4 Haziran 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Haziran 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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R I IT H NO. 5839. BBWUt. ?T?n* ROYAL MAIL flTllAMSHIP "tUHi'I'V* W1IJ A !< ? Ik* Uotk U JtlNf I iti I r Halif >? ami Liverpool Wudnoeday Uta 8th Jeae, yaetually tt ouon. T INITIO STATBS HAIL STSAMBRl liKTiriKS WAV Tork Mi Liverpool.?The xhipe oonpo<iax itiu lis* u ATLANTIC. Ciptlll Watt. AK^TIC, Lit*. PACIFIC, C*pt.m Nh. BALTIC. Ctpwi Uo?.Wok AOklATlC, Captaia Uraft. u. Tkm eklpe having km built bjr oontraot exprvtely fo g?w>?> aervice, Ktry care tiM bMi uktn iu their m> vtraotioa. u aleo (a their eaginee, to ?n?ure etreogtli am pee4. end their aeeouiiaodatioai for p?"een*?r? are aa qnallcd for elegance or eoaifort. Price uf paeeagu from Nei Turk to Liverpool, $'.\h exclusive nee of extra eiaa atat ?oomi. UU. Aa evperieaaed eargeoa will be attacked t. . aaoh hip. Ne bertbe eaa be Meured aatil paid for. Co I *e*ht or P^. -gr* K C0LL|N9 ^ ar. *o BBOITN, SHIPLBY A CO, Liverpool! 4k* AtlaaUs Will lea to Liverpool Hajr jv, IMC ** PaciCo " " Lirerpo. 1... Jaw IV, " " AllanUo " " New Tork Jane !?, " -"-M Liverpool July III, ' " Pacific ? " N*w York J.ili 8, " " " " " Liverpool J ily 11. " Atlaatie " - New fork... Julrtf. " The ewaut of thaee thipe will not be aeennntable for i-old liver, bnllina. epecie, Jewelry, prerioai (tone* or u>e.?li onleee billifef lading are eigne a therefeV, aad the rain* titer* f, there! a expreeeea. JDOB LIVBRPOOL.?UNITED STATBS MAIL STBAM * ship ATLANTIC, Cant. Jaaea Wee'..?Tin* et?aniiiu| Will depart with the mall* fur Eorope. positively, on Sa'.urJay, J one lfeh, at 13 Aloek M., from her berth at th? f<*? f Caaal etreet. No berth teeared till paid for. Tor fne xh ar paaeage, baring aaaqaallad aeeoramudatioa* for einganai or Aoniiurt. aool* to m>Wl>. K. COLUNS, 74 ?onth *tr*??. THROUGH LIMB TO CALIFORNIA, VIA CHAGRfACarrytn* the Uaited Stater Wall?Thuraday, June 1.1. ? 8 o'clock, r.m., from the alar foot of Winn strM1 N. K The dow and ilmot doable engine atoaraahip UEORJ.UA D. D. Porter, IT. B. Mary, Commander, will be dUpauihe< a* above, with ike Government Mails, for the Weit Intra aad Ut PaoiHe. The book* are bow ?pea for paieafco u < harleetoa. Savannah, Havaaa. New Orlaaai and Cha<rra and for through ticket* to 8aa Preumaeo. To Moure throngl ticket*, early application Met be made. at only a mall oumfccr remain unengaged. Aa experienced eurgeoa if attached to the GEORGIA. The aocommodatioaa for yaiMiien el Back claae are anmrpaeied by aay ct*aiaehip a teat. Thepaeaengera for New Orli-aa* are tranaferred, at Havaaa, to th< Bfarior doable engiae eteamaliip FALCON, aad prooaed ima Havana direct to New Orlcaaa. Sate* of Jiuaxt from New York to Chagraa:? State Seem Berth $100 fiUidM Berth M 8t*erage do.?foeaiYedani eeparate table.' I.'II SO Ratae ofpaaoafa from Paaama to Baa Fraaoiaoa:? State Room Berth... $300 Steerage Berth?foand kid aad leparat* tab]*... 130 Sate* arpnaeg* To Havaaa. T* N. Orleaaa. Stat* Boom Berth $70 $7S Staadae berth, forward eabla.. M $? Steerage?foaad bed and beard. 2* b Freight te Chagrea will he Mk*n at 70 eemt* per en bio foot. nvMI* of ladiag muat all be tlgned on beard the reeeel tht 4a* before ailing. For freltht or paaeaco, apply to B. 9. ROBERTS, 118 Weet*treet. SPOB SACBABBNTO CITY-FIRST VESSEL?TO SAIL, V 10th of Jane, poe: lively. The fait aaillag, A 1 achoonei U BBLLA FRAN CISC A, ( apt. J. C. Ball, aow loading al Bier 11 North river, will Mil oa her day. tot the bulk of KM abla. freight, aad p ****** for two poreoaa. apply to _ F. > D FOiri.kX. W W**t ?t. PASSAGE FBOB PANABA TO IAN FBANCISCO, by the A 1 ataamor Goliah, Cant. Gregory Thoraa*, Mag aow en the way, aad It expeeted to leave Panama foi Baa FraaerUe* by taa latof Aagaat next. Sh? ha* exoolleat oeeauaedatioa* for yaaeaagara, aad a limited a amber *aa aagage, ap*a application te WB. H. FUBBAN. 9T Seath atreot. U*?S SAN FRANCISCO. BSNICIA, AND SACBABBNTO X City, via Rio do Janeiro, Valparaiao and Panama, te lea* early ia Juae.?The apleadid new donbl* engine iteaoU ahipCoattitatlon. Caft. D. L. Wilcox, will aail aa above. For freight (of whieh only a limited qnaatity caa be takea), or p*??ai ta Bio do Janeiro or Valparaiao, aad from Paaa ta ta aitaac of th* above Callferaiaa porta, apply to WARE > PRICE, ?0 wall atreot. VpHROCOB LINB FOB SAN FBANCISCO VIA CBAM. gre*direct.?The iplandid ateamahip PHILADELPHIA, BaM.S. Pearaca. CotamaadT, will leave h*r doek, pier No. I Worth Birar, aa Thanday, Jaee 1.1th, at 3o'elook. Paeeaa#er* will plaa* their baggage on board the day jarevloaa. Far i*n>,iwiitt Portland b aspTn wall, M aad M Snath *tr**t. Ebpirb CITT LINB?FOB SIN FRANCISCO VIA Chagrea direct?Th* aplaadid ateamahip CMEiCM N'f -CITT, l,9fv tea* barthea, Charlee Stodard, Commander. will leave for Chagroa direct, on Boaday, July let, at 3 o'oloak, ftom her dock. Pier Nn. J N. R. For freight or paa*ag, apply tij. HOWaSD B BON. S? Broadway. XIOB SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA.?THB BBAUJT tifal pa*h*t*l>ip1IAlI>EE. BOW cleared tax ready for aea, *M receive a few mere drat aad aecoad eabia aaaseagere, by immediate applieatloa on hoard the aliip. Pier 7 Eaat jflvea. *r t* ISAAC T. SMITH. 101 Wall *tr**t, *vr. Freak Th* Halde* carrle* a akllfal pfcyatoiaa. 4~)MB STBCBAOB PASSAGE TICKET PER STBAMB1 Jathm??. aula ISt'h June, foraale, Apply at 102 Brad LTHl CALIFORNIA TBItOruB TICKETS DIRBCT FOR 5A 1,1 tkm iMn?i ia V??lu< n< luiinll'i lis* fw Jin 13U>: tw? itaarajfe, In Roberta' liae, fur Jan* Uth; as* Aral v'li*". aad oae ateera#e, for Jane txth ia Howlaad ft Jkty.aw?.l'a tlx. F. WHtTB. ? Wall rt. ^VPPOSITfOK OAT BOAT ATT O'CLOCK roRALBANT A/ landtag at Nawhurgh. Po'keepete. Calekill aad Uudaoa Fare?cetila in Mewbnrgh and P?achkeepaie: 75 mu U Calekill aad Hn<U>a; $1,00 to Albany Mania nrirl ? board. T1 e laat tailing eteamar Armenia, I P Sialih, commander, will laara foot of Robinson atreet. 1 at alwri Barclay Honda*, Wedaeeday aad Friday, at (even e'eloek A. I. Relaming, !h<m Albany Tuoedaya, TLutadaya and Salardaja I w?a o'clock. A. M. for paaaajra apply to tba Cap?aia, ui board Iba baat. NOTICi-SniPITRS OF GOODS FIR COXSTITTatita'aea, far Saa Franclaco ara lequeetad W haad li their npalwalioaa ia tba eoarie of tba praaaot week t?i WARD k FRli'R 40 Wall Ureal. Tka Ceaauiutioa viU aa.l a tka 1Mb laat. rpug NTRAMSIIIP MAROARAT IS BOW LYING Al 1 J?nn Ciljr. If aet auld wiihia a few daya, aba will ratvi la Ilalifas aa bar way to England. R. Cl'NARD, /r., W Broadway, r*OI ALE?BRITISH STEAMSHIP MARGARKT, 18 JT aapected tearriee in New York oa Monday, tha 77th May, fr??a Balifai, aad will reaiala la port a .'aw daya, whaa if aet eel.l, ah* will ba aaut to Knglaad. 8ht ia aboat tUfl toaj barthea, I engine", of MO hnraa power each, bnilera naw laat antaaa: I7tfeei keel. >. f?at beam, wall found la aaila, rlgrniahad with bada, bedding, plata, arookery, glaaa bo., for a fall complement of paaeengera. She it a reraarkahly atreng reaeel, U In complete ordnr aad randy to b? Mat to ana. Apply to I. CUN AKD, Jr.. X Broadway Tkratileal and NmImI. Bowrrr Tiir.aiac. ? Tbia catabliabm?nt ia rary wall palranlaed at preaaat, oalir. principally, to tba great attraction of Mr. and Mra Hamblin. and Mr and Mm Wall ark To -night Hhakapaara'a beautiful tragedy ol ? Ilaaalat," with Mr Hamblin aa Himht. Mr Wallack aa tbn Gboat. Mra. Wallack aa Or*- <la. Mra Atovena aa -Claadlaa, K log of Denmark aad Mr GUbart aa Polonine Tbla ia a tut caat. and no d?nbt, from th?