22 Şubat 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Şubat 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JANES GORDON BB'iMBTT, PR0PBI1T0R AND ^OITOR. HUCI N. w. corner of Vulton and Nassau bts TIMS DAILY HEt'u.lLD, I ct nti ptr copy?tl ptr I "tiJe WVKKLV HER.1LD. every Saturday, at 61% c?*(i per copy, or %Aper the European Edition t< per annum, t', any part of Gi eat brilain, and to any fmrt of the ClfMinent both to include the pottage. ALl. LETTERS ly mail, for Subscriptions. or with ?jktrlurm .nti. to be post paid, or the postage wiU he de Wueted fr-t-m the money remitted. . . VOIJ/NTARY CORRESPONDENCE. containing imp*' l<ant neut solicited from any quarter of the world ; if ui>i u ill he liberally paid for Our l'oaie?.'? Cohr** F05?I?j,t? AUK PAHTll'CLill.V UMI UTW TO B?AL A IX J#rriR? and Package bet to v?. WO NOTICE taken o/ anonymous communication*- I HV do not return those resected. ?.< D Vf. R TIti E M EM TS renewed every Morning. JOH PRINTING executed with neatness, cktapnesl, mnd dispatch. Vtlnmf XVI Nmmbe* 59. AN18BMKNT8 THIS EVRN1NQ. ITALIAN OPERA. Aator Pla**? How by noon -las as i? W irs r jb ak Hoi ? -Stage Struck Bahii. BOW ERy THEATRE, Bowery ? Washington ? The BROADWAY THEATRB, Broadway-lOJ -Niwi. NI8LOS GARDEN, Broad way? Le Commi* et ua Q in terna -Catarima. BURTON 8 THEATRE, Chamber* itreet? Iolil or a Win- Dacmiuk '? Tobii^t< - Woau/a Fair ? Betsey Barer. NATIONAL TBEATRE. Chatham street? Two P.<rfor<R ?????- Di ?? Savovabi) A.\D 111* M<J>EI-V-8tAG? SrRf*K ?? S"??vSI -iMl-HHl'Mll ? WilHlSCl'4.1 WAaaratM or New Vjbm. BROUGHAM* LYCEUM. Broadway? Dv*?ey asdS)? Wori-I'S Fair- Eton Boy. CHRISTY'*4 MINSTRELS, Mechanics* Hall, 17: Broadway ?Ethiopia* Mi*?tr*ijy. FBLLOW8' OPERA HOUSE. 141 Broadway? Ethiofia* MIIRICAN MUSRL'M? Amvuso Performance* Ama ?oo* ami Evem.ng. NEW TORK AMPniT3IATKE,37 Bow?y-I^t ?STEtA? furciMANCEa. WASHINGTON HALL? Pabora.ua or the PiLcntM's faosHua BATTLER'4 C0EK02AMA, '''Jtner of TUirtcjnih nroei aan Br a?n*j. MINERVA ROOBS ? Pa>;.. r Irelato. New York, Saturday, Fibniary 'i'i, 1S51. 1 he Grand C rlchrailou To-Day. If the wrfttht r, to-day, be favorable, there ij no ! doubt bu: tbat the celebration of the anniversary ot Washington's birthday will be one of the gretdest and most trrpoe ng demonstrations that was ever witnessed in the city of New York, dietingv.ii hed a- it is fcr cioirg such things in hand some style. The i re cession will be rery < xtensive; a magnifi cent illuminated portrtit of General Washington, and several transparencies of the battles of the re volution will be exhibited cn the City Hall durina the ? vectng, and the day will be wound up with an entertainment at Ni bio's Gardta, at which a table will be set tit for tl e occasion- The literary exer cises will be very entertaining. The Hon Mr. Foote, 1 1 the United States Senate, will deliver the ?ratim, end if Mes.-ru. Cass, Cay, Webster, Dickinson end other reitl-men be not present, letters from tfcoae di'.insuiahed statesmen, ac counting t r their absence, will be read. The immortal Washington directed the attention of hit countrymen to the eYila which would befall the United States in case sectional jealousies orgeo grs(hical distinctions were allowed to exist. He pictured the desclaii^a and i< ."miction that would follow in Cite American! jm gave way to fiction it hj and 1 was Ins advice, i.erated and reiterated by cur America* patriots cf both parties in the halls of Ci ngress, during the M session, which tended n.ore than axij thing else to aver! the dan ger which was th n imminent. The nime of Washingtoa is U\hdin%nic through cut the United Sta.'s la times cf daagcr and difficulty, his patience, moderatun, f]rmaea?and patriotism are f n * a > d to, end not without ruceesa Lc?.tr may h.K n.? rnory be reverenced, and long may the American peop'e cogtinac to look to hu loathirg-ajth^e of a patriot whom allthetempU tions tf Cartb cculd not seduce Iinjorinnl from W a tilnqton . Our t? i.'graphi' i atch'-- this more . iag will be I uad 1 j jfe liy lmioren* and exciting. The bi'sf g* ( Pre*: lent Fillmore commnncated to the Striate jahter<:*y, ... rest onae to Mr City's T*- tlu! on, rela tv -to ,fie re <-nt m*tanr? cf for. Cible retittsnce ! y negroes and abjlit. nuts to At laws and authorities of ihe 1 aited rr : ites, 1 the debate which followed the reading of the nieiiege, will t? fonnd fully reported Th? sla* very excitement, we are wrry .0 say. a, [??ar* to have> br< km out afresh, end we greatly f-*ar th it it n sy ec ntiuur ti l the em of :he sea.?i< n. The kteaetatf the hour c.'UipeU us to forego Ct ntn.' at upon th* ?c m%u- r 1 this mom. 14 Etid / v of Co oik nx S't k ? ro!f r? ti? Umtio Staie^ SrrtaiE ? It will be observed by our telegraphic despatch, that Com fii'.dore V Sit) k'i n, after mbnv protracted baflatisgs, is e'ec' ed to he T'ait*d States Senate, to succeed Hon Withers h I'aytoo, whig, whose tf rin e.v(>irea on the 3d 1 f Marc1' next it ia curious to obscn 'be preference 'hat :? given hv both parties to mem kers tf ftmi! cs cf the old federal party siock when United Stales fenaturs are to be cho.^eb Thai- we have Commodore Stockton, from New Jersey, and J?m>? A Bay &rd, from LMaware, aal attcaipts making in Misv nusetts to elect Mr Charlea ^umn?', < r Hon. Robert C. Wmthrop. tnd ?a this SMte, Hon ilaaiitoa Fish? all the-M-tren tlemen be rg originally c.f the old f-d-ral party, or | of federal )?rettcge. Commodore Robert I ie d Stockton is the -on of the late Richard Stock'on. wko was, while living, the leadio memb' r of tbo New Jersey bir In early lit- lie t,ti.er was elected to the I nited States SSei,iite, an : during the war of 1M.J repre ?ented one of the districts of the State in the 1 louse of Representatives. He was distlamiiahed for legal ability and learning, and was one of the most for? tble and finished orataft. He was a de cided federalist, and to?k part m the debates in Cong re ?? < n one occaaion, ^>eiag attacked in de bate by ( harlea J. Ingersoll, then a democratic member trom Philadelphia, and accused by that gentleman of want tf patriot. -m, in opposing the war, Mr Stc aton replied in terms ot gre?t elo qoenre, and alluded to bis sons then employed in the service of their coun'ry. one of whom la now the Senator elect The father of Rithard Stockton, and grandfather of the Ccmmodore, was Judge Richard Stockton, one of the signers of the DeeUratioa of Indepen dence, and a gentleman of learning aad ability Com Stockton has, since 1921, been active in politics He first supported John QnincyAdamt for the ( residency A vacancy occurred in the United -tate* I mtrict Court of New Jersey, during Mr Adems admin xtration, to which it was ex pected Mr I ( hard Stoc kton would have been ae lected; but Mr Southard, then Secretary of the Navy, favored the apf>ointmeot of Mr. Ruaoell, who was the re 'ore made District Judge by President 1 Adsms, much to th disss i? faction of the old fede ralists of New Jersey, and the Stockton family in particular Many ol the N,w JfMey federalistn afterward supported Oft. Jackson and |hia .almi aisrt ration. In 1!M0, Commodore Stockton advocated the election of Hnrrison and Tyler, and made a?r<?ng speeches against the conduct of the democratic party ia the celebrited broad seal case, m which it will be recollected that fhe whig cindid*'e? for C-oagrese, who received the brovi seal of the ?"Hate, as declnred elected, were refuaed their aeats, by the democratic party, m the Hous^ of Re,>re a* ntatives We do not know whether the Com. wodwe tnpported Mr Polh at the Preaidential election of 1*44 J utt before the war with Mexico, be was seat u> ibc Pacific, by Mr Uancrof', then I Secretary of the Navy, to command the squadron there, tad he greatly aided Colonel Fremont Is the conquest of California When superseded, he came home across t ie mountains, on horaebach. Within a few months past, he has reaigned hia commission of Post Captain in the