5 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I fTH WHOLE NO. 5991. \ DOUBLE SH KET. POL1TIO&U T"^TouiTrELto*r ciTizsNi or Tilt city or |N*w TORS An Aaa?ciati?a ha? keen oricini-e l without refarsnca t? Mity.tmnifl thoea who gave thuir h-n.-tjr aaeent and upvort W tfca ra?oluiiona adoptad >t tlia lata moatitg at Caatia vitrdn, and |<?rliuularly U that oue wniah d'ciarea " Tklt. la the opinion of thta mooting, * further agitation afthe alavery <|ti??iioa la Coogreaj w.uM be frtaght with iaonloalabie d?n*?r to our Union. and that we will anpport >0 candidate, at tua ananing, or ?n? othur oloet loa fit Scata cSoara, or for metnbcrifor \'ougr.-e>. or of the LagUUturo, who lakrown or baliovad to be )< t?,? p-aoa meaaataa reoonlij adopted by Congreaa, or anv of thou, or in favor of re-opan 1114 uiaquoatiuaj lavulred in tho?i, tut ranawad agitation." Acting In what they aonceive to be the epirlt of that r?eolation, the Aaaoclutioa haveraaolvod to mpaort tlia luliowia* Union Ticket for Stale O there, at the enduing election For Governor, HORATIO SRlMOIfR Tor Lientenant Governor, GROKUR J. COKMLL For Canal Commlaelouor, JOHia o. MiTHia Tor Clark of tba Court of Appeala, wicasri. 1. SMITH amo pvrvui ail nonoraoie rauans sot us iuocbhihi opfort In the city of New York; and t ?y a?k the countenanoa ad eo opeiatlen of til thou- who entertKin s'milar sen'ibuu with tbelr own. The ticket recommended for support is adopted from those of b<ith the political parties of the State, under the honaat convietioa m l belief that the candidates they selected, better than the otl ire represent the rrimatplM declared by the great meeting at Oaatle Garden. There la one tacanoy en the ticket wblon the Association do not propose to fill, inana.ioh aa thaycannot yield thair supfort to tha candidate far that nfflca of nitner party. With regard to the candidates for <>ther otfioee, tha Aaaoalatioaean only reoemstead their (allow oititeaa to support thoae whose piineiploe and practiieif etuoied, will, in tha lan?nagaof tre concluding resolution of th? meeting at Caatla > >arden i? ' Be beat oaten lated to support tha oonstitotioa, aad ta perpetuate oar glorious I'nion " AU cominuiuf aliens intended for the Association, e?u?t be addtassad to th?m at their Committee Room, No SOO Broadway, whieh will be open during the day and evening, until after tha election, and where t.he Aasociation will be very iiappy te ate their liioad*, who are willing to ualta with them ia this moTSKeat. FRANCIS ORirrBV, Chairman. Abkahan R. Van Nurr, Secretary. HPHIRD COfcf. RK3SI0NAL DISTRICT?RIOULAR 1. Whig Convention.?At am a6Journ?4 meeting of tha Third Congressional Distrist Conrentien. held at the Washington, M*. 1 Baoadway. Monday sterna*, October iiSUi. tha committee appointed to wait upon the Hon. J Phi 111 n Pheeaii, tendering tha nomination for the 32d Congreaa, from this iistrict, reported that Mr. I'hocnix, for rontons stated, 4eeUaaa the nomination. On motion, the issignatiou of Hon. J. Phillips Phoenix was aoeepto4. Itwaameead that JOHN F. RODMAN be nnanisaonsly nominated aa a raadid ato el the whica of th j Third CoacreaBional Dlatrict of the .1M Congress Resolved, Tint we unanimously nominate John F. Rodman, JSaq., aa the whig eaadidate to bs eleoied at the ens a lag eleo Ion, to TBiirttaoat the Third Congressional Diatriot. Resolved. That in presenting Mr. Rodman as on* eandld>M to oar fellow eitiaens, lor their support at the eneuinf lection,- we do so with the moat perfect ooneietion that ha will do all in his power to taatala the oomproiniae reoantly passed by Coaicr^s, and eadearor by bis iaBuknoa to promota :a? peace an* r-^Aimnty or tne country. Ok anlui. It varenltKl, that Committee of three W Appointed to preparu an aiidroea to the whin of this dlatrfit, u4 to published over the name* of the offioar* of thia OBTOBtien. JUeolvod, That the procccdinga he ouMialied. ROBE.tr JONES. Chairman. John 0?'?riie, Secretary. EMMT WARD REGULAR VblQ NOMINATIONS i For Member of Aaaembly, 0 CO HO I W. BLUER. ForiHiitatt Alderman, CI'RTIS > UDSOJf. Tot iN'Mori, 1KA JIKOH N, JOdN 1. ME1SKN0ER. lot Conatahlea. HENRV CARPENTER, MICHAEL McCORMICE. For CenmUsioetrt of Public 9ef.or.lii. JOHN H. WII1TE, JOSEPH JAMISON. for Iaip'ctor of Public School*, J. PHILLIPS PiKEMIX. Fut Trcntee of Public ftohoola. JAMES UEIfflM. cor iroiprcTONs or ai.rcTios. Eirat D trict ? laaac 11. Orafft, Daniel Murphy. l*cooad Diairiot?Peter B. Vaa Hnnten, Michael Qleeioa. Third Diairict?John Thompaus, Jr., Kobert A. Oraham. TO THE DEMOCRATIC REPL'Bl.l CAN ELECTORS Or the 8e? n<l *ard.?Fellow citiieaa ; iiariug, after due ?caeideratioB. come to the coaolnaion that the eacriftca of 11 pacaoual doeirea are required ae an individual for the adiinMBitl of ti c great catie of the doinuoratii party. I do hereby withdraw mj nan..- from the oanr >< u a candidate for Afaletaat AMrrmaa of the Aeccnd vard and do moat oarneitly entreat lay fricade to eaat their vote for Dndiay Daley?tl.e jugular nominee of the demutlatio party of the Feeort ward. JOHN SLAKE. TB1RD WARD.-AT A MEETING OF THE NATIONAL Uaion Vhlga if the Third ward, an the evealag of tha lit of Wort rotor, IHSO. John Comptoa, I. waa called to the chair, anvl Jceae C. Connor appointed 8ecretard, it wee Re pel ted, That the ftllowiag tieb't be reommaaded to the eleetore of tha Third ward, for their aupp'^t. at the ones lag tltctloB, to be held on Tuesday Bnt.iit : ? Fir Aldrrwaa, JAMES DE PEV8fEK OODEN. l or Aaaiataat Aldermia, AMOS T. OAV ITT. Tor AlMMori. Htary I. Danaing. Lake Tertoia. For Coaatablea, Aadrew Niabet. Joha Hamlin. ForBchonl Cotamirrtaaer. Dr. laraal Kaa iolpt. For laapectoro of Coaacon frehoola, J< tall Pariah. Th?maa E S'awart For Truetaee of Ccmana Belinola, Joeenh lie:tin. laaao ('avert. For laep^clora of kl actios, Mr?t l.awla Taal, llvnry N. Dnaninr 8?rend Plelriot?Ttiomae lti w?r', Jimn K. Mavtr. 'Ikir4 Hi itnat ?Alii feniMii, T. Sp??wr Krkf. Fonrtl? L'ldtnct?J of Ml. Chttis. Jatnea * Qillyor. Vrtolvcd, That the f?ref->l?f Haket I) tonip?e*d of lira aad n*e<.?|.iavi>iaf Na l nel l/aior * hid*, itutnt tad nu? 1 ri?p?i? of l r%-mrt?nl l iilavn IJ?ar? CUi, and Daniul D thet?r, am: of tbr cnra rtoai>* and po?a? mea-nrta a?aaamnatrd kr tl i It ?i?r*loa*. end i pp.-al to tb< doitrlaM and ?our?* a! Wliiam II. Srward, and that th?jr era therefor* aaIliad to tf.aeirdml aad aadindrd aapp? t of tba wbiga i d tl*ct?ri of Ilia Tl.ird ward fi ie ad'y to the UaUa. Ktlolrad. Tint th? i>roc*a<lli>*e la piiMtrh.d. JOHN COM (TON, Chatrmav Jaaaa C. Co?io?, hu tarj'. TO THE DEMOCRATIC ?LF.CT<<Ri OF THE NINTH aard.? \ p&ptr. algnrd k> two whi, for rrara, bar* Irra hrawa aa trie abetter* of rowiliae, la ib* Niath tM.'.l.u ?"? el mUt?d tht?a?li )?ir waid liiaaunato .-.a ai. J cheat > on. I.j mm who nnr bald a aaai ia lay (oluioal ri'?n III "in, except ly kai-piat r??i oetaMa anl legal vulm frcm th* prtBiarr election*. > J th* aid aad rtolear* rl half ?ia ?a hova. 1'nnlali tkl* atteaipt to unpen* oa f?u, uaii rata ilia n-juUr tlakol:? ?'