4 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6990. . rnmrAi. mnri.iHiTIUN.-lN I'L tiM 14 A KE?OLlT 1 tlon of tk# Ctnmoa Crnn cil f ti e ? '? of Kew Tr>rk, I 4* fc?r?hy <> ?* ? reward of !(*? d A i r? f r <h? deio. tl">n of w; Tvtiug or atten. j<ti>j| i. ven I'ki.-illy, or of any 8 re a wt o alljrootire. ai< aj?i?t, 'o-in-rl or ail ?lea cr t? *It? or offer hi* vote illegally, nr ?n Into >n / ward or Jffti. n dirt-iat tor t*at pa poho at the rn.-nlaf rlje'ioa, to l>e hcid la thi? city, on t'*e ti' h '?v ?f Nwaembar taal., ta ha paid a pea the conviction of tho otendrr nu.l the eertifeuata ofthc Recorder < r D iinet Aiunty tfi* tu 'h eoavioiioo w&a had npna the e*timonv <f th* p>r*on > p?nTi rliliala* anch reward. But all claiwu f ir ?ich r i*?r I, no ptn<aica to th? ur.d?r?i^nrd in wrUlir; with " i rt*y? uf-or the ooavictioa of auch offender. (hall ot dii v-ardel ' Uiroa naderimv 1 .and, at theXayor'r ti oIT..V let, 1NW. 0\r,?B *. fOIDHPM. Vavor. 0 ?>U* rXLLOMT CITIZKN S t)> TBI CITY Ot Sit* lOUK ia Ara-ciaiiin hat beea cruar.i eH without reference *0 J>arty, ainonrav thvea who gaaa t jeir hearty ajaent and (tipKrtto tt* r<wo!ii;ion? adopted ar the ! i'* t- telicj? at Caatle >rd?a. and particularly to thv. on* rhicn < oUrca " That, ia the opin'on of thia raeetintr, * further agitation ?f the slavery >iawt.on ia C<in;r?M wuiH he franis'ut with iaoali-tilnhla danger to eur L'ni m, and that wo will auppart so candidate. at the enminf. or anv othor alcct ion For 3-ate oerii, or for members for . o: jrf?.<, or of tiid Legislature, tefco is krown or ke'iered to b? nostlle >< the p?ac* taoanurei receut'y ft'Jopivl hv Congre*?. "t hij of them. or in favor of rr-?periur tie questions Involved in thea. f^r renewed. U41MMM." Acting in what they eoaeeive to bo the e.irit nf that resolution, the Asrocla'ion I,avero?:iv<i tu #ntjp'<rt tho following Uaion Ticket for State OiAeera, at ta? emuing election :? for G'i?eru r. HORATIO SBVMOC*. Id Lieutenant Ooveruar, GEOxGK J.CUXMIM.. For Canal CemmUtioi.or, JOHN C MATHKH Tor Clerk of the Court of Appeala, WICMCt. a. smith. And ? pursue all honorable intans for iie nucoeftfu! anp??rt in 'he city of New York; anil t' ey ask thn oouutcnanee ud ro fperati^B of all those whf omtrsa n similar sentiments with their own. 1'he UeVet recommended for euppert te adapted from tho?e of both the political parties of the 9tate, nnder the h ntit convfetion and h?-li-f lint the candidate*'bey lelected, better than the otlere repreeent tke jrrinrt| lea declared by the great meeting a". Oant'.e tj-irion. There is cce vacancy en the tieket which the Association do aot 11'pofe te nil, inaemoeh as they cannot yield their ?upfer> t? t hi candidate for that ofB e of nitner party. W ith rrgtrd to 1 he candidates for other ottiees, the Association ran only rtcr.ium-nd their fellow .citueus to support tkOMi whnee piinvipleN and precti-eif flooded. will, in the language ef the concluding resolution of the meeting at Cnstl# (Garden:?" He beet calculated t? enpiurt tao conn-itution, ad to petpetnate oar glorious Tnion " All tonimunitatiene intended for the Au-iciation. nut be add.ested to them at their 0?mialtt?9 Rot in. No WK) Broadtray, ?liieh will be open during the day a id evening, until after the election, and where the Aseociition will be yorr liappy to see their friends, who are willing to unite with them in thia nooemeat. rRAVCIS QRIfTBy, Chairman. Akraham R. Van Nnr. <?rre':lrv. Sttc.Mi COMMIIUONAUltTHICT-tMirUI democratic nomination for the ">untiea tf iiui and Richnvnd, PHILIP S CftOOKE. of Kit.g?._ A t A MEETING 0?THBal*?AN DK iDORATIC H* .n piMitan eitleene of the Fir-t ward, held a' No. 01 Greenwioli it., on Friday e?enit!? tb? let Not , rueelutioin to appoit and defend the conetitution Mid law* of thiegloricoi I'tinn: toorpo?? all abolition a?itatloa?, ani to vote for the whole democratia tiaket, State ead Chaiter, in tno ip. proaehing ?lc tion. were ?nanim<>o*ly and fnthoritt^Hnuij adopted. For C<nKi??e, Emanuel II Hart; For Aeacm'lf, Albeit A. Thompson; For Araieteat Al'lermm, Abr'm I'.Or re flt^T WA?0 KKUllillt WhIU NOiflN V'lONS^For komber of A?e?mkly, OFOKOB W. EI.Mfctt. For Areietant Alrirrmnn, i'l'RTId J L*D 1U *i. For Auninri, IRA BROW, JOH V I. UEJSSNGETt. I or CoastaMee, HENRY C'A KI'SNTCK, MlUUASii HcCORUfK. Tor Cotemi.iiionern of FuMIc 8efcnol?. JO0N II. fFIIlTE, JOSEPH JA VI For In?pe?tor of Pnblio School,, J. FUlLITT? rUfESTIX. For Truetee of Fublie SWiooIe. JAMB* '.R1FF1X. or merccTONi or ei.kcti' ?. Tlrrt I> ?<rlet?leaae II. CrafT'., Psel-l *l iphy. Seeoad Diet riet?IVter It. Tan llontea, Klehael Gleeeoa. "Third District?John Tti"mp??ti, Jr . Kn ieri A. Graham. Fif u ward anti-sewamd inr> s pe*d?nt whig mniinatione?Oppoeed to railroada ?limn the Tiolnily of the city ; oppoeed to the repeal of the Scl oal Law; oppnued -to oar City Father, Jr., lending liitneelf .ts? .'>?] te the of".je tioldere ofthu vatd. Areute.' mdependfnt aetert four righte at the ballot ho*. iinr in<?tto?*'Ct<y Keforui." Rational trim; nominations. F >r AeermMr \l I l.L I A M H . WEEKS. For Aeeintant Aldi'imin, JAMKSL MA tea. For AiM?e< m, Jamti D Weleh, Rowland Dill. For C?n?tai)'Ce. Jnseoh Jenklni. t hrrl"i TB1HD OV?UUMlOM?b I'l >TKIOT?KttiiUL/tK W hi* C??re?tioii.- At an ad|o\i'n*d meeting of tb? Third Co*|tr*i?io<>i>| lUtrint t- .neentiin. h?1J nr. th* iKuhfmgter. No. 1 Brundwa;. Moo'Uj e\ert-nr, Oetobar tf>;h. th? em III i tic* ?[puin '..Ml to wtlt up a thi Hon. J. Phillip* Ph *cmx. teufloriii* the nomination for tli 32i Oun*retf, from thi? di*triet, rfp-r'ed that Nr. Phicsix. forriaeor* dated, decline* h* nnitiiuati !?, On motion, the rr*i*nati'>n of Hon. J. Phillip* Phirnl* w?* WWflli lt?>?no"?< that i"HN P. ROIiM.tW h* ao'-.lmnailj Han Inated a* a anoidate af tha whig* of th* Third Cor.jjrjjaioiai 1'iitrict ct the .I'M Con iff R??< I* cd, That wennantiuoni)* nominate John f. Rodmni, Be*,.. *< th? whi* otndidat* to be *l*?*d r.r. the etiaiaj amotion, to r?i>re?ut lb* Third Cnaxre*al<>n*l Dl?trUt. Rem lvid, That in predentin,; Mr. Kodtntn at oar oandl4*t? tc onr fallow ctilrea*, for their (arport at the eninin* *l*?tio* w* do > > with tha ami perfe-it en el. 'mj that ha will <o ill in Xi.i rower t* rnetain tha maprunut reocn'ly pa**er V.j f< nueet, and eadenruf by hi* in'turn )< t? prossto the pear* end pr"-|-?rtty of the emmry. On taoM.in, it waa ' olrad. that a Co otnlUe* > f tV*? Ve appointed t? prepare an aitJrcM to the whig* "I vhi? diatriot. fil te put!i?'i*4 over lb* ttan *f th* vU:ti> ?>f tlill nnitiot. ifl > ed, Tbrt tli* preeer?!njn hntlliliti KuO?.ir JUNKS. Chairman. Jltut (itirt *. V eretarr ?I>, liTtl WAliD WHIGS*?TO Vit. reitkUO ANl> I ?th?re ? Ueailemen: Through j -r* nil e ne d.rvinn I hat* to r?nt!*?t y -n to withdraw m> n 1 -ne v a ?kiidll*te for A?*l*t?nt A<dern<*?, pot In aarwii* became 1 an. a?j tatter r*e< n >1 d t? the prot'Mdinn* of vln|?? and rhelrantiwhi* trir eiflti :l ?n *" the tret I <1 > not wi?!i to antu" in ptliti'- .1 ?n ! ?. Ilt't fr?ee*dtnr* are enrrn V" I antiTapub.irta that t> *y will eoon wink their i?< oeeffirnw. I rearet aceidis* to yont withr* 'La otV.tr ere.'Int. u it jnifh? bare fated "n?e |o** of laVor and viprtw. llowever, 1 >m willir* te pat U a ?*t>ra*e cf p<tMiihinjc the n itiea in the Till ore. I Va?* Bad* n|i my tnlnd not f> ?ot* the cfear'tr nckat a. ail. aie?[.t fcr Mr. Jaw W B'-'man. I xanain ''-nr*. ' icfnlle, JaM&5 fUVLll. KewT r*. ??at Slat. IttM. Tlie a or* wa* re tired mi Thnrela* erer.in*. 0#tob*r SI, h* duy it ?a? ?n le. Itwa<e?n.u> ilea *d to th* 1'iiairman'hdaeai da> m *arlj a* he r*?l? t* r>nn<1. It i-ai r-eeireil ton let* to permit a r it casiti'l t>* to h' acl* ' c I, emu if I* ? * ileitrabl*. Hot it I* no- Mr P'>wl u-'? l*tt*r >p*abj <i r tt< e,l, apdjnui le? our iioiira<' In ail her I n* to h nomination Mi. fowier I* ? ;?' r*t* hi,. nn old ?rJ ,i mi'' *S? oltire*. ???r de>? r?l?