navy. The principal oppoaition to the election of Commodore Stockton to the United States Senate, among the democrats, aroae from hia connexion with the Camden and Amboy Railroad, and Rari tan Canal Company, he being a 'arge stockholder in that monopoly, bo called. But, on the other hand, he has doubtless received great aid from the influence always exercised and felt from that concern, wielding a capital of aix or seven millions of dollars. Father Ritchie and the Public Printiso. ? The House having re- committed the case of Father Ritchie, with instructions to report the actual cost of the work he has executed for Con gress, the amount of his pay under his contract, and the exact amount of hia loss, the question arises, what is to become ot Father Ritchie 1 Will the Committee report any loss, or will they report at all this session 1 Father Ritchie repeats it, day after day, with tears in his eyes, that he is dead broke by that contract, and pleads lustily that the house do not act the part of Shylock, with his carving knife and his scales. He does not expect any mercy ? that is past praying for. All he asks is justice. We hope it will be allowed him, end something extra, rather than see the venerable editor, from his own folly, compelled to pay a ruinous part of the expenses of the public printing out of his own pocket He ought not to be sent back to " old Virginia" a bankrupt on pub lic account. The previous printers to Congress, for thirty years past, have uniformly received their largesses, their extra allowance*, to the amount of thousands upon thousands, and hundreds of thousands. Why make fish of one and tlesh of the other 1 The committee should, at least, bring in their report, and make up the bona fide losses of the pudrt's contract Let them, in common char ity ? " Pity the sorrows ot a poor old man." Doubtful Casen, and Cases or Nr* Doubt ? French spoliations, the amendment of the Patent laws, the increase of the duties on coal and iroo, and ginghams, calicoes, cassinets and 13 ly State shawls? the election of a M '.?s<ichusetta senator, the rt- capture of the fugitive Shadrach, ani the re turn cf William and Ellen Crafis to Georgia, all appear to be doubtful cases this session. One thiiip appe ars to be past all doubt, and that is, that the fuMie debt " has in ret.sed, is increasing, and is rot liliely to he cimimshed." With forty-five millions of receipts, and fifty o ld m llions ?f ex pcEci'uret, there must be a deficit some where No dtubt ct that But how is the ir.oney to be rai-ed! With all the gold dust of California, cm we esc ipe without more loai.s nnd direct taxation, with Con gress iquanderng the public money at the rate of hlty nini.ons a y< ar ! Doubtful. The California Mails and Gold Di'st. ? The C'kio aid Cherokte are due to-day from Chisres, with the Cglifemii mails and about a million ot dollar.- in go.d das;. nunltal aid NoTtltlM. Tht f?atOB for mtwleil and drama'-le noveltlei tw net yd and among the toplci now dis;u? ed in the xunropoll* wt find feveral ol tome coo?ldtr able intrreit. Tte app?ar*n-i of tht ?iateriKouMtt at Nlblo't It creating (jultt an exeltemant amonj th< loveii tf the ballet Caroline is one of tht mo*t fM ciLatirg debcer* ?ver tttn in thii country Her ikill enlin htr to keep tbc poetry of htr art continually btlcr* the fpectetor thereby diveiting the billet ol that cotr*ft?u which i? many inatauct*. has beta or fatal to It* popularity U?-r lister* al?o. are U^liiy gtlMd and two ot tb?-m are particularly excellent Though th?tt trfitiei haTe come upon ut relying wholly upon ttelr ibUbI yet they b%Te -teaj ly ad. Tiactd in public favor and the orowd* no* vltliiag Mbio t ?Mablirbiu*iit, ?how (bat m*rit of the Art: order wiil ilway* command admiration iB thia metro p< lit. The op?ra ira.?on ?t the Alter Place home c?ne?u J el lt*t *?? nir g . hut we learn tka'. there will be a few mote p* rformincet lor the benefit ot eereral m-imb-rn of the ccmjany Thr btti*AI ot Fortl will take place on Monday when the beaut rut opera Lal'evor.te. will It performed. Tbt talent and inluitry ?f thii t* tor will sot go unrewarded and the 1 r?*nea popu la'icn provtrbiel to: th?ir attention to the taltut* of tfcelr coin<nn.m. will sot ueg.ect th? oceeiion To ntgit thert i? to be a eery great performance and at it i* lot the benefit of Mt**rt Thorne and Chanlrau who had Uawd the houee under loin* mUlakt ae to the rendition*, it ia to he hoped will ni?Ut op for any lo** that be* been lui'.eined in the matter Mr ltd Mr* The r?e ere levotlte perlormeri. who bate tct tpteei> d in the city rloce their return from CaitfoT Ma and tbeir Ir'eada will come lorward *? ; crae .U'lu b*ck from the facitie. Mr ch*nfr.?u will appeM t geth?r wi h nee. ral oth?r af our moat popu kar petlnrm ra t-o-h attra tlee Inlueem-nt* tin W<|i he taaree**d by tb? opera mupt appearing in a portion of " Kruani <?n t?ie whole w.. may **P?^ u In . holiday ulglit. tbat the h >u*? will be C' L?f' r? 1t * m I .. rojl tnnoonet tUe fait that Mi?? Ca'Latue lleyi atii ai 1 attlten opeta troupe have t.< n . mafu for tbl^ rouitr? Tb-y will arr.v e b*re in * UK'.?t ai?d will a?p?ar before the public about tht tint of ?e; t-mber Ml** llej?? l? an lri?h ?b? i a fio? eoiee ant method at.d ?he will bi w?l ( - Ij,. d firstle n tt.? -lie ft tLe Atlanti- We l?atn ai?e thai an ?i i? p?ndio* t?etw..B pat' I - a iu i fct< c?i y a n<i '? tie I ?n 1 >1 ari" tor etx' J Biih a, |Leir t>m<> njae pfO?? attrartUe hete, and Marin. W> It 'l.a e ill a fat ilite; hut ??rtet outht to h4?e ?re?|t*d firmer od-r? to tare taken the tountry by * A* eery di?tin*uitb?d arrieal from Frane ni? at f* i* h?? b>en ine topic in towu aa'??| ibi" who UnoK hi? tautta wboae 'X-rt|ona we mar ? ^n ?l-. r... Tour ?i Urdid horae* lai? been brou ot o?^r to five toll ?rf pe to tie genlua that i? to guilt tl .ee .terc and pu?. te an" let ( ation oiay aoon be urn tihed wi-h r?apett to ;he t.am?# ol all the gr?a' e ju-a triao? A pU<-? In Itf ed*ay ha* b-en talked of at the anna lor tl.it el exhitittOB At Tti|,.er llall thia <?ei ?? there wiU be a oneert, , oauer the otrei tim of Mr ?ieor?- l.oder thj- o .^f eb Ii !? to arlnt b?f re tbt pnblle Ma?t?r Wllliani Mar?h the )i iao' di un.m'r whoe? rem arkahlt ability it b?ttlnt ttt drum ? haee heretol re notle>4 Tel* ellid i* not jet tl.r?? y?ar? ?.d an l ?'?tn# to nae? a r.n.ataab e ?ppt-ial i u of tie.' in muelo :h? ebanjet ia wl teb be b?rka wttb mu^b ?alii anl t(I?ct upon b.? Itetiuu ert Tie preeorlou* ?miut if th? ehltd may jet *!>bp bim a? a great m ieleian it hit friend* do ??t til 111* tal tu too aevreiy tit will draw a large ,u b?at tim tbii'ttt ai At tlie Pinery theatre a naticiial noeelty la attreet lo., ucaei ei attet tlon aod t? It I* ? Imirab'y *ulted to r*mind Amtri--tEtef U.*eeente.? the re?o|.itlo? on the at nlt?r*ary ot the bif hdae "f <* aehlngtin ll can not !eil to a frart a la???r endl'DC* than uaual Th? ?e?-i.>ry aaU effeeta bare beeu prepared with great tkill tao the Imident* lathe p ay giee the auditor# a pirt wre of Weetiingtob ? character, and of the beroet . of the retolutioB . . . . . At t lie other theatre* to tight the ?Btertaiomettt i hate b? i n ?ele?ted with ret?i?nee to the tw. nty. axobdal F?ht uary and the earlr.ua bilit of peroral acre aiB' i.tre iB'.er>ftlng pertrrmaBca to th' t* who , aeek U ?? mplete the day by rational an 1 innocent ? BUNBelt lilted atatee I?1i?Hct fomt. before lion Judge Bettt. Ft I 31 -Jl l.<K.lnt Smloftkt P-opU far |AtCe\4?-i> tut* Ih aine^. Tol* wae a etilt for the eonlenati n. tf ?l* parkagea ol diamosdt e?ppo*?d to be ?muigled^ tetied fcy tit t uitom liouee authorltie# and valued at %'l (A*l ^ Th? C B Oietrlet Atf reey appeared f?r the prote ration and eiamlaed Mr I. a F .rge a euttom bonae i lll> er who depneed that by eirtue of a ?eareh warrant. OBtht third of JtBi.ary l*6f? he .earehtd th? pra mieei of pereen* named Ja?al aad Bruhl, at !