28 Aralık 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Aralık 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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# \ I ~ T* IT WHOLE NO. 6042. v j M1WI IY TBLBORAPH. ItHTlL 8P THE SITHM5DIP 01U0 IT NORFOLK. Aeconirt ?f her Passage from Havana. -ONE MILLION OF GOLD DUST ON BOARD* The Passengers and Mails. dee. tec. dec. Tlu Me?nuhlf Ohio at Norfolk. VH* PARTICULARS OF HER DISASTER?AXOUJf OP OLD DUST cm BOAXB?THK MAILS AND PAMKN FE8?AWATriMO OKDKRS, KCC. N <ari>L>. Dm. 27,1800. Tb* Obi* pwt la bar* ye?tard?y afternoon. She had tkm b?i4M and twelve fu'eengers?Dearly two lluM and fifty from California She also bringa the California mail* to the 16th ult , and about on* Million at dollars la gold d art Ik* started from Havana, flrit on th* 18th ln*t; kit tat revolution blew oat the b?td of t eylinder nd ineo?fl?d her engine*. She started again, on tit* 19th, with eae engine, and made food headway until the 23d, when she wa? rtrook by a heavy gale. The boat wai bearll) (trained and damaged, ui 1*14 to until Monday evening, the 23d. She then got nnder way again, and a prang aleak at 2 o'eloek on Taeaday morning. The erew were unable to keep the water down and the Urea were extinguished. Tea feet of water wan in the hold, and all the pumps were yat la requisition, and hailing waa resorted to, whieh waa continued until Wedneaday at noon, without ceaaatlon, until the water waa loweaoughtohuili Urea. S team waa then put oa, and aanstant billing waa requiaita to keep the Crea Item being extinguished until they Taaehed the wharf at Norfolk Bhe la considerably injured. Her furniture la all brohea, with three of the iron braana. and the damage la aot leaa thaa $30,000. Bhe will have te be taken lata he dry dock. It It atated that she broke one af her aaglaaa while oa her passage from few Orleana to Havaaa. The Hon. Reverdy Johnaon. wh > was a paaaenger from Maw Orleana. pumped laboriously. It la aaid that the oaptaln told him privately, toward the ead of the paaaage, that the ship would sick in two houra. The Anal aubaldlng of the gale, and the unremitting labora of the paaaengera and eiew, seeured the aatety af tha -reaael. The water, at one time, washed completely over har deck. Tha oaly Injury to thoae on board waa to ana wha bad hia arm broken Tha paaaengara by the Ohio bave published a oard, <*xen*ra1lng Captain Bcheuok from all blama. Capt. M. waa opposed to landing at Norfolk, but the paaaengara laalating. he yielded to thuir wlshea Tha 0. will await tha ordera of her ownara in New STork. .[Annexed ia a Hat of the paaseogara who left New Orlaaaa In fYa AfiU fnr Vo? Vnrlr ? Fob Niw Tore.?Hon K?tirdy JuIidl b. late US Attar'/ Cel Albert 0 Ram#** of Pa, 'iob A <1 r?nn, Mum"j*r of Comfr?ii from I>a. Uen B C II- * ard, late U 3 Senator fr*B M4 ; Bon II 8ebooBBk>i?r, Meaner of Congreee (loot fretn N Y, Bad lady: Lt J 1 Vhuihur, USA; Ja< Tu?k, J MjtT.il HeAdkB, II Btrawbridfte. Jv Moedt. Dame) N >or JB. Mi?? f M?y?r. Mri Snieraoa. Mr* Couillard. J a* M For1*T, 11 T *tbUj?iBK?r. Ucnry Uitotuock, K A Hacgerty. T Wheeler, Mr Fl- rtmee, U Biuimd W llurbtak, Mr Bod am lfnrdark, Jbo Oiheon W II Gibtoa. H lnor, Miii C Birch, T O Powlee, Kh Jolia Wood, A U'?n(.x^Ktlwr,Jbo Lrggh, O TlUirhin, Mauler E A Ltea. II H lliamaa, J SchneaiaMl.lta A Vc?n?. 8 P M illulon. U W S Na*l?. Jae Li aoh. T Bailor, 8 Hcl.arhB. C blliuarj. P ?To> aejr, Jai Bi**o, W Bfntrn, B Coamy, D G Clark#, A II Ilm??r, L Co???*,C f Odiah, W Mallery, 0 W Parker. W Durbridxe, H Barthwait, 8 li'*i??<fa<'B, O Richard Mr? l>?la I'aat aad ehild, B<? l lfiDin*. J C t'alai r, William Buoh. Of Philadelphia?Jeha Rax. Quatairx tnpliah aad S A Martin. Of New York--Uee W l.eeaon. II Audnrxm. M 11 Vanlyke, M F B-itler, D U Fercnarn, C W Mi'Cartaa, A Fara*er, C B Johnaon, G W CreinhtoB, L N Weld. Wa bare not race i r ed the lift ot thoac from California i tad BkTtM.-lD. HaBALD ] BaLTIMORB, P*?. 17, 1830 Tie ma!! of th* Oblo, fllllng twenty-fire bag*, with !attar* and paper*. In charge of tba epeolal mall agaot, raaehad bera tbl* morning, aad left in tha 11 a'oloek train for Philadelphia and New Tork. About tvo bundred ?t bar paaaeuger* altu reached tkl* oltj tkl* morning pHILAllkLr HIA, Deo 27 ? P. M Tha Caltformln mall agent who left Baltimore ?t 11 ?'elo?k thin morning, with tha Ohio * mall*, did not T*Mb tki* city la tlmu ta connect with thl* afternoon'* trail for New York. 11a will ieare In tha miril*(. Tha loromotlT* ta which tba Ohio'* mall* wu at'acked broke down about a mile below Gray'* Ferry. Tba sail reached tha poet office at eight o'ciack. Very Late from Havana. NoaroLi, Dm. t7, 1SS0. The Ohio bring* advlee* 'rem lltitu to tha 10th Saataat, which art tan day* later than thoa* raoalvad by tha Isabel at Charlactoa. They art ol no lap?r> ianea. All *ai quint at Havana W* Uarn that tha *hlp Rapid arrived at Havana oa tha 17th, with furaltvr* for Jenny l.lnd'a bona*. Tha *took ol ragat at Havana via radaoad ta aa la* Ignlfleant trlfla, and sort of It waa Infarlar. Tar/ high rataa hava to ha paid, and ao ltttla I* doing, that qnatation* would ba nominal. Tha quotation* for agar vara 87a a and a('4. 81* days latar from (hagre*. AXftlVAl. cr TWX rHIUAPEtraiA AT *sw okmans. Nkw Oai.KAna, Daa 33 1M0. Tha itriaihlp Philadelphia. Capt P.araon, tram ,'hagraa. hat arrivad, after a p\*?a?? of alx day* (ht 'ring* thraa hundred pn?**Dg?r? There wara many atlU waitltg oa the Ifthmua. Th* *taam< r* Aatatoja and Tan\ma hal laft Pana aa with a larga number of paaa^ger*. From Wa?hln||lon City. a fat AProiimnMT?Aiiounoi movkmrmt, rrc. Wifiiiv-.to* Deo ST, ISM, AUaa A. Hall, lata editor of tha fitpuUte, baa repaired tba appointment of Baperlotendant for tha aiwetioa of tba Ban Frauelceo I'uatoa Houaa an J Maria a IIoepit.il The salary la seventeen dollara par day. Tha abolltlonlat* la Congt?*< hare bald frequent aonenltatloia. daring tha preeent weak, ralatlra to a repeal of the Fugitive Have law. Charlea Mian, tha frae fad ra|t<-#entativ* from the Fifth >1l*triet of Maa achuaett* will endeavor to ln'r..dn ?e a Mil for H-h a parpnae lint without hope even of getting it referral duriag tha enaulng waak, In ordar to kaap allea kgltiMm. Tha National Mod Hall baa b?en e^urad far aaaamliliaa thia aaaaton, whlah promiaa to ba uaaaaally brilliant Th* Prealdeat'i lava* I* arowJai ard tha waathar ia vary An* Tba BtvKI'r of thl* miming again atrongly argae* for th* two crnt rata of po*taga. fate Appointments. Ai.aaav, r>?e 37 tWO. Tha Trxy B*A<> aay* that L Ward Smith. of Roehe*. t*r. a member ot tba Legtelatur? from that city, la to ba Adjutant General ; Mr PuiUr, a aon of Gen P. B. Porter, Govern* r'< 'erretary, IkafrnrtlTa Fire at Dnaiavlllat, Pa. PaoaiLl*. Dae 39, ItW. A ira breVe out In tbl* plar?, I???. night rf?teoylag <*ur etarea. <nd a building upeu aa a dw.lllng and a )a>b?r*hnp The loee l< ahnuf |MX>0 partly Insured Tha building* war* ownr.1 by J T Math. ffrtani Row In Atiimrn. At n' ii, N * . U?o fT. ISM. A de?p?r*t? row oosarrad hrr* l??t aifh*, on Unffalo ?tr??t N u tnh?f? h?d h|r1 for aTj'>'t 1?f ?b? a c|u?m?l *ro??. ?nd tba atfthmrn w?r# e*il>d ?n. foar nf lk? ero?lii?r?Mj lnJar?J ? -on# of th?m Mr lturkt?Y rm *1 -i? aMy ?o. Klght of tharlotora ??r? MM^d ?rd ro?,mltt?d. ratal A (Tray BiIwnii Vwt R f|roM. Loiitrnit D*a 27 .1810 A fta?a* too* pl*r? b?t???o t?? frrr n?*ro?? in J-f. ?r?on*llU jml'tAiy, wh?? oar D*m?