29 Temmuz 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Temmuz 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH NO. 5893. HiUf M< molr of the Tar* of ftt.u. !??? /., C0M1II.E1) FKOM THE HISTORY OF VRNKZt ELA AND OFFICIAL DUCt'IUKNTS, FOB TJ1K NKW YOHK UMLALDi ' 'flit- i idi> (f Jon Antonio i'aex. th>< aubject of tbi? fcrief fkelcb. is illustrious iu the annai* ot d <tah Am.ric., n indtprnii< nee t*imon lloltvar and Ju-r An. toulo I'uf x have pi(i-a to Vent-iurU their ntllv# l tnd, a di.iq? and a rauk nmong tl. nations ol the irtu During the trying period of the rer?i u>ion tr / w.ir, the Cliietta n oi (h? I'iauis, a* I'a i *ui call.a. w%? tne terror of the royalist force* W hen the cloud of ?luxt wss (ten on the horizon (I the immense pl,in? < f iho Apure and Cusiin.tre. at Ar t br.rdty visible. instauMy increasing in volume, and the next nioni nt tbeUnceii ?I the horsemen were gleaming in th? aun the vUrua forcn of Spain knew thv tbair utrno-t ?jurajfa discipline wire to be exert* <i l'aex Mas aui' ng tbe first. .n 1810. to take up arms for liic cuuntiy and bus a #o the hue. of bating Urivi n the forces "| Castile fr m thrir Iff- ?tr >ng hold in Vim zueia at tbe town aud resile of I'uei tc-Cahelio, -which he carriid ey ne-aoll in lsi-1, having capturcd the win le Sp.'iui <b garrison lie wu bora in the tr?n of Aratire in ibw province of Marinas. Vei.e.urla Hl.tn vitieau years of age. hi* father sent him to the town of Cab id*r? to sol ect a aum of m->uey, lorLixhing hiin. for bis journey ultli a mule, a briire Ol pi?to|s. au<J a sstomI tor, tin at that period of comparatir* quiet aud p' ace (.1*07). it ??. dangerous lor a traveller to venture over itle plains aluue. and earryiu* *ltb hun tli? tempting xmtal Young F?rt, lngtily *iate.i ?t the great confidence reposed in bin. with the must inexperience ot youth sp-.ke freely hi out bin com mi*.-ion, and in lit* return through Varlt'gua wuut bo far as to exhibit bis 'rea-ure The <i'u-?*<iuenca ot thin Imprudence wax that thortly after hn le'.C the place he waa attack. <1 on tb? roatl 'iy lour im-n. *uo xeakoued upon an t a*y prey The youthful traveller lowi ver diruio-uu J. with l uth fistois cockid. ami now tbrtiUePiug one and then the oilier of bi? a4?allint?. ndeavored to repel iheni At la-t. being t ><> eio.ely Jirened he fired one ol the pistol* at the ueaient baa Uit. with tucb good aim that he killed hi- a.ivurnur/ od the spot The others who were no' prepared for this urn xpectid Issue, and wbo saw hiiu still ren lutely tirrttiiUtf the other pietid. 11 a prrol^i'au-ly. leaving Drbindtbtm tiie corpse (.1 their rttefc?d couirad-i. 'J'hi - iuo.-t Ictiuuaie tor youtig I'auz. fin hu remaining pistol ?u not loaded and lioiarerdfttaraui lie mlglt he lu the use of his ?word he coul l bar- had hut a mall elianct *'isin?t three. Noi wub-tau liuj the cbelous propriety ol his eundun uu thii occaion, actio# as he did in selt-U?fenco. the young mau f-ared jfor the consequences. he imagined bimit If already accused. persecuted, without the mean* of proving hi.< isnocince. and then tore deteruilued to hide biui-ell l>y going into the interior of the plains, h jping thus to escape a punishment which his terror rnaie hiai regard as inevitable. Ctti rniiiii d to gam an hones- lirelihrod. h<. sought employment on the cattle est it* caHed La Calzada belonging to l)ou Manuel Pulldo. a wealthy proprietor, wbwi affection and nonAdenj* lu gained by Mi good eondurt and lot*Iltg?rre in the tiischarge el his duties Ills employer captivated by Ills merit*, entru-ted him with the hales of bi? cattle, and eTfu furnished him with the necest-ary means to aptculate on his own account When the revolution broke out, on the 19th April, 1J10, he rr listed in the soreije of his omrry in the militia of liarlosn ai a rommon soldier, beiok then ouly twenty years of age Tbe arum ol the republic were at first unsu?re?rtBl. and \ enexuela sulunitt. d to the government of the n.oilier country. the Spau'ah Commander. lion Domingo Moi.tev.-rde having tnuu. pried over the patriot fore?s In W14 In thie rtr-t campaign, l'sei was promoted t-> the rank of sergeant of c??airy. Ills services kcing no longer us .fui. bt retir. d to priTate life, to wait lor better limes In 1813 wbeo ujl.., ... V?tii.iubu m . ? ll......i. where he bad gone to obtain u??t?tanoe the ttpauitrd* raleed troop* to ojipour blm. and I'aei was iben xiiot Jar by l>ou Ant<i.to FI near. the commander of the ?p*ui*k iorcea, who exerting both bia authority an i lio'lcy. appointed Paei Captain ami made him brilliant iiJctj of promotion ; but I'ac h?.l frr>? J n< a volunteer (oldier in the r?u<f of freedom, and hi* fidelity to hi* country could Dot thu* be *h*k'-u M ithcut accepting-the *pleuuid offer* of tba Sptm-h leader. PtH tied, and inMllf t" a wi|||? an a cu.d\ <-m**rd tba thick and wild mountain* ot ptnlraia. joined, iu tba town of Hanta Barbara. Id tbe pruritic* of Barlni*. the patriot force* commmded by lieutenant Colonel Manuel I'ultdo, bin torui-r patron, and then oiganlnd a company of iioTbe. at tbe bead ol which be runderad mo.-t important ??r?ire. From Uiat period eotnmauowd. between tba patriot and PpauWIi loroe*, a aerie* of combat* In aUch I'aei held a prominent poaitlon rue patriot* at len|tlh tucceeded ?o tar a* to occupy the capital of Rartnaa and the gallant conduct of Pae? on that uccatlou, together with hi* rriu*al of the od. r* xnadc by the enemy to appoint htm I'aptahi procured for blm tbe ?atue ran* In the patriot army At the h< ad ol a rquadruti be ioul?d a column or tbe aucny, wh<>, under Commandant Miguel Mafcelino. wcoupied tbe plain* of 9uil| a lluttba path or (lory can not without th >rn*. and tha chance* ? i war pi w?d our young liera In the condition f a prl oner In tho-e da)* a war without quarter wu flerccly wa|{rd. The province of Marina* birinf been again occupied by tbe to.alut force* I' lei fell Into the bnnd* ot the cruel 8pani*b commandant, Don Autouio 1'uy. ww thrown Into i>ri?on aud ordered to be executed In tbe el?) of Harlnaf. Many of lb? ilbabtt*i.t* however, who a4intr<d the gallant conduct nod un lauuted courage of tbe priaouer n*ed their tntlm lco lu hi* behalf- particularly two Spaulah g-uilomen uaioed Kafaite and E*?utaaul wbo wen friend* ol J'aei. and wbo by the payment of <ii hundred dollar*, fatail hi* Ufa At thai tiuie military execution* of raptured entail** were con luotei by leading them out in the aight time to trae lonely *put. where tbny were <ie*patch>d with the lance and the *word i'aei mid hit tellow prleoner* were led out at nt. hi to be CUtid A Ba *u laaTing ma priMiu. na inm-i rounJ to In k for hli but. but lb* .<,?ui>b >itt ar irrcajTlag thl? raaiarkaii th?t II tM M MIIW, MM La would not bar* much f )i hli h.?l Haralira t> J, and (Ilk Ml* batida irouad Iw niarohad out ?.tn bU f? lioa priaom r? in I l uiu *il*nca. to?*rvl> tha pl?aa ot rir( iil|<n Tbay li?l proa?aand ? naml 4>UiIN, nban an ?fllrar rimo rMI'ig up t<> ib<* luuaral pro?aa?lon ?iil ln<|Uli?*l "If t ap ?ln i'aaa mm IM?H," nd Ijalng aMaarad iilHtiiiali?ely. ha eotnuiunlcat?<l an ot lar *f Pen A numio Hoy, to t ik* l'a> i back t*??? bad Ixin by lb" Imo ruaaaion of lit- trl'tid*. II* l?ft bla prip"n hoaarwr. dat-i ajluail to p ouiuta, l>y all raeana. tba Udiicadtnu of bi* ciuuiry ?uJ not I'-tig afterward* baraiua Inrulmd in HBOtriar *t t-MJ't t<> taka up artx but baring bran bet ray ad by ob* nt his aoMirada* b* w?* ??ia*U un l agaia lak.'O I*f< re tba rrm. I I'ujr the Uorenor otdnrad hi* gain U l? put into piUou In Halloa*. to b- *but that win* Might. "lib Bpaard* of on* bindr. <i in Mar prla ? < r? 1 lit* tlaie tbara app> arad to b< u<> Mop* lor I'M i. ID4 be made up k>a wind to paaa la hU priaoa tba fa* raBilaia( bourn of I.I tu >l??p lla bad falleM aalarp, ami itx.Mt ?! ? ? o'clork tl Bight ?aa aaoka by a gr-at uuiaa of lo ra> ia-u m l lufaairy la I ha >lr? at tia auppotad tMey a?r* couilug Uilaail tu ad bla fallow priroaert to tba pla-e of *c-?alloa. II* prapaird tb?r?f i" to dir. but I'rotid-aaa bla Iita one* mora TU aolaa ol ara> >u i Bora?a la tMa Irnt bad baoa oeaaaioaad by >a al?iui la roaaa4|B*Ma* of hitormatl' n rae. Irril by lutnuiir Pay I flat ari a l'Vrailr amy of patriot* m-r- anea uped oa (ha tack? of ||?? Haiitv Ih'irwitgo rlrar. on alHk kanuM la autiaud aad ?a> Barmiaf upon iha city. Mtwtl iiartiaa r .ming bid -I I IT - r ut ilMooUoaa. e atiru'vd tba li?l?rtt?a? iob r??l?wl by ih? <?or. rnor. aud la* Klaitn brramr g***rat It aaa >U|ipool tMat I lie patrioia li la<-g> i.aait?ta min i>d tia tain- aotpri* tba Ppaaiafi gar l~>ii ?ad >? u, i> t lir u.,r Tk* latter, tkvrvfora io whiU >ly aba<d?ued Kariaa*. aiib Mia li"ra* laaaiag oal a tea a*n lo ga>r>l iMa 2>rt*"m. far, Im Mta buny, Ma had forgo*ira lo ro-ruta tMa pilaoaara. aa h> ba<l d> ea bafara on miliar Otcamoi a Tbia aa* tba Urn- ft a man Ilk- I'a-t to Mir bold affort. bud >%> kit lite Tlia mil aa?ral?l h? >riMd ik< opportunity btvka feu fnui> ferlp*4 tu rrl<>M hit fallow prina.r. aiil ?t?riiu*<r>l ott* of ttir rrnt?il> ?kn att illIn "pp" - hi- w> litl r. d lad pui Ma-aif ( tar B-,1 ?