^ the Tel*" "f all uni,"! aen, eepaeialljr of et rr (t?od y . <, and will ? Ja ? the ?n.'U'ii al-lei-jtMi that f'i* ward n*e<li. i.'umper** wltlt <l.e othar oan'lldat*. -who a tb< ri ticia *;nc? wai In the liee r rtnk*. and under th* ?hv > Id iii to tarr* nn *hat )"< >f in um la iurprl> nar; it**'in**, aralaat whieh we proieet?an1 w? will *n|?pert < er iir*e*. h< aded Jarj?* F?wl*r, i t HUtiat alderman. who i*ia?'.lt<!y ra-re de "it p. ot bij eisellon. Hi* letter 19 ten* aad "h old iafleear* ??rj h neet man te em? 4e ?* !"? ti*k*t. We *rp*al to *mh t > )*'!*? t-nm Mr. alna t? rata a-aa <-f tha oIIjm- n-aiaa.l?a tat tha H .n. Uir,. f llatkaiaa. If *"? *'U < k<M>M Mr r.iw|rf f,*y nr ?aaiit Jtit nM-.-mir, hf "ill ru Tajr?>.< ?-tl In jr?r ettr ?j|. ?t Il.l.lA* M. PK'ttUO. i,li*ira)aa. L D DkVir, 6*rrt t \rj. E~" Forth wARn-.fWiON "win mmiiTfioSTr?t AKilb';, Wrlll* *la?k?taa<> r r A??i?tft<?? Al?t?rw.?n Jan.ai Fitr'ar. F-r A' ' ?, U. 4.4???lta?4 <J. B.Vt<irrMH rrC??'i?H<? K?i, (?. Jm-iuJ J pph 0. Dtvlix*. For Vktil Commw i". J?'?< (Mkatti F"? Vut?!??. ;u J.Mitt. F*r I ?p? e ??. U V. IHwiy. WM. ii KCftkUO, (.halrmta. L. P. Trwrr, 8??ratary. ?|VMH W\(Ut lii.Ji/I.AK DJ6HO J K \ J AC iTtilj :iOJL irffWlo??:? _ _ fW Htm If at C?H"*' <* " HMtRT I1A1T3. Tar A>?' t.illy SnXJUf.D L. tm.0 4il?R. / nr Attiaiaar tUinnu n*VU) Utt.fcU rot A"i*?-ri J"h? l'*rr and Jan?a oum'h. Tar v?."iVri J?l>a F Cartwaa-t Hear* II-ITiaaa. ? ar t ">? !? loarr el l'anii?n? BrhooU.. Flw?ri\ Fr?**r, Tar I' >|i *?'? ? v. stmt. ferTiuf'M ,. .. K Buicbrt r ariar c-f Want ( <' ? J AS. It. I'laiCSfT. t bairaaa. !"?? Ccmta. ) Vcrctari. a. E'?? Fi- <?H. j TRII irFMI. . * K.U -**'.1 1 VI t)?M > * \ ri( \i?mlaatioaa a?- i>rdtn* la th? tha party. For *'nt?r af AaomMr, CU.DIXT C. ntjH Frf Aa?|"tant Ala-rwta, t0M1RD L. DO^NEI t.r. Awaaari, Ilai L. Milia Th n** B?)la. CaMtaM*a, J. lit 9a?ar4yka. fUorr* V. M)?n. Fchprl Oo?mia?i>atr, Jtmii Harry. I??pa?-t<?r i?f K<''a,? I*. Jao-?N V. Vra?'iA<l. Trnataa, John Mntrtirt/. T?rpa?tor? <t Bl'cilt-*, 1 Dlalrl't? J?h? #<-?SaM. WiUiam TUti. f-t l>iatflit?Th??na? C'oopar. fl.m-y Mma. ii in.i.ia. j. > . ii. ii *1. t? l, r Marrar. 4th Dia-nrV?5. I> I. ScMriMla. TV" * ? tlrk-'taa.AjW'A t < ?o ihy < Ian* ??J?rt;y ?< tfn d*Mo?rat< ?t 1ha ? > 4. ir ?n?ir^ (It* 1.1p-ri at ??rr? rapnklifAn ?> hairj tompiMd ( Id, attMnl and aprlaht ??r*?iit? of iha p*rty ?i.ivri?Tii ward-prs* ?mi imtii m-iuNin I* l>rk:n?<*. fir I'. I. Baimtnr ? ;l 4'ilnr DamtcrAtid >apihil< aa T> "?'aailnaa?Aatamklj?Uwla I? ?* *"? -iilniiin W'l!?ill*ih I JnhnK'?. R illton Atalaa OaatafcNa- H-arjr Dfeliar. Oiltiart Waaka for Catr nlnUir of Cairai ->: ? Jtaiat 0. Wntftt. For In portor of Comma *oh> Ma-I..I ale llonto.i. 1 ar Traatoa t,f {'.xtan S-hoala -Jilin For la"n?ct?i?n? kl?cti. ? III dittriat, 1 hn *? ? . -aart. W. 11 T?rht T4 do . Rokart Mt1ar\ WltMaw p. Ilr*r.n\n: Jii do , Willlam l> Hlrka, Andrr* Jaakmaa: ? h do., Jnha *ad?ra"r( . f., Aar * B R lima, 9th? >., Tn <mu H. H.fW J-'hn IVk|?rd; Mh JiniM R Rf an. Oo> ?* Whit*; 7lli il' , Jxhn ) H?a, ?i;in? I) Mh 4i II W. Atvli ? ?, Jol.l < "Kara. At a mratin* or Hi a O.-ov nilo R?p i.ilic*-i tldc?ra hald At tha I'n'Uit tfo. ttl nIM a r Ml. >? H' .di uda J . U?t"k?r l*Si?. tha %hoa- a i gluiim ||a> I loir n-It ftar-Adad to. Bf irlrrcf IS- -?a?tlo#. IrcrilKN MftKKJ, ChA'naaii. jmin r?rr:T wmtnr. - ? . rnT^-iT tVii MrrriiOr- AI l\ i " II1* damo'.rAta of R m.il r mtr f)?u i| fri >f nr>ll|,l'l lna?? ?t tha Jrfl .t*|,'T>iar k ifiar*!'*. < kUl'ttii ?>tUeM nil. t?-l a aa <?tl -4 to tliaahai'r J oka t .frhAmf "E. K?'| ?*a at>*?>iai?<l 1 ;*a l'r?a:-laat, An C. F hr??V.a!a a? fttftry. Ai'-ot iha ai-rr naiii-rana ma??rfikil'a-a ?di?to*a?d >r i>??-al rirlly in t i n?ff I I>?rtl> l? tlia Oarmaa 1ao#n??i,l* m rnarl ffC/tP'* TMI th* r of OVf. allra S B*?*Ari)Aa, I?|.mCaattaw. N*Im Ita aalln 4?aa fAlif l"'?t? tte>?', ?f all ka l?lly tp;<|>oti?d bjr titry kt.i' 4 vm ff 'rrl. Tfikj'f in? Iwa.r# Ar rMl T?nt|a noa on Hi 0 Itll >>*** fommlitca. wv?* Mf il?wla i %?.i-a w?r? < A: Jm n t mfopaoT. Jam a t. Jokaaoit, Ta> ' foraail JLltah ?o?ol?a. Pi >r?f W.ChlMWfl. TfinAa N'Oia. J. A a?ii-r*, I riA' Tr?f'ai?. John W. Jjh?? /aa?l Kj|liin, C'a lM>r R. * #?'?** . l.??.|a?1, fi arc l?i' Omai ^-ntlfT-A forth# a*? " " ???W? w*i'* : 0 II 1 rlaHatl ka. Tlflp Ha?Ci?f, -io|t flmokof. rr* l?r< luxn*' r cj. uurio?i.u.w?, c. ti?*MM( #??>. E NE 3 Ti:iltTY-SIX UOtRS LITER FROII EVROPE. A K ft Z V A & r rm AMERICAN STEAMSHIP WASHINGTON. Import of One Million of California Gold Dust into England, fee., fcc , tea. The United Stages mail s'eamT Washington Pantcin (1 W W1av<4 ? tWia nA?? I ? ? r~*? " " 1 "! *?v? ?? rM> /**"-! ?7 afternoon, with the usual French, Germm, nnd Brtish mail*, 165 passen rs, (of whom 35 are first class) and a fair cargo, consisting of about 2J>0 packages of French merchandise, from Havre, 150 tons measurement goods from Bremen, and sundry goods from Southampton. The "Washington did not leave Bremen till one day after her appointed time, in consequence of a tremendous gale of wind, which came on to blow, and continued with such violence as to prevent the eteacicr from taking her departure. She only reached Southampton on the evening of the 18th; but notwithstanding the shortness of her stay, was enabled to take on board 400 tons of coals, and all her stores, freight, Sea., in time to put to sea on the 20th, on which day she left Southampton dock, precisely at noon. The West India mail steamer Thames, Captain Abbott, arrived at Southampton the evening before this steamer left that port. She had on board specie to the value of nearly one million three hundred thousand dollars, of which almost one million of dollars was in gold dust from California. The steamship Helena Sloman, Capi. Paulsen, was expected to touch at Southampton, on the 28th ult., on her way from Hamburg to New York. The Ripon sailed from Southampton on the 20th tilt., with the outward India and China mails, and specie belonging to the East India Company to the value of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling, for Calcutta. We learn, byowruWices from Havre, that the arrival of the new steamship Franklin, Capt. Wotton, at that port, h..d created quite a sensation, and the brave Havaraisc were quite struck with astonishment and admiration at the beautiful specimen cf naval architecture presented to their eyes, when looking upon this beautiful steamer. The Franklin, v?e iearn, encountered heavy easterly wecther throughout the whole voyage, but she arrived at Havre (including the tim- occupied by Ihe detention at Cowes, to disembark the English mails,) in thirteen days from d?ck to dock. As the steaming distance, via Cowes, is three thousand, two hundred and seventy-five miles, this, her first, performance was held to he a most satisfactory one, under the circumstances of unfavorable weather ; and, as is necessarily the case on the first trial of a steamer, the engines had not fairly worked to their bearings, there is no doubt but that the Franklin will eventually run from New York to Cowes in between ten and eleven days. The Washington bri-iga us intelligence of one day's later date than received by the Canada from Liverpool; and we have London paper* two days later, awing to the Loudun morning newspapers, of the 19th ult , not haviai) h??n ?i Lirorpaol when the Canada left that port. The English securities had been tolerably well ruppotted ou the London Stock Exchange. Contois closed at 97$ to 97J for money and account; new three and a quarter per cents, 93J to 99J; ladia bond*. to SI pin ; exchange bills touched 71 pm ; bank stock, 210J to 211. The foreign stock Riaikct quiet, but Mexicnn and Peruvian bonds wtre well supported. Railway shares generally vn< hanged. Our letters from Havre, received by this packet, .allude to the competition lor freight that h>;? just sprurg up there, between the American and Canard steamers. The agents of the latter vessels, to compete with tfce Franklm, have at oncc lowered the rate of freight from Havre to New York, vid Liverpool, to |2i) per ton?the former rate waj $ 19. i The sgert ?f the Ftnnklin complains that this is a breach of faith, iu%eniu7h as the Cunard Compxny now ch?rg?