1 Nisan 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

1 Nisan 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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Our London r?ir*ip?n<im??. Lom>om, Mired 7, 1850.^5 Slettrk of Jenny I And. la accordance wiih your request, I km now gathering up the materiils to crud you over a sketch of the life of the greatest singer who hu ever appeared upon the Ei>gl'*h Huge. The account* however, differ w? iiiurh, one from the other, which have ap;>eared io the English journals since the first appearance of Jenny Lind before tne London public, at Iter Mxjetiy'a iheatre, that there is no little diHiculty in separating ihf true from the faL>e, and arranging what may be considered a tolerably correct history of her life. This, however, is invariably the case wiih all who have created for themselves a reputation such an that possessed by Jenny Lu.d Anecdote after anecdote has poured from the |?ecH m this couutry, each of them poifrst-ing wine kinship with the truth, which renders it almost unpo?Mble totally to discard them, while ih* y are all discolored by some slight deviations from exactitude, consequent utx>o the difficulty of obt iiumg exact ioforiu-itiun, or on the jx-rtonnl predilections or antipathies of 'he writer in question Such, for exiuuple, are the ibousacd i*r*>rt? couirtuiuit the inarm <e naidto have been id couiemi>l <ut?n hetweni Mr. Uarrin, the btoihtr ot Mr* Ciiote, and the un atest of living fftawor?repot > whii-h hmi hut a very slight drgree of trtitli iii nn\ ?>l them ; i!hb de gree bring only vit-iblc in th~ ?ri -ctmn i f Mm tiruie lor Irony, and ilie urc:ei-e-rv ii.timx-v wluuti aubaisted between the fair nong-tiesi and the family of her DM. It u time, however, to eumtrienci* my task?a plea*ant one, 1 will aoiiat?iti lecountiug the life of this lady. J?nny l.iml wan b<?n wine twentj-fi* or twenty )< ar? sin tor htie h if nut HtiHineii tier thirtieth )i?r. Her native town if Stockholm. She is ti.i diunh <-r < t i?n.r inreut*. Both of their UP- Mill aliv. Hurt a>r no# living in t>>?itzrrIruJ. Th*y are pfMid < l tfi*-1r daughter'* irjiutution, >et ?h?-y ar?- ,>i >ml?r -it'll ??t her affectionate tf ndernei-h ai d filial lnvr, having long fince been pluc 0 in ntllur ce r>y h?-r rxr-rtioiia. VV'hile yet u chili', h> r v >i? r .md r-ar tor inuaic attracted thr notice of a ?etrhr ,ird citprl tneister at Stockholm, ulm lin k tir r ut.dr r lis III Hon. Alter Bum-* nmt tie i f ininti d h? <, ! i I a cm Id, to *ing in public She U ?n? thru ?> a-tnlrd ?? a jilVruile prodigy, although i! in pr?>r????-l?- (hat, ai thiB tune, few prethipcd her altrr ?r?i11v. Surli, however, was hi r j;row it iepui?iH?M at Stockholm, that ?he a|>j>eaftd :n lMO?n*r?B ?i thr ngr ?l lourtren, with a surfi m i?l the riioBi nrilliaiit o. drr, ahhoui(ti. of iour?e, to iifhii u l>kr ifir extent which the alter more c? rii|>i? ie rt? irl<>|>o-eiii < ! h? r brilliaut C'lims cbiaun d l> r ti? r in ocrim rtnd in L >udou. ? .. . . - ' - ? > tii v, ai ???- ? m- , "117 n 1 uiu, mm imc n ; counts whit h nit vivmi, <'1111 out be lirld Vdluihle a* nn utifiirj in In r Min.-o-qiit-Bt t>ucc> sa. Soon after llii*. Jenn) Limi'? ?o<ce hioke;?it appeared complfitlv d< ?* ? % d, ?mI * lir- wa> furcrd tort*li;n the h. j e *hicl>, ?:fnlrt a* t-!i? was. tlit* had buberto enieit<nu< d, >! ^laml'intf. at aoin- future day, at the very lo-ac ?i li-r pr<iCr^'on. Sne tin her?? It miUI, ai.d 1'in- 1 ruiiiot riouli'., knowing the pasaicn ?htrh mi*- ha- ni l-it, tlint thi- was, 111 c|>itr df her >outb, at Wr tour, our- of thr bittrrrtt tria!buhi>li 11 ?? jn??tble 10 encounter, Frequently has ehe wr(t lor.-rtt to l.-rp, under thn im|<R^K'li thi.t Kit* uu'nl Mage w.in haired mIC:n 11 At her. Ii n . ) . mvrri1! I?hr cn.ueivrd thitHii* H&ti cur ?1 ihe III- rl loll nil- Ir rirCUlllMaaCea wllirtl eoi<!d havf heptw-uro '< a child (lo-Mf-rd ol mico iii)(!?)iib:td bi.il iiannri.ai'Hi is> iiiun H.d ah* continued to m voice r-iillii u nt lor her portion, flir would, pmliiihl), fi,.vr w..rn n nut ere ah" attained ttit ?niinei.ee t.f> urrd for Iter i>v hrr after fldtioeii. l or in--r<- 11 hi h vfir and a hilt, or two ytarf, d d ihi? loi* *?ffl ct h?r. She won d r!il! bii r. .n h< r liin>- ctia oi>-r. t>ut whea (-he lini to, the <xer:ioii u..n. 100 uetor.iily followed by tears. She ft It ih*' h<-r vol or w.,s f irever g >ue. It may le lmuyinrd how k>?iilv tin* cat the soul ? of oie uIiiki whole oiiibiiotii h <d h?> n devoted to the CM lstn H of a rr|Miltiioii as ruduiu.jj 4b that of any hir^ T who hud apprarrd u, ou the operatic tase. llic tern in h?r de?ttny waa, however, near at Ilili d. I'lie d<<>, a? eh* ?I? t'luiuf, il t-cemej to her thet lier voice w*a clearer and treer than it had hitht .'io Lo en S ie ?i*itrd witn delight. lier old and lot g'<iurHcltrd die?ni* retnrueu to her. She cla;;? d lor hau<li> Childlike, ?he painted to Iters* II it.e futuie; bui thru, tearing lor her Cap** citv if lutlgii,?, ?he run 10 hrr parruta. Tney laujjht d at lor, lor 11.e? could not ? r ttie improvement whicll hurt lieen ('elected hy hrr keenrr ear. .'eiiny Wta, in-verun l> > *, not dfecourigi-d. Sue lell every *I;iy thai n?r voice wa? l>*-itrrnii( I'selt, atid her t d u?pir<itiona ii!?iu rrvivrj. Ttie cuprlmrutrr, !>rr *? 1 r?.rr tm nd, wa? u*?ol'the tirat who pTKrind tl.e llltt'loveitir lit in lirr voice. H(T W(llld Let, howrVtr, allow h-r araiil IA il.? pear up< 11 the ?Uye. Jstie aautf occaslonaily at conceti?, and, I buvr hrard, taui<hi klQIf lliir IK.Ill ktiM hud Kll IM r.KVwr.nrt n?v, and tfi?- kiiiduvw ol tho?e friendu who bad laiih hi her genua. h? quired euwouh to go to i'tr i and nutty. li wa- now that ?he lud to persuade hrr |.-ii?irs u> alow In r to go there, anil thi? nu ? ne "t ihr li ii)?rt ttiala ahe *? yet had to fKtUttr. Hit- <u/?l mntitr bere cam* to her a*> fciaUut-c. Tin ir mux t.l ?*.?* uht -ined; ami at the age of MTMttn, ?a 1 iinve heatd, J? nr,y L>tid arriv?d in IVrii". ll?rhrai tieit ?a? t>uid to Signnr Guru, ilir tin, b tiid v( the .vliiton * tiircia wnn Home lonr i f live yra'a aiuce waa aniuuiif at t.ie Prucoio'fc 'I head* in l.i>i(H> n I'm* 4>ntlein hi is the gTcateat irachcr ?*t the day, and htituraej out IfOtM lile 'ludui >. Inr ?.f Ihr girnKM art laid of uit drrn un:?? Jeuny I.ind *104 to tinn. tier rrice wae, however, mil *>ak?it had not yet rrcovrti d it* atr*-nt:in ( trtia coild mJge her voire, but ! e coiuo not tell the r*triit of tier geania, or w I.?t ii? < (') r 1 u, .ihiiinea Mould b>*. Mr heard her, and ih> 11 told h?r? now tiie greaie*t ol"living io/mi?.< j r ; , tie g"al??t ih-it Ilie wot id ha.? yet pit duct4- it .it it w.Kuiieily u.-eUaa to think of lud>irg 1 tf.ee lor n?- ?t?>uc t?r ih' concert-room; that her voice cuid netcr attain millicieai atrcagth for the rtioce t";ui?iie la ihem, and lb-it be would MJ?i?e h?-r at uicrlo reconcile herarlf to tbia I. rr, ar.i! lo letue tn.o |< iv.iie life. We in iy Ini'c i.ow ?n.-h >0 opinion ?.|ilirt?d t ie mind of Jemy Mic icluriii'ii u> her tent^or.iry houii", aimot .niitnilto lill.w hi? advice. It ii* a hard u*k, neteiihi Wn, tn ?NfiM'b thr tuptraioei u( ?mn' ' A Myht'arra'led hi-rtoa aouad r api it' .m I h i 11*n 1 ! ??i? C 1*1 i"e tnorif*, atit reiuni'd m and br?k,,-il him to |ur I t r X! ?" ir^uuiie >nt>rdctioo. lie ?ii still ill i?> ink* lier nion>y l?>r 1?*sj>ouwinch ne t? !l 11 i l l l"- nelta* lo n>-r He irave way at l?-t Mllie Dwlnlr Iririniiiwlinl ul ihe girl; and the r< atilr wan, ihat ?h? em* red upon a rfgnUr courae rf Hucy w ih him 11? r vm *e now gr?4mlU alien" !'red. nn<t h?-r ttachtr h~ir*n 10 think more f?*? mli y of it* capacity and in- .ina, eithotin'h it l? j>ii K?blr 1 hat If u?*'f i>r*a.iw the rmiueuce 10 a J 11 ;i .'1 |u?|'il would *<!*> >itiitly a'taia. Jiliti) I.It : wb? now in?3?-tiili. 4hl >hf attidl'd l.att*. li t i-He had iliat murnal conaciouanran ahiro l.e\?r .I'x.nHotir fuiia She kii'W th it il.r |< > t > ii m h*f?'H the (?>wer I" ?n?ke her ( r???i-* . i1?ai t.th>- frv aiia of erocurittg lor h^r th? ?e 1?1I ' tor will* h ehe hid *0 long panted. I tn.e " . li *lren ly within h'-r cnaj-; and a^e atudi* d a? tbo~*- ali'io- ca 1 ? udy who lerl is litem?#hea i' * pii#rr ol a?uMittf?if a ?ie?thleaa rt'ptttat.1 J"! It It Ih-it ahe h id thio, and determined lhai it 'I o.-'il tint be lort through the want ol any eti? rt 11 her cvi. I rontrw that it ia on ihm oart ?<f hf r 1 art?r I mj >el| |?a>k with the greatest plen?ure. I c. u aea thi' k>il liborma in her own rtx m I run trace bt r |>to*r?