22 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

22 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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COLONEL BENTON IN M1S80URI. US SPEECH AT sr. LOUS, UN THE 9TH KIT. JLeview of th* Proceedings of the Late Session of CougTess. HIS OPINION OF BIS IkK(TIMT 11 HWIOilll Fellow-CitiieB"!?Wh?*o I !??? ?bi* U?t fdll,to attfud iht- rrcrut ?'t I <N?gr?-?<, 1 *? it* unoer a j>i? u*?r- u rmr?? iu o-m ??c ? ?.?!? fciou of ihe nullification roMtluiiom ?<( our butt General Asueniblj *nich h*<l occupied me ber? during the summer; and 'hue, to carry bu'k to its gtuicr, ujiii 10 ;hf pine *lnch it came, the war U|>< n the I'umri, nud upou invwlf I did not redeem that pledge; mho I iuve never Man d |?t?l liely, the irtHiii <*h? 1 itiri uot The time hw bow come to tell thtt and I Hh*ll do it. When 1 got to Wdbmukton, I touu<i Mr 0? houn m uo condition to ?og u* in iNr violent come?i which that diccucMo.) wo ild involve, lie ?r evidently euiikikg i.iio the arave; ?ud I hid no hnirt to rhi?c u coii'r<iv?-rty min u dyim mm. When iu health and vi^nr | h?d of eu engaged him. But dy in*, he r?t n,e ,t a iced object id my cyeu. He ?o>?n (*?? it to uin ml the Sen ite ; Had Ins wiitien 8 eech, the U-i lie ever nude, read by Mr MaK>n, (tor h? ??ii um *i-ik to tpeak it, or eve* rend lihijiueb ) ?>uid not tempt me to reply ? much lee* to dttucx hwn T?nt laet ei* ech I?i d iiimo|xn to new ??cifed hw *id-ton?w Mows; but I would noi -?ke a-Hauti'ij- of it And when the next liny, I ?i* inn bronchi luck u/oa a couch, by the *i< ly of i i-nd?, to rep?l*e the Httacks which w> re in nir ukou hi ii ? w/ieo I * iw hi ia borrowing force limn ui'iiiiiianou und contending courHueeu?d? tniii-i ilou tile number* I felt more like def< ufl'inj ihnii attacking him? defend/nc, not hf i?riw:i|ile of right o wrong, but on rhe i'ii(.ni?o h i imiiity whirlt taV * i Ibe pait ot tii" Pick lilt llie ilyntf, UgHiL.t HiU^ll ft lilt the . trim ? it III Ik <1 111.illicit III! kft hint That ih the re.?-yu I < ? ? mu my plfdfc ai the opening ot he !- .-cn.il I could r,o> ..ttac-U a d)i*? man; hd?i *'e ni. iieaih, [ would not &( tuck a dead mau I -ntl-? -?? 'he lime iw pas* oa witnout Oj>tiiinp inihf'iiviHiij ai.d no'a ih< re wui? nu ccrBfc nu for n |'iie .inject I h?.J la vi< w was accomplish''it, -n" m < nnnrt moie agreeable to me i bad op-mii tl?r <iit>cu8*'. 'n this Sidle, tin I irarie rm a l <be > . not lor MffPIMMl bjret (i it.v- I'? n<'t ur.? object limited to itie Si.ir- nt M Mttoiiii- ! at f( r an object geuetul xiid n iiionil in ir ur , and roextensive iu ita teope wnli iK?* limi tt of the Union My obj?c" *<> i?i wake up the people of the United Stater. ti? thj kuo*l(d{* of the fact lhat there w ho tt achem-, rip'- for execution, for the dit-t>oln ion <>l the liium; and that the ?>tate of MiMMiuri *? pi rt??-d to a co-operation in thai de?iyu by the milliticitioit party which had been Ionu neinlunf m ber ho?om Thin w r my olijrci?'he obj rt mv ajye.il?ol my i> month* tjmliui!/ in i?ie S'nir?nu ) (be object o my further intend* o ?pe>tiiiiiif in the Senate. ' expected it to rv- never?try ro folio*- up .11 Wa^hinc'iui the blow* ? inch I ft'urk in Mi? sour. -b'it it nfnc not Tnat l*hor ?'n< spared me. The tack w a ukeu i.f} my hauds aud taken of) t>v ihote ?hu i: mid execute it bettei than 1 eoulrt?by th i?e wi.n iti*> inlcd to dd th? worl:?by the <>|?r>tor-< iiie?, aeives. The de. frige vim avowed ?u ih II ?>r of Congress, and justified vnder the delu-i?? n?-ie- that the people ol the UOn-cl'Jvb.ililn.K JS'ale* intended to l> ^olist ulaTtry in the tlave .>iate? ; H"d thi'.t, eonaeqiietltly, ti Miration ot itie w ? the only mode ol WTiDf 'lieu pi<nn t'y tro.ii (tretiiiction, uni! th^m* H'lvetr front the n ir or? of . 11 iintit^o in?urrec lion Th- lir?t lr? nmirfca ?.| the M*i'sioii pro lluced Ihow hV-lUtiU ni if j l-tinCd(|On? Hil'JthUI made out my ti e tor tin- more tuny and elleetu illy llitu 1 could bnV' Hindi- i inn my elf, and rf Jieud me from all inrihe? it on hie abo.it it lucre' liulltV then War v?|,quiche I rile blind WW. Til' d'Mfliiard And U?oe hoi calli I me a fdlft aU'niirt?who ha* lien* v?rt mere w,i? no schem?f nieunion?cetti" Miiit tini.k'd me for the vi!?tUnce vi Inch )? d drtec'?rt. and tile courtfe which liad piocl.iin.i <t itie iinntter Then I fell my put to !> at all euft I Un> ? it>r lite prn| |e Would take car* <f ih>iii-'ii'f wt.eu thry ww the dauj[? i?tl.at'lii-y U'epiii nu mill, nr wt of tn?'ii, tci Mive the I nion; iIh' ihe k teiy wmm in tlieiniM*lves: umI thut all ihev ii?eilni ?*. a ?euUnel to give lln uletm?h watchnMii tnw ifi' tire Wi have had a I?m>|{ ch-hhi ol llonn'oi'?thdlll twice aa loig m it <iu?ti iu hive beta, or would have Ik tn. it all li i < K pi Ute track ['rcsidcnl 'lut Inr Wai iiklait I I . kt - r. m ?iit.I ?'?>< muiiy oh* r?, mII *t<iri?"i riandittt; upos our |<laifoini?th?* t*lI'luno of common *rnse It HX Il, jnutiee, ?nd I'try 11?:: thai l? tllllt rVrty rttr H tf tltOIlM M-l IJ?<4M1 ItH own n?erlt?? <.Mil>**r < r?? hr'^n, iu?* ?nl f"irmo#t l lab rtlil M *eo l>> in ncclvrl) Tr.tas I i hirnif; tf > Faii'iv si-ik >i II m.tf (?>? iJis'nct ol Colut ia Hlaw t'lf I til, each hy it H It lM>i?ikrw?i '?. <> < I *, U~iiton and pom ivhrti >t?tte<t Ta?li.i hi ^>t ito* track till he du d JU MUX. to l|ie rpn ?i| H?r f ?f; Clay hulldl. ii ' chut 4' "t It i r OIIWIH', -mi - h I Mr l> ii'li ! r.ll U ? AO 0|*raiirt tut-> < inn. ?- ha I rrvc I 'in aprta tictkkif ilic Iim-iim if i liiiiimif ii* chiD/ed Ism h?m li d t?*i" ttii i? l.o-tni ol a ni'imrtii' couhiIm ?*i??i4 lot \> \ ni*w>?tir. lor wlurh l.e hud K-t our. In* hivr ? i "Miu ii rate cnniiderati* u M ikr ?hi'lr i.>*fi?.?-r. He tr.aM h ive All the !'iil> hunolrd <itj' i ?? r, and all tied lit ot>r, *ii d .ill niitida Iiiii<i?Im to unit** in oar t< in) ot.to??? vmcr < r * ?iriu^,nt'otif min ol <li?r tdaj;t tin ?nie*. '"hfU iMItt' nit ttl' iMtHfilli1 ulvcti iii?Dik? in (ffitnin l'ir bilU lie?t logethet? ir? uih* in V''iii Il><rt* to p M tin in tburlk.'l-liiiii.il' in florin to un.ie "li'Ttt Abil at il><-v w rt untied, all ih neafvif* ji-,c??-ii mi in-ii, etel' iv iti?*if, liV lar^e i' j' inie^, 'tol *i li"ut any an! front Vlr. Oa> A'ilif if* m-fiMOi-irfih' l> ni|tn of thr t**?MOii? v? h? In i-Hii-?d h? Mr t.I <> *i dMUJgni, grnui d <'U '! ? ?n*l jm.iiii ?*??tralr, or en illume rale Ct>n?tdef?iton i'?e diilrimt ?tei ?urt ?. We lia?e had a !ihi( *f?'"it. nnd *)n?oat all or, ei)|aed wi'h our * i*j and it I* i?>l an t ll?* in ?juiry to Irfii *h<- dm r mi lot/, afli ?vi| iitiiril i' In lif mi ii ?-.i,.ir i irn ii i:ij'try t-i th puhbe ?a ci'ii* d ?!< ' ii ll'-i ii-fcth WwIt'iiI crni MimiUM ti nt tune, th'ir m*' ili> inm i m<l<rh i<ut> u tUfin*? ?? the li?rof <> i |i . iJ*? <tll ?iver It 111 Hlld crt'Wrtnl ?... r ><? Mil. e firut'irlf 8*<"l hr Miw 11 'f h? rhi <y it- .1 nrr? Ki< vf r and hkftti r t B' ? #.f i?*i*? ? ami -to Sutei 1 d 1 ra 1 in' h>r m n it>, Califo rnia hod hilli fir i'f ? 1.1111 ^ ' 11 i'it ntx-ii' 11 I iir|.n, no,I ''y'lUtiri/ llit -tk-t 4 ft ilit- ( <| iniii'-s, lit*' ( fcli'oriiiia I.tin' lull In ?i?r <*<r iiihi r? from vimi |>luii4rtf <1 id then g??l 1 by * 'liter* aniciMtnterteit rn, the^", hPd wnii? ? ' ?> r Hi t?l!!?, *'itr l?4t, ol lai'f o?ri, it hniii'iUt r? j*rri?, 1 ?r want of tlm* tornuiMcr ilir 111, ! <*i>i.k nuance ? ! iV' Ion/ limi cot Minn il in M'lcvKl'Utf v.rih- nmde ?if action oc a few ii .dn.ir hill*. I' i? n?t' an Ml'* iinjury, oiikwh'-imiii'iinliill ih I vun coaaiim^ioi tif tin *. kiiH ttie i on-' q-ieiu !.??? *11 in inv V.ilil atlf till- I11* fii tmi?i i? wnrthv f.?r ttir ( ? l?lp to in?l<*, hnt or*e ? hu h I HmuiM wm h-iy naiu il it li'il mil hr. " f.ir nit- I'lf nn I elfewhete. In plvr the h'.ini'- on iil'I'Wrnt nlnul* iirt*, ami 10 tirninw ( . una*- iMBlcmaj1""! ii due. Tin 'i1 r.n iio ili "I'UU1 .ihn it il Th*' (? nihiM H'iI the mi?rhief! th?i fila* mfi'urf, coinl'it ih il hv in?ri|.