30 Mart 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Mart 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEWJORK HERALD.-: WHOLE NO. 6733. SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 30, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS? Our European Despatches, Ico., &o.. he. The European mails by the Canada were receired 'In this city yesterday. The C. pawed, on tho 16th inat., between Gape 't'lear nnd Kinsale, a steamer from New York ?for Liverpool, probably tho Baltic, Comatook, hence. The1 V. S. frigate St. Lawrence arrived off Cowet at two o'clock on the 13th instant, in 22 day 4 from New York. She anchored in Cowes Roads, and ?was expected to proceed up to Southampton, when ?hi- would exchange salutes with the town, and im mediately commence discharging the articles to j) tran.-iu.tti d to Loudon. Onr I^ondou C?rrn ponrience. THE STATE OK EI ItWfli. J.ov>nN, Friduy Evening, March 11, 1851. Tl eB<:ti*k Parl>animt ? The EcdtMa.<ttcal Ttilr - A ? amwfttni Hill ? Ministrriiil Pro*ftrt* ? The Paptl L'vinl ? Rrmv-il uf Agitation in Kngl'i ui ? An .tltsr A (rat nf I '?><? Mnrxtry?Tht JVn t'v E*th)iitr< ? a L - ? iivl rij t!,t St. iMH-rmrr ? Jfnes from thr Ch)K of li'i i d Ht,)H ? Continental Knroj* ? Austria ? The CVww'ri' iv /t'thf ? Sjftin ? Portugal, fee. , dv 'This evening Sir George firey move* the a-xvoad Muling oft he Ecclesiastical Titles Assumptions bill I/VkI John l<a* abandoned his unfortunate progeu; nto the handle# his colleague ? no light charge. -Sir ( leoqi ptirfrgf begins the world under difficult ?irc?ntM|a< It is <juite clear that he cannot *?. ti.-f) s '4 poetics. It was iu the House of < -.minimis, ?OH f*rida\ lu-t, that Lord John, amidst ironi i! <heers, frt.it ed ilmt Sir George (ir?v would describe the alterations proposed in tlie bill Sir t?rorg? (?rey d '?! ?o in a \ civ lung apeech, the auhstanco of wliic't might have been completed into a voiy few word.-. H ? cottld not agree with Lord S* inlay \i j proposal ? nfm1 the bill to a committee, a" it wo tld glv.> ii c to ;i groat theological Agitation. He cr.till rot coicc'de in t'i" proposal that Ireland nhouM b'.< 4 Jkcmptcd I'lo a the operation of the bill, It" an in ault hauk:-"ii offered to the Queen of < ire it Brittin, the exempt 'on of one of the kingdom* from .he bill wottM impl^ that 'lie Queen's authority was l.Mt vara mount ri one part of her dominions than an other. He admitted that there was a difference b> tW'jf.i the conditions of the English anil Irish (/' ttho lie church; a id that difference constituted the real d':9iculty in dealing officially with the question. It had been decided to almit clauses 2 and '! of th t bill, v '.i h t In >?* it to n parliamentary deoiara'io i agaui.-t t!i ii. -umptiou of eecleeinatical title#. 'if ?c,?ti)): 1 ii of feeling which took place in Eng land, K.n Tion li- since, must be still fresh in the memo.-', i' u i ui, n, Or a tare eroaked till they ?wre uo:? ? ? h. ravena ? the newspapers crawiiul their foliiiii'is si i h '"i'ltpal aggression*** lo the ex olu&ionofuii: li more readable matter? the Angl, c:iii c. ?' /; ? ridi'cd ?? j>i - 1 If- (long yariu t!u*y mi^ht be it;'. ') t ? t!i 'Ir bishops, to which the iuitr?il <Mfaila:- - en equally long replies. Tbikt nnd |K?rt!y nJU ruicn of London run tho rl?k of a rmah on,! U ind-or ruilw-iy, rigifdl out for th ? nonee !!?,?? :i *t of a word dancers orMorry Andrews, to n Id.c ? ? je Mtct or petitiou to the Queen, s?iit"i| ou h'.-r tlironc, against thH rsino horned bull of ?Itoj^e. A I'li'i ? e i- innumerable n< th> ,->-id on the se-i sli i e, were living about in all i'irec'iou<<. J he fop* and < 'ordinal \\"U< tn:in were bt:rnt nnd hantfcd i n efligj; from the mud laiker to the Lord High C'lia 'lor on the woolsack, the sai.it> ppiri? worked 11 -d utged them <>n. 1'arlimnent met ? all thtbiiut) of 4 Treat Brita'n throngeil te watch the ?xpre?-;cn of ur Queen's eounteoaaee when sh ? came to lit ? ? ? i i- i*-ao light teetto thesliwrp ey? ot ?be t'a'.r I bet. enme t be b'll itaclf? the ministry fell brad ?' In > Is over it; Lord Stanley '-ri ??? to remote it. but l>c was not strong enoug!i. The Queen ? *c.i I^ud Aberdeen ami Hir James' !ral:am lotr 1'iei Irnnd ? t hi y would not have auyliinj; to #ay on i?. u tlii" dilemma, she sent tot her l"g ge'ncrfll, ' 'to adri-eil that the origins' >rs of it h'iould*i' *it in hand. Armed with patUnmentary liiekax 's ?! id stiovel", the wbigs hare b'-r knock (nglheb;!' :?? p' ? ?i .-;but have r.ot yet sue ?????Jed in ?jetting tin mnii it. To-night, tbey ?ut<<r It alrong m.m'i.i . ai d tstrMlT i- gwotly exc'te?l h-i to the remit. Vol \? llx??nn?bet that all thilris'a iumu bers, who i"i ahy supported the g >? Tument, fet'd ngain t lo- ust. is? ti;.-' on d'lsraeli'a mitioa, and yga:u on 1 ?? k ? Kii:g'j. "O aeeonnt of th > a'? i k t'jiOn the It ? ma i Cut h?lic h.c .ircbv, fvn>l which I'd tolhercig diou of the cabiiu-U In the meeting >t lioidJobliKl 11*-. ot which I s"iit jrou an a t i.i my !?-? Ici er, they dechwvd their ii tout'" . t voting ? gainst the g"? rumi* If the bill ??' | r . MttWi i. . Lord .lohn will probably pnsa the bill in its in >? j diicd state. T*ie diflloiilty to a new niinutrjr e-.ll i tlicnW remftvod. The qu< stiontl.e i willbo ? Shall ] we have a Stanley or a < uab ?m cabinet! The news ejf the mininicnal crisis, its taWM n ad i t>robab!e t'f has rrnche l Kwie.nndb vnengc'^ ^ly i ?liscu#ul b; t lie P"pe nti<| c tirlave of Ovlinil- j iu-tiu 'io, have been ?nl t > Cardinal VV w?:n i'> nid lk Ci'tlen to be caul ion-, but n >t to re d,? tioni their orig 'al Iwtriu ifons. I have this Iron n WjU i form Tijt'.i in IheHotna i capital. Tlie lull i i Hie .imitation here is only mimentarr ] idicsl 'jti of a new outbreak of fix1 ling areah..' i '.y j vi iMe. If ym east s"iir ev? o*. er ttie Litk.i Morning ) p. i of this'iUy. you "ill Ami repot*.* of I two ii iirt^ir mi me,' lings on the papal Mibj ? A* a meeting h Id yesterday by th" ineun bent< of | t he livtnrs ii utid rtmnil th" metropolis, (.to Itfln- j eut al a*f lar.T ' of clergy,) it wu re-olft'J ? That laittie o|iiiii >n ef thiswectiag. lbs lull now bef >,s. | <t' ? IIjw <? ' ? mini n? i- In-ofBrixnt f <r r#pvll lg th.. I'M'it aggression, nu4 n t? ln-r t>.'lot? th? up ?nd \ ' -t>e? i t th.