18 Mayıs 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

18 Mayıs 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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r Who Makes the Beat Hall?An Important mii?n is our '!?> ; and wcra it not known thai w? ara no Matk i?ter??t(d, wt might uadnrtaka to auawar th? query, i If wa ahoiild ?ay, ho??vt.r. that the l>?at ll.iU u> to ha foiin't kl our ?itul linhinvnt, no donbt w? could fltd nuy be baliCTc ua: but wc have no d?.{??iiioB to mono|tolii? th? ntiri aud w ill tb?raf< n> cuntcat onraelvaa al prvwal, fey limply Untiling all diaratiati?<l utraa?all who arc at a luaa to fend a llat that will cmuhtna <|oality of material, beauty of mull, and capacity for xrrvifa, with a graceful faahiun, ly all uicanr, to try uur Ilaie. W A KNOCKS. Hatter., ?? BnaJway. Trcamrt op tbl* Fact^-Tkat Knox, lis Talton atract, >? tlie eluamt, the l>??t, tlie mom fashionable the n?o?t fucecMrtfui hatter in th? city. He buy? hit Material* f ?/ ia?k, ein|*lovs the very h??t vurkaeit, iilvorI U?? a tatCBtively. aiui aaittf ou hit fnttoincr* hirusalf, thus I MCaruitf to *.11 who nAlrMi.il.. hi... r1.?. Children'* Uati.-?The Laltit Inaporln%? ?(Stain iia.j'iat "|?in?d aereral ca?>-a of m>at aiiperb Childrrn'a liata ar. i t'R|>a, made after then>?w atyU -t iu.r >ducad in Paria only a tear week* a*o. Tti- ?< , witfi tlio 1?r - e aaacrlvr.it frotu l.ia own faet<ir<, cnnatitutr, ixrli?p<. tlie at ritmairr aia*l ?ldt4 araortment nf Chillren'a Data, k*. wHel* Ima ever l>een displayed iu the .how-room* of anj Mtabhaliu.tut in New York GEN IN, 214 Rroadway, oppoait? St. Paul'*. The PI am be Nation*! Oallrrjr? No. '4^1 Broa?* way, ro de?ervetJI v p< pular with pern An of laitf, I pfcould be viaited l?y all who h!ve anv J?**ire to a#? the l%r>f*'*t oellectfou uf portrait! of distinguished individual! iu tho Viittd Htite#. The all-Important qurnllon *eent4 now to ko, ?h(i? rhall hiv the cheapea* T If it ta iu lit! line of Bti aid fashionable ?fre#? fto??ds, crape sha?ls or mnnilUt, V! can <on?id?ntly a?d auhi>itatiPKly wpl), ?t i. VV. HAKEER Ik. i'O.'S, in Catherine at. We u-.> \ only to rernnd tkeir cuatotners of the plai?* to meet a hearty roaponac. Sixty Jleeond* Make a Minute, Everybody | knows, bet every tody ha# n<>t a H atch that will k*?p the eorret t time. I mil i itfi i tabsei ar ii i istantlv receiving, |? r a* earner. a beautiful aaaortrnent of the nei?t fcnplixh Lever Watches, nnnting and open fa?-ea, auitekle for lauie* or pr?saitl?*in**n; maker!, Lewis Samuel, Samuel lfa*nna; fell jewi-li'd, whieli for sleganre of fininh eannwtbo !urraai<<i, abd for a< '-urii' y will he guarantied equal to any of tl.c old or more celebrated maVnt kn"\* n. N uiner?<ua teatimonial* ca te given of those who have them now in u*e. i'leaao call and examine. s?t A. T. C()('1IRANI'9, 1*88 Urccnwich street. Revolution In Cuba?Great Jirwi from Vlggcrland ?1 he sympathiser* with the opp*-**o?l Cohan! may aoa rejoice: but tney. and the public generally, mimf n-.t forget that li ROOKS, IM) Fulton wtreet, ha* the largest, oheapeat. m >st fashionable and durable stock of U^ois aud Sfctes in the city. Our Old Friend Young, formerly opposite enr oflhee. eorrer of Kult<>n and Naaaau atreem. i? mill aurMriaing the public; nn**' it is hard to believe that ai? 4 >od Boo I a can h? bought at 41 Oourtlandt street, where he now koids ont. for $4 .'#0, a? other atorea veil for $7 : Waiter Shoe!, Imm i^ullj low. TI1E DOCTOR. Cream of the Pawnbroker*' Shop*!?Them $3 Suits!?I>rtHs, frock aid busiue-a Coats; r!n; ?, eassi l!rea. dothkin and linen: Ventii in endl varift e: 0?>rci?Li Ml f'toake. Al?n, ?<>od??uituliI?f?f til* California market, ran- Niniu ami Iteckuian. 6. B. Clarke, Tnllor, 110 William ?tr*et, atlnne* to adorn the outer man. npm economical priaoi?1ee. A tine Prer li ?"loth l?rc?? Coat, $1 ti; made to m>'**nre, ui *eyr ftnmt. a Sa'.k or Fr-ck. JIO; Casxiiuoro Panta, U tn fC: Ve?t, ft m SI to f.V In flue, ni him no in New Tork aim nffi-r rreuter ioducemen to the Injur lUaa Mine. C?m. l?t?i.lieKd 1-U. Ma Prithi Figure*. Far**, Sit., W great variety. j??t received tmr ?u.?nier WuliinKtou. For tola Ly J. l.AliMDM Eft, i* Maidea lane, up a'.airi. k Carptti.?Al'llltain MrUrorty, 136 William Street, offer" for rale S <>,"00 worth ef flee Carpet! and tKl Cloth*. Thia e'ook w:il I ' aoH forcaeh, 31 p?r cant below wtMBfaetnrera* pri<"<?. Tlinee In want of t'arpeu ?r OM Clothe, will do wall to call and examine thie lam* aiock ef Oorpete.fc*. To Keeprrt or Prlnrlitnl* of Intelligence Offleeo In the city and enmity, of every d-Miominatiun.? Something of Intereet will be communicate J to the.a b' ailing on ProfeMi r M"tt, at 47o Broadway. *? hope none will tail to call, or (cad thuir names and reeidenoei, ae early M NtlllUlt. Shell Bark C mbe?Open Chain, and Vina Pattern, Olert'e Make, MmRm mMIm hav? Jn?t opened a variety of ?t>le? of the above le intifulW flninhed Mmbi. Alto an a^'.rtment of fancy buttena lor ladiee' dreiMn, (a new article.) ^raaifh Fan*, l'orte Mouuatee, Jewelry, He. W II CDI Es It FREEHW. 83 William street, earner of Maiden lane. forna! Bunion* J !?Dr. LlttltArld'a Corn Bhialda are particularly eommtaded to all ia tli* leait troubled wiii> corut or bunio*e. Uy prrt?ttin|t the lander part* firm preifure ?ud friction, they afford ready and elfc*taal relief. They are mad* of a (oft, delieate ma mIiL aad *?n be worn without tue.jni?aienee. St Id at Dr. L.'l Ofici 4*. McrrLaot*' lichan*', 10 Alter iivatt; 119, 27#, uaJ ill WMdvajr, Wig* and Toapfri^lnolkrr N?d*l ku I km awarded to Wm Be*eh*h>r, for the haet Wire and Toafaaa. The public an ineited to inipect hi* aew ityle for I'M, at BATCllfcl.OH'S celebrated Wi? Factory, 4 wall*?r*ot. Ha Imi? the largoat and bolt Dior: at at U vat oil/. 0*fj the addrm. _>Wf Dye-B atrhrlor'a Oennlna LlqaU air Dya, **a only b? procured at the manafaatory, 4 Wall ItlMt. Th* public ibocld rcard acalnet iaUtatlaa*. foe my varie' dlplmw. I'rnogi *h'?i hair haa HnaiiibM aolor from the a? of th* Imitation dree, oaa kin it eorraot 4 by aalllac a? abcre. Copy the addreea. Fine Hnmtn Hair nil hat* who oaa n three ehillluc t. tie of ioaoe' ''oral Hair B"it o rati ve. It for*** the bair to (row, ?to| it falling ?f. cleauee* it, asd snake* ll?ht. red, c.?r?c, ?r lid Lair, daik, iiUy an l trno.? Tie truly a line articic? iuit try. S..!d at <03 Br oadway, the depot of the true Josea' I h'ir'cal Joap, the linnet tiling male for clearing tbe akin and curiug eruption!. atkr.^Ptrwni who havr pre mat it rely grown iray, can hare their hair restored ta it* original o?lor, and Mady, light or red bur can la matched with eat da- er ahade. eur|-artinf ia heavy eeen th" moat natural loeke. ?y BatBC Rallard'e let Premium ljuaid llairl>\". K -r *al? at hi* eBce, Me. ISA Fulton etr?et. 2d door eaat ol Broad iray. Tk? beautlea of Cutting 11 air antt whlaktt are admirable eiemtliflad and illoitrated by HIM* the lad* aiita' I*. 13 Va??au ttree?. who e?er a Jh r M rtrictly to oeieaUft* rule*, thereby Imparting ta tbe wearar. beauty. ernemeat. axd grace ef pere nal appearance. which lie waa u it pretioaely a a are or [?*.<? la* stampookag thotunghlf Watte' KrrroiH Antidote.?Kltrart of n letter fr m 0. W. W i bber. E?| . author of Old llicka, the Quid*. " from a etate e.f wretched d> j r?. <ion from latent* nlferlBK, i have beea iqdd. nlr carried up to the hlgheal Tigoe, and the tr.oat lu> y?a* a- a happy ehr?rfulnn?. by n atta' Krrreai Aatidotc. That u.'ur a thorough trial, I am diepceod to regard it ? absolutely the iwcilt remedy fir all aereeae J |l |tr to. .. 1 J -la . 1J >*a**u it. , Beat l? in? |>art. Many a inatilea hat wept bitter tears Tar lb* pnaaMaloa of aaVin dl?J;'tr-d V* tan, fr?'kl??, aanliri pint Mtttkn, t- ah w rm?, Kn*M, ra-hra, rmihB?aa. cbap*. rrai-k?, fto., ua.uiaJ.'ul or unkuowin* that a rartaln r*tn*?jr fi r thr?? *? ila U Is la f ml is (1 grand'a Italian Mtdi. atcd !*.<ap, whifh will i??ly roaka tha darkrat rntirla aa *bit* ani anfl aa *an'? ii >wn. tha oap ia to d?li?hlfull) ?antl. mj that n? mother ah.;,lt u-? B?it atharwhari with t? wa ti t>ia fh?f. I limlacf bar taiidar lataal; tla rl< Ii lather whlrh II rala> la ?ilhrr bb I or tall water. reemni.nda II itn n(?l? to hoih Uiti?r'?n t hathera. Onnraad'a Poudra Subtlla ludeaicneI for the Immediate in I total ?