9 Nisan 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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_T H E N E \V V ORKHERAL D. WHOLE NO. 6743. MORNING EDITION ? WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS * ? AWtVBKItULNTm. BOWERY THEATRE-BOXES, 25 CENTS; PIT, 12^, cent*.? J)o<>r a open at 7, curtain rieee it 7}? o'clock. ? I **Ve<inei?dajr evening, April 1>, will be performed the grand UttuticHl itade entitled the OCEAN OF LIFE ? Mat Mer iMton. Mr. s. Edd>; Sir Ttmothy Tadpole. Mr. Johnnoii; C;ipt. Blundel, Mr. l'one; Jemmy JumMe, Mr. Winans; Jlon. Ie?a* fc??lla Morwlle, Mine C. Wetnyeej ML ?? Jemima Jenkin??n. Mr*. Walcut. Tt? conclude wl'h the drum a of the PIRATE OF THE ISI.ES? Mevroyeni, Mr. N. Johnion; Demetriuft, Mr. Tilton; llHr07.ti.IMr. Steves*; 2-ane Kiebabs. Mr. H'inau*: Andrea, Sir. Hamilton: Marco. Mies 8. Denin, Helena, Mi.?j | Wem>s?; Phjpoiiine, Mian Hiflert. BURTON'S. CHAMBERS^TREET? EVERY EVEXIXG tlii. week, the bent written anil boat played coinodv, J.OVE IN A MAZE, with mw fud peculiar *eeuery. beauti lully paintml. new and elegant Costume*. The wcllknosn ''ouic talent of this company sustain* the principal churac. t>r?. A new farce of original construction, THE SCHOOL > OR TIC.ERS; Or. The Shilling Hop, with all tU? Ladies a* 'XigCM. Nation at. theatre, Chatham street.? boxes, Z'i cents, pit, I2>j ceata, Private Itoxea, $5. ? Doom open ? tafcvrn ,,'ci.,< k, to commence .it a half- pant (even o'clock. iVednead*) evening. April!', will lie presented the celebrate I tlrnma taUen from the celebrated story, entitled HARRY Ml'BMIAJI ? General Washington, Mr. C. W. Taylor; Harry ?urnhaui. Mr. W atkins; Ki Lan-, Mr. Brandon; Captain Arncll, Mr. Li Favor; Dan Morgan. Mr. L. Fox: Mar) W.i?. ncr*. Hi- E. Mestftyer; Sally Mar'Jo, Mra. Drew. The en tertainments cumincm-iD? with flu comedy entitled AM. THAT (.LITTERS IS NOT GOLD? Stephen Plum, Mr. Matkins: Martha Gibbi, Mirs E. Mettayer. ("IE It H AX NATIONAL THEATRE? OLYMPIC? IM X Broad v- nr. Wednesday, April tftli. IMS], TEDDY TIIB TILER; Cciuviiteta in !> acts. And THE FETE OF THE Mil HANK t Vaudeville lilwt. MECUANICS' HALL, No. 471 BROADWAY. ABOYI Grand Btrect.? Open every night dwring tho weak until | farther notic e. The original and well Known CHRISTY'S j MINSTRELS, com prising an efficient and veriatile "corps" of "talented'' and "esp- rienced performers, under tho management of E. P. Chriaty. whose ooncerti in thl* city, fort eueceenionof "five yean," have been received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audienoe*. Ticket*. 23 cent*. DNti open at lialf pint six ; oomraence at eight ! o'clock. An Afterioon CUWI will to given on Saturday next. April 12, for the accommodation of l.adio* and luv nilei, commencing at 3 o'clock. P. M. On Saturday evening Melt, April 12. annual benefit of .V. W. ',ould. GnitarUt. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL llall, 411 Broadway, between Howard aud lirand ttreeta. Open every night during the week. The celebrated original and w.-ll known Fello?? Minstrels. " comprUing an efficient and versatile oorp* of talented and experieu-ed peg fermrrt," under the direction of J. B. Fellows, whose con cert* is Mil* city for the lu*t year. have been received with tlie greatest favor by the elite anl fashion of tliia great me tropolis Their concerts consist of Burlesque Italian Opera Bcenea. Witty Sayings, Sole*, Duett*, Choru**e*. Dtncing, and Inntrumaatal Performance*. Un Wodnewlay ar. 1 Satur- I day afternoons, a grand Concert for the accommodation of I laiLe* and t imiliea, commsnclug at .1 o'clock P. M. Adiaia- j ftion 'ii> cents. Doors *fM ?t 7, to o mmnaeo at H. Horn iw whites Ethiopian opera riousE, ; open ti i'it ni^ht, No. 42" Broadway, four door* fro n i Crand street, xnown a? tho Coliseum. ? The company con- ; sift* of ti>e[ve tainted und experienced performer*. ? 'io [ will night!) appear in their *p!cudid variety of Ethi >piiu entertainment*. Donr* open at a quarter before 7. to com- t tncnoe at a nuarter before *. A lniittance 2i cents. Att'r ueon performance every Wednesday and Saturlay, oota niencing nt 3 o'tloek. E. HORN fc C. WHITE. Pror^tori. j C1IRU s? N EW VORK AMPHITHEATRE. 37 BOWERY. / ? Conipliiuectary buuel.t to ^lr. W. II. Donaldson. t!ie f lown. ? edu -.Juv evrolM, Vpril 9, Mile. Louise T on r jiiaire. the .reatc>f Hdcr living, will appear in Two Superh Acts of llonc man<hip. All the rreat attractions of t ie .Amphitheatre will be call..! into requisition, to furaisuan entertainmeut of iincqiKilled novelty. A splendid perforoi rince will l?e given this Wednesday afternoon, comoieuein ; it half-past tv. o o'clock, when Mile. Tournlaire and the en tire company will appear. Prices of admission? to private boxes. Mcent*: boxes. Si ctnt*; [ it, 12'^ Cents. Doors op-n a quarter lx fore 7: pe rf rms nee to Commence at lialf-past 7. | \T THE TAlltRNACI.l ? THE HUTCHINSON FA- I milv Mug a* above on Thursday evening. April III. IV, I. < ords ut adm ? ioa ? CJ -ntlei. n Jo cents; ladies I2'? ceut>. Many uee proilo' ti .ns, with a I *? old favorite*, latr?dtu-l To commence at '4 to S o'clock. CAASTLE CAIIDEX- THIS BIAOnm AND nil-U S' lar place i* now open for the reception of visiters during the day. The i i< ? from the galleries of the splendid *ee rv- ry 'four noble hay and harbor, Haa out an ajual in the world. AJminion 1 2 Vg cent*. ; Ej^ RAN K 1.1 N MUSEUM, 173 CHATHAM S?JCARR.? GEO. X Lea hi'Io Proprietor. ? Adin.taioa ? Seat! u> Private Soxei, SO Mr.ti; Sttti, ;.7VJ oet.ta; Hoxea, 25 o-jqU; Par quet, 12), c.'ut'' ? El-ifint Sa!< n performance every AtW boh m<i Evniin, Entortammtnte commence in tim alter utoi at 3 o'rto ?:k, and in the evenim; at half paat 7. The rit.-ri nam :nta are varied and Mtni and inch at can be eeea at ao utlu r place of tmimacnl in Now Yotk, conauting of Lea'i Fetna'.e Ethiopian OfM Troupe, mmMm tlftoea performera, being the lirnvt and at tne tame time the mm! talented ba-id In the Unittd Statee; a troops of Model Ar tiatawho are aeleeted f r t ' ? i r Veaoty and IM, and who , Jera.nate a n; ioIkt of b-nutiful tableaux, taken trom the ?icturee of ai>'imt and m- d*rn timea; a company of Arab irl*, who go through a vam,ty of feata of atreagtli and dexterity: Madsrae flaeallae. tlie enl* Female Juggl r in the world; a company of Male end Female Artuta, who will glv? rn exhibition of karMe Statuary unequalled in the world, together with a variety of iuKraitlag perfo rmanoee every afternoon and evening. For particular* aeebillaof each day AR( II MKEIT THEATRE.? PROPOSE I.S FOR RENT ing th ? :>b.n e Thratr , t"r one year, fir om Soft ' labor ?? i }ML ellt ki ticelvid m w Miin )?' M ay next. \llre.i, ?i ll't VNSOJf, ? Market ?treet. PNU.kt??.mf*. April H, IS.il. EXPRESS AUK\CIKS, Me. PANAMA-r.AND CARRIAGE BETWEEN PANAMA. Gorgon:,. or Cru<ee. The iin'laeeigaed hare argaaUed ?I line of mo lea on tlx road between I'anama and Cruoaa, ar tiorftona. for the carriage of pae?eag< re. bay;age and m-rehaa <liae. They have been at coaeiderablo expeaee to eetabllek thie line on a?ch a footing ae to Inn re the moat apeo ly tran alt t?.?aibl? 'n all *eae..nt. Huriug the dry eoaaun, the melee will trmel over the Ucrgona r< id, and during the rainy wonthe on thf Cruoee r"ad. T> U'.ihtate the paaaeTe on tha latter route, t'tej have eetabl -.i?d a depot about half way tet?e?n Pnuatna ami Cruree. where, when aeoeaaary, the mole* will l>e i hanged, to av> 1 all taeen Wlim from tirsd teaate. K.>rj attention l.ae l ? .rn paid to fiiraieh thie lina with good Eni|liah aaddlaa. brWl ?, and av erythin" ne-?jnry to eondui e to tlie comfort of pn?- a fen. The >h?rg?e by thie Haewtllbe aa low a* th?a* nt any othor line or re?pon?llile () PTCRRONAI,. INFORMATION H \NTEf> -OF JAMIS II II \Rt?, a jeaellrr he d apt" ared from hi* boarding honee ir v ark oa Thitr?daj la?t. Any la form itl n reapeeti tntrleoaner One of the great e n.ee of delay a'nf am . y. tare to pa>?eng*r?. aa elru to tn> r .able who receive (o?d< by the I atiMna ruek. ie the on ? !>Iy paekan* that are tfitn ? ?at ?' rr. t >tall; un<al< uUte j t r p ir-inx through tne n ?r row paeeeii of the road, except at an ea<.riaout ex|>ea*? to bave them i trued b) lodiaae; tlierelore, K A. Joy and Co., lee to inform t!.oae iateraated, l.iat pn< ka< n enould n it weieh more than ! !>??. gro>a, or m* i-ure more than f ur cubic feet alto, that all P*vkage? uld be wed prot-rt-d ?from the w et by tarpiuline. rel ftrtlNf pirtu nlare, apply to the coBti'Aii> e n< nt j at l'ru< .-oa or Uor^oaa. at the pno -i pal ottce or the (???mp.inv in Panama, or to T. R. Cowan, E^ A tent K M. I*. Company, at Chagree. j'niiama. Marok i, Isll. R A. JOY fc CO, N H ? It A . Joj nnd C'n., will not hold them?"lee? r?