22 Şubat 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Şubat 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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i- yPR S\LB KSD TO IilT. Th? k?w village or urattom post, om lb*mng lily. between Oo Uege Point Flushing.? Ve ookgialuUie tboae wUo wie'i t> combine tbe euj jyinmt if pure air ted tie oceB*ry with th> ir bueiact* Durauit*. on the establishment %t a new village ou Flushing Iliy, <inut ?aly eight milx fumi tlu eltv. and accessible ?>' >i??rabo?t man y times a day. and by a p'aak road from WiltUrasburgh at all time* Thonaaieof thia delightful suburb ie Collmto Point. aid it it laid out on the ahore of Flushing Hay. wliioh itoverlooks for miles. The location ia proverbially healthy and poaaosaes the gieet aiv intage of lying en thu edge of <*Mp water; in deep that! peacngera can land f'om *Usn.boals at tt* dceke a', the lowest abb tide. Coll'igo Point ia oaly itte S> 0 yards from Flushing. with which it ii ?<?Bn?oted by a plank road. 1 hu am ia owned by Meters Lotglev k damn rr. and coalia'ed, a e^ort time ago of 800 Iota, CObylOOfeoT. *<? lot n were, hoe ever, (old in Uoiib'e yiith time, ami another *m?re no w iniued ofl' rapidly at 9100. Ttc next 2 0 will be held a< t'.J'i; Aa rei/ardaloca tif n, distant e. land and water communications with tha vity? salubrity, and other advantaged, we regard thia village aa san* pareil among thoaite* n cent ly laid out near New York In trdcr to uDtaiu tha minnuiend price of the lot* ItMHl i>. will We necenary te apply, without delay, on LONCLEY b F1AHMER, 127 U nutter street, on whose representations foil reliance may be plaoed, aad who will five peisona deairoue of purcbaaitg. aa opportunity to ee leot on the spot. Thote detiroui of aceing the apet would do wi ll tn call aa above, every morning bof< re 9 o'oljck. |."<>W BALE Oft TO RENT? FOR ON E OR MORE TEARS, r tho modern built tl ree story houae No. id University Iilaoe, corner of Eleventh atre t. Tho lot ia 25 feet front by 00 f?<-t tleap, ami entirely tail* on, excepting a yard on the north, sufficient for ordinary purpoaee. The baeemtnt room i* very plen??nt , standing In in the haaeutent hall ia a atone etorerooro, which ia very convenient and useful. Tha kitch ?n inevtry respect it ccmpVte.in the rear of which ia n large luTiRilry room. The eenm.d Moor hae two beautiful parlora, a music rota, an extenaive dining room, in the rear of which are pantrire opening into the coutorvatory. Mr hen all the rorma ure torowu oper. 100 feet deep, aad lighted by kb?, i which ia ia every room, from the basement to tha leconl oor, moluaive in iron' and back rooms and in the library,) product* a ns oat beautiful efloet. Tke houae is warmed from a for? ace, and a beau'iful drum placed iv a receaa.of the halt, which ia heated from a Hove iu the banc scat ball. lo abort, a I otter built or tcoie comfortable or convenient honae can not be fonnd In the city. Application to be made from tha bourn half past 1 lo 3, at 9.') Weal Eleventh street, orfrom 10 to 12. at 197 fearl stre et. comer Maiden lane. Gaa tixture* and ornament* will be left, if withed. without any (barge. A MO i rALMER, 93 Went Eleventh street. 9KAA ACRES OF LtND FOR 811 E, ? THE 8UB ) acribcr offers for sale, or to exchaage for city property, his hvo trtctsof land, being 'ogsther about 9 .V*) acres, inducing aonio thirty, improve" Farms. lrlnt ni the eaatand welt iTdc of the Neveraink River, in Sullivan Ciun ty, N. Y. There are "n the prec. isos two extensive Tanneries, right or ten Saw Millf, one Cri*'- Mill, ant two Churehee. Thai* lands are diatant abiut i()0 to l.Omiles fromNew York City, from H to 2(1 miles from the Delaware and Hudson Ca nal; from 10 to SOmdri Ir^ni tho New York aad Eric Rail* road, and are well adapted to farming purpoiea. For termj and farther particulars, aptlv to JAMES 8CHOTT, Jr.,45 Tenth jtroet^ CI.IFTON, STATEN ISLAND. NEi.R THE NARS01TS.? For sale, aome of the best Cottage aitee find Building Late on the tract of W. V?n \Yagenen, Eai| , within half a mile of the prearct aieaiaboot landin<, at Vaaderbilt'i Dock. It ie intended to ereat a new landing in Irvnt of thia preierty in the ipriag. ai>i the grading of the avenuea ie aoout being ocmtilen d. The ojmmandiug viowa, and beauty fit tbe lurrounditig ceuntry, render thu pro|?rty unsur paaaed. aa a residence, by any in the vicinity of the oity. While tho ^reat demand fur h.uldinfa offera an induoemeat to the eipitalilt te build, a" >.u investment. HDMtnii 1 Pine etreet Farm tor sale or IXCSAVOB Fi)r city tro perty.? A valuable Farm, ai'uated in l.lviagH'on. E?jox ?onuty, New Jereov. containing one hundred and lixteon aorea, euitably dividad into wood aul taoad.iw ; aleoatine p?a?h oro.'iard ia lull blaring, together with other fruit* ia abundance, Tbe building are la ood order and beautifully located. For partioular*. injuira of \AK'? <f QIJINdY, Orange, N. J., or to J AS. JAKRETT, Jr., Front etroet, Jiew Fork. VERY MAN nia OM N LANDLORD.? MOUNT MOR A ria Hcii.estead. aituatci on ttat beautiful level land known aa the Harlem Rao- Conrae The MitMcripti<tn list to the above dc irable propsrty ii rapidly tilling up? the lota are aalteted on anbicri; ioa, thua giving the earliest applicant! the b?*t cbone. Thirty per coat. o. the purchase money can be paiil by innalmen'a, the halauoo on remain oa mortgage fite or ttn jeara. Evory facility will he given and moony awarded to build. For proepaotaa. Be, apply to S. JE^SL' Mlti No. H Clinton Court, beekmtn at roet, near Naaaau. BKOOEI.YN PROl'Eh TY FOR SALK.-TIIE URl.E Uouee and Lot No. I IH Yerk atrcet. The House is three itory, wit h bv?< uicnt aud under cellar, well ftmah d, having u.aibl ' muntele, grat?c. k .. bnilt in the summer of 1 "<15 f r 1 th? preieat owtej. Alao, the Lot of Ground, No. ti-'IMain \ ? treet, > utendia:* to Stewart atr>et, being near tha ferriea I and sarliet, li an excellent location for a baker or furniture j ?anufactuier. Alto, tl> four Lots on the corner of Myrtle a-id Adclphi atreet, a l eaut ilul ait* for a church or public building F< r terms pp- rat No. 37 M.un et-ee*. Brooklyn ' A PARM FUR SALE, OR EXOHANQB FORCITYPRO S\ perty ?1 10 aorea well proportioned tillable, meadow ; ?nd ? od, a aood house and outhouses, plenty of Iruit, and i aiundoti i < f water situa eJ in tho town of Onondaga, two #rd !? b? W lailea aoutiiwest ol the city of Syracune. For p*r tic-ilar* apply is J A". MOoRdlAH, Ul yratd street, j AHK.-TAl'KANT FUS SAI E.-ONE OF THE LARGE and most rtapeotable rcatauraata, looated oa Broad way, la (ffcred for sale on reasonable terms. The eatabUsh- | mtot I* by far the moat e'esant and coatl.v famished of any place of tli? kit.d, and Mag a bueiaeea of near (M,iO>p 'r i year. Any rei.j>' nriblo p?rty baviax rcinine to purchase. , wLichwill be Iron $l?.i'ili to SH1**1, will find this on? ot i tbe beat cpporiunitiei that eonld possit ly offer for engaging : in tl e I'Utinea*. All necessary particulars cau be had, by , ?alli?,' "ii C. B L01FE?, ".t Naaaiti street, upata'r*. Abhardino BOUSB for sale.-a rareoppor- ; t'<uit}? Tl c houae to Ie' und part or all tin furniture lor aale; eligibly eituatel wttbin bve iniastea' walk wo t I it the City liall It ia completely furalehod. aad ha^ i twrn'i live hoarder*, payiag good prices. The proprietor intenda leavii tbe city, ? itch is the motive for Belling. Kert, $I.h :> pir annum I'rloe of furniture, from $l,.V?i-5 tl.f taah. F-r particular*, iniu're of MX. JO?CJ, Ii' n*e Ageut, 1?2 Chainbtra street, between twelve aad one o'clock. A LOT ON BROOKLYN HEIOHT'.}, OVERLOOKING thai ay, barbtr and title*, will be aoll oa favorable . tern.*, if fe|ylM foraooti. it frop'a tn bota Columbia aid , F u rn.au altMtf , will, alinirakl* facilities for conatrnotiag i adwcl mg on lb* former, and a warehouee (under a gar den) en the latttr- the location is unsuri asied for beauty i of *<eii-ry, Ofi.tiguitj to t temet*, anil aalabrity. Addres* ? J. E.. *t the ottice of the Herald. I AND FOB GOOD1-A LARGE TR \<T Of WI3CON J iId l?i.d. a tin > hMMwl term in I'.liaoie, ant oae in kicHxtn ar- n..* ufTert-4 f-jr 4 ry eoi.de. (tt oecriee, eloitiinn, ? txM.m ted ekoee, hate .m l cn?, hardware. Sc., Ac. t-mo oath will be paid If the rnoJe Are froih. Apply to Mr. R. O. MIKi K IS f.H .trect. fclOR "ALE OR TO LET? T HI BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY r residence, " M nnt Airy." tUirir-tlirou milee Irom tho elty. I'* iituttl" i < derated an-l healthy, cousin lie* a fceautilul rlew of 'hr lludf i r ri rir, ani only a few minute) ; ?alk 1 1 < tii the landing and rail r> ad it-pot. It ia in perlect order. Iianr.i Ken coupled but one year, and an Uuil* for t ?nmmrr and winr- r reeidence by data work, lor i ta rteici' oarer Dnn^ic than hall an acre of rrouod. all in xri'K. and ia p anted w:th fruit, foreet. and < rnacaental trece. H ere it ao <-xcellcnt well ol water, aii l a lar.e eie turn. R ill beioM for l-1 50" "? ronte 1 for tlM Iniuire ol A!ea. W. KraJUrd .7:< Naniu etreet, or Mr. Eia*. ft i fm etreet. __ I," SALE? TUB M BSTANTIAL AND WELL UUILT a three etory an l ante hoaee. 1 2.1 Mercer itrnet, con*i*?- : ins el I(< room* t? . Ia'h?, hot and cold water. Will he fold on au? atuudattag terme, and p<>aeoaaion Kiraa before May. If dot red. I^OR SALE? Tfl F. LMtSE AND II VTL'REi OF AN OLH ei rai.ll-.hei lea cream ami eytter eal.toa an I garden. in wliieh them In a louni uti. In the upper part of the eity. di ie< a *o.id butur?e. Addreee J. II., for three day*, At tkla ? thee, etatlng * More an inter* i*? may k? bad. I SOB BALE -AN EXCEL! ANT HOTEL IV A GOOD loeation: ia now d> >r a C?d buiinete. haria; a r- itau- I rant In toe baiemeat. wit h a etilendld t>All room, two bare, Be.. t -ted up In flr?t-rate et It ; prlec $10,000, half ratli i Apply or adireea T. B. GLOVER, No. 3 Nanau limit, New Tort. I L'OR 8ALB-SKVERAL VILLAGE AND FILL A LITi r at lleettnr* In t h- i rum id late noiahborhuoi of the eteam Koai litdicr ea<* lliii?on Hirer Kailroad etation. Apply, : Iron 11 A. M. to 7 P. N to VI J. SINCLAIR No. M Wall elt eet, fourth floor, front room. tSOR SALE? IN THE FLOURISHING TILLAGE OF Tatryiown. a b'tntilul r??