1 Nisan 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Nisan 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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: THE NEW YORK HEIIALI). WHOLE NO. 673S. MORNING EDITION? TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTSC DOUBLE SHEET. AMlHKMSJfTS. B" 0W1UIY~ THEATRE? BO.X ES, ?* CE NTS : PIT. 12* cent*.? Do or* open at 7, curtain rl*c* at 7)4 o'olook.? "Tuesday Kvcnlng, April I, WH. will be performed th? 'taighly popular Drkmt of BEI.PI I EGOR. or the Mountebank -ABil nia rajuily. ? Belpliegor, Mr. E. Eddy; Duke il? M int laxon, Mr I'"pe ; It ail In <1* Courjomeut, Mr. Iliiuilton: Count de Cnatwl Hlangy, Martin : Madelaine, Miss Wainys*; Winn Flora, Mr<. Jordan. To conclude with the drama of A 1,1, THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD Sir Arthur Lu ge). Mr. Tllton; Stephen Plum, E. Eddy; Toby Twinkle, Wi ??i*na; Martha Gibba, Ml** Wemyt*; Lad/ Luathcrbridjp, Mr*. Jordan. Burton s, chambers strekt. rear of Tin: cirr Mall.? Tnewlay Evening, April 1, will he played, second time, a new comody called LOVE IN A MAZE? Lord Miner Ta, Mr. J \*. Lester; Sir Abel Buckthorue, Mr. Howard; Mr. Anthony Nettletop, Mr. Burton; Colonel liuckthorue, Mr. Jordan; Mouua, Mr. Johnaton: Mrs. Lucy Bnckthorna, Mr*. KunMl. favorite Dart, by Mr. and Mr*. Holman. The ?very fnvorke drama of THE TOODLES ? Mr. Timothy Two die, Mr. Burton; Mr*. Timothy Toodle, M n. Hu^he*. Partner Frank Acorn, Mr. Bland; George A"orn. Mr. Jordan: Old Fenton, Mr. Henry; Parmor Ploughshare, Mr. Uolinan. Door* open nt 7, t<i begin at hulf-past 7 o'clock. RATIONAL THEATRE, CH ATHAM STREET.? BOXES, 26 cents, Pit, 12)#oent*, Private Hotel. Doors opoa at a quarter before 7, to at a qnart.tr past 7 o'clook. Tuesday K?cmiig, April lit, ls.11, will be pr?*inted the tra ?e dy nt RICHARD THE TH 1 KD? Jtichard, Mr. Booth; Km/ llenry VI , Mr. C. Taylor; Prinoe of Wale*, Mi** M. Charles; Hrnry, Fjrrl of Richmond, Mr. W;?tkina; Dake of Buck ingham, Mr. Brandon: Lady Aon*. Mlas Meatayer. A popular dance by Mi** Malvfna. Tnconoludo with the ad mire J comedy of ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD ? Jastwr l*lum. Mr. C. Taylor; Stephen Plum, Watkin*; Martha Gibba, Miaa E. Meatayer. Mechanics* hall, no. 472 Broadway, abovb Crand street.? Open every aigbt during the weak natil further notice. The original aud well known CHRISTY'S MINSTHI L^, comprising an ettt. isnt and versatile "corpa" of "talented" and "experienced performers," under the tnanagement of E. P, Christy, whose eonoarta in this eity, for a aucoewdnn of "tire years," have keen roccived with favor \lV llthl y ref^x-iy abl* and fuhiouable audience*. Tickets, cent*. Doors open at half past nix; commence at eight o'clock. Ity desire of the heads of several families, an After noon Concert will be given nn Saturday negt, April 5th, for the aoooinmodaMon of !<adlei and Juveniles, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday evening next, April 5th, nnual benefit of J. Raynor, priino baaao. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' OPERA Houae, 44-1 Broadway, between Howard and Grand ?treats. Oj-.u every uight during the week. The celebrated original and well known Fellows' Minstrel*. " oompriaing an ^Arieut aad nmm corps of talented and experienced pcr gormcrs. ' under the direction of J. B. Fellows, whose oon oerta ia thia eity for the laat year, have been raoeived with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion of thia great mi tropolii. Their concerta constat of Burleaque Italian Opera Scanea, Witty Sayiaxi, Solos, Duetts, Clioruaaaa, Dancing, and Instrumental Ptrmirniance*. On Wednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grand Concert for the accommodation of laaiea and families, commencing at 3 o'olook P. M. Admis sion 25 coat*. Door* open at 6){, commence quarter before 8. Horn u white s Ethiopian opera house, no. 400 Broadway, fotirdoora from Grand street, known as the Coliseum. The undersigned will open thoir splendid hall on Wednesday afternoon, April 2, ls.il, with a superior com pany of Ethiopians, comprising some of the greatest talent ?connected witn thia profession. ?. HORN 3i C. WHITE, Proprietor*. VALUABLE OIL PAINTINGS.? J. MARCHER WOULD most respectfully inform hi* friend < and the adinirr* of the fine arts, that he will have for public exhibition, at his Oallery, No. 6'.'l Broadway, nearly opp?*ite Niblo'*, on M >u day, the 31*t of March, anil during ttie week, a sup rb col lection of over tw o hundred magnificent original European oil paintinga, comprising many choice aubjeota, a, leetad bv ? u imitivr with rr?at care and attention, during a tour through Europe: all of which are frum?d in rich oruam <ntal *ilt frame*, of his own manufacture, which he warrants to be made in a workmanlike manner, and after the most ap proved and modern d*slgn*;the whole of whiohistn be sold at miction, by II. II. Leeds it Co., without reserve, on Thurs day and Saturday ercaings, April 3d and "'th, at 7 o'clock. Th? proprietor f -ols annfiaeat that these painting* are of a i0Utteri'>r order, and that they will meet the wishes of thoae of ill* batroua, and tho pnblfc in j(*uoral, who are in want of ?uitable oruiimeuts fur embellishing their parlors aad draw- i ing rooma. Exhibition open from 7 A M. till 10 P. M. P. S.? J Person s residing in the country can have their picture* (lacked on the spot witk great care, and on reasonable term*. ! SHRANK LIN MUSEUM, 175 CHATHAM SQUARE? GEO. ! JC Lea Rule Proprietor. ? Admission ? Seat* ia l'ri vato ftcxtt. It) centa; Stage Seats, 37>i eenta: Boxes. t& oenta; Par 4jaet, 12V, oenta. ? El'^gaut Saloon perfonuance* every After noon and Evening. Entertainments commenoe in the after iinijat 3 o'ol-><-k, and in the evening at half past 7. The ?u<cKmnnier.ts are varied and select, and aueh a* can be *eea ? t no other place of amusement in New York, ounaiating of J,, a'a Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering nfwea ycrformere, N ing the largest an I at tne same time the most talented band in the United States, a trojpe of Modal Ar- I "List* who ar* *eleeted for their beauty and figure, and who ; (M-rsonate a number of beautiful taMeaug, taken from the j pictures of ancient and modern time*; a company of Arab | <iirla. who go through a variety of feata of strength aad dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in the World; a enmpanv of Male and Female Artists, who will give an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled ia the World, together with a variety of iatrreating performaaoea every ftfteraooa aad eveuiag. For particular* nee bill* of each day PIir.RIMS PROGRESS.? WILL SOON CLOSE, AT Washington Hall. No. ftwn Broadway, th* panorama of Bunyan * Pilgrim'* Progress ? The public arc ropect fully iiilorm,d that th* exhibition of this painting, ? Inch ha* received the universal encomium* of tin public prrm. and wliiuh has been visited by almost all the ichooij and churcbea of our city, will clo*e duriug the coming month. Open every evening at 7; to commence at a quarter before H O'clock. Admission, S cents. Descriptive catalogs**, l-'S cent*. Exhibit! . n every Wednesdav and Datarday after ?Aon*, at 3 o'cloi k, whea children w .11 be admitted half price CQQ BROADWAY.? PANOIIAMA OV BON TAN'S PIL ?iJaFO gr.in'a Progress.? The public are reapcctfully In "forvicd that the exhibition of thia novel aud beautiful acenio paiat.n*, w.ll close on Saturday, 31t!i Inat., until which t.uie It may l<e se, n every evening durint the week, cntum-ncmi si Ho clock, and on W' dneaday and Saturday afternoons at So'olock. Admission St centa. To the afternoon eghikitioa children will be admitted half price. KM Broadway. <JATTLFR'R COSM0RAMAS. CORNER OF BROADWAY O and Thirtvsinth street ? The first aeetion, containing a collection of twenty-ail views of Europe, Asia Minor. Syria, the Holy Land. Egypt, Nubia, and Arabia, will be exhibited until the eighth ofMarch; after that date, all these will be ireplaced if uew view*, unusually inure*ting. OVIEHKRTI IN PIIII.ADKI.PIIIA. I D ABNCM'S MUSH *. PHILADELPHIA.? P. T BAR- , 1) num. Proprietor; H Sanf rd. Aiiiittit V>ai(>r. I %?t two m*I.U of Mr. Booth. 11* will appear on Moaday and Tueoday evoain?j in two of lita moat c mphinoatod parioit. i ^tona MMHirnt ofth?