24 Nisan 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Nisan 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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'?THE NEW YORK HERALD. V WHOLE NO. 8756. MORNING EDITION THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. 0ALBB MY AUCTION. AHHCCTION notice? furniture. at i? cherry flreet,?Thursday. 34th April, ?t 10 o'slsck, the furni *bui* of the above houss?Brusiols and ingrain Car Puts; carved HihoKhmy high poet bsdstswds; Mahoghany ana raae seat ?cbsirs. rocker**. M<lk loaklng-glassvs, mahoghany and dining dablea, mantel lumps, book case, glassware, and kitchen furni ture. A deposft firom ail purahusara. W. A.TARTER, Auctioneer, No. 7 New street. A1 A UCTION NOTICE.?COACH. PH.ETON, WAGON. ^nL R Oik a war, Jlaroucha.?On Friday, 25th April, at 13 <V clock, at the Toot of Wall street. will he sold, a (Clarence ?Coach, made ly Laurcuee A Colli*. in hrnt-rato order; two *i eat Fhad??n, triads by V.aorcnec A Colli* ; llug/y wagon, oik scat Kockaway, ligl t Barouche for one or two horses. Vf. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, No. 7 New street* rCTfON NOTICE.?A HANDSOME PAIR OF FAMILY L Carriage Iforees, light Wagon and Harness, on Friday, 25th AnHt at 12 o'clock, in Ooffnc House slin, (foot oi Wall street,) The horses are very showy sorrels, white manes and tails, well matched, free from ail tricks, faults or imper fections ot any kind, and can bo warranted sound and kind ii ertvyT?if?st, They hava been drlvan by thi pn ant ? owner lor--two years. Arc sold only on account of his going "to Europe. They will bo shown ou Thursday, between 2 ana o'clock, in front of the Merchant's Exchange. M . A. CARTER, Auctioneer, No. 7 New street. AUCTION NOTICE?TilOS. BELL. AUCTIONEER?BY II. N. Bush.?Furniture sale, this uiav, at half-past 10 o'clock, at the genteel private residence No. 2< Greenwich utrcct. near the flattery, llaud.-ome furniture, as already described. Deposits rnquirad. as II. N. 11.'s sales are al Wltjs settled"theame day. Also, valuable Paintings. Tii<>3 JiEl.L, Auctioneer. Auction notice?tiios. bell, aitctioneer-iiy 11. N. Bush.? Elegant furniture?Friday, at half-past 30 o'clock, the supeHor furniture contained in the house No. 28 Oliver trrevfc, including rich Carpets, Mahogany and Rose wood Furhitnr-*, splendid Looking Glasses: basement, bed rocm, and kite hen arrangement*; English Oil Cloth. Til OS. BELL, Auctioneer. I ( TMiN NOTICE?TtKW BELL. AUCTION EFIt -BY U N. Bu Ii.?Sidondid and valuable furniture of all A descriptions, in. the Auction Rooms, at half-past 10 o'clock Monday. llumU?>nio furniture. ?t half-past 10 o'clock, at No. l.fapevmrri Mrcot. TllOS. BELL, Aucthm or. WM. M ( OHM UK, APC'TIO \ EER LARGE S \|,E Of the stock of a merchant tailor giving up business, on Friday anil Saturday, at 110** Bowery, consisting of a large and extensi\e stook of e??at*, vests, pantaloon*, vesting*, superfine Mot 1 if, caaeitaar s. gentlemeu's under garni nts, Ate., lit 10 c'clock. Sale of furuitur". on Tuesday, at lid Mercer street. Shie on Wednesday, at .'<2 Warreu street. M. W. SHIRLEY. AUCTIONEER?MANUPACTU rer's stock of Lamps, Gir.utdole*. Ac., at auction, on Thursday. Arril 31th. at 10 o'clock, at N ? 424 Grand street, corner oi Attorney street, positive cash . ales of solar lamps, (girandoles, rut-and plain glass, lanterns, store fixtures, counters, show cases, oil cans, Ac., in lots for dealers and families. JW. BROWN. -AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FUR ? niture. Friday, Apr?l 2ft. at 10 o'clock, at Ns. 52 Vc ey .-ntreet.?J. W. Brown, will sell at auctiou, as above, the furniture contained-in the above bouse, comprising a large assortment ot handsome parlor, chamber, nnd other Furni ture, China. Glassware, Kitchen utensils, Ac. W BY CHESTF.RMAN 4: HOOUET?FRIDAY, APRIL 21, kt 10 o'clock. at Mo. 2.4 Kant Broadway?Utntni jjnu.fliolil Furniture?The entire Furulturo <>f ?atd Iiouee, all if *Hcli ia i.f the bet deeeriptina; commencing with the kitchen furniture. Catalogue, at tale. BV CHESTER MAN At UOGrET.?FRIDAY, APRIL 2S? Iloui-chold Furnitur.?At lOn'ulock, at No. I0H,' Kendo .treat?Tin- furniture In .aid houec, con-tnting of mtrbln top I'irr table, tilt tdi-r kI.m, enrpet., chair*. Cnlua tea ??ro. dining aud curd table,, French mahogany bed.tead*. curled hair Hiattre.?e*. feather b-da. bedding. bureau*, painting., tuitlque Frcneh * ;rrtarr and bureau, kitchen furniture. JOHN" KF.EfE, AUCTIONEER?NO WON VIEW, THE valuable collection of Picture aud b-autiful Drawing,, including important ov am pi., of the Italian, Dutch, and EnKli.li tciiuvl'. t" be oil I by auction, nn Monday, April 2\ at Orittcn'c i.allrrjr, Nn. ":i7'i Broadwar, on. door trorn White.!. Catalogue, at t'ooley', Auction Room ?. llroad ?wny, and in th QflWtjr. RC. KEMP. AUCTIONEER?OI I, PAIXTINOS? . The .trillion of buyer* ii invited to a large and "h.nutlful collection of tine Oil Pointing*. to be *'jld at auction by It. C. Ki-inn, at hi. Sale, Konui. al Naa.au ?tr.i t, Between Fulton .nil John atrect., Thi* day. at |l>.la o'clock. The collecti iu embrace, many valuable jciiutinr., and the Whole nre well worthy of the attention of tho,c ia wont of iilca.inK pictnr".. for fnrdiMat They arc all handeomely Iniiiied, and will be .old with the frame*. Ca talogue, on the morniug of .ale. R< K I MP AUCTIONEER ? FAROE AMD SPECIAL ? Auction Sal.- ofcle.aut Koacwood m l Mahegaay Cabinet J'urnitnreof the bet '|uality, lo-mctrot. (Friday.) at \U Jtioada.y.bet*een l-eonar l and Franklin trccte. Theatteu tlon of hoWMkeeper. i, particularly invited t > the ah -vc .ale, which ttfrlcci one of the larfct and l?**t aa?ortm?at of reaPv twautlful rtMewoad parlor and chamber furaiturc nf tcr??l *t *n< tioa- thi. pten. The furniture may be reli'd ti|.o? u- being "f good quality, and the eery be.t of material. ;?iid WfifRlaanrMp thronKh.ut, The .ale will hej.ereni|i*-irr A. tin hnildioK i. to be taken dov> u luiinrdiately after the tir,t wf May. Terence movie, auctioneer?jewf.luy. on Thi. day, nt 10 o'clock, at No. *7 BUaatn* atrect. ?r oaaiatiag of Ootd and Silier Watcliea. llrarelct*. F.arrinn*. Ying?r rinc. Ilrca.t Fin., flnard Chain*. Pencil.. Filvcr l.amri, Spoon., Forha. Clock*. Gluw Caaec, and Do.k, and ?eery article to he w.ld without rcerv*. to cloae a di.aulu ?loti of partn.r.li p X* II RF.VKU,. A PC HUNKER.?'THIS may, TJirn* M. * day. April 24, at Im, o'cl"ok A. M , in Court itr l, aemml home ironi Statu atre.-t, Smith Itr -.oklv n. 11 < ? n > li. 1 <i Furniture. mm prhdnj; Sofia. Tete-a-Tete, Itrieaal* mid Wilton Carpet. nnd the uaual tar.el/ of 1'nrlor nod li d fom llfMlWt. Br I. Jlonuir, ArcTiONEER.-ox friiiav, Aprils, nt h'? A. M.. nl fl Stele atr.---t, Itr.o.klvn? Uenteel M' u-eh.oM Furuilnre. walnut library book ami tlit UMml "-a-duaiit of I'arlor. Chamber. and Kit h'-.i I'nrnltnfo. Cntalnywaa on Thursday. At I n'elnek. I* M . at 117 Clinton aire, a?I'nrlnr. Chamber, and Kit. hen Parot tnrr. At o>j o'-lo.k, P. M . at 217 Jay atraet ? U.-ateel I'ar lor, CTraait-*r. and Kitohen Furnit rv. ri*HEOI>ORE MAIXABV, Al CTION F.ER -IIANIlsnMF. 