( ? n>>ll bwil of pa'not# tu Iimwi ib<- aaaaay la alia u>i? I'rotm ? ill Hartaaa U? tha uiormutf au.-onrdinn tha ?lair> ?ba injtlku r.iili not df-aut?r ?a ?aarn, ! r mot* than fit*jr at lira aroukdtba ally -Tha ajataalid panic <>rra?i<in?<i by tfea rap..n.<i apprm jfe ?f u IIOJ In Ikdifht rvi nrm. i bj a< partrai fi igi- ?I ah. m lia.l fi.na nut in rarn?a<itra and lb* (Mt alagiilar dlaapp* araawa. or tferim nt tfeia linai i tba lollnwlaf Biorklaf '* * t" tha fx pnlfcr balltf ahtuta aklatt In tbta day among tna oi.MH.oti p?'-p\r that Iba 11"t I'ai i a?? aatad by tha Mni lf mlir??tli? aad feliHaluaa appaaraura of an >?'; of d-pari.o rptnia , raw, nnra agaia fraa. bat without eonnmatrattna tilth lh? rafrulwlraa fnrraa. wbn-b nparatad at fraat iti?iaar-a with irui #? rttoa ciiai-uu t<i*atAar a laind of patrlat au| j|> t> to aoatiaua pui-uwu lUa aferfeiy III Ib- >a?ir prntina<- nt feartaaa awl Hnaa tar a af.araarda. tha patriot ma,Hani, kaang U>ma famka hartngarriTad ailfe a nl'imn of I rraa, I'art joiaad hlan Many atMMm ami eaahata tnnh piaro Iciaaan tha i<>yallaia a. d patriot a and at laat. alua Iba ell) nf Itarma* aaa tM-aia* d hy Mia ppanlarda Pari d. u ndi d it biat'iy Hut <aiI m da St.aa.r*aila?ii to abandon thia n<jr nnkwiib.iaudia* tha tat rgatte of I'ari to thla nap Ati*r tlia Inn of llarlna*. CnmaiaudaBi 4ana rrtr.ali-d liiioii|k tb? prntlara of larida an i nading tba ratalijr rtalaiai?a through tba utfe-un paaaaa of tba pioim.a. i;ia.i-?4 thaiu la Ita man nt l.aa f td ?| I'aat ih*n JnlBid a. a aolui.taar i.'Bpala tai.naro Coada abn ban tail <aia.M to aacoar Uir proilura of Marina a?4 aaa ana biia la ifea action ?f N -tai qiira, whara tha rnyattat lorcaa am r>Bai.itid by Li tna. at ta ra <1 (| a Ifea ia raai'ia, rail, 'ttilad aaa,? by bia batuial Imp tmiaii;. and not |i*r?alt iag ibat tlia af i> r laail baa a.ira to alnp >fea puiri.it i.t th. an. my faiinl biut-r-l *ul<l ul| at a .fr-at dl'taae*' fma h ? rauip aui at uu r.nra n*ak, Iw In- n?t?* A*ar> <>i *1' prat .ian??r. mtk rk?r?fi"rl?i(i <|Mi?ku r>aa<-i?i itr ni ol It h Dipa-I< lli> of t hrnt) ?f ea*?lr/ at (t hr*<t ?f Mx kin4. >t>4 oicu giving mil Miii-r la lokd M>?i. a- If h ?l kml ki ?<irro*a4 lk? U)ln| My ai.aa* <>l iki< u*>iiti?, ia?uj UIIKk tl MliH li?W i'i. am ?.a. r? (kr?# a) tb?tr arm# to luktfu ikt r II ( h flat e ?aimklil la lbi? Biaantr In tnaH? M*. II at a ?arw < ib* r ??i hand i? tan* ??'ii rv?al>?. t??ai?4 ?I<m4 k?M fittNl * ? ' ? "t H?fir-lfc . aii I ?b- M U' rrpatallaft b*li?? a b?l<l p??i?rfal aa* brava ma Haa<bat arai?4 ?ua a >a?ra au4 a Mua<lrtbaa>. aaa laiU-ail i* lafia|| 4u?a bi? at in*, lift* la# ti? i f kw e<>aipaair>ai> U.M-h rpi-u bit yi.tt olo** at Irla mnt; bat k<?l?| a.i?? H kta. 4i?? hi. *wnr4, tlaa.lj ft*?4 fcto mdrmnmrj. tart, p?roelrlag E NE bis deeper swiftly dismounted )sno? In hand, ani after a -erere nml long fight Sanche* **? killed Tits T'clur ri t)irn?<) to bla mot} Jul! of trophies. and leadlr* ?T?ial prisoner*. bravery a thorough kniwlcd^a rl localities, 11 affable nml ftniiiluir treatment toward.* bis tollovrnii procured for l'a>t great popularity ani au unIIu.l ed e?iiy over the uiitnis of hi* wild noldiery No iMder was lietter calculated to cnuiuiaud their lore and lupect Ue ?a? otiii i.f tbe be.:t riders tu a distill tot country hruted lor gtod Wursemen, *'?'l liiiit?r?t" oi the uiatitfi Bent of the lane, bio favorite weiipcn a'lu'-t to puliation ll? pocaesxed ^re-it b< itlh "tn i u'th and agility and f> w could compete with hitu lu the of tne !,lan?r<)' or inhabitant* of the i uint-iffM plains of VcimuiiU. These Llan roi- are * brave and robust rare of men. aocuati Bed tioni sily 31>?ii K to tend immense droves of riiltle ' li Ibe | laiiiK Tbtir occupation require' thum t< be toj tlnnally on bum back, and thus they b"oome , inc ut ixf.irt ridirt Aa tbo plaiua of Venezuela are | ttavers*tl by many rivers. deep creeki and stream*, j which ere nii Mly not fur lable, they are In the con- | atant liabii of croralDg these by swiuiiuing with their | hones by their sides, and carryi?g the luuce la one | baud Olten, in ibese pa**cs. they are attacked by the < iltgal or. or A mei lean rroci dile. and are compellud to t detetid not only their own f?lim but thuir horses, fn.m these and other wild animals with which tiiu.se ! plains abound Alter barlnas was abandoned by Garcia de Sena, raes cci.eilved the plan of going through the centre Ot N ?-w <; r*r , ?!** 1 n th? tlkini ftf !m?n*ra Thia nUn was the result of expeiience. which couvlnced hiin ! tl'at tbe patriot* cmiid not triumph. Dolwithatandicg their unheard of efforts. while th? Spaniard) held possession ol the plain* and controlled the supply of bor?e* The possession of the plaiu* gave the superiority to the Cpnnisrds a*. by mean* of it. they htd a c urn- of supplies and a tale retreat, l'aez determined. tbeiefoie, to make the plains of Casanare, In New (jianada. the basis of bin military plans and op< rations. and with this view, now waster of hia own lalitni) moTcBinill, resolved to meet the enemy tt'eie. and if possible, bring him to an engagement, i On the Ifilh ol February. 1110. he cotumenctd his ; march In pursuit of the royalist ohlef, Don Rafael ! Li'|ex. and in about three hour* met him at a place raited frlata de la Miel. on the right ! bai k ?1 the liver Apure. The royalist luader bad | two pieces of artillery and 1,600 men, whom he | dn w at ?nce In order ol battle. It wa* evening. and the n'gbt fast advancing and. on this aceount. many of the companions of I'aez desired to put off the enga^em tit until the day tailoring This very reason, nowever. determined I'a.-r. to entel at once into action, a* be ;eari d 'bat hin soldiers, observing the great superiority of the enemy in numb?r*. might take advan'age of the night to sert. lie divided bis forces in two colun.ii* placluf the < n?> composed of New (iranadiaut ui del oiniuaLdcf Captain Utnaro Vai<iuei and the other, computed ol Vemiuelans. under Captain llainon MoDato I'ert a Nothing can be more sad than a battle in the daikness of night, bt cause In such engagement meritorious actions aru not witnessed, and p in over icglorlwiisly; Ibose who fall excite no oompasalon; no aid can be given by friend*, and no bravery and skill can avail apainrt the attacks of the enemy Such was the autiou ot Mata de la Miel. The rcyalisls wereoompletily routed, and during all that night and the two follow nig days. I'aez pursued Don Kafat-1 Lopei There w< re leli dead on the teld 4i 0 royalists, and the victor cap'ured 400 prisoner* about S.fiOO horses, and nearly j? 11 the enemy's arm* Knur months afterward*, in June. l.op. i a^alu crossed the Apure with l.SH) horser.rn ana 400 inl.iutry. but i'aei having met him near tlie place calli d ManUcal. obliged hliu to retreat, after bin ing lost many men and borse*. The result of the campaign* ot 1814 1815 and 1S10, sal the le-a of Veneiuela. New Granada, and the plaius of <'arat are, to tbe patriot*. In 1816, a very numerous er isralirn of palriuts, con?l*tiur of men women and ! children. :n it ?tate of f rent dratitntien and auffiiriog. fit d from the peraecntlon of the royaliatt. and too* retuee in the ramp of Pan Id tin- toirii of Trinidad da Arichuna. I'aoi provided lor all aad ?u obliged to procure m<tin* n?t uly tor tbtlr support, but for trr.naportintf litem with the army M tuy peraoul of distinction ?i r< to be found among thla fugitive >uii piatlro and a kind 'f gorernment ?aa eatablWhed for the reg?latlon ot afTtlr* A meeting of oSteer* ill beid. and f a*t wat appoint! 4 *uprvuic oliief with the rank of Urnrnl of Brigade II* applied hlmaelf I gain ed lately to iai*e aufllcleut force* to oppoae Don Rata* l Lopei aod to acquire. If poaalble. aom reaouroe* Il bta extmnr want The bardahip* uud prirations enduied by the patriot army on the plain* tan aearee- | ly be rouc.t Ited Tbe tojatrr* were ao dt-etUate of clothing a? to be eempelled to uw tor a ceeering the hide* ot the ca'tle treahly killed; very tear had hata, noneaboe* Their ordinary and only food waa beef, | eltlicut aaIt and without bread There were. In addl- | tloti to all thii, continual ruin a. and the rirera and cinb had tavtrflnwed ardootered over the couutry. Tl ?