*r??t veraattla actor, Mr C. Dib- j din I'itt. who will prea? at a acrtea ol tarorlte and aplendid oharartera durini hta limited atay; comm.in 'lnf on Wod B<r.dar. "Hamlet," "Lad* of l.yoaa," " M nor," and " Kit holloa," ? til Mfitrtnl thl< owt In tho an-ranoni tlio " Hunter of the Alpo." " I'latonla Attaohmon ta," "Paint Heart," "Tho Married koka," and "MhIUbm In l?itHonl tlaa, wilt be <lvn. Ati'>, Ml?a Laalie'a nr?i'"ful llallada, and MI'a Warner'a favorite I>anre? Theao attrvtwni ?a ri> had bjr Ui<-ee aft million of " eighta and wondora" in tha aalooaa, aro confidently enlmitted. Admittance, M coata; \ ?hildrea oador 10 year*, UK ecnta. WHIPPING. Notice- rASpKNOBRB FEB steamship abctic, f< r Lieerpool, will plea? a l>o i>a l> ,-ird at tha fool of t'aoal etr> ? i to-morrow, April X at nji I'clock, aad tend all l"Utot? not wontod oa the paeeato oa l.?ard t?< t? day. (Tnoe da;.| April I, marked " ktlat, with the aambar af the paa aena.r a berth PASS A OK I'FR FRANKLIN (Al'RII. 11, POI SALIC ? ' one of tho boat ho rt ha la the ahip. Addre.illn 2,31 ! I'oat Olhce. rpiip British and north american rhval 1 M nil Moamahipa t N " " Vork and l<i?r|i.ril |T j root, aad hetwoon llo.t.ii and Liverpool? tho II ?t"0 a'lipe , oaly ralllagat Halifax, to laad sad receive Ball* aad p*a aoanori. AR Mil A. rapt- . APRH'A. Capt. Byrla. I'l.HMA, Caf . II-RIH A. Capt le.tt. ASIA, rapt J"?dliB?. MA'.AKA. ( apt. hi aa. AMERICA, Capt. Sliannaa. CAN I OA, Capt Uarruua. CAMIIKIA, Capt, Lotto h. Thoaa veaeela carry a alaar white light at aiaat head; ;rm 1 f>m otarboard bow; rod oa port h ? < anada. fr m Boaton ...... Wodaaa lay. 0th April. Africa, " Now Tork ft laeedajr, Ztd ?* Amortat, " Boatoa Wo 'aeolay, IKh " Aaia, " Now Tork Welnoadoy, 7'h Ma f. 'Niagara. " It. .??..? Wedneedav. 14th Europe. ?? Now York Wedae?day. 2let " Caaikrit, " K.to W ediieaday. ?*th " Africa. " Sow York.... W.di ??? lav. Ith Jaal. Canada. " Norton Wodneoday. I Ith " Aalo. " Now York Wedao. lay, UWH ? America, Bortoa W? in-1 aday. IHh '? l'"?oa?o froai Now Y or k or Boatua to Utcrpoal, I rat rabla, ?'*' . Paeee^areet Now T "rk or Boatoa to Llrorpool, aoooad B'rtha aot aocnr~| nntll paid for. Pr-trlitwtll l.ochargod o? rpoclo boyond aa aiaonat for pa? ?oaal oapoaaoo An oaaorioaoad SnrRooa aa board. All li ttoraand nowrpapora nmat paaa Ibraagh tko PoatOflaa. For fr? nht or paaaafft, apply to K t I' NARr?. Jr.. * Broadway. Ffttidfc, Oortnaa. aad otkor K man Uooda. r?<"af?ad ?ad browRhtln foaiia?a with llrit.-h Qooda. Tliromh bllla ofladlna aro(i<oaln Harro for Now V?rk. Aflor tho lot of April noat, tho rato uffnlilil by tb* abort ?toaaicra froaw Urorponl will ho inatoriallr roduo. d. Notoroad claaa paooonnrra takra after ilret May, aatil far ther aottoe. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPa N f.? FOB flRF ?ion, ola Southampton. T^? PnlMd Stotoa Moil Bteamal'ip ? ASHINUTON. (Joo. H Floyd t'nanaiiir. will aail f-.r llroanoa. tla itoathampton. na Saturday. April I'Hh. froai pior N? X North rlrof, ?t u o'clock. An aaporloaoatl ? ?nf?~it la attaokod to tko oliip All lottora maat paaa tl roofh tho I'oat oHoo. Spocio dalloorad la llaoro. For froialit or paa??,re, apply to MOI.I.rR SaNI) B RIF.RV, A|ont?, V) Broadway. 4~kFFICI (?P TIIR B?)A HOOF I'NDF.RWRITF.RA, NF.W v Tork, Fol'rnary A, litftl.? At a mo<-tinn of tha Hoard of radcrwritorn, hold oa tha JTtk ol Jaaaary, 1.M1, It waa ?a *?Mloa, Roaolrad. Thot thla Board apprar* ol tho taodo af pt< k la* (ooda fur ahipmont. ad >ptod by Moaara. Clooalaad k Co., ia ? a tor proof oooarinra. aad roroiamoad tho aamo to partioa "????od ia aMvp<n( to San Frtnclaoo and othordlat ?at porta. <l""? poakod la their boat maanor will iaaura at tko lowtat MM. Takoa from th" mlnatop. ILLfOOD WAI TER. Secretary of Board of tfadorirrltora. ^ HOTKLM. AMBJUt an noTEL, r ANA II A. fC 0.-TIII8 ESTA Uak?aait ia the lar???t paklla hr>iao oa tho lathnaaa. la ^Itaatad aw M(h rrotiad. la tha noat atrr aad k?althy por >tioa af town, aad in tha oontra of buaii?ae. By ktad and oaraftd w? hope to tharo tko patr nwt of tha pnb V. (ITDtON KI.T. and J. M. STAIN. KS Proprlotort. AqflVB PABTNIB W ANTED, IN A~ fJBST CLASS Botfl, la a city adjolnint Mow Tork. -Tho hoaaa la of *h? trat olaaa and doea a lar^a bnalneaa Owtac to tha III koaltk af the prooont proprietor ha la anahlo to attoad to tbo liiolaeaa Four tkoaaaad dollara will ho ro^ntrad ta ba ???a aa ?<i?al partner At thla la a rtro opportaalty for good inotatlkeat. aono will ho r?relred but thoao that eaa giro tho boat of roforoaaa ofekaraetor aad aMIlty. A aota o? at thiaaflrfc to M. I,., with aamo aadaddtita, ?U| Wo ?loaded H lit b*?t ?f r?f create |*?ta. ADicsEnBirrs. O ROAD WAT THEATRE.?? E.^A. MARSHALL, SOL? MJ Iauhi U. H. Hamtt, Htoinr. ? Door* upea tt 7; cur tuiu riaea at half-paat 7.? I)reaa Circle aud Paruuwt, '*) oentg; Family and Thlru Clrcle?. iS centa ; Gallery, lAjoenita ; Pri vate lloxea, $5 ?n i M.? Tueaday Eveuiag. April let, will ba preaented t he comedy of SI lit STOOPS TO LONljl/CK? titr Charlea Mario*', Mr. Matliowa; llardcaatle, Mr. Darldge; Young Murluw, Mr. Cunwij; Miaa llardcaeiln, M(? Julia Hcnnott. To conclude with the favorite farce of A R0LANI* FOR AN OLIVER? Sir Mark Chaae, Mr. Whitingi Alfred High Flyer, Mr. Conw^jr; Fixture, Mr. Davids; M iria I>?r li'igton, Miaa Julia Bennett. N1 BLO'S UARDEN ? ClRt^lTE FRA NC A IS? OPEN E VR ry Night, and on Saturday Aftornooa ? Tuoaday evea ing, April let. Great iuoeeaa of tli> diatlngulehed artiate, Mile, C aroline Loyo, who will appear in her original at vie of K<|ueetrianiem ? liicli hat been the wondor of Pari* and Lon don. The llrothers Loiaaet, the firtt Kaueatriana of Europe, with their Dancing and Trained Horace, will appear. The great Englieh Jeater, Mr. W. F. Wallett, aaeieted uy the American Clowna, Lathrop and Uardner, will appear. Al?> eugage<l the entire E'|iieetrlan troupe of Mr. R Welch, from Philadelphia. Mile. ElouUe will perform an act of h >r*? manahip. Ticket. SO conn. To commenoe at 7X o'clock. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOMS atreet. ? Monday Evening. March .Hat, will be presented the new eomedy of LOVE IN A MAZE? Col. ItnektUorae, Mr. Brougham; Sir Abel lluckthorue, Mr. Lynno: Tony Nettletop, Mr. Leach; Mipui, Mr. Raymond; Lord Minerva, Mr. i'almer; Mra. Huckthorne, Miaa Kate Horn: Lady An rant Kallalove, Mrs. Vernon; Faith Larkapur, Mre. Brougham. After which, favorite dance, by Mr. Fletcher and Miaa Mirie Tayleure. To conclude with the comely of A CURIOUS C ASE. Or. Mind how you \lalt your Uncle. Doora open at 7: to begin at half-paat 7 o'clock. Dreea Circle and 1'ar |jot, SO centa; Family Circle, 2ft centa; Orcheatra Seat*. ?$!. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM? P. T. HARNtTM, l*ronrietor and Manager; John Oreenw >o4. Jr., A? futant Manager. Admittance to the Muaeuin u?J e.icli Sa loon performance, 25 centa; children under II) year*. 1 1 ^ centa; Parquet and Circle, L!!j cent* extra. La?t week of MADEI.A1NE. Re-engagement of Mr. T. D. Rice. Monday and Tucaday. March Slat and April lit. in the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, will he prcacntcl, COMFORTABLE SERVICE. To conclude with the diverting Ethiopian pice of tho FOREIGN PRINCE? Mr. T. D. Kiee a< Jim Crow. In the evening. ^lt 7>? o'clock, will he gives the noble m >r il dram i, entitled M A DELAINE, which * ill alao be produced in ainailur atyle and effectivcncaa, "" W n4 1 Mill/ MmiH. Th-s lllami % Me Curieaittea of thia Muaeum, the vaat Uhiueae Collection, Ike., are to be aeen at all hour*. Bowery the atr k.? benefit of miss c. Wemvaa. ? Miaa C. Wemy.-i* reapoetfully announceaher beuetit on Wedncnday evening. April 24. on which occaai >n a aol- ction of piecea will be made that ahe hope* will in*>'t the appruval of Dcr frienda. Due notice will fam given of the ee lection in the billa of the day, Broadway theatre.? miss jijlia bennett bega to annoance to her frienifa. patrim, end th> p iblic I in general, that her Benefit and l ast app arance but one in New York. tak< a place on Friday evening, fin Ith inatant, upon which occasion ahe aolicitu the honor ?f their ? u.-a and ruppnrt. Miea Julia Bennett appeara a< Paul in- it the LADY OF LYONS, end na ttie Couuteaa of Roeendal" In WHO'S YOLK FRIEND, OR THE QUEENS BURY FKTK. llox hook now o|?>n. IK< 1 :.S? NEW VOKK AMPHITHEATRE, ?7 BOWBRY. ? Tneeday evening, April lat. Mile. Louia* Tourm^ire itillaDjo arin her inde-i riliably beaulitul act, entitled LA GITAN A. Daring horaemanahip and claoic gymii t^tic feata by the beet troup<- in America. Misa M.trj' Ann Well* will appear in her inagiiiticvnt principal act. Mile. Touriu.tire will introduce her wonderfully trained danrint h >r.<a. Bril liant, in the elegant performance entitled J BuX DU MA NEGE. To oonclude with a Comic Pantomime. !