19 Ağustos 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Ağustos 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. J A H r. N uouuoa USVMCrX, rRDPaiiruK awj# cviruR. vvicb n w (on v*r <>r n rc.ro n iw nawah ?pn. IHb. OJUJ. >' MiA.il/ L>. * n*4 ,?rl i If tlfMtm 1 Uk M r^/iLV hH.<:.O.nKry!iaJLiduy,ain)l*iK:iptr MM, or |1 ,* < 1lH~ <U tr\- '? ?m, H-\i ?/H . if /J V ?. .1 mJ l?, lo t* v pu t ?/ Uw < .1*. 0rndr (..'/> I'll .4 tA?/ ? 4U LKTThkr- v ? tt.iwtLb, r, fit.-?, or mil* cu?rtltfr - - "i * * !?? .?? ? < ' V /fnw M# i'* 'V Pt>/.r> 7'4jf V tt'tih USFO.WItWk, rfl.ir-iw**. n.porta i r . 'i.?/.- frvm > v??"''?/<* " < '4 , ttej.utll r I. ,.ti< ft' HO SOTU K liht . 'V ?>.?' ( mwi.KK.UteAi V# k' ."It Wi ./ HiUC.I.i'lll lOKE*r:S*AIKVTv mrt A*cVitUENT? TTIT}' ITKNINO. OPI- HA V\1 fl.K UAKDKtf?.A FA???I?4. BOWERY TlifATKE. Unwary-Piaatc c? ?k? Im TH? Ifn? '?L*a. !<? ??. MIOaHW 1 'iHEATRt, Br- ad* Aj- Schooi. r?* Sca*i?b>'liai hiitu i * >. ftlBUmCAKUKN. !( ..? )?iv-Lo^?i? Ai???v? Br*TON'? Till \ Mi . L> tal'iti. ?8*Mor? fx?*?? Hoi ii < T)i? hi f i *ATU?\ Al. Till \TRt. ? ft|i>AF?- r>t*n. im Pimm-s??. Tm K r M*A> riir (i.i?Ar omuKL AMIBU'AN iniCV-Aa <i:.o Pibi/iiaiuiM Artim*wn <> Im.. 1*1. II.....!-.r Xi? Yoaij Er?u inn 9)u ' Tarn r*. vru Turk. INoftrtay, 111. 1CW, Frurti illnf.n ul tu?Kr?i*. The *' ? U which c>>mrn*nccj lo-d iy, wiil be an taportunt und eventful one to t!?>* republic; for beUtr na i'Ii ic, .t vill in nil (in iiilny l>c ddiei wln*th? r ih? tkvi ty kgikiiua tiiail be p*'40*ubly end .mioably nfl^d, <>r whf ther thi? coaifii.-r icy U to continue a harmonious w hole The Seuitc v..11 to-day tultf up the luat of ill-- billa bet'ire :hrm iu connection wiih that in.Iter, ihe fugitive ?!utc hill; mmI the House will, we auppo&c-, be ranged mihtlir civil und diplomatic appropriation kill, and afterward* with ttie Senate bills. We kafe tnd tru>i tliut there are p-itriot* enough in r!ikt body to u .mie liie |.n < ige of thoae .u-m airs. Vhc VI ar In llu lnntka.?>Tli? Rmulmi Do(Mil The recent Europe in ntws unnouncea a dis.tsirous defeat of the R aaaian lorcea by the CircutmaL?. The comparative iwiior.ince of the worM with re?|?ct to the character of the Circaaaian pe>>when awuUened to a d fence of thoir territory, Mid induced by hostile encroachments to duo ihf H*?iy cf w.ir. *hut* out nnich of the history of tk<vr hchievrm nta, evm fn>m the capacionj iatelligeuteol the public pret-n. Kuaaia, too, who holds li e kr>? tn ;he territory of Circaaata, thoughaeeuijB^ly liberal, ia not very generous in furnithing the woi d null thr record* of tfcoei- event* which have marked her progreaa fur aaverol year* past, among the mowy region* of the Caucuso*. The little iuAirmalion that hu* beeu gleaned, how- ver, dispone* na ta i.?v a o<t~*nu.' tribute of ur.nse to the 1'ircan &iaua for ibc >ul?r, energy, and perseverance with which they huve restated the encrou-.-hing power of tbt Cswr Till recently, under the comparatively mi'd, but yet doteimiued sw?y of Count Worousnif, the Cncast-iuus huve been cotnpiratively peaceful, only showing themselves on occasions of daog'-r, io gtienlla bund*, ib the mountains, or sabmituug to the government of the intelligent but yet ^oppres tvo ux> nt of the Czar, by maintaining themif Ive* its an independent, armed people in their villi's and town*. The Russian government have feared litem, und throuuh their fear have resected them, becaure it is wrll knuwn that eveu many in the Knssiun army, and large number* of those engaged io commerce xnd trade, are ready and willing to revolt agninst the paternal authority of tho Cur. Within a few years past, several extensive and widely spread conspiracies hnva been detected in tha neighborhood of the Limine, and in Kerti*ch hud other cities of that region, where the Circassian power is still eenril.ly felt. The closest spy ryetem, under the able gwuUnce ol Woronsolf, has ktenlirufficirattn nmkc the Hussion interest secure; ami ia some I the troubles which have apruaif out o# Russia's movements, the cost of supporting the (fiiwrnmeat and of prot?"Ciirg it, h*< b-en so great, that it has been more thxn ence wriously t>rotH>sed to withdraw tbe llurait i force* from the acene of ihair Uboru. Wf Mfr bi.I informed what in the inaWiate ?*uae of the conllict, which h?e overthrown, by the valour of the Clri-atoian troope, the Rusni in arn.y, but it ia probable tint it ia only a eoncentraUou of CircaaaiaO feeling directed u<j.iin?t the attewpt of Kueria to aut>ject that race ol'aplen lid and warlike aoldirra who people the Caucaaian district. It win AtuhnduUe, k'.ng of Pnntu*. who tran?mi:trd to th:p |tet?,?!r niucli of hi* opirit, whea h?* took iij' Lis ahc.le there, where he pen*hed by l.ia own hot at beholding the ngntiliide of hi? litl it'O That ?f?it h.n amcjcte I the CauCdeima, ?r Circaat- > i.e. cvtr noce ; and coulJ the hi?tory of th? ir nxpb itf he written faahfully, the world would have tnuafc to adnure ic their singular p\ tnotifiu, in tin ir pa icnt prraevtrance, and tn their r*ai?tnDce ol a powerful i?ppre?<?r Tha pie* of |he coiit^ueror, that he cornea to b*n*lit nnd M'rebytlten their met, hat never turned them fmm the |>Hth of t lie ir iln.y a> lovera of their co'tutry It in tme thnt circuits -tunuea forced m my of them into the rank* ef the Ruc> :?n army, but it ia iroin three .'cry ni u '.hut the G**: Iiaa the moit to fear. It i* wt<h thern thai imny o' ;be revol nnd r*n-jiir?rii*a originate, winch prove > troublesome lo Ihe powerful and ac'ive ugeata c. the aritoorat. An, h< ?ever, the Circaoeiana a<*t rather tipon the deteppive thaa the ofiVi ive.it ia c?: very proSaMa nn< in*- i wui w>ir? "~'J Mf n?n ahouM U>' wrfHt of th? lVc?i<nr!4 impire them with a <i etre for r iterm'tuitiBG tHeir f->ea If, i?i any tint*., Ilu?eu ?b <ul1 be to rnrrat lri*u thr tuwiin where "tf iiaa g*m*n. '4 h?r m<*n. tu.<kr tirii'M )>. rt **'? iiv' pretenoe*. ?be will nut reniaiu an >i-r u ^r?un I. ?nleni ccx.'ellel l? do ?o by ImrMliM in Ii?t owj raoka, which won 1 awcll the pot*t-r oi the I *bl? r party Fear, aloae, of krr own nirn C.-n k<< p hri burk ; and it i? th? belirf in the tXHtcsc of a rtr/ l*/#* m -intra of ikm h*r, tin: i?;riU'? lb" b?i>? that the Cirrarnai * rr.?? kiistaui tb -n?3elT?e a Min*t all cmM? It i? l .:"ly that Rii ?ia, ae??tilv rhajjnm.l at the blow troreir re eivrrf, h- pr\i4m*. ?i<l abandon tb* loa.t cben?hei1 internoi of tfrptnt to iho ti>rrfrr? of Twk-y ?to* tb?t n tbe griit>! aim of h*r in^arai'xna 1# ?>,n will he well for h-r; fur ihe i?t??rrtrnce of man* ci*iltae4 n?ii.>u? will n^aer ?e rmit h.-r to can* on* u?ia ? >'*tr.i?? ,?V th?t pi Itej wl,.<:h #h? h?-'M'-n. it.pd *? nh f o i-iii<-h t?^! a i,| at au n?n?h c?* of life aiwi tr???nr . tier <Vf?v? la. i be atciileH by a ' itr. < 1* w-.th U?w?| ?f U?r 1 armv, nn4 *he mi l>? mmat*4 tnat ?he e?anot k?. wr.re i??n wi'h k-r pow*r reiujhM Tver*# < naiii ua are ujmh t<-r, ami ahe will be aafer in retreating than -a a?raurii?f. l>ery one ..o.jht ta frjoicr at *be ovenhraw of her trnopa; anj til Who know am 'k-ng of h? r purpoaea w>ll lo , not onlf lor the ??kr i f ib" hf 4*e ('-ire aaune, who have been bawly traate.l, hut for the scanty aa-J ice at Tuikey ar. l n nh-rn Curof* Th* Arrtanutmi biu.?Th? omrra rt'mr* ?T Hju.i. Gara ? We ti??t tb it oar repffwu ntiref ia Cnftw will <>( orott fn 4ir??