10 Nisan 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Nisan 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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. T HE NEffJORK HERil I). ~ WHOLE NO. 6744. MORNING EDITION? -THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. TIIK WURLO'll FAIR. ^ " IM1K VdUIfS FAIR.? THE WHOLE OF THE CARCO J. ofth* V. S. bhip St. l.awreno* having been Mm;?d from Southampton, and depoaited in the Crystal l'alace, un der our direction, we are prepared to j(ive every attention to tl>? wiilire of e*hihitor?. Parti** visiting England are iavit-d :o call at our Liverpool and London Mou, where they will bnd lileiof the latest American newapapera, where their let ter* may he nildre^ned, where letter* of credit may be pro cured, and every attention riven to their wishes and int rent*. EDWARDS, SANDFORDfc CO., Id Wall street, New York; 2 Columbia Building*, Liverpool; .nod 17 and IHCornhlll, London. WORLD'S FAIR.? PERSONS WITH FAMILIES, OB otlierw iae. visiting leulon during the exhibition, de airing comfortable itud neatly furnished apartments. with or without l>oard, iu one of the most pleasant part* of London, und near Uyde Park, ? ill Hud them at Madamo K. Stcphany'a, >'o. C TonbriJge place, Eu?ton square, London. Refer to J.. S. Yorke, Salem, New Jer.-ey. TO A FAMILY INTENDING TO QO TO TIIK WORLD'S l air ? A re?|Metable colored woman wishes to get a situ ation, cither at la die*' tuaid or to take oliarge of children, vith a family going to London, t an give good reference. Apply *t No. 1T.> Church street, between Leonard aud An thony street*. wher? she can be seen two day*. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE. TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH.? NEW SUPERIOR and economical line between Baltimore and Fredericks burg, Staunton, Va., Richmond und Petersburg, Va.. Lynch burg, Va.. Raleigh, N. C., and Charleston. 8. 0 . The pubiio ?re hereby infc rtutd that the large and aplandid low pressure atcumer Baltimore, Capt. Alexander MoCausland, ntte 1 up , w itli state rooms and IJO berth*, and unsurpnsaed in speed 'and accommodation by any boat iouth of New York, U now rnnning butm en mUBMH and Acpiia Creek, via the mouth Of Potoma< and Piney Point, in connection with the Rich mond and Fredericksburg and Richmond and Petersburg ruilroada. I'amcn.ters by this line leaving Commero* street wharf, Baltimore, ut5o clock, P. M., on Tue*day? and Fri <i%y*. reach Fredericksburg by 7, A. H . , the neat day. It ic li und by II, A. II., and Petersburg about 4 P. M., from w hieb point the\ proceed farther south with passengers by The great mail line. Through ti ket* by thi* auperior line? let via** passenger* from Baltimore to Fredericksburg. $.1; to Richmoud, r*>; to Petersburg, .V): to Charleston, S. SIS; meals and state rooini extra. Forward oaldn |m aengera to FredcrickabUTg, including meal* and lodging, 'it: do, do. do. to Richmond or Peterabnrg, $4 3D: including meals and lodging. For further information apply at tiie Panthern railroad office, adjoining the Washington railroad office, Pratt atreet, or to CHAS. WORT1II NGTON, Jr., Agent. Baltimore, 5l u .li ,51, IsM. Commerce atreet .vharf. Camden and amboy railroad line from new York to Philadelphia.? Leave* pier No. 1 North River, by (teamboat JOHN POTTER; Morning Line, at 7 o'clock, -A. M.; Afternoon Line, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Fare by either J.ine, $3; forw ard deck, Emigrant Lice at 3,W o'clock, 1*. i M. Fare, Si CO. 1. BLISS, Agent. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA.? NEW YORK i and Philadelphia direct? United State* Mail Lin*.? Through in 4K hour*, via New Jersey Railroad. Faro re tluced to S3 tor tirat-cla**, and ^2 50 for secoud-olasa. Leave New York at 6 A. M., from foot of Courtlandt atreet; and at 9 A.M. and 5 P. M., from foot of Liberty atreet. Leave Philadelphia at 6 and U A. M. and 6 P. M . from th* fojt of Walnut *tr*et. EXPRESS AGENCIES, 4ic. Limn To ( 'ALiFuRM A. BY BBSFOKB M CO. '3 Eapro--.? A special inc**vnger will be sent on the *teain ehip North America, on lltli ia-t.. with our lott-rs and freight I through to Sau Fraud'co. l'o<tage, 21 cent*; freight to San I F rial |M o, V> > rat*. BERFOBD It Co., 2 Aator Hwuae, N. Y. | RF.MI1TA.NCKS TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND Scotland. ? Urafta on sale for anv amount, from ?1 upward*, which, will bo ca*hed at any flank in the United Kingdom Also, Packages of every deacription forwarded at low rate*, l,j all the steamer*. to any part of Europe, by El) W A R l>S, fcA N FOR I) it i O.'S Transatlantic Kxpr>*i, At Adam* fc Co. 'a, l?i aud IS W ail atreet. Small parcel* will be receive 1 till half-past niue A. M. of the day of nailing of every *Uaiu- r to Europe. Panama-land carriage between Panama. ! Uorgona. or Cruce*. Th* jnder*igned have orgauized alia* of niulef on the road betwe-n I'ananiu nn l Crucea, or Uorgona, fur the carriage of pa**enirera, baggaxe and merchan- 1 <li*e. The J bate be n at C'n*iier:ible expeaae to eatabli*h xhi* line on *uch a footing aa to io.'ure the moat apvndy tran- ' ?it roaaible.tn all ?>-a?on?. During the dry aeaaon, the inule* . will trarel over the Gorgcna road, and during tlio rainy month* < n the Crunea road. To lueilitate the paaaace on th* latter roct ', tl.ey kate e*takli*h*ii a depot about naif way ! between I'aniii a aad Cruoca, A^iere, when neceaaary, th* , mule* will be changed, to avoid all inconvenience from tired j teaata. Every attention ha* teen paid to furuiah thia I in* with good F.ii^liah aad die*, bridl-*, and everything neceaaary I to eondure to the comfort of pa* -enters. The charge* by thia tin* w ill be a.' low a* thou of any other lint or roaponwbl* nalcotan. On* of th* great cau*e* of delay aiwf annoy- ' anv* to paaaengera, aa alao to merchaota who r evive good* by the 1 anaui.i route, ia the nnv,i? ldy package* that are often kent aver, totally uuc*lcu!at<d l ' r ^aa-ing throneh the nar row paaae* of the road, except at an enormoua *xp*nae t? have them carried by Indiana; therefore, R. A. Joy and Co., keg to inform tline interested, that pankagea alioiild not wrigh more than Hal lbs. gT> a*, or m*a*urn more than four oubir f**t, >1? , that all packages should be well protect.-d , l"riim the wet bj tarpaulin*. For further ptrtieulars. apply to the company ?* a/ent* at Cruoea or Gorgoaa. at the princi pal office of the company ia I'nuuma, or to T. R. Cowaa, E* |., ^txent R M S Company, at C'bagr- *. Paaama. M ireb I, IHA1. R A.JOY ft CO. N B.-H A Joy and Co., will not hold themaolvea reapon ?>ble for the loaa of any rpeeie, ir-cious metala. Jewelry, or other valuables, nnleas declar- I at the time of delivery to t heir agents, and paid for accordingly. Reference*.? Messrs. J- m : t h L Lewi*, Campbell, J< ae* bL Co., 1'anaiaa; Jaru-sG. King ft S >na, Laurence, Murrey k Innate. Everett b Brown, >iew York; Cawipi<e-llj Arnr.tt h Co., Imrie k Tomliu*oa. t*nnta Maria 1'ril.e Jc < '?. I.iverr ol; P*wl*s, Brothers b Co.. ; Morlet i. St Corn*, Montoya. Saenz te Co., London; Edward r.ardrre L Cbtiabon, Pari*; G. B<rgi k Co., Charlea Latham & Co., Havre. | CJJREGOHVS CALIFORNIA FREIGHT. PACKAGE R mnil Parcel ExprriM, Per ^aiuTt I'r ?cent Cty, an 1 >--rth Anuria. direot. on Tkariday n <1 Friday, April IlKb *ud lllh. hpt-ed uno-jalled? rat* rcda-od! Ily tlm above steameri-. mu .i?.\t MM *11 M torwarded lo unr?^'nu at i harm an-f Panama, who have the in ut r-'rtaiu arrntire *n-ut? for Ihr .<ljr trui* uii?>i<in of freight over the J-tboiui, of any coapaale* ?nirvf?Kl la the liuain^ia. Ship |?ra may n-!> ii|<MI ip.'-ds ihipj ???I throiuh UK, b-iB< deliver-- I en I'auau.a in ? !? ance o f >11 ul:j?r<. at which port oar frcdll ti<-? for re- lilpm nt of go*4e. on a I t .?? eteamera, cm nut So ??fpar'aH. Pnr-eli recthf4 uuiil IkintninfiiriWamrf'a ?lav nf aaihn j iuJ |i-tt?rf ttr.Ml I ?1f | L>t twi P M. Piclaidl <a?hi-h mi at. in :? 1 1 raees.be perfectly waterpr .of. ) I iu?t he let t at tha officii t d ?y previous. \ i I wet .ua floaae chant- a nade. THOMPSON HITCHCOCK. Nnvt' and A*ent?, Hi* IVirl atr?et, corner Hill. tjf It : r. In Mrmiaiiut to Mta?ra. J--haa.,a k l..>?