15 Nisan 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

15 Nisan 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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Mmm DOWBRT THEATRE -BOXES. 26 CENTS; PIT. 13* M* newt#.?D?vi# upon ut 7, curtain ri*c? nt7X o'clock.? April Htb, will !>? performed th? grand romantic uaettcl. of THE LAST DAYS Of POMPEII? "r__E. Eddy; I.ydon, lir. Tilton; Sp?rn*. Mr. Mnf ?EWP. Br. wiiianii; Nydia. Mi?s W. iajM; lone. Era. "? kog* at Vraaviua. Mr*. Jordan. A f tee the spec tacle. Ml** MIEtrt a ill sing " Th. New Var a Come. " To Saclm!* with THE FELON'S LAST BREAM, or Jack I >eppard iu France?Jack Shvpiiard, Mise S. Denin; Jona than Wild, Br. Martin; Jailor. Mr. Clarkeoa; Mra. Shcppard, Bra. Jordan. THEATRE-CHAMBERS STREET, REAR 1.?Hoe.?. Drear Circle, and Paruuctto, SO ' da. SI oeafea ; Private Boxea. %:< and $Z : i??- ?T.?A .? ?air. April IS. Will be played LOW IN A MAZE?Lord Binevc-r, Mr. J. W. Lee Mr; Mr. A?I|M Mattictnp. Mr. Burtons Col. Buoktkorae, Mr. Jordan; BBaa Mr. Johnston; Mra. I.uey Buckthorns. Mr*. Euaaatt; NitS Larkapar, Miaa J. Hill. After which, a topular daet by Mr. and Mra. Iloluau, and a Fancy Danoe y Mix Waller*. To conclude aitli the faroo of SCHOOL FOB T1UEMS?Captain Kiofijer, Br. Jordan; Pane la, Mr. Johnson; Amxaadsr Panel*. Mr*, ftueeell. Ssr3: fkj ATIONAL THEATRE. CHATHAM STREET.?BOXES, AN 36 eeate. Pit, 12K cent*. Private Boaea, $6.?Door* open at aeven o'clock, to commence at hulf-paat aevta o'elock. Benefit of Mre. Frank Drew.?Tuesday evening. April 1.1th, tke entertainment* will commence with the IRISH AM BASSADOR?Sir Patrick O Plcniiio, Mr. Drew; laabella, Mre. Drew. After which. Song and Uauce, " Independence Day." Mra. F. Drew. To be followed hv the burlesque of HAM-LET, The Pat Hoy?Main-let, Mr. Salisbury; Horatio. Mr. Draw; Opkalia. Mra. Drew. To conclude with the gor geous apootaale of the MAGIC W ELL? Amahaok, Mr. H. Seymour; Hauimed. Mia* E. Mestayer. MECHANICS' HALL, No. ?72 BROAD IF AT, ABOVE Grand atreet.?Open avery night during tha waek until farther notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an oBdaut and vereatile "eorpe" ad "talented" and "experienced performer*," under the Management of I. P. Christy, whoee oonoerte in thie eity, far ai eueeeesion of "five yeare," have been received with favor bp highly ree pec table and faehionabia audience*. Ticket*, 16 ?ante. Deo re open at half paet eix; commence at eight ?'clock. An Afternoon Concert will bo givon on Saturday next, A pall IS, for the accommodation of Ladioe and Juve niles, owmmuMmc at 3 o'clock, P. M. Oa Saturday evening next, Apgil K, annual benefit of M. Zorcr. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL Hall, did Broadway, between Howard and Grand ?Meet*. Open ovary night during the week. Tbo celebrated original and Moll known Foilowr Minstrel*, " eompriuag an " kind versatile eerie of talented ana experienced per tder the direction of J. B. Fellow#, whoso oon _ w olty for the last year, have been reoeived with bhagpvaAmdfaver by the elite and fashion of thie great me tropolis. IMr concerto consist of Burlesque Italian Opern Scenes, Witty Sayings, Solos, Duetts, Chorueeee, Dancing, and instrumental Performances. On Wednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grnnd Concert for the aooomjnodation of Janice and families, commencing nt 3 o'clock P. M. Admis sion 28 cents. Doors open at 7. to eommeaoe at 8. Horn and whites Ethiopian oi-euatroupe, open every night, at No. 450 Broadway, a few doore from Grand street, known as the Colliaeum, where a splendid variety of Ethiopian entertainments are nightly prssen ted by vae of the most talents 1 companies, consisting of twelve ex perienced performers, nnG, r the direction of E. Horn and C. Whit*. Doors open at a quarter before 7. Concert to com munes at a quarter before d. Tickets 35 cents. Grand after noon performance every Wednesday and Saturday, com Sensing at 3 o'.lick. fc IIOUN AC. WHITE. Proprietors. Franklin museum, 17? ca^tjiam sqvARE.-CEO. *? ? PpPrl'tW- ? Admission ? Scale in Prlvatd ?toxaa. 6U ei nta. ?t*ge Seats, 37H cents; Boxes, 25 cents; Par quet, 12W rente.?Elegant Saloon performance* every After noon and Evening. Entortainments commence In tnc after noon at 3 o'clock, and lu tlie evoning at half past 7- The entertainment* arc varied and select, and such as can be seen at na other place of amusement in New York, consisting of Lea's Female Ethiopian up ra Troupe, nnmberiug fifteen Crformers, bring the largest and at tne same time tne most lented hand in tha United States; a troupe of Model Ar tist* who are selected for their fcexuty and figure, and who personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from th* picture* of ancient and modrru times; a company of Arab Girl*, who go through a variety of feat* of strength and dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in ths world; a company of Mule and Female Artists, wno will give an exhibition of Marble Statuary naequalled in the world, together with a variety ol inturo, tiag performance* every afternoon and evening. For particular* see bills of each day PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.- WILL SOON CLOSE, AT I Washington llall, No. 688 Broadway, th* panorama ?f Bunyan'c Pilgrim's Progress.?The public are respeot fully informed that the exhibition of this painting, which has received the universal encomiums of tne publT* press, and which has been visited by almost all th* school* and church** of our city, will close during the coming month. Open every evening at 7; IseSMMMli a quarter before 8 ?"clock. Admission, 29 cents. Descriptive catalogues, 12X cents. Exhibition every Wednesday and Saturday after scobs, at 3 o'elock, whtn children will be admitted half price. POflTIVELY THE LAST WEEK. AT TIIE MINERVA Rooms, 406 Broadway.?NAGUE'S Grand Panorama ol Ireland, painted by the hr*t Irinh artist*, from sketches taken within the laat three years?in fidelity, interest, and heanty unrivalled?with Irish songs, Irish music, and an Irishman's illustrations Every evening at 7ka o'clock. Wed nesday and Satnrday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. See handbills. Admittance, 26 cents; children under 12. half price. CASTLE GARDEN.-THIS BEAUTIFUL AND POPU lar place is now open for tiie reception of visiters during thsday. The view from the galleries of the splendid scenery ?f our noble bay and harbor, has not an equal in th* world. Admission 12cents. AHU8KMEST8 IM PHILADELPHIA. BARNIM'S MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA.-P. T. BAR num. Proprietor. II. Saulord. Assistant Manager. This Week ths admirable company will appear in n series of splen did pieces. Mondnv and Tnesdsy, in the new comedy called th* "Husband of my Heart." and tin: beautiful drama of "Lake th* Laborer. Thursday evening. Mr. Cheater's Fare well Benefit, with th* new comedy of "Love in n Must," and th* "Virginia Mammy." The afternoon performances are light, lively, and Intercrtlng. New novelties always pre paring. Admittance, 28 cent* ; children under 10 ytnrs, 12Jd cento. A BCII STREET THEATRE.?PROPOSALS FOR KENT A ing the above Theatre, for one year, from September 1, Ml. will be received on or before 1st Mey next. Address, 8 BRANSON, 6W Market street. PniLxr>gi em a. April 8. 1851. KVROPBAX ADVERT1SEME1TH. HBBUNT fc KOSkF.I.I , (M I . kv-.UIN TO - roltK fe Mortimer) Goldeaiith*. f< i I * ? ramitbe. ilc,, to thefjneen. nl?* (,'hroaoiuctcr and W atvhmnkrre, of No. 1-Vt New llond ?tree I, London : manufactory, 2d llarrieon *tr,et. Uray'e innread ; ben to Intimate to their natron* that tbcjn are Obeat moving fr m tb'ir branch bu?inc?* in Prince* atreet. ?aaoheeter, to St. Ann'* "quare. in the name town, ana immediately oppeeitc to the principal entrance of the Kaahungc. There is a time roR all thin.is. and tiik Samuel, Brother*. "?< Ludgate hill, London, are happy to *ny. that while they dee te their aeeiduity to the prepara tion* for the cummer, they are not unmindful that they have paiord a preeminence. Toy mil maintain that pre-oml ?enca hy celling the lieet arti lee, having til* moet unpa ralleled variety, paring to their pat rone the moat ae?iduoui attention, combined with ttyle and ? eonomy They invite every etranier in l^mdon to Invoetigat* their unequalled eelleetion of clothing. euitahle, not only for the prueent teaeon, but to the approaching rummer. In the Iteapoke Department, their eyatuin of charging eeparately for the cloth from the making and trimming. ha* yarned unbounded eatiafartion. The ready made rto.-k for the pre wot eeaaon emhracee everything that capital and .kill ran rommand. Saiony dreeeeoate, 1** Tel. to .'?>* : eatra Hainny. Ale. to tie.; frock route 'i* eatra; Haiony l.lama clotb paletot*, eleeee*, Ac., lined nlth ailk. 24* , (thia coat < an he worn either a? a frock or oven oat ) Alparca route, 7*. to Ida.; raehmere. 14*. la 30*.: tl.e Oaoninn coat, any color, He. 