1 I'uraitnrc. I'ler C;la? -a. K.aennod riami, I.am- Cur taint. Re. I Po-fp?a*4 oa nce-mat "f th# ator a.) J E. V ia Antwerp *111 aril. ?n Friday, -.th of April, at 1?? o'clo k. at J*u. Jh Twraty third rtreat. the wh.do af thahand-mn Fur niturt matatai-d a tlit abuiubouaa. For full partienlara, arr Connor and En inirtr. BV .1 N BMIFFEX-DORTnAOtaALXOPA MAXC fa- turrr --f Portion ry, OB Friday. at ltto'elook, at .VI Ann at., the enttr* apparntaa- laro K- llla?. Soap Mould-. I'rs-a, Tuhe. fanci Soap. Card Oil. Printer' B I'.lrr. I hoy-bend* ami A l-oata (Use* Bottle*. Piper [l--c?a, Cl*a.< Jar-. Ac. t W. U. KN Al l'. Attorn r \l i ? i raa. HENRV W. I.KKDS, At'CTlONEtB?HiHTSEIMT.D furniture. ?Henri II l.utdc fc Co. will a--ll at n n-?l >n, on Ttinradny, April k't, at t*u oil-ok. at No. Ill Hf**i Twenty -eighth -tn-et; In to-on lie math nnd Eighth nventiea, liouaehold furniture, .-onel-tlnx of tnili-icnnr (olaa, huriau*, marhlr top wnaliatandt, mahogany marble tup ,-rntru t iNl ? i; card, dining. quartette and ton table- Fremiti hadat'a-la, rttouian*. t-hnira, bat atand-, hair oiattreaaea, I.ed... lucrelii oarprta, oil clothe. Itr. Re : ulraa-l ilca, ma ite| ornaui -.iti. eitrka, glnaaware. rro -kery It*, k. una an --r or ?lt oefera muhap?u} piano, mad* by Walker: one of tOmr'a pat-nt ri fely. ralorr: alio, a lary* aaavrtueut of badr >uui not kitchen f am Hut*. HE N K V II lllllt, AI'C riO V F.F.R.?:i K VTEFfi Kouaehold furniture.?Ilear* II. le-a ta J* C'e. wiM a-ll at a nation, on Tht-radny, April .'Ith. at in i. lm k, at I'all! idi a.-n atroet rente*! ho*-. h?|.| fnrnitnrr, eon'latlof of m*h? pan\ furaitor . in hair ol.-tli.mfa-. ehur-, dl-ana, nttn maaa. It'.: marld# topc?ntr? laid**, mantel . I n k-, aatral lamp*. tnantrl ornament*. Hru.-eli .arpcta. pi-rule.-*.. ,v ? kr.; oil rloth. atelr carrrte. hat reek*. ki*.; inah ./in? ho.|. r-mra fnrniaare, I rrn-b h*d*toad?. n*ah?tand-, dr -e-inx bo rear".rhina. < r--< k- ry and al.i--? ,r?: kit ' a furnlt-ir-, a ^egtral araorfnient, with tahl -b tb- -nl,- will rouimun a. Hf.Ml II. UUN, AlCTIOXEE*. ? *ri.FM?t? hoa -d old fornltar -, aatln ini.iek eurtala-. ra?ewn?d tairlor tnlte.a. It iltoa rarp-' , ri.'? dinner aot, eloraal at ehatidelter*. oad mantel dttt-i.?H-ary If. l-e la .X r?, will ?ell at aoetlon. on Tboraday, Ap-il 21 at I'l a'.-loek, at 1 lt"? aerliy I'laie, oora< r of Itrrtr ttr> ?t. a ?ea--ral *?? -tment of horaaboM fnrniti re, eoatUtiay .a t art of royal tt ilt- a earput r al dlam i t la-lia aiattlar. in nn* ? r i.-r: ale/ >al ehaafeller". enamelled and ormnla: al?o. aapei' mai.tdar jiamt iila, ttt--l for ana. with h.-aty orai iln p.-mlaatt, n?tr? ?at title: erliiK'-b antln dama-k triad--at enr'aln* an I lie a - r kaeeela. pier aln?aaa tataAJ. aim '*'-a."<l. parlor farai'art ia rlohly earied rawe rood, eovupa-l la y*?-a atlk pi i dti er;-ai? n natla d.-maah arm cbaifia, Jte.i reati* taktea with marhla top#, raadelahra*. rl? h tnl It -arer mar' U r.-rd racaltar. ;a peatry aoreen. elerant fle'li pi?r *la-'"?. fce. jj". Fr-a' parlor, aa aid' ?I'arlor farnitnr- eared In r"?e-e -a aiedallUe. r?\rred iu rich eilk pinch, rarrad eta. r-. II. neae aofera. par ehan-l. II r mad rich ortm.la miat. l era neat*, taarhle araam- nt". ohe?# tahle. r< li dinner ? t. I-Mwa ader aln?-o-, A .. X. It. drnom*. ? R-.yal Wi'ton ' arp't, yel low damnak window eartalaa an I . -ni ,--. a it.i "rnhr .. I r?.| >iader rnrtnlna. mat -yany *ar li--i e, rfcnir. Iwo.i ad*. Ilrneael* earprta. iwnntel oraatn'-nt-. vaa* Piarean --nrtain-; 1-areaaa, ahadee, Anamra (lam. ntattre???- aid pillow" ma hoyiny Inrniture Ia hair rlotli. piaryl ieae*. H'llton "ti'r ear pet. It e. Re. Ala-, an a?*nrt*n-at of la ? meut turnitur", with whi. h ti e aalewill --omio- 'i -o. ng. HOI t:H. AI'CTIOXEER ?OX FRIDAY M'lRV ? inj, at I? > rlewk, a MM* aad deatrakia aa-or'maat -f kouaehold frrmtwre. at "7 tlreenwteh naentie, I'reneh S.r'a and Marble Top Hnr- aatn matoh made by I'htX: V .h :my ?Farina Feat nnd ather Chair" MMivtany Carted Reel r?. nine llniaaele and Intrata Carrel". M*h-<?any Drt--ia< and Plain Mareanr; ftair Carpat and Rnya: ll-.iat. ad-. I'ilia-t-ra. Italr Mattreatwa. Mali xaar llat gtcad*. I.ooklnr td?.-?, tttoiea Ball and Falooa f.aaiP", f)e-ha, Mih' .inv rireaaine tad other Tablrej with a -juantlty of return, a tarnitar-.- and kitehen wtenall- (Rain or thin .) H?M'SKS. ROO?g, Ac-, WAITED. WlrikW.li |\ RROOKI.VN-A Milt til F, glP.FJp HOI'AE IT between Mamilton ferry anl J-.ial.-' n > t *-ineh If any nhote flonry etre-t; r? nt mode -at*. Addr e* J. F. I., IMlAkf. *tat n| loeatt -a > i"a* W]Lr AXTEfh?A Ft RJil'llf. li K" t tt honr.l tor n ?-nt|*w-an. in Hard'y -r Vea > "t. ? t? Addre** J. 1'., it Oortlan.lt "If t. A'lll'STnilld I Ft TEI) TO RIM F> R 1 \ E !R or h-nr-r. a tmfrtaMy firnl?h-d r.a l plraeantly aitaatml kottar of rattaxn tn th- oeantrr. where ???*?? Vd lh* cltj ia fro.in. at and ant near one honr'# Irttil from Wall *tro.A. No ohje. -lion t-i I. atd the owner ? fninil v, throaph the *nnimef. ifd-alr-d Addrvaa, with fuiltiartl Oiilara. F?u?t, fee., wM. h mad he moderate, f. II. 11 . Ilefnld ?<HDee, It two day*. Xaar the watvr prewrr-td. TBAgSFORTATIimi PEXWgTl.TARIA RAII.ROAft COMPANY ARE NcW forwaHiM (food* to I'lttaharyh in Art dnyw, tr.,m I'hDtaelphin. at the following low ratoe, tiv- Flr"? C'htaa? |kry Oc-od*. Shnee, Hat*, ke . gl per IWilh*. Peeoad Clean? Bale* Drawn Mnallna, Crocarhw, Hart warn. Re., lei*, pet ?ill lh*. Third-Uneeneware, Coffee, Tin, Dr., -t". par Mil M. Faarth?Aahna, Tar. Plteh, Re . fft e ta per KB !ha. N* wo?,iai?eioa* ?b*re*d for raeeltlag nff forwar-Ung goodai* Yhlladelphii or I'ittebargh. Oooda rrom New R'atoa ?r an* #f th* Rnatern Maanfaelnrlng Cnmpaalea, to h..J won 8ALI %WD TO LIT. A CHEAT BOWLING AND BILLIARD ESTABLISH meat fur sale.?The roonu, containing eight alleys aud fuur ?r* on the northeast turner of Eighth and t'hex nnt street*, Philadelphia, in a bulling four stories high. 2j by 1(13 foet, well lighted on each stroe*. with sixteen windows on each story, high and well ventilu'ted, very central and must pleasantly situated. The alleys are laid down in a very solid uud durable mauuer, and ri? very still. The rooms are fitted up with all possible con\ snicnces, and fur nished in the most elegaut luanuer, with *>il cloth on the Hours, marble top tables and wash-stands, wllh silver plated fixtures, Re.; lour very large Fronch plate luiriwrs. Ate.: was re Jit ted, seven months since, at a cost of ?? in perfect order, and is now ia most successful operation, And visited by the best and most genteel class of iteople. As the pro prletor is deeply engaged in the California trade. l>r will sell iftble I at a reasonable price, for cash. For further iutceriurvtioo, apply to or address M. HUDSON, No. 11 South Eighth street, corner of Chesnut street, Philadelphia. II OR SALE OR TO RENT-A TWO STORY HOV9E. | with outhouses, and uart of a barn, with large yard, ! garden and fruit, near the Wcstport Station of the New j Fork and New llaven Railroad. Possession given imme diately. Rent low. Inquire of E. B. Sherwood, near the j premises,_or of 11. P. Ill KR, at 70 Pine street, New York. tjV)R SALE, AT IIARLEM.?A HANDSOME COTTAGE house and four lots of ground, with stable, wood house, ice house, foal house, Ate. The place is well stocked with the choicest fruit trees, Ac. Situated ou l&Rli street, between Fourth ami Fifth avenues. Inquire of HENRY P. McCIOWN, W Nassau street. L^OR SALE?