4 Haziran 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Haziran 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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r ! NEW YORK HERALD. J AH KN UOIIUOB UKMK ITf , pbopkiktoh and bdito&. w.c?knr.kop rultuv indkauauits. ihk HAil > HKKAl U. 2 < *! ft* iwp*?(7 fr mm*. ful. u f i.nl . HKK il.ll, trm, 3 Uurd^y. ,U 9% ent* p?T i %\yr< . tuu; iv* kfc'e/ir'i), ?..vv?i <1 p*r aonxsi. m lit i'-r-ii/t. i'.L l.kl I'I.m V >? uwirf, /?r w ?UA ndvti%^r. to hr pi I p lit, or M# JMMbjyt i.iJJ V di-ilM'til ^r?*l Iks < ' ?? ,'.? n V A U v li>KKt:Sfl)Sr)i:N< h,4??t.imn4Mport..*t ?? i t iv<( /r(~?ii??,inrl?r / 'a* iborhii if u?d, will m '''? ? ??*for \ >'?}/' >. tnkruaj a ??wmi mnmuiuc itimu. h'? <! . rttr-fi i ini.tnutdeatioi t. A'' "' ? N 1'W ?v*A| m*rntiLt/ 4k i shu ents this cvkn1n0. *kt tiiiatrk, U?w?ry.-Hamlut?CuituTiBa Of vtki ?? bfc \i vv?v t1i*atkk, lir.?dw?r? n??vou? utlFtni > IU-I'mum - > TIMS WatCM. w 11 . . * ?. u i<>.s i. ? ,v ? CxiTAia or th? watci ?li ?< ukiwui -Ticiuui iimu. v * * tlllatri, chaubm itmk.?CtWi*! ?> t j miT mtu.val Till atsp. ?tiath*m li-lrinnm i i-? u. ?? m ciuiui?ia-ik?m httl-lbtu cl m >oa. < OPUA 1iousb, Meohanloi- 0i!l.-HTiu?fu > Hisiruii? LYUrife-i'ihoi'i ltidrm*ij?. v :1A n|os nmiiniciii. If* * K MU?KUM.?Ckim -t Lahv, akd V*?iotr? CcIfw \?ik, Turiwl?X? luur 4, IH.W, fai; oifont ti l< -;r?i?hlc sfwi. 1'- ? - .t 1-7 . ? it * i.re in u fuit w.iy for very seri? iM rvl. 'on i<> tbe rccent attempted I The Spam h povernm-uf, as ? ' Y> .n, ha* a very summary mode f .r su*pected of con^pirin^ r ? i v i.i! . it; and ?houlil anything trans!; t?> .in- lawn of nation*?a* now seems t. ? v it i ..y be that this country and Spain tr.h .\- us diiT.culty to settle. Mr. Clayt. u I .? t?i n a step n? ? at all mincin?, if we m*y ? ! t i ur - an 1 though we can scarcely bel *? iti.ii i? * ri !>e tiaied without a due regard to t> i > ' it r n't j> tify and insist upon it, a? thamivom I H ru?lil4ie takes, yet, should the o* *rc f < - t-s t f-at it ss a mere individual actum, and M>t if,?t of the r.>uniry, a war miy be < suable U'e ntti V>e prepared for the worst. T !? V fctt!l?( invention has come together. The wtlv ( i t i f iui. re?,?? yet, iag.it he red from Judge M?-.k? ? < (? in.ig a>i li' M. He has stated that the ?t ?t?f ih?- roaventioo is to sustain the Union t! f < i t,fi.n?ii< n Thi? ik a |>acific beginning, ? <: i!.< l. ,< l r*? ry (K.triot is, thai the end will f>SH I bat it m the f?nrr l s>-a'imeut to sustain the r cr st sit ha<uir>W. Any other course will m i si 4 -? to rbe adjust neut of the great f - *tiw b fete the n*t? n. th<- It -? it K< ,ieee?utives the California '? * taken up, ,i?.J a debate ensued suflickktly raiM.ua, bat involving no new considerate i?s The i.ilk mu?t >?wui ?nd, and true eltxjuencc afpear i* its ongia an I end?artu* Tti? ? sWtsrt ihH the M'klg Partjr. The ?a?ii..g r.l'in t organ >4 this metropolis (wbtrh m the ?M .'2 <"<' Ji llar-fair-hu*mcss-tran?asiK'B journal) t*}oicr* with great glee orer ib> |?S(?ri of a reeo?-fruct?on of the whig party a the n< ? |1 tf xn, si hi' h has been put forth at Waab a?w.a by the central organa of the adminivtrauon This platfoim of (he ,-resent cabinet embts? vrral ureat principle*. U.th in linance and tapbil??? | ky TV first and greatest is the (ialphin principle of linance, by wImc'i all the doubt/ul claims of cabta* i in- mhrrs, including those of their fci**d?, rtWusM, and dependent*, are to b? forthcoming fn m the treasury, a* long as there is a doliat la that sanrtu ?ry ; and *? ben the dollars are til r>sr tl.'s for i We 8m.hi. i|>e Tr-'u>uiy to |*? |* ?e a tb'Arieney loan of aixteeii millions. Thi? is the fcrst prib4 tpla. The neit g?ea' principle of iIh* e*bie> t w tbr an* mtavnt of utl ihnr own relation*, fhrad*. and d< ,?-n<i< nta to otHoeo, ilia*Iraiiag arpoliaati in ibr ntoat f?rlir<t aa<i unblushing ft.im Tbr n?*?t (ftr?t pi1*114 J.- <,f thi? ww [4?iftfrn ? tbr ?ivlic4ii?in u4 tbr W.lnni proviao to all tbr irw truttarira ohumul frwm M aim, thrrrbjr c?iiwf ? fl ibr Houtb alt jHfcrf, nod arcunng the North fot tbr vit ikhuU to the umt of tbe *ar Sock, we brtirvr, i*tbr platform bailt upon OaJf4iini?n, ?i|?'iwi, WiiotoNprvviatMam?Ui cvtnh?ii? d topnbr In o't# r In Imnf about a (ouplrlr WMI* oiibr urw wl.itf ^ruty up n tbrrr j<inc:, Ira, tbr laic r<iit><r*of the at Waahington, bring *1. f? of fhr (-Id t?i4iforii?, ba\r bo< # kickt-d out, at a U.rar.1 lunar uj- n tb f*atnc*. A ikw art b i? Writ |? krd uj? ia tb> >r atrad, fiom th? Trraaury at.;blr?, abrr* tbrjr b?vr Iff# fr.l aad I*ttrnr4 f.?r tlx |>ui| ?w. Order* bivr ilio b ra laaurj, by roll# of ibr Tfr??tirjf I. ttrj writer*, la all tbr liitla Ttraaury journal*, to coitir out ia favor of tbia ?* ?lngftrtf,*<ikia D' -w i-rtiw-it l-a and arw prt?|?rt*. A n??hrf a| tb-ar >?Hint?l?, 'hrrrfwrr, adrr tbr tuflarnr- of tbr Trrarury. bjr tba Ul of r.al,4ui.mi aad ll<r farnea nf nrputwtn, b?v* all en.r oat aad deflated tbrm?r|vra ia favor of tbr wb< Ir |4*lf<r< h. ?< ili'Htniain, arpntirnt, aa>i Wi( t pro*t> ? ?m a M included. 1 hi* tr? and grt*at raUort movfmiM ku brra already a* far n?-1 ?rr .t aa t? rr;??rt ?h aid " M.(UU? 4?IUr bii-lxiN?ri>-ti?BM< t>Mi" Mifin af ibi?rtlfi and ibr probability ?, that aadrr lb - popular!) jr o> ll< nrial T<ib>r, a to kciu* aaar )<ia?t*4 *rb tl.*?? art rrt ax?*r 'iirnl*, tbr prrarai dyaaaty a1 VukiP(ti? * ill br abtr ta d- ( at tb< rnletn it af tbr ! ?>? jr <|ur? I ?>t, pim-,? In, tit* root**. -n<-<* aI Mr. t lay??ill eoat > ikrr depr?-d*iM>*a *,*>* t* ' TifMury-f" ?a ?Hb ibr a f- .ntm-aiaf na?r.* a-1 brar* ra uTwrt?*ad tbrow ito aMr cmmmtry, fc r thr aral Irw tr .f?. ialo *ti< !i aa a^Uati ta m Utr >U?ri/ lurMit-it m ?f?ff Wbn Ium ktf* irri in '! rrp?Mic llxKvutkrnifhm, by Ukit utt mmm* mU Hh <i 4i??nm ?, iir ?<> .f iftd ?'*n. >g hi iIm* ?^?r HArinriit of lit* c? >< ? I; ml ?r mrr ! *< uOkT. ?f.<- I ?KM? ?<?( >.tl ?f)f MtikmfM <" fcr ' ir*, i?4 irm i?l? ikr 1 .?i *i-kol ! ? i. 4< . ? tm a ??a*ral r mi, p??f p*im< rjr iv fe??ri?l ? i< i'? m-Ml kruffc at Mm ImnI. _ Ftin ftv ?. M i?* ?1 If pibtk- il? 9>t l< i' ' *?ni# < ? h / ' * ?U?al li '? ik* iliffi ??f lit' < l.'i ? M rf |4ul*? pti/n ?i.'l tlx IiIm d ?? In f*?H *fc f ?i tfrtrn f polii <?I}>* t u,?n tkr pi#* mi |?v?Ur ktxw, A w T 4rwr?N* mh, m n.?i>)r ie?|?mis t? l? W *Wlf Mci.&nl, ItiuMf lit# p'liiN-?l k fcf tin* fun k? fctm' t?#4 I gt *11<?? *4 a>?4?g ?i>? t !.? ?r ( j? <li?ir?l ) * * HI rr iWn 'k t??'Wn Ci thr l?H't . f Itril lii<nlh. III* Itlhfttn M* Mr?l I 9)imw, mi ? ??? if*, fbf 1% ?f *rfunwi th'ir (mm Ini ? r <ImM if iW of tki? tutc w ul ?I mil I* i?f |4?m M Ibf nhV Ii*Liiw?i ?( a |i?ii i*'>' <-al i*??f If MfMfk HK?nt The |?w(4p. iI wtsr i* f**?v ?f | />+ ' ty$trm t ( (r>>< T?l k?Mk# *nri?lMa mm i huliiH-wiii hmrr tr*4 l? t?r? < t? errew, tirf rut) <)4f bihit? the Ua*e?i?M? f?rt tli >i ifc* r"Ut h*ro?Mnf mm** u4 nn>w (fiMrf It iM nun*. Tlifff weft two h*i?ire?| u4 Mtj tiic'iMn<t rnfrn in faw W frr* >?#, N?*eu.kers !? ? we nli4II mot n-im?