'id. to .Tie.; trouaer*, he. fid to I tie.; untitle* ve*la. Sc.; Alpacca, fie. I'atterna, table of prime, plate of fa*l lone, guide t<> eelf measurement, by mean* of which any gentleman < an fnrnard km own or drr*. and Khcdulea fer the Inf ?rmathm of th?.o requiring naval, military or emigrant'* outbta. ?re fenl to all parte of tbe kingdom, free of p-.atage. BAHI EL, IIROTItER*. ft Udggtn Mil, one door from '.be Old llalley, laindon. SHIPPING. Umm NITEt) STATES MAIL h ff.AMSllIP RALTIC, CAPT. J ( ometoek.?Thinet'-amnv will depart with the maile fir Forope, peeitively on H'rdi.emav. \pril IS. at 12 o'clock, M ,from her berth, at the foot of Caaal atreet. All letter* nod paper* muat paa* through th* ISA Oltce. for freight ?r yaum. having.one,ion II, d aorommodatieae for elegano* ?*d comfort, apply In E DW It K. COLLINS. M Wail ? treat Eoettlvely an freight will be received on hoard after Monday eveniny. April 14 The ateamer PACIFIC will tuceaed the Baltic, ana tall May 10. OrRANSTKAM NAVIGATION COMPANY - TOR BRS n*a. eta Southampton The United Statee Mall flnamehlp WASHINGTON. Geo W. Floyd Commander, will nail fer Bremen, vin S. uthnmpton, on Saturday. April 10th, Warn pter No. A North rivor, nt 12 e'oloeh. An eaporionoon turfeon in attached to the ehlp. All letter* mnet pace through the Poet often. Specie delivered la Hnvr*. Fof RIRRA. Agent*. 10 Broadway. T IIR NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES Mall Stenmere.?The akipo eompneiag thin line ay* th ?win* - a"t?!5i? INTIC Cap A Week. PACIFIC Onpt. Ny*. ARCTIC Copt. Loen. SALT It' Capt. t'emedtek. ADRIATIC Capt. Uraftoa. Bum chip* having been built hy contract nnpreeely hi arvernmeat eerviee. every earn hn? 1-een taken in thair ?? ?Wnetien. ae nleo in their engine* to inanre etrength and ?pref. and their eoeowimodatioae for paeeenger* are nn ?uualled fer elegance ey comfort. Prine ef na*sag* from New Verb te Liverpool, gift, ev?lu*ivo nve ef eatra eiM etnt* gnem*. from Liverpool to New York. Lift. An eiperi eneed enrgeon will be attached to each ehlp. N* berth can ha (tented an til paid fer. Trent New York. Prom Liverpool. Wedoeedav April IS, MM. Wcdaeeday. April t, |M|, Saturday, May 10, Wednreday, April B, Saturday, May 14, " Wedaeaday, May 14, M So*urday, done f. " Wedaeaday, May It, " Saturday, Jane 31, " W. dneeday, June IU " iMMdny, Jalyh Wedneedny. Jon* 28, Satnrdny, July It, " Wcdaeeday. inly t " Saturday. Aagaet 1 " Wcdaeeday, daly A " ~a?nrd*f. Auyuat It. " We.|n?eday. Aagaet A " eturday, Angnvt 30, " Wedneedny, Aaguet 10, " tarda#, September IS, " Wndareday, September A ** (UrSay, September If, Wedneedny, Septem'r 17, " turd* p. Pel*bar II, " Wedneedny. October I, " tardny. October ft, ?? Wednecdhy. tic to her 18. ?? iturday. November S, " Wedaeeday. October ft, " daudaf, November 23, " Wwtu?*dng? November 12, " ? * ** * -*- ?44 (I eiiaKiilao Mna*m),ff X " BfSay, December4^ M edaetda^, November ft. F* _ VI eaaeiaay, November m, ay. December 20, M Satnrdny, December IS, " ^^Hblafdty, December ft. Wiarrztn&K* Wall *tr**t, It. T. shown. sHiri.Ev a ro i.i**fp*ii. B a ROBERTS* I f) . 13 Ring'* Arm Yard, Uadeu. L DRAPER, Ju.,8 Konlevard. Moatmartr*. Pari*. Blm *w*er* of theee chip* will not he aecoaatabl* for gold, ?Seer, bullion, epeete. jewelry, per. toon >G>ne*, or m< ltli, ?atage hillt of lading are eigaed thcr-for. and the value thorof ?Mdftb eabr?*a?d. After the Sret of April neat, the rate of fnight by tb* oboe* re frem Liverpool will be materially reduced. FOR NEW ORLEANS IMRF.i T-TO ARRIVR SR ? eeral day* In advnnr* of the United State* Mail. Rate* *t pareag* materially rrd*e*d The new and *pl-ndid eteaia abip t'NIfiN, t aptain Thoma* S. Mo ld, will leave Pier V*. 4 North River, oa Twe*d*y. the |Mh in ?tan* at three n'eloeh f. M. The great epeed of thic h- autifnl ?hlp. a* proved om her Ifvt voyage, la a auftcicnt ynarnn'ee to paaaenger* that they bill be landed eevaral 4ay* In Mvunce of the United Statee Mail. The Union ha* d? *i,|e lever Marine Eagiac*. which are admitted h petent judge* t? he gnpeflof In any heretofore hi.I , ,la eonntry: nnd her S4at* Roome, and other necomm .. f?r the c?lnf?rt of |m?**oger?, are unequalled ||rr bl- * will he fnrniahed with eeery Inanry the market aff- r-ia, and pa*aeng-ra may rely npon their want* helng attended t i hy . Irll and leHenccd ate ward* Tlmae honnd to N*w ilrlcan* of* war tienlnrly reqne*ted to> eanmine th'* *htp prevluna to tanking other engagement*, rat freie t r nnannge, apply to VPOFFOWD, Tll.r.STilN A ?'<) . esAonlh .treat Y^BA* ITT FOR SAI.R?TIIF. FAST ?AILING Sf/?cyp Yeeht Nteomne. twenty *le f-c| heel, eleven tone |.or*ben, ennper fnaiened throneh- at. She he* a large, I.nndaomely fnrnl-hef enbin. and I* an<urpa**ed a* n pD*. ear* hunt She I* in perfect ..rdcr, and can be *eeo on appli tStieg te THOlAS W. USBORN, R*llp?rt, l- ag liland. Broadway tukathe? k. a. mahsuai.l, sols LMMt.-D??ri ?p?u At 7 ; curtain riaec at half-pact 7 ?'?lack. Dr?cc Circle and Pnrquetu, SO cantc; family aud Third Circlcc. ???(>; llallcry, 121, ecntc, I'Hratc Boxes. V> aud Tuesday evening. April 1ft, will be precautvd the ?pectaclc of the VISION OF THE SUN?Kurao. Mice An Mrtuu; Taeuiar, Mr. Whiting; ilualuaC'apac, Mr. Frederiska: Tvrubroe, Signer Carlo; Gem of the Harp. Mice Olivia; (lent ?f the Ebon Wand, Mr. Rcynoldc; King of Sil.no*, Mr. Mal tbrwc; Ruuac, Mice A. Uouftaubeiin; Orclla, Mice J. Qougen bcioi; Caccana. Mrc. Ichcrwoed. 1'rcriouc to which, the fare* of MY PREUIOUB BCTKY. NIBI.O'S GARDEN ?CIRQUE lit PARIS. -AUDI tional Novelty.?Imct Work hut One of the Sanson.? The nereuiklage of real talent now performing at Niblo'c Garden, in unparalleled in the annate of the arena of thic or any other tity. The company will remain but a few day, longer. Equestrian Director, None. Lniaaet; Shakapearean Jester, Mr. W. Welicit; Modern Yoriek. Mr. 8. Lathrou.? Second appearance of the youthful and acrumpliehed M'lle Marie, in her beautiful I'arieian Act. On Tueaday evening, April 15th, the ratertainmentc will commence with a Grand Mui.o uvrr, by the whole troupe of ladiec and gentlemen. Madame Caroline I.cyo in a Grand Equestrian Act. L0. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEARUROOMI atreet.?Drecc Circle and PapquetU. 50 rente; Family Circle, 25 eenta ; Orchectra Stall Seata, $1; Private Bogee, ft5.-IV.orc open at 7; to tegiu at half-pact 7 o'clock. Tuec day evening, April 15tli, the performance will commence with the KING AND THE MIMIC-Frederick. Mr. Lynue; Stollach, Mr. Brougham. To be followed by the operatic ro mance entitled the SPIRIT OF AIR?Aetrria. Miss Mary Taylor; Crnniee, Mice Julia Gould; Boronc, Mr. Leach; Flut ter. Mr. Dunn; Aetoroth, Mr. I.yeter; Roland. Mr. Palmer; Weitler. Mr. Raymond. To conclnde with the comedietta of TEACHER TAUGHT? Mr. Ilcury Aubt ry, Mr. Brougham. BAftNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM?P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor and Manager?John Greenwood, Jr.. Acaia tant Manuger. Admittance To the Museum. 25 eenta.?Mon day uud Tuesday. April 14th and 15tb, ALL TiSAT GLIT TERS IS NOT GOLD, will be repented in the evening?Ste phen Plum. Mr. C. W. Clarke; Maria Gibbe. Miss Chapman. In the afternoon, at S o'clock, A SOLDIER FOR LOVE? The Soldier. Mr. C. W. Clarke?and farce of the WANDER ING MINSTREL?Jem Bags, Mr. IV. Jonea. Wednesday, Mr. C. W. Ciarke'a Benefit, the proceeda to he devoted to the Widow a' and Orphans' Fund of the Fire Department. The innumerable enrioaitiea of thia.Muaeum, the vast Chi neae collection, lie., nre to be teen at nil I.ours between 8 A. M.. and 10 P. M , erery day except Sundays. Circus?new york amphitheatre,st bowery. Prices of Admisaion :?Private Boxes, 50 eenta; Boxes. 