- 1?- )?> ' i'f Cnat Mt?ln t and tin' th t, f<r?. ? petit i ii .ytii ti|r i>r.wnte.t tolictt hjm?.d , . ?4 lit, i. { th* ui fc*.* a ?? * i ft * irnt snUJA.Ufs.1 I<r . u. i4f' At a tti r ? I': ? ('?? hi -or. ('oiin* il, tli.> I.v l I r>"n((jr?n tin* (biir, the following motion wm , ejopteii! ? Tint |> Utlona l<> proartitctl by thi< er-jrt ti IHi.h hm ar? <f iVllinl ' hi .itniu't lh<< lat<* ?Ki(r> n>n 4 the | fopa-il uiiai Itir (?>??? rvititf tbv KMiirt-MMOf ?<( llv and irtirtrttii;. li??i late lUa chU aul ret^ioui IJLx rtir- ? f iKf fitter!*. Awl the following petition ipwil to:? Tj rt' Mr ??**(? 'V ( k' Miii nf fV I'tu'ri K: 1 ?/-j if ?f I, "Ml Hr ilcm ?i >J I ,h,ul ??? I'wii'imtnt a<?. ?>W- I ? Tin* ht'.tiW !?? itiim of tUr I. rJ Mi;< r AlilrrniM. M Cmrw* 1* 11 iu ii ?f tin rlt> of 1.' O'I'in, la eoatjia cooi.i H a*a -o Mi I. -h< ?? -tli? L mir to t !1 loin'r* birr w|tn tact with iloep re^r ' | anj in#Kimti * llii- itrr<<vniit ii?<r ?. i?n on tli,< p? t > t Ii Pep* of I'.'iw uj**i Chi' gu^-it'i diipri'invj, ami 1 1 deflann' of h< ? rro-wn ami ill^ntly. 'fhat youf (m l.tl"?nrr> are anal ma to prwwrr ? f?r n >!??' n ii >? ?' <?iy<vk thn full n-l?40t?<i> o pUII nnd rrlitf imr fr?- !? -m ml J rjtlatitj" ; hut tliey num bl; MilKsii laai a .Mm. in- mea-are U hit lnilMp>n<.it>ly arrrwifT 1* ? r ore the l?i l< |wn.|? n.-o ami pr..t>-et the r^hiaof II* t'r<He?lant r Ihioii In thi? imiMo fuui a *;.lrl? cf !';i| il i? '"pai ?"? tn-- It. an- 1 r _.r. -Jon. Vovtr pfUr' r- 'hi ? ti'in llj pray that yowr lii imraif I* >11 f'/rUtallh ?*??? aiif-h mrMrpi i. #1 *:i t? iK"i m 1/ ittiiiiWi 1 *11 jf to ?upor>?? the v?< It iltorlai in; . "'.| ihi- i iiTi-i,.- ..f l. rntui la: j uri- 1 1. ? 'on, timl-r d.'i>^atl"n femtt nnj- foreign prlnee ut r<-t-l?<l a?tle. wi'h mrh irf'w-f (ihtWinu aa may !??? nw ??*ry t > pnrent any ?yn??ll' il u?-tlnn ?? the pait of th# ll>uii-h tirjrj, tinJi 1 <<>l <r of (rntlmriP from thr fi ?<? of Km Bill t! i.!ical? 'V I" I-THinil n<"<? of thr er.nfB, hi I * rvt" t lila kluidM* Ihm ril Wfrhftaw m <1 ruination, A11J ?u?r jh till mrr? will r*?r pray, kc I .'hall iM>t nllioli' to tbr nic tingi in Ftirf, W liy th? ruoiiiiiitr . Nt?'iin', nn<l K*< t r 1 1 nil Jinif j-l-i. ? ?n FrVlfii 1- - ? , nmi<Ut much chcorlntf, Air I.oi kc Kinj{ lit id on Ihf tuliloof th' Hdim.? o! Com Dunn hia bill iTajv'i'linjf tb?* county rot*r*. 'Jhi* mil. i<lr loivr, meant i u??% ?u(T?ri*d mio'.hor d.fiat en tli Undffet of Wood* ami foro't*. The in.'i)orl*y affniiic' ininiftfr* wa? OdIt one, bol ??till it IfM M majoWtjr. I.onl John wnn to Intvo hi<>n?ht forwnH ht* mot:m nn Jtwi?h diwihilltlf* ln-?t ninht, 4>ot K?* tl'omrlil |>nii|pni to p.Mitpoiie it ? for it ii thr* 1 explain t ie I ? t Unit th re w -rt* > 't audicii-nt iioi?irr- (irtun (0 lorin n ho'iif < >11 Momiiir, tiio t>nvf rstiin?u ? wor< brought forward. f^ir V. llarinjj 1 iii| th? inuy r?timat<>* open the table, nn i ?'? . -I n flr?t v'oU of ?1.11 >,7^ fur to XJMxfi- -vaniiMi tiKt marineii, the rorrra f#inting vot?- fur U?t yi-ar having bom XI.H-' i,U7'*, itnil thr nropo<c4 in^r??Bac thia y?nr boiug, hor^ fore, 1 1 0 ? Uo went through tli? other Item* in l?e?< e<timatn, offering iletmleil explitna llma nn<ler en eh head, ami Hating thtt the t >t.i1 ?mount ruintH f?r the effeeijvo aerrijn w.ia A-l^flCt.WI, L-ing a decreaa? of &MJM up ,n the M-in <4 th? PorreapomMiig vote of la 4t jour) that th? total rK(ulrvd for th* whole niv?j ?ervic? ?f?i" ad??eM? of ?Jjfl,7Tt upon the sum of ?3,7T2,G32, the corresponding vote of lust year, nod that the sum ro<|uired for th<? Army nnd Ordnance Department, as regarded the conveyance of troops, whs ?143,200, being an in crease of ?7, 500 upon the sum of ?13.3,700, the corre-ipouding vote of lust year. The graud totHl to bp naked was ?"y, 727, 259, showing a n >t 1 <cr ? ise of ?171,821 upon the corresponding grand total vote of bat year. Mr. Hume moved a? an amendment, that th? number of men should be red need to 3'>,0.'K). At great length, he coutended that w? usi'd the r^ry same argument for keeping up a great wariikeestab li.-hmcnt that Franco did, natuelv? that the other country did not disarm ; and, after going into a laudaton description of the American policy as re gnrded the United State! navy, he declared that wo had Jerentv-four inou-af-war which had never been to sea, and thai we built chips which only rotted in the slips, lu t!u? eourso of liis speech he e?MK-LUlv u.-sii ilcj the Afiioan sqiuidroa, and, ntter ulluiling -area -tically to recent attempt* ft formiug a cabinet, he claimed support from I he opposition on the gr,>uud thut lie wuj cudeavariiig to prooure a remission of burden-*. <"ob'i"n -poke in h similar sensj. I{ume'*?m?nd ment iv;i , rejected by a > ety bug * m ijonty. Lord rtibtuo.'pe then moved a reduction of the Pali lie ' of tlio Lords of Admiralty by ?4,0 )>. This w;. < relucted by a majority of 1W-? only 94 vet ting with In ? Lordship. The facetious nobleman, lii < .-aiu* who invoked the nug'?r of Heaven upon the building ii IlyJe Park, denounced hin <>wi*|H?rty as unworthy ot' < onlidouco a.? minister., .md left the Ifonse amidst oarsjo laughter and cheering Yott will perceive that not much reel bu*faj*s h.n been got thrcrgh. (iooJj continue to nour in for the gre*t exhibi tion. The United Mfntet man-of-war, the St. Law rence, has arrived oJCowes. lty the arrival of tho Vo-ph?rus mail d ??amor, -from the Cape of f'ood llo. i (her first return trip), advices have arrived to the 2d of February. [* >ur adviee* via IV > 'on ar" to the i'h of February. ? Jin. Mi r v.i.i>. J Some severe fighting bad tnken piaea. Tlio Ivaflir. had attacked two or three forts, and the town ot Alii*. They ha 1 b-' -n, on a.l points, driven bank with great losss, C >n idrablo leinfbrc'tuotits leave 1 lnglan<| for the f' ipc, in *t earner*, during the ueat week The i^iiigapore jiK W- morrow lireet. A rapid glance at the Kuropcan coutiuont will con' ."VtojiMi, in a fow w.>ril?, tbe stale of affair.-.. Aii-'rii is still the point wliieli i? ujo*I Uearrving at tention. Site is jiouring tr-Hfis into Italy. I do not ;??> r;y ".t:-nticn to an official contradict ion in tlic \ i Hiii.i (?'://??, that -We ha-, no host de intun t ion ?> tol?ard-? Sa.