(???!.' ?v (?? . nmil irnfd hy I??wn, a*iI ?fierwurda condemned by t*o-third* ol lt<c fefbhir, and >hr*-t tour h? of the Houae ol K?*iir?-a?''it?'i??'"? Th?r* ?ere hut *e?entiea rite* il the S'-nnte fur all fnnr of the m- -mir-a wh-rfi th- Omntiri i . niHi'.fd?romitinv Mr. CUT. wh*i wi?nL. ?r , ard it wimll he eighteen. Kiglrren all r.uii'?d; and that ?m the ?trrn<'hoi th*Omi> * ? I e<1 n ?'oih' if ? it* l*fi fr*r t'? rot' they 1 >k .???<! untrkmm*-Ikii by 'he onjiin"tio:i of oth?r 1 ?nii-T?i Tdrrr ?r?fe hut fjnr o' th" ft jmI rorn- iitii e 1 f thireen 'hit v r f for all f 111 of the 1111 ??nrri? . a'il yet'hi* am ill mi iori:y wrr? Mh to h*e|i the vehicle ?in ! ? wheel* fur miny m -fitIn*, and h?vr it iri*|ir*t? ! ?n mkof aifety, inste ad ol rnrmd a* the wo-vt-n h>r?e ?> muchief, The fin amirs were a'i |*? ed hy Urife njeridM, ? ?< ?? a# got oni of the Oduiiiif, au I im?nt im v. b-t u pa-ted at any time during th<* ?e?ai< 1, i>>'l'or<? they rrw put in It. 1 he arwion 1i^a-'d violently for dmtiolon ; lonj I* fori it v?nao?- r 'he 4lnr ihw a(>e?chef hid e?- m ed to Im* heard They Imd Hiert out E?erybo?ly Voi tan ?hat; anitlh' Cmnthu'* onrtv, ?wi/?i { ii|ioa the ?yen\ r> y they dulit?that tnetr are^t a?ei oid il J I ry h c well ?>>y it w*e >0*11 * I! a th?t did it Th* f*ft la, that dt?niion ?pee?hen Hied out hr fore ?M ? ?qthu? *r t* coiintmc * !?I"for* rtfu Mr t>lny Imilrhioitfil inn (jtoii kI-ji I while he iu whrr? w? re Mill > u'.ead'fif f')f the *?|..r?t?' r'on?(l<*rt:io? of *!i the meaMrra. History end mrrr.ny tell thit rh?* di?nnion a rl; ' rat ?'?rlf in tlw #e ?io<??that Ihf ' 'mioliti > v'? - not cnimirtKixl till tli?- fifth month of the ,r*?i?i ? >h**t it ?ii c*|>*ue<t in th? righ'h month? and :hnt i? w i? n< t until *fter ih it c?tiitr'?pbf. an<i un'il hP*t Mr OIhjt rml >ft the StBi'e, flmt the lc nlttiif N'l?, ? th? ? were called hy th? thirteen w< je got out of t|?e hrofcen lown ifhirle ?rH p*r**4. f,?eryh??<ly kanw? tl?ia: yet file Omniboa p-.rtjr ion-t thut th y did It. Th*y had a* well it>n#t thnt \ mh'* floofj <|trl it. I tnow what did it, aj> 1 wiM tell you. A tafjr proportion of the Snntl "M toeiniwr* cnm? to WiaMxgtnn ttnrf?r the full brliefthat iVonyrunt' inherainfnded to a*wi!rtih ?'a?ery hi the al?v*?hot line 9'?t?a. and wer* cnrryirffOfi a *)Htem of aK/r?M<l<>oa and encroachrrw n i jw>n the Eolith. to eo4 in thit ro? t.nmm?i<on Meny merriNem from th? wrath, li*e nrmaf gvfi if- onr?? n ih* tr, mrre deluded ??io tha' (treadftil belu f; ha<1 theae r?em*> re artitr/l in Voahirg'oo with their r.itn4? infftm*d accordingly TV <li?ui.ion?a? had -m ?m rd UfOB then ; ud wMie that drlurton laated L tJ -j wrr# vtokot f?r d>??rt<? flat I! *i4 *At IhM lor( It d?*d !'? ?* tfca ?"??? ; ?td *?i li ttf l?"* ? ' k-l*'-tlw cf?wii?t of that dnuM'titb? di unto a a^rccfcra N?ar I Will I'll > * <??r4 lfc?t 4* I a wo* -?|MI|IUIU t?4 tllal I Will I'll y.?t what ii w?a lt?r?o 'Ha (cm ? >.?* tk*f, l?rr to larr, ??i iJki N<>rtfc-ra U'l <w>i<?#ra w *i*>ara Ihrif iirr-.iurw ik-ir ?i> tl ai*-|?iia?tt.BC tlw dmlt ?i?"? eh-a, a*t r? 4 tk> rrn m?n ; all ? >Knaf4 i(k?t Ik it ?< ?o f(Hitd>ln* ft -r it?<* iff -l?.l it araa all a Hu4<k?, and <irlua< >0, and n?a- H h fcrra atav* .?r?>?r<? t? taut aa ftafr ii?d?r \ r k"K a* ?? tin lq(i?ktm T fct? qiiwio I i|r V It^rrt a ihitk > HTr? . K9I.1 |w .1 r I r'H ?? ?*.-> b?\e b*?B drtn?rd I'd 4rl<M|>4 ? ? Ilk* f?al ?*! no'oourit mih*9 ? . a'KiU '? ??d"-iv?d ta id* ?ui' RWKVI it iH-1 p?iM <11 * ? lat affas w<, to like m. no- r. w ak ra fit* i? Uce. Thi?'jii<-i.d <? Wti aa I Ida "oil you what il ?a?, ???r>iK Mg fi??, ik?l |W rtrd llir Noi fc, Oltk l. (?r( ?? Ik' *r??M(|l <4 mil"1 If'w ? " ? f ^1 Mexican U?, c %?4 atatatr, in iKr original M in ri Ua Iih h I m 4? i* iHr It'of tfcr ('|il?4 >' i?- k* 'Wal a****l i t o< ?! * ry <h? M'liru 4>?mmm???I hrl??*e ar i*??r? d tin- ixKirt . Mw ?M|< i- ?? rxi?tr?rr >! ala%rrj la X?? M ??>. '' ?l<*-?-ai?. M I tab %t tki? ii ar I n.. N >eitorra m * V fill h?d pr-? '! <* W .w?r< Ikr |*.|>I'? In IW ?rc? Miry, ! ? ? tii* m? hr r>?n r* There Weir Ike $i- ran wSioh i|'ii?l?( ?U# idaWy '_?ir.|,(in in >?(? mi, ??4 ?" i*'<>n>?bua, Ml CO#l? Mia, < * ? iii* t >?*' W??al'><? lu cati It and ' k n?|kl n?r r% fa iiiwtti I.Iill"h m.ifi liM. IH J<ihH*<a, *<? mnr4hi?i)i iiuitvlm a errata cm ><mi ?( Kiillitahiy in ikr iuMi au?t wtox-to << kr iiimunlly ivuvidrd l?*r; a*< tka' ik"? ?rf tl? til l?r?u?a in (fin idr i|. t iilMMikiii C"?d w-4 >r< ri III U) k?Vf kid Ikr *a?n? ?>,?at>>M, a?4 alau ? hulf KU^naiii Ikal Ikrr* ? iM<iwiall? Ku' d' mind tnflhr ruiliMr ar<i< tr hi" aea? i i*4 ttovl tl>* > thriiiae Ufa *'!? (-fcargrri wiili mi,vI?i?< i ?w holr iIpiii> bi; and ih?-r? i,a.a >>r.>?l.ie.l il?? ?li.dr tupply a' unw, >u itial < >?t>n* > . i t waHrele and nt.irvelloj* \iru*? i aia'iMf wvd.y . '? W Inch WM Ci?mpf?wa?. Il *! I tr .1 g . I !? Mr. Clay la grral al art in 4 a t*il Hi??, k' trt HUTtly rn?i lira ?..?ne hnili-d ili?u>>ud ? a ?<m? II hi* had Ik en equally grral al a tliaf I'-aVaYHaf*. h? would Iiavi nufhi inorr kraur ik?? ?-?-r John J?roi) A?i??r Ki?yhi, <w wU, and would h i? bren the ri carat maa in i tor >rl4 1 gavr my opio'oM of tint (>l?.ns?i trap. i?d Ha n-inn*. id a crrtaia n*r?;li ia thr (Waair, romukx-if Culled llie Sar?tt|>irilla ?>pe??1 \ ha?r ail *> ard 1 of il; and I ahail not ?.,* ?? it in ton now l.m I hive irrr-Hl ntf.-ctM>n for .t? .u facl a *'a?*fal allHon for il 1: m ilia unit ?{en-h ihal e?t r |M iyhi me a reward Other ?[> ik< r* recr-*e rt/?<iM??l reward-; I h-ivr onlv re? rived tin* oar It w . from old Dr. Jacob To rnrid?Iwu Icrnr !?<.??? ..1 tlie rral Kcnuiuf douhlr con'pound ? *ir?.r? I ?r i rnoi, prri'ar^d iu In* ! <*?( nantit-r, aud ar< >ini*tao d t t>y & moit tl iiieiiuar I* tu r I a< c?p?r4 iMk; ?n( i i now inuk?' n>y i>ui?lic arkaowl-dtfTn-ni? f<?i lto? < j saint-; liut brum in hral>h I ha\i- o. i y?-i . | tried tie article. 1 hivr it all, untouel.'-d; and [ uiian to h tvr U l>ri*u^*it out to Loi'ia rally ' next cprine, by Ad.imn \ Co 'a ? \ iraa, and ?h-?U : | dutnbute it wheiever needrd, witiiam di?'nn"ioa i of party In f.ici. I n^wct to deliver tlx Kf<'atei?t I pan of it to n.y friru<i?, the wliigH in Hi. I | and their friends the nullilirra in 8t Loun, an i I Unit just afler IM next Ai-ril'i- nty flecIMM I | mrct tb?-ni to hnvr bail cou^lm a'toui mat time, and will cheerfully relieve the ni, io fir as lant I | pari I la can so. ? i nr ^miiinus you navr Mil nrxrn nu'iui i?, an i, i no doubt think you k iOW all about it, an>1, withou. doubt, you know a ureat deal. For rxam.de, yoj f know how it got canned, and bow tlie dnver |r-ft it in the road, nod run of! Hirer li.mured mi'ea' and i! en, after the |>ari>eni{era had lieen gathered u,<, and carried home by other*, how h? c?tne b*ct i and cl titled all tlir cr< dit? mdc! jot it from ih i?e ' lie hud c <uuht io the ir.tp ^ >?u know, Kill Inrttier, Gen Tuylor ww again*! it; and ih.it, for tv m< tit. Mr t'lay amtuued him hi thr Heualr, - i>u u.iac krd bun, as he ur> d to do < ?eB J*oa?o i i.i 1 don't thiok yen knW all about it I t- i'i ' 'mnk you know how it got i'j uaun??>rrather how igoiti!-* n.une fattened upon it 1 wid tell you i I ) was u Taylor that dul it. Aa a wtae ram n*? nuetv that every Irgifiutivc raea.ture ou?ht t" he kept by iter If; he w.ia, the re tore, lunMiitif citcor dt.t b'Ma together. Aa a juat in m, he c ,|.ej i thing* by tbeir right name; he, thi rel >re,called Mr. ; t'lay't omn;tj);i nulhuum bill, the i >murtua bill. 'I hat made Mr Cla* v?t? angry; and h- com -Urn d to the Senate about u?to'd ihetn he e?'n called hia bill omuibu*. Thia he did in open > ai>, I and a a pathetic *|<eech. and Irorn that ume foiiti, I oil I3UB Wil the n?nie of the ?? htele. 