1 Mayıs 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Mayıs 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. lAlBI uorous bennktt, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. mru n N. w. CORNER OF Fl'LTON AND NASSAU srs TM? IU1ILY IIER.1LD, 1 ttntt per copy? $7 per M"tHK WEEKLY HKH.1LI), tvrrji Saturday, at <\< Saul? |ut w t' l>tr imnuiu , th Kurttpmn Editioet Etf R" ai'iiuft. Is 4i*?v FU'I of tei eat Hrilinn. and t*> te any ur( of f4r ( vti/inrnf. AofA to include the postage. VOL L S T.itl Y CORRESPONDENCE. containing ?VKianf news, solicited /. m anf fuirfrr aj'the wot Id; of used will b* Ithrrally paid far. Ova Foreign CurraA rawtenti) sat rtHTicn alLV h imi iirmn to S?.ai. all rKHS AND I'l ktlltl HNT TO OS. jill i.etteus > i, n. s,,; > .??*, or with Jtdvert i mi nt i. he p..,t/ .ltd "> the t stage will be de fended from the mom y re mittrd. NO NOTICE tuktti nf anonymous communications. Wedo not return'bote rejected. yIDYERTISEMENTS renewed every morning. JOR PRINTING executed with ittafnni, cheapness, mid despatch. Valsuii XVI No. 1*0. AMI SEMENTS THIS BVEN1NU. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowsry?Monte-C EUTO. BROADWAY THEATRF., Brood way?Dat or Recron ??? -Yukon or THt Sen. NIBLOS GARDEN, Br ??dwAv?No pcriormAace. ?CRTfiN'R "MEATRE, ChainUra airoet-Sicrioi'S Fa ?ih-Tmc Toolles. NATIONAL THEATRE, chmtiim scr??t?Allow Ha WW AroLoou*? rHai.au*. BROrGHAM'3 LYCEl M. Broadway?Devil in Paris ?A Row at the Lvcevu. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, M.tSanica' Hall, 473 Broadway ? Bthioha.n Minstrelsy. riLLoWR" MINSTRELS, Fellows' Musical Hall, No. 4*4 Bfwadway?Ethiopian 3,uthci.i. AMERICAN ML'SEL'M-S ?M.nou.n and iritiiio. New York, Thursday, .May 1, 1N.TI. Foreign mid Domestic \rws Deceived by Telegraph. W? publish this niraing. received by telegraph kwwi Halifax, the details of ioformatioa furnished by the arrival of tae Niagara at tbit port. It ?emprises notices of events a week later than were received by the former arrival, and also one day's later intelligence received by telegraph from Lou don to Liverpool. It is only necessary to refer to thwjtevcrul topics in a general way, for the purpose of designating the in -t prominent j*>iuts of public iutsre t. The ecclesiastical dispute in England? the transition state of France?the confused and aascUled state of lermany, present nothing very startling, though ti e several items of news arc in teresting The news from Turkey and its revolu tionary districts: and from Iudia, China, and the Cape of i ? ood Hope, will command attention. The statement we reeentiy made, that Kossuth an 1 his ?empauions would be retained by Turkey, at the behest of Austria, is confirmed. The Kaffir war, at she Co pe, lias been carried on with some success by the t iritish, who ha ve destroyed one of the forts in the possession of the insurgents, and taken a large DRinher of prisoners. In mr domestic telegraphic intelligence, we find that Mr Samuel E. Sew a 11, who has been a candi date for Congress in the Second district of Massa chusetts, has withdrawn frosu the field, in favor of the free wi! democrat, Mr. Iinntoul. Mr. Kaatoul ia an average specimen, in his republican charac ter, of one j ortion of the democratic party of Mas Mchusetts; and as he will probably be elected, '.hat IHatc will have still more strength to aid her politi cal acth-n towat.Is a -i parat u of the Union The World's Fair In l.oiMlntt?It*Objects and Us KITkI. The period for the opening of the great In Justriul Exhibit.on i- raj liy approau hug, lad thousands ? f people, fr< ui all parts of the world, an 1 from every country under the aun, are flocking to the British metropolis, -..me with high hopes, some without great expectation*, and .-..me who will be ?ery much di*ap}>ointed. The number of Amori eai.? who will visit London during the exhibition, Will be very large. Every steamship and packet voeael which leaves tL:- and ther ports, i- cr <w lod fco overflowing, and the probability is, that bofore wx weeks or two month- from this time, additional Bean* of transportation aaust be put upon the route, in order to supply the demand. The profe?-ed and avowed object which England had in view in getting up this exhibition, was to romote the arts of peace, to engage the nations of the world in a rivalry of a peactfttl character, an l to prevent the recurrence of wars hereafter, be tween ai.y i f the great powers. The motive is cer tainly in the higbe-t i> grc>- laudable. The people of all nations have ?een that war is a e< -tly luxury to indulge in, and that all the glory which an<ler any circumstance can le achieved from it, will not compensate for the injury which it entail* on the victors, as well a.- on the vanquished. But It certainly h>< ks like Satan reproving tin for Eng land to cnuii' iate such sentiment-. Sue has ex petded, in wars, the enormous sum of nearly four thonsazd millions of dollars?not in war actuated by the spirit of oeIf defence?but iu endeavoring to ruppre-- the spirit of freedom in both hcmiipheres. It is ne t through a feeling of philanthropy, there fore, that England, by means of the World's Fair, is endeavoring to promote the cause of universal peace, but because ei.eUwwsl peaoo is essential to her exi-tct. e a* a nation Taxation, in that coun try, Is strained to the utmo- limit that human in genuity caud'vi'e. The energies of the people are so cramped by the exjwnsei of a co-tly and ex travagant govi rninent, and by the levy of taxes to jay the intcre-t on the national debt, that, like the last fvath.-r on the mule's loa I, additional imposi tion Would either pr.-duce a revolution or d- stroy the v.iality of the people That country finds that ahe i an no longer play at th" game of war, not from want of dispn-ition, hut from want of means. A* Sens'or Allen, of < 'h >, remarked, in the de bate* on the < logon question, she couli not be lucked int < a war with the (Jailed -'ates, orany ??her great p wer. < ri any qui ion whatever Ik was about five yar* ago that the Briti-ii bo ?wi' sens.1 le of the reality f th- ir p it . .n It was then tiiey became alive t > the power an 1 growir.g greatness ol the United Mutes. It was ?boo' thai time they U;-< or? red they could not af ford to g., to war with u*. Previous to that time Bnti-h tourists, r< view rs, and au.u .rs?in Parlia ment and cut of r, in the British pre-s and .utof It?wire united ir abase of America, and every tiling A weri an Nothing was too bad It say of ?*. A11 the foreign emigrant-, espe .ally th Irish, w< re di nounoed as vagrants and vagabond', and the Mth'l of the country wore ?' sruiatired a- ig wornnt, ?ordid, lawh j an 1 unpro. |.l. I. But they Badi thi'great discovery, and then tin y - bunged their tune. They thought th y had gone to > far The 'ytem of abuse was changed la to a ?yt<MU .r fawning, flattering servility Ttey b?gat ' tlk ?f Anglo-.-nxon blood, of dear Brother Jonathaa, and re ently we have been calk 1 "a iut Jonathan, in Iftie same spirit,by Lord I'almerston's reprtentative The Briti-h *ee that their stipretnacy is gooo?that the gl< ry of Ichabod is 'leparted?and the cowed bally bee. mi - the abject sycophant. England sees her destiny is under our control. Mop our bread Staffs from going to her markets for three month.*, and her poor and oppressed people will raise a cry fbr broad, more frightful than that of tb? mob in ran- in the lime of the revolution. A sixty days' embargo on the commerce of the United Mate*, woald throw her Into spa*m* It Is well - nay, it is arise -for such a country, thus situated, to talk of pwaca with the United Mates, and other great powers. But she is willing to go to war with Nica ragua. or any other Central American State she will negotiate claim* or abate her demand.' against W powerful country; but the cannon ami the musket are tiwd towards ( entrnl America. We cannot, therefore, give credit to the British for the motive which brought about the World's Fair. This experiment to produce universal peace win. In more respe. ta than on#, be profitable It w ll be a very bandenate speculation, in a poenalary pcmtwfvicv Tbf contract price f the Crystal Palace, at it is called, is, we believe, i)llNj,f)00, and the estimated receipt*, during the summer, are set down at i.'69t',(*<). This will leave a very hand some balance. The amount of premiums we have heard notb:ng of We believe it is agreed, ou all hands, that no tutu has yet been fixed upon, nor is it likely that the amount will be very great. But this is not all. At lea.