> wanted btriaa. and aa there are Indiapenaalde la tl a Llaoeioe th?> niul be obtained beicru auythlng H-a, Otdy wild hnrae* enuld i>? procured, and they had to be tamed and brokeu Thi* waa done lu aquadrona an<l It waa carina* *pecta-ile to *ee tire or aU I'tiMnd rlitata at a time atrugg'.ing to aubdue thea.i wild i>?tinala Around the ground were atatlotird aev. ral 1)1 car* mounted on w< 11 trained hnr*M, wh jM duty It waa to go after tboaa htraea who taetped froau their riderr. to prvtrent litem front oarryIrg away the maddlo. although thra* were malt of word, mih thnnga i f raw hide*. Many year* after theae act lie* an ey?-w!toee* wrote, -We courted dangt r In n<rr ttr put an end, with honor, to *ucb a tl.rf lt?. " B in* compelled to glra battle, and flo Ilu?- It to hl? I idxttiKf lot M drlif It lot|. la order, at Uut to | tfiupj lb* attention ft fell X'idWi. I'aal raiaaonrrd , ti> match tuwarda AebaKuar o??r tha pUitia cilliii | t'aj. a Aran** although tha tat ftili e?-ry latere. The marrh vaa ?low. an b?aida? tha difficulty , of the f ad, tbey were enaotnberrd by tha nutneroui etrifrattlon. ?il compelled. it every Map to pncori MtpplUa on acct'Ont af the want ol utrraa The great ii.u'tltnd*- ot mm. women and children. moving with the atnty. repraeant* d to tha lifa, the plovura uf no- 1 inadto |iw>pl?, wiltn ut hotna or country who. attar In tin* ci ii-nnn <1 lh? raiouroxi of the dlatrirt they hm occupied. ral a tl.elr tenta to ronqu*r another. Iii thl* manner tha> arrliwl at thi- ?artd bill* nf Arayuajuna where hating left tha i-mlgratlon Itudi'f tha iiotntlnn of a choaen bawl i t harm turn. I'? ? incitporated all the tuen capable nf bvarlug arm* i In hla rank*. anl march* d agalnat Rafael Lopei, ?hi m hn mf po?. d to be at Achaicua* lint afi-r piurrertlDV a nbort dittanca ba learned that tbn many to the numbar of 1 710 horeenu n and infantry, j waa at tha ca'tle eat ale called Vagaal. Pa*! thin chained bla eawt aad took hla poaltlon batwacn tha mi my and tha city of Aehtguaa Ilia army waa dialled into three colunn.n command- d by Ornerala Irdamta and ferrler and by Colon*! Ban tan li r, they were nearly all arraad with Une-i, aery faw with tnuaketa or carbine*, md the ftipply of aiauualtlon waa realty. On the Ilk "fOatober. they earn* In litbl of tb? (iiB) aiid although their number utiicH^e*nnled that ot tha patriot foreaa. Paeg did 'not | he-itate to (tlie than battle The conflict waa long , and Wtrrt iut It wa* glcrlon* for tha patriot* Dun Relet I l.opes waa romp*lied to abandon hla poaltlon, and on tha neat day r?hi<*4 to renew tha baula. ana niter ?u?taining a eater* loaa. fall back upon tha city of Achaguaa. Iia?ll| pratlotulr (hipped on tha rlter , Arnica all bla arttll-ry and wounded lor Pan Per tmdii On the 13th l.opet hating mada a abort r? iatanca ibudnntd the city ot Achagna* ol which Pa?i took boeaeeai'in Bhurtly after thl*. Lopai. being Uarkrd hy?urtrl?a on the bank* of tha A pure, wan ri nipiettly defeated. hla loreaa diapwraad. anJ ha hiiaMII til* li'c AI II n?aa OI Dif rr?T? muifn, ran r**cu*-t IM pr?>?l?r? ol aparr, i part of tkat of Bulru. in T?n?mcU iiil rwntrt< d IM o( Cvtitrf.Ii N*w(ir?aa<la IIb11u( inrr*a>?4 kl? torcr by lb* naw l*rl?? rai*ad la Ikriw pm?it>?.? and la "tbar*. b? formed that army ablrk >uti - ?jui otly rra lMrt ?orh Important ??r?l<i? la ilk iw? of trrnloa, aad akora tijiloili kat< b??n ?< >?< ! mairid Itj iki> tm* Cp?tnb?'l d*T?lo|>?d ?h? tri rgth of*n Hctit ?n>1 a-aflik* p iwr llarlnc kra?*lT r*o?ll?"l th. fntrl le?ailt r? from b?r tarrltofy. aad r> rdlaaad >11 Wtaf rr-tnr*d to tb>' Ihron* *f Ma aa<?*ttor?. ha planned and ?r.t out a ttmif military *tp*ditioa a*?>u>t V??.? ?*to. ruBimauded by th* M*nt*nant Kiairal l>on I'll lo Mnvillo. It Mt pall from c?il? n tk? Ittk na; of I'rbraary. 1*15 It eon*lnt?tl of M ti?t?p< l" rtilp* and oik?r ?aiaJlar tMtU. aoavayad by ib? lu.? i f fat 11" ?blp flue P*dio Alcantara mutating 74 l>N aad hating on board tfca r?(lm*nt? of Lmm. \xtorta t'tranidura. ll?rba?tro l abia (Mtarvard* ?? ?i? a* Valency), Casadorai of Cattllla, and tka *?<ral battalion or Infantry OattdnrM. th* r*gl m?ai* >t Dragoon* Jala Inloo aad tba bn?ar> ?f . r*idlaaadVII <>t taiantry a hjuadroa of art<ll*ry alth l# f!'?i two rompanl** at forfra** artlllary. tlir?a of >a| p* r? and a park protldrd with all that tM r*<tut?lt* to a *?coad rla*? lor*r??a Th* total e?mt'?roi m-n '<>mpo*lng iki* aip* lltlon. la?laJ'B( tb? Biarfni*. amnuai-d to U.WM Ti? iklp* rarrylai( tKIt foraihlabla *lprdltloa < aat anrbor m th* "A April IMt In I'wrnfiiiU. to th* wlsdrard of Carnpana Mori llo lb* roaaufcr of thin expedition, >? a brat* artla* aad *B*ig*tlr rfl?. #r. anolIn anion, a *?*?ra dtx-lpllnarfan aad ? * be|o??d by kin *oldl*r? pi?|d*> thl? forr*. thar* *n arnyaltut army of ft 000 ?<? In Yrn*tu?la "?ii.iii'l'd by Moral** At f MI Mnrlll? HPl with little or no oppo?(. tl?n cn'll fnld| Into tba Interior, h?n?( Phi hi the ' la I?IB 1*17 aod 1*1* Pa?-a made the MM n< A| nrr (he bail* nf hi* military oparntlnna aad there ; p????of lrwli>B W|?n lnr??lf? Tba inhabitant* ft Attire ffin4.ll ?<Juptartly to lit* itaadar.l, ?a<l 1 nit.red and ehe. rfully jar* np tbalr property to ?np- | prt il.tr ronaitj frd>p?art a<f !*<>t?ti l>t?nllig tl at I'eet ?aa continually ?-n**iad In war be toofc 1 pattlealar ntr to preeerae the breed of ?attla on tha 11* ix A par* ; bi- lnfiifJ n.itt 'Hwtlw orJm ta pie tent \tr fitiifitoa , and it to oaiag la hl? i#nl anil {< th. ?? aieaeurea lakcn by b ut in thiiirt?i?eet that, neinlth* landing ih? long daration of the war and tba ( real roamnpt'on ot ratiIr by tha belligerent armlet, thi? ?r. at ii gir* of national wealth van prewrtml. The origin of all th.. ratlle eeiataa which are at prevent to b? I. and It Vmim U lutubi trand to Apnre. la tie beginning nf .lannary 1*1 T. the PpanWh e< n ?adei> l.a Torr? and Caltada, effected a june'.ara at <1 naadnalttr. on the plain*rf Apnre About tha earaa tiaie. 'b? ro< alt?t Brigadier IVa Kanon jnrraa, | end tha Molina"* r?i*H t?on f<al?ad.>r (lorrWi l? It l-an Fernando aith fifteen h'.ndrd men of II iim Hacked the line of th# ?,a?r(ot?, and i?nmrm Mi If r on tail tlnarrem the patrl * ehVef aad loace.l |?. to tall back npo? Pgca. nf<a- a hlnwly haul# ! wh'ab the patriM* tail ed a oo?<>4af?ble |oa? Tba ht> of ^aa Keraand" being ral?l la miaei|Wtfii of Ihie tHnatfb tbe attention nf t <rea and I'aliada * ? dtreaM ta fan, "hp praaaatod Vka (raataal ub W 10 MORNING EDITION?M< ftacle to their occupation of the riv?r Apure and Its adjacent plains. An arniv of four thoui'.iU'i veteran n'loler* ot all arum inliidirir 1.700 of the cat'alry r>>mii.an<led by (' lonel It* u.iiri< Kaii<"a. preiwnted a I'-rce fufhi'ii'Bt in inrplre the Spanish comiuaudtT wit t? omfldi ncc, ptrllrilwl; at. La Torre who was a brav* olWc?r. w?." anxious to di.-f Ipgulsh blm-ell among his coiiipauion." iu arn:s lie tfiei?fore marched to thntovn of 8au ViocHte. following the ri.'lit bark of the river Apure. with the iitrallon of attacking Pui-i, wh.> was then in Mautecst. On tin dllliof.1 uuarjr,th?patriota hud royali.-is met on tli- pi.tin of Las Mucaritaa; the fomifi with a cavalry of 1.1 CO horn uun. and the l?tt<r with the forcea already m? ntion-d The mill ot th? rrunn< mmt was as unfortunate for La i'orru a.< it proved honorable tor Paex, who. on that occasion .lisplayed bU ucoal btavery ulirt i-onnti irnate xk.ill. The order of tint tie adopt-d by I he roy*li-t lander was the b? ?t adaptud to the nature ot thegtoundaiid the eaciny bf bad to inert; b? present* d a strong and com pa. i column of intautry. with bia cavalry on the wing* and on the nar 1'at i. htllof only cavalry. MMd not come within the range of the iiiint M mu-keta withcut running the rirk of being wholly destroyed. and he cennquently concernd tL - id-a of separating the mt in> '? hoi re from the Intautry The preamnptu oua confidence of Colonel Kairos and the toe xperieuco of I.a Torre in this kind of?ogateineuta, facilitated the execution of l'aei * plan llaviug formed two columns with a portion ef bis forced. !'