< the aii^ntmaa of that fc*i> u the / r moting *k? oV firnrr nai < nnvlgattaaa iu m? I iM n*er at U*H litit Tfier# nr aotne r?vk? at that point whiuJi rem'er ihe navitfitiou rT tW Ilk* lee-Mitf'F Jar<teri>u*, ut.d ibe rmwtd of w!??"h w <?U confer au hi i* nam hen.ni 09 ih? i %sm*t"? <'t fhia r>?.n?|i>li? it w fatimaie.i ifeM m War ?f a f?? Ui?'?t?ai:<( rfuMar* woul.f rrjr.^rff a'l ih* rvefca ther*, ?4 'kr?iw rftn :h a hramli i4 'ht t *a v trocean iraitM l.ip* aB,i oihff larg# trmft The a ik/VH | b?*n drhntril o?(? naif ?;?,), ir4 n? ilouM / ike prtjc:. ?ViU<]r r/ m.kmi? u.^ narifitios of Lmf UIkB-1 S?- n,i ?nil ihr |.ii| river a? ?lf? a* ' "c,ai il?-tf ll Ma mailer t.'f woa/frr 1 t* ? h-0W 1MM a?|W>ri? i Unf Wr art iwaf that efforts h??e b?en m*<4e to pro* I tint' an appropriation for the iMrpiMie, but we do u not think ihHt the nere#eity of removing ih?* n ru? ka whr |)'o;?rly urged, or they would not have | L retroiued where they ate so lurg is thev huve I v We believe that a celebrated French engineer h.ia | pro ?>?e.| to remove them Tor 11 irifltit,; ruin?a few I th 'imiiU dolltra. < l'im W'IIIW I'ahtv IN l*?ll AM> 11 1850.?A | Httikiau analogy might be driwu between the nUte ( ? I'the w lug party ut the present time, und its ;iosi- j ti?. II inline dm telv ufter the if e iih of (ieneral ll.irri- . i I : r' il th?- Hi' '!' 'V r> i?h' he followed Up ia nuny | ri'pei tft Ui ufeaeful IU an Httempt to place one { t il,' jirei.ti-xi tic ii of the whig |??r?y in the Presi- i ?i> r v, ilie doetiifie of availability hta been advo- j j ' ci ted i nd i tried out; end two m?-ii have heen ' *ur< > f- full) chotiea, both of whom were hupik>.*>.|, i i,t nil event#, to be far inferior to riviriy of ih?*ir j contemn rune*, in political experience, but wuo , , * ere hble to poll more vottK notwithstanding. (Jen. Harrison had had K considerable experience j in ; ubl-c afV.ur-i, hu' he w.m regarded at b-et but as e tnediorre matt. lie hit I j a*aeil the prime of life, i | und felt him -II" really no lotufr lit to mmule in cene* of excitement; but there * .a the prestige | j of military dory about his nam**; and thin in con- j nrttion with the deep diit^ust which w-ts frit by , the Atnetican people centrally for the trickery and i hunJiug of M*r'in Van lluren'n ndmtniatrt'ion, j ^ made the people anxious for the sticce a of Gen | Ilarri?on; and, I>y a popilar excite nent, lie whs j carried into ollice. No Pre.-<ideut hiving before ' | died, during hia official term, the olfice of Vice ! , , FMMM hud !> cu o. mUi n4 Mt Of v? ry little importance, mid John Tyler wu culled to till 'hit , l Obt, and he finally rcached hia destination, on the same principle tlui u un kittle tied to a dog's tail j , if *'? II put on, is a* sure of getting home an the , do({ hirroelf Cue nionth of waiting care and political intiigue, hilled <Ienernl Harrison, and i John Tyler killed the whig* for the time b ing ; Sick, however, of the military experiment, in ; which tL'-y had been t > unlucky, in IS-II the j 1 whi^a went back to th< ir old ground, and rallied on Mr. Clay. They failed; and perceiving the j 1 VB?t popularity of General Taylor, their choice f-11 upon hint during thi-htrt campaign, as the uvaila hie candidate. There otu be very little doubt, we buppoae, that, in point of capacity, <?cr.fril Taylor w*? regjrdi d as a nri^n grei'.ly auperior to General 1 llarrifon: and, although sti'l more demituta of po> litical experience, it was supposed that he would call around him a cabinet of so much ability, that 1 th* afiairnof the :ia:ii n w..uM beudnnni?tere<i :>y itie : most enlightened 4*>licy. Whit sort of a cabinet Genci.il Taylor has hnd, th worid found oat ?o;ne i time ngo. We think thut we can atlord to lettheae gentlemen remain in their obscurity. They are j i no lender worthy of any body's attention. Hut a far more auspicious state of things attended ' the death of General Taylor, than thit of General I Harrison. Experience had taught the whips a lesson they had profitted by, and they, therefore, choee n mm who wits known to be fully capable, from great political e*j? rirnce, of filling the l're| sidency, if the death of the incumbent should take , pi.ice during his term. General Harrison had j chosen a mood cabinet; and it is curious that two , of the ge&tlemen who composed it, now find themi selves together, kfter a separation of ntue years. Mr Webster was General Harrison's Secretary of : State, und be is Mr. FillmorsV Mr. Crittenden was General Harrison'* Attorney General, and he I is Mr. Fillmore's; and they nre two of the greatest Ht.uchinen in the nation, and they are occupying ! two of the most important peats. It is ueJdoin that political changes bring about ; ' such curious result-; and it is not often that two such men, after an interval of nine years, find I f hrmv 1 vfn no am uric bv aids in a cabinet. We doubt if any cabinet has ever been sslected ia ' thin country, which has given more general 1 satisfaction than the present. Almoat every ( member has been long and favorably known ( in high ntstions in the service of the Ameri- t can people. Their gteat eiperirnce and public i fame are a sufficient warrant that nothing feeble, dithrnorabl" or low, will be admitted Into tbeir policy ; ami thus far, we have evary indication that could be (Wired that Mr. Kill mora intends to occupy hinh national grounds, and condurt hia administration upon thoae principle* of juaticc and impaniali y, and *uh Uiat tinu&eaa withal wlii?h i tlie crisis rails for. T?tk Kijictioi* in Misaorai, ahi> rnu Darvar <?r , Cot.. Bavrow.?From the returns which w? have j rec< m d from Missouri, th re i? nst a shadow of doubt that the State haa been carried by the whig*, i in roosctjuence of the division in the democratic j ranks, created by Col Fenton, and that the Colo| nel himself will be superceded in the Senate of the United States by a whig. This defeat wan no inore than what might hnve i been expected, and we were prepared Vo hear of it. | The course which Col ileaton thought proper to < pursue, within th.- l*?t f-w years, wan any thing > but popular, and certld not but h;ive tSe etVect of j alienating many of hut supporters. Wc allude to hia action on the aiavery question e*|>feially. i From the tints wl^n he forsook his ptrty, and I thre w himself into tht emSrane of M?rtia Van Flu- | ren, and such men, and becarie the champion of free soili -m, in the douth West as well as ci Wash- I ington, the most i?experienced -ye rottld not but I i? i( rive that his ponlilaritv w . ? on the w?ne. and : I thiit when elrcimn took place hi* ft >Bpee!a ! would be forever blighted in M^ouri. Tfc-ough* j out the whole af the pr??ent ?*Mion of Cw|rm, he contributed na ruucii ?* lleic au-l ifcv.trdta i prevent miv rtionicnt of ih<* rUvcrv agitaucs, by cjiUMttirillf (dptiiii the compromise hilUntrodi;oed by Mr. I'lay, And voting * ith the o;>pnr;nt* of (race and the totorau n of harmony between the North and the **outh. The fact in, that fat ore were ao bcumifully Uviafc*! upon h.a?, that he 1-**t hi* italMUce, and fell. ll tite reault of Ike Mivosiri eleerion loea art ' | adi rn tale, it ccrtauily j-oinia n It ahoa? that the people do net eanl' forget a wring, noj emit crnmirttut their public wtvanta who have j nm-r?prr*eaied th.