30 Temmuz 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Temmuz 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H NO. 589-1. TELEGRAPUlf INTO.I K.KICK. THE CALIFORNIA QUESTION IN CONGRESS. Defeat of Mn Bradbury's Amendment in Hie Senate. THE MISSOURI I0MPB0?1SE IX Til! UOCSB, arc., See., Sec. VHIKTY-PI K?T CONCUR* I. FIRST SESSION. Senate. by morsk'* magnetic telegraph. Washinoto*, July 29, 1830. the moaning hi SIN IBS. Tiie Report of the Smitbsoniau Institution WAS predented. The joint iesolutiou authorising the expenditure of unexpended balance of appropriations was considered, and ordered to a third reading. CONTKMrLATlD hosob to ckn. scott. Mr. Clkuaiys introduced a resolution of inquiry Into the propriety of conferring upon Gen Seott th? rank ofLientenant General, iu contlderatiou of hi* distinguished services in the war with Mexico. draw backs on uoops dtnikeii > 01 cakaba. On motion el Mr. Phalts, the BenAts took up a bill, the general object of which was to allow drawbacks upin goods transported through the United States to such drawbacks only upon goods transported in part by water. A Hit some dlfcuFfion. Mr Dicxusot moved that it lie over untU to-morrow, which was agreed to THIS lUMraoMIIK?THK Ttlil HOC IV DAK Y . After t h<- consideration of the morning business. the Compromise bill was again taken up-the question pending being upon Mr. Bradbury'* amendment, proTiding for the ascertainment of the boundary of Texas a board of commissioners. wh< i * action shall undergo subsequent consideration and revision by Congress and by Texas Mr. Davtuk moved to>mend the amendment, substituting tlie provision aulhoriiing Texas to Institute a ' *uit for thu settlement of the boundary question in the Supreme Court ot the United Slates, and providing 1 that it Texas fall to bring such suit within twelve : months, It may be brought OA behalf of the United States. Mr. Ri sa submitted some remarks In opposition to the amendment. Mr ItstTO* desired to know what Texas wanted. Various proposition* were made to her, and spurned Y>y her representatives Now it was proposed to submit the question to the highest tribunal in ths land, i and Texas refuses that?fetuses anything but an entire yielding to her>p?e dixit Mr. Brwrnn advocated the amendment. Mr. T<a*n said, the effect of purchasing any terri lory 01 iriii wouia oe iu iran?i?r 11 from under a slave constitution, and make it free noil. lie wax opposed alio to the proposition for a board of oommitloners, which would never give Texan her true boundary. Ksowing the views o( the President, who was to ap- I point the commissioners. It wan easy to understand what would be their view* and constant action lie liked the proposition to rarrj the question to the 9a- ' or?*n>e Court better than either ot th- other*. and would vote for the amendment to the amendment. Mr. Ci.av said he had referred the original proposition to Texas. fir the settlement of her boundary, for m consideration, but in the deeire to secure a Battlement and peace, he had no objection to voting for Mr , Jtradburys amendment, which, in effect, lubmitted the question to arbitration, ani b? would ask who did not know I bat. although (bey m.ght exact the right to arry any question to the courts, there was also a right submitted to arbitration by a commissioner. or In any other way The proposition for a commission held out a hope tor the settlement ol the Teste question, and the avoidance of a threatened civil war The submittal of the luhject to the Supreme Court required nt> legal enactment. The ease could be carried to the Supreme Court at any time -why, then, Ineert the provision to that eff ot in this bill ' lint he ilerired, In order to undeiatand the Senator from fit* Jersey. to aak him whether, it thi* auien Iment prewailed, he would vote for the bill ! Mr. have not the slightest idea of It in the world. Mr. Ciav ?The Senator replies in the r^ttire. May not the Senator from Texas (Mr Rusk) justly retort upon liiui by asking what he wants f Mr I) Alius said, it the gentleman would separa'.e this Texas quti'.lon from the other, and allow him to wote upon it IcdepeLdently, he would vote tor nis pending proposition, but when the Senator put with It other ingredients, offensive to him. be would not vote for the otyretlonabl* measures with a view to secure even that which he favored He believed It ws? usual for Senators to endeavor to improve any Mil. even though they might design voting against It in the end so that. In the event of Its passing. It may t* as little rljt ctlonable as posMble Mr INi'Vuwooo. In the ourse of a few remarks. d?-flared his readiness to yield his own opinions and vote for almost any measure that would lead to a settlement and peace Mr. Ristiis ref>rred to Mr Clay's expression of a hope that this! censure would procure a settlement, and enquired whether It was for this hope merelv that the Senat<> had been engaged in six months'discussion to the delay of California aud all piiblio busitieis' llad all this been tor the simple hope of a settlement' He thought that every S ointor mint now sea thi> iniquity of this mixing of Incongruous una sures, there hnd not been au hour since the transmission ot the California message to Congress, when the admission of that State bad ti'rt a majority on this floor, and yet that question had been postponed for months, and for the mere hope of a settlement of other fjueslious. ir tn** MBuor from Kentucky (Mr , UDd'rtiiod) wm m<lj to vote for any raruure which would wear* a settlement he would say to him. lay thl? bill upon the tabid and take op the separata bllia rrlatlni to the same )juestlon li- would a-k h'm t? leave this Omnibus cut of wbloh the hMflat pa* enger with the ton million* had been spilled lia dasirvd alio to say to the Senate and to the imerlcaa pwople that th< r? had not bam a day or hour duriag the arwioi when there had not bwn a majority of tha l??t' in farar of the object of each of th? m-nsuree contained In the hill. If ff?w?t?d each by Itwll; and If tba Janata had twen allowed to do one thing at a time, u the h rmer mechanic, ami lawyer d'-ea the Pl'fil ohjeet of each of theee Beuarra weuld hare wM. Mr. C**a said the Senator from Missouri wu rai?' k. nabio ha supposed every l?iat ir But ?M llw Iniquity of ' 'BibinlUK these maaeurea, 01 the contrary, ha hat caw the mora clearly ita patriotism and wiadom V b? (did not know tuat tha attempt la the flrrt instance to admit California a* an Independent m-a>ure would hare raised a eeetional oaeitlun such a* the country had never ?ee n before ? fu It aat then worth the eiperlment made to avoid that mm tlnaal qaeelion * The Senator from Ml??->url had oh1*ct d to the term ' hope," by Mr. day he would a*k upon what slsa all lewMatlaa rests thaa tha hopa, the conflderce the belle? that K would prudaoa the de tred cliject Mr llai.t ?*preaeed his readlaeaa to rats far tha amendment because ha preferred the arbltratloa of the Supreme Oart to the commission not. however, he a us* he bad any confidence In the declsloa of the Anpreme Court hut because ha believed there was ao< thin* at lsane-B?tbia? at sUke -the -arrea* ofTeiaa being a foregone eonclusloa The Hupr. me Court w*. oompo.ed of men. and he kaew very well how that oart was conatltated geographically aad knowing also the history of pan deeislma* <>l that eoart he felt fallv as?ured that It woald allow the claim of Tciii which mal4 aot b? fUtH mn h*fora m hoaart aad inblwMil Jury "Mr. fKtt to th* IHtiili*1 tkt to avoid furthi r <lt*cu**l?n Mr Ditto* >i>mn4 tbll fall ll th? ??pr*m. Conr* Th*y w*r*. in hi* opinio*, r*aor*d ixiw aatd k> ond til political an.1 p*r*o?al Iaf1u*a**? Mr K*iin clt*d iW iih of th* bmiadary dl*put* W?wn Hlmnrl nd Iowa, an "B? la which th* Ha rn> Court d*rld*d **alo't th* *lavtboldtnf ?" ! f?ror of tha ft-wa Slatm II* *iprrM*d. In ntroa? tar Bin hi* i Igh opinion of that Court and hi* coat d*BF* in II* d*cl*loo. II* d*rlar*d him If oppo**d to Mr Bradbury* am*n<)m?at h>n">a It ??? (Imply a pn?tpon?Bi*rt of th* qu**tlon Ut*?i la fa?'