--r kalf m mt in i f?w mniiki timt IMiiml ?a ?etf ju*t!) ? ?rtr.f. FV-t Oniri |iiMrnri?iu ? W? rimU kk* ? iik ikf I'miMMiri ot ikw riif. wky in* ?? latf ahonM fiirr i?K fk# iMulm if kw v4f*r* ! rtf r*l i.ik?r ;r-?mal<s ??? *f tketn *4 mimII t*r?l tti'i, iiij o?H itpi!<d| ik*n to tk*l wniil w?r#k i* lh# ?fT < inl MlwtttHt ??#? ik? ? ?! C. Tke Mteahinc cf mk lf?rk 4?" not onrfj? nd witk tk? f?Mr?l tMrtfiy ^ Ml* I'lMMMr klMMlf | V we PTwoi.*rtoico?i Mysteri** an:> Iniotitib*? I Ti'.iKpEBiiiYurTHi DutiiiiPTU [Um.-WeiiK, j p yesterday, ihe startling intelligence, received by lei- j r egraph fiorn Boston, of the robbery of the Dnrch~o- n i ter Bank, in that neighborhood. It was peri*-tr it-d 1 b on Saturday night U*t, and a large amount of both * * bunk bills t.nd specie?equal to $20,000?w n ?V Miacted frt ru tl:?* vault* of that in?titi:ti<<u Tl?e , 1' rirgulur und ulujih; particular* of this hnr..rl iry, a? far as acccrtainrd up to this lime, will be found in cur 'olumnH el.?where. This tnusactiftn in 1 generally consider* d, by those who profess to know, to hrve been peri>ctrated by some of the same gang i who are tuppoeed to have robbed the j-welry store I in Baltimore, a ft-wmonth ago; also, nnre recentI ly, the Cleveland insurance Co. of Ohio, of a large amount of fumb?the robbers of which, have been i ju?t arretted, mid the money returned. ' | It will fx? recollected, that of the burglare who \ perpetrated the I'.mous robbvry of the government ; 1 i jew els fri m the Washington Patent Office, some time aince, only cne was convicted, and the rest escaped under a stool-pigeon mantle, and liave ever 1 mice been abroad upon the community. Itwillulso be recollected, that gome time ago, a burglary was ! committed on ihe Westerly Bank, of Rhode Island, [ j of which little or no account hn6 been taken or invesi tigation made. The robbery of the jeweller's shop : j in Baltimore, followed soon after: that of the ' I Cleveland Insurance Company was not long be. , ' hind; and we now have the magnificent robbery j of the Dorchester Bunk, near Boston?all forming i a contecutive series of" safe precedents," origiaati ing, as is generally understood, in (lie fertile iutel: lects of ?ome of the stool-pigeon gang, whose head- ! quarters are in this city, whose recent transactions | have begun to he understood and appreciated by 1 i the world at large. The following may be con- | tillered a li^t of these recent robberies and burgla- j I ries, with the amount taken:? j , Tlie goTcrnir.fnr j?wils from the Patent Office ? cum ]>uuirhi d. the rest ercapyd $5 000. I | Tin- WI'Merly Hank of Kboile I?la?d?no trial. [ no discovery 15.000 : The jeweller'* t-hop In Unltiiuore, no dUcovery,. . 10.000 ! TJ.e Cleveland insurance Company? robbora j juM arretted 12 000 The DorihtrUr (Mas*.)?no discovery.... 1AJ.UO0 , j / fy rt ght" $6JU00 All the.-e nefarious burglaries have followed in 1 a rrgulsr line of succession, and appear to have ' originated in the same gang or coterie of brilliant ; operators mIio have recently setup business on ' the indep' ndent principle, and have located their 1 , head-quarters in this cily. Some of them have < ; served regular a,'prenticeshi|)6 to the business in London and other parts of Europe. Theotheraids cr.d aw-istants to the gang, are composed of blackmail reporters to the disreputable press of New Yoik and the country, stool pigeons for the use of the independent Yidocq'sof the day, and small lawyers, who set up on their own kook round about n the Tomlx>, to pick up cases of a similar kind, 0 wherever they can get them, The regular and rc- v , spectable police authorities of New York, have been ' engaged in making discoveries that will reveal, by P and by, some of the secrets of this gang, and their recent operations in vurious parts of the country; ri and we are prepared to receive some astounding < di.-clcfures, one of these days, that will d?velope v the whole of these nefarious proceedings, which s< have been g<>ing on, for some time past, among t] the stool pigeon gang in this city and throughout & the country. The respectable police authorities of e< Button, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and of other cities, ? ongnt to join meir enons wmi me regular police 01 ii New York, in discovering the haunt* and projects Ci of these rogues and their cupportera. I, Plainiiklu Finani ikks on General Taylor.? * The I'lamlield financiers are very severe and savage C1 on General Taylor, because he insisted that his (,< cabinet should carry into eil'ect the neutrality laws, ,fl as well as the laws of nations, ill reference to the ^ recent piratical expedition fitted out by Lopez, from 01 New Orlc ma, to the Island of Cut*. Thobe pirate* and their organs, instead of ex- J" hihitipg their teeth in such a way, ought to rejoice i.d l* glad that they h:ive escaped, by the clemency ( I the Gtand Jury, trom tlm punishment due to their violation of the laws of the country. But the ri*infl? Id tianM irr* have always been lucky. A Grand Jury in New Jersey once indicted them for (<' their pract.ces under the churter of the Plainfield l!*nk? one of a batch of bubble banks which they bud set an foot?and the <?overnorof New Vork refutcd to deliver op the indicted, as the Grand Jury i'iw have refused to look narrowly into the viola- ''' tion <?f the neutrality laws. Th? y are lucky ; but let them have ft care how n th? y | rocred m ih<*?e expeditions and practices any n ore. 1 h<y chould turn their attention to the j r bubble i f enlarging the Battery?that may de for I '' the prerent to niiinsc their readers and humbug ; ^ the public. * t -"?? ^t<* xri<"t orrmo off to orr on nrriR ?There is a story of a pedlar in Co?necti- ' w cut, w ho was ?'en by an honest farmer to got off b Ik in hoise, atid then to remount. The farmer in- ci qtim-d tl>' i< a?un, to whi h the pedlar replied, " I tu got oil, to get en b' Iter." This was applied ?o Mar- If tin Van Hun n when he resigned, on the twelfth of r March, 1"Z>, the office of Governor of Ins native f| State, ft r j-' l in llM cabinet of 1'residenl Jackson, f The sB' C. yle may be applied with njnal force to ( t, , C> mm? .'ore Stwklw, who has resigned his peat in i ? the Na*y !'3* ch t?tneti?ent fiom public life. ' ? "lie has g t < If, to get on better." By thus dis- 1 fl flaunting, l.i st .nds a fair chance to become a cand ' te fir the IVe-il-ney of ||.e United States. \ nl L la fa r trial of military heroes?we i t| r ?< i w try the natal ones. As the t'ommodore | j< .? Ii rl) im n' d, we m *y anticipate a capital run? : |> a!-?i r-t New Jeremy rice. New Jertcy h**aom* 4< <<d rice Co .rrr-s, and, the laws permitting, they ^ ran be ? ? to advantage. We consider Commo- j, 4< r N.. !' ? e for the gre it rare of '52. Go H It, l-iii a* i bi. ran?. Lditurs, what chtace? rn 1 l.e r ' hi I < iinulsn his an annual income ?4 f llt'.CtaJ llrre'a bleeding for y<>o. Tub P n At ? Mkbhno*.?The aboliti it * > is I -n ere of Ike same cliararter i .1 rf Inn. n >ir* *? ! n?n*eMV. j I CtlrtM aa4 hi? pnfty adapted the im-tic* of lira [ 4> ?,?i. I, h -fore Mid, arued Abbjr F<(?? !?,<* ' i -nbtofth- i? all, ami h it 1 - "i bnu?e, f->r ajvak uic her j *' i> J- a???tii af what they ni*aa by free ilia- | J"' r n I ii? nMhrrtu adtaar* ntxia lUn4> ' iliaetmiea the ileccnry and I# , tf Irwl lit rria.?n and Ilia rrrw would r' ha < r ik- er? < t fWtMilditf *aiuMi?lwi Ml tW?