-t five hundred thousand strangers will visit London during the exhibition. They will sjieud, on an aveiage, not lees than twenty pounds sterling each, or over one hundred dollars, inuking in the aggregate titty millions of dollars to be distributed, in a few months, among the bfuigeoise of the English metropolis. This ii no trilling amount to be udded to the wealth of a sin gle city, by foreigners, and will, of coarse, as is no doubt expected it will, make the shop-keepers of London more loyal than they ever were. Another advantage which the Fnglish will gain by the Fair is the opportunity it will give them to avail thern s?lves of the inventions of foreign countries, in Ltigland, as elsewhere, expose j?ur inventions, and all the patent laws in erc&tiou are ineffectual in preserving your rights from pirates. Oar opinion, then, of this great exhibition is, that it originated in selfishness?that it will certainly tend to promote peaoe throughout the worl I, a was intended it should?that it is a Yankee trick to make the rest of the world contribute to England's w :alth?that I it will be a failure, as far as arts and manufactures J are eoncerued?aud that, on the whole, it looks likoa gigantic humbug. Mb. FtLLMOBi's Administration, \nd tr- Posi tion.?We have seen it stated in our telegraphic in telligence, that Mr. Ewbank, the Commissioner of Patents, who was appointed to that office under the influence of Win. H. reward, has passed the ordeal i f un investigation, made under cabinet auspioee, at Washington, and that he is retained us a fit aid pr< per person for the position he holds. This may be cot - ale-red as an imli tation of the influence which now prevails in Mr. Fillmore's cabinet, relative to the appointments that have been heretofore made, and the appointments that tnay hereafter be made, in reference to Seward and the anti-slavery move ment of the North. On the first induction of Mr. Fillmore into the Presidency, after the death of Gen. Taylor, the cir cumstances of the times, the excitement which then t xisted in Washington, and the moral effect of both throughout the country, gave to the Vice President : a specie* of net ve and courage which carried him through the in' veinent that originated with Mr. t lay aud his asso, lutes, and which resulted in the passage of the compromise measures. The effort then made by Mr. Fillmore, moral and political, sciius to have exhausted all his strength, and re ! duccd him to the nervousness of an unfledged poli tician. He appears to have been suspended,since that time, between two influences?completely en thralled, by the conflicting pressure of Mr. Web ster's great intellect on the one side, and of Mr. Ccrwin's bustling mind on the other ; so that no distinct course of action can be settled on for one week at a time, lieace it is that we have seen all the merit which he acquired by Lis support of the compromise measures entirely frittered away in coasequcnce of some secret weakness, imbecility or negligence which have since been exhibited in rela tion to other matter* connected with the govern ment, both foreign and domestic These difficulties and conflicting influences in the cabinet partly growing out of the next Presi dency have entirely unnerved it, and made it utterly ussless for all practical purposes It has neither force nor character, nor do we know at this moment what is the whig plat form?whether it is Fillmore's notions or re ward's ideas?the compromise measures or the repeal of the Fugitive >lavc law. Even the great intellectual jowe-r of Daniel Webster is narrowed down almost to inefficitney, inside the cabinet? while outside, the moment he leaves that conclave and appear? in Annapolis, in Harri-burg, or in New Votk, or among the body of thu people, he is him self again?the great, the mighty man of the East. The tiuth is that Mr. Fillmore's udiuiuistiation is rapidly descending into a specie* of Tylerism or per ehunee Galjhinism. Extsaokdinakv DevELorEMiNTs or Canal Manaolment in N'iw York?Kein?kt or the ( anat. Investioatino Committee. ? We have received a copy of the fawou* report which wa* submitted to the Legislature by the majority of the select committee, consisting of L. D. Smith,of Otsego; L. F. Church, of Meuben, and K. M'ln tosh, ofOrwego, who were appointed to investigate certain frauds in the management Of the canals of this Mate?a report which present# fact* of a most extraordinary character. A majority of the Legis lature. we believe, refused to have thi# report print ed. The refusal arose, no doubt, from the extra otdii.ary developement# made by the witnesses who were examined ly the select committee. The copy Which we huve is in manuscript, and eontaius the sulrtancc of all the leading facts iu the investiga tion, it will l.e recollected that about a year age, cer tain resolution* charging the Canal Commissioner*, or managers, with certain offences in their manage ment of the < anal*, w< re passe d by the Legislature, for the purpose of appointing a committee to inquire into the truth of the allegation*. These allega tion# appear to be completely made out by the evi dence taken by the committee during the investiga tion, and contained in the report which ha* been sent to us for publication Probably it would bo unfair to the general weakness of human nature to expect that the canal* of this Mate should be managed by either class of politician* with the same purity and integrity that matter* are m i nuged in a better world, or in a higher state of ex istence Whig* and democrats are men Whig* and democrats are hungry and thirsty after money. If the condui t of the men who hare superintended tb< muting, incut of the < anal* for the last twenty five sear*. could be fully investigated, we are much disji d to believe that the parity and integrity of cm. h pnrty would be found to be nearly on a level. Yet the fact# presented in this investigation are of *?'ti taarkablc a chu acter, and op. n a chapter of p. litical morality of such a nature that we think we shall do our duty to the community by in-erting it at length, as soon a* we can find space is our Columns. I! r ** Pavement ami New It.* *?.?The im proved I(um pavement, whi. lt is now m the course of being laid down in Broadway, com man. L* gr eat ad miration. It is grooved, so a# to pre reut horse* from slipping, and may now be considered the tno*t perfect of pavements. The city authorities *bould at once pars the whole of lfrondway in the saint style, and thus promote the comfort of the inha bit a tit-, und 1-avt thousands every y.-ar, in w.-ar and tear, to omnibus proprietors. The city Corporation, al-o. should u. ike some great improvement* in do. k*. after the *tjie of tho?o in Liverpool, which have been *o often described They in giit con struct, on the ha-t river, at an expense of tenor tw.lvi million* ot dollar*, a series of magnificent dorks, whi'h would, in a short time, repay the whole cost of the outlay it 1* time thai the oentre city of the world had cuic attention Tin rlow Weed, tin; Oik-Eyed Thompson in New Yoke Politics?Thnrlow Weed I* an am bitious man. He has been the master spirit of anti masonry, of anti-rentism, and anti-slavery, in New York, and he seem* to wi*h n?w to have a hand in the stool pigeon bu?i?c#i al e In com* remark* on the I rury trial, now going on in Brooklyn, Tlmr I'.w evinces an evident sympathy-a fellow feeling for the memory of One-Eyed Thompson, and the gang of whi b he was the bead and front. Tbi i# v< ry natural on the part of Thurlow Weed The ? >ne-Ly*.l Thompson of anti masonry, anti-rent ism, and at.fi-lavery, ought very nuturaly lo sutertuin ? tiie sympathy for (be Oae-I.yid Thomson of Lc ? tool pigeon gai g Marine Affaire. i THE HEW r. S. MAIL VTIAVIMIIP HUMBOLDT. The new Havre steamship Humboldt left the Novelty Iron M ork? yesterday, at nine o'clock, on a trial trip down the bay and returned to the city at half-pant four, 1*. M. This splendid ship waa huilt by Me*ws Wcstervolt It Mackuy. under the superintendence of Capt W Skiddy. Her engines wore made by Messrs. Btillinao, Allen & Co.. at the Novelty works. The following are her dimensions: Li ueth<l keel . 