9 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Iv. nn i t zu -? X 1 WHOLE NO. 6995Ax " DOUBLE SH KET NEWS BV TEliKUKlPH, The Illinois KUotion. Cure alio Not 8. 1850 The return" from thia Statr thus fmr. show a great '*hi,j gain Walton Malony. the regular democratir . aojniuee. pledged to the repeii cl the Pugltir* Law, rui-cted* John Wentworth. (tern. In th? Kourth tJongreMional diatriet In the Pitth diatriot, Mr Browning the ?cgular whig candidate, Hurceeda W A. lliehardton drm K P. Biker. whig in the Sixth JUtrict. i? Fuccerded by Mr (.'anipVll, the regular Jemociatlc candidate. pledged to repeal Mr Yale*, tlie wbi;; nominee. succeed* T. L Hsrils democrat, in the SeTenth district. The return* from Coles county *how a majority rf 275 for It*aves for Congress. In Moultrie county Mr Lowder has been elected representative The twenty-tive Legislative districts heard from Fhow a great Rain for the whiff* Al l??oiialu Klectlon. MILWAUEIK, NOT. 8, 1850. Below we send you lull return* of the election ' held in tbi* State on Tuesday. In the Kirst District, Charles Durkee, the present incumbent, is elected to Congress by about 1 540 majority. Mllwaukie county gave 1.467 majority for Andrew K. Klmore democrat; the whigs, however, generally voted for Mr. Durkee. In the Second District, Kaitmin, demecrat, is -elected over Cole, whig; but his majority is not at present kuown. In the Third District. James D. Doty, independent J< mccrat. is elected by 2.000 majority. The Legislature is largely democratic,there being at l*a?t twtnty majority on joint ballot, which secures the election ol a I nited States Senator la the plaoe of Ilon.Ilenry Dodge the present member. Vermont Klectlon. MosTrii.ii>. Vt . Not. 8,1850. Miner has beaten Lyman, whig. Ur about 250 vote*. Both are whig*, and both are far ahead of Clark, the | "Jemooratic eandidate, as well as the free aoil candidate. Miner i*. eor.-e.juently. ohosen C ngressman, by a plur alit y o a 237. ']h? ' Onnoti'Dts, and the Pu^IMts SlaT# Law In Monton?Fugltlvea Married, Ac. The demaciaU held a matting in Kaneutl 11*11 lait right. at ?hlchM(. If. K. 11 allot, an J C. B. Goodrich maintained the coniiltoMonality of the Fugitire Slave law. aud declared that while It remained the law ot the land It muet be maintained. Spirited peeche* ware made to a late hour-eo that Oorham Park* *u prevented from 'peaking William and Mien Orafte. fugitive alave*. of whom there hae b >-n ?o much aaid. were yaaterday married by the l(n? Th " dore Parker, and it 1? aaid they hare left tor Eojj'aiid %ia Halifax Set ri I nry Corwln. OmonviTi, Nor. 6. I960. The G'errt.v J.nin that Secretary Corwln will retire 'rom the Treasury department, even if th* I.ef i Mature tbou'.d re elect him to the fconaie Ua>.hliigt?n Itrma. W?iiiiMuro!?, Not. 8, 18i0 A. J. l.ottglierj and John C. Mulloy, clerk* In the Indian bureau have been removed. William Deveirux. of the eame burea'i. whoee aeollealal fall ha* been fTevlouily noticed, died yesterday. William A Kennedy, formerly employed temporari'v. ha? be#a appointvd to a clerkship la the Poet Ottea depaitm>nt The ' ridlnul?a the argnmente ol the Unitn relative to th* nrceaaity of a I'reetdHUtlal yroelam*tion egain?t ltc-too \ Hreat ttto.l* are making here by naval offlrera to revive the "cat ' The Pr-aldent op pone* the m?veI .eat ' Tlir laahTllle Conrtatlon. Baltimouk, November 8, 18j0 The Nathville Convention, whieh meet* on Monday i. it Willi. ut one d< legate from Virginia i.--n v.otdon.ol Albemarle. Tlie Maryland Convention* Aiiaeoi la (Mi> ). Mov. 8.1050. The Mart and Reform Convention aae-mbled to day, end proceeded to ballot l?r Preaidnt Wm 0 Johnenn baa withdrawn Ma name from amongel the eandila tea and the c*ateet remain* bet eeea General* t hapman. Howard, and Rldgely on the irat ballot < ?n. t'bapniaa received 49 votea. (iaa Howard 48. aad UidgeWy t i >a the I**t ballot. General* Ohapmaa and Howard Mtk reaeived 4H vote*. and Kilge!y4. tt la tin- g*u--ra. 'pinion that Oha| man will be elected to aarow Di ?tru<tlvr Hi* In l?ocik|M?it. Nil 8, MM The inn*t le*tractive fire that aver vl?Hed our village bcoke rut In 11^' Urge tour atory brick building known at Mer. haata'Itlork corner of Main an I i'ottage etre< ta ale-tit 10 o clock lait night. The l/look an 0?<Mpi*J by a Mr. ( urtia, aa a drag a tor*; loaa not yet Br<-*rtalo*4: inauranee $4,000, Meaare. Rlngueberg giocery and provlaloae, very little aaved, inaaranretA' > i'norr upled a tore property of Thoaaa Bank* kall'i* and t ampb-*ll. proprietor* ol the /*etertl loaa every thing to thair bojka aa 1 their regular wetkly *4itl"U which wa? ready for circulation, lo?a |l too Ine d f"r f#*X Mr Ralloa lo*t, In addition, a talitablt .ijrary. The upper part oftb* ball ling waa oecapied b| t'arver A fcly. lawyer*; 1 H Davit Jnetiee.Ya-?#'t A llo|in??, p-yaleiaoe; Walter A Ilolm-e, JraMMi Tl I* l?a..? or ln?or<n^? w* cannot j?i ,?< . / ?"i 1 li? , rti r'j iM?i-l?Sru.| with t Sh -1 I 1-1 S? I nrn.r f'ora. wbmh hod Wo r? f Mly I II i >.? M. HI n:: 11 ' rg \\ ah .mi afnra and X Cbabbvck jaw.Iry r'.ora vara allftMl/ <u?|r4 lloit'. i % o( >li l??moH tl?'a Ar. Ni? Uai.r???. Sow. 1. IM4, Tb? J. i * ' "I I' -ou?b, ih- m1 i:iau-? iia< b -n rrbt?il by >u* of bit illtM ?aai?i- d by flra wbita m n Tha n? .rt> *aj? b?T t"'k thr.-a luck*:. .,i 40U an 1 Ut. - T' ?*? a |? k*** < * no'. nin 'uatinic tr *1?0COO. la "be ram. room a blob it Mtai tti not Uti * Th? Idaa o' br aklr* McTtoanntb'a will If now rldlSiImI hjr iba >fa Oi l. ana paper\ilnwv I lln?k llahbrr) In Yrrii?f?nt. Ai ? ?< \'.? 1 IS611 Aa altc-jipt tw mal? laat Wnlnr.Jij ?raatn? to Tbb lb? bl.ak ltl??r link ?t Prort?r*lll?. nawr l.ad low \am< it ?kar* >' ai-Blor-ad an ?n*ranoa thro'ijV tb* rao.t but 4 J hot aucaaad la ?m;m( (ba da 1 he l*?tr rirr In Arrhbalil. H.taK'ut a. .lor *. J*?o TH? Jar ; '7 ?ha lata lira In \r.-hbald. wara ai ? 1:' - - 1 11 a' lire*a ina? n bnlHIn : ?rrv?d?? k< ?1 ;w lyn.rtai-a on bulldlnj. f K?arta? 