- linia or Switzerland ? it i-. so -asy to put ia a counter paragraph ? ?> the effect; that "grave oircumilam m" lias :u- ciwitated the mili tary occujjatio.i of this wr that city :'jr lU i benefit .?t Order. _ ! Th" carnival is over at Rome and at Venice ? | C -impim-l with t . ? carnivals of former] ears, it hs.i 1 b'vn ar^ordli g to letter* 1 iiavo rceiwd from i It 1I3', dull i .* ditch-water At Venice th;< kiv I "> s' ft is divii!>>l hy the Count de ' -humhord and | 'J agiioni. I should d. < i ledly . ny the of the I l-itt'-r -re most agreeable. Tagliodi !ia< thr.yj j palacci on th< Canal Grande. Thi Ouohess Jo i H-rri ha.s a verj tin# one. Tho IVpsdec conference* remain in 'he i.,ii un- | pl i.-ont prtdicumeet. The jden pole it iarios can not come to nit agreement. .Sent great lata ia 1 waiting t'> prt an end to this in ' ? *n.i vny ? .i j Washington, an Oliv.-r Cromwell, j llieuzi, or n | Alc.\,indi-.-- the < iiv.it. In France th? tntosition miai.<trT remain ; till in j Mf.r. 1 place wiy l'ttle .-r -d t in the reported fu..iun -f th ? two branch'-- of ti?-? llourhoiis ? the} I are political gunbU-r*. who will take od Is on the ch ?nee The -tar of Narvaez s-.-m- to have fill*a this time, t<,<t< /.? Vw. VII the political agjnt.n i-i Sj> iin t h it lie appoint -d, ha', e been di-iuiocil ; to ha v p ell ti ? agents he appointed in t ?reiga Siat---.. It i< not b" ond proheb lit v that h?? will b-- t'?ain, >o:n ? lay, !*i ii "e lini. ter of her ino-l C?t Ih lic M tjw'j ? "*h t* ??? w thing from Portugal. Th :e r. ? jiarticular ehing*, Uii- week, ie the m*r!<?t for Ataeriee* State decks. P/i"#? ?r.' as fdtkow U.I.- I i:-rii'!-?i"'ni n,nl'|l?| K % ?? p -r * '.-ftt It .'i It [ I > ... . IOJ1-, * 1^1 " M* i?* ?%??. t Iv-. i.U illisi .. liU nio'S Wa t.-t- Ct-nt l<ick (lsii7-ls.i. ) I.e.* I'V.i, n ? n' i ri c >t t?ji. i? % ms ivnt..- ]? .1 . 1 1 1 ? if? i k ??')? Jl? ..-tt# fivw !??# < nt? (-'"rtiii- ll.ti l< jsiiH ) Wl a It. HartinjH I u* 4-0 t'?-Mt lVrrli*< SWndst. . . . . ? ? JJ t i^-r l'iitl(Ki). . - Aii?ti'l?> I Th ? fill iwing nil.* ha* b "*n addre v?ed by Ik* j A J- w> Miniver to tb" t{o\ i-rnm >nt t "t th" minor ? man which have ojipoaed On Au-trun i p?.?f'C"-'iap'' ? TV Dro-i l-'U ( ' i'if Tfiio.'- will, ae*<?rdiiif to fhs t ariatig ment muik t ? ? "ti theii-t plenary eitting, 'I 'Mi M : ?? Hth (I t1) of th> month to tli flnil wl >'.ition n;id t ? ? on the prorxjcil* of Aint ri* , jl; I "it- :a for tho i.uiucdute ctahli. uui.vit of th.* j ex<*'iiti. ? of the r.u.i'l. 1 'i ? objection ? lii.i'W in llu it'uon ni:n?l <it '>JT of llu> |>leui|?otcni ittfV'.-. ng.iin-t I'i -? | : opo- !?, * -?roely p-nnit f !??? hop<* ol m uii ? i.imot'o viiv iii? n on ?li ?>art ot tile < twnvin govern- j in' lit.. liut . ? ? the*- plonipot-nMari ???, tb" *ame ' t'in?, MmviI that tn -v, f >r the ns'?in*nt, only ?? ? j?r- v.c i tii Mr jht oju! njiitibiH, Imuran b .utlie iKirt ot their got erniiieut- wer? oul> kn.ura t? them in general, tho*e esprcv-ion.4 taoii't withhold ti fi'vi ndliv -dug t Iio-*? hIhi in . cited th* in with tl: "Ir p'lTjr , nunc ?;* i in on tho imjiort.M'.c the inij? ?;. iiug Ui i.-lr?n. Ii tii' iO Mia in th' of ilerraviy i?nr i. ii -ii?- ?h\ the ? :?.! in inb *r.> of the Buud ?houid , : i I ? m ?acnti< ? I ?: ti:e bcncSt of the whole? ;U I oil t'te St ite* have frequently neknoirledg -d. and ; whi ;l? i? oiir intiinnt > ront.itwn then ?< ai ely oue of f?ur iillir cnn rclo "? to w knowledge that th.- pie. (???lit .? 1 3 ( ? .f 'bing- more than eter con* ?) < t ??<? ad ti. niiti< .. t ? make that -aenlii e in f ility. Af.r laborious negotiation* at Dre*ln, the c i.ifli t .f drum- Inn C ? n f'\ 'ro)in3 to the jioint t:?i* tn the protiiuient nn l m<?? preying qu <tioo ? the rcoigamzation of the executive power of 'lie j I ? not u1* ih? %ot?-? of t lao State* of the coi?f.*- I (1 ?ratlin, which wnnM at the tune ?? K"roj?? in ' |> >n -r* have to rr(>te??Mit th.- re^nliofthe rir- pooh of , th? l'?n tl, j* * nnitod, but tkon> of the m^inb-fit of | l! v I'.'ir I i:i I ; j ti"\t ? > th?ta in (ij'?'T, ri the } i: i Ih a ? w?Il a> tlie ,onth oft iermany. In Mi < ?jrw I i't fir- v ?! I i' i. niil. I !>.? uni|?i ??:io:iabljr in "?|**ri ?.-..??? ? ri?' ???i -in nfi Hi' it', uii''. i th ? r< iiiii nf.-i tiia' jii ?.ul ..i txTiuan.. an i Maro]k', ?n li a j - 1 1 / ii Mioiilil i? "I by th ? coiitraJii lion ?>i oth. i * i* ?- whi Ji i >1mm i i* ? r.-prevnt .??ar ^.'ly .<? t. t ???? t* ?: i . ? ' jl t ?.i..'i ?>', t.u? Htinil. Th ? ti' ntn .?nne. jt of tli-> f:fjv .'A loulljr r. !"? i ?????? rttiil put .- ->n of .ill, ami h< nn ni'it <t *tiii ui iy ? ? i(tiii- 1 iii 'l. i it iiii?i ?m'-nt* by it--, rfii'1 i it'i.i* mat 1. ]iy ? ?nf -n-i "I ?li Mrii it, ir.Bil r. ? > ?l. - 1 .i. .-I I> b-forj a i? im prtjivhieA o\ r, tlr>t tt,< think wp Uii -d ta i ? j.'H i to (it alii 1 '>f tti ? onii -i .?ritiou if we tb'a'gb' H n.?'<* wry to ilnlnl it. Ikit ?i.at re tun. an-l imi-l d'tn ttul, i- a free and nvlt peiio?^t axiiiinatioa and Je? oon ? an ei inmatioii unfi- ^twv 1 by |ri?.?u eBl'nglrin?a?< N 't d-'i 'id.< to n-iM w a otrp'ii c oitett, t*f will, on our part, wiilmgly refrain frotn a?king h??* it w p-p . > hie, ami bow *t flmil" of e\pl?n,ttion, t'lvt inrtut go?emin"nt? whleh, nwtwtth#ta?i(lir.g ottr in* 1 vifst.on t ? r*-<'i?t ' ILih th.^ legal ban.* of the on ti:ii'ati 'l '.I i:ie t .g'it- ?f I !. if' 1 ?: tf i'?tl ov inn in'. .hi g (its ftA^eiiilly ot the I tun i, rrftufl their Ctniplmai' With it, trom an* ?'/ mi l iMneheMtM a? to the rt'lur'i of pn?t condition-, and with e* atnerai "! r"|>roitcb."? .ismu*! lint t*on?tilution of tiie Hun< I. are row r?'tlou? for the ?mi|il>> return to tbw <-or.>ttt itmn, an'l prefer tin* *iep, a? all rwk<, to ?aet ntirg to a propotl whn b wotiH pltee th? eollee tire f?t -'?i gtb rf tbt nniteJ f*ttte* of th* Itnml nxaiuat nny interna! or external peril tha' might t (? r ^ it n the nation. '11 it on ?neh a union of eollvtive etr -ngth, in the iwrncliate future, the saltation, aiitl even the exiatance of lh.? |itin.l, may ilepend, t uinot be ri ? iiier' Bt?t neither can it t?e eo nee a led that tlien the futi iaiile tii >rn< .1. lor forming that union would bat ?>been loat. The prt-ent podtion of Knrop^in n Hi in rer. ier* it more newMgrY than befor - that the renewal of lhetrenty?.f the l?