27 Kasım 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

27 Kasım 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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PftriHtypw mt tbm lime MwImI ?"i T*m? rutH, tut BUhop ad Joaay UML Tkm Sm Hatara ? m| ? ka MB ia tfc? |?)kriM of llw nb- ; rfib?T?; iIn Di|Mm th< Iimur, L<*li Cut, ??d Vi*w? 1 f Fa?U, It, ky Ui BintrTMtn*. Pie tax* Ukoa daily. AdatiMloa fraa to tbo aallariaa. MKADI, BBOTBBBS. SS3 Broadway. a?it tho Am?rl9an Hotel. Braiy'i DanwrngtHM nkaeriWr i*TitM tbaaiUatiMar tM yaklU to fiU raaaat dtaooTory < f Daguortaotyplaff 11 han, audi pcuducet a? azqaisitoly bcaaU'a) mwiaMra, klaadiac tha Waty of a aaiatia? with tho aooaraey of a dacaorrotypa. ipacimeuiiof thl? proeeM ate for exhibition at Brady'i Gallery, No. 2Mb Broadway, eormar of Fultoa etreet. Tk? kcit jadfM unite In oonamdliif, to all Invar* of true art. the on?<iaallod Da*aerreo?r??? intio ky tba Boo to. Mo. 363 Broadway, ooraorof fraaklia (treat. Callaiy ftoo. laudtn' Diaailng Cw Factory, 14T and RT Bn?i?K -ntn outi ocmi'iat many advantage! over the imiM rieJ, belli* mad* with the view for real service, aoataiul1* the bnt nullity of articles In the smallest p ?*ible (MM 8ALNDER8. W Broadway, eorser of Liberty. u< 387 Broadway. All VotalM* >(! Speaker* who Dttlrr altar, troag, and tweet votetS, should ui?k > Ireqjrat ase of Orotund cad Lirer Oil Candy. Thte axieeable remedial iirnl stream bene the orgaas of the tliroat and lunit'. and frr?h the -Jr colli from all obstrnetioas? thns giving th? voice its free and natural <oop? and eompaM. Don't fail tn give it a trial, if yon would excel a* a vo<-aliet r aa orator A. B kl) fundi, ICO Fulton street. general aftat; Jrl>n Milhan, IAS Broadway; Aatnr and Irvia* Botu drag ?t< re*; aud UU Uroadwiy. Prica ib*. II O If B Y MARKET. Twem>av. November 2d-6 P M. The market for Kuropean ex< htni(*. for tha Ctmbrla, to leave Breton to morrow, cloaed to day at t h- following rates On London. 60 day*. 108K 108 \ ; Perls, 00 day*, if 21.V a 51 30; do. short right. 5f.l">i a 5f H'i; Amsterdam. 41 a 411< ; Hamburgh. 30 a 361 / ; Bremen. 79V 80. There vu a fair business In etoaks this morning. Krie Income Bond* improved ; Erie Railroad 1 ; Albany and Schenectady Railroal l4' ; United 9ta*?'S Cs. 1867. Ml olf ; Morria Canal. S ; Reading Railroad. X ; Farmers' Truft Company, At the second board. Erie Inoome Bond* were a little firmer. *hi'e Krie Railroad r bares Improved '4. Annexed li a mirmary of the capital. circulation, nd deposits. rpecle and ea?h Items, puMio securities, and private srcurltit*. of the bank* ot the State of New York, on the 28th day of September last Capital $48,818 7(12 Circulation, (old emission) nil 625 l)o. (Registered notes).. .23,803 931 2(1 115 550 Deposits 48 SOI.fifil Specie ln.0i5 %i,) Ca?-h lten? 10 40S8JI Public S? euritles l'1215 18'l Prirate Securities 07,272 123 The Boston Courier of this morning; siys :?" Money coiitluwes tc be ^u'.te easy ol access. at ccmparutively low rates of Interest. Stocks generally Imptcved in prices yesterday and there was a spirited d-utand for them maintained throughout the day, bath at the board and In tbr street. A spirit of ip<-cula'.lon his suddenly sprung up which U likely t3 carry the prl??s, for many deseriptious of stocks, to much higher p'ints of advance than th*y have reachcd for a Ion* peiiod of time. There was a large order In the street yesterday, for Winnisimmet Land Company stock, and fl%) per share was ciT*red for it without ?uoo-'SS. Kxch*ug? oa I.on< rn was sold at 9X P"r etnt The decline in sterling bill*, and the constant artlrals ot gold dust from California look well for the futnre.'' Stock ExcbaiiKc. ?W)i(1U S 6s, '67 ll-S KOshs Morris Caaal 20W Hint) d* 11' iv. 100 ilo bimi* V", MIOt* Ohio 6s, fl 11'iVj 2 0 d? 21V 4?X* Krie !nc Bads 93 100 <J ? ao,1, 1HM? do sift M SIM) do JWU ."(** ti do btX> Wii W * 2.1^ f'XO <t., bJ lis WiIrieRU rii ?11.111 |r;? 7?, 10'k 1(H) do 1 WO do bis Ml}? I I/O do .no do 't8 io n 110 do im f*t 10 1-k Mtti N V lot sv> <1.. ?W 7I> TVI fc II nil on ri is; 100 do btll Sl!*lTit.'r?r<?,fnll KM d> 83? 11 Oo< an ll*i k 1" >'4 1'illlkrllit K!{ 1 *4 l*' Fai m?i?' l.c?? .11 >lo ktw fit-7 2'0 do >60 SIW ?*) Reading 8R b<?l 71 2.V' Canton Co M HI en 70V M) do *10 M *10 do 70?J 4 6' Albfc ^ WO do 70 . * Bo Ncr ft Worlill ISO .V) 100 <lo (03 70 1*0 Madinon tL l.d;an? MM V Jul l.rni Mill RK I.V4 10 do 10* 2IHI 41 13 StroND BOAKIJ ?< ! ?) Ill B<-?/a. '17 f lX MtUt Erto RR J J?i P3 |i tt Erie 1 nrcme Honda 300 do ?15 Ml i,?l fcliu4 CI C" 1 7 T> do Hi'i 1"?ltWK& ?1? 100 d? **'} 1"1 So ?10 K| |>) llnrrt CaUftl ?l>2 Mil do *.1 K2W 7' Po??*fc Dry 1)0?H 7l< llil <!o b30 loo Fmtri' T?t bdO M?> t!i do K4*,' M R?aJin; HK 70>] AWkWlSKMlUS MM K WED EVKRY U\V :{ TUB BALL BKAftOIV. T'Kiri.tR n AI l -TUS O*IWI>opemno sot 'ts AT J ?n ?|iUn?ld T> m, wt'lln ?i??n th? ?! l.?rd*v evt-ni'-/ t>??*Tnbrr 3, IH30, Carl? of a<*Bii?l B e?f l.? rr >?inr?d of Cap-. Knapp, N > I'd B>wcrjr; L)'n?. J.hni B, fo't cr-f F"< arl ftr I Cb%*> *"0 ttr?-?t? ; Li'nt. Dip?'**rt. N > IN J?'m? flip : W. B. K :u, NftT.il Olrt, ; 7)-. P rk, Nn "J John itr"?t; Jrn W. Co ill, c ii fr 1 h>rt? nth ?t"*t ftnd Tifth or of ?nv nra'm ef tl ? r Tp? : an 1 * I ! ? pal mti'le " rci la Broft l? if. o*l it Tri| 1st hftll. DodwnrtL'l fnll hftnl l( 'n*a*i I Wr (h* ?cwiIM>. Nl W CL A uses tOK ALL TUK F ISBiOfABLK ? ?r a ' H nJ ?t. k r. It. nMl In ad<HM?n to n(? pl*??? for Mntlemof, on Ta*i4? ? ?nd rtld?i?, ?t h ? #!< ??, fortn ? n? for walti'n* o? ? t 'r.f i*\ ftnd *?turd%7 at 7; f t lad an | ynrn< mftf r?. ' .'>? r 'ch-i k. TV" ftdvan. .1 !? f r who at'.cu t once ft ?t<k na *ftturdayi. ?t 4'i o'clock. lf*KGtAJU ?OTlCB? TV tick-m.t. mrsons natixo tickets orr 1 ' fi r ' ? 1 \ r?i a I r tht h'-o?ht nt t>i > in C*thcili" H?lf I 'rhM Aajlnm. arc MiiOMt** t? HH\ ?f . ??i<d tlota rmketa f Win P. Pl)W KK*, No. Prince it'root, on M cdtiead?y oveiil. * No*. *7. ' s?'->>-k. Ov order ?t TIIUJ. m a 111, i, Ghitlriu*?. Jam Wai.??'| ?', 1kT iV M UK Vl/l,nM kU COUPS - r IB UEMBBM 1'I if lit >t eirt* are Iff'f nnt|fl?d ti ? " "ii4 '.!> r'aelar ttit? ti rol ti e I'ntnrany, at d-'tbli Hall. .114 Mreadway. tl.ia d?j ) e*e? im?. ft Ho'eloik Tl?e atten IpriiBt tvtry m?m*9r la p?rt>?nlarly Bf order I J A l? K' M. 1>.\ VLG1, Clptaiu. P.C'^w^r, Orderl*. Vl.TM'i LB was "V'.rov M ? R < RT CtlOWIJf.* 1? i '?!> ?t]l ?# ? ' r an ext'a Torf>?. tirelo*, on Ihtira. diT.ajiol'ht t.. *? m ovlf.?k A. ?? In Vaaey a ??ar bo* ? ?. 4*1 ik' a* Inf ndlre tn Join in i b ( parade, ere *t*'i???*'d to raar in d-tk f?o*k <mll ul pant* hark cr. < ?' and l'?i. white w kkinc b dy belt, t??a??? with S?to? t flj.-d 0"" 'ft tare ? >? be poBrtual at ho br>m m pi in ed. la orrrr boi to keep the etairna wal tin* By et'ir t. Sr.irr, Ckptai i. j Ordor'y s?t*?ni. _ tAtnvll I c V I't . -MT* HPPCR MO*. i the HarW .i fa I r a I ? I he pnMlo ar? anMVd tba * o m?Mlrf w J ?ak? fllN,?t Hl'hirjr Ml IW Bowery, r ui? j*a h >??'atit. t . i i ? ?v?i r>ptl ???d t? * ? mt t ?t!on r?'atl?e to fall rillare ' i" mtiaufa at 7,S Voloek I' M ki.f faeltar t* ' nania. on opeooX at the fire# <J ke nr.''rr?'???<C m?w n. * urn rrv n-"*^'r*TVnw ?Kr> pi it. . r w\ un?tr < 'i*o THE I'Vbi I o-TII? i;Nf.*nnic*Kf> TIB;I I I. In at ate the- h? I' r w ready t 111 i<oktMriKht k ?? ' ?I dit rfT? tff.in i titl 1 t'rloat, dillf. Old aotMltj I CO I at vhf old f ond, tha *?rn ai'l Hand II ft-v ilr?o, i. TaVLOR. Mraprt'ltf, rp r. worn o*s r^i* -*rnoo ismi r??*??" >I ni ?i t. ly 'f T ?ia, knt ?Uo of Tko f ka'h?riT>f tn l.rrdrnt. e?at will ? tro tTi natt ill (fan Ika I'll I ' . I nd li' n?o - d? ?HI !? ? <'fi * i1! ?( f. n-trana ??d ?tr k??rt? n..n?. ffm tt? w?r ? nf ?l|? > i ?lfjf?''l?h lh? ?!?'rtli'f?n impart. T*t? a?l><*r t-?r |>-?r r M to *' ?a ??( ?? " on* rnmldoroMo ftrti aldtlfl l.?r4' * *t |h?? trtt'tat i.f ltn??, n>f ?,!in t lo Aid a.i h d *?'a Ma lta' kl It'in ?? OW 'afatrM o mnt mati ?xp-'ndl> lrr? ?rd nndav aklna th?t at lh? Inn rW p?Hnd orprantto?'? Jft aafclok :h? fr??t motf*n?Ha Utiro f ak'll l? ??!l a?-?n. K?frraf->-0 fa?h?n?>d Lot'.ara (po?t fold) odd-?atri "Antlo Am?'ir??," CUothom S<|?ar?ft ff.1-0, trill ho |to|*rly ttcndrd t?. i4wt, COII *rw\Kn-!<> r, \ **au. onto " ?itk ? B l'i?ot rllnio ttftrk'd, natk?r'? n\m ' Id?o. Parla" Th? a ?? rfaard aiill t? raid kr tb?llnl<r mrlnr I' at AI \ ' < < t) t 6' a I? a In t? ri'i'tMkn in jtM o*j*ibtd, mtrttbim ttb ^ R>nad?