1 8?. much for the name, the origin ol which you i bH>e now learned Next, tor the p*aacof*r?t i.u l here, 1 tlutik, you do not kuow all. Von know *ome, but not all I will turoduce you to tie-other*, i >i"ilnow vrrv Well ih- lour mtde |>???*M<er*, ; namely, California, New Mexico, 1'iah. an.I Ft > at>d alro the ou'Mde |iM?M.-i)ir' r*. namely, ihe lu<ilive recovery Mave hill. Mini fh.- n..i ,J ( .iiuin Si-, t-lave trade sup,>remt??i? hill. A'l theae ) oa hitow; urt.l now lor the 't r^-ict'on ?o the two other*. < 'no was the w Li^ ' .rifl of IS12, and the other *? '1 humus Jiitchir. ot the daily i-acer. railed by Antillmw, the I 'nn n, with hm .'iiu'iuv cootraet Th?he two {>?!>? liner* were n>nbrr itxiilr, m?r on the < ut?ide, hut in ih* h?M.i, uuder the driver'* #r?t, tuiki'd ia tight and close, aud culf breathing through a hole in the bottofi, like Johu Hot lirowu 1 ?u.\*>?e you all uudnrtaod (tut II * c ii do not, I mu*t expltio, though it i? a bid buxioeM for an ora'or to have to explain hu ??u notnihora. The explanation, then, t* thir. John r w?* a slave in Charlrtteo, S. 15, aint * a? called litown, after hi* matter Jle hail heard of ** I'iee I Mil," Mill W :>tit* d to tee It. Hi' took it III hit i head to make u vovhi'c to thr north; and a? he i hi ?e to travel itieovuito, he |{<<t into a lull, wnii n hole in the hoitoin to breathe ttirou^h; ai .l ihi* vnkMcrefi In f'.i ^fi.n wlit-rr he U'ta u..hti?il i i * ai.i h lie aol out. arid hrmi; St h?tk Hgaiu; mi I afterward* callec ,l< Lii IV-x i!;a*n, in cotnmrii.or ?tio.i of 'In1 voyt<j* m the ho* So ??r tiies.* two |>t?aen. er? in th<- ?'?mtiihu? boot. They truvrlli' I inc , like .li'liu l!o\ Blown, and breathe*? lhrwi;:n t h<> e in 'he bottom (ike him; mid wi-r?- both hh^'i. d ?li-*n h? y t"! out, litr him, ?nd wnt ?>icW. like turn, t < the piace th?-y ptnrtrd from. Th<y were a ri o( d?rk pi. iri t? work their *? )': they wet' In h> '[ ' Miioihtid, m..I i >rnoihaa to help them; ami L, * hen i 'mnihiift broke down. >tll failed ft< ih in-t thur lute in tli# faun- place, 11 oil w of Krpf>' en'ti liw. united in deii'h, <ithey hint heen in ihff vi.y?w?though dreadful rurnutt to ea< li oih'.r .-Jl , their live* t< fort! i Who pit-td the "pfif me??urr?," th'j* I ?i tc ?o afWtionately called hy tho*e ?ri?o hi t <Vla>? d r.od rti l?i iffft d (hem lor im> m m? nt<>n<h?? Whn Ikfm? : will tell yo:i w lio di I Trtey , pa**rd thein>elveii! ? noon >i? ihey got umiett, r they iiftmrd th'tr rlvt? Thry hid been like * parrel of men. tint loirther to *#i n a river, nnd Miing nil their for trurplmr wuti each o'her I lo Mvr life, and i< wnm m uutud, each a.'/nn? olT , to the nhoir, unit *av* himself. Hoaf thn hdla i Tliey p?a?td thein^ivec, that i* to ??y, ivir own Mr*n^'h t.nd merit |'t^ed them! and h>-tit it t. ila you oilier*!w?lie that aitrihiio a their p-t**age t*i > tiny particular man. or m*I of m< u, it a pmd? r and m 9yc?i|>hiint. or cirelrw and itrnorentof wh?th* mj?. Tb?y pa*?ed ikmnrlvrp, and wo ild luve il?ne fr at any day, mmiy moniln helore, it ihey had been let alone. Hut there were mmk* nrcuitv , M*nre? m ?avir? and pacing ewh, whu-lt d ?er*e ir r.? nri'rr aii"wn in?n tiw-y nti ?ir-t. tin t? ri itnti.il bill* Inr I ?h ind N??? M-*f i< o wrt>' hi'lf d on l>> the ?it?'>a *?f ihr M *ii run law rhuwinK the ah.'I 'son < t aUvpiv in rhi Mexican t? rrltmira, I fore acqnirrd .tn? cart of > krttrrrMorjr Thw rr <|.it;ed the iN'titi at al? > it ih<Wilnnt proviao to a di>,?te *fco>i! goat'i vool; and f that rxiu rir,<rivrtl iIm-<U<p<itr of nil i?* charma oa oni- aide, and <?f nil ila terr?r?nn th* n'h'f. i N>*i. the T*xa'homidtry >?! Tn?ro th-* con due' of H>>uaion and liiifk di-1 moot it paaa il r They wet. 0'i'h?rdrn <>;; *?, not di*uaio?4?ta, hnt lni'hfal S n iV ra? > . ?ta *" ?th f<? TYnaand > the I nior,- ?D'i an* ?ii f'>r ill* L irmtnioua m Ithnrntof i;i?e?tton? *?t? 'i eterr w?a?- mm fnreniW tm.at fe*ull fro"? ' ? " Win IWf mi nf n which T?**a? rva -o jht Into the Umoa. Th< y il.d moat to ^?a (h -ill ma h pn? an end t?? Ihe difl'cul lea. ao w infonly and rrckl?* '?lf emitrd in tti' ii ie <>f aon*iatio i, a-'d all vf whuu 1i.'retold. rtn l inrd to i reveal at the time. i dt' nM of for t?ia full?the renao'* why I tn*e r':en 'old. (t wa' If *n?ae it taoMated Nrw Mr*i o--tit< f th* ri'i'i.'iy mIxiv hi I'aao, a ?d gave iito'In a. Mr Ul?y 'id 1 'i-idat,i(?d r<n??th? r oa llm uiifi<itn, aa well . * u<hrra fcach a'ool im lhr(_ '? I 'bit u< ? I Ni t M \'li,?*Mlal>l r . #.l ??. 'I. *as Ifp serni*d mof determined ? ?? i ? r fi* ri'-'inuri ?r< ii lh> t uo f>T ot ???< .Ip? i. 14|-r ?< nt or V of Ike Rio (>rard<\ aM bf ti -11 tu Oj if; 1 only mf.df d-f nc for ' h*t *m m the r t ??f th it rirer?fc'iowiajr that ,, ,.-<1 thing *f?! of it, ??!?? Ihf li-it- that i' "i >nf Hu?i?fon vrto#d tli' Mil to claim nontrv o ihr iVf ifr 1 eean Mr. Oi?y ihm * ?! ; . did not. Tngrf 1 rxi* into th* < moih'in h* ? ? .4 t? natiIff NVw rtit her -tf tvlow ( ?* Sum. 1n1 ib* kgl to TV * a, and 'hi' "M wh it b? il|. rl ?t'(? " M<-< din* * >nrdAfi?*r all. the T-*.i hotit. !*fy wm Mttlrd i>j?n lb *mti[>l<? I h#>l pr? |4t?f l ** ll.rt tim* of tb? *nr?',*H,n n. *ad tHin it 'hr cor. iH i'iMitiftlk.wni -a, m*Ir, the r (tin tion <<f th ?>oadar?- th* o^am-a of th<MfiTta'* tb? I n l Atatca f.?ra cni??*d<?ta;i<?u ? and th* mrtitiou t tr ? *oil from #U*C aotl hj tha lor srriMut*!, fa lt'iiiM>u.al liaf lath* thud c' ic*. Califaraia *r?a aari-d by ?ha 8ont(ifTn S<-n?'i>r?, ;i? *h*y ?-rr*?-nll#<? 'ho?? who *dh? n-rf to . 1 Soi'iht, 1 wiah, to a?vtdr Oaliforaia h> dff. mm to *!iom rh,*f <>M ;l wtt r%rtad darlior, hut who woiil?f not vromi .i<l| it by wry w?liirc!i?? At** h?rv I touch a poiat whirh may I* a??w to rwaaf of tfcia Mditaco, mtd j ? h>. >. will r?*uirr to be t mrrd. a? well an to be 4. I will rt<. h ><ti Trim is tnr statement: wb#* Mr clay broi>(;b' id li.d rraolutioua f?r tb? M V'Uir c< OM<Vr?ia u ?>f all the mea*urracou '("* wuh ?i??rry, he ??cmr<l to b?- uqtwtrlnl in hi* n ino is rrUtMMi u> tlx bom.dane* of California. h inalwha id rrltimii lo b-r ?i1iiii*si<>u, 4e? i (tar><4 <b?t ?b. "vgbt i? br adint'tr-d with **mM> Mr twntrt'artra * Tfca' 'I'laitfyuig phrnaf, "nil' ? W." ihi,.Ih< tbat th?- l..>iinrf<tn<'? which she hid v w a I' am mi-tr no( and mat nil alteraiM-a w. mM he weoemary This wai no undersuioi I tlx ?Mr Sruif, and nft'citlly hy ih?s ra .Suinr*, who mw, in that alurauou, the < >11irm i.l their tiri-t wi?h, uam-ly, the t < (<> > <4 ih? I'alifmaH ronwiiiwtiou?iia remiat?> li- (or ih?ir wai to the alured ?<??r\ ? ?H* m?ar<|?rti( pot>tp?>nement of the Mti'ii- <>n < f the Siu???and the double chance of m ua?l ftowr rvjt either from ? 'incut > ? ' ?? "f < 'aMornia. t>r oy either Huu?* of < > * 11 *m ?< ihr prt>|>nk<d i,ft? boundary. Th* fi ??? ? v-tntors, mit ot upon the rejects a ?i ( iH.rtna io? hijfh iiimii thi* calculation. Th?y |<m ih?ir l?<|?a u,">u Mr t'la^, and voted -?r> i>* f<-t htrnaixt Imrn?iUf*. So Mr. no good. *b?-? ifef I'l iTi'iiili'r?me buck whh all the 1 t ? i? a Mmllr, | . 1/itifMta bill a i'<*( with ih? <'?Moruia iMiftnrt tries us t??<i ? v h?r?lt, and Mr. < 'la? advocating thoae k" > ?<. ???, thru they became nalouiali 'd and dei; inr.1 iii-t|i?Baii>? Tin' lit maud ? as in ule in It %??*, todc*-i1. a c?*e for an e*|>l*. ?u4 f<>r a ( ui.lir one li wu given, uad t?> ?fci? ? -ha! ?ti' a he twd ill* word 'am'ak ? " in h?r? m luiioa. be hid ?>" n under the innl?#aaM*a <li?t i|mp orrfiti tar* tl ih> < Idhnlacua* ??n'h-agave aWfeont) to ? oagreu to modify the txtii.d.iira. wfci |, iin|ifr*ioM he l< ??i atnee diaf'n.th lu Vrrn>?iii?i( ttoi* explanation, to he a r? . w?a rather Irakv not t":ht notigh to hold ? at. i r?f ii > m'y , 4 to the j? wer, nod no' to >he et |> dw i ?-jr. ?