- k|>??nf, MMI* and rnd, aa II wm here? 11 aa-4 -i on ?u? ry,Mit-flnwt, MfrewitHtoi, n ai d at tilt if (inMn'Hifl ta will wt W ,? ? br aMtWr year I ??a r h lii-i ai ? 1?h- t'iritai.a of ihr e'nt ic I a^lu b nwiwwiwealth, rf>- r d frating and pat- re i i| Aat lit (i h*t\hy,ru* Ihrinarlm to the ? Uflka* mmI ' i. t S I t j TVudrif uaate ta Xr? La^l.nd appear to ha cl ' i t41 ?' * hat ainrfUr <4if?-'i<M? t'nler their i a i 'a??r| a'ir?tf*n, and their olWf letna, ih- ir a? m I" ?ta a?f aaeeeeH. hi a frw year*, in * I urf drva the * n.?ricka rrpuMte, aa their an |t'j e*-* fc re r? a?4 hy thHr Mly IW ?>M Knrlieb com- j; I Riiaul I' U ka a la U ih ('rrtnarllof ih? r< m I'mh .ta >a Xt* L*f?ad t That* ilia i .iieetM 11 i it naa mixta' n*.?No *?aiaf lha Her- n h ">a or At -ea ?*hea t ar payer went ta jfr??tbia , t, alt>*| lU'hafedue (< lataaaar . + t ata R a W?| la tha Jn?* ^ ae* jU'-*? ?f the *-?-r -aa C*m?I at Mil* a>a a> ? i tha Ca.- ? a *4 tha Prn la fif?m?ai? tha Ja?-?aaa ((fM* aa? ??? at I ha arbaa?e Rirth tar a* a??ta4 af rwfa f lai a ikift tiaia afa?? a iaa> iaai?n ?aa aant * _? J-ha a Parte ka h> aa#?e et lla ' a??aaa ttatital af Maelaa at Ma- ' aa a > ' 1 a..? ?*4 tf m aa 4 t a?t* a af ,fca '' fart a?4 la aW?ai yn??aa|a afalaat kla 11 1 |a t tat* th? Baiter Wa aaa la aaa that I Ilia-, I at '?'? ?a aa* - -?a ye -aayt ta 4a jnat ,?? J] ta tha Atwr.wn aivlarna ia tkaa atfaW M Wcbkim Mn'i C?vi?im ?T , i?m kf t I nnvrn'M* of woriiaf n^?, ion. ?*, ui ilua ' hi iff, COMtoing OI tlrU'f .! * f'l-M ?i <U? VailOM hf radra. Wli?i tb?-ir *v?? p>. |?fi, ?rr runol | H e knowa till iht\ h 1-?? ?it er; y? t it fa .ait* m l>l?nnt Umi mmnri'l Sr a !-a Iiac f? -4.ur*, ' Ji n nay of 'he d? l? c"t?? .r* m* , I who liava j ar irru ferdiitf ?lH hung u, wi th- < f* loaa .luring ; *t he |??t * inter It tin* hf r? men.'< r.-J that a 1 miliar nicvcntehl w?? hm.V h> the i;? <tlalii( ' mnd? im ni the tr^< f, aboat twr try rear# ajo, ' * n which the ruling |.iu-.c ,4e? ?| toci ili-m, coot- ' ntinutn, and equaliztlioa of w .pre, Sjr 'h Uzy an 1 ' i, lie indu>triou?, were nr.' I with much a? il nn 1 ijl*rrnt brotherly lo*? TLert wia uo whol*- J ' ioiiie prtfrtical reat It fnm the a^iut.nn, however. | ft Jn the coutiary, tho** w!i<*e Lin la m of heart * ind gt-ni ro?ity of diaprwi a |>?<'in -i I tUfrn to tl mcrifice a portion of their ejrnia?? ft r the benefit o| >f oilier*, found thrqi?"l\> - pi inr ! u. o d?-bt, an t ti >rersed down with liability ?i'l ??-lf tmp?*d *x<e, which kept tli-'in i*?r {or wvcr.l ycart. if *as :ln?n found that th<- phi!?v?i>hic?il wotkng nvn iverc idle, di?eolutr, and wiilinjj ! > live uj?on th? Dl ndu?try of their fellow n en, * ho, I ?werl did not C| :ontinue for a long time ti> n; ,Jy the buy talking (< n?n wiih incoinea. The who!. ntUir ended in y finoke. | v The frequent nraociationp and rombinjiiiona in ! ngicUHj, urrurally uiju r iam ' , n<4?? ' 'Jr ""u- : -d out in the same d-ploraM wajfl wiule every {| novrment has more fully anl tirnly e?t?Mi?hed he fixed and certain truth, thai the individual j, irinciple is the only sound and practical one for th-* tj lappiness of the *orkin.'ti nod hi? faii.ily. It ia inder the operation of this principle that lalor Ht hrives, tliat industry become* 1 -.'gely remunera- (; ive, and that superior skill i;nd frithfal workman- ,n hip result in ouperior succrss anl ha pi tineas. It r( s fully proved, by the history of the trade* in Knf- ? und and here, that the only way to promote ( y, ;encral individual success, id to keep aloof from in hone associations which have introlueed idleness, * vaete of time, di6Conterit, and even debauchery; nd those foreigners who h ive attempted to estah- nt ich such a state of things in tliis country, by in- pi rodticing associations lu re which are copies of b< hose which are even a curye to labor in Europe, w xhibit a strange ignorance of our institutions, and : lo f the benefits which attend our well-directed ur j nbor under their benign influence. All our wealfiiest men have sprung into seats of ea.se and inej endence by the tweet labor that is alw lys r warded in this country. They hare slowly, but ; et surely, arisen to their enviable po-ition, by re. j ril ognisirg the individual principle of uJustry and utegrity, the obeervation of w hich ha? led to such radical and fruitful results. We think it will T. 1 It ake a great deal more sophistry, and a great many j cr nore foreigners, with crude notions upon the right* i p, f labor, to overturn the array of myriads of facts ta rhich speuk against associations, and in favor of B< idividuul and indei>endent labor. The sequel will i of rove ull. ?k The Late John Nkwi.axd M-?rrtT?This very ] rmarkable man recently died at Mobile. Our reollections of him, extend as far back as the time j0| 'hen he was a tailor in this city?a calling that h- iu Don gave up, as beneath his aspirations. Finding ?a lat he had a " soul above buttons"?an immortal wi duI?Me flit joined the Methodist church, and , so t>on became a bright light in the darkness of sin BC nd error. We heard him at the Methodist church i llromfietd street, IWtnn, in the early part of his ?reer, when the whole city of notions hung upon ni is lips. The excitement caused by his preaching as immense. The church was crowded, when- i * 1 Ml' rer he wag to speak, and the atyle of his elo ence waasuch aa to captivate th?- imagination of le young. He bad evidently studied the style of n ie celebrated Whitfield, whoso pulpit triumph* ice created a great sensation throughout this Ju mntry, as well aa in England. Lmincntiy th< a- | ical manner, hi* gesture# were often "opremHf <u dicrotic. Sometimes he would waive th* big inrto Bible over bis head, aometime* *u*|<end it CP, rer the pulpit cushion, aa if he would drop it on ??' e head of one of bia hearer*, and then clasp it to j * is breatt with ex>tatic exclamations. His figure* o'? ' n>eech were bold, forcible and sometimes curi- ^ j*, well calculated to inflame the passion*, and to ?, rep thr imagination awake to muny thing" extrareus to hi* subject. In many rsspect*, he waa Ut trnied for a popular orator. Hi* manner* were , ^ leasing, bis fare wns agreeable, and his dre?s n, k h, a* established for him a reputation for Uste, y nd a perfect knowledge of the tayhring business. ** It waa while he was thus awaking the slumber- of r* in Boston, that Mr. Joseph T. Buckingham, en thr inde|>endent but unpopular editor of Tht to >'i?cEuffa^d Galaxy, veiled unm some of the pri- }|? ate rxhortfttans and manners of Maffit, to show fc, ie world th&t "all is not gold that glitters." A 'i- ,l> 11 suit waa the conseqnepce, and Mr. Buckingham, ho bad been cond< nmcd as a villainous liSeller, b< ut who w i* upright and honest in his intentions, Hue out of the ordenl with gn at success. His y il< nti, as well a* those of Muliit. w< re acknow- " I dged, rnd subsequent event* fully proved that ,?i ren 1< * judgment waa not much at fault Miih re- |j' ret to MslRt's general rh&racte ri-?ti<-?. At all ,?