22 Şubat 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Şubat 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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n I s" ' TH I NO. 5738. * CmpllBratujr Dinner ( Senor CtrrulM. It will be recollected that within the put jut or I eighteen month*, the government of tk? rtpihlle of Nleuagna gianted to n oompany of Amerioan cltliens ' the ezelnsive right to eonitruot a canal through it* I territory, for the purpose of eonnaotlng tho Atlantic nith tho Pacific Ocean. 1 hie privilege, so important to the oenxnereial interest* of the United Statei, vaa prNoni through the Instrnmsntallty, In a groat meaaure, of Ssnor < arcaohe, the Charge do Affalree of tho Nicaragua government to Wa-blngton. A? a slight acknowledgment of the appreciation of his servloes In 'tbat mitUr, the company who obtained the charter, determine J upon tendering to Senor Caroaohe a publio dinner, which took place at the Irving Hotel last evening. Mr. Daniel B. Allen officiated as President, and Mr. K. H. Miller an Vice President. Aa loon as the vlaads were dotie justice to, the regular toasts were proposed The flrit in order ?a?: ? r " l^e Preridest of the ITniteJ Rt tee." Thl* was responded to by the Collector of the Port Tha nvit tnftut !? *' TLe Army of lb* United Suui, end Major Qeneral Winid Scuti"? Tfie association i? u-i'i ?r. ii. tol Toiv>. of Kentucky, late >Unist?r to Ku'sla, responded to this toa*t Id ? fMJ handsome manner. ami j> Join# so. referred to the position to which trie nountry is plac-d la refereuae to tbe rlavery question He tympathlseU with the gentleman ? bo la*t apoke, la tba e?i timetits which he tliat tn*re snould be bo .Noith, uo South, no fcast and uo Went. He alluded to i, tbe preat advantages which thin c.iunlrv will achieve tn m the construction of a couimuniwallon that will ? meet tfce Atlantic and thn Pacing o??aoi. If this ' f1' ?t nna*ure shall have the etf?cr ot promoting clvillnation, 18 it will do unquestionably, it will alt > produce ? pieatrl unity among the Sia'e* of tfce American 1 UK n than liax heretofore existed and redound to the ciedH ot the originator*, who will b?<'?ae the pioneer* i < f civilisation in the regions that tbii caaal will draw ' 1 ignber. ; i he next traat waa l ' lhe ftsvy if the United States " The fonrtn regular U>e?t waa Cur ijiuust, Sen or Eduardo i ur.icbe?The setviee wbleb la his rvudtred, bo'h iu his p atu and official i .?rucity, I k n.re t>e ci ntrructtoa of a *1 ip can il to unite the two - -k, l.as tarnetl for )i m the a mit; dailun ol (k? c?a? t'eiai Kill and *iatitu*e of cur c uu'rj. Hi* go vera ae t is loitunatein her representative. 8 tor Obachk replied in Spamrh. aud hi* remark* W re rendered in Lnglish, and aereas follow* It ia "a t to me, liiuatrlous members of the AtUutl- aud Pacific Ship Canal C<mp?uy to whom the air roan tile ?oild ought to direct th?ir c m-uendatiun*; 1 d'> not oi fi-ive them. It ia you to whoui they ou^ht to bi diT.-eud; brCauda yea are going to remove the obstacle* by which nature tiaa i?r*.tu.ed Umeito tba uuion of tba water* ef the two oceana, it is to you. beoause you are going to convey acres tba isthmus the j>a*r<i>ger who now caunwt cr..*a irom one ocean to the other without eipu-iog himself to the ritke of a Icsg voyage ; it is (o you, who, by la> ei-tlug jour capital, your activity and energy, are about to present tea band of protection to tiiihertai commeroe. lour name* will be made -uduriog by the execution of that prodi?iou? woik. This very d?7 you are regarded every where iu Nicaragua as the enterprising iuen and the only ones capable ?f atcomplirbiug *ucb an important enterprise Go on,therefore; there is no fear of embiirratsiuent* that J*.u CkDEOt eaMly OT?tC"Ul? (io OD, I My JOU I >ant nothing to secure ?ar'i?M b aauae y iM harti 71 oney, you bare th* ryuipaihifit of the people of | Nicaragua, who Mil you brother*, n they do all I .\uh lican eititnni Tn?y wiah to unite their etT tu to ynuta, to recur* tbe oonitruntion of the canal You bar* the rapport ot the government of Nlcaratiua, acd, finally, you hate the protection of thl* hlgn and powerful republic uud>-r wboau illu-trlDUi dig no power on earth will dare to m? Imt you It mil he a proud day for my country when the canal thall be oomtdeted at.d a new and la Jifnolible bond of uiil u il.all bind h? r internet* and th ?? of tba L nlttd State* in one cummnu l?l* While tUl? union la KuJicient to accomplish t&e great work jet It It prep?r tu add that all commercial natiou* am invited tw become partiea to the euter^rlne ou equal tcrmi, "Bothlog beiug required ot them but a IrUnJly alliauce with Nira agua and a pi?l?? of protection t> the work. That thla work, will be li now, I feel, a certainty ; aud I eongr?'ulate your cnaipauy. your sattor.acd tbe world, ou th* prospect. kmn your ri *rrtcui, ooiamerce i* to leoelie new I'm and a new di' recMou. 1 bid you Uod gpeed lu your noble under* - taking I be following toa?t? were tben drank.? The V??ee < f ureal H'-tain?A Je t u preeiji.lon of the noeleet altuhuiee 01 human character an lepubtioaa ??ilaatrjr, alike d< maud a tribute of Mi> ct to a Christian *?**r?t?n and a huevolent lady. th* Kepublic of Sirar??'.a, an I bet Siiprttuo Diraa'nr?T<) tie eali?lneu>d policy ot ih? latter, by wtnUi hi. coaa-.ry Will holt til.' tee of thr world * hl?h? ij betwe-i III* o-??na the ripabllo ? ill be indebted lor a rant anion? tin ioi?htmt 9o*eraof tliii continent We tonjriuitt tier, and hoair htr iialNnta A anion between Knglaad and tne Uaited States, to cou(trvel tad protect the ?h>p eai.ai, "no utuam?*ion oeroutly to be ?Uh?," and one a Inch if lefi t the wdl ad enjoin 4t John II. Claytoaaad Sir.Henry i- itulvur. u*aaot fail te be realited. Hub. Jehn M. Clayton and Sir Bonry Bulwer A?? pliahed diplon atieU and honorable meo T . doubt tliat the unliable reiatiopi between their re-i>ertiv* eutiutri** will uidir their auapieer, be f >r a ni meat interrupted, ll t.j dn y to the? bcth capacity and philanthropy. i The propeeed atlaaiie aid fa<'iBe bhlpCanal'? A boad of weace fee twee* the aa'.ien* of the earth. Mr Joai.ru L. Whitk waa called upon and responded to Ikml If* t?. Aitrr rmrriiii hi iu? u? <"m I f 'tin Id r. n. ;.inaf ut?r / ttiau hr t u . : no th* r?if Nt?tragM aad bor Suprrwa Liiractor aad prorrrdrd to uj that u to tha ta<t ibcludibrf Sir ll*ory Pul-?T?nJ John M. Clay tan b* ? ul t ??j. lu regard to tba latUr. that aettlug a>ldr 1 p'll'.loal cooaluara li nt, ha foutd blm at all tin.*'. aad u> lar ah elrcutariase*-, araiy lucb a man. at><l a iriubl- man; and tbii 1* taa'lincnj which win b* CL<>;d"<i :? hm by arary dm aho baa tha honor of hi* aojaaiutnuo*. lie (Hr. \?hit*i was aa'joa'uVrd with Sir IWnry Bulwrr. aod tu alwaja louad blm to b* ?n Kn^iuli g-n'iomaa And ?ho riu ray mora* Wub ut vi latin* <1 >n Id*nea, It In prnpar to My. that that g*atl*m*n hi ought with him. from I.O|( land. a d t*f uiio?U.>n to atttlaall 4IDIoultlo? lo tba a ay 01 ac<ompli?b.ng tbu gr*at wath which 1? to rafolutlonls* th? cmm-rn* of tba world. With Ikt't twII'iK* on tha part of tha Kngllah MtibaoMdor, and with nuillar u?n on tba part rf tba Aanltu Brrroiary ut Mtti, wa ara vary wall .Minted tb*ra oaa ha do tfiMduliy la aarrying out tbU work. Aad ba would gofurtnrr ar.d aay that all obstaaUa bataaaa tba two (oraitiititi oa tut* aabjaot, bin baaa airaady r*mor*d Mr. vvblta th*a ralxrrad to tba bub'roiu attauipU tba' ha?? barotofora boan ai4* to '>u*trant ?Mp oat.al tnr i?h tba Urrl'ory of v iaara#aa to lb* obartar wblon ... given. In MM to u A??rtran altlaan. wbo wa? to uud*rtaka tba work witbla tit at oath*, bat wtlab waa lorloiuj to tba aabaa. jurat grant to tba King of Hol,au<f wbi*b wt< alto farfadtad; to tba fraat to Loal* Nap .I? d wblnb iplrad wb*a ba waa In Uta fortra** <?f llta; aad. anally. to tba priitaat grant Tba naat ju*tl?a U. la tba wark praoUoabta? Oa thi? polut b- ?onld nay. tbat four ?ur?ays hara ba*n Bad*. and lb* aodrrtattlng I* not < nly a< t difficult hnt aaay A* to tha ao?t twoa?tl otUi bar* b**a atda M' of tv*oty and thaotb-r of t*a Billion* of dUiara. hut t*k- lb* tn-Jium aad ay ttftaaa million* Mr Walt* thru wrot lata an *U>>orata ?samtnatloa af tba pr>babi? rae?ipta vf tba aaaal. aad tbowad ooa<-iu-ir*,y tbat ta*y woald b* aaply awBelant to par a hao l-ora* la'ara*' on th? larwtaaiit. Ha aalaulaord aa oa* I salon* that thr*a KfUlanaof Ion* of fcagllsb th'pplng at l*aat ant go ibroagb this eaaal a??ry y>?' w.lab wou d uiaka a taring of twaiva millions of dollars lo tb* owaor*. aad tbl* woald prdno* a'a? million- of d< liars aaoaally to thaotmpaay Mob Una aa l?