26 Aralık 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Aralık 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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.NEW YORK HERALD. JHEl GORDON BKNHBft, paaPRi?roB and bditoa. FT] CI N. W. CORNER or ri'LTON AND NASSAU SIS TUB BAIL T IIKK.ALD, I ewnU per topy-ft PT r.nmwm. run WKKKL Y HUKJLl), ?t?ry tl,Uurdai,\lt 6% ?t? prr oyV, "? > I"r tkt Kuroptan wtewN. %ifxr *nnum. It .iny paMof Irrtut Hri/,i%n, aiui $6 to any part 9/ On C*n */*>?.. MA t*? tnciiuu u%o potuio*. ALL t KTTKRS by mail, for tuba ;riptior., or t/VA udvtrUtrwwnit, to be potf-jxiki, or tho povtoyr vdlm deducted from 0u mfxuv remMTM. JUH PKJKllt>tf trtevUd ?ncA o?wl p, |/?* a y^UrNTARYCORRKaPUyUHSCH. rmlntnint important ncm lOtvtUd from any qua**r*J tA* world-, \f used, b* id?r,.i^ ,Mwi /??r. Ot.i in paBncri.AKi.v ImriiTii1 * IBAI ALL Lrrrim AMD pacuac*a suit to r?. ADfKRTUSMRNTS rmrwtd *v*ry morning. < ami sements this ivininq. ITALIAN oi'ERA, Aitor rUco.?u civ*awi"*to?tibp ICtlCUA. _____ bowery theatbt iowwj -h? i?*??Tut Ar<orrET chili>? 1'btib wii*u?? f broadwat theater Br ac?-?t ? gtrai.pa ? Lb 1?IAM.A A ?Jl ATM. niblo's cables br.ki?-*y?t:ckt Xorc?robbrt MAT AIKI?B An 1*. nrrton-* TKEATEE. ChinW ttroot? dkskrter? mtriui' a? Club. NATlOjfii THEATBE, (h**h?ra 8 |n*re - Buiam bi'*'>uin?-6i'ii?? an?basic k'ixl. BUOrOHAM'S 1 TCBl *. BroAdw*y?Bh?it.ha? S. Co.? JtlllCAL l!?r?bmiuz10?SSKIOUH FAMILY. ci1 ristt'8 minstrels. MechanloB1 hbii, ?72 BroBJir?y ?ethiopian minbtrm-hy. ?H,l,0f3' OI'EiA DOUSE, ?1 BroAdwAy-*t.uoriA!? mikitrklj. america v VCSBVJf?a?n'?i?o I'iktoumanch ArnBmui>K AKD BVAHina. new york amphitheatre, 37 b?*ry?iqubbtbian PlhK liaA.M'U WAfrBIJiGToN halxi?pasorama or pilgrim'i pro?? >< fatti er'f c03m0rama, corner of Thirteenth atroo *n<i lli"a<l? af. lil 1 VPiC theatri?Optical tr avparnnn. Kiw York, ThiirniUp, Urtrmbtr '20 1>> ( . One Wttk i.Btrr from Europe. Thf American ilramnhip B.iltic, Cajitain Com- | rt<?k, will be due tomorrow night, with one wt tk'a later news from Kurope. The H. was to Jmve left Liverpool nt four o'clock ia the afternoon of Saturday, the 14th inst. Th( Pattnt L?wt>-Thr Proposed Amend. | ment I Among the unfinished business of last session, which is now engaging the attention of Congress, if: a hill amending the patent laws of the United S.atts, which certainly need amend.'nent, as every cne, es-pfcially if he he a patentee, knows by sad txpetience. It is the opinion of nine-tenths of the community that our present system is imperfect, that too much power is placed in the hands of th? Commissioner, and that if no fnud or corrujv ticn is prnrtieid in the granting or renewal of patents, a door in open for both. We do not tay that *i y Commissioner of Patents who has ever held office h is been guilty of conducting the business of hw department in an unfair manner; but we do say that, es the law stands, they are liable to the imputation of ruling and deciding, in patent ca*es. not according to justice or equity, not with the determination to do right, but through motives anything but creditable. This imputation, or rath* r the cause which produot s it, should be removed We should like to pee those whose duty it IB to decide upon such important business placed in a position thut the breath even of suspicion could not reach them. This cannot be the case under the present patent laws, as every one acquainted with the aubject is aware. If it were, wc wo>ild not hear, so much aa we do, of the patent office not bting conducted in a proper andequitable manner. C.reat care must be taken, however, that in amending the jmtrnt liws, to speak paradoxically, we do not amend them for the i worif?that in mdravoriac to remedy an evil we do not commit a greater one. Legislators are liable to do ao, as the piles of statutes in every Sute library will testify. The evils complained of should be carefully investipatrd and ascertained; and w hen they are made apparent, they should be corrected, leaving the rest of the system?known to he good?untouched and unimpaired. We do not see that the bill now before Congress is of a character to remedy all the evils which have been complained of, for so many years, in connection with the patent lawa. We like some of its featurea, but there are others which we do not agree to. We like, for instance, that portion of it which takes aw?y from the Commissioner the absolute power which he possesses over patents and patentees. In the infancy of our republic, when the patent busineiMwas of but small account, the present system was, perhaps, good enough. But the cafe is very diflerent now, when we are a nation of nearly thirty millions of people. In this respect, we go farther than the proposed bill; we would like to aee a Court of Patents organized, to he presided over by I two or three judge*?certainly more than one, because many of the objections which apply to the present system would also be applicable to the proposed one, if there were but one?and these judges should be selected from among the best and soundest leml men in the country. Oar Commiaaioner of Patent* should be a lawyer.? What do mechamcaoracientitic mm know about law, aa a general thine 1 And it ia the buaineas of the Onimieeioner of Patents, who ia alwaya one or the other, to interpret and pronounce upon lawa aa important aa any on our atatate book. There are other featurea of the proposed amendment that we dialike, and cannot perceive the oeceaaity of introducing We allude to one particularly, which, oo a aecond readies of the bill, we thiak decidedly wrong, becauae it ia agamat all atatute and common law. It ia the proviaion requiring that, when a patentee inatitutea a auit against a peraon who piratea oa hia invention, the pirate ahall have the pmil? se, by tttrt farttt, of compelling the inventor to prove the validity of hia patent; and until that ia done, the patentee's proceedings ahall be atayed. We do not see the object of thia, except it be to prouctthe prate. Under the preaent ayatem.it would be absurd for an inventor to inatitute proceedings agamat a peraon for infringing on hia patent, ualeaa he knew that hia nghta were indisputable; but if th?y were not valid, the defendant kaa the privilege ?Bd right of showing it, and, if he can do ao, he gama the auit. If a man commence! an action of ejectment againat another, the defendant haa the privilege, if he can do ao, of showing that the plaintiff'a title to the property ia unsound' 1 -a ki*. t.Mar? fkit tka ^ f.:U ..J h-- _:la L^I aim piv?* ?MI?, ?n?r ' u"u IUMI una nc WIN gri rrrdicl. It is the wiw with pimti. In all ease* the defendant baa the liberty of ahowmgthat the patent la illegal. or void from mme other cauae. In the one caee, it would he unjust and improper to allow the defendant to turn round, atay the plaintiff's proceeding, ani eommmce an action against the plaintiff which might laat for fivrfyears, and, in the meantime, enjoy the reata of the property. To allow him atich privilege, would be to commit a grone injuatice on the real owner. In the other, it would be equally nnjuftt to allow a man, who ia sued for infringing a patent, the privilege of iaatituting proceeding* against the patentee, which, like the other, might laat for fire or ten years, the infringer, in the meantime, feathering hia neat by hia piracy. In both cases, title ia in taaue, and if the defendant can ahow the title to be had, it ia all the d*feace he seeds. Now, when we anvnd our lawa, let ne amend them for the better, and not for the worse Thia friture of the proposed amendment ia ahaurd on it* face; and memhera of Congreaa are greater fcola than we tab# them to he, if they sanction it. Thouaanda of peraona are interested, and many ntlliona of dollars arelnvolred, ia the grantiog and reissuing of patents Let us have a Court of Fa iriip, (inn iri inr uiu nu a jn??"i tinnmwu m ? |i ?