>f miking the alteration. The | qa???? *4 alft latt? de^e^i. t ut? a the extent of th? h??M?, aad ilk) ><?iaia<l the ?iiw; ati l coo| Man*4>, ' ! ? a'otaMe ??r u.ion' thle, whether ltl? I wOmm- <ar? ywi | la Coa^riaa to alter them, ? r i.hi thai wii? lb-- ei|UiMtioa?'he oue r'?ea. ai-d r?<>t?Hlt aec>(*?d Hut it wu well k?< w? that here ?.iamij tritr in ih- Com noti ? *l Tktrwea for Caiifnraia, aa ?ke hid; and tint v - ' " ??' ' ' ?fi" ?unit- ?h r hour Urtra ta hr l<?d h**d ih< m Wli r it l? -im* rvidr-at thi'thr i ( NmAm r?tM im viikovi narr krlp*tktiMilf, Tr>Niii<k,ir rti mih I> n kit-hir, ?i<h *.??.** an.t nt d crf b?l?f ifvrclK*, r?*m *< i gr hllniiMm!M Witf 4rrm^d a c**r il I ?Ki, h ihr i bJ im' Mk it* in-.i i?, h*l*? bug m. tw r ^ i?n?r ? a? Unkrd h r. and a, ,.!? Thr m-vili . ? .tad Su b> ro N ualort <ft* r. i* '!? iriauMtoa ut?'-alii.Tni*?ant|'Ma'i..n l?* H (H? u 4- rr**a JO MlMM, M lh 4>jvr? : ) 1111?u># mm', il 11>< 7 m uuM affrr Ui t'ntr fur Ik^ "inte.a fc. i Uwb.Uiv r< iin< trd u> ilict Mr C'lajr mi.d# tla* crertt'N". Th' Not i'tor* h*a*tor* fli"> 4 il. And in iKit rrfaaai thr >?l*aiM>n i>f *'a'il?rui? n> 4m I In* tb>- c.iiitw nt ? mt? f? r ihr i-???f A* I. fearing ?it all old *r ftirt w filch Ihff M iii'k K. I rw:l' d rrctlf u? tl idn ? ihi ?>f Mr <*iajr Imm> II; for ii ??? h%pIl??l h? !?r~?K)? l>rtra)td I.Mil into full <*4i. loioKt' ami m il?? nf? d N?? The < ?? a.*r ih? M7>tig iif thi i K< ?atiu into im M'C, .ml. i.l IV > a I'fi'.T, a?<l a^'tfr-Dtly ?i'h c? Mix r > .rt ih iH lo tiiit* Nv? ?f hn | fiiriH* al?oul in thr ii)|> la wLi<n a arhoolrnlater of ih?- I'M iMtii a m arm Uiinril to tak> kaii* i f hi* m hulara < n K.r r?? of a i< nii>ir?rv nhaenrf? | call n|? ili* hit a, ai.d ?, i ih? r lack, la all rrninl, h? *. > i.f m lili. f i j, i IJ mcI'kiD adotiP'atniDtf a laii'nn h> tkrm k>r lU fnurr ll ?*4? Tli'ir?rt<y, <hr hr*! Hm) i f /Vii -./M; i?? 11 naitm* h i.f r*-?n nvfitnarit Uid -in?*hi d, alw-U' itwrt, i|?r r ??-ni nf h*lui*. Th" J*???tr will I >ag rfm.ni*<rt i? ** ? j liita, and maik tl.*-in la Ma kulHT Th< *< <? term a wl.itIi K tfklktiatI' ida| Irani"! Ml n ki'llH l'(>. I liaM Hi) i III Hi' l.at d.?* iir ira*^ il <> lua frirada a. Sam,???u ,lt4 i th<? l'lui lir h?p ?i>d thigh, w a* ?<i >n tr: a l it 'Bi i It Hik r ! ** it, l?i< k *M l*l|jf. Hi hn h?' 1 il 1 iiiti' Ik*m; hui that ia m aflair oi mia<*. Ha n-iiy 1 IMtrhrd th^ ".^.fih'ia !**? tna' b> an iuiH'C* I I I it, ?* laarado. t?4 by |*>| |?( iIkh *rr thii tiff hid l??ai ih'ir dailiajf m ill hy w<' j<mnag hint | iu hi* dartu*'' r?ij*rt Mr taiiat'd tta.-m wnn lh* li>?a nl ihri. ,'i H?| .Omta faf l!ahfcifi.l u hf Ifl |ii'HiHrin?ri> that th? jr WHg*4 hiir h id it h* jmai.it hill, fi rihr IM.HIMia. It. inlrl Iii'-IM thai lh*? it' l'.1 i>n\ n?n ?ti?''?> > ? .m*' i - U>n I ka.l on jr tirriil to lull ll-.tr hfl >1 Ik' Omi l>lll?'hitI hr WntlM |??r ?c,?d (of Vi*-! '*> tli*D "??h it tbr < >uu?,I.US bil . t j id Ihr) tamiM kl?r ll>< u * ><( '?>? Ittr l >|iiiiImi? Nit-hut Hllxv WO.-M DM, tKi'V ?k?M|t I ??> k<*r I It in a X|? Tm'r lull TliW > ? ? Nkitiny "I ?h il l.r , tkl i ? ? 1.4 ki?ii*ii wiitd*. Tk.a i? what I kr 1 Ptr I k?? >*14 fr'n *ir?t tr la ; 'h.t I ? 'i iff of tk?- ? < >' Mil >( ?' (!' rkli I i?V rtl I ml II lb* |r-|C I Ion f( mf mmthy !?? a4 imm Mlwt>?l| p> (Mr ? "? < ba-i feraa bj l?oil*a;a (U?aluf> lath* ?p ??? ta ahiat. it aar miH<i4 and tntM trl | Mhl4 Ud ???t-4 t< r It tli plaa?tr?. H?t Mr it U ,tM>?i><i am a* a pari <4 a iiainl rr w j't or pan if r<*i|r<?l>f but a* a ki> ??ur? OrU'lwj Iroa '? fnai ??-?Uai at'irw ta ih? cm t>iu?4 t il at 4 hmH ?>aly to i'a;i%?.at? it ??|t Tkta I * hat he a?M, i.nt it i* tw>??h If ikr | PouiIh it hm n.kr in k id rm-i uia ?mh| I >?*ad'a ff?? II" hitM?t? ill tkr ?|4fit la akilk it *? oKri'-d, s?to Q i If* r* it ti ti kit;'i??tn ?Bt lu ikr HM tibm ti ll, kr ??iild k??r ?titrtl f?>r ti aa<1 "it'll |4' ??rr " ' \t?w wkat *?i??'hat | rt?|. ?n <Hi! It ta > ? h? ruling I Crlth-ri.ia in two ti|?* tkr lii?? <4 <t- t iiuu , ; rra'rTtmd ikr Mat' t?? tkr nortli i?f tti4t . an-t riialiud t * ? trrtl ?'ty to IIh- hv k of it t'?r thlt kr ?t?M ha*t vo .1 * uh , .atirr, ;r.i%ut. .1 ikr Hattlirtl Mi Mlatl wualH tk?nhit- ?.?te<t I.?| I tkt Oii.nth'i*; Hit wiiiikt i>??< ??' I Ik-' a?tn?* i ? 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Nil qfoa a m?rr antbiitciHtl raWuli 111 0 nf i+i'f' ?o?1 !'*00, ia tbr |m- <-b?<r.i ? t'fc?rn n 4 lilt i>f NiMibrta ??m, id i t tbr at> urn *14. bill ll ? ? tbr SwiiWiii Hrauxr* ?ba m>*t4 CihM n ? 1 h?? kiik lMi'(?r OKI it Ti jr * ** r I k i di\.''n ? ? a?.i* <1 Ir f ??i if but amiM !>' < "<1 i <bin vnira l? ihr (iinnitw* I.* V l*' <vf If t h *4 Vt?#r4, fTtMttfaia WiMtlJ b i?? ? > a aa ' iH Tb?ir*t?* a?uiit l?<n ?n-n?4 tbr t?n,iialum ; nrii ib?a all 'b?- in-- In?a4? t mnillMVr ?i inli|iiii?ilir Traif arfinrMi j WOnld hn?r K??? mMlli *??. ?rn> > i. k I :n)?wr?1 alieraiMN>a ?>> 'b- *4*'* brr*rlf, |fnk|Mp| i na?prvait* n ia t aM rata ?*4 ibr * i,i#< (ft(mu FiMMlit* ? r.r?i i'ii i ib' b'Bh b< * of ikf h?nb> r* P. a* *?? >* llw.r irfuwl hi m II lb. ir *?? - aa4 l? l l m, ii4 a < ?? h'rtl aim kihiM baIr s?. igbl I' If ??. ?, *? I < ? I I Ihr Vatr, li t (W b"??*?l M?M( b?f ' lVar* u??aMjr??' W? b*ir b> ,i a ctrat 4ra about lie |?'irr Wi'inf**, *t4 l'.. t>?. if 4"? to ih? ? ?bn |>*#?* 5 Ibt m mk| Ik* ! > ?i a 'fc ?ko rpi*?? <1 lb* ?w Tfc'' ? 'b* > i | prailir MUa ifl'f ib?-| a?rr if 4 U frikrf ?-4 ma.lr win m* baa4>.' Th a tb?? i? . ? i?r? tlimi'i?(< '1' Naf ?ir* a? ta?a#b kite i? lb# b??<la ol ib? ?- ? H" 4i m if. m, lb p w> ? tMaa ba< naia i *>?ll?. a ib 11 ia? mm , n loam grratiw < al A'> >? i? ? ? # tlwar j?arr mraantra i? f*ra 1., Mr *4 bi? rri?il ( iinii.iur M Ihiri-> a a . Ift | .lorf irll la lb lit* fla ii w all 4ir-.wit by (*Wr k??.l?, I r* . ?r w 1 rniHTW m I ? hl!|? ??u' ei.oi- i. -.t , 'i' II Imund trg' tb-r In the m.i.i ,1. . . u ? ? m-r? I- 1 > . " ? ''!? M f'woi il?? **I ! 11 i arty a Iks !!?? ? 4'4 rtw i.l? < i ia? pthnil Or mtlie* < # I k a r< i?.| t.? ?t' >r a. lie' b'l'? <* li I. llir 1 .an r???a < t?r? of iW ?k?l? far I>n Mr Claf hfanaaff fr?# iJ?r?- I. a?r>4 w ?? (' - .a ?<?>nn* all v??f? Vri k> ti4 ' W? er ? I it?nt?a sal '! W" an-! f I i* | like ^r<fnG a?ii?e#, wkiHi >a| i 'It ] ijit.* ihry ha'?t-- .V'h*t ?l> ? "f S < u> . himreif p?'? ik' till* of Pac*' e?i Wa I j h-t?e ln?.t? ? rmlitirr o r-r* t.. u , ?r'"l for knivm wini h it r r I ?w| i< i i h?r? ha?l prrf rnK<:. \ !? ,* ' k*<{ ?. b* m?m ?i tk?- ' t?-f- . r I l>rt??Urtl wl??< * iHrr-r- hua< ?' ivIm I -"ja? ialtjr rat trla 1 -ju i r'JrcU' ?. am It- t'. ?nJ n<t f fiiaf hrefc * ? nk.a < ? h'ti all t?a? t ?ef. No m \r, a?? r Im nrar ?H Mt aw-li dioixi'in 4 ?< I rrarr*? d fr? t.?|i ? i fa? i ir inMua?? mv "aar?-<w ?to ?rlff?*f# ? for # rli h rr,? a. ? >4 (ha C fjr of St I,fi'i??. t>*an ta k . tar it l?IMf<?dk( M?trlKra?1'?, a. ! -! ? ><<*>? rr^aiinf? to *aM-r? * ilM p?a?-tg- at l >? p -a j rumiar! l <1 muck d'1 not liai < r?? if i? tlk* iraia* of who lial a<H ????. jt m h>nh?r, |. ? .?*??<! catna I ?ia a?^ a i" ?? to r-y?alf. Tkat of iwi*?, la* itiwMn<? ol tfca cnt 'S.tiMi <??<t at?' ' *r? Hat tk?> rr??a?-4 ->u ?S.> aha. M h> t tirtk Tayiat w?a raaatir* t ({*. "rm. ig th<u raMtlutitia ah. I ?|^ ' A > I o ilto' fr #r I ^na raNart, K'r r>> t 't+ar* <4 b:* n^MMatratioa i?. ik<- m-,t- iv ? G?-n. Tu) lor, tor nol giving hu mi|i|>ort to (he Mine mrHMirr 1 Whm wa? thai hut th?* radorscmeoi oi Mr Clay's ttuck upon bun lor not vupporuug Um > ( Imniliim 1 1 teri it an act of duty and pleasure to defend

