4 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. jtNKl tfOHOUa ItlliTT, PROPKIBTOft ANH KDITOa. FF/OB W. W CORNER OF ?1TLION NASSAU ST?. TK* >nOOTI<l ^ cvpy?fl p0r attmmm. 1 tit, 14 LKhLY HhJK ALf) cvnry Stuurdtiy, >it 6 c^hIm p*r *+??? w P*r "fuium ; the European Io .;/?v fM?rr a/ fir?? Hi iMis*, u/m ^>rf of fK? meni. both to uu tu*U- the iwUtyo ALL LETTERS hy mail, /*r M^rHphoni. sM a<irrr* t , or 'Ae po%t.4y0 unll b* deducted from TUU SVCNtNO. 1TA1.1AN Of 3 RA ASTOR PLACE-NOBHA. BOWiKT THBATRE, Howry-Jvuvt C*?ae?Ifaxuei. _____ BR >ADWaV THEATRE Br??<*?y-BovOH Biamowi>? lul; On rut V?T??Af ? U??? CP. Kid 0"A (iAROEN. urua.4#?y-Ti?hr Rope? Nicodb cr?G< B't <1*0 v THEATRE. Chambers ?tr?et?Dom?*y anb 8 Uv* I'M "-' * Lawp P?t. mTli'Ml. i.KsTRR, l,ii?it.?m Square?KibtO'Voii _MU.JS Uu\ ? JltltHAfclKM HKIil \ OPERA lOUot. Mcohialcf* Hill?Ktmiopi4?, *|n-TKKU>V. _____ OLYMPIC? fEU-owa" Etkjwia* urcEi Tneup*. UtftlCAN MUSEUM?A PrflFOaitA.lcrj lln .!?? ?? AM' Evmninv 4'VJCKVA ROOMS? Panorama or Ovha. M ? VORK am PUITKKaTKB. 37 Bowery?Bquestbiah Ptk MPW*. IMII*. Slt w Vorl>, iHomlny, Norcmbcr 1, I8."?0. T.n >W4> *n .# Wnalll.iirlnn TI|? !'r??i<lent and lilt Cabinet Determined to Put Down Sorthrru NnlllQen. We have received some highly important informiii' ii lr-m Washington, giving us some pirticuU on the Mihject of the Fugitive Slave bill, and ul ii.< |tropoted action of the Piesident and his Cal.in : u; iis execution in tlw Northern Stated. If Mr. Fillmore exhibits the proper courage and energy iii meeting the approaching crisis in the free - i?:i> < f ihis Union, and will see that the laws of '!te l'i.. hi State* government are carried out in i>, | .m i. ii io all fanatics ami rebels, of every deiti i ii, be will give the world anew specimen of ;;.r iiM i f law and order which pervades the Ameii i; li d, and will also make himself one of the mof 11 pilar meu in this united republic that ? . -e -t ii from the time of Washington. ! rebt lliou* demonstrations among the fanai ii ?tbt>Iirionints of the North, white aud black, i ; . < ; unil we learn tliut they have occupied i t . ii' i.tien of the President and his Cabinet, aui ; mi . . hive determined to take some prominent . i.< in tiie s.ur>ject. Accordingly, some days i.ve Pret;rieut drew up a proclamation, advis. mc tin people to tarry into execution the laws and <..i, ii n of thf ir own creution?particularly the f t: t?e M.ive bill - declaring, iu addition, that n i* hi. fur|.*> e, as long as fie remains in the l< i of elm f mug'strate of this republic, to ! it I'm- U? j currii'J out to the fullest extent. T< no i ii,.,iiio i was transmitted to Mr. Webr, : ci? fnty i.t Si:ite, in Massachusetts or New ' " r lor-, aui was l>y lii.u examined privately, - il up, .uid returned to Washington with his 'i i v"' ^n l-ihi Saturday it was brought up ia C,, itin Council, discussed, nnd approved of. Iuall i. 1 iliiv n **ill he Boon promulgited to the worM, m nil ;? Ifujjili and breadth. rhi* outse i? perfectly riiht au l proper in th ciiict p>"(ii?trHrc of t?ii?? uniird rt-jiuMic, aj it stil i- A K'r.'i conflict un i .? ^reat crisi? arc approach in?. T.t.-?f.ip.n il?i;*i>r ?c ices Attempted in Boiton Chi'.' *, l>?-troit, Philadelphia, iui.I elsewh-re, mti'ttiih-r bt put down, or this republic is a cy >hf r. it humbug? our <*onatitutioa 11 pie ;e of blanli fM i ?im?-niki our la v* ri>|? a of sand. We are ih?? fjfr. mi hundred fugitive alaves, from n < t |.?rn?of he Smth, bare concentrated ia the r ii'. lHKirt t<f Ctizeuovia in thia State, the ?. t u< it c? it.un conventions of a m^.it iadam .ni? twty aid atheistical description. We also learn ih..Mb'- |?-op!** in that at ighborhood htve given -i.coi ?- jr* litem and protection to these fugitives* mm! thai they intend to rci*??t tho execution ol inifMi epnu ? tht-m, should any be issued fro-n thh United Sutea courta, to the list ex. trii \ ? iviI to di'nth urelf We think th( ttn.e t >? ?i me when it should be property te?t''C whether traitors, r? b?-l.?, and nulliliers?black ol white, ?,eikl-d or mulatto?are to destroy th< u y of 'he I wb of this Union, ami lay th< tr?n t?.r. d g.olntion of this republic. The peopt i>t !lii? ^re?i trietr?>|iolia have taken their ?:and ii ..... . IT.. .. ..il lk<l.a.>n ' ?-r * I I' -1?, I III UI un iuno a? tht < i>r*T|i?ri n. If tlir rmfrtMicy ihealii occui * > < r> |o-tfr?'tly rtM<ly md wi'luif to rally i it hntb, wnli Nfinfl in Ih r Inn In, nud t . rr) ?in ii. i> ?irrution The r*-itl crisis i r. ( *.: ? ri riMohmij. All we reqttfut of tlir Soul i? ' f mi utill, look o, and allo?r ih? North I *r i in ihfir o?vn wny, abd to aupjiort th i.-'i'i 'in. itifir d'-vitmn to which th?*y ar '?. >m i?>: hI < i'h ??!* ir blood, if n Mura ( "llloiiitn ,Vc???. U- M imiI, ) ?i? thr im.Hir.ant nf? fi ",t i. i? >, rT' ivnl from Nr<r i IjIimoh, lo ni<kr*|ti, kivi 4 n? tlir- account of another do tnx'ii*' i ' iii 'to ciiy of Han Francisco, na wel ... m'r|| ..., thrti ih~ nnnra hive yieldct l?fc? U iti in. if i- |ir???nf trafon. lb rf.r iv i"- iii th*> wrck wf thill have thf jtb-i'ti ir, | pi' My, of mm .11 mm ,' tttn arrival o: Tti< 'fill I Mf n ? I.-, ( irnrtiM, Chi TOtieif, rtl'd lilll" h > ' !> ' 'i? a h i t mi int i l i*?i I W till. < l.i ill, ti'k'rlln | *:lh Ih' IrUilf of t'? ii'tchl |<?llitfraliua, iV?. It u |> >?itif, ih?i ? nuy l<'?rn hour fIi?* ina>>'inc?mr*at o! ^rMi.ritir'? rd'iitu-urn into ihi* IJuina hi* heeu r<" c? .? ri . . in- |' cm Th>?, in n^lf, will h ver> ii??? r? r>>iin u-; ?*l ile* the f>tct thai tl?e thret ?i< HfiiTo ? ill l rn>" nhout 'hre?* niillioiit of d.ilUn in hi 1,1 iii.oi, at; ia will give a i im,ml?e to cummer t'iM l Me t ?i? 11 the *? ?! i may h- e*>ct- I a? inon ai 'i ni< ir< w . Tin- ir ill* ?v?!l ri ii>* hy iu? Georrft.i, i.i.) n<>t mri'v nil uf r r;?.i.ii.ie ?.?>! ' Ct'y. NlWI flPOIM Kurofll Th?- WR,hii.t:'< n arrived >?