<>r Mother of A**emVr. JOIIN ? T E V K N S fur AMletant Alderman, IloKAIIO N. UAlXllP. For Rnhool C' jnaU iouari IK. JAMES 4 f Al.'k I N BOW. Pallfied : ma pahllc mteti -,g brld j ariaaat to th* rail f lb* Ward C<miBittc?. GEOEiiE STARR, Chairman. J. Drvirr Cam-it t Cliaa. J. H vowy, ^ Karelarioa. ^ fMTINTn WARTt.?l'kS* AND VCTLEK.?DANIIL .Ed ti. I'fVlnr a. for U. S. ttaaator ? Koinlar (?e?e?craile M?|>ubli<aa > i.wlnali A> ??U<-l/?n l)i igaa. Aef flint Aldenrart--Wttlty Bmith. Aeeeee >ra? Darli Jnhal a, W llliani Ai am foritahl?a- llrnrj Hir er, Gilbert V ?*k* F?r C<i?mleeloaer of Coiam- a aabanla?Jaiaai 0. Willett. for lai|**tor af Comraoa ??hooU-F.d?la Montoa. jar Tru*t*? of Ciiaiii?? MnwU-Ma Mm n. Far laitaetoil of Urnl. ii- in dietrinl. Thaeraa ewart. William Tartar; >d da . Robert Mc.arv WIMIaia ?\ Hrennan: 3d do , William D. tileka, Andrew Jaok'-an 4 h do., Jnha Aadaraoa, Jr., Aara B. RU.ae; Sthda, Tbomaa R. far*'a J ha Pi?klord; 6th <*n.. Jar ai K Jl^ara, lii"i(a W hilo; 7'h d > , Jnha Marin. Wllliaa D Craft; <lh d >.. Rokart W Aairawa, J'.hi O Eai<* At a ni'-etiof of tba bvaioeratia Rapablieaa tlarInr* haM at tl Co'taje, No. .'tit Third atreat, a VTedaaadaj vealac. OeliVar ?. I'.vi. ike akara aanaiaatlaaa war* aaA m on elf rf/leaded to. Br 'r l?r ?f t*>r maatta?. TLi'UtM MRKR1. Chairaaa. Jofti PrrriT. f?<sr?lary, THIRTIINHI WARD-REGULAR DEMOCRATIC NOtfciBt:iPBi ?e. "Kin* ! > tlia ? ?? <<' tlM part/. T?t Kmkft af 4H>nMj, OILUCRT O. DKtM. r?t A??lai?at Aldn-ir.aa. F-DlVaUD L DUN MCLLY. Ellta L. Mills Thtmt* B?yla. OmtrilH, Mt o?*i? W. Wjm. School Ceamlt'loaar, JWM CUlTT IniiMtiif rt Krlmli, jMtl I. TlMllIll Tniu?, Joha M"wt>ra?. Inaiwawra ?l 11m Una. lit Biatrial?Joka droAol I. VillUai Flak. M Di?Ula??Thnaiaa Oofwr. ll?a'y "in?. J4 Ihatrtot ? Jaha Mefoaatll. at. ianlff M array. 41b Dlatrl?*?S. P. Watara, ( . BahlrSalla. Tha ikoT? ft?k?t Wa r?inl?rl)r aomiaatad hy % Una ?aj> tlty at th? <> ? ?!) of (kf ??H. ia tmBWiM %a tka anpp?ri I mr; rapabliaaa aa feting aoapoaad af alt. falthfal. aad aprlaht irr*ant? of th? par'y. trwomiiMn ward. ?to the democratic i 11.. |uMa< at I, ?u< - I karoky atata tkat 1 hara aat aithartiM aay a*ra?B la withdraw mj aaaia (nar da I eaaaaal la withdraw) aa Ilia democratic aoiaiaaa fa? AMiaUkat Al'rraaa af Ik* U-htaanth Ward, aad Aa thart' ta aatl ea lha d. im.xrsry af tha War< far their aapport aa lha raialarl} aaatiaatad aacdMata RICHARD r. CARMAM. TO THE DIM!) Hdli HECTORS < ? TUB l-TH *?<- llitwntk AxtaKli Diatrl'i.? We, ti.e oadaruaed. ?'?!kfra of ih? AnaaiMy No?l*atla( Ooareatloa .... Ik. h.ioili liiamklt ,1? harsh* xarttlT that ? ha?a ?o? fca.n ronaiil'a4,ar aaa?a'a4 to tha triih'lfnaal of Ihi t?r HraHharat, a* tha liamrtill aoaiaaa 1 rr^TM??? tl,? la tha fttata l *i>ilitir?> mi < i .ralata tarnBBaa* hlattlk* Iba Elihtaaatb aid. tbrlr rtfalarlj atBiaat'4 oaniUata. Uwirt I'trtaa, Jam** Hurpbf. Joha K?a?rfy, liaiitl Ohm, A. B. Kralr. 0. Babar. TO T?K DBNOCRATlg ILICTOM Or TBl'llUH??i nth ??!< ?I Wr??.jr MtM ?hat I hara r<i wlthdrawa nj ?atraf? a a<l?aAa for AaaaaMy far tha Slitaaath .? aaaaM; illatflct. ?a-" to, tbtrafara. aaalMaatl* rail oa lb* KawrMT ?f ttil rtutriat fat tbair a?u><>rt, ? lb* r*?alarlr realaatai taadl'Jata. 'AMoKL URADRI RtT IcMTirr. that a nanpbiix wirn bt nami Ai*4 la it a? Cbitlrmaa of tha W?r4 Coinalttra af iba e<tlit??stb *nr4. haa-Hd Jamai H Su)d?n\ far tnimlilr, **1 Williaia Vfaril far Aldaraaa.lt la*aaa aad .tard with ?? ! baawladt* nor I awara that thara baa baa a aa? a??tln? at tha eaaimtM** aa'harlrtnc tha ata "f ma nara to aald M l. I RANcIS IT. BDBOND*. Saw Tork. Na?. 4. I'W. Twk Iv WimtioB to Tkxa*?The aliip John Oirrow, from LtTerp?n>l, arrmd oil Oalveaton har < n the Slat nil , with m' hnadnd an ten immi r?nta. 'P^y are tU* rtr*t of a colonisation comi any. and **ttl<- ?' l.?n N already p irchaaed n Milam fw>tii.tjf. Five hundred more of thr ?imi fit r-ny "rr e*peel?''l shartly to loll?w. Th<**e it'migr''ma are mainly of the agrifiltural claaa, ind are ?eid to heir the ap.wnraace of tiarlnf eit oyed rtjnfmtable circuiustwicea. E NE M NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Highly Important from WMliliigtoti. TROCl'S ORDEKCIJ TO BOSTOM ? Til* CKISM AP l'HOACHI SO. W*shin<;t?"?. Wot 4. ISM. I understand that an order tor the rono*atri>ti*a oi troops near Boetoa, baa bean gtren A alert la tha Adjutant General's office, named Laa, baa this da] been removed for leaking the secret oat. The RrputLc and Inttllig enter of thia morning) maka no mention of tha order reported to hare been tasued by the President for the concentration of twelve eonpanles of artillery and infantry, at Boston, to aaaist the Marshal In enforcing tha Slave la*. The Board of Naval Officers, new sitting here, hsrea determined the queatlon of assimilated rank, and are now engaged in determining npon a substitute for flogging in the navy. They hare appealed to the President to arrest the e-vila arising from the abolttlea of flogging, aa drunkenness has increased, and the lives at officers are jeopardised. Tha cabinet have decided that the appointing power in the General Land Office belong* to the Beoretary of the Interior, and not to the Commissioner. The Mexican Boundary party hare transmitted 1609 to tha widow of their late associate, Teanaut, who waa killed by a Tejan teamster. The contracts to farnlah the United States Senate with stationery, has been awarded to William A Wheeler Si Co , of New Tark city. William F. Anderson, tha agent on tha train, at the time of the Philadelphia mall robbery, waa re-instated to-day. Hla conduct, after a tnorough Investigation waa pronounced beyend censure. Naval officers grumble greatly at the selection, bj the Central Committee, of the storeship Fredonia, foi the eooTfjanee of Amerioan productions to the World's Exhibition. They desire ardently the fitting up of the ?bip PenmylTanU. for the purpose, aa a noble specimen of American progress In naval architecture. The amount of stock issued to foreigners last week, was $40X00. P. 8 ?The President, it is rumored, has merely ordered the military, near Boston, to be In realineei to tbey a requisition of the Marshal, If Issued [Telegraphic 0orrespondenceof an Evening Paper ] Washington, Monday, Not 4,1850. From the best Information I can obtain I incline to believe the laporta which have obtained circulation are true, respecting the President's aetien with reference to the Fugitive Slave law. It U understood that he has ordered large bodiee of troops to b? despatched to Boston to assist the United Btatea mart-he's For this purpose troops have bwn ordered froaFlorida, from Forts Monroe, Columbus, Saekett's I' tawrgo and Ogdensburgh It U also reported tb^__j?i*tracks at Boston have been put In ordei and made sufflcient for the accommodation of an en tire regiment. The troops consist of infantry and artillery There Is great excitement here. It is understood that the