Gen Taylor thus attacked, by implication, in a I public n.e? ling ia St Uuit He wa? juat am) Kind ! to nie and iniue, and I will tv jaat and grateful to l him. When he gave Mr. Fremout that appointment of boundary commissioner, putting him over | ihe hend of army officers, and without solicitation, or even expectation from us, we fell it, and every body le t it, to be as much as to say, I disapprove the conduct of that court martial. 1 felt grateful to him tor ihat, and now make my public ucli<o<*Udiiementa for it But 1 will gi further, and do him juaiice ou ano'her pouit, on wh ch lie n*s incurred ceusure He said he would not mike rati.ovuls tor opinion'* sake; and in that I aiu cert tin that he was sincere, und yet such removal* in ty have been, aud probably hive been mad*. A Preaident inttai act u|x>u information, and must he often init.ltd. Wh it 1 mean to say is thia, th it I believe him to have bren sincere m hia declaration, and that w hentver a case was fairly brought before him. and ihr facts duly made known to him, he KCit dupto hia noble declaration. I know m my intones of this?oue preeminent, and in a coanitii.u to be proved : and 1 will cite it, both for its own take, and as an illustration of others. It is thi?:?Mr. Monroe appointed a democrat, of the JtHersonian school, consul at Tunis?his m>rm. Dr Heap, a brother-in law of Commudor? Pojter? a man mi adapted to his pli.e that he became the intimate of the Bey. his phyaicihii, and the successful protector of every Ami*riicru interest. Mr. T>ler removed him to make ro< m for Mr Howard Paine. There was no fault ?u l)r Heap, bit Mr. Tyler pcrceiveil a merit in Mr. Paine. He (Mr. Paine) had written for the t>tege? wntt?*n plays, though not with dhaks[>eriin pen. Now, there was some histrionic connection i slid proclivity iu Mr. Tyler's family. He felt for the otaue, and look all opportunity to favor it; so that it became a phruae, during hia administration, iIihi the *r<jj(<-road was the high road to office. Anil so the excellent Consul. Dr Heap, was removed to mske room for Mr. Paine, the composer j ol a g?od Ming, and of_ some poor plays When , Mi Polk came m o office, he corrected the proce| dure?replaced the gentlemen as they were?ur. * Heap in Tunis, Mr. Paine in New York?and so th-y run lined during Mr. Polk's administration. Hut asfooii as Mr Polk was out, and (.Jen. Taylor I iu, then Mr Paine concluded that hi* ?:hauce had ci me again; und immediately appli.-d lor the removal <>t 1 ?r He ap, and th?* re-api>oi(iimcnt of him' self. To make sure, he filed charges of miscou| duct nguint-i Dr. llrap. It was a case to try the pr>tic>i !> ? of ttrn. Taylor?did try Oiem ?and they Cbme out like mire cold from the lire. He direct ni it copy of the charges to Ik- seat to Dr Heap, then five Uious&nd miles distant, on the Harlmry ? ?%i-t, with lea*e to cnmf home, if he chose, to nuke Iii? defence. I'r- Heap did come home?answered I lie < liarti.-s?refuted them?received judgii i ut iu hin favor?and wa? directed to return to ti>? consulship. 1 hen Paine, or lux backers, tried ilie oihi r eti:u;?the democracy ol l>r. Heap?and OtapMUlttMnlW tlmi ground. Hut Hen. Taylor refuted it; und the case was closed during bi? rfdtiitjufetriitiob I have made this statement to do justice to (Ira. Ta)hr; and would be glad to stop it where it is; i but the (-our e of eveuts requite me to go a little I further with it, and to introduce a prool of what I i have hi id Cien- Ta) lor died; aid no boo;i?*r wis Ie dead thau Howard 1'aiue puts in agun for Hrnp'a place?applies to the new President for it j ? si'1 iii ta it- bi is ihr iionnn.itiou ta the tSennte? I l.ui ih? re cairn a balk. I told the Statll *kM | (>eu Tii) lor had done, nud proved it by a letter ii m ki? ^ecrrtir) of State, Mr Clayton; winch I mill Bow rrail to \*<<<. In jaatice both to BH I'rciiui bud his Stcretury This is it: ? Ntw Ouiii. !>?-! , Kept 15 18:.0 l>r?? Pit Ir?eetnd your letter making to|tilrU'S li> istiltoMi llrap this moi-ring and la reply bars t< ? > that. ?h>u Uaneral Taylor euaae tnu< ofltse, .n)? II ? << I'tltr citdc nbarges at the department lalktl Mr Maap. aod bis remoral as Consul at Isslt I Heap l?a?e or abiwuce. after he had airm ??d Id eraser! with Commoaorti Morgan I'alue's cUlm a*aia-( lbs l'a?ha<* <>t Tuui* aod hit ree-l?sJ llrki m?al I rem ?b? I'asbaw. for hb. Insult to the A iue. rteaa flat la selling at thi <:oorulat? and tmpre'-log II 1' *' man 1 be ebargas made by Mr l utae are oil fcl- lu lb# t'r; artui< tt of tilaie and are Tery ffrsse j auo rii us Mr II?ap ?a? heard in hie deteocs, aod I uiM'St Tsyler d?rlln?4 to remote blui on the i $r ui J* alleged by Mr I'aioe Mr. Ileapwa* objected j to b> m m* psfMMk an the prT' und iliat he was a ds1 bin rat t ut ?t> a I tnld tbe I'ri-etdrnt th*t I consi >it a Mr llrap a Ultbtul cftlser. hs refusal to r*saoss k m <>n aeeouut of bts deinix-racjr Mr fain* raa> well reronio>"nd*d. but President | Ta)l< r wi ul4 i.ot MWtO Heap. fMlIs|MMSMMI I abuwilr-d la?taL<-?? wblrh I could enumerate wbl^h iKuw bow utterly groundless was the charge agilnst ?-en>-r?l Taylor if i<?*e<'rtptloa lo* opmloa'a -.ake l'i r? ?. wiio ?iaad outside suppose llmt arsry n m ral Is B ad* B'tilji l?T |-arty |.urpce?e. Surh a f satrn |.->n of er?ry *-iaoe?i t? flat'erfog ta ili* pride ?l the person isBowi win. of e<iur?e, ] satis lu b>k? enpiial b.v r? -arrasO'tiir him-i-lt ai a Martyr tor bis |e |uir*| principle*. Without |iii?i.m lo know ha these things are ! Biaaaj>4 by o h?i* I -an only s?> that lu ay depart1w?ea? Ibe fieal^.i.t gnu r? Ui ?cd a Couenl lu-'lo y b-eaoi be was a i|>b<h rat. t'ut tbu I-|T<iI?k beyond your la^ntiy In reply to it>M tk-1' *i> a<> *uMf! ut groanl* h>rt*? rrtnoral of Mr ll??( 1 aw Jf ?f ?lr. f?f nuci-rvly *nj roly yourJOHN M dWNX. Ho* li ttim.Wwb'ncoi. I) 0. I". !? H>i? t } bolt l?tn ?<fM*r f rouaJ) lor the ! < .< ?ikl i.) Mr ll<?p rlar* I 1. ft offlc? of which I ? authii.g WfciU I r-m. ui. 1 Wrrtary of Plata, 1 IkrtiU k.n a ia??t ?*c?tlrnt pfflftr J M C I hat* r< ad'hi* Irl'rr, ait?J nude th?* nUtcmcOt i act i4 juallft' to wrurr?l Ta)i?r aid Mr. t'lajrfon. I MW )HMM K iu an >l?t r j?>iut <>l \n?a* an fx twortuy to l>?* i.i.wnf i>y ill AniMiCria whig or 4rn wniif, in all nn? It* onaw! Give tin* no* i u?rd .in ? f^oiluaiiy lo anatarr?hrnr In n iu hi* d? t ri tit? Mir jaMly, < i cnlinK lo lit" rvidrnrt? r< <uk i? mii'tr m |4>lii.cal gr<niu<l? whru llw ff.rar a* loun J to be fait'.rut. Thi* I* wliai (<< 0 >al Ta> lor tl:?, and what all Aintiican l'r? m l uia, it my ?i noon, Mirki lo do. I tan mow kw* yoaNiir innphi into thin huatr> >? a> ?m> if ton-how it i* <i<m??an<l how a IVwIrM aka ) mm tifilatt, nvy k foiiftinn a itrTiutl li ia ihr em orn hi the de|>irtni'-nf?, ?*h? rr |?rf letrm %re *?eived, to in?k? mi nl>aiiart <4 th> r ft?tpn'a in a hiiel endoraemi nt on ih I?m 1 Tl.i* ia lirnt hi ih? clerk lo whom Ihr M?r>? <4 i' > n* nnilt d Poaii it done in lliriw i l?r Jle?t? i* ?c? U"ar, parr imljr and onrr i <irrly Tit an an ndorwmeiit on i? ii*r M Mr < layton. lor I hate hto ih* ordinal, fiN, > tjit.il h<m i an.11?% ? ink, ia th--e wivji: * at* n- nt at j II IVti. rlMlictliNf of hi* r->oi.iH ? hil? he waa( nw?| rfikr I 'ni.e I Mtat--* at IV ia Thta r . !?. Ir |..r.. lit. ut.'nr illh iw It ih? >iairMrf-ni .biain> <1 ( har^t tvtfitinai l?f. It'ap, ??lll?| wrtrall Marte on ito m-ideM *y?i?-hi of im. hat (4 r-It 4*frti<<r Then caw ihr tr* %>4 ir'M<nam a' in n law hand and hlack uk, rf? *< * m. |*n ikvrr and put Wk>? tlf mikII ?H if *M udrutly ,a*t i>a a'trrwarda. and in a r? I Iwi I. v.- wit I* "ft al Tuna t >i|?i J intMi wamlirM. Mr. ? * <?< ?rnfe >1 k) M Poil U k?ii(< 4i*ch?rg *d few l?lf, m4 Mfaa far iK?t minm ? ??myO.<i ?ar h# ,r<a*rr>r4 " All I*- M N Ml tfc>? r?.?,r~ i,.???I ?r?f? an?Wr?4Nirr4, ' ..tit to iIvm, ?mI Ifa pf?? ? m fa* 4<h*? ku <? . ? w?? ikr'r 'inra ml'f <1*4, M Ml' (W munm fa wrr m^HH1 \.?* i S >? * ?r<?r4 ?> k m I* k4 it* ..'I. I, ??? ?*? h^fr r|?r, 11. ?<l? >' \?4 11 l^arrai ?M Mi CUfha k I ? ? > --k<-4 m tl? n* in-M, t<n??<V i # K. ? I to. ??. tfco ) in-, "?? ? ??? tot H H? ? Vf | . . aiwl V| w? ?" .My ? rr. ia i\ mi'i <? fa>? rrrot/ k? '? V k <fM, W4 ||??, ?W *? I f. (In *!?