|i >a ?ible for the lion of aay tpetle, rraelout nietala, lawelry, or other velu.iblea, unleae 4>oUr>'[ nt tti -? time of delivery to their agenta. and p.ti'1 for ncv r iiog y. Refereneet. ? M ?.r?. >nnih \. I. ?i<, t amplell, .1 ii ? & i"o , Paatma; Jain'tO. King A Snne, l.a? renee, Mu'iriy U I n^ntt, Everett A llr iwn, New York: Campbell. Arnot; k Co., Imrie ti r , nliii-wn, Santa Maria t'ri!,e k i o. I.iv r[ 1; l'> w!ee, Br ither? (c Co., M rlet A < ? rne, ll ,iit..ya, r t. U Co., 1 tiward iiardere A < haiaboa. 1'arie; t>. !!? r?i k Co., Charle* I.athua A Co., Ilatre. f'REOORVS CAI.1FORNH FREICIfT, Ptf'Kvr.F. "* and l'?r< "I Kxpreaa, p?r kinere r're?c?nl Cty. an I N'>r'b A neriea. dirt" ?, nn TI, ore lay aud KrMay, April 1th ?p- J tiae'|?lled? rale r dii 'd! Ily the ?t camera. aar neat eapraea will be f?, warded to onrar nti it Cliagr? I'd Panama, aho h ?< \ tl,<r i, at ? ?? rtaiu am ue >n<nta for tke rpe ly llMemlf?l n of fpn.'it over the letbmt'a. of aay eo?faale< eagv ? ?" lha haela??a. s iip |*re mat r. '? i p >n g'?>d* ?l.inp- It r ngb na, b. la - d l> ?"r I m Panama in ad\an. eaf all ott > r at ? hieb port our fe i i tier f ,r rr-?! ipm nt of 1 1, < n a!! the ataamer*. e taact l?? ?urpaaead nVeaU rvieived aatll the maralug of rteaai r > ?lay af aalllag. iai l it. re until ha'f pait two p M. Packatea < whir h trn.t n all a. *?< inadl p water jir . .f. | a.ii?t le left at the ?(l?i t'.e .lav | r. ?i. ?. Vo i aetoai lieueeiharr an ade. TH'iMPiMI.N A HirclMJOCK, Maaagera aad Ajent?. II' I'earl ?tr et. ? orner Hall. aj- u t, e. br r-rmlaainn. t Mea?r?. Jonna-.u k l.owdia, ll.iW'all at r. t - : ? If -r I. Tileatra k Co., i.I South ?tr> t; Viamith 1 Co., 4 PfaM ?tr>?t: Levi Aprar ACa.,7tl> y ?treet. CilirUlM A ? TRAVToRT \TI<iN AC ROM TIT? let inue of 1'aoania ? /?? i riae n. Nalaen A Co.. of Pa tiama, fr m th< ir l'.u(| eaaerieB'.e n the lethmue. being e? tal lube I t j? r aia< e MM", are w. i| prepared to tran?p rt rralghl e?r >aa tha Iftbmaa. I>r take it thr Jfh to ^an Fraacia aa. at abipp-rV i r 'i >a i.nt each paeka mnet be of portable ue and wel; ? aad i r 'f .-rly covered, a< I., V k o. are not reap aatble ! >r d??i ue or areid'at ta the transit. Toe ehareea t 'rte-p rtati n t > l? are-paid ia Naw Y' rk. Create ta < ' agr??- tarbrte- *a. Sef?oa A lfyim?. Vi ntla ? raeea aad l. >r< ?a I n Fni k T' r further parti olara, ippljt. I IAC IIRI??oVh ?N>? W Wall MMI. IKDrrtM T 1.1 N E.? fiROCOH TICKET! II Y fl tblet.e i ;e at t*?(a If,- e , nly. The aew an I iplealid aleamel p V ? ik Ii A MK Kl 1 twill Wave pi r 4, V,rt.i ri -r, oa In let. lit'. April aad trill l*nd her paaaengera atCha urea la Maaa t- la lake ae of the aew ceamera of the In le .en lent Ltae at Faaaiaa <>a l-t May, cheaper aad qui> k"r s'.an any it! -r line. F r fr- >a '?* or apt 'y to liEHIttRIt k t ?' J V. . v atr -it, A -tor Ilea*. S. Y. N II t-aaeeami ariled by gentleman, will b? r? ealved at CI >gr ?. by Mr. Ilert. M. our eepreee. an I ee ?"..rte-l b) ia "?-r the lathmaa to Panama, an I pla.-d < n boird 'I ? at earner! hf Sea I'raacxeo. t'reighU to San Traaclat i*> ie?t? per lb I'Pti- i |i7> 1 ? MoVuPitl V miV i II \ VliT \NO I aMb'falA" Paaaaga la Chagte<. ?r tkrouri iiek"t<to S? Frar. i ... >. raa I. i rorurtd al tbia -jffi. .3, lor live .. liar* leaa than l.| ar 1 "tlier line. BENftMlu A Co.. 2 t (Aril aw. Tt<ff alfwj X. Y. _ _____ Ff? JRFFERMHI BOOOS, Rl< fl IRQ t **CP|X? M ? I', gga A Manpta, tttorney" at I i?, Xaa Frm ?>. < allfiirma Hef^ to Maw .(M l.eee * Co.. Wiiialnw. I.eni rfc ... Eli Mv?ltl, Jr. A Co., J oaeph T. Sanger. Na# V ? r k : Bnlllft A I airthornr. M. I.. Ilall well A Co , Fhlladtli ?. finvall Saig!iler A Doraey. Ti rnbiill. lull A "<la>le. halt. rinre. M A Maapln it tne Ifvlitg Ho?e?, will maala thr?a r fonr daea pee* (owe 1 - hia r^t nn? to Calii'- raia. t ny boai . 'aeatri .ted la lilin will fneet with pf. mpt atloatio*. 1/ IRf'IIHOFF DE lOiA * CO., COMMISSION ME^ R* ebanta San Fr?iw4eeo, Ce'.ifemii. Referee cea -Met^r*. draper A Co., St. THowai, W. I : Mi Per, Sand fc Ri-ra. New Teffci F H'. Brnne fc Soni, Baltimore: ijoealer fc Co., Bol ton; Fral l ag fc flroachen. Loadea; J"ha A. DrneeeA fo.? Bremen: Corriaon fc Ca., Brta n; Joha Mea n k Co., Plul adelnWa. 01 "SOI I TIllN Of CO PARTNERSHIP.? THE PART a?r?Mp ' ?.i ' ng bet*,, n the nnderaicned, anO KtniA Brn?h, of Sart Frnn-laro |n l Saaramento . it*. C?H foritla aad with i hael ? K'oi \ i o.. New V rk. waa Iliaei !*?' ! n -?r ab,.al Nnrvrnber '.V.th. IVai. Any bnein>' *| whlah !mi traneacled by th?-af..re<aid partin in t alifornia. either b. f?W ?r nmru ae la. i itb. nt mv kn.-wled^t ni l ooa? nt. I will a?t eowaidrr myealf rrepoaalble tor. HENRY R. LtStTIVRRT. Saa Franeiaeo Mireh2. H'll. WkcreabatilH ulU be tliankfiill* received by hU frleieda in Newark Plea 1 addftt* TMOT. V'L<\RK, SifWuft ? R??*afi |?a\ Kfwajk. AirosKiKKirrs. ! Broadway theatre.? e. a. Marshall, sjolr i Lessee.? -Doom open at 7 J curtain rises at half-past/ o'clock. Dress Circle and Parouette, 50 cents; Family and Third Circles, 25 cents ; Gallery, 12*. cents; Private lioxes, $5and*M>. Wednesday eveninjr. ApriM*, wilM?e presented the ; spectacle of the VISION OF THE SUM? Koran, Minn An- I derton; Tacmar, Mr. Whitinjr: Huaina Capac, Mr. Fredericks | Tycobrnc, lienor Carlo; Genii of the Harp, Mini Olivia; Oral I of the Ebon Wand, Mr. Reynolds; KiiiR of Silence. Mr. Mat- j thews; Runac, Miss A Gou?enheim; O^iUa, Mi*s J. Gou#en heim; Cabana, Mrs. Isberwood. Previous to the spectacle. , BETSY MAKER. 1 NIBLO S (2 A K DEN < IRgi'E FR NNCAIS TICK ETS 50 cents; children under 9 years of a*?\ halt-price. Wednesday afternoon nud eveniuc, April !*, the entertain ments will commons with a Grand Star and Walt* Entree; ItemarkabU Equestrian Juvenile Feats; Great holandric Feats; Thomas Neville, the American Horseman; Learned Nubian llorse, Atnr Gull; Madame Caroline in her act of the Haute Ecolc; Ascennion of the Globe; Thomas McColluin will make his second appearance; the River? family iu the ('oeoDar.ee; La Rose, Seen* Equestre ? t Haute JCeole by Mile. Caroline Loyo and M. Loisset ; Eaton Stone in the character of Oceolo, a Comanche Chief. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, YEAR BROOME ?treet.? Dress Circle and Par juette, Scents; Family Circle, 25 cents; Orchestra Stall Seat*, $1 ; Private Boxes, $5. Wednesday evening. April 0, the performance will com mence with the comedy of the SERIOUS FAMILY? Charles Torrens, Eeq., Mr. Palmer; Captain Murphy Macruire, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Aminedab Sleek. Mr. 11. Lynne; Lidy Sower Iv Creamlcy, Mrs. Vernon; Mrs. Charles Torrens, Mis* Mary Taylor. To conclude with the operatic romance entitled the j SPIRIT OF A1K ? Asteria. Miss Mary Taylor; Uraniee, Miss Julia Gould; Astoroth, Mr. Lyster; Roland, Mr. Palmer; VV.'i/l.-r, Mr li) ?u- n 1 . ASTOR PLAC E THEATRE. -LENDER OF THE OR chcstra, Giovanna Sconcia. ? The French Company will appear on Thursday evening, April IU, in the comic vaude ville of LES PETITE* MISERBS DE LA VIE III MAINE. After which will he played th<4 drama vaudeville of LES DEL X AMIS, OU LA COURT PA I LLE. Dour upon at o'clock; curtain rises at 7}%. Private boxes $'?; Dress Circles and Parqnette, ."?U cents; Amphitheatre, 2."? cents* BARM U S AMEBIC AN MtTSBUM- P. T. BARN' I'M, i Proprietor and Manager? lohu Greenwood, Jr., A dis tant Man.r/ir. Admittance to the Museum, 23 cent*. Wed nesday, April 9, ? Made lain e ? ? ? More -This afternoon. 1 at 3 o clock ? MA DELAINE ? Bertruud, Mr. 0. W.Clarke? Madelainc, Miss C. Chapman. in the evening, the MAID > OF MI NSTER. To ho followed by a dance b; .If 1st West, aud SLASHER AND CRASHER. The innumerable curiosi- I ties of this Museum, the vast Chinese collection. & c., are t > ! l?e seen at all hours between H A. M., and 10 P. M., every day except Sundays. PILGRIM S l'ROORESS.? V ILL SOON CLOSE, AT Wnaiiington Hall, No. Broadway, the panorama I of Bunyuu's Pilgrim's Progress.? The public are respect- ' fully informed that the exhibition of this painting, I which has received the universal encomiums of the public ? press, and nhich has been visited by almost all the schools and t hurt hes "t our city, will cl??se during the coining month, j Open every evening at / ; to commence at a quarter before 3 o'olock. Idninisi, osita Descriptive ontaiognea, uii cent?*. Exhibition every Wednesday and Saturday after- ? noon*. at ;; o'clock, when children will b?* admitted half price. Mm, i \ r i: a A. JONES' CONCERT. TBUI80AT evening. April 10.? Mrs. L. A. Jones will aire her First Concert, consisting of Sacred, Miscellaneous, Vocal and In strumental Music, on Thursday evening April 10, at the Chi nese Assemlly Rooms, assisted by the following eminent ar ti.-ts and amateurs;? Mrs. Emma Gillin^Uam Iftostaick. Miss Julia Wheelock, Miss Mary E. Ilawley, .Mr. Henry C. Tiuiin, I Mr. Philip Meyer, Mr. J. Beutler, Mr. Robert Andrews, and | Dod north's Quartette Band ; also, the Choir of St. Bartholo mew's Church, aud a chorus of member* of the New York Harmonic bociety. Tickets, 50 cents? to bo had at the usual ? places. I POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK. NT THE MINERVA j Rooms, 40t? Broadway.? NAG LE'S Grand Paaor.tmi ot Ireland, painted by the first lri<h artist*. from eketches taken within the tMst three years? in fidelity, inter. -st. and 1 beauty unrivalled ? with Irk-h songs, Irish music, and rtu I Irishman's illustrations. Every evening at 7*4 o'clock. Wed- ! iu sday and Saturday afternoons, at .M o clock. See handbills. I Admittance, 2.'