9 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

9 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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NEW YORK FilltALD. , 1 M F. 8 i.O'rtDON UEWDTT. *JMMrAUrroU iHT K1UJ.0H f > T N. >V. (.ULSl.il OP PlLrONA."<D NA#-A" STS. lUIt r HLKaI '), J s4i.IM per i w-v f' . ?"** ."fir: iV M.KI.Y th.H4l.lt ,:-try Ailurd.ty, 4?n>* ftr /?: r'u Rurwea* tdiiion, $4 P*r a to - j ?rf oj i r re?if Jfriftiin, aiu> M** <M| * / nh*i. Vy^ ,'/) trulvdr thr gt ... , 4, i t.i; 1KHS..U / ' > ?6>4. ?r yr A o^tri. + ..'oU j* '-y ?i ?"*" **.'*. ^ Ud from *\niA\T<fvL> (J-: ' !.>> >\m.M . u : . ito' i '.fr>r .?/ I if h**d. tm'l 6* 4*Ufft'.i/ i !?' ' ' s t'e a a r?yo w nryn abi J'lHr'CMHV Fmni7H) TO Hcil AIX LJTTTKB9 A.WD *" v*A><''V*'V *-i Y n.or.y'W cemmunif.itiont. Wt i? ' r? V ' ? JDI f r< irmi'f -rynnrnUe. tin I UA'/Al' n.'A c/uapixh out may*: ' i AVC3BI1K.NTM TniS KVKMNQ. niutH OPtnA. A?roK place?Noaha. JtOWBKT TREATS?. Hnwery?Machtk?C'AKurTta K i?M lltOAEWAT TIIf.AT*K, #nl**n-- 8i*ci.c Li?r? At-nrnine Sicmrirt?r?TTi?oA- Octcrx?k?t. VIZUyi GARDEN, Brond??v-Ct.o?iu r?n tm* Snmr IMJ-(.TON'S THEATAB, Ch?mb?r? itmt -Et atio* ? ('kuios tinn. PT?q ??r*? f*i>DY THV I?KI.?MD A* IT I?. CnRlRTTB OPERA f)Ol!?E, M?th*aJoi' D*U-*r?oo?: * I'mniiA. VEMiOWh 01 E HA U013E. 444 Brcidwi J?Brwiorum Wrnn B i L*. isuiecit AW> Xvxixa. WIW YORK AMPniTKRATRI, .?7 Bowtor-Rqriwrmiii f l?>H?tKCU. di' THV A ROOMS? LiomV rmwtNi ?r Cr?A DOUBLE SHEET. *- v? lork, Saturday, Xorombcr tt, 1*50. \f v* York Ntntc Klrrtton?Thr KevUlt. riicie is di> longer any reasonable doubt of the lection of Huut tor Governor ot the State, return* having been received from every county iu the su'e, which will be found in the table in another eolntnn. The official returns will doubtless vary tlie ajjgregute majority considerably, but not enough tc affect the gt-neral result, namely, the ?le?t.on of Hunt. We htve aimed to give the moat reliable ?utemenls reelecting the election, notwithstanding the <.*nf>D4<i m inner in which returns have oome in ?>v frieyrapli. Many of the .statements which hive keen lroiixmittrd by that method, have borne the rpeeraxice of having bee? pot up by gambler*, for tfct purpose of betting, and thus imposed upon the pnt lie .h rough the credulity of the telegraphic operator* When they wore that aspect, we hive ?nher r< >ected theni or giveu them as (lying reH-ite, for vrhal they were worth. It is to be hoped that a better system will hereafter be Bdopted, to prevent telegraphic returns of election* from being worse Uiua ust less. The whips, it will be seen, have elected a ma- j tonly ?t members of Conere&s and of the Legisla<sir 1* lii/t I nter from Knrofi*?.trrtvsl of the Aftiea. Cur reader* will find in our columns to-day, the | ^etai'g of fix days later intelligence Irom the old world, teeeived by the Africa, the lategt steam?bi( of :he Cunard line. In a political Mew, the ' at w> is of a very important character, and may be resolved, before many months, into a state of similar to that which was witnessed a year r two amce in Eaitpe, hot with a Ur diAVrent irvult, aa lar as the ritrhu of the masses are oocerned. The (act ia that the revolutions of ih?< were bo revolutions?they were merely an fWvet-ceiice <f public sentiment?a symptom |k*t the pri'p'c of tint put of th< world had j?w? swxkeneri to a sense of th**ir mlin, political ac well an natural; lor there ta not a country m liurope in which even the mtural and woe feasible rights ?f niAiJiiitd are eajoyrd by ih* (*oj>le. For centuries and centuries, not fcly Itua the t.h)-icnl man, but also the menial, eei. the f if, ll e slave, ihe tool, the in*trument> ih? cets-paw of a " divine right" few, from km?* and potentates of every description, down to a fnJi rv end irotH.-ir, iWe baron, with more whiskers ifcftb afiitf, and nidir liceutioiMwsnihati virtue. A rwonIrr of th>ag* i? coming around. Divine rush:, s ui a* k.ngs are concerned, is discovered ?. he humbug, il not b'tatphemy; and that the iw r* ( *<>, w hicli i* ?o cum ugly, and so often, anil w 4?ri?tiiply made uae of, is the i>oj /hi?an I'm inaboit fibtii ike Godhead. 1,? t tlii* a?*ntunent he tho loughly eutertkiued and acti d up lo in Kuro|*e, nnd ike detpotiam* nnd monarchies, and other f iUe, vicmiu* and op|"e?nve (orrti- of government, or a'hrr forma of oppr'??ion, will crumble lo dust, Mrvmgin their ruin* their stvporter* and upholder*. a* well as their h>.ad?, be they king*, eniprrors, Mffu, <-UU?, or any other dit-niunea The S|<4iiii>h government, it ?eem?, are not at all |*>ea??d with the mauser in which the S(>.iri.<It Minuter rWni^tentiary at Wixhington his c >uda t<d the bUMueM of hia of.ite, becMiffe he dtd m>t | t? ?til the iu jmou of Cuba by Lopez and hi* pia'xitl crew. If the ca' in< t of Styam were lotatei: in Waakiagton, iAitea*! of Mail/id, Ikei w?.?:d ha?e a mm h more correct opinion of ih? lakirW LH n C'alderon de la llarca That accom>! gmtkr in w h 4,hIv nterin^d iu Wiiliiauton, ..s well a? throughout the >ountry, t>nd M nukiriir iiat we l.txe ev?r had Id iiiabroad, pO* * ? ? the ?>?iine Utiliti? ? that he d?e? for f<itiilling the 4nne? ( f hi* nuaajen in a manner w thoroughly or ao ^u-f*ctorily to hi* gov? ntmni We venture lo wy that bo Hf?an b inininl< r bu: luin would have ?r.' n?bled to art so w< II un W the cirrtunaua- 1 ?< r, hi to wu?. lie haa resided lor a number of ^e. r- n the I'niti J f?tate?, ?nd is very pwpul-tff. j Pv li ? long reaMerce he ha? become aojuuui-'d j w iih the ton* of mind of thr American irople, i aid iy hi* r, i l#i.'^nlj demeanor li ;? mad*- him- J **ii bfti'udot tnrjr ?4muiiiUttiM tlui w> have K??! ?,nr? hr canu' to tin.* fWMn Sock bein? * *M ?a?e, hr l?!?? alway rnof* than usual 1 a?*\ant*tr? m t!? perft*rn?n#c? ?f th*- d>iti<*a of hi* nwwior. It ? a )> ret of gttkl iHiHk:' 10, v?) 'bat he hi.a n?>l b'rn atte ntive to the obj'xie of hi* i <;-flon If he should Ik- auperacdcd, Sper. will tofnre I ?* tha: what *?e j any is I'.y the way, we p?rc<ive th^re is a 4M>|<-'ition i>n ihe i-art ?.f th' >,<ani?h eovernm?*nt Mi If lenient toward* thr American pn*en*ri? M'h? were condemn) d for tb? ir < < nan ii?m w ?:h ihf Ix>j*a enpeditirn. f*?ch a c???r^ of policy would not arendcil with bud rc?ul's, ?rr are cotMnt. 7h? mafiritf <4 tk Amrriett p??|?le have nodewre to interfere wi'h the 8|>ani9h luthority ia< ah*. If thiU island. in the tours* of tome yem , ?V>?M t^-ecr'K' iiMf>',Tendrn'. and solicit anncxntinn tothi* fepublk\ the m?M#r would a*?ume a dilli-rent Jiape. lint until auch ie the case, <'uba mar rem* n arpatale, provided, however. that it hr not redtd to any tther i-.uropcan j-owf-r. We learn that a coalition ha? he?