> acknowledged talent of tba arlnta will draw a full and fashionable nndienrf Bamblla ia aatng arary effort |o plaaee tha patroaa of the Bowery, Ilaoanwar TMaaraa.? A Tary attractive bill ia presented, tbia craning. Inf tba tmuacmrnt of tha riaitan of tbla elegant theatre Tba flrat bier* will ba tba omrdy of tna" Narroua Man." in which Mr lludaon. who haa glvan ?uch general eatlafaction. In hia acting and ainginft. will an'tain the part of McSbane an I Mr. Barrett, tba eicellant manager and aceompllabed actor, will play tha part ofAepan. Tbia comedy will he Mlowed by the grand ballet of nation. called tlu ? Painter'a Illtuion." In which Plgnora Ciocca au ] fifnor Hart will diaplay their Terpalohoraan abilltiaa and all will cloac with the faree ?f tha " Captain of tha Watch." In which Mr. Hadaon will appear aa Captala V Poaaadl. aad aiaff ?aa of hia awawt ballada Kim^'a Tar?t?? ? The antertalnmenta at tbla apaaiona an?l well ventilated theatre commence tbia are ntnf with the barletta of tha " Captain of the Watch." Va?n Nicklaaon and Walcott. and Mlaa Mar* Taalor auatatnlag tha trading aharartar* Thla w|f| h- fbllottil by Irtel dt*N. from " l.t Rajxlrrf. br MIIn <V|a*ta and Carlina Tha na?t f-aura will h* tha f?rea afth? Dru'ion. tnwhi-h llruithim ^-fV n and Mm Tarn -n will apprar Aftar ihi? th?ra will b< m half htur'i Inlaroalaalon for prninauada and rafr?h nrnt. t?4 lb* unawdrati will iI>im with lb* whim ftioul pla*-- rallad -TlrbH?h Tim?< Fr?m th* w.|l known dramatlr talant of tha ?i'-?ll?iit company now t MlMo* ?f ara par?uadad full bouawa will bath* nnM. Bibto*'* TnnrnTha bant thaatrirnl managar and brat ro median In blf Una. Mr. Burton, atill run tiauaa to ba tb? t;rf at faaorita M bla d?ti*aly rrowd-d bcu*af jrwra Tonight ba inantnrii for thaaniar lainnv-nt two a*pr||, at c>madla? tha " Cat* paw" and tha " Rarlona family " liurton appaara to both placaa and l?a will ba a"<<ta<l by Ma--r? l 'a?k? Jordan J.ihrw.n. Mra Ho *? !! Mr* llughaa and M'tat hap ira "il of whom ara r< e >fiilw..| an artt?t? of tha Ural 01 fnp Is tbalr raapac?l*a dapartmanta Mr. Barton t?\loua tw prwaum tha baat talant nrallabla. haa an g?r?d Mr Plaaldr, tha aranmpll*brd rom.dian NaTiaatt Twanaa -Thl* aaanlr g I* aat apart foi tba ban*?t of Mr Charlra Burka tha inlmttabta eom? dlan Tha plaraa ?alartrd ara tba Myatarlaa ant Ml?*ri> of Maw York." " M?a In rnlifnrnl*." th< frmala Hoard. ' and tha ' Thraa Cnrkoo*" Mr hanfrau will appanr In bla aalahratad eharartwr o Moaa and Mr Rurka will *n?taln tha parta of Haamek, nd ?Mptaln T> Hn Thl? l? a t- ry attr?<-tlva |. || *nj IIr Uorka bain* a ganaral farorlta. th-ra la aa?ry raa ,. n to ? ?paet a arowdad honaa TLIa thaatra la ablj jranagad. and btnra Ita yraat *nrr*M Oairrr'i Orra? Horat - Tha N*pol*?? af nagrr Tnlnatrrlay (INI aontlnnaa In th? m'*t * ora~a.ru , uraar Ilia rwra I* nightly rrowdad. and wa baltara If tbrra wara no rhanga In tha pf-ra-nma a raa f..t twalra n r.lha tha aani> daalra to rialt M-rbanlea' llal would wt111 a?l?t Oi'wa i Plarra and hla eom| any of '-flnatrala ara lomg a r-od bu?lo?>* at tha Olj napla Thay announr< at rarity wu?, glaaa. and aboruaaa for thla aran irg and Maatar Lawto will diaplay hta dancing pow -art get anvftta ? Whlta'a Paranndara ara qnlatly gatbar ng tlka drllara and aanta. at Ml llowary Ringing and ianrlng ara tba prlnripal fraturaa Mriai'w Tha aihlbitlon rt tha Chlnaa* l.ndt. *lih bar anlta of attan Unta at.iI aontfniia* t? ba tba attra?-tlra faatnra^ of thla a?tabM?h*ant Omtiaa, tba Irlah romadlan and aoamllat fm?<' thr""th thla rlty on hi* way to fulfil angagaaaanta n< thlaa|;<*. Mllwaukla. Datrolt and RuffaJo Tha Mmplaiair tronpa wara In tba eltf of Maglaa o? tba 1 lib nit Tbr Italian Opam Company par^wad Tardi'a opan ?, ft' nan la lA* d?F of M'klaa, an tba lltb nil E NE' TELECRANlIC INTELLIGENCE. 1 L i IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. ? , TIE CUBA UITASION AM OCR G0TIR1SMT. |! a nowrroiT mnmn f< i wo a tu* ft ; Surrender of Americans taken from B I Woman's Island by the Spanish. d I*! ~? v ContspondcDre betwmi tho Spanish Holder, J and the Secretary of SttU. % J TROUBLE AHEAD. * b . I ? \ THE COMPROMISE 0!! THE SLAYER! QUESTION. M lHlta| of tk? RadwBto ItwiittM. Ac?i dfcc* cl t OUR SPBCIAL TKLX0KAPU1C CORRRSPONDBHCI. ? I WlMmilTOK iTT. MolDAT | | ! Ktanina, Jut ?, 1860 f The Cab* correspondence 1? laid before the Stoat*. ?1 | Ik li voluminous. Th? Spanish Minister constantly > kept Mr. Secretary Clayton advised of the Invading d i DOTfDent, by information from Spanish agent*. Ia [ one ot hla letters, Calderon de la Barca complain* bit> toriy of the Sax, and appeal* to th* Secretary of 8tat* ' fur it* prosecution, a* a disturber of th* paa?*j bat no BU allusion la made to It In Mr. Clayton's answer. sc The instructions sent to the naval commanders re- *1 | quire, in the event of lnvaslen, that all supplies under 1 the American flag shall be stopped. This will b* debated la th* S*aaU, a* Involving a suspension of trade. Mr. Claytoa has written two letters to the Amtrisaa Consul at Havana, instructing him la relation to A ma- ^ 1 j riean eitiseas taken prisoners. Ua is to insist that a distinction shall be mad* between men committing and thos* eaptured under a mar* Intention to eommlt j crime, and that th* prisoners captured ia or near a I Mexican Island, not haviag committed aay erim* U against Spain, ar* not subjaot to punlshmaat la Oaba. Mr Campbell, oar consul at Havaaa bad already moved In the matter, la a letter to Count d* Alcoy, th* Captain General of Cuba. Our governareat ha* Indeed sent telegraphic aad other despatch** to Naval officers at Charle*toa, Norfolk aad Mobil*, who go to th* coa*t of Cab* to demand the releas* and surrender of on* hundred and flv* men, eaptured by the steamer Plsarro, on Woman's I Aand, te I near Yueatan ; (A* tUnmnd I* ht perriapfery; a ns?li- w< ncs, er lAt eontnjutneet art I* it held itraigkt tut te Cub mm i autkot Hut. War looks probable. Our Consul at Ha- ^ ! vana ha* sent here for immedlat* aid. This n*wa Mr. ' ! Clayton thl* day communicated to my reliable lnfor- u # al Th* ameadment of Mr. Sonle, of Louisiana, la Senate, ^ pat* th* cempromlse bill la a desperat* sitoatioa. Th* whol* South ar* *x pee ted to support th* ameadment, and there will b* a hard flght oa the Texaa of 1 boundary. Darkness cover* the whol* qaaatioa. POSTSCRIPT. M Monotv Niohv. j., It appear* that th* two letter* of Secretary Clayton ; I to Gen. Campbell, at Havana, instructing him very ml- ^ , nutely la regard to th* American prisoners taken at ?? I sea, and to demand of countAieoy a fair trial for then, | mean something The first letter, of th* 31 at of May, T| ' lieooludmodtratc; that of th* lit of Jan*, betray* 0 I (Teat anxiety. and Mr Clayton 1* very particular Id the bl difference to be Made in the commiaaion of a crime aad ; the Intention to do *o, and demand* that thl* shall be M lmpreeaed upon the mind of the Captain General. la Mr. Calderon, In on* of hi* letter* to Mr. Clayton, | declare* that no mercy will be shown to the pirate*, II ln i eaptored. and that no appeal will be ll*t*ned to la u their behalf. W* learn thl* evening that ln*troetion* hare bean u [ eent to tbe Gulf squadron to demand the prtaonar* of di Coast Alcoy, captured on the high tea*. In the American P< brig Georglana. Alao, that th* Alcey ha* already deeli mated them, and that It beoomca a grave bu*tn*a*. ?