18 Nisan 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Nisan 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YOREHERALD. WHOLE NO. 6752. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 1861.] PRICE TWO CENTS. OKHLT IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY* Threatened Politioal Revolution In New York. Smarten and Designation of Twelve Democratic Senator*. ADJOVRV9IEXT OF TBE LEfJISL ITURE. The Canal Appropriation Bills, as weB as many other Bills, Bost. TITLES OF ACTS PASSED. IMPORTANT STATIC LAWS, &.c., tic. Adjowiimcnt Slue Die of the LcgltUtare? llonfirc*, &r. Auftr, April IT. 1351. At twelve o'clock the Senate convened. when Mr Car r? It offered a ros< lutke to lay the Cannl bill on the tabl intll the spv>ropriation and other bill* of lmportuarii Were disposed of. Title u as rejected. A long dlKUMin ensued upon various proportion*) which were nil rejected, whi n unolbcr question wan taken on the bill, which : gain felled. Mr Bnbcock lh< it oftereil a preamble, declaring tha* In eonscqitei re of the resignation ;inj absence of a Urge number of Be? tor*, the Senate r< aid not transact it, legisUtlvc duties, and offered resolutions n <|U"stlng the Governor to rail an extra scs?iou of the Legislature, ami also to adjourn rim- *<?_ The resolution was adopted, and transmitted to the Assemble. A committee wae appointed to wait on the Ooeernor and inform him that the Senate were ready to adjourn. The rt solution woe passed In the House, and a committee appointed to wail upon the Governor, in forming him tout the Hoioc was ready to adjourn, and inquiring whether he hud uny further communication to make. To both committees the Governor replied that be had no further rominuuicatlou to make. Both houses then adjourned iin* dir. One bundrid gun* were fired this afternoon, in front of the capltoi, by the democrats, as a rejoicing over the de feat of the Canal bill. They are in high spirit*, and many of tjieir distinguished loader*, from several part* of the State, are here. A mass meeting of the democrat* will be hold at the capitol to-morrow evening, to start public and party opinion upon the que lion of the Canal bill. The speak ers will be Horatio Seymour, John Van Uuren. Henry B. Stanton, Chart, s A Mann and other*. Mr. natch, a democratic member of the House, resigned to-day. previous to the adjourumeut. He elated that an arrangement wn? made with Senator Stone which had been violated by tliut Senator's resignation. Conse quently he resigned, with a desire to submit the differ ences between them to the people of Oswego and Madi son counties. NKW YORK LEOI8LATVRB. IT morse s magnetic txlegrath. !???>?. Ai ?*"rr, April 17?S P. M. Tilt c AIT At Mil. BnaiOWATIO* 01' ll.rAIOU CLOriWO M > ni or Till. AAIATK. The Senate mot at nine o'clock Preeent all the whig Senator*. and Pcnator* Mann, Brandreth ant. OarroU, of the democrat* The Canal bill, being the special order, came up for a third reading. Mr. Man* roee and moved that the bill be postponed Indefinitely, and remarked Mr Paraini NT?This bill baa been run through the Legislature to thl* stage, without having been discussed by the people?neither have they glren their n-pre wentativee any lnatruetiona upon It, nor have we nny knowledge of the aentlmenU of our eoaeti taenia upon thie bill. It U. therefore, emiuently propel that furlhef rOtWlileratlon eh"old be peat poned. It la important that it should be postponed, in order that the question may be fairly trated The people have had no opportunity to instruct us. Sir. it la proper I should make a farther remark. The minority are entirely willing to remain until the final adjourn ment of thr l.orblaiure, for the purpose of dlapoaing of M much of the private and local business as now remains undisposed of, anil also all other public business, eacept this Cans! bill, wbleh requires legislation ; but If the bill V not postponed, the majority of this body must be held responsible for the failure to close up the usual legis lative business rf tbe session Mr. BriKMts moved to amend Mr Mann's motion, by postponing until four o'clock, this afternoon. Lost.?Ayee 4. nays Id Messrs. Rcekman, Mann and Carroll, voting in the iilBrmaUve. All the negative* were whig*. The question wa" the* tuken upon Mr. Mann's motion. Loft. Ayta 4. naj 10. Mr. Man* then roes and said Mr. I'arsirwnT:?I now transmit to you, as the pro siding officer of lliis body, the resignation of my-ell and ?lewn other 8? nalors Mr Mann thru sent to the Clerk the name* of those %ho had resigiusl Mr Ceoa tnqnlrist th- names of the members who had gsstgnod ' If U was proper, he should he glad to know who they ww The Paraswrrcv stated that they were:? Brail Brown, td the I lr?t District. John Auyder of Ihe Kighth District Jai.KO C Curtis, of the Ninth District. 7mA l%rt. H thr fifteenth District George II Pea. of the Alxlrentb District. Aldnev TvUi ?, of the H.-vents-nth District. John Noyes. of tbe Klghtrcnlh District Cltarles A. Mann, of lbs hi net--ruth District. A-abcl 0. Pt'-ue. of the Twcntl-lh District A In nana Kkiantr. of the Twenty first District Henry H Hlsoton of the Twenty-tlfili District. Geo B. Itiiiinip. of tbe Twentj sixthDictrict. The roll of members was then railed, when eighteen answered to their names PrTenb-eu whlgs and one de mocrat. The roll was again rnlh-4 a few momenta afterward*, when only twrive vwi prose at. Mr. Ceem moved s call of the Aenate. Carried. The dor r* were closed, and the Sergeant- at- Arma dis patched slier ih? at--caters who shortly after appear-d The Penal* took a recess till 12 o'clock. A secret caucus id the Senators, Governor, and ft ate ofli era la now in erselou. The above named gentlemen comprised all of the demo prats belonging to tlie Senate, eacept Messrs. Carroll Crook and Bran<ln-th rsi I op TDK sot L Mr. flees asked for the calling uf the roil. The Cigna called it No quorum being present, Mr Coos moved a ealt of the Senate. The Aceqeant at Arms Mr George L. Oarllck. was directed to summon the absent Senators. AU having been summoned and found, the rif was wuspended arrraa tasvw nc' imn rranatiwo eaior- tamwr. Mr Us*) oca moved a recess till twelve o'clock Mr Dnwuica Imped It would t- granted We w<-rs placed, he snid. In a peculiar posltiow: one unprecedented In our political annals He trusted tha' th- recess of tarn bour* would be allowed fnr tha responsible majority (o decide what action should be taken in this - rials Carried, and the Ac not* took a reoena till twelve APTWR pucks* Precent M-ssra Babcock. Rush Beekraan, Brandreth. Carroll, fiott Conk. CmUua Crook, CVoss Dlmmlek. fseddea, Jletinenn. Miller, Morgan, Owen, Boblneou, Schornmakev. I'pi am. and WUliams- being seventeen whig* aad three democrats VMS CAWSL BILL AHA IN, AWt> las TUB I AST TIWF., The eawal bUl was taken wp Mr Caaaeu. wtovi d that the bill be postponed until ?Iter Ihe appropriation bills, and all ntber bills war* or dered to a third rending aa<l <Jlspo*-d of. The object of It -wan, Mr C said. to have th-ws Wile passed The course pursued by Aenatora who had resigned, this morning, met bis full apce-Aiatloa; but It wee deemed beat to at tempt thU Wet overture They would not In any oawn, he a party to the passage of tin- set They aU -U-m?l It uneonetHatieaal. as did he. but h- wtsb?l to afford the majority an appertunity of arromullehliiglh* n?e?,eery business, if Off saw It If t hey did not >U It to do Ou. let tbe responsibility rest with them Mr Bearer a mid We are placed la peculiar aad el Iranrdtnery firruffietaacro which never bebrr* or-erred TV 'trange course purified help was mrtw b-fere wit nesscd in this Htate, or In the United states W? hare before us a hlgbhandi-d attempt of the minority to con trol the action of the majority of thia legislative