>? at Iff matructor'a in my an n m'nd, and ?at? h the dcvrlo^ment* ol thoM ?f.'t od'd ix'Wrra, wlucli were dettiO'd, in the hort ?i in < ol live or ?i* > ar?, to > atraara U?t aT I ii'iy Ni ter there a mort- wi.ljl i.heJitrte 1 ,'tr?d 10 the ina|iratioi? of Ivimtn I oeaittf :l.an i|i?t which h 1* been Ktrr br JfHl Med to il*r dictate t.l h?-r own rr?..liitio?. N>?? ha* ti tr* a titore *;Jr??did!y rrwai*>d than it liaa l.rer. ? I r ? < ?": nod nrhly, im rrd, hi* *ho d-^ - fvi d t'mt it thou Id b* ihnr, l>y h?r libora, and I.T h?' f/rn h d unalterable ojedicnre to th" frwfiirci ol' hrr own mmd. Oar Parts C'orta.pottrtonc#. ltt? roLiriiAL a>itct or Ki.a<>r?. r?ai?, Minl7,llM. / " i r' JW.. , 10?f t\? Itrpmrtmr*'i ? (fnl?ti*n- (?? Pfiti-m / Emglvnd - l*rt i frm- 7V flu ({wiliM-nt ?J f?' ?T*t Pop* .IKAtftxm mf (W ^ - Jfnr Mum tip ml ft* *(ri?|ArK?| IV Ofifiuunr. Tbo aaalrafaary of tbo MnWlM r* fobrnary. 1M?. baa b??a t I a mj a>t?rt Tba Catb?lle rb jr?hoa bar* *?J< btato?t It ?t h *>%* ?< to eiaa*a^rattoa of tbo 4oa4. aa?t tbo ?bnU d*y oaplnyM la oaj >?ta? tb? admttaMo w?atb?r lit* tbat of ?prt??. aoft vara IvtCar to tbat ?"? by tbo MalKbtr a <rta? ?*braarr, tad ?Ll<"b vo oirort la ratio ?t ?ft* at Marab and during tbo ai'-atb of April Tbo rl-r.iaaa o|,i tako alaro aa tbo 1Mb of ihla natb aa* a-a art ??rit\r,g m<to f*ry ?a tbo laovopapor* tbaa tb?y aro pru4u <104 oathnatarai la tb? elUi?o?. Oa? oaaait bat tbtnk h? boar* ik- U't < ?!?? nf aator uttor?4 by tbo parr of rlol*?" aa* tbo 4ay alll oo?a mao. I b->p?. ?h.? tbo *?4V1 Ml ? - t tbo pat>:ii out *rt imjt. by ?va p?> ?m., or or tbo o ?b? baro till tbo f<*>ll?b hnooo of *. *?(<>tac ?-f ratbor of <?ootrorla? t'raooo Tbo 4ay otti bo ?b?a tb??o p'tltt^a! a>a<tro*a ?riti aa?oraua<t taat tb?y mn?% brr- m* ??.<l*ra*o ta.otior to b? a???pt?< by tbo aa>a*o. aoraf t?b a ata too ?r?ato*t auaii-r of brao?t a>? Aa ) o will t*? by tht a???papora tho vlalUt aoil tao m-?<1''?t? t*r'j baro pr'Mi?oo?t tbotr oaa4< 4atoa 1 bo ai >t ronfptoooti* amoag tb?a a^o tbo o of Tari?. abo aro. f< r tbo airaoiato l>o l a Itltto, Koaoral of P1tl>lna ao? Mlatotor of ^'or*tfa AVWro; Borjaaa ot ropr?ooa'at|ro. acaWr of taa I'ma^ii'marll of tbo Mao, toy. (Poraaoa? aa ^o*f of ftarra. tbo aMar of Woaorai Kaf. o?<t D' Arbua. vlllo. <>ra-ral of HtWtet. Tao aaatalttu baro aa- 1 to?*?d Mmki. d# Hotte, ipoImi of navy; Kraoeola Vtdnl, a Jouraaitot; m4 Minister of Pubilo Instruction. TkM* of tk* arovlae-s ara Ml a* eoMp'enowa. u4 job will tad their ntu>?< In the newspaper*. if you think ne?-ea?ry to publish than * Tk?a to. la dead, ft great conteet aiuou* be inliin of Mb party j but eary aurtoaa to decidedly tba <uaall Inteleat take* by tba la the.? elections, wbtah ara ujkoa, tba tnnetastone of tba pra<aot pcluloal affair* However tba news received from tba 4*p*rtn?ati I* taijt fav> r?t>l? to tba modara'.a patty. Wlaa principles aeem to have tekm tba rlaoa of tba exacgaiftted Ideas of a Urn months a|o * tba Alitor, where socialism m to much spread. It baa iacNMad is a nrj mrlkln manner and the caadldataa, ultra democrats. fa*! already certain of their defeat. Tba posi4oa U tba same lo Same ft Loire Mid Bm Itbloa. In a week wa shall knoe tba raault of this eontaat. and you will ba ab'.a to publish it by tba atrlnl of tba bait steamer Tbe grta'eet pra.recupa'ion of tha moment llaa In tba exterior tituatlon, and tba poll'lolans ara muab pussWd by it. No doubt tba position ii wry grata and complex. It nay ba espnsed in a ibort ?paoe. H or tba laat twoyrare Kurope ba? b-an placed beteeeu tao foims of politic* one of order and regaltr g>veri<m*at. tba < tLei ofrarolutloD. Tba preseni revolutionary movement ana first originated In Switzerland, and aooordlt>g to every probability. it will and la that oinntry Tba actual desire of tba neighboring States to to da(troy tbat neat ofrlotaand emrutri. sn.l to foroa tba Helvetic confederal loo to raauma Its condition of neutrality, which ate tha gua'antee of lis independence In sacb a itate of tblnga, tba vary quaatlou to: " What will Kraocc do?" It la near I v certain tha'. taa Kre nob government will not try to pr >teot in Seltse'. land, the refagees of Badan whom they have ai palled horn their tariitory. the partizans of Mail nl recently turned out from Hume, Uolchot an I Mother l-'reuotj Insurgents, who are still under tba baa of tba la?. I think Hen, tbat should tbe present caoiuet of krance be inspired by a revolutionary sp rit ttey o ul.l gt| rppoee a conservative policy, except Kn^laud should help Saitz?riand, either by ammunition* or by exeltalion*. Tbe knot of tbe present dlttloultles lies oovr la knglend. It la Important to know what will ba tb? rill of (.teat Britain In tbe affairs of tha Continent and if tbe telgbbors of Kranca will decide In lavor ?f the revolutionary or tbe oofefervalire pollsy. And tba question ia this: Will tbe Miulatry of Lord Jobn Kus-ell and Lord Calmerston remain in poeer, or will tbey ba dis&larad'" Lord Palm?tearnn li.e the lit! three viara I baa made a comm?n ' au<e with tli racialist*: he bai been tbe InHiga'.rr of k | th.i trouble* winch h*?a ooouired in the ditl.-r.ijt couotrtee - t th?t 'onlinent; mod la'tly. In tireec. be L a< crownrd l>y tb? tu>et brutal violation of the right of uatluoa, t i# luug stiles of bis secrrt dirdr You mull know tbaf between the Oram povnri and the 8wlrs confederation. there arc two oejeots of contest 1 be first. wblcb I' peculiar to Crania. la tbe rr-iitriiKiliio of lb* klog of ib?* o"uotr? in bit rights of I line* of Naufcbat.-l. The sec >nJ, whlah la general to all tbe Mates tl ??*rnBBy. U the exi>ul*lon of all rtiugeea , i u remember aril ti>ai. a t r the re>oiutiin oi Kebruarjr. the awi-s tcJicaux to.>k advaiiiaK* of (be political ec-'larra^ineiit of trie Kii if of I ro.Ma to deal from blu> tne < anton of Neufobac-l. A b?dy of curj'i frunn ?a* aufflcleut to accomplish ti ll tcffi Jr mom Nct.r i-lt.ce tbat u?u p? 1 o has tbe Kin? ot Piuirla giter. bis cooseut to thta alfatr. which Is av at oat (11 tlMUN| t*4 now tbat M?S iim hate remmtd tbelr qi.i.t lit# be mgjjesta tbat Switzerland rmdti unto (.> -ar etc as tut the expulsion of tbe rrlug.es tbe uiff.culy Is as follows: I'he ti-rmauin o"Uiederatton are not only requesting (rots Swiiieriaul the Inrie.lla'e xpulni: n of it ? r*f .?< ? nu: tb?jr also rnjuest the II. In tic republic to rtuiaui oejtral for the future and they wl-L to legula'e that baa'railty b. a p<>lti?e ti.atj I b.j fit ibat Swii/eriaud aor.n iwi?J?e it?ir p.ru a>>.ut rl^bt to r^.|u.at tha Helvetic republic to tarn t ut trow Ita canton* thve an iog their tuhjecta wbo would at* k a retuae on tha Helrrttc roll, and Jim will rem irk ttiat, ly this c.Uu?e of taa tieatj tbe Uerinau Mates do not ai-b to destroy tb? Hxht if refuge- ibey do not demaod to lure tho*e rifugeee f uir.DL'. rr.1 to tbelr police - they only wl?h to under thtie rettj[*eea beru.lci-1 to tb.-tn. lathe pre. tut flats of affairs. Nal'zrnand acknowledges li e lefitiuiary ot tbe cialqis oi tbe (i.-rm*o S a es Ml tbe caijt' n?, erep lb. t? the nj"?t ia<hta\x, set 111 to be dlrpcted to expel tbe refugees wh > ( ar.-. for tbe pierenf, within tbelr fruotli r?; but they all r?fu*? to bled tbeoifelvee ly a treaty for the future, aid to fim.thti thu* u cobi-taut guarantee to the pretenslot * i f the bordellos kingduin. K 10b I* tbe Uirtlcully < f the question. autl la tbe futnl At fit of tile dl flop try a- well aa of Ue war. it r?on t be decided j ust yet in tbe diplomatic ?*j tbe solution of tbe affair < ep?nd-*eij much on the present p->lsti-;il crisis to i rglsbj li tbe whig mitlstr) I- oTrrturi tl, tbe S 'las rtivluhvnhoitt$ will hare no uior.i reliance u?oo the I nylirb goeen ment ; ii i.ord IViaen'.nn re coat D a la power, the reils'ance of 8wltzerltbii will crtaioly b? the rau?* tf a rstlous conflli t In the ea^e cf a war, itf ir luuou oi IU' r i{urr.ii?i ( nru'. decidedly D* P' ft j poned tor a t'.we, end a tliutujb Pru??le eul Au?(H* ar* corprecatlng cotllderatl* lurcM *1 in tbe swim fr n tiM*. ibe tiercmo armlm wll not b-able to b'liu the CtD.p>l[B IODrll;ttrl; Ur tfcl> lift D?*ll rrttltfl ft< in Seuierlaixl. I uiiJ'r-*?D4 tb?t th* rrf 'g*r$ ham b??n < lined iocorpriati'U la tl>* ' foreign l">gieu'' of rldicrn. ablch i* liKbcmg lo Algiers a..Bin%t tba Arab". 