<l HmiCi. tilled th* Mh?r with a eh*lr Prpfkaaor Wtb?i#r'i I'tnllf, Am. H.iii'n, llfO DT. IMA Tk? ?l frofrww W #b?t?r h*? h??n prawtiM wMk In* h"#? ll A ?h Mrt?t, wtitoh ib? wl I la futar? |M w4tn hot d?nght?r? No dl?t<iTh?oep oa*arT?<l at th* alolltlna m#*tlag In f*????ll Hall, l??t a'fkt; H?mf-Tbo(D|n3n thi Kag?lUb |ll?Kf. ?p. k? t?n p? i ?tf. BarfUrln In Pin m. pnii i.?i rhii, l??? 9t,1m4. Tbaatorraoff H Kll ? lt*M< k HtiMI, ?? ( Urtxi. I*?t rahh?<1 nt larg* ili?aUtl>i of Ilk*. Irinfe H??*? Huff an<Ml> fcn Tli* robfeara and tkara U do ?!? ta tfcia i t .** :?? ?r Mr ? ' "' - -i J 4.. it T? "XT i? JLU -LI M21 Tm< TIm Wtalkrr,*? , thri*|hia( tfce foutrf. STATE or NSW TOKK. t lUMwa una. II w^ti. li'rrtu, Deo. IT?7 P. M. Tbt? morning, at o'clock, Um wind waa northw??t The thermometer atoad at 38 dag , and the baremetor ?M rising. Th? >kj ty alondy, (id M(tht*?4 darti| | Um day. Tbia evening tb? weather la musk the same thli morning, but it U grewing eolder. KckHtitu. DM 27?TK P M. We bad a oiear and beautiful morning. a ad II thawed 'luring the Jay. To night It U cloudy and ?old, with 1 win J south weet. liitcun, Dec. 27? 8 P. N. Tba theruometer deaotae 82 deg , with a touth wind It 1* clear and pleaaant. Oiwtud Deo. 87?T P.M. The weather is tmy moderate. The Hieraontfr at and* at 34 d?-g. Tbe wind U variable, and U loolu like rain I Unci. Doc. 2T-SP. M. We bar* bad a pleasant wnebinv day. The weather wai quite mild, and thtre wai a alight thaw, bat not >nough to injure the sleighing. which Is exoellont. Since sunset It baa become cloudy and ooldar. The wind Is eoutbweat The mercury indicate* 36 dag., and the baromttor 29-oM. Alb&wt. Dae. 27?8 P If . To-day wai mlM and plaanest with a tooth wind and tbe tbarmomater at 3i drg. Tbie eTauing It li cloudy and tba wind haa obaaged to thawaat. KSftTUOBY. Lociitillk, Deo. 27.1850. The weather here la oool and pit-want, we have twelve /eat of water on the falls, and it la rising. State Con wen tlona. OHIO. Columsui, Doe. 27, 1430. The Ohio State Convention have adopted a section that no person holding otBca under the United 8itt?, or thia State. shall be eligible lor nlliee in the Legislature A ?uo debate ensued thia afternoon on a ectlon living tha Legtalatnre power to rep*el the charter ot any incorporated company for oolleoilog or properly disposing of their property. 1NDUN*A. I*Di*i**rOLia. Dae. 27, 1M0. The Indiana Convention baa parsed a aeetlon pro* bibltlng the Legislature from granting divorcee Alao, | rohiliiting lotteries, or the tale of lottery tioketa. la the State. Congrcaalonal Nomination In Htw Saaipahlre. Comoro, Dee 27, 1850 Chaa. n. Peaalee, democrat, has been re-nomtaated for Congreea in the eeeoad diatrict of Mew liampahire. He reoeived aixty nlu* votea oat of one hundred and twelve. Antl-RebtUne?'!% FugltlTO Bill, Ac. Utica, N. y., Deo 27, ISaO. The ralta brought agalnat lion. George Clark, to teat hla title to the landa in tbeOilakany patent, bare been discontinued by the Attorney Oeaeral. The wltneaaea were all aummened aeveral tlmee. at a heavy expense to the State, but the attorney came to the conclaaion that the title of Mr Clark waa good. Tba land* are now for aale. and the pieeeut tenanta will doubtleia become purchasers, aa many have already. It la rrported that Mr. (ferrlt Smith and Hon Hutger B. Miller are to dleoura tba legality of the tugltlva Slave bill and the oonatltutlonality of alavery. at Albany. aome time In January next. lha Lowtrrllle and Portland Canal, Ac. CmriiMTi, Deo 27, lilt. A meeting la to be held here thia evening, to eeeanl the efforta of Col. Benton to lnduoe Ooti^reae te aboliab the tolla on the Portland and Louisville Canal. Tba steamboat Cumberland. No. 1. aunk on Cumberland river, on Thurtday. The boat and eargo are a total loe*. Tba river la blgh and freight* are a ahade eaaler. Markets. 0iici*!?4Ti, Deo. 2T, 1S50. Hog* are quiet. The sale* have been 1.7c?. at $4 10. 400 kbit prime lard aold at7>ic.. and 400 bbl* n?N perk. at (10 60. B?ltimo*k, Deo 27, 1830. 8alea thin morn leg of 4 COO bbli. City Millx flour, at (3 Ofl.Vt, and 1.600 bblt Howard street at (4 6^S'. NEWS BY TUB MAILS. Arrival of Jetmjr Llnd at CHarleaton. OI K CUAKI.KCION CORRK9POSDK.NC1. Cm*t r.iro*, Dec 34?10 A M, Jenny Llnd did net arrive her* uatll between 9 ani 10 o'cloak laet evening (Monday ) Bb* we- looked for arly in the morning. Bbetack paeaage In theaioamer Gladiator, Irom Wilmington, and war detained by a heavy blow Irom 9 to I. 8 W.. which continued from the time she croeeed Cape Fear bar to her reaching h?r wbarf In thl* city. Bone two or three hundred persons ware la frsnt Of the Charleston Hotel, walling to aee the Jaany. I'pm ker arrival at the Hotel, root one celled out for threa cheer* lor Jenny, and another e*lied out three more for Uarnum ?at the suermaid. Hhe give* ber Bret concert on the 26ih last. The price of ticket* are eiaht, teven. Hie aud three dollar*. The weather yesterday aad to day wai vary cold lada* d, but clear. The Nightingale suffered some from *ea-*lcku**i. on ber voyage from Wlliuirgtoa. BV TELEGRAPH. Baltimore; Dec 27. 18i0. Jenay Lind wa< in good health at Charleetoa on 1 hntrday, Friday, and Saturday Bight*. Tloket* range fro a (If* to tin dollar* Onr Fl?lla<le!|>Hl? orr*l]Miidfnrci fMii.auKi.rii>*, Deo 27, 1850. Thrtt Huiadrt, +c. Suicide baa become intectloua imoi| u*, wlib'n the la*t twmtj toar hoar*, no ie?* three aitempt* hariug b'-fD made two of which proved fTirluel On* wax Hrnry Miller, a bakrr. who eat hi* throat with a rai?r. In mtirqutiici of being jtlud by hi* i*??ih>irt. The x.-orid wa* llnary Haoaey who. having b??n married bat alx raontba l?iira? jeaiou* oi fcl* wlie. and at'.er <jtiair*lilrg with ?,<r aelied a cate knife an 1 gaahed hla il roit (a an awful manner There wai mfflc-lnn; lm of lit* In hli compo* I lion to ladaoe blm t >run Immediately to a pbyiloian to cure the injury inflicted The third raab Individual waa W w Knlth, a led 35 an Kagilebman by birth, w ko wa? taborIng under a meUncholy engendered by a reilglra* excitement He had formerly been a member of a Arm engaged In the nrodno* buelaear on the wharf whl;h waa dl'*olved In ooaneqaeace of hie taental atlmact II ia laoaily were ?u*ploloua of an at Umpt to commit euleide. and had kept a wat< b upon b> moTeoeat"; but beaueoeeded In throwing then off tbtir gnard, and thia morning wa< found bunging ia hie chamber life entlrrly eitlnct Ue l*j?e? a wi(? nd pereral children. Impoitant to Navigator* In the Pari fir. THK U. > COA?T ?l 1VRY, A D. IIACHK, M rKa.irrg*MKT?9AIL1H? IiimtrilH TO ACUOMPAMT THK MW (MART or THK WK*rKR1 COAST Of THK I'MTKP *TAIKS. } f ikr WfMin-n CmiI V Unur4 StaUi./rom Html in f fe Ce aaiu n'ter. ftp L tut. C<'H* g ?' I'. M jiiikur, V. 5 N , ainiKiil ia (A* Ceetf Smif, enV /Wfuf. Wathirglim .1. Harllrtl. V N ,V , atmlant. Phiit NO I. Pound Into Pan Franfiaco or Wnn'erey u?e every opBert anlty to rbaerra for latitude and longitude, ao aa to kaow the veeeel'* pc*Mon ap to tll>* iateat nearat, a* foge aad ba*?. preveu'inii ebaarratlnaa. prerall aear I the land A How generally fnr a aoutberly aet of halt a mil* id orur ontt: witkla about 0117 mlia? ot laail; til>r whtrh. at tlmra, it la not apprarlabla With tbaite prr??ut.?o? rmrla m?j atarr boldly en ahaplng a Cf ura? for tba Fruth Karr? Inn an i?l?t a"j ?u? -M> frat hl*h and a ml'a lonp, ba<iog 14 tatbr>m? wat?r ai 4 innd tnldlng gronid 00 tb? ?outbaa?t ai4a Thla l??t Baa b*cn iMotmaiiM aa tba alt* for th? ovtit light ot Han FitarUo*. (> approaching pounding* the waUr !??