?. / urdarod theui t > attack the enemy's flank*. aud then immediately to retreat, an if thiy had been repulsed Kin object was, to draw out ihe enemy's cavalry In the heat of the purtuit. and then to surround tin in with two other columns which be had ready prepared f..r that ourp(P". This finiple lnHiiii'Uvre b.d the deaired effect, and La Torre * cavalry wan rpeedily destroyed The European )ius?ars alona created, b?.?a?se they advanced with le?H preelpliaucy and in better order. The republican leader then ordered tha dry groan of the plain to be set on Are. and it instautly became a k a of flame Fortunately lb? La Tom, U* intautry. retreating prec!pitutety in close column. succeeded in getting to a marsh, where tlie tlaiueK stopped. on aeccoiit ot the greenness of the glass. Hut whec he commenced bis retreat. he bad to sutler the repeated attacks ot Paer.'s cayalry. until be came to a place on the Apure. called I'asso del trio, di-taut about tbreii mile* from the field of battle; there I bo pursuit ceased, because the enemy were protected by the woods on the right bank ot the river, and it became impossible to pursue lh?ni without infantry or fire arms Ut this battle, tlen Mortllo wrote :?' t ourteen consecutive charges upon mjr wearied battalions convinced me that those men were not a small g?ng of cowards an M bMB represented to me." On the following morning. General Mcrillo joined La Torre and continued with him his march to Wan Fernando without crocking the Apup.t, and always in sight of the republican cavalry. I'aet finally perceiving that the enemy avoided a new engagement, retired to Sao Juan de Payura. I n 1817. General Bolivar xppeartd In the province of Guiana, and as scon as he could communicate with I'aei. sent to him a committee composed of Messrs. Manuel Manrlque and Prauclsco Vicente Parejo, to propose that be shonld acknowledge the authority of Bolivar, Paei immediately assented to the proposition. tbus giving a noble instance ot disinteresteduess, seldom found in the history of the South American republics. From this period, the patriots began to extend their operations, and a series of brilliaut actions took place, and the republic appeared to lise on the plains of Apure and attracted tbr attention of the world The acquisition of Guiana was an important and decisive evtntln the history of the war ; by means at It Bolivar was in a situation to liarrass the p<?t< occupied by the royalists, ou ary point of the immense line embraced by the liver Orinoco and its great tributaries; lie bad approached the island of Trinidad. had obtained supplies ut men. ho'rses and oattle,and secured a communication with Part Jn the beginnin; of January. 1818, Paei determined to take the city of Ban Fernando by assault, and with this view, he directed that two gnu-boat*, captured from the royalists, and eight or ten oilier boats, should come down the river Apure; these vestils were to lie In ambush on the creek Uiruaca, distant about eight milts trim Han Fernando, aud a, ' . r m u 1 .1 - , V. . ,.f , V. .. t . . V. - I bed* <.l io< n to attack the place. while th? rn.un body ol the army engaged tha attention of the enemy lu auothf-r direction Hat two individual*. who weut over to tbe royailati. informed tbem oi tha plaa. ami before it coula b? executed an unexpected and vigorous attack a a* made on the boat! all of which tell Into the band* ol tbe royaiiat*. and of the men oil board, only thoa* eneaped who threw there <elve? Into tli* water Pari then abandoned bin project and in Bonn uueoce of Koiivar'* order* that ba ahould not ri-k hi* force* until tha latter reaebed Apura. be conBut). b.uiM-li to maintaining tha -lege. exuding in tha Bo-antim* aeverai exploring ptrtl-a t? tha plaiua of i.alatoao and HatiOatloa In Iba latter part <tl tba Kama numb Uuiivar joined him with upward* of 20M rnrn ol axcelleLt tr< opa.ai.it tlie r?publican faraet thu* r? a?let?d of Mteeii hundred inland y and two thouland veteran I oraemen; a great portion of tha latter belonging to tbe famoua cavalry of Apqra. whom Paa* 1 ad trahi) d and accuitrinied to victory. Tha plan of j tlie campaign having bren arranged b-tween bolivar and l'a<?. lot) raaeivad to eroH over tha iivar Apura ai dcontmu> marching tot'alahoao. in order to meet thernyaitet (ieneral Moiillo but here a great uifflcnltv presented itaeif; the patriot force* bad uo boat* in which to croc* that broad and deep river It tal then tb at Paea conceived and executed a bold and I extraordinary plan for capturing tba memy'l j I.ud Loata, ahitih wi ra on tbe river Apura, oppo?it? to a cii'ain point, towarda which they were .arching He aelcctad with C<4'>ael Aram< nal. a |a>ty of titty of bil beet lanrer*. who mounted on their horaaa without (addlea, and laocn la baud. daahtd into the river, with I'aei at tlir-tr head, and awatn t?*ajdi the ypanlab gnu boat*. Tl'e>e,t*ten by anrpritt by ao unexpected and extra'rdinnry an ittark bad only time to flra a dtacharge and th? next BOW ent they wi re board**! on every aide and captured by tba i tinny, the men an beara having barely time 1 loeacepeby awimtnitig itiu bold rperatiou wa'peril inn d at a illatatiie <>Mb .at two uiile* from !*?n Fernando a place whlcti had been etrofgiy forti'led by Ita Bcveinor. f apt. lion Jmr ??aa '.uero who from that an mi nt war cut oft troui all ouauaiunn-atinu with Mo. rillo Tbe patriot army having rroaied over by ni?ana of viaaela thua obtained. marched with rapidity and at tlie paaa called llaivta ou the riverOuarico, capt ured a | n *?M?i pairy oi i??nt j-n? mm wno ror.ipo-*>t to* a?lTunrf Kimitf. with >bllh tho rnyaliat* corarud I'.al*b?to In tbut direction 1 ha eeniwiueuea of tbl* w??. that Mrlllo ??> taken by turprtaa ?>u th? 11th of Ktbruary at ? time when lit* cavalry of buataraanda !>< tn ti rf the bltlillno of Ca*tlle. wt r? away at* placa islfdWItlMii At>ajo tl-out three tnlle* to the aonih i ot CaJa*. M ri.1 male (Tory aflort to ui< hit Mmn *ad battalli n of Inlutrf tt tht uwiiadtd appear* ar* nf Pin. bat only a tcry mall nnmhar of the lalb .try battalion wa? *? !.and rely thlrtj <.rf .rty 61 tha I man * the pa' rlot eatalry. onatii ded by ' I aad other oSr?n rat them up romplataly,Clan. Mf rllk? blmeelt having twajwd by m?rf rhanc? la tha ally whit b ha aail* to proteat hi* men da tha 1Mb January. 1 ?!? Bolivar J->1ned P??i at f<n Juan da Pavara and thetr united force* amounted to two thrn*and boraemen and ao nji al innbrr of jr?od aotdlrr* Bo|l??r a? a recompense for tho import ant tervlcea rendered l?y Ta?t to hi* country ral?wd liloi to | Ibo raak <d general of dlviplon and left him In <*oai. mat d of all tha forra* and proceeded to Angostura, I afrere I'mttrrw w?? t'. a"-, i In February flan-ral Ha- i rWI?. baaing jal? d La Torra at Wan Fernando rul-w.d bla army r< mpu**4 of ?im battalion*. thr~ rani- I luenta ot cavalry and several xiuadmn* u >nnMi| In all tn alt thoaaaad flaa hundred man and eommanred n<ar>h<ng aralntt tba patriots in th? twinning of ; C?|ir?'t Pan rtirvate I toward* tba Orinoco transported all tit* Infantry to the lalaad of I'rhm and 1M>I pmltlta with hi* guard and two auuadron* < f . caraMnatra. at t'naaalcbc . tb? r?ir alnder of hi* horseman he stationed ?i the plain* ot Itlo Cliro, and a J moat rnmbarsome (migration of tan thomaad pair tot rsfagees lhat followed his ramp, an taken to Anoa- I ,n r??? ? flM! ?W llb'xit r .mlfif tn a (anaral mmoint (n ban* Iba ami w. ary th?m nut lit rapid aotMiflti. which 'ha infantry anl Hold train nf tha Jpan'?h a raj MM nnt tnlli'W nM tbomO- j aarta Tba nalj ni" ?n? which V> r>ll?. oould amploy to i i??rtakr Ma uppotirnl an* forra him to k*llk> ?ai to uac kla wwlry hnt the raiplnymrnt "f thl? m-ana jnfwdlud tii* rx>ij body of furra ahich pri?ur?? lha >t>l?1a1cB?a of lb* amy, and eomprnmlaad ;ta aafrty II- tlxra't.ra advanced vary cautinoaly pr-ncdad by a forea af thro* thmaand men whi'h cnatltulril hi* vanguard commanded by Morale* ; akra Can <ll>r?ifa|*d frnn hta Infantry and tha nilgrant*. maila a roaalrrnarrh to ??ifh bin nanra rlneely ?>a tba lltb of February Mnralaa wa* at 'ha rallla artata railed t'aflalM' la. and waa thara rating hi* troop* ahilaooaof hla ?|Ua<lroa* of cavalry aai r?a?e<t in enlisting rattla I pon thla !'* ? who j ne?*r loat ii|l.t of him. appaared and laaly with l.'JUO l>rr>*m< n and wltbont siring tha *o*my'a boraa tlma tn nlitl to iha aa*ampm*nt. thraw thrn lot" dlaord*r and rut them up II* then ch*ri;cil npnn HmIn^ and a quick coa-tani firing bad commanded. wh*o tha ptinci|*l body of ?ha Hpam-h army app*ar?d In tha rilfiinra Tha patriot* then retreated toward* l'oa? rich* keaplag thalr adversary imd-r ohaorvatioa , at nkgbt. however lhay ratracad thalr (tap*. and In tha amralng *|-pcarad aitnat*d at a *hnrt dl*taa??. In tba 'f|'>liadlrrriH>n Ma?lll? oantcr marched and an*, tlnurd for malay day* wandering ovar thoao *o4itudoa, tatrainii hi* lf?rt* ta ovarlaka an enemy whiah kial mnatantly bafora him Ilka hla ahadoir. and which did him gr-at Injury by driving away tha cattla tha <?aly maatia of atipport that ran l a procured fntr an a .my In Arura At length. cnavlaced nf tba Inutility nf hla rworta. ha r*.arr?a?1 th? Araura. aad Id tha r^rly part of March, eatabllabed bla head quarter# at AahagilM Puck war* lha preliminary operation* of thla y-ar ratnpatg*. w her* la tba Ppatjiah oiam* jder mala a foiBi'dahla dlaplay of fnraaa. with tha treating nf <|a. i tiny lag a'aal ha rallad tba tiang if A p lira" In thaaa npaintlooa I'a- i *thlhlt*d r- Mamaiaia (kill, at rtby ni Imitation and ramembranr ? on >m ? J "< opTii Morlll* march'd ?!?r* <k? lr*? bank of tlia Araa<-a lha t,< Itl< u oa?uat?-d on tha rlfht h <ak by Hanara'- Pa?? 4 HMI??r lli? l?M? rt whom fc?4 rrtttrn?d fr<>m tba 'r?frM? WimMM at tn4 hnd Mn Pr>?td> ?t of lb? f?j?il?lla Fjarlllo aha*qnaatl/ m?'??