<deae' fr atiaa n pon th<- mam ynd; Dae tivaf fiew. within epcaklni iietance of four el.url??: line ecboole: throe mi no lee' walk te the railroad datot tad iteainboa' landiac. An no oae will purehaee witfi ovtoiewier the prtm--?-i. inr'her drerrlptioa will be n a* ? -cetear>. Ir.quiro of B. J. ME9EEOI.E. in tali village. I ease f<>r b?le-tur?:e v e a r 4 mo* tab first M.J <>f Bay nr?t cf t ha two et tree No. 170 Oreeawioh etroet. ocrrerof Bey. Inquire oa the pmnieoe. If n)t diipooed of by Her oh let, they ?ul be lot either at oae Mora or aepa Xftteiy. SOUTH STBEF.l AND OTHER I* KOI'ERTV FOR BALE m l tn let- Fen* lore *n Sunth etreet. between Pike and Rutger etreet*. and eight lote oa Fourth avenue, eoraer of rlHy-third t'reet for aela; Bm floor of 27 Weet ttroot to lit. Apply to d AE. N. OUNBT, il Wtlletreel. I TRIFORM FOR S41 E.-A CORPLETE I'NIFORM FOR RJ in ofli -or in Ueneral e (tad eaenad hand, la itooi tr ier; aleo, h?r?e ' uipr.ieate- wlil be a?U low far saeb. la 0 " *e at IM Pearl otieer. UTORB 0> HMIIADR AY TO I.Br. -TO LET, FOR A term of yetre, 'be etere No. >!<? Brriiwty. acrntr of Fulton afreet; thlrt) - three ie.-t al< laihet frent on Broad w?> by eighty. I?? fe. t on Fulton Otreot! ooi baeemtnt ? eder the >ame Tt^e %> hole liou?e will he let to mo lenait, or it will b? alurol to toll the leereee. Iniulraof E. ELOOVF.D. S04 Broadway r.ea IS. FISO LET-TO A SMALL FARILT, WITBOCT CHIT, 1 dren, the eerond H-or of a modera built heue<\ In* tl'-aeant and healthy lseatloa, froat an I haok r>otn. with martla meniele end -rot?v and imall hedr>om; aleo, two roome on thlri floor and pririleie of bath room. Pot?oeet->a t tn bo had temroiately. Artlyoa the ^lait'i. No TTi Oreoawloh etree . eppoeita B< thuae etreat. TO BBMTOR SBLL- TBB FOLLOWING PROPBRTY. ?be lour lioueaowoet aide of Serenth nteaue. botween Iwaaty-ftlth ani Tweaty etith etrooWg two houeee In Peranteenth etree% lunUi aide, b't ween Stny?o?ont aqaare and Pirot nreaaa. No AH Lanreae etreet and <1 Thnmp?on e*reet ; four houeoa eaet aide 8<-veath aonatia, between Twenty- tilth and Twenty-Math et roete. nearly '-oapletod. A eontidernble amount en BcrMta?e. Apply to T. W. Smith, SI Naannu etroot. Ff^O LET.? IBB THRES STORY AND ATTIC BRICE A hoaeoe Noe. IM nod lftl Waeerly Plaoa. a ear Siath a? eaue. Ani>l-ed m handeoaie modern akylo. with Croton wat'r flttmei, la h ro< m . Ac , He , At the low reatof ?**>-?? a flit ate family. Alee the aimiiar hooeee No. ltl nad Its Btm?< ad ?tr?'t B?ni SMhi. Apply to RICBARD I,. 11' Y DAM, IM Waverly Place FJSil I.EF. THKF.R fOVB STOBT MODERN BUILT 1 houeee. Noe Il jlanl ? Twenty-khird e'roat, A fe? iocre weet ef Fifth itttne. Rent moiernte ta jaad tenanU. The i temltMf ran be a< ea between I and 1 P R Apply to GBOROE L PRIDB. 3 BroAd etroot. fPO LET-TWO BOOBS IMA PB1VATB FAMILY, WITM M breabtnet nni t-a If deelred. The honee l? roepeetably ani pleaeently located near Rlechrr etreet, aHaut thrro or font klooke w>e< of Broadway, and in tho naiahborhooi Of throe lino* of ataRer Aiiroaa boa 80.1, Poet Offieo. fT?0 LET, AT HrtBOR EM.? SBT E RAL NBW THREE 1 at<ry and ha*e??nt briek dwellina hum. within two 1 nndred yard* of tl e ferry. Thoao hooeee tre fnrnlinei with hot ani eoli water in the bath M->ne *nd kltehene, ani B??ry aioiorn aoayerleace. There arc. alao, larae flouror vardent in fron*. Baquiia at the Hobokoa land oflloe of w W SHirPBN. Aaent. N. B. The hooaoe are ready fat I waied i ate occupitlon, bat wlU ba rented Iroaa the Ant ef Ifcty. VI'RNISBED llorSBTo LET ?A f< RNISHBD HOU3B W to let, plraeaatly lowated Hp town; well ealenlated for ? few rented bonrdere, hariaa fnarteen or flftoan roome ahoye the heo- m'lt: (e> aai I roton thr o*Son t thohmeo: foraiehed ? triplet e to foorth etory. Apply No 10 Wall etreet. at Mr. Oardia'e efloa. PRRflOOAU IF RORERT WRlflHT STERLING, W 10 WAS IN 1 m.meli. England, m I'M#, aai lappoe-d to b? at proton! ia New York, will apply to ioha t. A -metr-m*. Attorney, |5 Loner Dowiinleh itroot, Dn?lia he will hear of alarate.im ef k"B laea'koi t? km by MwAci Boaen WANTS. (SO) are "circled Ir lu 'he bad (fiOO). N. B. ? Nona in cffer ? 4 situations but tluse who ar? ??>([, tiiy, aober, honest ui WANTED-A GOOD DRV GOODS SALES* AN ?ON T. of undoubted reference, as nit'di ohnreeter a?d Abi lity, tin Apply at 1I0RT0N60NS, lHj Fulton street, Brooklyn. WAN IKK HV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as chain barmaid and Waiter. Good city reference from har lait place, i'lta.c call At 17 J Madnca street, second floor, front room. WANTED- A SITUATION A* OA ItKEN SH BY A KAN who thoroughly understands hii business inarary re spect; it perfectly familiar with the cultivation aud prj tagati'n of fruit, Hovers, and vegetable*, in all their da partmenta. Such m req uir* a flret- rata, induatrloua, and akilful gardener may apple, and no other. ilia family con* aiata of a wife and two children. Addrra* Gardener, at (he office if tbia ruoer, or 3S West Thirteenth etreet. Wanted-by a respectable young married woman, with h freah hreaat of uilk, a situation aa Wet Ntirte, with the best of olty rtferenoes. Apply at 103 BjW er?. No objection to ?he cor.ntry. Wanted-a smart, tidt y oung girl, to tare oaie of an iftfant. Apply, with reference*, atNoM LUtfrt street. ANTED? A BOY IN A STATIONERY STORE. IN quire at 91 Wall atreet. w WAN TED- AN BNURaVBR. TO ENG RAVI GOLD pencil eases. One who anderatanda ahaainK ? ill be preferred. Constant tmpleynient will be liven. Inquire of JOHN U RAUC11, 151' Greenwich itreet, corner of Court andt atreet. WANTED-BY A COWPETENT AND FAITHFUL joung woman, A aituation as Chambermaid or to take oare of children ; ii willing ta make herielf generally uaefal. Good reference* given. Can be aeen until Monday evening, at 57 Uoyt atreet. Stuth Brooklyn. _ WANTED-A HOUSEKEEPER, TO GOTO C A LI FOR - nia ta take charge of a family. Pleaie addreai a note to X. 1'. T.. Herald office, atating where an interview can be ha' . Beferenoea given. WANTED? BY AN INTELLIGBNT YOUNO WOMAN? a iituntion as Lady'* Maid, with aotne lady who intends going to England. No objection to take charge of children. Beir ?f reference given. Please ad dreaa J. A., Herald office. AN ACTIVB BUSINESS MAN WISHES TO ENGAGE as MlmUM in a flrat olasa straw goods !. -i.se can in flucticeagood trade. Reference given. Address ''Trade," office (f this paper. CARVER WANTED- ATTHI WESTCHESTER IKM'SE, corner of the Bowery and Broome street. Good refer eaees will be required, aai liberal wagm paid Nurse wanted-wanted, a protestant wo man, as norse; one who is of a kind disposition, and com petent to have the cate of an infant. The aituation is a de sirable one, and would bt agood home. Address B B.. at the office of-th is paper, stating same, refereno*, and where can be see*. STOCK OF DRUGS, OR PAINTS, WANTED FOR Western Land. Address to box l,37l4Poat Offioe, for three days. TO ENQIN EER8 AND SHIP BUI LDER8.-THE AD rertiser is desirous ?f A sitnation in a respectable con cern. He has acquired a praetieal and theoretical know ledge of his bnsibcKS ia the establishment of Rt. Napier, Eiq , Glasgow ; has sincc.for several yuan, had the maia<e ment ol the works of aa extensive Steam Packet Company, for whom be designed and bail: some iron screw ships, w r 0 1 e capabilities snd performances give the highest satisfaction. While acquainted with all the most approved modes of con struction of marine engines, he ia prepared to submit ori ginal designs. In middling and draughting, he his had much and successful experience. Can produce tile highest testimonial*, at to character And abilities, from the first engineers on the Clyde. Address Engineer box 11,310 lower Post office. MOCJK?, ttOOUS, iho., WAITED. The upper part of a small uouse, consisting of three or four rooms, wanted by a small family, man and wife, In a genteel neighborhood, ia the Fifth or Eighth warns; rent not to exooed $16(1. Satisfactory reference given. Address R. J , at tbia office. \I.TANTIC-A PART OF A HOUSE IN TDK VICIN vT itycf bcarv, Madinon, Pike, an 1 Catherine atreets. by a gentleman and his wife, and one ohild, from t he tirat of May next; unexceptionable relurenoos given. AtSdreM box 3,:?7 Post office. WANTED -FR')M MAY Iit-APAR TM ENTS FOR A gentleman. west of Broadway, abova Broome street. i(dfis. stating location and tar?. Boi 736. PoitOBw. WANT EI)? EITHER TOE UPPER OR LOWES PART of a home, to ooasiit of front And baok rooms, one or two bedrooms and basement, by tae 1st of April next, rent rot to exceed two hu&died del. ?s Addren Q. J., 14 Cedar ?ticet. WANTED TO RENT, IM KIDIATELY-A SMALL COT (age house, with small gar Jen attached, in Jersey City. Address fl 8., Herall office. AN ATTIC ROOM IS WANTED BY A YOUNO MAN, unfurnished, In a respectable house, east of the B iwery i referred, it ii wanted as a lodgin/t room from the 1st of Marsh. Reference given If required. The terms mnit be low. Apply in the store of No. 301 Houston street. BOARDING, &e. Boabd wanted in brooklyn.-full board wanted by two single gentlemen, abont fifteen minutes walk from South Ferry, in a fa*aily where there are none or * lew ? t tor boarders, no t win re all the eomfort* of a home oi ulJ I e procured Address Kdiuoad, Herald offioe, until next Tuesday, stating all tbe particulars. References re quired and given. Board wantld-from first of may next, an nnfnrnished parlor and belroom. on the saeond tloor, by a gentleman and wife, ( without children I in a private lamilv, or where there are few boardara. A family having si eh apartments msjr secure A permanent oecapant, a* thev stay in t *n during the irmmar; below (.'anal str?