'Ihur lefottl b** been unat lmou<. and atny cflh mtirrvni reel Ibelr intention of letting tit* cminn.t of Kurope lor tbe 1'alted S:ate> U nnim MM ki'm tbriu to ilo no. No doubt T<ryi>oa tt>* I tiltrd Matt will be the C'\*?p J ile (I tba old oMintot I be nawa frca Atb?B* I* of an ImproTrd character. Tb* Intervention ot llu**1a ba* ha4 an effect up >a "Job* Bull" In the Mediterranean Sea, and ibey bare rtliBiialeked their rloletn ot tbe p'>or who bate been *o 111 treated by th-ta It appear* that tba ?b?le affair came from tbe refarat of King Otho to aur reader tba Uland* of fltpteaz* actl Llaphonlai, wUiah ?ere claimed by Mr Wire f<>r bit corerumeat Ttien, a* In tba Uland of rigre. In tb* Pacr . Orran. t'oglind baa it ted to bnaktta pence of *nl4 ; aud, unfortaI h'.eiy. tb* pcrr i.t ? re BOt * ttrcog and i rful a* jonr c< ukti)m>n lo repul'e by airrouut and trice tbe laiamona attack* of their etitmle* It I* raid tbat two third' of tba <Jr*?ka have b?en ruio'd by that unfortunate *.'kt?- n of lire*: Briuin upon the t?o rock* of tb* lflatila of l orfu Tb* nrti from Rome l<if t mora *atl*factory klod. General Earaguay d Mil lars t.a> la'tly b-otta eery popular In tb* Holy City. A rerl*? of all tba troapa. foiloard by a " n ith" yrtitr g**rre, took plase on tba 37 tb February. In a plae- near H^tae. Bailed A<jua Traier?a,aber* arrrrdioj te tradltl a. Con*tantiue Kara battle to Ikiaimce. Ail tbe eliUena of Home ware on , lie ?pot and tb* abole Fiencb *rn.y ana received ?l b . tbr tkert tuibufiaotlc'bcut* Tb* deeree prohibit!** | pei torn In m carry tig danger* and other aeapoaa mrt- I tcutefi n tb* ne t cay f. r tba flrrt time, at K?a*. upon \ an lacltlriual ?bo bad threatenedaltfca knlf* n French tUlcer. 1 be nnloitnaata lloman a-a< aentenced t* b* abut, and hi* eiecurlon took place alx b"uri> after The I Pi i la ettll at Portlnl. Sothin,' I* cbanj' I In bit r* ( eeliitlon, and tie l.< waltlni? n-?? from I'ari* t> decide , ' n hi* departure lor Itoni* II* ?*b'.. on tha'JTihof i February ibe Cardinal dn Soul, to Item* In order to I ma** tbe lart arran^-mrlit* with General Baraguay 0 i lllln* Ibe private oorr?*p >niear* from Naptra. 1 a*rert* tbat many troop* are forinmit un t!?e frontier* of : tbe Tap*! Ktatr*. an I no doubt tax* boile* of >* are eni gr>|ailrg there la rrJ< r to mppori tbe r. turn of i the l ope il deemed neeefiary. A ?*ry eui| u* rum >r. ahlnb I* noaVrard thta mora- I irg bj* been *prra<l by tbe Keroiaa pajM It I* ?a .1 'Lat tt* lmp*ror<f tu-trlal* toabit-ate; tba*. ha j ba* MlrMl) .W'-'atrd t! at be l? iMMipefeat for hi* piece, and that be I* no: able to dlrrot public affair* la ibeir difficult poeltloa l'b*refi?re lit* f?ib?r. nrcbduka | 01 AuMila Irantoii ("bailee, bad retranud bl< act of in tisclatli'B and I* to r**nm* bl* flaca II la knuan tbat tbe yoneg f.mperor of \u?tr:a ha J not yet bt ct> rrcwatd aud It l? raid ib*'. all tbat alTalr *a? b'll a ?*ll performed comedy, a hi'-b b n n>? It* ^Miewal. A* you *111 ?e* by I be newif.aprr*. a new alliaace ba* b?< a flgi*d beteeen tbethrte Kirn* of Barftrts Sate and W urtamlur^ Ibe King of ilatur.r Ca* refuted t n It 8ucb I* tbe preaent ^o*itlca of I nr-pe.and aofortoae teller t ea *cleaoa eaongh to unvtil tbe lo ure ereau I hi' b aia raiding f t?r rur haad Out Nallncal \?saichly I * dot of trjy llttta; an U* ot much iafluaaca but lb'- la>t. no t!i? Major*.' baa h??B pt??aat?d to the RfprirtU'.lfii. Cut tbi? laat f rrjrat baa mat with tb? *>aata?t opp?a|tl' n. and will or duibt ba r1 ht cbj?ct would b# to dra* tack ibv ti|liloi a Itom ma p?opla ahd loktft It airargad a* follow* ? tba Croiuia < "aoell of a city, lot abit*d by ?M0?. ol*. would aire I tmr Major, ad ?l r? tba a>ty raly rra-ata* ? aiinbct nf pararBa. LhaMajcr would ba aaiaad and eb<-aaa by tba (oaaiaai'Bt. i bit la* huh ull ba tba graat#?t attack a^ainat tbr mmMMIM of tba t ranab rrpubiM, baa mat ?ttt> tba tuoai ena.-rltif r-pu :*a, to aiurb to, Ibat tba Biai'tiy la tba council of j??t?td?y. pro. p?tad to tba fTa-idaat ta r?tlra from th* trlbua it waa tbciiRbt alia aaJ prudaat r -* ta a pica It ta a public rapulrloa ll ?aa naarriBal M d-uidad that tbay < ull u< t aitbdraw It. t> r tbr (ovararaaat r?llaa 1 up< ? tba lagttlailat p?'ty, *bo<a faror Uiay WUI try to boy by tba maan* < f <?I'ala lufluaon-a Tba oaw?pap*ra will furaitb yon aitb tba da*atI of tba rwnnMiarnli ablrl t*Ok plaja ra tha f'tk of tahruary. at U* da Jmtbt, <>o tba pl??a of la tllla. oa tba c?ra*l' B of tba pr ilaa^tma blob bad baaa parp?tratad by anaia pohoaman. It I* ooa nartala that tbaaa a??ata of pi>l ca bad r?a- ;?ai or>i?r? to ttka ataj tb? aira'ki tr tba railing oftaa olona thai tbl? *ai doaa la ordar toaiei'a a riat. Vortaaat-ly tba p< opla tad * ota aaoagb to aadd lb i Mara, aal tba alfatr ba* baaa bltard by all parti** Tba aaaa racattad fro? Na? Yr.rk. by Iba I'.aropa, ralatiaa to tba ebaBita rl ailnlvtry rf Mr ' l?jt"o bad ? ma Ininaara on 'ba publlo mark t 11 at toa talaty of tba lataliljaaea, th.ugh it *? p n'a'o'dla y< ur r?r*'i *u luf- laot to ar*p< ra'i tba r|?u4 a. M. R a tTa hara pr. r?ra.t tM? taM* finia tba TarMaa a#??rar' ta. >a4 II a III ha aaluaMa f r rMaranai. *h?* ?l.a ramtl af tha atffttana if kn an. T? al lt?tawt?fl hta-b^aa ia??? l y daatli, and twiatt-tlgbt fcjr ike ?4M?b.uaii<a af tba la?uf<aat? cfiaaa-M. Ilrral.'. ('f af Ihr L.i f'H'tl. t ?f Departmrntt. Uertrnmthl. >rul|.?.' *11 Da*aur .. Oa'?*?a (<ail*r, ll. I. r., ,. II. s. ..iu.i. Art- I* ji** * ?........ PI '??. Btf-kti* * kf ?l T?!#a? a. n?. .... r??l l?? ? .......0' rarl. P?. Aim*""" Una ... J ?UI. p> V?>ilr?n I 'nUf*. D? I eat? SmAmI. .. rn?tiM. (H t>*T?ri.l .. Jl? < ?*.<,J.1* *.<?? r*r'a*a ... PafcwiUr*...... . P?*lH?. K? i VHkn* milk. Pacm*. 11.11*1 Mt# Mtwttl bksiKKta MM V? . *? i?rf??lai I" T* r? p. Narrml * I * * > ?, o .,,-T *. k'Htit. I >?? .... ar-la. ? * ... .. ir??r? Iw i' > . t II l"ln .. .c ??V rr? It- -tf j* l> ....... I'Mlm H.?, r V?a ' ?. !* 0?a Dau?a?. ... .. I.' ?rr?.?jB. P. P >.l<r|M Skil ?" f Willi#*. H?Tlen'?r. _ C.I Ul?i*. ..... fe??t. ,-<la. ii oi * i.??<> (rii. I'M* cf r**tiy? AIT.tr.) I* rum. P*. arj.aa Vi?aL Da. T. I?f. (aM*?t m f ib? lata n?a. r??l, r?Taa,> Tat.. vail *!?'? , >fia4iiM?. Pa ,? PtCltfW #< Illl Otdr O* TUB FRENCH CAPITAL. F.ai*. Maroo T, 1IM. BaUi amd PirtiM?Prmctt S'rylk mil ? Tkr Prince ?f Capva?A M( - Bali at ike Opra Htnta - DriMtu Parly ? Ball of Mr Qiren the .Imerican Hanker ? The 23d ef /Witary - " Lexnora " Fiy and r?uri ? fw?? Cnto-7V finiMiti C*iWrm Maural M*? Hum-Jtvvmi - Madame Lakurde - ThaUefg in Nr * ? Hintt la Managm ? Patitieal Oramai -Tom Thumhi and Pr m* and Fitterit a] Humming Bird ? f'? Xrieefiaprr - JSmnnant in I'ur > W# ?Bjr>7 beAuUful wettber And, d??plte tha earimt And political Mat la hioh ? ar? th* baila aad partla* Ala noia tumirou tbaa ?im before Of the dr?t rank, I will maiUog tba flu given last Tour-da; avonlng. at the KljK-a, wbtob *aj im of tba moat nrngaldaaat of ! thaae**on It waa given la boaor of tba atIvaI, Id PatU, of tha rrlaeea* Sirpbanla Orwt Duobaoa of Baden, and a relAtlte of Protidmt Napoleon, by tba AliUnoa ol tba Bonapartea with tba B-aubaru<>i?. Prm' eera Stephanie la tha daugbtar of loan*. Oland* de Beaubarmolf, ncrle of tba Vlnoount Uesaadrr, who married Joaephine Tarber da la ragetia. Couat Claud*, who ?ai tba ooualn of the Kmprv* Joa?pblae, accepted, cevertheleea, after the divorce of Napoleon, the plaoa of Cbtfilltr d'lionneur, ol Marl* Lome*; aud after the restoration of tbe Bourbons. be managed te veil j tbat he wm toon elected Peer of t'ranoe. Napoleon named tie young I'rlnceia Stephanie hi* adopted t'aoghter. and married ber to tbe grandaon of the Margin** of Baden, wbe succeeded bis relation, The ( < urt cf Baden wee quite foitunate to be gov,?m?d by a krecch prlnctaa *be bad luberl'ed largt-iv ia- ;r?jei and wit of her ancestor tbe o l-bfatad Kar aj de tieaubaruola, one of the moet brilliant ?t?m hu1 *wi. able ladles of the laet century The 1.rand l'rii.v-m of baden poraeasea tbe htgbesr <|tiall(ie? t?l a w iu?u au'l, though ebe I* at tbe bead of the?mall douiimona cf to* WeruieLle coufederatlon abe nerertde.ee* hat retained ber French affection*. and rbe b??al?aya rroeived with | gieat urbanity all the Kieuc'ioj>u who visited dadea i during tbe saaaon ol the fa?bi nable r-rur. fbe toi. er 1 ol tbe Klyfee ?aa one of tbe most brilliant of tbe * > <n. The faioona of tbe Pr?ndeatial I'alaje wereorowded.HLd I noticed among tbe persona pna> nta grea'. nuui berof therepreteuiativesof tbe National Wembty, tbe minirtere. the diplomatic corps aud amoi<g u?eiu vi. and