19 Ocak 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Ocak 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.! llorthwMtrorn?r?f Kulton unit < J A IIJC UURUO.I II K 1 H K X V. J ruuruiKTOR and editor THK mu x MAMI.I , jem'9 j?rr ?*'fi ? | "*/?}? WKKKLY HlilL?LD,/?r0lrt*l<*t* ??**? Con- I pub/ltArd ??< rv Sdlh tl '*- ?' >????? per 0, as wr <?r ?? ? intor-th at.dKntlU\.?l'?*??t??*r I tHJLLAK ? KKKI.Y UKKALO. tvtry Monday 1 ?j.? r?r ??/-!,. ?1 P"- ?opM? ?? 4"'-. ^Vi#Lr.*V.<x > C9RKS8PONDLSCK, cotti* tntni ? *ptrtoii .*<?" teliciltd/rom u>i? g?url?r ?/t%? toorld; </ i??// ?? hi.-rally raid/or. \ i JVllTft'K I'ikou of unonyviaut Wf onnnot tlum rejoeiod ronimu.ivn ttona. jtl I I k l'l't.lHf mm/, ;?r it.ftK riyliont, or ia*> (.Imi ttowi'nli, If) jwsl p na, or thr pntl ijl# Ioill k <1?dort"i from thr ? < ??? rrmiltnl. Ai'VKKTISr.MKMTS, at reuiom ibl* priori ; M? j?rop ittor ho! rttoontihle for trrari in inn?M?*r<p<. 4MITSRMCNTif Til.3 KVRMNO. BOWRRY THEATRE, Bow?y.-WA!?Bsuu?n Jnw-Siiti. tuciotmiirf. BURTON'S TOKATRit. C?.*roUf? ilm?t? *T Wi?H Sfl U?l< IV OK ?hi- MOCl r* UII.V ? LAVi HMO nvlai. NATIONAL TiiEATRR, Ci?th?m Won# Ok *? rmnii Ovtku-The l*?4i.ic 1'oaitt TCIITII. OIVMr'' TWEATKT, Tun* AM ? JlkltV LIM>"Sa?*OB A*l> Hi* U All K* - Kh ANK MOLavohui. Ctl HlbTTt OFBRA HOt'SC-lTKiori A* Mi>?r?n.?r. 1 AMRBICAN HX'*lth A?.r?.>o Furuiiiucti, Ar< i triiAuon A>? Itimkc. Mt'I.dliKON Nttto CosorBN. JTIBI.O'S tARDE>-(I?/in( (' nckrt cr Eih>l'Aid ' R rv imi. \?v York, S*liii<la)', Jtnunry lit, I m ,V l, Tl?e N< tl Frttliltni'f?TAc Prospect, Id the iniil.t ol ell the agitation* and anarchy in Congress i'lid throughout the country, growing out ' of tli?- Hnii-t l i\t ry quel rion, v* e have evc ry reason to btlieve that various clique* mid coteries, i;i b.-*\rral districts of the country, ure already looking 'oi* rd to lli?* next Presidency, and making ur rangMiimii for brins?.ny forward their seven! favorites and candidates, in anticipation of that Coi flict. Li t take u view of the field. The (iiBt f fleet ot the and slavery addition will, undotil.itdly, l>e to lo dusorn?inize and disunte the ! Southern and I^orthern sections of the two gr^at | i>ati? nul t arties, whms and democrats. For the , art tw?nty-five years, these two pMT>s, us the , )>ositive and negative forces i.i?leetricity, have governed this country under the limit iMous of the constitution. The H^it.itkon if tin- - lavery qu-sion, growing out of :hc annexation of N"v Mexi- I Co biid Califoriii , has already p.utully btok-u up the organization of these p- itirs?, und the best evidence of such a stute of things iniy be been in the anarchy whtch h-is rewned i:i Congress sine* the commeacrn ent of tn- pre ent -< 'ion A dissolulon of the Union is threat ned in various quarters, by the leader# of the North is w II as tlio.ie of the South; but the first dissolution that will take place will 1 e the disorganization of those two pirtie^, i.nd ilie advent of a cor.dict, similar to that which took plnce in this country b? twren 1MJ0 and 182-1, *hen a number of candidates, in different sector* of the lTnirn, ran lor the Presidency, and 1 an election was afterwards lud by the House of i Jiepr^ en' tivee, in favor of John Quincy Adams. There can be no doubt, we think, of the pluloso* I jhicul accuracy of these views, on the present 1 condition ri parties throughout ihe country, and of the result of the auti-*lavety agitation in the : next Presidential election In fact, parties are i now disorganized, and, according to all appearance!, the anti-slavery question, trow the position ! iifM iiied by (^enerul Taylor's administration on the policy ol organizing new tenitories, will continue more and more to demoralize aud break up j inr I'UKi i>&rur? n? r* u?iurr in rmnf-ncf, ana cm- ' dually bring hb<ut n R>*n? ral tcramble for the I're- ! *id<ncy, binong ull the best dements and candi- | dale* in the country, hi this portion of tliiii^r?v J ?? may gi>e the following i. forming the iiggre- j gate li>~t of Presidential candidates for the year 1S52, according to th> ir o!d nonit at Uture:? Vim* /aft. fiti Sviltri. H <iiti. John i . i . Ih ui, *?r?tn V?n Uyr. a, C.rn. T?yl .t, Tt...r U U atoll. !> ? t Ad?m?, >rHt, Mam Uuiitl' ii, Wm. It. P? ??r>l. II<p?ry Jii< o Ractun, H'Imi 'I Dta'i Htwcr, (it< M ltallM. DmUi, Wu, tl Jrwtnl, Uii W?-tll>atjr, (uit -k-i?<,) ?i>bi> V. CiAjrtoa. (liwtll It "tl. Co r?? It* BID*. 1<B. (lornt. lkfii?fc(?noji* terellif n N?w > ork ) This, we believf, contain* a fill and com; Irte I *t cf all the dUtiuuuirhed men and statesmen I that, u|> to this time, have been thought of iq con- i n? cti? n with the n?xi Pre-iJen- y, and who, perhaps, will gnth?* more ,'nd m<>re *Tren^t*? in various section* of the couo'ry, until the conflict open*. I Todiacuf* the merits mid q talifi ttion* of these great imm< a, from the hi^ea! white t* th,- lowest i coIoti d| from ( lay, or t'lilhoun, or Webater, down 10 I'oughts, or Downing, or reward, would take up I inure time and room tli ii we CHiiutliud in 'he corn* pros of i-.n article; bu' there is plenty r>t time, ?n | ' space, and caper, and ink, and reader.*, for tin* par* |io?e, daring the next two or three year*. On?- singular t?i t, however, on looking over ihe?e names, n ema to have l>een developed during the c*pe- ! rienre of the last few m niths in public atfur* ? The adoration of military talent, and the jfenertl impulae to fil' the White House w.th mere military gtuiu*, seem to have abated tnich among th.* v*- | rious dame* of the people during the li?t few nvnths, ai<d more particular!) r uce the electricity ? f the atinosph* re haahern rendered subservient I y Morse's genius to the pprr?d ol intelligence and liliht throughout the Utid The a?nie destiny await* that k .nd of talent whi< h i? full of intrigue, fine*?e, j trickery, deception, and duplicity of a?peet and purioae, fometunri fhowipg rn?* face to the V>rth and another to the Pouth. Nomination* proceed idc from caucus-* uni. roirraiins *hambl?*a or laughter houaee, hare, therefore, fallen into th* , t<me disrepute which i* rabidly Mliaj away the popularity of mere military g? wu* and talent. Tho ttuUi ia, we verily believe, judging from the color and a*pert ol the time*, and the spread of high intellect along the electric wire* ol the national e*latence, that the American people, in the next gr^at conflict, w ill look on t<niu? and talent, axl origt* nality and power, ai d energy, and h _fi *tat> ttnan- , fhip, aa the prim ipal qualification* f??r the high -at oftice in the world-the occupancy < f the plain, , chaate and flaMic Whit' ll?<u-e nt Waahi.igton I If iheae hop*a or prediction*, aa you ckooae, I ahould turn out correct, who, nm ?g the lut i which we bave nad(, powH th?*e mighty and t great qualification* ! 1 Their namea are imprinted on the ag-\ written 1 On th?