>tlrj>ati< n of iu;.erflaan> I.air from nn?partof the ! (loaratid'e Ll|?ild Iti ore If npar'j art' ( for enm onuic ahceka and llpa, tad ah' Iwtaly aarapt hy waahing with ?nap and water. Conraud'a Hair lUainralir* la wr.rranlad to fnrea the hair to grow on Hald t.larea, pr??ent Ita falling eff and tnrnirc and reuarlnx wiry ararae hair aoft. ailkr and *loa?Y U.uraud'a l.ilr Whita haa entirely enperioded tlx paramimia jw1?r. aad'ehalka. K? emhar' The world-renowned Lrrparaiiooa of l?r. KCf.lX f.OI KAI I) .an oalf be ohtalnaa aaijia at hla perfumery depot. I>7 Walker etrrat, l?t *t?ra frnin (n t la) Broadway. T. H < -ll> mler. A.i *o?lH Third atr?<t. f'blladalptiia. Bate* ft Jordan, IJV W aablartoa at roe I. li.aton Rslkr.?Dr. J. W. I'owrll, Orrnllat, Anrlat, fta.. laforaia lb* puMir, that ia order to m?et hla rr*atlj laer-aerd pr.feeaional aa#*t*m?nt?. and to pr??^nl liiapatlaal* helag aarTaaaarll* delaiad, he will aitead bia .i9m honra fr?a a to# a'elnel, dally, at l'? Warren airaet, oornar ad Br-.adway, * here ran be obtain* I hla "TreaUa* aa tba Era." FrtaaWtiMat*. Artttrtal liyaa iBeartad. n * v v m a ii u r. t IW*r. May 17?CP M, Tha ?i<*ltrBi?nit of apecalatlon continue* la Wall rtr?ft Mtlwlril. T.rrrj one I* Mtion< to buy *tnek?and hard'y atop* to aak the priea. Nothing I* ea*ler than to pnrehana any of the fcnelaa. and the higher pritN go. llif 1m? Ji"pfv.nl h"M?ra or" to aril. i*peeolatrra who would not toueh Kria at 60 buy at *). Itar. t*m tai a drng at S4, but goa* off like h't rakaa at AO to |Ma the market and now that tba etaaa l? up. w* art prepared fur anything Nothing will cow a?t<-nl*h Mia Wall Mraat, rpeeulator* are at ark. ataring ni*d. ad are capable of performing tht r.f>?t rldienJou* acta A* wa hare before remarV* I It la the eaaieai thing In ha world to buy *tock?; *rary db? la bnylav. It mat |rr* very little what tlie prlea |a Maay think any of the (aaclet are cheap at double the prior no* current. and hay therefore go It blind When erery ona la aa aai'oa> to wll a* they nrtw are to buy. what will bath* raault t Tbia |a a (juration wa would ad* la* erery outsider toaakhlmaelf oacaalnually. Tha time la coming when the labia* will l>a turned, when all will ha arllara taatead of buyer*; when ctery one will ha try lis to pt eat flr-t and in tha ru 'h many poor devil* will b* aruabed to death, All I* *nn?hina now Rrarythlng ppaar* pro?parout and bright and thoaa who are Involved in tha whirlwind t.f rpcCnlation little dr*?m Of the abange that I* abont aiming over tha faea of hinga It *? ?* ; to b>rrow money of the bank*. on My kind of tacnrity, good bad or Indifferent, at a rery wall margin, that an operator, with limited mean* ran carry large quantlllr* of fancy *to?ka Tha tank* will almeat lend money o? tha aaearity of aa old h?t. to tourf a* tk!* *ial* i'f Hifng*1a?l*. ?#?"i'?tlon mu-t pr?gra*?; but a*thl* a?H Invariably work* It* own enra. the proa? * 1? Jllnr on below t'?* ?Urf*r? ad 1 muat ?ra long dan I'pe iterlf. Tl.<' mur*"-! o;' ti' i Mfyuiinw H"'THI w*at op \ por arnt; f*n? I "land V CMton Co , ^; Mohawk, is; *?>rwi*k ll4VMMtff.fi| Rrl* Railr?a4. V, Rra lln* Rallr>a4. llud-on Rillrwd, At Hi* frond b?*rd. Krt? Railroad adranr*d Raa4to I Railroad S,, Noralah a?l Wo????f?r V Parmara' !,o?n Ml oil V, Harlem < anton Co, H and Rrl* Im4>. t?ff, V Tli* !lnd?n Rlrrr RaUr?a4 Coapan? ar* making a/r*fif?m< nt* to pu?h th? ??1 rapidly forward to o?tnpIMIoti Conlrart* I**n pr^pnaad, and tha wark will roon Vf pla*rd t? th* h*nd? of laknrara 9k* **aipl'tlan of I Tli* road l??a vary lap'fUrt that * hop* f?n4? will V* at anea farlhao?tf?f. fram *01* mm** *a lv?a a *pa*4y *pa?lnf *f tha Htrrugh 4 route The tHlnl lin? of western roads la IntmaM in the river road and ? hn? no doubt that by th? effort* of thm e?Bp?iiiM, either in their corporate etpMlty, or by the private subscription* of stockholders, the necessary amount of money will be railed. It would be full as much to the credit of Albany, to subscribe liberally to the Hndson River Road, as it vu in loaning her bond* to the Western Massachusetts Roa-i Company?as she is aa deeply interested aa any along the Hue. or at the southern terminus. The Lrgiitlature of this State, during the last se?sion. pushed a law authorising cities, town* aud villages to subscribe to the Hudson Hirer Railroad, and we hare been anxiously looking for some action on the part of the numerous towns and cities, in carrying out the provision* oi this net We find this method of filling up tb? capital Mock of railroad companies praetiwd all over the country and w? have not seen but one instance where the voter* in any Tillage, town, or city, refused to give the , required consent. The lludcon River Railroad la so situated that its omplction is actually necessary to place the central line ? f roads through this State on a proper footing, to carry on the war that will soon be waged so violently between railroad lines generally. Competition will, in a few years, rage so furiously in all parts of the country where railroads eilst. that every (acility will be required to carry on, with any prospect of success, all 'the roads running east, west and uorth from Albany Every town, city and village along the line of these roads, are interested in the Hudson River road, | and it would require but a very moderate effort on the part of each of these roads, to place the result beyond a doubt. j The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day. amounted to }113.037 15; payments. f 66 !i37 40 Balance, (4 845 680 7i The Legislature of the State of New Jersey, bavint investigated the affairs of the Farmers' and Mechanic*' llank of New Jersey, and found the institution sound and solvent, have restorrd its corporate rights and privileges. and it bus recommenced bunking business.with a renewed capital of $50,000. John Van Dyko. President. and W. F. Webb, cashier. The notes ot the old lank are now redeemed in specie, at the counter of the new bank, and all above the denomination of lives, at the Ocean Rank, in this city. The accounts lrom the South are very gloomy In regard to the new crop of cotton. Tho whole valley of the Yazoo is. we harn. completely under water, and the destruction of plantations enormous. It is stated that the usual production of cotton on the district covered by the flood, has been about atO.OOO bales. The growing crops bave been almost entirely destroyed, and the loss must be immense The crop now coming to market continue* to tall off largely. The* deficiency already amount* to more than eix hundred thousand bale*. Averaging the number of bale* taken by each ship at 3 000. and it would require 300 *hip* to take It to marktt. Thin calculation show* the heavy In** sustained by the Muffle interest of shipping. The freight on 600 000 bale*, at $5 per bale, the usual price, with an average crop, would amount to $3 000.000. The in- j created price, in part, compensate* the planter, but for the chip owner there 1* no help. The rule in hi* ease operate* the other way; as the quantity increase*, the pric? of freight* goe* up?but it goes down with an equal certainty on a reduced crop. The price ol cotton never affect* freight*; they ar? regulated, like every, thing else, by the demand and *upply; but the price of freight* often affect* that of cotton. It 1* estimated In England, that the life of a locomotive U on* hundred and fifty thousand mile*. If the value of an engine ii $10,000. it follow* that every mile It run* co*t* f>*i ceut*. Tbe following Institution* have Just declared dividends of the amount* named, for the Ia*t tlx month*: ?Doyleatown Bank, S per eent; Farmer*' Dank of Buck* County. 