12 Ekim 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

12 Ekim 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ChumbCMUMU. boaXD or ALDIIIIR. mriD HMOI, Out, ?. >! M?>|ui, Be,. fTNUNt, U the <Wi. . *iuou??r? Mirrino. ** "taullf Ot Iki preoeding rwd III OflMli fniTi#m iiruiu. Of eereral citixena to b*Ti tut* mi uieumaiti tMtlM. Of jNifkBtiDN, to lull firotdwtjr, between Canal Mid Wilkw street. renumbered Of itnnl citterns in Wurra street. for aowor, and By ciuavaa at * niton strest, for the removal of awning posts. rOMMvmc'ATiam. From hit Honor the Major, recommending that the CoaimoB Oonooll should apply to Congress Tor <ta act prohibiting captains aainwUri ot Teeaels from brtogirg to, and landing atuj ports In the United States of America. the oonVTots of foreign government*. besoli'Tioxs >u?rr[D. By AM Oiirim?That the poll ot the Third Klectlon district of the Ifirst ward be reuiered troiu lOdUrsen-_I>K In I IA m. .Irut By Mae?That tha Kesarroir squara be regulated and graded. In conformity to the resolution passed bf both boards of the Common Oounc.il. and approved by the Mayor, August 4th, 1848. and tbat the Street ComulMiener be, and he is hereby, directed to take the necessary measures lor carrying the resolution Into elhe t. By Aid OmrniW?'That Duant street, from Hroadway to IIudeon (treet; also North Moore straat, from Wwt llroadway to the KUer, aUo Went str.et from l'.?ed to Cenal straet. be lighted with gas forthwith, unler the direction of the Com.ni>ilener of Street! and .Lamps. REPORTS RKI't RRFD 01 the Finance Committee ol the Board of Supervi?or? on annaal taxes. recommending th it the petitions of Mlisur UrntN ard J . J Randall be referred to the Common Council. ill. Of Dr. Thayer, for (10 for sarvices at Utu Fourteenth ard station bouse. Referred. troiri acckptcd. Of Committee on Sewers. lu favor of sewer in Orange ttraet. from CroM to Walk-r str tut. Of name commit- I tee, in favor of sewnr in Fourth street. from Lslayette Place to the Bowery. Of same committee, lu faror of jietition far amendmsut of ordinance for building sewer in Thirteenth street and First avenue. Of s.ime committee. in favor of petlMon for eewer in Columbia street, from Stanton to Bivin^ton street. Of same conmittee. in faiorof sewer iu Ninth streot, from n?ar Fourth to Third avenue. Of same committee, adverse to pttition for sewer in vVi.hin^tou street, -torn same to Hauimond street. Of sume nmroittoe, in faror ofsetrer in Thirty-first street, from tfereoth -o F.ifhthaveuue Al?o iu faror of a se?er in City Hall Place, from Chambers to Duaue street. Of tha Committee on th< Firs Oepartment, In f*vor of repwlrug and enlarging the house of lioso Company Ne 8'i. in Ui'oter btreet. i oMMrfticaTians. From the Btreet CommUsloneis enclosing estimates for building addition to pier knot's as No. 44. N. It. From the City Inspector, en?losinj an amended - rdimnce for the suppression of bone grinding \o ordinance adopted. From tha Commissioner of Bepaii? an 1 Supplies, relative to a room for ' the Uerrit Smith Land Associallon " Ordered on file. ki:roRi9 Anorrcn. Of Committee on Streets. In favor of flawing sidewalk in Kast Twenty.first s;ro?t, westerly troiu Third avenue. Of Committee on Ro?d?. In f?Tcr of paving Kighth avenue, between Forty third and Kiftleth streets Of Committee of Police, in favor of paying Or. Badd ;he nmount of his acoount. It KSULI' Tf Off. By Aldermau FRivh!.i.7[_.Th?t the Comptroller be, xnd Le is hersby. directed to pureliafe from Jonathan Ryder r lot ol ground, 5.'o. V* .Inmtou street, opp >iit:' | f 'nlon Market S^uar-* the sume beinj nineteen feet nins Inches front and re ?r, and elgt.ty feet deep, more or less, the same being for thi- purpose of erecting a house for Kngine Company No 44. and th? sum of *3.200 is hereby appropriated to pay tor the sume. Adopted. COMML'NIL'ITIOHS From CommirKioners ol Btpaiis, in relation to an additional appropriate u for m?Kio,f alterations to bou^e of Hoae Co. no ii r nui tn?counsel ine corporation. rejecting a eertaia roa'U-r lu controversy b*tweon thr Corporation m l Uarrlt tjiornn. with the award of the arbitrators. From ftrwt o'ommliaioner. in ?Dh??t to resolution r.-tuning to bear the petition cf ilieorge V/. riatt. for rmtuburkianit ol oo?i* in an .etlor. of ejectment, ucl-r lrnae from mayor, Krport of Finance Committee. in favor of paying Ji ob Sharp balance on jontraot lor piara fojt ol T??oty eight i-treet. K R Oonrnrred in Of fame Committee. non concurring in the report aui resolution Waging park to l'eople a War hing a ad Hathinj Aaaolation The Hoard then adjourn*-!. iXtoma 'J. -The minutri of the pra<?.-liaj meeting rea l and approved rarmoxt airiuu: Of various peraons tor the correction of tax**; cf UrBiy dorm- and other", t > lay Crotoa water ptpri in Thirty-eolith (tract, fro.11 Third to Jecuu 1 ?tma? of same tor reguWt'.ng Thirty-eighth street between ;*coiid anil Third tirDin; -(th r.iutiatile Company So Ufl. Mofmio r !?le. for enlargement of th-ir home and a new Ml; of thr V .nhnttiu Fire Kngine company Mo. II. to bale their engine repaired or rebuilt: nf 'libit M. Uoe iol others for an ordinance authoring the rrgatJaa'loa of a boar cnan-auy, to be 1 icaUd I'l the vicinity ol K#in ra*.'k?t; of ffuinsr B wtwic<i und ?tber?. fi r a 'ewer in Hroorue "treat, to comnem-e at Uroadwaj aini to exlebJ a'on^ liroome atrart aaMtlt uieat* the ???r In I hut street, of citizen* of the l*lX tri'Dtb ??rd lor an iiddlt'.inal foroe of j.oliceni-in to mppreas the r"Dtlrnial riots In that, ward; of William W lirinfcer. In relation to *:*?. taken by the polii-w In m Jamaa O'ltrieu wbo bad b'rn tn-d on charge ,.f . rand larceny and acquitted (Ihe petition, altar re iUeg thr ant nla'lng to tbe tearcliing of prianneri Ddtfea sat< keeping cf any money found on them ; ray el that lie Corporation w juld order it to be paid toOHrien) Of C A. Cut in and mrh?r, to regn'ate parr, and t?t nth and gutter in Livingston place; of >i< jnaviiara .>r , * . ; wwwr- u-r mhj f Ab?l Wbtaton and ntf, ??. t h?r? aaaaatmaot lift I or i?? rr M Third kibm corrected. UMntn > i>f Baxter CV*rt?n and otli-r? againitt fhi> Un^tli I tlaia lor extending \<:tr N>> *J Xortii rlvar K.-I?rt* 1. Tha followla? Mt#r wa c entred by U>? Pr??ld*ot ;r<B Aldfrmaa Wood Nrw VMI.Ott ?. 18&0. Moa.i- V'i ? ?? Preaidai t of tb* board i . Ald?r?i<-D Km:?I btfrbj rwptftlfLlj r -l^n th* ofll-a of At ' rmtiii'i ii? Third w*-t ti> tak* effect fr<>in tbo tlra*. Uiniii i>( JtoutTT Bait. Ymr?. *te. JAS. K WOOD Kedgaatlon ??pt*d t(MLruf ?r>Ort> n. Rr.?..lT?d Thil .. l"nk aad i? h.'r. l>? .jran'e.I :o ritrbd lb? small plar t>--li>B<lni; to tha fartaera 1 nan and l'ruat Co?n|iHiiy. to tb* t.aat rtrar k?t nw.1 1 hirty lourih nod r' rty fiflb atr<wM. to tbe diitaa<< t 13(1 feet froin ttn' bulkhead *t 'h?lr own iip>o I,I ; lint t'ler No 4? Ka?t rl?ar b? t?.-? I lev< lied. nod re plankad. uuUar tha direction of tb'i "??r?*??t ComUilftlonrr. with (to Inch ( lank llMolrrd. Tbat ap?c?. four f--t wld-- b? fl? je?J *Q 'be (natb-waalerly rldo of Tb.rty Mrentb ?tr?ek. be w?-n Hii !j ? id ttUtu a**DUfr* uad> r lie direct!' a A th* Street l>aai<tiuorr. Krt(lt?l f b?t theplana ?nd?p?rl(le?itftn? f if buildI I! W??kn -i .vM-.rt t, b? r^-ri-d to th- ' omnia H Market* Kf-aaln d That tb* i'l?rk of tb* Comtn n Oonarlt b? tad I* Iwrrli; d?r?-?- ? ?! to (Ira tlt? upuhI 1<-*?1 suite* for an tUrilon nf it Altrinii af tb* Tbird ward, la | I Jaa J H d I- - '?ri--I a the annual tlon to b* flald in Noreuiber oast th* peraon tatted .o Bit -aid varancy to tak* UU - at on th? lira. Mouday - f January n? it ItfiW-d T^U tha Plrat ward Station Iloat*. In , rtr.lty pti-.ce i~ ti'.-lnp ?i'V i?i Mturr- t r h -hi lug aatne, and that t na t inmii-! ?< r of I.amp* ea.ry lb* atmr Into < 1?*t K-<ol?? J Tbat J ona-han T. Jobnuoa. rhHIp J. Ma tiro*. and I he.rlea 8 Wilivtt. b? appoated In*? ?toia of 1-ctn u in t> t?t l.rtrlct I iti it- : -?<!) *?rd asd Walter J NrKi; lll>aa i Majrnard aal flrrvra U. Moalloa. in IW H*c?ad dl?t rl ?t; a-id that ttia p >Ua ?.? tb# Tlrtt aioctloa dWtrte: of tho Kla*l"">nth ?ard ?|? bald at tba ho?o? nf I kt'lM Harllarrt* Kliklb a??ua aaar ' -rlf alsbtb rtraat; aad tba p.,'I- of tba Seail dla'rtrt f tba tame ward kf bald at Ihf V'uat.f I. T ?