* WW frrmi Liver) ool t* New York. It costs flO a ton to convey frei/ht from Havre io Liverpool, thus leaving the Cunard stea:rit rs only fiOaton on French merchandise traushi;>ped t<? their veifeia. Whilst doing this, the adveittsed rules, in the Loftdon Timu, are an 1 a notihciitinn i? made that th?* freight* will not he reduced I nil I he firat 11 April next. Whatever may be the ] merits of (hij dispute, it is clear ttiat the public are I the Ri-.iuers 1 he aecfun'.i from Paris extend to the 19th ult. ! The Frenc h pe|>er9, both republican an I legitimist, , c mplain in severe terms of what they call ih; | ccwaidice ol the Corun.- -i'<n of Pert inence, in I not taking notice of the publication in Ifee nlliriti ! Alrmitrur, hy order r.f the (Joveriimf nt, of the article in the l >intlitutn+tl whi' h reflected so nrverei ly on ihe committee for the resolution which they 1 hrd e? m* to tin 'he subject of th* revie ar ?t datory. i Negotiations were on wot to p>tcli up a reconcilta; lit it brtween the diHt-rent pid^ii of the revtioai?t i pHrty, on th* haiiaof the iitolMgatinn ol the Pres'I dent's towers. Th* Legitimist* were, however. I r. ...l? ... .....L ....... \A TLi . ii. liny rKwniri nnj nun |?9 ** in i- iUt iiiicib l *m : ?.d to be favorable to it. The a re a test at>*i' ty confr.r? <1 to be mnitri'Al, nn.i the faithI rorr ii'jf nrfiina of the Lrj>Mlati/e A >*em!dy wa* j lo< ked forward to with much apprehension, in con; sequence of a four that th?re would be ?u ant ^coniatic feeling txtweenth m>ij?rttr of that ho. 17 , and the executive. Op the liJth, tne conptti'ief 1 t fiheCotrectioml Police Court wpa declared for ftying those journal* accused of ait infraction of I the law ob the press. The accsuntf of th* Hank ' of Prai.ce Khowfrt that the cai>h in hand had inI created by 3,000 .000 franca, the commercial hills ; iiifcouni'd had declined l,tt().0nj| it Parts While ! Ui?y had iacrraced in a ccaill equal amount in ! the nroriitcet, the protected bilta dai,:oUI>ed by I KlO.M'O fiance, the bank r?.|e eimlallaa hid in[ crsretd two millions. and the to the cre.lit of the fr? nrory had decrea?? d by 1,730,000 franca. Ob the Bourrc considerable ac'ivity wis objerva' ble, but the Fnnch fundi dee'ii ed, tn consequence j of-.hc unrer*?nty of politicil aUaira The latest : prices w ere, 5 per ccnta 921. 90c , and 3 per cenli j 671. X* ' The German papers announce that Con it Bn;i?[ denborj had d<*| r'td from Berlin f< r Warsaw, j wl ere he wasto meet the ftm.ieroT of Kussii. Th?re is liotbinir of iMrtic uljir fmi>nr>?\u??<? from Vienna, from which city our letter* are dated tbe j l.'lih Oetobtr. The principal topic of conversation > bring the German rjtesMon. ; A new ministry was formed in Hanover, on th? i Wth October, Mr Snive's resignation having burn ! acepted bjr the Kin*. 1 The ad?i<r? from IIee?.? Caaset ?re not inite >? fivoraHe, in eminence of th? new minister appr>i( tf d by the Klector re juirinf a thorough hnn^e in the system of government. to wbuh t!?e Klectof ?e> ma ( iP|io?nl to demur. Hope* were, however, entertained that the Elector would ft v? way. ll*asrr.pflug waa ltkeijr to become an outcast. Ple4manti T1<* (ormrJu of the Utti alt. ijnotm thi following 1 letter from Oenoa tf th* 12th : ? J Tb?ra strt*ed In our harbor an Vngllr> w if *t?am?r Inline lioard % ttumbrr of N^avol^an r?f. , ?<>? , raved bv the Hrttli o Conaul at Ksple-. who hate th'li > ?.r?r?iith? fury of the polle* of Pc-tueneJa Imn* I diatrly after landing tba fagltlrr* .< n?aiaer p it f P ?ee, A Por*vjnes* ?team?t <-nter?d flenoa abmtt th* I ??* time. ?lilc!i was a* at hv nrt?r of the <)oeea t< ' ! enovay to Mrbon a company of ttaliaa singers. Tnwany. The Sntfrrtlr of the 11th (|t. aniiotitnes th? arrive at Hoiene" of M Pin'lll. Envoy ft xt'sor tin v.-y o l'le<ti?rrt, la Rom*. Xhit}onra?!, ?b'*h app*ar*<j foi t*? flrat tlaawn the 11th. aft*.- n I ppi*??ioa of II tfatr, Blree one wppr?,saton. a furtnitM :* > <t-ir1o? ?h1i* p??iid ?e aoloTitrev eilHf i for th* world thsaWtistlm of Mvrs enntlnwe nearly the *al*a The reaetl^ i reisna ?v?rywheva, and enjoys I's epo^nersl trlnrash Rrptard. r*l?'um aa< 1 '? lacnt are sluis fr*" fro i tfaf l?pea OVrtesl e* -"'i wlil rhortly he at an eii' | la I't?dnirnk The haa'?hm?al of fmMri and W rar*in will tearli ethora to reap'etthelaws PI,??1H * mi I h nay lack fr^ia Rout* Tbe ta-ualnlrr nf lial. Is rln^fvd In Oailne * We profw to lofjmoa W YO MORNING EDITION?MON1 subscribers of tlia eventswhich occurred dtirini tha last 16 ''ay and to pulliah the most important document* ' 1 connected therewith. I 1 I) ffhe Pupal *>Late4. j 0 The UiHtrgimenio, of Turtu. uf th? 14th alt., cntalns ii tJ>?" Mlrwiuj. UBder data Kon>a. the Oi.l?:? in I hnj 'bno assured that lo hit Allocution to tha Oonsiftcry on the .10th nit., tha Pope apoka of tha ?/ f s? rinus quae U<-,n af l-'iedmont. but the press will not i publUh that document, th? tanor ot which hm be-u ti i k?3>t moat secret. I consequently prefar not noticing n tfee negotiations relative ta the affair, rather 'Han a M*nlg<s in ooojtoturea and 'dangerous raUatatamcnta. r W.M lri.&alirt.l #.otifi.m t.l Af_i.fl k* th? hnl? ?^i r.. - renovation of the Ko^lUh church. are not to be eon- h ! flocd to the foundation of the Arohbinhoprin of West ' minuter Birhops are likewise to be appointed for ? I Liverpool. Birmingham, and other populous e'.fctoit of ?] i KngWnd and Pcofland. The now Cardinal. Dr. Vtw- r , man. lute Arohbishop of Westminster. will leave Homo 0< iti a toitnlgbt. to take pnuNslon of his ?m. p On (he "t.h, paper roon?y. ?n the amount ot 4613(0 ii fnndi, reoeired in exchange tor the new certificates of e< credit, was burnt iu front of tha "alaoa Borromeo, in /, pretence of the members of the C*maila*loa named ad a hoc. and a large orncourse of people. I B | The ITnit r> v has the followlnu from Rome, dated the 1 u . 10th : It appears that the French govorammt hu ! ,, I sent a French comraisfioier to coat to an uaderatand- j {j lug with the l*apal fco? rnuieut on the quae*on ot tha | ? army, which is to continue to keep garrlaaa at Rome. : ti In several conferences It appear* to hare b?en de- I a idea, that the ellectlve strength shall be 5 000 men. ? We know not how far it may be prudent to redure the i j, lorce in a foreign country to a number atrlctly indi- I tl apensable It la trne, that retaon* of economy, and <j the proximity of Marsailles arc a: ou^ motive* in fa- ? Torofit. A Spain. j ? The following Is extracted |/o?a a letter, feted Mai- ? rid. October 13-the date of the moat ree?nt teeoMts: : t ! "The .Ministerial crisis appears to be adjourned, ti I and ali ia arranged for t he pr-?eut. I am assured that | ti the liwen-Mother interpcaed iter good o2:?? amoax?t -j the element* of discord, and obtained, if not a perfect ! tl ! reooneiliation. at least a suspension of hostilities. n Eveiybody, however, is of opinion that the respite will h be but short. The Ministry is we-.k hi its oonstltu- t< tlonal element*. The ministers are not unanimous on c any question ef govern-ient. They are, moreover, w fatigued and discouraged General Narvaea has re- B faced, since bis return fr ti the baths, to hare a mill- i] tary guard at his gate e% formerly, as if he were no a longer entitled to lurhaaaarkof distinction. It is