28 Aralık 1850 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Aralık 1850 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAftll'-M O O H DO M BBHRlff, raOP&IJPTOA AND BDITOA. pfick m w. coenbe or fultok and ham ah m amusements this EVENl.Nti. bowery theatee, bowwy.?m*c?rrH?p*t*? wil_____ BROADWAY TIIEATEE. Brc?Jw?y ? Oib alda ? La Duwk L* la Damu?UN B a bi aoa CHIBOU. NIBLO'B OAEDEN, BroAdwoy? Tioht Bora?La Makola?maxiui* _____ bueton'S theatre, Chamfcon itrNt-VAinu am j i lnl| | fir? i l???Br Ebicnd m tmm btaam. NATION.* L TBEATRE, Chatham 8quaro-Aftornoon Kif?ro?c< e -Bauic Wai.i.-Ooixaw Ail Ercuian porIm.n, f- Th> Pv?? Batoyabu?Skip Cabmmtkb ? *kr" a* a. BROCOBAB'S LTCEl M, Broadway?Brmt.ham fc Co.? a mi/w is ihi Daka? Mr Friemd ii? thi srbal*?jaxat l?u. CHRISTY'S VINSTBBLS. Bocbaulet' Hall, 47J Broa4irBy ?Bthiopiaw v'srrmuiv. YELLOWS' 01*BRA HOUSE, 441 Broadway-ETHioriA:* IllltlUJ. ABERICAN MUSEt'B?A*i aiso PcRrokiiAncaa Arraa oen add urtn^ko. NEW YORK ABPHITUEATRE, 57 Dww}-I?rmui fUluDIIAMU. WASHINGTON BALL?panorama or Pilosim** Pao?ai. _ BATTLER'S C08B0RABA. eornor of Thlrtttnth itroot id Brca<l?a>'. ______ OLYMPIC THEATEE?Optical THAnpinrtcim. 8T0PPANI BALL? Taklkvi Yiva*p?? Basic. Row \?rk, Roturtlay, Ufttmbtr 48 1S50. Summary of Intelligent. It in with great pleasure we iaform our readers that we have received confirmation of the safe arrival of the celebrated Jenny Lind at Charleston. According to all accounts, her escape, and that of the vessel in which *l*e wan embarked, was exceedingly narrow. The rumors and reports of the imminent danger in which she was placed, caused a thrill of horror throughout the community, which proved the deep regard which all entertain for her as a vocalist, and as a lady whose goodness of hesrt is equalled only by her musical ability. The gale which Mias Lind experienced must have btffc terribly stvtre, or it could not have o seriously damaged the steamship Ohio as it did? to the amount i t some thirty thousand dollars. That veml was obliged to put into Norfolk ia a disabled btate. It was with the greatest difliculty, we learn, that she was kept atloat?there having h?en hi cue time ten feet of water in the hold. The pttFSM'gers nirist have b<en awfully frightened ;but they have rra; ( n to he thankful for escaping as safely as they did?not that the Ohio is not as tafc a vessel ?s any that floats, but that the sale which she encountered was one of the moft severe tint ever visited our coast Many of the passengers arrived in thi* city lost Bijjht; but in comrquence of the non connection of the Southern 'rain ', the mails will not be received here till one o'clock to-day. Tbey will reach New Yt ik iu time for the greater ps.it to be distributed in the ccutie of the afternoon. The Indiana. Convention, it appears, have agreed to incorporate into the organic law of that State a provision prohibiting the Legislature from granting divorces. This is an excellent movement, in our opinion. Such matters, like all breaches of civil oatract, ought, by right, to belong to the courts of law, nnd he pasted upon by juries under the direction of learned judges. The fdcts under which divorces are sought cannot be investigated, except in this inannt r, consistently with the rights of the parties. Tiik Ft amvF. Si. ave Bill and the Haueas Corrvs.?1 he preat objection which the abolitioh aad free soil d?rnagc?ues of the North ha J to the Fugitive Slave bill, was, thut it virtually suspended the writ of I,ah, as cwj ut, and that, in cariying its provisions into operation, fugitive slaves would be deprived of the benefit of that bulwark of liberty. This wn? hr.rped upon so much that many persons not aboli:toni?t?, opv??* d the bill on that account* and denounced, in the most violent manner, al| who took act r>r psrt in introducing ?r passing it If thoae jvoj.Ie hid learned for tnemselvea, and acted upon the information which they acquired for themselvef, iratcod of Iibtening to and crediting what wa? poured into their eara by the fanatica who turronndad them, they would not only hare formt <1 a different opinion, hut instead of oppoaiag the bill, would ejert themselvea to aee that it was properly and faithfully carried out, it being nothing bat a declarator}' act of Congreaa, in keeping with the requiremecta of the constitution. Now, what is the fact, in reference to *his bill, in connection with the writ of habeas carpus T Kaa the writ been nholiahed?ia it denied that the fuijitive ia not entitled to ita benefits 1 Let the facta vprnk. In tlx? case of Henry Long, which is bow engaging the attention of our caurta, the fugitive was, in the first place, taken out of the hands of the United 8tatee Commisaioner by a writ of habtascoiyut, irauiai; from one ot' our State courts, after the claimunt had made oct a full and complete case, and proved, beyond the shadow of a doufct, the fucitire'a identity, that writ, on a fcir hearing, waa ?et aside. Another waa aaked for aad granted; on an equally fair hearing, that, alao, wan set snde, and another waa askei for aad granted, the hearing of which will come off to-day. Now, we ahould like to know what becomes of the objections which the free aoilcra and highoc law demagog*.** of (hp North can have to the Mil, when theae are known! To oppose it anf further would not only be unconstitutional but IrraMmable, aa 1 weald entitle the fanatica to a f*te which many of the deigning onea among them ought to bave rnet with long aiace. In view of theae iluac*, o.ery honorable maa ah>uld exeri , hi* Linn*.t to nee 'hi* law carried out ic goo<l faith A'l h< n<*?( and patriotic men will do ao?and aa to ' thoie * ha will ati l oppose it, if any there are, we j l< are th?ia to the ?udy of th?* ethics of obligation*, ao that th<y may require a knowledge of their ! duties, or tucn th'ra over to ihat j recioor *?ng of destructives <>f whavi Fred L'ouclaaa, V/m H. 8eward, (?enit Smith, and Ltoyd CJ trriarn, are uch ahi&u g arnamea'a. Tmk Coa*t I 'axar.?In oar oalumns of u day, will be onrH highly vahrable aailiaff directioaa for | the cotat of Caiitoraia acd < 'reg&a, which are to rrompaay ihe new charte of that osaat, now pvbluhirg by the coast aurvey office, in Wasbinttoihare aeem the charts, which do great credi:fc> Lieut*. McAtthor and BartleU, U.S.N., who have persevered an strenuously in accomplishing thin i?- , portant work.in ?pite cf all the difficulties which surrounded them, from tha inducements he!d oat to their men t? desert Their workia invaluable to the trade of the Weatera coaat, and we are glad to know that it will be |>roaecuted with 1 vigor, till the whole ia aa well known aa the pre- . sent section*, which ii no leaa than fino miles ! lliiml>oldt Harbor, Trinidad Hay, the Klamath , I'mpiua, and other im,nrtaat pniata of the coaa', 1 re now correctly located for the firat time. Fifty eta of these charta leave in the ateamerof to-day, for use of the Weatern coaat, and all the Atlantic porta will be supplied with them aa aooa aa the presses can work them off Much credit is due 1 Professor ttache for the despatch used in publish- i tag them. Tmt Fokcxst Divobck Ca*? ?The argument , of co ri'fl, on the ai<p'ieMinn of Mr. P<>rre?t to i liirrolve th' in uncti?n i?nifd ?ftin?t him, at the J tance of Mn. Forreat, reatraiaiag hin from I proaecntin# hi* rait for divorce in the Philadelphia J ?Jtl, an4 aieo from J* ins with hi* property, wae ( continued jeat< rday. Wfnre Judge Edmonda, and J will he concluded on Mcwday neit. Whea it ia : firiehM, we aball find N??fn for a aketch of the Mnuki on each aide. i Tm 9nuimu? F4LTJC if i/? ?ur fn trteenth Ml I! It, joka'i Day te >?w Turk. masonic ( K1.