Madame Kl\er* and their pretty aud amiable i d?ughter. Many generals and officer* of tho erenoh artuy and National liuatd, the wort celebrated literary j 11.cu of I aria. a***ral d'siinguiebed artists and the 1 most eminent persi na reeldlog iu tbe c?p tal of eraoce. W?re alko there. Louis Nap"leun wore Die uniform of I general of the Nation al t uaid . and, bating uuder hl? aim bis aunt, the 1'rtucers 8 ep^auie he lo >k with ber | lr lour rfes lahmi, apeaking often with many <?f bia ; guests They retired at ba'.r past twelve, aud the ball continued till three o'clock. The Prince of i apua a brother totfe Kin* of Nsplra ?a? also present at the ball, and a very curious inciden . ?bicn I witnessed, tt? k place at bla entrance. I'he ma-ter of oreuion<>s seeing a stranpe visage, a?ked wbo he ?a?, and a joking individual told biui tbat hi- name was vt I'enel< pe fn.li h - meaning that be b?4 uiairied a certain M> a nab lady of tbat latue. As soou a? be beard that c< n iu< n name of ' Smith,' the u-?ner of oereaioaiea ep| roacbed the Prince of Capua, auda-ted blin who bed Intn duced fclui thither T ' Vou bad better ask the aiubasfaeor tor Naples, > answer-d the bourbon, aiidbetuiL'd on bia heel Soon after (be uia-Ur of reiemcniea discovered hie blunder, and e-aa advi?ed to " In him go,1 rather tbau lo a^ravate hla lault by a fiolleb epclcgj. A lalrj ball took place cn the same evanlog. (Februaiy l.s ) at tbe t?rend Opera tioure It was given by tbe ftcoi.d legion <1 tbe National ituari. iu ?rd'r to 1 c me to the letcue cf the jour cf tbe seooud ward of rans The theatre if la iw l^/riuurr ?a> reailjr tha I It* king-glaa* ol owe ol the oi \itd iiu Never | have l Men anywhere such a profurlou of f]n?era, candl. a. and ornaments? rucb a ouu ber of pretty wo tteu. and euoh a ' blare" H diaa>ouda 1 he tfawrt;id? (icMiiri were standing In the cratretf tliw b?u room, tiptti a platform, attund wincn a verr elegant I stalicaeeaid taloooy for tbe couifoit cf th<Me ?uo I wiehed to yy tbeni their terpeots (iiraasa tbe raided Uader. watattbe head of the oiebe?tra, and nia wu pirn rato pirirrnta wrnurri, < u?ua< i n? a.?corutou o I fc? ;,r* l-r < m ?* tbeno 11 ? u'Miof el f tor*; a 1.(1 till ligtil Ot lb* C?uul*l tlill t< rcbn *< *U lulru>l, tbat. fiooi the outeiae <>t ibe tbta're. out would bar* b' In *?d tbat tber* ?? I terrthi* o<>tifle<railoa wiiuia th* buliOlig Tb* receipt* ?f ib* jiit ii?><> 0?*m 70,1/00 , Irai c?. but if you vifb to b* ot tie utiticy of , fU' t) a fretltal oud ?( tbn ?et?loa walci tla* beeu thu? t?i dtf?d to tba commerce ot ritli Oy tba n.DOd La- ] fti' D let nif jua t1?: m ir? lti?n ttf (quj-tti ] H9i>r*rrc prereut at tbe ball; that tbe? bad ordered lor tba itttrii'O saw drr tri Blw p?rwrt. tl i?er*, i , fic tM. fhorn, tie ; aad II ( mak? ao adlitino of ab.mt t?? Bty d'ilari abaad you ?ill?t-e boa uiaa> aorloica , c 1 all aorta baa* ibared thti abjaiiaat barret , Let Die bow mai-ll' U to you the party gl?-n no S*- | tun'ay la*i (March 3) a' tb<-Um i^i-ra b .? by , tba utluli of tba tartrlau theatres, for itrir ** Ura- ; , matte I1 ubd AMociatloa " No djubt If I tfu-aa by ttta , Li li.brr t( pftfoM wbo vara pieaou! I0? ie?*tpt? ol the h< u>a ba?a Wti vary h?a?y I'feta < >u ir ?aa cettaloly tba moat jiywa*UI Ot the kiud. AU order* and raiki ol a<eiaiy Kara rapiaeeated tb>M 1'bo prettl??t aetr?**e* of Parti wet* *>?? ?i? de oat with tba mi?t . (autlatuao MaUMii?n, ma*i*- , tratra. Ilteiary mm. (iiltarl vrt'ara, aad artlat*. I'M PreeidrBt nf tba rvpubll* *ai aUo pr**?oi at tali dramatic laaiival. and ba ancapted tba peimeealatn b >z, on tba tight of tba ?tag? Ha fu aurrouaded by bid aid*-d? camp, and <. Blear* of orduauc* aod ba ooly j rat (red at ta* o'clock la the iuoruiD( I b* other prlaata b< xa* were all Mraftrd by lb* ladle* of tba tbaa- ( t>*. altb tba eieeption of two, la wbiih taotaiaad rfo?o di la s.Ktiir bad rboaan a domieiia. Tba proa j cetlum t? i oppoalt* to tbat of tba Pr*-Ideal ??< tilled by the family of Mm*. A|oado. tbe wife ot ta? b*a\*r, *bo I* oa*of tba moat brD*<< lrut ia<ll?* of t'art*, pria- j rlpally to a at da lb* tbe?tile*l proleotca l?b*otn*r j b< l sast to tbat of Madaina A|uaio. ??? occiptat oy Ml*. Howard, of Baltimore, tb* t'-tfru of tba Llyae*. Mr*. H , abv *ai aeeompaolvd by <ir Mop^uaid. th* pruate Serretary ol Prlaae l.oai* ,\ap"leoa w?r* oa* of tbe unit luxaitattBft toilette* t?ar lua<-at*d by tb* tamed drt*? m*h*r AtemaodilB* Mi:* ftai n*l. vlin* i uijiin. tog aiu* mails, mm *:?o 10 oat or to* , prrtilaat boxaa Am?u|; th* nor* > rtad ut thaga ladlta, waa.Mbaa OcUT* of tha \ aud-nli* oa? of th* j Bnt aitMvi limn oa tha ?t*g* >ar wat .'arroooi- j , td by all th* nikn ct au.ba-ay n-MUing la I'arta, ?c 4, ( aai< Bg th* Moat abatlnata waa Saoor r. d* A , I i wail known In Naw \ ?rk I!* a<-?a<-<t ijaUa fa><*laat?d | j by iba bawltcblsg act rata MM tha Ml iairapi4 , _ dane*r* I Belli *d Kbbbjt ' rlto and >l.ln. factual. of tb* .Vila* Darriar aod?-rtmuj of to* < cat* > Optra btua*, A lie. Judith. of th? i'haa'r* Kraoyai* (a j teur of Hacb*)), aod Mm* lieo, of to* VaudaaIlia. j Tbr?* Ikdla* vara ntlll dauolng at ?ls o'rlaot In taa | izj< ftilBjr whan tb* opbMrtarar* am?*d to put In ar- , drr Iba tha*'ra for tb* **antng'a paric rmaoax. I J.aat, BOt It aft. amot( tb* ball* I will ap-ak of tb* | grand* toili * gtaao by an Am-ilcan. M itraaa. tb* . c< Utraiad bankar of t arn III* botal. In th* pla*a 81. J litiifn in n>-of tb? ba-t a-*"*-1 f?r a | any ! tna t card* of lavltatloa bad aaaaubiad ta*r**u im c.?aatry. , nm ?f Mr <>raaa aod tha < < ?? ef tb- fa>lii"u*bl* air- <| rla* of Part* Ntttf alao* I lalt V*? ) ork kata I < htard lb* t.aglMl laacuac* *pit.?a la a parlor - It waa j MBatblBg ratlrlBf I r a>* and to will bc!l*r* a* wbaa I aaatira job 'bat I wa*d*l>ghtad Tba Aa*rioaa aabaatadir. Mr. fUtaa, aa? pra*aat, with hi* daugb-ar. aod I raaarkad Ith aacb piaa^ura tnat ba MMroBdrd by V' tl>* Mnarl ?a> who ?a? m?4 to b* oa tb* l?>t taim* with blm I ui,l?r?taoi1. m /Kittint, tbat ; ' ur praaaat mlalatar la vary p >puiar la Carta, aad ? drabt tbU naw* ?IU ba Bgravabi* wb*o kaova In th* I nii?d 8 tat a*. through jour vauabla papar Atnmg tb* prattlaat woman pr***Bt at tba ball ?f Mr llrtra. ai< Vta Laaoi* frue Norfolk. Il*r nbta lor??-al. with har luiuiUtlng ha'r twiatad around aaplrndid tiara, iba brkgbtaatatf b*rayaa tba a*,(uioc*ae*ol bar draaa aaaryiblBg- aa* raally alalra.x* 8h? wat toa mot lagaatly dra?a?i lady la tba roua. Bad tb* inaaaarab'a diamond* vblcb ab* vura, war* la** prvcioag tbaa a l< ok fr< m bar *yaa. 1 b* iU tf Pabruaiy. tb* aoBlt*r?ary of Washing toa * buthday w*a raUbiatad batr ia a glorlou* maa* rar by alB<?t all tb* 4a*rtoaaa rwaldiag ia I'arta. 1 * laiga dlaaar partla* bad b?aa crgaruad at tba Kaataaraat i>n TVwtt h *r*t l'r?rn-aur at (bal'al.ia H> jal aad tb* bational aosga of tbrlr aatia* laud aod tba oo*t aa'hualaatle hurraba vara uitar> d by all tba guaat*. who tba* vaaatatad tba giorloua b>ro or tBa I'bltad Htata* I vaa aot *r?-?Dt at Iba** partla*. but I bava baan told that tha b *t ra/ r>| it ttrft r*lga*d nil Dg tba g?a* of tb* \ aakr*land. .1 tafwt a'ufni it rar/>? I raoouiaaaJ to y.iar paraavi ila* iorr?*p?>nd*ar* ?.f ?r ary. th* taaad authiv of tta npara " Lacaora " publtab?? ia tha j.>arn*l of Ual'gB*Bl. ralatlva to a faw vnrda uf> r?d by <. fbl ia at tX*trtbar**f tba Natloaal A?*aably, Tb* \a*rte*a rrap>v*r tboagbt that ba ougbt to rapnlaa taa lapti lailou of tba Kraai-h atataaana. by ?hl,ib It aaa lull- ? a?t*d it at ' A?arira-? aad to gatbar All thalr kaow- 7 ! <(*"< t>4 k? ffil buiit-rary luea- | hratloa to tha K.afttlab MP*'* of Tad* r?? an<>la j aPair ?ay ba rompi iaad id lb* till* of Sbatapaar* a <?tn?dy ?<f " Mnrb Ado ab< ut Nothing " 1 ba raalawa ?4 tha Fraaab troop* loaatad in Parla. ot ? li lb* imhtfr. baaa ba*a |ntta aonivrout fur tba pa?t irrtalgbt Paaarai took plaaa althia mi data, and til* , larg?at baa* b?aa tboaa of ?h? Vol* d? Baulogaa, tba lfca?p* da Mar* aad la#'. of tba ;?rdl? da* i q |?rt*a. v (?tttal( tM|Wti?t aai Llii i?al?r of tbaaa military * diaplaj*, bat. la far', I.out- Nap< lana did (lad al ?a;? c a liana to b? pimat, aid bla pra?a?aa ?u ai?o alaaja ballad by a l?t barraba, aad "iiaa ot ("? > , I'/a^mr f I mu?t aay, at ihcM ariaa bad t no aeba amrr( tb<> tronpa, and tbarnora toara la q no raaaoa la b.lwta U>at tha tcuuiaat ba? arrirad I to aiaka tba (?"f d ft It aaa remarked at tMraa / r??l??a tlat ?any ?aiaa->na ??r?i|. i?g t-tj naar tna ( xat raajir of tba I rluoa Oaa oi ah* wittiaat coat* t [ Dt< aa ..f Loata Nap. laoa enald aot rafrala from eail it | Uaaaa ladl?a ' tba amail cbaug? af l,<>la >l?a(a? " i Hat It l? la rata that tb?aa ladi-n ai* thua >i<tla| r thalr M?a? tba plara I* a'mngly narapiad, aad tb-ra j ii r? pri'fcaMltt* of a anrrandaila g at i.?.t f.,t tna I noa< at. Tba ba?t prcot > f tbl* niay b* d -diicad trim * tba affrlr af. abrb aa* arraagad. to 'b? ftaat at a >attalartl< n al M Li aal-y by tha pufrr vf alia l llnaatd It la v?ll kaoarn that tha I 0411*11 ntanagar t did Bad at n nrh oppoaltl a fat tha patr.aaga ri ba (an.ai dad Tba MlaWlat of tna lat~-i<* ?aa M traagty <pj>'??d to It. aad iba Oa-ijaat aaa r|alta a t-td?M-w?d, hut a l*n?r hi? tba " f (f-tl? ' madr tha b irua la Inrlia* la tha ft tor of >)?< ? >n'*g Tba n (ifia aao a ag.lah rriaa doaaa la lor tba pr?a?at, tba h aiiaaltal lloacaa of Pail* ?ba i<?, la<t I'uMaay bar II f< urtb raarait. a blab aaa a'fcadad aa ^nal by all n