<th of June, I HI 5, all mild He in the btnnU of the (terman g'<?ernin"nti, t.ti'l tint tL? alteration* in It, re#jii>ie.| for toe gene rnl ?tre"gth ?u ! welfare. ?bould lie ecttled by them at?ne lt?it bo on" l? )M a po?ition to present a fft'e of tliinjr* being produced by a longer eon ti ro mco <*f the dM*ion in < lermant, nmong othef r *? MtV# ofeni'h (I fault, In which at fait only the Inter frr'ti e of foreign State* eoulri and would give the fiuiil ri -eidon V >?r K* * llency will eonAid.>r Ihe (in vwt no'* a coiiddontUi one, an I, ;\* such, onW communi it* it without delay to the gotatii. imid to which you are act'iedited. Kecei?e the a??uranee*, lie Vo.t St :iw aR^t.>?iKna V:r?- ?. Mar h 1 1*1 DretH* In Karnpr. Wie* Jitne Coo* ?, t?tt<-r known in Cttei'ifniv%in a? Jeanr ?'?-* >e e?;>)r-l ?l Iter r ?l'l' nrt. No. 4 lMI">w bull. I ln<!?. t n K?*bru'>i) 'J4 afti r a ^li >rt I'^neea ller iweatrl. *t I ;<et>'ir'^v# lit tier Inti* ri ide^i-.. in t tieilonJiAin.aiid In 1 r t '?? ?> ' * ? I ' I < an a\ Ml- 1 < iKwe tnlx?w -!t kn'ian to 111 ?t f th- ln'<^t>i'aiiM A !? ? J -tri ?inn.t rhe n?a.Je a 0 mat tan ef a jivifaitJ p>uni* te the flnci.-ty for the CoawloB rf tbe i?wn. On" of her latest chari* table act* w^x a donation of two hundred anil 1)0/ potmd* toward* the erection Ot i? ifallery in the prtri-.li cfiureb of Ohrlli'iikaM. which ?)? under (owtiarliwi beneath the archway of the foifth porch The trav!i;,'oiit rumor.* of MliwJ ?nafce'r WMltli arc in eirmla tion, but lt? preeUe umouM. we U-llne, in wholly un known. lfer property ronatrtetf ?f taM.*** and l uij in iinJ around CucHfnlwn. front her father, and larjie ?if iimtttatioaH in bink aa Mt other ?tork<. Mix* Cookr ha* left Hie xiiui of iMS t*XV to*!*- iHridcd analog ? he following rrMafcm* Hoeiefleii. vi* : Operative Jewiah I <'onvcrt?in>tittrti<>n A'l.iOO; Kpi-scoiwl.roMr*' t'hr?pcl ASra l/iinilc Society. HSW; Trinitarian RIMr Society. ?2. 1)00; ! < 'hlirrh Mlx-iutuir / ttdrtrty, i,' ?"> 0' X); llrili-.li' Muf Forcijrn ! iUWe Society JE 5, (.*>?; Malta Protectant t'oltejfe, ?1.000; I Kdinburi;h MiMe fl.000; Iri>!i HtwHy (f Lon don, A 1,0" W Tiic tmrtiftrix din-etx the within of ner panxiiitil property, Dot dUpo*.'! lit' by heraril. to he Tallied to tin- i-uJ>iwiiiciit of JUtriet ehurchc* or chtipcli in populi us parish"! TU~ ]htw mi.iI property ii nworti utiVr ?130.000 On Kebrmry 21 at hi* re<idcnce. 02 firand oftrade, Brighton, Hake Been M:iftnav4, at the advanced a ?v of 101 huring mrrin>4 hU wia>cnily a few weak*. A letter from Kin'tonl amounm the death of SI Oeoig" llrcntano. b.iuk-r, r4 ttat place, aged eight jr eifftit. Tiie r>ow!e.r<T CoiinteNS of fle<*iea erplr<?d on M ircii 2. It btrnianrl^n in *rlln,teon Hfrwt. in her ei .'hty-flrst 5 -ir lie.- Um.1 > >0iip wan (lnn?4i?*-.- of the rixtli l.ird Urnr -n su 1 by lier mart >i?e with tka* 'ate Kurt of S-fton. who diod iu ISoH. .-he had th ? [iwum curt mid other I btHIJe. The Honirable and Rewryiri (iwnwl Thom-n Noel di-?l at the vicaraic it Koniiiey. Hunt.. on March lft. The daily pa |ht- add that lie wa* brother of the Hart oft! iin? i~iroii?li the liouorabi ? and Reverent* B?pti?t N??4.thr if allocable and KcVcroud belaud Nivl. a*?t the llononlile I ami liWfHHl Kraneu J, Noel. II" wn* Imrn lH?e"inVT !?, 17K2. married Ohariutte, daughter of tlx* late .Sir l.a cimO'Bn-n. Hurt , who died in 19uS, learim;* la rye fami ly. 11" win appointed one .if tin- canon* of Wine beater iu 1KM, Md wa.-" appointed by tlie dean and chapter of tlwt are, vicar of Kuinxey, llanta, in 1X40. Mr John Hell. >1 1? far Thtn>k, died on W-dne.|.y, M*r<rlif>, after a prolonged iiine^ lie win a staunch proti rtVaoiet. -Itid Mi died jouujr, tx'iiur only t?r*.j yi irn of a^-e. He wa* unmarried, and fair Mtate* go to nia I ? ei-ters Bli Meiij , weit known a* an rutomalii^'trt, iliisl at (l',i , iu 1:^) ;jt, en th<* I'.itli of Jrauary. whil.- returmtiK frout nu ekpeditiua to tiiejunrtlou ot th" Hlue and White Xile. If* w <a 1 ivad of th ? ttnu of M?*ily, Ituruilly aMI IV>? of Li* i-ryooi, uud I. eld a hi^li position ou 't'liaiiif" Df.\r? <>? r Am K\mii r Hood. Itini . M. !* ? Tlii< puUmiMdiii im thi* Till install' ;it liin town re-lid -lice in W Igmori at i-ee? md 5T. 11- wh returned it tlie i>i/i'. gi'tii r?? election for t lie weat ern dlrUiim of ^iiii ?'rsi*t. on nmierv itir ? :ind prnti-ctioiint principlar ; .? rieaii"y i.- noir, of courjx-, oeeaatoned iu th* rxprvaeiHa t iiaiofih.it rmtflltarne). Deacea.sed ?a< a nephew of the la?e Adatin! Stir Samuel lio?l, whom h ? (Uccin- 1 -d in lRI t. imt ??? the only K0uoftliel iteC ipt.il'> Alex itil'r liixkl I: N , wV>? *v atuinon brirt thi' M i n, tt th i-upt or- of L'llerf ul" 1 T'W. II ? w n ln-'.r in rein lin I -r to the Mali luron/ of Itridport. Sir AlecnnJer in irried. in 2 HI i, Aui -li.i A no ?. j imnij >?t il ?ujht -r an 1 c >-b 'ir ot J* ii* Ilo?h Hitera.iu, Bart., of'll ii-tiuytnn Hall, of DeHit - hJiire, bj wlimn lae Ins b id inroie ? tw.i koiii and three il.iucli'ei Ue iivtiNwdnl by his t">u, Alexander Ila .e. mm Koi Mu?lr and the I>ramn. I Mr. 'i met W .Ilia... VV alU,-k appear-d. tor th ? , H? *ln"l r tV.Ur,, I .on. ion, ! he H?h of March It will be f*ni*inWr.Nl that I. ? n?, 'tor1-; r? f-,,v r "'k' ,,fr,r ? 1 ai. benefit liaJl^n tgivjn t, iiro;. I theatre. i! \. ul.aiV- !tb>u iu London h n been m i<K? at a %rrv i.n,*irtant a.i-1 try in- ,,.,,.,1. tii.lv' 1 '?'?J'-11 >?'*?* aii'l wlicii :l frt.iy ftrvitf t::ig.?dKtii imy t?k ? hi., pin..,.. \V ,, .. Hi -i or not Mr. nilitek will AI! th ? taennev, tin. ? nlono can determine. Th- iwtor, I.owm er, lm-.b-.Mi I K.iidlv and we.l -ived. the critics t,r..,?.?^- to w.i. arid -c ?l..i| liv an do in a ?'.?rie-ofi- i.A .on h tint th.., Jar th, ch,.rn,?r of i Otbel. o. in win -h I,.. .. J..** ar-.'il, ha* Woi.i. i iii-iit, and i.vjt t i.. |triu<*i|>iil critic- nf tin- j ' '?* 1' "" lr" *!'r> '"""'.ly iiH|.re^-?' t wnn tin* | pertorri; im e. i.i- ii.-vt arrival will briti^ furth.-i | intelligence of hi* position. I Tk-jiiew di.tun >f ? V ?l ?, ?!<.," in w(,ich ltaeh-i I play, twv par4-, and rim* |u been im- I .11 1> eutveaditl M the I i?cutro i rautau. Uach -J b..? <-urp iv.-d hcr.