25 rents ; Pit, 12^ rente. Tuecday evening, April 15th, will be preeented a mugniticent selection of elegant Gymnastic Feats and daring acta of Horaomanahip. Second appearance of Mr. T. McFarland, the Champion Vaulter of the world. Second appearance of Mr. Lavater Lcc, the English Equili brist, uinl his Infant Sons. Second appearanoe of M'me Vir ginia Sherwood, Mr. Cole, Mr. Sweet, Mr. C. Sherwood, and Mr. W. R. Derr. Mr. Lipinan, and the entire company, in all their extraordinav performances. To conclude with the af terpiece of BILLY BUTTON. COMPLIMENTARY BEN EFIT TO MESSRS. FAR WELL. ' The proprietors of the Bowery Amphitheatre, Messrs. James M. June A Co., in consideration of the faithful and satisfactory manner in which these gentlemen have executed the largo amount of varied and difficult work entrusted to their care, have tendered them a complimentary benefit, as a token of their regard for tlicm as gentlemen and men of business; and they having accepted said testimonial, the public are informed that it will take place at the Aniphi theutre on Wednesday evening, April loth, when the whole company will appear in nn entertainment of the highest or der, assisted by numerous volunteers of eminence, including the entire new troupe of Rivers, Derious & Co. For full par ? ienlars, see bills or the day. N. B.?The entire receipts of this night are devoted to the benefit of the Messrs. Farwellq RAND CONCERT.?WM. VINCENT WALLACE HAS I the honor to announce to the public that he will give n Grand Concert of Vocal and instrumental Music, at Tripler llall, on Tuesday evening, 22d iust., on which occasion he will perform on the violin a grand fantasia on airs from " La Sonnamhula," and brilliant variations on the Irish melody, "'Tis the Lust Rose of Summer," (composed expressly for this concert;) he will also perform (by desire of many ama teurs) in a Double Quartette, by Spolir. W. V. Wallace will rorform on the piano a new romanee, " Music Murmurings in he Trees," bis Grande Polka di Concert (by request.) and a New Grand Duo. for two pianos, with Mr. Richard II llman. Madnmt f< utlolle will appear, for the first time in N.York, and sing several of her favorite Arias and Ballads, and a Duo with Mr. Greatorex. Mr. A. Arthurson, and other eminent artists, will assist on this occasion. A magnificent orchestra will perform the Overturns to "Mnrmion" and " Mnritana," under the direction of Mr. George Lodor. Full programmes in future announcements. Tickets, $1 each?to be had at William llall U Son's, 2TJ Broadway, and at all the principal music stores, hotels, etc. Horn a white's great joint benefit v ill take place on Friday evening, April lsth, 1861.?A host I ol attraction will be presented on this oeenaion. Tickets for sale at all the music stores and principal hotels. ORN A WHITE'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA HOUSE. 4.10 Broadway.?The grand eomplimeutary benefit to Mr. Thomas (.'. Burns, will take place on Tuesday evening, April 22d, 1861. Tickets can be obtained from the Committee of Arrangements, or at the door on the evening of the concert. G H The second .series of sattlkrs cosmoramas, corner of Thirteenth street and Broadway, will clone the 3d of May. These works of art consist of a collection of twen ty-six views of Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, the Holy Land, Kjrypt, Nubia and Arabia, and are taken from nature, and painted in nil. by Professor Sattlcr. AdiniMsion, 25 ceuts. Open from K o'clock iu the morning till 10 in the evening. SHIPPING. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY" ?THE ONLY through line for California and Oregon, via Havana and Chores.?Fare reduced.?On Saturday, April 26th, at .'t, P. M. The splendid double-engine steamship OHIO, 3,(1X1 tons burthen, Juiue* Pindlay Schenck, U. 8. N., commander, will sail nreeisely at three o'clock. 1*. M , from her pier at the foot or IVarr**n street, N. R.. with the (.overnment Mails for Chains. | cmiiiectinj? with die favorite United States Mail ftv.iimhip Orf^oti. t -? 1. i v. ? I'dii.imn or ab.uit the 15th of May. For freight or liassacc apply at the oflloe, 51 and 55 South street, or at 177 H est street. US. MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY?FOR MEW OR ? lean# dirvet, viK Havana, on Saturday, April Sdth, nt 3o'clo.h P. W. Fare reduced?The eplendfd doonic engine deinmliip OHIO, H(IWOton* burthen. .fume* Findlny Sobenck, I*. S. N? commander. will anil prccimtly at 3 o'clock 1' M , from her pier nt foot of Warren ?tr?et. V. K., with tlio Gov ernment moil*. direct for Havana and Now Orlrnna. Cliagrea paaoaugor* tranofcrrnd at Havana to the aplendid doublc-en ain* .tram-hip FA I,CON. Freight taken to Neo-Orlean# at 3U rente per enbic font. Specie only taken on freight to Havana. No bille of lading nil) beaigned after the *team> r baa nailed. For freight or puaeage, apply at the office of the Company, No. 177 M eet ttreet, corner of Warren ftrret. M. O. ROBERTS. Rates or fare reduced.? only through line t >r California and Oregon, via t'hagr.-o direct, and by the United Statee mail eteauu-ra on the Pacific.?On Sa turday, April Idth. at 3 P. M?The new and epl.-ndid double engine eteaniebip El, DORADO. I.teei tone burthen. Wright, commander, will leave pier No. 7 North River, for Chajr.-a dirc-t. on Saturday, April IVth. at .1 o'clock prcrleely. iTie El Ib.rado hae proved hcrtelf to he the faetcet eea eteamer afloat, having made the trip from Chair*. to New York in b ee than eight running dnye. Paaeonver* ky thie veaool will r- aeh Panama in ample time to take the etoamere Panama or Cotiimbne. to leave that port on or about May let. For freight or pa-cage, apply at the office, ."?4 and At 9 iuth atrect, oral 177 H cat .tract, ? orncr of Warren atroct. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY -(ONLY throngh line for California and OregonThe public are informed that under the new arrangement of thia Com pany, eteainera ina|>. eted and approved by the Navy De Brtmeat, and carrying the United Statee mailt, will eon lue to leave Panama and Sao I'raneieco, the lat and 1Mb iaye of each month, nnleaa detained by unavoidable aoel fient, and will tcneh at Acapuleo, San Diego. and Monterey. The following atearn packet* belonging to the Pacific Mail ?teamahip Company art new in the Pacific, oue of which will he alwata in port at each end of the route ORIOON l.uas tone. REI'CRI.IC 1.3*1 tone. PANAMA I,in; tone. CAROLINA ?Mn> tone. CALIFORNIA.. . I.IUril tone. COLUMBUS W" town. TEN N F.SSEF. l.-YMtone. ISTHMUS -tone. NORTHERNER...!,100 toM. UNICORN RIO tone. COLUMBIA W<> tone. FREMONT (OU tone, ANTELOPE - tone The new etriimahip COLUMBIA will ply between San frnncteeo and porta in Oregon, nwiuting nt tlie former port t'.e arrival of the maila and pa '"engaraIroin VMMMto re turning with- ot delay wit' the maila and paaacugara for the eteamer from Fran- ? A regular p rt will be kept np for the trans portation ol it . -t a I tranaieat paaaengera between Pana ma and Sna I'raneieco. The well-known atramehip SARAH SANDS, of 1.NO tone bnrthen. now nnd< r charter to the compear, and peculiarly totnmodlone In her cabin arrangemeata, will be kept rnaning a* an eatra faaaily boat. One of tho obovo atenmero will keep np tho connection be tween Acapiil o end tho other Moaioan porta. The connection In thn Atlantic will he maintained ky thn United Statee Mail ateamehipa GEORGIA S,??t tona. CRESCENT CITY.l.lk" tone. OHIO.. S.'**i tone. CHEROKEE .... ,1,300 tonA EMPIRE CITY .Rim tona. Pll I LA DKLPIIIA I.IHStona. Leaving New York for Chegree on the lltk and Ifith of oaoh month. Thn new eteemeMpo EL DORADO nnd FALCON wiU term a direct line between New Orlenna nnd Chagrwe. leav ing nt anrh period# aa will aaanrw aa little detection a* poa aibla on the lathman, nnd forming with tho Pacific "team tbipo. a through line to and from New Orloaae. nnd porta in Meaieo, California aad Oregon. Fneange from Now Orlenno own bo Mcnrod from Armstrong. Lawraoon A Co., agonto, at that place. Tb? fare for throagh Urkate from Now York to Baa Praa oloco hao Wee reduced from soon, in otate room, to $330. AAV. in lower eahto. to t'OO. iamv lw ? tee rage, to Slid. The rate# from New York to Chapta will ka at tho loweet adapted hy any aafo aea atonmor between thoan porta. Pot abode* of bertha, apply at the office of the Company, to atari Ml South olreet and at their Mmf. 177 Wedt oi. J*OR SAN FRANCISCO FIRST VESSEI DISPATCM Rlv _. oail in n few dnyn and oect nd oabln. E. B Line?Now clipper ahtp ST THUM AS. at pier 5 North River, can tnhe n limited quantity of light freight only, aad aye. Arremm-'datioa for paaeeagara in firrt List or letters remaining in the si* fork Poet Oflee, April It, 1*1. ?wwwii i.o ami.taunt' i* run reran naftM rm i.tiaaar ciartii-aTieit. Plaaan meatioa tho date of the liat la whioh they are advertteed. LADIES LIST. Abbott Mre Abicl Armatroag MraMary Allen ?ra Margaret At to ru>an Mrallar tab Mary Armatr-n* MreC Hot Averv Mr- Mary A Angola y Prfet* Se AlbrrtottnEliiak' th AeklaadMi**rmma n.<rl?a Fran- iaea Aleiand.r Mr*, sth Agnew Miaa Ellea Aylmorn MraCatha avenne Veth _ riae Allen Mary Ana AlldrlthMra, (Kb aw Bleck Mro t R Br?wn MraP Amen Mention Mr*. Morria Brady Mt<e A M _da atroct llahan Maria Brown Miaalanbelln Bennett Mine Ellen Baldwin Miaa Ellen Boyd Mr* France, t Be.tiek Mr* Elian Harr Mary Hnc k lay M lea Mary R Billing* Mr* A I, Bnrtlett Mra EliM- Huiat Mr* Jae M Bingham Mr. Elian he th Burden Ml** Jan* BigieyMreC porter Mian Mary Butler Anne Bodl'r.Mise Metty Ann Hume Mre Ann Ana tlnright Martha P Hyrn* Mia* Alien B.-gnrt Mr* Raehael llrekett Mr. Sarah Bvrae Catharine Bf wnMreF, Frank llleecker Mr* Mary Badge Mia* A lm atrcet llrirne Anna lllngg Mrallonjamln Brown MlodOhtba A Bonnet! Mra. Caaal linker Mr<Mary AnnBowyor Mr* Jen C *treet llankt. Ellen Hoylngtnn Mi** E, llcitan Mr. Jnltn Barrett Mre Ellen iVeet Broadway Bil knell Vn David Horry Ellen Bnrk Sarah IlilMng.ton Mr* Sa Horlght MI.?M.rtha Burrow* Mr* rah Ann Heam hampMi**Se- Bntt. rwnrth Mte# Bi*.t II Ml*. Ann pMa Mary Hr-'dlv Cntharin# Bro-n Mr* Mary Bnr*. Ellen lit.land Ml" Mary.a Be. too Mr*, El tad. III rat Ml** < athn, rot both at Mulberry at Biyna Dorathy f'affrey Morgan t * Conlon Catharine Cl?are Mra Cotbn Chaiuberlain Mi.a, Cloonan AN*. Mar- rine (iroere etrmt fiord Chichoater Ming Clark Mr. A Itetd- rarmlllrildlMtP Henrietta t oaerttvi- Mr*, Cnaehman Mre Clark Mi?a Caroline T* enty-fonrth ai t ody Ann t larv Mi." Mary Coulter Mr. Col. Mr. Harriet ? larii.MraNaneynt ug Miaa llri lget Cratey Mary Cavanarh Ell n turti" Mr?, Cedar *t Cnaiming- Mia.Mary I CHv " n Mra Sn.nn Cnrri?Mi"?