-tip* prrvtilia litigAtion* coaceraiag ih*m Let the pateatee not he dimmed of hi* fight*, or iafria^ra caarrgfd in their piracy. The Amtmjcas Art Uhhw.-The objects of this Institution are [ raiseworthy, national, and good. The manner in which it ia managed has given rise to complaint from year to year; and it ia argued thai, under a better regime, ita affairs would be in a more nourishing, healthy condition, and both the artists and the public wonld derive far greater benefit from it. One cause of complaiftt, and it seems to us, a just one, is that the self-constituted managers appear to have installed themselves for life at the head of the institution. It is true, there is a rule that aeven of the committee shall go out every year, and even subscribers shall be elected in their stead, or the old members shall be re-elected. The firceof electirn takes place, but it is done with all the rapidity of legerdemain, and before the audience are aware, the teven members whose turn it was to go ut are re-elected without casting of votes, and by tbe decision of the President alone. The idea of I oilier rs being elected by such an assembly as tilled Tripler Hall on Friday evening, is preposterous. It consisted of men, women and children, and a larce number were not lubscriberB, but were attracted there by curiosity. How was voting on such an occasion practicable T No doubt many persons woald propose a different set of men for the management, and insist upon the votes being taken on the question, but from the palpable impracticability of the thing, and no man will venture to delay un audience, including ladies, full of anxiety for the result of the drawing from the wheel of fortune, by proving anything that he knows and every body knows, cannot be accomplished. Even when the proceedings are allowed to go on smoothly and without opposition, they occupy six or ssven hours, and a man would in ike himself rather unpopular that wou'.d do aught to protract them to a more advanced hour. Thu s^he eril has been al- | lowed to grow from year to year. Now, this ground of complaint can be easily removed, and if the managers are disin'erested, they will readily consent to the following propositionLet the practice pursued by the Mercantile Library Association be adopted, and let en election of officers take place by ballot, on the day before the drawing of the prizes, or on the same day, closing at sunset, and I let tickets be made out, containing the most eligible names. If there be no opposition, ani there be but one ticket, why let it be unanimously elected; but if there should be opposition, and that | there ure betti-r men than those whose names ap- I pear on the ti:ket of the old administration, let the opposition have fair play, and have an opportunity j to tett the feehug of the subscribers This course would jjive universal satisfaction. But as the matter now stands, ail is dissutisfaciion and distrust. In public institutions, opi option is nece.ssary to keep them pure and preserve them from corruption; and where nn opportunity is Dever given for an ojv imtition to develope itself, there is room for auspi- j cion, and public confidence will be withheld. But it may be r? plied thst, in point of fact, the mnnegers are deserving of public conlideuce, aud that tht y have done ever) thing to promote the inteiests of the institution. If they hive, then why aie they afraid to appeal to the ballot box 1 Let us j?j?t see, however, whether all their acts are so satisfactory as they pretend. Is it satisfactory to have only 600 prizes for lit,000 subscribers, giving only one chance in 320 to each ! Is it satisfactory, with this paucity of prizes, to invest thousands of dollars of the subscribers in the accumulation of property 1 What has the investment of $ 1000 in real estate to do with such an institution a* this 1 To whom docs the property belong 1 The subscribers of this year are not the suliscribers of the next, and neither have any legal right to it. It is foreign to the detignof the institution and highly I irrproper to invest the money of the tubsenbers in the purchase of buildiugs. It ought to be applied to the purchase of pictures, in order to give more esteotive encouragement to artisU, and to give the | tul>*ctiberk a greater cbance of drawing a prize. J The sum or fiO.OOO per annum is rather too much ! money to be placed at the absolute disposal of men 1 w ho are not responsible for the manner in which tluy expeud it, and who act as if they did not recopnlr.e any kind of responsibility. If the institution should continue in existence for ten or twelve years more, and the receipts of subscriptions should average the same amount as in the past few years, the committee will have received the enormous turn of one million of dollars' Exhibiting lump sums in a treasurer's report, is not enough. It is very important to know the details of thia vast expenditure. We might point out other objectionable things, but this is luflicient to justify the subscribers taking the management into their own hinds, and electing their own officers in future. We truit they will do so next year, and that the usefulness of an institution so important and ao valuable, will nnt Ik- mnrrrH nr imimirrH lm iK? ulliakntu anri vanity of a few individual*. PitosooKArnr and R iroETiNOFor almsstevery winter for some yeara paat, a great commotion haa hrrn made about the beauty and excellence ?f the phonographic ?yatrm of reporting, and ita virtara have been extolled to the akiea by peraona who have managed ere thia to make a anng living out of the verdancy of our young men. It haa been atated over end over again, that it ia ao aimple th it a child can learn it; that after a practice of a month or two, the atudent will be able to report the moat raj id rpeaker, and that ita auperiority over stenography ia admitted by the beat reportera in the country. Th? whole of thia ia nothing hut humbug. Phonography haa ita advantages, and ao haa , atenography. Home of the beat reportera in the I nited Statra, living and dead, are and were stenographer*. Neither system will make a young man a reporter w ho haa not peculiar mental abilities, which are not poMeeeed by all men. Kvery |iew>n can learn to apeak, but how few are our orator* 1 1/very peraon can learn to paint, but how few Raphaela there are' Kvery peraoa can learn to ac', but how few Keana there are! Every perwn ran learn atenography, or phonographv, but h< w few food reportera there are?we m^an reporters who will follow a rapid apeaker fer two or three houra with precision and accuracy. How i nmn j ;?'hhk hit ii, hi tiir iiu Illr["Ul! ci?MfP ID pllO nography. that we have hmrd of within the last few year#, have turned out to be food reporters 1 Not one out of a clan