<l--a, IK'. Wall (lr* SMf'M, TihMi'a 4k Co., 4.1 South ilrwl; >? smith i Co.. tu 1'iae atr-rct; Ltvi Ap;ar k Co., 73 A*/ j II rret . C' A I. I FO B N I A.? TRANSPORTA HON ACROSS TUB / lathmtia of I'aaama.? Z.iohriiiain. Nrlaon k C?.. of Pa tiama, from their long rapurieace n the Iathmui. beia* o?- i tablieiied there i>inne 1*1 i. are well prepared to tranaj- >rt : freight a< roe- the l.thtnua, or take it tnronth to San Fraucla- ' co, at aMpperV option: hut each pa ok an mnat be of p.-rt-thla aiieand weight, aud properly COT trad, aa /,., N. k Ca. era not ri'spotivibl" fur dmim. or accident in tlmtr?nalt. Th? i eher*ei of traaeportatlon to lie prepaid in New Vork. AfOtll ll I 'lil|r( ? Ze''lirl?aon. Nelson k lly una. An?nt in < riicei an 1 O ,rit?na? John Fuaak. J r further p irtl'-alara, ; E. ZAC HRlSriO.V k CO^B7 Wall atraot. OPPOSITION ]<? MONOPOLY? rwB CHAGRE3 AVI) ! California? Paaiage to t hurrca, or through ticketato S..II Fraiii i <<?. t an te procured :.l tliia office, for tir? dollar! 1 leaa than In any <>th>'r line. lil KtUKU k. Co.. 2 Aator Hcaao, V?a?y ?tr??t, >f. T. TRAXNPOHT \TIO.\i PENKSTLVANIA RAILKOAD CUM PANT A KG SOW foraardlna (oudi to Pittsburgh ia ft ve daya, from Philadelphia, at th? folloaalBa loar rat-?, ?ii Kir-tt'b?.? JOr v Oouda, SliMt, Mat" fee., il y r H?i Iba. S?ooad t'laao? Balea Br * :i Mn -liB'. Cru riet. Itardofiro, fee., Hcta. p?f l>ai lb? Third? OB#-ai?arar?. f'oB-e, Ti?. fce., m) eta perl'# lla. fourth? A ?!. ??. Tar. Fitch, 4i .. M <? ta. p<-r IUU Iba. Jfo q-anmlaaima rharfd fur NMivIbi( or forvardinc iiidaat J'hlladelphia or l'ittab?rjh. Gooda frnai New Vura. H ist oa, , oraayofthr Fc t- rn Ma nil fact a ring Looip imcs, to iaaura li-ft.at. b to PUp?,'ir*h. and nil part* of tha Great H . at, rlioaU bo < inii.-aed to II II HtirsTON. Fralfrtt ,t|?at, {Vaaaylvatii i Kailr >a<l IKaipaay. ft end i?d Market a treat, Pbilaielphii. McFAUK.N la t AVOUE. Acote. CVaal Ila.ua. Pitubarxh. , sill 1*1*1 v ? . . ~~ | OCEAN STE AM N ATIOATIOJf COMPA N T. ? PUR BRE men. iia SouUiamptoa. 1 he Caited Stat?? Mail Bteamah.p W A9HINGT05. 0?o W. Fiord t lamani-r, art 1 1 tail for Ba*m~n. via S .otharrpt a. ?? fatnrday, April IJth, .)*? pier Mo 3. North riT?r, lit IS o'clock. A n ejp?ri?n-<d rt>r?e?a is attailied to tha anip. All Inttara mast pass throii(k the Tost oif.-e. tpe cio dtlitrtt'd la Ua*ra. Fat Irticht or pasaa*' ^ppl? Mi >1.1.1. k SANl) k HIFR A, A?*at a. h) Broadway. rMI If# ORI.EAN9 T>IRRt'T-TH irtRIVE SE t^ral oa* i in Mliam ? .ft ? t aited ^tatOs Mall Hit?a . I pa--?'" >i< l' rialty radaved. fhe a- w and -plaadid "t ata ship I MO>, 1 a p t a I a Thoinaa S. Iladd, ?ul l,.v.: Pier No. I North Kiier. on Taeedar, - IMh luata'it. at IhTMa olMk P. M. Tho KTrat epoed vf this beautiful hip, aa proved on her Hr>t ra)i|f, la asuffi i. nt nuaraat-< 10 paa lenitera t hat ihaif aa ill he landed aoraral !aya in adiHta of tha I'nited *tat-a M ill Th? I Bloa has 1?uhlo ?id? lee,-r Msi-ine | Pnclaoa. aihleh are a lmltt l hy eimprteat jad*-- to h* ,o|?rlor to ai \ l rr?-tofora built in thia Couatry, aad h"r -tnt? Bo m?<, and other ?? * 'mi '? datwna, for the emnfort of , }*-wn?' r-. ire it" (ua'l I It- r tables frill be f-irni-hed J with eaeri I n *"ry lh? markat Bpor-is. and p?a.^n?-?rs may i-l, up -ii t!,e-r wants baiina altaaiad ti ?* ?ml and as> -ikwyi itawark. Tk?ao I aad to N'a ? ilrlraaaare i ir i. nlarK r ? |f atei| to oaawine tl.M ?hip pr?tloaa to niailn.- I jtAot ni<tateiweait|. For fnkit r p ?"nr?. appl* to frOlTORP. Tll.E?T0?f k ? o.. s-anth atr??t. U~* N1TED STATES Mill, STEAMSHIP ?:OMPANT. For Unjr a dire. t,. ela Haraaa.? TLroaab tlckata M Wan Pranclfto. hy the CaiUd Stat- s Mail it- amen from Panama, it r-dacel rates? Pi ro t? Near Orleaaa ra 4ue#4.? Oa Friday, April II. at threo. P. M -Tha tpleadld ?louhle.?a sine steam-nip Gtt'K'-lA, US9 toai burthen, I) D Porfef, U. S. N , eommand- ?, will tail preelsoly ai vhrea o'rloek P. M fmm hit pi- r at the fc-.t <-f Warrea ftreet. North river, a Ith th? r veram nt maila, direct fof Havana and Cha^rea. New Orl-ara paoo*B*eri traaaferrad at lla- ina t-? the splendid d .uhlo ??*'.ao ateamihip Faleoa. Prelnht taken to Chiirr-a ?t TO eei te f?r foot. Specie "air *1 aben oa trei*ht to Havaaa. No bill* of la-lint will bo alfaod after the at-amer has sailed tut I *??a*o or freight apply it the o?^,. uf tbc o. nii aoy, 177 BERTS f^ARE KEDt'i r,l>-fi\i V THRticci LINE FOR SAN Frarif tai l via ? h? r?e dir t, aed ?r the I'nit*d Stat-a Mall Sti amera i.b the Pa- itle. ??n Tbtirs.lav. April KHh, tha I rleBdi-i (tt-amellip CUE.*! EXT CITY, I '??! tons bnrtheo. Jiiha TBBBer. t'-unr-ian i. r. will l"av? pier i North Rlrer, for * ha?re? dlroH, i n Thnr-day, April Itrth, at 3 o'clock. Pas i -ngeBe liy Uila yee^. | will connrct with the Caited State! >dall Steaai- r TlKNESlEB, ta la ave Panama on or aboat Miy let. ?' r fr- llhtor faaei?e, apply at the odea, to South etreot, or ?t No. 1,7 Welt it.reet. riOR SAN l'R A N't I >? <?.? Fl R -T V F.SSFI. - DISPa'TC* r I me New clippa-r -Mt- ST TlliiM tS, nt. pier 'i North Itiver. can take a Hmite-i lUBBtlty of lirht fr- i^ht -nly. nn I nail in * t- a dot- Aceo innodaii n f r pa s^naera in flrit und sceoad r.-il-in. E. It. I TTOM it CO., M Wall itreet. <^"1aIh>1S> * i ? a sr.? the scnuvi'H ^ Maria, Cip* l?r*eiileaf. will aail for the above p-rte ta* B.. rruw Ta i tbir-la -f the fr Iglit i? on l- >arl Ahlpp-ra Vili pleaei' >*tM the halaace d -wa at o?re A fair mora riMa Maeenncra < a* to a- comai-'-iat- d. I'aaaage at the law t ri- e of V'.'' 'a ? h*?" t. Applr on * - ird of a.-ho -nar, foot nf Vali?ty~? ?r?t V?s|ll\ I j}*s?4KW, #1 ./?Lwu-Lv.-. - ?Al,KS BY aucttow. JW. tROtt'N. AUCTIONEER.? HOUSEHOLD VUtt ? nit urt? Friday. April U. at ltto'olock, at Vo. 229 lliok* ?tr?ft, Brooklyn. ? J. H . Brown will ?el I at auction as above, till- furniture of a family declining houarkaepiu?. comprising a i?oo<J wurlmal uf I'arlor and 1'hauibsr Furniture, China, Ulaai War?, Kitchen utensils, &<\ DS. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.? SALE OF HOUSE- ' ? bold Furniture, uf every description. ? Friday morning, i it 11)^ o'clock, it H7 Greenwich avenue, four good carpets, ; feather beds, hair and other mattresses, fine linen sheets, mahogany and walnut dining tables, mahogany, walnut, and | maple chair#, mahogany and walnut bedsteads. bureaus, . sofas. card and centre tables, lie. Further particulars to morrow. I UC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER.? STOCK OF FANCY ? Dry Good*, at 37 Carmine street. It. C- Kemp, will soli, this day, 10th inst., at 10)? o'clock, the entire stock in the above atore, being a well selected atoek of rich embroide ries, vix: C< liars, Cuffs, Caps, Chemisette, thread and other Laces, Inserting*; a rich variety of Ribbons, Hosiery, Gloves, linen ana silk Handkerchiefs, Combs, Brushes, Pur ses. A tine assortment of elegant Fans, Buttons, Braids, Gimps, Tassels, with other articles usually to be found in stores of this description. Hale peremptory, in lots to suit 1 pcrvhast-rs, to close the concern. HENRV H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER? SPECIAL NO tice.? Henry II Leeds & Co., will sell at auction on Wedncsdarv 2ttd April, in the new gallerv of the Stuyvesant Institute, Broadway, nearly opposite Bond street, an ex tremely rare and valuable collection of original oil paiatiu^s, of a class rarely imported, recently selected under favorable circumstances from various well established collection in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy. &c., by the well known artist and connoisseur, J. P. Beaumont, Esq., of this city, who disposes of his entire collection by express desire of many friends here and elsewhere. The selection hating been made * ith due regard to the present rapid increase of taste, will doubtless meet the views of the most refined in t**te. There are about 130 specimens of the first class, ancient and modern. Gentlemen at a distance, and others who can at tend this tale, may rely opts it* being conducted in the tan* unreserved manner as have been those of his previous collec tions, The gallery will be open for their exhibition two days previous to the sale. Particulars more fully iu future ! advertisements. JOHN L. VAN DF. WATER. AUCTIONEER. ? ATTItAC- j tit e Sale of Costly Set Diamonds and other Precious | Stofttft.? F, C. Lawrence & Co. will 