with Joeepb II. Oo<d?in .No 114 Huabeth afreet and with laaai-Kord. Mo li i I- ll,nb?tli Mrn t; it if about four year* ainca I ?< 'Ufl at that trade, I vii w<rth no other pnparty when I Wft i If. than what money! had; I had ovar tn?nt)-fii? dollar#, hut I do not rrooUeet the exact amr uat. It did ?< t exc*ed fifty dollar* lii.>*tlrn M UtUrhifo your bu*in**a aince that tin* ' Answer --I haie been advl#< d by try counsel. and ballevr that tin- an w er to that qi^atlon would tend to criminal* nie. V Hate yen not lived In a grvat meaaura by gambHrg? A I *n?wcr tb* iini a* to the laat juettion >4 Have you d"n? a *ingl* <lay * work of hone*t labor within tb* laat four jear? ' A - t e*. air. aeteral. H-How many ? A I cannot any; to I dacltoe anawtring, bectuaa I don't know (J. .If tnar-y a? all T A.?1 * fir. more. 14 ? A a nan t aa twelve ? A.~-Ye* air. mora. W llo? many mora will yeu a "ear to * A I don t wlah to awear to any mora. M ()o yoti mean that ycu canuot ?wear to any mora* A. No. air 14 W hi will yon not aeaar to any mora ' A Berauae I might find a< ui? troubla in finding tha paraona I worked for. 4. 1 an jou awaar that you hava worked at hon?*t labor, thirty daya. for tha four year* laat paat * A. I don't wlah to ewear to any sore than I hara. I bare (Iran my rtaaon. <4?At what bualntaa have yon workad within tha laat fnr year*, on the twelve d?y* you h*ve named ' A. ?At different kind* olbualne**; I bate worked f >r Vr William Florence when he waa nnt wall, tending bar and ("leg to market In hla ovatar l>naineaa (4 - < an you cam* any body *l*a ? A. ?I have done a good deal of bo'lnea* fnr Mr. Matt; I have been employed by him to |>rocura botrde?a for hla bovca U - How mweh hare yon received fr?m Kloranre and llatt for the aerilee* you hnve rendered them, a* you hava stated ? A.?I hava received fifty er *lxty dollar* from Mr. - I believe, for aerk and t<>r the favora I hava d< ne him betide; I hava alao received five *lt, or aevan hundred dollar*, during the la?t two year* from Mr. i mil. una at tor t ni? < ?ti a innujana ir?m rum n I want It <(.?Dr*? Mr. riatt carry >n gambling a* part of blr bu?tiir?a? I N' fir H ? Ha?f yon nctrr r?r#l?p(l from him money, en account of money won In hU houaa T A ?No. fir. q ? Within whnt tima did yoti recalra from Mr. Klortno# tfj? fifty or ality dollara mentioned ' A ?Within the fonr yearn laat paet <4?bo yon not mak* It prmotlc* to carry l*J?d dlreT A ?No. Mr. q ?Hit* yen n*rer won money or wine, or both, by throwing loaded die* ' | luMire Mountfort adrleed th? wttaeaa. that tba anewer to tbl* queetlon might tend to (trim I Bate fiiaa ) A ? I decline to aniwer tqpt queetlon U -Hare yon erer taken any property that did aot belong to you, without the ooneent or tha owner ' A ?No, dir. W ?Waa you not diae harged fro* prlaon on tfe? aftrrnoqn you made tfcia complaint, on firing bond* la $3 000 * A.