*)> lot - aoi I'nioo l>l?o<i lln'il, ? T tr? lay a#aiit? la??. a >i all d?r* lrn*n Oo-?? Btta k, k*lnic tnt llk-??>.?.t M? Hidtn?*a. Pnpm Klnf !hh. A ltk?r*| raward ill k? pud by appltlaf tt rf.,3. H? nlflce of ih? Herald. Iost-rwo* tt<? ?. m. stkabsaip a f r11' a, A J mark l??*>?r t-unk wl'h ?t India rntibir I. (? t'raf*r<?? tud ip tlm top and amra tlo^ to ono<>ftho ti r.itt??. with |t|? <><-? ?. ' R?r. Br. !,aai|?iaoa, Paaa.. ir?i>." Tt a l? mppnard to htro bf?u t?ko? ?w?r l>y nlatako, t? waia i?? nf th* pa?? nrTi *"hui?er m>? hav? -ho l "i*?1!! ?*''>?^'y to?ardr i. I>t r> tnrnio* It to tli? b. k ? 4. r ? iaa>fc ci 'a ||h..| ? Rroodart*. v r rm irirn n .. - > .. .... ? - 11 ?ay th? m lilt . In ? ? i ? f . m Walla r?-l tr |S? ?r.?f tf , f Fl>l r?r?'j fr?l ?tr?M a>4 Th'r I ft. I ?*>-? .I Plnttor rt?. art In ?E>M. If lb# r ? < It lafl ?Mh ?lll Hit ft ? lilnrfn* ? to tMn-i It I* 177 Baat TiraBijr rit tiaat, lit nil) ha U'-ava'ljr it * arli><i. 10 T-ON Till'I JDA Y ||ST IW8T.. IM i fuJiilo* ft'm Br "? in thn At f Pla-? 11 iri ' twilM Ml In |'iN ltd t?f it la/la r?'>kar alrifr. A llh?r?I raw ar I will ho r,| \ tM *<il. #r. k? l'??i?K It*' tha H?raM ?<*. It la a (lit, aul tlnfafar* tilaaal# ih* I'.aar. IOIT-Br A POOR WOMA?. OH Ti;*?tMT ATfURJ ?*, alir? nroa-lwa*.tn?wii William nr.it r CVntra tnirka'. ? I 1th?r P.>ck?l flaik. . nattinin* tw> art i-half 4?llara In *'M. f nr tw? aMIlin* n ac*?, and |np< rapara, whlah vara ?f ?alaa Ihit ?? th? orna-. /?v r?r?0? wha I ? 'nand ?ka mm* will da a ma<t <aa?r?a< art' a. iad m?it ?ha tratafal thaaka of tha araar, b* fcii jag It at tkla aflUa. HOR'Kft. Ac. ~ %*tw V't?K IIOR'B RA7.IA*. SI CKIMT ?irK??r-n ?np(i'H ilia af Ifora'l, Carraj??. Ilarn ?a 1*4 la*. L. (tin far. *tnfV'r V- 'omnt' ari-* a? U i>l John H mrrm n * i,B-A DB^IMABLB l*All OftUULI C')A.'H ft* Valaf 4arl ttrf. vary ki-?4 anil *??tl<\ aa I ?1 if**aa, ak'ilt a<?t*aa kaiida hl?k. A (in a naranab IT.,, m 1 a O?nf4o III Hara*aa, tha j-ra?-irtf k?la? thai .. , _.(,<*? '**il> *k??l U lata* tka *i.?, l.ain* 'ha ralv ?* ? f*r r*? <*?? *W f?n rar i-alara iat4 Im ?f "fit wkafa tha ?k?la sat Im ?m ?? gii|c-& > >RT STTLHIi AW* VAMTitm.HBAT P Bara ?HMart#M,inf llaWtlMllkkl Mi ihI * IraVl af iliala kat??ia. l'?,l?ari a?4 IUr??aaof lk* llnl aaatlt*. aaarli aaw. M >* 1* Barclay |t(a?t, haivtta ll ?M U A. . wuvt warrid-ir a youn a worn ah a mtuatiow as , TT maimm obo who i( oiporioaood ia ' boy*' olothoo; iki ?! laiiofaotory r?foreaoa |tm u to ? oboractor oad capability ? cau bo mob it ?U7 Grooairleb >' jinm. " Waatkd-by a most respbctablb voi no man, i B Itofttina u a comIibis, who uadorotaado I ho n i bbbmoaokt Bad tut t f h< ro??, and hw ltvod V yoar* ia hU > la?t oltaatioB. Boot of city roforoaro (iron. Apply J. 0 , 1 t* Oraad itroot, or a Cliatoa itroot, Brookiya. 1 Wajn1kd?a situation as houskk kbpek-bv ?l a youac wiiow Uli. Addrcao "Mr*. Browa." i throaxh tho Broadway Foot OAco. j WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN? ft ooiiaatica ao cook, waohor and iroitr. Tho hoot of o< oitr reforecoo. P tin call at M Monroe itroot, loooad floor. P frot t ro in Cat l>o t?cn for threo day*. ? WJNTKD- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLRPRO- , toataat cirl, ao Nuroo and SoanotroM. or ao chamber- I maid aa waiter, or to do ronoral houoow ork is a moll f i- t< *1). G<od city ta'oroaro if ro<iuir?d Apply at .<(7.1 Eighth ' otroot. between aoeauep D and C, ia the attic. Caa bo ooub ' < f< r tbt<? dot i. 0 I ? It WANTED?A SITUATION,TO DOGENERAL ROUSEwi rk, by a reireetablo }on?r woman: can ?i?o nood rtjlerence: wsce* would not fc* ?o mnoh *f an objeot hi | j e infer* abl* heme. Apply at So. 116 Tw*lfth |*tre*t, bo* t tlie F fth aiul Sixth ?T?nn??. 8 %JLT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT. NIC! TV your* woman, t1 do cbamberwork. waiting, ur tako c*re of children; ii willisx to make (irraoU generally aaefal. J ( id hrir* th* he it of refcrinoo*. Can be iera at No. IS * po?. eve t street near Chatham. second Boor, front room. _ p WANTED?UV A RESPECTABLE YOI'NU WOMAN. A f sltualicn as Chambermaid or Laundrca*, in arrival* famiW.orto do the general housework of a amall I ami I r. T^e ct rcftrem * Kiveu. Plcaae call at No. 13 City Hull j flMI. ? \Ir A NTED-A SITUATION. BY A RBSPM^TABLE f '? viiiin* woman, aa Nurse, rhambermaid, or Waiter, lla- no objection to *n a short distance into th* oountry. i M onld pr<f*r to travel with a rcipcetahle family. Th# l>?*t \ of i>-fer<B?t! Please call a? 1U2 Mott itroet. between Spring ami Br< otuf ?tr*ets. Caa beaeea for two duy*. \V' ANTED? BY A RUSI'ECTABLF. VOUNO WOMlN, ' " a situation an Chamt'urmaid and Waitreaa; ha* no obJte ion to do general h"uaew<rk. Beit of city reference. ' Apply at No. 66 fourth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth c at rets. ("an be seen for two day*. WANT ED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUHQ WOMAN, A J mtnat i n an CI .imt Tnai J or Waiter. Th* beat city I references. Apply at 2til> Third ayemue, between Twenty- 1 Br?t and Twenty- second street. WANTED?A YOI NO I.ADY WHO IS THOROUGHLY acquainted wi<h the Millinery and Faaey butiners, to tak* (harxe of a Store in the District of Columbia. To rich an one, the highest uatea will be paid, and a comfrtable homo ncurtd, with a orivare family, Inquire of Meair*. Atw?t?* *t Co.. lft# William >trcet. WANTED- Sill ATION8, BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, 01'a* Seamatreaa, or to assist In liirhl ahatrborwork, cr to attend children?can cut and tit ladies' dreiaes. The 1 I 0 her as > ham'c-a.aid and Laundress. They have th* best of city reference from their last place. Can be aeon at No. 2 Sistli attest, near the Bovrery. W A .VI ED?BY A KESPECTABi,* YOUNG WO*\N, ! a tituition as Chamherniftid and to take caro of ehU- i dr*t>. In & nerv foci tifamitreki. rilinn llinr tn niftier hrr. ? I' If ??ii?raIIj a>via], l'Uaan c?ll hi 13 Sixtli atreet, ?ear < lb li'ii'ti. Go'd ref? rom egiven. MTAN1EH-BY A RKAPKCT4 BLITOPNC. WO *AV, A aituntion aa < hambertnaid in a p-WUkl* p.Wa'e fnirilr T"atimnniaNof chataiter fiven If reinired. Le?t i? ?nilres?e? to R. McK., ol thia papur, will be promptly i aMerdi-d to. " \XT ANTED?A SlTl'ATIOJf, BT A RKSPB . T A RLE WO- I *' t.inn ea l.aundrtae I* a private I ami1 v. who nn^t- : a'a?<"a ler bu?iae?a; would do c "kiti(. waahln* a"<I Ir.vuin* j | II : mfd C*n give the beat of oltT reference Plea?t< call ' at No ilil Boweiy, in the rear. Can be seen lor thrti# da/a, if aot ttiited \ WANTID-BV A BVART.TII>Y rROTE3T*NT GIRL, a b11u ??>- ? to dc c?' king, ?a?Vint! and ir . ning, or . gebtlllhovMWWk in a email !?iril) Is a ,-?o< plain coot, i ?>rd a %*ry good va'Hr and irenor. Ilaa n?? objestion to do clumber*) rk and newiiig Can c<>me wtll recoinra -nde I '< ? < call At b? King atr?et, in the a:ore. Can be acta for tl r?e ilai a. \\r ANTED?A BITl'ATIOW. BV A RESPKCrAll E T? I'rctcatnnt girl. to cook, wa*h and lr?<?, and bake. II .t rood city rrfetvnre. Pleaaa call at 37 Lilght (treat, up tain, for tvo oaja. J t V "> N' r.r * tnrvMiiN, r.v a RVF.mHM; m 3 onr ? w oD.an, to conk, wa?h and iron, or t a do general ' h' ue?? ork i?> a i mall private family. Call at 1M Seventh avTiit, lank* >e*n for tar? dava. ? WiNTID-A BINT A ION HV A R11PECTABI.E J ?' V ig njmn, aa oo<k wanher a'.d lrire?; h*it ?f | TfuMv'n tu lepiicn. A | j.ly at I1.'.' Gael llth >tr??t, opp' *i c lit Bf?lui)iiirroni'. ( an bn a?aa f^r two dan \XTAhTF.D?BY A KEM'Ei TtRl.E TOUNO WOMAN, 'I a t-i' ial on to do general h ? wvrk. to?k. vathasd lr<L: uc*r <-a'aad. htT bualmaa p'tfectly nelL Willbeh?ar4 twodaja. I'leaia call a t N >. 117 Ta^ntr rtiatatreei, , I. n>(n ( h nud 7l!> a* cnota. Lett era aadrexaed to H. B,, i | n II 1 a unliU to I W~ A N T> II?A BITVAHOM , IIY A KCSPK TARLK j "" yr'-nt ? ctuir, hi root, wa.-htr and iixitr. ?<ii niiJnr*i?r d' 1 "kit *. tjr.. d vn. Arflj ?t 21?23tfctk, ?, ?I : !. >. a - d Kill av. m:*t VV'A MF.U--A MTVATMN, BY A RE9PCCTABIB *' y "?| wi ri?B. AJ On !i. and al#r. wbo ia willing to xml ii. \? ? h lit. Tbaheit ul tity r faraaoa *i >-*n. l'l?aa? ?*ll ? . i"1 7r>i!?ir<?t Noolv'Cti?a t?t iklnr-iwii. i' > f naid I. i>a?. rm lr > ui tin? 4griii tb?4tf j Uf AH1KO- ' ITUATiONS, I V T 4 <) Kl'PEOTABI.E )HI| ? ia?U. I'rjti i.iTi I? ?? M Cmiklm riln'.i fmn"y, t> b|! er aa t'1 am i'-nni4 <>r Linm if ia. Tim b??t of fiv n'tiiiii i i.l > iu.1 at as; i>l -oktr iiimi, fur j t YVAirrr.D-A mtvati k. iv a reuicta*!.