>r ol a rrlwniff of th* qaeatton to th* Jnpr?ai? Court Tuu. hnwT?r could not ln*titut*a "till a?aln*t th* lnlt*d Btat**. *?r*pt a law ba p'?M*>.i by 0<in(t**?, fi?ln? her uch potrrr Th* I'aitM Atatwa could brla? wult ?r?!n-1 Trial but the VlMtl i*t?tw*r* la po* rwloti fl* va* In favor thra. of *ITnrdla( th* only >mm which could ba otf*r*4 for th* bringing of a nit Mr Foot* Inquired wh*th*r Mr I' tin* m it to k? and-rrfood uylngthat It *w compH.at to bring #ult for th* wtll>m?iil of th* boundary of T*xa* ha?< r*tli- ii ii f I s..? Mr tire lain a ftata' RMr R? IK. tald It *ai not now r >m pat* at. but ??uM upon 'h* pa**aga by l>>airre?< ol a law autb>riiln<t rach rait Mr Font* raad fr- rn tb* m*Mag? of tha lat* Pr*?l4*at. wM*h hf rnppomd. fwrltril lh? unanlaoa* approval of hi* ?1Mn*t la which th* Pr? l<l*n? rwfera to tn? t?-i inai a mm rould n> t Im latitat** ? thln*? tb?B Tit fmiit* %&rr<\ with th<- Itta Praald'Bt In that oplalnn. tiid kid trl?t tr?orl,i|l;j bat int *1 tkl* lat? day. m?nib?r r>( the raMavt ram* Into ?b? *?natr a>d told th?<m tbat rilnlo wm giod for inlkitl Mr Fri'i rr.alBtalo'"! Ih*t th#rr ?*? no rontradtr. tb<a bttwc -B tb?- afld tb* nplnlaa atprMMd by lit in Th? >? ? * did n?t ?ay tbat It wa? la th? tn??r < f Oti?l?a? If !>** a law atilfeffrl?|*? anl? II inflated that a* thln?? tbni wrr?. ?alt < " 11 b? l?rr>n||bt; t ut ??|>pn?a b? had dH^r*d with tb' Prr?ld*at In that opinio* apan tb? qwMlon of law tb* ?p|. ?ioa o< tb* Attorney <;?a?r?l wo ii4 j'ob.Mjr. nr?. all awra thoafh tb?- MM act wa< n.a>l? ap of l??f ?r?; aad If br I ad .jiffan d hi" dntjr would b? "lUnc* Mat ** , a# a P- aatur. hi* datj was U tm hl? ova E NE opinions, and art upon them IIin position, then [ first, that his opinion wu not Inconslfttent with th? j message; and. *rc<md. that It it wan, ha was entitled, as a Senator, to cx>rcUe hl? own opinion. |. The question waa taken on Mr Dayton's amund- j ment. and It was n<?tlTed?yea.? 18, naya 39, as follows :? lr?f-Mesar* Batdwia, Bentnn, Chase, Clark, D?vi?, of Max.. Baytnn, Pidire, of Win., Eeinc. flreene. Ua'e, Hamlin. Miller, I'helps, S< ward, Kielth. Tum?v, Upham, Wtlktr. N atn?Miwra. Ateliioa. hanger Barowll, Hell, Berrien, Bradbury, Bruin. Butl?r. Case. City, Clemcna, Cooper, DBvi*. of Mm)., Dawson. Piikininu, Il?dge. cl loara, Uawui, Feleh, Forte, llouaton, llunttr, Jonea, Mangum, Ma<ou, MnrtOB, M?rrl?, Pea'ee, Pratt. Rusk, SttWIaa, Shields, Porta, 'traaura, ttur^eon, I'nderwuod, Wales, WhitCOnk, Y ulee. Mr Bi ktos niori'd to amend, by adding a provUo that ne person shall be appointed a comuiiaaioner who bah formed or expressed an opinion upon the question, uud that raid remmieaioner shall beawurn Rejected? jeaa IS; nayaiiS. 1 he question,being then taken upon Mr. Bradbury's amendment, It wan rejected?yeas 28, nays 'i$, uh follows Vus-Vtfa?. Atchison. Badger. Bell, Berrlea. Bradbury, Biiibt, Caaa, Clark, Clay. Ceopar, Dawson, Dickinson, Dodge of Iowa, Downs, Feleh, Foot*, Jones, King Mangum, Norris, Pearce, I'ratt, Sbielda, Spruancc, Sturgeon, I'uderwood, Wali-s. Whitenmb. Nays?Moaars. Baldwin. Barnwell, Benton (freesoiler), Butler. Cliane (Ireesoiier), Clemens, Davie of Massachusetts, Itawaon, pudge of It isconaia, Ewiaf. Greens, llal* (fre**?iler). llamlln. lloscton, Uuntet. Maaou, Millar Morton, Pb?lp?, Rn-k Sebastian, Seward, Smith, guula, Turn*/, Uphatu, Yulee. Mr. Baarrt * v mcved to imtm' the hill, so as to in art. bis amendment whlrh had just been rejected, modified, ho as to direct the board to ascertain tho boundary of the territory properly included within and rightfully belonging to, the Blate ot IVxa* at the time of her annexation, and in oaae of failing to ascertain auch territory, then to (elect a convenient boundary. Mr. Ruse moved to amend this amendment, by adding a proviso, declaring null and void the orders to the Military Governor at t>anta Fe. relating to the organisation of state or territorial government and all action under the same. Mr. Clav K#id be could not rote for thin, which, after further debate. wan rejected?J rim. 12; nay* 4 2 Mr Miion moved to imrnd Mr Mradbury'a amendment. t.y striking from it the alternative pow? r given the licard of Commiaeioner* to ascertain find agree upon a convenient boundary which * at rejected -yea?, 2b; nayi, 20. After the proposition and rejection of two additional amendment*, of no general iutereat. a motion to adjourn waa made Mr. fooTr aoked the yea* and nay?. but withdrew the motion npon being informed that Mr. Clay had left the chamber to remain: and The Senate adjourned. Houae of Representatives. T BAIN'S KI^CTRO-CHBMICAT. TRI.ROKAPR. WtiHiMoion. July 29, 1850. TALI AUOUT Aft ADJOl'RftMKKT. Mr. Old*, (dem ) of Ohio, axked leave to offer a reno lutirn. that the President of the Senate and the Speaker cf the IIouh adjourn their respective hcune* on Monday, 20th Auguet. to take a reoeaa until the flrat Monday ol November. Mr. Ciiacrr.a Butleb, (whig) of Pa., objected. Mr. Olb* moved a aunpeniien of the rule*. mr. uh, iaem ; 01 . u., morea, ana Ml re I me a, a call of the Ilouae. Mr. Jonu, (dero ) of Tenn., wished to ?ay If the gentleman would alter the resolution to provide for an adjournment, be would vote for it. Mr. WrnTwoBTM, (dem ) of 111., would vote for the resolution. If It be amended flnt. to admit California. Both tbeae gentlemen were called to order. Mr. Jom.t aiked, in the event of the Uouse taking a receM. will member* be entitled to their mileage ! A Voica?I hope they will. The Hp eab*:b called the gentleman to order The Ilause. by a vote of Tea* 72 to nays Hi, refused to suspend the rule*, in order thatthe resolution might be introduced. the IOWA CONTESTED KLECTIO*. Mr. Vajiotbe, (ahlg) ot N. J., Introduced a resolution, which waa adopted, to pay the expense* attending the Iowa conteited election caw. and Mr. Miller bis mileage and per diem from the comraenremeut of the session till the day the question waa decided. MO*!. ABOUT Aft aujoubnm k?t. Mr WmtgiTH asked leare to otf?r a resolution, that Congres* ought not to fix a day of a<(jcurninent until the California question ia disposed of, and the geneiai appropriation bill* peeeed u^uMou inade. be moved a mifi Dilon of the rules, but the motion did not prevail. Yeis 90. nay* 83 Mr Komnkom. (dem ) of Indiana, a-ked leave to oBer a resolution, dt rlarlnn that the surest way to e(T*ot tl e pan'sge of the general appropriation Mils and the adn..s?ion ?f California, is to fix a day of adjournment. Tiie House refused to rnsnend the rule* Mr ItilM 1 ru r 1 iib., a*k*d Intra to offer a resolution, to adjourn Congreia r>n the iy-t Mmi U; la September. ho*peu?l?m ol lb* rule* refused ?yeas S9, yiW Un Diction of Mr Whit* (whig1) of N V.. the House wont Into Commute* of th? Whole on the State of the Union *ETOtt'Tin?timr rrffaievs, Mr. IU11.T moved to lay asllcthe California Mil. and take up that to pay the revolutionary pension* The nininti decided the motion could be made. Mr. fmiTM Ki*<t appealed trim the decision. The qoiption ?u taken, and the cbair sustained 1 he llou?