- i i'arta of the people, and belong to n<> } ir- ( ticular f?cti<>n or party of the day. Tho*e nam-a ( are, Henry Clay, of Kentucky; Panifl Webnfep , of Maaaachu*eita; John Calhoun, of Nvath , ( arolina, and TUomaa II. Kenton, of Miaaonri. i If the admirer* of th?ae great and powerful atatea- t men, who have reached thr highe*t point of p*. 1 tellectual ureatne**, lo a|| local i part.f* and little ari*tocr?cie?, ahould be taken ? op by their ?e*?ral admirer* in -very aertloa of the p country, they will nil nin f? r the I n., on '' their own great and unch ?nir-al>le merit*; fl the Jlouae of RepreaentMivn to be elected n, tt " year will have the di*tinguif>hed honor of aelertng the one that may l>e moat nit ible t..r th? ag* ?nd f the period in whu h *e live MYh en h a c >n'-?t i before na, the aati*alavery aeit >ti< n m>iv t>. ?r:t r(| ] calmly ami peaceabl jr. while the groa* corrupt ion , and n iaerable intrigue* which ha\e character)? d the hi?tory and conduct of the old faction* of the day, may be rear mbe red only to be e*> crated by all partiea aad the whole prople at larf. We adviae the original frienda an't admirera i f cach of iheae great m?n, 1a every Plate, to orja ] ize at once,and begin the movement. ea<h on their <wn hcoli?firet by private correep mdence and crncert? then to be gradually opeutd upon ih?l i.fclic aa tim* and ? pportunity a(Vr. A a vipwp* ?a? ma4e ra*?nt;y tc k!< np tk- p ?'? at? yathiara Kj by plaoiag a u>rp~4o m4>i a *ia|e?, ari tipi iia| (I. : f\[ Edition Against Ct-ba?Great Nrwv?Mr. bubble Brooke, member of Congress, and editor :>! a journal here, makes a great fuss about certain aewf, which he has telegraphed exclusively from Washington to this city, slating tkat another expedition is being started agaiast C uba, that vast sums of money have beea raised to revolutionise ihat island, that munitions of war and plenty of tnur nir 1/^-1111; uuiioviru, auu uiai an iucbc meats will be conducted strictly according to th>* laws' of the t nited States, with the positive pur po?e of accomplishing a revolution in the iiland of Cuba, and its ultimate annexation to the United Stales. All this news was given several weeks ago^ ch illy and above board, in the columns of the Hi raid, o\er the names of Spanish gentlemen, who are ut the head of the movement. They issued an honest, bold and open proHunriament?, for the l urjose of commencing a series of operations strictly lfgul under American laws, for the express purpose of revolutionizing ihe island of Cuba, at 8^ curly n d?y as possible. They have their h<'jdnunitt-rs, uot i nly at one ol the hotels in Washin^;ton, but also at one of the hotels in this city, and in ? vety principal city in the Southern Hnd Southwestern Mutes. They have money in abundance, nnd they w ill have arms and munitions at the proper time in equal abundance. In this movement ! 'hey intend to conduct themselves with so much legu'arity jud order, Mb to prevent Congress or any one of the cabinet from K-ixiug on opportunity to issue hi.y more proclamations. The Southern j States *nd all the le ading men of that sec- j tion of I he country, Woth in nnd out of C"iigrt F.^,5 or ia the Slate legislatures, are in favor of the movement. Volunteer com.unies will Le oi;rinizfd by many of the Southern States, apparently for th- purpose of protecting iheir own interests uuder the constitution, in opposition to tli?? Northern anti-slavery agitation; hut in fuel and in r> ;l<ty destined, when tilings Ii.i\< reucht'il a < < Main criai*, to aid uud us-w in bringing about u rt volution in Cubi, and .1 riim.lir movement in ihe Northern provinces of Mexico. Tiiere is a (ietermui'd i> irp?.-? in l!\- South, thit New Mexico, nor California, uor any other State, ?hall ever be admitted into this Union, with the autislavery restriction, unless there be a sirmUr adini-sion nfCuba or a portion of Mexico, tokaep up th" balance ur:dtr the con-tituu m, between the difl'eri nt tections cf the confederacy. ThI <'|inhir wed Initiative movements in the North, in favor ol both lunicitn annexation and ihe <in\alavery r< strictioa, an* only now for the fir.-t time 0| t n : g rlie ? >< ? of the South to their best policy, in the prevent crisis of thing*; and the peranns a ho have org mixed movem* nt; in i ivor of a revolution hi Cubn, and in the Northern province of Mexico, will rtctive su< ii strength and RH.-i?tnnce frern the South as will entirely paralyze and d.stirni the government from taking uny such proceedings as were undertaken last summer in the proclamation ugaitbt the Cuban revolutionists This, we believe, is the correct state of th" matter. In?? r? Mlnp Opern !%i ??A> < !her HI of or Kwt?t? Kipfrtdl-nui Muretzrk Ktul Nat Willi*. The true (Utility aci qtiiat which bare iippKvntly charac'.triivd th* Oprramo>?mfnt? Jurto( th- pr*n?ut | ?<*ron hn?? b?*n w? ur<]frRtan1. much mor* apj>?r*Bt th?u r-'al ScTvrikl luJicatloLS have b?n thrown cut. of 1st*, tbat tb?-re i* so ?"?rthqu?ke hrrwin < *n ftinilr Id pif puTfctiAn-- another ti'Mcnable riot of ?i>m? klbd or other erntt?tej upm bupiik th? faJhtouaMa rack* cf the Optra circle* up town em Cranio,; lajt?<. lorrr*. leun*' re lumpklnx and bumpkins lnc>rrob>- j ration of thi? Idea. we find iu * fa-lji'>oable ?itemporuji ?f Will itri'rt, yesterday, th? foil 'win* very rurtour ard remarkable card froui Max MareUak, tbtf S ara?-i-r in rMerence to N. P. WillU:? T?? I lie I'uttllc. Mo M * 11 t /11, havir| rrrtuMllit anneaed U t'tr fr"m Mr. A. f kmn. cNliwn it UliiUU expr??? in?ratcli.l thaa^e 14 I'm r*ti V"Ti???r (wr bl | >4 lu'tntr l* tc*ard? hiuiMlt kuj the artittri a?urralir of tba Italiai. Optra iij |>ulh-ln tie tauie for the teneUtof tUe r<i4rr< of the llrmr .lovrn-il. II e iit?|tr?|.U letter can be >e?a at the bax #f t!io 0|tr? It. u*n?k prom *. r. wn.t it t > max MARi:r/KK. liKi tir -*) KIMII b*? Hi < id*utallv l>urtu ar my allien tcktl. fcti.i if i tue ?aei? tarda. and I Hunt b?( tue favor ot a i ' w t-t.r, cf wtith 1 will t?( e belter ear*. I III I* >o? ui.4i t laud my o atntral iatr >4u. >n r f a litt'e "hino ( nli|eMa(UHllitttteuMMei "allt in all tl ? ti(r i??>|i|<r? Tl' intlic if thu Ian a>t l.ae t' ii r? * I ifb ai ?/| | raix d. I am ton arm a l<-ver "f t '>r?tr, U?iT>r, n t ?'> le trad\ to ".."n r tu Ikt retmt," , Ji.t a> 11. n. 111> w n item n the otl *r way. no Ud;, Js. 1*. WILLI i. V. Vabktxbk. 1 hi flrrunj-tnri .? which broi'ebt abvjt thU ?io? gular biul. tin from tb-* exe?llent nanager of the <11?ra. are rather cb-curelj l.lotei at, ?e un J'mlaad, : in nut fa?hi oaUe elrcU* It will be our duty to lilt I th? tell a little. aDd let in mm? lUht on the matter. I It If rrry will known that fi r soma tim>- ptit thert? ' be- b?? u great < |-| Mtlou t > Max Maretaek c.uitug It j I* ?upi'f>?i d, frota Brnedettl and oth< r Italian* Inoon- I (equeure of kit* ouiltliiitr tbtui In lilt programme of eu. ?-a?<> in-i.ta duilng the |irweiit *i>a?on Wt thia It entirely nr.ralli'd lor. bi-ea' f" n?U?ow. fr>m iery$i>:id authority, tl at. left re Malrtiek aent t i Knrope to eo( Kitkt |ir(f?lit /nm/r, lm mada wry lib' ral o:fer? to B?aed?-ttl and the other Italiao arti. t* th?n la Iblt rriuntn mhlrh mtrtt Ii11? i.r nut Kfn.