-m, e?bei? Iht proper iau? arrive i for them la do no I hi re ere awry ni'it te the H mee of P.eprrste*UJivee, it U.ia iroment, who, in the policy wbn* ll>iy have h> teu.foie |>i??aed in rrferen?* to the < | alaveiy quewbrn, an.i U?e fair wtoicli they have d*t? mimed upon ,'laying, whe? the ?fcmte bilk come feefotr that bojy for action, have miarepreaented and ?iUnn?re)?raent their coMtituettj a* aa Col. Denton har. According oar information from M'ai hingt<>r. there err atrail nealfn, Northern aa weii aa Southern, who have agra*d j to eicrl iheir in.'k'-n'-e ag?uiat th<Mr biit*, ud esrtnvor, aa far # th??tr vowa go, to prolong (he j al*ve?v nfitntion, ?n?l delay it* eulcire?t during I tl.e pr ?en? aruing, a?J perba^ni for evi?f. iiiklinga f tMe have reached xa fr?> n van on acurcca, j en4 there ia no doubt that mrh atej> mil be ?? ink'Q ll will be wallf.-r ii.o*- i/<-e.l!rn.ra alii ! tfi'ia 1^1 iiiinfd ta ri !< ?r rmu, to litilo, and |r?ut? ?f thi-ir po- \ lirv *ill K? in ih in i Th*? ? I ln?t ki o? ih. I the who If of th* ^<V'a ' ' cov.wry, wjih ih* ?-t * f?w f?a?'io* *u4 n!n? t?a Ncrih mil f*rnih, hi 4mf\ ? ? air* tlwl tk* . '? , ? -. i..,, t.ui t.i- ?i<: ? rrrcntlY pa?#"l i . i V n -? ?H?ir ?,ytj?al j U: 1 Ci istvnre' In ?>;,?'!" r th<>A" iiM???ur?^ > it ?lorr, t|<< ) . - wi of tii ir i* lit"'nit, J nd i. ti?t tak* ih? r^r^cjurnr**. Wn w,J i| hot* j I n : ?.?? Hi ? v -jvf ' 1 , (h? :*'?< r??? 1 - - n in ti.at h?i ?( i ,i? Ir ??*' i J ih r fvfi i.i iti v ii no f<>. n.n' | j ^ ... x J ttailn* j | tn-r V>??rn Dim' W? b??? fr? a | t filtr iN. t #a??oirf?ant?. tjail bjr *?? in fart* ?>f 1h< f It' ? ?? ! a >? ,lnf?T<ta J f lhank?W> Mr fai Ml ihi>.J ilnr, f?? it' |>ai ? i Jul a?4 lilt iim. u ? n?rir.?r . C ) ? 4 ln? ??? IUl* #'t? ?" y, ^ik fiuwl'M J, lMrOKT*NT lNTEU.!OKNC'K PRO* H?a/.IL?l'?OBAitiTY or a Wn wriH GIIUT UkirAiN ?We i k nie tery important intHlinenee from Ilk*!', yrMt-rday, winch mirier* it likel? thut a ??r briwrrn Urtuil *p<i Gr M Bnuiu nuytuke late. It H|)|ifMrH ill at a Mrii>ii< c?UiMon oconrr-d n iwftn the lintiith trainer Cormorant and the i ii niHiidrr of a Hiatih.in fo't in Hie harbor nf Vihiia^ua. The Cormorant wan in the act of nit v'"K into that port four Brazilian birhH, which ' ? ? !? < i| lurt il lur bring i : ^.l in cti> t.uve ir if. Hid the tint lirid U|miii lu r, killing it iiriti?li Bailor. 1 ! ?-firr ? hm returned, and the four vrtwel* Wi re horned by the Biitith ste ,uirr. Ar- iiu^lit l?e rxpreiril, iintelligence created a great m u-uiu M al Kio Jaiieito, H4 well on iu other [ luce*, til*it no one knew ?vbji would be lh? result. It ih no trilling matter, mid bears a very ^riojs hfpect al pit b< ut. No one Cun tell wli it the end will be. It in very well liiiown that Hr?i/.il n e*- ; U-otively engaged in the s<Uve tr.id *, and if the Uritibh Ad/i itul in those i 'u h m r*c< ived order* j to capture the venule of that nation tag a'ed in ! kucIi irhtfic, a^ it i? alleged hi ti.i?, it i< not iinpro* , hnble ilint u ?nr brtwren the two couctne* will , grow out of it. At lin t t>i?ht, it might be buppoiied tb.it lnutiii'irs l? twi m |-...?'l i I i Ti'i 15r<ir.l would not an omit to n ut'li ; but it inn-I be born- in innid 1 that the Knglish conimert in that pad nl the . world tb very extensive, unil tbct if llraxil nhoulJ mute leitniH of marque, it would mitii-r to a very , great diptee Eu^hind hit a powerful i. ivy, by I ninth alu' could block tu'e every Urxiliau . apod, I hut the aspect of atlaiiH in Kurope will not jiiaur'y ; her in semilog tw Brazil u force t lli<'ient to effect : such u purpute. ]ii louche.:-e, KvUud would lone n great denl and gain but lit*!'*, no matter what th* result might be. In tiny ev< nt, h-r commerce w ould l>t? h.utly cut up. We ?b ill look with great iiitnert fur lurther intelligence fro u ihut garter. 1 I'olltUnl Intelligence. UAfcKAC lU'SKI re I'ONOUtVIONAL KLKCIIOW. The three vacancies in the Coognaaion tl delegation from Mu.-.i., are to be filled to- iiy?if poi?i!>le. It is, ( i a matter of dodbt, i.a there are niue { candidal. s in the ticld. Annexed axe the name* ? Dit. Whig. Pr?i /Vee Soil. 1. . .S A Kitof. .I T. Heard. C. Satnmiir. ! J. . ,C.W l.ph?m H. Hant'iul jr. John Pii-i-pont 4. . .K. Tbimpi-nn. H Ktotbiogtiaia jr J. ? Paitiwy. It taken a iimjority to ?lect?hence the difficulty. Ei^ht or nine trials have already t>cen nvide in the j Fourth district The election in the First and j Second <li-lmU ate to till the vac .nciea occasioned by the resignation i f Mr. Winthrop and the death of Mr. King. kIMI'CIV Kt.Ri IV11. The Frat kfort Ctmmunurailh h.i? ri t nrm ofll In'lj anil UDi flloii<ll>. o| the election of 41) whig* and M 4fir.< cr*t? <>t the 14 to b? hrard from, the Commonv ulih tliickn tbe whig* will vlrct ' and th? drmoarnts 9- kivitm a whlc lunjoritv lu the ilcue* of f. Tbli dor* not Include the taiaarj iii tbe delegation (jruui LnuUrille. The return* ot iienatora ?Jected giveu by the tmmixtrsmith are not ai lull an we hare already |ivro The Senator* are elected for on* y ear only. BY TKLKUKiPB. TilK MIKDOI'KI SUCTION. ClKcmtTI, Augn.it IS, |HJ? Til*- St. Lonlt Rrpuhlienn, of Moniiny. MJI " We publl/th, tliia morning. all tt>? information la our yciwnkio In rr(trd to tbe reeult of the nctt flectioni. It U eoooloilTK a* to the election of Per* ter. In tbe Seo?nd Congrr eaional District; and. although the rote will be mu?h clotar in th? Thir l we hare good reaaon to think that Mlliir la elected lie baa it will be percelred. to fain aome two hundred TOtee to aeeare hi* election Tbl?. we tblak, he will do. I from th* return* before ui. we are dlapoaed to eoneede the election of I'helpe. (Bentoalan democrat.) In the fifth diatrlet. The majority of the democrat* la 1 lb* diatrlet la large?fire tbouaand - aad It will he bard to orercome it. The fourth diatrirt ia not as bopeieee, aad we aut^ 1 alpate the election of Bowman, (? hlj ) It ia hardly aeceeaary to add. that we look npoa be election of Mr. Darkey, ia thin dUtrlat, a* a fixed Mi Thna fax. the whlga have forty aerec member* ot .be Uenae. and 13 In the Senate. The freoeoilera hare Rented thlitytwo member! ot the Uonre. and three ia he Senate; and the aatl-Brntonltea twenty member* , >1 the liouee. aad two la the Senate ?t Lena, Ac* a it IT. ISM. Tte Fourth Coiyri wieml Dlairiot bae all fceea heard from, excepting ail aouatiea. Wlllard F ilall, (auti-Beaton ) haa 4233 votea; t. B. Oardenahlre, ittentoataa dem ) 8,431#, Charlea B. lenua, (whig.) ?,m. There la bat little daaM of Bowmaa;? *l?etl->? (Ilf 8kn*i?u m tn> Nuiih Ot?iult.-W? w*r* pr? MHit. j*?t?rday afloruuon. ?t tb? rvilglna* m?*tlug b?IO ou board tb* l> h mo of-wtr North Car olio* 1 br ehaplalo. who offl lat*d. I* Mr Ilara?tt an old and Iniihtui piaachrr ft lb* Mrih"dl-t d?ar>oiinatk>n. ' About on* huodr*d nn-n bnMNi narabor of dtlirai. war* pr#??*til tnlnl upon Ik* MtrkM blab br< utibt up from tb* low d?ek. fbr tiiroiwi w*r* nprti -d with i bjmt. In *ul<-b ao?t ot Uu.i minpl*. y*% wn (roup ol wnrvklpprr* j?lo?d In m?lg|. A bort. f*r??ai aud by no ni?tii* uutapr***l?* rtbortat loa trUuwed. which wii ll*t?o -4 to vllh au nuinirj Iiil*r?