>dall Tblrd ?r??v and H*ty-flrat atraat i?M>|?ad Thai Ii.r >ali ta na bo app< iji-l lvparlnri of tb? kknjih wa. i ?Tatar T. 11 u?t. I. Joaapb Potitbwcrth. JeliB II. KII:?II.U>ii,ibIi H liarJ ?r bdw?i : ? lana?aB Ji>hn llarpar. Joh K Butnlla, 'aa 8 llerllai*. John W. Pcawf-ldt. Il*n?y L Prtaaa, and Hi kait W Andiawa IMWtl iimrtrn i>f Oataailttaa oa Wharaaa fi?ti, an4 Sttp?. la ftrot of attending tba pier* No* IT and J*. Kaatrlrar at "? of Mar*?t >ir?t to th? m:h>p? Ilia of ram* - < mnilttr. ia ItfM of mltliw to V II oil a a.l t'ia watai 'i?hl ?ad on buiknrad. at corner of Tooip-,n? at.4 - i.m.i -n ?tr?? t? Or i.'oainii't. ? <>o ,? a?aU. ia fa?or of r.- lnl >i( the rreitulion luncn tln 4 iri-capdtn ? in th? liiatt't i f r?rutatln| en J grading rHrty ni : t W??l Saannil and Thir1 ?t? \\>rr <>t < ^mn?l't?e aa rtre Daparti ?nt .a favor ol rrlait I r - Itf'n r li < ' ? ! >1 1' r r >mial * -a fiaari' of Cnmiaitt.-* an AefaamraU. a4e*re? IlklMlM n of tohn Murpby aekli.* to ba retter?d roai the a?e*a?m. at for tha Nftr la Dtlriy-eittfc tnat Vt OoaaiilM oa fli? D? par tint a'.. la famr f faralnht. ,t a a?w ho?? uarrtafe .0 mpaur W? 41 >f ease aoaa aOtlaa i4r*m to th? apptiratioa f th< :?t.r?r.r? T tt * A n* llojif fnr tha old ouii;> >) couipeoy Wo IS. I ??WI atCO W*? roro tli',rraiptr<^l>'r ri" aim-nltniftbaf money hi Ht?r? la<t?al of taiatlon f..r ri-oetr n< and itmdlir- public butldtn.'' building an I rrpairlnf t i?t?, aad pitta* ?ti ??t? Referred to fiaaa<e ooat r. ' iDii rt-rt-d to b' ri Dt^i Tha loard tbra aijoiraed ?- 1 T!>* boar I taat at tha'i?ual I ir At lata Morgan I'naldaat la therualr Tbe minute 0' tha .a-t areata* ??ra raad aad rated raritio-.. Mrmnrn I " *?woian'l . . Kngtn> mpan to IS. for an inrraaee rf tea m?n. A ??-? farTf?Tb .r.f.li at o' J It I k' . an t II f Fi. -r?|. ''nt f. aeaa! .4 leaeee of Falton and fouth Ferried an lamllt ki At?buo, with pi fmi??t"n to ran an Inter -ied?at- fi rry la aone~(aeare of tha rrnm^'d conditio H lb* |?.?eot ferry whlih retid ra farther prorMo . r ?ti? ?' * and a?cnmiio ta t of tha p ibtl<" ne 1 try woe a'an wfrrred I'atltloa froai M-etr? Ku-a an . a I 1 r If >'tr.natr? t?i? toil i> h?.i I in W-. ?ra t I otiilU- n of K Kr.ly lo ar pur- ia?* 111 j.i?r at I111 of t'ba?ib?r >tra?r ftereiat p?i|ltoa? ft?r tl *Men a- d i-orr?'tt?a of * ? and atao for th? pa] a?tt 01 oaaall blH*. wata rrfarrad to tka raa^aetlr , ?a 1 roan Tba rrportoftha Klnaar# ilnnallt" In fa?or I aallti 1 valar prl*i !?(! Ir"?a '%dar to A tha a* m tt-?r? ria/;*nj D-*? IM ta^U ad, alao. la tavor of sailing wmlme right and batkHaad la Waat atraat. He., to John Pattifraw; to fever of m11Id| balkkwd and water right. kitMMOhirltot and King street*. to J B. tSpoSord. The rvportot the fluooa OaaalltM, In Utor of al. lowing |1W onrMHltvn to I'rtnrli 0. Barange tatf polloeaaa.wbo was injured by * would lu his right .rn id Bio tod with a bayonet by a bid Ilaaiam. on the aight of the 27th of April last, while la the execution or hll duty, was adopted. The report* of the Committee on Straata. recommending ceucurrence with the Board of Aldermen, on the adoption of resolutions to regulate and pare a apace from Veeey to Kuiton atreeta: to regulate Forty eighth atreet. between Broadway and Sixth avenue; to repair Pitt atreet, fromCrand to Uouiton atreeta; alao to repair Water, front. aqdSeuth streets from P?nk Slip to Catharine strset; alao to grade north aide of Thirty ninth atreet, between Tenth avenue and Hudson ri.ur, waa adopted Tbr report of tha Committee on Roa'U a^ainat op ?aing Kleventb avenua waa alopted. the appointmeu' of A T Anderaoti aa Trustee ol Ward Hshoui No 'Ji, lUh ward, rice Mr. Van Wfck. reaigued waa also adopted KtsoLVTlOna auarrau. Tbat the poll of Fourth diatriot. Sixteenth ward, be held on cast side of eleventh avenue, third bou?e aoutb ol Tarentv-fourth atreet: that Worthinptnn Hodikin soi) be appointed Inspector of tilectlon in Seoond district Sixteenth ward in place of llenry B May resigned; nod David B Jacques. in Third district. in place of William Townsend. resigned, Jamee t Cou?nhoven. In Fourth dUlrict. in place of .lame* K Donali800 deceased, that the poll ut the Fifth election district af the Tenth ward be held at 73 Lu<llow street; that the Comptroller be empawered to settle with the sureties or bondsmen, on paying an equal apportionment of the money unpaid of the collectors ot taxes who were delinquent. that Samuel Atkinson be aprpointed Inspector of first dUtriet of Thirteenth ward, n place of John W. Wheeler, removed from the city; that the Seventh mil station house be lighted with gas; that the . oil of the ' -con l election district, Filth ward, be chanced to IPJ Duane street; that W. T. Plucknt-y be appointed Inspector of Klectiom f>r Fourth district, in Seventh ward. In plaae ol N It Lahaw. removed from the wnrd, that Ohas P Feel J* be appointed Inspector of Klections in the Third district of revfoth ward, in place ol l. Uillespy resigned; that Trinity place be lighted with gas; that the plot of ground corner of Kim and White streets, containing about six lots bo leased at one dollar per annum to the Division Hoard ot the First Dlvts'on of New Vork Sta'e Militia for the term of 'Jl yean irom 1st of Mar next, and also the Castle Warden, now held by ^ reach i llelser. to be occupied by the said division for military purposes. and thut the Comptroller is directed to have a lease executed In tfoordance with this resoution. Adjourned to to morrow (this evening), at 5 o'clock. BOARD OK ASSISTANT ALDSRMRN. Oit. 8 ?The Board of Assistants mst at the usual hour ye terday afternoon Present the President in the chair' aud a quorum of members in their places. P?:TITIOW. I' roni sundry persons to hare a Bounty Land Agent appoin'i d in New You. pursuant to the recouimeniation of the Secretary of the Interior. Referred. RESORTS or I OMMITTKXS. The Committee on Maiket" reported la favor of repairing the roof of Essex Market, on concurrence. Concurred In Committee on Laws reported in favor of confirming assessment list tor a sewer ia Fortieth street tiooi Sixth to Kighth avenue Adopted Report ot the Committee on Fire Department, in favor of assigning one of the six hose carriages now buildi. g to Uose Company No 47. Adopted Sune | comiaittte nj.oiud in favor ol furnishing a new hose carriage to Uofo Cooipauy No 4i> Adopted. Report of Committee on 9treets In favor of renutnbT[ iag T?enty-flfth street Adopted. Same committee, on commence lu favor ot resolution and ordinance to regulate, grade, and Macad imise Forty-sixth street, fion. Kighth to Tenth avenue. Adopted rtaiue committee in favor of regulatiug and setting eurb a jd guttir stones and tlaglng Hide ? alks in Forty-fourth street, between Tenth and Kleventb avenues, on concurrence. Concurr d in Also, to flag sidewalk on >outli side o Thirty second street between "<into and Teiuh avenues on concurrence Concurred in. a Kaoi.t tic "cs Bnolttd lint the 8uperintend?nt of Repairs inJ f upl?liaa can** the cro? trnlk at the corner o! track- ' lin street nud CJurtlandt alley to b? repaired Adopted. 1 | Kw-i>iutiou in '?t?i of haviu/ pump reuioTed Iroiu northerly elde ot Kooaevelt ktieet. bet ween ll^iada and Ch.rrt stneta. Au<) eleo. to fill up the well Adopt* J. J Resolution to regulate, grade and s?t ourb and gut- | I ter *tooe* aud tl?;{ Md> ?ilk? In Forty-Befond street, : | litwcen the Second and Third nues Referred. Ite-'olu'lon that Flirty Aral atreet. from Tenth to Kle?enth hTenue. be regelated Heterr'd AI?o th?t ; | enrb and gutter atone* be set on the Third areauu b*tw en Ninth abd Tw?n'y-eighih street*. Renrred. K evolution to have the ct'L'ings of Clinton Market | I whitewashed. Referred. j Reao1utu?? to bare a .-ewer and receiving ba*ins and ' culverta bull' in Tertli avenu*. Ir m Korty-ili'h ! Mr- et. to eonn'ct with aewer in Porty-aeaond itreot. ! Referred Reerlotlon in faiorof lighting (Irwn street. flrora I Canal totirand street with ua*. Referred i'.esolution in lavor ot ordering i?m?i Io'j> b-twp?o Thirtieth snd Tmriv ?e<-on.,l effects and r'ifth avenue and Broadway to be fenced Referred. Ke<oluti>'ti ca lieu "? :^e Coroner to report to this BotaJ a list of dt ?ta? wliicb have been n?x4 by ac cittntur otberwi e through the Instr'iaentanty of I Ibe railroad csra. loiv.m#t(?e engine* anl innlbu?ea i in the city and eennty ot New \ >rk. slece hi* appointment to otflcc, with names of the dec. aaed dat?? of | a< eidrnta and d>ath? the ?g?? of tbe victims. and ; pla.