-Tw.atr. [ERA 49. Q.?Were not Mr Patrick Heme. Otcar lloyt and Matthew lloyt, the parties who matt* the complaint against you. upou which you wuj required to give these bond* ? A.?Ye*. fir Was you not. previously to making this complaint, forbidden by Mr Heme, and Mr. Tl?ru?n tlw servant man. to enter the house. No. 6t>4 Broadway A.?I ? . before giving bonds <i.?Have you not, since you made this com plaint, posted handbills abcut the street, calling that house * gambling hell ? A.?I decline answering that question. Q.? Do you know who printed the bill? A.?I saw it on the bill. U.? By Justice Mouutfort? Do you know,of your own knowledge, who printed those bill* (J ustice MountI fort ad viced the witness that he had a right to refuM to J ant-wur this question, if it may teed to criminate him ) A ?I decline answering the question, on the ground that it may tend to criminate me. Q.?Did you not have a conversation with Mr. Heme 1 before he made any oomplaii.l against you at all, in wblcb you stated to him that you were forced to annoy bim against your will, because there were a set ot men >4 behind you. who insisted on your doiug so. and would swear that he bad given you money if you did not .' A.?No. sir; I am not that kind of a man. U ?Did you not, in a conversation with Mr. Heme, before be complained against you, Hay that you were a villain lor annoying him. and that you would not do It were you not ioiced by your friends? A ? No, sir. tj.? Did you not. In any conversation with hiui. before th#t time, tell bim that you had been asked to have bills printed and posted, calling the house No. M 4 I! road way a gambling bell; and did you not exhibit to bim a wriu. n draft intend* d for the*e bills ' (Justice Mouutfort advised the witness that he was at i lioorty to dei-'tne to answur this question,if it might tmd . to criminate bim. A. ?I dicline answering that question, as it might tend to crimlnat* me. (4.?Have you not. since you made this complaint, ff nearcuud to any party or parties, and uriied them to briug suits agslnst the defendants for money alleged to have bt en lost at the house in question ? A - No. fir. Q. -Have j on been with any person Who has attempted to Induce parties to commence such suits ' A. ?No. sir. not to my knowledge. Have jc.u not beard any person try to persuade ether partita to biing suits auiin.-t the delendantx since Ibis con.plaint *ii made ' A?No, Mr; 1 don't recollect hearing any aucb thing. U ?How <lo you know that Oacar Hoyt, on the 16th ?!ay ct Dectrober. Inst , kept the Mouse No. 6?i4 broadwu.v? Do you It now any fact, of your own knowledge, that he kept that hour* on that day ' A ?I had bt en there a few iiljrtits before and Hoyt ?>? alttu-ir behind the table dealing the eanlx; I have ' aeen bliu frecjUfntly pitying the walked bill ?f the J Li u*e far the aupperc they had there, \c ; I did not fee lioyt there on that day at the bouae, for the reanon that I *ai locked up in prison, ou a charge made ug&innt im by Mr llovt Md other*. It I* in? nrw 7>, o'clock, the ca?f wai adjourned for ' a further hearing, until 3 o'clock 1*. M , 27th December, | in latit. D?> . 27 ?Q. - Where was the only place you naw .Mr. Jlryt, on the M'th Decembtr inMaut ' A - At the I'ollce I ourt at Kaaes Market How ionif before the lUth inat . was the las-t time ycu wi? In the lioute In ijuention ? A.- I>n? it two nlghta H ?V as jcm iaoide of thaf. house alter the Kriday night prevtiu*' A ? int. air, I beliere 1 waa. ? When wa* It * A.? (>ae or two night* before I waa arrrated. H Mi- yru not arretted on Monday nl*ht ? A ? I was arr-ated but tnce.and 1 belle\e that was i on '1 u* ?