3; Ea*ton Bank. S; Lancaster County Bauk. 4; Lancaster Bank. 6; Farmers' Bank of Lancaster, 6, T)oylestown Insurance Company, 3; Doyleatown and Danborough Turnpike Company, 4 The Legislature of Bhode Inland, at tt* last teuton, granted five new bank charter*, via. : one in Providenre. on* in Phenix village, one in Coventry, one la Blchmond. and one In Ilopklnton. The flrat Ii to itart with a capital of $100,000, the other* with capital* of ' $50 000. and all with liberty to increaae. They are to pity a bonu* to the State, of one and a half ncr teat upon their original capital*. and of two per oent upon any increase Oreat ear* U (aid to ha been takes to guard the public agalnrt fraud, hut In thepreeent etate of buelnee* and price* of money, it would be aa wail to protect the rtoekUolder* -U they ebould bare mt? . again *t Iom and fraud. > The annexed *tatement. compiled from the o&oial annual report made to the Legislature of XaMarhu ett?;eslilbiu;the aggregate operation* of the railroad! of that State, daring the pact year -1S49 and the total eoet at the eloee. Riiiioad* or MtMArHt-etrr*?Total H->?nnr*T. 1MD Length of main road* 1.0? mile* l.ength of branrha* Ill " Length of double traek aad aiding* 373 " Coat 9*1,SOI,1M MacmpU. From pa**erger* $2.234 134 From nrelglit 2015.577 Kri iii mall*. Ir 20* 401 Total Seeeipt* $0,118,214 Krptntt, Koad Prd ??1$310 Motive Powfr 65.1557 Mlfcellaneou* 1,918214 Total expense* |>3.0f<7,081 I N<t inn me fa.O'll 3J0 Net incomi- per cent, on eo*t. . $0 03 I Numl*r of Hilt i Rim. Py p*p*engcr train*, ! H0 8M Freight train*, 1.;154.?58 J ? Olhir train* ;W? W3 | Total numbor of mile* run 4 271915 Total receipt* per mile run fl 41 Total pipenoe* |>i>r mile run; 0 71 Net income, 0 70 . No. of paMCWgrr* carried In the car* 8 788.ft<<9 ? ' ' one mile,. . . 144.305 '2?*1 ' tr.?? :t r.urot.aniliao I.. th. ? UT T-.l " ton* of mrrrhaudi'a rarrled one mil*... 70 S4S Xii Ton* Wright of pa?*<-nK*r train", not inrludlng pviMfm. haulad on* tail*. . . 114 942,61} T .n? **Uht (of freight train*, ant Including freight. hauled on? mil* 13S.34&.M3 Total number of ton*, not including pa*linger*. hauled on* mil* l.'l.OT* 121 At pr*?*nt th*r* arc on* thousand inline of railroad in operation within tho geographical limit* of Mawtrhu**t t*. which I* a ratio of on* mil* ot railroad to each ??T*n fc,u?r* m!l*? ot tb* *ntir* ?urf*?-? of th* Stat*. It I* about *lit**n year* cinr* th* flr?t railroad *a< op*n*d lu Ma?iiarhu?ett*. and *lne* that tim* mora than fifty million* of dollar* bar* b?*a Inveated In th*** work* There hat* b**n *ipcnd*d in Ma*?aoba rtt*. In *lit**n year*. an amonnt which *hould bar* been fj.read orar a ?pace of thirty T*ar? at Wait Tb* City Council of i:altlm<>r* eontamplata wiling tb* dl?ld. ud *toch of th* Baltimore k Ohio Railroad t < tnjany held by tb* city. Tb* mmntr of *al* contemplated by tb* ordinance, i? by mean* of *?al*d pro. po?al* to pnrrha** on* or mor* ?har*? addr*?**d to tba R?gi?trr. and to b* op*n*d hy him on Friday, tb* 31*t day of May, 1M0. at ten o'clock. la tb* pra**nc* of tb* C<mml?*ion*r? of I'inan** and *iich purchaser* a* may rhoo** to attend Tbc hl;hc*t Mdd*r* are to b* ?uppi I'd flr*t. btit in ca*e two or mor* bid* ar* at tb* *am* price. or tb* offer* b* for more aharc* than ar* now b*ld l>y tha elty. tb*n the di*Mon "hall b* mad* pr* rata among tb* bidder*. Tb* minimum pri?* at whiab the *h?k I* to b* old. per *har*. I* flxod at |U Rtorh KzrJian?. pur *ff*. 1<J lit r<n?b( llarlem RR K*i f<m IMW 4*. I*?7, Jly 1 ll"X I*' 4* *!? wK W? 1* II ', .Ml do 11 * r?\ MOO 4*. llxM 109 4* klJ ? 7?Ohl*?V I-A) nil}, |o0 4* m\ >'?* 4* IIUV .10 t<*a* I?1 aa4 RR K-.l 1.1', 1<?" Illicit B4*. IV ? '? 1? 4* leal 14 4- 41'', l'*> St >ki"gt'? RR, WW UV 14V Paan ft'* 9hV JS 4i I-1* I 4o 9bC im Ant. k Syr *12* ?1 ' |II??| Cri?7 ?. IMP, !>e^ ft**1 Kt*4la* fttt * * 1 "Win do t>9> 99 JII , ? "V~ I <>?.'?!! liT-s' ?? 4*5 M> IUw?rr Hrk P* S?l 4* bAi til I 10 I1<i4 Ritfr KB ?7 If. N r k N II l>4 10 (Ilk It C? 10 I ? ?;? " sg s-n;rT % J&: tsr? t a ' 5Q C It n J?* ?" HO *'4I f> ?ti ?su M il* M ?>V .V) N f ft W" r Rfl me If. V ki.k R? *'C IV < , K*? S I a ?> K? M 2, Eo M ' i* <? KW *> |.M. ? *,? JV, lUiliai RB V3 ?ft ?p? <M >i4? 44 i V/i 4o *|f *? MOONS ?n**r> r n r?. 1*7. \<+\ t ?.. r.r . hr [ <??*? litiii iii f'*?. i"'^ 10 < n)9 I trif 7'?. r?>, +J? J.mn?r*?r?? 4IJ I 2.'*> ah* Mrrh liii A? 101 M) 4* vi) ??? l ill ? a. H i'X ' .0 R-.4IT1I, RK ?*U m?.ni?r?as| {lM JJ& , irmT*' ripirt *#3 13 M0 ?b H" V? > I "rt JRH ?} .W llnrl.m RK *>W IDimKOUflTS Ri:\KWKD KIKRV Dir. "J M --- - '' Mhli'*"-t* ?"?! ? K ??> ? . j?"*uy^r^*r. rr:>.t.^Ti*,,* ,r y; * UMT. Br AD PUBftB LOHT.-tlU KIVA KD.-LOST. US TUBSday merit lag, between Jaraay <1iy >U tba t'atoa Uutal, lliioa Sqain, t bead I'armi u4 BrMekl, if pltla Rold The [; rH aeautlned two mall sold |?lao??, aad a faw ahilliar? Any p<r?n liriiiviac lha ah.,** artlelea tu the daak of the Herald olfiea, *ill rartiri the abom reward, and may retain iba folil pircca. LOST-ON TUB 14TH IV*T, BETWEEN 3M RKOADWaV and Will"Urhby (treat, Hrwklvn, a Parcel containing Dry flood*. a liht r?l reward will ba paid by raturniat (ha lime to Jimi'H Itvrk L Co. ?0 REWARD LOST * Cow COLOR I IOUT RID, wh h a white ?pot in foreiieud, ra'her low in ttoah; 1 ??t fur Hpring, in Innv IVl rvvaif l II i 11J , leaving paid cow at Reed * Trenad?ll> Stable, 74 Mercer at. IPKt?'lAL NUTICRIa Bremen mails-post office, new tor*. U\Y It', 1KVI?Th? mail* per I'. K. atoaio.r U *?iuat;rou, w.l be ui&de np at thia ult ? ob Mond^v, the &>th inat., cloaiuP' at 11 A M. WM. V. HRaDY. Pontuiaiter. To BAUU-TII OfMUTIfl BAKERS UtflON will BNt as Vttirdi) M& ' ! k. IbMm * ehanica'llall, 17U Heater afreet, to complete the elect .on ? f oflkera Ib4 a WaN # tnetMl f-rthu mailing year. Early ettin dunce ??t the tm m'?ira m doiind. r?ra->nN not yet enrolled are reupci tfully iuvitci to do ao a * early an pviaaible. A honae ef call can to had in a desirable locality. if the Vnlon is ready for it. jvun kens ec, President. J a *?s Rnuft it raow, JWretar*. Bruen guards-toe members op this co*. I any an It r S' ' arv ' ?' II >werv, on J^atiirdav evening, May I*, at eight o'clock, for drill. N.B. Every member if cxpecUd to te present. By order of A. h. ri KUV ( apt Ua The army mf.hk xl BOARD ol* examination. ? I i i ( m r,8.q.J. dt( mi, ial J. Simpaon, will eonvne on Wedneaday, May 15th, at N'o. 6 8tat? vtrcet, at 10 o'clock. The aeasion will coatiuue three wceka or upwards. PERSOIVAL. Information wanted, or wili.iam kelly, ten ye*.<? of age, fair completion, groy eyea, totndy hair; giv#n in ehanta to the prison keeper, Cent re street. New York, on the 2Uth May, 1*4*. who promised faithfully to give | the boy, ??n the follovmug dav, iu earn ef a J iUrr g.-ntlt*. | man, residing in tho Mai ? of Now Joraey, and who wa^ to I r>rovid? (agrecaM* to promise) f??r the welfare of the #aid \\ illiaiu Kelly. The father having frequently written to, and not having receive*! any acknowledgment, any per?'j| giving Information which snail lead to the diaeovery of the aaid William Kelly, will bo sincerely thtuk-d. and ever r?-m*'nil?et< d in the prayers of an afflicted parent. Addr*as PETER KKLLV. k Cotup&nv, 7th lufantry. I' *.A., Y >rt Arhurkle, Florida, or, the lie raid Xewapapir Office, New York. Information if anted, of rout ind henry Stewart, of LoiigMrte kland, Ireland, ?rpt?oard to have arrived here in the ahip Liverpool, in March laat. Any information a ill he kindlx r?r?iii il at th?* V u?* of Hr?. S. >'42 lltid*.>n *tre<*t, ??y tli'eir brother, Sam. 3. Stewart. Albany paper* copy. MA l<Ks Ut All i'lU.1. JOIIN KEESE. Al t TIONEER-EI.EtiANT SAI.E OT rich *u<l apleudid I'aris Kurmlture.?Cooley It Keean will * 11 lit* (Saturday) mornine.lMav Hth. at II u clock, at tlio Auction K'MUia, S7l and llr< adway. crner of VV lilte t., chute* and nui<iuc parlor furniture, rou?i*Un{ of pier and toilet ulasae* ; mr.rl le t p and rnah v'tny centra table*; al?<>, a ?"? of elegantly carved rorcwood furniture, of thcitvleof Kronen I. Reuiataneu c-.vered vltk Uytilyy. MBivuiig ft afa, two chair* and eouche*; alio. a In autil ul marble lop centre taMo to match the whole, male t> It we ; together with I wo me)nd< oni of exquiaito ton* and SnUh, uattroace><, laali"*ny ohair*. kc. JOHN KEESE. All TIONEKR -COOI.KY a KEK?f will hold, omtbil(flaliwlijr) morning. *?v hth, at |Q o'clock, at their Auct ion Room*. .177 and S7f l!ro?dway, corner of H'l.it* atreet, an eiicuaie* of Win?a, llraadi"*. I'l.ampaanea, London Porter, fcc ; n lar<? and g-n-ral *?? rtnicut of Wine*. Rraadlea. fcc.,eoiiaiatinr of Ma leiraa. Chstnpagnea, v ai i w? 1 runla. Porter, pule and dark Sherric*. Claret,,Fort, (,in, lie. Th* abut* are ju?t lauded and are of Tti| ."uperlor quality. BY JOHN MAl'KENNA, Al'l'TIONEER, S2l> GRAND *tr*et.?Dry flood* Sale at the Store of Me^ari. Jan)"* ! A. Duffy It f'o., 620 (irand atre?t, corner of Columbia, on TLurtdav, Itfth, and uerr-xieo day. (who retire from bn ii *aa) the entire atock of that **ll known eataMiahra-ut. which ha* been aekc'.cd fr. m th* laleat Importation*, and I will be fold without r*r>ere*, co?:?'iug of Crai?e Shawl*, I plain and embroidered in all color*; Silk Mai.tilla?, of the newcat pattern*; whit* and colored Snit* Mualin Dronera; a great variety of Alpaca*: an rltuaut anort mailt of ChainU **ttea; a ehoie* **lection of ll'>nnet Ribbon*, Can** and l.ntr String, l.inea l.uatrea, Otatfharu*: plain and colored Silk*; Brnrh* and other Shawl*, in randy: Counterpane*, Diaper*, Towelling, Sbeciutc*, Table Cover*, U'Vh Plannela, printed I.awn*. |t*r*?c?, domestic go. la, of all d?