-i entered info between Louia Napoleon and the fcrtipcror of | Muma, to interfere in the aflair* of Croatia, with | the purpose, f*rhaps, of partitioning that country, j and dividing it between those j>ower? la the ' preaent aiate of l.urope, each a policy w ?uld be madness We doub\ however, w heth'*r aav auch Meaning is intendra by the alltanre. ft i* much i more liMely that J^ovia Napoleoa is * thraw-iii( out an anchor to windward." with the view of ' obtaining assistance of the C**f, in caae it h on Id be required, to jttfpeUttM hia own power beyond the term limited by th* freneh coi?titu**? , or to convert the republic into an empire, j efamat th* wishes of the French people. If such i* the pnrpoae af L-uis Xapoleon. he h*>1 better beware. Hueh a ptnoedinc would be in the h>f beat i*gree unpopular with the French people ; , and iMe he cannot bin know. II* ia even now in i an exiramely critical portion, and one rmwt-p I Imp* coat him l?i? Hf?\ The people of France, or tho?e of any other European nation, cannot be trifled with in this age of the world. We direct the uttention of our readera to a curious article, copied fro.n the London Timti, shDwipl' the rela'ive expense incurred hv that iourna.1 and the New York lhrald in procuring telegraphic intelligrnce. It will be seen that this paper publishes infinitely more news obtained through thit medium than the Tx>ndon and that the trlegrai hie fees in England are much greater thin those in the United States. The article i? worthy of perusal by our American public. Tlie Moral and Political Effect of tl*e Union Meeting. The moral and political iallueuce of the Union and Constitution meeting held ut Castle Garden, a few days previous to the late election, wa* not 1 confined to New York, but extended to all the towns and villages in the interior of the State, as is apparent from the returns that hive cotne to hand, in three places a blow has been aimed at the Seward influence, nnd at the Blavery agitators, which, if followed up, gives promise of not only checking, but annihilating, the clique of ambitious and unprincipled dem-tgogties who wish te ri?e on the ruin ?nd wreck of society, und on the disintegration of the republic. The merchants of the interior cities and towns are a- intelligent men as those of the city of New York, and eiuil to them in every j>oint of view; and when the mercantile community strike a blow, it is felt all over the country. The feeling which existed at Castle t >urd?*n is the same which brought about the ermventiou which nrodueed the nre'.pnr cnn.*ti> t-ition after the revolutionary struggle. The merchants of those days were not more intelligent thun those of the present age. It is not often that we *?e a movement so immediate and prompt in it* elll etsas that of Castle Garden. It lias already given a serious blow to tke anti-slavery agitation, and lo Seward, Weed,Greeley Ar Co., thechief spirit* of mischief und disorganization in the State. Its success, thus far, is a vie* tory of intelligence over religious fanaticism and impracticable philanthropy, and the conflict will soon until the Union and Constitution are thoroughly vindicated, and the agitators kept in check, and shorn of their power to do further harm. It will be the fault of the friends of the Union themselves, i if tins be not the caw. Tin y have shown the powI er which they jtossess, and what they can accomj plisli by wielding it in favor of the cause of inoralii ty and found principles. 4 But it is not ia the State of New Yoik alone that the eentiiuente of the Castle Garden meeting have been responded to. They have been re-echoed in i .-\i * implied, ana especially mew jersey. in the lai t nnnii'il Stale, they have accomplished a oom, I'ltte revolution of panics. The New Jersey whig ; aliolitionists liave Urc n utterly demolished, and a rebuke given to fanaticism which, probably, it will never recover from. James G. King, and oilier^ who, like him, advocated ultraiem and agitation, ami who were always on the side of both, in Congiess end out of it, have been annihilated. It may be claimed that the result of the recent election in that State, was merely a victory of the democrat* o*er the whig*. This, however, is a mistake. Part)inn, in the abstract, may have hid a little to do Willi it, but not much. The spirit of union and nationality invoked at the Ca6tle Garden meeting, and the sentiments exprer^d on that occision, do not &o ihe whole length of the democratic notions, by eny m< aris. The Union and Constitution people merely selected their ticket as the lewerof two evils, fur the | urpote of checking agitation, in the same maim ras ihe people of the city of New York voted for the whig candidates, with the view of putting don n the towd\ ism of Tammany tt&U,and defeating the stool pigeon nominations which emanated from | that building. In each case there m is an importent principle involved. It was the interest of the people of New Jersey to pursue such a course; for everybody knows that that State carries on a large commercial business with the Southern States which would be utterly mined and prostrated in case of u further continuance of the slavery agitation They know well?for they hadaoine proof it ?that the Soi;ih v ill not deal v> ith s people that en coarape an invasion of their political and constitutional rights, and theft of their property. But the friends of the Union and Constitution ought not to rest satisfied with what they have already accomplished, great as it ia. They ought to make their voices h< ard ami their influence felt ,n tt.e next Legislature of this State, which is to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent this State, in the place of the Hon Daniel S. Dickinson, (f malice were done, without reference to patty feelings or party prejudice*, Daniel S. Dickinson would be re-elected, as a testimonial of the admiration in which bis exertions m favor of the |>eaceab'e settlement of the slavery (uesiion, during the last session of Congress, ate held, and as a rebuke to the demagogue Seward, who excited hirm-tlf lo the utmost lo defeat all Uttf uipto at com pro mi?e. We shall c *11 on the members of the next Legislature, not as v It as noras democrats, hut as friends of the L:nl >n and thr Constitution, to select hitn in prefrrence to spy mm who has thr bl.cl. mark of Srwird tiemat oguism in hi? foreheid, or the destructive niiJ iiiBor/aiiuinjr | tinctple* of shivery agitation iu In;" heal I?bo matter what hi* party feelings ?r preoileciions may he Thr men-hauls, niechnucs iind prufr?si?r.al men, who nut in Caatle (iarden, irrespective of party, nud pledged to nothing tut the m latcnance of the conttitution, and thr continuant'* of thin republic, should insist ut?ou the re-election of Mr. l?ickin*on, or some similar rtaii'Biit, anl fhould. if netescity, call nineties* ?n the mljftt, tj he followed by o'hera of a like character in rury commercial town in the in'etior cf the S'a'.e. Th? r,compli?h n'nt m tuih a ifitlt would Ia death blow to Seward ibcli'KJiMtn, aad would be destruction to tlie p>li'icsl hop p, und pUus, and a.