| nts, Mr. Buckingham, who did not relith a l " lilor, tcrned par*on, " cixiked his p<w?*e," so far ns 'f\' t'M< n *ns concerned, and the preacher netcrex- ?? ned much iiifluetre in that city, after the expu- '{' ire of his follies in that region. Hit S <>n af:?>r Mr. Mafiit *spir? 1 for literary heroism, ' !j'( nd commenced the publication of a i. n^aiinr in o ut city. In this work, he nim.r d to imitite, if not > surpass, tl celebrated Motifs in llic " lharyof a 1 f.yi i isn and ths st} If of 1 rc iuctioat fnlljr j ' Lowed that his gr*n.l purpose w is to afii-el the ft- ~] ile poMmn of the comni'imty In f..\thro'i<?hoiit < is whole career, the grand i-ourcr of rtery ambmon , _ _ __ II. |J k..>. I.I..I, 1 ..I L?1- ' . iip wiiiiim, gtw: nuuiu H'lTr VI^II <i vui Ilir h ijmr ice cf m?n from eiistrnce, to that I, might dwell * i the i urm'tre of female admiration. It wrna thin J r-aLnctt that colored hia whole eji?ter?ce,cheqoer- ' B hia career with tronblea and dueultiea, and irnmg n- und it net-work of tnrnnaea and *n?- Li cione, I y which, to*often, hi* vociiten^rc.ime . ie victim* It ia not neee??<tl7 to r ho** far |U latcniam ?u mixed up wi'h hi* teni|>?tnm?nt, oi rw fur lna p**aiona ?b verted th- ptirifr <d hi? in[iraticn ; but it ia to lie feart'il, ll>it for the wrt-u 1 ' laructer winch he had actum d, h.il given *" w ? rtly 11 cn eatiac- for rerioui c? m; 1 iict.M 1 at With Me more recent f*poamon? of the divin* JJ n nmnd in 'he Fouth we art not ac.p tintad- It ? I -(.bible that he may have done much good, id t\eti repaired frw* of the in; irir? which fin j, J miner* had inflicted upon him*i If nn.| others at *? e North It l? not mnny month* ?inn?, however, ( it tli>a ?elf-elect?-d clerjnnuiB *hrne with no en- V Me light in thia city. Th? te?. rd ? f that hiary of pain, mortification nnd fatality. need no' l>e t, vned. It wa* tuch aa eonde im in lina j oiid, and,'n the nest, m iy be amply atoned for j,', r remc vt hia good de?tfs T*'"vrdt-d hy pome <" writable any|, No dflslit, emi!d all hia aecr>t eda I* known, and nil hia hc^tt l?e rtvealed, ml rn wou'd acknowledge tlint John Newlind * *' iTt w?i not po h*?e as he hia o't n 'leeo de? i ' n'eii to b?, or f? jure in lii? \f'rior life ha hia I jv tend* and f< lnwrr? reprf f^enf him to hare been. j?, e the food of hia o? n Vanity. |. I'l^i Reartai Allrtu Tin *' ! *? Hrra;aaxn.~ !!< tlrffajl ? d?ratfti waa r?t?lv?d yerterday fmta V* irltnil, ('hi ? a-inotinrlrc the *rr"?t of two y > mc j ^ r. it(?l ?1 j??r? ef a who ? <n<| ehar/ed with ?t rettery tf ih? lltnll <A tV l Uolcnl la*nran?? ?. a ?bert time rtnew etralir-c ib- frf-.nw f ISn,m %>t tank Mite anrt ?t>e? >? ; tk? y-n i/ Mew <r? b'#?h | aii EltllltU to Jail All lie ?" ') liaa k?*o it- ' _ | G Nr|'ri ntr * ??r1?I leewlf Tnwtt* |.rh.n Milthtll J0rntt F Vrl't? " ?>?4 ? ?!*?> ft. iKt Vt'tW fa- 1 *'1 n,? iff > I hl? aa?a. i ?'i b*> Kaa alrraiy *' 4 ae# lb*'? tifiealar* ?f ?h>ah h??a be-? b?f*r? ; "'n ? | i.Mtr |>? ??? ? jt-Kt* wat ??'avp*n*4 ihla ' " y an4 > lih-'ly towaewpt Ilir ( <iurl lor >.?aa llia?. ?a ??wwt ??w(h?la ??w|?AltH ln?!n liu lo*?ra?t an i*?" f r ||.? < n W*e<l i.ha * l?e?4 tiavWHbA, ai d Mt?f aklrb rx Ja?ia?-4, w" i i 4 itbvr* wi-ta ciirb-vir I diirm; Iktiltf- ' a at il%? *er?M In a |nl?, In January, 1*41. ml LiruuBY OaU!M!?|5M.?Scw-d Suadajr papers ive puhiikhrd ? t: u *.,*u?tlrnce t>etw*?a the cele ted Mr. P T Ki'i'iUB, el Una city, anl Mr. W. . 9?dlry Pamh, i t Bcttou; (he latter, the stage antfsr *f the F ?r.>a Mu*? urn. Mr. H irnuni ades?es Mr >i*.iti .? tlie .uth?>r of " The Druukd, or the Fallen t;.v d," ami encloses to him a mioCatuBt y, to wun h the letter thus replies:? ttotion Ui'tci'M. ftl:urch 4, 1810. , T. lltlHII. Kxt ? hiifi l.e 11< t?ril ti act nt mv warmegt thank* TJ ?r a-?l c-ur.^hjr. Your elegant aud i!.' tl?, iliHC' > <1 ?'?th kiuctrc rupect and graIVti 4 I'.ar ?< u rtiinai* uiy |i.vr uh-ld "The rutikaiil ' io? My met ik ?.ia ^ ".d toward* iny kiud-hf art.'d rin cy?r. th* ?'?ild. and uijrvuf It m no* - it ?iuaU>?i *rall'ic?tlou 1 have recvlTrd . u. h< I. uaM< pruduc i?ii .o liiiak < liave ia a Hliuht t i mrrii. d ' he i sti < ui an J pr > t ; f a man reapuctI It r hie h>io< itly of yurpu/v. a id admired fur his culitltl la?i?. ( o en tod proeper. Whra Portun* brntowt h(>rgkft* i rat h r man. ?he removes the b.uili/.- from Uer ruw to offer h> r favors with her eye* open." I ubirrit' injrtrK 1 jar v/bligi d and humble friend. W 11. Si.OLKV SMITH. Now what are the fact* in the case 1 The aforennrd plav whs written by Mr. William Comstock, r this city, tor Mr. Kimball, proprietor of the lio&u Mtifim, and an alderman of the modem Athens. Ir. Comstrek received lifty dollars for his labor, hii h eonti United something towards the support r In* wile and lour yountrt-lnldren, while the Boj- ' n Mnseum realized, it i* presumed, about twenty ousand dollars by its production. Mr. Smith, order to suit one of the characters to his own mome nature, i.lterrd the text of the gifted auicr, and now claims the authorship, on the ground taking away some part of the original work, id of adding others, while any judge of Mr. mutock's style can readily perceive his own afterly hand ia almo; t every scene. It was not tough to give the author only fifty dollars for hid ork, which tilled a dramatic treasury for a whole rar in lUston, and for one hundred nights i.i Phidelphia, but he has been obliged to submit lo a i holesale ( ialphinism of his rights. \\'e presume that this will be news to Mr. Barim, whose liberality seems to hare been mUap- ' ltd in the case, and that he will not consent to r a party to any such proceeding. Meanwhile, j e should be happy to hear how the modest author i cl>s upon tbiscuriou < transaction. Can be throw ry light upon ill lias lie any more plays to be loked and galphinized in a similar way 1 The Italian Opera Company, The Ant or I'laee Opera House was brilliantly thronged ft night. It was ths first appearance of the troui* nee their return from Boston, where they bars met ie success to which their merits entitle them. The era represented last night. tu " Lnereala Borgia '' i* of th* inoat popular productions of the modern alien school. ibouDding la dramatic effect*, and owded with brilliant and pleasing melodies. The Incipnl scenes furnUh opportunities for great vocal lent, and admirably were these renderod by Signora >slo snd Slgnori Salvi and klarlal. The banquet song Blgnora Vleltl was also given with considerable ill. and elicited an encore. The enthuitiasm of e auditory was wrought to a high pitch throughit