(cripticna; Carpeting". *f virion* fabric and pattern. Sal* to commence at 10 o'eloek. linu*ekteper* furnitMag would do well f atlww ;ht? ?*le BVJ. 1IEUF.MAN. AI TIONEER.-TUIS DAV.SATVBday, Mar lsth. at II o'clock. A M., ppeciaely. at th* Sale* Room. No. 1I?I M'aihingtea atr*et?a large and central variety of pood Furniture, 1 *inr the beat part of the entail gne of veatorday, which ra* not aold for waat of tlin*? together with any qnantity cf Purnltur* But on tho catalogue. FOB SALIC AND TO I.K1i ftA rUMI _TO BK SOID 11,011 C**11 OR SATISV")\/v/V/ factory endoraed not?*, or would t-a e?clanged fi r real nUI?, the atock ?nJ flituroa of as old eatabliahed retail llealiry, !*< ? aid Kanry Store. The lo*atioa ia not aeeoad to any in the city. Thoitoek li in eioellent order: haa lean carefully aelei ted aad purchased for ea?h, and ia worth about The owner l? retiring from buaiaeaa. Apply ta WM. MrARTIIl R k CO., 71 William etreet. V AI.IA ii IE AND TOPIXAB ? ORES-JOHN TALUS k Co.. 40 Jut)n atreet, Hew York, and London, am-ng their aumeron.< iii jetrated work*, have la'ely leaned Tallica Ulaatrated Atla?, aad Modern Ilietory of the World, geogr?t hirel. pi.litiral. eommareial m.d MatUtlral. Edited l>y R. M Martin, Beit. Thi* work It well-known to be, *ithn?t iee^ti^B, tbe^ hevpeat, meat aeavratr and nut ipleii Jid tCe '/?! foirtj mjUrier.'whifo the a'lmoat car- haa taea takea to o'ltaia iuc very lateet *"" *'? TljJ iaelade all new boundaries, dla-overir ?, railroad- kf. Tr.S *aar "I the I'nited Statra eihil ire all the IMWU7MVWHMM? toriie. including accurate repreeaatatiraa of t alifomia and Cue gold TMjcu, On every map, beautiful engravinc of the rr 111 | ol! piaeee and remarkable h|hM ia th? w rid are given; and the whole l? er v>mpatued with appropriate ler Lerpreat, descriptive of the varioaa eouatriea, ItfMkil irlU valuable etatlftlce and other infomatioB eono?eted therewith. Each v> rent perl ntain' two, end ea^h 7"> ml part ail eaqnieitele engraved map*, very earef.i'ly em1 ?11 -hed with anitabla aordera of gloeant and appropriate , ?.-?* . Illaitratlve of the man a. re and cHotoma of different e?nntrlee, with doeeriptive letter-preaa; to be eomtdeteA In .13 parte, at 15 eenta, or 11 at 7J ernta. Noa. I to 3* now roadv, aad other valuable worka. CataloKuaa u> be had at the tore. LViR SALE-AM IV RIGHT FTEAU K.N'(JIMK. TWO JT btree power, with toiler, pipee, fcc., e.mplete, In k >ed working order? price fjno. At ply to A. k (1. liRANDO."4, S". 1 Try OB Row. Jnaet 1. ia of t hat ham end t en' re atreet a. dn SAI.E?Two n \m?s uib.t mfomu noa a k-uropr. oae in form of a bureau, the other '|aaro, both f tfca beat workaiaiirh.p and modern tt/le. Caa be Men at 74 Oreeawlch etreet, aercad atory. lv>r SA i.E. OR TO I.ET?A THREE STORV EH AMR * llinae. and two lota of grinad. on S? *ith Ni.r Williamabargh, tea tuinutee walk from I'e'k Slip Errrv; there m a Bre gar- en, with a variety of frail tr*-a, all ia romplcte order. Po?-e?enn given Immediately, and terma ea?y. Enuuiroof W. II >T.\KR, ><7 Uxlnit itwt, Ntw York, or P. L. TAYLOR.97 Pultoa atreet. ltr.?oki>a. DEAKMAN pbopertt AT PRIVATE SALK.-A FEW line Cottage eltra r>a ?he npUnd, ia an n.'elleat aeighbi rhooj, aad vlllace lota, well annate.I for hn>tn*?? t ur poeaa, al til* Dearuiaa Station anil 1'ierinnnt YirtJ [tepot, unaold at tl.a recent lurtloii. Ihalao. * fr-.m the up, tlir?eqnarura i f an I I I t I w. and Mm -aajr. 71 f"* tmt map remain on morti(e/e, or 1*1 |?-r -?nt If pnrebaaera luild immediately. Apply to t'OI.I * < Mil,TON, A??ll<n ' r?. No. 9 Mali (trot. wf.<r? na^ aud circular#, will, full particular#, may \* had. Aram nrrokti mm fokcakitalibta, ipk i lat< re < r ttaauf*rttir?ra ? T' r aale ?r lirbuc. fw Ml* fork. tlro?klyn, or W~lliamah.ir< Impmead property, two talnable l?t? II tha l"?rr part of tMa ri'r, fr^nlinr "n twa iIimIi, which. when built up-in, will pat fcftrea percent on Ik* li(?la?il. J (I BIllilM, 170 Hi fcdway. TO I KT-A I'ART Of A FAR VIM'* MANSION HOUR, ecaalattn* of en rr>n> enimt room#. with fruit prirlIa?ee. *t fordham Waatcheater ennaty, half a mile from tha railrrii't, and ahout t( eame dlatanee from Kln<*hril;e A moat deeirahla rreldinca for a ? nth taau with a amall faiatlr. ai d dolu| hutiaeaa la the eitjr. Apply ta JOHN U. Q ANKIN, 7# Kanti atrwat. To i.it. ?tilt. ini fi tlim r-^torr firk k iioimr, Jt7 Jay Nraa t, i?a# i f tin' ai -ot pleaeant ijhhnrh la llrncllya. Rial. |?J per anania. Apply to Daniel Wrl?ht, XI J' hoe. n >tr?t, Brooklyn. or t? J"Ua C. Coaaar, SP South itml. Rm V rk TO I.IT TBI ?T?>k?: am. Hill -b WITH Till leaea aad fliti. rea f?i eale, af a hoardinc h"u#e. or fit for a wholrealegrocery >.r li-im r atar*. Na. II Wathia?toa a'r-el. near tl.a Rat.erjr. laquire la tlic at or*. Tt~l.I1 \ IiM, Ulkkl. STOK1 lloTsR, Mi W Broadway, three 4o-ra ahoea Stria#. fnraiah?4 la 'ha m<>et modern atyle. The furniture iii he a.'Id or lot with I ha fn?l*> For particular". apply at tha hot.ee, ur af S. D. iiall k Co.. fofh?r tvdae and l'?arl e'e??e?e. q^rTET^N^MTitV^l A s H \ WIAT. OlKTIIl A two-atorr Roaar, at Port Ri<h?oad, wlthl* three mi> antea* aa'k or tha at?an,t.. at landinr; a d#aira>-1a roai>|?aoa f r a amall family. Af | ly to Kavtoa llavaa, at tha I'. *. !t.>ad?d * >r?Uaaa, Bn adwar, ar at kla raaidaara at Nrar Kri?l.l n. I.. I. Rooms t<> im t RMiHIItoil imikm iii> to alarla (rntUakan. with' ot hoard, la a ploaaaat part of flroadaay. or two atnrlr r*atl*m?a < aa t<a a-aomm-datod with a parlor aad two mi'h ?< Ini'tm af lira. l?ki ku .Kl BroaJwa?. | f m- (.? TahoraarU AM*ITI <>I ri KMaiir.n loo*a irn.i. HI I.IT TO on a ar two ??atltra*n la a irt?at? houa* in Morraj atraat, whore tha awmfurta nt a homo raa ha r?altf?d, annalatinf <>f all lit aaauad Hoar, If r?|airad. wti h Ihf aaa of *aa. hath, wator rl<wata, kt, I'ltwt addraao II It:**. I'utl ?#t?, for par' l< nlara. Ho r a t to i l r t mi ri rmtint i MR n r.r. M aatod. aporaaa with $ *?? ta $*'?' -aak, to parahaaa, al a r?dao?4 prua, tha fnraltnra of a hi.uaa aaar Mr- ad war. In Malk?rat?a?t Tli* k< aa? hat all l^iar ltra. wk i par alf ?P"|'? of th< koaaa. f. r partiaJ h-ard, aad map wmmodata taioa that anirbar Addraaa D. M I., liro^lwap l*aa?Offla?. " Dill (MNIIIli, Ar. MAXTli i a* rritmtiosin i'kii k' tilt *1 naorik'ra will af?r fr in thai data, tha aatlra of their at'<rk of Nartt4!a>at a e irsda-ahV r*J leti in from f< r?ar frirae. ?( ? af IM a^or# fare he?n r?"lr?l ty tb<| l%H u*ira?a or maaafaatura4 In ae^ordan-e with tha laat adriroa, and rotnrriaa a atork, f r auantiip, taote, aad al?. Janee, that cannot he e.galled la t(.a kait<d Statea. ToiUa a Idlia Mai.nr.-m, ja*e? nr. ??* ? v.. nHr?i 11?- i nnvfio ! -.. <?r r? i \sr * par. Tr.H. of <i? f'?lli?ri?? ?r? Mll?f Ik* "J#*M *?< tnrmx kaantlfxl at. I...,| at nl?'>1<itlr I > r"r' Tkfif ?l*l ? ?|||||?| J?r,n? I in i?, VaniilW", *< , . l,"L,*r** *< 'f?r* *l>nMtly ??i m>4 la ?k* llWH I lliMl' ,., tm I'f III H I^MI'IIPM IH- roKUliN r^PIM. ii.mtstra-Ei ??<! l.??rt n kit**. 1'ni.fti Bur |-*?o Tim**. I.?4r'* >r?r<|*r?i. Il;>p*t<-h. lull'. I,if,. Wtrkljr Rx .vilh fhll ??"f??)?*l "f | tf?ra frci* U??rp'"'l. R?n?h*??*r, A*., krn*t<l r?r trtmaMit ll|l?rn!? ?i>4 foi kr Wll UKR A KOfiHIiT 4J H*?n M.. Hf. ?JWf. C2iiJ(RDiD vitw of Rom on in m? ?\ witb l~ tl.? llln"ir?>?J U nH. n N??? -( cMnl *T ll|h?r*ia, I r MIII Mf.lt h A'M.r.R.* r?r?*f N?<"?n ?n4 U>.?rtt rrMtf. PaitwrrtrH***r*?*ir?4 t r ??ty N?w*|I|?tu^ r?rl<xll??l pnl li?l>?4 In inr \* nOKT AMI> TRP! *Rir Fit* l-IT OVI.T fO*fAI*A ri?rtin* Arti?l*? hf th# two ?r?-ai??t wrtMr* ) Am*''rrm?? Ptriout" m4 "IHiln, W>'4?? k?tn? AIM ?1ih il'unik * *11 nuMr *f rthwV*. n??'t ff >hr? fit m. a?t ? ? mt ??w?K?y ?r HI" ?* ?? f*l * ? I MM IN "rw A WAirn. WANTED?BY A HEHFErTABLE WIDOW 1.4I>T, A iituutlon M Rou?ek?