*o n* John atreet ia thle elty Innr tther ofl|/>era were with him I made kaown my huainee* and alter a thotough ?<ar'h B und thre? or f"ur paokagea ol diam?nda I t?ok thesi and d. Ileered theiu to the C-.llattor. ahortly alter .laeal and Hruhl came to the ? oUector t offlee, tli.y claimed the diamond* a? having paid duty ob th?m and prrdored a -tttlBrate It purported to he a VermfB* eatry. and the paper predu'ed riwembltt It, the Collector upon the produttlon o| the e?rtlt?at? gaee Ihoee dt*B.' t.d* up toJaral and Bruhl. they hith then declared tret th.te wet* all the diamond* lh?y ret.. (J. or had la their po*#.**lon J i mad* another tearrh on the ?ame pr.tnt.e. I think it trw oa th? 14' h of February I found Mr Brehl there and a young lad with him I loil him the cau*e ol my c? DiiBg and I then a.i"d eight p.clM'. ofjlamoui. they .ere In B tin be. dont Bp It 1 and took th.m to the Collector and ' "'?h' ease wtth me -at all er.att he wt* IB * owe. shortly att.r the CoHecU-r a?ke4 him to glee br *? aeteiiftl d . f ?tr* hi* ? the other* he d??1tr*d he watlgooreBt * ? cept that th.y w.f. lett with him on eo.aml?'lon ay Mr Jatai two of the pe'k*ge< *arr*B4ered op to Brnhl I wae anth'.rlfd by the Tolleetor IB terreee*r to him any Bf thoee paekajet the* ha oonld prote ny Ineotce I atecmpanied blm to the apprtlaer * ofn ?? and he ptodeeed aa Invoice of two paekafet BBd tBey w?re given up to him . . At title itag? of the proeatdlnga the farther hearing of the eaee vat tdjoaraed over to T u??day neit. at . it en ??c.<inry to (Main *omt paper* fr ? tht ( av | llcatt ?&tjr iit*ui|?M?. B Ait.ho At, Collision .? AeoUialoa took place y ss terday nornlr * >ur Borden to wa, UtiMt the ? o'clock Phl lnVelphla Mail train to this city, III the train going ifttbi opposite direction. Mr Harper, the U Mail | agent, received a torero oontualon on th* face and an other gentleman had hlsam broken. Several person* received more or leaa injury The arrival of the train wu delayed for half an hour by the aooldent. Washington * Birthday and ihk Washington dates. ? Company F. Washington Greye. Intend. Immediately after parade, on the frd luit . to celebrate the day by a dinner at Odd fellow*' Hall, corner of Centre and Grand streets. Beeort or the Meeting against Qamii ino.? We are again compelled to omit the full report of the meeting against gambling, held in the Tabernacle, but It ?hall appear to-morrow, and will aaaurediy startle many of lot reader*. j A Good Kiamtle ? At a meeting of the Board o{ Directors of the Atlantlo Matual Insurance Compa ny held last week, the sum ol three thoucand dollar* was voted to be dletrikuted among the clerk* of that institution, lor the prompt and faithful discharge f their many and very arduous duties during the past Tear This Is a* it should be. tor it too frequently happen* that the deck* in public offloe* are *adly lost slgt it of, in the distribution of favor*, and th* great amount of salaries and gratuities absorbed by a few selfish and aTariolou* officer*, at the expense ol this useful and deserving clais of oitlaon*. Pai rm Emigrants and Irish Landlords. ? Timothy Shea. hi* wife, and four ehildren, arrivej here on Thursday. In the New World Bhea, who appear* to be an Intelligent man. state* that himself and hi* family were taken Irom a poor house in Ireland, and their passsge from Cork paid by Lord Lansdowne When they left that port they had no money in their posses sion, but were told that a* soon a* they reached New York they would obtain both work and money, by applying to the aathorltiea. It 1* added that arrange ments have bill made b7 the same n?blHman. to tend out two hundred persons every week, from the poor house*. *uch is the way Irish landlord* get rid of the poor on their ertatea. This family were taken to the station house, where they received food, and were lodged for the night This is a comfortable prospect for New York The emigrant refuge at Ward's Island is crowded with these unfortunate beings. Many of them arrive in the last stage of disease, from starva tion. and for several weeks afterwards are unable to earn tbeir bread, even if they could get work. The New Werld had nine deaths on board during the passage, and landed eighty- six passengers at Quaran tine, sick with ship ?ever. New Fenrv Boat for the Willi amsbirgh Ferrt Comia.w The Williamsburgh Ferry Company have contracted lor a new terry boat, to be cempleted on tke 1st of May The engise and boilers are to be plac ed in the hull while on the stocks, andshewillbe launched with steam up. The boat is to be 130 feet long, and her engine to have a 82 inch cylinder and J feet stroke. The Oni ida Ferry Boat ? This boat, whloh belongs ta the Williamsburg Ferry Company, and was reoently lorned. 1* to be rebuilt immediately. Death bv Akiplkw ? Ooroeer Gear yesterday hold an inquest at No. 90 Cherry street, on the body of a tailor ly the nam** of Archer McMann. aged 33 years, a native ot Ireland, who was found dead in hi* bed yei ttrday mcrLiog On aaexaminationofthebody.it was evident thkt the deceased died by ceroui apoplexy. A verCict wsj rendered accordingly. Bi ti r.w DiaiB caused bv Debility. ? The coroner yesterday held an inquest at a house in Charles street, on the body ot a colored man. by the name ot John Williams, aged SO years, born in New Jerrey who died toddenly the day previous, in contequence of debility I atid wait of me<iu-i?l attendance. The deceased, it teems, v?? formerly a'flreman en board theateam boa; Arrow Verdict According to the above fact*. Fin*. ? At 4 o'clock jpst?rday morning, a fire broke ' cut in the oil store of William A. Browne 4: Co., Nos li and 14 J am*s slip The damage, which wai very considerable, was principally to No 14 where the fire originated, lb* firecen succeeded, after great exer . tions. in am-eting the further progress of the flames. Alarm of Fiat ?There was an alarm of fire, on Thursday nigtt. a*. Mr Chertei Lamb's No 36 Barclay street. caused hy the burning of some papers. It was immediately extinguished, with little or no damage The I'acroiED Tiir.f e Cent Line ?The Mayor hai j refused the permit lor this line, and it is abandoned. A Sai te ? The anniversary of the birth of the im | mortal Washington. *?i ushered in by the firing oi i caanon in the l ark, this morning, which oommencei i jmmedlateiy after twelve o'clock. Tin Law Co r rs. Most of the law ceurt* are al joumed cv?r unt:i Monday? this being th - birth-day of the Immortal V"??hicgton We regret to say that the Hen i'bas. H Daly, second Judge of theCourcof i n Plea*, h<i* fcem tor some days indisposed and is as yet usable to attend to bis judicial duties. Improvident* t> Town.? W? learn that a Rplendid hotel 1* about tab*1 erected at the lower corner ot Eleven'b rtreet and Broadway, on thi> spot now va cant It Is to cos*, when fini?h?d. $130 010. It is to i bo built for Mr J alien . th? present occupant of the ; J ulien Hotel, Washington place. Danger to Feck-trians in IIsoadw h ?The Frank lin Hotel is now being extended and repaired, with a I view to torn* oth* r business It has lately changed bands. There is danger to pedestrians, in passing almg tie li'iewalk underneath, ani a barricade ought > to te placed around It Baii t i: ion Wasmin..-ion-. Birth da > ? BarnNn Wapio. I ?We learn that there will be a salute ol one hundred guns on Fulton slip, this day. in c mmem->ratioa of | the birthday of the immortal Washington Coait of General Kesalonf. Before th* Hecoruer, and Aid Fratlil n and Doeley. Its. ?1 ? Presentment of Ikt (h atui Jutj.? TBe Grand Inuuett having completed it* labors i aine into eourt tnd handed to the bench the following presentment ? Gs?mi J sv Room, February 21. 