*rg*rcl ?v,nrad Mr's R I "race* Mary Ceohfi Margaret C'?nklln ?r?, I ho.I r.'tigl.MlaaMWt'hamher. Mi.eMary liiviaiun .tr"Ot ? fil'r Ann ? nntolon Ellen Cannery Ellen Coek ?i*a Oeofgl- Hanoy Mrs. Rlv- Ponton Mary mm togt< n .tre.1 < onnoll Mi.?Hon^en i I.Iletnn Mia# Ellen Clark Mim fnthn- C,.r*?? A an Mart* I Cr.lea Mr* Jnllfi A rtno-J Congrovo Mra Cnth Ctmb', AM U*rh Xf? M STMH Cnttlt *M??, Cwlla Kom Cnryaan Ana* Olt?r Caahin Mlee Aan Coyne Margaret. Connolly Margaret Cavauagh Mre Ma- Crumloak Auao ?r MoHey ry?2 Curtia Km Imi? Connor Mias Sarah i'regiu Mary Cluekey Catharine Cyphers liiaa Amelia ^ Dempavy Mrs Annu Doron Isabella Ro- Dolanty Mra Mary C Iieezyaishi Miu gore Desen.lorf MrsHeleu H.rt* Douglas Mlat Maria Doekrey IVmfre4 Davis Abigail C Howling km Mary Donovan Mias Mary DeAngrlis MissMaryDoyle Mies Mary Dnalna Mary DclangeMissGrnceMDunn Biddy Dunlen Mra Eliza Demereet Miaa Jane Durasd Madame Doran Mra S Dirkia Bridget Dolpin Doiigney Mary Dvnnely Ann or Drew MDa Mary Dougherty Mary John l.urkin Davis Angelina D Donning Rose A Doulun Mrs Uridftt Davis Margaret Daffy Mies Mary Dummcgan Eliza- Den ker Miss Ilea- Aune be tii net La Duuu Mrs Bridget Dnyer Miaa Juliaasa K Earley Mary lara Mra Martha Elliot Martha Egbert Mr* Eliza Eastwood Mra Do- English Mary En i ? Mrs Betty ho rah Evans Mrs Sarah E Enuia MrsCatharine Eyro Mra Iwaa-l! V Fagaln Mra Jas Forester Mary Frawley Mary Flagler Mra MJ Flore Mra,'.th at Frazec Mrs Susan Family Ellen Furlong Miss Johan Ferria Miaa Jane Franklin Miaa Su- na Filley Miaa, Riving sauna Flyua Miss Catha- ton at Frazor Jennette rius?2 F'lUgorald Mra Ann Flatvly Mra Jaa Flyan Miaa Fitsgerald Abb Fay Miaa Bridget Ford Miaa Bridget orFitapatrick Mnry Freeman Mra M Daniel and Catharine Fletcher Miaa R l agan Mary Forbea Miaa M J Fink Mra C Faherty Mrs GrondKorsburry Misa E Finn Miaa Catharine at Fournaiseau Mad'll* Fitzgerald Ellen Flanagan Bridget llonorine Fitz jamea Mile Farrell Mta, Eliza-Flyun Judit Foley Mary bethst^ Forayth Miaa E Cleeaon Mary Cilmore Mrs Catho Giregan Catharine Gage Miea Mary M Groeabeek Mra Uaynor Mra Mary Gallagher Mary, Margt L Criffen Mrs (Water) Pearl at Coldaborough Misa Gilbert Mra J W Garvev Mary Cornelia C Gilchrist Misa Mary GsrfieldeMiaa l,ucy Gully Julia Gllllgan Miaa Cathe Garner Mias (John)Uaflhey Mia* Mary Ginnily Alice Gaughran MiaaMarytiallagMr Mary Ooldie Mrs T Gray Mies CarolIneGal Inner Mlat AnnLGoodmtn II Griffith Mist Msry Calvin Ann Gott Mm Kiiaa Ann Genet Miaa Frnntoa Castes Miaa Mary Gilbride Miaa Cathe A Ann GilUersieeve Mra Garoh Catharine Gardiner Miaa Elita Eliauheth Guinau Miaa Ellen D Gallagher Mary Harkett Cathe II oguboom Diana Ilarkneas Mist Jane Hall Miaallenrletta llollihan Cathe-2 lloale Ellen llnlstcad Mra Da- lioure Mrs, Monroe Uenry Miaa Arietta vid C at HunneserMlsaCathn Hainilten Mias Jane Humor EmilyDaviallvrbert Mias EUon JUannon Miss Ma- llowell Miss Lou - Anguita ry-2 hx-H Uicks Mias Rhoda Harris Mra Eveline llugliea Mias Ann M liiggins Ellen S P Humphries Mrs 8 iiogan Johnnnn Harten Margt Iluntly haruh Jane llollihan Hridgt Havens Mra Aonan- Uiitctnnaun Mra llollihan Mrs Mary da Margaret Uoran Mias Ellen Heughnty Mnry Ilagan Ellen ilorrigan Johanna Ilenaeesy Mrs Ann Ualatead Miss Jane Hoyt Mrs Sarah IIennessy Ellen Ann HitghcsMary llerlihy Ann nnmil Biddy Hunter Elian llertlrr M'dlle Hampton Harriet Hnaton Mrs Daniel Cathe liaiiaouin Miaa So- Hyland Kate Hickley Miaa Eliz'li phronia Hughes Anne Hill Mrs Sarah 11 Harrison Miaa Margt J Igo Misa Catharine Johnson Mra Mary Jones Mrs Ann' JsmesMrs Kiehurd Jane Johnson Mrs,Broad Jaokstn Mra Tho- Judge Mary way mas James Mrs, eor 12th Johnson Isabella Jenks Miss Sarah R st Ik 1st av Johnson Mias Ko Juire Elleu Jackson Matilda Solie Jones Misa Mnry N Jay Miss Ann Judson Mrs John Johnson Mias Al- Jvrcmea Mias C'aro- Junk Mias Ellenor mira line _ Kain Bridget Kerry Mra, Broad- Kellaher Mary KapaerMrs Sarah G way Kenuing Bridget Kearney Mra Pa- King Mra J C Ketehani Miaa Mary trick Karuey MiaaCatlia- F, Kelly Miaa Celia rum Killerlane Bridget K. illy Catharine Kcary Mary' King Miaa Jo Keiiuedy Bridget Keen Miaa f.niiisa M sephine Kilgun Mary Kelly Miss Mary A Kiuuier Jane la I.aird Mist Catha- Leatbhsad Mist I.apham Mra Allen rise Marg'ret Lawler Mary P Lake Misa Margaret LockLcy Miss Emma Lee Mrs Martha II Lord Misa Maria Lunnon Aliee Lamb Miss Sarah Loveless Mrs Ruth Leonard MiasCatha Lambert Mra Eliza- Lovall Mrs Krone rlue Leth LyleMissFlorenoell Long Mary Lansiug MrsEzekiel Lynch Mrs Char- Lord Mrs John T lotto Lougheed Mary I I.yon Sarah J Laing Mist Jane Lombard Margaret Lee Mm Goorgiana LamnMiesElizabeth Lynch Anne Leahy Misa Catha Lemm Mary Lynch Elizabeth Maria Lane Mist Hannah M Madden Misa Mary Molloy Rose Ann Martin Mias Eliza Maguire Mra, Mouafian Mrs, beth Oierry rt Houston at May Samanthk Mahcr Miss Eliza- Montgomerie Mrs Mead Mrs E T beth Evelyn Median Mist Letitia Mali fin Mist Eliza- Moore Miss Amelia Megsrty Alley beth Moore Emma J?2 Melodav Mrs, Malonr Mrs J Moony Biddy Elizabeth at Manly Mrs M E Morun Martha Merigan Mra Ann* Maniiton Mrs A, Morgan Mrs Ellen Mills Eliza Sullivan at Morris Mra Mary L Miller Elizabeth Marshall MiaaCath- Moylan Anne Minihnno Mary nrinu Muldonny Bridget Molony Maty May Mias Anna Murphy Johanna Moore Mrs, llth si Mayors Mrs Jaue A Msginu Harsh Moore ElisalictU Mesd Mias Eliza- MagmreMiss Matil laMoore Margaret beth A Maher Margaret Moony Mary Median Mra Anne Mahony Vt idow, Morgan Mra T 3 Mellon Catherine Cherry at Morouey Mias Jane Meech Mrs Pbebe Mallan Alive Mott Madaui Mvrcein Mist lino- Manning Mra Mary Mnleany Anne gran Msrshal Mias K, Muudcli Misslmtitia Mvrritt Sarah L Dusneat Murry Miss Ellen Miller Mrs 11 II Marshall Mra C M Murphy Sarah Millane Miss Ellen Martin Mra Ann D Murlaugb Miaa M ir Moffett Mra C Mnsteraou Margaret garet Martin Misa Catha- Mtirohead Margaret Monday Mary rine H Monroe Mrs Ann Me Mel.oa. B.ll-i. M.cwrd mlw I... McAniahMiaaJanetCMcKee Mrs Sarah MeCoyMrsC, Mott at Mr Arthur Mra. Fif- MeKenna Marat MoCnllongh Aan teentli street McKuhliiMissClarn MeDnft MlsaJenaett MrCahe Catharine MeMahon Bridget MeDnffoe Aon MeCanna Ann McNainara Viae M. Elhoui Mist Ca MrCarthv Mary Kate?2 . theriae MeCleod Margaret MrRale Msry McGralh Mary MrCormick Mary McVagh Catharine Median Mary Mrt'loaghlin Ann MeAknawCatharineMrOowrn Mary MrCuddin .MIssMargMrAlvana Allia M.Keiwa Jane MeDatton Mias, McBride Mrs Mary Mekenaa Anae Orange atreet MeCana Mrst'ath'r Mr Lane Jane McEwen Mrs Julia MeConniek Ellen MeShaae Bridget MrGarveyMraEllea McVety Mary McVeigh Ellen McDowell r.llen MeCanna Margaret MeMauua Mrs,Mott M Enery MioaCbar- McClare Mrs Mar street toite garet ^ MoNamnro Letitin Navln Bridget Nelan Catherine Nugent Hennora Neagle Mrs Bridget Mehola Mary Jane Nugent Cornelia Nicholson Mary N'laoa Mre. 9th at. Ann NorriaMraMaryAnn ^ Ost man Mrs Caro-O Donohno Mary O'Connor Catharine line E O'Grady Mary Ann O'Connell Mra J D O'Brien Mra Jnlia. O H are MrsBridget O'DriscallMieaEliza Frankfort afreet O'Hrieu Miaa Ann. O'Fllun Miaa Ann O'Brien Margaret O Brian Misa Julia CFIIary Mrs L M O'Connor Msrv Leonard atreet O'Malley Mre Mary o DonneUMraMary _ P Park Mrs, Williamst retemon Mrs Jane Phenraon Miss Iaa Pattnn Mra Ahhall Prior Misa Bridget belle Payne Mra T, Phillips Clarissa Peters Mra Anne Charles street Pars..na Mias Fanny Prrseott Mary I'earsonMra.Bowery Pentlan.lMiaaHarahl'ortet Mrs L G P. rkin- MraJoaeph Pritchard Mrs Potter Mra Jane I'ilffrim Mrf HaotlhHtiN Mr? K l'atteri*on Mr* J*i, Phil pot t Mra T, l'vutlaud MraChar Suffolk atreet Green street lotte Fell ""l1 4 Qulnn Mra Johanna Qulnn Miaa Suaan Randall Mra N Rotfhford Mary Ripley Mias Jane Barely Miaa Mar- Ruahlun Mr* liar- Rteiira Mra Ida garet riet E Rogers Mary Reed Ml?a F.llza Ryan Ellen Rodgera Mias Rusan Keynolda Ellen Kantian Mrs, OlIverRollms Margt Htiiley I atharin# at Rosa Miaa Henrietta Rise Mra Eliza Reaney Bridget B Hiehirdeon Misa Kawvan Misa EmmaRudalph Mrs JaaeM Sarah Ann Reilly Mra. Amity Ryan I atharin Ripley Mra <;#0 B l.ai.e Ryan Mary, of Kil Rix?n Mra Oliva Reilly Rose heg Hr gera Margt Kiehardaon Mri, Ryan Mary. UamU Rollin-Mrs Mary A Broadway ton at Roney Margt ^ RaintFspril Mad'lle Smith Mias Sarah S Sleight Mre Geo N Sao daMisa Eliza beth Shl4inor?M?asKeth?r Sweeney Margaret Straghau Miaa Mar Sett Mlaa.Twenty Smith Mra Cliria gnmt eighth atreet tiana Saughez* Mias Eli- Scott Miea Mary A Smith MraCharlotte labelh Sullivan Margaret, I A Shaw MU( Sarah M ashlngton at Smith Misa Sarah Jane Spragg So?an Shiela MissMnryAnn Sneden Mary Starr Ann Sineaar RiasSnrahJ Sweeney Misa Mary SarWee Mrt.Chnreh Seott Mian Jane Smith Mrs A M etreet . Sullivan Ellen?I _ -Sullivan Margaret, Smith Mrs Clotilda Shaw Mra P,Court OlttFf Smith Mrs fumit Uiifit ilwt SulUvnn Jnna ??