~t r?l iy afternoon, with thirtjr-nx hour# later m*? Ironj KiropW? vi\ - the d>-t<iiU 10 iiber column. Th- out] fe?n it <f iitrrrit I-mij I* the airivat, at S.mUi ?ni|'i< ii, nt mie million doll4r? worth of ('iliforni Ki.l.l m>t>l. 1 )ir p? * 'entlMkip Af.is* ( Jnaar' I'll* > ?ill e Hue to morrow ni,;hi at this port, wilt five orvia d?)? littrr intelligent**. Ti f Ji 'Ai: V .iinmi .?s a . ' riir burnt i Arm >K\sine ? \*> nre much d.t-pited to belt*?! th?i Mr < l?rWe- m the b candid tte patf?rwtrl for th? !<:< i f 'ity J i. in th- e|. mn , wlii. :i tnkr* ,.l?? r to>m<>ir?w He is <v -II kro *o ia tfiil romni' iit) ?? ? tiwy*r <prin ip|< ml goni *#x*ihI tfatdinf. laratiUori lo t*t- c in.li 1 lie* fo< il.f' ' r ?i Aitamej'fli , v 'hi* rlr ?tv "ivt r.nr ft|?nl?n, aud are peifrctly tati*fiel thit Mf r.l'ist a the nun. Ii i? th- do 17 of tm i 11 mi !rii j'-iurnal to gin- it* ?lew?, irrevp- ive of pirt*. ?' #'><,\ h iiiii** hs th< < hive d i ?j, an l th? i /iliv a. } wit ii hey ri?wtc. I. ! A? Klertlon To-aorrow-fh< Itwtnl State Ticket tad Nullification. Our auBiidl elections take place to-morrow. Tbere is a good dral of clearness a< to the principles involved in the corneal, but quite an much confuMon a* to the men upon the State ticket, and me real potmen iury occupy oeiore me country. The whig candidates would do well enough in ordinary times, with no great national issues at stake; but their election become* a very serious 1 question, when they ttand before us the avowed I advocates of the abominable principles of Seward, Weed, and Greeley, and the nulUficition resolutions of ihe Syracuse Convention These principles and these resolutions are all of a piece?destructive to the quiet of the Union, violative of the constitution, revolutionary in their inception, and treason ible in their results. Such are the issues i with which the whig Syracuse State ticket is associated. The silver grays at Utica, with a Utile more patriotism, lacked the moral courage required to take a bold national platform; th-y fought the i*!sue with considerable fuss an 1 bnvado, but, on coming to the scratch, they apolo^'izjd and surrendered. With all the bhiHter of the Mexicans, they exhibited lesi thin M-xican courage and consistency. They adopted the Syracuse ticket?the same set of men, t^e same set of principles. True, it was pitiful to see Granger and Duer grounding arms to Weed and Greeley ; but they did it; and in doing it, they abandoned their national professions?they cast off the clean] uniform of the silver eravs. and adopted the neniten tiury stripe of the nullitiera. The principles and doctrines promulgated at Castle Garden, as far as they go, occupy the true ground. T1 ey are identified'with the prosperity of our city, the State, and the Uaion, more than all the platforms of all other parties put together. But the application of those principles in the coming < election, in the candidates to he voted for, is a j que stion which has created the greatest confusion j of idees; and even amonp sensible men the utmost , difficulty and perplexity. We see journals, avowing doctrines us opposite as night and day, supporting the same State ticket. We see other journals, advocating the same doctrines disputing about the candidates Amid such confusion in the journals, public meetings, and conventions, it puzzles m tny cocl-headed sensible men how to vote, so aa best to suve the State from the odium of treason ta the constitution, and destruction to the republic. The simple truth is, that bath the old parties are equal y seltith, equally corrupt, and equally the mere instruments of aspiring demagogues. Their love of country is the love of the loaves and fishes, end everything is fish that comes into their nets. Between tliem it is a mere choice of evils as regnrds men. They both seem destined to the same ultimate collapse. The dynasty of Van Buren and ; the dynasty of Seward, working out the same ! results, will end in the same ignominious shuttling, tricky, and miserable expedients to keep the drift ; together. Van Buren and Seward are the Siamese twins, or rather the two Dromios of Syracuse. | Both have attempted to ride into power over the constitute n, upon popular prej idice, ignorauce, and credulity. The one has met his just deserts, the other will as surely he turned adrift. The disease of the treason and nullification of Van Buren, i broke out n the democratic party some two years tgc?a disease as destructive to pure Aun'rican putnotiMn as cholera to an Irishman. It "run lite the cholera" through the deruocntic party, and left it i>owerlcsa, prostrated, defeated, and dngraced. But th?y have rallied again. But they have improved very little in passing through the fire. The whig party id just now ia the crisis ?>t this abolition epidemic. They are writh.ug ia the contortions of this nullification cholera ; and, , uiilt bsep edy relief ia secured, they will hive to 1 he tnint d over to the public hospitals, or the alin-*.- i j horn* commissioners. Nothing but a ?ood whole- I 1 sonie purging will save them. But in this anomalous state of things?between ' two parties equally the victims of managing dema. ' gogues?bow isanbontct man to choose 1 With the > i one party still infuced with the dregs of Van 15-ireninn, uii<i the other couupted to the vitals with | t>wnrdUm, what is an honest man to do t What i ticket is he to select T How is he to vote ? He | niust do the be^t he can, between a choic" of evils, lie can only select the ticket that U tl?? j le;*st obuoiious to a decent respect for the State, I and itt> good faith to the country at forge. Th Hireling at t-ustie Uaitu-n proposes to repair tue evil by a compromise?by selecting several c indi. dates from the w hig, and several from the d-'mocrttic ticket?