'i -t r.r 1 %\ ? n.urar <" " K ? r n ? V c I llara I \ **> ? l*?araaea Total loa?. 1.101 irntw Ham. Ilrnroaa. ta . No* I?12 M A drlTlBf asow alorm baa prevailed beta all thi jioralng k?w J? t?? y ?4*?wrrm?r'a Kltfllan. Oft Kml, Waff AVrf, f>?? l.-raaidae ~..7. ? 12 Salt at ? 31 Iaab*riaa4 79 Altaa'lc 40 (IIWfHtar 140 lapa May Ml i Kuril agtwa Jul Marear .% Monmouth |.al 190 / P?M? _ an W at ran in? Ilnntatdai. ? 1 |? 4.- Morria I Soaaraat 13 miiiw. ai I. MM M0 IdM 00 * 1 - mwnr............ , -- ? Hru-n -- II M?4 7. SI 1J< lort {! ) majority t.7( H?port?4 El.BtTKD. I'l?t i. Nllkn llrMIM. ton 3 Cfearl?* Rk>lt?n. 4?m 3 I???r WildMrk t?m 4 Ororgr H Brown. ?ll| h Roiami M PHe?, 4<i? Th? la* 4?l?f?ttwi ?t<vxl fw?r whU* i* I.Wt?UAt1?*- .. 4V??? 10 4?MaWy M a lm # ?? ? E NE MO ?W YORK ST.VTIS KLKCTIOtf. The Gubernatorial Vote. Washington hunt prohably ki.icted. The following table of reported mijorlttee in all the countle* of the State, we compare with the vol* for Comptroller last year. They indicate the election of llunt by about 1.000 majority 1860 > , -1849 Whig. Otm. WMg. Hurt. SitMovi. lln?T. Lott. Albany WW ? 1.334 ? Allegany 60 ? ? 231 Broome 118 ? 146 ? Cayuga 100 ? 11T ? Chautauqua 1.438 ? 960 ? Cattaraugus 160 ? 209 Chemung. . .. . , ? 288 ? 441 Chenango ? 300 ? 610 Clinton ? 83 ? Columbia 154 ? 306 ? Cortland 254 ? 223 ? Delaware #00 ? 761 ? Dutches* 160 ? 66 ? Krie 1,500 ? 1.782 ? Ktsfx 754 ? 406 Franklin 103 ? 91 Pulton it Hamilton 161 ? ? 40 Geneve 1,600 ? 1.082 Greene ? 302 ? 181 I Herkimer ? 1,184 ? 1.100 i J ellenon ....... ? 800 ? 662 Ktnga 360 ? 1,203 I i Lewi* ? 660 ? 2S0 I Livln^ton 1,400 ? 1,047 I Maditon ? 60 ? 83 Monro* 1.200 ? 1,401 Moutgomery 100 - - 100 New fork ? 1,10* 2.671 Niftgar* 800 ? 487 Orleans 189 ? 47 ? Oavego ? 800 ? 881 Onetd* ? 1068 ? 81 Onondaga. . ... . . ? 660 ? 26 Ontario 1 260 ? 760 ? Orange ? 600 ? 466 OtB.RO ? 616 ? 1,007 PutLiam ? 440 ? 004 Qutni ? 327 -- 244 KxttMelarr 200 ? 348 ? j Richmond 130 ? ? 80 KockWnd ? 026 ? 437 Haratcga 400 ? 619 Srheneotady 260 ? 260 ? , Seneea ? 238 ? 478 Suffolk ? 900 ? 708 Sullivan 60 ? ? 28 St. Lawrenoe .. . . ? 1.660 ? 914 BohnbarU ? 600 ? 700 Stinben ? 900 ? 672 Tioga 364 ? 98 Totnpkln* ? 16* ? 166 I'Inter ? 350 ? 44 Warren ? M7 ? 679 Waabiogton 1.700 ? 1.708 ? Wayne 600 ? 22 We?tche*Ur. . ... ? 160 ? 420 W von) in 660 ? 280 ? Yatea - 2J> - 261 17.037 15,940 18 240 12,601 llliill 11MI1 WMg maj . . . 1 007 I)o. in 1819. 6 739 The official returns will probably reduce Hunt'* majority in the State, but there ia very little doubt of hia lection. The JU>any Argu> of yaaterday fires reported majorities from fifty two counties, in which Hunt s m*joiity is 1 Mt; and the tlx counties not heard from, but Included In our table above, give Seymour a majority of 638. making Hunt's probable majority la the State 1,408. or 311 above oar calculation. The Uglnlatarc Complete. MFMItKBS OF ASSEMBLY EI.HCTKD. The Aiaembly will stand nearly as followi ? C mint if*. Whig. Drm Count it*. HHitg. firm. Albany 2 2 Onondaga 1 3 Allegany 2 ? Ontario 2 ? i Broome 1 ? Orange 2 1 Cattaraugus 2 ? Orleans..,. ? 1 Cayuga 2 1 Oswego ? 2 Chautauqua 2 ? Otsego. 2 1 Chemung ? 1 I'utnnm... ? 1 Chenango 2 ? Queens ? 1 Clinton ? 1 Rensaelaer 1 2 Columbia 2 ? Richmond 1 ? Cortland 1 ? Roekland. ? 1 Delaware 1 1 St Lairanoe. . ..? 8 Dutch*** 2 1 Saratoga 2 ? Krie 4 ? Schenectady 1 ? I Kneei 1 ? 8 oh oh arte ? 2 Franklin 1 ? Seneca 1 ? Fniton and 11am.? 1 Suffolk ? 2 Genesee 2 ? Sullivan 1 ? Greene i 1 Steuben...-..,. 2 1 llerkimtr ? 2 Tioga 1 ? Jpffencu ? S Tompkins 2 ? King* S ? Ulster ? 2 l.ewin ...? 1 Warren. ? 1 Llvtr*?to? 2 ? Washington 2 ? Madieon 1 1 Wayne 2 ? Monroe 8 ? Westchester 2 ? i Montgomery 1 1 Wyoming 1 ? New York..... .18 8 Yates.. 1 . Niagara 2 ? ? ? Oneida 3 1 Total 81 47 ! 1'robabl* whig majority 34 Do. In Senate. ...2 Do. on Joint ballot. 36 l.a.t year the two houses itood as follows Ilhig Dm. Senate * IT It Aisvmbly 88 86 Tie on joint ballot. * to The Fetators all hold over this year, having been chcten ior two years. Members Of Congi-eaa Hire tori. ' Whigs m ltalio?, democrat* in Roman. nut. 1 Suffolk, lie John (I. Floyd. J ? K Ings. tie. .......... 0*ei#??A Kw<u. 8 Flwtft wards.N York .Emanuel B. Hart I 4 Oth 7th, loth, and lath ward* .J. H. // *?'< /laws. | I 8!h, v*h and 14th (.W*r Hhiji. 1 ( Res? if city Jam** /lienAs. * . .i. ... . .. iv..? P u i ...n. DvtrktH.li .Olttort D?m. Orange ir # Murray 10 1'litn ke. , . . M S<htmnmmkrr It i'oluml>ift ke J Sutherland, Jr. It l?t?M>U?r, , ,DmM I. IS- Albany , ,./< * ? /.. VMrrVt. 14 Hlkkllfl"* ./?* *11 Hoyii. Ik i liglm. ke Jcee)>b lluncM, 1# Paratog*. ke fnkn ft'rUt. 17-ll*rktm-r. ke Ale* H Until I 1*?St. kr I'rtton King t 19 - J< U-r??B Wlilw4 I?M 90 - On*t<U Timothy Jenkln* 31-Olarjo. ke William W Baow Q- rktBUfO, ke Htmr? llemnHI ; SI ke Imhw BibMtk. ; 34- Onondaga I>anlel T Joaaa | 26 (' ( ? ke. F. H. Mmim M Toropklnt ke Henry J. IfaMrHgt. 37? 8?a?c?, ke n'lHiim .1. Satkelt 28 Monro* 1 M. S. A?rmer* ?rn X> Or. t alio ke ./'.WW H>r?fmrd. #) Simheii ke Reuben Robla. 1 ll-CtlirU(U. ke FreH S. Mnrtin 32-KM # Hnlomn it. Htren 14- OtDMM, It. P. Ha??U t S4 OtWan* ke. Mmii??i | 1 H'hif. Ihm Fru M, , Old nr Hit Cocgrea 1 1 I Mt*. it UdOotirtN It U 1 Mrntbera tfC(mfr?t Klert. Claa?IA<<l Pkmockaib. , B *? pr*???? (nr frre ?oll' 11 DtirrtX*. iHttrirtt. 1. John P Floyd. II. PtvalAl K in; 7. .StnamP 19. .WllUrd Iraa. M. .Gilbert l>een 2-T . I.aand?r libeect. 7 ?, W m Murray. 24. .T>aalal T Jonae 11. .Jo?lah Sutherland Jr.. 30. Reuben Robl* 17.. Alel. H Until. 0 lit *k?a?. i?r Caaa 1 3. .Kmanual I) Hart. 20. .Timothy Jenkln*. IS. .David L Seymour. 21. .William W Baew. ~ 11. Jo??ph Kartell il WM:?. Biwtanea Fan Be 13 ,0 ?. .Obadlah Roane !? K B Morgan ,w IB. M Srhnrnimak'r CB.HnryB Walbrldge A 13. .Jat.nl, Behof.lrrart. 27..William A Baekait, 14. .John II Reyd 2B I'd llortford IB. John Well*. 