*BRaT10N to commemorate tux vn1am or sT. John's oeawd LOMS wit i the ?eand i.odok or the state of new yobs. Yesterday being St. John's Day, the brotherhood of the meat ancient and honorable fraternity of Pre* and Accepted Masons turned ont, according to custom, to celebrate It. It was a peculiarly interesting occasion to the members of the ltaeonio order In this city, as may be understood from ths following brief statement. Something more than thirteen years ago, a mlsunder' , standing occurred between soms offloers of lodges In Naw Yfltk snH raanit the nataKI(akmmif nf n new lodge, under the title of the "8t. John * Grand Lodge," whloh hia been In exiitanee from that time till yestarday, when (t wia formally disaelved. and all the lodge* under its juriidiotioa, (tonetwenty-fire In number,) took aew charters from the " Grand Lodge of the State of New York." The ceremonies ware as followt :? The Grand Lodge, and ita subordinate lodges, met at the City llotel. Broadway, at 0 o'clock, A. M and after receiving guest* eto. (formed in procession, and moved up Broadway to Tripler 11 all, observing the following order:? United States Band. The Lodges of this Btate in rotation, according to seniority of rank, the Jnnior preceding. Lodges from other States. Grand Lodges of other State*. Grand Lodge of the State of New York, la regular form of procession. On arriving at the hall, the procession halted opened ta the right and lelt. and faced inward, while the Urand Master and others in succession,passed through and entered the hall. Bt John's Urand Lodge assembled at their room, 271 Crand street, at 0 o'clock, and Its subordinate lrdges having met at their lodge rooms, concentrated in Grand street, whence they moved in a body, accompanied by Bodworth's Cornet and Shelton's l!r.v<e bands. Thistjroceesion moved through Crand street, the Bowery and Bond street, to Broadway, and up Broadway to Tripler Hall, where the following ceremonies took place :? Prayer by the It . Vf and Rev. Br. Alfred E. Campbell. Oraud Chaplain (previous to the arrival oi St. John's Grand Lodge and subordinates). At this. St John s Grand Lodge. followed by the su- I bordiaate lodges under its jurisdiction, entered tbe I ball in admirable order, and took tbeir position on tha floor of the grand hall And now a splendid sight pre* Rented itseIt The stage hating been considerably en1 larged beyond its ordinary dimensions w?s occupied by the rrand oflleer" and other brothers of the order, high in rank, and invited guests from other States; | the Grand Master oi tbe Grand Lodge of the State of New York, l?r Win II Milnor. and the Grand Ma ter of St. John's Grand Lodge. Henry 0. Atwood, K*q, ' occupjing the most ] rominent positions. The members ot 11.e subordinate lodges. attended by their oftl- j c?re. occupied the Moor of the hall while the galierita 1 w ere filled with invited guests, principally ladies. As foon a* the St. John's lodges lr?d taken their pWoua, the Inai d Lodge of New Vork. and subordinates gave them a grand salute. M W Grand M.i*ter of St. John's Gran t Lodge, IlrMiv C Atwohp. then srof?. and made a hnrtal dreFj. congratulating the brethren upon tha Joou>t?i>n which they were about ti> oelcbrate. Addressing ( land Master Mllror. lie narrated in brief. the circumstances under which the disi-ension originally occurri d Hneakinir of himself iind comDanions who then If ft the (1 rand Lodge, ho said. th<? ollvi) branch had been extended to them. and they bad returned but not m!out', wo. tliey were attend'd by tUu escort? {p'.intlog to fh? nuicc.uu* anemblag < cf perf^as In the c*Btri> of tt>? boor* ) He conelud-d by saj In,;, 'I pr.'n ut tln tn to you a.i M&tiua- MaabU by name, and by jractice." O M Mii.nor replied: Mont, W<>r?hlpful Sir and B-othi-r: -fri the name. und In teb?lt of the Most Wor. thipful Gn.i;J Lodge i f .Ve w York. I reoeite jou and your bri ihren a.? guod ra-n aud maefn*. My brother, i the union fo loig desired by the wasot.*, not i only of New Vol 1; but cf the Union is at lung ft com- 1 jlet?d The partition wall* we broken don u, and I hope. nevtr a ?a in to be ereeted "Ilow good an l how pltarar.t it is tor brethren to dwell together In uaily. It is like the prsdouf ointujent upon the h>^<l, that ran down upon the beard even Aarou'a be* id -is the <21 w ol Ileriucn. and aa thu dew that dea :ended on the niObiitnlna ! Zion lor there the Lord comm>ud?d lii* bleising. even life fuiev?rniore. Glory to God on iilgb !" (L'ha brathreu respoudtd ) "So mote it l>? ? Amen !"' A round of che-r* of welcome were bore given by the Grand Lolge and subordinate*, and each fraternity. in due form, coutumuiaW the adjust jjent of all difticulth * by shakie r hand* with each other Grand Ma-t?r Atwofd wastl.en formally announced as a Past Grand Muster ol the Grand I,ouBe of New York. Grand Muster Ai wooi replied in a few pertinent remark* lie then called lor Grand Standard Hearer Hyatt, ot St. John's Graud Ledge, who caul* forward and rewired the oustody of the Baun?r of i<t John'*, wi'bthe Injunction to protect it a* faithfully as he hadh<rrtoiii defend (it. 'I t i <the urund Standard , Ueaitr promised to do and thedrml "duster aildrr-s-d the m?niter* ot the Lodges on the subject of the dissolution about to tnke place. He enforced up n their mind* the necessity of obedience to all the mandates ot the Grand Lodge un'ler whose jurisdiction tbe> were . ; ttbeut to place themselves In coaclualon. be aald, ' under tbe sound of the same gavel that first ce.ied 'he l lodge to order. I now declare St. John'* Grand Lodge I dif*< lveJ lie then desired the brethren of lodge* un- , i d<r St. John'* Grand Lodge, to aadut* the (Irand | Master Tbia waa done In a manner worthy or Masona ' 1 who know how t? do what tbey nndertaik* en-l we venture to *ay. that this salute baa never before been j given in this city by so large a body of Masons, with , such ccmbintd precision und ease. The union wa* I stuK < oiinuiiuno'?<1. and uaoy h??ct* r\iui?cU A Maaonic *odk waa li*it iiuDf b; a aalaei choir. acI en pailad by a band Tha word* cf tha icug wrre ai lollow* Thim happily mat. united and frea. A forataata of liaavan wa prora ; Th< a join h?art and bund, and Irmly agraa. To cn'.tivata brotherly lor*. With corn wlna and oil. aur tlM* raplata, Tha Altar of Krland'hip dlvln* ; Each Tirtuf and itraee the circle c?>mplat?, With aid of thf muMi*al nln?* Thu* blaat and thua blr ?*lor In work >o gupram*, j Hay Maaanry dally lncraa?w ; It* grand fchrtne ot mora!* <>nr favorite thama, Tha tcuroa ot eonUntmrnt and paaca. Ft. Jchn'*Urand Lodfa havin* b??n diaaolrad. It t>arama naoa*?ary for tha lodjta* who war* foc-marlr ondar lip Jurisdiction to taka out uaw obartara, to that and, therefore, Ihr MaiUn ?( tlia aavaral lodfa* wara callad upon to oobh forward and raoalva thatr new warrant* Tha flrrt Maatar eallad wn Thoma* Abbot, of Indapandant Lcdga. No 7-?ba being tha r-aulur lod*? of 1 that jurisdiction <>n rnmig/ upon th* ?t?<a. P (i. M At wood Introduced Mr Abbot to the Uiana Maater, who read to him tba naw charter of Independent Lodge. which henceforth U No 18ft Tha ott?r roaa1 tar* ware next callad forward but tha earacnoay of reading tha cbartar wnanat performed in any loatanoa except tha Brat Tha following ara tha ram-a of three l.odxr* with tha nww numbar* whlck tha J fwr*l*?d with thalr charter* ? | Atmaur Lodge. . .. . . 1W Silentla Lodge 104 t>array " ...... 1ST Harmony " ......100 klareh " ......i'M /era <iat huh >* 'Jim) C'uiinaiital ' 1(9 J op pa " ......SOI Munn " IPO Zuchockka " | Ltbitrn " ...... 1*1 T'-mpl.ir " 301 , B<-a*n>Unt * \n2 r?lc?tiu? " .......9M I Miter " 183 llyatt " PUtt 1W4 KinptraClty ' *?? ( Kxeelilor " )f>5 V State* >< | Folomoa* ,l 190 Atwood " 'JOH York " m Worth ' iofl Af>r tba presentation of tba chart- r? th? following j nitfonio( <! . written for tbaoc?a?loB. tu >?ii| hy lb? ebolr:? Hall to the day. that (??<aUi our I*t d band; Hall to tba day 'bat a*Ui pn*?? through lb? land; I.at Maeon* rejoice- iptMil the |l>4 tiding" w<dw < 'or uvlan'i ctinpletad. Mid mora to dtelda. Tbit 4ar ???a tba Hwt conmimmntlon of lore; The olira branch born# tu tba b* ak of the dnv?; i'roaparlty ami lea and bright Virtu* atand* pleaaed That tba d-mon of Dlaan* i bu at length b**n appaaa i. Maywa na'ar from tba pathway of r?aca again (tray, N it forgat to pluck "ledo* from Itta'a etormy That onr tutor* career may with pUaanr* abound. When iwaet myetloal l??? doea oar circle eurrraad To tba great Divine Arebiteit lat o? |l?a thank*. That ttka wlad- m baa brought ue In brotherly ranka, Let tb- nintla of Charity e:?*r nil fanlte, A nd from danger and flection war* ??ia from aaaanlta. K**t in order aw tba oration of tba day. delivered i by M WO M ?r W* II fttii ??* He eatd-Life he* been ml led n pilgrimage and pet he pa no farm could b<aelreted more e*pr**rlTe of It* uncertainty , deng-ra, id bepaa. It li. indeed. a pilgrimage thrmigh a e?- I |to( of >a?led aepaet. bn?*it checkered aky of cloud eadavnahlna Mania. Indeed e pllerlrn oaa of a goodly company,ea <irm? in char*<t*r and feeling la language end complealon: yat all nniUd la oae common (>bj**t. all nreaalag forward to oaa eomaai ; peal- tba < neao of eternl'.y A Uia atrlag? of an la- | Urnrreut re*p*ndingto <ti? *eai* touch but vibrating a fth lt? own patnllar I -n* produce ona harm* ? - nil* melodw Ml all baarta ie?nend to tb* toach I of lk? ram# diwlae MmLt Mck with it* own pe<v>Har maaaure, yet Mil uniting to perfect tha grant* work for wblah tbey w-te created the I riory of their Maker Life I* indeed. n ptlgrJmaga prntu to von* j?t WfirlMB* at tlcea to all, Id til It* ? '?