-ntufl >f tlm time thereby r?nip- lliog tue to b* iur? of 1 atlrf h n.r mti?t< to I'OBimrur* th* f ?< u with Beii'drtti ir.il hi* ?wo?lttt> iliJ u< t to Mailxj, >< t*i-j 'liter.ded Tiny ft, D il fcrr*. fr lMtnun (?t tap a llval Ofara' at Mkln'f, tut, we b ii?r?. tlut tar with.at auy In tb* Meantime, M*ret*ek* t>r? of lieitiirra Fort I and ot'ier* mil * nt in#*!* their appearand. an 1 . ?er In-* th*!? Niml J> but* there In* beet twetil luliurnce at work jo certain <,iiarl>i( t<> hr?-aV up tb-lr er>f*cein? nt a-jJ re*tre t< ter their ) fade, Imidettl and bin Italian a<* *. ciat.?. TL* | rtaclpal organ or wilter rf thi* eurl >ut at.d aniufl?K nitrui'ht to oar op*ra circle*. ha* keea the 7/ nt' Jinttal ?? ) V r. Willi*, who h*? *et up tJ l? thf nelurlit Na|>i>lt< n of prima donn* aij pan a'm lie ba* taken uni- r hi* p "t-eti > Brail-ttl e J other Italian*. In order to ?*' up an <->pp m?u| >n to II* rtu< ea r i d ber i e*' ci .t< * V tein* th? h r-n?h party Thu* ?? n e that the fate* bate been rwr?tlj worklpg t< rr*ate two parti**. ou? enlied the Krench pirty a J the i tb?r the Italian; and in n-e jnerc* of thi* iol j Dce. a *r*at u ir.r untUa*ant Utile *<nt- b*T? taken |.1ar? re<-a*lo?ally, m metine* In lb* crct?*tra fon*. tint* in tb? ?k"tn*. ani a-Dirtim?< a< are ?e#, la the column* < f the public journal* On the. appeaanr-e rf Pertncea in \rna H. leu* there wa< a ?li te Md party made up, not exactly to drive her fr,>m t*># *ta<e ii It Macready. but to withhold from her th? applai-e which *he de?rT??d. In rrd?r to mortify brr and m?ka >. r War* ib* theatre < l< ar f< r th? lulia i* Nat Wi|. I* It *?* wa* tho ht-ad anJ or/an of thi* fumy Rutement. lb* purp-** of which I* to depri-clat* Ber I'icca end Kcrti ai.d fore* on Mareti-k Uec letti an 1 II * ntkrr lul'anr, wh*tb?r b* could alt r J to pay t ?o t. i pri rr int. Yar?'i?k ho?'??r U * t*ry kitful pian. *r<i p S?M| a RT**t t.nnr r^curr**. b*riua? ourk t?l*nt. If t) a t ?o f p< ra (irtlfl, t'n Italian* < n the en* Mil* an I h? Frrnrh on tfc# ?tb?r, Biaan to gat row r#-al a?b < cahl* ftrt wa hop th?y will not eaka arrang*- i witbth* Major t > kMj> thv paM* f t b? i?? rt y .i. kiIfi> 1 g*n*ral. nor rboald th?y call ca l?r j r?lw?iga Km ploy <J*n*ral <?*??rga P Morrti. who I ti 1 <ju ?t any <? ??/? (hat may tak* p'ae* In th* f??h J r.oali* eliclra. by tb* k >o> 1 humor*.! of hli oent*r>ai??*. with' ut tb* ?fTii ton of arn in'-r* t*rl w IquiJ than faw gla?'*? of g?narou? chami ajii* Bui ??t lat> hat* a r?al whit* bUI faahioaaWa riot, and ta b?w It work* am- c* thi ari?t<*raey. Ilrnohlyn City lnUlllc*n?f. A?r?-i r> a (iai*n l.iirm I'Wwr 1 Brown ar *?ta |a won an cam?<1 foanna t'<-o?*r. r'targaj with i' a ;tiig fti m tha hou?a of Jam?? H B'irton on tha I't' taMaat, a ohaal an I four dr*???* worth ltnf*thar -i riBU 0?"0 "i'?m i? ??' ? >? / ' xaiiiitiatirn ?UH?k? tr d*y i I . ? amm < < ?? w?i<n? r?t?r I ?naiib< r? let >i< t.it( i nun>H?r of ?llt?r ?oJ *<i?fttity ? tnl r|Mhln? worth In ftll ?l '< * 1 * rf ?H??> Huk-n |i? ?w ? miti ll'J for #i?mi KMMt I Hit !.?? *%* \ II,m,j ni;*Vth entry , ? ? *rr?ft*il by "fllrtr W.M>. f,r .t?ahn* ft ?U<?? of 1 A'pft?tft ?<rth ?i <f n H WWUr k ??, No. n 11H' ? ??r??t 8h. ??i *n? I *.S p?n th? fln? m l i ? * <tl#ct.fti*?4. Ttt* r?*?t - Jn.lj? QflrnvonJ Th? Crt nlnftl 1 ? Mrt * ? h??n ?'lyi urn- J m l th? Jnror* lUfVftrw-4 I Tk? r??rt I* H?ftj? np?>n lor etrtl b<i*t*?a? fei h ? ' offtt. ? B?fr? lattlr* rrnnan Smith Th? ?lt*<nitton rf Mill W altar* an I NiM? thr.o of th? bur* ftr? that rtot? ftrt'rlrt front t h? uhlp I mHim >g| r? I j> n k Half ?a'a coockv J ???*? Jay. fttiil ih'j *?r? commited for trial. TLLKGKAfHIC IKTMLltkNCE. Humwiry. There was no business transacted in Congress yesterday, the Senate not being in session, and the House still frittering away the time in attempts to complete its organization. The officers yet to be elected are a Doorkeeper and Postmaster. In the Legislature, the great bulk of the business ! is in a primary stage; a great number of bills, l<etiiIons, memorials, Arc., were presented yesterdr.y, for the details of which we refer to our despatches. In the House of Assembly, the resolutions of Mr. Deun, in reference to the Hungarian exiles, presented some time ago, Mere brought up, and with the amendment offered by Mr. Fiske, furnished bn amusing interlude to the otherwise heavy business ?>f the body. Hy a despatch which will be found below, it will be seen that the Senate of Ohio are still engaged in the consider.ition of the contested seat in tint body, for Hamilton county. Kvent* In llie Capitol. Ot'R SPECIAL TELIOHAI'HIC CORrtKsroNDENCE. Wa?HI*UTO* Citt, > Friday Kvering, Jan. 18,1850. J We rn;ret to lt-arn that Mr t nlh^un was attacked with pneumonia on Wednesday night, and is 'till sick, at bin lodniDfcg Thisevwnin^ he ha.' a very high ferer lie hts n?\er completely r covered from his ntt*ek> )a.?t winter though of la'e hi- heulth had been b tt#r. In the Ilno'e. to-day, tb? Kit-stage from Gen. Taj lor, j on the Tt-iritoTies. and tlieerrrespoud. noeennuiuuica : t?d lie on the i>'peu\ei> tubie, filled up. Tll? reading cf the BfS?? 'e is tup?rsrded by the elei tiou i f a Doer keej-<r. An at t < nipt wan maae to get in; it tan mr>rnlug but tke reiobed that a new Doorkeeper ?a> * mere important object than tLerrmmuaicati >u? from President All legtrlatlnn i.? (u?ptndej, ami the ?a'. fy tif the 1 Lion new depends on the election of u Doorkeeper. 'I be Solicitor of tbeTrt a*urv irabsent, in Ne<r York, I on bueintti connected with the Wetmoie case 'J'be New A ork appointment* are in the hands of the 1 5?nute committed, tr.d * ill lift probably be acted upon for some daje. Allen A. Hall. Iat? Itefirter, b?.? beeu appoluted As- ( tidtant Secietary of the Treasury It i* rumored that a I'mni<jIranian is to b? appointed : Kejister. in place of Mr. Kail. Tlllftl 1'-FIRST CONVllKll. yiHST ttSaiuM. Iiuiiit of ltiprraiiitiillvtii Wt?HiF?(.ran, January 15,1SJM). from tub rusmur, Tti- Houte opened it* (etnicn f.? usual. Mr. In?.i under>trrd that there was a corntnuaicatlon on the table from the Presid-nt, in reply t> a reso. j luticn calling upon him for information of the actio* of tie goveri m< ut in relation to California affair*. Tfce SrtAKKR paid there were two communications on the table, hut tLeir character had not been aaeertained by him. Mr. Iii.r asked that, by gem ral oaserit, they be I ?*? ?'? <?v>. Mr. < ii*<.Mi* chjteted lie wanted to k?ow their cbaiactrr Cret. Mr ! ?.?<? Ki>r. moved to pout pone the election of Dioikrrpfr till to nitric*. to grt at the oummuiViti<ne Nit agreed to S'Tenl ?|?x**tio?ii> wereaiked md annwered nod motlcu* marie *itb a ?lt*w to get at the comaiUDLi atioos; but tbe gent ml c n-a-nt na> not allowed. Hum tirOITI To MKT * I Hk HI inn. llr Cii i call*d for the esecullou of tbu ord*r for tba lection < f Drokarfer. Air MiLim. ?