- bl?r \? ?r.KTI olfi '? hl.?t ' i 1 m * f ,.i ? J . i,-.(? I. ?. ik> ? tmr< f kirk of Ik I t ? rrtura k? M u4 tfa> ? "<k ? (??' % A"w? IM?. W I? a -? "I ? * wraiki, <Mn i ?rr? w <4 tKi r *?? fa|o?t? M<tr iJI I fcrfai# ifa try ,4. .. I M Hi 4* .? ?? 4 4 * U? that -Ml t a< fa* fac * Ita*' ??# ifa ?fat - 4ika>i m l ii 'fa fa?< *ar iWii Ttwf k - M ? ( iW I w. rr J Ml kn4f fl*. *?? > ? ?1 <k ' kk?M ? MI??fa r '?w. ? all I Mr (MIW. 1 %? ?f *1 ) '" ??! M fa im?* MfallliMM ?fakk??? *MirrN (* II' ?v at Mwiik k* nfc.- ?. a'? mi iS ? ? * laami k?kw*v*' "* It? ItaH *m l?4 *>iji ik?*? 'a?a<f i < M i?v w iimpii it iMlf tW WtK Ifa mm a. iMnntlfM *> IfcU * kf?Ui#j.lN *f tvfl?lt? . U?r, lk'M?l?f?rMMi tm *& ? 11W* <*? -kM^or. H?a m- a, ??> fa j*altv fa ?afa<' 4 i? ih? firau >4 tk* m4 4h:? f 4tfwe4 !!*% ? ' ' ?. fc? Wiii n ? tint*. ?r ? ? * HUI. t*?Mk k* Hlf I H Rr? mm* k**-? ??a4 Mwlf M Aiina Mali MA. A err # W!?? m * * ' v k-#*, ?! ??% a*4 won Tli tkw la Ml Mi* i >*Mt kt* J"M* k??H # <i* i'lli tf *i f i? wk > W? l?A km ' *m?i **4 m tmm Or M ?\*?<*?l Ik* k??* '? t W? i, M? ).?? k?? ?kM| 1r M ?V ?ri * "< I* u?r? ?if p> "*fit kf > ? ?!> *? r? \ r. ?MM'tr* b<l w Ik- It' ? f irtart| ??? wfc?r *<?? * ?i rk?. i* ? ?#* ! K?? ?? bow ik* m If * -* *? ?* t"?* t ?mm> ?**? . ? " ? ? 'I, ?M ika' Ml ? wfc.. k H* % ! ?mMi*? k' < *4 kn ?r>U?K?K. ?M *4 ?< ! l?? i?* rk, |* *kif aa4 rv ?? "* ?. 1 4a ?* | r? * t ? ?>" Ik Ik* f*?v It m lk""ir If *? Mr?yi?a*; ?4 II H rkrif in<nff ?r ?I I * |m>? M> 4* M ki I 4* (fcwk h??4 ?t tk dMi f?r' ml I mum wferfc havr a good r.omarfe to MacWtaf ? IVatoc, MgV c* to br khhumr^ to <t? tf in i ("oil**. baafitaf a?4 ?o iiD-woik rimr. Iibr maaarf. Th^y uu^ki I* \m? lie bow to do it, sad aoi tw caacbi M tck a u?i> a* an thi??" concral bia ar NMM ??, I fciMifl ! to afrak my a^ntin.ruu ni<oa tbr iub|n t, u4 |<?V ft* luth'hrm; ?ndil?ff??frilir>:- I ^ '' Wi k4?n i liU ? ku -far Mia , i? r?-eofrrj of lb*** 4im It ! o?> af ib? m4m< m ?,. , (l calt-auar and waratly pr*a>?4 at tb? .... ol tbaaaaalon It niu*t ba about rip* f><r dr * tkli tima. I aa i?ad> u ?? apoa It, aad ta rata , anything, andar tha t-uturtl'Dtloa. abtab will b? tl * aa<l Mlliftflor; HI* tka <i?if pmot ta wpiuioo at ?btrb taj <>t tb? aoa ?l???bot-itn? $tataa ?' ?*8ut.n Itava |l*?a juat aau*? at r-tiaplalal U tka Tl ala*?bo(dlBg dtatx I I*a?a cut lnll*t loal? ?a? ?oct- it attar and rpt-ak nf fUlim la l b. ir c< r?pa*tty, c?> and ?ay thi? afalr of tha ruaaaay ?la? U tb? on!j yr cam. In wnicB an; 01 uir no*nar?ini inj ?nan? 10 o( my opinion, bin hit- b ju-'. eau?? of eompltlnt to , their ?U<i b?ldln( il>l>n Koronr I ara r?? tj t* vat* at onou lor th? pa* c,t a V airltlv* IMaea raeovary ~u bill; but U mailt np?r?l? aaU Iad<-??a4?ut mruurf. This is what I said the 8'h d*y of April?brfcr?* th the Omnibus eoninutiee iru r-UM?d?*ud wh'ii it**- ' ? fugi'ive bill mijihijust 88 well have orea parae i, ?i a* live months afterwards 1 was then ready to ou vote for sov bill uader Ihr C\>nniun?.a, which in would be eff?*clua 1 nod saimfaciory. The whol- p" Senate was icadv to vole then ; but ii ww evi lert- tti ly kept hack to go into the Omnibus, Had sw<-ll dn tlie dumber of the " peace measures." I swke Je and put>li*hed my sentiments upon it, and that is ealled " concealing sentiments " 1 >o?ed up<?u it |c five timet, and twice upon vital amendments?the jury trial and habeas corpus?and upon erety part th of it, on motions to strike all out, and iu -rt ? wih- a' Mitute, and every time with the friend* of il?e bill. an Aud this is called, "concealiug sentiment*," and dr great inquiries ate made about it, while there is no th inquiry after the sen'ioi^nts of those who never o! voted, though delaying the bill, to convert it into one oi the " peace measures." su But I did not vote upon the engrossment. That in in true. I mither vo'ed fur it, nor against it, and will tic tell you the reusou why I deemed thi bill in.iu- ?t dicious; but was willing for its friends to try it. I voted with them, to make it suitable to them. n? There was no constitutional objection ; and 1 was tt< willing fur them to (?fs it, if they pleased, without ot any drawback from my opinion of it; and snch M would have been the case, if it had not been for g? the silly and false attacks on me. for mis-ing one gt voic, l>y those who are ro indill'erent to the con- induct and motives of those who missed nearly all. si' And now 1 should be glad to know, how these cc sapient editors feel, w ho have been so distressed sii about me, and so indifferent about othere. 1 think P* they must feel something an the sport-smut did <>t that lludibras writes of? the gentleman who aimed A ihr Dim th ' That miff*J the nark.both du *k aud plover, , N And kicked the holder sprawling over.-' h. Let us come nearer home?to the rise, progress, ? ami present condition, of nullification in the :r'tate w of Missouri It is not a plaut of new growth <vith 4 > u?, hut tin old tree, with deep roots and vide w spieading branches I will touch its hietoi y. . c f Nullification plot No. J, took place in th winter ?r of |HU2-'3S?its pretext a protective tar ill- .is ob- tri ject the pepiratii>n of the slave from the non- iv: j, holding States?i's j>oint of attack tien lacusoa? c. and its acton, so far as deaths and rc.novtls fuve in left them anions us, the tame who are en ued ir. a; the wotk lit ih' pies* nt diy Gra Jacksuj i-i ot issued his proclamation against the nijllillication of proceeding in Scuth Carolina, un<i il had been re- h< ceivtd with applause by the whole body of the T whig?, srd by the Union p?rt of the democracy, si I'ubl c im etings of the people, and SJta'e lx>gisla- c I tures passed resolutions in favo' of if. The procl t- c? ination was issued Dceembei 10, the Mi*>- hi souri Legislature had in? t in November. It was di in se-.-ion when the proclimation was ise.'ed. It of was democratic, and should naturally have moved pi promptly, uud through u democratic member, in ( m supi ott of (he proclamation. Wn the contrary it hi whs not until the end of the sension?the day b - in fote the last day, and at the close of tiiut day, and pi then by a whiy, uud after it became evident th it iti the democracy was avoiding the question, thtt the in resolution approving the proclamation wis moved T in the House of Kepreseotativea. It was moved di by Adorn B. Chambers, of 1'ike county, and was jw in Ihete wordsi? si lltrolted. by the IIcu?e cf Represent*!!? ? ot ths m Btete ot Misrouii That we disapprove of the prlnriptr* ,,| ot nullitiratlon. un advanced by the State of tiou:h Oa- I rolmu a? Ix-mij tncoiitiMeni with th- compart r\iitlt| l . t?. thefe luit.d Plate." and thai we tully concur . wltb the opinion* and principles ivowethy Andrew '' Jackren President ot the United Statef ta hi* pro- ? rltujatloa of the )"th December I HI and In Wis u-v rajte to C'oagie>s ot the 10th January, ol A second resolution, otiered by VIr Chambers, J< . ?r.A .I. . ?. - I ... .. . I .? . .. 1 klllM <: intitirilioiiiil trii 'i;i :I to Mil tlM coustl- rl< tunonaliiy of acta gI Con^riv,.!. I'oth reaolutious 01 met with opposition from the deuocrdcy. Tlie t? second one whs rejected, as< a kimit.tr on; was_ at i? the laat seatlouot our gent r<>l assembly. The iii?t n oiir wu^ieril, bu: with inn< negn'ive ntitl iniay hi reluct nt mnon# 'h<' democracy. The jour- m mil u ill ?hu?r the di ^ativi-\ ju-s ; and aouii- o( ilie , a viler., aie nlivr ami still in ,Mi-<i nn, t>. work n against me now, as th^y did si??tn?t Jacks in th?u. 1 m In the tv LMe thr aj'|Toh<?o;y resolution in't with ol al>?ut the ai.me fatt?tardily nnd reluctantly paased I" ? Willi iiihay ?idewi| - Mitfs?th'? journal will -1???jx who llut the journals of the two hous-a will not I) show all that w.18 done, nor th<: worst (hit w m c< dune bf the aullifiert at tlni time. Forced to veto for Chamber*' rrtolntion through |olu*y?th< y deter- hi mined to in-.k'1 u trial arnou? ihe |?optc to e tabliih if nullification in the t>'ate. Th y held a night in? et- ci irg iu ihe low, |?