2K1 teet: length on deek, 290 feet; ex treme beam 40 fiet depth of hold. 27 feet; aud a spar deck added since launching The government t<>nnage is 2 200 tons The two upper decks are fitted for pas sengers, containing -late rooms, saloons, boudoirs, tec.; in tact every thing is arranged on the best and most ap proved plau to im-ure the comfort of paaeengers. There are. under these two other decks and the hold which are lor coal and cargo. This'hip Is of a peculiar model; her stem is perpen dicular to the keel, aud iustead of the sides flariug out on the forecast ie. as u-ual. -he is there straight or wall sldcd. and the tlariug is carried out anjid-hip-. giving h'-r s graei ful appearauce. with six feet additional breadth ol deck room On the stem is a recess containing u br< uaed bust, a good likcnt ss of the distinguished Hum boldt. Tbr stern is circular, and in the centre ol the curve is tin illu-triou- voyager's crest and arms '1! e ship is l uilt of the very best material, principally of live oak. Her bottom Is composed of what is called long double floors, forming one solid uno-s from end to end. extending to the turn of the bilge by which ar rang* meat there are n" butts or joint- uuder the engine and boiler^ All the framing and timbeiiug are coaked together bi -idcs the u. uul quantity "f iruu ami copper bolts to secure the same; aiul iu addition to ht-rbeing double-braced diagonally with flat iron, one inch thick and five wide, the chimps and ceiling are b died vertical ly bitwecu to ry frame The bottom plauk varyiug from five to eight lio lies thick is tree-nailed and bolted ui the usual way. and. in addition, every plank is bolted tlfrough every liuine with copper, and clinched on the nailing in-iile ^he i- rigged with three masts and uo bowsprip and ba? iisdgcr s patent screw steering-wheel, !!? Humboldt has two side lever marine engines cy linders 95 inches 9 feet stroke; diameter of wheels 26 fu t; : i> I uckit"'. 12 feet 4 inches long and 2 feet Wide; shaft 21 inches in diameter; suiok ? p:pt 8 f.at ti inches diameter; steaui pipe 24 inches diam t She has four 11 Mile . patent boiler- en h 11 fi'-i diumeti. by 271 net (. echo long. containing 22 furnaces. She bus also two < f H'orthington- steam pumps with n separate boiler. Tie noniiiiai horse p wer. as computed iu Engluud by Matt- table i-M5. The effective. power i? about double. Directions were given for a full supply of I'runcis'me tallic iifi boats for th- llumb- idt. but Lb -establi bment ci uht furiil-h only a part of them, on account if the press of orders on hand This ship Is a consort of the Franklin. Mortimer Liv ing-ton. Ksq.. a well known shipping merchant of this city, is the sgent of tlie tine. He will make monthly trips between .New York. Southampton and Havre. She is to lie commanded by Captain Lines, long connected with tie Havre trade, and late i f the packet ship New K oik undi i win m command the public may rest assured that no pains will bt -pared to meet their approbation. M ? ur? requested to state that the Humboldt will pu.-i tivi ly leave on the 6th of May. I" ? M SiFAMsnir P.tciric.?We are requaeted to con tradict a falsi report, pretty widely circulated, that the I . >1 steam-hip Pacific. Captain Nye, which sails for Livi rpi 11. loth May. is full, and unable to accommodate tin re passengers. M'e are assured she still hag first class room for fiftei n or twenty more passengers. Bakr As.nam als.?The passengers of the British bark Annandule. arrived fri m Belfast, have presented Captain I!. r< are with a letter expressive of their thanks forthc uniform kindness and attention received at lii< hands at.d tho-i ol his i fficer*. during the voyage and bog :ing Captain P.'s acceptance ofa silver tea service, as a mark of their esteem, Tiir Yacht rO* the World's Fur?Thf Match with tin hi *ai i i or fl,t00.?1 he launching of ill" new yacht, from Mr. IV. 11. Brown - yard, did not take plaeoi yester day morning, according to arrangements, on account of tin indisposition of one ?I the geuth men interested in In r. who was desirou.- of being present on the occasion Mi u si re engaged all tight making the necessary prepa rations. and everything had been got in readiness She will, probably, go off this morning, about ten o'clock lit i name i.? the America, aud. as ha- bi en already stated in the Utraid. she is to race a match with the Maria, for pi.tUO. previous to her startiug for Englafij. f"? thi1 M oria's t air. Where the !-? to race against all creation. The match, we undi ritnnd. is toebtt# off to-morrow. The Maria lias been lengthened twenty feet, ami otherwise fixed. UI course, if the America does not beat the Maria, she will not go to the fair. Tin It is tit ok Wharf r?>.?The question recently nri-i n as to the ri,ht of a person owning a wharf in New York. Brooklyn, or Statcn Island, leasing it to an indi vidual, to the exclusion of the Vessels ol all other per son*. lias been decided by the Secretary of Hate, to whom the matter was refiin-d. His decision is. that wharve* an grants to promote the commerce of iheState. and that all persons, on payment of the regular wharfage, have a right tone them. The Corporation, however, can make special reservations for ferries. Ac ; but they must be limited to the purpose# specified in contracts and ordi nance*. Ftsanisliip Alabama. ('apt. Ludlow, arrived Tuemlny mi ruing from Savannah, and brought the mail and papers front that city, of the 20th inst.?twenty-four hi ur iu advance of the Inland mail. Tsu Suir-YARiif.?In a hurried look in at the ship-yard* the other day, the large number of wi rkmon actively em ployed iu it ddiug to our already imiie use merchant marine gave proof positive that the busim -- of sbip-buiMJug was not a brum li of industry suffering from neglect. Krery yard ej peareil to be crowded with hands, and the re sult of tlicir labors, towering - ky ward* was a most gra tifying sight for those who have at heart the prosperity of this important portion of cur national indu-try. M'ith but one or two exception*, the vessel# constructing are of the large-t six*, extending todoOOton- goveruiui-ut measurement, the average being about 1 000. The flrat yard en our route wai Mr Jacob Bidl'a. foot of ?tantcn Kreet. who baa but recently launch. 1 Mr^ri fpcffordk Tile?ton'an rew ateamabip Pioneer, which ex. rrpting the KuglWh iron ?teuuiahip Great Britain. ie the Urgent m rew eteamcr afloat lie ha- now in frame a Urge clipper ahlp for Me?*r? Piatt k Son. of rbiialtlphia ?he i" to be built in the beat ?tyle of art. and will be the large at merchant railing veaacl afloat Her length in 240 fret; Least. 4.'! feet, width Z! feet; burthen 2(100 ton*, government ura-urcment She will be ready fur launching in Auguat Mr. Aaron W caterer It. foot of Third atnet. haa juat ' cr uimrnci d planking the ? Upper chip he i? cou-tru.-ting; and bar alao a pilot brat in the .-ante -late of turward Iieaa Mesera Smith k Iiinmn fbot of Foirth atreet, haw a portion of the frame raired of a aharp "hip, of OdO tone, f he la building for u company In New lhdti,rd to be umd ill the whaling huelneaa Mr Webb, foot Of Mlth etrei't. ha* nearly completed the blanking of the ahlp "tlreat M'eatern iutendid for ! C II >1 h re I an 11 a Itlark itali Line of Liverpool pu> keta fche la a apl< t.didly conatrueted n .-el - -? -trong ?a aym UaatrieaL and will be launched about tie middle of next mi alb Hie i* of g Waitona (carpenter* burthen.) ia 1PU feet long 40 wide, and 2* deep <>f the three clipper ahiba he liaa ui.di r way. the "t'hullonge to be command | id ly Captain Waterman. (late of the elip|>er" ???* Witch and N?t< ha* hut recently in command of the ateaiuer N'ltluitnr ) ia m arly ready for launching Tic ('..met' ia in Irame. a> ia l.ki wlae the other md yet tiauied. Mr err* tti-tirvillk MiiekaV font o| Sevcuth -tre. t ate pr? gie--|i g ijuickly with the ve*?. 