President Is informed of conoortxd attempts about making to reclaim many fugitives in Boston, and the warlike preparations are Intended to guard against expected commotion. AtdltlonsU from Callftrnla-Tke Fire In San Francisco. New OtLiiia, Not. 2,1850. The steamer Alabama has one hundred and eight passengers We learn that the loss by the fire at San Francisco, amounts to half a million of dollars. Great Union Meeting at Geneva; Giweta, N. Y , Norember 4,18J0. One of the most respectable assemblages ever called cot on any occasion, met at the Franklin Hall, oa Gen Jctapli 0. Swift presided, a saluted by twentj Vice Pretddent*, choeen fram Ontario, Bimci. Yatoa Wayne, ?nd Chemung couotier. A committee of iaMy, auxiliary to that of Na* York, wai appointed. Letter* from Senator Dickinson and othara w??a rea< mid much enthuilaam; and after powerful an< patili tio ryetohti from Mi neral Swift, B. SIomoii Pi at master Do?, aa4<>. M. lloatoa, Ike notllf Ml journed with nine tremaadon* oheer* for the coaetlto tion and ita deftnder* It wan a ctrong da mo nitration Political Information. PAKTY MEETINGS AT ROME. Boxr, Not. 4, 18(0. Tha democrat* and whig*, eaeU, had larga meeting' In thl* placa, thl* erening. Til* DEMOCRAT.! AT t'TICA. Uric*, Nor. 4, 1150. The democrat) held a-large mat ting at Mechanio* Ball, thla a??Ring. 11 orallo Sejmoar will gat a ma Jorlty Id thla city and oouaty. Tha whig* had a iargt gathartDRthfi evening at Franklin Square Matteaon tha whig Congre** man will propabiy ba re elected. AM AXTI-RKUT MOVEMENT. Ai B4.IT, Not. 4, IBM. Handbill* hara to-day b'en circulated through al the anti-rant aountia*. rapreianting that tha unloi meeting In New York wa* got up for tha pnrpo** o putting down anti-rent interest* In tho State, by rapu diatlsg their ticket. THK RICJkT f *. tKNATOR FOR OHIO. CinrmifATf, NOT. 4, 1860. The Lebanon S'?r asy? that It le authoriied to (tat that If tba Don Tbonu Corwla li re-eleoted to th V 8. 8*nate. be will ittrt II* and John 0 Vaugban (formerly a whig, but at preaeat a free coil ilem or rat will b? the two prominent candidate*. Mr. Corw'i will no doubt be elected. FARTY MOVK.ME.Nr* HI MAHWIirMtTrS. Bokton, Hot 4, 1850 The free roller! of thla dlatrlet hare nominated B B Muaaey. K*q. II their candidate for Congraat. Tb* dl?*atlrfled whig* In Mann'* dbtrlat, hara eallei contention at Dedbani, lor Wednrtdaj nail CRNMRK or MR. BOVLR, OF LA. How OaLSAWi, HOT. 4,1M0. Tba leading denn?ral< hare published an addraai cenrurlng tbe oourea of Senator Roula while In Ooa greea during lha laat eeuion of that hady. THR VtROIIflA CONTKNTIOI*. B41.TIM011, HOT. 4, 1140 Tbe Mrglnia convention will adjourn to day, nntl the lit of Janaary. to await the cenaua rttnrna MARYLAND CONSYnCTIONAL COKVK^YIOl*. Aanarei.ia. Hot. 4, 1960. Tb* convention In faror of a reform of th* Stat eorctltutloa. met her* thla morning Th* attendano I* quit* larga, and the proaeadlaga thna far af a harmc nlou* character THI OK1ROIA CONVK?mOH. BaLTiMoaa, Hot. 4. 1860 The flarannah Hrpvht<Va? *aya th* Union tlokat t th* eonTentlan will net*r4 In naarly rrary connty 1 the Itate. FMB tnala. Teaoara, Hot 4,1M0 ardan. tha d<faulting aaeonntant of the India Department, ha? been dlamlaeed. >8,000 ara miealng Tbe BUhop of Toronto, while In Hnglaad. obtain* fubrrrlptlon* to a fund far anpportlag aa KpUaopt nnlTtnlty, to th* amount of %&t 000 ft porting, Mm. Philaoki rut*, Hot. 4, 1840 Tka T! oat I nit Park Coaraa *ti tha ?eana of fraat ai rltfBont, tkla a(t?rnonn la ooaaaqaaaca of tka ai ooMiant of ? troll to f match b*t*N* Rorral N? 4 Rlptoa. for ?100?, mil* haata, baat thraa In flr Klpton ?n? tb flr?t and third haata Nad won tl raeoad haat la 3 43, and tha fifth la 3 44. Tka fburt and ?l*th war* pronoaaotd daad haat*. Tha hor* rtartad for tha Hrntk haat, but tba rara vaa broki up and tba atakaa war* rafuadad Ramaal Pattaraon, ot tka Nortkarn I.tbartlaa. wt found drovnrd la tba Dalawara, tbh aftaraooa ?a po??d aecldaatal Navigation af tha Ohio, &?. PitraawauH, !?? 4,1U0. Tha Hr?r aiaanvraa ?l* faaat four laeha* of watar ! ?ba rhanaai. fraljht to Clr rlnnatl la 30 oaata (or di ROadr, and 10 aanta for baa?y. To St. L?*U, 40 aca far dry, and 'J4 a?ata tor haa?y. Hnkbrry In lloilon I.I l>aral Itaqnrat. Bonraa, Not 4, IW0. Maaara Fnllor Ac Ottoa'a atofa. No 411 Wa?hl*,jf 1 rtratft, ?a* brok<a lata nn Saturday atfht, *n 1 robli of irooJii to tka aaioaat of $1 000 lira Vfm. Apr Won kaaftraa |lo,W0 V? tha MeLa A>yKat?f tbtrrlty ?? - i. W YO i rrr [ORNING EDITION?TUES TUe H cOanongh W1UT Stc. Baltimost, Nor. 4, ISM. The Nsw Orleans Picayune contain* the substanoe of If oDonough's will Three million* ars appropriated to establish a school farm and an a?7tum for the poor, at Baltimore. He giro* >400 000 tc the ProtesI tant Male Orphan Asylusa, of New Orleans, and vends , all hi* negroes to Liberia. t A break in the Chesapeake and Ohio canal on the upper section, will suspend navigation for two weeks. Dcatrnctlon sf si ftesuner, Ac. Nbw Orleans, Not. 4. I860. The steamer Tribune, tmm Cincinnati for New Or. leans, was bnrned eighty miles above this olty, on Saturday The greater portion of the cargo was a r total loss. Mr. Place, husband sf the late Mies Josephine Clifton* and manager of tht American Theatre, at New Orleans' died yesterday. Impoxtavt rnoM Hayti.?According to recent intelligence from Hayti, it would appear that the late armistice between Soulouque, the black Emperor, and the eastern half of the inland, known as the Dominican republic, having expired, actual jiosuiiuea naa oeen renewed. in an engagement in the mountain defile of Bonica, the black troops _ of the black Emperor are reported to have been cut to pieces with a terrible slaughter. We are also informed that a Haytien brig had beta captured oil Scott's Harbor by a couple of gun boats of the Dominicans. From all accounts, tbe Dominicans will be competent to defend their territory. It is i understood they are on good terms with the French and English agents, that they are well armed> equipped, and ditciplined, an 1 it is not improbable they may " carry the war into Africa" b?fore it is over. Of course, pending these hostilities the trade of the islaad will be, of necessity, suspended. In connection with the affairs of Hayti, we publish the letter, to-day, of Mr. Benjamin E. Green, late United States Agent in that island, which will throw some light on the diplomacy in that corner of the Gulf. Important from Nicaraoua.?The schooner Maria, Captain Greenleaf, arrived on Sunday from San Juan Nicaragua, brings us information of the , arrest of Capt. Ellery, of the steamer Orus, from i j New York. It appears that a difficulty occurred between i Capt. Ellery and tbe police, who went into the [ Captain's private room, while he was engaged in i paying some of his crew, in search of sonf; desert\ frs from a British man-of-war lying at San Juan. Tke result was the arrest and imprisonment of Cant. Ellery and his mate. After a hearing