<iay night. l|.? What d?y waa you discharged from pria< n .' a i orneYi' u w?? on vv etinrauay eicuinn; I beli?T? it much Monday night I wan ani:ted. H,- III w Itrg wa* you in prUon ' A.?Two day*, I believe. t^.? 1>I?1 yim net iod#e In the rtation bounr on Monday nigl.t *uil was jou Ubt titlii n to tbn Kewi Market roil. * ?ifllo? I'D Tue?day morning. anil uid you not re in in prurn tlinrn until \V? dneadny evnit.g. until about MTta o'clock ' A.?I btileve 1 li;dg?4 in the nation house on Monday night, and ?ns talien to the police office on thai fallowing mi itiiUK ; I believe I rrmaim d in cuntndy there until Wt dm nlay evening. until about 7 o'clock. ?Were jou cot kept in elope cuitody thure 1 A ?I ??? in lb* cutti dy of the keeper. t<.? Wan ynu in the hou.'e in ijueation, on the Sunday nh-ht betcre the Monday night you ?u lodged iu the (laden bonne ' A ? No, ilr. U VVaa jiu inpide that hnuna an the Saturday ni^ht before the Sunday nl^ht' A ?1 believe I wac , certainly on Saturday night or Friday night. ; 1 think it wan on Saturday ni;(ht. - lio yt u know who owta that building ' Ni , air. H l?o you 1 now, of your own knowledge, whether It U Wared or not ? A So Fir H ? Do you know, of youro?n knowledge, whether UUJ irui in " A.?No. air. (j. - l id you anything of Mr. Hern*, from the Vrlday or Saturday ululit y< u wan laet tnaide of the horn, until the toilow'.nj; Tu?iUj laorolbK' when you aw him in ilic [ ofllee! AI do not recollect whether I did or not. H.? W tat i? jour beft lmpre?lon A. I don't recollect; I hate no Impreaaion at *11 at' ut tbat matter. ((. l<ld you ace Mr. < olton, fron tbat Friday or Saturday ululit until aJt?r you were dmcbarfrd from priton at tbe f>*ex market police ' A. ? I don't recollect n bet iter I did or not. y- Hare you any knowledge of your own aa to wb?tb> r tbirewa* ran.blirg or righting or eur?lng. or awearin^r at ibe hour* in <{iiertiou. on tbe Sunday and Monday Uub.idlately pretloua to your dieebarg* from pilaon ' A - I wae not there. - I'ifcreyou w?e laat forbidden ta enter thai bona* lieu j iju ina i ri'Ri n ? |Mi'r k""" * ? r?. Hllll uesirujeu Other property ' (Juitlee Monntfert mJTl?**d th? witness th?? he was nt liberty to decline sns*erlig this ijuestlOD. 11 It might tend to crimlnat? blm ) A ? I o?t line answering that i|Uestien. ?i. - l)o )?u know anjtiiing about four hundred dollars, or abf ut tbat i'in, which was stolen from tbut house si in-right in the latter part of October list when a pier glass was broken, and other property In the home IrJ?n4 ard desl f"Yed f A.?I tie* er knew ab< ut anjr rtolen money there <4 - Hare jeu not hi ard any pereoa who went to tbat b< use on that night, or was In the house with you. adHilt that he had.tr l?ew something about, a sum of money strlen ftom It' A.- N? sir. (4 ?llare not s?rn a sum of money dlrldrd tbat you knew or undented. wa? ?tul>n fr tu tbat bouse on that nlgbt ' A.- No sir. W - \ ou ha?e stated that, for tbe la>t four j<?r* jt 11 bate net been In tbe habit of carrying. or playing with. I< aded dire; bate you not been In the habit f playing with or carrying rounded dire ! (Justice Moaatfart advised the wltners that ha need not antwer this '{uestioa, If it might tend to degrada bin.) A ? I d'HIae answering for the reason tbat I do not know wbat{is meant by rounded dire (4 Hate you not been in tbe habit of carrying, and ] laying with what are called ft ul die* ' A < decline an'werlntr. 