* t T \ >iil? ?ct -in, to do f?u rtl Ti'iuM't^rk ; Mo liii ll'? 4 I t?? jrtr* in >i?r 1 >at pU ai> i fcM oml niir ro'cr'o??. in j ) !*? i r ihm 4ti'( if n<>t ac?" .;**< . at III Sililm lUiMW-BY A * I'PIUTVBI t MOVAV. A SITUli IIm ii |m^ pla in c ok. la a f'.r it rat* aajhar aad I ii err. ?lt!i i'ic -?. of "it? rufintct from h it lait plwi. Ill ? a I"tl| a' II Marlon alreot. WAf>TKI)- UV A Ml 'Pfct.'TABM YOUNQ WO* AX, ' I n alta a t ?i? i' do a'liTil houaawnrk, In a aaaall family, or ?a ft am barmaid a?'l M'altar; no oMaation* to take oara ! ,, r i- <J< plain a- wlar. Tt?a r>o*t cf oiiy rrfa'rnea h? an? n 'l?aa? call at 1.1 Hiauantb airott, batwoaa >.'?l.th and N'p'h ??n'i'*". \\TAI*TEI>??T A hi* di C-aosd wniAif, A SITC?? atlrn la a pr|?ata fans Ijr, 'o tak? e?r? ft thiM-aa rr do f 'am raving oraaryllab' bon??wurkj b*at of rof^rjaoa rl? n Pliiws afply at No 8 York atftlt. Can l a aooa lJt t> A} a. UTantio-bv a r?si?k r\uf.K giru a sircfc i n to do antra] louaawmk. She ia a aery K?id crk an.1 a tood w??i r ail ir>a*r. flood city r*f?-?anca K <??. Flearo oall at IM Third a?cou?, up ttwira, aac.iad O " AKTIIK?BT A RB'PH TAB1 I WO**.N A -SITI' TT a r pi r\nr?*K. rtna'd aid ttnn .-? ?: m objoot ?? ?i n r.d <-l itdr?ni will a?<at In a mMii aad Iri-alar, of will do ? 'i rtal h \i i ii ik I. A a*"ali i unity |"la??.i tall ? J'l ?11. a 1 t M a??i'i>?, firpi n ?r, trout rvum. Tlia bait of olty tef?r?M " ??9 ha (r1y?n. t. 'Avnn A ent'ATi'hy A RMPgrrmi * (rl ? Bur. < or t? do p'?'? ? m Inn. #r ?l>ai?h* io.nl i. ' ?tiuri > ? ''l1 ' 'i i to d-> hi/1 r'i lit ft mill n?j<r>it*M* larnil* : a?*4 lljr lrf*rtn?ti>ras. P:ea?a f?II M <S Lanx.alay attert, >esvc.d 1?ot. Ta l<a #e?a fcr l? 'aia. ll'AKrin?BT a RtO-EiTiiill VUI W'J HH'UV, ?' a I?II * t : ! ta mi.h mil ftnl ?r in in ? *r ?-?'.> taniljr. | or ? a # i.tr?l hi (work. Tn? t Mt ef ?iljrr.tf#r?B?M froaa ; lnU.1 I'tMilm. < all n k>4 M.itt atrr't. betwa*a U* la| tti iml Mtfrkw. ran l? ?..? for -wiltr. ir * m i d-* situation. ir a bk->pk tarlk i *" ; rrn?- *itn?n ftt C? k >r i liM)b*ra> J. 'I ? '?? ..f rltrni?t'?oi ita l< ti*m. !'! ?.? rail at Ni. 1.1] H'aikir ! ? ittt, <n ll,? tear, up atalrr. \1TANT*D-A MTU A1 ION. UV A K ESPRIT IBM ? ? )??!* k< mrn, t? rt? ytnxal It naewnrk. H>><tnlrraMMiiiii. A|plr at i* J'riata atrial, tret Caor, *??r 11.a I !?! _ .. . H'AMtf>? A SIM'ATIOV AS I'OHTfcR IV SOWS ?* louftilk V;a? f( iWaly ma* I'adnikt 4 < l?r r?i?r?' ?a If m laal eoi; li >?i. or fil r or a irin Irrl I : I r if r< r?d. II (rtrntHjr. A ftota a.ilrnrai to C. M., at ii>fl<? wll alia i??l?4 , \\r AKTID-A tlTCATIO*. Br A HRIfR'-jrABlC ?* ?<n>a?i aa ei'I, r. aa* ir it>r: tlM kaalaf aitjr r<> lf?t'??r?r b? f r-n. All I* at a. <.i Krai kT ft Itratl, tfcl 4 foot, froa' n>5B. rm b* >?n f ir ?wj UrA^Tin?a roi*Ko or rood Annum, to r-ll-rt for b?i' ffiiUr paklll ii'.llalt latlili I'T. A Iik*r?l # >?ip? ? ( ?ca. AdlfM, will! r?f?' H > . II . tht< ?IT ! VI/amfi-a <i.?rn Torwo maw, jvst r*n* ?? ?li? cicntrv, I" Wort i?i itil* ?ll<r, (>*< In PfeiMjU ' ?M ia: -? in 11 ?? ; *u*i 1 r?lu ' ' rUI f t tr?? FNk, ar i ftfttr fr*M t>|ltaw??k. A1 tl 'o t'i tm 'A f- r ('?tf f. Call, fr ,m H i? ( P M , at > . 4A4 Midii'?Hrni, l? ih? llf*'"'1OV?i*'VT ciriiK n* not?*WW I i|>-, |?4 ntml I* a 4ry ?> rt? ?toi*. l>y 1 t r?)t irip .,f )ttw)d 4n?*I|"i. ? 4 uttftjv ftn M?1 ilir.oJt , hftMU. (! ni j?. Adtlfi Uri(t, lli'lll Uflil. \|MTUATIOM, Br a BIDDi.I aotll HI" ' ???,*? W*ttfr, LI,' t Pvr er, or in >*? ? I? i ? ?h?r<- I f<ul I ? ? I lt? mrl" *r W?.-n?o? ??>}? ?. A4<r>-Mti?C 11 . %t th? M'tnln f?W \U MM It* A.N, or I.OOO EDUCATION AN l? A9> *r???. ?n4 ??p?T urn In luflstt*, mi''-4 la nhtKin ft rtu?H?* ? tUrlr I* hm?? H? tha Fr?n li Ur*v?|?! Hr?ntljr, ftfcd ma,J ?<>ft4ii?t th? t Tffrtiittirm if ft hrtif* >.?< In< tltaatlr* < jaa,-o ioai. I i' illml rcftrrrc* ? In oliaractvr * <! ability. Apilr t? V T R *| 'hr ||rr?M rffl, . ! ('OACIIVAV* 8ITI-ATION WANTED BY A WIDTM.I J piftft, who fuUjr un<Ur?a?4? Ma ><n<l- , t?. ? ho?i I ? ft ft fa, t( fin. in Alaiaa 'h atraat, hafur* I'^A. II ! or nfitr 4P.II IB* 1HRAT1VB BMPtOTMBITT UITSN TO I.ADIKS AND J rtail-nia'i ?hn ha** Uift ira tin*. InalUlitanl <anta?| j f < !> anrfc, '?n*ht In a faw f %ay Imum. Coaaldnrabla *mn. I -I.'HI n ir ' < i'd in m ? i' imrl, A pplf, ?!ly, I at w i-n iha hnnrt ?f )(<uil ?. at Hr. *' >' S. 11 R?rf1a? "'ml, arar Rraadway. frtalaai for kMhiiii, At* H'-llar*. MATR1 Vi'"< V Tirn ?*friv|?T* THIRTt* VRAR1 iM,*iib to nt'l t?n ln4tiaMlai a Pti>tnltat aggiin, wot'b ?? '<*>. Rrf?r-t.M Ad4m*< Art liar (i 4 J*r F| Am I . Mm I O r. < rRK1?VAH WAMTBD?A *A* THOHOUIHI.Y AC>,aalai*4 ?i < h ntliad?r pr*a?*a. ?a?*?4 in<n*4iat*l*. Ktf'r<i ?a. M In allllty is Jak rk. Be. tail Mnptrtl* laiha.jaill h* r?'|?ir? l. Apply to R D. 0 . fourth atory. Kara rtrflUe, from tltfra t? oaa.a'olcck. AI?o, a falihfal I*rrt<i4 %pjr. CTfA* *?!* WANrrn-T'ii advrrtirrr n?v ' , itca to tumhaia a (nod ***?a4 hand Biaaaa An tin* aa4 AMlar, ol i,,ht to tan Vr a pnwar. Any p*'an?i ha*lnr aitah an ? .?, ?Heh thay will a*ll * a low prlsa, may Bdlraaa W. B., j >'.? >.?44 Wit Tnrt fni'Offee SIHATION W AfiTRO?AS NIR?P. WAIfRB. OR Uh* t Nrr-a'A. Tk?i baat ?f ra?nnfttB*B4at|/?i?* will ha Itlrafti. riiaaa t<14r*a( <>r laqnlf* at W Blaa*k*r atraal. np Willi I fill PIN< 1LCAM HARIRR.-WANTRP. A rORRMAW, . A *" ?ak? Itia an I Ira i h?'*n of a *oH p"?<Ml aa^anfaettry, ! Ph ladrlphla. fr<na naad ?|ply hut parfaotlf aomy tanft n 'IV A tMra.a TI lor 1. 1 i> .'1 Vai lan law*. \V?rn* WANTRO-TO HtRB ton A fBWBOBTHS, ?" av"?Mi t*at*d, airatrd, oaa k*r?* *a*?a: ar will a pTfhaiait, If ?*ry *h*ap. AJIr-.a aaot* to T , H*r?l<l ollloa, I *l?in|r 4***r. pM?a. prion, An . Bo. Vl**co?r a-nd RtBicn wa ntrd,-?w antfp a ?" lirM ?**<IA tap?aaa that ha* h?*? ha . Ilttla na-4. Alan, a r?h' pn.'f. Aay paraon having th?? l? 41ar a* *f ?1II ar 4ra*? >,? I. B,?, Irnrar putt oflr*. mMIi* pri?a, ' l|< ?ltW Uty ?M H ? ?*, wajth. KrSPBOTABLK GI*L WANTS A SITUATION AS a CkiMn**'* N urw and p!aia tewia? or ckamNerwork i private family G<">d oit> nitron frum bar Uat plaoe. Nate call at No. M Frankfort itreet. I H?SrBCTAH.E YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUa. atl'? to taka o*r? of 'hildrcn er a* teatntireat. Pleat* ill at 167 Third avruai, flrtt ll^or. tack rooa % YOlNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3'MI\Mm. kermaid or Lanndraat. The he?t city referen'* oa? he i?en. No otiteetiona loth* country; epply.at No. V BUocker re*' far two day*. t VI1Y RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRI, WANTS A SIm tnation to do tka general homework of a ttnall priv?t? tnily; i* a flret rata waahar and Ironer. an J a rood plum I l k. and ran ?l> *ao<l oltv reference fram her l??t piece, he ie willing to makt hertelf fenarally uteful. Pleat* to all at RH M<'D"ural etreet. fret floor. A TOI NG WOMAN OP STEADY HABITS. HTUBH A ^ aitnatinn te do ehambarwork and waching, or otherwite II do central honaewirk in a email family?eountrr preferrd, alto Uirilv waehinc of (enileraen and ladies i n the turn nil; will be attended to with hon'aty and punntualitv. tood eity re It rente for both. Pleate call or adlretaanot* 9 W Smtrteenth t<re?t, teernd floor, front room. A STOVE tNS MACHINE PATTERN MAKER WANTS a a eituatinn la a icood drafttman. and well nnillfled to ike rl art* of the bnalreM. Ban no objection" to in th? ucntry, especially South. Inquire of U. W , at 367 Fourth yeowe, ?ecoi d floor, A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOVAN WAST% ASITtJA \ tioo an Chaahirtntid and Nur?e, or ehambermaid and raiter: ran w??>. andiron, and ii willing to make hereelf enerallj u*?fu1. Can I'* I'm for two days; ha< ?ooi oity efviente. Please call at 133 Wait Sixteenth street, bctwe-a he tnnilb and Eighth areniiea. A SOBER. HONEST. OOOD 01 HI, WANTS A SITI Ai* tion aa a fO?d p'a!n Ooek, Wither and Ironcr. Qoud 'ty reference nlren. Apply at 46 Whitehall itreet, tirjt cor. Can be teen for two day*. a JEWEIJ br WANTED-ONE COMPETENT TO do f* the repairing of ? (tore, and nmntifMture. Apply at V. R Vtn'i. 1?7 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. _ BO A KOI Mi, Ae. Board wanted. nv a oevtleman, wife, anb two children, fonr montlw from lat December. A ilr?t? J. T . at tbi* oflWe. Board wanted-fok a gentleman and lady, in a family where th> re are no other boarder*. Widow lad] >referre<l. Hoard for thu lady only and paid in advance, flea/e ?' a'e price and location. AadretiG.S. D, through he Poit OfI.ee. OOAItDIN ( .?A FURNISHED ROOM TO LIT, BY A wltf< w lady, (near Ilr. :id * ay, *tio ha? but una hoard, r). to u luil?