0tll bj lactiiB this dav, at 11 o'clock, at the sales room. 12 Wall street, a splen- | did nssortmcnt of magnificent set Diamond and other Jewel ry, including some \ ery high cost Brooches. Bracelets. Pins, | harau i Finger Rings, Necklaces, Diamond Crosses. Gold I | l.ever and Hunting \\ atches. fine Gold Gunrd Chains Pen- j cil ( is?. Ate. Also, '.n beautiful Diamond Brooch, 1 set in silver, and containing over one hundred brilliants of the first writer. Also, one magnitUut Oriental Pearl set, "t l Necklace, Ear Rings, pendants, &e. Auction notice.? tho. bell, auctioneer ? by II. N. Bush. ? This day, at 10 o'clock, will he continued 1 and closed, at lis Vesey street, the stock of a leather and find- ? j ing store, by order of Mr. A. Becker, assignee, on the same I honorable terms as commenced. See Catalogues. All the ! | choice leather, Bic., will be sold this dav. and the sale closed. . including dcoks. counters, iron safe. Lc. Friday, at o'clock, will be sold the genteel furniture in the cottage ! house, corner of T1 -rty-second street and Fourth avenue, in | eluding the arrsngements of parlors, bed rooms, kitchen, ' | Ike.; a splendid specimen of tapestry, a superb shell vase, I j pianoforte, sofa bed, looking-glasses. Centre tables, Sofas, j I chairs, carpets, bureaus, &e. Same day. at 10 la' o'clock, in J the Auction Rooms, an unusually valuable assortuieut of ? | excellent furniture from families remo\ in?, kc. Saturday, j splendid furniture, sale iu the Auction Rooms. Mon Uy. i sale of genteel furniture, at 10^ o cloek. at No. 10ft llatners* ! ley street. THO. BELL. Auctioneer. Auction not i c ? .?household rtr*xiTUt? tins day, (Thursday.) :it East Broadway, :it M o'clock, for account of purchasers at sale, on Tuesday, a ?arictv of furniture, mahogany sofas, do. apringseat chairs, J rush do., three ply and ingrain carpets, oue set elegant cut ! glass girandole J. a lot of w indow shades, do. curtains, rone- j wood pirn ? stool* silver castors, marble t tp n tshslaad, x ?. A deposit will be required fr<?m all purchasers. W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer. AUCTION FURNITURE SALES.? R. II. WILLARD, auctioneer, will give prompt attention to the sales of Household Furniture at th?* residences of families, or will re- | ceive it at the sales room .'100 Broadway. Broadway lots? great sale of heal estate ? ltlock of Ground on Broadway, Fort) ninth atil Fifti eth streets, and Seventh avenue, at auction, on Thursday, the 17th April, brAMUONV BLKKCKF.lt. Auctioneer.? Posi tive tale, to close a truft estate, of 1* lot* of ground ? 10 loti on Brondw ay and H lots on Seventh avenue; Jtiof the loti I comprise the entire block bounded by Forty-ninth street. Fiftieth street, Seventh avenue, and Broad way; each lot 25 feet wide. See map at auctioneer'#. Lotion S?-\ enth ave nue 100 feet deep; corner lot on Brosdway and Forty-ninth street, SO feet deep; corner lot on Broad woy and Fiftieth Mr-it; eontr lot on ItveiiB iviim Furi) ninth n at; corner lot on Seventh avenue and Fiftieth street? four cor- ? tier lots. 2 loti on went side of Broadway, commencing 25 i feet north of Forty -ninth street. The frreat improvement* in the vk-iiiity of these lot*, their central position on the ui tin , thoroughfare of the city, the location of the lots on beautiful around, offer inducement# for investment. For a church, or I public institution, ha\ ing four fronts, the block is unrivalled. Title perfect; terms accommodating. Maps at the auction eer's, Broad street. STANDARD ROSES AT AI'CTION.-A CHOICE COL lection of Moss, Bourhon, Tea, and Perpetual Standard Roses, v ill be sold by F. C. LAWRENCE, 12 Wall street, on Friday, litis iui>t., it 11 o'clock. Thev are from the ftardeu | of D. Boll, Florist, Broadway and Fiftieth street. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE WINING LANDS. By virtue of a deed of trust. executed on th<? lltli day of May, 1S54). by the ?? Philadelphia and N, Minia# and Smelting Company," 1 will offer for sale, at the Court House in tlit town "i Rutherford ton, N. < . on Wednesday, 14th of May, Ittl (Mn| VfHaoidiy ol NfiHor Cotrl i ? ) i credit of nx months, with approved and ? I ? ts h , inf interest from date, nil those twelve valuable tr u tsof I mineral or ruining landa situated ia the county of Ruther ford, a few miles fr>?m the ullage, and known a* the Idler Mines. On one of these tracts there is a splendid shoal, with a flouring and gold mill, all iu good order, and read> for i operating. The sale of these lands offers great inducein nts ! to speculators and capitaiiftts. One of the veius. which has * ? rkod, 1 1 aaid to fi 1 1 v l ? ths buisfcel, and thai in doubtless many others equally as rich, if not richer. Thesa mines, if properly managed, would, no doubt, he found a* j profitable as the richest placer* of California; aad the pre sent is most lHcely the last time they will be brought into ! market for many years. They are certainly the riehest mines, and in the bust condition, of aay in North Car ?liua; and those who desire to make a fortune by di.uin-< gold, * . nld 'l" mm !? better I ? pnr< haaa th< i %n I# i ? taa healthy and delightful elimate of the mountains, than to ri*k the dieeare# and other dangers of California. A particular de scription uf each tract of land will be given on day of aalw. TllOs. A. II A V DEN, Tru tee. MUSICAL. KNAEBELS (.RAM) NATIONAL CONCERT (FOR the production of his descriptive instrumental work, the Rattle of Bunker Hill), which wis postponed, through ! the inclemency of the weather, w ill take place at Cast I ? Gar den, Monday. April II. when the tickets (."SO cents each) an*! i r ogramme# (at the mnsie -tore-) of April K, will be used. Poors onen at half-past 6. Convert to commence at 1 o'clock. N. It? The 5th Regimeut N. V. S. M. will b? present, in full uniform. WM. VINCENT WALLACE.? THE FOLLOWING NEW j composition# for the I'ian ? Forte, by this great e ?m? noser, violinist and pianist, have Ju?t been published by Win, ' llull Jk Son, OT Broadway? The Sterol Love? *er?*na I *j ' sung by Mi*s Julia Bennett, at fie Broadway Trtcatr**: a ! lovely song, and destined to be one of Wallace'# most popular oomp'f itions. Go, thou Restles* Winds ?Ballad, in tli - ? i-r- | man style; poetry bv Charles Rosenberg, mu?te by W. V. Wallace; tbr great singer Pise ha k, lor whom it is composed, ?ce< mi anie? himself on the piano exquisitely, and the com- | poser lis* enabled him. In this ballad, to display a Client so rare iu vocalist# of the highest order. The Flag of our Cnioa ? A National Song, aa sung at all the prinejpal theatres ia the t'nited State*; one of the most spirited melodies ever ' composed. I lla> e .Never been Fals* to Thee; The K*il- t? hi# Sister? Ballads; these simple and touching melodie ad- I dress tbem?elve? at once to the heart. The tltp*> Maid? K ?- ' man?* Erpanola: comprised ex preasly for M ile Jenny Lind this song displays, to its fullest extent, the extra<?riia%ry powtr, swevtnes* and fleaibility ol the wondron# orjtn for sliich it was written. Roman/a Nap ?lit ?na ? Composed eg press lv f?.r the celebrated mesto soprano Signoriua Mariett i Albont; this beautiful fOBMle creates. at this mora nt, the greatest excitement in the first mn-ual circle* in L-n Ion and Paris; the acarcity of mexto soprano songs must ren lor it one ..f the mo. t desirable to ladles possessing that otiality of voice. Grande Polka de Con ert ? Cempo?*?i et d?d?e a M lie Rase kennedv. d? la No?i%elle orleana; tfcla ia probably the most celebrated of Wallace's composition*, and ha- b ?n invariably received nith aa eaoore at all his concerts in Aw erica; it is tuUiriod in elegant -tyle, and ha-anes^el lent likeness of the composer. Ln Maresllina, Mazurka; S-m renir de Vienne. Mainrka? The?e pieces #re. p-rhvp-i, the most beautiful of their kind, and show the versatility of Wallace's geanis; they may compare With Chopin's best Ma isrka*. World's Fair Polaa ? With a ?pl?ndid vignette title psge of#the Crystal Palsce; the in?.t sp?ritad. and d -t*ned to t,? ? ne the m- -?t popular. Polka* ? ter | ubli?hed. M"b? j die Irlandaiee? Transcrite pour piano forte; de tir a M'lla j H**lenn St??cpe|, par VI m. Vincent Walla- ? thf? pleasing a?4 i elegant pir? e created more excitement in L?