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND X lot, U7 Lexington avenue. It contains ali the modern improvements. Possess ion on the lat of May. Terms easy. Apply ou the premises, or of JAMES CONNER At SON, 23 Ann street. MOR SALE OR TO LET?A VERY BEAUTIFUL COT V tagf, at Dearmau, on tiic Hudson, twenty miles from own. Apply to M. B. FIELD, 'JO Nassau street. I^OR SALE?TIIE PORTER AND VICTUALING HOUSE No. W Yeaey st., opposite Washington market?together or separate. Inquire at the bar. A private family, in fourteenth street. having more room* than they require, would let a Par lor and Bedroom. on the flret flour, to a gentleman and lady. The house is? new. furnished with all mud m improvements. Unexceptionable reference Riven and required. Address M., Herald Office. A GENTLEMAN AND IIIS WIFE, WITHOUT CHIL- I drvn, lisaa ing a largr hou?? than they require, (In 1 Hleecker street. near Broadway,) would rent the as.oud floor with front basement, and m?e ??f hath room, to a sutill family of grow n persons. Immediate possession gi\en. R-j- I fereuces exchanged. Apply at 2* Hleecker street. 1 HOliOKEN?FOR SALE OR TO LET-THREE NEW first class three story brick bousos* flushed in the heat munner. w ith sub-cellars and basement. Said houses were commenced lout August, and frill he finished by the firit of May. A ppl v t*? Nathan VForley. No. *2 Vcaey street, Ne " " " * t. T. Pe i rk, or John Ireland or Ch??. T. l'erry, Ilohukcu. H( OIIOKEN-TO LET, IN HUDSON STREET. 1IOBO ken. between Second and Third streets. a suit of rooms i?n the jsecond flour, with full or partial board. Possession < ?n he had immediately, if desired. Apply, or address a note to ** Hobokea*" HW Fulton street. New York. No. 12 osnxwics man. msas battuC! ti? Let ?A largo three story house, with basement and large yard. suitable for two or three respectable families, or hoarding hoitae. Apply on the premises, or lbtt Greenwich Posset street, near Dey . PU session 1st .Hay. U ARE OPPORTUNITY.?THREE YEARS LE ASE OF the fancy store, No. 614 Grand street, being one of the best busiues* lo< atiius iu the city ; an 1 likewise tlu? stock for ?nle at a bargain, inquire on the premise*. Satisfactory reasons Riyen tor discontinuing busiuess. S 'TABLE AND CARRIAGE DOt>E TO LET.?THE " commodious Stable and Carrta*** lloase. in Mercer 1 streit, in the rear of the house No. TOR Broadway. There arc four first-rate stalls in the stable* audit ban a flat yard for washing carriages* Ac. Apply to W. A. Carter* Auctioneer, } No. 7 New street. TO LET ?A VERY FINE N KW FOUR STORY AND bust in? nt house, 171 East Seventeen strvct. second house east of Second avenue, three rooms deep on first floor, bath, range, furnace, fee., finely fluislied throughout. Also, thedwelling parts of two larg* houses, Nog. Vi and Sn Fourth avenue ; 10 rooms, two parlors, and kitchen, range, bath, Ac. Apply to ?. H. Kiushiiner, 319 Fourth avenue, 1 alter2. P.M. j *0 LF.T AND FOR SALE. AT HOBOEEN?SEVERAL * A three story and basement brick dwelling house*, in the immediate vicinity of the ferry. T* These houses are finished in the handsomest manner, and are replete with every coa veaieace. liot and cold water in the hath -rooms and kitchen, Ac., Ac. Immediate possession git 'n, and the rent to com mence from the first of May. Inquire at the HLohokea Laud w. w.r ? Office, of W. W.8HIPPEV, A TO LET, IN SOUTH BROOKLYN?THE LOWER PART j of a splendidly tinish-d three story house. 43 by 23 feet, situated the third house from Clinton, on the loft hand of Fackett street, consisting of parlors thirteen feet high, with carved statuary, marble tit Mitels, corniced in the inost ele gant manner, with panelled ceilings and heavy centre pieces; front and hack basement, and four handsome finished 1 rooms on the third floor; gas in every room. Rent V"*'- Ap ply on the premises, or to J. HARNETT, No. 152 Broadway T^O LET?A TWO STORY HOUSE. TWENTY EIGHT feet front by thirty two feet deep, containing eight rooms, with a kitchen adjoining, with two acre? in garden. iiasterc, and fruit, pleasantly situated iu Norihteld. Stolen stand, four miles from Port Richmond. Stags and bunt to the cit\ three time- a day. Also, stable room for horses, Ac. Ret t. &1.'<0. Apply to Geo. White, No. )t Wall street. TO LIT?TIIE BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED FOUR *t< ryhouse, 731 Broadway, c<?nt?inint uearly twenty -m> siid pantries on every floor; suitable for a large fami ly or fashionable boarding house It whlbc leaded for term of years to an approved tenant. Apptv at 774 Broad way, where cards to view the premises >nn be obtaiael. FTM> LET?IN BROOKLYN. ON VAN DEPTH! LT AYR. A line. net ?wr M>rtle and iTtuton avenues, a new two st .ry and bust meti t cottage, containing nine rooms, cellar, Ac.; parlorsfin felted with marble mantela. grat -s, Ac.; a flower garden of two lots. Peeeemsinn Immediately. Rent $JKI. Apply to II. JOHNSON. Broalway. or on the premises. T? llT~THF' NFU THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. with the adjoining lot. No. A R*?e* atr<-*t. Jer- r City within live minutes walk of the ferry, and adjoining to and commanding an un^? rpa-?* d \ iew ??i the hav. E. \V. ITAV.fi IIOYE. Jr .\*I John street. Fpo LET, IN BROOKLYN?TIIE UPPER PART OF A 1 brick House, in IL.yt street, near AtUnt Three r<o-tn? on the sc. < nd ifoor. two of them with Hi pUr*?, and two rooms on third floor. Rent. $I3M. to a small gent ? I family of prown persons. Api.lv. iu New York, to U. O. Robertson. 4 Liberty pi nee. Maiden Une. fTO LET?THE TURK F. STORY BROWN STONE FRONT A nouse No. 22 kft Nineteenth street, between Fifth -n l fMath avenues, (n-ar Fifth avenue,) thrse m >m* deep, with all the modem improvements. Rent flLOUtk luiuirot 1.1 V", LIVINGSTON, At John ctrcet. FltQ LF.T? DRILL ROOM. AT iHM IIROVDWAV. \ I large atid tint room,70 feat hv A) fai't, witti very hi ch iling, suited for a Military Drill Room, mtyjn !i?d Tofqna or more evening* each week. Apply to E. V. Haiighooui* *?il Broadway. TO Lr.T?A COINTRY SEAT OV THE DI D40X RI ?<T Hallrnad, nithin * fan minnfaa' walk of tha 4op it at liaarman. Tin- honao i? pnrtiully fnriiiahc I, and ice iimaa Illliil. Fur fortlii r parth iilur- hi.|.ljr la ISAAC M. IlKOVfN. I?*T Funrfh aranao. fpo I. KT?Tin: SECOND STORY OP STORE MO. A r.'l t.rron* i Ti ttfytt, anitahla fut a haaitiaaa or ia*nn ??. (tirint |inr|H?tua. A| pi/ to Fray It Sand., No. liXJ-g Groan* u h Mrrrl. ffO I IT, FROM TIIF. FIRST OF MAY, A I.OFT AND 1 Rnh-Caltar, tlthar tivathir or trnajmla, at 117 Fnlt >n ?treat. AiplvtoAlaa.il. tin i/. N<>. I llan ttrtlr it, tor nor uf Wall atraat. O LET?TIIE FRONT Avt> HACK ROOM A. SECOND atof), .11 Duaaa atrwt. aiifnrnlahad. to o iin.-ln . ? 1 - ?r t? a maa and hl< nMa, with ar Mthatl b?ari Th in i, h rntl la th. k room, warm and ? "Id. ET?Till HOI -E NO II I EIH?V PI. Vr,.?APPLY T. HA 11.FY MY ERA, No. 30 Stoat atraat. PpOUCT, 111 A TRENCH FAMILY, WITH OR WITH J "?t hf ikfut. a tbh adld parlor, Rttk bodrmiu a Uelaad. It |?ir? at N i,17 NorfE Mo?r? atraat, form r ?f Varl ET?0 RENT?FIT KM SHED. WITnoiTT BOARD, TU1 A Nrikd flour of tha liuaao ?fld Broadway. UTORRMMm TO LET?TWO FLOORS r.tW. IN ?? tit. a-tr hwllttiBf, r?ar <>f it Elm ?tru?i >r nlthonfl att ain j ? n*r. la-ialrr af Jattioa l./a< ,. T<i l>-i m- atrtut. T fj*0 I E IE* ANTED TO in FIIOM Till FIR'T Or MAY TO V? n lady and t?ntl ifnna, a fttmDhr I rn-m on I' .-.Ironm, wltl 1 < aid for til* had) Thi-D n ram aham-? f ir tho? who n- hD III for tliu family hya no rbttdr-n. of ot hoc In nnltTo Hta-'addr ?