? cents; children under 12. half price. K\ EBB! SGBAND NATION Al ( ONCBB P(rOB THE production of his descriptive work, the Buttle of Bunker Hill,) which was p ?tp<;ned last nixht through the inclemency ol the weather, will take place nt Castle G arden, J Montis* April 14, when the tickets and programmes of April Mh, Mill be used. i rpHE ALLEGHANIANS? HOPE CFIA PEL, 7H BROAD X wav, opposite New York Hotel. ? The A lle/banians will I give a t'oncert every Evening during the week, at Hope Cha- i pel. Their Programme, embracing many new aud popular | pieces, a ill be changed each evening. Tickets 25 cents. Con- j ocrt to commence at/^ o'clock. RATTLER' < OSMOR IMA! , CORN1 '< Of BBO kPWAT bu sod Thirteenth strt-et.? The frst section, containing a collection of tweety-six views of Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, the Holy Land, Ejcypt, Nubia, and Arabia, will be exhibited u? til the of Mar? h; after that date, aU these will be replaced by n views, nnnsnallv ? u t recti nf. TROY Ml SBl M - MM'i.ii ATI ON I FOR BVG mentofor the -prin/ season, to romm^nee in April, may l?e made to the manager. W. If. Meeker, at the office of C. '1. Lar-loe, dramalie as- ut. Burt' n's Theatre, New York* aud duriat his (Mr. M.'s) nbaenee tr^m the cay, to Mr. Par?loe if by letter, pre-paid. A Ml'SEMEVTS IN IIUOOK.L.YN. Brooklyn MrsECM.? lessees, mf^srs. f. c. Wen>yss and N. B. Clarke. Prie s of Ad<nis?ion Par jtH'tt- 2." cents ; Upper Boxes. I.'1,' c^nt.s. Doors ??p*n at 7 o'clock. Curtain rises at ha!f-p <t7; and all over i y half-raht 10 o'clock. 'l>-aisht, Wtdnesdnv, April \K |h<* Dl MB BOY OF COLf.AK ES. V ? ? w ? alfrt, the POR TRAIT PAINTER ? Charae;?rs ly V ?srs. E\.un, Davis. St ne. end Mile. Joio phine. To concludi wltli the LoTTEE Y I TICKET? W oinswoe i, Mr. Joe i owell. I AST SOIREE AT MONTAGUE II VLL, BROOKLYN - J Mr. Charruaud and Mr. 1. -touay's laiit Scir e will t.i'ce plftte on Friday evening t ? tt, the iith instaut, at the As ?? mbly Room, Montague iiaU. AMimcnKXTS IN PHILADELPHI A. BARNl'MS MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA. -P. T BNR ?Mb PloffleiOl ) H. Sanl- rd, A*?istaat 4ana^er. This * . k the admirable company ^ ill apy* ?r in a series of splen did piece*. M' l d.uv' and 'I a* sday, tn *he n *w cosaody called the ' Husband of my Heart," and the I . utiful drama of "Lnkc Um Laborer. Tnnr?Many sn^sa Mr. 4 m^np'i rafs* veil Benefit, ait h the new * inedy of " Lev in a Mazs," and the " Viraiu a Mummy." The aft* mo a n* rfor<nan> . - are li#).t, llvSwt ?nd interesting. Haw ftsfwisf always MW? paring. A omittance, cents , chiluren under 10 years, IJ'g cents. IIIIPPMO. OC EAN STEAM NAY1C YTION < OMrANY.-POR BRE Dt-n. ill Si nthamfcti.B. Tte villti Stati-a Mill ' Staamihip M ASIIMiTOn, Gt?. W. Ft?ri Coram tnder, mil Mil l<r Uri-aMi *1* Sootkiraptoa, < 1 Saturday, April 1Kb, , fr m pier No. X North rirt-r. at 1- a'aloak. As ? apri a era MM i< atttn-hed tu Ul i'..:p. Ail Wtt.ra rniut p*?i thruu^h ti.e l\.?t olAcr. 3|>ccia dtl.Vv.rad in ll?vra i'vi (rtiilit <r piiMiff, apply to min, SAN 1) ?1 RIERA. Arnta, Bi'Rroadwtp. IJOR NEW OM.UNI MIITMI ARRIVE l|. trfal daya I* Hi" l ull' il Mull. II il l of pa-?a*f nni'"rl?lly ruluifil. Th? nt-w ami ? it I n ? 1 ??! <t?*in- ; rl> i|> I s Ion, t'n|'t iin Tin ? ? < ?* IS" 1 ?!, will I i>o I'i r I Ni rth Mirer. >>? n?rfir. ti.n !.'?( h i?-'?n?. nt thr** I n k P.M. Ihctrrat <p?#d of thla beautiful aliip, provd nil hrr (rut vajrac*. f? a (nffii-i*Bt faraot p.i tkM thi-y Bill tf l?tid-l wtoral 4?y hi ?li^unrij of tin- I' I Mil" Mnil. Th?* I'ni n ill ?! .ukla aide la**r M.irui? Eafflara, whirl. aro ailnit'. I ?y r ir?t?nt I > ho I ? "l^riif tu any h<ratoflB#a I iiilt o tSIa mnntry. unit h r Stitf Ri.obi". ?B< < tlmr *f" mt.i'n'ji . ? ?. I..r th? aamfi rt f , f.?---ii*?r?. ji? nr^iillfil. Il> t.ibl?? will I. turai-tlir l i * itk t tt rjf luiur) lit* murk' t itf ? I ? . and | 4 - ui ra inn rily apaa tlrir Bant' k*lit? at' t. -I I to >.v rl*ll ? n ' ? , |i r:' a< at?war<l?. Tfcoa* .rut t" V w rtfl' n'lfjuf. ; tlrulnrlj rtqaaated to taaBiiii- i lila 'hip t<i nt^klnt vt ht r tii fit in' t- 1 ?. r?r frtii t tr i?ai???i. apply ta SPorroRD. TII.I>toN k t'O., 4^ South >?r*rt. UNITED STATES MAIL ?TEA*MIIP COMPANY.? F?r Ihnir-i dira?t. ?l? laTaaa.? Thro-it'i tkkrti u Saa Fraaciire. >j tba 1't.ittd St..- < a M?il ?u*tii?r( fr iia Panama. at r?dtKtd r?l? -Fill N?? itrleaM ra 1 iiiil.-Oi Friday. April Il.attiraa, P * ? Tm? ?lUnail i nl l?-?n la? attainwhip VEURUIA. t ? ? tarthaa, i D. D. I"' rtt-r. I". S. N.ortiin?a>r till - .1 fr i??ljr >i thrca oVl'irti P. M.. fr'.m h?r t f it f""t i f W?t<i | ?tfiet. Nnrth rn?r. wit'i tb? c n.-n , i.t aillt, 4iraet for II i? ic? ?u< Ch?*r-?. N<w 'TrKai.t raa?-n(ir> t.'?n<F?rraa at lla*?n? to tha rpl?nli4 'I nk|> mrlM "Mamatllp Fal '..n, FrtUkt taken to ( haarta at 7-> ? ? > t> r I ?. 'p?riaa*lf txik'-n on (rn(lit ta ' I > No tllia of !a4In( will h ? i iitnnl aft?f th? ?t??niir ' a? ?ail<4 I i f fa? n n rffUi.t ai Llr at t..a sBct uf tka i ?. i ao*. 177 '>? ?.*, atr - ? O. ROBERTS. . rj* A Rl P! I?l 'Fit ONLY Til KM .If ?IMP PltR <V I r > i. > ? < ?irt nr- ? . . I . Jl?.l St. irrtt IB t!.? I t iSo. "n T ?? !.i?, t t ril litb, tka ?fli mild at-'an.t Ip ( RfH i CITY. I ' ?! t'-r ? I ; /oh? T irn?r. I iBim?BJ.iT, VtUla**a ?iaf 1 Nattlt Riv.r, faf ('! urt< Uir'-'t. on Fhar-'lay. ?|nl mh. alJoM k I'm- 1 k tif rt kp lht? T???r| Bill <?. nn."t ?jf th? I nftiii St it-? Mi.il **?am?r TEN N ESSE!, t? laaaa >'? uama ? l .-r t' -..t Wny li?t. F ffr i/'it r ft- u" ?H'i t:.?' ICr*. 5i - '.h ?traat. of at No. |?7 Watt atrr?t. I PACiriC MAIf. STFWmiP COMPANY HOJ.1.* ilir tBr'i lin* bv Ctliknla a?4 (irr ?|.-Vr paMW ar> Inf rni> <t that tinjartl ? n?w *rra?*'m?nt of t !. > ? t. ? ? piBy. ?''?ni.r* i??po t?J b>4 arr>roT?4 tp tba Nary Da- ; pnrtBKB'. and carryi*K tin l.'iiiiaa vtatoa in, !?. wilt ? ? n tlB?a to ltat? Pannaa aad n Iri i?;?, tha Itrt ttl IHI 4ay? &f ??"*i m. ath. tnli-?a Ittilt'i tp taitxI 'iU* Hcl | 4>ut. aad will tan. k at At*pal?<>, - .ti? l?i?* ?. a t i M ol*r' y. Tla f?llo?ta? ?t 'iin par|i??i l?'. Br'n* tu the Pacifi Mail , Pt#am?hlp Campaap ar? aa* ib ? i Piciii . <>a? af Wliku ?iM . b? alwayn ia l urt at *acb ?ad or tha fntt ORtOON l.flS# taaa. R MM II I !?' 1 ????. PANAMA l.tt?Ttn?. t A R??l. I V A > " t.-aa. CA ttrtlllN ! A . . . l.tkW taaa. ( til ! MB! a, *HM1 fENNE?.SKE .. | ..mi tom l-THMI ? - t n? I NitR I |i I K N ER. I .i?i na. tS'h'ORN |>"M >? <. , I COf.l MHIA It)t. i,.. FREMONT ?*) t'.aa. I ANTEI.OP1 ... - toa? Tka b-w maaiklf I (>I.I.'MBIA *111 pip 1- Sn? I Pr??(i?oo anil porta la Ot-R'B. awaltii r at IV ? form' r i -t I tka arri'al af mailaaad pa??aa??rafr< n. Pamma. Ma rt ' tarnlafultkoat dalap witk tba Mailt aad paai-aipri for tb? rtaf" r-rtr?m Sbb Pranil?"o. A r???1ar Una of proiwl.- -a ?i'.: *>* Vrr% i t tk< t-aaf. ?ortatl' a of frcial t aaa UMaicat pM t?icra kataraaa Paua Bir ard * > a Frtarl?(t. T?tr?IMiBMrait?aBi>':ir ?AR\nf<NWt, ,f)-.m? na kar'hea. aoW iHtr fl>*rtat t i tba ? ? n I r?, i. il d "It. r'p ton.iB'-dii na In I ?r cnl ia KrraaK*n>fat<. m;l t.. k-t t rBhu.aii a> i a aitra f? ml!y I '.at. Oat of tha akava itoaMrrt Vfl ko?^i tip tk? ka ! I??"8 Af ipitl a and tka ptkar ? n parta. I Y'lceatin- tluB in tN Atlaatla a-ill l?a iu? b'.r r.< 1 i p tka j Vait'd S' itM Mall at^smah'ra t.Ft'ROlA I'R' ?' 'FNT. HY 1 ia. , "inn ........ U*JU t?B?. CHKRftKKP. ,,, . l..?0toati EMPlKl; t I I V. j.anotaaa, PRII. \HFI,rni I I lMtoaa Laaiiag N?* Y' rk for Cfa<raaoa tha i;.k and i< :b atraak i B.< nth. I Th? a?w at'>ia>h1fi Et l>OR t no and Ptl^'ON will iorm a dlfHIIaa hatwata Kaw 0?I"ab' jn.i ' r?;r l*aT> I lap at ttifh parloHM ?a b.H aantpa M 11'Ma taatfiia aa pop aillt rn tltt Irtki'tn^. and fornm / with tha Pn ill" ''? iia ? I j a, ,i thf"i'gh Iin" to and fr- tit Srm tKI" uf. and t >rta in M?*l?o, Calif "ii* ?b4 Mr--" n. WM-?aM Oom \i wOr|. ana tan '?? ?? urcd Ir iu Armf or, l.?? ; ?. ,n fi (a., ar at*, ?? 'tut PM^a. Tkafaraf f thpoapk ti.k-ta fr"* NawTork ta Saa Pra? tllfA tilN kaan ? Jaitad froai ??i?i in ?tato Noma, to fX*>. MJP, in Ir.WrraaMn, to MPt, In atftrni". to Th" ratt a f- m N?? Via ti .-f?? wilt ha at Ikt 1ow?M THREE STEAMERS IN ONE DAT, ARRIVAL OF THE EMPIRE (ITV, One Million Dollars in (fold Bast, Sic., &.c., &.c , The steam-hip KmpireClty, t'u|?tnl n Wilson, arrived at this port early ye.-t crday muruing. She mailed from Chagroa 011 the -!M h ult.. and Kiug?4on. Jumaica, on the l?t inxt. She brings nearly one miHion of dollars in go!4 ilih-t on freight, aud two or three hundred thousand dollar* iir the hand* of about two hundred and titty passengers. The immense amount of dust on freight comes coat signed as follows THE SPECIE I.IST OF THE EXPIRE O (TV. fleck ii liunhardt.. *5,000 J. 1> Walter fc Co 1.440 (/'. W. &. A. Tliomin.. . 