31. ) red 8 Martin _ 21 . Henry Bennett 13.. Aafnr. P Haeea' _ 34. . Loreara Burroa*. >0 4. J n I1rh?rt H?w?. 2* AM * h?rin?rb? ?n 10 i. .(l?orK? llilcg* 32. .IcUnion U Hatea ? B. .Jiari Brook*. I* M?*r? !lnwn? ? < ?< j4 ?r? J by tV _ BH??r |r?y? but ? ?!? ? th?? la tha P??*rd U ||?t. u th? Bomlnitlna ?f th* flr?t ? - w4crf*4 by th? Albany Krwiiwf Jnrvl il4Nr Ray* r?f>r???at? utrnni fr?? Mil dlftrlflt Rlntlan RfUrat bf All?ga*y eoaaty gl?aa Huat 40 ?,otlty a? r^p^rtad C*tttr??|ai roaaty glvvt Hunt 1M aitjnrlty. Cllatna rnnnty ku (<? ft aiarlty ft?r 8?y???r .. A?y?nr a aajr rlly la Ch?aaaf > eanaty > 179 F-n I? *?t. (wfcl? ) for Oagr??* ll?9 otar Taytnr ?THI? ?a fraai * a Norwich p?f ?r J M Hoat ha? IM aaajnrlty la Fraahlia roaaty. i Tka d*ainrratw< Majority la (>r*?c* caaaty will ra*ah j. &M at Ira* Haai ? ?*>ority la Qrlraaj **aaty li |44. Tkt M W 10 RNING EDITION?SATU] I tire county ticket is <J Mnocratlc, with the eioeptfon of i the sheriff. Seymour's raaiority in Oflcmdaga ronnty it 687. Hunt's majorHy in Niagartf county Is M7, with the town* of Somerset and Wheatlh^d to hear from. Hunt's majority In Rensselaer mnty Is 200 Seymour will probably hare a siuwll majority in Sullivan county Washington county probably gives l.f.00 whig majority, with the towns of Greenwich and Km ton to hear from. Seymour's majority In Warren county is 637. OI'SEMO l'Ot'!?TY. The Albany Errning Journal of Thursday has the Allowing telegraphic dispatch ? Chi.rhv Vallkt, Not. 7,1840. Otsego has dine nobly, the majority against Hunt will be reduced to 600 or tiOO majority. Chase, (whig,) for Congress, has a majority of from 150 to 200 In th* county, and Schoharie is reported to hare gone also in his favor by a small vote. In the tirst Assembly district In this county. II. J Campbtll (whig) is elected by 57 majority. In the second district. Coffin, irregular free soiler. is elected by a large majority. The third district is in doubt. Considerable whig K*ins in every town heard from. P. 8.?Tho oflicial account gives 015 majority to Seymour KRIS COtTXTY. BcrrALO, Nov 8, 1S50 The exact vote on the Stat* ticket in Krie county cannot be ascertained here, as some towns are not re ported In full; but it is generally believed that Hunt's nsjority will not Tary from 1,500 to 1,600. THE ILECTIOK IN KINGS COUNTY. The returns from thia county are^now complete with the exception of one or two unimportant dls tricts. The following are th* majorities tor Governor and the principal county and city ofBcsr*:?Washington Iluni, 372; Obadlah Bowse. 1,416 over Bogardua, and 817 over the regular end independent.candidate*; Duryea (D. A.) 904; Smith, 4arrogate, (estimate)) 1.204; Crawford C. Smith,County Treasurer. 800, Bruih, Mayor. 28#; Lawrenoe. Street Commissoner, 84)0; Betts, Comptroller. [868; llriaot, Colleator (of Taxes. 759; Folk, Chief or Police. 770; Cochran, Comtnioioner of Kepairs. 74?"> (leorge Uall received 1.933 Tot*-*, and Phillip 8. Crooke, Independent candidate for Congress, 5i?8 The City Return*. The ofticlal return* were completed yesterday afternoon, und some slight Inaccuracies are corrected The lollowirg are the results ? Di&trict .Ittarnry. Governor. oliHtM, bh'bt, Hour, scvMoua, Ihm. irw?. Whig. lif in. 19 768 21.42" il 445 21.846 1976!) 21.446 Blunt s maj. 1.M4 Seymour's maj 441 Among the votes for the mayoralty a considerable number were found to be for Alfred Carton?in one district so many as twenty vote*. Several votes were also recorded for Janay Lind. for the *ame ofll ce. There i* a difficulty abont the eleotion t >r the Nineteenth ward. The act of the Legislature creating a Nineteenth ward oat of part of the Twelfth, provide* that the persons elected must reside, at tho time of their election, in that section of the old Twelfth which is now the Nineteenth. It appear*, however, that neither the Alderman nor Assistant Alderman elected reside in the Nineteenth ward, but in the present Twelfth ward. There is alsa ano.her difficulty It is unoertain whether the Alderman and Asaietant Alderman elected for the Nineteenth ward oan enter upoa the duties of thetr office now, or must wait till the beginning of the new year. The question has been railed whether Mr James Brooke, of the fj^rtu, who is reeleoted to Congress from the upper dlstriat of this city, ia a popular man, compared with hla associates on the whig ticket One of the printer* wbo opposed his election. puV llthis a statement to kfeow that Brook* owe* his election to the I'niou party and the support ot Mr. George Law and other hunker democrat*. The following is the comparison of vetee given to whig oaadidatee in tb* Congreaalonal diatrlot reornoatml by Brook*; from whlrh it will be Men, that ha ran* below them all, la hia own diatilct, and I* aran bcaWn by an aatl r*nt*r -Mr BUkalaj Ir'rrrwr-IluBt . 476 Cl'k aj .Ip'ti?Hmitb P.IRS I.trut. Urnr.?Cornell. .9.WU7 ? Bluut.S.iAJ Cvki Blake ly.% f.W7 Citjf JnJgt- Beeb*. . .3-?&> frii. /??/>( V? ltak> r, .8 bjij C'Mtrrtt?Brook*...H,.;5S Prrhapa tha #Upr**a cau tiplain tba cauaa of thia rurloua reault. Til* MLVKR Olt.kYS?A MRW rAKrT JfAME. The State of New York hai ba?n remarkable in coining nam** for political parti** Mrn of the laat generation will remember tba designation* of Lewlalte* or (,<uid*. Cllntonian*. Burrite*, Coodiea, Bucktalla. and Martling mm In more modern tloia.v w? bar* origlnatrd in tbla ally aud Stat* tha party nam** of Na tlnnal (("publican*. Working man, Kanny Wright man Wblg*. Lor-ofoco*. Kank and HI*. Conaervativc*, II un. kar* and Barnburner*. Wa bav* now, It app-ara to add to tha lift the party dralgnatlon of" BUrsrUrays." Tbi* namo ato*e at tha late convention of national wbfca at Itica when tha Hon Franull Granger prealdent of that convention. In a apeech mail* on thaornaaion. declared that It would he hia prld* to aerre In tba ranka of tb* "Wliei Oraya.'1 Sir Granger did not explain why h* gar* that name to hi* follower* ; bat it I* generally auppoaed to apply to tb*o?lorof hi* hair, anil that of i ther l*id> ra of tha national* in that rowveatlon?aay Mewrf Jo IIoil*. Uaabrouck. Daer. Carroll and ether* The tilver grey*," bare tba* Ur proved th?m* -Ire* a fceUe people baring only aided In the triumph of Seward and Weed, without eiaatlng *vea tb* ataal r<? <i--< <;reeiey *?id of them , that they war* a very olca p?'ty if they did not winter-kill, to w'hlsh Ilciie replied In hi* ?pefch at I'tiea, that h* la* no|hlvg about them that looked like being winter-killed; bnt be ahonld not wowser If they *bonid kill of *oeiati?m Kourlei lam and all othar caraed lama. A* at preaent adviaed. wego In for the ailver gray*, partimlarly a* w* And Weed attack* them In hi* l??t /. en.eg Joumml, acualrg th>m of treachery and ether political in* Tha following are apeoimen* o Ik* iri?n?r In ?h|r>b ho I* down on tn?m Tba' national ' whig* >i?r* b?