body. It I* conceded and admitted by ?om? of those who hare this morning taken the step. whlrh I could not beiiere they would hare taken, that thia U an appeal to a "higher law"?to rurolution. The Senator from the twenty-fifth. Mr. Stanton, yesterday. foreshadowed it; uud thia morning the Senator from the niuetoenth, Mr. Mann, did the ami ; but 1 waa not prepared to credit, that so flagrant a proceeding would be en oterf It ha* not the excuse acted. Wluit is Ita character? of being the ouly step which could be taken to preront a riolation of the constitution. if such a dotation was con tained iu the bill If the bill U unconstitutional, there is another tribunal to judge of that defect, and decide that question, asids from t'is Senate. Ilenco, that ob jection must full, for of all created beings, capitalists are most peculiarly careful and discreet and uot a dol lar would bo wasted by them, until, if the point was mooted, they hud satisfied themselves perfectly by the opinions of nil the legal talents in the State They would never begin the work, until it was decided beyond d >ubt, thut it was constitutional. Hut, again, the whole ques tion was open to the legal tribunals of the land, and there is no excuse, no apology for any such extraordinary course as has been pursued If this bill Is unconsti tutional. if it is illegal, it can bo remedied iu a legitimato uud legal manner. Now. the question for the responsible majority to answer is this: shall we Is- clt terreii from performing our duty, by the lliriats of the minority ? Shall we l>e deterred from d ring ur duty becsu-c others have failed to do theirs T Tins is a que t ion for each one to decide for himself My our-e, said he. Is perfectly clear. If we Were to yield In their tiir? at-, v. sli ukl put ourselves in no enviable p wi tion Thifl Is an appeal to the "higher law,** and tsMf s the courts are opeu fur redress and remedy an appeal o an -higher law" is revolution. It is blocking the wlu-i 1 of legislation, and shall we. when a bill. which was fully disco sed in the Assembly and passed by a largo vote, and which has been before us three weeks, coines up iu its u-ual ci ur?o for our action, entertain a res >iu ti u which In effect, postpones it indefinitely? If so, the seme thit gcatt he d< nc with any bill that com is up. We are lu-ie with a bare quorum and the .Senator fr on the Twi lull district (Mr CarroU) suy s, if v/e uo not aban don our posiii m. and yield to hi- commands and injunc tions, lie shall leuve Ike results to follow as thev may. shall we J u Id to his threuts .' Never. Mr U'aiiroli. said that the responsibility mud rest with the majority. The Senator from tile 31.st district (Mr. Uabccck) liud himself moved it forward, out of its usual course, ahead of other bills; and if those b.lU fail, it Is hi- own tault. Mr. Scimovmakkr responded to some ri marks which fell fn in Mr. Carroll concerning Mr Sclioonuiak-'r's occupy ing his m ut after lie had tsi'll elected member of Congress. It set mi d to trouble the geutleniau exceedingly. lis did ui t ki.i w how it hnppeueil, unless it arose from the f.int that he (Mr. Carroll) was not so successful iu bsing elected as he (Mr. 8.) was. What were the opinions of Mr 8. last fall, when he was a candidate .' What did he tell his constituents? W hy. he told them that it ut t le no difference with his luildiii" the office ot State Senator, for his office iu- a member of Uongress would not om nxnee until after his office of Senator had expired. M hat had rhaugid his mind ? He vs.. now of a different opinion, lie contends that 1 am a member of Congress How can the appropriation Bill bo passed, eveu if we allow the Ci uul bill to go over W here are the three fifths' If X am not a Senator. there are only 19. Tn -ir own doctrine proves them to bo responsible, and they ?km. the ensiTioN or mv.ssrs. mravuhetii ?sn crook. Mr. Hrasorkih expressed the great embairassmrut he felt. He liad advised against the resignation of his e >1 leapues. It was an uuwise measure, and he believed the very Senators themselves haddouoted thecour.se they Were puriuing. but the outside influence of the higher intellects of leading men had urged it. lie could n >t vote for the hill, but In- must fulfil hi* duties as a Senator llo con tinued further, and in the course of hit remarks said that this bud only coallrmed his belief, a belief lie had had for five years, that there were those who desired to bad the democratic party who were not certain to lead it to victory. He lisped for the b-st, but he felt gloomy for the future Mr. Cr ook said he had ftlsn advised again-'*, the mea sure. It was his fluty to act in the discharge of tho ser vice which his constituents had cousigued to him A debate followed between Messrs. Johnson, Carroll, and S*boouuiHker, which was cut off by the hour of re cess. 2 O'clock. Tttr. finale op tiik acwsKMf. the Moi to a to rovrvoar rt rtmkr actioi*. At 4 o'clock the members re-use? mMe<l The question finding was r-n Mr. Carroll's motion to postpone further artiou on the bill. Mr. I'Aksnii. re-umed his remarks, and said he had been ever ready to act for the best interests of iliac >n stltuents. yet he believed the ruling majority would be willing now to subserve the Interests of tbeir constitu ents by remaining und passing those bills which could be passed by the present constitutional quorum still b-fc; and he appealed to the Senators constituting the respon sible majority, to reinaiu here now and perfect tho bitsi nirAof the greater part of the scsion No person had attempted an explauatlou of the extraordinary course of the majority, in crowding this set through, and lie won dered the more at It. because he knew there were some Senators around their board who not onlv doubtid the constitutionality, but the cxp diency. of the measure, aud who, under a strict party discipline, would vote fur the bill. Mr. Owm said the bill had come from the other House, after thorough di-cnselon. and he was glad to hear without mak'.ug it a political question. M'ltilu he die ensss d l ha const It ultoimh tjr of tin- b.U. k-h -pod he might address tin-Judgment and dot fhe pjs-ionsof the Senate. This w us a matter which demanded the attention of the most con-iden?tr Judgment An argument had le-en In Iriduerd Unit then was no power tu review the matter and divide upon the quesliou of tin- cmstilutlonelily of the bill This he denied, and we had only l > examine the constitutions of the United States snd of the State of New York to l?e convinced that the Supreme Court had powtr to decide upon the constitutionality of alt bills Nor was this all. A guanntec had Is en thrown around the constitutionality of this bill by the opinion of a Ihiniel Web-ter, than whom not a man possessed greater conltileoce of the people fur Ills forensic talent. It had also U t u fortified by the opinion of a Spenrer. wh >ve opinion on all questions of ia legal nature rominaujcd rcspsct lie would s-k thi minority lore if iheythoigbt they could satisfy the Jieople that ibey wer* ol-eying the commands of the constitution by vacating their seats on an occasion like the present Hy supporting this measure lie should be upholding the ritU power of the government The question wa? then taken upon the resolution to post pin it' further notion, and lost by ayes 6, nays 16, raornsittow to Mcrowvtrr his au.t.. Mr Cr ook then moved t ? recommit th>< bill with In strucllous to nnn ml. by making It the duty id the At torney (b-neral to submit it to the Court of Appeals if he thought it unconstitutional. The amendment was aupport<-l at length by Maura. Crook and Ilratidf th, after which th? question was taken aud lost, by aye? 2, uays 17, wo qi'oit'M?oit.i taoi rn. The Mil wa> then rend n third tlnr. and the rote on It# pno-ope atoud aA follow*:?Aj?