5.000 4.000 Sather it Church 5,000 4o0 Nnwiuia Ii Urothm. . 3.038 4,500 John Hewitt Co. ...20.000 la.iwK) ciiu. Kioik Oo &.120 6.000 Thompson jfc llitcli 10,000 cock 97(1 a.' >00 ('Ins II Roger* & Co 18.000 Steiuberger Si Kauf man M. Kessler It Co Sampson N. Tappun. . John Bcrtrand Benj A West Trombly L buui-on . K. Bart let t Hrag 4. Wittemore. . John Cunningham . . II Southmayd it Son l.J>) Dexter, Kay ii Son*. Spotlord. Tilestou .V Co Weeks. Kelley &. Co. llwd ii Wade Corning it Co J Crosby 4c Son .... Ilucbard ii 1'ierce. . . N. lingers &. Co M oiler, Saud i. ltiera 0. 1). l*help> llecbee x Co Schlot-s ii Brothers. . Wm. Wisehart A.-hby. Fish ii Co.. . A. Van Vn kenberg. . Harvey l.oouii i'anima nn & U hite hoii.-e J l.cixon Jc (,'0 It 11 11 A. Co Adelsdorfcr and Neus tadter.. J. II. Krown & Co K. A. Stearne Dennis l'erkltu- V Co. . J. Spaulding t? II Upton. 1> V. McLean MorrUou. l.evy LCo... .1 Stralhcim ?? Co ... . Johnson &. CanSeld.. . Allen it P.ixson Case &. Free man Barstow Si Pope U W. A W Mate. (Jardnerfc <'0 ( ha tubers i. Ilel.er Willelt I i CO I'liilip Anthony. . . . 8. Mhiiiaril IV II Tu-k?, 1\ Ifeiffer Dodge tl Oo Homer II. Stuart,, . Abner Case J. K. Foster D(?lgf ii CO Dutour rtirattd St Co Nichols. Pearcc it Co t?.:aH N. S. MeCrvady It Co. 1 .56 4 2.000 II. Aronsoti l.itM 154)00 ^041 4.001) ?2.10S Wet more ii. Cryder 4.2S2 S. Kohnstant i .1 Bottom 11.000 Keller, .Smith 1 I lis 8.0<i0 ley 10.000 N. ltegglo 141 Puveuatitdl Si Schu 000 mac her. 2.012 J. ii W 1.050 Howard t Son 8.000 A. Ii. LUiak k Co. II. ii D Uariilson , 2 '.'12 Cordon x Talbot . . 4 208 Heels', hudl'.iw 1 C' 4.000 Heueline & Orthlwer 1.525 2 501 2.000 1.972 . 8 500 . 3,122 . 7.1)0(1 . 1,532 J 114 .11 ? 1.44<) K. Morrison it Co J T. Williams. . . , 11.500 Turnbull. Dale It Sla ie 4,(Wl MUWk Mayhew .... 4.H')0 4 . 4<X) J. liloomlngdalek Co 1.550 Youux St 'lawkitLi... . o.7S'? P.500 John K White 2.100 2.600 If. Cot tenet t ii Co. . . 1.176 A S. Bobbins v S-?n 1.tHX) J. Falconer Ii Co... 7.000 James Bishop it Cj II.OOO K. II Merrill 2150 P Willis ii Co 2.400 8 it 11 Karri* 1.1::'.' A (in a iliamon It . . 4.0O8 Schloss It llrothors. . t'.HOO Minot \. Ho>p?r 2.005 P. Kdes 4,(H>0 K Trane .t Co .. .. W.4M J. M Forbes 2 2O0 Curtis ic I'eabody.. . 6.000 Kl chard Ji>. ltoger. . . 2.W2 tl II I'pton K.ixo Kdward Minturn... ;.7i?8 Thonip<in llilehcock.lii 2,H) l .iMM) Coolldgu Si Co l J, s? l .rtOO A. It Kn > D.000 U.'IOO A da nii i. Co ?Hi. i'Ji 1.500 llowlaod x Aspinwall.aMiiO l.tXKI Drew Itobi>>M>n liCo.100.000 650 (looilUiie Si Co 1.4?H l.WK) W II Aspinwall lOOOii 1.100 2.480 Total 1,(J'?0 1 _;s0 1 .SJti 8.150 5.000 1.7U1 4S.?i) 4.000 2 000 2.000 5,100 10,000 5.OO0 2.100 l.*") a.ooo (iOt) 10.500 Annexed are the nume- of T1IK FA^KWEW 1) Ttf EMPIRE city. r. S W IIKni'oe, <? RlnnrlmM. J It M Itkinsoa, I* I. Vfilkin Mn, N Ii Ki uner, H* 8 IVIlkia*oa. Jasi*i Mtrnll, i'llli Tl onus. Wu? <) Vtirrny, H Von*. Jhoiss I,i den. Hour. Ilri<|', J HfBKett. J?haiti>B. R LorVw i; Cu .lin^ton. M Mai Ion. M I. 1 1 n tii iter (. *t Puss, A O KobertMB. K I. Rubertwta, I' C Itn^ i-r, J II Roar. A M Win Wisklmrt, (' II II tmlics, W Ell>? '>rtli, II l> Man Mr. Rfel, C'upt lluabart and Udy, Capt Killmaa. lad* and two ( l iMr-a. Mri liid J/ll, Kr? iKRrnon. V ill Iteau, I' .1 riiiir<f"n, J I. IV k, T Stulcjr, S H irk well. N Com I'm k, C I1 I'lilhi-miM, J llitgitriane niei lady. ilr? Re?a, Mi a Hall. ? "I I'alln-r, i: D( 'alitor, II T Maiaon*, I u 1 > nad cbild T it ic il .- > aaU lady, Kili-^, Rllejr* A It Riebman. lad) and tare* children. E Doane. H m l're? ei?tt, t>eliaui.K'o, I, K IHiuaa, .1 Doratnuntoa Parara K-tatis Vyrnm. I. II Cutler. J (' I'erkias. !l"xie. J M I'alen, II "t Demaroub, J H itaford, Wm IIUtin*kti<l limilj. IV I' X'litl. I' < tif'ird. K Para ?*?*. I. Mil b-rinan, P Cook. I) II (iu>on. S M Prince, DMsmlit t?r. I A l.ennrtt, OTowaf, I' Viirtna, J K Norrtraa. N K )l:iwl<*v. A Me N aui(litua. A PlilHle*. J Uibba. K \\ II kill. J A \Vila?a. M lloyrr, C 8 Whita?r. .1 (' (iutlirle. (' H Adams. W Hsrber, A M ?lk?'r, J Castlet >n. P Van K^imelaer, IV tl Italian. I* IV Mason. It Montz'int -ry. It M> lUIvrr, II M?-ti her. A Pennln*. M M.n*.?, ftr It'll May. S W ri*bt. J lli'adt .rd. W II Spencer, t* M I'.irtc-r, IV King, I' I Speaker. IT Carlnston . R r llmki U S Raa*, J VI lU'.a, A ll'inn ?. .N Caw p. f I. l.rwia, R liatid, (I M Bat turd I'rutt. A M Kirklej, J Dnnnian. .1 Davldaua, Spinney, J MM, (' IV |l' nni?>n. IftaWfik II Biaaal, Pll Antlinn. l.ieut Mnynard, Meredith. Cap! A llsrtol.ll* P K "t/.-r#, I" C^l lire. J 11 c.jllirr. It M int|HHry, (' 5 hllaaa. PPraakfurd. Ilrnry Culvnian. .1 Spi, rr. II llrfen l,>rf. T S Mmith. 1)0 HtWm.Ol UlMto. I. Hatha way, T M K wen. J E Car ?III lia. I. II M Cray. W Ue, J lligle*. It Hi er. C Uuaher. A It' line. M Mlllln/toa. K Class. Juha Roim, K Datia, J I. Hteri ns, p Jackson, J J Pre?'lhoff, C P'*terst?n W Cra> <i IV llaker and l*i> children. J 1) Champi ia ItuLi rt I an Adam l."?(t. Pet? r Saydar. (' Urajwr. P M' Pa ilea. 1 V< Kirov, T I)alt>?n, II Karaasun, IV lli^bain. H lira l.endii. II M',?ak r, A I r I J UahUrd, M Kluekrr, I. I. lair, T prffer, C F. luinan. J Hun in. M Rjan, A II Mar-h. P II ?lan. I I. I^vla, II M< Veal, C K rr. It l>Hrt'ia, P Meed, J Parr. J Lfwin. A Sj..?<f.'rd, W Snl In ill, T Hatmda, J II '-nr. J Jrrili, T V tlleninhre. I) Clll.ert, F Rich. lee. IV llaras, C Adam-. R lljnie., F. C Ceortn*. f* V II ""dliiill. .1 Hctkell, !< Paertmaa. II MilU. J II 111 "Rip <11. H I Si a tali. J Pray. C Kdwarl*. J r I. air F Cuini n. J DoaatiertT. U V R'l'lx M Mryetr*. ?? II flit ?-bill. J M Manebe Mavl. F. 11 rtKlit. J T Petts. C 11 Hawkins. S A ttertaM. U J SauHa, (1 F Flelther, !* IValt.'r. 1 he stcanisklp North America, of the California I nde- j p< tub nt Mae. left t hngre ? ou the evening of the i?th of , March for Sew York by way "f Kew ('rleans with a full 1 list of |iii-iHjjer' She will be due at this port on Wed lie-duy. the t'th Inst . and will leave on Iter regular day. , I riday. the 11th in-t . at 3 I* M . frwn pier No 4 North | ?. V U Itana ??-. i H rvirtk, 1) river. ARRIVAL OF THE UNION. Mioi t Piuwagr from !Vrw Orli uiii->nvi from Nr>lcn?I*torr (?old. Tbr ?tt*m.lilp fnlon. <'apt Rndil of tli ? new linf of K?w OrlmriK nlwi f?, irrlirj at thW p.?rt rarly yr? tirday morning. after a ahurt pn- age. Thr V irft Xiw Orluan" on tlir lot la<t .at 8 A M . am) wa* at hrr wharf at 6 A M . at tlii ?> port on thr Hth Mi- ma<l* th- |>a*?*gr from thr Haiitr to thr llonk In oil da* ? ?Im1 id* hour* Mir i *|*-rienr. d rtrotift head wind* from Ihr Unliir to Kr; Wwt. ami fr .in liattrraali liar D< put. Shr kn oil her outranl po ??*r on thr *th lilt .

at 4 I' M . and arrived sit her le-rth on thr Kith, at ? A. >1.. anil ma<t< tlx- pae-age fr m the llook to IV BalUr In ?*vriid*y? I>uring t .? ?t h her ettginra w<*ked w< 11 and miuin-d no M?ppin?. ?? e*en kry up ? her Jour nal* needed no rooting Indeed. fW ha* prwred h< rartf to l? |x tfrrtly fact and an rieeiient ?ea hnat Pimri get* ?|h uk if hi r In the IiUi. at I. run ami ther' wa* i i.i hi t ]?? ? a ?ickn?? - < i) l??rj ?hr la r?mfl lently ??* |>*tid t" uwkr hrr nrkt pa*ragr from rity to rlty. in I'w than <fif? day. and return In l> - thai fit day*. Thr following In a llrt of the r.i-'r'MOi ?* in tiik t no*. J. I W?rK J R 'Mm, Rrr F I.?m. M WTilklnMia, M'iim *H!ki"? n J \ H irnlmm Mr Afca<lr. J I. Marl ??ll .1 K"?< i Stl i.Ii.i i n. J J iiaggaftt. ?' I. Naaoa. 0 l?a I Ma. M I r?lm t Mr M' I irliri I t *ptl K"*t?iil n. * F It' tl rfftN. f. K 'la l " Naitam fn#* *ml ?err*nt. 0 0 K I r?. S II II. III. r*. Mr. J l> l>*r? Mr. Kl. mm. W K ll? IB It. r -ad t? ? Mr* llr wn. Mi.? i;arft. I I' W tin rr*r.. -r aad ?"B R X Mtirrai J r 0*l4aln. II H FM.I. H I* M. Out' r*. Mr. *? Xutir". I' *a.?**. H lliirn*. I) H?rit?r?, ? II at..i>, J Me??l4rl. k. J fryer, II li fatly. II Haat'l*. K M ii. v. f. S. i ; I) an I o.a. I* llal in?v *ml una. J Fiahrr. C ? I.T. J r M j . r?. W .? J C I'karlva, 0 ftijt, E Tur in r, Mr I." Blond, m l ID ia th-' ?tfi-ra<'. Thr I' ha* > mnght a largp <um of monry in golJ and *Hr? r n?in >>n fn ifc-ht. ronxigtii d a* MIoim mi ?n i if i t?f or mi ' iim r T !.< TrWtt . . .. wn, ling i* ?*.000 ?i p RnMn* juaai Cnrntw k Co ... k.'>.000 .la? <? 1'alniir... lw.uw Itwlir k t'n l.n-J# Ti f*l fZMOda Tin t'tiinn brought IHtrr* anil j>ap?-r* two ilay* in ad town ' r ihr Witlaal mall Our own rorrr-pondem-r iitid lil* ? of f?a|? r? kara ?-> *n r r( inil liy her. 01 R .\kw olthi^ i xKMc^rovntx r. Nrw 0>i.rim. April 1, 1AJ1. G* ' >y in ihf City- RfH "a Baarrf Ihr %'rmmrr fr?*-f?<i? TV t'mnr.--tMnnrr on /ImV /<?'?? AVrt fr-m ttrji o- fl vttiUt />?/??/ |/ IS* Tfhi-mlrfri Tutty -Trial f?r ,'lrwn. /f i- .fr l_a?t w< < k wai alm<v<t a* ^ay with ?.? a? any tlm^ la*t ar a* on The r nmi nrm nt of th<- ran* ovrr thi> M?