'he reason that I do not k Lew what arc railed foul die*; I am sure I never earried any. (4 - Have you not die* ab .ut you. at thia very dom> nt' A No. sir. (<.?How often h.iva yea playej dice within the last four weeks; nnd bow much bare you wan, in wlna, rh rev rr t ther property, by so doing? A. I decline answering that question. H ?Ar? )< u not In tho Uablt of carrying a *li b*rrvvclvor. to |rot?ct y< ur??if whii>* J in gaiiibllPR' A.?No, ?lr; I do not. H - Ha?? you not ru< b plitol a brut rour p?r?on at tl< t>rrifiii DiMucDt' A ?1 m. ?Ir. H ? H^foTe you tin forbidden to #ot#r th? boar* In qutnticB. baa you not thr?at*n?4 to vhoot Mr. Iloyt ?di1 Mr Tl> roan with thii plrt?l! A - No. ?lr. Did you mak? onch a thi?at with any plutoi' A ?No, *ir; to tho b?*t of my kDowl?di<<> I mad* no (?rh thraat. U. ? 1 Mil you not 'Irftw. cr threaten to draw, a piatol. in that hooM). before ytu wa? forbiU>! n owning there, or b< forr you wa? arrwtad and put uoder bond*' A.-I drcilnr HDDwariuR that <|U*?tion H ? ll??* you ???r ?ald to Mr H?n? that you would Bft Mr. ( oiton M-niftm* and " brtnu him tot**.'' or anything Ilk# that' H - I>ld y011 not My. on on* occasion. tn Vr |[?rn?. wh*n you ? ant to tbc bouaa in quaatlon. altar you had b?an not if *d not to coma thara that. you wl?h?<l you bad found Mr. ( olton tbart, or that 7011 >u a?rry 70a did not And him tbara; or aomathlBK to that alTact' A - Mr. Il?rn? aaki d ma to go a? ay, and m>t to dtv I tub hi* yama tf iilght or aoniwtbio* to that affait; hNM 'hat holiii not <ibj?rt t'< my e<>mlBff tbara, but that Mr I alton otyfrt?d, and ha waa th? tno?ay>*d man. and It waa In reply t<> what waa raid by >1r Harna that I mad* tbat remark I Mr (irahsm ohjacted totbla tiuvrr t><4n( weired. on tha groutd tl at it wa* lrr?aponal?e and lno.>mpt tant How ickeh money hart roti racalred. within the , laat four jMra for righting? A Not ne dollar. ?<.- How many peraont hare you fought with, within tha laat four y>ara? A - Kay (Br tliourand, and llekad erary OB*, too (4 ? t |>on bow many of that thousand bar* you drawn, or threatened to draw, your pkrtol' A ? I baaa netar. IB ray life, drawn a platol on a mas I want to fgbt' q.?t'poa how nany man hare you drawn, or thraat aned to draw, your platol. during tha laat four yaara' A ? I daellna anawaring that 'juaation Cr?n-??wm?l Ay Mr /Mari,-I) -Whan did you la.t V r I aril mm ?r. ...... ? ?K? ?. J ?-a I ?htn you wft* undtr *rr<?t ' 1 A I thould It tti ?#ok or to, to* probftWj t*0 we?-k?; I don't rrcotloct ???oUy. ] q < *n you n?inr tb? ?UW' L 1). TWO CENTS. A ? No, fit Q ? l'ave you posted <.1iout the city any handbill bearing the niigir oi Mr 1'arson* ' A ? 1 en, elr; 1 hm H??n iw bearing tba uimt of fUKill (Justice Mountfott ruled that thequestio* wis irrelevant and improper. on the ground that there "?h ?? proof of the handbill* beinn pouted or i>?t in oirculation pilor to the cooimtnceui-nt ?f thl? prosecu'ion ) 11.- W'l en did you tirst see one of thoie handbills' A.?Since i made thl? complaint ({.? Did vou nee in the hauJ.n of any pTson a manuscript t-ivllar in character, to the bills .-pokt-u of, b<>toie the couimeurement of this prosecution' (Justice Mountfort rultd that fhls?