before a justice, the mate was discharged, but the captain was reminded for a i further hearing. The particulars of the difficulty ' are not stated. The steamers Orus and Director were up the river waiting to cross the bar. i Exn-oaiow or Carr. Ta??art'? Balloon ?The Flying Machine of Cspt. John Tagean, which went up fr*>m Jersey City on Wednesday last, without the Caj tain, has been heard from, and we regret to ssy. destroyed. The particulars are thus related in the SuVi'lk /lf?ii*ri( (Huntington. Suffolk Cts . N. V ) of Friday:?On Wednesday evening laat, pt about half pant six o'clock, a large balloon, with a beauti'ul car attached, descended near the house I of Jonathan Gildersleeve, at ('lay Pitta, in thia town The car became entangled in the fence of a lane leading to the dwelling and barn, while the balloon gently swayed with the wind above it. When it was first discovered by a sen of Mr Gilderaleeve, it occasioned a good deal of surprise, and he called to hta aid a brother and his wife, and his mother to assist in srenring it. A large opening was made in the balloon to permit the air to escape; but unfortunately at this moment one of the ladies approached the balloon with a lighted candle, when the inflammable pas took tire, and a violent explo ion immediately followed, knocking ! down the whole party and burning the two young men aeveiely on the face and hand*. The ladies " eicaptd with very slight injuries. The balloon | waa torn to pieces, and enkindled into a blaze at the same time, and the beautiful car with ita machinery greatly damaged. The vttrniihed mate. . rial of the balloon burnt so vividly as to aet the fence on fire, which, from ita proximity to the i bnrn and dwelling, would have undouMedly communicated the flames to these also, but for the unusual exertions of the injured peraona, who, though in great sgony, subdued the tire, by tearing down the fence, arid throwing water noon the ' burning fragments of the balloon. The light of the explosion was noticed at the distance of sevi oral miles, and the concusaion waa so great tha' it was sensibly experienced fey th>' inmut s of a ' dwelling half a mile distant. Court of Oyer and Terminer. The Bon. Judge Kdward* and two Aldermen presiding. 1 CAergr tj Mnr,t,r ?'Ths Klutrlrt Attorney (tars notlee that he would trio* nn'the trial of Helany.ehtrged 1 with mardcr. 01 Wednesday morning. I f>rwry'i QMS .iprun - Counsel for 8amnel Prary availed tohara tlia charge of forgery agalast ths a"ca??d brought on this day. Ths IHstrlnt Attorney opposed the sppllsatloa, and gave a history of ths ears* tfalnrt the acmeed, alth which the public are already ?e well acquainted fla said that as there wan ?n Indictment agalmt Mr Dmry. In Brooklyn. for the stmi offence, bs should s <1< elms to try the ranee hue lor ths present. Counsel fo? Drary said, In this day and la this aga, ' It was cruel that the nrNouer should have an iadiot' Bient hanging over him for twelve month*. and yet > aot brought to trial He designated the ehsrge at a trlrk got up by patting the bills late the baada of Mr. Iirury, In order to Make the ease ot the torpedo charge against him the more effectual. Ilia name and repnta ttoa are blasted by tbese aeouaallona. and the little means he had are nearlr exhausted by the defeases of tks rations charges against htm The Judge Inquire.! wbet Indictment* areromalalag I againrt the a< cuaed ' CooBaal? A d lBdlctB>?nt ?galn?t tb? ion for an attfD pt rn t)io lil* of Thdnu Warner, (nf which the fatl.tr ha* been already aoqnllfad,) m l our o|%laat the father and ton for counterfeit nmn?j. and tbata art four other Indictment* againut tbem la Brooklyn. h The Pietrlrt Attoraay raid that a almllar appiicai* lira ?il mad* at the la*t Ojit and Terminer. and ?n refurad. With regard to the action of tba Irietrlnt AttnraeT, ba reld there l? an Attorney i.eaeral In thla Mate. who bad. ci ? former oetatloa, applied to him (Mr McK eoa) to eater a n?IU jne?ef?>, bat with wbiah H be did not think It prndeat to comply, and ha (the Att<m?y Henetal) aftereard* directed a ?->'/* rnt-</ut to h? eafrred o?w bla (tba Iilatrict Attorney'*) head. I lbora any reaaoa. therefore. why ha ahonld n?t do ?o la thla caee, If any lajatllee baa l?een doaa to tba prler Bar' * t'oaaael for Drury?Tha proper place for a m?a who a la lanoooat to aak jaattra la la a court ofJaatlaa. aad u a at fr*m any lav efflear. Tha Biatrial a ttora*T raid. If ha aatarad a fit* jrr?. tffui here. would It aot hara aa effeat upoa tha proaorut Ion Ib Krooklya' Cob Baa I far Drwry- What haa lha law offlaor of thla 4 Do art to do with tha eoaaty of Kiaca' We aak aa faTor?w? aarar aakad any Wa WtH of tha AttorII Bay Geaerai to come hara and try thi* eaoee Waara I ready to ba triad, aad wa protaat ageloat oeiay. Tba Jadae. harlaf coarnlted with hla aaaociata. aeld tbay won la drlirar tbalr deaiatoa oa Wedneeday mornlaf Adjouraad to Wadnaaday * Coart of Oaatial ta-oalona. Before tha Recorder aad Aidaraaa Brlttoa aad Da 4 I >roa'?r .i Ho*. 4 - Tha Ooort of Saaalona Hat thla morning aad ore anlaed for tha Koriabor term. Tkr CJrenrf Jnry--Tha following aaaiad gentlemen from tha I tat of (rand jarnre, aaawarad to thair . nana* whoa called, aad wore dnly awern to aot aa tha Uiaad Iaqaeet of tha Coart <f Seariona f <r tba proeaat term.-? Uererdu* Boyee. foreman, l.eei A pear William ; P. Bradley. Walter W. Coaklia. Itaml J 0 'nataat. - llob?rt Cuttle. Jamaa II. Chapman, OhrWtoaher l>a,i laan, William Keerdall. Joba . fleet. Rd*li Mead, Jaaiea Mathewa Patrick Marray, Aleaaader Pringle, Vterhen (hlilmnre, Jamea H Taylor, Oliver Woodtord, > and Daniel T. Young jaror* h Pf*H Jmrw- The Baaiea af petit Jnrora eomatoaed to Quit* a innltr net w?ra flnad $36 >ub lor ana ttiimlitri No trial* wara r?ll?i on Hit <t< Ilia Itj MW(llfi| Ih# rlftkl. Bad tba ('port mmd itt nn Tn*?day Tba LimIt >M of ?ba trr? will th?r?f..r?

fairly coMMaaea an WidiM4i; n?*t K*|wrlor (onri. M At. TKKM. I Before Obkf JaatkaOahly and th? Men .1 ndgoa ftan, lord and Paloa. No*. 4? f. # .'?? " fcVfr/'at, cs*t n?>iikri.lwf, rj Smi'h. # Mr .ia? 1 Hradj aj>ptli d to tba i)< art nn t, b*h*ll at Mr RrlklaT ta mU? ih? app?%l o| tba d? ' f??dai.t? ft'm tba nlasdar 11 w?? an *rr-?l "0 i but of ?*rrp?lnn< fr?m a ?a?-Mrl (Mlitf t tbi ( rirfrti<U?tii ia tbi rlnr la M vt1 tf'?i ?. 1< f Jndj* V??.t??pr?l l?r j,raa?cv; (on If ahlrh lh? |lalntlff trrw d I V4? da<aa<-*? Thi r>^ llll?'f*l (round l>t vkkli Mr i:rad; ?a?. d to h*ri . th? ?t>t?al dtawi Ml ?u th?t I ha d?t?r<1anta rinli "* bm arttl tla Ju>1?ai?Bl r* r<-rrr?< ?*? fltad I Ntwrt, CtltlM Md O. ll *ivi'K r?,t**ad tba tppM M | Mtlon: tba t'ourt f*lt?d fir ail lb- t*p*r? ra<in#n!?