th* performance of the opera, and tha ldc mass of fhshion, wit, Intelligence and beauty ined In a general tribute of admiration of the vocatr. The part ol Uennaro, by Salvi, was Inimitably ! < stained throughout. Ills opening solo was given 1 th the most finished expression, and in the closing ' , rne he ws* magnificently effectire, as was. also, gig- i ra Bosio, whose vocalisation was truthful and bril- I nt. ' , rhc next performance * ill be on Wednesday eve- I \ ng. when the favorite opera of " Norma" will be pre- | < ated and another fashionable house may be uxpectud. ! 1 e public are now fully alire to the entertainments at sir command. t Poller Intelligence. I The C*ir Ont-Kyt4 Tkimpmn. ?Vreat anxiety was t periencsd at the Temlis yesterday to know the re- > t It ml the examination which had for several days y si Urn pending agalust One-Kyed Thompson. before | sticeOrbom Tbt'Uipoun elands chared with the mafacturr and delivery of the torpedo b >\ ' <rh ch I lodrd in the liuum ufMr Warner the 4tli of May. lis day) year ago. and. like Paddy's rnn.lt still b cpe up its fire; ev?ry no* and then striking parties 0 never dreamed ol bring hit, and will.it s-ems, t itii to do. as ordained by tli? hand of l'rori- , ore until the manufacturer* and getters-up o< this llitk machine shall be held up to the gase of thn { r blie tjr. on the embers <?f their own iulamy At I) I ] lock Thompson appe?red. also did Mr. i'hUlipe, the I eistant District Attorney, but in consequence of Mr. , uith. conn-el lor the defence, not appearing up to , ?> 11 o'clock, the raarflrlralr a lj uiraoi the bum over i till 4 o'clock In the afternoon; lore another d'lay ' is ocra?toc?4 and the caaewan ultimately adjoorucd t!l t> o'eicek this forenoon. i'i i>i?i a Bartet.?A sailer by the name of Gilbert [ tarn, on Thursday bight last, while uoJ-r the Intense of liquor, was induced to enter the hou?* Jio Oak street kipt by a Mm Doyle. her* he was soon futiatid with women, xhioh resulted in his pocket I ing picked of lit* mallet containing a certificate deposit I or |>U6 on th* l.ife Insurance and 1 u?t Company. New York. t'Beers Duinan and pc.wirs. vt the Fourth Ward twe very active nflleeiy. | 1 k the matter In laid f-r tl.- ?a l|W IliflnllMl e caee to Justice n-boi n?; the atagi?ir?le. on hearing ' . < re I t - i. I I MSTCl war.- mt f >r t>i use f klrs l'oyle w'.i-rc the olHrtrn. oa marching ' e premie** tecovered the rrrtlflcale secreted In a a ceddv I'm l'ojle ?as tak-n Into cu?t"dy on tb" aril* ? * (Ir?h?| tu* Miii" ana Ju-tlrr i?.?b >rn?* hold t r tu ball in th* > um of tM/U l?> answer tha rbarga I (Aarr* Sinhng N'altlfl On Pnturd 'jr ? ?. nln f ? I, illicit" I'nwllnga mi l tlairi/(kii arretted l.hrro ling u.i'|t. calling til. iua< lira Jnhn IV'llllama, ?l>t<irg? r i. and liaulil (iuh< on a chnrg* ol ?tr?lin,f a r? l?l " l.ato t catcrdiy ull three arern IJnnlidal by r Cnrtjiifl Cba* and Archibald Ka-nnaU. jawrlnri, F ?(. Malili ii laor. nltb bavin? rntarrd tbau ?iof? on I w lit 11 May. and al*o uu tha> l?t of J una. H illtama , i kmf lo l.? ahum a i 11 watrb ?bieb ha wiah -d to 1 t irrhaa* fur hla alaier. uud while tb?-attention of tlia I -ra l? rtwr an* i Bf of the r??iKa illppi-d a ! r Id bulla* watru t.nd rb?io Into hi* poekrt. taln.'d >! 0. ami tb*y all I- ft al*Mugtf?*y Would nail again r inly ufur. tba |.roj rty w?* mi?r*d Oi Ih* tr>t a 'utir tha KiflM h?'l ill* linpii l -ti. a (o fall a imid I nr. atd Ik'ii rbi|r IK> it (?liri>|itr'i ulli-mini w*a ! Irarti d by una ef th* o?h< y?M watch. valued at a [) ?a* rt> Ira and r rrl*d bway. *ubae<|?aailjr Mr aar Icnrd tba f Id buntm* wat*b la lb- p-?-a-u.,u ' * a man by tb? nam* <>t lirrh.trJ. No Uuory, Spoiling Int. Ill mi a. >i?a fm-ar. 1. I Ji - i I laotiMM Hitia, |t)0. 0 M il* I rata. baat lhr> * la Bar. la bar?**a J C< ti*ay j am> d Mk g 3 t. II. C'batitiau nauirdaH g i'< ntUma*. . . I di? 4 Tim- ? i *??a Turaa f U?, tail* liatata. beat thrv* in fla*. I l>arin aa :? I MeLanak'la ?wt*r*df m L?l; TubliiflAi. Ill j ' Wh'lf'iiy Mitrnil I b Ka .rant J i i Ti*? i.; : o?? JM I '?? ? flai A Mroad i^iilrli ram* <>ff batwaca Cm< Mir?-and ^irawfn ih* c..uJ i natH"?*' i? >a tha 1 tiivri u#? 1 l?la lioir t uatdi naa, on tba tim I at, obtain dftrat-r-r 6 lun. t 41-: II 'b* !' al '.a tram watch ana-m <a?d did Dot tal' *" a* inr of i hi' |.at.?r? pana.- fvilrll T i-1 < MHni, t hiiiirt Jidf " lugraliam 'r?i Ai twi Ta?.*aaa Si a tl.l.f iy > * i its* W. StU? and t'i?'|i 0a*4 Tllla aw a* a-n >n r kti arrr?l andrf a *??? ? yn if i> damao" war* lt d frnia Ibr ii{?iiln( ?f Ilia ai->ky Mr kaktil *' Inn a. tl af.arrd ll.itl Mr (I H' Nil?? a lawyaf < t I, a rlly bad r?rrb?a? d a di-kt nalng i,j tb? pitla t ? i aillatt Ntimariiti 4 t? J u l?e Kiliqui I-. vl tb? | i*?ir aad I'blalnrd a warraat actual .?ayii ^uriMkl to nn act to aM?b n?|>r x.a.a it f?V " 11 aad lo |>unl?h l*an I'll- n* il. l I ra fbi- aarrtnk '' f dlrrli a tu thr fii.-rilf lily anil II I* alla^ I that " ?-? aMl?*<tivmly al>rt> d it. In* rtin ; i li? ?i..ua m to any < (thi n ?i?tai>l?? of tbaalty aad f iiniy ?f >1 tn< " Mr klb ar I ibr d' nia il. Hu b (ana ia ? oaatablt) |iff?**f'b il l? tha h< ? ? of Ilia | laiu ilf III * n lay rlr??l, in thr aib January. IWv an I th?ra arl>il liim an ilii? arrant. ?b.rh aaa lor a inn f < 12 1*. rla aif d to br itao t<> Mr flail and *'n ? Ma a a roui'lrof d??- ilir (nn tba till l?nu? y,' lu? ,lt.tiff ?i- lr< Ukhi bafor* Jii.l,-a Kdin'>- (a an I aaa t" rl'?'|,i ? < n i h1 f run ml lli it thr arrant bad br^n i i nil and thi f? l.y rind fail t id It *i*ii app>-ar^l ' II Mr Mlra aaa ?nl,.? |tv rt ly ar r*-t. d on a t h u-.-.i I?a?i?j alltt?d the |>ri><-. of Ibr la? ln<l tiTna^M ,r' tia a j?rl iaa bMI thr r< aija' ?l?it ?a- diaimaat.) i| ??aral nlin-aa-a arrr i ttmlnrd f t III* plain' !T I' i npat ahrm ?ara lb* II n Ji knW Rdm >mla. i.'bUf " >llt* cf l hr r<|.i?nia I'nnrt abi d? p *< tilt Ii '* Miai y III 1'ij.lata at* hr iiicbi b i ir? bun ail Airthfrfd bltti Iwan-i Ilia tiadl of ! > any i I > *onataM-a nf a?ld r ly and n un } tara not In warrant wh? n b? (aiiin.a) ?,,.,ir.| it Tl I* la tny n d apd *?al to Ikla a.i I rvava la'?ii % ( trrn i . i?* ainrr V?t i;iary 1M . I J %l , my aairntil# fOtb?(l.ii(f %| a*, an Ibat par-Ira < uld h't l?? r.p).ra'ai d If thr n. r la of lo a if C?:i II* kr ." *if? In al.in lb* lit m*-* Marital It r?. 1 wrnld h%te*ir*e?l ?? out ; Wv*n !>?aaam ? bri-Dcbt h< for* Hi* .11 -air tba a irraan I h i t |* lanprrxliifl thai ifc*r? ?a ri|a ? -a n .? aati a> | vl Ha It. and I Ikfttfor m ?hi',r ( tha prlamrr I* r->''y I dlrrharj- d bl:a lb* a i*at t ra? tha ai rtatl 'r*?anam'tird?I ha** h" r?<""i|' ti^n f *kil m- [* trd at lb* llai* n? ||ran< iitar 1 h* a i ra .1 I d? n d * I ar II K.1?a ?ta pr.t a; ai . , . i a.^dam ?dl >1 f. fn r <n f kaii* ?ht n h*ra>ir thn I i ar-* ar* ? taaljf a a ho pi**>nl paprrt ! a:* an I f alwaya tu 'tilt' tk?m t:?aaly b?b:* r-(i ag ib iu (l a.igii m .) M '?> r* *>itn'rat!rn Jii<?n?? E Im rda -aid I don't ' b tn aay tMt >'! a l< on* ol lb- ati.??n j whi.aa rial la I *1 Iild arrnllnlar b> f na al^nl"* Cg Ir C?wh*?r? m ><*d for a noa-'i. ah'ab ?aa *? tki id by lir J?bn Orabain . bnt Ixforr ?na arg n-ii J? i aar.aladrd, Um bow ai a^joaiMaaa -i arrivad. t ( Common Covacll. I BOA l< n UK A LOL K M K N . Mtnimy Jw*r 3 To-day ih? bmtrd ot aldermen mat in the Council Chamber. at B??