> tnirir rr nrar drrw t? awr rity a largr nnmbrr of plantrra. mi rihant* ?i>?Ttlng mm. and *tr?ng'r* On Tkurailay night. Captain Torli r and hi* rharmin^ lady gar? a hull !? lioard tli? .lilp. which wa* a nto*t *p|i>ndM affair i Many ili-tlngul*h>'d itt>ntlrm< n wer* prro nt and any ^naiitlty ttfprrtty ladlo*. Th'< Tu<**day prerbnia, ? mag ! nil! enit dinner wa? given on hoanl Ihr IfkliM *t?-am -liip 1 nlon, t'aptaln T. S l!udd. at whirh wrrr prraent "< nir of enr idttor<al rnrf and rmin^nt mrrrhnnt*. l aj'tnln Ihnld lm< alrrndy madr many frh-niU with na. aim In" rannot fail tfibrrmnr ?rry pnpufar llr poa*oi*ra Ui llir ntlainnirnta ?< * .nllur nn>i a griitl.-man. and a mor?' rt>r ii nt man c<mld mH harr brra ?i-lrrtrd lo rum nmn. I a Mi 'imrr Thr oprning ? f i!ii? Jlrret rommnnl rgtion wllh yonr rity ht 'tr-im l?kall?''l kyua withnn-Mt ".tirftittk " M 11 will n' t Wily t to | nicrce. but it will establish relation* between r?s of n fur more permanent ehaintfr The current of saujuier travelling from this State. Mississippi. and Alabama, which generally goes up tin1 river. will now nin down stream. and go by the line which tfpnlfai J. Tiles(<iii & ?'<>. have establixhed. and who deserve all honor for their en terprise. a d I hope they may reap a rich reward it it We h**e new* from the city of Mexico up to lh" I'tth lilt. It wan the general opinion that the Mexl 'an Senate would not |>ass the Teliuautcpec treaty. us great oppi xi tion wo* made to it, on the gp'tmi that the territory might become another Texas. Arista and hit cah oot. howcTer, were greatly in favor Of it. 1'hore wan no hope of a reduction of the tariff, or a removal of tho prohibi tion* on coarse cotton fabrics. The largo omuierclul hoii.--e of Dru.'ini had failed for over a ia?llion uMl a half of dollars. Trad* was dull, and everything gloomy. The assassins of Senator I'aundo, who was mard'-red about a year ago iu the hotel of the lirund Boofedad. h; I te'ou rondemued. and wrre publicly garroted on the 7th ult. No organization prevailed among the city aAthnritlc*, an 1 robfcs-rics were taking place in open day in the streets. The ruids were very good, and but few bau-Hts w-r<- to be met with The trial of Kile D?r?n. charged with arson in settiwtf tin- to his house, in which lie k? ? j?t an academy H>r yOurt* ftdiea. commenced yestertoy. Tin- case product ? a gre??. dvil'of excitement, from the fact that the acci *ed' h&.? al*ay* occupied a high posit ion in society, and his school was ??ij to be one of the besu iu tit'- city. There ie. cer tainl y. strong circumstantial evlUi-noe against him; 'eo? It , is by no men ?s conclusive. After the empanneUlug of ths jury, one of the jurors complained of being sick. when the question arose whether the *r>urt had power to (its charge the jtlTor and empannpl another in his pi.ice Judge har'le held that, according tto the ease of Ilex v i Kdwarda. in Russell aud Ityan's Keports. when a juryman" had been talon sick during the tria ' of the cause, the jury might bo discharged, and the case tried rfr turn, or that another juror nMjht be added to the eleven, in whlchcase the prisoner Iiad a right to challenge th?-m again, as they were to be >wu.n 4r uaiv The coun*?t for the accused moved that the eleven jurors be re -s worn The >?t <*t ?? then challenge,) two wore pereniptori'y. mid another was excused on account of illness. The | i.wl having been previously di.-i-hargeC no jury could be obtained A mo tion was then inartic to quash the proci ??Moss pre tn ihi. which prevailed. and the case was contmix-d until tint morning. The Karri Family commenced an etitrscejnenf at the ; St. Charles la>t cveiviwg. and were greeted by an overflow ing and most brilliant house. t'reva.- i,s continue to occur along the coast, and. in some instances, planters have been completely drowned 1 out. so as to obi igo the? to bring their families to this city. WrHNVS. The !* cjfro EmIUiimiiI In BoHnn. ADDITIONAL l'KOCEEDI.NO? ? PEIITIO.N Of SIMMs To ' TUB I.KOISLATUSK ? THKIIAtKAS COBPt S Rl.Vt m:i>- | ANOTH1R MEETINU OF THE A IIOL.I I tOMUS ? M*!:rXU ? OK HOBACE MAN N ? INC! DEN T?, ETC. (From the Boston Journal. April 7.] At twelve o'clock M the riMitiwinm-r came in. but on account of Mr Kantoul being engaged in the Mi|Mvia? Judicial Court, the examination of Si in mi whs postponed 1 tor nn hour At one o'clock* tbia afternoon the Coiiinsi* ?ioner ?2?in came in. and the hi-aring proceeded. The Coimiii>-ioncr inquired of Mr. Thomas whether he had any further evidence in tlac case ; mid he having answered in the negative. >|r Curtis inquired of Mr Sewail whether it wax iirrnn^-d who was to arjue the ea-e ; to which he replied, eilljer Mr Luring. or Mr I Kantoul Mr l* further raid, that he de<-Di"d il his duty to forward the ease an fact an iuslice would allow It had been aligned fjr twelve o'clock, and uiust now be commenced, Mr. Bnntolil proceeded, and sfcid he proponed to sub- ' mil the several propositions whlvh he read when the Court wan last inwwiun The first proposition was that the power the Commissioner was ctilled to cxt-rclse in this ca.-c was a judicial one. and micIi a* could only be exer ciftd by n judge That the Commissioner could not he a Judge v\ an evident from the languu;jc of the Constituti in. which he read lie supposed il could not be pretended that a t'nited Platen Commissioner was such a person u~ here described as a I'nited Slates Judge. lie was not I i hold his office for life unless impeached neither did he receive a regular stipulated compensation. and therefore be could not |m- a judge of the Supreme Conrt : mil there could !*? no inferior Court under this, unless such as was held by judges. 1 The Jiowers grauled to the judges of the I'nite 1 States 1 Supreme Court were exclusive Tile Constitution gave to I he several de|iarlnients of the United Stales I J over ;i mcnt certain specific powers, ami they could take no j {?owcr that was not expressly given. Ilence Congress > iad not power that was not expre??ly given Ili-nee Congress bail no* power to establish any Court except ?U< h as the Constitution provided tor If the Commit sioticr w as nut a judge, he could not exercise judicial power. Ilence. it became an iiii|>ortarit ini|iiiry wha: wen- judicial powers And was the Commissioner calle . upon ill this care to exercise thcui ' If so. he was bono I to r< tu c lie was bound to dlcrmine whether wlut he was called upon to do was constitutional Was the power. then, a judicial \mwer ' The judicial power was defined in the il aec. of ihe.'H article, whle . t he read, l>id this claimant invoke, and did this act pro vide for such proceedings a< constituted a case under this iid article. W hat was a ease ' A suit Was a ease, i Any pwcwJlug whereby any party demands aright lie had not hitd time to look up thnxc c?*cs that In' ha I r? ad. much less to look after others If therefore, tlier was not sufficient accuracy In his mode of statement this must Im- his apology A case was where a claim was made by one party alid resisted by another. A case In law. was such a case a* he had dcM-rilx-d which was not arto1 in equity or in admiralty Any proceeding of .my kind was a ca?c at law unless |t eame under one or the other of those le scrils-d In the constitution lie rid Ironi the Dltli of , Peters. til.'dh page. I'rigg v- Pennsylvania, which lielliled a claim in accordance with the definition he h.id given lie read nl-o from the nth of tVlieat?n. Cohens vs Virgi nia. SI* >. and also, in the case of l'rtgg vs Pcnnsylvu nla. SIMh page. which declared the claim of a ma ter fir a slave to lie a "casa arising under the conslitutiou with in the express declaration of the judicial power."' He did not deny that Congress might direct the niivl - In which this inifcht bs done but Congress could not con fer these powers upon any but judicial ??Bc r< Th -y could not cotifer judicial |mwcrs upon an (executive i flic i r nor could they confer executive piwer upon a judicial officer Atd Congress could as w* II confer ju dicial power upon a t'nited States Marshal as upon a C< ii uilssioner If this were n<d ao. of what use was a written constitution * One important object of a writ ten c<*M4ltu*ton wu to keep tne several department* of government distinct and separate T lie J ml Ic ii. I power ei tended to cases in law and equity The ease i f Parsons and lledlbrd contained a fuller defl. tilllon of wlml eases In law were ; :td of Peters 4'kl. he read to si 1 1 i w that the framers of the Constitution where I h? y s|M>ke of law. had the common law In their iniuds The amendment might be considered as embracing all cast s not in equity or admiralty." So said the t'nited States Supreme Conrt. The sixth section of the act ' spoke of this action as a ?? case." from which he read ; i and the Supn me Coutt said It was a case of law It fi ll within the definition of the Supreme Court It was a case at law within the moaning of the thirst article, and the Supr< me Court had decided that this came within the judicial |M>wer Mr. Curt Us raid the counsel did not state it quite** rcctly The Ciiuimiss|<itH-r was |o give him a certificate authorising him locouvcy him to the State where he waa held. Mr llantoul said this certificate did not compel him t i t arry the party back to (hat Slate The act of lMu undertook t? give the Commissioner corn urn lit jurisdiction with the couit A commissioner wasanofllier appointed to perform an Inferior act; but a n urt and a court alone, undertook to diciiie ei?? filially Thla law gave the Commissioner not the p >wer to |s-rfi rn any subordinate ? fllee. but to e*cn-lae eon cuirint jurisdiction, and juri-lictlon < f liwas well a < i i f fact, and their decision was above the Supr.