< ra?" of a pal* grcan rolor Satindltig* may ha had In '0 to -10 fathoma rofl ooaa. U appraarhlag I'unta da lot K??> a I'.alrw 40 fathom* la r. ar tba land, and tba ?'ir'?b<>nl4 b? b> ard It bai* prarant" tba laBd from balng fa?u If tba Mnndliiga ara :4 lathom* or undar aai th? na aaaMlb. anrb?r with a k-dtri <h- U?4 i??a vtalbla. aoaa to taka a compaaa haarlag aa tba p *ttloa cannot atharwlaa bar*Had on If op with Iba 8. Karrallin Bad night approaaklng. or that a ara appaaranca* nf fog. anflhcr at tba Partal loa and watt dayll<ht. ? h-n th? morning bra?sa will oarry tba ?aaa?-l to lb* bar 01 pilot grouad aoor?a N K. V >. (by aompaa*) 'i7 mil** In?i4a tba Pairalloraa tba 'paf la g?naraliy to. war4a tba north ahor* bat It may b? apprixcbod without rtak kaaplng ont'ldo of tba kalp, which mark* rock* nndar *at?r I>u*tury Ra?f if (I mlla* W by N. N frota n?nata Point. proj?ctin? naarly two mltaa from tb? Mnlf. la wall mar k*d with tba katp. and tba aaa g?nvr*Uy braakf on It. To antar Pan Fraaolaoo wltho?t a pilot, bring Alnatraa laland (**a chart and flaw) In ranaa wl<h fori Point, and ron on. Tbla glraa l'nlnt Rnaata a goo4 h-rih and Bll daafra oa tha innth abora ara ptaia la a?rbt II boand iato Montaray. abapa tba couria for Point Ann Nuaao. la order to aaold Point 1'lnaa At An* pillf T" ' IITI ? Iff ?? 'I > l?H^I ?ir?l VI ?ll' l?U- * t> ?..a?thuip with Alio *? ? . th? Pnlil Ploo? (th? only pit tit *h?r* lb* plaaa rtach ?h? ?-a 1 will b* fliarly wm ltd il ih'Wth rti? to ?tow tha town of y al?i Olfaltta ?ontb ?hoT? a fond b?rth (rnoft iwwMf l( *?ar atjht ?? It f?n*'?lly rati* oalm.i and atand na. annhor n**r*at to lti? w?a??in ahor?. a ibort llatanea from tba wharf Tt>? b?Mtn? frr>?nl li jool ??d with i?ol t?*kU T*w?la raa rl4a at anrhnr la wMjat all hhiii of tli* y?ar Ocdajoat. matin* lonf toward* tun Vmin, In rrdrr to avoid tba " avt" and nwctl off P'dat Pt?n? Th? Hay #f r?ra?l, nath of Polat Plaoa aaaat b? nar-fotly avoid**. I'onta da k?a R?y?? la a hlgb. hold an I ??r? proial ?nt b?odland vtalbla (a cl?ar **ath?r flftf mitaa | ItatvMi May and Oetobat *M*?la wiav anchor in 8ir p. ' I -f4 utw U * '? ? if- X*J', *& -tnli** I < . .. .. , j. j... ai . ti .t * i w ro . . .4 ^ a* > $ fcs.- 1 . J 1 . i < * /> \ f 3RNING EDITION?SATU] Drake's Bay. bat U I* not t4>l<tkk. kedgo la mually m(< to yrew*a poaltlon entilde la e aw c1 ?t. from Punta 4a loa B?jai to Bvdoga tha poait It rariable in height, but olear of dang ar. and with a commanding braoaa may bo apprmM at plMHr*; ehould tha wind fell whan to tha northward of Put* do loo Kojrra. drop tha kedgo 011 reaching thirty fat he me aa tba awell will gradually ?et tha raaaol towards tho boach Badrga haad la known from Punta d? loa Reyoa by baring a braeoa on tha aoa bluff. 11 ka a Nook howae, twenty-fire feat square. and near it a ataff. on wbtah thoro la naoally a flag For oouraaa and diitaooaa. aao taMa. Palling In with tba land northward of Bodega, do not paaa inalda of Used kolp, aa it indioataa foul grouad. It U aaar the ahere From Bodega to Oapo Mendocino. tba ooaat sonnlnta of high, bold cliff* with bat few indanUtioor tho dangart are only at tha rbora llna. Naar Cape Mendocino la Blunt'* Krai, a (mail fatoh of rock undar water, aaa generally breakl og upon it. Tharo ia a clear channel. 8K inilaa in widtfc, batwoan tba reef and the tugar ioal rook at the cape. There are no dangera from Gape Mendocino to Trinl* dad Dead. The boaeb may bo approached to within one mlla, and tba anchorage la good all along tho ahoro in thirteen fhthoma. Shikt No t. Having paaaed to the weatward ol Cape Mendocino, Trinidad Head will be readily known by referring to tha view. Trinidad Bay i* an op?n roadatead. only available from April to November. The aontharly winda of winter render it an uniafe auohorage. To enter paaa between the main round Muff, or headland. and the inlet, uatll the town |i opened, whan anchor in ei|(ht fathom*, good holding ground. In April and Octr.ber, anchor wall outside to hare rooui forgetting under wi;, If MCMmry. l>o not pace inside tha Turtlea. (?e? chart ) m the ground la broken, and the awell generally heart. For the mtrance to Hnmbeldt Harbor. Me the ohart. Captain 0ttlnger. United Statu* Kevenu* iter vlos. report* three fathoms at low water on the bar *f till* tarbor. No direction* cau be given far entering nntU surveyed. Northward ef Trinidad Head do not approach tha bore closely, unless the breeie 1* steady. The danger* are In plain light At night It generally fall* oaloa. and it calm, the ?well will aet the vessel too near the beach Klamath river ha* It feet on the bar at low water. It I* not difficult of entrance with a good breeae, but very dlfflonit to got out of, the current running *e trorg that sailing vessels must come out itern torero oat to be steered There I* a ad on the south side ot the river on whieh a white flag with black bail in generally hoisted. Port fit (ieorge is a ante anchorage in the sura<ner at the point indicated by the anchor The reef eff Cap* Bt Ueorge consists of roeky IsleU. The in shot* cbannei I* good and clear, and shown by the track of tb* chooser Kwing From Pelioan Bay, with n br*eae, take this channel Vrom Cape Bt. Oeorge to the Tontounl*, or Rogne*' river, there are no special dangir*. In the iuum?r reeeels may anchor any w her* along the ceaat. apd there are landing place* south of all the roeky point*. The Tontounis. or Rogues' river, ha* but 16 fe?t on the bar; is rapid, and passes between htfh mountains. Avoid the kelp, which indicates rook* under water, and do not approach the shore at night Ewlng harbor i* a safe anchorage in tnmaer. There i* no surf In the landing cove From Cape Bt. (Ieorge to Cape Orford. the coast I* thickly inhabited by band* or wild Indiana, and care I* necc**ary not to be surprised by them. There is a reef ot rocky Islets off Cap* Orford. From Cape Orford to Cape Arago, ther* is no danger clear ?f the beaeh The Kowe* river has not yet been examined. The anchorage to the northward ot the bluff is good. The Lmpqna la accessible tor steamers, aad for small salllrc vessels only, uader very lavorablc olrcum vtaii era When off Cap# Aragn la el?ar w?<ath*r. tha high land bluff* ol the Imiua an plainly Men. 8hilt No. 3 The coart from tha Inqua flrar to tha Columbia U giaerally bordered by a aand beach. with while aaad EiUa, and the Interior In demely wooded wlvh flr or ylaa. Tha ellfff, ?Len they oacur.are bold, bat afford no ?teU?-r for anchoring. la thi Rummer, a veaael may anchor In twenty fathoms off any ot tha*a btache*. Tba Al**ya. Yaquiana. and Klllamook rlrera, requite ftirlbrr rzaminatlrn In proreedlng to the northward In winter, make KlUamook Head, and II tba weather render* approach to tbt bar ol the Crlnmbla undnalrable keep to the eouthwmd ol Cap** lianooek, ((>!? appointment.) aa the current 1* northwardly In wlatar There ara Rood ptlote la atteadanae at the m >uth of the Columbia ana the chart of the aatranea aud bar will glee dlreotlon* lor approaching The pIlMaare usually cff tha eontb ehaaaal, In a rmjl aohoo?aa, bowir i a tly at the mala If not aeaa, Are your gan* Cape Uaneoak (Dleappolalaent ) k*| aereral trea* trie med up ahawlag a " broom top " and may ba tbu* known from tb* capo to the earthward rt 8hJ.?l Vfater bay To avoid mlataking 3hoal Watei bay tnt the manth ol tha Columbia, (tba f undings belaj ilmllar) make Killamawk Head. Narer omit tbla la wlnt-r TV-re are no danger* off tba beaob aotthwar l ?t.J\ HUiaook llead.and tbaeousuiug* In approaching ita4re rejjttiar. Mote?Wat wlthataadTng the remark* * to tha general fact ol tba wlndt prerallinffta <he N W and N N tV. iitilir dnrina the tummer It la nrn'aer tcState that. iB the month o! Jun-. 