-eB ot their nativity. Adopted tm* inmr ?ranu> ?it> tub roMMa* coowcil. The matter in dispute between tha t'h: ' Kngtneer I and the I'oniwn Council came up tad " ctly la<t I iveniug In the Board ot Awletaiita, w hen the fellowI It a, resolution wan proMuM and adont< 1 Besolved That the Couasel to the 0' -purttion report to this Hoard who hat the power ot jt?intln( >>?11 ! lingers lot the different fire alarm be 1 towers tbiou h1 out the city, and aim who baa tha power to discharge ihem, l.i M.lutlon to light Fifth n'ruet betarrn reauea R ' and D with cat Adopted Alto that avenue It frem lluuatcn to Tenth xtreet be repalrt d Referred rariai ?aoia ihi h<umi ot aioaaMa* P< itlon 'or a ta?t in Md'ougal atreet. frjoi Amity i to Kotirth ?freet Coneurred in 1'etltion of George Barker. Vic# Pre?ld?nt of th? lla'hm Railroad Compnoy. for pernii'Wtoo to con- I erructa dtaln Irom the property ?f the coinpt^y in | Tr,o u Row and Chatham etr>-et, to connect *?itti the i fewer la t* ili; .m afreet. Petition granted Tina Hoard | ( concur*. Ikt, v ?The Board met at o clock. I'reaeat, ' the Preaidmt In tbe chiir, and a juorjm ol u-uii b*r? In th< ir plare? Tbe ulnutei ol the laat me-tlag were read and ap ! pitTfd. rrmri 01 ronMimn ronmiltM on th* Oroton A<ja*1iirt r*por??d in taaor of appropriating Ml), In a Idiit-n to f,i ouu alrod; ni'UlfJ for buiUm; thu I'untaiu m Hunting Orrm f*?frrr*d bark i ouimlttM on Pit* Department, In favor of h?*lnn | hoa* cow pan) orgaiiiiad. ho! furnlah*<l with it !? >? cart ami th? nreeatary how h<>u *. to l>x looatod oa Ttlrdatmuo corner cl Eight} aixtb Atroet Yotk.ll> , Ad >rt*d tommltte* on fttr*?U r*port*d In favor of 'I Mde walk* In Thirty aeond *tr**t l>?twe*n 8l*th and Miftitb KTfiiuvr Adopt ?i tiro to favor of rvgrad ) i(r and raring Thlrty-aeoood atrvot, batwern Math and B??*nth at. nuw. Adopted. Committee on Lawa rrportod in laror ! confirming I aearrimeiit liatr f r a < *?er In Twenty eighth at rrii, and Iff frttlr* rntV atd g"itt-r aton*a th rein from Br* cod a?nu< to laat rli?r. On ?onrnrr*nc* eon 1 furtid in. tanit.'Tio^a T1 at Rnblaaon atr**t from Collar* Placo to tha North rl?*t, ba lighted with gaa Vd>ptfd. That tli* poll* of tb* Kirn Klntiun District of th* Third watd U b*ld at 17 Conrtland' atra*t Adopted That r-*tbana atr**t from Wa?t to Orr*nwi?b atrwt bo repaired Adopted Th?' William Incla'r h* ?pp?lnt.-i In'pentT of clortloia for tb? Thud dlatrlct of th* Hlith ward. Adopted That John L. Tar/'# John 0. Kan*, and i?m?a Trio* h* appointed Inapaetora of tlteliom for tba Kl ibth 'l ?tri? t of th* Kkinnth ward i tat t|* pla** for holding th* poll* for th* anaatng I rWrtlon ia tb* Klghth diatnet of th* Kleren'h ward b* lo. at* d at th* bouaa of Tbotuaa lluwa. northw?*l I eoriirr of tmia 0 and Klwuth a?rt?*t Adopted. That k>?< ?tfi'?t h*tw**n 11 ?? -t and Qraad atiotU. b* lighted with gaa Adopted. Ratnrt of th? Ol minitio om ,*a?ara tB f*?or of build Is* a 'rwrr In Ninth atr??t from I'n.ittb ?"??? to art i f Ilia Third armua C'ncurraJ In l*atltion ol A A William* for m?p*<iuniting part ol lilvrmlDflal* road <; rant ad Tbla board eonI f Ufa Kaport of Conimittaa on Flra l>ap*rt?ant. in faaat of | rifaiMi* an I rtlar|lii| bouaaa of Knglna C <?panj > M and lira* I'ainpany No 23 ?'tin?Mirrad In Itaanlutlon. That Ula aawar In Tbntnpann ?tr??t from Canal to llrooma ?traat. ba rapairal and tra'.jht , | an?d or r* built Kt-frnxl [ Itaaolutlon To purchaaa n lot of land for Kn(lna llnuo Wo 44. at No Mtloaaton atr??t appoalla I'nlot, i and tbat f3 Ml b- appropriated therafor C?.ncair-i 1*> , Raaolutlnn. That tb? poll for tba (1r*t daation dlaI trlrt i?| fifteenth ward, ba h?ld nt 187 Meaekar utraat Concurred In kapn.t of Cninfulttre on #ewar* In favor of fewer In Tb'ifaith ?tr??t and \aanue A. Conrorrrd In Ci a? malttae In ta*or of aewer In Oran?r? atreet, I fr n Or 'a* to W aiker ?tr**t Concurred In Oct 10 ? Treaent tba President In tba chair, and n <jn?rum of m?mb*r? In tbatr placaa The rnitiutea of tba laat meeting wara read and ap ' prored I rrt'Tioa? Of Inbabltnnfa of tha (eighth ward, to have Oraena (treat. batwaaa < rand and Canal .?traeta. lighted with Gu < ranted C'^mltiaa on Ftr?et?. to hare Kaat atr-at from Oratid to Rlrlngton i;rwt pared and r?fn' '.i?d ?d r'uh and (nttar ?too-? rat tkaraln On lonaarrenaa, concurred In Alao to ha?? tnrb aad gutter atone* f ?.t In Ninth nranua. b.'taaan Fort y-aeeoad and Pittya fli?t ?t?fta C'onaarred In Name Coinalttae. la faaor r o' rep* ring croaa walk at brad of *h?rilT atreet U Adapted Alao. for ragiila Ing an J repairing Taeatyfret atreet from Fourth to L> >Inftoa aranua On conn earranee, concurred In a Committee on l'oll??. In faaor of paying William i. Chapman for aaralaea a* door kaapar ot rtation llouaa d r.f Twelfth wnrd Adoptrd it 0 wtntttaa on la favor of rebuilding a ? at -r In Haaanth atraat. between aaenuea R and a G Adapted Alao. f> r aewer la Twelfth atraat I. from manna I to Pry I'oek atraat Adopted a Alao, in faaor ot aoa aooeurreoee to build aawar in faa.nlh a*a-?vt. bvtaaan ?? ? < II n.lfl Alao. la faant of balldlag aavar in Ninth aaeana, from Pnrtt> <f n?a to fifty Hr.t atr-at Alaa for ?a?<r In Thirty' i. aavanth atxat. from Ninth t? T'-nth ??ani" > C< r inlH.a i.n I if a Dapartnant In Utor ?f pttfba ling a lot la Thirty-third (tract, mm Third mix on whioh to kmild a house for Ho? Cempauy 41 Adopted. The Comptroller ?! a communication. rooomnand : Ing that toe moo* JI neoessarj lor repairing wJ m tending public buildings. repairing piers and p*?io? streets, be raised bj issuing ttoek instead of rnliiag ii by taxation. Referred to Committee on finance. nceoLt'Tie**. Resolution (ranting Win (llbson the prlrllege ol having a bow vlndoir extending thirty. Ore loch*' ItOLi toe tide of the bouse at 374 Broadway Adopted Resolution that tbe fourth district polla of Thlrteeath ward b* rrmored to No 6M Uiaui street Adopted. That Hester street be renumbered. Adopted. That Twenty-first street, (run Ninth avenue to Hud son rirar, be repaired. Adopted. I'Aricas rxoM ?oi?u or m whsim. Brsolved, That the pull of tbe fittb election district ot tbe Tenth ward be hi 11 at the house of John K>>nb No 73 Ludlow street: that poll ol fourth district of Sutmnth ward be held on east side t>l Seventh arenun. third house south ol Twenty-fourth street, that poll of second district of fifth ward be changed to No 1U2 T)iiann . tmt All Kesolv. J. That W llodgkinson be xppoiute 1 Insptotor vl Kiectious la second distrlot of the fliit<?ut>i ward. ill place of Henry H. May, resigned, and David It. Jaqiiss in third diotri^t, in plsce ol Win Townseud. resigned; and .lames T. Couehoven. In fourth district, in place or James K. Donaldson. d?oea?ed Resolved, That the Comptroller be and he in hereby directed and empowered to settle with aud discharge each or any of the sureties sr bondmen. (ou their paying an equal apportionment of tl?? moneys unpaid), ot the collector* ot taxes who were delinquent la not paying the whole amount of monuy oolleotsd by them iuto City treasury prior to the appoint meat of the lieceiver of Taxes. Adopted. Co?i t of General Sculonl. Before the Recorder and Aldertneu Cook and Hard OiTuee* 8.? Tfir Grand Juty.-Tb* following uatned Grand Jurors were thin morning sworn and empanelled as tbe Grand Inquest for the October term Ellas G Drake, loreman ; James T. Dartlne, Knoch Chamberlain. John O. fay. Wm F Gilley. Albert Garnsey. John Mutton, James G Jaeobus.Johu Ma.ion.Wm ? Front, John Task er. Oliver T. tl'ardell. Thomas 11. lirown, K 0. Cook. John II Gulon. Rowland IIill. James Little. Knoch Morgan. Hugh McDride, Cjtleb S Merritt. Robert Mct.sry Hiram l'urdy. l'ne Recorder instructed the Grand Jury as to their duties, and added a recommendation for tbera to visit the public institutions, and report on their oondition Trial Jnr limit' Breaking and i hr/t . ? Two men. n aiund Hobert Adauis and Robert Davis. were plaood at the bar. cbaiged with burglaiy in the first degree. The indictment alleges that the prisoners broke into the bouse cf Mrs Corson, of 282 fourth street, on.the night ol 20th ot August last, and stole therelrom a large amount of clothing and silver ware M s Corson testified that during hrr absnnoe troia home in August last, her house was entered, ami properly. amounting to about >1 000 in value, taken away, c he subsequently recovered about two-thirds ot tbe stolen property consisting of sliver ware aud clothing. She could give no evidence relating to the burglary, being at It.i time absent Irom home Wm W Murtin. a policeman ot the Fifth ward, be, lngsworu testified that at about