*t*n Me*?r* R???a Ii|> fndih. ui tli'i? tha e?tii(rj of lb* NTtl *M and tb<- Tot** of tbrea whig m*Bb*r* mf'onlo farcr of tbe tarliT rliTt ?nl harbor*, aad b?r ct?at afc'j nM*or??. Tbli i? tha patriot!** ol sot J*rn " Sil??r ?.reys.'' AiOTMr* ' Witui Vn-taa* ?Tbe lloa O. B MattUaa. at Oneida. i? bnM by ti fotw. Tba Cll??r Uraya" aahlatad tbla triumph for loaafoooiani. CoHaetor Max**U. Ilk* Mb-trsa*urer Yonaf. ha* b?* a boatlla ta lb* adar al*tratloa r-t 0->r?raar Flab, ad o| p<>a?d to th? nomiaatt'o of Waahingtoa |{uat They w-r? at Hyraruta. ami a*?i*t?dto g~? up a hniters'a Btat* rnatratioa They bat* done all rbey cculd to del?at Mr Hunt *n4 If they now orates* to - r?.jotee o?f r bU eleetloo ' It I* tlniply aiding iluplletty to traarbery oixtltlon of thr Drmoaraey at T?ma?if Kail. (rtneral H. Walbf: inoa, on th? night of theelectioa, bring present at Tammany Htll, and being railed upon to make a speech by the " unterrified <lemocracy" assembl-d to hear the return*, rose and addressed them a* follow*: Mr. President, and Ontlemen it ha? been mv \ ?ry goc<l fortune, within the*- honore<! wall*, tro n thia old platform, frequently to ad<lrea? my fellow< tiirma on otir politic aj du'.es and obligation*, pre\iotia to an election; but tliat b?inirover, in th?- uncettaiaiy that at present exiata aa to how the day ma? have gon>, I can only hope to aid in releiving th* tedium of the hour, while the it-turns are coming in (" ? oa! ga on ') i Unt iflam to e|#*k to you, I must do *o with great frankness, for that tiMn i.? unqualified to address i he (eople, who fai la r? speak of public men , and public measures according to ihe dictates of his moral tenie. (Hear* hear') Political organisations. like individuals. m<iat be aab ected to ike misfortunes and coateata of life ; and whether t we shall be able tonight to congratulate one another upon a great and glortaua triumph, the restoration of the municipal and State government to our hands. or whether the exertion* of our ?,>arn'nts hsve been succeaaf'i1, will soon be known Put * h"te\er has been the reault, fct ua hw, in adMnce, to-night, by mutual counsels, r??ew out devotion to the constitutor, the In ton, and the supremacy of law. ( Apptauae ) 'f we have been t?m( >raniy overhmte, lot tM fully realise there may be other calamine* mott 1 di*a?tr?M than defeat, and that from ad*er*ity wi may derive out most aalutary leaooaa l Tfccre *fvei wm howmr, w?mm ?RK ] RDAY, NOVEMBER 9, the d>-niociatic partjr of thin Siitc, and in particularly of this city, bad greater reasons confidence and succeed. Our |H>litinnl princu air nuw i?r ir-giuiuaic uuu rccugaizea prniimf of the whole enlightened world; and in this gr con i me rem I metro[>olis, controlling by its popu tion?its high intelligence?Its free and untrn melled press, hv tar the greater portion of the cc inerce of the Western World, there in a firm, liable, and honest majority of from three to sei

thousand in favor of the grea' and cardinal m aures that constitute the lusis of the deinocrt Cie? d. But whether that majority hu to-<f*y dem atrated its strength, or whether it has rerwined active or indifferent, r? yet to be ascertained I if we are defeated, in the loss of power let the morsl l?e obscured. If we have failed, i not for want of numercial strength; it is because the |>eople are hostile to our princijH but rather because there is a decided, fi.ved,? growing renucnar ce on their p<irt to th?- manne which candidates are now designated for put fa> f r. (A voice?" Whit's he driving at 1") The popular will has been so frequently stilled corrupt agencies, that many of our oldest and h democrats, are becoming indifferent to the ex cise of the elective franchise, by far the high duty that can possibly devolve upon the citizen. The good men of all parlies, have long deplo this evil, that has increased so alarmingly wit the laM few years Out reforms are necessarily result of time-yet, it is questionable whether have not reached that period when something ix tive mutt be done. It we hope to command continued confidence of the people, we must j scrife such rrgulations for our primary us* blages, as shall secure an honest expression of l>opular will. The great body of our citizens are constar absorbed in the pursuit of their own private avo tiont; jet they are always ready and willing, any time, te devote a day to discharge the obli tions thry owe their country. Conscious that ei man represents in his own person an integral | tion of the political strength of the State, they sire that that power shall he wielded only to c tribute to the general prosperity and welfd and when thev approach the ballot box to posit their suffrage, they require to see some n designated for tlieir support who, beside rep renting their political creed, shall also be a mat honor, of worth, of intelligence, and of characte the becoming representative of a great, free, in ligent, and commercial constituency. (Applaus Gentlemen, there are no two codes of moralit one for the control of n man's public intercom the other for his |tersonal relations. An hor man ia the private concerns of