* by a Tit* of ares 81, nay* M refused to take up the Revolutionary Peusion bill, and proceeded to the consideration of Tun ciiirauM qrrtrio^. The pending proposition wan read, that people of any , portion of th>' territory, -when assembled ia convention by conftltutlonal authority, to form a State constitution, havo the right to adopt or esr'ado African 1 siarcry, and the determination ot the cjuwitlnn shall be no obstacle to the admission ot such mate Into thn Vnlon. This iu agreed to. MA tc 4P, The amendment I to which the above wan an amendment, *?? read, making the southern boundary of Ollliwlll thirty all thltty. <it*ndlng the Missouri compromise to the facitlc Mcean and r< riving said 'compromise for the luture crgaaliatioa of territories in the same s*nse and uti del standing a* it was adopted in iKat Mr Oatiiv, (dem.) of Missouri, proposed t" modify it. Mr Sravris, (whig) of Penn . rained a question of order that Mr Ureea could not now modify. Tlifi u.ii decided against him. Mr. Sv .? ia appealed No <|?orum voting, tho roll of members was called and tho committee roll A quorum being now preaoat. the Hoaao again woat Into committeo Mr Mini) withdrew hi* proposed modiAcatioa. Mr Mas**. (deal ) of Ky , moved that the com ' mute* riee. lor the purree of enabling him to offer a resolution tor tb* appointment of a gonnittM of tvrvnty ?ae member*, to report t r bill or other wta, aa spodily aa possible, a judlcioa* a ljustment in aeeordaro* with the priaeipie* of jnstlc* asd the coaatitatloa on all matter* involving the slavery question. the admission of hUte*. and in* formation oi govern B>?ni* tor t?rritorl*a Th? coainitt** to riM. Mr MaaaNan (whig) of Ky.. prop?**4 to amxnd Mr. llrtft original Mtiilm-tt. ill, "prohibiting j?lar*ry North of M d*gr**a Ml alnata*. and pdralttlr * It *<.atb of that lia?. until th* p*opl* ar? aathorliad to form !?t?t<- ftfrninfnl " Mr M Mid If w ar* to ha?* Ik* MiMouri eoapr<ai** liar we wanlrd no 10 ktfalt; llrnw kli tii'(iin?il Mr. uu aor*d that th* r?aaitt** ri*a Negatived Afmm. 11; Haft. Wt. Mr Hw??. (d*a I of V? farorad Ik* Mlwourl lln*. M< H< Hf?tln| I* b* plarrd b*y'>n<l dnqht tbat?l*?*ry I* to b? rri"<olM<l Mill of It If Mr i'im had W?i aad*r*tc>od. aarlai ikf pr*ald??t'al raa alga. to ana wbat h* nr? dor* by nun lat*rr*ati?a b* ci ii 14 not bar* h Nitrd tb* rot* of Virginia Mr. McWium. idra ) of MIm b*lla?*d that th* n lj ??; tb? caaatry ran h* pari4*d I* by adopting Ui a liar If aay otbar ?rh*a* ba adnptad, tb* a*ad? of daatb will b* piautad la tbl* ronlVdarary Mr Kaititaa id-a.) of Ohl .raid. th* dnrtrin* of i?b latrrrantloa. a* uadrrnooj by th* d*B?i>rati<party of tb* North a*ant that th*y aili not int*rf*r* with th* right a ?f th* Pouth. a* Ihry **lat und*r tb* aaartilalina and lava It waa a*r*r nnd*r*tood to |l" ?*artloa to alarary, or to *xt*ad alarrry to tarritorj n*w fta* 1h* aa*ada*at wit parard Iroa oat to aaothar, to all' w rf rraarh* oa H Mr Cinima, (d*m ) of Conn*rtlaut. aai I v* bar* valird b?r* ail or atr*n aoalba. and, b*H*rlag that tb* p*' |-l* Nrrtb and Boath. thought It waa time that thr aulijret ahnuld b* a?M "n be woal i aot withdraw th* laimlnrat Th-- qo*atinn ?a*tak*n. and tha ?ii?l>ila? nt. iriglna'lf Mr Mar hall*, a a* miaelrd. by U to t* ' ' """" Mr '>?? ?nr-|, bnt th nntnmltUa ?"nld not rW Mr Im k. (dun i of Al.-i,*ma. raaawad tha tm< n 1m< lit. *)t< ill u ttia??rl' p> rmlltin* aUrary N"rth of tha llna to protecting" It. Il? nld that all liwial k?> "t UfHIcrlM ?<? annullrd b; attending tha anadilution n??r than*. ard tba f -'itk kid a right to da >i'd aroi??tl?a to thrlr proparty Mr Writ iib, (dnti ) of South ''arollna will, that n 'nitfT?attoa *t? MMKlltkf IIm North whan II llaan )? vara th> ugbt to ba auflitiant to prohibit >la?ary. Tha word *oa iat<-r*aalloa orlglnaiad with th* >" uth but th* North fcaa |>ut a aparlotia a<>a?tr*etli n on It Mr t'alhoun in??ol non-lnlar?antli>a a? to tba qtiamlon of atarary nn<lar tha aoaatltutton and with ffard to tba whoja of tba UrrlUirlri 1 ha c-.-n mlttaa v.Mt-d ?*nln No tju ruta Tba roll ?n? ralltd and tka eoaimltta* roaa Tbara In lug now * <j mm tba lloona want again into rannnittca Tha i|a"?ttoi' *u takan on Mr. Inge* am?n<lro-'nt No ijuorcai aotad and tlia roll *u oana mora aallad. Th? n oinlU?? r<w ?a<l ? quorum In atti-ailane* Win* now rrportrd. tha Homo again went Into ? Bimllt**. Mr Viunu (drm i of K 0 morod that th? com miltc rlro. which netl.n nnffatlrod Ikf rnmBitlN ( in to roW on th? nrinrnt So qanmai-roll all**, *nd majority wd to ttl?lr nam** Th? y toll ? nt ln?? committor, aod other effort t? ?rt<- ? atten JmI altk fr-rluMy tha ?am* mult a* ttl-tor Di 1a. (ahigl of * T , moro4 that th? commit W YO MORNING EDITION?TU ti p rice, and the motion ill agreed to. Ue then I moved a cell oi the Mouse. Messrs lloi Mr*, CunuMAir, I*<jb, and levftral others, with tine voice. moved for an adjournment The question mas decided in the negative, by SO to 95. Mr Tiiomi'iion, (dem ) of Mia* , Raid a* the call would reM.lt in no geod be wished to be excused from rating. Mr. (Uingman. (WHtf) of N O., objected The ^i'i.Ak>n said that wheu there was a motion lor a call of the llouee pending, no motion can intervene, except one to adjourn. Mr Clinc.man appealed trow the decision. The s?i-i um held that tlure could be no appeal. The question was. ' Phall there be a rail ot the House"' Mr Wut???th asked for the yea* and naji. Mr Btami-et, (whig) of N 0 , moved ttiat the Hou?e adjourn. Thi n withdrew his motion, and it was renewed by Mr rilngmen The Iloase refused to adjourn by 78 to 88 The question was taken on the call of the House, which resulted in tie The Sri:AKt.K declared the question lo?t. A motion to adjourn was decided in the negative. Mr IIin Kin. (whig.) ol Ala moved to adjourn, but the motion did not prevail. Mr Kcmweo* "aid that the (Iouae had been talking about the admission of t'alllorrla for the last eight months, ami. a* it has never had a bill berore it, ha asked te offer one for that purpose. This movement caused great Muttering Mr Vkh a rlk Objected The title of the propoaed bill waa read for information. Mr THMrMW, of Mis* . wanted to know if the last vote did not show there was no quorum ? The PrfAKkR replied in the negative. M r WtHiwoKTii moved a call of the House. Mr Okh moved that the House adjourn. The motion was disagreed to, by 38 to 77. It being now five o'clock the yeas and nay* were taken, and the House decided that there shall be a oall of the Route,66 to 21. Mr. Thompson, of Mis* , moved an adjournment, whii'h was disagreed to?yeas 41. nay* 8fl. Various numbers anticipating a nlxht session, commenced going to dinner or supplying themselves with cake* from the table in the basement. Mr. Oi.iromak moved that all further proceeding* in the call te dispensed with, iiis motion was disagreed to. Mr Va^AHLr. at six o'clock, moved that the House ariimirti. and th#? niiMtinn win hv in the affirmative. 