(?*- youth wiki oil and *14 age ? akang Ing and uaiertaln Tat on thin jaciraey. how irtr dr?**y to rarh on# Imtrttv demanding tkm ?t r??r gr? n Boot* ii w rip "in# a* arr the *?? <* vhe <l??ert to th a panting raratan a here tba aparkUng watera an I eoal haahaga larlta ta retrvakauaot an J r?p? Kara the weary aplrit lo??a to linear renaw. log Ita rigor fot tba Journey onward Mara. Mta the tor d old pat Mar h. ?a ereet a pillar of r>m?iubranee. lo iakrn that Got hath dealt ktridly with ua Tbeae 1 ?ra tha way Mark * along tha tiarel path of lite ta ' ablrh IB unary ofta n M?rn? in aaaaona of danger and ! liatreaa and brloga fcaek fraah aonragrfar tba ennfllet Now. to aurh a grean .'pot hate wa eoae to day Ku?h 1 I way ?r?rk ar? wa i boat arreting oa tha pathway of Una Wa ha* halted two band* of pt|. |ilni?-at lha elmr in < pnra fountain of truth ind charity, and for a btlrf period, raat by tha ' itlll wat.ta How refrrO'ng tho? to meet and Interchange friendly graeWii ??! How delightful to 4 know that mch nnlon la not l>a * 'or a day or honr bnt lint whin the atgnal la gtrm fm the march onward, w? are to Janrney together throng. ? the raat of oar ptltr'mage llgbtMiinj each Othara' ta "* "baring ea h r>ttera bnrdana' Thla la Indied a g.'orioua day tor c maernry Donhly glortana for ahe *pv *nra again ba- i ? - o!i,I In tha ' hitarok# of ktnik*Tlr fclndiitna ao<1 ehV'*tf 1 thtrc hp ?>Wt? looking down a?oti ?ht? from t lh? r??lir* abo?# who ar? r?jolnl?ft with joy nh P*** ^ ?bla ?t tbt? j#yon? fpo?tarl? Th?y. Il?tn? IwK**** r lti? day *ip ?ot %f dtatant (bra all #!#?" *?# n'*|ott?n tMa ??lfn wonld hm that th? hoar a K)iJ<e?B?fk?iii?MB?t wottid H ?<? (Of tkf | pi wrong* of mooon . Th*y diodla thia tilth. ItM upportod than through Buy a day ftrW, vhntk* httrtvumdy torisk bwHlh of ebUqij u4 loyrooch whlob tkatrpcriMator*. torn* im Iowhm, bat mora is uIIm,Um1 upon thorn Th? hoar hM com*, and I atand Mon yon tho hood of this united body, with o awolllng and gratofnl hoart, tat with * toncuo too feoblo to do lattea to tho oooa tan. Thl* ti iadaad a glavleus dhj -on which will long be rcmtmbarad la oar uuili- whow tale will be told to o?r children' children. I would sot mar lu pleasures by narrating by- gone dlflcultlee?difficulties which I trust Mrs to be buried In oblivion. It U sufficient to know and tesl that we are on*?on* In ieellag ana In action brethren af the nyatic tiethat with obaarful heart* and ready hand*, now, and for the future, resolved. unitedly to promot* the blessed work of Ma*onry. The orator here entered into a hi?tory of Maaanry down to the time that lodge* ware drat **tabli*had la this oountry. Ot thia period, lie *ald: In the year 1780, Lodge* were created In different Klats ef America and provincial charter* granted by Grand Lodge of England. Suck 1* the origin of our own Grand Lodge. We originally bald a charter from the Grand Lodge of England, and worked under the same, until on the Declaration of our Independence a* a country, she also assumed an independent position in the masonic world, as the Grand Lodga ot the Btate of New York. The course ha* beena moat prosperous one, though at times obstructed by opposition and persecution. The beauties of the *yst*m of nasoury were next descanted upon at length. Dr. M. then came to the subject of tha charges whioh hate been preferred against masonry, and said? She has been declared antagonistic to revealed religion. She ha* been accu*ad of teaohing a reflued system of deism. How utterly baseless the oharge we. who are initiated in her mysteries, are eonscious. The pious and good ot all ages, who hava served at her altar, and whose praise has been known in all the churches, should certainly be received by the world as surety that the assertion is utterly without foundation. It i* true that, as Free Masons, we are not sectarian Asiuch, we are only required to acknowledge an All-Wise and Omnipotent Deity. Our order ils a social and intellectual, not strictly a religious one. The revealed word of God, however, is the Mason's rule of lite. Ills commands, as therein made knowu, he is enjoined to observe We retpecc. but do not interfere with each other's peculiarities ef belief Th* Jaw and the Christian here ?et side by side, both worship ing the same God of Abraham, and ot Isaac, and of Jacob. They are both taught and both believe that God is love- infinite, unchangeable, everlasting - that ' pure religion before God and the father is thi??to actlst Ibe fatherless ai.tl the widow in their affliction, ad to keep themselves unspotted from the world." Masonry opposed to revealed religion ! She I as been ? she in her handmaid?not tb? rmh usurper of h-r seat. Each baa its own peculiar prominence, aad both act lu peifect hai mony. Uelijjion linpUut* new principles iu thelieaii. Masonry, by judicious culture fortili xes t jo soil in which the reed in sown, that it may reap its gain, and brlug forth an abundant harvest. God works bv inriii!*. aad .Vlaronrv has been a rhu.-en one to promote mans teuipora aad eternal interest* Witbiu her walla, tua only wlthiu her walls. all mett on terms oI the etriolest harmony. phe leads by pleasaat path* to crystal fountains of truth. We hare no waters of Jordan, iu whlsh tbe sou). leprous with sin and deflleweut, can wash and be wade whole. We should eaoroaob 011 tbs attribute* of the Keity? *k should touch, wltn pro*?ns banc*. bis altar, and cifer strange firu thereon dU we assert IUh clmm*. But does Masonry MfOgatc too much too herself, when she doas claim to be a iuornl teacher and returner? Hoc * mi*rinn i? a noble one ; it in not yet ended. Wb>-nth? promised period sball arrive of unlver>al ptace and harmony?wben the li'in and the lamb shall lie dtwn together, and a little child ehatl lead them ? when an united bali*lujah shall swell from all voic*?. ' tiljry to God atd the lamb" ?aheu the sword sliill be turned ic to the plowsbate. and the spear into ttte pruning hoi k. and sighing and suiferiog (ball forever c?s*e-then, and net till thru, will her missieii be ?n>.<d, for tin and misery shall be known no more. ? Empire* hate li-.ea and fallen -whole nation* bare passed] awsy into eom^aratite oblhl(m-y?t Ma.-onry etill ftacd*, beautiful a-ii vigorous, The wild wind* of kiagiy despotUm. aud Hie snips oi papular tur/ hvre beati n Sjuintt her. but in vein, lor the was iounded on a rook. She hat, in all ?nee. boen the pio;e?r of civilisation And r-Mlneri i lit The philanthiopist In* ever found her a willing aisi-tant, < tid the suffering have often been indebted to h' r for support. Circumnavigate the glebe, and you can set rre tom b ' spot wber.i the genial intlueiC' < of Mi honry are hot ssin and t-lt. In trie Iroi-tn region' ol i be North and the sunny tan!* of the douth.throughout tbe broad expanse. from Mist to West, her banner I Like tk* - ; 'be ba* beea the great toil runner?fittluc t bo untutored mind lor the reoeptioa ot gresttr truths. by t?a< iiing ter own pure principle*?proclaiming everywhere her mystic rite*. " Prvpsie je. in the ilei-trt. a highway lor our > ' i Brethren <t tbi* Inied Oroar?the union, which bas for years been the earnest aish ef all true Masons, 1* now consummated; we. who bare be?n uividtd are now one. T gether we are to walk within tbe porch) * of the temple-togetner to tread the Mo *aic pa?<meet Let us not forget that we havrawork topeitorm wtiile tbe day lasleth-aa the ?t?n<-a were brought, ready fashioned, from the qntrrie* of Z ?rv datba. fitted and prepared tor the bulldtr's use. so our B ind* are to be prepared iu these our earthly fnnotuarlr*. and c ade ?* living i tone* for that Spiritual Huildlnc eot made with hard*,sternal In thslleavent. Oh! let u*. above all, cberleb tbe spirit of uaity-let us keep, bright and gloriole*, the *pitIt of brotherly love- tt>at golden chain, which, in its mafia circle, links beart 10 heart. Tbe oration was followed by the Masonic anthem CcniKtncing with? " How bl< *t I* he whose generous snoi." A prayer and beredtetion by the K. W anfl Rev. ltr< tliei *h! tu T i ' aj>lL*e. Tbe OranJ i.rdge antf subordinate lodges then form ed in oroer ot prort s.