-me C-?urt. f< r tin t? was no way in whli h the tfiiprnic Court ould recall Inm Mr Curtis said the certificate authorized the claimant to take him back to the Slate whence he escaped, and nowhere rlw Mr Kautotil? An authority was net a command 8np. pore tinder the warrant granted, this claimant -h .uld he aiithoriicd to take this person laick to lleorgi.i. and I this agent sf the claimant sold him In Maryland, would tl<at ?ale he lib gal ' The Commissioner ? Moat certainly The sale would lie entirely void Mr rantoul thought if his honor had arrived at ?ueh a ceiicltislon it luii-t be by direct Inspiration, fur tliere w.is not a word In the act to the contriry Theclilmnnt J m^lit cariy Mm lo Oeorgla to Texaa.or to Cuba or any wh? ie else It wa? exceedingly Impiirtant that the Court ahould glie careful consideration to this point, because j there was HO appeal It might lie said that thla was a metre preliminary step anabgous to an examination previous to trial Hut this was not a pnralb I caae. beean-e there was nothing in the | act to d m|>el the claimaut to carry the ?lave bai k to the State whence he e?ca|M-i|. and of i ourse there was uo pro vision fer a sntmquent trial. That I his was the judicial pew. r. In the understanding of practical lawyers, appeared from the tetter of U torney liencral Crlttendi n to the Pmddcnt; before the [ act was signed It appeand that the President doubles! I he constitutionality of the I iw The Attorney tb-m-ral in hie reply. ue?-d language which assisted them in this case. The Attormy Cenrral sav? the e er< have judicial p?iwi r to In ar and dccidc the case Th" Attorney <Je?e ial then fore determlmd that the e ofllerrs had judicial f* wi r lit d d n? t quote hint as authority upon the l"inl lie had in view, for he Was not ante ipatlng th-' ob jrrtlci he himself waa raising, but he quot'-d him as j showirg that what the C ommiodoner had to d" was the txcrclse of judli ial power He could not say thin If he had regard ? i II m -rcly a? a pnliminary ca-e. or a ministerial act The Attorney Otw ral called It an -act of Judgment." This was an act i f jedn ial power Her* the ,\tti rncy tleiu ral goes on to ay I bat t'oti|iresa Imd determini'd up n a tribunal to detctnilnc sou marily. and without appeal, who are fugi tlvi s IVi iii service lli-re was the question, the Commissioner waa to d-"- | t< inline ult i ma t ? ly and without appeal Was n<it this judicial powi r.' The main qucstiou w.ia the qiieitlon to lie deti t mini d here. But If this were the pn litninary pr< cesdlng, then it was a moregrcss and direct vi"lali >n ; if the Ct'ii-Ututlon than anything he had named He procci ded to ?iieak of the case where a person is ch-irge.| with a crime In another Slate Thla provi.-ion was in scrtid fur the iM-nefit of the ncr-ou cliarg. d. Ih it he might have a Aiir trial, in the didrict ahere he waa chatgi d to have committed the offence Till- law wis ?Mat humane It Wvtit Ibe j.rinj lj>'e that I gpn Wis Ir. Ve pt^. turned Innocent till pro red RUilty, and It secured a trial hi the place where the suspicion of criuie eiintnl. where they could mo*t easily defend thcimelVc*. Hut should they be tried before sent bask? Now he cuui. ' to the next section. where the language wtw iu direct contract to thin. Tlie person charged with crime had a right to know that he wan Ito charged Hut the person held to ("T rice'-? wan he to be Kent back for trial of thin charge? No: the charge was to be liore tried and decided, and unless he wax held" to service by Uw Couiininaiuuar, wan to be *ent back. Thin cane wan filial. It wan decided without appeal, ? omroissioner ? So far an to the reKtuMiwut the fa jifjve to th" place from which he escaped. bin decision ?M final. Knt he wanted them to show that the law vis unconstitutional becatwe the question of bin fi e dott could not be again tried. Mr. Ruatoul? The constitution did not allow a clliae-i of Missuchuaeft* to be dragged off to another Stat i. unless it wan derided that he was held to nervtoe. And to dce.-ic that. w?* a judicial aet And was it u*t a dif ferent thing to decide whether a man wan held tOkervice. or whetf ?r lie wax charged with crime. Coiumi "loner ? Tl* question of being held to wrvice wan to be liuilly decided for the purpose of removal, but he wislu d Clem to she* that it w:w unconstitutional tor emigres* no? to make yrorUiou for a rc-exiuiuution vf the cnw\ Mr Kttlitoii? IIU llor.or whs to decide the i|UMtinn) a hi t her under thi? clause uf the comfit utiom thin per... in wan held to *er?ice ? was not thin a judicial power .' If ?? the act wan ancoivtitniional. fo* Congress had no ?ti/lit to fouler judicial power on a fbiiaui<->ioiM-r fuller tile provision section, it was only iie*v?nary to ;ti:o\e out a ;? iw'fafit cue to send back t be person Anrtfeil w ith crime; but under this clause, relating to persons held to scr-ice." the /vise was to be decided And all nuni were presumed V> be free till they were proved otherwise A citizen "f Massachusetts was not to he ilragged away 1 .000 mil. ? till the queation wan H'eided Suppose tuuuccfedy chouM come here and take him away to Texan, on if mm for. ? evidence, and then they tdmeild tell liiin it i v? all a mistake : The possibi lity HimI his right* mi^tv* be determined iu souii* ot!*T court, was a mere mockery. tVa> there any pr babili*^ that thi* man might Iiawe a trial in tleorgia .' The cou.'titutional ;>rovii4on vrs.s, thut a *113. tl he'd to wri ice shoul i be delivered up. II u; would any court dare to ..end a man back utcoly l? I a use be wan suspected ot being lieUkto service? ,Vo, the question must be determined, and the trial of that, qui -liou wan notoriously a jtdi ial act. ind the highest) act of jndlrial power, to detcrnii'v whether a man win entitl' dt i his liU'i!) If thai v. as not a judicial act what could tie ' AH'T.ti ation Fan it ? ufas ennt't s. In the Supreme Judicial Cm -t tliU morning. It II. I'ana Ki?l; yre-cntod the petition of Thomas Siiiims. the lenitive sia?c praying for a writ vt hohrat corpui The < hlef Justice, after consultation with his associate*, stated the opininn of tlie Court, an he did Saturday, nu t gave permission to the counsel to u-yue the petition. ltobert Kan foul. Jr K*q , then peopled to argue the matter nnd ic!i tbe Court to determine whet her Simnm in held by a p od and *ufticicnt warrant lie wished that it might oe allowed as n right, so as to avoid a delay, wliirh might prove fatal The slave raighl be carried io (ieorgia. an I he* ha i reason to believe he would be. be ti re the counsel wi.tibl be prepared to nrgue tlie point. Hie Court, thf.igh the t 'hlef Justice, were of opinion that tin iv was no rea-on to believe that the sluvc woul 1 be wlthdiawu fiotn- custody. The Counsel tliouvht there wss great reason to Iwlieve that I hi* party would not be in eustoAy in the Court House ait) great uiiaiU r of hours from t iai n time '111 ' Colli t decidtd that the defendant ?.is not entitled to this writ a? a matter of right. Mr. ISautoul | .r?a eeuUd to argue the petition lie comn ciicid by leading from the opinion ot the Chief Justice of lYiiiisylvjiiU. in a ca.-e of VjV.m | bri i ght iu the y. nr lS'.tt. belore the Court The Chief Justice read from the lfth section of the act. which provide* tlutt notice should be given to the other | ally before a writ is allowed. Mr. Ilantoul lhoui|ht ll would be time afw the party | was brought in The leiring was now for the purpose ?f hi ingilig him iu ^lr Dnna called ii|>oa lh>- Court to rule in the inattar, ? which the Court took no notice of Mr. liantoul re ameilhi* reading, and atated that lie ?boubl iiHjuire whether ? leorg<< T. t'urt in han a ri.^bt in actlr.gana I . S r..mni-?lon-r. to is-ue such a warrant a? h. ha? directing the arrest of Silntn - Thi lni|iilry ai i-e> uud< r the '.'-l Article of tlie Consti tMtl. n o! the I llitcd State. Section 1st. Two iju. ti. ns arise nudcr this clause, which he pro. j posed to argtle ? 1st The action indicat <d in thin warrant shows a jud!- 1 rial power; that the uet doue are acts of judicial power, ns much a- any done under the powcrn ot this, or any oilier court; and suvh a* wae wm not iutend.