< IT, n<w? " No rouelltutloiial quorum le-ln* prceenl. the bill w.n laid on lb" UUr. *i ooii'tfowi car i iwn ron i? run ar??ioa, rrr. Mr HirrwiMlit It ?n? tnanib t from |he attempt* tliat liaa Into made, that It ?i< ?<? b ? nuy l<m| -r to at ti uipt to IrgUUtr. and offered the following roaututlon: Vt htrrn?. I y the rr?frnn) o>n of twelve member! of the Se nate, a larye portion of the rUetori rf tin- Mate ?? unro ro??tol la ibal branch of th? lefi-lat are aad lb?lr vlewa rod latereita la rrfrrencr to (he ami Import mt art? wbieh ar? boo i*ti Una or may U|n. n't raaaot ?>?? a?p-i-1. and l'*Ul*tl< a under aarh < irrum-t in'ee, would b* in vio lation of tbftrd principle' ?f fFfikll'tn f.nrrnra?Bl?. aad, alivrra-tliF number of Senator* are ?? reduced by each r* Ftcaatinaa aad by absence, that It baa a found, if r r. |eatrd a-n< rta. thai tha quorum rttnloJ b? th- conaMlitlou to be pr-nat at tb? paa*a?t of I Ilia naaeat.al t-> tha t till auaava of ft raraaaat ? an not haoMaiard?la ordor. therw faro, to afford an ot>portaaltjr far a fall re pre* alation of tha foflt la tha "eoite. Revolved (If tha daiemhlr concur) That hli R?cell*nry tha Uavrruef t>? requested to eenvrnr tho l-ji-lniore la Falra eraai. a, at aarli tuna and plaeo aa hr may draia rip ? dirni for tha Int-rrata of th? State. Itoaolv d (If tha Axrmhly concur). That tha I^gltlatara do r.t.w ailjonru ?i,:? rfm. The rem.duttua* were adopted l.y tha following mli Ayr#, IS. num. 1. thaws* ta i iRt livi't i.nTi.Knnn mrai m Mr. (' >ea offcnwl the following r.aolutlon, nhlrb w*i adopt ad:? knaalved That our thank* ha tendered ta th* ll a 'in ford R Church, forth* able and Impartial manner la trhieh l,r haa provided orar thia hody. ai>Mt-aa. ttr. Mr Rrtioo-Maara mured that a committor l?a ap points to wait upon the Governor .and Inform hlin that the Senate la ready to adjourn. The chair appointed Senator* Srhoonmaker and Itran 1 peth After m?f minute* delay, the Committer reported that tiny had d I-charged tlieir duly. Mr l>aa*i>actii offered a mentation, returning a rota of fhiit'ka to M?n K D Morgan f?r lh? worthy manner in whkh he had prealdad over thia body, aa t'riwidrnt | re Irm Adopt'<1 a an v or i in. ti wa*t ontea ton cm aril TO run totr or tiiawb*. Tha Mi.,wing communion tiou waa rvwilred from the Lieutenant Ooremor ? ? twain* llovar, Avatar, April 17, 1AM. ftrwaroae ?I have thia laomrll rr.i?..l a ropr "I a rea" latloa evpr-acing your approbation of thamaanor In whleh I hava pre aided overyear daliharetloaa Tor thia maalfaata tlea ef yuar approral, I tender )?a my alarera. iav heartfelt lhanka. I entered upon the dutiea of the rhair with many mlapivlaga ia my ability, aad with a da* apprealatlaa of mr laeaparieaea, but I aaoa bund that yow w-rn ever r??dr ta naelet aad rupfert am ia tno dlreharae ofthoaa datioa. and the uniform kiadaeee aadeonrteay whleh I hararweeleedtrom d? nakort. will 1m rherlahed lagralrfal raeolloatioa. evra d'triaf period* of ea?ltem?at aad petltleal ovatrovFray. Yua her# nav Ft fbiled t? yield be the rhair reapaet aad aoaddaara Thai f hare f. mmitte.l Frrurr I dn not doaht; kat I fan any Willi Iralh ?nd?iaeerlly that I hare mieaioni to preai.fa fairly and impartially, aad that no IatFBtioual lajaatlaa ha* bF< a doa* to any ear. The aeaaiva baa I,.-a aa imp-rtani m>: aa unuaaaf amount of baalaeaa haa eoaaiaatly rr'wwd apoa your trmr and attention, aad yea have darntrd year eelv?a to It with a laaroa of Induatry and pefaeerraiire amr thy of ail pralaF. I ihoubl do Inlaatica ta my awa (ballnffa, wore I to omit to aakaowledaa the kladaiiee aad aaaiataaee ? hlrb I hare rreelvid from tb* Clerk of the Senate Ilia -? aa frieaida r If aaythlnphaa eaonrr-d to mar Ike fFeliaga of frlaadahip. prrmH ma to aab that it may ho M|iH?, and that ti a*all oalv remember the pi. aaiaa aaooHoUeai wbleh bar* b?ta formed dvtlM out iatimata |tlntia?b. Tfcsd ft may return iu aaf?ty to your faBillei, and sajoy a |onl life of hualth, prosperity and happiunat, it ay ardent and sincere prayer. (Signed) a. CHURCH. tm?'. rinaL ADjornuMaNT. The committee fr<>m the llauw. Messrn. Burroughs and WhHi'r, informed the Senate that the House had passed the concurrent resolution to adjourn. Mr Mosoaa, President. pro tea., pronounced the geuata adjourned nne dte. embl y, Aiaatrr, April IT, 1851. mlli raasao. To amend the property Insurance lava. To change the name of Louisa Liggett To change the name of Dunlcl Multon Tricksy, K? lative to a toll-gate on the U.-ucva and RuxhviUe ph.uk mad. To amend the act In relation to the Onondugua peni tcntlary, To amend the Rurnl Cemetery law. To autlu rlae Henry R. I'urdy to eaUbUah a ferry over the Hudson river. To provide for the rcttlement of the claim of Campbell and Moody. To ameud the act for the relief of heah Morris To authorize the Clyde and Hone Valley Plunk |lofcd Company to abandon a purl of their ro.id. To authorize the consolidation of all the Rzitro td Com aniee. or any two of them, between Buffalo and Albany Mr. Koamtr moved to recommit, und proceeded to Pjhiso the passage of the bill. Mr. 0. Ali.km followed on the other aide. The motion to recommit wax further advocated by Messrs heroy, Oleason. llorton. and Maeorab-r. and < pissed by Messrs. Shl'rwin. 11. Harris, and Vacuum J lie motion to recommit was curried. Mr. O Atxrw moTed u recouiideratlon. and that th ? motion lay on the table. Lost The House refuaod to i consider. In relation to the compensation of the Justices of the Supreme Court of iho First Judicial District Mr LoKiiot tjis moved to tuko from Hie table the w > tion to reconsider the vote on the bill relating to the power, and duties of State Superintendent of Common f, ' "".ed. The House agreed to reeoualdur aud 1110 MU l'IU.-4'U. i^tSit(,'TO,Mtll',1<',IndU,u,o?BR^1 To amend the charter of the village of Waterloo To amend the charter of the village of Piermont' To charter the University of Albany. To authorize the budd.iig of a bridge over the Krle Canal at Home I'uiidCt*ng" ,ht t'm'' f"r Ulkki"? P?/???ta to the Savings The Oowanus Bay Dock BIU tlJeity ol tJo^0 UUJ"U'r of ward officers in >i ,u . RJVIGNaTION 01 Mil. HATCH. At thy "tafW of the prooe. dings Mr Hatch rose to a questioner privilege, aud J resented the following com muiiwution. 7 o (A. /icn 11 J. Raymond. Speaker vf thr .lurmblv ? , Recent event* in the other branch of tlieh'/isla Iikto^fr, m\? i "7 '? *????0g<>iil??ical position to ?!><? .V s*.nn.fa'n.a . ^ ,rth dUtrlc'- ,u' r "?it" in naving b-en sssumcd under an express understanding hid wild said Senator, that lie would assume at the proper time and ?nMintmiii the same position ; and tliis understanding having iTb^ V 7 l^* Senator, I liereby beg leave to tender my resignation as n member of this body, preferring 2ffir&v be iub-itu4 u Very respeetfully, your obedient fervent. Me mi i r of Assembly from drat district OsVc'i.'/co Asncmhly U.i'oUr, Alhau,, April 17. po* ' * C?' Mr. J. BimDier hoped the gentleman would withdraw Wh resignation. lie had beau one of the most active bUMtie.s mi tuls ra of the present legislature, and he re illy ho|*d he would coueent to remain with the Asreiubly f< r the KBuiiulng brief spat e of lie. e.*iou Mr Hatch thank, d his frieud from On.itU for the complinleut paid him. hut he could not, consistently with his scn.-e of right, and justice to his constituents, con sent to rccal hi* rcsiguaU..11. ' Ills resignatiou was accepted, aud the busincM of the II.use was proceeded with. JUST HI fOLt HON BtqllHISo THt THIRD RI.4DIKG Or BILLS BL.