*n m *o f? ?* Jana,'"ll' i tld Olfluu, i itinr ? h. r 'on Int- rv w can Da ' ud. Wo nfeiao j r quirtiZ MKDICAta. ? inn W ILL RE FAIR HY FHF St'RA- R'HER TO <? I ' " ' ? ?rt?i da of any | ai nu nh aln nld c.in a inpti in, if it i'in !??? fr vhiI tha- had lil t tnu ' otM ? of Matt i \?rv n? Andld.it", ao-nrl-nt ??? dlro.-ti n?, wlthla ?no ni.?k of tha TAIIU1 W'aTTR laid No?aaa at. SI a Lottie. ?? a doaun. IL'dTTS' KERVfH S ANTIDOTE.?t HAVE ACTIO ?? na C"Hoapuadfaf So, mtary thu t natmlttua la In irrtiiato Ita i a ? u?, f,.r the Urt ait Mentha, aad am n"tr ? ' ir'ttrlily ?ati-uml It la '! ? -n. ?t r .n ir.-ful |r poroth.n In t'.f n.rldf that I not only aarmiflty anilnfw n'l tha* Dr. Woo- aoj - ol "at It no a nirv in?. batadl that It fa ? ina'ly p. tant a ml |rfltl In uonantnptfon, hat in? naraf iMlod In atitallH ? a ml red nay** thai hy>" i-amo nndtr my oV?r ' JOHN A. I.\WIIKNCr. M Vr. j atmM. Private bedicai, work -dr. Ralph s prao lit! ! Tr itito, ritinitr otairat, dfat, ra< ip?a. St., %a It niMtt ? rarj una to tr?ai hir own raao, "f tn |'rl<a ifpra E'rly ?r- .i?d Mntk aditl u ?2 p?f? ?itb y1 a????prtat I **. Id at an Oru-antrl! .or ,t ?nd f.1 Aaa atraat. Ita atlatl fn . hy adtlruaalBa Sua ?<? Font Offlra. DR RAIPH AI TTIOR f T THE "PRACTICAL PR1 rat* ?rnniiaa," fcu -ahRbo hnttra. A tn It A M., ? to I F M . (Annduy -ar?|t-d.) No. HA (ju?n?(?h atroat. It k? I una o aiattur of atiryriur t? amor, that any oat of MMM bilifyaad 'f yrM'aoahnal attain moat* ohonld toaoto hia a* toatian to tha diao???a vhleh puoul. of ?a*ry doarrip'loa yra land to car a an aaMrily. If. han-arar, tha thnuaaad'A yar Bf tbr nwir?Haa thaau paoyla Win* n|>oa ?oufuty *?r? known a vary diflormt nyiatnn nanld hu furoud. Aid It la ao* tnly tho praount aiioory and d?jrofhin. yruyin* ea thi ?fki a* wall aa tha body, bat an ma aro nf anHi noiow a* to lint ynytutiby, and tooa to drafruy tha r?yra , dnr'iva fatuity alCHtathor. It la a foot that, whoa af ft. prrlr trtowd, thay may rrmafn ao d rm?n> in tho or b' r Hutiun aa to apprar in a? nthar way than in tlmfr ap in praor'y: yot, if prdporly nndmatiiod. *r? m vat ,a*fli and at ordily roiyt vrd. Frora Wo nneommoa mrdira' adnaa tayra tko author hoa onjayad, and a vary aatrnalua and lam yraoti ? la thla aportalfty, ha hoa amylo around ' rT |a?wiK I yrmaaontunravin ooata af atrtotnr*. ho wan*-. , Milln^tyf or old ataadlii* H may bo: and that, I* an* ?tn*o i foortafy dia-'aroo. oy t! air emoayaoni-oo aa wa'i ?? tha lap'.nrabla a# fanto rnanltlay froaa aarly l?r.pror ,y babita. ha oaa ln*wr ?nlh rartain, aafa. and radfoal onr ^ ha oMaload IHa au atbar aonrao la Aaoortoa. ,Vi .?a wha ayyly hi tha ayyty IMpa It HtnW M ta?t faydfllty at ifeyfWi NEWS BY TELEGRAPH, ALMOST INCREDIBLE NARRATIVE, Most Extraordinary Criminal Organi zation at the West. Arrest of an Extensive Gang of Desperate Men in Michigan. frer Thirty Justices of the Peuce, Doctors, Judffs, Cowstnblrs. and others, in Prison, Ac., Ac., Ac. Dktroit, April 22,1951. The Detroit Trikttnt of the 21st, contain." the following extraordinary narrative. It is almost too strange to be lieve We briefly announced on Saturday, the urrest of a gang of men in Jackson county, who were organized for the most nefarious purposes that depravity could suggest. Our readers will reiiieiiiix-r that, for the last yeur or two the Central Railroad Company tin re been constantly an noytd along their line, by persona whose sole oeeuputlon seemed to be placing obstruction. on the road, and otherwise destroying the property of the company. At one time, so systematic had their work of destruction become, that the Railroad Company were induced to employ a eouple of shrewd persons, whose duty it should be to travel along to line, and detect tin- offenders ; but so well organized were the band, that for eighteen moot lis they eluded the most persevering inquiries. Some (bur weeks ago. however, one of the [<ersone employed by the company, obtained an inkling of the organization, and !?> adroit management succeeded In worming himself into the confidence of the initiated ; bwt before they would trust liim to any considerable extent. It wu" re quired as a proof of hia allegiance, that he should fine the depot at Niles on a certain night, prodded it was not previously done by an individual from> this city, who was to lie sent on for that purpose. The night came, and to ward off suspicion or betrajul. as well as to secure full confidence ot the gang, the depot was fired?oil neces sary precautions, however, having been made to BTort any serious damage to buildings. The news that the depot at Niles had been set on fire, i>nt fortunatily discovered in time to prevent its des truction. at once gave to the new recruit the fullest confidence of the gang, and he was forthwith admitted to the most secret eounslls of the leading desperadoes. Counterfeiting, horse stealing, incendiarism, burglary, robbery, and the smallest petty larceny, were the sworn rhjects of tills monstrous organization. One of their d? "igus was to blow up the traok and cars by an inge niously contrived torpedo, so arranged as to be fired by the locomotive, and explode while the pau.wigcr cars should be orcr it. The informnnt continued to act with tin m until he had procured the names of thirty or firty if the conspirator i. and their places of resilience, con fined principally to l<eona. Centre. Jackson. Michigan, ami to this city. Before plana had been matured for their arrest, the notorious Joe Dows. who. it is said, was the general of the eooeern. was taken from this city to Pittsburgh, on a requisition of the Governor of l'rnn sylva nia. and the management of the gang devolved upon a fellow calling himsulf 0. 1) Williams, then in this city, but a resident of the 8tate of New York. Thl? per son. it is ascertained, was to leave Detroit fur BuSalu on 'lhttrsday night; and as his arrest at that time would be the signal fur a general dispersion of his aoaompUoes, lt? we" determined to let him proceed, wliile an. otnner, f?.i nishi d with the requisite papers should accompany him, and make the arrest during the passage, thus giving time to perfect a capture of his companions in this State. That srre-t was made by Wm II. Uoodnow. of the Cus tom House vho was acting as United States Marshal and Williams was brought bark to Detroit on Saturday night, undi r e-eort of that officer. On his * ay up. Williams requested olfirer Gnadnow to mail for him a letter at Detroit, as soon as lie should get there This, when tin y got to the prison. Mr. (1. con sented to do, but received a reply that it was not then ne ccs-niy. as the gentleman to wlwun he had written had ! aim Is come an Inmate under the same roof. On Friday night tlie time it had been agreed on to make the ar- , r< -ts in the interior, an extra train of cars was sent out j fti in this city, with a large number of officers and assist ants, engaged fur the occasion: ant such were the ar- ? rsngements made and carried out. by leaving squads j along the line, that at Lcnna Michigan. Centre, and ; Jackson, thirty-three men were arrested slmultnneoudjr about daybreak ou Saturday morniug. and brought in and lodged in jail on Saturday afternoon Anion* the prist Hi's arrested are three justices of the pence fire I men call-d doctors, one judge, and four constables?the 1 letter belonging tnthe t wnshlp of Leona?not an officer of ahith. fti in supervisor do* u to pnetma ter. but is said | foil- implicated The following is a list of th -parsons arrested:? Hr. Filch, K L. Melton. James Chsmplia, Alain - liitimes, ttrvrnvnn Klllm. H. I ?