-a.df. (Viito and hr hn 'm.wl hve taken their btncftt : I i'Vf Pan. (Wra. Tb<- performance ncludcd frtgrnenU 1mm three of tliMr met iHipuUr ballcU. Tlu- ww a brilliant ot*. Jullien find bi? uM.deinn.-., with Jetty Treffr have b<fn jt'vii'jc (?>nr'rt* :,r l?|ymouth and other pro vincial towns in l-.tiglmd. ( itindl - .Nif^n i.H at (;,.,v.i, wi'!. hi- fcrother. riot !i.n ing boen at In., n.itho t..?n for u.-arlr three l '"?* ''?'*? i?? *aU.-uti?wi :ire itaturallv oecut.ied l>> Iim friend, and relation*, and he will nrulMblv r.-n. tin until he l~?. ? for K.igl.md, to ??.f,t at the grc it exhibition of all nation'. Hr- flftrt:,v/ II arid, London, a inoano*, th?t ?Kany land w.ll probably be in 1 mKl.?nd in Inn... anil that ,h ? will mike it prutincial tour in t V> autumn. it ad It. t hv ?be ero-rt iin.? at lire- -it no idea of git ing concert* in I...n l?.ii Bof?*?in; anuou ice... in th.- l^.nd.n p*p^, th>t he wtli anne.n H.atcit> iu hUs, tud .V^in t!i.;v t jr (Ik* ?oi MjB. A!'*' *?' Br?ham will |n I.<,n.|.jn d .rin the roiling .n Caroline lhipr-' i." t4 appear at April '?* ^ ia the flr.-t ?eek of Tli v r.i.on of the ICojal Italian Opera, I^n.|..u f aatKMjrni -d to (-..in-n.-iii-e M.irth SMh. "t.iiil" limuie Tel! would b- the list opera, with Taia beiiik aa Atnold. Vtrtixtonpo i- announcei to app,-?r iu Loitdon aur'Oft tile present va n?n. . it. Iii.nci \X .ill.?r k ha? baen verr?n^eex,fnl hia i^rftmnance* l.i, return to 'the b nni-of tli' 1 1 in market tlu-atie. Mi - Lttiira A,ld.>.M< in id . her appearanco iu Kuuwle,' ?f .. tj10 w lf . .hninK liMrngHfem Mit.an.1 m^le quit,, a ?w.i-,it?,..V . he ..<a >vung !:?d/ of unqne-itioned geniit?. C'hail-i Kean' iiifinag-rncnt of th? I'rine,,*'. J i vet y Micee-tul. Mr. and Mr*. Kean. Mr. aud Mr*. Ki-.-lci. Mrn. Win tanlev. Mr. Mar I y, and otiier?, form a j^werful v.,tnpi,nv. 11, ?r CRaulf .comedy ?? L...- in a Alaw.S ?I4 lo b?. lilt iwnt production, ard *? . coiapletel/ *ttcce?*fW. .,** '"r' at 1,1 " Ln^ V l-lphi flit (uc |M\9U <>u which tliw* MkrviM o( ih" a.Mru 'i ( Utu^ Mr?4r?. Uni Inn'* (IrrnUr. Li^uo*. frUi;, Mnn-lt 14 ? I* M Th?- further po*t,vm,m nt of tfe- lln lp-t mt tli> 2M in?' ml W,.-|w ti ..t- i.i a rcrj un.. ttlH atate, fruM the un r'ilul) thai (u-t? with rr?^ rtto lh? rlrt , ot K.. r fMirent rehitWr to rn-.-.m- ilnti, , ,n.| ?r h .re to re |? rt cotitluu.-U iir. liil'j in the |.r -li re Market*; ??th Ih'-err. ii' iiiti.h .-r.- . -r.ofc<rft ?i ?hl. h ba? d <rliae4 t-illy S J |?er tb . no material <Iiit<s |,n. rerun -I ii. pr for the fwtnc i|wi t rjiv-.ifii.,n, ?( ih.- w -.\ r f.-r * .? to th" ?.,Iu.hi? J *-t!,i^ Th.- * - far ?U, -r far In lm m?int>?ln?owrqn.rf,t|.H. of l4 p,.r ^ fi>r anJ ? I t,il per j? for Ur ?U?i r a?l ?t lh..-r rate, the laet arrirat from M -*l.- i. aVnn a milli<>? of ?tm?r? ha. | all Ik^vi | Avia, flr? ?, hare be** , ty l??|. w.vk, with On* J. .aanj I mi' without f.r-a.|n< wtfara. ant maa> ae ctirili:* thit ?r- want-.! rannot )?> fnn?,t T.'tilt ? U ?t?t. ? (? |?-r cent Coupon b-tiib. lOOnlOOi, In reritHi.m \W1 *. . MM. N?? ? otk si.w ? MS' a, ''H1 ?'?- fr-* ''el'tarhanU 6'a. H4 a ?; H.f M^'nZ\" 5V- '?*? Warylana Pt. r in^ i ?, HH j, n.i i ? . |,j,j a j(|. U.III- .. rwi-iiiu,.!, tl .M an.1 r.7>)lMfat -.tie t .11 ti it Til. .r:< til III I thifil ffa?ff f'liiivl tmri-ra It >o.|ti. raaMark rrr, I >w f. ttne. ... it , %, nj', 4., a .u h.i Mi-,|i-ia atlrer. it a.*- 4.1 \ TrtnMa.l at p.,14.. mU h.r- l-.-n piin.ipallf <ti4|w>4.ti of frnm lt? a .?< (.1 |,? ?r,t,M,ri t'. f>no rt,|, Ik 1 iik full |.rir. f '+Tf.t -Tl?- puhiii rale* thi? w -.-k h^irr nnlv ennabN f-f 1 "O I.Tt- tv.ta Hie*. -JBO ha|.-? MwIm I0? ea?k? ! rlantatton, and IjBUO tatga Natlrr wht? ti ha, ? all f' im.l Imj <-r? .-.t at> a.lr ral.-? TI10 favoraM.- r.',utl 'lf 1 the flM?t>ulch 1 ale of l.l*m.,|., wkirh took Him at IAmefardni 1 on tiia litth in?tant ? alien th,- whel- t|.ian Mt) found r. ..tr l.njreraat tin- full ,aluati>.n<. ?a? fr. in . "J1* ,'"r Jll,r ?~ha? f i.-nti-d a l?-tt. r f.-Hin? With 11,. anJ there r*r- n<n> b?.> -r? of \a?i?e t>*|..n at ?7a. ; ...t.i, . |.are. U of Ptantatfan kin I* hate al-o thaiiai .! han-la *1 ! an itiipr'i?f-oi<.iii ?f i, a j? fr,w tiK. |?t? i.nve4 Mini I Fnrrliin ile.eriptl .n. "ha?'- lik.-wUe U-r? m .ni in r^iurl I wild 11 (WW l*a<- P t U -ifi.tiiT'. bare Ik-^ii wrf'l at ti. ikl . 'l.-lit > aW" wr.i'le hi tli. .|.^k?, T99 btuta Mi? nt 4V u ?h> (?t Till a yr|<i of J HiM) iHig, {'*>t ftr'l Itraail at ti* f'?r a tii ar port Iu the Ch/b.'* tra>le rather m ir? Hrmn?M haa t-o?, *!?,< q Ihla we<-k Imt no Imprnrement In prhwr ran h.< ?a>. Hoatli^ rar*<?a..f m4X l'oli?h ?>|.-^a *hf at tw?- lir^n 1 f Hinj; at tal a ."?l? . and of Iml an euro at 9< % -jh, far ll.raiin. !*aii>niei and Tnaean. with UaUU at Mb. ? ln^ Anicriran ft"ur la ararreand f'?r '???> ur two -umII uwrroU ?*a?it I far e<|io>rt. Xfti a ?1- ftl Im, li.*n paid, inferior kin le arr almnat unNti.-4l.le tndred ?>? L*?e litt|.< Ivn wofli ,-tpt Ka ? p. t htrr-l The a Tent*.- pr*^?. of KnitUhh wh-^t far the *wk ea ting %t|? instant w^t ;>w, M j-erlmp tjr far. on haa nil.-,! heavily with .* ,)?" *n|ea hi, /In" W n eonflned toSanntmlM .anrat.fnm |v,.| a5 ant , balra Madraa. at ? S4 N-inu rntli-r eaai.-r At l.trrrpo.,! L ^ r'rt. r.ffTW" h"' ?" ? r-ln. L^r^t mfa ? *? ?m-Tf*'?l<'.nd>. wHh a dull mark, t mtddlin* (tokraiM la f|ant~l T.t , ; Mtki p-r Ih T V?" P,U,r mh* t-l'^a r, MW r^<?r?4t ?,d r ?4tty K-om 3\i , %,-4 , M it. qnaUt*. bci"| "btitt bract r?tc? ? oKej ?u <x taken Id at 5*. (VI. 2S fane* oil of ca**Ia cold from Od a !?. ad., briQK cheaper. 14 c?M'< Vermillion partly Mid at 4*. 'At ;? 4*. Sd. t? ?tuft* ft urn ttnimi -<?1<1 freely .?! full jfrire*. up to ?1> 10*. for (jo,'Hl qualify For Homb iv stun Ankb tlwi' ?i* norr iiuiifrr, Mil 80 rbmti <old fr<-?-ly fn 111 '?1*. a 42*. M . being ai/pnt 2*. ieWW. (teinhior hrhl ftrtnly at 1 V #d. a 15* 9d. Vdfl ha* been ?"ld to a firtr extent from I!* a?l?. 4'lii ia camplior la q Hotel nominally b0? ? 77*. t*i. Quickailv W 3*. SM. a .'U Nil., in is quantity. TOrkey opium U vety q'iiWt. an! 1 lit. il III t nearest value forfirnl <| rialit y . /I i m p ? ,Hf l'i't?rHburg flrH 11 . out ?hot iiVl WMmp re. awia ti.- left yioti-it. unit ??? inianti1 requ^**- Manilla i very i-rarce. aud in tnueli dim and; the lirl arrival* will | ro/Wtiiy coiilniiaU jt'Co.i jCl&fcr standard i^qwIHy, if not ni"f? Him ? ? Atnalrjwtenlajr of 77.0JJ Kn-t I ii*i:->. COfflO wr>? Mid: tli" demand from tin- trade w.i* Hat. *1*1 tuid illiiijj :i?l 'fair kip# (Old 1 ,?i lower. Ktport kllJA' X'N oiil> in raoderate auppljp, ami rtuUtcd tally l ite r ???-. I.inioo- TratiMielion* in Ka<it India ,->rt* conlltiiie , limited, bi.t holders n'.-ofi^rrfinii. fi?W *eron? UiutrtNUI* at auction luve been reali*ed at itirimpruceiuont of Ml n ; 2d. on ptvTkMH milt*; middling and tine C'orte* to e*t %