on an average. The truth ir, there a vast deal of humbug in praising one syatem of repor ing over an<>th?r. home of the beat reportera in the Kngliah Parliament use neither phonography or stenography, hut an abbreviated system of lone hand writing This ahi wp that it is not the system alone, whatever it may be, that makes reportera. We venture to My, tro, that, take five hundred young men, and teach them either phonography or stenography, and let them spend two or three hours a day for two or three yeara in pracnainft. not ten of the lot will make reliable and accurate reporters. Reporting will alwaya be confined to the members of the presa, whose business krepa them in conatant practice; and if young men indulge the hallucinatirn that there ia any royal road to thia department of knowledge, thry will discover in the end that they are a little mistaken?that beaidea drudgery, ; something else la required. We have had something to do with reportera aad reporting, aad we know what we apeak of in thia respect. NfM*-a**tvAi. or twb Ohio -Thia steamship | had not arrived at two o'clock this mornini? Khe hup, aa w? atated ytaterrlajr. unqtieatinnably heea 1 detained at H.ivana by the non-arrival of the Pacific from Ch**rea. It will b? recollected that the Pacific wit detained a abort time at Havana, and had not arrived at Cha*rea when the Cherokee left that port, on the ?Mh inat The Falcon will take the place of the O , and leave thie port at three o'clock fhia afternoon, with the mail? and paaarnf era for the Pacific J $ . Gkbrit 5m(th's Manifesto to thk Woollt He* dk ? We have limited this precious document, and find that it ii like all other documents from the same source, a treasonable, fanatical, aad ridiculous afiair. A vein of superior wisdom and plnianthrophy pervades it throughout. Seward and hid associate demagogues are not good enough for him, it appears? go he hd? concluded to give them the cut direct. This is the best feature in it That clique mu*t be despicable indeed, when even Gerrit Smith and the woolly heads repudiate them. Oerrit laments over the infatuation of his colored bredern. He says that of all the colored votes cast at the last election in this State, there were not fifty for the abolition political party, of which he is fo shining an ornament Now, if Mr. Smith were not in his ideas blacker than the blacks themi selves, he might draw a moral from this fact, which might be of some service to him. The negroes know better than he dots, whether the carrying into practice of the doctrines which he profets? s would be of service to the Southern slaves or not, and by only fifty of them voting for his party, if party ii can be called, they show they know better what is to the interest of their " bredern in bondage," than he, with all his whiteness, does. Abolitioni-m must be at a very lowebb wheneven the colored voters will not support him. It is hardly worth while to refer to this matter at all. Cierrit Smith and his coadj '.tors have reached the length of their tether?th^y are as flat as Seward himself i.*, and he had better reconcile hin^elf to his (ate,and die decently, for there is more cotillion sense afloat than he imagines. The Mi ?u al Mama iji the Unitkk 8tat?< Revieweh? I*mki mi-vtai-ims am> Voi ai mis ? Th* p?nt year La." been one of great m iincal (Utbunn m The advent of Jenny Lind and of l'arodi? the frequent sacred and secular entertainments of Anna Bishop -the opera reprtsentations of the Havana troupe, and those of the Astor 1'lac* company?tb? musical entertainments of Wallace, the i omposer - the piano forte concerts of Doctor acd his lady-together with the introduction, on many occasions,of much brilliant talent, including the name* ot many persons eminent as instrumentalifU and as vocal^t . have kept the publio attention on the stretch for many months. New York hi* given the fUmp to all the principal artists in the musical wr.y. nna has been very libtral in the amount aud character of Its patronage?from the beginning of the year to the close. On the whole, the public taste has b<'en chiefly discriminating upon the instrumental performers. Wul. lace, ltoctcr, Oriebel. llotterinl. Arditl, Bayley. and ( th< it not less celebrated not forgetting many clever pertoris ers of the second and third olass, have been appr< elated- and to such an extent that we are liable to have, in the course ol neat year many other new candidates tor public favor visiting the United States It is said that the cel? brated violinist of Germany. llau?er. will be amrDg the first to vif.lt this country nest y?ar. His European teputatlm has precedet^hiin, and, as he ranks with the mot^t distingui. htd performer* in the world as a brilnant rival, much may be expeeted in the way of execution on his part, and of enthusiasm on the part ot'the public, when h? arrives. In the course of the^iext spring and summer, e ther performer* will succeed to tho triumph*, which it ii certain he will make in this metropolis, now marked only by the geniti* ol Oriebel Viian*. Ilurke. and one or two others. In the department of the violin On the piano fortn, of resident publit performer* of the first clase. we have only one or two. and it has been found impesslble to form a (,u?riei it* i ll i rrfi u p ucuuit'giituu iunp,t(i"u^o several attempt* bate been made?a fact l?ng Jo hi remember) d. In vocal music. the publlo have exhibited more enthusiasm perhaps, than pur* taste, in mar* than one ImttBci, We have mtIti'iI the day* of Catalanl, who rti)? with such wonderful effect, throughout Kurop*, with her bead vole*, and with Lrliiiant embellishment*. rath?r than with that strict adberenre to the composer, which should b* the high*st praia* of 11?*? ?*?(', ratwlarl and J*nny Lind have torn* thing, in their career, common to each etb?* Roth are justly oelebrated tor tbelr charitable ; distortions, though there wa* a simplicity about the unberaldtd gift.- of the farmer really charming, from its n< v>-ltjr in a puhlle Tor?ll?t Catalaal indulged In the gymnastics ol the voice and. for twoseatons tang entire operaa. with only a few pnppeta a* a ihow. Indulging always In masses of ornament of wonderful beauty, though entirely out of tast*, Mnoh of the same style has been adopted by Jenny Lind. We have been able to acarcaly recognise some of th* moat familiar airs in oar admiration of the brilliant embellishment* with which tha haa astonished the pnblio. In 1813. it will be remembered. Catalanl mad* th* tour ft ) nrope as a concert singer, as Jenny Ltnd is now doing in th* D nited Stat**. It has been said of her, that she astonished everywhere by her ataailng dla plays of vocal power. Aa roi as she had exhausted, in rne place, her stock In trad*, she went to another, and was always rewired with unexampled distinction, liar vocal efforts were, however, like teat* upon a tight rope, and a* far removed from pure art Th* fact that | the ?ang the baa? aong, " N?n pi* Audral," U enough to ?bow that tbe m-Rl-cted h?r talent* for a tamperary admiration Tb? c< nM|u?nce o( thla wm, that on h*r return to tbe ttage. in 1824. aha failed, b-eauae In the Itterim of her abeence, a taste for par* mutle bad demanded correct vonali cation, and head notaa ware at a dltcocnt That ftyle of wbicb Parodl li thf fubitantlal and perteet embodiment. earn* Into