tml fct|nf# i? th? H*b? and I# tha 1*11 * M ha &??! ta at naa tk? r1??r and at noon af Ikr M ka Iwk k?? V"?Vtlo? nearly af iwafta to tkat of *oii>?r. ont ol 1k? <->*nann rna?b for th? purpoaa of draaioa him oat. ii.n?ral Pa?n rrnaaadtha rl?af with on* hnn.lro aad tftj Irnnnhl, ooapn?J of ofla?ri aad n'^lorf and forming tknai lato tkraa mall ooiam-^a ad?a?n?d apon th? wa; MortUo ?a><liai +\j pat all bla Inrraa la ?"*Ua, kla Infantry ?* "VOIar? ? >? ?< ne?4 lrl??, ?Mi kit honamoa ?i???W????I?k4aMaM*NlNM>i |RK I ONDAY. JULY 29. 1850. I ch>r;rd o|^a the small bund of patriots. nod h# dl| r> cteil liis roune towards tin* bunk ol th. river. hoping to ovirpower t>v numbers lb'1 weak column* ?f ' tfb I en bit. Pars, in Ihti meantime. tilreitvd is ord>-r. leuvijg tbe |mi>? of the riser on his r .r. i u J M.irillo, observing tbls. snd supposing him incYi.'aMy list, detached from the* army all bU cavalry (consisting of one thousand bor>*o>r n among whom were two hundred carabiiii er? ) lo pursuit of l'ui. anil directed liia l flrn wpno the right bn?S which *?< denuJnl by ?nm< | Hght troops As s?o?. himorw. v th'i brave comI inundtl cf Apura jmrcwiVed tint the ?oeny > horse I wire ?t a considerable distance from tbe army, and . Id disorder. be fnci d al.?ut suddenly. attacked bii , pursuers In ftoiit tad on tft?< tlauks. ia small groups of twenty men. and. without giving them tiui? to rerov r I from their a-roiist, tDeiit or Ui arrunge tli?-lr lines he | routed them, causing them .treat loss. I uvula tfcvy made the mott obetim.te resistance ? In vain tiui carabineer* diemOiluteil? ail their i 'Jorta wure melons: because, dlsconcefted and taken by surprise. all those abooppostd til 3 terrible attach wote killed on the spot I'aez pxrctied them slaying al! those whom lie overtoi k. t> lar as the tnemy'?llnee Their Infantry thrown info eonfvfien took refugc-ln the woods, tbe artillery et afed tlri3(}. and night pre ,-?nt< d tbe fu -tber destruction of the royalist a*my Neviur betoie nor after was seeu. In the war of indepeadraee. a uior.t unri|Ual contest, nor one more glorious to the arms of tl e republic- a contei t which would b? incredible If It were not supported >y the testlinon/tmtl of the till nds and enemies cf )'ai 2. and bv a n uiu>? r of utheiitlc i) or unit nts 'in the day following this enrsgtment. liolivar published a decree. conferring the Cross of Liberators (Liter Wuki) on all It1* ofllcera, tergeants corporals, and ???ldisrR, wbo fe.iitht In this glorious engagement, knov* in history by name of Wueseia-del Medio After this, Mcrillo retrented pre cipitateiy to AeUaguas The eogigimaiil of ()ue?eras del Medio wat the p'ecur?or of new plans ar4 bold projects cambint d betwitn Bolivar an.f I'ae* The plains of Ventiuila bring now entirely rescued frour the enemy, there two generals arranged the dungerous and important expedition which was to giro irtjcui bi 10 inew uranaaa rtii z .ma the tmo<>r accerdrd him of choosing wliltb ofihe two should romtnaz.d the expedition. They both agreed that fcolivnr fhi ?ld march into New Gra:i&d&. anil that l'a< t should preserve at all rUkt, the possession of the (laiiif of A pure Viotury crowned tho republican arms In New Granada. and I'm bravely aail successfully defer di d tho important territory c.in'lj.id to him. Un the lTtb of December. 1819. VenciueW and New Gratiada were united into one grent republic. uni-r the name of Colombia, with u territory embracing 115 0C0 njUare leagues. Tie year lg'Jl in celebrated for the important rietory obtained by the republican army, under llolirar and I'aei. on the told of Carabobo. which secured Von?mela to the patriot* General lioilvar's force* amounted to O.CVO mi n The flret division of thin army, compored of the British battalion, the ba'tnlion of Apuru, and 1 600 horsemen, was commanded hv I'aei The Si id of I'arabobo is a vaat and open plain, lying lu a southerly direction from Valei cia An aruiy eudeavI oring to ebter this plain IromTlnai|ulllo. as the patriot amy was attempting to do, Is obliged, after passing Ibe river I'birgna to penetrate over the defile called Ruenn Vista. lying to the northeast This defile is a knUkUt pOMtioQ, on which a few l ien can easily arrest the progress of an urmy. If this pass be gained, and the many tbstrnctioua be overcome, which an emmy ckl ea?lly oppose over a rough aud oraggy road of corairterable length. there still r< mains a uitrrow valley to be got over, formed by hills, which constitutes the entrance on the west to the plain of (Jarabobo; here the level ground eoraueuces General La Torre. I lie Hpacleh commander, had stationed in the valley several piece* of artillery and on both >ides. on the hills commanding the valley severe! considerable bodies af soldiers. On the plain near the ojietilng of the valley a numerous line of infantry was displayed In ordir of battle, with Its right resting upon a thicket; sett followed another line of Infknliw h ., 1 >.-# .. |K.. S...b- ..t * trong bodia* of cavalry Tha second Unit of bnttla had on tt> left Ik* run J called Da*. Pao, and tb? cavalry on tha fame *ida wan stationed on the brow of a bill over which that road pufrd; the top ol the hill was occupied by a battalion Piich wan tba military posH tion of the Hpanieb force* On tlin 24th of June. tta* patriot General occupied the defile, and from that place observed tba poidUon of tha Spaniard* ?h? arrow rud ) urauod by liollvar allowed blm only tha room neccaaary to fl! off, and tba enemy not only gnat dad the outlet inw< the plain, hot command* d tba allay with their artillery and a con*lderabla number nt infantry I lia pi xitiun waa impn ^nabla. It WM reaolved. however. that General I'tn. with <*>n*lderable il?k aid dlfli'tiH). ahould penetrate through a footpath bnt II1 tic known, and turn tha enemy'a rifbt. Thin patti ??? extremely rttffl-nlt It at tba bti.b r<-ad lc?ltti( to Pan Car'o-i to tha weit of lb* valley, yea* otar tha top of a *mall hill eoveivd wl'h w< od which wa? commanded by tha flp?ni h arlMary. and lead* Into a ravine which tliu men wire compelled to pan* aing'y. boeau?e It waa ttt rouyb, lull of biambb* ?ud brier* W heu the ant my discovered tba morcmenf, ha directed part of hi* forra airainat them. and *ome of hi* battvllon* came up to (La ravlna. a* the partiot battalion of Apura wa? beginning to paan It. and a rlgorou* firing comutancad ami wa* k?-j.t op on both n*l"? Ti e republican corp* at Inat succeeded In paaaing tha ravine, but no loogi r able to auKtalu *lniily the ?nemy> cba.-ge It cum nienceu 10 ?i*?* way. ?nan me isrtuvn i?gion cum# upto their Mippnrt Tba rami; M ti; tbla tlm> brought Into ih. action four of hli bnt battalion* agaiuat om "aty of tlf patriot*. Hat the brava Hrltlnh legion do* filed off and loratd into order of hattla, nnder a mod terrible fir*, with almoal HpMbuatn ftnoitj. and. kneeling down eould not be made to yield a atap Al- i moat al' it* cAcara ware wounded. ami many roldlcra | mat with a (InlDoi ilrath; but tba ?<rvic? rraJrrad I by tba fa- braae foreigner* wax great indeed. Their b<*. I roic Ittiim ?* gate time for the Apur* hat tali on to rally aiid return to the charge aod frr two oimpaute* of I tba Tlradorc* tattalloc, led on by tba gallant lleraa. ta j e< m? into the action Tha ancriy at la?t yielded un- i 4>t tba aimultonenua charge of tha bayouat made by , tli.-e lien i.t ri I i<a mid Ml ha. k iipuli t\. i .'H\alrr fur auwort. IIy thi* tune a part of I'aei'a cavalry hai | parted the ravine and joined the battalion* Tiradorea , and Apura, ami tlia Urltlali legion, and having rim tail tha enemy* cavalry, pursued the royalUt force* (Ian. I I.a Torre, with the remainder of bta form, ahnt hlm?elf up In I'ucrlo Cabellc. Tba vietory gained at Carubobo wa? complete and brilliant decielre of tha ta.e of tba r< public and glotiou* for Paa ?. who wa* raUed by Uongreta lb tba rank ot General-in-Chief. which lor bit extraordinary valor and military virtuea, ha I been promliad to him by Oen IMivar. In tha nam* of t'ongra*a < n the vary 11*14 <1 battle '? Toward* Ike '.attar part of (laptambar. 