-don. wben the united brethren fit.I into their respective position*, and moved down Brradway to the Park, up Park Kow. Chatham street, and the bowery to t'nlon Square, and down Broadway toTilpler Hall, wberethey partook of a splendid repast. The disbar was well served ; r >?t^fnr one thowaaad were prepared and all. or nearly all. occupied ; the galleries bein?. meantime well filled with ladle* anu gentl< men pretest as spectators. The dinner was opened by the invocation ot a bleerlng A tu* lull Juettoe bad been done ta tbe eddlbles. the following regular toasts were propeied and drank with due Mau nlo ceremonies ? 1st - Grateful hearts for every blessing. Kniic. " K oa W oble " id?Tbe day wa celebrate, ard all wbc hoacr It Music. "Marobfi<'m tt-lli-ario * .to unr Meter urae.t Lout**, ana tneir r?pre*entatltM prre?t ' A old I,aB? 8 j-.ie " 4i h -Tha Pra*W*nt ol lb* United Stat**. " President * March " Mh -Arm; and Navy of tk? United fltnte* ' Star Rpanglad Mariner. 0th ? The Union, on*andIndlvUible. "HnilOnlumbin." 7th?The Kmplr* 8 tat*. dlranted of prajadtoaa agilnet our Institution Hh* will ba found ,for*m"?i In th? rank of Mnnonle jurUdioltoa. " Konw, *?reet bom*.'' Mb -Woman- Our goad angel la prosperity onr flare In adversity, ever tba Ma<on'? oaxa. "Ilera'a health to all food laaae* " irMh - Happy to meet norry to part.and tbrice happy t? meet again - Mnaonic Air'' 8*vrrni letter*, from Invited gue*t*. vera read. Mknonlodging Invitation* and apologising for nonattenuai.c* Amnu tbem vai one from R W Q M Pat Id MaCamb. of tba Diet riot of Calsmbl*. enclosing tbe followIng aentMienl:? "May Maeonle union In the Fmplre Atate be tba bnppy harbinger of Union throughout tba Dafctd ItaM. "A union of lake*, a union af lan J*. A union o< Stale* that none ean *ever; A union ol heart* with nnlna ol hand*. A merlaao anion for er*r.'' Tbl* wa* rtr-Wfd with prolnrged obaer* frnei nil part* af tb* honae. nearly every p?r*on (landtag, nnd tba ladle* waiving their bamtkeroblvfll in* n>uin ?i r. u. n ii"nry u. propoaed by M W O M Milaor, and 0*11*4 ?nt a rM)oiiir lri>D P.O II Atwocd. ' 1 b? health M M. W G M Mllnot" >U Mat profonl, tad appropriately raapond*4 to by that jrttlt tan Amr.ng (he Irttm ruaJ ?n an* (roa tha Grand MaM>i of l>0D?)l'aela regretting hi* inability lob* pr> *eo? a?kr?M obliged to attend to official baxloee* In I btladelphla laat evening We tt mlrr our Ibaaha to Br. Jama* Neary, who had charge ot the avimaodrtom for the preaa, aad who araultted hlm-elf admirably In that capacity. aleo. to Br W m B. Barber who had charge of the police rrai yt-meate. aad P. D. 0. M Colea Alt of thee* gratUmm rendered *11 the ihUuom It Uialr pow?r, and for fbia th?y d?eeree oar thank* It wee altogether a glorion# day. and will lose bo reBieMberrd With Ml>|i Of delight by the MUOII of li?w Till. VlMalrtoal and Marital. An avalanche of tlnrtlMMetti, aad a flood Mother latereetlng reading wetter bar* entirely ewamped nut theatrical ar>4 mu*lcal eri'lcUini, aad unavoidably ermprlled ui to throw them OTerboard thla mora F*r the variety at particularly novel attraction* offered for thlf evaalng entertainment. tee the aAvarttring r< loan City li4tlU|*n?t. Oaaan lima to a f?m.?uai.rwia Fiat Coitnuv On Cbr*etnia* al|bt a grand mpper wae riven by loder-ndenoe Horo Company. Mo > of ihia elty, to the oiled Mate* Hre ftnglne ('urnpany of Philadelphia. The ertertalnawat w*e prepared at Odd Fe||?ara' liail. la the bait ?tyle ai Brather* IVrlla* There waa a lumber of loaata pee-he* and tome goo4 elfiglng. The eienla? paaand >4f vary agreeably A ?pl?ndid ?U?.* tn nipet waa pre#e?te4 by tha Philadelphia ?o? pany hating the tnUowing Innarlptlon Pr.?aat*4 to Ia4epen4enc* iloee Oo. No I of *#w York by t'bitad *' '** Fire Kngine Co, erf Philadelphia. 1>* r II. N I h l ? i St i i?> It ixt?* ?A gentleman naaie4 Wood, wblla peering tl*<>n*h Aaio* iireet near Greenwlah areaaa. II ?*? ar if a wnn u'. ana mn upoi r?"? -? ? iBltlrtlnf ??#? wciiioJ upon k'i h??'l H *? hror*bt to tbo Motion hnim, ?horo bo >11 itl'ldwl by Mr fogo 1 >>orrki I)??o, Altrr tko elo?o of tho Coronor'f fll rr. lift ov?nltt(. tk? bod/ nt on ttokoiwn nan. (?p' r*nllt ?n I rib or *eoich?on ) ? htou(ht In It ! i eirt hAtifif lion < ?<! i? tn??tr??t l>r 01'* (??# is ord?r tn n lmlt him lo tb* ImmI hou*. *bi r? on It fM**t ?ill Im> b*-id to-day. TUB IttRKI.V IIKRll.O. Tho Wr??,? Hint LP ?llt bo pnblkbod *1 In ' lock tbi* irf rninit Ito 0?nU ?* ?lll ibrooo iko Ptiroproa tho Fnrroftt Dl?o*e? Pm?, tko Nlot Ttlol, tt-Norol Com* tfortl*.' on Cm Joim. ho ro<fnt Fnitltiro Plot* ('mo, tho .Ppoookoo of Mr. ^ brtor or,J Air Hfbrj Bn\??r tt tko ** ? K?<l?nd >lnw. tko Ipoook of Mr Wob?tor to tko I. <tl0? mobi t *ko City iioli. fto , M. Blogl* ooff-o. Id n.tMWi f tt> KnMiiiUnt dw f <iw Ballwad C*B|?j.-Tka tlM tpprowbn wk?t It will bo hh to Btkt hnkM yrovuUa for tko ooot of Mi>| thU work fkom FoacbkoojNU to ita witkn toraUaao. oppodto lit?y. Tbe Compaay, oa tko mk tail., wuk Uli rlow, liMtli a ooooad mortMi it* fraachl.oi til aroporty to Kokart B. Miatarn. Job 0. Qrooa tid fi. W. bo ToroM, la mm, to ooouro ti Umo of additional koeie. to thi auoaat of two million* of 4ollan, parable la ma yoart from that dato, btirlii ootob for m?t Iatoroot, ajaklo Mai thaiillf oa oonpoaa attached. aad ooavortiklo Into (took, at tbo ploamro of tko kildor. until maturity. Aa oikifcltioa of tht conoorai of tbo Company, aad I of tbo oitaation of tbo work, will, doubtloM, bo ix Metei In offering thee* bttli to th* publl*. 1? li Itemed euffloient for the preeent object to pUee before tbe Stockholder* tome general information f?rnlthed by the Chief Engines nnd Uuptrint indent, together with tie two tnbjoined anettr; itntemente? A, *howlag auuimarily tht whole fend* whioh have oome into the hnnde of the Board, nnd the ditpotitlon mndt of then; nnd B, tht ettlmnud fnrther ooet of txtoadiag the work to Albany, including ether MMMMf ditbnraemtntt, nnd the re? ouroat relied on for meeting tha*e demand*. it may be remnrked, in reepeot to the flrit *tat*m*nt.that nil ndjntted nnt admitted demand* on the Company nave been duly paid, including the ooet and all oharge* of mora than half tbe iron rail* require* for the read above Poughkeepeie; at well at for the fron and layi og of 43 mile* of double track from the terminut in thi* eity to Peektkill. which, with tht exception of afcout twelve hundred feet, u now oompUtod agt in operation. With n few immnterinl oxoeptiont, the Vkolt lint to Ponghhaapsi* ha* boan put in tht bt*t order during the pan lummtr and autumn, and it i* believed that a inperior work of the kind i* not to be found ia the United State*, nor on* that can b* operated with greater apetd. tafety and tooaomy. The loan of $4 000,DUO on the flrat mortgage, it will be Men, ha* been wholly paid up, and, alao, that the entire ooet in negotiating the ?am* una been le?t than three per cent on tht whole. The rroai receipt* dtrivtd from tlit operation* of th* road up to 2Iit in*t , ar* tS7*,34H, and tht txpente* of operating to the lit imt., $?P\1?0, leaving, exslaiiv* of expun ?e* for the praient month, n net revenue of $140,1141 w hieb, in view of tbe faot that the road ha* been devoted partly te the contraction of a double track, and ha* boon operated for it* way butincr* on a plan of porftetion and expenau suitable lor a large through buame**, i* antlrely atiafactory to the direetort, and.lt i* hoped, will be ** Viewed by tie atociholder*. It will he recollected that the tart commenced running to Ptekakill on the lit October, la*t y*ar, aud to Poughke*p?iu on the Slat December, for eome time after which the expense* oloiely approaehea the receipt*. and the aurplu* above tated muy fairly be considered a* having been earned in oouddcrably lei* than n yenr, nnd that it I* a'U.. at wholly derittd finm way paaacnger bmineit, on n little more than half i t tht wnolo route. No proper *xpen>* hai been or will bo apared, to inaure the aafety afcil regularity of the paaaenger train*. Tbit paramount ooneidriation, together with the attention required to thtoomtiuotion of a doubt* track, aud tht track abovt Poughkttpiit, haa nnavoidal ly prevented the due cultivation, throuxh the?un.mer, of the freight and other buainen. Now that tht Ltooad traek u completed to Ptektkijl, it ia btlieved that arrangaibcttt can be made to Mcare an important