* _ Shelly Bridget T Ti'hatery ElizabethTmay Mre, CTInUn ThompeonMisnMnry Taylor Sarah atreet A Tier nan Maria Tnraer Mre Cor- Topping Mna. n .na Thon?' ??a John nelioun . ton atreet Thomp?..n Mite Tarboa MreLydiaA Towoaend MrawmJ Fran.eiT Trtue Mi?e Mary ToraeiMis.Sarak-2 Thump*.a Mr* Vir- Theresa TurahnliMiaeGraeia gtaaW Tipping Mary U Tuomly Mra MaryE Thomaa Mre E ?alentinc Mira Fie-Van BznthusenMre, Twenty Mventh M Hi w Vt adleighMre Maria White Mre Clero J Weed Mre Meliaaa M Werner Mia* Ann Whitney MrzMnryll Wrtenhnll Mine S F Maria ' Whipple Mary Wright Mra Snaan Wat son Miae Her Williams Mine AnaeWtalera Mary E riet Williams s?rah W hi teen Mre Watson Sarah J Warlley Mra, 17thit W illy W m Walsl. Misa Mary W aahiagtssa Ellen Williams Eliiaheth M abater Helen M Watson Mra Jane WIt bridge Mr* Lou Waller Mre Ellin Wnlab Ann Mnrin isn Weatheretone Mlee, Wnleh Mi*# Cat he Wormll Mia# Bit st rates Mre Roe* Toung Mlee Ellen T rh Mtea Ra-hael Tvnng Mr* Elian Toung Miaa Nnney GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Adem* t lent Jo* Anapeeh Lt Prt?f , AdlerPr. ffeae. rG J Ad*ma Joaiah AbheWArtiel Abrahams Joaiah Ahb?ttWiu .Hi'? Abbott Dr limine Adam* SB AdntyW|lt?r All.n Mr Water ? AdolphoeWmG Ahrnhnm Solomon Allan W m Alien Wm C A Inn B F Alton W m B Aithln Henry Allen t aj t F A Alexander Tbomn* Allen J Abjnf" Wm Allen Wm E Ahern Pntt A drieh E M k Co A1 JAitliti 4"hn fnT Angle John Allen J L Andrew* U P tnderaon Geo Anthony Phillip Anderaon Hereon Aahhrook M Anderson Jnmee A Aorw.n < apt Aarnm Armstrong Rohl G Armstrong W m?3 Atkinson Henry titer W ai Austin Wm A\erige Benjamin AreherJ.ihn Alweod AUaX rJehnU Anhry ( ? ^ A?hton A Bend Ay ft* Jf?*rph Atwitff fliMf Ayr* MIHy An?ar a B Ar*nio rMllipe?2 Ayf?? ^Nn . Austin R Austin Geo T AugurMf Broadway Archer Henry Alkina * Drmuald AurWior Hugh 2twill Wm Arm*tr*nff J*hn M Bradford L't Jil Bradley Bernard 2ry*i',iA ? Hadeau Adam Bradlry Barney B'*?J ^ " Blaek John Bradr Joaeph grmelforsl Johm Bradley,t urUehCo Bradford Geo C . ? Bah, Warren L Badger Henry Bradford Geo H Bradley Jerrr BlaehmanGooC Brngdon Wm W Brninnrd Dlodat# Bagley Gwen Brndler L Baicth r?** Kr?A o Briery T S*.f ? A Blair Franrto Ballard Martin Ball T J Blake John BaldwInST Bane Dr k S Blake Wm Baker John V Blaiehamp I. R Bleaehard Frxnels Ball Seha'Jlivn Barber Edward Bemell Lient Rebt Brandt B L Rart Joe Harnett Una- Bartlett^Wm Barnahy Tboa B Bartlett W S Barber Gobi T Bartleti Jaa A Barret Joba lnroTan Riehard Bartlett Reatua Bar?t?w Geo Rnrton Rev J G gtram OB M, Green- Bam-tt A Warn Berber Mil wiehsl Barry Wm Barrett (apt Batnrv J Baafard Joeab E Baruee Jae Barer Wm Itotee t apt J W Barbae J. nj'ilm Prs, Tham*g JtattiBtwjV >tlVv|M?h| *???*'? . Jonah *'JW Bravey 0 w Bear* ? n>Hl?l?w>?Wim? Um 3 kttb l>r IT lirrelcn IttWl Bsaha A B?ok?r John I> Uiliina Mr, Whit*- IbTWa J ksll it Hehaf* If bMtiuM Mitrui Bitllmi HtaihtC UiVJuh Basra J W Benson ('apt Bonah* A Belchar ('apt D P Bauson Gao W BaaiAL Hrtuan Richard Bennett Patt Brannan John Uannelt Thai Unntor LMtlJai Baaaatt Wa M Hrauau Jamea Herrymeu Tho* Baiuaa Samuel Blsakhora G C W llmiiiil Moa* BrowslsrLiautCnU'bBerUr ('apt Phillip Hritt Michael Barbara Dr Bergan Pater G Brteaman H J Belts Cbai K Harry Tkos Rreslan* fitrlak H?r|la? John ltrrrit Michael liickfaril K Harry Gen Joa Haiy Wall Bright Kubart BetteJB Itrawitar J li Billing* labt Griggs John Jtrilry Mr Bright E J Brier Muai ilnghsra II Q Btsliap I'tiissn* Utigg* Jobn H liirkford U*o-2 Bogart Kaihcl Bliss Capt Tho* Brick baud J an boardmaa CUaa IBrkavr J U lllna P K Hulaiu Wa Bobuekamp Lou * Blrtfiw right J P-2 , Brockrtt Hiram Bo larky Mr Buclt II 3

Rooley H Hi Hqekett Iliraa Boil Dominick Hrmker Wa BontaUto llogardus W II Hrooki George llootan Micba 1 Hruuion E II Booth Eli Brook* J P Bunnell Danial S Brook* Vol Lda'd llarr Geo H Book ilaary Booth J P Bark Wm Booker John | RroauJabnM Hrowa Andrew Bookhain Mr Broun Edward Brown Coroellua llrown J no 1* Brown John M Brown Jobn E Brown Mr.Greene at Brown J C Brown Wu? Brown Royal J Brown John A Brown Hoary Brown.) nine* Bourn* Jobn Broud Kobt Bourdon I)r BowdtnJohn Bo*worth llenry Hrstton Etra C llowuGaorg* Bewa Coral ? Boy do u John S liowen Win Boiwort J L 11.u. rffiel Carl s Brow Simeon Brawmug Win Boweruinn Win D Boftwick Wm E Prancia Browar Ranaon Boyle Wm Bowla* Jame* Uoyla Owen Boyle Hiib'd Boyd Michuel Brower S Burnett A Wor*** Boyce I**ae D Boyd John S tar Bruel Lieut Col Bull ('apt Win Bruce W ra Jacubu* Bull Capt Win Buell Willard Brwae Wm H Bulger Jam.* Buabnall Lay Bull A H Burke Michaal Bum* Kaoha] Burka Edmund Burton Ruin* 0 Burr Calvin Son U Brum Charle* Brush (lUbart T Burnham J P Burehnall J Burke T Burrlll Win II Burnet Jas B Burnbnn Ja* R Burton P.mile Ban* Honj Burn* Hoary Buraan Rollia llnrke Patrick Butler Wm Burr Henry Butler Miehael Bryant 0 A Burnett D C Byron Geo S Byrna Oliver Bryna Jams* Bynn Timothy BuallHoaWm Biyth Thomaa Bryan John Blunt Cajpt Itn'l Bouraiar Ernst Buflrachou Bet Bunley Was Bruee J nurd-1! C Cain MMmal Callaghun RoderickCohnne Tlio* Cndy Jamea Cady Piatt lallaghun Mathiaa Clark K'ranktiu H Caldwell Oeo A ('alder Thomas Cnlkur* Dr Jleott Cbadwick Kuuil Cafferald Augustine Chaffe Walrt.lt Cnuimeyer Uanry Chaffer Walcot Cnliile l'ntt Campbell (lao W Chambers Wm H Cannonge Lcwii Cnmpball P Carmnwano Ja* ChamnlainDr 0 W UCbauoiow Eugene Crane E Ak liroi Chamberlain J F Chandler 1* TnckerChandler Win Chaniplin Cferiatu- f'liinilell Kami Cbampney A Allen plier (1 Cnmffeld Edward Camp lame* II Cameron J A Carpenter A C Campbell Saml Campbell J nine* Carey Hugh Campbell Jwhn Cauheld Cha* P Canute h? I Geo S Cargill Ab'm Cureuehe Edward* Capler Adam Chajiin G U Carr Timothy Charlc*P| Carden Wm Cardwell Geo A Carter Arclid M Carter S P Carvill Nathan Carroll Edwurd Carter William Chappell Ja* II Carrtjol David Carpenter Wm Carly Timothy Carty Tlioma* Carpenter Wm Carroll John Carrol Cha* B Caraon Jaino* Carpenter W S Clark ilichael Caroll Cha* B Clark Jame* Clark Wm Cbaroll Thoma* Clark Wm II Clark Goo A Clark Timothy V Clark Jamea i'aau Collin* Clark Wm li Clayton Wm Cnaorld Kieardo ('lark Cap llenry Q ('anuria Manuel Cabiaee Wm ('aeey Denuis Caseadj Patrick Cartun Sainl Coney John ChaseNathift Caahiel Thomas Chase Capt Jno W Cnsurda Ricard Carver Benin Clayton Win Chare Ilamtngton Creabnam Matth Canilu C E Clement k I'ucard Cherry S A Creaden Rev Pater Cleavelnnd C D Cleary Robt Cleaveland Orea L Clifford Geo?2 Christensen An I Clifford llenry Cbinehito I'anaul ('line Henry P Coggin* Geo W Condy Tobias Clifton Wiley D?Coalman Dania Coe John Crocker John Coll Tho* Close Win Cofton Geo Colgr?v* Simeon II Coffrey Andrew Colgate C C Collier Albert U Collin* A G Cole* I>r I. B Cole* Dr L U Cohen Clias Cohen Jona* David Cohen Clio* Crlmau lloht Colby John I, Col* Hrastas R Collins Win Collins J II?( Coleman And J Colby S I'-2 Colby Ckns B Collin* Kiehard Collins Jcrcmah Conway Jn* J Coaly A. Co Colby C K Cannery Owen Couners Edw'd Conn, sal Herman Cond Mioliucl Conrny Mr Coin.took Albert Cow* Jesse B Cone John A Coiumyns Thus Condon Miehael ConiptonJaa Cowelf Royal Comenoy Maurice Connolly Mark Combs Otis 1* Cannaughton Mar- Cronmer Mich'l Connolly Pat'k tin Cunklin WoodACo Condon Thai Cooper Wm Connely Mark Coalan Jas Coot J C Cooney Michael Clooney Ja* Crookes Geo A Co Cook Ann Coon Jaa CoolaySimeon O Jr Crookes Geo Si Co Cooper Pranri* Coegan Mieell Crooker ('apt Juo Coojier Win P Corwy I'att Cross Michael Copar Thos Corti* John Cuny Henry Corker Pred'k C?rc Edward t'rongh Jas Corner B Limbert Caetello llenry i'oreorn Mleh'l Crosby J F Cross Mich'l 0 Cornelius J J Corcoran Bernard Coagroove Dan 1 Caxe Rolt K Crosby C'has Cloy ne John Covel Jo* Cotterall Denis Crowe Patrick Catterell Dennig Cayle I)?n'l Conklooey Tho* ('uwen M Crosby, Crawford Cottercll I) Costa Joaquin k Co Co* Win M Clougb J C?2 CoaJasP Curtigan John Clougb A'hiuau J-2 Clessam Jaa Cummins Jaa Cruise Jobn Cummings E Cunningham Jno P Curran Juhn Cunean ratt Cunningham F Cutbbut Ernneit Cuuimerford Wm Chureb I. B Curly Martin I'lyiner Mtridetb Curly Patt C'umiulngs B Saud Cbugcli H Cummings A La ford Crye? J W ford Cadwell Chas H Cormgan John Canning Jobn D Daly Dennia Daly Jame* Duran William Daley Jamea?2 Daley William Duffey John U Duly George Ilall Wllb R Daly Michl Danabar 1 Dart J H Daly Patt Dauiman Wilhelm Davi* R Darby Jobn Don oia W D;Suonnmk. k Day A BatuH Davi* N S k Dayton, Prantlaa Dnvia William Dalley R H A Borden Davis John II Dawaon John Davit Mr DeAmarasRiv irs Davis Capt J a* Davis Jared M De Gran P 11 Dean II Dnvia Putt Da* Patt Dean Jahn Deally Edmund DenionirarGodard Denne John De Imaatuut Moa 1 Desly John Dean Charles G Deebar Ediagtno B Detrnr llenry D*?gn Baruey I)? Eabeudy Faaak Dil.arin Inaoradi Derl.an Winifrd Dole van (' II Dun on t Charts Delevan Charlos Dennia Gideon