18">1. i TO Till HON r. A. TALLNAI<<<K Bll ORDER OF THE ITt Of NEW VOR K : The Grand Jury, of the February term in closing tkeir labor - would respectfully present, that they have vieited the public Institutions at liellevue. and at Blackwell s ai. l Handill's Islands ani h?ve observed, with much ratisfastion. the iteneral gwd order and | discipline that pievails in the various departments The rub>tantlai improvement* already maJe. and those in progress reflect great credit upon the present organiirti< n of tbofe Jeparimenta. and upon the effi ciency and ability of the T?n Governor* and their of ficers 1 he Grand J ury would earnestly cail the attention l ot the authorities to the condition of Hotter s field on Rssiiall s I -land In tbe opinion of thi? jury this plate, from the t at ure < f the soil the large ounksr al tesdv burled then* the limited space tor interments, and It a proximity u> the buildings ocauplsd by the ehildren. is altogether an unsu table place for the in t srn.-nt of the dead and this ilran I .I ury recommend the Immediate | rocur? ir> ? nt of soni" oth<-r location a* . dt manned by every eoa?id> ra ion of humanity ifce Granl Jury feel caliei upon to remark, that irom a casual examination of the Penitentiary Ho*, pital builuicg recently ere -ted on Mla<:kwel| * Island, \ th?y are of the opinion that its imp-rfect condlttoo no; C'/nstr uetlon -alls fi r greater car* In the er?o | tl?n of public buildings, especially thote built by eoLtract The (irand Jury not i at l with murh dissatisfaction, j th* coo'litkn of tbe Plxih ward police station loch- | up ar d Lcbasltatingly present the ?me as entirely < ?aht for the purpotes tor which it is used All of ! whi h is respectfully submitted iBtgned) K <,'HA MBKRLIN . Foreman Ch?< D Field and F. Oaun> Becretatles Tbla i leseutment having b en r?ad in open evurt by the c!eik the Kecorder ?aid tb> court would have ' or, pies of it laid before tbe eity legislatar* at an ear'.y | | 1 a/ The Grand la ,uest was then discharged, with I ! tie thanks ot the ceurt T> ai i / Hinty P. H' 'tari rh*rt>i tci'k ?'<f< i<ag 'y fuii' f<>l?B<'i ? In this case the, ury were | out till near mldaight. with no prospect ot an agree ment. <>nprrm? Conrt. Bafora Cbief Juatlc*- Kdmoud* and lira Ju lge* Ed wart* tad Klrg API '.K aTIOK FOR a * AOAl**! Till MAYOR Ft* "i\ ? T%t Ptmplt trf th' Htn-r if S'w I trk tt rt>l, (>'?i jr i-? ? tmhrrf C. k'tngilmnit .WrMr of tKe City -/ X'w i'>rk -On ti'otloa Of coaa??l for th* plalo tirr th* Court f rd?r?d that an alternaUr# maadaai <? |e*u* to th# d#foadaat la ?b- aho?? i>him returnable at tb# *p?eial term of tbl* c-nrt to b.. h?ld an Satur day l?t March n#it at t#a .I'elock A M compelling bin to *how plum whr h? r?fu??? to l**u# linen*** to *taf# drlr#r?. *h?n -lijibl* ami proper p*r*CQ* apply tor ?u*h llc#nt#* V. fl. Clirnlt (omt. Tbl* Cowrt will beop?ne I on Monday by hi* Hoa^r, | Jad*e Batu TUB 1IIIKLV HERALD, MAILS FOR EUROPE. Tfce *t#am?hlp Wafhlogtoa, Oapt floyd. will 1*?to tbl* port at 13 o'clock ln-l*y. for Bouthamptoa and Br*m*a with th? mall* Tb* W?tlit H*b*ld will ba putllthed at half part oln# o'clock tbl* morning llB|la ccple* *lip*a<-* The n ail* will aloM at half part tea o cloak (irntlrmrii < lUtf, spring Fashion, 14.11 ? (? u. B**h?RCo. Ilat.ra, iMIr ? ?iy N?. r,,rk. wlU iltr* th? Spring Pithlon far 0*Wl*MM'* Hat* for 1*11, no BatuHiy tk? llrat daj *f Karoh ?aiufof. T bia Mfl? ha* k?*n modi'iM pim tha ?atr**< ?i*wtf t?p?? in? ?vh the ?t *rp, ?**?la* f?a??r?* hp whieh *h? Hat ha* hean a<> I<ai chare t?ri*'H. aid whi*k bar* b**a *o l*?< Bioaaiy t'.rtorae late a rk?nt?a*'t dtt*r?at *hap#a. in 'he aala udMnr lo ?* diicc ft'WtkiB* whicti altnt k?*r th# tltlo of aoralty m. H B. a C*. Tari#* detaraiaed. at tfcj*perl?d, t di??*t the *? truly k#*nti?el ' la ?h? art tr halting, ot >h# airy ?*tl ef **tl<?a??d |r?jadl?* by which It I** t*?n H loni oh? **ur*d, aaw pr< a?t.t 'k- Hat f'.f 'h? *?a*ea, with *gra?fil **<! ralrclir? lia?," la parfoft i-eat rmlty wi'S Aft * hurt ??t mof*l?th? tmm** '''rtn aad ?? fee* dtTiaa"? In *hc *e*td*at upectatlee tl?t It win fc* at a<o *uirn??d and rrcctad altfi d??*r?*d ?'lmlratl*B fa regard to maforial ?ad tn?rkm*Blhlf, W H H a Co K*T*aaplyt* r*ai--lr that thilr lola r*J*ac? n upon th? ?*l| karaa r',<ra--'?r th* hat* aataafacarfd hr th?m, wkleh ham for t?.?:n**!Tr* a rfpat*ti<a that i* witfci ot rr*'?d?ot, aa<l h< tr.ad til c<mp*rt*<in. la oonacctioa with tbc f**h'?eitbl* Bat, Win H B?*h* a C wn?!d r> nrh that the/ kara pra r?r?< wl?k a M'W of ?'?oaim'-datiBf tb*ir tnil?n>r , a* . ?*ral d|(t?T?n? *tyl*a, whi>h. If rft?n?l, will ha tr.aHa t* n r4?r *t an? ti?*: al?" a *t?l? t l.at par'<mlarly adapted tairot}.* ?So *?? ak*?t eh?a? a* th* Cap f r tha mm mailt Hat, all of ahl?h th? ir tna*a< and th* pakllo ar* ia ?ltfd |p ??amiB* aad ad** af. f- r tl.????'?aa. W ?. H BltRK a to . II" Brnadwny, aad 71 tlnarty ttraat P. R. Wot II B*?lw k Oa . harlat *o?pkt?d thalr o*?ly "fund llat Maanfa*t4iry. "ff?r a ra*r*?tf?l lari'atina t? th**it!aaa* 'dW?? Votk. *aa Bil other* whn f??l aa mt*r?? la th? pra irraa ? < ?aaataatare*. t* 'Mt their e?taMl*ha?at a', any tlB>? afttr T'i?ed*j'. th# tliir* d*? of Hareh, wb*a ?h?r wtll h? m^at happr to ??hlH* to theei th* perfaetioo of ite ar raat#m*? ??, whiak. with It* faoilftfo* for taanofa?'nrt*<, at* leahtle?a erltboot aparallel la th* knewa world. Wirnarka, llatlrn, ?TI? Broadway, frrlaf ?aa**. latradao#. this day, a a*w *tyl?af Hat for **atl?a*a'a art** ?#ar. whfoh far ataa'trr if Bieald aad ??aeooahle apta'iea, |* er?e-'?Btly *<T*r*d a* w rthr *f aairaraal MfMNt Head Quarter*' City Hail. Hew Turk, fibrut; U.l&Jl. 1> CeBpliaaee with U?t laudable u< praiaewortb j nam - rle. rec*uimonde 1 and adopt, d bv the Honorable the Mayor aad Common CouaeiL, to k??p 10 lively rewakruM the l~d mat., tho day tilt gave birth to the m?B ot men. 0?W|l Washington ; andb; virtue ol mv appointment. I boreby re Sett and due. t all ?rguahed bediet, who iaUnd to celebrate e da j, to atnmblt at their reep -ctiv: readerTtns. pa#. - oientl) early to form in the nin-nl renew, at 12 o'clock, noon m frcat of the City Hail, l ark, to the Hoaorable the Mayor and Common Council. the Asaociatiocs reported, w.ll form n six divitioni, ao der their retpective Marihalt, viz The Order o( United imet.otoi, making four divisions. 1a Waahingtoa squave, at per pnitaatu. at 9 o'clock A. M.? take op their IfV) of march at 10 o'clock precisely. I Tbc Fifth division, under tbe comma* d of General J<fl.a Liu) d, in the Fark, nt 11 t'clook A. M.? the right oa the eaet gate, faoirii we. marily. The Sixih divirion. under the command of Get. Wm. L. Merrii, at tbe lame time ana plaoe at the Filth- the right on the 7Uth, or oppoiite the Attor Hjuic, (aomg east ward Ij. Tbe tevara Special Aids will auembie in the Park, and re rort theme?l>et to tl ir respective marshals, to whom they ave been aeeigtud, (at per programme,) for onera. 1 he retpective Attoeiat.oaa will fall mliae, (a* per pro gramme, ) and report te their rcipcotlve marthala through an aid. Ihe aidt will form the respective diviiioai, oadcr the di rect: n ot | heir marihals. Each auocittion willap pear with their reipeetiva karam. regalia, er unifc; m ; but no political device will be tole rated. All marahali are hereby cmpom red and directed to All every vacant v that may oeour in '.heir respective aidt, au i make good all defli-ienciei >a their eommaadt, to to folly car ry into effect tl.e laudable detirs of the projeotori of thit me morable celebration. The tntire line will break Into eulumat of foor abreatt, (tinleti otlmwiii specially o-dered) at 12o'elook, noon. Oloae to the right, pata in review, at preicribed la the programme, publiahea by the Honorable the Committee of the Corpoia tioa. Corpe not yet reported, and who may deaife to be in Ike proeettion, will report to the t.eadi of the diviiion, who will aeeign them a pott, with the approbation of the grand mar hal. . Rente of maroh from the Park to Chatham itreet,t? Grand to Columbia, to Seeend, to Bowery, to Great Jonet, to Tripler Hull, where anOi!ATn>> w ill bo delivered before the Order ot United Americani and their frie nit. by the Hun. Dai id E. Wheeler, at 2 o'el >ok. touching the life, servloee. and goodnett of the Immortal WASIM NGTON, under the direc tion of the Committee appoiated for that purpose. The re maining Di\ itioni will coutinuo their march under their re tpective headt to tbe Park, and dismiat. The Grand Marshal an J Aids will move te th e rear cf Tri pler Ball, dismount, and tak<- pott oa tho stage to b.'ar the Oration, in company with tbe Honorable the Corporation andguetts. at per ordera. Tbe entire ProcoMion will form three Grr.nd Dtvieionr,