* and nun' leirur. t n reference required. AdIriaa Florence, Ilnadwav Pnat Olfioe. Boarding?eoojuji^t vacated-two oentlbrren und their Indies. ulno ttree or f?or aingle ren'lelien. cm he accn mortal ed with hoard, whe?e they will tin< he o miortai f u home, by imuiediuto urphcutiun, at Ne. 3! Srcuawuy. Board wantei>-in Brooklyn, hv a ocsti.e. rid und hl? wife, in u jmnll pr'TUte family, when here ure no other b< urdera. A nice large room, with p?uri.? uttuched, or u ri'^m und h?d n om, unfuruii tied. will bi eqnired. Locution not o?er eluht or ten mioutei wulk from he Fulton i r Fowth Firry. Frlmttn fill be given if reliiln d. Pleu'e address u B . Herald efRce. BOARD-FORONB OlSTfrMAN. MAY IIE HAD A1 the pleueantly locuted d aelltnr No 19 WooatT atreet BOAHD-A FllNISlIFD ROOM TO LET. WITH llOARl for u lady. Apply at No. .V Hubert afreet. [^RlNCll LtJ A KI>.? W JNTKI), BT A QEVTLEW whowiahea to Ac (uire u coll.'iuial kauwledo of thi fried, lauruare b<'.ir<l in u family where *ren 'ilxeoin u nl.v epr ken. und where be will have (Militiea for Itarnia; t. 1 lie fu mily revet le rtrpctuli'.u and ?o -iul. If the real' ! nee i* nanr the Park, it will bo prolerrt-l. AdJroas A. C K . Ei raid Ml'; e. LMhMHIFti ROOMS.?TWO NEATLY FL'KNISIIEf r purl< n, come ed with ft'Mie* doora. ?o the fieMt floor r<. let. without loud. to u aiBgte gentleman. A; ; 1 y at 11 Franklin atrrtit. PR.VATE BOAK!) -A L\1>Y A -- D OEV I ! 1 M VN, O! t? tingle ren'lctv'n. em le acc'>aiiin><lat?d with bear a* No. Si Earn Twentieth itrict, between Feurth avenue uu< Broadway. tTNH N FQVAKI..-TWO MN'GLR CE? TLEMEN, Ol ? a Udr and gentleman, wiihrut truall children or ai r rant, run ) e acaoirmoileted u ith u furnithed parlor and bed f II'. ' i li >eoct .1 utorj, ui lend, DJ apt'lj ?< a: No I'nlon ?<|iiare. IITA1*TED-BT A LADJ*. A PA RLOR AND CTUMRRF ?? with Voaid, in a',ul?t family, f a frei ' h one ur w'ifi Trerrh If ?ri k'ti p'.'erred ) bei we n Franklin a-"l II nac? itreeta. i n? near Hri adway, or part jf a fnraUh< d houai It .kiut titration. A lJrcca L. D., IT>.raid ofline. mumicaL. CARD?P. T. B A R S I'M JTAVINfl RFFU'EO TO AVAI1 l.iara If of my aerviaea ua t ianiat to u mpany Win I Hit in) ot her uncart tour, fnlrirf toi > "\pn-" a^r-a iri'nt exiaunu latween tia for that purpose. I therafora ' ?k Ll 11 rtiit.i'v tu inf..r? the wtln 11.at I ahull r-main li S ? Voi k, asd an> n ad y to r < .'' i - "f i'" nl en??r "last unav?l. RICilAMD (IOFFN *V. Hd LeonarI ?ttf*t. ]\| USICAL.?A 0<?01> F! ITIST, I I.AYINO THE FIO 111, itl a |o<4 iMfltt, villi eirrinc ralie muy h?a ot ar urrarr'"?r,er t to |o it.to the eonstrj, by uddrabotiiK VI N. lit raid vfltta, ANEW, EXCELLENT PIANO. ?U OCTAVE. ROIE * "I'd, I r aale. I:, , r> ut 319 Taatly- lunrtli aMMl i, w e. ti Ninth ar d Ter rh aeei'Uea. in n II I .'B' k IV.'Mimr '? vv chinch and latter Oranna !vr aala. '?ith C.?thic an f.r?ii*n c??r?. fr til fuur to tcn'inpi. AU , firm Pari Dipti ?. Al-o, two 8 <r?pb1r??. A'* ><aiia "n liira In l?irc of II kN HY KH -UN. 171 t>ntr? ttmt. Alm.V (IIVIM i iifloNo IN TooAiutDnmn mantal mit?|rt * i*}-pa t" f'-rm a f?-? m'>r* ni;af?m n' in til* hborhood < f Tt mpklm r iiarr, or at hi r urn r*-l )rno?. btawill form* nlin in iqcir./ for ninn? laitu Tumt un dcratu. Apply at No. Ml Mar fou.-al (treat, Birnt oi AMity. MIS< KL.laAIVKOr?. b vir<"ir. Anr.sT tor p. msnard's fancy hat and tadlea'Il< nni-t?. Ji't Or" I i it tou win ? itm h - riyht i-hapa k id atyla kin# hnu rail, M th? rna?l? wil|?p?ak for Ucmlilr". | TM11 pri Lie 4KB INT1 rso TO MAKB a trialo: '? a?lebrat?d Al? P<>rt?r, and Cider, r> d'arr! t at thr?? rrnta j-er 1!" ?; ala?, hi? ?njwri >r II aa<li Ui?, ? ir?*. I ordlala. fcc., a?'he fan* prl-? On# 'rial wO |r * Hi* fact r?r<|ti*lled I t any tthtr lmu>e la th!i mjV*l II ?*'? n p*r4 M, mh*r nf kutWrry. Hil l I HI) TAIII.r.S?A COOD MOCK or MIMA"! Tal ita. lit w on 'and. with tha unproved c??M a Ca l? m?D at tfcr m nufa t tf. N? 1*> Ana uraat. < ra?r ? i.lid. N. b -Tables |atkc4 aid ahippad at the abartaat a > tx-?. __________________ I Rl?n Ma IT T? tllSKST ?TBK "?rB??:RlBC* OfT*" 1 lor .aio ? i ?'? CVrk WMlka*. (two rtara <1J.) kf *.h I ir.^l a, <ii.,i r ( ! '< n Tl 'iv- li k- TV- **mii a'* lela oai In tad at liuiiitnra in iimril'l" ' ?alt pn*elia?ar?. Appl to ? llANIBt MiO V AN. W Qrawwirlcli ttr?U \M ft R. DAVIFV .Mil OHUAUK AT, IMPOilTBR if I'rli '1 fd?, ?li">tal? and retail, fctr wlnp'.m a !a'; at to. t iimn f ut (JurtaJn na'afli'1 L*i hnd l n-Mi* 1 ur'fclaa, Wiednir furtkH and Hiitdea, Hand1 lira, f< Biyi. Taaela. !"??. Par-er fiiriti.r'. ko . whin 'l?m? p< rt! a<< d for raabj -lity ? ill ??lt >? thaa >ny otI>? h< n>r ) >h? Hty. /"? aut nrr cuitiivo rr*imr?i V-' l.tdiaa "t KxitUm ? I.mIm any aui il ithifi (urnila'a, J??'4lrr, <r artlr '* if aar 4aarHt>"oa, fo "tti r of. tan oht is a fa r ca a pf M far iU<- aaa.?, ky n lli r f" t! r?fa?iiWar. at Ma By aota or by appalntmen will kr^nnottiAlly at?*n >'1 tf. M. *. CfiHf v M R?a'? itrmt, np I'Alra. nlJiTI-TUr?Alt, TDI OPIHATIf?1 II UK" tMry paafi fad with i *t* dratartty mi l aa>*. I nctr raplll !a atuflria' taaib rlol ! ilia ataara tnl ap f?< Tad iirnr t d l<> f |??l thaaatnr*lia appaar ??< a?d ml I )'. tad to It *?P' without Mia, <?r m -a ??? ? II.a l"?i It 'n? ?>? mcdl tOS fRirEKH* V. ll (lata if Patla.) .t)i r?rt\?r ff Ai'Vjjrul Koohno^i i.ni win, rinp riTiwr iiaI\Ti tt f irak?r A flicap. I??ht an<l di-a' la w >t il .m n row^li i i?ak for<V,a p<r fan*. ?*H* nr iMvIn 3<4?. ta I o'.. and wirraatad. 0""dala'a Ch'i?a?? Pnm ara tlia Wa fimmita ftraankj tliia<aa}?. Oflca 2-.I I'rr.n* atraal near r*rd*r?. I^O JIM nOI .<RKFKPf Mf :k-ra??h?* o? l?4 -i*? aaa>y it farMt* j?n, lit ?a-?. fli-ri or (lira, ?r?wuii ,<. a'ar va* ?i? f )|N>,(| M llr Hutr. frnr hnMrH >H !* - ? * Ard f"1'" l.fti'a IVadm ?no I. ? ml- *? pl??<?| Ja*t ?t 1 tr.k> It roaad wWa tha atilran"* I* ihlakaft, / lid I! t It la'I ?111 11 lt-:n a littla th* piak-it, Ml i? aad rata. almnld tha? plaK..? jon. ara aaff tJ Ml, N r I > n tor tli- m ha* an ?i |iii?l-a pill; And tat >?*l fall I*, f- at w* k?t>w Ith'r artlala Cr r.lain* in ila ?at>aia<i<*a > t pM.?? a parti*!IbttH 1 li ?" M.irarin*, atiaaiinf, I' i th tin. wh?nnf. F't'rirb stir, ai d ant i|iaa fraPinjfr, W I.a? ?i aatth l? Bi-.ra raptr?*iM Tli an a "Tinfri'l ?<.H f" Nfadlaa aarm ??ur pilata nrirklnc. PI li'tm yniir t' r?at ia ?? ( ?rln< th<?% In, And all nijht T"nr'r? I'im'ii/, kl'kint 'Ttfatn t)tt icTir'i faW. Bad now. alnt It, A> I paint it' f ura a laiat it Wi*kt maVa narvaif. 8", wh*n an 1 u rack Witk thia aaat at at'aok DrtTa It alf with a, parkier ?r m fara? I llri. Jatria. V-a Jfrviar "Old < aiiy, ?? I I t* Ura W. dftKVlU, J? P-o*4w*y. aid by drnju>11 rrnaraMf \| SMI ATM) VaP?* Aftll nt'LPBUK H i T'lS -P J i'a rarroll'a. <A Rarila* airaat, l?H t>y l>r? !* 'i, ftrtf na, Har-'i-n. llo>d. Dailth, Hi?o?. Will?'i,aa> nthar minant t'hyairlanr, a* ratnudy fof *oM?, rhaama lifir.. Riarcurtal 4'?**a* *alt rt?nm, pimalei ">? tf.a fara ?rj <tp?laa ahraaia aVaetlnai af tha llvar. Ina<?, ah*lt, kr. CAMKORNIA. ( Ml.irOBNU.-A r*ir SXCKLLBMT CBANfWl If ^ ap?a la ftr?-oa who ar? willing to par a anal titinm af net; aad ('if-rm light dntt dim fta? a ????n hip a* Kit laft tba i -I r?f Now Vara. Aptly iiwa'dl mala al Ilia thi|p<l>( 117 South Btfaat. r\oD*N ft Rmm> IRK U n 1, oouin, TTIOS r ' ' llaiBaa)? W lol??al? ai.d Uaaaral CoaimlMioa Mar?ha?U. S*h Pr*a?lao.., < alif?rnl* Marrhamlina o^m?*aa< ?< n?, ?ill l>a |.la< td on board anr atara- ah if and told hy lain pita? thna aafldlar ail rl>ti of f r?, at*. Rafar t??wm II f ar? ft Co , haw York; J".?| h T. Faniar, do: Lna'ardd Bal?rlek. <0.: fttirrft StaTaaa.do.; Comai, ll< pklna ft <)?. d Ceaklla ft ftaith. do.; V. T Tlataa. do ; R*ad ft Iteali AFfcaay. T" AU"R ft PR IIAV FRR. FORWARDING AMD COM raiaaton marehanta.ChafTaa, Jf. Q.? W* ara bow prop*rad ?? frrward all anada tant to oar rara.haalna Analmhl drarjht (xtata, with ladla rubber aeTtra. aritahla for ?fc< aonToraaea of p*aa?afor? and fr?i?ht Wm ha?? al/io nadi a roiufwaata with RanMa ft t o , trar tnortatlra al (<"?a > a and Cta'at, ?" that thara will Wb? 4 a Jay a pea the fathntua. m E. TATLOR, late of Baltimore J V T)B I1AUPRI. lata of Naw Origan* Rafareaea lit Mew Ter%, J lloward ft S< ?a, .it Broadway Oar Aaeatearo I. Ill- M D<mr itraat: Oorwiat, Bro. Co.. C . Owaiilata, I'aaaaa. MaCoadary ft Co.. 8aa fraa teoo. California. VRAVKI.f.KRM' UI IDB. NBW TORR AND PHI I. A PII I'llTA. NIW TORI aad Philadelphia Pireet ? t'nlted Btataa Mail l.laa.fhraanh la <s hoora, rla Maw t'r?f Railroad, fare raIneed to |.1 for drat alaaa. aad ft A" for eeeo?d olaaa. l/aan Raw To?h at A A. M.. from faot of f^frtlaadt ?tr?