>nf log house, which st-.nds wr.-t |? from the * White it war c?ll?d, whi:h I" was th* u the principil ho?.d>ng h?u?c of m<- m m* )' t* r> : him I in that II llll| Itnlwd to take ihr (i I,I, <li rdch nuiliiii r in his comity, an I bring out the peo- n l?le in favor ol th<- .^outh-rii doctrine, a* it wit ?; alhd? itut in, in t n.-r >?i null Hetttoo. and .ic oast di Jnrki-on's proclamation. Many nuliilien, besides those in the general as-emhly, wi*r? in that m? <-f- di iny. all that were In reach of I-i'?r?oti cUy, mding ii si>d abetting the design But it f ul d iu the i-n- hi euiioa. WiVd th'y L'ot horn* their hearts failed them Only one had ihe eour*i.'e to trv?a mem'a-r c flora Clay couuty?and he ) ?i<f the forfeit of hid w political existence for the rash art t'i AHsm I; ( hunber* acted a good part in tint re- tr solution, aud I ifumk hiw fur it, though, like hii at in rnemke of ?,|d, he ban had a fall si ace. And I Ct fesr I may n>.y, Id tins case, of the who'e win ; th pnffjr, ns it wus Mid in more ccuprrhcaaive re h> Lie, on the previous occasion, m "In Adam's fall * W<- lrn?<l ktl ! " H< For they Kum to have sndlv fallen oft" from the th support ot ihe pi maples of Ja>'fe<on's proclamation, (a cs,*cially whra those pnucii l? s became au object in ff r.ullifieation attack la r(y per in. m Now, Adam was undouMi <1ly the first man, nod Tl A B (J are ?h? first three l?l!crs of ihe al4>ttih't; i n, hat Adam llron*oo Ch?mb< rs cannot h? ihr lir?i cr cKiijurr r in i^r world, o*Uer an* he woe Id m?t h ?e i. pa od (he ni.hifi*ra on th- hn k to em nnra>;e th>'in to attack me for rn' .numing the prln^i^les of bis i > own tesolution This is the fall th. t he his mi l?. I sr Atd now. hivinem?'ntinted A<Um l!r nson t^batn- 1 n< l?? rs, I willwi'lc my whole account with hira at T! oiif e Mit-ri aettlrmeats v ke losg flirnds. 1 ' th foivirr hiriall tbnt he ha* everd iae ait iin?t me? ' n in fxct it did ii > iio harm?in con i.f ration of th it ss I till t.fifMl . f I - L _r..micsi All ? mm fit n ? oniw - rt jirii, ?i l ih^'ia, lti? hnMoi tik^o u into ha ( I hrad in m1 pow ?h*' kr could make n?< Nit the uit - . r lifWia one in k nioieiir le?a.ornne fealhrr'a wrfjlht r i .?Mr or lighter, hv auy paiti'nifihat lie cutUf i<r t( n*e < n ih<* h'.rk I furtive him all hut that. atH *<. will forgive MmI a'-o, if lie Hill only never do it p<( u?in. kn<l utich to wlul he i? row at??lUi3g 'or ? bailitii r? ' cl< llot No S U wl iu 1*11; Ita pretext, th; r? - ctioq o< ths 17* a* an "*>?.iion tr<-Hiv of'ha t" y?ar. I '.mud not aupf-ori tn<?t treaty. lie ol>jer m, waa,i?o? to t I Te*na into tr?e I'mon, > ( 10 ge* r?' ti>e ?? Oth en' of it, ru d that at the e*|M>n-? of ? n war wiib and thi.Hinh the in?tniin?niality I.t < N ?h*illr i <>n?enti(Mi I'a i l>|ect w i? to milie a I a ?U?'f)r i) '1'iiina, .|M?rr> I li-tw<?en North a id d? ?*.?u'h. ai d h-- meaaaor ?flictuff a m juration of on k <i'h iforn ali? North Ita ohj?p| wm the n< ?uit ? > m plot No I,only with a different pretfjt. th< I >t? menaced all thit, nui drew upon myarlf the wn wtole instance <>l th' pinion. 1 una no com- h' ptiiirt*r in a cae of di-unton I nin on m?fl to i.< wait r and aprinMe liven ler llowera npon h ga, nf woorda, whether tine or fiftv. I denonneed Hit ? ( lot, and put it to the awnrd. The ?(^rh ra a Mr h I made in 'h* ><enaie, and the one at limn- :h< III*. ib ih'a ftiate, with the grand ft i teal of the if ,? ik of N?a)i<il|e and the aurro'tnrfi- g rountrf, go a t'.nr grer' ri.'jhr meeting. to mflVr the di'iininn th< roaveniMii io ut la their town?oh, how rhmg?4 #<! aire*- th I da?' ?ftuled the iJ ?t. Th- ntillifiera wrr* mur*'(nor*'uumT?UM in our frrntMl ?*?om- W1 My ?i tli?i tune th?n no?. and about equally in:eut , j> >'!? i/MtUMMMt ?>ut of thi ir wtv; but th*- plot wm f,, rl.'Cfcrd The peoj le *??:!? >rrtty Well Waked tip. The nall.Or* voted for nu^ without bring able to cr,; get say bargain out of tnf, nod not through nnv jn inettv* of | ill.Ik or lor# to iri' , but m? rely to ??? their o?n (neon. Thi* waathe end of aufltfi* ( t, r-'-a, | lot No 2 ia th# ^tat# of Miwouri? t <?g, I art not extirpaed; watched, but not h.t'e* 'j, Ni i:ti<**tii>n No R, ie th* lie*. *nd the |Tf * nt ? I-Pt, ai d th? boW<? mi ! *? le?prr?te pol- of the . It e*i?ie on is th?- ?ee?ion of it* kjert fill the Mine, the a-p*Mtt <a of ib<< alare It 4* U< ?..? ?!*?. ' Hratea- '? i rf tf *t flif- rm ?rrr?t flatti Iwn th?" t-r" i> n>/ - h<n? i to North* ' rT ra agtrr*?i<?i ai d mI? iitioa alavery in th<? eiurr s?ai*? an**'If ih* obi^et of ?tt trh; ><a4 Ui? on- ln" niwn in trtan i|r mir, u hr a* tfcia #m1t- ?.*w ?d, aad remaiDrd in tb# lutf-H thew who I.ad , aeied ia I"*! and >a I AM. ?t'h th? ejtc?p?ina of > *>' ri' mm *:*? had tx?*n deceived. and r" >ih ?Im? addt'tea of th? n?( lit* whi h aimitariry "** f !*? ??> of 4n+ftioa hu brought lata their ? , raaka. 1 be m> ? - n# aei">a ta thM third pl?M, wm the f1""1 KfMiniPti ii kvor of nullification?is f*. r of arc- <?<> anrt di.uuioa aa a remedy for pot*. %l tvtla, were ad?>i>ir<i -co-operation Willi the l?4?? *uur? waa rraolvea were taken l-riag ib# people ioiu me plot by a falaa alarm it.. ?!? , . t (ferir alate property?nod a co irary waa nirrrd into to i>ut me down, for which rpoav were lo be held in all tha tiitM, and th? State districted, and blackarda ap HJioiei in earh to pursue aud attack * wkt ! came home AM this work in Ntl progrerf when I got h) U? in I'* i appeal* d 10 the |?0|>te ! Th .t ?^p?al ia bee* tried and decided, aud 1 abide the issue, be Aujfun elections have tried, and decided rgaiB*t tbe nullilier*. Though nominally oBiing thirty odd in the (ieueral Assembly, i, id rraliiy, there ia little more thin one-third that au user actual niilifiera in favor of the re?oti?<H?of the laat General Aat-embly ? u U'or ot illil?'atioa, aecraeton. and disunion as remitted r p?? H'cal e\iia Th<* reat are L umn democrats, ceived, aod will com- nuht ol iheinseUes Of e thirty odd nominally counted m and-Kenton, ere i? not on. elected by aati-lienton democrat* ogih Not one ' i m?lie the declaration wuht 4tia}it'iratiou, aud wi'doui the chance ot uo-tidictioe fr<>m in* pen?oa, except those who oiidi or Hll' bie l>el|f?e that there wrre noi altove it'y r.?-n in the State that could be got to be c vnrt.iier for U nn o 1 have examined the case at flersoa ('Hy, and an; able to day ihtl in very to* luce in who h an uu ilea ton in in wts elected, ha >? hitehcMoo ?y a mbuiation who whit'*, or >y tea from Benina inca, under a ple<in?* to go with man.fiiy i.f tiie democracy. Further, I am to any ihat th> le is not one el-cied?not a iiple <>tie?in which the anti-Hen'ons could be i>en 'o a separate ot ranuiiion, lo run t ticket of eirowa, a* tb?y d.d ia th>a county ane a few hera, in which ill' wert not lot.illy defeated, <1 proved to be a Miserable minority further 11: 1 am able to an?, tli*' there ia not a county the S>inte in which auu-li-utou ca ididates can >?'N'elecu-u againct tae ou uau-i>eutoit de.-noatic vote*. The a;> >esl ia drclderf and ?u?tA'Qud, nod 1 have ifuritcr int< rear m ill- co.i e?c tnau to aee e**cu>u done on the condemned leaoluiioaa. Ad my iiecta have been acoo iipii *bcd Tn-.-i>eopl<5 of iasonri were wak-d up to h *eu?e of ih-ir dan it! Th<* arhole I' >ion w ia waked up lo tfte >r of disunion' M" appe-il ? m? au mojihsspeakg to the |M'Ople ot ?lnsouri? wak d up me S'at? id all the Stt'ea What wnnid hive b?-en tha ndition of the country if 1 hid am mdil? and I did! In :ho liiat pUce, the democratic iriy, he d i>?rty, w uld hive gone the whole leu r:h tlie nuliilie itiou resolution* of the UM (.Jen u.l fscmbty. They arou'd h*?f eo-op-r*te<t with ie South. Thry would have *ent d?