*. .1 it lllio kOnrn. M in. W l ong, A J dain. Ilim Wsktwna, Ebensisr h"Mnt, Klast l??ji Krstfns l lisfrnso. A turret, Win CorwlB. W in. Chai iaaa. E. Tilliip, B, D. rarubaiu. , Ili-nr\ k|fl*?. Ilirstn llsjr, Wm. Wsrnsr. Jin ?f?Terrill, Nathan t'radlt, John Acker* W eh em Hill. John K. IsirkwoaJ, LsatSV FsaXel'f, J. I.* ralmrr. E. Khr. Nin r H Al..nf, I'll dabby, L. I hauiplia. Jtxtgs lluraet. Iisriel Jfjers. In this eify Wa-hlngfon tlay and Frsstus fmith were am-tid on Saturday. and In the house of the form-r Hi re found a variety of implements lor burning building", and so constructed as to hum one- hour, or three d*y? Is fore s< ttipg fire to the building By one of thru* ma chines it has liecn discovered that the depot of this city * a" fl-ed last full, which resulted in the lo-s of on- hun dred thousand dollars worth of property. Tin' am da Were made on Writ from the United Btvfei Court, for stopping t he mall, and for count rfrltlag United ftstc- coin, and the prisoners will prolmhly be detained until the next session of the District Court. Dmitri \V abater and Ihf fommnn Comtrll of Ho?lon-*hl|)wnfU?. Ar. Honor, A|>ril J3,1 Ml. The committer of the two brnnrh,? of the < .im >n C'lincilnict Mr WfMrt yeater.lay. and JUdermaa Ro g> r< prr-'ilol the rr<oiotk>n? of th? li wril of Aldermen Ihtitint Mr WtMrr U) apeak In funrnil Hall, "ayIn* ?hut he b liored the reeolutlon* were the true txpogaghi

of the feeling* of tl-at body Mr. M'. Iter thanked him. and tat 'd that he ?h'mld reply in writing. A not H> r llriti-h , chooner has come aihor* at Cape C<d with nil hand* probably I?et. A tMwl of ?in,nt I n ton*. bottom up. ram" nahon n< nr Morrow*) Point, Chatham, on the 17th ln*t., but atl?nppe*rcd In th" gala of the next day Alia appeared to U ih w. *nd I- -gppoaed to hare bean loaded with r in. Thr Fatal Kxplaralon at Oawrgn. Ai.atar. April XI. 1M1. The 0?w> .;<? Timra, of thia morning, amy* that thrar more ? f the wonmled hare died Royal Darta and J nine ? Cr i roll, engineer* of the boat; J oh n 0*1 on nor and .1.tinea t'l ureh waRera; and Thotna* (Jnt|i,.ln. fireman, are there of the erew who are dead Three an- ml i?lng. and -e: poaed to hare been blown Into the rlrer. The jnry returned a mrdht that the eiploetoa occurred from the want of wntrr in the hotter. Laigr Fire at Klngatnn, Canada. Toaoero. April U MIL A get at Are ttanti I thU morning, at Rlngaton Forty Tioua - hi;re Veen deatroyed in the Moak honndeil ly Priiwc. I! igot, Wellington. and Queen atreeta, whlrh ' Cmll\ate the principal part of the rity. The progre-n of tb.a fire ha- tern arretted The loea will lei *'#y heavy. but la not yet n-eorlalned. Irlxh mid Xriro Ron at Montreal. ,?c. Mortal *i.. April 'A lWil. T"-day. there wn? a -light low here, het.ween anme Iriil men and -<?De refugee -iare*. Xo gi eat aaleehirf *?' done. The fir-i -hip from Fngiand ranebed Q'-ahee laat night. Thr At mi ley Cnnrt Martial* Waamnntow, April XI. 1M1 The Atanley court martial baring return >,l their earl oaa rerdlet to th? Nary bepartment, without ait-rating, the PteaUent hr a commoted their aegtegra of llrmltig| U tgclT' ^tTitlM ?g?pen*log WRhOgt f?f Death of Comnodarr Barron?Remain! of Arthblihoy Kcctceton. HaLTiMoar, April 2.1,1851. Commodore Jamee Barron, soutor captain In the United Btali* Nary illcil at Norfolk, on Monday afternoon, in the eighty-third year of hia age. JfU last momenta were .loot lied by the preaenee of hi* family. ?U tbe member* of which had been tummoned to attend hlui in actio! pation of the aad erent. He tiled In the full pojwaion of bin flioultlea. and with perfeet resignation. The remain* "f Arehhiehop nee lento n will ri-aoli Haiti* uiereat eleTeu o'eloek to-morrow, and will he received by a proeeaaion. and eaeorted to hi* late reaideneo ?t the Cathedral. lie will be Imried in a vault under the C?tho* dral. on Saturuay. The Cathedral and other bells wero tolled lant night. Another Attempt to Elect a United State* Senator lit NaoMctaaMtti-^irrat Excite ment, Ace. Boston. April 23. 1S.11. 9hr ItflsUtnre. to-dHy. again proceeded tolwillot for a li'.tli* Stale* Senator, for tier twentieth time. Annexed is tJ* nrsillt Chtu'i's Pumner coalition 101 '? '? '? (UouMtal i ................ 1 R . t". WintRrop, 107 Scattering....... 2>j Whcfe nuaibe't if votes cant..,. 387 N eceeaary ton ."Vitro 15*4 The vote uiartii-d' feubtfnl in thcilrfiV had ? pencil mark drawn across tbO Maun- ofSumiirV Tie committee were diridtcf on the qillation of the lcgxAty <tf thie vote; but. after a I'ng dlscuMton. the majority- of the euivvnit tcc reported tltat f iimne^wn elected by Jar majority. The ppcaket annoum-eli. as the result if- the liuTTk-t the election of Italics fumiier by one maj srtty, accord ing to the repoiV of u umyiilj of the C0LtBsita.ee wljo' counted the votes It was then mwed by a'TtMg that the repect' be re committed to the r mintttre. with instruction -to report a vote which they l ad throw** c?t a* scatter! V This motion, after a debut ? of half nuifaour. wat ciu-r. *1 with out oppoaition. and tl e committer made a new r^ort a* follow*:? Charles Sumner, coalition. 15H R. C. Wlnthrop, whig * 107 Pratt ering -7 Wholes number of votes. 388 Necessary to a eholee JP5 Sumner still lacked one vote If was now discovered that there1 wits two more vofes counted in the above bulb 4 than tlu-ie were membe* present who voted, consequently they proceeded to ba> lot for the twenty-first time, whteh- rswiu-d thus :? Charles Sunnier, coalition IS'!:? Robert C .Wlnthrop whip 188 Scattering -7 WTiole number of votes 188 Necessary to a choice 194 Summ-r was again within oue of the ovarii The House refused to adjourn by Ik.majority and ? new balolt was ordi-red. The most Intense excitement prevailed throughout the cMy. and all the avenues of the State Uouse were densely crowded. It was erroneously annonnred otter the first of the ballots, that Pumner was elected by ooe majority, wbirh caused the ( mumonumlth. {abolition newspaper.) to bang out about a doicn Hags, whietvconMnaed to wave in the breexe for a long time We subjoin the result of the twcuty-secmd ballot :? ITinrles Pumner. coalition ? lfl Robert C. Wlnthrop. whig 188 Scattering - 27 Whole number of votes 384 Necessary to a choice 151 Two votes for Sumner were thrown our. in ooueequeuce of their being found doubled together. Motions were made to udjouru. but the House, by a small majority, concluded to go into the twenty-third ballot, which was concluded at eight o'clock, and resulted as follows Charles Pumner. coalition 181 Robert f. Wlnthrop. whig 188 Scattering 28 Whole number of votea 377 Necessary to a choice 180 Pumner now lacked four v? tea of an elect to* The Mouse tw.n adjourned fby a large inherity. after having been in session without intermission for about twelve hours Interesting from 1>im. lUvrtMoaK. April 23. 1S51. New Orleans paper* of tho 18th ln*t . received to-nigh contain date* from Galveston to the liah TIm bodies o seven men. supposed to hurt" bwn killed by Indians. huTe been found near Corpus t'hr Intl. Hundred* of cluigruut* from Missouri. Arkinau. an other (Mate*. as well a* foreigner*, an* flacking int Trxaa. Pome paper* are discussing not only the propriety, but the mode of paying the ."Mute debt Movement* of MteamaHIp*. Ni? Dalka*?) April 28,1 til. Tho steamship Falcon arriri'd here on Mawdaj from Chaste a. Savxovvh. April 22. 