1860 tha wlad? to tha4ix>rtbward of linn Kramiaoo w?r?^,jht?*ri>ni tha "Uhvard and vfitiiri with ibo??n <>rib nf >intlo?lgv f* thaw holt month, ii^h'^oMtiri ran to fli? northward wt.b all atrrrleif?aUa. It 1*. ho?*ver. jmt t<> b*?4aaonrtr*trd whath-r Jan* |? ft regular period of lontbarly brwava. Tint or UTUtori ? < o LoamTt nc or tni roan, an rat atari, carat, rauM Mo*traiT ro 1HI OOLl'MaiA lltn. I Lajit*J*. Pola! riaaa?lfoa'trty 9ft ST*) N. 121 M (XI yf. r*tnt Santa Cmi .1i MOO 111 (II .VI PolatAA? l*#tro .17 II 00 II2 .'.1 (K) r?int Bail I'adro Ifr 34 ml \a 1* ml I'olut Luhot .... VMM 111 27 30 : fort Foial,(t*traact to Ban Fraaclta?.) .. ST iH W 121 2rt 11 I 8?btb Farralb a 37 .V. ? 111 ml IW ; Ki>rthw?tt Farral!?n,. 37 44 00 IE) OK 00 I a.a da lot Key* 01 .Kl 111 02 30 fblac lYnialol 3rt 14 .10 Ul Oi *1 Ilodrga Bead 31 II ."W II3U?I F?rt Rraa... ...... ... ?< MM IS) It JO Blabt'a leaf? > Miadoalaa 40 27 14 l.'t 111 ill (atr M-adartar. Mo?ar laal 40 17 Wl IM 17 * ; Fata* Maadralan 40 .11 *1 IM ? 00 Id rlrar, (aanaact,) 441 ft* .10 114 If UO T?ki? ll'nff 40 41 Oil 111 11 uu b> blx'Ui llar'nr, (?atraaea,)..... 40 5: ml 111 ok ?0 TrlaidM Raj. (au<J.ora?c ) 41 ID II 1.4 <M <?> Ttia.'adl Ujr... ...... 41 OB *1 III >4 Hi* Tar:Itt (N. W.af Triaidat,)... 41 II10 114 If M K*4 wr?d Crttft 41 It M I'M IV 00 R.iidlai a *<? * 41 23 ml 124 14 HI 1 Klamath Rltar, (aatrtaaa,) 41 .'4 mi 111 "I .W j F?rt ft. OcorK*. (aacLbiann,) 4l4iuu 114 H4 00 Papa St tla*ifaa ...41 47 00 111 07 ? 8'. C??r*' ' Rrof or lalata? lha N. IF. .t Urt aiitjr. 41 tl TO 114 IS 0# Fa1l< ai llay-iadiaa (aaah'(t) 41 U 00 1S4 0| n# 1 atouaia, or Ragaat' klnr 42 K XI 114 II UO IT.atom ta Rrrf.taoiith'a ??tramltj ).4l 27 30 111 PI itf K? iaa Hki ?( (? ? h- racf) 43 44 ml 114 II ml ( aaa Orf. rd. or lllaaco. i2 U U0 144 2(30 llr'ur* K??f ? lali t abort aatar, W ,:i?ml?r> 4? 4t> no IN 3S IW [ C i?illt filer .4.1 12 4> 111 H i? ' C*|? Aratu .4.1 17 of l?4 I" 00 i K<.*r> Ritrr. (ratranra.)., 43 1" 01 IM It! 00 I giMna kiTer, (antr*n?- .1 4.1 44'<0 124 IW UU ? tpa l>r| it?a?Hoatb hlufl . 41 II Ml 111 id (?J r?l rtt--u??Worth HI iff 4410 m iium in A o<*< Rh?r. ...it.ami 1X1 M W T?.rt? ?*rj'?, or l?l?t? <>ffCapt Foalw>a-l?r.... M4?i>0 its sr 91 r<| ( r >?!?ra<h?r ii * > <?> >*< M ?V N lii ll.irr 44 IT <? 111 M M ^ r t r * I !i?r. (f a'.rat" ?i,) IS " *?> I ill ' ( >*> ' fir 1/ I-. ot (Utw i a ? y? Ru'mnn.A hilar 4S ? 00 111 M <*? r.lM Ki!l*mook (S .1") 1..I W 00 hill*Si<.?k Mrad ii M <*) lilt) 09 IViat Aiatat ... 4? 12 40 W1 V 3d l?|' liaai tck <>rl>'uppnin'.n.fnt... ( > l'i I* 1.1 HI (J n* iRtfvot tin nwiinu, with TMr uriHl ir?oM m in?ri* 4 to mwm.ur, ?> iiiviu * TO m> I DLI mil nil*, Ih, M Tr? N??/'i P?(?f4. Urartnfl TrtI'lrNofl Mile*. F ? *? . o ?<> tt? moM* i rrf at l?r ? JI'mfrifT, r.m H Piirt.A rr. m v id V. lat ^o Prdr? t? ft. Are ftiOTO.*. II R. *1# f-'lf Ac uoto lo t?rat S it S. do. *) *??< ? n?? m * ?i*r?? ... n. >i *. do. 1J t'TTttlisnrv iff fn% (V,f t >tt. t r??'?luo to p.. at B-atto W. (11 f. do. Ml K 1 otraJlra to J* W T?rr?lli? .. K. Jif W, do. 9 f P?i?l H"jn N (*1 w, 4t. 'II H W rtrralloii ta Total ftojod. ...IV. 11 R. do. IT* N. T. Farrolirain Pi.ibt ftoaota. .V. *1 do. I *. foT'ai|>t. (o r int ?? NaotO. .9. MR. do. . I ' am flu * trn nrhr* to Wr .Vorf* > if r?f. P?tot Corf'a (o Dutknrr kit'.... H. tt W. do. S)f rolal B<?otato tt. W rorrallon . .A n W. do. *1 I'nlat B?ti?t%?o *. Forralloo ?. M W. do. Irt r<'it n?n<? i? Mil '? l?? Kfjdi.N X W. da. tt 1 fo'nt Rr;r? t? F-ilM Trmalra W. Bl W. do. 1.1 IViitKuntiH d'liU'id W. "6 W. do. 17 F?lat Kt)**to Port .......m. 17 W. do. N Or Of \U-mrfo. Wio In thr Smthm rA, < apo Xoadoflao to Ulnar* Roof.. If. TO W. lfl'.HV Car? M'a<t'?lr* to Faloo l'?po... H. ) P. <lo. 4 r?l? M?ad <-r? to Itl RItot... .M. ".1 >. do. ! Pat?o Voadrolao (o lt?r.knldl B?r. !*. Jl K. d >. Z1 lalor M?a*'npit)o to 1rtrli<*'t Br?d.N. ]0 d*. W ff nmfct Id< Bor ?? Trinidad llcad...It. II R. do. Id I otl'Hr*'* R< i k to Uio Tun ! .. S II R. do. 11 PrAdtrR - R" k tt M* KiT?r. l<f. ?? . co. i? H(<f?1r?* R?rk U fort ?. 0?< r|?.r? 2" R. do. It rort 5* 0"nH? to Kl<m? h Ri??f. .8. Itf ft. 1** K. ID c?r''? o?'wt?nw nir. <?. $ W'jvi' Rl?*r RmI ta c?p? S? Co?nt? a?f, P W numltf ...A I1L 4*. n ?lfjt Blr^m R'-inri' Rittr Raaf. B W. ft nmlj A. |?*r. 4*. ITH lvi?( 1'arVr M taatktra aa<l at Tforri ??t i*. ?i w. it* a. i Ci|? l>ila?4 n Matkara aitraatlty M tmnrll Rotf...... *?W. 4?. f ?p? Orfard tr c?'i?lll > 4i??r H. I* 9. 4a. n Coqtilll* m??r t* C?M ^r*4fx F. ft. 4?. II C?|?A"??to ftowaa Rim B. ft ?t. rwl I Cap* Araaat* fvpina RlTar H. IT S. 4*. |J l'm?ni H?a4 to I ai>? f*a?p??n* .. H. III. 4a. B 0 nri'taall ??4 11? A|,?i < Rlt ff. ?R 4*. in At?'fa ll??r to r?r? F' olw??'ktr N. If 4*. raalaoathar ! Y?<i?la?a N " t 4o. H 1ai>Mi?i?a ? Car* !- ? . If ' ?t? I Mk"?l ?o Pal." R III* monk.. I* 'If, <i, fat?r Rlfrwork t? *'V?'?Ofk . .Kft'fc. 4*. TH Rilt*w*rk II<1 ta |wr( r%laa>?!?.. 19. 4a. V ft|1|a*a?V IJn4 to I ar. Bin-.-i (Di?an?iata *at.| P. IV 4* tig * ' * Vu' " ?' *. Rrdf#?ir . ***4 Miuti ? K I RDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1 THE ALLEGED FCCITITE SLITE. E\T?AOft?lSAKY KXCIT&HfillT* StlPRIMK COOKT? IWtRAt, TKRM. ; Bsfcre Chief Justice Edmonds and Judged IdfarJi and Mlt obeli. IIAIRAI COBrUI. Pro 87 ?The court *u densely crowded tbit aornlog.

by spectators. analogs to hear tba dlaeasaioa be(on the 8upr*me Court, oa the ratorn of the writ of kahtat cor put iaaaed for thabody of tba alleged fugitive alave, Henry Long. Tha gallery waa tfVled with colored people. Tba Chief Jmttea ordered tba door* to be closed, and that no other person ba adultted. ' Mr. Jay. counsel for Heary Lo?g fogged to aak tha coart that tha retwra ha nww Made to the writ ot fmUa* roryw directed to Chaa. M. Hall, and that tha hearing ha permitted to have a priority, ai the Comiuiaaloaer had adjourned until 11 o'elouk thie morning, and hnd given them to understand that he would prooeed with the investigation, and make a final imposition of the oasa. It so, it would render Kugatory tha powers olkairgi minu, and deprive tha oonnualtT of the j Ights and prlvilegea luteuded to be preferred to them. Court?I do not sea that there Is any nwaesalty for huny on the case; on tha other hand, 1 think there was great propriety In the Oommtvlontr proceeding with the examination, notwithstanding the writ rf kaktai rvrpu?, which certainly was not Intended to stop the Inv?Mlgatioa. Mr White, associated with Mr. Jay. waa about to apeak, when The Court aaid?We will take up the oasa In Its regular order. There 1s a writ ol kabtat returnable In tha case ol tha French orlr oners. Mr Jay asked the Court for an order to compel a tay of proceeding* before the Comisltrloner. Court As soon m the return in mvle we will ant upon It; In the meantime you will allow us to proceed with our business In the regular order. The Commirsieaer (Hr. Che*. M Hall,) her# said? May it please the Court, I am prepared to make the return I now bold It In my haad. Court?I suppoee so. sir, and that there li no rtMoi for all this barte or excitement In the matter Mr White asked to say t word Counsel then proceeded to state the