|uestion waslrrelevant to the subject matter ot thii complaint ) Q ? Hare you bad In your posvut-inn a written pap?r, previous to thin prosecution. upon which wi< the n*:n? of Keuhen 1'arson or Parsons. sueb paper b. ing similar in character to the bill rpnhen of? (Justice Mountfort ruled tliat this auestian was ImDro l>t-r HH tending to brini: upon trial th? Mi?r,?.?s for libel, it nil not to illicit any material tact bearing upon the caee under invest igation ) (i?Ha*e you had In your possession u written paper, previous to tlii^ prose, mien up>u which ?as the name ot Keulen Parson or Pars' n>' (Justice Mountiort ruled tills .|U<-6tion;.to be irrelevant also ) Adjourned to 10,l? o'clock, A M., thia day. I'mmt Koguf ?A boy of about ten years of nge, by the name of'I homim <'ogans, wm arrested, yesterday, by otlloer Wooldrhlrfe, on a char** of stealing ? (told watch valut (I at f.ro, the property of John Violatyre. reading st No. FT Centre street On the boy being arrested be liecanie alarmed acknowledged bin guilt, a Ml dlri cted the '.til, r to git the ? atoh in the cellar, where he bad secreted it for fear <>f detection. Ti e watch was r?co\ereJ and Justice l.othrop combitted the >c iti>;{ rogue to pus.n tor trial. Tli*utit<?l and Mudral. Bow i n ? Tin mi The Kour Mus-iueteers, or The Sequel." seruia to he a> attractive to the theatrical wi ild a< It. prej.c< f-or the 'Three < uardamen. It 01 rtsinly l? a *iry lt.tere.?';.. > pie(... so full of iucident and effect o fit af leg In it* dialogue?no humorous in It* comic |.iirtr ho rai d la its scenery and so complete and eftUrtain'i-g in its plot. that it ia impossible, ?hi 11 once a'e.l ti. hebi 1U it. to leave your seat uulii y< u have Kf.n the >rd .fit Tki? i* a good teet of any piece, and we. who arc not easily transfixed in thU manner. ha\e ii.und ourrelit -obliged to yield to th? lascinatirg enchantment of the miinlc scene. It will be repeated t t:1jlit when ?ll the 1 vera of the rich and euter'aining drain* will Litve ?n opportunity of judging frr themselves. kaoar.wiv Tmkaii k ?Guy m^nnering wa? repeated here last bight, MiiHu'hman i us'alnlog the part of Neg iVerrilles. in which character her powers are aa universally known and celebrated as the novel from which the piece is dramatized. Having so frequently noticed thin petformtnee we have nothing to add, no* no forrnt r t itression of approval to renali The utile* clieraclers ?>1 iiiW rest were rendered in a style worthy of the i-tar they aided ; and the entertainments ivern conclude l with the atree&ble bur'eUa of the " Kour Sifters.'' This eveting the beautiful and aoul stirring play of the ' l.ady of Lyons ' will he presented. Visa ( ui-huian being ihe I aullne mid.v.r.C'ouldock theCIaude Melnott*. I .v. i.mio w-.?.? i.nviu?; cirijiujj IUIS lIja^QUl| rtut establishment was literally crammed with th?s n:rct brilliant Rmemlly pretention a dazzling array of the beauty and ia*binn of the city. Tho entertalaiiicntK conimi net d * lib the daring and elegant ?cUiov?m> nt* u( the Havvl Kamlly, I.eon Ian Hi and tin little < bloMe, three year* old. on lb* ti^ht ropa. whloh war* performed amid the applauee ofa delighted au?nbly. They were tuoeeeded by a ?erle? of nntlonal character* l*tii- dance*. which paired with all their ac<-u*tniued ncori?. 