69 to 56. The President In Lodging*?tlie Compromise In tlte H?nat?, OfK SPECIAL TEI-KORArHIC C OK RESPONDENTS. Washington, July 20, I860. President Fillmore hu taken lodgings in Qeorg*town, by the advice of his physicians, a* the White Ilouie, on account of fog* from the Potomae. i* sickly in the dog days. Chilli and fever* have affeoted some oi the lamlly. The House adjourned at half past *lx o'clock. Some men more are expected, to-morrow, to lave the Compromise. , It U announoed. and on official authority, thil morning, that the utatement mad* by the correspondent of the Nru) Y*ik Courier f Enquirer, of the existence of mnoh prejudice against Oen Campbell, oar Conral at Havana, by the Couaell at Havana, atd by the Cuban*, on account of bis supposed favoring of the Lopes expedition,?that th* | prejudice merely gr*? out of the publication of a let| ter he addressed our government privately, and not intended tor publication, in which an exceptionable oplnUn wa* expr****d regarding th* position of certain portion* of the population of Havana. Thi* was ov*r a year ago. Oa this account, the Spanish government asked our government to recall Mr. Campbell, and not on account of the Lopes affair. Mr. Campbell is expected to arriv* her* to-day. from Charleston. The telegraph South has been working, owing to th* storms, Tory Irregularly during th* last fortnight The weather Is excessively hot. The Cholera at Cincinnati. Cmci???Ti, July 29. 1860. Th* Coard of Health report f'>rty-tnr*? rt>i the twenty-fonr hour* ending last evening, eight of which were from cholera Other diseases, thirty-five Democratic (Cxcltement In Haltlsnnro, Ac. litLTiMosr, Jnly 29. 1AM) Th* democrat* of this elty are holding ward meetings. to-night to ehoos* a delegate to th* Maryland Convention. Th* attendance 1s very large. The excitement and rivalry I* very great The chane* Is In favor of J. A. Turner There has been 82 deaths within the past w*eb. all children under 10 y*ar* of age. A Salt Water Curloaltjr. Baltimobi, Jnly 29. 1860. A monster, railed a sea eow. was captured near Florida. and was brought to Charleston, from whence it will be shipped to P T Barnam. It measure* tea feet tn length, and nine in girt. Theatrical and Hnslcal. Tin Italian Urea* at Castlk Qabdk*.- Th* repetition of ' I dn* t'oeeail," last night, created again a degree of enthusiasm su*h as Is seldom witnessed in this it?. At the rnnelusion of the ?D*rn when the vocalists wera called before tha curtain. hat* and handkercblafa wit* warad for aaveral mlnutea Boilo, lladlall aud l.oricl nan r appear* d bara to more advantage Tb? laat art * > rtwlirlj triumphant and produced ? ntcrm of entboiiaam Lorinl -hdg with great ?xc*lIrnrc. Ilia (In# rolce ww uaid with admirable (kill and p"?n, and *<? promiao of a brilliant future far tbe artlat Badlall'i acting wan great and fully equal I to hl? rnraliiatl' ii Uoalo waa all heraelf Though, peihapa. not quit* ?o brilliant, a* on the flr*t r?prr1 arntatlon tb< effort waa a mmt remarkable ona. and reflected the hlgheat credit upon her genlut Thla arming. the aver popular " La Karorita ' will he p-r ! lormed with an inmienae raet ttteffanoal. Balri Marinl and MM will anataia the principal characterThla announcement will ba enough to draw together a eiowd of thou*and?. Rowiar Tattut -The aplendld *p*etaele called i " The 8le? of Monterey " will again be produced thla 1 evening in eonaeiiuenre of Ita great ancoeaa We are not aurprlaed at thla. aa what drama eonld be produced which would operate mora upon tha leehnga >t i tbe people, or excite aueh a lire.jr Intervet. aa on* repreeentlng tha glortoua ilctntha achieved by the American irni upon the plalna of Mexico' The am ii * m e n t a will cloaa with the farea of" Set a Beggar on UoraebMk " Hiaia'ifitlnii -The beaailful domaatlc drama sailed Tbe I'et ot the Vlllaga" will again ba pr?a*ate<l thla evening Madamo|*ella Hlaagy the highly accomplished gar mm**, will appear aa Ambroi*<- in which abe will dlaplay her Inimitable pantontiinic abiliti?a In the ticagement of ibia artiat. wboee abilltlra are wall known. Mr Nlblo baa dleplayed hla u-ualgoo l taate and no doubt, will be amply rewarded In full and faeblonabl* boue< e Th* character of rterra will be aj'talne 1 by Mr. Chippandal*. thai of I>a l.oriaa by Mr Lynn*, and Mra Vernon will appear aa Hme ft* Lome, ar l Miaa Nirklaeon aa Angeline Notwithstanding tha great attraction of Mil* lllangy. tha manager de-Iron* of giving en'.lra *ati<facttou to tha patron* of hla banutifule*iablMiment. will alto preaant anotlier niece I f no lea* intwreet. and ona in which all hla celebrated company of comedian* will appear namely. I he operatic bnrleeqne of Rameralda " Thla la a gr? at bill of entertainment, and, no donbt. will diaw a large aa*< m blag a >?tio??i Thutii Tha a*m* l>? 11 ?? la?l ranlng will ba |>rr?nt?d to atght Th? f??<>n of thla l? thai <h? flfc i ara good and h?T? drawn * crowded lim?a Tha (If ?t in th? Iraam of ' t'n? I# ran In which Chapbu and "tbar ?ff?rtl?# mmHtam will ?pp ?r Tli a?-*t la tha ivry rarraaaful drams of tha Na? Yoffc Firman " sad thr laat the aaw military dram* of Honrb and- Ra?<ly. or tha llaro of Itucna Vint# " Mlaa Malrlaa will dlaplay h?r abllltlaa ? a Jinwni', bvtwrea th? jwm Thin u a fln<- nl?ht'? inwnrnt, for the mall 111111 of tweatyHaa w?t?. Cnkiitt h Orm* flat (g.-Thte ?<>|ebrat?d hand will rrntlnn* to gl?e their hljhly aiuuain* ?<>*<-.-rta unill Kutorday rmlM nut. wh? n their eooavrt* will aloM for a th< rt p-rlod. whlln the ball U undergoing a thorough r?p?lr 1 Oi tkf'i - Plarra'a Mlnrtrala announ** th? -am* hill of amuaamant tor thin araning ila|ln( danclag and inatruaantal p<rfoim*ncea A*n>ri? Hum * Th* >ltrii>tlni drama of the " I'runkard" atlil eontlnnoa to draw amwdad hnitw?. Tha a?tlng of Mlna H?hf| aad Clark* and II*iawaj U aightlv rawardM with aathualantle chaar<. Tha Maaratn la la tha (all (Ida of aaeaaar Si tctm i? P?a??|i rwr or ? I.two-ir ?On JMnr. day att'taoon F rant la Pillow** r< ?ton of th? Chanftrt p arr Cbwrrh. wa? luand toot 'bmugh th? head, witn a pMol In hi* hand. In the b?|lrc; of tba church Ma wa? l*?t ?r*n na Thnraday Jn-t aft-r ha had ran* the MNtha lecture Ill-family w*r? n?min( at Maidaa. and k> had b??n hoardlag la Kllot itr?at and whlla bl* lamttj ?app?ard bo wi> at bin hotrJIag hour* tha peapfa lh*t? rwppnaid ha had ptn> out to *a* bl? family and henra there waa an -arch for him Cnloaal Pratt held aa Inquaat oa tha li"4y on Sunday forenoon and it appeared la mdrif that tha da ream d had loat ! fit! h? a lawanlt, and took hie U fra? mark K? h? ?r? Th? jnrt. tn lh< tr t> rdl*l found " that h? rowi?tlt?d >nlrl<f* hy hnotina hint")! with pt?t n|, ?bl|r tinder ft'tt 4#pn ??i(?n <.f >p>rlt? ranMd by m?t la??nit " tl ti rtlmat*! that bat laft about fji.ouo la r?*l ??tat* -U?,r?f? Vturirr, J*t* ? i R K E ESDAY, JULY 30, 1850. T. B. Ii.'a Limrnt, [For the New York rier*ld ] The circling skies of usure-tinted hue. G> m il with bright et?i*, entrancing to tba ey?, I do adaifr?:?'tis s beauteous blue, Caught from the coloring ot Nature'* d/e; And Ature in her color* seldom errs? I And I am one of Nature's worshippers ; Mut Sallie?8*1! I do not lore to see a painted gal ! Th? gorgeous rainbow in the firmament. With varied beauty charms the gater's h 'art;