G De Monde S De Maregulrltta B Dannian I' Dealing W m D Dennis P Denl*on Rev S D De I'ry Elins Dennis llsnry Darning L L Drew Jnmra DonnahyCornel n* Dewt Martin De Wine Mr Do Mailt Muni De Hnnsa Ignlacio D.'tmars Mr Devinellugh Devary Michael Drisshnrk llarr Dewltt Cornelia? Deforest Cha* U Diektoa Aleg Diago 1* Dillon Thnma* Dibbius John Dill* C Dickson George B Dison John Diver John Ditaock E W Dodge Saml H Dingeldatrdet Dia Capt Frad C Donagaa Thorns* Donovan Timothy Donnvan Murphy Doskendorff Capt Dodge (' N Dolaa CaptDcuisF Robert Donna 11 John R Doe Kara S Donoboe Thomas Dadd J II Doad Timothy Doyle Maaoie* Doneiy A Dowd Patrick D< rr James Donghty- 8 H Doughty J C Dougherty G W DouJ Irioma* Dolry Michael Dowds Jamea Do wa ar J R Howling Patrick ? Down John Dorgan John Iinwaay Miehael ? J DowdsU Ganr Doyle Peter Dowling MiehaalJ Downing Tho* Doaloy Wm A Doyle Jnarph Dunne John Doolay Miehl Dugan. Herd A Co Duley George Dnnn Bernard Dun Miehael Dunn Juhn Dnnn Mleholna Duffy John Duinasel In ma Dwnne John Dunne Bernard Duffy Andrew Duffy John Durnn Fraaa'o Dnyer William Durm Jamcl DwyorJehn Duraad A L K Edwards John Edmition Brother* Edward* Nelsoa F.unatia Mr. 3d it F.leton David Elkin Lewis Kdlngor A U Elliott Edward Ecan Patriak Klverao* A Co I, P.gremonte Dr W Ellwood John B Eldrldg* Levi A Co Eaton David Ellert Roht Knwlt Edwin Eve Richard English Jame* Eentlrr John G Erwin John Emmons A K F.nunerton H C Evsrton Wm F.iuery Win F.mmerson F, B EdmondJa* Evans Dr Evans W Edgerly David 2 Evan* Wm M Eagna Mr, Ridge it F Fagan Wm II Fnlton Andrew Funk Vitna Fall* Miehael Furlong Gaorge Flaherty John Era nets A Co Fade John PWharen Mauno# Etaneran Tho* Enbian Ilentham Fran*"te '-''Uis Frant Theodora E'londer Walter Frank* Lao d I Fanshaw Sam or Franklin Rav R.nl Flanagan Patt Ch?? Flanagan Francis Fay H?ary Fssllstig Rann Far*ham II B Fratier Joseph Eaamer A D Faweett E I. Farwell Daal M Eraser Samaal f reeman Kobt 2 Farrell Mathew Earrell Bernard Fr.derick S R Freeman latry EeeaoniblyEdmond Fells Peter Freemen SanfordW Frenah B I'raanh S P Peano Pelward Elfther G W l leteherGW Eletahar J tooloy Eergnson D H Eleming ilenry Pel.onda Domingo Peraen Jaeak Flinn Old Pinn Miabaal Einnlgna James E'iniela F Plan M D Pink jobn Plnney Capt Fi?h Henry Mr Fianety John Prink A Co Pitipatrieh Pnlk Eiskhlat B Pieehar Geo Pflggn J B Fitimeirs Wm Pilspatriok Dr I"i?rlJ I'jn Fitseimmona Jaa Fitisinaoss Be* T Polman Iff E cnrty Pttk-3 Pole* Patt Forks* A J Foley W Ealger B Z Forroat Jas S Font Joseph Ford Jahn Po* Jaa Eorkha A G Foulha John _ Pr**t N Forreet Wm Foster Roe R S Fullerton itie* Fowler A Co Fenrt J"h* Fnnstall A Hollay Foster BeaJ Fulton Jama* Fuller *? rnlterAmaad Fnrmese J W Flyn J W Pnteaga C J Pwrtong '<*t Grae* Cant A H Oaym Wm 0*ds Ch? Frj't Graham David (lallat Monsieur Gall Cart Duki* (.age Robert (Iraeo Jsism Orae* Miehael Gale Iteej M Gag* Lwh* Orahoiwi Jaa W Grant Wm Galygati James' Grant, Danial* A C" (irantham J W Gane*?ort Iwa'd (Inrretd . Grant Ales (lienoy I'atrich Garland I nlrieh Garland Nnth'l Gnrvy And'w J llravo* John M-J Garibaldi Fran'** GasardJ***ph Olaaa Oaw W (lev Gaarg* Ganaon Jamea Green Komi II Graves Geo M dieter I*>wi* Geelnn Pstt Green ('hue A Gatohell Jn* II Oeofg* IT Greening Ge* Urenay Thomas Gnulfngle John GanlW m Grenny Thomna Creen John' Glensan John Grs?enl*n( Cant R C Oelling Jsmoa Greenvsult DD Geroad Joseph Geonell Ds wett O George W F Oarahy llnah Origy Rav Jahn Gerlsh ('apt Jo# Oerwiain Mnna'r GriMth John W GriRKk I M GrtMih J H . Olkha Wm Gilsnour Ann GriMa Richard Olll Aadraw (lilehriat John Ghillnly Ben d 01" W ? (Mlgnn Jahn Oil hart A A Oillispie Wm MJ (tilMnn Wm Oilmen John Gilbert Thaa J Gilbert Edwd Oitle-rt B Gihon Chn# F Grimm An Aha, Oirnrd Charle# Gilhey John Franc* Olrnnd A J T Gillrt Henry 11 OriewOld John R Gilbert F B Gouthardt P Godfrey Somora Gill Thome* (lorgas S A" Ooodrlrh W L Groehnn Th?? (Joeld Frnnel# Uraooeok Saml Ootde* Thomas Gould llenj Groom Ft. Ooodnew Abel F Ooarl# John Qowgh retef G?drteh S E A C# Goreaeh R-hi B ?*W David Gould Wm M Gsrdon Joseph Goes II Oow M Gov* A W (lor# F M Goes Ja* II Glorer Samuel Graves Cap Jahn Oroahow Heavy W (iarnll Benj. Gunsales Joeeph Gngla* Georgia Qwinee Dennw (lewdelph* Glavani Gwnt Wm R Oarpc ?* Guy S S Onttman Aaron Charle# due* Mnmsiear (InllUunn* Aymar Oui?#r Jacob Grtflilh Thianas Oriflln. Deanieton Gruut **m,. . QIAH Snndfard R A C* GilWrt Albert Gees Julias Mai* Ja*ink Haljaeh iahn llsll*. k t U Hal pens John Hallo well Capt Haif Joelnh HntaJEdwIn IIsig J Edwin lollsran Rvehd llikJ^J 4 Hug Jo*ish Heigertv Miehl Haleey Risbd A llaiTnek Fbenater liaise Robt Hall W li Hall Jn* Blahap Hell Cnpt Dnvid Ha" H??y Hsll J. hn Hall Joe ion W Hnll R>>b? llell peter Hnll Oeo W Hanna Wrn Hansen Jehn Haarwtty B HandihaeBJ Hanee* W m A llnnlyrto# Hml Des lienor o W m A Randy Gnlvin R HemmoadDrChn#D llenna Jahn Hammond Jno W Harvey^I J Hanloa Johanay Bart L D Harris^ew llarr Iron A Son Harris U">M Herri# tVv# llerner Dnwl HnryalP Harper Ja* ?art Ilea ry Hartahern* Copt Harden Dnalel R It ^ Dserteon Bertram Hoe' Path Hewdev *Ba' A-WBJM* |t|U|I?Ht| ilMJU'JB JM H Hiekry ?'?? Higbee J J lltnirt Hy llirt D J Huti (I Harrington Cole Hart Jaa 8 llir??i C I wan Uuify K ll Dr? Hirmii Philip llart Jo* llart Joa llart Jaa N Hart* Win llama L Hart Robt M UuaUuaClittnnH liar Wm llaakell Harrieen llama; David 1* HaiarU Jaa llartlaad Rol>t D Morton U | lla*km* Wat Haaen Jasper llortoa Silas Hawkins Rush C Hopkins Danl 3 HnskinsEdwdS llajr Gilbert liar* iltir lialhoin ffa llavens KN Haekoll John VV HanleyChaa Havens KennelaaN llaakill H'u 1* llay*? Augusta Hengbton II W Hatch W m Hay ward P llaye H'u P llattn ItutlmV Ha) in I* llawea Isaac it llawkiaa Hom'r 1' Ilnteii MeDar ? Hayes J Ilaarall Geo llaakia M J N Haves Patk Hawley Aaa S llawlay AaaN Hrlaeeo Torgen HaUiaaay Cllb't Haeraule I'ru T Heath Tohin llech Godfrey Hviaish K Heggart Henry HeOeinaa I'atk Henrioh Cryatia llech Godfrey Heal Isaac 8 Iledgea J A I llcfferuen Jaa Hria L Mcnery Richard j Hcndrich Wm E Hcfrernan Rabt Hear; Uaraact Hi nry Newton C Henry John R llaary Edmond S Menneway R Hempstead * h%* S ll.-rah Franklin 8 Hsndricks Jaa Ueutach Geo Uoua Hirachheld T M Herald H'm ton Heater 8 W lleaa A llcrrick Martin Hibhard DrJnoIl Heutea Ed Menahaw Ilea Hn-ka Mr Higgles Silvester D liernrk Capt E Miller Ed Hickman Mariam lliekay Joliu Hieka Mr IlillHmH lli?ia? Ju Hick* Thee IIt)la It Co Hickeoo John 3 Hill Madison Highland Capt lltll Mr IHoinan R Iiopkiaa Hill Adam Higgins Dan liulbrook. Bucking Killer Ed HUT Wm ham it Co Bitcbiaoa John A llineaSaml liogiuire E B Holt Aaa Hitclioock L M Hodman 8 llolbrook Darid lllnkleyGeo UolTuuu S llolbrook Geo K Iloit Jacob HoIikd John Hogan John Holbrook Bucking Holland Daatl lloggans Jaa bam Horwood Alfr* 1 Hogan Thoa Hodgson Ralph llorton Goo Hogan Jaa Hoiden V Jr It Co llorton U K Horan Michael llohman Geo HoweTimo Hooft Dr 11 G llouran John lloyt Saul W llopkina Geo Hogan Jaa llougliton 1' K Howard I. P IlopkinaCaptFarlcyHovey John F Howard It March llouee G K Houae S H Howard N Jr Ilouea Kcr John Hog Martin Howea Capt Joa Q Hoyt Hand H Hurhea Geo Hubbard C W Howelt John 1* Hudson RC Hulkin John Uubbell Jackeon Hull John llulae Joa C Hughes John Jr Hull Hy Hud br U lluhkard John H' Mughea Robt Hugh) a Jaa Wilaon llufty Joa llintnn H'm Huuaiuger J B llutt Geo Hunt Patk liynes Cornelius Hunter It II Hussey Gao F Homey J H Holing Alonro lluaaon Uriachard Hutching! Alonio lluntado f'ranciaco Huaaey Goof ID liutchiua Geo U llyde Joa E Huttnan C llutt Goo Hynea Jaa I Ilea 8aml Ivea H'm D Iriah J F Irvine W J Jaroba Joaeph Jackaon Jno Jacobs Geo Jackson llr Jackin Danl Jaime Paul Jarroeeon Jules Janea H alter Jenkins H' F J> dry II H' Jenkins H'm (t Jeffords Chaa Jenkins W F Jcaup H'm CroghamJenking Saml Jerome It Co Johnson Adam Johnson Koht J Jeanruni Frana Johnson It Daritt Johnson R J Johnson Geo It Co Johnson Geo E Johnson Hy Johnson Haul Johnson Koht U Jonson Deforest Johnson Geo Johnson H P Joues Thoa Johnston Jaa Jonea R T Capt Jouea II V W Jones A D Jonea David 8 Jonea H'm II Jonas Roger Jonea Capt Rola id Jonea Silas F Jonea Jaa Joyslin H'm R Jonea Jaa Jonea W K JudaouJ D Jordon Jolini Jonas Frank Jordon Doremuia Juliui Jaa Jung Joseph JakohaouUP Jordon Jno J oat Rev C K KaranahJaa Karl Christopher Knapp it Lewis Knapp H'm II?2 Knapp N C Kan Jaa kaverty Haul KrauaeJnoJ Kcnnia Owen Knapp Thoa Kastner Jno Knrt Peter KeelerJnoH' Ke.ch Chaa Hy Kcctier Johnn Kecley David N Klein llcnrich Kellnge David II Kclley Euatica Keeny N H Kelly H'm 8 Kelea Joseph Kelley Patk Kahay Dennis Kneass Nelson Kelley ST it Co Kelley Danl Kelley Michael Kelaey Jno G Kecnan Thoa Keane Patk Kelso Geo H' Kcllen Rev K Kcenan Thoa Kelley Jno Kelley Miehl Keenan Own Kelly Mirhael Kaven Mr Kerr Dr Jno J Kendall S Austin ketclie-m C R Kennord Geo Keeu It KirkpntrickKeuncday G D Kevlin I'atk Kennedy Jaa Ketchcin Mieah Kennedy I'atk Kenneday Jno Kenneday Jno D Ketehel A W Kenna .las