1- they have under way Ihiy Conalet of a etenm-hlp tin Brat of aline to j nn. tettrna Ntwtork and ftlfhnt' nd. the rtigiue* r.f w h l? li are being eaet by Me??r* Morgan k Co . of the Morgan Iren work a clipper ahl? for M.-?r> Chinnlicr InIti k I'lnlp* f..r the ( hina trade; and anotIter clipper -i.ip h r tl<-*r- lb ) i| k llineken. to b<'t uip|,.j e.l in the llavfn trade the ilimeneinn*. and ? th< r p trtirular-of tin -a Vt ? I* we ltavt already puldiabed Mr tt II Brown Bat of Twelfth etreet. haa (tni-hid hia j at 1.1 !? r the M orld'e Pair ami will teat on Friday, 11 r i-ovtt r-? t-ailing In a mat eli with M r vt< o n-"? yai-tit Minn Tl.e it her yacht building for him-elf in p<, iving hi r outride planking The -t. .iid'-at 1 r California i 10 lly Oairkrd, a" ia alao the tuwlnat for tie- llud on trade # Mr M m ( ? llyer. foot of Avenue f" haa two v> >?lv r. ady t?.r laui.ehing- one a Men no r the other a 11 brumal; tl. (Ilararioai aM 'thir particular- we hav> already gtm Air C. liaa alao on hand at hi-, thi r y.ir l f .ot of I ghtienth atreet. two atewnn r-for the N?w iirlenn- and Ti aa? tia.le He bae juat liiid the het-l of one and ralaed raft if tin frame of the other Otiah tli Avt I ng (4 Lii ad. ami IT deep, the cAber m long JHbr,?d and 10 d?ip The t r-t la to be titled with a -ingle . ngine if .10 liofee powvf. and the Other with two. of SJH L'l*' p vif vok. They nre expeeted to b?. rendy to go it tin line at-ait next October Me* r* Morgan 'ftbe Morgan Iron Mirka. have the nonet ruction of the ma cho,. rv for them v, **? la Mr..1 Sine loon, foot of Eighteenth -tre. t haa Jnt r' n n ? or i d fratiiii g a at? amaldp. to ia railed tb" N rth i in Light she i* f> r t'aptaln \ audi ri ilt an I to ?..? a i i," tt tdthe "tonne hip I'r* methewe i|h Ipvai11 by Mr s M e will Ire 2W*i tona hurthen Her keel ia 2-?i feet long l.i l oll. ? *> Let d> | th .12 fret Mr M taolka at the mm jntd. ha? Juat fm'-hod two of the cntterg for the H*Ckan navy and will launch tlx m tbia *nk Tiny are reapeetlv.lv M hvt long 21 Wide aid"1, drep and of lHI totia biirtli. n Mr Ilea (oiiyrr hat of Twentieth rlreot i* pr'.gr? , Irg ra|Idly With the two ten el a on theatork in hia yard 11 r atramrhip haa gi t hWflami an The other avt'oui L., at la planked, and now having her deck laid. Ah-at- I > ritie. I'atteraon k Stark at William-burgh, have i v.ral veewle on the atock- The 1'hlUdelplna aid l.ivr rpo< 1 propeller for Richardaon Wataon k Co. ia j'i-i alc ut Bui*In d and will he launched In May Ah. 0 "(? "Milfrim Philadelphia for Livarpwl <Wl the I at of July M?a*ra llarlwe k k Co a < lip|?r ?hip Ligldning" ) 1 In the line forward atate They have H|.n In frame ? tl,r?e dirk dipper ehtp h* Capt Petite k Co She will I ? employed in the Liverpool trade t. r *bkh aha ie th" fit?t r lipp. r rhip ever eonetrui t?d Ifrrkeelie J>n> feet lot f 'Jin lr et overall; t Xlremc htmdlh M>i feet; depth 2* feet I nit hen 1JIM tone, rarpt ntr r ? meaantwrnet t Th. ! ?He. firm haw aleotwo i.rig? nnder war oi... f. r liar lark k Co for the t entral Amerii an tradi Her length i* Ikhfiet Width 31. depth l.'t Che will fie laiinr-h.'d in Mr y 'i br > ther ia a v< ry rharp vi -e| of H\? m 4.V1 p.n ? lb 1 li i.gth ie ISDhWt hri adtli 3). depth |a A f. rry lent ( ht tl.e M illianwhwrg Kr rry Company i? hnildlng at the ' -en,? >?ni Tin hnvl of a bark baaal-eiber n jaet laid fat lie.ii a Co. 1. rgth i.a fer t Iwnm it', hold'in Itr .lahr 1 Millian.e. at Wlllinniahurg 1 r mtiimeing tt 11 1 itrintir 11 it a p rapt Ihr for tin* Savannah and fit liitl tied. Mi r- M. I i.k Caliper at tin-n point are.mpioyed to I he rr uiairntrf* three cuttepv fi r th.' Mr riean oary ' 1 hr y rry al ut .0 tr nr. itnd * ii< b# ready :? r t in king i rb( rtty | City Intelligence* THE LATE Cl'BA.N AFFAIR. Everything remains In itatu yuv for the prenent. We nnder*taud there will not he any preliminary invesUga tion Ik fore the Commissioner and that no farther action will he had in the affair until next Tuesday week, when bills of iudietnient ugaln*t all the would-be invader* will be sent before the grand jury of the L ulled State* Court. Tnr. Fibst ok Mat. and thk Moving Ori ration* ok the Fkaaon?Hitherto, on the first of May. New York ha* been (all of bustle and confusion, with flitting- innu merable. moving in all directions. This season, a con siderable number, growing wise l y experience gathered from the past, have taken time by the forelock, and avoided the inconvenience und annoyance of a May-day moving We never saw so many Hitting* previous to the flr-t of May, as we observed ou Monday and Tuesday, proeeediug to every poiut of the compass. Scarcely did aftrry boat make a trip between Brooklyn and New York, that It was not tilled with carts of furniture all day long, especially when going from this to the other side. A considerable number al?o passed over to New .!? rsey. and sonic few have come to New York from both sides of the river. But the large majority that have crossed the water have been from and not to New York. From one part of the city to another the chauge* have hi t n very numerous Yet we have uo doubt that to-day the numbers will be a* great, apparently, as if a single move had not been previously made. Yesterday the weathir was unfavorable for moving operation*, urnl ac c< rdingly ihty were comparatively few. To-day we shall have them in full sweep. Thk. Cask ok Ali.kgkd Carter* on the Part ok a Tf achkb in a Pt si it School.? lu the case of Mr. Orant, list istant teacher in a public school, lately charged with cruelty to u hi y naBtt d Taylor, the father has withdrawn the charge, and the matter is now all settled. We under stand that Judge Meech did not aet in his judicial ra pacity when he interfered to get permission for Mr Grant, after his arrest, to go home, ou his parole, till next morning, tin* sitting of the court at Jefferson mur kt t being then over, hut in his private capacity as a citizen he having pledged himself to he responsible for Mr Grunt's appearance. Kit in: ok a Convict khow Bi aCkwell'r Tsi.and.?On the duy tlie Grand Jury visited Blackwwll's Island, in c< tiipeny with Senator l'ouglas. a convict, named John son, for whom there was a requisition from the Governor of Pi vm:ylvanhi. effected his escape, ami haa not siuee been heard of. Whul makes his escape the more remark able is. tb.it lie had the chain and ball jtiffy pounds weight) to his leg at the time of hi* escape. It appears it wit- iii a beat iri ni Long I-land he got off. The m itter ha* bet ti made a -ccri t of. but. nevertheless, it lias couio to our cars, and we give It to our readers. Thk Isinii Indignation Melting.?The eomtnittee iinrt this evening at the Shakapeaie Hotel, and u >t Monday ev rtiug. as stat< J by typographical mistake. Emigration.?I'pwards of 2.000 emigrants arrived in tlii" port on Tut -day. who. with those arrived yesterday, make a total if J.'t i within thirty six hours. Kill II in in List to Boston.?The Empire State has ri. unit d the place (if the ?lute of Maine in this line. CoMfl INT ON ClIlRGL ok Perji'Rv. Dismissed ?In the matter if James Ferguson, arrested on the Vth of Jan uary. on complaint of Geo. 1'. Brnsh. who charged Fer guson with perjury, in falsely swearing that Brush com mitted an assault upon his person on the 15th March, lfvl)?in motion of defence, the case was removed by rrrtinraii from before Justice Mi (truth, and taken before elly Judge Bet be. who, afti r a full Investigation, dismiss ed ilie complaint, and endorsed the examination as fol low- :??? 1 have carefully examined the testimony in this matter, and am satisfied, on such examination, that the charge t! wilful ami corrupt perjury, cannot be sustained ?gainst the ib fendent. James f. rguson. on it; he is tin rt fore discharged.!' Another Bcrliar* ?The residence of Thos Monroe,