thought, nevertheless, tnat the Cabinet will make great efforts to survive until the 1st t November, the period of the opening of the Chamber*. t tieneral Coceha, Captain-General of Cuba, his wife j, and family, arrived at Seville cu the 8th. Uen?raU t, Lemerich and Manzaita. and several other superior h officers, were to embark with him at Cadis The Oen- u . eral waa to leave for that harbor on tb* loth i 0 . The troops which sailed on the ? h for tQe Ilavan- ? j nah formed an elfective force of fir. superior clBoers, t ; GO rflicers. and 1.204 rank end file. ?, i It being Sunday the Booree remained closed- The i Three per Cents., however,were done ( at of doors at 34. t ?i v i am nui-;. I I The subjoined portion of <-oninmijln*tioti from a | corRipondent of the London Times, d>t?d Hamburg, l Oct. 16, la reference to the present st "e of llambarg, . will nut be found uninteresting j ( I Tha fr?? city of Hamburg, whitb possesses gome | : 20 sqpare miles ot territory, a Senate elected for life, ; i the Thorsperre, 70,000.000 mark* of debt, and othsr 1 advantages, In al?o favored at present with the prl- i vilege or paying ?200 sterling j er diem for the sapport of a Prussian garrison, which ta now celebrating tbe birthday of iti Sovereign with the usual military demonstrations of salutes of cannon, parades, dinners of the officers, and nllttlo r a Ulon of tbe > strict Prussian discipline for the m?u. Moth officers ; and men are cxoesslvely please 1 with their quirturs, i and tbink that tha atonement for tbe insult offered 1 to their comrades in Augtut. 1819, cannot be ' too long, ilany of the ciUxens, h^we'or, are I | inquiring wfc?n this aotual occupat: c! the I plaot Is to tnd, and the question >t without ; Interast further abroad. 3 000 or 1000 u:--i quartered ' on a cit> for more than a year and a ta.' without tho i t slightest indication that tbe intilotiou now oily ! uteltss a< a precautionary measure, is to . ease. l an- i 0 sldered, by those who hare to pay for tb' -i. a fall cx- j u ; pi at ion lor a sf-ipid street low, that might. havo been ; e put down in an hour but for the lecapaclty of the Burgher Guard to do anything bo*, purade v*rj awXwardly, mount guard where there i< nothing to watch, , and keep carefully out of the way wi>*n they are really j . wanted. Their misoouduct. assinted by considerable . ' want ft! Srt Iw *?-b ? ? >\? l>J macdtri tbetriMvea. who ongbt. to hare marched the i troops through in the daytime, instead ot *vening. wken a mob always collect i at thu railway ,r ion, at lowed the regiments to be gros4f Insulted; Hut the question is now. wh?t Is to be ?'js*idered n sufficient expiation for it' The troops have beeu hero a year | ! and a balf, and it soems that tha honor of Prussia is not yet saved; seme term ought to be set to the ooca- | pation or the alleged insult mast be ooasldered only as a pretext lor working out an ulterior purpose Are the troops really a corps ot o!>?er* I'ion cn th > frontier I of Hoi?<*ln ? If so.it wss a relr-ment of military policy to make the cltixeni of Hamburg yey for ; them. j Kgrrt. After baring entirely uieapoeared frow the country j for many daja, the cbolart he* again brokeu ont In , Alexandria, at.d cn Uct. b four ea?es were r-ported It Is attributed, however, to the ixms<lT>-ly o,?presfive weather 1 ? I v? had, and the 3rst eho?-r ot rain 111 restore the t#?n to its wsual giv>d h?*tth No rain has b<cn s, ? u b*rt elnce M*ri;b. and lha 3ri.t ahover Is ai.xiou/ly looked tor to eool ?b? air Aitln liey, lata Prima Minister of V Typt, ha* not, , M ?u ripretri. gon* on to Constantinople. but ht l>*s retired to ttu mruntains of i.ebauou. in Syria, 1 wber^ be nvatts tba final l??ult of tiie step be to -k la i uju fl wviii "g( r** Tin- A??:rian irnm?r, wblih *r.-|red at Alexandria, direct lri'in Trtrrte, on the - I, brought tel -ffiaphiR Id- j ttDlpix* frfin UT?r(#><>l up lo th? o| Srptum'.'r. and ultltfi IVtn Kr* Ywk up to the 14th. r**ardiu* Ika cotton crop. Thi< iinoi tbu* r?.irtn?'d t<iypt, all the way Iran New York, la &ln?U*& day* nsJ troui In ntr? daye. ' Thn cli? or th? Ntl<v thin year, In r'p >rt.d toba below the nvi-rai?". mid It U fi-*r?d that neityar'* I cropf will duttfr trotn II. Owlr? to ?->?? leareHy <?f ?hpp;nr ltd ri ady iromy, trade bu not b??n no brUk Uuring be put ten e'er*. and prl:?? of nil brnad it'jiTe La??- h downward ocy Cott <o. ?13 vr uaaiar. Kxckar je on London, W p.? trj t per pound afcir.log. India ?*i<! China. The OTfilerd India a Ml China mail. (* T>rl-f graphic hiUjDih-j of wLieii. from ttiatta r*a?hed im by the Canada.) arrirtd In London on t"?# >itb lint. Tie following lf> * rumoiirj o! lu-lian nan: ? Th> p??y cl?il war lo the Mzaoa'a lerrltoriea e'ill CostlyM?, without di <iiii t ao vantage on ?i?h*r at i? 11 e Naval) M Fllcbpor.r, In following up t>i* l-ito ri ;torr ?.f B?rl>-e !o toi unburn led*un?r. h v rec?l??l a < t.tck Horn the Nlanm * foreee. ti l r??l-? l oal*ijuDK*um. TI.? Miaoi u?i r*etnred Uie auapjud'd i ro;ui?l?r 3*ui Iluifh t? favor, but It la not that l?e * ill )ot?fc retain hi* rH?i. Aao'hi-rM the neoal < >-rv>< lea nreurfd In t>e rtty of Hyderabad. It an ? In ati attempt ir.vle by ISO or. raid eolllera to carry oft a fit Id-piece, lo p"rt ratl?fa?t'nn for their ar> tttrltl pay. 40> Araba wire eent alUr t'.i u?. who, aftrr a tight. In ahlrh 17 ?r 18 were kli!<*J, aucotedai In rtmptnrlDK the cun Cud* la atlll in ati aofnttled etat*; end it li reported ll.il the prrwnt ieiid>'nl colonel, Slwmtn, te to be relieved by Ur. T neve. formmy *?'.-r<,t?ry t j go- , TirnDiht. ati.I bow politiral a/?nt at Moir<ihe(1at>^i. The yrewnt a?p?rt of the I'unj.iub la in ?t eneour h, in* . in- p'paiai on (tww ui-i ru???> p??? antm i duwn h to tbi-lr former h%Mt? i f iodu-try I'iulrni h * of lud takan Into anltltatlon tbltaetann In fall to bo j uaj.ri c d'titeil. ?t.U the crop* are riir}?heri m it promising II t? tnworeil ibat 8!r H l,a?rence had been imprlroot <1 brKOt In.Uf.-n'lxnt Kajah, on tilo *?y baik frora Canktarra, but tha rrport U not generally bell<-r* 1 I ot.l it ?i || at Kuontar, but he l? to be at Imbella by tha nil<l<:i? of Oetober. ?!nnf? hi tree* >1? on ? t< nr throu/ti the Punjaub to P>Mhaw*r. tit CI *rle? Nup'er Nil" dial* on tii? Mb of No??m1 r, rn bU re1, ura to Kc.glan j The court* martial oa i Lbntrtmli and Bom. have terminated; j the fotmer ha* been arn?itt?d anl toe reprlmatid d. for b.?t!nc placed h I ru ?< i I under tha proI tirtlij of civil po*?r v. b?n grat'iltoniily In*mt-d and th:eat>-iicd with r.ba?tl*em?nt by f? I yrrfin whun he he i (toted to be rhy*leally Inferior to htmic'l ipveal of " tiptfilf" (In Sir 0. , Wapter'a ?' < ) "hie h< uted anjvr! \t phy?loel etrenjt.h | to the defence of kit perenn end hi* honor." The flr?t rertlone of the P?nf-el and flomtwy Railway* will probably te coramensfd In J*o?cmb?r or December. 1 A ?'b?m? bae b??n originated liy Captain rr?nnh. late | artlrr r??id?itt at Ketoiia. fern railway. 42 inlle* In | > length t? tha' ripital. from Tnnkara Itnnder, * the bead of the Ontf of Ornbay The preliminary <nr- ! tey ar i) e*tlmate ba*? b?en mad* at tb > etpenaa of | the Oulcowar of Baroc<v Th? Au?r*)lao lnr? bar* at length f*un1 their | way Into tb? i'a!cnlta market*, and are telling there for i.lr a do-'?n T ?df ?t i'l mt-aj It ImproTinif: the hl#h prlin? of I atioiiwrcl bat* l<-il 10 It* brinj |4ll- | J tarai ''.but tb* **rh *?rt etiforc'raent of the legat p. -.ti- ?fta?'r.r1 to 'n.'h B"?nfH wtl". It l? brp I | [ cli rk lb* practloo Tl'?ra I* rpfj llflli eoMon n n 1 r?milw1r)(r In (ha m?rH t, owla?to wiilot frt'jh'f h?ra 1