-t I Mil D. A resolution was received from the Senate rescinding the joint resolution requiring the third reading < f bills, w hi n more than ten were ready fur final pax-age Carried The bill for the relief of the heirs of Kliaser Keiford ItARhoR MA ATI'ft OK N K W YORK. Mr W. .s flmtooir moyeU to tnkc from the Uhlo the moti. n o reconsider the bill amending the law relative to the Harbor Master of the city of New York. Carried. Motion to reconsider was carried, and the bill was aguin read, and then passed. Ayes, 7"J; nays. 14. coxttvt ?nov or bills rassKD. rulijccting certain debts owing by uoa-realdrats. to iixuuon. Mr Bird moved to recommit this bill ?>V'\.?,ppo"'*1 ihr B,?W?n, nnd advocated the passage of the bill The motion lo recommit was lost, and the bill pas?ed , Ayes. 1 u. nays, 10 ' Mr. To?wim, offend a resolution discharging the committees from the further consideration of papers re Afielded*lUtUJ ,bmt ,ht' Wrr',b* ff'7cn to the chrk. lor the relief of John 8; roup for the relief at Wm J. N.ls..u as,| Ira K Phillip. The Assembly then took a recess till four o'clock. AFTERNOON NEVSIOX. The third reading of hills was resinned, and the fol lowing passed unless otherwise noted: ? , t rior coLLror. The amnual report of the trust, cs of Union College was neelv.fi " u T'tr cavai. rRArns. Mr tvAKiwtv, fntn (he. select committee on the ma joHty Rod minority {rcporU. in relation toaOef.d rauxl fraud, made hy the committee appointed at the last ses sion. n ported In favor of printing only the testimony sn.l exhibits. ' Mr K.osssis moved to lay the resolution on the ti. hie Isist. Mr Woosvan moved to print the whole of the rtport by the maj ority ?nd minority M.r '' R1' ted ll"- pic.i >u* question, and the n s. lutl. nof the committee to print only the testuu-ny and rahibils was adopted. ^ Mr B. asot . i.s niove.1 a reconsideration I^et Mr VVski m.v then offered a resolution |o print ten times the 11-ual number which wa< adopted ;resjdutlot.s, providing for the payment I . 'rn ' ", r- offered and adopted A hid fortha relief of the heirs of th-user Jteafurd J a?*sd. MrMA.11 1 row mi sr*Air?raorosr n adsoi avwrvr A utessage was rec lvrsl from the P. natr, trin-mlttiug Uw ronrtirrent re olutions relative to n? ,.xtrll w .I!?,' h?'l ?ttle to say on the Mil.j. rt cflbjp n -< lutU?n, hut that lift)** h?? liopod. w.?uld have some efcet There was o? ,.?r . Urfe? n?m . . V . 01 l,,ral ""l< rtanee. the Whole object of , h Be d. feat* ,| if nM ?t ,,^7 sun The fact that th?re ws? not the u.-uat rr j r. scntathn In the S uits, was no eontroiliog rL*M'ij * ' *' ?ho*Id adjourn n. w He hoped we sh.uld mi.sin long eie u-h to ts??s the bills on our Ut^e whl h the Senate hi. I nlrrndy pa?ed. nnd if linn- was not a working majority in the Senate let that 7 ?altf.?r motions Joran ndjo-iruiuent Ifthedinate can do any thing, justice lo th.-s,. hill, re .ni.a that it ?h. u.d he U. lie This e*tra<>rdliu.ry movement of err taw rrnators to disorganise the hcgisluturc. at a time wt< n Lu-iiu sa . ?great niport.voce ??. presented f.w their rote id. 1 all"H. he a{ pr. bend, fi would not be hsskisj up .u xyJ ?'tl' imliffer. nee This was not a lime fur him. whilst the fev. ri h blood n?* up in (his city, to raise if"2 ;f ?"??h.,oo. or lo sound the note of pruow 1 ?I"' people should paM on thr eon du. t of th. resigning th oalsrs No doubt they were will ? g bo M.b.1 lo that judgiuent, or ihev would not have .r*tr?'*',???ry step th.y have taken Mi B was Willing to submit t. it, hut he 1- liev-d we could not J^J7,.''L r^T Jl'< hAiye our duty to the public Ro much of the reeoluticn a< cwt. mplated an extra s. ? sum h. I. I. v.. ws. Wipers lively demanded hy the In terr.t. -f th.. Mate He n grt tied that the sUte of hi* health was snchlh .t he eo?M not now s,v all that he thought Do orcashm demanded It had been his g.*d or III fortune not to agree with that etas..*Senator- who had retlr. d fr m their seats, nor lo concur either In their .qdniops nor in the p.elti?n they bed taken llu had hi aid thsawtse of the cannon from the Capitol hill, and be h.d l-swa told that It. Object was to proclaim ' trumph. that the eon at lint ton had tw-en saved from violatioa : but he belle veil he eould say to the people of this State. H th-re was not a rvs|>oa*<- to tha'. voice?If the people sustained tin ir retlrtrg Senators, hy a Verdict in fbv.w <if ilifir r?'tir?o? t hut thr tint# h??l r<?m^ ?rhm thr pol.es of this Stale were |0 override the interests of the people, when the Krie canal, which was to regulate the .urvyli.g trnde cf the country for hundreds of years, was to I-' made the victim cf the c.itnMned Interests of mono polies lie lovA. .1 at home lie relied on the verdict of the people, who have no Interest to subserve hut that of Ihe Mate, for a Judgment on the question Whatever that result mm In he, he should acquiesce In the verdict of thr pw f*!??; tut Mb ?r?irr fftilrtl. nnd w<*ul<J onJy Pn?t f? br+n animated b? * Bru(im?'iit wMrb k ??#.**?? nn fithrr rnntlrn than th<? of th?? p#o plr. whatKrrr thr ?rrdlcl of thr pmplrmiifbt br. It Wuuld not ilisturb hirrrptxr Mr Towwsran moeed to postpone the further conside ration of the resolution for twenty mlnntes Carried. tmawui to t?i? fffiim aibd rrrHf iv. Mr Whp r 1 b n rff<>r?>d a irmlutioD of thanlr* to (ho Hon II J Royniond. Hpookrr of tlio llou?of for tho ibW ?nd impnrtloi nioon^r in wtlrh ho hod dfochnnrd tho dotif" of hi* ofllod* Adopted un?nim<nulT A rimilor rvoolution of (hunk* to H V Hhnrmnn. INq , < 1? rk. ood lalo drputlo#, wm* aUo pdvwed nnAilaovIv A rt'BolutUm w,i? mlm pwH rnturning thnnlmtotho IM Jof II Voriauni. Hpmk?-r pro rut w.iitm 1 imbi.i now*?-ARt? ,Nr?M4.wT orr?*rr Thi? c fiaJdrrmHon ?f thr 0 concurrent rooolo tlon* woo then r^oinnd Mr T.tmua offered as a aubstltnte a aeries nearly stmtfar. Mr Ms. net offered aa aa amendment the fbllowtng *rV? 1 sf the tea ate. astuatsd hr pa rV'*"*d; ?" ?'?I't ths senmaiBatlsasf r^?rr.. ii .M ?"rtbrewing the aaaatltatlea. as*. ?SMtWy sf the Senate mil I rem a. a la sesstew. !?'ll_. !J^ 7 eeCwes te proceed with 1-g.limst- snkjeets #L .r . *?* Ihrir atlea.lea aaless Ike put fee ?b* eulaswemeat of re sal. |? Rrvl eeasldere*. therefore. - Raselved, Thai taaamuch as the respenstkU Baterity sf the SfMU hat* r slant art!) breugh' vfa? aaaffisa w b rtsms n dliuw>f< of the legislature being -allod mil ll u ntr> nhmi, Mr. Ltow bopod that the amendment would not pro rail. It would r on Try a falm impression to tha people ? an impn-iwion in no way short ot thin, that tlir majority in thia llouae and the other had violated their conati tutionnl nathe. that they were no longer Ot tenant* of thie enphot, but better tenant* for a penttentary or a prieoo. The amendment wa* In itself a strong condem nation ar tha reeponaible majority of thia Legislature. He tkoi^bt, when he mw certain bill* reining down here from tha Senate, that the lowest point of degradation had twen reached; but there waa a point of degradation etiU lower to which Senator- could ntoop, aud they hail etooped to that point thia day. We hud noon lurking around thoae lobbies thu agente of monopollea, like crow* around a oare, lain.ring to prrrent the enlargement of the canal. They hud eecured their victim.* aud carried their dupee. Ye*, he wu sorry to any he had livid to mw the limn when, in imitation <>f the example* of the military goyerutnenta of South America, a pronun cinnx nto could go forth liere with like effect, though not armed with Ihc eword, to rule or ruiu the majority. Let u* hare a fair and honorable Usuo hero. We had Keen democrat.-. of long end ftair etanding in the party, im peached?rend out of tb? party?treated a* trailer*, hecauee tlney Nfitfol to lend thany-u'lvc-i to schemes mi banc that th -y could not tolerate them for one moment. 'Ibis was an eventful day, long to be remembered. When we had pn -ed away, it* inlinenei s w< re to linger over our country, and away tho generalion? tiint w?re to come utter us. Let iih have a fair i-sue I-('.re the [ pie. Lit them rie in thoir lit t