tour o'clock on the morning <f the 21st of August, he arrested the prisons.e in Yarlck street, having In their pc.isessiou at the time a large amount ot prope. ty tied up in sb a els; the priuoner* were locked up, and Mrs Corson identified the property fouud iu their possession as th? sine which had been taken irom her premises. Ada.us pleaded guilty to grand larceny, which plea being accented, the prisoner was sentenced tothe State priton lor Ove years. Counsel tor Davis. Mr A. A Phillips set up as a defence that his client was au imbecile Tnis was abundantly proven by quite a number of witnesses. wh_> l-stilled that although the prisoner wus twenty-three >eurs ot :^e yet he was so inoompetsut to t*ke cue of bimx lt that his mother Aad to Ure tbe sant< kiud of w-itchtuiness ss lu the case of a young child Tbe jury did not diem him mentally co.nprtent to oouinit tbt crime alleged av-eiast him They therefore rvturaed S ferdir' <-t hoi . niliy R'id the Iwillll was delivered to tbe care ot his irieads. ChuiK'i with S talii'g Cordage firm Wrerkrd I'rt?ei ?John t'loik was put on his trial oharged with kf?ftllr,? uui.t . .1 -l.nSfn,, rlriulns uinOh v 1 (Ul trAll) the schooner burmah wniU mat reaaai ??i lylftf o* H>iybiook bar. in Long I-land riound. ou or about the 2^ i ot Auguc. lart The vx.Ntl hill bfKQ Kunk on tbn bar mid sold tor account ot the underwriter*, and had b\ rn !ytr>ji there ?>m? time. The ripping was cat nvay. bi'twi vu Saturday night and rtundav morning, mid *k? dUoorered in Clark'e boat a? he cuine into the fcant Hirer. 1 be defence proved that Clark waa ?uiployed by a man named Gardner, to go up the 8ouud and bring il< an a boat load ot rigging Thi-y went up and took the cordage from a tluop aai. while cowing dean, a g?le ot wind nprung up the boat u> capsized, and Garuner drowned in attempting to gwirn a?bore. Clark hung on to the boat and wa? fared Thn*e fait* being proved, the jury rrturued a rerdict of n:>t guilty Chant nf Rn'ib r y t? 'Kt PSrit Dtgret. rummilted in un Emigrant Boardf.g H?utt ? Patrick Vlunket. th? k"e|ier of an eniigraut b>ardin,; hou-a at 77 War-blug ton atreat, wu> placed ou trial a barged with robbery in the fir?t degree, in forclhiy taking *174 'it) mm I'atrirk lialy an Ir.eiuian. wUo took lodging to hwbou.te ou the Slbt'i ol Auguet la?t. Patrick Daly. ao intelligent but uneducated Iriahman. being called to the aland. t . tideJ with great cl a>-i???? aad apparent truthfula?M n Mlowi:-' ! lauded in tha tuorulng from the Uoeton boat. It ? <r a lkioy morning. and I went to I'lunket'r home and >ot toy breakfast diuu?r, aud ?upp*r Aftwrwardn, there w<re aeveral per?on? altting drinking and they aked me it t would take a treat from th-in I ??id no They tta?n a-k>d me it i would give a treat I aid 1 would not. They then oalled me a miner ; but I n d I illd not care tor that. 1 wu theu going to lied. ?b?u l'lunket ?a:d 1 should not go to bed tiil T l ad taken a treat from him I "aid I did not want a Ip at from htm; that If t wanted any thing I conldpty lor it II* than caught hold ol >? and aaid 1 allodia net go to bed till I bad glvru him my money for ?afekeeplcg Thin I refu?ed to do. and went into a back room t 111 tke girl sheuld bring me a light I had been there hut a abort time, when Plunkct came in and taught b. Id of my coat tail, aud aald. ' Where ? that d d larral l>aly " And then h? gare t?i or three kick* at my bell*, any one of whi-*i might narc Kill'a Ilia II inry [it i mi u>- u> ! wool ?w*y and (fot a pletol m l corked It *uJ aw.ir* h* would bloc iuy bitioi oat if I did not (l(? It to him to kto|. I?t > *, I than aid. a?ored to <*t a alugla rooat. but could Dot got out to nuit iu> I fira'ly ?tnl to bed lid >M *u?lia>>- wailing. alrald to lia down, I Busily did lit* down with part of tar clathaaon, and ptaiantly I'lunkat ram*. tid Bald that lie mint hare i ? ?p tor im?, that it I kirn what kind o! p-rfuci wer? about ma In tha othar mntn?. I would give it up, b? ikld that I would taaa my nuin. aad io glrr bli bou?a a l*d nam)'; ha *aid ba niut bar* my soir). and If I would not gir- it to bun. ho uiuat tak? it in aplta t.J m- and he thtint hi? band into my br.'aat rket wh*.-e th* m< nay ?i> 1 told hlui If ha took It I muat W accountable for It. and ao ha took It away * In tl.a irnrniDC whan I a.;fced him for my uonay, ha laid, "u? blackguard. you (?? m? do nionay ," I aid, " Von bad hot.or not gat on a< you aid iaat nlnlit with yur humliitf ha Mild II you don t go away I II throw you nut ol tlia hou>a and bronk your bona*," aom? paranii Interior J, and ?*ld it wit bad anougli to gat uiy iuonay. with iut aluuilng ma; 1'lut.kvt raid to him. - If It wn* not for you. I would brrak Ijla ruck " I'luokat had a big b illy of a {allow with tilm ?b nb> callad In from th? tr -at, t*i> a a lot of thMm wonim and all began trying to fro*oka ria, and cal'ad aia a drue1. n fallow, and *ild II I did not rob that m'nay of aouiebody how wonld I bit* it' ard that It ?a> only right I abuuld Im it. I than eiDa up to tlia til a* and mad? com plaint tod Pluakat w a a arroated. bat waa finally let go and 1 wai put a prlaon a* a wltaoao; my family eatna tc thli ooui.tr? ahila I wai la prlaon and I bad tot a panny ti aid tt*mwith, I aai not druok tba night I ?n at Plun kit i, I aar?r aaw my moaay aftorward* I wa< put lo faar by I'lunkaf who bad eockad tba plat?| at m? down at* in ha forced hla hand In my p?"kat and I caught htm by tha wrlat and trt'4 to pranat him. but b* took my niou<-y la aplto of m* Thawunaaa waa croa* e*am.uad by tha prlaoaar ? coanaal but uld imt vary hla taatimoay from that takaa on hla ilir. -t i wkMH 't b- n tunln tioa *w not concluded ah-n tha Court adjourned OiT.I^.MMiMiii I'aaawNari^tAu fault At tba opening of the Court thi* amming Mr A A Pbiiliaa niovad thai bldni y II Hl.wari CV rk ofPollc* ba admit tad a* a Conaacllor i f tht* Conr? Mr Phillip* aaid that tha oart war* awa*a thai Mr P'uart had for aararal yiara b??n c..ni.?< ted with iba ndiulnlatrallon ?f iirI mloal JtMIra and waa th*rafora r?r? I In tha praclira ThaH urt aaamt d ,o the i.o,;< D and Mr Stuart took tha oath pro?*tlb?d l?y law 7> at i'/ Pmtruk Nan<?t. rlarjf'rf ? ,tk , tibial ? Aowrdar Thla trial waa ron'iBuad trom yeatardar Tha croaa gamir.atlon o? tha ?narlalnar.t I'atrlak llaly. w?i raaillbad hul n?thl<ir naw waa altaltwd John Y'un* awotn by tha taatlflad thai ha had bwa a-.nftn ?d In tha Toiuha a< a wit a la thu ri?a Inr aam? iti < eakl waa 11 I'lnakata oathaalght rf Mth of Aagn>t . ha waa awakauad by Paly who aid hi* mocay waa t *a . w|tn-a? h ?rd and aaw th- traaa actleo Iwtwaan Plunkatt and Italy in tlia miralm Pluakat raid that ha waniad liny to * law him hit aioaay on tba nifht pr?al?a" bat he (Daly) wonld not Italy than aakad Mr* Plnnkct If ah* did nit tall bin that aha had hi* money, ah- raid aha did 1*11 him *n but It waa only to kaap him unlat Witaaaa tol< Plwaket that It waa a ahaaa to abaaa th* man thai > ha bad mat with ail'fortuaa aa<>ugh alr-ady Ha ala> j laatlflad that Pluakat oC-rnihio H h-wouli g i Jaba 8 Magnni ?worr I am an ofli-ar ot th -klftl patiol dlatri'i of tha prllaa of thi* ally I arraatai , Plaakat at hla hon?? 77 W aah'ngton *tra*t oa tba l*tl \ of Anguat I*at (tloid cila and Mill prodll -ad ) Thl proparty I fo"nd 'a a d. rl aad la a till la th* bar . th' gold waa la a "aall daak ln?ida aaoth-r l-ak , th* bill and ailaar war* la a till , It wa* *arly ia th? ni'ira'ni baa Daly earn* tu th* otfcea aad atatai that ha ha baa a robbed 1 immediately want dowa to a fro* Pluuket ha an not at licm* whan r flf*t want thara hat ha cama praaantly an<? aald Uiat S* had ba*n np t tba pollra atr-a to a?l a war-ant agalaat l?*ly for ai aanit and battrrr ; I than niada tlia arrant and tool | lluck.t to the pcila offlr. Una* r>tb*t taatlraon ?ak?a hat n.uhlng n?a ?a? tddad fo tha hlator of th? rut 1 Tk? d?f?n?* ii ?? that Dil; ?n Irnnk n? th i nlpht In i?t??tton. that h? mil an th- a or nine of th 2>th of Anguri that ha <114 not think Pl'ink>t had hi niofi'j but that ha ball#*. 4 a woman In whnta aom pan* h? ?? *h.- nl?ht pfvlnun halK. ??raralwtl C?K* ??r. ? to tha?a fk"t? in I #a*>ral otbar* wara Ii to proia a food rhara -tar for tha prlaon*! Torabvt thla. lha prna^olloa lntro4na?4 ?ltnaao?? t that Plankat ?? a no*orlon? bad aharaot't an that bin h<m?< a a- 41a. r4< rlf. an<l hat h? hlm??lf h %