< ] *i?h ?br raar. and "Id tb.y ??? ,,* | o* l?u> thm |>? | lot* giving tfcaii l?rlrio*. R? H DAY, NOVEMBER 5, 18S City Intelllffciic*. Trimiu.c itcirwr while Biirrmn Routs on tmk lit mod Rirxn XaiLbosd.?About three o'clock, on ' Saturday tltMlooi, I (booking accident ocourred upon on* of th* Motions of tbo Uuikon River Hallroad. In the immediate vicinity e( Hjcte Park, Datebeei county. It appear* that ft number et laborers were einplejed there In blasting the rooin. In erder to grade and level the road for laying down the T ralli, and after filling a hole in 'arge rook (with about a pound of powder) that had just been drilled, a (park of fire flew fioin an adjacent rtoK that waa belnv drilled by other workmeft, which Immediately ignited, and the blast went off almost instantaneously. throwing three of the laborer* some distance in the air, seriously inj nring th*m about the (aoe and shoulder* On? of them, named John Smith, residing at Pougbkeepsie, was terribly burned about the face, to such an extent that he baa lost his eyeeight. Yesterday morning he was brougtlt to the city and conveyed to the tiity liospltal, and placed under the eare of Surgeon Church. The other two are namod Owen Mullert and Peter Tye, who fortunately eseaped without injury in the face, although they were badly burned about the breast and shoulders. At the time the painful accident occurred. great excitement prevailed la the village of Ilyde Park, as It waa rumored that several persons were blown to atom*, which subsequently proved to be unfounded, and the excitement was soon InDed |5. I>r*th' pv Arorvrxv.? Coroner Qeer yeeterday held an inquest at Ne. 014 Broadway, on ttw body of a oo loreu turn 11 oj un name 01 jonn rerry, agttl !>J years, whu tM found dead in the shop. Verdict, death by poplexy. I'nbnowi* Man I>aow:?Kn.?Yesterday m">raibg Coroner (leer lit Id an Inquest at the Thirteenth ward statlon house. on the body of an unknown man. who was Mta on Sui'day night, about 10 o'clock, to walk on the dock and tall into the water at the foot ot Grand street Inm dial* ajolatane* waa procured, and tha deceased *y r< ncued from tha water, and every effort made to restore him. bat without suocesa, as he diad a abort time after in tha station house Tha deceased wan drer??d in alight drab overcoat with plaid lining, and drab pant*, aged about 36 year?. In hi* pocket was found a silver watch, a braintpin. studu. and (I 20. Aiaa. a letter dated Mew Bedford. May 31, 1K60. signed Thoa. W. Sandford. Verdict, death by drowning. MILITARY rARADR 4. The FaicnoLV Hi uix?Tain Una looking company, under the command of Capt. Beinsoth, yesterday prooet ded to Manhattanville. where thuy *' made some noiie in tha world" by firing at a target. Four prise* were shot for, the first ot which was won by K. U ulmby; tbe record by II. Honsea; the third by Lieut, dtrous, and the last by B. Penton. Tmk Osrr.on Bu u,-A (mart looking company (originatirg from the Oregon toundry in Grunivioh street) passed our olfiee yesterday, on their war to Ilarlem on a target excursion, accompanied by Geo. Whitworth* City Brass Band, in their new uni'orm*. Both th* company and hand made a most creditable and soldier-like appearance, snd formed a good apeotmen of the cltiieB soldiery lor which this oountry la so well renowned. Thb Hichmo.id IIill Qi'abds ?This military company. commended by Captain Daniel Linn, and nnmberlcg elxty muskets, paased our office yesterday, ca their way tome from a target eseursion. The target bore striking evidence of superior luarkminshlp. Several prires were praaented to the winner* by Mr. Thomaa Wilson. Thr 8iHA*rr Qrsm>a.?This fine company passed our < fflce yeattrday, and prtcented a very handsome nnntar&niH Thk litdxrtsdurr Fumui Ol aeu*. (Fust Co.,) proneoded oh thtlr fourth auuual xcurilon yesterday, to Mount klurrls. They carried thirty musknts. and were commanded by Captain Joseph Lanoi. They coi.t. odfd lor prises, and the following were won ? First prize, silrer cup, Mr. M Cunningham; second do do . J Much, third do , gold breastpin, to J. Banit Ine; fourth do, gold pencil-case. J. Tyler; fl/th do , silrer pencil case, ti. WlUllt; sixth do, gold riag, i. Lead worth. Tin yillmoit Fi mums?A splendid new company, call*d the Kilmore Fusileers. baa just baan organised. Drmln ring f?4 market*, and ionr ofltoara. The oommand haa i. d tendered to. and arceptad by Captain M M. Crefl. an oftloer in the late Mexican war, and a gentleman wall kaown in New York. It la the only corps of ihe name In tha United tftatea. Extensive arrangements are being made for tha first parade, and for an excursion to Washington city. The uniform U the aame aa that of the United SIMM army, with th? new style of cap. This One corps Is compoead of soma of tbe wealthiest eititena of Maw York. The CtiniLt I.ioht Ormw.-This excollent corps, I commenced Vy Captain John Wild*, have just returued from Pr.ughkeepsle, where they had be n on th?lr nneul lenriliis. Four prises were contended for 1st, a beautifully mounted musket, won by Captain Wildt; 2d. a rifle, by W H Feltar; Sd. a musket, bt W A. Butler; 4th. a splendid plat*, by M U?*4stSiik They wound up tha rietnta by a hail aad sapper. The Wlilet tiuard. Capt. James MeLa ughlln. nam baling Ally muskets, proceeded fo flobnkea, yesterday, aecoatpaaied by Podswarlh's band, upon a tarCet excursion. The trst prise was a silver goblet won y Jsme* Kerilgaa; second prise, a silver cup; wua by Joseph I'ODolioe. third prlss, a gold medal, won by Fobart Fa) ley; fourth prize. a (Old pencil ease won by James dpi ncer. ! The Biooklyn Foundry Gusrds, with Granger's band. ; [asse<l through Fniton street, yesterday. They ara a ' flee body of men. ! The Uoutemeur Guards, withT)odswortV? Cornet I band, and twenty-lire muskets, appeared,yesterday. In , their tew unliorm. Common Council. board or tinitixii M. Morgan*, K*q., PiMldeat, in the chair. Not. 4? Tha m'nute* of the Uat mertlag were r>-td ad approved. rttiTiMa agrr***n. Of randry perron* for corrvction of tags*; of altll?tl of 1 hlrty third ttrttl 10 btr? Mid eireet lighted with oil; of owner* of property on Twenty-aeventh dtnet to hat* a ?e?rr built In (aid *tre*t fl ranted. Of polio meu of the Sixteenth ward to have their Italian home repaired; of Pita Warden*, to hare parman* at flra alntrict* e*tabll*h*d; of O 4 l>??ivin, for r*mub*t alien for lo** au?taln*<l by him In defendlag bl* title to property; oi Wm Varna, Io relation to rrepailng a mip of the entire elly and county of New York; at the vratry cl All Hainte' Church. for (U lamp* telorr raid church; of th* trustee* of th* Mariner* Bap'lat Chnr?h for gaa teaipa b-fore their charcb : of Hugh MeOabe, fur Indemnity ftom l"M In rack i r * atioa I* Tweaty-aeventh *tr**t; of Aaio* M. Brown and other*, to be releacel from paying tba a?r< renter tfov the bridge at th* corner of Ntatii ctreet and Ihlrd avenue ; of J?ha Delaplain, to ba pat lato ro*??e*1na of certain do?k*. wkoret aad plan kc : of *r*el Ketrbam to palat raillag round th* park . of J. Norte a aad aa other for tha renewal of a leaa* of plrr No M. North rtvrr : of David Station and other*. to have rldewalka ia 1'nlr*r?ltj Place repaved ; of B. Bogart for opening Kiny ninth *tr*et. of 0. L Oiborn and other* to have