*ndoa than any , <r mpo?ition for the pnn< forte which had been pnMi?hed for years. Madame Wallace * flate m\ * StoiplJ inimitable i Krfermance r.f it gave it a aide <pr?-ad ^suie ani p ?pn! irit r, \ - Night Wind*? Nocturne 1 r the pisno forts composed and dedieate?l to hia (ri? nd, llenrv C. Timm, M H m. Vln I cent Wallace, The Wild Briar? Vslse de Salon; a most \ graceful and pleading composition; It hm s plena id illu* tmted title. The Mi*untain Daisy- Rondeau Itrillant * do , Salon: arranged in a style to produce much effect, and yet not difficult of execution; m-fody by Geo. Haley, an I sung by the celebrated Jettv Treff/. A number of new pi* ? i,y j the favorite composer, Wm. Vincent Wallace, are incour** J of publication, and will shortly b?? issued bv WM. HALL k SON, CT tlroadaay, oppQ'ite the Park, j 1MIF. f ELF.BR \TFD PRIM^ DONNA *IG*ORIN\ Elifa Valentini, teachea ainging in < onstitntion llall, 6fti' Broadway, onlv Mondays and Tbur?dav?, from 9 o'clock, j A V., till 71. M ller terms in spring sad summer are o a 1y [ fjfi a quarter for 2ft lesson#, in Constitution llall. wh< ra sbs | esn be seen Mondsys snd Thursday*, st the above hour*. Tuesdsys snd Fridays fhe gives |soi n? s# ladles' residences? Wednesdav * snd Saturday font f N ? ^ V rS. Ml SIC.- A GENTLEMAN DESIRES To SPEND A ! frw hours per week, with a lad , r r another u'entlemsn. ia going through music for t wo per former a on the piano. B t r? teremes given. A ldresaT., Herald ?>fll re. PIANO FOR SALE fIVRAP-AV ELEGANT ROSE wood I'isne, 6'i octave, harp pedal, of t as tone and hi ? fill, maker, Kit York. Prfca AMlr at 74 , Lawrence street, one door below Myrtle aveaue, Brooklyn. i ( ALIFOIH! \. fp JEFFERSON ROOGS, RICIMRD A M V PtN .1 ? B'ggn At Mam in. Attorneys st Ln*v, San Franciaco, ( allfornis. Refer to Hrwett < k Co.. Minnow. Lanier fc Co.. Eli Mygatt, Jr.. fc Co., Joseph T < r. \'ew Y^rk; linllitt At I nirthoree, M. L. Hallow li V < o., Philadelphia . Duvall. freighter It Dor?ey. T^rnbull. Da 1 k - ? . Balti more. R. A Maupin, st tlie Irving House, will fam tin three or four day* previous tn hia return to California. Any busi aes# entrusted to him will me? t with pr oript ati* ution. Kiscaaorr de sola * co.. coaaisftioa *rr eh?ii*>. S?n Fri^eUcoA'aliiomt.. K' f. r?not? - ?'r?. | Uma.T *i ( ?..8?. TUomi, H I.: W ller, Sau 1 b Rlert, N.w Vork; r. W Briiae k St-.i, Baltimnr*. GonUth Co . B I toa: Frnhlinr * Or??h?n, l.ondnn; John A. I>r< * Co.. Br'inn; ^.'orriMB S C*.. Br.rn.Bi J.ha Nih, k 0.., Pkil |4.I phi*. THK Tl'HK. Hm n?ri?K pi.sa?vse onorvnfl.-TiiniTiN pirw of *111 ???* "T 'in FrMnf, lb. fa ?t :i n1. Im |, (of h'ir>M th?l rnvfr ? .n a parm r ver h-? d. Mil. h?M<; W.I 3 if ?: IMA*, M Cunp I..1I , C OlWhfW ; ?' nitwit. ?*??*< h k??fv,f ; I. k. I AiOnL S. I'ljtr, ft?erkl?|i I NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. VS. 'wNA|VW^ S.*\^A.>N The CompromiBe Measures in the New York Legislature. INVITATION TO MR. WEBSTKR TO VISIT ALBAXV. P18S1CE OF THE niLITIA LAW. THE CONNECTICUT ELECTION, lie., ke . fco NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. BY morse's MM . OFFICE lti WALL SrEEET. Senate. Ai.rast, April 9. 1351. mt^rvTATiov or memorial* Mr. Carroll presented memorial-, from the citizen.! of Troy and Lansingburgh. for the removal of the bridge over the Hudson at Troy, to a point near the State dura Mr. Gkddc.s presented a memorial of citlxenxofth village of Qcddes. for a law requiring Kailroud Companies to stop their train* and accommodate Incorporated vil lage*, and *ubsequently introduced a bill for thi* pur poM. THE COLLECTION OF T?*t ? I* THE CUT OF PCFW TOUR Mr. CiioLii'* reported, complete, a blU to atn"nd the act for the collection of tages in the city of New York with the title chauged, so as to read, "An act in relation to the appointment and term of office of Receiver and l>e puty Receiver of taxes of the city of New York. rt Rt hah of a foi ti.h's-fii.ld 15 new i on K. Mr. Williams reported, complete, the bill authorlfting the purchase, by the corporation with the ten tloveru >rs of the Alms House, of a Potter'* Field burial place. WE W t'ORK CiALLI K\ OF Tl!> I lit AR IS Mr Reekma* made ? like report in relation to the New York Gallery of the Kine Arts. THE Mil. ITIA KILL. The Assembly* returned the Semite Militia bill with amendments. changing the feat n re ot the bill. It wa< referred to th? Militia Committee. TO?1 AXU Ml !?H IPAl, fcLFI t'lON ? Mr. Bhairikth gave notice tliat Ue would, at an earl / day. as!? leave to iutrodi.ee a bill providing that the town and municipal elections, iu the several town* and cities of this .State, shall Ik- held ou the day of the general election in November. oasiRi. rinxs on RAILROAD!. On motion of Mr. Carroll ? Kesolied, Thai the ft*n<ling Committee ??u Railriads h* inst meted to inquire iatn th? expediency ef repirtiut s hill requiring all the KailruaJ Coiapaeivi* in the State, ? > pr >vile tin- most Reproved meant fur tliu protection ef their track* against deln ts and obstructions. MLIJ rAMT.ll. Regulating the appe .1 in the ease of plank road* To provide for the .settlement of the claim jI Cam /jell and Moody. For the relief of Stoney Place Ruptist Church THANK* TO MR. W l.aSI I 11? IN >1 T ITION 10 AOOKiSI THI i.i i.isl* rim . Mr Rf.ekma* offered the following resolution. Which, under the rules, lies over one day : ? Resolved. (If tin A sciably concur. ) that the legislature of the Statu of New >or's. vifW with approbation lbs pi trio tie and I0114 continue ! "Xt'rtions ef Dinlel fffklt r. to uphold the constitution of the United State*, and n ei rrjr out the ci 111 premise measures uecea*?r> to sustain the ua tiounl Union . ResolveA (If the AssemMy concur. ) that thi' Legislature invite the lion Daniel Web?ter to visit the capital during the prem nt session of the Legislature, in the fame ma:iB-r i< lie I. as nlreaily honored our sister Statu*. Maryland and Peaaivlvania. Resolved, (If the Assembly concur, ) thst th ? Governor be authorized to ti n ier a respectful inltition to this distin guished statesinsn, to address the Legislature, oa meh a day during the present session as hist- >meni?uce may >ugge.it. Tin FRr.r. s< 11001 BILL. The Senate tlieu went into th.- consideration of the Free School bill, from the Assembly. Mr. Colt, of Liviugston county. opposed the bill. He warned the Senate that if they did not repeNl th" present school bill, tlicre Would be no other polities fit year than in relation to this question He h td examine I the ?in mortals, anil the ureal preponderance of those atklnf for uneondltional repeal wns n-toiiishinn Mr. M illi ?ms. of New York, opposed the bill a* biir thediag the city of New York with an unequal and un fair proper* Ii 'ii of the eight hundred thou an I dollar' tax levied by the bill. Mr. Dimmii k. ?f Broome county, argued earnestly In favor of the repeal of the Free School law Mr B> ? (man con* uded for free school* now and for ever No qttestlou was taken, snd the Senate took a recc AI TEHNOOON SESSION. HIE R HOOI * The eon?lderation of the school bill w.h resumed. Mr .Masn thought there wn- much '-aiil of the accu racy ?>f taxation in the city of New York which wa < f> unded in error. Probably there are $JOOOOO.<XH> o' personal property there that escaped taxation The gnat wealth of that city eonsi-ts of goods ? of merchan dise kept thereto be sold to all parts of the c mfedera cy Tin re are conrentrate.l the treasure- of other coun tries. ?eat thither fur various purposes of profit, protected , by our laws ; but not sharing its burthen New York , has an interest in every school, wherever it is placed, i He thought the bill not unol^i-ctionubb-. but ou# the passage of which would re-tore h armony to the people Mr Hitinas examined the question whether New : York city ought to have vote*! on the free School taw. last fall He thought New York hud the utmost s ake in the Intelligence of the whole people The laws which govern her are made by the whole state. Mr 1>?rt ? When are the targe fortune* made? Where 1* congregated the wealth of the Union but in New York; and shill she now ask to be exempted from her share of taxation ' lie hoped not. TIV> cities voted for the law. , and he would spread the hroad mantle of taxation over ( them. For one. tw wa* a disciple of the dtactrioe that i the wi ulthof the couutry shall educute the children of the country i Mr WilxiaMb snlil It win no wonder the gentleman j fri m St I-awrenee. In favor <?t' tbi- bill it XaVi- hi* county alsiut J15.IKX1 He thou ht that the operation of this bill was to puni-h bjr the strung arm of superior powir ? the city of New York for its accuracy aud honesty of ta xiition Mr. IIr ani>* 1 1 n claiino l that *tt(W ' lent time had not been given by the Senate to t hi bill It sought to im pose a tax of "f. *? m) (KM) on the |>eople of the Stat" ? put On without any fair play in the o?se*-ineitt* ? aii'i the Sen ate hail not sjient etfbt hoars hi Its discusslMft. He g ive semi- statistic-, to jjiiT the I? quality of tlteasawameat ! on the State Onondaga was tased 'M.OOO.UM more of | vuliintlon than Oneida. The committee pn -. J tlv bill, but the question of agreeing to the report of the c luiuittce lays on the t ? 