1AS1 Tlte steamship Alabama. Captain l.udow. from New York, nrgprd at thla port In sixty-seven hoar* from wbnrf to Wharf PHii.ant i.rHU. April 32-8 12 P 11 The now screw steamer Albatross haa made the un rqnalUd ran of 110 hour*. fTom Philadelphia to t'harles ton. gutting of tHe Ship John Adam*. VnmOLi, Apnl^id 1851 W The V 8. till John Adam* -slh-d to-day for the coast of Africa mid Madeira. Mnrheta. Ns? Osi.t ?**. April 22, IM1 Cotton ha* declined '?c. a 'a"- alhee the receipt of the r?rlflc ? m *? The ?aiaa. today barely remihed lot) bale*. M*** pork I* ftrin at ft) 50. Freight* are fltuier and cotton i* taken for Liverpool. at I Jii w Oai i ***. April 22?P M Lard ha* advanced, with sale* of ;>HI barrel." at Br., and 1.30(1 kegs at lie. a 11 >,c llaron side* ?rc at ? advanc ing rlhta-d being held nt 8\c o Be Tobacco ::on lili l of Maaon eonnty rotd at B'fe Pork t* Arm at til '2"> a fit mifur mre aouui Im-hel rn -oil at 5tk< I r mixed, and Mr a 6de for yell"* md while, Cotton |. hmy. The weather haa bee* stormy ell i?j; cold and raining. CatttutMi April 21 1W51. Cotton hi* been Very qutat. Tint tran-acttoii* ow i'ri dsy Ware Ihntted to .'WO hale* at prie ? ruling froWi * , a II V- |Wr M hM MP *11 ?? Ikf itrilsy. al 1'ialle Ct*n main. April 23. 1451 Prime kef lartl h?? been soi l le re t ? I >y to the e* t< nt of MM I eg*, at B.'^e . an 11* now held at hie ft li st ? April 21.1*51. Tic past twmty-f <?r hour* 111-receipt htr Isei ? Flour. ,.?t> Ml* ; wheat none; r-rn. 31 "??i bii-'neh A Mr demand catat* for Wwi.-ni tl nr. but the market is a it lout material thanse; gunobbt* have bran ?otr) it f 3 H f.r Michigan. 1 heat Is In sand request hut h 4<l rr* maintain their firmnraa. awl cheek operation*. small sah s of Ohio hare been made at *.">o < >ct? i* ?ti'8dy at leMrtdsy*! rati*, with sale* of about 25.1 am IswMt Mnnlltr n*artlous In Ohio whhkey, at *21c Prvightaara without change Ai asvv. April i'. 1851 Flour is not eery actlee. but price* aw steady Pt* sale- hare hem I.MU bbts V\ te at is h- ld ab ??e Ota ?k ? * if buyer*, awl little Is doing t'oru l? tn it"" I '*? que.t,at km prtee*. and the sale* -.m? up joo.ii bu*bets, nt iiA for touwd yt'ihrw; 2 Ms) bushels rye *4d at * Ir ; oat* are struily and 5.0t*l bushel* sold vt former rates, Sinai! aalia of prison whiskey at its- The b >.?ts are la from Uocheeter. and the ItulT.ilo I* at* are hourly o pec tad. Km ant liilrllVgf'iirf. Tim D P Rntnimi Rmr Xoitn Cimli'i, ti? P? ?.?We Ivora thai the I'. P. ihlp N"fth iV ilim l? nrxtorvd to Fhllrdelphia for the pnrpnM of testing n dry d<?k recently retahUahnd at that port f>r the nee "f "??r naval -hip*, and that tint C. P frigate lltan l/wlne la to take her place at thU p?tft an rwritlw ship, We tru?t that the greet port of N?? York la not to ha left with a mere frigate. whan ebo Dtrni-he? to t. >v.mro?nt orar thraa-lhnrtha of tha irtmtn employed In our naval sor rlaa. It weuUl. no Juabt. be very gratifying to tha pe<>. pla of Nr^? fork. to have either the Pennsylvania or the ohlo tianifer. J to this port; the first i< lying u?liwdy In a riud hole at NorMfc; the other, al It-don. which wa? fcnllt at onr navy yard, by If :iry Kekf >rJ. We do n-t vnppoae that thla movement h*i anything tn do wl'di "iir tronbles with the t'aar imtloa |ite. Mm ranatua tl*r first, nor with the Nicaragua diffle.iltla* The I' P "loop of war Dale -ailed from Monrovia Feb ruary 14. for Porto Praya. after a erntee of four and a half nwntlie on the All well The D. 8. hrtg I'orpoiee was also t" ?ail In ? few J ?y? after the Dale for the mm destination. alter a erulae on the cost All Well. Thef P. ihip Portem. nth and brig Prrry ware tj windward at the same date. The fidlowlng are the list* of ofllrers of the Dale 4nd P<ipotee :? Dale ? Win Tear-on. eomman lint. M I.ewts. *.tt Hon tenant; J P. Decatur, acting second do ; J. Parker, third wo ; J C Febtger. noting nan ter; J. \V Taylor, assistant twrgoon; (I 1. Airland? do.. J, Tatnall Jr.. iii rsir. J T. W Biker, pae- l mid-hlpnm ,i; T. W Iteoad iw ad, do.; J. II. Qlllls. mids! J'.man r. \libott. do.; F A. (Mlvir. arting hoatawain; K. V tiled, gunner; J II. Rinl all. sallmaki-r; J F'.rmbl ohrpenter Porpoise?lainlns r.'.jentensnt i tnman lanf; * Fair fax srllng first llcti',-nant J M lironk. acting tnastcifj J C. hldrvilft, r W IV'-hf, H** NEWS BY TIIE MAILS. Our BulHiitore Corrcapouileiice. UiLTiMont:, April 143, 1851. Death of the .Irchhiihop?Hit Character?Ptutorai Inrtta tion 11 ithdratim- JV Ptxpresi Unhbrry~? Thetftru'alii, 4"C. At V o'clock, last Slight, tli. bells of the Cathedral and other Catholic churches romrrieueed tolling, aunouueing to the city the sad?though not oiK-xpc-W intelligence? of the ileuth of the Hev. iSrmuel Ecclotrton, I). I).. Arch' bishop of Baltimore, lie diedat the Content of the Ha ered Heart, in Georgetown. at (wlf-post nix o'clock liu?t eteiiiug. in the feOtls year of his uge. mid' in the full pos session of his faculties until the last moment. He was ennsrerated a* Archbishop on the 14tli day of S?ftembvr 1834, when hot 34 years of ag?. When consecrated, he was deemed the handsomest man in the 81 Me of Maryland, and although In latter years lie had Ix-rotac quite lu.-t y his personal appearance ami benignity of manner wore such as to call forth the adini"?tioii and se cure the esteem and respect of all who cam* in coutiirt witli him. He practiced the motto of his great Master, preaching. " peace and good will to all mankind," studl ott. if avoiding and discountenancing all those rancorous and uncliristinu controTerstea that beget nothing but enmity and uncluM-itiibiencs*. In early life lie was an Episcopalian, hut having hoeri educated ill St. Mary'* College, he became a Catholic shortly after reaching manhood. His brother is Judge Kccleelon. of the Mary land Judiciary, a staunch Episcopalian lU It was announced some days since, tluit the Hev. Tho* mil K lteerher. of Boston had been elected pastor of the wenltbv Assi eiate P'stormed Ciurrch of this city, generally known as Dr LVuucan's. He ivad previously preached hcr?. and gave general satisfaetion. especially otl the subject of slnverj. taking the ground that it was ? question between man and his Maker, and should never l?e brought into the pulpit The etiamnittee ap pointed to inforrw him of liia election. lave since corre sponded with liiin, anil lie buying informed them lliat tilcy had elected hint- "oil th ?? faith of wUit he wriuscl to lie. rather than what he really was." they hare pur sued the inquiry further, mid Ivcomc satislli d t hat he is as deeply tainted with fanati.al abolitionism- as the Iter. Theodore l'urk?r. The consequence was, t hot on Monday night, the invitation was Unnuiuiousl) wiih The trial of Chester Child*. IV youth who robts-d Messrs. AAuins &. Co.':* Huprcs* of u keg eofltuiniDg V'.'kst ill' Mexican coll* was commenced before tils -tintlily CoWt yesterday The only eridenee agwinst hiiia rehis ow n ?onicssion. ami If'he hadlweu running enoegh tvliOve auswrred no quest-Wus. he wtitid hare enaily es cimr-J! ?tHh tr?ge*7 Mobauim.il is having", a fliie run at the lit dktwy at!rat theatre. Out* PMailelphln' fortrs]Mnilriire. Chii sotxrHta, April Si, IH-'A ?4 /Vjthrefrcm Atelier JbrrrtWrf' Omiur in the ff'utul tiiTf V.MjCcM/ C em Death nf Svnmwdwiv AmuI?SuMuie ?tVer. Jacctr A'ralsainw was this looming arr-wted- on a re quisition- from- th? tlom-rnor V Kentucky, chsrgimj him vrrth-highway cwtde ry and wn attempt at murder committed sotwr thv. ?ince. In :*helby county, of thai State The prisoner Was taken Vl'ore Judge 1'arsonf. this morning. and r-oaanded int > the nis'ody of the ofltcer. who will start -fcr Kentucky this evening. The jury in the UooiWorth planing machine ease, so long petidiu-in the Supreme Court, before Judge tlrier. was this morning decided by the jury, spring and others, the defendants iu th* ceOc. were deei led'to have-infringed the M'(*>dwvtrtb patent. Judge Urise said flirt if wit nesses came attain into that court t? swear that Mm. M is dworth was not tlw Iuventor of the patent, he would hold It to b.