| [ j Tbe brig Georglana, on her return to New Orleans when captured. having abandoned tbe *aterpri*a, It ^ i look* like a (peck ol war in fall relief. [ The report create* great excitement. , Tbe lukvlll* Coarrntle*. N*?h?illk, Ten a, Jane t^lMO. *r Tbe Nashville Convention met to-day. | [ Tbe Hon A V Raown having called the convention cl to order, reported on behalf ol the eommlttee appointed )" to organlie the convention, that they had agreed to I' i rrtymmrnd that each Btate ehould be entitled to one ft vote In the convention, alio tbe name* of |?! K m L. Sharkey, of Mif*., for President; I ' Gov. McDonald, of Geo., for Vlee President; ^ I A W.Cooper and K O. Kattnan. a* Secretaries I I Tbe vote on each waa taken separately. and all una- *' 1 nlmout ty elected. ! ? i I Ji o?i SMaaaav, on taking the chair, addreaaed the *' convention, alluded to the eanree which brought them Jjj together. He thanked th* convention moet profoundly * 1 for the honor conferred on him In electing him to a po*l' tlon he had no deelre to fill, bat which, after the many el appeal* which bad been made to him, ha could no *' | longer decline?he alluded briefly to the eaa**e which T? had indnced the meeting of th* convention?th* *a- rr t veral State*, h* said, had united. *<|ual right* had been v granted to*U b] th? Constitution. that those right* had iii I been violated, and that the government ?oald not Jj1 i *t?tid th* ahock of tbie deeeeretton of th* Con*tltutloa. 1? ' The Convention, he declared, bad not a***mbl?d to J" | d*vi*e mea*nr*? to protect th* right* and property of I* i the Southern people, bat to preserve the Government which had been banded down to them untaralahed It th had not keen railed to prevent, but to perpetuate 1 th* Talon. Who, he asked, were better patriot* t* ? thoee who would make war till a direct ealamlly had fallen on the country, or tho*e who ? , propose to adopt measure* to avert tha calamity * It was for the convention to devlae a remedy lor th* 'J ' (Till unilur wklrh tha Dnnlk au ui (nr tlx people to earry It oil. lie truated that t remedy m I would be found. In conclusion. he repeated that the J?' olject of the originator* of the ran to at Ion van aot to dlaeolva tba Inlon the alandera of IU aaemlaa to l? tba contrary, aotwlthctandlng 11a eipreeaad j c* hop* that tha I nlan might ba tba laal thing M| 1 ta pcrlah, amidat tba unlveraal vraak of matter. t< I TbuRtf . Jimk B Paaeraeo* opened tha aeaaloa by aa , eloquent appeal to the Almighty, ta protect the Union J,' Judge Wn aiesow of Mieeoarl. moved that a lie* of [ the Stater, ba called. aad that the aieaiber* from tba " , aani* be reqneatcd to preeeat their credential* Tha 1) i motion wm adopted. f| Oenrral Pillow, ef Tenneaaee. moved that the rote ba [ aonrideri <1. fie wlahed to amend the motion of tha J) I gentleman from Mlaaourl, *o aa to ralee a eommltlee, n, 1 r ne from eaeh Plate, to receive tha rredeatlala from l?? j tha member* to tba Convention. Afler a abort dlacu??loa between Oa?. Pillow and < ? ' the Ilea Mr Walter, of Alabama, tba motion tor*- T 'r eonalder waa carried, and tba am*adment to rale* a JJJ i rommlttee waa accepted by Jnd|te Wllkinaon, aad ? adopted, when tba following gentl. men were appolated 1 aaid rommlttee ? | 0?n. rillow, of Tenn. Pol richen*. of 8 0., I? I Judge Wllklaaoa. of Mlae , M J. Crawford. ?f rtoo ,r Oen. Walker, of Ala . Judge Tn'kcr, of V* , U?r. llendere* n. of Teia* t'ol 1'leraon, and tba dr , Iloa Mr Pawell, of Arkanaaa. ai After organltlng they adjourned till 11 a'aloak tamcrrow morning ,, The convention. It la aald. will rejeet Mf Clay'* plaa j of compromise. *1' Tba alty la crowded with at ranger* | l?v?r* Thander-Mrman Rlllrd. ?> H?a<nm, May SO, 1t80 II I A young woman, known by the name of Jnlla Salll- J1, ' tan. wa? killed by lightning In thla city, laat evening m Wewtrethla day vlelted with a ami daatrnativa ? Ihnnder Mrtm. accompanied with wind, ball and rain, * I by which *everal fence* bava been throw* down, aa- r, i rrral Ueea apmatcd aad ninf > ain l*j wad W YO MORNING EDITION?TU lad Rrjiorta iVuan the Wttlcra EmlfraiiU. It. Louk, June I. 1K60. fUeeot advice* from Oouncil Bluff* ittta that the ailfornte emigrants tt St. Joerph, Kaneeville, and thrr poiuU, bad, with few exorpUoa*, loft for the 'ItlM. The flrat Mormon train consisting of 100 wagon*, and etween 000 aud 800 p'rwini, would laava KannerUle * Bait Laka. about tbo Int. inat Alarming r< port*. p-Utive to amall pox and cholera. Imoet dally rraobtd the frontier and tha amall town*, on the emigrant* on tha Plain*. The*# report* wera loetly brought In by emigrant* who wera returning leeourag<-d, and were not generally believed. A party of *lx en.'irMit*, ree< atly returned, report >at all of Sullivan'* company Irom Brunswick, with lie exception of three, had fallen viotlui* to tha holer a. The Californian caravan* extended between 300 aad SO mile*, and wt re always in aii(bt of each other Qraaa ad water w*re quit* abundant. On the '/Tth ultimo. Kaiu*vtllH and Ita vloinity wera 1*1 ted by a tremendous storm, which unroofed several ouaea, ard did much injury to the timber. Hortuately the rropa were not sufficiently advanoed to eufr, and no Uvea were lost. 1 Th* gammon* l?M at Cincinnati, Ae> CtRciwiiATi, June S, 1840. The jury In the ease of Jams* Summon*, ware dlatiargtd on Saturday, being uuable to acree. and tha rUoner wu returned to jail 11 (H reported that the iry stood ten tor oonvlction and two for acquittal. Judge Johnson, the whig rnndidate for Governor* sens the campaign in the Fifth street Square market, i night The weather dry, river low, and business generally ^ i Arrest of lb* Cl?T?laiid Robbers. Clkvki.a*d, JuneS, 18(0. . The $16,000 recently robbed from the Cleveland In- I ranee Company have been recovered, and two priners arretted on tbe charge? bvth under 21 year* of ' re. Bwlness la generally good. , Hew lotker Drowned. Savahnah. May SO, ISM. < Alfred Robinson. second mate of the bark Texas. from ' ew York, walked off the doek, In this olty, and was owned. last evening. , Ike lUanuklp Ohio. CnARLvrroit, May SI, ISM. The U. 6. mall lUaathip Ohio, Lieut. O.V. Hchenck, S. Navy, commander, touehed off Charleston bar 1 lis afternoon, and took on board teveral passenger* r California. raaiTT-Fiiurr c?b??bm. fwr mtR. VeaaU. Washirovtoiv, Jane 8, ISM. The Chaii presented correspondence from our MinU- J r at London, relative to an Improved breed of silk- < >rms. PVOITIVn sl.avbs. Mr. Websteb submitted to the Senate s bill smend- i ory of the set of 17M, relating te tbe reclamation of gitlve slaves, which he ssld he prepared last febru" I y, after much deliberation, and whleh he had tered in no particular since it wss then drafted. The 1 LI was erdered to be printed. I w toss mcs-seiLE>s ako ths califoshia qresvieR Mr. Bewabd presented the proceedings of a meeting eitlsens of Syraeuse, expressive of their views of 1 e question now before Congreee relative to slavery, id the admission ot California. Laid on tbe table, id s motion to print referred to the Committee on , intlng. Mr Dirainsoif submitted s few remarks la deroga- , >n of the free soli meeting, from which these proedings emanated , ciibutuu ev col. esvie. Mr. rooti presented the credentials orjtffenoi Da- , s. elected a Mcnator from Mississippi for the full term , six years, fr.m the 4th of March next. Mr Kit*. from the Post ufllce Committee, reported a | 11 to reduce the rates ot postage. VHS1USAS KlrEDITIO*. A meeesge was received Irom the President In an- , rer to a communication of the Senate. relative to the , te Cuban expedition, which was laid on tbe table. , MM sousn IS1 A*D KiPBome*. , Mr Davis, oi Mi>? . called up the resolution of enquiry , relation to tho Round Island expedition, which was t ken up sad pMMA I ol'S