<a mwht b* obtatard. ha Mid, aa to wbatbcr tbl* w< rk will b* a prootab'a oaa or aot. Aad tba a*it <ju?atioa I*. wb?ra la tb* oapltal tn'eoa* fnw* A ad oa tbl* point ba woald only My. tbat if tba a*atiatitj of tbl* oaoal wa<gaaraatrad by tba prtaatpal pt atn th* oapltal woula k? fur al#had at oaa* from foralja *oara*? Mr. Wblta'aramart* wrra ll>t*crd to with a grr*t 1*al of atuntloa, aad ao raa oaa d nht from tb* t*aoc of tb*m fouadad ?a thry wtro on *tati?tlct tbat tha eaual will ba a ?rry proMabl* un<l*rtaklag. Tba rrBalclaa toa*ta wat* Tha 0?vrr??T af tba I tat* af N?* Ttrfc. t Sa b-arli aad Bar *f At* 1 or*. Tb* City *1 h*w Tatk. Tba PablM fraaa Mr. JuHnim, of tha \MaBbiy r*apoad*d to th? first aa<l *i Jutlga Jam t? tba ?a<i<-ad Tha burd*a af ib*tr wattkt waa tba ?a?t b*nrbta that lb* c?o*traatlaa o* tba yropa?ad aaaa* will aoatn oi< th* < aiUd Sfa'.a* aad oa taa wbo|r world, by ?au*<> log all tha *ad? oi tbo Mtm WfWIWar DJ IDPIDI tn r I ,HI"" - iia* Si'in... . Tii l.<n *ibb>t liTKit. f* V -T*? Bi'ivlt SW if mj ik* rw?, of tba Itab in*' kItm t .* 'ullowtag rkrtlealftt* nt tba flrr st tr at pia r n tUa 17th in*t : ha 8r? o?? ' ? <? it abnt II nliifl vi , la th? two atory 'D tba tj r'h alia of tr Vlaia um?|iM by ll !* ?r MIM?M 'or*. m4 tk? ?1*4 Mowing *tr?n? fn ra th? waat, Iba tuifl 'Wtnrl Ufcttl r?fif bi|'litii< w?? fl-ionoaiad ta lb* ?"tD?r of (> >!- * %n| Hank tra*t< InMadlaf tba H11W Mr Mtnq'i if>rii m4 ??rjtht?f tbarain ??? livt, tnal idmrf bi?b> ttaid Mfffl M? lo?urad la 'h. ?oa?? vtntnal ?I.M0 hM low U a?M?*te4 at ah at *k <MM) I h* building tat ?*c?d by l h?n Briiva at H*-br i, Ct Mm ?n a wood balldiog tba offlaa tad 4 ailing boa*a r.| Dr H < anaon Ita I* la?n>?d In tba .f.taa i >inpany. for |IM wfclah will probably r >ha loaa a 4j "lain I D* O. wad Urit" atnry woad bnildla*. ra ?aatly por*ba?ad by I . l!?l<fco. for *1 200. and la anfwd la it T bot*d?r la tba Maw \ ork < nmptny for $IM? A part ?m aaaapia.l h? J j ii?b.|o? a? a mil linary ?!? . Iltafoodf ?.ara irMirad l> thaWasaaaa b atual Na*t. wa*at?o?t.>r? wood hulldtn* o*g?j hi fit*wan NnMaa and ocropiad by C Mrkbaot a* a oaM a*4 >?bar> ?bap and aarar.?..i,. | ha butldlag ?M laaorad fat IM, la tba H?a??w Mute*! .Nail, tba Anarteao Hotal Tbl? bntldtac tha ?o?t a?p?aila? af any In tba Tllla|a. r<wt a?t *> Oil It balnagad to Ala* *arttb. af tbw tlllag* ' *? ba Idtng an tn'iirad for M V00 a ad tba faralta'* ? r ?l ti? in t h? waaaaaa Mataal Tba botal kap? b; B (> ri-<l*la who alao bad aa laawranaa of %1> ? ?n farnlttra. b<i' vhoa loaa wlU ba fxa?Mar*Ma \??t a>lj dnta* tba hntat. tra? two atnry brie* batlJ<a? ra<j#ntly oaroha-aI by W TaAllaaoa who ?aa nttip? I up for a banking fcrwaa Wa ba?a not |.?rrt a b' thar It wa? nnl-r In anraaaa AdJotalaj tbla. on lb- r?rnar Of llaa??~? and baak atrrata, waa a two rto?y baM iin< wood ?had %?.. I owaad by Mnaaa Tagfart oacop'?d by t?. 1 Ualamatar, m*aa edbea iwd dwainaj by <>t ataaara a* a 1anM?r? fAaa aad by Vra WHIlaM aa d?ainnj Mr. T Id l_ ill I la tba ijhimi - . - m - * E NE M Total Destruction of AnoUkcr Maoism* and Boiler Factory. Yesterday morning, it half-post three o'olook, fir* krtki oat In th* ciUirin boiler md maohine betory of Mott k Ajtm, in Twenty.dfth street on th* North River. It ippMn, from the lUhment of the watchman, that It originated In the oore oven, wbenoe th* Hum spread with tb* rapidity of aborning forest, on account of thi building being a fram* one, and the materials being *o dry, from the constant heat of the large tire* necessary for the work. Though the alarm wee speedl'y gives, and though the firemen as promptly responded to the oall ef danger, before they arrived end were at work, the fire wee raging fiercely all over the building, and it maed ae if nothing ebort ef the Hudson rolling over It could estlnguish the flame*. The heat, moreover, was too iuteneeto permit them to get near enough to render effectual eerrice. as far as It was oonoerned Tbe efforts of the firemen were, therefore, prinatpalljr direoted toward* the preservation of tbe adjoining building*, two of whlah were la imminent danger?ons, a brick building adjoining a wirefaotory, and the other at the opposite or north side of the street, a frame building. occupied as a sorsw bolt factory The latter would undoubtedly have been burned, but for the current of water that was continually pouring upon it. Hot as tbe tire was before, and grand a* ens the speotacle, tilaniining the whole beavent, wtien 'two small frame buildiogs, filled ?lth charcoal, belonging tu Mr. 8a<nu?l Walker, toek firs, the Intensity of tb? heat b?cam? Intolerable, and the Hemes raged with double fierceness Largs pieces of burning wood and charcoal were oarried an Immense distance, by tbe strong breeze that was blowing at the time some of them falling as tar up as Korty-seventh tercet ai d at Thirty-(leoond Htrret they fell la a fiery shower. The mlllu>n? of spurks danced in the sky, in m*xe? of great brilliancy and beauty, and presented a gorgeous scene, and a pleasing one. were it not for tbs destruction beneath Inab-iuttwo h"urs aricr tne ore commenced. It burni'd out ami l?it1 level with the ground the entire factory, destroying tool* ami machinery ard manufactured artl-lrs to a large amount anions which wera two hollers and ?Hf>0 worth of brass oarling* for Collin*'* line of s'eamsrs. There wete raved from the general rttln partem* to the value $4 CoO, which had bran fortunately stored at the pa* work*, and were of the greatest importance to the Dim. The iron stramhoat b in* will by KnM, Mott and Ajres. and elmost, ready for shipping for California, vasalso taved owing to'rb? vigorous e*ertiosa uaad This boat 1x110 fee' |om? 23f?wt b?atw and 3S '*?t deep. built lor the Panama Hal I road Company, to run on tha Chsgree river She in put together by (crews, and la to b? taken to piece- agtin b"tore being shipptd She 1* uninjured b) the (ire. and the destruction ol the factory will < ply cause a few days' dt-l?y In finishing her. 'I be proprietor* of ?h* Novelty Work* and % r H R r>urbam of the Arahloia le? Work* g*nvroufly < ft- red every a'llrtauce in their power, and the ore of their tool*, till the establishment In rebuilt; and yesterday monies- at e*v< n o clcc*. th- men were busy at work upoD l>oil?r". '('be |,..? oaneot b? a -c.i ra'ely estimated. a* yet. but it cannot be short of $8,0t0 Theiewas no Inrurim^H. except a pirtial on* upon the building which does not baif ooy?? ltd lo*s. A frame builoir g would never have b-?-ti ereote 1 f >r tha purpose but that the ground wa? n-wl? male end wa* very soft at (be time or the erection. The Ann intend to rebuild the concern luim?dia'ely, with brick. City Intelligence. A Vr.ser.l I p??:t.?At about eleven o'clock A. M , yesterday, the laigs bark Hiero, of Yarmouth, on the berth, tor California up*et. at the foot of anal etrewt. in the following manner : ? She wa* taking iu coal. a* ballast. A* the tide receded she lurched a little when the ecal abitted from the larboard to the starboard eld*, causlig h< r to go over on ber beam end* Her tall uiatts lay right aeros? tha pier, beooaipg entnngli-d in the rigging of a ve#?el lyin^ at tba opposite berth The f. re tot nia't was carried away, ber bulwark* v.ere romewbat irjur.d but sha received verv H't|e further damage than what la rated and a chatlng of the rides 1 bousends were attracted to the spot to s * the huge bulk in a helpless conditl >o and the opeiatlon ot putting ber on her bottom In whl<-h nearly ?i.e hundred men were engaged She was r'ghted by pilllies aad cables and now II ats a* if nothing hat occurred. 