vii ? Firat, tbe Orderof United Americana will aae mble in Wathingtin i tuare, under ih> iian. diate direction ot the Grand Marshal. Tke teoond dlviaion will form ia the Park, Eaatiidt, under direction of Gen. J> hn Llo? i. Third diviiion will form in the Park, weat ti it, uaaer the direction of Gca. We. 1. Moirit. Tbc following special Aidt are hereby appointed tpeeial grand Aid-, and assigned to their resi ituv. Gran 1 Diviaieni, vij C. Goodrich Beyer. Er (.. to tit Firtt diviaion. Waah ington t?iuare; Second, Colonel Daniel E. Delavan, Park; Ihird, Colonel John W Avery, Park. The oipeual lat > charged to thet' ipt'ial Ai Is, it to mett in their respective Grand Divisions earl* ,( 10 o'clock,) and observe their due formation accor ling to prograiumr, an! ordera unO. r their ?? n ective Grand Marshall. Bu i. o> Da ?<.? The Grand Marahal, blue frock coat and pantaloons, bull vest, chapean nith feather: s arlet and bull acarf; bull aaah, tri- colored ttar coekade on left bieatt, aword and Hack belt Hortt t iuipuieatt at worn t>i ag nc ral otlicer.jtilt mountin^t. Deputy Gr.'ind Marshals the tame, withoat rei toarf.and rouna tri-etlored cockade, and black coat and paataloons. Tho aidt the same, but blue or Mack e?at and pantah ona, white teat f red aaah, and cocked'- without t ri- colore i at ream en. Borae t.|u(pa.euta aa worn by staft officera: the whole uith 'white gloves, (iioept Grand Marshal, bull ) and Latent. The aptcial "Aidt to the Fifth and Sixth dlviaiona, will me t at the house of Gen. I.!evd, Deputy Grand Marahal, Mo. 322 Grecnuiib it., on the ?2<i inst. at 10 o clock A. M. The iieclal aidi lun.aed to the Grand Marahal, will aa ?i'mbl< at bia >|uartera, No. lit Lexington avenue, on the 2Jd inst., at half-past 8 o'clock. A. M. bcarfi obtained at N'o. J3 Kult< n atteet and heal quarters, City Ball, of the Grand Marahal Manhala and Aida, (I.ibrarv room,) on 22 d inst. B\ oriler ot H1NRV SToKMS, Graa Marahal. C. Ot oi ni< ii Bo . cr, ) D. E. Du.avan, . Grana Aidt. Joi(> W. Ava . . > Sandujr Atlaw Thl* prlgttiml, able and ec centric .journal of to-morrow Kill continue itt expoil nons I f L'uatom Buuse corrupt ,'.n. An i-utcrtaining otiap ter in the I.ife and Tiiuei of John Qmncy Adams : a gra phic report of Brook'V Grand Exhibition Ball, and a great variety nf rich, raty, agreeable re adiag. ia he pe Miliar atyle of ita able editon. Let everybody buy an l re&d the Atlas. Waililnglon'i Birthday.? The snbecrlbrra will take, this day, their eh emu-ally coUred Da^'uerreo typea, nhichiecjifcd a medal aad l,ploma at the as, fair. Ihc only ctiabliahmeat in the eity wtur> tbey can be ob tained. MEaDE, BROTli kK8, 1'io Broadway, three door.< above t be Aator M ?> uac. P.S.? A Cne view cftha prcceniea may be obtained trom ourptemuei. King up the Curt kill ? The Fare* U Ready ! , ? Knur Bcriymas, with a irraceful som- r&et auil grotesque I'!.! ?, nakes Ijii entre* before the public with tLe exprtsuv* ' litre 1 am !" to aeeur* hie obser>er? that hi* preaeac* ii a lite ral f*ct, nod not an optical deluei n. Kntx.of 1 2- I ul ten street, lep^iag his inenJs, the tublic.to permit him t? omit th? a* merest, and allow the aMMNtl a similar ex pressiea as he directs their ?r its attention to the funniest JakBSt the ii aa"n- the price ot hit Hats ot the Spring fa shion for ISM, nhich la? the iatigh con.ee in hew-only roar Dollais! As a "leader' of (??!.> n lie i.< veil aware that he might have plated a much higher price than t L a upon thee* meet beautilul ip*' iinene ?>( Hat architecture; jet, to quote 1 the eloquent lanituaci; of the uU dramatist, ' 1 prtfer toe {Mice and <joi?-t if a contented mad. a< iuire'1 by alifeof hj nest integrity, to all the bftnb'ea wraith can yield." This may not strike the tender as hatiag any oirect reference to the ?Bbjei t ?f lJats, bnt as " [ iliar ?r the agony *tyl" ' is at pie. sent ia vogue smoag his brother trad-jmcn. he ihesght it ne ?eeiary for iiiu to follow the exxmple aet him. The simpler methi s might have ans?<red the . me ptirpe**. a? Knox, of 12" Fulton sareet. has ie-oci his Si ring faaalon of Uats, un *xc< lied in jiiality. beauty and Ft Tie, and aeld lower than any ctt.er establishment ia tbe worli .' This iinnoaucemcnl W plsia. tratl.lal. and to the poixt, teaaibU people mull hare si>pr*ved It t.'.e advertiser would hare aav. I m.my dollar* that ht bow will I..- < ? m pel led to expend, owing to it* extra ordinary It n|th, nn>l all parti*! in ?ht or should have been satisfied with it, hut tfe times arc |Vb|retsiT", and Knox is deterniir.' <1 "not to he letind the age." There! re, if yon wan: a Oat, know that Knox elm l.ivs a c impany ot media lies, a regiment if * tmej. and a batt alion of saleatnen . that hi- wi rkah*p ia I,?W feat broad and lO.tWUd'ep. th.it a lias ol la'tle shi|i ate cisstantly etui Icyed in bringing pla?!i fr ta Fra lie. a 1. 1 bind nee I n m England; drajra'n are ossui e l ninht aad day carting hla " lininga" from the Swamp and the he} a engaged in delivering hata to his eaetomsr*, he has nsver b. ? t. at ie to coBLt, kat his aeoouataat an 1 ase. -tan's aas ire turn that t; cy arc ' *( t it." Know all ti.x, and know, loa, that notwitr standing t f. ? ian>ene< outlay ci capital. One. ness ?ntrgy, and ta). nt r< duisit* t th. ninait lent of ttin est. a sive buetneea, he ia still able to sell hi* lie's el the Spring ta ski?B fi r the low price of FturDollere. Kav MM a desire to co?tr< I the purel aeeis trem (electing liata ? here* er t( ey n.ay te disp eed, bat he would moat reepectfolly invite tliem to call at his store, lib lottos atree*, and exaiuiae hie percent assortmear. They ar>- uamistekea' l| the moat eiegan' and sni erb bats ever maanfae tur> d ia t he city, and so gr> at is his variety that every lasts aan he grated KNOX, 118 Fulton street. The- Raw Hat Company'* Spring Style, for l'-Sl ? The New Ust C' aipaay would eall u.e att'utioa of ? these I' at I a'n ? bo an about to t<n rehear a S| rinc faehi n I Hat. wiSVBf ortmeat of stylea. We have not. in the pie seatatliiu of i<nr fashions, coii fined *BS attcetioste the pro do tl. n of tne particular style, Hi have varied them In SU' Ii a 'ligrce si would suite the tan tea of the publio in gea< r a I a* 1 II It' liag that it is mpoaelbie to keep a hat on hand to an it every p? re on 's fancy. If tl ae g*ntfetr,' n, who d? lire one dift. riu t iu any respect, will eall and leave their orllrr, we shall erne Tor to I it them in every pariicular. Meve Uat fToastany, 141 aa i Iti Nassau street. GtiiUtmtn's Spring Style ot Halt? W. P. D >id, (- icreiS' r to Amidon) ?'l Broad?*y, Bear Uoane air ? t, ?ill erne tl e style of Ueutlemea'e Hats, on Fatur> | day, l<h. 2.d. Tbaae ?bo waat a really beantitnl artiale would do well to t ill aad evnuoe tbe et)le beferc pur ebaaing ebewbsre. N. 1? --*11 tastes suited. I.et faaltlon open Its ranis*, light and left, for the ttael of the seaxa? lie Lockhiart >piiag Bat f >r I'SI-lraoee cannot aurpaaa. or New fsft iqell, it ib Bicdel Call sad ses the euietb as^ortm* at of vpriaf Rats, Car*, he . at I.OC K II I.4IT'*, VI Bioadway. Rle^ai t IkTltatlon, At Home, At Charth, and VieitiBg < ards, sBaraved aad prtated ia tae la'eat ana Bloat rashioaelle styles, at fcvvrdell's. .Hit Broad ere j. corner of Dusae st . also Ipleadid bridal -nreU pss, wafers and oake boxes, of the aoet s?autiful pattsrae. Mr Iverdell base braach a tors at Ho. 1 Wall etraet, for the aceomaodatioa ol his 4owa town eustoaiera. Volumes might he Ailed with th? name* ef | e|? Bi?bi bave acia in d enaepeteace. aim ply by l.c.ef sseellea' peam< B Tbis ia a ?uggeetlT* fast, and apr p >s to th' aanooaceaieM t "at G ld.aoith a ebeap term *l?oeo witk *thia Beath. I'atll th* ?Bth all bad penmen bare a eheaoa of ref .ra.isg aad femodelliag tbeir hendtrriueg. for ti at 2>V Brosdway. S?