freighting buriie?a frira the way itatiom, (to wbioh ' ranch the attention cf the Boaidianow airected.) and to brln< the road into full r?t In other re?pcc:t. The statement, 11, oonti iiii what the director* believe to be in ample eatimaio cf tbe o< *t of extends* the road to Albany, and 'he aurplu* hown ii believed to be more than adequate to the ne-c**ary additional equipment*, engii,e?. atatiir building* and other oOBtiDgcncic*. The cutlmaton for gracing aud tuper tmcture are made for a tingle track frein Poujhketptie to Albany: but frr a double track, through rock cu'.t, and tht material lurnitl ed thereby, will be round auifisient I r embankment# for a double tr?<"k to aome extent. Th* prauirg ol III' ! i-ilfcll .? Ol ILO W UiliL-n IIUU I ? to Alkucy wa* oiap!otiJ on the l?t inat.. and every noj tion to in epirited k: <J active court* of cunattuotion : ?evo| ml of tie muttons will ha flaiahed km! ready fir Ikying 1 thi onptratructutc an.courae of a few wceka. The>ttcik'e for err umj knl Iridgin* from I' aghke-piiie to Albany, lubj mltteil to the atookliob uit m the report ol the Board, or A pnl 17th Inc. auKumeu to $I,.SJ0,114. ?v lu.-i?e of the Uroeu I buafc soot'' o, rowe t aatoa at : 60,342, ahtcd being added 1 makea tt.SSB.W. Tl at ertltuato ni founded i n prieaa laid I on the work ( low 1\ ighl eepeie. Th s prut nt one for the | whole i? on tie actual c?ntract prion, and am?enta to tl,4",l;M?, allowing a roiluotion in thia item ol JtA'.l.JM, ' a nmat |ratil>iig eiult. which >a to be atttibutel t j thejn! dieiottM mana, fluent of tlie Ch'el Kogibeer of tli? Comp ny, ir. #m C T iting. and to the pO'icy of the Board in en??gIrg to par the C Liiko:or? wbi 11> la oa?h, with two eueptlone, t:n.UW of tt o a??'->Ld mr'rnre Inndj having h*en a^ro u tr. br taltn k> ouc party, and j I > Oof tfia etoek by auotLor, botu at par. Vr unr i rco.iri per. the Hoard to expect that the road will be leki j h i tho name 1roui Albany to llndaou, on or before t'ie lot Jnr? ntrt. atd the whole line, frooi New Ya?k to Albany, Inorutlocf 'he ontli of B> itctnber foili?inj Tiom liia woll-ka' *n energv, the Board feel aoonB I-n a that the e w lil be no diaar pointment in thee> expectations no umuuitl t c:uiieucoe analog. With ile eirrption of two or three trifling pointa, the whole trad way it la pooiea?lon of the Coupany. The coat of It? name l a- in renetal been aa low aa the previous aniieiratkm? tf tho H >?T'', but the whole eo?<, of thia item wnll ti(t?a the aagrenate amount formerly eaioulatetl, ari.lng trtui the policy adopted, in eaten, of pnretiaMng oiire d** and other proper tea, to avoid the ui oeatity i f uakii rroaainga over the road, th-.ain Irg tapi i. e In cotoa'taction. and promoting safety ini'Mi.ii. >iiil to th" t hat re of the line from the baee ?f i h< claj billa in tl ? neighborhood of Albany, to the valuable meadow grocxie i n thu river. M which it waaaecaoaaty to take an tinnonal width to obtain material for eint-ai.kmint. Tic ira.k ul ovewill be fouud vaatly au peri or in atref^Mneta t> that beli w I'ougbkeepaie, and a greater . awed will, therttoic lea; a sable oa It ? ith e iuki a*l :y. ! i ia riliii .1 K*i An it n A r>? t thnt tV?a ? > nritin Irfiin will La run tliroafh. fr<.m N<? York to orpoaitc Albany. in four hotiTr it.t li di?? i Ninuy a'opii. A? t> the m 'l* of itenin; or mIIibk 1 t>4* Multi the ???i>nd nt'Ttynf*, the Board have to ark liiju. wail* lL-.ro in i?ui?t tu bailer* tint aery n ml} ili? CDti/e amount vt th* tirat ia*ue >.f $4.M4MM?i of l.onda Im Fl-'.tlrd down into th* hand i of farwumt bi'leci, and mI i!? tli? few now cL..ti*ini hand* eonmand moro than rar. they find that cxpccta'.ioi art ?ntt rtaircd that t >im> vr.t tnvti li eot-mitted to or. Lboa* new to to inaucd. for the T*ry MMb-tanMal rtawm that oilier railroad a*? urviea on diuaaat work* in pr**-< -J on th* ti arV?t at rodnird rati*. ?r.ti tkat ib? road ia not Aniai.eJ, Wl.il* the lioard view any discount all' wi d, as a aacri'io* of ?o irnrli of th* property of th* atockno'.der*. they laie too* to tl.? determination, if any la'r bolo * oar matt bo &ad*, to c<r* to ea*ry itrckh?ld*r an opportunity to i alert toy audi proportion of th* b;>nde 10 b* iaanad ? La tuar tl ir.k rr |?r. A rorti'-aof tkeiv b'r.Ji, My. to th* amount <f tl.'ojfO. tat already b?*n anf?r?d inpayment, at par, tor .*,!?? .'ton* iron iaiL< and for ota*r matorial*. ai oath prion. and a furtk*r eoed lerab'e amount nay b? Iaaotiatrd tu tlio same atuarr; rat fall half the amount Boat la eold for caeli to raiae funda to par tfc* contractor* for (radisc. fco. Tb* fund* now en hand will b* nearly anffleiait t? n*at tk* entrant dam and a tkr< u?h neat month, ui to tai the in'ar?t * tt>* loan, dne lat fib ; *r< bi wbte* aim* obni t i?r ?orth will be i%jair?4. 1U? of tn*>?* t>Meh will V ->A-red ?t f?. a?nt. and tka ni 'da of diapnHnc of thi m, ar* }tl undecided Due pnbII* notice will br tfivan in the daily pipera. wlitn till* h itteinned If. whilat ainiilar arrnrillee en other important and NitifioM n ad* arc *llr>? atoeo par. aad tbwr* ia an abnndanr* if oapi'al aeekinir >nT*atmeat,thia*"-arity, (th* afety ' t whicb none protend to doubt, and nhich oarriet the Important privilege of convention Into the Hock of the Company I** ten y*ara.) can, by the mere oircaaatanee of tfce Itoao not b*ing bniebad, ?r byaayotkor Influeaoea. be kept bt low yi in op*n maik*t, th* Board will be tory urli nrprlaed. By order of th* Board of Dir*<ttr*. Drcatu'- r!4. IsftO. J. BOOHM AK. Pnaldent. Uao. B. Bt Ti.cn, ?**. BD JUNBS, Tlo*-f,re*id?ct. STATEMENT A. nrorrrr* or th? hi iwu m?m h ?tt.no*n compact. Stock. Tijinal Ml f*cnpt? a BI,UI?,100 00 .wued for and in pA>n>*kt of iat*r?*t to 8to*khol4*ra... ?98,S6I 36 3.J1J.061 .M Leraforfeited aid other tnckheld bythaCo., ( *? ttrrea.) coat... .$71,690 l?a*iaeialm*nttdn* on i&V ahare* of a took... M 900 97.S10 00 _ . . . , ? M?'Udi *? B'fidi leaned under (lrtt mortfare.,, t,0U0,0UU 00 rrom freight paaafi-.ti- and mnili.. 97H.2M 7S L**? tranaportatlen *ip*na*e.., IV.HO 21 140,118 M 7.SM.IW n mtnraiiNCWTf. Land for road way fAfl.JH# ?S l and for Uerxita and bulldinia 971,170 23 Advanced for depot landa T* N*w York *ity, (not y*t improTod,)... 81,171 ? C*aer*l C*natrocti*a ae.oant, tIi Ora4t>R. bri4iia|, feneiaf. anp*r trnetnre inclndmi iroa.*a(ln*oriac office and *oati*f*at *ip*aaee. lo*o?oMeea, ear*, machta*ry, aaa other diekaraenerti not epoeially atated, (laelndlnc 1117.114 II. *?eaey and other ^ arre In no_Cw*t?tte(lo*a*ft4 00n.0i?.) ft.<97,77V 9S latoirtt !*:< oa bond*. ?., llu mt?r?l r???l??d 87,JOJ kl Imowmt ?rrllr?*>U to aotaal eo.? of road $4,744,471 M T?towt <taid to (loakI oldorj .. IU4.UH 87 Cub in boad* of if mat i fo? t||bai?<?*al... $31,710 37 L*m aa>?uat Itiadlag <a ko<b ? rr*dit of nttriclori aapaid 4.S17 0$ $7,433 $3 MB.(MM ? 7.191.MI ?' J'i?bi?b??ii.i( rnmm $$$$,UI4 44 > ? York, Doooakor M. J. N. DOPKIM, Traaiarar $TATBMEMT H. aaant noaoor mi roartni F.ao. ia Midi of lb* Trotwnr M??14 Bnodi i? >* I wood uaU*r ad Nrriiaco 3,0<0,a$B forfaited ?rd ?tk?r Slo?k aaaod by tbo Ooapaay, I kfW *1 air* ) ooat 71440 iMttianti dao oa OVtbaroo of tlaak M.N0 Ti sal rr*rnr?o* (2 MMM Dutmrtrmmti to ht prmxdrd fmr. P?rOradin(?ad by oitiat ran ra?t prt< ? ...... . $1.477 1* Lim aaowt of t?rk <on lit Dm. MM l.NJH Add fot Knria#orl?|t tad toatia? ? ( >. 10 p?r coat 1 OH,417 1,M.4M 7ora,0nn toa* Iroa rail*, la eoarr* f Mr*?a'.a? $11 7lf?rt*a M.I44 " Dai j oa to bo, oouaatod $7 M p.r toa $2 MO _ 117,79$ " Cm** (laa. fay K4^(MW. 7MOO " Cut iroa obtirt. (pikta, aad laylac a*prri'niotarr. 7* mlloi a $l,0M}.,.... $$,0$$ " lairraat oa $4 (V>.(I0U loaa. daa lit F*broair a??t, (Anfnit latorait aaJralatoa toboa*t by rooolpta fr m . LW.4M " Admitted balaaea* of aocoaat 4m* *oaira?t"r* d.SIT Por o?Bt*f rotalaod oa aoatracta la foara* oMaMhtaat.,....... $0,0$0 " in Mk Had bnadadii* In tub, aaralled for ... $ R3B " 1 itiaiatad aruonat yt? to pay for land* at urooatnib. (for ilaHoai and roa4 *?y,) and oa tbo U* of th? road .., IOO,fW$ " C*atir|>at aatotthd ?la.\tv.?, ?ottuioio4 ?.<**> 1,TT$W$ larplao It7?,WM fVM it ) dttrniint <m Mil of $f.(WW,WO hnada,) Appllrakla *? (tatiaa knildinci aad othor <mi>r'????nt? ilK't Tork. Orornknth. and wat and to tha parohaao of addition* I !nr< m<>moo, ran aad oth?r oqnlptnontt. W II ? It it mlmlat'd t? fay lataraot ?a Hay nojt, la ?took, * ha. a dnao tko [>??t yoarj aod aft?r an inn* far thai parpo-o. (ik?ut $lfO,<M> ? iboro will tbon roaiaia aatkority l? iaeroaat- ?' aaoant of ntork ab?nt tWiMWi, if foaad naoot.urr r^kiRK an ??r?gat* of i.OKl dW. Ntir T?tV IHormtrr if, I MO. Offlo* Bud oa Hl??r Italtrrad Cd., *?". IT, 1SWV At a m??