*t preferred. Addieas, nit h taema. Ii. II. W. Herald Office. D0A?D DOWN TOWN.? TWO OENTLEMEN CANOB I) tain b ard with pleasaat rooms. No. 1U2 Liberty street, ?ear Broadway. Reference exchanged. Board wantbd. for a gentleman and his wife, ia a t lain but respectable family, where thore ar* few or no other boarders. Location below Houston street, near Broadway [relerre.l Addr>*s statin* terms, whioh matt be moderate, M. A., Hirald office. K fercaoe given if required. X?l K U'OKIiD'l F AIR. THE W< 'RI D S FA IK.-N*W YORK, rill. IL 1*1. h*ati* Edward*, Sanford k C.> ? Dear Sir* My rela tion to tba great ladntrial Exhibit on. a* one of the Loeal Ci tnmittae of ttil* Utato, ha*, dona* the l**t eeeertl moathi, broaiht me loto iatorcoarto with your Mr. I.dward*. and afl<raea m< tha opprrtun.ty of cbttrvlgg |*r*onally, and thue becoming ?r? 11 ao taa.nted with tba manner la which It e butia. te of tour iiuuae, ia re;-ard to tho StMbition, hta been traaaartad ky that gen- leans; and it it bat jaat to ttato. at I do yery ebeerfully, that, to faraa I hare e&aerral and know, tho artic!' t in oharj* oi yonr hot-aa. an i Jaotmed for tho Eihibitioa. hare boon pre eon ted with pr nptnoi ? a I : egularit y. aad o. erythin* in ronrd to them, in far u your hcuae line* beea roncrrned, hae boon charactotuod by ijetem, order, and a o> rreot bnelnea* liko appaaranct. 1 am, dtar tin. with great reipaot, Vour obedient aervant. ~ . . J?Un?4) .. L. IIKADISn. M*nK?*t of tor d* ihtpp- l pep U 8. frt??to 8t. I.awreant for tho W orld r fair, L"ndon, by Rdwardt, Bmf'ird k Oo, European Eiproao and i n-r?l Atftnf, at A lam at Co.'i, l'< Wall atroot -Morria, Job** k Co.. Philadelphia Soaioa; Gambit k Brother*, do. I. W k F. I.ii^nhx.ir, do., S, 0. Ebley k 8oa. do , 1 T. I. Unaband* do , i. Conrad Meyer, do., ? Jul** Hand, d >? f a Wardlo. do . 1, T. L. Bjaainghatn, do., 1; D M. Crawf rd, do,, I; Llpi injott, Grambo k Co.. do., 2;llrownk Well*. do, 1: .lone* Wl..te It C"., do.. I; Bart, If uatfttrery v Co , do., I R T. Beyaolde, do.. J ft Ih?d. do., I, C- Oakford, do- 1; F, Starr, do J B. F Palmer, >lo., I, Geo. W. Waiaot, do, 2; H. P. * W C. Taylor, do, I; Wethorill k Brother, do., < i ;h nk?y k Tali, do , I; 8 Simea, <0 , li I*. 8. Dneal, do.. I; X. Btli?, do., IT) l.a-y k Pt. llipa, 1 I; Bo&rd of A?rioa'tar?, Colnmbut, Ohio, t; J. A S'bn maan, Ciaaiaaau, Okie, I; Troultnan, do., I; Salt k Moar, do.l.Morreli Ht ewart ft Co . do , 1 M-'ircgor k L?o. do., I: I. Sprat t. do., I. Waa M llna*> r, d?.. I P L*o h, l.eechhjrg. Fa., I; t>. Bnttey. Baltimore. I. Md. Soap Stoae, Co., do., 1: J H Whitcl.niet, do.,1: C. E . Detmll, do, lj St* to of MarjtlBBd.do.lt J I, Chapman, d? , I W T J?nnio.tl* C* . do , I Alkrt fc Hoy, do, E W OritHtha, ao , I; Ad atnt h M"Cl.eta*y, * . 1: J V <he?ali?r do, I. Heckor k Brother, do , If. J Hill, do , I; V laae k Clark, do , I; V. T lattltation for tk* NlinJ, da.2 SUM 0 Herring do . t, M.ad. It n ether, do . I lleekeU, Metrlek k Baal, d-> . 1. J ? ll'Bjamia. do . 2 J?e Pir?a- a. do . I 0 Hog raard, do . I; J Diataraell, do , 1; J Rele, Patore i,:l; If. E?? >?, Hew Bedford, I; C. Oaf ?ld k Oo . Ualartlle. I, U' H. Ad* d.a**0a *a,l B Brad "j Ik Co , B?t'oa. I H- ? 0 Ch*. [in. Fall Rir-r, I Amo.keaa Naaafa<- :ar a| Co , N H . I: N W avaa ?eytho ?'o , N W?,?? Md , 1, MoOattntor k SaaBenill. Ualarillo, 1 Ball k Spear. TitUkinih, ', R?k biae k l.awieaoo, Vi . I ?PiClAf BMMM ro Ei ?oi > ? M ward a, Sanfcrd k ^a will loepatoh fe? atramar Aftioa, oa tho #th iaat.. a ape n?l nu atcater, who will arnfod to I ad ia. aad theaoa to yart ena ether aitir* of Ear po. To Intonliai roa'rteutora to tho treat ladn>trial Fai?. who. haeiat ^eea !iaapr >tnt?d ia Kel tic* their artiolea read \ , I y tho tall ia? of tho At. LawrBace, ar. frota 1 1 b>r i-aaeeo, preioated froi.i f rwarlmj th?a ora thla,the departaro of tki* (eatle i aa ollera tho lut aad ir?et taer table . pr> rt mlty of a?adlf>( th'ir (oodt la eat* tharie thronak la tho t'rpatal Palae*. To n >r?oaa wifhln* por^haoetcf (ooda taad". it or i era of aapkial eie atad. thta preeoate (yoa> faoiMt ioa, aa alt baa'noee will b? atteade.l ta with promptaoo, by KDWa RO<. d^NFOKD k CO. Traaiatlaatlc Ei| r??? aad Oenrral Umf, at Adamt k Go 'a., IS Wall itrteet. WORLDS FAIR -tOtTTBAHProX -OONTRinUTOBt "? to tho World't Fair, by tho St. bawreao*. w hart ? Tory attoatioa paid to their bnain'oa at S iathampt"a, or ia Loadoa, oa ooamoaloa'ioi tbair wiehoa, by let tor. ta J. ROONBV rk'iSEET. U. 8. n*a*al, Ronthaaiptoat MART1NBAU. CROfKltr k CO , 1)7 Ttir>?dn**dlo at., LoadMt; at LITIIfOBTOB, WK.I.S k CO, 8 Wall etraet. Nov Fork. \LI ORLD'8 FAIR.-QVODS FOB TBB WOBI,0'8 FAIB, Tf too lato for.tho St. I.awroaoa, ean boahlpped to Mart I - aean, Creakey k Co . 17 Tl readao-dle atreet. I.oadna. I W qnira of U VIN0810N. W El L8 k CO, < Wall a'ree'. How Tork. WORI.lVd FAIR -TO LBTIH LOUDON? f'?R TfTREB moatka fri m lat May. a ? lla baantirnlly altu?t-d oa K irralaad road, abvnt one mi la from By** Park Tha hoo** con taia* twelve rooma. aomfortably faraiiheo, aad tkar? ?r* flrabad*. Attaehed ta tba h'?*a ia a *ard?n of at aore, with yettotaM -a of all kiadt. Thar* will ka fnraiahed. with, ant aay ? *tra eharffo. a e*r*iat, coach bowao, and atahlo for tw* horoe*. Ptapae and rtilioaa j*ra to llyd? Park. Rageat'a "?'?i'ha Bank aa. a?err ti?a irnaat' ? Fara, a'afoa Id, SS?. . QffliXi- T* any geatamaa iatoadloit ti. rial t tho World * Fair, with hi* tamily. a better oppartoaity eould *?.?' i T '"r kaytat a a .rafurtabie ?a* ploaaaat hoate KeV- . .1"! aad athar particnlara, aaiuifaof JOHN M' ERWAN, 7ti J'rha attaat. FpBi WOBLD'8 I A IR EI.I01BLE IIOVSB TO KB B toajtd. farai*h*d.? A e< ? hoa*e. eitonta ia Oaelow ? niar' Brawptoa, Landea, fnttaiaiaf two drawiai. dlaiaR and t reabtaat t< aa; fonr b?et and (leo oorraa'a' bedraoma; oae ditta oa tha uronnd 8<ar; axrellent I flioe*. hoatebeeper'e fooV , butler * pantry, ke., ko., with rloaett amniMe. 8tafclea and aoaahhra** aiay bo had elaea to thio diro'iinft. A ooak will be left oa tho premieer. If rratiired ; a bo?ee maid Bl?o. Tho lit nation la to the eoo'h of llyde Park, wi'hla bea wiirate* a alk to tho Cryatal Palaoe Aa tho hnuto wao fnrBithed only laat tear, it w?ll be ronteo only to a very careful aad ap-roTed far ily . Pleaia apply, for torta*. ko, to boa tff Peat Ofi*. pott paid. f->BLD-B FAIB ART I HIOH, iNCORPORATBD BT tho Mow Tork Irftfialatara.? Share*, ii aaok-lfta atiio*. A prtio ia a flrat eabla p*?a*? ta L )adoa aad aaok, aad flt'O to |ay eayeaae la itadu fa addltloa, a*ery mbfrtber baa ? mat* tie*?t ea?ra?mit of tha lata' rlorof the greal World-* Fa4r really worth mora thaa 8*. Tko ?ub?oript.iea lift i* llUiay rapidly. **' ? tka niaabe- of there. ,a limited bathe chafer a' la?o?<Br*tteB. apfli<"? tload for ah area akonld ba mad* Immediately. A r-aaii tancaof t?A will aa?i>ra 10 *b*'*a fnada ovtraat at tka Place whence aent. taken at par, and ramHtaaeaa will ba at tha caw paai t pick. All latlar* nitt ka prepaH. aad draft* made payakle ta th* * acre tar y. Shara* or fart'iar partlaa I era may ka r.ktaiaad ' a arpfieatlna p-reoaala or kf paid letter, at tka oots paoy * effcoe. Nn *>| Wall t'peot, Na? Fork, >r order t f 0 WMCBBP, laof* ta?j. w M1SIKT.I.AIMKOLR w KIIP IT BEFORR THR PIOPLK -A. BSOADWAT ?fl?r* for sale daily, at hi* stand, t?44 Bioi4?ay. ohoio* i>ut< hcss county beef. >outh -D 'wn mutton, and choice r?%I. A. BKUAIIH AV, M4 Hroadw*) , tint loor abovsThirtoou U TO THR LOVE US Of FAT BRRF.-TVO FINE TAT heifers. sal a Tory N ac pair ut fit steer*, fatted !./ James t-I.erword. cf Duchess county. will b< sol 1 jh Satur day February 22. ( Waahi ngisn's Hlrtti- day ), at still 1 L ) liudtca street, ourner of North Moore -t'reet. W E 1.1. 1 AM COUQSLIN'. Lire juice-limb JUlCB-1,000 gallons vekt tin*' Jamaica L-me Juice, very cheap: a ; ?u , ICMihalf box's very nut raisin*. at 4s, for sale by OR*). SORIVEX, Broker aad Dealer " H Water itreet. INDOW SHADES, CORNICES, CORD TAMILS. Duff and W'uito Liaen, &o.? The ?ubs?riber hai the ltrpist assortment ct the above goods, and will tell ohe titer tfcanaay bout* in t lis city tor the lame quality of luuda. SaMOAI. r. BaRToL. 175 an -J 177 W il'.iam atreot, Dear Beekman street Rich 8 kirk pfcoor safes -wii.hkr's patrnt - tick * Ce.'s Irurrovem. ot.? Fir* ia the St. Charles Ha ul, New Orleans? Trireo et Kich A Co "s safes have been dug out of the burning ruini if No 117 Common street. adjoin ing the hotel, ard aot a particle of the oontent* injured ia the least. For eale by A. a. MARVIN. 14fi Water etreat, N. T. P BENCH MECHANICAL (CARCEI.) LAMPS LOANED for parties. The large* t choice oi French Lamp*, of ever* description, and of the rUhoat patter**, atwa>a on hana? chandelier*, lnstrts. bratksts. aad suspension*. plain or chiiellad. film ware, lio French oil, at !