*t At tbe roaolurloa of Ui? dl*coar*? aa<>th?r bymn tai ?ni\f, and tb* ?*?r*U<-? w*ra a?a?lud?d with tltn which a naob?r of t**tam?nta, tract* As . ??r? girra out. with which tb? vtilcrt *c?ai*d rrry well pl?a**d. Aa iatlutioa *a< th*a (Ivan tbow abo vl*b*d to i^u Wi? pl*d?r? sad at*>at nt?**a or tw*aty (tgiicd lb* plctc* lb* mru and boy* ou Uard. at pr*?rat ar? a *?*ry Aa*. otd?ily wt, and. * at* ns'iirod by the cfltitura thattU*y h*r* bad no ooratloa to |<ual?h aoy ol lUam for on* lla* pact Fmar ? At cl? *? a o'clock, on A*? ur.lay night, a flr* troll* oat la lb* *Moad Dor of fi?ni:b'? hotal. which wa? ((ulikly citiayul'bcd by ih" lua)nt*? aai'. th" p > lic#. It U ?ii|/p?iHd to he tb* wi>rk af ao la?rr>4lary. a* Uioboa** Ij*1 bf? n p?)n: log and til* rn?ra la wh:.-h Ih? Hr?- ocrnrrv.l bad too u*~d to bold paial LoU.aad titcrc ** ao Arc or i ghi wnai-??r In it. At u?..f p??t flra rltrh. Mm* *T*alag, laittrr ftr* brok < oa: at Mo 41 Monro* *tr?ct. wbi?h ?u ?at*ngulifc?d by tha flr.oj-ti At riabt o'clock. P M.a Si * broil* out la tho rtar of So K7 l.uJw? ?tr? t. by tb< aural < li g of a ?;!rtl ii?* lamp It tuklm ii'ib|ui?m4 withont Marti dani???. rivtiiiti Luir - A faaUaraaa. an Saturday. loot p?>< k*tbnuk. o< nlalulm ytlO, la Bn-advay, buk I alloti itiaat Pi pi-mi Dm* It" ..ai?a aa Ha?in raa Bat tr<ri ? , At fir* c >vio >k. on Pator lay ifnti rn > ('I'.lm i wbnao D*a>?l* konan. 4mp|M-<4 <m1m h? waa fclaj oa bowd thn fi?f Mala for Hwataa. l?aa >a* MiataincaCMt -Aa >inkni*B woioaa. who n f u-?d to |ln hrr ua< and apyaara ta ba witbaat a Ki<'. aa? ! uad at bair-paat art o'clock. ?a 4tture?y IIINDOOB. by oiem dlekal* ajd Jabaatoa. of two ll'ttalk ward |)ii| In an ari-a in Os*rit atr?ot. In U>? p?iua ot labor dbr va* brcufit to tba ataUoa boaao, una. a aarrtatfo bak | |-rooaf?d. aba ** roaaayod t-> Billitw II '--pit*1 f ha n d ?b? had no hocia Aiciaiat.?A wamai. aam'd Ktr^wt Satllran ra Idlu# at J>? T Maahauaa flaoa Uu Iroai lha on f ii or) win<k>w on riaiarday trinity aad bad bar haad ia?ar?lj lujarad ?li? tan ramofrad tj tba At; B j* ylMU A#?-ip?ar ?? raa Kinn tt V?iii Tha-? ataa n*ar h*liig a fatal aacldaatat ih< Naralty VurkafMlar lif I platan Ml upon tba hwk of Mkhaal aad ivjnr*<1 hi* aa a???e?|y. that It ?aa a -*?oaaiy to aoa> y hi* I a tba Oily HoiyKal Vttu Act-ioao* ? At In o'rluk aifatirltr aftarMiaa a maa iiimI Philip ??, anal forty ait. a par ar waa klilad la f iiltaa atrn t by ?Mtat#un? to J na > ? a port and allriMij aba* b? t?ii a?4/r tba wb*?l. abla-'i y>?d otm a> body Ihilllna bloi loauatly Tba -araaa n who aa? a Ir.-ai nt and kaaod Jaha iiupp.oraaip brought th- body to lb? ata; aa **? ?. al.au a ?i?tor waa Mat for bait ta* vital koark waa atlaaa Tba r?.?rn? *1 th? J?rw1 U at Ro Ml I t. irt?a* tfc itm) ti I'M a Arrtrvir A nara?J A l???t?r Km lara, ?bl|a In a l<?a?tlj r?l? of Iii?|)im> aa. Irll |io?m a #?lll rart. wbUfc kr *u drlTtni In Myrtto it.tc . Hi- >I;b o? ninrtlri iui bU kM< I .iiik?i? U?# ? ? w??. br ha fatal r a l * a"?ra i I >?L ? ? *. hL laf: < J*. *hlrb Li- J In ad .JJ. In to U..? Via fn.ut ani bind wtiaai i mw till i( (til U.IU, !? ' tan-lav did nil avi ntrlT 'tjitra kur Hr>\ ni'ltk ?b? ?tf p. ?n<" h?J ?al? Plrk?4 np and ?tm>?f?l t<t hln f*. Miaio IX Kixliud atiaat, i.-ar M rr)l' araaia Ilia j asap- If d-aU la aliaf't rairaotilann )? ? ??* an ta or Dialingulalu4 I'oiplr. PI" > tf#li??fy I. Pa la R?ta, I* Ij, #aii?hi?r, aia Mid iinu' W" tlraa Mmi?i?r; 'jtn.?r Dili " ?>, U |.ir*T ri Laftatt' n P'iror T f b r >* U Ko-? . Ilffi't Kdaatd I*. Bna?l? llavan* ?Ij?t ? l>? jiiilt'l. #i,j fiitor.' J? Brl'"-' >? ?|4 l?|il:j 4i; li? Ir tajlrd ( IK.afi: tlf that*. a?tir.-4 aid bara tnk'a ? < ? al tba laimi Pla?a I M, T h fiadaatid at><1 f- m >f I'kaitraloa .il.nr A Vjtlar.a. Pofl. a h J I'fadlf ? C ; V Tan Bnp*a, if . Kluilarbaok . t W barton. I'h't?i:rlp!: a fiao. t> falkr ft aril alii/ oU; it, ar-ir?4 at I ha ??lt ? I!' n>? yr*ut da? f <1 IHrtf r * Arm}: R Htafftni NcrOria*a.i: , WL?4>f. L#?lnfto?[ lb > J av>r ?'baf|**tn<i aui bit i ? aih??r?, a?Tl?> d tarda* atlha American f ftnklca baa 'of'-y K llv fU44ja ; ; C. takall flaaMa; ?' r??'l r* f? if, a* 1 aaaai'.y ij, '* . atili'4 fMl>t4a; al U.a Attar. L*. d Rlgln aa? U> laata r >tuat? oa FrMif, m tfca ci>rK'<*"t Mi.baab r>a a loar af ilaa ial? n( rf na I afc# iapaHar f.ad; Bit la l? In ar*a*?d * I I latah* lar %* fryaa. af .-a ..ah??t 'l ila if I uin huiit Hue m.?l l.t?i eui?, HI* lht OK THI rhCMl M#** II WPMTIftLV, M?ltk IIU?D. OB 1 HI 16m Lktriiiri I.IOT Thr c?ld?tier od txilli nidi'* of tbk* gr> M batik robKij c??? tlu??d r>n fnurdaj morning tud the ii'Uiniiiig up wa? ?imnianr.fd Mar?r? Hi*k? ?ol DirkMiu lor lb* prnieruMoa Mrft-ri. l'pdjh?", Driuljl ??jd iJifktuiiB fi r the putonrr*. )!r Itirliurdri d C iiiilurtnr r<f thi Long Inland Rail* T"i>U. ??? Ibr 6r?t miuvKt. mill. if. ?ul tvotlflvd lh?t K "lit uee andl ie ??ie the t wo nter * ho pa??J o?rr | 1 tin n ?<1 > c Hxi unU) l?ren>her'ft lUti tolircciipi'rt; ] r?ci- Bibi i" Ocl?; hi ?orv m aiikru icrajt ai'iib cap. witli j a vi?i r ol the >?n>e material elutilar to oua h? wor* | htniMjf; N not positive about any artlele of Uiv?s h ? u< urr )|?<I u i>nt Mil" aura he ! the p'i?nn wliu | *u? in ronpaey: Ik- n?*e lb' t?? man red tink la: the date mxrlti d In pencil. the only two he hid i <-t< r M l l 'l.rot'jh t?> Naw Mw don on tha pit' *ne, wit- | h?*h rr< i |ri 1-<i th?-Li 'hi ihiir return ?u Monday, ml >1 Ite to tlieni In the rum K J Allen. Kn^imer ot ttia ?t<-?inb"?' Miee ?3?w t*n nun (n boki<| the boat. mi n-tturdar tbu I.Vh. 1849; took particular notlee <d ' <>!? ?rbo looked Into llir i i^im iw'Ui. oid o?'t uoliie linii'iuae io ch cely, but believe* him to b- thr man ? ho oeoinpauled t'ola; I *ui iioiitlm ibal Coir ii< thr mat : aaw thein again on thi >1 oi.ilay followit,jr. on the return of the boat to (jrei-upirt, they weru on board the beat, naw UjI? ?itb bin rap off and notleed tin w?a b<ld b~:idrd William CI Hi-rrjf, rlerk of tha slc aiUT Alino?K<imi uibt-rn I wo m? n paerii'K over In lli? boat to New ; LoiiUon. on futiirday thr Iftth of Udonntbir. H4B; rurivtd ticket* from them marled In t?*npil of thabove data ; U poaitlvo > ? to Itauouau being one of j them : did not pay a? mu h attention to Dole. but | he|i?vm him to be the ou? acc'inpauylr.* lUaon*. The ?iti<ei*-.eentul/ed tbem ou Monday in mm* tol lowing when they rune on board th> bo*t. on their return to OrrcDport and *pok? to iheiu Hoi- pur | rha>ed two ticket* tor Brochlyu. nnd paid tlvadulUr*, j Unmix llaiik bill ol Westerly. receiving one dollar in ctapgf *ii 111 -kock. elerk^of City llotal, New London?Ha- | muiibi-ra two n.an calling at th < bot> I anortly after tha arrival of the taaiiuT Alice unrt thi< taet of th-lr w?n?ii a dinner. During ainurr. thay ordered a car- < ria^i to Btoniuctoo. Uidn t uru either of t*i* man j alterwar'lii ter *wo month- but re?of nl.nm Kanomoi a* i oiie of ti e iin ti who took dinner In D'-raiiihar ia?t lla j raid tbat I'ok- had allernl a |{r< at deal, if h" wan th* I other man ?bo liud dim d tl tre on the 16th Deo Nathaniel haioom. ?tai(e-driver from New London ta 1 Htonh Iiton?Keroller.ti bavinp driren two jemlimau ; front New Lrndon to Btoniogton ; thin^o Cola wai ' one. and Kaniime tb? otbir. I)litn't fee either of Ihun arain for two month*, but Immediately roeogsl^ad tha pHaontr* a< tha two men he had drifen in iJeeember la*t At the tlnia ha drota them they had do inifgngti tut a carpet tag ; Col? hud f>u a grrj ' ob>ekri-il rap and Kuuoui* a tali at n pie crowued bat Whan ToMer. canliler I'hunix limit of Westerly, protrd thsit I he bank it?? robbed ?t *lft 4-18 TUitc