-M-iMM/*ci'c erldauee that t V- wito*-ee* in tenda d to pcrytire themselves, by sweiariug to what they knew nothing about. Tliis question tuis now berii de cided in th* saom way by every cirsult court In the I'nion. involving an imoiia>s outlay in.litigation The-deems* af. Commodore Barron iHlvom-es C. tnmo ilore. Charles HP-wort. of this city. tfc? old Ironsides of llu- nary, to th* senior captaincy, and- increases his pay from flt.otN) to ttskJUfirr annum The body of a man. suqpvsrd to be Alfred Kouh, nf Hrhtnlkill co-Mity. was found <lr?wn?d.this morning in the Ih lawarc at I'ort ItwhiuoiRi. lie was seen to leap in id tlmt -pot on Saturday lust The steam furqr of llubuer 0. Co.. at Conehohocken. Pa., was destnord by flro-iwi 8undsy laorning. TUu losa Is csthiwtrd at p'JJkkt. No insurance Ik* Tw(. CvwTartin.a Co* aa*. L. 1?1'tnia ?The muteh. be twwn tin- three Ibxtwrt known. purer* Vt> tlie vaorLt name ofTyerterday nftrraoon. oveithc aliove courre. iuul a 104>ra lnt creatine raoe. or ? Blotter *outrrtail ?triiKKl?, line bcou. 'iu wltuvrrcd. A -light difference of opinion 111 re. Kuril 10 the hi air. mtur. J tlx -port' foe a ntouwu'-; laut it ? u rooti adjiudi' I. and the joiUcrt ehmcd with apfrnviU rattrtuction to tho *peuiatora. Tin fUkwwiog la a Mlia< lutry t'ayuna Maid. fMwMajan.) 3 112 1 Ijiljr Ik Tin*. (J \V iMxlrult.) 1 1 j 1 '1 Dan MUler. K <1. Nodin* 3 a 3 1 3 Time?2:iXi fcdM'*?2.'dtt'a-?&at?2.31 A tiarar Race ?A mutch fn* i'luni n (tingle ?la?h of a half ntllr. will take plaee to day over the t'entrevillo coara*, between two nagtiof the higbe-t reputation IVr -onr drrimur of ruiliiitig frulU actual oUo iration, the ?peed of the cleatlla telegraph, would do well to be " on lutuU" at the t'eiitrviiUe to-day Hathi* Affair*. "Tin Am 1 an is Oiin.i.i?u.i " ?t'nder the ?lmw rap- | tion we hint the following letter In the l.iYerpool tf oI "An Did Ktll'i" Idear of the "giant ran tire pretty eon niderahly eorreet to mi nolo* w rmi imarnot. Mvtt.: Silt.?If you ran And "pue in the column* of your neat publication. I -hull feet "Wiped by your in revting a few remark-fr- m lue witli tr*peet to two l-t tera ahleh appeared in the .f.'f.oei of M< luluy la-t?>ne In add a- a bore tho other. "The I'uited Stater Clipper eldp Tjpkoin " The?e b-tter* a) |<ear to me to plaee our c< tmtiy. and iwrtl'-ularly my native town, LIverptoLIn a rery humiliating and lovtdb'U* podtion The >ne lieit> li -nleenidtonr to build an tlngli-h elipper ?hip. the other rhow. au American clipper already lenlt by a rtngle til ur in N*w York. and uow on her way to the Mern y. binder of uiy father* ' whew I* the ap'lrlt that umiI to aniiinit* Did Ktipbtiid ' \\ hll-t we are tulking A merle a I* nrlfng. 1 hnvt pud rtdtirtieil from llnl rutin try. and feel eotap< tent in cxpre-a an opinion on it na well He in my own I ranted help raying, that In point of en'-rgv end action. America la awaki?KngDtuI la arleeji. During a few week*' vi*H In Sew Vork In Janu ary la?t. I iity-clf raw hull tins and bnitt. in that and the te ighboring port*. al Wart add-11 ttrrt rlarrVllpp ra. of ft" ni ' 'IU to t.l'ai ton*, of faultlera m id and ay miiictry, and a? ru|ter|i r to the far famed obi rla*a of Ualtim ire eli|t|iera a* all American l liner l? to an old Mri tbit brut-ewater; and mind o ? Mr Rdltor. there ?hlp* are all iiouo dlateltr to enter Into competition with llri- I ti*h dii|* In our Karl India parrying tra le. mtlnlyin eon-1 i|te ii- tif the repeat <f "tir naiignMoa brfr?ihe Md ruir.dal mearnre lltwl *ar e?er e"nimilted by the prevent gt>*? rnim iit I feel then' faetr a* very humming to an Luglirhaien * pride 11 hat! ran there not be toniol in lliir great commercial port a 'ingle aMpowher who will InniJ a elippe* at any ro?t ' I fear not. el'e why rbnubl a wilier in the .H' '.m eu.'gert lite rapedtcnt of K lleitiug to rulwripluR' to do ro wdh ' I venture to ray. that while wv are talking about building one clipp?r. America will have forty or tlfiy lr*l-elwt> clip per' afloat I'.ngllrhinau. armiae. and. for the honor of the "old womb 11 will*.' tel. II jnu lo not. I ray d with m rl'flid Hello,. America "your ,iant >m" will whip you. Indeed I am. U. I*. '?Aw t>u> fut.'' I.iitinmil. March '31. 1M A I'veo ?A voluntary ei ntribaition In money having Iwwn made by Ihe pam ngeiw. a meeting war held on the 31-1 lilt .on I' ar I the ateaiii'hlp Northerner. In the hiy of Panama lb ctor It I'. K I rani- war ealb~l to the ihnlt. and it ?ra raanlwd to prvreut tVptain lienry haud.wli with a rllver rpeahing truin|M't and gold ring, f * kl? antfiw hlmlnrm and geuUemnnly Imtmal <?? hi> ta engvrr dwrtjig the late voyage; an I. al*o that ti g thank* of the purrengerr la> pre ntrd lo the olBct ga gi in rally, for tln-lr kind attention doting the pafage. UK K ? Kim Aims St baula, I'ruaideri* Ii Ilavwot. M l> Va . ArrrUIJ Fin fitnvn?A* rhort par** (pi* appear to lie r tuple of rouelderulde Interent jurt now. We wirh lorrk the attentluu of thore of our reailev* talen ted in nidi mat tor'. lit Ihe |HV*-*ge* of the I'.ta ly?rk Urngn*. o ?*? ?! by IViUiaat'k It dand. of thi* idty Sht ailed frxu I'oiiit Indhi. Nov ?d)i. for lloaton. wcviveil here on the nt' tning of .Ian 13. dire barged a foil avrgn, l"A in ar. Alter, at I railed again Jan 1*. for Ktiett >? Ayrec an I arrived at th?t port March 31?t par making the | w*?agr from llncBo* Ayrer to Itortoi*. and Imok. In the short -pace of V3 day*.?ilotfim 7V?i Air IN>jk e Intellicence, O'ttrgtof t'hitr HKcer lil?U r arraatcl. *.??. aWtr '? ? rri'itfh juu, l?jr Ike nnm>' of .fohn li. Iltttuan on a rtmricr of tin Unit a IIi?tc, mlti -J ?A IW pro perty of Wobt rl, Kvliy. maiding at N?. Ill LmauMnrt The flute wm reentered by Uw ofirer. when- It 'wwt b#en add by the artaomir for Pre doMar*. .1 tv'.ke tvlhrop committed (hf. arrufunl to priaon for trial. Sfiim-'frnt hv hit Unit?.1 f't-wfr C" ? i?YI**ter d*y ?rt''/i?i>o?. <ilHc< r Harbenacn. of the pnirth * inW am ah *| * man of genteel ?{fMlnnff. nvowt fifty rear* if *r,a hy the natm of (loorj* Bowntt. 'tin ball pC" y*. r?' Miktlti him tip to jtvtice. It ???:?? 8o*- n atomic ?'.dieted and j^targi-d with perjury laitc town of tj^r. ',l?lc. hchnhnvio county. Mrw Vi tl. ami *?' Iwll'l . come man of that town. who. a fbw day = ? (are. ra a1' to tbla city and placed the mat O r of ",ri ?? t with "he a'aira named ofllerr. who rMrreilok Jfa rd.?J. ill ? i " I'll# It I Mr. Ilowcn. In all prhal Mtty wtll proa ir< nth r bnU( and | thus obtain hi.? liberty nga.n. Jrawr loan it Ctn ? ** ?t? ?The pooal' af l.ind'a tire concei t* iti tin- al- iro oily anewntcd to ? _n, ut ??