*>. per gallon, forwarded. B tenner* generally suet lied B. DaRT ON V1LLE, 448 Broadway. THE SUBSCRIBER, MR. IACHAUME. ARCHITECT and Decorator of Parka and <<ard?na. Member of tho Central Pociet jr ci Horticulture ia Pari*; alao of the Gene ral Circle of Horticulture, of which be ha* received several raedels, aad honorable aaeatioas, baa just arrived Iron Paria, and ia ready to make plana, aad to tu|ierintead all kmda of amelioration* in gardena. ruatia pavllioaa, !Uo . at very moderate prices. Address, OoUi street, No. ft, toarding house of Mr. Faviar. IN OPPOSITION TO ALL IMPOSITION? SUTTON 18 ia a pnaitioa ts impro-. e tho eonditioa o? those whoa. busioeM baa suffered by competition, by ptintisg their Bill ; Head*, Circular*, Store Bills, bo , oheap for ?anh, at his lo- | cation, 142 Fulton street, where he will always be found at Li> Ftation, ready for operation, witlmnt deviation. PREMIUM KILN-DRIED I>OOR8 ON HAND, AND made to order, of any size or quality; alao, Sa-ihos, (lazed or aot glazed, of the lateat aad best style; inside and outside Blinds and Shutters, for *aW by th? subscriber, 47 ' Beekman street, N. Y'. N. P. KIMBALL. CORNS!! BUNK'NS! !! ? DOCTOR LITTLEFIELD'3 Shields aad Tiaatera tor rorna and bnaioas alTord ready relief, aad a f*w application* often cure the oorn or buniou. They are worn without the leaat inconvonieaee. Bold by Rushton fc Co.. aad aU the prinoipal druggists on Broadway; and Dr. Littlefield's office. 41 William street, ExobanK* Building, third door below Wall itreet. ^T^HE UNION INDIA RUBBER COMPANY, 19 NASSAU X street, offer t* Southern and Weatern merchants, now In the city, a lane assortment of Clothing and other Rubber Goods, wall worthy the attention ot tha pabho. This com pany haa tha aola ri(ht, under Ooodyear'a patent, to manu facture naw artiolea. ROOFINO-CI1EAP KOOIINa.? GOODWIN'S PATENT Hydro Pneumatic Cement Sheathing makea a(ch^ap, liftht aad durab'e roof. Dona oa rough plank for 4j. cents per foot, over tin or ahin*!ca 3>< centa per toot, and war ranted, fcy SAML. GOODWIN, 283 Syrian street, near Huds?n. Safes.? the bi bscribers, atter (;?eat exfr tlon and expenditure of money, have succeeded in Kitting vp a Portable Safe, and ale* a Wall Safe, for banks and large atores. insurance cvtnpamas. &o? which etcel, in baautv, strength, aad power to resist tire, any other ever cflcred to the public. Thty bave al.-o a Rata tot private houses, oalled the Parlor Safe, for the preservation of plate, jiwclry, and papirs, which is at oiti a Safe and the most beautiful piece oi furaitur* to be found in any itentlemaa* bouse. It i* also free from tho dampnes* ?o justly com plained of in the Sulsmuader Safes They have also locki of a luporior quality toaay ia tho market, suitable for tianki, vaults, safes, and doori of i%ery kind. And, bein the in v enters and patanteci of tha Salamander Sato called Wil der's Balaraander Sale, manulastured by S. C. Herring aud others, are thoroughly ac<iua:nted with its merlta aad d?< fccta. They take pleasure in offering their Safoa ai alio gether the test Bales now manufactured They have made arrangements for manufacturing on a large scatc, and aro now read v to make arrangements fir agencies in any part of the I'nited States. Those who with to eater into a profitable busiaiir, or add a profitable branch to tbeir businesi, or wish Safes for their own use. are invited to call at the Nan V'srk Sale Store, 14M Water tticrt. and examine for thennolvii. SHERWOOD > FtrZflEK tLD. A JOKE W ITU TH E VERMIN. lln! ha' Me<srs. iisocts, Your gambol* are o'er ; There's a l.io> among you. On wall and on floor. One taste of his powder? You're gone in a whiff : Roaohes, moths, ants, aad bed- bags, It kills in a Jiff. While, where rat* aad mice scami-r'd, In qaict we seat us, For E. Lyon's tam< d globules, Give t<< them a quietus. I yen'* Magnetic Powder and Pills. Depot 42U Broadway, C'Ol'GHB AND ( OLDS.-DR. K ELLI NGKR'S LINIMENT > cured Mr. L. Lent, tl.e celebrated ejucitrian mtntnir, who win thought lobtut decline, and alio Hr Jamcj Out don Bennett, editor, who wa* afflicted with a pirpiexing ?otifth lur *cvcr*l jeare. It Lracee the pationt daily, by an eitircly new and agreeable tre* tm>-at . which it la impeaiible to fail to eure. if there la any fart left to build on. The pre ? oription? Take thirty drope three tlmen a day, in any airaple ?imp, and form four thii kae?tea of oottoa cloth, like a fulec ifcirt to-om large enough to cover the throut and cheat, eaturate t:. r jh'.I) with the liniment, and tie oa on retir ing, which, by a few applicationa, will eitraet the infUnmi* tii ' it and eorenere, and allay the irrigation and oouabeafft break up tbeoBtire cante at the bottom, and leave the pa tient free and clear of trouble at the fountain head, n.vl Dr. E. dose aethinc mere than core the tao diatiaguiehel peraons ab ve uientiom d, be ban immortalized himaelf. Bold in large family bottle*. atone dollar each, at 2? Pearl a'.rcet, and at the gn at central depet, 476 Broad?ev. where the Dr. can be dam consulted gratia. Dr. E. will be ct'remely happy to e*? and e?D erf i with the faoulty geae tally, who ahajl, at all time*. have a trial free ef ?x pence. DR. EBLLINCBB'* MAGIC FLUID IS OBBTAIN to renew the haifl if g?ae thirty yeara; it faatena aad atar'e it growing in three or fonr applicationa. We oan firore that one tottle haa faatened the hair oa a whole fami y. Mr. Ed?ard Dixon, bow at Iludaoa, had no hair for ever twenty yeara; aow haa a beautiful head of hair by the uae of a fewfettlae. Mr. D. L. Orm*by, the oelebratea manuiac. turer of porter, ale, older, miaeral water, Bo.. called and aaid that hia wife-* hair, which wae a-arly all goae, had Srown ao thick aad faat that it muet convince tL? moat ob urate aoeptie of ita reaterativ* quaUtiea for the hair? Wed Scieateenth atraet, between Eighth aad Ninth avenue*. Mr. Wm Qardaer? who eaa be aeea at W i Hi ami bur* Ferry baa a fine bead of hair by the nee of *ix bottlea Mr. T. W. Barker, (0 McDougal atraet, had ao hair for ten yeara; alto, Mr 1'. C. Iluah, 86 La<ght atreet. had no hair for many yeara. Theae caeca are iadeed aetoBiahlag. llnndreda ef othare can be adduoed. and new enee are daily banded la. Ladice aad geatlemea aan be fully iatiafled by oalliag en Dr. E , at hit Central Depot, 47? Broadway, white-fr<-nt houee. between Oraad aad Broome etreete. Thia ttmcdy la perfectly de lightful, aad la eeld in large bottlea. at Oae Dollar each? tn a doien. each, and at all other price*, to eult cironm ataaee*. It 1* tea tim-* cheaper than any other article in market. The trade fnrniaUed, a* uaual, by Iaiaraoll a Brother, KM) Pearl atreet. ? DB. EELLIXQER BAB TUB 81PBRLATI V B OBATI ? hcatlon of r*o*<ving the pereoaal thank*, daily. ?f ladieaand gentlemen ef the fir*t eooiety, expreaeing their agreeable aurpriae at benaflta r*c*u*d by the me of hie magi* fluid. It clean*** the head, aad eau*** a delightful f'oliBf after l<*u**. Three or f<>at applloatioa* faetea aad itart the hair growing. It ney*r baa railed. Mr*. M. Baaely, at the head of Oraad atreet. If llliamabtirgh, L. I., write* na that hertwogrand-daught' r*li*T* had thi irhair renewed ao t hit k aad faat that they dieoontinued it* nee for a ahort time. They aow bare fine, thiek, aa* beau Ufa I hair. Aaother (till ? ore a*toai*hiog ' A .-eatlrmaa called, and *aid that hie wife had oaly made three aiplteatioae, to etop her hair from falling oat. Sfce had eery full hair, and had eared a imall dtawerfol . Th* growth ?a * eo rapid, aad *o much ef it, that no one haa aay grouad to believe, naleaa they kaew the par tut.wh* are very high aad reereetabie. Per particular* of thit wonderful caae oall on Mr- John H. Oattlell, at Mo. .11 Creaky (tree t, betweea Oraad aad Broome Another *imi lar oaae Tb* wife ef Mr. D. L Ormely, of Watt Sorenteeeth atreet, betweea Eighth aad Niatb aveaaei. had loet nearly aJl her hair. (he r* |ueaied Mr. O. to get a bottle, he aaid. No, I will aot buy the traak. Th* ladyecat her eon, end bongl t a bottle. Before It wna ueed op It aetoaiahed them all Mr. 0. then ealled on aa. aad aald that he owed ue aa apology; aadetated wl et lie had aaid. Oaly thre* bottle* had then be, n need, and it will aetoaieh aayoaat) make tbe eaamiaatlea. Call aad eoe the D?etor at 476 Broadway. A"7f i broadwat. between grand AND BROOMB *tlU white fro at hoaee, la th* great oeatrnl depot for th* no* I **l*brat*d and genaia* teteat medieiaee, Bel linger'* Liaimeat and Magic fluid, for the hair; Hyatt* Life iiaUaan. 8<hea b'( I'ulmomo Syrup. Dr. Oray'* Liter* tive Miature. Butehing'*. Knapp'e. Bikbard'*. Peek'*, aad Rlake'* BUt*ra Town**n4'* ?ad Saad'e Sareaparilla.la reart bottlee, llraodreth * aad th* celebrated Waaalng Piil*, aad Maanattaa Pla*ur*. Dr. B ha* beyoad a doukt **taoll*hed that h* ha* th* oaly artiel* that will roatore th* balr. Bold to *nit all crtimittam. Larg* family b*ttleeat$l; M per do**a, eaah. LOWMOOR IRON -CAUTION TO THB PCBLIC ANO Maaagere of Railroad*. Boirrov. Oct. I7,I?U. To Wa. A. Caocaia. l* i.. Taoatoa Locomotive Worhe? DearBir: I received the tetter the Loamner Company ?*** *ent to you. dated Lowmoor Work*. IHth Baptember, 1HM), for the pereaal ef whleh I am maeh obliged, ana joia the Lowmoor Compaay la aineerely tbaabiag yon aad Mr. Oonfe for the import aat iaformatiea yon have givea aa to tb* impo*4tlon that na*. for a eoneideratle time paat, keen prao t eed opoa the Caitea fltato* rebllo, la aubotitntlag an In ferior aad apnriou* trticl* ia th* plaaeof real Lowmoor Irons aad we are of oalalea thai th* b**? meaa* we *enld adopt la proveat th* ImnMitioa in fntnre, would be te puMxb that lettar eatirela th* aewepeporo. end at the *aea* tlm* eautioa the Amorioaa people, that the only certain way of ebtaiaiaa geaaiae Lowmoor Iron i* tither fy applvleg direct to John rinoh and S'.ne Iron MerchaaU, Liverpool, who at* th* **1* a**at* ef th* Lowmoor Compaay for th* United State*. *r to order it thr*agh their oaly repreeentatlvee in the Btatee. Metere. Oilmoro. Blake a Ward, baalere. Iloatoa. A* wa kaew yon are equally deairona a a enreolvea that fiia fraud ahoald be (topped at eae*. whoever mar be th* guilty parti**, w* thiah It almcet annee**oary to eek yoar rerinte (ioa te publiah the lowmoor Co. 