-t, and ai t A. * aad I P. M , fro* foot ef Liberty atreet. l*aae Philadalphla al aad A. M. aad P M , frowi foot af Valaai >wni. CHAMOB OP ?fOCRR APTRR MOM DAT, ?1BT OCT* har Caatdea aad Aaboy Railroad l.iaa far PhiladaU ?? $?& S'.Ti!Si""" ajuLJEa ww iPCTwwi. I WH W. SHIRLEY, AUCTIOIIBBB.-PBB?IIPTOBy (lih (ml* of oae hundred Talaakle Oil PalaitB<e, All is rich flit rrune>, Ihuraday, Nov* mber X at li o'clock. ? J. Ilnnt'i hl? |wa, Mo Ml Williku itmt, eoaeWn* of Ameticai. uil r<i?a Scenery ib *reat variety, ?<.rihy tie n-ti<-e of ltaili>i wtehiag > bmi'lul ftiloi ?n'?tit. A J. BLESCEER WILL SELL. THIS DATrTT^o"? hr?ad a met, nlno hi.uaea And fourteen Into of trenail, ?a Thrmf?oa atrert, Amity atr?"*t. And Amity ?'? .>. I.*. l"B(ia? to III* eatatea of Uoo. Conner Bad Thnmaa Ltwreae*, drceaatd; alao three houaea and lota, la foe, uu Kluaiw'.li aad Horatio etreeta. Hale at 12 o'elook. TEKI.KCE ttOVI I. AUCTIONEER--UROrtKxIE*? TMa day. at ten o'elock, at No. Do Chrretfe atren. enormia* of Hint, aad Klack uai, eug*r, eoft'ee, l .ur. barley, rl'e, aoap, raadlea, m< laaaae, nil aad oil oan?; '.u cannntera, oelrf. weighta, and mtaaurea; brandy, Kin, wine. kega, deni.ttra. u.uatcra and fixture*. The aiook ia all nu?. and arall arlecied. Ona h?rao, f ?c y.-ara old, *nnad a id kind; one imtr'l ??? d, and net of harneM. tale poilive. aa the owner - iraviBf the ?l>r. RC. KEMP. AUCTION IEE,?FURS, SLEIGH KOIIKV h<'.?This day. at 111.1 j o'clock, at 85 Naanau atrret' i.rar the eoixar of f niton a'reet, rii., a larg? a id handsome are ritnrat it ftath t aautactured fura, coniiaiiac ni mulTf. virtoiihsa, and i-nffa, in aeta of real crm ae, ti'ch a.?b!e, i,. adi>B luatied lyoi. atone irartia, natural geuet, ailver baJ*< r, Ac., all lined and trimmed in the moat f??bina le meaner for the tlty reta'l trade. A'a?, air i*h rebec. in urea' variety, cmpri'ing Polar Kear, laahalla bear, ('anther, prairie wolf, blark bear and buffalo. Used and trlirmed, foot mufla gloves, eapa, ho. da, fauov cape. ko , All fully warranted as rupreaenti d in thi' catalogue. FrOLTDN, AUCTION EER.?LARUE IIOUSEIIoLD Furniture Pale, Pianoforte, S|lT?r Ware, kc ?Thia

day. ( w t jLKsday ) Not. Z7, at IOX o qioei, it Nu.,w Kin* Mrtet, will b? told. the entire furniture of the house, > he pro* rry of a rentieaian coing to Europe, aal will e mprise ever) variety of rich Rnoda, such aa one rosewood piatof.n te, made ly Stodart; pitir ulaasee, oil paintings, damask and lace curtail*, Bru-sela. three ply, and injrraiu carpeta; o*tenil.>n tallu, Froaoh chain, t?'e-a-teto sufaa, matble top furniture. wardrobes. French edateana, b?a*. niattraes?s, mantel clinks. solar and hall lampa, girandoles silver and pla-ed vara wines, llo. fco. Catalogues ready early la the m miux. Nn postponement on secount of weather. Auction notice ?rHos bell, auction ecu By 11. N. llush. Iliia day at H'>.a o'clock, in t.ie auotn n room*. No. Ill North William street, will lie told a v.tlui able asa<rtn>ent of excellent furniture, rosewood au 1 uiihj)" > > li nk MM, Willos. and other earpats, beautiful mantel clrikc, China, tea and dinner auta, cn'ltry, pla'M waro, atorea and otker hoaaeki-eptnit artioK* The aale will n .minence in the atreet, wi'h a aiook <f gro-jeriea : .'10 laht of ! I niter, gocd cheese, oil can*, and other artioles in the linn, w ill o< vupy about 20 miuutea. We hope it is unneoeasary to ' ?ay all aafea in th;s tatabllatiment are wit' oat teaervo. Vo pnodapnt tip. Limited deposl.s required Lar^ sale on Thursday, of a drureiet and perfumery stock, at d show ia?es;a)?o. law booka, lawyr utli<-e furniture, bock oat?a,fco. 1 THUS. UKI.L, Auctiouser. Hovjehold ri RNiTi:itr.-Tais dav. fwrnxejdat,) Novctr ler V, at W){ o'ol"ck, at 81 Br >adway? ti. W liRUWN will etll at aiintlon, a larn> a?s.>r'm-n' ef llou rh. Id Furniture, a?n*i?tinr ot Solus. Chair#. Sofa Itod : r'cadt, Bureaus, Wash Stands. Uair Mattrasiea, II nk Ua?t. ' Warurobca Rocking and Ea^y Chairs, Silver plated ara. * Ten Trays, Lamps, G ranJoles, Crockery, Glass*a.-e, Cluua, Carreta, fce. T)A WNBKOKER'S KALE?THIS DA V (WEDNE8DA Y), - 1 Nov. 27, at 10 o'clock. by l.ewia & Morti-nore, auotionh w, store 1~>7 Chatham street, ocrier of Ulivar street, a lar^e mirtmont ot unredeemed pledges, vli: India*'and k n1 tlen en'a wearin* apparel Maulcta, units, \o. ike: aim, > Un^ipi.f II FERntUOV I' . ker, if W cit Broadway. FOR SAMC AND TO LKT. CTIaM ENGINE FOR Hi I.I.-ANIW STEAM KVOIvt. O with a twiWe Inch oyliuder, t?o feet itr?k?: pump fur rait.in* water and eondenaiim meant; tlua conduit nr. witli ei'l'l < r pi(* > . ( wat luilt ly Fr?*t, of Brooklyn; aud euu l>? vtuA wi'h or low pressure. liiiuire of J*ae? Crop1**, ?t Fort Schutle', Thron'a Point, or 1,1 KICIID DFI * KtKI.D N,. S Wrtt VrrrUfnth ft est. \f KIOAUES FOR SAT E.?11MM) D0LLAH3 I >1 UOOD i'l h i di and raort*atM, fur dill rest 4uni), ?'i>rt time to rnr, ou property ia tnU city?for ??U a: ktibmll ! < i?l>. A Idrns, with real nany, t? to* 20K0 Tot'. PHOFOS1TION TO KC&l. KSTATE AGENTS.?TH fi nulicrilir wiU *ive ti'ty d.llart to any Ki-?l ?-ta*? jput ur Ilroktr, wlm will procure h'ia a punliawr for a fiidliMi-e in Brooklyn. jr tTidod . id a^eut obtains the orin? wtciete th# ovair aiks (which ia t> ti t afaimn*.) ?h? t>< ?f? in in a very gaud neir,li*"'rhif< 4. fartieularj to applifRila a44iom J. J. J., B irtll ofllM* J^OR ?Al EON ST A ThN IJLANP, A VAIIAUI.K I'ARMltrr.iTlj il ? l.i in "pil t i, t) mlaeway pr |" riy. iituat. d in RerabU * I'hiB half i mile of t in iMMMil III N fnt at Chelwa rotitainlnfr aV>?t atveatr a-tee of exce'lfi, lui.d, is a ti>ih ?!a'e of cultivation, and well fenced) timro it a :?oi d dwrllibu liotiM, farm l.ou e, and rumaiotit.iut oat, tuiloibK*. t xci'l i o . wit' r. nl a iiu? ? n hard. App.y to 101 I I.AKKE F.''|r.. l.tr.'T, I'jrf iticHin .iid. 13CB SALE ?ll^U <K AM> I.OT AT VOMKBBl?A i'IN T. . hon.e jutt ei>oipl?t?d, 23 hy 3?, (loi 4") br I2n) tw j i Tie1high. wi h piaitjt ia trust. uiarbie man' 'In. and m ttry wft. c^lri'liti'd fir a i"iil. 1 in. I v. i* ilf.ip? I furvalalM ill* beautiful village of Vonkora, wJ'iiB t w i itiiaite.i walk i.f the railr >ad dap Term* ea?y : i>n >e. t, M. Injiiiraof '< < haa L Mather, otAee of tfi? t i>?t Hi.no I^OR SAL*.-FOR SALK. 7 il 1 OKI.MMAT*L> >LT I ? ern I'niiii,r%)toa tlie Alhim'.rt. with all the apparte 0 ranrv, kcioic tow in Ooir.plrta urdcr?tlin dliiin< i*ra-te ImB', I*- , ai.d mrjr ll.in, thereto at'ai? *d tnulu '.i J in the ta'e. Apply to tbe pr.prlat r, W'M. olI.r.lN, oa tk? j.f ?!?< ?. 183 Wntrr ntrert. r LMX11 KES FOR SALl.-tN CONSKQI KVf* OF OCK r 'ruuvirii, 1ft Jaaaary neat, w* b??e 11 rfiap.iti ef n'x.ut l.MH f el "t t b?l?ln ?. kt.il At* or alx Otantere ? (table f>r cwtce. 4.O.. er cab be until It r dry goodi, or a-iy othor bu?i in >? Pueaa ttiiia KIT. ? lit January. App ti W. II KNOftrFMi Ik CO.,?7 ? iUlan tMt.ar (tatra. l^OR RALB-OM ACCOEOB.iTlKQ TtMH. A DBII1Af r 11? retaiWa nock nf tiry tiood- aiuntly dom-atl'-, ,1 (iiKiiintitK to laiv- 'B #2 iHil ai d $Tt?", lu ator Nn. "7 r Iloma'oa aifat. wi.i< li r 'ora ? nl am u -*a nt !. had Trom Im i. tiro, en narorabla '?rr>?. Aiplyrn rne?itaynr Wvilne i|?y, to KITfUlcN. M<'N I RO<i k W H/"OX W l.il-rty at. u poo mu msDUTsnr. iob CACiior dipab >1 r ture, h well ea aMIi.' ?d Pmr. h a#d Am?r ?<.? Ii'iiniioj |. h'iim, ?i>i" tfd ii>'?a Hon Fa< lit'ne riven lor p*yui?at. , Aednaaju ittttU Urpartlealara. *. |i.. utflce. " IJOUf*A.ND LOT IV IIROAPIf AT TO LimE-TUE II hunae and lot, 2!> by 100 feet, "a tts BmUatr, tn i.a'? Iff term nt year*. P..?a???lnu *i >ea in an-diauli". Apply to Taltalma O. 11 nil. J> o. Id Graasercy I'ark. Taentla'h inert, hetwetn Pvurtli ateau* and Iryiag t'laot.-, al 'J A. M. .1 4 P. M. . a q^o lfT-? IIANPSOMC SUIT OP ROOMS, ( <?> USI' 1. iti* ft l>itin and Drawliiit ro?ma. ?a tho rr?; * ?ad _ tliree t>r I ur biL'liime Uedruoma, with r??ni'aa r Prlyate taMe ai d att?ndai.<!e furo *? !. Tbe hoe > la r*n filete witk ail ibe modern tmn 'veatata, atn Imhted Hth || n*(? hr'-nr,b'lit. ApiilyatM/ tl^intna t'ft-l. 