-d by the ftnmen of the foti -titutlon Ity tlie acts of 17'JUand ItCVl. the Commissioner l? ealleil Upon to decide wh\ tbi r the pemon owes service or labor, wl.ich is an act uf judicial power, an I i* not gr.uiled by tin* const it ut i?.n to said Commissioner The act of H ?,? gives to the t'omniWIorwt enucurteut jurisdictioii with the jue'ges of thx Circuit aud liiitriet Court*, whith Mr liantoul thinks looks tike giving judicial power to the Ci inmissioiitir If any portion of a proceeding for depriving a nvin of liis liberty be a judicial proceeding, thi . was one; tor thin involved the whole cane Wan thin a preliminary |iro eeedlng? U an tb. r. iny provision for a further trial* The law ilid not require him to lie carried to tlie Stall* f|. HI which he had escaped. The law did not require th*t he should In- carried there 1 lie master might stop iM-fore he got th"iv. nnl carry him anywhere clue. This proceeding wm final and con clusive It wa> n mete mtrkcty of language to nay it wa- pri liminan It Wa? t ud tluit the slave might litre a trial in I lie Mate to which he should lie carried, and to tlmt trial ibi? ui'rht Ite pieliiniuary I'.Ut how did this Court know that the Plate t > which l.c might ln< carried ha < a taw authorizing such a trial' I And It it had. what guaranty was there tluit it would n >t tie n pi ah d? But. it all this were no. it would l>e nothing ti the pur- ] p. e. for thi* law made the deeini.>n Of thi* Commis. mk r final 1 1n re wi old l>e no |?.wer to touch him in Ueoi {ia lie wi uld I *? deprived of a trial wherever lie might be carrii d. b? i an e a final proceeding had Ineii ha 1 making loin the slave of James I'otter. W hat wat Ihcr* th n to sh? * that the proceeding here wa? nut the final adjudi cation if the case' This In irg dlspO'ed of the qne?!lon nros,. ij this Com miseli n<r the pn per Judicial power' ^lr II pncee.l.-d to show tlmt according to th ? constitution, he wan not. The t i uimi'st. ners Wi le subject to removal by the court, ami hi nee did not come under that essential qtlalific ?? , I ion if I nit ? d Nati s Judge*, that tin ) lie appointed du ring gi i d In ha v lor 'I In ) were subject lo removal when ever tlie power nppointing them chose Agnlr ? they nceivi d no stall d salary. Independent of tlie hn?ilii-s* done 'I ln-ii- compensation depended upon the <> mount of l.ualfic- ^ done, and in this cane, up m the man iu r in which It w?* Hone, Hence, there was no provision fir their takinz an i a ' h. B' riquind of Judges by the constitution A c na mlsiiolier might act without taking au oath. The com missioner, tin rcfote. did n >i come under the d -n >m. m tun cf an infeti-r eonrt If tlii* wer>- true, the act of George Curtis in thi> case, would lie null and raid lie rit" d from the opinion read by Judre Story In th* ' ra e of I inn vhania vs I'rigg. to confirm thi* p ?*ltton Net niilv w.i< i he process b. fate the i 'om mi- -loner n >t pn limlticry. tut If ?a.< not eollateral wilb any thing ? l*e Ihire wa* no c urt that eoiill c ntrol It. Ill* Jin* 1 1 dings Were independi iit and final If so. the acts of this c mmhsionrr were imll and void, and h nee the art o| Mar - ha I TVven> wa* null and vol I. and Th.ina* S mm- wa* ill gaily In Id, and ou;*ht to Is- dl*.'hirge| by thi* rourf. The writ wa* denied. ism inr.nT*, t:Tr, Mar hal Tukry wa> articled thi- m rnia^. at lit i < ffi. e, by IN | uty h< rill ?'t rburn una writ f.w tre p???.t>- night by a ei Ion d n an. named J.. tin Psn.lolf The writ alb'g. n, that on t hi* ,.l h of April last t Saturday ; -aid l'iik?) a^ sauitnl in.pris. m d ai.il restrain. >f bis lil?r:j. an 1 *. an bed anil caused to lie searched, by thru ting hi- hand < in M< picket* the ?al.l Ranihdf. to his damage, as be any to the amount ?f Jl.illi Mr Tukcy gave lull to ap fn at at the m xt term of the Court of Common Plea*. The circumstances of the cane are. that Mr Tukcy wai Infoi med that l.andolf had In en ?sf n In Court *quar.'. wit h a w i apsui in bis hand lie aceor llngl> had him anenti d aud ??< ari In d. and no wea|ein being found h wa -et at liberty again t?n Satuiday last B writ ef rep|. vln wa? placed in th hands of Deputy .""lu r ft Col. urn for the pnrpiw of Ink lug Slmm*. the allcgi d fugitive, out of tlie hand* id th I I. it. il State* Mar-hal 1 he writ in Wsued under th i sutbn if the Itivisid Statutes which I- d nominate i ? An act to n -tore the trial by Jury on quest; .n? of per NMl fri-eib n." paw i d In l*>-?i In ea?e of the pri*oiier beirg gin n up a bond I* rtqulr. I of the ofllcer fir thn ?afe Meplng i f the prisoner until the matter I* deeid *d I n api'linitiou to M?r. lwl l>. v. it*, be refu.-. d tc give u| his prisoner, an l thus the matter re-t* at present 1 hi< inovuif.g a w urant wa* put into th? b ind* of a deputy sheritl for the am -t of John B Ha. -in the agent !? r tlie claimant of Simm* and M S. lie I. yon. a witness in the case In the n-me of Ihoma* Slmm*. of lbs-ton. la U ?i r The writ f haute* that the ^il.t lt-ic in and lie I. vmi did. wickedly maliciously and unlawfully, conspire and ci ml' lie to coiifne. Within thi* jttatc. against bin will and with, ut lawful aulliorily the said plaintiff, and abo eonsplnd and r..mWins| to kidnap ,-nbl plaintiff, and carry bin "IM eft he Mate lobe hell to service against his will 1 bey eaeb gave bail in >-"i iiw for their appear ance Thi* morning, thi re ha* been no more eielt mcnt ill Court fquatc or In the vicinity of the court h.we.thnn tbi re was on Saturday, and in fact, the excitement ap i.i in *. in a grt at insasure. to bnve sub i.b .l MrClure. I liill.ps, and others of tlie t igilanee t'ommlttee were walkil ? about. In anil out of the court h use. evidently ? liegriiii d at le ing ?? the street* and avenues leading tn thi court hi. Use. open and pi'rfi*tly free for public trnVi I. ratio r than Wing Mocked up by a lawless hi IVsnha the i ' Hi . ? i r* fin duty, not more thin IMI nr 'All |s ris n* Wire in Court square at any one time during the fi rem" n nnd anmng these, only a very -mail number Wi retb|?ck* Wuite an exciting debate lo .k place In the Senate on Sal today . on th" pre.-! ntation. b? Mr Ki ye . of the pe. 1Mb n of Th. ma* Siinms. now In confinement, charged with la ing a fugitive lave ask.ng th ? l.< /i-lature to |a ? - a law. giving jh wf-r to the Supreioe Court to Inane a writ of hah,, It r?Mi. that lie may bate a trial by jut*, on the question 1 1 hi- fiel d, m and in as-i rnlng f'riday ne*t a* the I me for the eonsiileralb'n of Mr Huckingham * ripvtl and t ill eimernlnn slavery and lo protect per m nnl III i t t a In the eoni'e of the debnt. Mr Itiieking I I in si the did niif think th?re wa- much r%\ itetnan* nl < ad lhoi|l? th,- ^fti ( Jyi uce lit I I Jo e reep under ? chain to get into hi? own ?n it If * dirf u?inn itkovld iriw1 upun the Mil. In- should say but lit He, for the report contained about Mil tin- ?r,(,un-ot which hi* could offer. lie did not frame the bill. and, perhaps. he should not tote for all it* provisions. without further advisement. fur he hud no desire to come ia I conflict with the constitution of the State or the United Mute* II V TKLX (i It A P If . Bosto*. April i. 1861. In the Supreme Court thi< morning a second upptica 1 ti?n wa? made for a writ of W*m* rorp in in the caae of Thomas Siuim* The application was irgunl by Rntmt Jtnntonl.on the grouud set forth by him and Horace Mans in thcirreeent speeches ? hi* argument lasted for an hour and a half.* At the conclusion. Chief Justice Shaw an I nouuetd that a decision wcuid be given this afternoon Mr. C. 0 l.nriD( it rk?in| for the defence; he will bw ?< plied to by Mr Thomas, when the Couimis*iouvr wifl jrive hi* derision It is stated that the abolitionist* hare made ? com plulnt ie.:aln-<t Simm? for stabbing the officer when ar rested. and that they will attempt to bold hia fx tri.U j on thin plea. Mr ioriug. in his remarks. contend-! that under Ui? fugitive- law. vi\ slate < newer may. by going before a I magistrate at the tfoutb. and swearing that he baa r?w 1 *on? to bi Here tliat i certain ewiored prrsorvat the North it. his property. niak? out a pr V? farie case wliirh Uij vnnmissiotr-r In re ctanol go behind. Kundolf. ;he negt ' ? lio attempted to a-siult I>? I., on. one of the witn?-*e*. with a ciub. wa< i ..iiniiK?t in be Police fou it . to-4uy. and held to bail in >40* far trUit-ln the Mcmiclpal C<*?rt T fe meeting "if the op| ?>?ers of the Fugttlre SlATe I.*w, * It hti the liiu ta prescribed by tlir constitution, oum nicnr?*l ut the Tremolit Temple, st ten o'clock tiii* inoruiwg Tlier i was a In assemblage the I*<J4a# oc cupy!. ?g a ({'*><1 sort ion of the galleries. All gfw4?a of free soiWrs and a>?litloni-ts arc prc-ent from the lloo Samuel llonr dowi to William Ldbyd Harris >n Thit large majority of t .??? audience are against any vi'detrt Cppoeitli t to the lai?. , 'I he mealing w is c?lled to orter, ate I the II. >o J ? I'till'n y < I wen Chain tan pro tew I'rayer was off-r^4 by IhelieW Mr DcxtcNOf I'ine street Church A con mittee "ep? >fted the fol bwlnjc regULar officers of the in***. i n^t : ? I'rcsiient. the lion llurace Mann; Vice l'r-,a tie ut - SeuaVsr> lira res. H^elow. and Koblnson. the liev Caleb Melaon. Samuel lloar. Wih"v Homer, Krvitnn Hopkins. ll.