-pirations, of all tiurfr iters aid fanatics in (he Stite, from J**nly Hn k to i'.ultalo. And it would pot only do this, tut it vmW produce frntta equally if good in the Sou'hrin States, where ultrai?ni and aee??sion i-iraa prevail. The )jtt?r would be without * pre* irjr ..f excuse for further proitejinjon the tnok ol ??ce??icn5 the ground would be completely taki n ftoin tiider them, because the South would then have an assurance of the drtrrminatiin of the ,wopleof New York ami the N^tth, to resp?et tt - ir ri|ht?, to pit d <wn all who ar- in f.ivor of th*m, an.I to t.v l! < cumprottiM* i f lit- constitution Anvn.?i.?r inr ( m?k -itr ? Immknm Si rei i?* r r? ? Th* ?-t'aimh;|? Checker, C*| ? WinHlr, f c in < ha^rr*. arrived at this port yreterday, t)i?- th* day i-rrordinp. and 'hr Kmj^rr ( 11y <! ?>* before the (.tfnrjji*. Thr dhcrokrr'ii gold diiM HiDounm to two million*?and thr an oust*. chir 11/ in "he hands ol the pawengrrs, l>r? v-ht by tli? < ov*ia | # <*<.(*H>) and Km,tire C'nv, and by thr Alabama, at New Orleans, will *etch to at l?*a?t a rniUion more. According to our ad>t< emillion- and a half. d**-tinrd for the I nitrd Mates, wrre still at I'^aaiat whra tht n?rTokee left C hagtes. Including the Mpmmta to Knclsnd and \ ulj *r.i ?o, thr f.i,>ort?of gold dust from California, within a month, dntiog back from the last arrival at Panama, wilt exceed right mil lioii* of dtdUrs. If such an extraordinary expor- i ' ti*n were ke|t up, a hundred millions of aoM would he thrown into the mirket ot the world curing the year, exclusive of the larfe amount* carrieW into Mexico. But this can hardly last Kor a rwn 'h or two to eome we may expect three e*traordiaary r*cripta of million* at a time, and then we may f *pect a diminution of the du?1 till tht miners frt v?< work agaia. . ?0- Thurlow Weed, in hie agony at tl?e reoeat rlectica, i* very ?*v*jr again*; Collector Hugh j Hh*w?)I \l HI, *?.? efiii! K*r,n to tbink iha' be J The Engllik Prh and U*e Llud lUiila la the Vnltcd States. Oj The Kugtisli journal*, and even some of the da French n'wgpapers, have indulged ia ridi:ulr, of ' enurp, and Bare urn uj>on the American press th ; and people, because we have had a Jenny Lind be mar.ia. They ?uy that the exaggerated enthuai- th ; a>ni i.f American* not only brings them, but the th object of idolatry herself, into contempt. The Eng- pe HaL journals, particularly, pride themselves ujwa pr the decent decrees of admiration to which their an enthusiasm is always confined?nrMom going l>e- bu J .t t - J -- J .Lll I yona nit* jirr?:i?ie puiii or uiic j'uuuu uuu uuc ?iur | ling?that aristocratic tId currency, known in (Jul- so nea times, when slawry was a current English tri ; trade, en<l the coast of Africa ?upp!ieii a good |>or- Iif ) ticn of the revenues of British philanthropies. Of th ! course, there is no end to the sallies of wit and hu- P . mor which have been tvolved from our singulatly w j animated reception of Jenny land, and it would m take column? of our paper to reproduce the hun- a| dredth pan of the comments of those who are th always glad to find an American theme upon which T to blunder, and exhibit their apparent wisdom. A There may be some reason, we confess, for the b< English press to indulge 111 humor at the scenes pi which have been acted here during the Lind ex- hi citement; but the very stolid, dull, and plodding at character of Englishmen unfits them for under- ei standing the nature of our public enthusiasm, or of V ( the |*ople of tlii6 country. We have more money S* I than melancholy?more b#ef than bowela?more ni : fun than fashion?more brains than beer?more r? soul than s? lfishnesa?more impulses to be enliven- bl ed than interests to l>e consulted?more freedom tl for excitements than excitements for freedom? h more downright, hearty, unconsidered, frolicsome, ti I go-8headativenes?, than ever could be generated al i among a people, the mass of whom are forced to b< live on small wages, and to find their own tea and w sugar. For instance, when Dickons come over to in this country we had one of our frolies. Every part w of the popular pagtant had the ap|>earaace of d< | absurdity. It was one of our carnivals of cu- lj , riosity end fun?a determination to have a ai I ?a _ 1 ai *i l:.*L m umr?aiiu a guoa iiiiir?inr uiiiu ui iruuu, iuii9 and fancy, even though we upset the temporary w idol. The affair was got up by two or three ti individuals only, aided by the newspaper*, and ei yet it was an affair worth talking about. Bri- al gadier (General Morris and Col. W. H. Max- di well?we are all colonels, generals, captains, fe corporals, or privates?lead off the army of exaita- sj tion, and away we went, battering down dull- hi nttfi and stupidity, arousing the sluggards of so- a] ciety, and betieging the whole city, till all the inhabitants " came out." No doubt, all this in appeared very absurd to strangers. They could nut understand it. But we* did?everybody here u understood it. It is a common thing to have such a frolics. They destroy the monied monotony of the ci metropolis, and we can well afford to have them c? once a month, by way of merriment. When Lord T Morpeth was here, at the same time we had ano- th tber and different excitement, conducted in con- w sideration of his lordship's rank, on a different scale from that which marked Dickens's career; for, 11/ter all, there is poetry, taste and method in all these 8t< frolic*. They are not nil alike. They are in har- ,,tt mony with the characters lionized for the occasion. Now, ill the Jenny Lind demonstrations, we have only repeated in a similar way, suite J to her posi- ^ lion, the same exaggerated scenes which amused su the people when Dickens, the litvrary lion?per- ^ chance the other literary animal?was the granJ feature. We received Jenny Lind with all the en- j* thusinsm that could be mustered, not only because " we really proposed to beat the European cities ia ^ the production of that article, as we have in steam- ^ shipe, but that we conld amuse ourselves, and possibly be the " cause of wit in others." llow was ^ all this excitement created? Harnum, who had long l>een engaged in patroni/.ing the tine arts at ^ his .Museum, on an exaggerated scale, began to feel the pride of place. He had procured a great py luiii'suy, ai an ruoimuui iim, au'i jic umi iu am* bition to excel not only ia nuking moaey, but &s a manager. Everybody said, 44 Darnum will do it." ^ He wax in a fair way of so doing. He cam * to ua, ( u and appealed to our good nature for assistance*? crowded letter* upon ua from 1/ondon?freighted ^ our columns, wi'h every breath of wind from En- ^ r?