tba Mfiwili H rart? aaa tba of tba lalimiaMa a air? Itarahaaa baaa aiaay aoaaltlaa p?rfr,rB,aJ, d'trlng ! a< lh? laa paat wa?k? la tba to-??r.? ,,? r?ri# \t tba ?| Op? ia Nail fcal Paray < vrlio aad St L? r Vr Mua j ? bar J baaa app>arrd la a aa* bali.t a?iiad Vila, aa I ji 4a (>I ilaari"! 1 ?*a? . by it L? r rt-n <r by Paaal) I t< l.l. b ba? ba? a a a*a triumph rttoila ' ! a <plaadld | Pair aad alii lira a pr-aa tn l>a?y anto tba . a aa<? t b? ailrhlr r <a???? <4 IV a.r- h*< ahaaa bar ^ aarta# tauata a aaa atpvat aad t< ?? i?? ta ? )| all a'afi>4 l> r t> r jra#?fal aiilf al daa laf. that I : p do art thlab ?ha (> ' I Mad a bailar plot 1 * tha da- ! f T?lAf??nt of bar grace* Th* *e*a*lt m at Naplaa. ?ud the well kaowa HMD >4 tk*t pert of Italy tboaa wkitb are m ebirMtuhNli ?< ptMliw to lb* country la which la llutm Moual V**Urlua bar* b**a Introduced. wlita muob laguauity aad ability la tbe Uhrrru of At L$oa. fb* lant im?i, i?l>rNnUi| Ik*latiral of tha Madoaa it Otaia, U Ik* most atartruou* *p*ctaol* on* oould laa?<a? T> Pm? Sicihm particularly daaend by Oaritn and bar buabaad, U tha Boat ra?otuatiug step of tha till Tba applaur* baa beau quite uaaaiwoua. Tba la* any paluWd by vim. < am boa aaj rblarry. 1* aoil accurate la a w< r4 u8iella" I* a *uocea* for *r*ryboay oi aowiir* Jlytuyt ol laws* I bar* ***a ofita, od ?ilrt*ai theatre* ol Pan*, au? lately at Veraatilaa, tb* lotty *i*bt V Wabole* obtldrra. wboaa ohoregrapblj art ?a> aa popular la lb* United Stat** Tb* pralty Kaiicy Pragber I* Mill tb* pat ef tb* ooiapaay, aad *b* ha- growa prattler and b*>>lioa*r tbaa *b* ?a* la Nf* I oik. ab*a a* tai b*r there Mm*. Writ* latrad* roco i*turniog co b*r country, with bar lor*ly do lliely bmlailhm. a.Tle Italian Tb?a r?, ao v*U aaaagfd by 8lgaar Boacoal. U la a prvapaioua way Alter "Doa uioraanl." w* tar* bad 'Mathilda dl Sbabroa," by D<>nu*tU; "La t?aiu l.adra " by ltu**ial; "i eot-reotola. ' aad la a law day , -Kraaal " uud-r tha tltla of 11 Proeorlllo, ' alii b* produced by tb* *h?l* truuf*. Sigaor aa u'Aagit will pviform ib* part of Mrlra, aad Sigaor Locate*!, that of Lraaal. Thla laat (log-r po*a***aa ?M) ajaipathetie rotea and bla ht>la of alaglag. aa w*il aa Lla aotiag ara atue ? aput*rlat~d. Aa fur Labia* t>* be >a el we}* tha laUaitabie buffo, kaowa la tb* iLuMral world. At tbe Comic Op*ta Houte, -lLa Jir aux Hurt" "J>? /'oicAnimi,'' aad L* Laid " are auug to full audlaaoea. ai d will tooa be followed by tbe aaw opera callcd 1 l.iol nioLd," wblob ii> aaid to b* oa* ?f tb* pr*tti*?t paitnit aa ***r written by Aubar. 1'ba debut of Mia* In horde at tbe I^atioaai Opera, waa to tak* plao* la^t Bight latbegrratoperaot Meyerbeer,"Lit Hugiu-mttt " but tbta taaaiaal a< l<oiniiy will ba u. lan d a lew da*a longer, on account of tba non-arrl?ai of t'ie Noted Chibu aivilti. who innat b? prrwat at the flrat ap peaiatae ft tbe taleutao prima ?udiii. 1'bU opera baa be?u in lull, new ooetuBiaa. new acenwry. and it alU fc?. by Itaelf cjuite a nrtelty It In alraady cortaiu ttat Vma Laouiue will meet wltb ImmtDH ?uo ecn* It* lebeerrain. at wbivh I ban been (irtiiBt, bare been ?ei j aatislaetory to all tba tv^ncxrn/t la buiie una ein?tng IS) tbe by, Thai berg baa arrived In Pari*, two day* ago. and i met blui at tlie Jtyrr of tbe opera, where ba Inquired mueh of ni? about tbe obauoaa ba would bare u a nurlcal jouruey tbrougb tbe Imted Btalea I could nut but tell bloj tbat I thoagbt be would bare IniUiraax pvpulaili) anioag tbe Auieiiraua, ai>d I may alatoal atruie jou thai tola year will out paav before jou will tee tbe turned ptat.lst Id tbe cliy of New \ or*. ?. eil'o aud St. l.e>u would nut be a?er*a to a choregraphic i out hie in Yankee land; aud I leel certa n by aa\eial biota wb ch 1 reweivrd float toe graoelul couple, tLat tbey would la? aeiue their f?ar of eruiila^ tbe w?aa. II W liltaui Niblo. or Marabail of tbe ttrmdoay, would make tt?m a aailatactory offer I ma) a??ure tbote tao watiaavia tbat tbe bai treat wblub would be tb? iffult < ! ?ub a bargain, would remuueiate them " I'auio .^>j(>ia Kaukmua."' Lat ma eourtatu yoa about tbe new aaudteile pel formed at the < ?y uiuaM, aiid ?alltd 'In ( oup d I.tat." a political comedy, ? bleb 1* now ' all I be go" at tbetbratre el M. vtoutigny. I bare ntltber time n< r apace to dereilbe tha plot ut thia taiicy woik; but I aaaure you that nothing a more aiiti republican. autl democratic and tbatT cannot nnutrataud bow the uott-romeot allowa auoa a play to be perform)-* peactably. Tbe ailuolooa are ao direct, the mpuu ao cutllug " so abarp. tbat tbare la but tna burat of applauae lruui tba rtmct bom toe ba(ikiiii g 10 the ebd A bother blatoi teal but political p'.ay. baa been produced at La Porta St. Martin It la called "Camilla l?au<blma." atd there are Introduced la It Hot>? fpltire, l).uton. Mai a'., and all tba terroriata of VJ '1 heir a[>p?aracce la m^'Uti) tba cauae of aa?uta and i bunahr ai d no policeman protecta tb"*e who haew Itlire i-lioii||ti to biaa tba "bloody" aeutenraa uttered b" tbe act' tr wbc perform tb? oharacttraof tba drama M. Pnu>aid, tbe celebrated author of Lucri ce " haa fnlrbtd hiatregedy of Charlotte Caiday " which baa b<? n aco-pled by tbe Theatre t rentals and trill ?oon be ?'tend lotlr public. Mils Kacut-I will repreewut ibr br.CDk ot tf.e roTOiUKoa and uu doubt nbe mil be gt?at Id It. At tba TLeatre HUto?i.jna. a horrible drtni eoti'led " l.oulne Or Vtulrivll," ta?> bern p-rfuroied with umjh ?uce??; but tba u til in u nltlcg wits mucb tuipalltBM. the ?> ?dik ul Uuibu, " Urbtli ??r?nii?r," ' fc uiitf d uprn tie ?t?r> ol tba unfort unate pileat who ?aa acei red ol n<temy abd boru>d inlbaclyof LooOi u 1 bia Crania will bo r?;idy next wurk togatner ' lib lha tiagedy of Laa.arttni- i'ou-talot L'Oueer* tut*.'' wbieh ?ill be performed nt I a IVrta St. Manila. ' Krw iatia?Ti;iw aiui.rg whicU I will mention" Nl-m ! t Kurjoia.'' ai thr I an. i .' I'leux Vieux Paplllum, ' . kttbe.Leatra V)oil|y>l>r. and charming fairy play, . ?lit It lid . - da Miabia " at the VauJarula, ! bin e brru prodon <1 during tbe two la*t wcek-i. Tftejr t?<> !! bull MlOCtVlul 1 he mrcrpti r> of ('era Thumb ar? plentiful in F.H?, : ind lifdH atrwdwarf lamed Jeau Haneui.ua tba j AOCi ral I m in p. a Laplander, elaveu jean old. a ad . >nbu g pound*, ? bare low a r?ry handaome : 5< uf l? ol a Llliijjii' lau aim wboae naoiea are ai ooaroi- | lift aa tb?ir per r oaa Tbete m w eumrri are aaumi * ib? I'rltice atia 1'iturrr* t'alibri, (bumming bird ) aad , tb?*j are unet admirable cKrf d irurrr* of Datura in mil ature Thej ba?e aaiecUd lor their place of rzblI ill. a tba fplraitld ball of M. I ritat. of tba lintel d-a . Crlteee i ue Mcbrlieu. Tiialr tint appraraaor la public ?ll'aK# placo to a few daja ' l.it a* art |. o in thin letter the yonnf American, I.rwli whom me ba??Ntn la Maw \ orb at tbediO--r?at I lreu? Amphliheatrea Ha ia hire alt ft bla fattier. a?. hibltlcg bla g)niDa?tlc luuri it Jorce I d mitrn,' ti la . kul'i). i iit/mi Wirindmr, aa La calls hliatrlt, bat l.i .ifio'l hi v tioeiela manager of La oai'c. aad , bit prrlui uiancr* are nneb admired by tba public wbo lirqn< nt 'bat it'ace ol amu-ament. ??t?at pre| aiallooa are mada for tba annual exhibilion ol tainting", abioh prnniite* to ba eery large ihi* , 1 year. It appear* tbat tba PaleM .National baa b*en aw I Itcled for the eiblbltloa. 