>,iun Of which rhe ha* a nt f3.mni tad Samum va). to the Mayor, to he diep' o d' f aa ho think* c.o*t J? II don* for the r> ,tef of the dial reared and unfortunate IndWItluala In tiiat place llnr.mm ha 1 ) .etioudy jtiren four tr flrchjndred dollar*f*tk* -""'^pnrpoae. Jenny Mad la tin t*c called - an Angel in J >gut?e ' J There wi re 7* death* In / dihnvre during IIm Wee* 1 ending the 1 Uh V THREE DAY* LATER FROM EUROPE. AlKlYAXi OF THE BRITISH MAIL STEAMSHIP ASIA. Short Trips of the Atlantic Mail Sleanten; NEW FRENCH MINISTRY. "V v/vVVWA/1 ."Ai* THE REPORTED LIBERATION BF KOSSUTH. The Great Exhibition and the Revo lution in England. TSE CI KIOMT1ES w EIROPEAA IRTELLMBM* HEAVY COTTON MARKET, &C., Sr., eto. The British mail ateaimrfcip Aula, Cmt. JutU arrived u( her wharf at a quarter before ettvov 0 clock yesterday morning, atrr a passage of ttncUmm and honr,. She left Liverpool on S?mr ? "Tl ? 12tb toat ? at " quartyr before five o'clock jn the afternoon. J his is a ver/ abort passage, but not eqwaf U the two rapid ran* of tlie'l'acdr. We reouMiafc our list of the western pksSagn that have boon made in less than elbven days, frou^wharf to wharft? *11.. >1 THKt S,,<OR1^' WESTERN PifRJUIKa. At antic...July. lt?i, 10 day., 16 K^urs, 00 mlautw. Au* ifcy i? io ?? 2J ? ~?* ??I>t io lo " 4 '? 1-, u i"'" Oct 185?h?J0 - 5S> . jj' ? i"r,flc April, 186'.?in V ? j?? ? V? ? *?"'* AprU. 1861. ;n N ? u .. ^ ? a, ii? , . A?nwaos. -meM IWdays, .1 honw 20 ( auard s steamers .. ?1 li 1b favor of Collins ? i. ? j^. ft thus appears that *passages oni^ have ma*e from Liverpool tr-JSew York in-lew ? ?tevew days, and of theae, t&e Atlantic sndPieile have made tho three shtvtmst. Of all the Cmumt .W, Ik* A.-ta ij the only steamer that has rr.mesvithm Ore mtivli. 'l'hc I'aci/it t? ;Ae only steamer 'Vif Ao# eross*/ /Ar Atlantic in U ? than ten dcrj*. Th* Huropa, in October, 1848V nwde tho r?ng, -m oleven days two hours an& tfcirty minuter, wfcick was thp shortest to that periwk 1 ha fti'Wwing are the nanewof passengers by tkt AM* Mr Prvaah and lady, Miss Maw. Mr Hevward m?M Uuly ?>|>l Mis, llryward. Madams '*?uHier, soiT^ml aw eaiit. Me? Abela Sparks, child, a/at. mu rue. Mia. Jaataw. Mr-Uco. hmoks. lady, and child*Rr lvter Kedaathaai H?n m V ,"r "nd UJy':,U: ""It isud Xiaa v v I T ^,,n,'yrr Mn,i M*.srs A. r ?WHMb 1 VsnH-uHI, ^i. I*. .Vlatin liallimit*, " ay T~. *Dd*T I**?' <?eorge <?akle > ??!**?<'had a**. Ju! si'r.T v. Malt laud, /slw.itvu.KoUrt., IVaiasrkkt, . hiirpliy. tsjrt, Jno Kilmiativ., Jm, NmlituaJl j! VI a****, "'?'?""?''h id. Thro JUfl. ltuwkln, .W, (>Sk Jr /inhey. heynoods. I,?is, W. A. lisypr Henry W-I1--T kaauianxie. Darailnton. Morgan, S.yhv.lr? Andw. RoMl ? * : "orton, Isiwentu v I'l tmr he Henna ilia lli ujL*? ?'C"nnc|1' Mr iad Mm. Kdawrd* Me* MtMa. RakiiHa Miss Jacks* av.Mtks kcul.<Mm K>L let an 1 lufcat. and Mr. Jtonday?rx The aeas is three days Iu*t than our prerioa* ae-rices, 1 h* (treat Exhibition w? absorbing the.moat attentive in England. In e auicctic* with tbie a*, hiiitiva, we give a curious reikis frouuthe L Tones. The cotton market at Litrrppol wa* hoary. 1 he market for American .St a to 8t #ki in I don, on the loth instant, wiu unal/nred,. 'i"be were as follows:? tailed Ptatrs Jlv. p?r Cat R.*s. (|HVM <r> ? aa Maryland Hir i*r Oat (St? i,ns ll.niui 'm! * I an.da Ma prr Cr.t Mi,ad. (IHTo" ? !?. 1' J ui Americaii six percent! were qui ted at IfambiM. on the 8th in>t., at 10S| bills, KW'.juonoy. Advices Iroin Constantinople, of.the '?i-u state that hos.utb had beeu libMWtu'l) but inMtll genre to the 28th, published in the Fdxndon nl the 1 ? th iust., we are aorrw\ to . ay, conI this report. The American mailstearashia Aretic, fapt.1 i~t was ?|s,kcn by the A?ia outb< 13th. .^h? , r^'mhly arrivid at Liuwpeel early ou Monday JnotnLn* tkn 1 Ith inst. There is nothing very itrportant from KiigUtxL I lie Itussell ministry oouti iuvd to besuaUMMai^ I'ii rl in incut. Th? |B.t v,>t OM t|,e A *?.?*? *1 Ta see net gave thcni i majority of. thirteen. The iu.-% siire? before I'vliament r are financial. Advice* fro * lienera state that the Gere rumen* of that ( antra has refus al to expel from ix* territo ry I he serenUen ITcneh refugees, a. oad?re<l by thn fcdnal government. e lcar-? that the Spanish Ci rt?* wa* di*mlr?4 by the (lu.cn on the "Ah instant; a decree haa a Ira apjenred ^ the Malerid tlizrit\ giving the port |"'i" (,f IF* Home l'ipartmerit to.M. flgitcanil# 1 in adding] to hi* ? ran of For, ign Affair*. M. Are tela. Minister for l|?mu AOsir's, haw been traa*. fi ned t? the di p j,tm,.nt of '{uhlje Work*. The London."Anr* of the llvh in?V say*:? At lk tawent anient thew. Is ? prwAy ai-neral ,?aak 2-hnsincw partly 4ep?i>daat "a to aa* jarilj on th, :|roa< h <4 ll*r Kxhilik'oa. and this ?? lad* a. tT^r Ih V 'T *lfi n 'r J* " "kcly t.. mtsUa ai t*t?ft,r th. tjMt.r r? ..atwii Afc.,ut ihst ? ravt a "r Vrl x rn.f r"n" ,nt" ?-t| U. wvirh will ,{tre * naierisl Iiiii w.'?. to bnst'sasa- -0>e mirlvsl- from liu Bvl 4c ports, fp! W the Erie tiel the WrUsixl rlt*|i. t ty, aitUnees fspga ('slifnrnis after the winter rain , snd l.Sac uTl * '?' 1 * ?? Autli n, vr U set Im, . w Ih-ii. I,* it i* eon-i jvr.'.l t'.-.t I, tui Atri'd Uiyi I,. r? eaaih* unara. on,Is,d Hat, , ?n,l y,, i , pa r i"*at. and lii?t in I'vts ?n I'liorniousa ? iii iUiina ? l ull.oa totheerte.H.if l-UISKMy m,r\x .,. tbeZ " "T"' il'wn f?X bcjlevlp- that at one ajid the vaia lime. If to |M ittlrii iatastpTphe Orrur?a 1*1 noae -nol\ sppssn en the hwl*oa -a irest and rapid "hsnge In tra*a *nd feres m,,j oikr fta- M Kb ?ueh inmrpeet It ?l* "J ?"?? Im andu-nt oa enpitalists t- he enntlnm, aw* pvewMrty dir. r*. thadr oj,^?tli.ii? to a | riaanent resalh .he exj'ti'.-lion of tbe French reAigot* ho* a* b'irn c.xeeuied iu thr canton of '. uuaoa. J lie eorM*ponai*t>ee Ixcfweo*; Lord IsinHsalmJ *i'd the IiVesidtot of France, w l*tire to AUM-Ka. d*r, Im a'tractcJ much vt'outioa initio KraooM Ifess; an 1 the usual ammtit of interna'.iaonl jew? lousy w ditectcd again**, try, diplomatic mode sug gest J by Lug land for kia extr'.cation .f the l.oroi* captive from his perjsroos captivity, when ?heg?. n< vaui,ipi?iatire talo.w u?hl*Wha!f Sytl :n. Fabriar, it. bfin-jiug forwag* a motion for bis liberation *a^ li' ut?U by a lar-^r majority of the A larmbly. It I stated t?^ b<' the determination of the Rim dan forerum est t? carry out K great extension of l inr railway system, which will, it U und rstowZ, embrace lhr great sections betWoo* Moscow nwgsl . 11 nd thus place Mt. IVtcrtburg In eomm*. n? ?t",h with Berlin, Vienna, Ttimte, Faris, l.jono, ''rk^ai.rflruaaela, and AtnsUwsiam. Tha bwsn fug '? I "T' h'nr '? g'iArantee of five per eo??. slid is to be under tbe joint mvnagoinont, of lbw?m m .eg I it* and an emiuent firm in L(,u<lon. M. (itiixot I* on the point at publishing a acrle* of biographical skot, h, s of mo* wh? Ogu.ml in tho i English rex-nlt,iion of llbiil. The life of LuiUow a* pe?i? a? tbe first of this serir s. 1 ha < ountess ilahu-llahn, who?a novola weio j ntietery popular, diaavaw* a oe v edi;|<M? of bar wtwhs. auuooAccd by ? B.,rlin r-.hlieher. It w n*l!r>> ' an <*<? iditioa, wMb a ngw "A wtw crjitjtp <4