>>.?r* open at a quarter before 7. performance to commence at half-Met 7 o'clock. Private boxea, M centa; boxea, Zi c sn'.a, pit, 12^ cent*. Tabernacle? grand vocal and instri/ uieatal Concert Thursday Evening. April .1-1, ls\|, by [Si^nora Speranr i, nt which th^ fallowing talent will *pp?ar : Madam Stephnni, Prima Donna, from tie R >yal <>;vr*. at Vienna; Signortk Valmtini, Prima Donna: II. .Swift, t'ia favorite vocaliet? Herr Gricbel, Ylollniat ; Keif-r, Cora-t a Pieton ; Prof. Van I)er Wei le, Pinniat. Progamme o f the concert. Part l"t : ? 1. 0\ertnrc, Aolean l*i*'i >. by Prof. Vander Wejrde. 2. Dalla-Gioga-C ivatiui, by requ'at. Sifnora Snerania ; Bellini. .'I. Sung, " Flag if our Union, " by v-,< 'ral deal re. II. Swift. Walla, d. 4. SoHj. Violin. H?rr Griehel. % Concert, Aire: compoaed for hereelfbr Malam Ste'Wiani, Ol to Nicola i. <>. Solo. Cornet a Pt?toa, Herr Kiofer. 7. S ing "I am dreaming of tliee." Napolitane, Si<. Sie-riaii. L.-c. Part 2. 1. Overture, Violin, Herr GrieWl. 2. L.-ho Sont. (aa aung by Jenny l.iud ) Signora Valintini. .'$. "Ciin'P'r u?e Sereno " Cavttinl. Signora Speraiua. Bellini. 4 S >n <? K >cit. et Aria, "Can I my love reaijn," It. Swift. Roeaini. 5. Solo, Cornet a Piston. Ilcrr Krtefcr. fi. Air, " Th" tjueen .>f fie Nifht," from the Magic Flute, Mad^m St yvhani Moiart. 7. Sonnamluiliata Song, aa irnng by Jenny IJnd, Sig Sp rania. The .Veilian Piano Forte to be uie-J <>u thia occaiion i-* froitt Gilbert L Co'a war* rooma, AM and 417 Broadway. Ticketa NM'entu each, to be had at the viHoim Mtiaie Stor-ra. Hotel*, and at the door un the evening of the concert, VENINGS WITn S1IKR1DAN? MR. O. VANDKN-I c E hoff repent* thi# entTtajnmeul <it th* Stehtv Ubr&rjr, and Friday, 21 aod 4th April. Ktch er-ota< a diff-rent sketch and ?lifTcr?at cuiupJ/. Ti?'kct< to tU? eotm, $1: ?ingle, WILL BR OPENED FOR EXH1HITIO.N THIS EVKN inc, at Stoupnnt Hall, corn-r UroadwAjr aai Walker ftrntf, tlii* ipleidia panorMnaof the Wart f >r Liberty in Upper Italy and llnmrarr. Thif ipl?idi4 pin ?rama which cmtaini upward ofW,(RwflKur?i, roUUi t%> tf?? nuH important ?v?b(m winch hav? uccurrud in Upp*r Italy. H >mo ana Hungary, within the pint thr?* jrtiri. The painting wu executed by the celebrated nrti?t?. I?eo Rliott an4 K. Beyer, and an a work ?f *rt haa r oeir?d the hi<he*t encomi um*. TickMn %"* c**nte; children half price. Afternoon eihi iitionn ?? U>dne<?lay and Saturday, at thr*e a'cl<?ck. Li beral arran<?-mrnta will he made with e?hool?. POfflTIVXLT THE I.A^T WEEK, AT THE MI.NERVA Rroadwuy.?N AiJIaE'S Grand I'an irama of Ireland, painted by the tint Iriah artitta, fr >ia *k'itch .*? taken within the l:t.?t three veare ? in fidelity, inte reat and beauty unrivalled? with IrUh aong-. Iriah m i ?i?, and an Irishman'* illn>tration?. E%ery evening at 7^ o'clock. Wednesday and Saturday aft'-moon*. at 3 o'clock. 8**^ handtillf. Admittance^ centa; children under VI, half price. Theodore eisfrld's third and law f'LA^ii cal Quartette . Hi ir**c will take plac# at th?? Ap?U? r > jm?, 41U Hroadwiy, on Satur'iay evening, April toh, 1*01. Piniit Mr II Timnt; Vocaliata, Mr Ph. Ma/ernn l Mr J II nt l**r. The principal piecea are { by Haydn. M xirt, hpohr asd M''n?i -U^ohn. r>ee cmali hill*. A GRAND CeNC EKT OF V(H \!. AM) I NSTR!TMEV lY tal Mnaie, will b*1 gi<r#n at KnickerWkMr II ill. >n Wednesday F.rening. April 2d, at half-pa ?t aeven <>'ctoek, under the direction of Mr. J. Kunell, nf?iated by ajverai i-minebt Artiata. AMVSKMKSTH lit BROOKLYN. (IRANI) CONCERT AT THE FEMALE ACADEMY 31 llrooklya, Tu*?dav. April, I, HSI. llerr KU.iwl h n , t)>? honor to anaonnr* that hla only Grand Concert Mb ???>? I fin, will take pi * ce at the Female A ca t my. J irolem >n itrrlL llr i klja, on Tiie?.la\ tiraix, April 1, ebon he will ! be aeeteteit by the following nrtivta, forming an array of t tlr.it, j Tor at mi>l in- 1 rumcnt nl . rijnal t.> m> before pp*mt I to tN? i > I r- -> K 1 > n public. MI?k Carolino lllffort. (by |> riniiilm af fi | lliiiiil liii, K |,) Suitor l.orini, uf UN Itiliii OfM |>? ii y, A -tor Place . *1 r Kit liar I lloff in .in. t ha eel ? bratc! I'Unlit; II. rr llixeliiad. the eminent Faj >tlit M i'tri Unlaappe Nletolao, the diatingtil-lird Compoaer, an I M i? ItMH. Axi>t?4 by the mon?trr orrheatra of III Aat >r pi ve 4* r? II' ii<'. ' ereatl) atiirmi ntr.l, f<>r tlil< oceaaioa only. Al aii ?ioa Fifty Ceata. For parttralari H? mill Mill. RXniM AOKHCm, NEW YORK AXI? IIWHE EXPBE.H* ? STR \ MIR Franklin.? Pan ? l? ? ill be reeeirai far the Franklin t j ??il fur Uatr<' '?? IM ath A Mil. Or Unary (ample* 41 -tell. l-IVINCiSToV, WFI.I.S k f'O Wall .tr- . t. Panama? i, and carriage iiktwf.kn Pi9.HA, Goranm, or Clurea, The tiaderauaed ha?e orfi ?< ??><! * Inn of uiuli'i i>a Hi' r >ad betun n 1'anaiaa aad I'r i ?<, ar <?< rgoiia. for the Carriage of pt?. . n ; r?, N t;*a ;c an I m r mt di*i They half *.*-n at cow*l4erabt* txpeaat t? e*t 1 ih?h t !? i?i liar on each a footing aa to innirp the moit epee ly tran elt |~. ?-ii.li-. in all aeaaona. During the dr* ?"??.>?. thi ?n i'ea Kill travel ivit t(. U'>rnM rut I. ami 'luring I u rn iy moathaua tha ( r<oi roal To farilitat: the pi?*n ? >n llM la 1 1 ? r r ntr. they In" ???tabli'liaii a 4?p >l innl Mlf ?iy Wetwean Panama an I C'racca ?h?r?, wbaa 1 vnmry, t aialea will be changed, to arm. I ill incoarenlonre fr >>ii I Ir ? I heart* F> ? r* attention ha* bee* paid ta furnlih thia lino with gn?d l>> < I lali aadiil-v Kri Ilea aad averythiat aeeaaiaer ta Hb4im to the ? ?.inf..rt of p i?*<-ngem. The eharfi by thf* line will I# ai low *? tlio?<- uf iiny other li-io >r r m ii '?i - IHMaaatr. llir af tli- icrrat riadaa of J>-lay vi-l Mao* aa< ?' to nami'aiirr*. aa ?!?'< to ai'rchaot* who r ?>???(?? t>j tin I ?ii?ni? rout", i? thr nn? i.-IJy p l. Vi< ? thlt ir ? -n i?M orar. totallr anralralatr4 for paa?ln( tlira?{'i t.i? n ir raw <>f th? road, rirapt at MrMta?w>ipn?ti haT? th?m rarrifl hy Imll.tna; thrr-for-. R J iyanl t' > . Inform th> - ? latrriata A. thai pa'katwa ? > > >a Id nit wrlih m. rr than Hal Iba. (Toaa. ar ai 'iaarr aior" thaa f?a? raw full llaa, Ibal ill p.iokn 'a ihniH b" wall pr ? t - - 1 > .| from the wrt hj tarpaMlaa For further pirtlrular*. < >ply to fh? rnmi iay'a a-^-nta at frtm of (]nr< 'n?. il t'i? prln 1 pal ?Wrr of the rompaay In I'maai*, ar to T. K Qawaa, Aieal R. M. E t'ampaay , at C'liacrea. t'anania. March I. I'.M. R. A JoY V f<j. N II ? R A. Jay aa<M'> . will net bald tb*tatel?. t raapa*> 1 ?i)>le fur tha la?? of an) -peel*, pri'i iowa m'tala, Jfw Irr. ar | other talnalilea, aaleaa ilaeHrM at tha tlm ? of tlfli ? r? t > t tMt Mflll, Mi mM lar artaHinjty k*nfaa<M.--V***M. 1 ^rnlth k l^wla . I'aoiphell, Joan ft t'a . I'anamt. Jaaae* 0. K ia? Il ^ona. I.aareae*. Mnrrny It Ia*at6. Kvor>'tl .V Mratra. Ni w Torh; ( nmpbrll, Arnott k t'a . Imri? ft T*'alia??a, Santa Maria I'ribe ft < o. 1,1 rer pool : I'owlaa. Brat her > ft I 'o. *lorl?t ft M rornc. >fon?oy?. iaeaa ft (>., I. >a4on. R I ? ? r I i.anler' ft Chimbon, Harln. U. U<T{i ft Co., Chartfi l.athara ft l'a . Havre. f ATF?T SFW1 PROM HAN FRANrHCO, HV III K a. A torj ft ( o.'? F.jtprem.? The fa?t aailin^ at>?m-ii p lirotlMr.Joaatban. will i >ai* lltltiiaora aa Haturlay. April Mli, for t'haari'a, ilirai t. ami will land hor piaaontert in '! n? for thi m ta lake the at<-ainrr of l >th April, fr on Ptntmi. with tha paeeeagera ami I . 9. Mail hy Oiila of frith of ttai-.-h l'?>oie ?e( uri <i at tliia ofllre. A mail will be tea! laalvae at .?i IV M, Arril 2d I'oataae 2i centi. llfllfORI) A CO., J Veaey atraet, Aator Heaae. P^XI'REMTO SAN FRANCISCO. ? FRKIOIIT 4?CRMT9 J per Ih.-llerfoH ft Co. will tika fr?l*ht at tua nnpr ee dented low rata of ?.'? eenta per lb Paeka*ea not t? ai -?ad lib Iba., and mnat he made water proof. Mr Harford reooiee* ooraooda at t'liaaria, and aeeompiniita tlieia to I'anxint. Neat aMpment wlfl lie hv North Am'-rtea, llthApril 1,'ttera Meeata. BERFORD ft CO., 1 Veeey atraet, Aator lloa.o. FJXrRKSS FOR ENOI,ANI> \ N D FR A NCR MNHuI. J ft Ci.'i European P?ek?*e F.ipr-aa for the alu-n-r An tie ? Paekafea and pareelafor the nhaea ateam*r, will he rereleed nntll I o'rloea 11 Tueaday. April lat, KM. A ape cial neaeencer ?ill be illipalohed by tha awhaerikeri. McN IC'OI. k CO., V Wall atreet. New Tor*. and 9 Fenwirk atreet, l.leerpo il. f WiUW VAIR. PASSENGERS F??R THE WORLD'S FAIR. -THE UNIT ed Statra Mail Stewmer FRANKI.IN, J Wottaa, co? ?tander. will leiea New Tork for Southampton and Ha?re, an the Mh April, aad ran (till aeoommodate aoaie flrat elaai pa?aen?rra. Pera->n? etaitin* the World'i Fair will (lad thia the Boat enaeaaiant, eeonomiral. and rapid eonTariaae? h r freat apaed. and anperlor are immodatiaal af the Frank lin, offering adeantaaea aaaarpaaeed by other atenaor*.? Paaaenrera reach London fr m Soathampto* in three hoara for 17 ahllllnita. From I.ieerpool to Lu lu, aii h i in, for CIS* T>1- Pranklla will be Mlaatl hy the Ifrif ROI, ?T. oa the M May F^r frei*ht or pa?.?