'a letter, but It ie a liberty we rr n*t not tab* withe* t yoar eanetien. r*in**ttng whieh at y*ai earlie.t eenvoaienoe. I am, for Joha f iotil Soa. with great raepeet. dear *ir year obedient eervnat. JOHN riNCII. Sea. T?i'?r?iv, Oet. JA. lMft. Joww Pi"?cw. Sen . Beq , Boetoa - Hear Sir Your ee'eemed favor of the 17th laetaal cam- daly Ie hand, and during my ab*eae* fr*m b*me wa* mUlaid, which I* my apolecy for aol more rromrtly givine my a*een< to yoar proportion to au Ihorle* th* rabllcatioa of th* Itlter rof*rr*d to Thi* I aow d* meet ebeerfully, aad reaaia r?nr? v*ry truly. W? A. CROf'RBR. Lwwaoon I aow Won**, I Naaa BaAnroan. T?an*Min*. !>*at. im h, ISfitt I Wa. A Caooarn. Im , Tauatoa, M*>*achn**tt*: ? Sir. Tour name ha* been kindly introdnool to eeby J. M. fook*. ke<| , who we have had th* pleaenre of teeing n*eo, and who *a| r***ed himeelf much pl*a*od with *nr m*nnfac*iire He br< nght to our kno*l*dge facu that w* tenet ?*w ?ill *?a ?ider of ralPrieat imi "rtanc. tu jnetify aa la taklag tbe He arty of addrooMa* yoa, though aetreoger to u*. Heiafor'n ed ue that you toko a lively lateroet la th* worklag of Kail way*, with a du* regard to eoanomy. aei I th*t Tyre Bora of ?ur manufacture have often proved of very exoelfewt onallty ea the lit e of Railway und^r year immediate eye. and that ether* euppoard to be of the earn* mak* hav* tamed *nt fat lafericr. Wien Mr. Voolto aaw our mode of mauafactnring Tire Bare h* **prearad ?on*ider*blo aetnniehment at r.htlr being any vanetloa in onr qnnllty.and on entering fully npon thfe entyect. we learned from blm that two thirdaat l*aet, ef all Tyree bearing our ?u| poeed mark were epnrioai, they having a erne* tbn* ietw?a our mark of Uw > Moor, Wl efeae we kaew of no ench thing, and eover heard of it ho. rr*. our mark being ee Mr. Cooke eaw. a eimple Lowmo.r Wo than take Immediate etepe, through "itr naoot*. Mooor* Jnhn Ptneh B Soa*, ef liverpool, that thle bo nail MMSMB ia th* V'aited State*, a* we fool mneh Injury *nd pecuniary l?et l? luetalaed by the pnrrhaeere of mi-h laferiev lr>n. aa well ae ear **a r'>*raet*r Meg meet aajnetle d* o?oe We fully eapleloed to Mr Co <.h* all erd-r- addrea?od toour ag-rta Meeere. Fiwh * Son*, would m**t with immediate BitewMon, ead throeigh them all rortiee cen rely upon ear m?eufa**iiro We truat <hte > eplanaeloo will te a **floien| nprjogvfrr the Hkorty wo hav* taken, and ->a only etpeeaa 0?r ohligoMfin to Mr Cooke for having brought thi* before ea. If at any <lme we reei in any wny, be ol eareioa to voq, r yoa thon A vl*l* 'hie cowntry. It woeld aff rd n* mneh Bi-eenr* to mako f.nr pere.'?al B' nn*l?'?ii'?: ia th* moan. I?e. do Bot Maltat# employing ae If we tea he neoful ttfnn, AM ba?* thoj haaorW ramain. *l?,/onr moat otwdWat kaaiMe eorvaat, BIRD, DAVSON ft HARPT. la*WBM CoWBMSt AHUSKMcirra. DOWERYTBEITRE-W ASBINGTOTS BIRTHDAY.- I U Saturday, Feb 22. will be acted the grand draav styled i WABU1NUTON, or, the Pit b to Fume and Ulory ? Ueasr.il Washington, Mr Tiltoa. Capr. Marlon. or U*rm?B Ralston. i, i

Mr J. It. Soott; Job i prout, Mr. Vibiu, iu which bo will i j troduce two ol hii most pupnlar ??>(?; Harriet KeUtons, I Mi <s W?mvt?; tal P| rugae. 11 rt* Jordan . Lyd Uareh, Mix K. lHmn. Ontcrve ? the pr rf or tntnoes w ill couiae ve with the ri'U.UDi ? called TBI JKWBaf ; or. the CoubcII of Conatani* ? Ll?u/?r Mer.dwabel, Mr J. II Scott; Rachel Mendiiabil, j Mm Wtmya*. Boxes. l^oent*; Pit, I2X root*; Orchestra Boxe*. iU cent*. poor* C|*n at 6% oarttiu rises at 7 o'oio.-k. ; BVKTON S Til EAT RE. CBAMBKK1 STREET. -TH1I (Saturday ) Evening, February 2?d, will be played, lint time hi re, tbe laughable burletta called A MODEL OF A W 1 1 B- P)gmali*n B-mneUi, Mr. Chanfrau; Mre (Statu? j Mr*. temi. Grotesque danee by Mr. Qourle). Tue excel lent comedy (in two una) of BACEiEMIR d TORMENTS; or The Village aosaip? Mr. Singleton, Mr. Blali; Mr>. Out. | die, Mre Hulmaa. Paa de Deal, Mis* Welter* aad M. Fra- I derick. Tba >ery popular | iece ?( the WORi.M'S FA1K- i Mr. Win. Wiggle*, Mr. Burton; Mr*. Smudge, Mr* Hughe*. ' To conclude with BET3I V BaKER? Mr. Marmiduke Muu ? er, Mr. Burton. liror* open at t?>2 -commence at 7. BROUGHAM 8 I. V CI U M? BROAD WAY, N RA R Broome *treet ? Dreas Circle and Parquet, 60 cents; Family Circle, 24 cents; Orchestra Seat*. Si. Private Bote*, ' J&. Doort open at #>J; in eommenoe at 7 o'olook. ? Sator uy tvening, February 22, tb* performano* will oomaeai* i with tba firac act of DOMBEY a SON -Mr. Dombey, Mr. ' Lynns; Cap'. Edward Cuttle, Mr. Brougham; Edith. Mia) Kate Horn; Florence Dombey , Mil* Emma Taylor. Mile. L. j Paiy- Barre will dance the Craoovieune. After whioh, the ; VFOKLU'S FaIK; or, Columbia in tha Clouds? Jove, Mr. ' Brougham; Apello, Mr. Dunn; Columbia, II if a Mary Taylor. To conclude with the farce of tbe ETON BOY. ' National tbbatrr.-bo\rs, 25 cents; pit, i-'X ' cent*; Orebettra Box, til cent*; Seat* la Private B >x. 1 SI; Private B?x, $6. Dour* open at half past 6, to begin at 7. Saturday evening, February 22. the performance will com mence with tb* drama ot CiiURUBUSCO? Solomon Snub kin*. Mr. 0. E. Locke: Maiorra, Brandon: l.*xretta,Mr* H.P. Grat'an. After whiib, the drana of W aSHIN OTON ? General Washiagtoa, Mr. I. LaFavnr; Zillah. Mies Malvlna. To conclude with tbe SEAMSTRESS OF NEW YORE? Mr. Holies, Mr. C. Taylor; Count de la Tour, LaFavor; Ellen Kollin, Mi*i I. Msstaytr. There will be an afternoon per formance. Mechanics- iiall, no. 472 bboadway, above Grand etreet ? Open every nijbt duriag tho week natH farther n?tiee. The original and well known CURISTY8 MINSTRELS, comprising aa efBoieat aad veraatilo "c?rp*" of " talented" and " experienced performer*," nnder th* management of B. P. , whe?e concert* in thi* city, tor a *?cue*xion of " flye year*," navi been receiyed with favor by highly raapactable and fashionable andienoe*. Ticket* 21 oest* Dv'-c* cpen a*, balf.paat *ix. cu-nmcncei at half-pait ?even o olock. Tbe patron* ?( Chriity'* MinntreU ar? re ?pectfullv Informed tbat the uinal Saturday afternoon o*n cert* will be discontinued tor the future. On Saturday ?ext. Washington'* Airtbday, an afternoon concert, oem mencing at 3 u clock. PILLOWS' OPERA UOL'SR, 444 BROADWAY, BR- i tween Howard and Grand (treat*.? The manager beg* M ?tat* that th* immense encouragement giren to hi* celebrated ! Concerts *rery evening for tbe la*t eleven month*, by the I eli te aad fashion of this great metropolis, has induced him to engage artiste of the very flr*t talent, to produce Bur* ls*que Italian Opera Boenas, Buries iue Concoct* and Ballets, ; In a atyle equal to the original* produced at the Italiaa Opera ol thi* city. On Wedneeday and Saturday afteraooa*, ? Concert, oommenoingatS P. M., for the anoommodatien ol I families. Admission 2S cent*. Doors opca at half past S; j ooncort at hall' past 7 o'olook. BARNl'M'S AMERICAN MUiEl'M ? P. T. BAKNl'M. Pro | ii*tor and Mana(*r; Jthn Greenwood, Jr.. Auistant Manager ?Best view of the procersluB, sc., to be had lathe whole city cf New York, from the windews, Iron balconies, | and roof of liaintim's Museum.? Saturday. 22nd Vehruary, l in the afternoon, at 3 t'olook, BUE WOULD UK A SOL- . DIEK. In the evening, at 7 o'clock, w .11 be prosented THE KOUGQ DIAMOND. After whioh CRIMSON CRIMES. To (include with TWO IN THE MORmING. Last weak of Mammoth Girl. The entire Chinese Muicum, late of B.'tW lln ad way. is incorporated am' ngst the million of curiosi- ; tits, which, with th* Gipry Fortune Teller, Kc.. are here. AdmittanM 25 seats. Childrea under tea year*, 12X seats. BURTON'S TBKATRK.-MR. BLAND RESPECTFULLY announces tbat hi* BeaeSt will take pUue on Monday { evening, Feb. 24tli, nhinwill be acted (for tho ftrtt time in this theatre ) Morion'* comcdy of TOWN AND OOUNTRY, I with other entertainment* - (iirported by Messrs. Burton, : Blake. Bland, Le*ter, Jordan Johnston, Mra. Russjll, Mrs. Bkorrett, Mrs. Bughes, Ho. Boa book aow ope a. German national theatre, Olympic, uroad way. -Third torformance ot the h.-st subscription. ? Saturday, Feb. 22, 1S81, in celebration of W ashington's l!>rth> { day will bo pertormed, tbe CHARLE1 SPOOLERS? Ura- 1 matizetd by Laube 1a tlvo acts. At the cud, an Epilogue, by C. Worrst, the director. Fine arts-great attraction. ? a mignifi cent Gallery of criminal Paintiugs, by the iu ist cele- ' brated old matters; also tho magnificent marble itatue of the celebrated Vtaut do Madicts, by the immortal Canova. it u w opened at the large Hall tormerly thi Academy of Detian, ever tbe Sooicty Library corner of Broadway and Leonarl street, from '?) o clock A. M. until dark. It ia, beyond all oom parttoB, tbe mo*t seleot and valuable collection, withoatex- ] oeptitn, ever teen in thi* oonstry. Aming them are the warranted productioni of Raphael, Michael Angelo, 1'orreg gio a del Sarto, Caracct P. \ eronese, Titian, Douiaichiuo, Claude, Rubens, Carlo Dtlci. Vandyke. Ilatorttto, Salvator | Rosa, Guide, David, kc., Ac A pe.-tonal view can aloae give any idea of its interest and vain*. Admitttace, 23 cents; ateasoa ticket. Ml cent*. Minerva rooms, 4'k> broad wa f.? n acjum | Grand Panorama of Irtlnad. painted Hy the tivat Iritb srtiata, from *ketehet taken within the laet three year*? in fidelity, interest and beauty linrivallad? with Irish tongs, lri?h musio, aad an Irishman'* illnst ratioa>. . Every even- | Ing, at 7K o'clock. Weda**dav and Saturday Afteraoon*, at 3 o'clock. See handbills. Admutaacs 24 ceatt; children, uader 12, half price. AMI BRMKNTS IN BUOOKI.VN. BROOKLYN MUSRt'M? .*ROPRIETOR AND MANA K?r, Mr. F. M. Rent? Pfio*a rvduoed ? Parquet, 25 . ant-; Gallery, 12J4 ecntt.? Waalitngtoa'* Birthday- Grand Gala Night. Positively Unt night o! Mr *uJ Mil. J. f.id Um . :?atnr<iay cvaalng, February K 1H8I, th* performance * ill Willi tie faroe of BOX AND COX? Box, Mr. E.-ut: Co*. Mr Rarke. Aftrt *hu h, the draiut. !? 