\ fallt a W'|)Ltlr ha* rl??r ?o??l I?rably. tha i prrri nt rat? o*In,^ to 1J par rupaa f?r nU n> ?ntlm' t bii> < n I oodon. I ' Tl>? fo:lOwi^s! U tha letter e( r>ur torr??pOB i?it at 1 : |WfK<(f. dfctad Av<u*t 34 : ? < Tbff* are ?rni' frpon* cf a <trinu* lo^nrraetlon la 1 . I r.f- of tha a<Jj> 'b!o< pro?loee? to t'<nton, lt.ir>hj*4t j ' h< It k to upfet tha picaeat Ch'naaa Tartar dynaaty. All qnlet at Maoat> Iba < nly thlrgof imj?or?!?n -? to report I* tha opan- . Ing of ih*taa tn*tk*t at Cant n. ?'h? Ainerleana r' i r,,> i 4 d f o II' I "h ti r ii i- -ha?a at bi^h price i 1 tb?' #rript. on euHaMa for thtli market Halt lenient* ' ] nt flaa C i ? $ %* far V.>>aUad eotmnniced oa the lith, nod m>i it <3 chop* bitef.ioril buyer* at fromfilto 2'"H la?l?. !? lo^ ;> to f taalf higher h??"l ] for and e*| aefa-i r *bt or wlnc T?a?e'.< will | ?ra I,"a- ! iriittately for K.fc(l??d. of whtab n. nbaf th'av am Ai??*tlrao ' Ari?le?* fr?*tn Mio'iha era tothe1?th 18#ehm>< ' , ?f bad bee* eet.le-i. Q II rot'luilnl t< flfai.-? la * ; vsle*, U?? t/tolooaa thefc.l|foa balng tarje fcuyera. R K H 3AY, NOVEMBER 4, 16 Tk* U?4 P*Ttr I . New V?rk. [Tram ?ha London jairUy Timet i)rt #) ] We appreciate genius uu.li- whi?tev>-r far* tt e*ilblt# ltdrlf. tspecinlly whnn we And It. a* !u the (!? ?> f M'lie Jenny Mnd allied to many virtues: but there I a limit to hero and heroine worship. whlob, overleaped, shows the lolly md ab-urdlty ot the w >rtitppcrs. and really lowers the worshipped In the ttimalion ol the rational portion ol mankind Th? mciiraa* kave aiT-rded a striking Illustration ot be ti?tb of tha laying \ha' 'them U but a step od t3? subllma to Ibn ridiaulnu* " by thu #s(?K*rated enthusiasm created aaa>iur*i the moat ntlj; liWned p? ople no 'be ta.-e of nreatUn. npm the Utt of a singer whose orlabrity In t'-e old country ud only stopped short at the point wh re rationality bus and Jelly begins That the reception of this truly mlnble and popular trti?u should have been warm ami beerlng wucaii underatand; that a more thannriliu iry tritement rtould hara prevailed to kear the most tlebrattd csntatrlce of her day. is what mkht be extoted; but bow shall we account far the irantic ido itry of her transatlantic whorshtpo?rs beforethey had rtr beard h?r sing a tingle note ' The faot l?, the I.in J trai t has be?n the result of % bold speculation. Barnum nd dollar* are atthe bottom of it everywhere, and we iu*t congratulate the former possessor of the smallest t<lt of humanity on the dex'.erity i?nJ taot he has tlislayed in hit late Introduction of the ' Swedish Night gale ' to limthar Jonathan. What renders tbewhule (fair mora childish. la Ihe pride the Americans take In hair lolly, and the determination they express not to How llit motives to? be outdone in an enthu-lasin 'blch to a genuine should be spontaneous We ave beat Ksglsnd tn our steamships," says one of heir sky-scraping journalists. " let u.i now Hie If wo annot h#*ai Cham lu mosicai excitement." The tstclation of steauttbips ,md mn-j'jj In no thoroughly meilaan that it may be tak-u us aa illustration t tbo principle by which the people are guided. for, 'ith all then* affectation for iutelleetual tan* and ppreciatinn of art, we peldnm find thj<u fergettiug tho til* for the rfu/rc The hatter Geniu who gave the exraiagant price of $223 tor the first ticket mild by aucn.n for the Lind coneerts. had a shurp eye to baslaese i the transaction, for it has proved a ctpiial aivcr- | Igem-'i.t tur fciu, aad Oouin's " Jenny Liid tints'' ar* ow all tbo rage in New York. National vmi'.y. too. as much to do with thU/urvrr The Americana w.int } astonish Europe by the reception they hare given the ulebrat-d vooalUt, "and they wish to couvey to the orli that Jenny Lind ban heeo overwhelmed, astolshed, and enraptured beyond expretsien with every, bing the haj heard and se?n since her a.:i?al in Ihu w country. Uarlutr< Lo*dos M.uty Mkslr ? Cirv. Saturday Oct. 19 ? he present has keen quite an " old fashioned " week jT the exteutof business done, and an price* have all e*n on the advanse, there is naturally a feeling rf uoysney and confldanoe. The immediate cause Is, Dquenienatily, the disbursement ot srvuu or eight illliuns sterling, as dividends upon Knglish stocks, nd other ?our?t? of iaoome are likewise opened abut his time the Interest on cetvain foreign stojks ito., tiling due. Calculating their surplus, pcj le then Dok around tn aee where it can bust be placed and in ha present instance they have distributed 'hair laors pretty equally. The artlciea to which capitalists ook are sometimes rather out of the re?cli of prlvatti nnuitants and colonial staples are constantly watch* J iv the former. These offer great ohauc-.-s of gain ooaslcnally, but we have seen. likewUo. that they fraucntlv entail very serioufc lose, the variation in irices, being sometimes sudden and sweeping. Coffee ias no very long time since an instance ?*f the lind. and tea at the period of the China wat At preent, both sugar and coffee arc In demand, and t h ire lave been large dealings, but the latter article is not luite so well maintained as It was early in the week, n the continental markets it has been high As to ugar, the crop In Braril is a full average, nod it recains to be seen whether the supply from tho West ndies will not bo suffio'ently lsrge. The consumption ? in faver of prices, and these are not so h'gh as to ive an excessive gbin to the producers On the oourary. they a e rtill com plained ot as Mag inadequate, lie very important innigo auctions have tcrmin.uel, he biddings throughout having been spirited and the dvanee, compared with the July rates, ls'bd to Is er lb Speculators hare taken considerable qiianIty, but this Is un article that would not attraot ' our manufactures were not using a g >.?d dcsl. r there weie a lailure ol the crop In the ra<9 nder notice, there Is rtaeon to believe that both aims have cperited The intelligence received rom the United States Is net so taMsfactory in sspect to the demand tor European fabrics, and alhoogb money was plsntlful, some of the firms had got eyor.d their <?*pih. and one large house at llastou, lassetts L'alel.as it Co , bad tailed tor 4tXI itOJ dollars -?- Is as i romising as ever, aud he di*t?rM5e?* at Saeram?ato\>. -- .nbMdad Tola vtiland null frcta India ?!- > cnai? 1u yest^Miy. ur..l *p"tt l nelnnit in i.up.nta, both la Calcutta nad Boai>?; to be more promising The waitb^r wan bntier or ihi oropa, aau rxporta wtre Aim. Ualbo ooutiue.it, r*'le It report td to 1* steady. The jreliuiinary airui^O'ttn for forming a rtntl hrough Nicaragua. to connwit the Atlantic an.l Paelocev.u*. have bteu o .mpli toil botwi?a the *g?nl* of lie American roiopanj which baa the nun ??e'orn. nil our ! adina eapltuliati, a?<d if the furthar aurveyii iiktifv It tte w rk will he cora-a^need w.thia a t:* MfH ? It : m b< en rrmarked that the rates (or bills of exb? e on fume i f the pritoip.il o;tUa abroad h.?.<> >wn rather let-* ItvoraMi lately, but thli aj jmm a<>hing p?rtl?c!arly a?rer:c. The balance of trad* t? in<|U<-<tionably in la?er i.f the L'nitrd King lom. and t is not to be a turned that we are tiktug uay Ur ;>l'Pr^y ol grnin for whV*i we ere called upon to p.iy u cud. Th?rv ia enq-jrh bullion in tta* Uanit of Srglar.d, and a reason why tVw Men lately V"en ??>aldrrable amonata ol rilrrr exported Is. t'< '. til* (relgu fceterorients Lire U-.m accommodated if', h Mm by our capitalist'!. More tti i pi:y, 4.1 ciauy tiny rwty eaeUla. the Konli-h'urjdi liawtlitl \rrj bmyint. rod the riaa in Brlr.au la one-halt per o? r.t U >1 ld?r*M- purr' i:*f ? have been lasle for trantfer an I hebrokir acting fot th? oommltelonar* firth* r?luotlon of the national dv.it ka* operate! daily Xha peel of political alfjire in ttaraaa? contlnuM uuatlsfactoty. and agitation Is still apj>iehvni!eU durluj haatsskaoftha French l*fUl;itaie biK th-full ?up>1; ol naucy ha. e and the perfect t rao-judiity *.