1 Bef< ra rlalr* thia latter. I will let yoa know that tba Aaieriraa public will f.?n ba enlightea?d by the appearaam of a Dew jourtai whlrb will, aadoubtrdly. J baea a tranaatianilo anoreaa la Na* Vork and aiaaabera. X. Dap Bran, tba as ageat of the French >tiamira. of fatal aiemcry. ia bar* la Paria, aad not I kaii(| btd tba powar ?f aotlriag tba ffovernmi'iit to ' ItilAh BMW f nulla fnV I ha affair AI Vlaaat lU?nnM m.nA Ja ilacdrl. b* bae t> ro?d to bo* joartklia*. II* will w>4 to tba I tl'?d hU'M i auwapaper. cilltd Lt Mn ?nr <i? Aali I'mt I will tell y><u ant shod Many Aa>*rieae> arc Kill la I'arte, bat mi; ?l#o have . It tbe eitj to iriTtl Anoag the lait mini*. I ktr* noticed.? .Vraara Kibert llllmora. frrB Ualumor*, L. . 1 Peaiell. Sartor, ah; i 8. .Neellog, I. Kalibaaka, New I ork John t hrtaile do , Mr V* Inthrop sod m, C D. tlarrb, do ; Stephen |). Tunkar. do ; II A. Oelobll do; , I. l>ot>ni<J#oa. Baltimore, Mr Juaiunu. N?v Vnrk; A. I < Ipr'ant, do ; O. D Hrtiul do ; I. Krollpfuffer do ; . lobu Obit, Albany; Walawilgbt, Naw \ orb: ?ac >b Pent. do ; ( alab I) IJaar, do ; Alfred W bralar, do; John . ^ilner and lady do. Tba day of tba ml-ear* me (Bid last.) tbe last itUt f tbe caiblfal. takra plaea at tba Botnaot I an writing I la > u V.anj ci?-'|u?r i i?m l.i?e appeared on tbe x ul??ardt Kferytbmg baa been qatet. aod great pre- ' aifttton ate mart* for tbi? ereatnr at tba different iHMNi wkere iba laet orgle of tba hidi will ba 1 >nrl?d I oounted tbln Bornlog. oa tba valla of tba Ity. forty-ibree bllia for Mum; pub'.lo matk-d t.alla I baa goee tbe world'- wa arc darn ing npon a ?'>|-?no. *>n matter? I'm U kaiauiit'. apt n tuui U f tdlen. B. H. R. 1 Oar Btrlla Carraaponrtancce , l*aLi?, Keb. 17, UM. Ipparmt ? Pm* liamrntary fat t* in" ( P la ft J ? Mart I'ltltmi la Tyraany ? .inetArr Judgt Jrffrryt in httlm? Htftt Jtam U>t Junta?Thr Urtal ( Camp? /m rratt aj Iht .frwy- TirmtiU^ut An>wa? 1 TtrttHt Imumdaliant? I'alranati alaut la Kuril. Tba Uak of repertlag tba puila| areata of thla { ? Ity and tb* monareby at large la far froa Mif aa gr< eabia one Tba bl'tory of Pruaale. for tbe Im> elra BoLtba raaaaiblea tba aepect of tba country la tbltb ber capital In situated a J rear y flat, without a j lag!a alt ration or plotarr* ,-ie laoiaaape to ebear tba I )? or attract tbe laaglaetioa. Tbe lltlog water* of a blab gnabet aat la aparkllag abviadaaaa atlog tbe m< artaUa aptIng of IMS, bara keea dried | ip and ererytblrg appeara to have rata paid late Ita uimer atata of atetlla uioaotony. 1 ha f.?. |k.l 1 .1.-1? w? I t tw ?|IN the op?nlBii of tba prrooat Chtaktn. I* 1 low 4i??lof to a tlooo and tb* cartata I* about to fall y >aldrt a eknrw of biaao* fro* all p*rtl*a, oxeapt tba arorrtfflbl* Jottnnmim. who, balfl'd la all tb Ir bopaa 1 fa truly eoantltattonal for* cf|mria>?t, ttllloUaff ktpaltlrcl? to It* abadow Tb?lr Iff noailalna* amnt o tba prop?i*li ooatalaad la tbo royal moaaff* of tho , ib Jaooary propwal* IbtoItIbj <]u?at|oa* tbat bad , n?t> r?j??t?d a ?hort Uma pr?-?io<i?lj- hi laa>aKi at- r nvlttra, ftri of tboaa obMx|Ulva< t;baat>?rf b??a J Ifrj thra U>? rmtpir ft met In lb* oplaloa at tho p?o>1* Tb* po?ado literal party bara e >maltlad a moral uif<d?. tbr; ar? gnao to iho toab of ail tb* < apulat*, t,d ih? tritnm*r? ai d wavrrar* b?1u( aittoet. tho ? ouatry I* mow ditldaa lato two groal bo?ti;o e?>np? ? r?ltao oad liberal* or. la r.thar wii akiol"'Vii?| j, iTbo t ra?r1 ia?*r?. at )?a-t ?a<-h ot ih?ti i? aro u<ta !%n>dia'rl; aiUrbM to th? mialntortl ctnto rtlll ??artbt awk o( oraiiltidoiiilia though ?rp?tt?atla| or applaudlrt tbo a?t aikltur; m-? . airt, (Kd ftih* lioff ha* at laafftb ??*?a th? >a'b ,, i><a ibo-o? natt'uiloo. ' to tbo ffr?at daUglit of iba ,, itikditat tt of Bull Now wb*n j< a r*r?<l#?t tbat 11* frtalaoty. oa opoalnff tbo Rr>t P?n? lao l>t?t In T \prll 1*47 aaoonaa?<t to hl? la'tbfal pa i ai I t"ok , u I' d In vltMM bin firm i*>n|utlon n?r^r to |rii| hr? a a^eaiHattoa u?4?i it; eircu?*ti?i>N atia-<o- , ??r joa n aj h* apt to lirngli.r that tb<- rroMlaa ncaaicb mn?t h*?* p?rjui..| bl??*ir rp? mr ?r to* h.f, bit ?i?*b aa a<-eu?a'lro vould ba a palpatio launlet; tba ihmit ablrh b? ha? moti to ja-t no*, n It* a dnruan-ot to whirh do oaa In kin *-a-aa ?o aid h' ??t Ihltk of apfljlr I?h? nana of a real fi4r e > J ti'utt<n All too great pthic'p'.ri of e in?tlmi"nal rifilnai eot.??la?d Id th? critical draft. bara b-aa D r?taliy lpnagid, tba 4 lvrrninant In atithirlrad to a?i?taia* to laroa la** to ?a#p?nd of raatiata tba T la?ily of tbo praaa. whfn.t.r It tblaka pr?a?f. aad rnhr.tit coaaaltlag tba t.banhara wko k?rltf Mtn*! ?><h tba (word and tba pur??, ar? raduo?d to tba rraeoavaalrat tool* of daapotWa aal baaa aora af- in nltj to tba Hnaalan >ana?a tbaa to tba RrlM<h Par- H am?nt or to your n?a i oagraaa Afiar tbl? M oaa an ray tUt tba Klag of Traaata la Ml a nil af bia c rd. la aplfa of tba dampar raaalaad >>y tba tiatoaard la- I oa of M Waldack'a trial. mlaUt?r? a>a aontiaalag l??ir rarrfa agala>t tba l?adata of iba popalar party, T hoara baaarar at a oat laaartaMj ecqal'tad b? taa ttlaa Barldaa M laooty a wall na-aa potutoal artir i(d amtar of tb? dufaaat l*atl"?*l \???ablf, ba rrtaraad fraai *wit??ria?d to ataad bia trial at Ka- r li>knr| a Pallak gaatlaaiaa bj tba naai? <>f Krait*- J t aha bad tah- r a laadlag part la tba laamrartloa of P M* aaafoaad a?t gatltt. bT ?* Jara at f??aa a 4 r<?f ot th??t aot ro? M>rli>ir tba rltlag a*?la?t tba 0 arataa (?'niaNt aa a vary brlaoua off.aea. Al thla twy iwiiii ?ywinmuM la la thla capital ittlut about forty utaWn <4 the National An?abl).tbo ??n eooeeraet in tk( buoui rmlttloB of that Mj. tor ttepptag ib? anppll?? m lose u the IrulMkui-MutNN ii aslalrtratloa tbnuld eoatlane Ui offloe Tta latter bsTlag prevailed? tbaaka to the Mittlai array at batoaata at tbrlr diaporal-the <Magatea of the people are mow treated a* malelaotora. fti>it hava (A aaaaa9 fn? thai* anniliia( Kafwaa a antirft of Juttloe letacwd from Ik* rub of thalt 'I be preeiding jgd(? U I pttioi of tk? BMW of UtfriTl, bo imltatee ob t willir Mib. tbe glorioua maflM of Jeffrey* and Sorogga doing everything la hi* fo?ir to brow boot tbr piboHn and IttlaMtUudr wlraeaeee. Vt bat tbe xrdlot *111 bo It UImpoetibleto fotoMU with My oriuisti, but tbat alnlaW-r* aie not without ml?gt'inga ob tbli aotyrot I* e Tides t froa tbo royal ? tUoM to above profowl tbo iatlltutloa ol a kind of jtu < haaber lor try lag political offender*, to iirrvtBt any mora unteatooable aoqnlttala I may aa well nimlra that tba la* of babeaa oorpua. vblob >u anaottd Id 184*, be* jutt boon aboitobad, although It la matter of very lutla ooutequeBoe. aa (onriaait #???r paid tba leaat r*apeot to It It la aaaolaM to add tbat our Ibo< m parable r?preeootatl*ea yielded a ready aarrat to tba ttiaugllog < f ao aot wblob la avary really froa country la regardrd aa on* of tha eblaf bulwark* of ooottitutional liberty. 1 ban bin too la ay formar lattara tbat tba Prialu flnaactt a re by ao aeaaa 1b a flourlrlilng coadltiea. Tbo tmuioBao military OKtablUhmcat oata up a great part i f tbo revenue; and aa long a? goTernaeot ia dependent lor Ita vory eslereace oo tha bru'.a furoa of tha m.dlrry. tboro I* ao pr<*p-ot of lt? being dialaltbed. Oa tha ountrary. tha Mlntater of War Inforaed tha t baBibora only a day or two alooa. tbat It would ba neoeeaary to Inoreaee tbo aray -to Bate h-ad aere fl?ciueiiy agalnot tbo ouooa*iog agitation of toe a tarsal foee ol order atd tranquillity;'' aad a loan ofelghteea null out of Prn*i-I?a Uollara wa* therefore repaired, aad will i>t oouree bo granted Tba latolorabie burthro Inflicted ob the people by the eaoroiou* outttandlng araioa au>t eventually produo*ae?ta*tropb* ; la Europe. nm It tbtre ware bo other cannot at work. At pretent. tbo wbole a- ofuent resemble* a huge camp ard from I'etere'iurgh to Pari*- froa tba ahoraa ol tbo Baltte to 'booe of tbe Mediterranean no law U , reelected but that of the ttrongext. Keen the ttiltUh ; cablBrt, tioai ?boa better thing* might bi expeo'ed, r?om to have bees lofocted with tie prodoaioatlng mania, and tbtlr uraoaouotable behaviour toward! the tJrorku It a eorioua blow to tbo liberal oao?o.a(T<>rdi> g, aa It d' ?o. a lair oicuto tu other government* f?r tQoir tqoaily nrjut tillable though more cruel aad violent r> rrtdit g? Tbi* winter haa boon one of tbo aarrrest on record, net otly in Cerlin aud tbo r?t of Wormaay. but throughout a'l i nropo Tbo ruffeilna* of tbe aoreludU rtj i eleven I tbo f opuleil n uiuat bare h -eu lotenae, altb< vgb a good dral l? dote by private charity to ro li?To ibtm. by auppiyiot; them ?tl h lual. Ka. Siniothe tb?w 1 a- ret Jo the lmmt nte matte* of toow tbat bad lallrb bavo raiittd trmoiidou* tre*het? and appalling aecooita aro daily rtrvitod fr< m tbo od*r the Ithtue, | on J ocoar rivrm wMch bare ore? Hoeed tbeir bank*, < arr\ it k rirrjibiix be" re i hem tn l <>ccB"li blug a ?e rtm? l<? rl prcpirtj mid lit uDnct>wl?f?n life. Id man} pl?e the 0o.