vogna. and now retaina. a* It alway* ought to do. the hlgheat ad miration ot lb* public. Tba race di vu? moat aleaya be preferred to the voct dt tail*. The pura. artlatioal at j 1<- that nerar aaerlflcea tba drauiatls rWm>nt and tbe po?try of the compaction for tbc exhlbitlna of chromatic bri.liancy mutt atwaji fuatain iteelf againat other displays, botirir voilerfal thry may bo In themaelvea. !! of It la. that Parodl, In tbl* metropolis. without deviating. ?T?n In tba eonoert room, from tba rulee of tbe noit rigid taata, baa beea abla. alter a p?tlent trial, to eatabllah heraelf In the affection of tba pablla, aa a Tncallet of uneurpaaaed excellenta. She fingf from tbe cheat her ranimhilr It perfect- ber dramatio aetion I* lo unlaon with bar para roeal atyle and aha aland* forth aa tbe hlgheat repreaentatlee of tbe eonatituent f of true lyrle eteellence She ha* charmed, by keeping la *lew tbe great priaaiplea af Meta*ta*in. who aald. tbat whenever mafic aapirea to pre-emlnance o?er poetry, aha deetroya both tbat aad beraelf. Modern atualfl baa rebelled agalnat poetry. NeglectIng true eipr??eV>B, regarding attention to wordi aa alarery. In tplte of emmoa aenaa. every aort of caprloe and extravagance baa been Indulged In by TooalItta. aaklag the opera bonaa ao loager reaoand with aay other appWnae that tbat whleh If givaa to dlfp'ayt of eaerntlon. with tba vala Inundation of whieh marie ha* been dlrgrared. while t?y drum bw k?i overwhelmed. PI?unrN vhiik do not (ratify the mind or ten eh the hurt are of *hort duration, and. though the puhlie B?j *n(Ter themaelre* to bo ea-ily captivated ly unexpected phyaleal *enrat|on* they III not alaay* renoanre the ??e of th?lr reaaoalej faenlMe* Thn? It l?. that we find Parodt taking her I poeltlon a? the (jueen ol the opera, on the rery ground | which Hjh recently tri inM?d with the plaudit* Uriah- | ed npr n Jenny Llnd Phe ha* that haughty eonfldena* la thf> > urc fplandrra ol her gTMt art. which ream* to : hare nerved her. when there ha* been even an apt>a- I rent *vid<t,reof a w?i,t of taate on the part of the pnMIr Phe ba* krplto her Mandard, however. and. at laat ha* er ninered I a Phil* lelphta *he ha* made even more brilliant trlnmpba than hare, where her yetiln* ha* here warmly acknowledged Our hope I*. tl.at ?he may ? on return to ronflrm the puhlie In that mu*!ral ta*te that m?>*t alaaya endnre deaplte the fere* of novel Im r re*>)<tne however brilliant New York > ton Id ebdeavor to retain permanently, *0 great an nrtu'f Vraarl* forth# ParlAr, Irce the aallirg of the *team*hlp Oeorgla.the followlug T?a??i* bar* elrartd from the Atlantic porta of tha I nited 8t*te* for California and the Paalfia. Whalemen ara noi Include.) in the llat. I>att cf ( Imrnn*. Whrrt from. IVc. 11 -?hir Purprt**, (pew.) IVtaare*<l NewT>rk. " ? Miip Irnrlna, Turner . .ftalajmere. " If ?l!r'* Vt a??,0rr.,.. .... lUlb. " I* - St jp At**., Thrntra Il'.afon ' l7-*Mpf Alice. Miller, . . ... .N#? Terk. " IT.?Stenmer Monamental City, (new,) Herri* Baltimore. '* 1* - L*tk Qnil'oed, T?rh. fl.? Mn f>nn tl ?Vmi?. " Nirit. MiiHtr9oi,a?. *? ?*mi J?. J -fT?p#ri ? (K#r.) BI?>*kU?4 rtllttUL ? 1'?r* Arthur, ff??r. KttTnrl. Ot? rf th? ?b'n? rUutd far Piub*. u4 tb? r??t for Cftllfortlt. (nmt of < ommoii Pl??l. B?fnr? .1 n<1f? Dtlf l^vtkmm, r?? Corwtir.B-Tt >H itiM In r?p?rt r* thl?W la f?Utl?T ' * #?. ??> ? rumrifi |n hU t? nn^Hl F?t ky jaror. Mu b? (?r?lM?4 Milk fro* RMw. put* ball ?*t?r |a f| ud mU. ,? for par* aUk It MM t*-- ??> <? mi nun i? r?i itu,'1 i City Intelligence* m.mnATioN or ?h&jstmas day. " ChrUtmaa C( nir? bat onoe a j nr. and when it come*. let us have goad ehaer." In the good old adag*. from tine iminraiorlal and It tu duly obaeryed yesterday, in New York Tbe day wan universally kept as a holiday, aid " g?od living" was religiously obicrvfd * Ht'iiip. lirerirather too v#U &t lrMt m flu- u drink wu concerned?for they devoted,!'hristmai eve and yesterday to jollification and to pouting libations to Haccbus. Accordingly.under the intlu<>nee ol his gcdthlp. bis votaries might be seen reeling at all hfcurs of the day yesterdsy. and particularly in the vemr.g In de?pite of theseexc?ses .however. there *m mucb of iatiODHi enjoyment, and mirth and hilarity, ' untainted with int. mperance i Old Cbristma seems to ' optn the heart and to cluster around the hearth the | domestic a(T?ction? and the social virtues. w,*.hn*?. which life would be. alter all but a mi rable blank Tbe return ol tfc?*e le?ti?iti?n, streng hens the tiro of Jrirndthip and ol kind."*d. aad keep* alive tbe kindly feelings 01 our nature. ro that while there is some evil, it is veil counterpoised by the ^eod. t he churches. throughout the city, were tastefully decorated with evergrn ns ol every description, and th? most imposing of ihe deevtatiens were those of St. Paul s I he old eajing that "a green Christina* make* a lat churchyard was not altogether applicable to the Christmas just passed. There was enough of snow to swear by ? a sheet of it. alter nightfall. about half an inch, aeep with the prospect, however. of mora to lollow it. 1 lierc were innumerable hooting parties yesterday on target excursions During the wbole day. you might mi m< n passing over the Brooklyn and Jersey Ferries, with double and single barrel fowling pieces, and rifles, and even old rusty >dusk< ts. Some dashed into the woods and shot at ronips. or whatever birds the met. It mattered not whether they were game?It whs only nece'sary that they belonged toth? feathered tribe utbtrs r-hoi at chickens or turkeys f< r so much per ?hi?t, with their chance ol killing and winning the bird. The target excurilnns were very numerous-and ami rg them were a host of youngster*, who seemed to be of as much conseijneiioe (at len?t in their owu estimation) He if they were grenadiers six f--et high. The fol owing companies pa?.<ed the Itcrnld Office ? Fulton <iuard.? A!kintons Band C'apt. William Lang mustering 7.i muskets, on their annual target ex' cursiou. ?t Mr Thomas T Jackson's. Harlem; the ' prires were distributed as follows Hirst. M Kl zgt r? Id a silver cup; secoud John JBuf . a silver cup; ! Third. Jacoh Hliiokwcll, a silver ctip . fourth. Thomas II. buttit'g a silver cup ; tilth. Jtmss Pol'.ard geld pencil, Sixth. H Manbtgxu a g Id pencil; |*xventh. V. Htrgera.d, a gold pencil; eight's .tames ii!ns? fire cap; ninth. I*. Mullin (fire oup ;*t> nth. William l<uny ( silver cup, eleventh. U Mctirath, liraco.it; twelfth. Thomas Kvan, fire cap The Protector Ouard, composed of the m?mbera of Ei.gine ( o VI commanded bv Timothy Water*, Jr. Th' prises ?nt win by the followlug member*:?1st pziz<. Jame* Killer; '.id. Matthew Wiiner; 3d John Dole. Tbey made a flue soldierlike appearan t?. hecond company. 01 itham Ouard. under command of Capt Wni A I>ay. uiu ket* Th? first prise, a feld pencil. by prirate I'. Martin; 2il gold stud* by J. Jenkins; Ud. a gold pencil b> Cap" W A Day; 4th a gold breast pin. by It il Hawthorn, 5th. brilliant pin, b) Lieut J M ( Cord; 6(b. a ring by Lewi* Ortle; 7th. a silver mrita) by orderly M. Brown