arr AIRS with hid. j Mr. Class* sutmitted a resolution of enquiry In re- , tloa to tbe payment or non-payment of Instalments, ] te the 1 nited Mates under the trtsty of '41, with t ru. Adapted tni roMPSOMISB bill , Oa motion of Mr. Clav, the Senate took up the om- , Mr. Soul* Ui<l on the table, to bare prlntrd. thofolwing a??udli:eijt, which h? dni|mi propoatag MS , ,betltuU tor the flrat thrao aectona of lha kill ? , B? 11 turtM, That ae anoa > Califoraia (hall kail . aaad. 1a Onvtatiaa, aa ordinaaca providing that bha ra- : j<iaiahaa >11 tltl* or claim la tax. dlapoaa of, ar la ear ? ?y 1 latrrfro with tha primary J lap -*) hatha l>i>td M'h * lha pablia domain within bar limita, that ?h? will aot la- C rpuM heraatborlt) aad power. aa aa la diatarb or impede |J eoatrol abieh lha tailed Sialee nay doew adr.aekla to c oaaioo o??r each dmr - la la th? caiman re?ion?. either w Uiaccvarad or lo ha dlacuTared harraflar, m nm ha la- ? mlod la ?ny lawfol great made lo private ladiaidnala or V torperaliea* prior to tha eaaaloa of ralir?rata to tlia ? ailed Malta, that tha landa of lha noa-realdanta hall navar a lan d higher thaa tl>oa? ?f raaldanta?that lha naalgetle itareahall ha opan and fr?a to all altlaaaa of lha tailed aiaa, thoae of (eUorni* Included. aad that her Hemhara mlla ahall he raatrlriad lo tha Nlaaoarl Compromlae lina, * 31 mla. North let aad aa aooa aa aha ahall haaa pro- * icad to tha I'reaidinl of tha Called fttatea aatiafactor? aad ill anlie eeidance that lha term* aat forth above haaa '" a p IIj aad exactly complied with, tha.l'raai'laat ?f ihe Caited r ait* Irani la liarrl; aulhorU'd aad re^eiated without iy farthar a<"laa oa the part af Cn to leaaa hla IV.amation di-' lanaf that California la. ana aha ahatl ho admid Into ifee l'aloa apon aa eqaal footluf with the otigiil Mate* In all raapeeta whatever. Sec. t. Do it enacted thai aaeh pcrtlea of tha raeaane ?l- tied la the porta of California aa may remain anetpended 11 tha tiro of tba leaning of tba freaideni' proclamation, aforaeaid, ahall ha paid avar to tha aaid Siata af Call11'la. e f?.J. Ra It raaotad, that tho Vaaatnra and Rapr*?*ntailr*a , atad, a> w Ultra (' ngraaa (r?aa tha aaid Stale af L'alifor- . a. ahall to catltb d to recrlve, aad ahall reeeiva tha tnilaa aad lha pet diem pay allowed ta tha dcleaatee fr.m tha 1 rrltcry of Orafan, from tha da/ that tba ae?ea?* of lha raaidaat traaamttMag tba 1 oaatitntiea ?f Califoraia wa* t reived hj ( < ngraaa. J ha. t. ha it anactad, that lha maatry lyiag betwaea tha do? X mla. af North lal aad tha boaniiery lino betwe-a I * >>lce (ad the B , ea'.al liahed 1; tha treaty of Caada- '' pallidal*", aad eitaadlag fr'm tha Tarda to tha Sierra a idro, ahall conelitat* a Territ ry aadar tha name of " the r rritory ?t ^nth t'alifaraia." aad ahall ha "*rani?od aa . ah aadrr tha previeiona of thla 1. 11 apt l/lag tn tha Tarn rjr af ('tab, changing eamee where thajr n?ht lo ha rhan.-ad all raapaata whala ar.r, aad ahall, *haa rrad;, ahla aid B lilac to ha<-om? a fiaia, aad daalr^i tofcaaarh. ha ad- a Had lata tba l ulu with ar withoat siaaary, aa tha pa^pla araia Bay daaira aad aaka kaowa thr< u(k thalr coaama- a ta. . Mr. ci at axpraaaad hla gratlflratloii at thU manlfbfltloa < ( dlapraltlfin on tha part of thoaa who op- f wad tha hill to craarnt tha ir contra pmjart. Inalaad r-bjactlnf. and aaylot that Itriaaa tha; ara in th* , Inoilty thaj will uaka ao proposition Th* Vitt raitii'tnT ttatad tha qua-atlon upon Mr. !<aaa'? anandinant. amandin^ Mr l>aala', (af Mlaa ) . n*ndaia?t, p< rmilling |tha Territorial lagi'laturra to iaa lawa ptotactlng property < f rtrrj kind which now i liata af may h?r-altar b* intn.dm in lha Tarrlto- . aa. conformably with tha Conatiititlou and law* of tha nltad Vtalat ao aa to tWIara that aaid an>aadmant all not ba rcnitrmd ao aa to Imply that alavary 4t- | la. or ran ba Introdnrad in raid Tarritortaa l>y th' aaid , n>tilutIon and lawa. Mr Doi 'ii ?aa oppoard both tha anandmanta, npnn r Ktrund that thay rlolatad tha prinripla ol mm-ll- , rtanti' r. darlarad la tka Nirholaon latiar Ifciiliar J I haaa am< nilmant* w?-ra adoptad. h? did not me how . Kiaa who had harrtol. ra a>?iim>d lK# uaUh.* -?-?-a thai letler could ?nli for the bill. Mr ?ald. that If the- interpretation of the Icholron l< tt? r. gieen by Mr t)nuglaee. waa tha true i# It took away lb* whole ground upon which tha >ut h at.} | ? !! d It The imi ndinrnt aubmltted by Mr. laae war In effnt tha M 11 root provlao, Mr Cnatn drfindtd Inn enrollment , It wm n' t tha ilmot provlto, had been Mated by reterel *enara but nelly an nplanatinn of Mr I>a?la' ainxndrnt dr?lgt.eij to reoder Ita t> rtni definite. and not il l' ii?. mlty of lalmntoUN, according to tbo riltn in which interpreted. Mr ?aid bla amendment waa not deelgned to >rry any Implication a* to what eprciea of properly, lere Waa ?ity Utile difference between deciding tne [hta of property, and protecting them whan thiy let. In riflr, Mr Dermta* eeld, that tha difference twi? n that tmtii r and hltn?elf waa. elmply, m to bo wera the people Tha ttenatnr Applied the term the Inhaliltanta <f tha Trrriiort<?. while ha (Vr. ??l?) appilid It to thoea lohabitatita only, after <-r?i?nty had been glren them by Congreaa. Mr lt?t ?L**a, In concluding a few word* In reply, clan d that If the qn? ati? n of tlarery waa touched in y way. tnani.>r or rliape in the bill, It eonld not p*?a e Pi l.ate Ait?r ?'me further d? late |.y Mr Wmri aad JarMM Devte. Mr h ti t a ilefrn<N tba amendment enhmltted by i*latter , neither ynw ru t the Penntor pr<po?iog It, rlarad that ?! ?? ty talala ii the Terr ' -riea, or ikiU tin re , tba Senator never (aid It > howid go tbara ; did rrntand howewcf and propeee I.* lia amend ent if at If alneary rhould go to tba T-rr tnrleo. or If tbowld prove already toe?i?t there tu??lae? -wwer ay be prateetrd In bla right k try the validity of a thle to tb*t property nnder the r-owatlmtlun odd wa Mr Bntlet "old be tfoeigned at a tutor* tlmo. to ipreeo bit view* g?n>rallj a pee tha bill, eheo he >.old take oeraaion to eay candidly, eial-eltly and wttoctly whi.t be thought weiild ?a i<f> him ea a re<> >mi tet've of one of the Powtbern State* Mr !? * ??|t.f?<4 hiaueU o* pot< * it Mr ?irh' RK H ESDAY, JUNE 4, 1850. amendment. M wo* Id <-iuh?rr?n? the bill In reply to Mr D?ugla?a, he don on n nod that Senator'* remark n aaa ire# full Wilmot provlao ?poe<-h ?n fur t? the ufuntnt w< nt, We*u<? it contended that Ctm^reu had all power over I ha aabjeet of tUri'rj. Ma llovouu reaponded with considerable warmth. Ma WturH thnu|bttb? amendment wai of vary little moment or effeot In any way If ha uudar*t?u4 tha object of It* motir. that ohjwt could ha readily obtained by another mode Ue under?tood that tha amendment bad itafoundation In nothing but a diapoaitim to prevent the legislature* of the terrltorlea lioni paaaing any law perpetually excluding alavery tbvrilroni lie *?w an amendment tha other day In the band* of the Senator from ludiana. whioh w-iild meet that object. The hill declared that those legislature* ahall paaa no law respecting slavery. The amendment to which he referred, declared that the territorial legislature* ahall hare no authority to pans law* establishing or excluding alarery This waa certainly a municipal