>d* rcin m tuddenlf, that the ll.tabi'uiila coi.ld only ??? their live.. audi bud to abacdi u ibeir b' uaae and ih?ir cattle la the uiid lie ot th? Bljebt. to ?eek refuse iu n.ire elevated 1 caitiei Juitiii>*. thewraibrr i? quite ailI<1 aod bira rrt * n te n |H-ot ad carl) ipriorf like that of 1MIS ai ? (" cb to which ti th tbe iiatural abd tbe political phe b< Di-ia of tbe |>r?*rnt )eai bear arUiklng r??>-mf>ln e i. Nov ax then a kind of out ?ard ealin prevail*. uuder wblcb from time to tune. Ihe volaenlo bearing' of aa approaching eruption arc Irlt. ana tbndle'aat thunder of tbe impending trnipffl I* b?-ard - ptlpsli!" to ererjr ore excepting tbore who ra?nlu'ely ehut their eye* to Ibatu'uie aLd reporirg lo a paiajUu of fanl*." a-eaa di ranl tba' they are totteriog ou tbe bribk ofao abjB?, into which the; are about to ba precipitated. Pearling liitelligriire. ExtkAOkOiiN<HT <> ? lilt Ui?i.*w*rrCoUBir ? The g>eat u a'ch race between Jack*>n tba American Deer < a foot, and VV K Mo1 rear)> fa#t trot'log and peeing boreee. the -'tlrcy Kagie."-'Boston,1'an 1 tba -butcher I'nj.' catne <.IT ?e?terday oa tbe Biogatnaa ceurve 'I be race waa fur tl,ui.U aod the h'>r*?* acre to make ten Killed wbiii- JaC-.nu made ti?e and a-half. 1 be Uley f e^le ??? firat brought out, and be nod larkrcn rtarteu at tbe waiting oi a flag Suraof foot, kbd tlrn> of DiUKir. Mb uiao ?rd hoi m >?ad oft *t a luerrj pace abd ere fl>e liroy bad c mpUted hi* first Bille beat Itrkt'n had exceeded bin half by ?a?re tb?0 [>Be hundred and Qfiy jarda. Tbua tbay coo'inui d round abd round, tbe una atill gaining on the home, lt d befcre tbeiirey Kaxle had measured off (Iveand-a* naif Bill* a Jack?ob bad a n pieied hie third When tba jtcy came to th? Martu^ point for tbe aixtb time, Si'Fti n Lt< rrd the rli abd twice he circled round it, ;nt Jackaci. Mill kapt mating more than hi* half raiie or Bctoti'a whole one Tbe pauotlet waa next taken ip by Butcher Bap pacing at a killing pwaa. and on hi* aat round be paired Janb* m at?..u. gM yarda from ba alBblrg poet. Bet* were freely offered. t?o to ona. d favor ot .lachaoa. while he waa on bla third and earth mile; after that, even beta wara offered, and meaty-fire to twenty agminvt Jackaon. Tbebeattl.ua nade wat by tha Orey, < n ht? fourth mile, 3 :>? Taa n milea weia completed by tba h-ireea in 2i? miautea >6 ?eci nd* Jaobaoa made kit ejilea In '?9 mlnuUa IB r< ancda. The m e nd match waa for $300, In which R Maxfleld >acked blmrelf to pick np luu atone*, eaob one yard ipart. and each to be 'eparately aarriad and Japoalted b a baabat at tbe rtarttag point Tha wager waa that iie feat could aot ba performed in thirty eigot mlnnt?a I aibeld win a* ba had hia potatwa (not ?toBe?) all omfortably gathered la due tlma, with half a ulnuta ;o rpara V any who witne?*ed the (lrat matib eontemd that ba borae* waat onlr nine tl&iaa around tha traok.? Vra? Or Ire" t Itrlta, March 4. l.orniaNt ItAi rs Bn im5 fin i? - Virrt !>??? IVedot day. March 13, l*<;-0- Tarte VAX)-two mil* uati ? f/m J Mioar'a (Iiiski and II rage'i) br e Tallyllo, by imp. ilarkloraard, oat of Vila Bowie, 3 J I 1 I. L Rlnfurcao i (S. P I'.lltctt'a) eb f. Dl'.-ard, by Raflla dam Mary Walton, by imp. Leviatfcaa, out ot Mm I'.allry If o t I ). K Ki??r'.< b. 1 /aphjr, by Gray >IMo?. oat at the lam ot Kola*. 4 y. o S S Tim a, 8:11-3:40. 8ifoic Pat, March II ? Far?? tl'O, Bile h?at?.? lie rase iuo yettarday orer the Blacaman ? ourae, tat i nr < f the Hi* M ?" J late'e?tln,: ???r run n the Southwiat, and dreld'dly tha fa*ie?t laie erar ub In ^mtr'.oa Tba fall, win* I* tha atimmary : ? iV J. Minora (liarpar aad Moore'a) eh f. Kaany O , by Imp Margrave, oat of I an ce??,4y o , I Iward Tbnnp?nn, rider. . . 2 2 1 1 I. W Small'* br e Kl)lng I'atchman. by Orey K*gle. dam by Maubl* Joha, 3 y. o . 4 111 Juaean K keaaer'a oh f lleglra. by \m> bawalor, out of Might 8 y o 1 il 4 3 rbomaii I. Well'agr. . Ilark bjlmp Oleacoe darn Kandanri. 3 y 8 4 8 dr. T?ma,l:4?X-l:?>i-l:18;;-l:l|. Tmixc Par. March 16 ? foria $404. three mila heat*. I. L BUgamaa aatera Ig gijaaarkl a cb. e Poublo?a. 4 y. o 1 1 Am J .Mloir entera b o. V oucher, by Wa{Mr, oat of Erltaaaia, 4 y. o 2 dr. Time. 5:40\', For*-* P??, March 16 ? Joekey Club poraa 1400, o?ir mile heat* Mm. J Minor'* (T. B <>aM*by'*) Rhub?, by Truaue, out of Mla*tr?l. 4 y o 3 1 1 1 L Eib. ar. ac a b c f.rror 4 y o 1 8 2 rbema* J Wei la' eh g Klgadooa, by rtlaac a, oat o< Kaada4 y a ...3 Mr. Tlma, 7:40-7 42K-7:MXFirrn Dav.?Iurae fi.0-.Mlle baati?Three beet la Iva I. Wm J. Minor* (f'arp?r aa>l Moore'*) , eb. f Faaay <Jae, by Imp. Marvraea, dam Lasceaa 4y o 1 1 2 I I. A W. Small * eh e Rory ()'M?re, by Oltaeo*, lam lap no*la, 8 y o 2 f 1 2 1 ima. 1:4?1:47-1 49-1 4a ?<. Mrrnia In iti Cm R?raa? Kiarr D?? -ToeaJay, rfairblO 1MM>- Welle a (take- aubacriptioa floO oiMt? frr two year old* -mile heat*. ) F Keener'a oh f Meeea, hy Ulearoa, ont of tba dam of Baaeoa Light 1 1 >Vm J. Mlaor'a g f. by Wagaer,dam Lady Jaae, by t eals ban 2 2 I H Long'* eb f Fanny Temple, by AIMoa, dam hrp Triahet 4 3 r J IV.Ila'aah < k. I_. i dam Fiodtigo 3d!* ' J Hi ,iI *'? ch. f by \mb?Modor. 4am Flight. pd ft. iV J. Miner's ?fc f by Korny. (?o? of than ) ott of Nora*, by I yd (I. W JNiin.i>ab f by hi??i-cp ' ut of \ ara Ity, by r?elfi<l ?b? oot of BriUaala p 1 ft. I I I' >r (?r it'i I. f. I iar? b) Kofflo fen arj I'oahvood p4 (V Tlmo, 1:4ft*?1:4?. Ai itmt - Th? immoi thr 6ill ?ar? moft lat?r ti?? Tb* e irfiirii of i^UUiri ?u largo, bat h? a pp. arar of rata k*pt awar tb* Boat atiraetlro or'fc o <i| itfit<r*- tb* )a<il*? The ncoa two, m lloa? I ? lfpprt??ofi rur?a tJT>0 -two nil* b??*? : ? i <ir?n, b b MtocKf?? ] y o , by Imp. Mrraar. Oam hy Iho lilebart* 1 1 B. <.H4hy'a o!i m Sarah Worraa, fty , by ln>?. t?l?l*"ar dam by ( r'athao t I i. n i.otj'f b f. Mi'* ?y. ? TruxU*, 'la.u by Mails.... ?l? i Tin*. 3 ka.'<-3 ??? _ ^ _ Tb# fan | ran* f?r n?taMan- *"T*rt, irkofMttilrdtfil aat oainl la Iktalrt Too r? It ot ib's oaa at tolloof - _ . II 1i4?< II t b b . by DthoUo,? jr , *7 | J U\ < f? la?U?'i ch f *t. 1 loar?? . 1 | f II Tr. p* * a h Mr Olibtrtt by Waf??r daa by , I rilitban J | W marl'Mt t J , Bar*#'* b a M?> ino r. Cottirll r b t Woalfial.fty , Titian Par, Motah T.-rrcprUt?? ? purw, ftttO -wBo Vufk axt trr?,4y o.by ntb-lO o?t of * ] > f i'P * : . 1 1 . II lirt.ril ?b. ft ,4y 0., by Jla Bn>?o*,daa ; bj Jfl'l Batco?bo. a 3 ft Patt?TM??'a b . 4 y. , by Othrtlo, 4??a by , MMlt. .s^.... . tt. 1V, , I Km *iii l>i?, M?ieh S, Joek?y i lab Par*#, I 4X>, tbr* l|?b?rt? ? , h. l.ori ik H Pw?? * T*ar*?44. ty lap. Tra*Im nt i>( R???U? Mkt?. kj Mr 1 1 Hltl ** h Jobn i l?rk 8 jw?u!4, by W?iil?ft< n out < f Imp V*n?? t ?m?wr? h OI(??r ft y?M-a ?v|>f. by Wtfit**. cot M > ilfhl by LolttkM... 4 I D rutm i'Mk g 'amflmg MoU?i iytara rid. bj Olbvllo, aot ?f Mm ?-y .t 4 Tim A It C. 3(l 1 b? >u s?d<ii* Kmc Kitnnti II *44*4 nn? If ll?b??W!? W di??k b b TiliifTiik 1 TMtfiCi b k (bwri n?t*r II*. I I | II 4>?. filtk N b b MrtUft .11*. Tl*?,1?l. I. Utonuu*. Rstai.utiohop Emoush pcibl.rshkki?Itia ?r*M knows to our reader*, (hat for many yean, tho author* and publuh?-r* of Great Britain hire ra*d? e??y exrnioa to procure from our C >u<re?* a* international cooynght Uw, which bh>uld give to English writers the Mane coatrol over their booKifl ia America which they have at home. It hat been generally uodcrttood, too, thtt the Bullish government has be?*n ready to reciprocate such an act of legislative protection, and accord to om author* the aame right* in fiugland which th*y naked for their* on thi* aide ot the water. In th< hope, probably, of finally succeeding ia their jual demand, the British pabluhTa hare hittterta granted to our author* haodaome copyright*. which, in many instances, Hive amounted to r rj large Bums. There waa no underUaudin$ unoa^ British bouses that the publisher who first got out an American book should not be interfered with; ' and things went along very smo.ithly, umtl a faw months ago, when a dispute arose la Solml between two rival publishers of the works of H-sv. Albert Barnes, of Philadelphia, which was referred to a judicial tribunal. It was claimed bf the old house, which had obtained from Mr. Barnes aa early copy (or re-^riming (they p-tying a certain sum for the same), th?t they held tue privilege, solely, of mtkiug and selling t.i* b?.?k in Great Britain; sod the defeuce of the rival hou?