|-e, and produced the 44 necessary documents," as he termed them, with an much anxiety as if be had the- woolly home, the Fejee mermaid, or Joyce ] Heth. We were willing to have our good nature ' > iwd to ita utmost limit, because the enterprise re- ai o.uired courage: and when Jenny Land arrived, we l>a did all we could to uid Harnum's frolic. Hy extra- ral onlinary appeala to the good nature of editors generally, he went on miccesftfully. His path was ,>l' strewn with rosea. Sunshine poured down upon ** his hopes, and he was in the course of being M thoroughly t>le?jed. ^ Few men can l>ear prosperity. Barnum believed | BO tint he had made Jenny l>tnd, a* he had made tlie Kejee met maid. His full blown pride, however, 1 o\rrthrew him. Dy folly an I duplicity, he asvailed on thf press in a series of apparently fabricated letters, sr? giving the pub'ic to understand that the public ilk ournal.- are in the habit of taking payment for 1 *n such articles as have been published for him. > t0 From that moin- at w- loi-t ill sympathy for him ** and bis eiiterprise. We gave him a ehance to Jt vindicate himself, and to produce the original let- ^ tei", published in Boeton. lie has done nothing? ,nl and the inference is, that he was willing to repre- ik( ?ent that any or all those who have befriended ! bri hnn, are to he bought and sold to the hith?*?t km bidder, like cattle m the market. This is tbe Ul whole K cret of Itmnum's l.ind m?iia, in its ri?e mid lull, aud it w ill prove a warning to those who f*1 I even carelessly repeat surh charges, without the #t (.lightest ground u|w>n which to base in opinion. The ptildie hare had the,r Trimy i.md carnival tlll seafon. They are now coining to their senses. Her merits are f.irly appreciated, and *h"?ill hold th? the position in the public mind to whu'h *he is tl?i jiiiitly entitled as a great artntr. That we can rei|>ect, rriticise, and a|<preciafe the line aits in this country, a? wi ll as Euro;* ins, I f< there cannot l>e a ijnestlon. I'arodi's advent j ^ wiU prove this. It will be seen how a rreat tragic vocalist?a peneci anttu ? win r* tremed Wf *ha>l ?ln>w how independent * r are of all those 't?! musical cliques, whiefc an* harriers against genius, ; in all European citiea?how it ii left to New York 1 * to discover, atanv, and place in ita proper potidon, ^ #nnnent tnknt in any of tlK realms of art. Jenny hind had the misfortune to he engaged by a show- , man- -1'arodi'f career will l>e quietly superintended prr by an artist. This dillerence will produce dif- Thi frrent resiilta. We shall retrieve our chancier ns an nidge* of the fine arts; and while we ah all rontinur, just wh# n we choose to do so, to have our wild, hurried, p|ea*ant, ejcitinij frolics, we shall do k> ?i'h the same ease as the I English put them- ,0 selves under their railroad king, or tie themselves J110 hand and foot with an anti-corn law league. Our 'M people do not nuke one portion of a pin, but learn to make every part Stick a pin there. We want ? to see ever) thin*, lirar everything, whip every- ~1 thin*, do everything, have ever)thing, and keep everything. We do not content ourselves with an' b? ing indifferent lover* of art. What we expect to j^1 prove is, that we are the must liberal, capable, and <" enlightened critica of the age, if we have sufficient " time to produce results Watch the result. wa Moremriits of DlillagnltlMti People. rM Hod. C. C. Butler Ohl?; Hon J W Morrsll, Oa ; Oil. K Jersiip. Conn ; Tbrmas Ntl'fl. reeksklll; Major J A Arm?tro?f Teo? : P B Bleoll. I. I . ?nd flmrtbtrr others. atrtvs* jutwk; and took room* at th? Clint m Hotel Tfl ()> nersl 1>?tIs and family. Po<ifhk.ep?f?; Hon Mr I Wrijht sad lady. California; Meat Bltott *ad family. [ U. I. M ; Una M Ll*ln*??na. New Yotk; fir K Hard 1 castle. Ktigland. Hon Mr. Da Forest Cm* j Mr . n4 tsaMy. Ho* Nathsa AppUtoa Rostoa, ad fifty.t*a others, have arrived at the I ai?a Plaaa #> Hotel B. M Learoba. Montreal. Hon It r ftaitk. Bo. rM rhertet; J L. Morgan. Boston: J B faith, Montreal; Hra L Denatng. vt.; W II. Wright. Ohla: Ootaasl T. ? - ??I riiK Stooi. Fiobo* Busiif*?s?Axotui or mi iso Arkksted ? In our police intelligence to- Tl y, there will be found an account of the arrest tb a person on whot>e Btepe the police have had ^ eir e)e for some time, and who ia well known to th ?l >k. rful niu.> ,.un.. :n t? Oil BCWUIOIC UI IUD auuiuus uu cuul iu . at is city, of which the National Police Gazette is tb e accredited organ. We desire our readers to ^ ruse the account of this arre3t, the cause which j] Dduced it, tiie transactions out of which it grew, u id the whole morale of this bit of stool-pigeon to isinecs. kt The stool-pigeon business in this city has not been r? brisk, nor" so prosperous, of late, as the cotton ide in KagUnd,or the gold dust commerce in C iornia. The confederacy of stool-pigeons, with K eir various ramifications, of whom the Nitoi\a E dice Gazette is the organ, with some electric , ires running into politics, has lately m -t with ij any serious reverses, and is destined to 'jieet with !' great inaDy more. Their last grand efl'jrt, through ii e medium of politics, and the demoralization of ammanv llt.ll, to put iato the oliice of District " tterney of this city, a min >f their own, has b :en entieely defeated, knockel ia the head, * ostruted, and kicked out of existence. This, b jwever, will not be their list misfortune. The J' 'sociates of the gang have b'.-en running away, t ist anJ inest, and in every direction. Thomas 11 r'siner ia in Europe, Marcjs Tuliius Cicero j] tanley, and others, are on their way to Califor- n ia. It is true, tftis Utter worthy, with oue of the s >bbersof the liank of Rhode lelaml, and proba- j ly accompanied by one of the burglars who stole b le jewels in Washington, has been rusticating ia t entucky, awaiting the result of the recent elec- fl on here. The result is, no doubt, known to him : this time, and his retreat to California may now ? e considered certain. The time is approaching N hen justice will assuredly overtake the remain- . ig heads, contrivers, and managers, ol the gang i ho are still remaining in this city, and still en- * favoring to pour forth their violence and their l>els, through the columns of the Police Gazette, a ad other congenial journals that have been f (ramped in the recent election. Wilkes' triij a ill soon come on in Ponghkeepsie?probably some * me next month. The proceedings agaiuwt Onered Thompson are by no means suspended; but & bove and beyond all, we have no doubt, that in v ne process of time, numerous iudijtments vill be * iund agn'nst other portions of the gane, for con- d liracies and crimes, ot various descriptions, that ( ave keen perpetrated by th?-m against innocent j ad unoffending men, during the last few years. * Thus, it is certain thatjthe trgtmt of stool-pigeou iflnence at the Tombs, iu this city, is passing away, J