cdy; and in the iuiul district k)i, re cori upliou is uu kuowu. let tlie |? 'pie tome I sill ar.d teach demag "gue* ami rer- lutiono-1- that they rvi n. ?.-r rule the majority of thi' j? i pie I y their Jiar. nor cu. rilie* to -i lil-h *chemes their in'.ied Mr Tuviiut movisl tUe previous quo-tlim. Curried. Ml Ui kRot i l s l l.cil til it the question might be di vidid. lie vr.-.o i? lavor of tin . ?'ia ->s*i>ii. but did uot btUM la ll* bucdi of odj ? log at ihi tin* The i'iiair thrilled that i' w. loo laic to rali for a di vision i-f 111) question. Hi the pi, vic.ua qu lieu liad been trdcred. Til* nvintion from tin .-'.not, wo- tlieu conruired iu aye* 71, no* a d-l. tomiiiiiis lo voir ox TH ,;ovmxoii ami ?:xatk Mr. Wni.rri a < ff'erid a i>- o|i.-loi to appoint a com mittee o wait on the H umor and iuforui biui mat the liouee an* rirdyl. adjiutu. A cimilarrt.-olution wa.- adopted in rel itioii to waiting on the Senate. Mii-rr.< Wheeler and Murr-aigh* were appointed to wait cn the tioveruor. >li<--re .uorec und Ly >u to wait on the Si note THK ADJOOR.S \1KVT, Tl)?>e conuuitti.ee return, d. ivli, II Ma 0. Ai i i.x moved that tile I lou.-o a lj .urn tine die. C'arrUxl I The Speaker then addressed the llouae a* fell >w* : ? Ger.Ccmen of tho A rem Mv?The complimentary r--*olu tlon y- u ) live adopted, adds to tlir obligation witli which I han atrer.dv been leaded by your l.indues*. I return you my thauk* for this roucwi d expie-rion of your re*p?ct and ci iitidamoe. I feel, gentlemen. that I have endeavored to discharge the daties witch yea develvad upon me with fidelity anil impartiality. 11.at I have mole mistake*, is very likely. That in ti e f.rniatioi ,if committee*. and in pern ruiinc other Important hut delicate>lute--i ineidcntal to ti e poaitioa, I Pave erred in niv judgm nt, and tliua dear Injury to inditidxal member*. I have little douhl. and hnvoonly to plead in exeuae, therefor, the brevity of tlio personal acquaintance, upon wlii,-h atone I ?u compelled to net, mid to caat ray id t upon your indulgence. 1 desire to express the deep obligation* which your uniform suiip rt and favor l avr ini|- *ed upon ino 1 have nought to admin ister tie rulea which you adopted tor your guidance and of which you entrusted tlin exeoet on to me, without i-rejuiliee or partiality. Triat my duiidnue have nut fwvn rvvcracd in a single instance can he duo only to your kindness ami favor. The aeaaion wliieb ia now to clute in so extraordinary a manner h is he u of un wonted interest end importauw. Tlie gravest topica uliicli ran engage the attention of 1 --.-i* 1 nIiVe bodiee have been presented for our n-tion t. i- ?inter I MR to tear ti-tniiony to the inilu-lry and tidelity which yon ba>e uniformly Irvught to their consideration. Gentlemen, v e Inft ji* stranger*, no shall part. I trust, a* friend*. The differenteaof sentiment which bitvc pr.-vailed among us have not, I nm sure, iu the leant degree, ill durhed that inutaal ro anr.l ae .i friendehip which our brief, but constantklteMMVM na* engendered. We are now to separate, never, perhaps, to uiert again. 1 dcairr. on uiy own part, to say that, if 1 have given, or neenn d to itive canae for "ITriici to any member of thia aan-uibiy?if I have failed in duty, attention, or ratimate, in a single Inntam-e?if 1 have nni I or done nuy thlwar t' Wound tlie frrlmga. Of Intwlk> NMft of a MM one of those with whom f have been ao pi vaaantly avso.-iated thia winter, my rrgrvt in dee|a-net by a senae of tl.a kindneae I have ri cciveS, and 1 ninierely crave fnrgiveaea*. There fore, bidding you, gentlemen, a respectful and affectionate firpacll. and coiuineuding you to tor gracious oars of that l'rnvldcncs which is ahova tie all, it only remains that I should pronounce this llouae, in obedtrncc to a resolution al ready adopted, adjourned without dar. Ont H und ml Day's Work in the Legislature. THlea of Acta rAVt*T> at THK SSVKNTY-FOLRTM SESSION OP THt! LMHSLATCTE OF T1IK STATE OF NEW YORK, HELTi AT THE CAPITOL. IT THE CITY OF Al.BATY, 1(451. I To pre vide for the drawing of a petit jury In the county of Pchoharle. 2. To amrud an act entitled an act for Increasing the number ot justice* of the Superior Court of tbe city of New York, and tor extending the JurtMliotion of that court, passed March 24. 1Mb. and the act amending the same. passed April 10, 1H48. and also to amend title Arc i f part first of the Code of Procedure 9. To rrpeal the charter of tha Croton turnpike com pan j 4 To change the time of holding th? next t'ireult 1'ot-rt and Court of Oyer and Trimmer, appointed to be J bt hi in and for the county of Oneida 6. To autboriie the triletee" of Union achnol district. . number Are, in tbe village of liatb. lu the county of St? uben, to raiae money by tax 1 6. Initiation to the supervisors of the city of Brook lyn, county c.f KiogH . T Aulhofiaing the expenditure of a portion of the ' proccc d? 11 tin* vale of the Arsenal and Arsenal ground*, in the village i f Malone. In the country of Franklin, for the purp".e (,f improving the Arsenal green, in said vil- ' lege a. To extend the time for the collection of taxes of one thou, and tight hundred and fifty 0 To p< -tpone or change the place of holding the next town meeting for the year 15.11. in the town of Barker, In the county of Broome. 10. lor the relief of Sarah MoFrancls. II To confirm the eifrtion or designation of Horatio j Kar.dat) nnd Vt nrren B Cain, aa justices of cession* in and for th< county of llerhiiii-r 12 To ninrnd an net. and the title thereof entitled an act to nut hot-lie the Syracuse and Tully plank i id com pat." to make ii branch of tin lr road over lauds of th ? On otid^tn Indiana, passed March 2<>. It>o0. 1,1 Authorising the Delaware plunk road company to borrow no ney. II To extend the ops ration and effect of th ? ?? ? -isssed Frt-ruaiy 17. IMS, entitled an net to aiith<<ri ? ? ' run lien cf corporations for inanufucturiog. mil: ? mecha nical or chemical purposes 15. Tochiinge the pluce of holding the n i I town meeting of Fiwnrd. In the county of Schoh l r the year 1S?1 III Pnoinll ting tbe claim of Banlrl Corne'.' i Ran sctii Clai k. of the town of tludford county) iiango, to the rhetor* of said town 17 To autborlxe the crmmlsatoni r* of hig'i t of tbe tov n of Lnncasti r to borrow money 14. To authorise the city of Brooklyn to cr a loan, for the purpose of paying existing liabilities ? urreul expeDie- to the first cf Hepirmbar uest 10 Iu n latIon to railroad corporations 'J1 Ti kuth'rire the Alton v and Pchenee < > m I c<tu|ativ to borrow money to pay outstanding u uds.and to c< U'pi etc tts double track. 21 In relation to the liberties of jails ?2 Authorising the supervisors end town cl -k of the t< ?n of Jamaica. (,'ur-in county, to sell and couvey cer tain common lands belonging to said town 23 Authorizing tbe election of thrs-e trustees and a district els rk In school district No hi. located In lb* vil lage of lb-Hit. 24 In rt latlon to elections h. Id by the Troy Cemetery Association, and conferring furtln r powers on lbs1 trus tees then of. '?> F< r tbe ftlh f the Shire cork tribe of Indians 2rt To aiilhrriae the rominissi) in rs of highways of tbe town of Pcbodack to borrow money 27 To am. nd the act entltkal ' An act to Incorporate the New 1 ork and VirxtnU Sieatn-hip i'ojipany.' paeo ed April 10 1K4), ro as to enable said company to eom I mcnce husioi -a when MOO.UOOof its capital stock sliall have been subscribed. 2* To amend an act entitl-d " An act to Incorporate [ tbe city of Osw<go,'? passed March 24. 1H4*. and the act | amending the nine passed March .11. 