-av? notice that lie would call fjeutlemm to ordtr. It ibt-y now Jul around th* ('tork'a deik ?title tin rai. ea w ri< bring called I'? bcyad it would ?ot he irpra'.td 'Ibe Sriuiii requtrted gentlemen tn kerp thMr p'act r and to keep trow taUiLg to enable the UU.r? to Lear ttep' t?e? N? i..lt;ii.atii.c wtre then mad* Mr ?n-?i?? naued Mr Tof'a. acd mM that if h* rouidnolhr tltctid be would change bia Tbta for any ilfout ii all i 'I he ?Uctl<n was then procfedad with. Maura. Ta- k*r ao'l elhera were witbdrmrn, a?d Waller. Tuft*, Wright. William D?wart, of Indiana, and William Kliiia, af Indiana, nomina'ed. rnjT an i OT. ?.? ? l>< aaet 54 Waller tl Wright 21 lluTtitr # Minn 'X Tutta 14 Haath 4 Nerc-raij to a i b Ice. i Be hundred at>d fire. c >.um < oli- and Kllnu wen- then ?ithdra?n. a rial ?ill lug inn bihi IiiiIwImIIj, j < Air Uui k ni' ved to postpone th. election till th? ,r"r n ?rc re?i n ??? ne^mn.a 'I hr Mruff iftrj Ulcr mnr? (>d ibr l?.-t b*U?>t. 1 hi id (whig) ri'crW# J 61. ?qi1 ? L M?l?r. if <>hl\ (tfru.o.r?t) 104- only oaa # t; ? t? ?ctf r*<ttitr?d to elect liiin. n r Htimii agaia mood to poetpon* the election '' t.. ''?reta J \ r?1 it n? were trail* to adjorrn; n call of th" Houne, j l'<lt)tVi ti I d?5? wht taken ?x th* 1u-Uuce of au<l so adjotir um?ut St*ll> took place. * SKW VOKli LtBOlSLiATt'UK. I Jjiu lS.lioO. K?nnl*. ' niiMMiiT or t411.0. * Mr. Moan** pr*#*nt<d a memorial of th# Board of ' hai'< rtleoi* tf th# city ind cotclj i f Nt* York. a>k ' in a for tli* ?f U iittt'>mlM a;jd nmrri'l th# 1 rxlitltg la? r f latl*# to th# a"*?rmeot of taiiM la t'n citj c-f New Iti k. It wa# referred to a Mlect commit- ^ t< eoDtiaiici; bf broatuiii W lUlarui, Ue.kuiau au ! . CrolJaa T! e r?>?n I M laid before the Seaata th* anri>ul rail rtcfth* am- ?' Lank fxtaiiiigi. Inthi tltj of New I >rk. nut* t Mr Cooa introduced a bill to provide that th* rat* rl dlreount at which th* bank a<>te* of th* country ' fcTtirn of the Ftate tl a.l be r?'1e*iued In New York a d All'hry. -1 #11 l ? ene-nutrer jer cea' th*pre?(.t ' rat* beiny on*-hill. f M r V> n 11??? ti.tr> diired a Mil to reti#* all th* la>* r>latirg id lb* o0>v < f liaib< r Va?t*r for the port* <>( | New Yolk and Brc tl;i at .1 fttlii tb* rate < f <l<D>atirn at fl. ii-t?nd ft $1 6u p*r toa. and th* f?* I r arbttra'" t> to be ?1 Mr. R<a<' <i. lofn duerd a bill t t allow the Attica a-i I II ru' llMiiie > allnad t a.;aij further time la wli ?b to ci.tr their road Mr in totlrr. Ittn JiKfd l hi!l to no (Iff U the ?ll?ttr( ln? In Mlni-n to costraota on 1 nan* ? Surh Iran i r the term of month*, u t to be TilJ. kjM i'B rf the ra'e of iulaweat or diacount 0 taker; but in c??? ot pull braufht no more than ibf tl prfteipal and ?nrB|Hci?t iMer?-t al.ali be re,- )rer?l I he )a? ii t to aipijr wt n !> I?u ta *i>eured by *nr Kiant ct?rf ?r It 11 n hrnvra of tml eatnte n< r toe T y Ii Ah vi Ulieount bj an; l.aok ut banking Mavcla- i ti.n *?ir itnUtt. Vr. Own pare notice ?<f a bill In relation to tha " roue rf the Krle I'.ailr ad through Aliefh^nj. (. att?. tl raWkiu* ar.d < haiitau.)iie eoont|?* The Mil rnn'mitiR the charter of the village of Ai- ,r lata ?? | Kff?d. j,i miii tn orrn i On irotion of Mr liniMi, nil the paper* before the P'ra'e hailcg retermea to the f?e? of tni- Health oil err if Ntw lirk ?er? referred to the (oaimitUe on tl r tunteree and Nml,~nti"i 1 III < Mi l iii On motion of Mr. Rom %*ny a rrto]?M"? wa? adapted *< re<jt.< Ming thotioTemor t.- e inniuntrate autli Infor* teetl'n at may be in bi? p"?*e?*tun. relatlra to tha t, rati-pee i f tl.e Aetitic ehrl?ra. 'I h ijnert'on ?a? th> n taken on tha report made by () a I nan n llfaa At. L ita r i>aa f? ^ .tn liit killflif lhat Km S.r?t. do not *aiir#? to U ti ll I aalntt f iO (K<0 fro? th? rapital ol tba rt inmrn >rbo 4 Kami, to a I'lank l<<?<| i im|?i.y in Si ln<r ?r<- loualy ; aol It waa t? d> riOf'J !> ? to agr*? to tba ? ^ort by a vota of 15 to 1*. , Mr Bimn laid *n the tab,* a motion I j raa< npiUar tfc* ?o|?. irriiMrt ?r tni tm n, Tli* ?n:n'* d< t?rmtri?d ? r'lrr tb? l oih i f I'moIIc* t I klmt c ii.B?l'ta?, fomi#tlnji of th* idMMI 1 on iti It nr.) I ro*' ltd MUtoa, w.ih (inirvr to Ifiaita bvfoti- tl ?tn Ihr ' < m jil?alon#t? and any oth?r parroaa that tbay may <l?am npadiaut ' . di Aia?mblf. l( Tha following p?tltton* w*rar?ad anl rafarr?<l r? (^ V t Mtntiw, of inhabltnntacf a?amu?u? AllagWiy. ^ ird ttautauqua, to nnprl tba .Saw I ork anl Erie lalrondi < mjany to hulld an tba llaa a? local*J iu 1146 Mr. Ba?r?.a manorial of tba Hoard of flapartlaor* hi tf tba elty of Naw York for a ra?laion and eonacMatlnn tf tba lawp ralatlva to tba aMa?m?nt of tal?? in tba r'ty of Nt? t ctk, AUo of 1 MO Inhabitant* of tb> iny. ?n in* ?atn* Mt MM B|ir.a Bilt.BO?l< TU bill *tn?n<iii|. th* rh?rt?r of lb* HuJ*on Hl??r Pailri a4 ?? brought up nn It third r??(li?tf Vr Ih^M tnovd to a IJ tb? following ?BOtlr>n to *' Lhaht.l:- * "Tk* BaH ffcall. ia all **??? *farB-r*Tm*m j ?li* f*Mr?Mnr? i f all I'iib* f ra?a*T 4n? ?.? uK>r?r* ( r ia*. r actually 'a r?mttra>-?iB# aaid r*>a.l, k? Irani* ? i?? it t ttm* ic ?*ra iai?t?r ?r lah iar?. a* ih? <? ? *>ai| K? t.nr. n >>r ?*a 1? aatir* is xr linj if U? ant aat ?? *?< r|? .( ar<? tfc* *?*?< !.? r?f">a ? ? ?<* la Ir?l> l'T? M III* ?(??(?? Ifc* ??i,?t?B *B |4 lafc f nt> |*rf r?Br i. Bm4 ?i'h1? l* tly 4?>i afi?r tli* lat 11< r ahi?k ra>a.fBI tf e:ai**4 ?tatl ha\* k??a fr> rai"1 * But aoiliat ia ibu ifctioa ttall V* ? c;>*?tra? i a* W Mkt I M kill o r; tr t'on liable to my perfon or perion* beyuad (ha i.e n thirty daje' I .kc r ot the perion ? persona git ia? Hi-- mt.ce tor labor performed bufure the service of nallse la ir't r? To thie the railroad eem any propoied to add ? rovldi d however, that bo euit (ball be Baiateiaed agaioet t e laid i onpaii) uutrr tbii e?ct'on, in. I?m ?uah euit (halt > on vtittd within fifty A?ye after the labor fi* wbieli i 'ii' (hall be claimed ?tall l ave t eeu petformed. Mr. Vax.M m bopt-tl tht- amendment would prerail. II a juit ol? and which cnly extended the tline a lew iajS. Mr I'kiMM considered tbe langum" of the bill as ambiguous unlet* thin rertion ?ii adopted This oomI aiiy had. ot its own .tesire. endearored to protect the labor < rs. To iiiikv the law wbat it should be, it should be 00 i<)air? that the laborer, as wi ll an the contractor, could uudir-tai.d it .Vr. V. alluded to ttf action ahlib be bad last jetr endeavored to accomplish protection all ialn/rer* tor their work The prinolple em b< died is one in which all nads mutt b>' built th-it will hi natter be built Mr Fisat was desirous new, aod at all other times' to protect 11.? laborer uud ?> cure to hiui a remunerati -ii tor bis woik; but Le haw c earlj that there was tmj of'eniuluh hi " ouorombe" about there movement*. He hoped the b 11 would li t be re-comruitted. Tbe llou.-e determined to recommit the bill. Cl:>t'liL aAll.RO*!> MW, Mr. W. Smiiii introduced a bill to amend tbe general lailioaJ law. tMALL HILI.S. Mr. AV'i11-i? isav.- notice < f a bill to allow the eirculati> n of 1 anl- bills ut other Stale*, of a denomination Was than five dclUrs Mr (. i it lrt-duoed. a bill, allowing the CommlsUnertof Iteri-iou of 1'ractice to take seats in the Hems. aLd take part in ultouoaioa conci-rniui; the cide. It ?.