<e apply ?o MORTIMFR >firi^>S?<>.V, M nroadway 11 OR THE WORI.nS FAIR, (PROVIDED A SfTFFI 1 eleni nnm>?r of I'aaaennera "(?Wr > \ Brat claea Ship will be fitted np to take paaeeneera, ont aad home r <nalnin( 1 sasa^i sstAa. SALES BY Al CTIOIt. JW. BEOWN, AUCTION EBK.-ASSMNKK SALE OF ? vli'^nnt Cabinet Furniture, Vf eSp*fl*r. April M, at 10 o'clock, lit No. 166 Fulton atroet.? J. W. Brawn will Mil at Auction, a? above, by order of the >*)(>?? af *???. Whitlock it Harris, the entire ateok of Fumrttfira oertnlaed : in the above preiniaea, comprising a very larg? ^teortaieat I of faaliionablu aud well made roaewood, niahogui.7. and w*l 1 ml Furniture, embracing Sofa* aad Chalrn, of v ui"< Pat | tenia ; marble-top Drcaaiug Huranua. Wardrobe* Tate-* . Ttta*, Rockiug, Voltaire, aud Ea*y Chaira, Uivana, ntV'ffclA top Table* in groat variety, Fr.noh aud other ll'i'ttMl', dining, card, and fancy Tnble*, he.; alto a varioly mt un thiiahed Furniture, Manufacturing article!, 4tc. Cataloft ? now ready. D.s. uouon. AITCTIONEER.? THIS DAT, (TUKV ? day.) April 1, at ton o'clock A. M . at No. I (latter* place, tlio entire Furniture of a large four-it >rj I10 nee, oou ei.-ting iu part of elegant Sofa*, Sofa Rede, marble-top droit Bureaus. Waih.tanda, centr? and cjird Table*. latltogany French Ked*teid*. Chaire, Kockor*. Work Tablea, Tete-a Tctev, largo Freueh piato-carvml top Mirror*, with anad?* ami l.rackot Chandelier*, three-ply and iugraln Car pot*. Oil Cloth*, curled hair Muttreeeee, ftcldiii^. maple Ho4*t.'ad, una elegant roeewnwl I'm no, inlaid Kith *atinwood, a *upe rlwr iaatrumoat. Aliw. a dc*irabl<> collection of very flue oil I'uiutingx. colored KnffHvluge, St'~. Alio, Mantel (, 'looks V???, Girandoles. he., together with the Kitchen Furniture, with which the Dale wtll eomnence. WMi'C'ORMICK, AtTCTTONEER.? HANDSOME FUR ? niture. ? W. Mc< 'ormick, li ' 'o. will sell thia 4*j, at ten o'clock, at 151} l,aarena atr-ut, aU the furniture coa taiacd in the house. The furniture was mad* to order by Meeka; the mntrasar* and bed* wore made in the house: par lor furniture: chaire, aofat, divan*. chain, Voltair tete-a-tete#, Ottoman*, WMcCOKMlCK, AUCTIONEER ?*\LE OF FURVl ? ture, at 41 Warren strict.? W. MclN?ctiriok AtOo. will ?ell on Wednesday, at ton o'clock, all* the furnicua* ob tained in the Urjru #? ur story hou#o. No. 41 W?rrj? slr*-ft. by order of E. F. rummayor, excent or, comprising a lar^n assortment of bed room, parlor, dining roow, nalL ba-?ciifc.'nt, and kitchen furniture*; oil paintings, sc., Ac. WaM. W. SIIIRLEV, AlfCTIO^ER? l*AR0E SALE OF OH Plfaltiui by Coats and others. at Auction. Fri dsi, April* 4th, at 11 o'clock, A. M. at J. II tint's sales room, No. 1??I W illiam street ; consisting of American and foreign scen<ry, nil in gilt frames, a beautiful purtor ornament, and v.Ttliy the notice of Families. Sale positive, rain or shine. nV J. II Eli EM A ATC'TION KJCR. WEDN F.SHA1T, April 2d, at 10 o'olock A. M., at No. 161 Bridge, hotwoea Nassau and Concord streets, Brooklyn, handsom* pari or fur iiitur. in crimson, plush and hair cloth, a* K>od as new Also, clisuiU^r and kitchen furniture Catalogues can Im had at the sales room. Thursday, April 'M, at v o'clock A. M . et the salesroom. No. 191 Washington streot, a large and general assortment of new aud sou?>nd hand furnituro. .Vlso, a oplendid Koacaood Piano. CataloKues on Wednesday. ArCTTON NOTICE.? THOMAS IIELL AUCTIONEER. l?y 11. N. Hush. Hil day, at 1UV, oVloek, ia Mm auction rooms, No. 10 North William street, will 1><? aold the stock of a thread, needle, fancy dry goods and millinery at?.r*. removed from Eighth avenae, ??unpri-inaj a cbnioe vari<-ty. Ladies' hats, laces, shawls, linens, &c. Also.'J.O^O seffttr*. .'WO packages plaviiiK cards, handsome suow canes, jewelry, Ate., Ate. Wednesday, el??<a?it furniture in the sales rooa, Talaabja alias, a fine old violin, mads hy J *hn son, London, in 17"#, ror a xaatleain in Philadelphia, cer titicate with the instrument. TIIOS. HELL. Auctioncsr. ArCTION NOTICE. OROi'KUI ES, PROVISlOaVaS, Flour. Ate., Ate. ? Gerard & Betts will acll on Tti^sday, April 1st, at 10?>\|.?rk, on the nrcmiso*, at No. lH;j(Jreeti wieh street, n?ar Fulton streat, for account of whom it may concern? 100 bbls. flour, 50 firkins butter, flJO baass oheeaa ; al?A, salmon, mackerel, shad, salt, hams, smoked beef, lamp wick, eotton tniue, groen and black teas, so-in, candles, spices, starch, writing nnd wrapper paper, dried fruit, pork il bfcfes, iar l, At,. At'V, &c.. eoapriiiaf a large assortmsnt of good*, partially damaged by the late lire. Terms, cash. 1*1 NE WATCHES AT AUCTION. ?Til E ATTENTION of purchasers is invit ?d to a splendid assortment ot'nns Gold watches, to be sold Thia Day, (Tuesday, ) at II o'clock, bv R. C. KEMP, at bis s.iles room. Ho Nassau streat. A jiong the assortment are som? beautifullv g ?ld enamelled watnhes. for ladies, with cases richly set with diamonds, worth from flixJto cai -h, and tuanv others of hi^h cost and valuable watches. Also, Diamond Pins, Kiu??, of hi;h cost; wor thy the attention of purchasers. "I^UKMTCRE SALES.- TlfE SUBSCRIBERS WILL GIVE Jl pron pt attention to the Sales of Household Farnitur** at the residences of families, or will receive it for sale at the cspacioua sales room, AN) Broadway. U. E. MriLI.AKPj Auctioneer. LARGF. SAI.K OF AMERICAN DEW- ROT ANI? FINE drvFued Hemp ? Miatura At Co. will sell, Tif*d*v April 1, at elevon o'clock, at the stores of Mr. G. Merle, Nos, M aad W Watar street, 400 Kalea American <lew -r ?t Hemp, of {?rime |u*lit> ; 7 > bales llearn auperior fine dressed llstnp; 17 bales Salsbnrv dressed Hemp. Catalogues now ready, and ilcmp arranged for eaaaiination. Valuable real estate. -to he sold iit e h. I.udlon, Auctioneer, at the Exchange. ?n Wednea day. the 2d day of April neat, that \ery valuable p dnt.situ ate at the intersection of Chatham and North Williaai slreets. Also, the new and valuable (brick and brown front ) st-?ro, known as No. 22 North William street, opposite the a?H?v<i ao-ntioned property. This property, in a Luainesa point of view, is not i<uri>av*ed bv#ny in thn city, being sitaat ?d on the p<iint by wniek the travel from the .North aad Ea^tora sections of tn is city passes into Hroa?lway, Nasean, find Wil liam to W all str .et. Ate., also close to Ibo City llall an i tba t?'rtninus of the llarlem llailroa l cars. For terms, fco., ap ply to E. H. 1>U DLOW, No. 1 New street. PUBLICATIONS. Monthly Mniaun*.? t'ont.ent* of the April Nmnher ? W laliiiif t.'u Iiiing? with Portrait and View of hi* ltoai defce. U illiam Cullea Hryant ? With Portrait toi View of hi) TI.e ? ri?tal Palare ? With a View of the Great E<hiMi?i Building Voyage in Scateh af Me J An Franklin? The Eapcditioa? Life on Sl.ipt oar I? ' 1 iking the tir?t lee Oaertiirn of an lee b. r<? Inatuilin* the < row'* Neat ? Surroaud?d hy l('b?r<i Tlin Print' Albert in a Dan geroti* Position ? The Araltio l>i.-eorery Ship* *t Midnight? Tli? American ll?lirf ti>>. dition? Brother Jonathan give* Joha Bull "a Lead"? With Four I lluat rntioa*. W hat become* of all the Pia* P I.amartine on the K'lieiaii of H*yolatioaary Men. Thoma* llarlowe ( l'..etrjr). Phantom* and Iti >liti. ?? An Autobiography. Part Pint? M rmin Part Seeoad ? Nona William I'onn'i Coavrr.ion to Quakerism.? By II -pworth Dima. The Birth ofCrim.-? A Sk tch from l ife. The llonrehold af M r Thorn** M .r-? l.ibella* a Marjareta More. i|uindernn Aaaoa nata, Chclori* inceptus. Sketch of a Mi*a-r An liKiJeut in the 4r*t F reach Rerolutiia. J i. I*e not. A Mathematical Hermit. A Prion Anecdote. The Pilchard t'iaherjr oa the Coait of Corawall.? By. W. WlUie Collin* lucy Cawthorae ? A Tale by a BackcUr Clerk. I In to be IdnlDed. , The t liild C'oaimodore. IUIit*and A tan. v.- in at* of the Loadoa f utermiaj ri. Bv llrnry M*)ln rive Miovti ? ton I. ate. \ i.itto n Cofia. r Mine -By W Wilkle Collin, Saturday In n I < ndon Mirk -t ?Ily llrnry Mo/ lie w Th* Homr* of War The f actory lloy. ? Ily Harriet Martineau. rMnettj Pwfh. Anecdote* of Serpent*. The W alchrr ? A Sket. h from Real I.ifo. I'lat e lil??* ? W hat it i?. and how it U made. llirtl.