'He Adj< urned AaMiubljr. Ai ?\rr April 9. 1101. riMMt or tHt vm ith urn onu * hlm Tlx- following bill* w? :r read tUe third tim-? ii.l niibw otherwiae ro>t<d : ? To authorize any railroad company in the Slate to *ub arrilie to Mock < f the Attica an-l II ?m? NrlUe Itallnmd. Company; to pmrlde for the enrofhn-nt of tin- militia and fat exemption from highway labor TIIC VM?N ?>D COMPaoMUl Ml #11 IH1'. During the rai ling of tliU tiilL Mr A A Tuowrao* mrv to a question off privilege. lie stated that at an early ?tare of the fr-'nm, he had lalmdueed a wrlw of re?> Ititlon". ? u?talnln? the compnurl*e mtmmOM of Cun|(re?a. and that *ald revolutions were referred t? the Judiciary Committee, who had fnil-'d to report upon th. m up to the present da; lie ipiotlioord the right of that com mittee. or an* committee to rvtain poaae ??ton of bn?l nr-w. thuK rlieetually preeluiUn^ uxiubera fr?iu> acting on It. The Sri tin decided the uncut ion wa? not Wi 11 taken Vroni thin declalon Mr TiioMeiox i.ppeald

On taking the rote, the dec! -ion tif the Speaker wa< PUHalned Tltr Mtl ITM Mt.L The Militia I. ill wa- then jiaaecd Mn?9> To arro.vainra. Mr MrCexaia tWWd !?? reeoneider Hil< bill and mon i to lay the motion on the table l.t ?a> luat. Tlu> motion to reeoooidcr wax lo-t? ayes 4. W} | (V> OTiirn nut riwm. BUI amending act incorporating the California Inland Steam Navigation Com puny Kill aothoriiing the MnMrtl Collefe to fonmt. main tain and unpport a ho*pll?l An act attending th<' aet In relatlim to btak redemp tion*. in New York The rot*'? atr.-d. aye< "7. nayc* A"> An act to regul?te the oy-ter Uhlicry In the llarlem rirer. Mr nmr.c* moted to take fr'fll the th? Motion to reconsider the motion on ??!*? bill to amend III.' re tl'ed statutes In relation t? h?r<enj Carried The question w?? then taken. oi\ a reeon* i deration, and the heuw refused to tWWil'lt An net to incorporate IU Union Steam Vessel Co Mr tli r*to* mored to rviouiuilt au t amend the mat ter. I.ott An act to Increase '.ft# power ami dntlea of director and I c. mm i. -"loner of highways of the vlUane ..f King -ton An act lo autlu.i.f *<< th< mayor, aldermen, and common | ally of New York to ral?e money ou Inan, to create a ! bnildinif fund An aet to ii'rflcnd the chnrtcr of the rill a f of Roodont An aet to empower the railroad* of till' Stnteto sub scribe to t'jp capital stock of the tlreat Wester* Kail road. ta'.??|a W est Mr a Smith mored ton-commit the bill for amen I by > trlking out - two tin I- and iii*ortiii.{ all In i'<' atlon to the i-late but hold, v." The hen/ c ri fu-ed to reconsider It The bill *?< then lout, by aye* t>?. nay? CC Mr t'lvriVMSnnfcdii reconsideration ami that the motion lay on the table The Aw- mbly then took a rrces*. till 4 I' M. AftT*^r?<n ?r?Mr?V V*aa?rir or wt' n The f.l|owlnn hill# pa?-ed unle*? Ofherwine noticed ? ? A Vtil to the Superi i?or? of Ui? towiwof I'cekskill and Poughkaepsle tu borrow money to build a | bridge over Wappenger* Creek An wt 10 amend the act establishing the Poughkeepde and New Pall* Kerry Company. An w t to authorize the authorities of tlie citv of New York to raise money to createja fund and stoek, to be j kuown as the Croton Water stock A bill to facilltatu the construction of thu l.ewiston Railroad. An art to amend the existing luws in relation to the arrival of passengers at New York and the public health A bill to authorize the erection of a drawbridge over llyroii Hirer, at Port Cheater An act to authorize the authorities of New York city to rait* money by loan, to create a fund or stock to be - known as the Dock and SItp stock. An act to authorize the Supervisor* of New York city to raUe money by tax. to provide for the organization of a Hussar llrigade of Militia iu the city of New York Mr Urr^i moved to reeom-ider the vote, and that the motion lay on the table Lost Mr (1 then explained the object of thu bill, when it wart reconsidered, and sub- < seqiicutly rejected. The A.-mcuihly thereupon adjourned Municipal Klcittons. STATE OF NEW YORK. Aioaxv. April 9. 1951. The actual result of the election, yesterday, i* i!>10 de- | mocratic majority for Mayor, and an average of U.'Jti on the elty SapcrviMTs. and on Assessor 394. Six demo . cratic Aldermen were elected? on* in the Kir.-t. Seaon i Sixth. Seventh. Kighth, and Ninth wards; and four i whig*? one Itt the Third. Fourth. Fifth, and Tenth ward* j Of the ten Supervisor*, the democrats have eight; one I whig, and au independent whig. A salute of one hun dred gun* wns fired by the democrats, to-day, in front of the Capitol, in honor of their victory . I.<h Kroar. April 9. 1851. R. 8 Wilkinson, democrat, was elected Supervisor, by 13S majority over A. II Moss. whig. The democrats have aUo elected their .lunticu. Clerk, C"inmU*ioner. ke. MAs?AOat'M:rrs. Pmiuid, April 0, 1851. 1 There w?.< no ifection of Mayor in this place yesterday N'eal Dow. whig, had 1.1*4 vote-; Sheplev. democrat. j scattering. 2i?. Five whig and one lernocratic aldermen 1 were elected. The Common CoutfcU i> nearly all whi^. OHIO, Ctwixxtri, April 8 1851. ; The city election, ye-terdav, wa- so clo-e, that up to thishonr, (' P. M..) the result U not certainly known The probability In that the whig* have l*>at their Mayor by a sm-ill majority . The City i 'ntncll is pr il-ably a tie. The dtnocrats ha t a majority iuthe li-t Council. Daniel Wrbalrr In Boaton. Bnsrof, April 0. IVrl TV Hon Daniel Webster arrived last night, and put Up at the Severe House He i* In rather feeble health Tlte Wetlierill Dlvorre Caur, ?!fcr. It taaiaar sc, April 9, IS',1 The lion.-' of ReprMeatatlves to-day took up the Wetlierill divorce c??e. and a motion was made t > pro- t Med to tha consideration at the bill to annnl the mar- i ringe contract between Dr Win Wetlierill and hi wife ' Kli*a. The order of the day ws? called for. and a diVl- f ?ion of the question wa- Mked, when the motion to su.s- | pend the rule- urns not agreed ti> ? Yeas 34. nays ,V> The llous" took upth- bill which proposes to tax ton- j nage and travel over the York and Cumberland Railroad. The question pending was on Mr Konham's substitute, placing this road on an equality with the IVnaaylrauia 1 Railroad. and it was adopted The bill, with ail amend- I tnent. taking u tonnage of three mills per ton per mile, | ami from pas-etiger* goiug over the ruud ten eent*. was ! then tilially pa*s<4. The Nail* at Baltimore? Dentil of I.lcut. Itlilijelj-. llsi.riMoitt . April 9. 1H.M i The mall from the North, due at daylight this m irning did uot arrive till 4 o'clock this afternoon The delay was eceaatnaad by the breaking down of two burden train* near Susquelia nnnh The mail from the South, as late ai due. is received, but the paper- contain nothing of un p< >rt a nee l.ieut Jaate? Ridgely. of thef S navy, who w?. In- i jured a few week* since, by juntplng froin a third story window of the Exchange Hotel, died Lust night. The Late Priu Fight ami It* RffWts. IUi iiMoai April 9. IH'tl. Collector Kane has discharged three cu>t<>in hous officer ? William Jorduu. Stephen Kmrllsh a nd another? for iaklng part in the recent prize tlyht. A large num ber of mechanic- In different establishments in the city, have also bwu discharged for the saiu<- cause Navigation of the St. Lawrence. Momhi <i . April 1HA1 . The two first steamers reached Ut. Joha's. from Lake Chainplnln. to-day Thi- harbor is almoet clear of ice Mailing; of the Canada from Boston. RosrjN, April 9. H">1 | Tin- royal mail ?leam?r Canada. wliir li ?ailrd from thU [Kirt at nrx.ii to-day* for Liverpool. <li<t n<>t taki> out any *peele. fhe bud oil board one hundred and twoutj p*'* (?engi-re. a li*t of wlii'ia ?? ami. * : ? Fob l.tv? iMMr-Mnin D S ltv-.n m l lalv. S T? W"iirr-n iiad !a<l). " I' B?ad. K J Hind. C f ll..vey, F H Piaith. i Tnttlr.H I' F?wl?. II J I'nrktr. S Unrtnt, II N ?' >m r. ofltoitja; D B Kimball. of l,?w?ll: > HSage. af Har?: ('?' John -n, of Norwich, I'lnn.; ! WrlfH ?I I'r ivld' ii' ? I M Ptowart. J Ki-h"f, Haily, .1 J s^ni'. C A a crave. J It > hrrty, 0 Nell, Itailry. R??i*Btlinl, II tier?Mti'. of New \ork; Mr Hufclea, M I'ldla; Cd A Kimmrl, benri r ?