'po LET-TO ONE OH TWO SIN'OI.I <>LV N.t *|V, I *1 li l.reakfn aid ita a?rv*4 la their own apart,ni t? ' two l.iadaoB ely furnitb'd m hii with panirieaaail aae of " hot, e?IJ at d aiiaaer l atha att-ened, and wt'hi i onn hi -V of " two.tagt roate* anl can Ttnoi l i a- itiailen.n J i ' T'-r Deck, and f 'r two lectlnmost. t.i. I'luao direat Ij X. Y Z., Vnion Poil Office f "t tald. ? nor*R*, Ro?rr>. Ae . ? . run u i ^TaTKN Ikl.ANB ?WANTED, FOR ON fi OK MORE 1 , ji ara, from lat of May acat, cu S-.aten lalt^.l i i, i.i .id or oftii a fairily roaidcioe, t ear my of lb* Inrrioi, wi I. i tal l:ii| ?nd cai ii l .imt, Audiuta, (If by letter, p at I | alii.) I x 1.1<: . I't at OfllM. DOOM M'ANTID?MP A BINOI.i QkNIMtM\ V ?\H IV niiCursUlied'foal room, la or rn<iT?a "it to Itr-'ad ?*y, h Ir lowUiaud ttreel. Addrcal " D," thia tiUe. Mi r ?f?r? MM : AIT A J? TED TO II!**, Ton A DISTAL Oftl 'K A TT nil "f V ' irt, ci'n prialnc a >nd pmUi| [, r< m rifj nunt be ?li(il>lv xnirtJ, in J 01 fha*r?: ar ifoad flcr? b? f?>fiitr praf>irad. Plru> addraat. with r f II ra.t mlan, 14 I> , Draaali i'cit tir.ca, Ur.,aa?a/. Mnw I I ork. vim a ml 1aju. Z hpixas ?ionr ako tv* m ccvr bovdi, tcxu 1 luutrj Notaa, a'ai Narj lain* ?ta * << ???<>. K. Sl l.tKK. r? ?r?II a?r???. $.1,(00 ll'iB-t? an? * ahifi# Canal li .It, I talflUMQ ^ Itlia' n a>< Mlpbltaa Canal t.nda, K. ii?-?r?l I 17. f r lal^ \ioi?p.t to i.oan tor suo :t fiiioDJ, i\i<? i ?> l"l omrt'i. '? alt4?arri>ll if i- 'i " In ya.fwd on aandtfor aala. Kvrrvtliln* ijmwti ? 11 ' li? ff bactioa all MnmlM iMaaN tlWl4'4 l)N ?h# fatal I n a ^a;>!e t?rn.?. Apply in r. H M. "II' '*1 AmcMtt.--. I, ?:<ifi.n, ? n Marti,aat, K.al fcaif, U. i ?, atd Ueutral A?mt. 1M Wil iao atrtat. Hr AMFD-4 KAN, WITH T40 4 $:. <1 n. ?.V',T0 PC:l?t aa aa ?itial irtarcit In a waral, a#ia*i| V, an I h<?tfiltal tthiMtlnn, wMgh will pay ff;n? $' ?l t.? $ II p?r v t k. Ir.a dnfinwill ba anny anl l.t laraa'n tuli nil at Kki'i I At h War4 Ut.i.1, cira?r(l.M' I *'l Kj^1 ?:V I'tvK, hat? a** HikBil <, ?f addtrat 1'. S l>y la lit-r, iiraau rattnflkrc. ( hatlam Sn ar", *'< w TorV. n bltkcatiohs. - I 11'iT riBLIkDtb, ON( Mi.NDHII) TRU <1 WIT1 0 < ardt,'Ipatad aid tj|l? n?H, | v J. tl l,nri. ih? re. formad ???' ii r, ti ft ilnla* Hr. O.'a Rift atirtltct imka V r h *ari*t, wttn a full rt|>u?at< 1? t.f |t>? mtintf if p-Tt r Itu lit hi* AI?|. ?*p tl' on aftlaibM ? a< pi MttaM is the rarlant cam?< i f the pmnnf dav. WeiH aeata. (i * !>. I.I Nl V. FnbllpUra, .'<7 hill am itreet, N.V. F'.i fill* by all dealt re la ehetp p.'Iili'-ailoa'. Cjiaa mil-1 ?o any r?rt ft ?ha l'?|t?.| sta ?a. on raaalpt of 2fl t?tl?, cr tva ttpiaafaitli Addiaia. I" ?t paiu, aa I -1? - ? . - ? R?A?Y TUIUOHMMi, no. J or TUB "F^HT 1 i Janrnal," a ??*kl/ litarary |>?n?T Oi'ttiii-TlitTfj Karoat: ? arclllar, tka Jawi-llur (traaala'i-d itjih maOrrrn?B). 'ha ArlUl Pnrprlin It Sl pad t >r Ttta . Iha furh; II. blihlandrr in a f'haM, ?- fc?. <. *. ?h?< ? itii 4n .d iia', . Mnfl'and t>raaiaf|F Nn||rr?. ' ha?? rn hlt?.a, . nb< s I ihtd by P Millar ll * n at ll'l I'tarl 'traal, ?Ti<a I a?nt?. Fur aal* by all bf"tkatll?r?. \ IM)I \ HI SDK II ? OW ' ?. |> i* RUM room irARin^i <E.-rtvi r.P'> p*ad- j IV qokftorf?liklo? It ilk Dul litr romi??r> ,;l Nkokoa moot, Him Vorb, wh?,o may h?f' ??(( t-1 In o?4 " ?? omploto kMir'oont of O ?*r'? Pktont H .'?" !a. r Ttil. rim'< ! Rothor floo4i>, orof ?voro4 la *.M? " Mf *"? ITtlcU In tho r?t Hor Itos minii r t> ? C??aT?r.l?h'*'i Will bo mU to tin trkdo ?l f*;?rj HIM*. | Coontrr on 4 oinort do*lor? will f?4 mkor ir 'aloo I* U.? , kbot o *?ni-b woil k4op' I to th?lr tfkjr, *n4 wh'fl - II far bkitiiroiar profit. A ll?t otkrtiMoa, with ifi.m# kttkcbril, III l>? fwnil?ho4 |o 4?ot?r? when ro?<iilroil. EXPRK -H AO 1 IKV I CA M POP N I A-TRANSroRTATH^ ACROSS /IIB lutbtnua of I'tiimt.-Pkohr<o?-n. N*l?< u * Co., of l Pintn.o, oro now pt<por* l to ?r?.-i 1 ? " lithium, or tobo It tnr*>n?h to Hon Prone I oi. 'IP'*' option) tnt tMh pod o?o Dill t-* of r>< r : M- oil M< ? iiplit, oad propotly rovoio'l, uI.K.I' or* not ro. p?>k It ? f< r rf?n>M* ot oooi.l nt |n tlio tr?k?tt. Yio o?orr-o nf Irfrr.rportktiaa to bo prrpk'.l la Nt?l'?r> ) >r i ortl? m ; opvl) to . ZACllRlAfoN CO.'"' IPkUottf PBOPO?AT.? \ 1 fl*1.) inn* and rrazoi n ii.- p??i*'w.?ia ** will Io rrooirr 1 by tho ttn4or?tri>o?. ua*ii "io r Dorr*bor, for titpni or !i<-sik-in? 'ho pr^p 4 onokl (r< m Gotroiton Roy io tbo Iro/oi ri?or. MM.r'jlnk ? tho rita * .! 1 ?p i:H?ti< i | M i a r?i?li?4 I f Moj r i'OOin.rlTlI orjIkMr. ? f both tbo poalftrottono. ytt.-Ovo ? * W ?oot w> ? kt t.,0 wktor'o ?urf???. 41 kt tho bott >?, m4 .1 footd?o?o?l w?? tor. Tl'f otfeor, 6" fort wl4o ?t tno kiof'l ior *?o. >1 lootkt tbo bottnip. kn4 S foot 4*?r kt low wk?? Tho plooo kr.4 ?|. (float ioto aro ?r>wr*k4y for lr?po?fl?a *t tho f?kro of tbo , Pr"?ni??it of tho fWM>?. I, m. U H'i I*- > - , ktlbool -III M||?I If,,,. I . i .. ts? "I: oo of J. H. Browr.IT k C0..N0. is South >tt??t, Mow T rk. i u u ui Ti.r? j tj- i.'i.un )< v., f. * niTiliCOTt. RttWA RD itll.U < to* J Okl???' in. Ortobor ?A |H6<> ' CLOTHIin. . ?o*TT Tlfflr'AVP cot-ro, p.src.' V-, Vx D . r Vktatrroto. of tbo !?t?M foil?' >1 , fr t-' I i ? I ?M*PBtBT> * CI liry StvfO, f-'t- ant - r??' ?rr n4 4ovf kt?>? )bit4, PkilO'MipbUt. AHUIBMKim. HOWUI TBBATBB WBDNMDAY itVBNINO, NOV. D Z7?h will l>* repeated tke speetacle. atyled the LAST l>AV? or POMPBi 1?Art ae*?, Mr. J. B. tMII: Olauoaa Mr. Pope. Mcdoa, Mr Heuitlioa; l,)don, Mr Tllloi; Ny^ll, MIm Wroyaa; lib'. Mri. H alcoi , The Sa-e of Veauviua, Mr*. Jordan Th'"ril.net 1 a will rerfurm tne admired Overtnre tg the Wanrieria* Jew. lo aotolade with the roaaaMofth* JKM F18- Kni|?rcr oiid, Mr. Jordan; Prince Leopold, Mr. 1 llton, Kleairr Mendialel, Mr J B. Scott; Baohel lira tfiiabtl, Miri Hiinyn; Abigail. Mra. Broadly. Bciee, tSk>: )*<(, lifce. Ouora ?i*b at 6K; the oortaia will rlM at 7 o'clnrk. BCRTOK'BTUBB'IBB. CBAMBBBS 8TRJMT. BBAB OF Cut liall.?WxiaMday e>eniac, November X7ih, will b< r IsieJ O'KeeiVe ewn?dy of 'tie YOl'Nli (jl'akik -Laly Rfi.ii. ka . Mr*. il'iOiia; Araunnta, Uiaa Weatoa; Piuk, Mfi Sfcerre t;/a. !iary Sadboy.Mr, Sktrrrtt; Malithi Mr. I!r Keytar; t'apiim Ambueh. Mr Jortau; Spaiturdanh, Mr. Itur'oii, Ml Ml! a k It m. Mr. How ?d. To con'luda with a naw tine- calinl Ml IKIKND tN 11IIt PTKAP8?Mr Kupk.aa, Mr H'iwmo. Major <'up?trum, Mr. Holnian: Fmderic, Mr. Jordan: Carolina, Vi?a Wci'on. Buxea, l>r??? (Mro e, and Parquet. *0 eenta. Stocnd Tier, 24 eenta. Door* open at tiH. to begin at 7o'clm k. Nationalthkatkb, Chatham bt.,nbah kodsbvelt ? Wt<lni?day evening, Nov. 17. will be presented the magnificent apt tacle of tha MAUlC WKLI., or ihu Fairy of tie Dtitri?Amliack, Mr. II rtoymnr; Muley, Mr Brandon: Dwarg< e. Mr La Favor; Young yuickaet. Mr. Watkina: Hammed, Viae B. Meetayer; Ctaaame, Mra. Orattau Performance t" e mm-aea *i'h tha farce "f the PI.KAHaNT Ntl(>HBOK~< hHituiihiT Strap. Mr L. Fox: Sir tiaor/a Ho* ar<i. Mr. Urajiter; Nanoy strap, Mi?a K Meatayer To conclude with tin- taica of FLOATING BXACON?Jack Junk. Mr. il. Watkiar; Maurice, Mr. D. K. yui >u'. Chrlatiae, Mlaa Crocker. Cocra open at to oommaaea at 7 o'clock. TK1PLKK HALL.?MUSICAL BISECTOR ANDMANAfcr of the establishment, Mr. Borhia.? The Manager tins the honor of announcing to tha publio that a grand aer'"") AMERICAN PBOMKNADB CONC1RT3 will b? givea ia the above llall, ctt ry Tnuraday. on tha aiee ?c?Te or magnificence a.< thoae brilliantly aucoeasful and rrnownt'd C'onocrta if the famona Jullijn, la London, and Mm.ard and Pilodo. in Paris, ?ho?# uaiuee have spread tiiruiii'hoiit the world a? toe originator* oi a new and splendid orJei oi musical entertainment. PKOUKAMUK or the riK?T AMrnirAN PROwrxAnc oomckMT, tiii'?sdav IVIMJIO. NOVE-MUKU iil. Paut I 1. Grand Overture?" Raj ia Luira" Rossini. 'J. These with Variations, composed for the Con el a Piston?(performed by Mr. Bayley, first Corneta Pieton ot Jullien's "robestra, in London, bin tint appearance in Amtriea)?by H. Kainig. yumrillc?" !.?:? tismin* fle Puns,'' as p<rfo:med at tbe Crand Opera Hall. Paris (first time)... Mueard. 4. Scptell# tor violin, viols, cl&iionet. horne, fagotto, violiuvbllo, and donblo Bus, (thu first part> Beethoven. 8. M at? it?? "1,< Si|iral dela Dante," the last work of that popular comp ? r. < Fust time.) Struts*. Part II. 1. Craiti Overture?" Anameen" Cheiubini. U. Tie ncval performance ol a ^i?rtctt? for Four Flu w, cxieuted bv M?rfr*. Ebon, iinicklnsiead. S'?d!e?, aid Bnscb. 