2 acta. eii'itled lt>? FOREST HOSE? Jonathan Plough hoy, Mr. J I'. Ad lain-. Barrier. Mr*. J. P Addama To oobuIii le with the -lote.i of THE ATLANTIC 18 SAFI-Aaartab OagoJ, Mr J.P. A ill ami. Betty, Mri. J. P. Addama. THE BALL MHASOS. I) ACHELOR'3 Ham i ? E (PROPRIETOR or TOR ' MJ Coaturat Waphooae, Ptinco ttreet, rwpeetfiilly ap*lcgi/ea to tboae gentlemen whoa he could not furniah ?itb coatumea for Ibc above named hall, which was oo*a*i?ft <4 by the breaking down of a l.riJtc* n tbe A I nan v ?o i Utic* Railraad, and the coaee , neat bob delivery by tot Kiproea t'( mi any of thre* large ouu of hia boat dreaeca, winch ha I been aent into th* country. UOPJK9, Ac. HORSE.-FOR 81 LB, AN ELEOANT BAY UOR8E, ?vta year* old, ab. at 15\ hand* high, together with ?addle, bridle, barnaia aad blankvta. Price for the whole, j $2iu Bold tor waat of ????. Aapply at McMano a stable. Set *n< loath afreet, cppceit* CmnSiiare. L^OR BAI.E? A DAV HARE. BIX TEARS OLD. 1?S' F handi high, uatraiaed. andeaa trot her mile iaiide three mlnate*. Ala), a corral (cldiBg. five yea fa oil. li handa high, ha* b< ver keen traiaed, aad eaa trot a Bill* taaide of ' 1H miBUtea. A|ply at the (table in Righteeath (tree t. on ?outhwcit corair ef Plltk avtnt*. between Ue hour* uf 1? atd 10 A. M. | fjlOR SALE? TU E BTOCR AND PIXTIRRS Or THE Oyeler and Eating Balooa No. S Urceauieh avenue. Tee above will be told cheap, a* the own r 1* going iato ethar i tuainc**. _ I SADDLE IIORl E. W ITU SADDLE AND BRIDLE, To BE ?old cheap, aa th* owaar haa not ?efficient nee for luai. he 1* young and atroag, anl poaieaaaa g'isd atyle aud aot|?n. Addr*i* B., tox 1 .2?>x New Vurk Peat Office. WANTRD-A ROAN MARE OR QKLDI MO? YOCNO, kind, ard aannH, ol rod aetica and faai. Addrea* Box No lit,, Po*t Office, New Yark. KXPRKHS AHEICIU, UPR( IAL RXPRBSB MOTICR-COM PETITION DEFIED C ? Oregory* Califorei* Pack a# a lipfie - W* b*< l?ftv* to tall tbe aucatioa of tbe public, to th* faeilitlee eflered them. f.ir th* traaroiiaai"a *f pa*kag*a, parcel* and lettera to f allfornia, throaah our *xpia?* lia*. Coanected with tb* heavlaat traaeportatlon coaiaay en th* lailimna, w* are pr- pared to coatraet f< r the delivery ef good*, at San Kraa ? nee, within the rhorteit poeelkle f eri?d Oar entire eaip- 1 m.at, of 13th Jaauary l**t. p?r Empira City, waa r< abipped at I'aaama. ea the lat Feirnary iaat. Percale rae. iv*d until ' the n.<rnmgof ateamer aday ef Uaviag. anl letter* natil j i',,P M. raekaae* | which au>t ia all ea?'< be ni id* per fectly water proof) aiiiat b? left at the ? liice th* day pre- . vlnaa. Me cwatem heua-' hargea Theapa^a k ^Itchoek, I Maeagir* aad Ageat* lt:l peatl itreet. earaer of Wall. Re fer by ferniaaioa to M aara. John?' n k Lowdea lit Wall atree:: >r<>fford. Tileaton h Ca, ?i South (treat; >eamnh k j t* . Si) Piae atreet, and Levi krgtr k Co., 71 Day atreet. S ?RAW ELL fe COS RBOULAR TRANSPORTATION line anroee the la hinuaef Panama ?Hat baea aa gaged In tb* kueinaea for cae tia* pa*t, oar arr?agaiw*Bt* , are aow *oapl*t* ia all raciecu, aad we arc prepare i to for ward marchandiae with great daapateh, koldiag uuree.eee re apoaatbl* for *vary package tlteed ia our chanre-ea.ier wnter'a tnka, or ta<'*e aaavoiaahly iaii4eat to tbe climate, eaeepted. Watttre an1r--?hipat Panaaaat meelcrate rate*, bavagond eatatant al brick wareheaeee oa both ?ilea, aad every facility for keth river and road traneimrta'.ioa. aad Sledge ouraelve* that a^ geode ahall be delayed ia oar haada. *r ehargae are aa low a* tbeaa of any mher ll*'. aad w* C ?*e?e lha aecenaarv faeilitlee io Inaore regulart-.y aad da ? > apa'eb. I'ajaenU to be wade either ia I hegree. Paaama, "aa Fraaeiaeo, or to aar ageata.aad their receipt* fcrwarded to aa with the (aoda. Raaaiav n Charlee P. L?e?rlch. Ea.| , Saa'l B. Wl.ita, R> Caahier Ntr.h River Bank, aad A S. U"0* k < a . New Votk : Mai.aaell. White * Co , Agea'a. New Orl*aae ; Ueo. U . Jnhattea k Co., Agent*. Paaama : Bullitt ft Patr ck, and Bnrgeyne It Ca.. Agent*, fan Fraaciaae. F.r partiea lar* arpiy ta our ac uta, BAXTON, LIBBT k CO.. 2II Broadway. NcwTnrk. , F^XPRBSB NOTICE? K I NSI.RT k CO S RX PRESS. VIA J Newport and rail River, for Boetna anl the B wtera citie*. will lcavaeff.ee No | Wall atreet, i tra'r ef Broad way, at a 'laarter t* I p. M. Melee, Drafta.aad Bill* *ollec>.?d ia all tb* priaeipal Baetera laeaa. aad p?o**ele p-oiup'ly r> tamed Cn?i"m U( u*e banaeae pr mptly attended to la Beatoa and Flnladelphia. HARNDEN'S RXPRBBS FOR MEW ORLBANS AND Mobile ?All good* animated to ear care f-r New Or leaaa, Mobil*, pr *iti*? adjaeeat, will b* forwarded with ' Bonptneee aad deapateh. by every *<?amcr. t* ear Mean, nevi* l'?a?N ft ru g| ('aa a atreet. N a e 'irieana CI AI.IFORNIA ? TRANSPORTATION At'BOSS THE * lathmiia ef Paaama /.aebrtaeoe, Nel*onfc Co. of Pa era aow prepared to ?raa?port freight aen>** th* lath mu*. or take It through to San Fran*i**9, at ahippera nation; kut each package a net be of portable me aa i weight, aid praperly coeeead aa / . N k ' n , ar* act rea(<vwaibl* for da mage cr aeeldeat Ift the tr*nalt Tbe el krgee ef traaap irt - Uea ta b* pre-paid la Ne ? York. For p*er|r,ilar? acp'y ta R. ZACnNIS.ON k CO . <*9 W .11 atreet. INITRI'i TIOMM. USB MAITRESSE DE IReNctie, P%RI?!ENNE. ayani de l"M?? re*' mmaadatl >n<, ttMro d nneede* Ir^oaa parltealiera* *oit daaa aa* faktllle oa daaa un p-i aioanat A New Fork. Bcilra Iraan*. Ma lamt B. i?o* 1,471 Feat Officc f 10l.r*MITH'8 W R 1 1 I NO ROOM 4, IW nR0.4il**T. V* tret corner above tha Irving U -ue*. T?rtn* re lnced on* ha-f, via- - tJ M for Id la^aone one hour ea-h. <;la? ea dat- ! U- Mj*F?'ag B?'?rdaya, at MM following fc?a?* la.lie- at | '' * * J*'"' 4'? * gentlemen, at 9 A M and X 7 aa?l S f M. Private ifiatrneilin*. (IB. For aale, fl*ldaaith'? Ota* ef PfaaaaaMp, |i yt. HOOK EBF PINO, ARITHMETIC, a TnnHOI,'aif,Y faught by w i bknYii i.B ?" Bntdwiy, tu-k atnd??t ia aepaiataly and earefn ly iBa'ri led and >? ena bled readily ?* apply ,a faciei th* batwl*d|e I ai par ted t* | bla Open day aad evening Terma aiede-at# AFBF.MCM LaHF. FRi>M PARIS. TBI HH OF f H R Fraarh largaage, war>'? to give ???? iMt^mli a nrt vatefemily. ar ia aa aarltatiea in New I ork Th.? n-atof rUy refevat.ee will be g.ven. Addraaa, pat paid Bad* fl , kel I 470 PnM OI*o*, W 'I A I A M B. DlkBRO W'B RIDINO BCROOV NO. flt v v Fnwrtk aveaoa, aear A*4or? ao? ? "? en day and **??*. *<,!?* lavlet aad gentleiwn nonr* fo? la-llue, frca S A. *? Waft.froaStftBMP.il AIVIKBERTIU K) ROADWAY Til I A TAB. I A. MARSHALL, BOM MJ 1 .es.ee; 0 H. Htirilt, Hituir ? B'lihuim'i Birih < ay glcni ui 2Jd? Lui aigLt ef Faaatus ? Sauroay eve i i" f . Feb. rt, will be presented tke great romantic spectacle, < r titled FAl'STUS ? Fuuiius. Mr Dyett; MsphiatopU?l*a, Mr Conway Count de Cutioit, Br. Waiting, Couat Or ?ial, Mr. bill; Wagner, Mr. Davidge; Alkf, Madame P u uiai; k< eel.o, Mr.. Abbott; Lucet'a, Mix Capel. Tin per jormance will comment* with lfJ; or. tha Veteran and l>ia Pr> geny? I'k;h|. a?)boif , Mr. Dkt idge; Jerome, M>. Ma thews; Pierre, Mr Whiting. Doors will cpea at ball lilt B; the eurtala will rim at 7 o'elock precisely. | N 1*LO'8 aAR?*N-MAMAGItR, MR. JOHN SIFTON - ?*?" TKi? ( 6aturda> ) evtuiftg, Fek. *i2d, *o oumiu?uot with I kkOvertureby the Oreheeti a- Leader. Mr. La Manna. T? * * rtieh operatic tomio vftudivilU of LI ' (OMM1B IT U QRlSETTi; The Clerk and the MiUiner La Cirisette, Mile- Felice; Rolinaitt, le Comtnis, M9ts. Urea- ! aiaui. Original Overture to Catarma, bv the Orebest ra. To 1 eoaclude with CATABINA; OU 1,a KB1NBDES BANDITS ? Katanna. Mile Caroline Kouseet; Conat Berite, MUe . Ade laiaa Rouaset; Fra Diavoio, Mona. Jean Rnoaaet. Nights of performance next week, Monday. Tuealay, Thursday and Friday. Iloxee 40 cents. Doors upvu at ti?, -to begin at 7. ASTOR PLACE OPtRA HOUSE -GRIND A : . \ Might.? Washington's Birth liay? <2d of February.? Thome and Cbaafrau a Beaef.t-The following artiste have voluatcered in the kiadeet manner Mr. W . ? liurton, Mr. John Brougham. Mr. C. W. Clarke, Mra C B Thome, Mm Meatayer, M'lle Truffi- Bene-nti. Sig rorti. with the eutire Oparatio Treupe. Alio. Mr. Cbaafrau, C. R. Thome. D. An derson, Mr. Wemyse, Mlaa Alsertine, Mr. MeD>nal, and Mr. Kent. Saturday evening. Feb tti, will ba presented, tUa MONEY MOOM? Duke Arnuta Mr. Theme: Rolando, Mr. Clarkr; Jacques, Mr. Barton: Juliana Mm. Thome. To be followed by the 2d act of BBNANI? Brnaui. Signer Forti; Elvira, Signora Truffii- Benrdetti. After whieh, the faroe or A RIFt TOR AN HOUR-Sir Marmaduke Meadow/ Mr. Aajers >a; Captain Frank Bamboozle, Mr Brougham: Lady Meadow*. Mra. Tborae. To ba followed by a grand D*ore,bv Miaa Alhertina. T? eoneluda with tha faroe of tlis ST a OF STRUCK BARBER? With Chanfraa'a great Imitatian of all the celebrated Aetora of the Age. Boxes and Parquet, Si: Amphitheatre. fid centa. To conusance at a quarter before 7 o'olcek; doora open at a quarter paet 6. A MBRICVS PRIDE? NEW YORK ? TKll'MPH-THE /a. Mueical Prince of tbe Empire State and Empire City, the Infant Drum iter.? Waahington'j Birthday -t bis even ing.? The moat attractive ooneert offered this aeasm, at Tnrler Oall, at which the Infant Drummer, not yet tnree years eld, will make hi h first appearance, asm : . by ihe follow ins array of eminent talent : - Mo Eanti ott, Mr . Piiiijp M> i ? n, U? LAi'BA Joints, (I F Bkisruw, Mi? Imwlu Smith, Mast. Wm. Saab, lliaN Noi.i., and the Grand Orcheatta who performed at the ooncerts of Jenny Lind. The programme otters uaasual attraoliou. S.ve ral new | iecea will he tuag fortUe brat timi', including the moat uniqiie and iiuite original I \ FAN'i'DRl'MMEK POl.Ki, arranged expreaaly for thia 'oncert. for the full cri-heatra. The Infan'. Drummer will play, aocompuiied t y the bfe, ae\o I?1 timea. The Concert will conclude with the overture to the CHILD OF TBE KKlilMENT. by the full orchea'.ra. in which the Infant Diammer will auataiu a part Tno whole under the direction of Mr. Qeirge Loder. Tu-keta fifty ccnti each; children under twelve yeata of age, half price, of w hluk only a limited aumber will be iaaued: whicu, together with a full programme, ean be obtained at ihs principal mueic *t?rva, and at the door ot the Hall during the day and eyenia/. Doora open at lialf-paat eix: concert to commanee at eight o'clock. Thoae purchaaing two tiokete will reociv e a eboca, entitling them to a hneateel line engraving of t!ie Infant Drummer, now being executed by Foreat. The eneeka mil M redeemed by Wm. Hall A Bon. Broadway, opposite the Park. It uaa deaignca to have at lea it unc thousand e<vp ei rc:idv tor diairibution before the concert, but, on aecouat of tl.e limited time given the artiat, a'id <ieeiroua to plMHl an engraving ol tuperior merit. It will require a day or two longer. A few imrreaaiona will b? taken frcm the unfinished plate, and can be had, if deairud, on Saturday afternoon, th? perfect impreaaiona will be ready for dimribution onTuoaday next. Circus- new york a m pu ith eatkf., <7 bowert. ? Jamea M. June k Co., Proprietor*. -On Sa:ur evenitg, Febrnary 2.M . 