'I hi- amu"en>ent( coik hided with the saw and gcr.eou* comic pantomime of" Kaoul, or the Ma<U Star," which ia realizing the oi?it unparalleled ?uuOcdii. anil witneMcd with ? ry demonstration of pleasure and delight. eliciting the most tuoiultuoua applauie of denseiy-crowdi-d house* We are kI^'1 to aea that the publii by their attendance. uiauite-t th*lr appr'hatirn of the endeavor* of Niblo to alT?td universal patihfaetion in what he undertake* He un ju*?tionabiy ilntnta unlimited patronage. To>uight, tha same performance* will he repeated. hi atc?'* Tiii'atub. - There wan a crowd*! howu at Burton'* last evening, called together to witoc** th? performance of " Dombey and Son," aud the new extiavagauxa of "Santa ( l*u?, or the ( hrtatma* Dream " " Dowbey," a? usual. iraneral satlnfac tlm. t.'aptain Ktl ard < uttla wa* an lrre?l#tlbiy e?tnl<-al a* e?er, and tha pleoa wan parformed in tha ntyla peculiar to the place Tha new . " Sautai lau*." ha? noma capital hit* In it; among other*, ft ahno'.n at the folLim exhibited in tt.e ritraraK'int projm ti ol our city Iegl?. latei?. T>?o aldermen arc per-unatal upon the na;>i and are introduced to the audience a? walking In l!r<~adway. and dlaeurainic the merUa <>f two woudarfui icnprcTfirenta about to b? propoaad. fix: th? t unn?Uin< [ ofBnadway. and tha building < f litifuniion brl4|i I front Brooklyn Height* to New York. Dancing, an4 oTrrturm by the orcbeatra. mad" up tha ioterludea. an I that m> tloie need be lo>t, while the *tage was in coar'rt ol pr?j aratinu for the second piei *, Thla theatre it I ronif'rtahly warmed by ulv?r fe ' o '? warm ?ir fur. | nacea. which illfTupe a pleasant heat throughout tha I mtlre establishment, rar.derlng It a* agreeable a* any j prirat* dwelling in the city. t Ntoiati 'a National. TiiKatat.? Tha " f'omala tiuard or, A Lad la a Wonderful l.anp." tuceeeded, lart craning the pitlimlnarjr performance of Iiuck. atone'* notle drama cf "A I>r? am at 8e*," which plot* was well peifortnrd and waa, ? f Itself. a sufficient at traction ft>r on* evening But the fflcujij burlt>?<iiii* of the "Female Unaril" l? tb? great attraction of tha I d?y. It Improve* en <v|uatntaiiee; for It l< rnnllr * Vitt-ndld, (orgeoiia, ami moat d'lightful production Iim l??t r<i?n? of all, the lantern proeranlou, ttlln all ?lio bvliold It with rapture* of admiration The order, ! Im autj. rarlrtjr ami changYH of tbt* female pro?i*?*l',n ? | th*' regularity of tha m*r> h - tLv fiia^Qlfli'onc* of tha descent frota the helghte abort* with the pr'WDM of the (inat liatn, t il the arrival of tbn Oerv balloon, ln.? altogether a wondtrful ? :fect. It will b ri>p??ti-<l til* etniing. ?Uu all tht* lorer* of tha nubliiue an t beautllul will hare an opportunity oi ??.ng for them[ eel re*. Mircnri.i.'a oi.iMria Tiir*t*r.-?An *xc?llant Mri?? of aDiuMinrtlt were perforin d yceterday atening. at tbl? mn< b friijuented theatre con-lntlug of the *omi? drama of tha 'Made Arrow,'" Mr Waleot ' local barlatta of " frank McLanghlin.'' th? mythological allagoilcal burla?t|uc of tha "Olympic Havel*. or rnui*thi-ua and Pandora," and th" tavorit* mueical (area of ; " Teggy <.r?en ' All the?e vartouii entertainment* w?r? perfr ri. rd with gr?*t ?u* c?*n an I ability, drawiug mm a in?i?tn'' and faahlooabla audience erary ?