queation, and there could be no impropriety In adopting Fuch an amendment a* he had sugKeated. although he ninat cay. that In hi* opinion, this while class of amendment* were unneoemary, considering th* actual Mat* of thing* in the eonntry to which they were to be applied. yr. Hal* waa uuwilling, even by alienee, to admit that the quettion before the Senate waa of practical indifference We had grown up from thirteen to thirty State*, and the experience of t he past waa that in every instance in which ?e> btatcs bad l)?n admitted Into the Union without tn express prohibition of alavery, do matter what their latitude or Icngitude, alavery had gone into, and been irrevocably established la thoiw> Mate*. On thia subject hn wanted no other guide than tha light of thi* past. Thla question, then, waa one of great praetiaal importance?a question of the establishment or excluaion of slavery. No queation had ever been agitated in Cougreea. ainee the Dfdaration of Independence. involving ao Important and laptlng consequences aa that now pending, and it waa a libel upon the intelligence ot the tree State* to tell thrui that It waa a queation of indifferenoe. Mr. Wiihteb aaid It waa, in hie opinion, no question at alt of slavery or no slavery. It wan known to be hi* opinion that there waa no reaaonable human probability that alaveagr would go to the territorlea, and that there waa no substantial necessity for doing anything. In establishing territorial governments, la relation to Ita prohibition orexeluaion, believing it, a a he did, to be already excluded by causea not uuder human control. After aome further debate, Mr. Cssa again explained ind defended hia Nieholcon letter, and after a few rom ark a in relation to the polley of non-intervention, Irelan d that he ahould vote against both pending imendmenta. aa well aa agalnat the original reatriction sontalned In the bill upon territorial legislation reipeeting slavery. Without taking any queation, at quarter put four, the Senate adjourned. Houe of Reprcientatlve*. W?aMinaTo.f, JnneS, 1BS0. Mr PcABLTf (dem.) ot New Hampshire, Introduced a bill for paying tha lntereat to Mew Ilampahire, which waa referred to tha Committee on Ways and Mean*. Mr. Bohkrcs, (whig,) of Ohio, aaked leave to offer the following:? "Ordered, that Inasmuch aa tha Committee of Waya and Means haa not yet reported the annual appropriation bill for the civil and diplomatic rxpenaee or the government for the next fiscal year, beginning on 30th June, but have negleated and foiled to report the aame for more than fonr months beyond the time fixed by tha poeiUve rules they be Instructed aud directed to report the said bill, aud such other appropriation billa u have not bean brought In thla aetslen, without fttrLher delay." Mr. AsHMfit, (whig.) of Maaa., moved that the yea* ind naya should be taken on the auliject. Otjectlon being made, Mr. Bciia^ra moved a anapension of the rulea Mr. McMiillik, (dem.,) of V*., aaked at what time t waa uaual to report Mr fhiitsi'i replied?within thirty day a after the ippointment of the committee Mr Cnewai.L, (free aoll) of Ohio, moved a call of the flouae: but It waa not ordered. Mr. Soianta aaked that the 79th rule be read. Unanimous consent was not given. Mr. ScHtnca?Than I aak that ovary gentleman ead It for hlmaelf. wot to make a atatement Mr SrtwuiT, (whig ) of North Carolina?After rmlaa IM *UMielid?-d Mr Wbhtwo?th, (dam.) of Illlaol*, obj*ct*d to tha I inaction baing taken, Th* rui**w*r*not inn?ida4rot* 61 to 60. TbeI(oa*e wmt tnto Committee of tha Wbole on the Jtate of tha Union on th* <-4Liro?ni* qi Mr. Boeors, (item.,) of Virginia, defended Vlrrlntn. from tb* foul **peralnna li* oppnead th* Wllnot provlao. The plan of the Trepidant, and t'Ui'i ompromUe. which latt*r k*t* all to the North. No. thing hot an Important equivalent could indue* him in vol* for lb* admUaion of California H* contended hat It In not practicable lhat the L'ni>* raa beheld ngotber by fore* If tb* Houth ahould be invaded by (oTlbern troop*, they will meet with a warm r*cep,ion The Union ahould U b*und tiigetU*r by concliatlon and affection. Keep within the bonndariaa of he conatitntion and a glorioua futur* will b- our*. Mr C(o*u.i. advocated lh* a<luu<>l?n of California, inrmbarra*e*d by nry other inhjeel of legWlation, ?lth it* pmoat bouudarl**. and with It* glorloua ft** on*titutlon. Mr Cawcoca, (<tom ) of Sooth Carolina. r*gard*d very atep which ha* been taken wi'b regard to tb* idmiMloa of California, a* a ?*riei of ii?ur|>atinu*. tincaptioned by law. and unauataload by the aonntitaion. and i rrcedent U* aenaured th* 1'rmident for dvUiat the formation of a aonatitutinn. and oppa*?d lay't Compromise, conceding all to the North. Mr Bvi.vrrraa, (wblg) of N?w York. *ipr*?*lB hit pinion that diauntan la not in tb* heart* of lb* peoile. Th* agitation la in tb* ball* of Coogrraa. and th* >a**ag* af a resolution favarabl* to dlaaolutlon. would oon cau?* the voter* ft?r It to b* discharged. Natar* n>i art ronililn* to makn u* one | OpU Mr OaMj (<lem ) of Alabama, ?m permitted ta **y. hat be bad riven up all hop* of getting tbe floor, and ' ave notla* that he would print what b" would like to ar In tb* IIOUM). Mr (tvLtcwaa resumed ?Heaaidthat thr-couri* would erha| ? bav* b#? n better for himself. aa lie apoka to mpty benehea 11* opposed tin further eitenalon of lavery. and advocated th* admiaaion of California. Th* llona* then adjourned. Court of Otatral Henlona. Itforc tb* He?ord*r and Aldermen ( hapmaa and i Kill* i Jt nt 8 Th* Jan* term, of th? Court of Seaelon* i emmeneed tbla morning, and from appearance* there ( rill be bunine** enough to ocrupy it* attention for the i all length of tim* which tb* law allowa for tb* month- : I y fitting ' | fa/'*id*r Tb* following i* th* c*|endar of ea*ea for i he term homlelda, 1 ; a-aault wiih Intent to kill. 1 , j obbrry In the Brat degree, 4 , carrying a along abot. 1, i lot, 1 ; forgery.) ; bigamy 1; burglary, tl, grand < weeny, Ik; obtaining good* by f?lH? pretence*. 2 ; ) , akin* In all C.J c*?e* ><e*idea wfelch there are al- i ?nl? IniUcti d 40 rliarved with hattarJv and abandon arnt.2 Tottl oM did o<* fiir> 104 i (riantl Jury nof IV| Orianur I Tha biibm of rrliUr- i 0*11 eiimmoBtd to appear nil *?? m (Jrand Jur in rrr ealli d I Pmi Jutp ?About thirty o| the panel ol p?tlt Jarora < nawrrrd to their name* when *llr>|, and about tan i rrro flnrd fSft . *rh for non attendant t Jm.t, .ill, fit ten Hmnrt t?lhi ( >? fnr 7Yt?ii on a | Karftn/ Fmltr I'rnrnrti ? The DWIrli't Attorney thta 1 norr.lr* railed Janien Arlioi(t"a Hrnnrt. la tha , aaa of a charge preiern d a<?ui*l lilui of obtaining j limey frrai Joba Aathon by falae pratrnrea , Mr Kennat? If the Metrlrt Attorney ralla tha rM | OT trial IniDi''l.atrly, I (halt aak tin. ? ourt to poat- ( >'n? It till tba July tirro. a? I ?m o ball, and Mr | Muting my ruat>rl, I* not quite wall enough to try , I Vt I Recorder?T*a diffi*nlty In the way of that poat- < tin lit la. O at diirlr.|t the July t-ii*? ?? try noon j ut frit' n raaea. and. b? Mdea, th* aaat?n?a of Aahl- y ta 1 l?f<-rr?-d till r?,a?a dlepoeitlon ia mad* of tbia eaaa of | rvnrt. In whlfh ba la retained aa a wltneaa lunirirt Attorney - I a Mi the r? portara of the praaa aoald lak? nr.tlce of lli*e* pro,<? d n?a I now a<k. la here at ythirg la 'ba ahap? of an aPldaalt. < a which la t taMd lie applir ktioa to put < ff th'? trial ' < Riaorder?la that Intended for vba Court, or for tha , *?? rtrra! biatrlrt Attorney ? For both 1 Pi nM t I did not tbtnk It wo:th ahlia to ?aka an 1 Aidant of tba fart I bar* JuH m? iitlom d. RtfCidff, (afi?r ron?ultliitf flit IN AM*r??n)? Ml ba 1 ti? f? off till Monday ?i>tl at wbleh ita?, Mr. ' m>< t fun muot h* rt ady. at d If Mr W hl'lnj la d-A ll? lo att< nd to your faar, you fuuat employ otbar , lonnael. I I>i?trl*t Attorney?I aball etfitii.ua all other raaea , t net aall thrai) on the day a*t doan lit thia trial. | 111I1I thla raw la <:*jo*..l ol I lie puMia la agli it??l la j ?fi raaea to tfela nauir aad I mi amiua to dtapoa* fit. , Jvif Vir-bmrgrd frr l*? l ?