-O' It Itu? ell. Kodney French and the lion. Till dore Set <wick ltet'we the meeting was fully or 'ta nixed. Mr- ibby Kolsoiui inaineiie sd to interrupt th? proceedings, by * prote?t e^ain t having u Uwrd of uuutx* Her- to carry on the proceedings. I ler spsoch waw cut short bv tin- i'h ilrman. and ?Im? was oliAiged to sit down. Blr. Mann, up< "i tnkiuK the rhair. said tliat he had cotm? here to mingle his voice in the torrent of < tec ratio* po.trrd out atrnin^ the Ku*itl?e Stare latt.; and wh.>a h? looked I mck l-.' y :it rs. he was astODi. lied lit the c.ian^e A I that time the-** * a? not one |>ersoa in the Stats or national courrlM. or in prlrute life, who m nof utterly Oppoevd to tlx* ettenakm of siarery 1'Ut what a change ! On that a<MMU'-<si' Ttfc of March, that Senato? ?. Ik> bad ?o |.?ni{ be? n th? pr'vl.t of Ma - iehiisctt?. gathered to^ethe? all tiie aentimeuU arut noble efforts be bad ever expres-ed against tlarery, aa4 trauip>d them liudet foot; and not only did he wish t? extend slavery over a va?t portion of wr territory; but li? would bare Riven s_'>i msl worth of puJa lie proy> rty to build up their iuteri <t. and fortUdf then |??*irion: nmltheii lie held out his em ic iiicnta, an A in that -perch called the Itevere llonse speech, he I<roack id a new topic ? that of interests? in the ears of our cltixrns. to induce them to girt- their support to d irscy II our pecuniary interest could iiure been enhanced by the surrrender of freedom it wa- ui iuhumiiu and *ick -4 project . and we were retiring further from the true it* tercfts i f Mas-ai husetts with every step we took t* waidf ci .Jtproini-e. We hare lost, rather, by tills sot It may aid m making a Northern man President, but w? are detracting from the pnxtuots and business of Uto ^orlh How ha- Ibis bei n done' lly the makini{Ot?a I'rHsident and by cotton W hatever doubt I may h.?r< of animal jiagnetism I am a firm believer in <wtto? uiagnetixing. It bus been said that the pn ss U tba t. nub estate of the renin, but I deny it Cottoa w the fourth e-t.ite of the realm. Iieeause it rttle^ t am pn-s litere is a strange power iinpre^na d in it Mill wor-e i> it wln-n the Telvet covered cushion of tha pulpit i? staffed wit h this cotton The minister gr?w? delirious in his ministrations ? he forget* his Master'* precepts ? th>* doctrines of the New Te-tanHWVt ? ?n1 Heaven forbid that our judicial ?eat ? shall be (lllisl with this magnetic cotton And what ibs-s this cotton ae ei mpli-h in the editorial chair ' l.rt the history o* tU ? pn-t twelve months tell lb ntlrmen. I hope this cottma influence is coming to an end; that Mime more texlila ? ui'stauce may lie di-C' Vered i r rat iu*r. that its ciilttwa t'n u may be greatly increased in tin' earth, no that wi ?hall iki longer be dependent on our South. -rn brethr>?a for a Mipply In t hi - way tlx- cotton Influence u cxaia^ ?oon to an end; and thin how aiil tlu>H- im>u who b?v* sucrlfici d principle feel, and how w;ll tin y appear in tho ! eves ?.J the world * 'I here is a mercenary tuot iv ? operating to induce you to Mip|H>rl tin- fugitive Slave law, beeauae ji u would lose Southern eu-t'-ni bat there is no dan^r of this; the S"ull> will not go l<an Im aded and uukdte^ IsTsiue we wi.-h to prevent them from carrying b.rk fn< men and slaves tiyt tber beneath th?' power of th* ln-h He had Is en a>ked. he said, fines' he etitersd lb.? hall, why we were here, and ted in a uot her temple atf lila-tty ' Is it not. he raid, a melancholy consistency, that while the court in u-e i? in clinln- Kaneuil ll?fl sin ui, I le dasib ' This is not He- tint time n t inpit >f justice has Neii in the hands of the money chan^ -ra at t hose who sold doves; nay. often who sell w in. n aa4 ( h ill red; and may there )>e those whosliatl drire th iM ( ut of the |i niple. with .-mail or large loads, a. the wca sion diniatida (tiicat elithu-ia-m ?a? here mauifiwteil by the audience ) Iti-nukl) ii < Itjr lnt?'11li;rii< r. Tm Dm at ? '* > Mr I'lury .? ni >r wi< n tIMM fklwidn) night that lii'd-r would brrallid i n t !>.? ?;tff Ct urt. on thr following Monday Morning II* -i j?j. ?r?--I in Court :ic<-' lupnin. || l.y Mr Clark uml lb" II in. Aa l.ro f I. J' i Ian Mr Clark -1 it< tl tliul wtwi r-iidg, I hi tint In- Maorlatd. Mr \\ lining, wn- ni4 igrd ia a ran-f wIin-Ii m ulJ i vcupj liim till thr latlrr |mrt of liua Wl? k The r?J-#ri?*t Attornrj wi-hnl the ra?r to br tn si huMtliMi l,(. M ' in' oi tlx wiln>??--. Jca^iiw, wa* ?In lit to liivr Ibr Ptatr. an hr had t*f u iui ma - 1 aai * ii goinn to Knnff Mr. ciaik had wattrrd M-notlmd qwih Ihr Idttt* mmt mill did li"t < x | >. < : tluit tin' r.ui >? would be |I?jU Iiiii rli <1 i >11 nl iin ltM?oti?r*l< I, Of Tin* M-lrii I Altorm y mid Hr nn4i'r?tond tint JlnkliM w?< to Mil on tip- 11th. und to luiil no objection t i lakj lo- runhwIlMl ?f? Arm- #a?r. If tin* Ui'fi'inlaiit wouU c >? n nt Mr Clark mill til!* wa* thi' wit am* thef brllf?i-d th jr Wrrr going to bring forwi.nl lo nwi-ur wb*t *n* totwJty hW ?>d it would br l grral i IIJ n -t , . ?? to tiY- liiarwi driirr ia that way llpw.mld not. ou any account, (?aa ?H tit ia ? twh ? r' iir*p Tin' DMrM Attorm-y then ^n^go?lrd that tlic* might ciiitmni I a jmy tlx n> xt da\ and uk# Jcukina' i?idri?cf Mr (*lai k tlx n-.'tit tliat * a* *- ? unlly ohjn t inoahl? Ta all- w a Jury lo -r|>.arntf l>ri wifk w?. tiiripan* th ?? ta r- rinjit itilliu m uuil it WiXiM br a bul pr<* d.-nt Hl i not rrcognlai tlwwitni ??nddomprlk m tor'm.i-at iKi t'ourt ' ild if it ?' rt- arcrMry tliat a |>arty -twill 1 on * Certain day go to Kuro|x Mr Clark? lln- I* uiit ? :i party" at all? tv U ntfr>df a rnaturr "?rd i? M goli g to Kuropf (Ta tha IK? 1 1 >< t Attirmy ) \ mi ili.u t nlli gr tlmt ' IHtrtr' Attorney? I Ion t know whffc h ? U (ting; l>iit In' i- going out of thf i?!'' Tin1 i fllrrr ws? railed who -rr?i ?! thf ?nb;vrB? af tha l?y tirii n. aii'l to * Imui J< -akin* Ii i 1 aoi lu- ?*? flag a* :iy in n Ilttlf til# Tim* IHitrlii Atl ? rwj -aid br waa Inf >rmr I that h* wn- going i n thf riff) nih Mr Clark nid hi- liad a motion to nun-h l'i ? (nd t m nt ahih be would makr. If tliry fi jn<l Ihrf am otilii'i d lo p*-? thf rati ?r. ni'l'?rt tn? n< ? aUoit ta nlj urn. the* wnulJpwt. ta Mr th<* r??f till MoiMlay. M thf uiidrr-t inUing that Mr Ji tiklr< did not gnaaay ttif lll-trirt Allot my Would takr n?uri'? to r"W(| n' i liim llr Imil be< n -ul.pi n< d and br wt>w!d ???? tor an attarhan nt Ifbr di<l not n^|M-ar TUr Court? llir in-r linn i?n ?tanl orrr for ? Jnv I l iirr Tin doutit I havr thf p wor ta dr ain thf witnf?? Mr t l:irk raid ll bad bran dip. in an thrr (??, ! wlwtf Tbi ni|>ron bad hri n rffi^fniafl i tik ntttra i*on runat" Mr t laik ?'ontiiitM ii thnt tht-ri ??<'rr mlifr in lirtmf nta | in thi < n ui t) . and If * i ? hfd t? I now r hi thfr tba IHa li'i t Att< ri ry wi will rnti r a wrffr ? Ot rrrnl I tryra raid thrrr wi n- ?om# otbrra r>ntd Ihi it ilniff of Th in; in aliirhbf fluid jit n lot i< I ion on Thompson - t< -tltii'iir To tlix'ba w?Md i ntir a watff f aafki. > ad for tliat pwipnar ha wi old bt ii'g tin m all Into ronn Mr i'laik Th<rf i? Mdf Ui" # ItiJi inu nt thf*. r?. mainii a ; III.- WfMrt Atl'irtn y -Only thf MM. ?wt t'i" original our on ?h" k H ttaa fii -t f' undtil ? only th* "?r iffrnfr |1hf imlii tnint 1 1 tlyallul.d toby thf W^trlft At Inrt i v l> thf owr wliirh ??- adJudg d irr- gultr, ia n it ?i tiii g forth thf lull- all> (i<l to liMt bfi-n in thf Jffi'B ihm . Mon ii|? n wliirh tbi- in -rnt on*' waa pff fi iri d ?nil f< in .1 | 'll . ri url adjanrmd fr< m M?aday till y<'*<ffday whfh I hi fa*r a> att^lMtd. ??? again radnl up nn I tlif i|f. findaat ??? toimally niraigio <1 by tha lii-trtrt AIMnff, I an l |'l? tolid not guilty to llir ntai ltd- <1 Indktm 'at. Ihi' wlltH ? MnkltH n< t hrlng In gitftt hftpp irrortllnd I to hi ??i.|?t na ?n atlarhmf nt wa* larm d. upon tMii ?% in waf nrri ill il and brought ( Tit in I ha gilrnw n. whim In traa n n gniard in th* ?titu of 5lo*ji tn tpv^wr n* Mi nilnr to which ilay thr rourt ?? a murt of i riiaitiU jnii ilii ti? n ?a? a<tj< iirard Thf Urnnd Jurj harf in t ti? yrt f*t HftMii ?nr bi?U \n I It la itin??-fd that. n> In laH ti-rm. thry will not do m unt . I tlM'j ha Tf got through with all ri|lt?n#|tm*? l? thi re mi' no nrw caw"* to prwf? U with ia cllhrr of tha nininal courtu Court Valrntlar far W?lnf?J?y. ('oMMm Vir..? Jlo. tft 4;k? ?So. 195. 4.W 441. 44^ 44.T 146. 446. 44T. 44s. 1..1 4.W. 4<i4 _ ... fvramr Cot at ? Cia? t it? Bo? W ^4. 2k., 1>^ M ?'?. cp?. .Toi. M. and ??w mw wr :**. Pt r? am* Cat at -N??? 14 A 44 1>? -h ?Uj ?J, f ?? W. $4. M. ?>:. ??. *'?>. ?l. UA w. !fi * ^ 1^ ??? 1 ' r Fpr flat l^gfH t'ab ti'lar of thf J?npf.i-r i ourt Will M la^fo vp iw?t *?ad?y