1^01 , and also en Saturday Af teinoin? Uiram w. Franklin iu his QRAND PRINCI PAL ACT. Richard Rivera in Me eomic aceae on horaeb.mk, entitled BNUI.tNU, 1KBLA.NI), AND SCOTLAND. Mils Wells will appear in her elegant PO-LKA eo 'ne.oi hor>e nauehip. In honour of the anniversary of Waehiugtoa'a Birthday, the natioasl banner will be dieplnyed in Iron: ??{ the Ampbitheattc. Admisaion, to Private Boxea, 6(1 centa; Boxea, ?i? eenft : rit, ll^ciii Children ntider 9 yeira, k0 cokipaaied bv their parints, hall pri >? to the Boxea. PANORAMA OF THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, AT Washington Hall, MM Broadway.? Ope^ every evening; exhibition to commence at 7\t o'oleck. Admittance'^ isnis. Alf, awry Wedeeiday ana Satuiday afteraoona. a: IktN , o'clock, when children will be admitted for half price. De- | icriptive cafalc guea li'>? ceate ?/RAN KLIN MUSEUM. 17B CHATHAM SUCARE -QXO a Lea Sole Proprietor. ? Admiesion? Srata in Private Boxea. 6U crate; Stage Meate, *7* :eata; Bsine. 19 e^nte Par quot, 12>? cents.? Elegant Saloon perf^rmaneea every After noon and Cveaii^. Eotertainmenta oommence in 'he after aeon at 3 o'oleok, and in the evening at h&lfpaat7. Theet tertainmrnte are varied and aelect, and lu^atteu be ere> at no other place ef amnaeraent ia New York, eonaiatlcg o( Lee'e Female Blhiop.an Opera Troupe. aum^eriDK Ufteea Brformera, being the largeet aad at the a\me time the most lented band in the United t tatee. a troupe ef Model /.?? lists, who are selected lor their beauty ano ttgwre.arj w.,e rersontte k number <f oeantiful ? sabl ?ux. taken fr< tu : e pictures cf anceat \ id modern times: a eompany of AroV Girls, who go through a variety of teats of ??r?cgth and i'.oi teritv; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler m the worlo; acompaay of Male and Female Artists, whu trill gift anexhibitiou < I Marble Statuary unequalioq iu the w .t:?, v - , gether with a variety of interesting periormaaees o?ery a.; ieraooa and evening. For partlcniara see bills of eack day. WHITE'S MELODEON, 53 IIOWERY.? GRAND AFTER- j noon performance on Saturday, Feb. 21. Washm/-on' ! Birth Day. White's lerenaders will arpear. and thelaigh- I able E'luestrian Burlesque will alto be given. Coictrt l? I commence at S o'clock, preoisely. ANVBKMBMrS 1ft PHIL. A.DK1.P1I I A . BAKNVM'S MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA. ? P. T. BAR aum. Proprietor ani Mtmi^r. llenry Vandfor I. Aa aietaat Manager ? Seaond Operatio Week ? l.'ae* ur <>lt 1 ?1? MOI the Segniae, Mra. Bailey, Mr. Meyer, anl olh rc Tbeprera ol Philadelphia are load in commendatiea of th* talent* aid perlorroanoee of theie celebrated HtlltM. |bl day eeiiaiag, will be produced tlie romantic opera of LA GaZZA LaDKA. The "Bohemian Oirl." "I,* S^nnam bula." and other favorite pieoei thie week. The' iaraM ilea in Bgtpt" *il> fee repeated, whieh waa perfurm-J laet week to tha ?n?tm'.ed delight <f eopioa* audieaoa*. Mr Fre'erie Gardner, tha celebrated teaor, i* en?-Med. Tim Jovial Faroe*. flinging. and Daneinx, eaeb afternoon. In the Lecture Roma. A millioa ef moat woadarfal curioeitiei to be examined. Admittance, 23c*at*. FINANCIAL. Bank or nohtii aherica.-capital btosk. Sl.tmo.too.? B-oka of ank**ripticn to the capita! *tjck of the above bank, will be opened at the otiioe of M<-ieu Gilbert s. J hm n. No. fit Wall *treet, on Tnaadav, the IJJth lattani. andeon'mu* open nmll tha .Saturday nlloviii, ualeea the aab*criptioa V? previously lull. An instalment ?f ten per cant ? il I be due at the time of enbacribisc The fint B aid ef lliRctOfi will ooualat of tha following mentis men ? John J. Pi*k, Ceorg* Griawold, Jr. Ralph W. Newton, Wm II Bliaa. Samuel L. Bnib, Chnrlae M. Contolly, Patrick Btraehaa. H A. Jobaeon, of New Torki and Umry Cham pun. of Savannah. JOB N J. F iSK. Prclett e II ATI] AM BANK. CORN EH OP CHATHAM B4UARB and Jaaaa (treat.? HMCTOMi Charlaa R. Sword*, Charle* J. S'.epard, Daniel K. Uall, Benjaain IP. Mcrnaa. Abrm Duryee, J Imt'^er. Jr., Henry W. Sill, E^b'rt Siudder, William A. Brown, William 9 Conktia. Ceraeliua Poilloa, John Lcv?rid?o, John B. Dunham, U> ou? M. Whitfield, Eliaa 0. Drak". Tlii? InititBtlon will "ominence bu.inea* on Thuroday a*t\ the JOth iaat. Additional aulaoripi ion< willbc roeeivai at the llank for a few day*. BLIAS 0. DKAKK. Prealdtnt. A. B. II At a, Caaluer ri UI NEW ENGLAND LIVE STOOK INSI RANCH A. Company, ol New Uavta. Cobb? Capital ISO.iaW? Inaate h.rea*, cattle, ke . agaiaat loaj from dcatu, aecideat, or diieaaa of erery deacriptiun whatever. HtMMI I miel Keadrick, John Haitoa. E B. Biown. Alfred Bdward*. J. Lewia Tailor. Wm W Keudnck. Nathaniel Thnrfcrr M ml. kendRICK. Praaideat. Orn T lavMtit*. Secretary. New Votk OIBee, No. a* William afreet, Horehaato' Ei chaBgc. MOBAWK TAl.Lkr RAILROAD. BOOM IT ?UB ? oriition for <>ne m.llion of tha capital atoek ef tn< Mohawk Valley Railroai Com pan v. will be ? pane I. under the direction of th" un lcr i<nej (jommiNitaera. a'. Ilia < hemiral llank. In thla ciiy. on the iHh mat Appliaatlona toentaeribe muet be made by letlir. p>at paid, aldr >ied la the Comniiamonera, atatiai the aamint applied far. and in* cl< tina the ten per cent, reinired b? law JAMES J. R<Mi:'F, VEI.T, i AHIJAH MANN. Jr. [ C am n.mti. A C. ri.AGG, N New Pork. Pe?. IT, I >41. NI( ARAGI A CANAL STOCK POR9 A1.B -ONBBUARI in the abore 'oaepaay , ta be had by appl' In t to A. NICHOLAS. 71 Wall atreat. National bank op ibbland - draptb roK lane eramall amonan. on aai4 bnk and ita traaehea la Ireland, an J areata ia England, Scotland, anl IPalea. (or aaleky C. B. BABIrBf. Bale authorised a*ea* of Na ioaal Baak of lf?laa< Far i he laited Btatee. PABIB BANE F.BS ?TUB SU BSC Rll I R?. Af;UNT!< F"H the banklun h' nee of Heaara Alliei % Grind II Rue de Treeiae. Parte will epaa trediia np?n tt>*-n for turtle* Im port m? feode from Franca. 0?rmen r, and Awitierland. Alao. for traeellare (oiag to th<- Continent and ta Eaalaa'l Por terma afply to 0._B. HABICIIT B 00 . H Wall e?_. MO>ET WANTBD-TQE APVERI IU? HAS A PERV important iarmtion. for which he ie n ">w taklaa out a reient in Eaglaad, aad wtobea to eall en intaraot la it. Tiir article ta la nee ia tkn elty la three large laetertee. where Ite marlto are fnily toated. The nee tor haa a permit to eibiklt It at tha W rld a Fair. Aldraoe B., thie ofti-a. o PVBlalCATIORH. UTI.MSHir ATLANTI 0.? The foreign paper*, ef Do rr nem^ar. IK. aow received by lha ateaiaaklp Cambria, may be t ea ta ao?| !*te ftlae. on appltcatUa U W I LI.* Ell B HOGBRP, 41 and 41 Naeaan a tree t. LD COI NTBT AN D^JERMaN NBWR ROoir "Uni there a man with aoul a> deal. Who never tn himetlf hath aatd Thie ia my own. n.y t atiee laadf Maay realdeatf nnd a dimealt* in procuring a eight ?f aewerepera ctnnecte.i with tha lnaalitiee they hare left. Ta okriate tHe iat'oaeealetco, a Public .Vewe R? m ailt Ml apen?-d, about lee Mereh aeat. at '.'5 Bowery, (late Meobaaira' li.atllnta. ) where the eery lateat loding Enallah , SooUh. !? iah. and Ueimtn aewepapar* will be alaaya fonnd, oa ar iltal ol eeeh well i?ea?er. Loadoa daily? timet, HeraU, Ne?? (lepuMlranl; ?eally? Britannia, lnamiu<r. Weekly Tiaiea, lllnairated Newe.Pnn h, Hnilder. Atheaeuat Non? rohformlat (Vilantary). Wa- htraa ( Methodlat ) Pretin cial- I IterfH.ol Mereury. Eiu.| ?aa Tiaae. Maaekeeier Coartov, l^arfe Her' are, Blrnnna ' am lai'tta, Welah paper. Fe> ?> h? V din burgh Peottman. Glaagt w Daily Hail. B?fora era' Oe talte, Dnmfrieaaad Gallonae C' uner. Irinh -Dab* l o Mail, Poet Tablet (Cnthelic). Helfaat, Cork, aad Lim' tiek t apere; alee, two leading Uern nn daily papere There will tbiiale laid ra Iho 'aMw weelly ab< at aeeeatj of the 't ry lateet hit -papere ; IH-?ue the lea^ng re? itwa aad a?a rlfan. laeliidlrg Blackwood, Bentley, Rublia I'rheraty. t ha iika- re, Fraeer, MaohaalH'. Tait. Tblt ro'Bi will boa gieal l?op to ynng men in bi-aritlnn honeee and lo early elieeie: alao. t> r making appointmtnte and aa an agrtoah.c riatit* pla-e fcr itrangera. Strenceri will reeaire aeery jaforn ation. ('(neenenee for writla* latter* - material* eti|p!ied Upen fr> m eif ht mi raing till tea evaning. C^o?ed iB-wndey. Atwieelor. altpen'e eaah ?l?it pleaae bring tmiall alleer. N* aa- kiag permitted. R?aiaabart(l Bewary, tetween Heater and Gtan-. RRNOVAL1. I! FMOV AI..-RtJl'11'N a RIIBBRTI'ON H A V ? Rs 1% moved from No. ltd Pearl Wreet. bo their aew eVora, No. |*ii Btoadway, a< Joining the B' ward Hotel, whBPe the? nn ? 