1 he Hirro had arrived from New Orleaut, with a cargo if mesa potk and beef Th? Whthh -The waatber atlll continues ma^aific.et tly flt.a Yesterday, peo[,|? went withou* their o>erand sat at open windows. It la far more like May tkaa K* bruaiy. Kike ?At A quarter fat Ave o'clock yesterday afternoon fire wa* discovered on the southeast corner of Broime and l.aurtas street*, which was extinguished Viih Uwt tnOli t. damage. Th* Kisr. *r** Y on avii i.e.?The loss of Mr. hamldey, the owner af the net and weaving 'actnry. a* the corn> r ft Klghty-seven'b street > I Vtfth avenue th-destruction of wblcb we mentioned In ye*terday'a Hrruld, la abont li.OQO and no insurance. Tur Fiaa ii* With Sirkkt.?Mr Levi, owner of tha hat and cap store In Water street, an account of tba Are of which we published la yesWday'a llna'H was insured for ft.S00, which far more than covers the losa. A Nskko Lt'Naric in ini: Sratkts.? Patrick Btennaa WH IUUUH IVI ?TruiH|, si ii non ? imw*. maclog wildly, In ?Ui? of m pprtect nudity ft* then ha wan born through Ninth ?fr?u? and Korty fourth ftrvet. and >u taken into ruitody by officer* i.epgptt and Ort. of the 1'wrifth oard The prlponer mm-' detained by J?j>Ue? Biakely. A Ht*an*nt>.?A man nam* J Patrtok 'lanra baa. folding at 18 Thame* rtittl. >a< arr?pt<-<l ia-t eveniig lor beating hi* ?lf? la ft mut or?*l manner, and Inflicting a aevere gaab on bar b? ad. Ha ?* taken t? tbf Tomb*. The 0*?iw i Paircaa rouwn N*rriw<;.?On Wedoeaday fvriilbg. Mage No 107. J Murphy. proprl-tjr wa.? left Mauling in L>roadway, without a driver. fro n halt|ft*t right Oflnk till half p*?t ten The fa<? aft* taken to the Mable by officer rawford of the Kourteenth Ward At h?lf ra?t nlna o'clock, on the ranaa oenfrg Hip No *21 reynoM* & VVatrt. pr prUt r?. *a* toned Mitii naty on tba croon walk in Iron' of Mechanic*' H.a'l Rrradway. wlib thp driver in*ide, a?lrep. Keported by Sargrant Kbbetta Aci iumt in i Wuoi it* llmm ? Ye?t*rlay ftrrn<<<n at three o'rl"?k, Mr Hanry Oinord, marchant, of Portlftnd Stat# of Maine, wag driving ft wagon In tbll city. out of Canal In'o ( antra atraat, when the whprl ram* In oontaot witb ft *tune. and by tba jrllltc of the vpblcle. threw hioi out with violence, Mitring big rar lrom bl? baftd and Injuring him *a ?rely. Tba boma baeoalDg ftlarmrd ran down Centra treat till oppoelte Maklnley a; o-nlng la c<m*ton with ft cftrt tba ?b*ft of tba latter pa?-e i through th* ehrtl ftnd brok* It tight til, and ?ma?hed tha wagoo lt?elf Mr Oinard wa? lakes to tha r|'y ll<v?p|t?i la a carriage and tha r? ii ? of tba wag >n to tba tliitb ward tfttlc n hotuf. ArcioawT aw Pmp?o?ai>.?Ve*terday. Mlahft*! Hatla hftt fall down tba hold of the < repepat < |ty. frarturlag hit ?kall and receiving other eevvre injur ip* Ha wag oonvejed to Ua City Horpltftl Bowrw ft Mi Vink'i New Rrmi. l>nin*it,-Thil new ??ore which wa described ft faw w?ki ago a< an on iD>r?t to tha city I|4 one of the m??t elegant ?t ruotare* r.f the kind In the e?ai>trr win be opened for buMoeee oa M'ftday aegt. It will al-o ha open to day lor pnh'<e la*r??*lo? from t we lea to threa o elock Tha Inferior ftrrarenneat* are ane?Tpa?**d fnronavenleao*. light and good U>t? Kvery n.prohaot khoald ?*e tbl* tt' del building. Tm? Huwoaaim Bill.? Wa hftea fall report of th* great ball at Mblo'a. loot evening for the bene ft of tH H ungarlaa r?fog.p* hut we cann<4 And r <m for It to day WaeuMi however. It a?g oae of the ainet brtllleat affair* of tba klad that ever took plftoe la Now fork. Wa abftU pub Hob ear re part to Borrow, If poa Ibia Aaatrr or CoreTitariiTva* *r Airow, III.?Mayor Barry Varthftl ? pipe asd Llvut Mala<r retnroed ye*, terday nxralog froai Alton. III., havlag *aoee*ded la rreeting ft maa named K W. Dunn hi* wife and another fvmala an.I breaking np one el the moet eit*n?ive out* of eoaa'erfplter* In tbp weerern o->a?-tr?. Kor ? ma nonth* n't tb? oftaara la thl? olty btn had r*ar<>a 10 wpMt that Dun m la tha aiaaahf Ur? ol k'fw toil ud km Id oou^MtM k>ptk trlat titrh upon all hit mnomintf Rnwitl;. by pnrcha*l?g t?f na a<nay from hi* aeaoaplkiM t??y obtained a afletant eloa of bl? wh*r*ar>oata to act, Mmtdlrilj. jwtirda; aomli| ba Marnf and tba two "l*"" ?w|? ai?tl?i?d w*at to Altoa by land, aiid laat r.lpbt baring Ant prcearad tba aaalataae* "f tha Var?h?l ai.d otbar proalaaat attlaaaa pr<wa?da4 to Data a boaaa la Mlddla Alton an.I arraatad Mai aad tan faaialaa fbaing ail th? paraoaa tbay fnaod a boat tba praariaa* Whu tba ofllaara *at*r*d tba haaaa tba partia* war* aaatad at tba flra bat apoa a Ubla aad arattaiad ab*>at tba roo? vara di>?<<a*rw| tba tinpiano nt* u??d la a?lalna aad a larga anoint of nnflnahad ooin I'poa -?arrhli,? tba pr-?ia?? abont |1 MM) ta b i'ia rot?j aaa loaad. MD*i>llai Mainly nf half do| " id fi*r franc pt*ra* and tba moat aitaaalra aad iwatp ata >at of aiould*. Udla* and aetda th* offlnara ay (bay arar raw Marshal l-alp* inform* tba* Dun ha* doohtl*r? ha*o rn?ag*d la tba hn*la?*a far two or thraa jaar*. aad altb> u?h *aapaat*d. ba* alviya *arap*d d*t*rtln At tha tlaia of hi- arrait ha aaa IhlM la aa old. dilapidated hatldla* bat via patting npma it tba lia*t raMdanaa* of whl'h Xitoa aaa b>?rt - Si. Ltnm I ) l*?>H?i*m*r, W I AanvAL ar tm? Wiit laoi* at Mobilb ? Th* royal ?all ?taa?*r Tbao aa i apt. tbhoH, arrtrad la tha I * war ha?, yartarday a.th lha Wat ladla alalia, r<l tba a all* that wara brought fr->?n *<mthampton by tha 1 rant, of tb* id Ian Tba Tr-at had * r u*h paa a|a oat i*t ?rrl?m? at H*rai<!i 'ill *ba MH tanuar>. ?r d bar ibtft had ha*B *o iru b It jara-l oa tha ri'^ai* a* to r?id*r bar raturri to 8 'nthamp'oa no* o r*ary. Vba Ihaaoa takiaa h?r plana <a 'ha i.alf rout*. Th* Than ? l*ft liirn a oa tha taoraiag of iba tatk Tha hrl? I ,l>. faanall aa* t" ?ad for Mohll* *ba *m* mt, *u<i u>? > on ??i# o?*i -*?w Orlitil fN f ?bl e III b- *i>rfri**<1 ti l?i ?h*t ? > ?*? I hldiM. htcK ? tb* I w?r b?f ? ?'?! H?y m ti li<? tfl?f i ?r(nc tb* ?> !? ?n4 ? i? t ( IM? | j . ti b??iil tb* itM-r ?b<rb 'tire. H-f1 Iron *<!I??*It l<t \ mi taftvfig b* vt>?l tb* n !>( > mi hft? for ?'*tiv> ?> !? t* trlj i? ?'?( ? ?hf> h?4 ?l?f *;?> < b*r? rt?? *b? ! ??> i?i.? If ' ?|t ihli t ? ? i \?i <l?* ti- < f 'r? n hi *?|i*?liu?. In r |iv? * at** ?f ? 1wt I' ? * ?* 'ii **< n i. ft * ii tiidlti<i?llf b<it"* nr m ?t(f .l?i, r' ra?'>i|K' ?ui" l'tr( Mm tb?l *?n *b*t'?T > r?? . f in* :i.i.?tif ft??n fb* !??? ? ' <> f b* i f?|?h i.. t' i r ?t ir it ' v I * * ?) * % W YC ORNING EDITION?FRII Board of ffiflnitlna F?a. 20.?The Pr*aident la tk* CUr. Tk* Sa*r? i Un read tk* minute* of Um two ;rM*lli| meatiagf which were confirmed Pelitieni Rtferrtd to Financt Cmhu'Mh - From thi N*w York Society for tka Promotion of Ednaatioo among Colored Children, for the lum of $M M. to ?oa I pij deflcleneiea From Twelfth ward, to anpply deb oleadcf 1b oodm(|??im of lairaan of population Th< i f um of $1S.M8 will ba requlrad for tk* upraiw of thli I ward for tk* next year. The nn of $413 76 wia ordered to ba paid, to aaa( tba legal expense* of tko oooaon aokoola of tba Sereo teeatb ward and $3M 10, for lighting lad repairs oi lha tohool houoa of Eighteenth ward. I A raport from tko Commltto* oa Frao Aoadcmy wai | raad, recommending tka following reeolution: ? | Reeolved, Tkat tha Committaa on Free Academy art hereby authorised to engage tha eereloee of aa ioutrun I tor la bookkaaplaf, aad arraaga tka tarns of Ma oaaa pentaticn Vr. Kino offered tk* following aa aa amendment:? Resolved, That tba Committaa for tka oar*, govern meat, and management of tka Fr*? Academy, ba re 1 quested to (ubetltute for tb* study of phonography ai : now pursued in Mid Academy, the study of book keep i ing. or soma other useful atudy. A discussion aro**, In whloh several members tool part, s< me advocating the utility of the art, and othan j mating that It waa a study which oonld be pur?u?' at lum*. wkile tbeboura of adaoatloo could b? devot d to more ur*f ul branches of aooampliahmanta. The original resolution was adopted, and the amend vent < I Mr. Kli'g waa loat. It itselved that tb* (alary of tb* Profaeeor o of Diawina be lLnreased to the rata of ?700. and lh< ' (alary of Prof?i??or Utbbabenlao Increaaed to $1,000. It w?? rrei.lved that tba Committee on the Free Ana d?my ere ln-rebj authorised to InoraMa the oompenna turn allt ??-d for Iralructian In the modern lauguagra at the rate ot f 1 S6 per boor of instruction. iu ca?? whtre the rervice in but for two or three recitation! pei weak A petition for the promotion of edaoatlon among th< puci childuu c^the city, wai received. TI>? Ciotoia Water Hates. The 'ciloaiug ar<- the detaUaof theordinance adopted hy tbn Board of Aldermen in relation to the watel miction all tcnrir.'ntf coming within the provitloaa of the laa of Jpril llti, IMS', haviue front width of:? Story. R 'lc. Story. Rate 18 tett and under... I $5 22>? to 25 fe?t 4 $li 2 6 5 It 3 7 25 to 30 feet 1 1 4 8 2 1; 6 ? si: 18 to 20 feet 1 7 4 li 18 5 11 3 9 30 to S7K feet 1 1. 4 10 2 H ? 