-e was, that the American author could n?ld no copyright claim abroad, to a woik of his whn:h hud been published in the United States Tnt ca:-e Wh? ably argut-d ou both hides, by learued jurista, and the decision was that an A iieru:?o author hud no copjri^ht in Great Britain Thia settled the whole ijuestinn; and wuhm thirty daya, shilling editions of the worka our best authors were told at all the book stalls and railway stations in the Bnti*h islauca. Longfellow, and Irving, and Cooper, and others, fell from Haitly octuvos into |>ocket painph'e<s, at a shilling a volume. Of course no mure copyright money could be expecwd to come to ihi, count jy. Pirating became the order of tbedty ? w hut was hauce for the ^oose was sauce for thi ghodri?lit for tst, the o'd game was resorted to; and when un Englishman, who had bern ac ( Urtonied to pay five dollars for one ol Irving'* book?, got it for one shilling, he opened his eyr* und atk*d why he h..d ber-a made such a f>ol ol. oil till* life 1 'ihis Has nil ritflit, Eiiiijtd'iil and ; nud m ny *f. Greaier fool, Joliu Bull, >hi(he had not thought of doing hII till* long b-lor<- ; ii? will liow t-h<>w hio wit in doing up matter* U?, to nu.kr up lor toM lune. Hut ilit- reprint ?<t our author*, A Ia pirate, w\t but holt ihr game ??f Kugli>ti publisher* Bull, wi'h ull lii* upirit, t??-.?r- a H"?i l deal ot ??r* y? cation iiimrt m<*?, before h-* rrtiliate* ; b>it rn 1? a latrib e fellow ?hru ni?t plufk im ii,i, k id h? 16 awfully loiiu winded mid lon^ puraed. Tti- war is io be earned iuio A'lica. I'nr L -ndo i pur>li?in.* Sim. dttr iiiiii.m] inb< ld a nv.ilrv wim niira <m 'i-if own gioi nd. Henry C*. Boh", ot Cov at Gird n, London, our of ihe iMeNtert p'<bl herg aim t?o??*. h'lltttt in the world?a man of learning, talent taale, lot tune, aod va?t buauifiij aid litcw)! e lie Iif a ion*?hat* te t io a hoine in New York all in* publication*, mii-l of which me printed ami ill ?HMecl in the tubet*l<ti?l and Irjj.int r?t> l?* of ai d which urr iiO? Mild in our .nark-1 tor leas ih ? the public have men made io i*v lor very s > hilv pril led Am ricau edito n- of lie same woik* \V hiir our publihh''rtt will do in ini- ctae we c utnot ny; for we b<!ir?e tlfte is no do ibt but thai ? better book ran be made foi a given -nm in Loucon ihbn in New V'oik Kngliwh paper is ?ii?ut>-r, t.fler, and better, than our-, it being mad' cho-tly ol l>nt it stock: our*, lor the ino*t part, ' intf ??f roiton Entlirh I?h. ks ae almost invariably better priu'td, and lar bettrr bound; tnnr cugravuig* auil illustration* are generally la' auprrior to o.n u?,i, and their book*, ua a whole, are h'- tvi?*r, h?n<leorner, and belter mauulaotured If, therefore, Mr. I'ohn ia determined io glut our market *riin elegant edition* ol English wutkh, which h >ve b< en hitherto aervt-d up io ua by our publishers in inferior si) le, th<- public will <:ert4iuly be b<-a-rit> d by ihe process; and. therefore, we c tuuMt b it wioh Mr Bohn m d other Knglieh puhlptk-r*, and their agents in New York, the greatrat *ic-e a; f< r troe c< llim> Tela! (Hiln y haa always i?cin-i1 to ua to const m in paiton 7<ne th- m n who tarnish tbe ben article tor the lowest price. There is auotht r advmfrtife Liaar ermnrrvm in th'S movement. Mr Li?liu erinta ovi-? to M nc< di? all hi* i-uM?cation?, at a very reduced pel'* , MTihiaciti|! many hundred* of volume* tu ever* i l>atim?nt ot ecience nud learning, which h-?e nrver been reprinted hrre, and probably now nev r will be. lie liaa (braidra bis* vutt catalog .? of miecelltneou* book-) now m wirw of i>ublie<t.ou, a rcientilic, on ai 'i>iunriin, and an lllmtrated library, ?tnbmcine (he !> -: work* rfrf written la th?* tcirntifW' library, for inrteaoe, are cmhfW'd "]lm)ih?ldi'?(/?nMK>." and "Vif*#uf Nature," two ol the nobleat worka that have ever corn- f o>n the |<n of thai g rat pr>D<:<* ??t wirncR. Ia the llhia? trated Library, four volume# of Lod^e'* great #o k, 'he Portrait* of lllaatriona Personagea mGre?t ]>ritain." have already b? en publi>hed. Tire work u fold for one dollar a volume, a much lower priua lhau it can be manufacturrd tor in thin country. There works with a Urge nuin'ter of oih-r? from Mr. Kohn'a lu u.?e, we perceive are in tha trade eaba of hia aiream, Tim**, Plait Ac Ce. From preeent indication*, it ?eema to he a n'? branch of book commerce, which m likely h *">w into a eoocl deal ot importance, nnd <>rnb ?b'y afl?ul tenoatly the publnhn'g iow u ?t oi (hia couutty. Oar Calirurula Cori r?|>*n<lenee. &At FlU-iCisco, J.in 31, 1850. Atriral in San Ftan> imo? Accounts of an Owrland Trip?Sea tfvkmtu and an Appttitt, He. I arrived bcic Gve daya ago, io a brig from San Diego, having cr me acroaa to that potat overland, by the way of the Gila 1 nerd tcircely tell yo? that 1 am unable, aa yet, to prononac* an opinion on the country. But I am quite eanguice of *uocem, from what I aee. Law and epecula'ion are 'he great eng'nea here for m?k nj fortum a, and, between ournelvr*, there are very few good lawyers here. A man l.ke ??, would mike a fortune here, in one year < >ood apeculitora like him, have enriched thrmvelvea euormoualy. I am going np the country, ul.out one hundred milea. in the vicinity ol itoe mint*. Lveiy thing, here, la ? crcwded and ctui-hrd, that, unlra; oue jump* !?' the (irat opt niug, one la aure to be truddra aader foot. I have aeen Jim Great, who ia peoepenuK her*, and a grntlrman namtd Beckett, who received me vrry kindly. blalni hi Fallon ia out for aherifl", againat Jack I In) c. J'y the way, I came a'-roaa the country coinpan* with Haya. We meaeed together Tik/ re|<ir?rd at J .I Pa^eo that we were aiirroun led t?f the Apache*. and they aent ont a company of volunteers nnd aon?e regular* to our relief. The fact ia, we tried aeveral timet to have a talk with the ecouadrel", but ibey would a?t < mne near The only peieoa ot ihe wKolepirty who fell in with thrm wae myeelf. I weai from our camp, on the Menibree, to nee the eeUbraied <-o?er miora. and llaye went on to >jo dw Vara, and remain* d over one dajr to wait lor me 1 wae ac^oin^anird oy II man Wfin nnu liTry wiii'iPg inr inanoi IT years, flamming ihrvnuh a defile of the mo'io-^H taitii at nightfall. we rnme upon two ludUa*. who we afterwarda found hud been on our trull all day. Aim ihry perceived ua thry brio-H diahed their wr?nn#, and g?Jlii?>d <>tf aa taet a* their horaea roold rarry th> in We called to throi to come hark and ha?r a rata, but thry tacitly der|jn?d ihe proposition, mid thia waa the ?nly tint' w> aaw th* Ap?ch*a l.ong bHore we jo? ia "Ut lHe^o we w>re nd<K?d to had rati. ma, h??n( ttern oMiir<d todltide our proiiaiona w ib aaaeral panic a mm i tad, ?ti. in *r I atar?"?r T? one in Ni w Yoik, who haa aearceiy a good *\rpetit* on re awiil, eating h|? meala m'-r?M0ic?ll7 and wiihont plraanre, thia thin/. of halt r?tn?o?^M may appear to b?- a matter et indifference: bat ua, in thuir riding tw.-niy-live or thirty milm (frfl .'ay, who alerp m the op* n air, attrnd to their Soir? ?, makr :heir own h?-il and rook their lood, it ia rather a privation than otherwise. V iiioy, howt-yt-r, be awe tha* two weeka of a*a eii, tf>er wr got over it, did not blunt the r?J<e^^B r f n?r tppftjtfj ud ?hra w? mi in her*, bow in.I .at The landlord aod waitei^^H i.'<l to r' iii! perfectly njj'iaat at the inorin><^^H inantitif a we consumed, an) they did *ay, that t*^^H| atfilord, irsr?ad of npcriciatm^ our patrna?g^^H^ ' rally de( lared hia willinfneaa to paf u# a b-n^^H ? k?-ep a Way. J. Prtrn t'tii r?i*r?Tr>w, ?*, I.? On tb? IHb In^^^HI H:? Alfa WtnkHI af viil?t- ? , lat tear tbraat > taa?* In a taap rary ft ?f inaaatry. Hr ka<tba?a?l tlag attk b?r a ?bnrt tlaa pi?fl uat^^^HI t>' ?a<tae*?ii"rttia fatal 4ra<| Vit l?f? tha tanliMM ta*M??4 in amMMat la tka iH, la ramrn. t-a?.4 bta atfa lying aa I ha ft nr daa4, t^^^H ??r th*.a' eat in par In fat Har fcatw. aia?^^^HI i ly a f?? ?I4 lay by b?r alda, Mtrrally 1r>afl t h It* ?o<a*r? M<w4 r?t?M a 4a? *4 )>aH Into a trmm akl?k >*a "<-aa I by bar barbaag ab? |r*l a valrWli iat w< v m?t>'a Ma* aa taarf b-a>i?'?ai all^^^W ?!* >? 4 aaaatai *f bar aaoaatA>? aoa al(bilN^^H| fttir*. W J, altar, Mir>>W,