>tn* of tb* Fiaaaeo Coaaittao, on aotioa, r H?" i.Wrd, TTi ?t tha itatrmoni to the rto*khold?ro. of the affaifa ot the fc iirmt new taknitted ti 'ho committee, ka forthwith | ah'ltk *ad that f I WO '"*> ( the keadt of tbo eeaipenf ke trld i*t paklle aotti.n, at tko Merehaata' Iirhonee on Prlda? a tha M Joai.tr* at II a'alook. A. ; aa* t> it e> p ?< of oai * etai'meat, ait I of tbo lermt of ta'o, be odd row ?d, >| rough the P'Hit Offlaa ta th? etnekbeldare, aid aloo pa kilt bad. "JSifm . 0*0 B DDTTJR, Ittntttr. RIIm'i Pnnipnnnd * Uw Oil Cttlf ? Wtat red artirloooor ?a?! * radaead ihat aid aot (ad mltetere ?ao a??oMio??rfo<toiif FerHapetho ki(bott enaplla?nt e?ot paid V-TVr aMrt ?ra til * aataereog oeanterfalM af bio Tandy. Ail tkaia enaaeorfetta ?refen?l?t to rare (Votht, Ci'ldr, Coatnmptirt lr . ar? more 'w-letelna*. Not on it it with tbo aoaniaa artiele 11 d?oo all lv' maaafaotarar rlaitae for It, aad ???? a rt Wn iik we e?a> 1 '*aoh atory k*m 1*1 < l?ni with #?r "f Ita rr*?t ?tiU\j ?ti" with nation ?c?in>t u? ( ,ir>?a> Trie# , Ftr ?! , at ah, lataJ* ?t rttMl, ?*?A. ?. ft I?. P?rd?. im? rn?f? Mraat TfcoaiM ft ViKill. J* *<n*t inn M< llTiH llHt Drag ?t*tw. * danrtw w< (MMm or Cfcrtrtiiilit ?" Babylon the (nil It fail?*, is fallea, and it become the habitatioa of and the bold of eaery <oal fpirit. and H< of nirj iiuciwn amd hateful bird. Can* uat of bar. my eaoia." S.8 S?ow, jMNeBgiY of God, *111 rro?i?lm hoc w?a, ta-morrow, at HI Broadway. Tfew Cry ! rt?U Uwj come t The mr$ will MOB bo, " it ii BO IN ooatiac any more." la regard to th* Maw I?u'< Oift Ceueer*. aa aearfy ?mjr UaketVdieaoeed f. The dittribatioa and concert an fixed for Friday evening, Jaaaary the Sd. Tbo beet available talent i? Been red, Tb order to raadar th* evaaiM of aaqaaliSed delight. Th* (MM already Beationed aro, Mra. Id ward I.oder, Mr*. L. A. J?bm, MUe I. D* 1 no*, Mr. Mayer, Mr. W. A. Kins, Mr. O. Loder, Mr. Briitow, aad Mr. Strakaaah, b*. ides KB* other*, whoa* aamte ar* yet to >a aneoaaced. Th* cocoert will yield a very hand*ome profit, aad will proTt a mo?t eioellent speculation, both for the projeaftor ma ti.e pooue. 11 me panne oonugai 10 poor in in a* p?tt rumbers u hitherto, Mr. Jolllo, in Mil defeat*. will b? wmpillcd to get up th* " Bacon 1 Gift Ceaoert," M that all who wi?h may have a chase*. The whole Affair 1* *e plain a bnriaee* traaeaction, that every one eeema aaliafled, and all who aobaoribe eead their friend*, aad thue th* ticket* go off with a ruah. Thoee whe wieh to bay ehuuld bay to-day. Twenty^lT# Dollar Fum-PmptNU day* ono* more are iadneing oar people to inveat in Real Beiate. Th* poor aua can hare hi* hometead almost within a Itoae'e threw of th* City Hall of H*w York, fer the email *am *f twenty-five dollar* Tide adTerti**ia*nt?twtatylT* dollar* for a hom**t*ad. W bat Prettier present could 70a make than a haadeom* (old or eilver watch, or (old pes, or a cold chain, auoh a one aa yon caa find at JOHN Y. SAYauEfl, ?i Falton at. We are confident if thoee who wlah mm of th* above artiolea, will eall on J. Y. S., they will lad Bern at price* wkieh will be aatiafaotory. A Peculiar Gift.?-Female* desiring to make preaeat* to th* gentlemen of their acquaintance are frequently at a leae to know what woold be proper and appropriate Caatrell, No. MS Bowery, fca* Juet the artitlea. Hie embroidered Toilet Slipper* of which he ha* a laige aaaortment. havt been manufactured eipreaely for tbi* purcoae. and thef mnat command a ready *al*. Oa the other naad, hi* *' Alpine" Gaiter Boot* would not be an nabecomlag preeeat from a gentleman to a lady. Thoee latere*'.e4 thculdoalland examine hiaatook. Fine dress and waterproof Boots, that esanot be aurpaeaed in poiat of atyie, durability aad eheapniae ia the city of Mew York, may be found at il CourtlanSt atreet, under tbe Merchants' Hotel. AU 0retire exerted at the ahortcat notice. TUB DOCTOR. "Cheap aad Good Articles," Plenty of'ena. ?Brooke, ho. ISO Falton atreet. would eall the a:t?fc?ioa of th* public to Ma large a??i>rtia*nt <i Ladies, Utni*, ani Children's Boat*, 8ho?i, Gaiter*, Overshoe*, fee. Hi* (took i* the moit *i tensive, hi* good* the Lett, tad hi* priw* tht lowest ia the city. Dancing.?A. Dod worth's Armlemf, Ho. ?n llrubme street, near Broadway. Cla*?e* for aeooud quarter v ill comniene* en Friday evening, January S, at 8 o'olotk; tn Saturday, at 3 P. II , for ladiea and children. Ki.ox'a Annual Mtutge of Thanka to hli Cubtuuiera lor the Year 1861.?New V rk city, within a century, ha*, from a small collectiea of Dutoh dwellings, witii ttelr yroteique torn * and tiled roof*, riten to the rank ef about the larfeat Ity in the world where Data are worn. Uanv ol the homes or our plain republicans rival, ia elegan<e and ostentation. the rtM' paiaoe* of th* pampered childitn ef Kn*li*b aristocracy. Tie produ.it* of uur artli<in equal.if they do not ?orps'?, thuaa of lurope and l.y the eietviae of induiniiable energy ai d constantly iinprovinie ikil], tfey have von pr-trenty and rep'ita ion Himultane taly. Tn pernevero in to ci u|i?ar. Knot, the Uattcr, 01,123 hultvn str-et knew thi*. wf en, but a f:w yeara hiu<*e, he ecmnien'ed lusii esa in tht little "[Join iu th* Will," 110 I'l l'cn (tree*., without friend < an I without capital. lie ha* teraevired, and the improvement. like that of the oity, l>a* f>i en w< nd*rf?l. In the plaoa i.f a lietle (hep, with ft* few pin* bond alolvea, and tenet hat*, he haa now an eetabllshni-ut celebrated f>r i'.j (Usance of irrtngumont, th* superiority of ft* etcek and it* numerous customers. His aale*tktb ent?m* the m^st f*?er.?ive s'ock of rnporior Hit*, t:*[a, clfr'nt ard costly fur*, I'mhrella*. fee., while hi* manufactory i? rrct. de l with bu?\ ? rkmen, conetantly *mplo.itd la | r during t>.? articles for which there ia now *o eenetaiit a cctraud. To the customer* of IK3U he wonl l ro rcctfnlly lender hi' aetnowledgitent*for thoir generous pa* tr. r are, ttd niter!ji^a h - [ r i.ot utfouuded. he trusts, hat th?y *11 unk m euch rfurirx th* twelve calendar mouth* ei 1K6I. lo the poMt? at larje, hn would avail him*rlf ?f tti* eppor unity to r;n?w his aei-uranee ttnt he will *rll a<<ih<ax I.ot the best, at pile** lower than any other tirst ?: a** dealer ia th* eily kNOX. "Tle"Uatt*r. 12i Fultonstreet. CJruln'a Dint fox I8M? If It la designed to rra > ii e the u'lle with the dulco In a p- <n <r a purchiue fur J "?flnrpl ?M. Gei InV cl'gant four <! lar Winter H?t, or * tine car Iron hit nnrl?*lted *e*oitnent, w< ald ?e?m to be l>i cvlierly ini-oral.le and appropr.ata. UanMet are very intt3 in their way, 1 m > *p;iiiuid hat or a hnailrotne fur oa it i ratii n?i mrnlr, and < i that will be likely to keep t friend'*" memory *ri?u in the ?oul" ai loan a* the e?la w*ti*'er laets. In the ft'-lair tfr.i ijnfcreMlin can be renrv i d with r<me article fromile nif n'iHiihr.i-nt. ?eit?hle to that telton. CKMS.21I nnadway, oppoiila St. J'kuI*. Fun. Wm Ban<>, 10S Canal atreet, tor atrc i W icittr. I.a* jiut re.uivcd an eloiaut aaaortuieat of new and (caatiful Fut, which In a I litlen to hi* former Mleet i toek of iu?a|fcii *n l other far?, enable* him te meet the }>ra*tlP( demania of hie n.>mero\. i rairca* for hla inltaita la *r?, which will be mor? generally durirg tnree muH'h* of theentilng yiar.'thau at aay eiunlar period faratvaral jearn |>a?t. Ladim *ht>uld le?o no time ia giving him a call. Root'* Dasn?rrtotr|)?i.-UranUfiil, Lift* like, {etfeotly e?>iuinti, aed the mult appropriate New Tear* i rcftantn, from pareat* to children, or ohlHren ti parent *.-brother* Ult ra, connina, or dear end valued friend*, that can be given as a pteaeirg rnn??aVrai>eB. II. 4 k S Kt.OTS'S flallerr, SC3 Broadway, oorner Franklin street. An GTeiroai for (iff Tear'a Day.?O. B. CLAliKK, 114 William at., haa a fatnon* aaaorttaeut?prica f" m to g!*. a Bne black dr??? or free*, to order. (16 to $.0. fantu from %f> t# vt*t* from to |3. I'ram tyw till t*e lith of Jannary, whin 1 take et#?k, every thing made Bp mil be eold very low. X*ti.b>i*hod 1841. Forty Thoanand Coat a, Pajitaloona and of th? laieet fall atvto. fr?a? U IUM tltt. al mtrrBKib'n cioJita* aute. Otiaaoi <o?t. weiai 4e* aaeve Third, rhiladel-jhla. rerroatt.-P. Ii. Rogare, JtJ I "Hon atreat, be?> Itave to tnfora hia euatoiuer*. anl the public, that, hat ir? en hand a large and fpieadid i to?k of Overooata, both In Men'* and Roy*' aiiee at thla advanced *tage of the e?t*en, he ha* reduced the price one-third, bring determined to bava none left avot. Happy Kew Year?Call an< examine onr tplrnd.ii *t<-okof l*eifamcrr,eailahie for Hew Year'* gtfia, lling at ratall for wholoale f roaa, at oir perfumery depot, *7 .N?'