The V) pe Founder*' uijard. Capiat* Primrose?The ! following prizes, for superior ^hots. were awarded; ? j lft piixe, a >llver |tob!et won by Martin Desken. presrn'ed byJohnT White iilprin- a hub y ornament (I mu.-k't. pr?seuteii by Janon Connor, won by first ' lletitinam W ilium Aynisr; 3d prise, a lady ? bteast| pin ?<nb?T .I.Allen: 4th |ii/.". a gold pencil won < by J> ?Wh Ward; Hit priz*. a i;old pen *11 won by Ttaos. Williams; Clb prist* a silver cup won by John l!arnttt; 7th prize u gold bteast plu won hyO, W.Cole; Kth prise, a gold ring, wou by Joi n Dun -an; itb prize, a epli udid wreath. * n by A Chadwick; 10'h prize, a splendid wreath won bv I). Milligau; 11th prize a splendid wreath, won by W. C. Lou;;herty: 12th prize, the target and two wr aths won by Captain Primrose. This tine core* was accompanied by Whifsworth's City lire** liasd to Louis Bi cker a. Hotel, Uoboken. Tley numbered b'tj rank and Hie. The Kranklln Lltbt Guard* ''apt Lewi*, made a bandrome display, yesterday while proceeding out of tbe city, on their annual target excursions. Twelve prists were shot for and win a? follows ?1 ftilver watch and cliaiu. by James Lee 1st Lieut; 2. Silrer Iffiblft. Ilerry Derrek; 8 Silrer cup. Captain E Louis; 4 do John Fr?ley; 6. do.. John Jaekaon; 6. Gold goblet. J Kurdle; 7. Gold percil. Thomas Kobinson; 8. (iold breastpin N. K. L?ei* .'Id Lieut ; 0 do . J E C. Murply; lo gilvercup. M Caden; 11 do , Christ Monobau; 12 (iold pencil. M.O'llrien. ATiiiirun PtiiioK.?Yesterday morning at four o'clock rfllctrs Uic.k* and Johnson were called into the hour* at the comer of Church and Vesey street*, to take change o> a man named Edward llutke. who had (wallowed a large dote of laudanum A vial was found rn his t>er?oi> with a small uuanttts remaining i lie wn? taken to the Iloepilal by the officer*. A CHBiaTMaa Bo?-On Chrlatmaa Eve at half put (erro o'clock, a male infant aa* found on the atoap of Mr ftbeir* houee. No i>3 Clinton Plare. by one of ?..? ntMiit li *ai braught to tha VlllMith atari 8tali? n Uoure. A <"m*ntm?e fratr 11 RkcimkntalI. ? At 11 o'clock i in tbe forenoon of CliriMira> day a mwoii named John l.atkin tan found by tha Kiereuth ward police iu iibm ft the logn in one '4 the nhip yard* ?o tha K*?t River nearly froien to death. lie waa dreiaed In bin reglm'rt?l? and bad been at a hall the night before, wl.ere b>|had performed tba honor* an on* ot the manager* or floor committee Ha waa bimaeli Moored, aud becoming toggy on bia way home, waa kit among tba leg*. Biiii i rioM * W?Ttar Obat*-No?l* Coioi-ct or a P?i in mi* ? I.aft even id* Tbt mai Roblnaon fall into the water at tha foot ot Howvelt (tree', aud waa raa- ! cued by officer Ptaver of the f ourth ward police who planted into tba watar cold aa It waa and brought him up. lbl? officer, who la an aid aallor and i* known In the ward aa tba lifa preserver" bat aired about twenty ptroona during tbe la?t month. Diath ar Bmai l- Po? **i> Hirmi a>: ?Coroner <i*er waa railed, yeeterday to bold an ln<jue*t on tbe body of a man believed to named John Clark * ho died on a rait under tha following rircumatancaa It aaemt that tha deceased waa admit tad < n Tuesday night, aa a lodgtr in tha Peventh ward itatlon home, and in the morning It wai ascertained the man bad the small-pox. a* eruption* had broken out all over hl? body. A rart waa accorditgly procuisd. and tbe deceased conveyed to tbe Bellevue Hospital Hut. on arriving there, they refused to admit him. and tbe police. In order to bava blm committed to the Pmall-pox Hospital on Blackwell'e laland. fennd It would he necessary to convay blm before a magistrate, and In returning for thnt parpore. to the Ksoex Market 1'oiice the man expired on the cart evidently ftr tbe want of proper medical aid and eipoaur* to the Inclemency of the weather. The dereaerd I* believed to be an Kastera man An Iniueat will ba held thla day at the dead houne Bellevue Staiot-e A<< it>?wv o* IUa?o or * S< Moowr*.?Yeaterd*y afternoon about three o clock. while on* of the h*nd* belonging on beard ol Mir acbocner William Ills. netted Stephen Webb *u engaged Id plaalng the cargo In the bold ol tba NML a eaak of liquor f*II down thr hati b*ay and (truck him upon the back, thereby itijuriug hi# ?plne ?r rloui.lv He waa taken to the N?? Ycrk llo'pllal In irraat eufferlng and apparrntl; Irrecoverable Annas** to th? Jorawrrwrw PaiwTra*.?We have received aropi ?.f lb* addreee ot the I'rintara' Convention to the journeymen printer* ct tha I'nited State*. W ?||| ?clmrr In a da; or two. to And room for tba whole or part of It A Coi i mow ? Yectetday about tna o'clock ona of tba Ilon*ton "treat and Flrat avenue omnlbuaaa came in rollMon with a earn in ' cart In tha Bowary. near lleeter ?tr??t. with nth rlnlxng* that tha former nai br< ken down and m dlee Med that tba driver waa eompel'ed to abandon It and leave It by the wayfide There were *om* nine or ten paa*enjer* infide. all of ahom eecaped uninjured, Karl no Affaire. A C?ar ? At a meeting of the merchant*, oalled on board the *team*blp Alal>ama. on her recent trial trip, on the 26 th of December, 1M0. the following reenlutiona were naaaed - Reeoived. That our thank* are due and hereby given to Captain l.udlow. for hi* genI tlemanly and liberal treatment of the merchant* on board, and al?o to Meeer* Strickand and Line I *>t but net l*a*t. to Mr Wright bead eteward. andhla attentive aeelMaate. W. Smith,Chairman; J. II. Klnga1 land. Secretary. Thee Bolotham. Treaenrer. Committee it W >>rg?*on J a* T Seal, Wm Farmer, | Robert Boyd. At a meting of I ha ^bln pa?eenger? upon the at earn?Mp Teaneeeee on th^ftmalngef Nov 80th, 1U0. a eom| mitta wae appi Inted ^nVeoarea complimentary latter to Capt flterre A.i'm whereupon the eommltla reported the following which waa unanlmonnly adopted ? P?w?ma It?. Nov. 80, 1U0, OartAilt Cot* -Dear Sir.?The cabin paaaengera of the T*nne?*ee from San Franeieeo to Fanama. deaire toeipre** to yon their warm foellnga of grwtidoation and pleaeure at the epeedy and niccea* tul tarmlaatlon of the voyage now about aoe<>uipll*hed. and to which 1'ir unremitted exertion*, aided by yonr able and effect* nt f fflcer* have *o largely contributed Vifltad *tng? of h> alth ltd contort, to whlcb th? clennllnaaa of the ehlp and the admirable discipline maintained. ba*egr?atly |pdiic<d. jour pr???rt r??,,,nif?ri milfH tb?m < ld Culfornlana returning to thalr famlllaa and their trUnd* and valuing Integrity and high moral worth. nblrh they ackrowied?e in your cbtrteWr. cannot retrain at parting, to Under you their (tneoro t< < '1 "ill nr.u beat wl?l?<e (or all the bleating* which an Almighty II ul?r n n?h?i?fe? a noble and gaaarona btart. Signed on behalt of the pa?a>-ngeM, WM. B ALMOM, Chairman i. h 0":r.'"i Livurim.?it lad flo*ton.21?t ln*t.,by Mr Samuel Ilall ? superior ehlp of 1.330 ton*. eall?d the Tornado, owned by Daniel T Bacon R<q ., and other* She la Intended tot tba California trade to be commanded by t'apt II ol I in lata of *hlp Samoaet. Tbla la the ahlp whtah It wna at fire? latendrd ebonld be called tba Gama Cork. At Cheltaa. Hat Inat.. by Meaar* Cnrtia k Taylor, the clipper ehlp Wltcheraft of about 1.360 ton* owned by Meter*. It Hoftra and W T> Plekaien. af Salem She will bo employed In tba China and California trade Haval Intflllgenrr. Tba 17.1. ?hlp Albany. Commander I'rntt. for flnlf of Malice aalled from NanUakat Koad*. Bo?ton, on tba Kitb in?t Th? tor??blp Southampton l? r-oalrten itoraa at th? Brooklyn Nlry Yard, for lha aqnadran o? tba South n4 North PMlfle <>< ?