reason* of their having applied 1st the writ of fceAras rerju?, which was because of the refusal of the Commiseloaer to discharge the alleged fugitive, as moved (or by tbe defence, who maintained that there was not suffloient evidence, even on tbe shaving of tb'-claimant, to detain him lnoustody. If the examination were coatlaued at 11 o'clock, betoie this wilt was heard, and the certificate granted by the Commissioner for the return of the alleged fugitive to the claimant, tbera would then be no power to take the boy from each warrant [A young gentleman in tbe gallery hem oiled out that he was a member of tbe bar, and tbe officer at the door refused to admit blm to the body of the court.J (Laughter) Tbe Chief Justice.?He dees perfectly right. He is obeying his orders. Don't you see that wh are alrealy full? (Laughter) The Commissioner asked permission to make hi* re, turn to the writ, in order that be mlrbt leave the court, and prooeed with tbe examination in the case. Court -Owtalnly; haad it to tbe Clerk. Mr. Jay?Wo call for the body of Henry Long; the return Is made, and the man la not here. Mt. Western, counsel for the olaltnant. said that tbe return sta'es the Cemmiseioner has not Ac custody ot (be body of Henry Long. Ur Jay aeked tor an order of the Court to commit the body cf Henry Long to the castody of the Hberlff. Court. ?Where is the body ' The return state* that he has uo power over the brdy. Mr. Jay read the return of the Commissioner. It i* directed to Mr Hall, and other* unknown Court.?Wo cannot Interfere. It you dispute the correctness of the return, you must proceed against Mr liall for making a falae return We have nothing lurrarr 10 ou id tu?i lor w nuypon iae puxmi unknown ha?? made no retarn. (Uu^hur ) Mr Jay ? We will ane??r th* return hy uflHavit XL* Btttel here ended, and the pwt.ei left the Court. ITNITKD STATFS COMMl^VONJCIt's COURT. lieio-e Chae M. llall, K -1 DrciMHK 37 ?-Alter the tarmiaafl"D of the diaonailon in tb* Supreme Court, Bear; I.on;, th* alleged fogttW* (lave, van brought before the CommlMlonar Mr Jay ask'U for the ?aip*naloo of the proceeding* for a rhort time; he had juat had the kotix of KHlB| the Marahal with a wit of kmhrai r-r/Mit iooeod by Juatiee Oauiobeli of the Saperior Court. an<i It wa* 9* t V De ||||i The Meribal raid he ?fc*?]d obey the writ, aad he ea!l< d iijou llaarr Lnug to accompany him. Mr. Weittra eald there wu a auperior power here, and the return of the Harehal to the writ efceald be, 1 that Henry Long la ta hitottetedy.bat |? bow under ei? mlnatlon before another trtbanal Mr W. then aald tha: a* La new all nieaae were reeorted to tor th* purpore of defeating till* e lamination be mowed for th* i-ertlflcate ot th* Comiaiaalener ter th* retarn of lleary I.i ng to the claUaaat. Con. mlnlcaer - Watt a moment Mr Weatern?The a, air. wa may hare another wM cf hui.ru* iw }>u(. Tfce ComKleeloaer laid ha wUhed taaek Doctor Par- i 1 ktrone queatica. Mr Wbita objected The prone, ding* had been ! | rloe?dbytbe oouneel for the olaimaat; and on th* rare ma !* by him. th* 0*f*ae* aaked loctb* diteharg* I of th* eliegad fugitive, which wa* denied by the l Oonjmieei> B*r 11* then eoat*nd*d that th* d*f*naa : had a right to go on with thair eaee ceit. The Msrfbal here again eat*r*d, and deaanJad th* i I body of Ueaiy Long. Mr. Weatern tald the Martbal had m power to remore him from belora tbl* tribunal. Ha (Mr Weefern.) wonld lake upon Inmielt tha reeponnlhUity of the Marshal not making a return to th* writ Tbe^terebali raid that he would obey the writ. Tha CtmiaUilcner-Doee the eouneel for tb* | claimant with toproduo* any other teetimonj? Mr Weatern -Mo, it th* caee le aloeed. Cxvti tnitiif n?r iaM Ha *IiKa4 t* aak I)n?(nf Ptrkxr If he had an knowlrdgo of the oii*t*oeo ol any titlo J dfcUo, (npor or lD>tri mc?t bf whl< h Dr. Smith hold <t claimxlthii man; both* (th* <'{>mnn**lon*r) oon| ! ***d h* ? > not rntaln thai, unl*r *xl?tlnK elroum*tanr?* h* had right to put th* <juo*tlo.? bow, and 1 bo ?b?uld not do ?o Mr H ootorn d uolbtr *<ts?w. Mr W)ilttiikr4 If th*y wm to andcmtand th# rounaol for ih? cUiniaut that ho on* moinont d'dar** | bo ha* c'jOWd hi* on**, nod In thonrxt b* offurt furthrr t<*tlmrxy. I'pon what point or prot?*t tho roun*?l rnnn lu and c ft*r* another wltn?*? ho ooull not *?*, | ?h?n It wm alroady d*?td*d by th*t'< mmla*iouor thnt I th* **ldt?co *m *uArl*nt for ho *odotld*d wh*n h* r> finh d <>ur applieat l< a for th* dboharpo of the nll*(*d fii?i?lro. upon th* frousd* thnt th* ttl<2**ee *m larufllrUnt. lh* ( f>mn.l"lon*T ?al J ho hnd doeldrd. At that itnf* I rf ibt- pr -r-*- ?iiJ(4? thnt th?re wot not *ufll?i*nt r*a*on for tbAUobarRO of th* nan Ho (tho i:o?jtni?*ln?*r) hnd tin doubt* union* doubt*, wh?th*r ho nod any I authority If prrnlt th* <-onn'*l for tli? claimant to | litmJic* u> ftinkw Urlnri; II* aniiC *ay to th* | claimant tint ho 1* not at litorty t? do io Mr. H>?t*rn nc?i>to(l to this rollof. Th* Coatmi*| ?l<?-r b* paid, bad a?k?d him but n f*w moa*nU I tlnoo. It ho had any farther t**tlmony to otf'-r. Mr. Jay tht n fai l bo had drown op an atniirit for ' th* a?rn**d. whloh wna lo th* *ff*ot that iho *nid fl*nr> l.onjt makoth oath and **y? thnt h* d *? hot I ' ow* Inlor or *ortHudo to th'claimant I?r Smith; bat tbat b* ll.onv) 1* a ro?ld< nt and lr*o ultlr-o ol g th* H?t* of Now \ rtk aud that ''rat por*oo? ' n*n?d armaterial |in*M*? In bit b?-ha1l. anl toan too Ifj t j lh?ro fart*. It nl*n>tat?d tbat. hating h**n ?rntn*d la gaol ulr.oo hi* nrro^ he had no opporttiJ Unit* of ft cmirz Iholr ntUndanr* hot a* thoy w?ro t*?id'*t* of Iht* city, tbty ooull bo b:. jjlit h?r* wli bin ?l* boar* lltnr? l.oae wn* ?wor? to'he truth of thl* ?f at*m?nt. Mr Joy U.ttliafcl.lbM bo movrd Iho UowiBi?<V>i>or j to Mijtutn Iho p:or?t Urg* fur a itort tiia*. and front i rnlpo nn< tor tl*?? p*n.oo* n*m?d a* ?itn> ??o?. Ilo I* an# doa# not ?? . DBT Mr W?aur? olj.-cuj to tba kdj<)<iraa?i>t; inyha frit else*, t'a<? u?t <t k pr- hiblt 1 ft'm oYb Ik tbto ard ! tba aptut of tba bet thf %fllu?it to D' t rctltUd to b- raad Too aecu^ad ha*bad aarwal day* to obtain tba tHandanca of the?a ha la? had abla ?ov?ral, and hi* b?*n erarj day luri *>o tided l.ara villi boat* of frt> nda. Mr. Wl.lf? rent rbe 1.1bat tba affl torlt to not made ' by tha nt'eg-d fnglti?? f. r iba.pntpow nf aMablUhlng ' by htoo?n ienlm< ny bln fr?e<io? a? be to ad alttedlr ' not a roa prt*nt aline** lobi*o?n fa?; l>ut tbar* i* . ' nrthlrg In lb* art jnhibltttig'bl" maliii^ aifoaihta ; jirvcnratb* t??tlm< ny at al'n*?l*? wboara roapatant I , In tow f?r tba parpofa of r*tan1l>bltif hl?. fr**dom. | The party to claim"! aa a tugltlr* from tohw; ha I ! nriIn ha doe* not o?a labor or ?*rrlto4* mJ Mki I lor tb? t>o?rr of proearltig nltne*r?i to Mtabll*b tbto i I act. He fcotineel) *? *nra that tbo CoBmtoila&er nauld not r?fii*? to l?*ue the*a *ubp ena* an I grant an artj?"iiMn?at for a f*? hour* a h n th? ?a?? fn ?olTfn ibf p?rp' tnal ?la??ry or ot l*a*t tb?i *!ar#ry for IJfe.of a ?an ?ho i|< dar" o? oa'h tbat ha to a fr??man Ma *?? orrt?ln It * * not tha laherent ila?lra ot tba tr?l?*lf r#r not to gr??b tbto man tba r poor ttinltj of |ir< ilrift hto rata. It *a? a e?ur-? granted In court* of Jurfloa a*ary day. In e*ao* not inrolvlng liberty, but matter* ot money. ard ta mi all amount Th? Oonutoetontr *#M ?i?h regard to tba moth n Ouniel are wII awara that tbto o?? wa< roumaarej rtt Monday la?t at ona o'cloah In tba afternoon. the eiamlnatlon went rn. aad at nlgbt *?? atjuiroed to I wn nmj ( IV c fflOt-K; n* (WF?'