* streak cf Iran and a streak of fat, a white stripe and a black stripe. Rut with all the good intentions of the Castle Garden meeting, we doubt ihe remedy they offer. The great evil to be appr* hendei is, that if the Weed and Gr-'cley ticket, or aav portion of it, succeeds, it will be iiun ictrd abroad as a nullificiitoa triu.nt>!i, to a j gritier or lets extent. Such a triumph will inert ate the disaffection in th? South, and th'? prevailing treason among the detestable abjUlion traitors of the North. s The fill-st policy, th-n, is to reject the entire e whig ticket, from beginning to end. Not because a the democratic ticket is altogether pure, go id, or satisfactory, but 'hat it is the choice of evil?, and the only choice left. It in to{> late to organ ze, or r? rtsolvt u[?<n any other plsn. If we cannot carry n out a tu ktt 0|H)ii a distinct national platform, we 0 it u>t be c< i.t> nt to give the best expression possible sp.'tir.ft abolition, treason, disunion, and Bonification. The whin ticket is euureiy too much ' for the stomachs ol intelligent m a. A compro o mise tw ket is a compromise with Seward, Weed, n Grc?ley, u id nullification. The Courier anU E*r 1 yi.irrr, *nd the buy Ilmk, and othi r jorirnits, in their i tten j.ts to ieci<ncile the Seward ticket with | cs'ioti.il pnrciplea, should each employ n h:ilf ! duvn donkeys to inki the burden of) their shout* i'< rs. The tlnng will not do. The only ticket v against tiu!lifuation in ihe best to be hai in opposition to St-Mard, root ai<d branch. The Union 114 krt i.- iroed as far as it noea ; but it <Ws not ft I fartiou^h. What we want, lirat of wit, ii the last ?isngr ol Sewaiditm rootrd out of ih- State. We nits hirki at his principles throu?li his ticket. , \V..*hiniron Hunt is, no doubt, an honest, clever, conieleat, nl>le, liberal-minded Cliri?n>tn m n, with h ?t t>rd for every taction or i?ni; but, us the , trpiesrBtauve of the destructive au I treasonable I'Tiucij lea of .Heir<ird, Wei d, mid Orieley, h-should I It londi mii<d,iind struck duwu, with all that stand upon the niur platform . , What m-1 y be th- res tit it is difficult to sty. | I Silt wp doubt not the goi.l acme ul tli iatelli*|"at , niussof the pttvle is with us, mid we hive no doubt i>f our ultimate vicory over al! th* piebald biaik and rtvolutiotaary el -.nruts of nullification , ,n tli-? Entire ttnls. Presides! Fillmore hi* talen his ft.ml firmly by the constitution and the I li.'us. We Imvc ltiiiuauoia fro.n W Hhmtftoa, that hi intends isi>im>g a S| <*cihI i ro< tarnation to tl stflict. Let him maintain his petition, and od, i ?.sy, amiable man as he is, hr hi ?y yet h**e . r^.ak enough and pow?r enough ? st liter Hie Waik bends of tttfl'lon to ih'- wiudw, an J to coui trol ilic ciii'i-aiun of |i?P2, in his ow.i n.i n*, nid ta thr m n e of the I til.HH. i The bi v?-ril State tickets before the people are I a:* follow*? I V, i m. I) nnrr?l, , It ?att" ftynitir. II r>"? ?:yii. nf. I in i ?; ???*n Ci -r? . v?m?ll. taal< rJ i. v in. I \> A I. . ' > .Jl It! l . V.. I,rf. J.ria C. ??t r . I fTAT? I'j ? l**i' * ?",! iin r Am. ( I >?h . > 41 , ?AM. ??<*l . lllir.. ' IV * U.I. ! I "I" A i i Kfnf QovsamB WuhiBtv a Hnnt W* i vi?? h , ,i. I l,in *. ( ? M IIM 1. " it??ll. Mi. r* a M. 'i. I At IL I' .? t? r . . a en/tf llian I /. R,h fMi |{ . I ;,,1, I-1. I > I . a ' . > . U(m nsiri*ui.Wi * m th. t'li >)?* ?. It ? ,j?. Ab^iHh'rt. I fiorir rt' * .. a. .?? . *-I'iM t'. ^tptig. I "If, t, t EH iron Jr**pn I'infiifc fAV Al, (l Ja'inl J II ft a t p? fit mn% ?ct??h iMrM ( l?fk. C i .i i n (-r ArrrAiJ.Mw.Aift 1 line it will ?>e seej fhtt, exerpti.igth- lade pfMlent abtdition tickit (w hich la probably 4 raw mo.e then anjihipg eU?), the IcaHun H'hij eaa| didntf s ate identified with the diioifMiuti. Th>'ir tuux.im.u.0*. U iLc tjtKmt l??vUUV??| |Q4 'It eernratcraa with wht< h they w ?u|H*?rtrd by Weed mad Greeley, i> rawfh TU? m<hI ani.-hv tic verdict, therefore, th ?t could be five* ax?ia*t irraton and nullification, aad m favor *f the Uai >a, would be the reaction aad (be d?fcat oi the ?hf ticket from first to last. Kailiar > (Ikat. < will devolve uj>-n the Union party to reorgtaue (or uir neii campaign, wawiimoton hl>*t and mi? vaii. * <)ei?i ? j Wa*bington Hunt, the wh-4 f-r ' vrrnor, in |>erfecl tranat'-n Irnt* > it m i?>utica Tran?cendentaliam iu phili?a?>phy wJi r twenty ihoumtnd dUU rrui ?ut.(rcu, ao 'u-r k contradictory they may appear; aal : ia th* ?? T in politica, whether thry rm^rtn 1>V, wnite, red, all me primary colon, or whether tiff ?r? divided into ten thousand (ragnxnta. Mr IIml i? oi thu calibre, la hia reply to Mr. ()raa.**r I aay? h" ia oppoaed to the Fugitive Mave bill, but om? o4 i< ' frirnda and defender* ta thia city **y? 4 ir- lift* revtrae?that ao fax from br :ajf ?f>t?>a .1 t? tha' tneaaure, he ia in favwr oi carry ia*t it ?u? ia g?K?l faith. The one i* the blue aal the ?< . r 11m- rri of hi* politice; but w r have tl*e * h * ial>fc?W/'a Account of him and hia opiniona. i.? i ua mi q ? all up according to iht ircolor*, and ,< ?-* Mr H >?' in hia true light before the public >o liM K i?' uv# i Slave bill:? ni.f*. RKn. Mr. Hunt to Mr. Gimgtr. Mr. , ( I atoould b? wanting ta vM M ffww tandor It 1 <>ailUv<l t?> ?ay I l"g !<-??? K? aa# tfci ., h that I dvplortt th? p???a?i- r ur c< uuii> ik?i : ? *? of the ? ugtt)T? gtava-law, |<i Albany < M t.4ayi"l in Ita prvmnt torm lt> - ai.d bai ? Mi IM ocgnUinK to th? tullaat ? ?- euavafMUo* *r t At t?nt the counltuHoDkl i.b- lluut u?<a |>?1 .*i 'jbligation ? bich it t? lutrn l- j?<l tir ?( '? ! mra to fntoieo. I regret tbe ia ib* in a*: oi (ui?" iraturn ot thla bill, which tarn*, that b? ??i i ?< are calculated, nut to ar- ?< ? of I .? cnp?> .a ** rut agitation but to make aJipted al tb? U-i ?*> >u it HKirc Inteure and uui- of Cna(raa? n ro a of bwti well coo*ltl?red nod tb? |.r?rl?ia. of tt. - i<i needtt modillfa- tirt lltit lit and ?