FormiDg an arch of Nature's perfect whole? A cense of pleasure doth it not impart ? And many bail it with a thankful strain. And bless its bright bow alter soaking rain; ' But Sallie?Sal' There is no rainbow in a painted gal ! The yellow grain in inidriummer looks sweet; Its golden colors beautify the earth; It borrows not pink saucers, chalk or rouge, But had its beauty from its very birth. And. a? we see it waving in the breere, What thoughts arise of plenty peace and ease! But bailie- Sul! What do we think to see a painted gal ? My own plain thoughts I'll candidly confess, And the disclosure do not deem unkind : I did not think that rougeing whs your forte? I saw it not?for love is ever bllud ; But sluce our bridal 't was a cruel stroke, And now we'll bresk the Inauspicious yoke? WnT h.11i~_k.i i Wedlock in ttwful with a painted gal ! Farewell! tulieu ! In tfppertendom phrase, A longtdieu ! Our paths are different far. In LouUvllle thy artist (kill will make Thee onre again a bright particular star; Hut 'neath New Mnglund's eold. impassive sky, 'lby rure endowments would. discouraged, die: For Sallle?Bal' The ltoston folks abhor a painted gal! Norfolk, VaJuly 23. 1S60. Qunr. The Lawrcnct Ulrurac Publication at l<otiUvrlllc. [From the Louisville Journal July 24.] We glv.to-day. an article from the Srw York HnalJ, upon the late publication of Mr T. Bigelow Lawrence Vi e republish thin article to show how that extraordinary document in regarded by the editor of the paper in which it originally appeared. We prepared, far our paper of last Friday, gome remarks upon the publication in question, but for certain reasons, laid them over for Saturday In the Interval. we received Mr. Lawrence'! eard. disclaiming the Mati msnt. expressing hi| deep regret at its publication nnd raying that it was published without his anthority. wish or consent. After the appearance of this disclaimer. the remark* we had prepared would not perhaps have been altogether appropriate, and therefore wi< suppressed them How far Mr Lawrence's disclaimer and expressed regret are intended a* an acknowledgement of the falsity of the publication, or as a declaration of its spuriousness. we hare no mean* of knowing, but it Is unquestionably di-signed to prevent a reply to the extraordinary falsehood*, misrepresentations, and perversions which make up that document. We do not think, however, that the disclaimer entitles Mr L to any forbearance. Although he did not Intend that the monstruous document shi uld be haxarded before the public, there can be no doubt that he prepared or aided in preparing it. that It wai IIII ended to l>? circulated secretly for tfleot among hit relative* and particular friend*, and MB* frw other*. For *ome time before it* my*terlou* appearance In the Nrw Y*rk Hrrald, U wan panned about in manu*crlpt among the Boaton editor*.but with atrict injunction* againrt it* publication. Thu* we *e? that the Intention wa* to lutluenca the tane of the remark* of tbe pre** upan the. eaaa .without ezpoiing ta tbe public the (uurce* and wean* ot that influence. Surely the public can judge a* to the probable juitlca and truthfnlnea* of a document deaigned to be uaed thu* clandestinely. The better portion of the pre**, and tha better portion of the entire public, uuat, with one roice, cry (bame at the contemplation ot Mr. Lawrence * whole conduct In thl* matter. It 1* to u* truly inconceivable how a *ane man. bearing a respectable name, well educated and *urrounded by honorable relative*, could contemplate pablinhing. or even exhibiting to the Inapectlon of editor* and other*, the private letter*, whirh. during the raeidrnce of hi* wife with him. pa**ei between her and her own parent*. 80 far a* we ktow. tbe deed U utterly without parallel, either In high or low life We only hope that the influence of thi* proceeding will not render it ncre*Kary hereafter for father* and mothei* to gaard and *tudy.aud weigh 11.. o *?<i ?a< nywwbe* i? man |n?,?u Mtmto their own d*U(hter?, through tear that those letter* may be laid b-fore the public by their *on* in law. Kven when ordinary friend* quarrel with ear.h other, and fever their old relation*. It ha* ever been held Intnmoil* tor either of the partle* to pulll*h the li tter* that pained between them in the day* of their familiar Interconrae How monition*, then, i* tba turpitude of the man. who. alter a *eparation between hlm*elf and hi* ?ife. h ek* to Injure her name and to wound her feelligi and the feeling* of her friend*, by blaioning tbe pilvate correspondence that pa*aed while they were living with each other V Vs.rtr rxiil* r nfttiinllf talri hfi* It hannano/1 tkaf the letter* from Mm Lawrenca to ber parent*. and from th< Di to bar. from which extract* or pretended ritrirti are given in the publication In tba HrrmU, cnmi* Into Mr L.'* powMion. W? know nothing of the mttirr. kud ?f coutm> w? are not authorised to make any atatement upon the rubjret bnt It mart b? i clearly ia?olfe?t to every mas that. If the extract* : arr ^inumr. th? letter*. at ieaat tho*e from Mr* L to ber parrot*. mu*t bare he.-n watched ft r Intarceptad. and <nj>iad during their transit between bar and tba poat offlea And do** not tba vary *oul tlcken at tba j th?U)ibt of ti e conduct of an Individual, who. whilat living with hi wi)> and profaaairg to regard bar with j ) lore and affection and confidence. obtain*, by every ' Bfim in hi* power, no matter how *nrr*ptltloui or 1 lraudot> t.t mkl w *11 the priiata Utter* paarlng i hatwern her*elf and her own father and inolhar. an I carefully treasure* litem up to be u*ed agalnit bar and tbi m. in the avnt of an exigency. which h? antic I- j pate* and which from hi* knnwl?<lga of hlmtelf. ha know> mnM uptiiier or later or, nr Tba BaftM lm guag" nupplle* no term* capable of nhnractarliing appn priilily ?och tremi ndou* turpitude nu'l perfidy I It it not irceMrt for u*. or for any ona, to vindicate Mr and Mr* Ward and th< Ir dao?liter They ara i | well kn< wn In thi* city arid Stat*, and in many other ' rl?ia? and State*. anil whare they ara known, either | paroonally. tr by reputation, the glowing pen of eulogy cannot brighten their name, jior the blighting brt atb of calumny obacura It. fltookljrn City Intelligence. F*< lar I'oMrant No 17 ? Thl* tine company of flra """ ! ~ w?7 ? i .. r?' ol l.rtnging hone their apleadtdiaachlae. which hiuhwn rln'"l?id flttad up at Hie eaiabllehni*ut of All>*rt Mrrlarty. Jin 1.14 Klghte* nth Mreet TWy r ar?w?4 I ullcn Farry at about Br* orloak In the afteraooa. and up Kult?n ilrnt ar?ual tb* City Hail l'*rk and thence ?o tbeir Knfine Hmi? In l.awreoca ultwt Tb* body of the BMhtnr I* of the color called Inrlalble and I* bandaomely decorated with irllt |n*?? *1.(1 other ornament* In front I* a pictare re (rt'rutlaf tha Pplrit of 76," anil the motto of tb* city of Hrockhi, In In ion I* Hlreng'li " On the bark li t trr; hiiJiobh ptlitlni if tbelUtf uai. and Ihe motto. " We itrlr* to vara " Th* membra of tba a pant are all young men and bar* bee a Ja*tly cilebraUd for tbeir aobl* ilail?| la time* of *itr*me danger Tb* foreman I* Wm 8 Wriglft; Plr?t A*?i?t ant. Il-nry A. Ma*ra; Second Awlatut, Edrli II. Burartt. Thi fait or J??r? Wu.p.?Th* jury in tbi? eaa*. whl. h ha* b*?i under lare*tigati'n for a period of ab< at f? or w*wk? earn* to the maclu*l<n. ye?ter lay. that tb* decia*?d ametobia daaib by injurie* Inflict ?d by ?rm* perx-a or baraoaa unkaowa It will ba remembered tbat bl* body a a* found horribly mutilate d la tba Oowaoua hay, near th* Penny bridge Wtlill Riroar or Uiiin< ?*i> lataaxrata. r*a tilt It'll* Hai iii) ><ti ?i'*r. Jilt *27 ? Mala*. M; f.male* Its. adult*. M, children. 4A. total. *1 Tba Ii wera aa follrwa - (*?ualty. I. ? holera Inf?t loir lt>; *i rauanptloa S. tmiul'iia* 1, ron(**tion of brain. 1; dlarrhna 7: dropay. 1; do la bead 4; do. In al dmi- n 1, dyaeatery 6. drowned 4. dentition. 3; eiy*l|.ela? 1 >car'.et ferrr. 1 dleeaee of heart 1 In. nammatli n of brain ?. do of lung* I. do nfw.mt> I matarn > I, old M*il. partly*!*. I; *pr?e. t. rar I. Intertneri* In Brooklyn C?m?te?y. aad other liro?kijn ground* II. Fm i< a Iitiii hum?A c?i? A man a*m?d liven Mulhnllen an ugly looking ru*tom*r. a a* brought Into court, yr*t*rday mornltg hating 1 I ?n armied ly 'If r? t W right on a warrant l>?ue l on th* Hat of January a*t charging him with baring I Inflicted I Iran w< and wltb a knife, upon th" fer*on of John Hynn The affray look plae* oa tb* ftth of January, tut the fellow mad* track*, and waa ; not caught until r*r*afly TheJurtlea ?ald thl* wai an i||i>riiid areault. and fined th* aerated la default of whir b I a aa# committed to lh* comn.on'J* I. Aaa?