l?n arra?ta4 by tha poll< # (,,r *?a'lng a m ?n. wb at?d thai h* hid I >? n>' n?y a* tha ?m? tlma th< ha not a t-aa"f?* ^ulta a anmhaf ?wora that hl? ohi rattar wa? noto-tonalr bad Tha ovldaara bain* a In tha envit a?\)onr?ad Th* rata will go to tha jar on Tkofdif warning In tha raa* of Patrick Plunkat. tha jury b-on?M I a *#rdlat of <atity of grand lar-aar tha priaoaar an f mandad for aant ansa, o. T?a?a 10.-~ PU* a/ fiiiltf -traaala Ranjamln w |kH awratn* bron(ht lato oaart, pl*M* 1 cU'T i l?rfry ti tkt third degree aad ?u mntenced by til CMrttatfcaBtalaprtaoafartwopaare. It tucbirp l>lut that oa the 19th of April U?t h tola t draft, of whloh the following it a oopj :? . x 34 I ; !???>, ia fold OMTABIO 8A VlWas BANK, ? J J CAJIABBAiOlA, April?. 1160. J J f * & P?.? to tht order of Mr. Saauel U. Btilee, 11)3 S * |fU, Four Hundred and Twaity Dollari, which * f. g oli?r?e to tht auoevat of ihtf iMtiiatien. * * J TUOMA3 BKAI.S, Tree.urer. J J J To Mr. Sami u. T. j ? * South itreet, New Yark. *3 : : :' TbiaUralt. it le a)lt>nod wa? (toleu troui Mr. daniuel li Stile* at the I'hiUde! j.hie Uutw. eoruxr of i 1.uto 11 etreet anil Batterj 1'lare. and ?>? lound iu lien jituin n po*.<?>n?lon When Mr Stilee lost the draft, it bed no enJ< "?Di?-ut but ?beo lound In th? pn?HH4 ku?.lm. #?f tho ni-iKMDrr it had thf? nam* i.i Hamnul If StMea written on the bach of ic The prlaon-r showed tbc draft to k peraon named Hmith wbom he endciror* ed to employ to collect the mouey Tli* prisoner rep resented to Mr Bnilb that thv draft had two pro* cured from a countryman for a passage ticket to Callforuia. Kenjamln offered Smith fluu to collect tha money. The prisoner ha* been iu eloee nouUneuieut sini-.it l??t spring. and has put off IJs trial trom time to time on adldavits, alwayt asserting bis inuooeu j e. I'nltcd Itntci t'lrcall Caart. Judge Nelson preaiding. i.unci, si'it?j'.ixiB nelson's opinion. Oc roatu 4.?Levi! Tapi'itn t?. John HtarJthg mi,I //?. rm f I'lardnlty ?At the Hitting ot the Cc*Vt the .luiga gavM hi* decision in thin case, of which the following Is en abstract This la a demurrer to the declaration. The first count recites that tbe plaintifls. before tbe committing the grievance complained ol, were engaged in business as traders and merchants, under the firm of il iieardsloy i. Co., at Norwal, Huron county t>hio, aud had occasion to visit the city of New Yom for the purpoirs 01 purchasing and obtaining goods in the oi thetr tiade and Dusineas. and bad ac<|aired the good opinion of all the persona with whom their house was In thr lab it of dealing ; but tbat the defendant, contriving and maliciously intending to injure tbe good name, ere lit. and mercantile atauolng of the plaiotltfs and ol the said tirtn in trade, etc . did publish of and runearning them the fol'owing false, scandalous and defamatory words. [Il.retbe Judge sets out U>e libel, which was tbat the plniniitls liod bn>n sued in July. 1848. and,tbat report says J. lieardaley's wile is about to apply for a divorce and alimony, tbat J Dear dsl> y had put his properly out ot hla hinds , II to, their store w(ll be closed saon. The second couut confirms prior report, and says in addition, that two more suits, la tbe Court of Common Pleas bad been cominen -ed : against Hmrdslej .V Co ; that the tirm hare the ability I to do a proepeious business, so long as they weie i honest, whit n will be as long as suits their interest , that. John lleardsiey had refused to piiy his debts etc., ' etc.] It is objected, ibat tbe inuando - has put his i property out of bis bnnda if so there store will be | closed ' enlarges and extends tbe said word" aud con- ! tains charges not warranted by thi-m or by any of the words embraced in tb? count. The office of the innen- i do is to explain the words contained in the libel and ' annex to them their proper meaning It cannot < ularge or extend tbe sense of the expressions beyond their usual aud natural import, unless something la | put upon the recard by a ay of introductory tua-'-r, with wtiioh it can be connected. These words, winch j are equivocal, oi ambiguous, or fall short in the natu- ! ral sense ot imputing any libellous charge, may have ! fixed to them a meaning, certuin and d (amatory, | extending beyond the ordinary Import | Mere the J mice referred to aevtral authorities, and alter stating ' the introductory uiatter. Uo .. A.o ) be theu ssid we ; must look to the whole and every part otthelib--' in j ordir to ascertain the full extent ol t!ie injurious Imputations * We cannot say as matter of law. that ' ed to convey, the meaning imputed to them Un the ' ecntraiy. they may have b*en publlr-hed under clrcuinstanreii .and in h way, that should natuiully con- [ Try to tlj? hearer that menutng. e>perially if published with an intent 10 alfeoi the credit ot tha plaintiff* as ' meiobants. a* charged in the arrl.ir.ilion Tn? oounntl j foi the drteiidant select* apart ot the word* of the libel. ' and iuns!s that they do not convey the meaning ljn- I pui-d This Blight be admitted, and till the demur- ' r?r nut well taken?tbe charge. ha.i i>ut bin proper*-* out ot hi? hand*.'' and nothingrUe. might he rurjr in- | uocent; and lurther,If so, their store will lie closed | hOoB.' uot necessarily importing anything wrong or | injuiioti*. Hut. wh*n taken in oonuectljn with the charge* that the p. ..B'iffa had been sued, and the wife I of one of thein wus proceeding ag lust him tor a dl- i vorce und alifuouy end the whole published with the ' Intent to aflt ct their credit, fcc . a very different mean- J ing attache s and fur aught that, we ran see to the full eitert of the charge The earn* Tie* applies to the i tecotd count. The third count, avers tiie publira- I I U'n of tile libels on div>rs day* and times, wl'h'iur setting en. the words. This count is rleariy bad and was i 1 given up ou argument. There must b? jti'tgm-nt for ! | the plaintifls ou the first and remind count*, and tor | the defendant on the '.bird with leare t > amend A limn ACT Of T.'Et I.HJO.NS IN IMPORTANT COM MKJiClAI. CASKS, HV .11 llQKM MCI.MOM A.NU HKTTt>. 0'T 10?.V /. 4' '' ( > ,i<1 ? (' II* /.nit-i'"'' This was an action against the Collector to reeover ) l.ack aa excess of duties churgedand paid upon sugars I shipped from Manilla In the lelatidof l.wrore, and | wjli-h were the production of that lalaud The gooila war* purchased them in the months of February and March. 1*!47; but not ahlpped. In oonsenusnie ot tt-e reasel w hieh was ?ent out having become disabled by trees ot weather till the mouth of August following. | Tix impxrtaut i|Ue?tiHU lu the ease was. whether tne dutiable value ot the good* waa the mark' value in tbe c< untry at the tlrn* i t the purchase or ?t the time of the importation. The Court held, that according to the true construction of the iljteenth lection of the art of 1S4ti. the time ot tba purchase was to govern. I and not that of thu Importation Jlenry <'ox f tl n tkr namr Tttls waa also an action , to recover back an excess of duties paid in the artlole ot fbeep skins They were l.nported will) the wool on the skin and a separate valuation mad of the wowl, I and ol the skin, ami uO per eent duly charged upon the wool, and 6 per cent ou the akin. Tije article was known In trade a? sheej. sk.ns. The Court *>eld. that the article could not be tin ? aepa-Hted I >r tie purpose j of ascertaining the dutiable value ; that It did not fall under schedule 14. as raw hides and sUns drh l raited a d pl< Kled but that, aa it ha I a 0ted name in the trade not fcund In the list under any of thu in Ik. >al i,l 1 kill It loll ttk.ln th> 2,1 l>r tin*, ip a non d hi tide, and oliar^mbU with duty ot 2i) per cent II. ? s.Uitui n.ihr rat' Thia waa alio an acting to morir back ftrtMlrc dutien paid on ebony and rNfwi'nd b?ir| They were made ol common Kr'n-h wood for the foundation, no 1 then ranC'Ted with ebony or roeewood No artl-le o| the deacrtptlon waa iiaported. me Jc a .holly out of that material, they w?re oily ?mnri-il with It The Court b?H that they should he ran^i (1 under acbcUule IS. a* a nianutaclure ol >bouy or rofewood and oli:a*?-a.>lr with a du. y of 40 per ci nt, aud did not tall within Hcheduli" ?!, under ih* phreae paper boiea an I all other lancy bftra. that were liable to a duty only of r.i> p. r oant Ih? iig 4' ff'itlu i t, Me >?!