>> tlons Th? Ftiininary op - i ? > aylUUnf llis ?jb; et ration* of iti pioTii-un ul tlar> ry coufikitu with all our notions of perton&l right an! security. <lirir<d from thciiidcu law. tu.i r?oo?nued by every 1res constitution. The while portico of Ml. llunt'# politic* can be found in the 'Ihibunr, the organ ?f utimiiitn, j abolitionUm, and every other destructive an 1 dtugerous isui of the day. The truth in, th.it Mr* Hum's le'ter to Mr Granger waj calculated for the "rural districts," and the publication of Mr. Foster's card lor the region of tin* city, where wi* are happy in beiug able to say there a'>>4?*a a I ul- 1 ing and a deep leve and revereacc for the I'moo and the Constitution. There id 110 doubt tint Mr Foster state* accurately the teaor of hi* convei tioii wi;.h Mr. IIout. Unfortunately, however, for | the conbistenty of the whig candidate for Governor, we find him expressing vi? ws on the tame subject diametrically oppoaed to what Mr. Foster gives him credit for. In private life -Mr. Hunt is a good man. He has fallen iato bad h tuda as a poll. ' tician; nnd under the tuition of Thurlow Weed and . Horace Grcely, reckless politicians aad unscrupa- | lous demagogues, he has come out lilte them?a I transcendt ntalist in politics?one who will not only Mow ho: and cold in the s rr.e breath, but who will i have an opinion on important matters suited to every district and section of tho Sute. Tie publu Rre in a fair way of discovering that, l kc his teacher, he has no principle at all. Thk M\to*alty.?We hlte already given our hentimrnts in regard to the two candidates for the | mayoral*)*?Mr. Kmgsland on the whig *ide, an i 1 Mr. Fernando Wood on the democratic. As a j n.sii of tnergy, coursge and capability, we preferred Mr. Wood, and lecommcnded him to the l.lltllif I,, f't.t /i,> ?it tf < - t i . I . f li I partly conducted by the Hon. Mike Walsh, I himself a democratic candidate f>>r th* A.<n?mM?, 1 we found a m?-' - on: uitacu on the private j c hi racier of Mr. Wood, which, if true, would render him utur'y uiifit, in any ;oiat or vicar, to receive the *Ui>i>ort ot any pirty. Tlie /) tp:lcn 1 published what purported to he a Irgal docutii-mt, taleu fioni the records of tha Suj?erior Court, which contains a great many charges agsiaat Uie husij.eaH character of Mr. Wood, of a most extraordinary nature. If those charges were true, of ! cour?-e Mr. Wood could not exj?ect, nor would he j be entitled to, the rupport'of any party. It wt.s an uct of injustice, however, to publish one aid* of the story * itn*ut the other. The Tri ad* of Mr ' W?.oi have headed ua his reply, which is on the tilrs "f the Superior C^urt, uiid w.jich Miufiso torily ; .!><wis all the allegations mid? agxiust ; him; but it is too long for ?ur col tmn-. The to!lowing statement from his counsel, however, wiio ar< ii^hly respectable men, will be suificiea' to counteract the injustice perpetrated by thtf'iits]>'itrh towtrds \lr. Wood:? Tn iNt Pvm.ir ?An al'.eajpt I* tuinj m?i? ta lutliicuci th" public iiun't afainst mr, t>y 1 h" pnblii?tmii ot ji*|< r purp'.rtlnrf 10 h? a c?uipl?int In a milt Ik w pi'lining III tha Muparior iJnurt ol iblaclty, *o grnaa arc the rbargi * oObtalnnd In |V|? roi.ii.Uio' mat tin-nt>Ji it. < I lii i i? itni'lt J-!. ?t? I I'lm-ult" out ni wiilalt tblt i ninpiiiia nrl'iHi, l< now in iiMemrin cl lltinHtldu: uud will. v<ea it euroe* t<? ttl-tl a.V>?? trm h???- al'piopt id nn In- Olim lf(f*t.>rt moon* from !? ? , *ho Lad bun Umtly tb? Nelpmntul uir bounty and f.i*nr I milfn * It t.ow to ?I1 that ii I rnry tllr(?tlM kit! ??t t >r!b m M lit M*?. divtuiiil <! uu-d hr in- nadir oath. I aubjo'a tha card of my oouu??i i? Hi aJl< r. VK*N4X1>9 W0.)3 I Nf* York. Ni>TRinb?r S ISfO. llavtr.g < 11 a topy ft n r-?a>pUlat In a an tn wllch ti*iD*ndo Wont If .)> I -u iaat. p>bil-li?d ,n funday |-?p> r. w? tbibk It prn^rr. i-j justice t<? ir Wi d, I') limb* tlia toll in,; Matcni#'.;. ? Ib? Milt in i{a?>tli)ti * < r iinni-. ecd In ' ?:'U?*y U-t.t.; 'oi- pr?e*r?ra<-at ct a ; r.imM M<.nn . U' rrei.m nn allafftd talMt l accO.n t an 1t? p'? M>nmd In fat i for hi* bon<-tit el'i.ftnft nndcr aao.tmr iatu?. lh? Blirfati'<n? in th* - utpUInt b*?? b n cnid call and rrary of tkaui ? by Mr Wo I a aliir oaih; and lb* iwttt ei-.i?!ri.-i(f eush d-uive I# en Mr. H ?a< well ku'<?o to the |g<3lfM??l It i pinour-d tho Ineartlnn ?f tha romplatnt It l? t.i t>? t btrrtad tkat th* complaint in nr?t rworn to by < " | t;nr. br actual pitnel^al kit kr a jnnior pvtutt i>f H" pr? trt'.di-il B?/lg???- .? lot. riaati iu duly W> thibk it ri|lit to ?* ', 1 h-vt fci.l i/ l>.?n Mr *'i nd> 1 frua th?" brftnti eg of th- tranact cot id ablrb ih.- ml an*>a. * in .4 o-ir kao*l*4g" if thr farta. lultnf raid rail t h? aa tit' itpt ?t *t tortio*. ar.rt th*. tb? ali-galinn* ut ttjr 0?iu; katot ?ra ontrva. ard adalwd Mr Wivdtor. i#t It ' !!" tar thr publication of a libation* aoiuidalnt, it IhU tl>na ? the enra plaint tv-ln* l>??? I "a Inf mi'nn only, in I wt'b ac'.uai notice tbat a a warn dtaiai la nn ni? I* 1 rnn-l?trDt utth falrn . r hr.fc' t ). ?. tic* the public 111 decide Tl'CKKR & CKII'O, 0 llanori't at | N iiTcm bar 3,1960. j Thi?fc*cm? to b* perfectly uliafie o*y, an ' h".\h ' a! oiirf iiur prria.licr th^t mty liavi- hrm uroatci arntoft Mr. Wocd hi conar.|'iancr of th" p iMha* i tirn in juration. W? k*ve a c py <>f the origin?| j diKUimaii e?tahli*hinir in all it? partictiUr* the j 4t ti?Titl atalrinetita of Tucker Ac Ora.m, ' iiiul the utfr falsehood of the ?:4? 'menu published j hy the Dnpn rh Piiitmi* MnriMO-yi?i.?t vt^srs Hu xiKn ? Wt il)nii|;hi the liir j'lurBfjtiii u |i'iu?rn wi jH hi\v? n:et on Saturday evening to do jontethidf for ihi m rd uf tll#? ! h 4hv rfft-rcnr#' Irk n ir to. (-oft ol the proceeding*, in uoth'T to!<imn, it * ilk tw! ?eeii thai w htle Greeley ojieurd the b<ilt with m addreta about the printing hu>iu<*m, ia which hi- mtla mine ily Inl at Hr.ioka, the u;>?h t and colcI<i -inn i f the whole nutter ?m of it ,?ot- -r.si ?.nd the editur of the Erptttt wag form-illy <leni'iiut'i << by rt MiUti 'n, tH uawofthy tiie fn(i,wrl of the walking meg, a ca?did r' for 4 at In t.'on. girt* f<>r th< with ditirict. Th l i? a devel m.