> it it ?wf>' ?,- Augiiatn* <'ampb*ll an agent for at mebodj. redding la Atlaatln itr- et wa? brought I li to < c nrt i harmed with a ?l< lent a**ault ai d MMy ! upca a waiherw Iran named Vary Ow*t> Th* com I in if. in| wnn^P up?n m*"r rianiin?uon. jwiiiipb mm *h? ??? > n j l"jKl I * ma oi tha family. to do tlty of nailing and hmiw cli-uniujjaht-h *<>rk >ba arc< MplUhid, and J.illj; to tL? V uaa d-m?n lad har pny I'hMf hill aakrd il *ha had d? th? work faithfully. and raartr.-d a raj.ly In Lha af!lretatl?o. II? km 'aid," Mary, do jou drink V ?o which Mary no doubt tblnklni that W ?a? |r?r of hla kidiiHa. f pllad, ranliil afiar tha Yank?a fashion f an-warlm* a '(notion. "And pray air. dnyau drink ' ' Thla ao i nr?f..t bar Inti il<-rnior, that he twmadlaf rly aal**4 b?i by tka >houl)|ir, and puihnl her ftoa hi* (?f. rha arrldantally fallltf down a Clftht of alona ?t< p? ?? ? hy. tnl Injuring h?r fara ra*?raly. Tha Jnatl'a j a*ard<d l.lm to pay tha ?ary light m of >7. which > a |?ld atd w*n <?tH harm d . Ht *<.i taut - Thrra la bo and to tba bnrglarlaa now halnw re* mlttrd In thla ally On Mtarday ?l|ht laat, | tba b?i>M>a of 0 J Jark R><| . and ttro othar r?ntla man, In *r bit tn? ib< ?n Mr rat n-ar Harlna. aara nUr d. and nronarty. ro?al?tlng < I aa?rh? ?,J< ?alry, tU'af. ??ra IM riothlnff. atolan tharafr'>? 0?a ikhf hi rartalb a it hat tbara ?r* not half ntohma* an >u?li to profaet tba flty f?atn 1ha?? nl|ht prowlrfa. nr tha pra *?t Mtahn of tha wat'h (tapnrtmant ?i? totally n? fit lo? tha iiMrf thay held Wa oplna tha lattar m tha atata of tha rn'?. howarar. and U?a aoonar ?o?c of tttpMl r*?ortd tha hattar| [ E R A: Late >>oui Ilun<1 urn?. By the Allen King, irrivtd yesterday, we received files of the llutnlura> but tbt'jf coutAiu 110 political news of Importance. As a specimen of tbe wuy they administer justice iu ! those latitudes wf extract Ilii-lt- lloniu,: from.ihe Watch ' man of thelith. ult.: ? j Oil tbe 3d instant, ihe Summary Court (at ltui-tan) wat held, and several petty cases disposed ol On 1 ?es- < day, the -1th, however, the Supreme Court was cm- 1 veind. when his boaor. the stlleleeted Chief J ustice, i Kiti-Oibbon, formerly editor of the Hundmat Oh mm', took the chair and delivered a very serious | and impressive charge to the constables, on the ' necessity of keeping order, and warning the* inhabitant* to attend to the Mine, as otherwise he would be under the disagreeable necessity of impeding heavy fines on them, and be compelled to put them in tbe stocks. The venire being called over, klaria ltetaon was placed at the bar, charged with having stolm a ring, of the value ?f id., from ihe Chief Justioe. His liouor Klli-Uiblxn. the said Chief Justice, declared his unwillingness to prosecute this case, aud v<ry magnanimously offered a compromise, which waa. that if tbe girl's mother woul-1 enter into bonds to eause her to be transported fur seven ytare, he would waive the prosecution. This uvr.Mini.. ? > m .. n.a. VI II UUKClstood, made alter he bud previously given her a Hogging. aud ( laced her a night in the Muckn. The rnotbiT having agreed to tb? propcsition, a jury was ernpanlielled to try the other ou?e*. but, at this stage of tbe i proceedings twelve men entered tbe court, declaring tbat Maria B< tson should not be transported without trial The Chief J ustlce ordered them all to be placed in ihe stocks tor daring to interfere, the men, how- i ever. were not to be lrightened, and begged the constables not to touch them, otherwise they would break I their neckt. Tbe constables, net wishing such a fate, I took advice?when the Chief J ustice, seeing bin orders unattended to, declared be would resign, and rose < from the judgment neat Tbe inhabitant* who were ' asi*mbl?d at tbe door (numbcrlng^about 'JOO), allowed him to get out, and have a fair start?when, with three ] heart; cheers, they gave chase?which, for upwards ) of 300 yards, was excellent. Thus closed Fitx-Glbbon's < reign. OUR HON DTK AS COKRKSPOftDKNCK. Halize, Honduras. July 13th. 1850, Indians in Yucatan?Vacatur Garriton?The Indians in Honduras? Mahogany Tradt and Tortoitt Slu tl. fc. With pleasure I inform you, that at this moment peace prevails all around us. The Indians in Yucatan, having met with very hard usage from the government troops, hart, for a time, fallen back to tbe mountains, and may not again be brought into the i field, although their leaders will make strong eiforts to renew the contest as soon as they obtain means and ! ammunition. The garrison at Bacalar has been ttrengtbentd by the addition of 1,000 troops from Merida. They are. however, nearly out of all kind of provision; In fact, they are now obliged to eat their horses, mules, dogs and cats. Their supplies wore ordered from New Orleans, by their government, and fears are entertained that the vessel which was to bring tht m has been lost. In the State of Guatemala, the ludlans have been driven from every position, and dispersed, and at this moment are uuorganl/.ed and disheartened llow long this may continue It Is Impossible to say. The same must be said In regard to the State of Honduras. In both of these States traveling Is very hazardous and unsafe, owing to tbe numerous bandits, or robbers. wbo lurk in the mountain ?asses, and pounce on. plunder and sometimes murder ravellcrs We have lately had a number of arHrals from the ' Moiqueto tout The number of King Frederic * aub ' ject* h? re uow 1* much larger than ever before, yet ' there 1* no new* by them from that country At Ruaten IMan.l thing* are again "getting to . right*;" yet they bar* no rrgulargoTrrmacnt, bo l?*, and very little juatice At Bailie. we are fall of bu?lnee*; hating lately been laited ?ilh vtry heavy and continued ratlin, we have ' bad a flood in the rlrer which baa brought out all the mahogany ?ut the** three year*- in fart the quantity . van to large at tha boom." that it carried away tha bo< m and M ine of it baa g< ne to *ea, ami uiny be entirely lo*t Yet we eballluiTe full ten million euptrflcial fret to *end to market thi* year. At thl* moment it in worth $60 to |l*i per M feel?In a few Jay* It will not fell at more than naif that prlca. Logwood i? now j 1 worth 13 to 14 and may continue an the < "> Mm. I ? ilie flood 1* *? crop ol coch*i:eal haa tattered very much by the rain* ; and, initaad of a I very beany crop, we hell not tecoro and to got to market more than two third* th? u*ual quantity. There ii no uw feature In Indigo. The crop va g< od oca) la all *4kured. and b**ln* to appear ia ihia place; ia worth from M) to".r<c The Indiana in Uondura* bar* beea called from gathering aar*apartlla You ' bare now received ibe bulk of tbi* year'* produce? 'mall lota will continua to come in UBtil the ueit ! crop, it i* worth from 12 to fat The great expectation* entertained at the comBienctmenl rf the turtle *ea*<n. of large ijuantiliee of ahell; h*re been cruelly diaappointxl; Instead of an addltioaal quantity not more than half tha naual quantity bna been taken?which will sot pny the coat of the outfit, to aay nothing about the craft* and mm employed; It I* worth 4 to per lb. her*. Our I rovitirn market la vary dull Htaplea arc about the (rice they are In New York and New Orlean*. Mo American veeeelt in port. Yours, lie. C. P. Car It lo Janeiro Correspondence. Rio na Javsiao, June lV 1140 Thirty Thtrntand Dratkt in Rio Janrirn ?AJt iron Starr Trmit?Brilitk t'rtlrll Starching *1 mrrican (hut fr. Since my la?t. of 90th May. nothing of peculiar in tareat kai trancpirad bera. the continue.! prevalence of thcjeUow frvcr having. ia *on>e measure, prevented the u?nal activity in commercial trannactlon* Thl* being tha llrat vi*lt of the fever to Hio, the apprehenalon* of tha entire population have been awakened by the alarming fatality which ha* stUnded It. The number of caaet which have reaolted fatally ie ! antlmatad at thirty tboumnd, among whom arc many ( CUIHf mil rflrrri of American ?