*p?r is ? louil m)i?uU< Uuuly. Apply >t l)i PlTl?l?n ?tr?et. WANTED?BT A VO?NO MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS ba?in?M tmr&ilv. ? uaatlon la ? whol??l* or retail dry foods or otlmr nor*, tithtr m Clerk or Bookke?p?r, or in ? B?w?p?u?r in which b? bu h*i co? idtrabW ?a|wri?nea. It* Rood )ud*? of Booty. Ctn V'l th* mo#t aa?i*?ptionabU nforeno*. Addr?M J. D. F., llerald ot>??. Wanted?a000v mincb or <;erman rrvti.e Cook Nona n?ad ?i>ly but luch M *D<*k frnu?li. Apply at No. 10 Beach atreet. [ WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESI'RCTABLE vounn woman, a.? Nur*e or Chambermaid; i* a flrairr.t* twlicr Had ironer: ?TH,d city rtfvrcncc (iveu. C*U at 171 Avenue A, eorner of Tenth xtrect. WANTED ? A SITUATION, IIY A KE^IMXTAIIIT. KiikIi?Ii woman, to Cook, Waali and Iron f ir a t'uall prnat* family, or would fo a* luuiidr. ?*. Tin- be*? of *ity reference give*. Apply at Hi E**t Broadway. Can be mi n until united. WANTED-A SITUATION, IN A GENTEEL FAMILY, an Ilouackeeiier. by an American p*r?on at r??pectability, who it capable it? every branch of iiouackeci>iut, aud it ?iflin* to make hertelf ukeful; who ia a good acauMtre**. 1'tkoii* wiahin* to leave the entire charge of a family, will cull at CT Twenty-aeeond street, between the Ninth aud Tenth avenue*. 11'AMtD-A HEALTHY BOT. PIOM <>NK I FAKTO TT on? year and three-quarter* old, who ha* n? parent*, by a fi.mil*> who wiah to adopt it. Apply at hflSheriiTetreet, lark building, IIT ANTF.D-A SITUATION AS WAITER. BY A SOIIER. T? *tea<!y young uian, who unilrratanda hi* buatiicaa perfectly well, and hu* no objection to go ia th? country.

Addreaajohn Rvan. Herald Office. A IJI-IK TABI I. VOUNC. HuHlV HIT1I AKKF.-II In a?t of milk, want* a bahy to \ utm, at liar own i>l*ce. Apply at No. 20 Columbia at., Brooklyn. AritKM II I A liV WISHES \ SlTl \T'(.\ ClIAHluniaui, to traTcl in the interior or in Europe. Uood reference* |iven. Inquire it 449 Broadway. Ani kskhy c.overness situation WANTED? for a highly reapeci able young Oerman laH, who alao peak* Engluh well, and who would make heraclf generally ii?eftil, an veil a* companionable In a tc-pectnbie private fiimil.v. Addre** I.. K. U.,thi* office, or apply to 2o Vandew ate r atreet. or SO Broad atreet. ("1 OVRaNESS.?A LADY, A NATIVE (IF 0EItIIANY. IS 7 d* airoua of obtaining a situation a* (?ovtme>H, in a private family, or ai Companion to a lady. She speak* the Knitliab. French, and Oermrtn language", ami i1 com|ietent to teach the rudiment* of MukIc. (I'iati > aud ^intrin*.) Vo objects n to travel Tho moat unexceptionable city reference* arc cllired, and will bo ie'|uir*d. Addreea, L. 3., Ilcrald Office. MIM KLLANKOIO. J AWES CONNER It SON. TVI'E FOUNDERS, CORNER of Ann and Naa.au atreet*. New York, have on hand every article necc**ury for complete Printing Eatahliahaienta. The mate rial* on which thi* paper arc primed are front the above Foundry. \r.\POR BATHS?A CURE FOR RIIEUMATHM. COLDS, I I <ipti< n? of the skit) iiilioua t nipluiuta. ftcK.J. Carroll'*, to Barclay *treet, (catablialied l>C'i,)aie highly ro i t tv Dli. Bott, iMTItA llNntl, Boyd, Smith, Div n. Uillet, and other eminent phyaician*. V'V TOWN SI1IRT DEPOT .-SHIRTS 1IADK UPON A u?w and unerring principle of meaaurt m?nt, at the Curat/..'! Shirt Depot: .T<l llowerv, opposite Fifth at.. N. Y., UENKY TROl. Proprietor, Gentlemen* own material* at the i-Uorteet notice made. #J"l'leane copy the ad'lr- a. CIA < W Wl TO LOAN ON BOND AND HOIITU AO BW Iv'.v/W in m'mi from $I,!*M to JVHK). _ JOH N Jll. U UITE, 74 Wall ?tivet._ 117" IN DOW SHADES OT EVERY DESCRIPTION, ON " l and, and j'amted to order, whole: ale and retail, at V Pinri, *U, OU Mn'l ? 111 Bfcv n?s. i> L :i 11)1 w'l.l'* Mil* oord, tMwU, ke. T. CO-VOTER. AI'BR HANGINGS, WHOLESALE AN!) H ETA 11., TlsoninK I'nyl* ami Company, 43d IVarl itrnt, near Madiaor, Iirp.rt?r? ?nd Manufar'un r*?Sol? A<*ntl for the (.'uited Statm ?t mmir of tlie brat I'rr neh faetori??, <"*11 tin attentiun of the public to th< ir fif !?n>li<i (lock of luterlor IVorttioEi formalin and erilinir?. Tl.ay ?r? confttantly re' i?lng dm ct from all the |<rtnoi|??1 fact.rieft >?f franca an 1 (leriuujr, tl,? latent atylr* and ) *ticrii? <>f I'uper IHiroraticua, ?ucli ftk ?lVrora Matin et Dorr, l?niuiv. Valoute, Dure Muro iuiui-, Glftcc, t'h?-ni? V?rm?, I'lafonda, Lambria, rajHRfi, Colon*, &< ., kf. They bato al?n nil atyiea of l'*l i r 11 iftiiK i up;* rolltrud from tin- l?-?t A -.nerioan factoriea, nhi. lith'} . ft. rfat manufacturer*' prices. Tbc moat akilfill nd artiatlc workmen art eucagi d. Bavarian beeii?iirewed in i'iiii.aoei.i'iiia. and i f mo?t ?up*'rtor quality. It la retailed at No. XM Hrcal?ay, under the llotel dul'aria. and fx rtoas wishing fcrtl.ia wholesome beT?r?Re arc melted to rati. \I*"<1|. TWIST, N All s. m \VILLA, BISAL AMD lIElll' " l onlay, Mune, Sail. W rapping, a?d Manufacturing Twine; Sbo?Thread in aterv variety; (Tilling Thr. ??l, ke. He., f. r?*h-_by ( f'HRA k <TM1NU. l"i I'aatl at. UAROAINS IN W AT<J1E!! - TOR SAI.I CUEAI?. 1 u Gold I..it?r ITcntiag TuA; 1 ftvM trrtT Cbr?aumeitr Palme,; 1 plain <>u!d l.*Ttr; J Id Anchors, of 6r?t quality, and worthy th* atttntion of pncha?* re, as tlier Will b? soli ?*ry low. Tanh advan<v? ca m^chandi** and personal pro periy cf all kir.da. J. Y J< >N K-*. Ann atreet. SJ fl >or. Jr. i.m urrgkk worLD most rr.spectriru.r laform the public, and hie frirnda particularly, that he h? ramortd fron 71 U alt atr?et to ?>? llradway. where he kr?|w a full aaeortmeat of Watchea.Jtnalry, Silver and I'lated H im, ?td Fancy Gooda, t\i> fully eelec|e,| aa itgardi quality andat>I?. it very moderate prirea, and flutli ra himself ?o be abla to give entire aeti?fai".i?n to all thoae who may favor Llm with a call. K. W'aichee aad Jewelry carefully r?puircd and warranted. CORNELIAN RISOS.-Hi MiZBN. FOR SAl.E I1T VICTOR BISHOP. C Muidcu lana. ?p atairi. Dacierreotype plates.-lewis l. bishops I'Utat, acknowledged anterior to all othere. f?r ??le by Viriftu l^uni' a Maidra laaa. W' MMLR llAl*.?THE NEW BAT COMPANY WOI'LO 1 C rrawtfullj lavitetlie f?nileu.-n who ecntempUte furI o>an us tL> itia. Uf. wltli a uainar llat. to rail and tiiiniaa 1 thair b' v rtDu nt of draV B*??er?. feting eontiatnt mat they I will Cad ta ttrm all that will c.'aetilute a light. airy, and 1 tart) artirlf. atw>e;hinff far aup* ri'.r ta any ih ? hare trer yet pfducad, both aa r.-tfurda quality, etyle, and triin'mnra. I T1 ej ere aware that th? Impraaairm haa lean fast un the pil.ti. mini*, tbat it ia lmp>?IHe to manufacture a h .t*er flat f. r Yhree Dollara, and that what they a>>aert la net the fart; hut ther beg leara to differ I* tha tvitraty, for they kaow what trey manufacture, aad a Let the* toll, end tan l>r<>vawhat they la?f e??rrted, Tit that thay ar- what a< m. haia aaan fit la ityle Korkt Vminlila Silver* Buarer, wltlioat ailiture. THE NEW HAT COMPANV. No. 1M Naaaau etreet, near Sprvea atraat. New York. Not a troibi.e, hi t a m tv - we Horn to iir the ft rat duty, aa wall aa the I'Cat policy of a tredvaman. to aaliafy hia ruetrmere. aad aa can any. nnhe<iiatia(ly. that raina ur time a| arcd In Rirlng ea? ry purchaser a perr..-1 fit, aa wall aa a enperb and rkaap pair of boote, (aitan or la. > ihtM, at JONES'S, 14 Ana atraat. VtMI.lt 1IIINS "St < W. M I'EKIoR V AN 11.1. i Ikana, la atcra. and foraale >? TII"M I. M U U H I ~C Willia n at. (COTTON WASTI?TWENTY TONS CLEAN CUPP J * aata, for aalc by IIANRA V nrtlir m Paltna alr??t. ruimni lira ntrttxrE avi. pamtokt \ ' Afcncy. at r. Wllin:-'?! I Wall I To ? i.i h awmmvn rrciiveo, \n iwvotca af I'laylnit Carda, manufactured in tba Crakata atjla, auparl> r io any carda mannf*ctnt<d. f r <?l? >y jno. J. LEVY, 7.1 Wall atr?at, vaa i r abaaa Paarl. I^ABI IN H AI KINi;, iMI ( OtHORl in TUI PIET. J T .? 1'annua ( ariuro llouta and thux. for icn lar feat, ara n?w offered to the Ami rlcan pu'llc. Thay rt'inMa llw tlneet leather, and reeaiae a brilliant f hah, and narrr draw lha faat. In tha wartnaat waatlirr. and w II not ?et hard, or crack. One trial will pr >?e th. ir au|.-, nt/ o?er laathar. R. GEO. Mall. ?l l<r vdway. 111! in rtftflWOTTl ES. ANOOVEU lltVEBEEN jlA/VjUW aold. .,f Pr. I?> Witt < E-llmrer'a l.imai'ut, or Mmio fluid, without r inplalnt. It la tha onlr article now aold that raally will Mrw tha hair. Mr. I'hna i ! 