-o' of * new | haw in the printi r?' move m-nr, n? I wa r<guid it w ith gome degre e of In >-rrat. For our own part we gu with Grerl-y and Co mriin?t llroikr We happen to a p*e writh the pfciloayhrr for on*e. We ha?e ofiin rT,?re? >d our idem ab'iit Bfwcka* uiiri'nr#* for Convreia , hit ure hire Blwxya done it open!/an 1 ghuveh Mrd. U.ntiey, 011 the con'rary, adopt* thi? *ne;ik.nif, vindictive mode of >.mailing a rival. It i;? ?j ii;e cS imc eristic of ihe I'ourif rite. It-O thcnieri ? of the grudi(? beta fen the twor.iitoM we do tot iatend tornt-r. Let them fight their buttle 01. It n .* pre :y jtirre' aa it MdRilf. I,i( It*nation would ipoil it. I' a r'lite. futuMled at j AlUav.im ti>* Win uit by taftJog ibn ? ?' m >r- I f>hlfii? tl? imd b?en drmfcii* to t * v?? fi>r f<i?a ? *r? ? I Ik trim tba 8t?fe of 1?i Ktik, Mil tv abnat l?tf*r Ca*didati? roa Co.soriss.?We will have rw? f?uwn- < aadtdatea for (/oafreM in the li?ld ? in iIf fW <-b I*-morrow?G?-orge W. Blunt and t Brooch Boih of theae geatl-mcn have 11 < tiered 'ben:arUea ta oivoMtion to the convention M*ta? '> i We like thia idea. It ta really time, . 'i - r . i iiy u hisij, when there t !l hr uo oavoatiita ncmiuitiona. Mr. Blunt, in * rfc. > itti 'i*im t. nt a b.mmI mm: and Mr Hrmch. ' "? M ia ta? f< ' 'h il??iin l, wouM make a much more ' > r..' . ,U r 4?' (*. : tS an many *e know 1 ?.f I.. ? ? * i >m ?> ; in a; one?, ?n I get rid j of cuawea??oa n?nMn atiotia Ufi N> t? ? <i>? Th? brig Mary Ami Capt Wait ?rru I pnniiy fr< id tt*al bftaj utf us data^ l?lk? Ink alt Hy Um arrlaat, all la raportal to be > n.4 >i? b- i' with in# laiiani In ' IW lalHtM M aai"?t>< In much 11 r? a , .u < itkikut top | af corn. , l< . vki?h la Ik* aaaaa af aaaak rtyulelnj. aa, for tha I?M m < >l?j ba4 %Mit Ml Ik* a'lhUi k?d to J lxl*| r i t' ta tha la" -4 St?' ?, taatlof moary a < a?k arUci* la T ?* a> aa. Tha $ ia?- ?l at H? U-> Hal wtthhoM tha f irmer j ' all xaart ?f aoa*r ak MM) f?r month tihh ka> rat tk> Irn a | d< |><r(n nt aa thalr ova rait l > ?rl f ' - .?? ?' waa ia?ti-'l at ' M> ilia Ui|a<ia| a lu af 11 j?r aeat oa r? u?! aa J raal w?au ka CtMM'Wl afair> ara 4*11 aip?r1? ?*ry lijht. l?t aa?a?t*? ra m J*. i By Ika arriral of the I1>< lluMia, <Vaa Jat?al akiak piaaa ah* iwt aa tha iMk IMoVr w? Ma W>?a?4 that a aaaaptrary ha t t*aa 4l?- ? ??< >?ala*t th? (ivraunt, vh)?h hai TM?it>a la tha atr.at of .? taa av khraa hua4r*l >{ ??d |*wm l?i ut wb*h ki4 Wti ik<tu4 tlfkl n>?J>?tr4 ! <Ntl It iNhm im r?K- rt<<< to W ti?| 4?U Cofaa tt4 od iWN Ikr Kli?? Aifrtrcwr ( t'armll *1 the Optra Oa Saturday aigkt ? lt*wa*d to iMNitiJ U< *atin rvbMifti ?< > >fM af aktok v* kad a 4atK-taaa tor*ta*ta ' tk? m r?t?j TkMfk a rAiaml li bot lk* rk*4*?. at M. a( tb* Htl iMUn. y at * ar* MUltrt Utl I'tfoti 1* Ik* taat tMtIM tkat fca? *?*r rt?tU I tbla " aatty Ikiaa'l ltnlint|. I rit--a.ni >a auiln; elr?U? ak?4ly aapasallfUd H*r | M(Mik iot? alow. I* a vnatartal (ill?bat tka ant I tlvatiea ? H i* aa aclraerdiaary a*^>afllika?at | Art auit Batar* aatta ia k*t lk*a W)r*k<t tkl?. kar 1 iprrnlir larr h<r aaiai?'.*i cHoV kacrartlalhaa i ot aa ?ai *t Ma! UUal aj.oa tua 4*a 4a* of tb* pa*t J i d' -r f. riaat oa-? tb cr?a<?at a.-tt-l ol aar i day It 1- r?rj ilnaay traa**aa4aalal aa4 p-xttlaal J to talk akrat J*ary Had aa tk* njnatl a ?f tka ' niafeal iranlaa of k Burcpa aad a* Paroii ?a tb*-?? uiee*at aatko<4Ua>at af tU* aa?l .t??a xmU of i 1 Koutkiia x>a| bat all tkla fartakM <( riuok* aaooa I . Mb* aad ?*(?* . Jrtaf Lla4 i/v* U ! mail a^>ra ? I'aiodt'r la tra?U Bark to gt*at la k*f way. J*at>/ ! i l.lnd U tk* a(ltat?r ot tk* laaflaatlaa- Candi th* lulalrrf* of ?b* tout. Jlu-le la pow?rtu! la lta?ff*?t* u|<ub our jLy.ical orfaaiaati >a, aal ahtla J<aay I.la J 1 i ulflitcai*. Uaj^wlly by luaptriac uirtk aad iat*t;, j r?ro<l| vtuIJ (Makliah a frataral la^raatn tk*

roB'tltuilna. kj l*afiag a m*marj at 4*aUa<a* ><>a >d< lo tb* <r !? at b*art J*iay Lied *tarti?? ?ay rataa. braflu*ra I'arcdl coaaiaada *itr. at.? aootk** ul coiilmli Tb* vclea of oa* U Ilk* tk* d< h'114 rltuV o*> r a roeky p. bt>ly b*d la tu? taidat at a brt'liaat i 1 tuDihlar flaabiatf. daarlBg aad |arj!ia| v , h m-rry rouLil - th role* of tb* otk*r u 1L? a t >ri*at la ra* | i drrp ravrra. tiakllUR. ra*ocB>llB? aad a^a-mi .la d?>p dark roeky ba?la? or trtcktlaf ?l?k ?o'.-aaa n hut. ia th*ail*&?? of aatara, o?ar aa'jatai k 4 k*ra j aad tbn* lt<bt -d by aa alwoat aaflcal Tu- < fur our Ij?ii a ityl* brilliant without tri 14 d <j> iha latter ba? a u>?t.hod. d?ap frmn it* ?*? peculiar brtiUur). Jet ny Lltid'a mUtlifi > lo*t la tk? t??ltirulat* n[ til.(7 ? ( Iti ?i?rcu;loo - that of IV. Ii I* pl? t.r dUtiuct anU bat?w>a tute uagaaja and art ar* bit udej 'x*ftU?r bp ho i i aoal Jamj Liud dflljlitt FiroJI iitlilt#, ItaouUt til, ttrp wall, if ih?M gr a coultl ba ra'alned la lhl? motrop >1 ? (or tha ant *lt nit 01 h?. Jrvny Lin I ml -V tVraa la ilia ? 1 k id nuiie Optra* I'ar Ui 111 ctkirtlxM in traitlf i[hii< Bnth woulJ crt-a'a agraat Huttii"i Ti t, " a hc>la boutidla** 0"Dlla?-Bt " (jb I la thalra Th? ptoplo art ul4eraf loXt* Votk 11 to lh? al Mrrra. Million* of d- liar* would pour la np"a 3a. Ir m tint region i fcutfi kpf^oro o uljt th-ir praui 1and ?Lojil>?tp?r? w?>ul I mjafr? a J>ubl? *! ?f clerk* and, prrbap*. pcllta cn?? la t?*1, a I olaaaoa aould ba tfi.antt. il bj b an arrai (>w?nl, aad It la to b? iituitj that lb. Ulnl aiajr a >t Li l>rl la lb* propn' quarter ? 11 to right tfcrr* will ha a rev?tatl'ja Km/ b<i and | ?r |Uftt? ticket hai lw?i aold. aad Ik aaipilibt atra lirkvta will all go lb la'rnli' Thapjl.lt) will Juuga lor thtmiu>l??* with r? f?pi to Par li a graatueaa. W? rhail Watch tarjr eloaalp lor a ??> MMtp Intharhapa of ito ({lutob* W? d?aotaip-?t ta til.. 1 innrw tlttn oqb pAtodl la all t'i?t w. Am crUwd b?r t<> bo; and. w? pr??uni*. wlU ?!?>> h?r? If to 1* mr>r? thau wa th uyh w? *e?ro*ly if.iw l?.w ?ki can b* grtalrr than ? B' w UalUfa h?i ?