11 si; 20 to 22X feet 1 8 f 4 II 2 v s i; I ? HI 37X to <0 feet 1 li 4 II 2 1' 5 12 3 II j ii)i to25teet 1 In 4 ? 2 11 0 2 3 12 T1 t it lit 1f all ter.t-i n it * hich ihall exceed in width tiftj feit, i hall te the auhject ul rpec.al oi.ntraot a ith tha Jioiii | Aqt.tduct Km.h1 In ti e 11 p rtioi nier.t of teenier renta up?a a dwetlioi i home, ll.e Uici y or t?milie? oreup>lu? the earn*, to numhai not mor< tiai. tilUca per ' *. for evtry ten peraona boyomJ 1 that number, an addilii nai rent ?f live dollar* per year ahall t Ik- < I a*rtd. M. irl eaaloa* o? a divia. n but mbeeqaently recenaiilrr?ti aid adiptrri im ayi i and m ee. Al'tr *1 let the ? and m>?> Hlaneout rate* were taken i'|', hi d. alter tauuiy aincudmcata, weie adopted ae fallout? to * > : ? 1'rirntt St bin? Where two Italia ere ordinarily nisd th'r-rhaii l? tlarfed the mm .flight dolUr? per auuuui i and tor > a- li adelti nal mall tie enui of two dolliri 1 tiny Si: /./.?- lor each I'm up to ami cot ezceidin lit iu i i'Uil*r. the > ii in ol tiro dul ara eael. pi r annum; and for?ach at diti< nal bona 11 aum ot one dollar. (n.mli/a Mo W?a--For e??li lur??urt?, end n?teire?Uini fifty in in nil- , the urn of <ne dollar and fifty emit. pel , annum ardlcrevir? additional heraa the anm ef one dollar < aniuen'a borate ahnli be charged oae dollar per aanun taili. t on St Kbit i - - F. r each and every eow the lua of aaventyI fit eaeiita per annum. Sl,iif/ihr Jioao abell be charged at the rata of from tei to * tnty doliam (?r annum, each. Sin m h.t. yi/u a al.all he charged by the here* power, ai f<Ik'we: li r tarn hunt prwtr, not exceeding ten, ten del' )?f, oi 11 tee. aid n i* r- I fteen. eeven aollara and tllty r-uti eath aid foi eai h i ter fi'een the iu mot Bved>l!-ra. I if. tt, a IJUfithall bo charged at the dieeretiea of thi t r- 'on /a aeduct 1 oard. I ou ii im/ At t. out a a i all he iharged at t> rata of fran Bfiili i<> till* d. Ilara r?ch; and c ti. nl bouae* at the rata ol fi' in ttn to tw< nt)i dollar? raoh per innaa. Ill,hit mil fiixirai v I' uan abait. in addition to tbl rtyular r* * toi | mate lnu-iiiea, te el.araed for ?a?n ledgin| l< u . at the diat-vr on of ih# Ontaiii Aua^laa* finlirl. I. ... JVrfH .imt (IrOi ?< ira aball be etiarf'd an ratra rata ?t fii>* f J ?o ! * Hi J* i lot tea >ha'l be rhai it the diaeration of tha Crotoi A.ii e uet Itoard. 1,nihil.u 7 kfca, in private hxnaea, beyond one, at threi doliira |t-r aanumeath. and at ate d .llara per aunum caol in piiblit In una. braiding beuaaa, bathing aetabliahmeau aim tarbera' al opa. H ah r Lloieti --For eeery water eloaet beyond oaa, th< (am ot t? o dollara per annum. Mini It ?aAi r?.--Fer raot. atraet waafceraa the aide-walk the i in ot two dollari per annum. I i/Uffifi.-Fir the atria.r daily on of fljar. for earl barirl Iht inm of tbrio dollar* per anattni. Itvillnv linnet, with tittiMx workihopa attached, ?ai and vairbouaei, (hall b? aubjojta of ipeel* ttMOmi. IHilthn iri, Urttrrritt, Mm hit at d Stent Cittin? 4,'aIfWu' w. ?<f?, S?.tj) and < a i,'lit k'uetorirt, Suy/ir llomtt />y?ra. ilurocto /'rtiirri, Tunntrt itmil ( mriUrt. aud all uiarntariuriiiK < otlrr haitDaii rt<|ii.rinr a lar?*iu|pl] ot water. art to l>? ibarred thrr*l.>r, It r *n? hundred (?IIona, on lh? aitiiic uMBakil quantity anil during >b? >*ar tb< )?*r to U at tl ie* baudrvd oaya. a* (allow* *? 1 *a tl>* natality uml autatta two hnadrad Railoai pal daj. or l*aa, al th? rat* of t. ? null par ua* '.uudr d ga'lnna, *kn tl quaint; card a<tri|H from two huadnd la thrr* tundrid ial)?t? per day, at tfa? rat* of (oar c.ati pai (.oa I uadtt-d ralliaa. * !. a tli* (u.ni,>y aa?d auraca from thr*a hundred in <>at 11.? umi .ailoa?t'< r t a>. at tb* rat* *( tbr*a and a ball c<11a |?r 1 lc hundred iill-u W tea tit qniti'ii; * < d bTtrif** from one thousand t? two tl.? t.?ai d lalli I.a I?r day, at tb* rat* at tbn-e ccuta p*t w l iil ?i< d it bi* *? hit. th* quaaihy u*a4 *??r*j[e? from twa thoaiaad t< t*a b< n an ?all<i a par day, at iba raw of twa cnu pat (I * l.tii iifd a all< n? Uliii the I|uaa*lit na?d n?cH< tan thoaiand rallona p*l day tl?|ttc al a'l a# find by tb* Irn'ua A<|u>duiit U<>ard, I in la a? ran at laai I ha a oaa ?*at par oaa hnadrad aall?ai, I nil- it-p I'irfoifi ? far *a*li oa* thoaaatid brlcia laid, Oman. of In r> nil |ar tl ouaaud. f oanliWaa, otdmarily uaad tnra* boari ?aoh day?f*ra palled ot ?M n il* tl iii f'lar ai'iathi la th? jiar-ihail b? rharr'd al fn'|i<w* fur a cat-ilitraath ?f ai laeh j*t, tlx mm I rr?*? dellai* |?r aaau?j for a i nj-ruh h of aa ln*li j?t th* ran, of fiiiaca d<llari ptr mnim: far a naa qoariel of aa li.cb i*t, thr *um of for'? dollar* par aar.ure: far a aaeI a * af aa ia?i jot, th* na of alaaty aollar* per aaaaais f n tlri' '|i.*rWt of aa lacbjit. tb* lum af oa* buadrad and #'t< d< 'l?ri | r annual, aid form oa*- lacb Jirt, the ma -I tw > haidri* d< liar** p?r nana. ^a taaataia iball b* i-ririttm la amy p-ami*ea where th* ater li aoi takei f r otl,*r rmrpoaaa. aad to aa nunt iafbritai Itr three prrp- *e*. *ad If tha water from the Jet, 01 ioi t lata, tc peat ! id t? flow lata prraiaee tdjMiat k>, 01 la tl' * t(bb?rha< d. a I etc it taaj be ?**d lor other p irp iae, the mpply ahall h. ainppad ar-l th* imoaat forfaited. tf>iairi>r Vrl?WI?f S/rf li. la I Diiuriam kmll before lalfacd ara ri>i>nad for i|**ial aoatract, by aad ?ltb lb* 1 roti ? ii|ai?arl I>? partaiai.t 1 In pi)l lle ai-l ini aad publlr laatitatioai, aad pabllo *f(?i, ?nM| II * rity ai.d o ai.ty, to b? *biar(*d far Cratal atir at tl* aan* rat* a* to iad vidua!*. CoMMiacton oa ('tiim t< ai^ar Ma itio. Fab. 18 - Tbl B< ard a at purauaat to a^caiBiuaet. Ttaaaat, *11 th? it-i Nn 11 KSMriiMf ,^arra l ?Kfatt nlaiailai fir da ai if* by tha production offorgad pablla racordi to tl- itrtaai > f bla aim balorc tba Mliad < oasMni 4a# n o ? mm .nkmlttaH aaaataail aa.^ /v?4.a.aA lit Kd r*aH*rd. Tba B<?rd lb* a t ?k up for eoaaldaratloa b? mfii'iltl ?f .Mary llarbaa, a Imioutratrn of ?00 lla*faa itra?a#?d lair auln of tba brig John elklaa lap for ImptlM i.ttnl ploadar of bla pr. f rtjr sad ?< ?i 4* rn dotiai d?atb, fgatb?r with tb? pronfa aa< itn-narata eoan??f<d tbrr*wlth: and earn a to m n that tba rial m la valid. aadtbaaaaia laallow?4 aei*rt dtrgly; lb* aoiauat to ba awardad auhj-at to tlM future artica of tb? Board. F?a 19 -Tba Board ant paraaaat to adjoanaoat It^aant a lib* > aib< ra 1 h? n?aiortal of Jofca Baa* I'j plain li.at for tba dataatioa of a olraaa eoapaa; fot four da)a. at Ix.laraa la Ooaaajaato. vaa praaaatad Mii lttd aad au*p?adad That of|Daatal < nlltaa ria*a lr>a for damagaa by tba aaliara aad ooad?maaUoi of ilia brig 8(.Undid at rtbaaao. la IM6. an praaaat ad aiaalaad, aad ordarad to ba r?a*l*ad oi a Mimarra to Mcsiro ?Naarly a aoatb hai atapaad alaca tba at<*mar M alkar I art tbla port, foi VMtCtai. with tba Hon. Mr Latabar. Mlalatar t< ki?il?n and aulta aa paaa< agara Notblag baalag baai h?ard rf tba W alkar >laea bar dapartara. aad It bHa| tiodatatoad ab*?aa to ratara laaadlatalf. arm* aatl? If la b??maicg to ba felt tor bar aafaty - Me*nU 7>< bun,, ?4. IS. Domaatlr Mlarcllany. A *taa?brat la aow building at fit Paul a Mlaaaaoti t? ttada < a tba Mlaalaatppl. abota tba tall* of ft. 4a fha trill bo I'JO (aat loag. aad draw aaa foot ? aatar. A afort tlnia alnca, a flra broka aat la Oraaada. Mlaa tk*?k d?f(rntfd fhii i fflr* ftf thm Souttrm * Aad (I * atora* Vif'wU. W k M o?ly and Wiatar t | Iryaily "Ib-lnaala Mt Hcwd at but la wal < i*r?d by ll'utuo. A train i f 4$ ahaal ear* r?a??d ovar tba Naw V'wl In .1 ? r>a Mailt' ait ntr day la?t *Mk. It waa a thlr< < t a mil* la lanyih anil probably tba larg?at trala a?ai d k?B< t?i a ai'iebaadtaa raad That* wara. ?B"?| Mitt art lr la* *M fat eattla tvOahaay. and ai; anaibai if 'It* ai d daad bvfa. ?nb flour, ?hl>kay, he Tl.a tharnu<*at?r at V.llltova N R. oa tba fltb la i ?nt taaiaatad thirty dagraaa h?iow wrro I ?o I 1,1 iifd aad Any tbovaa-l dollara hara baai u??rTtba<t la St l.oula for tba Tactile Kali road 1 hara aa> |1 fC0.(rf<0 worth of < allforaia fold raaaia ad at tba I Miadalf bla allot daring tba laat aaat