* ?. a?d will Inii m ?? m tb?y *r? aboard prnbabiy thla w*l Th C.I (hip (iimulnvi hM aomalatad h?r aqolp it. aad I* raaatrtaf bar oflaara and araw. Ifo daaUmMo* Mtft Tha 0 S. ??r**ylag ?taa?ar Hattal T.Uwt Caa'g Kafara. want to *aa from Hampton Koa4? 19th taai., far aoaataf FlorMa. MovrmenU of DUtlngwlahed People. Tha Hob Daniel Webater left the Actor House jhterday tor tka aeat of icovarnmaot Ml. Excellency Sir Henry L. Bui war l* still at the I'aion Plaea Hotel. with hi* mite, and will not leave tor Waahington before Saturday next. K A Jouaa K B Oliver Boaton; J W Hubbard, Cincinnati; J A Danny Leicester; T Fierce Woroe*ter; 8 Bailey, H. Salisbury. Springfield, were among thr arrival* at the Howard Motel. IK llAiitirfiin?r* Pftn n?<*l iMiit J llkiun PhUaMal. phia: O. Carpenter Profldtnci uilW Bennett, arrived yesterday at the Ann-rlcu ll'-tel N. Campbell. Philadelphia. II< n J C. Winthrop, R 0. Winthrop. 8. Gardner Boston. 0. Gage. Mobile, were among the arrival* yesterday at the Aitor llouse. 8 Manie. Jamaica M 8rhuyler, Albany; T. W Hotrbkisa. do ; D Porter Philadelphia. J V. I.ojrJ, Btrmuda; M. Brooks, New York; Mr* C. V Davia. Lowell. Marx , arrived yeaterday at the Union Placa Hotel P J. N Graot, Albany; A. B Wheeler Boston; R 8 Alford Hudson; T A Ham. Boatou; K 8 Wade, do ; 8 N J Gorgas. Army, do ; Hon. D. Russell, rialem, N. Y ; K P. Beaoy. Cincinnati ; W. V. May. Albany, W. U. Phuroway, Oswego; R II. Patterson. Troy; John North, Clinton, arrived yeaterday at the Irving (louse raoM tiik Aaron Hoi-ac tilkiithio mi:tkhioi.ocical BKUISTKB. WrnxKaDAv, December 25?8)i A.M. Beaten-Thermometer 30; clear; good sleighing. Providence?Thermometer 14; clear and eold. 8'amford? Cold; cloudy; looks like enow. Bridgeport? Cold and trosty Norwich? Cloudy,- cold Itw York Superior Court. Before J unices Oakley, landlord, and Paine. !>?:< iniona. December 21, 1860 ? Thrum . Idilit Emmett. receiver, 4"f . appellant, rt sllmet Herd respondent ? J udgment at the apeclal term affirmed with ocata. bark Jit in v Lsnd.?jlleramler S. Cartwright, appellant ads Me Masters and Wardenj of the Port of \ew 1 oik. rtspondsnts ? Judgment reversed. wi'h coata. Hatk Jenny J.mii ? Samuel Candler, appellant, adt. the Same ? Judgment reversed, with C08tB Hatk Vrlasko.? Same appellant, adi. *aine rttpondentt. ? Judgmrnt reverted, ?lth cottj and judgment entered lor ileleiidant. burk I'elaseo?Jllei athler J. Cat t wright. appellant. adt. the name respondents. - Judgment reversed. with coats, and judgmeut entered tor ibe defendant Jacob badger and William M. Heck aili Elithn Rutgrit. Motion to act aside report of referee granted, coata to abide the event of the auit. and rule of reference discharged unleaathe plaintilla conaent to reduce the report ol *137 fe5 wllh intereat from June 2 1*49. Tie Tennemt Marine and t'ite Insurance Company, adsm F.lkunah H Hi>''iti i respondent.? Judgment at special term affirmed. with coata. Joseph Concklm adt the Cor put at ion of the Firtt Pres. byitnan Church ?Motion for new trial grauted on payment ol the costs of the trial and subsequent proceedings. Etna Wnn Ridgvcay. respondent ,vs JPfied Ogden and others, appellant.?Judgment lor the defendants Joseph W Hancvx t s David Jacques.?Judgment for the plaintiff, for (lie u?t amount of wharfage collected a-" reported by the referee. H'lUinin Urptium a>.d iiiht re. aj>p'IUinti arlsm William Lindrn mud John Fritz, rrtpondrntt.?Judgment at th? special term affirmed with co-ts. . Thr Ma<tin and n'ardrm of thr Port of New York r?. Samuel Candltr? Thud Suit - Judgment at the special term aftirmedwith cost*. Court Calendar?'This Dajr. V^itkb 8t*t?.s District Court.?Nos 11. 27, 33 to 41. 17 to liO. 8i i'vkkik CoriiT?Nos 20, 21. 135. 108, 105. 8">. 119. 34 68 HO, 175, )30, 141, 100, 18. 45 178 to 180,1SJ to 2to Yeetorday beltijt Christinas. the several courts and principal offices of the City Hall were closed. TIIH MKKKI.V I1KR4LD. The weeklt lli rii t> will be publifhed at ten o'clock on Saturday morning. I la contents will embrace the Ute Kurcpeau newt, the Forrest Divorce Caw, the Nile* Trial, the Naval Court Martial on Com. Jones, the recent Fugitive Flare <ase. the Speeches of Mr. Webrter and Sir Uenry Bulwer at the New Knftand Dinner, the Speech of Mr Webster to the Union men, at the City Ilall. fee . i-c. Single copies, in wrappers sixpence. Brill's Transparencies?'\V<- know of no ftliiliitiMi ss pleasing and instructive a? the Cotmira-aiO Views ?t He Olympic. They are in tlve series, a oomlun^tion of instructive tableaux of the Heavenly bodies; the anUciinviso atiitnals, fi<.? tb< remains discovered ia modem times, srd clfthed in the a ajesty of their existerce, their uppoM'd tnna >>ein|t addnoe a lr' ra that or Inlas snimals f th? same class; and three scenes of dist-jlvisg views, hy hvdro-oxystn *as li?ht. eompiUIn? landscapes of aaiare ia the vsrions seaa-ns. t f rea views. aotatle edifices, *nti|ne< statuary. portraits ?f disiiaxuished people, and vermes r?u?|icsitioas of the sertn prin ary colors " o the yonox, thJ exhibition is pe> uliarly ???fnl,*? It cemMaes ins rnc'i^.n with a pleasurable sratiticst ou or the senses, Oo and see them. Gifts for the Season.?A large assortment ef Gold Lockets end fancy Cases. Daguerreotype* insaet-d ia lockets, rings, bracelets. ?e. Also, oa Ivory, a' the National Gallery, 106 Broadway, ia all kmls of weather. Valuable Collection of Paintings.?The flreat cilluiiK n of Oil l'ai?iin?a. both Aaeieot and in', n. tit ofl*red at anetirn ia tbta city, art now on free exhibit->n, is the gal cry oxer the *oci*ty Libmry, eorner uf Br alwaj and Leonard ,tr*et. They war* rwntly brought from ti? Continent of EnreM. 7t e Ml* ?nkr? plar* on Friday and Saturday timui, Dt? 17 and IM, at 7 o'clock. Wkat a Rich and Klrynnt Prritntl?Knoi, th' llatter. make* a beautiful aieplay of hi* lata, aud |?a tl<mi n enuld not aclact a more ol< cant proaent thaa a mi f it em aonld make. Ilia a<a*rtn> at ia lar(* and rariad and bli price* very rcaaonabla. L?ob in ?a hia. at 113 Fulton at. Holiday Prrarnta and (omba, Papier Macli* H ik B< xe? .ad Dr. Mln* I'txi, Odeur Btiw, Ocrd Cam Port* Mor.oiee. Portfolio*, ttatioaory eeta kc. M?o. the acit beautiful a*?irttnent of Amaiioan and French Coat* ta be fouad in tbi* city, for f?>? and elwt not equalled, at ridueed pneea. '?. M (Jl'IMBr, 9U3)? Br <ad> *?J. aanatcra' Draailng Caie Factory, UT aad M7 Broadway.- The** oaaa* combine many advantage* o?*? tb* imported, b*in( mad* wltb ih* riaw for real eerr!** aoataiatng the b**t quality *f artlola* la tb* *mall**tpo**i bla ipar*. BAUNDBBB 117 Broadway, oormar of Ubwrtr aad St?7 Bread way Party Thonaand taata, Paataloona and Ifalatonau, of tb* latoat fall atvlo, froa |l Wu f 10, at IIBPOBRD'8 Clothing Store, Cboraut atraat. aoaoad doe above Tbird. Pblladolphia Coatb Factory, 31? Broadway .?The Aaaortment ia naequalied la tha *lty?embraoiaa tb* lant analitr of tb* iaported a? well a* boa* naaaafaotar*. fba latter Veiaa aad* from orielaal d*aica*. aad (r*at Mrattakea la tb* faiabiac and t.ttia? to tb* b*ad, aad will bo l?ato aarpae* any hitherto mad*. Comb* aad* to order. *pair! at doa*. A. h J. SAL-MDMA. SH7 Broad war. Chapa, Chafra, (Uafhnaaa, (allowneaa Flaplaa. B rnptloaa, and all akin diaoaaoa, at*. It law, II kaown. poaitire!