1449. | 29 To n p? id that portion o( Ihe Revised statutee that dei lares what ?hall be an accepts oca of the offlec of mem her of Ci ngreso 30 To Ugaliae the proceeding* of the trustees and elec tors of school district No 17. (formerly No 33.) of the town of Flshkill. and to authorise the present trustees to rater money to pay evrtain debts an 1 expenses 31 To amend an act entitled an set to Incorporate the Paugvrttes and Hmdstork Turnpike Road Company, paewl April 21. 11#. and to lutlkirtii' such company to aland-* a portion of -.heir road 32 !? relation to the penitentiary of Onondaga *ounty 'il T #. all! IsAsd sa I k I * S 1 a i&l-.k^ kl .11 s tfT ,.*m i,a ||W f t\ t It. 83 To authorise the Utiaa Olobe Mill* Company to In ffn?s Its capital stock. 34 To authorise the Uitca Ptcam Woollen Mill* Com pany to tnrrea a Its rapltal stock 34 Relative to the election of director* of the Union Bridge Company 36 To provide for the appraisal and payment of (to rn* no Incurred by Henry <1 Bsnch In tb? rem svsl of a bridge. 3f To amend lb* char'er of the elty of Sehenectaily 33 To slier the eomniiaotonrr*' map of the city of Brooklyn 39 To amend an act entitled an aet lo condense and ] smrad the several acts relating to the village of Skanea trie*, ApU 10- 1V/I 4U To provide fov an additional Jostle* of the peace in Ihvtnon of llrctoe, in the county of Tompkins 41. Tn inercaee the number of managers of tha Ufs Faring Benevolent Association of New York 42 To repeal an sol relative to highways In the town cf (ires-nbufgh 43 To incorporate the Now York Plate and National law School 44 For the relief the collector* cf taxes In the towns of Bath Ptmbrn eminty; Bethlehem, New F-otland. and Ootids rlsu.l, in the county of Albany. Periha. Oswego county and the elty of Pyrneose, In the county of Oaoa To peovlde (hr the appvwUal and payment of canal damage# to Joaiah A. Kellogg, aa executor of the eotate of Jacob Kellogg. dcBcaacd 46. Ts r< W oey tha igteresd of tha Ptato In certain Uttd of which John Juck.-'-n dlol sailed, to Jmtnt Jackaon bis widow. 47 To amend the act entitled an net to amend the rbarter of the pity of Ttuyr. and to provide for the esta blishment of free school* Id nald city, passed April 4. 1640. 48. To amend the charter of the village of Dundee 49 To authorlae the supervisor* of Oneida to lew* a tax of ftfti en thousand dollars, for the pur pone of buud lag a court houaa and jail in the city of Utiea. 60 Authorizing an election of trustees and other o(B evrs of the village of Fonda. 51. To extend the time for the Board of Supervisor* of the county of Klnga to issue warranta to the collectors of tnxee and usscremvnta of the city of Brooklyn 62. To amend the act entitled an net to provide for pick and dlciibled seamen, paaaed April 22. 1831; also, to amend the several act* passed November IB, 1847, and April 11. 1849. amendatory of said art. 53. Authorizing the Canal t'ommlssioncra to repair the public highway across the foot of Seneca lake, and to protect tlic hanks of the Caynga and Seneca Canal against injury frrni the waters of said lake 54. To release the owners of farm lots 258 and 257 in the Oiuindnga Salt Springs reservation, all the interest of the State therein. 55. To authorise the I'nion l'lunk Brad Company of the tow n of Kingston, to establish gates and regulate tolls upon the road. 60. To authorize the election of two police justices iu the town of Kingston. 67 In n lation to the power." and duties of Canal Com luissiongr* mid Superintend) nt. 6H. To authorize the < lection of an additional supcr Vi-or < I the )? iy of N-hcm daily. 5" Tngratit the right of George Truscott to hold aud convey real estate. CO. '1 o i inend an act entitled an net to incorporate the Muiual Lib In-unuua Company of the city of Now York, passed April 12. 1812. hi inn lutic-n to the viUc.'e if Ilolley t2. To amend an act entitltd an act to extend the charter < f the tin nu n of tho city of New \ork, paMi-d April 10. IS : I CJl. To authorize the lSuflalo Gas Llpht Company to sell r naiii btnds. ? 4. 'I'o amend the charier of St. Luke's Hospital in the city of N< w 5 erk to. To change I he name of the town of Hurt on. hi Tore) i'iI an art entitled an net for the better pre vention of Ui.s in the city of New York, and to amend tin nets her. lofore pussed fur that purpose, passed April 14. 1WP, aid to auitol au act entitled au act for the tin.re i fli dual prevention of lire-. in the city of New York. Hlul to amend the acts heretofore parsed ft r that purpose, j.iiss. d March 7,1849. 07. To incorporate tlic Thistle lkbi ?ulent Association of the dtj <f New York. t.,8. To i-uivnd the act entitled an act to authorize the burin, -h of bunking. pas. -d ilay 2d. 1551. 19 To authorize the Buffalo Water Works Company to cot;vi y ccrtuin land in the county of I'ric. 70. To iucurporute the Frankfort W ater Work* Com pany. 71. To cotifiim ci rtuin acts of schccl district No. 12. iu tlic village of Medina. 72. To amend the art entitled an act incorporating theSackctl s ll?rbor and Saratoga Railroad Corapauy, ps-sid April 10, 1848 73. To authorize the village of Conastota to be a sepa rate roud district. 74. To authorize the Brabant Flank Road Company to construct their road three rods wide. 76. To provide for the organization and government of , the police of tiie city of Albany. 7o. To authorize the FulTido anil Rochester Railroad ' Ci nipauy to s< 11 and convey to tho Attica and lloroe 11s ville Kailroad Company the whole, or any part, of their real estate. 77. Further to amend the charter of the Attica and lloruelisvillc iiailroad Company. 78. For the relief of the devisee* of Wm Crowthers j 79. To authorize part of the records of the county of I trie to be transcribed. Ac. 80. To tlx the salary of the Clerk of the Caunl Ap praisers. 91. To amend an act entitled an act concerning the i District Attorney in the county of Clster. 92. To authorize the Butternuts and Oxford Turnpike Company to nl-andon part of their road 93. To authorize William lieau and others to coustruct and build di cks, Ac., iu the Sixth ward of Brooklyn 94 To autlrMM a rclca-c of the amount due upon a decree against Henry Talluutdge 95 lti lativo to Freeiuau'a Bridge Company lu the county of Hcbciieetmly. 96. To amend the act to combine In one act the 'cvcrnl ants relating l" the city of AINtny 87 To amend an act entitled an act to Incorporate the New York and Montgomery Mining Com|>any. 98. For tile relief of the a**oc lotion for the benefit of colored person- in the city of New Y'ork 99. To secure for tins Mute an agent to the World'a Fair. I'O To authi nzr the Tioga Coal Iron Mining aud Ma nufacturing Company to borrow money 91 To incivporate the city of Wtlliamshurgh. 92. To rclense thi Interest of the Mate to certain real rotate of which John WbiUingham died seized, to hi* widow. 98 Granting to Fhlllp A Strong the right of estab lishing u ferry across tlic Chautauqua Lake. 94. Toauthorixa the Medina aud Alal-ama I'lntik Road Company to borrow money. 96 In relation lo all Companies transacting the busi ness of life Insurance in ibis State 96. In relation to all companies transacting the busi ness of life Insurance in this Mate. 08 To incorporate the Home Water Works company 07 To enable Maiy Louisa Powers and her tru-tces to , acll and convey, or mortgage, certain trust property oride for 08 To amend au act entitled ?Aaact to provide for lh? incorporation and regulation of telegraph companies,'" {sisscd April 12. 1818 99. Fi r the relief of the Fireme n's Benevolent A-eocla tlonef lluflalo. HO To incorporate the Knickerbocker Saving* Insti tution 101. To authorize the Supervisors of the county of 8 nync to levy a tax. 102. To provide for the purity of certain stream" and to supply the city if Albany with water 103 To amend the charter of the Cayuga and Susque hanna Kailroad Company. 104 To omi nil an art entitled enact to Incorporate the Hvraeuse City Water H - rk* Company, pas-.