- o'clock. The foe4 ffeeie of the four dollar ratolution wa? evinced in full attendance ot al<lrrcn?n from the eeverol dh>trlot? The uiluillr? ot the IHft neetiuf having b*eu road and approved. the President atuted that the prMentati-i* i or petition* wai the order of the day. A Ur^n number uf petition* vtre then pretcnteil ?< ?*rai prayiiwr for tho layii.g of vater ph-e*. end the eonftrsctlon '?f rwrn or other alt*ration* In various nurti of tin city. A petition wan preaectrd frvm Captain Carpenter, ef the Fifth DUtrlct Pollei. for the p lyiu>nt of |2. paid by him to two mt?n f r takf?4 rare of u mibn hruuyht to the elation- houee und^r the i lid it i in e of laudanum. Alderman Haw* objected to the ltm? ot the corporation being eontutu I with tiie consideration ot triU'mr financial matter* lie had to objection to the bill being paid, hut hu mor-d ltd reference to tbo Couimittee of Police Alter >om? 4i<-cut?>on it wan fo nti rrtd. The meinVr* of I'.um mpatiy 45 petitioned for a li ose for tb.'ir f.t.-.-U/e Referred to the t'.iuuiitteu on t'lre. Julia Lewig p-tItioned to b" appointed an interpreturto the viuiou* > courts in this el'jr. Referred to the Committee on . Salaries Resident* of the Seventeenth ward p< r it ion ud for the location of u flr? engine in that ward. Referred to > ir? lit parin:cnt. l'l. Tully applied lor eom- , proration for profi?.! nal services Referred t i 111" Folic# Committee I'irtmen aad otliir resident* 'n Ninth ward applied for the location of a hook and Udder in that ward Referred to Fire Uupartioeut. A pi ti' ion tri'in Iki M division of S. V. J1 M I t . pmj'Ub that the ?lm strut ars nal umy not l?e abnnioinil lUferrud to (tommittre on Finance. K ?0lutions went next taken, whin the Aldermtu of the Seventeenth ward proponed the following:? R?- j solvtd, Tkat a committee of (ire from each bo_r-i be appointed. who. together with the Coin- , mlstiotjer of Repair* and Suppllea shall mtke ar- | raipeim nt for the celebration of the appr<>te!iln( ?ii nlemary of our nntioual independence, anlthii tho rum of f'JUUU be given tor the Rime. Rawltntio i adopted, and the board appointed Alderman Frauklin. Pelamater. Concklin. Oakley, and Miller The in it Interesting. if not the muit curious topio of tb? afternoon, war a rr*olu'ion brought forward and signed by the Committee on Market*, on the subject of providing refreshments for the ccininltUe* of tlm Common Council at the expense of the ?tatc, or more clearly deSii I. an attempt at the restoration of the cnrp irntlnn ' t table. The singularity of the resolution is. hotrrv. r. rurpasred by the uni.'jue arguments adduc-d nr a ? rt of preamble to the resolution itself. Tbe wti de U based on a resolution MrtAmt into tin- ho.ir.; UtM elite of the May session by Alderman Miller (XI) T>e argument (pens. by solemnly averting the eomni 11 t de-ire to promote the iuti rasts of our cltixeb* generally, and especially those whose interna* are lU.ly to be affected by tbe deliberations of either board It state* in continuation, that it is a fart, that minr of the subjects presented aud referred to eouitnitle?s, eoEtldtrably afTict the interrsUtf property holder*, and as a conscquenee. are largely attended by interested persons It then goes on to My. that tbe committee are unable to leave their private Wu.-m< <?. till the ordirary daily hours < t bu-intv-.j. five to fon 1* M.. that many reside at great distances froTt ti?o ' City 11*11, and arc thus unable to obtain their t.n at | their residences, and arrive at the City ila.ll in time to transact business at such hour*. They wire, | natuially. unwilling to go fasting, and urged th? pro- , priety of providing tbe good things of this wor'.J ; for their re freihment. They acknowledge that there ' has been extravagance, and state that they thlu* an annual sum of five thousand dollar* would amply meet tbe proposition. Tbe resolution 1* word.'J ai follow* : Resolved. That the Keeper of thtCity ITall be. and Is ' hereby, directi d to furnish such reasonable tefrxshmints to the committees of tbe Boards of Alderni'-n, . and of Assistant Aldermen as tlirv timv makn I sltirn lor. while occupied with publio (In tie* at hoar* which re nder It Inconvenient to take refreshment* at their place* of residence. nnd that all expen*e* there- i by Incuired b* verified bv the *ald keeper on oath, and whrn approvid k; the Comptroller, a warrant fhall be drawn by him for the payment thereof, i Said expense* to be charged to tint account ?f < contingent ixpenaa* of the Common Connoll. ! Aldermau liaw* wished time to be given for the ptib- : lie and all purtie*. to *ee the committee'* rea*on lor the raanlutlon lie moved it he printed and laid on tho table The motion . after dl*cu**lon. w(i* lo*t Alderman Oriflin arked. an a matter of courtesy. that the . consideration of the iuM??t be postponed. It wo* 1 eventually carried that It ** postponed. The vote on , printing was reconsidered and the report wa* ordered to b? printed, and lurtlur, that it be inadn tin- ordor ?f the d.-?y on Thur?day next. After th? diactifsloo ol ; tone minor points of business. th? board adjourned. i nOARn OF AS-ISTANTi. Jmr 8?The board met at half-past 6 o'clock. Pre- | lent, the President in the Chair, and a quorum of nemhers In their placc* The bu'ineu of the June , lerm commerced by reading tbe minuto* of the laet iivetiug. which were duly approved. rtTiTio.ua acKiaaro. | For permission to lay railroad track, and run ears hen on, through Broadway. Church, and Woo?ter 'treet*. and I'nlverslty Place, to I'nion S<i?*re. through 1 J road way to Madison Squ.ire. thence up Fifth avenue o Forty-second street, to Sixth avenue, and do<rn h rough the l*?et thoroughfare* to Thompsou afreet, . Frit Broadway, and liarclay street, to the place of he[innlng To haT* Seventieth irtrcet. between Third and Fourth veauee. epiard, regulated. ?ud |ia?li'd. From *undry perron*, fur a newer in Thirtieth street, 1 wtween Four!h and Lexington avennes I From J D. Walter, to have Seventieth street, be- 1 ween Third and Fourth avenue*, regulated and i reded From the Oovernor* of the Aim* TTouae. to have >lpe* laid to convey the Croton Water te BiaekweU* Islai.d j From the TTarlrm Railroad Company, for perml?elon I o renair track and alter curve* lu the city Ref?rr> d o htrert C? mmiaeioncr. with pow er. From the Governor* < ! the Alma Hoaea. asking the 'omniou I'ourcll to tak<'action in relation to approrial iag new ground for Potter* Field. Fro* Willlamaburgh Ferry Company, for perniloinn ' o run boat* acre** the Faat Kiver. Utw? n the clip* k<iw held by tb?m. at the foot of tirand street, In thi? Ity and the foot of Booth Seventh street. William*>urgh. (OMWl ?l< IVIOH ra?M ftfrARTMKVTI. | From the Committee on street* in fat or of flagging id walk on the easterly tide of Madison avenue, bewi?n Tweuty-eigbth and Twenty-ninth etreeta. . dopted t>f Committee rn fewer*, in favor of a sewer in Fourth venue nt*r Twenty-sixth street ; abo for a se-ver la 'hirly-eighth street and Sixth avtnM Adopte d Of i'i>mn>:it-p i n Street*, in favor of ptvinc Twenty- ; ighth street, b*.tw -en Sixth and S*--. enth avenue* [ idopted fame rommlttee. In fkvor <>f regulating and etunc ctub and gutter none* and flagging sidewalks n Ferty fourth atreet. between Rlghth and Ninth r? line* AU> j ted. . Cor.iriirilrelu -i from the Commissioner of Repair* lid Supplies. relative to r*f airing tl?c old City llall, at ' it expense ol flN.IWO. <' ii mni?t< atlon from Commissioner of Repair* and lnpf.lie? relat!?e to the rave.j ent of Mew*. flu*" and l??d. ai.d Mr I'lfrlne TLe e<mm anient Inn *et? f'rih but the I eks. although ?otnel!niew rxreedlngth* c>n- j reet length, are m? laid In conn eat Ion with (mailer 1 >loek* aa to mr ke iImoi luiJy adequate to the service squired nfnem. I t omwuniration fr^m the Street Comml*a!oner, enige>>.a.