~h? La^lflatnra of Alabama adjnuraad oa tba Utl i>*taat Tha t'lal anK unt of loaa by tba daatraatlna aad la juty *<> ?taa? hoata >a tha V laal>alp|>l aad ?tbar waat ?ra n?af? dating Iba m. nth of January laat la aatt aatrdat I i . ?h r? of an aartb',tiaka waa fait at Two Rl?arf V Ifrnnni on tba 3d laat II i a t.ra < I Taaaaaaa# adjmiraad oa tha lotl Itiil 1 at ra af A A. tai?a ft Ca. at < nhaaaatt. Maaaa I a. t?a ??a f . ??u?aj oa Moaday atfht Tba star * - IrMiitJ la ^a* >< rh h. d-i b of laohoa at M?atr?aJ J ?'.4a ? (ha ITth iMtant )RK T )AY, FEBRUARY 22, 1850. Court of General Seaalona. Before the Recorder, ui Aldermen Brit ton and MiMlw. Kii IB. ?Jhtaull on a Littl* Girl wilK Intrnt to Ravilli. ? A man named Thomas Gallagher fH pat oa trial, charged wltb having aaaaulted Bridget MoDermott. a little girl thirteen year* of age, with Intent to violate ber pereen. The girl being placed on tbe *tand. testified tbat on | tbe night of tbe 11th of Jaonuj, MoDermott got her father* oonMat to take ber to a ball They weat to i tbe ball, which waa comewbere la Kllxebetb street. and 1 a'ter apending tbe evening there. Htarted for borne f (Twenty-fourth street)a little ifttr la o'clock; whan thay reaahed a vacant let in Seventeenth street, near i tbe Union Park, tbe priaoner dragged ber toward* It; abe crifd oat, but be detained her until an oflloer same and attempted to arrest him; Gallagher failed In hi* attempt to aooomplish hi* purpose; the aooused ran away from tbe offleer. who then took charge of tbe ohlld and vat going home with ber when they met her father and the prieontr; MoDermott had boarded with the girl'* father some three year* Walter Week*, a policeman of the Klghteenth ward, sworn?Testified that be *aw prisoner aud the girl on tbe night nlladed te; he beard the orie* of tbe child and weat te the lot on Seventeenth street, where 1 discovered him in the aet of attempting tbe assault (The offl cer here described tbe petition of tbe parties ) < roe*- eaamlned - 1 heard her cry out, "Oh. don't; I wauttogo home to my father;" *he we* crying; *he poke in an undertone; 1 think 1 said to Gallagher, 1 kYoufocundrel. what are you doing with tbat girl'" Jame* .MoDermott, tbe tether of the child. tustlfled that Gallagher. who had lived with him about three s yeats. obtained hia confent for the child to go to the dace* on e<ndition that they were to return at about tan o'cWek; at something after ooa o'eloek ha m awakened by Gallagher who told him to put on hia cloth**; witEras asked tha accused where tha little girl *as accused only replied by telling witness to put on | hi* clothes and coma along; witness hastened to dress Mmrelf aid want out with Gallagher. when thejr mat I tha little girl in company with tha officer; tha officer told Dirt*** what had happeoed and this was the (trot intimation tha fathar bad ol th* trra*ui?nt hia daughter had received at the hand* of the accused; Gallagher told witee** to say nothing about it. and he would niai ry the tlrl; ha replied that aba was not yat at to marry Thia was all tha t?aiimony on th? part of tha prosecution. On tha part of tha def nan. the Drat witness was Suran Sweeney, who teatitied that she visited Bridg-t McDeimef. after the transaction had taken plana aud Bridget told her that she "i)ever >ould pursue Thomas Gallagher. only that aba was forced to." Owen Gallagher sworn ? la brether to th? aroused; ha slept in tha not room with him last September; at ora time lie aaw tha complaiiiaot In his brother'! bed; aha wan there when wi'Bess want to b d at n'ght, and be saw her there when he awoke In the morning; witnr>a scolded his brother and threatened to tall tha girl's father; he neeer saw her there afterwards. lames McDermott recalled by lbs prosecution ?My daughter waa at aervice last September. and did not sleep In my house at all; she wa- llting at Mr Maswtll'a. In i)r<adway. at tha time Owen Gallagher aays she waa In the bed Th? case was ?araiD<-d np by csnnael on each alda, ai d the Kecorder addtessed the jury. who. after a pro liacttd ahrence came into i.ourt with a verdict of guilty, but recommending tha prisoner to the mercy of I 'it lull io(tfi>DT!C( wftt ruuieucru L ' bus pnui* I tentiary for ana year. Feb 30 - Unhhrry im the Fire Pvinti.?Robert Boyer*. Patrick Murphy and hdward Haallten. three Five Point ' tbit vec. were put cd trial. charged with pratid larceny, la stealmp watoh and money from llaubtn Knox, a oouDtrmmD. lleubeu Knoi bting *worn, testified that on tbe 25th of January he wae la town, when h? * invited by Hubert boyer* to go in'o John Orpen'a hou??. corner of i rntrraud \ntbony street*. whoa we got Id, I was induced to play a game ot card* for lour drinScs; I lost, aiid then raid I did not waul to play any mora as I bad mtt'D-j. Boyer* a?ked uie If I bad not a watch that I ct ul4>le<ige ? I tnld blin I bad but I did not want to do to; fce a*ked na to lat him m the watch, I took It cut aod banded It to him. h>' looked at it and banded It bark to dm; Murphy theu came up aod a'ked to *ee It? I did oot tak a It oat for hlin but Boy*r? oame up aod t'-ok my watch rat >< my pocket and haod?d it to bini (IIK|ayj hi.(I ha made off with It, I had luy *?! let. eoLtainl'g $30 la my overcoat pocket laft rid*; when I.Jound I bad loat my wateh I fait for my pockat- I bock aDd it wa? gote, tbe yclNHI, Hamilton, bad been ftandltig at my laft >ide. ieanlou against uie, wallet Boyera wa? looking at my wateb T frit liaialltou pressing a*alnat me, and I could *ee Da rea*oa for It; Boyer* jerked my watehoutotmy poekataad baaJed it tu Mu> l bj ?o uu.ckiy that I bad n?> epeartuiilty ta ra- , iV' l?trr? i i ...?A. oitfi the iktf prl?uart? | I bad Dftrr knoiD Bojers until ha invited m? Into that placa ; I have nev?r recevered any of my properly ; my pocketbook e mtain** 1 t'l't, whan I want Into ; Orpen's placa aDd I ouly spent five shillings ; my watch 0??t ma $90 ; I bad woro It ab< ut two year* ; I pro- ( cured an officer, to whom I d>ad? known my Iom ; I i don't kDow the direr; I waa aot perfectly aobar, but was so that I koew what I was doing. i I baric* (iardDrr sworn ? la an officer of the Sixth i ward ; knowa tha prls. ners; they are frequenters of i tbe Dflgbb rbo< d of ike Klve Points , I arra'ted ooa of tbe prist Lere ; I did net find aoy of the property en them : tbey raid they didn't believe ha bad any mon?y; ( they said he i ad a wateh. I Jac( h Dowdies d sworn-1 am an officer of the Sixth ward; I met officer Gardner and the c mplalnaot on ( the Klee Point* ; Knox ?ald he had been robbed ; I went t with him to the oorner of Anthony and Centre alreata. atd ha polated out a man. named Wiiliauie, whom ba , aid bad robbed blm ; I arretted William*.and took him to tha station hour* , we found nothing on him ; I then west down, aod ha polated oat Murphy and Hamilton who ware arretted, Boyeiewa* ub??40-utly arre?tel; Knox lai ao Intoxicated that I deemed it my duty to lake blm to tbe sta'tca h-u?* l?r i r>tec?l >u On the part of tbe delenee. do t-etimoey *a< Intro, ducad. eouarel dependlog on the testimony of the laet witneae for the prosecution Tb?jurj returneo a veidict of aot guilty. Tbe Recorder In discharging, tbe prisoLeis. t<>ld them that tbey had e*cap?d <>a tei hiiical ground* but tbat tbey ware notorious characters. aDd ?r nld no dnub' be here again *oaa, when tbe crurt would remember thrm Trial J nt an h.Heiml Ji tauli ? John < larkln wa*trlel for perpetrating an Indeaent atnaull on the peraon of Margaret Newtc n, a cMfcl only tt year* of age. Tha prleoaer I* a large boy. *> me ltl )ear* of age On the V'lh of January laat tbe little girl wa* rant into tha cellar by bar parealt for socle wood, wbea the prisoner n et her and committed tbe a**?ull complained of Ha *u adjudgt-d guilty, and MDt to tha Huun ?I Hafuga F*? 31 ? Thr Cmrtfn limit fii*f.-I?al*h Kyadara. , ' M1 Vuriay Tb< u.u Uurti, TbomM Mr tno tod | Charln Lalar t>r? (ut upon tbrlr daf?B<-a. cbarg?d ?l?k Mot and a??ault and hattary, omiaHtad up->a tha , prraoa of Archibald C. Rayti.ilda. at tkaJCarltou llouaa, , OB Iba lO'b <1 Jul* laat. < o??#?| f<r tba dafrnra Biortd tha Coait to enoipal ttia biatrial Attorn* y to try the otbar Ia1t?tm?nt talnat tba prtaoarr* Or?t. via th? lodtitm-n t wblah charge* ib? d?f?Bdaota with af?aalt and battary with luff lit to kill i Tba i curt rrfuacd tba application, and tha Clark proetadad to rail a jury Cc unavlfir drtanoa a?t*d (rr trlar* aa they iBtandatl i tc rballarrack juryaaa call*d rbay al?o ga?? BO* i lira to tha e< uit that tbay rial mad Bra paranptory I eballaagaa for aaeh of th* d'faa iantu 1 ha <Bit a| p. u.tad. a* trt*r?, Kiahard Voorhaai i and ilaary Mnotooa. K*urt ? I ha ?Btlr? |asai ?aa eaJlad. bafOra a jury waa prol rnicd Hit paiamptory rbalMn?? ?ar? lnl?ri?