|ara.-Ooael ?e|aii will b? found at the store >1 MOBALB4 a I.LNAB. 1 I t't Nassau atree'. Those ? ho er;' y the I'auiae flaror sheali bo> fail te all oa them, as it is certain they sell th* belt segari ia thi**ity. Watehea and, Mold Pcm. -M'atrksa of Ivstt style aad iuality are for sale very low by J. Y. fA Ui.l. 91 Fait oa street. Call sad svaasiae. J. Y. *. is also |o|e aaaofaetere- of tbe Richelieu Bt er- Tolated Gold 1 Peas, the anst : irai le and veil Aaiehed ?' asy in th* aar ket. Watches aad gold tea* car fully repaired. Just Receive.! - ?M? llreas and Froek ( oata. Fras'b sloth faabioaably Bade, (3 to tit. fine alia | TC*ts, II In If; (i'i pair peats. Hack Boeakia aad flsnrel ] cassia.' re $1 t? it, orsr eoau ane cloaks. (2 ta til. Coratr tf Nasia* aad Beetaan streeee. Phalon'a Maul* Halt Ujre, to Color th* I ?air or Wki*k*re. the aeaesi It is applied, witboet iajarj to tbe hair or skin It eaa b* washed iai?edlatsly. wlthoat . dkisnrkins tbe eolor, aad ha* a* bad odor. It i* aprfied, of ?aid. at PkALOM'S Wig Faetery. N*. 1V7 Broadway, eeraei ef Day street, aad by all the dmggiat*. eity aad wastry. Hair T>wa^? Hatehalor'a Inslantaneon* U Kld Bair Dye. eo ealebrated In Loadoa. I'MI*. Bc*toa llad'lpbia, Baltimore, Waalnagioa, kr , eaa only be pre pared geaaiae at the maasfaetc.ry, I Wallstrsev, Mew Tort The pablio auet beware of eoaaterfett*. n?* my Tarioss df. plomao. It I| fer sale wholwala aad retail, or appliad. Ojh Wl|l and ToaueM.-Persom wlahlnf a eery ssperler Wig er Teape* should eall at Baw 'ielor'1 Mlebeaeed Wig factor*. Mo. 4 Wall es Tbcy will (ad be perfectly aadaratandi ail th*ir requlremeaU; ae mallet bow difficult, heaerer fail* t* fit the Bead, la fact he kaewi his basia*sa. aad mahsa a hadaa** ef It, Oapy bis sddrwr aad gl to hla a eall Walt'i Narrows Antidote? Cawtlan to the I ablic - Tbe great demasd for my aatidets has eaued a i ccanterfelt to I* >a tb? enarkat; therefore tke psl.lio will pleaie rurefase cf those stores only wh*ar* shore eus- j piei* a of hsepiBg a ipnrious article, or neakiag two l.ottlaa out ol ot* The firat spooafal tells th* tale sbether il n geaaias ar sot. I aell the first bottle oa trial ; If rot found beneficial, th* dc liar will be returned. T W s?te, 4M OreeT wieh stree* ; |fSN*>aaa etrset. It it ear* la all aerroa* i aVctieas. aad f*w dlaeeeee eaa last ioag whea tke serves if is perfect order _ Timnlal's Sulphur (laths, 14? Pearl atrcct, ! tear Hreadway. N. Y.. ?slsbfisf.e I 1 1 ISif, by l.< uis J. T a' - let, fr' a fans for the core' f rf.e umstlim, mer-urisl sffec. I tieas severs eoldi. Be. This t* the Brst eetal.liehed aad cely ' ?eaalt* Falphnr Bath ta this city We refer to D Vs| *. ) ties B' If, Dr. Bcger*. Dr. Ber*er, Dr. Watrea, Dr. Wil acs, I Bad th* priaelpal f'lfiioiaai la this sity. lOr K *llln|rr has, be j ?nd all sax II, settled if e dtBbtfal iiBos'lea ef r>stsriag th* Lair, eaben g .ne eerr sweaty year* Dr. K will forfeit il.Uft), if h* d .es a t prove a ease where the ??t|emnr whs had a" hair froen IT tost years of age, bad his llbeaees t*kea, aa* was sae'rsly bald, sa* a*w has, fr- a Iks eise ef Dr. a.'o Ma?i* Plnid, a tse, soft, beaatifal bead of bair. llnadreds ?f ?tker eaees eaa k* eddaeed hv eaillag ea Dr R . at bis great ?eat'e| d?pot. ST* Br> a- way Two or three app ieatie ae faateas aad searts the bair a growing Thle he* B't?t heea a? by aay other i?r>*s- t?* ldtertleea*at* ia aa*th*r avlaaa. MONET MARKET, Fmbat, February 21? 6 P. M . The stock market ttuli* about the Mm# as pre viously qnoted. There was a little mot* activity la l?rauMit and State stocks, and la some of the lead ing railroad securities, but price* are la a very un settled atate, and flnotnat* mora or 1cm trom day to day. At the Bret board, to-day, Pennsylvania 6 s ad vanced hi per cent; Indlaaat'a, V; Krle Income Bonds, >?; Norwich and Worcester, >? ; Farmers' Loan, J?. Maw Haven Railroad deolined >a per eent; Canton Company 2; Long Island, and Reading Railroad) >?. There waa a better feeling at the olate than at the opening of the first board, and many are of the opinion that there must be, early next week, an upward movement of considerable Importance. The agitation of the slave question, and the feeling caused by the pracaedings in Boston, hare, no doubt, had an un favorable effect upon financial affairs generally, and been the principal causa of the depression realized. This will, no donbt , soon subside, and confidence will again become as strong as it haa been for sometime previous ta the difficulty. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amounted to $123,060; payments, $88,234 62; balance, $3,068,631 15. The board ot brokers adjourned, this afternoon, over o Monday, in consequence of tha unusual observance 0f the anniversary of the birthday of Washington. There has been a fair amount of butlness done in foreign exchange. but the rates have not b? fairly sus tained. We quote on London, 0>,' a 10 per cent pre mium; on Paris, 6f. 12>i a Of. 10; Amsterdam, 41 a 42; Bremen, 70>? a 79>? ; Hamburg, 30% a 37. The Morris and Essex Railroad Company intend to put the extension of their road as iar as Belvidere under contract immediately. We learn that the bill authorizing the city of La tayette to subsoribe $150 000 to the Lafayette and In dlanapolas Railroad, patsed the Legislature of Indiana just previous to adjournment. This gives the company additional resources, in the event of requiring them. Judging from the cbaraeter and reputation ot the gen tlemen who have been appointed trustees of the mort gage executed ter the seourity of the bonds to be sold at auction, at the Merohants's Exchange, on Thurs day next, we should think it was one of the safest In vestments on the market. The Hon. A. 8. White, of Lafayette, the President of the company, wai formerly a member of Congress, Is a gentleman of high 1 character and excellent business habits, and the direc tion exercise the most prudent economy In the ex- j pmdltuie of money. The iron, ptyment far whloh Is to be made from the proceeds of the bonds about to be sold, is of the beit kind, fifty-three pounds to the yard: and will soon arrive. It is expected the road will be completed, so as to be ready for the fall trade and transportation of produce. There probably is not a road in the whole western oountry, more favorably located than this, ot the gross tarnlngs of whloh will be greater, In proportion to its length and aggre gate coat. It Is an integral part of two trunk lines, which, proceeding from Louisvilte and Cincln oati. meet at Indianapolis, and thence crossing the Wabash river at Laiayette (the head ot steamboat na vigation,) will prooeed in a rl*ht line to Chicago and the great Northwest. From Madison, intermediate to Louisville and Cincinnati, the road Is already built. | and In successful operation to Indianapolis -80 miles? ' and the Louisville and Cincinnati lines are fast ad" ?lacing. Stock Exchange. $10,14.0 V P 6a, IHfn, 1I5>4 lii'ska ? arm Tinet, tft) M 10,1 00 do !?.'?, Hlii lUO do SBjOliO do WI7. >60 1 l-V4 * 0 do MM 3 W it Ohio 6a 1856. U'5 100 do ??> 6>i'i 2,6f? Ohio 5?, 186*. 10SV INI do a.S 6" '? >.H*) Indiana State fit), ltd do b3t *'7 It.UOO indiata, 2>4 p o 41 100 do (7U 4 u<<i K* M ill.-, IJ-7U, 80M m Dark-m RR t"> 2.MKI Ky >'$, KM* MO do I.*', 2.?><> Ohio 6a. 1M0. iff? 100 do 6, Hi) Hun Kiv, l.tld 114', 10 MOO .lo M 1 ,0*0 Erie, IBM, loft '.'Ml l.rin RR, ht'a 17.W" Itiie Incline, MK fto io '*30 "4 5.(?U do a'JO W? lno I-on* Island, *0U Si's 2,011 do 04 \ ?:<0 do 14% 1,000 do 04?, JSO d<> !4i| 10 etia I'BicD Dk, l.V 100 StoninRton. ' 1 6 Bank Am. 111-4 25 da bOO U If. 1 ?1 and Uud. l.ll '4 Jot) Norwich, ?J 5<iNJ?naodM. c l? 75 do 66 Sa in Boviry link, 106V .Him Reaiin*. 