% No raaaa helnjf raadf . or trial, tba Jury wtra di <b?r*> J till 1 u-'aday , nornlni .1 S?tU ffi'i/v* waa entered In tl>e ra??ofJohn , lireeney, Itidirtrd With oth?ra, for a??a'ilt w?b lnt?at o kill, ci tmiiitted on tba |?ra 11 i'M barlra Detlia, of j ha fourth ward. ? ? I 1 VllftMMTiWo raeM VLMiii>a f r a?e farored with in- 1 all grrra from tha frontbr r.f pre. : n??vjo"nra to 1 or fellow rltiaeaa ltapp.ai< that U?a la he Biil|<ary road ha ha* laid om from Tampa i.ay to , ort I'teree. ra Indian Rln r. hi* ^nivhat tn?ri< tab- . d on tha Una atipulatid by <>>n Worth a* ilrdalAK be reaer t ?'' I|<|| th. , re .(T.rVrd by hlaa ! hla ei rr?a. I meat larludea t??'m Mary pottirxanftd by ?mie f tir Biile* of road tvrmtly ma<l? by tba <>v<rnm>nt foroa Wa l> arn that lillly Boat*** faaa ( iot re In dva diploiaal a f-iii.t Urn Twigg* <n?t ' ali m rvr troop* r. aaovr4 f,. m wn hin lh? laO'an Itaa. 1 key ehr old b<- driven fr> m It ^y f rea. 1 he p >iat bri ateaed brinf weak and rtir gullaut lleneral halitf amperad bv waat of lnttriirt>oaa hr baa beaa roia I elled to rvt ire aad ronalrur 1 new military poeta aad a ew road - JarAarwiM** ) A>??a, M*y M | the Trvaalaa brig Maria fr?d. tika from Hambnrf, rrirrdet V?rl??'a the SOlh nit : flrtt I'raaaiaa yarl i??f in that pert. 1 ERA] Receirikn *f (he rblUirlpfeb H??? flonpraj. Mttgnlfiffiit Turn-Out of th? Hew York Pirrmen. VOBCH-L1G H r PROC MS IOW , fee., ice.. Oee. Last evening. at 8 o'clock the flrcmrn to ? man. of thl* city and Brooklyn, avrmblrd In the Park, pursuant to the notice ol the Grand Marshal of the ucoa ion. Mr. Michael Jechcll. They were dres*?d In their red shirts, and had with them their engines. boa* carta and truck*, moet of them decorated with flower*, and hung with lights. while a number of the inembera bora torches. At they formed, the effect wm beautiful and picture^ue. They were accompanied by their banda of mualc, la ijulet array, without noise, and free from all that buitlo and din that attend their operations ! actual service, while the tree*, in glorious bloom, seemed to l?nd their charms to the krone. Thousands of people congregated in tha Park and all around, aad every one appeared to feel proud of the New York firem<'u. The right of the Una rented on tbu weft Ri-te, the companies taking precedence according to their respective num. lx-re. The word having been givrn t.y the Urand Marshal. the column ailvKiiCid. th? Un.i, nixi-- - sat concourae of cltlsen* accompanying the march Th* route wu as follow* : Through Uroailway to Pulton, through Pulton to Greenwich, to tbo pier of the Amboy boat. In Wfrt atreut, whcru th? column halted to wait tor the arrival of tba Diligent lions Company, ot Philadelphia. In tha meantime an immense crowd of people collected around the firemen, and the streets through which they war* to n-turn were lined with human bring* of all agea, mxm and couditlens, waiting to ace the pageant. At half paat ten o'clock, the boat arrived with the expected gucrt*. aiuldat the deafening cheers of tba flr?m*n and the people. Uavlng been duly received br tbs committee appointed for that purpoae. and placed in the poat of honor aaelgned them, the column advanced with the paaling bauda of muaic, minted with contlnnoaa cheering, through every atreet The rovt* wa* through Greenwich street to Oourtlandt. through Courtlandt to Broadway, through Ilroadway to Park Bow, through Park How. Chatham and Hant Broadway to Grand, through Grand to Broadway, through Broadway to Canal, through Canal to lludaon, through Hudson to Ciarkaon, to Carmine street, through Carmine to Bleekor. te Broadway, through Broadway t? Great Jonea atreet, to Mo.4, Kugin* Uouaa. where the line waa dlamlaaed. The Brooklyn Companle*. In passing the Herald offlc* on their way home, loudly cheered for the Herald The effect, aa the line extended up Broad way aa far a* the eye could reach, waa singular and Imposing The waving lighta covered the atreet fur milea, ao that it aeemtd In a blase, from the longth of the march, (six milea) It waa a quarter after one o'clock before the Diligent lloae Company reached the Apollo Rooma, accompanied by Niagara Hoae Com puny. (No 4.) who gave them a grand entertainment. Hopper waa laid for 207. The night paaaed off moat delightfully, aaiidat happy spe?ches and good songs. and wit. and a copioua ' flow orsoul." till (*ay-l!ght did appear. >Ve ahould mention that the marshals of the Philadelphia company are Meeara Gsorg* McGee and Kdwin Allen. The latter f ainted the magnificent boae cart that accompanied he stranger*. The company conalata of '28 membera. and had a xplendid braas band of lftlnatrumeata, called the Pcnnaylvania Braaa Band. The uniform tbey wore waa a hat. a cape, and a drab coat They are a lloeaet offellowa. There wire with theiu flfteen gentleman tiom Philadelphia, in plain drea*. who wlsbud to participate in the proceeding*. They are all welcome to the K tapir* City. ^ Supreme Con rt?Special Teim. By Chief Juatice Kdmonda. Jd? !L-DuiiMoa*?L'lyif U Hrtwtrr va. Ckarlei Pierre - When judgment haa been recovered against one of several joint debtor*, and he who waa not originally aerved with the aummona, haa been summoned under section 375 ef tba Code, to abow cause why he should not be b->und by tbe { judgment, It would seem that n* judrmnut can 1>* rendered against him on such proceeding, unless ha hall put In aa answer. The proeo*diog being In deroration of the common law. and aiming at rendering udgment apnlmt a party without bringing a suit sgaluat htm, the Covrt can tak* bo power by Implication. Mnjmmin H'tlmtm ea PUitmhtk ?Marriage derlared void l.y eeaenn of the defewdenl'a prior n?erUge Jlmirm CnWriAiU aJi Maty Jlnnt II kill.?The fact of tbe jilalntifTa marriage la not made out. or nhu would be r< quired to proceed by a next friend. Motion denied, with coata. I.?.lilt Goulat J crA ChmUtf Kit wi/e, ea Oilri K. CathtVen?W here a married woman la plaintiff In a ult. and It ia necneeary for b?r to aue by her next friend, where ab* has a inerttorlon* caua* of action an<1 ie unable >n procure a raapon'thle nail friend aba will lie allowed to fua III form* pauptria, by ?om? oncer of the Court * her neit friend. Motion t<> rtiike out tha Dana el < hailotte Ooulard aa pIfain 1' ff. d. nl-J anil tha allowed to sue la farm* pauper it by her attorney M hi r next friend l>arkrr f H'arnrr re Rutland and Furling tin Railroad ( -irony ? A eult. undir tlie n mar be brought la our court* ag?in?i ? foreign mrpi r iti-iti tli j.rti it ha* neither property, offlerr or agency in thia Slate, and II may be eommeured either by earring tbe summon* on the 1'reeidrnt ol the Company In pereua. though out ol the State, or by publication in the newapapcre in thia State Motion to qnarh the proceeding! denied. Jamtt If. Untlk c*? ?'