>**d by tba dafaBaa , thraa jurymaa war* aataaida by ooaaaat, aad one by it* trier* I 1 h* foiitalcK ara tha aam*t of tba jurymen at length I aaWt..i IlMilUaWI <>* rga w II?nnon flaI triltcn Brown ftamaal (I Bak?r Jama* Nerln*. WllI Ham K Bond (l?oi(a liarai; Jam** vl. Parkar. UarI ret Bartonr* ftaauel Ball*;. t dgar T banning. Parld T Blauaalt A tab I bold C Ray aolda iwnra taatiflad a* follow* Wa? III tha C arlna llouw aBgigad In eoa**r?atlnu , with AIdartnaa Barr. whan a Dunbar of geatlam*a , oana la ; *a wara la tba but room , Kyadara. Bora*. ( Murray aad MH.no ram* la , I alar I do aot ksnw : , , Murray lB*ttad aia u> drisk . I declined. h*eau*a I bad Jaet been drlaklag ; thara waa a food d?al ?f ? o?er ( ?b?iob ( it waa abnut tha Aator Hae* riot aad korraat , ad Marready; I aald I thought tbay war* both kaarea; Mr Ryad?r* eald I waa a d d lying ?on of ab k. , >r >< ?. blac ta (bat air.rt . I don t raeollaot tha Ian | ' Hiitlt knt Kb .a(4 | VaH nUrBBrMtatfd i I (All ? hliu ha *B* Iter ; I raid th?t Mrreat bad a prlaoaly ? lorluna oil nr>U?4M ir'tt lere 1?t the Amerlean { I V|>le hut wbeaaaked to |>l?r >"* banertt he ??? | lea dollar* f* ...m.thln, of that kind; Kyndor* >ald I did ; ?** oplatna. but eiyreaaed knob ( MMIanlt Ml?<d In ordar to ??iry h?w ?"* U>* rlrh| I Mid I did act Mrt ?b?>o? hi* (Kyadora) oplaloaj ( kj?<'W Ikn laid down hi* and ?al<l ha ao?l4 1 ?Wf ? ; tk? bartwytr thea re<|ueetad them Wrtof iketr mIm, and >atd to me, " Wd'l yoa ?" ??*i" ' ' ?aid I weald Hd atarted to fo oat. whea v array name ??. k?hmd and aaupht hold of ma aad atrurk me, I thea twti h?ni) hark min i comer, (yodfifW | palled > hand* < II from hm aad *ald (top" All I thia tlkr thera war* i kinibN of paraon* at I t**t I tell ?ho hit Ma, hat thaee aereon* war* all arouad ma. a?d I ?oe kit n* erary aid*. mib(i>mmI1 "Kill W< ???faV-h," I auBot tall aho baaldae Murray htt aa, tk? prla< rare *m? arauad ma aad had hold of ?a; . tK >mali hone <-f ana nf air Irfi *a* hroh*a and ay . h?*d aad body war* hral'od badly , my aoaa ?a* hmkea; \ I aald I wnald ary enough tbey *oBttouod to boat me I I By lag waa hck^a, and area after I waa dova th*y jumped oa m?, ? ha* I apr-aed to Hyader* Murray aad Bars*. I haard a nry a#' Kill lh* bl? *oa of a h-h;" I ??? t know who *rl*d oat hat I think It wa* th? party ako ??r? beatlag me, | aoald ant toll wko It waa tkat b?at at; I do a at kaow I.alar j I wa* aareroly haatea, ard <ba other dofendaata war* all nm?4, I ** Mttaa by Murray ka bit ma oa tka k*ad , thar* were toeaty . ortwtntyflr* pereoaa la tka room at tka time, Hyad?re Murray Baraa aad M* aaa. came la together) I at r?B.or.a to ( hnaaa; i waa a oa ii Bod to my hoaao li?* foat to Mi waaka; I wa* aador a phaalataa* ear* tor tkr*o at fewr week* Tkara wara etgat ar tea forat ae wko eaa>? In at tka na? lime with tka defbadaaU, I kit oa even aide, I eaasot *ay who hit me etoagt i, > aoayi I raw Ryndwra Murray. Iiarae. aad vie- nan; I * aa l>aii>g hit while thoy wara arauad Mt they war* I " uad n.a whea I ?** dowa aad Mai rtaatyad n; I Id ta V array MyaOere aad hare*. I II *ay *aougk; ley did oo* yrareat anykody from trlatag me ' rooa eiamlae* it wao hetwooa aad W a'olaak at night la ike moatk 'f laly, I treat thora alowo; I had *-eaa there l? or II alaalee before th-y *a?*a Hkj I hat |. j? -t draak whoa tkay name la, I might haee dr*ak half a 4<<aaa Uct*. I waa a*t aadar the lataaaa* *C l?iu*r, [ERA I don't know bow but time* I had drank before; I wm sitting on tbeaoutb aide of the back room when they came in; they all earn* In together; Murray came along and said, "ooma and take a arink;" I said I had juat been drinking: I have known Capt. Ryndera for agood many year*; T have known MoCann for about two yean aad Barna and Murray for two or three year*; I knew Hjnder* wai a atrong Korreat man; when I raid I thought Korreat waa a knave. Ryndera aald any man who aaya so Is d? d lying aon of a b?h. or aomethlng of that kind: I waa atandlng rery near the bar; at the request of Mr. Bate* 1 waa going out, and juat aa I waa paaalng the screen, while my nark waa towarda the whole of them. I wm attacked; I aald aa I want out, ''Ryndera. you and yeur party won't whip ma bar* to night;" I aald that, for I waa leaving the houae at tha time; wbaa I received the blow from behind. I turned arousd aad eaugbt bold of the man who struok ma; that man wm Murray; I ran him back Into a oorner, and than appealed to Ryndera and Burn*: I aald I did not want to b? beat and I would lajr enough; the other partlee got at me, nil around me, and aald "kill the big eon Ot n b?h ! bite hie nnee off! hit him !" nnd all sort* of criea, there wai n etruggle from one end of the room to the other, till I went down; I then aald.1 my leg ia broken?now will you l?t me go"'bnt they jumped on me niter tbnt; I think I amid I oeuld whip any one of them; the affair might have lasted 16 minutes; in the firrt of the dietmbnnoe Rynderi said."atop " Urorge J. Smith, aworn?I am now Captain of the Sixth ward Police; on the 10th of July lnat 1 waa barkeeper at tb? Carlton House; a number af peraona came in, amnog whom I knew only Mr. Kyndera; I now recognise Kyndera, Murray, aud Barm, an affray commenced; tbe lie wu given back and farth between Mr. Reynold!* and tbe reat of tbe gentleman present; they at lenirh got into confllot up against tbe screen; tbey scuttled hack and forth in the barroom; arm* of the boarder* came in. nnd peraona came in from the street, till there was n great crowd there, riD? sixty or aeveuty peraona; the conflict continued until Reynold* went dawn, nnd said he hopnd they would let hiui go then; I could not see who wera engaged exoept that Murray aud Reynolds were clenched. Reynolds appeared to he severely beaten; at the commencement of tbe afla.r. Reynold* aaid be auppoaed there wtre a number of persons paid for blowing for l-onest; I have not a distinct recollection of what Myndfer* said in reply; I saw Reynolds walk toward th? ecrern; Kynden. \jurray and Hums went toward the ecreen also; Murray took bold of Mr Reynolds by the acllar; I saw them all ha^e hold of blm ; aome said 'step it,*' and some said "Kite it to blm;" I don't know that anybody struck bim exoept Murray; tbey were all pulling aud hauling; Mr Jame* U Taylor waa there, be whs either knocked down or shoved down; ba got up and ran off; I saw some peraon shove h>m or kiok blm while be waa down; I took the person to b? Burns; wben Reynolds was down Ryndera waa near bioi he was speaking loud; I think be raid,' d n it. let him alrne." or something of that kind; Reynolds's condition wu pretty bad; bis bead was oovered with blood, and bis nose was llatteced down; I did not lee any one jump on bim, I beard seme one say "bite bim " or k metbing of that kind; 1 sent two officer* home with Mr. lisjnolda; Murrey came back afterwards with vtbers; beasked.Mr Ba'ea If he sent for the police and aodfd if he bad ba would k'v bim as much, or words to (bat effect; can't lay that I aaw Mr. Lelar take any part in the affair. '1 ht iuaa J. barr swum ? I am Assistant Alderman of tbe Sixth ward; I war in tbe arlton House at tbe time ef the occurrence spoken of by the other witnesses; ( aptain Kjnders nnd hie fiii-nds came In. and some wolds arose ab<ut Mr. Forrest aud Mr. Reynolds called Korrest a d - d knave; ( nptam lljnd?r? asked bim wby he called blm a knave; and presently I saw Mr Keycolds ?Ld Mr. Kynder* satiated off as it to tight; they were (juittd but presently were engaged a.-aln when Mr. Bates came ground aud requrated Mr. Reynolds to go out; he staited atd as be waa Kainx out. Alurray struck bim in tbe back of the neok; I then saw three per?cii? strike blin all at once, I ooiild not say wbo struck bim beside* Murray; I weLt to look for policeman. but could not find < n?; when t caj>e back, Mr. Reynolds waa settling "P. he was on b*s bands and ktees wben some one kicked hint on the nose; I could nrtseewbo It was; Hynders wan there all the time; Alderman K?lly. who was there, *a? struck, a man Krurt at me. I tM&k It ?u a man nauie.l Vanlnrheok. who I* tiow Cf'DUroi e l with lbe poliua; at tbe tltoe of the affray the defendant* wt-r* all together. no on* null (( t mil Mr itejaold* bat tbera^-ltea; I thought It tb? tooM brutal t>ar.'**ottra I a*er raw. i rout examined ? Mr Raynolda ?* jn?t p???lng th? rerun. going out; Murray wa? ln-ide, neit tbe bar; I lixid Iteyncld* ?y, h? he w- nt out, " I ran abip Uyndert. or at.y one who taken bt* part;" Murray aald "I take kta part. an<l you ??