*aaal?. a* alan i Urge BUBUr of aaaman Among the d*atlii which at praaant occur to my mind. May ba m*atlon*-i Captain i Luca of brig Cclumbua, of Beaton, Captain liarrla, of brig < larlon, sf New Orlaann, tba captain of ?hip Scotland, of Naatuckat; inptaia Dran. of brig Ptlma. of Haw York; Mr. baarborn. mat* of bark Tallao. and many other*. whom I cannot now anumarata Tha c?Bf? arop ol tba pro*at aaaaon la ri-proaaataj aa I afalrataraga la polat of qaaatlty. but tka Quality la certainly Interior Tba arrival* of A ai*rian traurr* h?T* not bt*n numrroa*. there are however. many Aanrlran t*??i 1? in port, bound lor California I'arbaa* th*ta la no port in tba world, ao lar dlatant from tba { I aitad fMatea, where ao maay American* ar? to ba ft and aa at Klo Tbara apptara to ba a thorough anion of arntiment and feeling aad whlla I hot* at bona. . Item ab'M wa rhould rrtelt* a *ood eiampla of pa ' triot rm art quarrelling over tka abatraat .(Uattlaoe of rlaverr and puity. w* at Rio u*v*r uk what portion of . our ci unlrj a man may ropraaent. and I apa ( <-d and lltl tl> aa* at* km to ba taan In bappy feikiwahip Among tba mrre Intereatlng puraulta which haaa engaged tba attention of many Amarlean aa wall aa Brazilian aavigatora, t* I ha dalertabie African ?iavu ttada I beard a M nraraatloa batwran ('apt M ?. who haa bt. n vary neeeaeful In making voyage* loth* ' riaatof Air Ira and wat ulrtni of II H D ateamer Klfltman which rraatad much imunantat amoag a large parly ol pat *c>aa who warn present Tba oMrara ara. ana bat* Wan perfectly awara <4 ( apt. M ? r'a awe- , raaa. aad <n Ih* wryion alladtd to ka m*ntioa*d ia i Ihmi II at bo kad a teaael raady for tha roaat.and I atalrd where ha wa* golag to taka la Ma tiat** and j i n what part of Iba Btatli 'oaat ha would land tham, ' and dtDcd Ibi-m to laka him Una of tka Brlliak <> par* chttrvtd "Ara yoa not a?kam?d to tall of It, Capt If r"' " BIO. ftr' llaw much do yon gat for every alar* yon taka from ma " fi*a pound*, ?lr." "Ah! wall I gat a UUla mira for every ona I land In Br* *11 " Tbara ara many peraon* bar* who antlclpata trouble between tka American ami llritiak government*. an a count of the nnatilkorlrtd licence takan ky the latter In boarding and aaarrblng American aaaaala An A mat lean ecbnoner. wblrk pal Into tkia port a f-w day* ainc* allh lb* lee* of ker malamaat. waa boarded by ti I rt?ll?h if?itn#P ft fmW ilftta nnlalif* ?ml tka kM*,i It H < ?v *r 4 'h? r?|.i? a t*Ukt < ft ht? hutch*'. Iii uidir IliM IiIk firMlj Blight bo intit>4 "ith as Itii^rtlMi "f lt?r rtffn 1h>r? It i ?r?t| (h>IIb| of r|.| < Mlif'ti to th* Inula n! and overbearing manner aa i.n> d by ifee l.tiglleh ontb<aa nreaalona, *ad if no M?|>? or* l?k?? ^nttit It tmabla bum mull lb* l?tk HaUho*. Catof. irrlirit bff? from Itaitlmnra nn the Mb InM . U?lr| on Ih?t4 t*o t ea a lltal hiraea for the "?-p> r?t a MaMea Tbay wera biouaht I'll I la < irellent <>rdar la rharga of Mr Mott, (>f I'Blladalphi*. hi.il MltirtH awh attention A) BMial IB fotelga port* thr ffrrtli I* aiuch '"light H*r beta. and (Im m II are k?pt al all tba fr1a?l|al n tiallrg rm m? mid al ???r; hotel andrV <be ???; ll.i (r?t tr?,ulijr of a naaly'arrlrad Ann riraa raptaln lilt | 'W hat data It jr.nr lat<-?t HmnM Tie- t< *< t ha* nmaahat at ated dona* th< laot waek, tbi daatb* )>ftrrdt; at MlravaaorMft brlif ntneta a l l'Bf m?f be fjai>l?-il at ?!' to >l<* e jnal to ?t? M> a fit! M bi.le atork r>n hard harrela. al ahteh at < tit SfeM 0 ara in aerrhd baada. The market I* woll Ma I |>l'?d aith American futt?-n g""da Ctifw. |1 M a ?: KO fur iifirlor. and fr?nn tuO to %A f?r In f*rl?.r qnalitlea K?tlmat*d atmk 4> INK) tMC' Ihe great* r part of ahiah I* Inferior ?h< uid arjtl.ng of lateraat oaear. 1 ?UI apprise yoa TIN Th? ( aklnrt Mlntatera. Wf learn that Ihi llna tin I llr?b>?, lwr?tarf rf thr Kat; In n|>? rt?J to b* 1* tba city "a 4ir?it t? a -m Wlad to rtafa la oar paper o# fa'nrttt bat the datlea Cf bi-ar*tar j of thr lafartor hare I?.bVtrltfll temporarily hr the frr?fd?n? M tba I'altaa Platea. upon If C O^ddnrd, Kan f'..a Chief t'Wk ?f | that 1 rpariai'M A'al. hi >t ?, J5 LD. .... ... TWO CENTS. The Military LkikI It.unity mil. MERTINQ OF MECHANICS' Ml THAI. I'ROTKCTIOW nrv-1 rrY. The members Of the Meshanl' ?' Mutual Protection Society. No. 41, of thin city, ipet at th?ir Hall on the 17th instant when the following document <lr:iwu up by the committee whose i.arne^ are attached was submitted I'll I ill IICMOR A at I 8l->.?H <1 Till 1 II rill Sr *TH B>, the undersigned. being appoluteri by the M?>hanlc'? Mutual Protection. No 41, ot the city of New i'ork. to take Into consideration the bill now pending before jour honorable body, In relation to bestowing iHotnit-uts *f land to the surviving foldlers who bars passed through actual service in the war ?f 1>U'2 aud the more recent Indiau and Mexican campaigns, its also the com easion of such portions as are alike allotted to the widows of such as were fouud to have done service in the regular army, or as volunteers. There are two points connected with this subject to which we wish to call the attention of your honorable body. The Ilrst. and to which we strongly object ie, *1* : the deceptive inducement thrown out in order to obtuin lor the advocates of the hill, an appearance of liberality which has no foundation in reality. Wo have seiu from the pructiceof those who have hith?rto conducted the operations of our government, that whenever either policy or necessity required them to call the nation to arm*, that our citizen* were summoned to sustain the honor of the country, without sufficient regard to the security of the pecuniary no an*. *0 csieutial to the subsistence of the wives and children of eueh ae leave their home* to protect the Interests and institutions of which we boast The uuust disparity which exists in the pay between the private solder and the officer. Ims been and will continue a matter of complaint on the part of our people I n fact, the government hae admitted that the pay is unequal, and Inadequate, and therefore it is. that wo have a land bounty attached The institution towhich hose who have the honor to address yon, belong, was istablished to protect the rights and lutereeta ot those ?bo labor Being then created for the purpcao of assisting the piO'lucer lo obtain a lair equivalent for the survine ha >i rforms, ?! feel that ?r are but discharging our July In exuding from government that Justtoe which should be it * paramount duty to execute. War. in uay shape is a calamity but according to the usage III cur government, it i* made doubly no, ?lienever it forces the citizen into the Held and refum? to make suitable provision for the families that are deprived of the labor and presence of their protector*. It 1* i yidt nt that our government ha* hitherto anted as It the comfort and happiness id the home of the laboring man waa n<>t of sufficient importance to shield his fatuinly from the bitterness of dissolution. or th? approach ol that deprivation and misery which are the inevitable result* of inadequate compensation We know that