Mulberry ?tr*et. from Urand to Walker itnet. lighted with g** .of If B. I.aw, to hara *?w*r crnetrncted to tba Kaat ii**r from Third avian* ; presentment of th* graad jury of th* Court of (leneral Seaaloa*. condemning the gigth ward Station llou*e a* unfit to b* continued a< a Polle* Stall >n. aad recemru ending that a Butiou Uon?a thoald be procured In a locality mora raltable to tb? health aad comfort of t ba polle* fore* and tha orieoner* . of Jam** Magae aad aaother to be p?id for ritra work oa Plar t'-V Ka*t river. The Board th*a adjourned to ft a'eloek to m rrew (thta) *T*aiag BOARD or AMIKTATT AI.I>KKM*5(. Tha hoard of AaaUUaU mat at ft o clock la*t evening Pre teat the I reaideat la th* ahair. aad a quorum of meaUr* la their piaeai Tba miauta* of tba teat meeting war* read aad approve*. rmvMM. SeTaral petition* war* preeeated aad referred to Ibair appropriate commltteee atraara or (-ammittic* Report of the Committee oa gtre^U. la favor of eoaaarrenee wltb tba board of Alderman la favor of adoptloa of reeolatioa to pava Tenth avraa*. Irom Thirtyeecoad ta Thirty afgth rtreet Adopted Alao, for laying croaa walk awx* W**t *tr*et. oaporfu pter Bo. 43. Alaa. for fkaclag vaeaat lota la Tweatrffrrt. Tw^aty aeroad. Tweaty tlilrd. and Tweaty-foarth treeta. betweea tlslb aad Beveatb av*aa*a, aad ta Tweaty atath *?re*4, between Klgbth aad Blath aveaaae Alee. for a uioe* walk (a Madtaoa atraot. ppoalta Batger * feaala In*tlt?.t* All adopted. aaaatI vioe*. pnWIIc trtioala Mr the ftereateealk Ward Adopted Ii h?M ( tff nlcilM Jn4?4l?k W Hart ol ?|r?hm lor tke third dldrlit StT??U??lb ??ri TnfcTnr of afpolatlag Hotatlo Uaod lu^tM of alerlir tie for Ik* third llitriet of tko Tenth ??l. Oa ?o*?iin?n<?o. roaonrred la to favor ol direr tla? the 8tr?et OoaaMnii'T <? (mm til* iHMnrt l*|tl proeaodtaga to bo token to rt|il*lo ond ftodo KlgMyeWMh *r?l. Mt*? I'rurtb and fifth itrnara Referred Adjmjrnad till A o'elnrk tbl* ermine. M?rt*?n|i of DlitliifaUhrd Pw?pl?ThoH oo John M Clayto*. tt l? aold. ha* n?a?entad to dallrat aa addrnaa la Wllnlnit'oa. Url.. la tho oarly fart of Prembar. oa the llfo aad character of Coaaodc to Jeaaa Wm *r?l.r Now Or loan*; B B *l<hnp Waahlajtoa i Batohei. Philadelphia; Profaaenr Bahappar, Rerlla; Col. Raf?. Taiaa, Prof*wor K Tl???i; Cruat 0 Tea l?t|i?ako Bremea, Pf. 8 8 Batebail, Virginia; Wen 7. H Lyaaa. Ban Kraa?l*?0; Col Ultti. tiHIatr*. urlfid ;*?t?ria;, and took apart toiii* at tba Howard Hotel I) V)V(|, Aabata; Uao. W. ?'?K Wahlngtoa, loo falatr. r.gotcn; Col ftlpfey, ? * *i<> T***i Waehlngo a. and fifty other* atrired yaatorday, at tbo A*t or lloato. ' It W?Uet. PMl.delrVl* n NiMa ton; H ti,.fr 'lb Re.t . Hail-?i In I **" 1 fan" * ">, , K ?: II I oil W.-h,,.,- : i> y e'hr.-^ a. l??d yeaterday. at tba Irvlag Wouae ' Meat ft It r\\ ,MaoJ (a.nl'.y r ? If II a Mr K*n< It'r ar d foar laHe? fhU ; II n Mr Petaold , ad U'lr. kt?r>l*ad. aad lV>lttr on* oth?r?, bar# ar iiti <i at tba I ntra Pl?r? llr tal. II I'.w.ll I'hi la ; J. M*?he ??. V ft H : D? RnUav i Itl.il J L. Car?i jhell. OIim lna*tl, Jo?epn * Taylor Ua*f W>|<oa. r.ad tblrly vih-r* bar* kttltfd k* th< Atiititta. ERA 10. The Dtbat of Slgiiorlni* Parortl In (lie Sev World?A SkcUb of her C'unrr< " I.a Norma " Is hero. Khe appeared last Bight, I the Astor l'laca Opera House, to th? par Net persons tlot ef Parodl. By aeven o'clock a splendid cortcgt < beauty and taahion, r*rmtnted In toilet* of bewitot ing brilliancy, poured In a splendid flood upon tb cane. The ant Ire musical t ample was thronged I every pari, each ona breathless to hear, and watchfi to bahold. Maretxek was warmly received on hla ai tranee Into the oroheitra. The overture was brilJlantl exeouted. The opening chorus waa equal to the 0001 sion, the ailver-Toloed Lorlnl admirable, and then tt i tar of Italy?the peerless Parodl?entered. Tb plaaditi were thoae of welcome and encouragementwarn-hearted, sincere and protracted. The lnlmitab: rtc' (afire of the t avatina at one* selied on the audleno< The sustained note, the clearneaa of eaunciatlon, tl dramatic expression,all told at once upon thoae preaen In spHe of the nervonanese that pervaded the m sembly, the orchestra, tbe vocalists, and the mogniti cent printi donna herself, the opening waa triumphant It teok even those who had heard Parodl at rehears* by surprise "Casta Diva" waa sung eccordiog te th ortgiaal sore. There was no transposition, llellhil' ideal was given, without abeurd ornament, withou meretricious dlrplay, In Its owa simple elegance o earnestLeis, and with an incomparable expression such as no one except a consummate arttiu could ao complish. From that tr'umpb, Parodi'e sucness wa certain; and nobly did she proceed from that peint t the close, almost paralyzing th? orchestra at tlmei and producing aaeng them, aaany an unrehearsei trrmulo. | In the second act her dramatio capabilities and he rvoiiiMuvu iiruT? iw fife BU^IOIUAQJ, UU? fcucj pace with each other, till th? audience became tho roughly entranced bj the originality, evennesn, ant lorce ol her voice, method, and axecution. Iler act ing added to the effect, and commanded almost thi silence of those present. Thai she proceeded, firing i variety of expression to her feature*, and a purity anc fteshnes* to the tones of, her unaurpaaaad voio* such as never before have been known in thi* coun try. Wethall not dwell upon causes. We must oonten ourselves. at present, with result*. What, then, war these ' Why, tha moat perfect conviction on the par of every jndg* of high art, that Paradi Is th* greatea traglo vocalist of th* day?and that her equal ha n*v*r been known in this country. When she roi to th* top of bar compaas. sh* ei ecu ted her thrill without any ambltiou* attempt* at ornament, an appealed to the most refined taste only in the vooal art She resorted to no trick*. The conxeqaenoe was. tha ah* evoked the sublime, and Impressed upon everj oae the unity of th* oompt>s*r's design, as well a* thi superiority of her own skill. Her triumph* w*r< f han d In by A malls Pattl, Novell!, and L*rlni. eacl of whom merited th* applaus* bestowed, and mor? commendation than we have time to administer. There can be no doubt that Parodl i* a great artitit. She was perfectly conversant with th* entire seer* and was Imbued with th* whole spirit of th* lihr*tto?a r*re merit. Iler sole purpose was with the creation ol the compoarr. This sh* understood?thi* sh* rsvealed and when, in the last scene, she *ang u In mla mano' and " yual cor tradiatl.'' the whole assemblaj* bjwed In willing admiration t* her wonderful talent*. Al a i]other lime, w* shall take oroaslon to say what hei voice 1*?what her ityl* consist* in?how far her pby Meal constitution and temperament operate on hm vocalisation and on her facial muaclea, causing thou extrar rt icsry t fleets which only a few persons evei produced. These are very Interesting subjects U those who are studious In munlcal matters, and art little understood even by tnuslolms - but we are wel M*i&r? of t V M ttiftiiennii of Hia'tHtnHiit nnon Hunh a tem j ? mmrtit uh Parcdt'a, Mid how extraordinary mM b her triumph* under certain drcam^uiine*. Th* pro b?blllty It that, when **? in ftinUUr with hnr or-h?i tra and a?