*< it!- rreil to the ludiciarjr Couinitt..'1 lie Sr? tkt a appointed the foil uieg as tb? Select Committee on tbe I'sury Laws -Messrs. Whita. of N V., leavaiiworth of OoouUaga, kiug-ly, ol Cortland, I'eck and < . Robinson imk hi. M.*aian kxii r.s Mr Diau'B rmnliittiius ??ere calli d up as follow* :? Wl.ettue A i Uu in I as bc.u iatrodue d into the 'tint of the I mud Statu iiiitrui'tini lav ( oiniuittee ou I'ublio Landa to ir'imn and r< p rt on t:i* propriety of eat tint a|uri a |v rtion ol t) i . I lie domain. to be rnnt-'d free of ciur, ' t* tl e exilt* <4 tin >>. ur', alr< >dy arrived and hereafter to nrliva in tilt I unc i Platen u? ? 11 a* to the exile! Ileum/ troji tppieaaion in ctl.?r European count tia*; and W Lerca*, A imrw | ort i t vl iLc | i i i .1 ui our o? a country are laaJli a"d ? tin i t ligmti. i Lfri fnro-Km.o1vi1, (.i tLi: Set a'e omur,) That onr Seaa'.ora b? irn xucrii. and iir tepref ntattv >t be requested, id can ta d committee r.;cr favornbly, toatmr.d any act that may l.o iuncuin < u in m < ' ro '?<? m ith ??iu resolutions at t? iuolude tin lai kli it I our v> u country. 1 i.'Mili i d, (i tlie M'naU am:, r ) That the Governor tnoar'u a i< | y ' I U i lin t' n* ree< lutici a m each of our Scnatori ?Ld reptttentative! fnni tin# Sia'o. la ('< unreal.

Mr luiMi'm. iuovtii ?- an amn dment, t<> inrert the follow) t jr. alter the firft c auf* of the preamble : KeeoUtd. Tut 11 i I ei-eluure approv cl the inaarure pri | oitil, una tli?t o> r S n%m*? an 1 KopreMuiativo be ntl*. attd to do all in tbtir l owtr to carry it info etteet, pMiiHil tl. rtti ivtri of t . mini Lie.ict at i ual ?eUUr? tin reuu yt I u> utc> pted I lit ainennii.ent. Mr Kim. au.'utlment t.> direct th* construction'<f h telt^ieph lm?. extet ilii-K from the Stat* C apitol to | the Nalli L*1 i apitol. ao ai to urcure a couttaut la- j atruclimi by tlie Legislature, was atao In order. Mr Kiut dtitnutd L.iu.i f lroiu the charge of l av a'tn pted to burle-nue thiresoiutivui. Hn t ad li.tn.uuc.1 hi- resolution* because he iti-approv.'.! ol time ci Lflai.t im-lruotioua i'bn subject waa alleaoy btft re the I'cited States Senate Mr Mcm-ok -iiii he waa dirguete 1 with the eon?tao" Oi DiS^ t ii r-m on the subject i.: lnlior and the poor. It ail 'lit ticcnite." and nerj number uiu.?: ku > ? it K.uri iLfBibt-r kiuw that Uo*?raor S^vraid bai intuaucvu iLe uiatlrr into Cotfrrn fur n > ocb?juipi.-i tbau to ckit-cKuiute Oov. < u.'B l'be whole tl ii g ?ai wink. 'i lie v bol^ of t'cinairnguiiiK li? I' puiur notice, i f which he bad Rem ro urifh m thi t'ocr, *a< tiiv ci'hj i f jc?-t?lieioeu fctorjr menib r Kl ('*> it, aiid the itideptndriit party hare lli* ocara^a to my n> Mr l^atatOM) ta J be wat> kUJ we were ftetting k n e ii^bt an to t h% position and purponea vt the iuii> |iiu> i t party in tlika Houae He bad obsrrTed frojt tin b< ^ii k.'ng that no uieiub* r ii uld allude to l^bori r tl e i' t i? i-tii of th? pcor witb. ut (Uhjec'lug biiu It to a rburge frrm the indrptml* t.t jartjof dun ig< guialitg . and the charge has now been extended to i)>e ?lo,t Jli ure. to all partie* in it, ai d to a Senator fu'iu thin Mute in Corgree*. ?luip]y becan?e ha had s * n fit ( n mlii ri lv u r-^uainu ki<>nu A*i?l I a ilia nrt. ? K or LiU ttif, Mr K. (lid, b? returned the imputation, that hi* couri-e on thi* tubject wt< unworthy of a K<rtliijHn He held hlui^ell r. ady to j a< tily in pr >, rU i j Hid justice whene ver tbey *houl>i tie challenged. And at tn bi* motive*, he eiuiply linked the eame ct;. rl y he w?? ai wn\* leaily to extend to other", an I Nliich bit cCilea* ue fliui New \ < T\ alwaj* exacted liid al?n%* obtained. A* to the imputation* upon -t i.au r Seward. Mr It eaid be kue* nothing io the :haractei of tke measure lie had propped. In that of Lli? Setator biiufell or in tb? eircutiutanre* of th* I :aie, *ti(k ttndrrid tbtui ju?ti:iakle in any r?*p-ot ; I be Senator bad acted from an Impulse honorab1? ; ,o biuret! and to the Stute ?li.b h? iepr?.*entd 'lb* character, fullering*. and circumstance* f tbe IJuifarian xilea, ectitled them to ju*t lucb piacticai aid eficieut *jnilathy a* be bad pro >o??d Mr. It. raid ibat altkiuvb be bad bo right to .i ld li nIImwMU) ieip .1 nihility he eouia u it irbfki ?uyge?ttrp that attacke ol ttii? kind ip"n trie bin parly woulu di appoint a' leant a portion otthnna >y wbrte vote bin c? l,e*gi e belt hie seat. N r. V.i.mbi r >a J be foil < bil>i?d to hia onlteajue f ?r allii e bis a't? dUou to wbat h- *u convinced ha I e?i. uttne.l mete itioLgly than w?> proper or cerrect i le did not Intend to impute improper motive* to the ! ?tilU u an or to tbe member* ot the liou*e. nor to ti.iv. xVaiti whe we* hi* pi monal trienil. and with whom ie art<d )ou:tcaily lie bad tin* explanation to make n regard to tbe matter. 1 be turt leetlutioti ?a< carritd?102 to 3. The Uift I arrud? Ajit. >6; abfeut. 48. ontliiiiation or the Fare* In tile Ohio Leglalatare. Cei.t-vara. Jan 17. 1S50. The fir< atent ceofuMon itUI prevail* In the Senate, cd there 1* but a faint hope of it* being terminated i>r ftn.e time. A resolution wa* panned giving Mr. cbtiion, the democratic *enator from the di<put*-<l littrlct if llaffillton county hi* teat uu'il the matter ball be decided by tbe future actl-nofthe Sena'* - I rovldlcg tbat be nbonld not rote on anything a'T-ct- | Dg ft tbatc'uld aileot. hie own ca-e Mib? (ueat;y rural ?IIort? w. re luade to olfer a re-ciation t > mice he Speaker lr< m the chair, wI.an a nc?ne of the will*t ronfani n f. lie ? d. The Speaker decided the re-<v ution i ut r>( i rili r,andr?fup<d >n < dn Main an appeal, u tba inl'Ut cf the greatest uprmr and cobfuatia, li 8j tikrr ai nouii< <! tha rtardlng rouiiulitxM Tba itmorrata li udly pr< I? ?t J ?K*1iirt hi* right to d> ci U slat* b'.ar the m iib'? aJj urne I, 11 frit di? irjer V True Kill loimtl 4gnlu?t f*rofra?ur V. tbatcr. Button, January 18. 1850. "It# (irmd Jury, to day aftir hearing all tha a*lWtH? tm.nil a Irui bill ?ic?iu-t Profeasor Webetar tor tar muti'tr if Pr f ark man lliey Metrlrk. K?q., ban bran retained *. > eiunsrl or tha ircn? d. The iae tiiaMin befora tha Grand Jury *?< nit ib lyeip.rte; ? ierai ?ltu?? e? wera eiamlued who aid tb<y raw Dr. t'arknan alter bit dUappea.aaae. ui|?irtaiit from the Halt babt?Indian llontllltlra, Ac. Sr. Locih, January 18. 1S&0. A letter ba< bras repaired bera d?'a i Salt l.aka city, let 1Mb. wbleh ?%j* that tha Moro^'X from < all* irtla br?Bght much gold All kind* of merchaodl<e era acarca, and eomuandad high price* There w?r? nly two Mr all atPfe- in the ralWy. to tupply a p^puUIt of 16 (M O 8now bad fallen on a>l the mountain* ariuad tba all*y. and at tha gouthweat Pa?* It wan f .or f??t r?r. Humrr* rr?vall?d that Vl**onrt ?m'irr?ot? hal killed 'lii* frjoaw* of the Snake tribe nf Indian* an 1 tbat 'j'j were roB??qn?Btlr hnatll* to the whit** and war* r>n mittirg depredatiowa wherever in opportunity ofred. Kul.?e juentlj they had "D? battle with anothtr artjr of raUmU. Mom. I,l?'