flue Si>bra wl.itl{ from 4tl. itlk. Wf, with very bad J ' to >ittiua ry Cortes from lv 8d u IR I luo* ? Anaitive detimu i ha> prevailed for rail-, and | | price* have advanced'; nun* *rti now tobe had under ?0 lo* . free 011 board in Waif, .uiJ'jh the wk*r< are i|eue L rally full of order. tilt nutut'in, a further improvement It 11' t unlikely VVrUll bar- art) utiil (JBnii il ?1 1 "> < . a Jt'4 , ^ ilf Od. ft ?r common, fcoti'h pig -I V. fur niinl number* on the Clyde. I.* Hi* very Ann at 44*. a 40-. for W< stem. Limii'IpCiiu move rid .-lowly linn 'Hueri.nn in . p.lfka^e^ ure otferintf tit jt'T lOi . and thick rwnnd in imlV j I at tf'j. l.ondou uude ?' pe.- ton. ? Oil*. ? In O h and olive ii? hate no 1 trtiunttem to re |m>i t tud price* continitc noniluitly the <?in ? Pals ; eocoa nut 'JO*, a S&. Lln?e?d in !.i; deinin't at 6d. a 33<>. 9d. lln 1 . ? confliMHl to 0.07^ bo** M*ll** throat 7a. a 84 for interior to goinl, if iU-ngal (;mlu, beHif( ;i;iu rather 1 hcaper. 1 ^aliitiri iu limited re^ue?t. and of C.Urt 1 ?'?? 't.,n.?Hl at m ii< (inn, only 'J)0 ha#* vreru sold .it ?. fi>r >'? lo 4 II- ivt'nu tion; the remaiii'ler. refracting 1 ') * , to f r lb*., 1 wan bontrfct in at iff*. Ad. US hair* Midau hoW ?" . tki. a IX'*. Nil tate *? i i ..< Id llrm at 1 1'. Oil a '?< Si t mi n tl main- ? iviil . with Citfer teller-t ot Sile~i.?tl, at Xlt> on the apot.Md for ?prin( ddtW". Sfu i *. ? IVf uiHlff Mtli'^ of 'Mt bate- It iurixin cl ?r"* at 0',d: 70 Imik* lt'ii?ul ffiiirfer, a 17* ftl. 1 IK,, in 1 I?tr> Pimento ftom 4\,il' a ' , it for ord. t> pwd. being >,d. ebon per. . | 1m i. a*. ? 1> ?? liaye lud adult market thi w wi{. nntl pric< ? lia vi? l#wn rather in buyer'* favor. tfco<i{h aen r ii ? t|UotalioM aro unvaried. I'll- .nUaa of \V . ? *t India <lo | Mot fictitl .*>SO lib ilo ; while of Mauritius Ih-n^ai and 1 Mltdrat. ntnint |{t000 i<.iRi have chnii^ed hntid> At pnb l'< .-ale KW ca?> It^iiia wnrn partly re*|i/.*.| from ".*? , tiu hir brown, up t? 41-. for mid white; >vhfte 5 "'JO lwi( > fair clayed Maui'< i were boit|(hi i't at .17* a . S7k Oil Prilately. triMDMCtlont h ive be, Ml eontiued to l*>ken yellow Havana, til 40n. .'Id. a K)- tit . ait I -MO )ia*krte Java, at CUk a 4o<. 0d. "ilie cowpiny'a Mle of <r ,ti ?i bti-kt'l* ,lav:?. Iiwil, p'nee al Am^lenlatn on .'>lh j tar taut, when the w)w>i?r ijuaiitily found buyer* fr >oi < 'J'i.'i f 1 ."-I'jf f?r No ! 1 to No 'Ji. I?'itu; from |nr t.i H j ?dtattretiii tb" vilnitlor-. though * "?(. Ih-Iow the ? currency of their Nov tr'ier Nile; the raault in t iu-i- ' 4ered favorable, and raore deinan l i? ajenoaily auiVi- 1 put ett In the neighboring continental [>ort 1 Tai.lom ? We liavr Itatl nii|i> |nwr>l imjuicy, and the j inar'u t elo*M liinily. at 39?. M i>ir M Peter* "iin(. \ . t'., j both on tlie ?p "t and for new tallow, i1"llver iMe i'l the ia<l three Mmth*of tlie year. . Tl.i. ? Tb? cliii f demand ?? -till for common OOil'i III, at tlx. tit 1- In rlb., ?t wbich lb) re I* little irffa iiij at ; n aent. KiKlit v. bowec-r. have arrlvist thl< ? "k t inn ( ItiiiH. imi t hat t tv in. if I. I will 11 .w be vi eil .-upp 1''" I To ami Ti* Pi < : 1 s rom iia a- I t -t "|Uote ? bit' th- 1 ia.,f.. t to. the torui r i* qui-t. Ue quote h.tu 1. at tN otr.iit*. M*. T.? ii ? o ? Nami-h IIih wt ???';; f !??* tl 'min l j Itt^ it i-xUt iiel) iiuntC'i. bttl i*hll r M?ibtn fiim. TV r.n ^ tim ? In :int i?f jJiort tmftjtll*** f ??u y?Mai* (UtTf Iia l>? til? ,rH"l d?Mii.4inl ati.i !'? ? l ?t** nvrimilM t f touali ti;mc Ihh'II nvi lil) b*?ug:lii up it i* ' I. . p?^r rwt , (hi I 0?I h ii"W ; 1 >k *\ SplrHn ir?* nl-?? ? ihtiifi? AiNi'tiron. !?"?< &).. Knuiirli .U 04. p>*r c^t | WffAi.iitoAi in limit t 1 1 ; w<?iv NioirtK ifi.it i'174 ^ ?1^**. nbiJ Si tann N. \fr*i it JT 170 |*r tun Market*. | 4i< n Tmi.i Kri 1 1# . Mrfivh II W ' ? liiionrla-t riport. iliat ( )>.? jjrkn lico.iglii l?> j llw Africa, i-f the M rlog* leeli'ie ol' about '(d. jm r III mi ; cotton during the (frvkiiu fortnight. Iiad in* all.*e|.**l I llii< mirki 1 1? m) irreai an rtli nl a< lu>l Ihi'I nntii'i | p*U-d. ti ml I hi" ?.iii ? i4 )arii< had been cSmHihI Kt i \ j i nn?|>ar:itivi'ljr alight decline on the pri.e* of laat wee'; j | Sllor then, fpinner* liuve continued to ?bow great ' Ihlnnru. iin t tli.ro i- or no di-po?lti.>n evlne *d 1 to prea* rate* There i> !???, hwi'ti't, much ] ?l'?fi4 einee Tin ..lay In an f dt'ji irtux'iit <>t III.* )*rn ui iil.it buyer* |? iti'inlly i?i . cm ruling tit -i- nio.it protng ?ri|?r' Price* uia>' !?? i|imt?| from i^,l. to la-tow ih<?" current at tli- mrrcipoudta* pert *J ot l.i#t In doth I lierr i> a lc<? farurnlile ftate of III ? ?ur<i'l to t*I*T than in yarn* Tbe demand I ?? lb. IM*t Hailed .-? itr.anil price i an* character!-.! by .nn< )i irnguiarit; but tin- itinera! tendency aincr 'l uo- J i^ ln< lai n In favor of tbc Intjcr Tlie ?ilk trade at Mnrcli-ftcll coollnne* to linni-of.*. I ft ?|o?1j The pri-D-nt M'tioii i? .jen ijlly tli ? in >d .??- ? tin* in tin- j if; but fruin ?om<- cau-e or other, ilr.jir ami meri **r* faun tin- country urtrrrl) com < Info til* ii'ni kc t ?? ?;; ? tln*> <? iiiy buy trout aii-iim.* ? . .i Altli-.nch th.> demand I rimil. manufacture.'* vr m Ciiicl/ ? v? r known w ilh I 'wcr tjoo.1 in t If-tr ? iix-Ii m-j? ( ItrooMy ii ( It) Intelligence. Ni? Cm ll.m-it m .? t'i nwi m llmtin' tle.je* . I rwl. nlaj a M< rn- ">ii. fhorli) after I o'rNk tli t I tin! Iihj ( < iiinill tie of I ln? in til ut ion a '?cinMed OH th* |.l it ot gnati. I adjoining 1 i -Itlmrton I'irV on wh'i h th* h ?*;?? tai if to l?* < rwt* d. to |? rf< nil the renmoiiy ot -kmik ii>*ciotm<l ' lb*??l< - tin* t mimitt' ?'. Mr. Au^>t'tit< lira kim ill. Uon"i ?t tli' mt^nittcenl *ii tn ot tlurti t'i -n ' rami llr> '111- rm\ Ajrv* MeVahon an I ot!i*r I mrdu-al gentlemen wew prwwent. a* w *re M r J. -hn J HI >- ? , i rili* artliilci t. and I In l>uitdcr- .Mr. .'