1W. General Far* aln*ely beaiaged It a town and caatla of Puerto Caballo. Ike laet rtrongbnld of tha rnyallat* In Veae. i ?u?l?. <?nimainled by General Don 6*ha*tl?a da la ' C'alradn. The g/- had laatad a lvng I una aud I'aea i au'talned heavy loaae* an that account. Ha twica ; (Cera I an honorable capitulation to tba royaltat Umoral. Calaada but tbe*e i.ff?i were rejected |'a>i finally notified tha Hpanlab Geaeral that utiler* ha mrvadered within twenty-fmir hour*, he would put tba wh<de gerrleoa to tha awnrd on taking t he furlr***. At the e| piratkiB <4 tba 11 mi tad time, the tfpanlard re. plied. with Caatlllan pride. "that tho?e wall* wara defended by m.Idiera who nader*t?od tha duflea Ihey had ta ftolfll ar I who wara revived to renew tha aer.eacf Hagm.tum and Numanna and aubmit to tha | will of thaenamy.lt fortune favored him." On tha third day artar thl* haughty reply. Paet carried tba town by aaault. to tha a*toal*hmcnt of nil Thl* ha ifntnl I j fording. la the night lima. with a por Ion of hit for , **. ,\ itrota cor*r?d with umiri TM which ptnlMtn Ik* town on th? M>t and ?u until then, upp< **d not to b* f>nlabte Th< luurilnw Mtrnipl ?? mul* oil the Tib of .\ o??u.l?ir IV o'clock ?t il|bl; and Pa*t'? men 1< Mowing lb* guide ?ho Kmtrd out lb* dang*rou* pa??. ailrntly ?ni*rad Into a atrtaai p*rfrrtly naked. to arold making *?T nolra. aad I rerogn'a* turb otlw r 111 *re *a*lly In tb* darkn*** Th*y wrr* compound to tak* a r*ry rlrrult< ua root*, to troll bring ill>norir?l by tlw wnttD<la o? the forlr***. uJ aft*r havi.ig mJ.i upward* of oaa tbni-ud yard* In Ilia ulroam. tbey aurc?ad*d In tatrrltig Ut?t portion of tba town wbirh w?? ripoard Having rat foot on abota at ball paal two o'clock In tb* morning, they 4I?M?4 11, to i ral partlra. to attack aimultaaroual y lh? b?ltarira rf the town, ti n dock, and lb* git* nf tb* P*llaadra. w bleb ronntrli the laUiHn with tb? ??urltf town. Tht-y wara now dlanorarad by tb* *nrroy. aad tb* firing. tb??trv?*l?. and coafnavd ahouilng r..mnwnc? I on all vliia* T>>? ftpaniarda Urn* anrprUad enlaator d to rtll ihtdr lir?. dearly ; tbr patriot* had no bop* t>ut In rletorjr Aflar a (a**rv aoafcett, la whirl* ta* royallft* brhand aioat gallantly. they vara *oniaeil*d to arrrader up their aria* and Iro d?)? afterward* tb* ratlin alto ?nrr< ndered under a moat W>noraM* capitulation iraaitd l>; Pa*> Tba taking of Puerto 1 t;ab?llo rlo?ii tbr war of ladcp*eilan?a ta Colombia Ola I'ara eaptared Om ('alaadaaixlall hi* 'd#p?ra tog*thrr with loar hundrtd arn; ba traatrd all tba piiaonar* ?M>*t kindly : no ca?> wa* Impriaoned or lto?4 II* lodged la hl? owa <i?art?r* and >?part?a?nlf 9*a*tal ralrada who dlard at tb* ?am* tabi* with Ha**, ard ?kpt In tb* aamr rom *H tb* wound*'! rlrotrr* w*r? kindly tr*alad aad tak. a car* of tb* ?l an.ah a< a>aaadaat of artilt?ry. laaatlno Nararro. who ?a* among lb* woaaded wai nairlvd on a chair by ard?r at f art by bit tM< lo hi* htiM aad raericd *r*tj att*aUoa from Part personally Wam*roaa olh*r ln*t?nrea ar? rwordrd of Pa?i ? ?a*in?tty tf ward* hi* ?a?t|nl?h?d *urml?* The ton jr?>lng t? hat aa lmp*tf*ct ou?Jia*a# tb* m!Htary witlrn nf fl*a*ral Jmr *nfoalo Pari . but M l? chiefly for hi* rlrte virtu** for hi* law of liMnt aad oaatitatlonal law. and for hi* wl?* adiMiai*'rat*>a ?f th* republic a* Pr**ld*nt that ha ha* a",iM *? irrat t naai* *mi>* 1 b* f uad'T* at ionth AaaarWaa la dependence. In l?8t?. V?n< rn?la bating b*n ma an l?drp?ad?at aatl?Ti. after fh* Colomhtan o?.> f*d? ration h*d h?*n dlMO Tii! a ro??r?nik>a ?f d?p?ll** of tba dif?>at V> at fuelan prorln*** wa? ?>o???ok?d ?>y >*a*t and b* am rr oilered tSa nflra of Peovl?lon\i I'fcitf Of tla* l?<? with *kl"b h# had W? litMlxl I ?4?? III* ?? < ?* and ?|th hla tnr^ r' a npuMiMI afiMHaIH>? ?? t?n|>?*4 ftftl MUMlrtit ? 'f V'??"i?l? fcj h?r ifxMlllitlmi np?? <h??Ik* I iM I l>'ilMnr Am ilrt and aad> r hick >Mt|wr? <1 ft>r ft ?*rV of yftra I* IW Pft'ft ?' larlft.l >?l *nd ftf'?r??r'l? ft military i???l?(l<ia bri.k* rmt ar?tn?l lb? rn?Mltiitl?n?l |???n ?? ? liMf'l by <??! rftl J?* f *"? *? ah* *<|h kt? r<ial*<l?rftlra r????rt to k?o?l?d(? ' * |?T?rn?r|t <) th~ 1S*ft J?o??rjr, iwUtlUn *? <fT??n bp and ? ?? > I In th* ?; < Aruw.k; tto miyHv?r>, Md la tk?t Iter l? FT "13 ^ ^ A I Jjj 11 A fund to acknowledge ! ud attacked the eonatltirtlon of \ inezivla (it mini Php* ?*.? sailed up?>n byUoajfreii* to Mippiiii*a tin* mUitaiy iimurreet inn. nod to p*tnMI?b the tupn Qiaey of lljv law lie mcceeded, and on ttm Vtth ol Jnn?*, granted a full pardon to General Jofe T Slouayas At llie fipii?!icn of the pr ctdential term of 1'ai I rttlred to pirate lite, hoping to waa* tbe reiniitj- j iii of hi* <t?y* it* H* in'iH'. . under th? pr?i- j idrory of Doctor Jtt < 51. Vargnn, a <iif.tlniiil.hrd p*iysieian aud highly I oaor.ible m*!i mother rerolutii n k^adt d at;ai"n *7 Ueii.riil Mnnugai broke out atfainrt lie govirnUi"%t Tlila time, mil bin follower* opeul? <>l*aiidiJ * inillti.ry ^overiinieiit. the re-oiganuati'? of CuUmbia i;? ,..1^1,. 1 ii-1 mint of a rvlifjlou of Ht?te. ai*t uiilitivry prlvilegea and immunities 0 *?tal H??? m- mjuiu authorized fo tuke up irnii ti-d?lr.i<e ..f |,|. r >':itry'? iurtitu'ii a* ; hn again put t-?<* tfci *?H*I-.. ?ti,i i*. rtcxed to tbe VnaitJeiicy l>r Vi?r*?- who 1ml 1- 11 ex pi II i d trrm V. neuin lu by th *u!i .-onti ut - (,'n the oil N'ovi uib< r 1'iiderihe uuihi.i'tjr oi uf-nvd on bin, 1'at 2 granted n ii' v patdtm to (i v?-ral M >1.1 .1 -. b *rHp b ci ai. d lib follower- 1a lulf po-remloii of their ?itu kn honor*. and fortuiia lo conn of bit* mm mill- renee to tli? oons'itittioii and laws (it bis country, ?i H %? a reward for hi* acrvlcta cn all Itfese tr>iu^ cceasi,-!?a, the Coagrvaa of Veneziii lit by ? periai art noufi < *? ! nu Car* the appellation of IIIu triom I'ltlun " tnl g<tt e h.ui a golurn sworil with tb!? honirable lu'crVpiiun -To Iba Illustrious Citizen. de'ending the ontMit ution ami laws *f his country. Irom the Nation*! Congress <>f 1836." In lVi9 Faez wan again elected to (tin ?rosldency. Under bis judlcioua management. the Ountry acquired it high degree of prosperity lie t?ttled the foreign :mkI domestic d' itt. paid off a o n?idarable portion ot it and left a mrplm of three irtlious of dollars on his retiring from Slrr The credit of Venezuela dtoi J high with lorcl^it powers At the expiration ?f the constitutional period ot tour ve;ira. iu 1843, 1'aez again retired to piirate lift, with the Urn' determination ot not accepting the office again General Soublette win elect< d tfce next l'r?fideut of Ven?nelv In 1846 the name ot l'a?z wan again br Might forward by tunny for the Presidency, but Pa?; abhi lutely refused to permit bis name to be uaed. aud communicated bin leaolutlon in writing not to serre fcr the third time Ilia fellow citizens instated on his biting a candidate, anA General Pjti then j ropared to leaTe \ em zuela. lor the express purpose ot disqualifying himself for the- rRce. At length they yielded to hi* wishes, itnd I'a-z ('aire hU iulluenoe In laTOr of the appoint im-nt of General Jose T Monagus supposing tint the ambition of the latter would be thus HHilefil d. and lhat he and hit* puritan/) would cease ci in piling against the institutions ot the Republic. Monugits ?ai elected Preaident of Venezuela, but Pan was mistaken in hia expectations rospecting Men Monagaa shortly after his Installation In the e*ecutiTe power. Monagas c<>mm> need subrertlng the conatitiitiou of Venezuela, ana surrounded himself with all thoso p? r oox who had iu loimer years openly waged irar against the government aud who were notorious for their opposition to the fundamental law lie r-BKved all the officers and cntnand. rn of the militia mi J s ubstituted tl.4 own partisans; refused to appoint a* governor* ol piovinees tbe persons designated according to law. and appointed in ib?lr st<ad bin own en aturcs lie col Itclrl find took poi???