3. Quadrille? " l.e Club dts Femtnus,"a? performed u k sii? at the Vabille Garden (First time) Pilodj. 4. J' Iku "!.?? ? udiana," lr*>in ti c repertoire ot the Nit Vn m.ne toneeits. ITirtt time ). . Mutarl. 1. K?mUr?'a Cbildrtn 8t inpbcnv Mrst time), tor cuckoos, penny trumpa'r, rat'los, dinna, trianylei, tauito<'riu< s, uiKhticealos, quails, riolii: >. uud bastes. A impend'.us .thestra, ?TreUd on Jullien an 1 Musard'i plan t>ne hundred and twenty performers. The whole tindtr tha Immediate direction of Mr BOOQ31. Tickets, Ml cent* e.vli, to all parts of the Itall. to be had at tie Dal! inly, secured seats may be had. wi'hout extra chsr?s, In tl e ' let and set >nd circles, lor tha eainymcnt of tlm most nnvtl at d splendid coup-4'uil which the promenade's will stfi rd K\?ry third Pi?merade Concert, tha prr^ramne will oontsin m to <quadrille*, poll as. &d , than u.?n?l, for thoso w'io tilt htr a disr> >?iiii n le dance to the uius'c of the larre Miner ta. when fueeuta Bora will beoJiarRed ani an cmtnatt [ id.neur d? dans*, as in Parte and London, appointed t j c ircrt bat pntt ol the amusement. The performance to Linin at half-past seven o'clock. Toora ope* at fix. ("1RANP VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT.? ~M IFHDiNASI) lOVt'ARl) H'lijros, Piaalst fro? Vienna, ha. the lion' r to Intorin the public, that his fir: t t'ouccrt w ill take place nt the TRll'LkR UALL, on Satur<!uy cvtt.li'f, ihe.'Oth November, fcssisitfced by SiKnor* Tru!fl Bmedcitl. Prima Donna at the Astor Place Opera Hons*; Vadatiie l.oeita Dootor, Pianist, an I the em n.nt Violin Viituoi,o, Uriebel, Coiioert M:u>ter irom Berlin. PROGRAM MB. PART I. 1. Crf.r.d Ptn f r t?n piaao fortes, frasa "D nut dol l.sii<. ' c< nip <red by Bers, executed by Ferd. EJ ward ABO Sladamu L. nua Dootcr 2. Qrti.d Atr l t ',prano, from "D- n .Innn," by Mi^irt, executes by }<iKn?ra Tru'.h Denrdettl. 5. Craml Fsuttk>i.i, from "Son^nambala," for Piano, compesed srd exfuted ly r E. Ooct> r. 4 t'_ii *u- a ? \ hria' ioni lor Violin?on Tl.'-moi from Bellini. n mi ^Kd fcy Artot. rxa<?t?d by I'nrd (Iriahol. V Catania Ircta "I'aritin*," fur <i;na?, by Donizetti, txtsuulia t> Sifucrft Trutfl I.uuodetii. I AKT II C. ClXtd OrrnatlMt Mar h. for t?rn Orr'inttrar, fr*>m Vorei>ttt'f arjauj '1 f'>r twn Piau-.ii, ly K. E P<nor, nu executed by hi duo if ud Maiama Louisa h< ' tor, 7. c Cnintct u'Anv ?r. )forPia?n, fomnniod un 1 rvjCincJ n d? iuuttri. i cutti by H. L. D->?tor. S. Kartata Variatfina, from National Air, " Vaakra 1). <!)><." r Vi< 1 in. c tup??td if Uonu Vi lux Ternjn, rxuntrdlt 1'*. 4. Crtrl >1. 9 a Scuvrntr il'ltalli ? iiaiid i tad* da Conrtrt, fir Piano, n n ( ' ?ed Li) liiU. M ijtr, acd (ltiutei 1} E. TV (tor. fc"Hy Iiird, fly"?Caption for Plan#, composed by R. \l lllmor.", ?xoeut?d t y F. *. Dfle'.or. 10. ' fiii.fci i," from* Nat-fi* >,' by Vrrdl.X1* B'J.rano, ?xrCitrd It Mc'm ra TiuIR BrildttM It. WoMirg Man-It, frow Honda! .ha'* llldn*mm?r Xljcht'a I>i't m. 'im-tpti n <i r I'u uo l y I'. ?. I> . .or. Pi i in i am (i 7 uVWlr, to coir.net at ~ im-'laalr. lioktta Fifty C?ata, ti ?ll t>artr f th?i ptsudul flail, at* t* to hi..I o* ti c priarltal Maul' Slor-.'j a?d UouU, and Sc'uul ?r he ( u.'? Mnroi.ran Mutic Dc|.ut, iS7 BroaJtray, 0? i ''ti* l'.irV and t.'tty Hall. I* 8-Tlrabn?? i'mpo?|i! na of than. M?y*r. Mcndolraolm Mt )<-ib?.< r, Willi&tra, Vioux T\m , Me., uru ta w lia-l at i nr <t?i nt, n? ! tl.o othar idoca* titll bo i ii'.li?h"<l in * hurl tin.#, L) b<.|iuUrt Ik Co., Europaaa Muam I?o| ?. ~>7 f'n? il'< it. Benefit concert bt the oille.spii family.A . (Bit li xratary b***tt will 04 (its 10 thu bt? il) l..)nii??lt*a Ijr by *lt*'i' frisa'i# a Tbnr?<tay OVajiintf, N-? > tl.o N< w v. 'k Mct.cal t\ !,??*. In Talrt*a*t i inarliorih arfi.nc, cn ahli'b u?Na?i"? *.ll apfi ar Vir( I'arla fjlr *h.. t?rf.,nr. I f .' fijattn Vio-ona at tht art ol *i?hL v< an. aaJ who** rorturtnaucca have (iTra I ?i rrnk ?itl> itr tmlB' nt [><"&' * of Euro|ir: aNo Mial IraltDa b". *h' n|h only twrh? year* of axe. hu< )?,, r<?i i ni < rd by (MrDetry Btahap. au4 olb*r*M" iu?l to ftba mut aittlaraiabod ?.?<?li?m ff Europ*. Pr 'gr m r ? Part I ? X l?n f. rla l)r. t'.lt *hloh aro latro Jui-o.l a tarioty c! lri?h Air, ?Kin fiillwt.1?- Ctaray; ?omt, "l' >ai |<r ma Wainio"?Min Pmitb? n?i|ini: Pianf<>rte !*ol , 'Tuittll dr Wi.ice"?MUi CiTa'pio?SobnlhelT; Soaa, ' li e F!oa ' of Kllortllc?Vaiter Qillcaaie?Bod*011. Da. f, I rt< " <1 lln'i 'mm No rrort of " Norma," ty Mr. aa?i Mita I. llo| *?lli'llioi; Siur. " Th? Moekin* RirJ," ?ilb fin 'r 11' .1 if? Mix Kinith? Ula^op. Part II.?Ptaao* fi rte bur ", ta ?I'ioU arc latr Jaca I a tafioty uf Scotch A>ra ? i*ipi (.llirrir? '??;ay; H'inr. "Ria of Al'ji'lal^"? M-?i?r CUhtti i??Balf* ; Malla'l, ' Loroiy Nirbt"? Mi<a Jn.itL; l>. t. I iaaofort* and Hato, fr 'm tfta 0|" ra of Atilti'l i a," >y Mr an<l Mix* tiilli ?pl?? lli llinl | S ?(, "lit >* l,H?r Tlrod"?MIm Smith?ir?8. Tickota-Fifty mt.?r: eli'ilr-n lalf r?i-?. Corctrt to 'it. nnrn:i a' 'int. '?!..ck Iho Punofoito to bo sacd in tliia .ocaian it tr..i" tVr iuatil>t it? of 1 U. Dmihim. Thirtrtath (front. (1 KAhP V < >? M. AND I N VI til'MLN T \ I. CON CURT.? E Pi if ?a-ir tl r?irt. t>In th a< <ln<>i|lilara asd can. will r >i. an.ntir ttltntial hill, in H*liliar.i?lnir/h, 'n H . n. I'lay, No*. JTth. 'lit# I.f adinUamn, .'.1 oami; ?h!l<lr?a ball |irl??. buora <|>tti at 7; |>frforoi iroa to otcuoait.at t'? t'dick. EH>r tub KiNtrir or tub poon.-mTiVAL JT nn4ir 'ha di-a*tl"aur Iht U<iN> ll?n<?olfnt of St. \ ri lit < 1 *il It, beheld at tl.e Cl.u ;?? !>?l >i.n, ft f Dr?,K<1*?jr. i n lliiiridi; tttnisg. JiaMtubcr iM, IV?J i : lr?t. Wrwt). f'HANKl 1* *1 ! ECU-IT* UJATJIAU S<dUAKi.-Tir? l?ftn?a??t' a-* *!* * illiljr, n?|i nrli(M 1 o'c!-eS lr tin- ?.! rui n, mi'I a? balf-fa. t ar??.i in th? tioaint Vm t . uih lafh a* iu k? r'?? t'Mr BlVf ?f ?nu?t!t.?nt it .V.?Virl, ?*atM'lr,? A Va'a t'< *''lo; j CJ rmT ouf ?. tm;. tflrr.B J.rtf - ri" M", hilni tke lerewt aaa il tfca aataa il?? th? re-it MUtHi L?i IB UllUilM State* i b 'r.-apti vf Modrl Artiatt. ?h? >iw Milsr'i ii l -r 'hrlr beauty n.n lnr?, ta? i?#c J rs"0? ? a i .TP ??r f b??rllf?l UIHHI. |U(* truni It"! [ if.tun of an irnt Jod tl?fai ar?tn|>anr of Ami Qii ]*, w/,o t< tin ?(b b rarta'r af f.atcl .firiSa >4 <t>?. l< .11? | M' *'iB'iao. tjia obIj Ji fj'jr in iht w?,r"l ; Kn*rr't<rltlillmTiairli"aali|a?il *?r.i'ian it ~rt?terc?: ii'*i iar)?t??f ar.i?tn{ r?i tj %i :-in.,< I, and Adi?Ual?i?Ma?a 8a**?. tTH wato Her ?. I9?*at?; "Bfjattta. iJVg reita _ WAT t il <1.1 A W('?N.tL 31 REIT. OPPOMTR T1? Jf?w t:BTii Ratlrcrtd d?i v tiaalaernl f rat and l> ?"li'ui t? i?. Hi I ulnf Mo4?)a; lama a Xi-aii *1 D k'i i iiala *?fB tn all W.r.f luaitf, C?n?'vtj ltd iiini?!"?i ita. To ? ' v arra at I a'cltek 1b tht alialktta. Bi d 7H '? tha aaruian. AI*H'?4?MENTfl IU IIK<?OKI.V?.~ iJROOKM'lf Ursil'M.- wrriN t-DM K\ tVIVfl, I' Not. TJ, I'.Vl, ?ill la i WBted. tli* a l?,i(f <1 ?t*ca of th? T<>t N(l (ni (|rt( trtiS (! * ri..|tb? (Taad I ta H I f?Tt*Hri l,t-riB.!n?Ma. NIm *aiy Tarlor. I 11 !i inaaf ? -? B^tarBiBB. a' Uir*? o'alnrk. Ada 1m a,:liaataj r?r.|??i'?. KM eaata; Rraarttd aaata, Mat?t r. 1*11 Riicta. N/M'uvtv i??'N 11 nr> nrr. x?i:| ' tiatjr (' I'filin -Offrnl At-?t'? uffn, 71 ITa'l ?tr?a*, Nuw Veta. Not. II, I ami ? NO IIt B ?la pnraaaaca rf a itmlatian tf thn l?ratd t-f D.ract r?, tha Mtbarto l?ttiig B.'dt cl I' aa? ?i car 1 a ' > t* iliiHi <>l tl,a comi n lit' b! irtcll n'" raid I ? tl a t- 1 la ^1; alma In itf'Ttkit In | !ia!'? to It htrtr f.st %\ *al?4. *? ! tha Upon! la'.? dmH ?h> full ?ln< kt? *n4 ftmrkUo M it. rr rf I'tt.# f' r If a fnt nro, Tl?. A I 'T'J' if ti* ( '? II a wtoltt- r"a of Ufa m?v ?* ??T I rir* 1,11 Lull ik?'rr<u?t i.l inml ^Mniin llhxl ? <-f ? < urny, rt|>c<it ?r f? lit), kki it tillllW to ?l*lilon < f prulta. 1! > may it ?nr tlrt avma4?r hit |w>ltiy, tn?l r?"'i?t I; rk, m *(tr* *1 ?tf f, ot>?-hall tit from mat t?l4 by M? In t n wal "*c ??? p?ri*l- Th>? na? form at loa? app.'i-t i t) f to follotft *rt< oftor "? ho loonM. A fori? alr?ad? for a Itala llh n?^, ? iwrnnt ofa . mull mm. bit Iim%ki Ik to atw p?.lt?r ?P th? I' *u if* t?n k< * Iktm4?'td. rtnltr till# ly in r?l tnrt fntltltd to Iwa.thlN I <kk ktr r ?flint ft' fr n> >iMt?? third l?an, If thof .rufjr i:. 1.1 - * ? ? t?m?? Ita-H ? Ilia WorMj'a fik otMtla. A I?r?- ??, ?t * n.od??kt? a> imal Ia??ra f-t llfr . kn4 if t' r !*!