?ft?r fwnvui. The general term In tha aecocd district haetrg refuied to open thia detautl. It would not be proper f> r thia court to lnt?r- ] fere Motion to open default denied, without co<la and without prejudice JlamoJwi llammrl erf? Jakn II* tKM* ?It i* ona pari r-f the cfflce of an attachment acainut a non-resident or tbacording debtor, to campel Mm to appear In the ult, and mliji ct himself to the jurisdiction of the l"Urt. The e> m| lnint will not, thvrefora, be dismt??d ti t delay In the prosecution of tha ?ult nrlor to the defendant * appearance Motion denied, with ?? ! Ptltr H hot It I I J H lUn knan The ofllea of u iverment In a pleading that the party has n'> knowledge aufllclet.t to found a belief If merely to aare h'a <lli nea from being construed into an admission, and auta the other to tbe proof of hie claim, tbe party baking scrh averment having no right to eel up any itber defence undirlt. than merely to controvert the 1 Lrnth of hla adversary's proof. .Motion to refer denied I :o-t? to abide tbe event. hunt out | IhnmnA rl. If*. Jarvil anJ olkrrt ?Tha provision ol them de. that allegation! In a pleading not ipeclfl'ally centre?" rted shall be taken a? true, doe* lot warrant m plrudmg being need for parpoa** of >btalnicg a partial discovery. by tlv' Insertion "?l avernvnts not nrmteary in a pi adir.g but wbleb are naerted mi rely for the purpose* of obtaining an adsiImI< n of their I ruth facta only ran be lneert?d In I pltading end e ircum "tanees going to pr- v? thoee 'acta will be stricken onl eapt-UMy when ln? rted for he purpose of obtaining an nitelMtM. Pl-?dinga an no longer be uaed a* a meant of obtaining a die- 1 overy In any caee. and the provlainn of th? e->d* tbet ^legations not controverted ahall be regarded aa true, ippViee only to tli- ee l?c'.? which are M to eon- i i' nute a party'a c i<r?c cf action ' r defence Motion to itrike out nveraenta granted Hiram Titular tl. <??? . W (,'nlfim?An wttachm?tlt nay Issue agelnat a n o resident or absconding debt n, m m aa r. tn>u i- ? n wrn| < ?? u ?* - '1 r m * wait and battery a* wll a. Id an a-Oon on <*<>ntra<t, i In i'kIi thr < i le >>** not prorWed any nrdr la which Ihi tuniijoni rin tit trrTrd or tii iPtlon l>? nmrn-nord. Tkr of* re of an tttatlivi'iil, In *?eh *aaa. I* to ! mj " I tht defmdnnt to app< ar i? tha ?oll and "thi'ilt i iini? If to the jurisdiction of our court* Motion to I at *?lde attachment denied. with co?t* TVinr r? - Motion It !< ? ? to *?rr? raply 1 (Tant>d on yaj m> at of fo?l? ol nwitlon | (MH'I C. f'/aite ?fi<f ItAwi ? ? >'?? Ifitrn ftrnl ?n4 | The procuring* ?upj l-"len'ary to an eiecu ( lk?, though a xubeiitul* lor. do not ?of?r?e<1e a rredllor ? mil * lowtwly pmrli^d nr. ) mirh ?ull l? tha proper pr"r?*(lln( ?h?r? 1ha rl?lm? of no? ] t?art l? to tl>a original Ju-fgmrnt. are to ha panaad iip->n 1 I emtirrrr orarruled with li atato aruwor on j-aym-utof ro*U. 1 IIj Jndga Mltch'll J> In Ilmrit ?* Jr>A*i? W T.et lk? pWniff ?t>|>?lale fo Iry at the flr*t rlfrtilt, at which tha I auee >hall be noticed on the cal> nd?r and pay 910 I :o*t* of ?hi? motion ?tid coat* of A pill Circuit. .Iff'I II Jin'i n StipSm IIh/T Motion to chanja renu* di Bird Willi 10 co.t? lo I lalnllfT flitted i*?nl?a Iltalrlrt < oait. lirfora J nun* Hotl?. nm ?? **>* r*r*pinn*. Jfil-Tkn ?<ran'l Jrry nil#r.J ik? Miirt tkb Boinlre and t ??ir g dtii?r?tl *or.ie lull" th? for*. Kan *tr Nntmai Whl(?,ll<>ii ?tll theliratol Jury, inder tl.a Inetnirtlrnr from (ha cotirf. hava Instituted r rr?t'ir*ttop? In r, frrrtica to tha h'tetil* Inraelon ol tha [ laul of i i l a and flu y hare iir"M ma to ?tata to U rovrt that In lh<tr opinion enfllclcnt aTld?nce liaa i''tt?m pi ?M< d to author!** the Indictment of any iw r-- n or tr n?. tor rrlinlual violation* of tha law* of ib* 1'nlted f *te* within thl* dUtrlrt The rovrt w*a th. n adjourned, and tha Circuit Court ip?n<d h?f?r? Jutlga NtriaitHU fTwitvltaali. Oftn l'?ik?r l?r l.rar*fl*ld. U * V . lion W II tr- yn Kingston v V and ninety il oth r *r i?>d In thia city, yewtrrday, anj look noma at tl?? lirinB llouo. Jnhn 0 FeVft. 17 ft N , ?nd ?*?' o?y nina other* iirir^d yr#t?n:-iy aodtook rucmitlthe \?to? IIm?e K J Par<^Mhar?on. t' S N . and forty night other* >rtlv<d yeat-tday. and took room* at tLe Atnerioaa Hotel M BrIItail. Corra^l f.attl. PI* Armillla <|a Oim'i oear lled ali Mi* Cnellnl en-1 mo?h?r, Hlfoor* T? l.eco llaaom Meflanoni, and Dig Marmi. ara al tha L'rlm Hare Hotel. HOti J ? HtiMer Conn and f rly (Ireother* arrlr d In thla etty yraterday and luok room* at tha Frank in H< ?*? Tho a#*rrB?t? nnmher of arriral* at tha principal Intel* >4 tl.a tlly, yealerOay, ?a* nine hnndrad and hlttyaare* The aarlor hean I* e*t?neiae|y rull,rated In AlnbMia tf>4 ? '*- ^nant Hire of *il are ai .nitaclnr-d ?1 L D. TWO CENT*. City Intelligence. Iltiir Fm* in Old Bur.?At ft o'clock Monday lf>g. the CHy flail Ml rang un alarm of Are for the irv% fire district, and at half-part flrc o'clock a (fmnd alarm rang, awakening from tbeir ?li: tnhera many sWavii? both iu New Turk and Brooklyn. A* the |iaw?I alarm rontlcned tc p?al there wan much ftpprehauloa of a gr.-at lire. Voium-* of dark urn ok* wireaeeat* lueue from tlx- di iglitjnrhood of the Eaat river aal Broad atr*? t ll waa mun *fn?rtnin<d to pr<M?d Ireoa I tba eiUnolve ittort- of Otta ft Woodward, corner of OM lip (Na 'X) and trout street (No TH) It waa 41aeovered by AaeUtant Captain fultna, of the Fir-fc Ward Poller, who mu?t have He n It hawedlately after rt gave Indication of lti ezlrtene* ft .iu ih?- fact af lis being jtint opposite the station hnu?. The amoke M ooaiug from alt th? window* but ? yet th? fltraea hat not bural forth AaaUted by tb? pulioe of the ward* and alao the polteo of the riecoud. h? broke opaa the building and found the tire in th? rear of tba flrat floor, and had he a ho?? tb?u at ooaamaud ha eould hare eati'y extingulehed tbu tl ?m*a wit bowk any matorlal damage By ?r.-at exertiona mauy cheata of tea aad oihi-r go<?la wire r. moved into the atr-wt, and piled up opp??ltt ih? atatlou houw in the un\m unie.me minium n.?nn-ran up to* Hoist rope, u] eua> muuicated with the u) per parf of the building rh* progress of Ihe fire wa* mpiil, but the fact of tt? fv-ir>f discovered ?o noon after il appeared, and tan U.-i m <u promptly on th* *poi nl ihe call of da.igwr, together wli h 'he circumstance of tbo uiln inf uess of th* morning. allayed in soui* ui-a ore tae aysprehension for the satcty of th? surruuudiuj njloling* Htlll, th* fact ibat No eotamuliicated *|*h No 24 by tueau* of on aroh*ay, aud that b >th building* contained cotton and N > ?4 a large ijnantrvy at brandy,excitt d great aU.ui and foralnig tintor?n< tared the question doubtful whether tbo wb <1 j biook >>i not destined to perish At six o clonk them ?ai rt-rr Indication of this catastrophe and had tho fir- proceeded with the same vigor aud unchecked by the trstae*dou* exertion* of the firemen th- lov- .f property would have been wry great Faring Old Slip, an I between front and Water >-treet*. th, re were tlvs nia^aitl. cent five story buildings. all uniforni. with the princli pal storlc* of granite, and tho coping* of the window* ot the others of the lint material. an<l All living iria shutter* Numbers 24. aud 22 belou to W A P. l'enti. Water struct The two former were occupt J, the fir*t entirely, and the uri.nJ in part, hy <>il? a>< Woodward, who let office* In 24 to Charles 8uttoa. and to Halstsad. Cbsmbeilaln ft Oa , wlio|e?*]- gr >c?ry a.id plrit merchant* No 22 U occupied by it H ft, tl. Kusher, by A. W. War die. and bv Culb?rt St Vwiley; No, 20 by Center & Co.. and No 1A corner of Water street by John A Moore, coppcr. tin and sheet troa store Adjoining the burning building, tu Cr?nt (treat, wii the extensive tea store of Itucklln h (trun. la which there were good* to the value of >10u,tiQ0, ?bMh were oovt red by insurance, 11 reat learn were n; erialaed for thU building but the (art of It* h iilnj m lnl? pendent wall, and the exertions of the dreiueu ?