life, will discha with fidelity public trusts; und it would be as possible for us to look for honest, straight forw public action where there is n<> pnv ?te virtue, it would be to stem the torrent of the Niagara w this single atm. It is a matter of history that since the adopt of the constitution, the South has exercised by the greutest control in the nationil legislau nor should this excite unkind feeling or surpri us the Muses are legitimate and natural. She I ever plaeed in her public councils her ablest *o There, more intimate personal relations exist tween the candidate and the constituent th with us. The candidate for public nominatii goes directly to the people themselves; and whil j am in favor of the abolition of electors of Prf I dent, and in favor of allowing the people to vi I directly for the candidate of their choice, 1 am, | the same reasons, in favor of allowing Candida for nomination to be voted for directly by the pe ! pie Hut whether thin a /stem ?r some other ah be adopted, the party that hopes to cuntrol the ! telligent vote of this great city, must present th I candidates through such it channel as shall co l rnund :he respect of the great body of the peop But, gentlemen, I am trespassing too long up | your indulgence (go on, go on,) in these genei I observations. It is known, perhaps, to some >ou, that in the Tbinl Cougre-.-ional district, ' [ purua'ity of generous friends had designated nume us anions those trom whom th select should he made, to represent that great comn cial district on the floor of the national represei I lion, wh> re mind and genius me**!* Umw rfial ; the highrst bearing. In ilte conventi<>n that ultimately made the I lection, it was our miofortune to l>e overborne, i | whatever' other districts may have done to-da feel authorized to unuounce, with great picas.i our candidate has been triumphantly elect f Lively amdause.] I I).., i ? ii.;. t.l. i. very grateful acknowledgments 10 those friei who uiged my adv.ncemerit, and the remeinbr u of their kindness will terminate only with my > iatence. lituMemrn. however ih?* struggle may even'u to-day ihiougliout the city and S ?!f, we are ir vaetly riitl* rent condition a? u narty from that occupied tvhen we assembled here but a year a1 A year in time only liaa elapat-d, yet a hun<l year* hate eouie in progress, in improvement, i in enl trged and catholic thought, throughout world. Our matchless system of republican! v? ri ni'MU liaa been aahjected to the aeTerenl ord ever imposed upon human in^itutiun*, and ua thaiik < iod we havi*|H)nsed the cnais ao triiim ! anily a* to extend the blcamiig* of concord n gladness throughout the whole brotherhood I American Stolen. When we met tiere lut ye /in were filled with the moat iuiulul api>rehrnai< ; and alarm. The national democracy had bi recently overborne by treachery, while gallau crnttnding f ?r the a&cred prmcipha that hid c | conducted them to victory. liuf the overthr j of the national democracy iu 1818, faulted not account of the permanent ahindoiiineiit of I |M>op1e ?>f the great and fumUn" n'al doctriBei the democratic creed?they l??ve ever been firmly seated in the heatta of this people, is the granite beneath tbe heather of < native luTU. That defeat was the iaevitaMe ault of an attempt l<> organise a new party ihia country, on the basi* ol a section<I i*j*i I thai.k Um it signally and disastrously fail and d* moiisttated the folly of nny attem,>t t > hu successfully up any great political orgim/'.t hostile to the two great political pmies that gr out of the adoption of lie constitution, and hi ever since been struggling lor the * ipremacy the federal and State government. But. gen1 men, the attempt to force upoa the American p pie a MCtional iaaue?to draw political distinctit by geographical lines?ha% no: been wi'.hout U nclii i*I reaulta. It has nroused the latent pa'ri urn if ihe c?>untry ; it has cauvd goo I ami ti men, of all |>artiea, to forget all other cou?idertU< in resisting fanaticism? in rebuking fac:ion tandin ? by the constitution and the I'mon as i higheat of all earthly obligations. But yesfrd Northern fanaticism, voder th' wicked guise devotion to some " higher I#**," combine I w South- in disuuionista to threaten the existence the libettie* ol the people. I'uMic men talked t hlushu gly < f disunion, and the pei pie'a rrprro tativ< s at the cawlal conducted thnr proceodlt as if th? y wtre trie representative." of alien 8t*t The crises caine an<I was manfully met. Stv men and patriots were not found wanting, will , to forget the ohligitions of party in their devot to country. The democratic j?arty rallied in strength of its power, and we were once agaii pros|ieroua, united and ha;*?)' t e.iple?a 1 a?c;io dillerencra allayed?the rancor of civil discord < celled, and the old American f!ae floating o a united republic, whuse boundaries are only mited by the two great oceans tha'. wash shores of the western hemisphere. (Applaui l>ut,gentlemen, in the midst of our exultation the recent ndjuitmen:, by Congress, of all disturbing questions that niegaced the e.\i* ei of our institutions, let us ha; I jrget the ill<ntri< men by whote agency it was achieved Whenpatnoti'm is exemplified by the sacnti reof p* ami poll icai crmgatione, we wo inl c*<tsr ?<> ( true to our o**n nature, if we di.l rtoi t>eatow i voluntary e!Iu?ion* of our jrra'itude I tike ' caaon, thru, in tin# v?tt nwmMar', in y< nam'. tnJ believing it will mttl * h you r , apptoval, to acknowledge th* ?*rvic<" rend* ' the democracy, in 'he overthrow *>f unatioi and nullification, by the two g re*- an < itluatrh ?tate?rren, Henry t iny, (rhr? eli?eri for HCiay,) and I'aniel \V>b*ter. (L?al a, laiwWeVtter ) It ia gratifying to know th?t '.hat great in whore Hl'iatrioua career beg,>ji*i:h the <ler??>cr party, at his eventful life i* <l?wmj to a <.lo?e, ' he muM qualify himself (or '.)