*nnt whip ma;" Ibra tti# blow ?a? atruck; Hyndera <a< right betlod Murray; there a general r uah; f ur or flee, or all tba parly that taJBa ia t< get bar ruabed at Rt??oln; I (lid a ?l # * I Kijnoldf nrodli it >1 urray with til* onmt oeer hi. h*ad; | I raw thi** blowe given to Kayurl't*; they were 1 buddied up tng'tber, I oould ?>a fiat* flop bot e-uld not a?e th> Ir faeaa. tbey were alt nmay , l(?.. uold? wa* urd <y; . tin y all talked a ^ra?t deal; at tbr tuna lb* bloat m murk. there were tight or tan per?ooa In tba bar room; there war a Bte ?* fix per*"n? around l<eynold? whan b? *?* In tba comer; I never raid, pri-rioy* to laat Saturday 'bat thla ear* ou^bt not to go any farther; I aald that both partial* ere wrong, lu talking ao much a* they did Tba proaeeutinnbere rafted < iiiuel for tbe deiecna bare aaked for the acquittal if Mr l-tlar m there bad been oo evidence to tmpll* ra'a bin 'I he IHatrict Attorney oppofed tba motion. II* thought tbere uiom a\Ideuoe a ;atoat Lelar -enough to warrant holding blm. < yet. ('ending tbla (juration tbe Court adjourned till KflJay m< rt.li g at 11 o clock. I'nltcd Btatea Cuunnlialanrr'a Ofltra. Before Aleiandar OarUiuer. tjwj Fia. 20.? CAatgc ?J CvunlriJriting M tnrf - f*A# I'ni'ri S/a<r?. r? l.tmim (I'mIj etnf J??? Shrrmf htr ?fba ^rlaorera (<> i n.ac) w*i? brnu nt before the C >urt, ;l,niied with counterfeiting okibi purporting to t>? - dln.< a " of the I'ni'ed Biatu of \meriea M?derlr>a I'anl (a (Irrmaii) *a? nanlne.l by Mr. fiuniiliera. repreaiatlng the I mied State* ui?trlet Atl?.iDey. and dep<'*< d tbat. a brut tha 6th inataot. *be ?aw tha d-f*adant? who reaMe at 64 lioaard atreet, [up* a counterfeit roin purportinr to belawtul tnonvy. [A C'Unlerlelt dime pleia ami a ui* iinall Warman litter ban produced weie found in tha po**aa*lon Of tbe defendant* | i naa akan.u.* it k? VIr Mnrelll-I am a married wo* man IIiIbk ?? ; fn m mj ku-hm^l; I loft bin, l?n trarrled within tba laat taw mouth' and loft 07 h hand after ?l|fM waeka; I bi>? known do other rum Ml 0?, a?eept tha ooa I ll?a with dow TIih wltne?a ? ? oinm xamined with a rtew to pro?a tba Hiiro rail ty of her ebarartar and that the ba> been a h ir ltr In rattaln b< iimw af do pnra repute. Sha admitted 1 hat ?b? llvrl with her bu-l.at>.l prevl"ua to tlialr mar rlaja and |t?*l a< man aod wif. oa b?rd th? ??-? ! p< BjItk to Ihla oountry Hh? fa* tba female d'l'lUat | a?a bad mi l ey, aheUlJB't lb* mala defendant |Mi ? '} c uBi'Tfrll r <10, l.auiaa U'orti trlj wltu?ai that aha made I ru*rlan d' liata and American ten cnt place#. eaDOot Identify tbe t> n ant plera produoad aa i tia of thora tba d>fendaata mad*, the fauiala prl?.nar trld bar ahe would Biaka aoma r untarfalt mD-y. witD?aa auppo-ed from tbat atat?o>nt that tba annay aba aw with defendant# waa bad, tha mala dafaadant neter told bar tba mroay waa bad. aba a'teudad bar ror tha a> euaad once or twlca, aba boaarded with tba Jefendaata aad they kept bar clotb> a for anaa; doa r> r bar ard. aba bad a dupata with them aad laft lha b> ara without plying bar b"ar?, It waa about flra rr ati daja air" aba lafl tbaai, ?ba bad a dim. ally ?ith I ham. tha bad two man wl'b bar (wliaaeaa# sow la 1 r urt), 11 ay old not atrika tba daf^ailaata. bat Mr. < rla at ruck tha man, tbara la a warrant out at tba >Ut of dafeDdaat*. aralu-t wltne- a aad tboaa two maa lit a riot aid a-amult It *a< In tba bar ro-m aad oa.atln.aa In tba kltohen. aba aaw dafeadant# raaka iba Boarii It waa about from 12 or lu o'cloak to 1 la tba mrrtiloK. Adj< orn- d. apaalar ( aiart. Before J ad|[a I'aina Fra. tl ?la tba ra<a of Hbuhaal P Child aad otbara ra tba Mna Mutual loeuraoc# < "iripaay. tha jury ra:urn*d a aaalad verdict for tba plalatlffa li, aad soata Mr. Lord tbaa applied to tba Court to fraat. uadar actio 308 ot tba aaw coda, lataraat to tba plaintiff oa tba amount ra?o*arad Couaaal for defei.daat rralatad tba application; aad, iftar aoaa dlaeuaeton. tba Court ordered judgment to laaua. with foar par cant lataraat oa tba wbola aaouat. Baforr hidga'iaklay h? 30 - la tba caaa of Lutbar Lo?aala aad a. P W;. saa ?a. Oaorga W Mia# aad Tboaiaa 1 arlla aulahbarlff for traapaaa tba jary waraaot at.la to agraa aad iaa of tbaai betas unwell tba Judga discharged tbaa about 9o'al?ek la tba avaalag Jt M C tn<*h ra f?? M*y?r fc af JV?? I'ark,?"Jr. r BttlaK atatad tha caae for tba plaintiff It waa ?a a?tlaa for a balance daa oa a C 'B'ract for hulldlag aaawar la Beatar atraat. bafwaea Haaater and ltr<?d atraata, la tha year IMt Samuel M Waadla waa tba nnatraetcr, bo aa#t?aed It ta tba ftevaatb Ward Bank, who t ubaaipjaatly a>aign> d It to Kml'h th? plaintiff It ap { arid that ea tba aiaaatlna of tba *<<rk vault nnJ?r tha pra?laaa pf Mr I)?lni"?lro waa hmkan lain, aad rjaantlty nf (III lid i tb?r artlolaa daatr?> ?d ft wnloh V r l?ain>?nt?n U>< k an a?tl<ia agalaat tb? i,otp?rattna f >? Vnrh and tMN?t>d a aardlat f-if murtklii ibolt |M(>t tl.l# l? l>ntar(|Hr(rr nf thU Mrtlfl tba I nryoratl'* withheld frmi Waadla. not thai bat hat??an and 4<?C, whlrh with IntM?>?. piata'in ?? #?ak? to r>M??r a< a??tgna# It la a:i?g>d that tha work waa do** by th? a'atraptor tidtr tkf ti^ti?i?id>tt? (f th<- i llj Kutt-pr and l it; Inapartir Mr. ('biting raid h? * uld not off-r ant a?ldarea but r?t upf.n tha plaadlaga. Mr W'lilatd. on h*balf of tha < nrp"ratl"B ttIN KB* wltL????f for tba drlnri and aall?4 upo* tha t(?t frr d< null llil jmy utdrr tb? dllfftlnti ?f lb# ''Mrt. fo??d I aardlot f"T tba | laic tiff of f df* M. aaty"?t t.? tha op|. ?l<n of tha f cart oa a ra?> to ba m?<? tha aa?urlty to gaaaral taiBi l>?lr.g aaitad by plaintiff a attorney. Raaaiait M< *caa '? a Wir? ?*ti Cmilp,? A antr. r|?ft<Uai ' ' tha t ddy?llla 7VI>an^A. writing rioa k.anca ? Mt?iid?a roanty. Ki giraa aa a?a- vat of tao htnlbla ?ar4ara a-inmttt>d la tbat vlatntty oa tba ?th alt, ty a ft?ad la hamaafi-rm. nam* l Wat T Wallli ???'id >a bla a If- ati4 eaild gba bad h-?a ana* flaad bat * t?w day*. wh-n ba d *?g d bar fr ai bar h.4 aad iteKptd bar to 4anih I ha tmai.t ba tt?rra4 to daa<b. bat alloatrg It to ba nnrtad by lu ?..tb?r or aay oraalra ft< > tba tlma it wM b<ta Tha writer aay? tha?? faat* aara allotted hafura tha C;or,mar-? la quaat. Ha fcminr akda hla aaaapa. Ma wa? parmad to a wn*4-yard aa th?(>bta tirar whara ba la -atety taok | boat ay ri?a? _J0 linn 1 p ?1 L D. TWO CENTS. Theatrical and Bowebt Thkatkk ?" Kit Caraon. the Hero of the Prairie, or the Kobbera or California," it M entirety new an4 original drama, from the pan of 8. D. John ton, K?q., and laat evening ?u only it* second appear nee. to that it bu not yet got rid of its flrrt baahfalne*a,and will every night improve more and more, like ebeeae. which they aay Improrea with age (ireat lntereat li created by thU thrilling plr.a and the variety of character and incident which It preeent* cell* forth, at evrr* moment, the publio admiration and applauae. it la full of|the wild Inoldeat of prairie life auch aa at all time* produoe great impreaaion upon the Imagination 1b tbit reaped the able and, talented mau?^?re of thlf great and popular theatre hare abown their judgment and good Uate. in providing a new piece ao full of excitement and attraction for the American public The piece baa au>-ceeded completely, aa the crowded atate of the houre.laat evening. plainly proved. Can It do otbervlae, with aucb excellent actora and auch noble boraea ? Daoiuwi) Thutii ? Laat ul^ht, prior to the repre! rtntaticn of the " Serioua Family," the audience were treated to the ezeellent corned;, '-Old Head* and Young Ilearta " Thl* play waa originally performed at the Ilaymarket Theatre, London, and la one of the beat constructed comedlee of toe modern ?tage, It abounda In aententioua wit, refined repartee, pa'hetio paaaagea of rate beauty, poaat-aana an exc-elleut w >ral, and baa a plot well MfUained and amuaiogly con to the end. The moat prouiiurnt character lu the play la Jeaae Rural, pertonated by Mr. W. R Itlake, wbo thrav inln thu iwirtruifnm ftf #ha tninl- i?n?a?a a life, likeness to nature quit* delightful The pathos la tbe >Mt act m worked out by Mr UUtie with a fidelity to truth that produced a powerful seusatioa throughout the house. The entire uers >uatl>u wa<, iu an article m-n.