>sston of all the am* belonging to the Slate. and placed tbeiii in the hand* of lit' folio#* ?ti lie disarmed the active or regular militia ittid called into service tbe paid militia or militia of r? serve without the authority of law required by the | constitution lie excited and unournged dissension and Jealousy between the different classei of the community. The result of all these acts was, that articles ofiuiptachzar-Dt were presented agilo-it him in the lli u.'e of Representatives, in the manner provided by the constitution; but on the 24th January, IMS, as tlie House was proceeding to take into eon* sidi ration the acoasutton preferred against tbe resident , tbe Militia of the Reserve, called Into ser vice by Mcnagas. officered and paid b) him attacked the House, aitd find upon the representative) of tbe people; a seen* of blood end slaughter ensued, several representatives and olhtr cltiieus were murdsred. The House of Representatives was deserted, and the m<ml>er? fled l> consternation to their homes Imniedialtly afterwards, Monagaa compelled them, by threat* to assemble, and. on tbe 20th, to j>ass a general arjnesty In lavor of alt concerned m the bloody tragtdy One single tact, of no>l significant import, proves the origin and source of the modern 8t liartholemy? the articles cl impeaehmeut preferred according to law. against Monagaa, were never taken up j aeatn inCongrtss Tbe total ?bter*lon of law produced a great ?en?atli'H In Vrnr*elu Tbe people turned to Peel. mi l r. mli d< d him ot hi* pron?l-e? lo ttand by and protect tli.tr llbertle* Irilral town* declared *gatnat the u-iirpet Ion of tluiMitat. and called upon t'nei to re t"t? tkt tn?>tUalh>ii Tbe old eeteran did Dot bedtat*, but manfully responded to tbe call lie took the field with a few lollower* quite unprepared. aud without tbe mean* nect Mary to contend auainet Munaga* and bi? roldler* lie fought with hl? accuetomed brar. ry against the torce* of Qeneral M?u?i;a? but. overpowered by number*. wa*co?pell*d to leaee Vetieiuela. retreating Into tivw tiraredu with a few fuHoxm who performed prodl* lea of ralnr. The truggle wa> protract- | td and Ueiiiral I aes having again landed in Veaeiuela j t tbe port of Corn. In IMC alter iereral bard f >ugbt I eurounter*. capitulated, w th hie force*. to th? coin id *u i ?er of tbe ar?iy ot Moling** Tl e old li.ro ?*? landed with iron* and thrown into prlron in th? city of VaI. ncia II* wan then taken to (Itmcan the capital ! where he wa* ag' in kept In clou* contin> iuent. and finally, wlU oat hating been heard or tried, wa*. by an Older or decn* of General Monaga*. m<n>t aingularly called *n amneety, tentenced to to ImorUonm.nt ani pejpetuel <a U from the republic of Venezuela He ?a? nceordlngly lmpri<on> d in th* fnrtfwa* of fan Antonio. In Ihc prorlnee of t'umana. where be wa* treated With the utiaoat rigor, aud wbere he would probably hare !e*f hi* life. If the In. t Congr- a? had not ordered the Preeidenl to carry the *rn>i-noa of caU* Into execution On tbe 24tV of May la*t. Oenrral Jo?o Antonio Pae? left bl* prieon, followed by an Immeaoe eonoour*? of people, who accompanied hiin In a anrt ol triumphal probation to the ?t< amcr Llb.rtador which wa* to conrey hlra ta HI 'I In mm We biw reen th* V*neiueUn hero, great In war, gr?*t In tbe cabinet grtat In hi* prosperity ; hut III* noble conduct during hi* long and cruel InipriaoiiniHnt, I* lb* crowning measure of bl> greatnee* He ha* Miown hlmeeLf superior to adverelty. and ba# gi??n to th* world a ruhlto e le**on, *howlug how tar moral worth I* above mora physical power. Cur California Con<-a|M?ndenra. fan lfat? *<?. 17th June. I SMI Mvnuifl and ftiatr .1flairi Ttu thtm- I in-1../ tfu /*?? I"' ? T'.. Our Ftata anl imiDirlpal ji'T. rriniMit* get along badly; at tha lima ?f fermrl uur Plata gorarnmant man; of our rcflrcttag paoyla foraaaw tha difficulty tttand Ing tka ?ajr? and m?ana W?li. wf arr now al afcnut a xtand (till; oar Author! ti?*. ftala and municipal kara adjoarmad. Tha . ekurtkr* and arkool* aralu much tka taut* c<ii4itiui i Tk* eoutta and tka poilr- more on, and *a ttuM w kail |?t through. Lat ita rarlaw our eouraa alaea I ant Jul/. Tka fact la that ???r; ilrp that wa hara (alcn aiaaa ? lynrb'd tha hound*, and tha raalgnatlon -t Mr Afraid* l.?a?rnworth ka? bwn tor tha worn. Tha nor* law and gorartiB-nt va (fat, tha www off a? ara. Tha ??! ?f ??lu?a ft f ?ba payment of our ofllrara la l.a??d upon California >aiu> ?? tha una la t?*d l?c tax** Tka nn<rrta)ntT of Ire una Urn* t. lay and nothing to-Morrow, tha Mraln and tanalon nooatMitty bnnn^ a|>n nta'i ff?rt? and tarulttra. tha unonalng r m lt tins of fieltrnvat that atlata tha difficulty of gattlng long, tka eonflagratlow*. tha changing n?iua4to> <-h?rar'ar' l our p"pwlatlon hrra t<< daj an<l g >na t<> ni'>r row?and which. U> all narta of thin coanlry. I* a* rhaagt lul aa tha raada of tka aaa- ranitar taaaa IB|?raatleabla and knpoaalbla Ifff* MM "f pr?p?rty rbunim banda. all tha naonla rhaaaa f n-tantlr art. anil im W? moat Mvi to our former condition,* o??Mna- j tin ol lt> >l>?ratii of our ??n toil tb? <??lenn ! th# an*ta of mart- poUaa anil |?r?f?ant, to tb<*f ?k? bar* nomri'r to tb?m -or rw.H to a ry?t? ni aI honorary gor?rnm?nt. without pay , or io|f?rt *oia? rh?n ?j?vm ofiofirnaral upon a poll tat aai lloanaaa wa tan not go na a* W? ar? If It U ant t<o lata. It would ba b*at to gal nndar 1 orlrfia wlogo. It b? ban any wbn?t territorial govt rnukt rit I* al?aj> baal<lc?nt and la* hiai pay gr?rnora jodgra, iallora. legtatatvr*, ui?r-l,?l? moki r?nd*. ?rd d<- all tl> ra?t. unlll ? van onpport oar ailrra W - h?i* bad a trial of iaiprantratnM gorern pitlt baf'-ro bai.d . no*, tat a* ??ll and |tt It attar, aarta, ah. n wa want It. It no ran b? mM from adailaalon. It will ba iha gioaW't blaaaing I bat r*?r bapp*a?d to a mtagi-4da?I at ot ndT?niur?-r? and ttrtig^iora for mipIi ? a.a. I ray ml?|nid?d, t?niio ? ara an va ara. o w g to tk? an ag ?? load l? obllg- tha amatr^. hy m l v lag tbn* ar?tla*lln( biottan ao-trmn that an ??ra to do.l?? ?o nlealy and alikoh la llkdr ta r.ina*nl Ita f"t'On"t Itigrodtanta to our own llpa |,|g. the fta.ung. at rant gat oat and bad (tompaar h? brongkt n? to It W* ar? In a talaa p" dtloa and arc doM i?od to an tentorial batboo Ibu conntiy ta not rat wdarato .<4. or known I alail ?<* ba anrprUad If whoa our people taarn It ira ohall p-r.dnaa nkrat tobarrn. onr 4. rlrr gr-?pea a>ln? ralolna tlpigar brandy altm ml Kr ftr W Ilk n year a r??trt-i.ra nar 1a.riiotooied |o tt.r clin ate a btrb. It l? (aid. remmtil." Italy It j la |r< ?a all tba j?ar < nt'la nm ,1 never br fcmio.d t I I* U> ra Ike rapaniy o| th' ?a?antiy for ag> (cultural l?ur|On r I* r?nri ly ?.i?m ??ntn d and antlr. ly and *t ?pl?t? ly undrrralord and underrated 1 b? pr?>? at poll I tea1 paaaoen tor ua la non a dm tart' n. It a want to he ,,ui up<-? the table, our condition riplaltird ton# t'<trtt> rial goicri.ment piaaad orae na a lid I tab lett tr, ibo daeert and Man Meuao cannot fatnr ng It la Hapoaetl ,? to ray "bat tMa ronnt ty want a, or abat are p>0| ?, and iittafc .. h>.nti lar ? H ? ni'fbt t?n rtiw< M Otirit Atriem. nr tb? ttllif W tk? Amm oa ??.?* ?( Ik* ? ?.* ??m k**i J lit* ?<* of tb* p">H" h*r* b?* twW ?'. Wk?M Ik* *?.*?? ?? <>? * tk? font rkll?*?? f? Wb' t?< ; r t*? tih'T U M< BBMMMHRHr* rr -f-IMMMn* ? M>f ilM?WBgl LD. TWO CENTS. cotiiD.ltt.-ft of r90 to cull 0* Our about theW >1 < ( > You will b? i-itrpri fd im-t an:ur*4. pcrt.on to hear that ?c arc a poor p.optc, ha?ir* nil tb? . 1-tocuK audi ' Mud' run titi-' of oar Far West It ji nil TMry wtll to talk al>< ir Mlnir\? fc? . but wc wuMtbvrctiina I to make our brcrebnii. an l *nrv?y our domain Wlim * bav? a irtitfJ population it#/ will ;i ll whtt bound* ai?d %<*t th?y tn-ed and dirI'i them At pri?ctt, in n card to our poyalation. >uomi? -or, rrun ?uppott-d funp?-??. In ino#f. c??c?. baa prodiV'd ciiiBi. N"?rl> all who (ret* pi!? go aw*y. aaw<l w?iy mm*. without writing to lettrn the want*. iVMiurctg ?ad rap*rity of tt>e country, and drawn Ijf tlie !!< > comforts and char of homein the l'a-t Th* r< iiiaillli tt popui it)on and tbn u?w rnnirn" remain to titiisgk, and if tli'7 o?a. to p*y for our Hiucrvit govrri.uirat. full groan for plun<?< r, hbockml at contribution. A? matters utand wiib us now, w? bare only to look to ilt lhy i. *n hiojrtortto phv* u*{Vomthi> ecwo-i^ucncck ot lur u:*?nutil? d conr?<* In adapting Mv.io institution" or a political rc? >tuMonor linlHIcitton. or ? !*? a " miraculous" tbow ot patriotism among oiw olllcabold' rs undi r "ur n< w iu>t!tuMoir Our Na?>acIiiiM'll 7 l oi ropoiiilchCfi Mi?iio?< II. ?r, f Nnimarrii* Mam , Jcly SB, 1830. ) Departure from N'h- Y'?rk?New Vorh ant AVu> //a*? tiailroai?New Haten -Sprirr^ leld - <lolyoke ~Tke Cot ntctiiui 1'allty?Northampton? Or. MunJe'i 'Kit' ten Curt F.stuHuhmcit? 