*:? Mr* Hook of a fc?a ? A Plea for Infant*. The I arm l.aboror? Ti e Father. ?Br II Mirtiaceu. Jane F.c< >ar* ; or. ( >nf. aloe* of an Attorney. Ill Nottl: or Varietiea ia Ku;!i*ii Life.? Ily Sir BJwarJ Bo1?rrl.)U<n (continued). Victim* of S- fence. Ad-ir. .. to liray Hair ( I'wetry ). Monthly Hceord of t or rent Kreat* ? \ n Ahatra't an I Chronicle of Political. Social . I.iterary, Artiatit and Per aonal AITaira al Homo and Ahmad l.iterary Notices? Book* of tie Month. Three I. *ae* fr.ai Punch.? IH&l: Please, Sir, sha'1 I hoi I r ' r ll p-t ? The Alaira of tlreaae ? Th* Vfar on llata ? Peat e ilft ring ? Tl.o heat Law Hook.? Jwatice for Haeh dors. - Tbo Weathar. a limmt f?r (foff day Life.? \ Jaeenile Party.? Tl> Kitcfcea hinge of Art.? KewarJ ol il rit. Willi men illustration*. Sir in* Fa-hioaa? with fore IHuat ration*. The enatinned aaereae of t.'ua M.watin* pr'aeati the str >at e?t motive* t ? tin pnhliah-'ra t < make it atill tu ire worthy of the uaBrccedeatedfator with wl Ich it ha? r ?? ?ie?.| by ? III 1 .1.1. 1 1 I' |.r ? I t Hum' r em'. Ill.'i I ? ill. t i? portraita of the eminent American writ^ri lrriii{ na I Hry ant. and a itew of I heir rooidaacea, a oaipiailed with ori(l aal rk. tchca ?.f thrir literary char?c?-r OtSefi, mo di? tinckUl" d in lettcra and ?' fence, will it* mvle the a., ly-.t nfarticlea and phiorial illuatr*l<t>a< ia aaUoo<|ueat au a Wfa. The circulation <f the Marar.ine i< now ?lt? r thon<and. aa I l? regularly e*t< ndln* In every part of the Lnioa Noeff tr will m "pared to reader It a t r?' a iti >aal work, hot) ia ri (tard to tl.? riehno" an I lari. tyoflti cutrnl., and it adaptation t o the n ant ? of the A m> rican mind. The ntmia

tar.' > ill be taken to nreaent a faithful and pleaaka^ at' tar nf tl.e enrrent F.nali<n literal. iro. while nnthia* nilfhal ?nitteil whi<-h can off.nd the m<wt faatidi .a* t ?'t0 ar t!l ? aiecet e? n. a of morolity A? aa a*rteahl< and Inatrnctie piiMi. atioa for family r.-admt In any portion of our ea?t re pohlle, the pnhliaht r? ar* determined that it ahall b* with out a e?p< i li t ia the litcrataro of the w 'rid F.ach mini' cr of the Maga/la* will contain lit patea netaro la doable eotamaa. The?>lame?of a ?ln*le year. ther -Toro will pr?aent nearly t wo I houaond pafea ml the ehon 1 1 niioellnneeua litcrstnre of the o?e. J car. fully prepare I faahioa plate will accompany each ndmher Vn folnmot c mm. IN with the .fnn? and f?. OOWbaf nomVrra Terai* ?Three dollar* a yeor, or tweatr-tv* cjata a nun b r The ftrit tolnaio ii aow ready, aeatiy bound in mmlia, at two dollara. The work may be o' talnod of iHiohoollera a I Perl li' al M'nta. an I of the pohllaher*. Ii Serai arm areata t* will be m.id* with the tra I-, with po.tf.iaet.ra, and with a?cnt* for elf .rto in tlrcalatlnj the work, and tpttia. a antuber* will W inppiled grata itoujly to tliem. The ptiMiehera will aapply mail and cltr aab*erih?r* wh*n payai. nt le ma.'e to them in adianoe. t'fuh* aiipp'l.'d np >n literal t. r??. Mnelin eotor* for each yolnme will h? Itir ni lied I j the publisher* and aient* at twenty tiro eeata each. Pareon* deairiac the work early will plaivao to fnrnl*h their name* and addreaa to the acenta Ord r? for aiiiahor* from the coainicacf meat raa aow he *nrpl ed II A K P Kit Ik BBOTHIH Anew map of tiif. PMTitn r.\Tts c.w\da Me*|ro. Central Amerloa, Weat India laland*. ? Showing the new I'onndario* of Califoraia. Utah. N*w M >?i Co Bad l? ? aa, aa deftaed b? reooat acta ..f t;on?reaa, the rente* overland and l y the l*thmu? to California and Or* (on, and all th* American and llrltlah Mail SUMtahia ror te* thri nfhont th* Wort India*. Pabllahod by J M AT WOOD, HI ll ' kman ttreei. Price in ooeor* .VI eenta 'IMWflt^ MAP OF THF PNITF.n STATUS. % M Agent* and other* (an now he *npp1l*d with till* yalna hi* map. whloh emhraee* the entire t.'rritorr of th* ITait'd ftate*, ia conaeitioa with Me*i*? Went Indie*, fc",. fce price ?2e*<h or 1 1.1.10 a do?en, at 311 llroadway A *imilar Map of th* 1 nited State*. *howin( tho coubIKm, Will *ooa b. pnl.liahed. OLD AND NKW llOOKf BOPOITT AND SOLO. ALSO Print*. Itc , at th* Old Cnrlo*ity Shop, la*t ont. T'io Sta?c. bef..r? and hehiad tho carlaln, hy Hwrthall; P >p J' an. T itn Ka.|uet. Pen t>wen, hy John Haiti Mor|*n ? ('reemaeonry- a latit* aa*irttnent of cheap nnbllratioa*; la* print*, and all *ort* of literatoro for *aie ho JOHN P. NF.AOI.I,. MB WNM itr M ri HJIITtRK, Ac. nOLLACHFB * 'IIMITT. vn m NORTH WILLIAM rtre *?. mannfaeAnrera of all hind* of Show C**e* in Metal. Br* a. Konowood. Mahecanv, Illaok Walnnt. aad Hit aor, keep ? natantly on hand a u > >1 *aaortia*nt of th* ahoa* ? ain'd a r t i 1 e* Order* primptly *(ecat*d fttafcort aoM??. Old Sko* Can* take* ia ei^k?a??. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. VERY INTERESTING FROM ALBANY, ? , The Senatorial Corruption Case. 1 PROCEEDINGS OF THE LEGISLATURE. Affairs Throughout the Country, <kc., Ate., 4ie, The Block Mall Demoiiatratlon?Hr. Sajr* d??'? Demand to Buttlne Senator* sepa rately rtfuufd?Mr. Bull Acknowl?dg?< the Corn? Orrnf Excitement, Ac. March *1.-0 P. M. The examination of tl. W. Bull. ?nil ottaen, before a I oowoaittoe of the Senate. <>n a eliarj{e of levying an J coi- I Irctfog black nia'J. was pmcweded with to-day. Sir. Suy- I dam having Jbeeo eujipaiiinr by mi order of the Senate, arrived here this morning and in company with liis , counsel. Mike Walsfc. bef >rc the committee ap- ' pointed by thi' Henat* ? u last Friday evening, fur tho : purpose of investigation the charges of gross offlaial cor ruption proff. ml a^ai mfc Ueo. VV Ball Hnargea'4-at Ar uy, and oilier parties ?tajjlioa!-! by nim. Tin rtuni uatluu wiui continued u?tll ?Iter ol". M. A recess wa? tlion taken until 5 1' M . wliuu ti*e inwuligation w,i.s ;p- | , t-umed The Mouiwl partis* wen ?<erin?ttci| to be prfc- : (?ent ami tent.fy iu their ?vwi ImIikII Str Suydam, In a calm manner. di tailed the whole hi .t'iryof the affair {rota beginning to i nd. and the ?e\ oral cro-u-?*.iiui nations to ; which ho was subject' <1 only .airv.d to- strengthen the dfoect testimony Indeed, Dome of hU nopiie* fell like j hid Hhot upon those who provoked thi .u. Mr. Hull having ascertained the true- Mature of the evidence against himself. and p (reiving" the utl.-r i m - possibility of extricating him.M li. returns! to Albany, and was present du: ng the eit.ru examination, lie secaMrd to have reeon ed his self pnawnlaa in a remark able drgree. and trrtA d on i>a!h. when- called by th? Senators whom In h:ul implicated to his owir criminality Tli* letters pnbl.4i.-d in ?aturd iy's lirrafd. he very cuvafcccly adm.. ted were written by him und;-r th.' cir oumKtaure*. and for the purpose stale I. Sen itors It > in oa, Johnson. and Stone, admitted thrtt Ih -y signed the Astor llou-e litter, with jtlie '\pres.i un-jTstandin* thut it wnj not to leave his (Bull's) bind-. AU the pir tied to the transaction ? Mr Ball. and Senator'* K ibinwn. J. hiiwn, and Stone ? admitted th the Axtiv House let ter was signed when ail four Were present, ar*l .>lr. J. con fessed* that himself. Hull. Senators It ihiiuon kewth. from, and Lirut-Uovcruor Cliiueh. all went from Mew Turk tAgftbi r in the early part of March. It wm th" txueuU' time that Bull luade his personal black mad tour through the gauiWiug and lottery oHo.'.s of your city, nitb a palpiti4c intention to screw Th" eyj of Ilia wbnla people are dmctcd toward this c an.n.llee, a.vl U-rriUe will be their rawponslbil'ty uolesc tn y p rform their ibny with feariemneu and impartiality. Mr. ^uydiini. on beinx informed t'.ial if it wai the plea? uc? i t Ale- ra, Juhuimu. Uobin ?? n and St ill.-, lie w.ts at liWrty to ? aaiuine tin m mid ? IVhen I hav ? a nuiii'*.r of pi r <n^ to exaunue. I b here it U iny rigut to (xainioe t Ik lit ine at a tirae. during tb' Hbmiei of otheLS " Tbi c uuinillei- after con-nltlo}; tugi'ther.d 'Cid"4 that -illlu ii(rli ih< y bud ihe power to comply Willi ni.i ib? iniiiiil. thi y rhomd not exercise it - (kin inkttMO. On that Miion llr .^uydam anl be sliuMht d wm it a in 're uio?U ry on hi.i |?ri lo proceed furlh.-r. and d ?ire4 tb it that faet luighi l? noted un the mantes, ''igether with hi- r?a*oiu> tor detiiuuig d ling m>. The c lu.uutee tn >n adji uri.i d !? i t< -d?y Lterytliu.)! w?. In .niiifntly arranpeil with th.' Alb my p?p< r?. Tli.i* wh'eh were not entirely *il?iu on tho subject, on .-aiunlsy emue out with W- <re wfuti'w.nh ia)( alluMuiir. I.ui ill appearance of .ialu t iy ? HnU ?n .