ad that an era of justice for all these confederates k very rapidly approachin;. There is in Brooklyn similur stool-pigeon influence, which lias exer- r sed to some purpose its away over the minds of |j rtain judicial functionaries in that bailiwick, f, he day of retribution for both btool ingeons and ti leir functionaries, will soon be at h ;nd across the 1 ^ ater. tl t, SriEn oi 1 hk Ati-aitic smvsiurt.?The ,l3 it! ramship Africa, the last, and as the Lnglish k pers say, the best, of the Cunard line of steam- In ips, arrived at this port yesterday, from Liver- ^ ol, at eight o'clock A. M., according to her log, ic iving made the ran in twelve days aud twenty ** >urs. As there were no fogs on the coast, we di ppoee her detention was causcd by the stillness t her machinery. On the whoie, it was a good t,, t sage, and we are not disposed to find fault with J>< While we are on thia subject, it may I* as well I J" remark the eitraordinary success of the steam- 1 * ip Pacific, of the Collin*' line, commanded by ! iptain Nye. That vessel haa imde eight sue- ! d. fsive tripa to and from Liverpool, in eighty-nin'1 ; iys and fifteen and a half hours, averaging to u ch, eleven dnya, four hours, and seven minutes. ' * 'hen we rellect upon the subject, this must be ' ti naidered tremendous ; and we nueotion if it has er be?n equalled by any steamt-liip belonging to y countrp The I'nited States huve al ways had r brat models for vessele; bat they were lacking machinery. They have got the latter, thr insjk M r national and individual enterprize: and if so ^ jch hu been done within a couple ol year*, we j e( >n!d simply inquire, where will the end be 1 We : ow, and we also know whtt the result will I*. b? k*tor Pl?*? Optra Ilon?. Parodi will mi>k? bar third aud l*?t appear-nee in orma' to-night. and a great fi?hlounbl<- gathering (1 ky be anticipated. Next watk *he will appear, pro- . *h bly.ia on* other brilliant rule ?"Lueraxia." Seuil , mid*." or "Mt daa;"' and It Ik fal J. alio, that *h* will I ptaratagrand eoncart la Trlpler Hall, tiklng tli<i ?l< ice of Jenny Ltnd, who I* nbuut to vlalt l'bllatleU " la. Waelilrgtnn. and the .Southern citlea. All thU j" II create renewed interert In th* naw primj iljnnu; 2<j d ahen ?h? ha? the field alane aha will aaeapfcar- P* n curiona lnPueneea and plan*, aow In full away? J' t to mak* a mania for a voeallat. but to r?l*e on a a tint bar ra rh?ra waa vary naturally >om* aurpriae eipremej Thnraday night, that aom* of the malt prominent Hi >U in '.ha bouaa wara not occupied They appeared < '* a little i.rld apota in tke parterre of beauty. ^ d faahlon, and not a little eurinelty ?aa exprer**J. ! n know how tharo could ba luoh vacant pla??s. whan Tl it* wara (tiling at four dollar* racth at the Irving | j' uaa. and aona eonld ba fannd at the rauMc rtore* ! Hi waa vary evident that the atanafar of the opera f i aotfclng to do with luch an exhibition. Tha re- | t wu not tha work ot any minager. but of a^tne rr >w making speculator, who did not want any vary ? lllaat ?bow. oa (hit oecaalon. Borne par*?n* who ew tha aaata we ra that net oecnpled laughed at the Ci ilaeaa of tha plan of buyln- them. t<> keep thara 1:< pty. and many a joke n< perpetrate i at tha exsaa of ?urb >iaal1 ennatng. We have only arrived da tha beginning of thara trick* however, and urn, *' k a llttia deeper into them toauer or latar. fblle en thla *nbject. we ara called upon to ref *r to > complaint* ol th?*e. who having applied la vala tlekata at the annle (tore*. at la*t found a few at i i Irving Ilona* The anatxtd letter I* front a gen man. whc*? nama we hava la our po?*e??lon ? vo tub rrivon or tm? hw v*bk HBnai.a. 'aaterday 1 di aired to nurebaae two ticket* to hear _ > celebrated Pifdl. Having applied to U ?U fc Po??, j, ruitd thej had only ona lalt. 1 th. n proceeded to (rl i office ot 1 he Irving Ilouee. where I waa charged tii I paid, fonr dollar* each for two aeata. not witht fetling that I waa lmpoaed upon partlrnlarly a* ire were more than twenty aa.-it* vacant In tha pra llnnae Cannot yon pat anand to iheae impoM- ?n ne. of which the publle have raeaally haj ?o many rfr< klata apeelinen*. Your*, fca.. I>. jj" ?oreaiber8. 11* not *tr*nge that *arprl*e I* ?xpr-??ednt the m>i rr* d< matnled pattlanlarly a* thira war* quite a uber of eieellrnt eeata nnoeenpied an I ?e%t* aould had at tha box offlee at the fair ra We do not {*] ifa** to nnderatand why *aoh price* were charged, tf i manager ha* adopted a uniform prla< and whore 'j1 advaace I* demanded, the rrcouMe ahonld ba to tha *h< I (Ulna Thl* will bo the mo?t efleotual rhaok to jV4 r of the*e paltry plan* put In operation on Parodl f | ;ht*. and by whlah no ona >hould be deceived do iir Ih* opera Houaa and aeenre *eat* if you ara charged " ra than the current rat* Thl?will crush tpecula- tl? B. _____________ ] Court?CI rr nil Court. BMok .iud*? K.dw ardu ft fo? .fl Pmn- Rrifhnm agirintt Jit'l T" Cliff tlrr. bin ?m *n n> lion for a br?arh or rontra<-t. It wan *? *tr> d that tfi.) il?f?nd?iit employ* d a b?ak.*r ta dla- 1 n- of a large quantity of printed mllrvi for him. ( 1 thr brokir <b'*ln?d lb* pr???at plalattff aa purfar at a crrtaln prl<?? tba jroad* ub^O'iUj to** J?r tb? mtrkrt and thf drtmdaot It ia allaffad r?fu?r I fcTi' Mtpplj tb< in at tba prlr?? ?tlpul?t?d by bl? agant r>, mac* w?r? U1d at >401 4*. tba dtffaranr* bat wa?? > >bB tfrni an for tba food* and tha prlra to | |rb tb?y roaa I* tba market For tba dat?are. It jr.. ( rr?|>ti)rj that tba brakar * authority bad ba*n t' okad befnra be made tba Ml*. geftjaf ferJtpt H.' TUB WCBKI.V IIBHAI.D, t j Jt F K8t LT 01 TUK ILRCTIONS A!fD TIIK f.V ?? norr AK AND CALIFORNIA X*W3. Jo! _____ ( ba Wrmt liintLD will ba pablt?had at alaa ?ai I oak lbl< mwiIm, Ita eoataat* will eaibraee tba u tki It of tba alaetloaa la Haw York, Tarmoat Wlaaow, Mirblfaa DMaoU, a?4 Kaw Jaraey. tba lata 0*- { City lnt*tllfler.ee. TJM Cll holn'l 8t?tt't?it? rlhoill, to CHiti.crov.IK f 1st u.' of Jobn C. ?'?lhonD I Atalv (MOHMd from a wreck of the KliMbeth, wa> brouaht m it tha tr yeatarday. from Fire Inland, In Mr. John " >hmon'? yacht Twilight. order to b* ahlppad in ? Southerner. which sa'.u to day, for Charlaatoa, at 10 o clock. Tha *tatc ? will be accompanied to iU atination by Mr. Jajaaoa, Mr. Jamaa A. Whlppla. a celebrated Boato* diTer. hn<\ Mr John Allen, M. . of tbi* city. F'.?? freight and paaaagaa have bean v<n by Bpofford ^ (_ ? . tha agent* of the Sontharaer. ke only ir.ju' ? to the statue ia tha loss of tha left m from the #l?ow. Tin at rt,.B.?The Indian aummer baa given plane unpl<a A?t weather. Kor the last three day* the n?o?p',?re has been very cold, and yesterday tha f,/il copiously. t Pakknis- and tiik Lk ht ?The Common Couo .? still prefer the darkntss to the light. and accord>gly. nearly all the oil lamp* over the city, which at > it oiiiy " make the darkness visible " were extinui-btci l.ut night. Fi*k in no: Waltom Ilorsi:.?A flra wai diacovared eittrday morning at hall pt?t two o'clack in tha Falti'n li"u*a. 326 Pearl street. It was speedily exinjulfbt-d by the inmates and the polica. This housa i rt n. ark able for it* massive proportions. being built i the old Krglish *tyla. before the