were eutrtaiiding note* of tb? llank ia circulation, }al COO. Tbr Ktitk h*d btcu ont*r*-d from the front door, by fal#? keya and tha vault* were cut tbroaph by rruie ni t ot in?'r<na?-ni and tbr note* Were taken by a broom hnudle which hid a h >ok attai hi d to illend Henry Hindu*?Waa dritln^ anox-tram on the road Ixtwicn ftouiogton and Westerly. about 4 o'clock, A M . on Mouday, 17th lHceciber , waa in tbr regular mitgon rond ; taw (three nun on the railroad tree*, two rodx ubova htm, on foot; could not r*e th?ir f??ea; th?-y did lift appear to moid uj? 1h?-y premed on of ay right alniort Imtantly; it wit not daylight. \j r JlurliDKbani. ot Wertariy. ri in.'inbum Cole from bl? ej?; be bud on a checked cap. dark color, and tbinki Kanog>r ?m hi* c< mpauiou, diilu I feel aura of Kanoun*, ni.t'l tha Mine li? raw him at Wivtarly. in tVbruary. 1 Kf.o. raw ili?<* ni-n about 7 o'clock, on the 17th ot MNBWi 1S4W. walkin { ou th* road between W??tetly and the village of Myrtle; theyjwere very tnuduy for Ilia rain had bri-n pouring in torrent* the whole night previous, and ar h? drove along lh? road, he tracked them In the mud I* aura of Oola, aud believe* the other to ba Kannnta Jiaim Waterman-Buw two m?n on the bridge at Myatta, enu be tbinkr aa? Oole. but can't aay aa to Kanouee, Cole had hair all over hia face, tb. y were sot n.uddy at the time I raw th'-in. at aboat halt part T o'clock. Mouday morning 17th of Dvoember, 1*4#; doea not remember their jtni. Mr I'arkr Live* at Myrtle; mm two geatleman at William*'Hotel. oa Monday. lTth of December. 1049; think*Cole was ona of tha men; remember* from hia alia and tha check oap George Meeckar? Katlda* at Myatle; waa oa tha driver a boa of a rlaje that waa leaving Myatlc; two gentlamen got in the *tag>' ona oft hem wu Levi Cola, (the prkacner.) and the othor Kanouae. ha thlnka; ramembera Crle fr m bla being a good rooking man. and hi* eheckrd cap; Kanonee hid on a bat; Cole wa* Inaide the rtaga with Kan?u*e. durlig the journry. Cola pat hi* head out and ordered the driver t > go faatar; kaowe It waa Cole who apoke to the driver Miaa Babiaa Bplcer- Reeid-a near Myrtle; waa la the ttage oa the or oar ion referred to by Mr Uetcker; Cole ard Kannure were la the (lege. Cole ah* I* poeltlve about, lor ha *at oppoilte to her. Cole did not put hia head eut during the ride to *prak to tlie driver, but a ( ullcutl who all b**ld* b>r aid order um anrer 10 f fa*t*r. IIenry Itrckwell. ?t*** grlrar -R?'iu*??ber* a**lng Col* on th* lorry boat ft cm Urol on to Naw London; <(>D't rteollwl igf u? in hi* b> r? bis Iroat hi* cap. ud hi* OT*rp*yiag hi* f?n o? tbrforry; the tar* w a* nla* tmti and CoUg*T*hiaa tw*aty w>ft( (liw; ilua t think hit off*r*d Col* hang*. J*t*ml*h Shaw?R**1do* at M*v London, ke*p* *n ojfter hcu?*i th* two filMicn ir* the mm who wxr* in bi* *hop on Monday, 17th of l>*e*mber; r*<v>gnl**a Col* and b*ll*T*a Kannua* to b? th* man who wa* with kta Thl* vtllMI. during th* rro**-*iamtnattwu grew NBtwhtl angry and said (hat th* mnr* h* aw of Kaiou*. th* Bar* h* wa* ?ur? h* wa* th* aaa with Col* th* Morning In qa**tlon. and Anally *<prrwit hlMilt a* entirely ?ur? ..I both nan. although h< bad not autloed Kauouw* lao? II* tbat th-y bad paid Lisi a two dollar bill ol thn I'hmuts Bank ol m *?wr;> but thai he dci.'l rix olloet whai kin 1 ( iiotr lir gai* ia vsrhang*, h*trd?f th* robbery th* *aai> day. .loo. Cclraian?l.ir?>a at W<wt*Hy ; on th* night of th* robbary, at aboat 10 o'rlnek. I w??f or thirty ah' o'*? or !** ftaudiDg on th* (loop ot lb* Pbianli Bank; wbil* (landing thrr* a uiai , who 1 toak to be a Mr. Vurllnghani, reeideal of Mrd-rly. , i on the oih*r *:dr of tb* ?lra*t. aad aooa cro***d otur to th* *id* oa wbieh I wa* (landing, h? approarb.d th? ><*ok pa??Ing. ai d thinking I ka*w hiui. ad<lr**?*d blui In ,ulr ln| bow do you <30* he <*id not r*ply b it took a at?p b?rkward(. and f> 11*4 hla aim?i I th> a laft th* atoop oftb* baak aad tb* la*l I aaw of blui h* w?? ataiilag oa the bridge aquartar *f a oill* trura th* link hot far from in) re-Idea** II* rouidn t awaar It ?<i Mr I'ol*. but a man about hi* ait". Kdwaid Mte?ru?on- Ln> -|*t Orange I'*. N T ?la a farii ?*t; I taw Con- the Tlh rt February. Win. *old C<>l* a h> r*r for flbn, b* r*r> it?i th* <-a-h lor th* h*<r*a ail li. I'aatern >-ank not**. $30 of it wa< ia Wa?**rly bank mrcey Thlg b? u?t wa. id. ot.tl-i in court Col* tiniaa. K.lwatd >'lark ?lleoa at Waatarljr, an I bail tha prlannrrr la hi* aharjra due.af their nomination la tha lota tit Waatiriy, in tilrtiary Ih.'O II* beard t ile aajr to Kaaoape. when lb* uaui" of I'rrry *ti callad a# a wit* thai Ip tli* elaik ?fj IL? boat, h* alU b* tha htrnnfeat wita*?? a?aln?t u? Mr l'?atdely-I (?< at Newark N J ;'*? Kaooaea t N???' k,< a tl > 1Mb ot DaramtKr.lltW. a?k?d Ktinux If any thing ??> i iit or up or ?aw. ha aatd nothing ha kaew i>t that c ul J do alia iajury - ha Blight bafa to glee baii. hut thure *? n> barn la It. Kaa<ia>a *a>a ma thraa d.-iUra t<> bring hi< iuggtf* ftooa "u? pot to tha . tlx r. uad ti Id m<i If I "? Co4a to WU biaj that h* had iiona to I'htladt-ipfcla hi had nat beard of a libal raaa In whlub Kauoaaa waa ?ald to t>a llabl* to a pmeairutioB whlla walling far tha I'hWa 1?lpbla train katova M -era-l that t.alegraub wiraa til 111 i , new? but what ba bad drna haJ nu likelihood of ba.a^ I ptiMlthf d. a* Ibajoh ? ? ilo ja too Ml- k. it ? . I)i.wy<r pcfltoa atar tn la New York Know* tha |>ri?4>nar>, i.neated th-m, arr??tid Kanouea la Ne? i it I- in I t n and ha itttid tha ||" ta In ralalli n then to, ai>o lb" fa-i. of hi* br,?i<i . { l i u *?tilj at thelretanlnalloa I* ?"?' | P?'rtitrj beard Coir a?k what t?rm* tba bank *ou4 m?ka ar haw th?y waald b> wtlllag to Iraat Bataoa |ia?an - Hatidaa la Jew fork, baa known Kani'ua* It Owl* two y?ar? or aori |?Th>(<, b a-1 a ijaurel belwawn Raa?naa. Ttn llaa 1 and Lerl Col* la wbtob h?n-ij*e aak*d Hand If ba had aald ta wtto?a* 11 at be ikaauuaai bad aakad or aaa.ar wr(tt?a to ll*nd fbr piaa key a, Hand olTerwd ma ftma) If I would |*t tha l??a la lb* p viae ' 3 n of T m Kai'ia<? or If I w?wld put a bank rata plata la hi* trunk an that ba oruld bar* kainote a?it to tha *tat? p'ia-?a ; aoHfcrr per* u alao bad a hand la llaa olfar of tha re. aa>4 aayla# ha *r??ld gl?a a portioa aad llkawiaa an ItiOtldaal i* kaa York >H?r>d a premtuui , Kan toi l nia to have uvtblng ta do with iba d d aid lbl< ( for ha .1 net ma lalo troabla. and that It r >al I U dona t'l^' tl the ka?? j I tiuderaloo I tha k-t? tn J (land. KiiiriiM ff.r.J r*a*rd at th* ?im?, (n ha?* T Bi 11*1.4 mt?<rlt4 of ??7 rrini' ibtl wnald ooa*i?a htan ' ili? Ktau> ptl?"n ; ha?* k*?r4 XtaiuN and I!Mid w?m IktlmtU k?fnra IU> <|aarral tli? jro~rviina k*n >wi>< IMI mUaiii; tal ?h? t'oart l^|r?r??d (It U to rraark?4 th?t In nulr n?j la*u?ir? a tna*tlaa? of law ?rf ? 'hat i h? Rnart ralad la f i?<r i t ik* ar|jvBi?nt? r4yonr JwtU>(itWk*<l Mr I'raJf Mr p kw rmH a ??ry tavnrabl* lapf?