*ooUt?a, aba will crea>? atlll air* won rtirtul **t>?ation ? though it acaroely Mini poaaibla. The reception and applau**, lait evening. were c tba moat rnthnaiaalle klud. At the termination of th nivalin*. ?tf w?a called out, and. at tha nam* m >ui*nl two *now> white dove* wera looted from th* atuphl theatre, amid a tbuw> r of tit?aa. The following an toplea. Tba Italian compoeltlou. of which the Kngilal la a rrrj liberal tranalaticn I* said to b? from tba pat of Slgoor Maggi :? AIX' AOItKUIA ARTIST A I.A SIOA TKJUC-SA TAUODI. Linur* nor, d inn* r?*ll* a ?ellv II dulee i' II canto ok* n* aoead* at ??re, Cb' >M*r III i*ra mtiiHirlitl In quaila t*df. A *1 loda II ditin Faitar*. Kgim qn.< hrilteral fnUMa ittlla, E lae di ?rl? **..) Il prl-an mint, Cb* t'aaro la raca ?'ha ahl I'd ortlla la i?*tl Hud to kea I* *ri amim. Tar t* di vita akbendera I natalle A >r*airh' ?rti * a' nalodie i?crata Cui |U tut a t* faon aaaur pid bello. I *l?n K|?in iatt tadrii p?i qa*l ttlo ell* ninlii aeclaca, a diraa tatvi mo # Tcrtaa ti cha a* rapUoe la Ciaia. Another >tar with welcowa raitinaie All* Tb<a tempi* *acr?J to nolndiunj art: Bw**t d???ht?r nt th* fair l.murtin hill*. th* ?n|c* a??r< n li ini *ur heart*, I'ntil. tr?a<pir**d ta c tUatinl air, w ? fax I what honor* nnl* tlia* batonx: II?r northern gailaml l?t tlijr *l*t.*r waar, Hiln* I* tha wraatb til (rat Italian ? ti* ; Tot now one* mur* w* feel 11? *lowitn? rain And *wn, la tb*<>. th* Ijrrio inu*o train ! W* trust that the public ar* now aatlsfled with *?cl a rtrnarkable tragic TOcallat?that they will learn ti appreciate inch wonderful excellence. W? hare ni doubt they will Pucb a linger die* not need faotitlou iam? to maka bar way to tha ?*n?ihllltle* of i warm hratti-d paopla. t\ hat *b? ha* dona elaewhere aba wll do bar* and that all Hay know tba hlatory of h*i former triumph*, wa will (ketch, a* briefly aa po*sibl< b*r bla'ory Tat, wa ahould not forg?t, la tba Art place, to ?tate that at tba and of tha performnnot. *bi wa*called befora tba curtain three time*, to racelei the plaudit*. bouquet*. and acclamation* of tha nndl I * bi a? a /Wrerr bating bean eiclted by bar tranaoanden abilitlea. tuch aa nercr before wn known In thl, metropolis Bat wa muatbaatan to tba nrooEArtiv or rAftont. Plgaorlna rsrodi tu born la Oaaoa, (and not li Milaa aa Willi* aaya ) of nbMir*. bat highly r??p*ota bla paraataga, on tha 17th el Aagaat, I82T. ui I* now ei*(|i?itl7, lout; thm yaara old Burly dI*play lag pnt Mfttlty for audi, aha itaiM with the b? fhcllitlee ih? eonld eonmuid. till h?r MrntMatl year, whan. at the ittlN of the few who war* ana elan* of bar brilliant geaina for eoag. aha rnIM t pr?para b#r??lf for tha annwr af tha Mag*. Bat ha , paienta wara dlalnellnad to thli eoarea and endeavor* te dluaade bar treat ber purpoee. la tha eeallma hariag aang at aoma of tha nrat bouae* of Oaaaa. aai ncltad graat antbueleam, her paraota ylaldad, ao fa aa to allow bar to begin a oeuraa at thorough tralnla aadar tha laatrnetloa ofMadtaa Paata who waa thai , llviag at har baaatlfal ' iUHim, on tha ahoraa of tha Lak ef Caao. Tha moa*at Madam* I'aata baard faro41 | roloa aba raaogalaad tha aoaaterpart of har owa There waa, la other re apart a, a moat atrlhlag raaaa blaace batwaaa tha blooalng youag (Jenoeea girl, aa tha eelabtated MUtaeea of Bong who had ao loag wor tha aioalaal crow a of Rnrope Ree?mbltng Part a t aloaaly ia pereoa, that tha portrait* of har Ukaa I bar ytnth. mm nyfOMd to ba thoaa jnai nutittd < 1 Parodl. ii4 mbIi4Ib| *11 who had it?t ?mi PmU, < i tha m? frank, ( mom, opan h*trM Btanir whir kU aiwaya thMUturlwj bar. u liapraaaloa iwlf | abroad that tha tbroaa which Paafa had laft raoaa wnnld N?o ba worthily IIU?d by tha ft* ana ?rkotara Omwa. Aftar P?ta had haard Parodl aarwal tlmaa. at taafad tha eapaalty of har rote*, aha aaoonrftffad h by aajlri that aha would probably ba abu, by etc application, to flt baraall, In two jaara. lor tha ?tai K,nrnnra*?d by thla brilliant k?fa, tha ptami r dadlratad haraatf. haart and aowl, to tha nnhla aari or*i>lo* bafora h?r. Taraaa had t?fl an a*?d fall and notbar, a kind aunt, thrae rlatara and fonr brol ?r* bah la >1 har, all of w ,ion aha hopad o?a day to r *at? to a Bora anaplr *.na for tuna. Hat Madam* Paa'jk haraatf. had not yat la*ra?d h bright aad prl",a?a a jawal had baka antraatad har kaapi?f <,a?ra day ?m taarkad hp d*?paf lib aat 1b tha taa .?har, and i?or?? irondarfnl pr >fraa? la t pwpll. At laat at tha aad of twalra Bimtbt. Pa rail ad t?'.*aa ta bar. ?wa "??'?? ?* har ar tbay %Bik-d np?n tha tarra?a. anion* IV arai rrotaa of Como ? My ahl'd," aha a* Id. ' Iltdkui drArad tan with arleh i d. and fnWaartaa; I h? | dooaforya all th?t t ??n or jan ? ?.1 Ton i K ir ItUj h>t U? iU?* Y;a waj mU*/ >tM?i LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. r will go with yotf. 1 shall live to aee yoa tw teat elnger of Kurope ' Mia embraoed bar giJUd aadl it lovely scholar, ud Taraaa Parodl went to harhoM k- In Genoa. ud rejoioad the turti of bar >f*d parents rt by relating to tbem what the raaarabla FmUM l- said ' She deteralaed at obm to bagla bar career la * ? Grand Opera Italians She had began bar stadia* wllfc ?1 Pasta la 1S44. In 1845, aba vaat. by Invitation, t? '* Bergamo. darlag the annual Mechsntcal and Agrlenl7 tural Fair. (July and August) awl appeared, tor tb> ?- flrat time at tba Teatro Klccardl. In that ally. Thar* L* war* strangers In Bergamo from Tarioa* parts ot Italy ' and no ona vaa prepared for so wonderful a display a* ~ musical genlua. The Italian people hare a qaloksc '* appreciation of ganlaa In the arte than any other Mr ? tion; but when tba raporta of her unpresedantatf sa*> cess went forth Iron Bergamo. they Hnud too eatift* ordinary to be credited. When h?r engagement *u closed at th? TeMre Riccardi, she was invited to sing during the next <-ermrah (1848 0) at Verona, a eltj of higher rank, buMt In population and art. la Bergamo, aha aaug, at her, first opera. " La Oemma di Vergy,'' by DoaalaeML At the itn? city aha represented " I Baa Poio*i;*' bjr Veidl. At Verona, these opera# were repeated with increased effeat, and her fame began to spread over Italy. Appllcatiens poured in from every quarter, and the youag cantatrice could hardly believe her gto4 fortune?for one of the charms of Parodi'* inlmitaMa character has always been a modest estimate of her own powers. She chose a very brilliant occasion for her Best afpearance. A new and exceedingly beautiful opera hcure had just been completed at 8pe-.