-ui.il.iy lu^iiiiug. (uoi oun c >py of wn ch c mil b> 4> tu.md tor i uiit r lo>' u r aaon.y, tweety ioiiiuIh after the parkbgir arrived ) I brew ihein int i ib > utin ist c >n lUmatteu and KiUurid nil their pet'.y m'Ii> m s toth winds The lit ;i? n ofto-ilay. has in cons -<|a ice e iftied till! whole pi' ( diiiK" published I y j HI, ia.| thu eve I ?iiiR's .iiou lia; it Tiiy strouK uiaidy and xiusible 1 article, in Ueiiuneiatinn ut those coucerued iu the dis I giaveful sWiuUii (HEW YORK LEU18L.ATURB. BT MOKSK'S .MAGNETIC LINK, N>. lt> WALL sntE'JP. Senate* A:.?A>r, March 31, ISil Prayer by Kc* Mr. T a i.m i. r nrrnm. Mr. Jomim"! pr-'-wntcJ niim nnw petiUom f>r th? sprrdjr minimi m> nt of llie V.r. ? t ami A1 rdtUf* to railroad toil*. Ai-o. ur'aiu?i ill# bill r> I '.!? . t o Ni ?? if Jffc city Hclluula. Mr f ir linu . "?? of io4u-.tr/. Al?o, < .f Wui iooii crr, for rvl let ?Mm Mr. Babcock reported I.it ir.iblv on th" b'll fir tho rc lirf of firry J.LtT/. Abai.uutav >raoty t ? tli ? bill in 1.1 l Ing tn? Kcvlord .Smiiu<Mi. lb l-itive 10 -at 4 ?!> tt*\ *gr> itl to ALkj. fav trabiy ua tin* bill uui -nliu^ th > iU fiMil Sululm, rcUtm ta tke taking tr*tim >ny of wit mm. Mr. Mr ..i a reported favorably on tha bill authirliiii; tho t n?ui)ujuuc Crulral Flan* UoaJ Com < a ny la h >rrj<? ?wwy llr II* m ir* rrpnrted f .rnrablT on thr bill MllMritli} Louua lluliby tn change her liaute Mr Mil i >i r. purled R.t r.iMy mi th" bill mtth irUIng th<' Mimli ii I Uni. Itmnl t ump my to burrow in hi y Mr t am it r< purled the blU for the fffrmiiiM of fraudulent pattern* Mi W ii i m m( n ported. complete. the bill ntit h >rixin< M m L. aid to build d"ck? Ml IM iWMh w.irj nf llrnoli lyn. ii?miw. Mr. Ovimir. by r.ni ,?<ut. presented Are t~ ;n a-trincM *t:uiii*t a bailnlure town in Meuh'M cnuiiiy. ?rn i?i til lira. Mr Mii.nr morcd that no Mil be m:nle a ?p*clil order or he ft frrn d lu report c mplrir uui r? irnj in tti oriii r, until afcr itaiuiHlif inn Mr i hom uioTtil !? ?t riK' nut all rrUtirc t > " ti'fi'ffal to n port n.u.plctr '' Mr i Htfi.it ,* mimmtril I ii>->Uy Instead of Wed i?day Mr. I ?iam uuiTi u in iliuinLii i i Mr. 1 1 h 1 1* l.pi d bulb MUn ndlili'll' Mui I Ibi <|iM i-li'>i?. ?, ii- u'Trmlij tak a, ?ud Sir. t'jui;n"? ?lot mil wan n?|n|i|i I Mr l h niei.diivnt w*? I* t 1 br naoiutton wa ? th** minted ? cii i - mm *??? ni'ii Thr art i nn ndiojc ihe I** r todVi* to laral oAeer* dlr rhurnii ,, the duty ?fjudj!r or mi" 'X '1 bi a< t iuatlwuriMi Win Heard a'<4 other* Wm?' - '?ft and bh id duk- in the IJiXlh w.,r 1 ? ( l>r j'i.,iyu. l.jiJ oa tin 1I.U-. Tin r< i to Ammd the chnrti ' Watrllfwi Tin ? U '?<> nuamidnip antl rrdu<*<* In nuo art IkoMrtOTI | aft- rrt ,it%i' t??tbi- rnitimoti rh<H>b< nf .>??? |'nr? it v Tbi- avt ri laljro to thn cbrtmn nf thi- K? ? nrd>-r ol lluf (alu Tiir rmiM.iiu oi IUI CttiWUI*. Tb?i (?< wmltlw at Uir wlioli-.Mr Uainiup. In th?(m<r I ?k ii]> ib< Ki'iiM '? I'uint tirnlK'' bill Tu |n ? ti ? i p "i Ij ? ??It v .... upon Mr Mut'n atin ndni' ilt, Which pr>lVldua fir li i.l id llir liinl)H' m Tr III ?rcgr<Unri- w,i(i thi" ?*((?'<? tiun t ihr wttiii >m ? In th- r:tM\ a? In inoir t.'-i Lnmy, in llir r?'pin t of ibr cmiunilK'" aim r*a:nin??d i tn. ^itnind In parmiii V- l>?aT hi al? d thai It wa< far ntor# liberal In lt< pr > vbr lit than Um bill m? it .- 1 ??l Mr. > i iiiH>aM*ai a mI ir\iv?il Ihi' rninmittr" upon tho (l lnMl Mi rtuaf Iho lull lie t\r>t took ?f til ibjrrti .B i. mi it will di*<-rt traiir fr>*i nur rnu.il ileiwwgfct thin inraiMiit iii*?1i?I ? tli.it .lit. r'i'io bi-ini alfiM.l/ l ii . i I y thr bnUdlng <-l thr rallNail Itarlf I'nr Bri i^o null m t alb rt it I hr tradr wnnl4 b>> -ii? 'rtrd a< w.'ll ? itli ut it an aith. m loin! aatlia ra.ii'ii ?<??*" I'n lt- -'il l an i.i? I'pvratr In artmilar nianm r ia?*ii bi'r i'.i"' i n ?auw niuiMt.in <f artruMrai ap$'li?l to tte nty- rilort Which ?? inadi bj thr uppniirnl.i "f iha bi "? lllut It li* ' '" I ir?.. tii4H .Saw V(.i?. Th trail" w?- to b , rurd Li/ uti r ruli - noil nthrr <!? < ill au?i nmtiT"* ic io the cm- I 'hiii tluarf a bridn*.1 Hi? prn-p. "-Ity f .Ni * ?'?*<???< d? I? i.ih ?t, tint npun Ihl*. btii op"n her" c >m |<i .1 Willi thnt I f ?i t?r rttl"'? t III- ?? twn urifuia -nt" hi ? "itkin t* thr bill, thm, araof no ?alu.'; an l llir pnint .?I .. -hi waa ti. Ixi ? Itlrd up .n "thrr ijniviinn J ii" >.ny i l..>a#c to br n>HM<li'r"<t war. will it an ..oitroi i a.it.jj.iii >u a* i<> rrntli-r it impolitic t" bun 1 thw brtdgr' It w.i? trii" tl .,t in thr taMlMWfi tak.-n by tho cMiaitlW it - ' .i ' i d that ll? coiulrortmn w.iulil t ? # c>-rt4iii il Ui" ' ?? bu.ii. r o..Tl|(ati<>n 'Hicft' w.m t .iBin. rr" there th rh It 1 ? I'tiMnWrwi 1 h" ijuem i'in th n w i- will Hi* far iiiiy aim h the tiridRr will tiiriiich to th.' I nnl trail- n uttxt i *> r tbla tadr. n.| mnfw tb.i? tMatlfbUMur hiuj* ran** ran. < d In ihe water nan ratti ' H ? *? it' -'idi-Uly ? f i hr opinlnn that It would. #hat ii*i" c MM< r ? . lie r? win, cuuld. I>y a drawbrulrfr. Of aC" mini > I >.ed il ! ta i.eirt ii. linn in turn up. ihai ii w.ju.J not a# Pi th ? UHurOf New V'lilt lliir the "I 0'' ^Wll. ami thr l? livtit drllTrd by the p"* III ?>! i*Ud |MH1< fta l >n *< uld oTrrbiiUnee the r*tn re. iiliint! to l#? lire. In nr?. he -hmild Tut<> f ir the bill. >lr. luar'n ann udnieni w<. adopt, .i Mr i 1*1* ini'vrd to ri-r and rrpnrl Loat, by ? ti 10 Mr. t'aoos nppivuxi tha hUl Thr .^ nal. r from the lentil dirtrirt (Mr. Mihn?ni>ialk?r). bad e(pri'?.'d h < | lutNj but had advance <1 no r-al ar<iu?.:iH'> II* hid laird it a* hia i piiuou that the piildar le'ii" ill ai1iiln(| tn m tha roiiKtrurlton of the lirnlge *?M m a t ibr mi* mriiit inn to cninma rce, bni V bml ? Ifanr.-.l n it a riuiilr arguiuvbl la aubalaiilMlie'i of that ^r.iun.l It | be (Mr Wl-idllonk at Ihe printed t(?tlm >| i/'ng , upon our table, ho would find proof to the direct con trary Mr. Cabboi.i. wan willing the bill should bo reported. If that wan the determination; but lit* should auk that th? qtuwtlon of agreeing to th* report lw laid upon thf tabln until tliey had a luilur S?'natf. lie thru reverted. in brief, to thy court** taken by Mr. 8chooniivikt*r, and ron* tended that be ka<l boon inconsistent II? had bcenu tonisbt-d upon hearing him advocate this bill. Mr 8? HooifMAUX responded, explaining t'U position, and allowing be had uot changed in the leant. The gen tleman laid misconstrued hiui He admitted hU preju dices biid enr been against the bridge, on thi- ground that the great obstruction waj not equal to the public I benetit to bo derived. Mr Cilioi l. wiid that commerce exceeded in value t< n time.' the value of the transportation on the railroad up to thi* time; and more than that, the larger part of that which wa.< tran.-ported upon the ro'ij Hopped at the lake, and needed uo bridge :it nil ThU was an itnsw ?r to th? gentleman's argument that the public benefit de manded the bridge, to the detriment of coniinnree. Mr. C. thi n .ill tided. at length, to the BO railed chance* of tbia bridge itiuee tbe election of tbu L'uited States Senator. Mr. Daw i replied, and repelled tfw ullej^tlcmi mad'. a* fal*e and unsubstantiated. llo spoke nt somo length, ?vying that if Hie calico trade of Troy w:ii to block northern New York np. and control the pe ?pto th-rv. a voice would b* heard from that aeothw of tin- State bereaflcr which Would pcove that wben b" advocated t iri a biH lie ?u representing t ho Interriitl ;rtaj wislreH of hi> zoDhtitaruts. 111m .ttconsMir i* old > u I. m initiate tl?? truUi <il' this, if the grayer tor thi* bridge tva* denied. 11 >? Cahkoi.i. ft -Unwed. Mr. tunwtaiilili responded again, and defeti le.l him ai'lf fr ?n tlio attacks mutle by Mr Carroll If thvnt were u *t arrangement' relative to this b'll and the ! United .Hat.-' Henatorshtp. ht? wn never u party or privy to it; and the S.Miator from thn tftth (Mr Dart) knew not Mint lie Mr S w.m in favor of this bill till thi* forenoon U? (Mr 8.) waa confident of acting only fr mi pure and honorable motive* Yho Senator 1V>iu the 1 ii.li (Mr. Carroll'; liaa a right to hold hU own opinions, but Ibriw were tie facts. Mr. ('book Igain totik the ttonr. 8ouie furtli-i: Ui*ru.-~inn eiutwed wben the bill ?w re ported to th? Senate l.y a vottvof II to 4 Sir. Cabholi moved to lay tb? report on the tMtle ? -Lost. The report w ?? then agreed Uk and the bill wut? ordered *?a thlnl rt atvi vg. A reces* wa? ClkM tuken till 1 P. M. m >1.1. it rtnui. The Senate. alter the rt caaa. gmtaad' the bHl declaring | Manet- Kiver. at tir north, a pw&lio bigliw ty; tU-to. t lie 9IU" relative to tfcr charter of thf Fulton Hank ? ?LI 1.16 UNM KOIl TttH 1". BIJSIIWICK The art revising- the system of. .telling laud* ire Rush v/iak lor unpaid t vim. whs brought up. It was oppotted, a? introducing mi. entirely now system. and adopting foj'Uiui town wbat> was not allowuti in other part* of the St Ale. The bill nu registered. ac itoor.