>! 4**pati'h??. Itnlt ?inure: II Ciiod* ia. ol \ ir? ini.i: I' llofthaaer, "f N Jfrwti J W ill ix, Jr. ol New Urli?n?: W'llxia, Keatneky. t r J l>nrti>n, Cornwall. liMliTlllr: (' C Trail aail lady. Maryland: .tni >Url an I lady. Provideaee. thr*' Ml??l Mrl i??. Mr* Smith. Mi?? Kurrj. Mi?? lUII'jr, A M'U in ami lndy, I* .t.iiiunn of ^t J uka'*, \ tt t' >1 Aire* and nia, A M lirununiool. nf Hrttlah N ?rth Ataerir*. Mr Vira. W A Arid**, ni t'cBtral AlBrri'-a; i; J Barker. >f I n trpml: Mn ( I hi I A Irrr ii ii J t wn i lillUri ii anil nurn >1 A% ftotiier, BRaitward, nt f n/liinl; VV I mull, of I n-1 ?n I : l)r l.n wlen <. It N Mt \l''hnl , of Peotlaail: A I' linn ?nr. nf Dinmark: Amln lley ?? n I inter preter, ot l ontlABtlnopIo: J. n# i'i?i ??. Mi?? Mnr ray. Mi-? llnllet, Vi < MeAadrta* nn I Infant, l.ar> " Kit*. II Mwi'ilimn. .1 Putnam, J t J-nnnu- Kdward Kl ver ?? n, W lirrutlii an M St riliu !??*, C' -l llri |aeline. Nolle, J ? Ii n - ?*i . llernaMe. I j ' I a. lltixLe-. ttenakaw. At>ail>. Daaaoawa. tiMimnil, Mi llamlian. Akiuner. OfBtlni, TigaM, R * I I.nraf, ee*tde0ee| M Riven? 111. Fob II ai irA ? ? Mr -^r ? Nu_"-nt."f Bn-tna: Jf Bryae, W ' A Coftxtarll l.iaxi, IHi-l>? 'n, A ttn^lit. II Cr*?l .t. starV. :.u l \\ M Broaa. of llalifaa? #. Mrtrorol?p|lrNl Obvn atlona April 1*. n\ s i, ink, orrirr lrt wai.i. stbkkt. Pii:<in S I* M. ? (Hoar rrrltliilf: wind d'Hitliwi .t. thi rnv nu trr 60; barntartar !f.? ?<); larMBy ilB Ba? h??t?b. si' M? ?o?tlii- |w>t t#a4oy*wa la.*' bad a liiat^i ti ?t atlntl. ami tbo ? 'tllii r b i< b>i*n r H and Bnfdranaet; tiHtaj lm< Inn-it flu-, and tin* air a.ira> atni pk.itanl: wind w? t: tlii ruMtin'Irr 49 Ai ai *.>. 8 1' M ?\rTy pli-aaant i rmtng, wind * nlk tlirrmi mi ti r IP ."mn ?i . * P M ? IWautlful mmmllght oronintr; ?outh I h> rtnnnii tw 4* lii?*. H l? *1 ? A fln?- day. and *farlhrht rr?i.in|(; wind uortUw.-?t; thrrmiMiirti r 4.',, bapmcMt Hl( | ia^? cury 81. Ai him, 8 P M ? <'lear mid T#ry pl'-a< i lit . wind i'i?b Wf-t; hnr- nirtiT T>: oO. urury tii; tliiTiinmirti-r ^ Taoi. <? P M ? A liii' |ili ii'jnl ?-?i,ninK; winAi0i?1h ai >.t : tlnTiniiDi"t? r Ih'sPATf-ii. ? Ifan Hunm-U re- I raJvciI aitmlry fiai of Brrchaadin', N I'uv- J iliiy evptiing hut. In twi-lvo (Ujlfrnii N#? V'irk. " They were shipped to ?'ha|frp* on thr 'luft Pro nirtficuf. wUen- thry iirrivwd on the Mtl>, an<l w?ri? d#lirere?l here the 1 1th. having left N?'w \ ork nt 3 o'clock in th? evening of the 27th ultnau. W? mention tl?i?, to show tae degrte < fuNiMtiM ni ? attained in the tran.up?>rtAtiiin of lotw Mrnw tk o UthrniM ? I'liwitnti Sl tr, Much I if /t . [Me*ap< l{?n liunnelx & ( o. are the agent* uf & I lliteheoek. New York, and the g .al< refotre-l t.' | ?bu?e. were ?h ip|? 1 by liweoft l .*pre?*, f ith l'ehftt??y, aid left Panama in tl^ -lea?ir >?t lit'.! | Morelif ni<M)kl)-n City Intt dt^i arr. ''imiu I'm at - Pi ftire .ttid - ? Mofw ? tj < >" ? ??f K'n'ia Rnrkwum ? Ihl? eau*e whlfi?*? ?n n tlim , r ?? ?attlt nnd twittery r<,wimltt<-d nntb? ^1'iintitl ?ni'4 Wblrb ln? Mtaf* tam Mhf* tbi- t'l. jt'.wa* tried ye Mir\lny The forater verdlet for tTVU. wy?H *i< obtain ?| by the plBintilf bj dcfnult. *?? ?i't a;<ie iiid the pn ^,'iit trial bad by mutual eoneent 1 li? I'lcaillnu . only n^nat WjiI Ihi- f.iet of ||j,. nnxanlt hartng Iwrn e- m mitt .-.| . u?.', tb-' jreat'-r ?? ,-f ,,f th- e?l denee offi 1-ed In mitlg iiti n of .t im.mri < h- 1 whlrh It w n liropoii'd to -bow thnt t?e plnintitt h# ft written, and ? in-rd to be pul4t<lii'd. r?rt?iii llbrlloa'y artielet la the Ptlirt Qttrtlf. *m i iilrd ?iiit b> the . t'idolMl ('riiger. the Vnlted State* wii^hmi 4i?t. and two otlii r wltBi'<we? tetlMed a< to the.fm 1 1 ,,f th" ^eenult on bonrd the Mnnlinttan, ? Knit" ^ Ferry boat. IB AH* j rtrt la^t. Pome n edii at evldi'ti to wa? ai'o addueotl a* to the lajiirb i ftahlnM The Wrrf >taB*e? in ju-tifter/lnn wer" then "ffored to tie prnrett, and aaBaMerabie '',i?eu?dnn t?>k plaee, l b ' i (treati r |iart of tae delwndnnt;* Bltlmi beim M#I>Ik I, the eaai- went to the jury t,|nin th*- bare Bii-ttt abote ft it etl, anil they ri utr tied .aft .irn -hort eotmuUitlou, a verdiet for the phiintitT Damrg, i >14M Tbe i ntlre evidence an 1 nrfrumi'nt whleh oeeupii' l th. ('< urt the whole day, we nr?' MWpelled to di'fer IIU to morri'W. Pallcr Intellt^v nee. 0i vail tmrm*) ? 1*6 xandet Walton wajarr-'-ti1 1 feater day morning, by pnUeenwn I .wit 1 m "f tb" Fourth Ward, ebueted aith lijting ?tolcn jewelry and rlolhing of the vain ? of $4<i. froui Janet t'?i.*y < f '-I'i ppai' trtt'-et A ?e?rrh aaa tubfjuently msde at tb- Imia "f Walton, ?nd the whole nf the p- w-tig PrcTfcHI Me " <1 r > u -U in UiaL THE FUGITIVE SLAVE CASE IN BOSTON. DECISION ON FRIDAY MORNING. | Committer Appointed by the Senate to Asrrrtuin if any Citizen's Freedom is in Daiiser. EXCITEMENT ATIO\C THE ABOUTIOMSTS. REt'OMME.\DATIO\ TO- MEET WITH ARMS. ABOLITION PROCLAIM ATION, &<>., fcc., ice. Tin: IlEMAt. OF THE WRIT OK lltHEl* CORPts. [From the Boston Traveller. A|>ril K ] The Supreme Court nan crowded. yo*terday ufternoon. to hear the decision in tbc case of the petition of Thomas Simm* thf alleged fugitive flare, for a writ ot Aeirus >-oc/?u?, The follow iiij; i- a report of their decision : ? Thf Chief .lu-ticc again reiterated the objection to granliug the writ, viz : ? That by the provisions of tlw hahrts coipui act. the court wa* warranted in refusing the writ, where it appeared from the petition that lie would not be entitled to hi* discharge. if the w rit iisued, a'idthe practice of tlio court had been in accorUiinco ; wi ll that rule. Thi' allowance of the writ in cane* where il must he unavailing to the party, would be a tuper tluouH act In the first place, and lie neceaaarily followed by expense when no beucflt could be derived from it After touching upon the delicacy of taking a c.ise oirt of the jurisdiction of another tribunal, and stating the peculiar relations of the State atnl general unTrriuiieutj to each other, and the history and organization of the general government. whose legislation within the limits of it" constitutional power was the suprem ? l.iw of the land, he referred to the power of CoOgreHs to make laws for carrying iuto effect the powers of tile constitution Those who were familiar with the history of tbu country, and thi- independent rights of the Statu under the con federation c? uld easil} understiuid why tin- provision in relation to fugitive slave* was Inserted in the constitu tion. By those who framed it the provision was deemed i abeclutely necessary. But the question of *ueli nece<?ity 1 wa? n-it to be discussed now il was enough that it exists. The ei urt agreed with the eOMUsel that the pro vision) in relation to fugitive slaves was to be construed | stri> ily It La t Wu the practice of courts to construe it Hrictlv. and dUisitubh strictly between fugitive sla?i - ?n>l slave* who might come into free State* other- . wise than 10 fugitive* The Court had held that none were fngitivn. hut those w ho escaped l>.? their own act If an owner l>r Might his ?lave into a free State, then he was not a fuuitiv \ aid would lie discharged on Or If in officer of the navy wa* allowed to take on board of a t nlted States ship lii.s .