-zia, a oharming little city at the head of the gulf of that name, whlah lies half way from Genoa to Leghorn Parodi had liern invited to?what shall we aay 1?dedicate it! For la Italy where the arte have long held so aupmal a ?way, an opera heuse la considered worthy of a elemn and grand ceremonial, when It* doore are thrown open for the entr&noe of the muies< Parodi appeared there on this splendid occasion, ln"BrnanL," by Verdi. It was a triumph which had nevw bee* achieved, even In Italy, by a girl of eighteen. 8he also sang in ' La Oemma di Vergy," with Inereaeed enthusiasm. Although the theatre ranked only amon( the third claes the event was everywhere noticed, aad the PartaftAtoci|th was everywhere spoken of The nex?ye<ti**he went to Palermo, where af. peered' a *L? Semlramlde," and afterwards .'a Lm Norma." She' was now rapidly, ia her oareev, approaching a higher and more difficult point. Ia Palermo she sang before one of the most dtocriminating audiences In Italy , but aha surpassed expectation. The next summer she weat to Florence, and n the great tralrt there, sang ' La Vestale," ol Mercadente, and "Maria d! ltuJens'* She went on to Home, and successively appeared!* Otello.'* '-La Norma.'' and several other op?rae, ha which she excited an enthusiasm whleh had not beam felt In that anolent and venerable capital for a leaf ' period. ' But In the next carnival abe left the peninsula, aad returned to Palermo to completa her engafemeat, which extended through two carnivals. She n*? came out In a new and b?auiirni opera. wmoa bad been oornpoaed ?*pr?Mly tor her by Coppola, which wai fntltled ' II Fingallo.'* a bow enthn?ia?m in itlrrvti. and before the carniraU vaa over, tba feeling of tbe city roae to auoh a pitch that tha ' whole people aeemad to hare gone mad for the bM(tlful rantatricr. ' Thla fact la tha more aingalar, also* bar greatest ' triumphs ware achieved during the horror* of the 1 Sicilian revolution, whlla the red flamea of war war* rolling over tha bluahlng bourn of that devotaft * ltland Many a feat of berolam wai performed by tha r wumvn oi Slelly during that terrible winter, whlak '* would hate honored the chlvalrio name of Joaa d Are Horn and edusated In the ell repibileaa iijr of Uonoa, La I'arodl gave all her ijmpa' tblea to the oauae of the atrnggling patrlota aa4 * ro brillianlly did iha dlatlngulah heraelf daring three terriflo leenei even her life would not have been aafe an honr. but for tha enthuflaatl* devotion of the men of i'alermo, who woul l have pi 1*4 the grr.nud with hecatomb* of brave bodiea rather thaa ' - W.U 1.11 #-..aaa Ik. I> k a .< ..I mmm m .!#??.< beautiful a being. Tbaae Hrtii of caraaga however. at U?t pa?a*4 a?ay The friend* of liberty wart finally c impelled ta tucoumb to the overwhelmlag poeer of JaipoUim, tha hoot of tha tyrant again pre?aad tba eoll and P*rod| l*ft Blotly to follow bar career In tturope She bad made an engagement to (in* at Ban Carlo, at Naplea. But It au a ilooa; (enna to eoatemplato. Naplaa waa again u&Jer tba fret of tba m?rjllaaa Roarboa d??pot. ba bad butebarad or Imprisoned tba a o bleat n>?n In bi* kingdom and a pall ol gloom bad iMUad over tba cauae cf Italian Independence. At tbla erlala, Luml-y tba great " empreeaaria'* cf tha Itallaa Opera llouae In Londni, d'^itokal a nn-??eng-T to Italy to aneot an engagement with I'arndl, who wan believed to be the only r**4e'rfca In Kurope who could prova a formidable rleal la Urltl, or an eijual of tha Bwedfoh Nightingale. lie aurnaedrd I'arodl appeared In London In ' Norma." and carried tba faifalooable world by atorm. In I'M than ten day* tba enthu*U*m waa unbounded from the blgfcett arena In Kurape, a ad fr< m tba greafeat rival on earth. Paroil had soma ?( with rclef J tha appeared In rapid ueaiwo* la " Norma," ' La Favorlta, ' " Seinlramlda," "l.uar-ila Borgia. ' Don tllovaaal," ? Le None dl rigaro," "II Matrlmoalo Secreto " Ac , aad to every aaw aoeae aba Imparted a free b nee*. with every word aad movement ha oarrled a power, aad over all aba eaat tba rnagl aad charm cf aa enchantment wblah even Oriel had failed to command. At tba cloae of tha aaaaaa of 1M9. la Loadoa. Parofl reigned eupreme over the mueleal w rid It waa a triumph without a parallel la tha record* of hlatary ; for the waa not yet twenty two year*aid. Bummer iwtorc laat aha v|alt*d her boma, and eaag be loir the ooart at Taria. LmI iyrli| ikt iftla It tk? mbn o( liar Mtjwt;'* TkMtro, l? t don la La Mod**," ?t Mayer ta Kraaai." Natxiae?," and "I da* Foa*art " Har fame wa* al??a% regard** aa complete Hut (ha m, on bar aeeond apj pearaaee. greeted *lth atlll *r??t?r ?athuai**ni lha r bar am* tba pride of the arlitoerv; of Baglaad. aad kf I general aoaaeat Rtirnpo aceordej te har the raeaak tkroaa of Paata . That w* ahovld m ?oon have tha ploaaare of a?itHKlai tha arrival of thla (Iftod aoa(*tr*a* aataf aa, * did aot dare to hope Bat Maretaek waa detar| mined to eetablUh the legitimate I tallaa opara la Maw York, aad ha applied to Laailajr, to whoa Parodl waa , engaged tor two year* loager. to allow kla to briag her ta Haw York for faar aoathi. with tha aaderetaadlag that aha woald retnra to Loadaa la llat to epe? ' th? Qoeea a i >pera lloaaa, at tha beglaalag of tha Bait faahloaable ?ea*oa All koaar. tbea. ta Marat**k faa thta a obi aad geaeroua act. May ha reap a rtah har" ?**t froaa hi* nntlrlna *i*rtloaa. a A word a* to Mile Parodl'* family. Bba ha* aa aga4 if father, who haa aerved tha Klagel Wardlale far torty . year* la tfc* aray aad la tha <-o?t*m?. aad wh? haa * aew retired with a plttaaee from the fttate aa h?a?**, k upright maa A not bar of plala aiaaaara aad *mot pi* edaeatlon bat of anpertor mlad aad aatlaabM . > character la their hear*, too. Ur**ea ag?d aaat wk* ' ? watebed orer the Infancy of Ter??a ?n<t_ * Uitoaaoi ?o;JUr. ? leixr'M ' thaamroft* . Purlin Ian Klag , oa? ?abalt?ra aWojr _! "* *" > <l ara,T rn. lapari'ltigkto .tgllM aa? will aona a*,t?r rn tbo mlT?mty ; aad t*. othor w u h*r trar-l. ar I I? no* *1?h h?i la thU ?*a?trr Bk* bi? thr*? til of whom glra ladtratloa. at * ?>ir< rior lalrftl *'n? b narrtod ?n l ttlo4 ta Ooaa*. irl Aarth-r ar?<l ?#t?a??aa gt*?4 Willi a eelwIM vet**, ?r U r.r '"!? < u?<I?r Mad?jn Pa**, win t, p~.imK th? rtr''nt ?"> '* ' ' Th? <Hh?* MM " r iouri< r. aft?r >lt?rla?lag ?n a|i*n?4 a<^rarai>a?t*4 h- g?*.lun f?f tta f laaofWto, la ??Tt*et|?| h-r.-lf mm . t??f ln?trm?at. nmtr tha o?l*hr*ta4 plaaWt Maa dar.ifll. ?ko U *V*o?#t?bll-l|f4for thapraarat lnO.nn*. * htft rarodl btgaa bar ?tadl?a wU* t*rt? hoi faail. " Ij ??m lh? ?ln*< p^rurt; nil nlh to tr.arlly N"#, thalr ?r>m?atle oU'i? |? tlloiatap tha i?nW ItfM ?f tha fnrtaa* af tha glttad chllj. lift fnftaa* k..?#w l< aha haa net ''*? u( k B ?\M? t? do lor li>w f?inll/what aha d?alr?a. far ' a th- >vt*rm ol ?1*T*a tea Mian ???a lK?r. aa4 (I ? ta dr??rn ln?d to *l?a h >r fMfct brilkPN a*d a I#. I t rinnUlow Shr a( * 1 r?hu '?r?a? 'J* In a I *?< loam tag llt?h.M/> tha n?? aarad ioUIm a- Kemlf * * h?a?an al waya # ?.. ? t? tha al4 af ... tha h. ir.iraaU tha t?ii>riat ?*d ? t?iM *<A that | h ?>ti Mt'i th? ilftod aad baaaMfal ?f* I arorit In tha aaa wr.tlJ, lhaa ka| Itn |lo?#4 ?f? r?4 f fik #?>***