1 he MaMian Gutwtr ~Mr Buchanan at 4 ,V< Nra Tiuntily ? Garrtton antt Jilt* t'.?lx mn.l A.C. After wcndiDK wy *ay through shreds of tattered arr.ingn. and scattered -in and 'n?f ped Iron pillar*,, which variegated Broadway alter thu nCorm of Thura< ay night, I came to tbo station of the Mew York and New Haven Railroad, In ("?r?l strjst. Considerable apprehension ??? entertained by those who were disposed to take the sight o'clock train, that the road had been injur?d but Mr. tilllmore. the agent of the company, ttttured all that the storm had not affeutai it and under his admirable direction)*, the train, wall filled, started 1.1T Thu ull. ct* of thu storm wero notie.) d on the line to the outskirts ot the mi.tr polls, bat seemed to have done little damage to the country, which seemed only refreshed by the descsnding of the rainy flood The cam roll d on delightfully, arriving at Fairfield about ten o'clock, where the Marino Hotel baa become 10 fashionable this wn'nn p>>si?i Bridgeport a few minute* lifter, aud arrived at New Uarea by elevec o'clock. The ride wan invigorating The fresh air came up fr.)m Long Island Houud. freighted with Iresh life and contrasted strongly with the hot and stilling atmosphere in the metropolis, which all ditlike at ibis staeoB. and which few can endure I scare-ly knew which road to take at this point, for 1 was In search of mountain aoenery; and though H ast ana West Itoek.at New llaven. with their lege:idit ct regicides and cave dwelling men. promised something yet I could not tarry My inquiries were obtig1..0I. I > f Hi., ipm iif1**n,iitilv sit n..ritif kikIx n t >t the Mr. K M Ooodrioh, wfm commended ma lo go North Accordingly I to'.k up the linn tor Rprtnsrfleid Wo pa-i-eil North llaten Walltiigford, Meruit 11 Berlin New Britain, lisrtlord that city of prudery. pl'ty and niiecellaneoua publication* IV sodtor. Warehouse I'olnt tiim .uk tor itf beauty and i ha culture of lobaooo and. anted bv the intelligent eooiuetor. Mr Dnwd. In my pursuit of facta arrived at. ^pringtltld aoon after one oVIoek This place la to? veil known to nwed description. Unci- Jerry'* houew md the Araenal are national In notoriety At on#, Midea And bou<;iiet? upon the pillow*; at the otb*r, Le nation ?rn - fur thousand* and ten? of thoiuauda >f warrier* The former i-up pi lea the appetite for tU* food tliiii,"" ol lb Ik lift; the latter aupptle* the lo'atrn:nrnt? for the annihllntlnu of whole armlea A day or wo cmu be pun-1 4 bei. Willi ?reat aatUlaotlon Many lloi-um merrbaiito enw up to get their dinnwre ? - ertry thin| la no nice " I had determined to imUU tor the night at North&inptun. ho??u r, and only tarried a alagle hour At two o'clock we at arte J a^aln After going ei^ht mllM, the gnat lam at H'dyoke (tin new etly< wa< la eight Ureal thau^ta hare evidently been man* here, and the c instruction of thia work the appliance of the water pewer nay be jnally deemed ?a important event in human enterprise Boon atier Mount Tom and Mount llolyoke appeared in ttie dlata nre. M e paaeed directly at the toot of the former, wl.i'.e a Capital view wai b?d of the latter arrived at "oithamplon the view wa* *pleudid A perfect pan oiama atrtiehea around, thetlrwen nmiiittlgi niicai; a dark background to the picture on the Wo?tera aide Tha Owawtiwl hM a eerp.-ntlU" ?urae hi re, and laya l<ke a brnad aatln ribban I upon th? verdant meadowa ot tltl- town a.id iiadley The wland* In Hie Mriani are pirtureMjuc. and tb" cea i> ettr?m?ly churning The rtora hid raffed her* on fhurtday M<P> - ? - *<' ! of tb* meadow* had l>?en oterllow*! ?the rirar hft'l il*n DKfvrtl fret. Hntl wno?< daini<? h?? ?rcurred from i ho rl? of the wali-r M?wr? JikiWi liuol the ( alltaniil; ?u|>?rlntend<-nt ?l IK* Nortfci>ing t<>fi rind. Burn n^h* the amtaM* oot4u<rtir and Moia* the ifflcltnl auKio*er, furntubed me with erery ?? latoaailra wkWl Naittiiia^ton l??n admirably flttedtown foriumn?r riMrt At Bfiimiiiillr. ti t far IVoni I hi- fllU|f I* Hf. Oharle* Miinde'* attrr-run H'tk lnhaieot It l? <"> pirt.l) lllli 4 with latlen'.*. ii 114 tppllritlnai ?ri ilulf inft'I" to take the I'lifH of tboae wh are rural and di>ebargr<l Th? friend* of num of Ihi *? pa'l-ot* na- , main at tbr Maoilm IIon?<- here. which i* tha only U -hiiuable hex 11 in the fl?f? All the other* ar? tanned bouaae, noiay and bustling but ureful 10 tb?lr way ?!r lirn.aier ki-epa up the reputation of tt?? bouH. lie know* well how to provide for tha w mta of hi* f and tiu hi* air; plaxiaa. and through hla >1acton.. ball* Id III* ??ll ?pc >tnted room*, ami at htf ti ?f>ri?l hoard all pn?ili|ii comfort* flan In obtained Thi nil* of thi- hou*e In on high |Mun<l aad. a pliaaant rid* l? It to Mount Too or n? ?rly to tha mi mm 11 of Holynke Therearc many atraogcrt In Northampton Irmn Hnrtmi NawVork llalltumrM and New i/rlean* Kx Berratury of the Nary John 0 dp?ii??r, I* berejllr Btockwell, of Km Orleana and Mr liuebinan, the diatingniabrd tragedian. with many otter* TttU latter gi nllt man la engaged in aludyln* nta play* I am iDh rmid that tha production which ha Intend* to bring out aarlj In itoptemb-ir. la a tragedy It la wrttliD iii blank verae la alr.ctly hlatorieal and I* a portraiture of the limn of Mrutiina and Agrtpinoa I'iaudtu* I n ear la aa Inportait character Th- Dan of thi* play la howerer a Hoaiau t'oaiul and th- |>araotiatli n of the part will ha noiaay taak It baa a Ceptb and lorro In It that few actor* would attempt to r< Bipara By tha way th?re ara ina< curl >u? at .r>?* ?lK-nt Ihl* work Mr Ku-hanan It la ?ald. will aha a great actuation In tha play and will appear la it tnt In Boaton lla la iletermlu *d to do i?ji tblwg for American dramatic literature. aad though ">? neranna mar aftlee to Imitate hi* cour** h* pi'ktnc Hp flay* b?ra 104 tk< !>, jrt br wi,l hata lb? er-dit <?} ori?inallt>u, i<|>< B Mir Itfn, ntv pUja of of n?l itr>i<(th and d?n id of tbo iu'iw Irvllilnti ahlnh hate rmnrd th< rrpnttUm of irmiy a>plranl? to bi trlonlr hiijon Thatimn hf f<<r ur<t>-?Drlrikl fu.tian th? laiplnllou of tb? tragi* ?aa ?i*rrt>?n thf abolltloaWt. la to Wrtnrahor* tn-morrow li ibr mnrilni aftrrr.oin ajid > r~nlng Ma ?t0 rok bli h*?? a l?? tMiton. aa thwra app?ara la ba Ibr ill(btHt lilnrtl p"?lbla to hoar him A nra<la ia r?|.*?>tn| a?ain?t tba HIM*, ikarliw. tba roaatltatlno >|n>r; and ???ry otb?r inatltaiioa fbar* la*. Ilttla Baal h> ra of tllrw t?o fnuriwilM and on* toman ?bo brlw-Trti pla'y mn?iata In c?la< bar? foot?4. If rouraa to rvaaun with ???h ai 'a i? uaal<?? A f?? *Hik?a|o Abtf Cottar <i?"?r~4 lo tba rffn air. ni? flunday oa p?lillr? and r a"ti rl|U*a, ?io id lha lawgbanad )~t? ol Ibr \r)jt and ?lrla. who wiredrawn to*?ib?r bj tba B"T?I aaana llumf?r, t hlak lhal ?h- did aot *a?i??rt Biany If an* ftnrial> IB la *attli.f flat baaa aad al> li'Jaatoa> U fe*n ? down? Uoan Aa.b?mi lira oppoalta to thla town It l? a K-auUI-it J lara bill *%T* I* maf* r-r.-in"i ? fo-4*o'l f .rm lllT in it tbat Is any anart In fcuropa I'.njw* natar mU It ?lili->at a ti-?k?l ?utn?-it? *ol a imh pa<-k of abalOag ?ard? of tba lataal la-Moo rti'U an two or thrar fani* *?-? la ?h? plvn who baaa a>mi liula ud?pr a*,I wbn dar? to braak a*?y from tba n.o?t ?lnj ular ?>ml>tnaiton af aonrantbiaalltlaa that r an ?. d a aoaiiauulty Yo*th b?? aU tb> wuU of <M a*- aad a f?? old p*r?oti? ar? lb* only yoti.hfal |? ?oii'< ! bo i?i la ih? folla?a at |K?? irt. tr?n<-? ?>nl I* marti ta'k?d about It al\| las* plan* < a IK? aljibtb of Aii(ti-t Oa tb? -<wi'b. Ilr 1^0* >n l Tbi-. will fw ?n tnlTMtintf 4*jr Th- nJwmat if. ibr rail.-,. Mom !?ru n l?rf? IMtltjr, %ni. >a Ihia mat y >4 ih.-w ?tU b? pxriil th? triennial r?n???ll?i? of ih? "Alpb* iMta I'kL" will ? !? bral?4 < ? ik* w*Mth rni'l whth nf ?.it ui<m: H K-? 1* ll lluutlBgtuti *111 il<Ut>r lb* nritt|i)< ml Kr Alfr.4 H Ctin-t. Ih? p ?m Tbla anrlalf la nnlx id* I atr. aar' *mI Rupvnrt nf Mv* r?l aiafcitmua yi'ing Va.liaa and k-> I" U|> .(> rtl of ak'agnnlam amo>n iba fnrUttaa n| ihr ra||>gv Whit n'>a?an?a ' l)r II tlr l.ai.i-k lh? l'i?H- ni la nn* In Rurnp* lot bin l.?alib bat hi* plar* will b? m it ha? U-t mot tb? ht I'imIiimk Wirnr-r tfirylltonl i m'!?< ii ?i<4 rrninplUhvil ( nllem? ?n4 wh'itr A I II. m-.r? 1lf? ?n l i.*'ur^ mi -ig h.i:mn tv?inrf? wi iiM n>ak<* AkhrM oa? "I Ihr nti?l 4>-irahl? r??ll?a-*a ' k<*>"?rhii>rM> Naitira kx 4<>ae ???rrthln? ff It n nMMnf ftrnnw h?n lul l' tl?? ' Ili,*? *>4 ?l a??h*?'t nm?bie- lt? ?"lrbl>'f. r"?ky Mai b ' tblrli I; lb> >i; ?)li ? '? numrlf I' |iil>? )iM bvrl 4lffilt?M ?< I" b?fo?l?| I .U _ __ 0 I A lli nci !,<W A Mra Jr.bB?'? waa ra^aatly ?nl If. lb? lUnffrd Jail ft?m Raiall. h? #?U* aaabla to I i>) a fl?* f>l tin 4nlNr* an4 < >? ? fnr lllnx llqnnr , frl.. bail a rMI4 !** than al? 4ar* ?*< . ? ?h* aba ia>if?ldr'? II- r bnabaa I 4tail laal March Iwtio^ I k.a ai.h Ibr*- rhll4r?a At lb? lla? of hi? 4 -Mb b' Mil ?<|K r ???* ?M. h ba?tn-M M? ?lf.- rnmHiKi ? mrporf M'tr-n 1h? ?m?n bwuv )? ,,r. ?.rrt Mh !>? itat l? w?m?4 f 'r^Tur .u? ( h?* , MI4 tf ?> t? ?> *< ? ! In - !? f U < h??. nil ?h? ?i? It "h? ?? ) *>. ?* tnrr?4 (? t>nr?# H - Mm tf.,'4 (f'? > T/mM, J**% fl tin* RoWrt I) < V (Vxitl to IHnw, ?i4 orili trrW. <t ( rb?rl-*tv? '* Jltb 'Mt I* Ik* hip f?M 40