'W epeaiag a large and aleraet etoek of atapla aad faaev Dry flood*, i a * ted to try ?o?ib-ra aad Wea'ara trade. Whiefc they offer oa tke moat naeoraklo tenae. RFMOTED-J. BTDI TENBI, a CX>. HATB BBH44T ID tram No. 1 Joba atreet to No 1*4 Hr* adway. aegt ehors ^ ?blo'a with th* l*rg?*t. rich**-, aad eboapnot aiook ia thio ) eny craaieiingoi (?< chaa l li-re braaete, aolar laapa, I rani'elabraa. ri'h cloeka, glraadelee. aaatel eraaaeate, ae: I f reach poree'ainee, rich enl *!*?*. R. hetniaa artlelea, kij I c*ra?l Unit a a id beoni? i>an<t e"le k? ke . *e rtn?,da Iwaaed i ??? ia?t en. bla*e cani'ii^rj, P4o* W aad BU T*My t'totb. ? ?AKITINK INTKLLIOlICI? PntofBtw York r?brury M, 1881. ?vw Minrn... I 38 1 ii??p im.,, .. 0 3t eia *a.iD . t :i I ii?a wirw 1 t OlMndi B'tiair- WaalirgUa, Floyd, Bouthami toa ud Bremen Stipe Ivaahor, Magree, Liverpool, Taylor t ??mli; ?? Viktor, Bovtera, fit* Orlcane. Froat fc Biota; biarcrlti, I uLk. Bavasaah, Tayltr k Kien. Bark*? Mam-oia. uuncuo, Havaaa, ImUi t Nlokeraoa; B W Wolfe. Da v. a, MvwOrleai a. Brig*? Swan, Pi<rce Bertnnda, Neemlth Ik Sob; Star ( Br}, Vcagher, Halifax. MS. B M'tven; Wetnmpka, Fowler. Mo bile, Bturgv*, Clierinen fc Co. Olive Brauob, Clark, Peua cola: Iliaa(Bie), N?|?li, Norfolk. Bchr*? Merrill. Titooinb St Domingo, Wait Ik Badger So mtrr, Bomera. Philadelphia rape Fear. Kelly. do; 8?a Lion, Brown, Portland, Snow fc White; Sarah Elizabeth, Smith, New 11 a yob. MllltWii BLlp Marmioa (pkt), l'reunaa, Liverpool, Jaa 7tb, with indie and 908 paaaengara, to Taylor k Merrill. Took a Bllok tioui the pilot boat Mary Catharine. on Wcdnecday aiter roon. Ml milaa tu tba * set ward of tbe South Shoal, aad an chored tbia (Fneay) morning ob the War. Jan 17, lat 48 10, Ion It Sti, law a Havre i aoket, *uppo*ed to bo tbe S M Foa, hence for Ilavre, 22<i, lat it 26. leu 10 28. epoke *tilp Amelia, of Wairen, bound C, ( Amelia, Beaderaoa. from Now Orltanafor Havre). Slat, la: to So. Ion 29. apok* Br *hjp Dr peut, from Belfaat for NVark; lH?h inat lat 40 30. Ion MS, ?rol* pkt abipSoDtbampton, hoaoo for Loadou, triad f 3w. Jan SCf, John Battman, Minan. of fjverpool, C, foil ovar b< a: -j aad waa drowned. Thia (Friday) morning. while tow ing up from Bandy Book, Ambroee Kelly, 3d mate, fell Off tho anchor and waa drowned. The II haa bad heavy weather from tba 13th to 30th of Jan, after lat iuat had baa weather f hip CoattaUation ( pkt ). A Ilea. Liverpool, Jan 3, aad Ter ? a?r let, with mdae and 677 paaaenican, to R Kermit. Pafc Into Tercolra Jaa 30; bad the pueeengere oonataatly at tba ptitsri up to that date ISth iaat. lat 36 57. Ion XO 20, r'rrirj a v< nel bottom ap. with tpara aad rigging aloagaide. Ship Western World (pkt).Mooo?, Liverpool, to daya, witb mdae and 324 paatengera, to D & A Kiacaland. Uaa txpori enood hravy weather the whole month *r January, loat oroea? jack jard, eplit tail*. and received other damage, 6 deatbt ob tbe paaaage. Ship Gertrude, Week*. Rotterdam, Doc 19, with mdio aa4 80 paatenger*, to t D Borlbut at Co. Bark Pbenix. kaaou. Bah in, 3d day*, with engar, kc, to Maacn k Thompson. Bark Kdaa. Bibbiaa, Bicllv, Deo 21 with trait, ko. to Chamberlain k Roleruoa. l'a*?td Gibraltar moo with #0 sail, bae had conatant MIVJ galea from W t? N W dorm* the passage; aaw a great ncmbir of piace* of plaak, spar*. nar iel?. to. there had been westerly naiad in the (J r. of Gibral tar for 13 days; 12tb injt aaw n lane ahip witb l?ea ?f top gallant maalf. Jau 2Ath, l?t33 20. Ion V JU. apeke Br bark Albtrt Rdward, from Canton tor Llverpcol, 119 daya out; Jaa ltttb. lat 33 30, Ion 27 30, apoke bark Faaay, of and from Bos ton. Bark Jamet Andrew* (of B i'. d) French. Palermo. 49 dajr, with fruit, kc, t? ??mlth fc ttoaa. Itth mat. lat 22. lou 70 18, oxohanfied li^aala with Br bnx Trimmar, of Liver pool. Bark Joha Win Dare ( Br >. Walter*. Bueaoe dyrea, 60 dare. w ilb wool, ko, to maattr. Jan &, lat 23 OS S, Ion to i\ aaw Br br>x Coraair. Bark Mary Kllinteth (of Brarap?rt), Godell, Mataa^M, 11 daya, with rnrar, Ho, to I. Ik A 1, tt.uart. Bark l> Nlekela (of 8<-?r?t .rt ), Ninkela, Card- nav, 11 daya. with ipolaaiea. to M Taylcr a Co. tilth inai, oft Cape Klori'la. ?poke brig Lo (thorn Pendleton, from Matamax for Boo'ea; lbth, lat 37 20, lvu 73 19, epokc bri/ Fraaete, from Warren, Kl. for Mataniar. Brig Deltu (of Cbarleaton), Muhaa. Uavaaa, Feb H, witb ?Uftar, ao. to P Harmonv, NV phewa at Co. Brig Tele, raph (of U< rrytuld). Rub, San Juan, 28 daya. via Rey Weat, n daya. with mdae, to ?' Duraud. Died 7tb mat, Calvin Foater, of South Carolina, paaooaicet linn LamarHnr (of ramdrn). Tbcrndike, At'akapaa, 19 daja. with aoiar. etc, to C P Levetieh. Br>( Ella, Uailet, Portland, 10 daya, witb la'.ha. He, to tmith k Bi'Tnton. Bcbr B Nkbod, Bcholbeld, Curaooa, 17 daya, wi'.hhidee, ke. to J Collina. Schr Benxal, l'leroe. Port au Prinoe, IS day*, with coffee, kc, to A C Koaalre. Bthr Grand Ialand (of New '..uryport). Small, Pobm, PR. 18 daya, with nu laaaca, to R Bailey, ir, of Nowbr.ryport. Bchr MaryC Amra, race, Pmce, PR. 13 dayi, with augar, to RBaily.jr, of Newburyport. Bchr I'otouiac, Gill, traukliu. La, 13 daya, with molaaeee, to Peck fc L)mtn. Se>r Patrick licary, Ch*etcr. Savannah. 9 day*. Bohr ti K Staith, Townaond, York River, 3 daya, bouad to New Bavan. 8t.hr X P Burton, Kllia, Virginia, 3 day*, beund to New Haven. Bohr tmmr. Hctohkiia, Farren, Vircinia, 3 day*, bound to New Uaten. Schr Mary Bush, Newton, Virginia, 3 daya, bouad to New Havta. Bebr Mary Luyeter. Burbank, Virginia, 2 da>e. Et'hr bhorvrot. i. Van Name, Virginia, 3 daye. Bchr John G Forrif, liurh, Vork Kiver, 3day?. Bchr John G Wriplit, John?i n, Virginia. Schr B<|uire fc Brothera, .Surer. Jauie* River, 3 day*. Hjlir Tumi, Bodint), Virit'Uia I daya. Bcbi Lady of the l.ake, uarria. Virginia, 3 day*. Bchr William Cape*, CMlina , Virginia, 4 daya. Bohr Wm B Jonkina, Vanutrbilt, P?teraborg, 3 day*. Bihr Bounty, Parker, Norfolk, 3 data. ?ohr Orlaua, 1> 'dge, H>ch?i nd.ft tfayj. Brhr Marietta Bnrr. Whi.<l?r. Rlohmoad, S day*. Bchr New York, Bu aek. Hit hmonl, S daya. Bchr J B fc 1 L, Crainuicr R:"hoioad, 3 taj*. f i hr J M Taj lor. Ncwb-rn. S dai a. Bchr Michigan. Wyatt. liultimur*. SVchr Illicit, Kingalanc, Bal imore, 4 day*. BcLr Timothy I'haio, Liuea, Baltimore, 4 day*. Bohr Atlantio Lawrtaoe. Qaltim >re, 6 day*. bchr Oregop, f lulrcr Baltimore. 4 day*. Bol r AVdel Kadi r. P itce, Baltimore, 4 day*. Bchr Lawrence M'atai l.ury. Cram iu*r, Bait. m re. Bchr 5-iaphen Col well, Wuta' n. Uiltord, Del, 3 day*. t chr Old /acb. Friabte. Boai on. 7 daya. Bchr Corn kt<arnev, Cbaav, Beaton, 4 day*. Bchr Samuel Appit-ton, Tatlvf, Boeton, 4 daya. Bchr Abbott Lawrence. Alien. Boiton. '>dava. Bchr llcnry Gthl.a. Cuahiuau, Nuw Bedford. 2 day*. ?ch| Eliiabeth, E'lia, Plymouth. M??a. 3 daya. bloop Excel, Btnnttt. Fall River, 2 dave. St.auitr Krnnebec, Seymour. Philapelphia. r? tl-Wini at tunriae. BW. noon, SW; nutat, BK, witb ra.u aad fug. Til?gnphlc Rfartus Reports* Iknt i, Feb II. Arvlred? Brie Mi'itcr. It > Hi a Marco, via Kio Janeiro Jin >2, 1st SI S.V Ion .ti V, *)>vka Brthip Inliaua frem Liv er; ocl fcr Cnltutta. trig Mar* PhtlaJUpbn Uaytirs: ~ Chtmpim, ? mmt'gton WW; t n < r Muev.j. rmlarielphia. Cleared ? Ship* Barks-let aj.l Die* !l INrkln*. NOrleaat; Robert 1'olaford. N Bedford: bail* Mary P Blade. Mobil*; Sumptir, Charleston; LUa. Baltimore: kriaa Eliaa BargtM, md Barab Wllha-r ?, C.ra.- >a , f eptetubar, A 'lantia Ooran . C' uiira (old, Mobil*, lloult-ir, Savnuuaii, tear S*ia?rMt. Qcorgetvwa, SC. Bam. r.b 18. Bailed? Jhips Tropic. NOrleaai. Keantif*. Savannah. Moaroi-a, P*b JO. Arrived? Br briR Bemuds Bt.aalr*. Cleared? Brig Hob*:: A, W** t lidi**. Rocat.axs, r*b 17. Sailed? Schr* Nonrmnhal, ai.d John, N I rk. S*J.aj*. f ?b JUL Cleared? Brit FaoancA. Nf* OrWasf. Mu!i4? Brig Mte**acer. Ainoa. Fo(*l(ii Hall*. Lett? r Bm? tf *teaia*r Waahlastan. for Sonthamptas aatf Uremen. ? ill elo?e at tat KeaStnc Koom, cn laturday, S4 iatt, at th* anal hoar. Lttter baa* for Kjo Jaceirs aad Valparaiso. r*r tveamer Parlfl... sill tine* a-, tlx Reaaing Itooui. oa Mcnday, fsb M. at t a'aloek, A M. lb* above Letter B?a* are alf? at Kenyoa't, 91 Wail ilmt Herald Marine I'onrsiHtndtn**. Ew.as r.iw *, Fab IA. Arrived Sehra Oi ! Zaeh, lri.be*. Boatun tor N Vorh; Cal SlTroe Oraai, He. kla:,.l for Ncrtclk. 17th- Bohr Bnercy. Marehant, Boat, afor Work. Inth- Bid *chr Old Z*?b Kvenimc-la port bri i lit Niohole, rep r; echrt C*l Simon*, ? ad Energy. Phiuu>bi tmia, r*b 31?4 PM. Arrived? Bark Feraanliaa. Tki hi ton, Cleafuecas; eahrs Purer1, Ktatb; Billot, S'larp, and Baml Cstiaer, Robiatpa, NTtrk; T Brnidiet. Tt>oma?. N*w Uarcn. Win P Cerbltt. llewttt. WllHataabar. Cleared? Bark Trrmwat "ear*. B>*toa: brira 0 II Wrichk. Illetwn Cardeaa* M-'Maia. Ycua*. Cieaf.ie(ot: Wm Clark. Daly. Daoarara. *"hr? Klli-t. Sharp, aad !*ama?l Caataar. K?'t.ineon, NYurk: W m I" Corb.tt, Uewitt, BxMa, V Btas dlet, Ttoma*. New Uaven. ?larellasMSS. fTr??t?Htr Ai.ai>ama. IYstsr. from KOrleant for V*rft Ciui, in attempting ta ?> to tea. on ih* moritinc of <h* 1Mb tan. ?ai raa ?ehete bj th* pilot, on the Middle Uraaad. ? litre eh* lay for *evea hanre, *ipo**d t* a h*nvy*ea froas the sr.. <>n a bard bottom, aad was *onaidtraHy wreachst and t anted, ?hl< h eaaeati h*r to ?print a leak, and eom p*ll*d her to return for ripatr*. Th* towboat Ootviam vest to her aMiitanea, and ?nci??ded ta ge'Mar har off, whaa It treb all of her puat* t* ktep ber fro*. Ta* Aiakama was to |* mta dtck imuediaulx, aad than proceed on bar trip to VetaCrua. tMir Nov a p. otia*, for Dottoa. baa pat ktek lo tba Clpda. 5mip Rhoi<( let.anp, *bi*b vraataab St San >'ran*t*?o. bp ?tti.mtr Seaatsr, baa b*ea t jw*d apos th* flats, asd woald bs repaired. 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