*. TH? committee -? ported progvaaa on the bill to pro vide for furnishing- whwib witht diagrams. elcua-otary priaorples of mechanic*. tc Adjourned niK CHABaan of seutokml connrrpnox. Tie Nnate Committee on tla? case of the charges agaviet tho Serge:vj;t at Arms, li.-w bccon lu 3e-?l >n all day and have clotted, the examination of witnessed Autiublf Ai ua.it, March 01, 1301. M 1.1.4 M'.roHTXU. ttr. Waei'Mak reported compute the bill in relation to ! tb? State Ar.-*'0*Um N*'W York; also. for the reiief of tht 1 Kr?? Library of N-ew York. fktihon* ruiwTfU l^ainet any ls.? to invalidate the rights of certain per son* to land* unicr wafer at New York; from various 1 caunties in the ?tato, fur the more speedy enlargcaaut o' tbe Kric. Black River and Genesee Valley canals. 4JTH V1 roa IMOTI. Mr Ba*?-.k introduced a bitl chartering an uiyiu-n f >r idiots iu this State TIUC CI.INTO.N AND 11*4 UNO PRISON* Tlii> House, In committer, considered a bill miking ap proprtatlooe to the Hate prison* at Sin# Si n^c an I 1 'iin- 1 ton. Thia hUi pwvMkrs fur tha appropriation of fourteen ' thousand dollars. to pay the iiid<tit?dLS-? of Sin^ Sliv( ptiron, Had twelve thou, ami dollar* to liquid ite tin- ex penses far Iku rarrrnt year. It alao appropriates e^ln thou.-aud dollar* towards paying tli ? iudobtalnese of I 'Hnton prison, and twelve tboiuaikJ ft>r Uu> current ex p? iim-? ..i the year. Mr Wni tici m^Ti'd to utrtkf oat fourteen th oi-wnit dollars from the Sing Mag appropriation, nn<V insert $11KT3 54. Aft- r some delate, the nmentVta nt w ?* withdr-.iwn. and Mr. WiMCBit.a *M?ved to atrlke ?iut th,' tlr*t section, pro* tiding for the appropriation of H- UOO to paj the debts, which motion was carried. The second Motion uf the UU wj< ad ipte.l, as were alto the remaining mctlni*. A motion mrtl" to restore the fir-d section. It wn decided in the nIBi H'.itlTe it ai i into 1 h.\: r* in Till itati rm mil The mate committee then considered the hill lu rela tion to the ('talc nr*""a* o( the Mate, I'pm the iinestlan of adopting a sertien providing f >r teaching of mtv-hanieal trade* in the prUoua. a long di-ruvioti enmied, and, wHhoi-1. concluding, a uiotiou to rise and report pragma* prevailed Upon the question r? agreeing to the report of th? ?' nn mitti-t unthi Sing ^ingprieon hill. Mr Vutiua roaewed th< ui< t Ion tostrike out the flr?-t aeetlon t'arrieii Mr. Mtcovm n moved to lay th. (ii ? ?*; i >n of agreeing to the report of the committee on the tnhl ' Icwt The report wu agreed to. and a MM wax taken papm* aw i *ki n. Upon rc-assemtiling. on m ite>nof Messrs. TuthiU. Pont, Graham. Kerris. lltiggs and Bur rough*, vnriou papers were n firred to cwumittcca to rep irt eomplotc. m. roars on mu.*. Mr WaarJUATf tep? rted coapli te the bill In relation to th' New Yi ik State Ar-ennl. Al-o the Mil la relation t* the free library of the mechanic*, fce , of the city uf New York Mr A 8mith im ported on the bill to oaad the ch irter of W i >tth Id. Also t^?r a ferry acr > ?) CkadUai*' lake ar.iMo.weva im mamim htion< Mr Wak< man, Mr W iird and Mr 111 n kttone )>r? . -nt ? d a r> moiittiaiiee a^ainct any r< -trielioiu on the K>*ie Hnilroed , Mr Hm kmi m fn'ientcd petition n relative to tlie Dis trict Attorney of i; !ng'- count > ; In relatlmi to street* in M ill in ni> t urch and n^alnet the Orphan A yliiui l?w. Mr \\ ?ai' preeenteil petitions relative to tani under water in the eity of Ni w York Mr I'anw k prcecnt' d petitions fvlativc t? tlv naviga- ' l.te feeder frnai t'anandalgua lake Vu the trie canal, and apiinct a new ?inn. la Caimn'iMiicua Mesera. Pardr% Wnkemaa. A Hmi'h Mcl.outh. I' >oi. 0 Allen and Bottom pre-entiil thr''.', and M'?<sr< t ar nuai. Leelic and MnrroMgh-. four |?-titions for the ? uUr^e Meat i f the Kriecanxi Mr H?i< ii presented one for tbo enlarifemciil 'flhe Uw'go canal Mr fwoaix.n lativc to tlie Newtowuaud Morpeth plank r? nd Mr J Benediet, of Newton, arel ,-iaith. for rel f Mr ItaaiMs. for a law library in w -..'m cauntiea. Mr Nnaii. t*Mii>pr< a tin' iMjuor tr*M' Mr (I Ai l i it, CNfetlve to the Wbltfe at Irving Mr llitai sr. topi-olnl.it the Ii m >r I rafllc Mr tirAMAV. relative to the g -pel aud <ehs>i miney in , T' mpkina county Mr .-mi i.< ?n, t? e?lal4ish lamp dl'trict in Poiuh k< ? p?i". ficain>t the nmm. and ai- ? anainat am uling tin i ii?rt< i of the .s.w Fait* terry Corapaay Mr. l4*nr of the twenty-fourth regUa 'iit.again't the n< w in I tia law. Mi A. A Tmommon, a^ainrt any re-tricllon on tho Ni'W \ . rk i'd Krtr Battrnad. Mr t'Ai'T, relative to power* of certain court MOTION* AMI arr .HM Mr Ra?i * It< iii-lit in a bill to inr-irpomte an asylum far Mii't" in the N. w York Mr M l>roii|{ht In a bill to inc irp rate the llriad nay !?av i.y- Bank >it \**nvm report eil to amend the charter of the Ti (ta Irun Mininic t'oiupsny I\! r Itnwi reported e 'inplete th" bill relative te j ? i h' i I district No 2 at llst iv. t Mr T'?wN?rNii r? portiNl the lull relative to weight* and n enmres: also to aMend the act relative to the pro i ami acknowledgments of deed- in ttlwr M*te?; alao th ? Mil autboviaiiiK th?i N-eiety of K?nI. uiplioni.it* M hold r?al estate. Mr. 1m. i h*oi l reported complete the liili to rim ?nd tli * charter of the l-aumbon ogh aod Bai abridge .Navigation C<mpaqj. Mi i..?vr*p rep'^cl t-> anth-eise Myron I'on I to change his nam?\ sl*o t"?>r the r? i*ef of Ro*w"H tir*v<M; Mao Mr In- 1 the ttnelda I'oor Parm MM. N I uri rep.jt. d a bill r. lative to th- * -h kiI u* in I.iTi.nia Mr ToWnnini ri'p?.rt<U against MMhnrlnn? the ci'y at Aulmin t make a loan to a e itnpnny to build a r?il r- i> i fioM ' . k. I rie to lh'' Krie llmlr J'l >tr IS i i i>.hii> ?M n 't in f.ivor of the report, an I ii ? ?id tin. It h* laid on th' taMc t arried . Mi M .ti i'p rt'd the bill relauve to the support of tin dest itute i MMret of nramiw Mr < *#v l>t >mbt In a bill to c infer adiiti >nal p iwer* or com ? <* of > -ions Mr 1 a? > * i < purti d to iacri-a e the nu n i r >f Wkrd< Inln y, ai.-> to amend the charter * if ii ni'i iinton. ot ui "f lilu|t-ton. Alh on and I' mglil'"'^!11 Mr J ?ksinui rip.rted to amend 1 1? ? charter of Cties Mr I r.f ?? moved an Innnlry relative to the d.?m at I'bi n!* Mr hi.i *a*iN moVid that tlie loll Mth ri?tnr a nil. feitd to h'ttolflDi Vitlane. b*' taken from the table /^r ted to ai d the IHII was ord<*n d to ? third r- * linK ?ir %A?Nt,v ui .v.d that the lull auth .rUnw railr >*l* in thif -tate to Miheeribe to the eap'tal -<t >ok if the d ial W ? stent llaiiroad. be nfTred t'l rep .rl complete t nrricd -mi r*'-.N *rra 'iraattiew* ' *abnino t*ao>*. rrc. Tin llo u-e went Into tVniantti-e of the Whole. Mr. Brigg* iii vhe rlknr . n the bill making appropriali ms to Ptat* pri?"iir 1 be bill was variously amended and ra pnrU-d t' the li. u.e, 11m same r mmittae took up the bill in relation to State Priavns. Mr IT <?*?? -f.at moved to "trike mit the third pt rtfon. %bl h allow. <1 pri-om r* to he tan(ht a trade lie lUft^ii p<l hi* t r p">Hu.n at leiifth intsiio? on tt aa an ?i t <4 m it tee u? the ne^hantea of ihe Staie Mr A A TnvMreaN t<?wk ? ?inwiar Ttew of the section Mr. IUkkb oppuwd {he ? HM?ml Wat bcrau* he ni^l It important th.it prisoner* *hould be uble.wheu liucba/X"' pd to enm an ho net livelihood Mr Hi khoi i.im f ? ppurted Uie amendment. Iiui4iiic that It would not !?? ju*t to revive a *y*teni which h*3 hrrD dUrontlBUftf I <j a wi*e legislation enforced by a powerful public aentlment. Mr. Macombir although "no of the pruon committed, bad do l<>t or part in reporting thU bill Iff deemed th? Hection altogether objectionable; and if *trickcn out, h? would deem it an affurance of the determination of tha Legislature to hold ou to the xalutary reform h.-retoCiM adopted Mr. 1<ai?:k yielded to no man In hi* rerpeet for thi* tnA rbtnlc* > f tin- State; but he did not ileein It wjvtfc while. rn nil occasion*. to pniclaiirf that friendship Ilk* dr*irr wnn to treat manfully the discharged pruotK-r? 1? have him !? ?? upon iim a human being entitled to tha pympiitby of bin fellow men. lie wlnhe?f. when prinnwra i are ilUchargcd. to have them bare M>m? unaua of uliiaiae ing a livelihood. Mr Ilraaoiioiii mov.nl. a* a MTb?tltnte for t!l> *.vtl?