74 Kast Twt uty-gecond street, iva* broken into between 3 and 4 o'clock yesterday morning, and various articles taken therefrom. We barn that a reward of $100 will be paid to any one who w ill convince the pubtie that our nlglit watchmen are not just what they are well known to be?worse than useless ; for. had there been one within a mile, not asleep, itie burglars could have been caught, and any < ne passing the house could have seen them at work with jimmies, between their lunch and breakfast, both of which they piurtook of before their exit. (!i n Steamboat (.'attains?We have received a note from * a tic voted reader.'' in which she conduct of the captain of the Iluguenot 1* spoken of as neither proper m i* correct, in lib* refusal, on Monday eycnlng. to take on board the II. two youhg men r.S fas eager*. Our steamboat captains are. generally (peaking, """''""VV. and we expect there inu.-t be some error iu the charge* against Capt. Yau 1'clt. Wc hopt so. Smuggled Wine.?Henry Boyce. mate of the Ham burgh bark Franklin, was arre. ltd on Tue-day. by pt lictman 1'wycr. of the First ward. witli four boxes of wine iu his possession, charged to lie smuggled. A Staioi sOkkknc r ?John Smith.and four other', wore arrest id by the Ninth ward police, on Monday night, at 11 o'clock, lor the serious offence of sleeping iii hay. b ? oau?e they had DO bed to lit* on. Tin y got hard lodgings in the station hou-o, and will, uo doubt be sent to lilack wt li s I-Iaud as vagrants. Two Men Kii i fd rv Carbonic Ann Gas ?Yesterday, two uicn were killed by carbonic acid gaa in IVilliams hmgh. Andrew Bill ledge ami Alexander Caskaden. two laboring nn n pcri-ln d in the distillery of N C. biy V Co.. North Fourth street.about 7 o'clock yest- rday morn ing from tin- effect* of inhaling carbonic acitl gas. gene rated by the fermentation of molasses. In rolling a hogshead. Kutlcdge fell into n cistern, and in attempting to rescue him L'uskadeu tell a victim to the noxiou- gas A Car at to r. Accident.?Y'est.-rday afternoon, while |n your g lady by the name of Miss Ann lleylaud. a resi dent of Willinmsbuvgh. was attempting to cm** Chatham street, she slippt d. and fell upon the slipjwry cross walk; ond before she could recover herself, u private couch cuius dashing down, one of the wheels of which passed over her hotly, and seriouidy injured her breast and arms. A kind gi-ntlenmn discovered the eoodltion of the laijy, and quickly picked ht r up. and carried her to the oidcwblk iu iiis arms, and tlu-u procured a car riage. with which he conveyed her to the residence of her relatives in the Second avenue. A Smioca AcciDr.fT AT Tlir NsTiovai. THr\T*v?On Tue-day night during tlx-performance at the National tlostrc a very serious accident occurred. by tlx breaking of the aire w hie h su-pended two of the actor* ?otnc twenty feet above tin* stage. and precipitating th*-m to tlx- boards below. It set-tus I hut Mr. Seymour played the part of the fiend, and Mr. Tamm-*ny took tlx* part of the flying dragon. and during the latter part of tlx* piece, the dragon ie suspended by a wire some twenty feet above the stage, and in a fljing attitude siege* the fiend from the top of a tower, with the iut* nti<*n a? represented in the play, of flying off with him and while thus taking their flight the wire unfortunately gave way. and pre ripitated both to the stage Mr fieymour. by the fall, broke hit leg. and otherwise injured huu-elf. aud Mr Tamtnony ?iu badly injured, although no bone* were broken The |*erfonnanre was di*eontlnued. on the re sult of the accident being made known to tlte audience, aDd the Injured men were conveyed to their respective residence- and medical aid pr?cur<*d. Davc.ibos iiim. on ihi llorir.-vor at S'kht?At half pa-t two o'clock Tuesday tuoming. u la y named William Davis. ft 11 fhni tlx- top of house No xi.1 William street, to tlx* tldi walk lie was conveyed to the t'ily llo-pilal by ? fltei r* McDonald and Kelly What i? -Iraugc. or ratliegsusiilrlous. Is. that Davit doc* nut belong to thut b< use or that neighborhood. Fatai. Actior* r?At five o'clock on Monday after noon. .hunt - Turnbull ngi-d 16 years ?ii? lu"tantly kill* >1 by fulling through the hatchaay ol store No. Id Stone street. P* atot-s A* ? itu w ?At two o'clock on Monday nftcr nis*n. a German named John Mycr. *ne si-riou-ly injured by a large tar of Iron falling on hi? bead when passing through William street. Wear Sprue'' Soux- wmkm-u w* re hanging e sign * n the bar. wh* n it f* II, striking Mr .Mycr < n the head wounding him severely. if n**t fatally lie was conveyed tr tlx station houec by two gentlemen, ami thence t<* to the Pity Hospital. D? atm Cai *vn e? A* * ids ar ai. lb aviso ?<'or->nerGeer Ik Id an iii*|U> -t. on Tim -day. at the City Hospital, on the l? dy of Bridget I'ophry. aged twenty y aw. born in Ireland who cam* to her dmth by the bursting of a cam; bine lamp ?ti Saturday night la-t Catharine Mc Cree and tlx dicea-ed were both burned fatally, at the same time Catharine tlx d on Monday morning, and budget the ijeat 'lay from the injuries received ou that treaelcn Asrdicl accordingly A??io?vt n,?w ? Si sot?On Tut -day. Hugh Morris, reeidiig at N*> ITT turick strict, was a* i*J* utatly km eked down by tlx* pole of stage N*>. -1.' and * >n siil* tally Injureil lie was taki n to the drug stort . cog nag <f Mr* adway and Spring street, an! tlx m ?- to hi h< ma. Patal Ri?it ?arw tws *tr?* ?*? r?Fatrlck I'helan. win* was a I* tiger in th- Twelfth wnrd station h* u? Is lug taken sick. di? d - n Tuc-day morning t*of n- h*- * - old Is ?? nveyed to the Hospital An in*|Ue>t was he| I when th* jury rendered a v*-i*l ct of death from Intemperance lliM im vaow Daowsiv*.?At *1* o'clock * nTu*?lay no ruing a man nam* d llenry Conolly fell fr<*ni the f* rry hrklge. at tlx- f*?**t of Twenty-third -ar*-*-t. Ca-t rlvi-r ami was r* sen* d fr**m dr* wnitig by *>ffl< er Pc* k lui ivto av t*>< ?At ?! o'i|oek on Tuesday evawing. It spinel Swiwt a. residing at the corner of lt<a**cve|t ami t h* rry Streets, fell down a deep area in Chestnut street, euttlng bis head very tcverely lie was conveyed to the point)* ward Station house hikI thinrelohis residence, after his wound* wcr*- dressed l-y Dr lt<??*. Tx? IstitwtUTi Vnrri.AvD <T san ncsompani'sl t*y A .ilk* u s fnnx us Washington bra-s llaml. pa-?e I the llntWifi* *' on Tui-day. on their return froui a target eacutth u Ronid of Snpervlaora. araciAL *u aviso. Amu ro ?His h* nor the Recorder in the chair Tlx reading of the minutes of th*- preceding m-? ting was dispensed with, ou motion of the Supervisor of the S? venth ward lit]ml?ttf Ci mmlttee on County Ofll-wn. giving leave to tlx former Alt* rtiey Oen* rsl t" withdraw certain bills now la fi re the committee, wit h I* ave to furnish new one* Acci pt< d 1'ititiim?Of Assessors of the Sixteenth ward, praying for Iner* ase if -alary Laid on the table and ord-red to l?e printed. Aeyel ?flf Ta* Ci mnils'lorxw- on the resolution of In quiry relative to the amount of rvnl and personal tat re mitted |.y the Hoard of Siirervleor? The report states that only pT 46?* wi re n mltted within the |a?t ?iv months, and that the increase in the valuation of real and per sonal estate was fifi.T1d.lfl. which produce* a ta* "f fillb 4*T, which after deducting the amount of lav re mlttid by the l*oaril tlx-re remains a -uin of filtsl.tK'H to the endit of the city Ctmmttmraittm? I P*m the State Superintendent of Ciwn In n Si hiols. stating that Kllen Malone ha* been selected as a stale pupil In the Institution for the blind ? t *t J II t'.rkins fur furnishing refreshment* to the jury who tried J* wett anil ot hers in the Court of Ses sk ns?irdi-rid to Is* paid ; if Mr N*-bitt. nm- of tlx clerks of tlx- Court n! Si ssions. for ii;ra|*ay?referred ffeinfnfo n?That th<-1 iTi| troller to- uutlx r;s*-d lodraw bis Wiirtar t fir the sum of fi4-l4 .V* t" pay the expense s.f pi r-iiu at Albany. In procuring the ps-*?g* of law* relntive to the elty and county of New i* tk during the la?t ps- ii n of the legislature 1 be Boat J 'In n M*4t? VbuMtcrinc^ Nt ? Yoaa. April 20, 1851. JiMU Oonfon Btniim, Km) ? I>w?r Wr-ln your llrrald. of thl. morning. y>u apeak cf the Sun in connection with the Jacksonville, l-rliigh and I'laiiituid bank*. Why not rnik 51 Y. boich and aou? to etepforward and rvdaoui over tl&YiiOOof the uot?