*i*? I'r bniMinr an addi'.l'ia t<> the pier t tbt f M 'J Ci uilla:nlt - !rf-f t N 1L AMroiuJ *r?okt'Ti <??. Ar4??lt>f that Ilia ttip at f?>ot of Tf?j itr 'it b? | Irt ! I t kill lift d|?(i Atln|tlti| | 11n I? - |n r 11 Ilia f- t .f ftifath ?irrtt, E iK l a , UN <!. J MM Bt (NM f < I. < full nrlui? TMi l?nj . *i rum < i ?? Cm t Cor*t.-ll?i. 604. 653 to ' i Ml' i In <".\ >1.; ;W|? :u . , I * C? '-it Cm t Cottr nrr??tXo 111 I | hr.nit Nm ?, >1 JO. 30, 3T, 4*7, 3$, 40 to / a 4* i?;? jr T rm.i Cat ??.-Xo*. 7, 14. 21 to 24, | I , aai?a? n r*a- Fart It! Koa M? 14*. 147 14!) 145. y 17 I'AIN. i<J 1M 147. 14V. I'*rt 21 1<W. >M ||?. 1 | Er4 M4, ' 0. ri? l?A SIM. t& Jfrt I?l, MO 102. Malta for Earnpr, TV* at'arahlp Eur 'pa I'tpi. I.-Ht, will lilt* ttitl ' i rt la mrrf w kc?t for M?l f?i t?4 Jltrrj??i| 11. r iail* will rl * >! half part 10 11 -??rrow ra-minf. , '1 b? n'ntff H ?'!. ?'*h t'ia t atari n??(, It Tt n-h au I ' tifl >h. till Ir pwbii>br<l at kla> clonk. * l|l?l ?lt fa Mr*. Mnda'a 4 lly l?lm laif, <W? (r.iar (tract. at'l ~ ,v ftr a '< a < i a ?.? ?- i-w ,ii. i if al ' 'tir? kt< u<n**i? aa'l ta? paMia l<i at i . ar il a ? ?''?? >a, Altt , ^ i > l> < t. rt till !> ? ?t l> at ? ia?" ?- a ,?? >f r . . , . (. irat.au n Linaif a U w a?<n Uaa. I r*t pat at . ? u ? i >r r i'f t a< i in it i" . <M uaia'M a tat ta/, mm h mI aa im w ?' ' l !'? ? ?-ty rttr I?aai4 la thit at t. Tat ?n4a?- , #t? t a* * i tt a*i*ra tha tliraap a r1 ?4a ta it., pallia act aat . ! *?.. -wag a-rb, M ,rl ' t i tit Ik ' > >! I<J If at li . * !*' ' ' t ??( tafr 't'lrt. TT* " i r r . fi 1 ' . -? ita | a a a ill. (a i I 1 >? i'i ii la at'tli. t rriart aa MBM W ia(ua ~a afiiati it. ib aal ??t i?rt a?pri (til (I *1 ' oat It i.i. fart ! i?w4 tar ?>i. i tv a aal ta b at* tip't T*r ft U.a.? ,< r.|.. all, t'.aak. rH.r. I-."* ?- ? " nl a. , ' ira ' I ' I r 1 1 i. j | .a r? II ha i ?i 1.11 ? . t a . itnl-rrtff >|l.<ta*lati, ali'lf Irf lal ina'iaa la lit a a liar miui i.i m. *?. iHULCi R. BaDK. . j] ritHtthiN la* lliiatkn ikuiat I.alar I.?n4a-a ' a i nut tat - ??r ttaar laa. < > ?. . a tlaaal pa* .a "t ( art ?a. a I ktta at 4 'rp"?l?a.?Jf l?-a?a rra? " aai ~ 4 f | ta rt a ttaa. M araa*. till lr??a * I a - 4 M * T . . > . v - ''a a kaaarb*4 lN|aia? I aaraa. a* ta ? a* ptla " *** " la a I a i i aa* at lata, kaiak. laa Wr a ,a. > ?atf. f]l t paatr* a ? ' lilt f?. aaa'lft. a4laa. aiU la kakraltt pari pa taaal ???. Ilri-rf 4 lia> *a I ram|araaata|ar.?II Ihr (?)Uitl ^ ?'.?. : K ' * M 'It, ft II a a t>4 fait alt* kr.?a <?aa la haiaa ri p*at*a. t >aM katarr j ? ' ? * ' 'X! ? I |* at.'bill. baa?.al ?afc-? ???*?. aall ar ppl, i^a * ti It Ir) aaatati . 11 Ik* l?laa mil rtarltar*?l-r?ln will not > t that MP l a at raa aH* aa4ara m l-a# a. Iba -?|. r aa rt ' Ir " af'rr aM.b h la aaa?l. bal ?a ih aka Ibai fl-aaa ?? kaat baraiaf ta tm ar?aat?^a^ la ra r* ft< a|ra*a.~ " aa*a Ib*t aaw 14 *aa ?-v?ta( . t aa .*1" aaaa f t' at aatll a**atii lfca ?a *.lt < l ain* Mai H a....| ?. a l-?l'"'?. ?*4 la' a" 't ai ra ka ? .t aa tail aa Ht ItftMa laa > i?l'i' ttal > a f aalaa m rat?at it pa?? aa, ?aa tka 4. aa I f r It aa I aa lilll' fll ! '* a4?ap. ai ^ a.la ta. Taala II Til* Floaabf Rilbattal (.allrtp. * . 411 rtiaaaa ? ' a?"t ' ?* aK?aM a >t (a i ta ti - h *t liMI'lllia n Il'ataa' aa tlaa . la tl-trat* 1kaaa|. >tli't ? KriltHa at a.aa.aaa alH Ia4atiatlil I* tba . rpral la Ibl* aa rr A Haw I* I a |, by Uaaa?la*a Jarraalal?Tlar i i|ia. I aa I aaiia- I ? aaa?a a aaat ta<l rf a-artara, aaataaiat, ratanaa pwlalaaa*. 4* la.lt!> a <aai n ttal-t I't iaal pal iikat. aa4 (at atla ? ? ?. 141j| I tt' 141 Paaaaa aUtal r lra It?ilai4 r. ?a ? t T*?? for Family I'w?We mr? mtTtilmm m rt. ... #f ?re u4 ?li? dr. BlMk ud Urwi I* if V* ?# f 1 to A poaadj. M 60 uj 75 H,|) nt to We the attoatlon of huiliiiuJ holit. ruu? TJtA CO.. No. 76 Tultem otAot. of r?tfbi| H>lr and Wkkkm. ?tidl, tie inmi-a'U, fci No. 13 Nu>?, mrmi of nm airtct, 1? ?< Bilarfnl in ll.e election aud adaptatioa of otyio llitn '! tiionilfU manner of hit doing the work with thoaa aoooia'* liaca, >ut ami grateful lurtii go alio and lotr tl 1 ? ? r?n'.K alraiiallo. liVAurittas il.anpooiaf thorough. mm. Tiy nia>. _ _ Kmlon, Facte, BtWkrd, Atchlnaoa, Cle? n>cu.. of the Vr?!.-. and H'inilirup, of tti? Hoiim of btn. MiiUllvn.-lllti^V !.?? reooivod, from liia branob Mtabliah-. p.. 1.1 iu Wa?! ingtiia. Portrait* of :1iom di*tinguUli?4 m>, tal.ot. in (1 ? f?-?t Mjlo of tbo art. They may bo fo?a, with ?.?!.) ber J'11 'art? of lutarcat, at JlBAOY'ij Natiuaal U alloy, '.1? Br.iadwav. *<>ra?r of Falton at root. Wlgt, mi Hair tmtlng?CWmm anil .'it; ?r ".r. rot. Hooted to call at the Manufactory of W?<ilnir?t 1 Heard. '.7 llaitlrn lano, ?rli?P' thoy bar* on hand ?! larger! iu H rlietpoot aaeortment of Ornarooalal Hair l? t e en y Alr<i. to wltoau the new ?pr|ug itylo of Halg Outing for V ilgl> .y)r-Uaich?lor'i Ucnuln* UmM U.I l)jv. >11 *iy bo procured at the manufactory, 4 Walt ?'T?et T>i. !>" li- ?i.iuld guard agaiaat lmitatioaa. So* a| ealoii. i'f' .r.so PsTs?-nJ w; > * hair ha* afauaadahal . . T ft ? ?V a.-i of 'ho irltiitoo <ly??, caa bar* it wnwb? .4 M Al'tv u f.1"*" ' fcH*" Frrprlnai Motion run b? imiii at thi Aea4 in i.f ) !,? Ar??, < roton Hall. No.l Htiwory, together with a 1 < Ill .Vtr I .!?t- 1 I fraiur.l picture" o'aruary. btiata, cnriuolif. Opt 1. iree lo nil ro?|f'lal.lo people. Thtr" i? In at .tu-laoi 0 a i.t? band of masio till II u't loch iu tho ?\*niug. With # brad ft tUrk hair. ilkjr and avft na die flnaat vt Mots. R'd Imr, i*fi of Aorcvnatt, llinli liair ?f ?irr-n"?. Sol?1? by ?)?i rand'* Hrcaa.ian Cloaa. Pr fn.lX (.(?! mi'D'S M?.li-a:e.l llalr lUitontl*!, ?r ritra?lai> Ut<iM !> >!<? ? tha ?>ir|>rlain( qualitiaa, nnt only ?-1 t'-n !>.?' ? i??"< rill* iho hair I* pl?-w'.era it haa pr? atnirlt fat ? < If I ul al?- if rral rirc livlinii^bora, and nil; I - rat plraaax' lad (lu?r a> tho flnrat rilk. It alM r ivr far' m a "fit mh !u a ' y im ftrtiM to It ft r.. i . I i?r I r" i?'i rr'I at ihit aa i uthar taluauU pr?i raitnaa if l>r. <: uraud'a ran only be ubtalnod poaniaa, a% ! in iil?iriinl Iial an t??.M<a'id Snap Dri/'it, 07 Walk-c rr< I, fit i ?i. rr fr ?i In<n 111 nroad*ajr; T. ft. CaUaadar. N* uli. Third ?!??' I'Htad- tphia. I?r. Krlllntrt'i .Itngl* Fluid h?? rnrrd Mr. C. V. A "<! n our fortm-r p'pnlur I. bi?f Za/in*?r. aid tT.