revolutionary war Pid an d Fatai. Accident ? On Thursday afternoon, hile ('apt John Jagel*. of thi* city, with a friend, aa pairing through West liobokeo. on their way aek from a day's ihooting. the shafts of the Hght agon in which they were tiding beoaine disengaged nd part*d upon one side from the wagon; the norse t ing thus frightened ran down a hill, overturning be wagon, by which Capt. Jagels' spine waa so in ir? d that at about three o'clock yesterday morning he led Previous to his death. Capt Jagel's requested hit* he might be buried near his companion* of the d Regiment. in full uniform. The 3d Regiment of lussars will parade for that purpose, in full uniform. >*unt<-d, on Sunday, lvth inft at 11 o'clock A. M , at t. John's Park. Anothkb Fatal Accidkwt.?The Coroner, yesterH, he)J an u ni"'. at No. IW.'i Wat.Hr street, on the odyofJohn McCaffery. aped thirty yearn, bora In rehmd. who accidentally f> II from the fourth story of be building, through the hatchway, to the lower oor. tta." urlrg his i-kull. c?u:.ltg in-taut death. The ectarrd wnf a painter by trade, and employed at his msiness when the fatal accident eocurred. lie was a ingle man. and boarded at No. 171 Thompson street, 'trdict accordinjly. Fmi. from * ffwnow.?Yesterday morning, shortly >cforr one o'clock. Henry Hudson fell trom the third tory window of the h<>use No 141 Cedar street, and ins severely injured, lie was taken to the City Hosital by polleeisan Kiely. Anotiick Fall. ?At two o'clock ynterday afternoon, laboring inan named John Finn, tell trom the fourth tory of a new huliding at the corner of Thirty first trietand Lexington avenue II* was severely injured, nd was taken to the City Hospital by the pelice of the :[ght?enth ward. Dkatii bv Afom vv.?YesterJay. Coroner (leer held 11 io'juest at No .W23 Btauton ?tre? t, on the body of llcbail Lorii. aged fifty ytars. a native of Ireland, .bodied Fnddenly on Thursday morning, by a fit of popleiy. The deceased it seem*. has been laboring inder ill health lor the last three years. Verdict, leath by apoplexy For*o I?k*d ?The dead body of a colered man was ound on T hureday tight lylag in the street, in College 'lace. The body was conveyed to the Third ward staion Coroner Green was sent lor to hold an inquest. Coi osnit Mam Found Di:ai>.? At half past one o'clock ester i!ay morning, a colored man was found dead in olleje Hare and conveyed to the Third ward station ouse by two of the police. imraovkmsnt in Masitactiht. Suoab.?One of the hiet difficulties whioh has fiabatrassed the sugar lanters of this and other countries, in the manufacire of sugar. has b<*?n the length of tlmt re?jaired in he curing heu-e for the oeparatlon of the molasses oiu the sugar, by ordinary drainage ; and this separa oi:. ?v<n after tuoh drainage, is usually so imperfect Hat the crystals of tnjar are coated with thlukened to'.a^es and the color of the sugar rendered darker lan It would bv if the separation of the inolassM from le rugar had taken place as scon hs it left the coolers l: I,. B i inghousea A notlierdi-advantage to the planr arises frrm thislmpcrfertion In dralua^e. The sugar MM in vtkki duringItstran'hlpaent. thereby causg a ?ati'0! material of great liu f.rtanee. and InoreasI expenditure for fr< ij.ht on packages which arrive at iu ket partiallj lull The attention of practical and lectiftr m< n has been directed for year* to obviate iIh difliculty. and various plans have been enployed. ith wore or leis success. The m<>U3A?s has been 'awn firm the sugar by on a'.ing a vacuum under the ixture. The tame effect ha.? been produced by hy aulio pressuie and by other means. wliUh have net. rwirer "uceeeded Hntllolently to induce general use ' ih. m The application of another mode of eflestig the . ame (bject has. for son* time past, attracted N attention et ingi ulcus men on both sides of the tlsntle.and been patented by different Inventors In tTlcusrouatili*s. We allude to the separstlon of the <>las: e* flow tlie sugar by ceulrlfu ;*1 ferce Our intfatigall* and Ing??lnn? country inan. Mr. Joseph mg tini* to the application of csatri?n?*l lore# to i" art*. and as early UM, took out m pa'ant for a ydro extractor it apparatus for dr \ log cloth l>y canHu;-al power 1 tils nnturaliy Ulreoted his attention > lli* application cf the aame power toother par DFep.nid att?r a rsriea of xp*riineati. which i niitM III mind for j'?r? he patented Id 1S44 a marhino tor le | i.(w i.f ri p.irutliv n?!ai<i - Irom sugar b? < -nifupal lore#. s?tn a modification of thla mpla mi! ifflclent nachine la oj>?ration la thin city, r were surprised at Us results Wa saw ni^ar. as aak alii out as 4 ur hat. placed fan the ma-hlna aad ?>' out In fix minute* pctfectly ac?n and ?lil*a If | i- are aot luut h inlatak*n. thl.i ma hlne Udasliaed to . tot (WflttlItnltlttM in m?aufaoturlnz sugar a principle la torh that It can be eioplo>ed la olarlirg oil. acd for a variety of otbar purpoats. to tha ! netitof ih? community mimtbay r\r.Ant*. Thi WaMii* .Tni Manarr Cnownra Cira, under mtnand or rapt Thomas Stair. pa-a?d tha ItumU tie- on Thursday forenoon. oath' Ir way Irom a target icurrloa. The targat b<nv eTid-r.t mirks of eloaa noting This is a very fine body ot men. Tin ili.i.i.\ I.ii.h i Qi AKus.uader command of Capt. Moaigku pass rd nut ofilne on Wednesday afteri n rn tin Ir nturn frotn Ihi lr annual target ?*.-urn 1 hcT are roraposed ot th* cs'sMlxhiaont of A. Brgley L Co tlia gold pen and [ noil ea?e manufair?ra. Tho following prlies were nwarded to tha best arkitntn ?let. John Firth, n splendid gold witch, I a fllTi r Wfctch A Fortier; Cd a gold pan and gold m il car*. Ohmles Ccoper; 4th gold p-n and gold M il case 0 i'lUrson; uth. gold pencil case and peo. , MrPirmott; 6th, gold case and pen T. Valdren; "th. 1 maicracth Mirer ca'e. Cbarl -s flretjhtoff; sth. sIItit i and geld pen. William Smith; V .h sliver pen oil | id f?n. I: Wa?hbura; 10th. (Ufit pencil aud gold 1.14 Knight. 11th, slWar p<?ril aad goM pan. J. ! i. het liitb. silver pencil and gold pen. J. llaptlst; ' th. tli.' *n?lh. by J< ha HugheT?n Oi.?.?r% tii aai a. compo* J of men employed In e trunk factory of W U Olssi a piooeaded oa Vfrd'sday upon their ilrat targ> t eicur<t?a to Hull'a Kerry i la first prize, a alitor cop wai won by private J A. ngla-s Sd p.lie. a grid tea and rasa, won by prlrale Orborn; fid priia. a gold wntch. won by Lieutenant snry Mi,ore; 4?h prtia. a gold breastpin won by | ItiW Jiaf liefker: ftth prise, a gold p-noll, by derly W hb-imon; Oth priia. a geld panntl. by prlV rial Pourlass. 7th pr1f?. a gold pencil. won hy Itste W. Howard; 8th prlie. a trunk, by prlrata A. i ad Thk Anuios I.ii.ht Ot'aaoa. This Baa company irsed our ( fflca i a Wedm-sday under eomnand of iptain ri'rtir. They wen- accompanied by Shelton'i | -a<? Hand, led by Mr ltobinson. Tint V**pfm inn Or?ri.v?The Vandewater Onard?. 