>. Thl? war alao an action to r?i 'iv? r ar. ficcn of dutli'x paid on an article In. rolcnl atid known In th- trad' by thr uam? of vermilion It had b>?n charged with th" du'y a* a mercurial proration. under aoh-dule I , at twi uty-lire per c*nt whtrra* rariuillon la liable only to a duly of tm-nty per cent undrr fohaduleK. The Court lu ll that It <nu?t be charged according to the neuiii by ! which It wa" ktown In thr tradr, i.n I a? It waa ku ?n by the name of vcrmllli u which had b<-ea apecillcalty ei.iiDitrated under aeliedulc K.. that moat f>rern H* l.illimrr it al n iL urn - Tbl* waa alio an notion to rcciTer aii aiceaa of dutlea puld on an article la voiced a* thr ad lace the article nai come Into the market altice uie act of lMfl. to wit in IS47 9 It ii ei mp' ?<-d of I o?n and cottoo. ?nJ made wb iiy br mac bti.ery and had a]-*- iyi baea known la tha trade k< thread lace A duty ?aa cbt r*cd ol twenty fire p r cent u an at tit la ?< mpoaed of linen and rottM, which. aarUlmid in connexion with Ihelflith aa?tlon of th" act of IWt, came nti ler arb'-dule I; a> a mtna.aatur of cotton Tli Court held that aa thr article hail alwaya b??n k i >?n in tha trade by a ?peelfle name . thread lace It f>ll within the e.mineral"in ol acheiliile K whl-h apiclfied thread lac*' and wax chargeable Only with a duty of twenty per cant. ? 'f<>?/?/ ri.tkt tmm*. ? Tblawaaalaoan action to r?c< ret ac etcaaa id dalle* paid on article* known in tha I , trad* aa linen iua rea camlet liutrei an I tolledd nord It i? * fabric composed of linen and cottJfl. and waa ebai .ed with a du'y of iiS per cent under achedul- 1?. aa a mannfaetnit ot cntt"n by mean* of th- "p?r- < ial the ait h eectlon of the aet of IMS. which pmtliiee that "a all art tele* man n tact tired from two or mo-a irntertal*, the duty aball he innaied at th* high- t talea at which i any of Ita component par; - may ne char<?all?. Tha article did not come, accortflog to IU mmmerclal doI 1 ignatlon within any >i?e of the numerated I'.fia la tha atatute It would, tharefor fall within tba .14 I >e?tlon aa a non miir rated article. unl*ae brought I within achednle |i by th? operation of the i#th aection of the a< t of 1H4'/ Tho principal nuaatlon in tha caae waa wh*tf? r thla aeclitin had been rep?alel by i the act ot Uirt The t'mirt held that It had aot either i directly, or by naceaaary Implication, that It waa not l repnpnant to any ot tliw prorlalona of that aat. but In aid rf them that it waa a rula ot oonatrnetlon to da I termlaa tfca character of a flren article, and acccrdI |p(f to which tha duty mult ba charj I, and that ap ' plying Iho aactloB to the article In i|iiaatlon It wa? uni ?rlv ehtritpil aa a eirnlu.rule ol aottoa. under ?eh*rt?r>-1) ml 2A p?r t?nt I c*?rl'l k'mtgrn ri lt> n*' - Till* * 1 to ?n of inll>? ?'? < ?f< *n r"t * i lw>?i m ptttt l??th?r. Th? rttcl* l? ,n "? tr?d? ? |>nt?nt ot upp-r ?nj I* <?n*? ttil) 'iKd forth* upp?r p*rt of ibw? ?? ! hrw>U It had k?n 'barged uiid?r ?ch?<lul* C ?t 30 p?r e?ot u I manufacture of Imth^r. Xha court h?ld th?t tt foil order Dohvdul# B. uid?r the jwrtfll## " l??tb?r. up^ t per of ?|| kind*,' and rh?rf??bl# o?Iy with dutj of t. M B'T rent ft?<|'M? 4 Wrfrf# rt th* tarn-.?Thin ??? I*" " tlon to rnot?r m iif?4 of datH |>?W "ii w> t?tard_ wlaBinr and l-nuirrak * > <! TI??*jr war* >ar*"?l wtth a duty of V) p?r cant, within th? third <*?tkn or | tha a<*t, of ii k 'thadula R. a? ? ??'lielaal Ar'H Thai ha** ala ?ya h.-n Inrxlard a? a?ad?. Mil hnowa la th* trad* by ih?* nam* Tb? e??irt k*M that l"'J projwrly rang- und'f ?<-h*dtiI- I th? lra? Vat. ?Hfcl? ih? word# ' (nrd?n *a?d? aud all ott*'*? and that tk? lattar elan** rnnld aot IwiialN to ?*?!? imcoTtad Icr agricultural porf.o'0* f'tli* " fVnwa r< >?' -Thii *a< al?" *fl <* linn to raro?*r an cioraa rf ?! ???? P*1* 011 " *" IK'^'tkuOrtrklrf* It, and t??' otb*r ' **' lB Tr|?tr( th* >ama ai.ntl^a. rotata to Importation ua> drrtbaartaf 1?4J. and tha .,i'#?ti?a -?a?. what .ar ? (iKkrikanilktrrhlft la an arlleln w?ra bj roan, ar rhlldran T* 'iiiaatton had ( ?? o*eld*d l>? th< 1 rVmt Is Oetobrr, lit*. ?li?n It *aa b*ld thai It waa not, and tharMcvra i-"t pr<-parly anty??i to a duty of fnr*y p*r That ?! (aton gorem lag tk??? rjn?fa?i\ta trr tba pl? a*1"' ?ar* rn iUr-1 .n all of tl.t m ^ 1 Tfca r,.t,<t mi /ittM*mu, fxafwnv ?? -Th 1 Cvurt halJ la thla ?a?*. that whara a d?t. nfent r< ?'?? raw# of aatlna from tha |U?* 0o?r* to tk . CI: ci It Covrt "f ?fc? "*n?? Itataa, lb* I? ? | Met Ion of the Judiciary act of 17S9, the cut m uat pro 4 I mW In the Circuit Court the M If the ?n(t had I btfo originally oonmnDotd there, and that tne plaintiff nut HI* and aerre a declaration according to th? . I practice and dm|u of that court, and that without tiling a new declaration, no at?p can be tafcaa ag&mat ; a defendant to oompel him to plead thereto (out *r Common Plraa?Part Vlrit. Bel ore Judge Ingrahaui. ACTION FOR MAI.ICIOIM rKOMCtTlON. : Oct. T.? Edmund H. Child .? Fielding 9. Oant -Th>3 ??< an action for alleged malicioua proaeeuttoa. arlxio^ out of a auit tor libel, InatHuted by Mr (iaat, inperiotendent of the binding department of the American Tract Society, againat Mr. Child, for an alleged libel | contained in a paper publiafced In 184K. and entitled the iMdy't (>? ? The na'ure of the libel tlVue coinj plained ol ?a< i barging Mr. tfiut wi:h cruel ami | lyiannical conduct, and >l??pitiM:i tow*ru.? tneyoung | ?<men employed under lilm as binder* The article hUo chllt : hinj b ' ltkuu? tit iin inmuter Mnd rhkrirej bini wilb rnf ririruc actf toward* tb??c female*. and with having diumi-i^J on' ?.? tb?ia Iwrmiw > younf uian from a neighboring building " t her tu orange Th* plalotiS Id the pre*, m action complain* ol bl? having been arretted dr?trg*d Ihiou/h the public f.reeti1 and belli ta tiail before the Ileoorder; th?t h? subsequently atter.de* at tbe court, with counsel and witnr.iM>p, tor several data. ?hi?h entailed on bim heavy expense*. and lo?* ol time fmm bilfiueis; after which aim Ur pioirfui was inttr.'d oo the p ?rt of Mr Oaat by mean* ft which the prosecution *n ended and Mr Child was prevenled froi i vindicating blmi>alt in rtlation to the action ai d ?howiug a* be gould ' have don*, that the prosecution wan mailt Ions DaojiKr* Were laid at flOi/OO John 8park*, one of the clerk- of tb*C<>utt of Sessions. deposed that plaintiff was held to bail on h bench warrant. In the Court of Sessions; there were two recognizance*, es h In th- mim of there ' wire two IndictmtBts found -gainst the pluintltf. the prosecutor in that instance vk> the precut defendant; i a riul/r prut*\ui vai entered on llth May, 1MV; I do : not know that the plaiatitl requested the mllr pr?<e>;ni I Sir .la* T lliady on the purr. ?-f the defendant. of. fered the consent tor a nullr pi t: -gui la evidence. M itnem oontlnutd?Thefe are the pipers that were j Hied at the time the n?./< jtruiryti was entered (Two consents of Mr Oaat aud the Dlstrl.tt Attor- j ley. produced | Witness ?Them* wore fil'd in the nfllce Mr Brady offered there pspern in evidence; but the j eouit excluded tbeai : Joshua B Lockwood also deposed *o the arrest ot I Mr. Child, and that he suffered ui"rh from Illness: ha ?ai proprietor ot tint Lady's th? arrest caused a brain fever to set Id; fee wu cut of bin miod for nearly , two week... and was not abl* t< pay the attention to , hie paper tbht be ought; should think in time and les* be Huntained damage* to tbe amount ol fHWJ or $1 DUO. Ob croa?-examinati< n by Mr ltrady the witness said 1 lie is uncle to Mr Child, and ?w employed in hi* of. I flee; witness served the *uhp > nae tor th<i last tritl; i served them on the you"jr women in (ho blndiug de. i i partmeul; lb* witness deponed to a conversation be- | tweea Child and Oant and paid thai, tbe latter ad- , i Bitted tbe article* to be true e ent that t was an apple Instead of an oraage tbul ?u sent to one of the ( joung ladic*. Mr Brady- Then you mean to s.iy tuiit Mr Oant admitted that he was a brut* and a gaunt grim moo (Laughter ) Hnri.li Slawght r deposed that sh* km w Child and Oant; war employed at tbe Tract House at the time tbe t ubpitiDa* wert received, Mr Orant said, in witness's prt-ence, that be would t 'liow I'fjild with law Cms* examined by Mr. Brady? Mien Burton was discbargi d; th* young ladle* were very unwilling to go to court. Mr Brady subsequently moved for a nonsuit, and ha>inii read article* in the /.mifu\ (hn.. which lie enii. tended w?re a'lSirieiit to wirraat Mr Cant iu bringing an action lor libel he *aid lh?t the t>lutrirst Attorney *?? tb? prosecuting ollicer it beioj n criminal oharR?, uj Mr. Child but a wiiues* in the *?e Tb? district i Attorney it was who entered thrnniir jnttn/ui The Judge -aid that though hp had soiue doubt* in . the matter himsvlf, yet he woul 1 suad th? esse to t'ue jury Mr Itrady then addressed the jury on behalf of the delenuant. and called Mr J It I'hiilips, the Assistant Distriet Attorney, to prove th.?. It was s State proeccution. and that a not pro* wan entered funib Wright depoeed that she had been a binder in the Tra<-t Society, c.f which lh? deli ndaot is the g-tper. inteudent. lor nearly five year*. >ud never bad any disagreement with hint, she ia now married, and lett the I I it nation ol her own accord, ?h? wan uot discharged; j she ia the person to v hum the ?ppl was <eat. though ?be did uot accept it On crors-exauiinaticn she raid she did not know whether i he vai the perton alluded to In the article in . the l.udy'< ()? , but *be wen the perron to whom thn ! apple w?