*?, ! It. Meantime, th* Ore eommuulnated with So 24 iNd dip. and two building* were uow In a bla?e. but th* Art men were playing *o effectively on every rid* that the flame* were kept In check. Several lio*e war* brought to the root of the store of lluckllu & Or ana, and the roof* of the adjoining Ht Tea In Old slip and from thence directed to good purposeagainst the ammon enemy. At 0>* o'clock, the flame* were *o far subdued that there wa* every (fbnfldence that they nuuld not pass the limit* of the two storoa which they had already attacked Meanwhile, th* top of the wall facing front street had sprung out *o considerably that ** firemen found It necessary to keep out of tho way At large crack waa visible in the old slip side, ruuuipg from the top, over the upp*r window to the corner, i ladder waa then hoisted up. by means of a rope, with which the member* of the Hook and l.adjer Corn- , pany N? 1, pushed the wall toward* Kroak street, when two storle* fell out with a lond crash. They th*a drove In th* top of the rear wtll whiafc tell Into th* building, carrylag everything belor* It* and driving th* fire out at th* wludows in a magnificent flash. Th* windows having been hurHopcu by thi* operation thehoeenow played with better effentfruaa th* front of th* (tor*. The hoik and Uddarmau n >t )*t *atlsfled with the condition of the btHI4iug. druva wok the entire nt>p*r part of the front wall Into i h* (treat. Though the danger of the extension of the II ?fu~* fit tiow past, the cotton continued to bum till ab ?ut li^lfpast 10 o'clock, when the fir* wa* entirely s.ibla-d, having first deatroyed No 2A. Old slip and n?arljr all that It contained, and gutted No 21, witk the exception of th* lowar st'>ry Th--a building* are both laswred I* th- full auioant M*. -ti contained tea, sugar, ooffe*. Ac . with v-n iMlas of eotti n tho good* of Oil* and W<?i l.? ird and mauty balea ?f cotton on storage, owned by ''enter fc Oa ? The l<'** is covered by au lu*urauou uf 11 'tint h.ilf which I* effected In the l<ong 1-land. and th- rK >er half In the llartford. Bueklin I i hm'i st >re was init damaged even by water Them e*n be tin d'tubt fiat Uie fire was the work of an inceniUrv. for I h-holdings were eloaed slnca Saturday, en i If the dre had b?en accidental. It would have broken '>ut og Suaiaf. Tet the mystery Is. how It could have 1>*vu lutrnduj -d with th* doars allsn*ee<ire that It ?> u*ce?aarv u? break them opan. It I* stated by the pniiee. tin ther* has been great cart lessnesi In regard to thi< Stere. and that M I* frequently found open *t n?^ht In Mo ti a short time ago. a lire waa fortunately di?.-?v< rv?t la time, hy th* IIrst ward poltoa. cau(*d by careie#*ne*? connected with a box of charuual. ue?d 1>tr lighting th* flr*a. It bad burmda hoi- completely through the floor. There I* a natter worthy ol notice |* connexion with this Cre Tbr hatnhwsy. eoatrary to th* ordinance of the Cornmon Council waa Is ft open and unprotected, othervis* th* Orw would i ot have extended aud tb<> hull ling aad .11 Il >-i?i ? > ' ... - .. vnatiun ?i'?w "?? I?.-1 K4T?-1. Thf ul ri'cf No. U taJ 2U Old clip, wara al?o Itfl opan. and wa utidrratand It ia lha lui niton at the pollca to procrvd againrt the ownara. for th (*c< ?-ty of th~ n? hucdrad J liar* Una. W i?r? *Im? a Mtri d that tlia halrhwaya ll Mrxrt. J anl rt diltiank'a rttn. Iii Kronl n. ar tha cornar, war* all opan fi'nu lop to bottom. It will ba raeollielad tl.at ll waa In i-oni*<|ii?nr? ol tbia rtry D'flrrt In lha building adjoining that uouuplnd by Crutff k Co., In Water atn-et. by lata flra, tliat tba brave tin-man John k. Ouire. I oat hla Ufa Is tba ordinance of tba Common Council to ba a (liar* Mutvm/uimm .' W* abalt a** Tin- flr >a In tha Plrai ward, of lata and particularly In Front an<l WnMr atrial, ha*e b?rn *ary num-roaa Captalu* WiUv and Leonard and * ?!?'ant Caj.talna Pulton and 8bm?graaa. with tin- poli<v of tba rlr?t and tmnnil warda r?r> mini art i?a and u?afnl . tlie fireman arc di'a-rvlag r > f tha hlghrat e> in mi udatlnn for I hr Irak ill. ?uergy and Jarlng illaplayed on thla oeraaioa It woubl mmmI In m th.' rtnult of tbla flra, that It U moat Jraliahle to I it< tba di(>rml atation houaet, ?f|. ially in Iba lower w.i I. wher* ao niurla laluabla property la accumulated. prorlded wttik hr>?* and other (Ira apparatua. by whir.h many flnaa might ba really extinguished In tha la-ginning wttlalk l>y delay ga'n headway II at bafttea ?t?o tba <-"inbt?a4 aaaHlona of tbe tr-aiaa In t be after no.# roaaidaral.lr >|uantity of r?>tm? waa rvc ??-r?J fr 111 banaaifc the ruina Ma* Miaaiao i anaa litUMMatii f larvnarraaraa ? A boy t.amt <1 Tlr maa V-tMit ft yeara of age, re?t4iag at 1W ri.urrh a're.t, iu N*en . ?rr aim rktr'day ahrtnina ?! < o'cl'fk Ha ?m ?t Drat nppr.-nito la ilrwwn- l but r rcunwanc hare alaaa tr.ni?plrrd. lead'ng to tha la-iiel that ha baa braa lli rrjul away lie had !> *n i?aat with a young w inua realdmg In ihe fanily and a? atanding at tl?* <vn*t r.f line end M u?h In ete when ab? a. lowed ItIm lo rat Jr.wn on the doek to pla? fh* neeer ia< kin at'.arwarda lla la mall >.f hl? ag? ?f dark coaptation, light eyaa and I'fl ' an! urn half, with ona ,?r l*a latn-'ih i r-l '"I >Tid aii ii-ronth* palm ?f liif right band Ir in a I urn Kaait??ti' * "i < ?rT?i* W'h i i??ii. or Tiia Trnta Waai r II i a|ta.ii Hilltaia af tha Third Wart I Mice haa aant la hla r ^nati > f una ahargaa tint l??? pialwrrd a# iinat biui la n-faranoa to niavy aalj wn. Aaattit nr Kanoaaata ? Th* followlaf ara tha arrlaaia alnra Saturday -ti-lla B?ltna?. 17* I hilaMphla, ('hacraa . It t'dwin* Antwarp .. , .V* III n.ltir k IIuJa- i, Lon- Total M dun 319 frai ii af f^nnTaia Taatarday afli^ntnn. ah >n? K o rloak. during tha thundar atnrm that bnrat nmr lha t? a il .tlu.i a t'hurrh lla^atiatf waa atruak ?lth I at tnlng ftmiov* Ainnm, ?n? llr^iMT nr > Rraia.?A* Mr. Jrin Mill*. r?? I'litij it .No 7 4 V < ?th M >?r?<lr<wl, waar?I urning I it# ihi* ni ruing kat : I n el irk. h? % i?nj of yoni g niln * thi-(iirnrr of llu<lanii and Xnrtk Vlnura *U*ata A qimrrrl rimnl, and blow* fillnwad wi.fit* In lha wun* of lh* rmmatra. Mr Mtlla waa knmkid doan ami in tha fall hroka hi* anki* Ho ?a? ri.naryrd to III* rr.ld?nra *?jr d.mI-iuhb far4 a( th. Ilk Word. Ai iin*T D?nw?ao fat no* m tint* At 4 a'aloafc, r H . J''1' IT ah. ml O yrar* of if* tli- *<> it K?* W Ilium Afhaf. fi II Int i th* Worth Itlaar. ok ballot ot J>lb *trr?t ll<* wa* Uti( nil a|>|ia'?oMy III. U** by Cartaln liaroa. of tha aolmnnar Itatld Umitall. but t<y til* * ?'-tana* <>f th* poller an I l?r llab1*1 of lh?> Jt.ih W?r4, tha boy ?? roak>r<*d. ?al Imtighl to liia pan nt* ThU ought to pr<i?a a warning to iKiya ?b> go lnr?ati?u*ly about th? dwka a?4 quay# (' milt - Jof?|?h Nowman, rhargrd wllh tool In? l*tU-ra fr-tn Ike Poat Offra, anil ?M wa|*??d who* Mn| rrn**y?d to on Patorday la*t, waa arraalad on Monday nn-tnlng II tbo flra Pnlata Ttir J*r Itnwmno KjrrttoiTioa ?Wa tmdaralaod Ika gotirn?<nl *111 DM allow th* Kat* Rnyd. at praaaaA nnd-r rtrti ntlnn. to pmr*ad an h->r *n?a?a to PurV? Itlro. till th* *una ara tak< n oat. tM ?h* aaaunoa moTr a* pack. Mm.it.*' M?rt?a? ?Th* HartfM>d Ught Oward. r?. Biat.'ltil bt Major WaKh. pr**aat?-d, diiilau tha part ??ah lh? I' Iwncth I'nnrrrt Banal with ft allrar uukard. of b?aatlful w. rkmftwhlp Cap1 am < n Ighto . boa r**l?n*d tha rnm?ft.wl of th* ruth C??r| *ny National i'?rd. ptafarr'.hw tha rank of fr>t I. Iinlt nan! Captala M<l?'ll* hka Wu ilHUd In hi*?t*ad. Thr Kl< ??nth R*gImint,*>otnrnand*d hy 0?t M u-rlft, yarad- d yratrrday In fttl' fatigur draaa and roa la ft r ni< ndid torn ont Th ,, >rw au.l h-wtrifnl uniform OT tha Monl?<>w-ry Ojar.1 and alaft that of kh? liuril. wn^*?#?, admln-d Tha farad* * * big** aiadltaHatcO gaUa*t t*7*