^ that the priaMwm a hall be tao^ht th? I'lruvatarf I branchc* of an Kngli*h education Mr Baki-h *aid the law already prcrfldv<> fJr what !? ! here |>rnpi wd Mr. Ti'iinu wished the convict* to be tairght ai pi' a posed. and alao to lie taught a trade. Before taking the qnestifm, the rmnrtUM roporiad pr< gre*a. and the 1 loose took a r.-eesn t.U (our o'clock. AKTER.VX7N SKSSION. The hifl for the relief of the Balf iln and Wiick Road Railroad Company; the bill in relation to the redemption of l?ank not an; the bill providing for th? lowering .?f tha water iu Cayuga Ink.-, ami the bill fi>r the rvlief of Tli. my fFaghci. were pot fonrnrcf riir iKumnwiiia or *r*o *1*6 On motivn of Mr. WriKKt.ar.. it wua re*ol"Ve* tliat tt>? resident iin-pector of the State pri*oti at Sing Sing. n?> port the nmoant of in<t"l>tedi)e<? of mag Suig priaox prior to Oetiher. H50. ;> ad how and wh*n .-aula occurred. 1 MM?rr ?iii coLiti rioi o*- tmu. The novae, in ConimittM of the Whole, n sumed t hm coll.- id i r at ion of the blil amending the reTt>"?l rtatnh? in relation to the axrCUr mnnt and collection of taxoa. Mr (iuuMK offen-d an amendment to tlie .x'Teotfel aeotion of article liril of Utt' kill, to- tux hanir stock ia each town where the holder* may rvnide. iwtoad of '?? ing it io the grfts* at tile place where the bank i* loeitUaS. After a debate K waa negative*/. Mr UrAiH moved an amendment to the aeventh . tac tion, to iwi'c tod bridge aonipaiuc-s iu lltu tow a or ward wTo re the tolld are coll- cted. L'odt. Mr Wak>>ia> moved an ntnenilment. whirh Htrikaa out the wln>le of the eighth cection. in rWntion to tha nmnwr in which ae-wti.-meiit* arwto be rnadA and tha dutie* of a*-<'^or? wnd Ku)>?titutli<g an efitim new Mo tion which include* only the real and perxooal cwtaia and tbe Uidebtcdnci* of person* to I hi at?c*??.l. Ik* a?re-??ient to lie madt-by the owner of the prop<-rty Mr. At woon moved to make the ameiidmcut t'.itl oa gold and silver, pint.-, watchca. he., and every *p?rieaaf |)er*onuf property l,<wt Mr fonuM't ottered an amendment, making it obM gatory on every taxable person tr> uinkn out hi> aaaaiai uient. neeonipaniiM by an aMdai^t. wlhch wu Hiiuibur to I Mr Wakeuaa'a. but more Kriligent. Mr 8 xutMe <iueutly withdrew it. aad it wu? then renewed by Mr. Fcrri* ?od negativinl. Mr. Waketnan'M nmemtment wa* then adopted Mr Fnaaiii then moved to Htriko oOt tbe entire soctiaaf L'irt. ? The ainth x-otion ?w ntriokeu out on motimi at Mm, 1 Wntat.1 The tenth ..nd twelfth wction- were amended in aoaaa 1 deer. ? to i "uturni to ii?e proponitiouii of the prvatatef I M't'tioa* The (ummlttee reported progrenn. *io??irrimv or ha in worra, err Thv came cunnittec reported pn>gr? -w on tlir bill la re lation to tin* redi mption of bank note*; Itkiiwi*.* mi tba bill Ki r< move obetruvti'Mut from, t lie outlet of CayugB laka, aud to b'Wer ?ai?t lake. Adjourned. M'tllaini Canal Navigation, Jtie. ()iwuo, March 31, UN. Te#*eU are dally arriving from, and ileparting fur. Ik* ?|>per hik'?, tlu-ou^h the Wetland canal, at I hi* port. Thl* i* tbe beet evidence that it i* not clonod to Amnricaa VCIXM'U. 1h< *cctioa of the high iitotio abutment of the muuI, below the toll bridjc. ? a-t ?Kle gave way this morning aa4 the wall r *wept dow n about forty fivt Into the river It wa? Hint part of the canal on the 1 ant side, whicb fuud* the flouring mill*, nc I wa* not \i*?>d for navigation. TW properly l? long* to (1< rrit fmith. and will bvn pairwl ua~ an diat. ly lul*reiUn| from thr South March 31, lMt. Tito mayor and city roanrll of Ital'.iinnre have acoeptaA nb invitation fp>im the Pennsylvania Legislature. to mmt tli.' llou. Daniel W i-WlT at llarrisburn The ncvipls at the Washington Monument o?oe iuf> log thr amutb of March, were fU.UO. The Now Orleans pupcra to the 'ill li liut contain dataa from the city of Mexico to the 4th in>t. The Mexican t loa the* s hail granted to Don J oho Muri.? EkUts exriiudvo privilege for one hundred year* of a railroad from Vft* riui lu Slndi'llau Another pronuiicimurnto Iim lm<a niHile at Maiatlan A number of . |K> fin wt.re arreatad. Twenty five negroes arrived at ttafannah from Au^kte <u Thur-day. to take passage tor Liberia oj the bark liHlt.ll The Ann ricu* lire t'omp.iuy will receive lb* Kr,at>at rirrptiou ai.d rutertaiuBMUt f?cr niv'u iu this city. Krw Bank In PriiuiylvanU~Xr. WrMt?r. II taaitacati. Mare.'t 31, 1831. Tin- bill irrn utiup a r barter for a new bank, at Miuto% ralb d the formers' and Mcchviira' Hank. pa<*t<4la? aecnnd rending in the Senate. t?y yena li to nays 11. R pUMkd the lloUH of lt< prr<ent*tirra re re ral week* a*?. Da nit I >V. inter will he lo re to-aiormw, at noon. Burnlary? Fatal Aecl<t?-?t. Uric*. March 31, lUL The i flier of the /Vina Inxnrano* Company, of H I? I wm cnti red between Saturday night nnd IhLs morning The I bi? ten did not get anj Ihi ng for thnlr tr>ul?la. Alter i \ i rlotklng the paper*. Ihi y decamped A hoy named McCollnm wn* run ow by a frc l*h? tiain i n thr >} rue use ?nd I'tiea railroad in this city, ?? halurduy and died yesterday from the e Iter in thereuf. Virginia verana Vermont. lUnDnmr. March .*>1, 1M1. Tile l|( use cf Representative# of Virginia liavs ty a Tile if 4* to J>i on excluding >.rui,.nt from tha Males to which I be resolution* ou toe .Southern t.'oagr? are to be m lit by thr llovcrnur Thr Kr?rnrn of Nhadrarh liullrlnl, A? Hollow. March ;tl . Ifl>l. The I J rand Jury cf the I'ldted Mates lilatrirt i'<mrt have t> I1 mi indictment* against ail IhtHte wUo were b >ua4 oti r by I'onnnisaioner llallett for baring Imi coinnl<< with the rnrur of Miadrach. that fugitive Mr James Inic r?<4l a well known and higldy ri-poela bit m< ri bant. ? f this ritjr, died su l lenly iu au uuimbaa ?li Nil ui day nftrri" sin Amin Uiy.thr Tnikl.-h Envoy, arrived In tow? laflfe ?Ttniug V.K. .Hlttrk laaueil. W tnuniia^. Mar-h 31, IU. The amount of lulled .-tales stuck iasued lo foreign. ? last *>ik. was VI "'*> Mailiir Otanafrra. Monro* a. March 30. lfiftl. The report of another sliipweet k nrar i'aprll-iMy prove* unf 'neile.l It waa the n mslm aom- ami which had kn n drifting r< u r time at sew, that was wan fe et I ashore near tl.e fltdteoa. The Int* st accounts as In Ihe Ilob- na state that h?* hi ad had Iweti heat <i round oil fro*i the shore and that she hnd l? en | nn>|? I o?>t The wt allu r rontinana r? tripn ly fit Vi raUc. ami she will ib>uhtbiAa soon br g-A oC I'litm uros, M arch 31, IH5I The si t urner AlbatroM broke her prt>pellrr on anil, on the snmr night, look fire in the wastr M-sa, which Wn h' wt vrr, soen put oat. the damage l?*la( IrlB.i n fin U waiting Inslrartlon* from I'hil^tM. phi*, lafnrr leaving this port. Mrtrorolo^lrnl (Ha?rvalloii?. Marrlk a. to ? i. ink, i rru k li? wai.l mnr. Hi irtta, f t M ? V?. ailier cloudy . light idiowttr laal night, w .ml south t ?t. tliornii meter ?>; b-vroin.-ler tit ? tAH, mercury >4 li I' >1 ? Clear da*. with a eoM want wind, rlcar ? veiling, Iheraawetrr .18, barometer 2B 3S( uit n my M. (Its i t?i?a, HAM ? II rained aome (juitr early thhl mornln. but rrwnl als>ut sll i>'rloek, wind northwnat{ tin rtm nit ler in. growing eolilrr ? I* M ? ilaa been m viiylne day. Ill ugh rather cold; wind wt*t. I inYiaa nu It r 41, prospect of fln? an ather A i ai an. HAM ? l b a-ant morning, aan ahiniife( hr gbt, wind northwe t. II I' M ? 4'lear and pleaisaittf wind norlbwert, lln rnionieter 3U>^; it has been a vary fine day P*a.\cvar. # A M ? 1'iae morning, though somewhat doiitly, wiml northwest, therunnteter .VI H P M ? Cold bnt plea-ant evening, after a beautiful day; ther no nit l> r <M Oswkjo. * I" M ?Bright, pleasant evening, hut rat hi* r?4d, wind we?t, therinometrr ."W, l*r >m"ter a."> ;IM), M has la i n a Vt ty fine day I ilea H A M ? 4'b udy and showery thia m trnlng; wir.d toiilb, thertm miler S3; barometer JH is*l mereuay iT h I' M ? Tfc? w rat her htm Wat qvMi plcaaant alnaa ne riung and we hare a clear and beautiful eVi'iiing; witd northwist. therviometer 43. birometer W 170, mer cury ft 9. At r*a?. 9AM ? t'Umdy and warm thia miraitig; b t kf like rain, wind aouth, th rmoniater ?V>. hsnHBstsf :?l>4.'i nu n nrj ft HI' M ? < Tear and pleasant, tlajT ni meter 4* Itan meter a?l .*??, mercury t?7 'Imh, P \ M \ . ry el udy. light w.nd fria? tl?a ?i nth i very Indication of a wet dry. therm aoetrr <-> ? I' M ?The weather cleared up about e^rrn o'cbwkj finer that hour it him been a very 'inr. sunny 'lay, thi uph nnibntl rather disagrwabtc by % ?tr"?ni sooth wind, thermi mi ter 14 lb at iwi.roa, f> A M -Warm and flear morning, wlm| south, thermi met. r 4* Thuwiu, ?A M -?Hn?dy; Kh>Iu lUgo raia, via* I toulh, thmMMM *1.