*? to rtkoh tho *# f to' t??rt, tko fall viidi ir nt?d ap '* it. ?ill 1* pax' to Mm. ar, if ho lioo ! ? f< it Tti i tin* Mat ago. It* fali tara laouraU wnl t>? fa.4 to kit faiallj (' l'*?l trpn>l??tatt?o? lrrf?< i * rrrtr i rt.|t aofrwkr*. P. K. Iltfcm, rs?l??ta. J J.l'klp'r. ? ir t ?ii H?tlt, Q f> II i, !. (I. Uiy in.l. B-nn I alltn. J R??*a? K?**?r?, M 0. J. LJCAfc fcKK ktarh. HPOR1 > ?0. 1TM0K cot'tn, L i tri rriNo- vidmiibat V- rl-'tl ->. I' M I'e ? ? i S ill, fLt'kv t? <" *1 f'?ti ? f rrlkM.n'iWn ? l? MtHMnfKKl P^atk^r, In hftff 4. tfnl.incMIn ???" ? t<>?? m I.**) Dm It r, to ft ? 1 o. l f c- r? ?(H !* lh? flonUi I rrrjf. Brink)* ? half j * t I o'al - rk. an* ratal* ? ?ci ?? tkt ?|-i rt i iMtf ?P'( (N fc V'*\NN Prnnrtatnra rf>r?o?. I. f ?TROTTI T?T!V R<J At J. P?w?i? ?? T? at t nVln.-V. P. V. m*trl| ?/>t <1 ??*? t<? ?i>? 01.t. I* haira*? I> Pk l?r !>? >? k ' nmkilloj J. V'Watn i ?mn tr. ? A innt. ImnoiltntalT ?f' ?. ? l? i $:< u, ? U n?*i?, I. ? ?lrf? > *?. **??*? >rit ?i? k'11'1. Jolt ft)** I If. Pri>|>r1a??r. WANIIIRO. W > I'lVfl ? I nni r n: I (tlftO BT Til* | or ?? the r. dlrfal 'f? i ti f np4. prtttft It htiT'11, !'? ( n* lMia<ir*? ?1? r >?>r"*n'" r?q??f 'a, Ifii Mir i n< *? !? *111 h??a r> **t Mr ?ft tk? Hf?t ! |Vf ?tn*i r I at 11 IfWli ? oip't>n?t ftt wit hint KaMlrf't r-inn '! ? 1 k? trt?l r^flat'lT -Thrr tfwtonmt Mtvwk-k'MK i? ? I knonn. Thlt *na>Ua ftr?f.n til do lar*? frftihlag in rttnft ttma withnqt t?[nttaftlkt plo-k'i, *llra thain whit* ? fni?. #"14 In Vtlaa, (eoMiinirr fnnntS f> r ?nM?n | I' 1)U (*i < M?h. MKaral 4U<*??*t to 4??lfta S?14 k? Gr^nrrt ??<? fc*4 ?r4?ra with t*t? ??ak, fr?a ! ? ??v*|% t* 0. /QUIT, 1M Nwiu it(*e t, Nt* V?fk ? J AJHMEVXVTI. ttkOAOWAT THtATKB.-* A. MAKSUAIJA, |N| m!n\ri i"?Lk pl?y?c. the Aw-rleaa flM, TUUIUa? u? 1 called th. BMI i,?. "* ?l ' "??* Painter*. Mr ftiehtaa; I k #" *rt. Abbeti. Toeoaelale .?h?. ii/VXi TM 1 * l",N * I/>?K?-Peter | f/'- MI.. J r r u *i,A Oo?**uli.l?; IrtMiin? '?? J O' niftlvn t,, Uiirotbal m-tll TnJ M erer, .mm 'hu ve.h l)r?? Cto,u aad plraue! Tst.tV J!*""' Cu*'? and Third Ti. r, J imti. Otlliry, 11)| mil'. iNwn np*'H ft> to n?n>Q?nrp ?! 7 >iV J\J I ltLO'B UiHUIN.?TlimTS ill CENTS: PKITiTI J.' b<*cn (t< U .?*? Ml J!>)> 8*1 iou Doer* ?mi || l.*li-pail t> u'clock, tt goDiucicc ?t 7)^.?The wonderful Karti Tnm ly in three pant bji-o??i * divertn?, n.?ni ef eight dance*; nine illuuiiue'ed liviug tableaux; aovel ftaie on th* a ub!? tigot rope VtcUncedny evruiag. Novtmbtr 17? Oy>iti.ie fc? On Orahura To b? luooeeded b j LA PKTK ( HA t i'l THE?' Km by tl.e Kkv?I Family After wliiab. (Ia?t 'ime > le new grand DIVERTISSEMENT. c< iiipr.ili tight 11 ?ra?'t n?'|c .National Dun*. Tu V? fulljerd ly ifc? I'Ui iAN III.KJANKS. T? Oooviuie with tl.* Comic raaAotnnpf of WAOIH,; or th? Magic 8 tar. 1T.M IA N OPKKA BOUSE. AfTOR PLACE.-NEIT MAtbirety. by Mr. Tume.ii. Near llree*** by Br. Deb?arr*t Pi?poni Iy A. K. liilH'1 N?? Mi-onery and Deeoratioa*. ly f Ui nn. l'r!< ?- t Adm at 1..n?Meeuiwd Seat*. Parquet ud l!< v? fM. I. U i;. n t" ?"? '|0et nnd Boim. OB th* mi ng I | r? rnaiie t. Amphitheatre. SO ceati. 8avt 1 to'nth ?uce< r p ton Nnhi Mga<riB* Tebbba PaBOiu in l*er graud vbaracter t I I cr? n? Borgia "?Third parfarjmn"' of 'he celebrated ''!!> N'emAMB Pit ? J* una. Premiere Diinn-u-f fri ni the Cr*> t Opera. Pari*; II r Majeatr** li.tntte, lend r; l,i hi>le Vil<u, ."-an 1'?rl I ffnflm ofSigB'r (in iirii "a 1 ? rjt Uenoar from tfie Oraa? Opun 111 Pari* in th? -rai d ballet In three tableaux, el " f Wl! JKV VV Ev?"VI>li NdVtWHkH 27. Will ku nil. 1." li iiuatti'e Wraad Opefk of LUv.K?/.1A UuKGU. I.ucrcria Rciyia Bicaorina Puadl. Haltio Ortini Sign -riaa l'attl. Otnunro Mimor Loriii. l> ? Alfoaio bigaor Btntreataao. To bo lolloped I'V ih" rrtnd bsll*>t, Oouipoecd by II. Patipa,e*irouly foi l? 'l!o Nvtl.Kl.. ritgjemea. eatitUd PayriTA. MlitiO by A I Aii r' iiilioeor of Gen. D'Krviily. tf nch Coiiituanler of liaragonta, Mr VinenU Lvtiinot tit bod liiiz ci'i'pc Careto* Den i.ui'ci de Mriidi ia, - \at?li Goetrnor ut thi 1'iovinue MKaiy. Setup! iua, hi* sitter Mme. CiubUcl. Iiii*", Chief ol Uitnno* Siku. Nerl. F;i uita, ID Uti<: an with tlis C, tsnoii Mile. Ciitjian, Mist Emily H?'di .TT(< Mite r?rI aandMi * N?(velL Ladies, Uent'emen, oi?mikr.,t>y tt.e the Corpa de Ballet. I'll iNi iPAI, DAHCKM urn TO' IM'IINO Tilt KAIxrr. Fir?t Tableau?Chanxir u, i? <?n*? by thu Oorpt 4* Ballet, in which Hit ' '1 tinmen wil dtnee" I.us Mal'a^haoat;" followed by *h<> " if.ia " by Mile. Fnja aet. l.art Tableau ~Mtoui t 11-. ?vot". t>T the Can ? de Ualletj l'a? <!? Di ux, by Mile lit "an. ? mid *i<nor t'arete. Ccndnot'ir n't J I<ir r il .x tfar?utk, Leader, Mr. Kreuttcr: t'hnni'. W:i>t. r Mr II< rsler. Poors open at li o'clock; to i> tnunnce at 7 o'clock. No order*. No (no list. MECHANICS' UALU tkOADIfAIT, XUOVM OlMii etreet?Opvu . ?cr', ui^Li < urir< ?bn iat(| tin :u'. 'r. [, . | ai.j w%>ll kaown CUitliTTTI M INMTil 11,8, oos print , a., i if?i and ?< r?atild corp* o( "caltntei" ar e < *, ? to j.> prtnro>nr?,"oridi r the rcaa6*erwi>Dt ot C. I'. C' : 1 . w oiioertt ia tbm c ?y for tn?cvMion ?f "f 'tti j. i ? n3?i ' ? ) twoeited vun i??otky hii'ilv -electable ?r | i >aatle aod ei.ua. T kola S> ien*,. Do "? 0P"n * ' !?. . . ~iin.-ti< et *? >i Uf MICH fc"' I V TI.e I'a 1 - - of t lirltty'* VtnrtriU arc rafpei t fully Ini'o'B . J i> at ' i. -i :.l at tirday aUcrooon concerts wlf Ve di?e nllir > t for <l.*fu'?ra FU'.I.OVf M.'NM !., J ... rA.I.U)W'?, \< r.NAQM anil j.r< trie r ct f Mm tiels, lias tl.? in am M t't in 1 i 'Vi i. oi ?r nie npoln, I'.at hit new hall ?r "f l co t'? i'nit' r oll itronnd, 444 Broadway, M now li ishbd, aud II I crl. ck ? i bund of UTUJtrell RAT# .. , a Bain*, Wimtelllh I'1..; t all it n ''id iiit .. o.i >1 .sirmi stjlfc, outhi?na4 raat*. aarpete*, anJ baM'-iltill) tinted. Tbu land I* :cmrond <ii ,-> i > ur.i s E'-liuBian onastret<>, in Amcr?. ? J. b. I fll' *? fcel; ??? t a du'. v tn |ir<Mat hitthunk* to lkU^i' mtin . o !?. and ike p?Mlo gm . rally, who lave eT-.cii 1 o| ?o iibt-al t r- iiafi tn hist, auj b?ni to t tate that ao paint or o? nn> ? II t? npared to naVethia " mott amuflux tni . !.#.,? |..-u" ol rsaort ta the otty.? i'fit, ( ' 11. "i>nr?at7k. ajioimiob CJect't. nrniud uriopmv opiojitc tus uowery " tlfatrr.- a *i ( (k0rt, every cveninf, by h mt?'fl i'opuur ?i : ... r ft! r<, % hoit of it ?yolti ton t.'tmeruue t id :! ri. -i 'i.i a <t\it??r com >1 nation if tni. lt thin wm fvf r < r red j v t>uy mqiur pine* in tbn wrld tn >-1 r. ?? r- tin* otilull" me?tf ett-r nltr< aed, l-> i-r i ' ?tlj chitt* au > utiactp* tittubih to et. n i he m* ?' la ifdrn* c. m ??|i. *.. i'r vrletrr i*d m?m mi*. 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I APIM OAK BM TAliyBT a NJ* M?Tt!OD of Ld In. ?aCo I?<fr< h aft. -"t I*". IIH Canal iirni, lyraHI??>a Mr*. ' l'< r Tar* . ?1: !> ! *?? for ??? I rfrMtt, 'irttilrt. Ruin l?t mI? M iktM Bllh ' ?4?rh 1 nil I l? Pilt * - IIIMIK * I LI li rli?' in BalBr'tf. 4-1 ?'il?Mnk?n will hav* tr.rr# ?..a*hl la ?? !* rj. fr>m?h? !? ,? 5| their .i?a nilVMt B UOI.0-*WlTH 4 WtlM?? Vdl i Hnarf-V *" ? ?M"? ir???? ??m?? twrmm rrdi.ird ta oaa ball, tit i $-*' lor t?a 1 *?< ar na? hoar r??i>, attt t" r-'nt* '?in t?f .itinrri o? '>? twaaly I . .'? In !?di?? ?tt? ?.?-> I'ayaKaal tha tlmt at oki ikn r. T. all < ! <"*?, " i'i >? . pr?fa*iHnBf. tralaa. \nd t?l't' qalr k,?!???. av ' aal>'?m ityla ?f p?aa antSin la. wii'i ihd atrrptlon ef th? Ball In litpaanblt of all ,r,, ! ?itioa?. Mr. (!>ld?irl?h w?al4 aay. tl at ?f h?m*ny tl.rr H'ti af l?vl!? I > ahati ha hat (Irta I r?\rt|??!.?, aot rr? wla*aa ttlJlt( la d*?uta ar-llnara atinMua to |. ? r?, f It fail. r| t-i htcotaa a r?"l wrt *f ; and ha it jntlift. 4 IB utatlBt. that tta r'ty h- ? panama la tla United MBira. M tham i-aahara, ao?l mthari la ptlrala llfa, lioir I Irad I hair ?Hrarr4l?rry rlntarl'y with ikttta r.? ?rhi? lalika. ClitaUtt ?l?ht r< .?i, M llr \Ut.. II trtr of inriraviaa ? I adlaa, tail*. at l( a'?dn->V ?. ?, ?..#r ?it?' ' r* T. M. Claailam?a dally at ? A. jV *aJ 4 I M *it|llBd latardaya. I'titpia taatraatlaa at all h?a?a r .trirni'ii ta tha t>n ?il. Tar tat $i\ oaraMa at tfcn ??>B B>??a?fl?aBi. A& mm lw>T. A<TI'flO??D TO TV1TION. pok a r*?a????al aa dally O-iaaraaM U a fam'ly, ?t lrar-V'1 la * roHaal. at ? aid rae'lra mpllr at bar aw* r??|. di r r ?, to Inatract ia I rcaali. <i"maa. Italraa, laaala aa4 t'ulrr *' f?wa? 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