-d April 5, MM. 106. Toincorpemte tlic Wat-on Agricultural Institute 1181. To awthartec Ihe 19 ard of Supervisors of Otic Ida ci unty to borrow mooty. 107 In relation to plank rouds and turnpike roods Il k To amend the act i Milled an i ct to authorize the flictb n of Irriil ? Ulcers to discharge the duties of Coun ty Judge and surrogate In the tountk's of Orange. Ch ?u tattque,Cayuga, Ft. l-awrenm. Tlrgn, Oneida, Jefferson, end tiwrgu. pas id April 10. 1*4W 109. To incorporate the tV illliim-burgh Havings Bank. 110 'fr> Incorporate the Y'onki t* Ferry Company. 111. To n no nd the several acts Incorporating the village of Owegn, ri unty ? f Tl< tea 112 To In-ri a..c the pom rs of the directors and In habitants of the village of Klngrion to make a separate rood dietrii t of said village. Ac 113. I n relation to thi M.srifl and Clerk of the county of Kings 114 To amend an act entitled an act to Incorporate tho < alitor oia Inland Meant Navigation Company, passed Apr.I 10 lWs. 115 To authorize the ntlnicti ra, elder", and deacons of tLeKi fornn d Protestant l>ut<h Cburrh of the town of Ger man Falls to sell and eowvrjr certain lands 110 T 'mm nd an act rutillcd an act concerning par si rgcrs arriving at the porta of entry and landing" in tills Rtate. Ac 117 To authorize any rrilrood company In this Hint* to suWtllie to the capital stock < f the Attica and llan ni lUville Koilri ud Compai y 118 To mi,, nd an ai l antltlcd an act to ineorpoiata Un village of Hi mil nt. passed April 4. 1819. 119 To authorize the Chautauqua Flank Rood Com pany to borrow money 129 To iMorpomta the Ni.'ftara County Havings Hank. 121. T?. ami oil enact entitled an act relating to sales y mu tton in tiie cMy of Aibiny 122 F< r the inn n-oration of tiuildlng. mutual loan,and rcumolatli r fend nv*oclatii na 123 To authorise ihe pijnrnt of no-ney by the cuin y of Columt a. to the lludnn tirphan Belief Asylum 124 To lac arpomla th?- FrankliniU Company for the xp-station and Manufacturing of Frankllnitr aud ntber 126 To incorporate the Mlnleeongn Ferry Company, in the ci unty of Hockhind 128 To legallto o-rtain eonveyancss of real estate, hi-rctofi-ve ma di- by the Me-itn linmih Hrldirr Company, and by the Binghamton and rsnnaylranla Turupika Ci mpany. 127 To rnnfrm the official acta of Toffy 3 Luee, a justice tf the piace of the town of llartwtck, ritaego cuaty 128 To provide for the el -ctlon of a recorder of the eity of Buffalo, and to regulate the taking of fees by aa!4 ? flin ra 129 For the relief 11 Kllhit C Wright 120 For the rrUrf of Wllilnm HueU. Jr . Hamilton N Hln i wi i d. and Jann-a tkwolU. 121 For the relief of Geirgr II. Boughton. or bis aa aigrce. contractors Ae 132. For tin ratiof of Cbarlca A Daniels John M R IIilis n, sad i"harlcs vtoore. Ae. JAl Fog the reli'f of Fcb-mon rarmeles. 1.14 lu relation to weights and measures 135 Authorizing the Kochrstei and Wchateg Plank R- ad Ci mpany to borrow mouvy 1.81 Tnchaige the nam- of the First Presbyterian Church ?iff Hrttton's settlement la Ononiloga county. 1.17 To authuriaa the village of Albion to raise money by tax liA To Incorporate tha f.'oboca Having* Bank 139 To r?Wn-e (be interest of the people of this State in rcrtam lands, to Catharine Lelaau. 140. T" authorise the C"raiooti Council of the eHr of Orwego ta levy a lax fur the purpose of building a fire proof county rlrrk s rflc 141 To aiucud chaptvr 350. of the law* of 1M0, ro br as relates to the rlllage of tlnkdwlnsvUle, la tha county of ?8n< ndaga 142 In relation to the Roeheeter Collegiate InMltate 143 To authoriav the supervisir* of the towns of Fish kill and Poughkiepsi# ta borrow money to build a bridge over the Wapplngua creek 114 Amending the Revised Statute* In relation to ob taining money under false preti-neea 146 To make a nasi district of the village of Rt bridga. 148 To amend the act to Incorporate the New York Gallery iff Fla* Arts, pasard May 12 ItW 147 To amend an act entitled au act relative to Jna tWs and potir-e"Urt? la the eity of New York. p?<asd March r*9 14* T? amand ?n act. entitled an act for the tlon of feca in the citj of York. pa*Md April lit, LUX 140. To xrneDd the *cvt-rul act? incorporating the w% lage of Binghauiton. 160. To "infirm and amend the charter of tha rfllaM of Morrt*vill*. 161 To **talilUh free rchool* throughout the State. 162 To incorporate the ITitter couuty .Saving? InrtWw tion. 163 To ?u thorite the Comptroller to rrfwlva the ita turn? of certain unpaid tax<>? on nt>o-r?*ident landa ta the county of Jrfieraon. for the /ear 1143 164. Tc rdeaee the Aurellu? and Auburn Plank ff ~aff Company from the obligation* to conatrurt a part of theta road. 166 To amend an act entitled an act to Incorporate the village of (ireeiie. panned April 12. 1342. 160. To remove r? rtain paper* relating to the city of New York from the offlce of the Clerk of the Court off Appeal* I 167 To uuthorire the railroad corporation* of thie Ptate to *ub*< rlbe to the capital *t<jck of tha Ureal 1 Weetern Kuilroad. I6inuda Weat. 165. To uuthorir.e the town of Flu*hlng. (luoen* couiv | ty. to rolae money by tax for the purebkm- of a farm. 160 To iiinend an net entitled an net to incorporate the American Female Uuardlan Society, paeevd April 8, 1U). To confirm the title of Thomus Martin l.awreooe Martin, mid other*, und the Romau Catholic Society In the town (if Newport, to certain laud*. ltd. Toconfiim the title of a certain lot or piece af land to lie* well 'iravt?. 1?2. Toninend tlie act cntith d nn net to incorporate the 1'ort Ityioo nnd Ci iiij?u?t Turnpike lload and itridga Company. p***"l May 26. l's'd ItiJl. In relntion to the power* of the late Court at Cliaiiciry iiikI Siry* rior t>-ui t in lenity in certain cttean. 1W To or-guui... und o*tatdi*hu l-uuk ilcpurluient. If5. To incorporate tlie l'rote?Uut Kpiecopid Mutual Benefit Society. It ti To orgntiiv.c the Hn?ar Prigmle of militia. 1?7. To Muend tiic Charter "f the village of carat own Spring* ? Ira To iiuthi.-rlx-- tin- llourd of Director* of the Aa burn and Momv-a I Liuk Itoud Company to a-*e-a the tieklu Wi th (-1 ndd company for the payment ofthm debt* thereof li ? For the bettor recurity of mechanic* n-nd other* elccting I nildii.-: and fumib.ng material* tin rcfor, ta ti c c< untie* of U'olclu fter. l.'Uter-aml l'utnam 170 To incorporate the bwu> licucvuicnt Society of lh< city of New York. 17) In ia lulKii to tin-Common School* In the city at V il i m-burgli 172 for tlie prymriit of money * to variou* persona for dau i-gec apfrahed by c.niml**ione?a under the a*0 of April 10.1S60. 173. For tlu relief of John J. Roc*. 171 Authorising the upprui-Hl and puyment of datm ape* :tri*irc?r< m tin- r<>r..-t ruction of an aqueduct trrom tin t linckti inula Creek. i 176. To provide forth'-election of a separate officer ta pirforni the dutier of the < thee of Surrogate in cectahi ccunticK. nnd to incrca.-?- hi? power*and dutie* IT'S To xno-nd the law for thr u M-onu-nt and ooUao fit u i f tax> *. 177. Aulhorlalng the Commi.**lon< r* of the L&ndOfioa to .-ell or rclcHfe certain land* to Samuel and John OUag. ITS. For the relief ol tlie legal reprc-entativc-M of Mart* MUlrr. 171i To authorlxe the Canal C. muiUiJotii-rj to remove all ob-irucliuii* to Ili> f?-?? p:>?*ngc of the witter* at Mill Creek, iu 1 lie city of Schenectady, to the Mohawk river. Thr new Tax anil Aua-mmrnt Law. T'"> A.Stt.MI 7 HE LAW COR TlfE I'lf-MEXT AXB OOlc IJH'TION OK TAXK*. Thr Ptrplf ?f thr Stair of New lerfc, rrprnrnltd ta Srwata vinl *'!\rrml>ty. iL> enact a\ tic 1 For two, article one. title two. chapter thir teen. part fir?t of the Itcvi-cJ Statute* in relation to the nmimenl ami colliefion of tnxc*. I* hereby amended ae ?.