?oimi mi I'unSit'n. tin M.i i ii, I;. tiiiL* Ii>wii i| tli** mrtli I'r II jalett, th** ? t'lwii niMii ? f the Rinldirg Committee railed on Mr Au < r''-lt.f tlrahrai a- their in?.-l lil. vil l?*ii"f??ioi' lot* ,-. ? up the firM flimi'l-tull lir trn-t *t IImI Ii" i Mr li i l>.:ni| ?i ttid li?i* |o m**' hi - (fo* *1 ?<>rk in artu .* ?.o -r. I i*?u. ntul ? i? quitr rrit.iln that million- of llrookli mi < ? "i1 I In )i in ? toci mi', l.li'?? hi? nam* Mr tlrnh.ain ?h# i- ? mo t r* -|a< talili* rltiavn ht*rc. and (if ?rry a.l? inc<**l i . -. llin* up It alio-. . i-full of ciifth into i c.nt. c*lill.ltli*< In lull!) ('ihkI will Mliali'Vi r ln? Irn ki"! In ?l*or M I : II lli'tiliiuii l?r< I In. lit l . Thornc A>r*'? and otli ? ? i I i> ni. ii th**u did liki*?lM nod tb<*y ulim-tli afln -i I* 1 Mpiiralnl 1 li?' ({roiinj L- aituatrj imiacdiaU-lj .i ? j ?i--t i f W i-hi'v u fark, mi ? |o;t known a* "t I frort tin en. ci ni|ii*4?i tulotf frnntimt <m IU??m.l <tr??t,Md j i* i.w it t tii mot ?*li ?n?"l ami ill] ?pot* in tbi- t*Mr Tin main hnildirf which I- 1 hi* on!) part of the pri*j rt.*,| In -|Mt.il which tl VuMinlttee are thin pr?*pir**.l lo pr i- j fO'.| ? nil. if rairnlati d to aeennnmdal*' T(l?.r '?i |i?tl til. j It !>? .'*J fn t front. Iij .m f.*?*l front. I>) . ?l fi*et d .*p fwit | ?tor,?'? hliiti, *ith r*len?io(i ;*? fwt anuar*,< and t!uve 1 I '!? rii ? lii.ih. Tlie i xtiivion b In rvMla llir nfntltt' nam . taiil titlier convenience* The -an|i .ire to I** i ? rw my ami airy, 4^ fi-* 1 1>> II fi*?*l ? n h. nal It I ? ?'?iliiiii III I. I. nt. m^atiil it f .it, cfittnn* it iylo.net ? , tin* j plinaan I draale j < f nliirh %n- nit jir*pinit , the itlin-n f ii a rf the* fire to tv* (k! feet 1 1 4Afeet e o*h. in I ? Ililc . i h? i* I it of . t- rh ?. K.ai h ?rln? loaci .anu??l?te Iti* pail.*nt i : 1 he ililtt too an* ill} anxion* t?n^ ro t one ? hia ill .i t. In.UHilialcly ; hut the doaitioiwa.i l -ulaai rlpti*mf iln*.i.l) IK-elred fall rhort h? aleint |IOi?M '< the auui rei|iltr>Hl ? l< r ll.iit |.n tp. ??* flic bnildinc i- tn l?* a mo-t -uIiMhi ? liel n d l.t ck one. of IIm* minlern H)h of an-hitn-lnn* >t i h nn iuatitntlon. on an eatenaice eah*, Ii iiui h r ? quintl. th<* pr. ?ent fit) ll' -ptt#l l*in^even now totally irHile<|iut.' to t Im' n"|iiireio.'Hi i>t tin Imseni'l ,|uiekl? In. n aaiti* |?*t?nl ition of Hc>?AI;ii The alnivty j ?iiIm rilwil h.i *. hi ?" n chb*#y con4 ri font t*4 hy th.* iMftftwi, , it lie ,. ol.U. In (.'iHni liariiii d wv* Uttte In ai.1 of a*? ? ** t .j an oil). . t. |ir llaairH ha* bc-a utiM '.*al?n? an-t ?? ? IH.M- in Iii?e4l?w1>, a< ha< Mr .loan II. tir.ibain. ' *?r th. r ?.f tit.* p. nii. iii.in befon* nam.- 1, a ho r.Mitr'l.m > .1 | anrh a hw *nm II i* .opp.if.il tlial the ground will )? ' I ii Ih tl and Ibe liliiidiiut i -Miiinen .*d in ala>. I ?e..k< A.tinin llitiin ndVn win Ci?i -Julia I* # . -II n* j i ' liarjul l.| Mr< I^t( with cmiiilltllt a |ta-> a?<ioW lij flotiri ?>*!( a hitteh.'t ?tomahawk fashion irer Ii ?r '? lw ad aft.l tlin at. niiitt to a|illt M ? that l?. th>? complain ant ? Iwnd. the hati h. t A *lr? IVpnn ?v e .lied *? ( a wHnrw and the thai ladi<*?. nf ttw - ntnndal tlie h?;'. ci llbl n?'t he (aid to he ? po?lti?ety" Idaek. twit rwthw lo rt |m*-. nt the three d' tfceea of ?<anparl??.n It a|? I*. a r* >1 I 1m. I th. MI.I1 M It waa th. dl?tmte<l H^ltt to tlw w e ut a cloth.* line, and aienii |?rti??w on K^l? ?hlea W ire present, all Bl< (e or le?a intenfte-l In eer- i lain |i? mi.i.. at the c furl of Kandi rtnft TH argS ! rcidiiig imikr the M a Powell th.- def.-nd anl. ttwl irnantly il.-me.lt hat fh.- ?H..-d llw* p? | tiitrl* or any of the part lea Tin* dlfnio id Mm. I^r^ lei'iiied e.|tii|ly hurt at .litdfe tlarrlwm f'.rf"lltng her nurital appi-liali n ami a<Mrra*in<t her h? llw* i nnmmi i rgtn men i-f Urow-n." which. !<? do her jwah e ?<?. eer tnmly a III if n. mer After n patient inve.i i^alhnt. Ju 1^.* ' .'niltii difini'fed t he ?a>e with - a caution ' I'ibi Vi.timnt? Tan Thii m*ii fin lli-ana-n IWo . j iim Pimii i Hoar. ? A dwelljn< litu?* In tlan-m-wtt an niie. n. ir t lu'hing aicnna. owned and orenpted Ii) Mr II. rnard I vnvh (ml, tire yivt.nl*). |l nil noon, anil *?? burnt down The alarm wa? not jin-n until (l>? 1 tl ime* wrre 1. 1 onj control, and though the flr.nn.-n turned owt with their uati.il nlwrlt) ami c\erte.| tli n alrpt tn the iitmoat. the h>m<e ami mart) ill the fnrnS litt. were fii-uiai .| The hsin* wa? ialne.1 at ab nit ?1 rt*; only 1iH??i .< which wa? orenil hy Ut'itram -. Mr L;o< h had hut Tery latrli m?.ted In ami III' tnr.'t lure *a? unififarid? the |oaa by that lielna r*tinul- I at fl.tMl TVf ?re thrre i? little ilouht wn i/i a-ion.il l?y a flaw Ii tbc chimney Ni w U-aarit Aim ?? ?r Fuitai mi ?At a ??.*etiivi "f the H. ard of ."'nprrviaori. Ii. id on Friday aHern em Mr ierry, frutn the bnilding romuuttae. itpilM th.?t th" lo^r-t eatitaate for ma'-in work wa< fIV4 **t?. ??*' f"r ' pentcr work, %?& T;tJ, and it *?< tv?d?cd that r.intr?*t* , h. entered Into on thoat- term', proride*! tlie Ue*ri<l itnr. nuthorired. I?y law. the loan ot api'lb d fat, that board, fur the erection of tbc building Pnlltlrnl Intrlllcentr. T?r? Aannrrnw Cmrnw. ia aimrir oitTi ? TV A hr III km .Htale t'onTentlon of MawtrhiVMrll. I mtw an n* anc.'.l lo tie held at Ihe irem-mt Temple In Rta?.>? It waa not Ihangl.' Mlaimbtr ta bold it in W ore aiter, \i I I hwton f Ifcpyren t {if iriial fcnlrf o< thf City Intelligence. Anemia ?riiii VuLinunUon:. ? On Friday another (>f the Ki w York Volunteer* followed t hi* lon< li-t of hi* j n ni| tinion-i-in-artn*. who hare perUhed from di*ease c< utiartud in the Mexican campaign, Hi* name wn Leonard lli'UM*, ami aged "J4 yearn II.' resided with Iti* mother In Twenty-fifth .'treet. near Ninth avenue He wit* found dead in hia bed at T o'clock A M !(<? nrrrnl lluou|tli?ut the Mexican war. lie told In -mother. on liin rrlurn. that h<- rauw hack to dir. lie said hi- felt a paiu wbcfit III* heart He lingered for the la?t Ave month*. I Wiiiiiutkr MtlirM year*. t hi* in the ntcotid *on. to gether with her hu-'oaud, hut by Mr*. Hou?c. TIm ' ot her wan fc;iled by a luonnnotive Iler'*. itkltfii. hiu Imm a haul lot. The Coroner held irn im|ne*t, an t :l verdict *ri> icUirnert in accordance with tin- foregoing u?