* of the lluYre de tira< v Bank, which tin y have indirectly | put in circulation, and which are now in the hand* of pour laborer*, who *<>ld their wheat and cattle fur the worth I leci* Havre de Urace Bank notee' And why not have a I petition presented to the extra M-eeion of the La'gi-lature | of thie State, arking for an iuveetigation into the aifair* of the Brooklyn Ineurance Company, which now reals on the reepoiiMbility of M. Y Beach and con*! OfiK VV1I0 KNOWS. Cypres# IIIUs Cemetery? On the first of I May thl new city ordinance, which prohibits the burial of the"dead in thU oity. below Eirhty-BvTrutli street, iron int.. effect. Our vaet and rapidly augur utiuy population a ill tl.en le tompelled to look to our rural cemeteries fur repu.-o forth* departed. Cypres* Hills Cemetery was eitablishcd expressly to meet this inevitable exigency, and the public arc j reguertid to yiait its irrouuds and inquire iuto its facilities. ' From llrookly n, besides a llue of stages, the lone Island rail road company ruus several trains n day tu the cemetery. Stages and pri\ute conveyance* tu th* ground* may always i be found at the Fulton, reek ?Hp, and Orand atreet ferric*. on the Brooklyn and Williamsburg!! side, and a new line of I stages has just (turted for tlx cemetery from IV iHimueburwh, I wInch run every three quarter*of an hour alter' ight n'eloek. i Tlii cemetery is located on Long Uliuid. about fix miles from . the Fulton firry, and four and a half from the U illiams | burgh ferries, and well adapted for burial purpurea, being a ! convenient distance from the cities of New York and Hr??ok lyn. and the village* of M'illiamshurgh and Green 1'oiut, whilst in Suudbcapo and nicturcsque views it it* scarcely equalled. On the south it faces the Atlantic ocean, gradually rising in the roar to a high ranee of hi 1 In, with scenery ex tending from the ocean to the Palisades on the north, and the hius of Connecticut on the uorthea?t. Th" principal office ot the cemetery will be removed on the 1st of May. fr??in 2b2 to Broadw ay. Information about the nrice of lots, fun* ral arrangement*. may be had of K.(?. Nellis, agent, at the office; also of J. K? ndiu k, at the branch office, corner 1 of Eu"t Broadway and (1 rand street: andj.f the principal , tcxton* in New York. Brooklyn, and Milliamshnrgn. CALEB S. WOODHULL, President, i E. LiNDiAY, Secretary. StIiiiHoii A Co.'s Xvw Orleans and Mobile Express, per steamship Winticld Scott, May 1, 1K"?1. Ticket* j tor Chair re a, per steamship Brother Jonatiian, Tuesday, | May Id, for sale hy ST I M.SON ^ CO., 1!? Wall strest. i Elrgant Porcelain Wedding Cards, plain and sii\ ?-r bordered, engraved and printed iu the most fashion able styles; aluo, a splendid usm.rtment of Wedding Enve lopes, fr< in the most celebrated Paris and London mauufac turers* ut h V1 II DELL'S, Broadway, corner of Duane street. The Xiw York Law Student*' AMOiliUlon will hold their weekly meeting at the Supreme C u t Special Term room, this evening at 8 o'clock. Member", and all other? favorable to the ohjects "t the Association, arc in vited to attend. RICHARD II. DEM1LT, President. J. S. Buow'.n. Secretary. Bowling and Billiard EtitahlUhiiieiit for j ale. Fie neat jxige. Stand aside, ye vain, pri^uiiiptuous boust I era. who grotp at notoriety as your only refuge, and neck to flourish upon the whistling of a name! IB-tiro with respect ful deference from the presence of true merit and ackuow ' lodged preeminence, and learn a lesson of modesty from I your infinite inferiority. The bubble lias l urst, and the emp iincs> is discovered; and he who seeks an empiric fame, w ill, ere long, pay respect to the mechanic whom I now despite. Truth i? a keen discerner, and will ferret out the usup.r of ott crs' rights. The Hat Finishers' Cnion stand forth in I - Id r* lief, confident of the correctness of their position, and un dine hin? iu their determination to far outstrip all rivals in the race lor honorable fame. II AT Fi N ISilEKS' I N ION', No. 11 Park row, opposite the Astor House. The Genii! lint.?One of the lending merit* of Benin's Spring style fur l8f?l, is the absence ?f all exagge ration in its conformation. The conical shape is just sutfi ci? Ltly percertihl < without being a too nromiucnt feature, and all the details fo ein to assimilate witli "a h other, so its to render the general,design a model <-f classical proportion and perfect symmetry. Such is the Benin four dollar llat lor this season, speaking of it as a work of art. GEN IN, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's ? Iloiuekeepers and all Other* In want of Bedding, Bedsteads, tec., would do w ell to call at M. M il lard g old established warerooms, 1AU Chatham stn-t, corner ot Mulberry street, w here may he found the largest a?*ort ment of articles in his line, ever offered to the public, con sisting of Feathers, Bids, Mattrtssc.'. tec. Patent Screw Bedsteads and Cots, wholesale and retail. Loolt at thn*e new Spring Pattern* of In* grain Carpeting, only four shillings | ? r yar?, aad those pat ent Tapestry Ingrain Carpets, ? rt< ri d *t such low ori< e-, at No. !V Bowery, lilRAM ANDERSON 8, displayed in eight spacious sales rooms. Such bargain" arc rarely wet with. Stair Carpets 2*,, 3s., and 4s.; Kurs-'I'd., etc. \Vntche* of every dearrlptlon, from tlic most expensive Gold to the cheapest Silver, can I ? obtain* d oi John V. Savage, U2 Falton street, at prices which place thim within the reach of all. J. Y. S. is also sole manufac turer oft lit Richelieu Ev? r Pointed Gold Pens. Try one, if you want a br.-t rate article. Removal.-I>r. Lulener's Ear Infirmary, for the exclusive treatment of Ear dine-ases, will be removed by the 1st of May to 371 Broadway.?Deafness, discharges from the external ear, ard the various distressing noises in the ears, euri d in a short time with* ut risk or pain. Consul tation t? e. $1. Cnpaid letters refused. Office hours fr*?ro 8 till1'atients from the country can have good rooms, with or without board. Who wnnta a wliltr, fine rlear akin and complexion??Those who d<?, ha.e but to u-^e " Lea's Oriental fkm rrescrter." which acts like a charm, giving th* most yellow or dark skiu a beautiful transparent appeurauce. If you havo freckles, sunburn or tan, this removes it ituoie. diat? 1> ; al"<? pimples, suit rheum, or any other eruptions <*f thi skin. One trial will prove it" quality. Only 3s. a box* and told only at 4X\ Broadway, tvnur of flow ard. | Phi?lon'? M?|(l? Unlr Dye, to color the hair ?r whirkvi. the m.ai.nt it I. .ppltt-d, ait hunt Injury tu t'i. hkir or It cxn be washed immtdiatvly without dit turlitf the color, tod h?a no bad odor. It ia nurliod^or *<>ldf at l'h.iluti'a Mix- and Toupt. manufactory, 107 Broadway. I Tvt Ml. in th. city and country by druxKiata (.n.rally. Oonranil'i Liquid lintr Dye ln.tontly con | T< rt? t-d > r pray balr to Ituwii or I lauk. Cour-nd'a It.Inn Mediroted Suap ? urea tan. pinirtei. fretklea. eruptionr, t' , (jouraud'a Puudr. Subtil. ?r?dirat'-? hair trom upf? r iface, or a.y | art of th. body ?* arranted (iuur.uu'k l.iqu'.d Ruuye, fur Jale liy* and chirk,; Idly White, llair Reatura tiv*. .tc., ar* all fuuud at Dr. FKl.IX COURAl'D'S old ..tat liahrd I.ahnratury. #7 Walker Hrect, hr?t .tore fr in Broadway; Call'nder, ^ South Third .trout, rbilad.luLi*: 120 M aaLtoytca atreet. Beaton. Wlga and Toupera?Wc Mould call the nt bMtica af periona requirin* W'iy,. to a rv.ent iraprorcmrnt. The mme waa awarii.d a allver inedal fur the hr.t premium at the la,t fair. Th.y can b. *een at E. PHALON.S Wig and Hair Dye Factory, 1V7 Br?ad?ay, corner of Dey atreet. Citii'B. cad Hraagera .re invited to cxamiao bator. pur .baa lag claewbcra. Copy bia addreaa. H. V. Buah'a Hi novating Aromatic Cor dial impart* life and Tig< r to the whole ?y*t*m. and t" act near-iterative for impaired and del ilitated ronititati<n?. juet the very thing the public in d. Uive it a trial. Prin 111 ml d-PCt, SI!1 flrenowieh. e-rnir of Duane itrcvt?Otlecnt* |tr Lottie?ami by drua; i?t? ran. rally. Hutching*' Vegetable Dywpejwla Bitter*.? In all th hiitory <f patent medicine*. there i. none that ? iquivd aaR quickly ? well deevr*' d r^FtilanVj-, nor any that will retain it longer. than llutchlnr*' f>y.p?p-ia Bitter*. !.?.< nnoua in the cure ol the parti. nlar complaint for who li it ia manufactured, it baa afforded relief to tlionaanda who imagined thrmeelvra incurable. Pyeprptu*, try thi* com pound, for it know yon will derin beneht from it? uae. t ?r eah . wholiealc and retail, by tin proprietor. 