1 William<linrgh eaxed tha Itrrmld odlca oa W?doeaiy on tbalr way from a targe? exmrsioa. Tha prizes re won aa follows 1st. A Hrowa; :1. M Plackaey, P. R Jac(.b?; 4th, W. A t'ampb li; Mb. J. Kjiai in?, h .1 Tbi mpsoa; Tth P. C McLean The Itiiiilay Nm ary or TirMnrraw will itsin, t'r^ldrs t>s final rartcij. a II. or I I'tisni .''mm. J r?w. Jr : anatlier charter of thr T >ik Pira n?ji*ri . M. a< ftp !>!( threa rente paHliaatlnn vfllra lot sau street A4T?Ttia*uflata at ilia usual rata* It 1" I.ane on the Jlsrrh.?Hra<l llaii) irtlain. tin Vinn* ('natiaeatal. tow pnbll'hing ia the j ndsy t'i>a?l?T. 1? Is tha rtry !> ? St tt ?f the Kee.ile'lon r ? Hit#a. aa<l ba It a ?orr aecnraia history of tka Con- I irtital War<aa l-eablaiaad than fr at lay aUk*t sa irvo. it tha t auiior early, m j?o will b? disappoiated. .Trnti) l.tnol, Parodl, ( hnrlnttr Cnaliman, 4 I'soto II?>alli*rtlsts. Tli le< aeol. r.usieat?i1 a thirl it* sii ard'il' Intlo* ' ?m' Tmiti?aitlat? petraaira lli? *l>.><aHr ariiaM. for tk. f. I* himi.n ?l'h ? 1 tV w ?ira in'hf < Ity. ? tlmheni k i ! p um1 *lf*a?t r?lttr?, Voiklr*. '*?. ?1lf>??ra A*., If ? 1 I - pn < vrtdla il.? w?'rU. OMKM.I. f <i*|> -t ii at 3M I * ** I'WI ( liRll?i>Kr.-M>, Ihr I ntli rfcljpi-*1, 4* rrfilat.t. J. Rat. f?or I>arn*rr*?'TP? fl' tato* ar<-lh? 1 >?. r ?! Ter l*j>*h af tna* and Haiah la ??#f7 ra?r*", j rtfkj h'la lha n>< ???. % <n>. Jn1gr\T. T. ?fli, A. ll. Anth"l?y, J. II I'luah, I,. O. Kx' Ik. B.-*a *i?* iirfiici.di it.il tli* |?npta ?* tall at hi* r..??a, m4 r? II ?r run |r| | lik?*?#a.- fuf < D?lla*, > * " pt|(a! Na. I hi Broadtrar, wvrr Ha*ka k <V* 11 MR. Untiring.?A. l)o?l?<>r(l?'? \rxdrinf, III p<.?* tr?t, n*af #r-a<l*a?.- A aaw < will foiaaan< ?' ?.ht. KuT*ak*r*kh, at 7a'clrf k P. M. UtntUoiaa < i.a* ol jaiaiat will p'rwr make oarljr anlica-ita. anach a* it litaiud ! tw?aty-fo?r m'ttibrr* l'?y ?la(f Nhanli, of ihr mn<l t|*?laaal?'.?> lt?ra?. Alae. la*ht??ra nad Brc. 'to ilhanl*. Rack*, an* V*. L*dt*a' >li(>ai dr??? no d?, U lu.llm r*ria*tta*, mM. A . Alae, :? fall aarortrctet "f l.ir n.W n,?i?a andi'e*i <l> < >*. f? r ?*!? at a titer* ?rln? aki.tr* the aitotlen prlrt*. I.ANF I'ORFBB?. f.5 fath?'ia? atreat, Jnat raaaitrail. ?t*o ttetk ?f tl*|aat I'ltakiat*, * < ij <htap. ro<ilh RannAfrl, 14T and .I"? eaadtra/, ar? aaw ??eafeeTtirlit| UM qaaliajt i?tb Bni'l-M: hey a?? far anp*rier t? Iha i-nr'Ned; th? tin art f**t*a*d la ra I ti't rrlnelpl*. and an warHad act u> t< at loe** ia lk? iaov. 'k. ^hrlt ( nmlw, (>p?ra OltMfi, ?nd Ptni, a < ?" rtmeat, all ?ola at radii#"* ptlea*. " t Coaaake hare 1 ?lTi?'a*? ?T?r allatlitrt ia keatat.) ?>* lial.k, aad fit la > tire I ia the ami |? rfeel *ITte. PfaaiitW Opa* Chain*, ComU *t kal'tal*. { ^ QriBBT. 3W?J Brtadway A anltlnn.?B vanalatc hit Kail and WlaaUr lact u?ail?ia*a'? Rata. Tli?jr ara proaauaf d ?a|>fil^>d? of tk? tibfirMt of raatarlaU. Thjit ala'ila* % raall* >d l!?t w"tiH d? * Mt oa'.l fit W P fl.WlDS, (taroaa to Aaidnn.) *>1 Rr?l?ir. ??ar Daaa* atraat. I?mk Farlary, Brtailttay?Th? attatatal Droaa Oak* at th.a a?'a>: ihamt It act aqttallad ?h* *Ht. aitkar a* la Tarittr ar inatft*; tka araataat ear* t?k*a la aka akapiaf of aaak, ao tka a tkar < tka kaad >a > a?al yarl*a? aautr A. k J. tAVS D?M, m Broadvaf. Fancy C?<l*ry,?Tkr aaoat rkalr* wlfftlaw Gallery ot OhMtrlwu liwhin ??klie it iaritad to iubIm the Portrait! cootaiaad la the tret volume ef tklt great aatiaaal map. Tkeee Portrait* ara for aahlkltloa. tegetoer with i u\?rb rn-claieae af Dacaarral typta o* irory, by tha proprietor' aaw rraoaaa, wtiiek otiuUici the baaaiy af a fiat paiatiag with tha MaUty el a D?i?trr?otyi* if. B BRADY'S Portrait Gallery of Darn errtoty pea, 706 Breadwfty. Unredeemed Pledgea from A action.?5,000 Over CoaU, (I to frock and draia, $2 S.UUO Bir? D&Qts. SI to |t: J.WU veait, . u ct?.i \>o wu uvni, to 9V2, aormar of N'uau *nU Boekmu ata. H. B. Jones, 14 Ann street, nMur the American Museum.?Fine French Ores* BeoU. |4 SO U %3, usually fti and S7 ; Frenoh Patent Leather Boots, $8; Contr??? Boots, $3 60 toft: French Water-Proof Boots, from t4S0to$fi. AH foods ar* warranted to clr* e?ti?f?otion. Repairing, ke., done in the (tor*. Quick sales and small pro* lit* U mj motto. French Boots and (Shoos.?0. Caklll, 3TT Broadway, having nielved the remainder of hi* fall aai winter stock of Ladies'and Geatlemea's Boot* and Shoe*, bepr.? lcav* to call the attention of the publie to the faot tha*< he is now selling. and will continue to ?*llJ hi* French Oaitett, Clone, Umltrd Boon and 8hoe*. Satis, Kid Sad Mo* rooco eiii jx'H and Tie*. La. Le? and Gent's Patent Leather, Trench Calf and Cnik Soled Boots, Dancing Pusm and Oil tt-rf, and all ether stvles of fU-c.ta and Shoes, atprioe* l?ner than ever before effortd. Betarmbcr the number, JT/ Broad nay, _ Boots aixl 8hoei?-Braoki, No. 150 Koltoi< tret hat on baud the largest s'ook of bahioaabto, durable nd oh ap Boot*, Shoe*. Oai ti t.-. Sc., in the country. All in wantota good, substaniiai artiole at a low pno?, shoulA call at the above number and make their selection. Freckles, Tan, IslloirntH, Pins pies, Brsp* tic on, ani all *kia dl*es***, are, It i* w*U knows, podtlTely cured by using Qonraed'* Italiaa Vodloated Soap. A* Fen'ire Snbtll* oradieate* hair trom any part of ths body. Liquid Rouge lor pal* lip* and cVcts. I ily Whit* tvj rough, flushed, slnggish oomplonica*, at 0f Walker street, flrf store from Broadway. Oalleadsr. South Third street, Philadelphia. Snttnders' Metal lie Tablet Htrop, Car keep* ne ru>r* in pcrfect order, can be obtained St th* sub- v jribur's. Thi* article has l>eoa Ion and favorably knows to the publie: tl.e flret premium ct the different iair* of the ' American laetitut* was awarded to th* iarentor. SAl SI IK8, 117 and 387 BriiJui}.md 378 Strand, London ( Baldness, Thinners on the Mralp, DandnUT, and other diseases, and ostites of diseu** of the hair, are tff?etti*lly our*d by the use of Bojtfe's Hyperos Fluid. It prevents discoloration, ami promutes & line glossiness and I softness of trxtnre. so r nth dciirtd. Sold by A. B. k D , San tie. 100 Fulton street. , Hair Dylng?Phalon'e Magic Hair Owe' *. - .. I - . I,. K.i.. t ' 1. Im - ..Il-A without injur; to the hair or *kin. It < nn b* waahed imtne- . diately withoat dintorbir* the c It, and ha* ao bad odor. It in applied, or eold, at Khaku'a \.'i{ tail Toupee maautao- > tory. lw Broadway. I Wlgiand Toupee* -Tlif Public are U?ltc4 | to eaamiae Batchelur't n?? njrle of M ine aa<l Soalp*?they re really the nut ?upcrb artiolt ) of the kind we hae?eret * ' aeen, and [ntuiit (operior uttracti^o to wtf w ar*c*, bein* naequalled for excellaaoe of worktaac*hip,and ?MT,Mlmj appearanee. Call and examine th?? a: Mr. Ilatchelor't salebrated ITif lattery, No 4 Wall street. Copy tk* addr***. Hair Dye^-Batthtlor'i <>enulne Llqald t Hair hjo, can only be eeuured at the manufactory, 4 WaU treet. The publio ahoald gaard against imitatiemi. Mee tap . arions diploma*, t'eroone who:-* hair ha* uiuatd a bad aol' -from the ? * of the imitation drc*. caa har* It *or- I (H>u4 by aaJl.nf ai above Copy U>* ad-Ire**. f>attnd?rn' Drmlitg (??f Factory, 1*7 an*} ftf-7 Broadway.?The** uaae* com', in buit idrintake* over ' lb* imported, being made with the vie# for reaj seme*, coatsiaing the best <ioality ef irUolt* ia th* emalle**poaai b!e ?