It may be urged that, by an increaM [>l the piiy of the soldier or (sailor. the expenses of war will be Alarmingly increased We willingly make the admission and fay that it is so much the better for a consldei atlon of thl- kind would beget a corresponding degree of circumspection that would restrain those in authority from rushing iuto a conflist that was not clearly demanded by the most undoubtad nature of the circumstances submitted If the wars in which nations embark could be mada to cost tenfold what each of them now amount* to, It would be a blessing to the human family, inasmuch a* we should have less of these disgraceful exhibition!) of the depravity of those who control the destiny ot M tat es As citixf ns of this free government, we cannot assent that in either peace or war, tnat the precedent of despotic nations should be laid down as a guide for the action of those to whom we delegate the power of governing We bold that a lundamental principle upoa which this government is based, teaches that statesmen have no power, (but "uch asare unrighteously aa uined ) to set op artificial distinctions ?r classifications which tend to abridge too distinctly the rtuaaen.tion to which Individuals are entitled who are railed Into public nervica. We bold. also that an American cltlien nav*r losaa liH identity aa such and therefore It la that we hem rot est against having the aoldler'a or sailor'* income lairowed down to the pitilul ratio doled out to tha alterable victim* of tyrannical governments Kutertalning a* we do, the opinion thai those who lonstltata tbe real operative material of oar arm las, lava ne?er obtained the proptr proportion of pa/, la snntrast with that extended to the officers, w? *ay, Iben, that tha proposed allotment* ol land, or the proreed' therefrotu will not reach a fractional part ol tha mount which these ai?n should have originally r?relved. The committee having, a* they think, shown that the land bounty proponed to b? given in the bill. l( not a hat it? originator* would ha\# ua believe, vi* a lit eral or juat compensation l>>r avtvlcca rrnder<-d by iha Ametlcan eltli< n. in his capacity aa a sildier, will now proceed to stata our objections to the principle Involved In the till. Tbe undersigned. whiUt agreeing that thoae in tha public terrlce are entitled to an *<|Ual ahara ol tha lands b*l< nglag to them In joint ownership. with all other at their lellow-eitUens, d ny that our rcpreaantativss In Congrea* fairly discharge their eonatltutloual dutiaa when making the public domain an artiela .of exclusivene** or lavorltlaiu If Congreaa have the right to donate land ta tha a?<dler or aallor. It poaacaeea tha power to eitend It alika to each and every aitiien. That tha p<-opla hara p< rmlttcd their representatives to hold their Ian la in restrvatlon, do?a not implyth.it they hav* conceded the powar of tsarclslng the moat glaring *pecWs of Injur lice In tha mode ot its distribution Beside*, a* long aa Congreaa continue* to withhold Ibc lands from tbe paopl-. (he apwulttnn moat control the amount which lb viae ahall reaaiva wha hara p?r formed any share of tbe public *ervic* It la true that Congreaa say* that the *ol4A r ahag have a stated nuiabar of acre*, but It la tqiJr tna that tbe land traflcker affile* tha value Our itatcsimn appear to follow tbe ;>eA*y which gcvirned tha liomana la tha ao|uiaitloa ot tha tarrlt'-iy of plundered nation*; by tha offer to the s..Idler ol a stipulate d amount ot land The agreement with u* however. I* not aa faithfully fulfilled, for If wa follow the transaction to It* completion, wa will ** that the whole operation partake* of tha adroitne** of iii* irir?^iw inn ?" inn government Ii*n Iti I ait ol tti* contract executed to ill* letter whllat It* dupe biiiili'd o?tr to Ike ripieltji of whatever ipni> lator mar travel Id hi* path V"ur nunnittce cannot refrain from adverting to what th>y ?ii| i.o?? are the actuating motive* ot tUa projector* of thl* xtiiar. It I* well known that the **ttAlloa of the dl?pn*al of the public land* ha* I. J our cUliea* to the eoaclailoti that Congreee ball prif^d l<i the pa*aa^e law to allot, to every cltliea who require. It, the portion to which he U entitle 1 The advocate* of the bill paaeed bjr the Howe* of Repre*? atatlvee. ? ?!?? that it became aeeeaaary to aet, and txlag unwilling to yield te the etpaetatloa* of the people, reeort to thi* fractional tad m?et onjaatlB*b|r . iprdlent. to alienee the demaad* of popular )n*tice Your committee w?ull inquire of the adv< at#? of the bill whv It I* that by their action th?y refn*e to obey the wl>b?i of the people, la net meeting the Iiriet queatlnn of land r?f rm ' Why I* It that iimtead of ri?(?tlif tin ir will that they ereate a bill or app< rtlonmeat of land, to a limited mabw who have never made an apaeal for thle act of favoritlca ' ( hell we K deal with theae men ae elreaaaetaneo* aaj conjecture appear to warrant' l?oea aot their r>tmiu' t juetlfy u? In helievlag that they wl*h t hat ttfce publlr laad* (hall ba kept a* a vaet nagaaine far pra>.nt and future aomprtitl"a I* it not degrading *? lb> purity whleh ahould character!** every act ?t thw American Representative, that there are tboee eke have acquired thouaaada ol a. re* In *?n?e of (he fftatee, by tiar.afnrcilag the halU of leeialatlwa Into the nflea rf a laad br< ker and epeeulatwr ' The advocatei^nf the bill, la avoldlag the real qweat loft at l??ue oa the part of the people, have ih?v* that public r pinion ha? ?"t yet egercleed it* proper altr ibutee In the tlarrlmlaat low whleh awt (o?*n H* fillure will. That th' determination of the people will be triumphantly rarrbd oat. the under?lgn?d oaimlttee cawnot doubt That It can he otherwise, who will ear ' Where I* there a nan > dotltute of e. mannn **naa .. ..... I,. I.. I- It- a a.. . 1 hill that I tin#* who aaul<l thu* dl-p<>** of thl* RT**t ju??t(rn of lb* ultima!* happln**- and |r>UiHM of tlx- Aattrleaa * "?)? by th* mannta<-tar* and mm of till) talMlttU ?ad laUMfi't? ar* ln?tl??t?d by ?<>tlt>? ablrh ara uttarljr ? a< rthy ol nu?a a* arc ralM I* IrtuM tha bttiitm ? at All of ahlrb I* ?at>mltt*4 jnl|\ <'<'M M h HfoM? ? HHN I KK >. J <*?Mlttao OII.BrKTC DRANK. \ l>l wrttnn iht? f p?>rt ?? jnnanln?a*ly t4?pt?4, tit a ? |ij th*raof ardrr*d to b> a*?t to twry tfarh*tii*? Mutual rrntartton RotMy In tka L'nlt*4 lltataa. i?4 l??mj C?-nataf lr?B tbl* fttata Tha ma'tla* lb?n ?<tji urard Mniiattata of IHtf li.galal>*<l Pfafl*Pll ll>nry l.jttf ti taltH. HrtM?b Mlalntar 'N 1'tiltfd Plat** l? nnt at lltat** l?laad Hon W Hn?*?ll. Ohio <'a| t *bt|>l*y.l?a? Tnrll; l>r. J-hr-.n M tout*. Una A Mlork. Ar?*n?a? ?nd tw?titj.m ?t-n *th*r* arrl?*4 y??t#?4ay.a?ltaohr"o*? t tl.*'?'lltit< n llnt*l l|n? fti.bart I. Ho** Vtaklti|tn ; Matrt !> * 0. flfnti I; H. A , Co?nt l>*?ib*a*lti?0#ladr; $ SU??rt I! ? A llori V t: Unrf. ''""' .T nd 1M ntb*r?. arrl??<t j*?t*r<la? at II T 11 a 11 * 11 Ro*t..t. W II Meimirm "/ ' ,~T' II < r. hu d-n. W ?bla??o?. I? 0 . W^? 5* H A . rreftwof p.ndl*t.?. ,IL t Na?y and l'*J otb*r?. art'*** F* * lh# Ao"'w".b, If.; L fl *' * a" w"*'b^I' W ..bla,t*7 k-l.nd *1^ Ca? J"* .1, W*b^r. < ub? nd lit o(Mm ert*fs4 at im A mm. Appoint*.** fa h? Ik' *, m .*j f?"myj* IK* oi ?ho TrM"??y ? ? ?*> KtM 1?,ma- I. n*Hli M tti? Mtti of Mr* York, I* k* rif?? ?<l?? Tn>%'?ry 'A Ik" ITnitvl (uiM laMtia* Mudd <4 Ik M-trtct M M to CoBiial??tn?M >' I'nMi BnlUlnyn f>ar4*( tto t?it r? lh?r? H?# l*? Mf i<H 11min>(><> ! du??trri on i? Nnnhvra la*?? eu?prl?i>m # ? ? ipMmi bj M>?n itfin (Irw, ifctitr ?? rUlUwuu By Ik* ?TT f?WOH l*t ?* ** Um.