-e, highly flnl?bea and o.iiuplete. Mici A. Mxher ?aacted th? part of Lady Alioe with much brilliancy, and the sceae beteeen her nd Mr Wheatley. In the second act. wan executed with great skill Indeed, all tbe characters were well sustained We should not, howcTer fall to mention a ludicrous blunder, comtnenoed by the Countess, an 1 carried on by several other ehaiacters. The lady discoursed ab<'Ut tbe poodle (Bijou) a* bijou; and this new word was repeated by several of the interliv cutore. The srror was the result, probably, of a misprint in the copy; but as it shows the U'-ce^nity of a careful supervision of printed play*, before they are pietented to tbe public, it Is well to nam* it I'm night there is a very attractive bill, particularly as it lociuiee the " Serious Family" The public anticipate s uie thing rich from tfte new comedy, ' Extremes." I'lavs by our own authors, well cast, and pnporly produced, must be more sati.-factory than tD'>ee tbH -cenn of which are wholly descriptive of Kngllnb "ociety The Broadway is well adapted to tbe euuourag>;m>'ut of our own dramatists. Bi-?Ton's Thkatrk.?If the proprietor of this estab* lirbment rould rent the adjacent raik tor a pit. and part of Centre street and Broadway, on either side, for boxes, we believe that tbe additional accommodation which these extensive alterations would a(T >rd. would not be too much for tho*e who desire to patronlie Burton, and that every niche would have its oocupaat. l.asi eveuing Dombey aud Son ' was revived, a i l to our view, each rharacfer was revivified la iti truest and most original torm, and the whole piece playe4 with spirit and effect. 1'be -vlaxurka" dani*. by Mish Walters and Mr Kied?ile. ?l Well AeoJted, aud the ovi rture* to [)on t>i<>vanm 'and "La llayaceie " were p<rformrd by tbe ornlie-lri in a tno?t inaeterly and exquislre rtyle Kvi-ry night these popular sua olever at milt draw around tr?tu iiiiu-n-e nu.ub?rs i t admirer.- aud we wl I v.-ntuie to say that uu audience In thU city kere* a bou e of dramatic entertaikment better pi<aeed tbau do the trenuenters of i>urt> u's elegant and central theatre Chi"* sal's Natkmiai. Thi sraic ? Ther^ls no e?ii?r ti< a of the excitement and crowding which has been wiinened at thi? theatre tor som? days put. Ni<nt alter n'gbt the tJ eatre and all l<? oorrldor* a*a full to overflowing da; art>i day th? box office it b.i?ei,fel by application* to eecure *?a!*-a g" J and wl<e prevail* tlco. Of that rloh ai d exciting looal d aua. ' rb* MjltetWe and *ii#?-rtw?," we n?j not i?\rr*t what we bate already r?ld It ooiitloui tbe fav,.tit? of tti- ttiekli? K> It'K public. and It* cbeiacter* are perterund ?o wall l>y tb? ??teral actum, that it rather iai*tea??* ibaa eiiulMrbe* in ottiaetion. of th?*e at their ti-aJ 'and* Mr ( hanlrau Moee , tl -n Ourke. h? Captola TeMat I! Taylor utb. F'??Ih; W TVyl<?r, at and la>t ai.U Ka-t ,?!a?ter Marry. ilra? tinea the repeated applntif? cf the audience , audatnnui; the .adie>, >il?a M < harle* lor fo r b-auty aud Co* B^ure . tir*. Madifon. for ber flu? and feeling noting and Mi#. L<>ak> }#i, for her iieatnrn elegance. ant *laip|t?Ky pa Peaarly draw attention. 1 wo oharmiag playa pm tie 1< cal diama of New J ork. and add ntgUtly t) toe attraction* of tbl* attractive theatre V i n hi u'i Oltmnc.- la addition to the u<ual'y attractive bill, we bad laat nl^ht our old favorite. Mltahell bimn-lf, In hit peculiar character of Jacob karelg, tbe bothered 'Boot* at tbe Swan," In the laughable faro* cf that name. Tbe Merloni l> amity'1 wa* t>*rf>r?i*d lot the tilth time Wa o >t. as apt. Murphy \|a<im? vol natural and lively; l'alm-r 11 >lr < barlea Turi?n*. ?a> very good. and Meku.ro a* Amlnadeb Sleek, wa* traiy primitive mIn M l'ajlor, a< tne \* ld< w Dtltuain * a- quite captivating i be nuticwia. Jul ei'rtvagai. ta of tbe " ?iagle Ii-rn"wa* rewa ed, and noted from an overflowing audieice *h >ut? of laugbt*r and well merited ap?lau*e Mr. Mitchell, with bit excellent company and bin judicious m<na{.meat producing wltb judgment and anting w|-.rieb<l* ty, a nrrrwk a of tbe mi-et Intereetiug dreaiatlo novellie*-cannot fall to attract, night ofie. Bight, crewda of admlrert. CnaitTr'a Orva* H?r*> ?Tbe programme of enter faUaiant* for tbl* rimlDf contain* the Oreitare (ma ' Ira Inavalo the Old Virginia Stat- ' i .ime with me. my Dluah l>ear ' " Hon t be P'oollth, loa ' with a great vatlety < f other excellent negro in .tnlie*, ild? d to tlilo attraction will be the Celebrated Vojage Mu'lral," and theuioet Inimitable dancing AMtair?* Mi in * - Jim ( row Ulna will appear a* ( inner Blue, In the " Virglula Mummy I'hn >l?r.lto-111 family will appear a? the K- uiau <>iadial re, l.oul* Klwlef In a < blt>e*e divertWemeot; >1Im Weet In a dance, at.d Mr Merrlfleid in a aomr *<>ng Tua amuiement* will cxnciade with the- Mairte Trumpet" T??t i t ? Mr. Kdward Itemenyl. t h? oel. br .ted lliiBgariaa. will give a concert at tbe l ateruocle, oa > onday neit aul*t?d by tl||B'<rita Uurgbeee 8i ko?i?4 T*i rti ?Tbl* dUtinguiebed p'lma donna tel ." ber benefit at the A*u<r l'l?e- Opera Hon*'- ?a j ofaaiag ua?', *nr> i>r ma-tn <>i?tb or i-ucrula Borgia,' and th- third of .4we?4til?'l f j*t? ol '?iuiraai<-uto" ?nl ba pr>>Uue?<l, i*? w buoki C?V?1 W??l ??tl CtLMU PuMir, TNI Hl'lkillt* HiTwo ablo work*. of a ??ij lnt?r*<-tit?c obaraat?r, co Hungary. th? aar and briwi frll of aeardotr d-acriptl<>a. thrtUia< m<iU and llltar) ?krtcba* ar? uuil?r<Un4 am to |/raf aratloa la thl* city, aod ikortljr will b? pubHi-bad. tba oao by Co?t Win tba oth?r by Coloaal rra^ay. Tl>a.? two Ulntfd u4 am labia man an* r*la thl* country. drtr*-n ffiu th? l>oJ of tbalr tatbara and tba ItbHlltin of lh?lr tr.t.uTi. by .tMbiM parsdy lid RiwtlM oiaaliy. *> tr lbaui>?l<at ryo viIowm <4 tba traaaaailoa* th.lr w ik* *111 r*?orii aad paraooally ar.(uaiatau *itb kumulb. Kiapka Hi kmi >al ikn noi of ?b"U? thay will glT? in c<l Im ai.d a?*t?haa Thay roa vol) *aj, al .Know* aaiu ' (jwraa fMTt m )hi '* A work ho* baaa apnkan of. pxbli'-had la 1.00 l'? by Mr 1 ul?ki. i>a Ik* na> bit ? uud-rrtiod It I* arlttaa by ?a? ?h duilo* ail th? arontful J?t"d tiara* ?n lor <>Ba iu-t?n>. in ilutfary Wa tbtok tha \*? V ork and \n??rt??n publin <-o?rally will pralar and patrmlaa tha w rat of W???a . I rt.ay, ?i?n abra. *lne? th?lr arrival bora. * k?o? ??i * l??a tor tkrlr aaitaSIa paraoaal <|iiaiitiaa lu prafar?aca to a a>?ra I r ad< a b " *?#ii?r - ?p?ooia 100 Hnttaarnta ?if Inulal?1 aaala Coa. J. H. Ti-Okor, J v% Kim 4 tloLaajbild. U. ?. N , Hoa N L Lltlla lal I. Ma.. baraarrirad la ih.? <iily. Law lnlrlll(<lirr. r< riiMi Cot at or im?. i anao litnl t'b ii- Ma, ?2 ? Tha aldnw Collard. pla ntift la atr r ?* ??' Orla.a at al ? Thl* rauat a a* arguad No *4 l(?'it|? I'. Praatiao al al . plaintiff* la -t < *, r* flat >H /.an* Tba ar(iiM*at of tbi? eauoa a?? rnaa<a?"1 (or tna pialatin* la error, aa<i auatiauod for tba a?r? 1 Uut la arror. K?? 19 ? M IS <)( Jieok L? Kn; > D V. B haldirtn W lliow H??r? aii'l I'nvphiiu* Mir-n<>l< la ?rro? i? tt>? i nri "I in- l n -<i m _???. t f \ia? )Ml. Mr ?<?4hat) 4riltrr>4 ti? d( tb? ?'urt fflraiiv* ill* Ja4('i.?nt? ?t th* ?a( i l?f ill I f>Mt IB lli-?? ?%? *. ?Uh c ?*t? No hj I Until f J Wei' liMk'i tMM'-rlt ftt ?l trrm lb* I Irrnlt i;? art of Ik* I ?tt*<l *?' for tl'l aadila .Mr Ju?tlc* N?l??n l?llirrH ?h* i^inloa <4 in* r< art, afflrailng th* >.f th? Iraatt ?n;t I* Hit*?*u?a lib ftiKia No ?u il I) i'r?n la*-t %i I iiitiiifl* ia rrmr. *a. t?latn? /?a* fn- ?r<ia?m >4 IM? raa** ?* ?o(M>lu<l<-1 h* th* piatottlT* ! M" M W. Ub> *l*r app-IUnt ?? ItkmU'l p|*<?lifl ?lll. TW argnaoat of lliln rai*a aa? poanna.ia*-! f ir lb* api?ilaai. *"4 ?oaMaa*<l for th* *^p-il *i. Lumlit* or Rtii.ioiM-Th?M*rn( Mi^rtn T <* Aot niii and Hjraan** lia'lnad ' <>uiyaa? h*? >iau!h? itUMiK* <'f th* mart fi.r la ar n>r*? <lay?. I bt jury r> lutn*.i a **rdlat f -r lb* aUlaUf vf >l<* lkUrm^i hu ***11*4 a gon4 4-*f 't lutard't tr lb* la?i thai It ia?'>l??4 f i* n??afi">? ?.f in* ?*?* t u? tba liability <* i allrwl eeepeelre, l"t laj?r>a? t* ??a??t>(*r(i i k> ^Nir'DI ?a? ?. ?.'<'< ? I ??i*r?i?* la J?r?d k) tkft MlMMn* iha t?*.? ?><? * k t *~? li***ai??t irMuM la 1M* Th* mala <ja-?ti >? ?a? an- trw '.??? ai|.am l<a<l >?"4 all pi?v?r* ? ? >:* MlMatftflM pr***a< ?b* MIMI4 th* l??*? man >a nt iht? t? >t r?n?tr?? * Intif **a???>aM <<t * ? Jwytnal. #VI 16 ArraiotMVKT* ?? t?* l?. <?a-?a in * a. W HMWJ l? ha Ma*l*r V irlra rf th? ? >* < >' V * > t.rfe *8<i, at*o. Ja'-h I ?-h a.><] Job* V i*4 J K> hi <Var> ?*? ol Uf * ?* ?wl