111.' t niton a tract, ntnrXntanu atreet. I'rice fiOccnt* per Lottie. Oxygenated Bitters.?Boston, Drrrmlirr 6, ..M7 ?Pr. I.eo. II. (irevn l?enr ilr Iu reply to your .|>i?* th n in r rurd to the a< t ien of the " (Ixygeaalvd Hitter*,'' I feel mue|i pl-aeure in atatinr that fr< ui ita prompt and deci alte (fleet in alleviating and oreri "luing a aeyere and chronic caae of indirection and d>*j.ep<ia. in oi> own ruoiily. and tr tn a know ledpe t f ita wonderful reanlta in curing eeiernl at - ta<k> f.uit' at aei, re in other familo a of my acquaintann*. I contlder it a *vtreign and infallible r*w dy In that du tre,*ti.g ci m| lamt aad would cordially and earneetlv raeom iii end it ti' all who may hethua altle ted. Hope tfally youri, laute liantorth. 17 bouth Market etreet. The above lertlti (ate ia from a well known and highly reap, table m-r. limit i full - . ? ot B >t< p, ai d la ? ntitled to the fullest confidence. Prio per little, eia be.ttlea t> r $.Y For aale by A. II k D. fanda, IMi I ult'a tire t. and A. to Bcovill k Ca., 116; aad ? II. King, 1W Broadway, N. Y , and by ti e druggict* generally. Dyspepsia ran he C it red.?T hoar who suffer i fr< m mdlre.il. n. and wtakneonf tlo atnmach, or aervoua i. t iiity, are ad? i>. d to make I rial of th- <>? j;coated Bitfer-. ? No nidi ine haa, to our knowled."., ever received e. many te.tiuii inula from *our<e?or the f.irhrrt r. .portability and fbe meat lac r-duloua will find ample proof |n the pamphlet* ai i? n | mi inc tl.e ?e liittera, that tho curra it p< itorm. art of no < rdinary character Read the atatemeata. aid you willli convinced tiiut it ia tlia b?-t medii ine in the world. Pri e ?l p. r bottle, aix botil.a for ??>. For aale. I.y A. B k I> fande. I'"1 Fnlt'ii etri ? t; and A.I. Seovill fc Co., filii, and! II Ring. IIS Broadway, New York; and th? druggiatt generally. Married, On Tun-day April 29, by the- lt?-v Pr Ifuttnn. Mr Wn lull K K * nr to M ?aix M. daughter of Ahrnliaui Mi' c roleo F.M| . nil of Oila city t?n W nlceeilHy. April 30. Iijr the Rev I?r IlrrrInn. Mr Aaim n M Dowillv to Avitit M t*i. nr. of A?t<o rin I, I I'ti M filncad.iy ' Tcbinff. April .10, In All Saint*'Church, by the Rev William K Klgciibniilt. Mr Fiiiutna lie hivivp Km rrt to lllw hut* I' T II?ht. On Match'21 liythe Her Sidney A. Corey. Mr .l?wn Vci Bi sx hot'* to Miea Maaii.ira Ft hum*i.n. lioth of tbi* city <>n Tuewday April 29 by the Re* Pr Wilt. Kw- *v P P?n M i> . of tii rum ti y tn Ciiiiiiim. K Hi nomi.i n, of thi- illy Philaile II'lilav and R? ?ton paper* pirn **? ropy tn A|rillft'. by I be He* .ln? Macbeth. Mr Jmiv C ra mi Hai i. to Mir* Pan in wu IVilkn. nil of tbi* ci|y Died, On tprll W. .!?*> Ki tetwr tH, daaght'T of llenry unj Klin. At ilei n *p il 1 yi ?r 6 inonth* ntnl 0 day*. U. my bwb'' thou hn.f left u?. To po when- trouble le no more. Put 'ti? ti'wl that ban beri ft lie, He run all our aorrow* heal The frl' tiile and relative* of Iter pari nl? are reapeetfully ? Invited to attend ber funeral from their n widence, >'<> li'i hart Flitreiifb elreet. tomorrow, at 10 o'clock At TontpklBevllle f I on Mediie*(tay. April 10 (l\*. *n B t'oaauw. aped 31 year* The rilativea nrd frlcmla of the deeeaeed and tho*e of ' hi* father. John P I'onklln nre invited to atleod hi* fu | ni ml from hie lute rc*id*nr* m nr the if iinrwiitine laml irg on Thuredny. May 1. at II o'clock. A M Mi* ri aiain* will be tnki n to Norllifli Id F I for Interment. renewed every imy. TIIR riRHMKT. i?r.i'?Nf>i;M .m<?mi.nation ?;v >ti???*??.?Al ? iih ttiac nf tli? flR'**rH c>f tht fire DtfMift iri' nt. fnvftrnl tt lo an ir??Und? nt iiuimnnti< n f?*r f.nyiiMer, hcid on ctrnitif, Arril 2!*th, there tiro tMa-ntt finht minppnlft r^pre??ntrff. lfr * Y lt< Irher. ?>f ' ? ? >, w?Rfail?M| to t h ? rtt.nr, ft ti *1 J. Timi', of Ifon run . ry ?(?? fi|)|? int< tl ? r< tary. Onmo * ? i . trt II " ?;? sr tf n I r ????!. U t' t mI|. t f r a f mn?ii?l?t.? f. r A#*i?tant F.Bfri n? ??, v I <n Mr Henry H. Vctiit naadeelafrd line B? tninatMi. f?n motion, a .< remit!** ?f three v .%? ?| r to wait ? n Mr V ?i.n and a^' ? rt?i? whether ' ? wwwtii atrtnt af thf aominai ioii, who rrfM-rted, that aftar mn h foli* itiitii n. ha had aaaanttd t- the wi?hta tho tnretirpr. fTn motion % <*nrnmitt*t of ftv ?iff afifwiinttti, to ttiftl e fro nee* *a;?ry ;?ffftnjretriont* t" r* raft th-- ? IreMnn of Mr. f<nn. nC than ??,"?nn rH aHh ttr-e h r*y iht? r tt? ni it if ft. fc. If hLt 11 i H> thaimiaa. J at F. H i n* *, SctrtUfy. ' POLITIC AX*. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN (JE.NEKAI. COMMITTEI ?A regular ?Ms.tlug of the Ilumocruti.- K. i,ublie?a ?ratral CMWUltM Will be held at Tauimanv Hall, oa Thuri Aav .lining. Hay lit, 1M61. I'aaotual attendaiice ie particu larly reaurrted. a> bn.iaci.abf the utuio.t importance will b? brought before the Committee. By order of KOHT. J. DILLON, Chairman. John John Dom*?ty,B' ' | ?*c*"Uriea. a: MPKUIAL AOT1CKS. MCI HANKS' IMXTITUTE -TOE POLYTEi IIN ICE X hilition and Mechanical Muaeum of the Inatitutc vnh l At the rocaif, eiruer of Bowery *ud Division Mtreet, oil 15th May next. Z. PRATT, President. T. i\ liowi, Actaavy. JAMAICA SOUTH PLANK HO AD COMPANY?BOOKS t? r subscription to the capital a tuck *?f this company pill le opened at the hou^c of John I. Suediker, ut the Luiout Riicu <'< ore* , Long Island, on Wednesday, the 7th day ot' Mey uext, from 10 o'clock, A M., to 5 o'clock. I* M. Share* twcuty-five dollars each. Five per oent will be required to Ie paid at the time of subscribing. MARTIN J. DITRVKA. Secretary. NOTICE.?NEW \ ORK FIRE DEPARTMENT?TUB testimonial to be prevented to M ile Jenny Lind, ty tl.e New York Fire Department, can be seen for a few days at the store of Mr. J as. W. Faulkuer, corner of Broadway and Grand street. Texas land agen< y.--the undersigned op fers his cervices an an agent in all matters appertaining to luud- in Texas, but |artienlarly to select\iuIoe.tL'd lands, aud procure patents for the suine. Terras moderate, and will be inudo kuownwhen informed what is to be dune. AddfOiif H. G. CATLETT, Dallas, Texas. SHOOTING FOR TIIF. MILLION?fcOPO LIVE PIGE0N3 for hale, bv DON, Washington Market. DONNELLY U GROOLY, No. Ill and 1U PERSONAL. I El T HER HOME, ABOUT EIGHT O'CLOCK. MONDAY J morning, April 2H, u youug lady dressed in black, about the middle sixe, and laboring under a depression of spirits, and who bus not since returned; her fii uds are in great anxiety concerning her. She may have gone on board ;t steumlfoat or railroad car. Any information repveting hoc v ill he gratefully received by her distressed family, and lib-1 ? rally rewarded, by addressing John Williamson, No. 5JI ilroomc street, New York. Information wanted- of Messrs. ff.lix dar* eamhul and Benjamin d* A nambal. for whom a highly important communication has been received. They arc ootli soi s of Mr. d'Arcamhnl, who in 1810, or about that time, wag Consul of France at Baltimore. Maryland. Any person who can wive information concerning them, will please addrcr-g Mr. Rom ignol, Notaire, a Pc ronne. Department de la Sowiue France; or Messrs. Gourd, Frorct & Co., New York. J CHILD FOR ADOPTION.?THE FATHER OF A young boy, about mx year? old, who has lost his mother, would like to have him a-Lpt- i hy A pious family, inquire at SH> Broome street, Gilliluud's Sews Depot. REMOVALS. Removal.?john g. wyman, merchant tailor, has removed from No. 2J5 to 257 Broadway, opposite j Ihe City Uall. I'OBN STAAT3, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED from h>2 Fulton street, to 107 Broadway, formerly the J Franklin House. RE M O V A L ? WM HIRnI HI ELD. IMPORTER OP Watches, Watch Glasses, Nc., has r< Moved iroin No. ? 1 to No. 10 John street, up stairs, win re lie will keen eon >taiitly a larg*- assortment of tin ? Wat.'hex, at the lowest pri* ??is. the very best imported Watch GLi--.?-h cheaper than ' any other place in the trade, at No. Id John, near Broadway, RI.MOVAL.-F. H. McELROY, MERCHANT TAILOR, has removed from No. I'd to 6H5 Broadway, one d tor above thee- rncrof Amity street, where he would be happy to see hit friends aud customers. LOST, Ac. COfl REWARD.?:LOST?.A LADY'S HI I B ENAMEL led Watch, with the iiiitials of I*. I), t?> Emma, on 1 uetday, between I and 5 o'clock, P. M.. w'.ile passing through Broadway from Grand street to No. ?'