<? lt? kf i tri(li fMtllkl u4 lltrr^MW ( ?Itub* p*a?lu>a. air iuiim. o?ir oiily r>?gr*i ! th?t *o grvat an a.. t. oaur.nl In r>utni-d alway* in tbl? U4*Topjli h*t -h< illnlutB tn I.unit'ii mill ih<-ii?n tak brrcv.u- in farli >i h'l<r>buT|li i.ni th? 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Am n l'.laho|?*a Thlrtl (-rami Coiir< rC> T?t|- r I) .Ii ?a? crowd J last ni,bi.. la *T-ry part to Ihirr t Ikr grand *a*r*d uur!? r?l-rt*I far * * Hl'h< p'a Ihliil 0OM?*it. Th? <r*t part e>'B?l tr4 of in* tpuBiild ti; &purillm Of BMlbvun, " Tii* kl?4at<-f i (t.ltf ti ihii-B Aula Itlahop. 4att ri aa l Pvg-itu tn Mli4 H i olo p*rt* *upp itM by a larg* ra .*.i *i it mi nrrlitMtBtl axcallanl iuat?riau Im au^it* i ^ na? i.iiIh i in- aM? f>up*rlfit*Bd?n * ol klr. I.)?tar. a?4 , Ihr ?h' If BiurlPBl d< par*.?nBt fU 41r<f trU by H >nti?a Tl v>li ih' iitaBB batoiublii* of D??lhJt*b ari> worthy t pcpnlvtlly. jut ? tblah ho I ?? hi* aiihj??t la hi* ' t aitd (!"< not idilirM blawlf to !!? t??? i?l I (el nlki wbl> kin I t nrt kU vmlift*. tfe* i it ika ?( !? pt.rt* ??? r?ry brl |l%nf (rimlif. aat J A li 11ft kltt i p ibl* gr< at pun. r Into l'ia ? h- l ?i i b ? uni t* Mhn? ?r?. *U?. ii ut i-il ah* .I U. i .. i l ri<? ircttd pit It c4 lb* rr*rint *?*? th# nn.t It'll 11bi t I ortli'0 of tb? p?rfi'rtii?ti';ii Th< ?t. ? J it, ?)ib ? di?*i Miirollv p?rf<M??--l l-'iiltiu bt Anu?ti'*hop NnwUIand * .ut*? <? ? li.'in'?? 'I at b rliiglog adluiflt'ily w I > r* kmii t *')?)' "? to nj tb*t Aurn lliv.op pari, r I li nur. ? ? ti >i>li ndId In tl in*l" li >j? -i . , r % *? rh? ? ? ? ? or?d *?d ti th? Hr?t|?? II-r *"r%lil,?lli'? * ? truly hiv|ji3rut mid nrrthf of tbi- difctiu*wl?b -I rapn vi -1 >'i i in tin. nnmirH worid fr?p| h' hiMi'm I ji h-ui nt HMdti h>*r agasa ill ?<?>n at itt?? , ? pt?tl n i c? rt*. whi"h arr d?*nT*i"llr popular. t l<>?ii x li(<tk?r ftim li ur to Dm th ni?*n l y rn-m mi ?*tj i im h I n I'h# ptihll? J<-?irn opportuni ty-* to J kMiiiai .1 ijiiKinti J wttb t*? ?<r. I MapMw, ia | |f | tfc? rotiri-rt" ?r?-wto coniiaitii' fct -n .> ?to?ft tb'f t ?>..i J pfitmMj Im mum nr<li>rt4VI# tvikow wKft llt? 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W II . tit 1 ), cti tt? ii'th >?it ti? a fAll from i tauMi In hl? bA'ti I* I . *f in ! ho.-Vtijfl}*! i Jur^d t|.?? I ?'.i *!? .-1 ??iit iihorl llo.r Mr V na* *r lab-it of lb? t/ ir i>l Sft I 11 nuttl intelligence. the banker hill .'lutma mjh that the naw rbieb bv b??u in t rograaa at tba navy yard for toma la* paat ? ? lauuebad on satnrday attaruoou. 1b ina style bba in called tbe john tlaneoek. conrt calent' nr?tkla day. fib st bay ok tkum. hrraimc Court ? Cihcmt Court.? (ejwardx, jinlea )?moa 813 61?. ?78, 6?6. 744, 770. 771. 772, u74, 16. 677, b70 8h3. i-s4 8i i-iaioa ooiat.?tliero will be no jary trial tbis Donth. Common Puii.'Th?ra wilt be nc aperial term for Le iMues of fact daritig the Nort ,l>er term. E]'d Ulglktl-EiGirdluRi)' Important Mllttar)' UnUlon. Etih at Ntw YuHk. Linn Qi'ahteri, ) ADJL'TAVT GCNKRAL'H OlMCK, '? Albany. Oct 29, 1650. J gcnkhal oh'.>?IM NO. 304 ffhtifii. upon the application of liri^ adier f>ener<il? rttnrj uud Ueorxe P. Morris, a Court of Ini'liry instituted to Kettle thi iiueittou of rank buiwim th.-ff < Ulcere, mi J the iaid daurt U?> intf reportrd to th? Couimati'lur in Chief. that in it? opinioa. Hiijr*alfr Urn* ral Morris is. by rlrtue of his election, th* *>nii>r ol General St or an " th* Comma.nder-liit t- f her? kj a?vrove* ot thu priconiinpR "f t <? Court . t I oquiry. una ttj?* name in hereby diMOlved Mrji r il'iinil Han jtord 1* charged with the duty of i protr.ultratiuc tiiin order order ot the r<.Bsmei)'Vr in-Chief. 1 SWll'KL, oYKVHNS, Adjutant Qenerftl. FIRST DlYIBfON NEW YORK STATIC MILITIA. DIVISION OR11I.R8, NO 70. New York. October 80 18j0 The for*K' li'g general order* ar.* promulgated for the in'r.rmatiou and arnvn orient ot this Diticion. Hy ord? r ul (UIAKi.KS W. SANDFORD, Maj >r Ueneral (iomeinding. Lt t'u Q Vam Ki.frs 1J P SI . Acting A. D. C. R. 0. WKTMORK. Dlrl?ioa Inspector. Day Book Or tick, November 2,1850. !? ?? O hi?i>iTT. l?n 0 am ?i ? - In rrplv to an article in tlio llcraUi this in i >,g a wbiehit |? fitel that " VT&thtn^toa llant i* il'ai.iil vrli ib? "<t.?rd inrcrtti." m.'l ihet " if elioted, Mr It iriv.MI tli <1 r.p.u hit tn<!ur?eui'j;i1'. of 8??.?r-l ' >..'lhi? i i h m l uullitirun n doCtriset," I hen le%ve , .\ ili>i I ?.m i . mi h<i?y but. Ai l li?U a full j ? . Iif' art raalien *itb Mr. Hunt up > pulilicil iubjacti. -'in f m ' noit ttrm', tut' Hn wm In T. Tl'f rh? t oi l . I.I if 0 t'lopMlt **- till llllt fffM )1 "f Clouc ? v ?*i r I i arr.viua "lit in (Jiott tilth she |.r jtimomi of > ? I. t lit* : iaia laar, as 1 ..ppaiiad to agitatiuc f?3 aubj c? i i t > Ii- a.-i. mata.t. ilat he wa? oiiiu-el to the rrto. i r , . : by the io:>j?ri?j ?'f I bo Pyrm.aa Convention, > i*t al\ i. iiii r <>f thuM oflerad l>y Judje llutr. but i . . I r .7 if*m I B.11I! I Dtku ilid.-i) ulitin ant a m a < ! >< *, and that Mr II. nt may ataud in Now \ iV u| a ba own mstitc. Very itape< Unity, G. U. F03TER. !' tl>? Pabllc?A* a portion of iHe prt'M i hi It i . l.?-r u* n pnrpoaaa, to briux my nvnu l?o'.*? ba i? lit, I rtrl aall?d m>'d. ia juatiaa to iny?'H. anil i . u ?-?. ? at>4 ?.ih ina in arranging tlio " I'nicn Mm m " M Tarla QivIWi ta tny, UIMNaM emphatic ?>.. arr <b> iharn?? amir it la* 11 K Mri > | la i in i lu ?.n -rial \ ' -I tVa 24 lft?t., that " llr. F. S. T.a ? i i n?4 ii-r l>a!i by B v n* a r. ablutim that th? J?jr. ii i.itur v nvi a, aa: ab ditton t'eka*. h'-aJe l, K> *? r i r *<b*?ra r. b? adoptad by tbia cuinmiitie." 4 i t?ay that llura wfa from tho lirut, or that r -ta . any .ir ai??r > cinMnitu'ii or undsri*a< t< uut Kay tirkra itnU to broanht farirard, or ti. by n.??nrit at O-tU Uar<l< n. or by tba oami i' <> ' . > it.j . ' >r>>..? i .# in "liaT at t'ia o unaiittcc of ' . .i .nit. m lit: i: atin.i. At i tha charsa fiat any ? . I ii k. m l i > 'i t i r ! ( l> ? !: r.inmlMca. or u n lar lli -H t,a-r t a ii.