* aent. Adjourned. 0<t 8?This cuus *? resumed this morning , The court frelented tatlier a nov< 1 sight. there being nearly sixty well drensed and many of tin in very ben l < o. and gt ?te?l !' iking buialrs in alteu J- < arce I h |ntlnBMktf of w ti' a, It *11 (DdeMtOOll were to be examined a* w'tn?sn xf or the d?frnw they being employees in th? bludltitt department of thn : Tract Society. Bom* of them were In wr'tla{ an I ebut- I ting vid r.-e for the ^laintllT Uanlel McLtud sworn Deposed that b" wa? prnsent I one day at a colvi -latlon between Ch Id an i Oant , the object wat for an eiplsuatif.i Of charges In th > | " I allies' Own;'' Cant t-aid it was ascertained that tV ? ar pie was (Hit from MeKlrath's office; that the girl ' whs a good girl, and wan nit discharged. he aisu Ue- | r.led that there had been f'irr<- n -d in putting out ' ' the other f Irl alludeu to; Mr Clilll ieeniei to be per- | I fectiy satisfied IKacht-1 O. 1'atten. (f<tni?. -up Tlnteiident.lexaml'ied by Mr llrndy?l>e|io?ed that she nas in (lie emplov ! mi ut ol the Trm;t jocietj ejt ce lh 7] remember* |M ' circumstance aliout th* apple, It w?i kent totha young I ; aily who *?s eiamin. <1 her" fWllftl}; nothing ?u I raid or done to her; "he remained in her .oltuatlon for -orne time. until she left and gut marrie I. Cros*?i?miofd by Mr liryitn I dirrharifed tha young lad.e when n?oes*ary; I have an doubt that ih? apple tent to the youag iadj I spruit of. la the clr- i rUKistsuce Blluiird to in (M iMIm In the ' l.adiex' Own," 1 never bear J of any other aj pie being sent, j hi ugh there might have been Mlthout niy know ; ledge | To Mr Brady ?I ilwiya knew the reasons why young ladlea were ulacbarged by Mr Cant. when 1 discharged tin in it was lor diRereut f?a?ons. (o&etlniea lur bad To Mr hoard k rumor of a young Irlf I j naned triwar. b?luj literchatr -<t fur m>ni< thln*< about an appla, but I n*??r know It othar wrr? eii-mimd. U ?ln m tb.it < of tha young ladle* were dlnrliaigrd for ball)* tan mi- | cut** at? lu tbr luuralDK 'jd> jouDKliljr on cra?s jiiira'nation l?y Mr Hrwdy. ?Ud tnat " 'Mrj u^tJ to | make ruore nti<u than ra- I ' tr-iAc; hut not mora 1 than v a* u?ual anion;; melt a number of ladiep " 1 | (l.aavh'ar ) i From the *a?t number of the lair ? t pr?"*at ?om? I ' were e t*uiln d t? priiTi thr kiuJ treatment of Mr I llant. and pom* to |.ro*? that ha dUmWaed young laj die* wlthiut <r*-*t riiM, Adjnu a?4 Orient* I" Altar the *%ioiuati.?n of Mm* law mora fraiale i,ne?*<-? Mr J a*. I. ltrad) ad<lr**?ed tba jury on behalf of the .li 'aniZant. and Mr llrjanauin mdup ir tha plaint I If Tha Juifa then < harued I ha .hiry upon tli? law HM MM -a<l Jlrerlcd % ' iraUd vn dirt Oi t 10 Tfc* Jvry Iroaght in * rain I r< rdlrt th!? morale)) for thu ofrntlant A (,'>11 ** demanded, and ttey wtra t. nai, iin<Mi? In th?'r r. poti?? Cnprfmr fnarl. (iKSMut. rr.i M. IVfrra Judge* Kdmorde Kd*. r l* ?n I Mitchell OtiOHtr 11 ? .Hm< ttian nf Jittfrnriii, ?/<.--Tba fi?|. . lowing gentlemen battel be <n daty examined and (junllflrd to practice aa attorn*}? ana eouanellora | In tha eeveral mart* of Ibli Hl?t* *rn thit : aioialng a.la.lt'ed by tha court Mathla* R?at> T B*1'wIb Bartaby Kdmund P IHrrow Karl Bartla tt Alittslw P Browar Wm II Browne. fle<wge * i i iirailrha* 1 John 8 I? ?'? kraa* A Mareh. William Mcp?r?? t Oolnmbu* B ICobi-rt II R?o*av*lt 1 fealey frhan'k Win Kllerr C?d?wlek. faaar Van Winkle. ffbr OllWa Jwnjih Brer*. Barat'w Arhbel lirrfB, flai rge Di iil>oa. (ieorg 3 Ilowliar linir ltilelll|rii<t. 'ot at or A't'ti ?- Aia???. lift k ? No II Called and |>?***4. Mo. It. Srotth r" tijg?rty llmer'ad No 1 Clayton and wife t? M *r 1*11 ?n i oth?ra, The t'ouit decided that thi? wan an npp< alable ra*e No 10 Tbi* r?i??a bating i.e. n pa?? * }*?urday the Court today refuw lo hrar It In It* i>ft?er: liat n" default l? tnkra No If. llT??-r by nr*t f?!*nd *? llja*r Ar- | *U" u. ?o v Clayton kti'I ?* W radl ?nl otbrrt. Argued. _____ Si w Hooka, At., m.tmi\ tim vtT w?m Pictorial WVrku of l.o.d B?rrn: *art? H 14 !.'> *od 20 with Not an. hr I.<.r4 .l?(Tr?T Ttinnw Mo?r> tnJ oth?r? 1'ul by Hrtua. N?tr Terfc ?k< l,na<t?* t,U? of .lanoy Llnd. I.y C II Uoaanhuri? fly Rtrlo??f I Tnatiiwnd T*? Int' M'ntl>l/ M*ir* io? for October, (bluer 1 T(i?a>?nl Ann it' and arompauyia* T)?v>um-?t? Print' ! by crdar of roi?Kr?f? Tkr Honttm n( Ci'iili to A II Arn?i ?r k 0* . '1 'lODto The I nlt?4 8*at?? l.a<1la?' Ma?l<*al t'omp??loo. Ilj 8 r?itH b A ''o Pbil*.|- phi* IIHny of *11 Nation*. I>; 8 U Uw4rlcbt S? 3D. Wilkin* k Co . float, h KMithm <jnirt<rlf Rtthf. forliptmUr Walkar k RlafcaMa < fc?rl??t?n. 8 0 Art * I rho if 8<'l>-nei'. !?? ntlo?? and Pat>?t? Kintrl?y k l.m(MtHi.llr*T(itt Mlmi;a?o| th? Aaanal Mnl.?* of tba M?ll"*l Ml* ?i< n*ry 8oH?tjr la I'blna by *?? I' P*rllar M I? Pa * ' li?Tt*? for Oat bar. H?rfor4 k Co., A?tor i Ha*?a H'port* of tha 8a?ra<ary of tba Tr?a?ary on 8<-iantlflr I n*> Mlg?tinn? In relation to r*ui;ar an J rtjrdrotnal?r?. by or??r i t ConfT?M A?<i|?l 0wilrf H' ui?, by tba author of tba'lMiblar'i Wlfa ?lilnf?T % T ??*??<!, K#w York alary of llloatrtnu* *m?rlran? Wa 10 by I T Putnan I> A pt l'lon A> ?o l'' 8 I'rwiai* k Co '/?> ?'!?!? Ol UW prtlfl -- . | Colonial M*r?ban> ? aliio Iii4l?h and IrUh pr ior* ?ip'irtvii In tk? "tllfil f l?tn l?t*m IUI mi4 I la.'l. ! <> ijntittltlrf of for*Wn and Colonial M*rrhandlM Ibi| it?d Into tba i nt??d King loot fma tb? I n'iJi Rl?l? far th* ?aa t parlod-hy b C Alwyn M ip of tb* r%tt*d tlatN ??iUo k?? br J M Atwood No. It ftrtkmaa Hf ~t 1 l? l> ?<H?b Nl?btln? .! Ballad, Sohutortb % Co., 1 N?o Tnifc. Port, .it at Jtnnj lb 1 k? 4 A?l<non. Rrad; b Oc J a?t la Tlma" l<*ant\f?l ll?hrBra).h froaapal t ' t>r M ant Gonpil v Cn, llr<>ad?a> voftralt ol Millard Flliinoro. Oonpll kCo., f?* | Tfrb. i)a< imii* Nlirallaaf. * A valuable ??lt> of aopprr ff hw 4|?cf??r?d l?r.ui ( ni* mll<*fro? Pelltd?ipbla. on tb* bnyl bill rlrtr. Tb? Odd r?U' m, of lonth Amboy ??ra y??toriaf ' >""iiN with ? ban l?o*? tia< hf tb* .?4Um u( ibat .? T iUa<* . i VatttrPtfiPlMlf# i raUtxff tke Im mf ?nr York to tlM D%nitr ?n AnkMfhtprM. TRANSLATION Fo* A P??MCTTML IfjTMOKIAL OF THB EvWT.? The care of the universal Hock of th- Lord h-ivia# been divinely committed to us, notwithstanding I our unworthiness, il becomes our office that We : should erect throughout the Catholic World new Metropolitan Sees, whenever the advantage Had increase of the Catholic BeHgron demands (ho same Accordingly, since, on account of the number of Catholics and Bishop* increasing by tbo favor of God in the L nitrd States of North America, J our Venerable Brothers the Archbishop of Balti* more and the Bishops of the Seventh Provincial Conned held lust year, have eought that forthe "food of r? li?ioii We would rai?e the ivf-iseopal See of New York loan Archiepiscopal, which should have U> StifJr<j?Hnti the Bishops of Boston, Hartford, Alf-sny. pud Buttiilo, We, with the advice of our V'enerahlr Kiofliers of lli* Jlnlv Roman Ckurrh. Cardinal? of the Propagation of the Kaith, wbo are especially appointed to this otIic?