?r?t< 11 and Kltikald tral?r? at Salt I.at*, ad alearad 920 000 in twa week* They bad a.ld all ?air mr rebandl?e that >ai to arrive. Mr. Koee, of Maw Votk had al?o void M.000 warth of wdf In two dajs. iiralo crop* bad been go.->d; the pro*pect? of tha rouaif war* lt? Trial of (lie Canadian Klotera, T**o*to, C, W , January j*. 1IM. Tblrtren rf tha October rioter*, who have b*?n tra 1 rfnl frrm the la?t aaalca. are on trial t<> day. Tha lal *i? not concluded. lb* orard Jury have denounced anneiatlon In no eaturad term*. I.oat Orrrhaani at ft??. Bii Ti?if>ar, Jan. 18 -9 P. M Tb? brlf Vlira, arrived at thl* port, loot overboard, iirlnfO.er pa??*g<- fr< m 8t. Tliomaa to Attakapa*. on irl thnf Nottaibtr, Uar laer B. Phillip*. Ilrat offlear ; ' t ha I. , a nil feu of th? lata t ii-tif r?l B. Phillip*. of ( bed* l?l?nd. Ko Ronlhttn VIall. Billmoir, Jan 18-P P. M. Tba mail *cb,)i of WMblagtoa ha? failed to eiiae to nd, _ flarktlii B <1 Trii'M'. January IS 1?"0 Fmall aal?? ?f fl"?r ha<a h?<-n road* at tfcrt artlrlo r> wain unchar .? ! Rtil|iplng iMrlllgmer. BoftTAW. Jan 1!* Anir*4--Park BMatlrk r>in, PaTuinab krl? (lata. Pkld< pliia: ?ait> Ttljira, Norfill Z'"ita<-. Jut nam, 17th ol?{ ><! *irrf?"? HC a*lar?l- PMialtlrhia: Braao. Nawv; I. B M'k?ra<>p, ?'d W?|fott HI irk ' nN->H|i Calil.raia. Ra* Initial. Car liaa Rami M It aa? bark ihatia, F.**t Irdi*#: bri*i A P>al4. Ca?<iaaa taaiatk. aal llotlaii!. IIa>aaa. Foana^a, Jan 17. Artlrfi--Si'tr Fc a/?f t IS Tart. Tka V?ntNt ("or?tltntlrnal Cr>a**attoa adjournal i tha 14th 'nat . aftar a aaaaloa of thlrt?*n data Tb? yf ttcn toalart all ? uoty (Rear* by tba p?. pla an uptid anil tfc? an? 1 r aa ? ,iiali?aM< n of tba r*pr?Btaii' D la tb* Lrgtalatura r*)act?4 L * city lnHiii|i*iict. f ? in Lrv.ia Stklc*.?A Are broke out on Tbursdae, at >3 o'clock. Id the fourtb ?tory of Ufl Lewi" ftreet, oo i pled b> an old men. i.aicrd Robemon, who wa* ab>ent frcia tbe bcu?e at (be time Tbe do<>r waa broken open aud tbe fire extir gui?Lt d. The building ?a? gitati) damaged bj water acd fire. Fin* i?r Nihtii antcr. ?At 8 o'cl'wk on Thnr?dav evening a fire broke out in tbe building Zui mnm Street. occupied as a ahooMioiise It was extinguished after d?Di?p?- to the amount of about f Aw wu effected. F'ike ?At 12 o'clock on Thursday night, a fire broke cut in the :<>fi nery cf John Kullhausen. In i;hurch itreet It ?as extinguished without much damage, except to the htcck. caused by water. Fiumii n imo Pi."?Under this brad, yesterday, we stated that the fi<im cl the paper of which ( apt Kynileis is editor.? >s raasti d into ' jil."' We have since Uainsd that C?|t. ilynders bad n< ihing t?* do with the ' pap>r in ?jue?tr>D. Akio?*vai Dion.?1 h# ('oroner held yesterday, an liqlllt,al N* W U?Mk urect on the hody of Jo-eph i Dontor. *?id til ? *r?. born on I.one I eland, acartuan by trade. who >e>teruay a<ridenfally fell from hiscarr. | opposite hi* duelling. and Ma head struck acaiast the ' cuibsune and liactured his skull, causing death in a tew hours after. Verdict accordingly. I l l i i>to tmk Rnin - William Vc< ormlrk. reridlng | at Will HmaburKh, fell into the river from the slip atth? foot i f Urand street, at t? o clock on Thursday ui^ht and was rescued from drowning by policeman Acker. Chu d Decranoit.?A woman in bumble cirouTi- ; stances pan-lug through Thirtieth street nnar Broadway on i uesdav evening at saven o clock.found a fine c til Id about six weeks old. In tbe atreet. and brought > it to the police *tliCH yesterday, to know what she ahnuld diwitb it. ?be was directed to the Alan-house Governors K/i l kkum a SriciB.?On Tuesday, at half past nine ci'cli el. A. M , (iecrg'1 Morgan fell froiu the top of one of the Dry Dock Mages. No and was severely injnn d lie v ,h taken to hia ie*idence la u cart, by Officer Kelly of the Teath ward. Police lntelll({eii?e. .9n .'lllrgni Chart* vj /-'urfiy. ? V estcrdav. officers frosftt and Gallagher ai rei ti d Ueorge K. (. ase, on a warrant issued by Iustice Lothiop. wherein he t-tands charged with iorging a promissory note. The note is as follows m $675 17 -100. * Kiv York, July JO, 1*49 Fix trcnt'is after date. I promts' to piy to the order of Ja- J enVi \ an Vereei six liundrca anil seventy-five 47-100 dollars, I (or value received. flSlF.lt NEKfUl Thla l)< te. it seems came into (he possession of Mr. Caiein Noven:bar last, through th? bands of a mail called Van Voiht?s, tbi.< Van Y?rh?e?, at tb? time [liopi'ting to purchase an interest in the hotel k?pt by >1r. (as* at No. J3J Kulton street. This ncte was tendered as in part pa>uient lor the interest in tho hotel should tbe bat^a'B be consuraated Mr. Cane to'k ih<< note and in order to at certain if It was a ?eliuma oi? made no secret cf the matter, knt exhibited it at the h ulton Back, and at the i;r?oklvo Sank likeand in both placee we understand it was pro. n< urctu a ganuinetignature and ag oil note A itian by t t.e naiue < f < hrjs-lar. a day or two at', er undertook to ob'a'n the money for the note and in so d'log it Ml li t" the possession <f Mr S?di:?wick. n bcokar. who. n flange. a ked Mr Neefua if he di>i not want t^> puicbtfe u gt od nott? " Well," said Mr. \eefus. "I den't know t ut I would Who is tb^ u.aki r? ' lhau tc ?a? exhibitsd. and to iha Furpr se i t Mr Neeta* he ii< i.? ia me cwa i^-nature. ?oove ? mi n me ihjj 01 the <~tl<gati< n Hxtbove fhown 1 his note Mr. Netful j proi fin.ced forgery. mil the "?ion wa? traced ( buck to Mr ia and thu whole matUr, a? the time, wan j tati >11 b< for* J untie* Lothrop \ r. ( a-n iutoriued the li ?; ictratr b?? ainl tu ?J<at n atter he carne ia ]>o*ae?. lii i. ?f the note. the ?ub"tat>0 ? of which ? have givi-u i>li'T?;iiid to euhi-tantiate the ?tcry. Mr. Arlin^t^n heiir.it wa? call- <1 upon, who al?<> af>p~ar>d b. fore the 1 Juetiea. and rta'?d that he ? < prr > nt when the n?te j ?nf hatic!> il to i ( * bv tf e man Van Vorheee. Ou thie ev d?i.c?,the m?gi?tia'e fU",?end>d any further pr>v j ci i ding* egaintt 1 arc believing they would arrest thil Van \ <i h> if- eioce ?Lich time, however, uo arrei-t ha? b?en n ada; ? d mm the matterU brought up again for ftuthir inve>tiga ion. It can b?? eeen. on a minute examlT H ion ot the nate, that eome chemical prepara- 1 tion las been u?ed on the papar over the pifoature of > Peter Niilo- whereby other writing prevlourly mi'le, | ha* been extracted and over the genome algnature the pri-UiisM'ry iiote written in alxo pencil llDe marks are rtill vtrible, ha\ Ing been ruled to write on, in order tot to cro?d tbe etgiatura. Mr. t'aoe was detain >J , for *i?mii>atii>n, bin oouufel eDgaged not having agread a? to ilie trode ?r the propilety of Lie making a etato : Bent In Me o?n defence. Wttiw on Svijii' in ?A genfeil looking man. by the | natn* < f I-i?i ci< ilen.iamin va* arreted yesterday, by U> lull-. .u.b nlll.. ilumKmil ( Ir.itnn nna nf Ihi ' .Vorsh Rim oa imoplelon ef baluR oan'-frnad in ' thf pf p't-ffion of k nif ?U?