<lave as a servant, at a port in a slave State, and the government should order the ship jo a ( Northern port. the -late would not be here i- u fugitive. He wi u* not hen1 by hia own art. bnt by the act of liis owner la the first place, and by that of the government in jhe second Hence he would not lie a fugitive, and wanfd be entitled to his discharge 011 h,ihiat T tii wa* what w.i , to be understood by a strict e >n-t ruc tion of the fugitiv ? slave provision. Ilis Honor now |iri?. eeeded to consider the fugitive law ofls.'m TU-* Court did itot And that it differed from the act of lTn.J in any i'f it.- pmvi-ions. constitutional!} considered That act { gave to Sttaitv magistrate* the power to grant crtitl, ite> for reluming siii li slaves; and in n great variety of caw*. 1 Mending over a period of nearly lit 1 v year*, th.it law had liCOB held to Ih- constitutional or at lent had never I* cn held to Is- unconstitutional The powers conferred on magistrate* of the several States by that *ct h ul ! la-en transferred to the commissioner- oftlic 1' nlted ' State* court* by the act of I71KJ The powers given in the acts were the same; but the officers authorized to exer cise them wi re changed The cause of this change Wat to be found in the legi-lation of Homo of the Stat --, arising. probabK. out of the decision lathe l'rigg case While the Court there held the law to lie Constitutional, , it was al-o hrtd that it was optional with a State miglX tiale to take a ci uiplaint under it. or to refuse to act. he not holding bis 1 mini- -ion from the United Mate*; and. alto, that the la-glslatur%of a State might prohibit its magistrate* from at ting under tile Inw. ruder this decision MHie of the States did pas* law forbidding their magistrate* to take cognizance of complaint* umli r the fugitive art of 17N-t It therefore hccime mri'SMirv. in order to carry out the provision In relation to fugitive clave*, for Congres* to transfer the powers gin n in the act of 1 Ttct to officers commissioned under its 0*11 law*. 'J I e I nited St ite* Commissioners ar<- cer tainly not Judges within the meuuing of the provision in the const it utlon of ihe I nited States, quoted by the cixin *<?1. Neither were the magistrate* under the net of lJAi auchjadgc*; yet the art giving them their power- in re lation t j fugitive* had nevi r been held to Is- Iiaeonst Itu- I tiounl. It related to a matter in which tin- national legislature ?iii. w ithin the Itmit* of tin- t nit.-l States constitution, ratucme Apain adverting t I ihe eonstltntional relations existing between the general and State gin enimi tits, he said IlKii jini'i's hud almost without exception nlway* ap|>r,,.o iu*il ijuestions of conflict of jurisdiction with great Wktrv, and he reterred to the Ohnntead cat*. whwIkrWuie and national authorities made preparations for lin-liie action. In relation to the term jinlii i.il power, it wa* not 111 ill cases easy to decide wlk ther a give* power was jtaliei il or ,idDiiiil<tnitivc I11 geneml the two kinds of |>.iwi-r ? were stiffii i-wtlj distinct, but It w-.is not so in relatMHi- to some nibjects KMT which power Wa* given; and it lui'^bt lie difficult to determine whether a power was judical or auBiinlstrative in its nature. In caaea of adminlstnitlvo power. ? me discretiou w?* vested in the officer authorize 1 to?M-rci-c the power Mid there was another con-', l? : a'ion of some Import SBce n?e government of the I nited Stntcs was divided Into three branches? the e\e mtive. Irfbhtlfr. an l .judicial To some extent, each branch must Im- theyudtre of it? own powers and unle < the contrary clearly and HiintteHly appeared. H w..sto be pfi mimi 1 1 that thelc a??swer.? within Ihelr oni. titu tii>ual | u*ei> An I Congrt*- in?> U? -"inn- extent dc id,* what an- ailmini trative mnl what arc judicial power- in legislating for the |iM|tM tf enrvying out tli ' ;irovt-i in* of the ci'iistitUtiou The Court did m>? si f any "pecial necessity ftie present ing the petition to them *? tlx- subject appanrwl to come ne ix- portlrnlarly wiihin the juri-dietion of tli" tinted States cowrta, which were more in the praetic ? of con- | sidcring h nd acting ttpon the laws ^es>i l*y t'ougress | The tcn.b 01 J ot - u h apjiUeations to St.ite < urt* ? n t ? bring the State reliefer} into conflict with the notional judiciar} , which it wa < nl w*}* lesirnMa to ?voi?i. for the purpoee of maliil.iinim: tii it harmony which Is so I in. porta nt In out -vstem of goremmot It had boen cua tomarjr f< r the State courts to |s*ue writ' I ( hnUm rOMi in ca-es of ei iletmelit ill the I nited State* service. I ut In stub ia>e* the purtv w*s not held iiwiistody 1111 tm legal pri?.s?. '/nt only by souie officer* of the arm; or navy, who iiao no color *,f power by lu- to decide in *.oe ? prtmiae- Hwt here the commissioner, hud the rigl 4 to i decide under r.n cgpeea* law. i.nJ tie yairMHOptkXuwus that the 1.. ? *a* constant ional Ti n hlrg 'Hion tin- tdijectinn tha*, tlie law w js im constitute, lid. b. cans* it dor* not pu-trWe ftir a t *al by ! jury, lie r? m ?k?d. that in thi* re*pe* i> it was Ihe s uin-a< the' act of IT HI and the Ciairt felt tl ?t the long urm' of judicial 1I1 4*iona on t Imt law wei himliug up'iitheiu I ho*e di ci- v ns .?mbraced the prln ipl< ? U|*m ?Wrh thi. ease mu-t s-.-ittlel. If the rjuc-'.oii were inil-stl a tn-w one. the 1 *irt .inlfht pause and take m tc tltu> far con *Ma rat ion U w ?. trwe the set wa* recent . ami sou the precis iimi ? 1 ee-cril?ed vy r^- aowl y -t t n di*terml II , lion nf I t (lift ion* which tes se under it depen h^t upon thi Je.*-i?in- nf near', flftv year*, and a loni; course o? i?t ietW tauilllar to lite iniiula of thf ttoWt II ? Honor c*nrt|?ded with Uo r' ?at'. - ? tV . are I, uml .?< pay. a* w ir 11 ?'.minions opin 90. and wit^ -1 full sens* uf the weit. It ' t aur opinion, th it the writ .tfAeiAm, e*pn* cam.' I M i -anteil 111 thi- e*-e " IV V t R l.'fcti KAPH Pi.tm<*7M April !?. 1K1 l.a-t ? large t\?Bilicr ol nVditionirt* t"j;etl<ir in the Trenioat T>inple w>t> male byH nli.ll. Phillip*. tl^ur Wi ght, an, I o|l< r- .Mr H rl|,H bujwl tlm! Ii? *i?W fuoi > t?* the con vi lit on ?n Friday nornlng. with their neighbor* by J-> Mn, m nil d with awUtunil ball cartridge* " Ml wjr that t'wy wo thcni, hut lliey ?hntd4 kr prpcnt *illi t>nn and plant tlHiii-.-Wi- n|?,ii tl??- Ihhui d?ry of their rijitit -? The Kree S il Convention wa? continued je*lervkiy af 9-rnoon the following resolution* w.-re off.r*d by tla<* lion Vteyferu I'll ill if*? ? ll? rnlvrd Tliat th> puiplfnfUlf PilIM 'tate-i nr." en titled tn all th< " rl|lhi* nwl tilKrtic ' wliich. by Magna Chart a the A#*. ?< ? *rln. tb' Declaration 'if Highl* ami tlir f mmon law of Knglan<l. belonged Wftirn tll?> Hi volution to Ik*' IY"e rnM<Tt* of lh* llntUh cro*n that itoa*mt<tr lk-tn d in i Dieting the political i n> I . pm dcnce of lh# ?-??!?>? It? to ?ul>v< rt or >ndang< r. but on the contrary, to maintain. aceure. mi. I perpetuate th? r'jhti" ! ?ml lib. rtie- of the pm.ple, that all ?tatutc?. the ctfeet of which may be In rhaagii a fttf mail into a slave. without the v. rdict of In- pccra. and without judicial prnc Iina* a< cording to tin law of the land are iu violation ->f !!?<??<? right" of K r>?t i - 1 1 in. n for which the wur of the Revolu tion wa? fWglil. not to port with, but to retain? the ron?tituti<>n ?a? formed to protect and not to de-troy and which w. can never dtaown d< ?ert lietray. n -r cun pr> .mire. ?o lor $ a* w? remain worthy to be known as citiacn* of New Kngland Resolved. That the existing enactment* of Congre?-< upon the recapinrv of pennon." claimed t*> hare eicap.-.l fr> m *.r\ ee are an niarmiiig n*nrp*tlou of power. n.-l granted by the people nor the tulrl; arr ?ubvor*l?o the ancient right* rind duties of ftwiiu'n, of lh<' i"tfri'? provluli n< and rm rvation* of the American con.tltutl ??n. and of the fundamental maxim* of fre. Kowttim' nl Rc*,lvi d, That no person in any Mate of this I'nlon . can constitutionally be deprived of hi* liberty. Without " due prccca* of law." which process lu ca^e of an aliened I fugitive from MTtice In a ?uit nt common law. In which the person claimed I* entlth d t' a trial of all the fact * i Involved in the issue between him rind Ids claimant, lie fore n court ol competent jurisdiction, by a jury of the vicinity where he l? found ; to be heard, fully. In III" i|e. , fence; to be confronted, and to cro > examine the wit. I n ?>?*?< a gal net him . and to hare the benefit of the rule* of eiidince a* they are accu.