?ti e'rret Jan Buildiug and onr drug (tore, Ho. 9 Wait Broadway. PlAN a a WARTWut*r. Gentlemen's FarnUklact ? Hitchcock <k LKAbKIIATKK. 347 Bro>4*>;, ii'tai'tr L*> aar I ?tr**t, in aoaa?cti?n with trarj other kia<l of >lry (m4?, bar* a lart* at<?k of |ratl?m*ii a Uadrr Blurtt aa l Itrawart. Ssarft and Cra*at?. (Ilk and liaan I'ackat lliadkrroMtfa: kid. woollon, and bncbakin Gloro*; Hoaiery, fc<\ fto.. at pricea far bolvw ihc aaual ratc> of Kcntlomaa't furnithiag atora*. Drlllnf Off at Oirat iMrlfln, U CIom Ult Baaiaaa*, at tba "B't Hi?," .U7 Uraad aimt, b*tw**a Orchard and Ludlaw tkr**ia?I.adiia, all th? K??dt la <ha " Bit." matt b* tola Immediately (to uiak* room for aprin* food*) aliaott witkont r?tatj to toil, *?aatilia( of ?*l?*?, Patla. (Ilk. watered Bilk and Marino Cloaka, Baoka. Back Ctoaka, Mantlllat. Jaany Linda, Be.. Be. Valrata. ailkaaad m?rla??. by tb* yard. Alt*, a great >arlaty of ttraw j'.odi and rlkbiaa. of all klada and pialltiee. 8. D. HAWC1N3. Saanalar*' P? ntlng Cut fattorjr, 147 h4 H7 Broad war.?Tbaa* oaa** a?ku* au; adraatage* am kfca imported, boia? made with tba rlow far rofcl awrrl** aoataiaiei tb* boat qaality *f artnloa la tba enalloot bomIkl* trace BAUNDlUU. 147 Broadway. i?ra? a< Ukadf Hi 187 Broadway Ckapa, Chalk*, fUnflknta*. lallawaMi Flaplaa. Broptloaa. aad all akin dl**aaoa. ar*. Ik la vail known, peattirrlr oared by aaiai Ooaraad a Italian Medicate* koap. Th* Pondre Sabtllo artiUtM bait fraa aay part ?f tb* bo4y. LUald R' o*a for pala lip* aad cboeka. uiy Wklw f*r r*??b. <aab*4,atwuJak oBrUtloaa.at C7 Ifaikar ttro*t, Irat etoro ir?a Broaiway. OaUcader. BoatbTkiid Mmt, Philadelphia. Do )aa inland making !f?w l aar'i CalleT? If yoar balr or wbUhera ar* r*4 or C'ty. aw tba Cktaltal U'laid. It will color yaarbalr, la a few wi autoa. to a b*a?*,fnl>-rowa or Jot black. I'lloo. all ahilliare perbox. To ka*p tk* hair Wantlfal aad aofk. try ihc P*raiaa Hair Oil. It It an air.llant article lor tr-hair l*rl<-?, two iMlllaca jor bottlo. Imported Perfaaery, B< a|?a. aa<1 Hair Brneb*a,fre? IM Mat tmaitt is r?r . aa4 Kaxlaa4. Far Ml* oulf at the Bomr; Drat |lor?, 141 OMrand't Liquid Flair Dy will r*4 or gjaj hair t? toaatifal Mack or kr?w?,ii>l?w nU at**. Omnnl'i Batr Rut. ri'lrt i? twmul to tit? th* hair to (tow. pnnii It* fallia* off aa4 tiraiti rr?r. > < aaliat ttlff. wiry hair, toft. tlThj aa4 aIot?j Trial kottlM il ml< tath. FhiI omtj at 07 walkar *t rat, 4r*t tor* from DthI*I|. litM fc Jtrdta. 19 Wa*ki*?ton ItrMt, Bottom. Hair Dye?Bataht-lar i ?m?(m LJqmM alt Dyataa talr to aa*art4 at tha aaaafa?t?rr. * Wall ttrttt Tktnkllt tko*14 laarl aaalatt laltatiaaa. tot Bm r ?ari"B? ipl?maa Ft r to at what* kalr hat aatnatl a i m toltr froa tkt in tf tha haitati?a 4vaa, oaa kar* II torrtttti k| taill a at a tort. Ctpr tbt atirtat. Wlga and Traiwra.?Nntni irlihln| a rtrjr taptrlor Wi? or Toap** ak*?l4 sail at llatoboior't aalatoattd Wl? faatcrr, Ht. 4 Wall it Thty will ta4 kt parftttlr aa?*r*taa4t all tktlr raqairaaaaM: aa matter ktw flAcalt, htatttr fall* to II tht kaa4; la fact ka kaow* hit katiatta. ail aak** a katiatat of It. 0*9T kit *4 4 rata. aa4 prt kin a tall. Omk Fartory, 997 Hi ia4tray.*-Tki Ajf tortmrai It aaMaall*4 la tha attj ?tahratta* tba *a*tt taailtr tf tka lairr't* at wall a* hnaa nitaafaaiara. Tha (attar tola* a*4* froa or<<taal Jooirat. aa4 pat hi tftakta la tkt flaithiai aa4 HUai to tat hta4, aa4 trill to ftaato tarpatt tar hlttarto aa4t Comb* Mta to tr4ac. M-palrlac 4aaa. A.11. UlFDfU !t? Rraa4var. H?t? ym > Coninmpilrr MtM or retail**. or *a* ?i??a tr*r froa llttat*, ttMlity, wtakn-at, a?r*"atat**, or any *?k*r ?r**4 4itar4*r. a?4 har* a*t triad Waltt' Hart, n* Aati4ota, tkat haa a*??r r*t fallal aa?o I For thaa*. for thaw, I* 1*1 pr*ja4l*a I<lia4 roa t* ma*k. feo >o at oar* aad r?t It, aa4 tar a yoar friaa4? lift?*IUi*r at Batkloa % Clark'*, *r Hit IVaataa uraat. MUn|'i Dyapapala Rlttara.?Croat want f *i*rtlt* art maaj aifcit taatt*. a ?tri larga an a tor tf ftmali* art afni?t?4 with Dr*f*r*l* tthtr ooaplalat* Mo?*?*la( lira l?4irattt*a ; aa<i tk*ro I* a* r rapt ratlin la th* *h*:* ranf* of pharaarr, to r*rallarlr a4apl?4 to thtir tMirata ortaaiiatlta, at Hatthlac'a V*f*takl? Drap*p*ia Hittora. la rata* of hyttiria. h*artkara. *t*k h**4a*ka. Ilrtr roapialat, gaaartl wtakaa**. lat-ltnda. aarroa***** ai>4 la all tho ill*tr**tfa? r**wlt? of ia4i|?ttloa tad oth*r ranctlnaal 4tra?(*mtaU, Ikay will 6a4 It* *nr4lal. kraola*, aa4 alt.ra'ita pr?p*rti*a th* rtmlj, aa4. at wt tollt**, th* o?ly ttf?aa4 attari>4 r*atd* far thtir ailaaat*. Krlatipal ffir*. "71 Fnltan ttr**l. frio*. fifty **at* par bottl* -?. I mm OIBT MAKKBT. ViiMf, DM. IT? T. M. Th* tabl?? w*r* tnrnad lo-day. In th? *toek markat. and th* b?*r? war* In tha *a<>?Ti.|anr j Naarly *11 tha feaeiaa Ml of l*r**ly, notwlthftandln* whlek tkabaar* did not b*?ltiU to pat oat ra tin*, both bny?r '? and aallvr'l optica. At tfco flrrt board. Brl* B'nd? ??? 4rrila?d \ par c?at, Inoma* Una 1* ?<; Pmntr* I nn 1 p*r <-?at dinoa y**t*rday mrirnln* North A Bit rleas Trout, H. Herri* Canal. X; Port* in oath Dry kotk. % ; Worwtok and Wnr***t*r. * Oaaton. IX, Harlan,*. *r1a Railroad. 1. At the *ooob<I board. Brio Btliroad Mi off 1H par p*nt. makiny a dorliti* of H, p#r aant *1ne? ya*t.rd*y morala*: Karra. *r*' Loan. ; Raadlnf Bafl'oad <? Th* traaaaotlnaa at both bf*r.l* war* mora ao<Vr*'? th*n Banal but a larga portlna ob tia*. Th? B**k*t may r*?lr* la a day or two atd |Q I kifbapt palate reached; bat it can oaly bo a temporary revival Hoi*; n of Rorvtoh tad Woroaeter hare baan vary nuall diaappolated la aot receiving thraa par eaat dividend* In (trad of two ?a< a half M declared. Large purobaaeA have Laaa made, la vlaw of reeelvlag a dl Tide ad ot thra* dollar* par ibara, aad we know that It baa baan reported by thota administering tba affair* of tba company that a dividend of thiaa par oaat would ba da U1BICU VN IU? m MMW/. VfVH kUfW 1 tlon*. partial were induced to buy largely, and the r?~ ult show* they hav* been deceivsd? by wbom we d* not at present deem it proper to aay. The llTidn# declared b only equal to 3 13-100 per cent an the foil took If those who told oat yesterday would tell who the telegraphic despatches from Norwich vera from, the mystery would be explained. Bach things are nod calculated to do the stock any good, o? the management much eredit. The United States mail steamship Baltic, from Liver* pool, la now nearly due at thla port. Bbe baa been at ea nearly fourteen days, and may be hourly expected. She will bring seven days later Intelligence framail parts of Xurop*. There in not so much anxiety to leant the character of the news by tha next arrival; bat thero is no doabt that it will be highly important aad inta resting, wa believe favorable, both in a political and commercial point of view. The receipt* at the office of the Assistant Treasures of this pert to-day, amounted to $40,000; payment*, $148,716 46- balance, $2 83#,Ml 81. The Broadway Insurance Company have declared Q dividend of eight per oent, payable on tha 8th of Janu? ary next. The Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company hav? declared a semi-annual dividend of two and a halt pec cent. The Bank of America has declared a dividend of loos per cent for the past six months. Tha United States Fire Insurance Company have do* clared a dividend of eight par cent on tha business of be past six months. The Bank of Tennessee refuses to receive aay other than Tennessee money on deposit* tor exohanga, or in payment of debt*. Stock Exchaiigt. $10(10 Kentucky 6'? HT .10 shs Alb k Soh M0 M JHKHJ ?n?7'?, 0? JU? 5 trm K KU Ml) i?U 0 <t<> 1WV 12.5 (l? at opu -?V" JOO0 Jfr.d Hir Bonds 105 10(1 do at opg . InVo ?r(e Inc Bond* US 10?? du i>?. e ,vswi 10 ?lit Del St llud U0 210 do 1.30 titvZ ruo do scrip (.? 50 Ports D B'lt 7*4* 47 llnrlcm rrvf'd 112 iA) S V Qail o lii 6 Hudson RR K'K 700 Reading R R 74'? r>u do N>? 1U0 do 100 74 100 Nortli Am Trnft 12JJ ISO do W-C ll'O Fuim?r?: Trust 60 7# Norwich k Wo* C'^ 601) do bfiO ?0 60 d. t7*h S.'iO do 6UK 7J flo / ?7V i'OO do bSO ft! V so do 1)30 HJO do bio t!>*, 1*5 Harlem R R *8 6011 do W.S ;<u0 'I'J iTTS #0 Canti.n Co 2".') do 150 Morris Canal <30 2lj2 ISO do ?J0 87? 825 do i'lg 10 Madison hi fud R 11 105 100 do t\% SSCOjiU BOARD. $3C00 Eric Inc Bdl !>S 50 ?lnKo-at WorBS ??0 67K ? ) do ? < 50 d? b3f M .Vmi do blfi 98 KO do 67ig lit) fl;f Oii-an t!?nk 110 1IX) Harlcin R R P7X~, t*< M..ba?k K H l>i% 4W do 67',, SU JCii* ft R S.10 i:o do 67Jt 1(0 do ?l>H 100 Co b5# nl f."0 da epx ! - Sj? do 67?? 