Kenneday Jno Kenkel Hy Kerengi Fredk Kcnnedav Edw Kant Mr Killbouru Win L Kendall Uartwe 1 Kerrigan Tiro'y Killroy Thoa J Kibl.y M Kniekerbock Lv rt Killpatrick Jaa Keltilier Corno ua King Geo King II O King Jno Kingalev D L Kiminct Chriat'r KiugaleyThaddeusA Kimball E A Kingman Kichd KingOwen Kiney Joel W King K IV Kvaley Geo KingJuo King Edw J Koaeielski Compte Knelt Danl Knoope Louis Kudaou Mr Knawles Raymond Knox S 8 Kbol Justice Knox Nelson C, 2 la Lane John Langehn 11 A Lane Joel A Langaton Capt LuceyJae Lane Geo l.ananv Hy A Lawrence J it Co Laxton Rev J B laws Danl Latbrnp Thoa Laurena Francis l.ayheld Capt L U Lawrence 11 J l.awrencea Danl Large L Lawrence Walter E l.angalow A A Laaarua P l.cary Miehl Lawrence John LawubinliermarJno l.anc Joel A Laighton Aineabnry Leggatt Clias II LcritThoaR L lioinmedieu Rim Leach John W Leboia Alfred ard L L'llommiedieu EdllLeary Jcrmh belong Joa lea W D LetfiiigwcllDuutluasLee L M Leung Altx Levy Geo Lcain W'ni R Leary Jrrmh LeonarJ A Kenne- Lewis Thoa P Levy Andw day Leaney Robt Lewis Wishingtenl'Leviaion Mona Leouard I'eter* Ltnann John Lewis ( apt An'lo- levy Morilecin Letpiaaaae Mona nyJ Iw-verett Ed Leonard Dennis Lenibeck Henry Lewis Ed U Leonard Arleinns Lewis Sumner W Levy D Ltonard A I.illie John Leonard Phillip I.indaey John l.lllee Saml l.adgett John J Liiitnraeh 8 Littlgjohn C II?2 Llnoatrum F W Livingston Jaa B Livingston Robt Little Jaa Lock Ed Co Lobdell Dr Little Isaac Lock hart E M Loss Albert Lock wood R G Long Adolph Lombard I. L Lord W II l<nwe John Loyek Arthur Lofue Chaa baavy G laaaav Marena Loud Warren Loftiajae Lord Chaa vt lain den Joe LuthamJna Lynch John Lowrle Israel C Lynch Ed Luther Alferd Lynn Joa M l.udington I. S Land Hi' ph D Ludlow Aid l.ndingiou L 8 I,yon Thoa J Lnnnv Patk l.ucaa W Lynch Thoa Lynch Thaay l.ueaa Jaa G Lyons Jaa Lunry Pat Lyon Wm H l.uram Matlicw Lyons Thus Lee 8 J Leath John L Lynch John Lee D W Levitt ? bODOH. Eastern Star Trmplail Ind. p-ndent York Mnriner* National German Pilgrim New York Council I'nitcd llrothera Kniekcrboeker No III Chaucey Order of Council Nu?> Columbian Chapter I' A Tactile Maera.Kliug Ik JuojMarintyrc Roht Mmuirc Ti Wi.rolTin Jn> Maguire Bernard Mnenin Paolo Maguire Philip Manraai M.iridione M? kionuu Captain Maaahrrta H ilhelwMaltble Seth J-J I. F Maaeheeler Jao Male.oil.e Captain Malier John W Maher Thoa Win A Manwell John Magan John Maher Jaa Maleomaon Jaa Murtagh Bernard Mann Al.ah MantflaM I'atk Mar rath John Malley Patrick Mnlone Michael Maria Joae Martin I'atk II Mahoa John Marquardt If jr Marka Jarara Mamhall <? N Martin Jarara P % Marka Mark Murehnll David Martin Frnacia Martin Herrmann Mitraliall H II Mariaon M m Martin I'alrirk Marali S?ml W Maraion Thua Marret John Martin Juhn T-2 Marx II Mattnh T Martin David MaaaunCapt Maaanary I'atk Maroui F-.lward Matteaon II V Mattiaon AleannderMaync M m MatthewaJA Mu?on John Mayo, Harria fc Cn May L Mrlaon Noah Mathaaraun Ueo-1 Mathrann Jarara Meagher Jaraee Mean. y Francis A Meier F.trkial Meelinn l.ot Meaklu Joseph Melon Thoa Mellon Kobt Mernam k Fedea MenghcrWm Metier Franria, Merrett Mr Meyer Ferdinand (hta'tinril) Merrill M'arren Meyra Kllaa Mertin l.oo A M< mil Warren M Melt Henry Merritt K Y Millard N Meny John Mertgan Jainot Milltgan Duvld Millar Kidney 0-3 Miller John Mitchell Captain Mil la II Milaa H W Brnj (libbs 2 Mitchell Mr Mitchell F.dnard S Miller John C Miller N Milla Thoa Mieola I'lerra Mihan John Miller Jainea J (Monaieur) Miller ChaaC Mi ley Andrew Miller Frederick Miller Frederick Milla Col tVin A Mili.ank R .ht Mitchell M m Millon i'atrick Milla Capt I'hintaaS Mo lielena Santiago Moran John H.nughan Thoa Montgomery M m Mohn laaac Montgomery Jno Montgomery K 8 I M Moiac Bi nl Mocla Bernard Moore J B- Z Monohaa I'atk Munroe A II Moora Juhn Moore Cutler Moore Cliarlea S 8 Morrill Joseph B Moore John Moore Col Morgan Ceo ? M .oney l.inua II Mnrae Capt M'arren Morrieon II C Morria John A ?8 Mohan Jamrg Moody Dntid M. ran llanihal A Maoney Matt Morriaon k Co Morgan Ceo II Morrieon I'eter Mortal Fraarei Moron*. Wm Muller II Aatoae Morgan Hand Morrill Capt J T Mullina Mirhaele Moaley J P Moran Daniel Mulligan Jaa Mulamph. Itiilllp Mullen I'atriek Murphy Miehl Mulliae I a trick Mulligan Ih-nii Matnford H M MunrooUeo MnrdoekAleg MyertMull Murphy I'atriek Mnrray Mareeaa M-2 Murphy I'atriek Maliaagn Cake Muraaw Tlm"thy Murphy Robert Murray Jamea Mylecraine Thoa Murphy Niehael Murphy t learn Murphy Rerd Wm Murphy Wra?3 Murrey tltu Miller UU ?UImwiM ?far MeAlaae I'atk Mrtatyra Daniel?2 MePonnelt Philip McAfee John M Keen Fph McDonnell IIogh McCot John MeRcnaee John F McF.lderry M D Met alky Nail C Mrl.ennan Wallace McE.ely Wni MeCoraiack Jna Mel.aughhnMiel.eel MeEuan Anthony M'Cunnrll t'l.aa McManany Bernard MeEvtry John MeCrery John T McMauua I'ntk MoCouy John MeCnllum John McMillan Chnt Mctlluughlin Jna McCarthy AT M. Nolly Samuel Mel.rath Tho* " ~ M< Thereon Joaeph McCouyJ' hn M<8te.n I'atk MrUrntli Path McDonald Arehl McDonald I'an Mcbonaangh John MeAnnily Jaa Metlenn llngh Me Dononah Jainea H< Bride Saml Melntyrr Samuel B McDonnell Patrick MeCen Jaa M< Kec John Mc tlonnell Ja o< a MeCartley Maglra M< Kenna John Met nil* I'atk Met onnell Math M. Kmahl ( ha. S MrRnhell I'atk MeCullongh IIy Mrl-aiighltn John McClIre Peter McClelland Alel MeMuhan Jermh Mrfiewa T C MrCnllon Ueo M- Mannaa Ueurgo Metinire Th?a McDonald John Cap McUrnth Miehl Me Donald Benge- M Suit. n I'atk MeOowtn I'atk man MrSherry Jurne* M'tlralh k m MeDermott Jemee MeWade John MeElwaia tlsorgn MrCollnea Egbert Mclaughlin John MfFetndge Mm De ^ McMauua Chnrlet Nulah Datld Newton laaac Nrll Jamea Napier Arthur N elite* Phillip Nelson C Nelaon R M Neleon Jnn k Ca Newman Abraham NleholJohn Niekiuaon Jno? 2 Niehola llenre C Nlekola t haa K NlannJaa Nohle Raawull T N.yeaChaa W N'nlen Chna Nuhn Jacob Noble* Albert Noonnn John Nolan Daniel NahleJnln Nolnal.aur.nl HalayOwaa Nugent John O O'Rrien M'm II Obermeyer Farncat O'Cnnnet John O'Cnnnell Jaa O'Brien John O'Hrinn J a* O'Pnanell Thna O Nell Barney 1) llrian Michael tl'Hara Robert Obert Alea H Oldham Mr Oaleebnrah T W Ollear W C Ole hirk?>od O^JIDIe Joa Pddla l-awrenee A 2 Olmatcad l.emnel 0 ullTir He. Thoa C O'Flaherty Tioa O'Mall.ran Mm t' Donn. ll Jna O'Nell John O Flaherty Mteh 0 Kegnn Coraellna O'Neal Jaa O Malley AurUa tt'Donohoe John O'Snlliean Mleh Oldrotd Tho# ttner laham II O.erloek Ben.l U Orrell D D Wnene Patrick tMhorn Andrew O Reille* Cap J J O'Pullivan Fat Ormabee Otia ttwen Edward Owen F.duard U Sulltian Kutane O'Rulll.nn Denia Oaborae Phillip F Parkmaoa Oea r?rkhur?t N'alhan Par?oaa8 If Pradt Lwla A ?il Plant 'oh" . Pardee Albert Parker Tm H Palmer Aaron A Partridge Joa I'armalee t?eo Pa?b.l l?? Packard A Pattapaon Thoa P lamiek Oioranm Pratt Caift JohnT-2 l'alter*..n Stephen Pnttcrnnn Jehn Patter*.m Ri?a Payer M I. l-orento Pratt Jeeary I'athe Ad"lph I'aal t apt E A I'atmore John W I'latt tie* W Putioh. lt Onnthnr Pratt Wm A Pratt J F Pfcffer Augwat Pratt J W Peareena J C Pearork Jna M Pell r D I'ltelan l.awnttoa Peek K rrrbl# ('(Ami N I'tltmi I'bM rhibm Rd?<vfi4 Pratt Enoeh Pentland Mm Perr. M' 11?2 Parry John Perry Jaa Parkin* Oeo Perel.al Franklin Pettarew II f Perrln llenry B Perry W M P'reln Hnrrlwen Perry MTm A P?i .th T tf Pb-r?e r<t -,r< Pr#?d*r*a?t M 1 LUlmlua H k nyt d|Ml?IN A'MAUMHH r?M L ?"m41 Prlndd Giro!# it~ ? mkFsV n~r&r RsUfSK"'* tass?&. Rskk. m?-"; Pel. Thoma* P..?' ,*?*. ???'? The-ag R r?}r Wm-t Pu KJSS? I otter Tli. ma. Pynei Jol p./.V. ~E*.. . Pard?a JuM Pruddea N 8 c?m" l'almcr Thoe v"?? 4 <iuan Chart Quina Jaa Quia Pat Neu j?"? R Raymond J F Randall itutx P Router Hinr Kay muud Joaeph Randolph Gee F Kenney Martin L ? f*M <^*1 HauMV Wm Ranki. Thoe KaudcllC Krdkrld M PMPro* K?*e Daniel Reed Have. T-2 K. id D R Reynold* LaabartL ?tempo* Emmanuel Kielly F.died RtolVn 5* / Keardeu, Trinity Ri.lv Philip Reedy W m K?ed The Kenny JamM KleUy PMlla Retik.a Miehl Kiehardeon Cha* 0 Richard JHDr Ring A Mitbol Riley Bernard Kierener RerWtte Rider llorah If Kiehardeon Wan Kiev Chae Rice John W Rickhan John Kiehardeon J a. Richer ('K Riley llugli Riley Ve Richard. Joha Rueeell Reneeellear Roche Jae Rine Deneua Kobineon Henry Koberteon THer Keoblia Levi Rolibine Nathan K Koberteon Joha Robeneon KeUnat Kolierteon Jae Capt Koberteon Wn F rich?2 Kogere 5eni F Kebin. Rmald Robert. Uoaarf Roger. Jae L Kobineon Thoe Roblne Loaia 3 Kodrick De Kohadee Kmertea Kobineon Win Robert Stephen?2 Rollmeon II Rogere Edwd Rook Hani.I Rogereon dee A Roger* J Lloyd?I Rowe Augurtux J K?rk John Rogere Levi, Jr Roeebotharo Jaa R Kochi Edwd Rogere John W Roe. Alex M Ro.eob.rK A Kogere U Roe. Jae How Or Joha Kouuh Jan Ruger John II Roeitcr Win Ronny Adotphuf Rum Tho. Roeeiter W 8 Rooth Uenry U Km.ell llerri* E Roeentreller Ott- Roy John Rup Matte. KuMell, Uurdenll A K/iy J R L Rueeell John Ward Ryan Valantina Ryle 1 at Ryan II M Ce Ry.reoa Martin Rueeell Chae P KutterThoe Ryan Daniel Ryne Michael Ryan 11 A Ca Rueeell S K Ryan Dan Rntbnian Julua Ryan Pat Ryan Win Kuaeell Jao Ruaeell Alex 0 Ryan Henry Ryan ?wd Ryan Jan It yxo Mr ? Spalding Jhn 3 Small Wm Seal. Darid Spraxne O C Small Or E Snaith 1 eaa. J St mil in ller Adw Swain Jueeph C SchuFncr Miohl Smlireno 1 ran Saar W Ktaiey Andrew Srhafrr M Strang Jamee J Swan.ton Wat Swanbourn Ja* Shan* ft Irvtae Shauahan Jha Straun Cbae Sliannou Wm Sandfurd Eml Saudereonjbn Suuvctre Mone Strau.e Emilia A C Shaw M Leonard et Shaw Thoe Slater J Dooterr Sayor <1 Stanber T T Srraul Benj K W Star Wm Sawyer Wm Shaw Wm Sawyer I'hoe CaptCStran.. 