>*l(ii ta nar rraanalt; | Tin* d. *!< follow^ laia'dlat-lj aftar U>? rtavkl I aMIall.t- Mr iMioa. Tk? Aral I'am |i?r 4aNl?Miirb. il < ?.la - It hrmkac ot pr'aotn*. aad wHn at i r*ur??n ; U a m*rU*nt?; rao-ltrd a frim U?l i'4? >n 8tn?4ay Bwalxr 16 IM* frrm *?? Tof*. ?rai- rtilni ap|>arM ta ka *?nt In** to fc. v Jfrrk t? tka plara al kl? raaldaaoa ; *t*rt?d to t!m I rf.t.at Palaraoa with a 'arp-' k?# ooa'aln'O* *lia r1 th ? ? ?|i i" I > ' ?' ?ii? ??p?t ai?i Mr k*uou. bn i albulirtrd ta <t llf?r lh' rarpal hat a? h? * pntat la ikr rar* to N?* York, kaow* It va* tk* 1 ">ik I **'B>bar IM9. fr.m th* hat ot an ?*|ti itnt?a<? tn?0*< I>u9}, Larla? 41*4 on tba I4li la RaV Toik atid V* fun-ral ?* takleR |Ur? *hMr h? *i? at iki d. |0i^ Nr T Or* fcn?l?m*a at tka 1?p.?t, ( a> i >t ?ir n*%i*d) ? !# of r toa, wrr? praa.nt ?>r l.ncart !! al<?? ? *t T?tf i r? oi I* Ui* t a of k* *>?i ttaul |i? fft I'harok l?IHrKl ta tk* hurt*! of : I I t?? V ik. ! *1 1 ? I - r I ?. tt Ikt* 11mtka lltirri; A* %a?*l at"?a* to **< t kal h? * a:4 >1 j Bill a.l ikf> ?l?k to p ky tb" -ektnn *r ta th* . ?Twi*l ot In gf. it and ik* : ??t altar** ?H Mr Mit.oo lio Sti^ In Pa' r*"?. *n t ka*a pat?at t r'flit or a io?ir>? , V kln?, know* kaooj** kn ?? f' |. * a? kr ,?? R*n ?"?a a rm than a **ar *a- a? | i. it. U'-'Bi'iar f r tba **! "f k'? Mk-tttt 10 KatraM- M . ? ?. I*fc. ? >?! ?*? fu?M.ral * V' Pj t?i r%JUd *t ** hy*** mm4 j d??"! r?j pirrh??lt | hid *? If I <>a ?ha ilBfrmM stmja; anamoon ??< ??? K"0,l^'>'* '** i ear* ltd tb? f arr!??4 at JtiW 1 1 " !LT raala m*V, ih. Miopia* Mo May. OT?l* J*"1"*? 1. .. *.i ?icat? atd Ccla In aaar U>? rotaaV of Park j-laa*; *> '1* " ** " a. la ??> Ma#ajr. for fca Had pal/ 'JT'?*"0: J'" i bU Biaakina >)> fcalnMaj W*w? ' " I *!* * I ?. t#pt .?4 ?o all Ml WWM? 1 fc*we* a???a D-j hi rMli?<4|u?ii??i ?>f Konoup* liu'tnt f?il?d to fulM bU premise of a purnhftrf of th? ritfh' l?? hU 1 umvliii** for wbub l? ?*ai to have p*ui oiik ob ^ui Uiflujf lb? lilli V. VUiiiy T D ?tmj- R*-o<Kh id N % w York, doing hn?i0i?p lit 73 *outh Mint koo?r* Kttomirtc, h ti j kii< ?i> hint two >?*)?. Kipoacr eiilieil on him on d t- j turdiij ceiut*i 15. ami Npo|oii??i tor not Mok ?^i? 1'? |ik> dlolf) hr hid prnqiln*-!!. Kmiiou** ll*xt tin> tii *?t? riioou lot* t<> Pi) l lit.c wir ?! - co^iii rvlv ?m r? +tvn|r the in or prnini?*?i on Monday morning Jlond.j b*f.?re dohu Kiuoun* oklled ftud p%ttl th? Dioiit) ki'DWM it w?? th? rtnv t'atteil from n <hnry id vli i li it rt'*r riUd nil it* uip ot hup ?rt and al*o fiom the hiioiintu ! > the *itue-* kv|>t; Mr. Wordon P. litre* r i f Loutolllli m w prt?+ui in the court, wm b; ?beh K?ih u?c rill'd ??o tb* Soadiy M n|4?n P M?-f ?r ?'!?rk to Hr i>ora*y. the previous wHiii>?ii-Um | reMtil wh? it Kanou-e rdlifil ou Hr. Dvr^jf. illuii mm in l>ut uii)|f'? H ?t?l. on the 8un?1mj > ?^Dinir IQih 1849 (in ih? rro??-1*i?uiiu?tion, Mi Mtrctr ?tiit*-it thMt be rumo frt>ni I-ouUtiII* K? nlucky *.u<t idiuiUii t hot he I m(1 thnt a mun In the lir^t* Of l ? 111-*?lie mho liirrt five iMnufrM affrr ho ?bot bun but that b*> w?k ttindamJ honorably aoquit* ted (ii thf gniiiiid ut JaphflfcbiN boni?l<ir jit* w iv'ii .?.in it *-?<?i<!? [)'. r?i i Hipr^in, una kiiovi Kn i in-; lih ?? u him oftcr. Im* utswr upokro to ttiin but onvt or ttirn, li*? <**iIfd oq the lay of Dal- j ty V luii* ml in hi) M D 4ii l?? Wat*ou, r?member# hi* , ?t lit* hi I-*'- o Mi * ell jr. r N g) tuighlr Kii'>%?> Kanoune: witness re?id*d I p 1 p?tf r?OD ? i>d him viiitwi %' %* York but oujmiq . IHli, oti 'iir .tilh ot btf>mh?r. iu tbe eftrii froui i I'ft* *-i ?m to Nt ? i*a* ik Hiit'ii ?e. tul Hp ode 10 t I.Idj : know* it *? t h* duoday ol the ruceriU and the ! diiy tbin Mitch* 11 C?4e wvr the ? *rp? t*bft^ t<? Kft- { DCuvto; WitDe*> lh ft c.MrpMiter bj trade; h- m g >inf ! to N'?w York in quenee of h**ani>tir that hi* bro. J th?r l-ad nrriii'd hi Ne? York from ?'?litornl?. on tbe fttuiner Ohio *huh el earner liud arrived oq theorh; I hi>* bio'her hud iic-t visited I'atursuo, and he bad i lo"k?d Ut him for a ?reek Mr* ftlaiy ttufteeil IteHde* in New York; know* i Kikoncf Mud Coin; on t he loth of D^mbur. 0ol? ?a i i in* wife mere ho*r<iiog in the houne of M<rcu- Oin*r?.j j fetenle\: V?r* &'aii|ey i* her mint; know* Kau'iuee ' bri ui*ht tbe curp*'t-hug to ' boucn on tbn lith; | Cole a mi on the door uuwell; K 4Uom>e brm^HL , the cm)iet b:i|r fttter 4 o'el ?ek. I' M ; KiumiN rt ii>Mtk?-d thftt it worth %* a quarter'' to briiitt it J from the ferry to the houne; known it wa* the lrtth, lifiu ii ikn p her a present it a Pilk dr#e? on thn b?it d?y. whi-h ?fc? v Kiitrd to ha'e in?d? b??:hri?t- | inkh Kft. ut.o ?i> till liy the dr*?r maker thut the tlKitt *n* too enort to ha?e It made in. and 'he b?<1 a griat dei.I morn than i?b? could L't't through with anjh'?, hlie It u lumrird wuuiau. but don t live with ber biiei and Minn t Htii.id- H? .idef Ht Paternon la ri?t?r of O.le'a ?il<; mi in New York from Sunday tlieplhof l)?rember. 1MI' tn ihn liitb. which tn'iraoed tbe only two Kuntlayn ihe *er ?pent Iu Now York In her life; it w*? tint the firft Kunday. fur < n that day. the tfr.k. ibe. ber tii-ter, and Mr Cole, caiuc down froui I'.uer ?> l together Tl.? Attorney 0?tii r?l, for the Commonwealth, declined a cronf.exam.aatliiu lib Vttuena Tbe defence hern reated. uoii wu? followed by th? niDHkefl Mr. 0 A Updyke. ai d alter*ardii li? Mr II.'Hdy, on the part of the deteudantH Mr I'pdtka ddioeid tbe Jui). ?nd Brady follo?.d, occupying b-itween fi ur and fire hour* Itir. .-tTort wan a eery abU one. and i? a credit eveu to blmm-lt The greater portion ol hi? n marku went to ihuw the unnertaioty of elrcunii-tHiitial pr<~of lie refi rre4 to uuinsroui ?%.< ? of the kind, in wliivh conviction* wile < btained and afterwaid* proving rronoui II* left uo part ot thi? care utitriii brd: ana it wan remarked by erery ooe, that. If a ec'mii tli n cf tboxn njen wore unxtured. It would not k? tlirmigh the neglect or Inability of hla 1 roui.M-1 He ciucludtd kin Nuaimtiig ap at about fire ' iMk * hen th? Statfh Attorney inorrd an adjouru- ! menUuntil Monday morning at nine o'clock, not having time ruffici'-nt to aay all he wi.lv-d tbli afiarnooa I- -??f 1.- ?.11 h. .1^1?-U..4 l? .e.,K?. bllll} (ill M< ndk j. I In reault la anxioualy tanked (or; anil no tMhwiifrr bt(D brought I* lore our Court. In lbit?IIUgi , ?h>(h ha? rxclt d ?o (rnariu an intere?t The pert Ira on trial are entirely at liberty, atid alnee tbe adjournment of the <ourt. hare Ut?o a conveyance to that laahlonable place of resort. Newport. Theatrical and Mualcal. The Italian OrKii t at Caitlb Gakdik.?" La VaTorlta " will be performed tbi* evening. Thla, probably, U the only oceaaion on which thla popular work can be produced, an the company dan only |Iti a faw morn performance*. and Pacini'* bcaatlful opera af " ftappbo " In now la rehearaal. W? need aonrnely peak of tba brilliancy of La farorlta. 