*r fork* allrged to haTr bnan ! *rclni t r. i:> tbf llri n< u In Au<u>t last 11 I'M mi t bat, ill Ai'gum lant, thara ware atolan from thi rtcamboat Ore- ! rou rinty-thrae rllvtr ft rk*. aalurd nt A f#? U*yi. ai?o. vi. I ul.tr obtain*") Information tbatanme portion of til* proparty had h?fn offarad for mle by tbU man Bonjani'D. to t'latt fc Br<?tbfra, in Maiden latin Krota tbl< fart. ytaWrday. Mr Kullar etuM W? arr??t oa FD>picl(ii. Juatiaa l.ntbrop eomtutttrd tiia accused to jr i to await ? turtbar bearing. It diritumt for Pttht / ?'? < an Obtcrnr Paper.?OMa> t \ Navio* nrra-i.it cti T).unlay * (fantefl lookinc man. br tb? MU' i l < I arid A liankln* ou a bench warrant, *b?rcln li?* Maid* Indicted by tha Oaand lary wi'.h libel. and aho the publishing of an obacene newspaper. Juetiae Mi urttoit committed tb* accused to prison, ia dalault of bail Couit of Utatril tinalom. P.fi ra tb- |:?cord?r and Aldarinen < ook and Bard Infu tit fvt I i hlitS iik ? O/'tteiir l'ap*r.?i harVca A Iluklit *a' tlila m r.. n < brought Into cor'., ou * b. tit U warrant, the ?.i?ud Jury bating found a tru? bill a|t?li,H Mm for mledeuieaoor. In publishing an oba. en- p*|?r kLd ob/eeo* lib*) in a n-w-paper kiiiwn a.? llf hm/iitf ( I 1/ o?rf / nj Ihr T?un. W't rn ibf i letk railed") bailea A. Ilanklna " tall jouti>; itiau, rather ?ni dres?ed with a pal t, thin face, i uttacbe ai >l whlakart. wanting a light drab orrre^at, and large Itinj-hradril cony ran*, etnid up at tb? hir. t lark?< I arlr* rlaukine .y<u art* Indicted f-r tnieUatneanor In prntmg and publialjing an ob<e?n? publication. and aia<> f r libel Do yrni demand a trial? ilankitv- H bat tlo jou ?ay. an? < l< ik bo )nu tttnaiid a trial! Initiate? I di n t kt.ow I waut a little tint#; I bare not bad tin.* fur any thine yet. I ourt i ertainl) you abai! have tine. < lerk \\ t uld jou like to aee the.e papera* II ar V i >j \?a. I 'lt lix'k at tbrm (Sit* d.?wn to parufa lb* iidlclUieLt, ami thet'fcut t prooaedad wlthot.W bualeeaa ) Aftir a half an hour or thi reabmita bad alapaed, the < ourt It.fori <1 tfce aiFun d that tliry rbould til hla lull at no. In i!*'au,t of whloh h<* wi< com mil tad. 'I I f f' How inn ?xtra -ta a'# Ironi th? Indictmrnt: ? 'J I J<in r? f [ apia "f tlia ktata < f N?w Vi.rk, In anl fr>rt;< lv4voftlcritjii.dc i aty cf haw Vf.rk, upon thalr a?' I ?. |.r?Ml.' ili.t ( i.arl< A Uaakia*. lata of taa 2<l ward .if t?? city < f Mca ) ur), ia tl.c cc unty of New Vurk af r?i*ij, 1'.'!.?( . T. ) >?? a ?<?t.l?l.a? and avll diipat?4 r?raan; aad in 'in r. i,tri?i?i. ard ititr ftrt tha moral*, aa wall of fMrtt M tfllfMt iitltrtltttiK i>) tk> (MM "I Now Tcrk. u irtink t?Jm? > ? mnM u< 11 itlH u4 ? ?? ?tt Im ttiir tuttiii incrdtailo tail ln*tlul 4tnrM, oath* .1 H'.tE.'T. Ik I * )?t.r of r>nr I or J oo? ?h?n??R'l tfht M'tdrtd oad Irrj l.iit, With tore* III anil, U th? I rr j tail n ia ? ?fi ir?%i<i. unlawfuUjr, wlfkodiy, Uiilioioo <l?, ?l<i . iM<dar> i ?lj. >1 i |>t tat, fatliot, and cit *?lat? In t il laid ci?* <i Km Inl irnl mtir. a tciui Uwd. taiadatxn, VM MM r?ll? i *11 a Lnprt , iir aad U>ii of lint 1<?n, ' K.iiia i ii ? lowd, ciaoal'iu , ami ohertat crmi. l Kit e ? mt ?l 4 M I*, i bo M iKilraalo 9 4?i it"-"i?4 aid On"?' < j i rur litr' ipan"-"The 1'ipluan Bower, S>. ! -- . Lao. a d Mm ' ? N? P*iMl ImMW-totha ?aai- | foal cvtr<f lra 'I Ik* noralo. a* ar?ll ?f y.ioth m of <ltT?r? III! ru mini Hi Matt*: Ni* Vofk. I the roll ritmp'o > ?IIi>ih<r* i. >? likt oaro ? Htiirfiav. lt d aciiaoi Uio pa?i>* oi t ' t?o| la of i It fiale of >** V?rk ot.d thnt di?ait]r. lb 111* ffc- nii count. th?* ladietiui-nt i't< f -rtti tb*t ' oaJd!e?d wtrk*d ><?itl?l h?. and ob?reoo printed ynper, i* k I) ?d wicked, and "bocece, that the f?ra? ?ixl4 be r firm I e to the court hare, end irjpr p*r to b>' |i!?c? <1 < n the i or ? 1 err fore I bo juror* at r? aid <' ?"t ?* I lib tl.e nm? In thi* Indielaent." T>ie tliird pc tiiit c f the tiidl-tmont o nlatii" a trailer I pt rf 11 of lhe t>b-r? no and "ffrniife article* I he rofo rau?i(l rr>i. o little aennttioa ineourt.lt ).*>itRlo<n at.i'bLi'?j tbat on Thuriday n'ubt the lot in < f th. all, i;o4 oWene >ap?r bad boon J'lnlliti-d ty ?f tr> iinkO" ' |>?i ?n? J1 Ktit'lani l A fli)i?lar pa?o ?|i triod ill tbi S i, bi. 'inirif a tw?^ ?h win* that ereu 4 hrioobrrakrro iia otlaioo repent of their i timeo before lh< law rTei'akeothem Two j<un? men aamed John Maitrtion ai d >ai.'ii?l Vauhorn, wore pat upon thalr drin.er rbarKrd with burglary In the flrnt degree . t) -J' h? tl. til will Of o:i iur iklrh there w? r.? fcutidtllrn K.liia l *a:hrr*tai>a b?'ng eallad to tba vltnfw ?tand ard ?wrrn tr?'IC?4 < ?I am ? wtJo? tn l r?M> < at No 1 ri littler ft??at. On tha eight of tha 11th if I trrc.lirr I tttirad at a lata hour, I think it tin a* lata a? I r aleak Tha donr? anil wiudow* vara aacvi'A 1 brir aa-aMd* donr and awlndow op?ulng Bp'II an allay 1 ho d. < r ?t< taMrnad with a nook. and tha wind-? with a i all ?i>n.atlma dnriag tha sight il? rr<m ?? i tt>rad ard a nomhar <f a-ticlm of talua war* r?n ? t?J \airr??t th?m w?? a ailaar watch ard rhaiB. four brra?t pin* two pair* braealata. Ii ur flniiar tloi<? two jatm tar rlsg? and oaa odd aar r r.jr 1 ka?* arttrla* wara worth a"tna $5o. and war* ia>'? friiu two 'inkll haraaa dra?ari> Th# drawars f ad b?*n i ntln li r*n n d an I warp found Bait momIr ?r. f ra to lha allar a> d on* a th* window till Ob tl.a r'ght r>f (ha l?'n th- rut rich! altar tha thing* l a I t ?-n atrl?n arm* partus knrkad at m* wiadowj It waa about balf |aat coa e ricek. I aakad whn waa thara atid torn* on? raplird 'A frland.'' I a?k?d what brought than that* at that h^nr and th*y aa?warad it a by a-kii g If I l a I in t b*? n robbal tha Bight ha* Iff i r If I ha 1 m t I' ?t r?ma j.r?>| arty I ?ald I had aid ihay ;l "-n J rm - . nt it Wa- I lrw|iilrad what that wa? to tbaci I h*y than a?k?d ma If I had Bnt 1 ft a watch a? rii k bracMata br*a?t pina and fla K?r iitg?. atd ?ald tbat tbay w?ra araployad by a ) i org u on In U a hit gt b Harkat to bring tbam to ma, tt at ha told th?m whara to cm a Th*y war* In Mrnrtf d to .y that ba oai drunk at tba tlma ha took tt - :hi|i that aftrrwarda ha h.pama aorry aod *m| >?<> th?m t< bring my proparty hack to ma Th?y Mki d II a if I aautil not op*n tha door and lat th-m in. | and tkav w< old tall ma all about It Thay laformad a a that my watch had b?an l?ft at a piac- In I>I*IMob tr.it hy tba n>an who t ak It. and that thay had I I ,. A tr Itim raitl thiT did n t know amthintf ?bout tb# rcbb*ry. 1 b#y th?n gar* m? th? r> n?. rirs? br?r?lr?? ftr Tf# watch wa? r?oof?r?J from Ik# llat# 'h?r m??tloB' din invMon ?tr>#t I did not ft tkvai lot" n; bo??? 'tut ni/bt \v kil# tk?y *r? ir??kiPir, lb* effetr rurn tip and to' k ib-m Tkay mud' n?' ntumpt to *#t tn Rtrkard W?lt#ra Ktl-UtM at No. 17 DlrMtl trr#t. If llcrnrrd d#nl#r In ###ondhand artlcl#a t' ItniM t??ilf* I to tb* fa< t c.f a man railing klm>?lf lokn H<k<rt? con inn ,0 hi- plaea of bn<ln#M on tk# >??n'nn < f th? l.th of l>#e?mh#r anil #ff#rl .