*r. *ti:ns or mat ' ftNKi atatnalvd by th'i oomaalttan, if lknr \ i"l ut by thalr aat:iorlt|r nr atiz<asti.iD ; 'a' aaj t't arat.dr la that tlTuo'- ?a? i >ada at tha ua-1 al ilaafil'w, ta unUty tntraa. Tha CammltI** ait . - .(Mi iu a-r\ vu* t*uat ci.n'i i? I t.i thf. n. by kali ahlt* 'ba r*fl??iai !? nl. a:.4 ?|>rrb?a mada at r??ila i ?:i t! , ar? fco* prapari*^ fa* jmbl,cation, I >-a !' r . afirfit' IUUI the ibuUUlatciU, Titli itn i >! ? aai ifit.'hta, f tal'aiiU'nii, ah; ft i.i '' .umlitaaof Safely ba>a already ' i. al'i'^'4 I" i. ba falt'? I uin*la. In a manner n't c n?iU> ' I i i: I at liberty ta (lata a>kai rrally . in ?n"i af t>.? cmamlltta. wit'ioal any yc? ' ? alah any of ita mt-uiWra. 1 offeraJ tsa i >l?alt| ra??lai'a* b I i >f 'l-ri.? bi1 a^r^inti-t, to ratira I.' )*rviar. Ir> a li i all 1 a*d 4* .? I .luio tiuitl liiff i I ' c ?t i a 1 .1 a> aacaa, ni.ranr lull* a*. it"|.|' 11 aa 11# aaavlar Ila4 ibr r**"ia'ita bm. . ...; t i aa? ?> ud upan, la ii naM ??e ti?? ?? lu baar bait <>ai|>.-'l, It abM i?Uili*a i f raaJ.Uiaa Uit aaWld ha*o aada. Tkt r*? a?l'a ' ma'alr ra tarmn t fiat i mai ' i .l ? i ii.. (.. arr i" tu- ui aetli o in tha a i r aa? | >r?- lv ?- t\a? ' a? *i*?? a ra an'artaiaad by i. a. * ' . * . i |i?r * I arlt 'r t It, oat of r*?pcat I i I ? ' 11 . a . t. ?i: i b. a .nea I .14 ii I a ii*> to t I . . I I? M: J a art W. C.trtrl, i < < It fi l)>rra Kaukat.i. an4 uaaalmtaaly M. ( ? la , i Mi< >a? a r lt "' . k.wlirf rt?- .-nnt??i t? all 111" < illI f ? ' rk ' ' 'If I I : ft I'Ml.dMII I * '..I, < f i Valt 3i ?, .1 nk r? ( C a) il' i?r?il |"4' 9 koiiim, ' " |>aat?l I r.. i t i i.ru, ul )>Vi> ln< llinrj lattiUt is ill bailaat . a a aa a. tiii,, a. I ha< t. rtlatU* H tki ?et <*m M lb* aamnllMa. I faal > - ( al|?4 ii|?a to a?4 > * 1a t r ' ii. I l'*111 n> <Jutf. a far at mr u4 ??lt>f??? ii'oal. Ucirry ' Kt tt iitt I'ftll > mi ta i >. ?j >. I ?' tilt uKritui at t'atilt Oariia: a* 4 it i ia?a r? ?a.i.il -aa. n ?[->r* ?? **ta ?. ??. ?it ?> ?iWr ilt?K?i f?r lnw ilm?i I i. tM, <1 al tka l.-?i?ta.ui? ?n? u it w? ?r >4 t * ' Ita ?.a tfca | < ta<aanr?a rel "?i r* *4 '' *? "i la l?? ;r I rti i ii i n ft tin a Jill l.r riM?.J Mil*|l I It .? ' I<r ? lilt ia*.4>4 i a I >r ! > ? t>-r?l Siatt l?> .? \ all 1. ta u. aap^ri. laljr - i . ?ti.I at. I 4t?*tvtffa hithatti t Mmalu f ' Hi triair n a.fttat iht F jjlI. ta4 a?ri 1 ? af rt-ap>a.ar aat ?I tl ? a?>t iw|- rtaat a. himhi ?? ?l?a Mti>i af t>a<- '? ' f?r aaita I IbMitt ita< kt >lal4t a ral? aa' t'lvi t* tin tlSrt r>aar? <f tua^'inM I ?..ai' <>.| t rt a?4 rati at?? my I II .a tlil*a?a ?'<a r- aJ?|i. J at Cat'!- (l?l>a I (il a i<k?i M Bit'a < it, ?t?r.lr L??t I t?a i '.-a Ii'l-t.ti I t'l 1,1 u: , t*at<.i at ta I it tlaa4<rt a* it| 11.a* MtttM. I Mtt l I II ?. H af tkt ttf. Mi tka ! Ml (I >tt tf Iht * > taitiai-k tat I<ai'> at ar, ia4iTtaal I aalf 'aim I t a |itil a ?wi>l ahlfk kil?a?t u> a.ajr alius ( Itla li la tail rr ? ta a Hia< ta tat vnaaetaaaa. ta4 ta a?t>(ar. tk at m mi? tklt I ma h<tl aitalatal U- Miktltl rt.it *f a?r tiHiBa* aaaat.jr. taiaatla I i. it- ni milt aa4 wt:li at Jrratt >m. I I ' ' a:utat ) a> ) a' *f.iaa way kt Ita <itt4 ai?i? hal> t> t r" laa'a ! ( Mnt t. f. I. Katr (?kt *. >a?l.r* l%ft.. A u? t-iitl at ar Itt F'.iirojtt m*?m to kr Imf W' Ik ? I lia, ika tpiti. af 74 la a*t alllnat all.. IK it-?. tra M?l ?fc? a|4nt ara*a?r ??' ?a a a? ttfclM '4 at T1 Ctltaa ttr??t, vkata K >( rt ta > . ? liar aH rtMlltl, la ItaB't a.-at s >tl it, Ith1 a. taata. aa? paa't. TomltM Mhr |wtt nl a rt <!>' tt r 1 ( r" la lax. ) Ilaaa ab ttita. M mil a> a ' uttitaia I* Ik w a i ?a If ttatr it a oatSar ta ttl>t<-tirt a ia ?a? tmf in t?, a>. aitr^M??at a tk?| -r4a>4 aarutatr. It it t|t<>*r K i. I a> h. ( Mi Mf .itaray. tHta it a>* f> r a tk >rt ?** t rIt a< full?om ttt. I r'a* laaaaat |i< laattt a?4 (?aII a i 11 t ita 4*11 r a? 4 a ' ilf l*rlt%ta ki> Itt tra t<?-a ' at t, a >l.a MM t il I'll M l>Ta?ll/. r a % ??r?l??.aal aa t Mrf t<tft, I nr ( la ?*t mow o|m ii far ll?g1>tnt>r?, at lit IvilliM >a?, >a 11,*a litttl kMM HlMUl> it. * ati ? laat, tkla t??a ?,- a .14 '.aa't ti.- ta aa4 I Ll ' I *' m I ft Lf lifts t ?i. lH? fel ?L. ftjai I .mm' wiml m k. 4 < ?a i ' ><?tt lwit?aK*i (ar?i >4 s \ m ? f i.l. t'Nw, miwm. I*?m.i?m, llr?|? I V . ?t4 II ?< aiMMt. ?r- ?> ? I. il>?t) i. ?a 4Wt?>4"a Ma4 a 4 I' Ml? aa *w? f? w UM? I" > w| |*i' M I fc'O. l I- . *a I t mK l |< a?4 M lit/ ti.iW fa* ha.l. ?a?>,?4. M .k (I Vu>a(Nn>K ?? *? ra? l?- -ad? * rk.Hwxi Nat* ii Kt M a tNn?la* U^'iKi Ha a?. -?t ?aa a u?4 m t*a MrtMWr,, I * Ml ' Iftaa r%I |.hJ h>'H a v. it * ? aaf ?ar- .. illicit* N 4< *? lw* Ib4 I kti ?~l -<r wal ** 4f>o i? > ! xf. r?% '4 it *a.i > m * *? m m<!>4 ?* !?? , <1 T<> |nn ?T ?? l**r?|t< ?r? ImTiM I* M a ?< < a>- ala * at V't* Ml < ?,< am ?ill, k It aUrft ' '? af ?*? 1i*4 i?? if ?! mm>4 ai'tft*t aaa la a ra K a| Mi>i?k ' ?>aai>l.? <4a1 *a*> ra. I. . aa a 1*1 a > aa ?? at M ?. i *** 'a -a>? r%" 4 Via ?*.'??? Ik ? wat aataa* rati a**r?>? M- litfill, l>riiUi<t It* Ih- |a*a I* . a' f .. if ?4 mi* xMiaata a* a a. "? la i*a> <?' 'a ft', aawti Ma | iinalai' ai*a? > a aa ?? ?? al#r'4? d Has lBi? r~r?larwi*ia -?*, n a?. >a - a . ? aha aa at i ftaaawaaac 14a t . ? 14 < a I^tawia* a' Maaa - alia ? lnala_l??"y I ?a4 ? , Iff M-4 I a I ' ta* haa * I .1 * a . >,1 ?i caa Im I aa44 M4a, a*4 i ? afaar Ikaa ??*t aaa l?a|M >1 Ml a i a*a U'aa ?? 4aa? ?k?aa aaa4' a . a t* ? It. a I 14a . a. 1*1'a Ml ttaar** aa< fcta t r? a 9 llakliM llaaa* ka?4. 4-1 I lata a* I r< I, (4 Ell I a 1? fltklalMI* 4 I'aaw'll. l^tH-lf 'a-1 'a iia?>l ia*"au< to aaaaaa * ? ?*? ai<% IM f I >#t *# Jf* * ? f r V ??''l|. Mw a?k 14* t> a* l?ra fa* 1 a*aa 4 Li-a ? a ?a I (ill K. i4iMl*Mla>i 1 > a ai ka?a* HI) l.a. La a* Ifalr !?*? * ? l*haHadt llatr Uta. ( '?? ?WHP ?% tfcl ^.-..1 N ? 4? ."?4. pMl * I 'I f*4 fc?W ' ? >!'? |< M* t' *'4 ii?i | !? teiwbu m4 I* m*4? |l I* *|| '?.? If ?M, II rl? 4 1 ? >? 