'or ef tha talmt eirrted in producing it It ahould auflce that Tedeaeo. Paltl Mann I and O. Radial! appear, aaah giving tolbe varlnua aceaeaall tW lore* and oharaoter arcww; to make a Gniabrd representation Ted??rt la very brilliant In her tiU. and tha vuoallaatlen ol Sal11 U a mattrr of pubtlo fame IJialaataoag la tha optra la a wonderful Krai. It oaanot ba doneribid Bowrav Tniaiii ?Tha entertainment* of thla evening will op*a with tba uew drama of th? Pirate <j( i the Ialea.' and will conclude with tha ancceaaful drama ol the ' Prion'a beat Dream Tha lull atrmgih of the Bowery company will ba introduoed la thrae at! -oiuaI pieoee IlaoAi wtr TiiEATRa.? Tha naw and excellent company ol romediana, lately arrived from Rutland will appear, to-night, in tha beautiful cooirdy of tha * School for Scandal." and tha latereetlag and highly , amualng faroe of tha "Thumping Legaefrcure ; aaata early. Nieio'a Oaanra --Wourelcault'a popular eomedy of " London Aeearanca " will ba performed at tkli tka. atra. to-night Piacide, the great American oomvdlan, will Mielaiu the character of Hir Haroourt Courtly. j Although Niblobaaeome ol tha boat comediana. It la araraely aaaraaary to aay aaora than that II Plaat4a will appear, to dra* a good honae Binon'i Thutii -4 company of tba beat oooae diana la the l/nloa will appear to night, In the aaiaadlelta of ' Hough I' amaud- aod the elegaat com ?d y if tbe " Serieua Paajlly " Miaa Waltara aad V Prederlck will dlaplay their abllltiea la the excellent e;eoapllakarat of dancing; and the arcbeaira will play everel naw overture* Natioral THCATai - The manager of thU eatabllah mai.i ouvra iDim rioi-uani pw?* lor ma i?runBrntu <>l tlili fT'tiiug They rouatat of tb? draiaa i> f tba " D*t11 in Puli." tb* "Now York Fireman.'1 and the In; re of tba Urf?t Original " Hiu Malnna wul dtorf a Highland Pling PAtTOii Pud Orim ?Mr. Baaa b-ii( datarmiaad to froilur* tkr |or|Hiun op-ratie of i adlth with ?!i it* eonoomitaut epleadnr and baa poetponed it | erfumiaore t? Tuaaday evening la order that tbi rh?wand orcb??tral d-i>?rtniin:a nay bare tha aJ II ag< ol another rth?*r?i A?i?r>ii Hi it i m Tbi- dram* of the " Drunkard " wbi?b la attracting largo a'm ibltjri, U >t>noin?d again lor tbi* craning OkTMric.?Vvllowt' band will Mng aararal annua. glaaa, and rboruara Tb*ir Inatrammtal aud aiber |>?rl?rmIbcfi arv excellent OaiTit ntium - ThU MtablUhaent. whlnh eoiumand* aoeh a splendid i > w i t tbe hay m l lurrnunl lag *oeaery, le ?pen eaery day AUai??ioa I'J't rent*. Honm ?Tli" Nightingale aided liy ?Tcr?l artM*. will nit* a rouoart, at the Mmarra llo <m?, oa Wcltinday evening Tii* iliiri. Paxil.r Alter a fry atie -oaarul anl produrtlre voyage 10 Phi adrlpbia. lio?ti>n au I Hontraal tb* Karat Pajnily bare arrired ia tbi* ally. whir>- on tha fliat day of ti*pteinh*r th?y r/UI appear at Mblo'a <? aril en Tba hart I* iatanJ to prMao* a atrUaof ai?eltle? aud paatontim- ni*??r performed batnr* ia thla rity and w* douM not tbalr ?u?e?a* will W ? gr?at a? it waa an former otiatrioca. Tba eaiabli?ti<1 fa tii a of that family aad tbr wail kaown retnarkahl* Dji.uag*ai?nt of Niblo. ara aw* gaaraaif* of lat aaa*. Piillrr latrlilgraMi Mrt f'mriniKr 1'mii -Tlia pretty. aennai|>IUb*4, and farclnatlng Mr* tivr. who aland* fbarc'd with inaetgimg tba liiu ^aui aud oradatoaa Mr Ira Toping iLtu iii?a?urr* wb*r>by he a*?tgaail all hi* r*?l antat* fur ilia eieluri** ue* and bum-lit of tbi* aaitahia ' / ' " ' ?"? ? ' ?"/ ' u. < a l>i tta* ord?r of Ji.?tir* R>ttip; for ??f? k??pui.lll lb* < ?> l? fnri h?r lB?>-?Myai?I Mr*, iltarr h?? t M?> morli ill-ci it baroaiing a " ? ? . Um t'ffrr cf ufca prUoa hiring plaoad h?r >u a maty call Jimli m hifooi Cap'aln Carpaalar. of th? Titik ??r?1 and iflmr M<*< ?>4. arr?trd Tbaedara t'artl* I . W Tjr.n ritUlp l?arU, Ml JlM ob ttrplalcn cf btlnu aocrruad la aor?ral tktftH 4 truiid :?rc*?y tbrj w?ra d*Laln?d far* Irrtl.rr kaarlr g ( autKl m *? .1*1 ? An old offrndrr aallad BIU Tay. i lor det?-Vd l? It* li>l oa Saturday. In tha dw?l- ( III I ln Mr, No SS u ?tr?at of briaklag op>o a , ??diMB door. fldrtUy for tb? pup m of Nrti a| . Wttrrr i uilla. fl th? nd "kid. arr??t?d tb* rngua. and J attic* I.olkrrp locked blm ap fir trial l * ,k? tr4 fmm i ? To# Unnu aalgraal, aaaiod Jl*r)h Ha't ?n t n w?? ?r I a f?? d?y? oa a cba'c* f> rflcg ? dra t for Ktl golll?ra n* lb* te?n of Kcrtb?-bllJ. aad paralng tb? aaino t>i i a*4 i k??i of ib? kh p llattlngacr. ?a? di*cbarg*4 . li m r u?io Jjr by tfe* nagi?Uat*. at tb* ti^awi of tba 1 > splaibaata, Um ma b?l-g loo ?Bi?.i to Bar-ant a pr<M*ratl'-a f ?M AiaiiW J -v??j>h 1?*1. aba *a? arrartad oa Fntay i a a eharg* fit f I*) ft m tba p?x-%?t of J?>ba ?? itla'barjratl fr.>? aaatody yaatarday. , ?ka aalrtataaa l i t h'i?.g n.(9r |aa? M trrul Ilia In. waii.m of tk* j>ru< r r Til* khrnffaf Eln|i c*M(f, TO Tl! 1 tilTOBMf TV* ???? al.li. In ?<-nr |apar uf tfcf lllk luttui paragraph *P paar?d Maing thai a i<r?*n na-J OhIo*. lata a t 'fcoi rt id tlia Klogacoaatj J*.I had aa.'a pad fm? ru-lcjy. iharat.p lai|ljlr.g it(M|?ita or laa'tfncl in ' t' <tr r har ff o taitia of bla daptltlaa A n ol 'bat ? n ? ? a* r, >t.?. i r m ptl??a. a faw Jaf a*i la do* 1 rcnraa >1 la*, at d (Mr fart *? pn p-'lf nhrantnlad In I lh? lina^j bat tn ncli rnwimca aa that, abnra al- I It *. a to l>a? lalM plnaa aad it ta iJ?al that jimr t>t<rtrrla? iHiiia^ifid upon Hii.tr If ana* oaa dr?lr|ng t? p?rp?trata a h at. or hf a - aa In iin l lal i - i) ' n a ( Hi la ! i ?ally doabUta* taking Ilk air I.' rl'y ft'IB ynnr journal baa alraat/ t; ad* ih> allagrd all mtnatatio* tba lh?i?ia at a tlMa.it at.4 t aiU< b npn tha |a?t ? atla*?'l gantlan ?r . al 3 >>? air t?iar.lara raapaoif.'. jr ?4l'ttad la * an.' fa ia?a to aim ta paMaJa thi* tnnlradldlaa I al II.? al>i r> part L. Mn bljn. AnulM 1*. 1U0 j IhiBifillr H|?r?|]?itjr. la U??|iiD? i b? r*o?m? railroa-1, >b"nl thrr* fr- n> * ? )' r ? ?rta of r>rj 9t, and r!?h . |<h>ait*(<> U.r>c im ikMK, .ll??r?rf?4 a Isirt lik* tine* ?ttrhmtm4 A>? ? fc?l? ?t rr? tMki fn? tfc? ;Hatatl?n >4 fr. J i.fii'B It-prfcm rt W.ik.twvn fn?at/, | ? ?? r.#m?4 |a>l Tvlij at fatieMb ?k? lhnr*?f TrrHaj at?h?. tha i Um>* Ri'l4 ???art a pra <>* tir?- nrarlb* t'rtffct a 1 ?!' kili t uc*t"4? M Jtn 1???1 A fearthlntfe* | Mitlw* aart ?f tha ?Hj war a!?u ?rark I: 1 ? - ff?i '< >? * .Irfi?t |? ) J All.* FOH tTROPBi THE WEEKLY HERALD. Tbe Ame'iran utiani.blp lli-rmaun, Capt. Crabtraa, will lw tW? fit at three o'c'.ock to-norr** after Bcod. for boulhairpton aid Bremen ; nil the Dritlab ttriutr Oauibrla will !' ?? Boston on Wedaaaday noon, for Halifax anil Llvorpoul. The taaila o! tba llnn iiLu will cloie at two o'clock, and thoee of tba Cambria at half past tbr?? o'clock to-morrow afternoon Tbi-Wr.?*l* Ui:m*i.? will ba publUbtd at ten o'clock to morrow morning Single copiop, olxpnnae. (io and are new nnd IwanUfnl pa* Inn lar??l y tl.r> |> ? ' <i ? eai t':iou>iry li.cru. i ar |>6if; titty i Ai'Uot b* i'o?>? ?l m ? y warch ?u*?? in tbia oUy ?r ? nr.tr*. than at the o*|t bral? ii . b??p?ai Ci4n.*'OjtiU.h?hbcd' in If I ? it.d 141 * No. ?n? B?w?ry. UlRiM AN* iJkkbON'b. The* ir? pfit eurtu- ity. Truiiri, Phowlfler Mnuu, .1 hdosalntl Bup" poritr#. K d) hal<a. % 1*1 p? *40* i, l;i?i.'an**. do. fc?. "??f Ivmiy difft*??a' turn a 1 tit* n u|?|?r <\r4 h.akara n^tni tba larywH i? 11 ?i a^?r>ri tn<*t>t in tlio aity. For bale by 1 " ^I L. KIM.. I1. ?i ! . : Br?l Kwvjr* ooraof 0/ J b? itrni _ _ W1(C1 Ilium iaiiU itian^tri aft IVUJ lu ' I*fti \ I UN'S u?? Wiga ?d<1 T?i/ .<#. 1!. keep* 'i I. . and 4?"r'umt In thaalty* it hi* clNirin.ii u HC Hair l?v? Factor?, \&7 Bravlway, terser of Day '!* ?. ''? r* *H* ??ldroaa. Wl|? n<? Tou|MM.