> iiv*iVlfT| wr%m ?udrr th? iB>pr> Mk-n u at t h? eUimini hi" to?. tlmnny, th? nnunn^l for in* ?t*f? r r? >rml?e?4 ?a *ffl rfaTtt la ?h(rh th#j ?otM to adj"?rn th? raaa; h? (tha but) hatng diapoMxl In ?rant ??rj prlrll?g?, adj< ura?4 Utt pri>fwi)in|> "nTuMdty tha claimant ?' < ob with hi* ??td?ne?. aod r? tiaroln?(l Doctor , ?h?n tH? fklBMil got Ihrongh. h- (A? Com. dlatlnell t a?ka<1 lh? d?Vt> :? '? m produra ?J (h?jr had; i Bid-Mtrod 11>?bi ' rrfata t? pr< du> ray avtdraca; or If ih* *nr4 tn'w I* t*n ??r? Bp, Ifc^r ? rtalnly nrfl*?t?4 to do tt.kna lb* m?t. ?i ?tf>"d tiljdnrMd ?T?r 10 ThorMaj, I ib f^tmnol both par'ta- nfBrt-nl !) aontwt at al'h lay daly (I^niMi a<>llm nndar th?o? rlr r?a?t?kiM. I eoMalra thtt aft#r all tha laaUa'-y f I in 11 A 860. have obaerred, tbii application ought not to beoialm?d atrletly M a right; I do aot with to preaa on the oaea wit lout giving ri/ht to all pirtlM and m It la addrean 4 to my 4lactation aad not ooaapulaory, I trill grant tha iub|iKMi and tba adjournment. The aubpoenaa vara thru laaued. and tha txanlnatlon adjourctd or?r to half part two o'clock. attrition com. ? air or Maaaaiooarrt. A writ of AaAeaa cerpuf baftM been apffM for, and granted by Jndia Campbell. In toe caa? of Hrwry I.org, tba alleged f ogttlve fhw, tha Marnha: brought blm before tha eaort daring tha adjoaramant of tha (Malnatin a bafnra tha Oatamlaatoaer Mr White.raid that appreheadln?r *om* Jifll-i?)ty In tbla mat tor hla aaaoolate had applied to tba Hupreme Coart, and obtained a writ of tra>, returnable titer a alao. ao that If there waa any error In tha return bar*, Ittmight be aant back, and whan a Bended, they might proceed la that oourt The oouaaal for (he fugitive than c *>nauHed far a oonMderable time, altar wbSeb Mr White aald that ha felt rtnetrained to demur to the return, < a the groan da of Itfi in?i>flloieney The Court aekeU if ??unwl propoeej to demur a? to matter ol lotna or matter oi'aubatanoa Mr. White replied, that It waa aa to matter of ?ub- , tanoe. A long delay again occurred* by counael for tha Itfendant conrultlna and drawiif oat documwnt* The Court a* k?d If there waa any one present on tha art of tba claim aat' Mr. White aaid I hey were preparing a notice to aerva n the raunaal lor the claim aat, to notlly him of three roceediraa Soma thna having (lapsed. Mr WMt?rn antorad tha eurt and raid that be had reoe^r*d t he notice to at ?d. and ba appeared In courtesy to thi? high tribunal, ut be begged to protest agaiaatthe Interference of hit court and submitted that hii Honor an a nanlitraV. had no right to intarfera witbthe jurisdiction of the United Stale* court*. Tie Couit raid It knaw nothing of the oui. or how the san waa bald, except by the retani of the Marahal, which states that he restrain* bio by virtue ot a United Sutra Conml'ilooer warraat When tha Court bad beard the case, it should ba abla to say whether It oouid interfere; and h? understood that the detanoe waa about to demur to tha retura Mr Western?The statute taya thut a party. In such rases should have eight days'notice. New, he had but about eight minutes' notice. Court ?That in. undoubtedly, the statute Mr Weatern then protested against tha Stata of New fork Interfering with the State of Virginia and, If It doe* ao. he would Wt the State of New Yurk tight ita wn battle* with the State of Virginia Mr. White said that, in the aouraa of hi* argument, be might hare omethiag to say to tha State of Virginia. concentrated a* it w?? in the naatinfcoimou* pariod of tila learned friend; but ba moved tba Court to order that, tha cartodv of the boy (Loon) may ba transferred, now that he Is ta the custody ot this court, to the proper officer of the court The ob,:?ot ot this investigation is to inquire of thi Marshal hy what right he reetralns tha liberty of Leng. Counsel thaa read tba answer to the return of the Mar-hal. aa<l a bleb waa sworn to by Long ft waa to thaeffect tnat the said ratorn ahows n? authority In law for hta detention, and that It la insufficient tor hla reatraint. a* the return data rot showtbat Chas M Kali was. at the tine of lasulng his warrant, or la now* a United Sfatea Crmalstloner Ceunsel continued to contend, at Riot leag-th, that Mr llall wa* not ccnatltutea a ( riuniinxioBrr of th? United State* Mr. Writer* replied. eoatendlng that the defendant here waa not mtltl'-d to a habrai rorpui, he b?ing a p?reon detained by * proo?** rf a court of the United State* Under tbe act of I860, the power# af a judge were given to the 8ommi**loner* The Martial ha J wi*<i? a prop?r return, and had compiled with every tittle of the act Tte eare before the Coorul**loner wm adjourned to 2K o'clock; that h?ur bad now arrived, and he would retire fur the purpoto >1 atten ling that ccnrt The Court (aid that the application wa* ma le before it f?r a writ of luhrat cnrpui on a petition which on Itatace complied with tb* *tatuto. and he wa* bound under a heavy penalty to l**u* the writ; to thl* writ la made a return fcy the United State* Marshal, that he hold* the party by virtue of a warrant of 0 M. ilall a I'iiiteil Htate* Commi??ioner It 1* held that thl* aourt could take b > notice ?>t *ach an ofloer. Bat tba act of 1H..0 give# tba ' i. t* l State* Commi?*loii?r a crncnrrent power with ajudge and. to far a* tba ant rt lHMVthe I'nited State* CctnmlMioaer i* a very lmrTtant officer; be I* /? *. um. a judge, anil It *e?ma bat be 1* (o far a judge in that mxtter If the Oourt wa* rlgv t In thl*. it* 3uty wa* very plain The ataitat* ?*y?, if It appear* the party I* held by virtue of ?u -h authority he i* to be returned to the cu*toJy of the officer in whose cut tody he I* brought up The eianiltiatloB before the Comml**ionar,la a judicial proeanl log. end i he conrt wa* of opinion thftt tbe return of the Martbal wa* taru-elent. The dnrourrer wa< therefore OTermled. Mr. W bite raid they Intends! to maintain that Mr. Flail waa not prrpvrfy or le^ly oountitutel a Comnite-l?ner of the United State* Tba Ooort:?That queftloa ia not bafbre u< If he I* not a Conkailieioner the Marshal hold* the man, of crnrie, at hi* p?rll He tfcaupht they ?hould proaead to tett that iiuei-tl'in In tbe United St*te* Court* An kflldavlt wa* then drawn up and (worn to by Long eettlrg torth that he wa* illegally detailed, and that Mr. Hall wa* not aCommtaaloaer of th? United ftatee Am application waa then made to have the a< ro??J handed over to the cuatody ot an officer of ,tti?ia'irt. ur for an crder to co*p*l the Marshal to 1 fcrtrg him before tbte ?ourt at whatetar time It thould Th* Court d*?lln*4 to mit? any or J*r. bet lntimat*l that Ik* Mar?h?l would und>-r?tand that, tr th* j.ri <o?r ?? hrf*r* thl? court pr.pfrly h* would rtill k- *olf th* t??rlng I* Adjourned. Th* Mnr?h?l h. r? handed In a o*rtlfl4at? from th* el*tk of the United Stat** Circuit Court. ?tatthat Mi Hall wan a Commissioner ot th* DlIM !Mat*?. Tb* Court retuaed to mak* any order tor tha rr. mr val of th* ?an ftom th* ou?tody of th* Manhal, and tln> oa>* wa? adjournal until on* o'clock to-morrow, (thl* day) when ih* d*f*nr* will ofl*r wltn???<* to pio?* 11.at Mr IUII I* not a properly eonitltutad ComitiU(l(d*r of the L'nlt?d Htat*? r. ?. oommhwiomrh'm cet.RT. avafMMQ ar.a*torn. At half pa?t four o'clock, flanry Long waa again brought b> '<>r? th* Cnmmiii?lon*r Mr Jay opened tb* dafanro.b* ?ajlnt; that tha Oomtnlwloner would und*rrtand that ih-? commenced ftom ?b*?r aereaidty. and did n<t rwcojrnta* bin authority, tb*y contended that th* ram wai *ntlr?ly r?Kovad from him l>y th* writ of W??