> . ri( y. with the t in llent reports Irom lUluornia and th* oiti'd lltilfSj ail ptoraote ooatiili a ? nrt I tbore ia yet ib'iie that die ilolateln nuairl will te <rtu> d by m dla'i'io The lluatlrg debt hn rU<>u 'i*. C'OUtOla fur B.1 ?"y li tire ;luc .u i d thin "reek f.-ini 'i1 , to W???. and for th* ace >'io< from l?T ? to B7 tx>ii|U<r Kills Ikts b-f?ti marked ? > > t > 7?1 |>e. unj; arid Kiut tsaia S 'ti'a. 87? to 91* pr.-atiam latkttr k baa tei-n st 'JUVtoStl, aod f;?.?t ladl* it^r.k at *?C4 to i?i? The n?# Threi-a-id a- ,imi -r r t 1 r?V hate aitrra .'i j fr. iu (8 , to'jJ , aad iiM 'i dfccd Tbra* p?r Orbtt Iron jMlt? to 97. II hM > *:oek narV bn? tafaTMjHviljrtkll rerk.lo tli>- *Wpm?4T l?t< r tot. l'.lg?. c? from a\j iuat(?r I'vrurlan b*n lir-o ruu np b; ipNiiMlft urrl *.'1 v t?o to tbrra I>. r e< ottin g,i?no tMlrtet, lid'i,/ pro??J no ga.iaf-.il. t hat lb* KoraruD*ot at Dam ?ill h? inapxition to opf?r.?*< fr?l/ hi tJ.i> >y * ?itUic; tual ?to>k h>? i'tn fluctuating I'uriu^utt* bond* iu>> In favor. thn r?mnt?f:rs? I.Uboo h ii if ruM.fv.irj. Uua>m*U .( Ail* haia brcu t?y a (?w joVv.*r* T)i? flurt >>< ? -> la tb? At Ire flpai,toh from 1H".,' tt It);, the rhr?? per IS*; to 3n, l'r?xlll*u PO f> 60^; Cb'.llnn. 191 to 017;, is Mime Ajifit, to u&; M , t;>8l <. 'vturlaa. IfiK to *3. P'-Mrgtton* F >ar per Oun'a. .Jjy, i SSX; 57 to W, 't; 1) atch Teo *i J i 'Jail per >i '? M 'o,'>7,'i, a'.d (i-ia'.tnufti.i ojlo.1l lb* I'ailwaj Share mark t hm* Seer ll??ljlhl.? week, >ut ! qul< t?r fciuoe ib? tr?C5> c?(u? out, ?> hi J do i ot lupportth* | ruT'.i u??drt??n"OTjri^? Mn takic^t of tbe eoir<>*p',t-iii{ i?iIjI. T !i ?N'ortl fritrrn dividend forth# current i??Uje?rU tt f> p?r c*tt. I> oritur tits week the extreme quotMloai of I he l?n4 tg iaiiway hurt t>?. n >< i Hlrtn'.at^ a t>d Oxford. StU and tfHjif, or H', to $>( premium; Jreat North ( I Krglmd an I iM. or 1W to 1? pr? ol ?m; N(rt>.wn?i ru, ll.'i',' auJ 117,';, or l.'i', to 17 W ill m'.an.; no 1 I'ar!* and Orl-anr, 30 aa-1 S'J or 1(1 l . i : iTceian. Ctliiloi iH Uy? hi>>otl l( M4 ( ?4I o 41dt'eouct, i;??l?rn CVuntlei, O'.i aid 0, V 3J< to 13,'j' di?e"'int; (Jrrat JfortK rn at I *ti<I 14',' r 1 I)i t" li'j (tliKugt; lim' Venlera, at 701* 1\, cr Mt)i to i7', d.".count; L%n???t.'r? ii4 rorkiblrf. ?t 4rJ*' ?u4 lOH. or 40to 4'.)\( duionut; n ?ck?ftU jit fin 16'i, or A ? to l'a di?ooout; lr ghton, ?t &.'. < nnd SIV- or dtoeount; nM'b???t.-fa. ?t OT1; iin 1 71 !<, or ; t >dUcouot; MldUnd *>t 43?Qd 4-V *r ft.IV to 5?', JUeount; Sorth Brltli-li at 7l, rod \ri. or 17H to 17X dlMOont; ?otth it%ffor'l. at 7',' and 7'i. or 10', to 10 <IUoount; ' t>ih at and il^.or 9', to din?oant: rark,K??3M(U. and itatwlck. at 14,'tanlH'f or Si ;o 6'a ltonlr|a? aud Aml?n? at7'? andV4. it tn 1M, dlfrouvt; m l Northern of Iranen, at 14k aad 14%, or 1% t? 1% Uifoount. 1k> ah>r.. . f Ik. h..hln? . inr,?nl' h.TC h?rn n?tfc?<i 34V< to orV'{T? 41; far Oimm TtUI 9f '.?'ti4"i? 8 i or 1( t r? nl'itu I >r L'nlou of AuHri'.li: ?n<l rT\ to to cr V. -o 7*% prtmiu u lor Loi:Joo ?cJ W??ttolD?t?r. Political Intelligence, M??tt ?-rr> K.rofia C larawTint - Th" r?f"Tni CCtlr?Btlm of tkl* Stftta Ml) it Annapr>U?. to daf. *n?or<: . lrap..rt*iii n-??u' ? f r rn>i'i t .-vlnn ' flMllM *1 and county oiMmt*. hr th?i p n?le r. 'b thelegl?Ntnre d'nff M tTm Fopulatkm. a.iJ .hut! TtUlo:i of tfc- ??nU* Hi-Trral s>f .ba r%aai-.l;i Uih-fJ 'lilzsn* of Ih# an<i|?< *hojr ?rn %* <lt" -rn.-rd Ura-oo itj *?< :it? v rTI"k o'i.i 'fnu. M?wt? K. V Chifn rr, ?>*c? I Jr^ntfi r l? 0 J hit !> * !? J1. Cr??fl?id. Alhrr! '.Vo t? ,i?nlOJ Uo1 VfiUU n '"ft .loh*i?rn. ?tr. t Thoni.. i K. I of :hs ociiT*atl?n. Tbt proc?<".lt?<? will l>? of tnWr.;..t Mmlne AfTftlr*. t tv*< H ? T7?? 1* nrh.d tnl4 >uy at no**, t-o*a the iHxirtiijg yard cf Da?l* ft Hnrtol well ii ""# ?b)p hmutr * flu* r?i?el o.' by> f?'t keel, i<\ le*t l/rem n?a ' 'eat hot whi -h ?l'.l rnl?i?; .'it IW4 lt>8Wf I ilam .1 I ?r?qt i Ik tin ft Mar " * Una ef toTtlmliiftoa I* ' it?<1!? oaiiM by lh?va j?nM<*>nao !? 1''aptvn h?r fattira i? ! to t,V? ! In 'ba u>i- i- tn? I a?.1* ; :? I) h H ' t *?(? ? ? n? m M thHf D'til eirkaitilllii n.*rn*r, Tha e??.t jrli 1 Bra**fnlly 1bv> h"?r <tfa'*<t?J b< n?. la nt a I f* ntt-jtk'it of . ^hU^m ~ t'kind i 4 L> AMkrd*p. [ERA 150. Meeting of the Printer*' Union, rfi.atjve kto the scal? of piucki, and of the i-m.vrr.ns' o neram.y?kki.a tivk to the nomination of jamm brooks, fi>* conors**. On Saturday ereaing, a netting *u held of the Printers' Union, at Tainmaay Hall There ware many printers preheat who did not bvloag to the society, bat who appeared to take lively interest In the preceedlngs. There wore preeent about ISO perioni. Mr. lloaarc Ohkelt, tie President of the Printer*' Union, addressed the meeting. lie said he regretted to find that the meeting* of the soelsty were not so numerously attended a* at the beginning. He was forry to find that anether winter wae at hand, and that nothing wae yet accomplished. They were just where they were last year, and the dull season now set in. and little work to be dene till March nest, when the publishing xeason^onimenced. It wa< true there wae a scale ot prices agreed upon; bat all sorts of prloea w?re paid to all sorts of people. He thought the scale au unfair sort of document, for It was as different ai the different ofllces in the olty. and there was really o such thing as a uniform sotle of price) Personally, it was but of small consequence to htm; but It really was nnfair to those offices who paid the advanced price*, while they were not insisted upon troa* others whe were equally bound to pay tb'?m He though! this matter ooi<ht to be brought to a decision, either one way or the other, and If the journeymen failed In enfoioing uniform price*, they ought to establish a model printing office, te print books, pamphlets, newspapers, an l all sorts of publications, aud work tor themselves on the same principle in the Tailors'Coopej-itive Society They would than establish la?s lor the trale. andj| others would follow thoir example. Th? j had m-t for work. aud not for talk, aud he hoped they would do something eff.i :tual before they separated. It was high time to bring the present system to an end Mr. (iieeley, having delivered his address, retired from th? meeting. ?nd Mr. I'ktkh MlDov?ld nest addressed them. He ?aid a great deal had been done, and there w n onob yet to Co The Printers'Union, like everything in its infancy, required nursing It wan their duty to Attend thmeetings ut the society as often a* they could; and if they could ni t suoceed la any other way, he. f>r one, would go for the establishment ot a printing house for tbemee! vcs. Mr McPennld continued, at considerable length. to address th? journeymen printers on the rmsp.!cts of the trade, and on the mxans of slerutiug th-ir coalition A scale of prices baring been rt-ad. the Printer*' Uaion meeting formally anjournml and immediately after, the printers in the room organised another meeting, by c tiling Mr Smith to the chair, and appointing Mr Robinson secretary. A commits e ot tfcree was then appointed to report upon the rcole of prioes adopted by the Printers' Union The Chaikmar said he was not a member of the j Union, though be wished well to the object they hid in I tirw; but be looked upon enforcing a scale of prioes 1 now as impracticable, lor the moment it name into operation a large bodr of journeymen would rmh in from the outside, and think and act lor themselves Without unanimity, nothing effectual could be done. As ligsrJtil strikes, he thought they were most unwise (Cheers) The ormmitiee then reported. and the scale of prices , ir*ed upon t j th-- Printers' Union was adopted by the i meeting. Tho following resolution was then proposed by a jouruevmr.u printer: ? Rsndved, That the Jonrseymon Printers of New Tcrk, in \iew of ih? fact thai James Hrno??, Editor of the .Vrio Voi k t'rpi ni, l.a> lieen noniitiaied f? r Controls. doam it our Sut) tr laistuths workintmen of thn l?i?lh (! >j*r?