-Aiiofh?r Medal HnO ba?M awarded to Wit BHvlitlur, tor tba b*?l Wi*a ??<! Tott>?cn. The public ?1 * litvp?'i r0 iaapoct hit itrto for :KV?. ?t BlTi IIIIOK^ r4.'ei,r??uj ?v,? factory, 4 >TUJ iiroet. Fie k?<|?a thi* UrfMr %??t H**t Pvrttl?Al il tfc# Uy. C?Py hf ddreM. Hair Dying? PliaaJnu'ft lUir O/*, tm . '.or thi 1 or whwkitt, ?b imohiooi it Ik ?|>plU4. ?rt.t?4?if> mipry to .h? na.tr ??r akii* Ir o?u iiuaaadtatcly dltftQTbint the - ..lor. and ku so bad odor. It U aprt*M. a? a?'ld, At 'ft Wi# and Tovr 04 JfiJt*fa- (.- ry9 117 tJrndway. Hair Dy?.?Uan lirlor't C'cnulnt I4?|u)<9 ila.r Dje,c*ii aj?i^ he pfHturi ii *t th* tnan<if&*;orf, 4 l*%|| llreot. The pnV. . ?i?n>.1d *unrd aaainat imitattona. ny \arino* diplonaa Parana wheat hair Iim Mauaaod a >ad Nlt r fr<>ot Lr n#.>f the imitation dye*, a,?? bar# Ik rrreoted by oalltnr ea ehaee Copy ?he a i4r?? I>r. JaMM VI. P?h? U, Ociillalf AnrUlfdM^ ltve'oa kift attention eaclaaifeiy to due*.*m of aha Rya aa4 Cor, from 9 to 4 " elm-k, at ft>l Rroadway. eal/apeo l?J War ?? irr-tt. where na* be bad hia popular "'l'roaiaae oa vbr. tr*,** M editica, pn' * W a??rt; alao, his nalf-aotiaf Iff ia4 lar Foaataiaa. Art?*?ia1 iaM?Hl. Dr. WlucJtr, OcuJim, ^8 Itarrlaj a%r??t dtrotca ti? asettiri* a attratiea to diaaa^aa of tko By?. Ha ba-'Ja-t in |" rt*-d fr- m Paile. nrtifioial E?*oa of iaiprorad atructnra. wbich b? ir^ort* ?? aa to r?*>n*b!a ih? nataral ?ya? an 1 tb? ?tr1c??ht ifriMB) tirtla*- haura 9 la S. A p-mpl?!?t, wlib roin?rkal 1? aurot by Dr. W? aaa bo had (tatai* toitalv at kin r?ti'<ana?. MOKKf M/tKKBT. PfHBAT. Auijunt 18? 4 P. M The ttoek market ht? throughout !b? put week, been particularly dull. Prioet bars la?lnl>< aoJe rately. but the clotiug rate* do not vary materially firm thote cum tit at the clote of tha week pWTiooi Thrre li an ebr. ere of any dl?potltion on tha part of operator* to purchase for a rite and holder* gan? rally apprar to be tbr.ronjthly routiueed. that upon tha openlt>K of the irwun a hand" me advance on present prise* will be rtall ted Thla. at all aTeuta, must bt a tourea ot *om? eoruolatlon to th?m and they will, doabtleM, bold on to that belief as long as potaibla. fancy oaks are well hrld The firmuaei of price* b tha hast evidence ot that They are. however, too hifrh to admit of any Important advance. There la no margin for an Impiovimeat *uBlcl<nt to carry prlaaa above pointa touched within the put four month*. Large lota af Brie Railroad are now held, whieh ?o*t Ave pat etnt above pret<-ut price* , Long Inland ten par eant; Fatmera Loan five per eent ; Canton Company, Ivt par cent ; Reading Railroad, with interoit. three par cent; Norwich and Woroeetar. Ave per eant Bri* Income liond* are aeiling at about two put eant b* low tha price bid for them Mnrrta Canal haa. with* in tha par-t four month*. *old a* high a< twenty pec eant It la now tailing at a fraction over alztaeB. Oa the other aide of the book we find the bettt? alaaa af tleek*. *uch a* geverumeut* State eecurltlaa. ha . and there wa aae high prloee currant. In many instance* prlcea are lower than they have bean, bat atUI rnle to high that there la a very poor pro*pect of any furthar improvement It It our imprcaaloo that holder* ad tocktof all kind*, from United 8tntr* ftlxea down ta L'nlted State* hank, will have a* mnch at they aan 4a to gat rid ot them at what they caet, and it thay caa clear their cupplM* oat before tha winter tall la, cover log eott and charge*, aad do aot, thay daaarve I* !?# M( eatirr iifHiBcii. |?ltrM mmy epeaolatiee amMil la ?*J parUaolae fuey U mcNitl. mom depeada upon lu poalttoa than anytliliig elae I'eoibiiiatloD* ar* fre^aeatly p?fectcd nltllfi to mb* itock th? effect of *kt(k to to enable ail tboee aot direeUy ooanaeted wttb the ellqoat to get rid of their atoek at good prtoea. Mid aoaaea! trata tba balk ot tba ahareelu the haada ot about Uatf I a doian Individual* Wbea oataidxra ace anything of 1 tbla kind going oa. It woald be well tor than to watab j tba market cloarly and alip out tba Art* pppartualtj; It l? altogether probable tbat toae of Ihrii aelieiaea I will be attempted tbla fall, aad. If ao. they ihcmld b* made available for makiag a olrar awaep of abate ret | faary may. tor the uoamct. be la the aaaendaaay. Tba brekira are la a poaitica to get up any ui tbeee eoa I | bioatlen*. Tbtaoelvea large h?4flera of nearly every fancy la ibe llat, It U frr tbeir lutereet to araate. tf ; po?ilble. a ipeculatlve ?iciUinent f(>r tba pnrpeae af i attracting et>wid<-r? to purrb*?e largely af tb? favortto i aloab. lafortoaateljr. huw*v.-r, for ilia rueaeaa ot theea i cmblaativui tb> beara hare. for eooia tlaie part l>-ew partlaalarly cam Ion* and are lot at tbla moment wy abort In tbelr crutracta tu liber are tbay likely to b^ Inolderaof atock* hare not, therefore. tbla vary Impof - | tart aNai?nt ot apeculnloa la tbrlr fa??r, aad ihef are tliui foraed to depend nttrely npoa tba oal Ida I demand for aa active market. If tba bear* are al thread aa we give tlieui credit tar b>lag they wlli ' tbe tulle juat wb. re they tiave them loadtd &/wa ailto fan y a'o< kr of tbe moat worthWaa charaatar. Wa-mj ; atocka will Bad few purc^a^r* outaido uI Vail iltitt, I it fm- ? Tti ttlut of l?nl;a [Jr; il Ihb ^irt f r ootauaiptinM. lor U>? (wt w??k. wrtt 9172 311 ; wltbdroon Iroiu kiihooM, >272 41D. titor^d to* trorrbcaoltig tfJSM. Tbo trtud (UUiinl rtklMU lb* r.Triuiil ft'.1 th??-.TJ*? ? id bMktnc wo*"' In lb* !'j Of Now VoiU tn tho mnrtil?.,i? of lb* Of Mttrk ?l4 lb* 30tb of Jun?, 1KI &*? Inn ?'itf li>u OOOOCM. Mm r \ J me I oom ord CUooonto rir?pt to dir?t'. r. or4 > .|iin.W Loco* ond di?*''Ot:l? to dlrootor* 8.3si ?oa am sit All cih?r IkMMIx of?:ol*or roniti'g??t to din i"tort AM tit 7#)M ill nim dn Im. 1.7M 111 II71M4 if>i him i 941 if boidi aad ? >rLf?(;'? 1*1 3 Ml 41T Ptffk. ii? S.ltvoJS l'r>'in<??< ry < t?o >nb?r tb*n fnr l ??? >nd di?<*?uni< 11 Ml dt 741 l(M >lid f l|??M M? ntl.,., IIIM* fkilll <iT?rdtofu IS id *4 7llt Ff.rU A k*t IM MlNdl I'wh Itiri AMollJ BlIU et n.|???? hanW*o? haml, fjS.tM Ht 441 b??J j? nu ?o * ituf i.drd " M 4?1 iU| | Add lor MbU >0? lit 1 Trial ftliStof ftl TM tcl UIMUflll Capital tW.7?0 Mt 1!TWtJM > r<>au a v>4 01 ? aru um * <? Ii 1l?ai?llr>a lift r-tfl t J >1 .140 ITU J4t ni>??? IB clr<-ulumn 1.1.71 ivM l.*n 47 llm lrxM'T ol tl?l? if S York V 5M 11474 i T?* nl'ifi'tn "B i1? m?nd. . .. tl.t?U.UB *> ViMI l'u? It ftl?l4o?!? t r rp"t??|rn? otbrf ?h>.? Wkt UA drmwltnr* C. VJO HVI* Da* Iwnkira itrnin <1 It Ml tv) 17?4..,7r |!?r b?i.t? d et?llt to*'jtn tlliMt l>? to olttara not tn?l?i<l.d la ?lth?r 'if it* a Wot* h ?4?. . . *V "*7 M? m Add mil ?; H Total lUfcllitl** I*tur tol.TM,Mt I - - ibriw K'f?n II WW ? ??an that 'am 30 h t? Jnn? ?'ih tfwra ha?? b*?n an?a Ivportir* la the raorriaaat. Tlx loan* at'd i1ka*ftuat* h?i larr- txi |l ? ? *71; ?p?*K |SM4M4 ^UHIN. tlx tlmhim fc? lall?a off fWl M/f Tii? Kinking raplial !-??r????4 ?'4 Tli?ra wif pt )! 4at* r>r tb* laot r?por4, . I?>aij rl|kiU?ki ?il htakleg *a?att**V-?e In > Tcr?, th? mib* a* L>r? vrrMttt 4? i * *t Ikt >?tku? rrport. ntflU' l> I at acm ??4 W?7- '** I 114* ?ai?r, <at!>3 IM !4 twl la itgwi la y?a:? iMv ar . *. roll-> ?? ?. f flmn.Hu ? Cm. ta. ** ? J?J is .141 MP"I ?*? 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