(/ n of |>>?fui* mid ratletactU-n L*at ni?ht tb!* 'nrrritr reanrt *t> crowded to ?*eae?. a* liw i.itariably the c??? all along whlrh t? entirely attributable to tb? ??l erlor capacity of Mr Mitchell a? a maria/er. and tha l.iilly of hi* excellent troupe. To-night. MiM< arllna, *hn hna e*ery night enterta!n> 1 tha audience with bar graceful dan< Ing. tafcea her banellt <>a which otridnn no lee? than four piece* are preeent'd for p*rf' nuance. ?l? " The New IUdM." the ".Magic Arrow,'' tha 1 " Tractical Man.''and tha l>urle?.jue of " Am; I.aa." trai i?* Orra* Tbl* a*enlng will be performed, for there appearance offtignorina Trnffl. Verdi'*?elel>ratei| opera ' Krnaai.'' 1 h* other principal part* will ha filled by Signera Fortl Bi natentano and .No?elll. All the lorer* rf good mutlc will be pre?e?t at thi? eMeranltv. *nl 'ha nuaierou* n Iralri r* of the fair (dgooriaa will H>feoBi? b? r In ona of her bi*?t char* .-tar* hiiitt'i Mii?nri.?. The daaelnc at thl* 'a-non* theatre of negto ueilneatorn and tinging i* 1 *|y much admired by the rialter*. 'I her* ar* two celehr?*e<l dancer* attached to the company ? one i* c*m< I ?V. Sheppard and tba ether i.e. rg-. ChrUty Alth '>?gh Mr Sheppard in decidedly ona ol tha be?t to nil dancer*. and can far eurpa" any ona wa aaar paw la e? Irlfh jig. yat there la ? inethlng vary ernc?ful In tba earrlic and *tyle i>f l.eorgei hrl ity In hi* cachnc* nd otket dance" that It wiuld ha har I to A a J Ma equal, la all tha negro band* that have aver ?pp--nr?-d In thl? country /orer. the prima d<>nna l? a great ac.inifltli n al*e hi* falettto mice i? of extr?.?rdta?rr eompaea They are all good and their performance* are extetieWely patronised 'in taturder afterao.n tbjr* will b? an aftarnocn eotin rt. RrTt-KB or Mii imh LiiiK. th<? Mtarirr '.V?Iwn that tb? ????rb parforniar on tb? harp M?Hom? U7?r?, from I'aria baa returned to tbla > It/. %ml prnpoaa* to kit# leaacn* to you?.ff la-llaa In tbl? ala^mat araonpilabmaat. ( HIV" Hoim ?lb# Panorama of tba Nil* In atlM exhibited at the abore room, la Br< Iwey Ami an ?w Ml <?t Tha *reat of thla aatab li-hmi ut If roaiuly ? wing to the activity of thw prr*rltt manager. Mr i.n?nto?d H. ia uaoaaalnK In hU et|rrl? to mak? tha amu-etnanta a? p'"a?ln?- an I aatlafaetory to the tlaltera aa any other# that at# titan is thia city The beet Taudretllee an I comla pant> mlm? gymnaatlc performance*. r >ml? >10(101 and dancing ran !> ?ltnwae*d e?<-ry aftarnoon and eranlng A'ldad to thla great at?r?rtl n .tha audl?ns* can *?e the great cutioeltlta. which ran l>? found In tbowaanda In etery room of tbia t-paaloa* and beaatlfal *IIMMMII. ClUrt-a, Aaroa Pi ?< -r ? Tba a.jocatrUo ?ol otbar parfortnanoea (Ivan at tbcampblth-atra. In Klghth atreat, ara ??ry interesting and atlraotira tociVTT Liaaaat.-Sigaor Blita, th? ?r?*l magician and tentlllcijiilat. glrca aa after anon and nine par formanee eeery day Itltti la ?ary aleeef, and Ma training of tba canary bird* la ?ery aurprialag UlnvfmanU af ladlrldnall. Han John A IJnltman Governor alaat of Mlaeltaippi, wai in Naw Orleana oa tba Kth inat. HOOWM R. King. ?f AUhtn*. h*? Wn d?UJn*d ?r? hi. mmJm tlwli g R?n?t? by >n H* Urt?d for WMhlaftoa, but tii oonp?ll*l t? rctara to hl? kono. - H U "* trt?' ?* M?WU. for th? martor of On. TkoBM HoiUad