0 Scarlett Anneley Shay Then Shea tieo A Street W A Shea Mich! Sweeney John Stearge. J S T Sweeny Michl Stehbiue Mr Seaman Kohert Seeluian John Schaetden Jlin Sweeny I'etk Street J W Sweeny Uarth'W Sharer Andw Hhorhan Riod Stebbln. Win AM Sweeny Chae Shem Thoe Snenuar Ktchd Sheldon S K S'uinplcJaa Steylutde F W Spcilinun Jai Sherrington Wm Sinrad Chan SehuiidtG B Senclair A Seirjhn Sheltoa Cha. 0 Seiier A IV Seyiuore Joha San Sterling Levi A Slu ruiaii Kichd J ford Stewart Hunting- Sherman J hn W Scherfl <' ton N Steven. S T Sterett Wm A Stern Benedict Stephen. Thoe J Sherman Capt, Cal Steeart Jhn W Seymour I)a? L viu Shrrmaii Geo Set.merhorn Edwd Shephard Col Eli Sliervnan N A Shepard W A .bar II Sherman Dr A N Stc.ene S Stepheu leaae Steven. Ily Sey iuore Chae W Siieuler Luptley Steward I atk Sherwood Rend Stern. Chae Stweet Win I'inoli- Skilltn J FS Sioklea T E ley Stilwell M Spier. Mo.ee stimp.on Cha W Shnmptnn Jae Schmidt* K W Simmering 11 Mlknmn * Co Simmounfpt Joiirb Schmidt C S Schmidt Prof H 8 Sulerfeer T Shilling Sum! D Shield. Courad Shields Ily SininiendinrerAag'stSliiiKer Thoe Sickle. Danl Swinbnrn Jhn Smith John Smith F S Smith Jhn Smith Win Smith ('apt G B Smith Ja. R Smith V U Smith Edwd Smith Jae U Smith Hugh Smith Cliae F Smith Danl Smith Edwd Smith Wm T Smith Jae B Smith Ja. Smith Jhn Smith Jhn Smith D K Smith Tbo. D Smith J W Shipley Morrie Shiirtcee W E Stirling Thoe Slii.k Jhn Shipman Chae A Sholl Rev Wm N Scholeper Geo Soria D Stork Saml-2 8prouI M Sage EA B Spooner Dr S Scott ('apt J E Strong J A Scott John Stonebraaer Lery Scott John Soiitbrrden Jan Stone .1 K Soott John Stune Jo.enh F SomeraJamn* Sherey John F Stow Wm II SUotwell Wm B Storm. William Shnyer K Shoteell Edw'd Snook John B Sylveeter W T Sutherland Arthur Stuart John Summer* Jamee Sumner. Jamee Sutherland J 8 Sumner. Thairene Shute Jamee A StubblaBed J H Sumner Gen 11 II SI umwav Geo 3 Sullivan John Sullivan Downey R Schultr John F Sylve.ter C Smith Patrick Smyth Henry Smyth Cornea Smyth Andrew Smyth Fraovtn Sutton L J Sutton Uenry Stuart Walter T Taylor Cripan Talbot Francle H Traek Geo J Taft A lean* Tanley Abraham Tucktcrmam Cha Tappan Chae D W Taluinn M Lewie Tapeeott DavidlH Traver Leonard Taylor JamM Taylor Walter Tape Robert M Taylor Krenaaa Trainor Michel Taylor Dr Tracy Aadrcw Tliapet Maater Taylor Mr Traeey Morrie Talbot Joha G?3 Taylcr George W Taylor llenry Taataall luieeppe Teller John Tbcodoreataohmidt Tutheway Henry A Tenyck John Mone TillknappTheod raA Tilt L II A Co Tinker Carntlee Trtbble Capt Thoe Thiel Moneier Capt?2 Titteriagtaa Jna Thouipeon A S Thomp.cn, Smitlt Thempana Geo Tlo.mp.on Albert A Co Thumae (lea A Toll S F R Thoaipeon ALlviug-Themae Jaa E Tlioiapeoii Wm W etoa Tbowpkiaa Thea Thomp.on Win Thorn Alfred F Thorn peon John Thomp.?n Jie Ton.ley Wm Tnoker Maaley V Toan-end I. W T.pp.y Daniel To iker Maaley W T'.reey Wm A Topper Rueeell L Tuttle E Tupper A Prior True.dcll Saml F T r yea J we Thumb l*?vi Thur.too Inland Toller Daniel Tupper and tt Hcox Tucker J H Capt Tm liaktll TurnballWmC Thurland Geo Talley Phillip feewa* Tk.ai Turaer Wia M ACo Turaey Huub Ttiiir.t' of nrnaltyDToppr-ee. Than W TraaaamJaaa h Tyrie J no U c !;r'? "sj1' Cnderwoad Joe h Cetiek Thornaa I'ptoa Mathew V Vail Elijah TB Vxlll T D Vic levy Siaiea J cpiwr Geo.eppe-2 Vauiel A W Voeo A Co t oeiier li.ruttt H Vogeleaug 11 Van Kyper Corae V an derl. ugli A P Veu lieueeu Pet.r B Hue Van ScboonhoeeuC Van llatUm Fabian Van Wegoaen Get Vanhe.t I V VoeeJaoU ret Vail E s B VaUl Solomon ? Wal.h Kobt M Walker tt m F Welter A Co J! *!j'- Wal.h Robert U Wak.liag E W Wal.h Uate WallaeoCO Mall Daniel C W ait Tho. (j Capt Wade Murray A Ha keoGeo W al.h J T Wa.bc Jae ? JJ.aJkaf Danl H al.l. Path W.lah Barthole tt aldenbnrgh Mr Wal.hTh'.a mew * B|k?r J?" EH.a Walker PB Walchall Alfred * WW W a/nrr Fradk Walker Ily W .alley Cha. W allaee W D Walker A Bro W arner Ja. New- Ward WO Ward A PiereoB '???, Warren G W.rrla Jao W are Addi.cn W aruockUngh Warren Deal W ard Robt W ard Hugh W'arrca Danl Warren Jo.iah Water. Jno Walk in. I) M W elerbury Jae 3 W ateruiau Tho. W.tte Freuk W aahbnrn K W W at.on Jno II Water. Pntt Water I" P Wale. Nicholaa Weber J W heeler W II W heeling W whiag? WebeWr I. S WrirnerASeott ton Webeter Ira W *11. Jn# By Webb J R Wheeler Thoe O Wheeler C W eek. Chae II Wheeler Jao Wi-ldenJae Wellmaa Geo T Walter Jao Webb Geo W heelan Dan Wahrly T M W'aver J J Wrr-t.rn ? ha We. teat t J D JJ ? nytl DhbUI W^simn * B Wanant Tokiaa W eat F.Jaratd W caver Jo. D Welmera J F Weet H W.tmure Moeee W Wilbic llunry W IIhint A Sledman W right Chae Wigfall Thoe B W I -.in Jarob Wllaoii Jn. WlTeon Jao Willard Frank Wright Jaa Willie Mathew Milium Jacob Wilder Willard II Wright Ileal M'illeox W E MiJcook J M A Co Wil.oa Thoe V Wll.on Deafer W lleon Edaard Wilhee Jaa W llcox Thoe WUey Jae Wright J 9 Wiener O M Willi.me W V Wrifhl Frederiek W illmnie Edwd WnchtWmACe William F R W illiameon Mr W llhame leaac. Jr William. T Gre m W illlama Keeklel C W iUiame Martin hill , U illtauaJE M lllia-va Jae William* C F M hytr Mathew M llliame Peter William* Jag White Jamre W hlte Wm White Patrick W hite Jao Whit* l.luta* White (Ht* E W hite W m White Wat White Jno M W ? ue Gen R W hite Wm H Whiting Go* f W hileford Geo W tug Geo B Whiltng Darting B W lilt me y A B F Whlteoaib Ore Whitney llkae A W httuey Gee W'hitakerJU Weolferd Aleaanieg W. If Aar.n Woodford A C Capt Woedrnf W m W ood J HeaJ W .ode J H W . odruffi apt W o. droffE Wolf I, W oil ridge Jot Dr W'olcott -top a B Wood Dae fed Wyett Aagueta* II W ???* Si J W'uet Frederick M > Hie Jr Alex W otta.e H.arv Wrekeff Geo Madter W i man <?tia Wyiaau Henry s Weehman J an W .tiding .t ague W oodhern Chiae U Wood Jaa AC# W uedraff J Capt Capt Weodaard T J R?e Young W m M Touag. Uirk* L TuaiWal WM. V. BRADY, P. ?. f r?T OP I.KTTtKS IKtlMSfi IN THE POST Of M.J kaa at 1 orktilla.N. V Marah 3I??. IWI. At(wll J?l.i llraati im llirt AlllaiHaa rniiM It. nan M Aaaa Blair Mr Bray Ttiomaa BnlavJama# Brnan H illina llahyat* I'alSad IUII Jordan M Brand (3 V Hraanan Vn liar I I l.rkr Sarah N llatt*#r-> John J!"T' . .. 1 *"?*??** l>aa I Cam Mnraarat llr*d? J..hn ('mni.-an Jnha CmII'I /an ? anal** JmC Can art Ella* D Carr Unbar* ? arlariahl <1 W Conrad (I Cartu. Jahn (rno-an Pranrlr Bhutan Path ("?????? Bliaa Clark.- Tl.otnaa I>--iiiia?rk S Ataoll Tamo* lUjrlr Jalia-J lHckrrx.a Jarok ItoalyJoha llrMHull Drain O l?a. it Kd.n.id llirwi Darld baralta R-ao Aba ll.intimr Jaara Ikoaoko P Dunn Philip Eicht Pranraa Barry Uiaia# IninrltrtMr Plttaarvld Ala* Baa Maaay rtald Via* l.anr* Faralay Ml.-haai riaali dioia-m Flak I In* John i.llra ra KnSi Fllaa Jaaua I'l.na fdm-.nd Urarn Jnha Pa* I'tikfriaa Oram Sarah Ulaa Carl tiroo* Praaala tilllart Mr OaaaJ-haC Olll ioka Olhka Fr*dtiah liar* llaary Oljranaa Tiioiaaa Hay. n Jobana Kon liana**; Jama* Haa* O ll*?h rad n--a?? Mr liar* B 0 Humphry* Tho# llaala* Pairlrk II yaa Mtaa lata Hall Mary llaarmaa Nathan llarr Jaaaaa II**.n J..bn Cavr HIM Mr Hall Haary llraan John llaaaal Samoa! Hatftold J a* lla.idartoa I uk* Jardna Sarah HraJdaa VtoaHaary llat Oanraa Jraalaa1 trianlfrodJan*** Hartar* Kaaa not t.aoraa danainy aria JaM.inaa Baryarat 2Knkan-a J"kB Kohl llarrn Cuarad Kaaaaa Fatal airtok Kail; Martial* l.ark* ('karlar-t l.jnrhiaaia* K ntaht Jaaalfca* I,. m. Mi?? iiaaiii* I *?*n Mar; KnMmao Call l.iarh fc 11 *r * a Larrtar Mary Lyask Wm I.ally Aliaa laaatWa l.aahoy H I rn.-h J.-ha l.an.lan Jootah K I.a-anrd Plan Mont*, tnrry I'aany MrCarl/ Jama* (U*n* Matnard II A Mray Mary 1^.annoy fiaaili H M.OoamF Millar M S Mrvjntra* l.aka Mi. r Jacob Monro Mary Matrlaaor Mary Ah . la? Mcuruara Morroroay Mary* M'Caho Ana Mtrryky M llllaai Mahay Mart* Marrty Tarroaaa Malonahnry J Marian* Mary MaOarry Mary A A t Mott W I Manila Mr Moor* Bloalaa Mrl.inlrv Allen Mnlr Jarnk M.!-o**hh* M da- rr. II U Millar J MattMaa IU* J t lirl.-rar M B M-lla t.oalr* Millar Owm Plana I ranaia 2 Nont* Mr* Narra* M W' I'imr llaary A (Montana J I'ark Aaaa C S.ilnn Simon Pnonay Path Poaraoa Than aillay Pater I'atkadro A t Paak Mlahaal Ra.ah. r J -nard. UuaaHnJama* Allay Jaaio* ?h.rtll**h jU*a*l* Joha t? Randlna Ja* 2 Strrkar A Ra.nl Mai-I A Ktaoy Mary snlliyan J W fc C Snm-ar Jnha Shlao John D Starah John Ikhrrry Mlrhl-I BaaHh Than Sj-arry Ray Chad SmiUi Joha B Smtth S A H*UI Joha Smith lUyaa Vaa SulAh Ma I Smith Wm J Saniih Mlaa Ana* S"?an#dyk* ? Tot l am Jaa Smith Jaha gnWay Tm^ wlllaon M . Trmaay Mlahaal "ff " 0 *w r.m