* to read ** follow*: ?? lend occupi<-d by a pome* otlo r than the owner, muy tie lu-M-nw-d to lb* owuwot occupant, or a* nnn-re*id? lit land* " Sec 2 Section five of the-nm*-title I* hereby amend ed *o a* to read a follow*: " Kve-ry peraou *hall be em m-h-I ill the town or ward where he re*ide* when the am M x-ntrnt I* made, fhr *11 pcr*"tinl e*tat< owned by him, ln< lulling all pi r*onal Cktate in hi* po-*o**i<iu or ue der hi? control a* agent. tru-lee. guardian, executor ag udtiiiuietiator. and iu no ra*e pliall the property *o held under either of lln-ac truit* be a*M-**ed iguin*t uny other j ? r*on. and in ca <- any pernon po**e*M-d of *uch porno?, al e*tate .-ball r< *ide during any year In which taxe* may be I-vied. In two or more count lea. town* or ward*, hie redder.ee for the purpn.e* and within the meaning a# thi* notion, .-hall (*? dr. nu d and held to be tnthr coun ty. town <r ward iu which hi* principal buslaen* nhnll LkVc beer trull*?' le t. but the ppaluet* of any Slate of the l uit'-l State*. con*ign<-d to agent* in any town oc ward of thi* State, for -ale or r*mnii**ion. for the benefit j of the owner thereof. *hell not bea**"*?e?J to aueh agent, j m-r-hull i ueh agent* of moneyed corporation* or rapital t*t*. I* liable to tuAation under thi* keetlon, fur nay money * In their |*-.M--*<!on or under tln-lr control, trane inltUd to them fur yuryoece of Urn-* Uncut or oUwr wl*e.'' Fee. 3. S* eth-n* fifteen nix teen, twenty-two, tweatv. three, twenty-tour, tweuty-fivv and tw< uty-ata of tea eame title, are hereby reyeaii-d, and ?cctlon *evenleea at the *am<- t It I*. I* h.nby amended *o ;i* to read aa (bi ll w.-: -AUreal and |wr*oiikl e*tate liable 1* 1r latlra. *hall be edimated aud a--e*-<d by lite mmon at it# full niai true value, a? they would itpprabu- the aaaM la l-aynu nt i f ajind deht due fr-m a notvent debtor '? Stc 4 Section Iweuty of the *?rac arti- lo 1* hereby ami ndid. *o a* to read a* follow* .?Such uotiee* *UaUaat forth that the a*?e*-'-r? have r -mpli-t.d their tin iniat Ml. nji-1 th?"t * ccpr thereof t* left with nae nf lhatt numlxr. ut a pl*re to t^-*peciiied therein wherethemuna Uiay le miduIuI examined by any |>er*on Inter*ated, until llu- Itilrd Tf?Uny of Augu-t; and that on that <l?y the n.i-< .*.>r- will mei t at a time and place al*o to be -perttlcd In *ucb notice, to n-view their a?*e-?*met>U Oa the *1 I I . at I. II of .1 y pr o r-ui-iiviiig liiuiaeif ag griivid, it *bMil be the duty of the *aid n*M *?or? on aaca day to meet *t the time ami pine? ?perlfli d.and hear aad eaaiuinc all ri BlplalnU iu r> latum to *uch :i**en*im-ate that may t-e br> upht beft-re tie HI; and tin y are hnroby ? Uip'.wvnd. and it *bnll bo their duty, to adjourn front tim- to time, a* may I*- neee- ary to hear and deter luinr aueh complaint*; but iu tin- -evernl citioa of tkie Slate, tbc notice, a* requiii<1 l-y thi- *ection. may coa form to the re.|Uiri no nl - of th* rc-pectire law* regulat ing the timi .ind pice - ami manner for n vt-ing tlie na **-**menl* in vnM citle*. in all ca* * where a differwat tlm*. pUve. and uiauiK r L-provribed by a*id Uw, fnaa llixt nu uiti-neil in thi.* ret. S*c. 6 If the a*-i - r* "hall wilfully nogb-ct to bold the Do rtli'g *|K'-ltn-d In tlm ln*( pn c-ding met Ion, 1| a**cM<-r i" 11 glii I lug ?ball I*- liatdc to a penally of twenty li'lUir*. trie- -in d f rand rii-ov-red t*-fore auj ruurt h.iiii.g Jurl*il!t tlori thcn**f. l-y tlm - up rvuior ut thr town, for the u*e < f the yocr of Hi- -aim-town, aad in ca e i f *uch ni id'i t to mi? t f--r review, auy yaw iiggrn vi d l y the ir-*e**nmiit i f tho a-*ea*or*. may appeal to tb? b. nrd i f Mip* rvl-or* at their next niocting, wha ihall havi" |* wir to r? view nn l correct auch a*?< -raoat. S*c c. M hi nerer any pcr*on on til* own ta-half. or on t* I**If if lln -e whom be inay s pre ? nl. ahall apply la thr a?** >*or* of any town or ward lo reduce the value of I.I* rml end per** nal rrtale. ?* *rt d -wn in thi lr aimwu tin ut Ml. it ihwll la- tlw duty of *urh aw* i*ur* to ? Ma in* ?ui h pi r-cii uuder oath, touching the v.duu uf hi* or tbi ir -uj n nl ? r p. r- -nai ? *tit-. an-l *fi-r *uch i-nmiin tli n 11n y -hall fl x the value Ih-n of at *uch * mount a* thiy may dn m ju*t. but If -m h pcr*on *halt rcfum M an-wir niiy qui tlon to the value --f hi* real or pi<r*omal e*t?te. ir the Mm not ttmrrof the **tM a??i-*?or* *hall at rvducc lb* value of -uch real er pcr?>nnl e.tale Tin ? kamliiftlioti iu taken -hall I e writ ten. and *hall be *nb reritid l-y the f?-rwin examltu-1 an-l *liall he filed In the i flli e tf the town clerk of the town or city iu which aanb mi nt -lull be made, ami any pernon who ahnll w'.lftilly .wtar fa' oly in -uch rtiuiiuali-n ln-fure tlm ax?i --cr*. xhftU be det uied guilty of wilful and corrafd j* rjl ry bee 7 Tin * i ?oiw of (he ? Teral town* an-t w ti-d* of thi* State. -Ii-i'l hiive power to admliii*ler oath* to auy perm a epply itig to them under tlu- provleion? of the aeata Met ion of llil* act. F?c A M Sen the **?c-voe*. or a mijortly of them. ?b*B have ci u.pb ted tin Ir n-il. tin y *h?li M-Teralty appear be fore i ne i f the Jtvdici-* cf tin- town or city In which they ?ball re tile, and *hall ?evercllv make and ruhacribe befurw *iu h JtiMlee, an nwth. in th* following form Me. the un-ier-i/tied. do -everally ih-powe and >wit thftt wr tiare ??t d- ?i In the forogulng a**e*?mi-nt mil. all the ri *1 e?tnte *ltuate in the (town or ward, a? the ca?e may be.J nc :ording to our bc.?t information, and (hut. with the except ton of th-ee ca*e* in whicn tha value 11 the inld real aetata ha* been chanfi-d by maann of proc-f pre dtici-d be for* u*. we ban- - -timxted Uw eaiwa of the *aiil rial c-tatc at the *uin* which a majority at the a*-i-*i-r* have ili cidi d to be the full and true valua thervt f. and at which they would appralM- the aaaae hi pay m< ut of a jud debt dua from a wdvent debtee; ami al?o Ihftt tin- *aid K**e?nu nt roll i-onlain? a tra- ntaAe ?ntiit c-f the aggregate ninount of the taxalde p*-r*onai eatate if eacli nnd every p?r*on nnnicd iu *uch roll, over a ud above the amount of debt* of due from *uch pereowa I re*pevtively and i-eluding *uch et-nl* a* are ntherwtaa taxatde. and *urh other pmpe-rty na I* exempt hp taw from taxation, at tha fall aud true value thereof, aeciwd Itig to cur br*t jmlgnii-nt and N lief Which oath ahnll ba writl. n on -aid mil, aigned by the a**--anora, ami oar tlfoil by th< jurtlcc and xhall lie In place iA the ??(?rial rertiflt ate now rci|nirid by law. and rr-tj ****** or who aliaii wllfnlly iwear fabe in taking and *ub-rribliq| *a!4 oath, elcwiII I*- d--ennd guilty of. and liable to the penal tie? of wilfal and corrupf pi rjurjr Sea 0. Till* ant aha 11 lake effect Immediately InltnMInf from Albany. flrt.m the Albany Argue, April 14 ] Thf Legolatur" eihiUtr the u.ual buetle >kM?la rMtt-rir)'* therbra of a and ae U uranLdn^ nuirljell the important public hualarea rvmxiw to to acted on lu oae houae er the .the? The multitude off k ml Baeltrra. or > Urge portIon of Ikm, baring bna .tlrpaerd of. tl.? ?elnhtlrr nullrr* now eotne in for iMv .hare of attention. and *r? prt*?#|nr on .neb other In a .Impgle for pceacdenec- ?ml with nfrrum uppMk ly to on adjournment on the Iftth Rut no t mi" baa yet bran agr-i-d upon for a teal ad journment. Prior to the IrfklaUn rMI to Kir Terh, it war ajrr.ed that the two houeea raid not adjourn he fort. the lHh Of couro. It remain* ret to he ib he mined when the otUtnirnuicrt .bell take piece fi?B the enn illtkei la whlrh the pubjta buelaeee now 1*. though thua tc nothing In it of ao unu.ua! a character an te Indicate an rat. anion of the aemtoa beyond that day. It Btf It that eirruaaeiaacea may indue* a further dongeUan ha yund the thne when the err dttm ceaeea The Canal and ll.o. r?TAppropriation hiU? |iajna I lha. j*'**' 'day, and ft to the JtrBBhr amid A