**? PaUNDXRS, 147 tirwaiaay, otrner of Liberty, . and St7 Broadway. M. I.eT(tt, Dentist, 6?s Braadwaf, lk? In trcduner of the principle ot atmospheric pra'dir* into Den t.ieiry, ia lHXi. der*tea "bin particular" attention to tba in*?rci''B of Artitcial Teeth. Hi* popular littl ? \?crk, "Obtervation on the be*t meant nf ('reserving the Teeth," caa bo obtained oa application a* a horn. , ) IJroiirhltln, Larfnillli, and all ilfictloii* of the t->ri at and *h*at apo< tally atleaded to, by Dr. Qrten. , at hi* tew fcj-eratit* Purgory and Uuultiiu K -oju, 31 Broadway, be' wean th* hour* of 9 and & o'clock, daily Fir > ths eeuYeBience of persons re*i<ila.' in the oo atry, hin application e*n bafurwatded, with a.i necessary iBstrue'iisas. oa receipt of tho nsnal f> e. Hutrlilug*' Vegetable D)iptp*la Bitter* i* not only valuable in obdurae ease* of d>spepai&, bat th**? nrtr.sRfrom bllioatiieee, co*tii?r.e:?, ko. will Mod ia in bm Kompt ard pormatitat relief. Th* flit tar* <* aa axoelleat nilv medialne. PrireiU ciats i er buttle. J*i.neipnl UBc<, 122 Fulton atrcet, N. Y. I Ut them (ay ao. That In always the beat fruit tl at thn bird? peek at. Su all the abu?? heaped nn those treat daau- ire >ty[. ? ?. tb.- Kja'S, (?onth ?e*t cor er tireadway and Franklin *tre>.t ) caly prive* how highly their suptrb piotures xtsud in th* pi.'>l;e esteem and lioiv their merit cashes univciial eney. Wutt's NerTona Antidote Continue* to Infreasc in popularity. The decision of Jadg* Faio, that it* gr at power in turiag di?*i>?* tenders It. ta a o-'mmeri i*l pjiit of view, less variaLli bt.ane percoat ?W4nn wtai m?t* than i n* or two hottlo?to entirr y fine tb*> > a lira. suaBtity BOT?r e*n b* wanted. >1 a botvle. $'J t<-r doiea ' ho iiit Naxai atreet. 1 VOIIT H&HKIT. Fataar. Not 8 8 P. M The ?tork market npeaod moro buoyant tbi* morn Idr tbaa w* bar*noticed for a loti,{ time. The traa* I action* wera to an unnianl axt^nt and buyer* ayyear to bare an ana|>pei<Mblc appetite, Tb( u*and* ot aharea of the ltadiu; fannies ebang* band? dally, and prices steadily alyane* in tke facof all tba effort* of the bear* to depre?* them The three steamthips which bare, during the preeeat weak, arrived from Chifrres hare broagh. abrut two million* and a half of Calil?rnia ?oK duit Tb* l??t itnamer down from San t'ranci?c? I brought four million* of gold Ju-t. part of whidh ?n*t to Kngland. by the Brltiih mail iittnr.' from < b*fT?r *> look by mrj arrival at Paaiat from California for large reeaipt* of |ol<i du?t. At the Uet aceauntlarge number* of miner* ware dally coming into San I yraaelaeo, from the Interior, with the prodnit* of tho ?ea*on'* Industry and frarn the li*t of paeMnger* In the kteamere at thU port from Chagra> we *bould judge that many <| th.<m ware ecmlng bone with their wealth. The minora glee tli? mo>t favorabltf aoretiQtM of the gold region, and appear to b? well *atl?B<d with the revolt of their labor* Tbii looke well for the future: *ud wa hara not tl?e tligheet doubt that tt e production ct tlx mine* will, for a long time continue abundant and protltabl* Tble ia nil we want to hf n?th> n and eCnvoUdatthe pri>*perity we now enjoy. I vrrythlng connect* 1 with rur financial and eonikirrvial aUeirt ii in aaound and li-nlt by condition. and we hare n> leare of an expansion beyond cafe and j>i<fltioui limit* The ha?ia la perfectly legitimate; and ra loag m It continue* *o. all apfrehenakn* of any r>\ul?lou. or any rvaatiun, will be greuadle#*. At the Orst board to-day. I ar?u*ra' l.??n went up I1* p< r c nt ; Morris Canal '? ; New Hater RnUraad. ; Ilarlrm. '? ; Norwich end Woree*t?r 'i , Ro ek?*ter and Syracuse ; Long Island, Canton Ccmpany, S; and Kile Railroad. V The operation* to day were eonflned albirat <ntlr?ly to the rancle* Iartnera' Loan and Morris Can*I appeared to be tba favorite* Harlem and Norwleh are etaadliy workin,; np. There I* yet a ride marptn in b itb for a farther Ivprortment. and holder* will. donbtlcs* gain by kteplng their (tock ont af tbe market The new* from Kurrpe li r?Tirttl* and that I* about all. There had been no malarial variation in tb? market Ootton had advanced a trastion but It wa? nothing com pared with what we stnll hear of Ir 1? ? than three week*. When the aocoantaof the fro*I tl ?t|*rreet?d the growth of tb- cotton crop, reach l.lveipool. there will b*. probiMy acme exr<t<inent In the cotton market; tod It In anticipated that the flrtt st?ain?r leaving Liverpool after the reasipt of that Inl?Ulj-enf*, will bring account* of an advaai* af half ? . penny per pound. BtaadstulT* remained a* previously | .,uot?<I Slonay eontlnm J abundant aad rh?*p. and aprealatloa la railway aharaa *%? lacraaalac The Mln?ra Rnnk Of PoUmlll.- bu a Mini annual dlridvad of four p?r rnt. payaWa *l>r th? 15th Irat. Tha Colnmbla Bank aad Krldga Oimpany liarr mad* a lUadlfldend. pajrabla within th? aara ' tin*. Th. raealpta oa tha ogdanat. ir* li ; -?>.\d, foi lb< B)- nth of Oetobar, balng It* flrat m' Btt < baaltirai. art ?? Mlowa r? Vralfht. >18 Ha; 6P; Pa'aaaeart. p*, 2fP 07. Ta'al $22 10? M, T*n dollar btlla oo th* Com action'. Rlraf Hanking Cornpavy, altarad frcm on*'*. ara in of eolation. Thi'jr ar? nil !???,! 11(1 llkaljr to J? .|t? ('^vatttbli Urtt'i on th* I'aloa Daak. Prorldanaa, ara la olroulatloo. Thrj boar for tha T'gnaU* 6?<ir* of .1 j?tW. a iblaid, with aa aaglfl oa It. aad a ?hip Tbay sr* ballf ai*rutal and rathar faintly prtnVd on tb'u paoar lhadat> la angrarad Tba data of tha Irua Will* tlllli a. Th? i?catpta at tba offip# of th* Aa-I<tant Traaaarat of tM? port, to-day, amomt. d to ?61 U#> { p*?mant?, ?7.1? 11 balaaoa. $4,143 ( $J li. 11.a ^tnatlty of coal brought to t!4a watar. oa th^ thr?a graat lmproT*m?nt? of Panuaylranl* firoai Jaaujryl t to \'0T?mb?-r lat 1&M> 2 oi;t 877 ton* ot nMr.h i minn toaa war* transported oa tha Raadlnc Railroad, 9^*.0CO oa tho Schuylkill Caaal. and #W !<* oa tha 1.1high Caaal Motrar*T i* Foam.'* Day Aooi*. Tha laUotlai ara tha tr?n?ortloo* la t'oral^a dry (Mliallki Haw Torh Caatom Houaa for tha waak and r: Norambar 7, 1160 *? takaa frr-ai tho afttriaj antilaa la tha Andltor a ' fflaa ? airaarnroa < o**i Mrno* N?"ij?rfurt& nf \ alua - Woollaaa PIPPfri: elmh. 10M2. t? atlnga 1 tO m ratada. 3i r.?2, wor?**4? ad aattrn. 80.TM; atuS rood*. 1 *34. laatlaga I.IT7. dama.k, 1 Jfi#. martaaa Sll; Marlaaoa. 1 IfTiia lain**. 1.711; laatna a*0 aaatlng* 446 ahawla. 4fm-t alpaca *?rg< * MP: oorara. 1 119 blaak-o S?CS; p?$dtaga,)48; -M?f. M.T, flann'l* < ? bnat-ry 0? . jrara. 1 p!aipa. 8*2, Madlaaa. Ill; vaiaot a?4 tapaatry aadfarpata 1?,?M, la a rata aad othat earyatj.J.mL. _