* eored by aaiaf Ooaraad'a Italian H*d|oa tad *oap. The Pondre Rabtll* *radi?ato*hair fr*a any nait *f tb* body. Liquid Koa?a for pal* lino aad ?b**ka. Lily Whit* for roagh. ao*fc*d. r li<(i*b eoapUnnaa, at SI Walkir atreet. trat ator* froa Broadway. CaUoadtr. Sovtb *M d *tr**t. Philadelphia. ItlrDTLMinlfkf Hnrtl at tha MolMttri, ( Wall atraat Tt - paklla abonld raard m*i* Imitatlona. taa mr rarloaa alplomaa. Paraoaa whaaa hair haa aaoumad a bad aolor f ro? tha aaaof tba laitatloa draa. eaa ha?a it aarraatad by aalllar aa abora. Copy tba addraaa. Wl|i and Ton)irra.?Pfrtana wlihlng a rtjy aa pari or Wl* or Toapaa aboald call at Hatch.-lor'a calahraiad Wl? faatarr, Wo. 4 Wall it TVj will find b? aa<mtai4i all tkair raonlraaaata; no mat tar bow <i?r?lt. baaavar faila to ft tha baac la faat ha kaowa hla kaalaaaa. aad makaa a kaaiaaaa a( Ik. Copy kia addraaa. M< flya Ub i atU. flMraad'a Llqald tlwlr Pyr will nhanf* rHwpay hair ka tnttiftl Hark of kr?wa, la a taw mlaat*a. Oaaraad'a Hair XMt rttlttla warrantad tofnrea tha hair to grow. pravaat Ita falllac aff aad tnrnlat iray aad aiaklif at iff. wiry hair, aaft. ailky aad (l?aay Trial hottlaa 28 (fata each Foaad o?ly at C7 Walkar atra-1, Brat tor# from Braadwty; Rat?a m Jardan. 129 Waahlaffa atraat, Baa tea. Or. Krw man on tha Prlnalplra of LlOr.? Fowlar k Walla, 131 Kaaaan atraat.?*' vanatarar aata u-oa ' t'< irritability ?f ll> kiala, > aa ta tbaaic* ar altar tha ammi taaratlaaa, acta la a carraa poa d > aa m>aaa% >a all tha parta ta which tba akartad flatd laaawad ky th? a*r? *a " ?Tldapa?a7l. Thoaa trraaaa haa lag aapaHcaoad ta?a ??adarfal affact af Watta' Naraaaa Aatidota <a aar' aaadiaaaxa. It , fraai tba abort caaaa, will award ta Dr. kawata tha d aarrcry of tba thaary at Uaat, aa that knafe araa wr1*'aa In I aad tba aatidota, actio* ahyalrallr nyna <ba I raia aad acrrta, waa aat dlacararad nattl aararal rooatha aftar. Rllaa'a ( oaipoand (?d Llrar Oil Candf.? I A* Jaatrallati, wa awa It ta aaraalvaa aat ta 'ha pallia, ta call atiantloa ta whatarar w* daata worthy af pa*roa?ra la aar adrcrtlaiac cataaaa, aad It la wl-h aapaelal rloaxtr* that warafaroarraadarjlo niiaa'a Ccmaowad t>d LtvarWll Caady, wblah wt libra kaawa uaad with tha aiaak waadarfal afacva, aa a raratira far r<.a?bdL a- Ida. aad |>tilanaary alfactlaaa la Haaaral It ttaada anrlrallad ?< a raaardy la tuaaa ao?platata. But tiara arc apnrloaa artlalca, aad tha parehaaar tnaat aca that ha^pta aalyRllaa a Caady, aad oaaarra hla alaaatara na aarh t?*ka?a. Prl'a ta ooata. for aala, at ahalaaalaar latall.by t H I IP ftaada, 1>HI Paltoa atraat; Ihawiaa k Maiwalt. Ml William atraat; Aator aad Irrla* "oaa dra? atoraa, aad ltd aad |H1 Broadway. MOB BT MA BE UT. Daoambar 96-0 P M. ThUbalag Chrlntaiaa, buainaaa tm almnat antlrMy ra?p*ndad Tba board of brokara idjuroti ya?t?r??y. orff ta Tburt.lay and wa tharafor* hara'ao * !? of atorki to report Tha market elnaad Arm yaatar4a y, at oar quotation#; and judgin* fram tha ?aWa, largar portion war a for caah than u?ual. Erla Ineoma Bond* bara adrancad rapidly within tha pant waak. and It la oar Impranalon thajr will toneh par bafora tha paynant of tha nait aa*lanatial lataraat. Tbraa and a half par eanU ara daa oa tha lat of Kabmary, ISM, aad quotation* now earr#fl* l??ol nAm ka Utaaaa* - ? J- _ _ 1>ka ojlalnn ? ?ipr*?md ??n? tlaa iIim. rtltllft to tha boadu ill Mauritian of tha Krto Railroad C?mp?ny, haa baaa partly aoaftrvad. and ? hara no doubt oar prrdlatlna* will V* fully raridad Th? flret aad tar on 4 mortgag* Rrla Railroad hoada. ara anoi( th? b-?t M?ar1tlaa In tka mark ft, aad ?ho?ld com nan J a mash Mgh?r prrmlora than thay 4*. Al raftrda tha atoak, all| to nnrartalnty aad donkt Rlaatytkr* par oaat for a railroad ftook that ha* aot jat a ara ad tba f rat dollar of a dlrldand. to aa aaoraoa* prloa, aad hol?l?ra 111 ft ad II oat ona of thaaa daya It to oar flna ballaf that, all in oath* aftar tha road to opanad to Dankfcrk, N torhood of fifty per eont. Thif romlt will doabtlaa b* rcaliird tb* flr?t aix months the company bar* to depend upon the net earning* of the road for a dtrl d e n d Reading Katlroadreii off a traction at tbeeecon<* board yesterday; but that 1* not of the least mumijDtiM. except to those who are oompelled to ranlim. The large dividend, payable on the 14th qf January will act prices for that stock all rlfkt. Morris is look* log up again. The tolls, this year, will exceed the estimate about five per cent. The improvement* and enlargement are progressing rapidly and substantially and no doubt will be ready by the opening of navigation in the spring. Norwich and Worcester i? again moving upward; io if Iiarlem. It is expected that tho freighting business of the New Haven road will add largely to the receipts of the Harlem another year. Annexed are the receipt* of the Pennsylvania Rail* read lor the month* of October and November Pewksvlkama Central Railroad. October ..... freights. ......16 73b 02 Passengers 30,0!?1> 70 46,8*6 3S> November .Freights. 29 19*1 87 Paeeeugers 20 522 53 49 719 40 Total two monthe $1)6.666 7*1 The cost of ronstruotlon and equipment of that portion of the road now in operation, east of the mountains is about $4.?00.000, and assuming, the foregoing f gures as the average monthly receipts, in the present: incomplete state oi the road, it would afford a dividend on the investment, after deducting-40 per cent for running expenses fee., of about 7% per cent?a result exceeding the mo?t sanguine expectations of tha warmest friends of the road. The value of merchandise exported from Eeeton, for the week ending the 21st inst , was $136,788 12, of which $112,710 42 was In domestic products, and $23 077 70 foreign products. Same time last year:? Drme'tic products, $217.384 49 ; foreign products** $42 035 94. The receipts from toils on the Erie and Wabasta Canal, lor the year ending November 30, were $157,170 60. sgainst $134 659 03 in 1849, showing an Inoreas* of $22,511 62. The receipts from sales of land, in I860, I are $100,000; land held by the Trustees amounts to I *6?i.4nti acres at an appraised value o! $1973,612 63. i The vresent length of the canal is 268 miles, to be Increased to 3*6 miies?ninety miles being under contract for construction -the whole line to iivan?vllle, on the Ohio, to be finished in all next year. The trustees will hare surplus lands of the estimated : rain. AfCl fWWl/lft o,?J * r. 0^ v.ur An K ,1..V? It appears by the auni'iml extract from the Kewark JidiertUtr that the construction of another road, independent of th* lino alluded to yesterday, intersecting the Erie railroad, is in contemplation through Ptnnsyivania:--' T<> bring the travel and the agricultural and other product* ot the great W??t to the Eastern aad Southtm seaboard ot our country, has been matter ol laudable competition Ion-onetime between different point*, particularly there emliiaoed within the spoee bounded on tbe raft by Cotton. t.nd on the south by Baltimore. New York e.itj . besides 1 > other great local adrantiges. ih a nearer point adopting the line ot communication through Km .lerce), than any other port on the eastern liope ot the Atlantic seaboard. Already on th? east, ha* Norton, to a considerable extent, carried oil the palm tiom their neighbor* further Month, and or the South are a vaiiety of plans projected and projecting to bring the West with both Philadelphia an2 Ne? York, together ' But a more direct route than any is that through* this State; one great link in the chain of whieh is now in euccerrful operation We meau the Morris and Esrex railroad the present termination of vhioh It Dover Morris county. A recent survey between Dover and the Delaware Water Hap. whieh has been publlthed. with an accuiate and elaborate map ot the country between iho-e two point*. ebows at agianee the grert advantages to be gained by the adoption of thir route lor the extension ot that road; and in that account are to be taken al?o. the advantages it has over any other, by communicating more directly, aad at ? smaller exp> n?e. with the great coal regions of Pennsylvania 1'y accurate surveys, it appears that thft whole distance between the city of New l'ork and Kl> mira. where it would intersect the Erie Railroad, dote not exceed two hundred miles; and the moat extensive coal beda ot Pennsylvania can be reaihed within a distance ot one hnnd.rd and thirty miles, enabling the coal 10 be taken at the mines upon tbe same car* that shall deliver it at Jersey City. Resides these two gieet points to be reached by the circumscribed distance. and the profit* that would accrue therefrom, there are intermediate advantage* to be derived be teem those points, the value of which are not to overlooked ' The country through which it would pass t* fertile in a high degree forming one cf the richest agriculture! district* in this or any other State, embracing; nearly all Sussex and a great portion of Warren counties; of tbe latter, that portion ealled the " Upper ranllne Kill " and the Blue Mountain " It would alecpa** through Heckeetown a depot for the produce of tbe rratral portion of the rich valley ot the Mn*eonetcorg, tbe nor'bwe*tern part ot Bchooley ? Mountain, tbe upper Fohatcong valley, and a large extent of the valley if the Po<ju'*t Embraced within thi* latter the eaglmer * report state* : ?" There are thirty dry good* and grocery *tore*. and *eventeen grist Bills a number of them keeping team* constantly going to and fr< m markets below '' The road would also par* witbm a ebort illetanee of the celebrated nnnfr re?ort Sehooley'e Mountain, commanding the extenelve summer travel to and from It, of N*w Vork, Philadelphia and intermediate point* Should thie exten eion be carried Into elTeot, It would constitute a rait artery (applying a great number nl vein*, of larg*r and smaller aire Loral Interest would d< inand an<l procure the construction of lateral road*, tending to ( ell the buelnee* of the principal one." Tha Owego rout* will be compl*t?d long befor* Ut* line intersecting the Erie Railroa.fat El mlra; but wo bare no doubt both rout** will be In aotlv* and ?uoeesitul operation within a few year*. By tha routo Interraetlng the Krla read it Elmlrft, that place Will be brought one Qundred milaa nearer tbli alty. All the traffle of the Krla road w**t of Intra, destined for Mew York, will leare the Rrle read at Klmlra. and take the route through Penn*ylvanl* and Jersey AIL the traffic of the Krla road between Owego and Klmlra will leave the Erla road at Owego, and take tfc* nearer route through Pennsylvania and New Jeraey, to New York. All the travel from watt of Geneva will alto take thla routa. Aboat on* hundred mil** of travel and transportation, thro* or four dollar* by each paaeenger. and four or Ave hour* In time, will bw *av?d la reaching this city from tha We*t, by tnklng either of the road* diverging from the Krle, at EU mira or Owego. Railroad competition will work wonder* In the value of tbl* kind of property a* invertments and It would be well for tho** who depend npon Income* from *uch lnv*stm*nt? for support, to look about them in sea eon IDVKRTlXKiP.WTI ISNEWKll RV^RY DAY. Pkt UL RUTICEg. Notice-post owes, new yoek dbcembic J*. IhftO ?The mails for Calltomli, per aetl steamer. Will tl< ** ?l| > h l? f ff.eaoa 1 horse aj^ the Mtb last ,ailf. M< vupgim. hi rinsni. matt M praiftie* W M. T. BB Al>T,> T,_ M?.ri cuanfkac. cowsionbb of a small Fir* horn Philadelphia mi the ima in' r rrnber Ihi. it rf<iaeMed in ??M. pay chariae, u< lti? 11 *",*T Jk_ niCKH M>r Wo TrgMh BITOT. NOriCB-TH* Bl NRRIH or Tilt ITALIAN bbvk *eleat s?ri*tr. aed ilwt I tainoi fa **aer?i. >r* lavitaC to attead the raoeral of Mr< Nary Co Ma, wife of Jo ho b. o? Friday ?T-ni??. at lOo'elnah. A. M.. from No. 9Barelay atraet U-r romaiaa will h? take* te (lreaawaoA Ceaelryfar lattrtaeal MASONIC NOTK.B ?TUB BBaBBBS Of INDBPBNi JlLH"' Ar*h No * ?*fr?<|?eete4 U ktnati"^1" at their L?4?? B-vom, City Hetel. d?? BtwMwat. na Friday morairg a-it. at 9 oaieafc, M aalto la tke (ttat Maaeaie Calaa C?Uhra ..?a. Br alraeti.a af _ _ JAMBS ?T. POfrKLL. ItMr. cw*? brwoi ?t, secretary. ILfASONIO KOTICB THB Mtwi r? or BBlftTOL1M l?nt L^r*. Be. I, ar? partienlarly requited te la paactnai ia th. Ir atteadaae* at the Ledge Room. 71 DirtriTm at raet, oa Friday Bornlaa>>f7i h teat., at 'kn'tltrl. A. M . far the paf peie il partiripatlei ia the *reat Baaoaie I'niaa Calahreiioa. C?AS. ITTwILLBTS. W. u. J. WMiTMioavr. Secretary. Masobic notice?tii a. w. 0bai?r? i.odo* or tha B A. Bad II. F. "I l>ee and Abated Maeaaia af the State ef New Terk. will eetna*m?rat* tha I'aiea af th* brethraa, hitherto uader tha Juri?dictioa af St. John aOraa* Lndae wltk the Grand lx>dga of thie State, hy a Maaaata aeiehratina. an Friday aait, (ha 2f?h Inataat. Tha Oread ledge will aeeeml.la at tha city H->t?1 earner af Broadway aad H< ward atreet. at 9 e>l"tV A.B . whew tke Grand l.odrea from oth?r Stataa alii ha iatrodneat. A prnceeelon will ih?at>? formed. aad moee at Ml e'elaek. f nroad?ay ta Triplet Hall, whara it. Jokm'i Grand L?<1 re will hi tfnli*! Pinrar tlckata aan k? proewrad from Oao. I?. Marihfcll, (W Bowarv Dr Pnwall. o<r?araf Warran atr*at and RraadW?T ml it th? Ortad BarratMr'i ?? . CUT Uotal, tH Brcid wftT. It* ardrr ?f Wl. B. VII,NOR, Grand HmUt. Jamb W. I'nwn i, h.D . Orand Saeratarj. M^m ASON1C NOTI< ?.-f?T JOII.VS GRIND LODGE OF tka data ?.f Raw Tori, nad iti nit "tdioataa. will enmaiaawrata tka nniaa of tha maanni ft*tarai'T. with tha'M. W. briii'i l,"di?of tka *t?taof Na? York, on Friday. Daa. n. I Mo. lha Grand Lodga will aatatahla at th? Grand Lode* roam 274 Grand Hmi, at Ha'eUak A. M. Tha auk'rdiantn lodaa* ara raqmttad to a?<*mhla at thai? lodjja roaiaa, at an ?arl? Hoar, and r*pari ta tha Grand Marakal, a* tha Or?n<* |jad*a r?>oin at 9 elork p' aHur lya a! ?ktak Mm* tha pfaaaail?n will aott to Ttiflor Hull, whara the raawpttaa ky tha * W. Grand l/Hi? af tha Stat# will takaplara. Ry 'rdar. GIO. B M A R II \I,U, ( hairmnn ? . m af Arran?aa>aaM. W M 0 t'WDK 4HII.I.. Grand Marahal. N. R ? Rratkran ar* pirt.irnlarly raqnaatad ta nrar14? tkaatalraa With dinaar tiakata pratlnni ta Ik* day. f takato an ka promt ad at tka Grand Saaratary'a offl#a, Oily it "tail Gao Marakall.M Bowary; tka Kayaton* Botrl, aomar at -J-l.t? ? - ' , '* """ ? vmm ??r??r nomm, mot" ' f Hf *>#*?.i INrrrr fttrtHI BijCBANAN'8 Nif r i.' ira i, mAnuilIIHV V' rifth ??? ? , n*? r?*t? ^ -K,',rTlWr kT" "?Uf M Inform hi. r*tr*M M< th? rpMte tta*T?ll; tiat ia hit ?rw C?iMn>Mrv wttl! I ?k?lM HMrtum m rv*w*n?t Ptaaw. *b4 to. k.' . 0r**?h*"M **' Krl?ry tt ??lrHiIVTl mAi liiilIt."i L?* *?r rtrtMMM*. 12? SfSy* ?nV*U' " . ???* ??"tof fimi, m flatter* hiw??1f thitthii krtiffvmttti i?4 BSLi?'2^2ilr' ?w??* u?