4a t?? *? IMllM rj I Mi* Maili a> ? *t i u * .. tM in .... i i s> fi| I ?' ? * MM, ~l * .if h|4 t *%?? ? nil M >? .,* ?. a 4 . ?Ha ? ? ?# ? ? ?< ? fci *?????* >?? ? *? * |?i > rf?. Ii . ?r>4 fcf I .1 I I.. In . ?>. ... hH.iM If# # ?? I ? ? l?r * ' ar ?.? ia* 4* 1 mm f r ?<? * 4, i i . 4 allli ?? 1 4 ?t.' J itftiX' 44?'*< ? '4 MM ? ,1 I|m tl Ill >1 pt|?l ?4*. ?l tl <11 Ilk. >44* m *< ?p?H H b ' at.rrfc K? *! > %< < I Ii||> "II I' If I 1*4 ?* '41 '?* Wl Im * 4? i ? a * 4 *j ?! i I ?,< ilili ? a - *4 nim 1 i*l ??>4*. ?!* ?? .4#? 111 i*r , ?r> ?nla K i<4|'|)'4 II. al>h II ilMtllTrUiiiin ? Hatif , I. ..r? 4- 4, . % > I 114 k ..I >44 fcr*a*a Ifc* I It ?? "-4 ?n?l* a ll ?|4 . tii.it I m% ?i r- it i yr-fari' >?a aui . V*> 4> b a III ' tllllll l? l? 414 I |ft(' I H *'.4' - I .14 * *111 l?? |4? "44 W lit 14*. ll #* l i I tk4 II ?. ?WII?4H, H I , - >?! 444 114 *4 .l-44a> lliillwiiiii. Huramhii'. |. , allli "W|>mN ? ! ??? I 'iMIIllMM Ml4M<tl. ?..? r4l I*. rl. >: klllt ?!? . r|M. k,- tm Dr. Hum l?a? rair iTmI kH ip.iaiiri *?r> I ) all 1 I..4II'M * >kll4 It'll 4j<ll ? ?! I4?4 kl lat'k'4 if |M|4*t? ' lat'fg ll?4 I 4 |M> I I Ml k^rt ia* kra4i. ki? k?at? ?.ll la > "4 # ? vl ? ??' k. '4llf. I 4 4? 4 ill ? 4I:?4?4IM. |t. l'a41# k>ift4mi'4i MOIRT n A n K IE V. * ? -I f <4 I mli| tl# part ?**fe ?k- itial airH k*< h pt In a rtati of ?f>nlla<i*l iKlUmm k; 1*4 MiUI nli| in kdiNa tka halli id Ika l*ara Tfea l|M a k**a earrlai alth (rial 4aal if aptrM. aa4 al ia-.ii thi fiintt ka? b#*? iitnaaily InaUil Ta k-?a who can look c? atik parfiat la ' %tiaf? a. la ?v iriBitj til* Marts lU bat* k??* pat ; irif U 1 -- - ? J tererting. At tha alaaa jmUHij the ball* wmr% Is tb* mmiIuo;, with i Mr proejwet ?( nrlalnl^" themfelTe*. Their ability W a*rry (lock* ! udwM i aid eT?ry day add* U? their bwu ti4 mmwi The conne pursued thia nuon by o?tald?n fW have i peculated for a rtaa In faney Hook* U oti alleviated to lead to proflUbU reanlta. loiUad of 4?paMing rctirt'lj upon thrlr own Judgmat and dUerettoa, th?y h*T? placed tbemaalvM la the hand* of torn* Bhiend brok?r, end hatJ (! him * ctrtt Hand* u> ujjtrr?tv uuu uiu? iu viiuv, mm u? ww? v nm might dictute By so doing they havsbeon tbli t* take immediate advantage of every favorakle turn la tbr murl t t. and hare (toured a profit when U could b* mad*. By placing the means in the hftata ot an experienced member of th? board of brokers, to operate for them as opportunities appeared, they have i njcyed advantages which could not have been oMained in any other way. Heretofore outsiders have lnanagea their own (took cperatieas. aui have been govern, d by all kinds of reports, whl.'h might have bun put in circulation for the pupo(e of latiluidatin;; or <.nc?uraging that class of speoula'oro, anJL they httve trtquenlly been draintd of every doll*t ritked, in the rife and fail of stocks. Not having *ecers to the board oi brokers, they have been obliged to wi:it its adjournment, before learning the oUan*.<s 1* the market, and have, therefore, b?en more or law in the power ot thore who?e position gave thein earlier information. This they have obviated by employla; brokers to operate for them, independent of dirocfcorders, and th' r.'nult has bsen perfectly sa.i fiatory. A? an Illustration of how the business has bien conducted thin teuton, we will state a ca#e. A party of outsiders make up a purse of fifty thousand dollars and Ueponit it with a broker, and give him orders to cperate in a certain stock With that amount lie Is to purchaie for oafh or on time, ?s he may deem moat prudent, und (ell whenever he may onsl'Ier best. xu?b rum v/1 mvur; juuii iuubijt iiiaut?g"<j. must m\J til time.- ha Tit a controlling iaQuinee upon prli <, andl actively employed ean be made eijual to an immense capital. If purchases ara stale on tinn, t. n and fifteen thousand shares of most any stock on the list can be pu: cha'.-.l. at J that quantity, out,re. Had by one individual. would, at any time, raiku tin bears rather cautious than other wis . A tlie of one or two per cett is realised at once and tien the party with- 4 drawn, ai.d either waits for a fall in that particular ftock. or takes b. Id of home other, aud goes through the anie movement. 80 far, tha bulla har<) b?on exceedingly tor'.unate tbl-i season, aud we see nothing at [>r. b. ut in the horoscope, threatening aay importantobange Capital is abandaut. and cheap enough 'or all ordinary purposes. Almost any kind of sedulity will couioiaud money on load, with a very moderate margin, andsilcng as this stats of things cxii-ts there in veiy little danger of a depredation la prices, lor even ih-> iu>t unpromising fancy stock. Independent ol thin, the future looks so enaouraging and lull ol hoye, in regard to many atocki whtoh have been for a long tiiue and in .y even ye'- be, considered fatcles. 1 hut lsige holders exhibit no a:ixlety t? sell but. on tl;e cotitraty. are mora disposed to hold thau wLi'u prici s ruled ten. fifteen, and twenty par ceat below thorn now current. The cause ol this is thu actt.sl Improvement lu the position an 1 condition of the companies alluded to. Within the next threa months the Rtadlng Railroad. liar! in. and Norwich antWoici Mer railroad companies, will de rlaro divldi ud? rangicg iron three to five per cent, and holders ol those st' eks are not dl-pOred to part with then at present prices with such dividends In vUw. An improvement in the affairs ol every compavy, corres| p nclnb with the improvement in the markst value of lh> stock, lias bten realized within the pa?t four or six moiiVbs. which accounts for the firmness with which prices liave bern maintains], and if sultliienfc to prev. lit any depreciation of oouseiiunnca. Tbs last quarterly report of the banks of this State compaied ?ith the previous one, exhibits the annexed statement :? iouk oitv banks?josit *sc bsptcmiikr, 1-jo. XlMnrm. June, SO. S. pt. 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