( to sail l># watrh which proTfd to b# thf property of Mrt. h rat k> rut on#. W m H llall polir#man of tk# Vl#r#nth warl taatll'd tkat h# h?ard th# arru??il In eont#rrntl3n wltk V;r? t and fc.ard all th#y had to ?ay *b*n ka arr??t>d thim ard took th?ir to tk# atatlnn h >u?a. Th# ArtUtact l>t#trt?t Attorney ??l I that upon tk# a<idoc#d In tkla ? h>- e< ul l n t a?* for a '???etlm tf tk# prtrc?#rii H# ln*trn<>t#J tha urj at to th# law It did not appear k# raid iliat It# accai'd bad b*#o (uUty of My ctia#; but, on ?mc* r*mr-r*amm 11? iiublIMI *ha contrary, thfj appeared to h?va tern engaged In ? htukty Ihu'1bM?* act, nnmely, that of raetortng the article* taken fr< 111 thl* poor woman to bar porttwlc.D. This w*? not the utnal conduct of burglar*. The jurv, without leaving their ?eat?, returnail a verdict of not guilty aud tbe young men arvre honorably discharged, and iwniruenil.d by the court fortbeli act of klndne** toward* the flr?.t wltnem in thac?*?. The Ar-Maut District Att< rney (aid. they would dowell to follow up the go. d art they bad alraady done, by bringing the r< al culprit to ju*tf<'?. .1 fitir^lur ?A Mack Miow. of theb'.ackeathua, ratLnl Hetiry l< hufon. ru plated at the bar, charged with brmking lntotLe ?tora of VaUnt lae Koon. No '491 ureaiiwicn tirrti, 'M nr mgnt (>i tr.e :ilst uecaabdr, ami stealing thertfr >111 upwards of $2tt0 worth of shoea, priiicua.ly ladies' p>ii'>rs. The accused was <l?terteil by tfleriLf " ni'' 'f the shoe# to a dealer in secondhand clothing mi Oral ge street. The shoe* ta*en froia. him were Hentlfed by Mr Koon a* his property. Jobcton taid be f t them from a white nan. who e.uployed him to m>I1 'hem f- r blm; bu: a* he eould produe? no proef i<l the fart. he was convinced. Theoeurl sentenced him t< the 8tat* prison for four year* and Iz months Jic quit I'd Sk a- url I) nni-ton and Augustus Weir, coused "f itealin>r elothlng .tnd other property, of the vslne rl about fto fr> in the rahio of t.be brig Kmerald, ^ wbtl?- that vt if el *u ivimi at the foot of Market street, were tried and ae |ult ed of the charge I'lradtd Unify t burglary ltichard tiranrllle, eliai Oriftin. pieade-1 -trl'y ?? ? charge of burglary In the third drgrt e in lireal^c* into th? carriage house of Lewis l:adf.>rrt, No 61 t)o?air* street. He was detected by b poliremuu h?!ore he bad an opportunity tC et> al anything The c urt sentenced him to the Stat* prison fur two years Tlie Fraads ('pun tin- Tr?-a?ary?AnotUei Uniwii In Tr?nl?l?. [Extract from th~ .Vasbingtou Republic, Jan. 18 ] Karly in Jaly. l*4i?, Mr b I* Drown transmitted to the Second Auditor of 'he Treasury Department, vouchers and exhibits to the amount af f)>hj Si. purporting to be for inonays expended by Captf.in Jobs H< rron late ( f company K, ot the first regiment I'ennPAlratiia volunteer ana commuting bis olaim upon the government rl tie t uiled .States for money spent In organizing. ?ub*i>tiu>;. and transporting hH ooint any. betVre uiu>tering into the eerrioe of tiie United StatrB. under the act entitled, ''An aot to refund ui'.ney for spen'e* incurred subsistence or transportaiIon furnished tor 'he use of Tolunteers daring the present war. before tming muttered into tb? rarricc <f the United Stales \pprotad Jane J 1818." 'I hue Touchers were eccoupatiied with a daty executed power of attorney from 1 apUin Hurron, to draw the in lie) fi r the uuir And 'nr. Brown did draw the n.".nev for the same I* the amount of f>SS4 52. bv? draft u ade | tykt<lr t > him. and drawn upun the JUfciftaut liruuicrlllNt* W tk, the ith day of Hcpteiub r.1149. '1 he dlsco?nyit k m ? ut forced vouoberB lu the I'cnijs}I\ufci.i ngtiurot I' d to ?oine Inquiries Int.) the < ?>? of i aptein llerr u A letter ??* aildrejeed to hlia, to which a reply wai> reitl?ed, ta'iug the amount of tlie gOTcrumeiil'a ImUi hredue^ to him at a tuucb iimal'tr Mini than that lur which Mr Brown bad pre < nted ihevouchtr* Ou examination, it turned out that < aptain H. ru.i.V ..d >wic t<> the Toucher* did not expieae the ?uui if the tudehudoe** uor specify the runs y. iich'd j.,r; an I that lictitiou* aud forged Touefcei* lad been lit* | to the real TOicber*. which Ikft < x11 n llerrou hal given to Mr. Brown. The rqioiii t ?>: th- t.ory I* th.it Mr. B P" Brown ha<: (Maln'd never* hull r?d dollars from the treasury 00 f rj:ed paper*, and in ttie dieoovery of the laet. hj.c tit Sci uijtd, 1'ior AM' Ilet. ' mi: at Vaaxivillk.?W'e e ">py the filIf.mi | pccoi'ci 1 i a ri t aad .l-ath from the Kvansvitl* J vrnul, ot tl.e : 'I ii'dt . at a (Jeruiao ball la that city on Nrw lur'f 1 inn 1 : \ .-upp?# had been preparvt la the 1< wer itory with touch care A part? of ait*u, priocipali.t ti' m ? ear-.b lyiug at the landing. wished to enter the t all and pa1 ana i t tbi- fupper. aad were refuted. A row t ok 1 lao? In wheh th? tah'en were darnel el ed and luuuh ujury done the property of the boat1! rheii'ti rnw <d e* and eom'ueeced "toning < hue A number if pieti'l ehota wire fired In the nelee. A j o>u g e.??i iiamej Lundy B.irns. *o? ot Doctrr Burrni if this pUce, reotlmd oeyera\ woui i!trrun uht -h he dicl the fame night. A dtck liaLd from tin- tUamer, Alex Scott. wax alo but kid etkhbed. ai.d died yexterday morning. A 1 mi tin Laa hut arin aim ?t i>hnt oil, and wai otherwise mui.ded A Minsber of other*, on both tide*, rereived n-iinu* if jvru 1 eaterday morning, the ground btli ri' the hnu e. in a en tain place. wa< uprinKled uilhMi od and track* I'd to the river bant, t* if a b< dj- hml 1/4en to th? e<Jg? ?ad thrown in. '1 for bldy Of jTOUb|f Hurm wi* clo'taad in a uunbir of funnti.il. as it Le tu 1 a.*th-lpa:?J a row. THt WEEK L HERALD. Tli? Aalor PUi* It lots. lb* Witkly Htrald Kill b?- published ?>t nlna o'clMk 'hi* rnrri.lDjt Ita c i.t*nt? will mbraca all th? 1mpor'.BDt and iutneatlog m w<cf th weak. iuoluilog ft full r. per. of all tl?? ?td*TO? in the trial of Captain JtjodiTf ?nJ otht r- f r iccittiy the Astor l"la?e riota. SiigU c. plr? tlipance. Kin Kr? In tubing Portraits! Talbo* ty|?". "l purtmlU, >akra in in life on i?i ?r, in any ? re<,uir?<! up tu tli? ?i?? of a r II) racaat il >9?iniM vt their own, tlie ?kl fcrib?rr li??? aucartried la takiaf t'uaia pi area ?i*li a i i r < f ?:>'B truly ??' I 'tful. A ntrim anu pttr> na i f'br fli < a '* a-- reapeetfully inn ted to tuualaa |Mia?M W lk?it ri'?r> 2ul lir,.a4?aT nr. n r. lanumtdkii. CtirtatmoaM ii New teariClfU,?& eUolM wacrtmrnt (if k-nu-. I ar'.KUa #? Jewelry. alaptaal tax t>a|tu?rr?'t)f? Mnu?i ?a lor uli at irtady'a. ?? aad JOT (roadway, itutr ?i F-Ht itrrat. Volgtlnnrtrr'a nlfhratfrt Optra (ilalMi.Jiiat r?cei?*d. a email .?>?< ? ?f th?e? Wpr* Uiaeeee, whleb urp*M all othere la mu u'f) i?i p >?rr and tt!d of elifct. a?C I'lth'ir ?"[ '. i tiara caia'd * Jaat eelebrilj ia Lmdoa im 1'arit E ** n' T l?. At/ Broadway. ItriMilil y n lilllliiril>.aThg moat complate Sale* n in tl?- I nitfi -iat?-? for Tlilliard*, without 1>"ttinjr. it )a?t j?n- <? 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