?!> Houston street. The finder w ill be liberally rewarded hy leaving U at No. t?2s Houston street. 1 7k REWARD.?LOST?LAST EVENING, IN CROSS ^ I ing the Bowerv to corn-r of Riviu/ton str ? t, a lady's gold Watch sn l Chain. W'hover has found the same, and uill leave it at Military Hull tw Bowery, will receive the above reward, and the thank* el the owner, mO REWARD?LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, A VJO R* 11 of Manusi rip*; the name of Jam* * W* >d, of 1>? truit, Mich., was insert*d on one sheet, and the name ot G. C'. Blayncy, Tort \\ asht-nand. on the other. By le.vvin/ ti e fcho?6 (isi?Tr!,,?<? I'*r *'1 ht oth- e d the 'Scientific American, 12* Fulton cyrcct, the ab?ver* wai jwill be paid, j 10ST?(>N THE EVENING OF TTTF. 2-T1I INST., J a rtitali Red M?-roc*-? Wallet, containing about tw ? hundred aud seventy <t? ? 1 lar-?most of it th* N w VnrkCitf Fut.ds, notes, and other pup r>, - f uo vnlu- to any one ?ei < ? pt the ? w tier. One 11 uu-lrcd Dollars will b?, ..iv-n ta tbl person who will return it, at Terrapin Lunch, 218 Broad way, aiy day this week. Bracelet lost?lost, in bond street, or its vicinity, on Thursday evening la#t, a re-l Curat lira-' let. The tinder will he suitably rewarded, and re** ive ti e thank* of the owner hy Lining the same at the office ot the Bond Street House. t'4-> Broadway. 1,101 ND?SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS' WORTH ot railway fcrttfL at*The owner can hear of th- nt by giving a correct description ?m application to ti?* -ntaoriber, .JOHN SLOAN. Nihlo a G ? rdon, or 2v Lieeek* r ?t. PRINTING MATERIALS. \RARK CHANCE FOR A PRINTER. IIAVfNC 8-IJMltO to pur hair one of the h* -t -1 nio< ratio t ;per* in one of the l iti* s of New York. None but so h a liuNe the raeanp need apply. Apply to V. If. Palmer. Trihuuu Building, New d ork; it ty letter, post paid. rpo PRINTERS.?FOR SALE-A SMALL CYLINDER A l're>s, tn? diutn. in tir-?t rxte order, built by A. M. Tav lc r A Co., in November Uat; w irranted to do good worlc. H ill he sold low. Ap| ly to Douglas A Colt, No. 154 Wutey ?treet. oLorane. ( 'apt nrr ( LOTnfKo and rrnVTrrnr. WAsrrth Vy ? TI.e bi^hrot pri'-? 'ii b< obtained l y Indite and *? o ? tl< men ?ho liavr any left "ft Clothing. I'urnitnp', uu-l Jtrnci ? rv. let., to of, bv rending, through p?.*t <T uttitrwiNi fir J 1.1CV fiNSTVN, f x/ Kr'.adway, up etaito. I.adior attended to by Mr?. UnnMfii. (1 AST orr CI.OTII1NU AM) n KM I I KK WANTF.I).? V Ladiea, rr gitilltinen hat lug any iup< rtiui ua eflecta t? diapoae of, can obtain a tulr oath oriaa for the mine. by i?4 in*fir tl,? aubacrlber at hi? roeiaunre. Ladiea att. o.irl h i Bra. Cohen. II. 8. CollEN, Ka. 8 ITart Broadway plaoe. (' AST OFF ( LOTH I Ml AND Fl'RN ITCRK WANTED. ?I.adirr or gentlemen tearing the city, or br> akmg up l.ouoekerping. can obtain tlir liighrat ou.-li price for I'lntliiaif, Furniture. Ac , by evading through the Poet, ?r at bia root deuce. I. M lil'NAl'l.OoKI', liElmatreet. .N B.?I.adiea attend. ,1 by Mr?. Daniel iorp. / 1I.OTII INC.?J. FI.AN DCRA, IIRO A I) WAT, NEW V 1 < rk. dealer in Voting C<ata', Bnyn', and Children'# eletblng?cella by Uir nt.gh atiit or package. Tl.io eitaUirh ? nirat io (onatanlly la receipt oi all that la gee (id the line), ai.ii io acknowledged to bo the loading bouoe ot faainoa la thia o. notrjr. uuv ooou*. / ?* U I Al* LINENS.?JAMES BECK l? CO. H AVE NOW V7 on t?nd a large and well re lee ted etock of iA l.inena. Irieh Seutrli and Darn-ley She. Mnea, of the l-e?t make. Pillow Caae Idnona. Table Dama.k ??l every width, in tin- rict.eat and brat pntterna. Dama.k Clothe and Nap Vina cl every ?ite and .|nalit,v. Fin-n Diaper, and |)a na*k 'I wellng Bmtokata Qnllta, to<\, vhich III** Ml mIIIik ? IT at nhprgtlrdented Inw prion, and which ai *? 11 worth tint attei.lli ti of hntol and hoarding hnuae fc.-i.prra. or iatuilie> iu want of linen gooda. N. IF?Their Stock nf line large Dnmatk clothe, with N'apkina to in itch, is gjperior to ituy'.Liug hi therto prevented to tho ptihlio. James hick to Co.. n - -idw?v. PA R ASOI.S.?Til E HF BSC Hi HER. ANDREW BOIIME. manufacturer akd w holee il>- dealer. liaa ou hand and ad-ra for rale on liberal term*, tlia rifhcet emhruidered bro radr, laced, eh. nb, watertd, h.>rdrr?<F lined, tnaard. ivory tif rod, aatin, tilk. ring), am and rotton I'arae.Ja. Alan, I'm. brrllaa of every dceerirtion; HMntk Buggy, r?d. for H*ai<-ac trade, toe . too. AN DREW UoliNE. N? 12 c?d*r ?tre?t. PAPER HAXUINU8,to('. I^INF. FRENCH r.tl'EII HAMOINVS. DECORATIONS to' .?Tk- ar la waat of the above arlieiee ahonld not omib to look through oar e-taliialiinaat. aa their int. re.t and taate mav I* brat f-nault. J hy a oall. TllltV K.tVLftCO., O. 1'earl ttrect, between Madiaon and Cliatiwiiu. PAPER HANGINGS.?FRANCIS PARES to C?>.. NO. S7i* IVarl atreet, ara now prepared to eahibit all thoir new deatgna of French and Aim-Mean Paper Hangings, torn - pririag the rlrhaat ftylee oi told, velvet, and aatin laonra I r drawing raaia, an I all oak and aarfcla Mtall I a dining ti.oni, Kalla, tor . wl ? ? r wknUaal* and r tall at tlir low.-at market pricaa. hnpvnor workmen ara em ? ployed to banc the i-apera, toe. \ v to R DAVIII m Broadway, ii \. r. .11 si a a ? received, per .trainee. a rplmdid aaaortnx n; ot FrenHi I ep?r hanging. of entirely new dreigaa, worthy the attention of (hue* about te pi.rv.haae. Alao, laai an I in.i?ha . iirtai ia w r.daw ahadea and eori.i-ee, lar.de. to . whioh bh?y wile a- II. whnlraalt or retml, twenty par taut leae than any outlaw in 'na . it/. (*IIRAPES! mom IN TIIR CIT1 9*1 BOWKRT, 7 f. r Vt mdow Shadaa and ( ornloaa. Paper H ? aginga. l-.- n and Mnalin Cnrtaina, Curtain Material. of every -l-.ertp ti. n, and everything In the rplmletery line, twenty per evnt lower than at./ ntl? r boure in the eity. A If. to K. D.AVIES, I'ph later.-ra. 2)1 Bowere. IIOKMKM, CAItHIAUKA, tor. ItoT I H VORK IIORM BAZAAR .?l < HOMl V M H RET.? i a Am lioti Stole of II t -? t arriac ? ll.irn. ee. to' . every >. n.lav and Wtdoe-day, ternm.-ncvag at 12 u'elo. k. Per aoi.a having property to dlepot- ef, Will pleaac t* call aat*. Lave tluni rigiateied I . I. re IV o'clock. JOHN If. UATPIRI.D, Troprietor. Morses for safe, -constantly on iiandand I tor aale, a variety . f highly trained aaddle and harneea Unreea. emtalde fnr ladiea' and gvatlemi n? iiv alan. aaddla fc. raea, and horaca and waaona to let by the day. week .t ni. nth. at laiabrow'a Riding School. No. 20 I onrtn Aveanc. n(.R-F. WANTED t I.OW PRICED HORSE SOI N D gentle ind fit for tnunly ic; ons neeiiatom- d 11 n loco ini tiv- | rcti rred. and thai a boy can drive. A ldreea, at vt In. i-riei . toc., bo? K./T" Fewer Poet IHB. c, I.V II -Ml A REACT! FI t. BLACK BARB. Fib TERN han 'a high. A yegra old tl.ia arring; aooad. kind ?a l.-ol I'rle# All)'. an<i Dole. Caa be genu at Dim..a I a'.a l ie in New. near Bcnvcr atreetj A\ Ml. \ NT I'll I loN foH b MP HI || r IIV Wood. Tomlineon to C?., la erdce, at a o.at of fFbtoi). If. la In p.-rfet t order, bav ing b-^a very liltle ng. d ? will tie aeld vcrv l. w. Apply to Wood, T -iwIvneoa to t o.. 4I<> llr?a.l*ay. A^m SECOND HAND, SHIFTINO-TOP W tfiON, A MS ? It aral Roefcaway fnr awle. The nagoa va en* ?>'. J t liana make, with allvet menntcd harm.. Hina roet VI"/'.. and the harnne* flgT, All will he a.dd low It applied for iam.ediateiy, at John C. II tin a repo.ibs ry. TMi Broadwajb |a<jR sAl E-A HROroflAR. (MADE IIV F.RI.F.R, BEST F . arnng. mak.rin Pnria) a Lick ia in good nrd-r, will lev g. Id bt a gratleaian about t leaee for Eornp. prie# ?"**'. Inqnife at the gtal lv, in Aalor plaee, oppo.ito tho Op.-Mb Bonne. L*oR SAI.E-AN OPEN Pli/CTON, FOR TWO HORSRR. a with enam. I lei.th* r top, and in p. rfcot order f"f iw n.e.liat nae, at flray'a atat I,, W arrcn etreet, near ltr..ad*sy. LJTOI.I.N, OR STRAYED, I ROM Til F. CORNER OF DE CS liB-y a'rret aad ll..*.ry, l.tet night, tlx >th in ?< . a Sor rel Maf", M ag. a and Harm ee. Slid mare ha. a white farg, end n lar.e a. ar. 1' ft from a fcllater, on her loft hind Tuartera. An;, p'"" n ref .in.ing gl.e -iirio to Me'era Re. d to Trn. ..lale'g. ?t..i|e i. Mep >r, hear BKtckvi alfnct, will k? libcrail/{|. DM'led.