-.'i t I rtuot R~ror?l?r. i f a txliil ana k of aor?">i? UaiarK and fr< mtl.a application. bin bead wai eovmd ?iih I air in i??? liaa ihr - day*. Tli? lliirf, i? aoapaar nab Ibrrr uuiioci'iiKad I ' ??? railed to n f. rm na ot ttia fa at. it? l>..?.i"i'? A I urii-vmtni, I.UOd tuifvit. TrkTtlUn v? I) I And an Invaluable S?tb* r:tjr ia !'r Ralfk'l I'r*. I al PtifMl Tr?atl?>. Tba rroipaf fatal* rtrwii al?-> tba iaalantantoa* ar prrt?b lira ii?aiir? t>r. It i? in ?<l>d tt U ?<|uallt rallabla in itrf p'jaa; Mb adiifor. N:'pp. Print fl. M .? be bad af tka a?? th. r. N- ?.r?. i %.i( I . rrot. or by poat, mail fro*. >1 ?> \ K V MAHKKT. J an* 3?4 P. SI. Them war dp material a'teralion in tk?afo?k awlcit to-day. At th- fret l?u4 UcrTia Canal iiIihmiI prr rrnt; l.onp NWml F.rln Railroad, ?4. Ketdln| liullri u.l Ml < IT '? per rant. Th*re war* large aalaa of Krio and Farmer*' I. ?n (lornrnment* ar* quoted, 0Jr1d? pd < IT ml tho differ*nn* ta jnnt tha amount of the illviilrcd. At the ircun-J board. Sforrla Uaaal want up '?' p- r Pint- Krle Railroad. }*. Tl e receipt* at 'hr nflltr of the A?*iet*nt TlWMMt cf thin port, to dry amounted to $111,018; payment*, M 4 70; balance. ?:i 216 200 'JS. The payment* today arre on arciunt uf tbr Uillcao IuJnaaity. Tl"i mount of Tr-a?'iry Kutii outitoailln( on tb* flr*t. ft Junr wai (41) 4*# 31 We l-orn fr?.m Washington that th.' govurutnent hat givin irrt?r? to Ihi fRimindrr of the W**t India pquadr >n to make a prntnptory drruand opan the Cuban auiboritica for the tmm< dial* releaae of the American ci'itcn* taken on Woman'a Iatan.1, bj tka it*-*n-*Itip l'l*?rro Tbr IVIawarc and ITud*on Canal Company have daa ?en.l annual dlvidmd of eight par oont, pay*l!' on tbr 13th ln?tant Tl C't'in-na' I'lra Iuaurancc Company l?u?e declared l dn dtr l of tan per errit payable on tha 7th Inatant. The Mi cbanlea' Backing Aaaoelatioa have deelared allvidrnd of four par rant, for tha paet all Months, payable on the loth inatant. Tlif Nashua and Lowell Railroad Company have detlarrd a *eml annnal dividend of four percent The Mlun road ha? declared a eemi-annnal dividend of brea per cont. The Stat* of Pennsylvania haa mada a alalm on tho rurtcce of the United State* Bank for tha $100 000 mnnal liability of tb* bank to tho School Fnad. Tha >ank haa been brcken about eight yaara. and than ore ova a the Stata (800.000. There la BO donM bnt hat the ln*tltutlon la legally liable. ft?m tho Ikat that ta charier i* nerd for tho collection of debt*, and ithrr pnipr pea, and It la of eonrae equally binding foe he collection of clalma agalnat tha bank. Tha quantity of flonr. wheat, corn and barWy hft it tide watt r duilng tho4th week la May, In tha yaara >849 and 18!>0, la aa follow*:? >\rur. Ml*. H'krml ht Cerw. Am. Bmbp. la. 1MB. ... 114 J47 70 Mi HUM ?u7? Itlt Ui(4 14 483 117.478 1(11 Jeo 18 Jl Dec.67 140 Deo. .131138 Doe . 18 Tha aggregate quantity of tho aom* artlolea loft at ideweter J rem the commencement t>4 navigation in lie 21et May. Inclusive. during the yaara IMOant fcX. la aa follow*:? Fi*r. IHi. H"'?ef. la Cera 4m Baric* la. 84P 4IV V0T 17U ?7 71V 7? ?*tT 1 -60 y. J 4'V lu7 VJ4 HA 7'.<3 14 T14 Ore Cb418 l>rr.tnu.l3 Dee. .'JOf K 2 Ina.14447 Tlia aggregate quautlty ot tb< *ame artielaa left at Id* w*i?r. from the crminrnrement ot navigation to be 31?t May, inclusive, durir.g the yaara 1SA8 ant! SiO. la a* follow*: ? War, Wti. n'l?oi l? Cera In JWr*. K. M8 .. ...*.> 448 1M.774 Wf fwu &7 H81 KHi 374t 480 107.3M S<B7UJ 106,714 bc 8 041 Dee. 40 6f>0 1M..NI1M ImMM My rrduring the wheat to Hour, the quantity of tlin alter left at tide-water tl.i* jrar, t' upvtd wilklko snrr-rprrdlrg period of ljkit year, iliow* a decree** jf 2 C24 barrel* of flour. Ti e follow'i g labia *how? the quantity rf ?>m* of bo prtmlfal articira of produce I. ft at lido-water r<in the coamrnrament of navigation to tlio .lletof J*y inolnelT*, dnrlLg the year I*4?. 31 day*; 1110 31 laj*; 1H#, tV day*:? Itu riria ar 1'aonn r at Tit>f>Vitra. Cat. JW..? I. 48. Ifey I 4I?. JO. rinnr bi u 9T4 44I 41.'frij 37 t 4?# Vbeat.bifbtla. . ., ].'37i4 V>i?t>1 ln7 lA Yin. 14i. <H?i 71" Til ?<7t>3 or ley, do ??.\U 8Vf.; 104 714 'y* do S8 78S 47."Ml ?| Mi tlir artln* bu?b. 14'iSiA ?lli>79 2'.n |:i.' I??f bMe. 12-tn? 14.374 lu 8?:i 'oik. Co 4uii47 4i '>41 M iy I li.-e d 13 I'ft 8 707 1217C >?ti?r It* 418.'W<7 4^910 J".'. 414 Itniirjv 4.1'Ml C I 11' 4.t73 1 "11,4 1 1 21U.7T9 do M?r..-4 IJllCU. 372.'>0* Umn 4a 24M.MI 1 231 1? 4.191,Wi It apjuara 1-jr lb: a that tbara ha* baan grant 1UIr)|{ <f nmparrl llhlbtformyonilinf period M -nr. .n t>ria>M?(7? ami un inrr?a?? aomp.?r?.| wlih tna arpni'nu* From tl.a r?uipl*?!nn of ovr tematl - m lb? Writ, hi -li< nl.l jujga that lli? ?f llf fall t 't ia racilpta aiald bf grratar M th? mhwii ilmarf* tlirti II ha* yrt b?'?oi Tha growing era;a 'k Wall. at.4 may prura aliuudaat. if **?, H '" '?*T krpt Viiow **ty liigh pal at a. and bflW" Ih rlw? o( atlaatlnn, w? may bar* a *nrp!u* for aiport; bnt a* II tbla I* In lb* pri-prrtlra ond autyact ta to m?uf ill tif? in laa, Ilw pri liability l? that a nt^MU xttilalitr un rimnil In prirw will imm?<l.atrly Uk* *? Tha Ttr. Ml branh tn tha t'ar I Will faror it ant* sir ill. a* !t I* ralculatvU ! < k i p ' ?< '? rrraip'a r a U?r and tvilii** ear lorai ?npplf. Within tba k-t trill prlrrr for floor barn adraar d a l*r*? por M, and b?l li ra ara by no ai<aria tnxioa* to aMl until i* p> it!? a of Uiin?? at hoiua a: J abroad In arty 4?*?lo|?d Thi nrlliRNt nf ajvaivilntli* ia % ila utali d to Infl >t th? I lea* of npenton h ?urb ai '/ ilnl tbat tbry fail to ri iliir fair profit*. and In l?"k* I bjPMl "h?t fwM b? *"iil4ir?i| r. mitncniln mm la ord nary tim?-*, nanailj rrallsa I>n than In warrtatra nf Ibc raarkat. II l? ear laapnaala* tbat prica* for braadatnff* g*rally will adranm brynad rr l<nf rata*, brfor" tha a?w " i.|'? ?ak< tbilr app arnnra'In lb* inark?t | bnt it ??.ld aot bi aaf? f r aay ?p?rulrtM>. or .i.jn? of apaeatrra. in at' iBpt to mnnopiiiia* t?ia anpply la tha arlat, ar laialra tb'tnnIraa In ait. n*l\* purrfia*** r Ibr pn*t oaa < f Influrarli g pile* bay ond a <a'a and allby rlaa. Wa k?"? not wlial r.Tart a graai mi I t M rlaa ia ptlaoa may barr apon tba aapply of braadaKiportiil by tha t>rodnr?rt for I'la'.r t*| aon.aipti -n It In n prlva* raW Ijw, the firarn maka t?a ran i rat (a* fur thrir can ttaa ; and ?!?*n prima ilr blab tbay rrarraa tha aaiallrat pnaiMa iji\ntlty, id itra tb?t not lha (!rat ?l.i?a q-.allty If whaat hi antla f I p?r bn'brl, lha prtnrlpal C(in>amptlon In ia la<at !?t |a e< n aad oth?r train, and rarry ba?bal of , brat tbat nn ba aparan if a-nt ta rn?rkat. tt I* untarr diMrnlt to tall abatiff rl l l?h prlraa may ira ap*a ??r?l| ia cf brr*d*talT.a at H.1-* Th.ro ia |a?l.( tnt tbrt Iba i]??atity that wanl I liar* a li- pp? i tuna tba fat- rior. at prtrna ruI nK aarlv i tba a* nam a Id ba?? bras liwttatl maa^ral with it yrar , tat Iba adf?a<aalr> adr f *%l'?al I* *ofl|cl?nt fiarag-ia' aip? ta* to f ra :rdira a* lb* aatMiU trad >bri i |h lha Waa? ra an litry Wa ba?? a I ' irijh1-drapaa-b 4iV?4 BaJatv Jnna