'V ,1 I,m(h' nrrei !,. i i i' I '' r. 1 ' i> . hia hair will aatoniah aay one. Mr. Sta| hen K inland and niaca. of >2 Mercer at reel, a wnd-rf'il ?r?wth. Me. T. W. Marker. ?> Nf) >u tal a*r?et. had a> hair l.rl ? yara. Col. O. r. DaatUwo and daughter. Mr Jawea Ka-hfyrd. Mrl.. IV rraaatd lo aatoaialinioat U'r nn pr.rr that it haa Krtu?)it tha katr la aft. r hattuc )**a kal<i f r tMr'r y?ar? *.IJ id T?rjr lar** kottlaa. at Tv Pearl. tN and ?T*. at ? H a d?i*a. h*r* th* l>?aicr r?a l> "it *'! " iiI'kI Jail/. N. 8 ? l.ar?a dtdurtioaa tnvU to tka trad* ?taarallf. It K III 11! I.M< III - ' I.*K<:E ?WRD|S|| J ? . Ju?t r*r?ired l >i ?l>l I ? J r a, J. f. CLtl'. No. 7 Joha rtwl WINE!". IIR.tMilf. ASO A OA I.I.IV'IHI 8 Iafmrt?r? of |i H'inca md U^iton, r? f*r?r>illf aolir t tr.a trad* f'.r a I* r . M- ' ?, I' -ll" 'I taaat lad to aall ainat, if l?tt?r t'.an aldar aa'akliatad bouM* la tka clt? A DAI.LIMORK k t'O.. Wholaaafr tad ratail IJ^aor M-rahanta, Ml lloa>t'>a for. MnlWrrf. An at r or jr*ri( it w i u \ vr. rmtn it. im? tt ii < aly aa lit of Japtlta t ' ?t ky It a lir?a family a a> k iray ba aaaily <l?at * *! r> > T> n.rar d. ? not <-"?t aioro thaa Ira Mm*. No rv?>kia? at th* ta'? a?raaaarj, la l it da?a aot lajura tka latin". k*t a?ak?a tlitm laantirallt a>ln?a Rat M U. lf.-\n. Ookka I'rrrr. S T.: Ra? Or Mat H.TiIrr Hui'. Va Bar. I>r. Rirbi atri'k. Klnat.**, N J ; Rar. a. 0 Pallork. Warrmtoa. Va.: H??. Dr. Olipbant, Nr? Orlraaa u , Hrr. B K J ihMaa. Naff Carlt?l?, OM?,; Ra?. J. II Titrliar. B?m??' l'?. V V . R't. Or. f.tllta. W a?hl?(toa. N. V H?f?r, al??, I" tka adtt<?r? of tka N'? York Rvaaaaliat, Vaan-rial, i hrittita lnull>a*n??r, ll.m* Jonraal, aad many m rr. Okaaraa Una oanti?a-tM r?al Taalvatraa |aa>|>llrt la .alt l? k* al-taiaad fr*m m?. aad tk'aa alia aaat ?n*i a m? a ?? ir ib'r at; b? Us lata. II. TW ?:i VCTRCE. Room Kl. N.>. *?"ll iiraal, N. T. Lyon b maonkto rut* hi. h ami mu.If a'?r aan?r?d h? aui? r 9 \ IkdkaM vr ?o?kar a<k??, T"i'!l Had ikii r?a kIji a rhark A|tlail thar f nd aprr-a-l.". If nrntha akoald (ath't in j->ar rlothafc Aad a poll ff,%t 'bn"-l firm't'A, Ooa't aitt it Kf, t in k?r * Aa*k Of Iflflti for tk? ' larantt." If taaaria ahonld y or plaaia danrif, Aad tk* II.* crittla 1?'r 9k .?ld dr-> |. and ail ! r I j tia.r tOtcN. JtM try ita iaa?i? povar. For r??? aad mi" k? haa a r .1. M?at |-t?a? ll tt? mt". Ph? ald thrr aa.v>?. ja?' al?* i?*? 'Twtl! aaat f-n !>?' a fra?M^?. tVAXrtl. Lt<?N, ?n Br I'-ar l? 'aka laaaatftf aad rr' fft?Hr ?f th*a?U>ra ?d ?^<i-r(a , ?|,ra. aria Pill far'ha laataa'ana .aa d??tra'll ? ?f rita and ?!< , a**l*laa a-htih ha?a rwtmd lha t wk kf>',u?al <-f tka n-at a^|?on? pk) atrtaaa la tha alt?, rt|(ri'ia^ ih? ?r-t pram I a a t iha Aatarlraa Uantr ., Mkt.ia-A B k P. * < . I ll r?l ? ? >??!; Mt? >tvr?. >V. r?liaa atraaA. Mr-klya OK CIlARI.ft* RI'NDR'S WATRR CI'RB tL ? T * Bl. I? II M R W T, d uek dk r "t '; "'t""r.*' **5? RnuUa' Wttrrf'nr* E?taHia?>a.?at, It R?n?"B*llla. lira aai a half tiilx fr >M th. McrthaiatV>a * tr?*4 ?.?*? hoara rid? fr*? Now ; nrV. '?it (to from U at* a. aa4 *? fr-m Alfcaav, ??aa*a< la eaa a# tha r'< a?a?U?? tall'nof ' ? Ra?laa4. nrm?l?l with (rr*?? htlla aM tha4a **U>. ?n4 akaa4aatlr wi<h tha pnrwt ,? ? > ) jMwl craatta tatn. Tka air ?ara aa<l haaithf. an4 ?ha llmala talld aa4 acr*a?M* Th' a?? aa4 pa?tna* t-aiHa?? tmr all tha ai'naarr **a??r for rti,-a ptrp na, ?aak u larr* planra hatha. 4???haa. *a4 atrf l*4?ii? m->m? w* aho?t ifii MikaM.??par?i" r?ralii>ar -*i. k?. Tl>a 4art..r Mm lha a<? llrlaa. of rr(??aalt*. at Orarfaa' " *. >H ha via* aa tfrUart ?< m'ta ?haa tflaaa yaari <4 Ma kt* ?nuaaa ?a ?*?r aata **la? la llM ka*4a af arart I?r?iw?a ktinfaUi. k?i>M ?a rala aaa raaaanahta tr--<?U'an ff-m tka tira ?a4a -a U>a Mr* * thnaa r*?T-"n$ aaa mmj awUa 'ViawWw ia Ma. Pta aa?aMHh?*?? la %rm ???*. I ? r*r,b?i rouvriaat Mm *mU h * * *? Htwt AJ?m*MiC!rr?. DOWIRY THEATRE?SATURDAY EVRWINO, MAT I* lll1 r?p??i?d ih? irately ?f IO\?Adnwto#, Mr. V .. r,; " "r*- HtaWi, l?t? Mr? Hliav; t'^tuudur, Mr. J. Uu?;: Pru?ioa, Mr. II. Jordan; CMniphon. Mr. Warren; / I* .?r' 27'p*1 Mr. H?vm?ur; lrn?. Mini S. Dram; *niiytn; A^ra. Urt. Rmadiay. To aoncludn ?iia <<t?<iiiuitiy or iit? LITTLE DE Y 1L-Carlo, durnam?l the Little Ikvii, IIinn S. H -alii; Don Raphael, Mr U?t?r; I Frnlinund. Mr. P?r?; Oil V?r*tf, Mr Gilbert: iHaUlla. Mr*. I J?rd?n, f*Mil?<a, Minn K l>*nin. D??ort will open at 7; the curtain will riM at 7* nVI,*k. Dr?ta Clfcie. A c?uU; Second Tier. 25 ernt*; Pit. cnt?. National theatre, cuatham strbkt.-'atcr*Jf Vf'li?* proacntad. the drtiun of the H KVOLlT1WN ? Farmer Brailev. Mr. T'ltoa; EJwarl franklin. Nr. Crock.'; Mew.,, t?m!? Jrnkina, Mr. C. Burke; Jim Bprouta, Mr. Joffera-.n; I'ruay Uri?l?y, Hr'. llnrk". The entertainment. will comnteaie with the drama of SWKkHlEARTS AND WIVES-Billy l*?kaJ?y, Mr. C. Ilurkr; ( harle? Franklin. Mr. Crocker; Laura Mix Lockrer; Mr? Itell, Mra. Nmay. The whola to e ,m luda with the farea of NY NEIUIIBOK'8 WIFE-Mr s. ,n. r'on. Mr. Oreoker; Mr. Brown, Mr. Jefferaon; Mra. Snraerton, Mitt Lu kyer; Mr*. Hr. *n. Mm II u. \ l> ' ! ?< j '< rp 11 EAT RE, ASTOR PLACE.-LESSKK AND MANAX ger, Nr. Chae. Baea.?Buittt ol Mi?? Charlotte t'uiihman.?J<atnid?T evening. Nay IHth. the p?rf .rraHii"e will commence wiih the play of lil'Y MANMIRlSi;?C..I .ml Mannering, Mr. C. K. Mann; Doiaiai* Satn;>?.|i, Mr. c. l>?nili? Dinmont, Mr. Couldork; Uirk llvttru rk, Mr Addam*: K'l Memliea, Uiaa C. Ctiahman; Julia Mitnneri n;. Mi-n Weal on. To oonclo Je with the foiaodintta of FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY?Km* Churle? 11, Mm. C. Addama: Riij Oomei, Mr. Neafle; Ducheaa. Uri. Mi I ran. Doora open at 7: to eomrnanoa at 7'* v'olock. Naiaa and Parquet. Ma.< Amphitheatre,2ft#. CHRISTY'S NINSTBE1 8.?N ECU AN ICS' HALL, NO ?71 Broadway, between Orand and Broome itroeta? Friday, May 17til, aud etery Mil uuiil further notice.? Tha original and well-known Chriit y'a Ethiopian Opera Troupe, tha flrat eatahliuliad aud aid igMtfaaa band la tha world, comprising a company of twelve iwrformore, under tha direotiun of E. P. Christy. They will liara tha honor of giving Wi'iir original and inimilalle enlertaiMuenta every night nntil further notion AdiniMion 22 r?n*?. Dwora open at 7i Concert will commence at H o'clock. An aiteruoea Concert on Saturday*, commeneinc at .Yn'alnck. 1*. M. Barnwm's Chinese museum. ,vj broadway. betweeu Spring and Prim e atreet*. ? I'. T. Ilarnum, Proprietor and Manager He-enf agement for a rthort time long-tr commenting Monday. May l.'i, of the t*hiiiM?n l,aly and uite, nho purpoNe viaitintf the principal oitir* of the Cni n previovi to their departure tor Kur?p?'. In a ddition to tha Chinu?o Kntnily, til in number, in^lud^nj; t!?? lady with f**ft L"m incln ??loo(, iha < hiaaa* .. II*? -ion t a* -tii bi million i'hu.cMo oiriotitien. Vo?*al ?'?1 inmrumuntal m?i ic dorm/ the dav aud erciiin*. Open fr m^A.M. till 10 1*. M. A'lmitftion. i"? rent*: ohiMrrn hnlf prioo. R ABM Ms LANCA8HIE1 BILL M If GSM. AT Till hand of performers will i|t|<r>r every evenin? this wc.-k, eommencnm at M o'clock, and i n Walnesday mid Saturday afternoons, at 'I o'clock. They will give a lories of entertainment* in th. ir novel performances, which far oi?el anything of the kind ever witnessed by uu American audience. Their mtisio beiu* produced by th# u?e of twontyCve bell* at onu time, vu., Ave to each man, produces an effect at onee astonishing and enchant in*. TImy execute a ereat variety of popular Marches, Wnlttex, Ouadrilles, Polkas, National Air*. Ethiopian M> 1 di--?. and **Teet Pi" cs from the most celebrated opera*, with a harmony an 1 delieacy of tnna whu h create the greatest delight. In conjunction with the llell Ringer*. w ill appear those two talmt*d voealiste, Mis* Leslie and l!r. II?rnwn, the former in a variety of popular *ongs, and tha latter in several ooinie melodies and improvisatory effusion*. Admission 29 oen.s; hildren ardor I", halt price. CARD.?PARK MAN AND W EBSTE R?W 11.1. It K Exhibited on Thumdav, May 16th, at Stoppani'* Hall, No. XW llroadway, corner of Walxcr ftreet, two ^tatuetto*, executed, with extreme fidelity, by an artist of eelehrity in ?omp??iti?n ; colored, and the sii* of lito; being perfect portraitures. in faco and li*,ure; clothed, by adines ,nr?m?nt from their wardrobe*, and presenting fac-simil** of their PMMM, te outward IfHim W l'r Nl VlMw, IW uudrr sentence of death, for murder, in Boston ; and of hi! victim. Dr. Parkman. Persons prevented by distance from beholding Professor Webster, can here gratify tli?ir enrloiity. A daguerreotype likeness of the witness, Littlctleld, may ?l*o be seen at the Exhibition Room. BIH'aI.o lirsF.i M Wil l. Bl OPI.1ID IAUT in June.? Ladies and Gentlemen of aekn wie lded talent, denroii* of an 'iiga?"iiient, will apply (if l.y leit>r, postpaid) t? John Weaver. Es p, North American Hotel, corner of Bowery and Bayard street. Now V' rk. ALBEIT CASS. Proprietor. I,"* H AN M.I N Ml'vl'l M. 17:. 