*? and It i ill app'ar by < h* in ? ?t Ratios on that writ, that b* (Mr. Ilmll; bad no authority, and ?M not a Commitaiou*r of tl.a I nl>d Ktate* I.'* would ai ??y that they would hold all parti** who ara con-erred In rw ftialalon th* liberty of Il*nry Loan reipnnalb!* f?r th*lr acta; and whll* <l*vyiti( th* authority of th* Commix'otirr tl.ey ?t?o denied th? authority ai th* a I aa ttfrrly eneon?:ltuti< i>al and void; and that Coo* r*a*, dlaref ?rdln* th' right* of fr*?nj?n rendered If ???y lor jer?< n? ?o carry off tree Htiima to Mnrnry lh>- tii-fenc* wiuld pr<c**d to call wt'Bea*?a, and amrncrt th* r?*t tber lnt*ad*d to riamlna Mr. Hall, th* Comn:l??lon*r hlmeelf John l!ut!*r (a coltred man), iwcrii. depoaad ? I lira at 217 C*ttr* ?tr**t; I knaw thla man. Il*nry Lcnf; I had known him when I dton for Nlchola* rttayr**ant, a< rwrhmn; t raw't uy aha* y-ar. but I dioe* for him t ** y*trt; I Irft him on th* (lb February I can't t*tl tb* y*ar, but next Kabiuary. If I lira to *ea II. I ..l! V, ... I. UP l.r> ,.?> a Una Irng b?lor? you Utt Mr Ituyvaaant bad you known llacrj Lota ' A - I kaaw blm kit that tint*. a:i I ??w l.!m 4?t? fay; ha (I'a*) waa driving eowb: I eaa't ay whttKr It vu a nrtrata nrhiok, h? I* tbo ??m? man. tbocgh bla whl?k*ra a-? not ?o haary ?ow w tb>yw?rr ib<-i> patghtar). lAiav to right to ha >> takrn In bl< I.Jmilty an U"m po. I:It-* na I* th? **?a? rr?B;"l baa* Ilrad bar* I kn<> hlai I an t 'all tha di(l?ri pt plap?? wh?r? Ia nr baa ltr*<l but I m> d f ??'*ily It rnrtt kla tn Broadway thii out ttlvlaff Bad wa ti?ad to how WiMhoth-r 'UKM I wm t? rn at Mb Koraytb ?tr*at. In tin* rl(j ; | w- ntrut lary day drtilaf ?nj ua*l g???rnllj~lu ? ?'. I.orj; I *u t< > nhi<l( j*ir< In lb' i ta.p.ay of Mr y - How did you ?-at |?t 'jvairt'd wi'b hire" A ? By toeing bin ia tba rtiaw'li t Br*t k<- to klai at a eoloml h?JI (l?m at 110 kl'sabaib ?tr*wt la thl? rky. c?-nar ( Urand.lt waa fl?fn by IhwKaala KlatlDfClab, (laughtar ) [ oaa I it II th? tiiurf VI ib- at?warda wbo war* thara I ??> a | rival* tl?r?: Jihn Ka;la.aa waa tb<rw. annuo r~rr?d MajT. who < wo? tha bona*, tbo ball wn k|r?n i In Cabraary: 1 Ilrad wlib Mr ftayvaarit. I ibiak. la Jvaa. It waa tbo t*onad wlatar afi?r I ?nt to lit* i Kb V* that I Loog at tk? F*braary ball; al.ar I I'ft Mr h?y?mat< l/m waa waltlnc (a w?lfpr) I Ifuad oat Manama by tntrod option; ha waa latrcduai Jo irHut- by NMal (fatl--?i?n." la thr nam* n(Ui-B1 *} La a( R*?inml*>d- ( aaw llwnry drat to know kim by )rv k* ' abwrtly a'ty I flrrt droaa out f?r fliarroaaat. aa?l ww < <.? It. u?d'> b 'W to aaok otbar without ay 1 )> ' wlag I la aama until w? aiwt at tb? bull iKicaptad t aa a l*ad(a? <<a?alloa | W How long wata ?ou at Miayaaoaat ? nMI yoa ?at l.nng T A ?I don't hka to anawor i ha tanaa (inaHloa ball a 4mm Hi H ww tha Brat liai* I drora oat; I n?t him aaala( rt. ? n knarlt at aad I gara my h? ?.l tphim, (la<igbt*r) I drato oat twlo* a day, at 10* aad at or o'rlorH. ??ar? day thai waa plaaaant, ( hato in?t bloi I il.? il l In d>lf> r. nt atrrata aoaatliara wban fnla* of I b??a ??! Iilm walk*)!. anil lomftlnM , >?? ktaa at tha blanumltl.'p; tfc"U tb? nan to I ' ??) I ra?, wh.n I flrH Kmn dririac Ikr Mr Ptnlv*rant th?T ??U him Haniy Loaf. Mr Wiattin- D|<1 jfin *r?r?*? L>n< h?for? thnt day yon Ke??J to hia In Hrr*d??r ' A ~ Wrll. 1 m l My that f <14; but wb*a I ItraJtn *MlfhN??r c?anty I ' ?" In tha hal.tt of mwti<( J?*l*" Jay a?d b??ta? to blM! (lond Un(ht?rt / <!? Jay ?r*at?d m? I'h r??p. rt g - W >?t tu Ja<f(? Jay to da ?lth j'?? bowttif to i.??r Mr Wklte It * paroly to (how yon ?k?r? kagot kl? fAWraw. Wlftirwa- No ?'r Bat Jnrff* Jay la m*n ?h? do*? tint htnk htiaO'll hrtta* than black nan (l.aa(kUr.) Mr Wa*rr?- Vat ?h?? kaa yoar aoatlag and ko?ln? to l'?? ? !?* J??t* -'ay? tt !??#?? 1 raid I nr?-d to Mlata Jndga Jay'? oa?oh< nif (l.oad lanf ht?r ) Tov'll (lad ma all right anl i^tp- adlrnlar. th*r? ?M nr.thlna particular ilxiit r i i m attiart my ?Ua?. mnr? l*?m ha wan ??ll di.?..d, lookrd pl?araat. and h><4 a food pair of tltk>r? (l,in|M?r ) Il? and f do n>?t S-i-mi# to th? ?*o l< I M( ?| t? my "? l< 4g? It la aot Mora I \ r. d. pnmR TWft ri?w*rc ? ? " V VUil i tj, | tban ft week $go pinaa I a?w Henry la?t before ha w*fl , at reated. I ?u ditftlf ft floor eart |a Otmvleb j atreet. ftftd >x>wed to bin; 1 mm ?ot drlTtng Mt; I worked lor Allen k Whittle**/. and dr-t.- rsrt tot Abraham Dftla. who llvaa. 1 think, la Aaoi itra?t tha cart waa numbered 21 South mtr*t; I aao'l tell who Lang drove the coach for; bat It wm ttom ft Uvery table In Utrcir utreet, between Weeeker and Ilouftoa itrret*. en right hand aide. To the Commieaionere - When I tit HtWtf, I ftlw?j? raM bin Umrv by nauie he waa Introdwad to me by the name of Mr l.cog, I don't know where ha lived or alejt never eftw him at ht? employer'! bc-uft*, hot have leeo him i[Oh>|( Into the atftble It being now half- r?at A o'uloek. the OoBolaeimMtf Id ba would hold over the furttwr hearing of tlM ca-e till 10 o'clock in the roorotnn Mr Wrutern proteatad againat the ailj^araaenC. Tha ('onimUaloner raid the raaa wu not adjourned, but bald over Tha fttonard was then removed to tha Tomb*, in th0 cuttody of the Uartbal'a depuliea. eaeortad by a '*Tg0 body of polieem?n. under the jadielau* and eBcianf ntbairmrnt of Oapt. Turntmll. of th a Eighth ward. | TI*t BXTEADITION fBKATY?THK PHKNOH PKISONPIt*, !> ? 27.?The oaaa of the Krencli priaoarr*. arreat*4 under the extradition Teaty with rrMM, ?u brought b?Io.n the oovrt on AuAeea vtrynu, an J argued at |r?it length. The rerwlt *u that the Auieaa r > put van dlain'aeed As poo[j a* tbif dreieion was announced bf Chl<*t JtiBiice Kduenda.a writ of irrtimmi wa* appliej for by the prifoneri' roanael wblnh wa* franted, anl ai-o argted at gr**at length but with th<r earn* re.ult. The prlaonera rem?in in the naatodyof the keeper of the eity prlaon, and will be drllverei up to tha Kreaota authori;iea. uulera ten* ulb<-r atepa be take* by their tounael Impoitaiit nr?m Centaai Aaedea. ?*USII IlUX RAl.X ur THE I'OBIS OP SAN *AI.VAIK)K?TllllKATKMKI) BLOCKADK OF NICABAOVA. We have befoia ua private leitere from Leon de Xioari|ua, of the date uf November 18. The English ar? blockading the porta of San Salvador. and are threat nlng tboae of Nloaragua. The following paaaagee ar? from the letter* of an American gantleman, now lm Leon : ? " We have been anxioualy expecting the return ot Mr H'(?lrr The government 1* much alarmed at hi* continued abeenco The port of LaL'alon haa b-ea blockaded for mne time paet, aud wear* thr?atea*4 with one on account of the Heeehar burlnese. * There are about a tboueand Amertoana bare at preaeat* and ten or twelva ?? ?? Is from the narthaard ( 'alifornla) are ex^x-rted bere tUia week; no we i-he.'i htva buay tloen ebortlf * * Mr pre??ni? b?re ia vary neoeaear^. to give a check to Kaflioh Inaru lenoa. It would bare a wry bentflulal tlfeot at tbia time." The 'Taeohor buaicea*" here referred to, la a cltta Bade b; the BrltUh Oonaul (or damagt-a alleged to have beea done to th? property of a man nam--1 B?achor. wbc la at)led by Mr. ObatflrId a Mois-yilto ?'i VJect;" but whe ia, in f-vot. a renegtde Ueriaai Jew, who abje^nds-d from New York aonie yetn i|j, and went to fan Jtinn. ?b*re he for a ablle afVoted t? d* an ?ia*iioan aiuieu. n? ai?o pr t*na*j to U an Am*rloan oomm<Tcl?l ag?nt, sad had a ?eal *urrtptltif ucly ingrand, whloh *ti taken ???ij from him by Dr. hauler wkm h* *?nt through Ban .1 ita Id 1840. II* iub?e<ju**lly was appointed a "maglatraU' by tb* Knglltb Coniul. and m ?ueh order* d lb* wanton and ?ru*l Hogging of a number ol Nioaragaaa boatmen. ?ho happened to be In th* town on th? occasion of Mr. cbatfleld'i arrival there la Mirch ia>t. ThU ?m don* In th* pr*?ene*ol th* lattor dignitary, who. himii-lf leut a hand to tn* mrm ny in lilting Mowt upon tb* roaua<-I?d prl?"ner? Wh?o tri* n*wa oftMieutrag* reach*! the lulnlor. It or*?l?d th* profound* tt Indignation. and It r*<|iilr*d tlx* utmost effort? of tb* government and th* Amvrlcan MinUtar to pravrnt th* people from r lilting lutucaary ??nir*ano* on th* Knglleh re*l<j*nt*. Tb?y. ho^fror, ?