*t<aiie,l to W ? (minister.-, I In the courts of common law ; and lliat. In the determin ation of ich an i -ne nil presumption* 'flaw and fhct. kro and ofght to be in fhvor "f li'? rt) li t d. That II I* the paramount ilnt y if the law ' gw'sirg jkiw? |? Hk<uiUiKkii4^(,u( ' the lil?.*r.Ui" </t the people ; aul that any enactment which ilWrimla utes ft /.lint the - lilartles " of th-> people in furor < f pri perty. is unconstitutional. oppressive. and unjust , an! that a law which di?#ruuiuatci agtuntt liberty iu favor Of one apeoMlc kind of property, tiiun giving to oue ciaaa of capitaii-ti (and those slaveholder*) privilege which are inconsistent with tin- perm. mil safety of freemen, and not shared by any other boUrn of property, can *t*nd only upon tile assumption tluu there ar? no State* iu th-i I nv>? but clave Stati c, no people hut -lavehuLlcrs nai no property in the nation hut siavox Bcaajrcd. That it In impossible to aid. by word or deed, in rcmanditw a fugitive slave to bondage. without aid iiiH to roll him of an inaMenable right. without partici pating iuthr act of hiding him in slavery, and thoft without finning against Christian light ami agaimt Uod Resolved, Thuf the Art of Congress providing for th? recapture and return of person* claimed a* glares, ou^ht to 1 x- immediately ant for ever repealed. Speeches were made by the lion. S. C. Phillip#, IIm. John (V l'ark. lion Wb .lackson. of Newton, itanerafl Wilson President of th? Senate. An~.*sa Walker, Secre tary of State, and others fn Apposition to the k'ugUirw Law. Near the close of the afl? rnn*-n session, it wa* propo*?4 to keep on during the night. an 1? was though* the fat* ot the fugitive would *oon be decided, and the nnuiberfl wished to s#e the first manacled slave pa-s tlir.iugh tba t reefs of Boston on his way to honing. It how rer. announced six>n after, that the Commissioner had deferred a decision till Friday uiuruinj. aud the conrew. ion adjourned tine die Iu the M?s.-4icbu*ctt* .<*enate. this morrin#. on the ac tion of Mr Robinson, of Kane*. democrat, it vraj ordenwl by ii vote of twenty-five to aeven. that a commits ba appointed to inquire whether the freedom of an inhabi tant of the rouiiiionweaith is in danger thrrugh the rw miasnvse of any officer thereof: ami also if an^law for Lha ?i?uvMy of |ieri-oual lilierty him been violated by officer* M the city of Boston. or by o?tVecrs of the eouiir.nnwealt^ pretending to act under the orders of the said city committee appointed consist* of two coalition di'-nocrato, two free soilec. .vcd one whig This was done in c?n* qucnee of llie failure of the Sh?-fiff and bis deputie* t? serve a writ of replevin, and nko a criminal v irrant, upon Siniius. for ?>n assault wifh intent to kill, upoa officer Mm man Ttie committee now in sraalun The Allowing not ire has been issued from the oUr* of till' Commonwealth newspaper Tn thi good People <?/ 1'ir Colnnniru eolth of M.i . nr.Ku setts: -III accordance w,th a ruti1 uf the lat?* Ma**a. buaet4* t'on\i ntiua. t<> aitjaarn rtll Kriilay ne> r. -it uins o'clock A* M.. the V i -?linc>-< 'iiBiuitverarai'stlf "p*m ?>ery fri.?4 of the >.la\ e, throughout the i "nimunwealth. to r'|>>rt !,la n It in llust ?* on Kriitnv mnriiiuir. th" il?h last.. t > witoeaa the lan .-ad wvtK ??f the st tie's tlis/rac--, if ?t ?!iall a- I'?ua4 1 111 I" -ilil,- to avirwit. I lii'i Ii) thuiimaiU. anii let tltua* n bo Inn e been l.er.' iirse t be r tru-uU* to ? . tue with tUeia The tlovertlor has ordered th.? Att.Tney (iciteritl t<1 advise ?tth tSe Sheriff reln?ire to the serving a writ at replevin upon the Marshal in the case of ."kimis The abolitionk>ts are circuiting a petitmu to UovunMr Rout well, for tl.e removal ? t HherlD Kvelal. for refuting tu aerve a priTejW to take Siii'.tit'' out of lb* Ihiu i* uf th* Marshal. A town meeting in I'lymoutb ye-terday voted by ! M t? 7. to instruct tlieii repre. tentative to vot.' fir Mr Buck ingham' bill impeding the operation ui" the Ku^itiTV flave law. Cotuifrtlritt Kmilan, There npfa'ars to lie no doubt that th? whi,?a stio refill d in the election Iii ('ouiwrtirttt, on M '"I** roatrary to Ihe first r?(?.rts by tcb-graph Tin re wfl bra small plurality fop (ejtnuir (de:n ), the pr-teac tlovernor: but the prob.vbllltie? are in - favor of a whig majority In the I.ejjiela'ure which, in that cae-'. wiB elect Kia ter ( whig;. The New Haven JiHuiid/ (whig), whoa# Mltor W * feated candidate fur t.'ongr.*a. says, the dc'jiorrulio t/i Utnph in that section of th< State has bei-n won on Uni<M grounds by those who have ought a vi ?"r_r at the Kant, from coalescing with free-oil, There can be no doubt that both wh in?l d have di?gnierfully truckled to Mie free , fi ti election, whenever an ailf;inticmus barman >ir >? made, to help the tratHekers into ofRee or power. If the whiff* hare aerured a rnaijority of thr l.n{?^\ tui -. we presume they will r?-rlr-'t Hon lti>gi>r IltUd ? in to the I niti d States Senate lie is a thorouiUi whiK, but uppo-eil most of the i owpwnlw iiinnim in Uoa gn s? la -I yrar. notwillistanding. we betlefe, he hua but little aflinity with tile freesoibr i.EoiM.*Trnr. The Senate will probably stand a< "*llowa ?? fMiibn. ITii^i. 0*m Hartford - 1 N ew II a veil . - 1 New i^Midon '? 1 KuiilieUi 1 * Hiiidhaoi . S ^ l.itorhti, UI 3 ? MldJIese* t> * TolklBd I I Total 13 * ? >t big im^orii} '? l-ast year, ii w?'?k? 1.1 d- moe nUn. The lloiii-e of Kepre-entatives. eministlng of m mi *k?n, will proliably he whig. as. in the town* heard frvu, thi whigs gain 17 members over their uoaifcTH last year rnwitEm. 1st Distriet t'hapman (whig) li. aa majority of 1ST in all the town, Uu five in the dbtikt. A> tho-at t<n*ti* gave but ii dcWMjrratic majority la.-<. wear, there Im no iloulit <>f tThapaian's eb ction. iu iHwee of I, 1' Wal l*, the late leaiocratir in. oilier Tliia. tberwforr, ia.awbaf gain. 2il Di.tri d ? CoHn M Inger- ill. . elerted. lid Ilist riot,? V'Uuwncey K t'U?v "'J-tnL K S l-tiv. ?!? 4th lliatrirt. ? Thoina ? It Butler. ?liia pr.ibab>p IngetwuM, I ni?a ah-iunrrat. ba? ao^urity of aWxit GM in the llstriet t*te?eland. free -,4 tlemocrat. !*?? a au> jority if about "VW The Iwo wirf ;r elected wer- i>p|>o-?<4. by tlx alsilit ioni.-t? B' well as 'I'd democrat . Itultjr Voted with the whif party, pmptw. in the la^t Oongre**; Clmi iu in is a 'Uorouith idling 1 )ii?u man. a rvj will -?*# poi t the coin) ni|ii: e no iw-ures t, Is said. In g> t?lf lith I* S The demnrrata rlnim rtn" election ti tN>tigr<sn of Orl^rn S Pe\ mowr. in-trad of 'dntler i whig In the fmtr tie it and Llt.btWiU dUtlict Bairfleld coui -J accjriliag t< ii mia ratVi report-, give* S< y mo?r :??; uajority. ,rv4 l. ti btiild roauty ahoat ladiaaeeil hi yin- jr'? elertiaw ia I'wublful as hi* nil 17 l>ehinil las ticket iu .'?uimii IkMiinh \t di-alTi Uoa of J. 1' Sunlit and rri.-nd~. Scyia >ar ii m ilia 1 1 d iivi* Suit* Ii in tin- tiowgressio *ai c invent i,>a Ingerao^'a (ib m.) maji atty In New tlaveu c uiiity ia u ar 'Jiai ji MiildU u v abaat Vl). so ll.^t hi- majority iM the di-t*l st will tmt varj juu li front C *) n V Tll.CORA Ml Itaim.i neat. April * Ml W. Htlf n<4 lb* ( ui return* fram l.ilrlirt.l.l maty yet. !???* be|ti**r tka) S< >niour. OmbcNiA, ka eJev(*4 t? l*? n 4 <? - fti in til in ifrtrlet. by fit majority Km IU.?V April ill IV. 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Al!?n (fr> ?? f'H r. elected lijr |M majority ?i ? 1 1 1 11 mrran r ?!ih ,lrli h ir-i iu- rtniMrniM; . but tin 'i> l* probably M rNc Jerarj t It)' t barter KIm IIdii, TV fi'lliiwlni! . fllr. '*?i n e levied at lite e.lMTUt eta*, t k>n in J aangr < "y m tin- 11b I11H ? ? t'ou 11 10a J?i>r I'latt M*roa- K. I? rt UOrhrUt. Kn ?*?'?>? M t'wllpf tmtiMi 1. Wm4 ITarW | 1?t? P iiardruf M ? R W Km? i>>?l ?Jativ S l'arpii].<irt t \ an * ?r*t, Jr | J It HVrffcY V |? llrnkaw J W llmtror limr*' MnljaaffHlM. 2*1 ? U I' Manner- 4th ? HMWd WwtawM A W iUon Uwl- B C?i?>V J Slater .1 1i Miller t* II. Iltrrlpm William t urf ?Independent Whljr- TVmnerat* In llali* Marliif Affair*) Foa Qriuimii -Tkt ?t<am?hip Cntfcat CKy, Tanner, will lento thi? afternoon. at thrt* o'rl'wfc, f? CharTt** illrrrt Fn* Hi?m m ?m> ft Tii?mi<? fli?H " at'-amaln# MrtllA. Cb^laln ?im|??'>n loparieil T*^"'lfy !? >*? Tbuwfn, ?ia n<rm?i ,Ui I >jt pi?wof"r?' (an iitU* rr