-l?-i:ite u> tbo ouhvilli* ("onvi*nti.in All the ?l -\e St iW- ? w nil ive teen represented there. Tm- cooven ion ould lidve renewe<l and prolonged it# ae-? on*? ould have acted the pari of a Con^reia? .uid pthiu illy ihe M-c('F?ion of the Southern States ould have o,* raied itrelf, without tli- iVrmi'ity an opea declaration ? and thru tur lixug of tits cetaion line would hive commenced; uud alKtugh it never could have croN?-d the Mi?ii?*i(>,>i veri >r: the event would have been autiiuieurif ilumiioii* when iinv part ot the Union stood out open M-p<irano;i fiotn the rot. from all thia mf pen I fn?ed the country. t>v waking up the people the whole Union, nun preventing the State 'Mitriouri fro in co <>|>frati with the 6 >u'h, and iiir iepte?e?t? d lu the Xi.~h.ule Convention, lie late of a patty, a politic il party, :s nlui >at too nail au object to la- cotitn<lf r**<l in ho luteal a itat-iroph '. I'.ut ?* hat would hive tr-eu U'?w tha >orfiiif>n of the democratic party in Miitsoiri, if I ?d not come to thr tt>vcw, and waved ii fr<?m the irjzer treiore it! Nullitr-ru hid trie rumuiinnut ' the partv; they had all ihe iii(?iu of acting u >on ibUc opinion?jud^ee, bank directors. pr<'s.?es( ruber* of iJouaresu, uud of ihe G*uerd A->aeiny, and an otiisnwd b>, nd of coaiputtora to work cotit ert They would have carried thep*rty,Ml irty, imo mil blicaiion, and that would n ive b?en ? drBtruction Miasouu could n <t be made a du*? cirn S'?re The |>?rtv would h ive bern ruined, he whifi^ won! 1 li tve tak-'o the State, auu would .'M-rve to take it ?-t?ain-t a disiiuioii democratic irty. Frunthi.^l hive *uved the putv: and let uy ration il man reflect u.ma the cou?e<| i-tic-? if iy conduct had t>ei u diUer^n'; it 1 had h-en ttw.d r H.ittered into silence; or, what w?> worae, tak< a !iat wj* called the Sou hern aide of the id became an instrument. tinder II' ' re?oln ioni ! ihe General Assembly, in co opeuuiay wub tno uuth. Auti Bentcn'i! Anti Hen'on party! A new mode I d??it;ndttitie u {Nilmcal imrtv, and more worihy ??f i-moua than ot nieu. Foch-iricterisc a P'fty ?>y leir love tor a man, th**rr jeal hi in* c :u -.e, ai.i t-votiou to hia sucoeer? *? jpve ih?*in li?ua'n-, a that account, i.? huihmI and cvmiii ?n, in I rnty >' nmiahb. if not wit-e I'.ut I'ur a party t.? ck?rtt> nze Haelf hy itn hatred to a man uad to con -erate n?? If to hi*destruction, i- not on>y unott'iral lid unccriilimn, but dubrVul mi l inl? ru'>I tun* iracim niiHinti a m in urr indict il?lr and |>iiniihhi# at law; ih?*? ?rf c.?u<l'-mu' >1 m 'h>" ui-iral ?n*e of ih?- coranrmiiy, nod t>v ih< of <il riona. and iliu wiibout un> re<nd 19 <n- cv.?*i I ihr h ?im! ?iid ??? ilif ? < i-cir.it'y > i-thvi./h it p ttgum^t ?\ lmd mmi. ?vh>? iimv In - l>?<4 (inr? jh?h P.ut ?bru m-11 bind ih'-niwK-* iniii* ?iu* r U|?n iLr ptinci|'(?- ?>i k <irr4 ?n>l 0 iiai?ir??*v ? niiatnuir ih? m*rlvri? hi* h it? ra, and i'iki-int- 'n? I 'r cu? u. i -)t u.r lmd, f>.n fi.rgiiti ? ?, two 1 j?e r may aland a 1 i? > i f ilinrc-111 ut de?u .9, II D Itu imqu'i\ (if if. ir u<- igu i'kio Ix tcmr* atro?>u# ai d irT'iliiu I hi# m ilir with Jie ir?y 111 ihia Ma'<?I on > -i ' ifc of ih coua^rator \ri?whuh y|r-? ix II cn<i-li*-n on. Jt ha'r? uii'0, IrcauM'it (41 li'iliirf ttdtice him, 11 ir i?i?f him, tor it-mindr hmi, io* ai-are 11.in, 10 thrir nalli'icmuio rtf-rigiM, and thry roa triil rjrmrift him 10 kill him ill mi h ur* a. I ll'tnatioa, li?" i>lir't* tin y kit* Ihal 1 hi v urnild i>l iif it h i.f. Muth. in ili> 11, ? ii fi* Id. Tli?*y f? i?i? irlvcd ninny goi (I rni'ii?not mm) 1 Hi 4 i'i) ihfir n till-.ml'o a*?nmr tin ir th t 1^11 imu, ?d even tu i,*r u-Hi'h ih rn 111 init.ic mr>-ivt> tnd 111 thr ilic'iona Bjt a<l ih?n-? d- ivfd citizen* *nl n"ht Ihtinw-lvit 'Ili-y ill we lltti fvrvdniitf <*hir'i I tulii ihi-m tlMvl ip firugna of 'h- diMiiHiaii'i, l*?t ?u lu - r, 1* ur and thai everything which the t">i-i ir?t<ir? illifiera ?ri?f n?l m? ic falr^ Tin' t*.i rat Incta h? mtt mi n, thr drC'ivrd nirn will fi ,?Hl irm?*,lv 1 hi*fi ii?rri?lll^ti(t(liiM. Tn? ai oulldi-.'Klit'U ilemrc *ia will b? Icil >i(.ill id alone iJiry rdmuld forr?er _ aland N iti?-r Ixsa nur ma-r?ia ?h? ud alii lux- ?iih ?hi*fn 11 1I1 (auiira *.li In: t'lia^rr, and ckunrr, wuh?iit ?m. Tbfv aert- bu' nh itit a floX'q m ih<* ?'Cipnt-ral A>>?,nibly, and 1 Mt h?* ??m m nhrr this. MuMofihi otiifi? ar?* <>n iif bvncii ur the lunik*, and in e< me null.li-'i'i hi heir nn* hut f? w Ir Ire And iwtw n'n n ui rnf. cow and fcurvrr. I ny *g in, 11 I a?i?i or h# (ojf, h li't>h w tl. nmla dr? |i dtcll! Na ilnWfh ( or ctunnittiiiufi w?ih ihrm Com,lull.lar ' 1 hti waa ihr \v,i?? hwirl for the miiihue iuil-u t: and K i? tit' w .u tinfurl n'; If titled ann H? iron* now. Ti.tjf wrrr toraacir?? fiefnrt tht H?clii n. iiud cnH|?iimi'f atw *. (i-*y ?ill corn n|x n any mw hut H-otoa; i>t if in My, hiving f?tii?d to H#vtroy hi?>i. iVi III bnj hint, f;ivr lum till iti- oiKc* in M ?-<>uri tl<e purrlc^* mon< jr. Wrl', the o< ?d *?? ? mnrvnufrr; I! ? pro| <-cd III coincro nine 'I and < *F?r?"d hmi a i ih<-land in th w rt I! old arrant noi owiiin? h f<?H of n ! H >, th* aipromiM> now ollcrcil hy the a,o,?? ; ?# dc not '>*11 an uriivf in Mi.-aouri, yrt !) r i?? i all Ai d th*t ia hImiii itia owrtlny of <*ll ema* mii?ra to rfli,?i?H? or |rn>u lf I *a ri? of Kiln ill. lum *flli'h I'tirci'f , uu lad.'u.lf iifci d wi'h lheprM?'*t of Ih?* public son I Tki? tiwrtinr in ^t Louis? -? uhkii niwirf h*? fD whi?a a? I iiillilirrt. TJioae * !? ? |> il llwirIvea tof ethrr. If u< inm pnt t?uad? r A mii'l flim, to ru lo?#r whijaaad whinrrv.??di<w ia rrali.ioo, an is meddu-ij hft*irrn th- ptit e* >t ih< m nay loifth^r ? ' will ma*?- ih arv? nil of aale ?f ail thr null firation an I old <"f?? ino"H'a ale ? !* il err tha'evt nmi ?Sgt *i|u t rrrour-f We w.ll wiirr^nt tlu-m *>'iad ia thing, except o i thf Wiln ot pi iriaf; iml ttr m py ar?- all ?uud. and no'hint; <1.*?. We w.li not irrant thr-m to wroik?nfi'lit r in dnir * it?, .. r %r wood; ilifjr piffer iw drink * *< !?r 'h?t o'h-r i'l>lc dian, nnd nap H r wood lint oth*'f (wiiptr w. W?- will not inihe d< livr ry, or f*rn | *><i rn up for >ou: lul vlt thfm retain*. and l?" y ? i h tbftT f )oti rai ; and i? more, Ii .1 >rn if yon r?n, altrr y n hare rmgh; th* m; an' y<i i r.ii do ilit t I p * v j* th ?'ili: , wU t th' ? liabtrg. ?o l>-??lre th m??lre* i?th*t t *neh of jd?c iiory ho'inrM, wliirh cf cucli.i : la by tin ir tatla, and hi.I ling th-m. *od now i haveartm*:. ?crt.cr. At "x nhtreaffwta at ?h?* hffid cf th<?t mrrtins;??i(.t'^?pr? iri'i'irjr, nni? ipprnvm^ iii prt.r^e'fin m. W' t rn *n ?>r f i . ?-i,. .. - - *?' - ? - ?? .? "i I 1*111 VII ?> ; .41111' {TP ViHft tM wilUMMiry wm r'liftl'il, ?ia wh^n t Jiu w?r cmird in ; rocti'SHin, ha'ifl<;a de "I dinl it to aietr.fy th?'dr?-i cuVtramirera, and biri* f f?tch licf?t in f ml. And nil ftiia in glorirn n of Mr Clay, who muriWed wh>*<? rj n th * rty d<iy??f hi* called ae.i-fcm, In winch h* f tit' *nh-ttwi?iiry. An ' now, it F r ni -n'* hi, thr f t ??iNtrri?k'irff, olTiriaftn? a' tb.* UK4t . wn one of tlx "? fo ij^ fied that night. *1 tw cbnnga the tnhjrct, and tab** a rtor ffabl- topic Yoa want r.n!rna.J?. aai a*f ???, HB?i awttnp* made dry : Hnaa of railrml om :h? Hut-*; ohn'rnotitms tikea o>iti? riT^ta, and a'tm^c dii'riet reclaimed fi?o? ndat?<n; ant th< <jwet!on i?, will Cower* ?? hi in tli k ff at #e?fc* ' Mf answer it I be'? )' ' A bill for irnprovtnf th? ri*t*r? waa r>raM* ?nt?rtalnrd* at th' lat* a^a?iot> of Ooa >a, ard wouid. no doobt, hive rawd, if ?l? Ion bid noi been *o unforMjM'Hf coo nn.4 b vain ? ilorta to ir the a , arcal of i?? .iirti'ia p acrrf tnffthf, iind pa?? (i?o?h r. A Nil w-? to ci*M* tb? ??* 8:a:?a t.> my ;*"'1 > 1 >n>? - * ; < - ?> -