<iioia! Uis. ict, that tie ?ald Jams* Bruokj never paid th) Jouruejmtt lair wares. and ha?, within a few davs. rejeotad ifo ''feale ui f-rioee" of the l'riatara' I'nion ; and that raid Jsn-ea Brooks is net worthy ot tho support of aut tr.ta w'kb labor* for a living. Great appUu-te aud exoitewent followed the roading of thi'i resolution Mr Tiiovpio^ then rose and said : ?llo thought this w?. a political movement A sentiinnt which was I fo'.lowrl ty such a storm of hUMng that ths speaker v?*ry quickly ai?t down. | joi'isrivak 1'bikt?:b - I havaalway* been of Brooks' j. *tty. and I sin opposed to him now, on the grouqd ] stated In the rtrnolutlon j Another Jiu: cejm ?n printer said there was no workI ing man wl.o ought to vote for Brooks Kvery moveI mrnt de??gn?d *or the benefit of the working class was I denounced iu th? Kxprrss. (Ureat chevring.) A Vnic? ? A*\ the boa" o^r^ei ters a'juut litia : 1 (Uf.utktsr > I Tf.e rei?oluM<.? <v*s then put from the chair, and j ca? t'ed with tint am* " no" againft it. Vdict Oh. that is Thompson. (Laughter) Th'.' mailing th*u aepaiatid 'I litnf ileal and MaHcal. Bo.??hv Thiaisi - To night tlia riiiters of thi* old I Mi I very popular establishment bare offered to them. ; tor ttelr ataut wm<mt aud pluasur >. the most attractive (ru ri tii i> t utr r n ui 1 ' Jullu* Cw??r" in lh (Irnt pixj.\ with Mr llrabiai a? : BrWM,u4 Nf, .?.K t Mark Antony. Mr TllTcn aa CnMluB, M:?t WrmtM a* Poro a an I >fr*. Jori!m an CilphliriiU With lurh can' tfl?r? < ai b? l-ttla tfool)4, of a T<?iy crowded h >u?t?. A'terth" tr.u Mil a HiP ri rill ting a popular l>ilUi sail f.h? ' i iitiTiKicrui i r *<11 c.u-IuJ- with t.ia alrairtbla I at "Wallao*:'' J. K. Hnott In hi* lniiaUablr ! , ehiuaott-r ot Wallao . and Tiltun an Kli *patrlok. BtOADwat Tmtiinr.- TUa pretest a;aj-mcnt h.-n | ] fr.rtnija t ?>>k prorrd exet'-dlDKlj a:tr?itlTe avl I Mr Will it tu Bun l? row, we may ?ay. aa MUMiibrd 1 Uiorita In h?w Y> r'i He u nt<h'ly np.-Un 1 -J tu tha 1 ' trn rrlin ami f 1tr4 ttid re ea'lt-d 1>. fore th i curtain ! to raeclva tin ftTora of hli daliiht-d audl?iipe? iI pr-t trra r>?r.j- t-l-isfo'.f lor the hippy portralturo ot , th? fC ?Btririiie? ol boih *?ut-el end low comely, Dd w? are fla t t?> p?r*>i?" tlial lie now '[luf in ? rpecieiau r,f i-a-li eTirr tuht The p?rtoTq<*nn?? f?r I? 1? ?.vtninf ? II b-> 'he atfuiliable ''riait nf Hough Diamond' " Th Vrt'WBOf 1"2." aed Uied Up " fcir w l..lam 1)> u will r.pMir at i.'oj la .l >< in tb<* l >r | I3T. ami Fir Clinri'a i ?i''tri"'a. w!;tch hs perform* ' W'tb lialllM '! i Hy andilTect, In th? latter, ui ?rj : |iySli?-r? I'-vld.e. I r I-rlcki. Sa'iarf. VVhttln *, thaw, tial *kltk AV r a?i th" >'I-h i Jo.epHlua (I mgen h?tin and C?p?l, t r? i.lirrr llttls cr? a' ur * Ta? at| tinrtlon* oanni't fall In reenrd 'hn indtt'atljjabla ma r.i i'f with a lull nod li hliilinbh hO'i?" *uch an ha.i ( tJi uJy tlaliilr eim poforaiaoaea of the ! lor'.m t flOBMdniii, N!ri.e'? 0??iJ?tTha Ravel*, al way* a'fraotlr*. M * II fir the ? -at vuri?ty uftheir *.?U'?>'it?, ??(or tli. Ji ?tc?lit lit irt'* ia aLUity. wit rmnii. nn th- ir i i.ti-rtaiumi nH t< t-luM w|?h th ir euipii'iug and i ? ry graceful (t-uta i u tLo -jnlt ri??/iv"?. fh? u#st ij | ftec<'M>l"o will bo tta esiul.'' b*llit p*atr>a?lni? of Nioodfroi'#." Iotrodn?t< rv 'oth" pi '?-rrral bxautliul CancfH w.ll tnl.? i,l.i.i ' liraal I'** da 'Jialr#. hy I ?ul Briliaiit, M'llf .* t> li una. Miitw Marintil, ?rd^ |i?rry w>ll?. Th'? eoBolnlin* ft-?'ur? irlll ho th' m- tli rtr t n* lali y pan torn iur >! t'\t Or??,n Mnnthe reiT. ry ui th: i p'inn l? n >rf la -th? Surrfrer'? t'.it.-, Gardfn8m,? III# Arpatte.Cucntrr Via*. Knr du l)labl?,Onl.lra " id Tarinn' -?thfr paintie||i<. Thry nr? r. a'.ly wsi a ilm prioe of ai jtia*ton. Bt HTOM'a Ti?v.*ta?. Thi ability with w'.il:h th" (Jrttn.i I* i*pr?"?iitrd at tliU hnu?t. alwaya ?oAUr.ta to ! n?:h plica a ?wcc?'>lf? run (it w*<-k? Oomh?y tt P<m" bun a^iin r**lrc 1. ftcd p.-?itun?j with I'Un,? ti?? th- fiklbnalMU ao i 1?'i|M*r with whi^h I It haa Wn rrei l?rd will rt>*ur<i It f?T ?ca? time Th# j t eetn|>Miy vl thlJ :UJ? 1 hfa'r* ?mbr:io? ui ?ny ?tarlln^ actor*?Vo'toa hi air J r lan. and tnanr ! Othar* tnu'thir *l^i v>r* Rnatall. tha rt-fln- 1 and i)n,ir,ij ?<uaj>>i. *li-? It'll. Mr*, ckerr ?. an l tfra. i li null-1 - all (Ml rm (' ' 'on<> ' p iaarful auilliarl?? in |ircdnrhi(f iVfTliB* crTi'dy. A n?w<Iiam% | I n tit"* d f1 * raid a, or Uvi Mid My?t?ry." will ba pro- j ui'Cidun ! iv, M ; tli n holr n| ttin t4lMa(t d uTony vdilM e r !n ' ' *( H-? ( Ml*Ml *>*d r-pati dorlug Ik* wnk It irtnn kit <|r?!u,* * f*< at hiitlm*** Tub Vatioatt. TitrtTlR - -Baraar an mp*. 1 *'*l farori'*. tad t> rsMlUnl delineator of th* lrl?H rtnrictff. "Onin-n-** an ??;v?re tbt* *T*alrg a: lb(? wrll p?.?rord*ad a'd wnll *ia'tii??*d thaafrw. Mr w IIUai.i* wlti?pp"?r th* pirtof R.>ry 0 Moot*. In tl.? hrautlful drum of tba! in I tit!*). h* will niut l.otrr'i * It llN I h*l>?1 of tU? "Fairy j r<? " a.id Mr* William*. who li nn ?xc*ll>nt aott*?i, ; * "ftlbrai tki (tonrtit of KithlNi Aft*t wbli?h, wi.l bf prcdu-v I "Mil**' W.iy'' T'.IIt hu?? Mr. William* Ml** V?lvl*? will daa- b*tw?aa thu pi*o?a, ] and th* ahoi* wlil eono'.ud with th* oon*dl?tta ?f I M??iu?rl?m '' Th* pr!*a drama of "Paddy th* ) lp?r" ?lll b* ?h*rtly prodiic 1 t thl* hm * *n I th j apiritad R>an*?-r ?.l!-t* * pi. n 101 of oi< hun lr?d d<U?r* for tlx* b*?t Jrama Inlrw Inctac tb* " IU*-*. mttli of Now Tntk,'1 *nd a lilt# *ach for a **ri*i ot drama), introducing tb* di ' fiat baiioh** ol n??cbanloa. C?t*i?t?'? Or*a* ftim* - Tb* prngratan* for tontfrht la vtry attractlr* Tfca aw:i**n?*?ta c.miD**c* with a potfourit or.-rtar*. whle'* will b* faTTiwe I by varloti* Tk* *?eo id p-rt e uMtt* rt a <-oa t-ri. n ItJntlan, violin *nd ?uir roloa. burl*?|ii* j Italianop?ra tinging and <1*n in*. A*hu:ai? Mi i. Th* amu*< n?n'.* rir*<? *r?ry <J*j at thlr *<t*Mi-liiu*nt a * ?*t r attr*<sti?*, cm*id?r. I lag thrlr grrat varlvif. In th" aftt-rnoia Taad?*lli*a (cglag and i"*?i< ln|r and la th* ***nlng, tb* *xr U*nt J nulodrana of " Th* 1'rnukard. ' | f Frtt ?? ' Orrs* ?f?t rr. Tb? Via t mr d?r lb* maiiaitcta-r t of Mr. Fallow*. th? ir ??i-rt?ia | uii at*, tiii* aaralng. at tliwlr now hall. 444 Itroalwiy The programme contains m On* **l*ctl?a of uv lidl-* AwMiivN??taa.-<l?aa k r?.?? niiall?it *|n-'itrl*l i f.ni|,auj, which nuaaliM* 01*07 of th? na tl-r-r ?r 1 tiat*. ar? Orawlug. *?ry d???fT*''T 1ai<?> aan?iaWa**? | tf err Thpjr offas a 1 Ml of *n rrtala| mrtit fir thif nnll| i UnratA Tlnnv*?Tb" ?*hH?Uloti ft fb* (T"*" ' Tana f i'uba by Mr l.oomi^. I* ' "< at'1*'"'* 1 | att?r,*rr?. 'fb? printing h** b'?u :?*uVd with ' grrat att *tlr A '* 1) ??f.*roat.?^Tbi< <Kftl:.'i{'iI' i 1 a *fr?r* I- dr*.wn? >miarrM a?. rml.Uit" * to th* iwai'1 A'!i<n*ana. ' P. on. Sf f b?? In a n-?w . ?.r-irt r o*IHI . "A ii. 'ant a th* Artr *.'*nl w b tb* * in* ! a?u If nithwhloh ?hf ?n*t?l? ?hji*;w. ' ^h? ' a? wow Ih* ? '*< ??. a > i ii'. t" ' ir-?th i ;oo*t rstb*?la*tl4 fh?^r* fr"m d?Maht-d an t 'it#*!. Tb* railroad 4 p?t at' r * -a*^ *ror*lhy |r?- o& Wti* mornli j ?l lit . LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. REITS BY TELEG14FH. VERY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. TIIE FUGITIVE SLAVE LAW. The resident's Proclamation. WASHINGTON, SfTJfDAY ICvUNIMO, > November 3, I860. 