1 II Mil \M Syl IRE. 1 WO pcrfoi uiances every day?in the alien on at 3, and in the evening at ha1f-pa?t 7. F.xtrai rdinary attraction* fortius week. T!>* "Model Artists" will apr? ar in some new and original living pictures, luelndinr l'n*?r'? Greek Slave," "Adam and Eve," "ThmU Rising nw tl.a sea," personated by some of the beat formed women in :! w rid, toeetk*! wuh the "female Minstrels," "Female Arab Uirl?," "Female Jugglers," hurlesqnc, eomic and faney dance*, with n variety of original entertainment*, to be found at no other place of anm*eni~nt in New York. Prices of adinlnion? Star* *e*U, rv .; boxes, 2.v.; parqnette, IStae.; private boxes, S-Tiie beauties or the vorvo world are nightly developed in n series cf Panoramic View* of *nrpn**isg beauty at the Assembly Rooms, Chambers street, witn tvrrv Mc' hanical sad l*iet, rial h, lo tbat Art aii.1 in#?iioity <anfuraiali. Admittance V> <eut?, every tveain*. includingSunday. A literal allowance to School*. iPORTlMCU ~ ~ CEN'TRXVll.LE COURSE.?TROTTINfi.?A ITRSX OF $2511 will l.o fivea, free for all horaea, mile head, ban three In 11* e, la harneaa; to K?t < S May XlU: entries to eloae on Satnrday even nn, May l*th, I t 9 o'eloefc, 1'. M_, at Greene t Maiden'*. Fifty 4?llar? to the a^'ond I flit. Two t" Mart to make a ran*. JOKLI'ONIUM,l*r pviator. f^XNTRXVILI.X COCRSE, LONO INLAND?TROTTI NO. Vy ? M- nday, May 3'th, at 3 o'elcek, l\ M., proeiacly, par** k&O. three Mil* heat*, in harneia. D. Hryant enter* jr. m. Lady Suffolk; J. < aee enters b. to Lady Moacow; J. H'li- lplcy entere eh.r. Tru?ter; S. MoLan*liUm cn'.erich Conftdeao*. Me??i?. llneted k Kendall'* I1ut of 6*nnlhu?*e will leave Talli n firry, lirioklyn, every half h. ur, from 12 M. natll 1 r. M . rwlurniux an soon a* tho aport le "ear. Far* each way, ii teat*. _ JOEL OONKLIN, rmfrietor. TTN10N COURSE. L. l.-TROTTINO.?MONDAV. M \Y ' * ' ?., M l?| .'.l?.fc, IV M. I'uie* osd (take H Bit* UtaU. I eat throt1 in five, usdvr the laildl*. Corrpe Spiccr natnaa b. *. I'et. J. Woodruff natue* b. > ?^u?ker. t> I'.htuaai b. K. H'lll'atn Poole. Sat.e Day?rura* and Btako ??<>), mil* heat*, b**t tUi-M la fir*, in liaia??*. tie..r?r S|<io*r name* br. r A rah. J. M oodrufl name* b. *. Dntehinan. 1'. JtLna n nauir* b. k Joliaaon'e Colt. KPICKR k McMANN, Proprietor oakdwo, 4c. |>0ARD1N(. roTRAVEI.I.IM; PARTIES. ISI) Tit t V XJ (lent eity vieitnre?Oent*?l ao*,.ma>od*l iont n m l*fH* Mwi, M No. MA Broadway, ant door to St. ctiarl**. IJOAKD-IN TI1X NKM'LV ItkMSHKH HO|?R, 3 MJ Hi. Mark* plaee. EnelNnt arromoiodatioBe for fanille* without mall ebildreu. Private mealo If r'luirel. lia.li la th* b"uae. Th* **?oad Ivor Would aaawt r for a family of ia or mvob. Board in tiie corxrxr? within two hocks i f eoaiuiunieatioB with tl.ia r|tjr. ie wan tad for a family; tonale'ln* of a rent I'm an and hi* wife, live elulilren. (fi m S to 17 y*?r? of a?e,) and two aervant*. fr< m the innldlo of July to aboo. the Iftth of S<nt<mlxr. Addr ?, with lennt, kr.. A. M. ( i n> klin, 77 k aat lir?a t?ay, New 1'ork. HOAIMXO TWO uKNTLXaXN \m> TBIIB wive*, or two or thr** atrfl* rentlemen, 'in k* areorriincdaleii with plea>ant fuiaialiid rontae and Vo^rd. ia a Mnall priva'* faanly. Refereni ee required. Af pl) at No. f. Uraad ltreet. Hoarp-to I.F.t. witn hoard. one SI i r 0* family reoBie. furaiah'd with t'r^toB water and < ln?M< Aleo artoo.iui dati. a lor am|l* (< uilimea, at 77 Murray treet. Hoard-two oh three hf.nti.fmkn mav hi. anlt.d with ?ery pi. a ant anl ?niafortaMn r*niu>, w.'li partial board, in a mwl lauiily, Bi ar llr a-Iway. In pur* at U alkar atreet. iloarimin staten iki.and w 4nte l?- a si i.k (- in. 11,111 wan I.' ir'I ink j rl? u. r?n i.y . ?i?.n l*l*i,4. m thr tl.'.iilty ?1 Twn|kia>>ill* ?r SlapUtoa. Al4ft J. A. R.. M tb la nWw. I HOAKN WANTED BV A i.f Ml E*A S-A WIf.l, f" I It ai-hr I r'pcm. with full I ar I. ?n4 U" talk WIB, In r??|?ri?l ln l-??r4in( huura ?r |>rl r a t fan.lly, Miluaii' n arar lh? HaM*ry. A<l>lr??? A . i' i 1 *71 Matia* I'll#'. Board.-a rmaix private PANii.r. ?*ri\o mora r- m tliaa tli?j n ialr*. woal4 ar<uaiin ?l*i? ia? r thrra alaitl* r?nf Irnirn with I riiaJ ar I. ar * ??at!a-a?n arl wlfr. Bltli r m larr* ro m wllk pan In- #. it l'?> .*>nm lr?l. XV llr. a.t a a y. |>OARI>IMi * l.tRMAN' ri I .K < I" *I'M<\ O a k n I , I a ?M ft - ?? Uk*h?r* In th* ?llr. ! >,? Iar4lna t*nt?~l frtiail/u{. t vii, wh*r* ha rniltf fit* In.trn'iin la uu<i'- ? tar. \ 1<lr?-? A IS. . I aioa Miiirt It! la* a IM af bi'.r* fa I'll" A4?r< *! >* . IMMM DOWN i x\\ s ( IMII'IIV AND THEIR l> ? ?? , an4 ?la?l- ftallprora, 'in now ol :*la r<" Bi*. with (anlatl t"?H. at V 44 liar la* ?trial. lUf r. ar?friT?> inl A Iril rat*C kaaulad apply aa aRa ia. nOARIUSO * QCNTLMAM ami HIS wnr OR t a n aliid* t*ntl?man. *a? h* I run. ,'?<r4 with p!*a aat r?.>a>- In an air; and |l?a?at |. ratlna *a llr > .il<n IMchta. aM Otra* lalaat** Balk frntn I'nlira l'??ry A Ml" I l<ar<Wn naly takaa. Apply at Jln.t Will** atr?*t. Hoar i>-f i n. ?>k parti it. mniin, ai.um I *? W I'arlor and Pantry. aafaralal.a l. a th*fr-i II. r. alaa. a faralati* I r?"in f r > a* ?r ta ' rmtUaaa, II Ni. M Trnnklta atrtak, a trm 4?. r? aaat <>f Hr?a4aay. l/t'RT KA Nil.TON -A t.lNTIHMW A N l> Wllf. <>* " ?hr*a nr f"ar ?tatla *?tta. ran ! * a*?*>nrna4'>,?4 m th t. ar t (If apt>li*4 l?r an- a. | at that traly 4*1(hi'ul | la-* >? tli? ma.a r?*4. aa4 a itf.in lhr*a miaataa a alk .f u.r Iaa4iaf. An ly *r* ?arB*y, ft R'bili niwl V V. c ixjtiii\o. ONE M'lT or t i.OTHt*. ?>R A TIIOl ?\Nn. at mo. < < Nt*<ia airaat ar4 *>r**t, rata*r ?f J. ha la4 Na*aaa atr**ta. Stw Virk. O. I' t J It * ilklaann maa-lfi<tar*va aa4 4?al"r? la ??ll ma4a t l lMrf k"U-al? aa4 rata l. f>a* frlr*. aa4 thai a I..a oaf, f?r 'aah. R hilraal* foaaia a I Malta. t < *'T - r i i i < 11. I v he- ' \y (,aatl'<nan . r ladlaa ha* la- ??- ri a* afl~*t? tn 4 ?. aa *1. a ill aMala th* (iWkm ] rlrt 11 i.4lf? f..r Ik* aal>*rr1t ?r A J>??. tl.f. iifti Ui? |>wtl sfffo, < r ?ib<raiM. will m~tauk p?'?i-tkittaiiun. ii. i.r.vtrr, Hi. I Willi f'r??f ??f Nni4w>f. (?A*T Oir < I.OTIIINO IK II ri KMTlltr -I U?II1 J aa4 ??atl?a I raa Main f?ir f>ri< l.r mini ?l?ih? l?x? J if I rat fv* tk* ?at?' '!> ? , tl r nrN !? p-??i ?r .?* r*11 * I at lh*ir f ilti.-a U4iM altMM t| Mr* /. I.r.\r..VTV.\. Br ? h?ay, ap ?ltlr?. MUIURII. NEW rn*K TATTMMM.'.- tit* ?t H?< RIH'.K !.*? rr?|<*'''falli to la?Ha iha ail?Nt?. i f r alUana l?i"-ir? ?l, ?r it.r*ha?ir? ll'ffft, l *?* llafa*" to ih? iminic (> iliiir* ) ? tal l ?>iM?ai **' rl Aaftioa *al?? ?t?t. ? *i)?y. at IT o ? *. I??rjr M* kit lai ?? i??il f'f iritalf *?t? an A nn ?'.~r ?.!<? ? KIM IRI'rprtft' II* llr ?a ! ? . L'OH FAIR * ?i. n<>R>r, '? IIIVIW HI.10. r III I-' I- I a*4 a?-t|A?, I >* aaA d I" Wmm. ?k4 Rk^rT lit* ti* la (Nit* at til K*ONH !?? ?!*. I lib draat, Arfl J?.raf?t af Cai'aml? flaw# I*?m nAi.r-A no fi'? 'r, r , iiwih ni?m, <?? r (rant Mjla ?a<l a*?"v ??ltakl? f. r a |.Sr?i?iti ra family k-??*. aarraat** * i*4 aai HaA, nitfiatMl; i mi la la .'S wiaa???. * > ?? aMi ?! .at ??*r "H Wla*1! lliaKcli. M rnil fr*ial??. aa4 i? t<i k*?-*a?a ?.|! f..f qa?4 Md <lf>Mlk. k* rrtl I -4, >.t< t2T" lar .r?"l MMd MWAV. X II r'h.ir ?. la Ik* H<i*#k*r *'i.>i> |?n* *11. A WHMI, W VM>* A*h HtRMU.. JT 7ka k?.r?a la r~aa?. nit?i| ml ktaA, a *-*v| ItifMif, ?4 ?a? *f 11, a f?nH?*?'i h'?. . ,a i|.? aity : ika nil l?a??r'?a?a aM lafil In at4? r 11 ?v ?l Ik* i-?% ?aH?ra t*a ka ?** ai rvta?air? ' taa, la Uraaa iiraa'., k??atia rca* ?.i4 f?raa< ??r??t? it MvUlitOK, ^ ff.UMar.rt* A M I I m MBTt. Beoadwat rauru. -i a. mak*uaiu*~soijb Umh.-S?tnrua> a-- .?.?. 1>> 18. will k i ?tfww4 Iho <r*ii?4y of VIRGINIA, or tli# Robu Mairi Mr. r>yo(t, A(f>lu? Ctandina. Mr. rraUnelu ?'