*, willingly aart-r to the prayers of the aforesaid Buhops Therefore, mn/v propria, with our certain knowledge and mature deliberation, an i out of the fulness of Apostolic Authority, We erect the aforesaid bpiseopal dee of New \ ork into Archieptfc copal, and endow it with all and each the f lculties. rifihts. prerogatives, which belong to Archiepisco* pal See*. And We will that to the same Archie pifcejwl See of New York, thtia erected, the Bishop* of Boston, Hartford. Albany, and Buffalo *hall in future be Sutt'rearan?; the other Metropolitan connection of each being first dibf-olved; from which bond by our Apostolic Authority we do wholly absolve the said Bishops, aad declare them free. Moreover to tl>e actl J Prelate of New York tii>d to his future successos, we grant and attribute all and each the right*, faculties. privileges, which belontf to a Metropolitan Prelate, decreeing these letters to be and to continue certain, valid, and effectual, and that their full and entire effects shall issue aud obt&in, and be most fully Mifctained in thoae which it regards or-htll regbrd at the present and in future tunes, an I that they ought thus to be judged and defined i>/ whats< ever judges, ordinary aud extraordinary, even by the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, every faculty of judging and iut-rpreting otherwise being taken aw?y fruni them and each of them, and that whatsoever shall have happened 'o be attempted by whomsoever, by whatsoever authotity, knowingly or ignorantly. contrary to these, stall be null and void, notwithstanding t.jr rulij and that of oar Apostolic Chancellor tie J?rr /utrntn rum tulltndn, and. so far as ueceunary. those of our Predecessor Benedict XIV. of hippy memory on the said matters, and other Apostolic Constitution*, and those gent-ral or special ordinal cespoblithed by UniverKil Provincial or Synodal Councils, and likewise those of the law of the foundation of the said Church of New YotU confirmed by with, Apostolic continuation, or any other bind, statutes, and other ciiutonu whit.?oever to the contrary. C5iv?n at Home at St Pe'.er's under the Itiiig of the Fisherman thin XlXth of July in the year M DCCCL, and of our I*ontiticHt?? the fifth For Cardinal Lambruschini A. I'k:< iiiom, Substitute. Thr following is a cony of the letter of the Cur* ilinal Prefect of the Propaganda conveying lUe above Brief :? TRANSLATION. Moat Illustrious and Moat Kev. Lord: ? According to the prayer of the Seventh Council of Baltimore, approvta by the Sacred Conrreg*lion, the Chinch of New Yoik hit b^en i.tised u> the Archiepiacopal rank l>y Our Moat Holy M>rd, and the Biahops of Boston, Hartford. Alt>an\ nu! Buffalo have la-en designated u.h .suilraguns < f th?* same. Apottohclettera iu form of u Brief WuMen on ihia subject will be fouud accompanying tins note by your Grace, to w hom i preseut .uyiic ariy congratulation* (.n the headot thiaincre tsed honor, and pray lasting health from Almi^ht) (rod. Ot your Gracc Ad OH par tnus J. l'h. Card KiAM8a.Ni, IV- f Prop. Home, I'roptganda College, A'tenet "Itti, , To the Most illustrious and mom Rev. I'.'ther, lohn Hughes, Archbn-hop o( New York. At. B/kaauo, S c. Prop. NEW VOFK A.N ab< HDtC" V>S. The friends of religion in Aimtici, and e?i*cinlly the Catholic! ol New York, will real with great gratiticalioo the Brief that it i? our p'eaeure to publish iu this number ot our ptper, creating ttm Pee an Archdioccsc, and elevaii'iK our Chief Pastor to the rank ot Archbishop. I'm Brief, with th< accompanying letter <>i Ctrdietl PrMisoni, rer.clied N? w Totli but a very few hours after our laat japer w.i? issued. It ? the custom of the church that, f.-oni tin1 moment that the Brief creating the Arclibiahop ia receivd, all function i of KpifO?|?sl Order, a.* ji*.tib(!iiiah d from jurisdiction, >|iall be tuepe..d>id uutil the receptio i .?f the Pallium, which ihe newly treated Aiclr'-hop must a?U froin the Pope, in per*on nr by deputy, within three montha tinie Archbishop (invite* liar announced it as possible, if r.ot ;>rob ble, that, on this account, and ii?r the furtherance (.f varum projects which he hat at he.irt for the good of re ligioit in thu new Archdioces*, lie may vian i.u ,? during the coming winter The regret th.it will lie felt at his abteiice, chould lie d?t?*rn ,e on 'lie voyage, will he counterbalanced by the prospect of the advantages to I! >w from if, and slso by the new \ijror ihit may foil< w a t? mporsry respite from toils and responsibility m ho very h<-a\y. City InU-lllpeme. JI> nuaaiA* Aianuutr.?tin (inula/ r-ain^. bout ?I<|bl o clock. a merlin* <1 illn. wiiun till children. > ntirely fli rman. > ' hi IJ at Ka?!a ilal!. o?r. ner of lielan rj and 0 brlety ?trei-t*, altha ?lrw of com. roe maratlng the declaration of (lurjarlan lntf>pea. drBee Ob thl? orrMlon Mt fornrh di'lir*rM) a r?-y l?M|o*Dt nMriM. of which Ibr fdtoaloj l?:ha*jft utacea. II* -*ld that in ri-viealmc th? hwt.ry of Kutop- for the Ja*t rantury ? flui man/ ihl'i? vhirh rxrlteenr admi-attea and manyi im^ *hi h rant I b? ?f arrrf'W ai d Melancholy o? *r 01 r i q thu? a-m and exultation In pi rueing tb* hnUry ml Kurope vl?ir? no many m???r ?pirir? bin aria o and *Wro ?r-ation tn ?o icanr loft* and nub iime e?no*pii?M nod Uraa a. ara a.mu-t to rea l mix the beliat that l.uropa k!>1 ?!' at,y tul&llnJ li r i> tiny and la al/nut t??ick Into oWmltT and ?bii*i<<o Hut ?n are Iropreaaed wtlh n'.litr ariittan uU nud rlieil.-li thi- nangutti* hi'pant n aujwitallun and rd*?o p. tlm front tha earrtla b nWitc In wiiii'h th? iaonarrli< hiitc tnr eetturl-? hfund hump* whuri w? >'>nti<n pl?ta the < uthful aDerjty ?ig -r and rpltlt which I'll animate erary ? !*? ol har opjreeaad people and when we cneider thi- eonp-laiit IrreeMtblc i od onward UuJent) to tlie iittiluin nt ol a .n il einanii pation fr in the tyranny of aonolnted he?J ofwhica ibey ??ery where |f re e?ld?noe llithen n<l?- rted t? toe* of thi- nil king or?urttn(i? It tb*?f?r unnrahle day? of October 17V I ;<nd endeaaore d to ?tal>llah With toMidartble distortion of hirtotiral f*t.ia, tbat r> ligion ha? atweyi been tin- only bar r to the iotrodacttna of liberty M? *nd thai when m pwopia of 1'art* ereatifl tba at^tue "t St'iirmnlh B.?li|t? and leelared berlawean alone h'r Nott l and 'n Mate it vat tin u thai thi' m.-<"r?M? arrneture rai-r-t by mm underthi ?a- * of rrll(tng wa< ?tru'-k Kit* earth ai d tb* do'picahle partlttoa* had ??r.rat*d all claaei-e of aociity aad wht.-b r. Ii?i?d had ?r-r? whi tt i-alaMtuhi-d wura al onra tfaatt yad li? .?iii?n ?b-n nktura , foi lamn 1 ?npr?M? and th? ??? I'brt-tlan ral-Ddar im 'nTKlurfil tbat tha irli'da pan pla had on" r?h?l'?n and wrraall unitad hy n? r ?mnr bond Kt\ J l> Koliaaptarr* t, , |..f |n |hc?a rlormy data, bad fi out Iba policy ha had > >< BifDcad. I ja<??d of l?*ain? a n?? 4r('N. that t ??r? *M10t4,idlha ail waa tian rial aflar h hadpra- , tlooaly ab^ll'h* 1 Ohrt't'antty th? r?paMM a? It ??i lira * '*MI li? <1 1 l.ai* n?v*r ?no? ? u?-inaction II* th< n tlluM to lb* ! (- r??oluti n< In <?*?. m*ai?. ?n4 |iTl?rtf ?lly ?l lli>| mm < <*< 4 In V'l, ,nm II* dVwrllwxJ lt> romnracrin~nl la trtat tttf. 11< wnIfdi. ?nl II* d?j lor?M* t.ri?in*>"0 al.it* li* ?pfrlr* in "ri"" ?"?? ' ? tb* ht?rh*rl!!*? ?n l rru?ltl*? p?rp*lri?t?4 hf !b* af:r thaf U4 isMatd to* .nh*bit?nt > llf (In n on to rrlil' th* r?onl *?*nt la llnni?rf II* *atoll*<l th* Of?ifrj I*M??m i?4 lirnl*a Of tilt lltrftrhm in th?lr tor Iti'l.t. aU-oo* tul * < ru??4 t h*tr dtftit to tr> * h-rf and Kn??l*t? um< ll* th?o * ! m*r*t*d a*?*r?l Ini'inw of 11>* amt phorklnir la huaioiilty ael k-it'lin; a* th. j ?-r? atctxi upon Ik* itiKiiiUtfil II* 414 ant i mlt th* ntr<>rHI** of III t>ytrh?r Hayaau a?r M? r-r fit!?n fr'xn th* l.oad n II* ?H*i tiikclmlnl ht lagrr*iln( apoo hi* audit IN that. II a r*aolnil> n <b"ul4 It taa*a b* known and !'?lr?<l kf ts* *aai*r*i m of tka p?opt*. It k?<>fcl? ah*n tb* p ?.|.|* h*T* bmn m?4 < ?i'|uaint*d nltb tb* Mt>r< of (Ik ?h>*rt tk~j :>tn to obtain at 4 ar* tb*r*Hf Mil?*r??lly *<tnnt*4 '?? ? J.-?lf* for Ib* *ttala**at of that ohJ?*t - It mlf th*n * ?an Hp*"* t' ? * ?noth?r . I'ora-i **'*?4 \% honor of tb* ao?*f?ltntj of nuar* It la ni>lj Hvn * r>a **p<a?t to bav* "o* o?a???ii r*ll*tin - aaoaa b* aekaowl*4?*4 ?upt*n* Aici"#?t About aln* n'*V>rk /a That f l?J morning a lamnt m?a by th* aama ol II >j llaabart. a ?blp nryaitar l*li from tb* ataflnf th* n*? ?blp bulldirc at th* lo<at of Third ?tr**t and Injnrod th* pin* of fcli b*?k *0 that b? 41*4 at 7 o rlotk la?t ?** nlr* II* latt a ?lf* to whoa h* h? i h?*n a??tri*d bat a frar air nth* An ia<|?*at aan* h*' 4 upna tb* bod? at Ml Third >tr??t and a T*rdlrt r*t dra*l la n'cor Uarwith th* Ikati Raxria men |i|f?aiaii (|i?ou A< 1 At 4v, o'rlork on Thuraday afUrnoair. \\ m |D*f, * amai! l> jr. r*ll l?.t? Ik. IW a *1 Ih* fnor I niimr nil ',?? < r??f a?4 (? 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