?? nnr<*e? rsaiitiei ' the unseen world, return;, ag*in to baile for 1 same great priaciple* tha*. ci?.i'?ctei-je?i h ? ei i maakoed. But if we may *p*ak thaa with re*\ 1 of ho?e heretofore en'infill from u* by poll ! aatcc ationa, whit moed ot i.raiee? what la i? i of eulogy?what te,nua U commendation? i we employ. When we speak ? < uro *n gieat rl taia, w ho led na is the canvaaa of IH4* ' (l.nm< cheering for Car*. > Hi* tlocuiue ot noa-iater t*n then, has beea ratified ant coafir ( by the aober avrond thought o? the patrw't ( people now. Ai*l what in?re can Wo sty of I Ac aoo (cheera) an4 Foote, (rhecra) and their * , ciatea, than, that, while other* hesitate I i fain-red, they r? warned firm, unawed, unteiH , aitd unreducedt Forgetting all personal ai<| t consideration-?they\*>v aita< hed themaaW* I the Ametican p^opto by of V?j FT K R A 1 1850. [I ore und by hooka of otee'; and tlar rnin is unworthy fu tie name of n legislator^ who, unlike them, is not les witling to make a sacrifice of self, leaving the connu sentiences of his notion to the providence of (rod, eat to tune, and the scrutiny of thoee who shall come la- slier him. im- Bm, enttemen, there was another element in ? . >m- the settlement of these questions that recently so f\ I re- disturbed our polite il tranquility, more powerful ^en than 1< gislator??1 mean the free and independent en- prets, to-?periling with the democracy in conitic trolling tke moial and |*olitieaI sentiment of the people, in ttie recent crisis at the late session of r>a- Congress. There can be no question but that J| ] in- ltbeitey is the dominant sentiment of the age, and liiit that the American press is contmllnrft and directing not that aentiineat as it convulses the ocean ?f human T|| tig thought and emotion, at hime and abroad lu the not crisis through which we have inssed, the deino!es. cratic press of this city has nobly performed its trxl dntv; but in the settlement of the sliverr questions rm at Washington, the independent press of this coun- T| die try bore a most conspicuous part. 1 would not make invidious distinctions; but in this city, from by the columns of the Nttr Yotk Htrmld alone, an J ,^8t influence was exerted in favor of the constitution rr. and the Union, reaching far beyond the power of any M-itesman of the age. (Three cheers for the At Itnt York Htrald ) rP,j But, gentlemen, whatever may be the result of h,n this day's labor, here, in the mutual presence of one th,. another, let us recognize that great truth, that ne- HP W(J ver should be fsigotten?in thr honor, and glory, ,8j. and renown of upholding and perpetuating this the great fabric of free government, we can all share; sml in the deen anil ls^tin^ mortification th.it shall ,m. murk its overthrow, we must all ulik?> participate, the Wecannnot sever ourforitinea from theinterestsof & our country?we must rise or fall together. Let " " Kly us, then, hope that the saint- spin' of liberality, of _ Cd. concession, of compromise, in winch our fathers tlt formed the constitution, will continue to he evinced ga- hJ 'heir deacendauts in its preservation and confch tinuance. M,r. And if we are defeated here, in the city, let us 1 (je. ponder well upon the cause* of our defeat, aud rely Cap ?n. with unbroken confidence upon the exertions of 0<c|( irp. our friends throughout the State. The husbandman and laborer nave ever been the guardians of 'tau iaa poi,1,'ar liberty:? beei ire- ' l'rincr* and King" may flourish, an t may fade; T I uf A breath ran break them an a Ireath bath male ^fn r Hut a sound yeomanry their country * pride? When once destroyed. cau never be supplied." L?>V ) A Voicr.?Tell ua something about our adopted citizen*. ; Gentlemen, in reply to the request that 1 should r*' address our adopted citizens, 1 can only say, kuownig the evils of despotism abroad, they become m *'"* '"''''fill fr'' i>(l8 of liberty here; and it is a matter rd of historic truth, that every plain of the revolution N#v' a was bleached with the bones of foreigners; and rith ''ie h'4,0<' 'he foreign exile in the cause of our I independence, (lowed like water from the gushing , I torrent. (Cheers.) ion | uut( gentlemen, I must conclude, with my sinfar I cere thanks for your kindness and attention. Nor, Oe !r'I i indee d should 1 have rescinded tei your call, hid 1 Or i"?. 1 not contemplated a temporary absence from the to" li" city, of some iiiod lis, in acquainting myself with "e the resources of our extended empire on the Paci- X?1 fic, from which I hope to return with renewed ian thought and vigor, to mingle my ext-rtious with Qt oa? yours, in the approaching struggle of 1852, in favor Oo e.' of the preservation of the Union, the compromises ?nj of the constitution, and the integrity of the Ameri- Xe st,; can States. ^(Three cheers for (ten. Walbridge for ?' ? fjr Congress in 1M2 ) tea B __1 Nf IhMtitcal am el Mualcal. DPWFHT IHFITHi:. III" r*ITUPUl III^UII'T in WUI U jn- | >0- Mr. Uraham performed tha character of Ma?Deth. l??t \,? fir eveulng and the great denlre on the part of many of tftrc m- the audience to mx* it again. ha* induced the manage. No >le. mint to announce it for thi* evening'! enter- N(l tatnmi-nt. Tbe caet in very good. Mr iTraham a? trfc , Macbeth. Tilton n* Macdwfl ffeven'on a* llaa<|>io and k, ?r r<li MIm We?y?* a* i.ady Macbeth Mi*a lllllert will aing j^c "I a favorite ballad; and tbe whole will conclude with the the excellent drama of the " Carpenter of Kou?n" J. K. * my Hcott in hi* celebrated character ot Martean The ion viMtara ol the Bowt-ry th'atr*. fr< m tbe *pl*ndtd bill* W C (l.r. of etittttaicment ollcred for th?li aanm in'nl, mu<l 3 ,tft. admit that Mr. llauiblin it untiring in hi* exertions to ?" f I l?a?eth> m. althee ? raftrili ik? r -oil uctloai cf guoa piece* ot excellent actor*. t' Bitoxnwav Tni *t??Thi? heimj the latt appear" ?ei asce of Sir Wlllitm Don. the hluhly talented aud ec" noii oentiic comedian tboae alio hare not a* y?t *e?