-t*. I'i ?ino> Da Uaiin.it. ? We refret lo announce in our oMtnarjr of th!* day. the Jtfnrw of Horatio VV I UrMlcy. one of Hie lioux' phyiirian-i i * Itellevue II n i jiital. lie died OB the *J9th in*t of t> j-h??* fever, oou trnclcf in tile dlackaTif* of Ids duties ill the hospital He tv:?a * young prwUeinan of anperit*- n4tal?uii*nt*. and (iiTe iiNetid.i at proCBCve of rising to di.?tinclio.i in hi> profe-nit-H. l>i ?nt t* AVori.rvv ? Coroner (T"er yesferd.i/ h<-i I an inrjueat at t!>e 4th wart alation liofre, on the >mdy of IV illiain J. Cumber*. ii|^*d 4o year*. born in Ki.ir.and. *ho < nil? to iM? Je.it li l > a fit ol'apopler./ Thedec n-ed. t necm*. the fhtht pretittr* about 10 i? -lock, wa* fi Mud 'i ? leeble ,-tate. l)iiw on a 'loop in Oil ? -r idreet The ] "?irH took hiin l"?tlie Million liou-?c On hi* tv.ty tliew, I.-' wih rtned th? ofllrr tint he wa> witlicv' home ant fri. n1* tu tlii* eitj. S^mi after urritinx ?* the *tatioif I hoi ?? ihediiea eif expired. Verdict, J a h by ?po- ! p e*> Tu IKk??w^ Me? 01 in I>n.?ne?ito ? On t^e r>?r?>n of the inkiiowii man fciundin the water foot of t'litbartne atreot. ?witiciil in th- HftiiU Te?terda; . wa- t win! th" remn m'of a letter, in ?hieh the names of Mary I'ldler, 1 Mr. Bm.fcr, and Mr.- SlWhMI, were <Ji ornible The let- | ter wa.* dated China. June 22d, 1347, au t appe.ireil to l>e innn*wer to a letter from N e (.Mean*, of .lime the Oth. , 1*47. Turn) relation* of the decca*cd. the teller n <(ht perfectly intelligible. It cau be aeen by apply iajj !? Mr- Bleak lei. Deputy Coroner. l*-i ist iciu Danw^i i ? The ('? roner yc?tenil r li'M an ini|ili t at th " foot of Jime*tlij>. on the ol in iiiS.int. a bun I ?? y*r <4d. found ftoa'in^ in th* river it : that place \liltiam Martiu tlb-eui er^l th " child in the water, and drew it up ia n l?ike|. Verdict, run*" of | death uuUnoot An > veil i> Itk >wuh> ? A IjO 1 : t three o'el ??!? y '?l erd.i f m"rniii({. two burglar- at -m pt , 1 to cut thr ush i -i |e il'MTiit a tlutilii:g Mtore. W avenue C, kept by llwKit' ? Hi. i _hl' ii ti M liea, *h > ? ai i ?? jiiu^ in l!i" ^tore, heard them m l (jot tip. when t he) t'*? h '.irio^ ! im ia tu. i, prei tpitati'l, tleii, oimI e .,ipi-.| urr^-t Aiahmo? I'm i ?The alatui of lire in the Third di* t rict alMiiit U'ilf-;m -t twelve oVioc \ on !? rulnj , ? i? e in '? 1 by the biirtiini; of th ? rhiinney of hot"..', 1 :>T I'harl. ktreel A few pal k< roMUituikmte 1 with ill ? P*yf. ? hieb i^uit' d but w.i - c Milieu Uhcd ?ith tudin^ J iiii ne I iu Snik.>' A*s.w iai in*.? Veete^la/ I'vnio'.' til* , \i ? Vort. I i* sto len' A."^iV'lat Ion S-i 1 their ?ei mi , mittios in Contention tl.ilt. iu W ???tei rtr e; I'li.- .ih jie- i f I hi? a-.((l.il ion i i the iuiprov eira-ut of tile juui>r 1 rt n Jen', in th ? pi-ileir-i in At J e^lerdwy '? meeting t h"f principally in oixani/init. in n'viaiiet the j ci i:?tit?tion. an t enro".iu4 new ia. nil?"- The ntuaber \ it ii* . i. :u!h ... in.-li ,1'nie i iw ; : V'J yeit dt/, 1 n;.i ,? liafe reachtd friau twelne to fifteen | Ni h Ha*! ftniiiAol ? I ji. m.w*^ l\iM?ttr \'.i 1 ? , Uli.- C"*!|Mliy |I.I-X 'I the If. lU l ftiee yTnte.'it iy ,lf|er notiii on I heir .-ei urn froui ;-h ? earrun. iiii? , \ ,?nli ' lk< ic l?'a?tiful new cai'riai^*. ?tinh i? I lee- initial with m me tnn > Uaiideoute |aiiutin^a. Thet w *.t< accompanied ' . < 1 1 .npjuii .1 l>y >ntkei-'? W i -hiii|^ou l>ra*? lnud lit. i h.m i> oi Ami im i u tN.;i%i I oiciti llirti woi'i ? ' T i-iU'irr- w . America#* Ihiri^ie em ,i?nf N i ?l. pro i -I uii in evc'ir-i hi l i ILiJtim ir -. ohere. .? ? im I 1 M n?l. the m<i*l ae:ite preparation* ire heiiiK ma te to Bit" llwm a >jw,?n i; I ewe; it Ion me til it ?:.? .^'lip-e ?;i I' rut i rci-eption.- "loeir#?.iine hi* juM c.nne btek f. i-ui the paint .md louka Weil It i* h[il':i*iiUy d rait it lnl? Jtf:s i* t?t jrv/* ? 1 vrntrrfrrt .?Oil T!l*Uf*-fc?JF nrr* i- ! illtf, a Ih?- ? f fll||rt?H'|| l?> iU?* uiin * of ?J.?in ?* It witt- but *h ? ||?iv?* tlii' fiet it i HL* unm * of Mont- i ninrv, (twtf tnrj m itt ?m:?< iit^ to pas* ?? *- Win^ r H I >."? l.i.I pin pnrt.nj I i In* on lln* Jtiili lun i' ? Mioiiiil," Mm ligUK It inn in- tlw bov m 'ii* . ? i ' ? ? t ' i ? ? \t hi i' Cm. No. JWo aiiJ honglit of mm a, t.aii*.*| nl >?* *tt*t in pv. Hi nt tin* t*i;l, ;*.? thovt* m-ntnon-l Hi?* ?totvk**?ayH' l**ii<?i in:; tin* ! iti'HifM to K* mntifnrfHt . ??!? *?! it! tti if h<* li.nl i*n> oth *r 1 innm i '* hi* di l ???* llki* to rh iri^i* On- l?ill otlnnal. Th ? I in y th* i ilrvw !? nt hi* jHH*k?*t .t Ktnwil |>o in *h 'u !i W ?? :i tni dollar hill, ;||||| four fiV"% all t*onnt?%tt"?it* o? j l??' imp Km*. Thi* ? n*t Pli ih"! ;it orx*e tti? .? M^jwi hi I" Mr. On*, who took th?' *i ?ji i: to , ,m l <? >ii\.y.t him to tin* >- *?iti't?ntJi * poll. ? >?!;>?? On th>* j Un lieln1: ?? ? .??? \, * Inn* tv* oht nn<*?l th" inning* lit* ?t | tirnt s**nt In* afot ?l tr .n hi* un?t Inn .**ji 1 thni atio-?*?|in*ntit? 1 nkt in* foiuiti it 'lh<* wh'4?* mutter v-n tV% *n h?*fir* #lliMI?*?* M of? nt who t" mii ur 1 1 >'?! til" to |?rt* in t ? Htll> 4 ?M tll4? t Ji.ir^'*. ml r>-\t orf Su yir >rt! A of v??ry su?f?n*tou? i;i ' ppinn v ? m ,?rr?? f t on Thor?.?i;ty ni/tit. I?> 1 1? ? i who ('.ill 'vl hiat^if Diiioiiiit r^n. 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Petit !????' ?'c r- |>rv~'nt< d fur *?i to tii* T -of !?Mptta^ iind for t (??* oirr upced y <'iil a rgt ment of tin' Kii.-- iwt 51 r. BiKufii f.ri-x>iiti'd peTltloe* for tli ? iv-taUi.JiitoKBfc if Uou>*'? of ,;i tuatry in all I In- gttir* of Him .its**, tar tit** pii'IKM o" > r?r -"tin# i^noian ? ? >1 ?*. or oriiui* Mr llit iiiiikth pe*-*wnl*-d <i r**nvwi/*t rauo** .gal uirf tkt Irrtorperatkm rt ?bv A dittany of Sf I"' at} u(Ji rwTiHe. m.iktit'i imi'i Sf* Wu.ii ?m? r"-j.*r'id tdvoraM/ o*v ?? bil. tj iuooryv iiil*? 'ti*' loakif** rVrry Company VlUt'ri v in ... in nninhi.r* Mr. WniivMA n.>,? ri^.rii**! in i'.i.v of an nW ta lirtl**!*1 Mr lb-nr i' ml utli"r* t*> <*ot* .a txiflf ilovkx. ?< bulk piorx, sail I -t\ ? in trout i b?lr :u*l* ill til'* ?? * 1% ward Ot UcOOtli; *t| rtilj pOtt, ?f \ ol v nil wiwrw or- rrri i to h*ppow mo *?'? i ;rr Mr rt jK?rt.' 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