61 -a led Edge north, 130 li>* 100 do M'? lid d" 11 50 do ?fiO til ? It*) Morris Canal, 2> U do *10 64 75 t antin Co., "0 7544 do 64 75 do 09 54) NV 4ii>l Nn?vpn, IIS K'O do U Of) F< rumouth UD, 14 67 tha Utiea and Bob, lis 5 do 14'? SECOND FOARD. I1*) cti Harlem RR, fi'.'M 60 sha Morri? Canal, 2"'," ,ifcO d<> 7li lid l*<>rt?aiouth DD, 14 '4 tOO d-> 7i'U .10 do It, 'a ICO do k30 7l'!(i ho do 14J, 200 do 7i"J 2"0 Cri ) RR. *30 84', ICO do b.tt) 71"* 10 do He?, 100 do 1^0 70 16 do f30 IMIiki Ftra Trill, ?8 5n CCxeworth, 11'4 150 Caotru Ce. fta K'O Norwich Kit, bl'J 67 It'll Reading KR. M'i :*?' do 06% till do i.'K 100 do rx;^ liK as ton 6.1* M Morrit Caaal, 110 do MO t:'i CITY THA.DE RIPOIT. r*iu*?,r?b *ii ?6 p m I!i ?:u ?Tt ? ? 1 ? There wa? i tier eased heavine** Id th* market for btate toJ Western flour aad prices ot th? low and medium qualities favored the purchaser. Toe <?- in and was moderate for th* city trad* tad th* Ea?t, while there wu little If anything doinj; for shipment. The market for New Orleans. uo ier the iotlueaoe of large proepactlr* recetpte, wit leea firm The prevail Ilk rain ?torm checked th? burlnei* aomewhat Do meatlc told to the extent ct o coo barrel*, loaludinii fcperflne>o 2 at f 4 a 1 1 ;t7, ordlcar? to otraiflu htate at f 4 64 a ft (52', . ordinary to good brand* Okio, received via New Orleans, at ft ti'^afl 7& mixtdto ? hole* Indiana. Wichgan and Ohio at >4 75 a fl bl; ture (ieneee* at fl 87 a $6; faucj Ohio and Gfo?w, at $6 12 a ?"? CI S. and extra ditto and ditto, at (5 37 * $6 60 There wai nothing cf moment done In Ca nadian, and price* w<re nominally th.- ram* Com mon to good brand* were quoted at t!76a}>4SI m bond. h< u'hern ilcur waa leas active, without e?*?-ntlal change In rate* the bu*ln> ** waa considerably re ?tilcted by the inclemency of the weather We noticed sals* of tt, 0 barrel* mixed to goad Alexandria; Baltimore ilrandywliie K r>-dericksburgh country, ar d Petersburgb ditto, at *4 h7 a (6 . and fancy ditto aad Kiibmonl City mill* at $6 26a The demand for Hy> flout wa* light, and tu- mark-t ruled heat y. with sale* of 100 barrels at $3 87li Corn Diaal was Inaetivw and prirws had a downwwrd inclina tion Jersey ??s*ellirg in small lot* at $3 09 and Bracdywine at ft 'i& The latter in puucD'ooa wat ijm ted heavy at $16 Huck wheat (I ur ruled firm with a mod>-rat? Inquiry at f 4 Tt a f> &?) per barrel- f 'J M a 50 per Iwi lbs and 70e. a 75c p?r beg of !<j 10* H'/c at was h<Id abova the tlttl <-f pur i-buser*. and there wa* nothing of moment doing The a>kincr ra'.ea tor Groes< e common to prime, wera $1 14 a M IV, tor Ohio fi t (3 a 1 07; and for tjouth<rti v?5c a ft OS Ca nadian was 'iniet and p< mlnal at fl 04 a ft loin bonl. Hyr wa* nemeeted The last sale was at Tic per bush In 0?rt?y there waa nothing done worth reporting and the supply contlaoed light Uoidera atkai fl 16 a a fl 26. for Inferior to pr-ai- two rowed Tb?d?Ritod fcr Oaf t was less actlva. but the market r>m?ined about the eama V * qot ta Jersey at 47c. a two ; River at 6Ce a61c and Oanai aad Canadian atfiln tilt, f 'etn waa Inactive, bat price* dlepUytd no Important variation The irqairy tor dl*tlllinr and frr the Eait was ?teady, bnt owing to tha inclemency of tha wea tber. whi<h prevents j the exhibition 01 sample!, tha trsnsattkn* wera rather limited Binoa oar la?t. 8 04 0 bushel* were disposed of at 66c a 65', i- , for new ?outbern and Jeraey yellow; and t.6c for a small lot of white Tbsra Ware some sale* reported to arrlva within a lew d?j* at 84c a6t',e for yellow. Cotvv.- The marka*. I- atl I uns?ttlsd The sale* ra ported on Yhanga to day amounted tn 1 'X8I bslea at price* varying from '4 a ,c decline. We omit >|Uo totationa for ti e present PaoMsinta - Pork -Tha market for aid wa* very firm and there we a very good demand for It fr<>'n the city trade New wa* m's? fraaly olfere j. which, j with the unfavorable ltteillg> ore recaivel froin th* Pouth. baa proiweed an eaaier feeling in prlcxa Tbar<> have hwn sals* of 500 bbl*. old me**, at tl2 H'. new 0KI0 do . at f 13 '*6. ( Id prime, at $9 50. and new Ohio ditto, at til. New city was quotad nominal *? the daarn i* now n-^rly over, at tit for mea?, and f 15 for clear ditto la beef we have no naw feature ti report The inquiry from local dealer* was fair, aad holder* wire film The sales embraced lit bbl* ns? Bies* at 11 60 a f 10 75 and new prime, at |5 a |9 Th* bet ter description* were most active Tierce beef wa* very doll, and the market was qulta nominal atfl6. To ? ffect sal" some abatement in price would bava to batuhmitted to B*>f hams were unchanged, wi'h sal?? of oO Ibis good fuality at (V* per pouna Cut meat* w*re more Inquired tor arid the market favored the *eller. The day * business amounted to 6C0 barrel* and tlereea l.aoia and 1 houldera. plain and angar eared, at l\ a Be forth* termer, and 6Mc for the latter, aleo, 44W UaraW sttMl der* to arrive at Cc with sixty day* ere. lit loera waa a better demand for ba*on and the market ten l?d upward Borne 40(00 ib* Ohio loag middle* - ity cU?. rib In. at 7,c and 600 boxes do jn . on terui< oot tran*plr?d Laid waa (teady but not very a^tlra Home 160 bbli were diapnaed of at K a for new aad old prime Many dealers were anwllllog to aell at those figure* owing to th* lavorable new* le -eived v?*l.erd ty ftcmtbe Kfflish markets Hatter wa*. If anything, more buoyant pwttlealarly th* common aad tuediuui deacrlptlona if ittata which were in some reqaeat tor e?n< rt Wa quete infetlor State and Ohio at !?a UHa.; rrdltary to choice W'. starn dairies, at 12 a 17a.; aal Orarge eonaty at IB a 21c. In cheese there was * lair bnrlneis doiag at f.\ at '^a , with (ome cholae State dairies at Te. per th Married, On the 21*t in>Unt. by th* Hev Wm. R William*, Mr lnr*is I M ss 3d to Mlaa Oaaoti** A |^T>i.svr, all of tbia city on th* IBth Instant by the Rev Mr Brownlf. 1r Jom* R Va? Nana to Misa faaWMM W. Braeasa. all ?f Btatan Islaad. Otti, Ob the tl?t Instant, of dropsy on the brain after a severe lilaea*. R?< hm daughter ef William and Louisa Rlrley aged 1 J ear II month* aad 21 day*. The relation* aad trteada of the family are rwapeet fully lavitsd to attaad her funeral, on to morrow (landay) atteraooa at twa o'alwck from the reaidea'* af ftet parent*. So. S3 Clwiiti otraet On th* Hit Instant, Mr*. Auou, wile of Beniamhr Hoek, aged 35 years and 3 mouth*. Her remains will b* taken from tha house Ho 27 Psarl street, this dar, at half part on* o'olook F M to tb* steamboat for Key port Th* friends of tbt' family ar* invited to attend, without further notioe also, members of New York Lodge, No. 10. ' On tb? list lnttant, Psixilh, wife of William II Dy*r, aged SO years The relatives and friends of tb* family, also th* mam ~ bar* of National Lodge No 30, 1.0. of 0 K , ar* r**p**t fnlly Invited to attend tha funeral, from bar lat* resi dence. Mo. 6 Pike str**t, corner of East Broadway, oc ? ta morrow (Sunday), at half-past two o'elook, P.M. The remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. On the 1 '.'tlx lnatant, in Brooklyn, of malignant ?carlet fever. Aucusta Hintnin, aged 6 y*ars, 7 months, and 8 days. and Romian Moultom, aged feus 6 months and 27 day*, children of Jam*s W. and ,eah Matilda Winter. Columbus (Georgia), papers please copy. On th* 20th Instant, at the real den 3* of her parents In Newark avenue Jersey City, of Inflammatory croup , whilst recovering from scarlet fever. Mm Bi.it., only daughter of Kliia Prances and Charles J. R. Leake aged 2 years S months and 1 dsy. ? Her funeral will take plaae on Sunday, 23d instant atlhalf past three o'elook, P. M. On tba 16th Instant, at Hamden Conn., Louisa Middlkton. second daughter of Addison and Kllzt Smith, aged 3 years 6 months and 2 days On the 17th instant, at Tarrytown after a shorl illness, Bknjamih O. Rahua, son of Cnpt. Jacob Reijna aged 18 years. On board tbe packet ship Constellation on bar pas page from Liverpool to this port, Thomas K? ???, infant Bridukt Rv ar, aged 40 years; Pat Mila*, infant; An Kaih. aged 0 years; Pat Lynch, aged 40 years; Chkis tofhe* Nolan, aged 46 years; Bllk-* IIawims, aged 2 years; Peteh Cahvill, Infant. On tbe 21st instant. In Brooklyn, of ooMumptioir Mast Jknison, aged &1 years 10 months and 10 dayr widow of James Jvnison, deceased. Her friends and relations are respestfally invited t c attend her funeral, at the house ot her son in-law corner of Fulton and Hudson avenues, on to-morrow (Sunday), at t*o o'clock, P. M. Boston papers please copy. On the 21st instant. Mrs. Mable McOlMB, aged- 81 years and 6 months. ller friends and acquaintances are respectfully In vlted to attend ber funeral, from her late reeid*noe No 303 Washington street, on Sunday aftarnoon, nt half-past fonr o'clock. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAY SPKCIAL, NOTICES. National temperance socibtf-tbe secont Quarterly nn-etirg ?! tht* society will be held in Triplet Ball, on Monday evmitg, 2 1 > h iust. Cen. 8. rnuel Houston, U. 8. Senator fmm Texas, and Hev. R 8. Foster, of the Mul berry street M. I. Church, iu thia city, will be the principal speakers. Professor F. D. Nash will una; several populat and appropriate tonus, and Mr Geo. If. Cuttis wi'l piejidt at the pianoforte. Admission free. Exer..ses commonee at 7'? o'cloek. UA. 0. B? Til C MEMBERS OF COLOMBIA OROVr ? No 8,11. A. O. B., are hrrebv re'pested to attend thff next meeting f the Groee> on Monday aveaing. 21th iast.. at. half paititven o'clock, i< busHiotHof tkootmost importance will belaid before Hie Groye. II v order cf N. A. Fhilipp Merkle. FINKELUEIEK, Secretary SOI MENS I AND WARRANTS, LOCATED UPON lind which can be aold for eatli as soon as a legal title can be 'riven. PertOBf wishing to buy or ^ell, MlhOM wishing to lceato, cither for their own uie or for sale, will dc well to consult W. A. WOODWARD, DO Wall street. *AL*CB BY AUCVIOII. JOHN W.BOM IR 1 NDTKB, AUCTIONEER -MORTGAGE tale.? J. W. Seraerindyke will sell on Mimiiy, Feb tic ?ith, at half past 10 o clock A. M, at SU Broadway, all the furniture o? said premises, eoneisting ef rosewoo *< iu, chairs, d rk tables, piano forte and stool, one auperior lot king-glass, h feat l yilo t. mahogany wardrobe, tapestry and ingrain carpets, rugs, window ourtaits. de. shades g!aa< ware, mahogany. 1 n ncli bedsteads, sofas, tibles, marble to> w ash stands, kr , fcc.. together with a lot of kitchen fur tliure, of which the sule will oommencc. D8. B0UU1I, A I'CTIOMEK. WILL BELL, ONMON ? day mornis*. Feb .2lth, at 111 o' lock, at ?7 Greenwich avent e, all thefi rtiture of a family, loarin;; for tho W<H5. Marble tof ar.d plun Bureaus. ? ifts, and Loungee; maho gany walni.t, and Bkple Chain; do. Rockers, Card Tables . n.atMe tcp, tilth' ganjr, atd walnut Tablet; Loo.1ing Class- I ('Arrets, Iiedtteai s, and Bedding; flair M%ttraascs, Hat Stands Hall ard Stlar Lamps, Crockery, Paintings, tie.: also, rne wag it , ft r camphtne or grocer; Oinginf Lamp-. Bpicc Mill, he. Sale |ieren.ptory, rain or sh.ne. EXECl'TORS' PALE t?F HOUSE AND LOT 111 HB3TIK street ?Aatbor y J. Bleeckcr will sell a* tuctiop, i Tuesday Februtrj 25, at 12 o'elcek, at the Merchants' t ehaage, the two st rj sr.d attie bri k frcnt :.3tite, and lo. No 111 Beater street.. J ale positive, to close trfi estate oi. tne late Esther L'.vy. de'tattd. Hy order et Joi.nJ. Har , Arthnr L. Levy, and Uenry J. Uart, E'eentwr. It RGB PALI or AMERICAN FINS DRESSED AN1 J I ew Rot t)i mp. Mmtura ti Co., will sell on T letday, at II o'clock, at the warehouse of Mr. G. Murlc. No. 23# an4 UK) Water street. 1 0 baits American f ne dressed Hemp, 6>? do. do. Dew Rot Hemp. LOST Ac. SI ty street ib: ut the last of December, a carpet bag, narked" Heily," Bt. Louis, en a card, tie card sewed oi. the tide of the bag. Wht tTor will return said bag to7. Conrtlaadt street will receivo the above reward. 109T? ON M'B I>N *?DAT AFTERNOON, TBE Utll J ivstat,t, a trail packare, directed to Mes?r? Pvekbam Denait b Co., New Vet t. A liberal reward will be paid f ? he return of the same te JOBN B. DEMILT, Cartaaaa* 1X4 Front street. 1OST-0N FRIDAY EVENING. THE 1ST OF JANl - -i ary last, fr' a, the ears ef the Philad.lchia train? a, map of property on the Htidsoa river, near Iloboken. Tt finder will be suitably rewarded, by leaving it at thi offlee of THUS. M BEAR!, V . o Wall street OWNERS WASTED-FOR A I ARGE QUANTITY Or ladies' cloihitg, Ti? ? One la'ae oeriao . od two Jet. shawls; many tre? ea and under gar'asnts; together *n> sundry other articles for ladiet us ' suinoee tt hare be?r sieUa. Arrly t? D. L. tEN?'?N, at l.e J igt th war police offlce. MCSICU. ORA rORIO ?F RT FAl"L.~ MENDELSOHN'S "G RE AT eat work," thi (St.no! will b'givenat wj Tabernacle, by theiKew York Ifartnonie 3c- -y, on the eteB' ing of Fridav. the ^t-h inst. Particulars h -teacer V|W YORK BaHMONIC SOCIETY.? THE BTOCK i" heldtratf tleHa'm-nlo Sceie'y a:- hereby notified that an lotialrtenl t f t?o dollars per sl.ar- ? II be dae an rayable or tbe ere of the fortUenaiir^ < ratorio. anuoaaoe. for 1Mb Feb , l*S1. B> u reoeut ameadm< nt of the constitu tion they will be entitled to two tickets t-er share to eae public petfurtE aaee ri tha Iteltly, ItittM ?l oae, at here tofore. By order of the taecativeOommi'.tee, J. B. CORNELL. Banke, A PIANIST, WHO TBOKOl'GBLY I NDBB3TANW! and can excen a, the nusie of the be nudrra compo ten in i a attittlc style, Is wanted to gin ins* motion to twi e r three | ut ils At thete niaireaaat s are mrerttiee m ? rdmarj i r' t.ciea' need arrly. Addrost Mat, at thii olluo. withrea name, terms, an 1 referenc?. COPAHTNBIMIIIPM. C<0.P4M*lMR!f? NOTICE Tin: 10-PUtXII / il u kltlti li re i '.?t|n* Letweea them haatibera, nad-. the firn. i.l Kit ' li fe ( 0 . ata';ticur<'H ?f *''14 pea an pencil fHt?, 1 a?, th.a day, be?n dlaaolrad OP e?maon coa tent. The ???f ttU ' Lu <ineea of tta Ira < ill Ik nund. . to I y John H Ranch, aha will ' "amine the btxiaeae at N? 16C Otti naieli a*re? i r.ratr of Coartlind* e'reet, end Pat rick A Ktane. ta h at ? hen la autherued to atfa tba aau of tta lata Htm, for that purroaa, areordla* ta the attlele. of diat- luticr Joftv IT RAl'f'R. Patrick a rranr. JOHN maiiib. Pl"' N-* V-rV. r-' AM)' ? ?UIII.M W'N COP AITMSRPB IP ROTICE -BROWNING fe BCIil hart th ia da; alra.ttel tato eupartotrehia. Ranrv I. Varth, aa4 w II ?? i tn,eini.-iirj*odf- jobbing bnaieeae ?? d r th? ?rm if fcrian c*. Hall k Marili, at Mo. 14 Day *trec . atar Br"*dway. N ? v. Vera . Jan lat, 1-!1. JOHN U. BROWN1R0. JOHN P. Hl l.L, _ HfNRYJ. BARBII. _ PARTNBR W A NTf.D. ivm TO IRVR^T IN TH* Wboleialt Miirt Suaineea. A jere- a w.th like rum and wlii i? 1'itf ated to (liter late kaaiaeaa immediately. aril* plraae ad'ree* e n-'t t A. J. N.. No IW Ki einrtea ttrect will ha attaaded ta. K- fe eaeca e?eha?*ed. fee. Partner ? oiid wira * OA^n capital oi ?: ki> to tli?n<'. in a mitili tnr.au MUk jha a', do ? in c a *'>t.d liia: ii- ?< \ oai itallet willia* to eatruaa part e In* for la la a p tfi1.1 buaiaeaa, raanot cart with a '.ette rpt^rtanitj. By addraiaiai W. P P.U'L. Broadway Poa Office, atati** a here an iatatTiaar can ta bad, will bt pn teptly attended ta. ? II.E.I1IKMV AND DRV ^H>DI C' ANTON CRAPB SHAWM -JARKI BEOR fe CO > ba?e jaet reee|t?4a at adid aa??itnaeet of plaia aa emlreidet.d < ait to* rraf I Shawla, to whirn the attenneao . B?t 'hern Weetern, and eitjBMcUat.it .a .eepeotlally it. tad. MS aad 3M Rrratfvay. TKLKURAPIIK-. T?nB MAC.NI.Tlt TRLR'IRAPR COMPANY. BBTWRtr Ja New V orb, Philadelphia. Baltimore, end Waah citoa. New Tot It aflfa, ttrcaf at Haener aad Rearer atraetr. Pnaeer l.iaa, with f?o - itdrj ndcat wlraa inn WaaMaaUi City ta New fort, harta* otfieee at Naw T?rk, Jareey Oil* Nawark, Naw Htnnawlck. PtiaeetoB. Tr-aUa, Pkjjfedal rhia, Wilmia*.- a. I'a?r?i da brace. 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