-a hi* y, 1 exoelltnt delineation* of (vuil i cbaract-r. had better u,,, re, da *o tbl# retlng at we are inforiue i ,h- miift leare, i*| ed. In order to falST ?ereral *ouihern aud eaxtwrn en j Jim gagement* lie will app*-ar In lluuhc one'* nomedjr of I ? i.r " Btngle Mfa," aa I'eter I'm key, aid in the farce of J 'L < "Alarming Sacrifice ' a* Hob Ticket. Sir William Mr " hi* during hi* engagement given gem-rat ?.iti*factl ?n. lot ,ce and hi* aucceaa throughout tbe emir* I'aloa. may be It ?? EX- fairly put down a* cer'uia. Vigour Nerl, an I Ml** I Adeline, will dance a new grand Bwta* Welti; aui the lie amu*enient* will oouclude with the favorite piece of Mr i I n I ' Petticoat Government A fine bill for one ulght |a? wr >'i*io * Gamut ?There will bi- no performance thi* jo erefcing l*it on Monday. a eplendld bill of entertain- h'?'U| rr<i ni< nt i* presented fcr 'he ainu*ement of the patron* C|., in,| of thi* establishment? tbe beautiful ballet pantonine Mr i : Ihf of' Miranda," and the gorgeou* and uiagulticcBt pau- Bf>l' t< miuie ot the'-tlrern Mounter." To- [ IMI r.,i | Bt bto>'? Thutm: Thi* evrulug, Mr Blake. wh? i* \*i i'.j i oac of tfce greatest faeoilte* that faun* appeared at till- Mr? , | e Ubli*hnnntan excellent comedian, and an ?oI * ; 0<>mpli?hed gentleman ?will take lit* flrnt b?n?8t. "r" 1 ! ?li< n it i* xpecti d tlui <' ho hari'ebj'iyi'd hi< adal- NV r*kle anting, will till < t?ry d"panm tut of the houie t?n#r ir, , lit ofTera a rna Mil. Morton'* eom?dy ol Mduoatloa, ' 1 iiih which the programme ray*.ha* ti"' b??n plvynd for I"-'" cq thirty year*, and the amuning piece of i,'rltn*oii ; tly, 1 Oriaie* " Mr*. I>ali-v will ting a popular bUltd, M . f yfr I fd?rie aud Ml** W alter* will dance a flew pa* d?- Ami deux, and the orrbcxtra will rxxcute terertl excellent ea'.i I ovarttire*. In tha onmedy 11 k* will upp-ar a* Blr I . "n i fJuy Ptauacli, Hurivn aa bauUlag, Letter a< Vlfeit, | and Ibe fetritle character* will be t.ll* d b- Mr< Iio?- (ran 1 <> *?ll, Mr*. 9kerr?tt. and Ml.-* Ilill. ! ^ *? | N*iiow*i. Iii*at*x -TM? ?? nln? being th? la?t n. "s | ri'j.ht of Mr and Mr*. H Wlillam*. woo hata btci tna i * vir general farorltee. a< t mly at tta \atl< nai theatre, h it ! povi ft- InihaBouth and Weet. reoelving every where they , . ia ' atpearrd tbe wanMIt demonstration'Of audian -e* ie- I I,, i lighted by tbelr ptciillar abllitlna. a bill ot great at- I whi f.(t tractlona pn eiiti-dfur th< ainuaami ut ol their nnme> j i . J t j roti* adrrlr?r* The perfArntaura* will commence with tbe draira of ' Atnlirota dwlnett,'' which will be 1 l0,| followed by the new dr*-na entitled ' I'addy the PI- jg ,, |'tr," Mt W'llliaa*. in the cbaranter of I'addy lionn ,v'" ' v*n. wl h tbe fong ?f Trnet to Lueh," aad Mr*. Wil- Ai 'of 1 llaai* a* KatLleen MU* Mnlilot will app'?r in a fan- jvoy< !? ey dance, and the whola will el<>>? with the dra na of , en* " lielaad a* it la.' In which Mr an I Ml* Willi mm ' ina , will appvar Km itg Teirira lltu-Av*a Brnmr.-To.morrow wnlae ' J . another of tho?" eseelient tarred cooaert* whiih have bern ?o mnrb admired for goo f mn?tcal arrai(?m*n'. ' h" in< will itna* off at lh- at. ive *pl?iidld rioii ia*pr> I f||* gtarara* abound* with excellent tunaical ?* . fuc .. ~'M i rcl.-nlr* I* d-ciledl) th>' mo?t auoi-rout one e?er lhf' ae- irblrd toevther in thi* i ity The wh ile of Rot-ml'* rat e ?V, 8tai>at Mater" will be peri irmaj. and will be pr?. I ,i oi evtled by Mercadaofe'* *p>ndid o<ert if? to that great ith ev>?po*ft!. w. Al*e Konl/etT* cbora overt tire to the l*'l of Martyr* Hubert \'e Mar c llandel * e-leb-a >1X, i?. ted lllrd Bong ' and Myeib -tr a Coronation Mareh | _ ^n. The ?orall?t* are Anna M|*b?.p. Mi"* d.-l.uce Mr Mtn- ' ter*. Mr fegnln and Signor Notelli The whole will . aloe ? be under Uie direction -f that aole Maettra. Ilochta . ** I Ticket* toall part* of the hou?? 10 een'* r*^ | Aftitut Mi ?t m ? The imu'eoi'nt* |or th* after 'he " * noon, at tbl* beautiful e<tabli*hm"nt will coaiiit of '?n i tta moral drama ot tip I'runkari " Intb* ereaing. 'l** | th* taree ol MUchlef M tking and rt)b-rt M v??!re n" r it ' aed a inurlcal dl*play. by the I.?oea>h're lt-!lrln?er? I ?J* ill An i*menae nuabcr f eurlcaHl** have b*?a add?d to l it it- tbli mtnitiAtli mu*eum The ('tin-?e fnnliy coatiatver 1 in* ef the t'biaete lady with the ?mall feet and her ft, j , |t. >uite, can be eetn lurlng the day and even.ng the Nt* T'?? Awrttiriit >1*' 1 hrra appear* to be no I it ' dim:nutloa in the cri wd* who riilt thin elegant e?ta" > bllthw tt Tb? I?rf' rtr.?:,.' ?* ? f *h? I n t ^ f t t* neter Ue| . ,vie 11 d ^11 . Lou1 - i- wi'h * ** rival Aa *'t-m??n pTfi>rm*r-? win be given to d*y, , i;? at half pwat two o rla H which will n* d ubt b* fully ' ma attfid?4 bjr thejavefllle* I "f M>< Htni>' Hati,?<-'hrl*ty'? celebrated Band of Wr fly Min?tr?la will glta *a aftera<cn perftratane*, for the ' UIIVI.IU1 I1BIII'" IK k".' I lh? uaaa! fcac.rt ?U1 tab* plara. Tb? pr?jramn>" fcr th? o, . af?>ra<Mi and *??ali.f |?rfnnD*?- ? ceataiaa tta# ^ mir *b?>tar?t *? ? of KtblopiaB mia?tr? l?y ' a,- Km (.!*>* II -"I ItU *?? I ,?at ban 4 ot I'bl- , . ' f i??? ?r? di trj |fw?l buataxa Tli-lr n?? h*'l m ?m Im*UI?I and -? rtabl* Tb? ?:r(raium> l? ?x?a|. Wat Tb?j will |i?? an ?C?r?rrn (inert at tfcrta 5 ? <-* tor : Mi*?m? r.v<-' t.traii P.a'ra^a it drawirg gaod bona* a ?r?tj B??bt. Thf |r.,Dtio( U * fa'.tUfu, r?f r???r,ia't< ti of fur* ??.i Mr trrmlt X|.'??at|< n? M* nn' ' ?ifr?n !? lBt"r??iiac '0 1 t)C I _ ? . ? _ 1 1 ' F?*?.r?v? o Rim?> t Piui Il ia INic<.K"* ' . | ?*w n.<? l>?autilai w<,rb?! art. *111 oj.aa to tha pnJMl* i ?rt < b MrnOat > vaing tb? eompHuratary exhibittoa , ; ob TVor?ilay mi ?a? att?n.l?,i >.y tb? rlaj*j t>: tb? ?"/ | ?ity nlth a )%rj? ?aW of "d'tr'a* artUta aid ff>n T . nlfnur- bad ta?? aattouo'lni Mil-faction >C?I | Ma. ?ba talrntad *Ma*?*r af ibatiread- . <*9" way Th.Ura, |.\a??d tha |>ar? of ?lr itaaaoiart Oart- ' m* t?J *l?fc Vt?? *aahmaa at tJ?a Walaat ??t*at rhaa'r* prr ti*|. I'MUdttbhia tb * w??