<<maltt)d no OTert ??t* beyond burning th* boat o( tb* f*llow l!e?( h< r wfcteh Uappiued at that tlm* t* b* lying at ftraaada. The ItrltUh Tie* Can mil thereupon addr*a**>l th* f->(lowlng \>tter to th* MIraraguan g vernment. claltnlag for liaarhet aa a Mofqulto merchant Nothlug can b*tt?r lllu-trat* til* ualur* of the Anglo- Mo-.juit* protectorate tban IbU:? Tick CoTiunri:, > kui.Ki*. J an* M, UVt. ) 10 thi raincti-4L in iniKr or rxi M?M Ot IT AT K, or lll'taiot't. Hi*- 1 have juat r?o. lied anommunlaalion from Ja-n*? <*r?en, Kit) . ki> Urlt.nul" Uajesty Agntau lOomHl Ufn*ra 1 (aitkng) In U<Ktultla intcxuit ig im thai a tl-agua called th* I'eriavetatio*. bvloncmg to Mr A. . liaaebor, a Mb*i|ulti* m. rnliant. rending In <lr?y To*n. (San Juan ) wai on her arrival at Uraaada tl* Other day (to which ?! %. * ?h* III trarfla.* ami hiy with th* law* of Ntnararua) tak-n P>rrlM* poim?*I?b of by a ni"b it that plac* an I burn! - trim not only cau*lDK tin *atir* Ion* of tald plr*#ua. but iu1i*tIcg Mrtou* lojurjr upoa kr o?n*r?, in t >*lr b<i?ia?aa a* (oi*wi1Idii and c. ainiliiitoa nrr liu'.a I an raqu*atrd to (tata. tb?t uol**? prompt ram ub'ratw.a la wad* to Mr. b*?rb>>r for the ton* h* ha* *u*taia*d. 'ha Morqalto *ot?rom<-nt will adopt *ur li m-a-ur * of reprisal a* alii w?gr? th? property of Moaqal'o m-robaalt ??aiurt ?ueh 04?*urr#t><*a* In future Tha aaiauat claimed by Mr. Rnobur for tha low ha kii ?a*taJf)*d. 1n<-lailit( tha valua of tb- piragua l?ona thousand dollar*, with ii>tar*?t until pal l ( a*-m* you, ?lr 1 rlno*r?lj ra*r*t tht* unfortunate. bat eartaialy mo?t outrag?ou* ait. which a a* ao doubt, oonotlll* J b?ft>r*tb* authorltl*? atOranaJa could interfere; and ( hi 1 e^ETtnciJ that tha g?T?ra<B*et of Mlraragua will adopt rurb a< a>ur<( a? will la future j*roiact tha praprty of foreigner* m reaobiag IU >bor** mitiai tboaa who hat# bare tba Ina'(gator* of tb* pr*<?ui outran* pay ImmtdUUly tha lua* and damag* th?f h?v* il'U* moat wantonly <-au**d and prar* t > th* Morqal'o govern m-ut It* daalr* to promot* frirndl/ relation*. ??<l reolproeata la arary way whlia may pro** b- n?6<-lal to tb* in***#*!* of the two o iu<itri*a. I af all forward ooplm of th*?* commi.Blcation* to h*r B. M*j**ty'? Cbaif* dAflatr? la Central Arn?rl*a, bit in the meantime rancot too itroogly r-o..mtn~u 1 to year gori r?ia*nt that meaa< b* epeadlly ad pt?d f >t tb* aettleoieat oftlu affair a* w?U a* p-\?ai>nt rf Hr. li**?hor't firmer claim forth* htr* of bl? pirate >* la?t y**r by G*n T. Munni. for tb* aa* of th* Staia, and r?laM>? ta wblih I had tb<> hotter to addr?*< yoa oa tb* l'itk ln?t I *hall h? tnnat happy It 1 oaa oootntut* In anyway to ftrilltat* the *arly a Iju-t u*nt of th-*a taattar*. which may taad to prevaBt aay aapl#*?a?t coBCeqavar** arlaln/ tr in iMa I UN thl? ' pp rtaritr to a**ora you of ay ht|tba*t eateem, and to aabaoilb* mjMlf, ?<r your moat ob-41 at Hrnil (Signed) JOB* rOSTER. Itrltlah Via* ( 'onaal. nnri'ir AWnin, Fatal. (Ninriici Th? n hi">n?r \rrna Cnptala '"rrcktit ot tod if la Frankfort. Ma . I<>ad?d ?H!? atona. and bound f> I'hllacn)pitIm. want a?hor? on I'lntn l>'and. about tarn and half mllaa norfi of T.m*f>? a rock during tha rtnrn o? '.|nnd?/ nliht. II.r brnadald* ?aa atora In. h?r laka rlpp.d up and matnii vl Mt banflnr by i h? mala ata? Tha 4?a1 body la TOuap an, II ory> yaara old. ?a* loaad on tba l*acV Vn |?p?rt aera foiml onboard tba raaaal all looa* tblo*a bating baan ?a?h?d i??j Tbo raptala w?? ?ba <>nlt (? oa board that aaa aarod II* aaa?-aadad la wlmtnlnr aahoro, and, g*tt|ag Into a haro, r*malB?d fh?ra durlnf ?h? atg' t Tha na-n?a Of t hoaa loat ar<"-Jna Scott, of llali'at Nova R-"Ma "iat?; M?rJ lihfifon. of Frankfort, M?, itivard; Jama* i naalan-1 r. f M? 11 r v x' 'r^y Of Men York; Jofta , hum of toatlana Polle* In tHlli;?na?. .( Pat ?r at a Hr -krr'? Of)4faw mlaitag baf'ira t?a o clock. yt ?tarday ta >rilni. a younr man, if rath?r gantoot app-araa-.t. oalllng h'm??lr.ia?*a .lnba*"n ?nt*r*d t%? atahaar* olHaa of Houghton fe C? , No M Wall irtraot. ooraar of Wllflaai atr?t an* ar k?d for bill* la atahang* for la all tar. Tha aWk pa** Mm l?i oaa mllar Mil* aad turnod to maka a# a rarkac* of bank Mil*. ?h?n tba rorno a-uH tba raekaga of btlla Iron tba ooiaatar, alrno.t from tha band* i-f th? r|?rk and ran from tba offl >a at fall apa*4 Tba dark loapod o?"* t*>a eonntar. an I tarn ft u rati It a* quirk aa ooaalhla. ti|ln( oat' atop thl?f" Tba tblaf ran up William atr?*t aa awift aa a d**r. and dodfad lata Mh?rty atraat and tb?ra rn?bal Into a bra atrra Tba al*rk la pnranlt ??a aom on tka a pot, aad tha rrgna ?*a datool- 1 with tba monay in hla band Holan from tbo olHna whleb amoanfod to >| i)5t In bank bill* Captain HtlTay. of tM rirat ward poller, took tha rotftio Into eaatodr. and aonaayad hlaa hafora tba (Jhlaf of Pollea ?hara tha afUdarltwaa ma la otflat forth tha facta aa ab">?a ata??d Tha daring joang I'gua *u coaimltt' l fo prlaon f >t trial. Tha Karrrtf Dlrorro rma, ra tai intaa or tat nimi.d la tha H'rtld of ya?t?r lay, you haaa pabllah*4, trnrrg II' ?Tia?i> < in '0? ? rr??l ek' ? til* ?ffl |?rU ?f Cmthw!? Mao??y In tall fa tba firming p??? of *% iirdtT la?t. fh? following atlt aot from aaM ndHirtl rr?? appear#*:?' Cfc'taailn* M"t>aay. a dmaaatlaofMrt. Frrr*?t. ?a?ar* that on tha 224 of February. IM?, ?ha war ot..j>p?>d la Broadway b? Mr An4ra?r ata-?v?, bo '(id t' at ha would kIt# hira ma of ?onay. If *Im w.ml.l n?kr a t?t?ra?i>? ortrll thln<? agalaat Mr*. r?mrt to abltta tba r?pll<d that ?h? ki'? nothing ?|iatii?? bar ' On Mruiny. | ??ot tha adltor of tba /*? ? tl>* Mlowlng daalal. wblob ha promptly laaarta<l lnhl#i?p?r tbM *?o1t i V?w To**. Dixntor (M. 1*30. Tn ror (lurnaior 1111 1< >?I110 Po?r ? Mr: la Sataria*'* F.rrrtmi fnti I inH *UM <kat Ca'hariaa N???ay, a a* tatart tl<a? I ???pp?<l har la nr?a<tway, aa4 ***< ?. fl?? t?r < "???. If i<ia *iiI4 maki % or tail !* ?? aaaiaat *r? rimn l w???? <k?ttM-*>n>a* t flMavlt. ?a aal tawhlaa falaakr<ad la alllii iarti. I M?af w* Cillirla* V'nwi li tin itn?t aaa *???r tp >k? a ?-rd to h?r <B <ka? !*>)??, > ntl ft, My akart. H >? Vn fntnai. by f mlaral aonnrat aa?14 n?? ?n? Hm-ny of aaa ?h? ai ?ka ???H t?ar-*lr ?ra?? t? ?a<irar ?ka 4??r. *a4 "B* ah ai ?h? 4aa?attaal*A a 'font w?ald aaaa Kara V??* aaw^aa uraaaa Waralj bap aMapf'**. ??a bm ?a?t? a' k?lf h"rt?r fnr twfffaar," a*ul4 aa? haw k?at T?nt? *?ry A<rmtrw 8r?r?*?. 1 th- r- f?r? iv<|n<>?t yo?. ?? ??ll m o h.T#. *h? p?t?Htl> tM ?ffl.(??U in trt of ?lmpl? juttl?? to paW U?>- my d???l of lh? truth ot Ik il/o. T?in r?rp?tn?ll/. A. ir*y?W*.

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