100 do S"0 Reading R It 74 Ml do opg )-7li 1(0 do blO 7* 1U0 do pi.o bijZ 1H I.ont; IiJand R R 13 W 100 do cp? F7H M do 13 *o Farmer*' Tt?i* W;, 6 MikU. d lllr R R h P>C KU do bCO IS,1-, 60 stouingtou K K M\j CITY Tit V.'Jl? UKPO.tr. IiiDtr, Deo. U7-6 P.M. A.mo.i ? There wa* more inquiry for b?th ?ort*, while fiarls wire lower. 8*W* of 160 barroli wert, irade at J f> 60 fur poti, ami $j tS,\ a (5 76 lor pearll. biiesmmrra.?i-.unr?There ?>n t-teady business aeiiK in ?tate and W??tern flour, without narkxt cbftBgein quotatlci*. 1 ho demand was lair for apecxilaMvp iuv. sini''Ut and lor the olty trad*, but limited lor the Ka?t and f< r export. Good br?ud* Ohio were in aotlTe rcquept li r ciiy use. aod for this deHcrlpt'oa IJHil ligurcn wrir i'Uiaiii> u tuc j? wm? iwrtrlcted stmeabat by fh? tJrmntsas of h?ld?r?. who, in lrw ot a 'mull winter etCMk, aekcd higher rate*. Blue* our Uit 0 &00 barr> In changed hituls, iacludiaf No. 2 superfine at $4 37 % it $>4 b'iX; common to oboio* State at $4 MX a $4 IN: mixed to lauof lnJUna mtii Michigan at *4*7^ a f ft o?S< ; good and round hoop Oblo at f4 01 a f?>iK'4'; pure eeee at $5 Ofl'i r, |>6 12>i; faftcj Ul.io uuJ UHa??re at (SIS a $ 6 44; and extra Oblo atid Uene?ea at SO a J.ti f.iX. Thsro wan orly a limited business doing In Canadian at f 4 81 a (4 87H< l,,r gond common brands in bond, fouthiru Hour was b?tter, and mora Inquire A tor, with vale* ot 1> i? barrels at $5 OA1* a $8 12,'? lor common brand',elo*it>g buoyant at the lattar rat*. Jipe 1'kur baa improved, with a limited supply, and! ales of 300 bll#.. at (3 Com Af??/ wm something firmer and rains of 300 bbl?. Jersey, at $3; I'randywlna was dull, at 93 25, with 100 bttls sold If If h?or we have notblug new to report. The deminC for milling was good but the high views of holders prevented operations Oanallan was vary dull. th? expert Ir.juiry having euseided W?(j??U it wose'~ nai at M Mafl US Therw was aomeliiicg daing In Pent hern. at $1 ID. Ky was scarcely so fir is, though net plenty. A cargo sold at about T(a. Th?r?> was very little done In Rarity, owing to the scarcity aC supplies Coed to prima two and four rowad wm worth 88 a 90c. Oa/< were more kaoyaat, and prioar had an upward Inclination Hales of Northern war* Ireely mode, at 44 a 48-.. and Jersey, at 43 a 46*. There waa less firmness In the market for Caen, while the demand waa b?tt<-r for domes'lo consumpt oo. Sales amounting to 12000 bushels wera mate, at 04 m Me. for new Northern and Bouthrru yellow; Ola. fOE damaged, and 0i% aU.H*. for old. Cot ion ?The sales to day ware 1.200 bales, flee* %ulte full. Tha desire to hava an lateraat la the staple seems to Increase with th<> ascent of rrloea, UMtnr I'planda lxfc a lie . middliag lair l3)? a 13Xr. aac lair loj.c , seams to he about tha lina of transaction*. Provisions ?Pork?There was a? easier foaling la the market for old mesa, with a pretty fair demand, and sales of 600 bbls at $12 12* a $12 26 far maaa, i and f>8 HT tor prima; the lattar was mora Inquired for and was held trmly. (n beet tharawas mora aotlvlty, without marked change In figures Home 300 1>M? oh?nK?J katvta at Th U a |10 lor m??M. and fft (> f>? for prim#. Prim* m#aa waa battar and mora buoyant, with ?al?? ol iiOO tlMroa* at lit. Baal bam* war* In atandy raquaat at 0H ?o wflika<i out. Oat m*?ta vara <jut?t. Bmali aal>-a abouldera wara mat] a at OX*, Praanad boga vara firm and pratty Mtlfa, with rocrldrrabla aalaa at 6J?a Thar* ?a> mora dot aft It? lard, and piiraa haaa arivanead a trlfla. Bo ma 360 bbla. w?ra dlapoaed af at 7?< a T?{?. for g?o4 to |Rtao, Including toma cboloa lota at la. Hut tar waa abant tba aaina A good dam and lor tba batfar daaariptlon* at. tt anything. Imprnrad rataa. Iioladlif Orange r> unty at 2o a tie . and W*at?rn dalrta# at 10 a lie ? baa#a waa vary dull, partlautarly tha low gradaa a t a ?V?. Tba atoak waa larga. ?? H ABVKkTlKKMKJITI EMIWUBVttTliT. " RH WAllDf. ~~ tit 1 nnn ***ard.-a kiwird or (?,H0O? oxfcj a M y\7\J\Jtboaaanu dollar* will ha paid for tiia raaatarw ?1 tha fallowing aar*kaa4t*a, awoaailag ta akoat (g.t.? >> thria thanaand foar haadral inlHi, to kaaa t.??* i'olan from tha itnra <>f Ju ra (No?. Na. IV' Paarl atraat, as or abaat tho liattf Uatia watch ?aMrn< in aaid aiar?o? t?o o*o*iag of tfc* 17th # <>? aikar, laat, vi*:?ll&aiaaaa Hark. Ilk aardoa tard?r>'4 rnu'i hi4a. wklto dan vi feenrad aitt: Foakat Udkf* ; 13*4 4c ion aioao' li(kt aolorod alll Olo-a<; do. wnnraa' 4o. 4o. 4a ; IV fl-t? p**?* Chiaa auk an a tad kor4*ra4 Hdtfa; Z3 4>>joa ktaok a&4 eMorad Fraaak aiik Crai?ta(l* ( aatna). at4a. faaav la?li<h tw.Had Craaata: IS do raritflgarrdaatia 4a.: 25 tall* tailor * CtatCard; U da. tailor* hlaak kal Twlats M do. an|ora4 atlck pnraa Taiat. Alaa. oikar taluahla aiik goad*. Tha a bora raward will kw pa.4 far tba r?aaTrry >f tba ahala af tba aai4 (?o4a. at l? proportion ta tha aaaaat raanrarad tkaraaf Pn.-thar inf ?t-? aaMoa mar ka okta<a'4 nf aithar of tba nadarai?aa4. i. - Irl liN Baa'jr. <?iMa?na Flia Ira. Ca. 1?. INDiltHILt, faa K. T Fira aad Marina laa. Oa. jM MM ? mimT, Aftrat, Ha. 40 Wall atiwat. fi'iM MWiRn.-IT#. Iff VROM Till primmis. |fUV Ha, St Boratio atraa'.na Tuaadar, I7tk inataat, katwa.-a I aad ? o'alaak F. If , a 'sail Gald l aaar Wateh. har#. 4lal, la haDtla* aaaaa.Nn li.Xl; atta ha4 waa a gatdaafl chain. |<?acil and kaj. M "ill ka pal4 for tba wakab alana. Tl.a laai a aa a farorita. aad a rraaaat from a tain..4 f?..? I * ?.WT, im Btiiiwtr ? 1 O Hit l>WII |,IN?l)r TBIHilKII. Iv b?r >M llMrrl. ?np| -*?4 kar|larioa>l7. ? w*4?r*4ay aataiag. tka Mtl in?t . Wivhai aad I#a aloak. an# tk* follawiai artlalaa *tol*a-a CWtk rr?k Cant, Q?I4 l.?'k*t, with t h* ial'tal* I B . aarrral llaaa paakat h??',k *ahltfa, tM vitk ay laprlatad I* fall, and a lat t hif Part*. TkuborirmH *tll k? m44 for tk* tk# thlaf. at tk* t**o??rr of tk* artialM. P??? - k?r* .nd athtr* will H?f tk* won if afaral. I.1TI PAW UNO. 7M OrttavUk *tr*at. AM BAl?D?OBt RF.W ARD WIM. RB 01VF.N FOR TIB art i<l** utalaa fr??? tk* ' ?< * af tkr tnhaarlkar. A ? hagasr on of drawiag laatraaanta, *itk >oal*i, ralora, kru?f.??. k*. P?wal>r"k?r? will plaaaaatoa :S?m if of.ra4. TBOB. T4UBA*. Jr.. Arekltaat. .104 Broa4w?y. jiwiiAT, rucT wwm, ~ GM4IBB. 0VIIXBBOT ft CO.. (LATB MABRBT, JAR Tf B Saima, Ho. 91 Uraadwa/, {YaBpaatrklly >a? active* (hat tk*y bar* trantfarr*d tk'lr aatabliahaaat tf Ha. 4*1 Rraadwajr, a ftw 4oara kalow lum itrMt, wtiarn lh*y I ?t? rpta*d oa* of tk* Boat *plaadld and elafaaa ttora* in tk* attjr. Havlai (atftalf raa*w*d th*ir itnak thi* aaraaina, ktHtl. a. O A < a., taa now (T?f to th* pa kit* ?aek a Mlaallaa of rariaiaa J*walry a* n*?er krfnra waa itaaort*4 ia tin Ualtad lltata*, aoapriataa Diadaa*. Collar*, BraraUt*. l|air aad Brcaat Pma, Sta4*, (tntafi. a ad F*n-w Jtwrl*. of mrT 4?aarlptloa, from tka plala or aaaaallad |> I4 laaktt to lk? rfW?t kind of diamond* aad oraama* Itoaaa. All th*a? arttol?a I a?in? h??? ptprjaaly talarlad ia Pari* kj aaa of tk* Dim. tkay -aa aostpat* far t?*ta aadl artiatiaal iMtalloi wltk aay othtr* trar *a*n la Itaw Tor*.. B**ld**. Marar* 0., O. k Co. haaa >a*ar*4 *<>M af tk* k?a4i Fraack workata in thttr liaa, ao that th-<> aaa faltl ararp ard*r aad *alt aa; faaer, a* raadity a* If thay wara la Fraara Thalr ?t??k will raralaa a aw a<t<tttt<-m kr *nrf taabit. it ord?r ta k*T t ooa*ta?tly with tka Parisian fa*hina*. ftoaara. 0 , Q. It Co. alto kaaa a<H*4 to tkalr aataMlahatnt * dapot of Flatad War*, af th? > al?t>ra'.ad ^*1 ?STTlt n 'v ? nri**?n? mm ?nNm? yhlali ka?a an* haooat* of a ?.n?rml an, it? l<? tha riahaa* fklTUJ^*. l? *a?atr a?d dnratl?a,?1tk ? ? ?? ft1."1,?'4 *1 lhaa*h of aooa^aaran??tj triIliac tn : VL '! ? for Ml* fork*. <pMM ul Plata*. Capa. Taa tad Colff* tola. Pltakafa, CaMarl. aa? gajTjtly WMM / iratT doaarlptloa. tltkar plaia or oraaaVr IrTO* BISHOP, IS M A tDRV LAN* - JRVTRI RP, Pton*?, and raney 0 d? .fact rooolrad, a ??W -t Inrofo* to 1 neh 'oral ?rH |ol4 J m?nnf?<-t>ir?4 ia Narlaac a??, S?wii,(iwai;l...M,i - n'lian Rinra. Chanat. oanoiao. He ; ai??, PaarK Bia.nnndu, R?b|o?, and atkar M"DM. naaat, aad a cplon Hd ??t of Camona. t r aa>a at %bm WwMt priaon.by TICTOR BIMIOP, l?p<.rt?T; "a. ? ^Hdaa Una, ap ataifa. H75 -,BW1W'>-T'_ JUlmT, MART* wur.jamw af flat Javalry, Wa JT5 Bra*dtraf. a? M*ira. oflora a yaaaral aaawtmaat af iaaat?a arliilaa am. lta?l?TMBHafMtim. prtaaa, Araaak.

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