* atkd waa raa?tv*4 with ?nttau. | . | rtaa??t cbat-ra ?*!? ' r?ikiM ft* 4l*tlnc?lab*d Irlab a?ia?dlan tail* * " ftiM baa b?*a plajtac la a',11 moan wllb graat aao- Tfc aal >ad la im? In Vrta??,*l?w . kin. n??i'a liaBalo. aftar *bi?fc h# pre, ^ ea.??( to flu ?rKaf?> ai? at la. ianati ia4K?a0r- ap| a iv I K" p? Sriwi t *art C?lr?<Ur^Tfeta Day. ,l? . ' < ra?M> l< i BT ? Uia<! it ? ! at f*d?ard? lo?. l I Noc 114 ?"*. W.IOrd'i.nfl inni lfr)J lOfrV m " f itn?( lo-.Jjklu, UU, lul>; 'JW?,nil. m r t\ u yj. PRICE TWO CENTS. Jllkmv INTERESTING INTELLIGKXCS. SZZ BATS IAT1K FROM LL PARTS OF EUROPE. ARRIVAL, G* THK EW STEAMSHIP AFRICA. e rse of the Telegraph iu Kn?Un4 and the Halted Mates, HREATENED PARTITION OF PRUSSIA. INTICIPATIONS OP AN EUROPtAN WA1. titnrie of RiiH?in and France toward* Germany. HE PROTEST OF ENOLAND. IMPORTANT FROM SPAIN. DVANCE XN COTZOH? hi: very latest by telegraph, Sic., ire.. Jec. he new sieamship Africa, (of the Cunard line.) tain Ryrie, arrived at her wharf at eight jck yesterday morning. She left Liverpool oa inlay noon, the 2Bth ult., and has, therefore, i twelve days and twenty hours. he following in an abatruct of the log of th? ica, W. J. 0. Lane;, Esq., Commander, from er)>ool tt New York:? >. H'i/idj. Com r*e. D*f. l.at 'J6. Northerly. > uiuti. 1.7. .N to NW. Fadouj. Old Ilea*. Kiaaale. ?W..NW to N.Ntr. NK7 fl?;w rm M UN M !*W 9..NWeetrrly. 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Fr*ah breexea and cloudy, with a heavy M# i tbr northward. iv 4 Krnhb breetes and hary, with a heavy raS ea v 6.?Moderate variable wind*, and haay wsaihar ughout. iv ti.?Moderate and Am- weathar throughout, v. 7 l.lght, variable winda throughout the twaaiur 1>< uf< htnpped ahlp at 11 P. M Saady Uaak Ib^WNW i?Y?n or mufv >t H ? Artlvfd *t dock *t 8 A M lirx xnl ure the I ASSKNOKR" l!V THE AlRICA. Murray, lady, Mra JorJ.n sail - Hr IritA Inldrra rind rbllilrea Wia I) Kilklrtf rw Mr U*mfor4 and * A 9V*I* ?>...v .uoiat; |?4J K L Ban k I*l.rnlnjr. lady, Mlaa Tarry W Fiaaau rhildim mill I J !,n *?n? F liirkft rvanla Mr lloughtoa Mr Hniaa < ( ami boll A 11 niton Mr Oris* 1UUn Cami>- K Muttul Kri.nia II J H IllioU Hrn*toll?l ( ri Clop- Mr Atkinson C Kraaody II Mr* 0 A Boll Mr Roberta** r. Fnl'rr, lady (! U forbn M UjM?* <i i' rlnldi. n Jn D?*?r M Iliiat Try lor, ladyaad I'T Milrfeall W B ITwt J JMrJackaon E M >ora Rodfwrll iad ! L Dwr*nrny A W'>*ra y Mr flair t Kmtna r Slcwirt tad Mr MatMr**oa John Dl?ska*ra y Mr llolmo* Mr liut una, Jl, II I Mr l)u|f*ui? Mr Millet > I Bollin* Jnkn Raddy rculniu and Mn?h Larmoar T Arnold y John Catdwrll Mr Pnat II>nin n and Joa Kattaraby Mr Hlia <a ? Mr 8?'h*l?? I' fluia [ WHylil la^y, J H Baraaa Mr BarrU lw and uur-e l.i*u' R l> A<' KN Mr Doraad i*rii? (' U Willoa MrTabbn I Niah ta>l Clia* l.aitd J 8 Phillip* ? Mr l.*tnrrlov Mr Waltoa ir??a and a*r- Mr Kl>har<la>a Mr R 9i*wa*?'s*?r>t Mrltrinfl >aat, Mr J?kmrnrdr, *MW Mr l.ljlitl?*4y at..a. iMMal Mi Utbbrl4i? Talal-IW 'aat U ) and >n M m Mnr* > air nidH'Ir.l to K. Iloliins, Ks>i , oik ol tha rni?er* in III#1 Africa, for a file of the Intent pafrom F.rndon imd I'aiU. rnorg tin- valuable newspapers received hjr the f:i, is Mr>vtg,rr Frunru-Ammrain, lately bliclied in I'aria for transmission, with the ?t nrw?, in French and Kneli-h, hjr each saiUntic itcunei. It ia a useful paper to out chants. lie Vmritrr Af< r'unhl, of the I'lth ult , aantestfe arrival of Mr. St? ph*n*??n, the Kt*engineer, nt Urnoa, on hia way to Etrvp*a re is to n>rvrtf the line of ikr prnfertrH ranM ttn ikt Mriiilrmnran and thr IM Nt*, he I ni lifh and Continental news by the Afnca, f crnshlernWe importance. Ivicrs from Madrnl et;te that the Sf>ann>h rnaient h ire s< nt orders to Cuha to aus'v^d carrying into eilV ct the sentences paaae'l a?;aiaat e of the American" taken at Coat of. he Aliantic arrived at i<iveri>ool at II A M ol r-<day, the 21th ult. I'hc Niagara arrived at M , on the 20ih. noiderohv an.xieijr is felt in reference to :h* Ik iw^er the Arctic, which left New York 27lh ill!., and th? Africa 1fi-*vy beta have ifivrn and taken f?r an<l agaiaat the re?|>echere had l>een a fair d?mand for t Jnlte<!>Uateo k* m tli?- I>ond<>4 market, and the government iritie* hod e*per?enee?| a alight I m prow wot ia notation*. The Si* per Onu of l^kS are ed at l?i?H to In other tl'-acriptiwna there ia hAnue to notice ?4lta**?rive??rCmt IUa4? ?t ? n Sit t*r ?a> ( >< J) |ua i|?u 8i? p?r (tc./ i ?t.| * uw'7 " ?. r-r(>?tai-?k (ir;; )oj aim* . f'itt F1t* ??r Cif * #< * ll*>- Id*").. <?S a fO lft|wrntl?M* tkil, n* a UK City Ti** f ' '' at Hon.# (l>4- w? M\ ? .l<?r?r(>a' ' ii % in p.r C-it. i IN to t-751 I IK a 107 > i' . <t-r at ?'? < . .? ? I tlf. * t??i r.?r,<? ? . (? '?!'?, H a' . . !'t a ida A. y*rC?at R?a4Ml"70 IW a Hi?'? he .a Nnri of Great ltritain met in council or* dnes^av, th* 23d >ilt , at the foreign office, f? ibe;%ie on certiiaannouncement* mid" by th* ? i? ami Frtnrk gen i-nnuntt r"*/ ?v. n r>f ihr ni pmr-'f rtfj'< 'itr'f tc tmmd* nut a*1 i f ltomith > .t'. , u*t*u nruuuM, mUf girr* oitr tin tm fH'afmeni thd itjl htldt * to Iht tnmrgt+ti ?w MtitMn. U ie ataled that i government ?ngjeated the uheiitutioa for ?e warliLea menau aa o< a reraoaatraaee to ho lr?Me<f >e(arate)y by t?ch or tlwe three powers rhe crwirtor Pfu?wa. rh- 'un lateral criaia iq Hanover haa been night to a termination tor th? preaeat; but Hjfcf criaia r? ap| rehrnded at no diataat period. I V PrutMan Parliament U to iae convoked aa 12th of November. \> couata from Lierlio atate that there wu a ana' ivon of 'he Heaaiaa agivanoa. pending the taaua 'he conference at Wariaw, between tha Kmpea af Ruaaia aad VuatrM andCouat Rraadeaburf. if inovemeata of troojt 'till continued toward? Heatiaa frontier. There doee not, however* pear to be any hope of a change in the Klts tnr'a licy, aad an invation oa the part of Auatna aad ivaria ia expected The arcaimta from Patia atate that tha falimrat of (Jent ral Li'Hautpaul, the Muu^f o( V{v%