!?ni.n*. Mr. Uam?; t'ubiua, Mr Tb<>m|Moo: Virginia, Hint ftaxnpart. To concluda with lh? nr. '?H?t ?r tha MAIilC Pl.lTTC -Um. ft Irak. Ci?o??, Labia, Si*. N art, Pu^uUt, Maaaiour Btollrn: i>r. p?n,d..|f. Vr llrraat Mayor. Mr. MmJmw* I.U'rriia. Mica Carman Fairjr N'irgiaaa, Mia* Ollria. Dmm fircl* and Parquat. Ml '?ailly aad Third nralw, 2S cmta: Ga?l?r% UH ?mt.? Own apaa a* 7A4j to avaDirata at 75? o'clm-k NIBI.0 8.-~S* ri'Kl'Al KVICMNO. MAY Hi* TUB PBMforuiuiice will coibiiiobi e *i h Hrouffhftn'i nan BMtcil pi??e. railed IIOME?if rt lii. I wur .ny, Sr. Ni#kiw???i Du DufT, Mr. Hn.uirh?in; r tihojua, Mr. Aonnaoiftt HurtiB IIa 111 i , Mr Hor? n Mrs. Bnlwnrihj, Mrn. ??rn>:: iVrcy I>uft" Mr*. IJr?tif >iun?. B?naflen, Him Mnryr Ta>lor; Titan in, Mr*. Cvno?er, Z?ph;ri, Mui BmI? J lUrr, Mr- fcvcrard T < ol il? ?| li lie \> y il?r burled* of DKI.I' ATE CHnl'N I) ?ritwiMi S.ngfrma, Mr. \Vnl?oU Alplumo, Mr Mi klu.o.,; Paultnr Mix Mary Taylor. ioa i? all part. of the huuM.w nau. Doori t>|wa ?t k*tfpa.t 7; to contumw ai ? t* * i nl KTON S Til. A IKE. < IIaMI.EKS STttnCT.?SATTfB^ itay . Itn I1? May If will I,. |.|ay?4 lb* M>W?dy .f tb? yl t fcS'8 111 S1IA - I>-It '.I. \lr. Clark*; l> Lopva i Aviln, Mr. II' Itnan: l?ou |? o d?-*r?mp'ino, Mr. Johnntun; Donna Fmn? ??e?, Mr? K???ell; D nim lllaa* he d? Tavern, M>>> J. Hill. After whu h, MV-IKKIOI.'S KNOl'lL INOM? A k?tr Mudpeoit F.a?i.. t'r J.h .*. ..n, llarry Uoikxlny, Mr* Jordan: Dr. Outbla I. D?e Mr. Andrew*; P IJIarnav?im# Mr lit!innn K.i'r Uudgeon, Ui?N rhaptnan: FUlly I leild. Mi?? J. IVII. Too .rtl id* with SKF.I Ni? THB BLBI'M ANT? Judge foreran. Mr Hat?iH'>a; Titn W 144111a, M*. J??i <iau; Mum i-.li/a lortoran, Mi?? Harbor. ___ OLYMPIC.?PIEKCB a- MIMM'I-HKI^-TIIB ORIOIKA) Pi<ta|ny, late ut rtiruiy'e Miui.tre'a, 444 liraadway, b*i'Ae?.n Howard aod liraud evening daring th# wvfV.-Uhor> oNa at 7 t'oaoart air a'olock. Til aotellian inliodutcd iiy R. u. pturue iu hi? eiyla of Ethiopian parformaitw , and which h%*e haaa raoaivad each nighl with tlM lawHt decided marksof a( i'ro*at ion by orowded audlanenn, bar- atau>|?ed them m keiu* ?h? ne plus ultra" of Blfr# entertainment*. AfUrn.. |>?rf maaooi on tV*dnea4nye ant Saturday*. bonrn ?t U. ...... rt at 3 n'eloek. Admin ion 2.1 cant? OrrU..^ ...? *. iVratr hojtciSS. JAMS M.JIN* * I Liu. AN AND RCROriAN Amphitheatre, with i'.r ?mriy ^lebravod froa** tr?npa# including M'lk* Loui*. I'.orntair*. K ?allue and Jeanettn, and .Mr^-irum B?noit. T"uri.i^Mr, kc. aui a k. nt af othor taloutad artitftn. amonu ahum are W iHatt, ih? aua^aall?4 I'-nlir, Sain. P. 8ti?*ki?*-y. > ?* |tr? ai Aiuuncan c?|u?f.irinn. Jan* \ix? n and hi? hijtMy a< ??itti|?li*'.t}.t childrt n. kn., to., trill bn eihilitrd in Bronklyn. r*-nr "t M. nra*ur Hall.if..r uii'bin only, commtncint on Momiay ?v?iiiut. May l.'itn. S. li. A Gran?1 Parf<?rir.ano? *?u W>dnca<lay tad Vrilnf aftcrnof tiit c. tnm??nr?ni? ? *. t .# k Novel kxhihuion u? %.\ untikkly oku.inal aoritf of Piutorial l>?ve|o|Miii#n(a ol' tho Yuuu^ ^TarM; the mo#t u?ag;nifie?nt fcet of ?cr ptnrai Hlutftration* vr pr?? iitrd t?? tl.H notice of the dim truing i)tihlii?, ^ nt? 1 by Gicrgf lloiljfe, painter ?'f ?tie elet>r?t?4 California Panorama. ihia truly rplen.li.1 *<>rk ie oi.en for iha *aa??n at the lar^r and elegant Ne* A-'enil.ly Roon>?. (i>i*aaib<jrn a'.irct. uilioinintf Hurlt.n*. Tl.-Ufrail iniludVd. An aftrruoou exhibition ? Saturday ai 3 o'vlook* Mr. I*. II. Ymidtrweydr wilt invwirie ?t th? aL>li ib Pianoforte. Tit k?ti. 2ft < * ?t?; < }iildr?n h*lf priet. A l?k#rsl Birarn< m*nt mad* ?i;h t* IrALT- WILL OPEN POM EXHIBITION, IS TUB <-ourM> of tl>? r?>?uniK u-fk ?t No. .ly* Broadway, New York, th? celebrated t'?nnr?mic Mirror of a tour through Northern, Central and Southern Italy, truthfully pr?*?a?? ing that li'kuiilul, clamor. and detple intoroatiag country. ? tun t,y the artlat, s. II Wangh. and ahatohod bj| h'la on thu epot during ? I * r.?i'lenct in Italy. 1AST H F.EK H \ ^ IVWOKAMA <?P A VHVACI J to tin awry avowing, at the (lieat Hall, Minrrra lt< u.?, ?<?t> llr'>?d?*v. embracing eieta* of notion* Liverpool London, and both uf the Kirer Rhino. AdtriMion Z'? rente; Children. under twilrr, lAoento. Doom 0|- n at rv? ietunieno? moving at 1\ P.M. An aibibiuoa on \V< dnerday and Saturd*, ?fi erwoon. at throa a'alooh. W EI< H'SCRRAT NATMlNALi'lKt'L'K?OPKN FOR A T T ahi it aea?un at Aetor Plain.?Lawii 11. Lent, HuM?r.? M 'nday evrning, May Uth and during tlio weak. Catoa St in. the difttiiyuiohcd Vaulting K|Ue?tr*a'a inlM|nr> axe* in tbia eitr in the arena ?f a regal or t'traua. Too en? til- troupe ?f Shetland Poaiea. in thalr variouf gaiuoa aa<l oiereleee. The R>ver? Family. in all their alagant Feat*. Horn loan-hip. by Mi irr? I>.?le. Neville. Cadwallwdar, Daricu?, Madame Camilla. aad Uaetar M'llllaaia. Two Cl?wa% It. I H ill mil and I'an tiartiin r Ring Ma*t?r, Cap?. I>a I m p. Tl.a int. n r . f tlia n-? Travfiling Pailli a haa ho?a fit te 1 up in a "tylo of trim elepauoe and ennveaiouoo. A ?nj.*rh Military Band will accompany tlio Porformaaaa, and tl.o Blrlnteft decorum enforced. AduMaeion 2ft oanta ; ohtldri n under tan yen?* "f age haif prioa, Ratra |arfnmi?ll will In' given on Wedneedav ??* <a?nrdav aftorwoonn. A CARD.?PKRMiNBOk tCkNttMf LEDCK1) TA LINT, withing a aitnatinn for the ant a?a*on at tho Broadway or Walnut Sireoi Tliaatrua arill ploaM addraoo (poat pmd) (>. li. Harrvtt, Broadway Thoatra, or i*. II alant Straat Thtatra. Pkiladrfphta. I. A. MAKSHALL. ProprWior. WAI.UIALf.A. .V CANAL !*TRBIT.-ARRIVAL OF the world-renowned Proloaei.r Uugo lirnpiM, with hu Conpanv, from tho Rnyal Tlieatra of Berlin, ako will parform daily anmo of hla inoat aautiful " MarMa Slataoa," caii r i ihil ited haforo In thia eit*. Tho " Iemalo Mla?lrel?." "Mb Ilrotl.era," ' Aral. Uirla." with aeariod bUI of r< rforn.anoea Two grand l'erf< rmanooa erory 4ay, at I uioca in m? tiirrtioi/ii, ana ? ? rloai la tha aaaaiag. " AVl'lEnKNT* IK flli^AOULPHU. Barm M s HUMEI'M. pnn.4BiLruu.-P. T. *?nom.jProprtator and Maaagrr. Ilwry Saaford, > !?> ant Hatatiri?On Ton Thumb (till in PkllM?lpklk Owing to irmuff d?la> In lha arrui|fmnU iaekdaat ta hit a|>t*arar.r* in Si? Yarh, ilia naauir kaa >Uu*vi of aniiM'nring bin ra-an(aKoia?ui far tbii wank. "BitO'Hf Tt.iimlbi? srrrnta.t aii.l lavri'r ptai-a, liHbmtilllM duriu* tba pan wrak by niarlv l.\i??> paraona, wba kata baa* .rtrmrk'tcKnt in thrir admiration and a|'|Jaaaa. la aaa?i qti?n<-? rf U.? iarraanin* d.-atrata a*a It, it will ba parf. rtn?d ?*?ry aftrrn.on and #? mna. Tha ?al???a abanad ! tl.? dimi Wonderful of ruri<?itt*a. Tht antira Ratal* Titan bt( haau ?ngMad, and will r?mui?noa an Monday. May SO.? A4n>it:?nca, ti a*n<? f'Mldron aadar 10yaan, RH lU. RRMOVALI. KrMoVAl. CLtkK a H OKK HAVI rkmovfd ruiK No. 12" I'rarl atraat, tl air aaw atora. No 117 Hri adway, (I it7 llotcl lllork ) whrra tkfj ohi at tha low eat au< krl | rii aa, a larrc and c?tu|>U(* aaaortmaat af Silk and Fancy (iot.de, at whnlreala REMOVAL NOTICI-P. UK KWri'ODS OIJ> R4TAB. liahad H ai'h and Jawalry Morn, ahaar'd from tk> ear* ntr of I'earl and Full- n, in No. *>" Fallon < raa?. Hf l?akwood takr* thia opportunity agaia to Infona ?lio?? not n?(laain'td with bit ?ana?r of doing bualnaee, that b? Mtaada loconiIntir tlrnling only In aurb nritclaa aa ara intended >a iv> Iba si moat ?*ll?far?lnn 'n tha pnrabaaar. UMi tl. MITH KM. Nrtr tokk si ritr.nKi im'kt.-wim.iam b moffat ara.nat Holart K l*ait?u.?.^aoaawn* for aaaay ilaaud an r<atr*<-t. (ct.iu not ??r. >?To fu.hart K. 1'attaa. tfc*?(?.? arard drfrnuaat?You ara barahy aaaimoaed nal re.iaira4 to ?n??rrth* " m( lam: in thia action, wkieb waa H?<l in tha off it if Ibr Clerk of tba rut and aonnty of New Yark, at Ik* < ily Hall, la tba ally af Naw Turk, thia day, aad ta a* rra I fi|) "I your aaaaer to tha eaid oamplalat aa tba anbarilrr. it Lia ..IBcr, No. I" City llall 1'fara, la tba ally tg Naw 1 i rk, within iaenty daya aftar tba aerrkaa af ikW ann on* aa yoa. etrlaaiaa af tha day af aucb errtiaa, aad H you fail to aalwir tha aaid coaiplaial withia Um ilaa aftrrra.d, tba plaintilf in thia action will take Jadameat axainx yoa for tha am af Ran hnndrad d-llara wl'h inlrrart.fr> ui tba ;|>t day of Fel.raary. oaa MnauU "labk knudr J and bfty, lr. daa tba a?ata of tkia actx-a. Davad At>rtl 1.'. I V>? TnOVAK lr^R^lr^J rialatir. iMarMT, l"('lty llall Plaea. Naw Tark any. 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