5 It is the intention of Mr. Webster to return tt? Washington on the lith inst. The President will then, if necessary, issue a proclamation for the observance of the Fugitive Slave law, and for the protection of the United States marshals. Th? statement that the Secretaries of War and Navy have sent orders for forces to aid the United States marshal, in Boston, in capturing fugitive slaves, is supposed to be untrue. No such insult has been paid the authorities of lioaton, who are believed t? be law abiding citizens. The Walking ton Union, of to-day, contends that it ia the imperative duty of President Fillmore to taaue his proclamation warning Northern fanatics, and in favor of executing the law* of th? land. There ia great uneasiness excited among th? citizens of the District of Columbia, on account af a proposition submitted to the Virginia Reform Convention, for the expulsion of the free negro? They dread the overwhelming in t lux of that clut? and the addition that would be made to the tea thousand already residing in the District, a majority of whom are idle and worthless. The Union denounces bitterly the notorious George Thompson, and hia interference in th? snti slavery movement, in opposition to the lawauf the United States. In addition to the foregoing^we have received the aanexed, which, although pronounced to b? untrue, we give for what it is worth. It at least chows that aoma such movement is in contemplation Baltimore. November 3, 1850. A Utter wax received here frost Washington ye?t?cday. wlilch faji that rre-ddent Fillmore haa direotot the secretariea ot War and Navy to iaano immnilloia orders to the proper ofHoera. In command of 'Jio load end eea forces of tba New Kngland Statea, to bo in readiness. with the men and aids at their command? to asaiat the Marshal of lbs United Statoa, for tba District of Moarar.husfltU, in c*rrytn? into effeot the Fugitive Slave law. aUould tha Marshal find It noooa. fary to call npon thrm for such aa*1>?taaoo. Ordors to tbi* tffaot, it is raid, have been transmitted to Boston. Items by the Way of Baltimore. Uti.riM >? : Not. 3, ISM The BtTisoah *ece*?lom*tji hare toninM Senator John M Berrien to the Stat# Contention. The tlrpiMic n*y* lhat he will dentin*. Hon. Mennra Toonib* aa4 Stephen* addreaaed the citlsen* of Columbia*, O* , la faror of the Union. A man named McGulre. a rcnJ*-r ol patent m?di. cine*. wu run over la?t night, on the rtilroal near Blad< n*burg. and bad both leg* and arm* ll-?rallT eo% f IT lie died *hortiy afterward*. from the effort* of hi* injuries tearing a widow in UaUlmor*. The residence* of Lieut St Oiair. and of the R?r. Mr. Jackton, were entered during the night beforelaat, and robbed ol a large ipiantIty or *llrer plate. Ve*t#rilty k diiid wi< ajrieHted, charged witu the robbery; but an nothing cmild be proreil a;ain*t him. hti ?? din b.?rKr j Mr. Jai'i.con ? property wad *ui>te<{annUy rcoorered. Naval Court Blartlal. Norfolk. Not. 3, 1940. The Maral Court Martial la about to raeet here, on b? ard the Pennsylvania A* whipping had baaa abolished, there I* uo pnnl<hment f >r many off noe*. PTntlnj- nt Rorlhlli Nokto!.* Nor. 3. 1ft i) The bark Kinctton, of Phil <d-l,ilii.t dropped uo.ra Hampton Koad* on Wednesday, and Captain How*a came up ye*trrtf??, arnouneia^ that hi* ereir h?d refused to do duty, and ?r? r'la aMateof mutiny. Vo*terday morning Deputy Marnhtl Wing went down, anl returned with the mutineer* In cti*tody, wno were taken before Juftiee Haly burton of the United StateeDia t rlet Court. ?hcia Hi*} had * tenjpornry lina-in^, an J the natter U!d b t.>r* tha Grand Jury, who foun 1 trn* Wlllf a.rainrt them. (Drain butjW ) TKefr trial *111 ha pro<-e? (li J with lir.UirilltMr, Tha nt?? *m ?hipp?d nt Ileltimore and th<ir ici?? for r?fu)in< to do duty la. thnt the proyi-lona <>n board were n*'t rood Thta Hlffttloi t dij.led by tho offl :?r.i of tha Kloaaton. who ruj that tb? proylidon* were ol tht first q*??i?y Another ItiTolntion Anticipated, Ac. Bai.timoh? . Not 3.1850 Fy the arrival of the hrl< Fajattiiville at thia port, we have rerely-d 4>Ui fto,T? Torto Cabello ol the 14th Octob*r. The re el?otlon of M tu oon*lder*4 certain. unit another revolution, In th.?t evant. m looked for Hnmerotia ?ir>'? n had b-nn made at Oarurai on charge* of tsouapir icy a^alunt tbn gtYernme?t. The flrrt new coffee had made Iti appearance. a?d It wrade.m?d < ? t?*.lri that the pr<?^nt crop w->uld foil ho*? of r.n? half of an arera?e The market* were well ?to(k?d with An. ri'wn produce. City liitrliljiri-tp, I7*m* Ti(*rT \? j.utiJjh iti our p? oer of to da?. a l?ttar frrm Mr I'. 8 l.atinop. Chairman of the (Joni nltt-e of Hafety appoint*-i by the a*, ('aitI Oar Uo. ?h"Hi".r rl?arlT that the 7VVA/< i? tha orran of Feward and the f'o.trirr, who<? editor oarea to fr ward roinp* tmaliun for a pardon frotnjjciprieonin'int. and for the only ahl|i Ti>t?KlT<3 Io W?Sb ae Mln1?f--r to Ag t?la?fc**e both roa>!? mat-rial aal wltfnt Bii? Metementl In re! ?th>B to th? pri.ceodln.'f* of the commit tea. Mri Stricter: ?A nan rvTedDaell TI?yn??, one of the ritjr marshal* of Brooklyn. r*?ldln at No. tfi W jrkolf ?tr<-et near Smith atri?-t. committed anttide on Friday ?Tcpltf laat. by tl.uatlnsr a pair of fir* ? pfi dowi bWtbr-a abi h t're hi? pala'.e In % ?o?.t hoirfbl* nmrner act! can'-d a liu^triaft torture ta which ftaf? he rnntiri>i*d until r.l* o'clock ? fcUlday iroriilnir whan ha died Thn i|<<aved wa* a ldirt>d to tablta < f intemp-rane <. r hl.)h during tha pot a oath *pp?trrd to h <?? ??,',\It>v>4 an alooit rerlitleaa awaj: aod oa tht* entfula <jT't'?n whtla laboilt ft under the I **lteneot ?>f Ji! r!,im ffWM hl? wl?? to ar.d c. t h'm 'h? i>?lr of ? >?< . uhleh al had no poonor d nt. t.h?i h* H*n ea*arl? I" threat thi m 4own hla throat In the manner da?nrtb#<! The poor wife erream'd anl audiarored tu wltUlraw them, when tha Infuriated nan eoram ?ni-d h atlitt k.r ?K.. V.. k -l i . _r__ w,,I.F -u -in 1 r? df.?n *t?lr* witn th?- fnt-ritlori - f bull ?nl wbtl* >* ??* Mr 'iiT' i><???oinpli.hUi1| bla puTpn**; ft rut although 1U.' ail ?ij ?n iitlH* dUttlj proooreri not til tb 'r Mill r. caMnnl einll rit'lilin Th?> fnroncT h<H an iAnimat ng th? Ht|/ nn ( '?tu'd?r .bad 'h? Jury * T??rdl*t l?. (Mdmoi with th? firt?. Th? r?ii.?n? ?oM fonr#y?-dfo Ornift'ery for >nt<rin-nt. A i lar?? an?Wr of th? police force w?rj pr*?<ant illkn mournful r?r< nu ny DittVTHi Tnwra ? A nH^ri 1. vh ?r<varr?ii y?'t?r 4aj la ?*f cf tk? tflt* la I tlx ell; pil?fla. It MM th?? a man hv fh<* namr nf I'lwirl alf*? fl-illltjrt who wa? atr??t?d nt>4 enmm'ttfd b? i Monnffort o? tha Mlh nf 0?'nb?r on ? "Har,* ?* ?J IKK titdaon in th* \*ft frr*'* with a *nl'? I* r??? that B?#tw> ?* in txtt frab'a h?al?% ?li?n con i irjta 10 tr? ronin* th-hhthi to n* in ? < tinjmi'iwn, nil r>?'#r<i?y. ?hil? ?n ?-t?rtlon in <v mhln?. rupInfra* blend y?m?I which ( " 'J ln?'*n' ? -?t:i Tin | witmcr will hold ?n iBjuftoa liii i?o 1/ thi?foiw' POOB, T?ir wnimrm ?t tiir Ti?nir? TndUn *umM*r I ?ppi?f* to h? nnwllll?r to !? ?? n? It m ill llngnr*. ?* ?? In mrfrmbir porh?p? lli?i? n?ff wt\? ?oft??r Of mlldrr <hl* id*?ne?d *'??nn. Fmr. A flr? bfo*? on' In Ihi Wm at oftlt<?e?r. ir of John Mfwt, In BroidirtT. o?-upi.-d t?y K f.flt; txr ?? * ?hee "tot*. y*ot*id*/ *ft*rnoon Th? t?ra?g* Aiqikii Ti?r ? At h?if-p?*t 11 n>lo*k on Saturday night. f i* mi" on* in HI Mo?t Attwt, r? u.?i ** I i#??1ik? llrW e*r-i "If on the ..*> *, whljh i ;nltr.l Itf br?i tlwhrt. Thi Ri<i it or N'tMrmifcK^filrkk Qlbln. wh'ltr li ?*!> i-'i'l Ml oti rb*tl on S*turd*r rrrnln^ *t th- feot of t'?tliKrir? Mniit %ii 1 wii frinurd frojt drowning b? ofH<-?r Col.-an. of th? 4th Ward s ? i > ' ?ii' itthtIViII rtT?i ? Yo'lorda* ?ft?rr.<Hn al out, 4 >tork. Or, V r?*itin< f ISO Oh-rty tfund ? mn nnU'd I>?n?l? V hitr l?lt* 1 , ( n f h? filnr.p Of hl? ( h? phr?lf !* ' > m pffW-Hc?, ni-n.rlr i-xh-m-l -1 .an I ?( - imVInu ? *| mlnaikn h? 4l?c<v??f?l that I'm p > f f>llow ?M In i .!*< ?f rtl'?rl tf"n and rapMlf appfr%*hlna d >?tb ; j jon lie fi'ffu'M i rr!?g?, ?i?4 balhtm "<m1 T?r-rt to ?hr ri'? I! .I'll nll'N tor I ?fcrist > i hovp , id Itrt.l.n v ?*p'T"J. Jh'Cori*** 1 mil I. Id ? 1)- 4Uc?t Uh tt9lU?tf